The ODM Captain is categorical that he is ready to walk the extra mile to solve the Kenyas political crisi. Do you belive our opponents are ready?



  1. rafiq says:

    Agent for change these guys are not serious. We caanot see the clean cabinet with young people.

    If indeed he has the mandate to rule, why are people dying as he watches and why the double standards in the police response to crime. We need alternatives now. Some of us are really hurting because our people are dying without a reason while the guy presumably with the mandate is pretending.

    Please ask the leadership to give us alternative ways of response.

  2. Otieno says:

    PNU are under oath. Mungiki is under oath. The only extra mile they’ll walk is further and further AWAY from concession, negotiation, peace, justice and democracy.

    On the other hand, Anan has said leaders should be ready to make hard choices. What hard choices? Can we quantify this? Can we lay this on the table so that we can discuss them?

    About RAO walking the extra mile, ODM needs to come up with some fora where it can talk with the masses to get the mandate/direction of what action to take and when. Suggestions have been floated including storming state house to remove this crazy regime. So again, I ask? What are the hard choices we need to make? Secondly, what’s the extra mile we are prepared to walk? Let things pass? I don’t think so. Hope Kibaki will suddenly accept a transitional government? I doubt it. Secede? Becoming plausible with each passing day….

  3. musili says:

    I think the writing is clearly on the wall that the other side are also walking their extra mile but in direct opposite side from our captain’s. What other evidence are ODMers waiting for after witnessing the kind of butchering along Naivasha and no single word from Kiraithe or Mutua. Everytime there is a word that ODM wants to hold a peaceful rally the media houses are jammed by calls of why that should be stopped, now the silence is deafening. We must wake up and realise that panua have drifted so many miles from the negotiating table and we forget abt this strategy, it does not only slow our resolve but also gives the enemy time to consolidate.

  4. Phil says:

    of course they are not.

    Please agent4change, in as much as we sympathise with the death of needless Kenyans, you must know that the violence has been elaborately planned to buy time and scuttle the Annan peace mission and it should not surprise you that it is coinciding with police officers doing deliveries for private citizen Livondo for the Langata poll petition.

    What will happen is that Annan will go back without resolving the issue.

    Next the Langata seat will be delcared vacant by some friendly judge. Thereafter, Raila and Ruto will find themselves behind bars facing incitement and organising criminal murder of selected ethnic groups in Rift Valley.

    There will be a by-election in Langata – with Raila already having been disqualified for election malpractices and Livondo will romp home as Langata MP-Elect while Raila and Ruto answer some trumped up charged in court. Meanwhile, Kibaki will have legitimsed his presidency.




    I am repeating to you; these guys will never give up this thing as easy as you think. The ODM had better come up with a strategy that will make PANU know we mean business.

  5. wole says:

    Well said walking an extra mile ,but I ask with who?
    Our Captain and the team have demonstrated they are ready to have a transitional government.A transitional government means ,a caretaker is going to take over the presidency,that’s the extra mile.The otherside extra mile means unleashing terror on ODM supporters to disenfranchise them thus weakening the support base of our party.Misguided advice from Museveni also seems to be part of their “extra mile”target the most vocal in the party Raila and Ruto ,trump up charges arrest them lock them up while locked up harm them physically and mentally through whatever means at the states disposal.
    I ask ODMers if they are familiar with the story of Dr.Kizza Bisigye ,the opposition figure in UG ,if you followed that story you know what am talking about.Remember M7 was with Kibaki for over 3hours giving him tips on how to “deal”with RAO and team probably the way he dealt with Dr.Kizza.

    This extra mile by our captain and team is in good faith but the other side have a different agenda,therefore I hope and pray that our ODM security and intelligence persons are on high alert,mobilisation of our men and women to protect our leaders and supporters,should be high on the Agenda.
    Something deadly seems to be in the offing let us not be caught unawares.

    These guyz seem to be hell bent to ensure JUSTICE is forever denied to the people of kenya.It’s not about the tribes ,it’s about the status quo who have now succeeded to brainwash their kinsmen that they’re targeted and it’s unfortunate that they have fallen to that.

  6. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kenyan MPs, open the constitution and create the positions of Prime Minister and two Deputy Prime Ministers. Mwai Kibaki, please step down. Kenya’s reconciliation and unity can only be achieved by others. Kibaki, let Uhuru Kenyatta take over from you in an interim government with:

    1. Raila as President of the Republic of Kenya
    2. Kalonzo Musyoka as Vice President with specific assignments to address public safety, defence, national unity, justice, and reforms (policyonly while day-t-day running of ministries will be overseen by te PM)
    3. Uhuru Kenyatta as Prime Minister and leader of government business
    4. Musalia Mudavadi as Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, and first deputy leader of government business
    5. William Ruto as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety and second deputy leader of government business

    This arrangement will distribute power equally between ODM and PNU-ODMK. Review the performance of the interim government after six months.

  7. Steve says:


    You should be forming a government as soon as possible if Annan Does not give us a solution by Friday. Please asses the situation and if nothing is worth from talks, forge ahead Pentagon and form a parallel Government.. Please do not let us down.

    am Sic already…

  8. For once,

    These PNU guys aren’t interested in Kenya or anything to do with majority of Kenyan tribes.The worst among them is Martha Karua and Mungatana(a political novice)…Where is his NARC-KENYA?

    These guys just came to politics the other day and think they know much.They are not in the category of PENTAGON, MUDAVADI, RAILA, RUTO and BALALA.

    Some fellas think by their stomach.Instead of concentrating on the ANAAN led peace initiative, these guys want “Violence” to continue so that ANAAN can’t finish his work and leave us in bloodshed.

    If Kenyans wake up, there will be no MUNGIKI and GIKUYUS.I think my fellow Gikuyus understand this and advise their people to concentrate on achieving Unity rather than start targeting “other” tribes.

    Gikuyus will loose if there is CIVIL WAR.They better know about this as early as possible.Now fighting is spreading to Eldoret, Kisumu, all Rift and possibley Massai and Samburu Lands…

    The earlier the better.

    Police Commisioner should assume direct responsibility for what is happening in Kenya.He should take Kenya by force and announce an emergency otherwise these killings and revenge will go on and on…

    Mungiki will get their MATCH pretty soon.

    The issues are about Politics, Manifestos, and Fraudulent Elections..

    Kivuitu Must be apprehended, ECK disbanded, Presidential Re-run must be called to save this country.Raila and Kibaki should be ready for new elections.Whoever wins, looses should not complain again.

  9. TURNCOAT says:

    Other tribes are mad with the Naivasha incidence beacause in many places including Kisunu the Kikuyus were asked to leave. Nobody attacked them. Most of the guys who died had wounds from govt bullets. Word has it that the war has moved to the prison in Kodiaga.

    I still say conduct a referendum to determine whether people want Kibaki to continue as head of state and if devolution (Majimboism) should be adopted.

  10. Otieno says:

    While the referendum may be a good idea, the playing field is still not level. PNU will still rig the results of the referendum in their favour or just disregard it’s results. We’ll need to ensure that a credible body is in charge of such a referendum.

    Ibraheem..the Police Commissioner is part and parcel of the problem. He cannot help Kenyans.

  11. mohamed bashir says:

    agent for change, michuki’s on record as saying that they ( mt kenya mafia) are turning a blind eye to odm right now. he has also stated that one day they’ll wake up and chase us (ODM) out of the country. michuki and those of his ilk ought to know we can turn this country into another Ivory Coast. they can have the Mt Kenya region and the lower eastern where Kamba’s reside. The rest of us ODM members are not allowed to do business in central kenya. we are the one to chase people from our lands. we will not hesitate to do it, and we’ll do it better than the ametuerish display they have staged in both nakuru and naivasha. let them be reminded that nakuru and naivasha is also not theirs. michuki should know that he is part of the land problem in central kenya, he was part of the homeguards who stole land from the maumau freedom fighters, now those whose fore fathers were disenfranchised are coming back home to lay claim to their land. the chicken are coming home to roost for michuki and his type. BUT BE WARNED, MICHUKI, YOU WILL NOT CHASE US AWAY FROM OUR LAND, WE WILL CHASE YOU AWAY. Captain should tread carefully with this greedy folks.

  12. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mr. Kofi Annan appears to be sliding into partisanship and appears to be no longer a neutral mediator.

    Mr. Annan must be very careful not to fall prey to Kibaki’s intrigues and become his spokesman. Does Mr. Annan fully understand the Kenyan situation and the danger inherent in deploying the Kenyan military to do police work?

    Mr. Annan must desist from issuing publicly any plea, recommendation, or opinion and must only do so after collecting all the facts, analyzing them, and consulting widely.

    It is becoming evident that Mr. Kofi Annan is starting to see himself as Mr. know-it-all with all the answers. Kenyans expect Mr. Annan to tread carefully, listen carefully, analyze objectively, come up with fair and acceptable solution before issuing any statement.

    Mr. Annan, it may help you to continue with what Museveni touched on – that Kibaki lacks legitimacy to govern.

    Mr. Annan will fail Kenyans and the world if he continues to seek publicity by issuing statements that have not been analyzed carefully.

  13. Otieno says:

    Interesting but CHILLING read this is (from another blog)


    PNU must carefully think through this attempt to discredit Raila in Langata. Putting him in jail is worse. That said, in the quest for justice for all, Livondo must also get justice. ODM must not be seen as scuttling any efforts by PNU to blacklist Raila. Kenyans will decide. Maybe it’s just me but does this sound like advise from Museveni? Kenya is not Uganda……as we all have seen so far.

    I digress. It seems to me that Moi, knowing that Germany is too far away this time around, has faked back pains in order to be admitted and therefore reside within the safety of Nairobi Hospital. With his loud silence and now opportune hiding tactics, Moi has left Mr. Kibaki to face the music….of a stolen election. His plan is in anticipation of the collapse of the country in about 72 hours. He hopes to be evacuated on health grounds; in actuality, fly out of a burning country at breakneck speed.
    As we speak, there are rumors that very senior operatives in PNU are rushing, heads over heels, to foreign embassies in search of visas to anywhere. Nyamweya has secured a visa to Sweden while Kalonzo will be visiting SA. It is understood that during the meeting with Kofi, Kivuitu requested an urgent UN sponsored flight out of Kenya. For him and his family. In return, he would disclose those who pistol whipped him into announcing a flawed election result. The reality is that all PNU MPs outside of Central and Eastern province are holed up in Nairobi hotels and cannot travel to their rural homes.

    Other news reaching me seem to suggest that the Kambas are not very happy with where Kalonzo has led them. While they unanimously voted for Kalonzo, in their minds, they were also voting for change…..one of miraculous proportions. When Kalonzo spoke of miracles, they thought he was referring to a new constitution…not just the vice presidency. It is for this reason that Kalonzo has refused to go to Mwingi for a grand PNU financed homecoming party. Although they will lay their lives down for their son, they do not want to be seen as overtly and or dangerously supporting the status quo Kibaki or PNU. Word on the streets of Machakos is that Kalonzo has duped them and pitted them against most Kenyans. It is also fast emerging to Kalonzo himself that his role in the fabricated Kibaki regime is that of ‘poster boy’. The man is in great panic, esp. now that his father Moi has abandoned him and is about to jump ship. All the same, they are all getting ready incase the hooligans they have transported to Naivasha fail to stop the triumphant march of freedom and justice to Nairobi.

    All indications point at Naivasha being the final site of the mother of all battles. Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Kibaki has no control of the armed forces. It is for this very reason that he has opted to imbibe in the services of a uniformed Mungiki. Discontent within our ‘very Kalenjin’ armed forces is reaching boiling point. If Naivasha spills over, then we should all brace ourselves for life under the hail of machine gun bullets.

  14. tnk says:

    kofi annan was already partisan. he was head of UN security council that watched impotently while the massacres in rwanda took place.

    the only credible support for this injustice has been from the EU but do not know how long that will last.

    we have already walked the extra mile and found nothing but deceit. the options are now over. Annan will not deliver anything new other than legitimise kibaki.

    a showdown is inevitable. ODM pentagon has to ensure maximum round the clock security and not recognize any court process.

    i too also thought that we had an army made of men and women of steel and high moral standard. I was mistaken. funny thing is that most armed forces guys are on the healthy side of life on account of peace, but those scrawny guys in uniform do not resemble the regular army chaps we come across.

    As suggested by many others, ODM should forget about Annan set a liberation movement to start governance of an independent 6 provinces and break away from central/eastern. give those resistance fighters in the six provinces legitimacy to fight colonisation by central/eastern and their militia. let this continue to be what it has always been i.e a liberation struggle and not just be turned into a free for all. we nede to be liberated from corruption and sleaze, dominance and arrogance, and re-colonisation by a few central based elite.

  15. Baijo says:

    This kibaki and his mungiki followers cannot overrun the mighty peoples army. We need to defend our people from more murders and harrassment by kibaki. ODM supporters voted for change and not kiling and senseless murders.

  16. Jane says:

    Dear ODMers don’t we need to first know what this extra mile our leaders are talking about is all about?. In democracy, are we not entitled to Independent thinking like we do in our everyday life, then we can also give them our opinion. I believe our medulla oblangata is still functional.

    Who said what our political leaders say or are saying is gospel truth. They also want to protect their interests. I repeat what I have said before, they have already secured their monthly 500,000+ allowances the day they went to parliament and signed those contracts. Then the next day they told us to close our small businesses and go to the
    streets to face the wrath of law enforcers. Of late these same political leaders ( ODM included) are in conferences discussing CDF. Some of us are not sure how we shall meet our month’s financial obligations. The selfish fellows will not lend even 5/=.My friends do not be deceived by politicians to extend their interests.

    Our children in Kisumu and Rift Valley must go back to school !!.
    Businesses in these regions must re-open, tea workers must go back to the farms, farmers must take their produce to the market! roads must open! how do we take the sick to hospital when roads are blocked by a few mis-guided men, destruction of property must stop!. The law must deal firmly with all those funding and inciting the young men to cause havoc! Justice must be done and those who have destroyed property and lives taken to task! God give courage to those who have lost whatever they have lost, be it loved ones or property to forgive their transgressors for revenging to stop!.

    Talking about re-run or steping down is not realistic. why?
    1. No one even the international community will accept to a re-run as elections will not be free and fair.Displaced persons, hurt, in hospital, killed.Even with Annan talking about serious human rights abuses in Rift Valley & Nyanza, and mentioning that destruction is not about election results.They possibly know more than we do.
    2.Boycotts-Can’t work in a capitalist country. If ODMers boycott companies owned by PNU friendly persons, PNU sympathisers boycott ODM friendly companies. Businessmen won’t buy this idea. Who wants to run down their company because of politicians!
    3.President stepping down- Not possible. ODM lawyer Orengo in an NTV interview recently said after getting to Nairobi from Ugenya on 29th he said that he is the one who told his odm counterparts that he suspected something was going on.All party agents went to tally the votes throughout the night and they agreed. Further,KTN results announced by Mudavadi on 29th were incomplete with some polling stations missing and they had relied on telephone calls. ECK already disowned the pollster who said he witnessed rigging.They said ECK does not know him and he has never worked for ECK. Remember, Kibaki has his men too including Mutula.
    4.Mass action. This will face the wrath of law enforcers.
    5.We may be here talking but we are not aware what the police have gathered about the destruction and mass killings.

