Whats your suggestions and which personalities could take the positions


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  1. Anon says:

    Young polititians and women should be included. Look at qualifications so that we have smart people running ministries and parastatals. Kalembe was funny but we do not need a repeat.
    Health- Charity Ngilu
    Finance- Musalia
    Tourism- Balala
    Internal Security or Roads- Ruto
    Communications- Nyaga
    Foreign Affairs- Sally Kosgei

  2. rafiq says:

    DPM and Finance: W M Mudavadi

    Roads and Reconstruction: Ruto

    Sports and National heritage: Nyaga

    Health: Ngilu

    Tourism: Balala

    Planning: Nyongo

    Constitutional Affairs: Orengo

    Defence: Magara

    Transport & Communication: Otieno Dalmas

    Gender and Youth: Laborso

    Civil service and Public Works: Sally Kosgei

    Agriculture: Okemo/Jirongo

    Livestock and Fisheries: Obure

    NEP and special programmes: Coast/NEP MP

    Information: Khangati/Sambu

    Trade and Industry: Bett

    Education: Dr Kones

  3. Sam says:

    Ladies, & Gentlemen,

    For ODM to Position itself for the next General Elections( and as things look it may be sooner than later), it should simplify the distribution of positions as follows.

    2 ministers and 2 assistants from ( the north, south, east & west) of every Province. Rift Valley gets 3 each because its so expance.
    ODM this means even Central will be represented on the ODM side.

    To make Railas work Easy he should let the ODM parliamentarians from each province to pick who they would prefer. This will kill any wrangles in the Party. ( Central & Eastern will be covered by the nominated MPs.)

    The Goal is to be ready for the next Elections. If any body thought the 2007 Elections were competitive the next Elections will be a “Boogah” and they will be held way before 2012.

  4. rafiq says:

    Good idea Sam,
    However some reality check too. Nyanza is predominatly two or three communties so you need more than 2 slots. western will have speaker and DPM, so reduce the slots there probably. Coast and NEP benefited alot from nominations so they may make do it with few. I dont consider extra slot for central, its well taken care of may be Embu-hence Nyaga. Nairobi with RAO in we may need to getmore seats, but tribal card will come into play too. No matter how we look at it tribal inclusion rather than exclusion is the Key.

  5. karanja kamau says:

    The most important thing should be constitution i’m sorry to say. For a cabinet post whichever or whoever gets doesn’t make any difference.
    Lets have this peace deal for maximum 12 months and put more emphasis on a complete constitution overhaul once and for all.
    If we cannot gurantee basic human rights like life,shelter,free expressions,private property then we need a constitution which will uphold all this and make it capital punishment for anybody killing anybody for whatever reason.
    Kenyans should also know that constitution will gurantee your rights and hence the trivia issue of who is in cabinet will not occur.BEING IN GOVT WILL BE SERVICE BUT NOT A MEANS TO ENRICH ONE OR HIS CONSTITUENTS.

  6. rafiq says:

    Unfortunately brother Karanja no matter the constitutional changes, the executive read cabinet, is the one that will vote for and pass the agenda.

    ODM has politics of inclusion , I wonder what PNUs politics is all about.

  7. karanja kamau says:


    It is you and mean who will pass the constitution read referrendum which is guranteed in our present constitution.
    The only few items i think five including federalism is a must for the cohesion of this country so that each tribe/region is catered for.dual citizenship etc.
    Actually messr orengo can actually finish it off himself, 95% was ageed ,it’s only the 5% which kenyans can discuss about.
    As for pnu issue there in yesterdays politics while kenyans are for future, in other words they are not, especially if they give a dpm to any body in central,eastern,nairobi.

  8. rafiq says:

    Karanja Kamau,

    Agreed brother. Just hope people will see our politics differently. Hope things will work well soon. Its sad our brothers on the other side wants to increase the size of the cabinet unnecessarily. I think ODM should exert more than 50% in principle and Kenyans will overwhelmingly support it.

  9. karanja kamau says:

    The way i see it pnu needs odm than vice versa, as i said before they cannot rule without the goodwill of 6 out of 8 provinces….while it’s easier for odm because it could have been 80% of the country behind them…
    As for 50-50 it must be real or else odm should just pull out and ask for fresh elections with international electrol commission.

  10. tnk says:


    your topics are not high impact enough

    it would have been more beneficial to provide this information as present by the standard newspapers


    so that we can present arguments on the different proposals.

    ODMers look at the crisp difference in approach to portfolio balance as presented by the two camps (PNU vs ODM)

    clearly PNU proposal is window dressing, while ODM actually bends over backwards to accommodate PNU interests. I think PNU are not sincere with true power sharing, the best way to look at this is by trading places, i.e if PNU were to take their proposal and then give ODM what they want to have and take what they propose to give ODM, and apply the same logic to the ODM proposal who will cry foul?

  11. tnk says:

    at the rate things are going this would be a mistake


    and i suspect ODM leaders are being used to bridge and cross a chasm after which they will be dropped.

    Cabinet should be formed before such a move which will only heighten the suspicions among these communities. its even better that the elders or select leaders representing these communities (IDPs and host communities) meet without involving politicians to foster longer lasting peace and stability.

  12. Maru Kapkatet says:


    Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga – You have to face the reality that East can never meet West.

    Instead of holding Kenyans hostage, ODM and PNU need to make the full list of your appointees and their portfolios/offices – Cabinet, military, police, provincial administration, government corporations and staturory bodies.

    Then recall Mr. Kofi Annan. He will mediate until the final list is completed down to the messenger, if need be. Kibaki then appoints them and both Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga sign their appointment letters.

    When this exercise is completed, they are sworn in, with Mr. Kofi Annan, witnessing it all.

    And the donors and the entire international community must stop urging (through finanacial support) Kenyans to dash towards genocide and total destruction.

    Donors must withold financial aid to Kenya until a complete (100% complete) government is established. The donors are contributing towards hardening Kibaki. Kibaki is well-known for indecisiveness and ease of being manipulated.

    The majority of Kenyans now resent Kibaki and he still dreams of doing wonders for Kenya. It is an empty dream. If he could cooperate with Raila Odinga and get the government in place soonest, then he will afford more time to devote to building Kenya. Time is running out for him and in the end all he will leave is not the modest 8% growth, which no remembers, but the genocide of 2008.

    Instead of being the economist that he once was and taking care of business of putting a cohesive and focused government in place yesterday, Kibaki is now setting the stage for a warring Cabinet. A warring Cabinet will spill over to ordinary Kenyans.

    Fellow Kenyans, how selfish could one person or a clique of fat-bellied busybodies be? How blind could they be not to see that Kenya is hurting and could return to bloodshed again at the slightest provocation.

    Jimmy, why don’t you save some decent legacy for your dad? He is being held prisoner by Michuki who is hell-bent to bllock his bloody record from ever becoming public in Kenya and by Muthaura who dreams of serving as the “unofficial prime minister” and head of civil service until he is 100 years old and by the club boys who want to put up more skyscrapers before their friend leaves office.

    The recent ethnic-based destruction of property is a gift to them. They ask the international comunity for aid (they have already asked for (KShs. 31.5 bilion). A big chunk of that money will go to the club boys. Which donor knows whose house or business was burned down.

    The club boys can easily come up with a list of imaginary victims and claim the money. Who issues receipts for the money given? Who inspects that the money given was indeed used wisely. They will just go to donors and tell them that “wananchi are very grateful for your help” when indeed they are the biggest beneficiaries.

    They may even use the money to buy the Kericho Tea Estates for themselves. It will be a win-win situation for them thanks to the ethnic conflict. They will get huge amounts of money, they will retain power and the stolen presidency, and may even get to teach Mr. Raila Odinga and ODM one heck of a lesson on how to do politics.

    PNU’s math is antagonistic and parochial. They think that once Raila Odinga has been sworn in as PM, they will then use that as cover to lure ODM MPs to their side and thus undermine both Raila and ODM. Thye have managed to do so with some of their affliate MPs, whom they pay (bribe) handsomely to stay put in their camp.

  13. rafiq says:

    RAO should not involve himself with any Kibaki initiated public tours until he honors the spirit and intent of the peace deal.

    I think the cabinet is more important than money guzzling meet the IDP tours. So long as there are issues pending then the IDPs will not be comfortable going back. I would rather everything in the peace accord be done before they travel. The sooner the better.

  14. Jamabinju says:

    Agent for Change. PNU has to know that it is 50/50 or nothing. It seems Kibaki is adopting Michuki philosophy. Effectively they believe they are doing ODM a favour. It is better to break the coalition now than continue smiling foolishly as he is being *****ed up!

  15. tnk says:

    kibaki has no intention of real power sharing or portfolio balance

    ODM leadership should accept the fact that PNU/Kibaki have never and indeed will never intend to tilt anything in ODMs favor. Stop the mind games and choose to either break the coalition or proceed as slaves to the whims of PNU hardliners.

    So far everything has gone according to Kibaki/PNU plans, i.e flawed election, forceful suppression of citizens dissent, fake diplomacy to restore peace and entrench the illegit govt, maintain status quo, imperial presidency still intact, a few inconsequential ministries up for grabs as teasers to the weak willed, more shady deals being finalised and time moves on closer to completion of the 5 year term of your “duly elected”

    Somehow ODM leadership forgot that Kibaki cannot be trusted, or that they could outmaneuver the process, but sorry, the man “has the yam and the knife” and is not willing to put either one down or give one away.

    we also need ODM leadership to stop playing games with supporters, last year there was opposition to sale of Safaricom IPO, its on record that RAO agreed to this sale a few weeks back, and now Prof says to block. We are not children to be played around with, we know nothing has changed between that time last year todate so there should have been opposition all along. But most importantly if legally this sale cannot be stopped, what action can be taken to protect kenyan public and these resources from landing in wrong hands thereby denying kenyans their rightful ownership? press conferences are not the solution, we need concrete steps taken to suspend that IPO or render it useless for any investor until the issues around it are resolved.

    its also time RAO stopped playing the stepping stone for Kibaki to come out of state house and this mess. there is no seriousness or any form of goodwill from that camp. enough already.

  16. karanja kamau says:

    Lets start vigorously advocating for the constitution.This peace deal shoud be for 12 months only,by this time constitution will have been changed with completely new ECK and other bodies.New elections should be called.
    Alternatively get out of this deal now renegotiate for new constitution with annan type mission while being out of govt, then have free and fair elections in 6 months.
    Politicians are politicians and once they share whatever they need,then common mwanannchi will be forgotten in the process with the old institution intact.
    Federalism is reality for this country to move forward.

  17. rafiq says:

    Taking kenyans for a ride will not work. ODM to pull out lets go for elections if Kibaki is joking.

  18. Jane says:

    Portfolio balance; MPs and councillors to give 50% of their salaries and allowances for the next 12 months for resettlement and business start up capital of all those who were affected through destruction of their livelihoods during the 2007 pre and post-election violence. Only then, can anybody take politicians seriously in what they say especially if it results to destruction of livelihoods.

  19. tnk says:

    agree with Jane, though not sure why she calls it portfolio balance.

    let all MPs and all Councillors be made to forfeit up to 1/3 of their gross remuneration package inclusive of allowances until final resolution of the current “stalemate”, constitutional amendment, new cabinet adhering to the terms set by Annan & minimum reforms in key sectors (ECK, Judiciary, Law enforcement, etc) or until new elections are called. Let that portion be reserved for meaningful projects when true stability and democracy is regained.

  20. jaugenya says:

    To bring any meaningful change you will have to swallow the bitter pill and give the same to some of your close allies.I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty but not so when it comes to public work , iam referring toany one who has been mention in major scandals, iam afraid you must persuade them to stay away from public office , also the old men have failed in the past so just choose from the youthful mps, i suggest that anyone over 60 should be given a wide berth no matter how much they helped yo get support from their community iam sure their are younger people .

  21. tnk says:


    having read this article


    and the very many contributions by many over the composition of cabinet i must say am still totally in the dark

    what exactly is the message being given by these leaders? am going to try below in a simplistic near naive approach

    a) that the ministries are not equal and therefore the ministers also are not equal as such some ministers will be considered to be more senior in position on account of holding a more strategic or otherwise more senior ministry or portfolio i.e there will be mheshmiwa senior and mheshmiwa mdogo. supposing that that is true, then why not turn those junior ministries into departments and thereby also solve the problem of bloated cabinet.

    b) members of parliament unlike councilors are elected to not only represent the interests of their constituencies in a national forum but to also debate the interests of other constituencies in order to foster harmony and promote the well being of the nation. further, when any of these MPs is appointed to a cabinet assignment then national interest should supersede or be very close to constituency interest and priority. so theoretically it should not really be a problem which MP is appointed to what ministry but that the ministries are well defined and a specific non-partisan and national code of ethics govern the conduct of performance with appropriate checks and balances. kibaki said in his campaign trips that the electorate should give him a clean set of MPs, and as he claims to be duly elected so then are the duly elected MPs who have been chosen to represent their constituents, so why is it a problem to give any MP a portfolio. Is kibaki and pnu saying that only PNU mps are worthy of certain ministries adn why? Is the problem ODM, PNU or is the problem the MPs. Lets suppose an MP say were to somehow cross over, say Anyang Nyongo defects to PNU will he suddenly be a better Minister of Planning than when he is Anyang Nyongo of ODM or will he be rewarded for stoking kibakis ego and therefore performance is inconsequential? if Michuki defected to ODM, will he still be a worthwhile minister fro roads or somehow his credibility will change in an Orange shirt? What exactly is the message? What madness is being preached? if these 220+ mps are unworthy of posts when in opposing parties why pretend to sit in debate with them in parliament?

    c) assuming that kibaki finds his distribution of posts very balanced in the PNU proposal, aside from President and PM posts would he give the posts he suggests for ODM to PNU and affiliates, and those he has suggested as for PNU can he give these as is to ODM, remember balance means each team can be awarded either side and it still remains fair.

    I hope Annan comes and uses the PNU proposal but awards the PNU side the ODM slots and vice versa and suggests that in all fairness that to be done for the first year and then reverse in the next year. Stupid, yes but these people are also playing stupid games with kenyans

  22. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The head of civil service has got to be under the PM or else there will be two PMs – the official and elected one and the masquarading one.

    If the head of civil service remains under OP, then that office will be undercutting the PM. There will be two PMs – the official one whom Kibaki intends to use as a mascot, a publicity image, an advertisment sign and a competing and real power-holder but unofficial PM in the person of head of civil service.

    Kibaki is an old man, about to become an octogenarian and yet he wants to put in place structures and people that will not stand the test of time.

    Kibaki should collaborate with Raila to move Kenya forward. Whatever structures they put in place should be replicated tomorrow and years to come and they should bring in the same desirable results – unity and growth.

    It may help Kibaki to test Raila’s model by replacing names with others. For example, put Raila as president, and Uhuru as PM – does the model work perfectly?

    Mwai Kibaki, do not be short-sighted. You should be grateful that you are president of Kenya even though you stole it. You lost the presidentail elections but to keep Kenya whole, Raila agreed to be PM.

    Moi knew it. Moi knew Kibaki and Saitoti were not leaders and we doubted him at the time but now we are seeing it all.

  23. tnk says:

    i repeat, if the PNU cabinet proposal is deployed then lets for the first half (1 year) of the coalition since PNU is the “home team”, let ODM occupy the ministerial posts originally allocated to PNU as a sign of fair play and then in the 2nd year (half time) switch out . that should not be a problem since the portfolios are balanced according to PNU. i.e if you are sharing a cake 50 50 and someone cuts it in half, you can sit on either end and still uta ji-enjoy.

  24. rafiq says:

    Cautious optimism guys,

    For how long will we work or agree to work with people who have but dont respect their own common sense.
    They dont want to part with some ministries because they believe those ministries are at the core of power. Thats agreed across the board. But what of sharing them?. Must Annan come all the time?
    I think this is big fallacy. That domestic quarrels must always go to an arbitrator. What makes them think RAO and ODM will budge Or they just want to show that at least they tried its only that Annan-a neutral chap decided otherwise. This is mediocre leadership!

  25. EUNICE NGANGA says:

    Guys, am reading from Kenyans all over: ODM should pull out of this coalition now!!! No need to negotiate anymore, there’s no good will on the part of PNU and we cant keep calling Kofi back everytime PNU pulls a strange one. We cant run the country like this for the next 5 yrs!!! not possible!!!

  26. rafiq says:

    Agreed Eunice,
    The people are tired and cant live or work like this even for 2 yrs. I think we have cooled down enough to go back to elections. This people want to loot the country in a business as usual thing.

  27. jaugenya says:

    Pulling out is an option that ODM should consider very seriously , these guyz want to have the cake and eat it.I was skeptical at the speed which Kibaki was ready to sign below the dotted line , we are doomed forever there will be no new constituition and in 2012 they will pull another kibaki(saitoti).Ask your selves why kibaki has overseen 3 graduations of secirity forces in a record 3 months , some thing sinister is set to happen, be wary of the devil Raila !

  28. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Cardinal Njue has found his voice again. He now talks a lot and often. During the time that Michuki and Mungiki were busy, Njue’s voice evaporated into the air.

    So, now his Eminence Cardinal Njue is telling Raila to cede ground. What ground. It is very sad that some of the so-called church leaders are naked hypocrites.

    Njue’s comments are part of a well-planned plot to concentrate power in the hands of one ethnic group. They are determined to block Raila and other Kenyan communities from have=ing a genuine share of power.

