It is a sad time in Kenya as innocent people get killed. May we take this opportunity to send condolence to families and friends of our brothers and sisters who have lost their loved ones.It is painful that we ODM family have lost our first MP. Pray for Justice and Peace.



  1. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    First, my heartfelt condolences to the ODM familly and that of mheshimiwa Were

    My question, how insensitive and heartless the Kenya police can be??? Why teargass mourners INSIDE the compound? Which peace are they keeping? Where were they when he was being assassinated???? Shame on you pretenders to the throne! Your reign is shamelessly coming to an end!

  2. Felo says:

    We should stop cheating ourselves with peace. It is high time we get ready for war. These people engage our leaders in a discussion they are not interested in. Right now Mungiki has taken over police force and gearing to kill all other tribes men that are not kiuks. Lets wake up. ODmers should even quit this crap called mediation. How can a few individuals control kenya with guns. Shameless is the so called GEMA leaders. Take my word this people are only interested in war. By the time you get of the talks, all your mps would be dead.

  3. kanyeka says:

    Assasination! assasination! assasination! Assasination! Yes this is what is going on the government after getting humiliated in parliament when electing the speaker; they have managed to do it so that they can get the numbers in parliament reducing the strength of ODM in the house.

    Down down with the government and this goes to all the ODM MPs please be careful they will continue doing it and try to organize for your security and safety remember this is another country do not think you are safe.


  4. Yego says:

    On behalf of the pple of Rift valley,ma family and i , i would like to sent my heartly condolesnce to the ODM family,Hon Were’s family and the pple of kenya as a whole.Its a sad day for all of us and the begginning of the end of a country we ve dearly worked for tirelesly.

    Why petition him in an election court and kill him the same day??why were the petioners from one community only ???The four guys who petioned his election are responsible as the Kibaki’s government his too.Its the only constituency in kenya where an Mp as been petioned by more than four fellows from one community but from different parties.The Arthmetic is simple,u want a by-election where u will team up and win the seat.If u thought kenyans are wapumbavu, then God as his own ways of doing it.

    R.I.P our beloved Mugabe Were.

  5. EUNICE NGANGA says:

    It’s now clear-Kibaki has started diverting pple from the current crisis through assassinations. Every body including Kofi Anan should know Kibaki is not at all interested in resolving the crisis, he doesnt care how many pple die, how many pple lose their lives and how many lose their livelihoods. All Kibaki cares about is being and remaining president. Mungiki is back, now with the full support of Kibaki’s illegal government. I see the only solution for now as being a military coup!

    Also, someone pls tell me, is it possible to have Kibaki out on a vote of no-confidence ama that’s ruled out completely? Cause to me , that would be the best thing to happen-we would celebrate for the rest of our lives!

  6. damien mungu says:

    We need cleansing by blood of our countrymen.Only after this can there be peace.it is a historical fact the world over;From Ireland,France, DRC,NAMIBIA,ANGOLA to MOZAMBIQUE. Zimbabwe will only be stable after war.I don’t value my life if it is not free or if my brother is a slave.

  7. Phil says:

    This assassination bears very strong similarities to that of Dr. Crispin Mbai who incidentally lived in the same area.

    One does not need to be a NASA scientist to see the common thread in the upsurge of violence in Naivasha, the assasination of an ODM MP, the numerous petitions filed against ODM MPs including Langata, the propaganda against Ruto for supposedly inciting Genocide in Rift valley….. They are all aimed at cutting the ODM down to size and scuttling the Koffi Annan peace mission.

    Whats next, pentagon? Please do something!

  8. Lilian says:

    It is a sad day indeed for Kenya. I am a reisdent of Embakasi though a voter in Langata..I heard the news in the morning and i just couldn’t believe it. My heartfelt condolense..There is gloom everywhere in our offices and there is tension and everybody is asking who next? May God avenge the lifes of those who have shed their blood on this land.

  9. faith says:


    We have cried for all those that lost there lives in this struggle i dont have any more tears just anger seething through my vains.RAO pull out of any talks and let us go back to the streets they want war we will give them one. Bloggers my fellow beloved kenyans we will mourn but on another day for now is back to the trenches let the demise of our comrade Mellitus Were not trouble our souls but to give us strenghth we have seen these fallacy before remember Pio Gama Pinto, Alexander Muge,JM Kariuki,Tom Mboya;Ouko’Jean Marie Seroney beloveth Kenyans dry your tears hold your shoulders high carry your shields and your remove your swords from there sheaths the battle is nigh and victory is a must “GOD PRESERVE OUR SOULS AMEN!!!!!!!!”

  10. pabokenya says:

    whats happening?heard that police has tear gassed were’s home?

    i as and am gonna ask bloggers again,what can we do as middle class?

    i said jana mwizi kibaki will come for us and now u can see for uaself.

    am so sad that in the last one hour i have classed with more than two of my important clients.
    i feel deep pain that we continue walking extra mile with ple hell bent on ruling u by force?
    do u use police or votes to get legitimacy? do u kill ple to rule them?
    we have said no and a big No to stollen presidency.
    i want raila to get himself sworn in and get the support of some military to protect him and we set our government.
    it can start from kismu and we will spread it all over the country.
    yani it means these our Pentagon can not get military or police support?

  11. Joakim says:

    Dear Odmers
    We must now say no the only way we know how
    We know whose done it

  12. Yego says:

    Pole!!! Pole!!!
    Why teargas a bereived family when mungiki are weildeing matchetes in naivasha????

  13. Elizabeth says:

    May God Rest Were’s Soul in Peace! This is the man I woke up to vote for at 5 a.m! How can it end so fast and so sudden? And in such a crude way? Two shots to the head! GOD HELP US. Were’s spirit will be with ODM forever! Usilale our brother! My heart goes out to Were’s family…..! God Show us the way… your way!

  14. AD says:

    Were prepare for us a place, we are on our way there too. we ready to die for justice. I am not afraid to die if it will cultivate peace.

    Let us declare full war on kibaki and his so called government if there is anyone who can supply us with weapons we are ready to go. The so called Mugiki cannot outweigh the number of unti-mungiki.
    Let us take our wifes sisters and children to mashambani and remain in the City to end this senseless killings by Mungiki-Kibaki government.

    Presence of peace is not absence of war it is the ability to contain peace we will contain it by any means necessary

  15. rafiq says:

    We strongly condemn the purposeful insecuirty in this country. We condole with the bereaved family of our hero who trounced the opposition in Embakasi. They who have done this will live to regret. No matter how long it takes.

    I believe that justice will prevail.

    May the Lord rest his soul in piece and give comfort to the family

  16. ilayesa Stephen of nairobi south B says:

    I send my condolences to the family and friends of our beloved the late Mugabe Were following his brutal murder. Its of big shame that our security forces have taken the grass
    at Uhuru park more important than human life. They are busy camping at uhuru park guarding grass while gangsters are busy executing pples lives. What a shame to the so called government that has no interests of its pple at heart! Mark you PNU crooks, your shameless illegitimate leadership shall come to an end no matter how long it will take.

  17. Ogwel says:

    I take this opportunity to join all patriotic Kenyans in sending our messages of condolence to the family, relatives and the entire ODM fraternity. It is with profound sorrow that we received the assassination of Hon. Mugabe Were, but our message is very clear; there will be no PEACE without TRUTH and JUSTICE. No amount of intimidation shall stop us from pursuing what is rightfully ours. We the agents for change should not be cowed by these cowards who are hellbent to bleed all Kenyans except themselves in order to be in power. In stead we should draw more strength from killings like the one meted on George William Oyango and now Hon. Were.

    This is a government for the dead!! Kibaki should be embarrassed to lead a country that is at war with itself. This is a war he stands to lose on all grounds. It is a war between the poor majority and the super- rich few. Not even the police, military and Mungiki can salvage him from the wrath of these determined Kenyans.

    We should stop pretending that there is going to be peace soon. Kibaki and his team must first admit that there is a crisis in Kenya, and that they are part of it, in stead of fooling Annan and his team that all is well and that the ”opposition” should respond to his dialogs and reconciliations. This approach is in sharp contrast with ODM’s view of a mediated peace process.

    Kibaki should know that there is no pride in the word ”president” when used to mean ”presiding over the peoples massacre.” Moi was thought to be a dictator, Kibaki has proved to be one. He is a leader that should in stead be lead and forced to face the reality. I hope that very soon these monsters in the name of leaders will learn the hard way, that power is not in guns and teargas, but in the people.

    We are ready to sacrifice even more lives as long as the coming generation of this our beloved nation may have justice. May God’s will be done upon the MARTYRS.


  18. Jackie says:

    RIP Honourable Were. Your death is not in vain and all those responsible shall face the judgement of God.

  19. pabokenya says:

    we wont find peace until we get kibaki out of this office.
    thats the only truth and i stand to be corrected.

    but how?
    having a million martyrs is not worth it when ur butchered like dogs.

    we need martyrs protecting our ple.
    we need guns and gent of change plus few agents of state in here sud not that

  20. otuonick says:

    This is shocking and i suspect it was politically motivated. No amount of intimidation will stop kenyans from demanding justice. RIP Hon Were.


  21. Joseph Mugi says:

    Fellow Kenyans, It is a great loss that we have lost one of our leaders in a grueling and heartless manner as we have seen our comrade die, nonetheless our emotion are running high and it is justifiable for people to behave the way that they are.

    This is a sign that Kenya is not safe for all of us, the local pple and the leaders at large, We ask you OUR LEADERS to come to a consensus and save the nation the anarchy that we find ourselves in, proper gating for more violence is not going to solve anything as a matter of fact its going to make the situation worse, sure to say more people are going to die due to the death of WERE in the violence that are going to be witnessed in some parts of the country.

    DEAR BLOGGERS what we put in this blogs should be words of bringing us together and not separating us all the more, Let us Remember Melitus in a manner that is worth that of a leader as we advance in our democracy, since all of us want to have the Kenya that we had b4 the Election where the fact that one was leaving in any part of Kenya and irrespective of the ethnic tribe or political affiliation we accommodated each other, This is a political problem to be solved by our leaders, it is time for them to proof what type of leaders they are, we all now know what kind of a leader KIBAKI and RAILA are. At the end of the day both of them will be jugded by history and Kenyans all together.

    Let us not create a recepie for disaster in the next 30-40 yrs to come as Kenyatta and Jaramogi did for us today let us leave a legacy that will be adopted by many a nations and the generations to come. (REMEMBER) We all know Raila and Kibaki but the two call us our supporters, followers, people, Kenyans and the likes of wanjiku.

    Let us see the bigger Picture ahead.

    we will forever Remember you!!!!!!!

  22. Gikonyo says:

    I join kenyas in condemning the murder of Mr Were and all other innocent kenyans.Let’s just pray and tell God enough is enough that our naton will be spared from further mayhem.we need a lasting solution!

  23. Otieno says:

    R.I.P o fallen hero



  24. Steve says:

    RIP Mugabe Were! May your sole and the many others killed liberate Kenya. God will not leave his people to suffer.

    RIP Bro. Amen.

  25. nyako says:

    This is annoying, pissing and shameless.The aim is apparently to make us shut up and get scared of talking. We shall NOT. Mugabe may be dead, the assassins may have succeeded, but we shall soldier on.
    How can mourners be teargassed? Were they looting public property? What did they want Kenyans to do? To sit back and not mourn with the family? Or was it a ploy to shoot the pentagon members in the boma with the family? Kibaki, Michuki,Martha Wangare Karua, Hussein Ali, Kimunya and the camp will NOT succeed. If we have to fight, so be it. Our democracy was stolen, our rights violated and now our lives are being stolen? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hon Mugabe, we shall soldier on, on ur behalf.R.I.P Mheshimiwa

  26. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    Our Mugabe will forever remain in the History Books as the young ODM legislator who managed to dislodge Mwenje from Embakassi Continuency.
    It is a sad day for the family and the Orange Republic ,that one of our change agent has been assassinated by the primitive clique afraid to face the moment of truth.

    The Guilty are afraid ,the die has been cast and it seems Museveni tactics are being employed,the sooner our leaders realise the better.The PANUAs know ODM dominated Nairobi ,5 MPs though I think we had a clean sweep of the 8 parliamentary seats and Civic.The thieves are not ready to face that reality since they are under the illusion that Nairobi ,belongs to them .We need to embark on our programmes paralise the economy ,since it seems the thieves are so much obessed with Wealth and Power to the extent that they refuse to see any sense that they cannot exist without the input of Kenyans from the 6 PROVINCES.
    In honour of our fallen Agent 4 Change Mugabe,a serious offensive of high impact needds to be launched to awaken this gluttons to reality on the ground.

  27. Ogwel says:

    I take this opportunity to join all patriotic Kenyans in sending our messages of condolence to the family, relatives and the entire ODM fraternity. It is with profound sorrow that we received the assassination of Hon. Mugabe Were, but our message is very clear; there will be no PEACE without TRUTH and JUSTICE. No amount of intimidation shall stop us from pursuing what is rightfully ours. We the agents for change should not be cowed by these cowards who are hellbent to bleed all Kenyans except themselves in order to be in power. In stead we should draw more strength from killings like the one meted on George William Onyango and now Hon. Were.

    This is a government for the dead!! Kibaki should be embarrassed to lead a country that is at war with itself. This is a war he stands to lose on all grounds. It is a war between the poor majority and the super- rich few. Not even the police, military and Mungiki can salvage him from the wrath of these determined Kenyans.

    We should stop pretending that there is going to be peace soon. Kibaki and his team must first admit that there is a crisis in Kenya, and that they are part of it, in stead of fooling Annan and his team that all is well and that the ”opposition” should respond to his dialogs and reconciliations. This approach is in sharp contrast with ODM’s view of a mediated peace process.

    Kibaki should know that there is no pride in the word ”president” when used to mean ”presiding over the peoples massacre.” Moi was thought to be a dictator, Kibaki has proved to be one. He is a leader that should in stead be lead and forced to face the reality. I hope that very soon these monsters in the name of leaders will learn the hard way, that power is not in guns and teargas, but in the people.

    We are ready to sacrifice even more lives as long as the coming generation of this our beloved nation may have JUSTICE. May God’s will be done upon the MARTYRS, for the power to judge rests with Him.


  28. crateturner says:

    My heart bleeds with the family and friends not forgeting the suppoters of WERE, but we ODM BLOGGERS assure the family justice will be done and those who act like hitler, mosolini, idi amin we will not give them the time or the day to ruin what we the people and our Captain Raila Odinga have build all this years. Kibaki tutapatana kiwajani

  29. Odalo JM says:

    As Were’s blood water the grass, let Kibaki and his mafia gang know that they will not hang for long. We nolonger have strong men in this world, they all went with Mobutu and the Sadams.

  30. MGABE WERE; a matyr for a struggle that just began. He has gone to join those who went before him since the 30th of December.

    The Were Family: My heart felt condolences. The ODM PG-watch out…you are at risk!
    RAILA: you carry not only your convictions but the aspirations of all reform minded Kenyans…ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN YOU!

    My sincere prayers are that the grace of the almighty shall always remain on the ODM Family!


  31. ONGECHA says:

    Its very sad indeed to learn of the death of such a youthfull Member of Parliament. My condolences to the Family and ODMers! Kenyans can no longer be fooled by this acts of a self imposed Government! We demand justice! we demand to to know the truth behind the death of Hon. Mugabe Were and a big Shame on those Police who threw tear gas at mourners in the Late Hon Mugabe`s compound! Where is your little brain when you are doing all this! His innocent blood shall not rest until his assailants are punished!

  32. fauz says:

    They will kill us but not our spirits,I know Mugabe’s life has not been wasted,he came for a reason,lived for a reason and has died for a reason…aluta continua!!! and to our president,Raila Amollo Odinga,tuko na wewe kuzama kuzuka!!!

  33. Ndenga says:

    I had hoped to meet you one day….because you were the first one to break the domination of a few bankrupt, but power hungry people in the VAST EMBAKASI.
    Sadly, I shall not. For these same backward tribalists have switfly taken your life away..for their selfish ends.
    May your soul rest in peace.
    Your death is definitely not in vain, even with all the anger and pain we have, we do know that some positives, will come from it. The same goes for the thousands who have senselessly lost their lives.

  34. Dave says:

    I don’t know why Annan is wasting our time.This is now beyond Raila and Kibaki.We Kenyans have decided that it either the ballot or war.Those are the only remaining avenues to stability.Power sharing is not an option.

    The assasination of were is just the begining of dark days of Kibaki regime.Am not a prophet but instincts tell me that something bad is about to happen in this country and Kenya shall never be the same again.

  35. kanyeka says:


  36. Otieno says:

    Dave…been having the same feeling….it’s only a matter of hours….

  37. Mike Okello says:

    My heartfelt sympathies to the Family of Hon. M.M.WERE (MP), That God shall be with you during this difficult times. Vengeance is Mine…. Says the Lord.

    For Dave and Otieno, The Nation of Kenya and her people belong solely to God, not to anyones INSTINCTS.

  38. Mak Internet says:

    RIP Mugabe.We are with you.They may have the power and strength but justice ultimately belongs to us

  39. Otieno says:

    more here and ganging up against Mungiki.


