It seems we are headed towards a power sharing arrangement? whats your take on this and how do you propose it to be?


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  1. pabokenya says:

    i believe we sud never share the stolen power.

    what we need is a transitional(interim) where we change the constitition and the kenyans are called again to speak and re elect his Excelency Hon RAO.

    nothing short of this is a betrayal to our martyrs who have since been brutally murdered and they still wanted to add jim orengo to the growing list of martyrs.

    hon. ruto, lead our team to nothing less

  2. katche says:

    yaani the moderator u mean u guys (pentagon and ODM officials) r ready to share power with waizi????????????
    God help u coz i really dont kno wot we are heading. plz someone tell me wot is happening. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. nyako says:

    Power sharing? Not bad at all. I support it, but on condition that it is as an interim gava, pending re-elections of the president. We cant share this current power with the thieves for five years. We can share for a maximum of two years as the arena is set for a re-run. Nothing less. Did anybody have another opinion? We won the elections and we can still prove it a second time that RAO is our president.

  4. Murogi wa KAGOGO says:

    We should not be talking about power sharing,since power sharing amounts to accepting,appreciating and legitimising vote theft and condoning subversion of democracy.
    Instead we should be talking about Kibaki relinquishing power to the speaker of parliament ,who should constitute an interim government since our victory ( The Presidency) has been contaminated/tainted .Upon the formation of the interim government the necessary constitution amendments or possibly the adoption of the Bomas Draft should be top priority.
    Otherwise this talk of power sharing and if at all it is true ,is an insult and betrayal to those of us who voted with conviction and would render the electoral process a meaningless event.

    I say no to cutting power deals.

  5. Steve says:

    I do not think this should be an option for the movement. We should only talk of power sharing if Interim for a maximum period of 1 year as we organise for Re-run.

    I believe this would be the only acceptable ground for Power sharing. Kalonzo should be out of Question in such an arrangement.

  6. Mike Okello says:

    In as much as power Sharing is a possible option, it might only go a long way to satisfy the POWER HUNGRY, at least to calm the warriors in the name of their supporters! but MWANANCHI will suffer. There is no way Kibaki and Raila can work together to the end, for the benefit of Kenyans. Whereas one is a renown CEO, the other is one renown politician. That’s the challenge. The suspicion between them is too much for development to find a place in their minds.

    Then, Hon RAILA owes too much to the followers, E.G Parastatal jobs to Nomination failures, Ministerial positions, PS’s, Volumes of Current Liabilities in the ODM balance sheet, 60% CDF instead of the current 2.5%, Livestock Insurance to the pastoral communities, Annual leave for watchmen, Majimbo Name it…, With this, Hon Odinga will spend all the years filling these gaps. Hon Kibaki nad his government, have their own other plans for the country that differ from ODM’s.

    Power sharing will not be for the good of Kenyans, Just the way you would at times choose the lesser evil in order to move on. I would have preffered a Re-run after settling the IDP’s, and the proposed changes in the Constitution, judiciary, ECK, etc.
    Again looking at the expectations of ODM, if Hon. Raila accepts Power Sharing, his supporters (read warriors) will put him under siege, He will need tight security while travelling to his strong holds! What a life, That means the deal will still not be satisfactory for him either.

  7. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    As much as i hate this thread let us be realistic the way things are going we it seems a power sharing deal is the option the question now that the agent for change is asking is what can we accept in this deal so that our win is not washed away because we didn’t vote RAO because he is RAO we voted for him because of what he stood for and these are constitutional reform,devolution,anti corruption crusade so if RAO and group can centre themselves in such a way that Kenyans can benefit then so be it and these are my proposal of the power sharing deal:

    1.) Amend the constitution along the bomas draft to reduce the power of prezzy
    2.) Allow parliament to determine its own calender.
    3.) Allow for the equitable distribution of public wealth
    4.) Free and quality secondary school education
    5.)Allow a more parliamentary system of govt. with RAO as the executive PM
    6.) Fight corruption without favour
    7.)Interim govt. should rule for 2 years and fresh elections held.
    8.)Total overaul of the electral commission.
    9.)Appointments to be done along strength in parliament.

    Good Kenyans with RAO as the executive PM running the govt and being leader of govt. business in the house. and majority of ODM MP’s as cabinet miniters, also having the highest number of MP’s in the house which means all crucial house comittees will be headed by ODMers and bearing in mind that most big and crucial councils across th country are run by ODM it will be as if “chungwa moja maisha bora”.

  8. Obonyo says:

    Kibaki admitted that there was a problem in tally presedents votes so he should allow RAO to do his work even if its power shairing them RAO should be executive PM

  9. mrembowaodm says:

    power sharing is not a solution to the problem. i also agree with mike ‘okello’ that kibaki and Raila cannot work together-there views are too different from each other-and one cannot be expected to mix orange seeds and apple seeds and expect a mixture of the two, the fruits will either be apples or oranges!! even Jesus himself said you should either be hot or cold……there is no warm middleground for people going to heaven!! the power sharing in this insatnce would be more or less like having two parallel governments because i dont foresee this people agreeing on anything-they couldn’t even agree at first (pnu) that this country was facing a fundamental crisis!!

    what power sharing means is that we would have allowed kibaki to get away with his theft and have sanctioned his ‘legitimacy’ and in any case what prevents future politicians from stealing the elections they will be waiting in the wings for ‘power sharing’.

    if there is going to be power sharing let the speaker of the national assembly be vested with the power to run the country for a period of not more than two years, have the legislators working day and night to bring on board constitutional reforms desirable to kenyans and let him call fresh elections thereafter.

    the alternative is to have this country governed by president Raila-

  10. Obonyo says:

    Kibaki admitted that there was a problem in tally presidential votes so he should allow RAO to do his work even if its power shairing them RAO should be executive PM

  11. mrembowaodm says:

    for the six provinces and president kibaki for the two provinces and let us move on with our lives!!

  12. Obonyo says:

    ODM is only doing favour to Kibaki coz yeye ni mzee he can remain with tootrhless predident and RAO will be sending him to take kenya good will to other nations but we Odmers will not accept nothing like exective PM or we goto to re-run.Let RAO knows that we are watching and he should plays his cards carefully he said in kericho that he will not let Kenyans who wnated change down.Kimunya and Karua should now know that kenya is bigger than them or central province

  13. mrembowaodm says:

    i dont know what happened to my first comment at 11.42 it was submitted without my knowledge i meant to say the alterantive is to have this country governed by president Raila for six provinces and kibaki with his two provinces.

  14. Obonyo says:

    ODM is only doing favour to Kibaki coz yeye ni mzee he can remain with tootrhless predidencyand RAO will be sending him to take kenya good will to other nations but we Odmers will not accept nothing like exective PM or we goto to re-run.Let RAO knows that we are watching and he should plays his cards carefully he said in kericho that he will not let Kenyans who wnated change down.Kimunya and Karua should now know that kenya is bigger than them or central province

  15. mrembowaodm says:

    obonyo he admitted?………………….i thought he won freely and fairly that was his tune right up till now. what changed his mind? yeye aliambiwa ameshinda…….akafanya hivyo……na yule aliye na shida aende kortini……….hehehehehe!!!

  16. Obonyo says:

    I gree with u mrembo u seems to be mrembo kweli

  17. Obonyo says:

    Remember he was to read press conference on friday but he did not its Anna’s who says that Kibaki has acknowleged that there was a problem in tallying the presidential votes

  18. mrembowaodm says:

    @ obonyo thank you….i know what you are saying about us being charitable to kibaki….but i cant really understand how we can share our cow with the thief….. he has stolen the cow…..he has told us he wants to throw a big party where he intends to slaughter our cow, which we can still see tethered on his farm.

    even if we got the bigger piece of the meat!! it would not be justice…..the problem is…the man has stolen our live cow! we want the cow back!!

    anyway i will place my faith in God and let his will be done, we may not think it is fair when he does it….but it will be the right thing for this country! i rest my case.

  19. Obonyo says:

    Let us not forget those who lost there lives even if power is to be shared.Those who were fell down by Ali’s boys must also features in this talk.They were killed because of participating in protest demo so if Kibaki admits that there was problem then the question is why police use a lot of force on demostrators then after afew weeks they share power who will speak for those who are in grave right now look for example those youth killed in Kondele they were young with dreams in life.Those mothers and childrens burnt in church in Eldoret why did they died?BACAUSE KIBAKI ALICHEZA NA KURA ZETU LAZIMA ALIPE DAMU YA HAWA

  20. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    50 – 50 is just a mathematically formula. Never works in a politcal situation. We are prepared to go all the way. Why is raila backing down ?

  21. Mike Okello says:

    In Kenya;

    We have committed Murder and called it JUSTICE,
    We have supported Murder and called it REVENGE,

    I said earlier that PEACE for us was more urgent than JUSTICE,
    You answered with Machetes and Fire saying NO Justice, No Peace,
    Power Sharing is therefore the way to PEACE, NOT JUSTICE!

    JUSTICE is coming tomorrow, and all the perpetrators of MURDER in the name of JUSTICE will face Music and Dance It. No murderer will get away with it, no matter how well the EXCUSES will have been structured.

  22. mumias says:

    Power sharing is only a plausible solution if and only if it is an interim formula which mandates the two sides to serious reforms on constitutional, judiciary,Police,ECK as well as set in motion dialogue that seeks to solve the land issue that has dodged our people especially in the RV since independence.
    -Consitutional reforms should focus on the devolution of power from one man and initiate systems of checks and balances as per the Bomas draft
    -Judicial reforms that seek to clearly separate this institution from the executive, as well as empowering them to uphold the law fairly
    -Operational independence of the police accountable to local authorities which will against make them independent to the wimps of the incumbent internal security minister, i.e ( AP’s should not never again be used to rig elections)
    -ECK disbandment and reconstitution with fully independent commissioners vetted by parliament before appointment, with powers to make them more accountable for their actions which very serious penalties if they were to ever bring disripute to the integrity of the development of democracy

    -We will then go into another election in at most 2 yrs yrs, we shall make provisions in the constitutions to allow Kibaki to run not as a third term but as a re-run and if he wins complete the 3 yrs but were RAO to win he should rule for 5yrs

    Thus let us await the details of the power sharing today or tommorrow and thus judge from there

  23. rafiq says:

    What a turn of events! Hope the leadership of the people will not let the people down. My suggestion is if its power shring then RAO and his team must have executive power and not less.