    Elections or no elections we must move on with our lives.

  17. rafiq says:

    Bloggers baffling news but its true. Money was contributed by our opponents to recruit new Mungikis to cause terror. A total of 13 million shillings. The contributors are starting second round of contributions.

    Urgently ask all odm MPs to get buses urgently and transport our members from Nyanza. Let the women stay at home to take care of the children. This is going to be a long battle in all quarters.

    Lets have Koffi Annan give us the road map. He should tell us when elections are to be held.

    We want an Odm govt should this not work.

    Kibaki has no intention of giving up power. We need alternatives sooner than later.

  18. rafiq says:

    I meant our members from Naivasha and Nakuru to friendly areas or rural homes. This is the first priority. Please can the pentagon help please.

  19. Jane says:

    ODMers, the reality is that our MP’s betrayed us the very day they took their opposition seats in parliament, took oath of office as prescribed and signed their contracts. The whole idea of re-run , transitional arrangements, mass protests, sanctions, etc won’t take-off . Let’s refuse to be held hostage by politicians.

    The urgency for now is to have security reinforced , those displaced re-settled, justice enforced on perpetrators of the violence, those affected counselled and asked not to revenge. Reconciliation and forgiveness no matter how difficult is what we need now. Our children in Rift Valley and Luo Nyanza need to go to school and Farmers need to take their produce to the market! Why should we start creating poverty for our people then start crying foul!! May God help us.

  20. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:



    any time I ask you to validate certain issues and provide answers to burning questions, you disappear only to resurface when you assume topics have changed. I know, you hold people from other communities with a lot of contempt ! am on your case and I as many other bloggers need answers as to why you are ‘animals’ who are more equal than others. You can run all you want BUT cannot HIDE. You are supposed to draw for me parallels between police killing us in Kisumu and Mungiki being escorted to butcher people in Naivasha!

    Pentagon, walking an extra mile is not surrendering. Kofi Annan MUST know that we are watching! we are so tired of your concessions. You must come out strongly and real the riot act.

    Finally, personally do not support cessession BUT, IF the madness of an Entire Nation disturbs a Solitary mind, It’s not enough to say the man is MAD!

  21. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Am almost certan now that u’ll hide, only to resurface when u think i’ll have forgotten! U r mistaken; I need answers!


    any time I ask you to validate certain issues and provide answers to burning questions, you disappear only to resurface when you assume topics have changed. I know, you hold people from other communities with a lot of contempt ! am on your case and I as many other bloggers need answers as to why you are ‘animals’ who are more equal than others. You are supposed to draw for me parallels between police killing us in Kisumu and Mungiki being escorted to butcher people in Naivasha!

    Pentagon, walking an extra mile is not surrendering. Kofi Annan MUST know that we are watching! we are so tired of your concessions. You must come out strongly and real the riot act.

    Finally, personally do not support cessession BUT, IF the madness of an Entire Nation disturbs a Solitary mind, It’s not enough to say the man is MAD!

  22. mumias says:

    Kibaki and his team are not serious about this, I really believe that he has not been moved by scenes of people fighting each other and the country descending into anarchy. The only solution they are searching is one that keeps him at the helm.

    I genuinely believe that a cheat never prospers, the truth of the matter is thus, Kibaki is a lame duck president, he has no authority. ODM control most of the major cities local governments and control the legislative.

    As painful as it seems, I would rather ODM now pull us back from the brink. I believe those hard choices can only be made by us. Kibaki will only make these choices after the country has completed disintegrated into chaos.

    I’m not joinning Mike, Jane and other Mutuaists but saying that we should pull back from the brink, show leadership, it will not be cowardice but merely saving us from going back another 10 years from where we are.


    Now I know the call is we ODM want Justice. Well I feel it is about time our legislators earned their keep, remember we will hold them to account.
    -We should not take up any cabinet positions and give legitimacy to Kibaki
    -We should come up with comprehensive reforms that we can bulldoze into law, reforms on ECK, reforms to increase CDF,greater autonomy of Local governments
    -The PSC should investigate the electoral results, PSC has the power and can confirm what really went on in KICC

    Listen I’m not backing down but looking at the bigger picture. If we find that Kibaki cheated his way into State house, we can move a vote of no confidence in him. My reading of the constitution seems to suggest only a majority is needed, and even if it is 65% required then if it is established RO actually won, we can easily lobby the independents to pass Keter Bill to protect MP’s and then call a vote of no confidence.

    We want Justice, but we must first ask at what cost. When I read about Livondo at the OP house, Kibaki not even mentioning the election dispute, the whole “duly elected” fiasco! KIBAKI is not serious about this.

    The biggest challenge will be to hold off our supporters, but if there was ever a man who could reach out to a people and talk to their hearts, RO could!
    Further this would also be a major test of some of our legislators, will they bring us the change or sell out to Kibaki and his cronies. I would rather fight them than the poor fighting each other

  23. Maru Kapkatet says:

    CC: Human Rights Watch hrwnyc@hrw.org reagrding your article:

    “Opposition leaders are right to challenge Kenya’s rigged presidential poll, but they can’t use it as an excuse for targeting ethnic groups.”

    Georgette Gagnon, acting Africa director at Human Rights Watch

    My response is as follows:


    There are a number of Kenyan politicians, including Kalenjins, who are so envious and fearful of Hon. William Ruto’s immense popularity in Kenya that they will go to any length to manufacture all sorts of falsehoods to try and malign his name.

    Last year, before the general elections, Hon. William Ruto was attacked in Kisii along with Hon. Magara by Nyachae’s hooligans. The reaction, on learning, of the attack was immediate as Hon. Ruto’s supporters in Kericho mounted roadblocks and attacked buses and matatus from Kisii. After the attack in Kisii, Mr. Ruto did not go to Kericho to organize the reprisal attacks.

    On December 27, after his own election victory, Mr. William Ruto travelled to Nairobi to monitor and await the tallying of presidential votes along with other Pentagon members. Hon. William Ruto does not have divine power to see into the future. Like other Pentagon members, he was sure that Hon. Raila Odinga would be declared the winner as he was leading and indeed won the presidency.

    Mr. Ruto could not have foreseen that Kibaki was going to steal the presidency. How could he then organize his supporters in Eldoret to react to the theft of the presidency the way they did? Mr. Ruto has spent most of the time since December 27, 2007 in Nairobi fighting along with other Pentagon members for justice. Mr. William Ruto does not own a secret broadcasting station which broadcasts only to Eldoret and other parts of Rift Valley telling people to defend themselves and their rights in a certain way.

    I saw the report by Human Rights Watch and, in my view, I thought it was amateurish for them to write such a report without getting correct and unassailable facts. It was laughable that the Human Rights Watch report quoted some people, whom they labelled as Kelanjins, as incriminating themselves. Does HUman Rights Watch want us to believe that Kalenjins are so dumb as to incriminate themselves so obviously as they appear to have done in their report?

    I do not deny that some leaders may have encouraged or precipitated some human rights abuses but genuine and thorough investigations must be carried out and the truth established before publishing anything in the public domain. Human Rights Watch must be extremely careful not to become an gent of human rights abuses in Kenya and elsewhere instead of doing its part to prevent and/or address them.

    There are many Kikuyus in Eldoret and indeed everywhere in Rift Valley who speak Kalenjin. One could come forward and pretend to be a Kalenjin and tell a false story. What steps did Human Rights wtach take to establish the true identity of such impostors? Who were Human Rights Watch handlers in Eldoret?

    Even if it was indeed a Kalenjin who gave such a story, Human Rights Watch should not have taken at as the truth without further investigations. There are clergy who pretend to the world that they are doing God’s will and telling the truth when in fact they are doing their lover’s bidding. This is a world of deception and Human Rights Watch should not be deceived by someone wearing a priest’s collar that they are telling the truth. In Kenya, you have to corroborate anything you are told until you can vouch for its veracity before accepting it.

    I also suspect that there are some Kalenjin politicians who were rejected by the elctorate and would do anything to derail Hon. William Ruto’s bright political future. Human Rights Watch should have tried as best they could to establish that the “Kalenjins” they found to admit that they were organized into doing what they did were, not only real Kalenjins, but were also not working for such rejected politicians as Nicholas Biwott and Gideon Moi.

    While I cannot say for sure that the reaction in Eldoret to the the brutal announcement by Kivuithu that “Kibaki is the winner” was entirely spontaneous, I know for a fact that Kalenjins had rejected Kibaki since 2003 when he sacked en-masse Kalenjins from government positions and declared that their Title Deeds were worthless pieces of paper.

    Kalenjins had embraced Hon. Raila Odinga as their leader, gave him a Kalenjin name, “Arap Mibey”, crowned him a Kalenjin elder, and worked hard to get him elected president of Kenya. Amongst many Kalenjin voters, Hon. Raila Odinga and his party of ODM ware in their hearts. They would say “Mi mikuleldo ODM”, that is, ODM is in their hearts.

    Like everyone, Kalenjins followed the tallying of the presidential votes and Raila was on course to victory until obviously in the last minute the victory was stolen from him and given to Kibaki.

    Apart from rejected Kalenjin politicians who must be funding and spearheading malicious campaigns against Hon. William Ruto, there is also Kibaki’s side. Kibaki and his people knew from long ago that they would lose the elections but they were confident that they will steal it and suprress protests by Luos within the shortest time possible.

    What took Kibaki and his side by surprise is the determined support and loyalty that the people of Rift Valley have given Hon. Raila Odinga. They did not expect it and they know that as long as Kalenjins, Luos, and Luyhas are working together they will never be able to subdue Hon. Raila Odinga. The Kibaki side is doing everything to malign Hon. Ruto, the undisputed Kalenjin leader, in the hope of dispersing Kalenjins into disarray and in the process weakening Hon. Raila Odinga.

    It is unfortunate that Human Rights Watch., who may have been invited to Eldoret and chaperoned around by Kibaki’s people chose to publish a potentailly-explosive report without hearing all sides and digging deeper for the truth. In so doing, Human Rights Watch, has reduced itself into an agent of abuse rather than a protector against abuse.

    My request to you, Human Rights Watch, is to do more investigations on this article and correct all false accusations that you may have inadvertently published.

    You asked why Kenyans could not complain about Kibaki’s rigging of elections without resorting to ethnic clashes as happened in Eldoret.

    The answer is that Kibaki has a stranglehold on the courts as well as the security forces. Kibaki has populated the High Court and Court bof Appeal with his people and getting justice is impossible. As for security forces, Kibaki ensured that the Minister in charge, his assistant, permanent secretary, and majority of police officers in charge of police divisions. With such formidable apparatus, the offended tribes may have been forced to fend their anger on their neighbours. This is a theory and need to be investiagted further.

  24. jenny says:

    IN case you were wondering what exactly is the fighting in Kenya about……fascinating


    especially for those who always seem to not want peace…how much land do you own?

  25. tnk says:


    please explain your statement

    “especially for those who always seem to not want peace…how much land do you own?”

    I dont get it

  26. kip says:

    GUYS … odm NEED TO BACK DOWN … we will lose the whole country guys… lets live to fight another day….

  27. kip says:

    mumias i agree with you… we need to back down or else this country will cease to exsist

  28. jenny says:

    tnk That is realted to the article attached. If you read how many thousands of acres some people have it really is mind boggling. How can one person own 52,000 acres?? What is that and in areas that people are suffering and they do not even assist them. Did they acquire this land all at once? I doubt so some grabbing had to occur, hence the violence today. My point was there are a few people you find in the blogs who seem to protest too much …sometimes you have a feeling …well maybe they are the ones who are encouraging these clashes to cover up the thousands that they own. I am actually disgusted to see that people can be suffering in areas like kibera and huruma and working hard…and that is ALL Kenyans and you find a person who has not even held a real job like a few mentioned in the article own so much.

  29. tnk says:

    jenny thx. i tho’t so. think there was a “not” that inadvertently sneaked into the statement

    have you ever read this report?


  30. tnk says:

    jenny, thx. tho’t so. think there was a “not” that inadvertently sneaked into the statement.

    have you ever read this report?


  31. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Is it true that MELITUS MUGABE WERE; ODM MP for Embakasi has been Assassinated???????????????

  32. rafiq says:

    True were is dead, these guys ar on assasination spree

  33. kip says:

    NAIROBI, January 29 – Newly Elected Embakasi Member of Parliament Melitus Were was shot dead by gangsters in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

    He was accosted by the men as he drove into his Woodly home shortly after 1am and shot on the head.

    He was rushed to a Nairobi hospital but pronounced dead on arrival.

    Nairobi Deputy Provincial Police Boss David Ndegwa said nothing was stolen from him.

    Ndegwa said investigations have been launched into the killing.

  34. rafiq says:

    Urgent priority to our nwly elected MPs: Can we please get our people out of Naivasha, and Nakuru urgently

  35. Otieno says:

    Oh my God! Mugabe Were killed!

  36. faith says:

    GOOD LORD!!!!!!! what is happening to the country now Mugabe Were is dead killed by hired goons who rode in a white saloon car obviously this is not a normal thuggery this was a well planned assassination and now Embakasi has erupted as early as 6am people are rioting where is Kibaki he has failed us he should resign and allow a strong focused leadership to steer this country imagine now how the Luhyas will feel that a son from there community has been killed i see more blood shed.

  37. hekima NAAMINI says:

    Walking the exra mile… What I say what. stp the walking and lets go ahead.Now we have reach apoiny of no return . NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER. ALUTA CONTINUA. DEMOCRACY FOR DEMOCRACY. AN EYE FOR AN EYE.


  38. rafiq says:

    Guys we are going back to pre1982, where assasinations were the order of the day. Its unfortunate lets try to ensure security for all especially our leaders and those living in minority ares for now.

    I beg that before we react lets try to ensure security and transport for people in central and adjacent areas as a priority. Ensure we have security for our mps please. TDo they want to deliberately reduce our voting block in parliament by assasinations? Or is this a provocation to violence. The police are failing.

  39. Amani says:

    How much more blood do we need to shed? The whole country is bleeding.

  40. kanyeka says:

    We have just learnt of the sudden death of Mr. Mellitus Mugabe Were Embakasi MP who was shot dead.
    On behalf of the Orange Bloggers, I would like to offer our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy.

    The loss of any ODM MP is a devastating at this crucial moment of need. Our thoughts are with the family and all those in the ODM, Pentagone, the area he represented and all who were close to Him


  41. kanyeka says:

    Please! Please! This is not a luyhia son he is the son of the ODM the son of people who wanted change the son of Embakasi people. I magine how kenyans will react after the news.
    Faith have you seen the error in your coment???

  42. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Curiously, AMANI you have resurfaced…I still need answers! Your agents have run out of ideas and now resorting to political assassinations……shame on you!!!!

  43. Jane says:

    May God almighty console Mr. Were’s relatives. It’s too difficult to bear. No words. Really its too shocking and only him who did not live to tell the story, whoever did it and God knows exactly what caused all this or what exactly caused all this. Our speculation may be wrong or right.