    The first phase of the plot has been implemented, which was to retain the vice presidency as the principal assistant to the president. Now they are on the next phase, which is to fight Raila and depict him as taking a hardline position on power sharing.

    Njue is aking Kibaki and Raila to cede ground. If Cardinal Njue was true to his calling, he should have accepted the fact that Raila has laready ceded ground by letting go of the presidency which he won but which Njue’s cousin stole with violence.

    Cardinal Njue should be telling Kibaki to implement the agreement he signed with Raila under Kofi Annan’s mediation. Kibaki is the one to cede ground.

  29. Maru Kapkatet says:

    KNCHR: Please do and say things always in ways that uphold human rights.

    KNCHR says that poll violence was planned but misses to say that the grabbing of the presidency using the army, police, mungiki and mercenaries was also planned. How much arsenal was imported from China in the run-up to the general elections?

    KNCHR: You will investigate human rights abuses correctly if you set the start date of your investigations to announcement of the referendum results in 2005. I strongly believe that is the start date of the mayhem that we saw in Kenya after December 27, 2007.

    Why was the provincial administration being purged of other ethnic groups? What was the reason behind the mushrooming of districts? What contract did Mololine sign with the governement and why?

  30. Pato says:


    Ati now molo line? you people are crazy. this is not kikuyu phobia…its kikuyu hysteria.

    I pity you..I really do. raila wanted to be prime minister …now he got it….at at what cost? a torn and divided nation. take it from me..the good days are gone….this is just a lull in the storm.

    There is no way a Mwangi or a Kmau will ever get justice in a nation run by loony hysterics like you..really..just as Koigi put it..its like a goat expecting justice in a court run by hyenas. At the end of the day Kyuks will be blamed for everything…poverty, your school failures, safaricom (ofcourse a fellow called moi and his then sidekicks like Ruto and Kosgei) could easily tel kenyans the story of Mobitelea but now they feign ignorance and pretend to seek justice for Kenyans. today, mwihaki, that poor mboga mama in Eldoret is to blame for mobitelea…thats whay she was dragged from a matatu by hordes of odmers and hacked to death

    I think this will be a very decisive year for Kenya. its a year when some people are going to get very tired of being scapegoats for the failures of other people and their bunch of thieves/murderers like Kosgei and ruto

  31. Pato says:

    By the way, si you ask ruto to tell you the storo behind mobitelea? it was formed during his watch during the days he used to be apower broker in the moi gava?

    Am sick and fed up with this disaster we call Kenya. sick of being saddled with idiots who whine and blame all their failures on me as if I run their lives. Moi spent 24 years tearing down the kyuks..do you hear any of us whining about it? now we have to live under people like ruto and kosgei..the very same crooks who retarded this nation for 24 years..now blaming poor peasant women and hildren for poverty in kenya as some morons intone ‘amen’

    yeah since kenya only means death and detsruction for us..lets try Lesotho…even israel survived and propspered..then maybe they will blame their faliures on Kisiis after we have parted ways

  32. Pato says:

    ask ruto how he became a billionaire and Kosgei while you are at it. And then go see those poor old men and women who line up at NSSF every day looking for their pension that they wil never see (and not all of them are kyuks BTW). Thats ruto’s legacy to Kenya..grand corruption and ethnic cleansing.

    As for Kosgei…goodness remember something called Kenya National Assusrance Company? multi billion shilling public company that came crashing down..fleeced dry by Kosgei and co..

    Now he has graduated to murder and ethnic cleansing,

    Now that they did not get the finance portifolio…imagine ruto or Kosgei as ministers of finance? ..they require their armies of gullible followers to march on the streets today..read rape, loot and kill kyuks in the name of mass protest. pia they dont waht them to buy safaricom shares..which then they will say kesho that kyuks got all the saf com shares as if they were suposed to be home delivered to reluctant buyers in Bondo.

    Aki am so fed up with kenya

  33. Pato says:




  34. Pato says:

    but who am I talking to? people who hate me for something I was born into..to you am worse than an animal. most people cannot even stand seeing a chicken killed but the glee here as my people were slaughtered was almost palpable…

    well…what to say? guess We just have to take care of ourselves

  35. tnk says:


    what do you suggest as the way forward from where we are at right now.

    i dont really care what jungus or other people say about what you, me and others are. we are whom we are, individually unique, with different qualities and divergent views, beliefs and priorities. some totally evil and others totally saintly and so many other characteristics. but we are all together in one pot be it village, district, province, country, continent, planet, species or whatever other geographic, physical, cultural or other defining boundary of your choosing or liking. you, me and so many others are equally frustrated but maybe for different or some of the same reasons. so we need to rise from the ashes, what do you suggest, and are you willing to listen to other divergent views?

  36. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    Hi ODMers hope u r still strong!!!!!!

    POTFOLIO BALANCE let kibaki dissolve the current cabinet and make sure that the 50-50 powersharing must be real i know we ODMers and our leaders the pentagons are not power hungry as some parties say coz ROA agreed to share power with the thiefs coz of the ordinary kenyans who have lost there life and IDps but i see that KIBAKI/PNU are not serious about the power sharing let kibaki be wise enough and share the portfolios and the government jobs with ODM 50-50 and stop assuring kenyans that he is committed in working with ROA…. let him come out alone and discuss the way forward with ROA like he did during the signing of the peace deal coz i know the PNU are not happy and will never be happy with ROA be PM with powers.

    i.e POTFOLIO AS DEFENCE PNU and internal security goes to ODM

  37. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    please to all supporters of ODM let us stay united and be strong no matter what………………

  38. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    ROA please let ODM pull out of the coalition and call for a fresh election i see these PNU/Kibaki are playing with the lifes of kenyans

  39. yego says:

    Its an illusion after all

  40. yego says:

    Agent4change!! why did you lock me out of this blog??????Anyway i tend to think short sightness is the right term here.

  41. Pato says:

    Tnk…wht i want? if it can be summed up in one word…..I WANT JUSTICE









  42. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I appeal to Mzee Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga to accept my Cabinet model of 24 ministers including the two deputy prime ministers.

    In that model, both leaders will dissapoint their supporters but they will both please Kenya, the Kenyan people, and the Kenyan economy and will have in place a strutcture that can serve Kenya for many years to come.

    In my model, I proposed two ministers in the office of the president – the minister of defence which can go to the VP and the minister of cabinet affairs. The minister of cabinet affairs will co-ordinate OP and PMO and may also take care of special programmes and the unique requirements of North Eastern province.

    The head of civil service will be in the PMO’s office together with the two deputy PMs. One deputy PM will also be minister of finance while the other DPM will also be minister of public safety or public security.

    Youth programmes and skill developments will be manged by the ministry of emplyment and correctional services whose responsibility will include equipping prisoners with skillsfor self-employment or other forms of employment.

    The ministry of local administrations will take care of local governments and regional (provincial) administrations. The ministry of transporation and media communications will take care of transportation issues and telecommunications, information technology, and broadcasting.

    I hope this helps clarifies things.

  43. tnk says:


    then we are all talking about the exact same thing here.

    the next question then is where do we start i.e which process will create the enabling environment for that justice to take place. how much of it can we directly influence and how much of it, will have to be (whether we like it or not) be left in the hands of leaders that we can entrust to deliver that promise. i think thats where we run into a bit of difficulty, but nevertheless, thats where our fundamental problem lies. Please think about it and make some suggestions and lets see if its something that can give us all some balance.

    as for new leadership, you are calling for an election, thats what we’ve been asking for please help us bring it on.

    as for taking back the country from those louts,actually up till last election we have an opportunity every five years to do this democratically, but as you’ve seen from the past election all that changed, and some regions do not seem to agree on this principle with some other regions, plus the issue of our vote can by gross deception be invalidated but over time if we build sufficient trust back and we collectively agree to give certain politicians the boot, its a collective decision, that would be desirable, but as you say, thats a considerable challenge but not impossible.

    A little more voter education will get us there. I for instance think that someone to be an MP for 20 years is an insult to his constituents, we have to start setting either an informal limit to the number of terms an MP can be elected or some performance benchmarks. hopefully the house can also set the number of years an MP can be in the cabinet (8 years maximum is what i recommend for ministers and 10 for assistant ministers – remember Moody was assistant ministers for 100 years then VP for 5, i dont remember what he accomplished as Asst Min. but as VP aside from the scams which he duly slipped out out of, he did initiate some prison reforms)

  44. tnk says:


    welcome back

    and yes, your sentiments before you were muzzled, were true, i agree there was some serious shortsightedness somewhere

    Nuria Abdi, where have you been? welcome back, and yes, we are and always will be ODM mukeleldo.

  45. tnk says:

    flip this way , then flip the other way


    i bet a commission of inquiry will be launched to probe those issues around safaricom.

    if ODM is missing an operational think tank, now would be a good time to fess up.

  46. Railkamuodho says:

    Only Mutula Kilonzo thinks above the fray.

  47. tnk says:


    i want to take you up on the challenge of good leaders.

    lets start with the current list of 216 or whatever number of MPs and draw up a list of those we definitely do not want in the next parliament and those we must absolutely have irrespective of which party they belong to but lets clearly define the parameters of engagement and choice and also lets take ample time to study the party manifestos since these also have significant bearing on where we are headed. since this can easily ruffle feathers, i suggest a one on one with you outside of this forum it it turns out that objectively reasoning we are arrive at PNU party or MPs as the vehicle of choice then I will consider as they say eat humble pie and defect with you to that camp, if it turns out that ODM/MPs is the party of choice then its your choice what you do next and i can resume my spot here.

    can somebody please provide or email me the complete list of gazetted nominated MPs, i dont remember seeing it. i already have the comrephensive list of elected MPs. thank you

    over to you pato.

  48. rafiq says:

    I wish everyone yes all could reason like you at this moment. Its terribly cold where I am yet am in my house. A woman has just delivered in a tent while being rained on. This innocent kid is exposed to suffering NOT of his/her making. The parents cant till their land relying on donated foods due to botched elections 3 months down the line. Those who returned are leaving again because of the suspense of the cabinet appointments. The PC says dont leave and warns the lorry drivers not to carry them.

    Our politicians who caused all this are busy opening foreign companies to get shares from the peoples safaricom and dont want to negotiate with their opponents. The spokesmouth says IDPs will be settled by June. RAO and MK cant go to IDP camps together, supporters demand ,cabinet is in.

    I think this is the time you have to tell your old men enough is enough. Kenyans in diaspora within cant live like this. How can human beings live literally in congested tents on muddy floors with all sorts of health problems and risks while others go on vacation on the beaches and hold the country at ransom?

    Enough is enough. If it cant work, lets pull out get a government that can serve everyone equally and stop the IDPS today and forever more.

  49. jaugenya says:

    I think the fairest way to have a balanced portfolio is to have both leaders come up with their own list like they did last week and both of them should be comfortable with either of the two halves if it were allocated to them.What Kibaki is trying to do reminds me of when we were kids and if someone asked for a piece of your bread you would only give him a pinch from the corner of your huge piece.Mr kibaki we are more mature than that are you giving us our half loaf or just a pinch?

  50. Railkamuodho says:

    Lets say that all the IDPS were resettled today, ODM would be dead and irrelevant. This is the only way they can remain relevant this time around. That is why they will push Kalenjin worriors to make sure that none of those human beings goes back to their land. And yet Kibaki continues to drag his feet. We must seperate naming of a new government from preparing land for next year.
    I ask the government to use their instruments of power either to resettle these humean beings or to rent for these people and give them food stamps and money in more safer zones such as Nakuru and then allow time to put in place a new constitution that will allow boundaries and buffer zones established between Kenya tribes. I have no illusion here, I will not think or talk about other trash while my people are in the woods. And for this issue of stolen elections, I will let the bloggers here wrestle with it and through all kinds of mud but deep in my heart I will forever remain an advocate for the rights of the small man. I doubt the ODM class is interested in the poor of Kenya especially if they did not vote for them. But I am have faith in the resolve of the small man who is peaciful and resilient to win the battle of life. They will overcome the political machinery of murder and fear and see the dawn of a new non-violent nation. Yes, that is the kind of dream that Martin Luther King forsaw and discouraged negroes from violence and destruction. But the Panther movement believed and stil believe that they can identify white race as the enemy and defeat them by force. But then, Barack Obama comes and introduces a new generation of Americans that will usher in a nation bound together by the same purpose. And as a prophet, I see that coming into fruitation.
    The ODM and PNU believe in crap and power alone. I see hatred in the eyes (people call me a tribalist but I am not, just voice of reason and reality) of ODM politicians. Can you imagine that Kalenjin think that they are right even as they displace owners from the land? Can you see educated Kales posting in this blog and instead of aswering the issue of resettlement and justice to IDP they start talking about elections and the military? can you imagine that Kales continue to say and believe that the military should have given them more time to continue with killings instead of stoping the mayhem? Can you imagine that these backward group continue to advocate and prapare for war?
    Why I are you all denying the obvious that the war in RV was premeditated?(all the human rights groups have documented evidence and will be published to your shame). I feel that some of those posting here were aware of all the plans but as is usual with Kalenjin, they speak one thing in the day and execute a different thing at night. I will personally never trust them again. They always hide some cards below the table and will flush it out when you least expect it. And that is now known by their tribal clash victims and will never again accept to be cheated.
    Someone has whispered to me that even though Raila is claiming to be independent of pressuere from the Pentagon, he is actually reading from their script and want to portray Kibaki as the culprit. In fact Kibaki is more independent than Raila in decision making.

  51. Railkamuodho says:

    Do you know why the IDPS are afraid of going back to their former lands without assurance of security? Because some of those who took arms against them were well known neighbours, people they went to School with and met in the market places or Churches together. That is the same case in Naivasha. Very shameful of a nation and all that our politicians can do is to try and establish who is wrong. Fortunately, they saw the reality and now seek to put back our nation on path to recovery.
    Now somebody tell me, do you think that the IDPs do not know their neighbours or are they suffering from hullucination? How can you then defend these murders and pass the blame on the elections? How about if it is established that the killings were to occur on an even larger scale had ODM taken government? All the same I seriously congratulate Olen Ntimama, Nkaissery and Saitoti for ensuring that it never happened in significant scale in Maa land. By the way, the greatest intermarriage in Kenya is between the Maasain and Kikuyu for your information. They therefore cannever be enemies as per say unless goons are organized on both sides which I do not see happening in the near future. Maasai for sure have been denied their rights by the British, the Kalenjin, and the Kikuyus and I stand for them.

  52. Railkamuodho says:

    Some Kalenjin Pastors provided the petrol for burning Kikuyu homes in Eldoret. Did you see Rev Kibet Maswai a breakaway pastor from AIC address a press conference to counter the obvious truth by the Kisii Catholic priests that the clashes were organized? Christianity has been discredited in Kenya (a nation that prides itself to be 85 % Christian). I sincerely doubt the depth of their faith, it is very hollow to say the least. That is why they want us to cover up murder and displacement and call it anger and spontaneous!!! They will write booklets to propagate this lie but we reject it in Jesus name and demand justice.

  53. Railkamuodho says:

    Like gun proponents in America, I suggest that the Kenya government allow each tribe to own guns for protection (hostile Kalenjin on one side and Kikuyu and Kisiis on the other side). Guns in Kenya should be legalized and used for self defense. Do you see Kales playing around with Turkanas? No, they are scared to death and wet their pants when those guys strike (Keiyo are scared of Pokot and Turkanas as do the Marakwet) yet when they attack defenseless and unprapared Kikuyu women and children, they think that they are heroes as they jump and sing war cries. Those who attack women and children and defenseless people are cowards who hide behind war cries. If they are men enough, let them tell their opponents to prepare and meet in the open valley (not at night and with arrows) and they will be tought a lesson or two.

  54. Railkamuodho says:

    I know you guys will be burning hot when you read my bloggs and pour your vetrol on me. But I will defend my half self vigorously as I know of your plan to rewrite history and distort the truth for your political gains. You are like the conservative radio hosts in America who play video bites of the former Pastor of Barack Obama (Jerimiah Wright) on his hatred for whites and claim that -that is Obama’s position. Most of you have played Kikuyu phobia and lies here and elsewhere and have come to believe what you say. You have, like communists do, brainwashed your followers such that you want them to think you are their saviors and gods. And to some extent you have succeeded. But then when the rubber meets the road and you cannot deliver Mars, you will start to experience pain. You are definately using communist agenda that is too retrogressive and out of touch with present day global agenda. Even China has blended communism and capitalism with some measure of success.
    Can you imagine that you do not believe in an open economy where each and every Kenyan irrespective of tribe have an opportunity to own some shares in Safaricom. Yet Anyang Nyongo is becoming very irrelevant at this moment in time even though he is my heroe.

  55. Railkamuodho says:

    I ask President Kibaki to be careful how he handles the IDPs or he will lose our goodwill (We may not handle him the way Kalenjin handled Moi) but we will express our anger and withdraw our support and then he can deal or defect to ODM. We will defend our communities against genocide to the last man.

  56. karanja kamau says:

    I’ve seen you have started reasoning with pato ,what about RAILAKAMUODHO…
    The biggest test we as kenyans is to try to see where other kenyans are coming from……..as i said before we will need each other to move forward with truthful thought of why we have what we have and how we can move forward..

