This thread is for you to post the latest news on whats happening on the ground. Kindly include your constituency or where you are reporting from.Okay lets go….


  1. dennis k says:

    im repoting from nairobi. first off let me say this is a brilliant idea so thank you. my first issue is this: is it just me or has anyone else noticed the ever increasing arrogance of the city hoppa buses and crew? i dont want to speculate on the cause but can they be told in no uncertain terms that the republic of kenya is bigger than the few (currently) connected owners of the buses. secondly, where can we get odm merchandise? tshirts and the like? is there a retail outlet? we would be proudto wear them and in th process, help raise funds by paying for them.

  2. jackie says:

    Hi, i am in nairobi and westlands constituency. Was at Orange house today and thier shop is woefully stocked. The vendors outside on the road have more merchandize but even they have limited variety. I have been hunting for a key chain and am unable to find it. This is a simple yet very visible marketing tool. Does anyone know where i can get some?

  3. Kanyeka says:

    News on the ground is that PNU guys have their merchandises. I feel bad when I see them proudly putting on n hugging them. But actually me I have requested for them severally through this media and also on my email but I don’t get any response.
    Now I hope they will help out on this.
    We want to be orange pliss

  4. daddy says:

    Hi Jackie
    My ODM vote will be cast in Westlands though currently am in Molo constinuency, Njoro town. Please up date me on our ‘local’ events. kudos for your dedication and enthuasism in ODM politics.

  5. Wendoh says:

    ODMers, we need your ideas as well as whats happening on the ground: Here’s a quick one and the should not be published here but sent direct to the blogger, pentagon, or emailed direct to agwambo.

    “The most stupid idea in the world is the best idea that go on to make the world go round.”

    Mark my word on those and keep them coming. My name is martin wendoh and am odm-ing(a new word for blogging on odm bloggs) from leeds UK.

  6. dennis k says:

    kanyeka me too man. i feel bad when i see p.n.u merchandise all over te place and i cant seem to access something as smple as a tshirt.. a simple thing like that goes a long way in uniting supporters.. it gives a sense of identity. like i said before we are more than willing to pay for them. lol are we waiting for pius muiru and rap kenya to beat us to it?

  7. zizi says:

    Someone mentions that Orange House does not want volunteers? I think that is not proper. Now we need anybody to bring that extra vote. Please, someone should be urged to think again. We need as many volunteers as much as possible. Volunteers can organise football marches in their constituencies. WE can have an Orange Marathon. Only volunteers can mobilise this. We do not need to think and use the same strategy Pentagon is using. We need to support it by utilising other strategies within our means.

    Why dont we have T-Shirts spread all over. The mere fact that some village voter has a T-shirt of a party, she/he is likely to vote for that party. So we neeed T-shirts! Buy them on the street or Orange House we need them in plenty.

    I want to know what how we are fairing in Rift Valley.

    Real Change is coming.

  8. dennis k says:

    i wont mince words here coz that would defeat the purpose of this blog. there is a feeling on the ground that raila, if elected, would embark on a mission of revenge targetting those who persecuted him and his late father (along with members of their communities) it is also the fear of the other commuities in kenya that the luo, once in power (courtesy of agwambo) will proceed to take over their private property and businesses. as unfounded and ridculous as these fears may appear, they are very real issues i am confronted with everyday, by the common man (and woman) , in my efforts to swing their votes the odm way. my question is, what is being done to allay these and other fears expressed by the average non-luo villager who’s population incidentally makes up a majority of the vote?

  9. dennis k says:

    i have been acussed by friends and colleagues of crying foul over the steadman poll the moment we were shown to be losing support and not saying it was a sham survey when we were ahead (was too busy gloating lol!) any sugestions on how to counter this accusation will be highly appreciated. it wont be long before the panua people accuse raila and odm of the same .

  10. daddy says:

    This blog has not surfaced on RSS making it difficult to track. Is it an admin issue or wordpress one?

  11. mumias says:

    Very simple way to counter these accusations on the polls.
    1.a. What has Kibaki done that has all of a sudden reduced the deficit by 10 %pts. Giving out districts can not be the only justfiying factor
    1.b (further to above) Kibaki has not changed his msg, he has always campaigned on his past record, whilst ODM are offering new ideas with each region recieving its unique development agenda for the future. So it is suspect how he is gaining.
    2. Where is he gaining support? It will show him making inroads into Western, How is that possible given Western stands to gain more from ODM win rather than a PNU win. With RO’s smart propaganda on succession that will antagonise PNU votes. I know from speaking to people in Mumias that quite a number are firmly in ODM and also in my travels around few parts in Western that is the msg. So again suspect in where he is gaining the advantage.
    3. I believe the same guys had predicted a Yes win in the referendum in 2005, so surely their scientific approach if flawed as they got it very wrong then.
    4. Why did they change the sampling methods, and why is Wolf not happy
    5. The other polls will still show RO in the lead

    I find it funny that given about 88% of people in polls already know who they will vote for then it will surely not tally if both Kibaki and kalonzo gain more than the 12% of undecided voters

  12. tnk says:


    could you or someone get in touch with ODM secretariat to avail materials. bloggers have been requesting for materials for quite a few weeks. if however there is a plan to flood the market with Orange goodies then now is the time.

    DennisK – the steadman polls are slippery ground. PNU has spent considerable effort (arm twisitng and funds).

    So how do we handle this we can use PNU strategy and throw mud but lets use the infallible ODM strategy. Truth and facts as we recall them.

    First, right from the beginning Raila was wary of their polls but and this is a big but, HE HAS NOT MET OR BOTHERED TO MEET WITH STEADMAN PERSONNEL whether he was leading or not. It didnt matter. it was up to steadman to remain credible or dubious

    Second, However we have heard (strong and substantiated rumors) that State House operatives have continuosly hounded Steadman or its agents, Kalonzo has met Steadman or its agents. After each visit, some % points have been increased (marginally) and glaring anomalies suddenly start appearing. Now this is not rocket science. So how can their be computational errors. We all know Steadman uses statitistical packages such as SPSS, SAS etc so the idea that arithmetic errors can occur means only one thing. But lets leave it to PNU guys to guess why.

    Third, So yes we had a right to gloat when we did because right from the beginning when Raila had 8% up to when he got 53% and was still rising, all that time PNU and Kalonzo camp was sure Raila was unelectable and therefore Steadman could conduct free uninhibited and objective surveys. Remember they used various strategies but with each survey, our star kept rising.

    And now we are crying foul, we are crying yes but out of sympathy for those believing the cooked up crooked polls. Isnt it amazing how statistical packages used the world over can make such simple additional errors when applied in Kenya, go figure.

  13. tnk says:

    dennis k

    Raila has said many times before, tribes do not steal public resources. People charged with certain responsibilities steal and when their time is up, pull all sorts of cards such as ethnicity, religion and all other sorts of vice. The people spreading this information are looking for a camp to hide under when ODM forms the govt.

    Consider this, you are driving to work or walking to work and you see a traffic policeman or regular police officer. If you have nothing to hide, you will pass the officer and probably exchange a few pleasantries. If you are in the company of a thug, he will immediately start whispering how he hates cops because they take bribes and harass people for “no reason” or if you do not have valid driver licence, insurance etc, the traffic cop will make you uneasy. Its the same officer but depending on your position and environment you will react differently.

    Raila has said it many times before, people who have not stolen or looted have nothing to fear from his government. If however there is a community fearing reprisal, let them put together a group of honest leaders that resonates with their beliefs but clearly isolates them from the ethnic chauvinists and looters and then let them consider using the instrument that has been demonised. Let them present an MOU. I’m sure they’ll discover the Pentagon will be accommodating and they will suddenly find that a well meaning and intentioned MOU is not such a bad thing after all. Muslims did not ask for special treatment in their MOU, they requested for fairness.

    I challenge any group feeling threatened to emulate this fine example by our Muslim brothers and sisters and of course Rais wetu Raila.

    But I cannot speak for Raila, I’m sure he will say it again himself.

  14. tnk says:

    lastly on issue of private property being taken. This is as crazy as it gets. We (ODM fraternit) are for a just government. The biggest bottleneck is how to deal with crookedness that happened in the past. The looted billions in the Kroll report are “private property” but with funds stolen from public coffers. People erected structures on road reserves, gazetted forests, and then sold these off to unsuspecting Kenyans.

    This is why ODM pentagon keep talking about truths and reconciliation. Its about recovering and punishing the real offenders and crooks while attempting to minimise the impact on the innocent caught up in the transaction. Very formidable task because we all let the wolves in sheepskin hide in our midst. This is no easy task and will take time and the commitment of every one of us. I’m sure there are bloggers itching to offer excellent solutions but thats for 1/1/2008 when Kenya is finally One Full Orange. with no chopped up halfs running loosely around getting germs ( hhif you get hhwat hhi mean 😉

  15. dennis k says:

    Tnk, on the steadman poll issue, thanks. you have given me facts that i didnt actually have or know. i have the ammo i needed now. i’ll shut them up good and proper.. lol.
    On the issue of tribal fears, while you and i know those sort of fears are unfounded and will certainly not come to pass, what about the average guy in the village with the tribal mentality? it is a sad but true fact that tribalism is very much a factor in almost all aspects of life in kenya. you know the type, ‘hurt one of ours and you hurt me’ now multiply that sort of mindset by several million and you will see what im going on about. its a real crisis. i belong to a generation that honestly does not give a hoot about one’s tribe but sadly, we are in the minority. our parents and grandparents still cling to that way of thnking. raila and odm, i must say are onto a very good thing with the usawa concept. thats the way to do it. just felt it would be appropriate for me to share with everyone the feelings and vibes on the ground that i pick up on my rounds. that said, im certain we’ll all be toasting our well deserved victory on the 28th. im reporting from nairobi. westlands constituency. cheers.

  16. dennis k says:

    meanwhile, we should not shy away from adressing all issues affecting odm.good or bad. delluding ourselves that all is fine and dandy with the world will only make it more difficult to solve our problems as they come. let us all give credit where it is due and positively criticize when the need arises. thats the spirit of odm. openness, tolerance of other views, honesty and result oriented action.

  17. kip says:

    is this advert running in kenya at the moment I LIKE IT IT CAPTURES THE Moment

  18. Otsiatso says:

    I thought this was about what is happening on the ground. Focus people! focus! What is happening on the ground, not Steadman or looting of property etc.
    I am in teh diaspora and I actually look forward to these posts
    Now about t-shirts, key chains etc. as I have said elsewhere on this blog, it is asking too much for the the Secretariat to do all. You mean no one there can pool their monies and print these to sell. This is not a problem this is an opportunity to make money – print and sell people!!

  19. tony Wanyama says:

    Guys incharge of Propaganda at Orange house should release a counter move to PNU latest clip showing raila attacking mudavadi for being the signatory to goldenberg..its really doing alot of damage..they shuld release a clip maybe of kibaki saying Kanu is full of corruption and dead in the water(2002) and then few moths back he is attending a kanu conference and waving the 1 finger salute..and ask CAN THIS MAN BE TRUSTED?OR ITS OLD AGE?..Please move into action fast…Please please

  20. sam juma says:

    Bwana Raila,

    Forget all the promises you have given to-date.
    There is one promise that you have that can propel you to the Presidency, guaranteed.

    You have said that your administration will distribute 60% of the annual budget to the Constituencies. Something similar to CDF only better.


    If this is what you are advocating, then whats stalling ODM from its rightful place of leadership is its failure in passing this message to Kenyans.


    First, this message has been drowned by all the promises out there. ODM PNU ODM(K) all have made promises
    that regretfully majority of Kenyans believe that all this is just Politics. This must be reversed, because in this
    proclamation you have the passport to statehouse. Let me explain;

    Unlike Kibaki, at the moment you have nothing to give. He is winning this giving game so change tact,

    As a part of what you intend to do on your first 100 days in office that you have scheduled to release, include the
    the following;


    The previous regimes have failed us. We as ODM, we apologise but come Dec 27 2007 it will be your turn to
    change this Country by voting for Raila and ODM. It is unfortunate that due to Corruption, Tribalism Theft and
    mismanagement by the past Governments our people still lack the basic necessities of life. WE HAVE VERY

    We at ODM hereby promise to implement the following within our first 100 days of our administration.

    ———-We shall increase the CDF allocations to Constituencies from the current 2.5% to 60% of our annual
    Budget.( 18 Billion to 411 Billion )

    ———–This translates to over 1.9 Billion per Constituency. ANNUALLY

    ————This will be priorotized on the following; 1. WATER MAJI
    5. ROADS (farm to market) BARABARA
    7. INDUSTRY(light/medium) VIWANDA

    ———–On your part you promise to VOTE for Hon. Raila and ODM Candidates or our affiliate parties only.





    Agwambo I know you can fine tune the above and have Kenyans singing SABA SABA. Tell them to ask for SABA SABA from the other

    What makes the above unique is that it is achievable, it evaporates the Majimbo debate yet its Majimbo pure and simple. Tell the masses
    that as President all you will be doing is visiting constituencies to see what they have done? As opposed to them asking to see what you
    have done for them.


    Of course you should be ready for PNU to tear into this. Your response should be Quick, Fierce and Precise

    Liar where will the 411 BILLION come from?
    Hon. Kibaki we had 685 BILLION this year .for our budget can you tell us what you did with it? And how much was stolen? Name some of the
    corruption scandals.

    2 BILLION is not enough to do all that saba saba crup
    Hon. Kibaki we kenyans use money wisely we have no intentions of spending 1 MILLION on lunch the way you and your friends do.
    The constituents will implement one project at a time some this year some with next years 2 BILLION But for the first time rural Kenyans
    will do there own budgetting and not one man sitting in Nairobi. LOOK WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ALLOW ONE MAN TO BUDGET FOR YOU

    If you use 411 BILLION what about our DEBTS, IMF, WORLD BANK, FRIENDS ETC
    The first order of business when ODM takes office is to talk to these institutions and our friends to forgive, suspend or reschedule our Loans
    We had so much goodwill with them when NARC took power but lost it when Hon. Kibaki brought back CORRUPTION AND TRIBALISM ANGLO

    If 411 BILLION is shared out how about the rest of the govt teachers army doctors police etc?
    Here we go again these people who spend 1MILLION for lunch.
    ODM is going to run a lean govt we dont need 70 ministers or ministries its just a way the current govt finds avenues to steal mwanainchis
    money. We have accounted for the rest of the govt. By the way we will not fire people from central the way Kibaki fired people from the RIFT
    VALLEY they are all Kenyans where did Kibaki expect them to go? Tanzania ODM is going to review all those firing and do good by them.

    ODM is just shifting corruption from NAIROBI to the CONSTITUENCIES
    Kibaki and his friends are only worried because they will have no money to steal. Sorry you may have to shift to the constituencies but when
    we come to the constituencies we want to see running water schools clinics police stations roads and anybody convicted of stealing the constituents
    funds will be fined and also serve mandatory jail time. NO EXCEPTIONS. We also have a better plan of implementation than what is there now.
    see our web site.

    What about population disperity in the constituencies. Central with large populations will be cheated

    All political parties will seat down after the elections and come up with a neutral ECK. They will then be mandated to redraw the constituencies based on population. Sparsely populated regions will be considered so they get to be so big. Its a shame that Kibaki became a tyrant on that issue
    after so many people lost there lives to achieve political space that he is currently enjoying.. In the mean time we will start with what we have. 210

    20 days to go You need something new to deliver that knock out punch. and I think this is it.
    Kibaki is also winning on the issue that you have been in govt but accomplished nothing. WHERE WAS KIBAKI WHEN MATIBA WAS DETAINED AND SUFFERED A STROKE> HE WAS A MINISTER WHERE WAS HE WHEN KENYA WAS BURNING IN MOLO WHERE WAS HE DURING THE FIGHT FOR MULTIPARTY he waited till the war was over. DONT FORGET HE SOLD OUT MATIBA after they had agreed to leave Mois govt together. Matiba rescheduled his press conference hoping Kibaki will show up as agreed. The next thing Matiba was being arrested.
    Tell him at least he is enjoying something you and the likes of Rubia Matiba and many others fought and died for. Can he say the same.

    Another Issue that needs revisiting now is the CONSTITUTION. 3.6 MILLION people rejected Banana yet they have gotten no replacement They still need a CONSTITUTION. You should be starting with 3.6 million votes

    The onus is on you Mr Odinga Focus on the above answer KIbakis charges of doing nothing while in Govt. Remind people that Kibaki has never worked in Kenya. Tell the people of Rift Valley that they were never Beggers But Hon Biwott literaly Begged for them to get there jobs back and some more money for roads
    you will not fire people arbitrarily.

    That much money to constituencies will create jobs so there will

  21. dennis k says:

    nice one tony. we always seem to be on the defensive yet we have much more dirt on them (p.n.u.) than they have on us. we really must take it to them. a counter-offensive type thing. they are in bed with the very people narc struggled to remove from power. that in itself is an insult to the people of kenya. by cavorting with the likes of moi and biwott they have totally rubished the spirit of change. the fact is, only raila and odm have remained true to their word and principles. the referendum vote was kenya at its best and i think we should strive to get al kenyans to view the election in the same light.

  22. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I was in Nakuru yesterday. There appears to be some confidence among PNU supporters that they will win. They believe a 3Million Voter turnout in Central Kenya will mean Kibaki needs only 2M votes from the rest of the country to win. The assumption is based on that there will be 100% voter turnout in Central Kenya( through rigging ) and an average of 60% voter turnout in the rest of the country.

    I think we should work hard to increase ODM voter turnout ?

    My wife will vote in Martha Karuas Constituency while I will vote in Subukia. I would urge all Kenyans from other regions to vote in large numbers. Majority of Kikuyus whether saved or not are determined to ensure that they will oversee rigging in their regions.

    ODM needs a very strong team of watch team in PNU strong hold and media coverage since Wananchi in these regions will aid in the rigging.

    Can the papers already marked be made available to the press. That is the evidence that will make this governement run scared, act in Panic and expose all its dirty tricks for all to see.

  23. akinyi says:

    Guys am very worried. I live in embakasi and I can tell you that ODM is not being felt on the ground. Where is raila’s posters? everywhere you go is kazi iendelee! What happened to our sloganeering? please do something. As things stand kibaki seems to have an edge in nairobi especially in my constituency

  24. daddy says:

    In Njoro,there is a weird widely held confidence that PNU has already won. Even the PNU candidates around are not on the campaign as could be expected. ODM could run road shows around and even ask the many ODM students in Egerton to accompany them as from 21st before they go home.

  25. BJ says:

    The pentagon has successfully put PNU and Kibaki lot on full defensive Mode.

    The Pentagon has strongly come out in Chorus … Uhuru Kenyata-Gidion Moi-Jimmy Kibaki power arrangement axis. Jimmy came out for the first time yesterday to deny, but when hard pressed by the smart KTN journalists he found confirming what he had called the press to deny. He was asked so are you confirming that Kenyan’s can take you by your word that you will never seek political office.. and this is what he sais .. “I cannot rule out seeking a political office, but that is not immediate, but in the future.”
    Uhuru was at pains expalaining to western people during Kibaki campaign the day before that he will not seek the office, when confronted by the media in central province recently he din’t know how important the issue is to Kenyans and he jokingly while smiling said it is propaganda, but the body language spoke the opposite. To this end when KTN asked in the big question last night in the news whether they think there is a plan towards the rulling elite to hand over power to the three first families, the votes was unanimous 80% plus.

    And V.P Mdavadi put more spanners in the works, he questined the rationele behind moi’s three sons and personal assistant seeking parliamentary offices in Rift valley. And this is not over yet. ODM will raise the topic and there is no turning back.

    The good thing is that ODM has the trust of the people and any time they bring an allegation, real or apparent the people beileve it because they speak for the majority. Watch this space.

  26. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I watched Newsline yesterday. The ODMers put it very well – how comes 7/8 PNU candidates in Nairobi are Kikuyus ??

    I dont think it is tribal to ask this question in Nairobi campaigns. I hate this tribalism perpetuated by a small clique.

    All Nairobi voters should unite behind the strongest opposition candidate in their constituency to stop this PNU Kikuyunization of Nairobi.

    I admire people like Bishop Maggie and Anne Njogu. They are the face of Kikuyus who are saying no to this group which is using the tribe to enrich themselves at expense of all Kenyans.

  27. mwarabu says:


    I agree with njuguna’s observation. a huge turn-out is needed. Shud kibaki be getting the 3m they are hoping from central, then without a 90% turn-out in the rest of the country, we are doomed.

    figures : Rais: 60% of 80% of (14.2M – 3.0M) = 5.376M
    kobako: 3.0M + 30% of 80% of (14.2M – 3.0M) = 5.688M

    based on the above percentages, a 90% turn-out will give Rais an edge of just

    I expect Rais to get more than 60% of the remaining votes, but let’s work on the minimum.

    NB:Rais combined average should be more than 70% from the western block of RV, western and Nyanza……He easily scores 60-70% at coast, NE and NRB
    and…. both gallup and steadman previous polls have given Rais a 15 – 19% from the
    meru—generally, it is reasonable to expect 5-10% from Gema—-p.muiru + matiba votes will be minimal, but having watched some of muiru’s rallies in murang’a, spoiler’s votes are just another icing we should expect from Muiru + Matiba + Kalooser
    et al in th so-called Gema Bloc. kobako will probably land a 20% or even less, from the rest of the country.

    if someone has figured it out better than this, please share.

    Other than that, i agree with steadman, is toooooooooo close to call. We need all the ants to go and vote. no other trick.

  28. zizi says:

    Any whistleblowing on steadman polls today? who is on the ground, kip, RIS?

  29. BJ says:

    Another High PNU defensive mode currently in the making, coming out so strongly and consistently is the Vote rigging scam. Again if you watched news yesterday you realise the bar has been raised. The pentagon intelligence yesterday reported that a dubai based flight landed in in Eldoret airport couple of days ago with hydrogen peroxide chemical used for washing out the ink after one votes to allow double voting, and that fake ballot papers were currently being marked by the PNU team in a building in harambee avenue in Nairobi.

    There is no any other way that PNU can have ODM on the defensive and believe it not Kibaki is going home as a failed president, a leader who having known he had lost the mandate of the people even tried to rig himself in but it would not work.

    I really hope people that the Friday Blogers day will come up with action units on anti rigging, and I do hope that ODM can go extra miles to train atleast five thousand people on antirigging mechanisms, believe me we have defeated Kibaki’s laid back tactics before and he is not about to win on this. We all know that Raila was able to unearth the Artur saga, we defeated him in the referendum with all the money he has and we are giving him a final blow to Othaya.

    God bless ODM. Hey to believers, the only thing u can do for Raila is a prayer everyday.

  30. Agent4Change says:

    The Blog Day will be on 14th Dec from 3 p.m Kenyan time.

    Kindly send in your topics,we will then choose 5 most intresting ones

    In the mean time, forward the link by e-mail to invite more people to the blog


    Blog Admin

  31. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Agent 4 Change,
    Topics should be:
    1. Performance per province- Voter Turnout and How ODM will perform
    2. How to stop rigging
    3. How can people participate beyond attending rallies and voting ( though I understand there is no need for volunteers)
    4. How to deal with moles
    5. Last minute campaign tactics to get largest voter turnout

  32. dennis k says:

    Agent4change my topic suggestion is this: im very certain that we will win and therefore my issues are post-election.
    1: checks and balances for our new government( score card on promises kept etc)
    2: role that the bloggers here can continue to play to keep the odm fire burning(a odm win will mean our job has only just begun)
    3:any other (post election victory) business.

    i see a bright and orange future for all kenyans.

  33. zizi says:

    Lates polls (DN Breaking News) Raila tops all the four polls including steadman. is that true? We need to ensure voter turnout and move faster. Ensure PNU on the defensive.

  34. solomon says:


    Check the results and my short comment under the opinion polls thread.

  35. SAM KING says:

    Let’s agree to the fact that the Kibakis govt is reflecting what Paul, the greatest apostle ever to have existed during the biblical period, tags “the devils that masquared as angels of light!”

    Kibaki failed from the beginning when he dishonoured the MOU. He totally neglected the core people that helped him sail to power. Imagine people compaigning for somebody on bed, overlooking and taking risk on any form of shortcoming that could have developed from the injuries Kibaki sustained during the accident! What kind of faithfulness or confidence should people require from people like Raila? The saying that says, Asante ya punda ni mateke is what Raila & the rest of Kenyans got from the goverment.

    Kibaki failed to honour the MOU which among the core issues therein, was to deliver the new constitution. Who can trust him for another term. His regime is that which has totally neglected the poor making them not even afford a meal. The trend of poverty has increased more than it has ever since it is only a few that are able to afford a qualitative meal. I personally know of several families that have sucummed to borrowing all through since the inception of this govt.

    If there is any one that is propagating division among the people of Kenya is Kibakis govt. Look at the kind of adverts they are displaying on media, look at the people that have been cought so far transporting weaponry and instigating violence. They are all in the list of PNU.

    THE VERY LATES! Imagine!!! Kes.1,000,000,000.00 (one billion) tax payers money put to waste!!!! LET US NOT ALLOW SATAN TO CONTINUE BLIND-FOLDING US IN THE NAME OF MAENDELEO. The maendeleo itself has been at our on terrible experience and expense. The basic human commodities like food, fuel & shelter have shot up abnormally high. How many people can afford to eat chapatis during this Christmas?

    It is very unfortunate for some of our religious leaders. They have joined hands with other weaked people to brand Raila names that don’t suit him at all. (e.g a devil worshipper). Let them know that Kenyans are mature and sensitive to such. Such propaganda made me remember a time in the past that top religious leaders had ganged up against faithfuls of Winners Chapel and used the same propaganda in bringing down what God had commissioned. Can you imagine people that claim to be religious fighting the same God that uplifted them!

    Raila Amolo Odinga is Gods choice for now! Not to forget when everyone was percecuting the winners family, he is the only MP who stood to defend the church of Christ. Ah! the man Raila is SOLID, STRAIGHT FORWARD AND CAN BE TRUSTED.

    Remember also his father Jeramogi planted a good seed by saying, “Kenyatta Tosha!”. Raila as well planted the same good seed by saying, “Kibaki Tosha!” and both these came to pass. God respects the covenant he makes with humanity. He never alters it as Kibaki did. Whatsoever Raila and his dad had planted it must come to harvest. And IM STRONGLY CONVINCED, THAT THE TIME IS NOW!!!


  36. Linet says:

    SteadMan is ashamed of having lied in the previous poll hence the change? Can they now explain the usdden surge?? I do not trust all the pollsters anymore.I beleive RAO is ahead just emphasise voter turn out.
    Plz do not leave anyone behind on voting day. If in the village leave the little ones with teenage kids and help the wazee if the voting centres are far.The only key is to Remember….. Remem ber… and remember why we need to vote to come out in large numbers on Dec 27th

  37. wiliams says:

    ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga leads President Kibaki with four percentage points, the latest opinion polls show.

    The fortnightly Steadman poll show ODM’s Raila with 46 percent, PNU’S Kibaki with 42 percent and ODM-K’s Kalonzo with 10 percent.

    And the Nation Media Group’s commissioned polls by Strategic Research, Infotrak Harris and Consumer Insight report that the ODM candidate commands a four-point lead over his main rival, President Kibaki.

    Strategic Research gives Raila 43 pc, Kibaki 39 pc and Kalonzo 17 pc. Infotrak Harris report 43.7 pc for Raila, 39.2 pc for Kibaki and 15.2 pc for Kalonzo while Consumer Insight puts Raila at 43 pc, Kibaki at 39 pc and Kalonzo at 15 pc.

    The latest polls will be a major boost for Raila, given that Kibaki had narrowed the gap to 0.3 percentage point in the previous survey, which had put him at 43.6 pc against the President’s 43.3 pc.

    The three main presidential candidates have intensified their campaigns in recent weeks as the home stretch approaches.


  38. Auki Ollows says:


    At this point, it is too late for the polls to tell us much. Early in the campaigns, they may show some trends. Right now, we have more reliable people on the ground in the form of nominated candidates. They will give more valuable intelligence than polls will ever give.

    Further, for the polls to be useful, the pollsters must give us a map of the areas they have gone to. It’s not enough to say that they have gone to all districts. It is said that pollsters end up at district HQs yet we know that most of Kenya is remote and inaccessible, thanks to bogus or non-existent infrastructure. Wacha campaign iongee. We know that our guys go very deep interior where media and even pollsters don’t reach.


    Right now, forget polls! Let us follow our campaigns closely and give feedback.

  39. Auki Ollows says:

    Turnout! Turnout! Turnout! This is all we should be talking right now… As a columnist said earlier this week, polls belong to the interior pages of a newspaper, around where one finds zodiac signs etc.


  40. Linet says:

    What is with the increases in Rent all over the city? My rent has gone up from Dec 1. I know of 2 friends who having lived in same house for years had to move out due to rent going up by more than 6k.
    I also heard from a friend govt has introduced VAT on commercial property so all office spaces are going up from January 1?? Are we soon going to pay VAT on Air that we breath?
    Can we go out and Vote on December 27th??

  41. dennis k says:

    linet i read it somewhere in here fom a fellow blogger that the rent hikes are a bid to dive people out of their voting zones. i see now that there’s truth in it. you see, these are the last kicks of a dying horse. p.n.u have sensed defeat.they are desperate and will do anything to retain power. check out latest from the ground(one of the latest posts.. paul’s i think) and see the extent of the plan to rigg the poll. its about the pre-marked ballot papers on p.n.u’s christmas shopping list. we need to be extra vigilant because a desperate man can be very dangerous. we must expose all these underhand schemes and all their efforts to get us to lose focus on the task at hand… a resounding odm victory.come polling day, we must make the numbers, there is simply no other way. and while there we must be alert and immediately call to the attention of the officials and the media any irregularities.

  42. dennis k says:

    oops! sorry linet the thread is actually blog day.. and the post is by paul. shocking revelations. these p.n.u people will surely stop at nothing.

  43. SAM KING (MSA) says:

    I want to vocal on what Tonny Wanyama suggested this morning as a suggestion.

    Of late we have seen a lot of propaganda through adverts in our media, most of which is meant to make people loose trust in our presidencial candidate Raila.

    All Kenyans agree to the fact that the political senario in our country is in some cases contradictive. PNU has tried to capitalise on that.

    With great intensified URGENCY can’t the ODM compaign intellegence team come up with a CONTRADICTING CLIP of Mzee Kibaki: Reference period: 1997/2002/2007 compaign period. If the same can be sunk into CITIZEN & KBC radio & TV, KTN, NTV, Nation and Standard news papers and also local broadcasting corps, we can be sure of re-directing the paths of several Kenyans who might have been mislead by the present regimes propaganda.


  44. mumias says:

    Did you notice Nyachae’s rhetoric in his campaign as reported in the standard. He has clearly seen the mood of the people on the ground. “Our youth are blindly singing change, which they don’t understand” Nyachae said he had no hatred against Raila, but said he had no development record……it will be meaningless for you to vote for me and you leave out Kibaki”
    Closer analysis of this statement is that Nyachae has realised that RO has support in his so called strong hold and as a result he is changing his tune marking a very significant change from his infamous PNU launch tirade against RO and even the late JO. It is clear that the youth are demanding change and that he faces another challenge to deliver for MK as in the referendum.
    I believe the strategy of releasing each regions action plan and strategy is really working. It shows ODM are very serious about the job and have indeed done their homework.
    It was interesting listening to Kibaki in Hamisi. “Serikali itawapa chochote munataka. Kama munataka mbegu, tukunayo tutawapa”

    Keep it up ODM, more issues and setting agenda on key topics. I was surprised to hear RO speak in Kisii where it came out that although Kisii region farms tobacco, the factory is however located in Thika which does not farm the crop! Which made no sense. Keep it up, more of the same please!!

  45. Pablo says:


    Hey Guyz I know we are on homstretch and I would have liked to introduce something very important that would help to avoid spoiling our votes. Normally when voting we are allowed to use an X or a tick symbal. Now in reference to that and according to the electarol commissiones rules of voting one is only allowed to use one of the symbals to elect the person and party of his/her choice. In a situation where you use both symbals in your ballot paper that vote is regarded spoilt. HOW? for instance you give Agwanbo and ODM a tick symbal and then you mark an X symbal against the PNU and KIBAKi because you dont want him is wrong. You are only required to mark on AGWAMBO only with a tick or and X symbal and leave the others blank and your vote will count. So please bloggers this should be a topic on the bloggers day HOW TO MARK YOUR VOTE> And can secretariate do something regarding this. Let ODM supporters be enriched with this information so that we avoid loosing votes through spoiling them we want to show this panus dust. And each blogger to take an innitiative of sensitizing their friends and relatives . Do something Guyz we are on the road. Let us Keep the tempo up and up.. no sleeping until after 28 Dec 2007.


  46. Ibraheem says:

    First of all, I am away from the country until the last week of election countdown.I have to vote for my President, RAILA AMOLO ODINGA and our party ODM.

    Today, They released STEADMAN poll putting RAILA way ahead.

    Laakini, What I have not seen being discussed include…

    CONSTITUTION………We need a Bomas Constitution

    Some of these factors are so Important that they can take RAILA above 60% Points in The opinion Polls.

    The Blog adminstrators and other kenyans can advise RAILA and pentagon CAMPAIGN teams about these issues..

  47. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    in jana’s ktn newsline Gumo said the landlords are harrasing tenants either by increasing rents or throwing tenants out coz they suddenly want to renovate their houses. Reason is coz ODM has callled on all their supporters registered in the city to stay put by not travelling so that they can vote ODM. I hear Thuo’s citi hoppa has also started mistreating the commutors. Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and no amount of intimidation, harrasment etc will dampen the spirit of the majority masses who are eager to usher in REAL CHANGE through Raila and his team.

    unscrupulous city landlords are mistreating the tenants. this is bad but there is a price to pay so ODM supporters should ensure they stay put where they are registered and turn out in large to make a final opinion poll by voting ODM, Raila and his team of leaders.

  48. Odieno says:


    They are not only doing it at the residentials but also at business premises. Them & their agents. They are even refunding deposits….but I can only encourage ALL ODM supporters. This is the price we MUST PAY for change. Guys, stay put till 27th Dec, but if push comes to shove we’ll throng the schools, churches just to make sure we vote. After the cold there will be warmth. I can see a very prosperous NATION under our leader, and with EQUITY we’ll build our own homes. When they get to that realisation, they’ll be devasted since nobody will want to pay them the kind of rents they are currently charging. Please, please!! Even if they throw you out, let us turn that into their frustration. We will go into the schools and churches just to make sure WE VOTE!!!

  49. Linet says:

    It’s really sad , We need a govt that can invest in low cost housing projects and in essence improve life for citizens upwards.
    Remember… remember and go vote on Dec 27th…..

  50. Omuto says:

    I totally agree with what has been said by a number of bloggers here. The battlefront has moved to a new level and the opinion polls, regardless of how true or flawed they may be, have all of a sudden become obsolete. To add insult to injury, Steadman has shown Kenyans that it is indeed a commercial outfit. Our competitors have seduced Steadman and repetedly raped it. The difference between this rape and others is that while ordinary rape is looked at as a forced and coerced, this particular one is likened to the BDSM. It’s conceited paranormal intercourse meant to take one into a world only realistic in the minds of the two parties. Purely for fantasy purposes but unfortunately perfomed right in the middle of a a crowded city in broad daylight. Steadman advertised itself in the red light streets and the monied PNU spotted it and presented its papers. They quickly qualified, after the ODM team showed no interest, despite Madam Steadman flashing her extra raw flesh to them (ODM). The two parties (PNU and Steadman) conceited and decided to do the famous ‘rape fantasy game’ in public! They came, we saw, we refused to give into their demands. They’ve now been raped (willingly) left, right centre and we therefore have nothing to do with the outcasts. Mwiba wa kujidunga hauna kilio. Would you have been raped unwillingly, we would have accepted the off springs (poll results). But because you AGREED, as a K-street twilight girl, to have it (RAPE) and more so in public, we say “you can keep your kids and your lover too. We got our undefiled ODM, we dont need you anymore, wretched Steadman. Your place is in the lake of fire that burneth with brimstone and sulphur, where there is gnashing of teeth forever and ever.” JUDGMENT DAY: 27TH DEC 2007. JURY – KENYANS.

    Two, can we now work on voter turnout? My topic for the BBD (Blessed Bloggers Day) is How to Ensure High Voter Turnout.
    Rigging is another thorn in kenya’s flesh. We need to concentrate our efforts on how to crack down on these pest.

  51. sam juma says:

    Remember its Darkest before Day break
    PNU will thro everything at ODM, so lets re-double our efforts
    Ruto is doing a wonderful job reversing any gains made by Kibaki by following PNU immediately they leave an area.
    We have more people who are able to campaign nationwide than the PNU outfit—————-lets utilize that advantage
    By the way Central has only 2 Million registered voters and will vote PNU. They will split Eastern with ODM(k). They will get 25% in Wesrern, Coast and Rift Valley at which point they will be level with ODM. The EPIC Battle is Nairobi. ODM must win Nairobi. The only thing to do is Door to Door on the 27th waking up everyone to go and vote
    Its good the Polls are showing what we have known all along BUT FORGET THE POLLS FOR NOW, lets vote.

  52. tnk says:

    can ODM secretariat, prepare for Dec 12 celebrations. the last national day was misused by Kibaki to campaign and lash out at ODM. Put in place solid plans to paint all venues countrywide Orange and if provincial administrators or PNU supporters appear to want collision then either boycott or maek peaceful demo’s. Kibaki should not use the occassion to campaign for himself and PNU unless he also allows ODM to campaign from teh same platform.

  53. solomon says:

    Raila must maintain the issue-oriented tempo. You will be suprised by the kind of impact this is having even in PNU stronghold.

    We are eagerly awaiting him to launch ODM plan for Central Kenya. You will be surprised that Tinga may end up getting ten percent in this region.

    I also found the article below interesting:


    BY Abdillahi Alawy

    Let’s face it. Mr Raila Odinga is running an excellent campaign. Not only is he winning in the polls, he is re-writing Kenya’s history and overshadowing the feared power of incumbency. Raila Odinga is giving meaning to the statement that “anything is possible.”

    Most amazing, Mr. Odinga has penetrated the “ethnic glass ceiling.” He has established a political base not only among the Luo-Nyanza voters but attracted millions to support his campaign from all tribes in Kenya.

    At the Coast Raila’s fame is called the Nyalgunga Wave, and in other provinces anxious voters are bracing for the Raila thunder. His strong and realistic efforts have reached where no other candidate has gone before.

    If one can address a campaign meeting in Kizingitini and cause some tough fishermen to cry, then they have moved the unmovable. Raila has done this in several places in the country.

    Even though Mr. Odinga’s success is creating anxiety, uncertainty and jealousy among opposing politicians—and within certain tribes for that matter, his progress also represents a breakthrough to new politics of issues. This is where candidates and voters are able to go beyond tribalism.

    When Raila Odinga was campaigning in Lamu district last week, several people cried when they were listening to the ten-point agenda the candidate presented. Yes, they know he is just campaigning but something happened that connected the candidate and the voters—and it was not his oratory skills alone that brought the magic. Honesty can be spotted miles away.

    For the last few days he has visited the outer regions with not only propaganda to deliver to voters, but he campaigns with power-point lists of what he will change once elected. Apparently he appears to be moving towards helping people with long term solutions rather than government handouts during campaigning.

    This has created a lot of tensions among the other contestants and they are peddling all kinds of lies to discredit Mr. Odinga. But he is relentless in his pursuit because he believes in his own messages and the support he has created in the country.

    Is he over-ambitious and power hungry like what his detractors always allege? Yes!

    The truth is that many of us want to be presidents and prime ministers but we just don’t have the resources to topple the current holders of the State House. And for some may be we don’t want to “rattle the snake”. Who are the unfretted snakes?

    These are a group of highly corrupt people who have decided to dishonestly rule this country with an iron fist for their own benefit. This is perpetrated by a group of the current president’s insiders who can do anything and tell the victims: “do not ever rattle the snake again or we will finish you.”

    Ever wonder where such attitudes come from? It comes from the security in mind that nobody can do anything to them today or tomorrow or anytime in the future. This is an attitude that ignores God and glorifies one’s power that they are invisible.

    That is what we Kenyans have created in the name of ministers who order attacks on elderly Muslims in Guraya and burn media houses at night and admit the violence publicly with no regrets.

    Raila will be successful because people still remember the corruption cases and the clearest evidence against some ministers in Mwai Kibaki’s government.

    The same ministers are back as our ministers after some pretence of resignation.

    People remember the mercenaries who disrupted our daily lives from Armenia.

    The Artur brothers and their connections to high placed individuals in this government are very fresh in the minds of Kenyans.

    John Githongo is currently quiet but his ghost will return soon to haunt this government that is hoping for a re-election. Raila has positioned himself to win all the way. He is running an indomitable campaign with a winning strategy that shows.

    Handouts such as increased teachers’ salaries, creating new districts, new declared holidays for Muslims and all the campaign gimmicks one can think of, will be accepted by the public. But the anticlimax is that such bribes during election time are so transparent in motive.

    And, it should be clear that these gifts may not translate into votes for the givers.

    Remember this same style of bribery did fail once during the referendum vote.

    And from the look of this giving spree, such giving will always fail and fail.

  54. tnk says:


    what an excellent article, thanks for sharing. I’ll only add this, I believe Raila is not making empty promises. In fact I wont even call it promises at all. Raila and indeed the entire ODM pentagon are making commitments to Kenyans, and these are honorable men and women who will honor their commitments. Personally, like many other ODM supporters, am deeply grateful to associate and be a part of this great movement and historic process for the people and great nation of Kenya.

    All we have to do is weed out elements (whether PNU or internal) that will come between the Kenyan dream and the struggle we anticipate in bringing our aspirations to fruition and stop these conniving fiscal gluttons from controlling or rather impeding the bright future of Kenyans. Starting of course with Kibaki and all status-quo advocates.

    I just hope we’ll get a few more brave guys from central such as Githongo, Njuguna, Dr. Rege to join our very own Nyaga, KJ and many others. People who stand tall and can be counted for standing up against formidable odds. God bless you all

  55. tnk says:

    would like to share an ODM song, if interested send me an email for link to download

  56. faith says:


    Your article is good and i cant wait for Raila’s commitment to Central Kenya as a person who comes from this province i find it disheartening that we have been used many times to rubber stamp leaders who dont help the common man. Look at the squatter problem we are the highly affected,look at the wachuuzi in nairobi streets my community takes the lead so why should i defend a govt. that has not helped us and why should i be told to hate Raila what hs he done in his entire life to warrant my hate wasn’t he the one who was jailed to fight for my freedom, wasn’t he the one who said Kibaki tosha to give my tribes man that seat he so cherishes word from the ground is that now that the opinion polls shows Raila has been leading all through the young generation of GEMA are starting to look at there future inclusive of other tribes seriously.