    ODMers please let us urge our people to stop violence and revenge. Our ODM leaders are loosing credibility by the day. First the private sector are complaining that an election dispute does not warrant destruction of property, displacement of people, as some workers especially in tea estates have been displaced, and killing of people. Mungiki is revenging as they say ODM started it all in Eldoret, Kibera and Kisumu. Our leader RAO is said to have said ODM will turn the country into an Ivory Coast. The private sector alliance is not amused by all this. Please let us also be seen to be civilised.

    Walking the extra mile?. Yes. Stop violence and lets get back to work. We need to meet our financial obligations.

  44. Omuto says:

    Mugabe Were’s death is not just a big blow to Kenya but to democracy. Can somebody tell me please. During the election of the speaker a few weeks ago, there was a major showdown between ODM and PNU & its affiliate parties. Marende carried the day, of course. Now. There was this statement that was made by Kabando wa Kabando about “PNU sympathizers from ODM who were my classmates. THEY TOLD ME they have been threatened by their fellow ODM MPs with violence if they vote for somebody else other than Marende.” Well, eventually, ODM voted as a block, without any hint of betrayal.

    From the heat that generated in parliament that day, we all sensed that money had earlier own exchanged hands and the sponsors were working round the globe to ensure that the recipients “voted wisely”. There was a definite betrayal in the house and the PNU fellows didnt take it lightly. Two weeks down the line, one of our own is dead. My question is two way. One, could Mugabe Were be amongst the clever few who ate from PNU and voted for ODM (that’s why somebody should find out if the late was Kabando wa Kabando’s classmate. This could be the first hint in knowing whom this wise men who said kula kwa government lakini kura kwa Marende. The remaining few might be the next in the firing line and once we know them, they can be saved from the assassin’s bullet) Two, is this a way of reducing our numbers in parliament to pave way for the illegitimate government winning both out and in parliament? And if so, why Mugabe Were?

  45. Omuto says:

    Or could this be yet another diversionary tactic by the Kibaki government?

  46. tnk says:

    Deepest sympathy and condolences to family, relatives, friends and ODM supporters everywhere on the tragic death of Mugabe Were.

  47. Yego says:

    May God rest his soul in eternal peace!!!!

  48. kanyeka says:

    I knew! I knew! That RAO statement will be turned to your comment above If only you were not around on what RAO said in his first press statement about the election dispute, then here is the correct one and whoever heard the statement will agree with me.
    He urged kivuitu (ECK) to first of all solve it terming it a small issue that can be resolved before announcing the result. He went on saying that Ivory Coast went the same way and warned him not let it go that way.
    Please can somebody who was following the proceedings help me explain better to this raila haters?

  49. Mike Okello says:

    My heartfelt Sympathies on the Death of Hon. Were the MP for Embakasi, we’d rather be agents of Peace, Its Unfortunate that as things are getting out of control, we are still inciting each other for more Havoc!

    Indeed, Agent for Change, This is INCITEMENT over INCITEMENT, People have forgotten your question, You need to repeat the question, to bring the Discussion back to order………….

    The ODM Captain is categorical that he is ready to walk the extra mile to solve the Kenyas political crisis. Do you belive our opponents are ready?

    The extra mile means accepting what you hoped to have, so that one more life can be saved! It Means giving up what is purportedly your right so that elsewhere, a life can be saved, It means obeying the law, in order avoid deadly alternatives to the same, It means, looking foolish before your worshipers, supporters or followers, for the sake of posterity, it means HUMBLING ONESELF, as a sacrifice for peace, that today’s newborn may live, to be an adult.

    We have a responsibility, IF THIS WAS THE CHANGE, lets give it up and Hereafter seek peace, and pursue it. Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God. While you at times, may not necessarily agree with me on the biblical principles, You will agree with me, on the Sanctity of Life. No life is more equal than the other. I am ready to walk an extra mile, so that the offspring still in the womb, can see the light of day, come tomorrow.

    He is Faithful, That Promised!

  50. Obonyo says:

    Yes Maru Kapkatet i agree with you if there are people who want this country to disintergrate is those called Human rights watch.Its not only Eldoret where people died what a bout luos and luhyas killed in Huruma and Kariobangi by Mungiki youths no body has come to these areas to do the investigation coz these are animals not people.Let them try to arrest any pentagon member if they are men enough
    For Luhyas bloggers its high time you tell your leaders be gentlemen who can stand up and be counted we were disappointed by some of ur MPs during speakers election in parliament.Marende is ur son but infortunately some of ur mps did vote for him only later after he was sworn in when people like Wekesa and Shitanda went to him saying mulamuwa mulwamula.Now they have killed ur son we want to know what are you going to do.Okello plz where do u live?

  51. Murogi wa Kagogo says:


    Just like you I was following the events leading to the announcement of the fraudulent results.RAO appealed several times captured by electronic and print media,for Kivuitu and ECK to look into the issues raised.And during that press conference he gave an example using Ivory Coast ,which is where it is today as a result of riiged elections.
    Jane and other PNU sympathiser are best known for twisted logic,this is not a suprise.
    They will say anything to justify the vote theft ,try diversionary tactics ,am afraid that will not work at this time,the matter is so GRAVE,our country is on the verge of collapse because some people are afraid of the TRUTH,only the truth shall set the country free.Prayers must be corroborated and supported by truth,God does not condone hypocrisy ,the THIEF MUST REPENT BEFORE CARDINAL NJUE.

  52. kanyeka says:

    About helping Limuru, Naivasha & Nakuru victims do you know that whatever you donate at every supermarket only goes to displaced pple in the “camp” yet nobody is concerned about the above who are now suffering. They are not just being chased they are killed gruesomely as everybody watches.

  53. Akinyi says:

    Dear ODMers, I am realy hurting, deepest sympathy to the family, what annoyed me most is that the shameless police teargased the home of Mugabe the widow and the children choked! can u believe that!!!. This is assasination and Kibaki and his stupid ‘government’ must answer.

  54. crateturner says:

    latest news GSU has just know tear gused weres home imagine inside the house what the hell is going on in our country?

  55. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    MIKE-JANE-AMANI-PATO must be very happy beings now! When comfronted with real issues they duck! Now they are back shedding crocodile tears! I wish I knew where you live!!!!!

  56. kanyeka says:

    Murogi wa kagogo

    Thanks for explaining better than me I thought I was only the one who heard him say so.
    These raila haters think people are kids by the way they twist the principles that guide reasoning within a given situation to be illogic but they are not smart.
    A very good example is these guys purporting to be ODM sympathizers while they are RAILA haters.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    RAO….my patience has run out!!! Out and down with the dogs…. tell us your next plan. Give Kibaki a deadline of next week. Personally I am ready, for how long are we going to watch our people die? Do you want us to watch this people butchering and killing our morales?

    BULLSHIT PEACE MEDIATION! I’ve said it before and now I can see people seeing my point – let us forge ahead on our own. What are we waiting for? Why are buying time? WE ARE DYING!

  58. ilayesa of south B says:

    For real our opponents are not ready for peace, they have shown these by deploying mungiki an illegal group to take over in Nakuru and Naivasha. I take this opportunity to urge RAO and pentagon to look for a way through which they will give us another country comprising of the the 6 provinces we won to make our own country and leave them Kenya that will only comprise of two provinces namely central and eastern. Those with us from central and eastern will be welcomed in our new country that will be free from tribalism and nepotism. Those guys from central have already shown us their army( mungiki) and we should be armed with our own army or else they will finish us.

  59. Amani says:

    Mudekhere Owiti Silas

    I have said in this forum before that i DO NOT advocate for violence as a means to democracy. I have been saddened and astounished by the death of ALL KENYANS who were killed by the POLICe and FELLOW Kenyans for the stand they took politically. LIFE IS SACRED…and

    If your wrath against me is because of the article that i put up. I just wanted to share with my comrades here of what is being posted on the International Media.. I did not write it but in essence i did agree partly with the author that the Election Flaws and Irregularities were a SPARK and not a CAUSE to the Violence.

    Any one who celebrates because an opponent has been killed should be wary of the hand of God.

  60. Clifford says:

    Raila, read the signs of the times, please..lets not waste time mediating with rogue murderers, lets kill these people, i have no time to waste, death and more death to all our adversaries! We outnumber the Kikuyus 8:1 we can wipe them from the surface of the earth! And what about the likes of Equity, Nginyo towers, silver springs hotels, why cant these things catch fire? Am calling on all our supporters to launch a massive offensive that these poeple will never forget, remember they have only central to seek refuge..and we can sorround and finish them in a sweep, please in the words of JFK, The country needs us more riight now..Those City hoppas shoulkdnt be operating at all!

  61. tnk says:

    this article was insightful


    but we’ve had enough of all this talk. its time for action. I agree with Eunice in a recent post, lets get back to mass action and sustained economic boycott. Let the message be clear to all past, present and future political and public institutions leaders that we expect everything to be above board and carried out with integrity. no more mediocrity, ineptitude, cronyism, corruption and its related evils. And if the PNU axis is unable to differentiate the truth, justice and spirit of the ODM fight against injustice then let us start the process to be separated to form the two independent states each leaning to their own biases. somehow the real reasons for change have been swept under the rug, and the tribal monster replaced and clouded all reasoning. it began with the need for increased transparency, accountability, good governance etc and even the guys in central/eastern demonstrated the same by voting out most that they perceived to lack the credibility. then we all lost it with the presidency whereas central/eastern think Kibaki is ok, the rest of us though different but thats water under the bridge now. too late to change and reverse all that, but we can stop hating if we move our separate ways. self determination/autonomy and secession for the 6 provinces against kibaki or better put as for ODM leadership. we can negotiate trade and remobilization of the largely dysfunctional resource logistics as we rebuild broken trusts and relationships

  62. jaugenya says:

    These guy are not willing to let go even if 1million kenyans die they will not , the only other options for R is to arm up and take back whats ours or take up the opposition benches and wait for “miaka ingine tano”.

  63. Mike Okello says:

    I’m currently living and working in Kenya.

    This talk of dividing the country into two (Nyanza, RV, Coast and Western for ODM and Central Eastern, Nairobi and NEP for PNU) is also being overheard in some of the Nairobi’s Kindergartens over lunch hours. Elsewhere then, i think it is Misplaced.

    What demeans all the inciting comments here suggesting WAR, WAR and more WAR, is just the fact that nobody writing here has an experience of dying innocently. We are all novices when it comes to dying. Hence the faked up courage towards death. the test of death is only in dying! You do not have to be honest with me be honest with yourself. Do you want to be the next ‘Matyr to water the famous tree of Justice’, then go to the streets in person, stop commissioning people to mass action through a blog!You are preaching water, KINDLY take water!

    We need one Kenya after all. I commend the leadership for the ongoing talks, I am very optimistic. This Nation is God’s, Only God will call the Final shot, and we will follow. For before this Generation ever was, HE IS.

  64. dawayamoto says:

    M okello

    If our ancestors shared your cowardice we would not be free today ,you are the type who would rather live as a slave than dies as a free person .Our very dignity is in question here, while the mungiki are being supplied with weapons bought by our own money you prefer to see R and kibaki drinking tea in the hope for peace.If you are not in nairobi let it be known that mungiki have penetrated the interior of western kenya and are thirsty for non Gema blood, so tell me should we wait for Kibaki to serve another cup of rich kenya “tea”or defend ourselves.

  65. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    A day has passed and we are still counting, when the sword of justice is going to come down. The other side has called ODM’s bluff and the mad men are still shouting themselves hose, what a pity. The otherside has declared enough is enoug its not about property its about respect.
    Respect is not bought, but earned. People cannot continue destroying life like toilet paper, though you don’t know what that is.
    You cannot controll this, They have shown they can do it too. Tuff Luck.

    Live and let live. This was not part of the plan. you cannot destroy life anymore.

  66. preeti says:

    They preach water and take wine…..They agree with their mouths yet their hearts are full of hatred and evil. It doesnt matter what covenant was made…it doesnt matter where it was made..He who sees the Heart of men has come down to expose them in broad day light. AFTER REPENTANCE WATCH AND SEE…IT WILL BE JOY AGAIN. they plan as men…but GOD has authority to PULL them down.

  67. mumias says:

    Agent for change, I think another tread on the mediation talks is a good idea.
    With regards to that subject. I believe that ODM should look to come up with the following resolutions:

    Peace/Ceasefire-Immediate lifting of the ban so that Leaders can go and speak to their supporters and help in calming down the situation on the ground. I would like to see MP’s firstly preparing the groundwork and make way for Raila and Kibaki to together do an extensive tour of the troubled regions to show Kenyans that they may have serious disagreements politically but as Kenyans they are united in the common purporse of seeking peace

    Justice-I called the above peace/ceasefire because I believe long standing peace will only be realized through effective Justice. The first point of call is this disputed elections. We know PNU is steadfast in that ODM has to go to court, well I believe that a reasonable concession would be for the government to commit to the establishment of a judicial commission composed of both Kenyan judiciary and of the Commonwealth judiciary as allowed by law on a 50-50 basis to investigate the election dispute in a public transparent manner. The two could then agree prior to be bound by the recommendations and the findings be bound to a specific time span of 3 months.
    The commission should have powers and legal course to be able to order a re-count, re-tally or a fresh elections and be able to set the rules for the new elections.

    Reconciliations-The people who have been behind the instigation of what has been gross and systematic targeting of communities on both sides need to be held accountable. I believe KNHRC should be given the opportunity to fully investigate this issue. Both although both sides have been guilty, I believe some gangs and militia have taken advantage to pursue their own agenda, these people need to be held to account.
    I believe the truth will come out that RO was the legitimate elected president and we will need to ensure that we address the issues such as that of Land in a very non partisan way. We have the majority so we could force our way, however what is needed is a sober and whole embracing solution that includes our political foes in the conception of a solution. as Marende, in democracy, the minority must have their say and the majority their way.

  68. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! The truth always has a way of ppping its ugly face and funnily enough in those moments when you least expect it! Truth will come out and too soon Kibaki will be caught unawares!

    Forget about Mike… this man should know that if people din’t fight to liberate themselves, then he will still be cleaning his rear end with leaves, or sticks! Man are’nt you pretending? Go to church and preach there! This is a blogg boy, better still punlish a bible and make money out of it. Stop wasting your time here!

    On a second thought though, lets give the Annan Peace talks a chance, and see where it takes us. Mike let me join you and help you preach for once, I am also very optimistic about the talks with Annan! We all need this country, but if some crooked minds think that they need it more than us then – POOR MAN KENYA WILL BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NON OF US! Case rested.

  69. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Second day, As planned and thought out, Eastlands is calm as sea, We the owners( Born and Raised) of Nairobi (Mtaa) will not allow any particular group to come from upcountry or the West for that matter to survive and lord over us in our own city and homes.

    We will defend our home by Tooth n’ Nail and Bullets for BLOOD.

    Whether you are Luo or Kalenjin, the Blood of our brother MR.Were- The peacemaker. will be paid back a thousand times. We know he refused to be dictated too and we know someone killed him for political mileage. No one will destroy our BELOVED GREEN CITY IN THE SUN. In the neigbhoods, we know each other from childhood and we know those who came from upcountry, we know your characteristics. You cannot hide and will not escape. If you think Nakuru or Naivasha is anything to go by you are making a very dangerous conclusion. You will be surprised to see your own turn against you.
    We are not Taliban, Bagdhad boyz or Mungikii we are the TRUE URBAN BRIGADE.

