Do you agree that we need a Power balance between ODM with majority MPs and  PNU and its affiliate for Kenya to move forward from its political crisis


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  1. Philemon L. says:

    Reason demands that we do so. I agree. It’s clear that no one wants to yield and thus the most suitable neutral position where nobody looses would be the power sharing. The country is all ours after all and apparently what matters now is to bring unity.

  2. soldier4justice says:

    Ideally that should be the thing. I believe that is the lowest compromise ODM and its followers should make. From where I sit and the people I talk to-internally displaced Kenyans time is running out. However once the final agreement has been reached i beg our leaders RAO et al to inform the people about their compromise in no uncertain terms.

    However the diehads from the other side may not be willing to give in much what we know is not rightfully theirs. I forsee trouble-longlasting one if they dont. Can somebody expllain to me- did we need a refenderum to abolish the executive premier at independence. How long did it take to change the constitution?

    Time is running out. The calmness and composure may be overtaken with other events. Lets hope sense prevails

  3. Phil says:


    Yes I grudgingly agree.

    Whereas, we’ve come a long way from 30th December 2007 nightmare when Kibaki was hurriedly sworn-in, I am of the opinion this proposed grand coaltion is a way of giving current president and his group an easy way to oblivion. Fact of the matter is Kenya will never be the same again and even the current regime knows that.

    From Kofi Annan’s tone, I gather the talks are no longer about who won/stole/lost the elections. My understanding is that the mediation is aimed towards returning normalcy to Kenya through a power sharing deal. Ata mkia pia ni nyama. It may surprise many readers here that quite a number of children (in their thousands) from areas perceived to be ODM strongholds have not resumes school after the xmas holidays.

    I am with you on this Agent4Change and even though I support it a coaltion arrangement, I strongly disagree with the manner in which the PNU candidate is purported to have won the elections and sworn in, not to mention the disgusting marriage of convenience with one Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

    In terms of diplomacy and political acumen, I am extremely proud that our captain and the pentagon are far ahead of those ?”*%! and I hope that once the constitution is amended and the grand coalition created, our party will use its position to deliver to the people of Kenya some of those pre-election pledges.

  4. Steve says:

    I partially agree… but the process should not go beyond Wednesday..People should agree and the whole thing put behind us. We need to move on, we await communication from Pentagon on the way forward…Please do not leave us in the dark for long..

    we need to know what avenues are available just incase things do not work out for the benefit off all Kenyans.

  5. Baijo says:

    For our beloved country Kenya to move forward, for us to build some kind of trust on one another and have some truth, justice, peace and reconcilitaion, we (all Kenyans), including the leaders from PNU lot and ODM must agree to share with one another. This includes power. The PNU lot must relax most of their hardline positions just like the ODM lot have done by going out of their way to relax earlier positions. Our leaders from both political divide must have some kind of compromise, agree and sign in public for endorsement by all supporters and followers. There must be power balance for Kenya to forge ahead and move forward. In future and when we all the reforms and systems in place, any political party or leader / government will be obliged not to discriminate any section of the Kenyan populace.

  6. rafiq says:

    Agent 4change and ODMers,

    My feeling is that we have gone to “bare bones” as far as concession is concerned. Logics demand that PNU and its affiliates plus ODM Kenya should all enter into a grand coalition for purposes of stabilizing the country in preparation of a fresh mandate.

    I dont believe for a second that it would be unconstitutional. Several ammendments have been made to the constitution before. Remember 2A, detention without trial. History has shown that Kibaki likes staus quo until somebody from within sacrifices, it doesnt matter how many from without. Again the above two are examples.

    The question is who will give in from within. Who will see sense. Who will realize that the very existence of Kenya as we know it is under question? Who has read about Sudan, Darfur,Serbia, Georgia, Philippines, and many more where peolpe are perpetually at war yet assume they are one?

    I fear for Kenya unless PNU and its affiliates can see sense. They should know China doesnt accept refugees, despite the morale its giving them. China only offers substandard products unless its meant for American/European market. Those who buy toys from china direct to africa or as mitumba will testify to that. Selling our country to China is creating another darafur.

    I pray for Kenya. I pray God changes the heart of Michuki, N Karume and their buddies so we get change, peace and justice.
    God bless Kenya.

  7. rafiq says:

    Why do guys hate US and EU so much yet given a chance they all want to go there but not China or Russia? Surely this is double speak. Can all PNU supporters come back to Kenya or go to China and live the comfort of the west asap if they hate them that much. The money from so called diaspora is from the west, unless somebody can tell me its china or russia. So if kenya were to be split because of PNU, it would only be fair that their relatives, friends and supporters come back home or go to china or russia or uganda.

    If Kenya is not sorted out by the same people they call dictators, I request that the internationa community explores this. You will be amzed at how many will cry, protest and seek asylum, from among these hypocrites!

    Back to our topic. Compromise not beyond what we have, otherwise it will be doom Agwambo and Pentagon.

  8. mrembowaodm says:

    i hate that something that was rightfully ours was taken away from us!! and now we have to share with the thieves…those are my sentiments.

    however quoting Raila ‘I am not static on that point’- since it seems that there is no other way out but the sharing….a power balance is necessary, whatever solution we come out with, it must reflect the will of the people(based on parliamentary majority that’s the will of the people.)

    odm with a large percentage of legislators must get a proportionate number of executive posts (read cabinet positions) so the 99plus seats we won must be reflected in these ‘power balance’ talks.

    if we dont get this at the very minimum….pnu will have shortchanged us!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Power Balance! Yes it is, I almost I agree to this one. I have had to slap myself hard to believe that our victory was stolen from us and now we have to share what was rightfully ours. But one thing that MK should snap out of is that Kenyans will go back to their usual selves after what he did and let him stay for another full term. – NEVER!

    I am happy at how our captain RAO has been handling this issue up to the point that we have reached. The hard lines that were initially set by ODM have considerably been negotiated to where we are today. This shows just how much humane and patriotic we are as a party. Power Balance will certainly keep this country in check and will go a long way in sealing the loopholes that have allowed for the numerous disease ailing this nation. With all that have happened and we Kenyans know where we have been just a month ago, we cannot have PNU alone control this country even for a day! No! As Phil has candidly put it up here, ‘hata mkia pia ni nyama’ we have to have a share because after all WE WON THE ELECTIONS. So we are simply negotiating what is rightfully ours.

    Power balance serves as an urgent solution to the current crisis we are currently faced with as a nation. We need this to enable us begin the process of healing, to let the emotions that are running high to cool down before we embark on another process of election again. It is a good idea before we see this beautiful nation thrown to the dogs afresh. We have had enough and MK should better wake up to the call as the ‘president’ so that he ‘leads’ us in this process.

    Today I am preaching peace, because peace it is all of us need at least for a moment so that we can get back this country on its feet again.

    PNU is dead afraid that if ODM gets into power they will revenge and witch-hunt, but so far they have seen that ODM is simply committed to rectifying the wrongs and the ills that are plaguing this country since independence. This is a tall order and I really there would’nt be anytime to go after those beaten jamaas!

  10. Murogi wa KAGOGO says:

    Power balancing,power sharing all this terminologies mean more or less the same thing.To the point,we are in a quagmire politically ,socially and economically therefore the best option is a transitional government composed of ODM and PNU,if the leaders especially PNU can get out of the PNU box and look at the bigger picture.
    The country is divided,ODM is strong and popular in 6 provinces ,PNU has 2 provinces,the socio economic implications of this division is grave.Trade between western part of kenya and the Mt.Kenya region has been negatively affected,the spill over effect has long term negative economic consequences.Factories cannot get raw-materials and therefore are not operating to the optimum,this has lead to shortage in goods and services,jobs have been lost thus affecting income tax and other indirect taxes ,government source of revenue.
    If this impasse continues then the government will be unable to meet it’s recurring expenditure in the name of salaries to civil servants ,public officers and other supplies,and therefore attaining the failed state status.
    There is no other way out of it ,ODM is ok with the proposal however PNU has a different agenda,remember Kibaki met,CGS,Police Commissioner and others incharge of security forces / matters,something is afoot.


  11. rafiq says:

    I know some of our friends who have studied Kenyan psychology know that Kenyans have very short memory in quotes. Even now most of us cant remeber when the bomb blast was , that somebody mentioned that if there is no political party funding there will be another anglo/goldenberg. Its only in Kenya where architects of corruption-and active participants incl road construcuters can smile all the way to the grave.

    My suspicion is that these gus are buying time so that Kenyans forget. At least Agent for change is keeping us active. What about our bro and sis who cant blog ,like I couldnt when I was in the other part of neglected kenya. Who is keeping them informed and keeping the momentum going.

    Anyway lets give Annan Chance, I think, Over 70% of the world now knows who is stubborn-not givin in.

    I pray for them daily to hange their stubborn hearts. Can somebody get for us information as to who in PNU have their families in the west. If we can get that it will show us whose lives are really threatened by the VIsa and related bans.

    As for me and the ture ODMers we pary for peace and justice, sooner rather than later. This should be for every Kenyan, not only those who voted in ODM. Can the leadership launch another recruitment drive? just a thought!

  12. Railkamuodho says:

    My friend TNK thinks that by stating the truth on this blogg means that I hate ODM. No, not for a minute. The only problem with you guys is the way you want this thing solved and the way our big brothers are trying to solve the thing for us. Most Kenyans do not want an imposed solution. They want to own the thing-otherwise the result will be a puppet regime of the west which does not succeed anywhere.
    Let us look at those agitating for change in Kenya for a minute. President Bush recieved less votes that All Gore in 2000 and was declared the winner by the court. If that happened in Kenya, chaos would have reigned. And the court that declared Bush the winner was dominated by Republicans.
    Gordon Brown of UK took power not through an election but through a civilian coup. These two are the supporters of ODM. How can they claim to be real democrats?
    If they force Kibaki and PNU to the changes, are they going to force MPs to vote by force to amend the constitution.
    When you say Raila has given ground that Kibaki should step down, PNU has also agreed to power sharing. Why not balance the debate. Or will ODM’s solution be the only solution? By the way whoever would have won the election did so by only 2 or 3 %. When you talk of Raila’s provinces, I dont think they were 6.

  13. Jane says:

    ODMers , what most of us need to realise is that president MK was in this thing called politics long before most of us came into being. So do not underrate him. Further, despite the hurried swearing in, the man swore to protect the constitution of Kenya, which is supreme.

    So read, read and get informed on the available political options. Remember the lawyer turned politician, mutula, in the mediation team is very smart.

    We need to understand, what is this power, power, power the politicians are talking about sharing/dividing amongst themselves. To hell with all this political crap.

    What we need is safety on roads, helping businesses destroyed by crazy men ( women too?) to get back , so that we can work and do business uninterrupted inorder to meet our financial obligations. The crazy politicians have salaries and allowances flowing into their bank accounts and now are possibly budgeting on their next car to buy, when in actual fact some people cannot put a meal on their table or pay rent, due to disrupted economic activities ( shame on Ruto and Kosgey, they dared stand on media to talk about economic sabotage, then next minute they are in parliament signing their contracts).

    Politicians are talking talking about power, never thinking that the planting season is around the corner, then delayed planting causing food shortage, then start begging for food. For how long will some kenyans continue being controlled and impoverished by stupid and selfish politicians.

  14. Sam says:


    One of these Negotiating Teams must think Kenyans are “VERY STUPID”

    PNU Claims they are commited to the Negotiations. First, they insisted ODM should go to Court, then they all agreed to seek a “Political solution” and do away with the Legal “mambo jambo”since none had any Legal Legs to stand on. Now they are back with a Legal Scheme that any solution must be pegged to the Current Constitution, but at the same time they acknowledge the misgivings in the current constitution and are willing to have it changed in one year.


    PNU wanted to buy some time and now they have it.


    ANNAN will declare an impasse this week and HELL will break loose.


  15. tnk says:

    thank you Sam

  16. mumias says:

    Relax, I have been saying for a while that I had no confidence in PNU to take the talks seriously. They merely bought time.
    An aside!! It is surprising that even Pakistan’s musharaf had the decency of admitting defeat in the parliamentary elections and his party have stated that they will seat on the opposition benches, and the government through the PM will have to work with Musharaf!
    PNU got half the seats we got yet according to the current constitution they get the spoils, this is abominable!!!

    Anyway back to Kenya, we should not make any undue moves, remember we have the support of the international community and as such we should ensure that we are the victims by being frustrated by PNU stance. Make no mistake Annan will announce no progress this week.

    Last time we had progress when the international community acted and acted decisively by issung Visa bans. What we now need is more of the same, UK, EU should next follow similar actions, aimed at hardliners, the business associates and should affect their immediate families, kids in colleges and universities in the respective countries should be threatened to be returned. The pain is always felt closest to home.

    So let us impress on ANNAN to ensure the international community now follows up on thier threats, WETANGULA can sing as much and as loud as he wants to!

  17. tnk says:


    i dont think the primary movers for democratic change are going to be US, EU, AU etc. that is our responsibility, we welcome any support they can give whether its advice, processes and sanctions but we cannot pass the ball/buck to them. we needed the exposure so that the international community understands the monumental task but the efforts and solutions must start and end with us. we’ve already crossed one timeline set by Annan for last Friday, how many more and what happens after each timeline?

  18. mumias says:

    Dictators do not heed much on internal pressure! Kibaki has grown a fairly thick skin over the years, further he has shown not to have fully grasped the mood on the ground

    Now how do you suggest to twist his arm? Frankly the other options is bloody and has a violent connotation to it, and frankly I’m not too sure most have the appetite to go through it. So it is not a case of passing the buck, we are merely pressing the right buttons, the buttons these buffons understand, one that strikes right at the pocket! These guys have stashed away most of the stolen wealth in foreign banks accumulating interest rates under stable low inflation countries, I believe that any threat to these assets will yield more results. Frankly we will need the international community now just as much as we would need them later when we negotiate trade agreements and aid for developments.

    Frankly if international community does not act and we end up like Zimbabwe with inflation at 29,000% WELL I really think our people the poor people who rely on subsistence living have suffered enough!!

    Besides I believe in exhausting all possible options and avenues before contemplating mass action which undoubtedly would lead to violence and civil unrest with ethnic undertones! Frankly we have still not played all hands

    Lastly I feel that we can get some key concessions on parliamentary independence and disbandment of ECK, I frankly feel we should concentrate on these issues first, the Independent review is underway, I believe we should ensure it’s independence and legality so as to ensure it carries out it’s work effectively, I want to know who played what role in stealing this election because frankly the law will one day deal with them, if not today or tomorrow but even in 10 years, justice will be served.

  19. jaugenya says:

    The thief is not willing to cede a single crumb of the pie , like i have said here before let us stay in this PR exercise for a long as it takes , finaly PNU will self destract and we shall move forward, already they have a divided house , did youhear what Pnu chief architect – Dr wekesa -said.it is just a matter of time.

  20. tnk says:


    i agree with your logic but personally I stopped many years back relying on hope and chance. something is either there or not. I’ve observed lots of postings here that have had hope, mixed it with a lot of wishful thinking and fantasy and the subsequent disappointment when these are dashed.

    we are setting ourselves up for a major disaster with hyped up optimism. lets only read the facts as they present themselves and work with that.

    PNU stand is to throw a few cabinet posts to ODM, not sure why we needed to consult with Annan on this but that is the position.


    we have to stop the hope, wishful thinking, fantasy and start taking pragmatic steps knowing fully well that there will be no concession from PNU. that is the reality.

    as long as there is no bloodshed we can carry on and work on getting much needed wider internal support. any external support should be actively sought after, but the support is not as important as understanding what it is we are fighting for. Many of the current 2nd liberation fighters did not have more than a handful of supporters but were unrelenting, that is why we vividly remember the top leadership then being whipped and humiliated in public.

    we are now at least 4million+ counting only those that actually voted and there may be an additional x million out there.

    our positions appear to be permanently irreconcilable, lets not pretend that there will be middle ground. even those reforms you mention cannot take place unless ODM has substantive executive authority which is not going to happen.

    lets face it PNU can out-wait ODM, Annan, EU, AU, US and any other body by simply playing politics for up to 200 years because after all, they are not hurting in any way whatsoever. whereas we have a large burden of lost opportunities. and even more disgusting, in a few weeks, the PNU machine will plagiarize all ODM manifestos and ideas and take them to be their own and there is nothing we can do about that.

    it was a mistake to not implement systematic economic boycott and begin a process to decentralise regional revenues. as for security/insecurity i still maintain secession as the answer

  21. kiptoo arap sirorei says:

    yes power balance with vested executive authorithy is the way forward.

    what does kibaki and pnu meanm when they say ,’within the constitution’…dont they know that we went to the election with the same constitution?another one by the name of mungatana is talking about the ‘sanctity of the constitution’,where were they when blood were shed ?

    agent for change bado mabambano….the laibon says….this is the beggining of the final liberation of kenya.

    security of legislators is paramount.focus and unity is should be consistent..money is coming too… and manipulation of legislative process of the negotiation…

    ochobogee komie tomo luget.motor garik.

    amat konuch chi ne kele muren

    ngoi emet

    ta ogor ogor eldoret,ma mandae

  22. Chirchir says:

    Power balance between ODM with majority MPs and PNU and its affiliate for Kenya is good.BUT WHO WILL GIVE US THAT!!!! Even if that was the best strategy how will we be able to get that.As long as you have imperial presidency you cant get that…

  23. Railkamuodho says:

    Come on Tnk, you are a wonderful human being with a lot of guts. You do not speak out of emotions but reality. Lets face it, all of us hate dictators and would not like Kibaki to be one. But remember, when you push someone so much (like Mugabe), these old people dont reason like us young guys (except Jaramogi and sir Charles). So my point is clear, fight like wise men and live to fight another day. Pulling out of Kenya will create another Eritrea in Kenya and will not help. Why not take the long route and get the best out of it. These guys will be out of the limelight in another 57 months. Is that too long for you? Do they compare to eternity when we buy a car through hire purchase and pay it in 72 months? We can let the octogenerian slowly get out the scene or we can create another Rwanda. But listening to president Bush speak in Rwanda that cannot happen in their watch and the losers will be all the current crop of leaders. The international community would be ready to support a military Junta (remember Kagame’s words?) than allow Kenya be ruled by Kalenjin worriors, Taliban, Chinkoro and Mungiki. Full stop

  24. Railkamuodho says:

    According to international news, the government of Uganda and Lord’s Resistance movement have agreed on how to prosecute perpetrators of crimes against humanity during their Ugand war. That was part of the deal for peace in Uganda and which President Museveni’s government refused to ignore.
    That is exactly what should happen in Kenya. Even if we are signing an agreement for a new government, those who killed and burnt human beings and houses must be prosecuted whatever the outcome of the negotiations. Whether people were angry or not they must be held responsible for their planned actions. I for one do not buy the issue of spontaneous reaction. It was not spontaneous but well culculated and executed with three main financiers. We will name the names at the right forum soon.

  25. Omuto says:

    Well Put TNK.

    I agree with Sam too. The PNU guys have our fellows (and Orengo of all people) under their foot. how on earth can you fellows agree to be duped that far? As TNK put it, did we have to get Annan all the way from Ghana just to be given a few cabinet positions or even all cabinet positions by Kibaki? And we call this progress? And Raila tells us that he wont let Kenyans down!

    If you guys have nothing good to do at the Serena, we shall go back to the streets and this time not because of Kibaki but because of our negotiators, especially the ODM side. before we get swallowed by the Kibaki horror, can you give us a fall back plan?

    Bloggers, Its kenyans that prompted the international community to step in, especially after the chaos that erupted after the stolen elections. I still believe that the same Kenyans can voice their concern in the best way the illegitimate government can understand and thus speed up the negotiations in the right direction.

    Otherwise, we shall be fried by these worshippers of silver and papers.

  26. Railkamuodho says:

    Brace yourself for famine, warns report

    Published on February 20, 2008, 12:00 am

    By Moses Njagih

    A famine could hit the country this year, a report warns.

    The food situation update for February says serious shortages could be experienced following post-election violence, which mainly hurt the grain basket region of Rift Valley and Western provinces.

    “Unless the insecurity is addressed, and resettlement and recovery interventions are carried out, the national food supply will be dented significantly,” says the report released last week.

    The report, prepared by United Nations World Food Programme, Usaid, the Government and the Famine Early Warning System further says last year’s poor short rains and low prospect of long rains in the productive region would increase food shortage.

    National maize production from last July to June was expected to decline.

    “Trans-Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Nakuru, Bungoma, Nandi, Buret and Kericho districts, which were severely affected by the conflict, account for about 50 per cent of cereals produced annually. As a result, current and future production has severely been disrupted,” states the report.

    About 100,000 hectares of productive land in the agricultural-rich region might remain idle during the long rains expected in March.

    “This would combine with the potential losses of 300,000 metric tonnes in the 2007 long-rains harvest, indicating that national food supply will be dented significantly toward the end of 2009,” says the update.

    It further say the livestock industry had been hit. Milk delivery had reduced, and cattle rustling increased.

    “Insecurity has provided a favourable environment for livestock raiding, particularly in West Pokot, Turkana, Marakwet, Trans Nzoia, Uasin Gishu, Samburu and Bungoma districts,” it says.

    However, the report says there is sufficient maize to last seven months, coinciding with the start of the long rains harvest

  27. Sam says:

    Its time to recoil back to our Provinces, and thru the local Governments we should start development agendas. Lets do it Peacefilly and without provoking anyone.

    Our leadership should meet weekly to debate on how best to enhance our agendas.

    Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret and Nakuru were economically destroyed and are in need of reconstruction. Lets rebuild them.

    We have the Goodwill of the International Community am sure they can channel Grants thru “ODM CHARITIES” a non Governmental arm of ODM. Lets register the organization right away.

    Lets also fund the repartriation of our People camped in Central and parts of Eastern to our territories.

    Lets move without provoking anyone or making any inflamatory speeches. The time of talking is gone, our actions should speak for us.

    Peacefully via text messaging our people should be advised to move to politically correct environs. No fighting, No killings lets do this peacefully.

  28. kip says:

    You know am very angry ..angry at Kibaki and his crew I can’t believe a man who arm twisted the constitution to find his way to power is now saying the “power sharing has to be within the constitution”. Which particular part of the constitution allows a man to rig an election and get a sick man to declare him president with an invisible gun pressed onto his forehead?

    I get up feeling so angry when I read the Kibaki utterances! Plus why didn’t he say this from the word go instead of taking Koffi Annan circles? Should Kenyans allow a sicko who has at most about another 15 or so years to live to ruin several generatons’ future, and an entire economy?

    If MPs from along the political divide have any balls, they should frog match that geriatric out of state house along with the looney Lucy. This is so painful, and annyoing!
    Did anyone see those children (over 100 000 of them), stuck in show grounds inside the IDP camps? Kibaki had a right to going to school. He should give back these kids this right

    Read my more of my anger @ kibaki here….

  29. Duncan says:

    In as much as we need power balance,we will not get it from PNU.if anything we shall continue to play musical chairs with them as they continue to entrench themselves in the various sectors.MK has no intention of ceding anything to ODM or RAO in this life or the next.The most the man will want to give ODM are a few crumbs from his table from where he will proceed to dismantle ODM.
    Have we noticed the silent transfers of police,DCs and other members of the civil service?this guy intends to be an octopus,his fingers everywhere.he knows the talks shall fail and is preparing for it.Can RAO and ODM say the same?I certainly hope so.There had bettter be another scheme to ditch these guys otherwise we are in trouble for the next decade.
    Like Rice said”real power sharing” is the only way out. But we will not get that from MK or his sidekicks unless we take it from them.Mk is playing for keeps.we need to up the ante to remind him that we are serious about kicking him out,leave alone power sharing.

  30. Turncoat says:

    Duncan u are right. Nothing has been said (even in the news) about the removal of certain families from the slum of Mathare yesternight. Amlost twenty lorries forcefully evicted familes citing insecurity.
    In Timboroa the attempt to speedily put up a D.C’s office complete with a police post were thwarted by Our Faithful ODMers.
    In another attempt, many of the police officers in Nyanza and rift valley are being transferred to Central and many from central to Nyanza and the rift. Raila should now sound the WAR SONGS. Yaani hao wato noa mapanga sisi tukibeba olive branch.
    It saddens me that many people might suffer but like they say. NG’OMBE HUFA NA NYASI MDOMONI.

  31. Turncoat says:

    Let the Annan circus continue. Turn off your T.v’S especially during the news- they want us to hear what they have prepared for us. Then put ur ears on the ground. That way we will make news.

  32. Turncoat says:

    Iistened to cardinal njue’s nicely written 5 paged speech that was read to the faithful on Sunday. It mentioned everything apart from justice. It even had as an epilogue, ST FRANCIS OF ASSIS’ PRAYER. Cardinal Njue………Justice is what we ask for. Even if we have to live in the corridors of the mosques.

  33. Otieno says:

    The writing is on the wall….

    I week deadline given by ODM.


    Protests to resume if talks fail……..As things stand, they are more likely to fail than succeed. PNU won’t agree to anything that will rattle the boat…….God save Kenya…..

    see also


  34. Elizabeth says:

    WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE STREET! WHAT CAN THESE STUPID THIEVES TELL US AFTER STEALING OUR VOTES. WE WILL SEND THE MESSAGE HOME, AND THEY TOO WILL NOT BE HOME AND DRY. WATCH THIS SPACE. I have sung peace for over one month now but nobody seems to listen. I am sick and tired, and the mention of the word peace now brings a sour taste in my mouth. TO HELL WITH THE NEGOTIATION BULLSHIT. It has overcome its welcome! ALUTA CONTINUA….ODMERS!

  35. karanja kamau says:

    For all peace loving ODMERS lets not do anything which leads to death…life is
    precious..this will only alienate those who are ready to join in real fight for
    demorcy..It will also entrench those in power making them to hang on on dubious idea of protecting kenyans..
    1.Seriosly implore on a solid civil disobindience call….pay no taxes…civil
    service should be grounded and other options.

  36. Solomon says:


    You are right. Kibaki just like Kamuzu Banda and Slobodan Milosevic has been in this game of political conmanship for so long.

  37. Otieno says:

    Secession talk by ODM



    Mr Balala accused PNU of arrogance. “They don’t believe this country has a crisis. They are not in a hurry. They don’t believe it is a powerhouse of Sub-Saharan Africa. They believe they want to rule and be able to steal what they have lost in 24 years,” he said.

    The Pentagon member added; “We are pressurised by our people, if the negotiations are not working, then we change the terms of reference of the negotiations to discuss boundaries then we reduce them to an Island like Lesotho and that is the language they understand.”

    Mr Balala said the party had in its parliamentary group meeting resolved to give the mediation team one week to see whether anything concrete will come out. It plans to meet again on Wednesday to prepare for a peaceful mass action at the end of next week.

  38. Jane says:

    What is not clear is why politicians and political fanatics would want to mess their motherland. why? what do you gain?

    The jimbo debate and support for same is for persons with limited understanding on economics and economic matters. Do they for example want to tell us that Luo Nyanza population will live on fish alone? This is one of the biggest weaknesses in ODM strategy. How can RAO get couched on economic repurcussions within jimbos themselves of the majimbo system. RAO advisors on this matter so far are contributing to his downfall by the day.

    All ODM MPs should lead by example, not preach water while drinking wine in hypocrisy. They should boycott their salaries and allowances as a sign that they are in solidarity with their followers who obeyed their instructions in mass protests and destroyed their livelihoods. Now they are calling for more mass protests to have the little left of the poor followers destroyed. So the poor becomes more poor and the selfish ODM mps becomes richer and richer. Watch out.

  39. Railkamuodho says:

    I totally agree with my heroe proffesor Anyang Nyongo and the 45 OMD MPs that demonstrations begin. I also urge PNU to do likewise and demonstrate against ODM if they deem it necessary, Both demonstrations should be peaciful. Use of arrows and matchetes should not be allowed and those who will use these weapons should be held accountable for their actions. Otherwise, demonstrations should be allowed for both sides.
    For those of us on the middle ground, we too should organize how to take power from these two gangs. I urge TNK and other voices of reason to alight from the bandwagon of PNU and ODM buses headed towards self-destruction. But Kenya will remain and the international community will be ready to support a moderate voice of reason like me to head the transitions. We are tired of grandstanding and parochial war of word and street battles.

  40. Railkamuodho says:

    Mr. Balala has just turned 40 and as an Arab of Kenyan origin does not understand another language other than the Yemeni’s language- TERRRORISM. Unfortunately for him, his language will not force people to do what he or his friends want. I am huppy to note what he meant by Majimbo when he proposes that Kenya be divided and then Central to be left on its own. Does he realize that North Eastern and Eastern do not want to be dragged into this circus? Apart from upcountry people in Mombasa and a few goons, Coast People are very peaciful and will not allow themselves to be used by BALALA. Some Lamu MPs, Garsen, Moyale, Laisamis etc as you move northward are for the governtment and not chaos.

  41. Railkamuodho says:


  42. KARAU says:

    The time of reckoning is now. The talks have failed. ODM must seek other and ALL alternatives to correct this most insiduous situ.

  43. mumias says:

    Under what mandate do you speak for these people, of coast, NE etc?
    Kosovo just declared independence thus in international law the precedent has been set! Do not get me wrong, I’m not for a split but for ONE Kenya, however I have been a moderate voice in this forum and I can see that majority of people are tired and are willing to go back to the streets.
    I still hope that sense prevails and PNU become serious but although this is unlikely, it is inevitable that the people will go back to the streets, they sought change, voted for change and should have got change but others felt that because their people fought in the forests in the 50’s they somehow have a birth right (btw I specifically direct this judgment to the old men that surround Kibaki and do not intend to taint a whole ethnic group with this brush) and sought to make a judgment that better to destroy the country than give it to the rightfully elected man.

  44. Toni D. says:

    Sam, regarding your comments about funding “Your people’s repatriation from Central”, aren’t “your people” all Kenyans? Are you proposing that you only fund repatriation for some tribes and not others?

    Elizabeth: “going to the streets” scares me because in my opinion it stands for “Lets go out and fight people from other tribes”.

    ODMers in general: why are your threatening mass action in the middle of mediation talks?

    Here’s my problem with this whole situation: If politicians dispute election results, why do people have to be hurt, be killed or be displaced? Why can’t we all just tolerate (if not like) each other and settle our differences in a way that does not disrupt everyone else’s life?

  45. zizi says:

    My understanding of Balala was not that he was talking of Majimbo. I reread it severaaly and came to intepret that to mean, putting up more demands that will isolate PNU. So that it was metaphorical in terms of options available to PNU. Make such demands that PNU will be unable to negotioate. For example, they declare that they are forming a parallel government based on the election results. This would scare PNU to death and marginalise them in terms of options like Lesotho but not Majimbo. That is what I think he meant. Do not really spin things here.

  46. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Balala is surely acting like a Terrorist Imam. He needs to reconsider his stand and be carefull not to drag all the Afro-shirazi Arabs into this. Remember also they are the biggest Land Owners at the coast even more than the Baraa people. If you need more info look up one of them; the Noor Family, they own huge tracks of Land at the coast and soon the Arabs will pay dearly due to their son Balala. He will not go scot-free for digging his nose deep against the Kyuk’s.
    His comments today were heard all over the world. He should resist being used, But its to late.

  47. Railkamuodho says:

    I said I support demonstrations. All Kenyans of good will will come out to demonstrate led by the civil society. But this time it will not to support ODM or PNU but to demonstrate against the political class. I am sure if all civil societies and churches and other religions called out Kenyans of good will to demonstrate against the political class, then ODM or PNU’s demos would be fizzled out. Most decent Kenyans are for peace and peace alone. NO DECENT Kenyan will carry stones and matchetes to demontrate. Look at the video bloggs in the western media and you will see who those demonstrators are. I dont think the majority of those blogging here will carry those crude weapons.
    If you listened to President Bush yesterday in Kigali, you will realize that he said that the world will not watch another Rwanda in the making. So, pole sana ODM because Kenya may not go that way if you think so. Kenyans are tired of the political class and their patience is running out!

  48. Railkamuodho says:

    You asked me what mandate I have to speak on behalf of Coast and NE provinces. First, I am a Kenyan and my family tree goes past two or three tribes. Secondly, it is plain to everyobody that the problem in Coast Province is mainly because of Arab absentee landlords who own chunks of unused land while majority remain landless. Thirdly, most of the jobs in the port of Mombasa is dominated by the Luo, Kambas, and other upcountry people. The Coast province people feel cheated. Infact there are councillors from the Luo and Kamba in Coast province. If Majimbo was to be introduced, the first people to leave will be the Kambas and Luos. However the Coast people have accepted to live with this people and remember the meeting called by the elders in Mombasa and disassociated themselves from the demonstrations and chaos at Coast and they blamed outsiders?
    The same thing happened in NE province, they came out in large numbers and rejected ODM’s call to demonstrate saying that they needed other parts of Kenya (food from other provinces). The only people who think that chaos will benefit them are the ODM and PNU hardliners. But when the going get tough, the tough get going.

  49. tnk says:


    your last post makes skm appear saintly. how can u hijack a process to point it to yourself bana? acha mind games bro. hiyo ni deadly

  50. Railkamuodho says:

    I implore the clark of the National assembley to withhold any salaries owned to the MPS untill sense goes into their heads. Right now, most politicians are blinded by two things: their tribal affinity and political drugs. I said in an earlier discussion with TNk that we must be proud of our tribal heritage just like Obama is a Luo, but then we should respect other tribes and when campaigning use issues and not NGILU AND RUTOH language of reffering to other people by their tribes and how evil they are.
    I said before, the whole chaos was done without Raila’s approval. Raila and my good professor Ayang Nyongo and gentleman Musalia are good fellows. Infact I could see the discomfort in Musalia during the chaos. His heart was aching. But Rutoh and Koskei was enjoying every moment of it. But I think Professor Nyongo knew what would happpen in the chaos and prepared the propaganda machine and approved of chaos during the demonstrations. But then, they went too far than anticipated and especially because they forgot their people are all over Kenya including Mombasa and are also vulnerable just like the Kikuyus.
    BALALA said that some people want to enjoy the loot that they did not enjoy

  51. Railkamuodho says:

    I mean BALALA said the KIKUYUS want to enjoy the loot they never got in 24 years of MOI’s rule. However, that is not true. Most of those Balala think are thiefs, live together in Mombasa and they do businesses like the Arabs. Now doe it make evil that most Arabs dominate businesses in Mombasa? Most of the boats that ply Mombasa to Zanzibar are owned by Arabs and Indians. Does this make them evil or dominant?
    By the way, though we have a few Kikuyu Millionaires so are Maasais, Luos and Luhyas (Ntimama, Ngumo, Raila, Mudavadi) and yet they behave as though they are poor. But the majority millionaires are the Arabs and Indians. Some of them get their wealth through sheer hard work (Moody Awori, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Njonjo, Mwai Kibaki, Jaramogi Oginga, etc). These guys do not give their money to the poor but contribute millions of dollars to campaigns. The 2.7 billions of sh given to ODM was enough to trasform The whole of Katwikira or Laini Saba into Nyaho High Rise.

  52. Pato says:

    For Kikuyus to oppose Kibaki would be to ask them to endorse the murder of thousands…yes thousands…of their kinsmen in Eldoret. It wont happen, it will never happen.

    you can wish this to be a fight for democracy or even a class war but it ceased to be when your fanatics went on a blood letting spree.

    There are no more Kyuks or Kisiis or Kamabas, or embus/merus left in ODM zones. Ruto’s interhamwe thugs were halted in Molo when the populions of their targets became bigger and bigger.

    Now if there will be bloodshed and I sincerely hope there wont it will be movement west of that beautiful town of Molo.

    ODMers cant see that kibaki cant just quit because if he did, the country will erupt into a civil war as The PNU communities attempt to free themselves from the rule of men they consider mass murderers. ofcourse if he stays , we just slide into the same abyss.

    So for all thos blood thirsty monsters here, yes you are about to get what you have been wishing for.

    Lucky you.

  53. Chirchir says:


    The negtiating team in serena is looking at 2008-2012 financial years at best,What we should be telling everyone is to think 2008 plus 100 years and come up with sustainable systems.
    There will be those who will chose war and destruction as a means to communicate their veiws.There are those who will wait to be told by their leaders the next course of action.Yet there are those like most of us who will do nothing…well send a few lines to blogs at the comfort of our comps.
    In whatever we do as kenyans we should be petient enough to follow through the talks and after Annan has left,press for continual reforms that will make our country be at peace with itself.
    Remember after the initial reforms are made and implemented we will not sit back but seek improvement of our laws periodically through parliament and through loby groups.

  54. Solomon says:

    Let Kibaki quit. He is the greatest liability to this country. These negotiations are a waste of time.

    He cannot behave like Sani Abacha and expect us to just sit back and watch as he ruins the country with his corrupt henchmen.

    Balala is my hero!

  55. mumias says:

    hahaha, Mike aka Railkamuodho I see you changed tact but your reasoning and logic thought process of having an extremely low capacity for intuition betrayed you. After carefully accessing what you have been saying, coupled with the surprising disapearence of Mike it makes perfect sense. haha Great effort though, I guess you get an A for effort, well done!!

    Anyway ODM’rs please add Railkamuodho to our “ignore list”

    Back to our agenda, well frankly I’m tired of having ODM taken for a ride, we won an election but were robbed and people have the nerve to say we wait 60 months! NO, Im a moderate and will always be but WILL NOT ACCEPT TO BE TAKEN FOR A RIDE!

    Bado Mapambano!