    If the executive power is split, then we are in for trouble. This is because a genuine democrat cant be mixed with a thief. Both will generate income, one will desire to distribute to the people, the other will seek to share with his cronies. Remember we were told if there is no political party financing, which we didnt have in 2007 there will be more anglo/Goldenberg? What happens if a third scandal comes back and RAO is not allowed to speak because its in the domain of Kiraitu and Kibaki?

    If Kibaki fears humiliation in another election then he has to relinguish executive power. If he shres in it, the we must call for new elections under new constitution within a time frame.

    Again, are we dealing with genuine people or tricksters? What if they agree to buy into the idea of relinguishing power to executive premier but in 4 years? Before RAO signs anything he has to in very clear details give it to the people to ratify. If we say No he cant sign, otherwise he will jeopardise the goodwill of the people.

    But God loves us and loves Kenya. Lets keep the hope alive! Lets be watchful.

  24. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Brothers. have we not learned from the failed ippg and 2002 MOU’s. What face will you have when the powersharing deals falls thru. notice. you are the one willing to share power. you want to share ur power. and yet they act as if it is there. you are going into talks as if u are the underdog. Please show the firebrand qualities you had years back. Another month of Mass action could change their minds

  25. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    peaceful mass action

  26. Steve says:

    Okello!!!!! You behave like an angel… Please contribute either way about the subject but Not voicing your dreams over here……We are guilty in the eyes of God… Either way Mike, you have Murdered people you claim to fight for…………Man mature up.

  27. Murogi wa KAGOGO says:

    Which power ,whose power and who discharges the power to be shared?
    The people power was given to RAO on the 27 DEC 2007,the people power is with the parliament where our six provinces are overwhelmingly represented,further in the cities,urban and county councils.Therefore,since the Thief in Chief is claiming our ‘baby’instead of tearing the baby apart,let the legislature take charge of the country,I think this is the extra mile much hyped .power sharing under the thief-in chief is not tenable,we must not entertain,pepertuate the culture of power grabbing.
    We are the people and we own that power and have the right in it’s distribution as demonstrated in the last free and fair voting process.

  28. Abok says:

    Talk of interim gava that will have specific mandate to undertake serious constitutional and ancillary reforms within two years after which we shall go into an election of the president from which time the elction of president shall be divorced from Parliamentary and civic election which shall continue to be held at the expiry of the five years comencing 27th Dec 2007. The format of the interim gava should be based on the percentage of the total number of MP’s that each party holds, and here I am refereing to only PNU and ODM. With the party with the majority members holding the seat of head of government while the sitting “president” becomes the leader of the nation. The official opposition party should be ODM-K which should work hard to provide STRONG opposition as they advise (possibly by absorbing all the small parties that are non aligned to the big two). Thats the only acceptable DEAL.

  29. Railkamuodho says:

    Great job. That is the way to go. God bless you yall

  30. Sam Ochola, of Nairobi west (back in Scotland) says:

    I welcome the idea, We are NOT surrendering to the thieves simply taking a strategic exit from the present quagmire. As Hon Balala said, we had the capacity as ODM to bring this country into a total halt to demand our stolen presidency in January. It would however have come with severe loss of lives and property.
    Let us adopt the latest dispensation as a strategy, corner these thieves from within and in the course of time; a year or two We Coud find a high noon to wipe out PNU/Mungiki completely in a free election.
    Guys we’re winning back-street victories here and there, one after another to confirm our stolen golden spot. We got the speaker, sooner all major local authorities will be in full control ODM mayors and councillors. We should press for a constitutional overhaul of the Local authorities Act to limit the power of Minister & Town Clerks over elected officials. Once executive authority is granted to the mayors; the grassroot govt in six provinces will be ODM.
    As for the Anna accord, we shall only accept a structured coalition govt to last no morethan 2 years to mid-wife far reaching constitutional reforms.
    1) There must be a provision for PM sharing executive power with the President. PM from the party in the house.
    2) Cabinet appointments on 50-50.
    3) Top civil jobs to be approved by both sides and parliament.
    4) Judas Kalonzo and his party is not our business. This guy is nothing but a number in PNU desperation. Am afraid he is going to be a casualty of being with the wrong people, wrong place and wrong time.

  31. tnk says:

    power sharing probably sounds real good on paper and will certainly appease the international community watching the unfolding events as well as some of us.

    my question is whether its practical. if you’ve ever managed any group of people you know how unpredictable it gets when you have more than one center of authority with people either refusing to work or advancing their own agenda ostensibly because the other power broker sanctioned it. in our case imagine the resultant chaos in key ministries finance, education , local govt, etc with the ministers and civil servants pointing fingers each and everywhere else. it demands highly stringent policing of the individuals and institutions and there will be a lot of hen-pecking. we certainly do not have sufficient resources to monitor and police the actions of these players and we cannot naively assume that all players will collaborate willingly. there will be a lot of backstabbing, second guessing, sabotage and all manner of stand-offs to prove some point.

    the cross-checks and balances to be setup will need to be more detailed than the power sharing formula and will need months to design. i think power sharing is quick and dirty fix that attempts to introduce some balance but is not the most ingenious solution to the problem on hand. if i may use a stupid analaogy, someone steals your car, then some judge advises that you share its usage, the logistical nightmares start to creep in with who fuels its, maintains it, what happens when one party crashes it, what if one party takes to a mechanic that is untrustworthy, i think you get the picture, the devil is in the (policing) details.

    it may be easier to just focus on either comprehensive or minimal constitutional reforms, reform or reconstitution of select institutions (ECK, judiciary, law enforcement etc), and then a transitional govt and election re-rerun. i just dont see Kibaki, Karua, Mungatana, Michuki responding to a directive from say Namwamba or RAO, Balala, Ruto, RAO responding to a directive from Michuki, its just not fair or ethical.

  32. tnk says:

    oops should have taken time to read trhough the posts by mumias, mrembowaodm, faith, abok who have said it so much better than i did. i think we are on the same page

  33. Railkamuodho says:

    Maybe the question is, are we building institutions or people? If we are building for our future, we should strengthen those institutions that will give securtiy to all Kenyans regardless of their ethnicity. We must strive to build a society that does not necessary feel that unless one of them is at the top that is the only time that their interests will be catered for. We must strive to make history as one country that found its salvation when it was at the edge of the cliff. Yes, it is time that the best African minds such as Proff Anyang Nyongo and others participated fully in developing a Kenya that we all dream of. Time for mediocricy and blind laylty is gone and buried for ever. We must all take this opportunity seriously to address all those injustices and shortcomings that we feel have hindered our nation from achieving her rightfull place in this part of the world. All the best to our men working for Kenya!!

  34. tnk says:


    you are so right, we should aim to strengthen institutions but lets not forget there are two other components, integrity of the people mandated to run the institutions (this is achieved through formal and informal education as well as common vision for the wellbeing of the institution as well as the entire country) and the biggest problem is undue interference or patronage by the executive. any one individual can in one error of judgement scuttle many years of hard work bulding the institutions. but you are right, you and I and many others can together make a difference and right now we are questioning the integrity of a process we until now considered sacrosanct since we assumed the country’s leadership at least respected our mandate to choose. we need to restore dignity, transparency, accountability and respect in both the institutions and ourselves. we need to respect each other and not let ethnic, physical or mental prowess and any other delimiter or prejudice prevent us from giving or receiving fair service.

  35. Railkamuodho says:

    I was wondering whether integrity is a catchy phrase. We have had so many people subscribe to it but badly so. I was imagining of lost opportunities in the past. Imagine if the very gentlemen fighting today had worked that formula in 2002, Kenya would be very far away ahead.
    However, I still believe maybe the Kalenjin would have been sidelined and their percieved injustices would have been buried to erupt at a later day. It is better now that we must face the problem head on instead of scuttling around it for decades. All injustices will and must be addressed once for all and particularly about the integrity of the electral process so that whoever wins or losses does so fairly.
    Talking on the elections, I want to dream about a time when the whole process will democratised. By this I mean that we accept that we have many tribes in Kenya and each and every tribe has a right to exist (God given right) in any part of the country and that we shall not use tribal hatred agains to get elected. I will dwell on this forever because all of us know that the Kikuyus were demonized for exercising their preference and accused of arrogance and you can be sure that that hatred was personified through the arrows and matchetes. If we are to remain as one nation that cannot exist without the other, then we must respect each other’s choices, however disagreeable that may be.

  36. tnk says:


    again you are right and I agree entirely, there have been too many loose ends and we are now paying the price of really bad error of judgement of current and previous leadership. skewed appointments, resource distribution, etc is among the bad calls, allowing the anger to simmer under wraps and not expeditiously addressing these and other wrongs is another. on 2002 remember there was tremendous goodwill and it was naively assumed that the incumbent would deliver, it was only late 2005 that it became clear.

    as for democratic choice, i dont really think tribe or tribal choice is the real problem. the problem is that someone manipulated a system and broke trusts and when trust is broken people try to find a scapegoat i.e someone who colluded to perpetuate the fraud and its just easier or reflex action to pick either the odd one out or a certain stereotype. its a common human failing. i would not be surprised if more than 50% of the currently displaced persons voted with the zone preference.

    but you are right, going forward, there must be some intense education to sensitize the masses on the democratic right of an individual to go against the grain if need be and that should be part of maturing democracy. everybody really has to make a determined effort to try and drop the ethnic veil, but again here we have mistrust creeping in because certain communities are perceived by others to be untruthful, others are seen as warriorlike, others are lazy, its going to be a long struggle uphill, hope we have enough people under 65 willing and able to help turn the tide.

