ODM and PNU are set to form the grand coalition goverment? which key sectors do you feel needs total overhaul and kindly outline your suggestions



  1. Anon says:

    Regional headquarters like Kisumu, Nakuru, Isiolo, Machakos, Nyeri, Mombasa should be empowered interms of institutions and facilities to operate like Nairobi so that people do not waste time and money travelling to Nairobi to sort out important issues. Nairobi should be like the supreme court where you take larger grievances.
    True development will only be achieved by taking development closer to the people.

  2. Railkamuodho says:

    You are on top of things. I believe that this business of going all the way to Nairobi is a waste of time and encourages corruption. Two things. The connection of Kenya to the undersea cable and the laying of fibre optic cable through the nation will enable all of us including the various ministries to use this technology to enhance our services. Mutahi Kagwe in the ministry of Information and communication was committed to this. The current minister is a good man too and will fast track this noble venture. With Raila at the top, I am sure this infrastructure will be realized and the often repeated promise to computerize the government ministries and particularly of registration will be put into service. This way, the services will near as the click of the mouse.
    Can you imagine a situation whereby one goes to a computer, check NCC website, prints the service forms or other application documents or apply on line using ID and Pin # and wait for the document at home within 2 weeks? Yes, this will be realized when Kenyans start seeing each other not in terms of the shillings but as brothers and sisters who need each other.

  3. rafiq says:

    Not in specific order but I think these should amongst those to be tackled urgently

    Trade and Industry: Urgently create or revive old factories in ODM zones-KICOMI amongst others.

    Infrastructurex3: start immediately

    Agriculture: especially sugar sector-write off the loans and improve efficiency

    Education: quality and efficiency at KNEC-heads have to roll

    Electoral commisision: Make IPPG law and disband it, ask them to pay back money earned illegally from the time of the flawed election

    Health: provide resources-human and drugs. Upgrade several centres and provide personnel and medications.

    Land: Give people back their land taken by the fathers of the rich. No idle land-should be leased for farming by the landless or government.

    Housing: RAO to provide the link he had for low cost slum upgrading

  4. Anon says:

    @Railk I totally agree with you on the power of the internet and improved communication. It should not be underestimated

    I think the government should work on good retirement packages ASAP to older civil servants. They have served us for a long time but it is time to go home. This will provide a good segway into the recruitment of young internet savvy Kenyans representative of all the 42 tribes to provide a much needed overhaul of the system.

    Good roads should be constructed but attention should be focused on main highways connecting major towns to open up opportunities for business. Please do not forget to construct and repair bridges. It is about time that erase images of bridges swept away by heavy rains year in year out.

  5. Sam says:

    For one Politics as we know it should be overhauled.

    Since the masses take the notion that prosperity and development(eating) can only be done if they have their Man/Woman in power, there is urgent need to neutralize the Politics of Tribes.

    If we must have a “Presidential system” let the winner be the Man/Woman who wins 6 Provinces by 50% plus one- of the votes in each of those 6 Provinces. ( I still believe that Africa with its tribal structures, the “Parliamentary System” of Government works best)
    This will reduce and may even eliminate the tribal arithmetic

    We should have a Total of 24 Ministries, 3 Ministers & 3 assistants from each Province- this should be mandated regardless of Who or which party is in Power. Losers and winners will still be represented in the Cabinet.(lets use the points of the compass well at the provincial level so that all the districts in the province are all fairly represented)

    By a Parliamentary Act, we should only encourage Political Parties with representation in all the 8 Provinces. This will effectively eliminate or merge Tribal Parties like ODM-Kenya with others.

    Each Province should Elect or appoint 3 Commissioners to the ECK.
    Nairobi Province as a Central hub can remain Neutral and thus not Elect any Commissioner.

    Each Province should Elect or appoint One prominent Lawyer aged 60 years plus, with impeccable moral and Educational record to serve in the Supreme Court. Total 7, Nairobi again should remain neutral.

    Each Province should Elect or appoint One prominent person, Man or Woman to the Public Service Commission. This group should serve 2, four year term and be in charge of the Civil Service including the Police. We have seen how Politicians can misuse the Police. This should never be repeated. They should also formulate a fair and equitable way of hiring qualified individuals from the pool of Kenyas 42 Tribes.

    Each Constituency should become a District. This will bring Services close to the people. The current CDF should be increased and structured to drive development at the Constituency level.

    Forget the Big projects, lets make sure each Constituency/District has the following
    Access to clean water – if possible running water
    Access to Health care
    Education/ Primary and secondary schools/Technical training
    Insfrastructure- Roads (passable roads)
    Agriculture/ Animal Farming
    Light and Cottage industry.

    Parliament must totally be de-linked from the Executive. It should set its own Calender including the begining and ending of its sessions.

    Elections should be held on the 20th of November every 5 years and the incoming representatives assume office on the 1st of the followig year.

    This kind of Regiment will grow on Kenyans and become so routine such that Politics will no longer Hog our day to day lives.

    Lets all fight to Entrench the above in the Constitution.

    Let me read your opinions

  6. Anon says:

    @Sam…good work. What do you think is the best way to handle the education department, Joint Adm Board., KCPE, KCSE ?

    There should be live coverage of parliamentary proceedings at all times. MP’s voting records should be made public so that we can single out those who shut down bills for no good reason. It will provide us with a good way of judging them by the choices that they make.

  7. Railkamuodho says:

    How about having unelected ministers as in the US and strengthening MP positions to those of senators where they will have their own offices and staff. This will make them feel powerful enough as not to desire to be like “secretaries of so and so” which would be appointment positions as opposed to elected ones?

  8. Railkamuodho says:

    We want to see how the state of our union will shape up in the coming days.

  9. ken says:

    firs and foremost the ECK disband it and bring in new commissioners that are beyond reproach. secondly do away with the imperial presidency any one becoming president should get 5o percent of all the votes casted. Parliament should control its callendar and finally do away with assistant ministers positions

  10. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    Constitution overhaul:fully revert to parliamentary system,dispersing power from the presidency to the premier , parliament and mashinani;

    Governance:Public Service;consider having ministries run by non-politicians ,Ministers to be competitively head hunted ,this would transform our politics whereby only career politicians would be attracted to parliament to carryout meaningful legislative work as opposed to the majority aspiring to be ministers with the aim of joining the gravy train;

    Streamline job economy;curb underemployment and unemployment,our universities should adopt a demand driven training contrary to supply driven approach ,currentl thousands of graduates join the job market with skills that are not in demand;
    Security Sector;re-training of the police and other security forces ,install IP security monitoring systems in major cities ,streetsand linked to the NSIS,POLICE and other security agents ,this would curb crime and create safe environment for business;
    Energy Sector;consider expanding power generation and supply to all parts of the country ,other cheaper sources like wind energy,solar,Bio gas should be vigorously explored,with the aim of making the cost of power and electricity affordable to domestic consumers and investors;
    Telecommunication sector;license more companies to roll out telephone services,internet service providers ;
    Agricultural / livestock/fishery Sector:affordable farm inputs for farmers,introduce new breed of crops and encourage farmers to embrace commercial farming,encourage raising of livestock for commercial purposes establish meat and fish processing factories in respective regions where appropriate;

    curb the ever rising consumerism by limiting the importation of foods and other goods that can be produced locally,encourage local production.

  11. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM had a manifesto. PNU had a manifesto. ODM-K’s manifesto was not really an independent manifesto. It borrowed from the ODM one.

    The way to go forward about reforms is to form Economic Reforms Council to be made up of experts drawn from the experts who produced the ODM manisfesto and those of the PNU manifesto. The legal reforms side should be outsourced by the government to the LSK.

    The Economics Reform Council should include Mr. Joseph Kinyua of the Treasury to advise on what is possible/affordable now, what is possible in two years’ time and what is possible in five years’ time. He has a lot of experience. It should also include Prof. Terry Ryan, an Economics expert. Remember his appearances in Justice Bosire’s Goldenburg inquiry?

  12. tnk says:

    thank you maru

    the manifestos clearly outline the sectors that each political party deemed as priorities in order to forge ahead and implement change. previous topics in this blog discussed the various sectors as well.

    each ministry has experts who have drafted countless documents highlighting the challenges and strengths of each of their respective sectors.

    this thread in its present context requests us to re-invent the wheel and thats probably why there has been a rather lethargic response.

  13. karanja kamau says:

    I hope both odm and pnu guys do not get swallowed with power and forget the real issue which will release the yorks of poverty and bad governance to all kenyans.
    The issue is constitution as the accord stands now alot will ride with goodwill if for example coaliation fails there won’t be a snap election.
    Once we get a real constitution the issue of who is president/minister/govt appointee will be a thing of past because there will be no corrupt deals or nepotism for people to get from their tribesmen.It will be about what the constitution says.
    People will then realize that getting rich or improving your life will depend with each individual working hard and less goverment .This will inturn lead to small govt less taxes and more money in peoples pockets.

  14. Maru Kapkatet says:


    1. Disband the Electoral Commission of Kenya and form a new one with new powers to dceal with election-related violations and a watchdog to watch the ECK. Neither Kibaki nor any of the other MPs is immortal. The country has to be prepared for elections at all times.

    In forming a new Electoral Commission of Kenya, MPs must note that Kenya has had only two free and democratic elections in her 45 years of nationhood. The first free and democratic elections in Kenya were held in 1963 and were supervised by the British government. The next free and democratic elections were held in 2002 and were presided over by Mzee Daniel arap Moi after he had visited Washington DC and had a word with President George Bush.