  57. Elizabeth says:


    A splendid article that one, it has touched me deep down my heart. And truly my hearts goes out to each and every Kenyan who cannot put food on the table while the government is busy stashing their pockets with looted money from the same person who cannot even afford a meal in a day.

    We have to continue with the fight to free this nation from such greedy, heartless, mannerless, evil, corrupt, arrogant and ruthless beings that have increasingly told us on our faces with no shame at all, that there is nothing we can do to them as they continue satisfying their greed. Kenyans have been reduced to mere spectatus and beggars to these individuals who feed on our hard earned money, people whose salaries and huge allowances we pay religiously, have turned around to hurl insults and spit on our faces each day. It is so disgusting!

    The time has come and we have to tell MK that we have had enough of his leadership. We were with him in 2002 and helped hime send Moi home. He has become redicuous and not funny, for inviting the same back into his camp and employed the same silly tactics that Moi used for two decades plus to rule Kenyans. We are nolonger afraid! Nolonger stupid, and nolonger ignorant. Sorry MK.

    Dear, I hope you have truly spooken from your heart. When I watch the TV each and everyday, I have always had to hold my tears back, watching these ‘squatters’ especially mothers with babies on there backs out in the cold sometimes, small children who cannot at all understand the reason as to why they cannot have a decent roof over their heads. My heart goes out to them. As this continue happening year in year out, the governments that we give the mandate to end this, continue looting and inviting the same looters back to continue with their ‘business’. I cannot understand why a Kenyan cannot have a place to call home, while some few people have thousands of acres of land that they do not even use. What are we doing to our people?

    What have we Kenyans become? We have to put our leaders to task. We have to tell them that we are not fine and at ease with what they are doing to us. We are all Kenyas and human beings in this matter, a Kikuyu, a Luo, a Kalenjin, you name it….we share the same motherland. Let us trash this tribalism thing and reason first as human beings before trying to find out if I come from the lakeside or not.

  58. solomon says:

    This is yet another piece worth reading and reflection.

    Kenyans craving for a leader who can see the big picture

    By John Cheruiyot

    Simon Bolivar was to South America what Mahatma Gandhi was to India. He was what Nelson Mandela was to South Africa. He was to Venezuela what Nyerere was to Tanzania.

    He was the conscience and the light of South America. He was a liberator and an icon of liberty and freedom. He was a brilliant military leader and a great statesman. He led a revolution which brought down Spanish imperialism in Latin America. His struggle brought independence to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Bolivia.

    On February 15th 1819, he told the Venezuela congress: “Legislators, accept with indulgence the profession of my political faith, the highest wishes of my heart and the fervent prayer which on behalf of the people I dare address you: Deign to grant to Venezuela a government preeminently popular, preeminently just, preeminently moral, which will hold in chains of oppression, anarchy and guilt. A government which allows righteousness, tolerance, peace to reign; a government which will cause equality and liberty to triumph under the protection of inexorable laws.”

    He observed: “Our political existence has always been null, and we find ourselves in greater difficulties in attaining our liberty than we ever had when we lived on a plane lower than servitude, because we have been robbed not only of liberty but also active and domestic tyranny.”

    He added, “Allow me to explain this paradox. In an absolute regime, power does not admit any limits. The will of the despot is the supreme law, arbitrarily executed by the subordinates who participate in organized oppression according to the measure of the authority they enjoy.”

    Bolivar’s observation of South America of the nineteenth century graphically describes Kenya’s post colonial era. Kenya has been ruled by despots and their subordinates infamously known as the Mafia. The Kiambu Mafia reigned between 1963 to1978 when Jomo Kenyatta was president. Rift Valley Mafia took over from the Kiambu movers and shakers from 1978 to 2002 following the demise of the founding father Daniel arap Moi’s rise to power. The Mt. Kenya Mafia replaced the Rift Valley Mafia in 2002 when Mwai Kibaki succeeded Moi. Every mafia in Kenya has robbed Kenyans of liberty and freedom to govern themselves.

    Kenya has suffered what Bolivar calls continuation of authority. Kenyatta rule for 15 years, Moi 24 years and Kibaki five — and he now wants another term to give him maximum 10 years.

    Bolivar had this to say about leaders staying in power. “The continuation of authority in the same person has frequently proved the undoing of democratic governments.” He added “…there is nothing so dangerous as to suffer Power vested for a long time in one citizen. The people become accustomed to obeying him, and he becomes accustomed to commanding, hence the origin of usurpation and tyranny”

    Kenya in post colonial era has been everything Bolivar warned his countrymen to be wary of. For 44 years Kenya has never had a leader who saw the big picture of Kenya. Kenyatta saw Kenya has Mt. Kenya Kingdom. He saw Kenya’s resources being proper in the hands of his kinsmen. He saw every part of Kenya being a potential resource for his community.

    He thus encouraged his community to spread their wings throughout the nation conquering every region for themselves. Kenyatta thus saw Kenya from his tribe’s perspective. In 1938, he wrote his first book ‘Facing Mt. Kenya’ and wrote his second book ‘The Kikuyu My People’ in 1944. Kenyatta thus never saw Kenya has a nation of 42 nations. Development was skewed to favor of where his kinsmen lived and occupied. That was Kenyatta legacy.

    In 1978 Moi took over the reigns of the nation promising to follow on Kenyatta’s footsteps. Nyayoism was a philosophy after Kenyatta’s legacy. Moi for 24 years saw Kenya has a class society. The superrich and the superpower. The superrich as leaders and the super poor as voters and the voting machine.

    Moi thus conceived a notion of dynasty where the rich families are the ruling class and the rest as mere spectators to receive goodies once every five years.

    Kibaki for the last five years has brought together all the past mafias into his throne. The Rift Valley mafia led by Moi and Biwott are pushing for Kibaki’s re-election and so are the Kiambu led by Njenga Karume and Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Kenya unlike Tanzania or South Africa has been unlucky .Kenya has never had a visionary leadership after the real aspiration and the interest of the nation. Our leaders have been caged in their ethnic and class cocoons. Kenya has for 44 years being a property for a clique or the mafia. In real sense Kenya has been a neocolony, and neoimperial nations where majority are oppressed and exploited by a few who wallow in wealth while the rest in abject poverty.

    Kenya is till looking for her messiah, a leader who will inspire all the 42 communities of Kenya.

    This country is looking for a Mahatma Gandhi, a Nelson Mandela and a Simon Bolivar. Kenyans are looking for a leader who is candid and brave enough to set in place “A government preeminently popular, preeminently just, preeminently moral, which will hold in chains of oppression, anarchy and guilt. A government which allow righteousness, tolerance, peace to reign; a government which will cause equality and liberty to triumph under the protection of inexorable laws.”

    The 44 year history of post colonial Kenya has not come across such a leader. Will Raila Odinga offer such leadership? A leadership that will transform all the regions and communities of Kenya into a vibrant and a prosperous nation. Is regional autonomy and regional governments elected by the people of each region what Kenyans have been waiting for, for decades?

    Kenyans are tired of a dollar-a-day leadership. They want a per capita of over $20,000 not the current $640. Kenyans have the ability to become a tiger of Africa and the world given leadership that spurs liberty, freedom, justice, righteousness, good morals and values.

    Singapore got her independence from Malaysia in 1965; both countries were at par economically: $400 then.

    Today Singapore $25,000 plus while Kenya mere $640! Singapore had visionary leadership while Kenya sectarian and ethnic leadership who saw their own regions, clans and families as being more important than the whole nation.

    They chose to shut the majority from national resources and pamper their cronies and cohorts in luxury and prosperity.

    That is why Kenya is among the most unequal nations on earth. She is the third most unequal nation on earth and Nairobi among the most expensive cities in the world. With Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) controlled by 650,000 rich where will the 34 million be in such scenario? Kenyans thus are yearning for change-a real true change. It is why Kenyans are yearning for devolution and national equality politically, socially and economically.

  59. Sam Faulu says:

    An old article by renowned scholar/writer Ngugi wa Thiongo

    From: Joel Ngugi

    Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2007 11:45:05 AM
    Subject: Heretical Thoughts on Kenyan Politics
    Warning: This is a long contribution I recently made to Bushfire (the Alliance Alumni discussion forum). We have talked about these issues before. To my surprise, it was well received — so, perhaps, we are ready to move on in Kenya.

    Here are my heretical thoughts on Kenyan politics — written copiously as they flowed through my head as I thought about the season of politics in Kenya.

    1. Raila should be elected Kenya ‘s next President. My reasoning is pragmatically clear-eyed rather than romantic or idealistic. In my view, at the next General Elections, Kenyans should make their decision on the basis of three key issues I discuss below. Without trashing the Kibaki regime, and even while, in context, applauding its (limited) successes, it is possible to come to a reasoned conclusion that Kenyans should seriously think about giving Raila a chance to be President.

    a. To continue on, and accelerate the path of economic prosperity of the last 5 years. No doubt Kenya has prospered moderately under the Kibaki regime (I so advisedly recalling Victor Owuor’s constant but surely correct admonitions that we must distinguish economic success that is the result of the regime’s governance record, and that which has come in spite of the regime’s nonfeasance and malfeasance). Still, there are many economic governance decisions that have been made correctly, and they chiefly account for the economic growth. However, we can, and should do better. Some of the current regimes missteps in economic governance are legendary (Anglo-leasing; lack of strategic engagement with the international community on key issues important to Kenya’s economic interests (e.g. tea trade with German where Vietnam recently overtook Kenya as the biggest supplier of tea); lack of adequate provision on key infrastructural needs such as main arterial roads…. The list is endless. Point is, compared to Moi, Kibaki’s regime stands heads and shoulders above; but that is not enough. With another Kibaki presidency, we are unlikely to see much radical change in economic governance issues. However, with the key decisions – including institution building decisions – made under Kibaki, a new president stands a very likely chance of deepening the reforms; with, barring Idi Aminisque dictatorship (which is unlikely), little risk of defection. This is a case for a new president – with a pat on the back to the outgoing president for a job well (but not-excellently) done.

    b. The opportunity to construct an autochthonous institutional mechanism for sharing national wealth – across regions and classes – that will supplement without supplanting the on-going economic prosperity. Granted that we must continue and deepen the economic policies that have bequeathed to us the Kibaki economic prosperity, we must also guard against the likely validly righteous but deeply disruptive; democratically populist but ominously anti-economic politics that might discourage continued investment by both local and international investors. To do this, we must simultaneously encourage the on-going economic growth while putting in place effective mechanisms for sharing the prosperity. Here, I think Raila’s articulated social democratic ideology is useful. I do not mean to romanticize Raila by imagining that his political articulations will become policy on December 30th upon election. But I think political ideology matters. While Kibaki’s mainly neo-classical economic thinking will take care of the front-end of things (economic development brought by an enabling environment that rewards private initiative and incentives) as it has done for the past five years; Raila’s social democratic hues in his political ideology will take care of the back-end of things (social cooperation and cohesion brought about by redistribution and other mechanisms for managing social conflicts and reducing moral hazards).

    c. The possibility and promise of national healing of the deep wounds of tribal suspicions and prejudice that have been re-opened recently. The Kibaki presidency has, wittingly or unwittingly, deepened the ethnic cleavage in Kenyan politics. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend that we will become a nation by default. We must make political (and institutional) choices that will take us there. The next General Elections provides Kenyans with an opportunity to begin a post-tribal political discourse in Kenya . By post-tribal political discourse, I mean, not a politics where ethnic affiliation and tribal identity miraculously become extinct, but one where individuals can think across ethnic affiliations in a socially rational way that foregrounds the interests of the whole. Granted this may, at times, involve ethnic interests, but this should be but one of the factors that individuals take into consideration – others being class interests, regional (as opposed to strictly tribal) interests, national interests, moral values, etc. In such a dispensation, people make political decisions based on a complex matrix in which all these conflicting and competing interests are important but not necessarily decisive. The necessity of putting in place mechanisms for solving social and political conflicts in ways that imbue confidence to economic actors to invest in risky and long-term enterprises makes this task even more urgent. I suggest that a necessary first step to getting there is a Raila presidency. Because of Kenya ‘s unique tribal politics, President Raila will be a powerful symbol that we are in a new post-tribe era. This is not because I have purist thoughts of Raila as a saintly anti-tribal leader. Rather, it is because, if Raila is to be elected President, it will be (largely because of media representations) in spite of his tribe. This, in itself, would be a big first step.

    Secondly, and controversially, I think a Luo presidency will put to rest the idea that some Kenyans cannot be President because of their tribal affiliation.

    Thirdly, the notion that Luos have been mistreated in Kenya ‘s political history is real because it is deeply felt by many Luos in Nyanza. In my view, it would be difficult to move forward in building a unified nation unless and until we address this perception (which, as always, is the reality). A Raila presidency does that.

    Fourthly, as a pragmatic matter, a Raila presidency is likely to re-align political and economic forces – hence making tribe less of a factor in politics and economic governance. This is because, first, despite his socialist and progressive ethos, Raila is deeply capitalistic; a hard-core entrepreneur. He is therefore unlikely to destroy the economic base but is likely to forge class-based alliances across the political divide. Second, short of assuming draconian dictatorial powers, President Raila will not easily afford to be complacent: he will be facing well-heeled political opponents. Yet, these would be opponents who have a solid economic base and would not crumble easily due to the use of moderate state power against them. Lastly, President Raila will direct some much needed infrastructural finances towards Western Kenya and Nyanza. As Fred Ollows correctly pointed the other day, the Lake Basin is the least developed part of Kenya in terms of its potential. Imagine the increased prosperity of Kenya when that potential (including a savvy renegotiation of the Nile River Treaty) is unleashed.

    2. Kenya should find a way to deal with corruption on a firm going-forward basis. For me, controversially, t his means making a pragmatic decision to absolve past corruption from criminal persecution. In my view, the attempt to investigate past corruption for in our complex political situation merely encourages political strife and perpetuation of existing networks of patronage. Imagine Deputy Prime Minister Ruto defending the decision by President Raila to go against MP Murungaru in 2008 or, assuming Raila’s presidency in 2007, President Uhuru going against Minister Henry Kosgey in 2013 for economic crimes committed before 2002. I think a time has come for us as Kenyans to consider facing the trauma of corruption realistically. We will realize that as bad as the trauma was; we risk re-living it and compounding it if we don’t start preventive therapy to avoid it’s continued effects. We cannot do so if we create an incentive for those manning the institutions charged to fight it to sabotage to the task because their interests are obliquely implicated. Rather than remain obsessed about past corruption, we should be obsessed about designing institutions – both formal and informal – that make it extremely costly for future corruption to occur.

    Fundamentally, I agree that there is an urgent need to address the structures of corruption both within (and especially) outside the country. It is in the how where we may differ. After looking at the situation in Kenya, it seems to me that we stand a more realistic chance to address both structures if we drew a line in the sand on a forward-going basis. Here are my reasons.

    First, with the developments in international law (including the Convention against corruption and the various OECD Guidelines) it would be much easier and attainable from a political stand point for a new government to approach past enablers of corruption ( Canada, Switzerland, etc) asking for their prospective assistance to ensure no future corrupt funds are deposited in their stream of commerce. From a pragmatic point of view, such a stance does not instigate the culpability of these countries for past corruption and is therefore more likely to succeed. In my view, this was one of Kibaki’s worst failures: missing the chance to draw the line in the sand, and with the aid of righteous past enablers of that corruption put an end to present and future corruption. Without trying to wake up sleeping dogs, I would suggest that this was the strategy in the independence struggle. I do not claim that it went stupendously well — but at least we got independence.

    Second, to a large extent, only two ways have proven effective in world history in dealing with past atrocities: Truth and Reconciliation or “illiberal” sanctioning. By “illiberal” sanctioning (a term used by Ruti Treitel in her book on Transitional Justice), I mean tactics which, in context, do not conform to the newly-established “rule of law” as a way of dealing with the past. This is often necessary because it is realized that the just overturned regime retains an ability to subvert the new democratic system.

    The repertoire for transitional justice basically contains three “illiberal” tactics:
    One, a very activist judiciary that is imbued with a strong sense of human rights ethos.

    Two, a “militant democracy” – the attempt to guard from within against subversion of the new democratic system by its old or new enemies including the use of “authoritarian” means — for example in the suppression of a genocidal, anti-democratic party such as the Nazi Party shortly after WW2.

    Three, the process of “lustration” (Treitel’s term) – the administrative practice of investigating, publicizing, humiliating, and purging from public employment those individuals with ties to the former regime — as used in Czechoslovakia and Germany.

    None of these “illiberal” tactics would seem ideal for Kenya. Our judiciary is not primed for the task (there is pervasive lack of trust in our judicial institutions, and there is little promise that the judiciary will pursue pragmatic transitional jurisprudence e.g. on corruption cases) while, because of the incomplete transition (no matter who gets into power — whether Kibaki or Raila) these two more “militant” tactics would likely lead to civil strife or the postponement of the moment of reckoning (as happened with Kibaki). The more we defer the definitive decision on the matter, the harder it would be to get a complete transition.

    It seems therefore that the better course of action would be to presently put in place institutions which will unwittingly turn the robber baron into the vanguard against corruption.

    Don’t get me wrong: even as I write this with my pragmatic right hand, my deontological left hand is wincing in sheer disgust at the prospect of some of these fellows getting off the hook. But sometimes it is virtuous to “cut and walk.”

    Joel M. Ngugi
    Assistant Professor of Law
    University of Washington School of Law

  60. solomon says:

    Sam Faulu,

    Correction please: Excellent artical but the writer is not Prof Ngugi Thiong’o but another great Kenyan in the diaspora.

    In fact Ngugi Thiong’o is in PNU.

  61. tnk says:


    the article by Ngugi is insightful. Although the paragraphs under item 1 are a valiant effort to win over the tribal sycophants and diffusing the ethnic chauvinism. It however does very little to identify with the force behind ODM movement for change and almost gives the impression that those against Raila due to tribal affiliation should hand over the presidency on plate. This first portion is subtly patronising and condescending. Fact is Kenyans want change, whereas status quo advocates do not and they hoped to play the tribal card, it appeared to work for a while, then reality hit in, poverty, insecurity, plus all those other issues addressed by ODM do not care about tribe and impact wananchi in exactly the same way. Those internally displaced persons, the wounded and dead in Kuresoi and others were once all neighbours (from different parts living and struggling together) it is unclear at which point they suddenly became tribal.

    I however agree with the pertinent issues which are ODMs agenda of change without the tribal envelope but of course Ngugi is entitled to the opinion and perspective. I’m not sure he is the same Ngugi Wa Thiongo who recently declared support for Kibaki, if he is the one, then he’s preaching water and drinking wine. No offence intended to Ngugi (or you Sam) but anyone using tribal reasoning against or as in this case for ODM is not capturing the spirit of ODM movement which is not about tribe, but its about the issues (some of which are interspersed in the note) negatively impacting Kenyans.

  62. faith says:


    Thanks for your article and we do mean serious business this time we need visionary leaders who will take us to the next level of development imagine it doesn’t matter if Kibaki invest more in Central and leave say NEP undeveloped because when the people of NEP start dying of hunger it is the same money from all kenyans irrespective of tribe that will go to feed those people so we need a leader who will once and for all deal with these ills and take us to the path of development.Did you know guys that it doesn’t matter where you come from be it Othaya, Bondo, Nakuru, Nairobi, Bungoma e.t.c if you go to a supermarket the price of milk and bread is the same i haven’t seen a supermarket in Central that sells bread at 10 bob different from say kisumu that is sold at 30 bob so Kenyans if we have inflation it affects all of us as Kenyans not one tribe or the other so this nonsense of “let us protect one of our own” and yet we are struggling with life like any other Kenyan is a disgusting let us all kick out this govt. and bring real meaningful change to all

  63. Mike says:

    Many people are asking whether the power point plan for each region could be made availabe either in the dailies, radio, in the TV, or the candidates to distribute them as they campaign door to door.

    The 100 day progress report card is also being waited for eargely because many want substance. Am in Kamkunji and we dont see the candidates driving the agenda home .

  64. you guys are doing a very nice job but i would like to ask you to collect our comments to answer our criticks collectively because here down we have very nice facts to counter all the propagandas shooted towards raila.




  65. Odieno says:

    Matters heavy:

    ODM is the embodiment of Nationalism – the faith and belief in each and every Kenyan. Just look at PUNU na hio machungwa ingine – scrutinise their candidates for Nairobi. In cosmopolitan Nrb, PUNU has only one exception – Lifondo. Machungwa has 2 (poor fellows!). ODM? All inclusive – Ladies, Youth, Men. Tribe – very inclusive!!

  66. mumias says:

    I note the ODM manifesto is now available. Let us assimilate its information and actively inform people of the ODM plan for government. I’m in the process of reading it.

  67. Olayo says:

    Good job! WE have to keep working and praying that all goes well. I am also looking forward to the Central Province paln; I have no doubt in my mind that Raila will deliver.

  68. edduking says:

    It has been revealed that MK has refused to appear on TV that was being organized by CMPD. Would RAO and Pentagon pressurize him on their campaign to agree to the debate? They should emphasize on the need for MK to come clean on accusations about anglofleesing, Artur, goldenberg report, Ouko report, and even dishing goodies during campaigns without any policies. The Pentagon should make MK appear as a person afraid to face Kenyans. ODM JUU!

  69. tnk says:


    good catch, keep us posted. also remember its on record that PNU strategists came up with the idea that its ok for ministers to be sacrifices and be portrayed as the ones with problems but Kibaki to be seen as clean.

    as usual PNU strategy completely baffles me. This arrangement acknowledges and is a blatant admission that there is a stink in the PNU run govt house. And if cabinet ministers are willing to be “sacrificed” as they put it then the stink is of extremley large proportion becoz cabinet is second only to the big man himself and this is certainly worth investigating. It is therefore (exactly like Matere admitted with dishonoring the MOU) true to say that Kibaki has not measured up to expectations and so now its time for fall-guys to cushion the reality. Too Late.

    I think the PNU strategists need to be paid a little more from their campaign kitty. They are hopelessly running around in circles.

    I like the “come clean on accusations”. He may attempt to save face by appearing in PNU leaning vernacular stations, keep us posted if he does.

    If there are any real and genuine friends of Kibaki in PNU, he really should be advised that stepping down, will super boost his status and elevate him completely out of current quagmire. Defeat in polls will completely trash all that he has ever achieved (no matter how little or significant).

  70. kip says:

    This election was won in November 2005. That period after which kibaki should have called a truce among Kenya’s political viceroys. Now, Kip is not a superstitious man….But he has this in-born talent of sniffing out things from a million miles away. And this instinct has never failed him. like millions of other Kenyans I Scantly knew what was in store for Kibaki.

  71. faddie says:

    pliz my dear ODMers,don’t walk around with your ID AND VOTERS CARDS in your wallets.
    i’ve got information that muggers these days don’t necessarily ask for money.they ngeta(mug)you but instead of asking for money,they search for your ID AND VOTERS’ guys,be warned.
    KEEP THE VOTERS’ CARDS AT HOME UNTIL 27TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Yego says:

    I just met a few friend of mine here in the middle east who will be coming home to vote but still they are undecided and the reason for this is because they wanna know just one thing from Agwambo.The question they are asking is “who will be our main economic partners in kenya? is it Asia or Europe?” Agwambo please answer this question coz we as kenya in diaspora are pro -west, and we are against Asians dominating our countrie’s economy.Hope kenyans know them very well ranging from Bhai to Chin-ching jow koh.We really dont want them and we could rather remain poor than chinese and indians dominating us in our home country.

  73. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The major concern that I hear is how to educate voters – older folks and illiterate voters – to cast their votes for their candidate, Raila Odinga and ODM parliamentary candidate.

    During the referendum, it was easy choosing Orange instead of Banana. Now in the December 27 general elections, there will be so many parliamentary candidates in a constituency and there will be a lot of confusion to voters. Educate voters to enter the election booth and demand Raila for President. Voter educators should educate Kalnejin voters to use Raila and not Arap Mibey since the latter name does not appear on the list of candidates.


    There is also the issue of ODM and ODM-K. Kalonzo is praying for a miracle that many voters will confuse ODM and ODM-K and cast their votes for One Orange-and-a-Half instead (confused by the slogan Chungwa Moja) instead of One Orange.

    Otherwise, things look good for ODM on the ground. Raila needs to personally campaign for Franklin Bett (who I believe may be having some difficulty) and ask the people that he needs a majority in parliament to transact business for the people of Kenya.

    Kibaki visited Kipsigis land and at Tiiriita Ab Moita near Sotik, Mzee Kibaki was overcome by fatigue and dozed off only to be awakened by his aides to ask for votes. He had a tight but fruitless schedule throughout Kipsigis land where every gain he made was negated by John Michuki’s men in Kuresoi of Molo district.

    The Kipsigis voters, after seeing how desperate Mzee Kibaki needs a rest, decided to make sure that Mzee Kibaki proceeds on his retirement on December 27, 2007 without fail.

    Looking beyond December 27, 2007, It is time to ask Arap Mibey for some new year’s gifts to Kenyans. His government has to hit the ground running and he needs a core of seasoned personnel who have not only proven their proficiency but also their selfless service to Kenya.

    As an outside observer, it is my desire and wish if Arap Mibey considers the following in drawing up his new administration:

    1. GIVEN: Nominated MP: Musa Sirma. He has made a siginificant contribution and should not be left out of parliament.

    2. GIVEN: Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet : John Githongo. This man has earned it. He is selfless and has risked his life for Kenya. He will contribute the most by overseeing the entire civil service rather than one ministry

    3. GIVEN: Nominated MP and Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs: Professor Yash Ghai Pal. Raila has, in the past, announced that he will abolish the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

    I ask him not to abolish it right away but to do so after it has completed its business of giving Kenyans a new constitution and carrying out the necessary judicial reforms to move Kenya into a modern country governed by a genuine rule of law. Prof. Ghai is the right man for this. Moi vilified him. Kibaki and Murungi vilified him. Despite attacks on his person, Prof. Ghai served Kenyans with distinction.

    4. GIVEN: Chief Justice: Justice Bosire. He is courageous, fair, strict, team player, and truly believes in the rule of law. The right man to replace the sleepy and generally-dormant Gicheru.

    5. GIVEN: Police Commissioner: Major General Ali Hussein. The worst could have happened to Kenya and Kenyans (what with Minister, Assistant Minister, Permanent Secretary, Chief of CID, Director of NSIS, 80% of District Commissioners, 50% of Provincial Commssioners, and over 70% of OCPDs all coming from the Mount Kenya Region (North and South GEMA and a galore of mercenaries) if this courageous man was not at the helm of the police force.

  74. edduking says:

    Hi Maru,
    I agree with you on voter Education. ODM can get some young men and women and send them to villages to visit the locals.Their campaigns should also include speakers who can well explain to the odience how to mark the ballot papers,emphasizing on the ODM chungwa, Raila’s name and pic, and on three piece voting.

  75. jamal says:


    Is it possible to arrange the very long list of contributions in page form? as in page 1, 2, 3,4 etcs…..its getting too long, and quite exhaustive especially for some of us who browse from mobile phones….

    Otherwise i give it all guys for maintaining decorum….I do hope these are the tell-tale signs of a new kenya, post 27th dec.

    (no more mavi ya kuku, bure kabisa, kubaf!!…..)


    maisha ni bora already!! man, do i love orange!!

  76. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    Did anyone see that clip where Uncle Moody was urging MK to ‘give mawaidha’ to the crowd at KK stage lodge last week? the crowd composed of 5 people from every polling station in western included and I mean INCLUDED designated polling clerks in those regions…District Officers, from whose offices the clerks are recruited in Western Province, were specifically detailed to arrange logistics to ensure they formed part of Leaders from Western that went to ‘greet’ the president.

    I have some details I can’t specifically air here for obvious reasons but I needed to pass them over to Pentagon members Ruto or Balala. Meanwhile, i’ll continue to gather facts. I can also be reached throgh my organization Vijana Tuishi. Email me for details.

    Mudekhere O.Silas

  77. sam juma says:

    I couldnt agree with you more. We need a ” SAMPLE VOTE” to educate the masses. This should be done ASAP, and all ODM adverts should end with a close up of someone actually voting for Raila. The Pentagon should also allow volunteers to show wanainchi what to do once inside the voting boothe. This impromptu class can be accomodated at all political Rallies.
    Nothing should be left to chance.
    On the formation of his Cabinet once in office, I hope that he does not fall pray to a big GOVT sydrome. 16 Ministries will do, that is 16 Ministers and 16 assistants and he should unite the country by picking ODM MPs . 2 Ministers & 2 Assistants from each Province.
    That would be so Unlike Kibaki .
    The temptation to reward all who have contributed will be overwhelming but if he consults widely with all before making the appointments am sure feelings would be tamed and the right thing for the Country would Prevail.

  78. Otsiatso says:

    Great suggestion about voter education about sample ballot. Agent4change are you listening. Every market place there should have a big poster / sign with a picture of ballot and a check in the ODM box.

    Also, agent4change use volunteers, seems like ther many university students who will be holiday who can do this very well.

    As for confuisng the two oranges – I actually think ODM will benefit more than ODM-K. The referendum had only one orange, so someone who goes into the box and is faced with another funny looking orange ismore apt to err on the cautious side and check the box as they did last time than check a newconfusing symbol. Human beings are animals of habit. To that end ODM-K should worry about their illiterate voters who will rememebr how it was last time.

    Nevertheless, we should still educate our voters

  79. Otsiatso says:

    [Edited this time]
    Great suggestion about voter education on sample ballot. Agent4change are you listening. Every market place should have a big poster / sign with a picture of ballot and a check in the ODM box.

    Also, agent4change use volunteers, seems like there are many university students who will be on holiday who can do this very well.

    As for confusing the two oranges – I actually think ODM will benefit more than ODM-K. The referendum had only one orange, so someone who goes into the box and is faced with another funny looking orange is more apt to err on the cautious side and check the box as they did last time than check a new confusing symbol. Human beings are animals of habit. To that end ODM-K should worry about their illiterate voters who will rememebr how it was last time.

    Nevertheless, we should still educate our voters

  80. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The ODM government when it takes over on December 30, 2007:

    1. Must not accept hand-over from John Michuki and his PS. What are they handing over? Deaths? Death Squads? During the referendum, four Kenyans were killed by police in Kisumu and three in Likoni on instructions from …. Many Kenyans have lost their lives and continue to lose their lives in Mt. Elgon and Kuresoi. Mungiki suspects were executed in Ngong Forest. A number of Kenyans have been beheaded by Mungiki. What new Minsiter will want to inherit such a record.

    2. ODM’s new Minister of Provincial Administration and Internal Security should start with a clean plate – new office and new records. Michuki’s office and furniture and papers should be destroyed.

    3. Michuki can keep his records of his mercenaries. Better still, all of Michuki’s files should be destroyed.

  81. pabokenya says:

    odm is the medicine God ordered for kenya on 28th, pliz ODMers we here in diaspora would really preffer to be updated on whats going on, on the ground, ;lets stick to the point and make ODM blog a global village

  82. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    ODM bloggers i salute you all for superb contributions.
    I reside in SOUTH C ESTATE not far from KENYA WATER INSTITUTE – (my voting joint on 27/12/2007), which is in Langata under Nairobi West Ward.

    I do not know the aspiring area Councillor on ODM ticket. Given that our MP is also the PRESIDENTIAL candidate, i expected this chap to comb the entire estate with his campaign team especially on week ends when we are at home. Many of my neighbors support the party but they also want to be part of the drama which characterises campaigns.

    I appeal to the Secretariat to organise and comb all parts of Langata. Can somebody come for our votes. They are many.

    It should have occured to us that the people who dont turn out to vote are those who live in those rather secluded areas not because they dont like to vote, but bçoz no one ever bothers to go for them. This time we want to vote but i want to remind those councillors that they are doing a disservice to Raila.
    Cheers guyz.

  83. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    Pastor Margaret Wanjiru ( ODM STAREHE) in whose constituency the CITY CENTRE falls need to bombard us with evening campaigns. I usually leave town past 8pm but all i hear are those loud speakers of pnu. Can some one remind Maggy that the Glory is out here. we want to go home happy every evening that the foot soldiers are actually in charge.

    I was in EMBAKASI on Sunday Evening and was impressed of the kind of damage the Safari Ants are causing to the serpent. Keep it up. In DAGORETTI, KJ is doing his thing just right. We expect a major turn around in that part of the City.

    Can somebody update us from KASARANI and MAKADARA, WESTLANDS?

  84. wiliams says:

    Barnabas please note that Odmers like you are the foot soldiers and are the ones to take charge of the ODM campains. the Secretariat is busy organising campains for the whole country. this politics of waiting for someone to come for you is what have messed up this country. someone will come for you with money and you sell your vote. PLEASE MAN, TAKE CHARGE. PLAY YOUR PART IN THIS BY FILLING THE GAP THAT YOU HAVE NOTICED. thats what we call THE ODM SPIRIT

  85. solomon says:

    Someone told me there might be external hand in Nyanza and Western provinces violence to create voter apathy.

    ODM leaders need to make noise about this.

  86. MORRIS OCHIENG says:

    Thanks guys. Let us all continue making things thicker and thicker for these PANUA chaps. I think this spirit should continue even after the the elections.
    I’m happy someone has mentioned that CITY HOPPA menace. Just today in the office I was discussing the same topic with some PANUA jamaz. I was amazed how they could not even talk a thing when I told them that’s how their man is looking for votes.
    About the merchandises, PNU has the money. ODMers have the POWER in their votes. Those guys (PNU) will do anything to intimidate us including painting the city Blue. Let me encourage you guys
    (ODMers): do not be shaken, they have the money, we have the numbers. Let us prove to them on 27th Dec that it is GOD who chooses the leader, not their MONEY.

    Lastly, let us remind each other every now and then to VOTE en mass. That is our only tool

  87. Ibraheem says:

    why is my comment not appearing…

  88. peter makori says:

    some candidates in Nyanza who defected to Narc (read rich former MPs) after losing the nominations are really giving ODM candidates hell of time, esp in Nyando, Gem, Ugenya and Kisumu town.

    what is the best way forward?

  89. Phil says:

    Thank you for this thread Blog Admin.

    One important voting block that you guys are assuming is ‘in the pocket’ is Luo Nyanza.

    Having spent the last one week touring Ugenya and Rarieda, I can tell you for a fact hat unless the pentagon takes its campaigns on the ground in these areas, James Orengo and Dr. Gumbe are facing a very embarassing parliamentary defeats at the hands of Steve Mwanga in Ugenya and Raphael Tuju in Rarieda.

    In Ugenya, I fail to understand why this highly popular young man known as Steve Mwanga has been let loose in Ugenya. In all honesty, his three year development record is far beyond what the likes of Orengo and Ondiek have done in 30 years. To make matters worse, Mwanga is ‘blessed’ with an bottomless source of cash, and ti appears local ODM officials have got no counter campaign strategy to beat this. This Mwanga man is only 32 years old and although we alll have our doubts about the sustainability of his development projects, most of the villagers (youth, women) are convinced he is the man to take to parliament. My own opinion is that the pentagon eeds to take Mwanga to one-side and ask him to support Orengo because in his age and experience, he will serve ODM better outside parliament rather than inside it. This is a serious issue that might require the ODM pentagone to pitch camp in Ugenya for day or more, otherwise that seat is as good as a gone (and what makes me sick is that he is winning on a KADDU ticket!)

    The story is Rarieda is not any different. Tuju’s ‘development’ record is something all villagers in Rarieda are extremely proud of. In as much as they appreciate that they are required to support Raila’s candidature for president, they feel they are not obliged to vote for Dr. Gumbe and reject their own Tuju. This is an area where the ODM needs to visit and sell the importance of having an ODM MP otherwise, Dr. Gumbe, on his own, stands no chance in going to parliament against Raphael Tuju.

    The moral of this story is that the ODM pentagon has avoided campaigning in Luo Nyanza under the pretext that the voters of Luo Nyanza have granted permission to Raila to seek votes elsewhere. What Nonsense. If you guys dont believe me, the wait for results on 28th December and you will realise for the first time that we have PNU, KADDU, ODM-K and KANU MPs in Luo Nyanza. And that will be repeated in the civic polls too because, most people at the grassroot are against the proposed 3-piece voting system.

    Please ask the pentagon to do something AS A MATTER OF URGENCY!

  90. kip says:

    phil quick question

    why do you want luo nyanza not to execise their democratic right to choose whoever they want? I Personally support tuju . he is said to have a good job …

    if that mwanga guy has done more in 3 years for ugenya THAN orengo and ondiek did for ugenya in 30 years .. So be it let him be voted.” if you ask me.. orengo is overatted ….

  91. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Can somebody confirm if this is true?

    From: Oscar R. Juma
    Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 3:43 PM
    To: Paul Ogunde; Charles O. Okore; Wesley Kirui
    Cc: Oscar R. Juma; Dorcas Kenyeru; Denis Ndege; David Kitao; Zacharia Mutai; Maurice Kipmurgor Kibet
    Subject: ALERT!!!

    Tension is high in ODM Kenya as Kalonzo Musyoka has agreed to cross to PNU on 22 Dec. after getting Ksh. 10 billion and accepting the much coveted VP’s post.

    Subject: FW: Mt. Kenya politicians plan a power grab in secret meetings

    Kenya politicians plan a power grab in secret meetings

    A State House source has revealed President Mwai Kibaki and several leading Central Province politicians including Defense Minister Njenga Karume, Internal Security Minister John Michuki and Uhuru Kenyatta have been meeting regularly at State House to make plans to ensure Kibaki retains power and hands over to Uhuru Kenyatta in 2012.

    The Central Province politicians have decided to use any means necessary, including rigging of voters to ensure the House of Mumbi retains power for many years to come. The methods of rigging include giving 16 and 17 year-olds in PNU strongholds ID and voters’ cards, instigating violence in opposition strongholds, providing less voting stations in opposition areas, using the media, Internet and clergy to discredit the opposition especially ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

    To ensure Kenyatta becomes president in 2012, the group agreed to strengthen KANU at the expense of other parties in PNU. The biggest casualty in the move is Narc-Kenya, which draws members from several regions. In the plan, KANU was allowed to field its own candidates throughout the country, while others have been forced to seek joint nomination under PNU increasing the chances of KANU becoming the dominant partner in PNU. The move, the groups say, would also weaken FORD-Kenya and FORD-People and make them dependent on KANU and an amorphous PNU secretariat.

    The group will also use the vice president’s position to woo support from other regions. Discussing the issue, the leaders dismissed the position as irrelevant. They made fun of Vice President Moody Awori describing him as Kibaki’s Kanda Ya Muoko (KYM), a Kikuyu phrase, which means Awori was just an irrelevant spanner boy.

    In one of the meetings, an unnamed minister made fun of those gunning for vice presidency under PNU describing them as dogs waiting for bones under the dinner table.The group advised Kibaki to retain Moody Awori as VP because he was “harmless,” but pretend to be considering Ford-Kenya Boss Musikari Kombo and former MP Kipruto Kirwa to woo support from Rift Valley and Western Provinces.

    The minister said to gain the RV and Western Province support; they must pretend their sons will inherit the presidency in 2012. But after elections, they’ll throw their weight behind Kenyatta and start early in popularizing his image as the best person to succeed Kibaki.

    One minister described Kombo as a man who behaves like a house servant and a shamba boy who cannot lead. Kombo was mocked as man who cannot even carry his own region and reduced to begging the president for handouts.

    Kirwa was described as too independent-minded and cannot be trusted to serve Kibaki without question like Awori. The group said it would be easier to switch Awori with Kenyatta than Kirwa with Kenyatta because Awori is too old. But the group agreed to keep Kirwa close for the campaigns but handle him with extreme caution.

    On Moi our source revealed an elaborate scheme was used to blackmail the former president into supporting Kibaki’s re-election bid. They said Moi faced the choice of living the indignity of poverty for the rest of his life if he decided not to support Kibaki or support Kibaki and be allowed to keep billions of shillings he looted from the Kenyan treasury.

    After several meetings, Moi chose to support Kibaki and concentrate his campaigns in Rift Valley.

    “What is written without effort is, in general, read without pleasure.”
    – Samuel Johnson
    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail. e-mail (and any attachments) is confidential and may contain personal views which are not the views of the BBC unless specifically stated.If you have received it in error, please delete it from your system.Do not use, copy or disclose the information in any way nor act in reliance on it and notify the sender immediately.Please note that the BBC monitors e-mails sent or received.Further communication will signify your consent to this.

    The information in this email and any attachments is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended only for the use of the named addressee.

    Emails are susceptible to alteration and their integrity cannot be guaranteed. Safaricom Limited does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of this email if the same is found to have been altered or manipulated.

    The contents and opinions expressed in this email are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Safaricom Limited. Safaricom Limited disclaims any liability to the fullest extent permissible by law for any consequences that may arise from the contents of this email including but not limited to personal opinions, malicious and/or defamatory information and data/codes that may compromise or damage the integrity of the recipient’s information technology systems.

    If you are not the intended recipient please notify the sender and immediately delete this email from your system.

  92. Kenya I want says:

    We need to rise all of us and i think we are not alone in this i know people who have the intrest of the country at heart are h\going to vote for Raila lets all spread his vision arund and help him and the country. We are for Raila since we know he can lead us there. People lets spread peace and let’s now try abusive languages and be proud but to Help this country to change lets pray and be or rather stay vigile on any rigging and let me tell you people Raila has a following even from the president province so we should all preach peace and let’s keep the fire burning until 27 and after

  93. Mike says:


    Safaricom IPO to commence on 24th Dec 2007 Monday. Will it affect the voters or not? Whats Raila position on this. He should handle it with care lest it blow up against him.
    Nakuru Town Brawan could be headed for a defeat if something is not done

    Bado Mapambano

  94. Linet says:

    You need strong candidates, also people who can work at the national level. If you ask me Nyanza and other places might end up with worse MP’s than what they have had . I think we need the likes of Orengo back to the national limelight, but he needs to ensure he gives service to Ugenya- during his tenure as MP there was no CDF. What Mwanga is doing is small things here and there and one can rightly ask where does the money come from. I think ODM needs to help in Ugenya campaigns.
    Again people say Tuju presents a very humble picture back in the village but his arrogance at the national level has often tubbed many the wrong way- I would hate the gloating of Panua stalwarts and who says Dr Gumbe cant deliver. I think Tuju is overated by the Media especially NMG etc.
    Remember in Nyanza clanism is playing a huge role and it does not necessarily have anything to do with performance per se!