  37. faith says:


    You are right because me as a person coming from central Kenya i feel at home subscribing o the ideals of RAO because of what he has and is determined to accomplish imagine and i repeat it again if we did have meaningful devolution where 60% of our 500b GDP is taken to constituences for development purposes that will be 300b divided by the 210constituencies you have 1.43b per constituency imagine how this money can change people’s life in the rural areas and that way this thing of depending on handouts from politians will go away with that also the thinking of people will change from having thoughts about certain communities stealing from them and it will go along way in even increasing democracy .

  38. Mike Okello says:

    60% of GDP as CDF, That would mean 40% VAT, Take a pen and a paper, don’t just refer to your ODM campaign notebooks! You are Impliedly suggesting a progressive tax system, i.e, Denying civil servants their salaries to build a cattle dip in your village where all the villagers like spraying their cattle at home. Get the total annual recurrent expenditure first then suggest percentages.

  39. tnk says:

    faith, you and a few others here continue to inspire and as always I hope that our efforts are not in vain. we must keep up the fight for good and just governance. yesterdays dictators, kleptomaniacs and mediocrity should have no room in our lives. people like the police commissioner who have failed to deliver on services, ECK commissioners, AG, KACC director, a significant portion of the judiciary, a few other agencies, state organs and institutions should be reconstituted and filled with different people who are willing to serve the country. there are times a dedicated and diligent individual is better than an experienced but corrupt, unscrupulous or otherwise unwilling expert.

  40. tnk says:


    your enthymemes continue to confound and exasperate, but then, that is whom you are.

  41. crateturner says:

    hi guyz i found please check this out and see if we are heading on the right direction.


    Listening to Mwai Kibaki yesterday, any alert Kenyan would have concluded that we are in very serious trouble indeed. The “duly elected president” was at his vintage best (for those who know him well).

    Firstly he pulled away Prof Sam Ongeri from the Anan talks a clear indication that launching the free primary education program was more important than those talks which so many Kenyans are hanging all their hopes on (pole sana). The whole idea is to prop up his government and emphasize business as usual (which is what every middle class and wealthy Kenyan is desperate for, for mostly selfish reasons).

    Secondly Mwai Kibaki also talked at length about resettling displaced persons and the government helping them to rebuild their houses. I do not for one minute support the gruesome murder and chaos that has been going on, but what do you think the other side felt? Those with land issues high on their agenda. The president was behaving as if all that has happened means nothing.

    Then there was another even clearer sign that all was not well. Annan came out of the talks yesterday looking a very tired and frustrated man. He asked the press to leave him alone and then took a long walk along Kenyatta Avenue with his bodyguards in tow. Later in the evening, he issued a statement announcing a news blackout on the talks and a last dash 48 to 72 hours to reach an agreement of sorts. It seems everybody has forgotten the strange events of last Friday when a breakthrough was announced and then when everybody went to Harambee house nothing happened.

  42. tnk says:


    I think ODM has the capacity and goodwill to take every effort to its logical end or conclusion. we can wait out the 72 hours. Kibakis actions are like somebody throwing a party while immediate and close relatives or friends are grieving loss of a sibling.

  43. Obonyo says:

    Yes crateturner we said it here before that Kibaki is buying time and there is nothing Anna’n is going to archieve.What I know PNU will insists on PM like that of Tanzania these PNU’s know that they stole elections and they wont listen to anything so ODM should be firm is they want cabinet post in a goverment control by mwizi Kibaki then they go for it at there own peril or stay put and remain with wanaichi.

    Its clear PNU is not ready to share power with anybody.They wanted normalcy and the country is at peace

  44. Mike Okello says:

    The 6.28am post is pessimism well expounded. I think we should all know that life is continuing outside Serena hotel. Let the secondary Schools get to class first indeed the launch for free secondary school was already long overdue and also Annan has not indicated that he is a not in a Hurry to leave Kenya.

    Power sharing whichever way is more expedient for Hon Odinga and his close friends, not necessarily the supporters (read warriors), hence the pessimism.

  45. Steve says:

    I believe ODM are not sale out here!!! we voted and will not want to loose what rightfully belong to us.. .. I support the Proposal given by the team… Please accept Nothing but just that way forward… we stand by that suggestion………….Kudos To Mudavadi, Ruto, Kosgey and Jimmi And the Entire ODM Fraternity….

  46. Steve says:

    What About Council Nominations?

  47. Obonyo says:

    The Truth About the Naivasha Murders
    I have been to Naivasha on two occasions to help evacuate some of my relatives who were victims of the violence that took place in Naivasha.

    The first time, we did not get the gory details of what took place, and I bet, the press is afraid of bringing some of these planned murders, this slaughter in Naivasha to the fore.

    We must have the courage to face the truth and confront the same, then talk of the healing process. If we gloss this under the carpet, we are doing nothing.

    The Naivasha Massacre was planned in complicity with government agencies. The police were informed, and they only brought officers who were not armed to confront the murderous Mungiki team.

    The DC was in the picture, as some of the politicians who had lost in general elections. They were well coordinated by donations from some current ministers and the pangas that they used were bought at Shamba Hardware in Naivasha town.

    When the Mungiki were to strike on the 27th, the prison wardens came out and thwarted all their moves. They retreated so that orders could be made to bar the prison wardens from coming out in support of non-Kikuyus who were the target.

    When they striked the second time, they were under police escort, and they killed Luos specifically on a systematic way. They torched their houses and chased them like rats in town.

    When the Luos organized themselves to hit back, the police shot at the Luos instead. This went on for three days. Within this time, the Mungiki murderers were housed at Lake Side and Silver Hotels.

    They used to come to town at 6 a.m., reign terror until 6 p.m. when they retreated to their hotels to brief their paymasters, chief among them the former MP.

    The Naivasha Massacre of the Luo was well planned in a meeting attended by Uhuru Kenyatta, Chris Kirubi, Jimna Mbaru, George Muhoho, Jayne Kihara and others.

    They were annoyed that it is the Luo who have made things elephant for them. They hence came up with a plan that hitting at the Luo would be the best thing.

    They did not look at the fact that it is the Kalenjins who removed them mostly from Rift Valley. They thought that it was the Luo who made the Kalenjins do that.

    The Red Cross, that has been acclaimed as the best relief support agencies, did not come to the aid of the IDPs at Naivasha Prisons for a whole 3 days, yet, they were in Burnt Forest and Eldoret within hours of the fracas breaking out.

    It came out that the Red Cross, just like the government were partisan in addressing the problems. In the case of Naivasha, the Red Cross and the government were looking at it as a Luo affair, not a Kenyan affair.

    This partisan approach to this massacre has exposed the Red Cross as a dishonest agency.

    When Mungiki were brought in at Kabat cemetery from oath-taking, the police were very much in the picture. When they ransacked Kabati estate, the police looked helpless. When the people ran to Naivasha Prisons for safety, the police moved in on the road, armed and ready to shoot at anybody who dared come out of the prison.

    They should have been engaging the Mungiki so that they could save our property, but they only escorted Mungiki on the macabre mission.

    The world must know the truth. And it is this truth that will set us free.

    Why were some Kikuyus hell bent on eliminating Luos from Naivasha, when it is a known fact that Luos never killed any Kikuyu in Nyanza?

    Why were some Kikuyus in Naivasha cheering and telling our people that we wanted Majimbo, and now, we had to move out?

    Why were the police under instructions to guard Mungiki, and to shoot at anyone who resisted from the houses of people were being burnt and whose people were being killed as they watched?

    It is time to make clear marks, those who shout loudest about crimes against humanity are the main pay masters of the murderous Mungiki sect

  48. Mike Okello says:

    The 7.20am Post is a tribal talk, when shall we grow beyond our tribes and talk Kenya.
    Why is Orange so synonymous with tribal so much so that without a tribal post, the debate becomes boring. Why is Mungiki (which remains outlawed) so popular in this site.

    Set a thief to catch a thief, the warriors have recognized Mungiki even in the killing of Innocent MP’s!

  49. Obonyo says:

    @Mike Okello
    Let it be tribal talk we are very sad for what happened in Naivasha and we will talk a bout it for ever for those who cant speak for themselves coz they were burnt a live by Mungiki so Okello let me tell u that even us we can revenge and we are going to do it even if it will take us 20 or 50 years.We have been staying with Kikuyus in Nyanza and they were doing business there e.g Kiskuk-Busia road they had a lot of matatus there and it us who were there clients.We know there was a problem with elections and some youths burnt there business in Kisumu so why there leaders(kikuyu tycoons) funded mungiki to kill luos in Naivasha?Unless they explain this to us it will not be business as usual

  50. kennylicious says:


  51. Obonyo says:

    Let Kikuyus investigate who killed them in RV instead of revenging on Luos coz they cant get Kales.Killing people is not the solution but if one tribe thinks that it can rule people with impunity we are sorry for them of 1,000 post election violence majority were killed by Mungiki police and mungiki youths look for example who Mungiki Police Killed youths in Eldoret and Kisumu we are tired and if the likes of Okello thinks that we are joking let annas talks failed and u will see people are bitter let them rebuild there homes in RV but not in Nyanza we will not allow them

  52. kube says:

    i wud rather abstain from replying to mike okello aka chief mungiki coz judging from his miopic reasoning, he can tell u the state of his medulla.

    anyway we are discussing power sharing and let me not stoop to low for mike.

    i believe anything without the words interim or transition will be a waste of our precious time.
    the thief thought he was buying time, we can never allow mwizi kibaki to rule on stolen presidency.
    we need him to legitimize his presidency from the kenyan ple. why is he afraid to face the kenyans that ‘duly elected’ him?


    we can only hold our weapons(voters card) when and if the thief calls us to, then we can ‘re elect him’ to othaya presidency.

    thanks so much ODMers, you great minds and judging from our reasoning nad suspect ideas here, we can see we are the better brains.

    u just need to see flow of information.

    if ur a kenya, we used to write insha or composition, some suspects here are too far from the topic that i think very very TEACHERS’ during ma time wud mark their papers.

    aluta con tinua ODMers.

    until and when we see ugatuzi then its when we know that kenya belongs to all kenyans

  53. Obonyo says:

    As I ponder the recent presidential elections in Kenya, I lament that Kenyans have been cheated of all of their God-given rights. I feel deeply troubled by the Kofi Annan-brokered peace deal. I feel that, once more, Kenyans are being asked to bury their heads in the sand and let everything that is wrong remain wrong.

