Is it correct to say that through international community and Koffi Anan’s led mediation team we have been able to make way forward to solve our political crisis. What are be challenges and what do you forsee for ODM future



  1. tnk says:


    I am aware that you are quite busy, but you need to kindly clarify/correct

    a) your post above has a typo and dilutes the statement, considering the length, thats not acceptable
    b) you deleted Kips unfortunate comment in “power sharing” thread because it was totally irrelevant and I agree absolutely but already it has elicited response, is there a better way to do this
    c) on the same note, why is it hard to block delete comments that do not benefit this blog such as the hate/revenge comments and no purpose comments by about three bloggers. we are ODM and have very specific objectives and aspirations?

  2. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  3. mumias says:

    Spot on Phil,
    We know we won, Kenyans know we won, the world knows we won, why leave the party, we have to create a strong party, one that will outlive Raila, Ruto, Mudavadi etc….I hope that ODM will be the party that liberated Kenyans from the dictatorship of Kibaki as well as liberated Kenya from the claws of tribalism thropugh pushing constitutional reforms.

    I will be very happy if in 10-15 years we also make history by having the first woman presidential candidate who we will take to state house. ODM HAS to stand for the future, it has to cultivate an ideology and vision of a unified Kenya, an equal Kenya, a Kenya where politics is influenced by morality and integrity, this is the ODM we have to build. We want the Party to belong to the people! thats the way forward

  4. indeed ODM should remain strong for with the sopport we give it ehether we gain or loose we one day mwe shall have to milk our own cow. My only prayer is lets remain united whether in good or bad. Otherwuise this country will remain under bondage of few in dividuals who since 1960s do not ,want to leave power neither are they satisfied nor5 w3ill they. Long live ODM

  5. faith says:


    Let me assure you Annan has set objectives and time lines for achieving them and with Maina Kiai and Njoki Ndugu’s testimony in the US house of senate about the pre and post election debacles the world community know very well where we are supposed to head so i want to assure you that where we are heading there is greener pastures and Kibaki and his pnu will have to give way.
    Concerning ODM future what can be more tentalising than having more MP’s, leading in major councils across the country and the way the talks are heading we will be the ruling party WAPENDE WASIPENDE!!!!!!!!

  6. Pato says:

    Odm will outmanouver kibaki and end up in power

    Luo, Luhya and Kamatusa will celebrate and dance on the streets. Kenyans have achieved freedom. The little manenos of half a million ‘non kenyans’ will be forgoten. they will, like the palestinians of israel, be expected to disappear into thin air

    they wont and the bitterness of th kikuyu community will congeal int a millitant group (s) that will fight for a separate state in the same way as tamils, palestinians and south sudanese have fought. the same was they they fought aganist the british in 1952

    Finanlly, we will achieve our ouwn state independent of people who despise us and are bent on destroying us. but by that time Kenya will be a pale shadow of itself, a basket case with more kenyans living outside thn inside it.

    The same thing ahppens if the PNU hardliners win, just reversed.

    so as I said to Nyako, stop fanatsizing about blood shed, the real stuff is on its way

  7. Yego says:

    Corrections Exellencies and the International community!!!!!
    When Martha Wamugunda Aka Karua protests, note that she doesnt in anyway stand for or represent kenya in anyway but she represents herself and her cronies.If she talks of the present constitution, what does she mean yet the same constitution did not protect the slain , displaced and the suffering kenyans in all parts of the country.Im abit hurt when i read or hear in the media both local and international that kenya protest against Annans sentiments.And by the way, Mr Annan should know that he is chairing a already flawed session coz the plane carrying weapons and ammunitions landed yesterday at nanyuki and we know whats gonna happen next.Now that one wing is arming itself, i call upon the international community to intervene and protect kenyans.My concience cannot allow me see this happen as innocent kenyans wait to be wiped in the name of waiting for Annan’s decision.

    Agent4change please, do regulate and moderate this space pliz and block all the ill advisors from posting any alarming or hurting literature directed to the peace loving ODMERS.

    Eliz and the rest of us who worked tirelessly prior to the dec election, lets resume duty and heal our bleeding kenya.

  8. Pato says:

    I think this was just half time and the teams are about to change sides.

    fun and games are about to start ‘peaceful odmers’ someone is about to start their own ‘spontanious and peacefull mass action’

    yego, pleae tell your concience to go back to that little black hole it had gone to when kids were being raped and butchered in Eldoret

  9. kube says:

    Pato kenyans are peace loving as long as proper mecghanisms are put in to make sure that whoever is prezo be it Nyako, kalooser, RAO, Mwizi kibaki doesnt load on us or end up with only his friends benefiting.

    pato we have to accept that what kenyas lack is good laws to ensure that running of the state is a trustee assignment on behalf of his majesty, the ple of kenya.

    thats why this sharing of power is to jump start BOMAS kenya and kenya get UGATUZI also in that we wont care whetehre our brother is prexo or not.

    the police will be independent and incorruptible coz it will be independent of politicians.

    these are the some of the things if incorporated in our new constitution, kenyans will never be bitter with their neighbours at all.

    it will also stop prezo appointing all his cronies in ECK!
    the commisioners will owe their job to kenya not to any prezo.

    imagine RAO appointing Otieno kajwang to Head ECK?

    how does it sound pato?

    those are the impunity that we must avoid but if wer continue like this, it will always be the same game with different players.

    we need an entirely new game and new rules nad tactics man.

    lets sobber up?


    please find a way of allowing good ideas freely like Pato’s but mike have never discussed anything meaningful.
    we waste our precuois time on him and agent of change, please Vote him our.

    he can join is tribes man Mu TU aaa, in thier ‘duly elecetd govt site’

  10. Yego says:

    I have no time to respond to you but hope one day one time history will be our reference.Dont ref kenyans unfortunate encounter to be a game.If i may ask, where were you as Pato and what did u do ???

  11. pablo34 says:

    Well it is an imperative step that had to take place for the sake of our Demcratic rights. the same has always been louded by several departments of the international community Kenya inclusive. We need not to shyoff just to sacrifice our democracy. We need to forge ahead with alot of force and making this resounding reason to sink into the heads of these mongoloids we are dealing with. They have big heads but contains alot of rubish. Anyway I am abit inclined by the progress from the Anan process and my prayer is that Kenyans be emancipated from the hands of the devil we know and be delivered to the angel who is to come. Let us not forget God as always he will be on our side because we are truthful, honest and pure hearted. Let the liers keep on lying God will soon catchup with them then they will answere for themselves. It is good that they came out in the open in a broad daylight. Ask any Kenyan will tell their colours. May the devil be ashamed as ODM springs back like a Lion who had been rained on and they thought it was dead. ODM go ODM live ODM stay to liberate Kenya and Kenyans.

  12. Ismael says:

    Lest we be irrelevant. Do you have any evidence to your claims above.

    Please give a binary answer YES or NO. Then we will take it from there..

  13. Yego says:

    Lets take no time comrades to try and salvage skunkists like Pato.What i can just tell him is that he has never seen life and i borrow this from Her Excellency Graca who had to caution Martha in todays session.. read this:
    “Listen to me young lady. You have not seen life. I fought as a guerilla and I have been married to two heads of state. Please don’t be a nuisance and understand that we need a political solution not a legal one. We have the goodwill of the Kenyan people and the international community, if we can’t make progress with you we might have to kick you out and the process will continue without you!

  14. Mike Okello says:

    Mediation and the Influence of the international community was very Key for the Way forward now that no sides seemed to swallow their pride for Kenya’s sake.

    Another fact, If the way forward turns out to be coalitions, Any team work between Raila and Kibaki and their respective Teams is hypocritical and fully suspicious so much so that it wont deliver to Kenyans, It will only manage to maintain calm (which is very Important for Kenya), Pay Campaign debts, Tame Muslims and reward Nomination failures who are still waiting for Promises to be made good by those who promised etc. But it wont be functional, Unless God In his sovereign ways, Intervenes.

    I can’t predict anything about the Future of ODM, But i Pray it Live Long, Long, Long. Long Live ODM (If only they delete their Majimbo Fashion from their Manifesto).

  15. kube says:

    ODM is the only recomended pill for kenya ailing and bleeding from poor leadership.

    Warning to Pentagon, Power with No election in future will rubb the wounds in the wrong place and will inflame more problem.

    kenyans want to speak again loudly this time so that any body who thinks of stealing votes sud think again

  16. Mike Okello says:

    Mediation and the Influence of the international community was very Key for the Way forward now that no sides seemed to swallow their pride for Kenya’s sake.

    Another fact, If the way forward turns out to be coalitions, Any team work between Raila and Kibaki and their respective Teams is hypocritical and fully suspicious so much so that it wont deliver to Kenyans, It will only manage to maintain calm (which is very Important for Kenya), Pay Campaign debts, Tame Muslims and reward Nomination failures who are still waiting for Promises to be made good by those who promised etc. But it wont be functional, Unless God In his sovereign ways, Intervenes.

    I can’t predict anything about the Future of ODM, But i Pray it Live Long, Long, Long. Long Live ODM (If only they delete their Majimbo version from their Manifesto) and embrace a national outlook in their leadership and Membership. We need ODM.

  17. Yego says:

    @pato..u ve never seen life thats what i can simply tell you as kARUA told in today’s session and i quote.”Listen to me young lady. You have not seen life. I fought as a guerilla and I have been married to two heads of state. Please don’t be a nuisance and understand that we need a political solution not a legal one. We have the goodwill of the Kenyan people and the international community, if we can’t make progress with you we might have to kick you out and the process will continue without you!

  18. Yego says:

    His Exellency Annan, i was made to understand that Moi was sloted in your diary as a kibaki defender but this was not the case.Why?if you didnt know , then coz kanyotu as decided to rest, let me hint you on this…….

    The truth behind Moi’s “strained back and hospitalization”
    Retired President Daniel arap Moi fell in the corridors of Statehouse and strained his back leading to his hospitalisation at the Nairobi Hospital, we can now reveal. What is shocking is the events and mystery surrounding the sudden requirement for hospitalization by the former strongman who ruled Kenya with an iron fist for an uninterrupted 24 years.
    Mr Moi, who served as bandit president Kibaki’s point man in the vote-rich Rift Valley province suffered a major setback when, upon successfully staging a civilian coup, the MP for Othaya was to have a tête-à-tête with him. You guessed right! Serial Slapper Lucifer Kibaki upon noticing Mr Moi went to him with her charactersitic infuriation hurling unprintables and attempting, in an utter show of disrespect, to spank the retired president.
    It is whispered that Moi who has never known anybody to stand up to him smelled blood and decided to duck but he was not lucky. “Mzee turned quickly, miscued his steps and fell back so fast that his security details could not cushion him since they were busy shielding the marauding first lady from reaching him”, said our reliable source who sought not to be revealed owing to the sensitivity of this matter. It was the thud of his fall that strained his back, but luckily Moi was unhurt. Moi was hospitalized at Nairobi hospital, treated for shock and the backache and the events surrounding the complications had been well kept until it was alleged that Lucifer bragged about it.
    Our source says Lucifer was upset that Gitobu Imanyara was telling the whole world about their altercation in the hallowed corridors of power “na yure Mnandi Moi hanja sema kitu kuhusu kuaguka niripotaka kumuchapa”, she was reported to have bragged. It is reported that bandit president Kibaki was shocked beyond words by this irreverent attitude by his obviously psychotic wife. Lucy has since been tethered to restricted areas in SH.
    It will be remembered that in his half century of politics, Moi was never seriously ill and not many people remember the last time he was hospitalized except when in the 1990s he had to go public to dispell rumours that he was dead. The 83 year-old Moi is an energetic man. Lucifer seems to have demystified that and we can now reveal that just like in the Gitobu Imanyara case, a lot of cajoling and threatening has gone into muzzling the witnesses of the embarrassing Moi slapping episode. Our source believes that Lucifer actually shot and wounded her son Jimmy, who was then kept incommunicado, which explains why upon reappearing in public last week to deny that his mother shot him, he actually looked overwheight. The weight was gained while he was being fed on his sick bed.
    It is believed that Lucifer was upset with Moi’s inability to deliver the vote-rich Rift Valley to Panua. Bandit president Kibaki was whitewashed by the peoples’ president Raila Odinga in the Rift Valley. The Kalenjin rejected Panua and Moi with fury, felling Moi’s three sons Gideon (Baringo Central), Johnathan (Koibatek) and Raymond (Rongai).
    Moi’s private secretary and protégé John Lokorio was totally eclipsed by the ODM’s Cheptumo in Baringo North. In the aftermath of the stolen presidential vote, the irate Kalenjin wrought damage to Moi’s property including burning down residential and factory buildings. Lucifer was aware that Moi was not an asset to the bandit presidency which led her behave as she did. Mr Moi ruled Kenya without the first lady. He was separated from Lenah, who has since passed on. It is widely acknowledged that Moi has little respect for women meddling in politics, least of all a deranged bandit first lady lording over SH.
    In another twist, the dreaded Nchuri Ncheke council of the temperamental Ameru has threatened to curse the Kibaki clan unless they provide a goat. It is said that they demanded that the bandit first family take the goat themselves and not through emissaries as a sign of humility. They had wanted the goat delivered immediately but are understood to have changed their appointment due to the Annan mediation. This follows Imanyara’s sensational charge that Lucy assaulted and insulted him at State House. The story is so popular that cartoonists are taking it a notch higher.
    Among the Ameru of Kenya, folklore asserts that to suffer as much as a finger wagging from a woman should consign a man to long periods of shame and embarrassment that can only be cleansed by a befitting sacrifice to the council of elders – the Nchuri Ncheke. This cleansing is required for Imanyara, the sacrifice must be provided by the bandit family or they face the last strike, the dreaded curse before the elders.
    The Nchuri Ncheke, is an assembly largely comprising of snuff-sniffing, muratina-inebriated and green-teethed miraa addicts. Perhaps because it is largely a Kangaroo court that exists to profit from vestigial cultural rules and regulations, many threatened with natural extinction, it can sometimes be rabid in its stipulation of penalties and enforcement.
    Meanwhile, we can now reveal the secretive meeting point of the mediation team “away from the glare of the media”. The Annan team was last night spirited away to a lodge inside Tsavo West National Park in southeastern Kenya.