  40. mwikamba says:

    R.I.P My beloved M.P
    I voted for you and i still value what you told us during campaigns.
    I pray for strenghth this trying moment.
    OHHH!!!! HELP US GOD to overcome this madness



  42. asis says:

    I mourn the Hon. Were..but I mourn the loss of humanity from my fellow bloggers more! Hate begets hate..the cycle never ends! y not learn from other African nations. An eye for an eye..a tooth for a tooth, leaves us blind and toothless! I have lost many dear ones..but I know that my vegeance will only attract more vegeance. Until they come for me..for they will not be anyone to stand for me! Listen to our great Agwambo…he suffered, he endured he lived! Justice will prevail

  43. Shaqmaya says:

    Its a high time that all Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins, Maasai and patriotic muslims sons and women who are either in the police force or the army, take sides and fight to protect their people. The money they are earning in the forces is “blood money” . Blood lost from sons and daughters struggling for freedom and justice. Mwenje should be the first target, he is the man behind Weres assasination. Why seat and watch at the forces when your brothers and sisters are being slaughtered, this is the time that we need Ochukas (82 coup leader).

  44. Don Croce Malo says:

    May God Rest Mugabe Were’s Good Soul in Eternal Peace.
    We mourn your death with lots of pain and anger.
    You are a martyr.

    Rest in Peace
    Don Croce Malo

  45. Otieno says:

    Someone confirm this?

    Sources from GSU headquarters have informed us that 6421 arms and rocket-propelled grenades have gone missing, allegedly given to mungiki under Michuki’s orders (he’s not the internal security minister, but he wields more power than the incumbent George Saitoti). David Mwenje was spotted at GSU headquarters at 4pm on Sunday night, GSU sources of north eastern origin reveal. Mwenje lost elections to the assassinated youthful change-oriented Mugabe Were.

  46. odoyo oriri says:

    We need God more than ever. Kenya is hurting death, corruption, presidential, election stolen and hope lost and anger rule the day. Please God help Kenya

  47. 25mmpayload says:


  48. OPADO says:


  49. Ben-canada says:

    You people calm down
    stop reacting with emotion-IF u resolve with hate then the enemy will have won
    Kenya is much bigger than an election
    The fools are our leaders Kibaki and Raila
    lets look at Kenya beyond them
    Peace should be encouraged and not war,an eye for an eye will leave the world blind
    Which war are you asking for?If you want war with bows and arrows,go to somalia or sudan

    we are supposed to be better than animals

  50. Otsiatso says:

    It is time to split the country. It worked for Czechoslavakia and Yugoslavia. It can work for us. We can NOT live together anymore. Kenya was not created by divine ordination – people created it and people can un-do it.

    and NE
    THE CENTRAL REPUBLIC OF KENYA – Central and Eastern

    Nairobi can be negotiated over

    Hatuwezi kuishi pamoja!!

  51. rafiq says:

    Well put and Agreed Otsiatso

  52. rafiq says:

    We just need to strategize on how this can be done, boundaries , road network and sign peace accord.

  53. Crapy Owner says:

    Agent of change Kindly let us know of the position. We need something done soonest. Why is international life house,Jacaranda,Winsor,Silver springs,Nginyo towers, Citi-hoppers,Woolworths e.t.c still standing tall while the owner is sponsoring Mungiki to kill innocent kenyans

  54. Omondi says:

    Im not even going to say the obvious about the late Were. When shall the call come? We need facilitation in form of weaponry..we know the country well and are students and masters of strategy. One wing from Busia/Kisumu, our brothers the Kalenjin shall be a second wing through Malaba Eldoret… A forced march would work best, we can sort out Mungiki as we pass through Nakuru & Naivasha… Othaya isnt that far and it would take only 24hrs.

  55. James Blake says:

    I am so saddened by all of the news from Kenya. I am an American and my wife is Kenyan. We have 4 children and the 5th one is on the way. Someone tell me what I should say to my children about their Mother’s home country. Are their grandparents safe? Will they ever have a chance to meet their Aunties, Uncles and cousins any time soon?

    Please, please, please – don’t allow Kenya to become another Rwanda. I may be told that I cannot understand this situation because I am not a Kenyan; that I cannot understand this situation because I am not Luo, Kikuyu, Luhya, Samburu, Kamba, etc. I wish that all of you could sit with me, watch and listen, as I explain all of the good reasons for these conflicts to my 3 year old daughter Sadie Musavi. She cannot understand why one would ever harm another. She only sees the good in others, regardless of any outward or inward attribute. She does not know that I am a white man. I am simply, “Papa”; she does not notice that her Mama is black; she has not recognized that her sisters and brother are children of this USA’s melting pot. And all she’ll be taught of the many tribes of East Africa are the many wonderful things that have been given by all.

    There is but ONE tribe! There is but ONE people! When will the world come to truly understand this realty?

    Today in America most Americans don’t think twice about Kenya. The same sentiment sadly held true for Rwanda. Most of the world’s thinking is “Who cares? After all — if black people cannot love one another and if black people can hack one another to death over tribal raison d’être, then why should we care?” Please consider the gravity of all that is at stake. For the sake of your children – for the sake of my children – for the sake of all mankind – STOP KILLING YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!

    Our next USA President may be a Kikuyu (Barack Obama). Should I tell my children that we must be afraid of him because of their Luhya heritage? God, please never allow this USA to ever fall back into hopelessness over ethnic, cultural, tribal differences. We’ve been there and it killed too many of us. Learn from others’ mistakes. Don’t repeat them, for all will be hurt.

    I love you Kenya. You gave to me the Love of my life – the woman that makes me whole. Kenya is ONE! Kenya is ONE nation and One people.

    I pray for you Kenya. I cry for you. My heart is breaking for all of us. I beg everyone to stop the violence. Africa cannot afford any more suffering. I can hear the words of the Kenyan National Anthem in my mind. Please remember them in this most trying of times:
    O God of all creation
    Bless this our land and nation
    Justice be our shield and defender
    May we dwell in unity
    Peace and liberty
    Plenty be found within our borders.
    Let one and all arise
    With hearts both strong and true
    Service be our earnest endeavour
    And our homeland of Kenya
    Heritage of splendour
    Firm may we stand to defend.
    Let all with one accord
    In common bond united
    Build this our nation together
    And the glory of Kenya
    The fruit of our labour
    Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

  56. Ann Kalu says:

    All these lives lost, when will our leaders (ODM and PNU) start to take responsibility and put an end to the violence?

  57. M Ngina says:

    Dear Hon. Raila, Pentagon members and other ODM mps including Bishop Wanjiru…..I have a bad feeling that the PNU Kamandas are out on a mission to kill you. Please take care. Every ODM MP must get wear a bullet proof vest under neath their suits. Please take this seriously.

    M Ngina

  58. ADONGO CALEB says:









    Britain states its stand on Kenya

    Published on January 29, 2008, 12:00 am

    BY PPS and Standard Reporter

    The British Government has denied claims that it does not recognise President Kibaki and his Government.

    British Minister for African Affairs, Mr Mark Malloch-Brown, said his Government respects Kenya and has never at any one time said it does not recognise Kibaki and his Government, adding that Britain remains a great friend of Kenya.

    Speaking today at State House, Nairobi, after delivering special greetings to Kibaki from British Prime Minister, Mr Gordon Brown, Mr Malloch-Brown said the British Government was impartial in the political impasse in the country.

    Malloch-Brown also conveyed the British Government’s donation of £1 million (Sh135m) towards the resettlement of those affected by the violence.

    President Kibaki welcomed the clarification from the British Government, saying Kenya was surprised by earlier reports that had alleged an unfavourable stand against the Government by Britain.

    But when contacted, the British High Commission Head of Press and Public Affairs, Ms Charley William, said: “The issue of recognition was not discussed by either side during Malloch-Brown’s visit to State House on Monday. The British Government’s stand on the election is very clear”.

    Williams said Britain recognises states, not governments.

  59. zizi says:

    R.I.P Were.

    Some say it is murder, but how different is it from assassination? The penalty ni moja tu.

    I think there are political thugs on hire. Our MPs should be careful.

    About breaking up the country, well it is the hardest choice whose time may not be now. We can still hold together, I think. However, a constitutional revamping providing for a federal or Majimbo state can still work. People will have to make choices as to where they wanna live and do business.

    I am thinking of people making their home towns habitable and attractive to investors and develop capacity for human development. This should be the new motivation.

    Czech and Slovakia are two separate countries with some ethnic homogeneity. I don’t know how that can work out.

  60. zizi says:

    Rift Valley – Moi University

    Nyanza – Maseno, Kisii and Muliro Universities

    Coast – Pwani university

    Central – Kenyatta, n Jomo Kenyatta universities

    NE – None

    Nairobi – UoN

    Eastern – None

    How is the future like?

  61. It is the constitution, STUPID.
    Kenya has changed, the innocent blood being split senselessly is a curse, it will haunt the country for ever. Like Raila said today, nothing justifies the senseless killings.NOTHING.

    I am very much opposed to the
    short-term quick fix solution. That is why to me,
    without under estimating the quest for justice and
    equity I do not think to just address the just
    concluded election’s fraud is enough. The silver
    lining is it may provide Kenyans with a rare opportunity to finally address
    their problems. I also think it may be a blessing in
    disguise to have had Annan off UN to lead the effort.

    I am very impressed by Koffi Annan. He has effectively
    articulated the situation in Kenya, only I do not
    think many understand. In his opening speech(very
    impressive)He suggestively implied,(seemingly in
    cognizance of Bomas draft) four weeks in the
    short-term to stop the hostilities and a year to come
    up with a constitution for a credible election. But
    for the one year time-table to be realized first
    Kibaki needs to acknowledge the problem. I believe,
    events on the ground will force him to.

    Let us pray for Annan’s mission to be guided by the
    Almighty God’s Spirit, if we really care about Kenya.

  62. ADONGO CALEB says:

    R.I.P WERE…



  63. rafiq says:

    Mungiki has claimed responsibility and now they are charging at journalists

    If this country stays as one, it wouldnt be united and it will take longer to rebuild under this constitution.

    At independence there was only one university and I think its not hard to get more. All that is needed is goodwill and good policies.

    Where we are heading only God can salvage us if we ever stay as one country

  64. Otieno says:

    An emotional Raila eulogised the slain MP, saying his life and blood would not go in vain.

    “His blood will water the tree of liberation… we will walk tall and stronger, we shall plant a flag on top of the mountain to remember him … Were shall be remembered … we will remember you brother,” a teary-eyed Raila said to colleagues and family members.

  65. faith says:

    Good citizens

    Mike a.k.a Mutua govt spoke person quotes ” vengence is mine sayeth the Lord” but he didn’t say the important part it is like this ” the glory is yours but vengence is mine sayeth the Lord” we today can go down in history as the glorified generation for being matrys for change and for that i salute comrade MUGABE WERE and to attain that glory we need to be steadfast in our resolve to see real orange change realised . The vengence is the Lord’s against the thieves who stole our votes they will be judged accordingly. We hope that the mediation will bring good tidings to our motherland so bloggers like what one Yasser Arafat said we will hold our guns in our left hand but will extend our right hand of peace.

  66. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Just a correction on the BBC article, Hon. Were hails from Budalangi; not Kakamega.

    Faith, am told all non-GEMA tribes have been given seven days to leave Thika. Please confirm

  67. rafiq says:

    Heard the same from a radio station. If its true dont ignore it please. Naivasha warning was the same and those who ignored are suffering now. Its better to take emergency leave and move to a safer place. Please sambaza.
    No matter the outcome, lets please have a reconstruction programme for ODM zones

  68. my heartfell condolences to the family but i must empasize that the political assasination of mugabe were will not send fear to as but will make as stronger to find justice to what has really caused the problem we need an international body to find the killers because our police investigation team is incompetent and the scotland yard or the fbi do as pround well rest in peace my brother.

  69. Mike Okello says:

    Otieno, You seem to know the first suspect, TOA HABARI KWA POLISI, Its quite great disrespect to the Family of the Late Hon. Mugambe Were to seem to have an idea of the killers, and put it on the Blog first instead of the police.

    For your information, Mwenje was very far behing Hon Were, He was not the next from Him, He was a far Fourth in the line up. You needed to have been Keener in the election updates. It was as follows; Hon M.M. Were, J.Ndirangu, Ferdinard Waititu (Deputy Mayor) and then Mwenje.

    I am personally quite devastated by his brutal murder. But if i have no idea what led to the killing. I would rather shut up. It might be the only way to show Leadership and Maturity to the world. I liked the comments by Hon. Raila Odinga that was a statesman talking. At least you have someone closer home to emulate.

  70. jaugenya says:

    Let odmrs start registering their votes in embakasi , if one moves to an area it is his right to register as a voyter in that constituency. we will return the embaksasi seat to its rightful owners no matter how many mungiki they unleash kenya ni yetu wote , kibaki umbwa

  71. Yego says:

    To know the killers of Hon Were,safaricom must be contacted to give a full list of the Mps who Karua communicated with during the speakers elections.Everyone saw her do some sms properbly to warn those who had been paid to vote with the government and couldnt do so.Mps who received the sms should also come out clean and expose this scandle otherwise they will also follow suit if this issue is no arrested at its early stage.The way Saitoti talked to keynan in the lobby rooms tells more.

  72. Obonyo says:

    Hi guys i was shocked when KTN announced that the Mungiki admitted that they are the ones who killed Mugabe Were.One of the bloggers here showed us a link to the bbc web where Mwenje admits that he was once surporting this gangs so why cant Mwenje be arrested so that he tells kenyans who these pple are before kenyans can forgive him for working with this gang do many years

  73. crateturner says:

    to owiti

    yes its true they are distributing leaflets saying they are giving raila 7 days to stop the violence or non gema to leave something like that coz one of my friends who is working has already left thika town. and police there have startrd receiving refugees.
    so things are getting bad day by day

  74. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Thanks guys for the info,

    Do you realize MiKe a.k.a Jane has said nothing about the Mungiki operation in Naivasha, Thika etc? only to come here shedding crocodile tears over Hon. Were? We know you man….let me tell you one thing about people from Budalangi; they never take anything lying down!

    Watch this space Mike….

  75. Yego says:

    The Petty Gold chain thief is the prime suspect .

  76. Yego says:

    The Petty Gold chain thief is the prime suspect .mayors chain i mean

  77. faith says:


    It is true i called home and i was told that there were leaflets spread in thika town and its environs this is crazy it is suspected Mungiki adhererents are coming to cause mayhem to non-GEMA, personally i suspect this thug of an MP called Thuo i think these guys have been planning the retaliation Owiti do you know my friend from Kiambaa was telling me that youths were being sought to be given transport to go to Rift Valley to kill people it is shocking.

  78. pabokenya says:

    when we answer to the like of mike, u make uaself stoop too low.
    i know one day kenya will achieve its UHURU and then we can celebrate our nationhood and mark the lives of martyrs that have died fighting justice from thieves

  79. rafiq says:

    Thats how it started in naivasha, please sambaza for guys to get out. Whoever stays to know what to expect. In Dagoretti they have started oathing. So seek yea safe a board.

  80. preeti says:

    Forgive them and yes ask everyone to be very careful..The real problem seems not to be kenyans but some top top people who have taken oaths and bribes to do harm. Dont wory Kenya, The Lord who watches you sees and hears your Cries…But ask all people, churches and schools to REPENT and PRAY…
    All the Vows and Oaths made in darknes are going to be broken and exposed….Woe unto them that dont hear the Voice…

  81. MOSSAD says:

    ODM has a right to form militia. All citizens have a right to bear arms especially at this time of insecurity for self defence. Gov. is unable to contain current insecurity even for legislators let alone citizens

  82. kennylicios says:

    Its very sad indeed that these people have stolen our victory but to add insult to injury they have now killed my mp. i woke up so early to vote for raila and were now am bila an mp
    Let kibaki know that he will not be president by force deceit or violence if kenyans wee able to resist the inventors of the gun what makes kibaki think we will succumb to misusesrs of the gun?
    come on all ye great pple of kenya lets fight for our rights


  83. kenny says:

    Rest in peace mugabe were your deah shall not be in vain ew will continue fighting for our rights and remove this illegitimate mungiki regime

  84. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    It’s really ubsurd!

    Another angle; during the voting in parliament; a few ODM Mps were detailed to check on would-be traitors. Hon. Bett and Hon. Were took the tasks to check on Saitoti and Thuo along the toilet and lobbying corridors. Could they have tharted Martha Karua’s stretegy to beconing members to the loos for ‘kitu kikubwa’ and so had to be dealt with? If you remember, Were basically blocked the way to the toilet. Maybe some of you never noticed him….He’s my village-man and I saw him well. If you remember someone in a cream suit with a box-kind of shave. Remember? Most of the evening he was leaning on the arm-seats to Bett’s left. Chebii Kilimo was occupying the last seat to where Bett stood. Next i’ll give you Karua’s targets….

    Watch this space!!

  85. mrembowaodm says:

    RIP Were and all other Kenyans who have died since this catastrophe struck.

  86. Otieno says:

    Agent4Change as we continue with this thread could we pliz also have another thread for the ongoing face-to-face (mediation) talks? Thanks.

  87. faith says:

    it is true Owiti

    it seems Thuo and company were the mobilisers you see how he was able to bribe MP’s to vote him as chief whip absurd. We need to also start thinking ahead here bloggers iam talking about by – elections in the five constituencies we need to win all of them and we want the grassroot leaders to start preparing people for the vote because i know with our beloved ODM speaker when parliament opens in march he will immediately declare the seats vacant so Kenyans let us start strategising with our leaders on this.

  88. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    HI ODMers…..

    my heartfelt condolences to the family,friends and the entire ODM team….we know his death was politically organized and we understand the motive behind his assisination please THE PENTAGON arrange your security details this pple are evil who knows next…

    secondly i was very much shocked when i read the nation newspaper on Monday only to fine out that some men went to RO’s house claiming that they were policemen filing petition against OUR PRESIDENT RO… please HON R.O be careful about your security details.