  95. kip says:

    strong candidates should not come at the expense of democracy… we can other strong candidates from other parts of kenya. there is absolutely nothing that shows that orengo should be that strong candidate. remember ODM is national party.? not a nyanza party?

    abou tuju .lets be honest people if tuju has done stuff for his people let him be! if he slept with the”enemy ” to achieve that. let him be after all raila our captain said frogs cannot stop cows from drinking the water.

    tuju is good people. many a man makes mistakes but .. lets not throw stones yet we live in a glass house.

  96. kip says:


    My Honest opinion is we should NOT celebrate a firefly on the wall thinking it’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I would also NOT wish to dismiss a light at the end of the tunnel as a firefly in the cave…. I will wait for ODM to Prove me wrong and then do a postmortem analysis. I would like to offer my self assessment as being a perennial optimist; It has caused me some grief, but plenty of joy.

    this is how i raitonalize all this stuff…

  97. mumias says:

    As I have said before these guys are desperate to retain power, so this should not surprise us. 1. However, it is highly unlikely that they will give 16yr olds ID cards to vote. The reason is if they haven’t done it yet, then they have missed the boat as ECK chairman has said any results that appear to show>100% of registered voters will be cancelled and in light of the fact that ECK chairman wants to secure his legacy he will not stick to his guns instead of ruining his credibility. Remember he has nothing to gain from either side winning as he is retiring after the elections.
    2. Kalonzo moving over has always been on the cards, I believe he was really caught with his shorts down by the RO political lesson early on with the ODM certificate and left him holding a dead baby. He knows he is not winning and is open to negotiations and using his tribesmen as a political bargaining tool. He will accept nothing less than VP and will see this as the perfect launch pad to a serious challenge in 2012.
    Now lets examine the dynamics of his “defection”
    The 2002 MOU is still fresh in people’s minds, and thus they will demand a verbal agreement to be made public, as nobody will trust Kibaki this time. If MK is desperate enough to agree , PNU as we know it will implode to the core. Remember people like Saitoti, Kombo are banking on MK’s support in 2012 for having stuck with him through the crisis of LDP and referendum, and with already Uhuru in the picture, the tension is mounting.
    The result of this would be that Kalonzo’s Kamba votes will be more than offset by the rest of Ford Kenya’s western who will reason that MK has once again betrayed them and consequently rally behind Mudavadi and RO.
    3. The neutrals who have rallied behind Musyoka will feel betrayed as he has now moved to support the very government which he has campaigned against. They will question why he will serve the people he has been accusing of neglect, corruption and tribal led development. He will lose a lot of support of people away from his Kamba backyard.

    I personally welcome Kalonzo’s move which I had already factored in, he will merely be moving the goal post further away from his dream of becoming Kenyan president by becoming embroiled in a dog fight for leadership in 2012. If I were him, I would fight the election and rebuild for the next 5 years by keeping a very close tab on any slips ODM might have and position himself for 2012, he is still very young.

  98. Linet says:

    I know democracy needs to prevail, but how can ODM achieve its agenda( post election) if we start off by loosing seats which we could have done something about. My opinion is RAO needed to pitch for ODM aspirants .

  99. kip says:

    linet. I disagree.. BUT this is not the time to Debate that lets agree to disagree. for now ..LETS get arap Mibei in office first…!!! that what I breath dream eat live for everyday!!!


  100. Mike says:

    Real democracy must start in Luo Nyanza for it to spread to other parts where people vote parties. Let the people choose MPS who will not be an excess baggage on Raila.

    We dont want sychophants and that NARC’s major undoing because some ministers, etc are the ones who have cost Kibaki this far?.

    This also presents an opportunity for huge voter turnout because that the problem in Nyanza. However we need to tread carefully because i see it as a thorn when we form the government.

    The message on the ground is that people dont want to hear apologies and excuses why we performed like this or that come 29th.

  101. paulo ragen says:


    We all know that for the radical reforms proposed by ODM to be successful we need a strong legislative agenda which cannot be carried out unless ODM can marshal an overwhelming majority in parliament. It is for this reason alone that I would urge members to vote 3-piece to avoid a scenario where instead of driving our agenda we will be fire-fighting internal fires. It doesnt matter what individual people are doing but Kenya is a party democracy where MPs are supposed to drive the agenda of their respective parties. Help Raila by voting in ODM MPs only!

  102. faddie says:

    guyz,i need to share something with you.
    i happen to have a friend who is very close to the establishment.actually,he is a VERY VERY VERY close ralative of Francis Muthaura.and i mean very close.
    we were talking about this issue of kibaki smelling defeat and what he told me shocked me.
    this guy happens to be privy to the way the PNU guyz are organizing things and actually i tend to believe he could be in the thick of it.anyway,i was abit surprised by how confident he seemed to be regarding the results of these elections.
    first of all,he admitted to me that things are not going on that well at the PNU secretariat.
    they have already started the blame game like they did during the referendum.
    wakina muthaura he told me are blaming the PNU secretariat for letting kibaki down.the reason being that PNU aspirants have been given resources but instead of helping kibaki,they are using them for their own compaigns thus leaving the old mzee to do it alone.
    however,there is something else that he told me vaguely and i think he never realised i picked clues from it.
    he said that they have realised things are bad for them but they aren’t going to lose this election.
    he hinted that the stakes are so high that they can’t let kibaki lose and so,
    he again told me that they are not worried about kibaki.their only worry is that kibaki will win but he wouldn’t have enough numbers to help him run the government.
    guyz idon’t know if i’m overreacting but i just wanted to share this information so that we put our antennaes on overdrive.
    REMEMBER ODMers,WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. amosogal says:

    A friend of Mine is just from Ugenya right now. He tells me that the ground is so bad for Orengo that the pentagon team is urgently needed there. He was also Orengo supporter, but i managed to convince him, since we work with him in Siaya. The good news is that alot of people are really trying to convince people to vote for Orengo as long as we dont know the source of Mwanga funds. Rarienda is fine, people should not worry, Engeneer is going through alhough Tuju has engaged a new gear by “ENDORSING” Raila, he even tells to that as the PNU pointman in the region, he is not campaining for PNU. Although this may be his strategy, but it may earn him some vote following his development record. Anybody with connection to the secretariat, pls let them know of Ugenya situation. We need the seat, Orengo is one of the guys needed for us to give Kenyans a new constitution in Six months!!!!!

  104. ismail says:

    I totally agree with amosogal!

    Orengo can get the constituition….for that, we will thank ugenya people for life. vote ODM.

    Pentagon, pliz, pliz we need orengo on board.

  105. edduking says:

    Please make this blog be available on RSS Feed or work on the suggested paging. Some of us are really finding it difficult to contribute due to the length of the blog.

  106. ismail says:


    If i were u, i will not lose sleep on their strategies. look around you, and see how PNU imesamambaratika….taib/nyachae/mwakwere/dzoro/tuju/mungatana/kiraitu/mwiraria et al…..gone kabisa. That speaks loud and clear. I guess it has dawned them. Mzee ameachiwa his family to campaign for him….even winnie – that mamluki lover – has joined the fray. that speaks on how ‘confident’ they are.

    It is my take that next week’s guttr press will start speaking on the panic in PNU. buy citizen. they got stuff. (though i do not agree at all with their insistence that Balala is facing an uphill task against taib. there is no contst there, belive you me)

    They speak of rigging…(i think they call it chochoro…), but i doubt it. Yego and RIS got our backs, and am sure all’s well with the top seat.

    my most worry is on losing seats which we would have them had it not been for nomination fiasco. Makadara, Ugenya, and maybe Kamukunji due to the defection of the actual winner to ODM-K.

    Being ODm, i think we got to bag the most seats and end all this rubbish about coalition politics. we aim for the highest, the best, and the most, since the huge task ahead of radical transformation of the country will require total focus and a huge mandate.

    Other than that….lt’s insist on the turn out. it is the key to victory.

  107. tnk says:

    excellent points ismail.

    but on rigging, i agree with faddie, this is one really huge hurdle that we cannot underestimate.

    keep in mind the possibility of Kalonzo in PNU is still quite real. This will not necessarily add numbers to kibaki but gives additional confort room to perfect the rigging, so stay alert. I think ODM’s message in Eastern should be that SKM has always agreed that Kibaki has let Kenyans down, so if he changes this position, let the people decide.

  108. tnk says:

    its a very sad state the Ugenya, Makadara and Kamukunji seats. For Ugenya I think the electorate is sending a message. Even if Mwanga is a suspect PNU mole, he was able to wedge in right under Orengo’s nose implying that Orengo is not close to the ground (grassroots). Yes we need Orengo, but this election is about grassroots up so Orengo needs to do door to door to win back the votes, and if he can also show that Mwanga has been planted then so be it. I have been a very keen fan of Orengo and his representation of reformists and I know that he is needed in an ODM govt, so he should do like everyone else and fight to get his place.

  109. ismail says:

    there was a lady who was pardoned by kibaki after she plundered AIDS funds some years back. I can’t remember her name, and the funny thing is I am not hearing about her either.

    she should be rigt up there with akina Murungaru and etcs… the very least, it will send some waves in the NGO world that corruption in their quarters shall no longer be entertained….

    just my 2 cents

  110. Duncan says:

    odmers,i am a happy orange.I have the opportunity to say i am participating in putting my point across and having people listen.
    i am happy because for once in my short history i am seeing my countrymen and women wake up to confront an impending disaster.
    I am happy because finally Raila Odinga’s spirit of fighting for what is right has rubbed of on 70 percent of the population.
    i am happy and grateful because i finally understand what it would have meant if Raila had not walked out on Moi in 2002 and also on Kibaki afterwards.
    i am happy because for once the country will accept a leader based on his ability to lead.
    I am happy because finally there is a man who sees the bigger picture leading the nation.
    i am happy because I feel that my children shall not have to endure the kind of life that the earlier generation has had to go through.
    i intend to maintain my newfound happiness by actively participating in the change that we are witnessing and I know that you are all doing the same in your many capacities.
    Do not let up now for the enemy is watching,waiting for the chance to pounce and devour our newfound hope.
    If the hope I see on the ground is anything to go by then tooth and nail,we shall fight.
    myonge ana haki!!!!!!

  111. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    I have a few comments to make….firstly, PNU is confident and determined to RIG these elections. The point I made yesterday, on the presidential visit to KK last week about polling clerks being used to rig the elections IS REAL, but it seems no one is paying attention.I was a presiding officer in Budalangi in 1997 and can assure you it is so easy to rig elections on the polling day by with the aid of clerks!!! They can give you a deliberately spoiled or marked ballot paper with so much ease….that would be in opposition strongholds. In PNU strongholds, unrepresented voters can be voted on behalf of because of the ‘assists’ rule. The so called ‘assitants’ can also vote for absentees! brothers and sisters, this fear is REAL! PNU has earmarked at least 5 polling clerks in every polling station in Western Kenya, if not countrywide. l am pleading with ODMers, pentagon and those conserned to hear me out!

    secondly, Steve Mwanga’s case is lighter compaired with one above. The background is that this guy did proposals for poverty eradication from Ugenya….An international sweedish NGO accepted his proposal and committed to give Kshs 200 million s spread over a couple of years. Mwanga then began identifying with groups of youngmen and women to ‘partake’ of the gifts.Mwanga leaves handouts of between 20,000 to 50,000 at every bus stop anytime he is in ‘town’. he has done this for 18months, and that is the only thing working for him! there is nothing like development; just HANDOUTS!!!!!

    Of course we can’t afford to loose Orengo. Agwambo and pentagone needs less that two hours in Ugenya to deal with the matter conclusively.

    Again; pls lets forcus, rigging fears are REAL!

  112. faddie says:

    on the orengo issue,i don’t know if am the one seeing things differently.Orengo has been in politics for a very long he must be very smart at winning elections.
    however,there must be something we don’t know yet.may be it is mwanga being a PNU mole just may be.
    i want to say this.we need orengo as an mp.but i believe we need votes for raila more.let’s not force orengo down ugenyans throats.this might create voter apathy.
    what is the need of fighting for orengo only to lose crucial votes for raila.bcoz, i can assure you if people feel cheated,they might decide not to vote just to teach ODM a lesson.moreover,we can still nominate orengo and make him the minister for constitutional affairs or make him useful in any other way.
    let’s campaign for orengo but if it doesn’t work,then let the peoplae of ugenya decide.
    my boss comes from ugenya(he is a member of professionals for change in ODM and a staunch ODMer) and judging from what he tells me,i think we may have alot of problems if we force things here.
    so ugenyans must have a reason to be so in the holy book,give to ceaser what is ceaser’s and to God what is God’s.
    if ODM can’t get the seat,then let ugenyans choose their Mp and give us the presidency.thanks.

  113. Yego says:

    Our brothers and sisters of the ODM family, we would like to bring to your attention that two of us in RIS have in the last two days been surmoned to our kenyan embassies in our respective countries of residence and subjected to a friendly scrutinity by some gentlemen who identified themselves as visitors from kenya.For your information, we are not cowards in anyway and we would never relent our efforts of exposing the PUNU tricks and evil moves.We suspect their action to be connected to our contribution in this blog and we would continue to unleash even more.ODMers lets exert more power, intelligence and sacrifice in walking up our canditate to the oblivion.
    Being diplomats, we will use the correct channels to forward our protest to this effect and we will let your know who the culbrits are.

  114. jackie says:

    Yego, Keep up the good work. It is good to know that ODM is well represented in the diaspora. Such actions by the “visitors from Kenya” are a clear indication of PNU running scared. Keep us informed and we will pass the information around.

    On a different note, have the manifestos been reprinted? LAst week Orange House said they were finished and the receptionist did nt know when the printer would deliver more. This is an inportant document for all of us to have because it is where we get our points to convince PUNU and others about our change agenda for this nation. Any information is welcome.

    This weekend KJ’s team was out in Dagoretti doing a good job. however, it’s a stong PNU area and a higher presence of OMD leades is needed to create great impact.

    Can the Secretariate know that they are doing a great job with the campaign adverts! However, we need more Bilboards like the one with Hon RAO and the baby. this gives a human face to our candidate and shows how he is in touch with Kenyans (unlike the massive ones of you know who that continues to show us how he has ruled for the past 5 years – alone and aloof form the people). The advertising machinary needs to bring out more of the human interest billboards that include Hon RAO. And spread them all over the city. I live in Karen and i don’t see enough of the MP and President to be.

    All the same congratulations to the Advertising team for doing a splendid job!

    Chungwa moja Maisha Bora

  115. Yego says:

    its come to our notice that the ministry of foreign affairs from yesterday ordered all kenyan foreign mission to issue a memo that all kenyans planning to travel home from the 14th of dec 2007 should be immunized and issued with a blue card.The card will take two weeks to be issued coz they are claiming that we should also undergo an Ebola blood test which takes 9 days to complete.This is a definate plan to try and lock out most elegible voters from travelling home coz they know who the majority of this voters will vote for.Can we have this red tape lifted else we ll do the necessary.
    As soon as i get a copy of this memo, mutaipata.




    THE TEMPO IN BUTERE IS AREPLICA OF THE NARC WAVE OF 2002.there was aboda boda guy who impressed me when iasked him about his candidate of choice-this is what he had to say”eyi bwana najua unataka kunichunguza lakini kwa maoni yangu,hata kama nitakukosea,kura tutapatia Akwambo” ipaid him double fare and alighted to get more opinions from other bodas and guys iwas impressed,kibaki is cooked

  117. Elizabeth says:

    These PUNU heads are out to intimidate you. We will not let them. Does this also explain why they have been so quiet? Are they out to do some underground work and frustrate the work of the RIS? We hope not, and PUNU please…be warned, the world is watching!

    This Kalonzo man, what is he up to? I sincerely hope that he is not making this stupid mistake of his lifetime here on earth. I hear he is saved, sorry, but I am yet to confirm this. Kalonzo has been a PUNU project all along, I can now see this even though he has been refusing to admit it. They used him to divide ODM, thinking that Raila is unelectable, but lo…havent they gone through some real baptism of fire?

    This is not a gentleman’s act. I wonder where reasoning went to for this man. Just how low can a man lie? If he has made up his mind to join PUNU, so be it. May all his allies follow him suit and we will see where they fall in two weeks’ time. Lets put up a brave face and do the mathematics here. If he joins PUNU, that means 1.5 million votes added there. I dont know whether these crazy heads are using the opinion polls to strategize. For all I know these polls are not reflecting the true picture on the ground. ODM is ahead with between 56% and 60%. So even if they add their votes it will be a minimal change

    May these men go ahead and suffer a defeat that they will not be able to come out of. Even if they go ahead and join each other, ODM will still defeat them by far. It would be a clean defeat. Maybe if they rig.

    I believe passionately in my heart that nothing can defeat an idea whose time has come. Like ODM.

  118. Yego says:

    @Phillipo, please lets not bribe anyone, not even a token is bribery and it amounts to corruption.Good work thou.





  121. Yego says:

    @Phil, sawa br!!! i understand mate………..You right, let spent few perks and make our folks proud of ODM, lets make them be part of it mate.

  122. omuto says:

    Please take note of Silas Owidi Mudekhere’s remarks above. I know him well enough to imagine that he’e feeding us on fiction. Apart from Moody Awori’s remarks, soemehting is also cooking up with the so called presidential visits. We wonder what he does in the respective state lodges he visits. It could be true that he’s out to rig through polling Clerks and Presiding officers. His visits cant be taken lightly. They are more than campaign tours.

    Two, I’ve been in Nrb for the last two days. I had some sentiments from a Mt. Kenya guy and I wasnt amused. He said something to an effect that Kikuyus own all buildings in town and all businesses too. They cant allow a fellow from a fish market to come over and rule them over there own property. Let them win in opinion polls, but we (PNU) shall win in the real polls. They like it when Steadman tells them that they’re winning. So be it, but the surprise will come on the 27th Dec. And if we lose, we go to the forest. We sent the colonialist parking. So who’s a Luo?

    Now. This is not propaganda or something I read on the internet. It came out loud and clear from a PNU Mt. Kenya supporter in a joint in town here. The joint is dominated by one ethnic group of which your guess is as good as mine (the ethnic group). The guy was sort of tipsy, and I believe some people talk their mind when they are drunk. With this kind of ethnic connotations, we cant take the rigging thing lightly.

    As for Mumias, Kakamega and Butere, I agree with Ondako Maina. The ground is visibly orange. What am worried about is the voter turn out, as I’ve always said. Unless we ignite the campaigns in these regions, the same people are bound to come out and vote and this will give us very low figures for Raila. I was happy with the YKR07 over the weekend in Kakamega. One thing I wanst impressed with was the way the group is marketing itself. The Kakamega meeting lacked the charisma and gusto you would expect from a youth jig. It was so plain that we imagined it was an ordinary political rally by the old guards. If we have to reach the youth or pull them to our meetings as youth, then we need to put some life and energy in the way we conduct these meetings.

    Something else. The ODM flagbearer in Lurambi is sleeping. His Narc counterpart is the one selling the Raila policy in Lurambi, thereby outshining the ODM candidate. I loath this ODM jamaa. His interest is at heart, not the ODM interest. Give him a platform and there comes another Kibaki. This guy will cost us dearly.

  123. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Yesterday I watched Race to State House and I observed a few things:
    1. Ababu did a great job on this Moi-Kenyatta-Kibaki MOU. It sent PNU character into a defensive mode right through the program.
    2. ODM-K is definately a PNU collaborator. It has nothing to offer as an alternative to PNU. Infact they have been positioning themselves as the better Orange-poor them.
    3. I laughed when the PUNU guy warned that ODM is planning to rig elections.

    I am happy with the confidence flowing from our team. PUNU is a little fixed. Why on earth would someone say Kibaki will be intimidated by Raila on a TV Debate ? I think PNU is a dead animal.

  124. Ibraheem says:

    I think ODM is headed for Victory Just like THE 2005 REFERENDUM and this should not be swayed.

    Muslims are 100% with ODINGA leave alone what KADHI OF KENYA is saying.This guys are lost with TOUCH.I think NAMLEF is doing great than even Supreme Council of Kenya.

    Raila Go for the seat and May God Bless you.

  125. Yego says:

    Mr Stanley Murage is trying to strategise all possible means of rigging,but las to him!!! we are already watching you Mr S. Your plan to send on leave all the statehouses and statelodges employees in all major towns in the country is a matter concern.We have as a matter of urgency established that the plan is to transform this facilities to rigging parlours.Ballot boxes stashed with marked pallot papers will be transported and stored in this facilities on the 25th dec 2007, a section of the eck commisioners are privy to this deal (Tuitui…are u reading me?) .These ballot boxes will have exactly the same serial numbers with those being used in the surrounding polling stations.At some point of the day during the polling day, the boxes will be loaded onto new 4×4 pickups and with rowdy vijana na kibaki malitia aboard the pickups, they will drive to some polling stations and start some fracas. In the middle of the melee, the ballot boxes will be dropped and exchanged with the genuine ones.Mind you , the police officers who will be guarding these stns are privy to this information and they will allow this barbaric act to proceed.We trying to actually analys the possibility of this drama like plan, but we ae not giving a chance to any such malice plans.The point remains that all the facilities i have mention above will be used as logistic bases for rigging and we would want the ODM & foreign observers to take note of this.
    Mr kioko (vijana na kibaki), tell us dude… who were you with last week in Hyatt Regency in Dubai.Your private life also is part of our concern coz you are a leader of mungiki like malitia by the name vijana na kibaki.Hey wambui met you at jumeira beach( zaed road) , are u shopping for merceneries too?

  126. BJ says:

    For the sake of unity, let us not get too excited to apoint that we don’t watch our language. Ibrahim, remember there are members of the “one tribe” you mention here who support Raila. Majority of our brothers from Central will vote Kibaki, but still we have a few young Kenyans from the same region who will give us votes. So let us not play in to PNU game.

    I think it is Time, ODM come up with a well calculated plan to countrer Kalonzo move. I think the Pentagon have completely avoided atacking Kalonzo, but I think the public must be told if it is confirmed that Kalonzo is supporting KIBAKI so that his supporters can make up their mind.

    One fact is that Kalonzo cannot carry the entire 10%. ODM will get the least 4%, and that does not give Kibaki any advantage. Come January Kalonzo can work with Kibaki in the oposition if he so wishes.

  127. solomon says:


    Spot on. I have made an irrreversible decision to support Tinga despite been from Central Kenya. Raila bid is national phenomenal and no one should be allowed to play politics of exclusion.

  128. faddie says:

    yego has raised a very critical issue.can somebody from the secretariat pick it up?

  129. Auki Ollows says:

    Let’s work TOGETHER! ODM is, quite correctly put, a NATIONAL PHENOMENON! Let’s not isolate anyone who wants to be in on the train…


  130. Barnabas ( Langata - Nairobi) says:


    Pnu is not leaving anything to chance.

    Yesterday 10/12/2007 , at Njiru Estate, Embakasi/ Kasarani Constituency, Time: Btwn 10am and 2pm. The following took place:

    One Bishop Njoroge allied to a church called Jubillee…………, in conjunction with another Pastor Michuki whosechurch is associated with Bro. Paul Patni of KENDA PARTY, CONVENED A MEETING where Pastors from Starehe , Kasarani n Embakasi were invited to discuss URGENT MATTERS AFFECTING the CHURCH IN KENYA.
    They are sponsored by an outfit called CONSCIENCE PEOPLE’S PARTY.
    Assisted by one Pst Ndeda introduced their mission as being the concern for the position of the Church should RAO take charge. Participants were served with copies of THE OTHER RAILA / MUSLIM MOU with clauses to the effect that RAO will not allow CHRISTIAN heads to hold their CRUSADES among other things limiting their boundaries.

    They were further detailed that given Muiru’s poll ratings and his innability to FUEL THEIR ( BISHOPS ) cars , his failed the test. That STEVE had NOT BEEN SEEN IN ANY big CRUSADE professing salvation, failed too.

    Too horse race they said was clear and all had to be done to clip RAO and give MK a chance since he goes to church weekly.

    That each Pastor present, to RECRUIT 50 FAITHFULLS IN HIS / HER POLLING STATION, gather them in a room and make a call to Bishop Njoroge, who will in turn contact KIBAKI TENA SECRETARIAT who will swing into action thro the area DO for FACILITATION.
    That participating pastors would be given AIR TIME to coordinate these activities.

    Futher that they make sure their recruits turn up on the polling day. This should be done using tracking by mo bile phones. The pastors were detailed to arrive at the poll stations early to ensure compliance.

    The RECRUITS were also requested to TO DO AS ABOVE BY THEIR PASTORS.

    Colleagues, finer details are available. You can imagine how far this can go.

    ODM campaign strategists, you are reading. They are meticulous and convincing. Some swift action please!!
    Am disturbed.

  131. tnk says:

    about Kalonzo and ODM-K

    I am in no way generalizing this but I have to say that the three movers of ODM-K are
    Kalonzo Musyoka , A lawyer, Eastern Province
    Mutula Kilonzo, A lawyer, Eastern Province (also been Moi’s lawyer for ages)
    Maanzo, A lawyer, Eastern Province

    somewhere in there is another younger Mutula Kilonzo

    As i said i’m not generalising because we know many good lawyers out there, but at the govt political level we have AG Wako and Ringera. These two guys always know what to say but on the ground nothing really moves, think back over all the issues we expected more from them but we just go round in circles. Even Kiraitu changed tunes on the Bomas draft, and almost all the time they point fingers in another direction when action is required but none is forthcoming. Remember how Clinton (a lawyer) squirmed out of the MLewinsky saga by saying a lot of nothing really.

    Thats why I have always vouched for James Orengo, Miguna Miguna, Maina Kiai, and even Gitobu Imanyara and Paul Muite all who consistently went the full nine yards against oppressive regimes. Its a pity that Muite refuses to see Kibaki for the sham that he is. Anyhow, that Lawyer axis in ODM-K is rather sneaky (remember how they held the certifcates ransom – their secret weapon against Raila and it took Mugambi to clear out the mess). Just imagine how many other secret weapons they can come up with.

    We need bold strong and accountable leaders who bring out all issues to the open.
    PNU and ODM-K strategy is all the same where they are trying all manner of tricks to trip Raila/ODM. Always looking for something to hit out at but nothing new.

    Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora

  132. faith says:

    hallo ODMers i just want to tell agent for change and other bloggers that we should at all costs start telling the ODM supporters to come out and vote in large numbers because word from Central province is that the politicians are really calling on the electorate to down there tools on that day and come out to vote enmasse. The ODM secretariate should tell politicians and campaigners in our strongholds to also do the same tell people in churches, market places, funerals,or normal gatherings of any kind to please come out to vote because we really really really!!!!!!!!! need change people.

  133. solomon says:

    ODM team need to respond to Moi, Kibaki junior and Uhuru Kenyatta on MOU. It is apparent they are on the defensive. They claim Kenyans are the one to choose who leads them. Is this the reason they want to rig the elections so that they could validate the pact.

    I imagine Musalia telling the public ‘ Wanasema Wakenya wataamua ni nani atawaongoza. Inamaanisha ukipigia Kibaki umeuidhinisha huo mkataba, na mmemsikia ata Saitoti analalama kwa kutohusishwa’.

  134. Pastor moses says:

    Please try to reach church leaders assuring them of getting their churches registration Certificates as soon as you take over leadership next year.We are not happy with Kibaki regime coz the Government is taking our 2000 shillings reigistration fees when we submit our Applications and yet they have more than 6,000 churches awaiting registrations.How comes political parties are being registered within a day or two and yet churches are being ignored yet we want to operate legally in this country.
    If you can check with Sheria house,Kibaki adminstration is only registering churches from Kikuyu areas only yet they claim the reason for not issuing us with the certificates is because they want to regulate churches.Number 1 ,How then do they want to regulate churches and yet are still taking our 2000 shillings?, Number 2 How comes that Kikuyus are being issued with certificates?.We have now decided that enough is enough coz during the refferendum I was at the front line against the proposed Kilifi draft and as church the leaders we voted NO! and advised our members countrywide to Vote a big NO!
    Please remind churches what is happening there at Sheria house, Na Kibaki apende Asipende WEMBE WA REFFERENDUM NI ULE,ULE

  135. moses says:

    Hi .
    Where is our First Lady Ida? Did you all hear what happened at the state House this afternoon? Lucy Kibaki slapped the master of ceremony at the Presidential award ceremony out of a slip of the tongue!!! Please everyone try to comment on that and use it for Campaign.They are going to have it rough!!!

  136. Ibraheem says:

    The Hyatt Dubai saga has been Noticed and thanks to Yego.I met some fellows who told me “something” was going on there…

    The “Cargo” destined from Dubai is ready and I think by this week …By Sunday..Some Items will be flown from Dubai to either Jomo-Kenyatta International Airport…or Eldoret.

    The President NEVER MENTIONS katiba anywhere…..

    The following videos adds live to our Campaigns…..

    The story is same as the REFERENDUM of 2005.

    Here , get the video of the VICTORY 2005 referndum …….







  140. Walter matoke originally from Bomachoge contintuency but now in Nairobi voting ODM three piece in Embakasi!
    Wana Pentagon, Kisii is still crucial to us! I have a feeling that because of my people’s crippled up bringing and of course their affinity to the GEMA Bantus plus Nyachae’s money and a big mouth; they might allow Kibaki some 10%. Please can we avoid even or atleast bring it down to 2%. I need them to be part of our government.
    As for Nyachae he has always refused to read the writing on the wall: “Mene mene tekel”.
    Please Kisii vote and especially in Bomachoge and Nyaribari Masaba needs to be consolidated!
    Viva Chungua ni maisha karibuni itakuwa Bora!
    Maximum respect!

  141. wekesa- kikuyu campus says:

    I have personally fought for Raila Odinga and Im very confident that he is going to make it. I also want to remind you Raila that most of this rich pple are not going to vote for u but we common wanainchi. Mr. president remember to increase the Salaries and wages of the lower class pple………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats why we re Voting for UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

  142. kipruto kipkoech says:

    As the clock ticks down the voting day, can our ODM secretariat in Nairobi
    intervene in one issue that is being rumoured in some constituencies in Rift valley that ODM parliamentary candidates are barred by the GOVT(PNU) from campigning.
    It is believed that some are barred from accessing their bank accounts or visiting their constituents.Can somebody confirm this very serious old school of political
    games if they exist ,especially in North rift.

  143. Stephen Were says:

    Whats this thing I hear that ECK say elections will not be held in 11 contituencies, which constituencies are these?

  144. Mtu says:

    Pastors have got into the PNU sham. These are pastors of JCC Mombasa (the lying Lai) and Mombasa Pentecostal Church MPC. They are holding secret meetings (as in Nairobi) detailed above. They are constantly preaching against Raila and saying that our children will blame us should Raila take over. They have recruited some faithfuls as the rigging plan given above. Most odm supporters have absconded church until after elections. I personally cannot fathom these useless pastors using the pulpit to speak save a dying Kibaki through the wrong method! The recruitment drive started with fasting last weekend in the name of prying for this country. How can you pray for this country to retain Michuki, Artur, Lucy Wambui (what is her name anyway? I dare you to slap me)? SHAME ON YOU PASTORS! ONCE AGAIN, WE WANT CHANGE! WHAT WILL YOU DO ON DEC 28TH WHEN H.E RAILA IS SWORN IN? We shall vote for Raila, we shall not be cowed. As for Lai, Bishop Wanjiru should sit with you and teach few lessons. May God judge you justly for your actions, whether you are being paid or not.

  145. zizi says:


    we need to pull a last strategic move for the last week-espe in rural areas. I was talking to my folks in the village and they were shocked when I tried to convince them about RAO being president. Someone should do a finishing communication strategy for winning in the last few days. Other than mobilising voter turn out, we need to start Vote with Winning Team campaign. That is, ODM is winning whether the opponents like it or not. So we work out on voters who despite their opposition, they would want to vote with the winning team anyway…………VOTE WITH THE WINNING TEAM CAMPAIGN.

  146. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Latest from Mt. Kenya.

    My boss showed up today from Meru Campaigns with Kibaki. He told us he will be away till elections time since he will be on the ground mobilizing voter turnout.

    He has said from their strategy meetings they have scrutinized the voter registers and have found out that 40% of all voters are Gema. Out of these 6Million voters they are targeting 80% of them turning out to vote. As such they have been instructed to take leave and stop doing whatever they are doing and concentrate on voter mobilization for the next 14 Days. With this they say they are assured of a win since they dont expect total voter turnout to be more than 10million.

    They say the Gema vote will cancel out all Coast, Nyanza and Westen votes even if there was a 100% voter turnout.

    They have also projected and hope Kalonzo gets 1.5 M votes which they say would be at Railas expense.

    According to him Western and Coast are the biggest headaches due to to the 25% rule.

    They project Nairobi will be a 50-50 and have given up on N. Eastern.

    If I was from an Orange Zone I would ensure a 90% voter turnout. Now I have to get ways of ensuring a 40% voter turnout in Gema regions. Give me strategies.

    They also say tht R. Valley is good for them since they are projecting a 45% chunk and RO the rest.

  147. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    The only barrier between ODM and victory is “rigging” and “voter turn out”. Therefore it’s up to us wanaODM to ensure a voter turn out in the constituency in which we will be on 27th. One way to encourage voter turn out is to tell ODM supporters about this strategy of PNU. let’s tell them that PNU is capitalising on voter turn out and rigging. That if we don’t turn out to vote then this will an advantage to PNU. Let’s prove to them the reality of this matter. let’s ensure that on our side even the sick turn out to vote, as long as they can walk, or even more – anything possible.

    I will make sure this happens in the area where I’ll be. Let us join hands and make sure this happens.

  148. Amosogal says:

    Below are the 10 signs that indicate change is in the air.

    When Kimunya smells defeat…..
    Donors may withdraw their support for Kenya if the Kibaki Government loses the elections, Finance minister Amos Kimunya said Tuesday.

    When a major newspaper talks of imminent trasnsition openly.
    Is Kenya ready for transition?

    Treasury to release Sh6bn for youth and women next week as Kibaki panics and attempts to bribe the youth.

    When a 10th grader calls it for Raila as foretold….

    Kibaki’s grip of PNU continue to be elusive as the foretold curse begins to be apparent. &

    When all pollsters agree that Raila tips the scale

    When Central Kenya’s politicians begin to worry about low voter turnout

    When the president is not regarded as presidential even in his own home turf.
    Reports indicate the president spoke for about three minutes only before a stampede.

    When the Orange Democratic Movement has “smelt power”.

    TV debate? No way, says Kibaki
    When the intelligent incumbent president refuses to debate due to saying a debate is “a platform for parochial and biased ideas”. Why can’t he use this platform to tell kenyans what how he can make our lives better, Kenyan’s conclude he is inept. This is part of the curse that has been foretold, Kibaki cannot talk impromptly, and he is resigned to written speaches by his cronies.

  149. Omuto says:

    If there’s anything we need to work on, it’s nothing other than VOTER TURN-OUT! I’ve repeatedly said this. People have already decided whom to vote for. Nothing can change their decision. But that alone is not enough. A reflection from the sages of the old goes something like “even if you’re on the right track, dont just stand there. Move on, or else, you’ll get run over.” Lets move on, guys. Its true direction is more important than speed, but speed becomes paramount when you know you are on the right track. LET’S MOVE ON, TO ENSURE THE HIGHEST VOTER TURNOUT.

  150. tnk says:


    i know of many mt kenya/PNU leaders that will look you in the eye and tell you that they are saints. its a smokescreen to maintain some semblance of control, deep inside these guys have no clue what to do. the census data does not reflect the numbers they keep quoting so i’m not sure where they get their information from. i think their infromation is from steadman. but ou are right, lets remain vigilant all the way till dec 27 and no relenting, lets keep trying to get just one or two more votes.

  151. Lucy Saga needs to be picked up by handlers of our first lady in waiting Mama Ida Odinga. Call a press conference accompanied by all the better halves of Pentagon Members plus Ngilu and give a lecture to Lucy on Decorum and the Stature the holder of the office of the First Lady should portray and hold!

    Let the people know that leaders and those around them owe the public some decency in behaviour and promise the nation that it will never happen under your tenure! You are civilised, schooled and well mannered not to embarass the Head of State in such a manner!

    Let it be known that the President Knows his wife and ought to have intervened to save himself and the nation from such base embarassment!We can do better!

  152. Phil says:

    Now you are talking Papashindarula. I am with you on this one.

    What the hell are the pentagon ladies waiting for?

    How come no one has approached Mr. Musyimi for an interview and possible defection to ODM, his being a civil servant notwithstanding?

  153. solomon says:

    Why are ODM members silent over threat by Njenga Karume to deploy?

    This is how Kenya times reported it:

    By Clement Kamau

    Defence minister Njenga Karume yesterday said the Government would use the army to deal with perpetrators of violence after the General Election results are announced.

    The Kiambaa PNU aspirant said the Government would deploy the entire Department of Defence (DoD) personnel to quell any form of lawlessness in order to maintain peace in the country.

    Speaking in Karura, Kiambu, Karume warned politicians against making inflammatory statements that could breed animosity.

    Said he: “I am in charge of the Defence ministry and let me caution trouble shooters that I will order all my personnel out of the barracks in case of any violence.”

    He at the same time castigated those claiming that PNU is using government resources to for its campaigns and challenged those with evidence to report the same to police for action to be taken.

    Elsewhere, another parliamentary aspirant for the Kiambaa seat on a KANU ticket, Stanley Githunguri, denied reports that he was an ODM sympathiser.

    Githunguri accused Karume of publishing misleading fliers against him and challenged the Defence minister to adhere to the electoral code of conduct.

    Police are investigating the source of the fliers which have been circulated in major trading centres in Kiambaa constituency depicting Githunguri as ODM presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s sympathiser

  154. amani says:


    Obviously, we can all enjoy the freedom to associate Raila with all the
    present and former dictators of the world. The problem however, is that
    right now; you will have almost zero audience outside of Central
    Province . The only concern is that PNU supporters seem hard pressed to
    understand why many Kenyans are considering voting out Kibaki. Well,
    fellow Kenyan lets sample these:

    Remember 2002; Raila and team tirelessly campaigning for Kibaki while he
    was bedridden? Remember afterwards Raila taking the road to Nyeri for
    Kabaki’s first home
    coming as president? Remember him mobbed by crowds in Central Province
    along the way and referred to as ‘Njamba’ (hero)? And only now he is a
    dictator, a fascist and so on. Was Raila only a hero because he was
    supporting Kibaki? How selfish can we get?

    Remember these words, ‘The era of roadside policy declarations is gone’.
    Those were Kibaki’s own words in the inaugural speech soon after he was
    handed the instruments of power. He was telling Moi to the face that the
    culture of goodies (read- districts, colleges etc) is dead. FACT: Kibaki
    has dished more districts and colleges literally by the roadside in less
    than five years than Moi ever did in twenty fours years.

    Remember Kenyans voted in Kibaki (among other issues) on a corruption
    platform? Remember Kenyans distaste of Goldenberg? Well, it took Moi and
    team almost twenty-four years to produce Goldenberg. Now contrast this,
    it only took Kibaki and team one year to produce Anglo Leasing! Now talk
    of corruption! No one has ever been charged and convicted in any court
    of law for these two mega scandals.

    Remember MOU? Was that not trashed as soon as Kibaki’s henchmen took
    over? In their short memory five years is equal to infinity! Now they
    are running around like headless chicken asking us one more term.
    Imagine the arrogance of the second term knowing that the ‘Dear leader’
    will not need our votes again. Remember Matere Kereri, this late in the
    day, taunting Kenyans that he advised the president soon after election
    to trash-out the MOU. What was that for? Where I come from, you don’t
    continue beating up a man stretching out an arm for mercy.

    Remember we thought after Moi we were done with commissions of inquiry.
    Under Kibaki, haven’t we witnessed one commission after another? Didn’t
    commissions start inquiring into the work of others that came before
    them? At least Moi used to tell us the finding of a commission however
    compromised. Kibaki does not even bother to reveal the find after
    spending fortunes of tax payers’ money.

    Remember , Lucy Kibaki taking control of Nation News Rooms in the wee
    hours of the night? Abusing and beating up professional journalists?
    FACT: Like many Kenyans those poor journalists are mothers, fathers,
    daughter and sons to different Kenyan families. They go to work every
    day/night so that their families can have decent lives. Needless to say,
    they were embarrassed by the indignity meted upon them in front of
    cameras while their children, husbands, wives and parents watched from
    their living rooms. Now talk of dictatorship! Fellow Kenyans, did we
    troop to the polls to elect Kibaki so that Lucy can demean our
    brothers/sisters with impunity in full view of their own children and
    loved ones? We say NO! Kibaki’s tells
    us Kazi iendelee? Kazi ya kuchapa wazazi mpele ya watoto wao? Toa hiyo!

    Remember ‘The Armenian Brothers’ taking control of East African Standard
    News Rooms and a few days latter beating up workers in our biggest
    airport? Remember those criminals calling our country men
    strong>NIGGERS…..on our own soil? Remember brother/sister? Isn’t that
    painful? Remember they had government (GK) number plates on several of
    their cars. Remember, they were openly in possession of government
    issued firearm and police uniforms? Now talk of dictatorship! And Kibaki
    team wants us to sing Kazi iendelee? Kazi ya Mamluki?

    Remember ‘Rattle The Snake? Did we elect a snake or a government? My
    friends, to whom was the bite from the rattled snake directed to? The
    very people who voted Michuki’s boss to office? What a short memory?
    They quickly forgot that they tried two times unsuccessfully? Third time
    lucky, Kenyans voted the Kibaki team – they quickly turned into snakes?
    What a metamorphosis?

    Remember Moi being accused of tribalism in public appointments? Now
    compare Moi and Kibaki head-to-head on the extent of this vice. My
    friend, was there anytime in Moi’s twenty-four year rule when all heads
    of all key ministries (Finance, Internal Security, Defense, and
    Education) were from Rift valley let alone being Kalenjin? Today, not
    only are all ministers from the same community, so are all the PS’s, all
    the Under Secretaries and all heads of departments. Add KRA and Central
    Bank to the list. Amazingly, all this tribalization was achieved within
    three years of Kibaki’s presidency! FACT – It took Moi twenty-four years
    to achieve some sort of semblance of Kibaki’s tribalism.