    Graca’s lessons for Martha Karua
    The mediation process in Kenya needed the clout and mien of a motherly Graca Machel in order for Karua to mellow. Mama Machel had this to tell Karua.

    “Listen to me young lady. You have not seen life. I fought as a guerilla and I have been married to two heads of state. Please don’t be a nuisance and understand that we need a political solution not a legal one. We have the goodwill of the Kenyan people and the international community, if we can’t make progress with you we might have to kick you out and the process will continue without you!”

    The iron lady from Kirinyaga cannot understand any other language. We congratulate Mama Machel for driving sense into Karua’s impervious head.

  19. Obonyo says:

    Hi guys can somebody compare and contrast between “Coalition goverment” and “Interrim goverment” coz am told we must choose one and that is the discusion going on now at Kilanguni

  20. pablo34 says:

    Interim govt is the way forward we need a democratically elected prezy and not a thief

  21. Yego says:

    @ Obonyo, Coalition government is a raw formation that allows one party to maintain its statute manifesto and at the same time appoint or incooperate members of a different party to its ranks naked without a recipe of their manifesto being coalated.An interim gova on the other hand is an harmophous binary merger of two unique parties for s defined period of time to facilitate implementation of agreed tasks i.e constitutional, electoral etc for thereafter creating room for fresh elections.

  22. Obonyo says:

    So mr. Yego i think an interm goverment is the best coz if ODM a gree to join a caolition then they will join it as underdog PNU will treat them the same way they did in 2002 when RAO as minister for Roads stopped payment of Kirinyaga road construction only fo find out later that his assistant did the payment.we dont want this a gain

  23. Obonyo says:

    So mr. Yego i think an interm goverment is the best coz if ODM a gree to join a caolition then they will join it as underdog PNU will treat them the same way they did in 2002 when RAO as minister for Roads stopped payment of Kirinyaga road construction only fo find out later that his assistant did the payment.we dont want this a gain

  24. Obonyo says:

    The church is simply reaping where it sowed in abundance. No need for crocodile tears. They failed to lead by example and from in front before and after the STOLEN POLLS. The men of cloth abused our collective trust and proved that they are unique bed fellows with politicians both sheltering under a selfish umbrella as the rains viciously pound Kenyans. Muge must be tviolently turning in his grave.

  25. Obonyo says:

    We know them they were bribe by Kibaki that is why they dint raised any finger at what was happening they nolonger represent me i heard them saying they want to included in peace talks.

  26. Yego says:

    What Annan should do to ease his work is to visit each constituency in kenya in a record period of one week in a full view of international and local media more so live transmission and ask kenyas in a kamukunji or open field gathering what they want for kenya.He should then take note of all the responses and use them to arrive at a amiacable solution.Case what Annan will be told by the majority…..We need the pples Prezzo Aka Agwambo.

  27. Yego says:

    Do you pple know of two fershly recruited thieves in the kibaki’s camp??

    1.Ephrahim Maina, former Kirinyanga construction co ownwer-used as a rubber stamp in stealing money from ministry of roads and public works

    2 Lenny Maxwel Kivuti,Geomaps owner-incharge of irregular allocations of land parcels during Moi’s era including the by-pass case,Mombasa city council GIS racket and for more information contact Rwandan authorities and especially kigali city council during the reigns of one mtindashaga


  28. Ismael says:


    Kibaki’s victory ‘still a concern’
    14/02/2008 12:05

    Nairobi – Kenya’s election chief compared the president to a notoriously corrupt predecessor for the hasty manner in which he was sworn in, speaking on national television as negotiators sequestered themselves at a luxury game lodge to hammer out a deal to end the weeks of bloodshed sparked by disputes over the vote.

    Also on Wednesday, a police chief said a former top regional police chief had been arrested on suspicion of financing the torching of homes during violence that had seen more than 1 000 Kenyans die and some 600 000 flee their homes in fear.


    Kibaki ‘stole’ vote

    Peter Karanja, the secretary-general of the National Council of Churches of Kenya, said: “Religious leaders failed to stay on the middle path, they took sides and were unable to bring the unity needed when the crisis arose.” He was speaking after a meeting of the executive committee on Wednesday.

    In an interview with independent Nation TV, electoral commission chairperson Samuel Kivuitu said tampering was possible. He also said that he had been too sick to oversee many parts of the process personally.

    Kivuiti had said previously that even though he announced Kibaki the winner, he still was not sure who won the election. He once was well respected, but had been ridiculed since the vote.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Hey! Hey! Hey! I am in Southern Sudan and will be here up until February the 28th! I miss bloggin!!!. You guys have gone too far. I have only been reading the news about my bleeding country through some journals but they do not have the full stories.

    I am just happy at how much the Annan-led mediation team has achieved so far. Its good this man is around. Didn’t I say it here that this man came with a whole road map to where we are supposed to be? I said that we ODMers will laugh last and the loudest. You can now see PNU running around crying foul play, yet their rediculous act was noted by the entire world.

    Don’t I love what the international community is doing? It is the order of the day for PNU followers, they try to interfere with the mediation process and they get served with their visa bans faster than they can finish uttering their non sense of a ‘fair and square election’. Either way, ODM will emerge a winner in all these. And they are dead afraid of us, if we go for fresh presidential posts, PNU will be as irrelevant as their election win that nobody recognizes. And the idea of power sharing, its not as bad as some may take since all the powerful ministries will be shared equally….finance, internal security and the many others, thats why you are seeing these ministers whose days are numbered in the office shaken like chicken. And Kalonzo Musyoka… will go down memory lane as the most irrelevant politician this country ever had. I wonder where he will be next preaching his ‘christian values’.

    Ho..Hoooo. Aluta Continua…..Faith, Yego …… and the many TRUE ODMERS………………mmmmmmmch! Will be back soon, no easy access to the internet. Sad to sign out for three weeks!

  30. Yego says:

    Eliz, pass-by the club or paradiso for a cold Bell.

  31. Yego says:

    Eliz, pass-by the club or paradiso for a cold Bell.

  32. Yego says:

    Hope you know that the economic surbotage rule is inforce here in juba@Eliz, so mind your sudanese pounds

  33. mumias says:

    Just came across this
    It states that a deal has been signed whose contents will be announced on Friday, has anyone heard or came across anything to the contrary?

    What was your source for the alleged dressing down of Karua by Michel. It takes a Strong woman to stop another one!!

  34. karanja kamau says:

    Yes the contents will be read on 5.00pm friday, but they say talks continues on monday for other longterm issues…

  35. tnk says:

    we have covered tremendous ground through the international mediation, first we have exposed the corruption not only in kenya but also intensified the spotlight on corrupt practices in africa. secondly although more or less brought them kicking and screaming to the table, PNU/Kibaki have been made to recognize the magnitude of problem. I am however not sold on the point made that we have solved our political crisis. We have not, nothing really has changed except that there is a bunch of leaders talking. the solution will be manifest in enacted laws, restructuring of some institutions etc. unless we see tangible evidence of these changes and reforms, then lets call a spade what it is, nothing will have changed. even a glorious statement from Annan will be meaningless unless parliament enacts and the laws come into effect with no chance of being overturned through some previously unknown loophole. lets keep it real friends, we have not yet moved forward but we have at least attempted to start the car engine.

  36. karanja kamau says:

    On the same breath whatever comes out have to show alot of kenyans (ODMERS) and all loving and poor kenyans that they have a stake in this goverment.
    I would very much like what messer’s ORENGO was saying..
    1.Give ODM a big stake in all aspects of govt ministries, parastatal chiefs, and
    all govt appointment in accordance with ODM strength in parliament and
    six out of eight provinces wins..

  37. karanja kamau says:

    By the way i meant TNK.. on my previous post.

    To add on my proposal give new vision and energy to judiciary..
    ORENGO- justice minister
    CHUNGA- chief justice.

  38. tnk says:

    exactly Karanja, in fact all that ODM has ever really asked for is good leadership/governance so that every Kenyan can benefit and prosper. lets wait and hear the statement on what has been agreed thus far.

  39. Jane says:

    Kofi Annan and International community providing a solution to Kenya issues? The Germany embassy said it , domestic solutions come from domestic fellows.
    All we have in Annan mediation is talk, talk, talk, meetings, meetings, meetings in good hotels with 3 course meals, power, power, power.

    Unfortunately, our people down in Luo Nyanza and parts of North Rift are hungry and immobilised economically by their politicians with poverty creation in its highs, awaiting the outcome of Kofi Annan talks as vibrant economic activities continue in other parts of the country. What happens if the talks take forever? What happens to the economic conditions of our people in these areas? Won’t they have gone several years backwards and undone with their own hands all that our forefathers have built?

    Why have we not seen the very politicians who were very vigillant during campaigns, going out and educating their followers how to build themselves economically, direct their energies on their farms not on digging up roads and burning their own and neighbours livelihoods, not to destroy their economy and other goodies that empower them economically. Instead, these fellows are living in luxury and laughing all the way, hoping next time, these electorates will be poorer and will require less campaign funds.

    The irony of it all is that the very politicians who preached divisions and hatred among ethnic communities, are enjoying business partnerships with the same ethnic communities they told their followers to hate, in other parts of the country in addition to their fat salaries.

    Domestic solutions come from within, not from out.
    The time politicians will end their selfish ambitions, stop impoverishing their followers and creating a dependency syndrome, stop preaching water and drinking wine, some form of political solution will have been found.
    The time political followers will take abit of time and evaluate issues independent of political influence, some form of political solution will have been found.

  40. Simon says:

    Listen Jane
    We are determined and standing firm as soldiers of Revolution to see that what was stolen is returned. We cannot accept theft in the name of economy, never, never, never and never. We have chosen to pray without stopping. And we are praying for Agwambo and pentagon. This is a battle that we will not loose whosoever.

    We don’t need any coalition but we a re-run with in the shortest time possible.
    You people pray, pray and pray because we have just started what we need to do.

  41. jaugenya says:

    These guy will keep playing musical chairs untill people forget the whole thing, i do not see any seriousness in the PNU side.Kibaki is known to be dishonest and will not shed a tear when he trashes whaever mr Anan will craft.We should just vumilia miaka tano and presecute these crooks in 2012.

  42. karanja kamau says:


    As i said before MK cannot rule unless he want to rule central/eastern…i really condone violence and i think with real odmers starting from the friends
    i have made from this blog, we can continue with our non-violence means
    together with RAO and truly liberate our country once and for all.Otherwise we will be confronting this thing after every elections.