  56. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    If peaceful mass action doesn’t work; RAO, should name a parallel government…!then, let’s start from there…With this, ODM can negotiate with PNU from an equal footing. That’s the only way Annan and PNU can appreciate that that we are dealing with a problem here that involve all Kenyans. You may remember that i’ve been very quiet over this power-sharing animal…it won’t work in the current state. This issue is beyond carving out positions for the sak of it; WE VOTED for CHANGE brothers and sisters!!!!

  57. jenny says:

    How can we allow a few uncaring , calculating , unconcerned people like Martha, John and Mwai to mess up the lives of all those children in the so called camps?Where are the other lawyers who can stop this nonsense???????

    Do any of these people have relatives in the camps.???

    Excuse me while I vent!!!Stupid!!Selfish Idiots!! Kick Kalonzo and Martha out of that committee and you will get proper results.

    The children of kenya are in a very bad place right now physically and psycologically…………….and they are crying every night!!

  58. jenny says:

    Venting over!! ….I think Kenya is better off without Martha Karua in that team.!! Give it a break even Castro has resigned!! Nothing is forever.

  59. Ismael says:

    It’s imperative that all the posts here are constructive. Unfortunately some are mere CHEAP politics. This is not the forum to try and convince the other party that you are the best or the one on the right.

    People need to reason with their brains and not their hearts. You need to be sincere to yourself and convince yourself that you are 100% clean before auditing other people.

    Some people see a glass as half full while other will say it’s half empty. Please refrain from trying to convince people here that either PNU is right or ODM is right. No matter what your stand is, please be humble enough to accept your short commings. We are not here to judge anyone but find the way forward.

    It’s 56 days since I voted, and still I’m not convinced that my vote was validated correctly. I respect other people’s views and decisions, but I would like to know
    does the person representing me as a councillor, member of parliament or president have blessings of majority of the voters.

    About ECK, It’s absurd when the person/body who is paid by the tax payer fails misserably. People may talk of democracy, but they fail to go beyond the mere definition.
    – Why did the chairman of ECK agree to be on duty even though he was feeling unwell?
    – How can he claim not to be responsible for this mess? He may not be wholly responsible but he needs to take blame for his mess.
    – True leaders take responsibilities for their mistakes and even those mistakes done by other under their noses and they had the ability to correct the mess. WHY HASN’T the chairman resigned.
    – Does he want to wait to be fired and paid his money anyway?
    – The chairman is on record for saying that if the media is interrupting his work, he can go to a military base and annouce the results anyway to KBC. Now he comes and try to tell us that he did not realize that there was only KBC present where when was announcing the results.

    We need to divorce personalities from idealogy. As a PEOPLE what idealogy do we follow. Raila or Kibaki will go away, does that mean what we stood for goes away. It all starts with you as a person, what do you know is right.

    WHO IS FOOLING WHO HERE. Do not try to justify your actions even if you know they are wrong.

    Do not criticize positions without offering alternatives.

    Do not support any party because you feel you have more to gain if they are in power.

    Do not support your tribemate , just because he is one of your own.

    Do not support a party or an idea just because it’s been championed by your clansman.

    Do not say, that the leaders have failed when you followed blindly. This is the time to come clean and correct the WRONGS.

  60. Ismael says:


    It’s 56 days since I voted for ODM and PNU is sitting on power and they cannot justify why they are there.

    Let’s say they ‘won’ as they claim, what is the proof. I think everyone knows the truth.

    PNU stole the elections and we have accepted to share responsibilities for the sake of peace. Now they want to dictate to the owners which part of the LAND to cultivate!!!

    Time is running out for these OLD CROOKS. Let’s pray I do not ditch my keyboard for something else to put some sense into some people.

  61. kube says:

    hello bloggers,

    we can see and understand how Annan’s frustrations.

    he has done everything possible but as u know ‘we stole coz we needed power’, so to surrender or share such power is tantamount to loosing what doest belong to u.

    so ODMers, the future is bleak and until we assure our ODM brothers in central that we will swim with them, the Maisha Bora is not singing to them.

    what can we do to endure ourselves to our few but loyal supporters from kikuyu community who also undergoes hardship the way we do?

    we need to assure that ODM is for all kenyans and not to alleniate kiuks.

    thats what we bloggers need to start with b4 next week round of protest and sebsequent victory over tyrant and thieving kibaki?

    can we assure our brothers that coz their names are karanja or mwangi, they can join demonstrators in eldy or ksmu and come out alive?

    thats what i have started here and i wish i wud have a personal chat with pato, please we are together in this.

    these are loyal ODMers that we need to isolate and walk with hand in hand as we demonstrateall over kenya starting nxt week.

    can tony kariuki join others in a street protest in kibera and come out alive?

    we need our counsilors now than ever.they have to lead the demonstrators and we need to show a different kind of tolerance especialy to kiuks who suport us but fear moving with us like pato

  62. Pato says:

    Thanks Kube,

    Wish your top officials shared that view of making their campaign into a fight for freedom and democracy and not one that makes you an enemy because you happen to call God Ngai instead of Nyasai or something else.

    You have to stop falling into the PNu trap of making this into a tribal war because they are not winnable. just read the excellent analysi by phillip ochieng on the 17th of jan. No one has yet to win a tribal war (not even the hutus aganist the tutsis) and ODm wont be the first.

  63. Yego says:

    They should release Jackson Kibor or we call it a day ala together.Instead of healing they are piercing the red wounds.

  64. kube says:

    we know kenya belongs to us all and ODm for all kenyans

  65. james says:

    Release Kibor on what grounds? There has to be accountability for actions

  66. kube says:


    we cant continue fighting each other, i need ma friends like josephine or to accampany me to ksm or eldy without fearing their lives.

    they have to feel ODM maisha bora. Pato i believ our leaders share the same feelings i have since i talk to a couple who matters and i urge all the bloggers to start this war of winning our kikyu brothers.

    agent of change, can u start another theat about unity of ODmers irrespective whichever jimbo we come from.

    i believe we are bitter coz of the stollen presidency, am bitter than most of u and to be frank, i have never been to a church since xmas, i spent new year in hospital coz shock.

    but if we dont win our broothers, lets leave only rich ones out, lets win ordinary kiuks and we match and tell kibaki to leave.

    i think coz of the fear and eviction that happened, thats why mwizi hasnt gone home yet.
    if only we cud have demostrated brotherly hood, then all kenyans and the world wud be with us, i really hate going to church since i was mislead by my own cardinal who cud run and pick a fake MOu from Mutua office but refused to tell mwizi that his action will take him to hell.

    we know our enemies, its not kiuks, its KIBAKI and KIBAKI and KIBAKI and LUCY

  67. rafiq says:

    Hey guys, it seems our leaders are listening to us at least on the ODM side. We stated categorically before Nyongo came up with it, that the many constitutional changes that have made the president a demigogue in this country were made without a referendum, during the era of founding father Jomo. The fact is Kibaki was in the same govt. He knew and probably was the architect of the whole thing. Why didnt he say then that was unconstitutional. The truth is the time for jokes are gone, we want action now.

    Is it true from Pato, Mike aka Rail sth that the Kibakis costituents are also feeling that power cant be shared out of the constitution. The international community has helped many countrries to stand. The same that some of the bloggers here dismiss, Rwanda, Uganda, Pakistan were all military regimes with popular mandate. We have a stalemate. ODM is at its lowest in terms of giving in ODM is not. We dont want bloodshed in this country.

    If things cant work because of the constitution., Then I would propose ODM liases with the international community and engineer a peaceful separation from Kibaki and his constuent. Lets continue with mapping Kenya and possibly have a referendum so that those who want to stay with Kibaki do and those who want change vote. Lets be good or bad neighbours eritrea/ethiopia or RSA/Lesotho. There is marriage-arraged by parents, then disagreements with compromise, separation and finally divorce. So if we cant reconcile in the midst of pastors/sheikhs; can we peacefully divorce without domestic violence.

    Currently, the IDP civil servants from ODM zone are not yet deployed while those from yes the opposite are getting transfers-teachers, doctors, nurses, ……How do you expect us to accept a un itary state when as at now there is discrimination on gvt employment.

    One week is a good time for renewal of mass action and related activities. But it should not end there. We dont want innocent deaths but peaceful protest, ODM govt and ODM led country.

    By the way the first officers to face law if the ODM accomodates PNU is Police commissioner and The Mutuas who think this country can be misled for their pay.

    For the tribalist in this blod as I have advised our colleagues before we will read and ignore. Because its like asking Rucy kindlynot to assault men. She simply cant because that is her nature.

  68. rafiq says:

    Its a pity. You can see the tribalists here, initially they were fighting for reason, peace and democracy. Now they have started racism-Arabs. Please read and dont answer. They are the same people warning Prof Wangare.

  69. Murogi wa KAGOGO says:

    Power balancing to my understanding refers to shifting some powers from the Presidency ( institution ) to the Primier ,this was the case in the consitution bequeathed to Kenya upon independence ,once this has been achieved and provided for in the consitution ,it sets pace for Power sharing between the President ( person) and Prime Minister.
    This is not a short -term measure ,the only short term measure is the transitional government otherwise popularised as the “grand coalition”between ODM and PNU which will undertake the additional fundamental reforms required before fresh presidential elections are held to re-confirm ODM’s victory.

    The reforms will provide for devolution or dipersing of power to the grassroots hence balancing power between the central government and regional governments.This ensures power ( political and economical ) is balanced far and wide between all the regions in Kenya depending on the form and level of devolution.
    This is a sure way of de-ethnicising our politics and economics and encouraging development in all corners of kenya.
    I have noted PNU sympathisers in this blog distort devolution to mean eviction ( ordinarily and popularly refered to as majimbo ) this is insinuation , fearmongering tacts that will fail .

  70. Railkamuodho says:

    Three things:
    -constitutional review (overhaul)
    -New parliamentary and presidential elections (both were conducted by discredited ECK. Otherwise constitutional review to allow for only presidential elections to be put into place so that in future we have two elections- presidential and parliamentary/civic. I ask Kenyans of goodwill to support me on this.
    -A majority government to be formed
    This should be done within 8 months after the review of the constitution. Some people think that they have the majority to “confirm” their victory. But the new polls will be water tight for all with no tribal clashes and tribal threats.
    President Kibaki to retire from office or be made the King of Kenya (remember Kathangu’s suggestion to make Moi a monarch?)

  71. BJ says:

    KTN has announced brakthrough in the talks. They have said that duties of the Prime minister agreed on.

    1. Coordinate government organizations
    2.Sharing of the above power to go for five years unless the people decide to have early elections.
    3. Kibaki to consult party leader before firing the ministers
    4.Prime minister to be removed by at least 112 of the 222 MPS.

    Ladies and gentlmen the Pentagon must be serious. What is “coordination”

    ODM and Raila, I sometimes feel I did not believe in you the way I do because you have prooved to be the voice of the people. But NO for this sort of Rubbish. 1000 people did not need to die because you would be given coordination job in an ilegal regime. Take it, but you will have let us down RAO.

    To Ruto and our friends from Rift valley, what the hell is happening- Rift valley MPs are quite when Kibor is being charged with murder because of post election violence. Is it Kibaki or Kibor who should be charged?.

    If you continue like this u will witness a big fall out in ODM and soon or later a big majority of Kenya will say bye to any manner of voting no matter who stands.

    We dont love you Raila because of anything but your vision and contribution for this country. That must continue. We continue supporting you but you must deliver by listening to the voices. Real power sharing is what it is- Nothing Less. This must be interim. Two yrs is even long. I can asure you PNU will find ways to fix you if you take this rubbish errand prime minister with no real powers.

    Reform of the police and ECK a must.


  72. tnk says:


    I agree with you. the idea is “power sharing”, so in the very least we need to see first the list of executive authority of president as of now, then a new comparative list showing side by side how the list of executive authority is being shared/distributed/divided with the prime minister. then we also need to know conflict handling procedures and resolution. we do not want a cat and mouse game with some ministers, mps and other public officials creating confusion or running to one or the other for expediency. a similar list detailing VP and deputy PM. There could be nothing worse than redundant or duplicate task mastering

    considering the current acrimony and party allegiance, we can expect a lot of that to happen.

  73. jenny says:


    Sharing of power for 5 years?? Utter Rubbish….!! The People have decided!! 1 to 2 yrs ..even that is too long. I also think that for that period of time get Lucy out of Statehouse, the belief that it is her personal house is scary. That way she will adjust when the new president comes into power. On number Kibaki to consult party leader before firing the ministers…? Okay are we talking about the old Ministers ? or the new ones who he will appoint? ODM take note he has done it before. The moment Annan leaves town all the newly appointed will be fired. I vote for Annan taking Residence in Kenya for the duration of this deal ….So every time Karua and her group sneezes of have thoughts of going back on their word, Annan can take the red phone and dare them…” I will call the EU and US and UK if you do not behave.!!Tricky …Very Tricky ….Parliament should resume asap.

  74. "Otula" says:

    Those powers given to prime minister’s position are bullshit.Has absolutely no difference to what moody Awuori former vp had before.We din’t support Raila to go and work for kibaki as they put it.”answerable to the president”.
    If they can’t agree on something that makes sence,we better check the govt. as opposition.
    First injustice still is not adressed,pentagon should know that we are even ready to go back to the streets.And these time tumejiami.What they saw in ksm is to be seen in Nrb city centre.For how long shall we laugh with these people.We are determined but pentagon is letting us down.
    Police commissioner is now trying to play with our minds.For your informaton ,no suspect has been arrested.He is only trying to make people have faith on police again.
    Kenya police are the most serious fools and idiots have come across.Fuck them.

  75. jaugenya says:

    You promised not to betray us , if you accept any PM position and still have to answer to Kibaki then you have lost your number one supporter.I would rather you let them keep it and continue to pursue other means.

  76. kube says:

    we know and u sud know that raila cant betray kenyans, he wud rather be the opposition leader than mere PM at the feet of Mwizi kibaki.

    lets wait for today and the Mutula’s distorted news will come to haunt him.

    under what provisions in the constitution did Kalooser join the govt?

    we know the reasons why election can stolen again and again in kenya is this impunity and they will do it again.

    so raila will be n the side of kenyans

  77. Duncan says:

    Odmers the stakes are high for everyone.lets relax and let RAO do what he does best.
    I am sure he is very aware of all our sentiments regarding these issues and he has a lot of people across the board helping him cobble something tangible and which the ODM machinery can make use of.It is highly unlikely that we shall be betrayed but it is also unlikely that we will get everything we want at a go.Rome was not built in a day.

  78. Railkamuodho says:

    Please allow Prime Minister Raila Odinga think for himself. You cannot force our good man to work under duress of his supporter. Sometimes a leader will have to say no to pressure for the good of the nation.
    By the way both Kibaki and Raila do not want to be seen as the stumbling block to peace in Kenya. Raila cannot afford to speak against what the mediation team come up with. Most of Kenyans except a few bloggers are tired. People are hungry (except those in US who are feeding on antibiotic chickens and beef). If you go to Naivasha, Nakuru and Eldoret, you will know what the words “FEAR” and “DESPERATE” means. Those Kenyans are suffering while our leaders are sleeping well.
    May the police complete their investigations on the murders of the 2 MPs so that the truth will be known soon. We need peace and justice or is it justice and peace?

  79. Railkamuodho says:

    IF i were Kibaki, I would allow Hon Raila Odinga to do his work both in Parliament and outside with all needed power. I would cede as much responsibility as possible and let Raila show what kind of a man he truly is. I would not interfere with his job at any moment. After all, I would be happy to leave a united and prosperous Kenya after less than 5 years. I would retire early and allow the others who have no tribal hatred to lead. I wish Hon Raila Amolo Odinga all Gods blessings as he works for peace and for Kenya.
    I repeat here, Raila was not the mastermind of chaos. Neither was Hon Mudavadi. But please let us forgive the evil ones like BALALA and RUTOH. I respect Dr. Sally Koskei.

  80. Sam says:


    I pray that ODM will not be tempted to accept positions that submit to Kibaki. I will support ODM as an opposition Party any Day.

    If ODM thinks that the World will rush to our side when Kibaki throws them out, they will be shocked.

    ODM Please do not betray the trust that has been bestowed on you by the people.

    Split Executive powers right down the middle or we remain in Opposition. Period. This should only be for 2 years then we go to the polls.

    Anything less Kibaki will show you guys HELL.

  81. Sam says:

    ODM Please read “Daily Nation” feb 22 2008. Editorial. Of all the Papers in Kenya they are hoping that whatever comes out of SERENA must not Leave the Country with ONE CENTER OF POWER.

    So lets not take this country backwards.

  82. mrembowaodm says:

    well said, sam at 6.29, well said!!

  83. crateturner says:

    that nice “rome was not build in a day” but i read thru that proposal of PM post and Powers it doest make sence, either it is PM with excutive power or not. simple! thats what they should tell us period.

  84. kube says:

    from what i have seen, it wont be easy to chnage this constitution coz every prezo will state respect of the status quo.
    if we dont change this law now, we wont change.
    if we dont get transition govt, then the dead would have died for nothing.

    why are these ple scared of repeat polls?

    for me i will support raila even if we nominate him to the non-executive premier coz that wud be his sacrifice for kenyans.

    but on condition that its temporal.
    why is the govt afraid of parliament approval of public offices?
    this will enable wanainchi to veto them b4 they assume their resposibilities

  85. jenny says:

    PNU needs to be serious , If the Information Minister is giving mixed signals, what in heavens is a none executive Prime Minister, even Kibakis bodyguard has more work than will a non exec PM .At least he salutes occasionally. Stop playing games with Kenyan lives, first PNU is even lucky that anyone is listening to them let alone that they are still residing in the State house, do not forget that when you rig and are discovered ,you are lucky if you get the crumbs, Kenyans are not stupid. I am surprised at the patience of ODM .


  86. BJ says:

    Agents for Change. Let this get to RAO.

    You have our support. We know you always try to understand what we want before you take a position. You have done this always until you no longer need to consult us first because You have the Mandate of the people and you understand our needs as a country. Raila it might cost you anything, It might cost you the presidency, It might cost you primiership, it might cost you your life following what we have seen The Gema Mafia rooting to. But only God can change this country and you have prooved to be a servant of this country- The almighty will use you abundantly to bring this country to where it should. You have started it. 44 years is long and changing the status quo will be a big hurdle. But you have successfully won the first round. You organised a well coordinated Democtratic campaign and mobilised Kenyans and they elected you president. Dont give up, that was a major success that even the late Doyen of Opposition politics in whose spirit this country continue to seek the vision he had for the country- Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did not achieve, thought he prepared the way together with our great states men like Masinde, Ngala, among others. What you have achieved has never been witnessed in Afirca before. You are the man and the people are with you. Where we have reached we give you the mandate to think and bring on the table directions and we shall follow. But NEVER + NEVER allow yourself to take primier position that serves the GEMA interests . We have gone through humuliation and we cant stand any more of that from the Kibaki Regime. Please, We all want peace, but we will not be a peaceful nation if Kibaki cant cede substantial power that can see the ODM pentagon and your entire team control substantial executive powers that transforms this country once and for all. If they push you, come to public, call a press conf and say it all. Dont fear it. Let them know in clear terms that they stole elections and robbed Kenya of its Democratic gain but we are taking our six they can keep their two. Raila we dint want Chaos in This country but we put our lives in the line not for you but for our future generation. 30% of my income goes to PAYE. 16% goes to VAT, Then Excesice duty takes some 2%, Fuel levy fund. with inflation at 18% and no salary adjustments it means Kibaki regime has in pocket my 65% of my total income. All this I pay so that the police can import teargas bullets to shoot innocent Kneyans- to hire police to cordon Nairobi and KICC during elections, to hace APs transported to other provinces to steal votes.and Karua can keep abusing us. The roads in the six provinces are pathetic because the 65% I pay must go to Central and soon will find its way to Eastern. Truth be told.

    You cant coordinate people that you have no authority over. Kibaki appoints , you coordinate his appointed ministres. It Chokes me to death. Please let us go separate ways if they must hold it. Kibaki the president of GEMA. you are the president of Kenya. Put structures in place and we will give the little we can to support your government. Please RAO. You fail us we are doomed. In this generation it is you and you alone who must come out and get solution. We are behind you. I suggest all this because they will do it again in 2012 I tell you. The impunity we have witnessed in this country cant compare even to Nyayo’s. I hope and pray that you still have energy and resolve to soldier on.

    On! On! On Agwambo. They fear your power, they fear you would beat them in another election even with Kalozar + Lucy.. oops (Kibaki) put together.

    On and On Raila. – Ruto, Balala, Mdamba Jnr- Ngilu-Nyagah. On and On.

  87. maurice aggrey says:

    odm should not accept this coodination nonsence 1500 people died for real thing not co odination

  88. Duncan says:

    Whatever comes out from serena must not be one power centre.that i agree with fully.If that happens we are in for serious trouble.Mk must be squeezed thoroughly.we know he gives the term “untrustwothy” a bad name and he will finish ODM at any opportunity
    I must also say I support the sentiments of Ruto and Balala which i have seen has created an issue here.They represent the populace and even some of the sentiments that have been shared here.It may seem cruel and that people are suffering but mediation would not have come unless something drastic happened.Whoever does not accept this fact is delusional.Borrow from the christians.It took death and brutality for one Jesus Christ’s point to be put across.

    I also take issue with those who want to liken others to certain things because they have taken a certain stand.It is cheap and PNU like.
    When RAO was atempting to run for presidency,it was said that he was unelectable because of anatomical issues.
    When Ngilu disagreed with Kibaki,Michuki likened her to a kamba dancer.
    Now because of statements that balala and Ruto have made,we want to call them terrorists and other things.That is what we call myopia of the worst kind,acute mental blindness!!It is important that we tackle issues for issues,not because of stereotypes or other factors beyond human intervention.

    It is likely that MK will be carroting the PM post.thats true.but since we are in mediation process,there is no harm if RAO milks the fat right out of the executive.there is also the time frame for elections which in my view will have to be done sooner rather than later.But I must ask whether the talks will go as deep as to to touch on things such as equitable distribution of persons in government service.What if RAO or any other ODM fellow gets a job and is subordinated by PNU piranhas?sabotage is what they will get.
    Whatever is being negotiated must be a package for kenya and kenyans, the PM position forming just a flap of it.Of course it takes the limelight now for obvious reasons but the juggling ODM must do now will surpass even the Michuki’s ability to juggle livers…….

  89. Ismael says:

    Kenyan peace talks hit snag
    22/02/2008 11:30 – (SA)

    Nairobi – A critical day for Kenya’s peace talks hit a snag on Friday after the opposition leader unexpectedly left the country and his party said the government failed to show up on time for the latest negotiations.

    Raila Odinga left Kenya on a charter flight to Nigeria, according to an airport employee and two officials of Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement.

    Odinga was expected back on Saturday and was still available for consultations while out of the country, said opposition official Musalia Mudavadi.

    He added that government negotiators did not show up on time at a luxury hotel, where the two sides were trying to strike a deal to end weeks of violence stemming from President Mwai Kibaki’s disputed re-election, which local and foreign observers said was rigged.

    Rivals ‘edging towards a deal’

    Mudavadi said: “There has been a delay from the other side. So we are waiting to hear their communication.”

    In Nigeria, Information Minister John Odey said he was unaware of Odinga’s visit, indicating that the trip’s purpose wasn’t likely to have been officially sanctioned by the government. The presidential spokesperson wasn’t immediately available for comment.

    Nigeria, an African military and diplomatic powerhouse, wasn’t known to be involved in mediation efforts in Kenya.

    On Thursday, the two sides appeared to be edging toward a deal as the government tentatively agreed to create a prime minister’s post to be filled by the opposition.

    Government negotiator Mutula Kilonzo said a political deal was expected on Friday after weeks of international pressure on both sides to share power.

    “I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel,” former United Nations chief Kofi Annan, who had been mediating in the political negotiations, said in a statement on Thursday.

    Odinga missed a scheduled meeting on Friday with Jean Ping, chairperson of the African Union Commission, the AU executive body. But negotiators from his party attended instead, according to an AU official who asked that his name not be used because he was not authorised to speak publicly.

    1 000+ people killed

    The December 27 election returned Kibaki to power for a second five-year term after Odinga’s lead in early vote counting evaporated overnight.

    The ensuing violence had stirred up ethnic grievances over land and poverty that had bedevilled Kenya since independence in 1963. More than 1 000 people had been killed.

    Much of the bloodshed had pitted other ethnic groups against Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe, long resented for dominating politics and the economy.

    On Thursday, a man was hacked to death in a Nairobi slum, police said. Witnesses said the fight started after a group of young Luos – from the same ethnic group as Odinga – began taunting Kikuyus.

    “They started hurling insults then throwing stone at the Kikuyus, who are their neighbours,” said a woman selling vegetables in the slum.

    The Kikuyus then attacked, killing a Luo man, said the woman, who asked that her name not be used for fear of retribution.

    A think tank said on Thursday that armed groups on opposing sides of the political and ethnic strife were mobilising for new attacks and serious violence could erupt again if peace talks failed.

  90. tnk says:

    i’m a still lost on why the talks are conducted in a closed room then later a cryptic statement to be issued by either the party or mediators bigwig. we respectfully allowed the mediation team to feel their way around but we are now over two Friday deadlines with no tangible progress/results so its time to bring the debate to the public.

    these negotiators are supposed to articulate the stand of their supporters. it is unlikely that whatever they agree to, if unpalatable, that they can force this on their supporters, we are too far gone for that. to do that would be the very dictatorship we are currently fighting against and they would need a gun to enforce. this probably applies equally to PNU supporters as well as ODM but i cant say for sure. point is, the future of the country is hinged on this debate/negotiations, we need to hear live what these negotiators are discussing, after all its our views that they are presenting so where is the secret?

    we must move away from the mentality of a shadow kitchen process to a more open process and annan is doing us and africa in general a great disservice in this respect. this is the information age and any event in even the remotest village will be published, available and discussed thousands of km/miles away within minutes. these are the sort of games PNU/ODM-K love where stuff is discussed (meat eaten, heads bashed, etc) behind closed doors and a smiling spokesman emerges to state, “the discussions went on very well”, give us a break, kenyans are intelligent and need to be respected.

    if there are negotiators obstinately presenting personal views or obstructing the process we need to know now and act otherwise there will be catastrophic reactions. kenyans must not be treated like children. as Marende said, parliament and MPs discussions must be televised to allow electorate be better informed on whats going on. this secrecy is perpetuating the rumour mills. even good cooks nowadays discuss and openly show their recipes and only dubious c(r)ooks hide in the back smoky kitchens throwing in dead cats, beef, hooves, twigs, sweat etc and ta-dum soup is served.

    alternatively if matters are being agreed to or deemed reasonable by the negotiators then being trashed by those whom they consult with, then those guys should either be brought closer to the table or completely excluded from influencing the outcome or negotiation otherwise JC will be back and still no progress.

    from next week we need to demand live broadcast of the negotiations, we elected these people to do a job, we need to see them perform.

    the other issue is the position that constitutional reforms be one year in the making. this is absurd. Prof Ghai and the review team spent months and millions of taxpayers shillings traversing the entire country setting up booths and tables to collect mwananchi’s views and thereafter prepared an aggregated report converting the views into legalese necessary for constitutional reforms popularly known as the bomas draft. there were processes agreed on such as referendum etc that were scheduled to follow to assess and address any contentious issues that needed revisiting or endorse those unanimously agreeable. weren’t there items that were agreeable at all? and also what made the proponents of the bomas draft shift once they were in govt and create the wako draft that was rejected, leading to the ODM movement and subsequently fromation of the party. if we cannot find ways to realistically/pragmatically address these issues we’ll continue to play musical chairs and other mischievous/dead end games while spending tax-payers money for decades. we should publicly replay all the events starting from conceptualization of the review process, team formation all the way up to the final discussions/submissions, detailing all proponents and opposition to bomas and wako draft and evaluate/assess how to move on, but it doesnt make sense that all these long drawn out processes by Ghai, bomas talks etc all amount to nothing, what exactly are we telling ourselves? we need to do away with those whose only effort is to derail processes that do not suit their personal interest. side note: please note that it is all the processes to be replayed (we know how the biased media and hardliners selectively chose only portions that further their own or task masters views).

    after all this we are probably going to find out or rather re-affirm that we (6 vs 2 provinces) have irreconcilable differences , and even the population shift attests to this and it is in the best interests for the security, justice, peace and future of all to institute self determination and ultimately secession as outlined in the UN charter. we all know that there is really no need to persist in a hopelessly deadlocked and failed relationship, that is denial and eventually leads to calamity.

  91. Ismael says:

    I agree with you TNK

    Let’s have the negotiations on live TV.

    Raila and KIBAKI should be there as well. So that there is no need to make calls on consulatations.

    Let’s lock up all of them in a debate, and have a solution by next week.

    If there is no agreement, then let’s agree to secession. Let the people decide which camp they want to join and let them register there.

  92. Baijo says:

    People, please dont think Agwambo will disappoint Kenyans and those ODM supporters. Agwambo is agwambo an enigma of Kenya politics. Agwambo has fought all his life for truth and justice and more so for the common Kenyan marginalised by wabeberus + kenyatta + moi = kibaki dictatorship. Raila will not disappoint us – watch this space.

  93. karanja kamau says:

    RAO is in NIGERIA………hope he gets good advice from his friends.

  94. jaugenya says:

    I take this opportunity to apologise to ODMERS and RAO for even thinking that Raila would accept a half baked cookie , your comments after my post have renewed my faith in our undisputed leader and man of the people TINGA.I guess i was just emotional after reading the daily nation i should have known better that the DN is just an extension of PPS.

  95. karanja kamau says:

    Has somebody noticed how appealing ida is compared to ever controversial lucy,
    ODMERS hold tight GOD knows the truth and it will prevail, lets be optimistic and lift each other up.


    power sharing persee is dividing of the executive authorithy between parties in question .nothing short of executive powerful premier is to be expected from the deal.if no powerful premier comes out of the talks ,there will be no peace.we the agentS of change demand this from the negotiation table.WE ARE NOT BEGGING FOR THIS.



















  97. Railkamuodho says:

    Negotiations is about give and take. I used to see boys fight in primary school. Sometimes a big boy would in unexplained circumstance beat a big boy than himself and everyone would applaud. I think sometime we overestimate our capacity. ODM seems to think that they are unbeatable at any place or in any game. But let us think seriously and ask. What would be the worst scenerio if we scuttle the talks? Are we 100% sure that we will be the winners? How long will the conflict last and how many people would die in the clashes? My guess is as good as yours, nobody really knows.To avoid being in the future of the unkonwn, I implore both groups to work towards a win win situation where Kenya will be the winner.
    As trained conflict resolution and mediation experts, we know that there is nowhere in the world has two opposing groups ever gotten 100% of what they want they have to look for a middle ground. The biggest problem is that there is no TRUST between the two camps. I feel that harline positions could easily melt if both sides stop throwing rocks at each other. Soon I will mobilize Kenyans for peace while the other two sides mobilize their idle boys to show their might and we shall see which group wins. I call upon Prof Wangari Maathai and the civil society, Churches and other religious organizations start Martin Luther Peace, Peace processions in Major towns in Kenya. Keep it here.

  98. Railkamuodho says:

    We have Tamir separatists, the Balkans problem in Serbia vs Kosovo. Did you realize the Serbian learnt from the Kenyan crisis when they broke into the US embassy and burnt part of it? Those advocating separation do not understand that in order for that to happen, a referendum must be held and you never know sometime in future some of those separatists would want to go back and war would begin. I wonder how Kosovo will deal with those Serbians in the territory who do not want to ramain part of the newv state. The assumption in Kenya case was that the last election had 100% ODM in Rift Valley, Nyanza, western, NE, Nairobi, and Coast. But if look at the votes, part of Nyanza (Kisii and Kuria) gave some votes to the other party, Nairobi was almost 50/50, NE the same and a big chunk of part of south Rift. When you want to address this issue, you must consider Kenya-Serbians in your Kenya-Kosovo. I dont see many people going for this idea becaus as said in another forum, we need each other than you want to appreciate this because you are drunk with tribalism and power.

  99. faith says:

    hallo bloggers

    am back, fellow Kenyans dont despair indeed the orange revolution has taken root because what has been agreed upon as of now and will be are these:

    1) RAO will be the second prime history in thehistory of Kenya hence in same league as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta( it is like independence all over again)

    2) RAO(pm-designate) will be coodinating all govt business so Amos Kimunya and Martha Karua watch out infact it is better they keep queit like one Kiraitu Murungi.

    3)RAO will be supervising and reporting back to the prezzy govt perfomance so Martha if you dont perform shauri yako.

    4) RAO will be the leader of govt business in the house which has most of our MP’s,our speaker and his deputy.

    5) As the majority in parliament we will make sure that all crucial house business committees are given to ODM

    6) ODM controls most important councils across the country hence controls revenue allocation.

    7) 50 – 50 split of ministerial and public appointentments that is why i want Easther Passarris not to care about Mayoral but to go for PS local govt. and deal with Uhuru decivisely.

    So dear Kenyans that is why you see Ababu,Anyang Nyongo are putting pressure on the pnu side to accept deal or mass action proper to start i told you dear Kenyans before CHUNGWA MOJA MAISHA BORA.

  100. Yego says:

    Talks should be relocated from Serena to Mathare or Burnt Forest, then the solution can automatically be realised.

  101. Jane says:

    Yego, you’ve said it. Yes let these fellows so called negotiators stay in one of the IDP camp around Mathare or burnt forest, or even Eldoret.

    Further all, MPs from all regions with IDPs and militia blocking roads starting with Eldoret, Burnt forest, Kibera, should have their salaries and allowances stopped until they go back and put sense in their followers minds that fighting, burning priests and churches,destroying property and blocking public vehicle passage is backwardness, unjust and against human rights. These allowances be returned only after resettlement of IDPSs in their farms and disarming of men with bows, arrows, machetes.

    Annan and the fellow from Sweden will go back to their homes the same day and all political bickering will cease the same day.

  102. Sam says:


    Kibaki is laying a “Political Trap” even as we speak.

    If he is forced to accept anything from Annan he will have the Courts to throw it out.

    Parliament is also a mine field. Members will reject any agreement reached by the Annan team. Courtesy of Kibaki. Please note that all agreements must be ratified by the Parliament.

    ODM cannot afford to get Less out of these talks. Its members will vote with the side offering the most.

    Someone has already gone to Court over the Annan talks and believe me his Petition will be Granted.

    The Dynamics in Parliament has also changed with most Rift Valley MPs being threatened with prosecution for Inciting their Constituents. A threat that will be dropped if they vote accordingly.
    If Kibaki remains with the Power to Appoint and Fire at will, he will dangle all kinds of Carrots to the ODM brigade.

    ODM must weigh all these at the Annan table. The Constitution must be ammended and Passed in Parliament.( note the emphasis on the word Passed) to accomodate all changes.

    ODM must have the Authority to Appoint and fire Half of the Cabinet and Civil service jobs. In short ODM must control half of the Govt.

    Anything Less is just window dressing that Kibaki will wipe off as soon as Annan and Co. Pack their luggage.

    Next Week could be our Waterloo unless ODM DOES THE NECESSARY.

  103. mumias says:

    Sam I too agree with with your first observation, I believe a trap is indeed being laid and also agree that with the impending petition filed in the high court is a crucial part of the strategy.

    I also agree with your observation that PNU will not agree to pass any ratified agreement which gives ODM half the power in a power sharing arrangement. However what I must stress is that
    1. ODM is fully aware of this and will have factored this in whilst strategising on any future plan.
    2. You underestimate the power of the people, the ground is very tense, the people especially in RV WILL NOT TOLERATE any of their legislators firstly betraying them by not ammending the constitution, further if their legislators are targeted with impending cases, the state will need to prove substantially any case beyond reasonable doubt, frankly they have no such evidence.

    Thus as much as I believe that PNU is trying this ruse, I also believe that any ODM MP who betrays the people is walking on thin ice! If anything this years elections have shown that prior reputation do not matter a jot when people decide at the ballot box, thus although PNU will try I believe they they will not succeed!

    Let us not worry about this, our brothers and sisters in parliament run a bigger risk going against their people, further I believe the legislators know they have their full support and that they realise that the Power sharing is a big opportunity which they will support.
    Put it this way, if Kibaki was to dangle a carrot to you, given all he has done and his track record will you believe him and trust him to deliver on his promise??? I dont think so!

  104. Jane says:

    ODM MPs have duped their electorate. They misled them to fighting. Now are giving us hope of a powerful PM while knowing too well that there can NEVER be two centres of power in any institution. Even in our simple domestic homesteads. Talking of 50-50 power sharing is a hyped unrealistic ambition. odmk are already in cabinet and that cannot be changed. If you attempt mass protest, throw those slings, bows and arrows, you will fall in the wrong hands of the law. You will be killed, buried and forgotten. So face the hard reality,maintain peace, law and order, open your kiosk and persuade that kyuk, jaluo,kale, kamba, etc to buy.

    We only hope that nobody in Kenya has put their lives on hold awaiting these Annan talks.

    This ‘modern’ politics is taking us nowhere. Who among these MPs cares what you put on your table to feed on or how you meet your financial obligations. Balala has become balaa kabisa. Our Prof. Nyo’ngo has become a Mr. Mass action, Orengo possibly just remembered he has many clients from the targeted communities and may not want to have his law firm collapse. It a total mess with politicians full of vested interests. RAO could be in an awkward position.

