Hi guys, sorry was away for sometime and am happy that at last we got a deal. Whats your views about the future of out party and our dreams for a better Kenya



  1. wainaina says:

    this is a good deal for all of us not for odm or pnu .i was out of the country(japan upto now) and i was following the result but to tell the truth this elections wasrigged to be fair to all raila was leading .iwent to sleep knowing we will have apresident who is commited to his words coz i know he dislike failures but to wake up to my suprise `kibaki sworn in `ididnt get what was all about but now i know it was rigged .give raila what belongs to him let tribalism apart raila helped kibaki its time for kikyus not to see luos the way your father was seeing them they are our best friend s we can rely on .we will not go to tanzania fo help from hehe communinty its us kenyans not kiuks luos or other tribe we are all kenyans peace

  2. Jamabinju says:


    Welcome back and congrats to the ODM strategy team and the people of Kenya for keeping the pressure through mass action – causing loss of limb and life.

    Details on the deal too scanty. Only reassuring thing is the way PNU MPs hoping to be in the new government are now all claiming they can and will work with the Captain. Can someone please explain:
    – what happens if the coaltion fails – general elections or back to status quo (I know RAO said it would lead to Lesotho option), what does te agreement say?
    – does ODM get VP? Does VP report to ODM if he is a minister?

  3. rafiq says:


    We are glad we have kept vigil, fought the battle for democracy and eventually managed to achieve something closer to what our desires were. Nevertheless for the sake of the country it was a worthy compromise.

    Now the second phase begins: There needs to be a clear roadmap on the implementation process. The time frame, budgetary requirements, etc.

    We need to have a time frame for the swearing in of legitimate new ministers and the Prime Minister Hon RAO.

    Once in change should begin immediately.

    We should have people working on the shake up in the govt. All those pple who failed to protect Kenyans or deliberately led to the shooting of Kenyans should be given the necessary punishment- Mj Ali and Bitange and Co. They will pull us back rather than forward.

    We should also work on a time frame for constitution, electoral reform.

    Above all our youth must immediately find something to do. So infratructurex3 should begin immediately.

    We should also reconcile communities that out of anger of stolen vote fought one another. Lets begin to address the land issue as we take pple back to their homes.

    All this should have a speficic time frame so that they dont take for ever!

  4. Abok says:

    Thanks to all Kenyans (ODMers) for the patience and to the negotiators for the spirited fight and to the leaders for the sustained pressure and to God for hearing the prayers of many.

    As we begin to see the light, I feel that we should not just jump into the deal without strategy. I know we are master strategists but we are going to bed with one who was once an enemy and caution is advised. Besides, I am sure we have loads of positive changes we wanted to implement, but now since we dont have the whole cake, these guys will attempt to fight us at every turn, so we must devise a way of dealing with this even as we implement the changes that we shall implement. Otherwise,, lets get out there and start the process to the full cake.

  5. Mike Okello says:

    Naturally, Human beings unite during times of crisis, in order to fight a common enemy, Once the enemy is eliminated and there is no more real need to fight, no matter what tactics are used, the same Unity is shaken and people live their lives, In most cases, In fightings take the toll, as long as there is no common external enemy, In other words the same energy that was used to fight a common enemy, is then spent from within.

    A few people in ODM will benefit from the previous struggle in a few weeks time, those left out will start off the infightings, At the point we are now, it will take serious deliberate effort from all directions for ODM to survive in its present strength. It is in the nature of Humans to be disgruntled.

  6. Joseph Jakenya says:

    Tell me somebody, when the new cabinet will be sworn in, who will confer the powers? Is it Kibaki who will confer power to Hon. Raila? This is ironical. I think they should do this to the state of Kenya not the bandit thug ‘president’. Long live ODM.

  7. rafiq says:

    ODM is led by consensus with equity and proffessionalism highly regarded. We all believe this will be honoured. Anybody thinking of infighting he is dreaming. ODM will change the face of kenya politics. There are no oprtunists here, they al belong to the other side.

    So we will show the alarmists how politics is done. By the way ODM has done a first in Africa. Never allowing a rigged election result unchallenged by the people. Now we want to create a democratic free state in africa, that will be an envy to many esp the corrupt african leaders.

  8. Jamabinju says:


    Interestingly the Captain just said the same thing in the 7pm news. Saying ODM members understand one another and believe in consensus and equity. So not all have to be ministers..

  9. Irene Musyoki says:

    Signing of the deal has thankfuly restored some sense of “nomalcy”, the wheels of the country have started grinding once more. First and foremost the constituiton needs to be amended not only to incorporate the new changes but also to protect the interest of all Kenyans.
    Secondly, ODM needs to ensure the ideals that they stood for come to fruition. Equitable distribution of resources, affirmative action,sustianable development, quality education and most importantly they need to find a lsating solution to the land problem through some form of land reforms. Some sort of devolution is necessary to ensure that resources,governance and development are equitably distributed irrespective of tribe or voting patterns. this will ensure that development takes place across the board regardless of who is in power. Resources will be distrubuted on an equal Percentage not on tribe/party or other such affiliations.
    The party also needs to ensure that the necessary mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the electoral process cannot be manipulated as it was. The party should find a fullproof process to ensure not only the intergrity of the electoral process but also democratic space is respected.

  10. Voice of Reason says:

    Please ODMers, let us not come up with radical/hateful/unhelpful statements. Kenya is now in the healing process. Some of us were very badly hit. some of us have lost the jobs we had at Bata in Limuru, the coffee farms in Thiika etc and now we are back at home in Nyalgunga. We are traumatised mentally, psychologically, financially, socially. We have nightmares every time we sleep. the days are very long because we have nothing to do. We used to live comfortable lives, now we are worse than squatters, we depend on well wishers for the next meal. what we want to hear now is how we can go back to our normal lives, how we can be re-employed or be self-employed, how our children will go to school, how we will live again with the Kikuyus and Kambas without hatred. Our dear Raila has agreed to come down and allow life to go on even though he must be bitter that he is not the president he was supposed to be. he is a true patriot. He has forgiven Kibaki and now calls him president. he has said yaliyo pita si ndwele tugange yajayo. There is no more bitterness in his words or actions. he has even said ODM will sit with PNU and harmonize the two manifestos. He wants Kenya to move forward. The 2 months of stagnation is enough. The blood shed from 1000 Kenyans is enough. Now is the time to forgive and to heal. Kenya is still there for all of us. We can pick up the broken pieces and start all over again. It may take long, it may be expensive and it will be difficult. But that is the only sure road left that willl take us to at least where we were, if not further ahead. We must determine ourselves to take that one road. Out of all what has happened, we now know that politicians will not take us for granted any more. They will think twice before they steal votes or deal in corruption. We ordinary Kenyans are now more the wiser. We shall never allow ourselves to be taken for a ride. We will never agree to be ignored and belittled. We shall demand equity and equality. We shall demand fairness, justice and merit to guide our choices.

    In this time that parliamentarians are gearing up to put into law what was agreed between Raila and Kibaki, let us warn them to put Kenya first, not their stomachs, tribes or families. They have to do what we elected them to do, not what they want for themselves. When the CDF money is released, they must allow participatory election/selection/nomination of the CDF Committee members. And the Committee members must consult us before they begin any project in our constituencies. This time we want things the right way all the time.

    Let us tell these politicians what we expect of them so that we shall require them to give a report of their achievements before we re-elect them in 2012. Does anyone support me in this?

  11. rafiq says:


    The idea was to try and divide our house. It cant work, didnt work except for JI selfish hypocritical wiper man, before elections. Didnt work during election of speaker, negotiations and wouldnt work after this.

    By the way even if our victory was not stolen, all our MPS wouldnt have bn ministers. And all our people are capable of working at different levels for the common man.

  12. tnk says:

    there are several key areas that we are looking forward to ODM leadership from the floor of parliament and these have been mentioned many times over

    first is the bill(s) and necessary legalese for PM and Dep PMs and the grand coalition

    second is the actual composition and distribution of cabinet posts (including Asst Min) to reflect the relative strength of the parties in the coalition and i sincerely hope that this means PNU and ODM. No doubt there is a need to reach out to other parties as affiliates but this needs to be constructed in such a manner similar to that requiring a little more dignified process rather than the sneaky individual deals which leave the rest of the party members in limbo.

    third is the reconstitution of the various public service bodies that have been determined to be wanting in many ways (ECK, police force, KACC, etc). for some its just a change of leadership, while others require total overhaul of the staff and processes

    fourth is i hope ODM will use this opportunity to create action based committees that deviate from the moribund committees established in Moi and Kibaki eras to look into various activities such as economic policies and activities, public service ethics, staffing etc and within specific time frames report on any malpractices or conversely make commendations. This is not witch-hunting or duplicating efforts but to independently support the “supervisory” role of the PM

    we are interested in building a better kenya starting simultaneously from both the top and grassroots, since the middle appears to require inordinate amounts of energy to mobilize.

    ODM should also create enabling environment for greater participation and collaboration with the smaller parties for the duration of the coalition

  13. Otiff says:

    Its good to see that the country is breathing a sigh of relief after 2 months of uncertainity. We are not there yet following the group we are dealing with(Let me sound pessimist for once). My first test to them is when the current cabinet will be dissolved and a new one named including the Odmers in key portfolios. If this is done with little acrimony then our boat will ready to leave the pier to the deep seas. Though we may not the chance to implement our manifesto fully, key issues like constitution, infrastructure, land reforms etc which are dear to our hearts needs to be addressed. Otherwise I wish the designate PM all the best and with your vigour and zeal please make the ministries work. Remember that your appointment does not put food on my table but your output and performance will lead to better services that Kenyans are yearning for and has not been forthcoming.

  14. Jane says:

    ODMers, do not fall under the mis-direction of the media,its believed the media is sometimes paid to print certain stories or twist facts to appease certain groups of people. So do not always take what the papers write as the full truth especially that these days there is a lot of so and so denied having said this and that. Read carefully because the next issue of the newspaper could deny what you read today.

    Secondly, now that the dust has settled, could all those who openly peddled lies and hate campaign against the Government of Kenya, H.E.President Mwai Kibaki & VP Hon. Steve, all those who forgot their mandates and engaged in the unfamiliar political field/ match, each with their own style and ball (the field was a real mess) with everybody assuming the role of the referee, kangaroo courts, name it, retreat to their seats. It was almost a case of mental patients on the loose. All these groups, the lie and hate peddlers, human rights activists, international observers, Jurist, law society of Kenya, all the miscellaneous groups have proved they are only best at dis-integrating Kenya.