  43. Obonyo says:

    Morning gyus
    It has been now confirmed thet police is doing illegal recruit.We said it here that Mungiki is been train by the MT Mafias to kill people.It now true that KTN ambushed them and Kiraithe has defend this illegal thing.Rember when NARC came to power it took many Chokoras to NYS so they want to tell us these are the people they want to join the police force?.We know for u to join police force u must be a form leaver with C plain in K.C.S.E so these chokoras has these credentials?We know Mt Mafias are ready for war they will disown Anna’s press statement.What are our MP doing?We want them to tell kenyas what is goin on in the police force

  44. Obonyo says:

    Morning gyus
    It has been now confirmed that police is doing illegal recruitment.We said it here that Mungiki is been train by the MT Mafias to kill people.It now true that KTN ambushed them and Kiraithe has defend this illegal thing.Rember when NARC came to power it took many Chokoras to NYS so they want to tell us these are the people they want to join the police force?.We know for u to join police force u must be a form leaver with C plain in K.C.S.E so these chokoras has these credentials?We know Mt Mafias are ready for war they will disown Anna’s press statement.What are our MP doing?We want them to tell kenyas what is goin on in the police force

  45. Turncoat says:

    for jimmy to come and say that he was not shot by his mother is bad news.
    For Imanyara to emarge and say that he was assaulted and can take a goat for it is good news.
    For Annan to say that they have decieded to deciede later in no news

  46. Hi guys. I find Jane a bit bitter and impatient. I think I understand her feelings. It is true that we are all bitter, very bitter in deed. However, we must not allow this to eat up our patience. I think the Annan team is doing a very good job. We can all see the direction of the talks. This explains the madness exhibited by Martha Karua on behalf of the thieves. Jane calls for a home-grown solution. Yes we need it…but who will midwife it, is it Cardinol Njue- he of the PNU faith? No Jane, we need an outsider for we are thoroughly polarised. You heard the NCCK talk.
    Take heart, for two years is a very short time. When we go to the polls then, you will see how our president shines. This time MK will get only a few districts…not a province!

  47. Murogi wa KAGOGO says:

    ODMers and right thinking kenyans ,

    This thing about mediation might not yield much since it’s seems PNU has probably taken an oath not to cede ground,in acceptance of a politically viable solution in the short-term.Why?the chief PNU brains behind the throne Martha Wamugunda has indirectly insinuated this position through her remarks after Koffi Annans briefing during the kamukunji,two insistence on envoys to keep off kenyan affairs,this rings a loud bell that we should be prepared for the worst.
    Koffi Annan is not kenyan ,he is the chief mediator so is Graca and Mkapa,so when Martha says’kenya is a sovereign state’and can solve this problem internally ,by now ODMers and right thinking kenyans should know that this talks are just talks,agreements will be made and one side will not honour part of the bargain,we all know which side that is.
    International community to be specific the USA ‘s position on the matter is wobbling,Renneiberger ana yumba yumba,one momement they do not recognise kibaki as the president the next moment they only recognise states and not governments or presidents.The USA has the exit polls which reliably initimate that RAO won the elections,but I think since RAO and ODM’s policy and his last speech at the rally in Nyayo stadium on things he ‘will not do’ as the president of kenya,among them allowing kenyans to be extradited to foreign land on allegations of terrorism,we all kenyans were wrongfully handed over by Kibaki’s regime on allegations of terrorism and sent to guantanamo bay,this could be one of the reasons the americans are whishy washy .
    Koffi and the genuine international supporters have good intentions to resolve the political problem politically,and will facilitate the signing of a piece of paper,the challenge is in the implementation,the thief in chief has the key ,RAO has already ceded enough ground.
    Let’s not be excited ,nothing much is coming out of this talks.

    Muenda omo na tezi ….marejeo ngamani

  48. Pablo says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies I agree very much with Amani and give him a thumb up. We should at all costs try to decipher what every blogger says or contributes, it is an open forum but we can use our wisdom and ignore the destructor’s who only want to plant seeds of discord. We are in this blog to try help our country come back to it feet after being messed up by a few power hungry hyenas. We know them by names needless to mention. I just want to congratulate everybody who has been contributer in the spirit of building a democratic Nation and a Just and fair society which has always been our call. Let us not quit we need to forge ahead avoiding being destructed by the likes of Mike Okello, Pato and the illks but let us encourage one another in the spirit of Building a Just Nation

    And now;
    With the troublesome times we’ve gone through as a nation,I thought this could uplift your spirit as ODM SUPPORTER.


    When things go wrong,
    as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging
    seems all uphill
    When the funds are low
    and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile,
    but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with it’s twist and turns,
    As everyone of us sometimes learns;
    And many a persons turns about
    When they might have won
    had they stuck it out.
    Don’t give up though
    the pace seems slow,
    You may succeed with another blow

    Often the struggler has given up
    When he might have captured
    the victor’s cup;
    And he learned too late
    when the night came down.
    How close he was to the golden crown.

    Success is failure turned inside out.
    so stick to the fight
    When you’re hardest hit,
    It’s when things seem worst
    that you MUSTN’T QUIT.

    May the good Lord bless you with what’s truly essential in life:
    STRONGER spirit,
    KEENER mind,
    HEALTHIER body,
    endless LOVE and His GRACE.

    God be with ODM

  49. Pablo says:

    For those whose patience are running out please go through this at your free time and reignite your spirit

    Romans 8:9 (King James Version)

    8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.

    8:3 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

    8:4 That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

    8:5 For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

    8:6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

    8:7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.

    8:8 So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.

    8:9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

    8:10 And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.

    8:11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

    8:12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh.

    8:13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

    8:14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

    8:15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

    8:16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

    8:17 And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

    8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

    8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

    8:20 For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope,

    8:21 Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

    8:22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

    8:23 And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.

    8:24 For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?

    8:25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

    8:26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

    8:27 And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

    8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

    8:30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

    8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

    8:32 He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

    8:33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.

    8:34 Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.

    8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

    8:36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

    8:37 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

    8:38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

    8:39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  50. Pato says:


    am tired of having to talk to you an your ilk. Perhaps only mumias seems to comprehend the ernormity of what we are facing. this is not a fight for freedom and democracy. it ceased to be when the first innocent kenyan was hacked to death. This is a fight to right the injustices; whether aganist life, property or electoral.

    if you win, the day raila walks into the podium and is declared president, you think this will be a vitory. it wont be; not for kenya anyway. If either kibaki or raila wins s win is defined by their supporters, kenya will cease to exist. You will quickly fnd, as did kibaki as have many tyrants, that a population that does not want to be governed canot be beaten into submission.

    whoever ends up as presdient, whether RAo, kiabki, nuiru whatever, justice must be seen to happen not just to those whoes victory was stolen but to ALL kenyans who have been killed or displaced.

    Without this and other long term measures, a’victory’ will simply be setting the stage for another round of blood letting

  51. Pato says:

    before the 31st, maybe it was a fight for democracy, and whether you chose to believe it or not, i was one of the biggest of supporters. Today, i am just tired of it all. I will personally never believe a politician again, i will never vote and i will never join a political move’t. i just want to be left alone to eck out my life.

    But i dont want to live through a another round of bloodshed and death. Thats why I implore you, I beg you, please reach out to the moderate kikuyus and bring the community on board.

    if you sideline 8 million kenyans and cleanse them out of most parts of kenya, dont be suprised if you end up with a never ending war and strife

  52. tnk says:

    rather excellent insight/analysis can be found here


    and now I have to “complain” about my brother KK, who appears to write everything I’m thinking

    my favorite quotes from KKs constributions, (sorry for putting the spotlight on you bro, but we are reading the same book and on the exact same page)


    “(lets) truly liberate our country once and for all.Otherwise we will be confronting this thing after every elections”

    “all kenyans must know that they all have a stake in the goverment.”

    ” GOODWILL , is very important for any leader to govern.MK doesn’t have it in six out of eight provinces.”

    “I’m tired of having RAO to be the only one who is willing to walk an extra mile for all kenyans while these guys keep changing rules of the game”

    and finally

    “can somebody tell me the most practical ways to kick out MK without bloodshed. (war)”

    if you find the above resonates with you, send me an email at


    i’m looking forward to hear from the likes of obonyo, turncoat, mumias, faith, elizabeth, pablo, jaugenya, otsiatso and so many others, please include your blog id

  53. jaugenya says:

    Thank you so much for that wonderful poem , i remember reading it as child but i could never get a hold of it in my adult life , it is ver relevant to this situation and to life in general , again Thank you.

  54. jaugenya says:

    Hope you got my email.
    I think we as ODMERs dont need to do anything further after the talks collapse and trust me they will.PNU is a time bomb that will self distract without any intervention , as soon as we stop buying their goods and services and the big brothers turn off the aid tpas , then you can take it to the bank that they will be crawling and begging the peoplse president to clean their mess.It is like when you find a man with your wife , the best punishment is to let him keep her.

  55. karanja kamau says:

    Thanks bro you don’t know how much i appreciate your contributions as well we shall meet one day……
    To all others especially mumias,otsiaso,pablo,jaugenya,faith,eliza,turncoat,obonyo,maru,rafiq,
    i believe this a movement we are all starting devoid of hate/tribalism for our beloved country.
    Remember those days GOR MAHIA won AFRICA CUP, when KIP won olympics or wakihuri in marathon.
    I’m sure those days are coming back and better.

  56. tnk says:

    I’m sure we will KK, dont forget to drop me an email

  57. Hi Pato, it is easy to both understand and misunderstand you at the same time. You are asking somebody to bring the Kikuyu’s back to the fold:
    1. Who do you think should bring them back? Alternatively, who chased them away?
    2. Were you already born when Njonjo pleaded with Kikuyus to remain together with other Kenyans.
    3. Kikuyus thought they are the only children of God, the chosen few who must reign over all other Kenyans willy-nilly.
    My advise to you is to use whatever means you have to ask your pple to come back and join other Kenyans. This all-too-good feeling will continue to push them to a very small corner…and very soon.
    You’ll want to remember that the ordinary Kikuyu is a very good person. Your problem is your leaders, who use you to protect their stolen wealth [and elections].
    You want to give us Paracetamol to reduce the fever caused by the infections of the fraudulent elections. No dear, we need a very good antibiotic to treat the infection…and Kofi the doctor is here just for that!

  58. Yego says:

    Kenya is always ahead in africa and i cant shy from this fact .Though lifes were lost,property destroyed, comfort and stability sacrificed, i tend to think we have again gone ahead of other countries in africa and the whole world including even the US.Having shared the sorry act that happened in my country kenya with ma many friends in the world diplomatic circle, i have now come to realise that what we did was extremely right and it as happened only once never to be repeated again or felt in small levels of magnitude.The injustices, inequality, tribalism , corruption, failed institutions…name them…they are all being felt all over the world but the victims are sitting on them with patience and suffering.Kenyas case is unique coz the victims have decided to confront the actors to let the world know and assist them come out of it without fearing or shying from the shame that came with it.I salute and bow to all those kenyans and non kenyans who were killed, injured or mistreated during this struggle coz what we are yet to get interms of justice and equality had to come with a price.Its nolonger my tribe or your tribe, but going by the reform agendas tabled by Annan, i tend to think that ours will be to build our country with harmonay , cohesion and love.In this regard, i urge all the ODMERS to love each other, embrace their enemies and smile at the hardliners coz in a matter of time, kenya will be standing in a higher altitude as an island of peace unlike be4 where we were being reffered to as an island yet we were at the same level as the ocean of doom.When you here of Botswana, soth africa, pakistan and even zimbabwe using kenya as an SOP in case elections are rigged in their countries, dont be suprised coz i assure you my fellow kenyans that the worse is yet to hit the headlines in other countries and we ll be called upon to inject assistance if not technical know how.

    In this regard i would wish to compliment kalembe if at all he really meant what have just read from the standard and i quote”
    Kalembe’s quest not misplaced

    Published on February 16, 2008, 12:00 am

    I read that former Kibwezi MP, Mr Kalembe Ndile, wishes to contest for the Emuhaya parliamentary seat, left vacant after the election of Mr Kenneth Marende as House Speaker.

    At this time when the country is at a crossroads, Kalembe’s sentiments of building nationalism and fighting tribalism are welcome.

    Kenyans should take his plan positively, rather than as a comical unimaginable feat.

    I welcome Kalembe to Wajir North where there was a surprising tie between Mr Mohamed Gabow of ODM and Kanu’s Mr Abdullahi Ali. Each garnered 3,675 votes.

    This constituency is polarised and clannism is deeply rooted. The trend is moving deeper into families and households. Hopefully, Kalembe’s candidature will prove that Kenya belongs to all of us and should not be divided along ethnic blocs. Democrat presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama, should be an example to Kenyans. He has transcended his ‘blackness’ and won the hearts of Americans from all races.

    Kalembe’s move is timely.