  57. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    Let the pnu side not complicate very easy matters we all know which ministries are of high importance e.g internal security, foreign affairs,justiceand constitution,education,finance, Roads and public works, Local authority, trade and industry,home affairs , tourism, Agriculture and defence period so tell me bloggers is it really hard for us to divide these ministries 50-50 to accomodate both the two signatories i believe we can do it if not then let us just go back to the people and seek fresh mandate we are tiresd of this inseceriety from pnu.

  58. rafiq says:

    Karanja Kamau,
    Brother, I am not reasoning with Pato but rather supporting one of his honest points. The suffering of the innocent should stop now. As you see he is not blaming a whole community but trying to look at the wanjikus or atienos of this country and their untlold suffering. Yes crime was committed prior to -remember those who died in meru and the stones against RAO, during and after. elections. The problem we have is IMPUNITY PERIOD.

    The ordinary person suffering is my concern. Politicians are not seeing the reality on the ground. They are destroying our future-our new generation drs,lawyers,nurses, pastors, hawkers, businessmen,teachers etc-because their family and close relatives are in some posh colleges and countries schooling to come back and govern this country and probably steal from it.

    My biggest beef with Kibaki is that he is sacrificing the blood of poor Kikuyus for a second term. His people actually do not want the IDPs to go back before June-no farming-less maize then they import maize and make a kill. How low can human life be to our politicians.

    Can we get some sober people to come out and open the eyes of Kibaki and his people. If they are talking about a month before they settle their differences what happens to this little children!!!! Can somebody cry out for them . Where are those NGOs fighting for childrens rights?????

    For those blaming Kaleos and trying to create a bunker it will backfire because actually that may be what the kaleos want. So you are playing into their hands and segregating the nation more.

    Can Kibaki go to IDPs even alone to see again what is happening.

    Sadly from RVP more evictions are taking place even now courtesy of Cabinet stalemate!

  59. karanja kamau says:

    RAFIQ…..agreed and i may even add how can we pull all poor/deserving/hardworking/non-tribal people together, i mean all tribes.

  60. sheila says:

    it is interesting the way kenya is quite busy at this moment.man shud work to eat.we ve been a lazy country 4 such a long time ha.i see this as aturning point 4 us.we shud nt get discouraged by whats happening around us.at one point i was so mad at kibaki bt then i realised that theres not so much i can do to him not even killing innocent lives would open his eyes.we shall leave the struggles to those who can reach out to him like my hero hon ruto.how far wil we surely go with the power sharing.surely pnu has great people who can do smthing great 4 kenya bt the list of positions they are giving for pm posts does not portray their greatness was that surely 50 50.why is it so hard 2 let go?isnt that what kibaki signed into.he shud hav refused and his savings would hav been used to rescue the idps.some of those people making it hard 4 kenya to completely heal should recorgnize that years are moving and soon they would be gone and we shall take those positions and make a better kenya.if mwenje ,david too and were left us /who are they to be there forever?as 4 the safaricom ipo i leave that to God.

  61. Railkamuodho says:

    By the way, an intelligent person had claimed on this infallable blogg that Mwenje had killed Were. Little did that wimp know that the guy was counting his last days. Many more MPs (some In ODM) may actually be nearing Mwenje’s stage and yet they are shouting the loudest. And bloggers too.

  62. Railkamuodho says:

    I really dont think Kenyans care anymore the threats being peddled now about the imminent danger of not coming up with a cabinet. I am sure all Kenyans will be affected as they will not be able to prepare their land (with the exception of those outside RV). RV will become like Zimbabwe as the Kenya bread basket in name.

  63. rafiq says:

    From what I can read, the mood of the people is different from the so called political elite especially the powerbrokers in PNU-the wazee wa DP. These guys are like parasites who use their influence to feed on the poor whether Kikuyu-Luo-Kaleo-
    atusa etc. They own big hotels and businesses which grow courtesy of the poor whom they are now hel bent on literally killing.

    Guys lets demand fresh elections now. I want to see the economics,trust and IDP issue to be the focus of the next elections. Why did politicians agree on an accord without time frame. It has been proven befire that these guys are NOT trustworthy even with their own parents, daughters or sons! Why trust them with 35 million Kenyans.

    Sadly the curch hasnt learnt. They are talking of a lean cabinet. Where were they when GNU had 34 ministries. These tribal church leaders should shut up. Even Nzimbi is now saying Kivuiti is innocent! A pity of our so called leaders turned tribal inciters and defenders.

    I want fresh elections and the IDPS to campaign for a govt that can restore their dignity.

    As for those RailK calls kalenjin warriors or chinkororo or mungiki do not disarm now you will be called on to defend your people. Kibaki is trying to see how his buddy China is trying to stiffle Tibet and experiment it here. Be ready and this time NO retreat OR surrender.

  64. rafiq says:

    We should give RAILA ONE WEEK to negotiate with Kibaki and if he fails we seek alternatives.

  65. Railkamuodho says:

    As I said earlier on, I dont mind people who behave like gods and saviors. We know the price of war and dont be cheated, if that is the way to settle this, we cannot stop it. But I urge Kibaki not to be intimidated by threats. Let them do as they please because after all, war will not spare anybody- not even these so called big guys. I agree with you, give Raila one week and let things unfold as they will. But you will regret for walking away from peace. You talk of a new election, but where is it provided for in the agreement? Most of us (IDPs) have more to gain out of a decisive war than continue in the present condition.
    I am suprised that you think being rich is a crime. Why do some of your top guys own big companies such as East Afrcan spectre and you do not raise an eye lid? I dont have any hotel or business, but I am glad that some can own them to give jobs to us. Why cant we complain about those foreigners who own big chunks of land and Lamu?

  66. Railkamuodho says:

    Watch out what will happen in Narok South- two ODM MPs, Lankas and Rutoh on the issue of Kalenjin occupying the Mua water catchment area and Forest. I think these guys should be flushed out as they are flushing others out of their areas. This time it is between Kalenjin and Maa not Kikuyus, so what the Kalejin belong to Koitalel and are Kenya demi-god tribe.

  67. rafiq says:


    Sometimes your arguments are positive but at times they are presumptive or blatantly misplaced. Probably its the way you put it across or the reasoning behind it, difficult to tell at times.

    Like it or not we found ourselves in this thing called Kenya courtesy of God, Our parents and their geneology and significantly the British and other foreigners. We had no choice. I think given a choice btwn living in Kenya or migrating to some foreign land and being accepted as a national with full rights most Kenyans would probably move out. Again if we were asked the ethnic communities we want to live along I doubt all of us would want to stick with the 42+ tribes rather than choose specific few.

    My proposal to you and others of your school of thought is: are we better together or as separate entities. If we think we are better together we must, i insist, respect and appreciate one another. If one or some of us feel superior or want to load it over others then the only way is to resist it for the sake of our lineage or risk becoming 2nd class citizens. This is why the people did unimaginable things post elections.

    My belief is that if this feeling of exclusion is maintained by those in power-bcoz they say they cant sit with some tribes/pple in cabinet it will explode. For example look at the board members in safaricom and tell me whether you see the face of Kenya?

    Politics of exclusion will NOT give peace to you or IDPs. Even ODM cant survive it. Otherwise you will get a somali-iraqi sort of thing.

    I like genuine businessmen and hotel owners because of various reasons some of which you stated. But if their main style is to hold the country on the edge bcoz they fear losing contracts they have with the govt then I withdraw my support. They are the ones owning those big tracts of land. If its clean business with healthy competition then there should be no cause of alarm even if the govt changes.

    Havent you realized the VP house, some roads are behind schedule yet the same businessmen turned politicians have been paid for the work. They are paid by our money, report billions of profits for no work done.

    For your information RailK, the longer you take as IDPs the better because they will have to facilitate your return at an exagerated cost, import duty free maize and wheat and make a KILL. Unfortunately you are blinded by hate that you cant see it. You cant even see that the onus will be on ODM if the cabinet is formed complete with a PM who has to ensure full return of IDPs.

    I just wish you could feel and see the pain of IDPs. I see it often because of my nature of work. But your selfish ‘wise’ old men dont give a damn about it. I repeat your president is sacrficing the lives of his own pple for the sake of his buddies and a 2nd term. What a shame!

  68. rafiq says:

    As for kale-maasai you are misplaced. I think yours is more of a wish than reality.

  69. tnk says:

    kk hope you are well.

    pato has been consistent in the same quest for justice as ourselves

    he was coming from the side of opinion which was ensuring that we are not blindsided by party affiliation, and its been hard for us to convince or let him know that we are very much aware and that justice must be served equally to all. there are very few people in this blog that are blind followers, i hope he understands that.

    as for railka, check out this excerpt from rafiq’s last statement.

    “Sometimes your arguments are positive but at times they are presumptive or blatantly misplaced. Probably its the way you put it across or the reasoning behind it, difficult to tell at times”

    that pretty much sums it up. theres nothing more to add to that.

    rafiq has continuously tried to reach out, am not sure whether he’s being successful or not.

    but i think railka is not really interested and prefers to be as obnoxiuous as possible.

    regardless, ODM and PNU leadership are not coming out with an agreement, we all know that its up to Kibaki and PNU but i’m not hloding my breadth.

    ODM needs to face up to the reality of yet another broken promise and start preparing for the next steps. We have been waiting week after week for about 9 weeks now. there are only 52 weeks in a year. we are now at week 14 of the year, 38 weeks left to the end of the year. IDPs and other people affected by the elections have been languishing for 14 weeks (3 months or 90+ days)

    the decisions to be made can be signed up in about 3 seconds. a pilot of a passenger air bus faced with an engine failure has anything between a few hours to milli-seconds to react and save his passengers. these guys have been at it for a month and there is still no solution.

    ODM leaders should step away from that table permanently. leave the running of the government to PNU and start mechanisms to lead kenya back to democracy. we do not need to be in that PNU government. We do not to hear about street protest threats. That ODM think tank needs to stop issuing threats that they are unable to follow up with, and instead lay out meaningful short and long term strategies that take into account the dynamics of the political and current social environment.

    its time to break that coalition, it has served no other purpose other than to regain kibaki and kalonzo some popularity and breathing space.

  70. tnk says:

    in the long term strategy we know that in 2012, PNU will again mobilise their “4.5m” voting block to either vote for kalonzo, uhuru, saitoti or whomever they will anoint. they will also try to reach out to “ODM moderates” maybe like Mudavadi, or others that “they can work with”. they will also try to come back in RV through Gideon, Kirwa or others.

    lets not pretend or bury our heads in the sand on these facts. its a PNU govt 2007-2012, we need to ensure its an ODM govt 2012 onwards, lets start the campaign today. let PNU govt run its govt affairs.

    we know where PNU has support lets see if we can work with these guys to understand why we need better government in place.

    don’t forget there will be a lot of intimidation from security and government agencies and operatives in this five year period.

    forget the fantasy of saviors and heroes in any of these institutions. for those who like, they can wait for handouts by the roadsides in this period too.

    in the meantime i hope all well meaning ODM supporters on the ground can do whatever they can to ensure the meaningless murders of innocent kenyans does not take place and create structures that address the issues they may have or face.

    bottom line is pull out of this coalition now and lets move on. no need for ultimatums and threats, just drop it unconditionally now.

  71. tnk says:

    i may be mistaken, but ODM certainly does not need PNU, and I dont know or care whether Kibaki/PNU need ODM in government or not but one thing is clear, PNU only want ODM in as a decoy or decoration to show inclusion.

    repeat ODM does not need PNU and therefore ODM should move to conducting ODM political business/agenda in their constituencies, start with the strongholds and then move on to the other areas.

    can somebody please talk to RAO, pentagon and tell them to abandon that coalition.

  72. Railkamuodho says:

    Tnk and Rafiq,
    Why do you think that your way and line of argument is the only way? There is only one infallable being- Jesus Christ. All other mortal beings cannot convince me to follow blindly. It will not happen in the modern world. We must be left to think “outside the box” rather than just cling to partisan political views.
    We all agree that we need peace, right? We all believe that all the IDPs should be resettled, right? We all need justice, right? So where are we differing? We only differ on when this process should start. Infact this should have started yesterday. But then, ODM uses IDP as their political and bargaining item. Every time they go to negotiate, two things come out of their mouth- demonstrations cum mass action and IDPs. And if they do not have their way this time, they feel it will never happen.
    The first thing in the agenda during the negotiation was with regard to peace and resettling the IDPs but politicians have put the cat before the horse- political power before humanity. To the politicians, it was really never about people but themselves.
    I therefore stand for the man you cannot for a moment stand for. I also stand for the tribe you so much dislike and blame for all your problems including luck of sunshine.
    On the issue of my coherency or not puting my view into perspective, I gues like many of us IDPs I cannot think English.

  73. Railkamuodho says:

    Abandon the horse at your own peril. People on the ground are yearning for peace not politcal grandstanding. You seem to portray Kenyans as interested in putting someone at the helm. No, people want someone who will cater for their needs. For example, do you think Coast people would reject a senior position in government just because they do not have Raila there? They will take it graciously especially if it is something like PM. But it will not happen and Raila will take his position in government contrary to your recommendation. The cabinet will be named next week. Some of those crooks in ODM who you want named to sensitive ministries will not get them. For example, nobody will oppose former military guy, Joseph Nkaissery as defence or security minister, why? The guy is disciplined and has been in the military! Rutoh is an activist and tribalist and will not be trusted with such a ministry. Sally Koskei would be better of due to her experience and being a mother!

  74. tnk says:

    “Sometimes your arguments are positive but at times they are presumptive or blatantly misplaced. Probably its the way you put it across or the reasoning behind it, difficult to tell at times”

  75. Railkamuodho says:

    To be honest all political issues are so interrelated that you can never really say that some ideas are misplaced or irrelevant. Politics is not about articulation as it is about understanding your peoples’ needs and aspirations. Sometime you may be a genius but far away from reality. And that is what ODM is all about- those things that you feel can help the society but which have not been tested in the university of life. Too many ideas that can fill a millions of pages. In other words, the world of academia.

  76. karanja kamau says:

    TNK…….Bro i’m well and have been well……….
    I really like the points you have put thro’ especially the one about what is going on.
    RAO needs to know these guys are not real, therefore he should consolidate the base he already have 6 out of 8 provinces, then reach out to the only two remaining.
    As i said before lots of kiks are poor and are ready to support transparent govt. for all kenyans.
    The onus is on ODM leadership to explain to the masses ordinary/poor kiks that they have protection and prosperity/equal opportunity with other kenyans..
    And i believe kambas can join too….
    The reason i’m advancing this argument is because as you said these old wealthy kiks are using the ordinary folks (kiks) to entrench there own wealth at expense of all kenyans……this must stop.

  77. Railkamuodho says:

    Karanja Kamau,
    I sympathize with you brother. These guys are just happy because you sing their song and have brainwashed you with their so called “people’s power, peoples president, and peoples everything” and you are riding along. Joseph Kamotho was a smart guy and would not wish for things but was very calculating and survived for long. But ODM is an entity build around one individual and tribal lords.
    Kenya problem is larger than all over us. You seem to always shift the whole blame to one side as though the other side is made up of angels. The reality is that all those guys are student of Moi School of politics. They know how to manupilate people for their political ends. What started in 1992 as tribal clashes has now been elevated to a war for democracy. I do not think Kibaki is using these people. In the first place he never created the tribal clashes since 1992 and its not only Kikuyus are affected. The issue of IDP is only bieng used. We the IDPs will survive if Jews survived the German concentration camps and are now the pillar of America and Jewish economy. As I said earlier, this thing has united the Kikuyus than before and be assured of one thing, aluta continua.

  78. Railkamuodho says:

    I meant students of MOI

  79. karanja kamau says:

    I think i speak my own mind and i’m trying to see how young people can take their own country…………
    Some issues are very obvoius……..
    1.RAO took 6/8 provinces.
    2.There are bad elements in ODM also, nobody is perfect.As there are good ones in PNU.

    Look at the issues at hand now….(if the reports are true)
    Peace deal was supposed to be 50/50…now look at what is happening they are even proposing 44 members..why?
    RAO has been decent enough to accept watered down PM (mk heads govt/state) just because of love to his country…
    We need each other for the most important thing in our lives which is CONSTITUTION…
    I truly believe people who organised the killings ELD/NAIVASHA should be apprehended.
    There are some guys also around RAO who served extensively in kanu years and their track record should be investigated….

  80. Railkamuodho says:

    I agree with you brother on uniting Kenya tribes especially the young. But these young people riot and kil and ODM is ready to summon them again to the streets and bushes with crude weapons to fight! As long as one tribe is demonized, then you can be sure of one thing, they will not lie low as you wish.
    These guys have a lot of media machinery while MK has none (or he does not know those modern political tools). You really cannot tell what transpired in the meeting between MK and RAO. We are only being fed by ODM machinery not from the other side.
    As for the 6 provinces vs 2, I think a lot of lies were peddled during the campaign to instill fear from one tribe which has dominated Kenya. It was not a union of idiology but a union of collective hate against Kikuyus. And that worked perfectly well for that time but not in future.. And the issue of Majimbo, it was perfected during the campaigns. I do not want to jump the commissions mandate and discuss those issues here. You see even in the US, the Republican party, Conservative radio hosts, Hilary Clinton and white supremicists are using dirty politics to paint Obama in bad light just to win the nomination and election. You see, that is what you are doing to MK and Kikuyus not only here but during the campaigns. A lot of propaganda and utopian promises just to win the election. Kibaki does not play dirty like you in ODM. You may manupilate the media as much as you want. That is your game.