  89. Anne says:


    Even before the blood of my recently elected Mheshimiwa Were was dry, did Police Spokesman Kiraithe say that his was a murder, but was quick to add that “initial police ivestigations” showed that his death was NOT politically motivated? Mheshimiwas was killed late in the night…. What time did the usually letahrgic police force (except when “defending” Uhuru Park from ODMers) have to do the investigations?

    What Kiraithe would have said was that all the police will do through investigations to unearth the kilers of my youthful MP, whether or not the his kiling was politically motivated. Kiraithe recently told us that the unarmed young man killed in Kisumu and captured by KTN camera…. he said the KTN images were “computer generated’.

    In this kind of circumstances, who will take “Cybercop” Kiarithe seriously about the murder of my MP?


  90. James Blake says:

    Please accept my appologies for the mistake of writing that Barack Obama is Kikuyu instead of Luo in my earlier post. But I have no doubt that you all recognized my mistake at once (that is a bit sad in and of itself). I wish that it did not matter, one way or the other. Unfortunately — it does — and because of that our brothers and sisters are dying.

    What account of ourselves shall we give upon our leaving this world? Do you think that the Mighty One will understand our stupidity? I think not! We all are to do the right thing in the here and now. We MUST create a better world for our children. We are not lions and hyenas. So why do we act as if we are? Maybe it is time to consider Gandi and Martin Luther King, Jr’s lead and fully embrace “redemptive suffering”.

  91. Baijo says:

    R.I.P M. Were and those ODM supporters / sympathisers and their families who have been murdered by Kibaki’s suppoters, police and mungiki. Your blood will not go in vain. We the remaining will fight on to ensure Kenyans know the truth and gets justice. This is our resolve to ensure Kenya will be fully liberated and for our future generation to live and enjoy peace.

  92. Crapy Owner says:

    Mike Okello. I won’t hesitate to call you timid. Which country are you asking your fellow to report to police while the police body knew it before it happened. Sober up. I hope you are not the type who call themselves saved while they can’t even define salvation like Kalanzo. Sober up man.

  93. Crapy Owner says:

    Am a little bit bitter with our leaders for the following reasons:
    1. Why engage with Annan and you can clearly see that they guy is hellbent on legitimizing this stollen thing?.
    2. Why keep quiet or wait till people are dead for you to go and mourn. I wrote before that am told that Mungiki have been taken to Caren and Ngong town for the execution of non-kikuyus in these areas before they move to Kariobangi, Embarkasi and Thika
    3. Am ashamed at the other tibes because our leaders are failing us when we needed most. Do you know for this simple reason Were had to die?. Were was the only leader who could organize a match to Mungiki and clear it up. Now the ground is clear for them.
    4. By the time you realize the wake up call am giving you, Mungiki will be ruling you. Wake up or die sleeping. But what i see for now is death sentence on our leaders by Mungiki. Am told even if Raila would have been declared the winner by ECK, Michuki had planned for the paramilitary to kill people as they celebrate including Raila himself.
    5. Now amoury are missing from GSU store. Do you think that missile propelled grunades are used on chicken?. It is for ODM leaders and their property. I even tend to guess that one will hit Orange House soon. As Were used to say “our community is our force”. This force is gone because he is the only one who believed in what Mungiki is founded from and thus Mungiki would be nothing for him.
    Wait for your death our leader as you meet Annan. Come on follow the Annan bait as Michuki, Kamanda,Uhuru and Ndura strategise to clear you up.

    Am a christian but for now spare me the christianity is the Kalonzos,Njues,Musyimi can be the remaining preachers in this world. I see hypocrits and Infidels around every time i see self-proclaimed saved.

    May God Save their souls. But you have to work towards that salvation.

  94. Crapy Owner says:

    Yego you are right. He is not just a suspect but i strongly believe he did it. I saw him meet Ndura and another shabby woman in The stanely hotel. As you know this Ndura guy is still the defacto leader of Mungiki. he cannot be trusted.

  95. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    You will not slug it out in Nairobi.

    Second day,
    As planned and thought out, Eastlands is calm as sea, We the owners( Born and Raised) of Nairobi (Mtaa) will not allow any particular group to come from upcountry or the West for that matter to survive and lord over us in our own city and homes.

    We will defend our home by Tooth n’ Nail and Bullets for BLOOD.

    Whether you are Luo or Kalenjin, the Blood of our brother MR.Were- The peacemaker. will be paid back a thousand times. We know he refused to be dictated too and we know someone killed him for political mileage. No one will destroy our BELOVED GREEN CITY IN THE SUN. In the neigbhoods, we know each other from childhood and we know those who came from upcountry, we know your characteristics. You cannot hide and will not escape. If you think Nakuru or Naivasha is anything to go by you are making a very dangerous conclusion. You will be surprised to see your own turn against you.
    We are not Taliban, Bagdhad boyz or Mungikii we are the TRUE URBAN BRIGADE.

    You can continue your envy of our city NAIROBI. But back off and leave us alone. Furthermore you never see us coming to your “JIMBO’S” for Hand-out’s, Jobs or Land, We are the citizens of the capital and we are capitalistic in nature.

    “Our community is our force” not ODM

  96. Jane says:

    May God console the family of our late MP the Hon. Mugabe Were. No words from any of us can console them at this time.

    May God console the families who have lost their dear ones and property in these ‘political’ myhem. We shall get out of it. All peace loving Kenyans thank the government for setting up a fund to resettle the affected.Lets pray for them. That God gives them strength and courage to face all that has happened.

    I seriously condemn all acts of lawlessness by Mungiki, Kalenjin warriors and other such groups. ODMers must realise that the ODM politicians including the whole ‘pentagon team’ has duped all of us.
    These our leaders are being pinned down by simple questions;
    when did this ‘vote stealing’ physical confrontation begin? Did I hear on 29/12/07? Even before announcement of the results.
    where did the fighting begin?, did I hear Eldoret, Kisumu and Kibera? Area with a strong ODM support?.
    Who started the fighting? Did I hear Kalenjin warriors? Or militiamen?
    Who were they fighting? Did I hear, Kambas, kikuyus,Kisiis, Merus and presumably all persons who they ‘thought’ did not vote for ODM.
    Then they are asked doesn’t democracy dictate a person is free to vote for a candidate of their choice, move freely and own property in any part of the country?.Did I hear of course!
    You went to parliament ,elected a speaker and took oath of office after being summoned by the president.right. Then, that is the moment you consented to the fact that there was a duly elected president of the Republic of Kenya. The rule of law must be upheld is what we understand they were told.

    We need to condemn Kalenjin warriors . They have brought blasphemy to Rift Valley. Burnt children, women, our mothers, our fathers and the house of God, they have displaced our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, they have killed them with machetes, bows and arrows. May God forgive them. Mungiki have caused mayhem in retaliation/ revenge. May God forgive them. We must preach the message of peace. Not war. Which politician today cares what Ochuka family feeds on.

    Lets move foreward as brothers and sisters as we have for the far we have lived. There is alot of synergy in diversity.

    Let us arise above politicians including all pentagon members and their limited minds.A good number of them lagged far behind us in school performance.They have only used some oratory skills to convince the masses how weird their ideas are.We have better lives to live.

  97. tnk says:


    i suggest another 1m lunch and invite the same guys over to top up. a few more will come out of the woodwork as well.

  98. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Do you know who killed our brother??????
    Did he refuse to be someones wiping boy in the ORANGE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT PARTY????

    True Urban Brigade ” OUR COMMUNITY IS OUR FORCE”

  99. Collins Ocholl says:

    I pray for the soul of Hon Were. He was a good servant of the people. I believe that the work he started in this world would not go in vain. This act should not be allowed to go on, the peole we voted for are not animals to be killed anyhowly. I would wish that the O.D.M fraternity organize some funding then find someone from outside the country who would not be compromised by the perpetrators of the late Hon. Were’s death. I belive this would allow Kenyan’s to feel comfortable with the findings other than someone from within who are vurlenarable. The people who are concerned should not be allowed to walk like they are god who can order the demise of a fellow human being.

    I also feel that the O.D.M team should also offer a reward to anyone with credible information that will allow the work of investigation lead to the arrest of whoever ordered the killing and the killers. It is my prayer that the culprits will be apprehended.

  100. mumias says:

    I see how you cleverly try and sound a moderate advocating for peace and a moral voice for non violence. However what I do not understand is shy you are hell bent on pinning everything that is happening on our pentagon leaders. Now you have charged them in your moral court for crimes in which you seem to suggest they are the only culprits!
    Are we to assume that you have absolved any blame from Kibaki and his people?

    Further I also note that you have never presented an impartial argument here in this blog, all your blogs insinuate that we are the morons that let emotions and nostalgia get the better of us by allowing us to be duped by our leaders!

    Jane using that superior intelligence which you claim is higher than most pentagon members I regret that you were not able to offer your services to PNU secretariat earlier, perhaps your razor sharp intellect would have better served helping your president rig more intelligently and thus avoid some of the mess we are in now!

    Perhaps it’s not too late!

  101. Otsiatso says:

    Jogoo shujaa:
    Easy my friend, easy, first loosen your underwear, it is cutting blood circulation to your brain ati: BELOVED GREEN CITY IN THE SUN.” ? Don’t you mean city under garbage? Ama unaishi Nairobi gani?

    Kuna mtu alikutisha?

  102. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I never met him. I never got to revel in his would-have-been brilliant contribution to unite Kenyans (He was described in an overseas newscast as a peace-maker) and build Kenya.

    Though I will never meet him personally, I take courage in the thought that his assasination happened at a moment in the history of Kenya when a new and just Kenya for all Kenyans and by all Kenyans is being birthed.

    The late Mugabe Were will have his name take the most prominent position in the Kenya Justice-Fighters Memorial Wall that will contain the names of all Kenyans who paid the ultimate price so that Kenyans could enjoy justice and eqaul opportunities for all.

    May The Almighty God, The Author and Dispenser of Justice rest Were’s soul in eternal peace and grow and mature the unselfish aspirations that the Hon. Member of Parliament had for his country.


  103. pabokenya says:

    our fight for justice is irreversable.
    no amounts of shots form police will deter us.

  104. Joseph Jakenya says:

    No more solutin will be better than this. May God take revenge on those who assasinated Were, a young and promising leader. RIP.


  105. Mike Okello says:

    We have all expressed our deep regrets on the murder of Hon Were, Much has been said, and we pray that God, because He is sovereign will comfort his entire Family, BUT What’s all this sickening business of Lionizing Hon. Mugabe M. Were, i HEAR, Matyr, blood will water the tree of justice, I hear Aluta Continua, I hear Son of Kenya, I hear assasination, I hear Fighter, and while i have no BIG problem with all this, Does one become a hero, because of what they have done before they died, or is it How they died, or How the country was when they died or is it the position they held before they died?

    For example, is Father Kamau who was also brutally murdered in the same period, in the same, cold blood, also a hero? IF YOU WANTED TO KILL AN ODM MP INORDER TO INTINIDATE ODM AND ITS RIOTERS, What a fool would you be to Kill Hon. Mugambe? If you killed to capture the Embakasi seat on a different Ticket, to reduce the ODM numbers, How sure can you be that the next Embakasi MP WILL not be an ODM MP? And how sure can you be that your own MP cant also be Killed to reduce your numbers? Are we so evil that we are Killing to play with the numbers of votes in the House?

    I wish i had any more confidence with the infamous ‘police Investigations’ Unfortunately i don’t. It is just unfortunate that someone dies under such circumstances in Kenya, That is normally the end of it. Arresting suspects in normally a show, the Judiciary is also a let down, The intelligence too… I am sick!

    Lets not take the advantage of His murder to appear charged to Fight, when its all fake! Real fighters are dying in the skirmishes and running battles with police, of course those are law breakers. Hon Mugabe in public eyes died innocent, much as we do not know anything in his private life that may have led to his death, You that write on the computer in the office are said to keep the law because you do not go to the streets when your rally has been outlawed. Your incitement on the internet is obviously a lesser evil, because the implementers are also busy blogging back instead of taking your incitement seriously.

    Point of Correction Crapy Owner: You do not need to define salvation to be saved , It has never been an academic exercise. You just need to be there to be saved, BUT Saved or not saved, i have a functioning HEAD, hence my earlier sentiments!

  106. Obonyo says:

    Yes Mr. Mike Okello for God sake am requesting you again to tell us where do you live.Its seems you dont know what your saying plz if you have nothing to tell us just leaves us alone we are tired of your sentiments.U dont knwo what is happening to our poor people.Tell me what have u contributed to help victims of post-election violence.People frm Western Kenya are teken hostage by Munguki in Thika,Nyahururu,Meru and Naivasha.These pple are crying to be help remove frm these areas.We People frm Western kenya ar contributing some money sothat we can hire police and some buses to go and pick these pple.You tell us u have done what?.Again Mungiki are killing pple frm western kenya yesterday they killed pple in Kibera last night they were in Mathare number 10.What the police are doing is disperse the youths who normally guard theire areas at night telling them to go inside the house when they left mungiki takes control so tell me as Okello tell me what these poor tax payers kenyans should do am waiting

  107. BIG BROTHER says:


    I have read your comments

    It’s imperative that we take responsibility and not reason with our emotions but logically.

    Having stated this, I would like to urge you to clearly highlight point by point what you think should be the way foward.

    State how , in your view Kenya can come out of the current dillema upto the moment where we can live together again with dependable and reliable institutions.

    You can work out a 5 year sketch.

  108. Yego says:

    Crapy owner, i totally agree with you!!!! Our leaders are proving cowards.How do opposition negotiate with the gova as its being said???It should be gova Vs gova.Raila you ve the chance , opportunity and venue to be shown in as the peoples president, what are u waiting for???

  109. BIG BROTHER says:


    I agree with you that our leader should literaly LEAD. But again, don’t you think they need to also take a step at a time.

    Personall , I think ODM leadership have been doing very well. They have shown the Gov that they can mobilize people and on the other hand they have shown restraint giving peace talks a chance.

    The current talks will determine a lot. If the gov still continues to be insensitive, then I think the people of this country will stand up for their rights.

    This should be treated and a WIN WIN WIN situation.
    ODM government will be formed = WIN
    PNU guys to go home and relax, less head aches for them = Win
    Wananchi to leave at peace = Another win

    All i’m saying is let’s cross the bridge when we get there.

  110. Obonyo says:

    Yego Arep Mibei is giving that talks a chance if it failed then he should goto plan B.Rift valley people are heroes u voted for ODM as block am very happy with u KAMATUSA next if u produce ur son for big seat luo nyanza will also vote for u as ablock thenks yego

  111. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Am getting some distubing news…Ainanoi MP David Too has also been assassinated????? pls confirm

  112. Obonyo says:

    News just in Ainamoi MP David Kimutai has been shot dead by Traffic police man(Mungiki) in Eldoret Town

  113. Obonyo says:

    This a nother assination my God what is happening.

  114. Achola Omolo says:

    Agent of change is this true??

  115. Obonyo says:

    Hi Eldoret bloggers plz updates us

  116. Obonyo says:

    Yes Achola Omolo its true David Kimutai is no more

  117. Omuto says:

    Two short messages are making rounds in the country regarding the death of the Late slain hero Mugabe Were. The two appear very contradictory to each other and thus I call for your scrutiny and analysis. You might have received the two sms already.

    SMS 1: Were was killed by EAGLE SQUAD from the CID under instructions of Maina. They are now looking for RUTO, SIRMA and KAPONDI.

    SMS 2: Condolences and prayers for the family of Hon.Were. He was amongst the 5 ODM MPs whose defection to government was confirmed. No clues over his death so far.

    What am finding a bit unusual with the two messages is the speed with which they’re making the rounds. One is faster though. The second one. The sender? an unknown celtel subscriber. How the subscriber got to know all the numbers is beyond my imagination. The second one was to come first, but after the Eagle one came first, damage control was to be done, thus the second sms from a rival group.

    I refuse to believe the Mungiki story. Its yet another ploy to blindfold us from the reality on ground. Its diversionary because they think Kenyans are wapunbavu. I tend to agree with the first sms. Its coming rendered the Mungiki story fake, thus a reason to create an sms (the 2nd one) to counter the EAGLE sms.

    JOGOO_SHUJAA, please tell us your version of this story because your complimments seem to concur with the 2nd sms. The two rivals above seem to come from two opposing camps. The latter seems to be a PNU ploy to malign our ODM brothers as the assasinators, yet that’s what Jogoo seems to buy.

    JOGOO, what do ODMers stand to gain in the death of their own MPs? I refuse to believe that defection can warrant an MPs death and this kind of sms is only meant for the real pumbavus because its common knowldge that a defector loses his seat automatically. And if this is so, then why waste your time killing a fellow whose about to commit suicide? Whoever is doing this (second sms) is killing two birds with one stone:- finishing both ODM and celtel. U dont need rocket science to know this.

  118. Omuto says:

    How dare. Why these assassinations???????????????????

  119. Lijoodi says:

    Its true the MP David Too was shot by a traffic Police who had a gun. I wonder why a traffic police would carry a gun let alone shoot someone even if he has done a traffic affence. Then all Matatu guys would be dead by now.

  120. Omuto says:

    Are these the fellows who ate with the government and voted for Marende thus betraying their oath??????

  121. Obonyo says:

    Police were order shoot to kill i watch Ali yesterday on NTV and they have executed the order on an MP.Kenyas let us unite to stop this madness of PNU I said it here that we should have not teken were’s death lightly now see what has happen.Reliable sources says Mungiki has been given guns and police uniforms by the goverment.