    The truth of the matter, therefore, is that Kenyans are incapable of holding democratic and free elections on their own. If you are unable to do it in over 40 years, then you are unable to do it at all.

    The new Electoral Commission of Kenya to be formed must include a watchdog from the Commonwealth or EU to watch the ECK.

    2. Enact Dual Citizenship now

  15. OPADO says:


  16. Maru Kapkatet says:

    TO: The United Nations Commission on Human Rights , President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga

    SUBJECT: Bringing to Justice the Perpetrators of Election Violence in Kenya

    I, as a Kenyan, concur with both government of Kenya and the United Nations that there should be no amnesty for the perpetrators of the election violence that saw over 1,200 Kenyans massacred and hundreds if not thousands more maimed or made homeless or jobless.

    For a just and due process in this regard, I ask that the government of Kenya appoints a team of prosecutors (Kenyan, Scotland Yard (In the commonwealth countries, it is only the Scotland Yard that is deemed fair and objective as was the case recently on Benazir’s Butho’s assassination), and UN-appointed) to investigate, indict, and prosecute the culprits.

    The issues that this team of prosecutors will look into are:

    1. How guilty is the government of Kenya in provoking the election violence? After the government lost in the referendum of 2005. John Michuki embarked on a mission of denying Kenyans their God-given right to elect leaders of their choice. Michuki appointed the majority of the top provincial administration and security forces (police) from his ethnic group.

    The few of those officers who were appointed from other ethnic groups were either already married to women from Michuki’s ethnic group or were expected to take on new wives from Michuki’s ethnic group as part of the qualification for employment.

    In the few months and weeks before the general elections, Kibaki and Michuki went round Kenya creating new districts. These new districts would then bring in Michuki’s administration and security men close to the people and the purpose was to map out and implement strategies for the rigging of the elections particularly the presidential ones.

    A few days before the general elections, Michuki’s security men (administration policemen) were bused out of their headquarters in Nairobi to various parts of the country to prepare for the rigging of the elections. There is documentary evidence (media reports and videos) for all these.

    On the day of the general elections, Mr. Raila Odinga and his supporters (many of whom are known to have last names starting with letter O were initially denied the right to vote and were only allowed to do so after the government sensed the people’s anger could boil over.

    The government of Mwai Kibaki did everything to provoke the people of Kenya to violence.

    After the ugly and regrettable incident in Eldoret where a church was torched and people, mostly women and children, were roasted, a meeting between the government of Mwai Kibaki and the dreaded militia called Mungiki was held in State House Nairobi.

    While details have not been released on who called and chaired the meeting, a former permanent secretary who used to have his office in State House was fired after Mungiki had been sent to Nakuru where they hacked many people to death. John Michuki, who was in charge of the security forces must have known about the meeting at State House and sanctioned the meeting’s plans. How else could the security people abandon over 160 KM of highway and a large city (Nakuru) so that Mungiki could do their work unhindered.

    The starting point of the investigations into election violence in Kenya must start with Kibaki’s government, the first criminal suspect in the deaths of over 1,200 Kenyans.

    The investigations will be thorough and fair only if they are presided over by Scotland Yard, who has a reputation for truth and justice.

    I request Mwai Kibaki, Mr. Raila Odinga, and the government of Kenya to ask for assistance from the British government and the United Nations so that a team of investigators and prosecutors from Scotland Yard and the UN could be availed to Kenya to work on the election violence in Kenya.

    Maru Kapkatet

  17. karanja kamau says:

    I think the prosecution should start with those people in RV immeadetly after the elections.Why is this important?
    1.If those people did not chase legal kenyans out of their homes just because
    they were not from their tribes, all the fall out thereafter should not have
    occured.( i’m not trying to say the people who counter attacked should not
    be prosecuted,they should),all i’m saying the people who started it first
    made everything else after that to occur.
    2.please don’t confuse mungiki with the govt and vice versa.
    3.All the hearsays before elections should be clarified beause alot of
    propaganda is not always the truth.

    4.The war which occured after elections was because of elections,the issue
    about the land was just an excuse which doesn’t hold no water because they


  18. Railkamuodho says:

    There is no justification for violence and “ethnic cleansing”. I can see the pain you have when justice is demanded. If ODM demanded justice and it was done, I dont see the reason why the IDP should not get justice. I dont care how lengthy treatise you write, but there is no way one tribe will continue to claim that certain communities move out of RV and all you tell us is dialogue be initiated. If Nakitare (Saboti) and Mutitho (Naivasha) are facing the music for suspision of sponsoring violence, there should not be sacred cows. It is not only RV which voted for ODM. Other provinces did it too but they did not butcher people in the same extent as RV. It is obvious the Kalenjin will use flimsy reasons as to why they should not be prosecuted for planning and executing the “ethnic cleansing”. They demonstrated great arrogance and the truth will be told. Whether it be Mungiki or Kalenjin worriors, they must go to court and defend themselves. JUSTICE MUST BE DONE!!!!!

  19. Railkamuodho says:

    Sometime I wonder why people think that people are naive and stupid just to buy into propaganda. I went to School with a Nandi who knew how to speak in a loud and harshed tone. He could dominate debates and any place with an air of pride because Mzee was the head of state and government. I see like many Kalenjin you have the same kind of ego and you think we are stupid. Simply because rumours were milled around and posted on this blog about the Mungiki state house meeting does not make that be the truth. Secondly, why are you shielding your elders who cheated your young circumcised boys to take the arrows and occupy Kikuyu and Kisii land? Why do you think that your appetite for cattle and land should be ignored? Kalenjin will pay dearly for killing people in RV. Watch this space.

  20. kube says:

    the most urgent need for this govt is to undertake to build regional power bases mainly ksm, mbsa, eldy, nyeri, sothat the kind of traffic we have in nai sud not be seen.

    we need develpment spread accross kenya so that our estemed clientele can be spread.
    we also need to strengthen our institurions.

    we need to check the topic under discussion and stick to the points ODMers and lets not be carried away by emotional ideas

  21. kube says:

    can our new govt accept resposibility?
    can the police accept killing kenyans?
    we need to start with reforming police so that they can accept responsiblities for poor judgment and brutality

    Seychelles gov’t says will pay for police beatings
    Thu 21 Feb 2008, 15:19 GMT
    [-] Text [+]
    By George Thande

    VICTORIA, Feb 21 (Reuters) – The Seychelles’
    government has accepted liability for injuries caused
    in 2006 when police beat opposition protesters with
    truncheons, Attorney General Anthony Fernando said on

    The 13 claimants were among crowds protesting a ban on
    radio station licences for political or religious
    groups. The opposition said at the time the government
    was unfairly controlling the media ahead of a July
    2007 election.

    “We have accepted liability,” Fernando told Reuters.

    The top government lawyer said he was working out of
    court to settle the issue, but said the total claim of
    1 million Seychellois rupees ($125,000) was too high.

    Police said at the time opposition leader Wavel
    Ramkalawan, an Anglican priest, sparked the trouble by
    punching an officer.

    “The police were doing a good job to disperse the
    crowd until the Special Support Unit moved in with
    truncheons,” Fernando said.

    Independent newspapers in the 115-island Indian Ocean
    archipelago do exist and are critical of officials.

    But critics say the government’s dominance of most
    media and the threat of libel suits restrict freedom.
    (Editing by Ed Harris and Elizabeth Piper)

    Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your home page.

  22. rafiq says:

    The way I see it we all have to be rational,

    Looking for offenders of postelection violence should not be politicized or tribalized. In as much as we would want to say the violence was preplanned I doubt it. Let every party do their own investigations and hand them over to the experts who should look for the motive , missing links etc.

    Lets face it! The reason for the violence was Kibaki. His govt practiced nonviolent ethnicity. He filled the ECK with his tribesmen and loyalists ireespective of IPPG. They stole the elctions in his favour. Pushed to a corner the rest of the country became violent because they had no moraly legitimate non violent means to look for justice. In their protest they attacked the highly privileged tribe which in the process countera attacked theose who were perceived to be supporters of the oppostion.

    Thats how I see it. No amnesty to ALL. The pre and post election violnce were a continuum.

    1. Starting from Nyachae, Kombo and all those that participated in the PREELECTION violence.

    2. The APs caught with electoral propaganda in Iten.

    3. The businessmen who transported APs with KBS and Citty hopa coach to opposition areas.

    4. Those companies who switched off their network where there were APS in RVP spreading propaganda,

    5. Those who changed the results of the votes in specific constituencies as was seen by the local/domestic observers and international observers,

    6. Those unreachable for presidential election results,

    7. Those constituency electoral clerks that counted the election results in reverese order-instead of starting with presidential,

    8. Those who changed the results at ECK,

    9. Those who blocked the observers from looking at the forms at ECK

    10. Those who pushed Kivuitu to announce flawed results,

    11. Those who switched off live media coverage,

    12. Those who ordered for the shooting of Kenyans in oppostion areas,

    13. Those who started chasing people from eldoret town to the village-when the wrongful losers were wailing,

    14. Those who started the violence in Eldoret and RVP, those who continued it, those who planned and executed violence in Naivasha Nakuru Central etc.

    15. Finally those who trivialised the murder of Kenyans by deliberately giving false information to the media-remember the Rambo KTN camera trick!!

    By the time all these are dealt with and all are in prison the numbers and distribution will reflect supporters or players in the political parties in Kenya today.