  81. rafiq says:

    I just wish people would look at the issues at hand rather than tribes, warlords and related hate. So long as we always look at one another suspiciously we wouldnt achieve much as a nation.

    To me the issues are simple: have an equal no of ministers sacrifice finance for local govt and security. Tell RAO to ensure IDPs are taken back in a month. Get the ECK probe, and constitution going. Lets face a brighter future together.

    But RK and others would rather check what economically they will get at the end of it all. My advise is even if you accrue all the wealth you can from these poor people and you die stinkingly rich you may pay for it in other ways.

    Obama represents what RAO went through. Remember the guys you are saying have no control of media were distributing leaflets in RVP about RAOs religion. The good thing Obama and RAO have been sober. But there comes atime when enough is enough. It happened after elections and God forbid it might come again.

    RAO should give Kibaki one week, then start political rallies all over Kenya to tell us what he wants pple to do next. But I agree with Gitobus proposal-if cant agree fresh elections for fresh mandate!!!

  82. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Jomo Kenyatta appeared on the scene as a new dawn of hope for Kenyans, ushering in freedom from colonial bondage and the era of self-determination. He soon got drunk with power. He killed. He grabbed. He died. Kenya still stands tall.

    Daniel arap Moi came on the scene as a lamb and a redeemer from Kenyatta’s greed. With the famous words that he uttered, with humility, in Uhuru Park, “Mimi Daniel Toroitich arap Moi …”, Kenya was set on a path of hope for a bright future.

    When Moi appeared on the scene, Kenyans were fed up with the Kiambu mafia and Kenyatta’s dictatorship. But soon, Moi was pillaging. He killed person and democracy. He is now on a semi-disgraced retirement. Kenya still stands tall.

    Mwai Kibaki came on the scene on crutches. He brought renewed hope for a united and growing country. He had been declared that he was “tosha”, enough and equal to the challenges Kenya was facing. He started off badly on day one.

    Then he soon became a completely different man and indeed in no time, he was proving to be the huge mistake Kenyans have ever made in the history of their country.

    Kibaki pillaged both resources and elections. He killed. He turned tribe against tribe. His imposed goverment is now on crutches. No one knows the future and how Kibaki will end up but there is one thing we know for sure – Kenya will remain standing waiting for her current toddlers to salvage their country.

    And Kenyans are now asking how many more of these greedy and selfish tyrants they have to be bear with before their country can turn onto an irreversible path towards equity, accountability, and a genuine rule of law. Haven’t Kenyans had enough of them already?

    The Worl Bank and the international donor community may be propping up Kibaki, and in the process helping him to rubbish the Kofi Annan accord, but Kenyans will not lose hope. There are Kenyans who speak different dialects and languages. They have completely different cultures but they are all Kenyans.

    There are ordinary Kenyans who may never get a chance to ever meet a World Bank representative or an EU representative. But they are Kenyans and worthy of a say in the way they are governed.

    If the World Bank and the EU sees Kibaki as the whole Kenya, Kenyans will not lose hope. If the World Bank and the EU and other international donors have decided to finance the laying of a foundation for genocide and utter destruction in Kenya later, ordinary Kenyans may not have the power to fight them but Kenyans will not lose hope.

    The words “justice” and “truth” may have disappeared from the vocabulary of churches, especially the catholic church in Kenya, but Kenyans will not lose hope. In Him, they will rely.

    While Kenyans are hoping and praying, parliament is grounded and cannot transact even the most urgent of business. The most urgent thing for parliament now is to resolve the Electoral Commission of Kenya issue and to have new commissioners in place. Parliament should not allow the current disgraced ECK commissioners to conduct by-elections.

    Another urgent issue for parliament now is to change the law that requires that new general elections be held when a president is impeached, dies, or becomes incapacitated. The new law should read that only presidentail elections will be held if the president is impeached, dies, or becomes incapacitated.

    I fear for Kenya. If Kibaki has a bit of conscience left in him, the over 1,200 Kenyans whom his government massacred directly or indirectly will start weighing heavily on him. Until now, he may be counting those dead Kenyans as a minor collateral damage but he will start having nightmares of cries of misery haunting him.

    Kenyans may be seeking a new president sooner rather than later. Parliament must prepare.

  83. tnk says:

    these leaders who are suggesting kenyans are not ready for another election are not being truthful. what they mean is that they need time to cook up some more lies. there are enough donors ready to foot the bill so the three issues that come to mind are (a) newly constituted electoral commission (b) logistic management to enable IDPs cast their vote and (c) whether its to annul the 2007 elections i.e same candidates or fresh election, meaning new applicants encouraged.

    it is clear that the present problems cannot be solved with kiabki/PNU leading the effort. there only apparent concern is to make money and more money whether its for the economy or not its just about making money.

  84. mumias says:

    Just an aside
    Let us spare a thought for Zimbabwe! They face the same test that Kibaki subjected us to. It is unfortunate that Kenya has exported such vile tactics straight from Kibaki’s play book via Kivuithu’s ECK.

    I know exactly what they are feeling. Let us spare a thought for all those like us who voted for change but likely will have it rubbed in their faces!

  85. Anon says:

    I was watching the clips on BBC and my heart skipped a beat. Same script different cast. Even their “Kivuitu” was cornered by the media and had to be escorted out. I know Mugabe will stay put but with the inflation rate at 100,580% he should just do the Zimbabweans a favour and hand over power.

    I could not have said it any better!

  86. Turncoat says:


  87. kube says:

    is cabinet out?
    let it be posted on the web site

  88. tnk says:


    there’s no list yet, i think some pranksters are capitalising on april fools day.

  89. Railkamuodho says:

    I thought you are intelligent, but you are not from you above analysis of what the priorities are. First, the commission to investigate what transpired is starting work. They will come up with what happened (you have the monopoloy of what happened) and then suggest ways to improve the ECK. Who will constitute a new commission since ODM does not have an absolute majority? You guys behave as though you have an absolute majority. YOU DO NOT HAVE! Why dont you eat a humble pie and accept reality and come back to earth. Only negotiations will take Kenya far. If elections are held today, Kivuitu will be the man. Nobody wants that.
    Secondly, IDPs dont care about elections now. I told you my priorities. The first non-negotiable agenda is resettling the IDPs. Kenya is not at halt, things are going on. We do not need you donors and we are not like Zimbabwe.

  90. tnk says:


    tempting but i will not engage you on a day created in tribute to you.

  91. kip says:

    Once upon a time, three ogres Mengistu Haile Mariam,Moi, Kibaki and Mugabe were born in the late 1920’s and early 1930′ and flew in formation. They landed on a sandy beach called Africa where they built themselves a castle. in their territory.Mengistu was disposed off in 1991 and seeked shelter in the castle of Mugabe. Moi was disposed of in 2002 and seeked shelter in the castle of kibaki .We all know Kibaki was disposed off in Dec 2007 but he insisted in to stay and hold on in Power. Mugabe has finally Met his match in Tsavangari Just like Kibaki met his Match in Raila


  92. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Hon. Raila Odinga, you are being asked to cede ground – to step back from the precarious and unstable ground you are now standing on and fall over into a precipice.

    Hon. Raila Odinga, you know how the Kenya government works and where and who holds real power – tangible power. Apart from the president, the only other two important ministries are Finance and Public Security. Unlike the USA, for example, the Ministry of Defence in Kenya is a useless portfolio compared to police services.

    If Kibaki keeps the presidency, which he stole and is now exercising unashamedly, and also keeps finance and public security and head of civil service, then the PM is an ornament, a mascot, a decoy, or an appendage.

    If Kibaki insists on keeping finanace and head of civil service as the property of PNU, then it is better, Hon. Raila Odinga, that you declare that the Kofi Annan deal is still-born and ODM should then embark on mass action to demand for new presidential elections.

    I trust and have confidence tha you, Hon. Raila Odinga, will not let down your millions of supportes and agree to Kibaki’s selfish designs. And speaking of your supporters, you must get a full grasp of the political machinations that are already afoot to fight you.

    Mwai Kibaki is denying ODM the ministry of finance for two reasons, namely (1) Kibaki’s associates want to use Kibaki’s remaining time to loot as Moi and his cronies did and (2) They know that Hon. Raila Odinga is an unselfish leader and will utilize all funds to build Kenya.

    They argue that if Hon. Raila Odinga is allowed access to funds, he will build infrastructure and fund projects and programmes such that when the next presidential elections are called, Raila will be unbeatable. Their best bet then is to have Kibaki directly controlling funds so tha Rail’s projects and programmes will be starved of cash as they did when he was minsiter o roads and public works.

    There is already ample evidence of the war they have started on Hon. Raila Odinga. In 1993, a number of Judges were accused of corruption and sacked in one monumental injustice that Kenya has ever witnessed. Why were so many Judges sacked without a due process to investigate and convict them?

    Kibaki’s associates were seeing far even at that early stage of Kibaki’s presidency. They knew that Kibaki had been lucky to be voted in by over 3.8 million Kenyans from all parts of the country and they knew that Kibaki will be very unpopular when the next presidential elections came around. They were alos aware that Kibaki may not complete his five-year term as he may be impeached.

    They had to populate the courts – High Court and Court of Appeal – with Kibaki’s men and women (mostly men) to torpedo any attempt at blocking Kibaki from the presidency. How dead right they were! Hon. Raila Odinga only learned early this year that he was doing a disservice to himself and Kenyans in general by cheering the firing of the Judges in 1993 without a due process.

    When the presidency was stolen from Hon. Raila Odinga, he could not go to court because, as he said it, “The courts are full of Kibaki’s men”. Iam seeing a similar thing happening again but this time it is Raila’s staunchest supporters whom they want sidelined from the Cabinet in order to weaken them and Hon. Raila Odinga himself.

    Many Kenyans were not opposed to any Judge being fired for corruption but they wanted a fair due process to determine the guilt or innocence of those accused. There was no due process.

    As we have seen from those victim Judges who bravely fought against corruption charges against them and won, it is possible that many innocent Judges were incorrectly convicted and without a trial. The Kibaki people do not care about collateral damage.

    The exercise they carried out in 1993 of purging the judiciary of Judges who would have delivered fair judgments paid off dividends in 2008 when the aggrieved presidential candidate, Hon. Raila Odinga, could not go to court because he knew what the judgement would be and why.

    I am starting to see the same thing happening now where even the Catholic Church who was silent when Kenyans were being slaughtered by the police, army, mercenaries, and mungiki is now the loudest demanding that those mentioned in connection with post-election violence not be appointed to the Cabinet.

    They are not saying anything about the need to take suspects to court. They do not use the word “clean” as the duo of Saitoti and Murungi, who have been removed from the Cabinet at one time because of corruption would be affected.

    And they are not talking about those who triggered the election violence through electoral faud. They have narrowed their interest not to a demand of justice for all Kenyans but to helping destroy Hon. Raila Odinga politically.

    I full agree, like every law-abiding citizen of the world, that any perpetrator of evil must not be rewarded but instead must be punished. Anybody who is suspected of having planned violence must be taken to court and charged and let the due process of law takes its course.

    Mentioning people and not producing evidence and ultimately charging them in a court of law is as evil as Mwai Kibaki’s theft of the presidency.

    With respect to election violence, the only man that should be excluded from the Cabinet, as of now, is John Njoroge Michuki. I do not know whether he participated in electoral faud or not but I know that he was Minister of Provincial Administration and Internal security when a myriad of buses ferried APs to Nyanza to provoke the law-abiding citizens who were eagerly awaiting to choose their leaders.

    John Njoroge Michuki was Minister of Provincial Administration when police executed Kenyans peacefully demanding justice in the presidentail elections. John Njoroge Michuki was Minister of Provincial Administration and Internal Security when the Nairobi-Nakuru highway was cleared of traffic to give squads of heavily-armed mungiki quick access to Naivasha and Nakuru to kill. Why is no one taking a statement from Michuki? Why is the Catholic Church not asking questions about Michuki’s conduct.

  93. Turncoat says:

    Settling the IDP’s is not the first priority. Most of them from the seven provinces have settled back in their homeland anyway. We need a constitution in place to secure the rights of every kenyan regardless. A constitution that will cater for the marginalised few. There is a jewish saying that the LAW IS VERY GRACIOUS TO THE VERY RICH. In the case of Kenya we say currently that the law is very merciless to the very poor. I once said that PATTNI and cronies stole billiions from this country but we did not go down. Kibaki and cronies will do the same thru the IPO and resettlement programs(the govt is asking for 36 billion- more than we have spent in ten years of Budgeted housing govt allocations), but we will live on. Only that this time they will not spend or utilise this money in our LANDS. Politics like any other business if defaced without social responsibilty then is guilty of the seven sins.

  94. Railkamuodho says:

    I want to cangratulate you for your exellent and intelligent analysis. I also want to pay homage to the embodiment of all human wisdom in you. Without your supper contribution to Kenya, the process of democratisation would ground to a halt. Without your presence and advice to prime-minister designate, he will actually be doomed since he believes in the african philosophy of “we” against the western society of “I am”. That is the only thing that will save Kenya with you and Turncoat at the helm.

    The other day I told Karanja Kamau that you are all taking him for a ride and unless he sings your song, he cannot go far. You see the idea of OUR LANDS above is a myth without any historical backing. Jean Maria Seroney cheated the Nandi that RV was their land. Prior to that, it was the murdered Koitalel Arap Samoei. None of them succeeded. Neither will the present plan. Infact this was the final war and it will backfire badly. I gave MK an ultimatum here for all to see. We are just waiting for him and his newfound allies to settle us IDPs failure to which we shall take concrate action. We do not mind what you think or say. We are now ready and we can match each other “O MUNDU KO MUNDU”

  95. Railkamuodho says:

    You are too detailed and boring. Why don’t you shorten your booklets? Maybe you never went for a professional interview (how to write resume and cover letter). You need to be brief and to the point like TNK or Turncoat. You should arrange a meeting to organize the coutrywide demonstrations for which we all support. Did you see Maathai and Kiai yesterday? They were setting the mood that will guide us to full democracy.
    As for Mugabe, I think he has his place in history however you want to write it. Remember the Kalenjin in RV borrowed their eviction policies from him? He threw out all white farmers and began the long, long downturn that has led to complete collapse of a nation. It will take years to rebuild Zimbabwe- long after his demise. At least Kenya’s structures are in place and the nation will withstand all chaos which will be contained in RV and Nyanza.

  96. Railkamuodho says:

    I mean most Kalenjin recieved undeserved favours from Moi and his uneducated cronies. At least Kibaki’s men are schooled except for the defeated Njenga Karume, right?

  97. rafiq says:

    What is it you are talking about man for man. Do you want to chase guys again from research institutions and civil service positions. I mean out of schools, hospitals research institutions amongst others? Flower farms?
    It would be good to know bcoz those are the only ones remaining after the peace deal. The ordinary Kenyan eg mechanic went to their so called original homes
    Please clarify so we send word around!!!!!!!!

  98. rafiq says:

    I think the people are beginning to push the hardliners to act. If the week is over without response nation wide except may be a few areas, civil disobedience, until clean, lean , realistic cabinet with real power sharing. If kibaki wants finance let him give security.

  99. Mike Okello says:

    Whats all this, which ministry serves Kenyans more than the other, or it about the marginal propensity to steal?

  100. rafiq says:

    The issue is if guys dont work and get a pay who authorizes it? The cow boy contractors turn mps, the vp house, uncompleted road repairs etc. If one side wants to to probably do a good job, the other would want to refuse to pay and vice versa. And ODM might unravel mo-bi-tel-ea

  101. Maru Kapkatet says:


    A Cabinet of 40 or 44 ministers is outrageous and should not be accepted. Kibaki’s argument that he needs a big Cabinet so that all communities are represented does not hold water. Kenyans accept Hon. Raila Odinga as their minister.

    All communities will be represented well by PM Odinga. If a community misses out on a ministerial appointment, then they can be compensated by an assistant minister and a permanent secretary or at least deputy secretary. A Cabinet of at most 24 is sufficient for Kenya.

    If Kibaki cared about all Kenyans like he is pretending now, he would not have stolen the presidency. He stole it for selfish reasons – to serve his own interests and those of his close associates.

    If Kibaki cared about all Kenyans, he would not have shut them out of the ministries of finance and provincial administration and internal security. In the last administration, he had some ministers who were there to be seen but not to be used to run their ministries. Kibaki intends to increase the number of ministers who are mere ornaments and there to mislead their communities that they are represented in government.

    If Kibaki’s argument was to be stretched a little bit further, then it will require that white Kenyans and Kenyans of Asian origin have to be represented and this will require that the Cabinet be incresaed further.

    Kibaki may be aiming at 50 ministers. Hon. Raila Odinga should be well-educated on Kibaki’s real intentions. He wants to use numbers to hide corruption. He wants to use numbers to mislead Kenyans that all communities are represented in the Cabinet while in reality only a few of his closest associates are running all the ministries.

    As we speak, Kibaki continues to show arrogance (some thieves are decent enough to show some gratitude and humility but not Kibaki) by retaining his friends who are well past the retirement age. Kibaki indeed sees Kenyans as “pumbavu” who cannot discern things.