    You can continue your envy of our city NAIROBI. But back off and leave us alone. Furthermore you never see us coming to your “JIMBO’S” for Hand-out’s, Jobs or Land, We are the citizens of the capital and we are capitalistic in nature.

  70. Collins Ocholla says:

    I believe that kibaki and his team are only ready to walk the path that leads to their own interest. I wonder why they have to convince every diplomat and international visitors coming to the country that Kibaki won the elections. I think that this should be seen and not shown. This are what makes the Kibaki team unable to make tough stances. I am trying to think back when Kibaki cried foul when Moi was named president, the same democratic rights he is denying Kenyans is the same democratic rights he perportedly fought for back in the days. I wonder how he will be looking at himself even if he is let to continue. No one is ready to invite him in their area. I wonder if he can make any peaceful public appaerences in the various parts of the country.
    Kalonzo is another man who should not even be talking to Kenyans as a man of justice and a symbol of peace. Better the devil we know than the Kalonzo we don’t know.

    I did not get out of a night shift work and stand for more than five hours without rest and eating so that my democratic rights be abused.

    It will be just a matter of time till Kibaki and his team start coming up with excuses and complaints in the current negotiations.

  71. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    It just struck me that this would be the right time to put our entrepreneurial skills to test. Right now Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda and other land locked countries need food and other essential amenities. We can now turn and become the suppliers. This way we will empower ourselves economically. Can we start by bottling water, drying fish, pottery, match sticks making, traditional mediecines, brick making, e.t.c meanwhile all vehicles passing to Uganda, Sudan, e.t.c should pass a cess which will go to the local council. Anybody with good business ideas can reach me on kenyaturncoat@gmail.com.
    To tackle Mungiki, and other insurgents I suggest the formation of W.O.L.F (Welfare of Luo Fighters). This will also be charged with the duty of protecting our interests throughout the East and Central region . Remember that the Luos are the biggest ethnic group in East and Central Africa. Japhodhla, Lango, Acholi, are all in the mix. Buy Luo, Build Luo.

  72. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    by council, i mean the KER council

  73. tnk says:


    don’t allow yourself to fall into the ethnic trap. over 80% from the six provinces have no problem working together politically, socially and economically and have no problem with leadership from any worthy individual. we also have many who’ve broken free from the ethnic chauvinism of central based elite. do not be misled by the biased media. the rest of us are in this together and if we must break the country to two units then so be it. its discouraging to see those who should know better, not ready to stand up and be counted but thats just how it is. funny thing is that if at all we get beyond this phase and there is some semblance of a breakthrough, these same guys will elbow past to be seen as leading the cause, thats just life.

  74. Mike Okello says:

    Elizabeth I hope you are a Lady, i am afraid your language is pretty nasty.

    I dare say ”The extra mile means accepting what you hoped to have, so that one more life can be saved! It Means giving up what is purportedly your right so that elsewhere, a life can be saved, It means obeying the law, in order avoid deadly alternatives to the same, It means, looking foolish before your worshipers, supporters or followers, for the sake of posterity, it means HUMBLING ONESELF, as a sacrifice for peace, that today’s newborn may live, to be an adult.

    I highly discourage the Revenge now being executed by the Kikuyu Community. We respect You the Kikuyus, please HOLD your peace. Vengeance belongs to God. Mungiki remains outlawed, and Mungiki are plainly thugs, no matter what angle you look at it from!

  75. BIG BROTHER says:


    a) the rich who don’t know.

    Many of Kenya’s rich supported and financed Kibaki’s campaign. I believe some of them must have known about the probable consequences of a rigged election, and thought that they would contain the mess.

    (b) the middle-class who wouldn’t care, as long as they get paid their salaries.

    Many of the worst hate-mongers on the Internet, even the war-mongers, are middle-class folk. In private discussions, there is bitterness.

    (c) lower class folk who are victims.

    Lower class folks have grievances related to land, social restrictions on freedom to live and do business, treatment at work, etc. Thus they are some of the most violent people in this madness. They are not simple victims. Some are tribalists.

  76. tnk says:

    the qtn by Big Brother above “which category are you?” really stumped me and got me thinking for a long time.

    first is the question of stereotyping, why are we so prone to stereotyping? because it is a psychological laxative and the panacea to many of our woes. it immediately heals any feeling of inadequacy, hurt, guilt and any other stupid excuse we may have. e.g a statement like “my guys got your guys back” immediately masks and exonerates the murderers, looters, rapists of our economy, governance and fellow citizens and almost elevates these thugs to super heros. “we” (my ethnic group) stole because “you” (your group) stole. funny thing is that its not the whole group that stole but just a few individuals for whatever reason that they may or may not truly disclose.

    you come across a guy that can hardly speak or write two sentences but they will tell you, “we have professors in my village”

    another guy scraping the bottom of poverty barrels in extreme poverty will beam and announce we control the economy. naturally the more “attractive” the qualities of the group, the more we want to associate. even christians have saved, spirit filled, etc

    so what is the middle class, having looked at the wealth distribution in kenya with the top 3 or 4 % controlling all of the economy and reamining 90+ combined owning less than half of the top, I think middle class is a mirthless joke good luck to those in this category. its the ruse from the top gluttons used to divide and rule, i.e at least you are better than those other guys but in truth they cannot differentiate.

    enough of the preamble. and now for my group

    my group is about to fail – we championed and cried out for an opportunity. we have been promised youth as the future leaders of tomorrow and we sang and shouted we are ready for it. then when the chips came down – we set on each other with matchetes and the very stereotypes we so abhored. we have commissioned militia, ignored truths, pointed fingers, raped and maimed, looted and other despicable horrors and proved that we are not ready to govern or lead. even those who had precious opportunity and time (Uhuru, Karua, Mungatana, Ruto, Mudavadi, Najib and others) are unable to break from this mold. I have for balance, unfairly included our honorable ODM leaders who I believe are fighting a just cause. I think of SKM, nyamweya, govt parrot and i start gagging.

    the PNU axis wants ODM to give in to injustice unconditionally while the ODM axis is unable to move forward if the injustices are uncorrected. in the meantime the nation burns by the hand of “future leaders”.

    “we” (stereotype group – 18yrs – 68yrs) had an opportunity to influence our leaders and seniors to make decisions befitting their status as well as mentor those who look up to us, but have instead become hatchet men/women. I know that 90% from this group when faced with a split or ambiguous decision or win are ready to attempt repeat to prove beyond reasonable doubt and establish due integrity and credibility. we can resit exams, re-run a marathon, rebuild a house etc if you get the drift. Our captain has repeatedly said, lets do the same so that its in plain sight of everyone, but we see no such movement from the other side. we do not fear to lose or win, we just demand that rules of fair play for the game are adhered to.

    which category am i – i am in the bracket of 18-68 yrs (if you prefer a more finer sub-divisions feel free to split it into a stereotype that stokes your ego better) unable to comprehend the following and in that order, the insistence on perpetuating the injustice of a fraudulent election process, continued employment of buffoons (ECK and other incompetent and inept public officials), unleashing of murderous gangs (militia, police, GSU or whatever) on fellow citizens, and then the incredulous demand to meet on a negotiating table to promote peace, while everything else is left unattended.

    i.e invite your friends over to your place, then you roll into the room a large and very foul smelling waste-bin, open the lid, direct an electric fan to propagate the smell in all directions (i.e spare no one), close all the windows, and offer them a meal (peace negotiation). if anyone is pumbavu enough to observe a funny smell they can either be given cash to shut up, a rolled up newspaper to fan themselves or air sanitizer for the more sensitive blocks (i.e middle class). i mean guys, come-on.

    to use some of those crazy idioms we are so fond of, “lets please agree to disagree” we have irreconcilable differences, that doesn’t mean we have to kill and smother each other. just split the administration of the country, into one lead by ODM leadership and the other by PNU.

    i’m confident that we “my group” in both units have the ability, skills and capacity to rebuild and prosper without the hate. “we” can accommodate and live with each other and work withing our mutually acceptable our leadership structures and with time evolve into more stronger units. in fact shed the “we” and everyone will participate in rebuilding a clean country with structures that ensure democratic principles and rules of justice and human rights are in force. the two units can still create economic support structures because thats the key reason for our co-existence, ie, trade and move products across. the biggest losers who will reject this tooth and nail are the owners of vast properties all over as described in the articles shared by Jenny and others, but as we have seen these guys are less than 10%, wata tuweza kweli? but we can always work out appriopriate and realistic compensation on a case by case, ama?

  77. tnk says:

    apologies to any those offended by the inference of mental constipation in my ramblings above.

  78. tnk says:

    still rambling on “professionals” in our public institutions

    i still have not recovered from the kvu2 interview on how he arrived at his decision.

    first there was sufficient cause to go through the mandatory 48 hour verification process, due to what has been alleged as gross or suspect misconduct of some of the presiding officers and officials at the tallying center.

    but that aside, here is a man in the final phase of his public service, faced with a decision that will affect 30m kenyans and our relationship and face presented to the international community. the greatest understatement in the world is that this man was about to make the single most important decision in his lifetime.

    i introduce a commercial break here – switch to vitimbi – this comical satire always has stereotype clowns breaking laws and towards the end of each episode there is a telling and educational/informative 5 minute education on the laws of kenya as the prosecutor and magistrate quote cap x section y of penal code of kenya, and then sentencing based on the law. do you get it, we have actors masquerading as law officers and doing a darn good job. obviously some research goes into these plays.

    end commercial break

    so one would expect n this interview that kvu2 when faced with this monumental decision to h would quote section k cap z of terms of reference but listen to the interview, he says

    “mimi ni na weakness fulani, inafika wakati halafu” … drum rolll … “ni na kata kauli kwaaa”

    what an anti-climax, first he identifies with a stereotype ( i.e i make my decision there and then. sounds a bit like SKM) so any manner of guilt or bungling is absolved or placated since he belongs to this super category of “fast/snappy decision makers”.

    so there we have it, a law officer, becoming an actor, what an irony. that vitimbi magistrate might have at least made some reference to the law. he goes on to say “alafu tuone vitu zitaendelea aje”

    what was the point of all that university training, experience, age old wisdom, etc if when faced with the most daunting challenge of your lifetime all you need to do is “k-k-k” kata kauli kwaa i.e close your eyes and then cant quite remember the rhyme … inky pinky … so you are it..


    I wonder how many have been put away and languishing in prisons based on such reasoning.

  79. Nick says:

    An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. The mess that Kivuitu put us in has to be corrected whether lives will be lost and property destroyed. Let us be prepared to take one step backward in preparation of making a leap forward in the future. Getting Kibaki out of power may seem impossible but remember most of the things worth doing in the world were declared impossible before they were done.

    The bible tells us that Joshua had seen the Promised Land but he was not allowed to enter. Instead he was forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years with cowards who didn’t believe as he did that they could conquer their enemies and possess the land. He could have given up in discouragement but he held on to Gods promise. How many of us see similarities here. Raila has seen the Promised Land. Let us not let him down because we are fearful about tomorrow. The future does not come all at once. It comes one day at a time so we will endure despite the hard times. We in ODM have a stand and we know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for justice. Our tactics may change from time to time or they may be opposed or ridiculed. Society is such that whatever position one holds and whether he is fighting for what people see is truly worthwhile, there will still be people opposing and ridiculing. But it doesn’t mean we will stop trying because we are not we are not in this to please people. This is not a popularity contest and we are not striving to win a popularity contest. We did that when we won the general elections. Remember whatever tactics our leaders come up with they are guided by convictions. The other lot is guided by greed and fear. Let us be prepared to go an extra mile and risk even our lives in fighting for our rights Whenever the blog administrator tells us to place our dreams and ideas in this forum we know we risk ridicule from cowards like a certain mike okello and company. But we also know that man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore. The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and ultimately becomes nothing. If we don’t fight this time for our rights, we risk becoming nothing and it’s this fear that should drive us on.

    However let us try as much as possible not to reduce this war to look like a tribal affair. Remember people like Njuguna Kariuki who has always been a very sober contributor and know that there are some very good Kikuyus out there. Would you like to harm them? Am saddened that he is no longer a contributor.

  80. Maggie Adhiambo says:

    Walk the extra mile, but, up to a point! We change Kenya NOW for the benefit of ALL Kenyans, or never. A government of national unity will not work. It did not work before and there is no reason to suppose things would be any different this time around. As they say, a leopard never changes his spots. We would like to see ODM walk the extra mile to give Kibaki an honourable exit because exit he needs to do, for the sake of Kenya.

  81. Maggie Adhiambo says:

    Walk the extra mile, but, up to a point! We change Kenya NOW for the benefit of ALL Kenyans, or never. A government of national unity will not work. It did not work before and there is no reason to suppose things would be any different this time around. As they say, a leopard never changes his spots. We would like to see ODM walk the extra mile to give Kibaki an honourable exit because exit he needs to do, for the sake of Kenya. ‘Dislodging a dictator is no easy task but it has got to be done now. Otherwise, the next several years in Kenya will be HELL!

  82. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    Nick you are very right,victory does not come for the faint hearted.Iknow that people are suffering but if we decided to give in to MAMLUKI’S fraud democracy will loose its meaning and if it cant work in Kenya then iam stiff worried for Africa,
    its cheers for great minds of Africa;Wade of Senegal,Gaddafi of Libya,Kagame of Rwanda,Kikwete of Tanzania and Mbeki of South Africa,you can smell justice in them.
    so let Kibaki return Raila’s cow and things will be back to normal in amatter of hours.
    if this fraud is allowed to stand we may never be able to complain in future kwa hivyo Raila kaza rasa.

  83. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    what is this rumour on Imanyara? someone to shade more light?

  84. Pato says:

    you have no idea how easy this would be if you had not gone ahead to mix your anti rigging protest with your historical hatred and envy for kikuyus.

    Now, you are just a bunch of killers in the same league with the interhamwe and the nazis. Just ask the international community.

    What democracy has ever been created by thugs disembowelling pregnant women and strangling 4 year old children after raping them?

    horror stories from eldoret about pigs and dogs running around with human parts and gnawing at corpses. CNN showed a clip of a man stealing maize from a farm while a the corpse of the owner was rotting next to him. when he saw the camera crew, he grins foolishly and shouts no raila no peace.

    Ati MLK? good grief! milosovich is more likely.

  85. rafiq says:


    Whatever you are saying befits Mungiki and the govt. How many did Michuki kill in 2007. Where were you. Actually evidence indicates that the viloence was started by Mungiki but the strategy backfired.

    So dont come here and abuse our pple. the police killed them aimlessly yet they had committed no sin except to protest the stolen elections.

    If there was no violence by the police, things would have not gone that far. For now the democrats are keeping peace as requested by Annan. Dont believe for a single minute that the fire is extinguished, that the desire is gone. Miscalculate our response at your own risk if you, i repeat if you do mess up with Annan.