    Possibly the best for these groups would be to retreat to their familiar territories as they are safe there. Further, Hon. Raila who was among the pioneers of the opposition in parliament & detained for about 6yrs fighting for it, has for now decided its better for him to work under the direction and guidance of H.E. MK than be a loner as the official leader of opposition. So he has decided to kill a strong opposition in parliament, something he has been against all these years. He could just have realised his advisors are wicked. Its fairly unpredictable for now what direction the politicians ( full of self-interests) are likely to take for now.

    ODMers do not get hyped with expectations of twisting the constitution. RAO is not the same man he was a few years back. age is catching up and with age comes less energies for fighting and violence all the time no matter what. we witnessed it last week. So it may help to tread carefully but no more violence please. If that bullet hits you, it will be too bad for you and your family but not for the politicians.

    So we move forward,each in their familiar territories. If you attempt to jump into another, you burn your fingers. Leave the politicians alone, they have Martha to tell them off and punch some if need be, Mzee MK to advise those with ears “ hakuna haja, vita ni ya nini. Si umeshaguliwa ufanyie wananchi kazi. Wacha fitinaaa. Ni ya niniii. Haisaidii mtu yeyoteee”, and Steve to pray for the violent , uncivilised and also those who like blaspemy and playing Jesus by calling others Judas Iscariot as they know not what they do or awaits them.

    Bye bye.

  15. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    To Jane,
    I’m a mental health officer and reading your epistle,i have come to the conclusion that this is an extreme case of employing coping skills.
    We call it DENIAL & CONFABULATION. It closely resembles ”MCHONGOWANO”.
    ,during which one says/does anything,,and i mean anything …….to help deal with a painful or disatisfying event to sustain the ego.
    It is quite evident that this deal is a great pain /loss to you.You would rather have seen M.K run away with it!sorry and i sincerely sympathise.

    Raila does not need ANY guidance from kibaki as far as politics or leadership for that matter is concerned.Yes as you say age is catching up with Raila(just as it’s doing with everybody else),,,”less energy,,blah,blah,blah..”………. then i fear to wonder what it is doing to kibaki who is 76yrs!

    It would do you and your likes alot of good ,to embrace change for the good of the country which all kenyans yearn for.Constitutional reforms will come ,wether you like it or not.
    Remember,negative vibes also cause literal physical diseases as well as mental maladies.

    To hell with bashing ,embrace optimism. one love!

  16. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    To add,
    where it not for the intervention of international community,human rights groups,international observers etc.,there would be no political settlement !
    we would still be butchering one another and democracy would have sunk into the abbys. It has a name …civil war.

    We would have joined the so called failed states that africa is notorious for.
    ‘ Render unto ceaser what is ceaser’s and unto God what is God’s.’

  17. Otsiatso says:

    ODM has a few challenges ahead but I believe they are surmountable
    For ODM

    Restructuring the party secretariate so that more professionals are running it and not MPs. Also it is time to devolve the secretariate so that ODM has grassroots structure and not top -down

    For Kenya
    1. Living up to the high expectations, and the first sign will be in the kind of appointment, that PM RAO makes. Please, please no more recycling the old guards, I would like to see the young blood get a shot at leadership.

    2. Keep the promise of constitutional reform, in parliament and outside among the pole.

    How about that to start.


    Please no roadside decrees, “returning home” to thank voters parties, impeaail tendencies etc. – let us show that we can do better

  18. Simon says:

    beatrice siranga-gayle, Thank God you are mental health officer, thank God you’ve also realized that Jane is sick. I told Jane to quit this blog but it is now very clear that she is dumb mad.

    We will pray for you and your like Jane.

  19. mumias says:

    Otsiatso I back your views 200%, I believe you hit a nerve directly. We face a huge rebuilding effort and as such Professionals should run the party not MP’s. Those who do not make cabinet should instead ensure they use their CDF wisely as well as ensuring that they market their constituencies to outside investment that will grow and enpower their people.

    I want ODM to set up a “development center” where all the brilliant minds at our disposals can help Local MP’s formulate 5 yr plans on key development agenda for respective constituencies. They should remember that people are no longer in awe of reputations and will fire them if they do not deliver. However I feel that some MP’s might need help from experts on various issues and even contacts that open them up to investors.

    Given we ran most local authorities we need to inject some form of business like approach in these areas that places emphasis on lifting people and rebuilding the country.

  20. OPADO says:


  21. tnk says:


    kupotea so long bila kusema ni mbaya.

    we can be considerate if you address some long standing issues.

    1. feedback
    2. rapid response machinery to issues raised
    3. feedback
    4. timely feedback on issues raised
    5. access to logistic management teams
    6. feedback
    7. increased interaction with secretariat directly or indirectly
    10 till 20 feedback

    reading through the above (true ODMers) and many other posts you see a quick gravitation towards actionable items that we are all dying to get involved in for the ideals of the party.

    and as soon as the flood-gate is opened many more will come through. Do us a favor and enable this or if unsure how to, then work together with us on this. starting this thursday, our captain will take care of parliamentary business and we will take care of out here whats happening on the ground.

    please agent4change, and i mean this with utmost respect, get off your butt and lets start jogging, we’ve already missed some 2 months of ODM production time.

    thank you

  22. JAUGENYA says:


  23. rafiq says:

    Dr Beatrice,

    Thanks sister. I tried to be more gentle and give her delusions but you hit her on the correct diagnosis. However remember she is still delusional wil come up with something and behave as if what you said did not make any meaning. Bother not to answer her-she never learns.

    Prospects are good but RAO need to watch. Watch what you eat whom you meet where you meet them and with whom. We dont want an Abiola event here. Please please extra caution, do not trust these people 100%.

  24. Mike Okello says:

    Service with suspicion will NEVER deliver to Kenyans, It is openly egocentric and radically contradicts the strong aspect of selflessness in statesmanship.

    For ODM to survive, it must be willing to serve in line with their documented thoughts and prove their worth before long!

    Bloggers don’t read the following!

    Hon Odinga, You will not have any excuse this time round, Thanks to CHANCE! You have an opportunity to serve in Kenya, in your most senior position ever, You are the most senior minister in the land. Take it up humbly, Serve, Indeed you are late, But i am sure you are energetic, be submissive but firm, You will make it. Good Luck.

  25. karanja kamau says:

    ” even in a football match,there is always the first line up and the reserves who sit on the benches.It doesn’t mean that if you miss a cabinet position there will be no work for you”

    you’ve gotta love RAO.

  26. Jamabinju says:

    Mike Okello alias Jane,

    Let it go! Stop the hate! It will be good for your mental health.

  27. Dave says:

    Even though most guys were quick to celebrate the deal am a little bit cautious. I mean RAO and MK had tried it before and i can’t see it work this time either. Well call me a pesimist but i think this arrangement should only last till the necessary constitutional,judicial and electoral reforms are done (appr. 2 yrs), then kenyans can be allowed to exercise their democratic right of electing a legitimate government.

    Otherwise after 5 yrs we will go through the same problems coz election loosers now know that they can always refuse to hand over power then they are allowed to share it.

  28. Otiff says:

    Thats why I said Dave that reforms to our institutions should be key amongst their agenda. But experience has shown that we only think of things in times of crisis IPPG is a good example. Human beings tend to forget until faced with similiar circumstances. I hope none of the partners stand in the way of reforms only to be used as an election agenda come 2012.

    If we are not careful we will be setting a precedent where elections loosers will be calling for mediation knowing too well they lost it if anything they did it in 2007 why not 2012. Full proof electoral process reforms is the way forward.

  29. abdi says:

    i am glad the deal has been agreed it is good for all kenyans
    so we have to look at the future and make our country a country to be rememberd

  30. Mike Okello says:

    It’s already a wrong precedent whichever way you look at it! Competing parties in tthe run up to general elections will be saving heaps of money, so that after they loose, they pay the hooligan youths to kill fellow mortals, uproot the railway, erect roadblocks, and run battles with police in Major towns, The will make the Nation ungovernable and attract mediation or dialogue whatever you call it! And the Looser will always have a share of the Power, and the opposition role in Kenya will slowly die because everybody want the power!

    I repeat, Its already a wrong precedent, courtesy of ODM, But it was, unfortunately the only way out!

  31. kube says:

    i was at first not happy that His excelency RAO was signing the peace deal with a Thief.

    but i came to the realisation that there comes a time when the country is bigger than an individual and groups.

    and i want first to congratulate his Excelency Hon RAO and Her excelency Madam Ida that i have no doubt in ma mind that this kenya will be a beeter place to live and work in till u take over power very soon and allow Ruto to be our premier and implement for me Ugatuzi to the fullest.

    congrats to ODMers, we were called Loosers but now we are winners till we and the right place.

    cheers Odmers and i know ur all great and congratulation to all of u u have been having faith in ODM maisha bora is all that kenyans need.

  32. kube says:

    mike aka karua wa mugunda, kula wembe or can u cut a mugumo tree with a razer?

    i think u must have cried so much after whatever ur tribal jingoist karua wanted did not work out.

    abusing koffi annan to achieve the stolen power?NO! No thats stooping too low like u always do here with ua miopic reasoning.

  33. Otiff says:


    as the opposition dies i believe you can make a good leader of opposition why cant you give it a shot??

  34. Yego says:

    Where will Linah Kilimo go now simba alienyeshewa sio paka …..anyway i think history repeats itself

  35. rafiq says:

    Agent for change and ODMers,

    I think after the inauguration of HE PM RAO and the ODM leadership we need to be alert and critical of any negative things. I know our opponents with which we have a coalition will try to maintain status quo-keep the corrupt, maintain octogenrians and tribal agents in position. I think things have to be done differently.

    As for Linah, i think we should get a honest democratic alternative leader there, so that in 2yrs she can be replaced.

    I am optimistic that once evrything is done per schedule, we can go for elections and leave others-mike aka mutua aka wamugunda aka Rucy in the opposition which they seem to love so much yet they dont want.

    So brother Dave, we have to ensure all is done within the next 2 yrs to ensure a level playing ground then go for elections.

  36. Yego says:

    Just trying to establish the approx time when RAO will be sworn in.I know most of us are anxious to book tickets but we yet to know the DAY.By the way someone should tell KQ MD to just behave coz the airline is really trying to recover violently using machetes .

