Dear Blogger,

Our blog has grown tremendiously and we would like to take it to the highest levels, kindly contribute on how we could make this happebed. membership? forums?…….shift from wordpress?



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  1. rafiq says:

    Yes agent for change,

    We need membership. We also need to have several links: health care, roads communities. I thought word press was pretty good but I am not an Info specialist. I think we need to have different areas that can directly impact on our course towards greater development.

  2. rafiq says:


  3. Yego says:

    These are highly qualified and dedicated individuals who worked hard during the run upto the election.I have identified very brilliant and advances in technologies personalities in this blog and ODM should seek these persons services in the eventual overall in the government.These are individuals offering their services in distant and neighbouring countries some of them travelling more than Condi does.These are individuals who can sacrifice their time, money and comfort for the sake of our country, these are individuals who can mingle with enemies or rivals to say so without being detected”remember the portsmouth encounter of a RIS memeber with kihara mutu and exposed the all rigging scandle”I personally know that HE PM do not know these pple by name, face or locality but we are eager to see if he ll be interested.

  4. Yego says:

    For those of you bloggers who ll be in Nai in the first week of april, lets try to communicate, share emails and why not throw a small ka bash somewhere at my expense.someone wanna know my location at any given time should contact me,eeih, philip(the visitor) im sorry i wont have made it to carwash in Kigali coz i was leaving the country for somewhere else that day, otherwise i enjoyed my Mitzing at KBC(NOT THE STN BUT PHILIP HOPE U KNOW).Otherwise if your current location is Beirut , Lebanon the ma current address is vue Hotel de la sagesse in Beirut north.

  5. Jamabinju says:

    Agent 4 change,

    This is a key vehicle for tapping good ideas, sensing feelings of supporters on topical issues, raising funds for the cause, passing positive spin etc. It can be massive. Only request I have for now: Let us make sure that the Party takes note of ideas given here and also responds once in a while. Currently, people rant and rave…and sometimes there is evidence that the leadeship takes note but without being acknowledged, it sometimes does feel like a monoluge. For example: supporters have been asking many questions about the deal. THERE SHOULD BE OCCASSIONAL OFFICIAL ANSWERS FROM PENTAGON HOUSE posted here. Cheers

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Membership is a good idea for me. It is super and I know many other people from here will be happy about this. It will let this spirit continue. Remember we are still eyeing 2012! Its brilliant!

  7. Mike Okello says:

    Agent For change, Why all these typos? In almost every thread you have a typo. Well just an observation if you don’t mind. I think you could check through before you submit.

    Good Idea of Membership, I am not an ODMer, I have no party affiliations for now, and therefore i do not have the said interest.

    Thanks nevertheless, for the good leadership.

  8. Otieno says:

    Politics aside Agent4Change, this is the one of the most useful threads you ever posted! Thank you!

    WordPress is good, WordPress is versatile but it does have its limitations if we want to move to the next level. I suggest we move to a forum (board), where we can easily have different topics for discussion. It seems as though we have been running a forum on a blog! Our comments here have been more than comments on your “thoughts” (blog). They have been discussions going much further than commenting on your blog.

    With a forum, we can easily interact with other members publicly and privately (send emails, chat, etc). It will also make it easier to discuss different topics simultaneously

    Secondly, let’s have membership and yes, let’s have moderators and admins. By now you should have realised who the true ODMer’s are. Approach some of them and ask them to moderate the forums. You could even have different admins in charge of the different forums of the board. With your consent as the superadmin, you can let them start topics. Moderating is easier, in my opinion, in a forum – ban, warn, errant members easily. Other things you can do send bulk emails, notifications, make announcements, the possibilities are almost endless.

    We can even have sub-boards only for suggestions. At times suggestions are given here but they kinda get lost in this very long blog posts. A forum can help to clearly separate different topics and issues, all these clearly searchable.

    Another thing, with all due respect, you do need help in running this forum. We shouldn’t have a case whereby we need to discuss something and we can’t post since there is no new topic started to reflect the current situation on the ground and yet we only have one admin, who happens to be away…..

    As has been mentioned by jamabinju and others, it would be nice to get feedback from pentagon here too.