    All I see is AMNESTY or ANOTHER WAR if its NOT EQUITABLY done. If one side wants to score over the other by looking only at murder in the Church, NOBODY will accept it and thats the truth. But these people too will not agree to be tried in Kibakis courts!! Its gonna be a STALEMATE.

    By the way what happened to apartheid violence offenders in RSA. I believe this was collateral damage in the 3rd liberation of the country and it should be openly discussed then AMNESTY given.

  23. rafiq says:

    So will the financers of the violence from both sides agree to go to jail. It may sound funny but its really painful, where on earth can a man be sold for just 1000sh or 100sh depending on the community? I cant wait to hear uys narrating this in public hearing. If amnesty is not going to work then be very watchful, people will soon start dissapearing to cover the evidence-remember the Ouko inquiry and its death trail.

  24. kanyeka says:

    Umebonga vizuri let those who have eyes to see from No. 1-15 and tell them all this is what realy hapened.
    So Truth and Recon. is what we need and forge ahead becouse if that is the case,then what you’ve jus said is bound to happen in RV.
    Even if you bring the millitary youil jus be killin the innocent eg. the saboat in M.E.

  25. Maru Kapkatet says:

    With lightning speed, the constitutional amendments were passed and aseented to.

    Why is it taking long to swear in Mr. Raila Odinga as PM and name the Cabinet?

    The answer to this question is the incurable malaise of GREED and ETHNIC CHAUVINISM.

    When you are suffering from these two diseases, you want your people to control money. You beg donors for 31.5 billion shillings and you want 10% of that to go to your associates. You want Mololine to increase their fleet of buses so that they can move the Administration Police and Mungiki squads quickly to any part of Kenya where their services are needed.

    You want Nyaga Stockbrokers and other close assocaites facing the crunch to be bailed out and you want all your friends and associates to triple their holdings and shares in companies. You want to see more tall buildings owned by your friends popping up everywhere in Nairobi to decentralize and distribute to more centres the stuffing of ballot boxes in future.

    You want your people to control security, criminal investigations, and prosecutions because you want to skew election violence investigations to look to the world that it was Kalenjins and Luos who started it. You do not want an honest and exhaustive investigation that will reveal the two-and-a-half years of plotting and sowing of seeds of electoral fraud which eventually led to the violence.

    You do not want investiagtions to reveal the guilt of your man, John Michuki. You do not want investigations to reveal how extensively you used the services of Mungiki to kill and maim. You do not want the world to know the truth and nothing but the whole truth about the meetings that took place in State House between Mungiki and your officials.

    You want the world to see Kalenjins ans Luos as killers even after your government and your Mungiki associates massacred them in their hundreds. You want your man to guide the investigations to paint you and your people as the victims and ODM and their supporters as the perpetrators of violence.

    You do not want investigations to start with the 2005 referendum. You want election violence investigations to be pegged to January 2008 and thereafter. You can try to hide or run away from the truth but it will come out.

    The Grand Coalition government, is it going to work? I doubt it. That is why, I am convinced that the Electoral Commission of Kenya has to be disbanded now and a new one formed. It also makes senses to have the current ECK commissioners out to office so that meaningful commission of inquiry process can take place.

    I also want the governement to pass a new law allowing the outsourcing of supervision of general elections to the private sector and preferably to an overseas firm – British or USA. This private firm will conduct the elections either exclusively or with assistance from ECK as their junior.

  26. raphael says:


    why are you threatening the people of kenya? the language you have used in your latest blog has no place not only in this weblog but also in the modern kenya. i think you have a problem that you need to deal with as a matter of urgency. and please allow me to advice you that the kind of problem you are suffering from can only be solved by God through one word, LOVE. please find a bible and read, believing in your heart, the book of 1corinthians 13: 4-7.

  27. Pato says:

    There will be justice…one way or another…it was long explained to you that for evry actiom, there is a counter reaction.

    that counter reaction may be a channeled in a truth and reconcilliation committee and subsequent justie to the butchers of elddoret and naivasha. Thats the nice way.

    if that fails..the anger and bitterness of the victims will find another outlet..and this will be ugly.

    Amnest cannot be blanket and cannot certainly be given before the truth is made known. We cant hve murderers recounting how they raped burnt and killed infants with the impunity of those who know that nothing will happen to them.

    Again hear me…this will not die down…no matter how much you sing about may seem gone..but someone somewhere will foot the bill

  28. rafiq says:

    Bro Maru,

    The idea whose time has come cannot be resisted. even bya an army. Worry not because we are watching. We can not be deceived we know the target, we have gone for it and it has to be delivered at whatever price. Very soon he will be installed.

  29. rafiq says:


    The earlier you realize that the benefits vs risk will be shared 50-50 no big deal. The only problem is that for the few you think you will arrest in ODM zones, you will pay with the bllod of an entire district plus more that comprise the Mungiki.

    There is no fear in ODM at all. Tutashare responsibility and blame 50-50.

    Good luck for your preconceived justice.

    But resentment and anger is NOT going to take Kenyans anywhere.

  30. Jane says:

    ODMers , having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?. Have you been made blind by empty political rhetorics?.

    Can someone tell us who presided over collapse of the following, and which has contributed to misery of many Kenyans ( from farmers to prospective workers ), if the industries were not destroyed by these fellows who have shifted political base from kanu to odm, most of the young people crying foul today would be employed and those retiring would be comfortable. So do not blame MK for poverty. It has all been caused by the many faces we see in ODM today.

    1. Collapse of KCC – who was managing director ( Gideon Moi ?, et al )
    2. Collapse of Coffee industry – Funds intended to pay farmers directed to other means – Euro bank, sololo outlets, etc
    3. Near collapse of pyrethrum industry – Funds for farmers directed to other means.
    4. Near collapse of coffee board
    5. Near collapse of Sugar industry
    6. Collapse of the fishing industry
    7. collapse of the cotton industry
    8. Collapse of Kenya meat commission
    9. The Goldenbag scandal – who was managing central bank ( Kotut) , KCB ( Arap Bii) , commissioner of taxes (Cheruiyot)
    10. Grabbing properties and selling them off to parastatals at exorbitant prices – Fred Ngumo, William Ruto , et al who we even understand have corruption cases pending in court.
    11. Grabbing of a plot for the disabled along Jogoo Road in Nairobi – ( William Ruto etc )
    12. Near collapse of the road network
    13. Near collapse of Kenya Posts and Telecommunications
    14. Near collapse of the Railway system– the darling for Kisumu and beyond, Mombasa , Nanyuki , etc
    15. Near collapse of the Education system
    16. Diversion of parastatal funds to Euro Bank , Sololo outlets, etc
    17. Near Collapse of forests
    18. Collapse, collapse, collapse, destruction, destruction.
    19. Start of tribal clashes in Molo and environs as early as 1992. ( order to lie low like envelopes by the likes of Ntimama, Kones et,al )
    20. etc, etc, miseries, miseries.
    21. Messing up KANU

    Yet all we hear today in ODM circles is oooooooh Mk amefanya, oooh Mk. Ooohh serikali mbaya. Oooooohh! Yes, its Serikali mbaya because it has blocked the likes of Ruto from grabbing plots and selling them off to parastatals at exorbitant prices. Yes its serikali mbaya because it has revived some sectors and improved livelihoods which the likes of jealous Ruto would not like to see improved.

  31. hekima naamini says:


  32. tnk says:

    the outgoing govt of kenya (2003-Mar 2008) has set a very unfortunate precedent of gross incompetence and abuse of office followed by inane committees to investigate the inefficiencies resulting

    to name a few

    a) KNEC botch up the exam process, committee formed to investigate
    b) ECK botch up election, committee to investigate, this aside from the mediation team
    c) police/GSU use excessive force against unarmed demonstrators, resulting in deaths of citizen, committee to probe shootings

    there are so many others,

    all kenyans know that prevention is better than cure, and that it is infinitely more cost effective to employ the right people to do a job once, than employ a bunch of bozos and then spend two generations worth of time and finances to correct the mess. so who really is the bright/visionary planner or engineer of this madness? we are spending enormous efforts to cover up and gloss over gross stupidity that never should have happened if people tried to live up to the expectations of their jobs and duties instead of boot-licking those higher up the political hierarchy and promoting ethnic chauvinism, egotistic agendas, cronyism and nepotism. somehow all this is getting swept under the rug in the spirit of new found love for each other. murderous gangs and their financiers are now wedging in trying to get embraced in with all their misdeeds hoping that their atrocities can be overlooked.

    I agree with Rafiq, and Maru kapkaptet that we as kenyans started off our new life in 2003. Lets turn the clock back to that day when Kibaki was sworn in Dec 2002, and bring to the front line all incompetencies and acts by any leader or individual that stoked, fueled and ignited the chaos experienced especially in the period End Dec 2007 till Feb 2008 but not forgetting the other less amplified misdeeds that continue to occur daily shattering the livelihood of many kenyans. its not about settling PNU or ODM scores but about reviving integrity, promoting justice across the board and rewarding good deeds with appropriate awards and punishing criminal activity, as well as upholding the sanctity of life.

    9th parliament also passed some kind of law, time-barring KACC from following up corruption cases. Reports of corruption continue to pile up and gather dust on shelves, next to other countless reports prepared by people trying to create better governance structures. KACC itself is lethargic outfit with one of the worst and highest negative ROI. the effort or result ratio to expenditure is the most absurd ever.