  37. crateturner says:

    Raila has already being assigned a motocade with out riders the second prime minister of this land. they trying to look for an appropriate residence that is fit for a prime minister. we guyz have won either way you look at it, they stole and with all the state machinary and mungiki who by the way they are being commanded by one mike okello. hawaku toboa, ODM ni Noma and after 2 years we will take both the presidency and the prime minister. its juust a matter of time. ODDDMMMM juu RAILAAAAA juu, martha Karua hata assistant minister we are not giving her let her do what she does best f*ck men in cloth hahaaahaahaahaahaaahaaaa Okello who is having the last laugh hahaaahaaaahhaaaa meza wmbee buda haaaahaaahaaahaaaaa….aaaa…aaa

  38. Nick says:

    There is a principle in life; better to believe the best of everybody because it saves you so much trouble. May be we should apply it at least this time however hard it may be.

    For me just believing that whatever was signed will work lifted of over eighty percent of the load that was in my heart. I believe this has happened to most of us in this forum. Am just realizing that this load was transferred to the guys on the other side i.e. the like of Mike, Jane etc. I noticed that the Pato guy disappeared. Good riddance.

    Anyway for ODM it’s now time to move on and build the nation. Ya kale si ndwele, tugange yajayo. Let us focus on the positives from now. Forget about Kalonzo and his deeds and focus on Ngilu instead and what she can offer. Forget about the negativities that Kibaki and company will come up with because they will get nowhere just like they have gotten nowhere this time. Instead focus on the positive expectation that Raila and company bring. This is about building hope and converting our energy into synergy.

  39. Jamabinju says:


    The worst precedent is stealing people’s democratic right to elect leaders who can stop corruption, impunity and murder. Fortunately, thanks to ODM, and all the Kenyans who uprooted railways and closed roads, this will not happen again soon.

  40. Amani says:

    You have all fallen Prey and failed to stay with the topic of discussion. WE are all a group of Angry people and we are a true reflection of our politicians.

    If we in this blog were gorverning Kenya, Somali would be better off. Thank God our leaders, though angry, humble themselves for the sake of the country.

    I have had enough of this blog. I wish you all well and God’s blessings in our NEW KENYA.

    As i sign out remember that RAILA and KIBAKi will not Live for ever but KENYA WILL. WE ARE THE HOPE OF KENYA. LET US NOT WASTE IT.

  41. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mwai Kibaki agreed to power sharing after they realized that there was no more places to run to or hide in.


    Without thei input, concern, and guidance the power-sharing deal would not have seen daylight.

    PNU-ODMK ceded ground grudgingly and I have no doubt that with John Michuki and Martha Karua in the Cabinet, PM Raila Odinga will not have an easy time running the government.

    They will do everything to halt or disrupt Mr. Raila’s efforts in building the country. It is very important, if PM Raila Odinga, is to move his projects for Kenya forward to have Mudavadi as Finance Minister.

    There are TWO KEY Portfolios in Kenya – finance and security – both of which the Kibaki people used to buy support and rig the elections. There will be no meaningful power sharing unless and until these two key portfolios are shared out between ODM and PNU-ODMK.

    Since they are the two mother-of-all portfolios, it would be better to have them run by the deputy PMs. Since Mudavadi served, with success, as a Finance Minister before, it is my suggestion that he serves as Deputy PM and Minister of Finance.

    The name of the other key portfolio, Internal Security and Provincial Administrationn should be changed in respect of the over 1,000 Kenyans who have died – the cause of their deaths attributable directly and indirectly to internal security and Provincial Administration.

    I would rather that Internal Security be re-named Public Safety.

  42. Abok says:

    For along time I have always ignored some posts in here, but today I find it worth to state one point clear.

    It was a wrong precedent for anyone to try to deny all Kenyans the right to determine their political destiny. The right to know who their “DULY ELECTED LEADER” was. This attempt was made when the tallying of presidential vote was clouded in undescribable mystry and this is what Kenyans detest. At least some effort has been made to correct the problem through the recently signed deal, however the whole mess has not been corrected. As we speak today, i am sure there are many voters who have already been disenfranchised by what happened at that time, but there is hope that the VOTE shall once again be the real power to determine the REAL leaders to take it and exercise it on behalf of Wananchi and not WENYEINCHI.

  43. Jane says:

    Its interesting how we can become emotional and carried away by politicians to a point where even those politicians‘ we are fighting for’ start enjoying us, given that we are not aware of their next move.

    Who can guess the future or direction of ODM except Hon. Raila. Who knows whether he could call it quits in government ( GNU borrowed from PNU ) like his dad did ( by calling it quits as VP in the 60s). Who knows whether he could call it quits in odm like he did for Ford>Ford-k>Tinga Tinga>new kanu>ldp>Narc> ?. Only Hon. Raila Odinga could tell the future of the orange democratic movement.

    Some argue Hon. RAO would have been better off as the official leader of opposition, especially through the watchdog committees, than the pm post proposed to him. Others argue the pm post proposal was ‘prestigious’ albeit without much power (the post reports to the president and in absence the VP (currently held by Steve). RAO opted for pm. Only him knows why and what he was promised.

    So for the future of ODM Hon. Raila Odinga could tell better. That is the FACT.

  44. rafiq says:

    Hi Guys,

    RAO has started working. Its good. Glad he has made Kibaki work instead of suffering in state house.

    Can we begin some recruitment and opening of officies to strengthen the party. This should not wait for too long. As they told Ghai to give them just a yr to control RAO, we should be careful this time not to waste time.

    As for those shedding tears, dont worry, RAO is the leader. Kibaki got how many seats in Narc-and now PNU?. Rao only had langata seat-and how many ODM MPS? So who is a loser.

  45. Jane says:

    ODM after power sharing.Odm after partnership deal with government. Only Hon. Raila Odinga knows better than most of us. Most would only be speculating. Only him knows what he was promised by MK ( eg. give him a fleet of government vehicles with security, and a big title though toothless,and he could cool down. The fellows have been together in politics and MK knows RAO’s medicine better than most of us).

    Who would have guessed Ford>Ford-K>Tinga Tinga >New Kanu>Ldp>Narc>odm>Gnu ( under leadership of Pnu) > ?.

    So the politicians are better left alone to show off, talk, talk, domo, domo, as the electorate suffer in displacement camps without the basics.

    The fellows who allegedly killed the politicians are arraigned in court under heavy security, as the fellows who allegedly planned, financed and started the killing of the electorate walk freely, are driven in big range Rovers and mercedes benzes, fed for their families who also live in luxury given the fat politician’s salary, as the family of the killed electorate ponders what next for the family without their father and breadwinner.

    When 2 politicians are killed, the fellow politicians demand investigation by Interpol, bodies are flown to their homes for burial and receive compensation each at Ksh.10m +. When 1000 plus electorate are killed fighting for the politicians, their relatives are called to collect the bodies and take them wherever their meagre resources can manage.

    Only Hon. Raila Odinga can tell better the future of odm. ( in hope that the title it has acquired of Orange Destructive Movement is rectified by the politicians themselves. How?. Only them can tell better).

    Bye Bye.

  46. tnk says:

    if the reaction by the handful of PNU sympathisers in this blog is anything to go by, then as somebody put it, the frustration has shifted camps and there’s lots of it. its now being released through hidden innuendos and outright attempts to belittle RAO, such as he reports to MK or SKM or he has no real powers etc. let them vent, as mike okello implied a while back, they have no other outlet, the kibakitena blogs closed because they achieved their purpose, i.e they had no other agenda other than get presidency by hook or crook. whereas we have been quite clear right from the start that this blog or other similar will continue to provide insight on ODM activities well beyond elections.

    on a side but positive note but have you noticed with RAO on board suddenly people are working and even MK appears more vibrant. like it or not RAO galvanises even ineffective and dormant people into action.

    anyway back to earth, this has been said many times before, ODM embodies the aspirations of millions of democratic kenyans, we need to move ahead to mobilize and create stronger grassroot structures to serve us well through this transition and beyond. we also need to ensure that the politicians vying for ODM seats adhere to the principles of the party and are worthy of our support. we appreciate the current MPs in their firm belief in the party and leadership and would like to nurture more such leaders. there are many options and action items possible as suggested by many bloggers

    this one by arap sirorei really hit me

    “we look forward to formation of microfinance institutions such as orange credit finance, orange bank, orange cellular (another mobile service provider)”

    agent4change is it possible to get in touch with the secretariat to assist us push these agenda items ahead or not? please email me a response at your earliest convenience.

    and to ODMers kudos for unwavering support even when the chips were down we stood firm and will continue to do so.

    am proud and happy to be in your company.

  47. rafiq says:

    Let me break the rules a little and answer this PNU agent. Please seek advice from pato, you wii be in peace.

    Good facts above, lick your wounds and seek psychiatric advice please.

    For Odm, kazi ianze sasa!

  48. Kim says:

    Jane what you are suffering from is known and do not vent your frustrations on ODM or as ODMers our advice is that you see a doctor instead of exposing your naivity. Pls lets device a way of filtering letters/mails coming in.

    Power sharing was not a bad idea at this juncture when the country was bleeding and there was alot of mistrut, Kenya belongs to us all,

    ODM please let you guys display real leadership so that in future ODM will be the role model, Kazi ianzee sasa and security, infrastructure which failed in the previous regimes to be sorted out, we have high hopes in ODM.

    About swearing in, i suggest it should be conducted during the day at Uhuru park coz it is majority of Kenyans who voted you and the would want to see you been given the mantle of leadership in broad daylight.

    Bravo ODM lakini ‘bado mapambano…….’ we take it all.

  49. Jane says:

    ODMers, the day some politicians will exercise a search for ‘their rights’ devoid of violence and destruction, only then will they have the audacity to utter the word democracy and be glad to have matured in the much chorused democracy.

    The day wananchi will come out of politician’s slave trade, fighting for politicians who are either having some three course dinner in hotels, swimming at the coast with their girlfriends, going ‘abroad’ for shopping’ as the fighters ponder how to get their next meal, only then will the fighters have the audacity to celebrate independence.

  50. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    How come there is no comment or congratulations for Kibaki or PNU? Please stop beig polarizing, even Raila is respectfully calling Kibaki President. Why don’t you start by having a mental change and consider reconciliation. If not you can as well start by writting in dhaluo. Remember Kenya is not Raila’s or ODM only.

  51. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    @rafiq, tnk and other ODM damu’zzzz

    Please sober up, even Raila took a vacation to relax and reflect. He is proving mature than some of you. Take Mudavadi’s directive last from weekend that not everyone will “eat” appointed into government. You personaly nothing will change you will be lucky to see raila inside the motorcade; thats all you can expect for yourselves. Otherwise Kazi iendelea vision2030 will not be changed to address confrontational views like yours.