    Remember…ODM is not just a party…this is a movement that will change the way we live as Kenyans. As such, we need a strong community even here on the webspace. A forum, rather than a blog, enables us to have an instant community right here on the webspace…

  9. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    wow superb wat a good idea i love it so much as am ODM DAMU……………..anyways am looking forward the day wen RO will name our ministers hope he gives the DPM post to RUTO i guess he deserves more coz all rift valley vote were ODM and i think wen it comes to power sharing its must tribal sharing too coz WA LUHYA wako na SPEAKER MARENDE so my opinion is that the DPM post is RUTO..FOREIGN afair goes to BALALA and INTERNAL SECURITY GOES TO MUDAVADI health cahrity ANTONY GENERAL GOES TO JAMES ORENGO and minister for planning goes to OTIENO KAJWANG…ROADS GOES TO PS MOHAMUD FROM MANDERA WEST…..and so on

    hey how do u c that my dear ODMers DAMu

  10. Abok says:

    Hi Agent 4 Change,
    The best would be to go fully to a PARTY’s website and have a section of FORUM where members can continue to discuss matters of the party as we are still on the road. This I believe is the best tool for us to continue with the journey. The other parts of the web can contain aspects of the party, probably briefs, strategies, policies, profiles of members especially MP’s etc. Important breakthrough for the party etc. It will also be a great way of collecting information from all over the country not to menton from the diaspora and believe you me the party will be unmatchable in its march towards 2012, having taken 2007-2011 as a layby rest. Continue the good work.

  11. jaugenya says:

    Yes we have come of age and it is time the blog gets a life of its own away from the campaign material , i hope our leader occasionaly visits to share our thoughts it would be nice if he says jambo sometimes.I think the google blooger is better and more versatile but that is not the issue right now.By the way are we getting a swearing in ceremony at uhuru park? i know i need not ask when it comes to TINGA.

  12. Yego says:

    I agree with Nuria Abdi, though the right name is Nyang Nyong’o not Otieno Kajwang.The luyha have AG, Speaker,and so on Why not give DPM to HON Mashinani alias Ugatuzi Aga Time as come.

  13. lexx says:

    is it possible for the prime minister to be sworn in at Uhuru Park so that we can witness.

  14. tnk says:

    agree with all the above

    a) membership – to allow for differentiating between members only content vs public domain

    b) feedback from the secretariat especially in the membership only forum

    c) diversified subject matter including party strengthening

    d) distributed moderation/admin for some forums

    e) transition to an even more effective on-line community

    other suggestions will follow in a membership only forum

    thanks for acting on the suggestions so promptly

  15. Abok says:

    In deed now that both sides have agreed to work together, can we get the swearing in of the whole cabinet doen at UHURU PARK with all the pomp like it was in 2002. Over to the Pentagon.

  16. tnk says:

    As for cabinet appointments, we should learn from and possibly emulate the approach of ODM leadership, i.e we have ODM pentagon members and as HE PM put it he is first among equals. I suggest an internal arrangement for power centers for each sector drawing on all MPs similar to that of a shadow cabinet from which one will be the designate cabinet minister or assistant. As PM he will need the inputs of both the cabinet as well as non-portfolio MPs to help out in his duties. With greater visibility of MPs, the winner take all syndrome will gradually subside and the collective status and responsibility of MPs will be elevated. Whereas they may not have the necessary mandated portfolio, they will be more on top of events.

  17. rafiq says:

    Its wonderful to interact with great minds here. One of the best that ever happenened to ODM is agent for change. Glad you are able to interact with us and help us to interact with one another.

    We want our leaders to read the mood of the people. I guess it will be a little hard for RAO to do this with all the responsibilities he now has together with checking on the other side. So thats why having a site where free communication-restricted to membership is done will be great for our cause.

    The baby was born, is crawling and as he gets ready to start walking we need to prepare for his running!

  18. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Yes, we need a listserv and/or discussion forums takling different topics. I have no doubt most boggers here are professionals in all fields that can be of great value both to ODM and our beloved Kenya. We need to take advantage of that ASAP. we have an enormous task to assist RAO rebuild this nation and am glad he listens.

    In so doing; we need moderation. It has been so frustrating dealing with the ever myopic PNU goons here….their weapon have been to distract us fron discussing real issues andd we can’t take that anymore.