  86. jenny says:

    Finally found it …..Its not a rumor……!!!!!what next and where is commander when all this is happening? This is pretty sad. laughable but sad. Her house???Errrrr? When did the Statehouse become someones personal house?


  87. Pato says:


    Now ati the police were responsible for the kilings and the burnings in churches? si i thought your messiah said the little girls were mistkaen for raiders?

    the slaughter was raging days before the first policeman fired a shot but i expect little from the raila robots who mouth everything he says.

    At least when he went and told them to stop killing kisiis, they stopped, at least his robots. the other maniacs in rv were still killing them as late as last weekend.

    this is democracy ODM style, vote for me or die

    Your foolishness is to believe only you people can cause mayhem. History has always made agressors lose , ythe Butchers of kisumu and Eldoret will be no exception.

    You started it, but we will finish it for you.

  88. Pato says:


    Ati mungiki started the violence in ELD? lol.

    Is that what your demon messiah told you? you remind me of those zombies in wako, texas whom koresh toyed around with their minds. you are so indocrinated you cant even piece together a common sense logic

    please stop smoking whatever you are smoking and go to adult education classes.

    hii mambo ya watu kusoma news from Taifa leo is what brings these mashidas.

    The blood of the innocent killed in their homes, in roadblocks and in the farms is crying out for justice. May it never leave the conciences of ODMerse, may it continue to find the perps as it has with Were and Too.

    cursed generation after generation are those who spill innocent blood. Cursed is the land in which that blood is spilt and cursed is the hand that stretched to kill innocent people.

  89. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    the truth be told,yes we accept the violence is horrible but what else do you expect the poor to do when you STEAL their only hope for abetter future,the person to blame is kibaki and kihara mutu and crew.
    why behave like the shamba la wanyama guys by imagining that your people are more equal than others.
    may be do some study on why volcanos errupt.

  90. rafiq says:


    Before the elections were conducted who massacred people in Ngong? RAO did not. He did not even unearh that. Who raided the standard group offices? Whose wife slapped the journalists-moral indecency. I dont think this was ODM. So where are these people, they are your masters. They are still slaughtering Kenyans. That why Kenyans will not accept, and will not aloow such to happen again.

    No bllod is more precious than the other. I on behalf of Were and Toos family sympathize with your celebration over their death. Whoever you are whatever you did to them, truth will come out soon.

    As for Justice we are waiting patiently. Remember Rwanda was subjected to the same torture and murder of democrats, but it ended some day. It may not be today but it will end soon.

    We are keeping the hope alive. Thats why when our leaders talk to us we listen. As for you mungiki is paid to act, once your money is over, they will turn to you and behead you again.

  91. Maru Kapkatet says:


    On behalf of all Kenyans who, daily pray for a peaceful, united, and just country, I hereby request all embassies and high commissions in Kenya, and who are considering blacklisting and barring certain Kenyan leaders from travelling to their countries, to put in motion a transparent, objective, and impartial due process to determine the guilt, if any, of the individuals whom they have already identified to be investigated.

    These embassies and high commissions will be deemed to have carried out a thorough and impartial investigative due process if they will have dealt in detail with the following issues:

    1. That the ethnic clashes in Eldoret and elsewhere were not an event but a culmination of a process that had been ongoing for at least three years

    2. That that the ugliest part of that process was put in place by one of Kibaki’s key cabinet ministers, John Michuki, and he is the most obvious culprit who should be held accountable for all the killings in Kenya since December 2007

    3. That John Michuki immediately after being appointed the Minister of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security started transforming the provincial administration and the police force from being national instruments into rigging and killing machines with the aim of entrenching Kibaki and his ethnic group in power

    4. That John Michuki appointed the majority of Provincial Commissioners (PCs), District Commissioners (DCs), Provincial Police Officers (PPOs), and Officers Commanding Poilce Divisions (OCPDs), Director of Criminal Investigations Department, Director of National Intelligence Services, from his ethnic group, either by blood or by marriage, and in so doing transformed the provincial administration and police force into a tribe – Kibaki’s tribe

    5. That prior to the elections, John Michuki through his Commandant of the Administrative Police Force sent busloads of administration police officers to Nyanza province to rig the elections and that in so doing John Michuki set the tempo for ethnic clashes as those police officers and the buses they travelled in were from Michuki’s people

    6. That John Michuki and Mwai Kibaki had known that Hon. Raila Odinga would win and that they had made a decision to use maximum force to suppress dissent and that the use of brutal force to silence Kenyans who were peacefully protesting against the announced rigged results cause the situation to snowball into clashes between ethnic communities

    7. That John Michuki and Mwai Kibaki had already set up contingents of police and money to bribe them with and had decided on shoot-to-kill orders thinking that these orders will bring the situation to an end immediately. How else could they have decided on paying each police constable KSh. 10,000 and police sergeants more than KSh. 10,000?

    8. That Mwai Kibaki inherited a fairly united and peaceful country in 2003 but then went on to sow seeds of ethnic hatred which by the time general elections came had divided Kenyans into two camps. This is best illustrated by the fact that Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta had been in the ODM camp until just before the general elections after he was told that he will not be elected unless he supports his kinsman, Mwai Kibaki

    9. That while ordinary Kenyans of all tribes have no problem with one another, their leaders discreetly promote ethnic animosity in order to reap maximum support from their ethnic group and that the leaders have coined words of hatred against other tribes. These hard-line Kikuyu leaders call Kalenjins “the foolish ones” or in Kiswahili “Wachinga”.

    They call Luos “the dirty and smelly ones” or in Kiswahili, they say “Wachafu na Wananuka Samaki”. They call the Luyhas “mere cooks and watchmen”. These are derogatory terms and even Lucy Kibaki referred to Luos when she was assaulting member of parliament, Gitobu Imanyara.

    10. That Mwai Kibaki himself has been referring to people from other tribes as “pumbavu” or fools and has been heard more than once telling people that “if I say no, what will you do”. Indeed, Kenyans knew, as they protested the rigged results, that there was not much they could do.

    I ask the embassies to take their time and investigate thoroughly before blacklisting anyone else apart from John Michuki. The tallying of the presidential vote was flawed. The due process that the embassies should put in place should just be that a flawless due process.

    It is very sad and unfortunate that some embassies may have accepted as the truth malicious propaganda to the effect that because Hon. Raila Odinga signed a MOU with Muslims in the run-up to the general elections, then he is a terrorist. They have labeled Kalenjins as fools, Luos as dirty and smelly, Luyhas as mere cooks, and now they are labeling Hon. Raila Odinga as a terrorist, yet he is a man who loves and respects the USA!

  92. Pato says:

    its good to see the charade of sijui freedom and democracy being shed off for what w have always known this to be; naked hatred of a community only on the basis that they APPEAR to be more progressive than you are.

    am amused to see you drag comments even of one joseph kamotho. last time i checked, he of the cooks and watchmen fame, he was canoodling with that demon king RAO.

    truth is zombies, you can justify the rapes nd murders of little kids all you like. But remember, we all have little brothers and sisters. and those poor people had done no wrong, had never hurt anyone and had certainly not rigged the election. But the demon monster decided to scarifice them on the alter of putting political pressure on Kibaki (as if kibaki cared for the poor souls).

    To me condeming kibaki for rigging (with evidence we are still yet to see) while covering up for murderers who were disembowelling pregnant women with machetes makes one doubt your sanity let alone your cause. thats why the international community, one by one has deserted you. Most of the luos and kales have men are deeply revolted by the antrocities committed by Raila and co. they may not neccecacrily like kibaki, but who wants to live i nation ruled by men who were strangling little children at roadblocks?

  93. Pato says:

    I do no celebrate the deaths of the Mps, I just know that the universe has a way of making one pay for his deeds here on earth.

    remember herod died a lunatic his ears full of the screams of the thousands of infants he ordered killed.

    Today, the full extent of the killings in Eldoret are slowly begining to emerge. whole villages surrounded, cut off and razed to the ground in a systematic pre-planned orgy of killing.

    he or they who ordered their deaths, may their screams haunt him or them to the grave

  94. Pato says:

    lol! you raila robots kweli surrendered your thinking capacities to raila.

    Ati lucy was insulting luos when she was assaulting imanyara? the guy is meru for crying out aloud!

    Quit your victim mentality and start earning an honest living for yourself. like everyone does

  95. Pato says:

    RAO ‘s hands are drenched with innocent blood. No one in the international community wants to touch him even with a long insulated pole.

    these people are not kyuks and have no reason to like kibaki but they know some facts

    1. despite a month going by, odm has yet to produce a shred of credible evidence that they were robbed of an election victory.

    2. Barbaric and sickening atrocities were committed especilly in the RV. Thousands killed for no other reaason other than they were kyuks, Kambas and Kisiis. (these days the luhyas have joined in the death list too, karibu)

    3. many interbntional agencies including HRW and even catholic archbishop for Eldored Cornelius Koriri have come out publicly saying they have evidence that the killings were pre-planned and would have happened regardless of the outcome of the election. The rigging claims were nothing but anexcuse for genocide

    4. PNU mps have been of the fore front in clming their supporters and prevent ing them from killing. In contrast, the first time raila spoke about the killings was a full 3 weeks into the massacres and then he was urging his robotic supporters to stop killing KISIIs. they could however continue killing everyone else on that list.

    5. There is not a single person , even most sane ODMers, who was not revolted by the sight of RAO on BBC justifying the burning to death of infants in a church. Why would the international community want to put into power such a beast with little concience and a brutality that matches that of IDI Amin?

    Within the last 4 weeks raila had the chance to be a Mahatma ghandi or an Idi amin. He choose to be a butcher.

    so for whatever kicks you zombies got rapingand strangling 2 year old girls in timboroa, you have thus traded the chance to rule Kenya.

  96. Omuto says:

    A man on this blog is reffering to ODMers as Zombies and u guys have the guts to reply him. Does that mean that u r truely whom he says you are – zombies? Please guys, let’s not give these viruses a milestone by responding to their barren contributions. Please, Please, please. No wonder they have cloned the kumekucha blog spot into kumekuchas.

  97. Pato says:

    a zombie is one who follows mindlessly. putting no thought to his deeds or actions. a zombie is a dead thing as far as thinking is concerned.

    me i am no zombie, i have no illussions about kibaki and his henchmen. unlike you who thinks RAO is clser to an angel, i know that baks and his team have little care for the poor Kenyans like me.

    But unlike you, i have no illusions about the demon master raila either.

    At the end am being forced t choose between a marcos type and an idi amin type. my choice os obvious.

  98. mrembowaodm says:

    you know i love the way pnu defends kibaki regardless of the glaring evidence there is. there’s a guy here
    who says lucy did not insult luos in her latest comedy, it is clearly documented that lucy told imanyara ‘he
    supports luos’ and that it was ‘foolish merus that voted for him’ i dont know maybe this is not seen as an
    insult to them but she clearly refered to luos. before you discredit people here, please be sure of what you are saying!

  99. Baijo says:

    Pato you belong to hell. Please go there where you and your people are

  100. Pato says:

    how is telling imanyara that he supports luos an insult to luos?

    if anyone should be offended its the ‘foolish’ merus

    i think your hate for anything kyuk is overwhelming you. stop take a deep breath and read the stuff you have written here and tel me if its luos who are insulted or merus

  101. Pablo says:


    I think that is the way forward, I do agree with you very much it is needless to reply the vijidudu calling themselves PNU you know very well they will never change until the changes change them. What we should delve on is how to bring this true change that is going to change the morons I mean they are shameless blantant thieves and that is their character to lie let us not waste any ink, paper, time or breath talking to them they are what every Kenyans have seen we were only waiting to see their tru colors and every conner of Kenya knows what they are. I think it is very illogical when somebody can say that we bribed Imanyara, Standard group, Eck Commissioners, EU observers EAC obsevers, Canada, UK, America, Japan name them. Please Let Trus Kenyans wake up to the call for True Change. Let us shun the chuffs as God tells us in Proverbs Chapter 1. God has done and we know who are the chuffs and who are the true grain

    May our Good Lord give ODMers patience ad wisdom to handle the whole scenerio

  102. Pato says:






  103. Pato says:

    Unlike ODmers, I condem all killers, wether they burnt, hacked or shot their victims. selective condemnation of murder exposes the hypocracy for all to see.

    tell this to the previously intelligent prof Nyongo and orengo

  104. mrembowaodm says:

    i dont disagree with you at all that foolish merus were insulted what i wonder is how the hell the
    word ‘luo’ found its way into that conversation-perharps she was trying to imply that foolish merus
    are equivalent to foolish luos?! (supporting luos?!)
    i do not hate anything ‘kyuk’ for your information!! i hate inequality!!

  105. Pato says:

    thats stretching it but maybe when she said foolish merus, she meant foolish luos. she may as wel have meant foolish sikhs, foolish eskimos. i just think its a question of seeing whatever it is you want to see.

    I am amused by the inequality rubbish that odm peddles around. clearly you are those ignorant kenyans who thinks kyuks are spoonfed by the gava.

    if you go to areas such as makuyu and muranga, you will see crippling poverty. so mrembo, yes we demand the same as you want (in my post i said clearly this notion is percieved not real). We want tohe great landlords who own vast tracks of land to give them up (not just kyuks read the ndungu report and take alook at the names mentioned there).

    Did anyone of you kyuk haters ever stop to wonder why 21 of 29 mps in central including Kibaki’s crony karume were kicked out?

    We thought we were fighting for the same thing until that demon master RAO started a hate campaign aganist us then came the killings in ELD clearly pre planned and only people like you still think we are wrong in being anti raila.

    i mean, how can you support people who hate you so much for being something you were born into?

  106. Pato says:

    I mean mrembo,

    please walk into any of those camps full of people who have seen umimaginable horrors and try to explain to them how their suffering has to do with democracy?

    I find it interesting that this applies to the displaced in central too. they are the most moderate people. unlike these boisterous fools on these blog, they just want to go back and mourn their dead and piece together what they can of their shattered lives.

    when some zombie shows up here to applaud these people’s misery in the name of democracy, am just sickened

    to expect this people to support you is like to expect jews to support hitler.

  107. mrembowaodm says:

    pato for the record may it be known that i do not support any sort of violence. i hate violence
    whether it is being perpetrated by a luo, kalenjin, kikuyu, coasterian, police, gava, odm,
    america, iraq, whatever!!
    it is backward and inhuman and infact i would like every single one of those people to be held
    personally liable for their actions regardless of who they are. i know some illiterate frustrated
    people have used the stolen elections as an excuse to kill, maim and burn, some people
    have also used the ongoing situation to settle personal scores, goons have taken advantage
    and the worst bit is that they are all hiding under the odm banner!! i hope you realise that.
    the people engaging in violence are defeating the cause of our party which i can very well tell you is not about violence.

  108. Pato says:

    am glad to hear that mrembo. I have lots of luo and kale buddies and like all normal people, they are appalled by the killings whether in eld or naivasha.