    Just what is wrong with our leaders and institutions, are there no more high calibre, high integrity, committed and principled leaders in our society?

    the peace accord is a political settlement out of an extremely unfortunate degeneration of events that led to escalating violence and loss of life, but this does not correct the issues on hand, and neither does it really provide the checks and balances on political leadership and public service delivery that continue to dog our country.

    we need to stop spending time patting each other on the back or finger pointing and get back to permanently resolving the issues that continue to smother/stifle the kenyan populace from advancement and prosperity.

  33. Maru Kapkatet says:

    “You are a true ally”, Kalonzo has told the Chinese government. Kalonzo went on to thank the Chinese government for denying themselves a supply of live bullets, which they were manufacturing on 24-hour shifts in anticipation of riots in Tibet, to send them to Kenya to be used in Kisumu, Kericho, Eldoret, and Nairobi.

    Now that things have cooled down in Kenya, Kalonzo offered, in the true spirit of friendship and cooperation, to ship the excess bullets in Kenya back to China so that they can use them in Tibet.

    Kalonzo’s fear is that the new PM may start nosing around and may start unearthing the hidden ammunitions dumps in Ngong forest.

  34. kiptoo arap sirorei says:

    the areas needed for immediate action;
    seal the loopholes created by anglo leasing contract,and goldenberg contracts.
    empower the kacc to prosecute all corruption cases
    de-njeru-rise the judiciary.
    ensure ethnic balance in police force , all intelligence bodies,millitary and civil service .
    infrastructure is the engine of our economy,i would be tempted to say infrastructure.,infrastructure,infrastructure and security.
    we need effective constitution and decentralize power now and not tomorrow.
    effectively decentralize power
    availability of affortable credit is the oil that moves our economy.fight for realistic interest rates.

    build credit rating institutions so that those who qualify get credit they deserve and those who fail to honor their obligations are blacklisted by the credit rating agency

    centralize personal data of citizens like property ownership,physical locations,motor vihecle registrations,insurance,criminal records,sex offenders,birth records,should all be pooled together in a high tech gov data that entering any single information on an individual will reveal a whole lot of data on individuals.

    education should be evaluated with the objective of utilizing optimally all university graduates and avoiding brain drain.
    continue the rural electrification programme and seek to utilize all other source of generating electicity within.

    move with speed to encourage use of biofuels

    arap sirorei

  35. kiptoo arap sirorei says:

    i hope raila did not begin shoody underhand deals with the like s of jimmy,munya,martha and kiraitu,.we have been watching the so called cementing the caolition agreement and parties and lunches at various placesin the recent past.

    people should ask how did people like murungaru started having relationships with total man what was the outcome shoody contracts,

    angloleasing and golenberg have some similarities in the way they have sleazed our treasury

    i remember michuki saying that they should not have retained boinett as NSIS boss at all,that this was a mistake they regreted later.i believe this 100%.

    i hope ODM IS keeping A watch ful eye………
    saitoti is one of those who never wanted to be associated with corruption of any kind…..but wapi…alipata watu wenye awakufanya calculus…alifanyiwa calculus proper.



  36. karanja kamau says:

    The biggest issue we have is people who relly mismanaged this country for 24 years are trying to take this country back. It’s not gonna happen even if it’s by the genocide to poor people.
    Don’t put luos in the category of killers . LUOS NEVER STARTED ANY GENOCIDE ALL THEY DID WAS DEMONSTRATE .

  37. rafiq says:

    The Fallacy Behind The figure 24, and the Danger of the figure 3

    Its very convenient in Kenya to aportion blame when one has failed in his or her own responsibilities. Thats why whenever Kenyans ask questions and justify their own response by post election violence,then they are reminded of 24! Lets clear a few lies here.

    The 24 yrs I believe was during the regime of former presso Daniel Arap Moi. The all powerful one who at least tried to promote patriotism(remember the songs after news) and some form of equity but was bedeviled in corruption towards the end. If Moi did what Kibaki has done in the past 3 yrs, Kenya would have been more divided and with two classes of citizenry. Moi had the will and courage even to nominate a Luo or Kikuyu MP and give them ministries despite them opposing him eternally. He tried to ensure he reaches out to them hence the KANUNDP merge, the CKDG and the overwhelming support he had in Kiambu. He shared the wealth looted or genuine with every tribe. Courtesy of Moi we have several rich peolpe in Central, but for Kibaki we have very many poor people out of central.

    Secondly, who participated in 24 yr of mass plunder of resources. Yes they are Kibaki, Saitoti, Biwott, Njenga Karume etc. Which govt do they serve or did they campaign for? Birds of the same feather flock together. Who were the finance ministers then? Who created Goldenberg? Whom did he support in the last elections? All these answers point to one thing Kibaki was a silent participant peraps even beneficiary in the corruption that brought this country to his knees except for 1992-2002.

    Thirdly, wh0 brought an end to the so called 24 yrs and its possible extension? One man and his vision PM RAO. He helped transform KANU giving people boldness and opening their eyes to the suffering of Kenyans. He brought Kibaki to power just with two words Kibaki Tosha! Kibaki had the goodwill to rule Kenyans well. He started very well until he buried his head in his tribe, thought by his tribal name and ethnic chauvinism. He ignored Kenya out of Central. He only campaigned outside central and its diaspora when he realized other Kenyans also have a vote. Even Moi in his worst moments was able to campaign in Nyanza specifcally Luo Nyanza and Central. Kibaki DID NOT step into Kisumu. He HAS NOT VISITED any place outside diaspora of RVP after the violence. He has been forced by the threat of violence to sign the peace deal.

    Finally the 24 yrs were better than then 3 last yrs ending Kibakis term. Unless you were of the right community, the right class, the right name the last 3 yrs has been a misery. It makes me crunch to imagine that if kenyans didnt die after the elections that my child-grandchild and their future would be determined by their names or provinces of origin. That they were entitled to fail national exams because they are called Ruto, otieno, wafula, ole tipis etc And that they only need to be in a school in a particular province to excell. can we all imagine what would have been the answer to these cries of unfair exam system if PANUA won the election? We could have been told unpritable words like passing exams is not like eating fish! It wouldnt have been a computer virus to blame.

    Just imagine 3 yrs vs 24 yrs! Imagine 8x the tribal hegemony economic disenfranchment, collapsed infrastructure in Opposition areas, voting by the computer, murder of newly elected MPs. Given a choice better 24 yrs than 3 yrs.

    Finally, the leadership of ODM has not been in power for 24 years. That means the likes of Ruto,Balala, Nyaga,Ngilu, Mudavadi, were less than 18yrs when they started leading the country! That is illegal and cant happen. RAO was in detention so he was not ruling!

    DO NOT HIDE in 24 yrs. Say what has been done to Kenyans in 2003-5 vs 2005-7 to correct the presumed misrule of 24 yrs. If that does not make sense then join RAO in dealing with ETHNICITY, TRUTH and RECONCILIATION and help build a NEW KENYA and say NEVER AGAIN will we go back to where we came from.

  38. rafiq says:


    Got it right again. We can all now see the footsteps of China in Kenyas police violence. Block the media and literally wipe out your opponents who want freedom. I still believe that this govt should reconsider its relationship with China.

    For every chinese produt we bought, one kenyan was killed and at least five maimed!

  39. Jane says:

    The sectors in need of reforms were outlined by President MK in his speech while opening the Tenth Parliament recently. The Agenda is kind of set.

    For the Coalition Government, this is exactly the same as the coalition formed by the government in 2003. No difference. The ministers were from all parties;
    Narc, Kanu, Safina,Fork-K, Ford-People, etc.

    Similarly in the Tenth parliament the ministers will be from all parties ( now baptised grand coalition). So, this drummed up coalition government is nothing new. The media just want to exaggerate issues so that they can have something to write about. The media is full of selective reporting.

    For the prime minister post, it is exactly as indicated in 2004 draft constitution which odm leaders said was ‘ bad’ in 2005 referendum. Now there is about- turn, and it has become “ good’. Read section 171 & 172 of the 2004 constitution amendment ( wako draft). So this post of prime minister is not a new idea but the media and a few odm followers in their ignorance think its new. The person elected as prime minister will have to really work round the clock and tread carefully to retain the post. He/she can easily be removed.

  40. karanja kamau says:

    I’m talking as somebody who lost four close relatives in eldoret,i’m also talking as somebody who after 2002 clashes helped people who decided not to go back to their legal lands.
    This cannot continue i’m trying to fight for poor people. If you have issues with RUTOS/MICHUKI go confront them but don’t use people lives as a way to score political point.
    Again RAO is our leader and as i said before LUOS never started genocide that’t not their way to correct peceived political injusticies.

  41. rafiq says:


    I think only a neutral arbitrator can help save the situation in kenya. Thats why Kofi Annan had to come. Lets hope those left behind will do an excellent job. The country is split into two in almost everything.

    In as much as you sympathize with the people in Eldoret have you thought about those who were killed or maimed in places like Kisumu Homabay Migori Rongo Kisii Kakamega Kitale Kericho including Kibera, by police. Those who have sold their land to pay hospital bills for the chinese produced free bullets ordered by Kibaki and Michuki and distributed by Ali.

    So the investigations have to be neutral. No murder was less or more than the other.

    Luos have paid dearly. Odinga senior left leadership for Kenyatta only to be isolated and persecuted. RAO and Kibaki the same. And now RAO has given Kibaki the leadership he doesnt deserve. Again RAO and read Luos have compromised for the sake of the others. Only when Luos unite with Kikuyus do they achieve anything! I wish they all learnt something from this.