  122. Omuto says:

    Obonyo, Mungiki are killing the common man, while the policemen are in charge of the big fish. It’s a well planned move and its not gonna end now. That’s why the EAGLE squad terminated Were, a traffic policeman has killed David and Mungiki is doing its round in the Nairobi slums.

  123. Obonyo says:

    Now they will turn there guns to our brothers who will be demostrating against this killling I know by evening some innocent kenyans will be also dead.WA KALE MSIKUBALI HII HATA KIDOGO WACHA WANYAMA NDIYO WABAKI KENYA IF THATS NEEDS BE WE ARE TIRED INFACT AM SHADING TEARS IN THE OFFICE

  124. Obonyo says:


  125. faith says:

    is it true another ODM MP has been slained oh GOD what is this madness

  126. Omuto says:

    Obonyo, something is wrong somewhere. Somebody is trying our patience and provoking our anger as the ODMers. Somebody somewhere wants us to go full-fledge into war so that we can be charged with crime against humanity. Somebody somewhere is looking for a majority vote in parliament when they’ll be choosing the leader for a transitional government. And MAYBE somebody somewhere is revenging on the traitors who dined with PNU and voted for Marende in parliament instead of voting for Kaparo as per the agreement. And now, Obonyo, somebody has to take charge. YOU and ME. ALL ODMERS OF GOODWILL, LETS STAND UP FOR RIGHT AND PROTECT THIS NATION FROM THESE DEMONS FROM HELL.

  127. karanja kamau says:


    I’m a blogger here even before elections……

    Can anybody confirm if i can walk alive in eldoret,kisumu or kericho ?
    Can anybody confirm the largest displacement of poor people in kenya?

    One thing for sure the retaliation being done has nothing to do with anybody people have just decided they can watch as their continue being butchered everyday.
    It’s no longer about ODM or PNU, it’s about poor kenyans aganaist each other..

    unless everybody undestands the underlying problem is not about tribes but politicians we will butcher each other while all politicians fly overseas….

    People in RV started all this and investigations should be done quickly and arrest culprits……

  128. pabokenya says:

    another ODM MP shot dead in broad day light

  129. Obonyo says:

    Let us all 41 tribes unite and protest and this killings if all of us expect GEMA work out or resign frm illegimate gorvement of PNU then I think we can bring this goverment down.The problem we have Kenyans are selfish expecially the middle class they are no where to be seen or heard we the youths we have been tear gased,shoot at cut by mungiki in the name of demanding our right.

  130. Baijo says:

    Just as Kenyans were mourning their people who have been felled by Kibaki people and trying to come to terms and calm down awaiting for the peaceful mediation process, Kibaki people kill Were in cold blood murder and before we come to terms with Were’s killing Ainamoi MP David Kimutai is felled by the same Kibaki people. Where are we heading dear Kenyans and ODMers? Are we really in Kenya we dearly so love?

    They stole our victory, killed and injured our people – innocent brothers, sisters, children, parents etc, they are now killing our leaders. I or any of us and leaders may be next. Where should we go? Who should we run to?

    Kibaki and his men / women are cheating us with mediation process while they are decimating us. Why? With David’s killing we are out for an all out war until they kill the last of us. We should not tolerate their nonsense. We also have a right – fundamental right to live and enjoy being in our country Kenya. I am mourning, I/m weeping for our fallen heros and heriones- our brothers, sisters, leaders who have been felled by the thief.

    Kibaki is a thief – he knows only stealing, stealing, murder and more murders. I will not forgive him and his men and women who think they are more kenyans than us. Kenyans shiould not sit pretty to allow this thief and murderer to enjoy leading this country. Let us all rise up and do something that will shake the world. Otherwise, all of us will be eliminated.

  131. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  132. Akinyi says:

    Cant believe what is happening, where are we heading to? Can we take Kigame’s advice. Military to take over Kubavu kibaki cannot lead Kenyans by the gun

    Shame on Kibaki

  133. faith says:


    I feel ur pain as a person coming from central province also but let us not loose sight of the fundamental thing here our elections were stolen by Kibaki setting the stage for this ethnic hatred and the govt. didn’t do much to stop the killings when they started now retaliations and counter retaliations has been the norm and also because of a leader Kibaki that hides at state house instead of coming out and spreading the message of peace he is just behaving like a thief period. If we start the blame game of who started this the RV people will tell u that it was started when Kenyatta gave out land to the GEMA community without consiodering the plight of the locals whom his govt. refer to as “herders” so this can only be solved by facing the genesis of the problem.

  134. Akinyi says:

    ‘Police’ kill Kenya opposition MP

    An opposition MP has been killed in Kenya, as violence continues over last month’s disputed election.
    David Too was shot dead by a traffic policeman in the western town of Eldoret, said a spokesman for his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

    He is the second ODM MP to be killed this week. The shooting of Mugabe Were in Nairobi sparked violent clashes in slums seen as opposition strongholds.

    More than 850 people have been killed since the disputed presidential poll.

    All that remains for one Kenyan school after being attacked

    In pictures

    Another 250,000 have fled their homes in what used to be one of East Africa’s most stable countries.

    ODM spokesman Henry Kosgie said Mr Too was killed at a roadblock as he drove from Nairobi to Eldoret in the Rift Valley.

    The Rift Valley has seen some of the worst violence since the 27 December election.

    On Wednesday, the top US official for Africa, Jendayi Frazer, said there had been “ethnic cleansing” in the region.

  135. karanja kamau says:

    Read my blog above…….

    When you talk about kibaki be singular please… don’t PUT other people from his tribe because as i said if anything done/perceived done by govt. doesn’t mean people from his tribe…

  136. rafiq says:

    The problem with our leaders is probably they dont blog often. I and others begged us to take our people from central/eastern and improve on security of all our MPs and pentagon members. If you havent taken it seriously please do now.

    All doctors have left. All nurses/tchrs other govt officers have left. We need 24 hr security provision for our leaders because parliament is our saviour. Now we are 3mps less.

    RIP our leaders, pray for truth and justice.

  137. mumias says:

    Frankly what has happened may have created a further division the further add to separate the two negotiation teams from the middle ground.
    Kagame yesterday said something which I now think is viable. Military SHOULD step in.

    Firstly both leaders especially Kibaki has lost control. The police are either under different chain of command or been compromised by militia, consequently are losing public confidence

    Secondly as expected today will be a massacre, riots on revenge will take hold and the shot to kill order will enable the police to execute more people leading to subsequent more riots everywhere.

    Kagame said, what starts as the lose of 1 life becomes 2, 50, 100, 1000, soon villages are being destroyed and soon we’l find we have slipped into a precipice. This is a man who has seen his country take that route. Let us not kid ourselves, we are very close to that, realism is what we need.

    Frankly I believe the army can come in, flush out the militia in all towns and cites, ensure peace even if it is under heavy ,military presence. The military can then facilitate the peace talks, and also investigate who really won this election once and for all. They can then hand over power in three months if it can determine who won the elections, or facilitate fresh elections and hand over power to the civilian who rightly wins the elections.

    In Thailand, the army stepped in and overthrew the government and have now handed power back to the civilian rule. IT CAN BE DONE
    Listen I would rather salvage the country in the current state. Rebuilding after a complete breakdown of the social fabric will put us back 50 yrs.

    We have to consider other countries such as Rwanda, Uganda and others who rely on us, we should not also subject them to complete economic meltdown because of individuals.
    We have to consider ourselves, we can not let us now suffer from hunger and starvation as will inevitably happen.
    We have to importantly consider our children, a civil war wipes out a whole generation of educated cohort, which leaves a massive knowledge gap within our society.

    This may seem radical, but for those few of us who could foresee such a situation we find ourselves because of a rigged vote, then you will appreciate this plan as one that can actually save the country and pave way for a civilian solution

  138. Lijoodi says:

    I wont be shocked when some of you people who are crying out loud are not being effective in the economic sabotage ODM set-up. If any of you as an account with Equity shame on you. if any of you boarded a hopper to work shame on you, If any of you bought Nation News paper shame on you, If any of you still as a Safaricom numer shame on you, if you have stuff sfrom Woolworths shame on you too. We need to move as one..

    if you have the above products that I have listed shame on you and you are just like a colaborator

  139. Talula says:

    I have just heard that there is no electricity in Nairobi. Is it true? I hope its just a regular shortage and not planned……

  140. Omuto says:

    Which politician will fly overseas? Aren’t the Late Mugabe Were and David Too politicians? Will they be among the politicians flying abroad? The problem with Kenya is that politics and tribe is almost one and the same thing. I agree with you when you say that the problem is about politicians messing up this country, but remember every general has an army. Sadly, the army in this case took the tribal dimension and all had to “fuata nyayo”. The Late President Jomo Kenyatta took a wrong precedent in these atrocities by making Kenyans believe that only the fellows who went into the forest to fight for independence are the only ones eligible for the resources of this nation, and the one tribe u r talking about took the lead. Other Kenyans became second-rate citizens because they never fought for independence in the forest, yet Koitalel Arap Samoei, Masinde Muliro and Achieng Oneko fought, though not as Mau Mau. That’s how the socio-economic classes were born, with the Central Province fellows taking upon them to be leaders of the nation almost for ever, until Moi took over much to the chagrin of Njonjo and Kibaki.

    We wonder which MOU was signed between Moi and Kenyatta but we all know the story. Moi built his own empire, surrounding himself with a few selfish Kalenjins and the likes of Njenga Karume and the Kenyatta family. Kibaki had to do the same but in fact worse. He fully surrounded himself with the now infamous Mt. Kenya Mafia. When we talk of resources, land comes first, and Kenyatta new this. Moi too knew the same and now Kibaki is perfecting the act. Apart from land, other resources have been unequally distributed, favouring one particular tribe. Those were the ingredients of the time bomb that just needed another component to act as the detonator, and the component really came. The detonator was the elections. Why? They were stolen and you, Karanja, knows that. Once a bomb is detonated, Karanja, what do you expect? You and I didnt set up the bomb. Kenyatta did. Moi perfected and Kibaki detonated it, instead of dismantling the bomb. We’re the casualties and we cant help it.
    We’re simply harvesting what our forefathers sowed as we watched!!!! Nature is undiscriminative, Karanja. The whole nation cant be wrong and nobody wants to hurt a tribe, but if one tribe seems to be facing the wrath from the others, then the same tribe has to ask itself, if nature is non-discriminative and what is happening seems to have the hand of nature in it, where did the rain start beating us?

  141. karanja kamau says:


    That’s what they should have done but the RV PEOPLE started the genocide…..now the retaliation has started and it will be hard to stop…..the govt could have gone down quicker with economic boycott and demonstration….
    but i’m sorry to say people in RV had a different agenda…..

    You miss the point……ask yourself the following questions..
    1.Why did RV people wait after elections if it was about land ?
    2.If it was about the land then why burn women and children in the church…just let them go.

  142. faith says:


    iam guilty of one of the above i have two numbers a celtel and a saraficom but i usually use the celtel more often so i stand judged.
    Fellow bloggers what we are experiencing is a fight to liberate this country like i said i will mourn but not now because we must not despair we should hold our heads high taking up our shields and swords of truth and let us fight to the end we need RAO and we will not stop.

  143. karanja kamau says:


    You are still missing the point alot of those displaced in RV are very poor peasant farmers. If you want the real guys go to the mega millionaires…..leave poor people or at least give them time to evacuate……..
    The issue about the tribe you are referring to….i’d say you are very wrong million of kikuyus are as poor as other kenyans…..
    As a said above if anything govt/rich kikuyus does wrong …then the rest of kenyans think they will PUT THEIR FRUSTRATIONS ON POOR AND INNOCENT KIKUYUS THEN ANIMOSITY AND WAR WILL NEVER END.

  144. mumias says:

    Although you diverted the question to faith, the issue of RV and land I want to add something.

    The issue of land has been a long standing issue. The kalenjins voted for ODM overwhelmingly becuase they had promised to address the Land issue once and for all. Now with the elections stolen, they took the law into their own hands and evicted those from the community whom they said stole their land and stole the vote.

    However I agree wholeheartedly with you, killing children and women was not on!!

  145. pabokenya says:

    am running out of patience, i thought our intelligence are more superior.
    where are the pentagon?
    we knew these all along but why is that our MPs’ are still walking un armed with no body guard in the current situations like these.

    even me i cant risk going out with escort.

    what action are we taking as our numbers are being reduced daily?

    are we going to react only when ruto or raila is shot dead?

    can we act or we shut up for the thief to rule?
    if i had agun, i will be in the streets looking for these mungiki thugs.

    these lies from police must be stopped/

    what are we doing besides press conference to address security of our brothers.

    Agwambo, arap Mibei, u have only one option in this thing.

    gather some military men and be sworn in as OUR PREZO to save our ple from deaths.
    today, saitoti will make sure 20 of ua constituents of kibera are dead, 10 in kisumu and 15 in kericho are DEAD when we go out to protest peacefully about our dead bro and comrade?

    is that what u want to see PENTAGON?

  146. faith says:


    It has been about land from the beginning and the fight mark u didn’t start after election it was there in Kuresoi and Molo before polls and Kibaki did nothing and u know that for a fact.
    Secondly it is unfortunate for the people that were burnt in the church in eldoret but tell me what about the 19 people who were burnt alive in a house in Naivasha did the Luo burnt kikuyus in Eldoret to warrant them being burned in Naivasha so it is both sides.

  147. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    I will answer you Karanja on behalf of Faith…First, read again omuto’s comments….Two, the peple of R.V as well as those from other regions were waiting for the power of the BALLOT!!! Kenyans know that the vote is the greatest weapon to correct the injustices; thus they gave Kibaki in2002, he failed; they waited to give it to Raila! They made it but, the thief STOLE it…..Kenyans are still asking for a re-match to remove any doubt that they unleashed the weapon,,,,BUT, the chemilion can’t here any of it!!!!!

  148. mumias says:

    @Karanja, Omutu

    A month ago we were all united in the quest for change. I can see cracks appearing. Our brother Karanja has seen the poor vulnerable people evicted even though they had no real stake in the root cause. Omuto, you advocate what some of our issues were, however what we are forgetting was that ODM stood for equality and speaking up for the poor.
    Frankly I believe Raila was a nationalist who would have spoken for the poor hard working Kikuyus as much as any other community.

    Let us firstly rebuild the diversity here within the different people, let us focus the real reason we loved ODM, the fight for equality of everybody. We know who owns the large tracks of land in the RV. This is the land to be bought back with the land reforms from Kibaki’s Nyachae, Karume and be given back to the people of RV

    Clearly it is the poor that are dying, the very people we are fighting for, let us not forget this!

  149. Omuto says:

    @ KARANJA,
    I’m a very poor Kenyan by the way and even if I were rich, I wouldn’t support the killings, not even the mega billionares you are talking about. What am saying is, if we cant turn things as we wish, let us wish for them as they turn. The killings are diabolic and totally unacceptable, whether from the ODM or PNU suppoters. Death is death, be it an infant’s or an adults death. LIFE IS SACRED.

    I repeat, dear Karanja. What we are seeing now is a product of wrong governance, and even the sweetest song cant stop them. The poor is suffering because his rich brother messed as he the poor fellow clapped for him. That’s why all of us are affected, even the non-that-tribe. Two, nobody on this site is involved in the killings. The killers dont even access the internet, maybe. So, ur concern is as good as mine, that the killings are satanic. But what do we do then? Preaching peace now is like trying to stop an already exploding bomb and encouraging the same is like adding fuel to the fire caused by the bomb. Ours is to learn from the wrongs we’re seeing and never repeat them when we get to power, God willing.

  150. Lijoodi says:

    Guys we can win this thing in a month if we convince our like minded ODMers to abide by the sabotage thats the nonviolent way to reach Kibaki and his hardliners i don’t believe burning or killing any poor Kenyan will ever move them. So people all over our country should embrace the sabotage as one easy way of gettig to Kibaki himself.

    Just get ten people to join you in the sabotage the same way we mobilised peopled during the election. If you need to know the list go to my earlier posting.

  151. Omuto says:

    Thank you Mumias. You are our Anan in this case. I respect Karanja very much because even in these trying moments, he’s still loyal not to his tribe but to his consience. If you have noticed, I’ve never responded to the Mike Okllos and Janes and Amanis of this blog, but Karanja is a brother and we respond to his posts. As members of the same house, brushing shoulders is inevitable but as iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man and that’s what we’re doing. Just setting the records straight. Thanks once again. Karanja, we’re all affected and let’s pray that sanity may dawn in the minds of our leaders.

  152. Yego says:

    RIP David!!!!Now the war is own, Rutto and the rest, take cover……………..

  153. karanja kamau says:


    Of course i codemn all the reataliation done to other communities in strongest terms……especially in naivasha ,kibera and kondele…
    We are going back and forth the point .. molo and kuresoi was being discussed by both sides WITH NO MASS KILLINGS…..however i’m talking about the present situation there is no justification for the people who started this in RV..THEY COULD HAVE WAITED AND USE BETTER AVENUES….
    Initially LUOS who have received the worst since indepedence were just looting and demonstrating…..not killing anybody they just started retaliating the other day…
    The whole point is there were people behind RAO (PRESIDENT) who had other motives hence even making it hard for RAO who everybody knows is peaceloving and democrat..
    By the way when moi ruled with ironfist for almost 24 yrs how comes other tribes didn’t retaliate…

  154. Mike Okello says:

    Condolences First and foremost, Its highly regrettable… Not again!

    Please can we get a very honest version on the circumstances around which the Hon. Kimutai was shot. Is is political?

    I feel bad when i see people jumping into conclusions of assassination. This time round its in broad day light, the killer is known, lets get the facts right, Spare us the SMS’s please this time round. Let the Truth be told.