  105. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    I agreed Balala has become balaa kabisa. Everyday he is exibiting “ARAB SLAVE TRADER” characteristics. Arabs of puwani are now racists and he is not an exception. The landless squaters- natives will soon becoming for them, you watch. Title deeds will be issued for all those abandoned huge tracks of land that are owned by ARAB-absantee landlords. He is already on the radar.
    He better start wisening up like Ruto, did you see Ruto’s comments on ROA’s Nigerian trip? ” some of us do not have the luxury of escaping” Is Ruto sending a message and to who?????
    What happened to the “BIG BAD KALEO ARMY”isn’t one of their “generals” in custody today???


  106. Railkamuodho says:

    Obviously due to the 2002 problem, it will be very difficult to trust between each other even among tribes. For example, I dont think Kikuyus and Kalenjin trust will ever be found. I believe the best way to solve this will be to seperate the two tribes so that each stays in their own areas. I suggest for example that those Kikuyus deep inside Uasin Gishu should occupy Eldoret South and the Kalenjin in South should move north. This is because historically speaking, Uasin Gishu was never Kalenjin land but maasai land. The kalenjin elites who are sponsoring the chaos know this too well. It is the Kalenjin and the British settlers who pushed Maasai to Laikipia and Kajiado and then Tanzania. The Tanzanians do not have problem with Maa people in their land. It is only the Kalenjin who think that they can push other tribes from “their land” which is a lie which has been peddled for so many years. If Kalenjin want to get to their ancestral land, then that is Bahal el Ghezar in Sudan. But I doubt that South Sudanese people would accomodate them. Neith will Congo and accept the Kikuyus, Merus and kambas.
    Instead of fighting each other in the guise of reclaiming our ancestral land, the people should seek to address the landless through a special settlement program through the above suggestion. There is too much idle land laying all over Kenya owned by a few absentee landlords. Kenya should seek the help of international community to buy this land (Basil Criticos and Kenyatta) and then settle the landless here and provid all the necessary amenities such as electricity, water, schools and roads. Whe shoul also start reclaiming the ASALS and settle people in North Eastern. When Kenya develops all parts of Kenya and make it agriculturally productive, Rift valley will stop seeing herself as the only arible and productive land. North Eastern Province is gold mine that has not been exploited.
    Having lived in eastern province for many years (my family tree has more than one tribe), I know how productive Ukambani is with just minimal rainfall. If water was availed here, Eastern province is able to feed Nairobi. Why not develop these lands and allow Kalenjin enough land to roam and graze their cattle and exercise their cattle rustling “mchezo” if they think that is their God given right?
    Luo Nyanza is also very productive but politicians ought to encourage people near lake victoria to do farming and feed themselves. Farming should be taken seriously in Luo Nyanza.

  107. Railkamuodho says:

    The crisis Group international has produced a report that is almost balanced though I believe many of the hardliners in both ODM and PNU will have a problem with all the contents. However, I think there is too much truth in the report to be ignored. They tried as much as possible to include what they had gathered “from the ground”. I believe that their preamble and recommendations are what needs to be taken very seriously especially when addressing those injstices met on the IDPs. These human beings are suffering for crimes committed either by the politicians and their forefathers. I appeal to the international court never, never, never, I mean never allow those gangs who killed and burnt other people’s houses to go scott free. Like the ODM says JUSTICE first. Justice to the “mwananchi” before justice to the political class and their masters.
    John Githongo seems to have doubts about a grand coalition. He thinks that if not worked out properly, it may be a time bomb awaiting to explode and which will be difficult to avoid. I totally agree with him. There is danger ahead if we hurry these thing and fail to address the fundamentals.
    Politicians are mainly corrupt and that is why councillors have been hiding in expensive hotels in Mombasa and Tanzania eating ill gotten wealth so that they can vote not with their conscience but with their stomachs. And yet these councils are dorminated by the ODM fellows. How will they fight corruption if they can demonstrate otherwise infront of the media and internantional community. Is this the way ODM would govern Kenya?

  108. Solomon says:


    You must be so desperate to think you could possibly kill our confidence of pursuing justice against infamous electoral fraudster and a despot of Othaya Mwai Kibaki..

    We will support our president RAO all the way. If you don’t like it, you can sit on a pin!

  109. tnk says:


    ODMers got weary of responding to these tired and very old PNU strategies, so don’t pay them any attention. we typically ignore them all. if you like we can give you the list of such contributors.

  110. Solomon says:


    I apologise for responding to the Party of No Use fanatics. I will never dare repeat such a mistake.

    Wacha waendelee kuchemke peke yao wakijaribu kumtafutia ufuasi kiongozi wa kimla Mwai Kibaki. RAO ni kipensi cha wakenya walio wengi.

  111. Yego says:

    When i watched them Riding on top of camels and smearing themselves in sand while ordinary kenyans who voted them in await in agony for the outcome of the Annans demining process, i felt sorry for myself and the entire nation as a whole.From now henceforth, i ll dedicate and direct my energies to anybody else apart from politicians and the so called church leaders.I will talk to my pple to abardon the crude weapons and embark on peace building.I ll never trust anyone who eyes power at any level.May God forgive all of us and for real this crisis as given us a big lesson.

  112. Jane says:

    What Is Politics? ( adapted from political humours)

    A little boy goes to his dad and asks, “What is politics?”
    Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me capitalism. Your Mom, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you the people. The nanny, we’ll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we’ll call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense,”

    So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what dad had said.

    Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He
    finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper.

    So the little boy goes to his parents’ room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

    The next morning, the little boy says to his father, “Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.”

    The father says, “Good son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.”

    The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in deep poo.”

  113. mrembowaodm says:

    now that pnu has said that if they give a prime minsiter and deputies they shall be appointed by the president!!

    what does anyone here think? there shall be no power balance people…..no such thing as exective power for the pm…

    in light of this developlment can Raila and pentagon please give us direction…it is unacceptable for a thief to pretend they are charitable and generous enough to share the loot with you especially when they stole from you!!

    i do not want to hear any more power talks, i want my cow now!!!!!!!!!

  114. tnk says:


    could you kindly drop me an email?


  115. "Otula" says:

    Let’s get t the streets immediatetly.These is urgent.Another murder is coming.WAtch these.
    ODM PENTAGON ,we are waiting for your next step.Nobody is serious in thee talks.It is 3 months now.They seem not to be in a hurry cos they are rulling.For them everything is running as expected.It will only be urgent if we get to the streets as mediation continues.Can we use force to pull these group out.I believe ” WE CAN”.

  116. sirorei kiptoo says:


    we have send you as our representatives to the negotiation table
    Hon rutto,
    Hon orengo
    Hon sally
    hon musalia
    At this point in time there should be no further concessions after the sunday press conference by your counterparts from PNU.

    at this point it is clear who is not committed to dialogue and resolution of the election impasee.

    leave the rest to kenyans to sort it out mundu ku mundu.

    besides we are aware they are fully armed to deal with us the odmers.

    they may not be aware that the break afforted enough time to prepare.we know where to begin.

    si se puede!

  117. Railkamuodho says:

    I laugh when I read some statements like “Otula’s” he is behind time. I can assure you that right now anybody who does a silly thing and call people to the streets and some killings occur, that party becomes a “pariah nation”. Nobody including my heroe Anyang Nyongo will dare do that. The international community has warned the concerned parties to stick to the peace process. Each group is entitled to spining the process as much as they can, but have no right to engage in retogressive activities- ODM and PNU included.
    As said earlier, the police should allow all kinds of peaciful street protests by both ODM and PNU. After all both groups had more than 4 million votes and can show their might in the streets. However, if chaoes erupt, then whoever incites his or her followers to fight must face the law whatever his station in life.
    I will in the meantime ask the civil society, religious leaders and the labour movement to consolidate their basis and plan for a mega protest for peace in Kenya. This will include Kenyan musicians and the other moderate voices.

  118. Railkamuodho says:

    I mean, when Angola signed a peace treaty and then the rebel leader reneged on this, the internationl community deserted him and he died a rejected man. Any party who goes against the peace process just because of power, then the world is watching including some of us feeding on antibiotic chicken and beef in US and UK.

  119. Railkamuodho says:

    Drop me an e-mail TNK please you are a great human being.

  120. Railkamuodho says:

    Commrade Raila Amolo Odinga knew something when he named his sone Fidel Castrol Odinga. I am challenged by the real ailing Castrol who has withstood 10 US presidents and has bowed out after 49 years at the helm due to poor health. Cuba is a small country with exceptional education and health system. Some of the US candidates look at the Cuban health system as a model for their country. However, the economic and political status is questionable.
    I want to encourage both PNU and ODM to borrow a leaf from Cuba. It is not how much wealth you posses that matters. It is how resolute you are in search of what you believe in. All Kenyan politicians can decide that communism is the best policy for Kenya if Capitalism is taking us the wrong way. Why not nationalize everything including the land which is becoming a big issue in politics and establish a dictatorship that will silence once for all all critics? Did you see that the 71 Raul Castrol Chose A 79 hardliner as VP when he was elected by the politiburo?
    I believe Kibaki did well to appoint a younger VP because at 76, he is on his way out of politics. I am sure unlike Jaramogi, Kibaki will follow Moi in retirement in a couple of years and leave the field to Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Kenyatta plus a reformed Rutoh of course.

  121. Railkamuodho says:

    Where is democracy and change?
    Kenya politicians do not believe in change. A close look at what will happen during the civic elections will prove me right. The political leaders believe they know everything. For example, Prime Minister Raila Odinga believes that he has to give direction and nod to mayors and chairmen of ODM dominated councils. That is why he has to be consulted before those guys take over leadership. In the west, people go through a form of primary to select the most popular candidate. But what we will end up having in all councils are Odinga cronies and sympathizers- a clear communist politburo system of governance. Could Kenya be headed the way of the communists? Read the following from Standard:
    Hoteliers’ anger at ODM over civic seat
    Published on February 24, 2008, 12:00 am
    By Philip Mwakio
    The Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (Kahc) has threatened to stop paying bed levy to the Mombasa Municipal Council after missing a civic nomination slot.
    Traditionally, a member of the association gets nominated to the council to represent the interests of the hotel sector.
    Mombasa has 32 elected councillors, 30 of whom are in ODM and the rest Kaddu and Kadu Asili. This means that all the nomination slots went to ODM.
    An angry KAHC Coast branch chairman, Mr Mohamed Hersi, on Saturday said the association would reconsider its stand on the monthly bed levy paid the council.
    “We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the council last year and agreed to pay bed levy. But since they have kicked us out, they can as well kiss the levy goodbye,” Hersi said.
    The council elects a new mayor on Monday.
    “It is an open fact that nomination slots are for special interest groups. Tourism forms one of these groups and we are always represented at the council,” Hersi said.
    In 2002, Narc nominated Mr Kuldip Sondhi, a hotelier and chairman of Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association, a councillor.
    “Sondhi served in the council very well since he was a committed and steadfast leader,” Hersi said.
    He accused ODM of rewarding its cronies despite claiming to represent change.
    “Where is this change if councillors can be taken into hiding before the mayoral elections?” he posed.
    The hotelier said it was wrong for civic leaders to go into hiding yet they were from the same party.
    “Let them know that whoever furnished their lavish lifestyles in big hotels will want their money back. This will be when the councils are constituted and the ‘sponsors’ demand contracts to recoup what they spent,” he said.
    Hersi advised the new Mombasa municipality kingpins to rescind their decision if they expected co-operation from the hotel industry.
    Speaking separately, a Muslim scholar, Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh, urged the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to launch investigations into bribery allegations against elected councillors.
    “It is a shame to condone such acts. Those implicated should be investigated and prosecuted,” he said.

  122. Mike Okello says:

    I am glad we are all rubbishing STUPID threats of ‘MURDER OF THE POOR’ Courtesy of Balala and Prof Anyang Nyong’o, Of course such calls threats can materialize given that we will always have fools with us all the time, and of course Balala’s guaranteed one month salary is enough to pay them for two years!

    I am not Railkamuodho at all for those who thought so, But i knew too well that this FIGHTING BULL in ODM supporters will be tamed gradually by simple reasoning. I am now reading with proud the numerous converts, NOT FROM ODM TO PNU because i dont talk parties, but from MURDER in the name of JUSTICE AND REVENGE, to One for one round table dialogue, to strike a simple deal that would ensure Kenyan live to fight a common enemy another day.

    The Shameless Balala – Nyong’o talk has lost popularity, it is disgruntled, and obsolete, I swear that is not the thinking of Raila Odinga.

    Take the advantage of any chances you are getting, and be glad to serve Kenyans, at least to show another face of ODM because the ‘Jan to Feb’ One is bloody and one that Kenyans would love to forget soonest possible.

    ODM you are soon getting a humble opportunity to serve Kenyans, Serve us great from your humble positions, You have a lot of Mess to quickly undo, and for this reason you very desperately need such an opportunity.

    Good Luck!

  123. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Faith, Elizabeth, tnk, mumias, rafiq, ishmael, Yego, mrembowaODM…

    …..and all other true ODMers; where are u???

    I just landed in your city of MAJIWA… Will be around upto March 11th. Can we share a tete-a-tete?? Coffee on me!

    Drop me a line at
    I still maintain; power sharing won’t work. Did u hear Karua? Can u trust Uhuru Kenyatta? Hmmmmh! I wonder!

  124. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    Did someone thought power sharing won’t work in Germany? Did someone thought power sharing won’t work in Cote d”Ivore?

    I can see the fight that started between ODM and PNU isn’t going to end soon. it’s time we need to live speculations behind. I know that people have sworn to fight. The government should be aware of this if it isn’t. During this fight probably it might be the end of a one Kenyan state. What happened in Cote d’Ivoire can happen in Kenya. Is that what the government wants in order to commit itself to negotiation?

    I wish those who are wondering why people are willing to fight had read this blog and the many contributions that people gave way before election. I wish such people could know the plan that greedy members of government had. We all know about RVR, Ketepa, Safaricom, Panpaper e.t.c.

    Some people have vowed to fight till the end instead of keeping numb and be made slaves by these greedy people. that’s why to them it’s better to go on with this state since it has at least suspended some of this plans. To these people these fights is equal to the fight we had with our former colonial.

    Let me go further.

    I’ll make it clear that majority of the Kikuyus who were displaced are innocent and therefore it was not good for them to be chased. Most of these mistakes were done by their forefathers. What has happened in most of Kenya is that there was communal ownership of land. Most of the land were used by the community to graze their cattle, but could not be identified as belonging to one particular person.

    So when the government was in place most of this “idle” land were taken by it. Some turned to government schemes and given to Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) to manage. Later ADC decided to sell this land to people.

    Now this is where the problem started. When Kenyatta was in power he marginalised nearly all the people apart from Kikuyus, Kikuyus had economic might since resources were transferred to them. Therefore, unlike other tribes, they were able to buy the land. sabout and Luhyas did not have money. In the end we had villages like Munyaka and Gituamba at the centre of Luhyas and Sabout.

    But the government failed to realise that the population of these marginalised communities is increasing, and that soon they will be so many that the land they had will not be enough for all of them. The population of Sabout increased but then the only land they could occupy had been sold to other people, since they couldn’t afford, since they were so marginalised that they didn’t have money to but the land.

    This had not happened only here but it had happened in Taita, Kiserian, Ongata Rongai to name a few.

    When this government took power it revived this. Kikuyus again were favoured in different areas. Go to western region and you will be surprised that Equity bank did not have a problem giving Kikuyus a loan. In the end they had an advantage over other people. When other people were selling land to raise school fees, Kikuyus who had the money were buying them.

    I’m sure there are some people who are wondering why Kikuyus business are doing well, even in those parts of Western compared to businesses of Luhyas and other tribes. the reason is also because of economic might. Though Luhyas could work hard they couldn’t be able to sell their produce because whoever buys it are Kikuyus, who’ll prefer to buy from their own and transport to Nairobi to sell. Someone will ask me why couldn’t such people, i.e, Luhyas have their own transport. find out yourself.

    I may not be fluent but one thing we need to know is that the displacement of the Kikuyus is more complex than we think. Later there were rumours in Mumias, Nzoia, Webuye e.t.c of plans to acquire the companies. In Webuye, for example, the government increased the cost of tree which is the main raw material for making paper. This affected the performance of the company so that the government could have a reason to opine on the privatisation of the company. S.K Macharia is said to have the greatest interest in acquisition of the company. Ask anybody in the industry and they’ll tell you more.

    Luos don’t have a problem with Kikuyus apart from politics since Kikuyus have always feared venturing into their areas as a result of enemity between Oginga and Kenyatta. They know their properties cannot be grabbed from them.

    If one thinks this is about ethnic hatred then one is absolutely WRONG! It’s only few hooligans who have made it to look like ethnic hatred, however in some regions like Naivahsa it was ethnic.

    I know one will wonder why in all these areas even after Kikuyus were chased Indians were left behind. The reason is because many people believe that though Indians are doing well in business in their regions, they are only there to do business and not to acquire their properties. One thing we should appreciate is that we Africans believe so much in land and that’s what we fear most being taken away from us. We know Indians won’t do that but Kikuyus, after being economically mighty, will soon start targetting our land. They won’t grab or chase us but they will use their economic might to buy it, Since they know one day we will need money and since we won’t be able to get loan from bank we will sell our land.

    We are now experiencing the bitter roots of ethnic favouritism and marginalisation. therefore whoever thinks people should forget what is happening and go back to their works is not someone committed to peace, but is committed to ceasefire.

    People beilieve that if Kibaki is given a chance then other tribes will become slaves of Kikuyus. To them it’s better to be poor than to be slaves. Why slaves? it’s because they see Kikuyus occupying all positions of business and all of them will be workers of Kikuyus. Therefore Kikuyus will control them.

    On a higher scale go to Government and government parastatals’ projects. It’s Kikuyus who are given majority of their projects. If I was a Kikuyu I couldn’t refuse either but deep within me I could have known that what the big people are doing is wrong. Unfortunately when Kikuyus decided to support Kibaki people took this to mean that they are supporting what the Kikuyu elites are doing or want to do, and so it means they are together. That they want the status quo where they will be favoured. Go anywhere where the govenrment can control, not only government parastatals and government itself and you’ll be told of all these.

    I hope you have all seen why people are fighting and why this fight won’t stop soon. we are now in ceasefire. If we let what Kenyatta started and Kibaki and his cronies continued then this acrimony will rise and when it will explode then it will be worse than we see now.

    Hutus killed Tutsis because of the same thing.

    We all need to know that Raila is getting pressure from people around him, while these people around him are getting pressure from councillors and chiefs, while councillors and chiefs are getting pressure from people on the ground, so who eventually is behind this pressure Raila is getting.

    Therefore by arresting a councillor and thinking this will solve a problem is wrong. when Arafat died did it led to the end of insurgencies against Israelites by Palestinians. So was the arrest and execution of Saddam. When people believe they have been subjected to torture it needs more than arresting their leaders to solve the problem.

    Thanks all and hope we will all embrace truth.

  125. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    Hope you will all read all of the above. Politics was just a podium people used to bring out their grudge that existed. Even if Raila or Ruto becomes president they’ll need to solve these problems otherwise they will soon haunt them.

    Freedom is what we want. If our freedom is threatened then we are forced to fight.

  126. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    These journey started long time ago.

    it started with forums that were here for weeks and recorded less than one hundred post. I came and started checking this blog recently. Unfortunately I miss posts from the following people. I wish you could say at least something:


    To be sincere I’m missing your comments terribly. You were like elders to me and I need you to advice others. Those days there were no moles, or if they were there then they couldn’t comment, unlike now when I’m seeing a lot of them. or is that the reason why most of you have dedided to remain silent since you can’t argue with moles who aren’t ready to embrace truth?

  127. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    We apreciate your position, now that you have realized what this thing was all about. You will learn more as we go, at this point you have just started seeing things from a different perspective and you will discover more and more each day. This is a new learning curve for you my brother and the shocks will not be easy to handle, just hang in tight. The mind is never static, its like a sponge, so absorb as much as you can; so in the future you can be able to choose for yourself the right path.

  128. Yego says:

    This blob was meant to advice ODM top Brace but not to be adviced by the so called Moles.I condenm them all for raping our space, agent4change do something please, otherwise our comments will be of no use.

  129. Yego says:

    This blob was meant to advice ODM top Brace but not to be adviced by the so called Moles.I condenm them all for raping our space, agent4change do something please, otherwise our comments will be of no use.

  130. Jane says:

    All politicians are only after their own self-interest. From MPs who think they are most important Persons ( shame on them, when hundreds are killed by their crazy followers, they do not talk but when one of them is killed, they call for FBI to investigate as if their own was not born and brought up like the rest) to the councillors some of who are illiterate and what they know best is sorting out differences physically/ fighting/throwing chairs at each other. One can understand why parliament has kind of welded seats.

    Also bear in mind, the MPs and now councillors have their salaries and allowances flowing into their bank accounts. In the meantime, they are telling us who gave them votes, to go on mass protests, sabotage our economy,wait for some un-ending talks, etc BUT, are they telling us how we should meet our financial obligations?.

    Owe unto political followers who agree to be mislead into destroying their own economy and livelihoods by these selfish monsters.

  131. tnk says:

    consider a large banquet room packed to near capacity of mature and reasoning grown men and women mingling freely, queueing for food and services and each respecting one another as they chat, share ideas and services. introduce just one rowdy and uncouth jamaa, and the atmosphere begins to break, that one jamaa is joined by three others and its pandemonium, eventually if the host is unable to contain these jamaas, the large room and its services is left to the four jamaas to do as they please.

    yego, philip, the other true ODMers mentioned in the note above and many others not explicitly mentioned. we know each other, drop me an email when you can, i provided it earlier.

  132. mumias says:

    Well well well, We are back to square 1, ODM has announced return to protests on Wednesday! Now all this is expected as I have believed for a long time that PNU has not bought into the idea that there is a crisis in Kenya, they have confused relative clam with peace and are now more emboldened to renegotiate the stakes that explains why although at a point we seemed close we are still so far behind.

    I now believe we need to relaunch a plan to signify the seriousness of the country:-

    1.We need to revisit the issue of economic boycott on selected PNU hardliners companies close to Kibaki, these are the people reporting that business is back to usual and thus no crisis and consequently no point to sharing power with RAO. I believe a more selective strategy which targets few big business which will not adversely affect the social welfare of the true ODM supporters.
    Against charges of anti Kikuyu mode that will undoubtable surface, let me make a point- If we target Michuki Buses then surely it merely means more people take matatus now most of which are surely owned by Kikuyus thus any argument that it targets Kikuyus is null and void!

    2. We can now challenge the international community to state whether it is serious in their prior statements on its actions against those who pose a road block to any agreements to any power sharing. They all said they would ACT, US lead the way and said it was prepared to target more people, well can the EU as well as US now act as a show of their commitment to this settlement!

    For those (ODM’S only) who feel that we should rely on foreign intervention to fight our battles, well I agree in principle, my point however is that if ODM can say well you as international community refused to act, instead showed some form of acquiescences towards Kibaki after you admitted you are aware the polls were flawed, you left us no option but to call our supporters back to the streets!

    Now what we need to understand is that there is alot at stake! Yego I was somewhat disheartened by your earlier comments, you seemed to have lost some of your soul to this movement. I’m here to try and reignite the fire.

    I want you to just reflect on couple of issues. Obama talks candily about the fact that there is always a moment that defines a generation of a people, redefines the political concepts and rediscovers a new belief which makes it emerge stronger. ODM I believe that that time has come, this is our time and our moment.

    We have talked about a new constitution for the last 40 years, everybody talks about an imperial presidency, Kibaki did too! well after RAO helped carry his sorry behind on a wheel barrow upto state house in 2002 he realised that it was too sweet to give up. I alway draw your attention to Kaparo’s comments, he was sheding tears whilst talking about a parliamentary system, he denounced the imperial presidency, well although his words were true, he lacked the political strength take the lead by virtue of his position as speaker for all those years to lead on the issue, nor speak out! WHY

    Well I can only assume that Kaparo was driven by selfishness by virute of preservation, he was not guided by true beliefs to fight for the people rather he suffered from a bout of comfort and unwillingness to stand up and fight for it, well Raila Amollo Odinga has, he did and has for the last 3 decades!!!!

    My point is that, IF WE DO NOT TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO STAND UP WITH HIM for what we believe in, a different type of politics, one where the leaders REALIZE that they are accountable to US, one where we demand and in return EXPECT delivery not only of high levels of SERVICE but also of moral integrity.

    Frankly if we do not stand up now, well we will for another 40 years surrender our country to few individuals with money and the right connections.

    No major significant feat has ever been achieved without the masses standing to reclaim what they deem to be their right. I’m not advocating violence but I have not forgotten the issue of justice. We as the people want our country back, I want my vote back to something that is a force for change, a voice for the better, and the ability to influence my on future.

    That is what is at stake!

  133. Crapy Owner says:

    All these talks were nonsense. I said from the beginning. Those international community whom ODM top brass were fighting so hard to please are now quiet. Is it now that you want to start wave riots. The art of war is not to give your enemy time to strategise.

    I prefer ODM to take up opposition side as they had done. My advice might have passed withought being noticed but i have to remind you that i warned you early enough. Where the hell can this ugly woman called Martha Karua can drive out power out of her oblong head and reason for a day.

    I can only wait to see but there you are they have disregarded all the contents of the talk.

  134. tnk says:


    in my opinion we actually never left square one and had foreboding that these talks were going nowhere. but we had to give it a try. the international pressure may have intially scared PNU but they’ve realised that they can’t be touched so wata do?


    we need to revisit our options

    it was ok for Yego to be disturbed by images of civic leaders evidently enjoying themselves while a significant number of kenyans are displaced, many dead, others in anxiety and uncertainty. it is morally wrong and they should be more sensitive to the plight of kenyans. but as always am reminded to not “throw away the baby with the bath water”

  135. OPADO says:


  136. mrembowaodm says:

    now that things have fallen apart what do we do now? it was clear the thieves were buying time…..i know Raila and pentagon you have strategies to deal with these thieves………it is now time!!

    you know you have the free hand to do anything now….and with the full sanction of the international community!! we will not allow thieves to dictate to us…we will not!!

    mass action is not enough…..throw in everything you can….secession or is it self-determination etc

    i do not care now you have my 100% support. i assure you all true odmers are saying the same. enough is enough!!

    tired is what we are!!

  137. Railkamuodho says:

    Mr. ALi Police commissioner,
    Please allow the ODM to continue with their mass protest. This is what we call machiavelli sytem where you have to use every mean possible to achieve your goal. I propose that the right to protest be allowed. But if this turns into incitement and chaos, then the government has the machinery to hold those responsible into account. Those who will destroy property and lives must be held into account especially those calling people out into the streets. I also encourage the other side to organize a counter protest a day or two latter.
    If ODM holds a peaciful protest and allow people to go about with their daily lives, then that will be good for Kenya.

  138. Railkamuodho says:

    Land is a very sensitive issue. When the ODM-K MPs including the CCC MP demonstrated against Kalonzo Musyoka, they mentioned the issue of land and said that he had agreed with Kibaki to give part of Ukambani to Central province. If this is true, then that is a serious allegation which Kalonzo should address quickly.
    Though we are dry in Lower Eastern, our land is very productive (part of my family) and all we need is ample rainfall or enough water to become Kenya hortcultural basket after Naivasha.
    We can look for ways to solve the land problem because honestly speaking, we have underutilized our land and believe in the ‘largeness’ of land as compared to how we use it. For example very few people in US and UK and other developed countries own land. Majority of the people do not even own houses- they live in apartments. But the governments in these countries have allowed the private sector to develop the economy such that every person can at least get a job or some kind of government support. The rate of unemployment in USA stands at 4%. This way, not many people care about land. Food is mainly produced by large scale farmers.
    Another example is Netherlands which came out with the “dykes” system of reclaiming part of the sea. The country is a leading dairy and agricultural producers. As a country, we have not reached this far but can claim our land and use what we have to produce more. We are so blessed that if we put those measures necessary to develop what we have, we would be a great producer of cotton, and other cash crops.
    If we develop our economy well enough to reduce the rate of unemployment to say 5-10%, the majority of our youth will be busy and spending little time demonstrating or training in the bushes to fight other tribes. What we need to be spending our energy on right now is on addressing those fundamental issues affecting our country rather than the governance issues- though of course important.
    By the way do bloggers here understand that each of our warlords commands followers in excess of 4 millions. We should not think of our following in terms of land mass but in terms of human numbers.

  139. jaugenya says:

    I told you guyz , PNU was never commited nor serious in these talks.Now what?, Iam not shocked ,now lets wait for the final word, i have a feelinng Kibaki wants to get some mileage out of this by making it look like he is the one who personaly saved kenya.

  140. tnk says:

    this is just amazing check out the comment by Anonymous at 8:29 pm in this article


  141. kip says:

    This is a narrative of a real world conversation between two Pro-government supporters and I must go head and say they are pro-kibaki and from kibaki own Tribe the Agikuyu. The names of the characters have been changed/ama just used to represent the true persons

    If you ask Kip,this was a Very interesting conversation.Some background info….. .MWANGI* is More of the HARDLINER pro-kibaki supporter while KIMANI* is a moderate and supported kibaki nevertheless.


  142. rafiq says:

    Finally the true colors have been revealed. You like it or not some of us were too optimistic for no apparent reason, othere were rightfully pessimistic. I remember when the demos were called off maru et al were very unahappy. I thought they were unfair. There are very many things I have discovered over the last two months that our children and grand probably great great grand children may read in our history, if they live to see that day.

    Nevertheless some of the revelations: I now know that Jaramogi, Kaggia had a very dificult battle and why they decided to die poor rather than steal. I now know that mistakes are too common-Jaramogi did it and left for his son to repeat it in 2002-we would not be here now. Orengo was right-he chose to loose his parliamentary seat than to suport RAO and Kibaki. If RAO listened and formed a third force, UK would have won and it would have been easy to reason with KANU coz it had more representation than Kibaki. Remember its the Vice capt who led repeal of sec 2, some NEP Mps led the IPPG that saved us in 1997.

    The question I dont have an answer to and where we need helpbig time What do we do? how do we proceed? Remeber these guys keep on changing tactics, remember the passaris saga. These guys dont have a heart nor aibu-shame. They can rob, walk in the streets being seen by all and sundry and decide to eat whatever is stolen witout apology.

    If we choose to keep quiet, our children will be slaves, yes slaves. Now civil servants non-PNU/ODM-K are yet to be redeployed while the others are busy working. The reason being they were to go to ODM zones who dont need tchrs, doctors,nurses…. bcoz they are ? 2nd class Kenyans NO. I dont want PNU supporters to go through this when leadership changes hands-its unfair

    If we fight, we will loose probably 5-10x more than the ones already lost but we may get long lasting peace for ourselves and our opponents who are being taken advantage of by their old men. If only they discovered that these guys are hiding in their tribes so that their landless supporters do not discover that they stole their land during the colonial era, it would be easy to win this war.

    Kenyatta never lived for ever, Neither will Kibaki. Our dear opponents-the young ones should anything happen and you loose the presidency-i fear for your life unless you can change now. Please isolate yourselves from your old men.

    Psychologically I am prepared yes I am for hard time.

  143. rafiq says:

    RAO doesnt need the so called house on the hill. Let him form his cabinet and ask for recognition-Kosovo style. There are other state houses/lodges he can use. All we need is goodwill for the governed and international community.

    I like what is happening in Ukambani too. Finally the thieves have been left exposed. So the ODM K pple should also look at their future. Let them give land to the landless form their own region with their own leadership of Kibaki and Kalonzo!

    RAO is wasting time. Lets ask for a refenderum in Coast and Lower eastern where they want to be and respect their choice.

  144. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    After reading all our entries I have discovered, a high level of paranoia. What is paranoia?

    Paranoia is a term used by mental health specialists to describe suspiciousness (or mistrust) that is either highly exaggerated or not warranted at all. The word is often used in everyday conversation, often in anger, often incorrectly. Simple suspiciousness is not paranoia–not if it is based on past experience or expectations learned from the experience of others.

    Paranoia can be mild and the affected person may function fairly well in society, or it can be so severe that the individual is incapacitated. Because many psychiatric disorders are accompanied by some paranoid features, diagnosis is sometimes difficult. Paranoias can be classified into three main categories–paranoid personality disorder, delusional (paranoid) disorder, and paranoid schizophrenia.

    You people stop being played by the likes of salim lone and Prof. “Mass action” Nyongo. This document you call “PNU bible” has been crafted to excerberate your anxieties of what you should not be expecting. Power
    Please take control of your lives and resume normal and healthy lifestyles and everything will be OK.
    I suggest we start by having enough sleep a minimum of 7.5hrs and avoid reading any sensational journalistic material on RAILA, RUTO, KIBAKI, PNU, CLASHES or ODM for that matter. This will help us alot.
    Thank you

  145. rafiq says:


    You are right!! Let the poor enjoy their poverty and the rich continue in their riches and drop droplets to the poor. Yes that is what status quo is all about. Why? civil servants from PNU enjoy as ODM suffer and there isnt anything they can do. And as they said never leave the leadership to unprintable names no matter what!

    Assume things are ok. Let others be slaves as others load over them. Thats what happened elsewhere. God knows what lies ahead I dont neither do you. I am afraid to assume that things are normal.

    Remember HIV doesnt kill as soon as infection sets in. It takes a prolonged cause but eventually one dies of its complications. The earlier you take the ARVs the better. Dont assume that there is no evidence of infection anyway!

  146. tnk says:

    add a new word to our ever expanding vocabulary


    “an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and who dispenses medical advice”

  147. tnk says:

    rafiq, the comment above is not targeting you

  148. Railkamuodho says:

    Dr. Ricd is right on target. We are happy that it is no longer one party recieving help from the international community. Both parties will be held responsible for their actions including death and destruction of property. Violence will not be allowed in the guise of protesting the “stolen” elections or otherwise.
    I am an advocate of mass action not mass destruction

  149. kube says:

    i knew long time ago but it was worth trying these peace talks that they will definately fail.

    do u think we steal violently if we plan to give it back?

    never will kibvaki give what he has stolen from kenyans.watch this space.NEVER will the thief share the stolen power.

    correct me if am wrong

  150. Railkamuodho says:

    I believe that only when the two principals act will we be able to have peace. Both sides are playing tricks and the moment they get to parliament, then some will start playing tricks. We are all tired. If the two cannot solve the problems, then we should allow nature to take its course and see the final results. The problem with war is that you cannot predict who will die or how long it will take. It has taken over 20 years for NRA and Lord’s resistance movement to agree and in the process thousands have died.
    I wonder why all over sudden the Kamba MPs are crying that Kalonzo wants to give our land to outsiders. We have a lot of squatters in Kibwezi and Makueni who remain landless up to this time. These are the deserving ones who you Kamba MPs should be fighting for. Leave the outsiders to fight for themselves. They are able to do that for themselves. After all the land in RV is theirs and they will be buried there whether Rutoh and Ngilu like it or not.

  151. Railkamuodho says:

    What is US planning to do? If they failed in Somalia and cannot do anything in Darfur, what can they do in Kenya. Why not go ahead and announce their plan of action. Unfortunately, Kofi Anan briefs US than he briefs AU. However, the solution is with Kenyans.
    I ask the police commissioner to allow demonstrations. But ODM should control their mobs otherwise it may not go well as you think.

  152. Mike Okello says:

    This is Perplexing!

    ODM’s had over 4M supporters as at 31st Dec, 07,
    ODM Calls for mass action, and expects all the above to come out, Unfortunately, an Undisputed 3.5M from ODM and the same number from PNU, already disengaged themselves with politics, and are moving on with their lives.
    At the same time, an undisputed half a Million are just reading newspapers and praying but have nothing really do do with the appeals their parties keep making on account of this matter,
    At the same time, 1000 jobless Youths from various ODM strongholds, who don’t necessarily access newspapers, but who somehow get the wind of the Balala-Nyong’o talk through their Veteran Politicians, are ready to Fight and uproot the railway and the water pipes, they are keenly waiting for directions on the ‘Work to do’, They do not like the Annan Talks, they Undermine their ‘Work To Do’, They are enemies of peace, because with peace, there is no ‘work to do’
    At the same time, about 200 Middle class ODM supporters are posting Fire and Brimstone ‘warriors on the net’ on the Blog, but on the Mass Action Day, they are leaving their cars at home, and leaving town at 4pm silently using Double M or City Hopper with laptops to go work at home as well as complete their thesis assignments, to avoid being inconvenienced by Skirmishes in town, They are not better or worse, With or without Peace, They live their life anyway, they do not send their kids to the academies on that Day, they are safe, to say the least.
    At the same time, 5MP’s are calling for Mass Action through the Press, at the same time, they are asking their PERSONAL assistants to book them rooms in town so that they can afford to technically appear at the Mass action street, taste tear gas and make a press statement and go Home, at least for the sake of Maintaining loyalty for another day of Mass Action.
    And if you look carefully, the passion for the MP’s and that of the demonstrators is very different, Though they cry in the same way, the cause of the cry is largely stratified and THE HIGHER YOU GO, THE COOLER IT BECOMES!

    I have a head, and I’m glad it really gets me thinking.

  153. Abok says:

    Since the two teams in the negotiating table and their principles have failed to show leadership and failed to steer Kenya forward in the last two months since the elections were held, a radical position needs to be taken to save this country. I propose that a caretake government be put in place. The caretaker government should be headed by the speaker of the national assembly and ministers drawn outside the elected MP’s (I mean all elected MP’s, non of them should be in the caretaker gava). The caretaker government should last just one year within which the Constitutional changes should be made to prepare Kenya for another presidential election. The members of the cabinet should be drawn from Civil societies, business communities even CEO’s of companies. Note that theirs will be a specific duty to run the government in a caretaker capacity for one year only. Hope this will avoid the impending mayheem that some leaders are failing to see in the horizon.