    A few years ago, Kenyans braved a lot of hardship to bring in a multiparty democracy. Some people like Timothy Njoya bore the brunt of it as he was mercilessly whipped by the infamous “Jeshi la Mzee.” Raila, Rubia and Matiba were summarily detained for holding a press conference on multipartyism. I shudder when I hear phrases like “Government of National Unity” and “Power-Sharing.” This entire process is only to keep Kibaki on a seat that he overwhelmingly lost!!! When will Kenyans wake up to the reality of their unique problems? The problem is that our democracy was already showing very great maturity and it was evident that we were soon going to shortchange the west by putting in power those that may not well agree with them in all issues of imperialism. Now they want Kenya to be mediocre like any other African Nation. Can’t Kenyans wake up?

    When Raila Odinga supported Kibaki for the post of presidency, Kibaki took the seat and ruled for five years without paying attention to any agreement they had made earlier. Now that Raila has won the election, why does it become necessary to make concessions? No it cannot work this way. We are being taken back some one and a half decades. There will be no Raila in the near future to go to detention for us any more.

    Kenyans should refuse and ask for a re-run of the presidential elections. That will be the only solution to this crisis. Kofi Annan’s solution is not tenable and Kenyans should stop nodding in agreement with him.

  54. Mike Okello says:

    ”let them rebuild there homes in RV but not in Nyanza we will not allow them”, Enough hooliganism has been seen in Kibera from your like minded people, Spending hous uprooting the railway and scrambling for food fron red cross track. You do not need to emphasize it by writing.

    Those who went to the University in the days of Moi, You have not forgotten who was whistling in the lecture halls, breaking glasses in the MESS/ dining hall because Ugali is over, Burning Kenya Bus because of Power rationing, Hijaking buses because Jimmy Orengo and ochuodho are having a demo at the Kibera courts.

    With that long History in Mind, You do not need to repeat ‘let them rebuild there homes in RV but not in Nyanza we will not allow them’ It is known world over. Let us see how where we have a positive correlation, its either betn Hooliganism and Poverty OR Hooliganism and development, Fill in the blanks. The control experiment is already fully set up with Kisumu the way it is, Lets us see how things go. I have known the town since i was in Nursery school, and I can see the way it is now!

    “let them rebuild there homes in RV but not in Nyanza we will not allow them” with such a Motto Mr Obonyo, as the government kicks off rebuilding houses for the victims, ensure that as our people burn the remaining industries, they do not burn the Match Box companies and the petrol tankers, It looks like thats all you need!

    On a sad note: As we burn one side of the country, Burning a Kamau’s house because a Kibaki stole elections, Other parts of the country are growing trees, Trees that make Kenya, Kenya.

    “let them rebuild there homes in RV but not in Nyanza we will not allow them” is a statement that carries with it tonnes and tonnes of Shame! at a time like NOW!

  55. Ismael says:

    This is the way I look at it.

    “If you rattle a snake, you may be bitten or the snake may move away. But if you rattle 4.5 million snakes, you are bound to get a few bittings” this is the reality. It’s sad that people were killed and property destroyed, but that is the way NATURE works.
    – Do not judge anyone.

    Some of us voted and felt that we were short changed. On the othe hand, others felt that they won fair and square and now being denied the right to rule. hmmm FUNNY ehh.
    – The question is; PNU is now in office. Did they win fairly? If you can prove that you won and someone has evidence that you did not win fairly, what do you do as a true leader?

    – Having an interim government is the way forward as it’s been demostrated that some politicians cannot be trusted. MOU was an agreement between a few leaders, and should have been implemented. Forget about the fact that kenyans were not consulted. Look, what is the reason for electing a leader if, he/she has to come back to you everytime they need to make a decision. I believe the MOU was in good faith, and the people who negotiated it did that in the interest of their followers. Those who decided not to honour it did so , for their own selfish reasons.

    A joint government may be formed but it will not help ordinary kenyans prosper. Remember, when Raila was heading ROADS and WORKS ministry, he had great plans to improve the infrustructure. But the FINANCE ministry did not avail funds for the implementation. THE RIGHT HAND CANNOT WORK IN ISOLATION FROM THE LEFT.

    It’s possible to GRAFT, it’s also possible to CROSS BREED, but you need to be very careful when choosing your subjects,

  56. Obonyo says:

    Am not staying in Kibera but i dont think its a crime to staying in Kibera.People stay there because they are maginalised they have little income.Okello it seems you grew up in posh estates in Nairobi so u have not seen or tested poverty u talk of big things but its true that since independence there are alot of injustices Nyanza people are poor because Kenyatta,Moi,Kibaki maginalised them if u er coming from Nyanza i dont need to explain this to you, Why people of Nyanza are maginalised?………..because of speaking the truth.We are not going to alow them let me repeat infact one used to live near our shopping Centere in Yala Township let himcome to rebuild his home, u can come with him

  57. Obonyo says:

    Am a hoologan and al remain one until the injustices done on our people are investigated and justice is done to them or there family.Okello we wont rest u can called us any name u want but we know one day we will archieve what we have been fighting for”freedom and fairness”.Am a luo amd am proud of it and al remain one

  58. faith says:

    Mike Okello a,k.a Mutua

    I thought as a govt. spokes man you understand abit about what iam talking about so let me enlighten ye of simple mind first and foremost when i ay 500billion that is collected by ex-chequer now i mean the 16% VAT not your imaginery 40% if we were to tax kenyans 40% then the ex-chequer will be collecting 1.25 trillion shillings annually so get your math straight and mark you we are collecting this amount yet there is still tax evasion especially in the councils if RAO seal all this we may have 1 trillion at 16% VAT.
    Now to my second point the reason Mike why we have large percentage of the country living below the poverty line is because of the skewed allocation of resources i have ask this before why should Othaya get 300million in water allocation and Wajir get 80million yet we know that Wajir needs more resources to bring it to the acceptable level and the argument i placed to you is that if you dont invest well in these marginalised areas the output in terms of returns on investment from Othaya will go to feed the people of Wajir hence the people of Othaya will not experience real change in there life and that is what Kenya is experiencing today.
    Now thirdly and finally now that you understand where i got the 500b i said that the money 60% of it is 300b and that is what should be divided among the 210 constituencies hence you have equitable distribution of money that me as a Kikuyu, Owiti as a Luhya,Obonyo asa luo and Kip as a kalenjin pay to the govt. and also remember we will still have 200b to pay teachers and civil servants and again remember we are not going to get stuck at 500b with RAO’ s good leadership we will increase our GDP.

  59. Ismael says:

    Have you ever heard of the story of a rapist who rapes and then threatens the victim of dire consequences. That is what is happenning now.

    Rigging was evident and we expected turn around time for the return offices to be better that 2002, hence the results should have been in by latest 29th Dec. But some ECONOMIST were and are very ECONOMICAL with the truth. Did someone say the old guy was an economist hmmm.

    The voting was flawed. and a few people claim they won it fair and square.
    Even if you change the defination of fair and square, I still cannot buy this idea.

  60. Obonyo says:

    Yes Kisumu people are hooligans they burnt everthing that can burn but they did not kills
    Looke at what happens to Nakuru
    Who did this?

  61. Obonyo says:

    Yes Kisumu people are hooligans they burnt everthing that can burn but they did not kills
    Look at what happens to Nakuru
    Who did this?plz blogers take a few time and look at schoking pictures from Nakuru

  62. Obonyo says:

    Yes Kisumu people are hooligans they burnt everthing that can burn but they did not kill people like Mungiki does in Nakuru
    Look at what happens to Nakuru
    Who did this?plz blogers take a few time and look at schoking pictures from Nakuru

  63. Baijo says:

    this stupid mike okello aka government agent or propaganda peddler alfred mutua should shut up or go jump into hell fire if he so wishes. i wonder what school he went to to that specialises in teaching stupidity and ignorance at the highest level. he does not even know his true identity and therefore has no business posting in this forum. whether you like it or not truth and justice must prevail and it will surely prevail regardless of the form in which it comes whether through power sharing or whatever. if you are scared of your position of chief government propaganda peddler then join kalonzo musyoka and his friends in shouting at the rooftops just to save their ill-gotten jobs. whether you like it or not kenyans voted for real change, will move on with life and change to realise what many true kenyans have fought and died for in many years since independence.

  64. will says:

    Hello my brothers,

    I know you would feel that am being naive or just childish for calling earnestly for an all out civil war in this “peacefull” and “beautifull” country of “ours”.


    This is what happened in the Great U.S.of A after the civil war of the North versus the South,the French revolution,Germany after the wars of the east vs the west,Rwanda and e.t.c.

    After i listened today as Mr.Mungatana second-guess Koffi Annan,i believed taht indeed some of these people havent really felt the pains of the common masses and so we should be allowed to bring the war to their doorsteps.They are indeed fools who have shut their eyes and their ears.
    The Middle-Class,who are you am talking to and myself,though am still in my 2o’s,should also be dragged into this thing,a raw war,where nobody will be safe even in their mansions and even at state-house.

    This time round i totally understood the rationale of suicide-bombing that the so called “muslim funfdamentalists” use to push through their agandas.
    When you are frustrated as a common mwananchi and then you are told and you know tha what can liberate you from that situation is your “voters-card”,you try and use it,then some people allocate phantom votes in their thousands and your choice is rigged out and then when you protest you are killed en-mass by an illegal government and then told to your faces to go to their kangaroo courts with such zeal a child would be excused for having an obvious querry about it.
    And then you go on and kill each other out of frustratiion and misplaced anger and the world sees it and intervenes and the thieves tell the world off like they themselves are an ultimate in themselves without the world.