  155. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    am driving from Mumias to KK and the locals here are saying the number may get to five…..pls email me or still call me! You know my contacts; am using the phone

  156. crateturner says:

    to LIjoodi

    most of us should boycot all the those products which gave kibaki 1 million a plate. and i apoligize to all the Bloggers coz i still have a safaricom line which i will stop using today i am moving 2 celltel. we should hit them where it hurts, i stopped buying nation news paper long time ago. and please all ODM bloggers should update us on what they have stopped buying or using so that we can know if our economic sabotage is working sawa.

  157. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    This killings are aggrevating the situation,no matter the number of explanations the police will provide ,the conclusion will remain Political Assassination.
    Who knows probably this is the extra mile according to the otherside PANUA,probably they’re testing the waters inorder to assess the magnitude of the reaction from ODM supporters,while they prepare to take on our key leaders.


  158. Mike Okello says:

    I’m always amazed at some thoughts, They must be coming from Weirdoes! Celtel pays tax, Safaricom too does, You leave safaricom. You go to Celtel still in kenya, So safaricom pays less tax, Celtel pays the rest of the tax to KRA, totax corporate tax payable remains the same, Same to Nation and standard!they are two competitors in Kenya, same to banks!

    You do not cripple the economy by switching from one Company to its competitor within the same country, You may kill the company in the long run (IF YOU SUCCEED), but not the National economy.

    The most appropriate boycott is to STOP using the service completely. That reduces sales for all of them, and consequently reduces total tax remitted to the Revenue authority.

    Its like when power goes off in your house, you cannot iron your clothes any more so you decide instead of sitting idly, to go and watch a movie, Just to discover it also powered off. so you can’t do either of them. If power comes back you can do either at different times or both simultaneously and the power consumption will be the same either way.

    All the best in the Null-Effect boycott!

  159. Lijoodi says:

    Yeah ODM guyz lets go on with the boycott. Let the people who have missed the point by a longshot continue dreaming…If I boycott catching a hoppa to work and use alternative means Michuki’s will feel the pinch directly likewise to the rest of the list I had given earlier. Thats why the Boycott is on specific companies in Kenya and not all we want to hurt individuals but not Kenya has a whole

  160. mumias says:

    Clearly Mike you should perhaps stick to preaching as you have no commercial grasp and your intuition is seriously lacking. Perhaps you should join your friend Jane who can pass some off her self righteousness and intelligence dust onto you.

    Firstly, Safaricom is a listed company, if their subscriber base does indeed fall, it means that it’s profits are affected, it’s IPO listing will be severly affected and those whom seek to benefit, the very people ODM is targeting (very Wealthy and establishment) will lose alot of money.
    Celtec will stand to benefit, further because celtec charges are even better and cheaper in terms of social welfare it is even better for the poor. Further the extra profits stands to enable them to invest in wider coverage and establish itself as the premier mobile company in Kenya.

    Nation, if Nation readership were to fall, that adversely affects their profits and subsequently in a free market will affect their share price. A dip in the share price will affect the institutional investors who hold significant shares and ownership in the company, and if you bother checking whom these people are, these people are you will find it is again the establishment who are the ones who stood their ground to force Kibaki back to protect their interests.
    Furthermore, a declining readership will also mean advertising revenue also falls, those companies who want to reach to a wider audience will realise that nation will not hold a wider coverage and subsequently move to standard that will have a wider readership and thus a more potent weapon for advertisers to reach a more wider audience.
    The social welfare consequence will also not be changed because both companies have the same price pretty much.

    The issue is not to affect the national economy, the issue is to hurt the most the people who prevented the people’s will and voice being heard.

  161. mumias says:

    correction Safaricom is not listed but seeks to be listed. Argument still applies

  162. crateturner says:

    it’s not about crippling the economy of kenya its just simple frustating those particuler companies which the KIBAKI FRIENDS want 2 buy for themselves through public offer so MIKE for you to respond its seems the plan is working,Nation, city hopper, safaricom, citezen, it’s just a matter of time before they all start to get losses REST IN PEACE KIBAKI FRIENDLY COMPANIES THE ONE MILLION YOU GAVE KIBAKI WILL GO TO WASTE

  163. Mike Okello says:


    The Ultimate thought was to cripple the entire economy. Targeting Pro-Kibaki owned company’s was Just a means!

    Are you also blind to the Fact that a clever capitalist can own property by Proxy?

    The way you have explained the ripple effect makes me think you will find yourself misplaced in the boycott, Unless you decide to conform.

  164. Lijoodi says:

    Let Mike Okello tell us more about the Panua stratergy. Cuz I didn’t hear it anywhere in the ODM plan that they want to cripple the whole economy…thats why they gave a list of company I didn’t see KBC and its owned by the government…That shows you that they intend to hit individuals and btw lets not even give this Mike ‘Mutua’ Okello time on the blog just ignore him he has a right to comment anyway

  165. Joshua says:

    Another ODM MP Hon Too of Ainamoi is gunned down just barely 60hrs since Mugabe’s death

  166. kip says:

    Which Traffic police in Kenya is armed? I know for a fact traffic police are not armed. They usually have rungus and their vitabus and walkie-talkies. I’ve never seen traffic cops with guns. Iko kitu na hii story yenu siamini. I don’t buy that explanation at “love triange”.

    Polisi gani at this time when the country is in turmoil can take up a gun and kill a prominent person eti because of a love triangle? Msi seme huyo karao hakujua eti huyo mutu ni MP. Niambieni ni karao gani fala anaweza kufanya hiviyo at this time? I don’t buy that story at all.

    During campaigns when those leaflets vilifying Raila eti he will hang Moi then followed by Ruto were discovered and 2 AP’s arrested, the police said that those were not APs and the story disapeared.

    2 weeks ago when all kenyans witnessed a young unarmed man on TV being shot by an AP in Kisumu and said that it was a computer generation by KTN.

    Juzi tu when mungiki were busy hacking people in Nakuru and Naivasha and people burnt in haos, the police said eti they were overhelmed and could do much to stop the violence.

    Jana they fired teargas into the late Were’s house but said eti they were containing teh mourners.

    Which police explanation for anything is ever going to be believable in the current Kenya? Eti love triangle in eth latest incident? hehehehehe wacheni bana

  167. Mike Okello says:

    Hon D. T. Kimtai R.I.P, Whatever the case, The loss of this gentleman is untimely and regrettable!

    When will Police stop using their Guns to sort out their personal Love-Triangle frustrations?

    When will Hon Members disengage from Local backstreet affairs, after they become public?

    May God Help Us.

  168. mumias says:

    “The Ultimate thought was to cripple the entire economy.”
    I challenge you to provide any quote from pentagon alluding to that fact. There is nothing I hate more than ignorance.
    “clever capitalist can own property by Proxy” Please elaborate this point and let take to pieces your assumptions with actual knowledge and logical intuition.

    Ring Jane, have her brief you first and bring a actual thought out and intuitive argument.

    I also want quotes proving ODM targeted to bring down the Economy. Otherwise stick to your brief PNU gave you, painting our leaders in bad light!!

  169. Mike Okello says:

    KIP My brother, will you accuse your Kalenjin brother to be a Mungiki Member?

    Mumias, I do not record quotes from Pentagon, I don’t keep a record of Propaganda.
    Did you hear Kosgey avoided the love triangle bit to make the death look like an assasination? and you are asking me to record such explanations so that i can produce it to you in future?

    Kosgey says we boycott Kibaki Friendly Companies, Hon Raila says, We shouldn’t and declares it the wrong strategy, Between those two, who do you RECORD or QUOTE?

    There is nothing i hate more than Inconsistency!

  170. mumias says:

    Haha, you crack me up, you are seriously very ill advised, I think you should demand a better brief from your pay masters before coming here to spread your agenda.

    Firstly, you are on the web, nobody asks you to record quotes, however you could easily dig up online any statement released by the leaders and paste them here as a link. I’m sure if you ask your people they will find them and you can then publish it here.

    Further again it will be my pleasure to correct you. Raila denied that Equity was to be boycotted instead said that it was a company that even had US investors and had done alot to open up credit access to the poor. He specifically only talked about Equity bank, not Citi hoppa, and Safaricom.

    Hahah, you look like a twat frankly, please please ask for better briefing before you post here.

    Further as Kip stated earlier, which Traffic poliman have you ever seen holding a gun! I’m fairly positive Kip never said the Police man was a mungiki.

  171. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Hehehehe Mike,

    You have very selective belief of ‘facts’….you sound like u believe the ‘love triangle’ story….tell us more!!!! what’s your brief from Jane?????

  172. Otieno says:

    About Kimutai, it is being suggested that the lady companion was actually his cousin! Only in Kenya do cops conduct investigations at greet speed and come to such conclusions that this was a crime of passion. Do you remember the explanations/theories they gave us on Ouko’s death?

  173. mumias says:

    Agent 4 change, can ODM please supply an excellent physician to this Policewoman in ICU, I think that it is imperitive she stays alive, and I believe her life will be in danger, we should demand all round protection, even if it is private security by ODM. It is imperative she lives and tells us the truth. I sense the love triangle story might not hold much weight given her testimony. They should have ensured she died first before running with the story.

  174. jenny says:

    It is getting too late Military should take over…..Can be done while AU meeting is taking place. Enough Already…!


  175. 25mmpayload says:

    The use of that name “OKELLO” to propagate such a twilight zone mentality is an insult to the real OKELLOS . A wolf in a sheep coat. Whatever happened to decency and self respect. but anyway, the raw man prefers the dark corners of the world where his evil intentions and deeds can not be seen. Notwithstanding, I have come across some of the most intelligent minds in this blog. It’s no wonder they find a niche here. It is never the less a deep shame that the police , without any investigations have already ruled the murder of Hon. D. kimtai a love thing. The level of arrogance by the police is dizzying!!
    It is crazy how unscrupulous , overly assumptive , shoddy and rushed the gaunt police force is!!

  176. kip says:

    mumias the lady died …..

  177. mumias says:

    Perhaps I read an out of date news story, thanks Kip

  178. rafiq says:

    I still dont believe the love triangle thing however lets give it time and see what details would emerge.

    Even Oukos death was covered in similar mysteries.

    As for Mr Mike he behaves more like a former minister, who is very quite now. As I did before i will read but ignore hime just like the former miniter.

    I dont think he convinces anybody except his paymasters. hge will not change anything here.

    Annan is on track, at least this will not be trashed like the infamous MOU.

  179. jenny says:

    My thoughts is that once the Military takes over there should be a call for a ban on weapons anyone caught with a panga or machete or a gun straight to jail, pangas used for farming should be wrapped and buried in the shamba.You have 10 days to do that.The military will comb the country clean. People will be enouraged to report on illegal activities and they will be rewarded for reporting, make the job easier.(E.g if you see a new car every three days in your neighbors compound and only one driver brings it…if he is not a car dealer he could be a carhijacker.Prisons and roads will be built courtesy of the gangs and robbers , so that they will be aware that there is extremely hard labor and when you go to jail it is not a vacation. Even the rogue cops, start building those highways. The Military will give the people 10 days to give up their weapons, if found in the houses when they are doing the clean up the occupants will go to jail.In the City those who have no jobs will be given a ticket and sent to the village where they will report to the chiefs. Homes will be built for those who return and have none and food coupons will be distributed to those in need. Hospitals will be built and medicine provided courtesy, of the goverment. There is enough money to do this if people can stop stealing it. Jobs will be created and training people to get ready to go to work when the new goverment comes in. Accountability will be extremely important. The people will report to a special police of suspected gangs carjackers , petty theives and bullies etcEvery community should be equipped with military police with cars and a great tracking system where they can pick the thieves immediately they are called, anyone found stealing or doing anything illegal….straight to that jail with very long terms…I am telling you we need cheap labor to build those roads…maybe eight lanes and there are stupid people waiting to line up. If you cannot prove what you are doing in the cities you are in, you are a vagarant,could be a trouble maker….go and build you village… or head to jail, this way the mediation can go on with a running govt, as I stated before police cannot be trusted so military , with those hailing from the different areas being posted to the area they come from, so that the public can get its confidence back.The people should be allowed to have peaceful rallies monitored by the army. Rwanda today has one of the safest countries, thieves and hooligans are in jail.Why have a few people disrupting everyones lives. as the article suggests they are professional. Now ….isn’t that a peaceful idea that both parties can live with? The elections can take place again and Kenya may return to normal. The lans issue will be dealt with, known gangs will be arrested immeadiatly…all the neighbors know them and most police know them too. The President of Rwanda is an educated man but with almost a million citizens of their country who died , they do know better. What will the police be doing while this is happening? Well , They will be retrained and those who are used to being bribed etc will get desk jobs and I seriously think that since this goverment of Kibaki introduced tribalism , I think that Police and Army of these areas should be from that area, that is the only way of rebuilding trust till the public can gain the confidence of its people. Lets give it a year, while you are at it , spread the mone,y that is there to different areas, Ministers will be meaningless …get the MPs to head Ministries…,my two cents.

  180. jenny says:

    The Unjust enrichment MUST be addresed , because this is the ROOT cause of the tribal problems. The wanainchi is being used to cause chaos so that the public can overlook this problem. The people have a voice it has to be respected , but not at the cost of innocent lives.


  181. Maru Kapkatet says:

    My condolences and deepest sympathy to the late Hon. David Too’s family and friends.

    Please, Dr. Silverstein and Mzee’s family, transfer Mzee Moi to a hospital in London. I have been forboding and having nightmares over the safety of Mzee Moi.

    Mwai Kibaki is determined to give his illegitimate government a majority in parliament by decimating the ODM numbers through assassinations.

    Mwai Kibaki is determined to set a record as having carried out the most assassinations in Kenya. His days are getting fewer and fewer by the hour.

    Kenya needs to have their president sworn in sooner rather than later to stop the bloodbath in Kenya.

    Mzee Moi steered Kenya through difficult times but kept the country together and united. Kibaki has failed and is failing more and falling into an abyss.

    I fear for Mzee Moi’s safety as Kibaki is a jealous and blood-thirsty man. He may be so jealous that Kenyans are now yearning for Mzee Moi and his true presidential leadership.

  182. bennie k... says:

    First, my heartfelt condolence to ODM family and that of mheshimiwa Hon. Were and Hon. too,no amout of words can put in words how we all felt it. long live Odmers!!.Now what next? our all MPS need high security this PNU thieves our out to finish us?. DId you hear that ass kissing expert callaed kalonzo talk about ODM in AU trying to chase thieves out? think again?? he graduated to awiper of kibaki ass and now judas can try to speak mr.clean?? what did i tell you before? like RO?? watch this group well, they are out on no good with Kamada,mwenje michuki mungiki team back??.
    financed by toy boy Uhuru?,by the way the kiambus are fighting like Dogs and cats with nyerians because they say its kiambu kikuyus who are killed in RV not nyeri?? soon they will vote with other people and nyeri people thieves alone this time..
    by the way read election true numbers how thieves stole from us.Kieni was 36,226,thieves ECK annu.72,054,even his own home town people did want him back??molo,Imenti south,mathira, he could win??shame on him???/

  183. tnk says:

    deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of late Hon David Too.

    what madness is this?

  184. Pato says:

    So the killers are now the killed.

    What did you rabble call it when you were slaughtering kyuks in their thousands in rv? ‘spontenious election violence’

    I guess Naivasha is a continuation of that.

    Goodluck finding anymore kyuks in kisumu. but there are plenty around here/

    time for us to do our own little ‘spontaneous’ ethnic cleansing around here’

    I try, but I cant find any sympathy for you

  185. Mike Okello says:

    We condemn the Killing its unfortunate that love affairs still cost peoples lives to this day.

    And believe me on this, The Deaths of Hon Were and Hon Kimutai both in ODM can not taken as just bad coincidences, its now getting bloody on leaders too (Cold Blood!). This must have a spiritual connection. Someone somewhere must have made covenants with the DEVIL on account of these elections. I hope it is not time to pay back!

  186. tnk says:

    hoo boy the martians have landed

  187. preeti says:


    You seem to know more….why not open up and say the truth when there is still time to do so? Whats hindering you?

  188. preeti says:


    be careful on what seed you sow. You shall reap one day..Woe to you who sow hatred,blasphemy,lies, and all kind of vices.
    The truth will prevail. I wondered out loud suppose it was the end of the world today? what would you do? would you still have time to write such nonsense? Kenya belongs to God and not man..
    Yes so much blood has stained the land…but dont be deceived child, two wrongs never make a right…

    GO back to your drawing board, think twice before you act, talk or write. Just ask yourself where we went wrong, if u get the answer to God almighty he has all the answers for this nation. Judgement day ikifika kila mtu na mzigo wake.

    Infact i was misled to think u will call for a peace and repentance prayer in Uhuru park or other towns…. thats what people neeed.
    The hearts must be healed first, en before that forgiveness must take place…that includes repentance. Saying sorry with all your heart will never be harmful…am i right?

  189. charles says:

    aside fromthe killingmr.agent for change,now that the negotiations are moving on well.can you pass this passionate appeal to our leaders especially our beloved Mr. president Hon RAO.to intervene on our brothers and sisters in western kenya region who are causing mayhem on the roads.life in those regions has become too expensive.can you imagine someone pays 200 bob just to sit in the matatu for 30kms:100bob for 7kms….no its outrageous….right now easy coach and akamba have removed their buses…this means no parcel services…and we have to go back to the confusion of country bus!!!…let our leaders prevail upon and talk to this companies to resume operations.our people are suffering..