    Hon. Raila Odinga must show true and bold leadership and reject Kibaki’s selfish intentions. For Hon. Raila Odinga to serve Kenyans well by exploiting the generosity of the donors and the international community fully, he has to demand (and he is not doing this unfairly. The Kofi Annan deal says so) that as PM, he will have the minister of Finance from ODM and that he, Hon. Raila Odinga, will recommend the new head of civil service to be appointed.

    Hon. Raila Odinga has to tell Kibaki that according to the Kofi Annan deal, the PM will be supervising ministers who are in charge of policy. For the PM to do his/her work smoothly, he has to supervise the permanent secretaries as well as they are the immediate implementors of policy. The head of civil service has to be in the PMO (prime miniter’s office).

    There are many Kenyans who qualify to be Head of Civil Service but I know and many Kenyans know that the most qualified Kenyan to be Head of Civil Service right now is Mr. John Githongo. He works hard. He is honest. He does not fear. He has a good knowledge of how financial scandals are planned and executed.

    He has a good knowledge of economics and finanace. He is well-versed with security issues. The donors like him. These are the most outstanding qualifications that Kenya should go for in their next Head of Civil Service.

    When Hon. Raila Odinga meets Kibaki on Friday, he, Hon. Raila, should be having a complete list of his side of the bargain appointees. The list should include all ODM ministers and assistant ministers, permanent secretaries (including the head of civil service, John Githongo), ambassadors, head of goverment corporations, senior military and police officers, provincial comissioners, and district commissioners.

    Hon. Raila Odinga will use the Friday meeting as the day to share his list of all appointees with Kibaki and to have Mr. Githongo appointed the Head of Civil Service. There should be a follow-up meeting next week, at the earliest opportunity possible, when all the other appointments will be made and Mr. Githongo will oversee the preparation of appointment letters.

    Kibaki should not hold Kenyans at ransom. Kenyans are tired of him but for the sake of Kenya, they have allowed him to retain the presidency. Kenyans are very good people and will show respect to Kibaki as their president. Kibaki should reciprocate by serving all Kenyans and not his Muthaiga Golf Club friends.

    Hon. Raila Odinga should make it clear to Kibaki that, if the appointemnts are not completed by next week with the new Cabinet sworn in, then the timetable for new presidential elections to be supervised by the Comonwealth and/or the UN should be agreed on so that the presidential elections can be held no later than May, 2008.

    In the meantime, as Kenyans await the new presidential elections, the international community must suspend any dealings, except humanitarian ones, with the Kibaki half-government, which currently excludes more than half of Kenyans.

  102. karanja kamau says:

    Good points about the way forward but i’m even skeptical, if we cannot solve ministers issue what about ps, parastatal chiefs, md, ambassadors, major generals, Do’s.
    Muthaura should go and whoever is appointed should be under PM. Anybody who run in last general elections should have resigned already.Anybody over retirement should have gone yesterday.

  103. Railkamuodho says:

    I am 200% for demonstrations and civil disobedience. I want all the institution to stop functioning and we will see what will be in the making. ODM thinks that they are the only institution that can thrive in chaos. Let us wait and see, maybe they are right. If they can raise 2.something billion, it will be enough to reconstruct the institutions that will be ruined by the “mother of all demonstrations”. Infact I am happy because I appealed to the civil society to push our politicians to act and they did exactly that. Congratulations to my half tribesmen/women Wangari Maathai and Maina Kiai and Gladwel Otieno. These are the true Kenyans without a hidden agenda. If Kalenjin hope that we the IDPs will be forgotten and they occupy our LANDS, then watch this space.

  104. Railkamuodho says:

    The Dominion group is threatening to pull out of Kenya due to “threats from politicians”. While I have little regard for some multinationals, it is Rev Okundi with help of Raila who encouraged the sugar giant to invest in Nyanza. Some political opportunists will start blaming kibaki for Nyanze woos. While the group may not have kept all their promises, I think they should be allowed to stay longer and help fight poverty in Nyanza. After all what was happening there before they came? Are they employing even a small number of politicians?
    Turning to Balala and the issue of Rutoh, I think some of us have little regard for this tribal warlord. If you listen to Jebii Kilimo, some people have little respect for the sanctity of human life and that includes Rutoh and his gangs. A murderer should not be given leadership positions. He is just that a killer and should face the international court at the Hague. Full stop.
    ODM has clean people: Raila (no blood personally), Mudavadi, Nkaissery, Anyang Nyongo (my heroe and most consistent fighter), Sally koskei, all north eastern MPs, Most Coast MPs with exception of Balala, Western MPs, Kisii MPs, Charity Ngilu (never corrupt except hate for one tribe), Eastern MPs. Rutoh is not a small god, he can stay in his party or get an assistant minister portfolio when cleared from court cases.

  105. Abok says:

    Hi ODMers,
    With all due respect, it looks like ODM is playing into the hands of PNU. The latest salvo from PNU that the grand coalition Cabinet should be clean is indeed a ploy to continue holding on to the half cabinet while depicting ODM as being the stambling block at the formation of the new cabinet. Where as it is the dream of every Kenyan to have a lean and clean cabinet, it goes without saying that the attempt by PNU is simply a wich hunt. It has come out clear that their target is Hon. William Ruto, question is, in which court have they tried and found Hon. Ruto to be guilty of the ofense as insinuated. The response by ODM is what is wanting, by claiming that the other side of the divide is full of hyena’s is not helping much, what would be best is to exonarate Hon. Ruto because he has not been subjected to any process that has found him guilty, so the mere insinuation is not enough to stop the process of naming a new cabinet. In any case Hon. Ruto has not stopped any process of investigation that may touch on him, indeed he appeared before a Human rights commission recently. Besides he is one of the chief architects of the peace accord, so why wasnt he ejected from the dialogue meetings if he was guilty as charged. If he successfully participated in getting a solution for Kenya in the form of the Peace accord then there is nothing that can stop him from participating in the implementation of the same by being a member of the cabinet (as long as he has been nominated by ODM) unless a due process recommends otherwise. As long as I am concerned, there is no due process yet that bars him and this is the line that ODM should take. Dont point at the other dirt, we shall deal with that at another time.

    My 3 pence.

  106. Turncoat says:

    There is a common fallacy that the people will only be empowered once their leaders are better placed politically. And yes i maybe wrong. This in-turn has led to the hand out policy that most of our youths have become contend with. (Prof. Raju in one of his first articles cited that he noted to many youths are idle in Kenya. The way this works out is that the M.P (and wannabeM.Ps)ensures that he has enough loot to distribute to the village hecklers in readiness for the next election. Any other person who for example comes up with a project to empower the youth, women e.t.c is seen to interfere with the status quo and as an affliction to the legitimately chosen few.

    I ask today WHAT HARM WOULD IT DO THE ODM LEADERSHIP TO LEAVE THE GRAND COALTION AND RENOUNCE VIOLENCE. Act of Cowardice ? I think not…..Its all about getting your hands dirty…………………..One of the latest Saying that is circulating is that “EVERY SUCCESSFUL” man is a PAPA SHIRANDULA- Dresses too well for the job- whether a watchman or gynaecologist, whether abroad as a Doctor or Plumber. (Ata Dentist Kazi yake ni kufungua Midomo zinanuka na kung’oa Menu tu) I FEEL ODM LEADERSHIP IS FAILING US IN SHOWING THAT P.N.U has it all. The SAFCOM shares, political seats, Civil service jobs………..When all this time we have telling them that they have us. In short they are saying that in Koinange Street there is real PUSSY while overlooking the housewife. Why do they want a quickie with PNU when we know that this marriage of convinience is doomed to bins before it starts ? Are you convienently saying that most Kenyans will be poor if they do not participate in the I.P.O, that all jobs lie in Nairobi, that tenders must be equally distributed for there to be an egalterian society. SHOULD WE LEGALISE PICKPOCKETING BECAUSE TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM MOB JUSTICE ?
    Rajneesh Osho once said that “To learn, One must first un-learn” Those of u still engaged in hating…………..

    Here is what we (Probably just i) want.
    You have a majority of leaders as M.Ps and councillors in six and half provinces- sit down and chart out was of empowering the locals. Here are some of the ideas we want….

    1.. Capacity building of Marketing facilties in Tourism, Farming and Fishing, and cottage and established industries. This is all in a N,G.O’s to donate. Press for better collection and accountablity by our local councils. ODM come to the fore on the platform that they could deliver MAJIMBOISM – LETS NOW SEE NEO-MAJIMBOISM.
    2. Press for live coverage of Parliamentary proceedings and if you M.P is crap (regarless of the party)- KICK HIM OUT.

  107. Turncoat says:


  108. kube says:

    agent for change, do we think a thief will share stollen property in his possession?

    all the ODMers must realise what kibaki is upto and we tell him as such

  109. Turncoat says:


  110. Turncoat says:


  111. mumias says:

    Im somewhat disapointed, I think that was very high, and that was a big concession from us, in return I hope we got very powerful dockets!

    However what makes me think we might have taken some scalps here is that we were in a powerful position, the very fact Kibaki could not name a cabinet without our permission was key to our bargaining power.

    Frankly if 40 got us PS and Ambassadors then I will take it.

    However obviously a big chunk of Safaricom IPO will now go towards financing the added 6 Ministries. So what is important is that these guys work to ensure the economy grows and recovers fast so us to ensure that this is not a burden. If we can get GDP to grow between 9-11% in 2 yrs then it is sustainable.

    So this should be a signal that they need to WORK VERY HARD to grow the country to support this deal.

    I await with eagerness and anticipation.

  112. Abok says:

    40 ministries is like having tow governments of 20 each and I think thats exactly what happened here. Ok, extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures, now we have to bear the burden. Hopefully in 2012 we shall be clear enough on who we want to lead our nation and then revert back to 20 Ministers for one government.

    Lets hope that all will go well with the new ministers/Gava.

    But lets not have any home comings please, there is work to be done. Deliver the constitution within 12 months then we have a home coming for one month then a General election after that.

  113. Anon says:

    Why is it that Raila is the one who is always compromising? The games have to end! If the number is that large then the smaller ministries should not have assistant ministers.

  114. Otsiatso says:

    40 ministers?
    Shame on ODM [and I am ODM damu]
    Shame on Agwambo for giving in it to the future rape of the country!!

    It is truely despicable!!!

  115. Railkamuodho says:

    As a spirited fighter, I agree with you. But, I think Rutoh has a lot of work to do to convince people from Central Province that he was not the main killer and must lead from the front. Mayb he should get the position after all.

  116. tnk says:


    40 is a really bloated figure. considering there’ll be 80 “idle” assistant ministers, 40 Permanent secretaries, possibly another 40 under-secretaries, i dont know how many personal assistants, etc, add to that the fuel guzzling limos, office accommodations and other administrative stuff. that really pushes the envelope on resources.

    so the deal or irony is that maybe spend 50-100b around management of logistics and lavish lifestyles of a 40 ministries cabinet (maybe total of 250 beneficiaries), and in contrast spend 30b on 500,000 IDPs, to provide them with 1 biscuit, 1 slice of bread, a handful of maize and beans a day and a tent for a roof. this is indeed very depressing.

    however, we have to keep in mind that, ODM are still very disadvantaged and need to have some clout in order to leverage and make headway with any legal and institutional reforms.

    of course our anxiety or apprehension is borne of the fact that once politicians get comfortable in the trappings of power, they quickly forget all the other issues until the next election. Lets make sure that at least a significant number of reforms in the constitution and institutions are attained in the 12 month period and after two years when the (mandate) coalition expires that a new election can be called.

  117. Railkamuodho says:

    Turncoat and Anon,
    Did you just realize you are behind in news and out of touch with your leader RAO? Can you imagine you guys thought you would tell Raila what to do or not to do? Then you start crying that Agwambo has let you down. One thing you must understand about politics is that there are rules of engagement. You do not push like a bulldozer, you must know when to fight and when to retreat. If Raila and Kibaki were foolish bulldozers, then maybe they would not be in politics today. Raila is never a fool and never was. Rutoh and the rest (except Mudavadi) will just push blindly and such politicians become activists and sometime do not end well. A lasting politicians is calculating and knows only too well that there is another day to live and correct the past mistakes. Anyone who will tell you that Kenya today is the same as Kenya yesterday is not sincere and is blind. Or someone who wants to put Kenya in the league of Zimbabwe does not know the dynamics of the state of our union. Kenyans love peace and prosperity and do not want chaos (only when incited and mislead).

    It is better for Raila to fight and deliver from withing than to fight from the outside. Time to prove about his leadership is now. After all, his job has been cut for him and will not need to go out there and seek for guidance. He has a direct contact with Kibaki and as I said even before the deal was brokered, when the two gentlemen are locked alone in one place without interference from other spectators, they can do miracles for Kenya. I stand by that even today.

  118. Railkamuodho says:

    Nobody really supported a 40 cabinet portfolil. Very depressing indeed. But our politics as it is that says that certain communities have been left out of government maybe pushed the two to arrive at the number. But I suggest that since we have 42 tribes, each tribe to get a cabinet position. We should not have two Kikuyus or Luos in the cabinet. This should be the same with other tribes as well. If we are true democrats, let us appeal to our leaders to effect that justice to all Kenyan tribes. Kenyans dont care who is in the cabinet as long as they will deliver. Taita, Choni, Marakwet, Keiyo, Samburu, Maasai, Njemps all should be brought into the map of our political leadership. And I mean it.

  119. Sam says:

    40 Ministers

    And rumours has it that there will be 80 assitant Ministers.
    What a shame.

    I hope ODM will get the Finance potfolio after all this. PNU is said to have vowed to retain Security , Defence, Foreign Affairs, Local Govt, and EVEN FINANCE.

    If the above is not shared out then ODM would be better off as an official Opposition Party.

  120. tnk says:

    does anybody have or can someone come up with and share a near authoritative figure required to run a ministry per year and possibly breakout the figures into various categories? its probably not uniform across the board but would be indicative. Am not talking about the projects in each docket, but the administrative requirements (budget for basic operations) needed .

  121. mumias says:

    Apparently ODM walked away with Energy,Transport, Roads, Foreign Affairs, Local Govt, Immigration and registration as well as splitting the Finance docket in two where PNU took Planning and Expenditure and ODM took Revenue collection.
    I await to hear more but this was on Kenya times.

    Now the only thing is that I hope that we limit the number of Assistants to one for most of the ministries and only have 2 in the big dockets i.e about 8 of them.

    If this is the case, we have not done badly here

  122. tnk says:

    mumias, thanks for the alert

    story carried here


    that is amazing, planning, expenditure one side and revenue collection on the other end, sounds very tricky. looks like ODM is on a collision course with fat-cats (tax evaders etc), and then after collecting revenues hand over to kimunya to spend at will. oh well, we have to move on.

    roads and transport is a good mix, as is local govt, immigration & registration, but damper is internal security. under normal circumstances all these proposals would be no problem but the issue here is hardliners always wanting to try and appear to have the upper hand so there will be a lot of undercutting.

  123. Otsiatso says:

    I spent a better part of the day muttering under my breathe” 40!?” ..the only silver lining in all these is, katiba is on the way annd it helps us sort out this travesty.
    I hope that the number of ministries is written into it as something that parliament has to establish by law.

  124. mumias says:

    look at it another way.
    Yes If we have Revenue collection, we can look to ensure that we have a fairer tax system that will ensure those on lower wages don’t have a huge chunk of their income taxed, whilst the wealthy have a bit more to deliver.
    Further Remeber ODM had comprehensive plans for infacstructure, so controlling most of the big dockets bode well.

    To counter your point of underhandness, if we collect revenue and Kimunya tries anything funny by not funding our projects we simply do not cough over to him the money, this ensures he behaves. Further the very fact we would control other infracstrucural dockets then we can always have creative ways of funding, BOT, PPP initiatives etc, all these mean that we could still find ways of funding projects.

    However it’s not over till Sunday when it is announced.

  125. Otsiatso says:

    mumias…I like your optimism.

    There MUST be something we do not know. Yesterday Balala was saying they agree with Kenyans that there should be 25 but ODM will not go above 30..kwani nini ilitendeka?

    Who is the Nairobi mayor answerable to Nairobi ministry or Local Govt.?

  126. tnk says:

    mercifully this is just for a brief period (2 years according to the peace accord), but this is a potential minefield. Who sets/determines the tax brackets? Nairobi mayor as pointed out by otsiatso. a few more ambiguities will emerge as the true composition and portfolio definitions emerge.

    what is so sad is that these senior people who should nknow better still behave like children and insist on hiding everything behind their backs with one hand leaving kenyans guessing what they are holding.

    what is so hard about publishing the comprehensive details of the portfolios and suggested appointees and let kenyans discuss openly. why must everything be wrung by force out of kibakis hand and even then we only get tid-bits and no complete picture leaving tons of room for speculation.

    don’t we have any more intelligent capacity anywhere in those circles to formulate and plan ahead, then defend decisions or will we permanently be twisting this way and that way and reacting to public opinion. this is the most bogus and empty headed leadership kenya has ever witnessed. “kibaki tosha” should go down in history as the biggest mistake kenyans ever made (dont get me wrong, i had a lot of respect for kibaki prior to 2004, but that evaporated completely)

  127. Otsiatso says:

    Times like this is when I wish ODM had a better way of communicating with its audience. Why can it not use this website and update its members and release a press release?
    On Ministry of Finance, Kenya Times has one story, the Standard has another, who is right?

    The short of it – Kenyans lost big time!!