  59. Pato says:


    You contradict yourself. First you blame 8 million people colectively for ‘isolating themselves’ whatever that means

    Then in the last paras you then turn around and say the leaders are to blame.

    Kikuyus, like every one lese have aright to vote for whoever they feel like. Not all voted for kibaki just like not all luos voted for raila. that right is enshrined in the constitution. Please tell me what you mean by feel good attitude; I mean not among michuki or Kibaki but with mama njeri selling mboga in woodley

    As for our kibaki et al. they have their own agendas and every innocent kyuk you guys kill only serves to strengthen them not weaken them. Ask israelis. With every dead palestinian child, Hamas gets 10 more recruits. you are doing the same, just driven by too much kyuk hate to see it.

  60. Pato says:

    I mean nonkwe, how do you factor in the githongos, the kiais, the bishop wanjiru’s of this world? how do you factor the 13,000 votes raila got in central?. How do all these get filtered in your tribal filters before you end up with a statement like ‘kyuks have isolated themselves?’

    We are human beings not sheep. every single one of the 8 million kyuks has a brain and a constitutional right to have an opinion thus cannot be collectively blamed for what 10 men decide to do.

    i mean, why not try all kales for Ouko’s murder? or all lUos for shem ochuodho’s funny deals at KPC? or al kyuks for wanugu?

    the absurdity of your reasoning is apparaent only when you expand your logic to other crimes not just electoral malmapractice.

    Secondly, I do not weep for the dead, they are already dead. I weep for those who will die kesho if we dont do this thing properly

  61. mumias says:

    ODM’ers We are now at a cross road, I say this because I have a feeling that next week, PNU might consider throwing the mediated effort in turmoil. What is unquestionable is that Annan has conceded that sharing of power is the only way out! Frankly this does not bode well for PNU, they stole power and the thought of giving it up again is unimaginable!
    Now I believe that we should condition our self for some bad news in the next few days, although I remain pessimistic I reserve the right to be proved wrong.
    There has been according to some sources I have read been a concerted effort of beefing up security in ODM strongholds of late, now I suspect that what we are seeing in Kenya is relative clam NOT peace. The people I believe are merely giving mediation a chance, and so I expect a difficult week ahead for the country.

    However 2 key issues have stood out, firstly the international community is showing a resolve in this crisis that is dissimilar to Zimbabwe, here they are saying they will not stand for anything that bring anarchy to the country, with even Switzerland a country long considered neutral in international matters (with its now more accessible banks where the Kroll billions are hidden) has opened a new front in this battle against the forces off elitism that have broken decades of tribal harmony and threatened to destroy the extremely rich social fabric that recognizes the different faces that make up Kenya.

    The second issue is that PNU is slowly showing its true colors to the world, the chameleon that changes it’s colour to present several inconsistent faces to respective people has slowly been on display. You can rest assured that Annan has been reporting this very fact, it is a theme that Rice will bring to Kenya on Monday, a hardening of the international community in it’s stance. Expect alot more repercussions both externally and internally.

  62. Jane says:

    Its crazy crazy, that someone in this blog can stand up in support of the killings and destruction of property that has happened in Kenya” what we did ( referring to destruction of property and lives) was extremely right” says Yego.

    Civilised persons do not use violent to prove their points.

    Annan or no Annan life must go on. Politics or no politics life must go on. Its not our lifeline as some people are making it look.

  63. tnk says:

    and its just as crazy that “someone” in this blog can suggest “business as usual” in light of so much injustice, eroded democracy and a forced/state condoned or sponsored balkanization which completely negates the very principle of a united nation

  64. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    As I said earlier, unfortunately my post was not published: I wish to request all ODMER’s to reach out to one another and start considerng moving on as oppossed to creating more impasse. You need to start considering options on 2012, since this re-run, re-tally, power-sharing, coalition business will amount to nothing. I personally believe in living to fight another day, There are so many of us wounded from this election fiasco, the more we keep fantasing that RAO will be president and Kibaki will stepdown to Murderers/ Warriors, what am saying is; this things are real and I hope you have a better options, if things don’t turn out the way your wish them too.

    Are most of you ready to lose their loved ones?
    Are you ready to live a life as an Amputee
    Are you ready to live your life as a disabled ?
    Are you ready to forever take care of your loved one’s who have lost everything from limbs to eyes ets ?
    I know a community that said enough is enough. “ciaigana na ciaigana” am sure you know this.

    Do you think the results of giving RAO or not giving him the presidency is worth all of the above ?
    Let it be, I have come to believe that my life or that of my Luo country man is worth a lot, when its in one peice. You have nothing to fear if a Kikuyu president stays put, you will not be destroyed. Kikuyu’s have no issues with the Rammogi’s and to your surprise Luo and Kikuyus will be at it again as one come 2012.

    As for the “Warrior’s” it will be another story, am sorry to say. RV will never be the same and thats why I told you; Luo’s have nothing more to worry about. There are efforts in many quarters in Central, Nairobi and Kikuyu diaspora to forgive the Luo’s and am sure no one has told you that. The peace offer to the Luo’s will come without any conditions and alot of good will come your way. Life in Luo Nyanza will be uplifted and will florish. All the Luo returnee’s who have lived in Kikuyu areas are considered to be Kikuyu’s or our extended families and thats why most of them were never killed.

    Please accept this reality.

    Am not just blowing hot area; my family employs over 260 Luos all over central and Nairobi, we all agreed to protect and shield them.
    Luo Nyanza will be rebuilt, but you will need to rid off the gang’s yourselves, for us to inject development, this will require civic education on your part since am considered the enemy. You will need to handle the hardliners and smoothen the way forward. Do not allow any politians to hi-jack this initiative.

    White settlers( South Africans, Zimbabwe and British empire) will never be allowed back to Kenya, to think that White farmers will come work the killing fields of RV and share profits with the “warriors” that is just a dream. Remember Lari Massacre…..those were our own, who had thought in those lines. Today I can a sure you that if it means losing half of Kenya, there is surely that determination. Even the government will not be able to stop it.
    We will rebuild RV even better and no one will ever lay claim that its “OUR LAND”.

    Now you all stand corrected after witnessing the size of the Luo community in central province, Most propaganda impressed that no tribe was ever allowed to live or work in Kikuyu strong holds

    Peace and Love is coming MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Just open your hearts.

    Thank you.

  65. Railkamuodho says:

    ‘Secret army’ preparing for war in Kenya
    By Robert Oluoch and Mike Pflanz in Iten
    Last Updated: 1:15pm GMT 14/02/2008

    Do you think this will work guys? I am sure that things may not work as these young men think. Maybe it is another ploy by Rutoh

    From the dailay telegraph in UK

    An army of young warriors is being secretly armed and reinforced in remote areas of Kenya’s Rift Valley, preparing for war if the country’s knife-edge peace talks fail.

    Buy Kenyan roses for Valentines, says minister
    Elders have organised thousands of men from the pro-opposition Kalenjin tribe into militia units, each split into marksmen, foot- soldiers, armourers, drivers and cooks.

    Hidden arsenals are filled with bows and arrows, many of them dipped in deadly poison, as efforts are made to buy guns smuggled from northern Uganda or Sudan.

    “If the peace talks collapse, there will be war,” said David Cheserek, 46, an elected opposition councillor in Kamogich, 240 miles northwest of Nairobi.

    During January’s first wave of post-election violence, Mr Cheserek commanded a company of 60 Kalenjin fighters as they swept through the nearby town of Eldoret, burning homes owned by the rival Kikuyu tribe.

    Accusations that President Mwai Kibaki, a Kikuyu, rigged election results triggered the fighting, but it also tapped into a frustration long held by the Kalenjin that the Kikuyus had cheated their way to owning the best land in the Rift Valley.

    “We are waiting the results of Mr Annan’s talks, but if they do not go well, we will make sure there is not one Kikuyu left in the Rift Valley,” said Mr Cheserek.

    As the country continues to divide along tribal lines, this week is perhaps the most crucial for Kenya’s peaceful future since independence from Britain 44 years ago.

    Across the country, all eyes are on talks mediated by Kofi Annan, focused on the make-or-break issue of power sharing between the election rivals.

    Compromises have been mooted by each side to end the fighting which has so far killed 1,000 people and forced 300,000 from their homes.

    But at a recent rally, opposition leader Raila Odinga told a crowd of thousands that the only solution he would accept is the resignation of Mr Kibaki and fresh elections.

    The President has ruled out both of these paths.

    “If Mr Kofi Annan cannot bring us an acceptable solution, men will fight and there will be shedding of blood,” said ‘Andrew’, 29, a Kalenjin militiaman who spoke anonymously to The Daily Telegraph in Iten, 30 miles north of Eldoret.

    “That solution cannot include Mr Kibaki as president.”

    He described how the tribe’s elders gathered hundreds of men at a time in clearings deep in the arid, unpoliced Kerio Valley below Iten, preaching hate against Kikuyus.

    Such gatherings, common among the Kalenjin, have in the past only been called to organise defence against cattle rustlers.

    Now they have an alarming new function, linking the Kalenjin’s 11 sub- clans to plan a united offensive to purge the Kikuyu from their lands.

    Elders have given each man a role — some are ‘sharpshooters’ because of their skills with a bow and arrow. Some, like Andrew, are drivers.

    “I went from village to village collecting weapons, arrows, bows and spears, which I took to the frontline,” he said, describing his involvement in January’s fighting in Eldoret.

    “Others took lorries filled with fighters. Others carried food cooked by our women to keep the fighters strong.”

    ‘William’, 24, a teacher, said his job was to hammer house nails into arrow heads, many of which are dipped in poison concocted from roots and leaves.

    “There were three in my team and we were making 1,200 arrows a day,” he said.

    Since peace talks started two weeks ago, the Kalenjin war machine has slowed and fighters have been told to wait for orders.

    “We are ready if they call us again, we are adding more arrows,” said ‘Peter’, a village butcher.

    “We tried to have our voice heard at the ballot box, but they ignored us. We tried to protest peacefully, but the police shot us and tear- gassed us.

    “It is very dangerous for people not to listen to us. Now we are ready to fight to the end.”

  66. Railkamuodho says:

    Do you honestly believe that the Kikuyus need the favor of Kalenjins to exist in Rift Valley? Do you think that the western alliance can survive on their own? Dont you think that right now they are in a dealocked country because despite of Balala’s noise making Coast Province is relatively quiete?
    How about financial contribution? How much has come out of Rift Valley for the last one month of chaos and the economy is still going on?
    Never be cheated that the International community can do anything stupid in Kenya if they have not done that already in Darfur since the genocide started. Maybe if the talks fail the military will take over. Keep it here

  67. karanja kamau says:

    The above story clearly illustrates why it’s so hard for RAO and alot of ODMERS to really push for just and democratic kenya.I would also like to add that while land is a big issue it cannot be discussed in war,soberity has to
    be the key so that everything is sorted out.
    When you say…(it is very dangerous for people not to listen to us.Now we are ready to fight to the end)
    ….who are you fighting, the govt which rigged elections or kill innocent people
    who voted out of their democratic right…..
    That’s why i think RAO has to be very wary of the people around him because i know he’s fighting for a just kenya while others have a hidden agenda.

  68. karanja kamau says:

    On my post ” YOU” refers to the article you published and not you in particular …….

  69. Simon says:

    Friends of Agwambo, please please please for Gods sake stop all the propaganda I’ve read above, lets not use this site and blog as a gossip forum. We have undergone through a lot and you need to know that ODM is a mass movement with very different supporters.
    We have poor as well as rich
    hooligans and disciplined
    religious and pagans
    intelligent and illiterate
    young and old
    circumcised and uncircumcised
    old and young
    and of course
    men and women
    and so on
    But what unite us is that we all love Agwambo and ODM is our party.
    Agwambo has really see a lot and lets just now do one thing for him know. Pray Pray and pray for this man. Prayers work. Do you remember that we campaigned on issues through out? and even wright know we have only tabled issues at the negotiation table while PNU keeps on campaigning on propaganda even today. Be strong and keep the pace you soldiers of revolution. If you see an ODMER doing something bad due to his/her anger, just confront him or her to stop it. I am upbeat that our leader had nothing to with the violent we experienced.
    But for those who want leave, just Go and pass our great greetings to that donkey party you are going to. There is only one horse in kenya and that is ODM the remaining are all donkeys.
    “If I loved Agwambo and ODM during good time when we were dancing in rallies, what about now in hard time when we are struggling for Truth and Justice?” I will remain committed and pray even more. I regrate all that has happened but it will only strengthen me even more in this party.
    God bless Kenya, God bless ODM, God bless pentagon, God bless Agwambo at this hard time

  70. tnk says:

    these guys have basically the same problem


    the ideal situation is one where PNU/ODM leadership strike an effective and agreeable power sharing mechanism as advised by international mediator team led by Annan. This team as it stands right now has the interest of the nation. Once this goodwill teams efforts are defeated then we can be sure it will be downhill from then on. whatever solution will be forced down if the talks fail either by internal actions or external influence will not benefit anyone.

    regarding the article posted by railkamuodho, it is highly speculative. to draw inferences on it would be premature unless we can have someone confirm the reports. i think there is an agency in kenya that specializes in disseminating half truths or misinformation as a means of assessing public response or worse i.e prepare the public for a preplanned state activity (read atrocity).

    as we can see from simon’s post and most true ODMers, we are able to construct complete paras and statements detailing out our aspirations and the human face of ODM and have no need to drag in the ever popular ethnic angle that we invariably get from PNU leaning contributions.