    Remember the government of the day has been trying to counter tribal
    accusation by circulating a list of ‘Other Kenyans’ – outside Central
    Province , in public appointments. Isn’t it laughable that our national
    government is bold enough to compare public appointment of one Province
    against public appoints offered to all other Kenyan communities? And to
    be fair, the list actually compares very well. Meaning the rest of the
    country together has a somewhat equal appointment tally to a single
    province. Isn’t a pity that Muslims are asked to hand in their resumes
    for consideration 90 – days to the end of the president’s term? Where
    was he all these years? Did he just remember that part of Kenya is

    Remember Livondo he who cannot read a written speech? Remember that he
    has four AP bodyguards provided for by the government? FACT: While women
    and children in Mt. Elgon are being butchered, the government affords
    Livondo four government soldiers ready to shoot at the public as they
    did in western.

    Now I know you must remember this. Remember Nyachae with his war cries?
    Inspecting a guard of honor mounted by a rag-tag private army in full
    view of press cameras? Didn’t the thugs make good their threat by
    attacking three respectable politicians just moments latter? Again, in
    full view of the cameras?

    Remember……. Remember…….Remember………!!!

  155. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Hello Agents4change
    I’m a worried man!! When I hear PNU bandwagon spending time scheming on how to mobilize voter turnout in GEMA strongholds and NOTHING practically NOTHING happening in our ODM stronghold, not even voter education on the ground, I get worried. What are these people who have been assigned duty to campaign for RAO doing? This should be a full time job for them. The voter apathy is setting in and even our ODM aspirants are nowhere to be seen. We are behaving as if the general election is over. Can the PENTAGON please prod these guys to wake up and do their job? If not let’s get volunteers to do the work; time is not with us.
    What I perceive is that the people given this task are either not conversant with mobilization techniques or are on two payrolls!!.
    We need a LEADER to LEAD us in voter mobilization to ensure over 90% turnout; otherwise people will assume the ELECTIONS ended after NOMINATION which is VERY VERY DANGEROUS.
    PENTAGON Please come to our rescue, we are ready to offer our support.

  156. Christine says:

    @clement I hope the honorable Minister meant trouble makers not trouble shooters.
    It is worrying though. There is something cooking there.

  157. Christine says:

    Latest on the streets of Nairobi.
    That RAO has sent cleaners to prepare State House for his occupation in the next few days.
    I know there is no truth in it but some gullible people would be swayed away to teach that arrogant (…insert an adjective of your choice…) a lesson. Especially in the rural area.

  158. Felix Aduol says:

    Hey Chepkwony(Kericho) western alliance have bought whistles and bells to ring exactly at 6.00 am on 27th. I hope this will be implemented.

  159. We need to mobilise ODM supporters to check out their voter status. Methinks, ODM should put up stations for this purpose. Better still, they can feed the info in a laptop and do a door to door campaign and verify the voter status. Its easy, just sub-dividing the constituencies into defined regions and assigning agents these regions. the agents work will be to counterchek the voters’ card info against the ECK voter list, identify the anormalies and take them to ECK constituency HQs for correction. This is a 2-3 days’ job. Go for it ODM.. someone mention this to the secretariat…It will save us surprises and a big loss. Indeed, the only way for Panua is to rigg …and we can stop them. Peace Brother..ODM Milele..Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora

  160. Omuto says:


    I bumped into this information yesterday evening just after our blog day.

    Shipaka (not his real name) acquired a voter’s card during the first recruitment early this year, in Lureko (Mumias). His uncle is a civic aspirant in Koyonzo, Mumias. A friend to his uncle’s friend inquires from Shipaka if he is a registered voter. Shipaka tells him yes. His uncle’s friend insists to see the card. Shipaka, determined to prove to his uncle’s friend that he is indeed a Kenyan who wants change, innocently GIVES the card to his uncle’s friend. Then his uncle’s friend receives a call (the phone was in fact in a ringtone sampling mode! So your guess is as good as mine!) and he excuses himself for two minutes which turn into seven months (with the card, of course!)

    He calls the uncle to inquire the whereabouts of his friend. “He took my card a few months and I have never set my eyes on him,” laments Shipaka. Shipaka’s uncle is “furious” with the friend and asks him to take back the card to his niece with immediate effect.

    Meanwhile (two days ago), Shipaka decides to check his vote status with the ECK. Guess what? He’s been transferred from Lureko to Koyonzo!!!! Yesterday morning, his uncle’s friend came over with the card and ‘sincerely apologized’ for the inconvinience. Shipaka informs him of his latest findings. The guy is ‘shocked’, but quickly assures Shipaka that after all, his uncle is a contestant in Koyonzo, so it’s not a waste, after all. Shipaka is infuriated with this development. He was transferred to Koyonzo without his consent and against his wish. He has no option but to cast his vote in Koyonzo. We met in a cafe in Kakamega Town and that’s where he narrated to me this harrowing story.


    Vote buying has been rampant in the course of this year. If, for example, Livondo managed to buy say 10,000 votes from unsuspecting voters in Lang’ata, he simply uses the cards to make fake (or even real, now that he’s a government project) ID cards, bearing the particulars of the cards (Names, ID number, Electors number). So if say, Manasseh Amulyoto sold his card to Livondo, then we have two Manassesh Amulyotos!!! The replica Amulyoto is the one who will vote (now that he’s has the card, plus the fabricated ID bearing the same information. THE MOST SCARY BIT…. A 16 year old Njoroge can now vote in Langata under code name Manasses Amulyoto!!! SO, HOW MANY REPLICAS OR FAKE AMULYOTOS ARE GOING TO VOTE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE REAL ONE? How easy then is it for Livondo to replace Luhya vote sellers with his own Luhya vote sympathisers to make it more subtle? Are you now in the light why some fellows are upbeat about Livondo clinching the Langata seat? REMEMBER, IN THESE PARTICULAR CASE, NAMES ARE INTACT IN THE ECK VOTER REGISTER!! ONLY THE PERSONALITIES HAVE CHANGED. So looking for new fellows in the register to know where they came from will actually not help!!!@#$%…THE WORST IS IF THE SELLERS DIDNT GO FOR CARD REPLACEMENT AT THE ECK. iF THEY DID, THEN LET THEM BE THE FIRST ONES TO COME AND VOTE SO AS TO LEAVE THE THUGS OFF BALANCE. LANGATA VOTERS, BE VIGILANT AND ENSURE THAT THE Odhiambo being called by the clerks on 27th December is the real Odhiambo. Not another one from Central. Please.

    So then, how many of such cases do we have, not just in Langata but in the entire country?
    Who will benefit on the double registration thing, now that they’ll vote after all? Shipaka’s case and modify it this way; that he is given back his voter’s card and the same card might have been used to get another (read replaced) one. So two Shipakas have a card each. Both cards are genuine but only one Shipaka is. Because Shipaka Genuine is in Mumias Lureko and the black book will be used, he’ll vote. Shipaka Fake will also vote, now that he’s been ‘moved’ to Koyonzo or Marsabit for that matter and his name is in the register and double registered fellows have to vote. So who stands to benefit? There is more to this 14.2 MILLION VOTERS!!!!!!!!

  161. solomon says:

    I retract my earlier statement. I think the second tier leaders in ODM must deal with Kimunya. Implicate him and the first family in massive Telkom and Safaricom fraud.

  162. Sarah says:

    Secretariat, I dont know if I am being paranoid here, but there are so many anomalies about our voters cards that by now my hopes are dwindling that I can now see why PNU is talking of a win.

    The other day I lost my voters card, I vote in Embakasai, I went to Anniversary towers and a print out was made for me in less than ten minutes. I was later told to go to Kayole Social Hall or kwa DO, and straight I went. The officer very first issued me with another voters card, but with only two of my names not three yet, I gave him a print out from ECK plus my ID both bearing all my three names. He quickly directed me to another officer to have my card selead. Ladies and gentlemen, what if I didnt counter check the details in my new card? I quickly went back and he inserted my third name. This card is not even written duplicate, but I hope I’ll vote with it.

    My work mate who is also voting for ODM has almost a similar case her voters card is indicated Male yet they used her ID which is clearly indicated female to issue her with the card, and they even saw her standing there with her, and she is s woman.

    I am not one to be paranoid, but I have just noticed how these people have colluded to mislead the Otienos….Odhiambos Wesongas and all those for ODM. i AM WONDERING AND SHAKING ALOUD HOW MANY OUT THERE HAVE SIMILAR PROBLEMS, in their cards yet I am busy singing ODM for 27!!

    Secretariat, I know its getting too late and I only pray for the hands of God to see us through. I dont know if these eck officers on the ground have colluded with PUNU or if they are simply ignorant or I dont know!

  163. nyargombe says:

    Am from Kasarani specifically Garden estate thome area.
    The noise from PNU aspirants is deafenning yet I have never seen even a wheelbarrow carrying ODM supporters. Where are the arliamentary aspirant and councillors? Marurui village next to thome has over 3000 voters with a sizeable no of ODM supporters. Most tell me they donot know the ODM candidates. There are no posters of RAO. Were these people not given election materials? I have ODM tee shirt am scared of weariing because i feel outnumbered. Come on ODM campaign secretariat cover the ground please.

  164. Barnabas ( Langata - Nairobi) says:

    I share your concerns Nyargombe. Langata South C is not covered. The whole Ward – NAIROBI WEST WARD. There is not a sign whether we shall have an ODM COUNCILLOR in that electoral Area. I’m concerned greatly. That Man/ Woman is DOING A DISSERVICE TO RAILA CAMPAIGNS in that area. There are no posters, both for RAO n the councillor. We see Agwambo on TV DOING A GREAT JOB. SOME ONE IS SLEEPING. We may loss some votes there becoz of that fellow. Can we see some fireworks SECRETARIAT? Hata kama ni Reuben Ndolo of Makadara, let him make some rounds there with his loud speakers.

  165. raphael says:

    Am from kasarani const. utalii ward. am afraid that the odm candidates for both the civic and parliamentary candidates might loose coz of lack of serious activity on the ground. people are identifying more with the narc civic leader who is well organized in her campaigns-moving door to door @night (of cause giving them “something small for a soda”). quite a large number is also identifying with the cdp candidate for parliament. both candidates are arguing that they were rigged out during the nomination and are using the outcome of the opinion polls on 3piece voting to solicit for votes. pleas to their supporters to vote odm 3piece is being resisted strongly and at times violently. and when you ask these people which party they beong to they tell you odm- which means that odm is their party of the mouth while the other parties will get the votes. i urge the odm secretariate to take immediate action to assist both the civic and parliamentary candidates or else we will loose coz of their iadequate and inefficient approach to grassroots work.

  166. mumias says:

    I personally do not think we should even justify Kimunya’s outburts with a reply from RO. he wants to open up a front on which to relieve the pressure on MK. Nobody is buying all this stuff. I believe that we should get Prof Nyongo to discredit him and make him look a fool. We should firstly show Kimunya to be a liar, didnt he say the EU would not release Aid if ODM assumed power only to be contradicted a day later?
    Didnt he try to scare of investors from NSE by describing RO as a communist?
    We should potray Kimunya as a desperate and rumour peddling liar. He has again showed his contempt for the people’s intelligence, which has been typical of the way Kibaki and his government have treated the common man over the last 5 yrs. It is for this reason that Kenyans demand change, and it is for this RO is destined for leadership and ODM will take pleasure in showing just how serious it was in flushing corruption out of Kenya. They should sit back and watch how to do it

  167. Omuto says:




  168. nyargombe says:

    Thanks Barnabas for sharing my concerns.
    I have spent the penultimate weekend to the elections at home hoping the ODM aspirants from Kasarani will traverse my area at least i wave at them from the roadside or my window. Nothing happened but I saw the news on tely that the PNU aspirants in Kasarani are supporting only one of them!. How does the ODM character expect to counter that strategy without even campaigning. Have been told its a lady which is great but has she seen what Bishop Wanjiru does with Her orange Van around starehe? The PNU noise is still deafening with no response from The Kasarani Orange Camp.

  169. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I live on Waiyaki way and I think Gumo is doing good work in Westlands. Keep it up.

    On the ground if an opinion poll was to be carried 95% of PNU supporters would support Kibaki in rigging the elections. I can tell from a few staunch christians who now believe stealing by Kibaki is good if it can get him back to state house. We should keep vigil. Can all Orange people keep vigil- hakuna kulala till we are victorious.

    In Nakuru I believe we can take 3 seats out of 6 if we play it well. We have an assurance of taking Kuresoi, 50% of taking Rongai and Nakuru Town. We will lose my constinency – Subukia, Naivasha and Molo.

    But we have a certainty of the presidency.


    whoever is concerned refused to respond to my request for manifestos and posters but all the same ihave bought whistles and iam headed to my constituency thie week.please ODMers keep up the pressure.

    what is Ali doing about the open bribery of voters in Malindi by Lucy the karateker?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  171. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    The Lucy bribery of voters is a sign of desperation. Can someone talk about it and condemn it in our rallies.

  172. tnk says:

    I’m susrprised and ashamed to hear that there are people who still listen to Lucy. She goes on to challenge Raila and Kalonzo to a Presidential public debate
    a) if ever there was any doubt about who really runs the country
    b) as far as I know she has not been elected by the people of Othaya or any other consituency so who or what gives her the mandate to run the presidency. I have not heard a peep from Kibaki supporters who have been crying about respecting the presidency

    this is the ultimate demonstation of buffoonery and a person drunken with power/authority. Not even an aoplogy to the distinguished guests (let alone the poor chap)

  173. cratetuner says:

    to the secretariat we want you to make this people 2 start campaing or else we are doomed as raila always said he is the man of the people and now i am telling you we are t he people on the ground we know what is happening and if we tell you we are in trouble becoz of a few lazy MPs and councillors who do not want 2 work for an odm win then we are in trouble you are the secretariate talk 2 this people becoz if you guys dont talk to them they will be punished by the people. take this threat seriously sawa secretariat

  174. faddie says:

    could it be true that some of these guyz who are in ODM as candidates but are not campaigning could be moles?coz i can somebody fight to win the nominations then sit back and refuse to campaign for the party and his/her seat?something is not right here especially in nairobi.
    since we started complaining we haven’t had anything positive from kasarani,embakasi,lurambi among others.
    my take is this:
    these candidates we are complaining about conned people of the nominations knowing very well that they were not serious about being elected becoz that is what they were sent by PNU to do.this would ensure that:
    1.people don’t vote for raila in those constituencies
    2.that ODM doesn’t get majority of the legislators
    3.that WHEN raila wins,he won’t have enough numbers to help him in running the government.this way it would be easy to frustrate his efforts to govern and bring the much needed change.
    i think this is basically sabotage.otherwise,can the secretariat investigate what is going on and let us know?

  175. tnk says:

    guys, to help the odm secretariat list the name of the candidates and/or constituency.

    ODM is winning the election but we also want to know which guys are going to give an ODM government headaches. such guys should not be given any post since they will proceed to sleep on the job.

  176. Wata, Elisha Otieno says:

    We on the ground here in the UNITED ARABIC EMIRATES have decided that we are coming home before the christmas season inorder to vote Raila in and for a better change. We have gone through his policies and found them worthy; meets the needs and interests of Kenyans in diaspora. We are therefore inviting other Kenyans in diaspora to join us in advocating for this change by participating in the election process this year. May God Bless Raila and God bless Kenya

  177. Kawere says:

    My prayer is that if any ODM candidate is sleeping and not campaigning, when ODM takes power these are the people who need not get any post whatsoever. Infact, voters should keep a watch for them and report to the Secretariat immediately. We do not want moles in our midst. We should know them as soon as possible so that they are talked to.

    Otherwise jamaa wembe ni ule ule ya Referendum!!

  178. tnk says:

    with kibaki being treated to mature audiences in Nyanza, this is an excellent opportunity for ODM to be in Central, Meru and Othaya. If ODM candidates face any hostilities then Nyanza voters should snub all Kibaki rallies.

  179. Otsiatso says:

    NO! NO! NO! Forget Central, we saw the Meru debacle please do not repeat it. The goal is not to score points “za ungwana”- let Kibaki do that. ODM’s goal is to get votes. After NE and another prong in Western and another in R.V it is time to visit Mombasa for mother of all rallies at Tononoka and then head to Nairobi for 2 days of painting the city orange.

  180. nyargombe says:

    Hello ODM campaign Secretariat,
    Am still waiting for some posters in Garden Estae, Thome and Marurui areas of Kasarani constituency. Even if the Aspirants are too lazy to campaign in this area show us that Agwambo is in the ballot. Dont take chances. We may get a few votes here. Remember Nairobi has Urban poor who may not be watching tv or have time to listen to neutral fm stations. They could think that only those advertised on posters are to be voted.
    I agree with Kamwere that those not campaigning for the ODM Presidential candidate should face the music after the elections. No Cabinet posts if they go through. They should not expect to reap where they have not planted anything like the GEMA after Raila worked so hard for them to put Kibaki in power. Look at JK in Dagoretty. The young man is giving the arrogant Beth Mugo a run for her money. We need active aspirants.

  181. tnk says:

    Otsiatso, i hear you but we do have ODM candidates in central. Lets not limit or confine our activities to the pentagon team. Each ODM candidate has to stand in his/her own right and be counted, I believe thats the correct message being sent to slackers in Kasarani, Lurambi and other stronghold areas. Central candidates while true they are facing formidable circumstances also need to start showing their hand now. Even in Eastern there are those who are going against the grain. I dont think the central candidates are any weaker than others. . I dont think they are intimidated or sympathetic to PNU after all they already have their names on the ballot papers. They know their constituents, and they understand the ODM vision. Failure to do so will render them vulnerable in an ODM govt.

    We are not expecting martyrs and sacrifical lambs, they need to be extremely tactful but its time to show some presence. There are sufficient advisors on board to assist in meaningful strategy. At the very least lets get tons of feedback and perspectives from the horses mouth as it were. One way or another they will have to face their constituents. And I say this with apology to those in central already campaigning very hard and at great risk to themselves.

  182. Jacob says:

    I agree with Otsiatso,let the Pentagon forget Central and concentrate on areas we know we will reap much.From NEP ,let them make a final one in Western,bits of Nyanza,say Ugenya,then move to the Coast,Mombasa is yearning for the big rally and conslidate the loose ends in Nairobi,while another team loops in Rift Valley,NAKURU PIA TUCHUKUE.Then we can wait for 27th

  183. wekesa- kikuyu campus says:

    Just waiting for swearing in ceremony. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaageeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………………

  184. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Yego & RIS,
    There are likely to be organized attacks by Mungiki in Langata in a few days or on the eve of poll day. This is from a source in PNU.

    The pangas bought from Nakummatt and some shops on River Road are for this purpose.

    Look out for any voters who will be driven in by Citi Hoppers and other unfamiliar vehicles to come and vote-these are the imported voters from Central Kenya. Any person who will not be clear where the polling station is is also a suspect.

    Look out mainly for people voting in polling stations other than the ones in Kibera.

    Any imported voter must be stopped from voting.

    Keep vigil and raise alarm before it happens.

  185. faddie says:

    thanks njuguna.can the secretariat take heed?

  186. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Picked from Kikuyu Stations.

    There is an ongoing campaign to ask people to come out and vote- replicate it in stations friendly to ODM such as Kass.

    There is an appeal for people to volunteer transport means (bicycles and cars) for the elderly and sick in Mt. Kenya region and the response is big. Appeal for the same in ODM strongholds.

    Let all ODMers do it even if no appeal has been made from the secretariat.

    I have also come to learn of the bitterness in PNU team especially on this Kioko guy of Vijana na Kibaki. They are saying he is an ODM mole and that he has channeled some of their money to ODM campaigns. If it is true then it is fantastic. They suspect almost the entire team working in the secretariat are working to enrich themselves.

    They are also wooried of the media campaign especially in the recent days you have noticed there is little happening.

    Those of us who come from ‘enemy’ territory will keep you updated on what is happening on the ground.

  187. anonymous says:

    njuguna that solemn information is timely.

    as an adult i tend to question inconsistencies and think aloud. mungiki cartels kill and maim transporters, govt crackdown occurs, mungiki kill some police officers. intensified crackdown occurs and several mungiki are killed and/or arrested. more reports imply many other youth rounded up and killed or arrested.

    and now this mungiki will be ferried by the transporters in open glare of police and perhaps on orders or with collusion from the govt. clearly several somebody(s) somewhere do not have their mental faculties functioning properly. and who believes that violence can only be meted by one group of society while the other is on the receiving end. i can only hope that law enforcement officers act on this even before ODM secretariat makes their case which they must. and at this juncture police commissioner although will cite needing corraborating evidence and such like stuff must provide ODM with a real live hotline with specific officers to be called on if this turns out as stated. it its a hoax intended to intimidate ODM to arm themselves and be subject to ECK penalties due to electral violence then every next step must proceed with caution. needless to say, maximum vigilance starting on dec 24 all the way to dec 29.
    all ODM strategies with respect to electoral violence, fraud and other malpractices have to be sanctioned by ECK lets not get hit on technicalities but certainly lets ensure maximum voter turnout.

    thankfully for all concerned, an ODM win will ensure such violence or threats on Kenyans will be stamped out permanently and all affairs daily or elections will be conducted in the spirit of ideology and not fear threats and intimidation.

    hope the few peripheral PNU supporters who do not know whats really cutting understand the importance of free trading society free from criminal gangs

  188. jackie says:

    Greetings ODMers,
    I have been one of those who have been desperately looking for the Manifesto. It is now available as a PDF Document on website Also present are the manifestos for Nairobi and Western. They have not placed any information on distribution in this format but i would suggest that for every copy downloaded, make a donation by calling 0900554007( this will make a donation of 50ksh). It would be great to have access to the manifestos of the other regions available.

    Let this be our “bible” for the next days as we study it and then articulate it to the unbelievers out there….have a great day of CHANGE!

  189. Teddy says:

    We Love ODM. I have been at Orange house and wanted to volunteer but was told trhat it was too late and that was some 8 weeks to the election. I have a Public Relations degree but some guy who I dont want to name here dint giv eme a chance. Can I still do volunteer any servise to my Party?


  190. solomon says:

    Njuguna Kariuki,

    Analsying an inflamatory headline on the People Daily Today one of the anchor in Kikuyu radio station this morning painted a picture of doom and isolation if Raila wins the presidency. He appealed to the people to vote to the last man to stop this eventually. I sympathised with the people.

    Let all those who support ODM come out in large numbers and vote.

    As you have suggested let ODM use friendly stations to specifically mobilise the masses to come out in their numbers.

  191. Aletheia says:

    @ Agents for Change:

    What is the name of the Ward In Westlands where Nairobi Primary is a polling Ctr? and who is the ODM council aspirant? I haven’t seen even one poster that belongs to him. Jitokezee, and do you work. Julia Ojiambo is doing door-to-door vibaya sana in that area.
    Please pls pls, the secretariat take this seriously. We are not feeling Gumo and his councillors well in this area. the majority of voters here are UoN students and we need to pursuade them to the Orange side.

  192. cratetuner says:

    hi guys i got this on the mail today

    Steadman latest opinion polls – the one that will not be released (by password only probrably on election day)
    Ladies and gentlemen, this is private and confidential. Do not share with anybody (hope you noticed the red flag).

    Steadman increased their sample size to 6098 in their last opinion poll (as of Dec 18th) and these are the results:

    Raila 51%

    Kibaki 37%

    Kalonzo 9%

    Now you know, Jienjoy.

  193. raphael says:

    am from kasarani const. i had noted that our candidate was not available on the ground. thank God she finally resurfaced on sunday with a lot of issues very dear to the people. actually i could not hold back my tears as she articulated her policies. my tears were flowing because what i saw in her is not what i have always heard about her in the past days. her enemies have been saying that she is fearful and cannot address a large gathering, leave a lone beating Adolf Muchiri. they also acuse her of being someone with “madharau”. why they say so, i don’t know. so to mama fagilia keep up that spirit until the election day, your visit to the people of mathare 4A on sunday has changed the hearts of some of those who had been misled by your opponents.
    am also pleased to note that the party supporters in this area have taken the responsibility of defending the party fully. on that sunday they chased away the CDP candidate who has been using Hon. Raila’s name to campaign for herself. her ardent supporters are not listening to any voice of reason. they keep on heckling others.
    i would like to appeal to the ODM pentagon ladies, led by “the first lady” Ida to visit kasarani to help in boosting our candidate’s campaign. am particular about this because i’ve always seen mama Ida talk like a real mother. let her ask her children not to be misled into voting for people who ran away from the party. let them understand that Hon. Odinga means well for everyone and that is why he asked the loosers to stick to the party and actually promised them appointments. personally what i keep on wondering is what hon. Raila would be today had you ran away from him when he was in detention. Ida meant well for Raila and this nation and i think all odm members should emulate her by not only sticking by Hon. Raila, but also the part of odm.
    to the 1st lady Ida & your team, you are most welcome in kasarani.

  194. tnk says:

    i think mungiki are being ferried to vote for ndura waruingi (one of their own) but eventually its a trap to then arrest all of them when violence erupts (its still a outlaw outfit) and the michukis will have killed two birds with one stone so to speak

  195. Otsiatso says:

    tnk point well stated, I actually do agree with your reasons. Laikini sasa muda umekwisha. Pengine, there is aanother prong led by maybe Nyaga na KJ who can do that round.
    Lakini the big fish wacha wasukume Coast and Western.

    By the way anyone with the inside story why Kibaks skipped Nyanza? Too much moto? Or was the fact that he was heckled in Kisii and Kuria too much?

  196. ODM says:

    We as Odmers have to ensure that we also tip in any possible way to ensure that Raila gets into statehouse.

  197. joe says:

    watching out for odm in kisii…my dad,mom and family..kwanza my sisters are bananaz over odm…reality on the ground si people want change…only the old folks keep demonising our man..Raila…Luos be warned…if raila goes to state houswe u must behave like other kenyans…kenyans wont tolerate any sort of bossing by you…we supporting your man coz he is a nationalist..a pan-africanist not a luo//

  198. Douglas M says:

    Ndura Waruinge and The Ford Candidate have just stepped down for Stanley Livondo in Kibera will this affect ROs chances their?

  199. ismail says:

    Joe, that’s the spirit!!

    ODM is all about change. it has got nothing to do with one’s tribe monopoly/bossing/arrogance over the rest.

    Please ensure that you get at least 5 of these ‘old guys’ to ODM movement. we need to totally lock out nyanza from pUNU. it will be so nice that if each of your family member does the same thing.

    I have heard of the same thing from kisii land. that old men are kind of skeptical about Raila…the job is on you Joe!! just 5 more guys from each one of you, and you would have done a lot to the ONE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT…..God Bless

  200. Omuto says:

    What’s all these about the Prison Break death row convicts? Am told that it was a well planned and stage managed incidence. That they’re out to mastermind and supervise grand violence in all the eight provinces by Wednesday next week. That two of them were spotted with Livondo just to days after the break. Can this be investigated, AGENT4CHANGE?

  201. Omuto says:


  202. tnk says:

    Dear Omuto and ODM supporters

    Do Not despair

    THis is a peoples revolution. And we are just beginning the first phase. In this phase we will elect the peoples president and many others who share the peoples vision

    In ancient or medieval times, revolutions were characterised with wanton killings. In modern age its issues, intelligence and tact. We have all that in ODM plus the perseverance and presence of mind to go through with the struggle.

    Once we have elected those who share our vision the next phase is identify those who continue to frustrate the aspirations of the people and collectivley eitehr boycott their institutions or enable other competing institutions fare better. THe reason we do not have many choices currently is becuase of the oprresive regimes and the hold on them by these non-reformists.

    One step at a time but we will do away with these structures and shackles of bondage and we can chieve all that in the first three years of an ODM government. Lets remain steadfast, but first, 3 piece voting.

    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora

  203. tnk says:


    i have also been perplexed by the naivasha prison break and the escapees (all except two from Othaya) and yet there are no pictures of the escapees in the media and also no apparent serious effort to track them. sounds like mischief afoot.

    i really cannot believe the police commissioner is totally unable to act, this was once a very strong minded person.

  204. Otsiatso says:

    tnk said:
    “Once we have elected those who share our vision the next phase is identify those who continue to frustrate the aspirations of the people and collectively either boycott their institutions or enable other competing institutions fare better.”

    There is your answer to Daily Nation. You do not have to wait until the 28th.
    I suggest that ODM’ers should have ” Daily Nation free days – this Sunday and Monday”.
    It does not take much to organize one of those through SMS and word of mouth and internet. Let us show them how much economic muscle we have.
    I stopped reading and buying their digital edition after the Monday Steadman fiasco.

    How about it people? We can do this!!

  205. InSidious says:

    The Nation has been biased all along, are you just catching up to their mischief? Either way, your suggestion is dictactorial. Kenyans can opt to purchase whatever they deem fit. Suppressing businesses is not the way to conduct a civilized objection. There’s courts for that.

    Look, we’ll vote for Raila but he too will be on a tight leash!

  206. Obonyo says:


  207. ismail says:

    the only thing to fear in langa’ta is violence. otherwise, no contest. I got friends in kibera, and that’s their report.

    If you wish, pay a visit to kibera – it is more orange than kisumu….right from the entrance stage.

    as for the rest of lang’ata, i doubt that the middle class fraternity would want to vote a ‘histrikal’ drug peddler…the guy cant even read!!

    I think the media is giving misplaced coverage, as usual. and that happens to be nation…..

  208. Obonyo says:


  209. Obonyo says:


  210. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Things here(Kericho) feel good. Sweet victory is in the air; thanks to the reinforcement of Pentagon Members led by Hon. Ruto who attended a rally at Chebigen area yesterday. We have decided that there is no way to give RAO a government of virakaraka ya chamas; three piece is our way forward to ensure a strong goverment. Forget the pains of nomination fiasco and give Ogwambo as many MPs as possible in order for him to realize his vision for Kenya. ODM Civic; ODM Parliament; & ODM President is all we need now.
    All system go is what we are anticipating and we are on the ground urging our supporters to turn up in large numbers come 27th

  211. George Ojwkeke(Rangwe) says:

    Rangwe ni chungwa and we will vote 3 piece hapanataka madoadoa

  212. Don says:

    Hey guys
    The only that will make us sail through easily is to mobilise all our friends who wants to sit back and forget about voting. Some people who registered voters in upcountry might not travel. Please Kenyans, we are almost reaching the end of the race. MAKE SURE WE RISE UP AND VOTE RAILA. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE.

  213. BJ says:

    Guys I had a talk with an Army major yesterday. I wanna tell you Be still and calm. You are not alone. Raila’s is a Revolution sweeping this country. The Army is divided in to two Othaya group on one side and Kenyans on the other side. They discuss politics openly in the baracks like we do with our friends and the mood is the same. CHANGE!!!

    But let is keep vigil. No leaving the polling station. Just one day brothers and sisters. Please carry your water and stand there until the end. Keep watching if you can if there is any sinister happenings, we are told some people will come with already marked voters cards, just keep vigil and Ushindi is yetu.

    God bless you all.

  214. cratetuner says:

    @agent of change please can u organise for us. for Our president Raila to post a few lines for us in this blog i know our president is a busy man but atleast he just few words becoz many people on this blog are not in kenya i know if he did that it will make our day ama munaonaje my fellow blogist


    iam now leaving the office and heading straight to Western Kenya but iwish to request that we are able to translate our agitation into reak votes,lets talk to people,make them understand,ipersonally will be taking home 345 copies of the summary manifestos and 100 keyholders so that my people can feel closer to ODM.please please make some impact and let ODM be felt down the villages.
    we are going to win and isee Raila with 49% against Kibaki at 41% (inclusive of rigged votes) na Kalonzo 10%.


  216. wifred Obonyo says:

    I see as if we are going to win as ODM.Let us work as a team.I pray so that odm win.

  217. Mary Opembe says:

    Has anyone received this, latest NSIS Polls, Raila leading by 53%, Kibaki 39%, Kalonzo 8%. The National Security Committee has tasked the CGS, Police and the NSIS to start handover plans.

    Personally, I’ve my ticket ready and come 24th, am headed to Western, for door to door campaigning though word on the ground is that my villagers eat, sleep and speak ODM & Raila!

    Come Election Day, we must mobilize people to ensure that guys get to the polling stations and vote early, thereafter, keep vigil!

    The struggle has been long and I salute Hon Raila for never losing the faith…we are with you!

    I cant wait to travel back for Hon Raila Odinga’s inauguration as the 4th President of the Republic of Kenya!

  218. majangwa says:

    Guyz the excitement is unbearable…cant wait for D-day for CH(UNGWA)ANGE!!!!

  219. LO LIYONG BOB K. says:

    AT LAST KENYA IS GONNA BE RUN BY A REFORMER! Raila has really influenced my ideals and I feel very much fired up ensure his desire for a better Kenya stays alive even during my reign. Let’s encourage the agents of change to keep it real come thursday. Power to the people.


  220. dave says:

    Mr. Ondako why are you so generous with MK.This guy will not hit the 40% mark unless they rig massively.Where are his votes.Maybe umekaa sana Nai but a day in shugs will completely surprise you.I can assure ODMers that Western alliance is solid more than ever.

    Kisii and Kuria are all with us.In Nyanza MK has less than 10%.In Western give him less than 20% and in RV he has less than 30%.The same applies to NE and Coast.Infact it is being whispered in some quaters that there is no contest in these elections.Steadman is just doing damage control for the incumbent.Reliable sources have it that MK might secure 25% in only 4 provinces.

    As for me,am looking for fare to Nai so as to attend the swearing in ceremony.Till then,CHUNGWA MOJA ,MAISHA BORA!

  221. Ben Josiah says:

    I just Walked in to Forex in Westlands, I have long time business relationship with the fir,. It is owned by Asians and the lasy serving me is a Swahili lady. We never talk politics. but I had the courage to advice her to Vote wisely. And she said unless you guys let us Down. I am voting for Raila and nothing Can change. She went on to tell me that their firm which is ran by Asians is all orange and people in the office look forward so so much to voting day.

    On another light, Kiss 100 this morning took their opinion count a notch higher, Nyambane was in westlands area cordianting with Carol Mtuku from the studio. Nyambane interviewed people at random , and was able to follow it while stuck in traffic.
    Hey Raila had 70+% Kibaki had 17% and Kalonzo had 8%.

    ODM we are taking the presidensy. All ODM members voting in Nairobi, if you live around Langata please after voting get yourself in one of the polling stations. We must be vigil at all cost.

    God bless Agwambo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. McJairo says:

    This race is ours to lose. I today went on a rampage to gauge the mood in my village. I pretended to be pro PANUA lambasting ODM and Raila. So I talked to about 10 people who all dismissed me as mad. Then I came to this group chating, when I started soliciting for votes for PANUA they did something that supprised me.
    All of a sudden they went silent, then as if cordinated moved in different directions only for each to pick whatever they could land their hands on. At this point I saw death beckoning, lucky enough the eldest person told me “Young man, though you are one of us, were are requesting that you walk away b4 we kill you. How dare you talk of Kibaki when you can see what has become of our village? GO and GO” At this point I sort to explain myself to them that I wanted to gauge how much they were pro-ODM. But my problems were far from over. As I was talking to them, explaining that I did not mean what I was saying, I heard a big bang on my back…Oohh I had been hit. By who? A guy had been trailing me all the way from where I started my prank. He had hit me. The elder person again restrained him from raining more blows on me. But he could not yield. Struggling to be let lose to finish with me. All the while shouting ” Do you know that your jokes can influence some weak people? Do you know you are an opinion leader and what you do, say influences alot of people? Don’t you know that many will not know you are joking?…….. At that point I knew people were decided. ONLY THAT I learnt it the HARDWAY

  223. Felix Aduol says:

    There is a ploy to pull Eldoret Bus services buses from the road soonest. I know most people who have not traveled to western kenya will be stranded. Am kindly requesting for the secretariat to look into this matter if possible can we organize for reliable means of transport for people who are going to vote in the villages. Despite the fact that the world is facing oil crisis, i see the one in kenya to be more related to PUNU evil strategies.

    May the Evil be shamed in the name of God.

  224. Felix Aduol says:

    Hey hey hey. All the people that are in far places i will advice you to remain where you are. Traveling to Nairobi to attend Orange day may not be a good idea because traveling back might be a problem. Look at it this way. If you attend Orange day and you get stuck in Nairobi while you are supposed to vote in Shugs would you have done anything constructive for ODM. If possible Let each and every Constituency or region have a gathering in the centers and it be synchronized by the one in Nairobi.

  225. pabokenya says:

    from kibaki tena website, raila at 46% while 43%.
    even they also want change

  226. Mike says:


    Thou shall not play the devils advocate in matters involving life and death

  227. Obonyo(Starehe) says:


  228. zizi says:

    Obonyo, that is so scary. Is like you just bumped on them a few hours ago. do you have some evidence that can help Agent4change to move faster? Otherwise, we may end being called alarmist. I know there is a great risk of attacks but we better be careful. What about the money issue? Are we not expecting too much from the Pentagon? It is the duty of Government to protect its citizens. If the issue is so urgent, then ODM should be calling for deplyment of police force. Please, let us consolidate the evidence or ask ODM secretariat of the great risk. I know action will be taken.

  229. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I had warned of such a plot a few days ago. ODM must be very watchful. The information came from a woman close to Kibaki campaigners whom I overheard her talk in Kimeru on how Mungikis have been armed with the Pangas bought from Nakumatt and other shops in River Road.

    No hard evidence but we should not take it lightly.

  230. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Reuters say the race is not as close as Polls are indicating as Kenya is about to elect its Mandela.

    Check the story here

  231. Elizabeth says:

    And what is this news av just got that someone has been killed in Raila’s Rally in Ugenya? Tafadhali watu wa Nyanza tujiheshimu. Let us give Raila our son an easy time. Raila has come from very far fighting for this nation and has given us every hope and reason to hang in this rotten nation no matter what! What is it that we are fighting for? Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?

    What is it about this Mwanga man? If he is a PNU mole, please let this man give us a break. I understand he is just some young man, this boy should learn the ropes in a good way. If this killing has anything to do with what he is doing on the ground, may he suffer the wrath of all the dead people of Nyanza.

    The last days I know are going to be the hottest, but let us be careful. PNU is working 24/7 to make sure that we are intimidated and have fear instilled in us. Let us stay calm and above all call upon JEHOVA GOD to guide us and protect us in the tough few days that we are facing ahead.


  232. Charles Washika says:

    I do travel a lot around Kenya and have made contacts countrywide and my own opinion poll has raila 54% Kibaki 35% and Kalonzo at 11%, I was recently in Central na hao wasee wa PNU are in dreamland, They are even celebrating ati Agwambo will loose in Langata, Keep Vigil will vote in westalands. another thing the current program on NTV ‘making of a nation’ shows how Agwambo and family have struggled for this country and the Mt Kenya mafia have always been power hungry.
    Long live Agwambo

  233. Elizabeth says:

    PLEASE this is to watu wa Nyanza I want to repeat this, ODMERS if you happen to be from here, tell every person you know who is coming from here to learn some good manners, patience is a virtue and leadership comes from God. Learn to lead by example. My tears have come out today since this campaign started! What is happening? If it is PNU Washindwe.

    RAILA is our son! How many times do we have to confirm this! This son of Kenya has got the support of the entire country. Please let us give Raila every support we have got! Let Raila have the peace of mind that he so needs at this time in his life. TAFADHALI!

    Please I am calling upon the Almighty God to lead us in these last days.

    May he show us his light, and have mercy on us ODMERS!

  234. Kawere says:

    Guys, I have the champagne ready.
    Like they say in Canada – DROP THE PUCK!! I can’t wait for 27th. I have my orange shirt and just want to see our country in the right hands for once. I am encouraged that it is only on the ODM website that we can actually blog officially. Has anyone gone to Kalonzo’s website? It need’s KLEENEX! Kuna mayowe huko. His Starehe MP has also quit on him. That means we pick up some votes from KM in that constituency.
    This election is a God sent opportunity for ALL Kenyans of goodwill to chart the course of our destiny and our future generation. We are tired of Moism and cronyism.

    My bro Njuguna Kariuki, thanks for that link from the Ottawa Citizen. As someone who lives in Canada, I can tell you that this election reminds me somewhat of the Conservative and Liberal one. For more than 10 years the Liberals thought the country belonged to them. The Conservatives have been in power now for nearly 2 years and they have made lots of good progress by putting their policies that were considered impossible. So when Kimunya talks of ODM policies not implementable, he is so dead wrong. Every genuine policy will be tested and Kenyans are smarter to know what can work and what cannot. We knew that in 2002 wen we put MK in power but he has let us down – BIG TIME.
    Get out there whatever it takes and vote for Chungwa!

  235. ODMER says:

    Could the administrator tell Raila to go and talk to both Mwanga and Orengo so that they calm thier supporters, we have already seen engouh violence from Ugenya and other parts of Luo Nyanza.

  236. raila_dammu_supporter says:

    Chaos are usually expected in African Nations during Elections times and Kenya is not an exception to that. But Kenyans have grown politically (especially after the Referendum when it was clear that some regions have been and will always vote one way.

    Kenyans know what the Kibaki Govt. has done and what it’s capable of. But please don’t forget the Narc Manifesto, how much has been achieved and how much hasn’t. On Development-wise i rate the Kibaki Govt. 3 out of 10.
    – Corruption has been perfected (Goldenberg, Anglolising, Mamluki, & Kengen, Telkom and Safaricom sales)
    – More than 50% of the Cabinet is from Central MPs – even Ambassadors and PS’s)
    – Unequal Distribution of National Resources perfected (Central and Eastern get like 40% of the National Budget)
    – InSecurity has increased (Mai Mahiu, Kuresoi, Tana, Mt. Elgon and many others have been at war for quite a long while)
    – Constitution never delivered due to benchmarks introduced by the Govt. Even Kibaki did support the Draft Constitution openly
    – Most of the incumbent MPs won’t be back – why…
    – More than 50% of Civil Service positions are held by people from Central Province
    – It sounds unreal to hear that Kenya loses like 100million in jams – while that money can be chanelled to better the common mwananchi

    Previous regimes have made the common mwananchi’s mind to think that nothing will ever better his/her life. But hopefully he/she has gotten a perfect Lifeline that i’m sure will not be wasted

    I think time has come and Kenyans must elect a President that’ll keep Kenyans’ interests at heart. Mzee Kenyatta didn’t, Moi didn’t and Kibaki hasn’t.