    Agent4change, I bessech you re-read Otieno’s blog above on logistical issues of moderation and participation. We can also have a ‘virtual board’ of eminent ODM’ERS, professors, researchers, think-tanks to review our suggestions and lay strategic plans. The board can include people in the diaspora…all they need is connectivity.

    One reason why successive Kenyan governments have failed is once they get to power they get so drunk, they don’t listen and have no feedback channels. We WANT to be DIFFERENT!!!

    Please make this work urgently!

    I’m looking forward to discussing with fellow ODM’ERS with ease and peace of mind!

    Long live RAO

    LONG live ODM

  19. Simon says:

    I think it is high time we launch ODM official web-site where we will have all details and news concerning our party. This is the modern method of opening offices. That web-site must include all the names and pictures of our councilors,mps, ministers, party officials and pentagon members. It is necessary that daily new updates will be made through that web-site. The game is that we must make our party have its root wright now that others are still sleeping. People should understand that this is going to be ODM government.
    I would want to say that we should insist on THE USAWA PROGRAM which should be headed by WILLAM OLE NTIMAMA. Let WALK THE TALKS, lets move according to our manifesto.
    Thank you all GOD bless kenya, God bless ODM, God bless Agwambo.

  20. rafiq says:

    Well said brothers Mudhekere and Simon

    Karanja Missing your contribution my brother

  21. tnk says:


    unrelated side note


    as well as the other demo held

  22. Otieno says:

    @ tnk, Thx for the link. Aren’t they the ones who recently received 100M to bail them out? So that’s money down the drain – tax payers’ money

    About the demo – 2000 of them were ferried. Cops were tipped and they decided to do nothing! How I can’t wait for change!

    @ Mudekhere, Simon, Abok, etc – brilliant ideas on official website, feedback, etc

  23. Otieno says:

    unrelated, sorry but….

    this is serious


    state sanctioned violence

  24. rafiq says:


    Thanks for the link. Friends we are dealing with dangerous characters here. God knows how we will proceed from here. Lets pray that nothing will be pushed under the carpet. No status quo. Bye the way is this a new financial trick to push Kenyas money down the drain!

    Just learnt of ODM leadership in parliament. The choices may be good except for Jakoyo but my main concern is where does this leave NEP/Coast/ Kisii in terms of balance. I know they could have benefited from nominations though. Not really complaining but just highlighting. Hope the next positions will rectify this.

  25. Joseph Jakenya says:

    All eyes and ears are waiting for the parliament business of Thursday. Hope they wil do Kenyans proud. The people behind Kibaki need to be watched not to caucus behind the scenes to frustrate issues. Wish ODM well.

  26. raphael says:

    membership is the best option.

  27. mrembowaodm says:

    i like forums agent4change they are more interactive….of course we dont want it to degenerate to some levels i see (you all know what i am talking about), therefore serious moderation is a must!! some people’s comments we really dont want to see!!

    i dont know much about the world wide web…but will membership solve anything? how does it even work? i mean if we go the membership way wont everybody opt to be registered as a member?

    i dont think any body will be vetting the members scattered all over the world when they register and even if there’s vetting, any tom, dick and harry can pretend to be pro-odm just so that they are registered… then come and spew their filth in the blog/forums later on, so i dont know if it will help.

    the highest level agent4change, is if we could get to interact with our leaders…they could leave comments on the forums but then again……..maybe you could install a chatroom for us…..where you could give us dates and timings in advance when they would be free so that we can avail ourselves and chat with them, give suggestions, opinions, criticism or just plain old encouragement.

    of course the chatrooms will be useful at all other times for the members to just interact instantaneously. i think this would be great!!

  28. benjamin says:


    Brilliant idea, sorry bloggers i have been away since the beginning of the year i went for studies in Japan but iam back. Yego i will be waiting for your invite hiyo Mbuzi lazima tuchome

  29. rafiq says:

    I think many people are bound to be disappointed if there is no change in approach to management of govt agencies.

    Why is it that the Mutuas still think RAO is inconsequential? I heard if from BBC radio this am. So please let somebody ensure that the guys who have a negative public image are taken out of the picture.