    Did you receive a thank you card from ROA, Ruto, Kosgey or Ny’ongo??? Sorry, but thats the way things go.

  52. Otsiatso says:

    tnk well said.

    All along it is / was not about the post – after all one can be president and have zero powers, it is about the executive powers that is part of the post, that is what we fought for and won after the thievery. With it comes responsibilities which PM RAO is very aware of.

    Panuistas worst nightmare right now is the political limelight that PM RAO will garner as opposed to Kibaki – who shirks the light. In many ways the campaign for then next election has started.

    The most significant development will be the new katiba because with a devolved system people will not have to be enamored with the presidency. The PM already said that he expects the coalition to last two years and then we MUST go to the polls to initiate the new katiba. It does not make sense to write a katiba and let it gather dust waiting for political expediency to outlive itself.

    Whichever way you look at it – political life in Kenya will never be the same, with a new Katiba in place.

  53. tnk says:

    moving right along

    Office of the Prime Minister OPM rhymes very well with ODM

    jogoo you are right I didn’t get a thank you card. Did you perhaps get one from Kibaki?
    and the motorcade do you ride with kibaki?

    i don’t get your point. did we expect the card or to ride in the motorcade, actually no we didn’t. so in that sense i think we are sober.

    personally i’m anticipating a lot to change with good governance devoid of marginalisation, favoritism,mediocrity or ineptitude under whatever pretext. thank you for asking. those who may have problems are the ones accustomed to underhand deals, kleptomaniacs, nepotisms, deals through ethnicity, etc.

    and while we are on v2030 do you have the blueprint, i’ve been trying to get a hold of the document but cannot find it. do provide a link to the document if you could. i already have the powerpoint slides and the executive overview but cannot find a well documented blueprint such as the one crafted by Prof A. Nyon’go for the Economic Recovery Strategy

  54. rafiq says:


    I sympathize with you my brother. I dont need to get a card. I just need to know that people in Rift Valley-largely IDPS amongst others are back to their homes. That the children are able to dream of getting a roof over their head. And that a Kikuyu Luo Kamba Luhya Giriama Pokot etc is able to move without some drunken brother of yours starts to lnch them.

    I just need to know that bcoz kibaki has been brought to think right, he can now attend a church service and pray to God rather than send Ali to kill innocent Kenyans. If that to you is cheaper than a card, then you also need to see Frank Njenga.

    Most importantly RAO and his team are corruption free and so will they remain. I just need to know Jogoo that you and your Anglo Goldenberg ghosts will not come back to eat Kenyans taxes. That the minister for Roads will realize that Kenya goes beyond Nakuru and beyond Garissa where I come from.

    The fact that Kivuitu will not preside over any election again, that computers will never vote again. That makes me happy. I dont need a card.

    To crown it all, that if you joke around in exactly 24-3 months, we are going back for elections. And that we wil have president and PM taht respects the will of Kenyans, makes me happy.

    By the way Jogoo, am not able to get anymore than an ordinary Kenyan because RAO is PM, but whatever we get however little will be shared equatably.

    Bye Jogoo, Good luck next time. But remember bado mapambano and we are watching everything. History dictates that RAO cant betray his convicition.

  55. rafiq says:

    By the way RAO is Kenyas legitimate president but PM designate. Guys I struggle to call Kibaki – the president of PNU, Kenyas president. So I can only recognize him like that until RAO is sworn in and just may be things will be different, I am not sure.

  56. Jogoo_Shujaa says:


    I wish to urge you to start the process of reconciliation yourself by encouraging your audience to embrace other Kenyan’s. Can you start a thread here where members can vouch to reconcile with other Kenyan’s for National unity? This site is well known to be for ODM diehard’s and if other kenyans visiting this site see your efforts. I believe they can embrace the deal signed by ROA on behalf of ODMers. At the end of the day….Orange Democratic movement will be welcomed everywhere, not just Kisumu city. Thats the way forwrd…..

    Am sorry that you have lost Amani as a contributor and supporter, who knows what he will do next; maybe quit the party all together??? A lot more will follow if you don’t recognize what time it is and start caring for your audience….do you even remember people like zizi??

  57. rafiq says:

    If one is expecting congrats from the ODMers to Kibaki sorry. My only congrats are to ODM-family, the democratic pple of Kenya, Annans team, AU, UN, EU/US and all other friends of ODM and the people of Kenya.

    For me PNU, Kibaki, China, Museveni, JI SKM-wiperman: fall in the same group and I have no apologies for not giving them Kudos.

  58. rafiq says:

    Jogoo ,
    honestly I tried to ask for the same and even sent a request to you guys to forgive and forget so that we can move on.

    All I got was ridicule from your friends. By the way you even threatened some of us not to step into Nairobi after Were was killed.

    If you want acceptance, please apologize for the sins of Kibaki and your colleagues. Come into the ODM family knowing you will be treated like one of us. And look at all Kenyans like yourself not tribes! You will enjoy it.

    But pride/prejudice is not accepted here. We need ideas that can help build a new kenya.

  59. tnk says:


    well said

  60. Maru Kapkatet says:

    1. LEAN CABINET to minimize the rise of factions within the Cabinet. The Cabinet should be limited to 24 excluding the two DPMs. A bloated Cabinet is hard to manage.

    2. Each Ministry should have only one Assistant Minister except Finance and Education. It is possible to have at least eight women Cabinet ministers and several assistant ministers.

    3. Now that there will be no opposition in parliament, the backbench should not be depleted.

    4. Mr. Kibaki should emulate Jomo Kenyatta and not entertain fitina from ministers against the PM or other ministers. The hierarchical structure has to be respected. Kibaki can summon any minister anytime but he has to follow protocol by letting the PM know about it.

    5. Mr. Kibaki has the best chance to leave a great legacy if he puts Kenya and all Kenyans first. He failed in his last tenure because he allowed the presidency to be run by a committee of selfish individuals, the results of which the whole world witnessed in the last few months.

    6. Under Michuki and Saitoti, many Kenyans were butchered by the police. PM Raila has to solicit funds to re-train the police on respect of human rights and equip them with skills to control crowds without butchering them.

    7. I cannot see any meaningful and long-lasting healing and reconciliation as long as Michuki, Saitoti, and Karua are in the Cabinet. Kenya must be put ahead of individuals and those individuals that have shown brutality must be excluded. Kibaki and PNU-ODMK have many young and untainted MPs to propose for Cabinet positions.

    8. This is the time for Uhuru and Musyoka to emerge as the leaders of the PNU-ODMK partner and shunt aside the killers. Looking at Kibaki’s current Cabinet, one wonders when Kenyan leaders will finally agree not to be selfish.

    KANU has ten MPs while ODMK has 15. Kibaki appointed to his current temporary Cabinet 5 ministers from KANU and 2 from ODMK. How could Musyoka agree to such a lop-sided representation? Musyoka was in a hurry for the VP? Look where yiu are back at now, Mr. Musyoka. Haraka haraka haina baraka.

    I remind Musyoka and Uhuru that they will be the main face of the PNU-ODMK faction and must not allow their faction to fail Kenyans. They have to distance themselves now from the killers.

  61. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    @rafiq, tnk & the rest,

    Lets move on, whats been said and done has been washed away by the new deal. I don’t think you wish to be the only one in Kenya chest thumbing. Please let go and set yourself free, it’s a new Era( quoting RAO)….BTW, I remember your efforts, so keep it up and lose the image.

    For that matter go back to my most recent entries and I had something very predictive(under Koffi and International thread- 16th feb@ 6:19pm) of what just happenned.
    I promised you nothing but PEACE and prosperity. You must have ignored reading those entries cause of your belief that only known ODMers can say anything right. Go back and read my entries if you have the time and you will see that I have promoted and encourage soberness and dialogue. Am not one of those blind supporters, I can surely tell you somethings that will leave surprised beyond belief. I knew about the offer RAO was given before he knew what was coming his way. So my brother relax…and join the rest of us. Be carefull not to loose the baby with the birth water.

    Government and private business deals are being cut today as we speak and yet you are stuck hear theorizing about post election crisis and the future.

    My brother’s the future is now, watch us get 10% growth in the next 3yrs everything is in place, forget about the 2 months of loses, we are still reporting good growth.

    Lets talk business and good governance to achieve our economical goals and everyone will be happy.

    Get your business plans ready.

  62. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    @Maru Kapkatet,

    Let Saitoti and Michuki be….let them be judged by how much security and roads they provide. SO go get or dust off your business plan not your resume. Money is coming for those who will be prepared. BTW get a professional to prepare your plan, why do I say that someone asked us to teach other Kenyans to be prosperous to create a trick down effect.

    I will teach you How to fish,but not to eat fish. Welcome to new Kenya, do you have what it takes and respectfuly I don’t mean just having a degree, Masters or a PH.D, I mean do you have it in you to succeed in the world of high stake business??

  63. tnk says:

    dictionary word of the day

    patronize – to behave in an offensively condescending manner toward

  64. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    I hope and pray that you are not looking for someone to wash your feet, If not, step up. we are ready to offer help and not babysit. So am not patronizing anyone.

    If you think I am , how about this….We hire people like you as worker Bees to theorize on our business models all day inorder to keep our businesses growing and competitive; in other words paper pushers. Degree’s are for sale in Kenya, give me something better, like how to push out Indian fish brokers/middle men in lake Victoria; I will provide you with the much needed capital and a stake in the business if you prove yourself and the option to buy my stake when I want to exit the business.

    You need to awaken yourself to the new reality.

    You also need to humble yourself and realize that no one will associate with anyone who creates harzards to success. Success comes to those who are open and willing to embrace it.

    Are you ready…..

  65. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    ODMer’s ,

    The time has come for you to prove yourselves, even RAO knows it……No more empty talk.

    Lets see how much change you can bring to this table called KENYA. Lets join hands and build it, now you know how deep we have penetrated East and Central Africa in terms of business. This game is not for the faint hearted or hot tempered.

    Are you ready to reinvent yourselves and join the business class where money and ideas are the key elements. Remember money has no tribe or party affiliations.

  66. tnk says:

    evidently there’ll be a stampede for you biz offer so i’ll get out of the way lest i get trampled on. once you’re established and running, kindly drop me a note and i’ll see whether to come running to paper push provided of course that you can afford my consultancy services and that i would somehow entertain the thought of such an eventuality. but its a fast changing world.