    Its a sad fact that we have never had a president since independence who left bahind legacies to be talked about at home or abroad,maybe opposition leaders.
    Kenyatta was a flop-nothing to show for his being there,Moi was also another dissapointment,we voted for kibaki overwhelmingly to change the status-quo,but we were duped and we got another G.E.M.A republic with geatric leaders being fished out of the dump holes.
    We are dying for a president who will be revered internationally,let alone locally,other former african presidents are refered to as statesmen and ours’ are just men who are just eager to have the local kenyan power and then “fait accompli”.
    Mandela,late nyerere,kamuzu banda,joaquim chissano,e.t.c.
    Sitting presidents like John Kuffour,abdoulayi wade,the new jakaya kikwete next door,e.t.c. ours can not even win any awrads beyond our borders and ours are just forced down their throats by their sycophants like kalonzo musyoka.

    If we can fight a war that will see all of us civilians with guns and bombs and then we fight for 6-months to 1-year then our blood and souls will clean our land and then wil unite us when we are all tired of the war and the deaths and no one still feels its still business as usual and the ministers do not have houses,offices and there is no paliament to sit in and there is not stock market,no treasury,no centaral bank and e.t.c.


    In any war as you know,there will be collateral damages,which include lives like mine and yours’ too and of other kenyans,but thats what war is made up of and what will come out of our blood and souls will be soo soo sweet for the coming generations and for those who will remain.

    This is nonsence according to me,i have never seen a place where peace co-existed with injustice.never ever will there be such athing,and having kibaki cheat people of resettling them by force and having afew police-stations nearby with policemen to provide 24-hour security,thats a distant mirage.It wont work as long as he keeps hanging onto mr.raila odingas’ electoral right and pretending to be our duly elected president..KENYA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN THANKS TO HIMAND HIS GEATRIC MEN AND AN ARROGANT JEZEBEL TO BOOT-{JEZEBEL-MARTHA-KARUA}.






  65. will says:

    Hey fellow brothers,

    i believe that Mr.Mwai Kibaki who is purpoting to be our president is MENTALLY DERANGED and should actually be discussed in parliament immeadiately.

    Just like the purpoted first lady-Lucy Kibaki,who is also mentally qestionable,kibaki should be stoped from performing any duties on behalf of kenyans and he should not also be allowed to make any decisions on our behalf.

    We elected Kibaki in 2002 but since then i’ve keenly observed him and analysed his off the cuff remarks and realised that we are dealing with a mental case and not a sane person with a clear mind who should be our president.

    Am not sure if kibaki suffers from SENILE-DEMENTIA or just an acquired form of mental illness that he got along the way,but all the same we are in a big mess as kenyans,this is a person who aint in touch with the realities of life,let alone the post-poll bloodletting and displacement,i was supported by some GEMA pals of m ine when i said the president cares less about the gikuyu i.d.p’s just as much as he cares for the rest of the i.d.p’s,and that i care more for the gikuyu i.d.p’s of whom i sheltered in my house with their belongings when the war was still very raw.



    thanks for reading.

  66. tnk says:


    mike okello is probably not alfred mutua nor government agent and has said in another post elsewhere that he was in the same law class as Ababu Namwamba, but other than that, there is no need to get worked up by his posts. the nature of his posts tend to be deliberately confusing, at times vindictive, plain obnoxious or just annoyingly antagonistic but that appears to be his forte. engage him if you will, but i doubt it will get anywhere, his mind appears completely closed to any reasoning with ODM supporters, and so I continue to wonder why post here at all, but then thats democracy.

  67. karanja kamau says:

    Can somebody fill me up about what’s happenning in kisumu-nyanza ,is it true if RAO is not president after negotiations that they will burn the mollases plant?
    One thing we need to look upon about nyanza let us give that province what they are due, my feel was that this was the time finally they felt that at least they have a stake in this country untill somebody snatched the prize at night.
    But i hope they will get it sooner if not later.

  68. mumias says:

    I share your concern KK, however I do not feel like they will go through with that because
    1. The plant employs alot of people in the region and thus a livelihood for the surrounding people. Further it could be prevailed on them that the plant is what gives RAO the means to continue to fight for us.
    2. It is a warning meant to remind RAO that it is not a time to be thinking about himself, they want him as President because they know that they will be systematically marginalized if Kibaki were to resume as revenge for the way they exerted their democratic right. So I believe they will accept any arrangement that will not only pave way for the real elected president to ascend to his rightful seat but also that in any transitional or interim government there interests will be well represented to ensure no systematic marginalization.

  69. tnk says:


    going forward, there is a lot of opportunity if we put our thoughts together. i just can’t seem to breakaway from this empty pit where the current administration can cripple any effort just so as to be seen to be the ones driving the economy.

    take a look at this article below, there is so much hope for a better country if we pull together but we are just stuck at level 1, poor leadership. its a large file and takes time to load up.


  70. OPADO says:


  71. jaugenya says:

    Hon Ruto’s prophesy has come to pass , now the theif is ready to cut the baby in to two , i think we should have some pride and restore the dignity of the kenyan voters by rejecting this proposal and let God almighty deal with kibaki with vengence and fury for what he has done to his people.Ithink Raila is way above working with these crooks.

  72. faith says:


    You are right there is alot of opportunities in the country look at the untapped resources do you think the agricultural rich areas like western,Nyanza, Rift valley and central have been fully utilised no what is needed is good leadership that will not look at ethnicity as a factor for distributing wealth but leadership that will see opportunity in all areas to promote growth in the entire nation i want to ask you why should all the tea factories be built near the agricltural rich area of Kericho while some firms like that would have been built in say the semi-arid Baringo which is still within the rift valley the only thing that you have to do is buit good infrastructure so that transportation of the goods from Kericho to Baringo become easier with that you would have created jobs in the two areas hence reducing poverty level.

  73. Pato says:

    I never chose to be a kikuyu, I was born into it.

    I refuse to apologize for being one. MAny days ago, I believed ODm’s message of non tribalism. Today, the only thing that keeps me alive is Kibaki, the man they had convinced me was a tribalist.

    Today, that tribalist is what stands between me and genocide. Between me and mobs who hate me and want to kill me for no other reason other than that I am kikuyu.

    I refuse to consent to these murderers being given any form of power. They belong in jail or at the hague not in statehouse.

    I guess that makes me a hardline PNU but is thats what will keep my childern alive, then so be it.

    Those people in RV were innocent, why did odm order their deaths? is murder only when certain communities are killed? are there Kenyans who have the right to life and others dont? was one community created to be killed as sport by others? so that mobs can rape and strangle their children?

    Does a coalition mean that we will be rulled by the murderers or Eldoret? if that what it means then this thing is far from over. Even the Tamils and south sudanese have fought alone for years, we can do so too.

  74. Obonyo says:

    This is What Karua like.See what they did in Nakuru its shocking

  75. kube says:

    panua are so scared of election, why if they are duly elected gova

  76. Obonyo says:

    @Yes Pato Killing is a sin and we can not suport it coz its a gainst GOD wish but let me ask u why some of ur tribes men celebrated when muniki hacked people in Nakuru and Naivasha?.If ur are a true christian plz take a few time and look and these pictures of Nakuru innocent children at the mogue
    We want justice to be done not just share power a lone and remember in 2012 kibaki will.

  77. Obonyo says:

    Am Praying for this victims they are my heroes not those big people u worship.Your brothers Killed them for no reason we must speak for them they are crying for justice and nobody is willing to speak for them

  78. Dave says:

    I feel you Pato. But that does not mean that i support what the Mungiki did in Naivasha and Nakuru.Before that i believed that one day Luos and Kikuyus would reconcile but from what is going round here in Kisumu that might never happen.Yester night there was an attempt to raid Kondele police station so as to revenge on the Kikuyu IDP’s for for what happened to their kinsmen in Naivasha.The argument is that Luos only chased them but they killed Luos.Now that together with the assasination of TM,Kisumu massacre of 1969,Kariobangi massacre of 2001 and assasination of Odhiambo Mbai leaves Kikuyu’s with too much of Luo blood in their hands.So there is a frantic effort to balance that.

    Well am a moderate but i still believe that it will take longer to reconcile the two communities.To begin the process lets cool the political temperature by embracing the truth and justice.I miss my Kikuyu friends!

  79. kube says:


    am not a kikuyu but i understand u.

    i have lots of kikuyu friends and most ODMers are also from kikuyu comm,
    anyway i want to disagree with u that any pentagon member had anything to do with the unfortunate deaths and eviction of kikuyu.

    that is simply a propaganda that is passed sell date fronted by some very rich and power thirsty friends of mwizi kibaki.

    nobody sud be allowed to die such kind of death we have watched be it a kikuyu,luo,meru,luyha,kale et all.

    i also want to disagree with u on the fabric that stops violence aginst kikuyu is mwizi kibaki.

    pato i want to tell now and u will prove me right very soon in future, the reason why kenyans hate kikuyu’s now is the unfair nepotism that this thief brought to kenya after getting all our votes in 2002.

    as one of the narc dreamers, we hoped we will get a kenya where all kenyans are considered based on merit but the thief stuffed his tribesmen in all key ministries and he did not even care if the boss and his/her deputy comes from gema.

    from military to judiciary, kra, anti corruptoion,central bank just to mention a few.

    thats why all the other kenyans tribes united under chungwa moja maisha bora.

    the dream will soom be realised.

    pato i believe ur an educated man, dont fall to cheap propaganda thats meant even to alliniate the kiuks even further.

    lets look at thief kibaki and his excelency prezo R, who can un ite kenya?

    who can stop the negative perception and who can market kenya abroad?

    is he the sleeping mwizi with slapping wife?we are tired of bad publicity from statehouse.

    we need raila and ida in that office as from yesterday.

    raila son is married to a kiuk, the daughetr to a luhya while mwizi one daughter married to drug dealer ganster artur while or the rest from their ethnic conglomeration, pato lets wake up and build kenya together by chasing away the thief.

    we are ready to wait for two years but when he leaves, i can tell u kenya will be a better place to leave or work and buy property.