  71. Turncoat says:

    Dear mr. Moderator sir,
    Taocnruct is turncoat spelt backwards,
    Please allow my comments in this name too.
    I had said that there are some rabuons in the diaspora who are now throwing a wet blanket to OBAMA’S campaign by saying that if OBAMA takes over, washington D.C will tunrnout to be like KISUMU city.

  72. Yego says:

    Can you please table your prove as regard your post on “SECRET ARMY”

    Otherwise my prayers are that something unprintable happens to you coz you are really an inciter of the highest order.

  73. Turncoat says:

    tnk. will surely mail you.
    Intermarried, i am. the only reason why i did not give my boys names that connote or depict any tribal line is because i did not want them to be victimised on account of their names. My sons have as second names Shola, amani and jordana.
    Yet am a firm believer that for a country to grow, all must be empowered economically. Does the state empower you………….that could lead to a long debate. I believe that the individual is best placed to empower himself. Remeber that the only reason why it is still illegal for one to commit suicide is because YOU WILL DENY THE STATE OF TAX. hence suicide is the only crime that one is not charged for commiting.

    What is happening today is the disempowerment of a certain sections of the country. Sales men of certain tribes cannot move to polarized sections of the city. Top Scientists, Engineers, Doctors have moved back to their home areas because they feel they cannot sit and work with others who funded and abbeted stealing of the elections and arming of the Mungiki,Many are seeking jobs abroad. Businessmen who once paid lots of tax to the treasury have now found themselves penniless, (i was in the plane with some of them on their way to msa). Many Asian businessmen have not recalled their families from India for fear of reprisals. Exporters havedeclined to send raw materials……….bread, normally the barometer for any revoution (ask marie antonette) is spiralling out of the common’s man reach. In short if the bullet wont get your WALLET will,

    My answer to all this is to try and understand the new alignements. The routes to Southern \sudan, trade routes to |Kampala and the Ruwenzori and maybe for the Luos, its time to go up the NILE. Note that APOOR MAN WILL NEVER RULE THE RICH. As the JEWS, they MALAYS of Malaysia, THE TUTSI and for those of you who have wives earining more than you will attest to this. BECAUASE WEALTH MEANS THAT YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO PROTECT IT………WHETHER BY BEING ABLE TO AFFORD A LAWYER, policeman AND THE JUDGE or by possesing an illegal firearm. THERE IS NO PLACE ON EARTH THAT HAS MORE FIREARMS PER HOUSEHLOD THAN THE UNITED STATES does this make it an unsafe place. BUY A GUN AND PROTECT UR FAMILY. SURELY IF THE STREET URCHINS TURNED POLICEMEN CAN CARRY SOME, why not doctors, pastors, engineers and lawyers………..or a theocrat like me.

  74. Turncoat says:

    tnk. will surely mail you. soon
    Intermarried, i am. the only reason why i did not give my boys names that connote or depict any tribal line is because i did not want them to be victimised on account of their names. My sons have as second names Shola, amani and jordana.
    Yet am a firm believer that for a country to grow, all must be empowered economically. Does the state empower you………….that could lead to a long debate. I believe that the individual is best placed to empower himself. Remeber that the only reason why it is still illegal for one to commit suicide is because YOU WILL DENY THE STATE OF TAX. hence suicide is the only crime that one is not charged for commiting.

    What is happening today is the disempowerment of a certain sections of the country. Sales men of certain tribes cannot move to polarized sections of the city. Top Scientists, Engineers, Doctors have moved back to their home areas because they feel they cannot sit and work with others who funded and abbeted stealing of the elections and arming of the Mungiki,Many are seeking jobs abroad. Businessmen who once paid lots of tax to the treasury have now found themselves penniless, (i was in the plane with some of them on their way to msa) Athletes are on toes–hahahaha. Many Asian businessmen have not recalled their families from India for fear of reprisals. Exporters have declined to send raw materials……….bread, normally the barometer for any revolution (ask marie antonette) is spiralling out of the common’s man reach. In short if the bullet wont get your WALLET will.

    My answer to all this is to try and understand the new alignments. The routes to Southern \sudan, trade routes to |Kampala and the Ruwenzori and maybe for the Luos, its time to go up the NILE. Note that APOOR MAN WILL NEVER RULE THE RICH. As the JEWS, they MALAYS of Malaysia, THE TUTSI and for those of you who have wives earning more than you will attest to this. BECAUASE WEALTH MEANS THAT YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO PROTECT IT………WHETHER BY BEING ABLE TO AFFORD A LAWYER, policeman AND THE JUDGE or by possessing an illegal firearm. THERE IS NO PLACE ON EARTH THAT HAS MORE FIREARMS PER HOUSEHLOD THAN THE UNITED STATES does this make it an unsafe place. BUY A GUN AND PROTECT UR FAMILY. SURELY IF THE STREET URCHINS TURNED POLICEMEN CAN CARRY SOME, why not doctors, pastors, engineers and lawyers………..or a theocrat like me.

  75. Jane says:

    It has been said severally that the mediation team is not there to overthrow the constitution, of Kenya or change it. In addition, international community is not there to tell Kenya how to conduct its affairs, just like you do not expect your neighbour to get into your house and tell you how to conduct your domestic affairs, from taming your wife/husband, especially the errant ones to disciplining your kids, and conducting some domestic duties.

    America, EU and other international communities are a mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. Annan tried but never provided a solution to Darfur , middle east etc when he was UN secretary general. Bush never provided a solution to Al Gore.

    ODMers is it possible to stop for a while, get our attention off these useless politics that seem to have taken centre stage in most of Kenyans’ lives, stolen our harmony and peace for the better part of last and this year?. Rise up and develop our country?. Placing no hope in man but in God our creator? Stop killing our brothers and sisters, stop killing the African brotherhood, all in the name of democracy?.

    None of the politicians enjoying their very good salaries and allowances cares how we are meeting our financial obligations. Sorry to say but even RAO no matter how much we love him cannot provide our daily bread. He also has his own challenges to meet. The electorate are fighting each other at the grassroots as the politicians they claim to be fighting for are clinching money making deals with each other.

    Is it possible to rise up above these useless politics, prove we are smarter than the rest of the world and the politicians, get on with our lives and;

    Say no to anger ( Hasira)
    Say no to hatred ( Chuki )
    Say no to bitterness ( Uchungu)

    Created by these politicians?.

    They say anger > hatred > bitterness > ulcers > headaches > etc. getting worse and may eventually result in actual death. The more we put our minds on politics the more it eats into our energy.

  76. Jane says:

    Some Kenyans in some parts of Luo Nyanza and RVP are creating the economic disempowerment themselves. Unfortunately the politicians seem to enjoy all this since they know the government will continue to pay their salaries and allowances as much as the political fanatics may not be able to afford even the basics. No wonder none dared to boycott parliament when they were summoned by President MK, the very man they claim they do not recognise as president. Ironical, ehh, why did they go and happily sign those contracts.

    Would you believe this, some luos in Nairobi hire a truck from some Kyuks to take some stuff to their rural home homabay. On approaching homabay, some Luo fanatics hear a kyuk truck is coming to homabay, and they all come out in readiness to stone and possibly burn the truck. Fortunately some beyond politics luo fellows alert them and the stuff is dropped elsewhere. The fellow at Nairobi is not amused by his kinsmens’ behaviour. So, who is to blame?.

    Fellows messing their own country and running to another country. Who will accept them there? Fellows burning their own house, and going to beg for shelter from their neighbours. Fellows failing to till their land and plant, then feeling jealous when they see their neighbour’s crops are ready for harvest. Fellows vandalising and destroying their livelihoods then crying foul of poverty. How do you get out of this syndrome?

    As much as we love RAO so much, are you sure RAO will come, till the land for you, open that kiosk for you, bring you supplies ( after chasing that Kyuk truck that brings you potatoes or other supplies)?, etc. If you believe so then, sleep, sleep and wait for Kofi Annan to complete the mediation talks. When? Even RAO does not know.

  77. tnk says:

    i’m still amazed at how easy it is to tribalise anything even inanimate objects are not spared. i mean what is the process that goes into converting an ordinary truck to become a “kyuk truck”? is it defined by the owner(s), drivers, guys hiring it, or does it have its own kind of distinctive truck language? board a Kenya Airways and if pilot is Captain Macharia does that make it “kyuk flight” and on the return flight its Captain Lenges, so is that now a “kale flight”

    at this rate even roads will be tribal, water and every other inanimate object.

    add to that the assertion by railkamuodho

    “How much has come out of Rift Valley for the last one month of chaos and the economy is still going on?”

    another near juvenile argument by an armchair economist that compares the economy of a country to a bank account balance. dude, its the dynamics of several components that are aggregated at the end of a given period to determine the economic health of the whole body and its just confounding to make these wishful assessment of the “economy” after 30 days.

    talk about someone with a gangrenous leg just about to drop off or kill him and if he is asked to indicate his well being declares he is healthy by pointing at a fat well fed stomach. extreme analogy but …

    i bet the stomach belongs to one tribe while the legs to another …. agent 4 change … do we really have to continue being subjected to misguided tribal arguments?

  78. Railkamuodho says:

    my friend tnk missunderstood me. Which argument makes more sense than the other- Rutoh’s argument that the post-election chaos was a spontaneous response to a rigged election or my economic argument?
    Rutoh’s argument flies before our faces because a normal person will know that the Kalenjin attacks on Kisiis and Kikuyus was well planned and properly executed. The oathing, transportations, food, petrol, nails and how that was planned is in the public domain. This is known inspite of the Kalenjin worriors being bound to the “Mumiat” oathing ceremonies that has been going on in the Kalenjin land. The oxen and dog blood and all that makes it mandetory for the boys to go out there and wipe out some communities from Rift Valley. Dont be cheated that there is peace going on in Kenya. All the groups are busy and when all is said and done, maybe only the power of the sword will bring peace in Kenya- not empty round-table negotiations and empty international ultimatums.
    Going to the economy, when I talk of taxes, I mean that if we did not have the chaos, maybe we would have had some tripple amount as compared to what we have today. I am sure if there was peace maybe we could have collected more than enough.
    On the issue of tribes, I do not want to pretend anymore that there are no tribes. We should own up and agree that we belong to our tribes first but then use our affinity for the benefit of all Kenyans. Any agreements should put that into account. I tell you, there was no other time that many of us feel so proud of our heritage like today. I no longer mind being referred to being of such and such tribe. But then we must respect our diversity.

  79. tnk says:

    we are looking for solutions to the way forward. the way forward is about reconstituting institutions, perceptions and processes that are flawed or do not serve national unity or promote democracy, justice, peace and economically enabling environment. then use these reformed units to correct and provide justice, democracy, peace, unity and economic livelihood in whichever order makes sense. this requires reasoning, collective bargaining, mutually flexible positions amongst a host of others. i haven’t yet found the part of my brain labeled tribe that will help move this along. i have evaluated, accepted and incorporated arguments that acknowledge that there is cultural diversity, specific and general regional challenges, and even the negative or positive aspects of skewed resource balance and distribution.

    i maintain that if you were brought up in a water rich area such as an island with constant rainfall, good soils etc, and then were transfered to a desert. yes continue to be proud of your tribe, but believe me, the regional challenges and how you overcome them will not be impacted by your pride of tribe.

    I may have misunderstood you and apologise, but i’ve also had enough of these tribal/heritage/cultural arguments that are not helping solve the problems we have. and when someones life is lost, or displaced, services denied, etc the cold, hunger, grieving etc these too do not respect tribe either.

    solutions need to be found for the unit known as kenya from east to west, north to south or if there are units that are so far removed from these problems then let them break off and continue with their path to prosperity and leave the rest of us that have understand and live with these issues to break off to pursue and seek solutions that are more consistent with our unique circumstances.