  67. faith says:

    hi bloggers

    now that we have what we wished for the biggest ever thing RAO can do to Kenyans is devolution do that and he will have undertaken the greatest economic coup that history will always remember RAO with. So long aspeople on the ground can receive part of the national cake equitably we will not have to care about who becomes what becuse the most important thing is development.

    I enjoyed watching yesterday’s news as RAO was being driven in with outriders give it to the guy he knows how o make it look nice you will think you were watching a movie or something.

    Now that ODM will be in govt how will the by-elections b will they go there separate ways to campaign because it is a must that we get all the 5 seats.

    About dividing the seats am not worried because RAO and Mudavadi all have said there was already an agreement on how to divide the seats so all will be well the prson with the biggest headache is Kibaki(let me call him prezzy although he doesn’t deserve it) with all the parties supporting him and only maybe 18 slots to fill mmmhhhh!!!!!.

  68. Otsiatso says:

    Right on Maru.
    Yes please a lean cabinet, Kenya needs no more than 18 ministers. There is no need of 30 cabinet members . There was a time we had 14 ministers and not much has changed.
    Trim the cabinet, trim the cabinet, trim the cabinet.

    ODM will be running the government so whoever pnu nominates better be ready to work and PM will not take any nonsense, and that includes any from Me-chuki, “the rattlesnake” or the perpetual whiner – Saitoti, or Jezebel Karua herself.

  69. Jamabinju says:


    Col Garang led South Sudan to indipendence, yet he was mostly in Nairobi during the war. There is nothing wrong with leaders taking a rest. Infact, you may have read about Kisumu RAO supporters being very concerned that he was stressed and had lost weight. They know he is human and they appreciate how hard he is working for them. People like Ruto, Ababu, Orengo etc are popular in ODM zones because they have the guts to say NO to impunity. To me, knowing such people will be responsible for the affairs of the country is more important than what I will personally ‘eat’.

  70. Mike Okello says:

    I am surprised your supporters truly believed it was worth killing a poor and innocent kenyan for another Kenyan politician to ride in a motorcade! Isn’t obscene that your excitement is coming from the motorcade, More than the deal itself, I call it sycophancy of the highest order.

    Take my word for it, Because Raila as a person has actualized, the struggle for him is over, now the rest of you can continue struggling towards your actualization.

    It is when one Person gets what they were fighting for (In this case its always party leader), That the other supporters start feeling shortchanged, especially due to their unrealistic expectation, You do not expect ODM to increase in strength in the absence of Crisis.

    Most ODM supporters are Warriors and in the absence of Mass Action and Hooliganism, they will start complaining of idleness, and Raila will be in Him Posh PM residence, That’s when it will dawn on them that all this was a fight for one person, His Family and His friends, And the Raila you praised will now be too near yet too far.

    Entropy Just Comes, But it will take deliberate effort for ODM (Post Deal) to excel.

  71. rafiq says:

    You can tell who is working and who hasnt started yet. Balala and laborso for tourism function. RAO already on duty. Where are the former reappointed PNU ministers. We want to see the working.

    I love this new beginning despite the pessimism. We know we have to work and prove ourselves before the 21 months are over.

    Agent for change please, with you great innovation please get a link to all our constituencies and ministies so that we can contact our leaders directly. We want pple to know when here what is happening in Mt Elgon rather than read it from the papers only. All MPs will have to be informed on what we know from the ground so that we dont have noisemakers in parliament without any development record.

    There are bridges never fixed during kibaki regime and farmers cant get their produce to the market. We wan this fixed by CDF if our Mps can be informed. We want the country to develop equitably.

    Who knows this may form a basis for recall of nonperformers.

    As for busines, yes clean fair business without anglo/golden trends is welcome. We are willing to particpate.

    We need an Orange bank for SMEs in areas not reachable by equity guys. Where are the business minds here. Please get proposals and we start working. I am willing to start a project in which I have expertise too.

  72. rafiq says:

    Unfortunately we have to work with some lazy selfish tribalists in this new coalition. Nevertheless they should not block our ministers from working. No stopping of funds, No bureacratic tape-meant to bring down others. If they do we will shame them and ask fir them to kindly step aside.

    We have a lot to do. To prevent hunger from lack of maize from RVP/Western. To devlop infrastructure amongst others. So everybody must work!

  73. Yego says:

    For God so loved kenya that he gave Jaramogi’s brilliant son to save the poor of the land and bring hope to the hopeless.I salute all kenyans for being impressive and supportive in the whole process of liberation.All said but wanna plea with my fellow kenyans and more so ODMERS to be patient.I know most of us would like to see Ruto as the DPM, yes he deserves!!! but lets respect the party hierachy as it was established be4.Lets not be the ones to ruin the structures in place but lets be supportive.Ruto is a peacemaker, a mediator and more so principled jap(Remember the days of wrangles btw HE PM and Judas the scariot, he tried very much to mediate and foster a strong union, but Judas Iscariot was determined to end the kenyan dream which as proven bigger than him).By the way, Ruto can serve even in former Kalembe’s ministry, he has no problem with that.His big dream is to see pple of mashinani get an idea whose time as come i.e ugatuzi,constitution,electoral reform,employment for the youth and more so the pples president in power.My fellow bloggers, kenyans and the world as a whole, rest assured that Ruto IS NOT a greedy jamma but a future succersor of HE Raila Amollo Odinga not by handpicking but square through the voice of the pple.

  74. Yego says:

    RIS as just established that Kibaki last night whispered a possibility of him appointing Hon Musalia Mudavadi kenyas V-P.If this comes through, Kibaki will have automatically rekindled himself as the genious politician as mazrui put before and he will be in the road to making himself a popular president among all kenyans.This develpment will actually betray Kibaki as a real leader and a political economist that kenya deserves….Hon Kibaki, i challenge you to take this step and i assure you a popular vote come 2009 presidential elections.I challenge HE PM to also be sensitive enough and appoint Hon Esther Murungi as one of his DPM ofcourse the other slot will automatically have its owner.

  75. Yego says:

    Ministry of Tourism as been assigned to ODM the occupants of the office are as follows:-
    Minister of Tourism and International Relation-Hon Najibu Balala.
    Assistant Minister-Hon Lorna Larboso(LL).

    Know that if a ministry is assigned to a certain party, then the holders of the office will be from the same party.This is to avoid wrangles and inferiority complex that may arise due to divergence.However the parliamentary committes should be from the opposite party.

  76. Yego says:

    Thats why Balala accompanied HE PM to Harambee HSE and thereafter left for Germany as the Minister Disgnate.

  77. Yego says:

    As you balance the government your Excellencies, dont forget to make a balanced list for those kenyans in the Military and the police going to serve in UN or AU mission.I

  78. kanyeka says:

    To Yego
    I hope this is another poor propaganda by panua is it true???

  79. kanyeka says:

    I also think they want to play a divide and rule game on ODM in this case they have been targeting our strong member of pentagon Hon. William Ruto.
    I hope the PM our President the captain won’t fall in that trap and will keep the pentagon spirit high by consultation of the key leaders and that is Mudavadi, Ruto, Nyaga, Ngilu and Balala.

  80. rafiq says:

    Kanyeka ,

    ODM is Ruto and Ruto is ODM. None can live without the other. Dont be worried, RAO can never leave Ruto behind on his way to leadership of our great land. I believe those dreaming or hoping for division and isolation will get depressed bcoz its not gonna happen.

  81. Jamabinju says:

    I completely agree. Infact in Nyanza, Ruto is the automatic Luo successor to RAO. He is not afraid to say ‘NO’ when the poor is oppressed.

  82. Elizabeth says:

    I thought that these PNU activists were done with us! I have ignored them for too long, but they are getting into my nerves! What is really itching their tiny butts that they have to throw their nonsenses here over and over again? Dont they have a place for these their absurd views?

    Why aren’t they happy about RAO motorcade? We wanted RAO to come in and help straighten things up and atleast bring some balance and such kind of job comes with such priviledges. My job entitles me to have a posh car to drive around on all of my assignments…. these are the priviledges that come with tough responsibilities, and if somebody down the ladder is itching somewhere I simply tell him/her that I clean my ass with their ill-feelings. Because I have worked hard to be where I am today and so should they. So if these PNU rats are not happy for RAO for something rightfully earned, then please treat yourself to another blog and not here. We are simply trying to be happy after a long struggle, GIVE US A BREAK! MAD MEN AND WOMEN! AND GET A LIFE! Life is hard and when we are trying to be happy for the little AND BIG achievements here and there, they are constantly putting peoples’ moods down. They are rediculous and not funny!

  83. Otieno says:

    Interesting read this one:


  84. Maru Kapkatet says:





  85. rafiq says:

    Agreed Maru,

    The problem is these are the same people who PNU must give. Remember sadam and chemical Ali! They dont have young peole who are truly democratic. Some of those I though would e democrats were actually pretenders-K wa K, G Thuo, amongst others. Wish PK Muite managed to get to Parliament, its a pity.

    Eliza my sister,
    I know sometimes its hard to understand why pple do things the way they do. If we do we may understand why elelction were rigged, live broadcast banned, pple murdered in ksm by police etc. But very soon these guys will move on as we open membership only site.

    My only worry, some pple are suggesting that a new cabinet be sworn in public at Uhuru park. My fear cant imagine how we will respond to those who provoked the violence incase – and most likey they will be appointed by kibaki.

  86. rafiq says:

    RAO and ODMers,

    Can somebody tell us how we can improve health care in Nyanza please. I think Nyanza needs urgently a womens hospital the statistics are very depressing. Anybody who can support this worthy cause please express ideas here.

  87. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Some matters that MUST not get out of ODM’s sight!

    1. Electoral reforms, Land reforms & the constitution

    2. Dismantling Corruption networks

    3. Kill & Burry tribalism

    4.Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure

    5. Usawa programs

    The world is watching and willing to help

  88. Otsiatso says:

    Silas [MOS]
    RAO interview with London Financial Times – did you spy it before your list – its is exact?

    This is why we we held demonstrations in the diaspora , attended US Congressional Hearings, wrote US Senators and Congress, blogged etc..


  89. Maru Kapkatet says:

    It is becoming apparent that, while ODM is approaching issues with honesty and openess, PNU-ODMK is already trying to be too clever .

    The way PNU-ODMK is operating now is to lavish Raila with trappings of power while softening him up to accept that the sharing of Cabinet portfolios will be done according to their designed formul in which ODM will go for the Cabinet positions that have not been assigned already.