  154. charles says:

    mike,it seems u have alot of time to waste writing crap on this forum

  155. rafiq says:

    Good idea. For your information evrybody is divided in this country-civil servive, church, CEOs-read todays nation of how much money they have collected for violence. The only thing that can restore sanity in this nation is rerun. I believe it will happen whether peacefully or forcefully.

    If Kibaki won without stealing, believe you me this country would have moved along peacefully. The problem is the guy stole because he doesnt want to give power peacefully. The only peacefull way available is through elections.

    My worry is what is in the nation. Please read it. If proPNU nation can dare say it, it most likey is true. Now do the odm supporters in central understand that they are being fattened for slaughter by mungiki. Take care guys.

  156. kennylicious says:


  157. Abok says:

    Thanks Rafiq for your comments. I agree that the last minutes of the fateful vote tallying is what brought all this mess and if that moment was left to pass in the eyes of everyone despite whiever way the results went, I am sure the country would be very peaceful today.

    Anyhow, we are here now, how do we move forward, thats the big question.

    I agree that the whole country is divided, but the greatest problem is the selfishness that seems to pervade some peoples interests at the cost of the whole nation. This seems to be the main roadblock to a peaceful resolution to the impasse. It would be sad if the matter is left to be sorted out in the streets and as you rightly say, people are being fatted for slaughter in some areas. I wonder whether the tactics being seen now are just a precussor to the onset of the slaughter. God forbid.

  158. Yego says:

    Disaster waiting!!! do PNU really care???????imagine they are detaining a most influential guy who happens to be diabetic and to make matters worse they re denying him food.Do they know tha if anything like accidental attack of illnes happens to the guy and may be something worse like death follows they will have rikirndled violence automatically?? at the moment no one is interested with the talks in RV but they are concern about their faithful elder .Cant this gova just learn from mistakes????

  159. Railkamuodho says:

    As usual, ODM is using mass protest to force somethings in the talks. This is the third time they are calling off these protests. Do you know that the more you engage the people and the police in street battles the more they become war hardened? For your information, the government would not have banned the rellies countrywide but any eventual chaos would have been met with brutality that would leave everyone wondering what went wrong. Let Kenyans of goodwill stick in the negotiating table in Serena.
    The much talked about concessions by the ODM is mare talk. They know they cannot force the president to step down from state house unless through a court order. The PNU on the other hand has stepped down from their demands that ODM should stick to their opposition seats. PNU could not force the other side to do as they like. What we have in the negotiations are a bunch of tricksters on both sides. Only when they step down from their smart arguments will we be headed somewhere.
    Unfortunately those who blogg here take RAO as a god whose decision will bring “change” to Kenya. Those who support EMK think he is an economic messiah without whom Kenya cannot progress. The reality is that both are human beings no matter how you look at them and one day God will say that their time on earth is over!!

  160. Yego says:

    my ambition to lead the pple of kenya is now ripe, but still i ll have to do so after being a brain student of Amoolo Raila Odinga.The difference between me and Odinga is that the latter can shallow pride and exercise patience all the time, if he were me i would hold kiwetez hand and restle him to the ground.By the way Mr President Odinga, we have the army already in place, lets declare independence.

  161. Yego says:

    As per now, kenyans appreciate the leadership of their foreign President by the making of his Exellency Annan.Is kibaki aware and martha aware of these???let them visit Western block and prove for themselves.

  162. Yego says:

    Why impose yourself to the pple???????why try to lead pple who dont want u????????
    Fuck u kibaki

  163. Railkamuodho says:

    Fundamentalist and fanatics are a danger to society. This is because they are so radical in their thinking and actions such that common sense does not matter anymore. If Kenyans put up with Moi’s 24 years of misrule and mismanagement, why does it become hard to wait 12 months to put in place a water tight constitution?
    I think most of us are just idle and have nothing to say except exposing our emotions and frustrations.

  164. rafiq says:

    there is no one is fundamentalist at least here in ODM-we stand for principles. We stand for equality-equity-democracy-justice and peace. For that I will not compromise no mateer how many tantrumpts are thrown at us.

    RK-you are right Moi misruled for some time but remember if he were Kibaki, we wouldnt have survived this far as a nation. He did or allegedly did some evil things but he was also human to know when things are thick. Believe you me if Moi had been quiet during Kibaki rule, he would have been called to lead a caretaker govt. If its not for Moi-RAO would not be free amongst others.

    At least there was always a Kikuyu or Luo minister in his cabinet despite them being in opposition. He knew when to say no or yes hence 2a and IPPG. What of Kibaki? Give him a few days upto feb 15th he goes till 28th and goes back to square one. Give him 12 months it will be 60 months. Living under Kibaki for 5 yr is to give Kibaki and his ilk eternity.

    Cant you see what Uhuru did to passaris amongst others. These guys dont have conscience. So if you decide to wait 12 months by the way now ten-be prepared for a life time. Remember their argument-moi was a passing cloud and that once back to power never let it go. Somebody has to force them to listen. Either a supernatural hand or agents of the same.

    Our duty is to pray and do something positive. Never give up because it means eternal surrender to misrule for you and your entire generation.

  165. tnk says:


    I am unable to find the news aspect here, this has been PNU position from day 1, what exactly is Annan’s role? THe idea is to delink this from the overbearance of the executive head of state, but this is just adding another portfolio under the head of state. security of office bearer means absolutely nothing. ODM should not accept this, and need be made aware that all this postponing to end of week, to Monday, to Tuesday etc is eroding their ability to manage both their opposition to the illegit gava and their rapport with their supporters.

    Supporters need action plans. Please note in the PNU Action Instruction Notes (PAIN) referenced earlier, each paragraph began with ACTION Point, they may be our adversaries, but i agree with ACTION, ODM needs get it act together, stop running around diplomatic tables and table positice ACTION plans that lead their supporters in protest of illegit gava a.k.a economic mass protest, these can go on even as they negotiate with the mediators.

  166. Sam says:


    If our leaders have been afraid of telling it as it is. The “Daily Nation” Editorial 27/02/2008 has now seen the light and stated a position that ODM should not RETREAT from. Below, is the “article” for those like Mike, Jane, and all PNU sympathizers. Please read it 4 times. PNUs own paper has now come out clearly on who is Killing KENYA.

    Blood of innocents will be on your hands

    Publication Date: 2/27/2008
    Tuesday’s suspension of the talks to end the two-month political crisis in Kenya marks another dark moment in the history of his country. As the chairman of the mediation team, Dr Kofi Annan, spoke it was clear he was a frustrated man. His colleague, retired Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, put it more plainly: the search for a political settlement seemed to be going around in circles.

    Dr Annan has now chosen to hold personal discussions with President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga in order to unlock the stalemate and save Kenya from an unavoidable outbreak of violence, which, this time round, could lead to the disintegration of a once united and prosperous country.

    The mediators did not point any fingers, but it is clear to all Kenyans that this country stands on the edge of the precipice. And the latest impasse arises from the unyielding position taken by President Kibaki’s team in the negotiations.

    On Monday, the PNU side came up with a totally different agenda items from what had been agreed the previous week. Progress had previously been made on the creation of the post of prime minister, who would be the leader of the party with majority MPs in Parliament and who would exercise reasonable power, including supervising ministries.

    Consistency in matters agreed upon during a negotiation is not only a sign of good faith, but is the clearest testament to a desire for a speedy resolution.

    The to-ing and fro-ing by PNU, which has openly exasperated the Annan team, leads many Kenyans to ask whether Mr Kibaki truly wants the best for this country — whether he cares for the thousands of displaced Kenyans languishing in refugee camps, the numerous others who paid with their lives for electoral ineptitude, whether he worries about an economy limping to a slump and if he is alive to the threat of civil war which hangs darkly over Kenya’s deeply divided population.

    We reject the fundamental objection of the PNU to the power-sharing proposal which had been fleshed out. We would like to state, yet again, that any new structure of government brokered by Dr Annan must be supported by a Constitutional amendment.

    For one, any changes to the presidency as it exists today is itself an alteration of the Constitutional clause which created it, therefore the changes must go back to Parliament for a Constitutional amendment. They must be defined and sanctified with the same legal weight as the document it seeks to alter.

    Secondly, the leaders of ODM and Mr Kibaki’s side have a history of political betrayal. Surely, one can understand the insistence on a watertight agreement from a group of politicians who have yet to recover from the trashing by the President of the memorandum of Understanding they had reached in the previous election.

    Thirdly, these changes are strictly not just about Mr Kibaki and Mr Raila. This is a golden opportunity for Kenya as a nation to tackle, in various phases, some of the lopsided political arrangements and economic injustices widely acknowledged to have caused the crisis we find ourselves in.

    We would add our voice to the timely warning issued last night by the US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice, to any of the parties responsible for undermining the mediation talks. For us the consequences of failure are far more frightening. If violence breaks out and drives this country into civil war as a result of failure at the Serena Hotel, then the blood of its victims will be in the hands of politicians who made it impossible for Dr Annan to reunite Kenya.

    There is still a chance for the President and Mr Odinga to save this country. Would it be too much to ask the two gentlemen to cast aside their importance and join the teams discussing our destiny at the Serena Hotel? Would Kenyans be unrealistic in demanding a greater inclination to compromise from the party of National Unity in the mediation talks?

    Write to the author

    Blood of innocents will be on your hands

    Publication Date: 2/27/2008
    Tuesday’s suspension of the talks to end the two-month political crisis in Kenya marks another dark moment in the history of his country. As the chairman of the mediation team, Dr Kofi Annan, spoke it was clear he was a frustrated man. His colleague, retired Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, put it more plainly: the search for a political settlement seemed to be going around in circles.

    Dr Annan has now chosen to hold personal discussions with President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga in order to unlock the stalemate and save Kenya from an unavoidable outbreak of violence, which, this time round, could lead to the disintegration of a once united and prosperous country.

    The mediators did not point any fingers, but it is clear to all Kenyans that this country stands on the edge of the precipice. And the latest impasse arises from the unyielding position taken by President Kibaki’s team in the negotiations.

    On Monday, the PNU side came up with a totally different agenda items from what had been agreed the previous week. Progress had previously been made on the creation of the post of prime minister, who would be the leader of the party with majority MPs in Parliament and who would exercise reasonable power, including supervising ministries.

    Consistency in matters agreed upon during a negotiation is not only a sign of good faith, but is the clearest testament to a desire for a speedy resolution.

    The to-ing and fro-ing by PNU, which has openly exasperated the Annan team, leads many Kenyans to ask whether Mr Kibaki truly wants the best for this country — whether he cares for the thousands of displaced Kenyans languishing in refugee camps, the numerous others who paid with their lives for electoral ineptitude, whether he worries about an economy limping to a slump and if he is alive to the threat of civil war which hangs darkly over Kenya’s deeply divided population.

    We reject the fundamental objection of the PNU to the power-sharing proposal which had been fleshed out. We would like to state, yet again, that any new structure of government brokered by Dr Annan must be supported by a Constitutional amendment.

    For one, any changes to the presidency as it exists today is itself an alteration of the Constitutional clause which created it, therefore the changes must go back to Parliament for a Constitutional amendment. They must be defined and sanctified with the same legal weight as the document it seeks to alter.

    Secondly, the leaders of ODM and Mr Kibaki’s side have a history of political betrayal. Surely, one can understand the insistence on a watertight agreement from a group of politicians who have yet to recover from the trashing by the President of the memorandum of Understanding they had reached in the previous election.

    Thirdly, these changes are strictly not just about Mr Kibaki and Mr Raila. This is a golden opportunity for Kenya as a nation to tackle, in various phases, some of the lopsided political arrangements and economic injustices widely acknowledged to have caused the crisis we find ourselves in.

    We would add our voice to the timely warning issued last night by the US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice, to any of the parties responsible for undermining the mediation talks. For us the consequences of failure are far more frightening. If violence breaks out and drives this country into civil war as a result of failure at the Serena Hotel, then the blood of its victims will be in the hands of politicians who made it impossible for Dr Annan to reunite Kenya.

    There is still a chance for the President and Mr Odinga to save this country. Would it be too much to ask the two gentlemen to cast aside their importance and join the teams discussing our destiny at the Serena Hotel? Would Kenyans be unrealistic in demanding a greater inclination to compromise from the party of National Unity in the mediation talks?

    Write to the author

    Blood of innocents will be on your hands

    Publication Date: 2/27/2008
    Tuesday’s suspension of the talks to end the two-month political crisis in Kenya marks another dark moment in the history of his country. As the chairman of the mediation team, Dr Kofi Annan, spoke it was clear he was a frustrated man. His colleague, retired Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, put it more plainly: the search for a political settlement seemed to be going around in circles.

    Dr Annan has now chosen to hold personal discussions with President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga in order to unlock the stalemate and save Kenya from an unavoidable outbreak of violence, which, this time round, could lead to the disintegration of a once united and prosperous country.

    The mediators did not point any fingers, but it is clear to all Kenyans that this country stands on the edge of the precipice. And the latest impasse arises from the unyielding position taken by President Kibaki’s team in the negotiations.

    On Monday, the PNU side came up with a totally different agenda items from what had been agreed the previous week. Progress had previously been made on the creation of the post of prime minister, who would be the leader of the party with majority MPs in Parliament and who would exercise reasonable power, including supervising ministries.

    Consistency in matters agreed upon during a negotiation is not only a sign of good faith, but is the clearest testament to a desire for a speedy resolution.

    The to-ing and fro-ing by PNU, which has openly exasperated the Annan team, leads many Kenyans to ask whether Mr Kibaki truly wants the best for this country — whether he cares for the thousands of displaced Kenyans languishing in refugee camps, the numerous others who paid with their lives for electoral ineptitude, whether he worries about an economy limping to a slump and if he is alive to the threat of civil war which hangs darkly over Kenya’s deeply divided population.

    We reject the fundamental objection of the PNU to the power-sharing proposal which had been fleshed out. We would like to state, yet again, that any new structure of government brokered by Dr Annan must be supported by a Constitutional amendment.

    For one, any changes to the presidency as it exists today is itself an alteration of the Constitutional clause which created it, therefore the changes must go back to Parliament for a Constitutional amendment. They must be defined and sanctified with the same legal weight as the document it seeks to alter.

    Secondly, the leaders of ODM and Mr Kibaki’s side have a history of political betrayal. Surely, one can understand the insistence on a watertight agreement from a group of politicians who have yet to recover from the trashing by the President of the memorandum of Understanding they had reached in the previous election.

    Thirdly, these changes are strictly not just about Mr Kibaki and Mr Raila. This is a golden opportunity for Kenya as a nation to tackle, in various phases, some of the lopsided political arrangements and economic injustices widely acknowledged to have caused the crisis we find ourselves in.

    We would add our voice to the timely warning issued last night by the US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice, to any of the parties responsible for undermining the mediation talks. For us the consequences of failure are far more frightening. If violence breaks out and drives this country into civil war as a result of failure at the Serena Hotel, then the blood of its victims will be in the hands of politicians who made it impossible for Dr Annan to reunite Kenya.

    There is still a chance for the President and Mr Odinga to save this country. Would it be too much to ask the two gentlemen to cast aside their importance and join the teams discussing our destiny at the Serena Hotel? Would Kenyans be unrealistic in demanding a greater inclination to compromise from the party of National Unity in the mediation talks?

    Write to the author

    Blood of innocents will be on your hands

    Publication Date: 2/27/2008
    Tuesday’s suspension of the talks to end the two-month political crisis in Kenya marks another dark moment in the history of his country. As the chairman of the mediation team, Dr Kofi Annan, spoke it was clear he was a frustrated man. His colleague, retired Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, put it more plainly: the search for a political settlement seemed to be going around in circles.

    Dr Annan has now chosen to hold personal discussions with President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga in order to unlock the stalemate and save Kenya from an unavoidable outbreak of violence, which, this time round, could lead to the disintegration of a once united and prosperous country.

    The mediators did not point any fingers, but it is clear to all Kenyans that this country stands on the edge of the precipice. And the latest impasse arises from the unyielding position taken by President Kibaki’s team in the negotiations.

    On Monday, the PNU side came up with a totally different agenda items from what had been agreed the previous week. Progress had previously been made on the creation of the post of prime minister, who would be the leader of the party with majority MPs in Parliament and who would exercise reasonable power, including supervising ministries.

    Consistency in matters agreed upon during a negotiation is not only a sign of good faith, but is the clearest testament to a desire for a speedy resolution.

    The to-ing and fro-ing by PNU, which has openly exasperated the Annan team, leads many Kenyans to ask whether Mr Kibaki truly wants the best for this country — whether he cares for the thousands of displaced Kenyans languishing in refugee camps, the numerous others who paid with their lives for electoral ineptitude, whether he worries about an economy limping to a slump and if he is alive to the threat of civil war which hangs darkly over Kenya’s deeply divided population.

    We reject the fundamental objection of the PNU to the power-sharing proposal which had been fleshed out. We would like to state, yet again, that any new structure of government brokered by Dr Annan must be supported by a Constitutional amendment.

    For one, any changes to the presidency as it exists today is itself an alteration of the Constitutional clause which created it, therefore the changes must go back to Parliament for a Constitutional amendment. They must be defined and sanctified with the same legal weight as the document it seeks to alter.

    Secondly, the leaders of ODM and Mr Kibaki’s side have a history of political betrayal. Surely, one can understand the insistence on a watertight agreement from a group of politicians who have yet to recover from the trashing by the President of the memorandum of Understanding they had reached in the previous election.

    Thirdly, these changes are strictly not just about Mr Kibaki and Mr Raila. This is a golden opportunity for Kenya as a nation to tackle, in various phases, some of the lopsided political arrangements and economic injustices widely acknowledged to have caused the crisis we find ourselves in.

    We would add our voice to the timely warning issued last night by the US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice, to any of the parties responsible for undermining the mediation talks. For us the consequences of failure are far more frightening. If violence breaks out and drives this country into civil war as a result of failure at the Serena Hotel, then the blood of its victims will be in the hands of politicians who made it impossible for Dr Annan to reunite Kenya.

    There is still a chance for the President and Mr Odinga to save this country. Would it be too much to ask the two gentlemen to cast aside their importance and join the teams discussing our destiny at the Serena Hotel? Would Kenyans be unrealistic in demanding a greater inclination to compromise from the party of National Unity in the mediation talks?

    Write to the author

    Blood of innocents will be on your hands

    Publication Date: 2/27/2008
    Tuesday’s suspension of the talks to end the two-month political crisis in Kenya marks another dark moment in the history of his country. As the chairman of the mediation team, Dr Kofi Annan, spoke it was clear he was a frustrated man. His colleague, retired Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa, put it more plainly: the search for a political settlement seemed to be going around in circles.

    Dr Annan has now chosen to hold personal discussions with President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga in order to unlock the stalemate and save Kenya from an unavoidable outbreak of violence, which, this time round, could lead to the disintegration of a once united and prosperous country.

    The mediators did not point any fingers, but it is clear to all Kenyans that this country stands on the edge of the precipice. And the latest impasse arises from the unyielding position taken by President Kibaki’s team in the negotiations.

    On Monday, the PNU side came up with a totally different agenda items from what had been agreed the previous week. Progress had previously been made on the creation of the post of prime minister, who would be the leader of the party with majority MPs in Parliament and who would exercise reasonable power, including supervising ministries.

    Consistency in matters agreed upon during a negotiation is not only a sign of good faith, but is the clearest testament to a desire for a speedy resolution.

    The to-ing and fro-ing by PNU, which has openly exasperated the Annan team, leads many Kenyans to ask whether Mr Kibaki truly wants the best for this country — whether he cares for the thousands of displaced Kenyans languishing in refugee camps, the numerous others who paid with their lives for electoral ineptitude, whether he worries about an economy limping to a slump and if he is alive to the threat of civil war which hangs darkly over Kenya’s deeply divided population.

    We reject the fundamental objection of the PNU to the power-sharing proposal which had been fleshed out. We would like to state, yet again, that any new structure of government brokered by Dr Annan must be supported by a Constitutional amendment.

    For one, any changes to the presidency as it exists today is itself an alteration of the Constitutional clause which created it, therefore the changes must go back to Parliament for a Constitutional amendment. They must be defined and sanctified with the same legal weight as the document it seeks to alter.

    Secondly, the leaders of ODM and Mr Kibaki’s side have a history of political betrayal. Surely, one can understand the insistence on a watertight agreement from a group of politicians who have yet to recover from the trashing by the President of the memorandum of Understanding they had reached in the previous election.

    Thirdly, these changes are strictly not just about Mr Kibaki and Mr Raila. This is a golden opportunity for Kenya as a nation to tackle, in various phases, some of the lopsided political arrangements and economic injustices widely acknowledged to have caused the crisis we find ourselves in.

    We would add our voice to the timely warning issued last night by the US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice, to any of the parties responsible for undermining the mediation talks. For us the consequences of failure are far more frightening. If violence breaks out and drives this country into civil war as a result of failure at the Serena Hotel, then the blood of its victims will be in the hands of politicians who made it impossible for Dr Annan to reunite Kenya.

    There is still a chance for the President and Mr Odinga to save this country. Would it be too much to ask the two gentlemen to cast aside their importance and join the teams discussing our destiny at the Serena Hotel? Would Kenyans be unrealistic in demanding a greater inclination to compromise from the party of National Unity in the mediation talks?

    Write to the author

  167. tnk says:

    could somebody leak or enumerate the issues discussed everyday at these talks. Since they are unable to resolve the issues, they should man-up and table to the public, I’m sure amid the ensuing rubbish that will follow it, someone(s) can sieve through and chart a path. THey have already admitted they do not have the capacity to resolve the issues. the next logical thing to do is reach out for help. No one has a monopoly of knowledge or ideas and they (mediators, negotiators, hand-holders, supporters, psycophants,, observers, moderators, principles, hatchet-men, etc) need to step aside and allow other thinkers (and fools alike) to contribute their piece. As they have said many times, its a Kenyan problem requiring Kenyan solutions. Bring it on.

    lets bring it all out in the open, like I have said before, these issues affect all kenyans and cannot be forced down their throats if they are not in concert with their own prejudices and its better to know now than after the can of worms is opened. There are significant numbers opposed to as well as is support of any contentious issue.

    for light entertainment play the video clip of the “Ministerial tantrum” and lets evaluate how that compares with a non-ministerial tantrum, there may be some lessons learnt.

  168. Pato says:

    PNU is holding out because they have commercial interests that they imagine will disappear when ODm takes over….they are holding the country to ransom.

    when this is over and we still have a country..we need to make sure that politicians have the least possible power and a million and one checks and balances

  169. rafiq says:

    I think RAO and others are lagging behind here as far as PNU strategy is concerned. I agree with our colleague that Kibaki has an action plan-to buy time and legitimize the govt. I think the counter startegy should be a deadline-initially feb 15th two weeks later nothing.

    RAO should not succumb to intimidation. We have the people on our side. The people are asking when and what do we do next.

    Kiabki knows one Kenyan weakness-fatigue and forgetfullness. He is capitalizing on this. I hope we will be smart enough to ralize this.

    If no success, RAO names a cabinet and gets on with his government. We need a road map because i strongly believe unless by blood PNU will not surrender, period. All talks are useless now unless there is a roadmap to creation of an ODM govt.

  170. tnk says:


    i agree with critically reducing the hold of politicians and the executive over various sectors and a balance between authority to represent constituents views and enact laws.

    as for commercial interest concerns, isn’t that what negotiations are supposed to be about, i.e ensuring that all Kenyans are given equal opportunity to be accomodated. if they are unable to move forward, then it might be because they are confining themselved to a limited mind-set that other Kenyans can help sort out and broaden their scope, breadth and reach.

  171. rafiq says:

    From what is written above me the choice is money or the country. If business is done genuinely in a free market-why should somebody fear democratic change in government.

    May be-hypothesis, there is some dirty business anglo/goldeen style that if revealed some pple will never be out of jail.

    However RAO should maintain the momentum-before lethargy sets in. The truth has to come out. Can we all remember euro bank? the guys who sold chalk to NCC, the guys who were sacked after swindling money from Kenya re, the guy who stole millions of compensation money from the road traffic accident victims involving prison personnel-where are they and what was done to them! These are the guys who would rather die than give leadership to RAO.

    That is the problem. Without war I dont belive Kibaki would give power.

  172. tnk says:


    i always find your comments very pragmatic. I would with your permission replace the term blood with force.

    this is an economic/power struggle, with PNU wanting to hand onto power and therefore control/domineer over the economic base. We need to keep it there. Weaken, loosen and extricate the country’s development path from the skewed control of a few unscrupulous characters. economically starving the gluttons through intelligent and sustained action plans will have more far eaching impact than spilling of blood. the problem with economic action is that there are some politicians who may be politically on opposite sides but share business interests and cannot openly come out in support.

    if need be lets identify these and move on. we have to wrestle the authority to lord it over all from these control freaks.

  173. tnk says:

    sorry guys several typos in my last 3 posts (lets see ummm blame it on the computer, english teacher, manufacturer, etc any and every thing else but me), hope however meaning/intent gets through

  174. tnk says:

    ODM secretariat

    set up and issue a clear factual list of actionable items (yes we have to admit we have been upstaged on this) for your supporters

    list the action, start date, target group, mode of operation
    List the measurables and any events that may lead to any interim or permanent suspension of the action, i.e measurable success. I would also suggest a paradigm shift in some of our approach, thus far, we have announced loudly at every turn of the way, our position and strategy, to our detriment. its time to change gears and approach the fight with different tactic

    And hopefully one final time request for the remaining true odmers that have not yet done so to drop me an email. have not reached target number set out.

  175. tnk says:

    ODM secretariat

    the action list and events calendar for this year should be well planned taking into account failure or success of mediation efforts, PNU hurdles and obstacles, defections and turncoats both for and against ODM. Hopefully this will stem the disorgnaisation creeping in with issuing ultimatums and backing out. Lets get back to the smooth organised and focused organisation that we have been with clear short and long term goals and participatory approach to problem solving. We have allowed ourselves to get seriously derailed. Put in place a 2nd team to play the PNU negotiation games and sideshows and revamp the think-tank and let the division 1 team go back to working with the wananchi. We have wasted 2 months already. Lets re-mobilize to popularize the party, create viable economic power centers in our popular areas and hit the illegit PNU gava hard.

    PNU has adopted a supremacist attitude seen early before the civic rights movement, lets borrow a leaf from our African American brothers/sisters and start the ball rolling. the circumstances are eerily similar,
    – job discrimination
    – skewed welfare and resource distribution
    – marginalisation
    – ridicule
    – stereotyping
    – patronizing/condescending attitudes among the “more liberal”
    – general obstruction

    and what did they do, they made us proud by overcoming insurmountable challenges to give us the greatest all time entertainers, sports(wo)men, states(wo)men, enterpreneurs, scientists and many others, and against all odds.

    Multifaceted efforts and approaches are needed and called for with participation from every ODM supporter from all walks of life. lets have contributions and start engaging but please remember my caution above on approach.

    so ODMers lets up the ante and

  176. Railkamuodho says:

    Can I name names (things as they are)? I know most of you are ODM damu and I respect that. Personaly I have never registered in a political party all my life. However, I am a democrat who subscribe to the tenets of democracy rather than engage in Kenya’s opportunitic parties.
    There are only two parties that come close to what I believe in- Partrick Lumumbas (CCM) and Professor Wangari’s Green Party. Some people view these partys as detached from every day’s experiences. However, a closer look at the major parties prove that they are founded on individuals rather than political ideals and realities. As such they are not eternal. Maybe only KANU will stand the test of time (it never died last year and has 15 MPs). But I seriously doubt their future.

    What went on last December spoke a lot about political trust. The first failure of course happened after 2002 when a private MOU was trashed. ODM want their agreement to be enshrined in the constitution to avert such a scenerio. But then isn’t an act of parliament enough? Don’t we have institutions today that entirely depend on the current constitution? Cant we wait for a complete review of the constitution?
    If today the international community pushed for a constitutional review would they force the MPs to pass it in parliament? What would happen if that went on and it failed to pass parliament and the standing orders say that such a motion can only be brought back after 6 months. Let us think clearly because at the end of the day Kenya matters more than individuals.
    Now, do you think 1 million people would attend a Nairobi demonstration if they were called today? Dont you think people want to go back to their lives after 2 months of uncertainty?
    Lastly, none of us has a monopoly of ideas. We only contribute here and elsewhere because we love our country even with our little knowledge and typing errors.

  177. tnk says:

    and finally please ignore the now famous four fake ODMers who will misconstrue the above to mean something else

  178. jaugenya says:

    Kibaki’s solution is to give kenyans a placebo, thinking that that it will cure us psychologicaly, we are telling him we want the real thing even if it is malaria quin .

  179. jenny says:


    This is an insult to anyone with a brain , how can a thief say ODM is demanding…errr did everyone fall asleep since Dec 27 and we just woke up, or does the whole world know that the election was rigged. Utter Rubish!!

  180. jaugenya says:

    WHAT PART OF POWERSHARING DOESNT KIBAKI UNDERSTAND IS IT THE P OR the S , i just dont get it ;you claim to be a makerere fellow but you seem not to show it in your actions.

  181. jaugenya says:

    PNU urgently needs to engage some PR skills is it only kikuyus who can defend PNU positions they might as well rename it to KNU,they claim that peicemeal changes to the constitution is the caause of these problems yet theyconveniently forget that the peice meal change of section 2A is what enabled their arrogant, senile master to be where he is today.Iam just tired of playing musical chairs with these clowns let us socialy and economicaly isolate ourselves untill 2012 then we can kick them out peacefully, meanwhile we should just use our numbers in bunge to streamline the electoral process.

  182. rafiq says:


    Thanks I take in your correction however the reality may be different. The peoples force will be met with the police brutality and somebody will be injured-bleed.

    We need an action plan urgently. History has it Kibaki will not cede power at all. Can we go back to the creation of Kosovo, analyse the events and see what we can learn from there.

    RK wants to continue with life as others agreed. But my friend where? I know several people presumed to be ODMers by birth-who are not in camps but nevertheless are IDPs. And their positions in central have been taken by others displaced from elsewhere, yet they have not been given transfers. What kind of life do you think they can continue with?

    Do you think as an investor would you put in your money in business in Kenya today if you dont know what is going to come out of the meetings. Unless we are told of a 12 month peace plan I fear I cant risk. The problem is our pple are suffering miserably.

    Anyway, what we all need is a serious action plan-the sooner, the better. Desperate times call for desperate measures even a man biting a hyena to escape in Kenya as was reported in nation yesterday.

    I am tempted to believe that we are in for some dissapointment but how to handle it may be a big problem , unless our leaders have something serious, I dont know.

    I always assume that all the typos are forgiven!!

  183. Railkamuodho says:

    I laugh when people say that only Kikuyus defend PNU. The problem with that is that even ODM is a party of coalition of tribes. Each tribe in ODM is fronted by one individual such as Ntimama, Raila, Rutoh, Mudavadi etc. Maybe coast and north eastern comes across as the real nationalists. Let me prove my point.
    For example, those negotiating in the ODM team are as follows:
    1. William Rutoh- Kalenjin
    2. Sally Koskei- Kalenjin
    3. Musalia Mudavadi- Luhya
    4. James Orengo- Luo
    5. Liason officer- Luo
    All of the above comprise the Western alliance (NILOTES)
    The PNU has the following
    1. Martha Karua- Kirinyagah
    2. Sam Ongeri- Kisii
    3. Mutula Kilonzo- Kamba
    4. Moses Wetangula- Luhya
    5 Chweya- Luhya
    The PNU has Bantus only
    If you look at the two groups, Coast province and north eastern provinces have been ignored. Can’t these two provinces produce some negotiators and thinkers?
    The hype about nationalism is not true. Tribes come together for convinient purposes only. Time is ripe to pass constitutional amendments that will make tribalism a crime of the highes order. We must be proud of our heritage (some of us have more than one blood) but should not use it for hatred.

  184. jenny says:


    Martha Karua !!! Kenya Does not belong to You!!! We have taken her bad manners and greed and total disregard for Kofi and the Team . As Kenyans we should demand this Useless person goes back to the hole she was in. Has she no regard for those who died and the displaced. She is the main reason with her crooked mouth why we are where we are today!!

  185. jenny says:

    This Martha Karua and her carelessness and wanton disrespect needs to be removed asap from the talks since she is one of the main players, she should be prosecuted in the Courts of Hague because she is directly involved in the rigging and twisted games PNU has been playing. She is playing with peoples lives and needs to STOP!!!!!

  186. jenny says:

    I am so angry!!As a Kenyan, ashamed of this person to be called a Kenyan because you can be book smart but to be as idiotic when you are aware of how serious the state of kenya is …is beyond humanity.!! Does she really care about Kenya at all? This is all a game yet people have really been messed up because of a few individuals.

    Came across this well written document describing , this Selfish person!!

    KenyaStockholm………very well written document which we should have read before the talks begun!!

    MARTHA KARUA (Iron Lady): Is PNU’s “Devil incarnate” in the “politically raped” Kenya and Wananchi have now began to wonder where she came from and how she entered politics. She plays the “Iron Lady” in PNU, is arrogant, assumes hard line positions, is uncompromising and blatantly unrealistic in the face of a calamitous tragedy that precipitated election rigging by PNU thieves. Martha is the “Public face” of both PNU and Kibaki’s illegal Presidency.

    Since geezer Kibaki cannot take up the media because of his incoherency, it is Martha who is usually pushed forward to take up the “heavy questions”. With the advantage of a legal background and rank as the “Minister of Justice” in Kibaki’s illegitimate government, she is known to take advantage of anti-imperialist rhetoric to scare Western powers whom, she believes, are meddling in the affairs of Kenya. In State House, it is rumored that Martha once said that PNU will tell the so called Western powers that PNU might have to go the Mugabe way if Wazungu could not understand that a Kahe cannot be allowed to rule Kenya.

    When she appeared on BBC Hard Talk program soon after elections were rigged, Martha admitted that she was one of the people who went to pick up the “Presidential certificate” of victory from Kenyatta International Conference Centre, an admission that she was in the “Thick of things” in Kenya election rigging strategy. It is therefore not surprising that she is in the front lines in defending the fake Kibaki Presidency.

    The problem now is that she doesn’t understand that PNU will never rule Kenya unilaterally as had been planned because the issue of election rigging will not go away. The protests will not go away if the issue is not settled even in the face of public executions in the streets by police. According to an Editorial in the Nation (19/02/08), a Civil war is waiting on the door if the Annan talks collapse but this is a prospect that does not matter for Karua because of trappings of power.

    Lady Martha has repeatedly said that Kibaki won elections and that ODM should go to court to resolve the crisis thereby exposing her lack of understanding in relation to the magnitude of the crisis in Kenya which cannot be resolved unilaterally by either PNU of ODM.

    It took the Annan’s team to drive the point home – that Kenya needed a political and not a legal solution. Imagine the kind of justice you would expect in a court packed with Kibaki’s cronies promoted to their positions only two days before elections. That is after the Chief Justice has already sworn in the “President” in a fake ceremony at State House! Back to Karua.

    Despite her education in Law, she has refused to recognize the fact that PNU rigged elections thus in the eyes of Kenyans who believe that elections were stolen, Martha emerges as a dirty and deceptive crook who should be expunged from the Ministry of Justice as a matter of urgency and Natio

  187. mumias says:

    Well it seems we have finally reached an agreement, but until I first hear the details of what was agreed and it is implemented I will remain skeptical. I just do not trust PNU, I will not be surprised if they return and reject the deal in few days.

  188. Yego says:

    PNU are already calling a press conference to denounce the adgreement

  189. Yego says:

    you will hear Kibaki this evening in a pps saying the opposite , dont be suprised.

  190. faith says:


    If the pumbavu na ujinga(pnu) refuse to back down RAO and company should not also back down again this time it is either Executive PM entrenched in the constitution or let us go back to the streets by the way Yego is it true that Kalonzo was trying to resettle the displaced people from rift valley in Ukambani.

  191. Yego says:

    @ Faith

    Well i support you sentiments fully and lets hope thats the deal, i cant open the envelope now, just wait for the pride to announce.concerning kalonzo’s allegation, yes its true and the deal was that the kambas be employeed in all major multi nationals in central and in return the IDP be resettled in israel farms in kibwezi.

  192. rafiq says:

    Dear all,
    Until its signed dont buy it. Until you see the details dont believe it. But we pray God restore our country.

    Jenny dont worry about karua even her better half couldnt put with her because of that-not to despise anyone i a similar situation.

    Please ignore her just liken her ex the late Major Njoka an excellent clinician who taught me did. But in his death she appeared!

    She is that type!

  193. Yego says:

    its Executive PM anyway, but lets wait and see when the whole development becomes a reality

  194. Otieno says:

    Even when it is signed I still wont buy it. Sorry, I have become very cautious with Kibaki deals. So, until I see it happening for real…..but nina hope bado!

  195. Yego says:

    Its been signed now, Kibaki is now done.

  196. Otieno says:

    Ye, seen it….waiting for the details though….

  197. Achola Omolo says:

    Fill us with the details guys

  198. rafiq says:

    Anybody with details?

  199. Achola Omolo says:

    The pples prezo is on air now

  200. Yego says:

    Its Executive-PM, already celebrations here in Kigali, PRIMUS, AMSTEL, RWAGWA,BELL kwa wingi

  201. Achola Omolo says:

    No details yet but it seem’s like we have gotten our way!!

  202. Achola Omolo says:

    Enjoy Yego

  203. rafiq says:


    Anyway guys take care whatever the details-please try and get odm mps under 24 hr security. Some evil people may do some bad things. In the celebration watch your steps, moves and security in general.