    If this happens we will believe and convince more supporters that there is at least 50% change and to expect 100% change in 2 yrs. I dont want Mutua to represent RAO. He should deputise Tony Gachoka in that office please pentagon! So that he is taught how to behave in a democratic society. Even in USA they dont say such deplorable things about opponents of the govt.

  30. Turncoat says:

    The BBC has shown and proved that those that occupy the state house are just a strain of of thorugh bred MUNGIKIS. At the slum level we have mongrel mungikis (Leading the Mavi Mavi Rebellion) and at the state house level we have the Labrador and Spaniel Mungikis (Likes of Kereini, Lee , Karua, ) Kumbuka UMBWA YA MATHARE HATA IKIENDA KUISHI LAVINGTON BADO ITAANGUSHA MA PIPA (To scavenge for food).
    Agent for Change give us a forum where ODM would respond to our queries and suggestions.

  31. Yego says:

    Membership will work.
    Well,BBC is on it again and what a shocking revelation if not a painful one.This actually happened and among the promises that mungiki footsoldiers were to get are release of their commander and resettlement in kenyatta family farm in Rongai, Nakuru.The agreement bet HE PM and Kibaki seems to have altered the whole equation and the Killers decided to stage a demo jana in nairobi.

  32. Yego says:

    Can someone tell MutUA TO shut up please!!!!he s a real nuissance.

  33. Abok says:


    As far as position sharing within ODM is concerned, lets be abit patient with the leaders. Remember we only got half a cake and it will be tricky sharing it. I would advise that when we look at the appointments we try to broaden our analysis. For example, you mention that NEP/COAST/KISII seem left out, I dont think so. I believe every one of them has a share in there. Coast just had two people nominated MP’s, Magara is the executive treasurer and PDP & NARC formally got recognised as ODM partners. These could only be signs of good things ahead.

    Since the half cake is too small for all to get, I suggest that once ministers and assistant ministers are appointed, I am sure there will be others appointed to parliamentary committees. those who remain should focus on providing delivery and performance checks to various ministries. Any shortcomings noted should be brought before the ODM PG, while any good things noted should be used to educate the public of the good that is happening. All the ministries that go ODM way should be used to effectively deliver services to all ODM areas but not forgeting the other areas just to show the world that ODM can deliver.

    Together we shall stand all the way till 2012, but divided we definitely shall fall along the way. Watch out.

  34. JJ says:

    Following the BBC report and other infomation that is already in the public domain, it is prudent that ODM leaders and MPs take extra care of their security. I don´t even trust the state security provided to RAO. Considering the PNU thugs we are dealing with, it is important that they remain vigilant. Also, I urge all Christians to please pray for their security.

  35. Yego says:

    My deaR Brethrens!
    Allow me to address the council of mombasa on the following issue”GIS-The contract had outlined that GIS, which was collecting all other rates apart from the parking fees, was to submit Sh46 million per month despite the potential increment. The contract, which runs for10 years had the 70:30 for GIS and council respectively.”

    Its quit unproffesional to pay just an individual at the expense of the whole province such amount of money in the name of rate collection.Being among the brains behind the GIS technology, i would wish that the present crop of msa councillors should realise that kenya is the leading producer of GIS staff in the world and they should instead set up a department in the council rather than contracting individuals.

    Im ready to offer my services to awaken this council from this big mess and conduit of corruption.The same company did the same for the Kigali city council but thanks to Rwandese minister of education who was well conversant with the technology and kicked the thief out.


  36. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    hell with MUTUA i cant stand more on this guy he is just too stupid i feel like vomitting whenever i heard his voice and c him on tv……… i wish ODM could get the chance of appointing SALIM LORNE to be the goverment spokesman…..

    wooooooooooooow congrats to ABAWABU NAMAWALMa for PG sectratary…………..

  37. rafiq says:


    Agreed. No complaints. Just trying to highlight issues. Its not yet over. You know our leadership is through consensus and I believe they must have discussed these before appointments were made. Lets keep the good faith and support of our leaders. Also we dont want to give people an excuse to bring disharmony. Again we should not over expand the cabinet-kibaki style.

  38. Railkamuodho says:

    You may be placing too much expectations on RAO. Well, lets wait when he gets the position and how that will translate to ugali, mboga and jobs. lets see how the merger of the two academic manifestos will translate into reality. Maybe cattle rustlers should be swept out of the bushes in Kenya. They stage attacks from bushes not homes.