  190. rafiq says:

    Remember if you are a Mungiki, not a democratic kyuk that you took time to organize the naivasha massacre. Dont justify it. You dont know what others are planning. Please dont take this calm for cowardice. If you want to maasacre continue, at least a few people will be left.
    This is not ethnic war so far. Remember Luhyas voted for Kibaki and they are dying. Kalenjin voted for Kibaki, remember Moi even put his own sons on the line and voted for Kibaki.
    Some of the peolpe you are killing voted for Kibaki, whereas the Luos you are targeting only chased kyuks from their premises and allowed them to go unarmed. Now Mungiki is attacking refugee camps yet you know you have over 200,000 in refugee camps in RV.
    If people were to retaliate god forbid this country would cease to exist and it would be wrongfully 2 tribes agains over 40 tribes. I dont know whetehr you have looked at the location of central province in tne map of kenya. It would be hard your leaders will take off in aeroplanes and leave you guys to suffer cornered left right, north, south with no escape route. Violence , begets violence. There are thousands of people willing to die if this would bring freedom to democracy.
    I am neither scaring or intimidating you but opening your eyes to see what ethnic bigotry can bring to this nation and specifically to your ilk. Uganda may host you for a while,. TZ will not welcome you I can promise. Be very carefull.
    Us we are fighting for democracy not tribal agenda. But if you think war is good then you will live to regret it.
    The murders before caught most of us by surprise thats why we the bloggers thought it was spontaneous and ought to be condemned. The revenge attacks were planned. And if Annan fails and the counter attacks continue we will all burn.
    may God forgive you for provoking anger and hatred


  191. Obonyo says:

    Yes bloggers have spent the better part of the morning to go through some of your comments on this site.I wonder because some of bloggers are not reasoning like people who went to school like Pato you have no reason to celebrate for Naivasha killings you should preach peace dont think us we cant get kyuks where am staying there are kyuks living where luos and luhyas are the majority imagine if all of us reason like you imagine what can happen.May be u live in Central province but if u live here in Nairobi then i want you to know that the same way a luo,kale or luhya can be kill by your brothers mungiki the same way you can be killed so let nobody cheat you that u can control Nairobi.For intance Mathare North Estate kyuks were chased a way why cant u take you mungiki there.Maina Kamanda tried but guess what casualties were report from both sides so there is no tribe going to win if we loss all of us loosing.This thing of tribalism its the kyuks leaders that fueled it and dont ask me how u know

  192. crateturner says:

    @ pato

    let me tell Mr pato if you think Mungiki ni noma then you have your hopes miss placed coz they are thousands of people ready to die for thier rights and even not mungiki, the police can stop river nile to reach it’s destination. please pato place your hopes on peace to privail but not at mungiki, this are the same guys who wa chopping off heads of there fellow kikuyus so be carefull of what you wish for it may become true and it may become your worse nightmare.

    today i watching cnn and the reporter was in kibera and one of local radio presenter was showing the reporter around. and the local presenter told the CNN a very intresting thing and i guote ” people at this slum have decided if the Anan talks fail they have vowed to storm the city center and no amount of bullets will stop them”
    remember this the local radio presenter telling the cnn reporter so it seems he has first hand information on the ground. so lets hope for the best that the mediation will lower the political and ethical temp. coz if they talks fail then PATO you will have gotten your wish. ppl will die

  193. crateturner says:

    and any of the bloggers have heard about a man from luhya land has prophecy that raila is going to president but after so much blood shed. and that 5 mps from ODM will be killed and that all the people of kenya will force raila to be president of kenya crying tumechoka na vita. can somebody please confirm

  194. Obonyo says:

    On wednesday night people of Mathare were attacked by mungiki.Mathare residents tried to call the police there was no response.Erick Kiraithe(Police Spokesman) cell phones were all switched off so some mount kenya cabinet Ministers and former Mps are behind this.the report we are getting is that these people want to kill none GEMA in Nairobi in masses so ODMers it high time you wake up.I magine Mungiki attacking displace people just near the chief camp full of Aps.Its total war now and if PENTAGON members know they cant fight it then they should tell us.We cant sit back and watch how our brothers and sisters are killed by thugs.There is mail going a round how mungiki is planning there revenge attack the source is from this lady plz odmers try to find out who this lady is jimmylilah@yaoo.com

  195. Omuto says:

    First of all, let me assure all the bloggers that the love triangle thing is a fallacy, and we all know that. Dont be surprised when the Late Mugabe Were issue ends up to be a “love triangle” again. I wonder what the university girl and the two gentlemen arrested in WERE”S death have anything to do with the death if not a “love triangle”. It might go something like:- that Mugabe rivaled one of the male suspects over this female one. To retaliate on the same, the guy had to look for a hit man friend and they trailed the Late Mugabe from the social place to his house and cleared him. Otherwise how would one explain the presence of a female suspect and two males? The conspirators are thick, so they think all Kenyans are. Watch this space.

    The perpetrators of these atrocities have a multi-dimensional agenda, yet they’ll fail successfully. Of course both cases are assasinations and they were planned by a fellow who reads too much of the Mafia related novels (not even true-life mafia-related experiences) and imagines that they can be applied in real life unnoticed, thus the experiments he’s now carrying out.

    I would like us to look at the two assasinations from all dimensions and see if we cant notice the following pitfalls on the organizer of these bloody messes:-

    1. That the two are first timers in the parliamentary political cycles.
    2. Both of them were 39 years of age.
    3. Both of them were not that rich, basing on what their initial occupations.
    4. Both of them have no “god-fathers” especially from the past or current governments.
    5. Both of them wrestled and floored die-hard political heavyweights who never imagined they’ll be beaten by such “underdogs”
    6. Both of them died from multiple bullet shots
    7. Both of them seem to have the theory of Mr. Love Triangle sorrounding them (though not yet confirmed in Mugabe’s case.

    The above similarities and many others are amongst the reasons why I still hold on to my first argument about the “National Assembly speaker deal gone sour”. This, I back it up with the fact that Kabando wa Kabando, on justifying the secret ballot thing, said that and I quote “some of them are my former classmates and they told me that they have been threatened with violence, to such an extent that their houses will be burned if they dont vote uniformly.” Now, look at Kabando and the two late fellows (RIP) and tell me if their age puts them classes apart or qualifies them to be in the same class. That’s food for thought.

    The approach of the assassination planners is also betraying them. I look into the whole issue and see that the would be assasin is doing this by proxies, to cover up any foul play but these has instead raised eyebrows. Compare Mbai’s death and Mugabe Were’s. The two were shot by two people at point blank ranges and to date Mbai’s murderer’s have not yet been brought to book. A certain politician was connected to the murder and it also took a “Love Triangle” twist, if you can remember. I’m just wondering stupidly if the two hitmen are not the same ones who assasinated the Late Mugabe Were, now that they were never arrested in the first place. The Late David Too’s death was done by a police officer who had a beef with the Late. Funny enough, the girlfriend was also fatally wounded. Reason? To cover up the real story that would have been told by the Late Chepkwony. On face value, you cant really say that the above mentioned deaths are anything political, because of the immediate circumstances surrounding them, but on closer scrutiny, you see why the immediate killers had to be used;- to cushion the real culprits from the eyes of the public and eventually end the cases as emanating from personal interests from the accused (who are only but proxies.)

    The way the police has also handled the whole thing is another case in point. Kiraithe told Kenyans that because of the time of death, Mugabe’s issue is being treated as normal murder, pending investigations. No progress has been reported so far (but you can now guess what they’ll come up with.) In Too’s case, the man dies at 10:15am and by one oclock, the police commissioner himself has sent his troop on the ground, investigations have been done and the findings are that its a passion bullet that cleared him. I wonder from whom did Hussein Ali confirm the love story, yet the rival lover and the loved are both dead. This implies that they carried out their investigations and truly proved that the two were grooving, thus setting up the trap for Too. The findings are later read by the Commissioner of Police himself with a rider, of course; that no politician should use the occassion to cry foul play (read because the police has come up with its own findings or what the police says is final, you politicians are daft, shut up lest you all be cleared in the same way.) To me, the killer policeman was paid to do so by the powers that be. Why their master plan happens to fail is, the whole thing is done at a time when Kenya is bleeding and both MPs are from one party, which is a threat to the thief party. Remember a thief comes but to kill, steal and destroy (John 10).

    God Bless Raila, God bless ODM, God bless Kenya.

  196. pabokenya says:

    Kibaki congratulatory statement was a mistake

    GABORONE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation wishes to state, in response to a news story entitled “Mogae Congratulates Kibaki”, which appeared on page 3 of the 25th January 2008 edition of the Botswana Guardian, newspaper, that the Botswana High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya inadvertently transmitted a message that had been withheld pending further instruction from Botswana in the context of ongoing developments.

    “H.E. President Mogae had not, and indeed has not, authorized the release of any such congratulatory message”, reads a statement from the Ministry.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation regrets any inconvenience caused in this regard.

  197. pabokenya says:

    i will like to encourage ODMers that the war is yet to start.
    koffi annan doest know what kenyans want.
    they want their voice heard.
    they just need to vote for a leader of their choice, if kibaki thinks he won, then he cud have allowed an interim govt for re election.

    persident Raila nd Prime minister Ruto, we cant accept powersharing without re run.

    and all ODMers who BLOg here, why do u bother reply or comment on ‘Mike Okelllo’ i know him very well and thats not his name.

    u know once RAO once made a parable, if u go to take a bathe by the river, as u swim, a naked mad man comes and takes ua clothes, what sud u do?

    if u ran after him, u will be mad? i believe we stoop too low by replying even to these guys.

    lets us honour our assasinated MPS’ and martyrs by standing up, being constructive and at the same time not stooping too low for the likes of state agents whose main aim is to test how emotional we are and they shoot our MPs after the information relayed that we just make noise or we are simply emotional.

    let only his fellow state agents reply to him and let us all stand to be counted.

    they are planning to kill another MP beore weekend or latest next weejk from my sources.
    i will update u more with names soon

  198. pabokenya says:

    i will like to encourage ODMers that the war is yet to start.
    koffi annan doest know what kenyans want.
    they want their voice heard.
    they just need to vote for a leader of their choice, if kibaki thinks he won, then he cud have allowed an interim govt for re election.

    persident Raila nd Prime minister Ruto, we cant accept powersharing without re run.

    and all ODMers who BLOg here, why do u bother reply or comment on ‘Mike Okelllo’ i know him very well and thats not his name.

    u know once RAO once made a parable, if u go to take a bathe by the river, as u swim, a naked mad man comes and takes ua clothes, what sud u do?

    if u ran after him, u will be mad? i believe we stoop too low by replying even to these guys.

    lets us honour our assasinated MPS’ and martyrs by standing up, being constructive and at the same time not stooping too low for the likes of state agents whose main aim is to test how emotional we are and they shoot our MPs after the information relayed that we just make noise or we are simply emotional.

    let only his fellow state agents reply to him and let us all stand to be counted.

    they are planning to kill another MP beore weekend or latest next week from my sources.
    i will update u more with names soon

  199. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Someone please confirm this. There is a strong rumour that there is an eminent attack on winners of the last election by the Mungiki stalwarts during this weekend in Mathare ? Can we organise a vigil (kesha) there during this weekend?

    Now that the police is not able to protect me and my family ? Is it wrong for me to keep a gun. What is worse…..the loss of a whole family or 15 years in prison for illegal possesion of a gun. The gun which i keep solely for self protection. Its high time that all peace loving Kenyans had one. I insist PEACE LOVING.

  200. kenard says:


  201. Lijoodi says:

    Just wondering if traffic Police carry guns why couldn’t the Lady traffic police remove hers for protection….ama its selectively given to the trigger happy ones

  202. Obonyo says:

    kenyaturncoat, If u have a gun told tell anybody just keep it under your mattress infact those Munguki just ambush pple knowing that there is nothing u can do so if u have a gun like AK47 u can fell down most of them.By the way am looking for one and ready to fight have lost my job because kibaki decided to rigged election so even if i die in war no problem.Imagine being jobless because of sins of Kibaki if u give me a gun to fight I wont hesitate

  203. Obonyo says:

    kenyaturncoat, If u have a gun don’t tell anybody just keep it under your mattress infact those Munguki just ambush pple knowing that there is nothing u can do so if u have a gun like AK47 u can fell down most of them.By the way am looking for one and ready to fight have lost my job because kibaki decided to rigged election so even if i die in war no problem.Imagine being jobless because of sins of Kibaki if u give me a gun to fight I wont hesitate

  204. Obonyo says:

    kenyaturncoat,I stay in Huruma not far from Mathare its true that Mungiki attacked Mathare resident we heard ndurus and gun shoots for a bout half an hour.Am told the number of casualties were big there were no journalist to cover those events and at night police collected the bodies to city mortuary thats is why kenyans din’t get the information.The number the media is quoting as 850 is not true this deaths toll is higher than that let approximate it to 1600

  205. Otieno says:

    Mungiki planning a major attack in February is documented here


    the gang is stockpiling supplies, including food and weapons, for the coming battle.

  206. crateturner says:


  207. Obonyo says:

    Hi guys am working for a software company and because of greed of Emilio now we are jobless So guys am going back to jua kali and i have these softwares school management,Payroll system and stock control systems if anybody know any client who is interested in one then email me on willyandago@yahoo.com.This is what al been doing coz we have been lay off.Easy coach was one of our client and they have suspended there operations it has affected us plus more fleet companies so guys am back to jua kali

  208. rafiq says:



  209. Otieno says:

    U.K. minister: Kenya army should intervene


    This coming hot on the heels of Kagame’s army suggestion, what’s up?


    New thread please Agent4Change. Thanks

  210. Otieno says:

    The thief Kibaki has told the AU summit that ODM should go to court if they want to challenge his “election”….what is this fool saying!!!!!!!!!! Why are we wasting time in the mediation talks then? Did they choose their 3 representatives to tell us to go to court?

  211. mumias says:

    I’m frankly not surprised, I have not heard this but if true then it should not shock us.
    Kibaki wants some kind of power sharing deal, that is what hi side will push for!

    Frankly Kibaki has a point in a way! in as much as if we want him out we will have to do it legally, that is why we should push for an independent judicial commission to investigate the election results by conducting a through audit within a specific time frame. Independent being comprised of judges including commonwealth as well as Kenyan judges and who’s commission should be public for transparency. It is a reasonable compromise in my view and one in which I believe has the international backing

    I think ODM should stress that we want to promote democratic ideals, we should argue that power sharing arrangements goes against the spirit of democracy as you will always have winners and losers. ODM should stress that for an effective democracy there has to be an opposition to keep the government in check and ensure that the government delvers on its mandate and speak out as an effective watchdog on issues such as corruption etc

    ODM should make clear that we are prepared to accept a fair and transparent investigation into the election dispute and if found to have lost (which I know we did not) then we should perform our duty to democracy by taking up the role of official opposition. However on the other hand, if we found that there were grave irregularities then we should correct the injustice and declare the rightful winner of the election.

    This issue of GNU is a wrong and what this election showed is that any leader who wants to lead needs to build a national and broad consensus of support to get elected so I do not believe that he needs to pouch from opposition parties.

    Lastly I think Kibaki would rather live with being forced to leave by the courts than being seen to have left because Raila said so. He wants to save face and frankly he will not quit otherwise. So we have to put legal pressure and I believe the negotiators should really have similar argument.

    The fact of the matter is that the new constitution will bring about some form of national distribution of resources, we control parliament we can ensure this is in any new constitution and I believe we will have this new constitution within 2 yrs.

  212. Otieno says:

    It was mentioned briefly on Sky News.

  213. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear President George Bush,

    CC: comments@whitehouse.gov, vice_president@whitehouse.gov

    Help Kenya, will you? Remember that you invited Mwai Kibaki to the USA earlier in his presidency and feted him with a state reception? Phone Kibaki and save the people of Kenya from a dazed tyrant just as you saved Irag from a tyrant.

    Mwai Kibaki will listen to you if you advise him to strp down for the sake of Kenya. Kenya is fast filling up with widows and widowers and widows and orphans.

    Help Kenya, President Bush. Help Afriica’s democracy to grow. You plan to visit Tanzania and other African countries. Mwai Kibaki is looking forward to being invited to Tanzania so that he can unashamedly shake your hand, Mr. President, with his hands that are now full of blood.

    I fear for the life of former president, Mr. Daniel arap Moi. George Saitoti, whom Moi once derided as lacking the qualitities to lead Kenya, is now in charge of the killing and rigging machine called the Kenya Police. I fear that Moi is another casualty waiting to join the growing list.

    Help Kenya. Help the people of Kenya. Save the children of Kenya.

    Thank you President Bush as we humbly await your help.

  214. Otieno says:

    Confirmation here…


    He was speaking to IGAD. Not only did he tell them to go to court, he also says ODM instigated the civil clashes! What’s this guy smoking nowadays?

  215. mumias says:

    Haha, I do not think we take this guy seriously.
    I still think we should push for the 3 month independent commission.
    I hope Raila does not make to much out of this, Let Prof handle the response. Let us remain committed to the mediation. We only need an avenue that will lead to the truth about the whole thing after that it will be very difficult to cover the tracks.
    Remember Jack Tumwa and the other 4 commissioners were crying for such a thing to tell their story, they have some bombshells to release.
    Public and transparent and independent commission is my call

  216. jenny says:

    Hmmm, just wondering The Standard Editor who retired…right after some editorials were written …And then all of a sudden the newspaper is Govt friendly as in the meeting with UN Sec General ..as if that was in Kenya ….something does not sound right and then he is still working till April but as some Tech person…sounds like a demotion.Well in the spirit of The Kofi Plan with positive thoughts only, lets also not be fooled by now having a yes yes media that only shows one side , also who is taking over from The Editor. …Hmmm. ??