    Unfortunately in as much as MK is a Kikuyu president, RAO is a Kalenjin PM and there is nothing you can do to change that. DONT expect RAO to keep mum as self selected justice is given to Kaleos. NEVER! Because the next will be land clashes btwn Kales and Luos and selective bombing by chinese planes and bombs.

    So my brother lets wait for the independent inquiry to complete its work and as they say leave no stone unturned.

    My bet is people should forget about punishment. I dont think UK and Nyachae are ready to go to jail. Though they are directly accused Ruto is indirectly accused and there will be no evidence, mere allegations.

  42. karanja kamau says:


  43. mrembowaodm says:

    rafiq at 10.05 ditto!!

  44. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    After almost three weeks of my absence from this site and hoping to return to bright ideas. I have to say am shocked. You have degressed terribly; Is it cause of Maru Kapkatet’s or is it cause of Karanja Kamau’s

    Let me whisper something to you, RAO is on board, the rest are just following be it Ruto or Tony Gachoka. RAO is not leaving this governement bacause of someone’s misconceived fears of reprisal punishment; let me call it Justice. There is no evidence or proof that he played any part in the Killings.
    Kenya is moving on. We are very sorry for what happened to the LUO community. Justice will be served by the end of this year on the planners and executioners.
    Let justice rain on those who killed be it in RV or anywhere else in our country.

    Maru Kapkatet everyone will carry their own cross. The time for the tribal card is over.

  45. jaugenya says:

    This blog has outgrown its purpose we are no longer in the opposition , please create a website for the office of the PM then have a suggestion box.campaign is over we fought a good fight and won but the devil won through his ever dubios means .

  46. Maru Kapkatet says:

    PM Raila Odinga, be aware. There was once, in Kenya, a permanent secretary for Ethics and Governance. His name was John Githongo. He worked hard to investigate corrption cases and while he was busy shouting against corruption and the corrupt, Anglo Leasing was in progress.

    It turned out that Githongo was being used to blindfold the donors so that they could not see the corruption scandals that were going on. The more and louder Githongo shouted, the looser the donors’ purses got and the more the money flowed into Kibaki’s bag from overseas.

    It is becoming apparent now that Raila Odinga is soon becoming the new John Githongo, an advertisement sign for donors to see as an image of stability in Kenya while 90% of power is held by Kibaki and his associates. In the new scheme of things, Raila Odinga will be receiving visitors from overseas to mislead Kenyans that he has power while Kibaki and his assocaites hold power and control finances and security.

    In Kenya, there are only three important offices running the country – the presidency, the treasury, and security. You control these three, you control everything and everybody in Kenya. If Kibaki and PNU retain these three, then Raila Odinga and ODM may as well disappear into thin air and no one will ever notice it.

    For Mr. Raila Odinga to have a share of power, the two Deputy PMs, who must be answerable directly to him, must be in charge of finance and security. The minister of finance is more powerful than a deputy PM whatever other portfolio that deputy PM holds. A minister in charge of security is more powerful than a deputy PM or even the PM himself.

    If the ministers of finance and security are not deputy PMs, Kibaki will circumvent the office of PM altogether and deal with those ministers direct. Mwai Kibaki is on record, before he signed the deal with Raila, that yes the PM can supervise some ministers. Muthaura is on record as saying that yes the PM can chair some inter-ministerial committees.

    The thinking of the Kibaki side, obviously, is to have an arrangement where Raila “supervises” only his ODM ministers. Since those ODM ministers will most likely have PNU-ODMK permanent secretaries, PNU-ODMK will then starve the ODM ministers of any say by circumventing them and making the permanent secretaries very powerful.

    I analyzed the situation and saw this coming and that is why I proposed that the two deputy PMs be also ministers of finance and security and only 22 other ministries be formed. If that was done, then it will force Kibaki to dissolve his current Cabinet so that both sides can start from the same point to make a new Cabinet.

    Mr. Raila Odinga must not let Kenyans down at this point in time and must insist that the Cabinet be announced publicly before he, his deputy PMs, ministers, and assistant ministers can all be sworn in at the same time.

    This will forestall Kibaki from trying to play games. Many Kenyans had requested that Mr. Kofi Annan stay in Kenya until a new Cabinet was formed. Kenyans know how weak Kibaki is as a leader and they know that Kibaki cannot name his part of the Cabinet by himself as he is being controlled by powerful associates.

    It may be the right time now to invite back Mr. Kofi Annan to mediate the making of the new Cabinet and that Cabinet must be restricted to a maximum of 24. This will give both Kibaki and Raila the same starting point.

  47. rafiq says:


    Welcome back. I hope we all start working hard and let the expert investigators deal with details of what happened. And as Jaugenya puts it lets have a new blog and way of thinking. We want to foster development wherever we are! We need githeri to eat to survive not separately boiled maize or boiled beans.

    What are your suggestions on a more development conscious blog?

  48. rafiq says:

    Old trends continue,

    Why did UK single handedly create more jobs and money for the three bus companies?

    Why did he create market for hawkers at the expense of inconveniencing Kenyans?

    UK is a tribalist, arrogant, sefish ethnic chauvinist and strategist who should not do deals with ODM. Be very watchful ODM.

  49. Railkamuodho says:

    I don not think I am threatening some tribes. I am only stating the obvious. The Kalenjin have a bad habit of throwing and destroying property. I can buy the idea that Luos did not plan to destroy. But the Kalenjin did plan all the atrocities. I think they are trying to hide behind the issue of negotiations or peace meetings. If these meetings start without justice, I will walk out in protest. This tribe must be made to understand that life is precious and cannot be used as a bargaining chip. We must be given justice. No peace without justice!!

  50. KEN says:

    most important for odm dockets should be

    security!!(without it kenya will not function)
    look at how pnu used the security apparatus to their advantage( police, Nsis, army)
    during and after elections??
    security ministry should be controlled equally by both pnu and odm!!
    justice- ministry- same- no appointments allows – equal power by both odm and pnu
    ( look how kibaki appointed judges just before elections disregarding the rule of law)
    finance ministry- equal powers too- just look at nyaga brokerage?? wasn’t give money to bail it out when everyone knew it was going under??there is Anglo leasing and other cases just like Anglo leasing on file ?? read gathongo report?? charter scandal- transcentury waiting already happening and many other companies and people who have been paid by the government billions of shilling for no work done!!
    if kibaki is serious then he has to allow joint investigations in this files!!

    local government= rotten- again equal powers fro both pnu and odm- full over haul

    agriculture?? i have never understood why kenyans are starving while we have lots of food that can feed other parts of the country?? and machinery for irrigation e.t.c- needs another huge overhaul!!
    trade & industry( full of tender thieves) major overhaul

    in all there must be a balance on all the major ministries!! it is time the old moved over for the new qualified generation in all the parastatal positions, corporations and diplomatic missions- the old guards have overstayed their time in office!!

  51. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Which Kalenjin MPs Should be Appointed Cabinet Minister:

    1. William Ruto has got to be in the Cabinet

    2. Between Sally Kosgei and Henry Kosgei: In the early years of Daniel arap Moi’s presidency, when he was very, very popular, many Kenyans used to see Mr. Henry Kosgei as a leader matching Moi in humility and dedication.

    They saw Henry Kosgei then as a selfless leader on the route to replace Moi at some stage in the future. That was never to be but Mr. Henry Kosgei remains a humble and trustworthy leader. He worked with dedication to get Hon. Raila Odinga elected president of Kenya and he was.

    Since Raila Odinga was not sworn in as president and since ODM has few slots for Cabinet ministers, I request Mr. Henry Kosgei to forego a ministerial appointment at this time to give Sally Kosgei a chance, as a woman, to serve in the Cabinet. Sally Kosgei is one of the premier leaders in Kenya today and has both a national and international reputation.

    3. Amongst the Kipsigis, the leading candidate should be Ms. Lorna Laboso. She is the first Kipsigis woman to be elected to parliament. She represents three constituencies in one. Her Sotik consituency has a bit of Bureti, Bomet, and Chepalungu. Mr. Kones of Bomet has served as a minister before and so has Isaac Ruto. Mr. Franklin Bett served as State House Comptroller for many years. I ask these gentlemen together with Mr. Keter, Dr. Kones, and Lang’at to support the lady to become a minister.

    4. In Baringo, the gentlemen should support Helen Sambili of UDM to get her appointed to the Cabinet.

    Give women a chance to lead this time around. There will be opportunity for you men to serve in the Cabinet someday.

  52. Railkamuodho says:

    For your record, I think that people will need to work very hard to improve their personal (pocket books) and national budgets (GDP). We have not only the capacity to deliver, but also the resources to improve our wellbeing as a nation. We should discard the notion that we have to depend on foreigners for development.
    I am opposed to ressetlement of Kikuyus and Kisiis together with Kalenjins. I propose that the tribes be seperated with bankers and boundaries that cannot be crossed. I mean tall walls (like the china wall) should be constructed. Central province should start in Burnt forest, all the way to Naivasha. All Kalenjin should be removed from these areas and be given Kikuyu land in Eldoret rural. Kitale should remain cosmopolitan like Eldoret town, Nakuru, Nairobi, Mombasa and other major towns in Kenya or where we do not have hostile tribes. Towns that should be dominated by the tribes should be ones like, Kericho, Kapsabet (Kalenjin), Kisumu (Luos), Kakamega (Maragoli), and Nyeri (kikuyus). Other friendly tribes such as Kambas, Merus, Taitas and Coast people can continue to interacat with other tribes.