    Look at what they did to the once-principled man by the name of Kalonzo Musyoka. They gave him a post and many trips abroad and a promise that he is now the heir-apparent and within no time, he had forgotten that the people he was seeking to lead were in utter misery.

    PNU-ODMK wants to retain the plush and weighty ministries already having temporary minsters and leave the bones to ODM. I have not seen the details of the agreement that Hon. Raila signed with Kibaki. I hope it clearly stated that in forming a new Cabinet, they will start with a clean plate.

    As soon as you see one or more of messers. Kimunya, Saitoti, Michuki, and Karua playing a key role on any issue, then you know that the coalition government, while not being still-born, will surely die in its infancy.

    PM Raila has to insist on a clean plate first. Kibaki has to dissolve his current Cabinet before any discussions on a new coalition Cabinet are discussed. Mwai Kibaki, this is a great opportunity for you to appoint young people to the Cabinet.

    If Mwai Kibaki is really interested in giving Kenyans a new working coalition government and the hope of a better future, then he should not play games with the people. If he steps aside and let messers. Kimunya, Karua, Saitoti, and Michuki make decisions, then Kenya is in for another round of killings.

    Let us make a new beginning. Let us make a clean break with the past. Give Kenyans hope and a true and meaningful coalition. Some people should not try to be cleverer than others.

    However skillful a leader PM Raila may be, he will never succeed to transact business if he has in his Cabinet Michuki, Saitoti, and Karua. If they announce a new Cabinet with these three d——– characters, then tears and misery will continue to stream down faces of many Kenyans.

    These three are so arrogant and deadly that they will never accept PM Raila as their boss.

  90. Otsiatso says:


    Believe me, one should underestimate ODM at their own peril in Kenyan politics.
    What most people do not appreciate in the just concluded Annan deal is the international ground work ODM had laid prior to the election – in the event it was stolen.

    These folks bring their #1 game plan to the match…

  91. mrembowaodm says:

    agent4change my views and dreams for kenya’s future and our party are:

    1. having at one point…the odm manifesto fully implemented….it may not work now with those crooks around but in two years time when we take the reigns everything in that manifesto should be covered….that is my dream for kenya.

    right now all we can hope for is piecemeal implementation but i guess this is better than nothing.

    2. it is common knowledge that we can only achieve this if our party remains firm and strongly united. therefore i would like to urge the leadership to keep our team together….we have worked so hard to be where we are and we can only get better with time.

    therefore statements like those i heard some rift valley mps, articulating that they endorse ruto for the deputy pm post since he has helped the party, have no place in our party. the time for ruto will come and i think he also understands that, please party supporters let us not pit our leaders against each other.

    3. i would also like to see the truth and reconciliation commission start its work next week so that we never get to a point of crisis like we have had. we need a lot of things to be redressed and we need them to start immediately. just because we have achieved some semblance of peace i dont think we should forget this all important aspect…let the truth come out however painful…and i am sincerely hoping that the terms of reference for the commission will date back to 1963….of course right now our topmost priority is this stolen election other things will follow!!

    4. i know RAO is all for institutional reforms but it doesn’t hurt to remind him….we need to disband that devious electoral commission and we need a very serious radical surgery for the judiciary (desperate times call for desperate measures)…if these institutions had just proven themselves worthy of kenyans’ trust…we would never have gotten where we are.

    5. and now that RAO is just about to take charge…is it too early to ask him to consider not having any assistant ministers appointed during this whole duration of the coalition…..firstly because we have just come out of this crisis and we need to cut down on our excesses and secondly those people do a lot of nothing…the whole of last year they were complaining they dont have any work to do……permanent secretaries do most of the work any way so this is justified.

    thereafter when we form an odm only government he should cut down the cabinet to a maximum of 20 ministers…..and we shall have no assistant ministers at all. most ministries functions are duplicated by others for instance what’s the point of having the ministry of foreign affairs and another ministry for the EAC, i think one minister can handle both portfolios well .

    6. can we please have constitutional amendments to reflect that when fresh elections are held members of parliament will have their salaries and perks slashed down to a minimum of 60% so that those that dont want the jobs can go home and those that are there to serve the people can do it faithfully. money making agendas for parliamentarians should be a thing of the past.

    RAO and pentagon….if you do just these six things I will give you my vote again, and again and again!! and kenya will definitely be a better place to live in.

  92. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    Actually, I didn’t spy on those but they were and still very key to my heart. I didn’t vote for Kibaki this time round because of those very points. He betrayed my trust in him.

    I read somewhere that RAO has insisted that Finance and Internal security dockets MUST go to ODM. I’m also informed though not confirmed that Kibaki specifically wanted RAO to shed some light on who on the PNU side he wishes to work with…that is why Current PNU ministers and MP’s are jamming Pentagon and RAO’s phones.

    I agree with you Maru that RAO needs to be VERY careful.

    Otsiatso, I live in VA, Graystone area; that’s where my familly is; but won’t be home (VA) until after May 2008. I’ll surely look for you!!

  93. tnk says:

    this is not to re-ignite a spent flame but when the time comes for truth and reconciliation, there are some things that will baffle. i beleive we have crossed this bridge and need not debate this but objectively read the article by mtumishi @ 2:30. this is unverified and could be just another rumour monger who are quite prevalent on the site, but its still worth investigating for those in the truth / reconciliation


    i only hope that its not true

  94. Railkamuodho says:

    So, you are advicing your guy to play clever? Well, do as you wish but an agreement has been signed and the first person to betray that will face the wrath of the international community. Kibaki has nothing to loose as he will be comfortable doing his final lap while the rest will be strategizing on 2012. That is why we insist on a comprehensive review of the constitution so that the document will lay bare in the eyes of the world to see. It will also level the playing field, empower the downtroden and grow our Kenyan economy. Without these elements present in Kenya, I still see us remaining where we today.

  95. rafiq says:


    I have heard it from BBC this morning. This parrot of Michuki-Ndemo, caleed Mutua s back with his disturbing comments. How can he trivialise RAO on BBC? I think this guy should be dismissed asap.

  96. Prof. B.J.J.RAJU says:


  97. Auki Ollows says:

    Jane & Mike Okello,

    The horse has left the stable… Kenya is off to a serious journey. And come off it! Raila is a very serious man. These jokes you ascribe to him wont wash. I don’t understand what Jane has against Raila spending time at the coast after an exhausting, high octane 8 months during which time his election was stolen. Note also, Raila is a very rich man. What’s wrong with him spending some of his money trying to resotre the destroyed tourism economy?

    Further, as a high value politician, what was next on the agenda after signing the power sharing deal? Wouldn’t that be repairing the most damaged sector – tourism? He knew full well that the whole international media would be looking to interview him after the deal. How about that interview being at the coast as a direct indication that all was getting well? As a result, walking the talk, as he has always done.

    Look, we know PNU diehards had already assigned RAO the official opposition leader role. What cynicism after stealing an election! Whether you, Mike Okello or Jane PONU like it or not, Raila Amollo Odinga is Kenya’s most talented politician. Live with it ot look for a wembe to meza… He also is Kenya’s 2nd PM with power to match the position. Forget stories of giving the man GSU security and outriders to satisfy the man. He has the authority to appoint half the cabinet. I want you to mark my words carefully. THERE WILL BE PORTFOLIO BALANCE! Talk to me again when the next cabinet is announced.

    FURTHER, let me assure the two of you of one thing – The real power that Agwambo has at the moment has little to do with teh letter of teh constitution as it will be worded. It has alot more to do with the fact the INTERNATIONAL SIGNOFFS FOR RECONSTRUCTIONS AND OTHER CRITICAL INTERNATIONAL FINANCING will require his signature. Chief, this guy’s already a powerful guy without any formal govt position. What about NOW? The daktari in the forum has your illness well defined!

    And, ODM has continually looked good ever since the crisis… ODM, FOREVER!

  98. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kenyans should not forget that, even as we usher in a new era in Kenya, that the Kenyan leader chaired a meeting with Mungiki to plan killings. How could a large town be emptied with no policemen in sight as happened in Nakuru.

    The BBC report is credible. There was a meeting at State House with Mungiki. Michuki, Kimunya, Saitoti, and Karua must have attended that meeting. Tens of matatus fiull of well-armed mungiki was then dsipatched to Naivasha and Nakuru where they roasted people alive and hacked many to death.

    As Kibaki sits and swims in luxury at State House, he should not forget the countless number of orphans, widows, widowers, wiped-out families, and maimed Kenyans, victims of that meeting at State House. Guilty of first degree murder.

    Kenyans and parliament must refuse the inclusion of Michuki, Saitoti, Karua, and Kimunya in the new Cabinet. The new Cabinet should not be more than 24 and I suggest that the sharing of Cabinet portolios be done, starting with a clean slate, taking two ministries of equal weighting at a time.

    This is the way that I would like to see the sharing of Cabinet positions done.

    1. Office of the President will have a Minister (a woman from the small parties) co-ordinating the presidency, the PM office, and Cabinet affairs and a Minister (a man from the small parties) in charge of National Defence, International Peace-Keeping and Armed Forces’ Civilian Industries. Let the armed forces be kept busy contributing to nation building through construction projects instead of massacre of civilians. There should be no other ministries in the Office of the President.

    2. Deputy PM and Minister of Finance vs. Deputy PM and Minister of Public Safety and Citizenship (all security and police, immigration, and citizenship). Abolish the name Internal Security. It has been nothing but internal massacres and internally-displacxed Kenyans. One goes to ODM, the other goes to PNU-ODMK

    3. Public Works and Infrastructure (roads, ports, airports, and railways, government buildings construction and maintenanace) vs. Government Services (government supplies, government buildings management and maintenanace, government printing, government vehicles and government aircraft management and maintenanace, operators’ licenses (drving and pilot)). One goes to ODM, the other goes to PNU-ODMK

    4. Education vs. Health and Family Services (Children services) (one goes to ODM, the other to PNU-ODMK)

    5. Trade and Industry vs. Foreign Affairs (one goes to ODM, the other to PNU-ODMK)

    6. Justice and Constitutional Affairs vs. Attorney General (One goes to ODM, the other to PNU-ODMK)

    7. Environment (and climate change issues), Water Resources, and Forestry vs. Agriculture and Food Services (One goes to ODM and the other goes to PNU-ODMK but both should be women)

    8. Economic Planning, Housing (including reconstruction), and National Development (including social development, youth affairs, and poverty reduction) vs. Transportation, Telecommunications, and Media Services(management of ports, airports, roads, railways, telecommunications and information technology, radio, television, and print media). One goes to ODM, the other to PNU-ODMK

    9. Local (or devolved) Administrations (Local governments and provincial administration) vs. Energy ad Mineral Resources. One goes to ODM, the other to PNU-ODMK (Abolish the name provincial administration)

    10. Skills Development, Employment Services, and Correctional Services (prison system) vs. Tourism, Wildlife, Sports and Recreation. One goes to ODM the other to PNU-ODMK.