  128. tnk says:

    i had not seen this article in my earlier post but confirms what i suspected


    but i had no idea the budgetary projections could be anywhere near this incredulous amount

    352b a year, has to be a joke and bad mathematics. 31b is being budgeted on between 500,000 and 1,000,000 IDPs which includes children under the age of 15.

    something is wrong with kenya.

  129. Turncoat says:

    A breakthrough. hahaha. Thats how the papers put it…….I WANT TO SAY we have been thoroughly broken. By we i mean the tax payers. One of you mention tax service, – A bloated or multi-tribal cabinet will not gurantee services it will only go to dilute the manifesto for which ODM CAME TO POWER. Remember that like the bible this is the only document for which we can hold them accountable at the end of five years. Come 2011, There will be new promises for the sole purpose of gaining an extra term to parliament.

    I dont normally descend to personal confrontation by to a particularly abarasive (Musumeno) character on this blog i want to say this. I did not join this blog so as to pay homeage to anyone – INCLUDING RAILA ODINGA. It wa just to air thots. Otherwise i would just call in RADIO RAMOGI AND DO THAT. Incase u have not understood, the whole idea is to express and possibly correct. And that applies to everybody. HELL I WOULD CORRECT THE TURNCOAT IF I FELT HE WAS WRONG.

  130. Turncoat says:

    Sorry for the typos.

    Second para should have started as

    i dont normally descend to personal confrontation but …………

  131. Pato says:

    The stupidity of Kenyans is amazing.

    300,000 of their brothers and sisters are sleeping in tents in the cold wondering if the dogs will leave anything from their corpses os their relatives in the farms for them to bury.

    our political elites have just worked out a deal which will see the taxpayer pay millions in upkeep for 40 ministers and I suppose 80 assistant ministers with the subsequent spawn of bureaucrats to support them. As tupac onec sang, the more things change, the more theyr emain the same. As far as lean goverments are concerned, we have far more bloated goverment that either Moi or Kenyatta had..

    meanwhile i have just come from a pro odm website (kumekucha) where members are still baying for blood of…wait for it..no not these parasites we call our leaders..no they are still alling for baricades to be set up in order to kill, rape and strangle fellow suffering peasants.

    We used to joke tht Tanzanians are stupid but I think the whole world must be laughing at us. ati 844 ..looks like we turned into zombies

  132. Pato says:

    just so you know, Germany which is like the 2 or 3 largest economy in the world and almost 80 mil people has only 14 cabinet ministers. Kenya, with a miserable position of 18/19 poorest nation on earth and with about 30 mil people has 40 cabinet ministers whom each earns almost twice what their german counterparts earn.

    What I find amazing is that not even that these thieves steal from us..it that even among the educated elite, we are stiil too stupid to provide the light. I thought my generation would free our country but no..they are the same kondoos who are running around with pangas hacking little children as poor and as miserable as they themselves are in the name of the crooks who are raping them.

    A scientist sometime last year was quoted as argueing that Africans have a lesser mental capaity than other races. A martian coming into our world and using kenya as a case example would probably fully agree with that theory

  133. tnk says:

    on this issue of the bloated cabinet, despite the political exigency, i totally agree with turncoat, railka, otsiatso, sam, abok, maru and others.

    we are on the same page. its absolute contempt of kenyans who voted for good governance.

    it is inexcusable and has zero bearance on the issues on ground but 100% on the egos of those at the top.

    ODM leaders (pentagon) kindly note, anything more than 25 ministries is extravagant and serves no purpose to the ordinary kenyan.

    if truly 40 ministries are a requirement, then in the same spirit of good faith, reduce the total budgetary requirement for the administrative requirement and operations to run the total affairs of the cabinet (from president to the last person in that service inclusive of all benefits) to not exceed that required to resettle the IDPs.

    am having a real hard time with 300b for 250 vs 30b for 250,000. Perhaps its time the famed CPA and unnerved Min of finance bw Amos Kimunya came to the front and mention the exact billions required here. can Amos in return for the hand RAO gave on safaricom, clear the air on budgets for cabinet vs budget for IDPs and the time frames? Now that its a coalition it should not be a problem to share this info.

  134. tnk says:


    had not seen your post above

    absolutely correct. this bloated cabinet is wrong

  135. Railkamuodho says:

    Did you guys read Jerry Okungu’s commentary in the standard? A very presumptious and evil way to describe a person. When a man lacks wisdom, any stuff emanates from his or her brain. Jerryy thought he was a genius but once more he was outwitted by the politicians including the one he showed with praise. I believe most of us who are not politicians will be suprised by the way they turncoat evey now and then. I am yet to see a principled politician. That is why we need a strong civil society.
    I do not know whether Pentagon or Kibakinets knew what was in store for them. I seriously doubt.

  136. OT says:

    Actually, I think given the circumstances, Raila did well to agree to the 40 member cabinet. Kibaki and his hardliners were hopig to insist on the large cabinet and meanwhile have their minions harping everywhere about a clean cabinet and making all sorts of allegations hoping the stalemate and tensions rise will continue while they consolidate their hold and continue stealing.

    Raila probably caught them offguard by accepting the 40 member cabinet and immediately announcing to the public the deal had been struck and the timetable. now kibaki and michuki have very little room to manouvre.

    I believe though that at 40 the cabinet is way too large and wasteful. this GNU crap should not last more than 2 years. priority should be on writing a new constitution (I wish ODM had insisted on the Constitution Ministry) and immediately it is enacted we must have a new election after which the cabinet should have no more than 15 members. actually I would prefer 10.

  137. OT says:

    let me edit my post paragraph 1: KIbaki and his hardliners were hoping to insist on the large cabinet knowing Raila will refuse meanwhile having their minions harping everywhere about a clean cabinet and making all sorts of allegations about William Ruto hoping the stalemate will continue and tensions kep rising while they consolidate their hold and continue stealing…….

  138. Mike Okello says:

    The day you realize that ‘your thinking about Kenya’ and the politician’s thinking about Kenya is so different, Then and only then will stop worshiping them as small gods.

    During the pre-election campaigns, Would you have imagined that a meeting of Two persons with one being Hon. Raila Odinga, would have ended up in a resolution to have 4O ministers in Kenya at such a time as this? Now you do not have to imagine, This is the case.

    Just How fast things Change!

  139. EUNICE NGANGA says:

    PORTFOLIO BALANCE-someone please REACH RAILA by whatever means and tell him he will LOSE BIG TIME! if he doesnt listen to wananchi. Kenyans are OUTRAGED by his agreement to 40 cabinet ministers. He was our only hope. But after this we are asking, what else is Raila going to say yes to??? An anglo leasing of some type? we arent sure anymore.

    Another thing: PNU cant have both finance and internal security and DEFENCE. God! Raila is selling us out!!! We needed change, we arent getting anywhere with Raila saying yes to everything. Please someone get this message to him-he needs to listen to the masses and remain the people’s choice. otherwise, he forgets of being presidential candidate come 2012-he should just forget it if he becomes an instrument of implementing PNUS agenda.

  140. Amani says:



  141. rafiq says:

    Majority of Kenyans here are hypocritical, preaching water drinking wine and thinking their colleagues are stupid.
    First we had a choice btwn Kibaki Raila and JudasWiper. Each had a manifesto and belief hence the voting pattern. However the elections were rigged by him of the GNU fame. We did not complain when he had 34 MPs of GNU and multiple idle assistant ministers. He now enlarges that to 40 and we his supporters generalize and say africans are selfishly unintelligent. Say you who supported him blindly has learnt that.

    Secondly bcoz of lack of cabinet, some of us were literally putting RAO and MK on notice due to IDP situation and threats over the lives of the returning displaced. What did you expext them to do, contnue to quarrel?

    Thirdly, RAO is on record for demanding a lean one kibaki bloated one. And we will get a small one next election

    Finally most Kenyans are corrupt, employ own relatives, claim more than they give in.

    Please bear with RAO he had to do it!

  142. Railkamuodho says:

    I suggested that we not have more than one minister from one tribe. But you did not respond to that because you obviously want more than one Luo at the top! I seriously mean it, why not have one minister per tribe. We should not give flimsy reasons such as experience and qualifications. Any of the elected MPs can do the job with great success.

  143. Railkamuodho says:

    No Winner,
    People are drunk with the idea of a winner and a loser. I do not think in reality there is a winner or a loser if the purpose of all politicians is to deliver to Kenyans. The first agenda of the PM is to fight corruption with all energy at his disposal. If any of the minister, asstant Ministers, PSs and other members of government administration involve themselves in the vise, they should be shown the door. If Ngilu delivers to Kenyans, who cares if she is ODM or PNU? If Kimunya does well in Finance why bother whether he is from Central or not? So, the expectations are high and more so for us IDPs

  144. Railkamuodho says:

    Some Ministries such as 1.Youth and sports, 2. Gender and social services, and 3.National Heritage and culture are not supposed to exist in isolation. These ministries need to be marged into two; 1. Gender, youth, heritage and social services on one side and 2. Sports ministry on its own.

  145. tnk says:

    I suggested that we not have more than one minister from one tribe. But you did not respond to that because you obviously want more than one Luo at the top!
    please explain

  146. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Am sorry…I just have to spell it out, Its time for all of us to realize that the time for real people power has come. Do we seat back and watch over 10billion get waisted, the amount of money this cabinet will gobble up, while you get stuck in traffic jams, food prices going up, maintain low levels of healthcare, a poor public school system, poor public transport system, a poor justice system, low agricultural production, low wages, inflation coming our way; what the hell are you think?
    You people now need to surely wakeup and realize we have been shafted, by the same MP’s we are busy defending: same guys either PNU or ODM have screwed us real hard this time even if its for two year or five year.
    The constitution will not save us, they give themselves raises at will, what about you and I, They will soon raise tax’s to cover this expenditures and my businesses will have to pay for it. Your low paychecks will become even smaller, your kids will sleep hungry very soon. What are you thinking…..Lets march, Lets say goodbye to our loved one’s, Lets save our country. Raise up you arms…AK47 cold hard steel, Russian made, the weapon for Freedom and Liberty.
    All this MP’s need to go….ODM or PNU. The entire government needs to exit.

  147. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Please save everyone the grief, while your new cabinet will be spending KSH:10B. what have you done as an IDP? the same guys that caused you the pain have just awarded themselves 10Billion while 600,000 IDP will only get 30Billion. Do the math and tell us.
    I call upon you to marshall you men and do the right thing. Stop wihinning and be a man. Theories will will not give you back what you have lost, be pragmatic and take action. This poor souls here are helpless and all they do is spend time writing about their leaders, while they shaft them.

    Come on….

  148. tnk says:


    some clarification please

    where are we to get ak47

    and who are we going after specifically with these weapons

  149. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    Its time we get ourselves an alternative voice other than what we have today. Are you comfortable and content with what we have for a government or representatives in parliament?
    They are all corrupt isn’t?
    Where you get the tools of Liberty and Freedom is something for you to chose, its a liberalised market out here. Just quote your price.

  150. tnk says:


    hiyo ni kweli. its the ak47 that i wasn’t getting.

  151. tnk says:

    i know you have better connections than most of us, why cant we use those options?

  152. Jogoo_shujaa says:


  153. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    With the way things are being done here, everyone seems to be looking after themselves. we as the general wenye’inchi we are loosing our stake day by day. This 40 thing has irk’d a lot of people especially when it comes to the cost. No matter how you look at it, someone has jumped for the carrot, now they all look like idiots.
    Some people here are not thinking with their heads rather they are using their stomachs. we tried our best.
    You can now forget the constitution or even early general elections, this two groups are happy like crazy, while you and I are wondering what next. The precedence has been set for even a larger cabinet next time. The era of mega corruption has come and the growth of super rich class.
    We will not be paying tax’s I can guarantee you for as long as this politicians are pocketing their pay checks without taxation. why should we? Nyayo learned the hard way, its time for Kibaki and RAO to face the music, they will go begging their western friends and China for cash.
    Prices for commodities will be rocketting up in the next few months, by August you will be crying. Lay-offs will commence, proceded by massive crime, the government will be finished by December. All ready government programs are being cut back by 40% and a freeze in hiring both in civil and private sector. Have you noticed the amount of disease out breaks on people and livestock? Tell me, how will people survive?

    You wait and see,

  154. tnk says:


    first although i will use the term we or us, but i want to point out that i speak for myself and not necessarily others on this blog. those that agree with me may or may not say so, and those that do not i hope will speak up for themselves.

    your insight is excellent, most of us wanted to avoid what you foresee. our choices were change (come elections 2007), militancy (aftermath of stolen election) and compromise (in view of excessive violence, tremendous loss of life, injury, displacement and trauma). bringing us to where we are now.

    way forward we would have preferred civil disobedience such as tax and other economic boycott etc to force government to at least concede to the will of the people and evidently you see some sense in that. in general we are agreed on many issues now. some of these is what had been said earlier except for the militancy by force that you have mentioned and i still cannot grasp the concept.

    this forum is a raila blog, and for most of us, RAO, pentagon and ODM in general represents the vehicle of choice to bring about this change. we know they have and will have limitations but overall we still they can deliver this change. we’ve made it clear that we are not blind followers and will raise red flags on any mis-steps along the way as indeed we are doing right now.

    out of mutual respect for each other, we are aware that if we believe that ODM has lost vision then i can assure you i will be among those leaving this forum for other avenues of change. maturity behoves working within our means or capacities,

    jogoo, from your intonation it is evident that you could be way above most of these issues, but i request that you work with us to achieve better governance for kenyans which is what we all desire.

  155. tnk says:

    correction/semantics –

    para 4: overall we still believe they can deliver on the promise for change

    para 5: from your preceding inputs it is evident

  156. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Have you ever owned a horse or a donkey? Let me say the animal becomes your friend and servant, then one day it breaks a leg. Now you don’t have anyone to carry your burden to the promised land, but the animal keeps feeding and drinking like its normal, what do you do? Do you carry the beast to where you are going or stop and continue feeding it without any benefit for yourself?

    Any horse lover knows you stop and shot the beast to lessen your burden and not to save the beast.
    Our politicians are like wounded donkeys/mules who keep promising, but don’t deliver

    You want to keep feeding them for the next five years, so be it. But come sunday, listen for the music.

  157. karanja kamau says:


    All kenyans should stay away from april 12 inauguration of the ministerS as a way to show their contempt for the bloated govt…. kenyans will just get poorer and that’s our main cocern…..
    RAO should really think if this is the way forward because if their is a scandal in the govt he will be linked as a part of it just because he’s in govt, mk doesn’t care because this is his last term.
    i’m always advocating for this deal to be either 6 or 12 monts deal then lets go fo real elections, then either ODM or PNU form a govt of their own so that they own up for their mistakes and then we have a real opposition.
    If people died to have this country right then we shouldn’t let their deaths be in vain instead we should be advocating for the right thing. There is no need of having the same thing in the next elections.

  158. Jane says:

    RAO was advised to take up leader of official opposition but declined. Parliament would have accomplished much more productive business by now, which would have improved his credibility.

    The politicians have already ‘achieved’. So do you think these extremely selfish and unreasonable fellows care how you survive. If they did, can they justify why they sponsored hooligans to burn and destroy businesses and lives, then start calling for economic sabotage when they knew very well their Ksh.500,000+ monthly salaries and allowances are flowing into their bank accounts , as the destabilised people languish either in IDP camps or under the mercies of their relatives and friends.

    The ‘modern’ politics pioneered by ODM is disgusting.

  159. rafiq says:

    These crocodile tears wont take you and me anywhere. It takes so long to learn that human beings including Kenyans and specifically politicians are inherently selfish.
    By voting in ODM we wanted and courted change in the way things are done. That could have happened until all of us know what happened. I spare a minute for all those who lost their lives esp seeing what Uncle Bob is doing in Zimb.
    The govt is large courtesy of PNU, the earlier we get them out the better. RAO had no choice.
    I am optiistic that things will be different soon. RAO and ODM leadership is listening.

  160. Railkamuodho says:

    Jogoo Shujaa,
    Thanks for your moral support and encouragement to do the right thing for my fellow IDPs. Watch this space, the right thing is on the way. No Kalenjins will stop most of us Kikuyus and Kisiis from reoccupying our former lands. We believe that it is from RV to Heaven. No negotiations about that. We either switch land with those Kales in lower RV or we go back. In fact some of us have started preparing our land for the planting season.

  161. tnk says:


    if you beleive ODM has no vision, go join a movement that will counter and get overwhelming grassroot support.

    to continuously join/contribute to a forum so as to attempt to break it is ill-advised and you cannot succeed.

    @jogoo, good point.
    however ODM is not quite in that position and issues are not that cut and dry, but i definitely hear you.

    on the issue of tax boycott, approx 50% kenyans are employed meaning tax deducts are direct via employers, hope you are in touch with other employers to not auto-deduct employees and have them remit taxes themselves (PAYE, NHIFF, NSSF, LATF etc).

    @kk – thats a good plan, to boycott swearing in ceremony, lets see what happens in the announcement this sunday

  162. Railkamuodho says:

    Jogoo and others
    The ripple effect of the 2 months chaos has been highlighted by Jogoo. All of us should brace ourselves for very hard time in the next few months. But with prudent management of our resource and goodwill from the international community, then we can have hope in our nation.
    The half a million IDPs have a great role to play in feeding our nation and should be settled in the next few weeks. When the 31 billion shillings is poured back into the economy, we are hopeful that it will augur well for the nation.
    Why is it so hard for our MPs both in PNU and ODM to forego some of their allowances and gas-guzzling SUVs and save the nation some much needed money for development. These guys are rich and only taking us for a ride.