    But if I only believed your leaders thought the same way………….

    i know you guys love raila and all and it is your democratic right to but when the dude goes on air to justify the burning of little children on BBC and breathes fire when his tribesmen are burnt in Naivasha, I have to wonder if this man is Kenya’s MLK or Milosovich.

    when kofi Anan makes it to eldoret sooner than ruto, the area mp, I have to wonder about the man and if he is really interested in stopping the killings

    am Sorry mrembo I am no fan of Kibaki but i refuse to join any party that RAO and Ruto are in whatever cause they claims to be fighting for. I have nothing aganist Luos or Kales ruling, but I dont believe the two gentlemen represent kales or luos anymore than kibaki represents kyuks

  109. Pato says:

    I said this before and I was told to go to hell but I will say it again.

    Rao told us over and over again that ODM stood for freedom, equality and rights for all kenyans regardless of race, religion or TRIBE.

    its easy to mouth or write this things. the hardest is to live up to them. The last four weeks gave rao a chance to walk his talk. if he had done it, he would be a mahatma ghandi.

    imagine after theannouncement of kibaki’s ‘win’ and the start of the mass murders, suppose RAO had taken a helicopter and flown to ELD and Kisumu, stood hand in hand with nyagah, Tony Gachoka, Bishop Wanjiru, John Kiarie and maybe even his daughter in law and told them the truth that THESE POOR LAMBS YOU ARE KILLING ARE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THY TOO HAVE BEEN WRONGED BY THE SAME SYSTEM THAT HAS WRONGED YOU. THEY DID NOT STEAL OR RIG ANY ELECTION. THEY JUST QUEUED JUST LIKE YOU DID, CAST THEIR VOTES AS PER THEIR DEMOCRATIC RIGHT, AND WENT BACK TO THEIR HUMBLE EXISTENCE. WHAT GAIN IS THERE IN KILLING THEM.

    this is the truth and any odmer not blinded by hate knows this. but the effect would have been tremendous. even if the killings did not stop, the fact that RAO clearly knew who his enemies were and that he could rise bove tribal hatreds to embrace the kyuks woulld have put him in a new light with the intl community, other tribes and most importantly moderate kyuks especially in Kiambu and Muranga who have no love for Baks and his Nyeri cronies.

    But he didn’t. despite all the crap about equality ad freedom for all kenyans, he kept silent as innocent lambs were slaughtered. today he sounds hollow when he talks about tribalism and injustice. when he had a chance to be the Mahatma ghandi of kenya, he let petty tribal hatreds determine his decision.

  110. preeti says:

    how would u expect him to do that when you and your team prevented him all through? You surrounded even his own house with your own policemen, you surrounded even the parks with the gsu and gave an order disabling him from reaching the pple.

    Pato and team your days are numbered. the clock is at the eleventh hour.

  111. Pato says:

    I pity you preeti. you like RAO mouth big word about freedom and democracy, You like o imgine that you are MLK or Mandela.

    But unlike these great men, your mind is too small to concieve the great cause you claim to fight for. your little brains cannot concieve the fact that the poor women in eldoret are just as victims of the system as those in Bondo.

    You spoke big words in your speeches and manifestos. but when the hour came calling, you proved to be only little mice. Small little rats driven by hate.

  112. rafiq says:

    Mr Pato aka mungiki,
    For your information, the helicopter trip was attempted. But your minister then Mr Chuki threatened to down the aircraft. The journey started at Narok onwards.

    But since you have tunnel vision and selective amnesia I know you cant recall reading that except what your mouth piece-who talks like late sadams mouth piece is your only source of reiable information.

    Dont worry even Moi retired and having rigged this time you have max 5 yrs, and the whole country knows you are thieves. We are changing the law and we will recall all this and deal with you with justice.

  113. Pato says:

    at the heliopter was threatened? ofcourse I did not read it anywhere because it never happened except in your sick demented mind.

    You sick zombie

    RAO talked about greatness, but when it came knocking at his door, he couldn’t rise to the occassion.

    Am done talking to you. i dont talk to robots

  114. Obonyo says:

    IGAD meeting is an insult to the people of kenya

  115. Pato says:


    you and preeti are typical of most odmers. You talk about democrac and freedom. bus this is ll but a guise for what really drives you; hatred for the kikuyu.

    thats why no one will talk about the 24 years of moi’s rule whn thieves ran amok and stole billions. Tjose thieves include men like ruto and kosgei.

    but to you those men are heroes because they share the passion that drives you, hatred for the kikuyu people. I pity you because eveyr one sses it except you hate filled zombies.

    its also what drives men like RAO, they will make a great show about how thy have kyuks in their families, but turn around and go on air to support the burning of little kikuyu children in a church. This is the man am supposed to embrace as my saviour? give me a break.

    Even jews have survived and prospered in a sea of hate. so will we. For God hates killers and haters and thus you may fashion all forms of weapons aganist defenseless women and children, but they will never prosper. they will always come back to haunt you.

  116. Pato says:

    Thats why the regions of haters remain among the poorest in kenya.

    you will hate us, but like david sang, a table will be laid for us before our enemies. you will gnash your teeth and rot in the inside with the burden of hatred in you.

  117. rafiq says:

    Give us a break. Now how dare you compare yourself with Jews. I hate no Kikuyu. I hate the evil peole like you! The people who steal, rig, corrupt, drink and wine with the devil and its agents. Tell me any amongst the Jewish leaders whose wife slpped men? Shame on you. You corrupt peole in the name of Kikuy. You balme your tribesmen for your greed. Yet a majority of Kikuyu people dont like you. the good ones you threaten and ran away lest you butcher them-Githongo, maina kiai etc

    We will not be cowed. This is the week. Justice will prevail. If you are a jew we will see you survive the justice of the Lord.

  118. rafiq says:

    Pato who is sick?. You say you are done talking then you talk again. You behave like the wife of your chief thief. Never keep off slapping men Ha ha ha. You have no morals.

    But we do I still respect you and hope to noe day meet you face to face and tell you the truth. I dont hate you. I hate your opinion on the suffering innocent Kenyans. Are you happy that other kenyans are poor? If you want them to be poor for ever, they will tell you how to go avoid it? Watch this space. We are coming, soon!!!!

  119. Pato says:

    I think we all know who the butchers are.

    And stop being in denial. When you applaud the killings and rapes of little kikuyu children who did nothing to harm you or stole anything from you, I think that qualifies you a a hater

    Are you people even human? urely arent you touched by the barbaric things your leaders do in your name?

    Imagine if someone disembowelled your sister or mother and raped your little child before strangling her. Would you embrace the killers ati in the name of democracy?

    thats why i call you zombies and robots. because you have resigned your human feeling, thoughts and emotions and now will mechanically applaud and cheer when your demon master tells you that the rape and burning of 6 year old childreen is fighting for democracy

  120. rafiq says:

    I agree the criminal activity is wrong. And those who did it have to be punished. I dont justify it at all. I do not justify what you did in Naivasha or Nakuru. And the bodies found in Nyeri over the weekend. These are criminal acts and they ought to be punished. Okay?

    However your injustice, theft, rigging or arraogance will not go unpunished. Dont compare yourself with Gods people. You are evil period from your leader ,wife concubine – aka activist and the old generation. If you think others deserve to be poor why dont you give them their country and let them govern themselves. You should not put them to slavery. Yopu know what pato even slavery was justified for some time but it ended. Sawa? I have more Kikuyu friends than you would imagine. But I am no friend to Mungiki like you. Ok?

  121. rafiq says:

    I agree the criminal activity is wrong. And those who did it have to be punished. I dont justify it at all. I do not justify what you did in Naivasha or Nakuru. And the bodies found in Nyeri over the weekend. These are criminal acts and they ought to be punished. Okay?

    However your injustice, theft, rigging or arraogance will not go unpunished. Dont compare yourself with Gods people. You are evil period from your leader ,wife concubine – aka activist and the old generation. If you think others deserve to be poor why dont you give them their country and let them govern themselves. You should not put them to slavery. Yopu know what pato even slavery was justified for some time but it ended. Sawa? I have more Kikuyu friends than you would imagine. But I am no friend to Mungiki like you. Ok?

    I rest my case. Coz I think arguing with you is like arguing with RUCY!!!!!!

  122. Mike Okello says:

    The hate for Kikuyus was just a joke five years ago, I mean what existed about it could not have caused what we are witnessing today, Its is just after 2002, cabinet appointments that one Man Raila Odinga came up with a new term Mt. Kenya Mafya, just two weeks after being sworn in as Minister for Roads, Called his colleagues Mt Kenya Mafya, of course some attitude developed and instead of delivering as minister, My tribesman delivered as Monster for roads!

    This was further advanced during and after referendum when the ORANGE supporters were sacked from the cabinet, None of them was a Kikuyu so the battle field was set, the strongest of their weapon was the Hate for the Kikuyus, and not Just the Kikuyus but the entire Mt Kenya region. To add salt to the fresh Injury, a pro-bono consultant was consulted to emphasize that if you use the anti-Kikuyu sentiments, all other tribes will rally behind you and you will win the elections!of Course the brutal truth is that the Mt. Kenya HAS NUMBERS, and no leader will ever seek high office, by ignoring Central, Eastern and Nairobi, NEP is of course known to be rather conservative, they will rarely get carried away with propaganda of livestock insurance, at least not more than Kibera will get carried away with Slum Employment Bureau (SEB). They are not that Naive.

    This is the real disease not any other, TO SEE a Kenyan stealing maize besides a rotting body of the owner just because it a Kikuyu Corpse, You have also witnessed a poor Kenyan who lost family and property and while sneaking back to salvage the remaining items, he is cornered and the entire pick up burnt, People are burnt inside a church helplessly as they shout their loudest, human carcasses in a village in rift valley and for the Residents (non-Kikuyus) it is business as Usual, all those devilish tendencies were not possible 5 Years ago. The stereotypes were there but they were harmless! The Devil now is officially the Guest of Honor now!

    Kilicho na Mwanzo, Kina Mwisho wake, My friends the Kikuyus do not owe any apologies to anyone for their success, and Ngai will repay them in His own time, For do not be deceived, whatever a man soweth, that shall he reap, Its a question of wait and see, Ngai is a consuming Fire, and He is NOT a respector Persons. Patience may be needed to WALK THE EXTRA MILE. But you can be sure, that no stone will be left unturned.

  123. Pato says:

    ‘finally, when its all over, we will remember, not the shouts of our enemies but the silence of our friends’

    men like Rafiq, who claim tio have many kyuk friends but were silent about the killings in RV. When your friendship mattered. you kept silent

    those kenyans who were silent as thousands were murdered in RV. Men we once called compatriots.

    God bless men like Bishop Korir who had the courage to speak aganist the defeaning silence of their tribesmen and to call mass murder by its name.

    Now when you speak about justice and morals, you just sound hollow like a bunch of rotten logs. dont Kyuks desrve justice? is murder only when Luos are killed? Wre kyuks created so that you maya massacare them every time you have grieviance with the gava? Are we children of a lesser god?

  124. Obonyo says:

    Please stop this hate statements from this site.The way ur talking shows how tribalist you are.We don’t surport what happened in RV its totally an acceptable to burnt women in church and also its uncalled for to burn women and children who were seeking refuge in a house after chase a way from there home by mungiki in Naivasha.I have the picture of mutilated bodies of those who were burnt in Naivasha its horrified am sure if u see it u wont be believe its like a hell on earth.Now you justify the Naivasha massacre because its ur tribesmen who did this ok just celebrate.Let us be honest here in Kisumu the kyuks were chased, in RV some were killed by kalenjins.In Naivasha,Nakuru and Nairobi the kyuks we are told were revenging by killings luos and luhyas why couldn’t they revenge on kales.Pato in Huruma a bout 10 luos were killed by kyuks and no kyuks have been killed in Huruma since the violence begun

  125. Obonyo says:

    @Mike Okello
    Shame on you Mike Okello

  126. Obonyo says:


    From: Mugo Muchiri
    Los Angeles
    January 31, 2008

    The Luo and Kikuyu have a long intertwined history that predates Kenya’s political independence of 1963. It is a very precious, almost brotherly, relationship that’s primarily molded on friendship and respect, but that’s unfortunately been allowed more times than necessary to degenerate into fear and loathing.

    For the most part, Luos look at Kikuyus with admiration; they respect their drive and acumen which fuel their seemingly relentless pursuit of material abundance. Kikuyus, they’ll acknowledge, have an uncanny ability to organize factors of production so that the color of the end result is green. Being satisfied with the status quo doesn’t appear to be an option for most Kikuyu folk which may well explain Mumbi’s children’s zero tolerance for economic stagnation.

    This view of Kikuyu ingenuity goes way beyond the confines of Luo thinking and is in fact widely held in the country. A comedic byproduct of this is that Kikuyus have been the butt of any number of jokes. My favorite one goes like this: If Divine intervention isn’t forthcoming, by all means use the ‘ka-ching’ sound of a dropping shilling as a foolproof way to revive a dying Kikuyu. Kikuyus, who themselves have a healthy penchant for self-deprecation, will hasten to chime in that a revived Rathaaro (Lazarus) promptly declares: “Eyo ni yakwa” (“That is mine”).

    How do Kikuyus on the other hand view their Luo brethren? The words high regard, smart, intelligent and easily driven to excel come to mind. This is especially true in pursuits of an intellectual nature and of sportsmanship in general. When a scholarship is offered a Luo, for example, you’re talking huuuge, deep bite! They ain’t letting go until the goal is achieved, all too often a PhD.

    If education is important to the Kikuyu, it is doubly so to the Luo. Ask any progenitor of Ger and they’ll be quick to point out to you that the fault lines of respect run deep in Luo society. Becoming highly educated is a prized treasure and a constant motivator that opens the door to societal respect, recognition and, to a large extent, fame. The Great Separator in Kikuyu society is wealth as measured in banknotes and earthly possessions.

    Few would argue that Kenya isn’t the richer owing to this deeply instilled tradition of academic excellence among Luo folk. How otherwise could you explain that at virtually all institutions of higher learning in Kenya, a Luo imprimatur in teaching and research is indelibly present? Luo academe is widely recognized as astute purveyors of higher education to our college-going sons and daughters.

    Kikuyus on the other hand have had a vast impact on the economic wellbeing of the country by the sheer strength of their desire and drive to create wealth. Indeed wealth creation is so impregnated in Kikuyu DNA that geography has hardly been a barrier to the adventure of finding treasure. As a result, the Christopher Columbus’ of Kenya’s economic frontier are perhaps the most highly dispersed or diffused of all 42 ethnic groups in Kenya.

    The funny thing is that although Luos and Kikuyus are known for their bravery and chest thumping, the courage to openly express mutual appreciation hasn’t necessarily occupied center stage. They have been loath to acknowledge membership in Mutual Admiration Society. Yet the truth of the matter is that we secretly admire each other’s talents and are aware on a visceral level that we need each other for our mutual progress and benefit. The reason why America is the economic powerhouse of the world can be distilled into one simple fact: an acutely efficient environment that all but guarantees the almost seamless interaction between technology and entrepreneurship. Keen minds discover and raw greed delivers.

    Happily, it is on the individual level that cross-fertilization hasn’t needed any coaxing. Today, intermarriages between the two great tribes are just about as common as the Otieno-Wambui union of the 60s was uncommon. I have often mused about two of Kenya’s most prominent political antagonists – President Jomo Kenyatta and his first Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, and in particular about how their personal chemistry might have been influenced by the knowledge that two of their grandchildren would one day be joined together in holy matrimony.