  80. Dave says:

    Kube you are so right.But i think now the problem has gone beyond Raila and Kibaki.From what i gather here in Kisumu with or without Raila as the president youths are vowing to teach a certain tribe a lesson they will never forget.Infact they are saying that they are just waiting for all of their kinsmen to be ferried from Naivasha.

    What’s worrying is that the youth know how many policemen are guarding the IDP’s and they are sure of outnumbering them and make nyama choma out of the IDP’s as was done to their kinsmen.

    I appeal the government to rush and move the IDP’s preferably out of Kisumu.If People could be ferried from Naivasha to Kisumu why not them.Disaster is looming in Kisumu.Though am not a Kiuk i would not like to see any of them burnt to death here.This fallacy that things are going back to normal and some communities shall be helped to build their houses must be condemed.This only shows how leaders have lost touch with the reality.That will not be feasible atleast for the next 5 years.

  81. kube says:

    agent of change, it it be beter to take out some old threads so that we can follow discusion only in the new ones

  82. Hi guys. I’ve been away from this blog for some time. When I resumed, I started by going thru the many postings from you good people!
    I have been both happy and sad. Happy coz lots of you make very good sense. Sad coz of this THING called Okello Mike.
    I learnt a word in my early childhood. The word suits Okello very well. The word is ‘CHIETH’. We should consider him thus and let him monologue. He’ll get bored and move to the blog he belongs to. Refering to him gives him strength to continue.

  83. kube says:

    dave, in life, ple say lots of things but carrying them is another.

    l dont thing they that will happen tho with mwizi kibaki there, tension and hatred can still happen.

    luo’s used to hate kikuyu’s like that in 1966, 1968 1977 but they still voted to the last man to make mwizi kibaki prezo.\\

    what kenyans need is hope that they will vote again and that this time their voice will be regarded.

    i have worked in kisumu, nairobi and kiambu but one thing i know ple with no hope is the most dangerous weapon we can live with.

    so give ple the hope then even kesho kiuk can jsut walk in the street of kisum and mike okelo can wallk tall in kiambu or thika with his name printed on his shirt.

    pliz annan only another election can reddeem kenya, dave thats the only medicine i can assure.

    but status quo, things will get much worse

  84. Power-sharing is not a very good term to use. This is true for we know who the said power belongs to.
    However, it is imperative for ODM to be part of the gorverning team till a re-run is done. You can imagine what the thieves will do with our economy knowing that they have only 2 years to definately go away for good. They will engage in grand stealing! With ODM in their midst, they find it hard to do so.
    Two years is a very short time in history. Let’s be inside and throw them out when the time comes….as it will surely come.

  85. Obonyo says:

    Its true that “Kikuyu’s with too much of Luo blood in their hands” I have been saying this here.Kisumu people did not killed them only chase them a way and we demand that those who killed luos in Naivasha and Nakuru must be brought to book.Luos did not killed kiuks in Eldoret.We know that Naivasha massacre was organised by Kikuyu tycoons and politicians

  86. Solomon says:


    I am a Kikuyu too but contrary to your perception, Kibaki is the man behind the community’s tribulations. He stole the people’s right and for the past five years he has been playing the politics of exclusion.

    He is such an embarassment.

  87. tnk says:

    dave, kube

    you raise some excellent points, but I urge you to avoid or drop ethnicising them if possible

    you could easily replace the ethnicity by agreeing that kenyan1 walking in lawless town1 is more vulnerable or susceptible to crime than kenyan2 walking in law enforced town2, then its up to all of us to ensure that all kenyans are safeguarded by better law enforcement in towns 1 through infinity.

    When you visit another country, your tribe has no impact whatsoever on any event of crime against yourself, think about it.

  88. nyako says:

    I dont even understand why we are trying to come up with various versions of the “power sharing” deal. The ONLY way out is RE-RUN. If Obako was dully elected, his cronies and him should not be worried about the outcome.
    The TEAM should realise that we want another election, and we want it soonest. We should have a transitional gava as we work out the modalities for this grand finale elections.

  89. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:



  90. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:


  91. mumias says:

    I do not think we will be getting an agreement any time soon. This is my personal feeling.
    Kibaki stole the election in the most crudest and unshameful manner, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WILL RELINQUISH SOME POWER?
    Now I have heard (good authority) that Kibaki’s people were prepared to go to the brink, by that I mean they were prepared to go even to 7,000 deaths to hold on to power. They felt that even if the country was to degenerate after a while they would quell it and would then rebuild the country. Kibaki felt that if Mugabe could lead in Zimbabwe for this long even with western pressure then Kibaki could do it in Kenya.
    Few things they did not expect-
    Kibaki assumed that it will only be Kisumu that will riot hence the well planned and assembled security presence after the suspicions over the vote tallying begun. However they never anticipated RV will riot as it did, that surprised them
    Kibaki never thought that the US and EU and others will take up such a strong stance in the dispute. (UN security council is debating Kenya on Friday) thats how serious this issue is being taken PS execpt China to veto anything their policy is not to interfere with internal politics but also some interest in Kenya however I suspect they will not be as rigorous in their stance like in Sudan where they have significant oil interests)
    Anyway this was unexpected and I feel that the next step as advanced by Kiai is to target the hardliners assets.

    Finally to me this is a signal that this is a MAN not in the mood of giving up power in any form soon. I read a Kumekucha article entitled “Kibaki’s fear of a grand coalition”
    Well I suspect this Annan talks are a delaying tactic whilst Kibaki looks to bring the next step of consolidating power.

    I feel a likely plan will be this case currently in court who sued Kibaki and Raila, well I believe that this is a PNU grand plan that will lead to the courts ordering that they recount and re-tally the votes (lately PNU has become rather vocal on this as they have already prepared the documents) anyway watch this space this is the plan. You can see why Raila is trying to get the case thrown out!

    Our hope is that if they can agree to something quickly with increasing pressure on the international community and that parliament can move to legalize any agreement and entrench it within the constitution to pull the rag under Kibaki. However two hurdles are that Kibaki has still not opened parliament, and he could delay it whilst he cooks his plan to keep him on the house on the hill!

    A warning I want to issue is that do not be fooled by the relative calm as being seen around, I have a feeling that people are merely holding back to give Annan a chance, were he to fail!!!!!! Let us not imagine, we know the picture.

  92. Mike Okello says:

    “when Raila was heading ROADS and WORKS ministry, he had great plans to improve the infrustructure. But the FINANCE ministry did not avail funds for the implementation.”

    Is that why the MINISTRY OF ROADS returned funds to the treasury in 2004 BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T have funds? if Funds were not availed, What was that the Ministry returned. You all knew the facts, very well, but you updated all your facts with ODM propaganda, and the facts were drowned by propaganda. Why was the Ministry of Roads denied funds, even if you wanted to deny funds to a deserving ministry, would you Deny Odinga’s ministry and get away with it? What was parliament doing when a whole Key ministry has no funds, and the PS, and what was the budget saying about the ministry? Such are the Posts that ODMers read and print to read at home! And if Hon Odinga read that, he would say, “Mmmmh THAT ONE NO! i was just overtaken by this Mt Kenya Mafya stuff and the MOU, and i forgot the ministry, I wanted to work on the bypass after referendum but i was sacked” Classic excuse of a politician especially when his own people have mistaken him for a leader!

    Or do you mean there was only enough money to demolish Kiosks? Ever wondered Uhuru and Raila were referred to as tested and tried and found wanting! it had got to do with their performances at their ministerial capacities. NOT CORRUPTION.

    Nyanza is poor, I agree, It’s home for sure, Is Fire the solution for Nyanza? Coast is Poor, NEP is even poorer, I just think we have some blood that other Kenyans don’t have. its all about our thought patterns. The faster we discover that and change, the better.

    Wait for the rebuilding and BURN, but one day, when all is said and done, you will sit on your own at dusk, look up to the skies, and the entire evil you committed or you supported will replay so candidly, and the you will rise up and receive your reward, For all your deeds will have caught up with you, WHETHER GOOD OR BAD.

    I remain optimistic, No matter what!

  93. Ismael says:

    @ Okello,

    Get lost with your inconclusive details.

    When you say money was returned, state how much. Do you mean to say Raila had all the resources he requested for and he was so lazy he did not do his job.

    And thanks for reasoning like that. from your comment i guess anyone who dies from lack of blood actually had no blood at all in their system. There is required effort to complete a task i.e minimum requirement. If that is not met , there is no need to start the task. That is the way smart people reason.

    If you want to go to Mombassa in 1 day, and you are given Ksh 200 to spend. Will you start your journey or return the money instead of risking being stranded on the way.

    Thank for your comments.. now I see why PNU guys fail all the time. You guys fail to plan. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD FOR ONCE.

  94. OT says:

    Just ignore this clown called mike okello. he keeps posting nonsense. i’m shocked an adult would be so immature in his thinking, but then again alfred mutua has never been known for any intelligent talk.

  95. Ismael says:

    Thanks OT

  96. crateturner says:

    hey okello are the one who is married to hellen okello who are trying to shut down kumekucha? hahahaa go to kibakitena blog where you belong.

  97. mumias says:

    guys I have just seen four blogs directed towards an individual whom we do not regard as a comrade. I had the same problem of not being able to let some comments go without tearing their logic and reason but then I realised that these guys have an agenda, to divert our attention to discussing real issues and concerns instead we spend our posts trying to fan down their propaganda!
    Let us not fall into this trap.
    This thread is for power sharing why are we being drawn towards roads ministry propaganda? People told us the same stories but we knew better we reasoned with fact and intelligence and exercised our right WHY RESPOND or RESORT to these guys level.