    This will be a total of 20 manageable ministries. A lean and efficient Cabinet. Should have at least 8 women ministers. Give the young MPs a chance to serve their country as ministers and consign the killers to the backbench.

  99. rafiq says:

    And to make matters worse the Mungikis are transported to Nairobi from Muranga and its surbubs without any stoppage by Ali. Why is this PNU joking with the intelligence of Kenyans. Why not block them on the way, why not block them at River road. I think these guys want status quo. And Mutua the parrot thinks so to. I cant wait to see what happens in the next two weeks. I hope he is VISA banned too.

    As for the PNU guys here lick your wounds and wait for 2009 campaigns. We have started but will not be blocked by your distractions or assumptions.

  100. yego says:

    Im a dissappointed with the whole arrangement.Have just watched ktn via my phone and Raila tells us in NEWSLINE that kibaki remains the be the head of state and governmenand t and kalonzo remains head of government business,so what power hjave we shared????????i personally partcipated actvelly as an advisor to the odm campaign team and i will not be party to this.As a member of FBI , i used my intelligence carrier and ma resources in disposal to assist the party to get the best out of their efforts but Raila seems to be happy of the mere mungiki recce squad and slim\motocarde around him.By the way if he is not careful, then he will go the were’s way.Im speaking from ma intelligence backround and Raila should really be careful coz t5he guys assigned to him might do what was done to Kabila.If ODM thought we re we are just ordinary bloggers,then im sorry.Hon Rutto, im a kale but i assure u that things will never be the same again.You are our darling and leader,please dont start being a mutua the same way Raila is just doing.IDPS, dont attempt to go back to rift valley, we have to consult our Orgoiyaot first, not Raila or Kibaki.

  101. yego says:


  102. yego says:


  103. Otieno says:

    Uh, bro Yego…what’s happening? Maybe we should wait for details/clarification? Poa kidogo bro…I understand your frustration though..

  104. rafiq says:

    Yego and ODMers

    I did not watch and havent heard anything from that interview. If its true waht you are saying then its a pity! I doubt that RAO would do something like that. Why would he risk his own life, family, ODM leadership and supporters? I think that would be a very big joke.

    Nevertheless I would immediately cease to support him but the ODM cause if he did that. However lets wait for details. Was this a strategic statement? Was this meant to make it easy for panua to pass the act? I know Orengo would never support something like that, Ruto too. So we need to just wait a bit longer?

  105. rafiq says:

    May be its high time we called him to hold rallies and tell us what and why he signed it. Whats Ruto saying? Whats the feeling within the leadership? Whatever it is my suspicion is election in 2 yrs, bcoz we cant live longer with this arrangement, its too confusing.

  106. yego says:

    COMRADES, this is it but lets just wait and roxio the strategy , then , otherwise i guess we were dubed.Reason is coz Raila and ODM have just stopped readind our blog contribution i guess.Anangwe sir, u ve failed ua duuties.

  107. yego says:

    Rafiq & Oti
    Bros, just bear with with me!! i risked ma job and i diverted my line of duty to different destination just to save ODM and im really dissapointed if Kibaki as to call the shots 5 years.why couldnt he 9Raila) contact us to carry out a silent assination of whoever??????????

  108. rafiq says:


    I am with you bro. I understand the pain. Most of us have risked a lot to support this course. If indeed he has sold us out I dont think even him he would be safe from his own supporters. Lets review this over the weekend. Will contact a few people and get back to us.

    But believe you me RAO is never like that! Unless something really starange has cropped up I doubt he would do it. I know he knows these people and most likely accepting this means he is upto something!

    I dont like what I read below any more details?


  109. yego says:

    Im certain that whatever as just happened in laikipia will be the order of the day in most parts of the country.I even forsee a situation where`the luo and the kalenjins will start clashing.

  110. Otieno says:

    Yego, Rafiq,

    RAOs history tells me he almost always makes the right move. If what u r saying is true Yego…then sijui. But, I beg that let’s wait and get to the bottom of this. We need confirmation and we need to be told exactly what we got into. On the other hand, it could be a strategy, just to let the bills pass. Remember even cabinet positions will not be discussed until the bills are passed…we need those votes in parliament..

  111. mumias says:

    I note with increasing concern the tone of some of the latter posts!
    I think that on the basis of Annan’s statement at the signing it is evident that ODM got some powers!

    However this is directed at the Agent for change!
    Your inactivity on this blog I believe has begun to intensify suspicions amongst our people. Some of the advent supporters over the last few weeks months and years have begun to have serious questions and I believe It is your job to answer the calls that are addressed here.
    What I know to be behind Kibaki’s down turn was his failure to read the mood of the people and it has always been a great strength for RAO, let us not get carried away with being handed trappings of power and forget the ground.

    As the admin, you have a serious job which can have a huge impact on ODM leadership. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY

    You should be very concerned especially with the likes of Yego’s fears and concerns given his contribution in the run up to elections. I very much hope to see some kind of aknowlegment from you. It is Vital!!!

  112. mumias says:

    Otherwise for ODM’rs let us wait first for the bills to pass, then wait for the devil in the details before we pass judgment.

    Logic tells me that If RAO is to “supervise and co-ordinate ministries” as well as being answerable in parliament for government business then I find it strange that he will not have the leader of government business portfolio in his midst.
    Furthermore before the bill is passed it leaves PNU hardliners whom have run the show the try and somehow delay it and give them time to strategies on how they will undermine the coalition especially ODM side.

    My feeling is let us wait before passing judgment. PLEASE.
    And lastly to Yego, Im sure RAO said it was important to consult the elders before IDP’s go back. Im sure he never implied Kibaki and himself could just give the order and make it happen! Be wary of what you read, in the absence of real detail always take things with a pinch of salt.

  113. Otieno says:

    Thx Mumias for your input concerning this “new” issue…

  114. tnk says:


    can we move on to the 2nd phase of this blog

    i.e implement a more interactive, and subject based forum as suggested by otieno. with some key topics only visible to registered members and others publicly accessible

    we all have some various inputs, questions and suggestions that require more focused attention and not the random or sporadic distribution of topics.

    at this point we should move towards conclusion of a very successful 1st phase of ODM blog and transition to the 2nd phase.

    many here (we have the resources, manpower and skills) have volunteered to help set this up if you find yourself stretched.

    sensitive issues like those raised by yego and many others here need focused attention.

    otieno, mumias, yego, rafiq, otsiatso and others i think we should go ahead and setup an interim solution while agent4change organizes for this to happen. am sure you all have ideas, why dont we email each other and start phase 2 rolling.

    i kind of get tired of requesting for something over and over. what do you guys think?

  115. Otieno says:


    I must admit that I have been entertaining such thoughts. We should probably give Agent4Change until next week now that he started the topic of moving to the next level this week…..but truth be told, I do get tired too..

  116. karanja kamau says:

    Dear ODMERS in world all over, lets be optmistic and build a true democracy which will withstand the test of time.
    Recently some ODMERS have started hearsay which will only entrench partisanship between 42 plus communities in this country.Lets give the coaliation a chance so that we can come up with a far reaching constitution when both sides are working and engaging each other as they did under annan….remember these guys prayed before every sitting.
    If you look at the big democracies like US, the most important thing which have kept that country prosperous is the constitution.
    May be the politicians are serious but us people we still have misconceptions for the hardliners on both political divide.
    One other thig is tribalism this is a cancer which will fight our strengths/prosperity all the time..we have to kill it once and for all if we are ever to achieve any goals for this country. (Ask yourself in which small way do i wake up everyday and help in the fight aganaist tribalism)
    As for tnk ,yego,maru,ot,rafiq,zizi,otsiaso,liz,mumias and all other loving odmers
    we can transform this blog to a movement with big ideas ,i like tnk suggestions. I’m also trying to come up with suggestions for the way forward.
    I think we met here before and after that fateful night not because of mere chance but a purpose way bigger than ourselves.I think we can.

  117. kanyeka says:

    Can someone provide evidence that “yego” is Yego? I think the ODMers are being duped by this panua fellow calling himself “yego”.

    You should realize the difference between “yego” and Yego so be careful don’t fall into the trap of “yego”.

  118. Otsiatso says:

    Once upon a time, I could log on here and chat away with like minded people, now I have to navigate between fake e-mails from fake ODM’ers and panuistas ati Jane, Okello, and now a fake yego.

  119. tnk says:

    true ODMers, we know each other, we’ve struggled sometimes alone and other times we helped and supported each other. many times we faced huge obstacles and in between we’ve had glimpses of hope which have refreshed us.

    ODM is the first party that deviates from the typical political ideology of boardroom to grassroots and instead goes from grassroots to boardroom and back.

    its a great movement and we have a real opportunity to grow with it and make it an even greater movement to provide a brighter future for ourselves and generations to come.

    we are realists and therefore we know there’ll always be great challenges from detractors and sometimes even from our closest allies and friends.

    as professionals, we can navigate through, sometimes alone and at times with each others help and support.

    i only ask to setup a forum that we can use to further our process to help shape ODM, weed out poor leaders and one day be able to look at our leadership (no doubt some of is will in future be called upon) and membership and be proud to be whom we are.

    we can stay hopeful, but not naive, real without being pessimistic or unnecessarily jumpy or mistrustful, understand that at any time we may slip and sometimes fall, but our strength is in being able to get up and continue without shame or fear. many times change will come, some we can easily accept others will require some work, but if its for the good of kenya, lets evaluate realistically. we can do this by maintaining focus and learning to anticipate change and being better change managers otherwise change shall surely rule us.

  120. Mike Okello says:

    ‘Yego’ is ‘Yego’ is ‘yego’ and i quote his statement above…..By the way if RAO is not careful, then he will go the were’s way.Im speaking from ma intelligence backround and Raila should really be careful coz t5he guys assigned to him might do what was done to Kabila.If ODM thought we re we are just ordinary bloggers,then im sorry.