  53. Railkamuodho says:

    After the Kalenjin fought tribal and hate war believing that they would throw out other tribes from Rift Valley, all that remains is for them to get just a few portfolios in the Kibaki and Raila government. I do not think that it was right to plan and execute the “ethnic cleansing” in the belief that they are gods. They are human being who also can face other human beings.

  54. Pato says:

    Am not sure that majimbo is sch a bad thing after all these days. Most if not all the kyuks have left Kalenjin land or have been killed thus the biggest fear of the kyuks of majimbo is gone; the kyuks in diaspora

    Again am not sure I want to ever work under a goverment of people like Raila and Ruto and am finding it difficult talking to members of the Luo and Kalenjin community.

    I know all these manenos of forgiveness and recoinciliation..but the imagery of people being dragged out of matatus and lynched for no reason other than they speak thelanguage I speak. MAybe if I had been there,…these very people am shaking hands with would hav been the first to bash my head in with a stone.

    and its not just the common villagers..the hatred seeps right up to the top….as manisfested by the origin of the hateful phrase Lesotho option which basically means cutting us off as did the Nazis on the warsaw ghetto to kill the jews.

    I cannot bring myself to ever trust them sorry.

  55. rafiq says:

    Railkamuodho and Pato,

    Its taken you too long to realize what other Kenyans had gone through. The suffering you had for two months and the related bitterness and anger is what other Kenyans have suffered from independence-since the death of people like TJMboya.

    Unfortunately it took lawlesness to bring the oppressors to the negotiating table and it will remain so because your leaders cant listen to anything else. They dont even have respect for innocent students sitting end of year exams.

    So whatever it is it will be shared equitably throughout the country or else more serious violence.

    The bunkers you are talking about and splitting of the country Lesotho style, is what most supporters and eventually ODM pentagon advocated for. I think if you hate and disrespect other Kenyans as lesser mortals then give them their country and have your own. But because of greed and population pressure you cant ! So share real power.

  56. mumias says:

    Can pato and his freind Raikla…. please redirect their views to the likes of Mashada where such language is a prerequisite of posting there.

    We should not even be discussing 17 ministries but a full goverment but we accepted to drop our rightfully earned victory for the sake of the future. I want to remain on point here and to now address what we need to actually reform this country.

    ODM should be realize something, we will judge them on results, so even if they are looking to five years, they better DELIVER. Let our ministers and appointments achieve and strive to improve and bring development to this country that will seek to address the social injustices that have contributed to the tension and mistrust between communities.

  57. karanja kamau says:

    Real power should be a reality and everybody should share and feel represented in the goverment. Young people have gone to school/college participated in soccer,rugby, marathon together.I know we can live together and build one prosperous kenya.
    One important thing i would like to point out is millions of kikuyus have suffered with the rest of the country and therefore are willing to work with other kenyans. They don’t support militia like mungiki,people like muthaura and all old people should have gone yesterday, i’m happy (everybody) that finally lucy have kept quite.
    FOR THE INJUSTICES all regimes from kenyatta,moi, and now kibaki should be unearthed and corrected. All political murders from Tom mboya to devolution lecturer should be brought open.
    I know not all kalenjins benefited from moi regime, also not all kalenjins supported the killings and this is true with all tribes.
    We should be candid and truthful in our discussion about INJUSTICES because one way or another alot of our present politicians have been in the other regimes.

  58. Railkamuodho says:

    I am suprised by people who portend to speak for the oppresed Kenyans. Let it be told here, the war was not between “other Kenyans” and Kikuyu but between Kalenjin and Kikuyu. Luos only acted in their ever known anger and not in a planned manner. On the other hand the devilish Kalenjin planned and continue to plan how to execute members of other ethnic groups from RV. We know what they have planned and we will face them head on.
    Let them continue to show arrogance and it will be returned to them. This idea of Kikuyu not respecting other tribes or benefitting themselves at the expense of others is a lie that must be faced head on. That is why Kenyans now are visiting the National parks in droves to enjoy their disrupted Christmass holiday. Kudos to Raila and Mudavadi who have led other peace loving Kenyans to start again enjoying their flora and fauna.
    Let the murders and killers continue to walk and practice in the forests like animals and plan how they will kill innocent Kenyans. But they will face the wrath of God and those they plan to kill. Never will they succeed in pushing people from their bankers again. The international community is watching and the tribal chief and the war lords will be exposed. One of them is offcourse RUTOH.

  59. Railkamuodho says:

    This week Barack Obama addressed the issue of race in America. Yet when i bring the issue of tribalism on this blog, I am accused of insensitivity or not being a patriot. Patriotism is a word that has been missplace in our day to day living. We have used it to cover our weaknesses and arrogance. If Kalenjin and other tribes form their own tribal groups, they are called cultural groups but when the Kikuyu do the same, they are accused of arrogance. Why this double standard application. When Kalenjin worriors kill and burn houses, they are defended for spontaneous rejection of an election and injustices, when the young Kikuyu swiftly respond in Nakuru and Naivasha, they are called murderers and all bad names.
    I am asking the government of president Mwai Kibaki to start resettling IDP with immediate effect within two days otherwise we shall organize our people to demonstrate against this monster. These are human beings in their own land and who Kalenjin are using as pawn for their political ends. Where is Uhuru Kenyatta? Your people are being treated like dogs in their own country! Where is the likes of Wangu Wa Makeri, Koigi Wamwere? Wake up and stand for your people!

  60. Anon says:

    So luos acted in their ever known anger? I thought we were moving away from such strereotypes and if it is true why did Mungiki kill them in Naivasha instead of going to the Kalenjin heartland for revenge?

    When Obama gave the speech, do you know it was white people who were “shocked” to learn that the Black people are angry about discrimination? White people do not think they are favoured and do not support affirmative action because they see it as a way of taking what belongs to them. Kikuyus have been favoured and that is a fact. You can deny it however you want but it is the truth. Need I mention the KCPE fiasco? It is true that Nyani haoni kundule!!!

    A while back you referred to Uhuru as a nationalist. What do you expect him to do? Organize Mungiki to kill Kalenjins like he did before? Wangu wa Makeri is long dead and Koigi lost his flow when he cut his dreads and involved himself in politics.

    IDP’s will go back at their own risk!! Unless we all understand that we are one, we are fighting a lost cause.

  61. rafiq says:


    Blanket condemnation of communities wont take Kenyans far. You can not force me if I was raped and my childen killed by mungiki to go back to Naivasha or Nakuru. Its my choice where I live and how I live. The trauma is too much and the evnts too soon. Have you realized that the people you chased away from your farms have esettled i their original homes? Please take their jobs, give it to your people whom you are calling IDPs and continue. For I know that those who were not evil who had good neighbourlihood in RVP and other parts are back and its business as usual unless your crafty ethnic chauvinistic political octogenerians bring in new trouble.

    For your information this time people will not be killed by policemen at all. Dont threaten other Kenyans for the mistakes done by the political few elites. If I were you I would fight the so called council of elders , overthrow them and usher in new leadership that can transcend tribal prejudices. Unfortunately you will rather feed the youth with bhang, tobbacco and use them to do your dirty work.

    I have travelled from Coast to Western through rift valley. The only thing they are saying that were it not for Ruto Raila Mudavadi Balala and a few others they would have all been slaves. Dare not touch them, unless you want us to go back where we came from. Absolutely nothing will be done to Ruto for your mere allegations. Its painful but live with it. As you lick the wounds of IDPs the other Kenyans are licking the wound of Kibaki-MeChuki-Ali-Kiraithe-Mutua-Ndemo alliance. They are in their houses with either bullets or wounds in their bodies from a 2 yr old to an 8o yr old.

  62. Railkamuodho says:

    Anon and Raifq,
    Kalenjin are murderers full stop. Yet they want everybody to look stupid and as though our heads are only full of water not brains. I do not think that there is anybody to thank for the prevailing peace in Kenya. Maybe the international community will be thanked but other warlords will have to pay for their evil schemes. They thought that they can chase people from their regions for selfish gains. I state again here, Luos and Luhyas are not part of the evil-axis. They were pushed into doing what they did at the beginning of the chaos and then they stoped. Kalenjin are still preparing of what they will do. Many young men have even stoped going to school! But like in Mt. Elgon, this militias will be flushed from the forests. Only Dorobos have the right to live in the forests. All other groups should be flushed out.
    Kikuyus are not in RV due to Kalenjin favour and that will become clear very soon. I do not for a moment advocate for the two tribes to live together any more. As for moving from RV, forget it, no other tribe will join the Kalenjin (read Kipsigis and Nandi) to accomplish their scheme.
    Anon draws a parallel between whites in America and Kikuyus in Kenya. Since when did the Kikuyus colonize the Kenyan tribes? Who are the Kenyan millionaires? Arent Balala, Raila, Rutoh, Gumo (kaa ngumu), Mudavadi and others millionaires? Millions of Kikuyus are hard workers. Full stop! Millions of them wake up at 4 in the morning to milk their cows, deliver milk to the dairy. Kisiis and Kambas also work very hard. If you look at Kisiis who we neighbour with in RV, they put their shambas to maximum use. They plant pyrethrum and keep dairy cattle. It is these animals that Kalenjin want to take and become rich. But unfortunately when they take these animals, they do not know the current methods of feeding and caring for the animals. They only know to move around with arrows and little use of day to day guts which is key to our economic survival.