  204. Yego says:

    Wow, i didnt know this thing was so important like this, pple (non-kenyans) are really excited, that if the information we have is kweli,

  205. Otieno says:

    So what made the thief give in (if at all he has)? Was it the presence of Kikwete? Hmm, don’t think so, though am glad it is Kikwete that was around and not the other dictator M7. Maybe it was the tough message from Condi on Tuesday that did it? We’ll soon know..Thx for the updates guys, pliz keep them coming. New thread maybe, on this “deal”? (and what next)

  206. Achola Omolo says:

    I say thank you all to the ODM pentagon, MP’s and supporter’s!! It’s was a battle well fought and I think once again we’ve set a precedent. Let’s stick together and together make ODM stronger. I think this is the first step towards realising the ODM gov’t.

  207. rafiq says:

    why are the details scanty?

  208. Yego says:

    Speaking after the deal was signed, Mr Annan said the division of posts in the new government would reflect the two rival political parties’ strengths in parliament.

  209. Yego says:

    No ministry of justice, No visa to the UK ,us, canada, sweden ,&germany for Karua

  210. Achola Omolo says:

    Otieno – There was serious pressure in the background. Kikwete was here on instructions

  211. Yego says:

    Elizabeth, Faith,Maru, Kip, oti,rafiq, Omosh there we re?

  212. Yego says:

    Now we need Gachacha in kenya but not prisons, can we have all the malitia relesed now and they be given amnesty.Democracy comes with a pay anyway

  213. jenny says:

    First order of office !!Parliement reopens ….clean the house especially the Justice system that is where the root of the problem is. Something about this is still not right .Who can trust ….people with morals…I do not want to dampen the spirits ….RAO does your executive give you power to fire Karua and Kalonzo….that should be the first order of business otherwise…Annans’ plane takes off and we are back to where we were. !!! There has to be a solid commitment and the displaced have to return.

  214. mumias says:

    I now want to see a change in the rhetoric in this blog. We have to embrace what was said by our leaders. Let us now talk positively about national reconciliation and unity amongst Kenyans.

    Agent for change, please begin a new tread on national healing and reconciliation. No more negativity even addressed against our political foes even Mike, Jane, etc. Now it is about national healing and the way forward!

    I want to take this opportunity to thank all ODMer’s on standing firm for justice on what occured after the election and thank all our contributions in giving morale to those of us who faltered and waivered in their support as well as for those who sought to correct those whom seemed to stray at times.

    Thank you!

  215. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Hmmmmh! Since when did Luhyas become Nilotes?? It is a national disgrace for one to spead hi/her foolishness in a public blog!

    Faith u still owe me an email!

    TNK, been trying to chat from my phone unsuccessfully.

    Why is Kalonzo looking so lost??

  216. Otieno says:

    @Achola – ye, u r right…how soon I forgot that Bush was there the other day 🙂

    Details here on the deal: http://politics.nationmedia.com/inner.asp?cat=TOP&sid=1552

    ODM gave in to the demand that the PM post should be enshrined in the constitution it seems.

    Why is the Standard so slow in updating? Nothing on their site yet…don’t trust the DN.

    Brown has released statement already commending the deal…

  217. jenny says:

    Hmmmmm ! Kikwete TZ which president was in your country and had given MK a state dinner, and said he did not want to deal with thieves???? Do you see some indirect US pressure?

  218. Otieno says:

    Mutua looked lost too. He should be one of the first to go…we don’t need a spokesman like this one!

  219. Yego says:

    Many Thanks Goes to Hon. William kipchirchir Samoei Rutto for holding grounds upto this point.

  220. rafiq says:




    GOD BLESS KENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Otieno says:

    Anyone confirm the details? If the president can fire the ministers, can he also hire? or is it the PM hiring? Sorry, am now spamming this blog…but need details 🙂 Thx

  222. Yego says:

    Imagine Congratulatory Msg are streaming in………………recognition to Raila and the Pentagon

  223. Achola Omolo says:

    Where is everyone???

  224. Yego says:

    wooooooooooo,llllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ggggggggggggggmmmmmm lalalallalallallalalaa, abaoa ajauhjsd

  225. Yego says:

    Oooops no jobo kesho, yaani im really happy that Raila at last gets it.Walaaaaaaaaaaaaa Akbar.

  226. Achola Omolo says:

    To all blogger’s thanks for being Firm and steadfast. Let’s now show the world what leadership is all about.

  227. rafiq says:


    Agreed fully! Even though they were uur opponents the game is over. To digress a bit, my soccer team striker had a terrible inury for which a player received death threats and our coach in the heat of the moment uttered sth like — never to allow the guy who committed the foul to play again but later he retracted.

    If our opponents realize the game is over and its a draw and accept a handshake i will give them. Lets use this opprtunity to build odm amongst oue opponents too. remember republicans are fighting for obama now, pnu moderates may do the same.

    Long live Ruto, how did i miss him, however he is the pentagon.

    Love you all guys those who made the negaives and the positives-lets have a new beginning.

  228. jenny says:

    What does Kofi Annan get for his patienceand efforts????I still insist his best gift will be fire Karua!! that will be enough thanks to him.

  229. Railkamuodho says:

    Politicians are politicians. You remember during the IPPG, most of us were left out when they reached some deal. Raila Odinga and Mwai Kibaki will start working together most of the bloggers here will be left leaking their wounds. However emotional you may feel about what you may call Kibaki “Thief”, old, etc he is the president and your insults will not change that. Did you see someone here insult me because I exposed the contents of the negotiating teams? Who does not know that even some of the Luo tribes are Bantu (MUHURU BAY) and some Luhyas are actually nilotes (Samia, Wanga)? Anyway you may accuse someone of incapacity or whatever but I stand by my earlier blogg unless proved wrong through facts.
    I posted here a long time ago (never published) and said that only Raila and Kibaki can rise to the occassion and save Kenya. They have done exactly that and I am proud of them. For those tribalists here who think they can monopolize ideas, pole sana. We too are Kenyans and love all (both ODM and PNU axis).

  230. mrembowaodm says:

    i dont know whether to be happy or not-remember even the mou was signed. i want to see Raila Odinga as the executive prime minister working…i dont believe anything pnu signs!!

    Raila Odinga am happy for you if you are happy with the deal….

  231. mrembowaodm says:

    mudhekere please leave people exhibiting their ignorance here…dont argue with them….it is that same foolishness that has made us go through what we have gone through!!

    all odmers who have been holding ground despite the many tribulations posed by the pnu hardliners……congratulations!! you have proven yourselves to be good soldiers!!

  232. mrembowaodm says:

    i just have to say this:

    Congratulations your Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga……..we love you!!

  233. jenny says:

    Ministries to look out for Finance…Roads….Foriegn Affairs…National Security……Local Govt …..a few of these old faces need to be dropped …nothing like not seeing Kimunyas Muchuki and Karua face on tv for at least a year.tHIS THING IS STILL TRICKY ……..If you still have the arguing people around we will be going in circles without real progress. Make sure it is in the constitution Immediately without room for stupidity. Bloody kalonzo is still VP? Something is wrong with that picture.

  234. Amani says:

    This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

    Do you know what keeps Kenya going? It is the prayers and the great heart of Kenyans and the Mighty Name of God and his only begotten Son.



  235. Otieno says:

    While am happy at this new development I’d just like to urge us to be cautious. Remember Kibaki met with the heads of his security forces the other day….I don’t mean to dispel any kind of doom but…wacha ningonje nione. And yes, I am for reconciliation, justice, peace, equality and real development plus all those other goodies we yearn for our nation…

  236. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    That’s a major step Kenyans have made, at least for now. I’m also elated however I have started thinking of the future from today. Now it’s upon us Kenyans to ensure that ODM and PNU work together to build Kenya. It’s the time to fight injustices, unequitable distribution of public wealth and corruption.

    It’s time for constitutional reforms and truth, justice and reconciliation. Kenya belongs to all of us, Kikuyus, Luos e.t.c or Railkamuodho, Mumias, Yego (Whom I think we are in the same country at the moment-I’ll be heading to carwash).

    Let’s pray for prosperous Kenya. Let us ashame the false prophets and priests. It’s time to clean Kenya of pretenders. After constitution amendments and truth justice and reconciliation can we then go to fight corruption, but with caution.

    But I still thank Agwambo and Pentagon for staying focus in this tough fight, but Agwambo please remember that, “we have been there with you” and be for us Kenyans also.

  237. jenny says:

    Facts are not insults….Reality is Kenya has been wounded deeply …while rejoicing we have to be cautious as others may be working of different agendas, so rejoice with caution.This started two months ago ….the journey has just begun , assuming that all is ok is not realistic. Watch the joke on how long it may take to divide those ministries, and the big fight that will ensue. I am glad but lets remember that the PM power should be real , the world is watching every move.

  238. mumias says:

    Although I understand the doubt and pessisim, I want to state that the document signed would be extensive and focus on a very structured agreement of how to constitute the coalition. Thus it will offer a guide as to how the agreement is to be represented.
    Further we have to realise that it is alot and I mean ALOT of internal and external pressure that finally borught this about, the details are clear and public, any group seeming to renade on the agreement will face domestic and external condemnation. I’m sure even if RO begun to undermine the agreement he might lose support from moderates and vice versa, so I say let us enshrine it in the constitution and let us realise that we have work to do, serious reforms to constitute. We control most important local authorities and with ODM power in government coalition we can proceed to begin to rebuild all parts of kenya and most importantly reconcile our brothers and sisters.

    I look forward to Kibaki and Raila making joint rallies in ODM and PNU strongholds, this will be a first step. I hear can announce that after the deal has been ratified, I will be PREPARED to FORGIVE Kibaki for what he has done. Hate is a whole consuming word that if not checked can eat up inside us, however for the sake of future generations and our children, I hear follow the words of our PM elect in embracing our countrymen and women from all parts of kenya to begin to rebuild and repair our social fabric that has become strained and torn under what has been an ethnic divide that has ravaged and pushed us to the brink

  239. tnk says:

    This is of course good news. I agree with Jenny, its still very tricky and we nee to understand the deal signed and its implementation including control of parliament calendar, distribution of cabinet etc. ODM has always been very compromising but PNU is not. ODM secretariat we need an action plan detailing out supporter activities. THese are significant milestones but the battle is not yet won. Lets continue to be realistic. Drawing from the civil rights struggle, being allowed to board/sit in a bus does not euqate to equal opportunity, there’s still a lot more to be done.

  240. rafiq says:

    Its a great day indded I cant wait for the full implementation however be on the watchout.

    I am optimistic realy, but the changes are constitutional. Can we prepare for an attempt not to pass the bill in parliament? So be watchful until the deal is passed in parliaement.

    Lets take the securty of kenyans especially our big fish seriously.

    I pray that we all be genuine see sense and unite. My friends are eager to go back to the work place they had been chased from in Central. Lets all accomodate one another.

    What happens to the so called mainstream church that committed sins of ommission and commisiion? Hope they learn, repent and behave henceforth.

    As for the bloggers who kept us believing and dreaming may God give you more life and energy so we see the promised land and live in it.

  241. jenny says:

    I have not played this song since Dec 27th …sawa we have settled for PM. ODM job well done and I think it may be time to start the healing ……lets rejoice and remember all those who did not make it to see this Moment. Hearing again I ask …did we have to take such a hard road?God Bless Kenya!!!

  242. jenny says:


  243. tnk says:

    otieno thx for the link

    what about composition/appointment of cabinet, it still leaves too much authority with head of state

  244. tnk says:

    in this case we have presso PNU, vp PNU, PM ODM, Dep PM ODM, Dep PM PNU or what does nomination by each member of the coalition mean? I hope the full detail will be published soon

  245. jenny says:

    tnk do not worry when you have a PM and a President, the President is a figurehead, which is great in this case , the PM holds the true power , U did not see the queen running all over the place Gordon Brown does, and so did Tony Blair, they actually have real power and the President lies somewhere in the shadows. It you have both , you would rather be the PM.

    Heres the definition


  246. rafiq says:

    Hey guys the mood on the ground seems to be good and receptive, However implementaion should be watched carefully under the supervision of Annan with a road map.

    For all those who were offended by our remarks please forgive us, for those who offended me/us you are forgiven.

  247. jenny says:

    As long as the Deal is signed…..heres the definition of PM ….Now for all the doubting Thomases and marys…as was once aid God was on ODM’s side. ceremonial position =president!! PM is the presiding and actual head of the executive branch.Now My learned friends would you rather be the presso or the PM. …??I rest My case!

    In parliamentary systems like the United Kingdom’s or Australia’s Westminster system, the prime minister is the presiding and actual head of the government and head of the executive branch. In such systems, the head of state or the head of state’s official representative (the King, Queen, President, or Governor-General), although officially the head of the executive branch, in fact holds a ceremonial position. The Prime Minister is often, but not always, a member of parliament and is expected with other ministers to ensure the passage of bills through the legislature. In some monarchies the monarch may also exercise executive powers

  248. Otieno says:


    Agree with you. I’ve seen the document they signed in it’s entirety (word doc, which may be fake anyway). There’s no mention of who will appoint ministers and how the ministries will be shared, how many ministries we’ll have, etc.


    Unless they reduce the president’s powers, we are nowhere near the UK system.

    We need all the details of this deal to see what we really got.

    Another thing, what does coalition mean in this case? Is ODM-K in the coalition? Should he still be VP?

    To many questions still pending…

  249. Otieno says:

    But since ODM put pen to paper…they must have gotten something substantive to work with in this new govt..a real power-sharing kind of substantive…

  250. Otieno says:

    By the way…in case we are forgetting…Annan is not going anywhere…remember there is Agenda 4 to be discussed.

    From the Standard:

    Annan called for the beginning of the healing and reconciliation process as his team begins discussing agenda number four – long term issues including constitutional review, land and institutional reforms.

    This is a biggy too. This is long lasting and will affect all of us

  251. tnk says:

    lets maintain cautious optimism

    PNU is still capable of many underhand deals and manipulation and can derail the entire process. anything from a due court process under Gicheru/Wako, or just plain devious planning by PNU diehards. THis is not over guys, thats how we were feeling as results came in, and then bham. so no cause for celebration yet, but yes it appears we are headed in the right direction. Just remember PNU machine is about cunning, treachery and deceit that is whom they are and are not to be trusted in any arrangement whatsoever and that cannot change.

  252. Otieno says:

    OK, here it is, who gets what ministry not decided…

    “Correspondents say both parties are now likely to begin wrangling over who gets what position in the new government, with the post of finance minister likely to prove the most contentious.”

    Read whole article here:

  253. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    I told you peace is coming and Luos will Rise, but you choose to ignore me. Anyway, where do you put the Kaleo’s???
    Do you think Kibaki just gave up his powers for nothing? Put your mind to work and you will see the devil is in the details. This cake is not enough for everyone, someone is bound to be sacrificed.
    Raila will do the job he signed/promised us to do. He has to get rid of some excessive “weight”. The western alliance is now in danger…you can quote me six to twelve months from now.

  254. tnk says:

    rafiq I understand your optimism and also concern at mending fences but at no time in your posts and many other true ODMers have I ever seen any insult or bad vibe against our rivals, we have always maintained our issues and so I’m sure your apology is well intentioned and welcome but I assure you is not necessary. We need to wait and see the implementation of the negotiations and then start fast tracking ODM manifesto implementations its not about having the upper hand, its about policies that provide for a better Kenya for all. I hope this works out and PNU hardliners for once agree to work with the other kenyans.

  255. Otieno says:

    Well put tnk…”it’s about policies that provide for a better Kenya for all”…I like that

  256. Turncoat says:

    I hate to be the wet blanket here but after all am the turncoat. Raila P.M or just the president’s prefect. Well this will just be power play. I feel the scales are to heavily tipped in favour of PNU (Panua na Ungamuwe).

    The people at this point (at the very least me) still feel cheated, there is no remorse, not a word of comfort from the incoherent psychotic president, not even a note of respect to the kenyans who voted against them. Do we have to wait for 2012 to start what we should have done in 2008 ?

    Many of the bloggers will now retire. Sleep at your own peril Nyoka bado amelalia mayayi. Ametoka Chumbani akaingia Jikoni, Jaamani jitayaresheni kuchoma tyre la sivyo lateni siafu. Mukilala atawanajisi nyinyi kisha mtaya zaa mayayai ya nyoka. Ndio maana nasema Usipanue wala usingamue. Fungua tuu kiasi chakumtolea Ushuzi yule nyoka. Snake strongest sense is the smell.

  257. Turncoat says:

    I hate to be the wet blanket here but after all am the turncoat. Raila P.M or just the president’s prefect. Well this will just be power play. I feel the scales are to heavily tipped in favour of PNU (Panua na Ungamuwe).

    The people at this point (at the very least me) still feel cheated, there is no remorse, not a word of comfort from the incoherent psychotic president, not even a note of respect to the kenyans who voted against them. Do we have to wait for 2012 to start what we should have done in 2008 ?

    Many of the bloggers will now retire. Sleep at your own peril Nyoka bado amelalia mayayi. Ametoka Chumbani akaingia Jikoni, Jaamani jitayaresheni kuchoma tyre la sivyo lateni siafu. Mukilala atawanajisi nyinyi kisha mtaya zaa mayayai ya nyoka. Ndio maana nasema Usipanue wala usingamue. Fungua tuu kiasi chakumtolea Ushuzi yule nyoka. Snake strongest sense is the smell.

  258. Sam says:


    On Paper the Agreement signed today is Monumental, we have the EU US & UN to thank for it. This agreement was drafted elsewhere and presented to Raila & Kibaki to sign, OR ELSE.

    Its not what ODM wanted and its not what PNU was willing to concede. It took Annan and Kikwete 4 hours explaining it all to the Rivals.

    If implemented to the letter it will solve a lot politically but does Kibaki understand its implications, is he aware that he will no longer be in charge of the Government. I doubt it.

    There lies the problem.

  259. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    Now let us turn our heads in the direction of parliament and i have told you guys before we have our speaker and deputy so that will be the first agenda to be discussed.

    Secondly we shall be in large numbers at Uhuru park to witness the swearing in of the EXECUTIVE PM HIS EXECELLENCY RAO and the new cabinet at the end of march 2008 that is 29/03/2008 (sato).

    Thirdly we as Kenyans will demand some heads to roll first to go is Alfred mutua and abolish that office if the govt want to speak to the people that will be the work of PM , Francis Mutharua he is already a retiree we need new blood,Muhoho i just dont like the guy and many more people.

    We need to detribalise some appointments especially in Judiciary,Finance and Education if Kenya needs real reconciliation then we should start it in public service.

  260. karanja kamau says:

    RAO….has power to run the govt i hope he starts with some heads rolling, some ps ,parastatal chiefs have to leave room for other kenyans,especially those who should have retired yesterday.I would also have ida have a talk with lucy and advise her how to carry herself.
    Lets all aspect of govt be 50/50.

  261. tnk says:

    there are some hurdles/questions to be addressed and clarifications to be made and i hope they can be crossed sooner rather than later

    reported in the press as ODM joining the current gava is not how i read the agreement but maybe its a work in progress.

    1) is the current cabinet to be dissolved and reconstituted to reflect the relative strength of the parties or not?

    2) if yes, can they discuss/propose who gets what ministry because remember at this instance no minister can be indiscriminately fired/sacked so we definitely need persons of certain calibre and not just hawks and sycophants

    3) if not then what has ODM really gained and also what does it mean reflect relative parliamentary strength.

    4) also some ODM-K mps and maybe other smaller parties may not necessarily want to be in coalition as affiliates with PNU but ODM since either way, they could get to cabinet (theoretically) in such an event e.g more ODM-K mps prefering to partner with ODM rather than PNU except for the two that jumped a little too early will withdrawal of SKM and poghisio effectively speaking withdrawal of ODM-K party from the arrangement satisfy the condition “or if one coalition partner withdraws from the coalition.”

    5) what happens when the coalition is dissolved does that mean parliament is also dissolved and therefore new elections called (this is not stated explicitly in the document i’ve seen)

    6) when the president is away or the PM is away then the deputies (dep PM and VP) are in charge, but who has the higher portfolio, is the dep PM authority higher than that of the president over the affairs of the government, and conversely does the VP have higher authority than the PM. in a more stable and mutually respetable setting this would not be a problem, but these are delicate times

    7) when a cabinet meeting is called, who calls it, who is in charge etc. what are the conflict resolution methods when either PM or Pres is unsatisfied with a minister and they cannot agree on who is right, do we again call emminent africans

    there are other questions and i know some will be resolved in the next round of talks while others will await parliament, but still we need to put them all out here so that they are given due consideration in case they slipped through the cracks. there are still some folks who beleive its kbks who will appoint RAO PM i think we need to clear that bit as well

    lastly i’d like to thank all true ODMers who although we are quite relieved with the breakthrough, have not gloated over the news and are still cautiously optimistic but nevertheless quite reconciliatory.

    personally i think there are a lot of institutions that failed us and these still need to experience the brunt of our fury (nation, KBC, current ECK, all those targetted etc) through boycotts till the next elections are called.

  262. karanja kamau says:

    what’s up pal….i think your points are well thought and i totally agree with you.
    One thing i would like to say is that RAO has real powers with this deal and i know he won’t tolerate any rubbish………
    As for ministers and heads of parastatals ,civil service and ps they should all be dissolved and apply afresh.

  263. tnk says:


    so good to hear from you bro, yes I agree and had forgotten about the ps, parastatal and civil service heads, all these are part of the functions of the govt. there is really a whole lot of work ahead. police commissioner, armed forces, police force, judiciary etc. all these need major surgery.

  264. Pato says:

    ODM has won…..they have the power and have gotten their massacre.

    we go and lick our wounds and wait fo our day

  265. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Kk n Faith,

    TNK, raises fundamental questions that may make or break this ‘partnership’ – Kibaki called it a “partnership”; at least in his written speech. I want to assume the speech was written by Karua b4 the deal was signed…

    I believe I was one of the nmost pessimistic fellows about power sharing but i’d like to take a few steps back and look at it in perspective. As tnk points out, we have a lot of substantial issues to iron out; but I also believe for the sake of our people, congratulations to the ODM negotiators are in order. They had cool minds throughout the process and never shouted about anything! Look at William Ruto for instance…the guy has surprised a lot of PNU haters. he always came out to assure us that ‘we r on track’ and sacrifices were to be made. If Karua needed to learn some decency, as a mother, lady she needed not look further than the Diplomat-Per-Excellence, Dr. Sally Kosgey!

    Now, Musalia didn’t surprise me coz he’s naturally a gentleman and I expected nothing less!

    However, there’s one man I need to remove my hat for…James Aggrey Orengo! This man is better known by haters as a heckler, activist goon, name it…It wwas insinuated here that we ODM’ers were warriors and thugs that were so thirsty for blood and not reason. It was also stated that Orengo had no value other than running in the streets swallowing teargass….I’m informed when the time to draft and re-draft the agreement came, Jim rose to the occasion. Annan had to call in Wako; PNU’s best legal mind to sit with Orengo coz the other ‘Lawyers’-read Karua, Mutula, Wetangula- could no better than throwing tantrums and calli Annan names…We all saw it yesterday that indeed Jim is much different from that ‘common’ belief!

    RAO; this man made shed a tear; my wife conceded RAO gave too much and for the sake of the country. He spoke with ddepth and conviction, not from a written speech but deep his heart. At one point I said, it didn’t matter much IF kibaki fails him this time round, God and not Kenyans will sort him out….that’s my prayer.

    Looking at it either way, RAO is stilll the most powerful man, whether as an MP or minister for Culture and Social services. He was emphatic though that the REFORM AGENDA has to be under his docket…that’s the inside story; and that’s the most important thing for me..

    Remember, he joined KANU just as a mere SG and we all know what became of it when they refused to reform…

    Long Live ODM….I’ll toss a glass to whoever cares to share…

    Omuto WHERE art thou! I’m in NBO

    I gotta go; RAO is live on CNN

  266. crateturner says:

    hey guyz i wonder if there is a deadline for implimentation of the prime minister post becoz this was suppose to be a short time agenda?
    another question guyz is! will the PNU provide the necessary numbers in parliment to change the constitution remember you need around 240 mps to change the document.
    another thing, what will happen to the the small parties who supported kibaki will they support this arrangement especially kanu and odm k…. as you can see guyz thier are so many things to consider which i know kenyans and the friends of kenya will be watching carefully. so lets hope for best.
    i therefore call on raila the second prime minister of kenya and kibaki the president of kenya pleaseeeee…… give us a holiday next week to compesate the xmas and new year celebration which we missed becoz of the election.

    may GOD bless kenya May God bless ODM and may God bless Raila Amolo Odinga

  267. rafiq says:

    Cautious optimism! My apologies are to those who felt offended about the truth and justice and they were many I dare not mention them. The idea is to let them know we can still work with them.

    However Kibaki according to me upon signing this has no options. This is because this thing has gone international. Its official and public not the ill fated MOU.

    If he brings trouble its his supporters who will suffer the same fate. We are a two faced group. We can talk but we can also demonstrate and bring the country to a stand still with serious consequences.

    Remember Jimmy Orengo hated IPPG and NDP-KANU merger because of poor drafting of rules. He cant make a mistake here and now. If Kibaki tries sabotaging he will fail.

    Our leaders are not selfish guys, otherwise they would have sneaked out and worked with Kibaki. I think the team we have is reliable enough and have heir ears on the ground.

    Catious optimism is what I advocate for.

  268. Amani says:

    Cautios Optimism!

  269. faith says:

    Mudekhere Owiti/tnk/rafiq

    I said here before the likes of Martha are not worth the likes of Sally, we should have been th eones to deal with them all that bunch of pnu are useless.

    Latest on th ground(juja) people are coming to terms with the power of Agwambo some guys are saying these man is really “mwanaume”.

    By the way now that we have 50-50 share of ministries how will Kibaki satisfy all the bunch of guys he has i.e pnu, Nark kenya, Kanu,Ford asili, Sisi kwa sisi,DP,ODM kenya atleast for us we have ODM and NARC period.

  270. rafiq says:

    ODM should have many prongs approach. Parliament, constitution, recruitment and mobilization amongst others, We need to be forever prepared for anything these guys will attempt.

  271. Amani says:

    Cautios Optism i agree is what we should be.

    Remember the Kenyan Constitution has not been overhauled and it still says that the President shall be the Commander in Chief, Head of State and Head of Government.

    The greatest gift that can come out of this Agreement for Kenyans will be a NEW CONSTITUTION!

    The agreement though a potential great step is still an Act of Parliament.

  272. Abok says:

    Here is my take to some of your questions (not necessarily in any order).

    1. First and foremost there are two principle partners in this agreement, that is ODM and PNU, period. The rest are either their affiliates or indipendents or in the oposition.

    2. There is a law that regulates how parties relate to each other, and each party that wishes to enter into a coalition with the other must have it in writing and it must be consented to by the party organ. Once a party enters into an agreement for a coalition with another, if an MP opts out and supports another party, such an MP does it at their own risk of such a seat being declared vacant by the affected party hence necessitating a by election. For example, ODM-k entered into a coalition arrangement with PNU resulting in the VP & Poghisio being appointed to the cabinet. That sealed their arrangement,so now ODMK cannot have some MP’s in PNU and others in ODM. This however does not affect an individual MP’s right to vote in Parliament.

    3. In sharing of Ministries, there are some ministries which by very nature of their functions need to belong to the state (the presidents side) e.g. Defense, Internal security, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, regional Corporation etc while there are others which must belong to the Government (PM side) side due to the same reason such as Finance, Health, regional development, Planning etc. We can suggest the division of all the 34 of them here if we wish but the handlers should be able to work this out in line with the signed agreement.

    4. The other details that you are asking will definitely be worked out before the comencement of the agreement.

    Thats how I C It.

  273. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Talking of the Timetable, when is the swearing-in ceremony? I’d rather it be b4 March11th and at Uhuru Park

  274. mrembowaodm says:

    now that i have come back to my senses after a long night’s rest i think we need to address this deal’s contents as tnk put it …….coz i personally need a lot of clarification for it…….

    i believe that the current cabinet will have to be reconstituted for real power sharing to occur…..running to appoint ministers was a show of bad faith….you cant just have all the fat heifers….and leave the scrawny cows to the rest in a real power sharing deal.

    i know all ministries are on the same level (theoretically) but they must divide the posts according to their perceived strengths….if one gets finance, the other must get an equal ‘heavyweight’ ministry maybe internal security!!

    that way it should also be made clear from the onslaught that if pnu gets finance….odm nominates the cbk governor and kra commissioner general that way we check each other right from the top to the bottom!!of course these should be done all round at least for the ‘big controversial’ ministries.

    i would like to know are we going to be devoid of an opposition in this new government..if we are going to incorporate every tom, dick and harry? does it therefore mean pnu and odm will act as opposition for each other in the same government or will pnu rush to cut ties with odm-k, so that a proper opposition is formed?

    it seems to me the deal will make the office of the vice president redundant…or will he also be crying for power?…as it is the vp right now is an office of convenience the guy has no power at all…just a minister with a fancier title than the rest …but he basically does nothing other than wait for prezo to die so he can exercise the authority for three months….. now with the advent of a prime minister and two deputies do we honestly need this office really? me-thinks….annan’s team was a bit too excited, some of these things are just superfluous! and tnk, no way is the vp above the pm even in the absence of the prezo….the president and the premier are actually on the same level if i understand this correctly!!

    the deal says the coalition shall take into account the parliamentary strength of the parties in the formation of the government….this essentially means that this will be a ratio thing, right? so all those people saying 50/50 are wrong? does it then mean odm will have a larger share of the cabinet posts based on their parliamentary majority?

    tnk, if the premier is the head of government i think it is also him who chairs cabinet meetings otherwise what would be his job? this means the prezo in an ideal case will be reduced to a ceremonial head….and nothing else not so?

    and finally i would like to reiterate what tnk has said for people to understand nicely…the position of the premier is automatic in the sense that…the person who is the leader of the party with the largest number in the national assembly automatically becomes the premier…so he is not appointed by anybody!

    thank you.

  275. Amani says:

    I am throwing a Gender Card here!

    Since there are five high positions in the country and we are the majority, don’t you think at least one of the high 5 positions should be given to a woman? The president, The VP and the PM are NOT VACANT.

    Therefore, i hope that ODM and PNU will have atleast one or both of the Deputy PMs. I see potential candidates from our party… Sally and Ngilu… Most likely Sally but i don’t know how this will go with the rest of the Pentagon…

    From PNU, no matter how we dislike Martha supporters of PNU regard her with high esteem. She fights for the policy of the Govt/PNU; fierless; and Anti-West… I think she is definately their greatest STRNGTH from the Women MPs… I am sure that deep in our Hearts we Know that this MIGHT be coming our Way.

  276. mrembowaodm says:

    mudekhere why 11th march? is that your birthday? my birthday is on the 12th maybe we could do it then?

  277. Elizabeth says:

    THANK GOD! I am a happy lady, I missed the celebrations yesterday as I mentioned the other week my return was on 28th. It really coincided with my arrival. Truly God wanted me to be here to see this day. Just touching down at 4.57pm and there I was listening to the news that RAO is the Executive PM. God, now I know you are here and with us. We have fought a a good and long fight.

    RAO I am besides myself with happiness for you and the Pentagon Team, I felt like meeting all the bloggers here and having some little jig for this milestone, unfortunately it wasnt possible and I had to smile alone all the way home.

    Faith, Yego, tnk, rafiq, mumias,Mudekhere Owiti Silas,Philip (The Visitor), charles, kip, BJ, Solomon, Phil… and the many others who have truly supported this just course, you all know where we have come from, and sure we still have a long way to go. And you all smart people know that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, we have now started!

    I MUST SAY THANK YOU ALL FOR A JOB WELL DONE, you people encouraged me. We were truly committed to this course and we have been with it all the way. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME PEOPLE at heart and I must say that the support that each of us who blogged here must have been the reason we got this far.

    I sheded tears the day the VP was appointed and we were told to swallow razor blades if we dont like it, but yesterday, I smiled throughout my sleep. And woke up with the future firmly on my hands, knowing that ODM team with captain RAO is in charge.


    I HAVE A BUGGY MOUTH FOR LAUGHING! We laughed last and the loudest, and we will still prolong it!

  278. kanyeka says:

    I am happy with ALL the ODMers especially the MPs and some of the councilors who stood by the spirit and vision of ODM until this moment.
    Thanks to the following just to name a few:
    Mr. Tony Gachoka
    Hon. Joe Nyanga
    Hon. William Ruto (Hats off)
    Hon. Charity Ngilu (you will soon get your Health docket back)
    Hon. Najib Balala
    Hon. Aggrey Orengo
    Hon. Musalia Mudavadi (sober man)
    Last but not least those who volunteered to support ODM financially and spiritually

    My messenger is that lets stick together as pentagon until we achieve our dream I like the way ODM handled themselves during the nominations this should not end from that point it should be a continuous process which other parties emulating.
    As we have seen, without the support of other tribe no one can win the election I urge pentagon to huddle together and use the same process of choosing the captain.

  279. faith says:


    Welcome back, by the way yesterday i laughed seeing ODM-K chairman Maanzo standing on the ODM side and let me promise more people will yield to the true change.

    By the way under the constitution the VP works under the whims and pleasure of the prezzy while our PM will have his duties defined in the constitution so i say pole sana “mr wiper” Kalonzo.

    Yego/Mudekhere owiti/rafiq
    who will now head the PAC and PIC in parliament which are always headed with opposition.

  280. kanyeka says:

    “My messenger” i meant my POINT

  281. Murogi wa Kagogo says:


    This is a major triumph indeed,mwenda pole hatelezi na hata hakiteleza huwa anguki,the fruits of the extra mile walk .The next hurdle is the parliament 2/3 of sitted MPs required for the consitutional amendment to entrench the agreement in the constitution.Thereafter the allocation and distribution of Cabinet position on equal or equitable terms depending on party strength.
    I assume the new structure of governence wil reflect the power sharing deal between PNU and ODM,thus
    Presidency Premier
    Deputy PM VP & Deputy PM

    ministeries will also be power balanced with powerful dockets shared proportionately,this are the hurdles to be cleared in the shortest time before real governance can begin.
    Otherwise the change we all campaigned and voted for is here,devolution of power has started from the top ,the presidency.

    Gracias!Obrigado!asante sana!merci beaucoup

  282. Elizabeth says:


    The cabinet MUST be dissolved and you know the obvious casualties! Please somebody hold me. I am dying of laughter. I know I should not start a lot of ‘mucene’ here, but again I just have to let it out! Don’t be shocked to see some of them resigning raising personal reasons because they can’t work with straightforward and open people. Adn in particula RAO.

    The chickens have come home to roost!

    Heheeeeeeeee! They know themselves, I just dont want to pretend for the sake of peace that now I love them and that we should work together. No, they should first learn their lesson before they start pretending that they are ok with sharing after eating our cake and filling their bottomless tummies karibu iishe!

    I want us to sieve them through the finest sieve so that we can know who we can trust and who we can through to the dogs, yes who we can through to the dogs. You read it right. Once bitten twice shy, these people have betrayed us before and we cannot give them our full trust. We are still wounded and running scared and cannot just leave anything to chance.

    RAO dont close your eyes simply because you have the Executive powers, it does not gurantee you security amongst those monsters! Yes monsters! again you read it right!

    Watch out! My president and premier! Dont let these people pass with you oga! I dont want to read in some headline that RAO had some strange car accident and is in a comma and cannot wake up!

    You know the idea of an executive PM was not their cup of tea and has been forced down their throats, so dont assume that they are fine with you in their camp! No, CHUNGA! We love you and we still need you more than ever. Case rested.

  283. Sies says:

    For the two DPM’s there need to be gender equality. A youth and a lady??? a suggestion, Karua for DPM (PNU), Ngilu for DPM(ODM).

  284. Mike Okello says:

    It will be very hard for Raila to work under Kibaki’s Govt, Bearing in Mind that in this Deal, The President is the Head of Govt, But Kenyans needed this Deal, whetever the case. I would have preffered that the PM be the Head of Govt, So that his hands are not tied!

  285. Elizabeth says:

    And before I sign out today, I have to have a last bitter one for Kalonzo Stevo Musyoka. He has become as irrelevant as yesterday. The deal is strictly between PNU and ODM so when the PNU camp starts fighting for posts in the coalition, he will be the first one to be pushed out through the door/window.

    He conceded defeat, so he becomes the official opposition leader. He even dared tell RAO to accept and become the official opposition leader! Who the hell was he speaking for? Does he know who RAO is? Sorry he didn’t know, happy he now knows, sadly though! He will become irrelevant and will never ever stand for presidency. Nobody will vote for him. Even his very own Maanzo. GUYS I love politics.

  286. Otieno says:


    good questions. Here’s my take on some of them…

    1) is the current cabinet to be dissolved and reconstituted to reflect the relative strength of the parties or not?

    Yes, it has to be dissolved. I was confused too about the 50/50 versus relative.The 50/50 refers to the sharing of the ministries. Here too, portfolio balance is taken into account. Now to the issue of parliamentary strength….

    The relativeness refers to the composition of the coalition itself. Reading this again:

    * “The composition of the coalition government will at all times take into account the principle of portfolio balance and will reflect their relative parliamentary strength.”

    I cannot come up with any viable explanation of why the mention of “relative strength”. Does it mean (an it wont happen) that if ODM doesn’t command a majority in parliament that they’ll cease being in the coalition?

    The good news is that when this will be crafted into law, I believe this will be sorted out.