    Please please let us only answer and refer to posts from ODM’ers ONLY, let us get back on track with this tread and all other relevant threads.

    @ ODM’ers

    I want to ask under what circumstances will we accept power sharing? Further how can we exert pressure on PNU to agree?
    I expressed my fear earlier that Kibaki will be seeking to buy time. Further as I earlier stated my fear that even if they agree in principle to alter the constitution we need parliament to ratify and pass and legitimize it. I fear that Kibaki might in this case delay opening parliament. I suggest that ODM should first and foremost demand Kibaki open parliament so that MP’s can actually begin to work and justify drawing their salaries each month, further the first call of action would be to completely separate parliament from the executive as it ought to be!


  98. Solomon says:


    Kindly let us be addressing Alfred Mutua by his name instead of nicknaming him Mike Okello.

    So anyone addressing the frustrated fellow remember he is Alfred Mutua. Avoid the nickname completely.

    But what amazes me is his desperation.

  99. Ismael says:

    The negotiators must give out complete guidelines and time frame

    They must support their recommendations and also give dead lines.

    If they fail to give both, then we will be stuck in the usual KIBAKI circus. They will waste too much time until 2013…

  100. mrembowaodm says:

    i agree with mumias……guys……we had agreed we will not reply to some characters here yet i see people still doing it. it is very hard for me not to respond to their inflammatory posts but i have made up my mind that i will not do it.

    dont waste time reading their posts at all, there is nothing of importance they contribute…..they spend more time here than in their kibaki tena blogs trying to tear odm apart…..ask yourself why?

    this blog is meant to promote raila odinga’s fans sentiments yet they come here to do the opposite………we cannot keep them out but you know what? nobody is forcing you to read their posts…….if you dont respond to them they might die off slowly somewhere but your responses keep them coming back for more.

    these people have a clear agenda!!

  101. mrembowaodm says:

    which negotiators are you talking about ismael? the ones who called annan a liar?

  102. mrembowaodm says:

    people, people, people, i hope you have now come to your senses……..this negotiation is not going anywhere annan, the new pnu branded liar cannot help , they have already made up their minds on how they will drive this country to its knees.

    so what is the next step?

  103. mrembowaodm says:

    did i hear this right? ……..
    there is no cash to evacuate people from central province? however there was a lot of resources when people in the riftvalley were being evacuated? not only that aircrafts were being used to do so and those who travelled on the roads were afforded armed escort?

    am sorry i think kenya just died and went to hell.

  104. Mike Okello says:

    Kibakitena blog achieved its objective, so its no longer active.

  105. Turncoat says:


    As a leader joining this govt will be tantamount to supporting CHINA. Which is condoning the atrocities commited by the Sudanese govt. It will be turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering of the Tibet people. So long as China continues to support this govt, comrades its time to start your boycott of the chinese products and services begining with the BEIJING OLYMPICS. Chinese and Russian backed govt have been to be more repressive than any other. MATCHETES USED IN RWANDA WERE BOUGHT IN CHINA.

  106. Turncoat says:


  107. mrembowaodm says:

    guns were brought by michuki from china. when he came from his ill fated trip ya food poisoning

  108. Mike Okello says:

    I dread the Power sharing arrangement. It should probably be considered just to satisfy the blood thirsty warriors and the ‘No Raila, No Peace’ Hooligans, But it wont help Kenyans, Its either Kibaki Rules with his people or Raila rules with His people, But not both. Power Sharing is a selfish strategy. Those who voted for Kibaki did not Want Raila and vise versa. Why shortchange citizens with an unrealistic middle ground.

    Lets have a general election in Five Years, Meanwhile work on the constitution. Prepare the ground for fairness constitutionally. It is almost obvious that if ODM will hold, Raila will be president.

    ODMers pressuring Raila with threats of burning his business if he back down is barbaric.

  109. mrembowaodm says:

    thats why i say there shall be nothing coming from these negotiations!! please God prove me wrong!!…

    how can people pretend to be on the negotiating table when behind their backs they are buying weapons?

    even if the weapons needed to be bought by the government as claimed…..did they have to buy them now?

  110. tnk says:

    the question is how long before Annan realizes the political games by PNU and then what will/can he do?

  111. tnk says:

    this is coming so late in the day, when so much harm has already been done but at least the truth is coming out

    pity the sstandard has not yet carried out the news


  112. mumias says:

    1. Annan has cleverly set implicit timetables, by saying that he hoped the agreement would be struck this wk he has put pressure on both sides, further his brilliance and experience shown through by secluding them away from their hardlined detractors in state house other echleons of power.
    2. Annan has also indicated what he feels is the best solution, an interim government, he has shown what he will be pressing both sides to agree on. He may not give them the blueprint but he will ensure they remain on the relevant path by not engaging in blame game by by steering them to agree on the formula.

    now what we forget is that this is the Former UN SG. He has enormous backing of all the international community and as expected has he will be briefing them regularly of the progress. Now this is a man who has negotiated several conflicts around the world, he knows when one side drags their feet, he has seen it all ladies and gents.

    Now although i doubt that Karua and co will have been given leeway to negotiate ODM into power I feel any delaying tactic will result in a very emboldened international community taking further action. UN security council is debating Kenya this Friday and further G W Bush will be in TZ, expect a very stern tone from him. Remember Somalia is crucial to their war on Terror, they will not stand for collapse of Kenya!

  113. faith says:

    hi bloggers

    Let me address you Pato/Obonyo/Solomon/Dave and Kube
    The way to stop these suspicion between tribes i have said it before “UGATUZI” why am i saying that as of now every thing concerning development we rely on one office and is that of the prezzy so if the occupant hates you or perceive a certain community to be against him then your region will not get any money so the only starting point is that if we devolve resources then people from say Mbita constituency will not have to rely on the good will of the prezzy because they will control there own finances hence if they dont develop there region it will be there own fault but as it stands now everything is on prezzy be it resources, manpower distribution here we talk of appointments so if mwizi Kibaki appoints more of Kikuyus it is obvoious other communities will hate him plus his kins men.

    On a lighter note i did propose before that Martha Karua is nothing and that i should have been appointed to deal with her in that team of nine eminent people what with this yapping of hers about betrayal by Annan she didn’t see the trap being laid so that Annan can show all the world that pumbavu na ujinga(pnu) are the stumbling block i pity her and she always think of her self as the brilliant strategist.

  114. karanja kamau says:

    People overseas please this is a blog to enhance our stability and build a prosperous kenya through blogging and exchanging of ideas.Although i’m not trying to undo my brothers previous post ,lets not dilute what this blog is all about.
    I didn’t mean to offend anone just a thought.

  115. crateturner says:

    why did the churches in there statements yesterday mention any thing about the stolen election which is one pillar of the ten commandments “thaw shall not steal” and they did not mention any thing on re-run of election, i think the churches has betrayed us and they should all go to hell. they have forsaken us when we really needed them, there statement is to little to late.

  116. Obonyo says:

    Am not such person u may think i do not hate any tribe why should i hate somebody because he belongs to another tribe.I love kikuyus infact i have been dating a kikuyu lady and she was good its Kibaki who stole our elections i hate him, so faith any kikiyu can also point an issue from Raila and he or she can critise him for If u do that al not say ur tribalist

  117. kube says:

    i believe faith we are different but having also been educated among all the kenyan tribes, i am very tolerant.

    anyway back to the point, i believe the ple not persons shoild be considered for the powersharing.

    for us to allow mwizi kibaki another 5 years unlimited is like legalising

  118. Mike Okello says:

    In order to separate baby talk from intelligent talks, You could avoid terms like Pumbavu, Ujinga, Mwizi etc. Learn to separate people from their actions so that you are able to know the undrelying reasons as to why they behave the way they do, Not to justify their actions but to know how to respond to them for your own Good.

    I haven’t referred to Hon Raila as anything apart from Hon, Politician, There is a person in Raila that i love, because he is God’s Creation like me, Then their is What Raila does or stand for that i will at times support, other times criticize and other times be indifferent etc. Yet i respect him a great deal. Using abusive terms just shows that you cannot sustain an intelligent discourse, Asking someone to go to Hell, is asking too much!

    How do you feel when you can Kibaki Mwizi, and he does not get to learn about it. Wouldn’t you be happier if He gets to Know, and wouldn’t it then be useless if you very well know he will not know, even associating him with the wife is inappropriate because they are two persons and they probably don’t get along ideologically, Its like associating Raila with a Hooligan who Uproots the railway, and going on to describe Raila as such, that would be Untruthful. Baseless and Subjective Personal Hatred, which adds up to ignorance.

    This talk can be intelligent. I insist.

  119. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  120. Ismael says:

    @ OKELLO vs the Bible
    “even associating him with the wife is inappropriate because they are two persons and they probably don’t get along ideologically,”

    “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; And they two shall be one flesh: so then they are no more two, but one flesh.

    YOU HAVE PROMOTED YOURSELF and now questioning GOD as well. Sorry but yu cannot separate them only death can.

  121. Masinde says:


    Uhuru Kenyatta and family inherited approximately 500,000 acres of land from the First Commander-in-Thief, Johnston Kamau Ngengi wa Muigai alias Jomo Kenyatta. The idea of one family grabbing 500,000 acres of land is an insult to all Kenyans in general BUT particularly, this is an INJUSTICE to the displaced people whose ancestral roots could be traced to Central Kenya, and whose land was grabbed by Kenyatta!.

    Kikuyus and displaced Kenyans (from RV) should gather some courage and demand that some justice be done in relation to Kenyatta’s land grabbing activities of 1960s. If Kikuyus take a lead role in this, I suspect that other Kenyans will also be motivated to demand for justice in their respective backyards. The truth is that until someone goes after the Big Thief Kenyatta’s loot directly, this fight for Justice will just be like “applying blue-band on a rotten bread!”… .If we go after Kenyatta’s loot, Moi’s loot and Kibaki’s loot, then, going after corrupt cabinet ministers and their associates will be a piece of cake!