  63. Railkamuodho says:

    A little education, we belong to our tribes first before a nation. Uhuru Kenyatta is a Kikuyu first before being a national leader. Raila is a Luo before being a nationalist; Mudavadi is Maragoli before being a presumptive deputy PM and nationalist; Rutoh is a Kipsigis before settling in Eldoret (never a nationalist); Kalonzo Musyoka is a Kamba first before being a nationalist etc. I therefore think that Uhuru has every right to fight for his people if Kibaki is too busy protecting his position and sharing spoils with Raila. Kikuyu, like other tribes need somebody to fight for them. Kisiis too need someone to fight for their course if Magara is only concerned with getting the flag and being an ODM sycophant.
    As for the assumption that the IDP will return to their land at their own risk, we hold the government of Kenya fully responsible for the immediate and future security, no compromise on this either.

  64. Railkamuodho says:

    Did you read the report of one Kalenjin MP who knew he could tell his people to stop butchering and burning houses because he was their commander and yet he did not want to do this (he was in Nairobi all through the chaos and only returned when he thought it was going his way). And yet these people will continue to laugh heartly and show their white teeth in public as though nothing happened. He is the same guy who cannot tell his people to apologize to president Moi for treating him like a witch during the chaos. But a curse for a whole community and generation is in store. Only Moi, as a Christian can forgive them.

  65. Sam Ochola says:

    Agents for change, it’s time you filter out these xaracters like Railakamuodho, their pings here are filthy, destructive & unhelpful to the discussions of ODM’ers in this forum. Yes we welcome diverse opinions but not some cheap ODM demonization & Raila-phobia propaganda that we defeated & burried in December


    99% Railakamuodho is here to discredit our leaders (pentagon) and inject ethnic animousity amongst Kenyans. Am concerned with his repeated posts of blanket hate to the Kalenjins community. The footprints of his ill intent is everywhere . He has time and again FLOODED this forum with gospel of hate , distortion & all manner of justification for the wrotten record of Mungiki/PNU regime (Nov. 2005- Feb 2008).

    Railakamuodho I submit it that you are one of us sworn enemy, enemy of ODM, enemy of the people and enemy of change. You ain’t just anti-Raila or Ruto, I suspect that you subscribe to the evil forces behind the rape of democrasy on Dec 29 and the subsequent bloodshed.

    I warn you that as much as we ODM’ers welcome reconcilliation and engagement with rivals, We’re wounded & bitter.
    We shall NOT tolerate characters /idiots like you taking Cover in the existing peace to MUDSLING the People’s president RAO or any of his top Lieutenants. The ODM course is intact, our “eyes fully forcused on the ball” to liberate this country with a New Constitution & create opportunity for all.
    Railakamuodho embodies the vile enemy out there, Jealous of ODM’s multi-ethnic coalition & it’s success of political unity.
    Due regard to all regions in ODM coalition . But Rift-Valley, the Kalenjin and William Ruto; There lies the pivot strength for our victory in December polls and the aftermath survival in handling the theft. Enemies of RAO know it very well and no wonder all this anti-Kale poison of akina Railakamuodho.
    Am Kenyan with goodwill for the national reconc. & progress. We’ve okayed RAO to strategically work with “thieves” to deliver us from current mess. Majimbo constitution and land reforms still in our heart.
    RailaK need to be warned ; had it been our heydays of NDP he would already tasted the full wrath of “CHWADRABILITY” You don’t blatantly belittle our party leadership and get away with it. Go ask Otieno K’opiyo, Ochuodho & the likes.
    Pls RailaKamudho & Pato, take your Nonsense to Misterseed or Mashada. If you continue insulting Kalenjin or any ODM high command; we’ll deal with you the old way.
    Agent for change you can not let this website attributed to the people’s President be dominated by his enemy surrogates.

  66. Kim says:

    I do not understand what your agenda by insisting that Kalenjins are killers, will you spare us/blog some breathing space and present your story to TJRC once formed by parliament, you are sickening us with this dangerous allegations.
    What we want is one goverment that will unite Kenya irrespective of where you are coming from, our country has bled for over 37 days we want PEACE but of course it has to be coupled with JUSTICE.
    RO please fight corruption to the last nail, beware of guys from MK who are used to stealing, make a corruption free state bearing in mind that Kenyans are with you.
    RO and MK we need a lean cabinet, PLEASE max of 26 ministers, what we need is service delivery NOT rewarding of cronnies.

  67. Railkamuodho says:

    Another “normal” Luo diatribe. I am sure you would throw the stones if I was near you. But fortunately you are not. May it be posited here in no uncertain terms will your schemes succeed this time around. I will agree with you that you have a national coalition if it were not for Luos and Keles dominating this blog.

  68. Anon says:

    True Kikuyus work hard and so do other tribes in Kenya. Kikuyus have also been favoured by the systems in place. You seem to be in denial so I will let you be.

    Let us look at the education system for a minute. I wonder how long the board has been faking results and destroying the lives of young Kenyans for good. Knowing very well that our system does not having good alternatives in art, music and sports like in the West, it is just heartbreaking to know that a group of Kenyans(kikuyus) could cold heartedly crush the dreams of others. This is how the myth that only kikuyus are smart came about!

    I think the Kalenjins should apologise to Moi for burning his house but not for kicking his entire family out of politics. Moi did alot of bad things too during his rule and he will pay for it(Karma). I wonder why you only talk of Ruto but leave out instances in the past where Moi had kikuyus killed during the land clashes. Is it because he was campaigning for Kibaki?

    I am sure if we were to have a list of 100 millionares in Kenya it is only Kikuyus and Asians who will feature. Forget politicians, give us a list of Kenyan businessmen fom other communities who are on top.

    Are you saying Mungiki are not murderers? They have been killing people all through Kibaki’s rule. You cannot force people to live side by side when there is resentment and the government cannot protect each and every individual. The IDPs will go back at their own risk.

  69. tnk says:

    sam, kim

    do not get disturbed by Railka, who has the uncanny gift and ability to speak and think with the facilities generously endowed on either end of the alimentary canal, and its hard to tell which end is in control. the genius is how easy it is to get drawn into a debate assuming you are dealing with normal person only to find out that its a freak show that belongs to a juvenile circus ring.

    peace my brothers

  70. karanja kamau says:


    We have have agred to be one kenya with no tribal affiliation, as young people we have a chance to move forward with success but we have to speak out about the tribal resentment which have been perfected by politicians of both political divide.
    1.All kalenjins are not killers nor did they support election violence,alot of them
    are peaceloving kenyans.So when other kenyans are talking about the ones
    who brought mayhem let be sure we all condemn them regardless of political
    status. lets also peace loving kalenjins come forward and support the truth.
    2.Not all kikuyus benefit drectly/indirectly with mk govt only a few.Not
    everybody is a millionare only few. Not everybody supports mungiki. When
    govt police cracks down opposition it’s not kikuyus just because the mk is
    kikuyu he doesn’t represent majority of kikuyus. Lets all peaceloving kikuyus
    denounce the bad elements.

    When few kalenjins or kikuyus are bad , we tend to support our tribesmen regardless of how evil they have been . We forget that by not condeming the bad people/politicians between us we are basically taking everybody as bad with guilty by association.
    If we don’t stand up fr the truth we will be undermining the tenents of democracy we are all trying to build.

  71. Railkamuodho says:

    Listen, there is this myth that ODM has pocketed the Kenyan tribes against the Kikuyus. That will be evident very soon. It will be upon ODM now that they will be in government to bring the heaven they promised to the average and poor Kenyans. If they fail to deliver, this time their scheme will be exposed and they will have to explain why they did not deliver.
    What is sickening here is the ability of some people to fashion this antikikuyu myth and actually convince people that central province is the culprit in the poverty in Kenya. They even turn a blind eye to Moi’s 24 year reign which was dominated by Kalenjin with little education and economic tactics. How many roads have been recarpeted in just over 5 years? I was encouraged to see Nairobi-Nakuru highway open to traffic. It will now take about 2 hrs to drive a journey that used to take 3 and half to 4 hours. Yet all you can say here is central province benefiting. The same road repair will proceed all the way to Eldoret. The same thing is true in the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.
    About corruption and who the thieves are, maybe there is too much exerggeration here. Kibaki was too linient and untactical in handling this crisis that was blown out of proportion by political opportunists. I do not think much money was lost during Kibaki regime. Since Raila will be in government, let him tell the world what he will uncover about the issue. Infact the paid out money was refunded. But you tribalists do not want to hear of this. And again, why did ODM accept campaign donations from some of these accused people? Maybe Anyang Nyongo and Raila can explain that in parliament to clear the air on who their financiers were.
    On apology to Moi, I think that is long overdue. I foresee a situation where Mzee will clean his hands with milk to signfy cutting off from the Kalenjin tribe. You challenge me why I did not raise a finger in the 1992 clashes. I sincerely believed at that time and now that this scheme was perfected by Kones, Ntimama, Biwott and other Kalenjin elders (Lasoi) for their political survival. And then, it was not mass murder as it is this time around. Moi did not support Majimbo then and cannot support the same even today. I don not think his support for Kibaki meant much in RV e x cept to bring out people in their numbers to vote against him. He is not therefore of substance for Kibaki survival. But he is Kenyas 2 president whether we like it or not.
    What the Kalenjin should ask themselves this time around is this, how have they benefited in the long run out of these murders (what term do you use for those who kill others)? They will not get the positions they fought for now and in the near future. All they will do is play second to others. Their arrogance and pride will bring them down as they seek to associate themselves with the past achievements of Kotalel arap Samoei. And by the way, what happened to Koitalel? How did he die though I understand his spirit lives up to this day?
    Lastly, I do not agree with Kamau that you have a tribeless generation. That is wish. Young people are the worst tribalists in Kenya. If they were nationalists as we would wish, they would have said no to killings and destruction of property (they led in killings and destructions). However, the words uttered during the demonstration (no Kikuyus in Kisumu, Kakamega and Eldoret and RV). What else can you call this. I do not want to live in a world of dinial now or in the future. If I were Kibaki, I would close all future windows and allow nature to take its course. He is too linient and will give in to push from his enemy. We must disown him and chart a new path for our future.