  80. tnk says:

    for that matter i’d like to add that, those guys from “stable units” are not behaving any different from the “foreign govts” providing mediation or “remote intereference” to the units experiencing the turmoil. and their interest in these troubled areas is the same (economic bases). they similarly are also not living in the epicenter of the problems and therefore do not relate intimately to the problems on the ground in a way that provides meaningful solutions. so if there is to be homegrown solutions, then lets have representatives of the IDPs and the communities they live more directly involved in the solution process and not those being dictated to by people who for most part do not even know how to navigate through that part of the country. but wait, again thats a problem because ODM MPs actually represent those parts of the country with these unique circumstances while PNU MPs represent the other part.

  81. Railkamuodho says:

    I hear you tnk. However, the biggest problem with Kenya today is the perception that the wagon of democracy is “we” versus the “kikuyu”. This people have also been branded as the exploitors of the highest order who want to dominate others. We should however understand that most Kikuyus are peasants and struggling like other Kenyans. I lived in Katwikira on time in Kibera slums. As you know, the slums are divided among the tribes (ie kisumu ndogo, katwikira, laini saba etc) and each is dominated by a particular tribe. If you look at all these people, they all struggle and go for the cheapest things in the market (ie busaa, muratina, changaa etc) and each brew is for a particular tribe. They also have enjoyed buying the good from one mitumba market called “Toy market”. You will find people of all tribes doing business in this market. All of them had the opportunity to work and buy here.
    But then if you listend to the ODM campaign machine and what was going on, especially Ngilu mention of Kikuyus and even Rutoh, what seed are you planting in your followers heads? As in your last statement, “Or if there are units that are so far removed from these problems then let them break off and continue their path to prosperity” This is an obvious illusion to the Kikuyu. I know the misconception that they are the enemy of Kenya have to be removed. Remembr the Mois 24 years rule and you still say Kikuyus have domonated Kenyan politics or that they will never elect a person of another tribe? If you go to Mombasa, some people even accused the Kikuyus of dominating the Kongowea and other markets. Yet some of the traders started in very small ways and never force anyone to buy from them.
    But then like someone said, no one tribe will ever be self-sufficient in Kenya. We need each other so much that no amount of war, killing displacement will change this truth. If you look at the case of central province, most people are now desperate to have the Luos who left to go back and continue with their jobs. This is the same in Kisumu, most Kikuyu traders who left are needed to continue taking the much needed maize, beans, potatoes,vegetables, onions and other necessities. Some people will continue branding one tribe as such and such and as the course of Kenyan problem only to realize that infact its our institutions and politicians who have let us down.

  82. Railkamuodho says:

    On land issues, do you know that we can address the problem of productivity in north eastern and lower Easeter provinces (ASALS) and get enough food to feed our nation. If you travel from Nairobi towards Machakos, you will see what I mean. There are several flower farms along Mombasa road that make a lot of money. Imagine if those dry lands were developed like that and shift the myth of Rift Valley being Kenya’s bread basket? We can make Rift Valley irrelevant and develop those neglected 2/3 of Kenya. If Israel and Libya does it, so can we!

  83. tnk says:

    you make some sound argument that i agree with but i will not engage you further on the subject after this piece because you are completely unable to drop the ethnicism.

    also as will be pointed out repeatedly it was and has always been ODM vs status quo (anti-reformists, sleaze artists, looters and the whole cabal) the PNU propaganda machine twisted it into an ethnic and personality based rivalry which appears to have largely succeeded. no-one understands or wants to go back to the ideological differences and public governance principles (accountability, resource distribution, etc). even the church which knows that was the case is side-stepping these fundamental principles in their belated apology. Mp for Othaya in his hastily arranged “inauguration” even shamelessly plagiarised ODMs theme and stated that he accepts the “agenda for change” by the wananchi in a strange deviation from the “iendelee” theme (listen to the speech). to translate status-quo proponents, looters, anit-reformers into an ethnic group is something I do not do.

  84. karanja kamau says:

    RAILKAMUODHO .. and …TNK..
    I really like the way you guys present your points with alot of respect to each other. You are also able to accomodate each others point of view, i think our ODM/PNU negotiating teams should borrow from your presentations……. or even include you ………

    I would like to extend your discussion with the following presentations…
    Alot of people have alot of perceptions which should be cleared as we move
    1. RUTO/KOSGEY should come out and really tell what they really know

    about the RV killings so that people can start TRUSTING them again..
    Was it about elections or land…
    ..Why is this important?…
    Because if the were no RV killings then there would have been no
    counterattacks…..As i said earier it would have been easier for RAO and
    true ODMERS to kick out mk and his cronies using effective demonstrations
    and civil disobidience…..(MURUNGARO, BROTHERS ETC)
    If everybody can remember in kisumu they started as demonstrations……

  85. Railkamuodho says:

    One thing I like about tnk is his tenacity to de-ethnicize the discussion. However, I feel that in order for us to address the prevailing situtions, we cannot detach that from what is happening on the ground. Do you think we should stop referring to the IDP with their ethnic identity? I find that even the international media is looking at the problem from that perspective. And again, if you look at ODM’s secret campaign memo and fundraising, you will realize that it had ethnic undertone. When we want to address some of the injustices (both political and economi), we cannot do that without regard to the ethnic composition in Kenya. That is why the issue of land will only be addressed when we consider the Maasai and Kalenjin land (that the uasi nkishu Maa are the original owners of what the Kalenjin are now fighting for but were pushed out by the British to Laikipia and Kajiado and then Tanzania.
    In short, how can you solve Kenyan problem without regard to our ethnicity. However, my point is very simple accept the truth about our identity, see where we went wrong and address those issues not kill each other! And this as I said earlier will not be accomplished by our politicians because all they need is raw power. Only me and you tnk and others can sit back and say, “Wait, this guys are taking us for a ride”. Infact the constitution will never be changed without our participation because if that happens, they will have usurped our power. Right now we can only put our trust not even in the Church (very tribal and partisan that they cannot read the holy writ in the proper perspective). Maybe only the civil society (not briefcase ones) will bring change.
    On the tribal fighting in Rift Valley, when the UN team leaves Kenya and also the international court finishes their investigations, some heads will roll and you know who those are. It does not matter that such people are at the forefront pretending to preach peace at the moment. Truth will be told.

  86. Railkamuodho says:

    I dont think Agwambo was involved in the plans in Rift Valley. Apart from his installation as Mibei, he has nothing to do with tribal clashes. Raila has a good heart and is a friend of Kikuyus and some forces in his Pentagon are the ones who planned all these that they want us to call spontaneous. Neither was Musalia Mudavadi. He is a gentleman of Kenyan politics and has a great future in politics. These are the only two in Pentagon that those in the opposite side can trust.
    Maybe if Raila moderates his speech, stop haters from ethnicizing elections, chances are everyone will vote for him soon.

  87. Railkamuodho says:

    By the way, why was Wairimu Were denied the right to view his late husband’s body and Agwambo never intervined? Was it because of her ethnicity? I am sure she loved her husband and maybe he would have been offended for such a treatment if he was present or his spirit could talk.

  88. Railkamuodho says:

    I meant her husband not his. Sorry

  89. karanja kamau says:

    Men you are on fire ,you are hitting on all cylinders keep it up…….i totally agree
    with you because we need million kenyans like you….
    Let me tell you the truth alot of kikuyus were ready to support and help RAO in his presidency and alot are still waiting on the sidelines for the elections to be given to the actual winner…….BUT the issue of killings and
    counterkillings have changed what we are all fighting for (good governance).
    The truth have to be unearthed and identify judases among us who are making it hard for us to confront the most important issue……..
    EVERYBODY want democracy and RAO at this moment in our history is well equiped to move us forward… because i have known him to be a democrat if you follow his record………..
    My point as pertains to the what happened at the burial is continuation of what is happening today in kenya due to the killings .. everybody is skeptical
    of everybody…….RAO is just in a very awkward position because he is also
    kenyan…..JUST A THOUGHT…

  90. tnk says:


    Please let this family grieve, they have gone through too much.

  91. karanja kamau says:

    What’s up brother…..thanks for your moderation……

  92. Pato says:

    My fear is that ODM speak glibly of violence as if they are the only ones with the hands on the tap. What they will discover is that even if kibaki and rail agree to some power sharing thingi, the backlash from the kikuyus will still happen. For kyuks, its not about elections, its about almost half amillion people robbed of their life posessions and reduced to beggers.

    This wil not go away with a power sharing agreement.

    The ideal solution is then for ODM to have control of Kenya west of Nakuru and Kibaki East of nakuru. The goverment should also organize for people of the various affilitiations to move to their respective zones.

    Well, I think we intellectualize to much. Raila will rule and Kyuks will never be ruled by ruto and co. so the solution is to divide kenya. We can do the divions nicely or it can be done through machetes and bloodshed

  93. Pato says:

    Split the country – only way out of this mess!

    We were never one nation anyway. And central province need a homeland where they are not the scapegoats for very tom dick and harry. Yani, when your cow miscarriages you blame the kyuks!

    Some unions were probably never meant to be.

  94. tnk says:

    hey kk, you almost got a job mediating the discussions between railamuodho and myself (you know one guy hard liner zero tolerance for ethnicity debates and the other hardliner no ethnicity, no talk) but I opted to bow out. I however value most contributions here even if some are peppered with tempers, anger and grief and you are right, i have lots of respect for all kenyans and look forward to sieving through the muddle to get solutions.

  95. Mike Okello says:

    If you split the country one thing is sure, The Kenya West of Nakuru will be a BattleField, the warriors who will not be having any Kikuyus to fight will start fighting themselves and their other small tribes. the Kenya west of Nakuru will only have Kibera to deal with and that’s Manageable.

    There was a common question in Economic issues in African Development, that was at most times put this way, We are Poor because we are poor. Discuss (20 Marks), One of the reasons as to why i got the 20 Marks was that i NEVER ARGUED that i was poor because Kamau or Maina was my neighbour, NO! It was never right to say that. Because if it ever was, then chasing Mr. Kamau would make me rich, Lets see how rich Rift Valley becomes!

    If i were Raila Odinga (Hon), And i believe i am Popular, i’d stay put, In the waiting, Until i get what is rightfully mine, Is the urge to push for power sharing a clear indication that it is not easy for ODM to hold on to the next 5 Years, or why the Fear, Why share power which you can all have a few days from today.

    No matter what solution we get (and the International community should know their boundaries and BEHAVE!), Kenya will take long long long, before it is the same again, It will mean another generation. Right NOW between the Government and the ODM, None is sure about their popularity, You would be surprised if you tested the waters, Things have really changed on the Ground! Just because of what has happened lately.

    Lets get a middle ground that will help us to move on, we are tired, and we are getting fatigued with calm, we need peace with one another. We need to settle the IDP’s urgently, We need to Market Tourism Urgently, We need to restore the employment Levels Urgently …….. Kenya needs to get going.

    And why

  96. tnk says:




    and its not a typo

  97. Pato says:


    The idea that the bitterness of lives lost will simply disappear because Raila has become executive pm is myopic. Even if he is to give up and allow kibaki to rule, Central and Nairobi will still explode. one of the little things that has emerged is the culpability of the goverment in the killings. Kibaki, is seen in many quarters as a willing accomplice in murder in that he allowed it to happen for political gain.

    But the solution is so easy that its a wonder why odm hardliners still dont see it. renounce the violence especially the RV one and isolate RAo from the butchers of RV. that would purge ODM of its percieved injustices nd would leave Kibaki to deal with the election injustice. More importantly it would allow ODM to take a National look as opposed to a kale, Luhya and Luo affair (aganist kyuks)

    what has butchery got to do with democracy?

  98. OT says:

    Moderator, this is getting out of hand. do your job or just let soomebody else do it for you. the inflamatory comments in here are unnaceptable. i beleieve there are people here you should have expelled by now.

  99. OT says:

    Pato, stop being silly and just tell kibaki to resign from the seat he is holding illegally. nothing else will wash. rigging is rigging however much you try to justify it.

  100. kube says:

    what did rice tell mwizi kibaki?

    why cant they find him asylum

  101. Mike Okello says:

    Ever wondered why the constitution of Kenya is supreme, and that any other law, written or spoken that is inconsistent with the laws/clauses therein is null and void to the extent of the inconsistency?