  163. rafiq says:

    Now this is what you call inferior mind and intelligence. Why should muthaura change what has been agreed on. Its sad we will spend alot fighting over cabinet issues while Kenyans continue to suffer. I respect old men but not of this group and calibre. I wonder why on earth some 3million plus voted for these folks. Only God can kelp us-i still have cautious optimism though I fear for the ordinary folk

  164. Railkamuodho says:

    The issue of 2-year transition before a general election is not in the constitution. It is only in people’s minds and wishful thinking. I seriously doubt that any sane person will support a costly exercise just to propel ODM to the top. After all what is the purpose of a coalation? We want to build institutions for the future generations. What is the hurry? Even with a new cabinet, some of their work will only become evident after 5 years or more.
    What we all agree on is the fact that all politicians are joining the coalition with their eyes fixed in the 2012 not 2010. Many MPs want to do their full term whatever their party affiliation- and thats the catch.

  165. rafiq says:

    As usual with twist and turns railk runs away from the issue at hand which is instant blatant arrogant utadoo? style of PNU leadership. Its simple if new elections are called ODM is unlikely to lose a single seat and can by binding oath ensure the current faithfull flock go in unopposed. But for wiper and Panua that would be the end.
    As we speak and stand now there might be no cabinet after all. Unless Kibaki be himself we may be in big trouble.

  166. rafiq says:

    Is there anything in our power that can make PNU listen to the people. Unfortunately NO unless violence. I think seriously we dont want to go back there. Only Kibaki can save Kenya now esp if he ignores his reckless footsoldiers. I think my patience is likely to run out.

  167. rafiq says:

    May be there is a reason why some calibre of Kenyans should reire at 55 What happens to their brain cells and moreso feelings or emotions? They are drviven by greed and selfishness.

  168. Railkamuodho says:

    Why do you think you have a monopoly of violence? Just because your people prepared beforehand and unleashed their anger upon defenseless women and children (on both sides)? Only dumb people will not sit down and calculate the impact of a senseless and endless war. It is very easy to start violence but once it gets its own life, it becomes a gigantic monster hard to contain. Do your thing brother if you think you have the means to start and dictate the direction of violence and ultimately to bring it to an end. You ODM hardliners think you have the monopoly of ideas, anger and power. Remember that the country was divided into two however you want to look at it and none of those are more human than the other.
    Has it ever occured to you that Raila Odinga is not hostage to any party? Dont you think that he can carry away his ideas and personality and leave ODM? Those who associate great ideas with parties can at time be in for rude awakening. Only KANU will remain vibrant long after the other parties die.

  169. Railkamuodho says:

    I meant: Those who associate great ideas with Partys can at times be in for arude awakening.
    In a nutshell, if Kenyans continue to propagate party luminaries personal ambation at the expense of delivering services to Kenyans, then we will continue in the endless cycle of changing leaders without changing the lives of Kenyans. We need new leadership with new ideas not old leadership with new ideas. Tell me in both PNU and ODM, who is new? Don’t talk of age, talk of how long one has been in politics.

  170. Railkamuodho says:

    Someone has confided to me that some ODM cabinet members will be the old hawks like Ntimama, Nkaissery, and those over 45 such as Mudavadi, Rutoh, Raila, Henry Kosgei even as they continue to point fingers at PNU. They will explain away things about Ntimama by calling him babu wa ODM and such crap. Double speak indeed.

  171. tnk says:

    RAO is being played by kibaki like a small child. How can two men meet, agree on something, announce it, then junior officers come out to rescind or restate the facts. there is simply no respect here. RAO needs to stop and put an end to these senseless PNU games once and for all.

  172. Railkamuodho says:

    Two things: Balala anonces that resettlement of Kibaki people will not happen untill a new cabinet is in place. This guy is a perfect terrorist. I cannot doubt this is so after a series of announcements. Let him go ahead and organize his goons for the “mother of all battles and demonstrations”.
    Let them organize themselves into whatever they want and disrupt the most important season in Kenya- the planting season. Then come the end of the year and they will start requesting for food aid from the international community. Yes, ask wazungus to clean up our mess when we deliberately course it. And if they think that they can rule by themselves, without the rest, lets wait and see.
    But I guess our honorable members will continue to recieve their perks and dine in the posh hotels in Nairobi as they people in Kisumu and Mombasa go without maize and beans or cannot afford to put food on the table.
    Secondly, I totally support the only remaining engine for democracy- the civil society. Kenyans must say no to a bloated cabine. Kibaki and Raila must overcome Rutoh, Uhuru, Balala, Nyongo, and other hardliners and accept Kenya cannot afford a bloated cabinet:

  173. Amani says:

    They are laughing at us..HAHAHAH….. because we are still fighting.

    I HOPE MMENUNUA SAFARICOM SHARES… Msijisahau… Our Leaders forgot about us a long time ago.

  174. Railkamuodho says:

    When the chaos start, nobody will put it to and end this time around. Not even Kofi Anan. So Kenyans brace yourselves for the, “Mother of all battles” that will settle this thing once and for all. RV is the armageddon of Kenya

  175. Railkamuodho says:

    You can tell that Raila was looking for favor from the Kalenjin when he said that the chaos were not organized and that nobody should be arrested. If he thinks he is Kenya’sgod, let him know from this website that he has lost my respect because of playing politics with the lives of my people. He should not behave like Rutoh’s or kalenjin DOG to bark for them. His position does not allow him to do like that. He should stop making those campaign populist speeches. Let him get his ass to work and deliver for Kenya. That was the most stupid statement from Agwambo.

  176. Railkamuodho says:

    In order for Raila to maintain his popularity among the poor, he should prepare to carry a a briefcase with cash to dish our to the kales because they think that is part of the presidency. Thousands of people will also stream to his residence seeking for his favor. Corruption like in Moi’s time is back and Raila should be the one to lead this.

  177. Railkamuodho says:

    There are three ministers that I will never, never seek their help under any circumstances; William Rutoh, Henry Kosgei and William Ole Ntimama. I am supprised that Nkaissery is not among those to be in cabinet. Imagine someone like Kones and Sirma are to be in government. That is a joke.
    Did you hear Raila answer my suggestion for all Kenya tribes to be in government? That even 5 Luos, 5, Kalenjin, 4, Luhyas and a few others will serve the government still. That is laughable. Cammon politicians, be sensible and do the right thing.

  178. Railkamuodho says:

    Even Kaa Ngumu of Mwenje class will be a minister!!! Maybe only Abu and Orengo will be fress. Nyongo is okay in any ministry but others, I seriously doubt. It will now be obvious that ODM like PNU is just there for power not quality. We needed a young and dynamic cabinet not the old folks again. What a shame!

  179. Jane says:

    Totally agree with Amani.

    At least PNU has already attempted on some ministerial balancing.
    Ministerial posts already filled:

    1. Rift valley ……4
    2. Nyanza………..2


    Why is ODM always violent, and consistently advocates for violence.
    Why should the likes of Kosgey who presided over collapse of Kenya National Assurance talk, he should first explain where he took the KNAC assets.
    Why should Ruto the majimbo and violent preacher talk.he should first explain the killings and destructions in his constituency.
    Why should Nyong’o the preacher of mass action and economic sabotage talk.he should explain his actions first.

  180. raphael says:

    pnu are not serious about power sharing and that is why they keep on shifting goal posts. our captain accepted a bloated cabitet bcoz he wanted to accomodate the interests of pnu. now that they are not appreciating this noble gesture, i would like to appeal to our captain RAO to also change his position and start demanding for a lean cabinet of 24 members. these people are still imagining that we are in an era similar to 2003 when they kept on shifting goal post to scattle the constitutional review process. kenyans must stand up and tell them NO in the strongest terms possible. IF THEY ARE NOT WILLING TO SHARE THIS POWER IN THE SPIRIT OF THE ACCORD, LET THEM ACCEPT A RE-RUN OF THE PRESIDENTIAL VOTE.

  181. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kenyans are watching a movie starring Mwai Kibaki. In the movie, Kibaki is unmasking himself to the whole world and showing a man incapable of making a deal and keeping it.

    There are a number of co-stars but there are cowards and do not want to appear in public but hide in the shadows where they are busy clogging the wheels of political, social, and economic progress in Kenya.

    In the movie, Kenyans are seeing the star as an arrogant man who sacrifices many for a chosen few and among these few are his golf buddies and old civil servants who are driving Kenya down to the ground.

    There is the Head of Civil Service. He is a very old man and well past the manadatory retirement age. He is arrogant and more powerful than Kibaki. Kibaki makes a deal, but the civil service man rubbishes it and Kibaki cannot do anything about it. This old civil servant is counterproductive. He is almost single-handedly

    Then there is the MD of Kenya Airports Authority. He is a very old and counterproductive civil servant. He allowed mercenaries with guns into Kenya’s international airport. He should have been fired from his job but Kibaki could not because for the star of the movie, his buddies are supreme and untouchables.

    Then there is the PS in the ministry of education. He is well past the retirement age and he is counterproductive. He messed up this year’s KCSE results and he should have been fired but he was not because Kibaki cannot have a peaceful sleep if he firedd his homeboy from his job.

    As Kenyans await a real Cabinet, Kibaki continues to show the typical behaviour of a murderous thief – lack of confidence, feeling of insecurity, feeling of guilt, and a sumptuous prey to blackmailing predators.

    Kibaki is feeling very insecure and no amount of assurance from Hon. Raila Odinga will convince Kibaki that no one will undermine him. The weight of guilt is on his shoulders and mind and he is his own prisoner.

    Dr. Wekesa worked so hard to support him but Kibaki did not value the former’s support. Ford Kenya is a no nonsense party of four or so MPs and they give Kibaki an ultimatum seeking Kombo’s appointment to the Cabinet or they quit PNU. Kibaki is feeling so insecure that he has to please Ford Kenya.

    Thn there is ODMK. With only two Cabinet positions, Kibaki is feeling very insecure that they may feel that they were not adequately rewarded for propping up Kibaki and may threaten to quit the PNU alliance. I am sure that Kibaki has detailed somebody to be calling Kalonzo’s wife every other day to enquire whether Kalonzo is showing any signs of unhappiness.

  182. Railkamuodho says:

    I am a realist. I do not just talk for the sake of talking. There is no provision for a re-run of a presidential election in the constitution at this time. Any agreements made must be political agreements not constitutional one. If the election must be re-run, the following things should be clear:
    1. The constitution amended to have a clean ECK
    2. The constitution amended to scrap the two-term limit. This will allow Kibaki contest for a third term.
    Many people are blaming PNU for the chaos and problems. If these guys can quarrel at this rate even before a government if formed, how are they going to work together? Why not just graciously walk out of government, force Kibaki to name a 25 cabinet and then proceed from there. Then try to change the constitution with the goodwill of all MPs.
    When the constitution amendments were made, the issues of who occupys the seat of PM if he declines has not been addressed. If that falls vacant, wh takes over as in the case withe the president. I have not read this monster yet.
    Lastly, the ODM MPs do not seem to understand the gravity and the sanctity of IDPs in some quarters. It is a serious matter and as long as you continue to play around with human beings then be prepared for the unkown.

  183. rafiq says:

    You and your like minded Kenyans are genetically pathetically tribal chauvinists. What makes you think you can intimidate Kenyans. When some of us reason it out and say we dont want the IDPs to continue wasting and dying away in camps you are suddenly blind.
    When finally Balala speaks and Raila echoes the reality you start calling some of us tribal. Unfortunately you may not boast of being more Kenyan than some of us who have at least 5 routes of heritage across the provinces and tribes. The future of people like you is over.
    We want a Kenya where everybody has equal rights. Where we all share in times of hunger and abundance. So if you think you can have your way to everything am sorry Kenya has changed. Even the realistic IDPs will come for your throat. You can fool some people sometime but not all the people all the time.
    Finally the good thing is you plan and start violence, at least everyone will be free to share in it. As it stands now you are the only one who is benefitting from half cabinet and the proposed mt kenya grand coalition.
    Until and unless you apprecaite the more than 42 Kenyan tribes and the mixed breed like some of us, Pole.

  184. rafiq says:

    You and your like minded Kenyans are genetically pathetically tribal chauvinists. What makes you think you can intimidate Kenyans. When some of us reason it out and say we dont want the IDPs to continue wasting and dying away in camps you are suddenly blind.
    When finally Balala speaks and Raila echoes the reality you start calling some of us tribal. Unfortunately you may not boast of being more Kenyan than some of us who have at least 5 routes of heritage across the provinces and tribes. The future of people like you is over.
    We want a Kenya where everybody has equal rights. Where we all share in times of hunger and abundance. So if you think you can have your way to everything am sorry Kenya has changed. Even the realistic IDPs will come for your throat. You can fool some people sometime but not all the people all the time.
    Finally the good thing is you plan and start violence, at least everyone will be free to share in it. As it stands now you are the only one who is benefitting from half cabinet and the proposed mt kenya grand coalition.
    Until and unless you apprecaite the more than 42 Kenyan tribes and the mixed breed like some of us, Pole

  185. Maru Kapkatet says:

    TO: Hounarable Raila Odinga

    1. Every agreement you have with Kibaki has to be put in writting and signed by both of you.

    2. For the new Cabinet to work harmoniously once it is sworn in and avoid more wrangling, take more time now to have all appointments in place before swearing in of the new Cabinet. Kibaki is untrustworthy and will not keep his word. You have seen how he behaves. There is no agreement that he honours.

    Take the whole of next week, if necessary to complete the appointments of ministers, assistant ministers, permanent secretaries, ambassadors, heads and directors of government corporations, and military and police appointments.

    All appointments must be recorded and signed by both Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga and then the week after that will be used for swearing in.

  186. rafiq says:

    What is this merry go round leadership PNU is struggling to offer Kenyans? A president held hostage by his own group of pseudoleaders promises the country one thing and refuses to talk to them after waiting a whole day! God help us Kenyans

  187. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Both ODM and PNU have been scrambling for the Ministry of Finance.

    Kibaki thinks that he will control external funds if his man is the Minister of Finance. This may not happen so. I am of the opinion that the international community have no more regard for Kibaki considering the way he has been conducting himself.

    I will not be surprised to see the international community dealing exclusively with PM Raila on matters of external fundings – loans and grants.

    One way of resolving the fight for the Ministry of Finance is to divide it into two ministries – The Ministry of Internal Finance responsible for banking, revenue, credit unions/societies, budget, expenses, internal auditing, internal investments, and small businesses and The Ministry of Economic Development and External Finance responsible for planning and national development, fiscal policy, and management of external financial affairs including securing of external funds (loans or grants), paying of external debts, government investments abroad, and auditing of external funds.

  188. rafiq says:

    And RailK you and your like only know one thing people are only good enough as long as you can use them as tisuue paper and flush them down the sewage. Thats why RAO is good so long as he gives in to your demands. When he speaks for the other side he is stupid. Now you seem to like Nyongo but as soon as he comes out with an idea that protects the long suffering kenyans he will be trash. Thats why you brand Balala a terrorist. This time we are not backing down, going away and leaving you to steal, rig and rob Kenyans of everything. We are not like the Zombies of Zimbabwe please.

  189. Railkamuodho says:

    You say 42 tribes? How many of them will be in the ODM side. You actually think we are fools. ODM cabinet will be the same old guards- Ntimama, Ngumo, Kosgei and the other sycophants. The majority of those will be from Nyanza, western, and RV. Other areas will get one each and then you continue to sing about Kenyans vs Mt Kenya? wait and see. I am not threatening anybody and neither do we need Rutohs or any other persons goodwill to go back to what is rightfully ours. I cannot use my people as a pawn. They must be resettled at whatever cost even if it means no government. Full stop.

  190. Railkamuodho says:

    I dont think you have been in Kenya. Kibaki stoped recieving donations since when Moi left. Maybe those donations will start coming in when Raila becomes PM if you listened to Gordon Brown.
    And by the way, this man Thabo Mbeki, he was up in arms on Kibaki but now does not comment on Zimbabwe- a country totally run down by Mugabe. At least Kibaki had some things in Kenya going on- Dairy industry, flower industry, farmers, Tourism, fishing, infrustructure etc untill the post polls madness.
    One of the kalenjin heroes should be Mugabe and his evicting Whites only to end up with maraunding worriors with little education and no farming methodology. Progressive and non-violent, educated Kalenjin are not warlords. Only ignorant goons in that community propagate hatred and chaos which the politicians ride along.

  191. Railkamuodho says:

    Let me tell you what happened. When Raila went to see the president, they agreed to share the posts of 40 cabinet portfolios but did not conclude the deal there and then. ODM media machinery immediately went to work. Hoping to win the sympathy from Kenyans. Kibaki was once again outdone by the more younger and aggressive Raila. When Raila comes to meet Kibaki, he has already recieved instructions from the Pentagon. Kibaki seems to act on his own before getting a briefing from his advisors.
    None of the two is free from their own quarters. If Raila accepted to some issues like having a clean and moral cabinet, he will be under fire from his quarter and you will see him weep once again.