  72. Anon says:

    Hate in your heart will consume you too

  73. Railkamuodho says:

    I do not hate anyone!!!! I am simply stating the fact and the tribes who want to treat others like stupid and want amnesty declared for murderers. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

  74. Railkamuodho says:

    I believe that there are two ends of the elementary canal. One at the front and another one at the back. I do not know why President Kagame recently advocated for the resizing of the front part of the canal which some say is not part of that system but which actually is, for the common sense reason of its function. Sometimes resizing that organ allows the top level above the neck to funtion properly. I find your comments on my person insidiary and in bad mood and teste at most.

  75. tnk says:


    your incessant incoherent gibberish is mildy entertaining, keep it up

  76. rafiq says:

    At RailK,

    I have read with dismay and disbelief how your anger is consuming you badly. Unfortunately you are coming from where most Kenyans have been. The anger we all had against one another is conditionally cooling down. I think we should give you time to express all deep within your heart, it may be curative for you and eye opening for us! We do not need to blacklist you.

    I visited limuru over this easter period with a Luo friend who went looking for his tribesmen. Unfortunately their businesses and parcels of land they had purchased/leased for about 30 yrs were reduced to nothing and some of your people are already farming there! This is the same pieces of land/business the Luos were burnt at not by mungiki but local boys. He traced the rest of the family whereabouts-to upcountry, their livelihoods lost forever. They need to be compensated too but they dont want to/contemplate a come back. What makes you think you deserve better.

    These all happened because of rigged elections and the police massacre of Kenyans. Unfortunately the same people of yours could not subject their anger to those you call Kalenjin warriors or warlords but innocent Luos and Luhyas working for them or doing small scale business in Central Kenya.

    I think for you this peace accord came too soon. May be you wanted a full blown war. But Kenyan people will remain ready and willing to protect themselves by the vote or army if that is what it takes. Now your old men do not want to live the cabinet and is causing anxiety again. If they do any appointments single handedly our people will go for mass protests and civil disobedience again because it seems like the only thing you guys understand. If you try throwing the chinese bullets at Kenyans again, it will be fire for fire this time. We want peace but dont want to be provoked and tempted again.

    Your people should have known the consequences of rigging an election and how to handle it. But in Kenya today you cant escape the wrath of the people. This is what is happenning now.

    I agree with you in the plight of the IDPs-they ned to get home. However the speed and spirit depends on your old men accepting the obvious and speedily sharing power. There is no shortcut. Hope your people who love the IDPs will get the cabinet going by tommorrow.

  77. rafiq says:


    Its the violence that got Kibaki to negotiating table, painfully and unfortunately. Please read my piece on 24 vs 3 yrs. Where was Kibaki?

    For the roads, Nakuru and Mombasa road are after thoughts, if you read the Bible its lazarus and the rich man kind of principle. Why not kisumu Kericho, kisumu eldoret or mai mahiu narok. All these are 2nd class areas! RAO went to campaign in all provinces but Kibaki avoided Nyanza!Hence the analogy btwn the whites and blacks!

  78. rafiq says:

    Finally RailK,

    You havent seen anything yet! If you ever ever joke with the peoples power again, from now until 2013, you will live to regret it. Please pass this to your old men. From the ground people are still cautiuosly optimistic and ready!

  79. Anon says:

    Lord help us all! Are we still arguing over foreskin?


    1. Being cut has nothing to do with courage, clarity, manhood and insight(as we witnessed after the rigged elections and some contributions on this site)

    2. Western economies are run by “uncut” men and we pale in comparison

    3. Women from communities that swear by the power of the knife often run after those who are not(white men and luos)

    4. Kagame is on the right path because he wants to prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases. As you know about 700 Kenyans die daily from HIV/AIDS and not all are from Nyanza. That is another myth that the Kikuyus do not die from AIDS. I guess they just suffer from long or short illness bravely borne a la Mwenje!

  80. Railkamuodho says:

    Who responded to me? You all know where you are from. Yet when you speak you portend to speak for Kenya. You also think that you are too mature in your heads and elswhere but you are not. I do not want to continue with this tirade because we are all full of words. Maybe I intruded on your blog but had to make my voice heard. I do not represent that generation and neither are we afraid of you fantasy that you call “people’s power”. You only represent one region but when you speak, it is as though you speak for everybody. I do not pretend, I speak for at least three tribes that has be hunted down in RV. That is the bitter truth.
    I dont mind or care about your threats, bring them on!

  81. rafiq says:


    So you expected no response. So you expect anybody answering you to be from regions other than your own. You will be surprised that some may be closer than you think but are of mixed heritage and different experience from the tribes you so much hate.

    Nevertheless the train is moving on. All tribes are equal and hear to stay no matter your hate and pride.

    For those coming with peace and equity the same shall be awarded for those coming with pride arrogance and war the same measure shall prevail.

  82. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mr. Mwai Kibaki has an opportunity to write the best chapter of his long political career by putting in place structures that will be durable.

    I say that he has an opportunity because both he and Mr. Raila Odinga have a desire to unite and build Kenya and make Kenya rich.

    If only the two of them were left alone to make decisions, Kenya will be a completely different country, beckoning investments and partnerships like happened in the early years of Mzee Moi’s presidency.

    There is one attribute of Mr. Raila Odinga that Mr. Kibaki should exploit fully. Mr. Raila Odinga has never and, I am sure, will never undermine his boss or “Jaduong”. He never undermined Moi and his government and he will NEVER undermine Mr. Kibaki and the government.

    I beg Mr. Kibaki and Mr. Raila Odinga not to form a large government so as to please some of their key supporters. Some years down the line, it will not matter whether Mr. Kibaki or Mr. Raila Odinga kept their friends happy but it will be the positive changes that they brought to Kenya that will matter.

    A government of over 30 ministers is not only undesirable but economically not prudent. During the recent golf tournament in Kenya, which both Mr. Kibaki and Raila attended, the two leaders used the opportunity to promote tourism in Kenya by inviting tourists to visit Kenya.

    It is obvious that both tourism and sports can be served by one ministry – the ministry of tourism and sports. Tourism and sports are both of leisure things. Other sectors can be combined into one ministry. The recent clustering of minsitries into categories such as infrastructure and service does not mean much because most ministries deal with both infrastructure as well as service.

    The ministry of information and communications, for example, deals with both infrastructure – telecom network, radio and tv relay stations, and even access roads to realy stations – as well as service – broadcasting.

    The ministry of education deals with both infrastructure, school buildings, dormitories, and laboratories, as well as service which includes delivery of instruction.

    likewise, the ministry of health deals with infrastructure – hospitals and mortuaries – as well as service – providing health care.

    While the minsitry of public works and roads has been responsible for constructing (by self or by contracting to third party) the infrastructure, other ministries have been responsible for managing that infrastructure.

  83. Prof. B.J.J.RAJU says:

    I am very happy that Kenya is on the track of peace and prosperity. Kudos to KIBAKI AND RAILA ODINGA. Kenyans are good in heart, but the external forces and tribalism are keeping them apart without any reason and making their lives miserable. I am quite sure these two leaders with their vast experiance and commitment will bring kenya to be the leader of AFRICA in all respects.

    The kenyans can generate funds themselves with little more commitment and keeping away their differnces and work together.

    Though I am an indian and living in South India,still I love Kenya and Kenyans. Everyday I pray God to give strength to kenyans to develop the nation as a big brother in Africa.

    I wish kenyans happy days

  84. Mike Okello says:


    I new you’d eventually influence the thoughts on this blog for Good!

    You have given it the right leadership, by being openly truthful.

    You are there now, Keep it Up.

    And By the WAY can you replace the agent for change…… who happens to be a hands-off and a numerous-typo guy?

    I’d really appreciate that change.

  85. tnk says:

    case no 1 in the theatre of the absurd

    an MP who is also a contractor, defending his company for a shoddy performance also complains about govt policy affecting his contract

    conflict of interest threefold, and still no performance

  86. tnk says:

    case no 2. in the theatre of conflict of interest

    who are we kidding when we talk about reforms ? seriously ?

  87. tnk says:

    and finally

    case no 4.

    is there anything that functions properly in Kenya anymore?

  88. tnk says:

    pity we have to rely on other sources for updates we should ordinarily get directly here

    ODM statement on Safaricom IPO

  89. raphael says:

    am wondering why for all these years kibaki has not learnt that our captain is a principled man. during his 1st term of presidency, he survived many times by promoting departments to full ministries and then dishing them out to people for support. musikari kombo would rejoice when his supporters were given dpts to head with their titles changing to ministers.
    today kibaki is trying to use the same technique fulfill his usual high appetite for power. he thought that our captain hon RAO would exhibit the same excitement that kombo used to show when borns were thrown his way.
    i think he should realize that we accepted 1/2 coz we wanted peace. otherwise if he is after playing games, then very soon we are going to start demanding for our “FULL BABY”.

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