    Kenyans have been left with ONLY ONE alternative – Voting wisely, chosing a President who:

  237. Auki Ollows says:


    Please don’t generalize on the basis of the uncouth Steve Mwanga and his band of hooligans! I know this man is somewhat popular but, he should engender a measure of maturity and discipline in his campaigns! For all my democratic leanings, I now urge the Ugenya electorate to REJECT this idiot!

    Ugenya people, regardless of the problems at the nominations, back JAB Orengo for MP, Raila Odinga for president!


  238. Edward says:

    I think Mwanga has fried himself. Someone has died…ODMers in Ugenya MUST restr
    ain from retaliation that would play in the hands of the enemy!

  239. zizi says:

    My Special Tribute to the Pentagon.

    Fisrt thing first: RAO must win this election. He will win. By the way, I never thought of him highly until the begining of this year. He answered my question and since then, RAO and myself have been transformed into being unassaible agents for change. I will always remember how Kalonzo lost to him at Tononoka. Few days later, he just did what I had pondered and shared with a friend that morning: make peace with Imanyara and take over the original ODM. That afternoon, I was elated that instinctively, RAO and myself had been thinking the same way. We bonded. On his nomination acceptance speech, it was at nyte when I heard a voice of a promising leader, RAO. He talked about te dream of our forefathers 4 decades ago! That was really powerful. The Movement has been exciting since that time. RAo is not only for Kenya. Africa needs RAO like yesterday. Until now, he is my hero and my friend (altho never met him!). You’re indeed the bridge.

    Ruto is such an inspiring speaker and has warmed the ODM campaigns. Widely read a man he is. He has hummered the rhetoric of change in the most revolutionary manner for our party. With the passion for the future, Ruto has made our Party. The Party will never fall. I wish to meet you soon, Ruto.

    Musalia is the most deserving VP any party would want to have in the next GoK. How lucky we were. He has done the balancing act. I could not have imagined our campaign without him. In ODM, at least we look good. We want to be good. We have swallowed our pride in order to represent the voices of the people. As I see it, Musalia was this kind of stuff. Lost of prospects.

    Balala’s determination and youthfulness and eloquence is matchless…..His Swahili represents the usanifu of the GoK we are looking forward to in the next few days. He galvanised the unity in ODM. Not forgetting he is the one who coined the name of our movement. I would love to shake his hand.He has indeed a place in history.

    Nyaga is a man extra ordinary. He took great risks by standing up with the rest of Kenyans while his own tried to play it safe. His ODM membership gave us a national face. He is also When history is written, Nyaga will come out as an admirable contrast of his brother. He has struggled against the tides. It doesn’t matter whether he loses at home. He has a role to play in the change we are yearning for. Nyaga, keep on.

    Ngilu is perhaps the most courageous woman Kenya ever had. When she took Kibaki head on, I came to realise that she had a dream. A dream of a different kind of Kenya. She defied tribal chauvinism to live true to her conviction- change. Although in NARC, I know that is just but for a moment. She will remain a sterling mark of our Party’s history in the next 5 +years. We cannot afford to ignore her. By the way, she is the only one who has reminded us every time, that RAO is the Kenyan Mandela. On Orange Day, she should sound that again. Thank you mama Rainbow or Orange?

    And for all of us who took time to blog, after RAO is sworn in as Kenya’s 4th President, 7 days later, we can reconvene for a thanksgiving on this blog.

    God bless Kenya.

  240. zizi says:

    Correction: Not “lost of prospects” but “lots of prospects.”

  241. Otsiatso says:

    Zizi, I feel you!! Well stated.

  242. Obonyo says:


  243. Obonyo says:


  244. Obonyo says:


  245. Obonyo(Starehe) says:

    Hi guys am still waiting agents4change to tell us the way forward concerning commisioner Ali yesterday press conference.I would like to know the latest on ground from North Eastern.Starehe ni Chungwa,Kibaki is comming here today he will be at Masinde ground(hurama stadium) but we ar not worried coz bishop hav done tremendoius job here , Kamanda now is dooing door to door campaing giving pple 100 shilling but pple will not vote for him he,s telling none Kikuyus to vote for him but for the president to give Raila

  246. Omuto says:

    The Ugenya incident is one among many that truly and nakedly shows the fruits of injustice and inequity in the distribution of the national cake. Steve Mwanaga is not popular because of his ambition to get to parliament. He has no agenda for the people of Ugenya. HE IS POPULAR BECAUSE HE IS ANOTHER LIVONDO – A MR. MONEYBAGS. The sight of money to a poor man is like throwing a bone to a starved and caged dog. the past regime has denied a number of communities opportunities to better themselves and Ugenya is no exception. No wonder Orengo himself, a product of such atrocities, has been on the front line to fight for Mageuzi and real democracy. Flamboyant Mwanga emerges from the blues with a well-orchestrated plan to use his people’s development dificiency symptoms to catapult himself to parliament for personal glory.

    Dear people of Ugenya, Mwanga has nothing good for you. Nothing is for free. If Kenya needs Orengo, who are you people? JAB Orengo has really fought for the liberation of this country and everybody knows that. The money Mwanga is smearing all over your constituency is upto something sinister. You’ll pay for it, and you’ll hate him with passion when he gets to parliament. If your interest is money from an imbecile like Mwnga, dear Ugenyans, then Ugenya is not the right place for you. You get drunk with money and kill, riot and destroy property! That is pure hooliganism and you must desist from that, lets you get alienated from the rest of Kenyans with good will. That character is synonimous to Mungiki and their place is jail on earth and the lake of fire after death. HAND-OUTS ARE NOT DEVELOPMENT. WAKE UP AND LIBERATE YOURSELVES BY VOTING FOR ORENGO AND RAILA. SEEK YE FIRST POLITICAL KINGDOM, AND ALL THESE THINGS(MONEY ETC) WILL BE ADDED TO YOU. I forgive you for what you did because we’re all products of the past regime. NOW THAT YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, LET IT SET YOU FREE ON 27TH BY GIVING RAILA A GUN (PRESIDENCY) AND A BULLET (MP) TO KILL THE VILAIN 9CORRUPTION AND UNEQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF THE NATIONAL CAKE)

  247. pabokenya says:

    malo malo also used the same tactics manga is using but failed miserable.
    if manga is that popular, why sud he employ ple to kill fellow voters for raila?
    thats means he is bein pressurized by his financers to make ugenya ungovernabel so that raila gets less votes, thats the only way to reduce the huge gap that RAO will defeat Kibaki.
    manga is agent of mt kenya mafia

  248. raphael says:

    i agree with you entirely, Omuto. mwanga is from my home area and we went to school with him. he is still young and has his future in his hands to either destroy or to make. i think even a fool will see that people like Orengo deserve to be in the next parliament. he has been in the battle the whole of his youthful life to liberate kenyans and to give mwanga the freedom that he is now misusing. i wonder why he cannot see this.
    to my fellow ugenyans. why should we kill one another because of our young son who should be taught how to negotiate the valleys of politics? i am very ashamed to see my own people killing themselves. personally am not a supporter of orengo coz of the same reasons you accuse him of. but here is a matter of making or breaking. mwanga is a good man, but the task ahead will overwhelm him. pnu is bringing tough people to parliament. some of them have even confronted raila to a physical fight, just to provoke him to anger. these people can only be contained by a strong odm team in parliament. the knives and pangas you are using to kill yourselves will not be used in parliament. we need the skills that orengo has acquired over the years.
    as a born again christian i want to tell you that God our creator knew the magic that comes with the “3-piece” you are about to reject. thus He said “let US make man in our image..” (Gen. 1:26). God was talking to Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. since then God is known as ONE, who manifests Himself in three, that is The Father, The Son and The Holy spirit. God the Father is our creator, God the Son is our Saviour and the Holy Spirit is our Couselor and Comforter. What i mean is that there is power in the Trinity. likewise there is more value in 3-piece voting than any other.
    it is therefore my prayer that the voters of ugenya shall rise to the occassion and vote 3-piece in this election. you have made your point and our president in waiting and everyone else have seen. i can assure you though faith that development is flowing to ugenya starting january, 2008. GOD BLESS UGENYA,GOD BLESS ODM, GOD BLESS KENYA. ODM HOYEE! 3-PIECE VOTING HOYEE!

  249. raphael says:

    Some of odm supporters from funyula might not vote because of our candidates failure to transport them from nairobi. the odm candidate for funyula mr. otuoma allegedly convinced them to change their voting stations from nairobi to funyula to vote for him in the coming elections. he promised to provide transport when the time is ripe. unfortunately am told he has refused to honour this promise and this report is coming too late-these voters are not prepared financially to travel home. from dandora alone i understand they are about 500voters. can the secretariate investigate these allegations and assist the affected voters?

  250. raphael says:

    pastor moses is right. there is selective attendance to churches. it is my hope that our beloved bishop dr. Margaret Wanjiru will be given the ministry responsible for the registrations to root out the problem of selective registration.
    again some pastors from central and eastern provinces are asking their faithfuls to vote against raila. they claim that raila is planning to make kenya muslim nation and preaching christianity will be banned. they started of immediately the issue of the mou came up. they used the 1st propaganda mou to argue their case. when RAO released the original mou, they no longer talk of the content, they say that muslims will be rulling and there will be no preaching. can you imagine a pastor telling the people to pray and if God doesn’t answer your prayer you call and ask him to tell you whom to vote for. this campaign is currently going on in some churches-with messeges designed to suit their desires. what bothers me is that during the referendum, some of these pastors & bishops voted for banana when the rest of the church voted for orange.
    RAO has assured the nation several times that his leadership will not discriminate any religion, and i believe that he should be trusted for his word. i also wish to propose the following:
    1)whether it is possible for hon. Raila to meet these vocal bishops to reassure them of his commitment to fairness for all.
    2)other bishops who understand that hon. Raila meams well for everyone in this nation regardless of religious affiliations can come in and bridge the gap which these men of God are trying to create.
    to all kenyans let us pray for Raila and his team so that God can give us a landslide victory. finally let’s keep watch for any attempts to rig the polls.

  251. Kasyoki says:

    ODM need to do an advert of possible Kibaki cabinet line up if he rigs the polls:the semi-illiterates Livondo, Karume and Kamanda. Those clips of them incoherrently reading speeches will just be too hilarious.

    Another thing, don’t you think it is important for ODM pentagon to do the final plea on the last day of the campaigns on all radio stations and TVS. The message must be well-packaged.

  252. Honest Kenyan says:

    The response from Kenyans is overwhelming and I only urge ALL the true agents of change in this country to come out in large numbers to ensure we send this corrupt tribalistic regime home. I’ll be voting 3-piece style in Kisauni – “Orange Chini, Orange Katikati na Orange Juu”

  253. Honest Kenyan says:

    Kasyoki, I totally agree with you concerning the advert. That would just be the bomb. The killer punch

  254. Nashon(Huruma) says:

    Hi guys there is an information claiming that some APS hv alredy been deployed to mark ballot papers in favour Livondo.this is said to be going at Embakasi Utawala Trainning College.The source of information is an officer attached to Huruma chief camp.Can anybody call secretariat to find more about this.

  255. Obonyo(Huruma) says:

    Hi all my heart is beating hard after reading Nashon’s message hope the secretariat will take quick action.Thanks Nashon Langata is the hot spot if agents4change play with it then we ar finished even mr. ka 10% is waiting PNU to rig in Livondo in Langata sothat his miracle can happens when he and Kibaki goes for run off

  256. Kawere says:

    The Livondo suppoerters in Langata are not even going to make a dent for Agwambo. I just spoke with my bro in Kibera(he happens to be a Kibera resident for over 30 years and knows the politics in the area very well). I also lived in in Kibera from the slums to Ayany for 5 years. ODM pentagon has done it’s legwork on the ground and that is why you have noticed that RO has not been frequent in the area this election period. He has other matters of national importance and I am glad that he has not stooped low to Livondo’s standard.
    My Kenyan brothers and sisters have no need to send a semi illiterate person to parliament. These are not Moi’s days jameni!

    As for the incident in Ugenya, I hope that the voters will now draw the line and clearly support Jim. We need such brains in parliament. Sometimes they are the salt that make parliament taste what it should taste.

    Overall, I feel the heat is very strong and no amount of propaganda, vote buying will make a difference. Just get out there and ddo your thing. Then wait and celebrate. I am adding more champagne – God bless Kenya

  257. moses says:

    What is happening with APs? Can someone tell me for real?are they going to succeed with their mission of rigging ? This makes me uncomfortable! Please Pentagon and the secretariet act Now!!!

  258. tnk says:

    for those who havent seen this yet

    follow link below for a Music tribute to ODM from a Live (audio only) performance recording at a small private function in California, USA – in support of ODM

    performed by NuKenya Singers

    with permission and compliments from the artists to play anywhere radio stations, pubs, restaurants, mathree, etc that share the ODM vision

  259. zizi says:


    Hope this was sent out earlier and has been booming all over the stations……. Bless Kenya.

  260. Obonyo(Starehe) says:

    Hi guys am sadden by the incident reported live by KTN how APS ar planning to rig the election.Dear kenyans let nobody impose a leader on Kenyans we hv our democreatic rights to elect a councilor,MP and president we want.Let that Person wether Michuki or Ali knows that Kenyans will not accept fraudulent elections no matter what like our ECK chairman said he cannot announce stolen elections even if a gun is put on his head to do so let us also help Mr. Kivuitu by going to vote and then give way for others to vote.Let us stay in the polling station until the result ar announce let us be peacefull do not fight with the police majority of police surport ODM so just explain to them that after voting u will remain there peaceful until result ar announce.Let us be in all conners of the polling station after voting to ensure that not ballot box get into the polling station from Utawala Trainning College.We should not fight inside the polling room this can cause confusion

  261. pabokenya says:

    voting in kasarani, no amount intimidation can stop an idea whose time has come, lets us wake up early and vote en masee for Agwambo.we will defeat this tribalist on 28th dec, we will be out celebrating man.i know kiuks can only rely on violence but they wont manage, we are going tommmrow to nyayo to make our final appeal so that kenyans can go out and win the war.
    its not a win for RAO but all kenyans including all those that votes against us

  262. zizi says:


    RAO’s win is a win for all Kenyans. I agree. All Kenyans include other tribes. Your direct reference against one is not welcome, however. There are people from Mt. Kenya who will be celebrating with us quietly. So we need to be sensitive otherwise we end up being tribalists ourselves by using the tribal card in our quest for change. God evening. Some of us have gone beyond such politics and RAO is that symbolism of our victory.

  263. Otsiatso says:

    The most frustrating thing about these last days in te diaspora is the selective news black out on ODM activities. Can anyone report what Mombasa and Malindi were like.
    What of the Western rallies? There is a short summary on front page here.
    Any eye witness news from the ground?

  264. otieno ab says:


    Thanks for the wise counsel Dec 23. This orange win is a win in all communities, for all kenyans of goodwill and they are everywhere in all provinces. Sensitivity isa virtue we must practise at this hour.
    Its a fact that fear mongering and fear of the unknown inevent of RAO’s triumph has pervaded centres and churches in PUNU”strongholds” A prominent church with historic origins in the USA has prepared sunday sermons targetting RAO .We ODMer’s must exercise tolerance as exemplified by our captain and help liberate all kenyans from bondage and fear. We all belong.

    Long live all kenyans.

  265. otieno ab says:

    Hi ODMer’s

    Just a thought!

    Can we bolster the anti rigging watch by having ourselves in some form of orange outfit or identifiable object or whatever would help us build communities/critical masses within polling stations.

    A returning officer has once confided in me that in a stronghold where group think prevails it is possible to have “100%”turnout. Notice PUNU language of high turnout is meant to legitimise the fraud.

    Be yua brothers keeper.

  266. faddie says:

    i think we should not be worried about people at the rural areas if what i experienced is anything to go by.
    i went to my shags over the weekend and if i tell u am impressed then that would be an underststement.people are enthusiastic back there.they can’t wait for 27th.infact they sent me back even though i wanted to celebrate xmas over there,i was sent packing.
    they told me there won’t be any xmas until we send raila to state house so i had no business being @ home.
    i was amazed.and imagine this message of ODM is being delivered even at funerals and in churches.
    on my way back to nairobi last night,i was surprised to see youths dancing and chanting by the roadsides while carrying twigs.guess what,they were singing in praise of ODM.and remember this was in areas considered leaning towards PNU.
    am a very happy person.

  267. mumias says:

    Now that the official campaign period is over, that does not mean that we all also wind up our respective marketing of our candidate. Infact I believe that this is the time for the foot solidiers to now excute the game plan and bring it home. We need to spend the next few days convincing the undecided as well as keeping vigilance against any unscrupolous activity from the PANUA guys hell bent on keeping MK at statehouse whatever the MEANS
    Guys for us, the work continues, we must mobilize and organise ways to ensure turnout in excess of 75% everywhere

  268. tnk says:


    kibaki is still airing ads on tv/radio etc in the name of x-mas and new year messages. so the stop was on public rallies conducted by the candidates but as kenyans its our business and right to continue discussing our new incoming ORange leaders (sometimes confused for campaigning;-) and those we are about to kick out for good.

  269. pabokenya says:

    thats true zizi.
    raila win is a win for all kenyans and am very sorry for the slur.anyway i wish ODMers a happy merry xmass as this will be the last year we are suffering from the yoke of tribalism and nepotism.
    i can wait and all my dreams are on the night of 27trh when agwambo takes the lead nationaly

  270. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Hi Agent4change,

    I just got this from a credible source…kindly act…..

    “Peugeot GK A279M, Toyota KAK 5202 and Landrover GK 570M r at this moment loading marked ballot papers @ Embakasi. Their destinations are not yet known. Sambaza”

  271. aduda evans says:

    there is car with the following registration KAS 938 G residing at juja road estate house No 1 used by NSIS CONNECTED to one of directors of NSIS MY MOBILE NO IS 0725387135

  272. onyi says:

    Please please please!!!! Can we do something about the state in Ugenya? If mwanga goes in on the basis of the ignorance of the people of Ugenya and his taking advantage of their poverty levels we would have failed our people in this part of Luo Nyanza. We must not let stolen money that has been laundered to this Mwanga from PNU to ruin our chance of sending an intellect to parliament. It is true, If Kenya needs Orengo, who is Ugenya?

  273. Kawere says:

    We have always known a thin about Agwambo- he does not make statements hohe hahe! When the Artur’s were first mentioed by RO, the government spokesman Mutua dismissed it and we all know what later transpired. ODMer’s watch out wherever you are. The leopard has been cornered and will use any tactics to scare the people. We must not give up. I see a beaming light a the end of the tunnel

    Merry Christmas and God bless Kenya

  274. kiprono says:

    Let ODM keep the promise of appointing ODM losers in the primaries to government jobs.

  275. david says:

    If you become the next kenyan president, I only request one thing of you.: Please do unite the other tribes especially Kikuyus to the Luos.

  276. tnk says:

    guys wake up and do something

    good job KTN/ EAS for the undercover work

    Let the honest service men and women in our forces come out in large numbers to counter the criminal acts of these few who will tarnish their image.

    Our police force can shed this image of being corrupt and this is the best opportunity, to rise up against misuse and abuse of these special services by corrupt elitists and politicians who will soon after ignore the poor working conditions and social facilities of these hardworking kenyans.

    where is the police commissioner? has he no authority over his forces? he needs to restamp his authority over his junior officers who together with politicians are breaking the chain of command protocols and procedures. where are the honest and diligent service men and women to expose their corrupt colleagues?

  277. Wanjeri says:

    Has anyone encouraged ODM voters to carry simple cameras, digital and video cameras to capture the faces of those trying to rig and disturb the peace. Lets not leave it to the press to capture the true faces of corruption. Just be discrete and careful!

  278. amosogal says:

    Hey. We will lynch those strangers at our polling station. Let everyone be alert. I am really happy with the public on how they have handled the APs so far. Lynch, lynch and lynch. Our area chief (Nyakac) has been going round in funerals telling people to vote and go home. We will vote, and wait for the results to be counted. Once the results are announced, will will then go home and celebrate. Also, Please, Please, give RAO the three piece. Anybody with update from Ugeny???/

  279. Otsiatso says:

    NO! NO! NO! That is exactly what pnu wants – violence so that the state machinery will move in and disperse the crowd. Also that will scare away especially the older voters.
    So my fellow ODM’ers NO VIOLENCE please!!

    The sure anti rigging dawa is vigilance, survellaince and exposing these crooks tothe light of the news, because like roaches they operate in the dark and can not stand the light. ODM must have agents present in all the voting locations, just like 2002 , with more eyes they can not steal.

  280. amol says:



  281. Phil says:

    RED ALERT AGENT FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  283. zizi says:


    Well put. Let ODM not be involved in violence. PNU is out to create the violent situation so that they can have reasons to reject results also. ODM should be a peaceful Party but that is not to say we condone rigging. Even if the APs appear, our agents should be at the polling station to direct the voters and ensure tha the APs dont interfere. I do not think there is going to be any problem if the terms of engagement are set out. So let us avoid violence.

  284. otieno ab says:

    Hi ODMer’s

    Note that the AP rigging scheme is premised on the”PNU” agents doing subtle damage to our candidate. Talk of a little chip on our numeric advantage.

    Sample this with 10 to 30 spoilt votes per station and with just 30000 poll centres thr figures work miracles. The obvious target is the aided voters such as old and illiterate.Beware of all strangers.

    I thought the provincial administration had been removed from having any role in the polls.

  285. Amosogal says:

    Otsiatso: and Others,
    Please let us know the best way to handle this rigging thing. We have unconfirmed reports that our DO was found with 9,000 marked ballot papers. We will not accept a rigged election. We have decided not to allow any stranger into our polling station! Preciously, into our village from tomorrow morning since we dont expect anyone to visit us on the votting day!!! We have put in place measures to make sure that the elderly vote as early as 8am, all of them, i will personally drive my dad who is sick and my grandmother. Incase we are provoked, we will retaliate

  286. otieno ab says:

    Hi ODMer’s

    Whats latest on the intended KTN raid to destroy our platform and voice of the people? Is it prudent to adopt a no ccoperation , non voilent human shield?

  287. amol says:

    helo, pliz we have to raise the red flag. Just hours before the vote casting proces begins, the government of Mwai Kibaki has hatched a dangerous plot to bring down the standard media group, especially the KTN studies in Nairobi. Observing from a reliable source ( a senior GSU officer stationed at Gilgil), the plot is laid such that an elite squad of Paramilitary officers, backed by the Administration police is going to raid the slum villages of Kibera, Mashimoni and Laini Saba before 2am tonight, terrorise the residents and cow them not to go out and vote when the stations open up in the morning. A curfew is going to be imposed as the security agents will be taking charge of the area and thereafter a conducive environment for rigging out Raila will be created.

    Pliz tell the whole world that we are aware of this plot, and no Kenyan is ready to conceive any such a thing like attack on a media house, especially just hours before elections.

  288. tnk says:

    i agree with zizi,

    maintain maximum vigilance to ensure that suspect agents do not get anywhere near the ballot boxes before, during and after voting exercise especially before vote counting begins. Secondly, make sure that there is no room left for mischief should a vote recount exercise become necessary.

    As for handling the rogue APs and other rigging agents, this has to be on a case by case basis. Some you can confront and make a citizens arrest together with evidence, others you may have to restrain through extra watchfulness. but by all means avoid starting the trouble at the voting stations. Be at the poll station as early as possible so that you are witness to empty ballot boxes before the exercise begins.

    also watch out for PNU agents that will try to engage others in argument or fights to start a commotion or chaos so that either voting is put off or fake papers sneaked into the center or ballot boxes.

    Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora, Vote for Real Change

  289. ODM says:


  290. Hi Mr. President!
    We prepare to see you lead us through transforamtion. On Dec.27th, the whole world will witness the success made by Kenyans who are ready for change.

    We stand behind you and work to save our dignity and build our country that has been torn apart by the greedy elites.
    We understand that this war is between the poor majority and the rich minority. We bare witness that you stand for the marginalized and create a foundation that has been ignored by the rich for the poor Kenyans to participate in creating changes in their lives.
    We wish you all the best in your forthcoming presidency.
    Go Raila Go!!!
    God bless you.

  291. OSMAN says:






  292. OSMAN says:




  293. kenn says:

    I would like to wish all of us a successful election in which ODMs candidate, RAO emerges victorious. Get everyone you know out there to vote, and come evening the good lord will have answered our prayers

  294. Abdi says:

    My contacts told me that there is no site of the APs in North Eastern. May be they are just interested in the strongholds like Luo Nyanza? It could also be that there are on their way to this distant land. Either way, I hope we can stop the rigging.

  295. zizi says:


    ALTHOUGH, the nation and standard have created their’s!

  296. ouma says:

    yes it would be nice to get updates. We kenyans in diaspora need to know what is going on

  297. pabokenya says:

    have heard that our president has been denied a chance to vote, is it true?
    that raila’s name is missing while livondo is there?

  298. odhiambo says:

    everthing is going good so far odm victori is just hours away please be peacefull and let the kenyan exercise their hard fought decomcracy riala spend nine years in prison we can have multiparty kenya peace and love

  299. abdul, minneapolis says:


    Update me folks, we are part of raila odinga team in minneapolis, Minnesota . USA. please tell us what is going on, on the ground. I hear raila’s name is not on the register. Whats up with that?

  300. Kawere says:

    Agent$Change. I am wondering if tjsi late. I find the main RO’s website cumbersome. can someone do some shrinking of the head for usability. It takes a lt takes a lot of clicks before we can learn the udpates.

  301. Kawere says:

    Disregard the last comments, I think I have figured that there is a map of Kenya with links. Updated very nicely.

  302. Achola Omolo says:

    I’m just from making a change statement at Uhuru gardens Langata constituency. The queue is still long though as voting started late. There was an incident where one of the polling clerks was only giving out the civic and presidential ballot papers and hiding the parliamentary ones. However she was caught and dealt with.

    But there seem to be alot of incidents of names missing out on the registers for upcountry pple in Likoni constituency. Agent of change kindly look into this. We want to make a loud statement in this election.

  303. mbwana says:

    Its 2 am but I cannot sleep. Agents of change plis let me have any results from langata. Am already sick and worried stiff. Our president has virtually led in all the provinces. The bad guys’ target has been the langata seat.I know they cant but am worried.Dont you think if all is not well, then Gumo and mudavadi can speak a language to the stanley man-this is politics. I might not be right but hope the contribution can work.

  304. dennis k says:

    hi everyone! just want to say im very proud to be kenyan today. once again, we have shown the rest of africa that we are a right thinking people and we have shown as well that with faith and resolve anything is possible. we give hope to the rest of our brothers and sisters across africa. we did it! now, the real work begins.. happy orange new year to everyone and congratulations to all of us. they said we were all talk and no action… who’s laughing now?

  305. zizi says:


    How many votes counted so far? Do we expect more than 0.5 milllion from Nyanza and another 0.5 from Rift Valley? I am suprised that Nairobi is not providing any significant data? s there a problem with counting? I notice the Standard is not updating its numbers any longer, is there a reason why?

    Someone can help. Keep fingers crossed.

  306. Otsiatso says:

    zizi: is streaming KTN live much better than the papers.
    The future is nuclear orange!

  307. tnk says:

    dennis k, you’ve said it right

    the real work begins now and I’m so proud to be an ODMer and a kenyan

    great job all ODMers and Kenyans, we are the best nation in a democratic africa

  308. tnk says:

    dennis k, you’ve said it right

    the real work begins now and I’m so proud to be an ODMer and a kenyan

    great job all ODMers and Kenyans, we are the best nation in a democratic africa

  309. zizi says:


    Thank you very much.

  310. tnk says:

    do you guys see how a nation should operate. the police are doing the best to maintain law and order, reporters taking live footage, there is no harassment of reporters and the police doing a really decent job.

    only PNU idiots trying to cause chaos to go against the wishes of Kenyans, shame on Saitoti. the people have DECIDED

  311. OPADO says:


  312. zizi says:

    hey guys, what is your take about the gap? Kibaki seems to be gaining strongly espcially from Eastern and Central. I expect that out of the total 2.2m votes in central, he Kibaki is likely to get another boost of 0.3m. so that he gets 1.65 from there. Then in Eastern, we need to be xtra vigilant because of the Meru vote that is not being declared yet i hear. from 2.3m in eastern, kibaki gets a total of 700 and Kalonzo gets the rest. that means, he has 0.4 to go. from both ends I expect him to ve an additional 0,7m which adds up to around 3.8million and RAO is at 3.7million assuming that all this time RAO has no additional votes! So it is a neck to neck. How does RAO win? This is how. I hope we have 0.2m more votes in Nyanza. In RV 0.3m votes. Coast 0.3m, Nrb 0.250. NE 0.090. then peripheries 0.020. RAO’s votes in waiting around 1.1 m. Add up then we get 4.7m. Kibaki 3.8 plus these extra provinces and peripheries, 0.4. His total, 4.1m. Total votes cast, 4.7 (R)+4.1(Mk)+0.75 (kalonzo) =9.65m which is 69% (voter turn out).

    Do I make sense to anybody? I keep my fingers crossed.

  313. onyi says:

    well its quite evident that politics is not yet over. there is still a tactical game being played by both teams. this has to do with the release of results. Kibaki and his team have held on to the central and eastern results in an attempt to be able to rig them in favour of Kibaki when the need arises so as to close the gap between him and Raila. I urge my fellow ODMers that we should not worry,i bet we also have our game plan. Dont worry only 13 constituencies out of the 49 have counted their votes in rift valley. we are still way ahead. i hope i have comforted any worrying ODMer.

  314. J. Juma says:

    Don’t worry. The numbers will be there. They still many more constituencies to announce in ODM friendly territories.

  315. sam says:

    we wish you a beautiful inauguration as next kenyan president

  316. sam says:

    Raila telo modong luwe

  317. onyi says:

    Despite Kamanda’s attempts to rig himself to parliament, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru has taken herself through.
    Praise God.

  318. Otsiatso says:

    Zizi hawataweza thanx to RV lead that we got yesterday. Your thinking is mine too. Naynza and Central have about the same votes left, Eatern province will narrow the current votes and maybe put Obako ahead, BUT then comes Coast, Western and RV, and Nairobi.
    Thank you RV!!!!

  319. karanja kamau says:

    Even if he comes in ,VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE. hawana enough mps. And then everybody is tired of lucy what a shame. It’s heaven and earth compared with Ida.

  320. kube says:

    i can say u ODMers u have humbled me.
    ur dangerous ple with your bullets.
    u have shown the entire world how to take power, not thro the backdoor but with a clear message.
    slapped again?let mama ida start showing us how she can reconcile all kenyans,
    let baba raila show kenyans that even tho some voted for kibaki, he held them in high esteem,
    i have just learned that kamanda is out,what a gud way for kenyans to speak out loud.
    I love u all ODMers.

    pliz agent of change, give us another topic to discuss pliz.
    ongera ODm and all wana chungwa who showed no mercy to moi daddy 2

  321. zizi says:

    Is the Agent4Change asleep? I observe that some votes by the Nation increase then reduce. e.g. nyanza was 1.239m now it is 1.18m. RV figure is diff from that of KTN. Kibaki central has increased overwhlming and now things are very much neck to neck.

    Any compensating votes from the constituencies in RV, Nyanza, Coast, Nairobi that you know of?

    Keep the fingers crossed.

  322. karanja kamau says:

    what is going on with AGENT 4 CHANGE , PENTAGON COMMAND CENTER ?. it’s only ZIZI, ME AND OTSIATSO awake !

  323. kube says:

    what are the current result?

  324. tnk says:


    this is KIbaki/Moi vote meddling

    idea has been to withhold results from central and eastern so that as results from other areas arrive, corresponding increases are factored or doctored into these areas votes. all these efforts will not succeed becuase the hard numbers are beyond any form of rigging. keep the faith and hope, this battle will be won

  325. zizi says:

    Tnk and those awake,

    Now the website has numbers with a difference of 412K. I think they are using the LTN results. Agent4change should be giving us more inside information based on what our agents know from those constituencies that have not reported.

    I am assuming that the 412K are the upheal task for Kibaki as we strife to gather slots here and there.

    Eastern/Central-11? – Agent = As long as this one doesnt get beyond 400K, we t in the game. What are the prospectives?

  326. amosogal says:

    Guys are really worried. But still we are headed for a win. Nothing will stand between us and statehouse. I agree with Zizi figures. Western? There is something wrong, we expected to get huge turnout, but that is not the case. They have given us alot of MPs and infact the pride of beating the VP, FK Kombo Kombo. Cheers guys

  327. onyi says:

    I think what Kibaki and his team are doing is a threat to national security.This is not only dividing the country along ethnic lines but it is also igniting an undeclared war of “Kenya against Mt. Kenya”. There are reports of massive rigging in Central Province and Eastern Province in Kibaki strongholds. Lights have been mysteriously switched off, our ODM agents have been refrained from getting into the counting halls and were told to return to their hotels. let Kimunya not cheat us. The holding back of the results in this areas are in their effect to rig themselves to power, we are not childred to be played around with. If this is the war they want, we are ready to fight it to the bitter end.

  328. amosogal says:

    Anybody with results from figures from areas where the results are yet to be anouced by the ECK especially from central/eastern

  329. kube says:

    whats going on?
    have we factored how many consituencies are remaining from mt kenya?
    they can withhold these results and release them in the last minute so that we go to courts and thats why kibaki appointed new judges recently.

  330. tnk says:

    kibakis guys are trying to give him some dubious vote numbers from Nairobi, Eastern and Central, because Central alone is not going to give him sufficient numbers to beat Raila hence the delay as they try to adjust numbers
    unfortunately it just cant work, the numbers wont jive because ODM already has provisional tally, press have provisional tally so its a hard sell for them right now. we need the provisional numbers from ODM and press and start raising red flags where there are differences. Bishop Wanjiru would have lost to these riggers if they were not vigilant as you’ve seen with the stuffed ballot papers on display and RAO lost some votes which were deliberatelt left out.

  331. onyi says:

    Is it me or western is letting us down,the voter turnout is unacceptable. i expected more from them.

  332. onyi says:

    Can someone please shed some light on the issue,what is going on?

  333. David says:

    Its up to us to remain vigilant. I thank the patriotic kenyans who’ve stood against all odds to ensure things go the right way. It was surprising why no numbers were comming forth from North Eastern and now more surprising Kibaki is leading in North Eastern..”Dubious”

  334. ouma says:

    Hey guys things are not looking good, can somebody or ODM press secretary do the ODMers some favor and tell us whats going on. How many more from central that have not been recorded and how many more from our strongholds. I have been glued in front of this computer for the last 40hrs and am getting really nervous

  335. kube says:

    hey wana ODm wapo?
    we are taking the big seat so lets be vigilant but not worried.pliz can somebody update us here in diaspora about mps’ in nbi

  336. kube says:

    thanks to ODmers and most to my bishop for sending the arogant kamanda home.
    maybe he can vie nxt time in mathioya where he comes from.
    am dying to know who has taken kasarani and kamkunji.
    i am listening to capital fm online but they dont give us regular updates as we get them from online

  337. kenn says:

    what the hell is going on back in kenya?!!, its been two days and we dont know who the president is? give me a break, I propose that we mobilise people to peacefully pickett KICC where the electoral commission is sitting and have them announce the resullts, these people are playing with our lives!!!!!

  338. tnk says:

    any reason why ECK adjusted tally in Kieni from 54377 for kibaki to 72054


  339. Kawere says:

    Guys, I can see this is going to the wire. Not because there are people who want MK but because PANUA does not want to concede. The writing has been on the wall ever since. kwani how long does it take for ECK to declare votes if they were being counted at the local polling stations? ODM command centre has the results and Nyaga has just said that they have most of te results including the Meru constituency but ECK still wants to cook the results. They are even delaying Nairobi results! Oh My!

    Kenyans are watching them… It is time to just pray for Kenya so that Kibaki can go home in peace. We can smell it.

  340. onyi says:

    Walter Mong’are clearly explained to us how they rigged KJ out. We will not let this go. Their stealing has gone too far.

  341. Kawere says:

    Raila has taken the lead iwith over 4 million as per KTN and he is also leading in NBO

  342. Otsiatso says:

    That is the spirit troops!

  343. Mkaziaji says:

    Guys anyone with the latest of udates?Where is our pentagon team.What are they saying?

  344. Pea says:

    Yeah, okay, that’s the spirit but ECK is now being shady!!!

  345. Mkaziaji says:

    Raila to speak a few minutes from now.ECK to deliver a statement at the same time

  346. zizi says:


    Can someone tell us which constituencies are penidng for tallying so far? Did the Kisii one clear? What about the coast? By how much are we leading in NRB?

    People I am told are already on the streets -kisumu and kibera. I think the ECK is inclined to flare up the tempers the more.

    Please, any answers to the questions?

  347. dennis k says:

    eck are causing uneccesarry anxiety in the country by withholding presidential results from some parts. it is irresponsible of them! we know we have won this election and any attempts at trying to rob us of our victory will be regrettable. his excellency president raila odinga should move quickly to reassure the country that all is well and odm has this election in the bag.

  348. dennis k says:

    may i also take this opportunity to emphasize the very strong message that the kalenjin community has sent out. never again shall we allow leaders to play the tribal card and expect us to blindly follow suit. kenya is a great great country and not a tribal chiefdom we went with odm precisely because of this. we need leaders of raila’s calibre who unite people as opposed to those who have perpetually practised the politics of tribalism. i am mighty proud. to all of us here who kept the faith and played our part at whichever level , big or small to help bring about the change we had all so craved kudos kudos kudos!

  349. Fred Oaks says:

    can someone tell us how many constituencies have been announced. This is a painful wait here in London. What is the latest on the presidential count?

  350. Kawere says:

    You are so right. I was chatting with my wife and she made the smartest comment I have heard so far i.e The Kalenjin community has lead Kenyans in voting the smartest way. The community is the most democratically transformed and best calculated community in Kenya now. Kibaki must be cursing himself for associating with Mo1.
    I spoke with relatives in Kisumu and they confirm that riots are going on there.
    People, let us calm down and wait. Kibaki has no room to move

  351. kube says:

    agent of change, can u confirm and advice the pentagon on this worrying report have got from kalenjin,net


    Kibaki will be declared winner and installed immediately as the country¢s fourth president. The plan to rig the elections started long time ago with the pollsters preparing Kenyans ahead of time. They kept saying this election will be too close to call! That was carefully planned to play with the psyche of everybody in the country and to the international community. Kibaki¢s major problem was the possibility of his inability to get the 25% of votes in at least 5 provinces. The pollsters helped him to plan and it looks like their homework worked. The sent cars and security personnel to RV, Nyanza and Western to confuse everybody while the work on the NE, and Coast ballot papers. The whole country was fixated on these cars and what they had in them and forgot about the other provinces! As I watch the report of the tallied votes from these two provinces, I am mesmerized by the numbers Kibaki is getting! This guy has been totally rejected in large parts of NE but in many places, he has more votes than Raila in NE and Coast! This is unbelievable! NE is a place rigging can easily be executed because of the hostile terrain. The opposition candidates can hardly match the government machinery in these sparse and difficult terrains. Because of their advanced plans to rig these elections, Kibaki will get the 25% from Coast and NE on top of his comfort zones. That was the hardest part for him! Getting the popular vote is not a problem to them since they hard a parallel ECK running side-by-side with the official one. Nairobi has been rigged left-right-center! There are a number of folks from that province who could tell people on the face that Kibaki will win this election whether you like or not!

    If you were able to carefully listen to the conference the police commissioner held yesterday with political agents and the international reporters, then you must have realized that the questioners were worried that these elections have already been rigged and the purpose of the high security in the city is to deal with unrest with the unpopular president when he is declared and sworn in tomorrow! This will be a very sad day for Kenya and those who love democracy.

  352. dennis k says:

    exactly kawere, the reports of violence breaking out in a few parts of the country are very regretable. while eck is not exactly helping to calm nerves, we all should shun any kind of violence and rise above that sort of immaturity. i am confident that odm will carry the day and therefore it wont augur well for us that our supporters are being percieved to be perpetrators of the disturbance. other than that, let us all keep our fingers crossed here and be extra vigilant that no underhand tactics are employed by panua to rob us of our victory.

  353. Kawere says:
    Keep updated from Mars Group website. They have included a comparison table of the ECK and KTN results. Watch the KTN numbers, where will Kibaki get almost 400 K votes from unless they are cooking some numbers from Meru or Uganda?

  354. dennis k says:

    its a lost cause for kibaki and co. the earlier they accept this fact the better. for the sake of peace and stability in this country they should set aside, for a moment, their bloated egos and accept the very powerful will of the people of this great country. i have never been prouder of henry kosgey today. he minced no words with the eck commissioners and told them to their faces that they kenyans are no fools and neither are we incapable of getting accurate figures from the ground ourselves if eck is incapable of carrying out its mandated task. he further told them that kenyans have made their choice infront of the entire world and therefore see no sense in any more delays in installing our president. RAILA ODINGA is our president and we shall accept no less!!!!!

  355. kenn says:

    people this guys are stealing from right before our own eyes!!!, let us declare a national protest, we cannot be held hostage by one community!!, we too are kenyans!!

  356. Kawere says:

    The chaos could be easily averted if MK as the president was gracious and did not appear to have interfered with ECK. According the Kivuiti, he says that there may be elements of PANUA in ECK trying to thwart the due process.
    MK could also come out and make statements for calm in a non threatening way if he knows he is capable of winning ( I know he is not capable of winning fairly)
    On the ground I am told that Kibera is cordoned off and Kisumu, MSA, ELD, KERICHO and some major towns are experiencing riots.
    Kivuiti should tell the country when he is going to make his deadline statement true. And by saying that he will make known the final results known even with the dissapearance of some of the Presiding officers

    PANUA is soooo desperate they can do anything. Guys on the ground are being very vigilant. Just like it was predicted

  357. zizi says:

    hey guys,

    does anyone know which are the suspect constituencies?

    also, whoever is watching KTN on africast, could you advise me how. I have always logged in, paid 4 it, worked the java thing but still can only see a blank black screen.

    someone says that maragua had 115% turn out! That is the miracle Kalonzo talked about or what? There is no way we are going to accept rigged results!

    pls help.

  358. dennis k says:

    zizi these people are crazy.. 115% voter turnout! how ridiculous is that? they have the all time master of the rigging game (moi) in their camp but judging from how amatuerish their attempts at it are, he skills are rusty. kivuitu has just concluded his press briefing amidst heated debate from a very very adamant odm team. he has conceded that something is amiss and has assured everyone that he will not announce cooked figures. we are awaiting results from the remaining 18 constituencies. im sorry i cant be of much help with the africast thing. i’ll post here with any info as it comes to me.