    2) if yes, can they discuss/propose who gets what ministry because remember at this instance no minister can be indiscriminately fired/sacked so we definitely need persons of certain calibre and not just hawks and sycophants

    Good idea. One thing I know is that PNU cannot interfere with our 50% ministers and vice versa.

    6) when the president is away or the PM is away then the deputies (dep PM and VP) are in charge, but who has the higher portfolio, is the dep PM authority higher than that of the president over the affairs of the government, and conversely does the VP have higher authority than the PM. in a more stable and mutually respetable setting this would not be a problem, but these are delicate times

    If the deal is crafted according to the Tz model the way it was mentioned in some news, then the Prezzo’s and PM’s roles should not conflict. So, if the Prezzo is away, the VP assumes the Prezzo’s duties. If the PM is away, his deps assume his duties.

    Kibaki does not appoint RAO as PM. Kibaki “NAMES” RAO as the PM, as a formality in cognisance of the fact that he has majority mps in parliament

  287. Otieno says:

    SHAME ON the Police for tear-gassing people outside harambee house yday!

  288. Amani says:

    Good point Otieno.

    The points that Annan mentioned indicated that the Cabinet shall consist of the President, VP, PM, Deputy PMs and Ministers. Since by the current constitution the President is still the head of Govt… Will this change? If not? Who will chair the Cabinet meetings? The President or PM?

    I think there is still too much speculation and we all can interpret things according to what we understand…. I will wait for the final project.

  289. rafiq says:

    I wish you all agreat weekend and a happy prosperous new year. KK keep up men, I know very soon we will be able to implement the desires of our belief in one democratic united country. By the way dont worry guys, RAO said on BBC that should the deal fail in parliament then his opinion-divided country. So for him it is as goosd as done. He sees the new govt in two weeks mid march and we are watching!

    To the drawing board now. Ngilus heart is in health especially for women and children. You remember she has some things to achieve from last parliament. However we need her too to check JI SKM -him of the wiper fame. I guess he needs somebody to wipe his tears!. Unfortunately hus people are revolting. Ngilu should use the occasion to democratize her province.

    As for ministires: I think our pentagon have really done alot. Many ple predicted a fal out esp here where the negative sentiments from some guys even suggested a reconciliation with RAO and sacrifice of Ruto. We need all for now and for ever. I know there are many people behind the scenes we cant identfy now but they too will be remembered democratically. As for some future talents-you know when RAO and others want to hand over they should also be moulded.

    Remember those who stuck with ODM after loosing nomination, and are assets to the party too-the foot soldiers! May be a few positions currently being wasted by the likes of the muthauras who should be getting pension now will suffice. Nevertheless we should have equity and qualifications to go with it.

    So proposals: PG leader? Ministries of Roads, Lands, sports, transport, trade and industry, education…..The list goes on.

    I went to ksm through Narok recently . Guys you can see the transition on the road from nrb-pnu(nrb maimahiu)-odm zone(maimahiu-narok)-pnu sympathiser(Narok sth)-preodm narc(bomet-kaplong)then odm(kericho-ksm). The status of the road tells it all.

    I dont see Kibaki walking out of the deal, the consequences are too grave. But we will know from the opening of the parliament, what to expect and how to handle it.

    As we change the constitution-urgently create jobs for our youth. the money pledged by donors to create at leas 2 industries-labor intensive in the provinces lagging behind in the spirit of affirmative action. This is the peoples first priority please. Urgently rescue the sugar industry. Proposals for this should not go to the shelves, should be started urgently.

    As for the bloggers though my proffession is in a different field but I think some of us can help in one way or another. I wouldnt mind putting that on hold to be ambassadeur in some of the countries who have really stuck with us. Hope this doesnt sound selfish.

    But what I will definitely do is to stick with ODM, continue blogging and keeping our leaders working.

    Final proposal, why not have a shadow cabine t here? Since kalonzo is lost we should as well start with his position of official opposition but let it read sth different. Any volunteers?

  290. Otieno says:

    Well said Amani. I’ll wait for the final one too. Stuff like the “PM will co-ordinate and supervise the execution of government functions” don’t make sense to me. I need this in plain language.

    …and as we wait for the final project it is imperative that ODM keeps the masses informed of what’s happening. I am especially “concerned” about RV. We need RAO, Ruto etc to go there and explain to them what this deal means and why this deal. They need to be assured that RAO has not betrayed them or anyone else for that matter.

    I applaud RAO for saying that he had to make some sacrifices for the sake of the nation. However, people must be assured that even with these sacrifices, they still stand to gain. Yes, RAO will not be called president but he is set (read ODM) to gain much more (executive) authority as time progresses with the establishment of a new constitution within 12 months. In fact, Kibaki will become more and more irrelevant.

    People need to be told that what they voted for is not all lost. The changes they want like land reforms, etc are still on track. Just because RAO is called PM does not mean ODM’s vision has been cast aside. I believe there will be room to implement at least some of our policies.

    In Kisumu, people need to be told that the hard work has just begun. Kisumu has to be rebuilt. I read somewhere a proposal to have a ministry of reconstruction and dev or something. I think that is a good idea (not only for Kisumu)

    In all areas of Kenya, confidence has to be restored in gov. institutions. Like it has been mentioned here, this means some heads have to roll. I wouldn’t mind to see the backs of people like Hussein Ali et al.

    Thank you RAO for apologising to Kenyans for loss of life and property. Kibaki needs help with his speeches…the man said “yale yamepotea, yameenda tusahau” or something to that effect. We need better-speak if we are to unite Kenyans. Let’s not kid ourselves that tribalism will just go away.

    Have you noticed how it is RAO who is in all the important world headlines? It is him who people are looking to. I am sure he won’t fail us. He said this on BBC but I haven’t seen it elsewhere…this issue of two years for the coalition after which it will be reviewed.

    “He hoped for a new constitution within a year and fresh elections within two as Mr Annan had given the coalition a maximum life of two years, after which it should be reviewed.”

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7270379.stm

    I am for gender equality in representation. However, it is hard to see a situation whereby Musalia wont be DPM since he was RAO’s running mate. On the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion that ODM may want to “match” PNU’s choice of DPM – a scenario like Martha vs Ruto DPM’s type of thing. Speaking of DPM, their functions would have to be clearly spelt out. Remember the scenario above where if RAO is out of town? Which DPM will deputise him?

  291. rafiq says:

    By the way there are some retrogressive peple who in the new govt must give way for lasting peace and stability.

    MG Ali, Mutuas, Bitange the list goes on. They can cause disaster if left alone in the new regime.

  292. Mark says:

    may be i can propose as follows
    State house -to Remain for the president because he is head of state
    Goverment House or white house -to immediately be constructed for the PM
    PM Raila Odinga President Mwai Kibaki
    debuty PM – william ruto VP-Kalonzo (may be )!!!!!??
    Min finance – musalia mudavadi Asstant PM- (pnu to choose Sam ongeri)
    Min justice -James Orengo min internal affairs-watengula
    Min internal security-N balala min Roads -Michuki
    Min Health-Charity Ngilu min Education-Saitoti
    Min Planning -Prof Nyongo min water-
    Min energy-j Nyaga min tourism
    min sports-Ababu namwamba min defence
    Min foreign- Sally Kosgey

    Asst Min social and religous affairs- Bishop Magret wanjiru
    Asst min Foreign Affairs-
    Asst min water-william ole ntimama
    asst Min education-shakeel shabir
    asst min defence-F Gumo
    asst roads-(N eastern Mp)
    Asst min tourism(N eastern MP)
    asst Min (broadcasting) mwalimu masudi

    Line up for PNU (tekta) difficult because they have a lot of guys who look like livondo anyway its upon them but under the PM they will have to perform.otherwise sijui.

  293. Otieno says:

    Mark, I do respect your opinions…but jina zingine…..hmmm, Gumo, Ntimama? Won’t happen, shouldn’t happen. We need new breed. And why “waste” Ababu on Sports?

    On construction of a Govt. house for the PM, is that a priority? I know he needs an office to operate from….the prezo doesn’t use Harambee house…the PM can be housed there, or?

    Believe you me, Kibaki cannot survive without her Martha…

  294. rafiq says:

    1st DPM obviously Wyclifee Musalia Mudavadi, he was the vice and should tame Kombo completely. We want new leadership everywhere.

    Hon Ruto; Minister for roads and reconstruction.

    Ngilu Health

    Balala: Trade and Industry

    Nyaga: Transport and communication

  295. rafiq says:

    Mark, Tried but there are some people who are better as MPs and activists to keep the momentum going. I wouldnt name names for now.

    Remember once the constitution is changed and we stick together and rule well, we may be PMs for a long time. So why not have generation change. I dont want to see the likes of William Ole Nt given too much responsibility. Can he give us a younger person so he remains in some house committes esp dealing with constotution.

    Critical guys for next generation are there. The ladies also deserve more. Laborso for gender. Sambu sports. Just to mention but a few.

    Dalmas Otieno for regional devt.

    Somew new faces from Kisii would serve well too.

    As for Mwalimu Asst Minister would do!

  296. tnk says:


    these are good thoughts all around. right now my opinion is we are dividing a cake that has not yet been baked or as they say putting the cart before the horse. a lot depends on whether and how PNU approach this arrangement. if PNU opt still play hardball, then we can expect a lot of pitfalls, if however, kbki can prevail on them to collaborate, then a lot of ground will be covered in a very short period of time.

    they need to thrash out the details of the arrangement, understand and publish the distribution of ministries (to reflect relative strength in parliament) work out clear delineations of executive and ministerial authority and then move on to the necessary legislative and constitutional reforms necessary. hopefully this is a process that will not take more than 2 weeks.

    after that comes the actual appointments and the suggestions above are good and i hope we are balancing between merit and political savvy but we need to understand the anticipated distribution (ministers and assistant ministers, PS, etc) to make more informed suggestions. remember also there are some not so prominent party MPs with great personalities that could be coopted as well.

    we are trying to transition from a “winner take it all” mentality to designated leader with greater collaboration and input from the other MPs even without portfolio.

    as regarding gender balance, you will consistently note that even by natural merit selection ODM has an array of super women who auto-qualify as listed above by other contributors and need no special favors, but i agree, with paying special attention. In that light also pay closer attention to other special interest groups (physically challenged, youth, etc)

  297. rafiq says:

    Agreed but we need to plan anyway. I know though not shared often there are some of us who even had plans from presso to the Pss before Kivuitu messed up.

    However we dont need in fighting thats why its better things are done in the open, and its good to share ideas.

    If things dont work courtesy of PNU and kibaki there is medicine, we will administer.

    I know our leaders already know who should be where by now as they strategise.

    Agreed as for gender and youth we have abundance.

  298. Exercise of Power.

    The Prime Minister’s (PM’s) post is soon to be a reality. It may not be fully executive. But the first occupant of the office must give it teeth and be seen to be a demanding agitator for the delivery of public services by the various ministries. The role of the PM will be supervision of ministers and their ministries. Sure, some of the functions have been carried out by the head of the civil service, but I do not intend to say that there will be a conflict between the two. But the new PM must earn obedience and respect from all the ministers and their juniors. This will depend on how the new PM goes about his duties; how he defines his duties; and how he delegates his dities to the deputies. According to my limited foresight, a well-functioning PM’s office will be a Mini-Government in itself (for what is agovernment that does not serve the people?) and must have a replication of all government ministries under it with such key functions as Administrative, Audit and Analyis, and Planning manned by trusted senior experts. In my view, whether Kenyans benefit from the current “Coalition Arrangement” or not, in fighting corruption; in fighting tribalism; in fighting for fairness in budgetary allocations; in fighting against budgetary waste; or in moving the constitutional changes forward, will depend on how aggressively and couragiously the PM performs his or her duties. The new PM has as great (if not more) mandate from the electorate as the President, and he must persue his agenda without glancing over his shoulders. If that becomes the bone of contention between him and the President, then let it be, for future PMs will follow in his footsteps.
    We have the right man for the challenge. Let us wish you well Mr. PM; Mr President could have been tastier in our mouths. But who are we to question what the Lord provides?

    JR Alila

  299. tnk says:

    Absolutely Rafiq

    need to plan ahead. my concern was getting too carried away, a little too early in the game.

    on a side note, whereas i do not really appreciate Muites politics but am a total sycophant on his knowledge on matters constitutional/legalese. thats the problem with “winner take it all”. Engaging a dream team of professionals such as Muite, Orengo, Imanyara, Wako, Ghai etc to crank out practical consitutional reforms even in an advisory capacity would yield more meaningful results if they were to remain objective and put interest of kenyans first.

    the current hardliner obstacle and booby trap setting approach by Karua, Kilonzo et al may be popular with their supporters but does not appear to have the future of kenya as its priority and appears short sighted to cover the interests of the current situation. I cannot imagine any of these guys presenting the same arguments if say RAO was the head of state and in that position, i think they would instantly be opposed to the constitution they claim to protect

  300. tnk says:

    forgot the other superman PLO Lumumba in the list

  301. Joseph Jakenya says:

    The world knew that Kibaki was senile and that the people around him were the ones who fired shorts in the speeches that he was reading all the times. When the mediation team failed, Annan had to engage kibaki himself because Annan knew the truth, and as old men kibaki was made to understand the repercussion of refusing the deal. This was very sad for the karua wamugunda team but they could do nothing. We must thank Annan and Kikwete for taking the task to the right field. We only pitty the Mr. Traitor Kalonzo Judas where he stands now. The PNU dont need no.s now and the PNU diehards will want positions so he better watches out his steps. Hoping against hope that Kibaki will not go behind tables to caucus the mps to vote out the draft ammendments in parliament next week, then says that the mps are the ones who have refused it. That said, the ODM team needs to work as a family and create confidence in the people of Kenya. This is their weapon for life in all upcoming elections. Let all Kenyans feel that they are in the ODM Govt headed by the Presidential elect RAO, who is also the PM.

  302. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    My take is that the 1st DPM’s office should deal with Infrastructure and Reconstruction ministries (including planning, reforms n finance) and the 2nd should deal with Equity and service ministries (including health, labour n agriculture). I’d strongly suggest ODM takes the first slot but have ministers serving from both sides and vice-versa.

    Special ministries like Foreign Affairs MUST be run by experienced professionals like say Dr. Sally Kosgey….au niaje?

    Hey mrembowaODM, I was set to leave NBO on March11th that’s why I suggested so and wanted to witness…still I can drop u a B’day card, but where? Mostly I’m found at the 680.

    I gotta go dance! Wonderful weekend;

  303. rafiq says:


    I think as always we are together. However much we may mistrust these guys I think they are in a fix here. They have to make compromises even in their own conscience. Everybody knows odm and just may be odmk and true democrats will vote for he agreement. For PNU ????? Thats why the words are cautios optimism!

    RAO has worked with Muite before. What if presssure builds up, will he go with his principle or otherwise. History reveals that despite being deputy cap FORD-K he won the seat but gave the party no presidential votes. remember after all is settled we may have fresh elections and he may swop sides. If he is too willing to come in I will think twice.

    PLO is development conscious with exceptionaly good credentials and party ideas but i guess he is waiting for Kamukunji first.

    One of the first things is to overhaul ECK, the sooner the better, before any election is held. By the way I think ECK should not be left to precolonial lawyers who have ethnic chauvinism and prejudice. Not peple who say they cant supervise elections coz of being sick and not saying it earlier. Can Maina Kiai accept to chair it? Or our own KK-on a light note? Just a thought.

    As usual I am prepared for the worst but will ever fight for the best.

  304. rafiq says:


    Great idea. Nevertheless i need to e mail you. had probs with connection when you initially sent your email contact. Will get in touch.

  305. tnk says:

    for the sake of the many IDPs, those who have lost loved ones and the uncertainties of how/when to move forward, i hope that the politicians from ODM and PNU will agree to drop their differences and make this agreement work. let them all agree to dissolve and reconstitute the cabinet without hate and mistrust. they have been shouting loud about preaching peace, and now the ball is in their court to practice it through mature reasoning, compromise and debate.

    RAO, ODM pentagon as you take to running the affairs of the govt of kenya (authority to coordinate and supervise the execution of the functions and affairs of the Government of Kenya) we are with you on showing true leadership that you have continuously shown, all inclusive so that each and every ODM MP with or without portfolio can contribute meaningfully whether on or off the floor of parliament to provide, strengthen and help entrench good policies and leadership for the betterment of all kenyans. help us all move away from this dated practice of one guy with a magic wand and the rest just chorus girls/boys

    return integrity, credibility and pride in our public institutions and services (ECK, police force all the different arms of it, judiciary, KACC, govt parrot, etc)

    Prevail on the current and sadly tainted leaders of these institutions to resign or retire and fresh objective thinkers and true patriots take their place.

    this will do much to pave the way for national reconciliation with the public beginning to trust and believing in these institutions to provide fair, balanced, credible and non-partisan public service to all.

    bring back hope to the people of kenya.

    the hurts, wounds and scars will take some time to heal, some may forget, some forgive, some both and some neither, but with good governance in place, perhaps the need for personal vengeance will not be as overwhelming/overpowering for the law abiding.

  306. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    I told you peace is coming and Luos will Rise, but you choose to ignore me. Anyway, where do you put the Kaleo’s???
    Do you think Kibaki just gave up his powers for nothing? Put your mind to work and you will see the devil is in the details. This cake is not enough for everyone, someone is bound to be sacrificed.
    Raila will do the job he signed/promised us to do. He has to get rid of some excessive “weight”. The western alliance is now in danger…you can quote me six to twelve months from now.

  307. jenny says:

    ODM has to get Ministry of Finance and Consitutional Affairs and Roads. Kibakis Govt failed miserably in these areas .ODM should fight for this. Let us have Ministers who have degrees in their fields. No badly, but giving Ngilu the Ministry of Health yet she is not a Doctor and not too much medical knowledge makes her a manager. What happens when she goes to conferences that have all the medical terminology that she cannot understand? would it not be better to give a DR the Ministry, Give and Engineer the Roads Look how useless Nyachae was, etc etc , I always think that placing people with experience in that field is better

  308. Otieno says:


    True….but beg to differ on the Ngilu issue. I think something like the health ministry needs a good manager. A Dr. is not necessarily a good manager. As for the conferences, that’s where other officials within the ministries come in. The ministers job is mostly to implement and manage policy. Given, it would be good to have someone with a medical background, esp when it comes to understanding what the doctors have to put up with on their daily chores, etc. On the other hand, hospitals are not only for Doctors, we have the patients too. You need a good manager to handle all these issues…

    On health matters, two things that seemed to pass quietly. One, Mwenje is seriously sick. In fact he’s in the ICU in a coma

    I feel for his family

    Secondly, the economy is very sick much to the denial of Kimunya. It has emerged that state departments have been instructed to cut spending by up to 40%. So, Kimunya, you’ve been caught at it again…lying like there was no tomorrow.


  309. Otieno says:

    Bad link for sick economy link above, sorry. Here it is again…


  310. tnk says:


    the bluff has been called, now they need to mop up

  311. awour says:

    Kenya is on the road to sustainable peace. The best way to sustain this peace is for ODMers to lead the way to embrace inclusive comments. No more them and us, no more cynical comments that rub healing wounds. It is now our responsibility as Kenyans to move forward. The strength in our diversity will thrive in an enabling environment created by all of us. The kind that is full of hope to our leaders that Kenya belongs to all of us. Let us with honesty and truth show brotherly and sisterly affection to one another inorder to heal. ODM and PNU are now partners and not competitors. ODM-K too are Kenyans and all the other parties. Embark on strategies of creating this enabling environment at the grassroots, so that the government , the private sector and the civil societies begin to play their roles as partners and not competitors. The New Kenya is destined to prosperity,Change agents take the lead to make this happen!

  312. karanja kamau says:

    The blog and quote of the day,well thought keep it up.

  313. rafiq says:


    Your idea is good but managing ministry of health doesnt need an old medic. Those guys were taught to treat not to manage. And as you can see even pple like mtava musyimi gets into politics and their presumed religious expereince diesnt pay dividends at all.

    I am in the field and I would rather support Ngilu and a medic PS or Asst minister. Where else can she go? Remeber the technology we are using now was pioneered by the likes of gates and I dont think he stepped into a university. Michuki is a good manager but a poor human being too. So sometimes you have to go out of the box to get good managers

  314. rafiq says:

    The hope is both sides should look at it that way. I would rather wait until everything passes overwhelmingly in parliament. Because if they dont which can still happen we will be in big time trouble.

    I listened to BBC and heard some PNU guys say they are not happy because ther will be no opposition! in parliament. And these arent politicians, are the so called innocent ordinary kenyans. So cautios optimism but with the desire to achieve the goal of one country one people.

    May be Agent for change can give us a new agenda specifically on unity, justice, peace and reconciliation.

  315. karanja kamau says:

    i understand your concerns but,
    This will not be like 2002, they will have to realize that constitution will be amended and hece they either support and join other kenyans or get exposed as impediment to the kenya which RAO spoke about whereby ethinicity will be wiped forever.

  316. karanja kamau says:

    I need somehelp where is kalonzo in terms of power once we get pm and deputies…..in other terms where is he on the power hierachy.

  317. Railkamuodho says:

    Some bloggers are haters and intorelant. Someone said that if you only eat from your mothers house, you do not know that out there there could be another good cook. The reason this blogg sometime becomes a circus is that some guys think only ODM can bring about real change in Kenya. That is a big lie. The destiny of Kenya lies not in one person but the whole country. The new government will work for all Kenyans and any attempt to try and exclude others through tricks will fail miserably. Did you hear what Museveni said in Tanzania? that we need each other in Kenya and that is the bitter truth even for the western alliance. We are intertwined and closely knit.
    Some people have been accusing me of ignorance. What hate and lack of information. Please do your research before attacking me. I foresaw a long time ago that only Kibaki and Raila will close a deal, I started reffering to Raila Odinga as prime minister a few days ago and he is, I proposed that each tribe be allowed to have its own land with constitutionalized boundaries and I believe
    that will pass. Even a good lawyer Korir share this view with me- check his art


    And then someone who thinks that he is so smart start attacking me for ignorance!

    Now can some of you stop cynicism. You are already expressing anger upon Kalonzo Musyoka. What different or wrong did he do by joining the government without shedding blood? Hasnt RAO joined the same government? Please do not write Kalonzo off as yet. Infact at this rate of political changes and realignments you cannot predict future coalitions. Kalonzo maybe the next president or prime minister. Watch this space

  318. karanja kamau says:

    I’m honestly asking about where he will be on the arrangement as a matter of information only but not at any way bashing him for whatever reasons..

  319. Railkamuodho says:

    I am disappointed by some Kamba MPs who are peddling a lot of lies about Kalonzo Musyoka. They have started writing his political orbituary. They have accused him of a host of issues regarding his latest political development. They say that they persuaded him not to take up the VP job. Now, both president Kibaki and prime minister Raila Odinga ignored their hardliners to sign the peace deal. Sometimes leaders have to rise to the occasion and ignore those bent on derailing the train of change and prosperity.
    What Kalonzo did by accepting the post was simply to stop bloodshed and chaos. There would never have been a government in place in the first instance had he rejected the offer and maybe many more people would have died.
    One the second issue of land, I believe that the issue of land and resettlement is a lie based on my post here a few days ago talking about the quality of land in lower eastern province and how it can be developed for the sake of the country. It should be understood here that those IDP who were thrown out of their land will be resettled in their former land unless the government work out modelities for people to switch their land to create strong presence of same tribesmen in one location. I dont think the majority of those from Rift Valley would be willing to settle in the dry eastern province. I also do not think kalonzo is so naive to exchange his birthright with the VP position.

  320. Otsiatso says:

    Kalonzo is the most worthless and wasted political potential in a genaration.

    Read on:
    Soon after he was appointed vice-president by the man he had challenged for the presidency in last year’s General Election, Kalonzo Musyoka’s supporters organised a demonstration in Machakos Town in support of the move.

    ODM Kenya Presidential Candidate Kalonzo Musyoka addresses a rally at Bukhungu stadium in Kakamega Town last year. Photo/ FILE
    The organisers had hoped to attract thousands of people during the march, but the turnout was disappointing.

    Many of Mr Musyoka’s supporters were not amused by the appointment because they thought the timing was wrong, coming at a time when the country was engulfed in a wave of post-election violence spawned by the disputed presidential poll results.

    Until Monday this week, Member of Parliament Charles Kilonzo and his namesake Kiema Kilonzo were considered “loyal” disciples of the Vice-President.

    They came in handy for the Mwingi North MP when he contested the presidency and gave him moral support when the Raila Odinga-led side threatened his chances.

    Hence when the two legislators, accompanied by Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti, called a press conference and rubbished the leadership qualities of Mr Musyoka, many people sat up and took note.

    Leaving in “droves”

    Mr Musyoka is facing probably his biggest political test. Close allies are leaving in “droves”.

    For a leader who almost rallied the entire Kamba community to his side, the developments have put Mr Musyoka in an awkward position.

    The Saturday Nation established that the ODM-K MPs, especially the 13 from Ukambani, are divided into two distinct camps.

    According to Mr Charles Kilonzo, the Vice-President erred in rushing to join the PNU.

    “A day before he took up his position as the V-P, we held a meeting at the Serena Hotel where Mr Musyoka surprised us by announcing that the ODM-K would support the Kibaki administration. Many of us were taken aback. I remember some of us telling him to shelve the move in view of the volatile nature of politics at the time,” said an MP serving his first term in Parliament.

    “But he went ahead and took up the position, and honestly, as the ODM-K family we were taken aback,” said Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo.

    According to Mr Kilonzo there was no consensus among the ODM-K MPs as to their status in the coalition they were entering.

    “When the Cabinet was announced it was only him (Musyoka) and Kacheliba MP Samuel Porgisho who found themselves in it. The rest of us have been kept in the dark,” he said.

    What angers Mr Kilonzo most is the fact that Kanu another PNU partner with 10 MPs had the last laugh when the Cabinet appointments were made, landing plum ministerial positions.

    “When we asked about the deal we were told to wait. For how long, no one was willing to say,” he said.

    What has however brought about the sharp rift between the MPs and their leader is a quiet agreement that Mr Musyoka is alleged to have reached with the PNU leadership on the resettlement of displaced persons, especially from the Rift Valley. The deal was hinted at by Mr Kilonzo during Monday’s press conference.

    Resettlement deal

    “This is a big fear that is being discussed at all levels of life in Ukambani,” says Mr Kilonzo.

    “We know that Kalonzo negotiated for his V-P position on condition that he would help resettle displaced people in Ukambani, and we are strongly opposed to this. It is such a big issue that it does not warrant a decision by one person, but he chose to ignore us by sealing the deal alone,” says Mr Kilonzo.

    Already land for the resettlement exercise had been identified, according to the chairman of the recently formed Ukambani Political Leaders Forum, Mr Davies Musau.

    “Areas targeted for such resettlement are Kibwezi, Masinga, Kangundo and Machakos,” said Mr Musau when addressing the forum leaders on Friday.

    Mr Musau says the government had agreed to purchase the parcels of land on behalf of the displaced persons.

    Soon after Mr Kilonzo and his team held the press conference, Mr Musyoka reportedly requested Mbooni MP Mutula Kilonzo and his Kibwezi counterpart Prof Phillip Kaloki to help cool tempers among the MPs.

    But rebellion appears to have taken root.

    The recent nominations of councillors appears to have angered the Mbooni MP as procedures that he had recommended be followed in conduction the process were ignored by Mr Musyoka.

    Despite some of the names having been gazetted on Friday February 22, 2008, Mr Musyoka allegedly influenced Local Government Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to have the gazetted names struck off the list.

    And on the mayoral election date — Monday, February 25, 2008 — the names which had been gazetted on Friday had been replaced with others.

    It was this move that prompted the MPs, many of whom had submitted their names only for them to be removed, to call a press conference to publicly attack Mr Musyoka. In fact the party secretary general, Mr Mutula Kilonzo, wrote to Mr Kenyatta and alerted him to the fact that there were errors in the final list he gazetted for nominated councillors in respect to Ukambani region.

    “The list in your possession has violated the principles agreed on, and if allowed to pass it would create problems in the coalition,” Mr Kilonzo said in the letter.

    The Kofi Annan deal which brought about a power-sharing agreement between President Kibaki and Raila Odinga has thrown Mr Musyoka into another dilemma.

    “He kept telling us to be patient as we would be accommodated when the rest of the Cabinet was named, but now with this 50-50 Cabinet deal between Kibaki and Raila, where will Kalonzo fit us?” asked another MP serving his first term who requested not to be named.

    But Yatta’s Mr Kilonzo says Mr Musyoka should carry his own cross now that reality is dawning on him.

    “He is a deceitful leader, a person you cannot trust. It’s time for him to come face to face with the realities of politics,” said the outspoken MP. ODM-K chairman Daniel Maanzo says his party leader could not have landed himself in the current state of affairs had he played by the book.

    As Mr Musyoka frantically searches for solutions at home and at the national level, a group of former MPs and councillors who lost in the just ended polls says he has failed to take up his position as the de facto leader of the Kamba community and must be replaced by more able people.

    Sent feelers

    According to Mr Musau the leaders, under the auspices of the Ukambani Political Forum, have already sent feelers to Kilome MP, John Harun Mwau and Kitui Central legislator, Charity Ngilu to take over the region’s leadership.

    “We have met Mwau and he has no problem with the move so has Mrs Ngilu,” says Mr Musau.

    Mr Musau says the fact that MPs who were hitherto close to Mr Musyoka were dumping him explains why the Mwingi North MP lacks the credentials to steer the community forward.

    “Following the Kibaki-Raila deal, politics in Kenya will be different, only the best and the brightest will survive,” says Mr Musau.

  321. karanja kamau says:

    We need to have people resettled in their original homes and politicians should take a lead on this…….this should be done quickly so that the harmony we are talking about is realized quickly and honesty and never again should people settle political scores with life…….because the politicians have agreed but we cannot return those who died…..the least we can do is resettle all kenyans……

    people are still skeptical as you see from this article…
    Tribal response shows Kenya’s rift runs deeper than politics
    By Barney Jopson in Burnt Forest

    Published: March 1 2008 02:00 | Last updated: March 1 2008 02:00

    The deal signed by Mwai Kibaki, Kenya’s president, and Raila Odinga, the opposition leader, has been hailed as a historic breakthrough.

    At the show ground in Nakuru two hours west of Nairobi – where thousands of members of the president’s Kikuyu tribe have lived in UN tents and been fed by the Red Cross since being attacked after the December election – the reaction to the deal is cool.

    Daniel Njenga pushes his way to the front of a crowd. “Two days after he came here, Kofi Annan said the violence was planned,” he says, referring to the former United Nations secretary-general who brokered the power-sharing deal as part of his mission to end the -Kenyan crisis.

    “He said . . . the violence was not political, it was -ethnic. So now they’ve got a political deal, creating an executive prime minister, does that mean the ethnic clashes are solved? No, they are not solved.”

    Mwindi Osebe, sitting on a plastic water drum next to a stack of one family’s possessions, says: “Kibaki says he is happy, but to us that is his opinion.”

    “He could have done [a deal] earlier, before everything was destroyed. Now we have nothing.”

    Betty Wanjiru, who wears a woolly Manchester United hat, fled the tea-growing town of Kericho in Rift Valley province. “We can never go back after what they did to us,” she says. “This deal is not good. The president should give us a farm plot then we divide it between ourselves. We need land.”

    More than a rigged election, analysts say it was deeper grievances over land that led members of the Kalenjin tribe, which dominates Rift Valley province, to attack Kikuyu farmers. Gangs of armed young men drove the Kikuyus eastwards to Nakuru and Central province, their ancestral home.

    Mr Annan has recognised the underlying problems, and stressed the need to keep up the tempo of the negotiations and move on to the ethnically-charged issues of land, inequality and -marginalisation.

    Westwards of Nakuru, however, deeper into Rift Valley province, Kalenjins are happy with a power-sharing government.

    Most Kalenjins voted for Mr Odinga as part of a tribal alliance against the perceived dominance of the Kikuyu. When asked if Kikuyu refugees would be welcomed back to Rift -Valley, their responses are mixed.

    Nobody professes knowledge of the young gangs responsible for what some US officials have called ethnic cleansing. But further west in the village of Burnt Forest, James Korir is enigmatic. “We are starting a journey, and if someone betrays us, something will happen. We cannot judge what.”

    Standing next to him in is David Arusei, who says Kalenjins have also been attacked but their suffering has been ignored. “Is the government going to help us or just the Kikuyu? We will not accept it if the Kikuyus come back and the government gives them money to build another house. We are asking for fairness.”
    Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008

    Print articleEmail articleOrder reprints

  322. Railkamuodho says:

    Karanja Kamau,
    Thanks for your curiosity. I believe Kalonzo is a great player in Kenya politics however you look at him. I am he was, like many of us, suprised by the deal reached between Kibaki and Raila- as were the hardliners in ODM and PNU (Nyongo, Karua, Rutoh). These are the same people who will try to undo what the two leaders did. Remember I have always stood by Raila that he never initiated or condoned the chaos. He was a hostage to the hardliners as was Kibaki in PNU. But the two will pass as the two Kenyan statemens who may share the Nobel peace with Kofi Anan and the eminent personalities.
    Going back to Kalonzo, I believe that he will not lose his VP post. The new act of Parliament will not in any way erode the status of VP position. He will still be at the front line in mobilizing people to do things for the government and also as usual continue with his diplomatic outreach. Don’t underestimate the man as his eyes will be firmly be looking both inward and forward. The position of VP carries a lot of power depending with how you use it (eg US VP DicK Cheney has proved to be the most powerful VP ever in American history). Kalonzo is not a chicken however much you hate him. He knows how to excercise his authority diplomatically and after all, without him, PNU shrinks and lacks strength and credibility (I mean ODM-K)

  323. karanja kamau says:

    Thanks for the response i was kind of in the dark about because i believe he is good kenya whose input for new kenya will be needed.

  324. kanyeka says:

    Happy new year, and may the ODMer live to enjoy agwambo premiership and a powerfull 2008

  325. karanja kamau says:

    If people will return they neeed to be assured never again will they be driven out of their homes……
    because we cannot continue having people investment and lives in jeopardy anytime people want to score anything political…….
    we have to demonstrate that everybody can own anything anywhere in this country otherwise the peace deal will always remain a dream….

  326. tnk says:

    railkamuodho, as i read thru your posts it appears you are determined to shift any positive focus from RAO to everywhere else and thats fine too. in a way it limits your objectivity but fortunately you are gifted and still able to get an argument across.

    now let me ask do you speak as an american or kenyan or even possibly a historian when you state that Dick Cheney is the most powerful VP in American history. where are your facts, how do you decide this and what gives you the confidence to make such a statement or declaration?did you interview americans or kenyans? anyhow regardless, of your response, at this point am unable to determine its relevance in comparison with kalonzo, effectively you’ve tried to create another smokescreen with no basis, even the mbooni mp questions this man’s strategy.

    am sure your response will be very interesting.

  327. kanyeka says:

    This also goes to Ruto haters this leader is a force to reckon with and he has leadership quality with no doubt he has his stake in the cabinet.


    Dear Countrymen,

    The piece on Ruto is as a result of people coming to their senses even though very disturbing. That is why I keep saying, that the Kibaki group is so naïve about the politics of Kenya and they are bound to make the most atrocious political blunders on record. It is frightening really, just like being driven by a first time driver at 120 miles!!! Now, that is chilling.

    The message here is a thinly veiled threat to lock up Ruto. Oh my God! Could somebody please send these chaps to history and political school urgently!!

    Bill Ruto is the anointed Kalenjin leader in a special ceremony at Eldoret. The Kalenjin community looks up to him. Even though he has such great influence, he has no control over the spontaneous reaction of the Rift Valley community who feel disenfranchised. Ruto is the Orkoiyot of the Kalenjin community.

    And why does Kibaki and his ilk suppose Jomo Kenyatta kept lackluster Daniel Moi as Vice president and eventually president. The current events in Rift Valley will shock the Kibaki – Michuki axis into total wakefulness over the same.

    To try and take drastic measures against Ruto will take an army from outside Kenya top resolve the resultant effect. And this is not a threat; it is a common sense reality.

    The authors of the piece on Ruto are desperate who have no socio-political skills. They should be thankful to the OTHER communities whom they need so much in charting a political discourse. In the Kenyatta days Jaramogi was there to handle the political dynamics, followed by Tom Mboya among others.

    But for the group that are the authors of this piece on Ruto the only ‘political’ language they understand is assassinations, detentions and crude force. J.M. Kariuki, Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto, Tito Adungosi, Bruce MacKenzie. Kungu Karumba, Ronald Ngala and the many others who were detained with trial. They suppose that this is the way they can stay in power in 2008??!!

    To the authors of the Ruto piece, these crude methods will not work in the Kenya of 2008; sorry, No. We have come to know you and your games too well now. We shall not take it lying down as you try to send this country back to the 70’s and 80’s. Sorry, No.

    Go to political school and learn how to handle and manage political situations politically. Learn how to discuss and debate issues. Master how to argue your points out. Have an open mind and most of all; be accommodative and accepting of other communities.

    We know they are targeting Bill Ruto because of his eloquence and huge influence in the Rift Valley, the backbone of the ODM support and force.

    The bringing back of the Orkoiyot’s staff from London is symbolic – And God asked Moses: “What is it you have in your hand?”

    If I may ask here:

    Bill Ruto, why do you have in your power??

    Perhaps it would help the Ruto critics to ask themselves two questions, why are people doing what they are doing? And two, is there something they have done wrong?

    Get the log from your own eye before you go for the speck in your neighbours eye.