  39. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    I agree we need to go to another level. However when we decide to start forums then Agent for Change please only allow constructive topics. I’ll not want a situation that happened to mashada.com to be hear. We are here not to bash each other but to learn and gain from each other. Pessimists/cynics/critics of “The Deal” or Raila like Railkamuotho should be allowed since they make us think outside the box and not take some things for granted.

    I’ve heard what Alfred Mutua said and this is my guessings of what is happening based on the little info I have:
    It had reached a time where Kibaki was not leading Kenya. Kenya was led by few people surrounding Kibaki. We all know Kibaki is sick.
    The same people who were controlling Kenya and it seems they still believe they control Kenya are the people behind Alfred Mutua’s comment. I doubt whether that’s the man’s personal opinion.
    The same people are behind the rigging of election. I might not be surprised if Kibaki did not sanction such a move.
    These people might be spending most of their time in State House.
    Lucy Kibaki may be knowing or may be part of the group.
    Michuki, Muthaura and Murage may be part of the group. Karua may be in Alfred Mutua’s position – being used. Karua also needs to protect herself. Ask me for what and I’ll tell you for Mbai’s murder.
    The same group can be behind the retaliation staged by Mungiki.
    The same group may be behind Anglo leasing, Arturs e.t.c.
    The same group can be having relations to the so called Kiambu mafia.
    I doubt whether Kibaki is part of the group but I feel what he did was to sit down and let them play his position.
    I think the group isn’t happy when Kibaki accepted to sign the deal.

    I may be right or wrong.

  40. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    And further to that I think that we should not be surprised if Kibaki decides to delegate his duties to Raila. I know some people will not like this but it can happen.
    I might also not be surprised if they become the best of buddies.

  41. jaugenya says:

    This position is so ambigous , why cant wejustclear the air and refer to R as a GM of sorts , all managers should report to him and inversly he reports to the CEO, but mostly the GM runs the show.

  42. Turncoat says:

    yes ambigous it is. right now am still sitting on the opposition benches. Have guys started drinking brookside, boarding citi hoppa, and reading nation, have woolworth clothes become fashionable again……….tuko wapi, twaende waa?

  43. Nick says:

    Lets say it again. There is a fine line. You can analyze this and you can analyze that but there is a danger of over analyzing things. You never get satisfied. That is what we have been doing to this new deal. In life when you have nothing, you want everything. But when you get something you start thinking of what you don’t have. When you have everything, you realize it doesn’t really do anything for you. You still think and feel the same. That is the situation we are in now.

    Fine, it was a power sharing deal. But we also have to realize especially now since the details we have about the deal are scant, the agreement is subject to a lot of personal interpretation. This is where the problem comes in. So now everyone wants things done their way. But we are forgetting that even in the PNU camp, this decision didn’t go well with some people but it still had to pass. Extra ordinary times called for extra ordinary measures as Annan said. If you were a shopkeeper and you were to divide a loaf of bread, one piece will definitely be smaller than the other piece. It doesn’t mean it will not be sold or you wont take it. It might turn out to be bigger than what you needed. We are given 50% of everything in government and at the same time all the goodwill is on our side. That may not be enough but let us take it for now. We still have not reached our destination yet but are on the right track. Some people took a shortcut kati kati yao only to realize it was the wrong route.

    Let us not have fixed minds. In politics the strategies you make could become irrelevant in one day or even a few hours. There is not a sector that is so dynamic and that undergoes change more than politics. That is why people now see Kalonzo as not very serious. The conditions we had in January are not the ones we have now. That is why there had to be a trade off. Even the hardliners are now softening up. It will be needless to stand up with the same conditions that we had then now. We will be killing our product, which is ODM.

    Personally am happy with the deal because of the conditions we are in now. If that offends anyone, shauri yake. It is time our leaders also enjoyed a laugh. I do enjoy a laugh with all my friends nowadays. It comes from having a good political atmosphere. If you’re not happy with the simple life, like your family or having a laugh, then you’re never going to be content. I don’t think we can or should define ourselves by the objects we’ve collected or the posts we have collected especially now. This is a transition period.

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