  359. Mwe says:

    Raila keep the faith and keep fighting for us i cant even belive this mess how can u have 16% of constituencies and have millions of votes???even if all of central voted for u its just insane.

  360. Kawere says:

    Moi is not even in the country. He fled to UK with his family. Mambo yameporomoka!
    Nation is now updated their website that MK is at 47 % and RO at 47.5 with less than 40 K votes separating them. No matter what the real results may be, it just seems very fishy and I smell a well planned rigging scheme that is meant to elicit bad response from ODMers so that MK could be seen in good light as being the “nice” guy.
    I wish KM would come out and make a statement. He is losing anyway

  361. Kawere says:

    What? DId you say 115% voter turnout? !! Ole wangu these PANU guys do not have any shame. How do they explain the fact that 20 ministers are gone and ODM has majority in parliament. State House is for ODM no matter what!!

  362. kube says:


  363. dennis k says:

    latest figures as released by eck:

    RAILA – 3,880,053 48 %

    KIBAKI – 3,842,051 47 %

    KALONZO- 346,214 4 %

    still awaiting results from 18 constituencies.

  364. tnk says:

    its true guys, these guys are waiting to execute the master rig where some fishy or cookeed up results will be announced and then ECK forced to announce these as the final results.

    ODM pentagon needs to act now to stop this blatant lie. ODM must accost ECK chairman and provide lists tallied by press and ODM agents and others with specific constituency vote counts. if there are major discrepancies ask ECK to drill down to specific polling stations and determine where the stuffing of ballots took place. I agree with say NO to rigging. all these late results from areas that experienced peaceful voting started and ended on time are suspect

  365. tnk says:

    kibaki is a president of Central kenya, he has no mandate to be president over the rest of kenya. the people of central have also said they are not willing to work with the rest of kenya, and with apology to all the open minded central kenyan ready to work with others as well as those who support kibaki on economic issues and not tribal affiliation.

    these doctored results should not be allowed

    Rift valley with over 3 M voters and at least 75% turnout but typically 80% only have a paltry 1.9M vote count. there are just too many things wrong at the same time. RAO should not accept under any circumstances the bloated figures from eastern and some parts of central. and investigate why RV turnout was so low. ECK must wok with all agents to resolve these suspect figures.

    anyone except kibaki /PNU can read the mood of people of kenya, no way one province can impose its will on the rest of kenya

  366. dennis k says:

    are we being told in this day and age that we cannot get results from a region in meru due to heavy rain???? what are we children? we have the capacity to be in n out of any part of this country in a matter of minutes! where are the planes and the choppers? it is obvious that this election is a sham! P.N.U are going to any lengths to rig. my appeal is for us to stand our ground but remain calm for the sake of our beautiful country. if, God forbid, kivuitu decides to accept the cooked numbers and install the thieves as winners, it is inevitable that we shall constitutionaly remove kibaki from office. we have the numbers in parliament and if the worst case scenario comes to pass, they will not last 30 days in government as soon as the tenth parliament begins bussiness.

  367. tnk says:


    our mps do not have the same resolve as people and will easily be compromised unless we have a strong and democratic leader. Kibaki should not be allowed back to state house on rigged outcome.

  368. dennis k says:

    tnk, you are right. i was just saying that that would be our only option if the worst came to the worst. i am still confident that sanity and common sense will prevail and by tommorow, we shall have raila as our president. kibaki has lost all credibilty. he is an extremely irresponsible leader. by manipulating figures behind the scene and withholding the truth from kenyans he has put this country in great peril. all this because he and his group of theives cannot accept the verdit of the very people they have been claiming to serve.

  369. ouma says:

    Well even Lesotho is within South Africa. The other option is to let few central elite be its on country(wich i hope not) where they will continue with the misplaced belief that precidency only belongs to them. For the few few who have transceded the tribal barriers i am with you. It is true by nature we tend to be bias, but there is limit to how far you can entertain some stupid ideas. Let us hope for a heathy working nation. The Kenyans have spoken please let the incumbent accept the verdict. I love you all my fellow kenyans

  370. ouma says:

    Sorry i meant the few elite form there own country within the central province. For the rest hard working kenyans who have the conviction to good governance and accountability lets unite and move to greater heights

  371. tnk says:

    i am worried sick myself because these PNU guys are playing on the fact that kenyans forgive and forget quite easily but this should not be allowed to happen at all, and in different circumstances I’d have agreed with you, but we need to show the world that true democracy must prevail and all manner of rigging removed completely from our systems. that is just how corruption gets embeded and institutionalised. but I’m on the same page with you my brother we need urgent redress and therefore hope sanity, responsibility and common sense will prevail and Raila is announced the victor in these elections

  372. dennis k says:

    im inclined to believe that kivuitu is an honest man and has kenya’s best interests at heart. he may play the class clown often but when push comes to shove he will not stand nonsense. he has himself already alluded to the fact that p.n.u are cooking the numbers in various parts of the remaining constituencies. you cannot fight the will and resolve of a is one of the most powerful forces known to man. kenya elected odm and raila and that is the way it is! does any one know which the remaining 18 constituencies are exactly? and the registered voters therein? i for one would really like to know.

  373. tnk says:

    kivuitu stands tall and almost alone in a sea of sharks. the fact that finally police commissioner has suddenly found his voice is also very suspect. all the mischief takes place when he takes a break.

    I also don’t know the constituencies, but most important is to ensure those tallied so far especially the late entries are verified because cooking started at 1.2m central votes when kieni went from 40k for kibaki to 70k, juja 50k to 100k and then they started streaming in Kiambaa etc. and then we need to know what happened in RV with total turnout just a little over 50%. it appears that a number of ECK officers were compromised if kamukunji, is a pointer. it is shameful that kenyans simply cannot expect honesty integrity and decency from any public officer starting with the current chief executive or incumbent and corruption is either through active participation or indirect acts such as ignoring all signs of it. this is very frustrating.

  374. linda says:

    Which are these 18 constituencies that results have not been recieved from?

  375. Daudi says:

    It is catastrophic. It is time for a popular revolution!!!! Whoever knows how to reach the ‘pentagon’ tell them to rally Kenyans to the Orange revolution square in Nairobi and the other provinces. No one should be ready to take it lying down and lives can be risked for this course. Martin Luther King did it, the African Americans can at least share the same bus with their white counterparts. Kenyans spoke loud and clear and nothing can be far from the truth. The ‘change baby’ cannot be aborted on the platform such as seen mounted by PNU-manipulating you want to say the there are no people from central in the diaspora, no dead ones or those in hospital to warant a massive voter turnout in the tune of 97-115%. So did their dead not only vote, but they also had supporters away from the earth? Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi, Ngilu, Balala, Nyaga, Orengo, Magara and the wider ODM team must be told to get out and complete the journey Kenyans set them off to accomplish; even if it is sacrifising ones own breath. We are ready!

  376. Daudi says:

    The PNU brigade has Michuki accomplishing the task; preparing the police in the city and parading the military around the country. Kibaki will be sworn in under our noses with minority of votes and MPs. He will then straight away cobble a coalition like the one voted out, poaching from ODM and embracing brother ODM-K. Then Kivuiti will tell the popular revolutionists to go to court.the case will either drag for 5 years or be thrown out by Wako. His swearing in is not difficult, because the Chief justice is in his pocket, the Airforce and Navy, Army, GSU and Police (Except Mj Ali) are his men. Then the change cravers will be turned into a laugping stock. Rise up now and resist! We must guard our hard earned freedom from patriachs and dynasties

  377. dennis k says:

    i agree entirely. we need the votes in so far verified to everybody’s satisfaction. for sure raila must have got more than 1.2 mil in rvp. other regions too i suspect. with the kind of popularity odm has enjoyed thus far, and parliamentary seats won can attest to this, it is laughable for anyone to dispute that raila has not only won this election but done so convincingly. the likes of kibaki and moi will be judged harshly for assuming that they can have their way with the kenyan electorate at the expense of democracy. im sure our agents who, along with the others currently holed up with the eck officials will stand their ground and ensure justice prevails. God bless kenya. God bless odm and God bless the people of kenya.

  378. Daudi says:

    We must call for Popular revolution. It worked in Ukraine! the time is now. we must reclaim what belongs to us. If Kibaki managed to bridge the gap of 1 million overnight, what is left in 19 seats or a difference of 40K votes. He is already making calls congratulating his brigade for a job well crafted and only a revolution can stop him. Only a revolution can call ECK back to the tallying hall to rationalise against a 115% voter turnout in Central and to retrieve the votes cast by dead voters and those in the diaspora. only a peaceful and pupular revolution. ODM has the numbers and the ‘pentagon’ must deliver Kenyans. We must help Raila help us. We are under mornachial yoke which will not leave our shoulders except we sacrifice a step further. Revolution.

  379. Tet says:

    Daudi is right. Can someone tell the ‘pentagon’ out feelings and pour our hears?

  380. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    I know we have been praying all along.

    Jehova God ,they are trying to steal this win from Raila.
    Lord Jesus please do not let evil schemes prevail.
    thank you.

  381. Kibaki will not get away with stealing victory from Raila. The informed and ever vigilant electorate has loudly spoken and their message is clear. Raila Amolo Odinga is their choice. Mr. Kivuitu, please save this nation by doing the right thing. Congratulations on a strong fight Mr. Odinga. You will make a great leader for our beloved country.

  382. George Mogusu says:

    Word on the ground is that Hon Raila has emerged the winner of the 2007 presidential elections but due to the mounting civil unrest being experienced in the capital city Nairobi, the ECK has elected not to diverge the winner till tomorrow morning (12/30/07). As we prepare to usher in the new president, let us take a moment and and think how far this democratic process has taken to get to frutation. Let hope Raila will bring the changes he has be drumming on the campaign trail. We shall be vigilantly observing whether all he was doing was lip service or is he gonna bring change.

  383. Mwe says:

    The following are the 18 constituencies remaining
    starehe,changamwe,kisauni,garsen,mandera south,kituiwest,kathiani,mwala,kibwezi,gatundu south,turkana north,turkanacentral,kacheliba,baringocentral,malaba,ikolomani,emukhaya and kajiado the way i see it kibaki should only carry gatundu this is very frustrating im trying to stay away from the computer…. lakini wapi. Are u guys watching africast Too much rioting going on and those guyz dragging machetes on the streets??? too much drama!!

  384. Joram Ragem says:

    Worry not Beatrice, for your prayers were answered a while back. It was foretold by my 10th great grandfather, Ragem that Kibaki would loose these elections and this we’ve witnessed already. No matter how hard he tries to rig or cling to power, it is finished. It was also foretold that we were headed to the courts about these elections, no matter which side wins, and that Kenay’s 4th president would be Raila. When and how we’ll get there is just a matter of time.

    Joram Ragem
    wuod Ndinya, wuod Onam, wuod Amolo, wuod Owuoth, wuod Oganyo, wuod Mumbe, wuod Odongo, wuod Olwande, wuod Adhaya, wuod Ojuodhi, woud Ragem! (Are you my relative?)

  385. kube says:

    my brothers, for the first time, a friend called me jana and told me he understands why alkida dresses with bombs and blows ple.
    its sad that when kenyans speaks like that, there are never considered and the presidency goes to some1 else?

  386. ouma says:

    Please RAO should not concede, it will take ages/eons to get where we are right now. Since 1963 we have been yearning for this type of change. WE should NOT let arrogant insensitive feeble minded people push us this far. We need change and the time is now. RAO this presidency is yours the majority have spoken
    By the way what is the deal with my moderation?

  387. kube says:

    i cant believe this

  388. kube says:

    if kibaki knows that he want to continue this kazi despite the rejection of his party, then am sorry for kenya

  389. dennis k says:

    kenya has been cheated out of too many elections. we will not accept, under any circumstances to be cheated again. either sam kivuitu calls this election for raila coz god knows he won fair and square or we refuse to continue with any semblance of normalcy in as far as government business is concerned. Agent4change, can we please embark on organizing a million man march to kicc and statehouse? kenya has spoken and we will be damned if they do not heed the voice of the people! this country belongs to all of us and we have the power and the say as to who governs us. we said it clearly, in full view of the entire world that we have chosen raila odinga and odm. we shall have it no other way!

  390. kube says:

    whats happening

  391. tnk says:

    dennis I’m with you.

    time to shift gears, we have been extra civil. we now need to start drumming the message home. we dont want corruption, we dont want rigging, we dont want tribalism, we dont want imposed leadership, we have decided.

  392. chakenya says:

    I am a disappointed Kenyan- to see my kinsmen ( I am kikuyu) so openly display their ignorance and promote tribalism is appaling. if the results from other provinces( other than central) are anything to go by, then it is high time we all shunned tribalism and treat each other as bros and sisters. i pray for peace ep in Kibera and all other parts of kenya

  393. tnk says:

    just seen few tv clips, trying to psyche us into accepting rubbish either as Christians or peace loving.

    thats really serious rigging.

    no more accommodation. we need to make it clear. we need good governance. no more rubbish. 1 million man march is required. we have to reject falsified results. no more acceptance of doctored results. rights for every man, central and eastern kenya cannot determine the future of 6.5 other provinces. reject all pro-kibaki rigged results.

    his ministers out means he as the cabinet appointer is also tainted, its his prerogative to choose the cabinet, he chose wrong therefore he has been wrong all along. stop this man now.

  394. dennis k says:

    i saw that too tnk. it is infact THEY who should be peace loving and give us what is due to us. again tnk i agree with your statement that kibaki has absolutely no business being in office as we speak. he DOES NOT HAVE THE MANDATE OF THE PEOPLE OF KENYA! and thats just it.. simple and clear. im sorry to say this but we wont take it lying down. this country shall be ungovernable if kibaki is fraudulently elected. for heavens sake even the children can see raila won this election. Agent4change we need a course of action here. we will not i repeat will not accept anything less than our hard earned victory!

  395. apollo says:

    short of popular civil uprising, kibaki is being prepared for cake eating. this is now the time to stop all this. kikuyus in other provinces will be massacred. please for the sake of all kenyans do what is right. reject doctored results now. send this othaya hen-pecked man home

  396. apollo says:

    rumors on the internet

    Apparently ECK has received orders from state house (Nairobi) to announce the election results as follows:

    Difference: 59,114

    Kibaki is trying to remain in power by force through rigged elections when kenyans have gone to the polls and overwhelmingly spoken & chosen ODM & raila as the democratic voice of Kenya.

    There are over 20,000 people outside KICC waiting to hear this “trash” announced as the final position. let’s see how the events unfold following this kind of intimidation upon peace loving Kenyans. We are in a time of test, let’s pray that Kibaki will be man enough and concede defeat.

    What next?

  397. Kip Eld. says:

    Men of reason, let us do something we have been cheated out of what is ours. A million man match to state house and demant our right. Raila is our President.

  398. chakenya says:

    Dennis and tnk, I fully agree with you – we should not be hoodwinked into accepting a ruler who has been rejected by almost all Kenyans. However, let us remember, rigging or no rigging, peace has to prevail in Kenya during the post-elections period. I believe there are peaceful ways of expressing our stand, that we wont take this lying low. I fear that the incumbent will still use the govt forces to silence any peaceful demonstrations- this is where we all need to unite as one and sing one song- we have decided on whom we want as a ruler. Long live Kenya- and long live democracy.

  399. tnk says:

    dennis sadly it looks like the process is sealed

    from the internet (have tried to post this before)


    Apparently ECK has received orders from state house (Nairobi) to announce the election results as follows:

    Difference: 59,114

    Kibaki is trying to remain in power by force through rigged elections when kenyans have gone to the polls and overwhelmingly spoken & chosen ODM & raila as the democratic voice of Kenya.

    There are over 20,000 people outside KICC waiting to hear this “trash” announced as the final position. let’s see how the events unfold following this kind of intimidation upon peace loving Kenyans. We are in a time of test, let’s pray that Kibaki will be man enough and concede defeat.

    What next?

  400. dennis k says:

    That is my most sincere prayer as well. We are a peace loving people. Peace loving should however not be misconstrued to imply cowardly or gullible. We will accept only results that are true and fair.If what you say is true tnk, that kibaki would throw all caution to the wind and compromise the safety and well being of his people all in the name of dishonestly clinging to power then god help us all. We await the results from the eck chairman with bated breath. He has the fate of this great country in his hands and god grant him wisdom. He is aware of the scheme to rig the poll and will have only himself to blame should the country, which rejected kibaki and his administration refuse to be cheated.

  401. Mkaziaji says:

    Breaking News:PNU Rigging Antics Sample Rigging Results

    People sample figues from the ground as announce and those announced at KICC
    ECK Figures Figures From The Ground(Actual Figures)
    60,050 (45,029) Igembe
    70,443 (33,825) Kandara
    48,293 (100,390) Juja
    50,175 (74,474) Molo
    72,054 (54,373)Kieni
    62,374 (82,373)Mwea

    Kibaki has 3.7m
    Raila has 4.2m

  402. dennis k says:

    Kibaki MUST concede and he must do it now! my friends and i, who come from many tribes in kenya have made a solemn vow here and now today that we will not accept anything less than raila odinga, kenya’s DULY ELECTED leader installed as kenya’s fourth president. As i am sure, many of my fellow countrymen and women will have done as well. kenya is for all of us and not a clique of moneyed egocentrics!

  403. zizi says:

    Just watched Ruto spill the beans.

    There are things that we need to move fast in order stay tight against the giant:
    – secure the authenticity of form 16A.
    – keep vigilance.

  404. Abass says:

    Hey. I think us Kenyans should not accept rigged result.We shouldn’t. We want peace but only fair peace. We don’t want dominance by one tribe. We want to be free to decide our destiny.

  405. Ngari Gichuki says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    In my post sometime in September under the topic “What next after Parliament is dissolved” I commented that Honorable President Raila should go to Central province. In essence I wanted Hon Raila to know that he has very many ardent supporters (me included offcourse) but it gets very risky to admit that publicly while surrounded by Kibaki fanatics.

    All what happened in central is serious rigging metrics, addinig up figures where someone would least suspect them to do, taking advantage of the simplistic misconception that Central is a 90% Kibaki stronghold. Same has happened with the referendum .

    I doubt whether the common Kenyan wants to be alienated on basis of ethinicity from our sisters and Brothers in the other tribes who we have grown with and do live with as close friends. I just wish Kibaki and his aged friends at the helm can see this and agree to the peoples wishes. Let President Raila start his term today.

    I hope also that those hooligans victimising innocent Kikuyus and spreading hatred against them can mature up and know that there is a difference between Kikuyus and Kibaki.

  406. Mkaziaji says:

    Kibaki Announced as through KBC


  407. Kawere says:

    The results have ome out guys. Now the question is does ODM accept a clearly manipulated scheme to deny RO of the presidency or what? Let us have some calm and pray for Kenya. The people spoke very clearly and threw out most of Kibaki’s govrnment ministers. If he decides to rule, how will he do it? Moi style politics is back in Kenya again. Very sad. That is the more reason we need a new constitution
    God bless Kenya

  408. Kawere says:

    How fast did they plan PNU plan B the swearing in?
    very fishy

  409. Mkaziaji says:

    Am sure he will be sworn in tomorrow first thing in the morning at statehouse

  410. onyi says:

    People we have lost the battle, but not the war. My (not theirs) President Raila Amolo Odinga is our president. Kibaki has just staged a coup…and a nother liberation war is beginning. Let us pray,maintain peace and remember that God is on our side. He is watching all this social atrocities that are going against us. May God save Kenya!

  411. Tet says:

    Kibaki was voted in by Kikuyus, Merus and Embus and forced on Kenyans by ECK. His swearing in is rushed like that of a military leader. Why is there a heavy Police and GSU presence everywhere if he is popular? His life must be made difficult and Kenyans should be ready to sacrifice. Why did Moi fall sick and seek treatment abroad when he saw ODM winning against his master-plan. Now he is well. Do you see why the Muslims blow themselves up in the middle east? You can’t suppress people to an extent they cant breath. The consequences of this election and declaration of Kibaki as winner must be understood by all to be ‘grave’.

  412. Maru Kapkatet says:

    What can we say? Kenya remains a banana republic third-world country and will stay so for many years to come.

    once Kibaki is sworn in, ODM will not be the same again. I doubt whether ODM will not start disintegrating by Wenesday, January 2, 2008. Kenyans love money and power and the lure of these two items will persuade many of the MPs-elect to abandon the ideals and aspirations of ODM.

    Raila has been robbed but what can we do. In the end, Raila and ODM have to make some sacrifices for the sake of Kenya and save the country from descending into chaos and further shedding of blood and loss of lives.

    Kalonzo will be Kibaki’s Vice President. ODM-K is already in government. What is the best thing for ODM. The best out of the current situation, in my opinion, is for ODM and Kibaki to find a way, even if it is to be worked out with the help of third parties such as USA and UK ambassador and high commission, to share power.

    Kibaki may have won fraudelently the presidentail vote but he was rejected by most of Kenyan tribes. The truth of the matter is that ODM won big time the popular vote which Kibaki cannot ignore.

    I would like to see Kibaki and Raila and ODM agree to form a government of national unity where ODM will demand some ministries such as VP, Finance, Provincial Administration and Internal Security, and Social Development and any other ministry in order to form a coalition government with Kibaki. Such an agreement would have to be legally binding.

    Many thanks be to Mzee Daniel arap Moi for overseeing the only fairest and freest elections that Kenya may have had and may have for many years to come, in December 2002. The 2002 general elections were fair and free of fraud. The whole process went on smoothly from start to finish.

    Kivutu will be remembered not for the 2002 general elections but for cheating Kenyans in the 2007 general elections. It has turned out that it would have been better for Kivuitu to leave on December 2, 2007. His re-appointment has undone his achievements and irreparably damaged his legacy.

  413. Mkaziaji says:

    Yani they have sworn him in half an hour after rigging him.Woooww we have been robbed in broad daylight

  414. Otsiatso says:

    Maru you can not be seriously

  415. Otsiatso says:

    Maru you can not be seriously asking ODM to collaborate with stealing

  416. Mkaziaji says:

    Yani we have gone back to 7 years ago US style Florida.Uncounted votes stolen elections etc

    If it was an honest victory why rush to swear in the dude in statehouse.Just goes to show how much they stole.

    God bless them

  417. Maru Kapkatet says:

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16:26).

    Likewise, one may ask, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and Kenyans lose their lives in tens, hundreds, or thousands? For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and Kenyans lose their properties?”

    Let us put Kenya and lives first before self.

  418. karanja kamau says:


    we are all kenyans to start with, lets not do something we will all regret.

    The election were not fair. But how do we move forward when only 50% are satisfied while the rest are not. My big feeling is politics in kenya is not about tribes but it about the rich and the poor. The poor have lost and the rich have won. Kibaki has won(RIGGED) but let me tell you it’s only few kikuyu who will benefit (well connected), millions of kikuyu will remain poor or poorer for the next 5 years. Although AMOLLO has never governed, this guy is shoulders ahead of any politician i know .Imagine if he never campaigned for emilio when he got injured, the guy could never have been elected in the first place.
    In all we do lets use the best option to get him out or just make life in parliament hard for him to govern.
    The most important thing we need is NEW CONSTITUTION, that’t when we will be truly LIBERATED.

  419. tnk says:

    where is the list of results?

  420. tnk says:

    this is a true sham

    this is the official ECK website

    supposedly automatically generating results from their database

    it still remains largely empty.

  421. Maru Kapkatet says:

    If chaos continues unabated in Kenya, many poor Kenyans will, at best lose all that they have which may be a tin shack somewhere in the Kibera slums, and at worst lose their lives while our millionaire leaders hold out.

    In 1992 and 1997, Moi was sworn in, despite election disputes, in as a hurried manner as Kibaki today. Kenya moved on and Moi’s time to leave came and Kenyans had new leaders. Al Gore may have been unfairly denied the presidency of the USA but life went on and Al Gore himself recently won a Nobel Prize.

    What did one expect from Kenya elections? Similar free elections as they hold in the UK or Germany? There is tomorrow for our leaders but there will be no tomorrow for those who are killed or maimed or rendered homeless.

    I have campaigned hard against Kibaki but I give him a second chance. If he can correct the anomalies of his last administration and treat Kenyans equally and fairly and put in place policies that will benefit all parts of Kenya equally, I will support him.

    I have written tens of emails to State House, Nairobi, pointing out many areas of concern that I would have liked the president to address. I am sure that PS Murage read my emails and whether they reached the president or not I cannot confirm.

    After the referendum, I even requested President Kibaki when he was drawing up his Cabinet to consider appointing Henry Kosgey as his VP in order to make mends with Kalenjins, whom his government had targetted for removal from government positions and government contracts. If my request had been heeded, Kibaki would have emerged a more national leader than the regional leader the just-concluded elections have shown him to be.

  422. Pea says:

    Vijana msilale, lale, lale
    Wakenya msilale, bado mapambano, mapambano, mapambano,
    Bado mapambano, mapambano, mapambano…
    Bado mapambano!

  423. OPADO says:


  424. Phil says:


    Please post ODM statements here so we can e-mail them to Kenyans all over.

    Internet is still working in Kenya and I believe it will soon be switched off or jammed.

    Please please, GET SERIOUS. Since the elections got underway we haent heard from you and you havent updated this website with any new post, despite the numerous negative developments that are unfolding in KENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ama mulisha lipwa sasa mumeshiba?


  425. tnk says:

    phil i agree with you

    agent4change has not responded to many issues since about dec 15.

    we need all citizens to stage a popular uprising against those who have stolen and damaged our credibility and integrity. no to rigging.

  426. Tet says:

    Kapkatet, your views are good but will not solve a systemic problem. the situation requires sacrifices not consensus with thieves. Even in the bible, the holy book, a thief has no place. the popular vote must be translated into justice even if through popular revolution. True, lives will be lost. that is the price we pay to be trully free! South African students put their lives on the bullet. young lives were lost but the country is now free. Any agreement with kibaki is to authenticate his acts which wil be perpetrated by the subsequent minoroty generations. NO NO NO. If they kill us, they would not kill the spirit. We must match on. What would you tell the tru 4.5million voters who voted Raila if you were Raila himself? that they gave you mandate to succumb to position handouts? We must be in Raila’s, Ruto’s Balala’s Ngilu’s, Mudavadi’s and Nyaga’s shoes to imagine the magnitude of a ‘popular mandate’. You must be ready when the mandate is given, to represent the people. Let’s join in guys. We must swear in the people’s president even if he will govern from the jails or grave (God forbid).

  427. Otieno says:

    Unconfirmed reports is that the people’s president and Hon. William Ruto have been arrested and are in Jail as we speak right now. British PM Gordon brown talking to kibaki to concede defeat for kenya’s sake

  428. N Shah says:

    Kenyans must stand up and force Kibaki from State House now.

  429. N Shah says:

    Martha Karua on BBC says the opposition delayed the ECK – what a fool!

    She says the violence was pre-planned!

  430. Simon says:

    I think ODM should should go for vote of no confidence. The only need to sit down with the elected ODM and Narc mps and char the way forwad. The issue of working with Kibaki is null and don’t give up.

    Pray, Pray not only for peace but also for Truth.

  431. sadique says:

    Hon:Raila is either way a winner.He has championed democracy amd freedom in kenya.Kibaki has taken kenya back to the old bad days.

    Congratulations Hon.Raila, and the pentagon.ODM shows it’s all kenyan and for a specific tribe.

    We know Raila ‘coined’ kibaki tosha in 2002.Did Kibaki and his cronies ever forget about this?It’s really sad…the game is the same,just that the players are different.

    Mheshimiwa Raila please stay closely knit withi yourselves and pin-down any government bill.Let us make make their administration miserable to govern.

  432. sadique says:

    Are the pentagon and Raila safe?

    Rumour going round that they been put to jail.

    Anyone on the ground?

    i know it’s bitter but let us be calm.

  433. Otsiatso says:

    It is too soon to figure out what to do. Right now the best way forward is calm heads. We can not as ODM supporter and Kenyans target Kikuyus. This is about Kibaki and his cronies NOT Kikuyus. It is wrong to kill and maim people who had nothing to do with the rigging of votes. Violence will make the government feel justified to kill mostly ODM supporters

    ODM can not expect to get its news out through the media. ODM needs a parallel magazine, online and hard copy. There is a lot of rumors flying that Raila has been arrested – but has he or is it a rumor. This website would be a great place to confirm that.

  434. Sikoture says:

    Mr. Maru Kapkatet…. Please I urge you and anyone else that might have similar thoughts as you’ve displayed above to please STOP… This is a serious time for Kenya… I call it the second liberation of Kenya. It is with deep sympathy and regret that we mourn the lives of our fellow brothers lost in this violence that did not have to happen. Mr Kibaki should have conceded to the mandate of the people which has declared otherwise. No more PNU forward with ODM.. Fellow Kenyan’s lets result to non-violent means to defeat this autoratic dictatorship that has imposed itself on us.
    As in the words of the Great MLK jr. “Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.”

  435. ken says:

    Ok I see we have an inauguration at uhuru park. I urge Kenyans to show up and be peaceful. The police and possibly the military will obviously intervene but please let us all try to keep our cool. Otsiatso is right let us not target Kikuyus, some are our brothers and sisters in law let us plead to their common decency the electorate gave their mandate to ODM and its leadership, I would like to nominate Raila, and the entire pentagon team plus special mention to Mr Henry Kosgey for people of the year, I urge the police and the military to join kenyans in this movement for change.

  436. Munak says:

    its way too obvious that the elections were rigged. i have been following the results from the begining and when i saw how kbiakis result shot up, i already knew that it has already been decided. we can now officially say that there is a man equal to idi amin or hitler for kibaki is no less than a dictator (who is actually ruled by a woman he calls his wife). The elections were a facade, kibaki nvr meant to leave the office coz he hasnt gotten fat yet from the wananchi’s money.

    no matter wat the results, raila is still my president and he is the man.

  437. I just read in one of the Kenyan papers that should Raila hold any meetings in the city, he will be arrested. I hope things don’t turn out for the worst. The electorate invested so much in Thursday and it’s very painful to see them being deprived of the leader of their liking. What does Kivuitu and Kibaki have to say to the official who revealed that there was a lot of doctoring of the vote tallies inside KICC by the people entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the integrity of the outcome. Isn’t that a breach of the constitution? Those responsible should face justice.

  438. Kawere says:

    just came across some interesting figures on this page

    The provincial breakdown tally when you do the average gives RO 49.3% and MK 43.6%. Yet on the same page the official results are MK 46% and RO 44% can someone elaborate? My assumption is that they counted the votes right!!!!!

  439. ismail says:

    Hey guys!

    It’s sad. Truly sad. We are back to saba saba days….its going to be tough, though. much as i support the people’s will, and its power to change….we DO NOT have the support of one USA….read….

    This just confrim my worst fears. I had posted some time back, that Mwizi Kibaki had scooped some muslims on trumped up terrorism charges. i think it was around 12th – 15th dec, 2 weeks before elections. The guys were later released for there was no case against them, according to the courts.

    My fears were: Mwizi Kibaki needed an assurance from Uncle Sam that it will be OK for him to steal…..well there you have it. Uncle Sam is the first one to congratulate!…and with that gesture from Uncle Sam, others will soon follow.

    My words for you, Mr Mwizi – your days are numbered. And your hand is awash with blood. I pray that you suffer a humiliating end!

    I pray that once the people’s will prevails, you shall be accounted for the blood that is spilling all over. I pray. and I believe in the one true God. and I know HE is listening. And I know HE is watching.

    And the rays of hope are already out. It is only when they were at the helm of arrogance did past nations fall. And you, and your cronies, Hon Mwizi, WILL FALL. No doubt about that.

  440. Rafiki says:

    Once again, public rallies where people get killed and arrested will not sort out the problem. RO, WR, NB, CN, JN, need to sit and think of a long term plan that will cripple not only Kibaki but also finish colonialist idiots like Michuki forever and leave them no room in Kenya. Central Kenya has to stop thinking it owns kenya and can do what ever it likes. Guys even if you hate it play politics otherwise your own people die, Central has nothing to loose. Riots in Kisumu is only destroying Kisumu, Nyeri and Kiambu are safe and enjoying peace. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get arrested otherwise Michuki will make Rubia and Matiba out of you. He is very capabale. He has silenced the press – what will he not do. ODM needs to play SMART and CLEVER – not muscle, if you play muscle they will shot to kill and no one will blame them!!!!!.

  441. Rafiki says:

    One more thing, if you see the video of the swearing in ceremony check the brightness at state house – not how early evening should be!! It said LIVE yet when I looked out of my window it was almost dusk yet at statehouse people standing didn’t even have shadows. (even from floodlights – infact floodlights would have created shadows) How did all the dignitaries arrive, be escorted and sat down in just matter of 45mins – 1 hour??????? Who decided that to do that early???- It seems they knew well in advance what they were doing.

    They have played major tricks and this cannot be countered by public rallies – it can only be counted by a well thought out intelligent plan. If anyone at ODM is reading this please please please don’t go to Uhru Park, they will shot to kill – they don’t care – they have nothing to lose from where they are sitting.

    Gentlemen – put emotions aside an use the anger to strategise a long term solution.

  442. Rafiki says:

    Oh, and please release to the public all information you have on the forging of the results – in details. Even the intelligent kikuyus will be disgusted when they see what has been done by Kibaki.

  443. funtasy says:

    I got a call to the effect that Raila and Ruto were arrested yesterday night as they were doing the press confrence which was blocked from airing – can we have a confirmation of this please?

    Also I do not think forming a parrallel govt. is the legal means as Raila statement on this sites encourages people to do. I think best is to fight this in parliament – we have the majority and hence the means to frustrate Kibaki and his cronies out of Govt.
    Othwerwise the rally may be a means to justify police killing, the business community will also dissassociate itself with us if there is violence, distraction of property and disruption of business. If mungiki were killed like chicken – this govt will kill people in ODM stronglholds – coast, western, riftvally, nyanza – where the demostrations/violence may erupt like coackroaches and rats! And without any care at all – please do all possible to avoid this!

  444. Hullo Kenyans, my heart is wounded !!!!!!! I was all praises for the Kenya’s maturity in democracy and economic Development ! BUT WAPI ! It seems Kenya is still a “banana” republic like all others in Africa, thanxs to the old gurads like MK who think they cannot survive , unless they are in power !! How on earth, do you rig an election in day light and no one raises a fingure to stop you !!! Where are our development partners ? Where are you kenyans ? Is this eastafrican community thng going to work , when we are left with only one man standing as a true democracy, TZ !!
    Wow, I cant imagine that leaders in Kenya are allowing the country to go the route we took in Uganda !!!wake up leaders of Kenya ! Do you want to take back the economy of kenya , we were envious of your successes, just look at the central business district of Nairobi !! You are sending it to the dogs !! MK open your heart and say, ECK do the right thing


  445. Dave says:

    While the truth and will of Kenyans that was expressed in BROAD DAYLIGHT was refuted by the ‘theft and lies’ that was announced in executed and implemented in DARKNESS, followed by the BARBARIC imposition of COMMUNICATION BLACKOUT, there is an urgent need to forge the way forward ASAP.

  446. zizi says:

    Agent4change, what is not happening in nrb? the information you give is scanty. what is happening on the third at Uhuru Park? We advise that you reach out to others through this medium now that there is a broadcast blackout in the country.,

  447. kyfttp says:

    We are deeply hurt and sad for what is happening back home, we pray for peace for all Kenyans. I ask all ODM Supproters to heed the Pentagon Leader request to be calm, tribal killings will not giving ODM the Leadership.

  448. mumias says:

    Mary, I have read your views and considerations to great effect. Although I share your sentiments about the fact that Kenya is bigger than us, i however equally do not endorse your solution. In the USA as you refer to, my understanding was that the vote although Al Gore won the majority of the vote the electrol college system gave Bush the win albeit the help of Florida under his brothers control. Furthermore the process actually went to the supreme court which finally made the executive decision.

    Now to Kenya, the High court WILL not get to make such a decision as the process will be frustrated by the government. If they can doctor results in front of the whole world, they have the audacity to even derail the judiciary system. It is therefore not an option.

    Mary, it appears that you seem to have been fairly known within the echeleons of power. Surely you will know that the real president of Kenya is non other than Stanley Murage. He is the man who calls all the shots and as such the man who decides what/whom the president hears and sees. It is a known fact that the president is not an early riser, I’m aware that he usually sleeps till around 10am-11am everyday unless he has engagements and prior commitments, Unlike Moi who woke up at 5am and read all the papers. Moi unlike Kibaki was aware of what was happening in Kenya, Kibaki is not!!!! FACT

    This is why I’m consistent in saying that Kibaki is not a bad man but is been lead astray by his people around him. Imagine Kibaki has just stolen the election from the rightful man yet his people around him are saying “Look Raila is behaving in a very uncivilised manner” This is what was said as a matter of fact!!

    Although I appreciate your views on peace in Kenya which I also subscribe to, I also think that there are peaceful avenues to which ODM can bring about change whether Murage likes it or not.

    1. Mass (peaceful) action as Raila calls for, I however fear for this route with a media ban in operation as the Govt can do evil things whereas with a free media, it can be effective.
    2. Political action. I believe that ODM looks to Raila as a real leader, he is an inspiring man who just captivates and can draw mass admiration of people, in my opinion. He can unite the party and I believe can get enough support within to be able to defeat the government in parliament as well as frustrate and paralyse govt. Kibaki’s people believe that cabinet positions are incentives enough but what these MP’s have seen, people on the ground, the electorate do not care about whether your a minister or not, if you back the wrong house you will face the music. Furthermore the current salaries and benefits are very good, and as such perhaps less of an incentive to jump at cabinet perks unlike in the past where the differences were greater. For me this is the best option, use the MP’s the people gave ODM to finish the govt from the inside. Within a year Kibaki will be no more, a more painful and humiliating exist than losing at the election.

  449. sadique says:

    There is nothing like democracy in kenya. If some western countries are quick to congratulate Kibaki. What we saw is ablantant use of force.

    Please let anyone pass this message to Raila and the pentagon.

    Hold ameeting with all diplomats and let their respective countries put kibaki to pressure to do anaitional recount to relax the current stalemate.

    Otherwise it’s not easy when some powerful countries preach water while they drink wine.

    If they want kenya to eventually look like Zimbabwe Bad luck !

  450. sadique says:

    Kibaki is not a bad man that is known to everyone. Infact he does’nt know what is going round him.

    The Karuas’…the stupid murungi..and the likes are the ones that are engineering what we witness today.I wish some day we can charge them in a court of law.

    People seem to forget kenya is for all of us and not for certain click of people.

  451. Tet says:

    The stupid adage that kibaki (k, in small letter) is a gentleman surrounded by bad people is total shit that should stop. If thieves surround someone for 5 years without him speaking then he is the king thieves, and that fits this kikuyu gentleman. He orered stealing, ate a stollen dream from a stollen plate in a manner that Judas Iscariot could not do. He smiled when carrying the holy bible (possibly stollen) surrounded by thieves and declared himself president. then asked people to accept and reconcile. have you seen someone gulloping your food from the plate, then defeacates in it and tells you to be friends? Who is he that can take that. It is time the kikuyus told this gentleman and his cronies that they are driving a wage between them (Kikuyus) and Kenya and they will lose big time. A thief is a thief home and abroad. they are disturbing people everywhere they are and must be made to pay by whatever means. Someone suggested they be carved out of kenya, that may not be as good. They should be deposited in theIndian ocean without pants and in the middle of sharks Amin style and in the full view of Kenya. This trait is disturbing us, the majority. there is more where that came from!

  452. kamono says:

    I hope Raila removes Kibaki through mass action on 3rd January. We cannot accept dictartorship under Kibaki’s rule. By the way I hear Moi has fled the country he he is that true. Samuel Kivuitu’s decision to announce Kibaki as the president was not because he thought Kibaki was the president but because of pressure from top government officials. Lets face it Kivuitu personally supports Kibaki. The proff is there and it’s obvious but what the PNU needs to know is that Raila won’t give up at all. And if Kibaki will survive his 2nd term, it will be over Raila’s dead body. There is no way this guy is leaving Kibaki scot free on this one. Moi has fled because he knows the consequences. Raila is the one who will save this country. Lets face it there’ll be no Lucy, no standard raids, no Michuki, no Kiraitu to anger us. The fact is Kibaki doesn’t know what’s happening around him. People like Michuki are misleading him and tarnishing his administrations name. Lets face it when Raila comes to power it will be a third liberation because almost all the corrupt beasts will be out in the cold

  453. web guy says:

    first… to the designer of this site… the articles need to be paginated and have the latest items first, otherwise it makes this site rather unusuable.

    It occurred to me that ECK made the announcement of results in the evening while the inauguration seemed to have taken place in the afternoon, in broad daylight. Someone please confirm this. because it is a clear sign that there was something wrong.

  454. Lornine says:

    I am still in cannot believe the stupidity with which the rigging of the presidential election was undertaken by the members of the PNU party!Mr Kibabi has proven himself to be unjust , unfair, ungentlemanly and unstatesmanlike manner that Kibaki has exhibeted by treating Kenyans as nothing more than lackies to do he’s bidding, and be slapped into submission. With the ODM opposition party holding the majority of the parliarmentary seats exactly what sort of government did Kibaki hope to run? He’s nothing better than a good for nothing lame duck, he will neither be able to move foward nor back, anything he hopes to achieve would be an excercise in fulity. With the number of MP’s that ODM have a vote of no confidence in Kibabki would have been eminent and personally the preferred method of dealing with him.

    I am not keen on the peaceful action that Honorable Riala Odinga calls for because this may be a way for Kibaki to toss Mr. Raila in Jail, at he’s own leisure and as things stand I’m not sure that anything else Kibaki or he’s government does will be fair, just or humane. It appears that Kibaki’s only wish is to sit on that chair for whatever reason best known to him, perhaps life with said Lucifer, begging your pardon, Lucy, has thrown him without unsuspecting individuals to run interference has thrown him into a desperate frenzy in search for survival, but at what cost? Laughing aside, what this man has done, there must be a court that can find him guilty of inciting hatred and greed with intent to bring a good country into disrepute.

    I would greatly appreciate it if the Honorable Odinga would find another way of dealing with the KIbaki’s outrageous behavior in such a manner that he comes away unscathed. I cannot see Kibaki letting him go without trying to tag him for incitement with intent to cause violence or something of the sort.