    And Jesus asked them:

    “Let he who has no sin, throw the first stone ..”

    HR Activist

  328. tnk says:

    kk ‘s point about resettlement or return to respective homes of IDPs is a very deep question and I make a request that we do not trivialize this issue.

  329. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Kalonzo Musyoka….I see this man as a very deceitful, dishonest and egocentric fellow. See what he has done to ALL his allies in just under a year? His worst goof was on Maanzo and Ojiambo. This man is too full of himself that he cannot even see the national interest above his own. I think this crisis has helped us see the real Kalonzo; a hypocrite of the highest order.

    Maybe am just naïve, but surely, what VALUE (political or moral) has Kalonzo’s acceptance of the VP’s position added to our nationhood??? My guess is it has majorly brought pain mostly to his allies. Then, you may need to ask what VALUE has RAO’s acceptance of the PM’s post brought to our nationhood to understand the difference between seeking justice for ALL and self interest. Are we better by Kalonzo being VP or RAO sacrificing his ambition to bring about Real change. Whatever way you look at lt, at least for now, I won’t welcome Kalonzo’s distraction in the equation. I need to be convinced that he means well for ALL of us.

    On the pending issues, I heard RAO saying yesterday on CNN that the power sharing deal shall be reflected not only in cabinet but also key govt appointments including PS’s, Parastatal Heads, civil service etc. If you have accesss to CNN, please tune in at 8:30pm Kenyan time tonight.

    Otsiatso, karibu tena…..tunamngoja Zizi

  330. awour says:

    I am a new blogger who is determined that Kenya sustains this peace for the sake of all Kenyans and prove any cynics wrong . Remember ‘Words can inspire, encourage and heal , words can also incite, inflame and discourage’… Dr. Kofi Annan.
    The New Kenya will require bloggers to contain the nostalgia of the past so that we move forward. I agree with KK that Kenya’s elected politicians should start showing Kenyans that the peace agreement that was signed by our leaders was REAL and get to work. The whole world witnessed the rebirth of our Nation, that has started progressing day by day.There is no turning back. Once someone is born, no one can force you back into your mother’s womb! The new Kenya is here to be nurtured and sustained first by all Kenyans while she embraces positive support from her friends East Africa Community, AU, EU, UK,US and UN.
    There is a lot to be gained in a partnership as evidenced in this speech at the Enabling Environment Conference, June 4 2007

  331. kip says:

    and the lord asked :Who shall I send?” thou asketh the Lord. Who shall go into those the depth of those dark dungeons of supremacist to go and save these darkened PNU souls? The light is their enemy, social evil is their kinsman…

    Who shall I send?

    PNU Apologists seem worried today as if their worst nightmare is facing them It seems that some people were brainwashed to believe that Raila is a “dangerous man”.I think Raila is more focused about his legacy and setting an enviable precedent as a social democrat.Raila is a great nationalist whose image was destroyed by both KANU and PNU propaganda

    read the whole reality about our son raila amollo odinga http://mweusi.wordpress.com/2008/02/28/raila-we-were-with-you-on-27th-dec/

  332. rafiq says:


    About Kalonzo. His brand of politics will divide this country for ever. I dont trust him at all. He says one thing and does another. Actually the truth is Kalonzo has brought Kenya where it is, an active participant. Unless he comes in the open and aplogizes to Kenyans I will not trust his brand of politics and never support him.

    My reasons
    1: No democratic credentials. Where was he during the fight against one party rule, 2A, IPPG, etc. What did he say? The other day i Rwanda he remembered being a govt minister then-is it foreign minister-what did he do to help Rwanda?

    2: If Kalonzo stuck with RAO Kiabki would not have rigged himself in. If he stuck with Kibaki-RAO would have probably lost the elctions. So he had to make a choice, which unfortunately gave Kibaki a chance to meddle with results.

    3. Why the hurry? Why force Kivuitu to annaounce false results? Remember he left ODM when he said RAO is unelectbale bcoz of his tribe! A chrisitan? Give me a break!

    4. He dumps Julia/Maanzo-No apologies or explanation. He dumps councillors no apologies or explanation.

    Summary: Selfish, Untrustworthy, Opprtunistic, Ethnic Chauvinist ic politicians who are many should not be allowed to rule this country because they will take us back to where we came from.

    In the same breadth I dismiss Johos comments that VP or 1DPM go to coast. This brings back the same problems of our people vs others.

    For me Kalonzo is out of the picture please.

    As for Land: Tricky! Kenya Land Alliance has done some work on this. We can borrow from them. However the issues can be sorted out by releasing idle land esp owned by the absentee landlords. So some people from RV P will have to be resettled in land owed illegally by some politicans.

    I think building trust and allowing people to live together again requires more than signing the peace accord. The offenders have to be convinced of no revenge and vice versa. Talking of revenge can somebody clear the govt of Bitange Ndemo-this guy will create more trouble than he thinks he will solve. Everybody sent or received sms, now how do you see who did what first. And we know Kenyas judicial system is poor so why take people to court to waste time over sms. I wish he was sent away sooner.

    We all want a new beginning. I dont think witch hunting will help.

    By the way the life expectancy of the deal is at most 5 yrs and should be at least 2 yrs. So we have the opprtunity to get a new govt in 2 yrs.

  333. rafiq says:

    Somebody help me her whats this thing about near freeze on govt spending? Can the
    donors come in to help finance this?

    By the way in terms of land and resetlement , i think it should have a ministy led by a neutral, knowledgeable, trustworthy politician. It is also conditional to the implementation of the deal as agreed without any alteration. If the deal fails to pass the test of day then this will fail too. Sad but real.

  334. Yego says:

    Regards from RIS Hon PM Odinga Amollo

  335. Yego says:

    Just realised that Kenya is the first country in africa to be headed by a P.M.
    We now join the league of Britain, israel, Russia to follow soon, Japan and Autsralia.
    Can we also do something and match them economically.

    Kindly as ODM & PNU to return a back hand and send peace mediators to Cameroon.We should also train more pple for the same course coz soon we ll be in big demand in africa and acroos the world to bring peace.Hope Nakumatt is not supplying the matchetes being used in cameroo.

  336. concerned kenyan says:

    Congratulations yet again your excellency.your steadfastdness, wit and intelligence has once again paid off.you are truly a great leader to be emulated by the upcoming generations of leaders.
    mp for othaya kibaki and his crooked friends were truly pushed into a corner they couldnt escape from.a perfect checkmate.kweli siku ya mwizi ni 40.just make sure he doesnt steal the chess pieces in desperation and ran away.he is very capable of that and not to be trusted one bit.
    top on the agenda i believe should be land reforms and how to resettle the displaced across the board.all tribes must be considered not just one.justice from the unjust days of kenyatta must be done.
    next how to combat negative tribalism, is this something that should be introduced in primary education?i strongly feel it should be.we have to all be educated that we are a multiethnic country and each ethnic group is equal to the other no matter what the numerical size and that each should be equally respected.this should be reflected in the government.
    next agenda, away with the thorns in the flesh eg.martha karua, kalonzo musyoka .they add no value to the prosperous future of kenya as ministers/VP now unless they recondition themselves and again get a fresh mandate from the people of kenya who will remember their selfish and unfortunate actions throughout the tragedy in kenya.and away with the none entities eg.alfred mutua, the infamous kivuituand his band of crooked comissioners who fuelled the fires when indeed they had some sort of abilities to extinguish them if they had rightly chosen to.
    next the aggressive international marketing of our already proven strategic position in eastern africa to rejuvinate our economy and give us a prime position in the eastafrican community.also i believe this is the time for the eastafrican community to really take off and try and be in the same league as the european union.single market, currency and the like.such institutions neutralize and checkmate the greed and overambition of certain individuals.
    and finally i agree with one of the commentors that this is really the time to watch your back because PNU is now like a dying-wounded lion after battle and will lash out in frustration.the have already proved they dont respect life.
    chungwa moja ni kweli maisha bora.kazi ianze!!!

  337. Railkamuodho says:

    Great to have you respond to my critique once again. You are a great Kenya (very objective). Now, I must admitt that no one can share the biggest honor and probably a Nobel Peace but Kofi Anan, Raila Odinga, Mwai Kibaki and eminent persons. The negotiating team who did a good job were also the foot solders who did what they think was for the interest of their parties.
    I am only stating the obvious about Kalonzo Musyoka. Be objective and stop shifting Kenya crisis to the man. I do not have a relation with him but dont write him off because of Kilonzo and Musau. I regret that Prof Kibwana and Kalembe are not part of the government. Maybe they will be back soon.

  338. Railkamuodho says:

    If you want to know about Dick Cheney just Goooogle or search the web. You will see what I mean. The world is so small due to internet and TV technology such that the moment the Kenya deal came to be, the whole world watched and heard about it. It is the same with history!!

  339. rafiq says:


    I think I need to study for PHD to be convinced that Kalonzo Musyoka in the state he is in, and the history of this country especially now should have or play a critical role in the leadership of this country. I would rather work with John Harun Mwau madam Ngilu, than Kalonzo. What is Kalonzo doing traversing the world to convince them there is no big problem in Kenya?

    As for Cheney I think he has done alot behind the scenes.

  340. rafiq says:

    I dont like discussing individuals but at times records need to be set straight. What happened in Kenya should nver happen again.

    I think people like kalembe should not be MPs in modern Kenya. Not to despise the guy but he can serve in other capacities. How can he dare dismiss medical personnel as pple who went to study where to inject. Would he encourage anybody to study in heath care.

    Kivutha was initially good but I dont know what power can do to people. I just dont understand why the guy changed so fast? May be am wrong but I doubt his principles. He may have a chance to come back but I would want him too close to our leadership-i didnt like his sycophancy!

  341. Jamabinju says:


    It is impossible to write off Kalonzo. He may just spring back. However, I am not sure you have taken your time to listen to the guy. Hollow! No points, no Vision. I really tried to follow his campaign. Once he was out of the bigger ODM, the guy certainly lacked any points. All he had was a great belief in himself, supported by no evidence at all. You should have read Ahmednassir’s article on him. Fiar and brutally honest. Other than eloquence and good looks – the guy has NOTHING to share, and his political mastery is close to NIL. But God and his mganga mother (God bless her soul) has been on her side. Hence, he may just pull another viper mirako.

  342. Jane says:

    ODMers, lest some hyped political expectations develop and frustrations set in due to mis-direction by both media and the politicians we so faithfully fight and kill each other for ( at least they can get as much as Ksh.10m+ as compensation for death while the boys and girls with machetes, bows , arrows petrol bombs etc fighting for these same politicians get nothing) it may not be too bad after all to recall;

    1. The post of prime minister recommended in the just concluded political agreement was part of the proposed constitutional amendments that the group which later formed ODM rejected in 2005. It Seems the AG just picked the stuff from that document. Then, were there lots of political vested interests then, if or if not why did it take RAO advisors more than 2years to make sense of the recommended constitutional amendments. They rejected it in 2005 calling it ‘katiba mbaya’, now RAO has accepted it.

    2. The PM post is basically what the head of public service and secretary to the cabinet does. So its like re-organisation in institutions, whereby the role of secretary to the cabinet is now given to an MP.

    3. MK is neither war like nor violent. PNU had from the beginning of the year planned to form a Government of National Unity incorporating all parties into the cabinet (pnu, kenda, ford-k, kanu, odm-k, odm, etc), it already started but detracted abit by odm ( they displayed war-like and violent tendencies), so the recent pronouncement by odm leader that MK is the president of the republic of Kenya gave MK a go ahead to incorporate odm in the cabinet which the odm mps must have been happy about. In essence ODM gets swallowed by PNU especially if the slot of PM (when it will be created) is given to the leader.

    Ever heard that some parents and relatives of the many kids in machetes, bows and arrows confronted by men with guns are demanding their children from the politicians who hired them to go for war , kill, burn and destroy property in the 2007 post election madness, but never to return alive? Watch out what you plant.

  343. awour says:

    This time we can not allow you to ridicule RAO and we keep quiet. Kenya is set to have the second prime minister in the history of this Nation. RAO’s rank cannot be compared with that of the head of the public service. 4million plus do not elect the head public service. Wake up to the new dawn.

  344. mumias says:

    ODM’rs, we had formulated a policy of not responding to these PNU sympathasers on this blog, awour Jane is one of these unintellectually blessed individuals whom are contracted as part of their propaganda battle to try and test our resolve and stand against our movement by sowing the seeds of doubt on all our ODM leaders.

    It was indeed a pleassure to note that when this unexpected deal broke most of these PNU sympathisers never saw it coming and were completely caught unaware, I laugh because you will note that all the observations here in the blog in the aftermath of the deal these people did not make a single comment and it was only true ODMers who had something to say and celebrate.

    Although I note that this power sharing agreement fell short of what we wanted we agree that in a season of give and take RAO showed his statemanship. One merely needs to look at his speech after the deal, Kibaki did not come close in terms of content and delivery.

    Lastly it is essential to note that RAO will supervise the reform agenda that will be carried out in this country, reforms of all institutions. Jane and others, we as ODM embrace the coalition but have no doubt that once the neccesarry foundations are in place, ie institutions within 2 years, we will be seeking fresh elections and thus seeking to implement and begin to implement ODM policies that will lay a foundation for a true maisha bora!!

    ODM let us focus on rebuilding and reform, this is the true price we recieved, let us seizer this and make the most out of ensuring Kenyans become the true winners.

    bado mapambano

  345. rafiq says:

    Awuor and other ODMers,
    This is why we talk of cautious optimism. When you read from the likes of Jane still a kenyan probably of PNU inclination then you know we have still a long way to go. Their expectation is that RAO will be Muthaura. Since when did Muthaura start supervising ministers. If that is their expectation we are in for big problems because we knew what we wanted, what we have and what we will NOT accept.

    No worry. Lets pass the bill, get to misbehave in PNU, then we pull out and go for fresh elections probably under UN monitoring. You win , get the mandate and rule.

    You also know that the problem was constitution was 80% good 20% bad. If you were in Kenya during the referendum you knoe why the constitution was thrown out. Its not because of what you suggest.

    Maintain your hardline, we have your medicine. Trivialise RAO at your own peril. Annan is going and that may not be good news for you if you try to chicken out.

  346. tnk says:


    excellent points. whereas ODM and RAO are pushing for mechanisms to push kenya thru greater democratic gains, the only argument consistently portrayed by PNU sympathisers is “at least kbk is still the boss”. and this has been the problem all along, they just want the man to be seen or appear to be the boss of RAO. i think we should let them continue under that delusion and ensure that the PM can work without interference. we had a chance to review the bomas draft and wako draft in their entirety and discussed at length why the wako draft was rejected. this persistent half-truths used to be annoying but increasingly are sounding quite juvenile.

    this agreement is not the wako draft, its a carefully crafted document that takes into account the sensitivities in the country affecting the wananchi and the leadership and is a temporary or transitive process to provide a path to correct some serious problems with democratic processes and our rights.

  347. rafiq says:

    Well put tnk,

    They need to know however that the international community and ODM plus democratic Kenyans have plan B. Let them cease the opprtunity to come into the big family of democrats. There is no going back on this.

    But anyway we know what such people are made of. By the way where are this Mutua aka Pato aka Okello.

    After all the nationwide celebrations I think we need to look at the next critical phase-implementation.

  348. Turncoat says:


  349. Otsiatso says:

    People according to PM RAO, we should have a new constituition in a year and an election in two years. That is what we should keep our eyes on. This process will also sort out those who are on the peoples’ side and those who are not [not that we do not know them]

    Kalonzo Iscariot:
    For those who are defending him can they name just one brave poltical decision he has made, ON HIS OWN, in his 20 yeasr of politics? Just one! I can name a few acts of cowardice:

    1. In the run up to multipartyism in the 90’s he was with Moi and Mulu Mutisya – ” Sisi tunataka multiparty moja tu”., fighting tooth and nail against democratic reforms.
    2. He had to be pulled out of KANU doing so the day before the famous Uhuru Park rally pre-Kasarani
    3. During BOMAS when Ayako, PM RAO & Balala refused to walk out on BOMAS Kalooser was nowhere to be seen
    4. When BOMAS went to parliament and the government bastardized it, instead of voting for or against the draft – he was hiding literally in the parliament tioilet – ati he abstained my foot!
    5. In the most crucail meeting to determine how ODm was to nominate its flag bearer – in Naivasha / Nakuru? , he took off for Nairobi to appear at a radio show and told the other to wait for him [he was leading in the fake Steadman polls so he thought he was popular.]
    6. His lackey, Manazo and him were meeting with State House functionaries while he ws still in ODM [Remember the KTN raid was partly instigated by fear of this leaking]
    7. His biggest SIN – at a time when all the world knew the election was stolen, he was pressuring the other imbecile – Kivuitu, to call the election for His excellenecy the chief thief. By siding with PNU he gave them cover to go ahead and form an illegitimate govt. to frustarate Kenyan will.

    So I say – give him the VP post – in the new dispensation it is an office boy position, worthless . He will be running errands for Kibaki.

    For now the stakes are too high to worry about what he gets. We are on the way to anew constitution – that is the second most important outcome for now.

  350. Otsiatso says:

    People, according to PM RAO, we should have a new constituition in a year and an election in two years. That is what we should keep our eyes on. This process will also sort out those who are on the peoples’ side and those who are not [not that we do not know them]

    Kalonzo Iscariot:
    For those who are defending him can they name just one brave poltical decision he has made, ON HIS OWN, in his 20 yeasr of politics? Just one! I can name a few acts of cowardice:

    1. In the run up to multipartyism in the 90’s he was with Moi and Mulu Mutisya – ” Sisi tunataka multiparty moja tu”., fighting tooth and nail against democratic reforms.
    2. He had to be pulled out of KANU doing so the day before the famous Uhuru Park rally pre-Kasarani
    3. During BOMAS when Ayako, PM RAO & Balala refused to walk out on BOMAS Kalooser was nowhere to be seen
    4. When BOMAS went to parliament and the government bastardized it, instead of voting for or against the draft – he was hiding literally in the parliament tioilet – ati he abstained my foot!
    5. In the most crucail meeting to determine how ODm was to nominate its flag bearer – in Naivasha / Nakuru? , he took off for Nairobi to appear at a radio show and told the other to wait for him [he was leading in the fake Steadman polls so he thought he was popular.]
    6. His lackey, Maanzo and him were meeting with State House functionaries while he was still in ODM [Remember the KTN raid was partly instigated by fear of this leaking]
    7. His biggest SIN – at a time when all the world knew the election was stolen, he was pressuring the other imbecile – Kivuitu, to call the election for His excellency the chief thief. By siding with PNU he gave them cover to go ahead and form an illegitimate govt. to frustarate Kenyan will.

    So I say – give him the VP post – in the new dispensation it is an office boy position, worthless . He will be running errands for Kibaki.

    For now the stakes are too high to worry about what he gets. We are on the way to anew constitution – that is the second most important outcome for now.

  351. Jane says:

    ODMers , for those who carefully listened to the live broadcast as RAO gave his speech after appending his acceptance to the political partnership ( note it expires with expiry of the tenth parliament or if the partners so wish to end it) recently agreed between pnu parties and odm after 2007 elections RAO said “ wengine wanasema oh oh kwa nini Raila amekubali, lakini nataka kuwaambia , nchi ni muhimu kuliko Raila……” So even RAO may be aware the pm post as described is not as prestigious as some think.

    Further, for those who read the daily newspapers on 29th Feb.the Kenya private sector alliance and Cotu were tired of politics and everyday threats by Prof. Mass Action and the Arab from the coast. The Alliance and Cotu had a message “ It’s time to tell you what is acceptable and what is not. Dear President Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga…… a list of what is not acceptable including mass action, vandalism of the railway, displacement of workers, further loss to business etc. So do not think RAO was/is not under pressure to end political madness and have his people behave. Some fellows enjoy misbehaving behind RAO’s back.

    RAO’s acceptance to end political madness may not even be based on the intended creation of a pm post but, he might also be tired of seeing people especially from down Luo Nyanza suffering, no food, no money, burying their children due to these clashes and other pressures like the one of cotu and private sector alliance. Further, he was aware the security agents were put on high alert especially after Prof. Mass action& co.announcement of mass action.

    The issue at hand for RAO is to work together with the government for development. At least that is what he mentioned then.

    So being violent, insulting MK is going against RAO’s current ideals.

  352. karanja kamau says:

    I would like to know why people should not be resettled in their former homes,it’s simple and clear they have a title and they are kenyans like everybody.
    As long as people don’t accept the fact that everybody can own anywhere then i say again it will be very hard for everybody to realize this is one country.This is very fundamental unless we clearly state that everybody because of his/her name should own and live only in a cetain parts.
    If we really have to killl ethinicity we should talk freely about everything and understand everybody’s point of view.

  353. rafiq says:


    I believe with you people should be assisted to resettle in their former homes. However there are some too traumatized to go back. I think we should not force them to go back but ask them waht their options are.

    From the ground in RVP peolpe are willing to accept their neighbours back, but what their neighbours say is difeerent. I think its trust we are dealing with.

    By the way where I come from am told even some businessmen are back.

    Its upon all Kenyans to embrace one another. I say we give Kibaki the goodwill to restore the trust btwn himself and raila so that it trickles down to the people. Otherwise most people are ready to begin a new chapter.

  354. karanja kamau says:

    TO add on your response i think this is the time starting with the politicians and scholars that real cohesion can be attained.
    I think kenyans should talk freely about their fears and aspirations in honest way and give suggestions what they want in their country………..
    For real cohesion goverment should promote intermarriage,owning business and relocating to other areas so that one day nobody can claim nyanza or mt kenya is specifically for a certain group of people……then we can really enjoy and build one kenya.

  355. awour says:

    Kenyans need to be resettled to their homes as a first step to giving back to displaced Kenyans their capabilities and freedom. Sustaining the peace calls for all Kenyans to engage their leaders in this direction and Please No more them and us. We are now one Nation, the united Kenya. Any one insulting or ridiculing both leaders after they signed the peace agreement has other motives only known to such persons, remember Kenya is moving forward. We are writing a new book as a nation, while references can be made from the last book, it will not replace the new book let alone the title. Our leaders are human and will prefer a positive legacy. Harmony is what will make this happen, let all Kenyans strive to harness this harmony, words can heal, inspire, and unite. working together is a strength. Priority needs to be given to resettling the displaced Kenyans to their previous homes or anywhere in the country , let the IDPs to consulted on this, use their answers to serve as guidelines to move forward on this issue.

  356. tnk says:

    rafiq. kk

    you make some really great suggestions. the problem as i see it

    people have lost trust in service delivery from public institutions (land, judiciary i.e courts, police, etc).

    fundamental issue is therefore to restore faith, integrity, accountability, transparency and all those other apt adjectives to these institutions. A title deed should not depend on whether is was issued by Kimunya, Ntimama, Kenyatta, Moi or whoever.

    Anytime you need to play a tribal card to be given service or denied service it re-ignites animosity. compound that with the sheer arrogance displayed by PNU diehards and even by some of these IDPs then chances of reconciliation are diminished.

    once the problem of all around service delivery is comprehensively addressed, then the rest of kenyan goodwill will be follow. as long as there is no suspicion of favoritism for or against a given community then people will accept each other without need for further intervention

  357. tnk says:

    reconstitute cabinet to have ministers that can also travel beyond state house and harambee hse and even maybe perhaps to other countries.

  358. tnk says:

    on the issue of IDPs there is need for both short term and long term approaches. short term is disaster management because the living conditions of these kenyans have deteriorated and their human rights are now subject to abuse. we have reported incidences of physical and mental abuse. in the long term, issues that need to be addressed are settlement options whether back to the land they owned or if feel insecure to other designated areas, this has be to led by the IDPs and communities they (wish to) live(d) in, it should not be a boardroom discussion by people who do not understand the basic dynamics of whats happening on the ground

  359. Railkamuodho says:

    What is happening right now is giving back government to the people. Since the referendum, the power of the people has been made very clear. The only problem is that the war was fought not by the politicians but by the ordinary folks which is a great tragedy. What we, as a nation should say is what Germany ambassador said, “NEVER AGAIN”. I applaud what the RV MPs are doing. However we need something in the constitution that will make cattle rustling, tribal clashes a capital offence. Educated people should never, never advocate for this crime. More solders and anti-stock theft police posts should be increased in the volitile areas especially in Uasin Gishu, Pokot-Marakwet boarder and other places. But our people should be educated not to kill each other whatever the provocations. We will not allow people to be displaced their homes again-never!

  360. karanja kamau says:

    ompletely agree with you we have to have a harsh punishment like capital offence…
    people should clearly understand that we can never use peoples lives as a tool to score political points…..
    life is sacred and political battles will always come and go.

  361. Railkamuodho says:

    I am suprised that the Scandinavian country denied the minister in-charge of constitution visa. It is part of the wider scheme to embarass her for causing altercation during the negotiations. I find this unwise on the side of Switzerlands. In negotiations and mediations, tempers flare all the time and that is part of the process. That visa denial is in bad taste. I think the so called non-aligned government should reconsider the ban it is hypocritical considering the way things go in the west for most of us who have been there for years.
    The minister was simply a foot solder with no power to decise for the head of state. can they force her to continue negotiating when she has to attend to other duties for her ministry? Let not many of us rejoice for the visa denial. what this teaches me is to work very hard for peace and prosperity in my country so that I will always want to be around to enjoy the beauty and freshness of Kenya[s coast, grasslands and highlands.

  362. Railkamuodho says:

    One of the greatest test for the joint government is to create wealth for the 35 million Kenyans evenly so that at least all of us can afford to put food on the table. That can be achieved by the government giving some basic support to the needy every month until we create enough wealth to have everybody get a meaningful job. Otherwise for now we must not tame the rich but encourage them to share wealth just as we are sharing leadership.
    Here is my projected top cabinet:

    President Mwai Kibaki
    VP Minister Kalonzo Musyoka
    Prime minster Raila Amolo Odinga
    1st Deputy Prime minister minister for planning- Musalia Mudavadi
    2nd Deputy Prime minister Minister for Local government- Uhuru Kenyatta
    ODM will most likely distribute their positions as follows

    Charity Ngilu
    Joseph Nkaissery
    William Ruto
    Dr Sally Koskei
    Anyang Nyongo
    Alfred Sambu
    Henry Koskei
    William Ntimama (may opt out due to health)
    Margaret kamar
    watch this space for the remaining guys in the list
    Or what do you think guys?

  363. kanyeka says:

    Martha karua thought she was a very big person that she could refer to ambassadors as junior staff. Now it is the time for her to know the kind of power the so called junior staff can do. The hardliners Wameanzakupatikana.
    Bado afraid Mutua

  364. Yego says:

    Lost the hardline battle,no visa to swiss,son denied entry to Australia, another deported from europe,Raila is the PM,Aids complications taking tall, what next.

  365. mrembowaodm says:


    i think the position of the vp should be re-assigned. that man who was so willing to work with a thief and a rapist to destroy this country should not feature anywhere but mwingi north constituency and then go home after 5 years….in any event we need an opposition at the very least and we would like to see him seated on those benches.

    my cabinet proposal list would require a true power sharing agreement in the sense that since the president comes from pnu, odm should supply the vp….and to reflect odm’s parliamentary strength 3 of the top 5 positions should come to us!!

    alfred sambu? why? the man couldnt run kff, now he can run a ministry? no way!! let him wait a little and learn. ntimama apumzike jamani…i love him though, but he’s old let him be baba odm that’s enough…..balala is not there? he’s very diplomatic…and speaks marvelously well…..foreign affairs would suit him well. i want to see new blood not just the same old faces!!

    please dont excuse martha karua’s behaviour by blaming it on disease, she has always been arrogant…..and I dont think its okay to ‘laugh’ at her ‘disease’ i dont really see it as a joke (thats hitting below the belt people!)

    otherwise you are permitted to say anything else about her……she brought it on her self!!

  366. mrembowaodm says:

    sorry!! the aids comment was intended for everyone not railkamuodho….let us rise above it.

  367. Yego says:

    By the way Martha Karua deserves no human face from us , and im sorry to say this coz she actually navigated the whole mayhem in the country.There is something all ODMERS here didnt know but i ll let you know so that you judge martha in accordance.
    Can someone tell me wether it was right for Martha to tell Annan the following words “no one is clean even you mr Annan, you precided over the food for oil scandle in iraq when you were the UNSG”.Thats what actually being called exchange or flare of tempers and i know many pple didnt actually know that transpired in the peace hse of serena.so tell me pple, were those the words or sentiments to slap on Annan.

  368. rafiq says:


    Agreed on issues of resettlement and trust. Its hard to believe that you can live next to someone who literally killed all your family members except you. I think I will not be comfortable myself. I would rather be given a chance to sell that land-incase I have the papers and buy land far from there even in the same province. I think even our children are so traumatized that F. Njenga/M. Okonji/D. Ndetei-reknown psychiatrists will have to treat them for a long time to go. The horrible widely circulatd picture of a woman murdered as her helpless kid watch comes into picture.

    The other thing is govt employment and even private sector employment. So long as it is tribe first then qualifications second, then we have a long way to go. So remember the national data base of profeesionals that was proposed in 2002. What of proportional employment the Rwandan or Malaysian style. I dont have answers here just proposals.

    To others,
    As for Martha Karua, I think this hypocrisy should end. This is waht I have been advocating for. If US/EU is that evil and unnnecessary then why take your families there. If China-which i detest so much for its role in destroying democracy in kenya amongst other ills, is the place then why not take direct flight from Kenya through Darfur to China. So madam Karua should not worry about the Visa after all its offered by junior officers.

    The same should follow for Wetangula, Kalonzo, Michuki, Karume, Saitoti, Uhuru Kenyatta, Gideon Moi, Mutuas, Bitange, Major Ali and Kiraithe amogst others. Should safaricom boss be punished too, he jammed his network during the Naivasha massacre and Iten APs saga. He abated crime-unless he can prove that he has acted on those below him who did it.

    Yego, thank you for revealing the secrets. I think Martha now knows she cant live in isolation.

  369. rafiq says:


    I feel you brother. I dont think the law is the issue, its implentation is the problem. So why take victims away like it was in Naivasha and Eldoret and let the criminals go free in broad day light. Who implements laws. Get a good police commissioner and all these things will be history.

    He keeps vigil in Uhuru park while Kenyans are dying elsewhere. He teargases homes and innocent peolple while lets the crminals rule the country.

    What happens if Kibaki refuses to replace him because he sided with the PNU during the post election violence? And what if he continues with wasting public resources advertising things that are already highlighted in the media yet Kenyans are being gunned down daily in Nairobi and elsewhere?

    Any suggestions as to how the police force can be improved? I think it may be critical to community cohesion after the deal is through. Even now pple are fighting and dying in transmara, molo areas while he is busy chasing the sms sent before and shortly after rigged elections.

  370. Yego says:

    Guys in this block should also be considered for top government Jobs.Its a shame that all of them are very qualified kenyan citizen consulting or offering their specialist services abroad yet our country lacks the same.Im saying this coz since we started posting comments in this blog, i really interacted with smart Brains that kenya needs.

  371. Yego says:


  372. Sam Ochola says:

    Fellow ODM’ers,
    It has been a treacherous route since Dec.29, that fateful evenning when our flag- ship was acrimoniously topedoed by this criminal Samuel Kivuitu at the behest of PNU bandits. It was a titanic hit & for once we were sinking to the ocean belt, with it the hope and future of our beloved nation.
    It was a painful experience to watch political shiftas and bandits like Kalonzo Musyoka merrily feasting from the spoils of our Wounded Vessel. For once, it was a high noon to loot everything a float; Never did they imagine our esteemed ODM sailors would resurface & recover the stolen GOODS. Remember Kalonzo Musyoka at the height of the power vacuum had in sight atleast 6 cabinet positions to his paltry 13- man ethnic parliamentary coterie. All the Dick, Tom & Hurry parties outside our Movement were cornived around PNU stolen power, in readiness for the “great harvest”. That is how they acquired the 102 votes at the speaker’s election. The partying is now over for these certified opportunists in the waiting wing and rest assured they will soon scatter to oblivion as ODM reclaim its rightful hold on the nation’s governance.

    I thank the awesome God for his miracles that has brought us this far. Am no fun of the west but I applaud their unique in-put in settling this dispute.
    We salute our Captain His Excellency the Engineer RAO, for the relentless & heroic display as he chartered our nation out of its most dangerous period since independence.
    We exalt the Pentagon & the entire ODM parliamentarians for their steadfast solidarity with the captain throughout this most trying period. They repulsed tiem and again enormous PNU overtures to betray the peoples cause. Please keep it up to the very end. Many of you must have notted the immense Ruto-phobia propaganda going round in PNU quarters; Kudos Arap Samoei!, the fear Eng President with the same vigour; Not suprising in the spirit of phobia-sharing, PNU has now adopted rightfully a Ruto-phobia.
    Our utmost tribute to mwanainchi, the millions of ODM faithfuls, the ordinary citizens, for their resillience in the quest for justice; It is them that took to the streets to shout the cause; It is them that put their dear lives on the frontline in defense of freedom; It is them poor citizens who barred the full blunt of the enemy supression in bullets and destruction. They were maimed and killed in thousands; I salute these unsong heroes as we embark on a new threshold of the dispensation. Them fallen comrades, we will remember them!
    The Power-sharing deal does NOT erase the profound fact that we are gonna work with bandits who stole our overwhelming mandate on December 2007. But we welcome it as a strategy and sacrifise to move the country foward to the next phase.
    Our party and the nation shall have been vindicated if the Grand-Coalition yield to comprehensive constitutional reforms in 12 months
    Subsequently, once the ground is well entrenched with justice, equity and fair play , We shall certainly expect a return to the people. For the moment, let PNU hold the 50% and let them cling to obsolete illusion of presidential supremacy; Sooner the chickens will come home to roast.
    In 2 years if all goes well, the truth will warrant a general election and inshalla Kenya will have a dully elected President & government.

    To comment on Railkamuodho’s Cabinet proposals:
    Trust the People’s president, he will make sound judgement in the Meagre opportunity to Nominate ministers. My worry will be MK’s indifference to share key portfolios outside Mt Kenya.

    Given that ODM might have as less as 12 full Cabinet slots; I think the following list suits

    1. Hon M. Mudavadi Dep PM (Min for Infrastructure ie Roads)

    2. Hon W Ruto …… (heavy portfolio ie Lands, Settlement & Devolution)

    3 Hon Najib Balala…… (maybe Transport & Coastal regions)

    4 Hon C Ngilu………. (perhaps back to health)

    5 Hon J Nkaissey …….(would fit Defense)

    6 Hon A Nyong’o ……. (planning & social devt)

    7 Hon Dr. Sally Kosgei (would fit Foreign affairs)

    9 Hon Chrysanthus Okemo (Trade & Industry)

    10 Hon Omingo Magara………. (ask him what he wants
    11 (an MP from Northern frontier)….Livestock or Water resources

    12 (An MP from Coast eg Giriama like Ming’aro)……..(Tourism)

    13 Kipkalya Kones (or any Kipsigis MP)…..(Agriculture)

    1. It will be an OPPORTUNITY COST the above scenario. Lots of our deserving represantatives will be left out eg Party chairman Hon Henry Kosgey would have been traded to give another Kalenjin (Non-Nandi) a cabinet slot given that Dr Sally & Arap Samoei are already Included
    2. Pentagon member Hon J Nyagah would be relucatantly be excluded in the above for the sake of ethnic balance, given that PNU side will ceratinly fill their chunk slot with GEMA appointees. Unlike Judas ODM-K, Our the party has already vindicated Nyagah’s solidarity with a precious parliamentary nomination & am sure he appreciate it. He could serve an ass Min in the mean-time till we get our full-home
    3. In ideal scenario, a female would suit our Dep PM , but pragmatism at moment it has to be Budamba jnr. PNU have laxity to nominate a female but shall they??
    4. Alfred Sambu is ok, but I guess with PNU likely to retain their Bukusu MPs in Cabinet, it is rather our nominee reflect the other region of western ie larger KK and Busia district hence Okemo or Abu Tawfiq
    4. Bill Nitimama is our dear Babu wetu, but surely it’s not time to have him in Cabinet. He will definately be in favor of giving our Maasais a fresher look in the person of Gen Nkaissery.
    5. The dep ministers should and must reflect our other communities missing from the above list ie Samburu (Letimalo), Iteso, Turkana, Turgen, Keiyo, Samie South Nyanza, Taita, Wajir etc

    Whatever the Case, Kazi Ianze sasa; let the IDP’s be resettled somewhere urgently as we seek long-term solution to the land question.
    I thank all the dear forumers & the agents for change. Special thanks to spy-master YEGO, we greatly benefited your ground covering skills in the run-up to the polls. Sorry all ODM’ers a bloodbath substitued our much anticipated Victory party in Dec, But for Now Let me Wish you all a HAPPY New Year. Let Yego have some Primus in Kigali & I Ochola some Scottish Malt.
    We had to cope with the Nuisance of the likes of MIKE, I hope these PNU mongreals get some work or least help Martha Karua with her visa problems.
    It has been personal nightmare for 2 months over this crisis and it’s time I too resume some normality back here in Scotland.
    Agents for Change, We’ll keep an eagle eye on the implementation of the home Political process. And surely if Needed, we’ll be back into Action if not in 2 years.
    Long Life ODM
    Long Life Pentagon
    Long life the People’s President
    Long Life the New Republic of Kenya.