  217. Soldier says:

    Anybody intrested in Joining an ODM army? They have declared war and its time we form an Army with mordern weapons. If interested then come to the Eldoret,Kericho,Kisumu,Kakamega,Busia bus stops and Kibera any time. Someone will approach you with a question.If you answer it right you will be introduced to our commander and will be taken to training camp for six months. A handsome salary is waiting for you. Some of our boys broke into a Kericho police station and escaped with arms.

  218. mumias says:

    Although I may not fully understand your pain of having experienced some of the atrocities that have been inflicted may I plead with you to not go down such a path. According to Annan’s negotiating agenda, the first 3 items are on restoring peace.

    What I’m saying is what we really want is item 4, this is what will effectively deliver justice, we should do our very best to ensure we bring about this peace. Gandhi managed to alter the cause of Indian history through peaceful means I believe we too as ODM should steer towards such a course.

    However I also feel that it is imperitive to defend against militia of mungiki being ferried into the areas. We should be vigilant and take all necessary steps to stop them bringing terror to all.

    Lastly please let us not destoy our own business and properties, could we instead look to see how as communities we can seek to rebuild ourselves and the properties that were destroyed. What I fear is that by arming ourselves we will be taking a very dangerous path.

    Remember Kibaki is laughing as we destroy ourselves, TRUTH will prevail, but let us not do that at the cost of lives and our destruction

  219. Sam says:

    I wonder where the other Tribes fit in as far as the regoinal Equation is based in Kibakis regime?

    Kibaki- Kiukyu
    Chief Justice- kikuyu
    Minister of Finance- Kikuyu
    Minister of justice-Kikuyu
    Security- Kikuyu
    Revenue- Kikuyu
    Airports- Kikuyu
    Kenya Power- Kikuyu
    Roads- Kikuyu (and the Chinese just released Billions)
    KPC chairman- kikuyu

    Am running out of space here and I have not even touched on the PSs. Its a long List. And how about LAND?
    Are they the most Educated, Competent, or is there something else. Even Moi, Sprinkled a few token positions

    NO GUYS something must give,
    The ballot was the most Peaceful way but that was taken away.
    Those of you that will survive tell your Kids of what happened here.

  220. faith says:


    Annan said that the time frame for attaining full negotiations is one year WHAT!!!!! that is too long a dead line it should be atmost 8 weeks so that Kibaki can go back to Othaya i was dissappointed by his address to the AU he looks like Zimbabwe’s prezzy claiming that ODM should go to court and insisting that it is ODM that started chaos the guy just bores me to death.

    Did you bloggers see the suspect who killed MP Too the guy was chatting with the policemen, he was even smiling, he was not even handcaffed as normal suspect are is there something iam missing here.

  221. preeti says:

    may be he has been assured protection by the big rats!
    and he knows well that he will not be convicted.
    I pity Him.

  222. Soldier 2 says:

    I think your other approach should be village to village too. I think it should be a counter strategy because Mungiki is a fully fledged army. And do you guys know taht they got basic military training when there were special training sessions prior to elections. So its a counter strategy just incase they refuse to sign the peace agreement.

    Nobody can be a slave in todays world, we cant work for others, pay taxes and they distribute the resouurces amongst themselves.

  223. Otieno says:


    Have you seen this?


    As for the guy who killed Too, he claims he didn’t even know he was being charged with murder! He was too casual and jovial for someone who’d just killed his “girlfriend”. Something just doesn’t add up

  224. Okuro Ollonde says:

    Kibaki is taking us back 40 years. If democracy is to pravail then he should agree to face Raila in a re-run. Kibaki has Kalonzo and he is scared, did he really win. Kenyan president is supposed to be sworn in by the Registrar of the High Court so what was Evans Gicheru doing at State House? Kivuitu said he will burn with Kenya, Kenya is burning and he nowhere to be seen. He should have resigned long ago for doing a mess but I remember him saying that Kenyans don’t resign for doing a mess. I think our military are also doing us a deservice, what are they waiting for? Ugandan military had come to Kenya, shot our people and left and ours did nothing. Your job is to protect us from the enemy within and without. Wake up gentlemen.

  225. Otieno says:


    items 1 – 3 on Anans table are to be completed in 7-15 days. It’s the fourth item that will take about a year, i.e. land issues and historical injustices.

  226. Nick says:

    Good people,
    An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. The mess that Kivuitu put us in has to be corrected whether lives will be lost and property destroyed. Let us be prepared to take one step backward in preparation of making a leap forward in the future. Getting Kibaki out of power may seem impossible but remember most of the things worth doing in the world were declared impossible before they were done.

    The bible tells us that Joshua had seen the Promised Land but he was not allowed to enter. Instead he was forced to wander in the wilderness for forty years with cowards who didn’t believe as he did that they could conquer their enemies and possess the land. He could have given up in discouragement but he held on to Gods promise. How many of us see similarities here. Raila has seen the Promised Land. Let us not let him down because we are fearful about tomorrow. The future does not come all at once. It comes one day at a time so we will endure despite the hard times. We in ODM have a stand and we know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for justice. Our tactics may change from time to time or they may be opposed or ridiculed. Society is such that whatever position one holds and whether he is fighting for what people see as truly worthwhile, there will still be people opposing and ridiculing. But it doesn’t mean we will stop trying because we are not we are not in this to please people. This is not a popularity contest and we are not striving to win a popularity contest. We did that when we won the general elections. Remember whatever tactics our leaders come up with they are guided by convictions. The other lot is guided by greed and fear. Let us be prepared to go an extra mile and risk even our lives in fighting for our rights Whenever the blog administrator tells us to place our dreams and ideas in this forum we know we risk ridicule from cowards like a certain mike okello and company. But we also know that man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to loose sight of the shore. The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing and ultimately becomes nothing. If we don’t fight this time for our rights, we risk becoming nothing and it’s this fear that should drive us on.

    However let us try as much as possible not to reduce this war to look like a tribal affair. Remember people like Njuguna Kariuki who has always been a very sober contributor and know that there are some very good Kikuyus out there. Would you like to harm them? Am saddened that he is no longer a contributor.

  227. Soldier 2 says:

    Thanks for the update. Its true. Where is the counter strategy. I know soldier had suggested/proposed one. Are our pple just sleeping waiting for Annan to do a Mugabe, while these guys are planning massacre.

    Wake up guys. Can we talk to oue sympathisers. Can gen kagame offer hope and help. Can RAO send emissaries. What of Kikwete. I think we need external tips here. Remember some thugs who killed Tutsis and moderate hutus are in Kenya, under the protection of this regime.

    Kagame suffered just as we are. He has finally redeemed his country, which is smaller than the ODRK.

    Can anybody clarify the whereabouts of Gitobu and jimmy Kibaki.

  228. rafiq says:

    By the way guys, Go back to our preelection blogs, these guys who are writing nonsense were not there. So you know where they are from? I mean the Okellos of this world.

  229. Otieno says:

    @Nick…I was thinking of Njuguna K today. I’m worried about his safety…I think he was based in Molo or Nakuru. Anyone know if he’s ok?

  230. Josephn Jakenya says:

    Am requesting the hosts of this blog to update the video of RAO campaining as the presidential candidate. He did and won and was robbed. Please reove that video and replacxe it with the one asking kenyans to stand for democracy and not to let go the decision of kenyans. The next thing is to try and put forward thoughts tat can help the president(RAO) deide what to do. Please let us maintai kenya. But refer to the article I put up there. Thanks democratic ODM brothers andssters. Go will make a way.

  231. faith says:


    I have read your link above these so called defenders is nothing what can protect you and me is the constitution(BOMAS) and equitable distribution of wealth(UGATUZI) period any other thing is pure nonsense.

    By the way a friend of mine asked me a question i want to share with bloggers she asked me the Agikuyu community descended from a man called Agikuyu and a woman called Mumbi they had nine daughters who form the 9 clans of my community but we all know even in the bible tribes, clans descend from men not women that is why it is said that a woman is tribeless because she is expected to assimilate into the tribe she is married to bloggers help me solve this does it mean Agikuyu community are infact children of other tribes historians help out.

  232. mumias says:

    @ Nick

    A sober and inspirational comment, thank you!
    I especially take note of your last paragraph, ODM was a to be a nationalist party, one that embraces all of kenyans bound with a common vision and belief of a new kenya of unity, justice and equality and we should not lose sight of that.

    We have to be careful not to pigeon hole communities because as our president said, he seeks to be a president for all. Now we have to set an example of not allowing ourselves to fall along such tribal lines. It is a testing time where people will be forced to ask tough questions and the seeds of doubt can be sown so let us not water them. The likes of Kariuki and others are the epitomy of our identity as a party, let us not drive such comrades away.

  233. Pablo says:

    Sure I well agree with Nick and that is the motto we should embrace may be just to correct a section of his speech here is that it was Moses who saw the promised land but Joshua took over and He saw it so we need to stay focused as ODM supporters and we need to shun any kind of attitude or act that might water down our course. Let those who redicule us do it does not matter what other pple do or say about you when you know very well you are fighting for the common good for all. Infact when the challenges seem to be broadening up there about is success crowling in in high speed. So my encouragement is to all ODM supporters Let us stay focused we must achieve our goal which is liberating this country from the hypochrites of the colonial times who preach water and drink wine behind the curtains. One thing I have admired from our captain RAO is determination and consitency He never say this and tommorow he say that for this. You will agree with that He has got a deep passion for truth and Justice and that is all we are asking for. So be it threats from Mungiki or whoever Let us not relent Let us hold Peaceful demos Let us make sure that we report and shout at our loudest voices for any threats or evictions Planned by our enemies. The world is watching us so we need to show them that we were not only crying foul play but we are being taken for a ride as if we are stupid morons. So guys Let us stay focused once I repeat It is not done yet until it is done KIBAKI MUST GO HOME And Kenyans must find their democractic rights and peace they deserve. We cannot be Led by Blantant and shameless thieves.
    God Bless ODM, Its Supports and All likeminded congregation to Deliver Kenya fro this claw of satan who is devouring the country under the pretex of a President. Amen

  234. omuto says:

    Jenny, I think Kendo Opanga might be seeking the Emuhaya parliamentary seat in the by-election and thus his quitting. I view his departure therefore as a personal decision to pursue his ambitions. Not sure about it but I’m tempted to believe so, considering the fact that he’s been harboring such ambitions. Lets see what happens.

    There Must be something we’re missing, dear bloggers. I have a few questions that are worthy pondering about especially now that we’re seeking for a permanent solution to the problems afflicting our beloved nation. My question is, apart from the PNU fellows who are of course Kenyans, there seems to be a very powerful external hand in this matter, and Museveni is not just one of them, but seemingly an emissary of other underground suspicious hands. Am not talking about some demons or a devil. Its all about some other governments. WHO COULD BE THESE INVISIBLE KIBAKI SUPPOTERS? Why do I ask this?

    1. Museveni’s congratulatory remarks were not just his, but I believe he is one couragious man amongst the many enemies of democracy who came out open, under instructions from some other quarters who might have preferred anonymity. Museveni cant risk his reputation and nation if he’s getting nobody’s support, and in this case, an economically strong backing.

    2. MPs being assassinated like chicken, with the suspects laughing around with police officers,with no handcuffs (and assassinations are still to come), is yet another pointer to the fact that some powerful forces are behind this illegitimate government.

    3. It’s like the AU recognises this thug Kibaki, now that he was allowed to attend the conference and worse still, our ODM guys had opportunity to do the same.

    4. Kibaki’s speech to the IGAD members is yet another pointer. He’s not ready to step down, let alone accepting a re-run.

    5. The presence of the Uganda army around the Kenya-Uganda border yet no one, even EU and US, has raised a voice over the same. Could they be preparing themselves for war in Kenya? (Read Kagame’s opinion over the same)

    My first suspect is the US. I stand to be corrected, but dont forget the way the US is handling this issue, with the likes of Ranebager, Frazer and the rest. May be we can know the other collaborators if we get to know who Museveni’s foreign supporters are.

    If this is the case, then we aint seen nothing yet.

    I stand to be corrected.

  235. Maggie Adhiambo says:

    May the souls of Were, Too, and all the other Kenyans that have been sacrificed at the alter of Kibaki’s quest for power forever rest in peace. As for Raila, the one thing he can do is keep up the fight knowing that he has the full support of a MAJORITY of Kenyans. I believe that even those that may have voted for Kibaki do not condone the theft of the election. Also, ODM needs to do better at countering the PNU propaganda being put out in a bid to win over/retain the support of the Kikuyu community. I recently so a copy of supposed minutes of an ODM meeting in which a strategy to alienate the Kikuyu was discussed. These lies need to be countered with hard facts. The more Kikuyus that come out and join Kenyans in criticising the theft of the election (supposedly in their name), the better the chances of Kenya healing and moving on as one. Otherwise, they will forever be looked upon as betrayors. Voting for Kibaki is their democratic right, but, condoning theft is wrong! Raila, we love you and we need you!! You are Kenya’s best hopes of remaining united as you are not a mean and vengeful person as Kibaki has proven himself to be. If you were to give up the fight now, you would have betrayed millions of Kenyans who came out to vote for you so that you could steer our country to greater heights of prosperity. DO NOT GIVE UP BECAUSE IF YOU DO, ALL THOSE LIVES LOST WILL HAVE BEEN LOST IN VAIN.

  236. "Otula" says:

    Is Annan capable of telling kibaki to stop talks that will undermine dialoge,if he is not leaning on the govt. side or fears the word “presidents.”For us kenyans,Raila made has not to fear the president anymore but annan seems to have that problem.
    Odm has already known kibki plans for sticking to court thing,to him Annan is just there to talk about peace and reconciliation but not justice.
    Can ODM give us a plan because we must remove these kibaki soon,depending on whatever sol.We are not going to allow him rule ,he has to know that.

  237. karanja kamau says:


    Is there anything we can do to start a true movement devoid of tribalism ,hate and exploitation even if it will be under RAO/or on our own.
    To be honest with you of all guys in ODM i trust RAO as the true democrat if you check his track record compared with others.

  238. rafiq says:

    Its good to know you are well and keeping the fire burning. I agree with you we should avoid tribal/hate talk. I was listening to BBC follow up of chad invasion by rebels. I believe most hardworking kenyans-true democrats are not tribalists. If the ODM movement were to do the same, am sure our suffering Kikuyu brothers would cheer and aplaud the incomong democratic movement.

    I know the true democrats like KK are blacklisted by the enemies of truth and justice. But dont worry God is on our side. The US ambssador is confused and is not giving his govt good advice. Thats why frazier talks of things not in agreement with state dept.

    As for Kibaki dont worry, RAO will not let him escape with those arrogant selfish speeches written by enemies of democracy. We will fight him and his cronies until they get out.

    KK am with you my bro. My brother-dr is internally displaced from central, where he has served his pts faithfully over the years-even donating blood for them. They keep on calling and praying that things go back to normal so he resumes duties. They dont agree with the clique around Kibaki.

    There are many democrats and God on our side. Keep the fire burning, brothers and sisters.

  239. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    Please strike Jane’s name off your list. Faith ywoud fit there!!!!

  240. rafiq says:

    Dear ODMers and our beloved Kenyans who innocently and patiently voted for their present and future. My message is do not give up. This far we have come, the damage is great but the will gets stronger.

    Very soon the money given to the poor youth-mungiki will be no more. The clique is loosing-poor hotel business, poor flower industry, poor performance in the manufacturing industry. I know its hard for the ODM employees but its worse for the big business guys from the kibaki clique, because they are the ones that make all the profit. Very soon all their investments will be over. They will fight amongst themselves. They underestimated the resolve of the people. They thought it would be another passing clou/devent.

    They better know the people are not giving up. Kenyans will keep on fighting for their rights. It is not going to be business as usual. Let Ali continue shooting, he will tell the people who gave him the instructions.

    I remember clearly and pray that KTN doesnt discard the tape. Just before the voting day, Ali comes on KTN and says the security is good and that the elections will be very close. Consequently do not protest otherwise the police will shoot to kill. He repeated it several times. He will answer when the time comes, and that is very soon.

    The peoples president is still strong. i thought he would give in. But watching him today has given me hope. Our dear brothers and sisters shot from their living rooms will not suffer in vain.

    Kibaki will soon surrender. No matter what the old clique around him think. We are not guving in.

    God help Kenya. Long live democracy.

  241. "Otula" says:

    Koffi Annan has gotten a job with the kenya redcross.He has forgotten what took him to kenya.Instead of hitting the nail on the head,he is now bringing things like land which contributes to 3% of the problem.Infact he wanted to forget it’s discussion.To me these man should go back.We need a quick deal not favouring any side.I agree with Paul kagame.
    The problem with PNU Is that when ODM puts a side it’s demonstrations,they tend to assume that peace has returned.They are forgetting that these is the last chance of somebody coming for tea that we have given them.If it fails,running battles and to harrass the” kibaki thing.”And Ali telling people to go back to their homes before the crisis is solved is like sending them to get slaugtered.

  242. Jane says:

    Please allow me to repeat what someone said earlier.” If my peope which are called by my name,shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways:then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Our land Rift valley, is bleeding,is hurting, is in pain, is in grieve.Churches ( God’s sanctuaries, holy places, places of worship) have been burnt here, God’s people who we know, have lived with them and intermarried have been killed and maimed. Our land has been defiled. We’ve been made to forget God.

    The prices of maize, wheat, milk, reconstructed KCC depots, have been improved in the last few years, road construction is up, but we have been made to forget all this.

    Primary schooling has been made easier in the last several years, with free primary education. We’ve been made to forget all this.