  455. Kawere says:

    If Kibaki cannot resign peacefully, he should have the worst time and difficulty running his new illegimate government for the next few weeks until he resigns. By giving in to him, we are going backwards and accepting the fact that his was a justified election and a fair one.
    Secondly, the people are dying and Kenya is in a police/martial law status. Over 120 people have been senselessly killed by the orders of Michuki while Kibaki slumbers in State House. Once everything has cooled down, he ought to be charged with human rights abuse.
    I am sad and angry at these policement killing their own innocent brothers and sisters while Kibaki and his henchmen are enjoying State House.

    Viva ODM! Long live Kenya!

  456. Mama watoto says:

    First we pray for peace and safety for our fellow countrymen. We all know who won the elections. What goes around comes around. The Kibaki regime has blantantly dishonored the wishes of the Kenyan people by forcing their way in for another 5 years. We hope for a peaceful resolution. Here is a link to a story on CNN.

    ODM JUU!!!!!!!!!!

  457. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    The international community is alive watching closely the unfolding events in our country and the ‘hijjacking of democracy’.The internet is filled with videos and pictures of our plight as kenyans.Editorials from independent writers worldwide.From u.s to u.k & EU,australia,spain, burma..,..,..,..the caribbean,all of africa.

    Raila is doing excellently by keeping it alive and forefront in the hearts and minds of locals and outsiders alike.Now that the govt have shut down the media & strangulated free expression.

    Lets all help by sharing these articles.Email them to friends and family,media houses etc.
    International pressure is good for us. U.S & EU have already distanced themselves from this self installed govt.


  458. Mtaa Babji says:

    The pressure on the illegitimate Governement should be kept up. If the country comes to a stand still at least once a week, we will succeed in less than five months. The secretariate should serouslty consider this. People from all provinces are eager for this. Alita continua.

  459. Mama watoto says:

    What a disappointment…..We were set to be the benchmark for what free and fair elections are in Africa. Too bad, Kibaki who kept saying he would conceed defeat if the people spoke didn’t hold up his end of the bargain!

  460. Mama watoto says:


  461. Tet says:

    Kibaki’s nose must be squeezed. the guy doesnt listen and only a ‘touch’ can draw his attention. For 5 years he did not listen to any cry- be it about the Michuki Armenian project, anglo fleasing, Wako draft etc. His ears are forever on leave and i don’t think he ever watches CNN/BBC (only Kibaki broadcastic corporation, KBC). He is a thief who dips his fingures in someones dish without invitation, caught with sticky fingues and cheeks shining from the oily soup and still says he did not ‘partake’ of the forbidden. Such is the person we are being told to dialogue with! NEVER. ODM must sustain a ‘touching pressure’ on him until he loses a heartbeat. Now they have constituted a so-called reconciliation committee whose membership consists of ‘scrap yester-leaders’ recently rejected by the people; Nyachae for God’s sake, Saitoti, Karua the 4-wheeler. Who else sends a losing thief to mediate with the theft victim on how to forget the stolen and forecast on buying a fresh from the market. This govt of thieves and sick robbers must be made to pay with their everything. they must be dressed down and undressed irrespective of gender! Guys let us heed ODM’s call for our sure future. The rain does not turn a Lion into a cat-if you think so, prepare to be turned into meat.

  462. MATHEW McNAIL says:

    Alot of Kenyans are organizing to hold rallies in several in support of Raila Odinga in five major cities across the USA, namely:
    1 – Dallas, TX
    2 – Austin, TX
    3 – Los Angelos, CA
    4 – New Jersey, NJ and
    5 – Minneapolis, MN
    Is there a way we can have you(PRESIDENT Raila A. Odinga) address the people, we can work on the telecommunications.

  463. tnk says:

    the reconciliatory services and teams are a mockery, the election business is unresolved so its not over. yes we demand peace and we also demand democracy.

    the illegitimate govt must quit

  464. tnk says:

    regretably our orange movement has been turned to a river of flowing blood red by state organs unleashed on demonstrators. who have been described as the innocent who never manipulated the election count nor condoned it.

    we thought we could do this the legal way through the ballot, but this has been upstaged by a handful of clerks and their supervisors in positions requiring integrity.

    this is going for the long haul. Kibaki has no gentelemanly disposition, no heart of a grandfather or father of a nation to even feel the sadness and loss of human life.

    less than 7 days and all gains of democracy from when we could not cut a mugumo tree to date erroded by the stroke of a pen.

    shame on kivuitu, kibaki, michuki and although I’m loathe to use the word, “gentlemen” please resign, you have done Kenyans the greatest disservice since independence. And Moi has skipped the country, go figure.
    Kalonzo should stop instructing Raila on the way forward and as for the police commissioner who suddenly has found his vocal cords I was once very proud of this astute soldier who had such high principles but I’m ashamed and have stopped following his press conferences which remind me of the govt parrot Dr. Mutua.

    when i saw these I wept, but we must move on. desist from violence but press on for true democracy the election fiasco is not over till the true winner is announced. Orengo please provide legal redress if there is.

    who is the 5% economic growth going to benefit? certainly not those in the pictures below and the 140+ who have lost their lives

    let sanity prevail please, no more violence and destruction, but lets not be crushed

  465. kenyan in kenya says:

    hello my good people. lets put everything on the table without sugar coating it. Kibaki is a thief, a coward, and a two timing, backstabbing, evil little twit. i know you are thinking thats too harsh, damn right it is. lets not use words like “the election process was not credible or we cast doubt on the electroal process” the truth of the matter is kabaki and his click of righ insolent bustards STOLE THE VOTE infront of all our eyes we saw it we know it. We all know our rightful president AGWAMBO. the imposter(kibaki) had the nerve to go infront of the country to tell us that the election was free and fair (free and fair my ass). the biggest problem is, if kibaki does not step down from stolen power then he might as well lead us forever. coz who are we to say that he wont rig all subsequent election. if we dont change the status quo then the kenya as we know it is doom to democractic insolence.
    The new ‘president’ right now is either in the coast enjoying himself or outside the country somewhere in a safe democratic nation while kenya suffers just like his good friend and foe to all kenyans MR MOI and his little brats who are supposedly in south africa.
    I am going to end here for now and i will say in parting I am a kenyan and i love all my kenyan brothers and siters kikuyus included but i will quote a friend or mine “arich group of evil, power hungry men have elianeted a community for their own gains”

  466. Agan says:

    At this time when kenyans are at a cross road because of self seekers, it is only prudent that reality dones in the house of Bishops to rise up to the occation and be God ambassandors.
    In this life we live ounce and when we live right ounce is enough.Where has wisdom gone to, the Bible says for they that lack wisdom let them ask of the LORD.
    PEACE IS PRICELESS and there is nothing bad as forcing yourself into people.No amount of explanation will cary the day when Kenyans has spoken, and they mean nothing a part from the speech through ballot papers.Have the votes authenticated and confirm the winner and deliver to kenyans what they want, it does not matter who emmerges the winner, that has to be respected as peoplles voice.
    Let sanity prevail as we look up to God to grant us men of wisdom to do a good job which will save this beautiful country.
    Owe no man any debt except love. We love this country and let us pay back in due course the love we to kenya by doing what is prudent and right. EVERY ONE OF US WILL STAND ONE DAY TO GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH YOUR LIFE. sTART TODAY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR A BETTER TOMMORROW.

  467. Lenny says:

    People! people, why is evryone in the news talking in manner to surgest that Raila should just forgive and forget, they should be compeling Kibaki to step down or accept a recount by International observers there is nothing to compromise rightnow we withstood the arrogance of the last five years and chose to vote him out (a gentleman my foot). Evryone in the market is shouting that he is naked the guy is quiet and his firends are assuring him he is coverd yet amefunikwa na jwala transparent.

  468. Rafiki says:

    mumias has the ideas I am talking of. the people around Kibaki have been crafty and have been silently ‘cooking’. Let the Pentagon do the same. But tactics hav to be developed in all areas and not just Parliament because parliment has spoliers like Musyoka and Mutula who are ready to be sell themselves.

    Pentagon look at all ways carefully to bring Mungatana, baby face Alfred and the rest to their knees without being seen as tormentors.

    Good Luck.

  469. robert hezekiah says:

    Raila and the Pentagon should know we are all behind them and so they should persist and ensure that they advise all Kenyans to rise up and protest peacefully. It would be a betrayal to Kenyans if the Pentagon started to even consider discussions with an illegitimate government that Kivuitu fraudulently put in place. The pentagon has the moral authority, which the government does not have.

    Is there a way of requesting the Police not to shoot peaceful protesters? This is the time alternative ways of communication should be established. God bless Kenya.

    Can the Administrator of this site please clean it up so we can have a new thread focusing on giving ODM ideas on how to move on? And is there a way we can mobilise resources for ODM – even if it is contributing from our own pockets to continue the fight for democracy?

    On the other hand, check out for a procession taking place in London on 5th January. We need to petition all governments, including East African Community Governments, and the AU not to recognise the Kibaki Government. Are there events planned anywhere else?

  470. daniel says:

    rigging should not be tolerated at any cost. kibaki should go home

  471. Ali says:


  472. Leonard says:

    Mr. Raila Odinga. I offer this us our rallying call.

    Desmond Tutu:

    “There cannot be Reconciliation without Truth”

  473. WANJIKU says:

    I am soo sad for Kenya. Even now inspite of the killings we are supporting our candidates..Is democracy greater than human life?

  474. munak says:

    i have been fielding countless questions from my business partners here in malaysia. they keep on condenming the violence and have threatened to pull out of deals but i dun give a rats ass to that because no matter how bad the situation is, am still proud to be a kenyan citizen regardless of race or color or religion. only thing is, my president is President Raila Odinga, not some cheat.

    My only request is, please lets not punish innocent people for the wrong doings of 1 heartless man.

  475. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I have said it before and I have been proven right that “A weak leader is a very dangerous leader indeed”.

    Kenya would not be in the state it is in now if Kibaki was not such a weak leader who becomes impotent when faced by a crisis. It is Michuki who is running the show. I said only a few days ago that “I shudder to imagine what will happen in Kenya if Kibaki ‘won'”. Sadly, my premonition has come to pass.

    From where I am, I have been very angry that some ODM leaders failed to deliver especially Western Kenya and the Muslim vote. I thought that ODM could have been “unriggable” had every Pentagon member delivered. I have now known what happened. The vote was stolen by Kibaki even in Western Kenya and North Eastern Province.

    Kibaki is 76 years old. His government has already denied many young Kenyans the right to life by instructing the police to shoot-to-kill. Michuki is indeed a snake.

    Kenya will never be the same again. The best and maybe only way out of the current situation is for Kibaki to take time to medidate alone so that he may see some sense. He has served Kenya as best as he could until early December, 2007.

    The best thing for him to do now is leave office and retire. As ODM indicates, Kibaki should agree to form an interim government with ODM, call presidentail elections within three months’ time, opts out of the those presidential elections himself, and let democracy run its course.

    Any other action different from the above is to destroy Kenya. Why should Kibaki be so selfish as to want to destroy his country. An I remind Kibaki that Michuki is not doing good for him or for Kenya. Michuki is destroying them both.

    Throughout the campaign period, Uhuru Kenyatta used to say and he said so in Bomet that and I quote him, “I swear by God that we, Kibaki and PNU that is, will win”. So he knew that whatever the number of votes Raila got was irrelevant as they would ccok their own numbers to give Kibaki stolen victory.

    Uhuru has transplanted himself from the path of democracy to that of the many grand and extremely dangerous thieves that dot Kenya. Kenyans will not accept them come what may.

    My support for ODM is unshakeable and will continue to play my part, however minute it may be, until the day I will be able to post here the congratulatory message I made on December 29, 2007 for President Raila Odinga.

  476. Amani says:

    Thought that i should share this article from Nation and Standard

    SAVE OUR BELOVED COUNTRY — Thurs 2-1-08 Standard and Nation

    Our beloved country, the Republic of Kenya, is a burnt-out, smouldering ruin. The economy is at a virtual standstill and the armies of destruction are on the march in the Rift Valley and other places.

    In the midst of this, leaders — who are the direct cause of this catastrophe — are issuing half-hearted calls for peace, from the comfort of their hotels and walled homes in Nairobi, whence they are conveyed in bullet-proof limousines.

    It is unbelievable foolishness for Kenyans to destroy their economy, their homes and their entire way of life in the name of politics and on behalf of people whose lives of comfort and luxury are going on normally.

    The media in Kenya today propose to be forthright and united in confronting this bloodshed and disunity in the country.

    Right to life

    There is no cause and no right more valuable than the right to life.

    Political leaders on both sides must be told in no uncertain terms that they are currently in great danger of losing their credibility in the eyes of Kenyans and the international community because of systematic killing of the innocent sweeping Kenya, destruction of the economy and the spread of disaffection throughout the land.

    No grievance and no cause is worth the innocent blood of Kenyan children. The orgies of looting, burning, rape and wanton, well-orchestrated blood-letting are undermining the moral basis of the politicians’ cause.

    Those in authority must not have more regard for their — tenuous — grip on power than lives and property.
    It must be a blind and deaf person who does not hear the cries of the 70,000 people, many of them our children, who are now refugees in their own country.

    A final opportunity now presents itself for the political leadership to pull the country back from the brink and help restore the public’s confidence and sense of safety.

    Tough talk, grand-standing and empty point-scoring is not getting the nation anywhere. The moment has come to isolate the hard-liners on both sides and to allow the voices of reason to be heard across the political divide.

    Negotiations cannot take place, and probably drag on, as Kenyans are slaughtered and the country burns. The first objective, therefore, is to secure the safety of all Kenyans. Let those with armies call them back, let those fanning the fires stamp them out so that an environment is created for constructive dialogue.

    The priority now is for leaders — if at all they are interested in their own credibility and in saving the lives of Kenyans and the country as a whole — to get out of their meeting rooms and into the countryside and preach peace and patience to their supporters.

    Kenyans expect to see Mr Raila Odinga leading a peace mission to Kondele and other troubled parts of Kisumu and Nyanza in general. They expect to see Mr William Ruto and Mr Henry Kosgey at the head of an effort in the Rift Valley, restoring peace and calm. They expect President Kibaki to come out and calm the passions in Dandora, Huruma and other volatile parts of Nairobi.

    It is only with the restoration of peace that reason will prevail.

    But there can be no lasting peace without justice. It is therefore important for President Kibaki and Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga to enter into immediate negotiations on the disputed elections and arrive at a solution that both sides can live with. The hard-line positions, such as demanding the President’s immediate resignation or the refusal to accept questions raised over the presidential election results, are not very helpful at the moment.

    More middle-ground positions that should be explored could include a power-sharing arrangement.

    The second option is the creation of an interim government excluding both Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga, and a time-table for fresh presidential elections under a reformed electoral process.

    The question yet to be resolved is whether an exhausted country nearing a state of civil war can survive another presidential election.
    After the restoration of peace and the reaching of a political agreement, the truth about what went on in this election needs to be established, publicised and used to strengthen our democratic institutions.

    There is an urgent need for an open and thorough public inquiry to determine the veracity of rigging allegations which have been raised by ODM, PNU and international observers.

    Equally, it would be utter madness to try and go to an election with the same discredited Electoral Commission and election procedures. The ECK must be overhauled, and the laws and procedures of casting, counting and tallying votes made tamper-proof.

    Kenya must be prepared to invest billions of shillings in technology and processes to guarantee the integrity of future elections.

  477. tnk says:

    kibaki should resign

  478. NShah says:

    Does Kibaki even know what is going on or are his people leading him astray? I would have never imagined he was this stupid!

  479. sadique says:

    I posted acouple of comments.Why does it say ” your comment is awaiting moderation?

    Is this webpage for a certain class?

  480. Otsiatso says:

    “More middle-ground positions that should be explored could include a power-sharing arrangement.”
    NO WAY!! We tried that and it was total disaster. Power with Michuki? Karume? Mungatana?
    NO WAY!!

    “The second option is the creation of an interim government excluding both Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga, and a time-table for fresh presidential elections under a reformed electoral process. ”

    YES!! I have calling for this but not to hold electiosn – we did that, but to audit the voting – you win and you are it

  481. Otsiatso says:

    Do not forget
    Sign petition to condemn the thievery:

  482. Horesia says:

    Iam flabbergasted to say the least. I never thought that I would live to see the day Kenya joins the ranks of troubled states like Palestine, Somalia, Rwanda, Afganistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Sudan etc. We have been officially inducted into this infamous club. I thought we were past this after the aclaimed 2002 election. But alas like everybody else, I was naive to think that the affluent Makerere and Oxford educated Mwai Kibaki would never rig the elections. Apparently he is not any different from Moi although Moi’s behaviour was rather understandable considering his exposure and that he reigned in an era of dictators.

    The opposition won nearly 50% of seats in parliament, Raila won in 6 out of 8 Provinces and Kibaki lost 20 of his cabinet, the highest single thrashing of an incumbent in an election since independence. That alone was enough vote of no confidence for him to step down. From a high of the most optimistic people in the world in 2002, Kibaki has relegated Kenya into state of war in 2007.

    The guy is 76 years old and does not have to take us through this. I did not expect him to rig the elections, no wonder he was very confident. Why is he clinging to power!

    We should not allow one person to play around with the intelligence of Kenyans. I suggest we demand the following: That the entire electoral commission that has failed Kenyans resigns and a new one is reconstituted immediately comprising of Kenyans of high integrity acceptable to all, secondly a team of of international
    mediators allowed to come and be part of the reconciliation process, thirdly all the loopholes exploited by the government in this elections must be sealed. Other amendments requiring that the judges appointed by the president must be endorsed by parliament can come later during the constitutional review.

    If these proposal are acceptable then we can hold another presidential election in 3 months. If not then we resort to civil disobedience i.e instead of going to Uhuru
    Park, we stay in our homes until we bring down this government. There is no need to subject ourselves to violence. The people dying did not rig the elections, it is Kibaki and his inner circle who did it.

    It it takes a lot of sacrifice to remove a dictator and entrench democracy. Our democracy is evolving and it has taken this election to remind us that we are not yet there. Let us sacrifice for our childrens children sake.

    Finally, in retrospect I give Moi alot credit. With all his weaknesses the former president was sensitive to public opinion and responded positively whenever situation appeared to go out of hand. He would not have allowed the crisis to get to the level we are in without asking opposition for dialogue. That is why section 2A was repealed and we must armtwist Kibaki until his election is nullified. Kenya belongs to all of us. The Americans shed alot of blood to be where there are today. It was never a walk in the park for them.

    NB: Kivuitu and his team have let us down. The guy is an embarassment and I find his sense of humour completely misplaced. Can he now go and crack his jokes with the families of the dead. He thought this was a joking matter. I am sure he is regretting every decision he made during this crisis but he will do us a lot of good if he calls it quits.

  483. S Omar says:

    I think it is a wrong move to have this rally at this sensitive time…It will only make things worse as the police are told to “shoot-to-kill”. No life is worth this…I think the best thing is for Raila and Kibaki to have talks to discuss a meeting point. But prior to this…the two leaders should stop hiding in their shells and renounce this violence strongly and not half-heartedly as they have so far. Instead of focusing on who won and who didn’t win…let’s try and stop the violence first. Showing that Kibaki did not win through an emotionally rich public rally will just fuel hatred and not solve matters. Showing that he did not win through a judicial process may be difficult but atleast save lives…waiting until parliament is in session again and having a vote of no confidence will save lives and still allow Kenyans to choose…it is up to us to make a difference. I say we do not go for the rally and seek solutions….Raila needs to stop talking and take action to stop the violence…While Kibaki should stop ignoring the issue

  484. kanyeka says:

    I will only recognize my legitimately elected president and that is Raila the fourth president of Kenya is Raila period!!

  485. Onyango says:

    I am shocked at some of peoples comments.. at this stage its not about right or wrong, Its about human life, our economy and livelihood. its not about who you voted becouse both Raila and Kibaki had a huge following..Its about finding a solution to this quagmire we find ourselves in.. I fully supported Raila as I thought he would bring the change Kenya needs but people had a right to support Kibaki as we all cant deny the economic growth Kenya has enjoyed in recent times. I am disappointed Raila didnt win but I eargerly await a vote recount to establish in the first place that he was the rightful winner. WE DONT EVEN KNOW THESE.. my fellow Kenyans and tribesmen,,let not our leaders divide us becouse they will come and go but the wound inflicted will last for a long time.

  486. Mark Mpesha ole Kiama says:

    The international community can only watch as they did with Rwanda and Darfur. Even if some people are burning Moi property, he gave a prophetic word years ago on Multi-party democracy and it is right here with us. The common man needs to reason together and come into compromise- there is no other route. John Garang and Bashir came to that conclusion. But if you people think the matchetes will help, then be assured all groups are regrouping and the ultimate price is our blood. But we can avert this by coming to the negotiation table. I know I may not be wellcome in this blog, but please like all the papers said, let us save our country.

  487. another kenyan says:

    this calls for peace are warranted but the president used flawed result and hurried the legal process to hide his illegitimate presidency.
    if the president goes on to keep mum don’t be surprised if Kenya is ground to a halt. those who are in business brace yourselves for hard times. we have tried peaceful politics and it has fallen on deaf years the youth or unconcerned with your business after all they pay us minimally and expect us to defend them. a revolution can’t be suppressed no matter how long the police stand on the streets they too will feel the crunch and rise up so will the army so before its too lat mr kibaki should accept it was flawed. Kimunya and michuki will not be there when all hell breaks loose. they wont oppress in the name of their tribe and then when people are in anger and start to cleanse ethnically government sponsored agents, sychophants and MPs claim genocide. genocide by definition is from 30000 to above so it hasn’t started yet

  488. Grace Church says:

    Hi I am in Roanoke Virginia USA and very concerned with what’s happening in Kenya. What Kibaki did was uncalled for and he should be brought to justice, together with those involved in rigging the elections. But you wonder how this can be accomplished? For starters The Constitution of Kenya Chapter II: The Executive, Part 1- Number 5 clearly gives guidelines on how the president is and should be elected to office. Rules were ignored during the election that resulted to death across the country but the constitution States, “The President Shall be elected in accordance with this chapter and, thereto, with any Act of Parliament regulating the election of a president.” It is through that statement alone that gives the high court permission to resolves presidential election issues. Now granted we all know that the high court is under the control of Kibaki and will do anything to keep him in power, but remember parliament has the power to regulate the election of a president, hence has the power to remove Kibaki from power. If you look up the definition of regulate it means having the power, Authority, a rule or say or order telling how something is to be done or having the force of law. So there, the high court is not the only way to remove Kibaki from power as imagined by the likes of Uhuru Kenyatta and the constitution does not say it is the only way out, According to the constitution parliament has more power then the high court with regard to electing the president, because after all it is parliament that gives direction on how he should be elected, and therefore has the power to change the rules of election not Kibaki. He is a criminal hiding behind the law and the constitution but the Kenyan parliament should not let him get away with his crime. Parliament is made up of all elected Members of Parliament and they are the voices of the people, people rejected Kibaki but he thinks he can hang onto power. All MP’s can work together to remove Kibaki from power and this would only take probably one week and Raila would be declared the rightful winner. Ballot votes can not be relied on. The certificates have already disappeared in a effort to cover their crime. Has anyone thought about taking this rout because it beats having people Killed on the streets by the mugiki. Also I also noted the constitution does not say the president is Above the law, it only states that “No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president while he holds office, No Civil proceedings in which relief is claimed in respect of anything done or omitted to be done shall be instituted or continued against him. It definitely does not give him permission to rig elections and then hide behind the law and constitution. Most people suggest that Raila should accept what happened and work with Kibaki but that is impossible given the circumstances. This can be repeated again in ten, twenty or forty years from now and then our children and children’s children would still be faced with the same issues, violence as is currently being experience all over the country. People are also being given many examples how other countries would handle this kind of a situation, like the US and South African but remember in both countries the governments had to eventually listen to what the people wanted. In America slavery was eradicated and the constitution changed to accommodate all the American people and in South Africa Apartheid was done away with after people fought for what they believed in. “Kibaki must go for democracy to prevail.”

  489. Peace says:

    As a Kenyan living in abroad, I would like to appeal to other Kenyans to join in the protest in whichever way they can, wherever they are. By this I mean, holding a peaceful rally and marching to the Kenyan embassies in the countries where we are living, marching to the State/Government building to advocate with the various governments not to recognise Kibaki as a legally elected president. This is in order to put pressure on the international community so that they can do something. It is so obvious that this man rigged. I don’t know what other sanctions can be done on him and his people!!! PLEASE, KENYANS ABROAD – LET US DO SOMETHING. I’m sure we have Kenyan Associations in our host countries. This is the time to show that despite where we are, we want Kibaki out!!!!!

  490. omokungu says:

    kenyans tumegutuka,
    Kibaki is trying to remain in power by force through rigged elections, he indeed has raped our democracy. hey we nt givn up. our president is Agwambo. Raila dont Give up..we backin u up..n God also..tehy talk bad about u but we know u ar true….we love You…n if Kibaki is gonna sit on that chair, he’s siiting on Siafu'(ants)…we want justice done kenyans….

  491. omokungu says:

    kibaki is president to the Gema community, this greedy man…

  492. Steve wagude says:

    Hello kenyans.I am the most bitter person on what took place after we ‘ODM’ won only for corrupt culprits to run away with our democratic rights.Instead of communities fighting each other we should get the short cut of it,because not all kikuyus voted for kibaki.We might be crucifying even those who voted for President Raila Odinga.The short cut is lets carefully eliminate kibaki and kivuitu by crucifying them as they did to our brothers and sisters.

  493. Edwin Mabeya says:

    To say the least most of kenyans are disappointed and disillusioned by what Kibaki and his cronies have done to Kenya.
    As on ODMer who is ready to go to the grave for justice I must say that Kibaki has shown us why he did not honor the Famous MOU.
    As much as negotiations are to begin soon, it is my prayer that at the end of the day ‘our president shall be reinstated’. Let us not forget that we voted for change and no man not even Kibaki, Michuki, Uhuru Or any other rotten Kenyan can steal that from us.
    I only recognise His Exellency Hon Mr. Raila Odinga as my President. No other man is going to rob that from me.
    I would like to end this by asking hon William Ruto to advise the Kallenjin To have some restraint. They stand to lose.
    we are all very bitter by what has happened. My father lives in Kitale. I am In Kisii. Currently My dad is spending cold nights at a police station. The question is why have our brothers the marakwets and pokots allowed themselves to be used to fight even those who were behind our cause for change?
    Lets not forget why we wanted change. Lets advocate for justice and stand together to disown Kibaki.
    If possible Lets come together to fight Kibaki with all the arsenal we can muster with the guidance of the pentagon.

  494. steve wagude says:

    I hate to see people like Alfred Mutua and Amos kimunya talk spupidly as if Kibaki won the elections.They know well that they lost and these are some of the people lying to kibaki of consequences he may not regret if he continue listening to them.What they are now using is thorax.These guys.”PNU” won’t go far.If Aguambo sails which I know he will,people like Mutua should go home immediatetly.A mean these guys are doing nothing in kenya.For kimunya ,he shouldn’t talk as if he is from a fish market.He talkes as if he doesn’t know what is going on in kenya.We are peaceful to see our problems solved,but they should not think that there will be peace ,unless justice is brought on board.

  495. Arigy says:

    Hon Raila.we stand with you in this battle.dont make a mistake of to surrender your quest for justice.many of us are prepared to go extra mile for you to get what you rightfully deserve.i know Kibaki does not know what peaple are thinking now,people are ready to die for justice to be done for our nation.I am displaced internally now because of election violence but it does not matter now,lets keep the fire burning.

  496. chepkwony says:

    Dear Kenyans;

    I never imagined we could be drawn back two to three decades into the dark past of dictatorship. To say the least, these people are actually beyond their “use by” date as shown by their blatant way of rigging in the eyes of all. We as Kenyans should shoulder on and fight for our liberation we have have sought for with sweat and blood. Moi became a saint on 27th when real devils were exposed. If Moi was better than them, then we are really in the dogs.
    I Have heard some say that they rather die than hand over power to a Luo. It baffles me to hear these from people who have been teaching us how to be nationalists. We did not vote for a Luo; we voted for a Kenyan from Luo community. If it pains them to submit to such a person whom Kenyans have decided on, then they can look for another country in MARS and reign there for ever. Kenya belongs to 42 tribes and who can and have decide who to rule them.
    Let us be civil and shed off tribal memtality if Kenya have to remain as one nation; otherwise they are fast tracking the Majimbo they dreaded if not why are they ferrying people of Kikuyu origin towards Centyral Kenya and Kisiis to KisiiLand instead of addressing they real cause of this behemoth? Is this not Majimbo in the making? Please if there be any residue to reason, can you apply it and respect the wishes of the majority?

  497. nyargombe says:

    Hey ODMERS
    Am hurting real bad?
    I know all of you are feeling the same. But that is no reason to kill and maim other Kenyans. It only gives the culprits of the vote stealing reason to tell the world we are ragging a tribal war against one community. Its spoiling our name. These guys have committed a worse crime than the looting that is going on. Than the deaths taking place. But noone will see if we continue the violence.
    They are killing our people in cold blood in the slums of Nairobi and in Kisumu and Kakamega. No one is talking about that. Those of us in the media should also highlight these.
    Am putting up in my house with those who have run away from the Slums due to these killings. I also leave in fear and put together with the thought that these thieves may get away with their deeds wants to kill me.
    How do I heal?
    Those saying in the FM stations about peace and forgiveness should ask the characters in PNU to also confess their deeds and ask for forgiveness from the people of Kenya for robbing them violently of the president they chose . Then we start talking. Otherwise I congratulate all ODM members of parliament and ask them to give the thieves a run for their money in Parliament. You are our only hope. so far.

  498. steve wagude says:

    We ‘ODM “are the government.Even lussy kibaki knows that.Aguambo usicheke na mtu.Let’s give them time to see if they can change.If they don’t meet justice they will continue to be refugees in there own country.They are now shouting the loudest over court and legal redress.First they broke the law when they announced results without forms 16A.So they should not talk about it because “they” don’t and din’t follow the law from the start.We the people are watching failure for justice,kibaki will even wish to become a councillor in Othaya.

  499. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The so-called “30 MPs of small, independent parties” are being assimilated without their knowing. Some unelected spokesmen working for Kibaki and PNU are emerging. Who elected Gitobu Imanyara to be the spokesman of the 30 MPs?

    These small-parties’ MPs must tread carefully. They should not allow greed to mask their patriotism. They must put Kenya first and not lend their support to a thief to rule their country. It is better to work harder and longer to find an acceptable solution to the current crisis whichj Kibaki and associates, in their selfish greed, have visited on Kenyans.

    The solution will only be acceptable if the over 4 million voters who voted for Hon. Raila Odinga accept it. The solution will only be acceptable if ODM is allowed to hold rallies and brief their supporters on the agreed solution and if those supporters give their “aye”.

    We are seeing what Kibaki was going to do if he had won the elections – appointing Uhuru Kenyatta as VP. Kibaki is using the current crisis to raise the international profile of Uhuru Kenyatta. It is unfair to use somebody who was part and parcel of the rigging machinery to go around the world cheating world leaders.

    Why did Kibaki not use an independent retired diplomat? ODM muts assume a more aggresive campaign to inform the world and plead with them not to allow Kenyans to be robbed of their democratic rights.

  500. steve wagude says:

    You can not steal and send thieves to explain to other countries what’s goin’ on in kenya.Why din’t they go before to explain to them that we had clashes in kenya.Look at the statement of Wetangula with the president of ghana.Am even wondering why he had to go there.Was it to solve the problems we have now in kenya?give us our democratic right ?or simply tell the ghana president that there was nothing much in kenya and so there was no need for him to come.Look at these guys.People are dying ,the govt. spokesman puts it as if nothing is happening in kenya.He refers to it as “a minority group.”what does he expect to belive that kenya is in need of help. What I know is that number of dead people is smaller and doesn’t count much if it is” them” that are affected.For him ,it doesn’t worry him.We have given them time to solve the problem of in-justice and they have started running to other countries trying to cheaply sell themselves that there is nothing much goin’ on.It means they are taking the opportunity that we have given them to solve our issues for a ride, they now think they have won through the use of police. We are watching closely.

  501. TURNCOAT says:

    1. You won the elections. Six provinces, 99 constitutuencies.
    2. Anyone who despises his birthright is despised and judged harshly. 9 million Kenyans voted. Kikuyus, Luos, grandmothers, their children, the disabled, the sick, the rich, the poor, all used the common denominator – their vote. A birth right. They said that Amollo should be the president.
    3. You have the following of the majority. Remember God uses the will of the majority. The devil uses the rejects. A democratically chosen president should be sworn in the light of the public.
    4. For the purposes of continuity. The future generations need to believe in the only democratic process that is best for change. Last year we chose the ballot over the bullet. Right now we know who has the bullets. We voted with ink. They were craving for our blood. In a democracy, ink is thicker than blood. In DEMON CRAZY, it’s the other way round.
    5. The rest of Africa is watching. Rigging may have occurred in America, in Zambia, it may even have occurred in Kenya in the past. Come 2012,they will impose to us their choice. We will be THE example that proves that this should never be allowed to continue. You have a chance to lead the first ORANGE REVOLUTION in Africa.
    6. The large population in Kenya did not only vote for you. They voted for a change they believed in. They voted out the old regime to break away from the yolk of oppression. You are rich, yet most of the ones who voted are poor. You are a Luo, yet many asked who can vote for a Luo.
    7. Many of us, children, mothers, grandfathers, widows, handicaps, bank managers, army personnel, engineers, prostitutes, hawkers, CEO’s have nothing to lose. We are at loss everyday to the vampires who masquerade as leaders. We are the most heavily taxed state in Africa. We are the most vulnerable in a due to nepotism, we are insecure even in our own homes. We die in hospital. In December last year, we did not vote for peace. We voted for change. After all we have been suffering peacefully.
    8. Government or no government, what counts is the semblance of truth. This is what makes The “United States of America and Somali” stand out. This is what gives sanity to a nation – a free and fair election.
    9. Your defeat of the incumbent is clear and without a doubt. General Kagwea as he is called continues to lock himself in state house, waiting for speeches written out by his compatriots. Stop relying on foreign solutions for Kenya. Our solutions should be homegrown. Call out the women to join your peaceful matches and demonstrations. WE promise you WE will come. List the business that these DISHONORABLE men and women control and WE promise you we will stop buying, call for vigils and fasting and prayers – WE WILL STAY AWAKE WITH YOU. Ask men and women to walk to work and contribute what they have to your cause, WE SHALL DONATE. Ask us to come bear the brunt of the police rungus, WE SHALL BLEED FOR THIS CAUSE. THIS WAY, WE SHALL FIGHT PEACEFULLY.
    10. The sure thing is that in the course of five years millions Kenyans will be born. Many will die. Many will have the right to vote. Few will want to control that vote. With our “VOTE” they will control our lakes, our fish, our minerals, our wildlife, our savings, indeed they will control our dreams or nightmares. Is this what the founding fathers died for. Is this what your Father fought for ? If you give up then God will give us another leader
    11. Refer to point number one above

  502. faddie says:

    am totally against ODM being incorporated into a PNU government.remember these two parties have policies that are world’s apart.take UGATUZI and the USAWA PROGRAMS for do you implement them if you are in a government that advocates absolute centralization?
    NO guyz,let us not bend our backs too much,we’ll end up offering them to be sat on.
    it’s either kibaki resigns or we go for a re-run in march latest.
    what do you think?

  503. Wilaima says:



  504. odhiambo says:

    From: “mrbob_k” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
    Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 13:36:35 -0000
    Subject: [KOL] Re: ODM RELIEF FUND

    Thanks for the info. I will send my contribution ASAP.


    — In kenyaonline@ yahoogroups. com, John Maina wrote:
    > ODM has set up a relief fund for all victims of post-election
    violence. Here’s the account information if you wish to donate:
    > Account# 0112006511100
    > Co-operative Bank,
    > Cannon House Branch, Nairobi.
    > Thanks,

  505. Zax says:

    Now that Kibaki has named his cabinet, shouldnt ODM give a provisional one too because I honestly think that that mediation thing is just a waste of time. Kibaki does not want anything to do with it and he is not going to bow down any time now. ODM needs to change tact.

  506. faddie says:

    daddy if you can read this please remember am still ODM MUKULELDO.
    i still need the t-shirt and the cap.can they be available?

  507. AMBUNDO says:


  508. Michael Asola says:

    ODM Pentagon Now Target of an Assassination Plot
    It is now emerging the a leading member of the ODM pentagon consisting of Raila, Ruto, Ngilu, Nyagah and Mudavadi is target of an assassination plot hatched by political opponents. God forbid!

    Word reaching this blogger indicates that this threat is being assessed by the ODM security team that is headed by former police comish Edwin Nyaseda. Already, ODM is said to have identified at least two active moles that have been planted at Pentagon House, where most of the activities of the party are being co-ordinated from since the electoral process was sabotaged by ECK Chairman. Anyone watching the movement of the pentagon members will not have failed to notice the increased security around them. Other moles are said to be working as insiders at the party secretariat near Yaya Center and are responsible for the chaotic party nomination exercise prior to the elections.

    The plotters feel that it is easier to manage the aftermath of an assassination than handle the political crisis currently unfolding in the country. It seems obvious that a plot to eliminate a member(s) of the pentagon would have far reaching implications on Kenya’s political landscape if it is actually committed. It seems some powerful cartels after having failed to infiltrate the pentagon and are now considering murder as a solution to the post election crisis which was incidentally caused by the same cartel that arm-twisted the Kivuiti into agreeing to declaring fraudulent election results. Kenyan security forces – albeit with some little foreign help – have so far proven (sic) that they can handle large scale civil unrest that is sure to follow should such an assassination take place.

    This blogger has deliberately failed to mention names/tribes of the moles and/or their political sponsors but knowing that this blog is read widely by all politicians, informers are advised to quickly make their bosses aware that they evil plans have already been exposed and their moles are being closely watched.

  509. faddie says:

    of course he is not serious.but it was done for two naming the cabinet kibaki was trying to pre-empt the outcome of the mediation.this was supposedly to help him achieve either of two things depending on the outcome of the negotiations:
    1.if it is decided that they form a coalition government with ODM,then he will end up being the biggest beneficiary since he has already given out all the key ministries to his cronies.that is why he left the peripheral ministries for ODM in case they decide to join the government.or appointing Kalonzo vp,he is being strategic in case they settle for a presidential re-run.he believes that since he has made Kalonzo vp,if there is to be a re-run,then kalonzo can persuade his block(kambas)to vote for kibaki thus increasing his numbers.his assumption is that all kambas who voted for kalonzo will transfer their votes to him becoz he has made one of them vp.the arguement being that if they don’t vote for him they will lose everything coz honestly if ODM forms the government kalonzo cannot be they will be told they are better off with kalonzo as vp in kibaki’s government than being in opposition if they vote for ODM.honestly,kambas might buy this.
    so he calculates that with the central and eastern votes in tact and approximately 4 million,he will only need to seach for about 1,000,000 votes from other provinces in order to wrong.
    the only person i sympathise with is Kalonzo but at the same time i understand why he had to play second fiddle.
    i sympathise with him becoz by accepting the post of vp,he has just kissed his presidential ambitions goodbye.he has messed his credibility and it will be difficult for him to convince kenyans that he is a presidential material.for now most people see him as a traitor.
    i understand him becoz,he believes that the vp is a step away from the presidency and that it can easily catapult him to the presidency come 2012.he is also banking on the support of the greater GEMA when he stands for presidency in 2012 so by being a faithful deputy to kibaki,he believes they will offer him support since they have the numbers.
    this being the first time a kamba is made vp,it is a golden prize for kalonzo since he feels rejecting it would have amounted to missing a golden opportunity and maybe the kambas may have never forgiven him.
    finally,kalonzo having been a student of nyayo just like the nyachaes, njenga karumes and the saitoti’s of this part of the world are typical opportunists.they can smell an opportunity from far and can’t wait to capitalise on them.they like reaping where they haven’t it is only natural that he joins his group of vultures.this company includes”the best lawyer” in kenya,mutula kilonzo,uhuru kenyatta,harun mwau,jirongo,yusuf haji,and kibaki among others.these fellows have things in common.they have now regrouped into familiar territory to finish and dispose off the carcass.KALONZO HAS JUST JOINED HIS GROUP OF HYENAS,GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

  510. steve wagude says:

    ODM pentantagon members mpige hesabu and time as a key factor here, since we have realised that kibaki is not serious.We moved a mile backwards to allow them address the situation but what we are witnessing is total joke.Let’s move three miles a head.Democracy is expensive and we are prepared for it.Let’s make everything to a boiling point.We are not gonna allow him rule.Kibaki is going to kill us.And we are ready.Those who will come after will enjoy.