    Whoever seeks to suggest the way forward for Kenya, they must also seek to Understand the position of the constitution of the land so that they can put together their thoughts in to some reasonable perspective. It will be an ugly precedence to take up thoughts from People Just because they come from the US or GB and ignore the law of the land. Expecting Kenyan solutions from Overseas is being Naive x 1 million, Lets Grow our own. Lets honor our independence and stand up for ourselves.

    Welcome Condoleza rice!

    If you ever see a RAT playing openly with a CAT, there is a hole nearby. The govt should be looking carefully at the holes, To seal them, for the good of all Kenyans.

  102. Ahmed Rutto says:

    Now that condI Rice has just spelled out what many leaders and the world have been thinking of, can we see kibaki and team take up the challenge and rescue the suffering kenyans.For raila , i wish to hint you that kenyans expects executive premier post from you, nothing less than that but we can accept something more than that instead.

  103. Yego says:

    Peace peace peace……

  104. Yego says:

    guys in this blog should be given a chance to negotiate the interest of kenya.National youth forum should be initiated immidiately and be allowed to safe kenya.

  105. Yego says:

    Now that Condi Rice is hitting hard on kibaki in Marthas heaven, what next for the silk lady of gichugu………………..

  106. Ismael says:

    We gained independance 43 years ago. Fact!

    We are a republic. Fact!

    Last years elections were rigged. Fact!

    Kenyans, want more that mere talk. Fact!

    The constitution has been amended before and can be changed now. Fact!

    Kenyans are a pruod people, but that should not stop us from getting outside help.. Fact!

    MFICHA UKE HAZAAI, we have a problem, which we can not resolve on our own given the mistrust.

  107. Nick says:

    Expecting kenyan solutions from overseas is being naive x 1 million. Lets grow our own.

    Does a solution become bad just because it is non kenyan? Remember Rwanda in 1994, the world was waiting for Rwanda to solve itself. The end result was genocide. And the whole world was blaming itself later for not acting fast enough to prevent this.

    For some, solutions only becomes bad when they do not or will not favour them and their people and that is african democracy. I have always wondered if we wrote our present constitution that we so vigorously claim to defend? I don’t think we did. We just rubberstamped it. Those people, who we are claiming to reject their solutions, wrote it for us. The first real kenyan constitution is the bomas draft. Some selfish people have rejected it just because they are in power. I have seen a post with the same line of thinking claiming that this is not just about elections but being robbed of their life possessions and reduced to beggars. That can only happen if you acquired your wealth illegally the way the presidency was acquired this time.

    If you want us to honor our independence and stand up on our own, it must start by respecting the people and institutions that make the country. Independence is not just talk. You think Zimbabweans honor their independence now? That rogue has screwed up their country and they wish the wazungus were still around.

    Mistakes have been made on either side and that is a fact. But it is inevitable, power has to be shared for the time being and it is the best way forward. You either accept it or accept it. No other way out. I read a quote last week from the visiting German minister while addressing members of the negotiating teams and it really got into me. He said that coalition is not about love for your people but about pragmatism. Let us base our thinking along this lines

  108. Pato says:

    Salim lone, the ODM spokeman has fled the country……..wonder why …mmmmmmm could he have discovered that the killers of the moderate odm mps were afterall not the much touted pnu devil? could he have discovered that there were fanatical murderers inside odm who would not tolerate even the idea that an mp culd hold negotiations with the enemy?


  109. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    I’m back!

    Ismael and Nick. Continue telling people the truth.

    If a supreme law creates disunity among people then why stick with it. Kick it out.
    If we cannot solve our problems ourselves then why can’t we call neighbours to assist us. It happens everyday and it will continue to happen.

    We want truth, justice and peace.

  110. Jamabinju says:


    Stop being mad with everyone. No one condones the killings. No one wants the country divided. BUT, if you listen to the way PNU MPs talked over the weekend, you can see that they prefer 1 million Kenyans dead than they sharing power and spoils with other Kenyans. If it comes to that…the country will have to be divided…or colonised by PNU using the gun.

  111. mumias says:

    Nick I like your sentiments. To add a small detail, I believe that some of the constitution was written by Kenyans at independence. If my history serves me right, it was the likes of Jaramogi, the enlightened and highly educated people who managed to negotiate our freedom and deliver us a constitution at Lancaster house. Now at the onset the presidency was NOT imperial, Kenyatta changed the constitution in the 1960’s to impress more power onto himself and in the process begin to shun the very democracy that Kenya had gained.

    Now my point is that If ODM is not in power WE WILL NOT SEE ANY SURE REFORMS ANYTIME SOON. We need to consider why Kibaki and PNU did what they did to
    understand why this will not be an easy compromise on their part
    -The thought of Kibaki suffering the humiliation of getting kicked out after one term was worrying
    -The prospect of a socialist like Raila being anywhere near power sent a huge chill down the spine of the Kibaki elite group. The uncertainty of having Raila look into the past injustices that many of them benefited from was a frieghtning thought. They could not and would not allow him near power
    Now an interim arrangement would implicitly bring the very thing about, Raila as PM would push for constitutional reforms, that will effectively pull the rug from Kibaki’s feet!

    Further with the continued marginalization of some parts of ODM strongholds, there was no way that ODM fraternity can allow this tp continue, they will have to be in the corridors of power to ensure that resources begin pouring into these areas to help them rebuild. People always wonder why is it that ODM MP’s had not developed their constituents, well even if Investors are identified, they still have to apply for planning permissions and permits to get approval for any projects, the government has consistently frustrated such efforts and frankly this can not continue.
    Frankly we are close to something here, let the PNU agents come here and peddle their mind set here, because they merely betray their intelligence which we can smile at! however the truth will vindicate us soon, that I believe in.

    Lastly before I read attacks by these frankly unintelligent outsiders to this blog, The issue of 300,000 displaced people need to be addressed. Now The resolution of this crisis in the short term can now redirect our energies to tell all kenyans, that the people who have been targeted did not steal the election and frankly did not benefit from the electoral theft. Now we have to begin to promote an atmosphere where we can begin to heal the wounds that have caused all this violence.

  112. Jamabinju says:



    I hope the Party is thinking seriously about the Mayor for Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu and Mombasa. We need serious professionals to show the workd what Kenya can achieve. Parliamentary losers like Billow Kerrow, Otiende Amollo, Dr Orinda and other expats like Mumbi Ngaru, James Wakaba etc should be given automatic nomination and automatic election.

  113. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Again Raila Odinga is not helping the situation this time around, by impossing Mayoral candidats. A lot of us get put off by this idea. so why should the rest of Kenyans trust him ? We see this as a bad sign for him to be a President or Prime minister or even an assistant minister. We had Moi and we are not going to have this type of governance again. Tell RAO to seize and let democracy prevail in this Mayoral elections as a show of his commitment, but i guese its too late now….

  114. jenny says:

    Came across this try and listen to his other music , life is short …we think we think we need new shoes until we see someone with no legs and he is smiling…..

    Lets take this mess from another angle and Kenya will survive regardless ….Hey with God on our side …sorry could not help it.

    Anyway Slow down and sometimes listen to music like this one…..it makes sense…..

  115. jenny says:

    To Every Kenyan….We are in this world for a short time…..let us respect and care for each other …life is way too short ……..I may not know any of you but I am sure you had bigger dreams …we will make it …Together…..

  116. zizi says:

    I passed by. The Annan team should learn that we are in a state of temporary hope….. and when the hope is gone, it might be hard for us to salvage kenya. i personally believe that the constitution in kenya died on Dec 30 and we are faced with a constitutional crisis. we need to patch ourselves and deal with emergency situation we r in and move on from there. PNU seems to have hardliners who are emerging. Wetangula should know that this is not the time to feel hot, like he is always doing. we need USA, UK, AU, UN, China….. even if we dont like them. the classical sense of sovereoignty died and such an argument will only make one look an intellectul zombie. if kenya is really sovereign, why let its people kill each other. Wetangula should feel ashamed under the veil of sovereignty. He should see what Sudan and Darfur is today. El Bashir protested against foreign intervention even when people were dying. Soverignty shield contributed to the culture of instability in Africa since OAU. that is why the AU act now is flexible with the term. See who is bragging of sovereignty.

    Excuse my ranting against some people. But the point is, we need to move forward. Those opposed to power sharing do not understand that a poor mother with 4 kids in IDP camp doesnt understand what constitutionalism is. What they want now is assurance that she can get back home and continue with her normal life. So please, let us not argue as tho we do not feel what the urgent need of a country is now.

    I am just thinking that perhaps Pan-african vision was not wishful thinking. We need to introspect ourselves and see whether, as african we can hold together again. But that needs a voice. Annan can you speak?

  117. jenny says:

    There is always hope!!!Always!! at the end of the day we should be able to say to each other………..

    Slow down folks……people have their own agenda, but what do you tell a child that has not slept on his or her bed for the last two months regardless of tribe…it has never mattered!! ….put your child in that position and realize that we may have to change our tone …let the politicians work their craft and let us, as Kenyan citizens mend the gentle broken hearts and there are so so so many( if you have children have you read their sms’s of late?) it is tragic……the worst is what do you tell the children ??????Everything does not have to be negative………try positive thoughts and it may help one of us deal with a neighbor, workmate, spouse or relative .Put yourself in someones shoes and feel the pain.It is very raw…so we may have to start from the basics….and then we can move …..baby steps …but eventually we will be back to where we were….I can only pray and hope.

  118. Turncoat says:

    Remember the MAJI MAJI REBELLION, when some guys in TZ were sprinkled with water supposedely that were supposed to make them invicible against the german bullets……….fast forward 2008 and watching the mungiki being removed from their hideout smeared in GOATS droppings. Something came to my ,mind. This was the start of a MAVI MAVI rebellion. Yaani these guys have to smear themselves in dung to fight. It reminds me of a saying that ‘ Aliyeshutaa mjasiri wa vita’ (one who has farted would fight to protect his honor’ kibaki amenyamba time hii.

  119. Turncoat says:

    On sunday there were informal meeting among the HINDU communities and the main point of discussion was the possible evacuation should the talks failed. many of them were disturbed that the PNU had taken such a hard stance even after it was obvious that they had lost the election. The UN is on phase 2 alert.

    For once i agree with Wetangula. We have to find a home grown solution. Raila please go for this POWER RATIONING. History shows that you have done poorly with M.O.U,s yaani. If Kibaki must rule by force – sawa let him do it. Remember he has the backing of the army and the police. Stepdown and lets see if things will work in this country. In stepping down please dont forget to mention that you are doing so peacefully. We dont want anybody blaming you for what will follow.

    The way i see it KIBAKI has nothing to share. More so he has nothing to lose. Any post that you award him will be to his benefit. Since when did beggers become choosers. For those of you waiting for an American solution. Tune on to BBC and follow the elections in Pakistan. You see in 1992 i visited Punjab in Pakistan and the family i stayed with prayed for the return of Bhutto, they believed that peace would only return to the country under her helm. Well she was murdered and today turmoil reigns. But has the UNITED STATES refused to support MUSHARAF ????????. The talk tough by CONDI was just a slap on the wrist to the govt. WATA DO ?

  120. Turncoat says:

    The point here is that AMERICA is a country that was built on strong foundations of justice. Note here i did not say peace. The constitution, the willingness to accomodate political asylum seekers, sending troops abroad to fight for what they THINK and percieve to be right. But with all this it would not be right for them to stand up for kenyans (who ofcourse want peace) when it (JUSTICE)has been so blatantly denied. Why dont i see leaders like Mandela who say this is a cause for which they are prepared to lay down their lives. I do not see leaders like Martin Luther…….leading us with BUS boycotts and leading the people as they trek to work. Yes is see them in the bullet proof cars.
    I do not see leaders like Gandhi……… marching to the coast and speaking against the high prices of milk, sugar, bread and even reddy kilowatt.
    I do not see leaders like Moses who forsake the comfort of the palace to lead us thru this jungle……..
    I doubt if these crop of ODM leaders have what it takes. Otherwise then they would realise that by now KARUA is a mere lawyer to the mount kenya mafia and they on the otherhand have the mandate of 25 million kenyans

  121. Railkamuodho says:

    What does Jakaya Kikwete, Sally Koske, Kofi Anan, and Condi Rice have in common? Do your research. They believe that they can force a form of governance in Kenya. But wait, where has any forced solution ever been successful? Now that Rice and Bush will be out of office soon, how aggressive will they be after today. And if a solution is found, how will it go through parliament? Are you going to hold a gun on the head of Mps to vote for a constitutional review that they do not support to create those positions (you need another 45 MPs to add to ODM). if the international community has a form of government they have in mind, why not just go and pass a resolution in British parliament, US Senate (I doubt it would pass) and make a UN resolution and then ask Kikwete to send AU force to enforce it? What you do not know righ now is that you may be pushing things in the wrong direction and some other options could be in the making. Unfortunately most of us Kenyans will continue to suffer.