  373. mumias says:

    A very touching account Sam, I throughly enjoyed reading your thoughts!
    However I would like to point out few things that struck me, We as ODM should also aknowledge not only the tremendous loss of life from our people who fought in the frontline of the streets against the “shoot to kill” Police force, there was also another ugly side that was bourne out during the crisis, that was the IDP’s experience at the hands of some of our regions. As some people noted i.e KK, people will find it difficult to retun to farms where neigbours few months ago targeted and chased them away, those wounds are much too deep.

    Lastly I believe that Nyaga should and will be rewarded. We sometimes forget underestimate true leadership, Nyaga was a brave brave man to defy his wider community’s firm solidarity to stand with Kibaki, Nyaga made the decision to stand on principle and loose than on his stomach and win and share the spoils in a illegitimate Kibaki administration. Nyaga deserves OUR huge thanks for his stance, and I hope to see his commitment to the common man’s cause rewarded accordingly. Unlike Kalonko We in ODM should not betray our comrades, ie Ojiambo and Manzo.

  374. rafiq says:

    Thanks Sam for your great summary of events and suggestions on the way forward. Hope you have a great new year in Scotland.

    What shall it profit a man if you gain the whole constituency but lose your country? Thats what Hon Nyaga reflected on and made the correct decision. I watched the guy after the elections during the violence definitely he will get a senior position. You know guys we still have committees and other offices for which he will get a chance. I tend to think RAO will wors as he is believed-consultation. So Nyaga will make a choice where he thinks he fits best-as a former banker, finance would be good.

    Our leaders are not selfish they were patient despite the attempted bribery by PNU when voting for the speaker or during the negotiatios to stay within the camp. They chose they conscience, their pple and their conviction. So I dont expect any infighting here, these guys are good enough, thats why we voted them in.

    Regional balance and diversity is the Key. I propose Orengo or Kosgey for Chief Whip!

    This issue of resettlement may make or break this country. There will be lies, threats or even attempted manouvres to paint one side as not fair. Already part of this was seen in the IDP saga. We need strong willed, neutral, DPM to handle this. It should be done in atransparent manner so that the peoples desire is fulfilled. I know our first DPM WMM will be able to ahndle this.

  375. tnk says:

    excellent piece Sam.

    As for the distribution of cabinet positions, will wait to see what transpires Thursday then revisit the suggestions above. Remember this is not a normal parliament/govt but an extra-ordinary coalition govt and therefore we do need extra-ordinary composition that will rise up to the enormous challenges of working in collusion or collaborating in governance with sometimes near conflicting ideology but lets see how this pans out.

    As we turn the do not forget to turn the spotlight on some deals that continue to baffle me such as this


    can those of you who can dig up such or similar information in the different sectors bring it up to the limelight. there are a lot of issues such as the safaricom IPO and similar that we need to take a closer look at as we move forward. i would request agent for change to start a thread to study the activities in the ministries.

  376. mumias says:

    Personally I think we should concede the finance ministry and instead have justice and constitution in the bag as the top pick to be assigned to Orengo! This is because last time in 2002, you will remember it was Kiraitu in his capacity as the incumbent of Martha Karua’s seat who together with Paul Muite frustrated RAO’s efforts in the Bomas constitutional talks. Thus If we are to get a new constitution in 12 months, then this is the docket we need in the bag.

    Also another key docket is Uhuru’s present ministry, we need to have that so we can revoke the 100 names which were illegally added that differed with ECK’s list that was meant to be gazzetted, and those Mayoral elections that were partaken with these ghost councillors added in some smoke filled room in statehouse be ordered fresh elections in mayoral contests.
    Further I believe it is important given the fact that ODM control most of these local authoirties that we have an ODM minster in charge to ensure that we are not frustrated in thier efforts to rebuild our areas.

    We have to be stragegic in our negotiations for these seats, remember the main aim of the coalition is to reform the country, in 2 yrs time we will return to the polls and when we win we will have all ministries!

    Remember with the shortages and the current sizeable hole in the bugdet and current state of affairs in the books, it will mean no meaningfull major key development programs will be initiated in at least 1-2yrs.

    A key one to have will be planning and give it back to Anayng. What people do not realise is that alot of the developments that Kibaki sings about during the latter yrs our his first term were actually the product of Anayng’s works. I believe strategically it is essential to hold this docket so we can begin to plan not only for the short term to resettle but in the long term for a ODM full government that will be coming very soon.

    Also Land is one we should try and hold on so as to fully revist this land issue once and for all.

    Let them have finance, transport, defence foreign affairs etc, they are not key for us in the short term, ( no money in coffers for them to do anything much), we will reserve this key dockets that are paramount to rebuilding key institutions and addressing injustices and issues i.e Land for good!

  377. Jane says:

    We applaud Martha for her courage and intellect in letting Kenyans know a former British envoy is ‘Persona non grata’ in Kenya. Further, she is applauded for standing her ground to completely block an earlier Swedish and Netherlands agenda to destroy the country. She is a hero. Australia is basically full of racism so a visa denial would actually be a blessing in disguise.

    For how long shall some Kenyans worship Europe and America or even imagine these continents are heavens or paradises. Who said the ‘pink’ skinned human beings have better brains than the ‘black’ ( except possibly when it comes to resolving disputes – the ‘pink’ are not violent and respect the rule of law while the ‘black’ use violent, burn, destroy their neighbours livelihoods and kill them) .The US concern has been the violent on innocent Kenyans.

    Now that RAO has officially agreed to prevail upon ODM followers to stop violence (his earlier pleas fell on deaf ears), the ‘pink’ can be assured of a longer stay in the Country. ( a good number cry when their assignments in the country are over). So they had to really push RAO to stop violent and accept the government offer of a partnership deal now baptised power sharing deal by the media and the power hungry ( it was a copy from the 2005 Wako draft constitution that most of the leaders in ODM preached against and paste to the ‘new’ Kofi Annan deal).

    All the current political schemings are full of wonders. When a document is presented to the people to decide on, the politicians come out in large numbers to convince the people how bad it is and the people overwhelmingly agree it is indeed bad, even without having a glipse of the document. When the same document is presented under a different political setting (by the same AG and same justice minister), the same politicians tell the people it is good. For how long shall ‘the people’ live at the whim of politicians?

    Bravo Martha, she is the Margaret Thatcher of the current Kenya. Very consistent and brave. At least Ranneberger knows and respects her for this. Mr. Kofi Annan also knows this.

    The first priority as informed by the government is full resettlement of the displaced. In hope that those who did the horrible acts will not be caught once again by the jealous that drove them to kill their perceived enemies.

    Next priority might be civic education, at least to educate ‘The people’ that human beings are entitled to make democratic choices. So when the VP ( SKM) decides to team with MK to build a strong government those calling SKM a traitor and calling others names need attend extra tuition lessons in the school of democracy.

    This animal called constitutional review, constitutional changes, constitutional revolution, overhaul of the constitution, etc will it enable us to sleep and wake up whatever time and be assured of some meal on the table?

  378. Simon says:

    jane you are a tribalist, please, please, please for Gods sake forget about blogging over here. How can you compare snake and a lamb. This is the same snake that managed rigging in KICC and also delayed political resolution.
    You know what, There are only two serious resolutions monitored by the whole world that have been signed in the history of Kenya.
    1. The Lancaster Hse agreement of 1962 which was led by Jaramogi Odinga and Ronald Ngala when kenyatta was detained together with his Mau Mau, which today has been turned to Mavi Mavi by mungiki who sleep with goats and sheeps .
    2. The Serena agreement of 29th 02.2008 which was chaired by H.E Koffi Anan. How team carried the day hence Orange revolution.
    I personally prayed and im still praying 4 Agwambo, Pentagon & ODM that God may bless there lives. They stood with Kenyans at hard times. Revolution had to come coz this the idea whose time is ripe. May God who opens the mind of dumb people open your mind jane. God bless Kenya, God bless Agwambo.

  379. Railkamuodho says:

    Sometime you may be demeaned by those who do not agree with you. Yet the tenets of democracy is all inclusive rather than exclusive. Yet those who call themselves ODM on this blogg are the most intolerant people I have ever seen. I wonder what kind of democracy they preach while when they speak they support displacement of people, denial of visas and other negativities against their fellow citizens. When you read Simon’s blogg, you will understand what I mean. This fellow does not understand what democracy means. He does not even take time to read through your thoughts and undersand where you are coming from.
    I agree with you that indeed Martha Karua is a brave woman in Wangari Maathai and Charity Ngilu class. But as you are aware, sometime women tend to be so loyal and radical in their ideas that they forget there is a room needed to turn around. The same spirit was manifested by Condi Rice. Women are women and we love them because they are our mothers, our sisters, our wives and our daughters.
    I am suprised at the spinning going around about the signed agreement. It all depends with which side of the political divide you are looking at it. If you are ODM, then it marks a beginning of an ODM era while if it is PNU, it marks a great statesmanship on Kibaki side and back to work. The biggest job for both teams is to prapare to deliver promised heaven to their constituents and followers. Otherwise people will lose faith in politics. There will be no more other people to blame because everybody is now in government.
    I read Karua’s denial about news in the media. Maybe the news was leaked by an igorant person or Karua used it to stage a comeback:
    Karua refutes media reports on visa hitch
    Written By:Rosalia Omungo , Posted: Sun, Mar 02, 2008

    Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Martha Karua has denied reports that the Swiss government had denied her a visa to travel to Geneva for an official trip.

    ” I obtained a visa to travel to Switzerland on the 29th February 2008 as is manifested on my passport a copy of which is herewith attached. I declined to travel and instead asked my Permanent Secretary to make the Statement on behalf of the country as is the usual practice in such circumstances.” She said.

    ” The said news item is deliberately inaccurate and to some extent false.” She added.

    Addressing the press in her office Sunday, Karua assured Kenyans that she was not a stumbling block to the on going National dialogue process.

    However, she acknowledged that there have been different political viewpoints but affirmed the government’s readiness to work with the grand coalition.

    The justice minister said the opening of parliament on Thursday would set the stage for a major re-organization of the government structure in which Karua assured that she would be a team player.

  380. mumias says:

    I hate it when good discussions of ideas are subverted by these PNU people!!
    Why does it itch you so much that you have to come to our blog and defend Karua, does this look like a PNU blog. The web is a very simple concept, go set your own blog, it’s really very easy and share your ideas and values there.
    Yes Railaaka whatever, we are intolerant on this blog to your likes because
    1. intelligently you are inferior judging by your comments that lack logic and intuitiveness
    2. This blog was not set up to defend our political ideologies nor politicians, it was set up by ODM for people who believed in the ideal and that Kenya had potential for greater things and believed our leaders Pentagon were the guardians we elected to steady the ship to share ideas and discuss current issues concerning the party and country FROM our perspective. If I need balance I merely go to Mashada, I suggest you do just that!

    Back to business at hand, ODMers we should return to Sam’s brilliant blog earlier and the subsequent thoughts that followed. Please revert up the page for those others who visit the blog after me!

  381. mumias says:

    PS Karua WAS denied a VISA, I know this through some well connected sources so for those who try and say otherwise, please visit below and your ideas will be very much at home

  382. tnk says:


    you are an incorrigible distorter of facts

    jane talks about martha karua, somehow you introduce wangari mathai and charity ngilu into the mix, two respected kenyan women politicians who are quite unlike the mien or disposition of martha karua, but somehow you’d like to lump them all together to shield karua from flak. then you go ahead and in a meaningless and ambiguous manner reference condolezza rice and margaret thatcher in the same breath.

    the response by karua is carried as an news article in kbc online news which explains why you are not quoting the source for obvious reasons.


    we don’t care what kbc says. its partisan and when ODM becomes a part of govt we shall still not use kbc or govt parrot as a trusted source of information because they are partisan.

    Railkamuodho, Jane, Pato, Jogoo, Mike and any other PNU sympathisers lurking under this blog, its just as tiring to listen to your lopsided arguments no doubt as it is for you to listen to ours.

    A bridge/chasm has been crossed by PNU/ODM led by Annan and emminent africans negotiation temas, lets try to cross it together with others such as Rafiq, KK, Mumias, Sam, Awuor, Yego, Mrembo, (theres a list of more than 200 true ODMers from this blog alone) and so many other true ODMers who are ready and willing to cross this bridge knowing fully well that the compromise does not guarantee or even come close to the ideal solution we prefer, but for a better future, we are ready to embrace its spirit and try to forge ahead together despite the differences. If you find yourself unable to align yourself with this, that is totally acceptable and within your rights, please feel free to move on to a more militant site that espouses your peculiar PNU prejudices and make an honest personal attempt to respect other ODM leaning kenyans.

  383. tnk says:

    temas= teams in above post

  384. karanja kamau says:

    Dissolve the cabinet.
    RAO and MK should get away to a neutral/secret place and equtably come with a leaner and fair cabinet to both ODM/PNU.
    This can also be a good time for IDA to really help LUCY with the way to present herself because i’m sure 99% of kenyans are put off anytiime lucy talks/acts. This is a fact.
    This govt should only be operational maximum 2 years after constitutional reforms have been enacted, then it will be easier for either ODM/PNU to implement their proposals.
    RAO is relaxing in southcoast while still thinking about tourism/free port as per ODM manifesto. keep it up!

  385. kiptoo arap sirorei says:

    i am dissappointed by what gideon moi keeps referring to,those responsible for violence will be nailed or not let off the hook as martha puts it.the two seem to share an ideology and a specific hate for some body in odm.He should be man enough to go to the police headquaters and be a witness and give out the names that he knows as culprits for the violence that rocked the whole country after the elections.

    however we know who he is fighting.he should stop this fortwith.he will never win it again .he should say goodbye to his dreams.

    we will not let him and them again.

    the ICG put it clearly that the ODM and PNU were not in control of violence that erupted after the rigged election and both could not be in a position to stop it,somebody wants to use this opportunity to persecute some individuals or even assasinate,you will always carry your cross.kenyans are awake to the realities of yester years of corruption ,assasinations and oppresions.

    we look forward to formation of microfinanmce institutions such as orange credit finance,orange bank,orange cellular(another mobile service provider)

    raila to adress the implication of importation of sugar,on the sugar industry in western kenya.

    farmers in the cereal growing region should form a body to be responsible for importation of fertilizers and other related farm inputs

    the fertilizer pricers and the importation of sugar looks like a punitive measure on the ODM strongholds and should be checked

    sirorei ,topeka

  386. karanja kamau says:

    One thing i know is whoever started killing people and chasing them out of their homes especially in RVP immeadiatly after elections was planned.
    The spontaneous killings was revenge mission ,that’s a fact.
    For us to continue building our country all the truth must be told and perpetiators forgiven or arraigned.
    The people who had revenge mission especially in naivasha should also suffer the same fate.
    One thing i’m still mad about is why luos especially in naivasha had to suffer, i followed the issue very well and luos were attacked for no reason.

  387. Railkamuodho says:

    What is lopsided argument? In philosophy, there is what we call self-defeating argument. Are you really balanced in your views TNK to claim that you are balanced and I am lopsided. It is obvious you are ODM and cannot hide it and believe in ODM philosophy. The reason why I said you are intolerant is such. I still respect you TNK though.
    Let me tell you why I draw a parallel between those ladies- they are all fighters for what they believe in. Did you see Wangari take Moi head-on when he tried to build times complex at Uhuru Park? Did you see Charity Ngilu do a dash during the Moi administration at Uhuru too? Marthe Karua is a fighter since the single party system and when the opposition one time walked our of parliament she alone remained behind because she did not see sense in doing a walk out.
    Again you say that you cannot read or listen to KBC. That is not true because how else could you have known the article was from KBC unless you read it? I dont think KBC is as provocative as the venarcular radio stations such as KASS-FM which did things the Rwanda way to incite Kalenjin speaking listeners to go to war and actually played war songs on the air as Kenya was burning. But I thank God that the truth will come our soon.
    Karua’s denial was also reported in other news outlet in Kenya apart from KBC though I still believe the leak was inteded to cause anxiety in the Cabinet and more so in Central province. I dont thik things will work as fast as we want unless we are willing to remove the gown of “know it all” and the philosophy of exclusivism.

  388. Railkamuodho says:

    Truth is really hurtful. I note with humility that my ideas and thoughts are not coherent enough to make sense to a radically intellectual ODMers. But then, education by itself is not enough to bring change and stability. Read your history and know that Greeks were the best philosophers (read, academia) while Romans believed in building the city (read economy). The two types of fields suppliment each other in the making of a nation. It is foolhandy to believe that we can exercise our intellectual acumen on this blogg and translate it to a prosperous Kenya without the input of others.
    Sometime we cannot even type as well as when we prepare for lectures or office resume because of time and lack of a library and internet peer-review journals. We just depend on our instints and guts to put what we put on this blogg. In other words we speak from our hearts not minds.
    Tolerance in Key to solving Kenya problems. It is not the largeness of our ideas that matter on this blogg but on the largeness of our hearts and the ability to think “outside the ODM box”.

  389. Railkamuodho says:

    Only communists are so intollerant to defend their system in any way including torture, jailing and expulsion. True democrats take time to defend their systems logically not through threats and intimidations. At least that is how they do it in the west and developed democracies.

  390. tnk says:


    am not fighting you and have no ill will towards you, am trying to understand you, even as you try to educate me on philosophy and democracy.

    but do however repeat the following

    – you are an incorrigible distorter of facts

    however, regardless, i still make this plea to you

    – A bridge/chasm has been crossed by PNU/ODM led by Annan and emminent africans negotiation teams, lets try to cross it together

  391. rafiq says:

    True ODMers,

    This is to let you know that retrogressive forces are back to distract us here, see our response and probably advise their principals. I had made a decision not to respond to them, unless advising a new bolgger or somebody who doesnt understand them. They can irritate, trivialise and unapologetically spoil your mood. Nevertheless we have to continue with supporting our cause.

    I have sated a few things before that no none seems to answer-i mean the negative bloggers. Yes its true they allege they are democrats, even talk of philosophy bla bla.. I am not an expert but I remember a friend of mine, a former classmate of Kabando wa Kabando-once told me that in philosophy you can convince one that 1
    +1 is not 2. Never bothered to check that again.

    Ngilu sacrificed a ministry for democrarcy, risked her parliamentary seat in the process by opposing Mr Wiper. Wangari wa Maathai did the same. Can somebody tell me what Martha Karua has sacrificed for. Couldnt live with my former lecturer-the later major Njoka, odd hrs with a priest-who was later appointed to a parastatal board. If truth be told she is a tribalist, yes an ardent supporter of her tribal chiefs-not all her tribesmen though and that she is good at-actually excellent. So if you support her unapologetically then we can as well state where your support is. Wangari and Ngilu are not in that class.

    If these guys believe RAO can work like Mzee Muthaura, so be it, they will be proved right or wrong!. But I know whoever am talking about and I trust our leadership. I think we should let this guys dream! I have told them before that the constution was NOT flawed in its entirety, but they cant believe it. They only believe it was??? Wako draft, what a shame! We know there were good and evil parts in the same thing, so we had to throw it out.

    I respect your opinion, but we need to hear the truth. I dont think this was planned. I have friends who in one way or another planned the reelection of Kibaki but was honest enough to share it with me. They knew they were going to rig, shed some blood in ksm and kibera for three days and continue. The former president also told them the same.

    The truth is when the media blackout was issued pple were told Mungiki were all over killing others in RVP. So evrybody took his Rungu and started killing whoever they could before they die themselves. By the time it dawned on them that pple were dying in RVP it was a bit late. The details are chilling.

    The Naivasha killings were well planned by Uhuru et al. No justification for violent behaviour, but can you imagine what would have happened if the talks collapsed. Everybody would have easily fought or abated the killing of their neighbour.

    Once violence starts in a lawless country, it takes its own course and may be difficult to control.

    Tnk and other progressive minds her: How does a partisan police force leadership of Major Ali and Kiraithe who behaved like PNU warlords be expected to do proper investigations into the issues around election. May be the independent electoral review commission should have an investigative wing for this. The way they even handled Mzee Kibor, makes you feel these guys are too partisan to be trusted.

  392. rafiq says:

    Forgive the typos in a hurry to get back to work!

  393. Jane says:

    ODMers, whoever took that bow and arrow, drove those perceived enemies out of their homes to camps, killed some and burnt their houses or businesses, financed the warriors, planned ( long before the 27th Dec. how these deadly acts were to be carried out), must face the music themselves. There is overwhelming evidence that the violence was long planned and would have been worse if ODM took the leadership of the country. This is what has embarrassed RAO, made him accept the fact that Presi. MK is the duly elected president of the Republic of Kenya and made a promise to try and maintain sanity among all fanatical ODM followers.

    Why did Prof. Mass Action come out to disown his strategy document (on positioning of RAO before elections) a day before RAO accepted the government offer. Why did Mr. Majimbo (Bw. Mashinani), deny that the violent and its execution in RVP was planned?. The evil devisors within ODM and RAO’s wicked advisors is what has made ODM and RAO loose credibility and leadership of the country. Who is interested in fellows talking of economic sabotage, talking of violent and war, vandalism of the infrastructure and other destructive and weird plans.

    The lie peddling, violent, mischief, deliberate show of ignorance(eg.why would an mp raise a point of order in parliament only to tell the speaker to take judicial notice, doesn’t he know the difference between a parliament and a court or some people are made to panua domo domo before thinking), etc within odm, will continue to make RAO loose all credibility unless something is done about it. Possibly more Idas are needed in odm, she showed leadership when she went to Kisumu soon after the political madness erupted and informed the people that even in times of war, people do not destroy their water as Kisumu residents had done, she also urged the communities there to co-exist and not be violent, although it all fell on deaf ears.

    All those in odm who want to talk, talk and talk purportedly representing ‘The People’ might need to constantly research on the facts before talking talk. This includes the media and all reporters. They have done enough damage to our beloved country and motherland.

  394. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    Railkamuotho, Railkamuotho, Railkamuotho,


    ODmers, ODmers, ODmers,


    Kip, Kip, Kip of “mweusi blog”

    I couldn’t get Kip’s blog to link you to what I has said about Kalonzo sometimes in November last year. I remember mentioning in that blog that if given two options of going for either Kibaki or Kalonzo I would have opted for Kibaki.

    I can bet Martha Karua can make a better leader than Kalonzo.

    Railkamuotho I know my words cannot be convincing in this blog but I would urge you to go to Kamba region and find out who the real Kalonzo is. I did that. Why don’t find out also about his brothers and sisters and if you come out across one then try to find out what they think about their brother Kalonzo. The last time I had information that one of his sisters is in mukuru wa kayaba, why don’t you find out about that?

    Railkamuotho this aint a joke and I’m not politicking here, I’m very sincere with what I’m saying and that’s why I had to respomd to you, for the first time. Last year I had decided that if Raila says “Kalonzo tosha” I’ll vote Kibaki. Go to Kamba region and find out, this is not something that Kamba have hidden. You’ll be told the truth. Or simply get a Kamba who knows Kalonzo, sit down with him and enquire about him.

    Even when Kalonzo ditched Julia and Maanzo I laughed since it isn’t a surprise to me. But still Railkamuotho, please, please, please go and find out for yourself.

  395. Yego says:

    Sorry to you for your narrow thinking.Thou u sat in that BA class aga major history, i tend to think you are still far below the bar in the present kenya.You mention a certain radio station to be a war tool??? it really pains me.What KASS-FM as done to the kalenjin community can’t be compared to bible teachings.

    stop being a kamba but be a kenyan like all of us.

  396. Yego says:

    I agree with you fully,we seen ,heard or felt of other politicians next of Kin.Even Saitotis brother participated actively in rigging him in as an Mp.The big question is,’WHO KNOWS KALONZO’S BROTHERS OR SISTERS??well i know one and he lives in a makeshift structure somewhere in South B.Guess thats mukuru kwa njenga as philip puts it.

  397. Mike Okello says:

    I wont Get into the talk of Kalonzo’s sibblings, It is equivalent to the talk of Kibaki’s wife, Its normally a cheap talk and people raise that when they want to undermine what someones stands for.

    Of Course as Jane Says, ODM ceded so much ground until the whole thing became suspicious, it was not kind of a salvage mission, the entire ODM visoon was headed for the rocks, the entire Manifesto was culminating into a mass action courtesy of Balala and Nyong’o, as I had stated earlier, that Hon Raila, had woken up before his supporters, tasted the coffee and discovered, half a loaf is better than none, Of course ODM supporters wanted Raila in statehouse, in the Currency notes, In the Head of state Portraits, Head of Government, Commander in Chief, name it!

    No wonder you can see a lot of discontentment on the blog, Kisumu did not celebrate as expected, it was a response with a too-little-too-late-but-OK kind of an altitude. But assuming that all of you have been in Kenya since DEC 27TH and have keenly observed who was saying what, Who was calling for what, who did what, I want to trust your thoughts and invite you to thank God with me that at last,THIS COUNTRY IS NOT IN THE HANDS OF ODM. The so much touted Orange Future was going to be a dangerous future for Kenyans!

    And because it was indeed a spade, i found it quite difficult to call it a big spoon!

  398. rafiq says:

    Step one a government of grand coalition headed by oth PM and president. Depending on your school of though and illsions you know who is executive. trying to convince you is futile.

    Side show will not distract us:

    When Balala threatens cessesion, mass action he is sudeenly an Arab, Yemeni, did I read only understands terrorism! When Uhuru says our pple cannot be kileed we are going to fihgt back and orgnaizes Mungiki to kill a mother as the child wails he is heir apparent! Double standards.

    Step two: Cahnge the constitution to ensure equity and real not pretend power sharing. This has to be done by december, only 9 months left. Saboteurs will be denied Visa and their families! We know what was bad in the constitution and this time it will be changed.

    Step three: Fresh elections under ODM Maisha bora vs Status quo,legally Kibaki through with 2nd term so UK stands in.

    Step four: A new govt led by democrats based on equity, justice and prosperity for all.

    We will get there!

  399. Orange damu says:

    Dearest Odmers,
    I urge RAO to make sure that once they get into power, Alfred Mutua & Major Ali go home immediately. We dont need these kind of crooks in a country with a PM. RAO, pliz also make sure we capture the Finance & Internal Security ministries… And pliz give Hon. Ababu s’thing nice. Forget abt Ntimama or Sambu! U do that and we kill u.

    The following people must be in the cabinet,

    sally Kosgey
    J Nyaga
    Charity Ngilu

  400. Orange damu says:

    I hope RAO you have some back-up plan just incase Baba Jimi decides to do like he did for the MOU. Coz I dont trust this mzee….. he just say “Hakunaaa” Wacha Fitina” and the next thing u hear, Kibaki has broken yet another MOU….
    So, pliz, lets be ready….. this mzee is unpredictable.

  401. rafiq says:

    Orange damu,

    Great suggestions. Dont worry, RAO is focussed, leadership is united, supporters are forever committed.

    I agree with you but to the list add Bitange Ndemo, the guy who gave the black out on media, chasing sms senders and harasing some media houses.

    Kibaki has no surprises now just mistakes which can cause untold suffering to Kenyans. Everybody knows what is in the deal, so he cant chickem out.

  402. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you rafiq..my brother I could’nt put it better. I am shocked that some few misguided people are still talking like their long forgotten PNU activists! I am wondering where they have hidden their mouths that were ready to yap every minute RAO was featured.

    Now, we in ODM still see an orange future for this nation, come 2012 and we will have a PM from ODM and a president from ODM! Is somebody stifled somewhere? I bet. And this is just four years from now, not too far.

  403. Yego says:

    Esther Koimett should not be forgotten, she should be in the list too.She wanted to sell safcom in the name of raising i dont know what, eeeih some embassies are a real Muskil outside here.Imagine Ambassador-kik,Immigtation attachee-kik,Defence attache-kik,Ptotocol-kik,Admin Ass-kik, ghai everyone is kik.Hope PM will focus in this too.

  404. crateturner says:

    @ jane

    if the violence was pre-planned or not there is one question for you MUTA DOOO and the answer is simple hakuna kitu muta fanya. so just shut up you pnu guyz coz there is nothing u are going 2 do.

  405. Yego says:

    Moses Wetangula and group, can u please tell kenyan why there is fighting in the south of mt elgon just a day when u declared that the malitia recruits should be released.RIS as just established that Wetangula and Kombo Paid some malitia on friday night at 11pm,then instructed them to attack residents of a certain settlement scheme.Bw PM , start acting Sir , pple are suffering somewhere.

  406. Jamabinju says:

    PNU diehards (Karua, Kiraitu, Kombo etc) are all pledging loyalty to the PM-designate. They know who their boss will be in a few weeks. Jane and Mike Okello – smell the coffee! ODM revolution is here. You will get a chance to see how policy is implemented and equality is ushered in.

  407. Jamabinju says:

    How do we decide who to punish and whom to spare:

    1. Those who have maginalised 6.5 provinces for 5 years, causing several deaths?
    2. Those who stole elections, spaking violence?
    3. Those who reacted violently to government show of might and impunity?
    4. Those who issued ‘ shhot to kill orders’ because they lacked rubber bullets?
    5. Those who claim to know violence was pre-planned but did nothing yet they had monopoly of state power?
    6. Those who fanned violence by saying ‘ we can not negotiate with loosers/ warlords/mashetani etc?
    7. Those who donated Sh 1m each for Mungiki?
    8. Those who donated food to Red Cross with express orders to only feed ‘our people’?

  408. Mike Okello says:

    List Continues…..

    ….And those who had to get to power whichever way, so that even after THE VOTE FAILED, they would still get it through burning fellow mortals, training thugs, uprooting the railway, consulting the witches, burning vehicles and repeated calling for mass hooliganism! until the grand discovery that a stitch in time saves nine!…

  409. crateturner says:

    yes mike and we will do it all again PNU wakileta mchezo, if we did not do all those things Okello we will not be changing the the constitution so all ODM supporter we should give our self a part on the back for a job well done na bado we want both the presidency and PM post both on ODM in the next 2 years

  410. Railkamuodho says:

    Did you read the US ambassador’s speech in Eldoret? He borrowed from US history about the civil war to encourage Kenyans to come together and rebuild their nation. Though I am not a historian, it is a great treasure for now and generations to come. The only problem with others is that they make history “playing tricks to the dead”

    For the war mongers and other proponent of exclusive majimbo system, be assured that there is no solution to land issues but IDP going back to their farms to continue with nation building and then Kalenjin getting land from the rich Kalenjin guys who go 1000 acres while their fellow tribesmen got nothing. I find it hard to reason with Kalenjin because they are so secretive and will not tell you the truth- they always have something under their sleeves even as you pretend to be together.

  411. Mike Okello says:

    Did you say ”yes mike and we will do it all again PNU wakileta mchezo, if we did not do all those things Okello we will not be changing the the constitution so all ODM supporter we should give our self a part on the back for a job well done na bado we want both the presidency and PM post both on ODM in the next 2 years”

    You want all that?…. Through Killing? No wonder you are asking for A PART OF THE BACK, instead of a pat on the back, I never thought anybody would ever congratulate the ODM supporters for MURDER!

    I’m glad you got it half way, otherwise the spirit in ODM is equivalent to MAN-EAT-MAN! You don’t need to kill to change the constitution, and you do not use terms like NA BADO after killing. Its a Pity. I far away from Kenya but i can feel the pain of the victims… I wonder where you live.

  412. Jane says:

    ODMers, do not fall under the mis-direction of the media,its believed the media is sometimes paid to print certain stories or twist facts to appease certain groups of people. So do not always take what the papers write as the full truth especially that these days there is a lot of so and so denied having said this and that. Read carefully because the next issue of the newspaper could deny what you read today.

    Secondly, now that the dust has settled, could all those who openly peddled lies and hate campaign against the Government of Kenya, H.E.President Mwai Kibaki & VP Hon. Steve, all those who forgot their mandates and engaged in the unfamiliar political field/ match, each with their own style and ball (the field was a real mess) with everybody assuming the role of the referee, kangaroo courts, name it, get back to their seats. It was almost a case of mental patients on the loose. All these groups, the lie and hate peddlers, human rights activists, international observers, Jurist, law society of Kenya, all the miscellaneous groups have proved they are only best at dis-integrating Kenya.

    Possibly the best for these groups would be to retreat to their familiar territories as they are safe there. Further, Hon. Raila who was among the pioneers of the opposition in parliament & detained for about 6yrs fighting for it, has for now decided its better for him to work under the direction and guidance of H.E. MK than be a loner as the official leader of opposition. So he has decided to kill a strong opposition in parliament, something he has been against all these years. He could have realised his advisors are wicked so why not befriend MK and Steve, he might learn a few tricks from them on how to keep his cool when things get thick.

    ODMers do not get hyped with expectations of twisting the constitution. RAO is not the same man he was a few years back. age is catching up and with age comes less energies for fighting and violence all the time no matter what. we witnessed it last week.

    So we move forward,each in their familiar territories. If you attempt to jump into another, you burn your fingers. Leave the politicians alone, they have Martha to tell them off and punch some if need be, Mzee MK to advise those with ears “ hakuna haja, vita ni ya nini. Si umeshaguliwa ufanyie wananchi kazi. Wacha fitinaaa. Ni ya niniii. Haisaidii mtu yeyoteee”, and Steve to pray for the violent , uncivilised and also those who like blaspemy and playing Jesus by calling others Judas Iscariot as they know not what they do or awaits them.

    Bye bye.

  413. Amosogal says:

    @ Jane, Railkamuodho and Mike Okeloo.

    If Kibaki was duly elected by Kenya, please let me know why the chief justice had to wait from morning to very late in the evening to swear him. Please explain to me, what change when in 2003, in a wheelchair, he went to Uhuru park in broad day light and we (me) went to see him being sworn. Tell me what role Mutu played at ECK if you really understand what actually happened there. Please give us a break. When the results were announced, the first death reported was in Kisii (PNU urgent (kisii) included), not RVP. Pls. Have to go. would have continued

  414. rafiq says:

    Delusions of grandeur is what I see from the above posts. Deserves no response. I think they should see Frank Njenga for some SSRIs

  415. rafiq says:

    That was meant for the distracting evil forces, the agents of our opponents.

  416. mumias says:

    haha I see today and this week an avalaunch of PNU agents hell bent on winding us up. I must admit I lost my cool on Sunday and laughed at the communist label put here by one of the PNU people. I have recovered now!

    Back to business as usual here on the blog, a blockade of them although at times I wish the agent 4 change will put us out of our misery and impose some bans! Ah well I guess it’s merely a test to ensure cool and continue to keep on track.
    I see no reason fellow comrades to let them get to us.

    Now, I note that they has been extraordinary expectations already been leveled on the new coalition. I want to try and keep a realistic perspective on matters. What is crucial to note is that we did not get full authority, we got half, thus is is key to realise that the likes of Mutua, and Ali will more likely hang on to their jobs. I believe that what we should NEVER lose sight is the real opportunity this has represented and frankly if we do not deliver a new constitution in 12 months then I will be asking serious questions of everybody. To me this is as paramount as the truth on rigging that will come out of the independent review. I advocated earlier the importance of concentrating on strategic portfolios and not soo much dwell on so called plum posts.

    We need to secure, Justice and constitution, Land, National Planning, Local Govt , Health and also Tourism ( I believe ODM has enormous GD will internationally and could do more to convince these key markets than PNU)! for the others Find my reasons in the earlier post yesterday. Thus we need to keep our eye on the ball. What is evident is we will need a new constitution, that is the key!

    Thus Let us remember these key issues. We have not suddenly overcome all the open wounds of ethnicity and land issues that have plagued the bread basket of Kenya! This are the key issues that are behind the nation building that RAO pleadaged to undertake on 28th Feb a day that will be forever pinned in our minds!

    Lastly I want to see the Pentagon stand firm by their promises in the election. I want ODM to set the tone by implementing the very thing RAO promised which was to ensure a regional balance in our side of the coalition. I want to see as much of Kenya in ODM as possible so that we actually show Kenyans that ODM was a national party and had a clear mandate nationally which incorporates all Kenyans of all shades, shapes and languages.

  417. kanyeka says:

    This is mostly to panua who by sheer ignorant forget about the past and tend to bury their head on sand like jane who is advising people not believe the press.
    To Jane the problem here lies with the government I wish it is high time we had separate spokesmen the government and political this is a challenge to alfraid Mutua who denied everything that was deemed to be true this leads to loss of trust likewise we shift our trust. In this case the arturs bro. no more comment about them and the investment they brought to our country.

    If you read the document from the crisis group, you will get to know the probably cause of violence and the recommendations.


  418. Turncoat says:

    So far p0wer balance is a semblance of power. The 0(zero in the word power is not a typo. But a physcist will tell you energy can never cbe destroyed. Put your energy to good use……..and your money to better use. Boycott PNU products. Consumer power is every thing.

  419. TURNCOAT says:

    So what is the game plan after geting the Cabinet posts……..hahhahah

  420. Maru Kapkatet says:

    A CABINET OF 40 ! WOW! The ministers, the assistant ministers, and the permanent secretaries will total over 120. I am just curious to know what fraction of Kenya’s GDP their salaries, allowances, and operating expenses will be.

    I am foreseeing that there will be two Cabinets. One, a real (or iner circle) Cabinet of about 17 chaired and monitored by Kibaki and another Cabinet of 23 “supervised” by Raila.Women should demand that all elected women MPs be appointed ministers.

    At the previously proposed quota of a third of Cabinet positions, this mean 14 women MUST be appointed cabinet ministers of real ministries. Out of 18 women MPs, 4 will miss out and this is unfair. Therefore, all 18 women MPs must be appointed ministers. For women MPs, there should be no consideration of ethnic and regional affliations.

    I will refrain from criticizing Kibaki and Raila because I do not have the facts why they finally decided on 40. Hopefully, Kibaki will now have an opportunity to recognize Dr. Wekesa’s contribution to PNU and appoint him to a more powerful ministry.

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