  192. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    Did you get the news? As I was telling you the other day things are heating up on the streets. And surely real Mass Action is coming, this time its focused on everything government and the political class. I mentioned to you plans of not paying taxes and and the fact that MPs are not being taxed is another painfull spot, Land/IDP’s is another issue on the table, so am sure you have read it all over the papers, I would hope that no one in their right mind attends the swearing at Uhuru park, bacaues things are bond to get really ugly.
    While you seat back in your recliner down in Georgia or is it N.Carolina, I wish to request you to sincerly reconsider your position and join the real wanainchi of the republic of Kenya. we are taking things here very serious and its not a matter of joking which party, tribe you belong to or which leader you support.
    When the real boys get unleashed and please note I have left out the NGO’s people will not be sleeping confortable for generations to come. Has anyone here been caught up in a real war zone? I don’t think so. Kenya boost some of the biggest merchants of war in the region.
    So lets all start focusing on the real enemies of change and development. It is not the Luos, Kaleos or Kikuyus. It’s as clear as day; Your leaders.

    This time they will all be shut out and taken to task, together with their tribalist agents.
    Take notice that the cabinet has not been announced as of today sunday, let no one cheat you that its not ready. Its because of the level of threat, it will be moving to code RED veeerry sooonnn. The donkey has to be shot, we are the Masters, its the servant.

  193. rafiq says:

    It doesnt matter who amongst the 42plus will support ODM. By your own twisted analysis of the current stalemate, you are out of ODM and her supporters. Can you imagine PNU fighting for DPM btwn Karua/Uhuru/Muthengi wa Saitoti? Speaks volumes. Yet in ODM there is no war.

  194. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    Please read all my entries since Friday and you will know where we are, you seem to be out of touch. I thought you are in Nairobi?
    I opened a window on Friday on whats coming and you can compare that with what you see on the news the last two days.
    Even though I don’t know who is Railk, he surely seems to be in touch with some of the things on offer.

  195. Jane says:

    All this politics we see in Kenya today propagated by Kofi Annan and ODM is a real waste of time and Kenya’s resources. One can almost tell why the ‘diplomat’ failed when he worked as head of the United Nations body. The whole stuff is disgusting. Negotiations, consultations, negotiations, consultations, violence, violence, economic sabotage, mass protests.

    NARC was better by far, and KANU excellent before invasion by fighters from RVP who have now migrated to ODM.

    When the 80+ ministers start ‘working’ with some possibly attempting to frustrate their supervisor RAO will he keep on going to report them to MK everyday, then start negotiating, consulting etc.what a waste of time and resources.

  196. Maru Kapkatet says:

    This is the most scary thing staring at Kenyans now and this was reported by The Standard on April 07, 2008:

    “Hardliners have told President Kibaki he risks being “in the dark” internationally and “out of touch” locally if he relinquishes the Foreign Affairs and Local Government dockets to ODM, The Standard can report.”

    Hon. Raila Odinga has to deal with this issue first and foremost as a matter of extreme importance since it is fundamental to the success or failure of the coalition government.

    1. In essence this statement implies that Kenya be divided into two : Kibaki’s Kenya and Raila’s Kenya

    2. If Kibaki accepts this rubbish, then either he is senile or is intent on dividing Kenya along tribal lines and either of which is very dangerous to the people and nation of Kenya.

    3. In the minds of Kenyans, the coalition governement will be one government under one president and one prime minister. If Kibaki’s associates are conceiving that there will be two governments, then Hon. Raila Odinga has to pause and have this issue thrashed out first.

    4. There is an obvious attempt to frustrate ODM and its supporters into accepting being relegated to second-class citizens in their own country.

    If the Foreign Affairs minister is from ODM, then that minister will be serving the president and people of Kenya. Why is Kibaki dividing Kenyans into two camps. The general elections are gone and Kenyans want to live in peace and build their country.

    There are two options that Hon. Raila Odinga should consider:

    (a) Have new presidential elections to be supervised by the UN

    (b) Recall Kofi Annan to complete his mediation process, which can only be deemed completed when the Cabinet has been sworn in and all government appointments made.

  197. karanja kamau says:

    Agreed maru…….

  198. Railkamuodho says:

    After consulting my advisors, I agree a new election should be in place as soon as possible. I think some people have overated themselves. This time around the civil society should jump into the ring like bees. Watch this space.

  199. Railkamuodho says:

    Oh, I forgot, please remember to change the constitution to call for elections and Parliament to set the calender. Otherwise we will be in the field of musical chairs up to 2012. Thanks guys for your openess to discuss things even when bitter. I wish the politicians would watch this space and see how common wananchi can agree to disagree.

  200. Railkamuodho says:

    Breaking News,
    Raila has no an obligation to accept the cabinet position. With him as PM, he has no reason to worry which ministries his people take. All cabinet positions are equal unless the two partners are there to compete.
    I do not want Raila to do anything for me. Both politicians have an obligation to the electorates and those who did not vote and the independents. Whatever they do is for the sake of Kenya and by agreeing to share power, they are actually doing service to themselves and future generations.
    On Rafiqs criticism of me only praising people only when they serve me, that is not true. For one I have never met the two gentlemen. But I respect them as Kenyans who at times make stupid mistakes. Even Kibaki at times make those same stupid mistakes. I have never taken any one leader and equate him or her to Jesus as some of your politicians and bloggers do. I am very much aware that they are mortal and will face death like other human beings.
    Did you hear what James Orengo told his constituents? That if the deal does not sail through, the will go back to their constituents and ask them to do “what they know most”. You off-course know what they know most. If I start telling you guys about Luos and what they know most, you will accuse me of arrogance and full of stereo type. Yet I will just be confirming what you learned fellow just said. And one reality that this people must admit is that there is food crisis in Kenya unless an urgent measure is taken to resettle people back to their lands. I know that is in the pipeline though and nobody will stop it this time around. I am not asking for your view or assistance on this.

  201. rafiq says:

    Thanks Jogoo,
    I have more insight now. I think you are miles ahead as far seeing the common hindrance to our growth is concerned. By the way while in Nairobi jana I walked into a supermarket, cant believe the prices of commodities and yet No salaries yet for the 4o plus and PM with deputies.
    Capitalism is good but when abused like in Kenya now the common person suffers miserably.
    Together we can win divided we will suffer for ever and pay out of our future for these aging selfish politicians.

  202. baijo says:

    The way forward is for Kibaki to dissolve his illegal cabinet and start a fresh based on grand coalition pact and law. It is absolute nonsense to hear some of people in his government have glued themselves to certain ministries like Uhuch Kenyata in Local Govt and they are adamanat to let go and neither willing to share. For the current illegal PNU coalition, Kibaki has every power to hire and fire – therefore he should show leadership by dissolving the cabinet right from the top. Once dissolved, he can hire whoever he wants and make it easy in his pact with ODM team. Kenyans are tired of being held hostage by PNU busybodies who are working day and night to throw spanners into the agreement. We want to move forward with life and concentrate on building the nation tattered by last Dec’s ECK / PNU mess. Just like Kibaki is held hostage by his indecisiveness, PNU infighting and selfishness, ECK is held hostage by some strange people in there who are out to block every attempt to unearth their misdeeds that led to post election voilence. We do not to go back there. We want to move forward.

  203. faddie says:

    hi comrades.well just as i said at the beginning of all this circus,”this grand coalition won’t work” at least not in PNU’s lifetime.there are people in PNU like wetangula who still believe that they are inviting ODM into government and i can assure you that this feeling runs deep within most people in the party.but again with all the concessions coming from ODM,i wouldn’t fault them.the problem with this kind of thinking is that even after the cabinet is named,we will still have this circus.ministers from either of the parties will only be loyal to their leader.in essence we will have a divided cabinet and so a divided government.and by the way i believe it will trickle down to the civil service as well, since no minister will want to work with a civil servant he is uncomfortable with.so if the minister believes you have your loyalties to the rival party then he will most likely recommend your removal.the effect of this is that ministries will belong to parties.they should have added a rejoinder in the accord that only allowed cross appointments.
    am worried for this country.if you don’t understand what i mean then you better read the East African’s headline story.
    as i have always believed since 30th of december,the only way we can ever solve this problem once and for all is to have new presidential elections.i know and am very sure that one way or another,WE WILL HAVE ELECTIONS BEFORE 2012 and i can bet on that.this coalition will never work,not with the current crop of selfish double faced people we call leaders.

  204. Maru Kapkatet says:






  205. Otsiatso says:

    New election, yes, BUT NOT under the current constitution…there has to be a new katiba first. We are in this crisis because the current one vests all the power in the raisi. So new katiba and then re-election..

  206. raphael says:

    anybody with the latest from the negotiations? please post it here for us to see now!

  207. rafiq says:

    Stalemate. Ministers dont want to give in their ministries already gievn to them by Kibaki. RAO refused to go to Harambee house.

  208. tnk says:

    I’m glad ODM, RAO have finally seen some sense, we’ve been back-pedaling on everything and given just too much concession unnecessarily

    Its not ODMs problem about who wants what in PNU. It was a mistake to even accept 34 ministries which was graciously worked out by ODM in order to let kibaki save face and retain the already appointed ministers instead of the 25 documented in the ODM manifest.

    truth is Kibaki/PNU had no game plan other than win by hook or crook the presidency and safari”con” IPO. Everything else is going to be knee-jerk reaction.

    One thing for sure is we can expect very soon an announcement from PPS, Muthaura, Mutua or state house that will cause much anxiety regarding the cabinet. I hope we have enough lawyers ready to take the govt to court over conducting illegal business. as of enacting the peace accord into law, the current cabinet was not approved by PM and is therefore null and void. Wetangula is in india on a private trip funded by taxpayers. its time that kibaki was made to understand he is in contravention of the constitution and a president whether duly elected or actually elected is only above the law as long as he upholds the constitution and safeguards the interests of all citizen. kibaki is currently in breach of the constitution on running an illegal cabinet and placing the lives of many kenyans including the IDPs in jeopardy.

  209. Turncoat says:


  210. Turncoat says:

    Would you hold the medias accountable houses for lack of news or is the reality on the ground has it that nothing is truly happening. Many have been duped by the salacious headlines only to be disappointed by the fine print.
    Priority I have maintained is not settling the IDPS. (Just for the record I’m staying with two of them). If the underlying issues are not sorted out then they will be back to the camps at the slightest flare up. 30B will be used to settle 5000000 displaced. That is 600,000 per person. hahaha. So if the donors can cough even 10B then if let for me and you to pay to the third and fourth generations.
    Many of you might not be aware but he EMPLOYMENT ACT IS NO LONGER VALID ( A WITTY LAWYER ARGUED THAT IT WAS UNCONSTITUTIONAL SINCE AN EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNAL SIMILAR TO THE RENT TRIBUNAL OUGHT TO BE HAVE BEEN FORMED TO HANDLE CASINGS OF EMPOYERS VERSES EMPLOYEES. This means that employers have had their way once any case goes to the court against them. This is THE PRIORITY for over 7 millions Kenyans and their dependents.
    So the next time you want to hear the news or buy a newspaper think if it has any of your contributions, about the for example the freeing of criminals (rapists in Naivasha- Ati Naivasha watu wana washawa) on the corridors of justice; spewing of sewage water onto our potholed industrial area roads and sugarcane farms; Excess fees charged by docs in third rate hosps. Penny for a story by journalists. Like i have maintained earlier ITS YOU THE PROFEESIONALS WHO ARE FAILING US – WHY DO WANT A MINISTER FROM EVERY TRIBE IS YOU WANT MERITOCRACY IN THE KENYAN SOCIETY – SHAME ON YOU.


  211. Turncoat says:


  212. Turncoat says:

    2. SPIRALLING INFLATION………and print of bank more bank notes
    3. POWER RATIONING AND BLACK OUT BY …..(KPLC – Kenya Parrafin…) you can guess the other plagues

  213. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    Do you think AG.Wako will let that happen? I say we get off our b^tts and do something? Kick this government out now including the so-called coalition partners for the sake of our Nation. If we don’t do it today, it will happen tomorrow. This government should be led by Patriots first then, Businessmen, Wanainchi and Policticians.

    Do we have any Patriots left in our country?

  214. karanja kamau says:

    Let’s all politician take a breether, all communities should forward the names of all good standing proffesionals, doctors, church leaders, lecturers, youth leaders and all good standing people.
    lets have a conference and choose our leaders to finish constitution (from bomas draft) in 3 months then call fresh elections.
    My feeling is the present leadership with current constittion is unworkable, there is too much held suspicion and mistrust.LETS BE REAL KENYANS AND MAKE HARD CHOICES

  215. Jogoo_Shujaa says:


    Am with you, professionals need to put down their pens, white coats and get their hands dirty with a bit of Lead like Che Guevera and Chairman Mao. You need to lead this country from the front not behind some political idiots. It would be great to have smart people like the ones here lead our debates in parliament and analyze bi-lateral contracts for the benefit of our Nation, not this selfish and corrupt tribal leaders of ours.

    I call upon you all to decide the future of this Nation of ours: KENYA

  216. Jogoo_Shujaa says:

    @Otsiatso and Fraddie

    Forget the Katiba…..

  217. Jogoo_Shujaa says:


    Be Real and Stop being hypocritical. You know the problem, its not the parties its the individuals in those parties that take wanainchi hostage after they get elected.
    Don’t carry around a divisive message, try to save your Nation.

  218. tnk says:


    whats the plan?

  219. Otsiatso says:

    Jogoo, Ok so I forget the katiba…next action?

  220. tnk says:


    plse drop me an email

    am looking for some document


  221. rafiq says:

    This stalemate is costly unnnecessary and ill timed. The issue here is sacrifices. I think ODM has sacrficed enough that if we were to go further then we are better off as opposition than money guzzlers in a politically sterile PNU government.

    Where on earth have you ever heard a minister being persuaded by an executive president to relinguish his post? Even other ministers doing the same? What amount of intimidation is this?

    I think the ODM parliamentary group needs to meet then travel all over the country to meet the people and explain this cowardly leadership from the other side and get a way forward.

    I was and remain cautiously optimistic. Nobody who cares for this country can hold it at ransom as Kibaki is doing. Kenyans used to blame Lucy for misadvising the president. Who shall they blame now?

    In conclusion, Annan comes or fresh elections after massive civil disobedience so that a new lean govt can come in. It may be cheaper to hold fresh elections and get an economically affordable govt than remain in impasse with a proposed bloated one.

  222. Turncoat says:



  223. tnk says:



    ODM / RAO need to stop playing PNU board room games and go out to talk with the electorate, we are here and can go on without PNU/Kibaki let them continue with their boardroom games, Do not get upstaged again.

  224. Prof. B.J.J.RAJU says:

    you are correct in requesting Hon’ble Rail Odinga to meet the people in kenya and thank them for having given him the opportunity to serve them and develop the country and keep the kenyans in peace and in better living conditions. He can request them to give support and strength to reform the nation to fulfil the promises made during the elections. I am sure he can convince the kenyans and keep them happy.

  225. Turncoat says:

    Prof. Raju
    During my visits to |India and Pakistan i noticed one thing. Leaders were chosen out of the social work they had done for their people. Their re-election and continuity in the parliament depended solely on their work to the community. i remember proffesors would go back to their homelands in the weekends to participate in building of public toilets and digging of borehole, organising tuitions and voluntary medical services for their people, providing legal services, organising of libraries, and encouraging better farming practices, Professor Nangaraju who i stayed with donated half of his salary to educating 6 boys……..e.t.c. This is not the case in kenya. |It depends on who can buy the party ticket. The M.PS have refused to pass the law for independent candidates. Many of them share in the owning of these political parties.
    To paraphrase someone- POLICTICIANS CAN RUN OUT OF MONEY CHASING VOTERS BUT YOU CAN NEVER RUN OF POLITICIANS RUNNING FOR VOTERS. yet after every five years the voters dont realize they have the power to make the changes. voter training is required.

    Prof. in your first article you mentioned that in your visits to kenya you saw alot of idle youth. My question is how can we effectively use the potential of the youth and women in our country. you can reply to kenyaturncoat@gmail.com

  226. Robert Owuor says:

    This is a list of a portfolio balance i found in the internet that i thought was close to fair. With a about 24 MP.

    If PNU has; the Presidency, Vice Presidency, Deputy Premiership, & Attorney General;

    then a starting point for the portfolio balancing would be for ODM to also take 4 top positions to balance — precisely;

    the Premiership, Deputy Premiership, Finance Minister and Justice & Constitutional Minister, PERIOD.

    The portfolios match perfectly and the 50-50 balancing sorts itself out; the President exchanges with the PM; the Vice President for Finance Minister; Deputy PM for Deputy PM; and Attorney General for Justice & Constitution Minister. Internal Security for Local Government;

    Defense for Foreign Affairs

    Information & Communication for Roads & Public Works;

    Lands & Settlements for Agriculture

    Trade & Industry for Energy;

    Special programs for Regional Development;

    Livestock & Fisheries for Arid Development;

    Education for Health;

    Water development for Cooperative development;

    Home Affairs/Immigration for Public Service

    Transport for Tourism

  227. Turncoat says:

    The portfolio balance ( and yes the moderator got the spelling wrong of was maybe symbolic in referring to a pot full of meat) has turned into a POLIO DANCE. A bloated cabinent to weak to stand on its own legs. They now have to rely on donor crutches or even a wheelchair to get along.

    The other way of looking at it is that ODM represents the waist down. PNU has all the key ministies and is deemed healthy. ODM is the burden the PNU GOVT has to carry. The only consolation is that PNU TO ENJOY THE REGION BELOW THE WAIST MUST BE STIMULATED.

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