  511. faddie says:

    dear ODMers,
    remember jaramogi,matiba,rubia,njeru gathangu,raila,george anyona,orengo,mgangha and others?these are patriotic kenyans who stood up not only for their rights but for this country as well.most of them were in their youthful years.and they were not poor either so they could have chosen to lay back and let business go on as usual.but they stood up becoz they believed in their country.they were tortured and maimed just becoz they were fighting for democracy.they suffered irreparable damages to their healths and businesses and for what?just so that you and me can benefit.where were the kibakis,kalonzos,saitotis,poghisios,mutulas of this world?they were sleeping with the torturers,the enemies of democracy.
    while people were fighting for democracy,these same fellows dismissed it as futile.what happened recently happened in 1992.none of these fellows raised a they are all in familiar territory.they care less and to them the words democracy and justice are vocabularies.
    the freedoms you and i are enjoying didn’t come by themselves.some people stood up to the system and suffered for it.others even died for it.they are now living legends.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to be counted,there would still be apartheid in South Africa today.if they let it go hoping to change it at a later date,it would never have ended.they lay their lives on the line and now South Africa is the biggest economy in Africa.this freedom didn’t just come,they fought for it.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to fight for their rights,the Orange Revolution wouldn’t have happened in did happen becoz people said “enough was enough”.they couldn’t take it anymore.
    if the youth hadn’t risen up in the great United States Of America under Martin Luther King jnr.,there would still be racial segregation.but it reached a point of no return.they did it and now Americans are now abit more accomodating.
    these are just but a few examples.i believe we have reached our point of no return in Kenya.and this is a point where we have to throw caution to the wind if we want to have change.change is never given freely,it has to be fought is always resisted.the only person who easily embraces change is a baby whose nappies have been soiled.
    this is my messsage to the youth,make a difference while you still have the energy and strength.ask yourself what contribution you can make towards making Kenya the country you want it to be.i know all ODMers are yearning for change.but how do you hope to get it when you sit at home and do nothing.?
    this battle should not be left to the poor brothers and sisters living in the slums.let us come out and show our solidarity with our leaders.let us do something to change this country for the better.if not for ourselves then for posterity.
    for what will you tell your grandchildren?will you look them in the eye,and boldly tell them that you stood by and watched as kibaki and his cronies destroyed this country?will you convince them that you couldn’t do anything more just becoz you voted and he messed the results?if i were your grandchild i would never forgive you.
    this country has reached a turning point.sooner or later,Kibaki will follow the route Mugabe has taken.will you be willing to watch as he joins the league of african dictators.i won’t.he has already started and i won’t let him turn this country into another zimbabwe where everything the president says goes.
    i won’t let him add kenya into the list of failed states.i don’t want kenya to be a statistic.we changed this when we drove Moi out of town.i won’t let kibaki take us back there.
    therefore am standing to be counted.i suggest that ODM organizes peaceful mass demonstrations everyday if Kibaki declines a re-run.i will be there everyday until justice is done.this country doesn’t belong to kibaki and his cronies more than it belongs to you and me.if we don’t stand up to them,history will judge us harshly.becoz,if this goes on,we might just become another Rwanda.
    to my Kikuyu brothers and sisters,this is not an ethnic war.matiba and rubia were kikuyus during the struggle.raila and orengo were luos,njeru gathangu was embu,masinde muliro was luhya,george anyona was a kisii,mgangha was a taita but they all stood up against a dictatorial regime. and they triumphed not becoz they believed in their tribes but becoz of their belief in democracy and their country,a better Kenya.that’s why we have the little freedom we have today.
    so don’t be duped.a kibaki presidency won’t benefit you more than it will benefit people from other if you honestly believe that there was injustice in the elections,then stand up and be counted.join other kenyans in the struggle for change.

  512. steve wagude says:

    Minneapolis USA.
    Don’t look back.the sky is the limit.Jogi kare walo kodwa.Del emakoro dwarore.
    We have been very patient.

  513. steve wagude says:

    Kama ni mbaya iwe mbaya.Tuna roho.

  514. Don Croce Malo says:

    Please make me understand how to accept to be governed by a govt that me and majority of Kenyans did not elect, a government that has taken Kenyans for trash, forgotten that the people must give them the mandate? How do they refuse to hand over power???? Is is understandable? How will the mwananchi behave if the top brass do nothing but promote values that are not fit for a society? Where are we headed – what is being taught to our young – kwamia tu vitu za wenyewe, akitaka auliwe au aende kotini? Brothers, we might be quiet, but our hearts and minds have no peace and rest – very fertile ground for growing the worst seeds for a nation. TO ALL KENYANS WHO CARE FOR THE FUTURE AND HONESTLY UPHOLD DEMOCRACY AND JUSTICE, NO MATTER THE TRIBE OR THE RACE OR STATUS IN LIFE-
    Lets stop this tribalism, we can’t fight an innocent Kikuyu, or anyone for that matter – because of a grievous crime by one man – LETS FIGHT KIBAKI, NOT OUR FELLOW POOR KENYANS?! HE HAS TO BE FORCED TO UNDERSTAND THAT HE CANNOT TAKE FELLOW HUMANS FOR FOOLS – WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, KIBAKI.

  515. Judy Omare says:

    Raila Odinga is the legitimately elected president of Kenya. Whatever happens, In our hearts, he will always be our president. I advise that he should not let the thieves inPNU get away with what they have done. Its wrong and I hope God gets them for that. If we let them steal the presidency this time, what makes us think they wont force someone else down our throats next time???? I am sorry to say this but i would rather see kenyans fighting for their rights than peace with Kibaki as president. DONT GIVE UP!!!

  516. faddie says:

    i still ask all of you to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.and i would ask Agent4Change to create a thread to this effect so that we get contributions from ODMers who are willing to stand up with the rest for ODM’s cause.we used this blog before the elections to rally support for our is the time to use it once again to highlight to our people the need and the importance to come out and campaign peacefully for justice to be our shield and defender.let’s use it the same way we did to inform our people especially those in the rural areas not to engage in violence but to fight for their rights peacefully.we got very good ideas on how to counter electoral fraud thro’ this blog.let’s use it again to come up with ideas on how to solve this empasse.
    very soon we will be called upon to rise up and defend justice and very often it is the lower class especially from the slums who come out in response to such i said ealier,this is not a battle for the poor and neither is it for the faint hearted.
    sit down and ask yourself what you stand to gain or lose by responding to our leaders’ calls for justice.we have a judicial system that is compromised from the you want to bring changes to it or would you rather watch?
    when the rallying call for mass actions is made,i ask that we all come out regardless of our status in the just don’t know what the power of the people can doesn’t necessarily need to be violent.we do not need to destroy properties.however am sure when we launch spontaneous mass protests countrywide,there will be a knee jerk reaction from Kibaki.he will deploy the GSU in town as he did not so long ago.
    the effect will be that no business will operate for as long as we protest and am not sure if the government can sustain this for long.
    as for me am prepared to go the long pepared to stay on as long as it takes.
    during the Nazi regime when hitler was on the rampage there were people who never lifted a finger.somebody said then that:
    “when they came for the gypsies,i never raised a finger coz i was not a gypsy,
    and when they came for the jews i never raised a finger coz i was not a jew.they took everybody and each time i never raised a finger because i was never one of them.eventually when they came for me,there was no one to defend me coz they had all been killed”
    so please,don’t feel comfortable today coz the monster you are breeding today will come back to devour you when there will be nobody to protect you.

  517. BH says:

    Unfair? I agree, BUT… if you don’t find a peacful way out of this mess you are going to be party to the destruction of the Kenya economy. With the economy destroyed, you might as well give up. What is the use of a country that spends the next decade fighting itself? This is a time for statesmanship, not rhetoric. To say that mass actions don’t “necessarily need to be violent” is tantamount to encouraging violence. We are a foreign owned company with a long history (80 years) of investment in Western Kenya. We are not big, but we employ around 300 people. Our customers are cancelling orders, and our staff are afraid to resume work. Is this what you want? It is stupid to think that ALL kikuyu are against you and should be beaten, and even more stupid not to come out CLEARLY and say so. The world is trying to help but cannot do anything other than talk. Talk is the answer, whether it takes a week, a year or a decade. Calling for violence, whether directly or indirectly, will soon mean that everyone – you the reader included – will lose family, friends, property, status and your way of life. You are trading all these in for the worst 10 years your country will ever face, and it will take generations for foreign investment to resume. You, your children, and your children’s children are going to spend a long time suffering unless you get a grip and start TALKING instead of fighting.
    I should point out that whilst the majority suffer, the rich will continue to take the spoils. Sorry, but that is the same all over the world and nothing will change that for a long time yet.
    You want free and fair elections? Gimme a break! How do you think Bush got elected? And what about the rigging of postal votes in UK. Australia is crooked. Zimbabwe? well look at it. Look anywhere and you’ll see the same thing, but worse still it won’t matter in the long run. Raila wears his heart on his sleeve – he wants to make massive improvements – but so did Kibaki (or are your memories that short?). Money talks at the end of the day.
    So to the politicians, get talking and encourage your supporters to build the country, not destroy it. You MUST come out clearly and say that ANY and ALL violence or destruction of property is WRONG and will not be tolerated. What choice do you give Kibaki but to use the GSU? So would you! And we all know, anyway, that gangs or thugs armed with pangas are not your supporters – they are simply trying to make hay while the sun shines.

  518. kanyeka says:

    People from shagz are disappointed when they call to inquire the Nairobi’s situation they hear that things have cooled. Some are saying that they have withheld their protest waiting for the go ahead from pentagon and they are raring to go ahead coz they all what they are fighting for.

  519. Concerned ODM supporter says:

    Guys, I like your ideas and am with you. My question though is how we are going to help our brothers and sisters in Kisumu. I visited the place and couldn’t believe my eyes. The town is a shell. Yes, a shell. People have turned beggars overnight. Some people even burned their own homes., although am told they were burned by mobs who mistook the houses as belonging to “foreigners”. Yes, we chased the asians and kikuyus and kisiis, but our people now don’t have jobs. People are literally begging for food and money. How should we tackle this issue. How will they agree to go back to the streets on empty stomachs. I passed by Ahero and Awasi and the situation looked the same. Not sure what’s going to happen to this region, but I think we’ve gone back 10 steps backwards.

  520. Haggai says:

    I am a DISAPPOINTED ODM supporter. Disappointed with ECK, disappointed with Kenyans for NOT standing up strong for their rights – for loving peace more than JUSTICE, and now……… DISAPPONTED WITH THE ODM LEADERSHIP!

    It is 4pm in Nairobi on Friday 11 January. As you may all be aware, nothing came out of the peace initiative that was driven by the President of the African Union Mr John Kufuor. The reason for the failure was Kibaki’s refusal to accede to ODM’s RAESONABLE demands that they share power with the thief KIbaki. Remember that this power actually rightfully belongs to ODM in the first place!

    Kibaki’s intrasigence, which led to the collapse of the talks, was enough reason for ODM to go back to mass protests IMMEDIATELY. Instead, ODM has taken more than 24 hours to think of the next course of action. So, they had a press briefing this afternoon.

    From the news briefs I have just heard on the local FM stations, the press briefing was called to inform Kenyans that there will be an ODM rally at the heavily guarded Uhuru Park next week Wednesday at 10 am. Remember that ODM has tried to hold rallies at this venue 3 or 4 times since December 30 without any success. Remember also that Kibaki has transformed this park in a military camp 24-7. Unlike Moi who used to send his soldiers there on the very day of a FORD rally. Kibaki has placed the whole area, and virtually the whole city, under military surveillance.

    What is even more frustrating is that the same news bulletin announces that former UN Chief Koffi Anan is expected in the country on Tuesday, a day before the planned ODM rally!! Is ODM REALLY SERIOUS about holding a rally? Won’t they call it off on Tuesday just after Kofi Anan’s arrival as a sign of respect to the eminent African and “to give dialogue a chance”? Has the ODM leadership given up the fight? Have they run out of ideas?

    Trying to hold one rally at Uhuru Park is futile. It will be dispersed. But forget the rally. Everyone will call on ODM to call it off in view of Kofi Anan’s presence in the country.

    It is annoying! It is frustrating! It is disgusting!

  521. BJ says:

    For heaven sake protests should continue. I am hurting, hurting, but am not broken yet.

    Please let us not kill innocent people different tribes. Let us face it out with the police and Kibaki men. A re run is a must!!!

    Kibaki has underestimated this but he will pay dearly.

  522. kanyeka says:

    Free or not free fair or not fair we are going back to the days where KANU ruled the country. One thing PANU is slowly transforming itself to KANU of the yesteryears. The current people that are in this f**e government suppressing the country during those days are back the likes of Kinuthia, Emillio, Musioka, and soon to see the other half.
    Kenyans must wake up this is the right time!!

  523. Haggai says:

    Has anyone noticed that disappointment and despair is setting in amongst ODMers in Kenya? People want action but the ODM leadership keeps holding meeting after meeting. Then they do press briefings where they disclose all their plans as much as a week in advance. “We will sit on the right side in parliament, we will gain control of the House by electing our own as a speaker, we will have protests end of next week, …etc”

    Isn’t this playing right into the hands of the wicked fellows in PANU? During the intervening period, PANUA plans a counter strategy and also engineers some negative publicity and propaganda about ODM’s plans.

    ODM has had to cancel several rallies for a variety of reasons. Others (rallies) have failed due to very heavy GSU security deployed by Kibaki. If the protests slated for next week are cancelled for any reason – such as giving dialogue a chance and giving room for Koffi Anan’s peace initiative – I swear, morale among many ODMers will hit rock bottom. People will be wondering why they should disturb the peace if Kibaki’s govt seems to be working fine – however illegitimate it may be.

    ODM needs to revise its strategy. Pentagon must hire fresh thinkers to work out their strategies! We cannot afford to goof all the time and allow the enemy to benefit therefrom. Is anyone at PENTAGON listening??? Obviously, I am one of those ready to hit the streets in protest against Chameleon KickBack. But I am even more ready to assist in crafting strategies for ODM pro bono.

  524. ezra says:

    With a clear mind on how is the legitimate leader and how should form the cabinet ,am so much disappointed with the selfish ideas of Kibaki,who does not want to hand over powers .These is a clear indication that KENYA is not yet out of the barbaric regime. How can KENYA be ruled by somebody we did not elect???,simply because he has powers to manipulate the avotes.SHAME ON YOU Kibaki!!. And you Mr.Kivuitu, the ECK chairman ,how sabotaged the election process,by reading fraud results DIE WITH YOU SHAME !!. Hon.RAILA,We elected you as we so the potential in you.Even the rest of the wold knows that you are the PEOPLES PRESIDENT .So MWESHIMIWA as we back you up don’t let our efforts end up in vain.Follow your dadys footsteps .Under which ever means and by what ever ways LET’S GET OUR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS BACK.and stamp out these colonial characters of MOI and now KIBAKI.

  525. tnk says:

    ODM should strongly consider action that takes control of the six provinces and if necessary break off from central and eastern. a govt is made of people of the people, this govt intends to tax people but favor central/eastern.

    if we take the positions to break off, it will give even police and army an opportunity to come out in civic (not armed) defence of the rights of the regions they elect to join and not be smothered into silently supporting a regime that am sure not many of them agree with.

  526. Morris says:

    Ugandan Soldiers have been seen entering kenya at
    Ndhiwa in Nyanza. Please alert your people.
    Make calls to the are to confirm.

  527. kanyeka says:



  528. TURNCOAT says:


  529. TURNCOAT says:


  530. TURNCOAT says:


  531. zizi says:

    ODM members,

    I want to repeat what I have stated at length somewhere elese. The radical proposals of secession are out of place and I do not think Raila will be for that. The fact that he won in six provinces it does not mean Kibaki got zero votes. So it is not automatic that voters would want to go that way. If we are really for Kenya, then let us show by example: reduce conflict and bloodshed as much as possible and win over the public support. I am fearful that with time, if we continue with such a talk, there is gonna be a fall out. Raila should not be painted as the one who caused the fracture of a once beautiful and peaceful nation.

    The other point is that I believe the concern of victims should be balanced. It should consider those in Tigania, Nyeri as well as those in Kisum, Eld, Nakuru and Kitale. Let us try things differently and talk as a nation in search for stability.

    The hard question that we need to ask ourselves now is: What are we willing to sacrifice for the sake of Kenya? God give us wisdom to answer this question.

  532. tnk says:


    i hear you on your points. I’m not thinking about today or tomorrow.

    the feelings of resentment will continue and rise with each day there is no resolution each group will continue to feel most aggrieved and finally it will be irreconcilable.

    We need to find a middle ground quickly but its hard to agree to a situation where justice is denied. I’m for peaceful resolution but neither you nor I can face any of those angry people out there and tell them to accept injustice and wait out another 5 years for more of the same. To diffuse the anger, the PNU/govt has to tone down considerably and reduce the high arrogance, otherwise its just adding fuel to the already tense situation. That is the reality.

    Those overt moves to send militia, GSU or whatever force will not change peoples feelings, what they need to hear is that the injustice is being adressed (not WILL be addressed) and immediately.

  533. Peris O says:

    It is IMPERATIVE that ODM MPs-Elect begin to mobiize their constituents to rebuild that which has been destroyed not only in the past two weeks but also since time immemorial. For example, in Rwanda, every third Saturday of the month is set aside for everybody to come together and clean up their communities. No businesses will open and no other activities take place during this time. This is symbolic to the clean up and reconciliation between different groups.

    Bado mapambano. Lakini in the process, let’s start rebuilding our communities. Let us not be seen as sitting back and watching our communities reduced to nothing. The damage that has been caused will take everyone coming together to rebuild and restore.

    PS: Is it true that most of the burning and killing in Kisumu and some Western parts of the country was done and continues to be done by Kenyan Law Enforcement in conjunction with their Ugandan counterparts??

  534. Michael says:

    The Ugandan Soldiers are hiding around Mbaga Hills, Siaya. The locals have positively identified some of them. The locals are planning of surrounding the the Hill and fighting them. They have tried calling the ODM information line in vain. The hill is bushy and way in the outskirts of Siaya. Please alert anyone you know living around the area and Western Province of Kenya.

    There is also a strong rumour that Kenyan military have been stripped off their weapons and are not allowed to operate in groups. Can someone validate this please?

  535. Joseph Jakenya says:

    URGENT: 3000 NRA in Kenya ahead of rallies

    Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:03:05 -0800 (PST)

    Museveni on reuest by Mr. Kibaki has sent 3,000National Resistence Army troops to Kenya to assist Kibaki ahead of the ODM rallies. They left Uganda on the night of 12th January 2007 after a secrect consultation meeting among the NRA top oficials at the NRA headquarters near National Assembly in Kampala.

    Meanwhile, PNU is supporting Mungiki and a section of Police officer develop petrol and other chemical bombs which will be thrown to some building in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret and Mombasa and put blame on ODM to justify an arrest of top ODM Pentagon members particularly Ruto and Raila.

    Please inform all ODM supporters abouy this scheme.

  536. i dont believe that kibaki will be able to hang on to power for much longer. He is depending on the use of force. They cannot kill all Kenyans. What they have started will be difficult to stop. I dont know where they think they will run to this time around. The blood of all those innocent Kenyans who have died as a result of kibaki stealing the elections will come to haunt them. Museveni will not save you in the long run. Kenyans have a resolve to protect their hard-earned democracy, and it is coming like a dark cloud. Why cant they read the signs of the times. This is a revolution.

  537. kanyeka says:

    I have received a call from a friend of mine & who is telling me that story about rats from ug is true story and that they are ready for them. Right now they are logging trees collecting boulders ready waiting for the d-day to erect them on the highway.

  538. kanyeka says:

    And is this true?
    Fellow Kenyans,

    The much talked about Mungiki training and arming has been confirmed.
    Uhuru has donated Ksh.4 million and Karume and other leaders have paid
    for the training of Mungiki to attack Luos, Luhyas, muslims and Kalenjin
    communities. The plan is complete and its execution is soon.

    From reliable sources, the plan is to retaliate the mayhem that was
    witnessed in the post-election violence where Kikuyu community was
    targeted by these tribes. It is said that the attacks will start slowly
    in Nairobi as mere criminal gang but will intensify with time. A number
    of Mungiki members have been provided by police uniforms and will knock
    doors at night. Areas mostly targeted are Mathare, Dandora, Umoja,
    Kayole, Embakazi, Dagoreti and Kibera. and Police will be slow in
    response and ways have been crafted to show that police have been
    overwhelmed. In the streets mungiki members will be planted among police
    officers with sole responsibility to kill anybody who is protesting.

    Kenyans of goodwill are required to condemn this plan for genocide and
    please alert all Kenyans to be careful. This not just a propaganda it is
    real and police, leaders, and the public should not remain silent. All
    night travels and should be reduced.

    Concerned Citizen.

  539. SKY2008 says:

    I’m an italian born in Kenya,
    and I’m following the situation in Kenya. For the european opinion Kenya is in a very difficoult and violent situation, some media are trying to compare Kenya to other dramatic situations happened in the last years in Africa. It is wise not to look only inside the country border but also on the international feedbacks. This is a serious problem on the reliability of the country. The problem now is not Kibaki or Odinga today but which country will be presented to the international markets tomorrow, and which kind of bilateral agreements will be possible. This not stable situation is giving a great chance to the international buyers and to set new trade conditions. So also if I perfectly know that demonstrations are necessary…..the question is: are these useful to Kenya or to the external markets driven by the media in order to keep the situation not stable? 600 people is already an high price offered

  540. I have been watching news from home since election day 1. But I cannot believe That Kenyans were robbed off their right to vote. They voted for Raila across the Country. I’m also appealing for peaceful march tomorrow to make our case know to the rest of the world. This is part of my dream last night, I heard the voice saying “Raila,Raila” proceed you are about to cross the red sea. Do not give up and never leave any of your members (ODM) behind. As parliament opens today, proceed with confidence. I know you are not a coward, because you have demonstrated this in the past. Stand firm, as you elect a new speaker. I strongly believe that God needs you to rescue this beloved Country. You do not need a riffle to do this. Never give up. God is with you and ODM in every move you make. “Remember what Moses did to rescue the Israelites”You have come all this long and you an excellent team working with. This is your time to rule this Country!!

  541. Joseph Jakenya says:

    Please somebody find out if this is true. If true then we are in trouble in kenya. If true then let the public know about this.


    Mon, 14 Jan 2008 10:15:06 +0000 (GMT)

    Attention all Kenyans!! Uganda soldiers are now in Kenya under the protection of our own armed forces. And do you know that all non-GEMA Kenya Army soldiers are being sent on compulsory leave as we speak?. Pray for our country and people

  542. Mike Okello says:

    Let’s preach peace, Peace in Kenya, with or without Justice…

    People are dying, dying, dying and dying, Never to be seen again!

  543. kanyeka says:

    He he he ! ati peace without justice ask yourself why are they dying.
    If you don’t know its because of election coup which everyone saw even sane people like S**t kibaki knows very well.

    Do you know that this thing has gone too far and even if you try to sing organizing concert for peace do everything for peace but without this word JUSTICE you are talking and just thumbing your chest ati muta do.


  544. TURNCOAT says:

    Dear Sky2008,
    You say that you are Italian. I understand your concern. There will no be peace without justice. Right now we do not care what the international Community things. When i am hungry does it matter if i wear a Pierre Cardin suit or Kitenge ? The European Community and the International Community needs to make sure that the localites are empowered and hence they will have a more stable market. Otherwise you will be at the mercy of a few merchants and manipulators who will present to you fake growth rates like 6.5. Please let us deciede what is good for us. For now……….Kibaki stole the votes but not the show. He must step down…and crawl like the lizard he is.

  545. Joseph Jakenya says:

    Confirmed UGANDA soldiers in Kenya

  546. Otieno says:

    The thief Kibaki prorogues Parliament

    This is one of the many reasons we need to change the constitution. He can put parliament in abeyance like this for up to 12 months!

    You cannot stop the Tsunami bwana Kibaki. Give up. Forget Karua and Michukis who have a stranglehold on you.

  547. Yelena says:

    Incase you have not heard nor read, Kibaki visited Uganda last thursday. here’s the article I have pasted from the following source:

    Confirmed: President Mwai Kibaki visited Uganda
    Last updated : 15 Jan 2008, Kampala
    Radio Katwe has done its cross checking and can now confirm to its readers that President Mwai Kibaki the Kenyan head of state (a title in hot dispute) paid a surprise visit to Uganda last Thursday.

    Rumours have been in Kampala that Kibaki visited his fellow dictator Yoweri Museveni but we could not confirm them at first. Now we have seen concrete evidence that Kibaki was in Uganda.

    Many Ugandans are worried by why Kibaki chose to come to Uganda at a time when Kenya is in big problems. They are worried that Kibaki might have got to Uganda to consult a man who besides other titles like elections stealer, and serial breaker of Agreements between conflicting parties, is most well known as veteran of genocide against civilians.

    Recently we saw pictures of youths in Kenya carrying machetes (pangas) and it brought back memories of the pangas used in the Rwandan Genocide. We earlier wrote about a truck full of new pangas that was taken from Uganda to Rwanda just before the terrible genocide there.

    We have not got any news about what they discussed but when the most powerful and corrupt men get together to strike deals, the people of East Africa should get worried.

    Foul play is being suspected between Museveni and Kibaki.

  548. joseph jakenya says:

    ODM needs to carry this to parliament for debate.

  549. Peter Obuya says:

    Good Morning,

    My name is Peter Obuya a staunch ODM supporter who has closely followed the day to day activities of the ODM group before elections, during elections and now after the elections. Every normal citizen in this country knows what happened during the elections that saw Mwai Kibaki win under very unclear conditions. What i have to say is that at that moment Kibaki and his right hand men,had already portrayed themselves as very wicked, power hungry individuals and people who dont have Kenyans at heart. This should be the best time for Hon. Raila Odinga and we as ODM generally to portray ourselves as responsible people with integrity. The demonstrations are legal but our Kenyan friends just find it hard conduct themselves with restraint. After the demonstrations we people who live in the slums face the wrath of the people who are from demonstrating. They murdered my mother, father, wife and one child. just imagine the sight of you coming home from work only to find the only people you had in your life lying on the ground all drenched and swimming in blood. I refused to loose and i still go for my casual job every single day. I do not have enough funds to bury them, their bodies still lie at the motuary like people who have no families. I am not asking for any financial help, i am just requesting that you consider our plight as common wananchi and just call off the rallies and find better and more peaceful ways of expressing your disappointment in the government (wish i had better ideas). If you really have us at heart please look at our sufferings and come to our rescue. Our once lovely town of Kisumu is now down to its knees all in the name of demonstrations. Kibera once one of the most lively areas in Nairobi is all burnt and desserted. What kind of life would we lead if we continue this way.. God can see your heart as well as we your supporters can see that you are sincere and you are the best suited candidate for President Kenya and what you have done to bring justice so far has been heard loud and clear and is enough, just leave the rest to God and i assure you that he is going to avenge on your behalf.. Please by the mercies of God Hon. Raila Odinga heed to my call and consider this request. May God bless ODM and Kenya in general.

    I am not a regular internet user but all this incidents compelled me to send you this message because i feel strongly that something must be done.


    Peter Obuya

  550. kanyeka says:

    Determined not to relent, the protesters are continuing to protest and at the same time train going to UG is burning and people are “shopping” for the maize and rice inside the wagon. While truck load of GSU oops mungiki is trapped while going to rescue the “supermarket” from the “shoppers”. The place is near Ayany Estate.


  552. Mike Okello says:

    Should the burning of the 35 Kenyans (mostly women and children) in a KAG Church in Kiambaa, Eldoret be discussed in parliament also?


  553. kanyeka says:

    This is for those that are shedding crocodile tears like this fellow known as MIKE OKELLO.

    Guys this man is a pain in my ass and he is a liability to this forum. He is a firm supporter of the MOO MP of Othaya the Go murder in Thief of the Republic of Kenya that rejected him. He is a Tuju may be not sure.

    These are the people who have refused to understard what is in the public domain.

    If anyone gets the AK$& please start with this son of a bitch known as fake Mike Okello shit.
    We need JUSTICE & PEACE full stop.

  554. tnk says:


    and it wont stop there, why bother going through any merit based incremental system to advance when you can jump to the top by “knowing” the right people. We’ve gone full cycle back to Moi days when merit and profession meant nothing. We are going to see it in the armed forces, police, civil service, etc. brace for it.

    The MP for Othaya has set the benchmark

  555. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    Zizi,let me answer by a question.Do you want us ODM to sacrifice to let go democracy in kenya,justice or sacrifice to let thieves still even steal in houses,banks,votes.Do you really know what you talking about.We are not talking about Raila or kibaki.We are talking about democracy here men.Plis think big.

  556. Steve wagude "Otula" says:


  557. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    ODM says mass action to continue next week.

  558. 25mmpayload says:


  559. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    I am really pleased with the people of eldoret town.For them the struggle is rising day by day.

  560. joseph jakenya says:

    Is there a way of arming the locals to protect them from mungiki? They are shooting too many pple in Nairobi slum areas, baba dogo, huruma, kariadudu, and some parts of koch.

  561. karanja kamau says:


    Can you explain what you mean with mungiki…
    1. Do you call the goverment police/gsu/army the mungiki or do you mean the
    gang (mungiki) ? cause unless you explain what you mean.. with all due
    respect to your post we are here to make peace but not finish our beloved

  562. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    Visit http.// are the kind of people we need.That lady has my heart in full.We don’t want kibaki.

  563. odhiambo says:


    the previous kibaki gov trained the mungiki and dressed them in the military and gsu uniforms. if you are a mungiki yourself and never received any, it means you are not very loyal. that’s what up

  564. tnk says:

    this is to myself, odhiambo, jakenya, karanja and many other ODMers

    most of us in this forum are here on principles of good, just and democratic governance. Lets stay focused and not heckle each other. we are all experiencing and grieving a tremendous loss of peace, justice, trust and friendships that we have nurtured either all our lives or a good part. THis is all due to tragic mistakes made by a few people vested with great authority that in restrospect, should have never been given to them. Even as we get angry lets vent the anger where it belongs, to those institutions and poeple directly responsible for this mess. THose are the people and institutions that need to feel the pinch.

  565. Lijoodi says:

    The government as just violently broken the prayer meetings at Ligi ndogo on Ngong Rd after the polise had given a license of the same why do we have to go through all these running around while we won the election it should be the other way round.


  566. kanyeka says:

    The crowd retaliated by burning the Telkom building known as posta along ngong road and went straight ahead to pull off a section of the rail after one of the protesters dared the police guarding the workers repairing the rail to shoot him. The rail worker and the police fled for their dear life and left the rail to be vandal again.

  567. Mike Okello says:

    And that is the Government that would have been in power by now?
    And those are the people referred to in the statement ‘The peoples President’?

  568. Akinyi says:

    Yes Mike thats the government that would have been power. I wonder why you are wasting your energy writting, what did you want them to do? they license the rally then tear gas the mourners including the berieved family? wake up. We have to get what is rightfully ours no matter what!

  569. Mike Okello says:

    At least now i know what a president i could have elected, Wake me up during the re-run at least so that we can legitimize the current government!

  570. joseph jakenya says:

    Who is a leader that can be termed the people’s president? One who has the heart to console the bereaved?

    We all do understand that we come from different backgrounds, some are here to make their masters happy by throwing insults. I wont mention them since they know who they are.

    RAO was elected clean as president and robbed in broad day light. We, as Kenyans, all know that.

    BUT, a truely born leader, RAO, did not do the Ivory Coast thing because he cared and wanted the country to stand on its feet. He just ONLY called for a peaceul match and protest. What did the guilty one do? Oredered the police to shoot to kill, imported uganda police to help in shooting pple in areas that ‘his’ police refused to obey the orders (western and rift valley). RAO carried himself with such dignity that there should be no retaliation, but peaceful protests.

    Still, Rao accepted to share a talk with the thieves in the name of peace. To this point, I would ask my friend somewhere up here, WHO IS A TRUE LEADER? I think we should move away from partisan politics and support principles and democracy. Commonsense will NEVER be taught in class.
    I again appeal to those serving their partisan masters in this blog to back off and let the ever shinning ODM team do their stuff over here.

  571. joseph jakenya says:

    Bado mapambano mapambano mapambano! till democracy, truth and justice is served. Long live ODM, long live RAO and the PENTAGON team.

  572. Akinyi says:

    Is it true that Raila’s vehicle was short at along Ngong road? He was not in the vehicle though. Can somebody clarify

  573. Otieno says:

    Akinyi..BBC says his car was shot at but no one was inside at that moment

  574. crateturner says:

    are this people seriouse? why are they shooting at railas car are they mad or this kibaki and michuki are smoking illigal stuff. if even raila gets a flu we will blame on the govermwnt why are they shooting at our president if they waki faulu tutaonana kiwanjani so that they kill us all and kibaki can rule the 1 and half provinces.

  575. joseph jakenya says:


    We need to pass some suggestions on how our president should handle this. First and foremost, there has to be a rerun of presidential elections. There is no way they can share the govt for a whole 5 years. This should only be an arrangement to set up a field for a rerun. Secondly, the federalism has to be brought to work and with urgency. This is the time for liberation from paying taxes to be used at only central and nairobi. We want to be paying taxes and see them impact our areas too, therefore we need majimbo. Things look so suspisious to me, Museveni coming in after shootings in western and rift valley, then somebody fires bullets at RAO’s car and then Kibaki comes out to talk to RAO and Annan. It loks like the people holding kibaki hostage are fearing that it will be public that kibaki is mentally incapacitated so they wanted to shoot RAO to prevent the public from coming open. Looking at the meeting betwn RAO and kibaki, msaliti/judas escariot(aka kalonzo) was so uneasy and just scrathing hmself.

    So much so, RAO needs to realy take care of his security. These people could use the opportunity to cool down tempers and then act stupid. The interim govt should not last more than one year.

  576. teresa barasa says:

    to all kenyans,
    iI was watching the boycott- dr. martin l.king and the nostalgia was pulpable. Its a fact that we face an injustice, one that we have quitely lived with and that must be dealt with for good. For kenya unfortunately this injustice cuts along ethnic lines, many short of calling it by its name. It is ‘socio-economic’, to quote one githongo, a situation of some few having unfair advantages when it comes to resources, opportunities and achievements in life. It is in our hearts and hushed in conversation. God knows the task ahead is big but must be embraced 2 save this nation from further deterioration- to give us direction. My plea to all kenyans is in your own position, do not uphold these injustice while at it, embrace peace. To kibaki- your victory is unknown according to the eck chairman- God knows why he declared u winner. All the rigging claims r justified on this note and being on that presidential seat is an insult to all kenyans and a continuation of this injustice. To raila, the big task is on you and your team, to firmly speak for the people and say no to all this. If an election can be manipulated to a victory by the few, i have no faith in the courts either. Like i said its a big task. Society seldom gets a rise in a leadership that restores justice, a leadership that rights the wrongs. It is time for that leadership.

  577. "Otula" says:

    Raila odinga should not loosen anything if kibaki is still playing an hard game.We canno’t work with PNU.Nobody is talking about justice in there meeting.Raila ,we are watching you.Kibaki must go home.We cannot preach peace all the time and forget about justice.It is justice that brings about peace.Power sharing without election re-run will be a blow to odm supporters.

  578. At the risk of sounding a pessimist, I can authoritatively state that Annan team is bound to achieve little, if anything, due to the visible intransigence from the illegal government; as ODMers, we’re unwilling to let go no ground either since we’re dealing with blatant thugs who won’t bat an eyelid while spewing piles and piles of lies. Raila and his team must know too well that the people are not willing to swallow any form of blackmail. It is not the time to cool off or take the tranquilizing drugs of gradualism otherwise the pple we’ll, in desperation, seek alternative measures even if they are left rudderless. We are behind ODM and the world is, too. Mince no words; tell it out on the mountains and the corrupt corridors of Harambee House as well as statehouse, that no peace is real and durable without the bedrock of justice.

    This is the time to finalize this battle and make real the promises of democracy. We can walk the Raila X-tra mile in so many ways; if the govnt remains intransigent, we’ll take it upon ourselves to walk even further than our leaders by crippling as many govnt efforts as possible.

    Together fellow Kenyans who love and mean Peace and Justice for our great nation!

    Chrisogonas – CoopNET

  579. Walter says:

    ODMers ,

    I am troubled ,the essence of this mediation is to resolve the disputed presidential elections,which means Kibaki must acknowledge and accept there’s a dispute and he was not duly elected as he claimed in the joint press conference in the presence of Raila & ODM ,Koffi Anan.
    I therefore do not see what the excitement by the media is all about ,in the name of “ICE-BREAKING”it would have been an ice-breaker if only Kibaki had accepted to step down / resign.However ,this is Demo-crazy made in Africa ,no leaders resign or accept to leave office,they have to be REMOVED FORCEFULLY EVICTED or left to die in office!(Hastings Kamuzu Banda was President wamuyaya i.e president for life ,
    We have Omar Bongo of GABON ,M7 )

    Do you remember a one Kuria Kanyingi in 2002 ,he said since murogi wa kagogo has re-occupied the State House,the seat ( Presidency ) is there to stay inj the hands of Nyumba ya Mumbi until Jesus comes back!

    ODM is giving dialogue a chance but I hope and believe they expect nothing out of this process and are prepared with their plan B.

  580. preeti says:

    am also troubled..this time its Alfred mutua…Could someone tell him we are tired of seeing those unworthy adverts? by the way i think he must be enjoying using tax payers money painted with blood….how much must we suffer? THey steal our votes then our money and still tell us nonsense….. whats the use of a whole two pages advert while people are still dyieng? can he pack and quit?

  581. "Otula" says:

    Can you give us another topic.

  582. says:

    My suggestion to ANAN is that we have a referendum asking Kenyans if they want to be ruled by Kibaki or Raila. This could pave the way for elections depending on the results of the referendum. The second question should be on whether to adopt MAJIMBOISM or not. But a re-run of the election is still the most viable solution. It is cheaper than the loss of lives even if it is only one more life is lost. Kibaki cannot be disqualified from running for re-election because he is on his first term.

  583. Otieno says:

    Turncoat, why referendum then election? Why not just the election? As for majimboism u mean devolution of power or the majimbo of you live in your region i live in mine?

  584. "Otula" says:

    Raila Odinga,kaa ngumu kama gumo.That’s the cost of democracy.

  585. TURNCOAT says:

    Referdum then election. The results of a referendum will determine the need for an election. A referendum is cheaper than an election and it is a litmus test for the people’s aspirations.
    Majimboism- Devolution.

  586. faddie says:

    guyz there is this rumour about lucy shooting her son jimmy, is it true?it is being said that jimmy went to ask his dad to step down because he lost the elections and to protect their names in future but his mom lucy got annoyed and shot is rumoured that jimmy is now hospitalised in london as a result of the shooting.does anybody know more?please update me.

  587. Otieno says:

    Hmmm, interesting faddie. The one I heard were G. Imanyara getting slapped, and also Jimmy…will check my sources…

  588. TURNCOAT says:

    Please dont turn Lucy into a saint

  589. Janet says:

    Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:01:00

    URGENT ALERT: Mungiki to Nyanza & Western

    READERS: Please note that the information below is UNCONFRIRMED. We have published it as a matter of public safety. This information is in no way meant to provoke attacks on members of any ethnic group. We urge all of our readers to refrain from violence and we support full prosecution of those who engage in violence.


    Forwarded by Paul Nyandoto

    —– Kamau J Njuguna 01/28/08 12:14 —–

    The other day, I relayed to you information that Nakuru and Naivasha were in the radar of attach from government agents supported by mungiki.

    Today, I bring you the inside story.

    In a meeting chaired by John Michuki, various leaders from Central Province were tasked with responsibility of hitting back at the Luo community everywhere in Kenya. To Michuki and team, it is the Luo who have caused the Country to rebel against the Kikuyu colonial yoke.

    In the Meeting, Chris Kirubi, Kabage Karanja, Joe Wanjui, Eddy Njoroge and Muhoho, Uhuru Kenyatta and George Thou were tasked to raise enough money to arm the Kikuyu in the event that the Luo retaliate.

    George Saitoti was prevailed upon to avail military vehicles and bring out the GSU if things go out of hand. The GSU are to provide uniforms and arms to mungiki, and give them cover as they attack.

    Maina Kamanda and Uhuru Kenyatta were told to buy more pangas since what they had already bought was deemed not to be sufficient. It is on record that Uhuru bought all the pangas at Nakumatt Ngong Road.

    George Thuo and Linus Gitahi were to avail buses and vans to transport the mungiki and the arms to various parts of the country. To this end, George Thuo availed the following buses that took the first batch of warriors to Naivasha and Nakuru for the current mayhem; KAY 658D, KAY 285E, KAE 126A, KAY 847L, KAY 194R, and KBA 219W.

    The warriors were transported in these buses and the Nation vans from Nanyuki to their areas of operation.

    As Kenyans who believe that the current planned killing of innocent Kenyans will not ensure victory for Kibaki, we are asking all Kenyans to come up and be each other’s keeper.

    The church, and especially, Cardinal Njue, is in the mix of all this, and this is why he is not condemning Kibaki for the killings, but instead, tending to blame ODM for raising the issue of their victory that Kibaki stole.

    It is the Kikuyu property that will be destroyed, and all Kikuyus will be chased from all over Kenya. They cannot all fit into Central Province.

    We must hence stop this senseless war being orchestrated by Michuki, Uhuru, Thuo, Gitahi, Saitoti, Karume and all those egocentric Kikuyus.

    The Kikuyu must rise up against Kibaki, for it is Kibaki who has brought all this on our people. Had Raila been given his win, we could have been still as happily staying at all our various stations.

    – Kamau Njuguna

    Mon, 28 Jan 2008
    From: Rose Oloo

    1st lot of Mungiki tera ganga to Western & Nyanza to revenge has arrived in Ksm Vehicles Regs. KAC 258E, KAY658D, KAE126A, KAV847L, KAJ194K, KBA 209N. PLAN TO MASS MASACRE BY NIGHT RAIDS IN SOCIAL PLACES, BOARDING SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND SLUMS

    Kindly sambaza.

  590. faddie says:

    police commissioner Ali and CGS General kianga have just left Harambee House together a few minutes ago.what could they be discussing?STATE OF EMERGENCY???????

  591. EUNICE NGANGA says:

    Am glad to get this blog: Can someone pls tell Raila and PENTAGON to stick to their guard. They always give in ‘for the sake of the country’ Well, Kibaki doesnt give a damn! so they also shouldnt! By the way, the mass action was working very well to bring down the economy, bullets+tear gas-it was working perfectly! And next time, can we have it in the morning? So that pple wont be able to go to work and all offices will be closed. then we run battles with the police till eve.

    as for Anan and the talks, please ODM should STICK to their demands!
    1. No talking with Kalonzo
    2. An interim government pending elections or
    3. A re-run

    no more and no less!

  592. ashamed of being kenyan says:

    That IS what is really happening on the Ground

  593. kambona says:

    More behind the scenes on M7 role in Kenya chaos
    Last updated : 29 Jan 2008, Kampala

    By Captain Vincent

    This week, you may have noticed that President Museveni was at his usual games of hoodwinking the international community in general, and East Africans especially Ugandans in particular, that he still has “solutions” to the worlds problems.

    As always he wanted to reap success and recognition as a peace maker when he learnt that former UN chief Kofi Anan was also visiting Kenya and had a fair chance to succeed in the mission to knock sense into some peoples heads.

    As is the norm, a thief is always on the lookout and suspicious of even his own shadow. The “son of Amos Kaguta” (by the way the old man Amos is sick and keeps mentioning that as a herdsman, he was free to roam and talk to different people in Kinoni township. But now he is being held hostage and forced to stay in State House where he is not allowed to talk to any one apart from the immediate guards and not even to his “grand kids”. Those who are aware of this old man’s misery find his virtual house arrest strange and sympathize but what can you do when the president is the prison chief?). Let us return to our story, the ever nervous thief rushed to Dar es Salaam to borrow the presidential Jet of Tanzania with the excuse that he could not travel by “his jet” because Kenya was not safe and someone could target him there!

    We shall return to the visit later.

    During and after the election around the 29th to 30th December 2007, our sources who monitor the airwaves (you know ho