  122. Mike Okello says:

    ”And they two shall be one flesh” NOT ONE MIND!…..You need to study simple Hermeneutics!

    Why do we have Domestic Quarrels if one fresh means one mind. You think couples think the same way because they are one fresh. Walk around and get married, Then you come back and support your facts. I refuse to think on your behalf!

    You can’t justify namecalling, and any justification is a further display of extreme ignorance.

  123. Ismael says:

    Whatever you say, I think both of them are useless. And they think the same, or at least they tolarate each other. Please do not divorce the two.

    You also have a little mind. From where did you know that i’m not married and who asked you to think for me.

    Please stick to the fact, and do not insult people’s intelligence. By the way I do not see any tangible contributions you make. For his reason I will ignore all your future coments here and even those still in your …. brain.

  124. mumias says:

    @ Philipo, Ismael

    Please refer to previous posts by ODM members, we have stated that it would be in our interests to not respond to Mike Okello. If you did not know, he is a PNU activist who used some very unfortunate language about us our movement, our ideals and our leader. (refer to kibaki tena blogs you will find the evidence)

    It is sometimes difficult to not take the bait but it takes a bigger person. We are not here to convince doubters about our movement but to exchange honest ideas and thoughts on the way forward and the problems compounding our country, people and party. Already 80% of people are following this path, ignoring the agents of PNU here, please let us get the 20% on board.

    Just as you will be convinced of the propaganda against our party, you should realise you will not convince them otherwise too. SO WHY BOTHER! Please comrades let us only address issues discussed by ODMers for ODMer concerning Kenyans at large, about ways of liberating our children and grandchildren from the things that we have been unfortunate enough to have witnessed over the last half century in this country.

    However as is always the case, this is my humble opinion and as is law you reserve the right to do what you please!

  125. Ismael says:

    Thanks mumias, i have joined the 80%

  126. Mike Okello says:

    What is this urge that make all ODMers want to respond to my posts, I always wonder. I do not write posts FOR YOUR ACTION, I write them FOR YOUR FREE EDUCATION.

    Don’t feel obliged to answer me, I am having a terrible time reading all your posts addressing me, and I have very little time.

    Agent4change, Can you frame all my posts as NO-REPLY, to reduce the number of reply posts I am having to read! I will really appreciate.

    Read my posts, Exhibit some behavioral Change in your thinking, and i will be OK with that.

    Please Lets cooperate.

  127. pabokenya says:

    ok, letts wait and see

  128. crateturner says:

    i hear that today the united states has called for a transition gova can somebody please clarify?

  129. Nick says:

    Spot on Mike.I have always wondered also why they should try arguing with a fool

  130. Solomon says:

    Thank you chief sycophant Alfred Mutua. You have finally realised that your posts are not worth responding to.
    Furthermore, you have to do this everyday to make the chief fraudster Mwai Kibaki happy.

    But one more appeal, don’t feel embarassed to use your real name.

  131. Amani says:

    People. why do we keep fighting. We do not have to agree and we should be free TO or NOT TO respond to people.

    Insults do not make Kenya a better place. Anyone know about the Willie Lynch? What does this have to do with Kenya? It is working people, you cannot deny it.

    Source: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_2167.shtml

    The following has been credited to William Lynch, a White slave owner, who reportedly made the speech on the banks of the James River in 1712. It was quoted at length by Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Million Man March where it stunned m any in the audience because of the cold-blooded way it described how the minds of African-Americans could be enslaved.

    According to an essay appearing in “Brother Man- The Odyssey of Black Men in America- An Anthology” Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies who came to the United States to tell American slave owners how to keep their slaves under control. The term “lynching” is derived from Lynch’s name.

    Gentlemen, I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virgi nia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies where I have experimented with some of the newest and still the oldest methods of control of sl aves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my program were implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we cherish. I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique. While Rome used cord s of woods as crosses for standing human bodies along its highways in great numbers you are here using the tree and the rope on occasion.
    I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree a couple of miles back. You are not only losing a valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed. Gentlemen, you know what your problems are: I do not need to elaborate. I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving t hem. In my bag here, I have a fool proof method for controlling your Black slaves. I guarantee everyone of you that if installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 hundred years. My method is simple. Any member of your family or your oversee r can use it.

    I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves: and I take these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, distrust, and envy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple little list of differences, and think about them. On top of my list is “Age”, but it is there only because it starts with an “A”: the second is “Color” or shade, there is intelligence, size, sex, size of plantations, status on plantation, attitude of owners, whether the slave live in the valley, on hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, coarse hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences. I shall give you an ou tline of action-but before that I shall assure you that distrust is stronger than trust and envy is stronger than adulation, respect, or admiration.

    The Black slave after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self re-fueling and self generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands. Don’t forget you must pitch the old Black male vs. the young Black male, and the young Black male against the old Black male. You must use the dark skin slaves vs. the light skin slaves and the light skin slaves vs. the dark skin slaves. You must use the female vs. the male, and the male vs. the female. You must also have your white servants and overseers distrust all Blacks, but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect and trust only us. Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. If used intensely for one year, the slaves themselves will remain perpetually distrustful. Thank you, gentlemen.

  132. Pablo says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies I agree very much with Amani and give him a thumb up. We should at all costs try to decipher what every blogger says or contributes, it is an open forum but we can use our wisdom and ignore the destructor’s who only want to plant seeds of discord. We are in this blog to try help our country come back to it feet after being messed up by a few power hungry hyenas. We know them by names needless to mention. I just want to congratulate everybody who has been contributer in the spirit of building a democratic Nation and a Just and fair society which has always been our call. Let us not quit we need to forge ahead avoiding being destructed by the likes of Mike Okello, Pato and the illks but let us encourage one another in the spirit of Building a Just Nation

    And now;
    With the troublesome times we’ve gone through as a nation,I thought this could uplift your spirit as ODM SUPPORTER.


    When things go wrong,
    as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging
    seems all uphill
    When the funds are low
    and the debts are high,
    And you want to smile,
    but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is queer with it’s twist and turns,
    As everyone of us sometimes learns;
    And many a persons turns about
    When they might have won
    had they stuck it out.
    Don’t give up though
    the pace seems slow,
    You may succeed with another blow

    Often the struggler has given up
    When he might have captured
    the victor’s cup;
    And he learned too late
    when the night came down.
    How close he was to the golden crown.

    Success is failure turned inside out.
    so stick to the fight
    When you’re hardest hit,
    It’s when things seem worst
    that you MUSTN’T QUIT.

    May the good Lord bless you with what’s truly essential in life:
    STRONGER spirit,
    KEENER mind,
    HEALTHIER body,
    endless LOVE and His GRACE.

    God be with ODM

  133. jaugenya says:

    Kibaki i hope you rot in hell, before december 31st i used tio have a life but now i feel dead , because something i believed in just as the sun would rise tommorow has been taken away, iam sure you have no idea about this kind of conviction.I will give you an example , imagine if someone told you that the man you have known all your life as your father is well ,not you father , that is remotely how i feel only worse.Raila God bless your heart , you are the luanda magere of our generation , so brave were you that you were ready to destroy the very thing that you campaigned for so wholeheartedly , you knew that the kenyan presidency is a poisoned chalice and you were ready to dilute the poison to harmless levels , what better gift could a president envision for his people? ,God if you are really out their it is time to show your face to non believers , you gave us Raila but lucifer had his plans , we beleive that your palns can not and will never be supercedede by anything , i know change is coming just like the northern winds.

  134. Pato says:

    Remember the dead too. whatever name they use to call you, whether ngai, nyasai, Enkai, or whatever other name they may have. please provide for those they have left behind. Bless their children, that they may never lack, and heal their hearts too. that they may never be troubled or seek revenge.

    But you who sees it all, may you brng the harvest to their kilers. whatever they sowed to the 1000 + of my brothers and sisters, may they reap ten-fold. And to those who reached out to help the poor and the displaced, please repay them with blessings ten-fold too.

    and finally, may peace and justice reign in our nation

  135. Aisha says:

    You know, every time I think about Kenya I start to cry. I am crying because it seems like we (I say we to mean myself too) are not focusing on the Kenya we want 200 years from today. If only the ODM and PNU (especially PNU) are thinking of Kenya and how Kenya should be like in 200 years then their stance, words and dids will be reflected in articulating a deal that will see the current impasse resolved and pave way to a new constitution where the Kenya we want in 200 years is reflected. Obviusly Boma’s draft is a very good starting point but might need a relook to thrash out any possible loopholes the recent crisis has exposed us into. So power sharing as a solution for shor term yes. Here short term can be the next five years. Makes no difference. Infact I would even go further and say Raila please agree (I am a big admirer of yours) to remain in the opposition if that what it will take to ensure that clear way forward is embarked on for the introduction of a new constitution.

    Thanks for ODM they have been instrumental in getting us in a position to really expose some of the injustices we have endured silently for many years.

    We are counting on you to prevail,

  136. Turncoat says:

    Aisha even your tears wont do. Hatubanduki Uongozini. Hatutaki Serakali yakupakatwa.
    Amani, nice article

  137. Roseline says:

    I find it difficult to judge. But what I saw as from 27th to 30th at KICC mades me to judge that PNU(pita nyeri ujionee) stole the votes. I do blame the commisioner of Kenya, Mr. chairman and Kibaki himself and his members.How comes you can won the president election with few MPs while the opposition had alarge number of MPs? That is point No.1 that I am requesting Annan to look into.
    If Mr. Kibaki won the election truly, why don,t he agree on fresh election I believe that if he won he will also win the coming.
    Thirdly, why should he give Raila PM when he is sure with his winning?
    I also don’t agree with power sharing since ODM has strong and tough members who will fire the PNU in the parliament. But since we want peace we have to be patient and accept the PM only with Excutive power .
    Kibaki why don’t sit down and recall on 2002 campaigns.

  138. dama says:

    what do we say now that the deal has been done. Raila is the Prime Minister, and Kibaki is still the president. Lets’s hope and pray that they will work together peacefully

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