    Would their disagreements have been less bitter and disruptive to intercommunity harmony? Would a point of commonality have had a mitigating effect on their negativity and its ensuing deleterious effect on the Luo-Kikuyu nexus?

    What is clear to me is that the relationship between the Kikuyu and Luo is far too important to be left to the personal chemistry (or lack thereof) of its leaders. And a digression might help illuminate this point. After the deadly attacks of 9/11, many here in America were totally astounded and completely aghast at how much hate broad swaths of Middle-Easterners harbored against us. The first impulse of any Administration might have been first to profile and then flush out alien Arab-Muslims from the homeland. In fact most foreigners believe that this was precisely the inspiration behind the edict that all aliens beyond a certain age, starting with those of Middle Eastern descent, register at INS offices countrywide.

    Fast forward a few years and enter Karen Hughes, America’s gung-ho image re-setter. Significant numbers of Middle Eastern students get invited to come and study at US colleges and universities. Why? True we want them to get a fine education, but we also want them to see, live and interact with ordinary Americans everyday. It wouldn’t take long before they discover real Americana, the one that so often gets distorted by stereotypical prisms from the outside and lopsided foreign policy proclivities from the inside. The true generosity of the American people, their kindheartedness and openness of spirit would come cascading forth. Feedback would eventually filter back to the students’ home countries and a re-cast American image, it was judged, would be a huge national dividend for the United States.

    The counter-intuitive morale of the story is simple: in the face of adversity, multiply points of contact, DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE VOICES OF ISOLATIONISM.

    It is vitally important that interactive subsets be established at all levels of Kikuyu-Luo body politic. Letting such a relationship become hostage to the vested interests of 2-3 individuals is pound foolish and penny wise. It is stupidity compounded (stupidity to the power of 3). It’s like going gaga over antiquated IBM mainframes in today’s age of iPods, iPhones, iTunes and Blackberries!

    My second missive, in a few days, will shed some light on what I believe Kenyans need to do to quickly put this sad chapter of an otherwise beautiful story behind us. We need to entrench peace, harmony and positivity but not just amongst the larger tribes. The feeling of being Kenyan and loving all Kenyans needs to be an abiding reality of every mwananchi.

    And so it’s kwaheri ya kuonana from the son of Ndunge who dearly hopes that we can quickly return to the days when humor rules and where our version of the Onion allows us to congratulate Jesus 2.0 for a terrific upgrade (from an ass to a Hummer!) and to assert our strongly held belief that there’s absolutely no problem that a slap and a nolle prosequi can’t solve.



  127. Obonyo says:

    Hi look at this one also

    Kenya’s divisions aren’t only tribal

    by Katharine Houreld, AP

    When Steve Maina finishes a round of golf at Kenya’s exclusive Windsor club, a waistcoated waiter hurries over with a tall iced drink while armed guards watch discreetly from the shrubbery, a few minutes’ drive from one of Nairobi’s oldest slums.

    That’s Mathare, the shantytown where Cliff Owino’s tin shack leans over a river of sewage and almost every morning a corpse with machete wounds turns up in an alley.

    Most of the time, these two faces of Kenya, so close geographically, exist on different planes. But clashes triggered by Kenya’s disputed elections on Dec. 27 set them on a collision course. Some 800 people have died and more than 300,000 been displaced after opposition leader Raila Odinga accused President Mwai Kibaki of rigging the slim margin that secured him another five-year term.

    Many factors contributed to the violence — frustration over poverty and corruption, ethnic rivalries exploited by politicians, criminal gangs and competition over land — but most of all the feeling of Kenya’s poor that Kibaki’s much-touted economic boom is passing them by.

    “We are the weak,” complains 25-year-old Owino in the gloom of his tiny shack where Odinga stares down from a poster on the wall. Owino has dog-eared dictionaries and books on philosophy to read by the light of a gas lantern. He dreams of going to college but knows he can never afford the fees.

    “We work harder than a donkey but we can never be rich,” he says.

    Owino is a Luo, the same ethnic group as his hero Odinga. But he says that tribe, often used as a shorthand to explain the country’s strife, didn’t come into it. Sitting in his dark, leaky shack, Owino explains he voted for Odinga because he promised to change the corruption of the current regime and spread the country’s wealth.

    In 2002, the candidate of change was Kibaki, of the Kikuyu tribe, Kenya’s largest. The man he was seeking to unseat was the notoriously corrupt President Daniel arap Moi, who had driven the country’s economy into the ground. Odinga campaigned vigorously for Kibaki then, winning him votes from the slums.

    Kibaki, an economist, won the 2002 election, and since then tourism and agriculture have led economic growth averaging 5 percent a year. But the gap between rich and poor has widened substantially.

    “If this matter (of elections) is not resolved, we don’t have a better future,” Owino said, explaining why he braves police bullets to hit the streets every time Odinga calls a demonstration. “If we don’t have a future, I don’t see the point of living.”

    But those surfing the wave of Kenya’s prosperity blame politicians as well as poverty for the violence.

    “The election campaigns implied it would be like a light switch: You move out of the slums overnight, you’ll be driving a car,” says Maina, 38, his gold wedding ring flashing as his golf ball sails through the air.

    Maina and many of his friends are Kikuyu. In the aftermath of the elections, Kikuyus have been murdered and their businesses burned.

    By the sculpted lake at the Windsor, which costs nearly $5,000 to join, Maina’s friends swap tales of previously friendly neighbors who forced Kikuyus out of homes and tried to take over businesses. In the west of the country, which has seen the worst violence, his golfing partner’s hairdresser had her salon taken over by neighbor from another tribe and another friend forced from her home because she was Kikuyu.

    “People were expecting to take over property,” said Maina, who employs five people to look after his own home. “Instead of saying why don’t we create more of that wealth, they want to grab it and distribute it. I was worried this could turn into a class war.”

    But the police have largely kept protesters penned in the slums with tear gas and live bullets, and politicians capitalized on long-held land grievances to channel the violence on ethnic, rather than economic, lines.

    “The Kikuyus have been demonized,” says Maina. “Politicians on both sides are to blame, but those of Odinga’s party “have been preaching a campaign of hate.”

    Owino also fears ethnicity is looming too large.

    “We are not fighting Kikuyus, we are fighting the government,” he insists, as rain turns the mud and sewage to sludge outside his door. “They were not for change, they were for the status quo.”

    If there is ethnic violence, he says, it is because Kikuyus are not sharing their power. Kenya’s first president after independence from Britain, Jomo Kenyatta, was a Kikuyu. Moi, of the Kalenjin tribe, came next, then Kibaki, a Kikuyu. Now the Luo feel it is their turn.

    Kikuyus “want to dominate us …. We are not being ruled by people representing all Kenyans,” Owino said.

    Maina, an executive with a private medical firm, insists that he has never been helped by his tribe or government connections. No one is stopping anyone else from making money, Maina points out. He says he takes his own children into the slums to help on a church project supporting a school.

    “We work our butts off. Many hours, over the weekend, at night you are on that laptop,” he says to nods of agreement from friends.

    Yet Maina, who voted for the ruling party, knows that his country is sitting on an economic time bomb.

    “The violence will subside, but the injustice will remain, and if those injustices are not addressed, we will be back here again,” he says sadly. “The election gave them (the poor) a sense of hope and it was taken away.”

    Owino occasionally makes $6 a day as a construction worker, and lives in a slum so violent it’s nicknamed Baghdad.

    “Kibaki gave us promises but they ended up in dust,” Owino said. “Now they want calm. What about justice?”

  128. mrembowaodm says:

    mike okello why are you pretending to be a luo? you are so aggrieved by ‘injustices’ to the mt kenya mafia, why are you forsaking your people in their great time of need? i mean no one would beat you if you said your name is kamau, njenga, mwangi or njoroge the cyberspace is a freeworld honey you can say anything you want here there is no gsu. Even if you are a luo who hates Raila yours is a bit too much even tuju has not reached your level.

    you baffle me! your earlier posts show how you tried to get people to back off the protests telling them to accept this injustice and wait for 2012 in the meantime we are meant to continue making lucy and kibaki richer-what happened to your plan? it didn’t work? oooh sorry…..i guess just like kibaki you miscalculated kenyans’ desire to oust mzee kibaki and at least we are now seeing your ‘true colours’.

  129. Pato says:

    Am I a tribalist really? for calling murderers by their names? Central province leader scarmbled to stop revenge killings in Central. can the same be said for ODM leaders?

    I am not stupid enough to think that all kales are tio blame. i recognize heroes like bishop Korir who understood tht strangling infants was not going to bring democracy any time soon.

    I guess if we remove tha partisan blinkers from our eyes, we would see who the real tribalists are

  130. mrembowaodm says:

    @obonyo isn’t owino’s tale so sadly true. i felt bad when he said he works so hard but will never be rich…oh my goodness that is just so disheartening he doesnt even have hope!!and this is true of so many people in kenya today!!

    maina in that article was worried it was gonna be a ‘class war’-doesn’t he realise it is? ODM (as i understood it) said it was going to address this inequalities by providing equal opportunities for everyone……….it was gonna devolve resources to the people at the grassroots……………….and kibaki chose to take that away from people……….he took away peoples hopes for the future!!

    i pray that God will forgive kenya and deliver us from this evil.

  131. Pablo says:

    I think Let us be sober the pple who are tribalistic in this country of ours are known. When Ppl were burnt in RV they talked. When the PPle were burnt in Naivasha they never talked Does it mean that Only pple from Central Kenya are the only Human beings in this country. God forbid If you guyz are keen on the proceeds of the after poll violence you will agree with me that it is now open that God also knows the tribalists in Kenya and if they cannot change we dont know what will happen next all God knows better. People Like Partrick, Mike Okello and the illks should be sober and get to their true senses and speak what they know is truth. That is only what will save this country from its destruction. If they continue to think in the Lies of Kukuyus then am sorry God will spit them even further I mean this is the Plain and painful truth that our brothers are yet to see come forcefully into their faces. It is high time they change.

  132. Pablo says:

    No wonder Pato has come out like a stinging snake let him talk I know the truth is soon dawning on his face likewise let him release his anger but the entire world knows even God says He only accepts an issue at hand backed by two or more witnesses so we know let them shout and allow pato to speak all the trash he can because he is going nowhere with that He cannot even convince a swarm of flies so why waste our time with replying him let him talk whatever trash he wants we are watching them. Let us stay focused on planning our strategies and hit the road we know ourselves and the likeminded buddies let us reach the goal. pato is just another destructor like mike okello we know you we are watching you but dont be shocked in the near future if you maintain you stereotypical thinking and reasoning. Shame on them any but they are always shameless that is the mad and sad thing with our brothers they dont see beyond their noses let us see Kenya in a braoder manner

  133. John Mwenda says:

    raila dead in the water:

    Politics not ethnicity behind Kenya crisis
    Feb 6, 2008 10:10 PM

    Political manipulation rather than ethnic hatred is driving Kenya’s post-election violence, says a leading author and scholar on the east African nation.

    Oxford University’s Professor David Anderson also criticised both sides of Kenya’s political divide, saying President Mwai Kibaki was “playing Russian roulette” with Kenya’s democracy while opposition leader Raila Odinga was “dead in the water”.

    Anderson – author of Histories of the Hanged, about the Mau Mau revolt during British colonial rule in the 1950s – said he was worried for the future of Kenya, where about 1,000 people have died in unrest following the December 27 vote.

    “I’ve always felt that Kenya’s middle classes and civil society were strong and robust, and would eventually overcome the problems created by their political elite,” he said.

    “At the moment, I’m probably at the most pessimistic I have been in my entire life. I do not see an easy way forward.”

    Anderson said the media’s portrayal of the Kenyan violence as inter-tribal fighting did not tell the whole story.

    “Describing it as ethnic violence is not quite right. This is political violence of the most classic kind. Ethnicity is how you mobilise it: that’s the modus operandi, not the rationale.”

    In the worst-hit Rift Valley area, where the majority of deaths have occurred, Kalenjin “ethno-nationalist” leaders had been waiting for an opportunity to reclaim land settled mainly by Kikuyus in the years after independence in 1963.

    “Yes, they did organise it … They have had a long-standing agenda of violence. It is political instrumental violence of the worst kind,” Anderson said in the interview on Wednesday.

    “If you map it, if you look at where it takes place, virtually every bit of violence has been on a settlement scheme … Quite deliberate, quite purposeful. You could argue that it has nothing whatsoever to do with the ballot. This might have happened even if (the opposition) ODM had won.”

    “No good guys”

    On the other side, one of the main motives for violence by Kibaki’s Kikuyu community against other groups – most notably in the towns of Naivasha and Nakuru – was the Mungiki gang’s desire to preserve its grip on extortion rackets.

    Supported by some high-level politicians, Mungiki took advantage of the situation – and the justification of revenge for killings of Kikuyus by Kalenjins and others – to kick out other communities whose own protection gangs opposed Mungiki’s grip on the local transport and retail businesses, he said.

    “Mungiki run those rackets not against non-Kikuyu, but against Kikuyu. They prey upon their own people. So they seek to exclude non-Kikuyu from those areas so that they can ‘protect’ their own people,” he said, adding that the notoriously murderous gang had supporters and enemies in Kibaki’s cabinet.

    “If this (violence) was rooted in deeply-ingrained racial and ethnic hatred, why is there not violence all over the country? It is happening in very specific places which, if you know Kenya well, you could pretty much predict.”

    Anderson lamented that both Kibaki and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) led by Odinga had put hardliners in their teams for negotiations over the disputed vote.

    “Both sides decided to play hardball,” he said. “I don’t see that either side is willing to take the step towards the other.”

    Kibaki hopes time will strengthen his position, he said.

    “Mwai Kibaki has nothing to gain by negotiation. He can only be asked to roll back. So he and his advisers know that by sitting tight, hunkering down and hoping all of this will eventually go away, they win,” Anderson said.

    “They are playing Russian roulette with Kenya’s democracy. They don’t give a damn. They just want to win.”

    On the other side, Odinga’s ODM had been “supremely and idiotically naive” to think they could run a civil disobedience campaign without it leading to violence, he said.

    And Odinga’s poor judgement plus lack of gravitas in handling the crisis had shattered his would-be image as a pan-African statesman able to carry Kenya forward, he said.

    “I think he’s dead in the water,” Anderson said.

    “One of the problems for the international media analysing the Kenyan situation is that there are no ‘goodies’, there is no one you can say wears the white hat.”

  134. Omuto says:




  135. John Mwenda says:


    the truth hurts doesnt it?

  136. crateturner says:

    to all those who think they can stop river nile think again. you can stop the Revolutionists but you can never never stop the revolution we guys in ODM know that..nothing comes easy, bcoz kibaki was given the presidency by raila he thinks history is gonna repeat itself again hahaahaaha never!!!! I am sorry the so called gentleman this time you are not dealing with raila alone you are dealing with Kenyans, and do you know what, every where in the world the majority always win watch this space

  137. Obonyo says:

    Kibaki is in Harambe House in close door meeting with Mt. Kenya mafias.The meeting started at 10am and its still on what could he discussing with his tribesmen?Unconfirmed report says Musikari Kombo was chased a way.I think this mzee is feeling the heat

  138. Stella Nyokabi says:





    I G N O R E T H E M,
    I G N O R E T H E M.