    I called them INFIGHTINGS, They begin right inside the party, especially when the party leader benefits selfishly from the deal, plus his Family and some of His friends (potential cabinet and parastatal appointees, and the rest of you have surely been left feeling disgruntled with your unrealistic expectations rotting in the Orange House dustbins. I told you that Raila has actualized as a person, and that was as a result of your nationwide hooliganism since Dec 26TH, and the rest of you supporters can continue struggling with your lives as usual, You will begin to see that there is YOU, and then their is Raila, His Family and His friends, You will soon start seeing the clear cut difference, between the two.

    I am glad someone echoed my sentiments, That RAO is the Most experienced Politician, Nobody can dispute that, AND I HOPE YOU HAVE REALIZED THAT KENYA NEEDS MORE LEADERS THAN POLITICIANS, What you will soon see from Raila is as a result of his being an experienced politician NOT LEADER, so you can brace yourself for it, lest you get shocked or chocked. Raila is my neighbor my tribesman and i have lived in Kenya long enough, I know what i am saying.

    I had mentioned that any stupid thing you do to someone on behalf of another e.g insulting others on his behalf as a sign of worship and sacrifice…. Will follow you to thoroughly embarrass you. Now Look, As Raila walks hand in hand with Kibaki sharing smiles, JUST WHERE IS ABABU NAMWABA, Tones and tones of shame on Him, During the state opening of parliament, Ababu, Tones and Tones of Shame, As hIS Exellency the President Mwai Kibaki Walks in and they all stand…. Ababu, Tones and Tones of Shame.

    You have noted that after the deal, the very ardent supporters have changed their language, I called them infightings and thats how parties Die!

    Ukipendwa Penda, Utakuja Penda Usipendwe!

  121. tnk says:

    no doubt many are aware of that prayer/quote (

    lord give me the strength to change that which i can/should, grace to accept that which i cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference

    i admit that there are many times i lack the wisdom, strength and grace, but will keep on trying.

  122. Railkamuodho says:

    Professor Wangari Maathai was right that since Kibaki and Raila had worked together before, then there was a possibility for them to work together again. I am glad that the prayers people have made have been answered. I read the following and was amazed by the turn of event: excerpt from standard,

    That is why on February 28, 2008, I and Honorable Raila Odinga accepted and signed the National Accord because our people had spoken clearly that they wanted one Kenya, in which they lived in peace, justice and harmony,” said Kibaki.

    He added: “I believe Honorable Members will agree that the accord is a victory for all Kenyans, laying the foundation for peace and stability in our country”.

    The President rallied members to support the Bills, saying the successful implementation of the accord would require goodwill and unity from the House and all leaders.

    Earlier, Marende said the “foundation” of the nation faced a real threat from “evil forces of disintegration” but he commended Kibaki and Raila for demonstrating strong leadership to save the country.

    Whether the election was stolen or not, the crisis has helped us as a nation to very carefully look at our past, learn from it and if well handled, prepare for a prosperous future. May God help us stop spitting the old ODM song here and look unto the future. We will soon have a focused and working coalition of its kind in Africa and I sincerely believe one that will deliver miracles never seen before. That is my optimism.

  123. Railkamuodho says:

    If there is one brain that works day and night with a laptop or notebook, it is my good professor. He burns the midnight oil to make things work out for our country. I seriously want to see him back in planning or finance. The good about him is his belief in african socialism and the good use of our resources. He is a great proponent of NEPAD and actually a brain behind this venture. May he take note of me and offer me the job to carry his briefcase and organize his office as he puts his brain to work for Kenya. I am sure Nyongo’s brief trial with Machiavelianism was only to court power which is now at his disposal. In a way, that worked but may not work in the future. Now is time to put his brain to work rather than activism.

  124. jenny says:

    How sick can one get ….i guess if we ignore the ridiculous outburst or is it vomit that was made a few hrs ago they may get irriated and just go away . Is Mathare still accepting patients ?Just checking ….coz they seem to have lost one of their patients .You know who you are !!

    tnk i know that prayer but this one is beyond help.

  125. tnk says:


    the moral behind the prayer i guess is to recognise the symptoms in good time so as not commit any further resources on the same, we are totally agreed/together on that.

  126. mumias says:

    Great spot yego is not “our Yego”.
    It all makes sense now
    I will rest easier now
    Thanks Kanyeka, Other ODMrs go to any other tread and find Yego’s posts you will notice the discrepancy.
    I really do not understand Y PNU goes through this trouble. A new Kenya has been born and they refuse to accept it.
    We need to tighten security of the site!!
    Good day fellow comrades

  127. jenny says:

    Is it just me or would reconciliation go a long way if we did not have to see people who remind us of the old Kenya…..is is necessary for Muchuki, Karua(especially) and Kalonzo and Uhuru to be part of this new govt,? Can they disappear for awhile , while the country heals? It just seems wrong . I agree with Maru , I do not even mind seeing MK especially without Lucy ….but something about Karua seems like there is some underhanded mission going on . Kalonzo, if MK insists he stays then Join Muda as the Assistant PM …..There is no room for a vice President. PM make note , VP is not necessary and Mutua cannot be a govt spokesman…. and….gosh there is still so much work ….wish we had a clean slate and then let Kibaki and RAO sit in a room, the two of them to figure out who needs to be in. The country will not heal when we can see the cause of the mess , on our sets daily.

  128. Yego says:

    Hey!!Whats all about yego &Yego??By the way Yegoyego , and more so im not a FBI machinery nor a traibalist, so spare me on this pple.

  129. Yego says:

    Please yego, get a different ID Sir, Yego is already in use, sorry for the inconvinience thou.

  130. Otieno says:

    will the real Yego please stand up 🙂

    so kanyeka was right…

  131. jenny says:

    Wow…..who has rigged the name? and the culprit is going to insist on shared name,,,?
    Mr Annan has to come back for this one again.

  132. kanyeka says:

    A sigh of relief Mr real Yego thanks for coming out on this issue.
    The bible says “In the last times there will be scoffers (panua hardliners) who will try to divide you”
    ODMer be intelligent the way you have always been before. This people are irritating

    Please I would like to to know the meaning of TRUTH & RECONSILIATION??

  133. Otieno says:

    we need that forum with registered membership ASAP, Agent4Change

  134. kanyeka says:

    I mean RECONCILIATION sorry for that.

  135. Elizabeth says:

    I am ardent supporter of ODM and my posts indicate that pretty well, But boy, you must agree with me that there are more facts to indicate that we have been shortchanged than the facts to show that we have won it, I am very much concerned about the survival of our party and sorry my hopes are dying out. I am glad Kenya has won and is stabilizing by the day but ODM remains much more vulnerable than it was before, Correct me if a wrong and please my fellow ODMers encourage me on this

  136. Agent4Change says:

    @Otieno..I am still waiting for more suggestions then i will give the way forward

  137. Otieno says:

    Thank your very much Agent4Change….

  138. Auki Ollows says:

    Tones and tones of shame on Ababu Namwamba??? NONSENSE! It is that sort of pressure that has ensured that we have a deal today. In any case, Ababu is the ODM PG Secretary. This guy has a briiiiiiight future like a true Orange…

    And, Agent4Change, could yego2 give way to The Real Yego that we have known for some time? Yego Real had a lot of exciting tidbits during the electioneering period. Btw, Yego Real, what does your intelligence say, at the moment?

  139. kanyeka says:

    There is somebody causing division here read the comments below about yegoyego.

    yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 8:11 pm
    Im a dissappointed with the whole arrangement.Have just watched ktn via my phone and Raila tells us in NEWSLINE that kibaki remains the be the head of state and governmenand t and kalonzo remains head of government business,so what power hjave we shared????????i personally partcipated actvelly as an advisor to the odm campaign team and i will not be party to this.As a member of FBI , i used my intelligence carrier and ma resources in disposal to assist the party to get the best out of their efforts but Raila seems to be happy of the mere mungiki recce squad and slim\motocarde around him.By the way if he is not careful, then he will go the were’s way.Im speaking from ma intelligence backround and Raila should really be careful coz t5he guys assigned to him might do what was done to Kabila.If ODM thought we re we are just ordinary bloggers,then im sorry.Hon Rutto, im a kale but i assure u that things will never be the same again.You are our darling and leader,please dont start being a mutua the same way Raila is just doing.IDPS, dont attempt to go back to rift valley, we have to consult our Orgoiyaot first, not Raila or Kibaki.

    101. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    102. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    103. Otieno Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 8:19 pm
    Uh, bro Yego…what’s happening? Maybe we should wait for details/clarification? Poa kidogo bro…I understand your frustration though..

    104. rafiq Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 8:47 pm
    Yego and ODMers
    I did not watch and havent heard anything from that interview. If its true waht you are saying then its a pity! I doubt that RAO would do something like that. Why would he risk his own life, family, ODM leadership and supporters? I think that would be a very big joke.
    Nevertheless I would immediately cease to support him but the ODM cause if he did that. However lets wait for details. Was this a strategic statement? Was this meant to make it easy for panua to pass the act? I know Orengo would never support something like that, Ruto too. So we need to just wait a bit longer?

    105. rafiq Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    May be its high time we called him to hold rallies and tell us what and why he signed it. Whats Ruto saying? Whats the feeling within the leadership? Whatever it is my suspicion is election in 2 yrs, bcoz we cant live longer with this arrangement, its too confusing.

    106. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    COMRADES, this is it but lets just wait and roxio the strategy , then , otherwise i guess we were dubed.Reason is coz Raila and ODM have just stopped readind our blog contribution i guess.Anangwe sir, u ve failed ua duuties.

    107. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:14 pm
    Rafiq & Oti
    Bros, just bear with with me!! i risked ma job and i diverted my line of duty to different destination just to save ODM and im really dissapointed if Kibaki as to call the shots 5 years.why couldnt he 9Raila) contact us to carry out a silent assination of whoever??????????

    108. rafiq Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:22 pm
    I am with you bro. I understand the pain. Most of us have risked a lot to support this course. If indeed he has sold us out I dont think even him he would be safe from his own supporters. Lets review this over the weekend. Will contact a few people and get back to us.
    But believe you me RAO is never like that! Unless something really starange has cropped up I doubt he would do it. I know he knows these people and most likely accepting this means he is upto something!
    I dont like what I read below any more details?

    109. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    Im certain that whatever as just happened in laikipia will be the order of the day in most parts of the country.I even forsee a situation where`the luo and the kalenjins will start clashing.

  140. tnk says:


    you’re right, ODM has been duped. We will have to scramble from here on to regain footing, and whats more the propaganda machine to be unleashed will be unstoppable why? because we are deeply immersed in the bs, so we cannot complain.

    really bad miscalculation methinks

  141. OPADO says:


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