    On chaos in Kenya, I believe when that happens, it will be an all out war that will be hard to stop. I am suprised that Raila does not support the resettlement of people before they get their bargain which beggs the question, did they use it for that reason?
    What does resettlement and preparing shambas for planting have to do with power sharing? Allow Kenyans to go back to their jobs. This time the war will not be spontaneous but somehow organized.

  122. Railkamuodho says:

    The more Kofi Anan seems to imply that because he has the backing of US and other big nations and try to push ODM agenda, the more he will look dishonest. We do not want him to lose that title of honest broker. And if you look at Raila’s suggestion on power sharing, we will have two governments in Kenya at one given time. I dont think that will happen in Africa let alone Kenya. I ask Kenyans to embrace for rough times ahead becaus even after this week, I dont see a solution coming.

  123. Railkamuodho says:

    Now that Kosovo has declared independence fro Serbia and Serbian inside Kosovo enclaves are opposed to the declaration, how will they respond to those Serbians inside Kosovo that want to ramain part of Serbia? Well, only Russia seems to see sense sometime and that may also happen in Kenya because a lot of Rift Valleyst have been talking of dividing the country into two and Agwambo will take charge on one and Kibaki and Kalonzo the other. If that happen, then the same powers will send congratulatory messages to the independent state of Rift Valley!

  124. Railkamuodho says:

    The pressure in Kenya today reminds me when Bill Clinton was leaving office and asked Israel Premier and former Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat to shake hands even though they seemed to be far apart. They shook their hands but immediately they left the meeting in US, they went back to their old handline positions. The same game has been played again and again and even Bush Jr. is trying to broker an agreement.
    They are here in Kenya pushing agressively on this animal called “GRAND COALITION” that was midwifed by Kofi Anan. This song will be around for a while before a real Kenyan solution is offered. And that Kenyan solution will only come through our own way.
    The Nigerian diplomat is on the way, But does Nigeria have anything to teach us as a natioin really on peace when each year Muslims and Christians fight and die over religious issues? What democracy can they showcase to Kenya after their last general elections?
    I have strong feelings that the nation called Kenya will only survive when the issues of IDP are addressed first and foremost and not the issues of Justice as you guys have indoctrinated even the western world and the western alliance.

  125. Railkamuodho says:

    Can you imagine that 70% of Americans do not think that America is on the right track (direction) and want a leader to change the course. Bush ultimately is given, according to Raila Odinga metaphor, a red card. He is the most unpopular president in US history after president Nixon. He has not demonstrated leadership in the foreign policy and even locally does not get along with Democrats. He does not hold democratic credentials to back his presidency.
    Then President Bush and Condi Rice start spitting fire and brimestone in Kenya and then Raila Agwambo alias Mibei, alia Tinga my friend speaks as though handing Condi the planned ODM government as though it will sell. I think what this does is only to harden the other side because only a fool will buy an idea of prallel government. Let the west do what they know best- put the sanctions as requested by our party ODM and we will see whether it will stop the clock from moving. Kibaki will do his 5 years. Full stop

  126. tnk says:


    until your last two posts I didn’t realise how pro Kibaki/PNU or anti ODM/Raila you actually are.

    and thats ok too, you just don’t need to masquerade as a moderate, thats quite sneaky but also quite funny too.

  127. karanja kamau says:

    1. Can the six out of the eight provinces start civil disobidience….i mean make
    sure no goverment operates in their areas……mk will fizzle out with time….
    2.Resettle everybody ..this was a mistake whoever started it ,people have
    lived as neighbours for ever…..i know lots of likeminded kikuyu brothers
    who are ready for change…..but we have to stop attacking some people
    because the are from mk’s tribe……
    even all those young boys taking oath in kayole, they are lost they need


    “YES WE CAN”

  128. karanja kamau says:


    just a correction……

  129. Pato says:

    I have a luo pal who called me and went on and on about how Kyuks are supporting kibakin in establishing a dictatorship in kenya.

    But I made it clear to him that to ask kyuks to oppose kibaki is to ask them to endorse the murder of thousands of their kinsmen in rift valley. people may spin words here and tell long heroic tales but e re human like everyone else.

    Sometime ago, RAO might have gotten away by pleading ignorance to the cleansing. but his silence and defence of the killings on BBC wiped away any such avenue.

    I never expected much from Kibs, But I had more faith in RAO. he let me down and so largely did ODM supporters except thse few brave souls who opposed the killings right from the start and not just when their own started dying

    Now, I really dont care anymore, they can share power and they cn do whatever they wish to do. I will just take care of myself. Kenya is dead.

  130. Pato says:

    or will die very soon anyway.

  131. kube says:

    i believe us blogeers we sud try to bring forth some suggestions on the way forward.

    do u know that coz of these blog, we ran a campaign that gave kenya hope?

    do u know that its also this blog that we gave ple the reason to vote?

    do u know that its in this thread that we gave our selves the morale to move on and bring forth better ideas?

    i know we can do it again. yes we can do it again.

    lets all arise and give IRD’s something to smile about whether they r luos , kales, jarabuon or mkaos!

    i heard wetangula saying that as we try to suggest solutions, we need to know that we have a constitution?

    does that constitution provide for theft?police banning ple’s right to assembly and shootin/executing kenyans!
    i heart hey teach in law school every body is presumes innocent until proven guilty?

    does the kenya police know that?is it entailed in their that when we steal and since u belong to my tribe, then its ok?

    i want to agree with karanja, we have to embrace the kikuyu’s and let all of us fight these rich ple controlling kibaki.

    we know in taveta, only kenyatta and criticos control all the land, from githurai to thika belong to kenya plus other vast parts of rift valley, why sud one person get all that while others cant get the place to build a homestead?

    raila mudho, sometimes we dont need to see the real mudho in u.

    if raila wud have been sworn in, kenya wud be a country admired by all and those billions bush is signing in tanzania wud have been re doubled in kenya.

    we are ready to wait much longer but we need ple to be empowered so that nobody endeleza wizi.


    these was in addition to almost haft million votes that were printed from belgium and smuggled thro kenya

  132. crateturner says:

    i hate kibaki for what he has done to kenya, why steal some things are free u should not try to steal free things, is like stealing the free condoms which are in hospital. he should go to hell him and his funny friends mungu halali

  133. Phil langat says:

    I hate to annoy the learned together with the wise but got to say these:

    first, ODM won the elections…PNU had planned long ago to rig

    remember Kombo saying PNU will win ‘tupende tusipende’



    if you happen to be a christian then you will agree with me that everytime Israel (in the times of The Bible and now) got into such happenings, they knew/know deep within their hearts that God had/has left them.

    Kenyans, there has been a prophet in this nation who prophesied these things. He just spoke of a famine to come soon if Kenyans don’t repent and go back to God.

    Lets us not be confused. We repent and we’ll be at peace.

  134. Phil langat says:

    read Jer. 8 : 4-7 for those who care to

  135. Chesang Biwott says:

    Raila Odinga, our Leader, leave the shameless thieves. Let us work on a new constitution with the support of the AU, UN. Abandon the talks. Accept the office of the Leader of the Official Opposition. Consolidate your troops. Campaign for the by-elections coming. Win all of them. No one will vote for them. There are people in the small parties who are going to accept that magnanimity and support you in the constitution work.

    Work on a time-frame of 12 months. Then we have a people’s election. Stop Kibaki from making any major policy, legislative moves. Use your numbers well. Stop the sale of Safaricom and other state parastatals to the thieves. Change the Anti-corruption tzar. His term expires in a couple of months. Replace him with a strong man/woman.

    Take over parliament. Get strong people to the Parliamentary Service Commission. Take over the House Business Committee. Take over all committees of Parliament. They will not have enough numbers to spread to Government and Parliament at the same time. Paralyze them until we have a new constitution.

    Stop the Budget. Stop every business. Stop them. Let them not ‘cross Parliament Road’. Confine them in the Executive. Let’s see what they will do. And go to the people. Convince them to be peaceful, and await the new constitution. They shall listen to you and the Pentagon. No one will blame us for fanning violence.

    The Committee investigating the election malpractices will vindicate you. You will be morally stronger. They themselves will look like an elephant has left its matter on their face. Lets move to Parliament, and to the people.

    Lastly, if you got into the weak position they want to push you to, you will divide your following. That is what they want. They think you are hungry for a Prime Minister’s post. We know you stand for change.

    We will get there.

  136. Pato says:

    In sorrow
    She mourns her beloved son
    What’s next to follow
    No one knows

    In sorrow
    He mourns his beloved daughter
    What’s next to follow
    His heart is hollow

    In sorrow
    She mourns her beloved husband
    What’s next to follow
    She is now a widow

    In sorrow
    He mourns his beloved wife
    What’s next to follow
    His desire for life is renounced to zero

    In sorrow
    They mourn the passing of a dear friend
    Someone they wished to be there tomorrow
    It hurts without pretext, whatever sorrow sends

    And we know and I know
    Sorrow returns not the life’s it borrows
    Sorrow is a walking deadly shadow
    Sorrow is the virus we dread tomorrow
    Sorrow is the devils spell of lethal horrors

    Therefore my dear fellows
    In sorrow no more I mourn her sorrow
    In sorrow
    I have closed on her all my doors and windows

    Copyright 2006 – Sylvia Chidi

    Sylvia Chidi

  137. Turncoat says:


    Found the story on the above link to be interesting. tried to post my comments but failed.
    My comments
    Yes i agree that if this is a political rape (Not to Raila but Kenyans) that we cant get off we might as well lay down and enjoy it. But you know what, we also know that KIBAKI AND HIS CRONIES ARE NOT USING condoms (Check the stock exchange and the Kenya Shilling all indicative of a downward trend in the economy). And Kenya on the other hand now has AIDS (Acquired Income Defieciency syndrome). So rape at your own risk. We shall paralyse all economic systems and at then end of it all, ITS KENYANS WHO WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE ARVS. Our Sexy septugenerian president will be dead. Ask Pattni or Moi, even with Goldenberg, the country is still strong. LIKE I SAID BEFORE: By 20th Dec 2007 , Kibaki was just a virus in my computer.

  138. jenny says:

    To All the people I met at C7 who had Hope and Dreams ………..and worked so so hard. All those Youth meetings and rallies….It will be fine.I have never seen more dedicated people and I hope you will all stay together in your dreams for tomorrow….I think there is a time when even the most intelligent people cannot get it, I hope eventually the so called Govt now can realize that they are killing their childrens and grandchildrens dreams……..Kenya is more than a few greedy individuals……My heart……….aches…… goes to the people I met aka Youth for ODM …..Do not give up on your dreams….Stay together and build Kenya as one!!

    For the rest who care ….Pause awhile and realize …this may be the voice of every Kenyan Child saying…….The politicians ,,,,,,,,,Do you hear your Childrens voices???

  139. jaugenya says:


  140. kube says:

    have u seen real kibaki yet?NO

  141. All the Glory be to GOD. Thanks be to God for great mercies on Beloved Motherland Kenya. Thanks to Annan, Machel, Mkapa & Kikwete and everyone who was used as an instrument of peace in a volatile Kenyan situation. The Kenyan politicians has done Kenya proud & deserve congratulations by Kenyan standards (at least by stopping the Kenyan fires). For choosing to step back from the brinks of total disaster and destruction, we will forever be grateful that they chose to use their hearts and senses. Let them now forever wake up and be alert. We are in the 21st Century not 18th Century or the Stone Age. Beloved Kenyans, we are in 21st Century and the Politicians have fallen short of servant leadership standards and principles. Politicians in order to damage control their dented image, must join hands and prepare the next generation of servant leadership to lead Kenya into peace & prosperity. PEACE TO ALL. SHALOM!

  142. albert says:

    We do not want a situation whereby you and Kibaki will fall off again soon. Clarify your positions correctly, your responsibilities and his duties. Do not cause friction any more.
    This is also a time that our brothers and sisters from Central province, should sit down and discuss about their politics. They are the ones who are very tribalistic. I have never seen a Kikuyu voting and supporting a member of another tribe. They will only support one of their own something that other communinities are not doing. Kikuyus are scattered all over Kenya, they have moved from their Central province, they have been welcomed by other communities but they themselves, they are not ready to live with other communities and even support a member of another tribe to be their leader. This is the time when these people, Kikuyus should learn and drop their pride and be as one family of Kenya.

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