  139. mrembowaodm says:

    Omuto you are right some of us are guilty of having been sidetracked. Before i joined this blog i wondered why the hell people got sucked in to answering these people and now I am guilty of doing the same and worse.

    i am sorry all genuine bloggers-let us walk the extra mile as RAO has implored us to, things are looking pretty good on our side.

  140. Obonyo says:

    Gang infiltrates Kenya police
    By Juma Kwayera | Nairobi

    A quiet rebellion and near-total collapse of the chain of command has exposed Kenya’s police force as incapable of dealing with the growing national crisis in the country, amid growing fears that it has also been infiltrated by the outlawed pro- government Mungiki sect.

    Speaking to the Mail & Guardian on condition of anonymity following the chilling murder on last Tuesday of an opposition MP, a senior police inspector and an officer in the criminal investigations department admitted that all was not right in the police force. “The police are angry that they are being used to solve a political problem. Our remit is maintenance of law and order, but we are being dragged into politics. It is known that the election outcome was manipulated; who does not know that?” asked the officer. Despondency in the force is the latest twist in Kenya’s political imbroglio, which former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan said was an international priority on Tuesday when he formally launched the mediation process between the government and the opposition.

    Annan, who is heading an African Union panel of eminent persons, said that the escalating violence put the country on the precipice of large-scale upheaval, which the “state must use all the means at its disposal to forestall”. Annan added that the electoral dispute was now mutating into ethnic hostility and inflaming long-suppressed passions. The AU-mandated team also includes former Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa and Graça Machel.

    Gangs of youths believed to be members of the Mungiki sect claimed responsibility for the killing of Mellitus Mugabe Were, the opposition MP. Youths suspected of being members of Mungiki also took control of the highway linking Nairobi with the nearby town of Nakuru, a scene of much of the recent violence. Most members of the much-feared Mungiki sect hail from the Kikuyu tribe, the same ethnic group as President Mwai Kibaki. They rose to prominence last year after a string of grisly killings, particularly in Nairobi’s slums. Police efforts to break up the gangs late last year led to days of violent clashes in which several people were killed.

    Were’s death on Tuesday co-incided with the formal launch of international mediation and reinforced the perception that Mungiki, which allegedly enjoys the patronage of influential politicians and businessmen in the government, is on the rampage again after a six-month lull. Police have confirmed that 20 out of the 115 people killed in Nakuru and Naivasha towns in the Rift Valley province were beheaded in grisly circumstances reminiscent of Mungiki’s decapitation of 200 people in Nairobi early last year. Human rights groups, including United States-based Human Rights Watch, estimated last week that nearly a quarter of the 900 people shot dead post-election were executed by Mungiki gang members disguised as police. The senior police officer complained that the infiltration of the police by the criminal gang had exacerbated tensions in the force, leading to fears of an imminent falling out. “We are being misused. We are resisting the public perception [that] we mop up politicians’ dirty work,” the inspector said. Two other police officers said last week’s reshuffle in the police force was precipitated by growing tension among high-ranking police officers who felt they were being misused to crack down on opposition supporters.

    The opposition says that it has also received reports of Mungiki’s infiltration of the police force.“We have been receiving reports about despondency in the police force and the military that has been forcing the government to resort to criminal gangs to control escalating violence,” Orange Democratic Movement MP Omingo Magara said. He added: “The same sources told us about how two weeks ago the government acquired 4 000 guns and armed Mungiki to kill protesters in Rift Valley. I leave it to you to judge who is running the show in the police force,” he said.

    Tensions in the security forces began to appear after Internal Security Minister George Saitoti told the police to refrain from using live ammunition, only for police to open fire on unarmed mourners in Nairobi last week, injuring several. “The chain of command has collapsed,” Magara said. The government began deploying the military at violence flashpoints last week, fuelling the public perception that the police force is no longer obeying the command structure.

    Responding to charges that the police force was no longer capable of maintaining law and order prompting the intervention of the military Police Commissioner Major General Hussein Ali said the presence of the army is “temporary.” According to the Kenyan constitution, the army can only be called out of the barracks after a state of emergency is declared

  141. rafiq says:

    Omuto and true democrats,

    Thanks for reminding us. Until today I thought this guy could be advised, but i was wrong. i am guilty of not heeding your earlier advice.

    I have committed myself not to ever answer the guy. Please bloggers ignore him or her no matter the irritation. If you something provoking a response take a walk, chat with a friend, take a deep breath, and check what the true democrats have written.

    Lets walk the extra mile with Annan and keep the fire burning. The delivrence is near.

  142. faddie says:

    i fully agree withyou regarding these discussions.i want to make a pationate appeal to all bloggers,PLIZ LET US ALL AVOID SIDESHOWS.
    we can always ask agent4change to post a thread regarding the deaths and contribute to it.let us be sober enough like we did before the elections.
    it doesn’t cost you anything to avoid responding to hate comments.believe me you will feel fine if you avoid them.concentrate on the thread and make worthy contributions.when you happen to read hate comments in this blog,i suggest you take a minute and breath in.it makes you calm down.otherwise youend up hurting yourself for no reason.
    it may also be wise to avoid reading comments by bloggers whose contributions are known to border on hate.they are quite a number in this blog and i believe we all know them.so once again i beg you ODMers,IGNORE HATERS AND ETHNIC CHAVEUNISTS.WE ALL KNOW THEM AND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS.

    i believe you have the power and the capability to sieve hate comments on this blog.please be responsible enough and spare as the ethnic diatribes and war mongering being witnessed here.
    help us not lose focus by eliminating these distractions.we are all kenyans.equal in every sense of the word.and i believe most if not all of the bloggers support the ODM mission of a better kenya where there is equal opportunities for all regardless of your tribe,race,religion,creed or whatever background you may have.

  143. Pato says:

    Ok. none of you wants to be reminded of the horrible crimes your party has committed in RV.

    Fine. believe whatever you want to believe. bury your heads in the sand, pretend that the blood of thousands killed in RV (and sadly Naivasha too) does not exist. Pretend that there are no corpses in farms, in burnt out matatus at the roadblocks, in sewers and garbage dumps in RV towns

    Pretend that almost a million people have not been forcibly evicted from their homes and today have lost everything their sad lives had to show for.

    Pretend, pretend. bBut the rest of the world wont. The rest of the world knows what happened and what was planned months before Kivuitu’s fateful announcement.

    very soon reality will teach you that you cannot ignore it and survive

  144. Pato says:

    If the moderators want this to be a forum where they sing praises of RAO, fine, ban me. The last thing I want is a forum of sycompants who periodicaly gather to give their adorations to their earthly messiah.

    But the last perfect man on this planet was Christ. RAO has serious flaws but his supporters have been taught never to question his infinite wisdom. (which is hilarious for a bunch who claim to be fighting for democracy)

    Show me any post where I have posted hate messages. My posts have mostly been a lament for the innocent dead. those poor lambs, pawns, whose lives have been brutaly tken away for political gain.

    Even if you forget, I will remember my fallen brothers and sisters; wherever thay may have fallen

  145. Pato says:

    The Kyuks who believed,

    who can blame them? who was not seduced by the noble words of RAO before the election. he promised a country of equal opportunities. a country where no one would ever be discriminated because of his tribe. A country where it would not matter whether you were Luo or Kyuk.

    Then the election result came. they were filled with indignation. how could the PNu guys blatantly rig like that? surely RAO must call us to the streets, we will protest, we will show the who;e world that even kyuks are not going to support a rigged election.

    Then the killings started. road blocks, never ever seen in Kenya, popped up everywhere in the hundreds of Kilometers of road that links Eldoret with Nakuru. Buildings belongig to Kyuks went up in flame within hours of the announcement. then the militias went round in villages separated by thousands of kilometers. These ‘spontenious’ reaction took on an interestingly similar pattern. From Eldoret to Molo, from Burtn forest to Salgaa.

    First the ODM kyuks could not believe it. Why were they killing poor Kenyans? these people had done nothing other than just be kyuk? surely RAO would rise and stop them, he would reach forth to save these poor lambs, surely wasn’t he the people’s president?

    But silence. silence from ODM, silence from ruto. No one spoke has infants were tossed in to a burning church, silence as pregnat women were dragged from matatus as they desperately tried to flee, had their stomachs ripped open with machetes, then s they lay on the hot tarmac and bled to death, watched as their young ones were gang raped then strangled or slashed to death.

    In desperation they turned to their esterwhile brothers, the ODm fratenity, the comrades with whom they had helfd hands and sang liberation songs. But more silence, just hidden mutters of ‘kyuks are getting what they asked for’

    and then it occured to them in a flash, that this had never been about democracy, freedom ofr any of those noble things they had sang about. in a flash it was clear what this had been about all the time. the coy insuniations of 41;1, the remarks about farmers clearing weeds from their farms on Kass fm. suddenly it was clear what this had been all along about.

    So alone and confused they stand today. and they can only pray for forgivness from those who paid the price of their folly with their lives.

  146. Pato says:

    What this was all about.


    Theft, murder and hooliganism. i hear now Kisumu residents are paying kshs 1000 to get into the city. They have to pay gangs of pro odm thugs manning roadblocks and who cant get any kyuks, kambas or Kisiis to kill these days.

    The goverement wont intervene? what goverment? ODM does not recognize the goverment. raila is the presi, let him get those gangs off the streets

  147. Solomon says:


    Youare really a “geniuses” of sorts that anyone is bothering to respond to your desperate comments.

  148. rafiq says:

    Hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You will get peace. Avoid reading,if you do dont bother reply.

  149. tnk says:

    can summarize all of Pato’s many contirbutions above to just one word “revenge”

  150. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mwai Kibaki,

    I plead with you to let democracy flourish in Kenya and I ask you:

    Which Kenya would you rather have, the Kenya of January 2003 or the Kenya of 2008?

    In the Kenya of January 2003, there was peace, unity, and hope in Kenya. The soldiers were in their barracks. The police were doing their duties with unparalleled politeness. Guns were in the armories.

    In the Kenya of 2008, guns and more guns are out. Wananchi stare at guns everyday. The soldiers, the GSU, and the Police are everywhere in Kenya and the “enemies” they are now fighting are the unarmed children, women, and men of Kenya.

    Mzee Mwai Kibaki, is the Kenya of January 2008 the Kenya you want to leave to your grandchildren?

    I plead with you Mzee Kibaki to distance yourself from all your family, friends and even Mr. Kofi Annan for just one day and do the following:

    If Mzee Moi is out of hospital, ask him to host you and some “vijana” that you plan to visit Mzee Moi with for a Sunday lunch. The “vijana” that you take along with you are:

    1. Raila Odinga
    2. Uhuru Kenyatta
    3. Kalonzo Musyoka
    4. William Ruto
    5. Musalia Mudavadi
    6. Joseph Nyaga
    7. Charity Ngilu

    and all of whom are foremost leaders in Kenya having run for the presidency or sought their parties’ nomination to run for the presidency of Kenya.

    I ask you, Mzee Kibaki to ask, in the presence of Mzee Moi, the following question:

    “If I, Mwai Kibaki, was to leave the presidency today how can you seven rebuild a united, peaceful, and stable Kenya and steer her forward?”

    Give the seven time to come up with a leadership structure. If they are agreed on what they will do, then ask them to enact, through parliament, that leadership structure and also enact instruments to make that structure viable and effective.

    This process should take about three months at the end of which you, Mzee Kibaki, retire and hand over leadership to the new leadership structure.

    A modern, peaceful, united, stable, and growing Kenya can only be possible if full democracy and the rule of law are allowed to drive the country.

    It is not too late, Mzee Kibaki, to call Preisdent Bush, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Pope Benedict, Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, President John Kufuor, Mr. Kofi Annan, and the presidents of our neighbours – Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi – telling them that you and your fellow Kenyan leaders have reached an agreement.

    At the same time, inform Kenyans that you have reached an agreement to rebuild a united, stable, just, and peaceful country once again. Assure all Kenyans that any Kenyan can lead and there is absolutely nothing to fear with Raila as president.

    Remember, Mzee Kibaki, that “yote yawezekana bila ukabila na chuki”

  151. Pato says:

    I have not asked for revenge. unlike ODM, I have no wish to propagate political goals through violence targeted at innocent people.

    This by the ey is the official defination of terrorism. Attempt to achieve political goals through violence targeted at innocent people. ODM is a terrorist group by whichever angle you lok at this thing.

    Finall the reason why you are uncomfortable is because you have for lond deluded yourself that this is a freedom struggle. I have brought to you the ugly deeds that your leaders and their gangs are doing and this you try desperetely to hide from. Am glad none of you is even doubting that this happened.

    You remind me of german citizens when they were confronted by evidence of the atrocities the nazis had committed in their name. Please read ‘Hitlers willing executioners’

    Anyway th UN has sent a team to probe possible crimes aganist humanity. they have also revoked visas of some odm mps. you may hide and pretend nothing happened. But sooner or later, RAO will be sharing a cell with Charlse Taylor

  152. Christina says:

    On behalf of other Kenyans, looking for accountability in all our public servants, I am urging the international community NOT to lift any travel bans that were initiated against corrupt officials, those who tried to derail the negotiated talks, and those suspected of using violence against Kenyans seeking to assert their rights.

    Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka does not represent the interests of Kenyans when he asks the international community to dismount the various “structures” of pressure that have brought us to a point where changes in government are just now being outlined. These bans should stay in effect until the President, Prime Minister, Cabinet ministers, PS, MPs, election commissioners/officials, and other government workers understand that there are repercussions to all their actions; until legal and constitutional reforms have been put in place and Kenyans are reaping the benefits of good governance; and until those who have used power structures in the past to disenfranchise sections of the Kenyan community realise that the Kenyan people, and NOT an elite group, have every right to determine their political destiny in a fair and democratic election.

    Musyoka seems to believe that now that both sides have agreed to work together that a lifting of the bans will engender goodwill especially among those who feel “victimised”. Either he chooses to be very naive, or is “playing stupid”. When he and others like him promise government seats to “loyalists” who have very little to fear except the occasional reshuffle when they refuse to govern well, this sets up the foundation for a group of hard-headed, arrogant, disrespectful, power-grabbing, corrupt officials who have a sense of entitlement – the likes of whom we have seen all too many of within our government. What follows them is chaos!

    Like many Kenyans, I have decided that I have learned a valuable lesson this election year – I am going to stay actively engaged in the politics of running my country until the next election year – I owe it to every Kenyan who lost their lives, and to myself. I refuse to be a victim because I didn’t care enough to ask the hard questions and to demand answers! With courage, I will stand up and speak where there is injustice, and work harder to make things better. What I won’t do is to ignore the obvious and let a few get away with their mediocre representation of the wishes of the masses. I’ve come to the conclusion that some hardliners just won’t get it. It won’t be my responsibility to “plead” with them. Instead, I am going to join the international community in telling them to, “Sit your — down. You are NOT going to travel the globe on my tax dollars if you don’t represent all Kenyans !”

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