    Power! Power! Power!.power!. boycotts, boycotts, hatred, hatred, Is the game we’ve been made to play by these politicians.

    I believe it is high time we say no to politicians and asked them to allowed us to continue with our lives. The picture of our pentagon members running away from tear gas while their land Rovers followed to pick them up and whisk them to safety raises very ironic points. A majority of us risking their lives, safety and livelihoods to demonstrate, call for economic sabotage and product boycotts have no back-up plan.

    If the demonstrations, boycotts etc are not yielding results and there is no indication that they are, allow Kenyans to get back to work. We are not all rich enough and we cannot all afford to stop work indefinitely. Be it farmers, teachers, computer experts, white colors, drivers, touts, Jua kali artisans etc, etc who are not assured of the 0.5m+ monthly allowance whether they go to work or not.

    Our children must go back to school. Roads must open –up. Kenya Army, come out of the barracks and make surveillances on the railway and roads, whipping all mischief along the way.

  243. tnk says:

    if you are so eager to make cash maybe you should set up a complete funeral service (coffins, etc) you’ll make a real killing. govt will throw tons of business your way

  244. Jane says:

    “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”(Galatians 6:7)
    Why would some politicians decide to sow seeds of hatred, destruction and lawlessness in this country?. The level of synergy we derive from ethnic diversity is extremely magnificent. Can we as Kenyans afford to lose it at the whim of politicians? Falling prey to their divide and rule dictum?. We possibly need to return to sanity before they drive us back to Stone Age. Our forefathers have done quite a lot to build our motherland, can we afford to lose it at the whim of the selfish politicians.

  245. Maru Kapkatet says:


    During his tenure as Secretary General of the UN, Mr. Kofi Annan failed the people of Rwanda in not doing enough to forestall the genocide that later took place in that country.

    To succeed in Kenya, Mr. Kofi Annan has to:

    1. Stop issuing statements or communiques that have not been agreed upon and a document signed to that effect by both parties.

    2. Must admit that he does not fully understand the genesis and injustices that best Kenya and that the Kenyan situation is not similar to that of Kosovo or East Timor.

    3. Must admit that he is dealing with elderly hardliners who have little regard for human life and who have labeled Mr. Annan as a referee and not a mediator.

    4. Must realize that he is dealing with a deceptive and secretive party who will not reveal any information that put their ethnic community in bad light.

    5. Must realize that he cannot get any useful information from the Police Commissioner because he is both incompetent and incapable of thinking and acting in the interest of the Kenyan people at large but that of his masters.

    6. Must realize that there is a strong possibility that there is an ongoing process of forming, training, and arming a parallel army and police force made of the feared terrorist Mungiki and that forests around Nairobi and Mount Kenya could be caches of an assortment weapons.

    7. Must learn fast and see how Kibaki and his associates are trying to paint the ODM leadership as having premeditated and organized the angry reaction to the stealing of the presidentiall victory from Hon. Raila Odinga.

    8. The truth of the matter is that ODM and their supporters were in a celebratory mood during the campaigns, on the day of the elections, and on the day of the tallying of the presidential votes until the tragic announcement by Kivuithu.

    The only thing that marred the celebratory mood of ODM and their followers was the earlier hitch on December 27, 2007 when it was announced that Hon. Raila Odinga could not vote as his name was missing from the voters’ list. What master organizer would tell people what to do if ODM is not declared the victor within a few hours?

    What efficient and effective broadcast system is there to tell the whole Kenya what they should do in the next two hours or so? Who in ODM has divine powers to have foreseen what Kibaki was planning to do? Yes, Mr. William Ruto is Samoei but he is not Koitalel Samoei.

    During the tallying of the presidentail votes, ODM supporters cheered on as Hon. Raila Odinga sent a message of condoleces to the people of Pakistan on the assassination of Benazir Bhuto. The ODM supporters were confident that Hon. Raila Odinga, their candidate, would be president of Kenya from December 28, 2007 and many had put off their X-mas celebrations to the announcement of Raila’s victory.

    How then could they have been premeditating about burning of houses. The burning of houses started in 1991 and was not invented in 2007. The use of Mungiki police by Kibaki and Michuki and giving them shoot-to-kill orders left the defenseless people to turn on their neighbors because in Kenya people see the government is being that of the tribe whose member is the president.

    9. Must know that Kibaki and his associates had known for the last several months towards the end of 2007 that Kibaki did not stand a chance against Hon. Raila Odinga. They knew that Hon. Raila Odinga would win the presidential elections. They did everything to stop him and when all else failed, they starting planning violence.

    Kibaki and his associates knew that they will rig the elections even by brute force and then use Mungiki, the police, and army which is under the command of their man to suppress protests.

    What Kibaki and his associates had not factored in was the strong and loyal support that Hon. Raila Odinga has amongst the Kalenjins. The Kalenjins suffered the worst injustices under Kibaki – not only were Kalenjins removed en-masse from government jobs but they were also made to live under fear that their land was not indeed theirs as the Title Deeds they held were mere pieces of paper.

    For these reasons, the Kalenjins stood side by side and shoulder to shoulder with Hon. Raila Odinga as the only man who could correct and stop injustices against them.

    Any attempts to demonize the Kalenjins now and malign the names of their leaders, particularly the young, brilliant, and astute William Ruto will be fought in Kenya and everywhere else in the world until justice prevails.

    10. Kibaki is a thief. He is an old man with absolutely no leadership qualities and no heart. His smile is a smile of wickedness. The hardships Kenyans are now facing were caused by Kibaki’s failure to lead.

    Unlike the former president, Mr. Daniel arap Moi, Kibaki is incapable of leading and protecting the nation. Kenya is burning now, tribe has been turned against tribe, by one man – John Michuki who thinks, acts, and speaks on behalf of a larger group called the Muthaiga Club.

    These are the people destroying Kenya out of greed. They want to own Kenya economically and enslave the rest of Kenyans especially non-Kikuyus. Out of greed and selfishness, they have instilled fear amongst their fellow Kikuyus into thinking that they faced immense danger if Hon. Raila Odinga became president.


  246. OPADO says:


  247. mumias says:

    ODM’ers I see that we have turned some heat on Annan of late, please let us be patient with this man, he has what is the hardest job in the world at the moment where the whole world expects and Kenyans EXPECT so let us be patient with him. Our captain and the rest of our leaders have shown complete confidence in him.

    For those who feel Annan will not stand up for us please read this article
    Especially detailing the stand off with Mr Muthaura ( Kibaki Hardliner) over the recently launch of the negotiations. As you will see Annan stood up to Muthaura brilliantly. So let us give this man our confidence, let us pray for him and direct positive energies onto him, we shall overcome

  248. mumias says:

    PS Jane I asked you come here with some an intelligently reasoned analysis which clearly you can not manage. You are attempting to turn us against our leader which is laughable for a start. You support your argument by listing Kibaki’s re-election rhetoric of economic achievements which have been well documented. It did not work outside central on 27th and by basing an argument on this issue betrays your inherent intuitive and intelligence shortcommings hahaha IDIOT haha

    So I see your freind Mike Okello has disapered of late, probably researching his stuff before posting here! I strongly suggest you either follow suite or redirect your comments and msg of hate (against our leaders) to the already hate fuelled forum that is KibakiTena blogs, I’m sure your ideas and reasoning will be best suited there.

  249. Omuto says:

    Please give us another thread as suggested by a number of bloggers. Some of the comments we’re posting under this thread are not at all palatable here. The bloggerly-displaced hermaphrodite known as Jane Mike Okello cant even realize that this forum is meant to eulogise Mugabe Were and all that died as a result of Kibaki’s act of thuggery. ALL mean ALL. Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, Luos, Luhyas and our two MPs. Instead, Jane Okello decides to unashamedly shit and pee on this forum, defiling the sweet aroma emanating from here to the departed souls.

    What I also find interesting is the fact that we’re slowly turning this hermaphrodite into some kind of a hero. No wonder we seem to divert our attention to a topic that wasn’t. You may be wondering how I get to know that the blog pollutters are indeed anti-ODM if I also dont read what they puke here. The truth is I read there first two postings and decided to ignore them. Anywhere I see the chameleon’s name (because it changes from Mike to Jane to Pato to Sam to I dont know what next), I simply skip the comments. Instead, I bump into there names again when going through the respected ODM bloggers contributions. Please can we avoid stooping too low to these bootlickers and instead focus to our worthwhile contributions here?

    The only way to send the chameleon out of this blog is to IGNORE there postings just as Karanja does. I dont remember Karanja responding to Jane Okello’s stinking comments. Once the beast discovers that nobody is paying attention to its trash, then it wont waste its worthless time here.

  250. rafiq says:

    You are a hypocrite. Yes you are especially on a Sunday morning like this. How do you condone sin? How do you condone murder/assasination. Let me tell you what Christ said-The truth shall set you free. If and only if the ECK and Kibaki, agreed to the truth we would not be where we are.

    Dont worry Please read Zech 8:14: and Hab 1:1-11. If Annan fails which I suspect he will because of the recent utterances of Kibaki and Wetangula, we are going to go through a worse spell.

    Jane we would rather be jobless for three months than be slaves of people like Kibaki, Michuki, Karume, Karua, Kimunya, Wanjohi.

    So my sister you ned to reorganize your budget if you are still alive. The comrades whom have gone to be with the Lord have no jobs but widows/widowers. The blood thirsty Kibaki regime has killled and continues to kill and maim many. this is not in vain. Our God is seeing it and as very soon Kibaki will answer Cains question. Already he is fumbling when asked about his brother, very soon the truth will be out and he will be naked before men as well as God.

    As Kivuitu stated, he will go to china, the country misadvising and misleading him. By the way its only a matter of time before the target expands to anything chinese made or funded because after all their quality is questionable. China thinks Kenyans are stupid enough that they can dictate to us what they want through Kibaki including writing for him speeches which he unashamingly reads letter for letter. they should pack, because we are likely to go through a worse phase if Kibaki obeys them. Let them prepare a mansion for Kibaki, Lucy, Michuki, Karume , PNU-NARC activist because the will of the people is coming and very soon.

    Can Kibaki tell us the foreign govts he is blaming. Does the domestic observer group fit in there? Its only kibaki and his sympathisers who think they won, everybody else knows otherwise.

    Finally Kibaki should not overstretch our patience, he should not think that calm is peace, and that calm is cowardice. The decision has been made. He will either agree to the peoples will or look for a safer residence in China. We are coming.

  251. rafiq says:

    Just to digress, faiths question is worth discussing. Anybody with details?

  252. Yego says:

    Dear Kenyans!
    I now can speak with confidence that everything is possible.Having survived the Chad invasion yesterday, thanks to the french battalion who took us to safe heavens.I started my year in Eldoret the place of true patriots of kenya, and i was in the crossroads of other patriots of africa yesterday, The UFDD of Chad i think i ve a service to my country KENYA!!!!
    The talk in the diaspora is not about the Annan talks or either Mungiki, but the Kukuyu of kenya , i dont know wat kukuyu means but i tend to think its the pronounciation skew for kikys.Hey men, unless u repent and save ua image, the kikys are loosing there international status like winter.No one trusts them anymore…..southern sudanese are launching war on them, The Acholli of northen Uganda are monitoring and the janjaweed have declared war on them.But is it really the kikys???I say no, its Kibaki and his cronies endangering our brothers and sisters.

  253. benjamin says:


    Your enquiry above is really intriguing i have ask afew friends of mine about it but nobody has a definite answer a friend of mine called Maina has added a twist to it he told me if you read origins of the other tribes you will find that there is no one specific person who started the tribe like for example the Ameru there story is that they were being persecuted somewhere and there leader(not the originator of tribe) lead them through a river called “mbwa” to there present place, and also the Luo tribe they were lead by there chief i think Ramogi to there present place the Abaluhya story is the same but for the Agikuyu it seems the history is very short and defined i.e you have a Agikuyu and Mumbi having nine daughters but nowhere is mentioned where they got there husbands this is intresting Faith you have made me to start going back to my primary history i think such topics helps us to understand one another better and appreciate that we are one as a country.

  254. Otieno says:

    Interesting read….


  255. Duncan says:

    To the families of the late MPs for Embakasi and Ainamoi and to the ODM fraternity,My heartfelt condolences.It is sad when things like these start to happen around us.the truth of the matter is that the situation outside is far from safe and peaceful.
    However,i want to raise the issue of the Mungiki factor.the fact that they are being bred by the state will only serve to make things worse in our fragile environment.The question we should aske ourselves is what can we do about it.These fellows are on the rampage against perceived ODM supporters in the city.a case in point is the kibera line saba area,among other areas.
    If what the people on the ground are saying is true,it is likely that this band of thugs will embark on a door to door campaign in the city to flush out perceived ODM supporters and “deal” with them appropriately.I strongly opine that in the light of the events of the last few weeks,it is important that we strategise on ways and means of
    dealing with the situation in our many neighbourhoods,with or without the participation of the Police.I say this because if this band of thugs is the shadow arm of the state,then even the police will only aid their processes.Dear ODMers,we are stuck in a situation and unless we think fast,our brothers and sisters will perish in this city of ours under our very watch.

  256. faith says:

    thanks for your insight i hope to hear more of the bloggers thoughts on this issue it can be an eye opener on many issues surrounding us.

    i have read the link and the only conclusion i see is that it is not that Kibaki is a good man surrounded by bad people as we have been misled to believe it is just plain and simple Kibaki is a bad man surrounded by bad people doing bad things to the country.

  257. karanja kamau says:


    I have been thinking this for sometime can somebody tell me the most practical ways to kick out MK without bloodshed. (war)

    1. The brothers i don’t even know where they came from.
    2.Lucy what a shame.
    3.Anglo-leasing truth has never been told.
    4.The one which still hurts me even today RAO singlehandedly campaigned for
    this guy,just for him to shut RAO down after he got presidency.Even african
    customs requires respect.

    Finally lets keep this movement burning we are all kenyans truth and democracy will triumph EVIL.

  258. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Your Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI,


    Many thanks for taking time to pray for Kenya at this time when Kenyans are facing immense tragedy – deaths, divisions, hatred, injustice, loss of jobs and sources of livelihood – brought on Kenyans by one man, Mwai Kibaki, a member of the Catholic Church.

    While Kenyans appreciate your prayers, Your Holiness, they believe that you can do more for them to bring justice, reconciliation, peace, and stability to their country. In Acts 6:1-7, and I quote:
    “Acts 6
    The Choosing of the Seven
    1In those days when the number of disciples was increasing, the Grecian Jews among them complained against the Hebraic Jews because their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution of food. 2So the Twelve gathered all the disciples together and said, “It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. 3Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them 4and will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.”

    5This proposal pleased the whole group. They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit; also Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas from Antioch, a convert to Judaism. 6They presented these men to the apostles, who prayed and laid their hands on them.
    7So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.”,

    The apostles did not just pray for the widows but they also did something practical for them as well as the Bible verses explain.

    Your Holiness, the best practical thing you can do for Kenyans now is to appoint a new Cardinal for the Catholic Church in Kenya. We appreciate that you have moved with speed to appoint new leadership for the Catholic Church in North America when their bishops and cardinals have been accused of not doing enough to protect the faithful from pedophile priests.

    A similar thing is happening in Kenya. Cardinal Njue cannot and will never bring reconciliation to the people of Kenya whom Mwai Kibaki has turned against one another because Cardinal Njue is part and parcel of the problem. These are Cardinal Njue’s omissions and commissions which have contributed to the tragedy in Kenya.

    1. Cardinal Njue is a member of Kibaki’s tribe and the spiritual leader has put his tribe before the flock in general.

    2. Cardinal Njue congratulated Mwai Kibaki for “winning a second term” when the truth of the matter is that Kibaki was defeated by Hon. Raila Odinga, a member of the Anglican Church, but Kibaki declared himself the winner and used the police force, the army, and some mercenaries to silence protesting Kenyans. Many Kenyans – men, women, and children – have been killed by Kibaki’s security forces and Cardinal Njue has never uttered a word of protest against the government

    3. Mwai Kibaki has counted on the deadly police force, the army, mercenaries, and the Catholic Church to help him entrench himself in power illegally. Kenyans, Your Holiness, also deserve justice just as people in North America and Europe do.

    4. Cardinal Njue is now in charge of the Catholic Church in Kenya and they have teamed up with the government, in an elaborate scheme, to marginalize other Kenyan tribes and enslave them economically. The contribution of the Catholic Church in Kenya to this economic enslavement is this:

    They have targeted the hospitals run by the Catholic Church and which have nursing schools to deny the locals, who are not members of their tribe, opportunities to enter these nursing schools and instead give places to their own people. Your Holiness, ask for statistics to be collected by an independent body on the number of places in all nursing schools run by the Catholic Church in Kenya and the number of students in each school categorized by tribe. Do the same, Your Holiness, for all private schools run by the Catholic Church in Kenya.

    In appointing Cardinal Njue to head the Catholic Church and from his performance at this time that Kenyans are facing immense tragedy, Your Holiness, has taken the Catholic Church from all Kenyans and given it to one ethnic group – Cardinal Njue’s ethnic group.

    The Catholic Church in Kenya is now one of Mwai Kibaki’s formidable tools to deny Kenyans justice and their democratic rights. Your Holiness, you are aware of the sufferings of people under the Nazis. You have also witnessed how the flock has been abused by pedophile priests. Your Holiness, do not allow the Catholic Church in Kenya to become an instrument of torment by omission.

  259. Railkamuodho says:

    Read this for the current happening in Chad. I support the rebels in Chad and a military government in Kenya since the current politicians are only interested in their ego and leadership position. Is any military man reading this?

  260. rafiq says:

    I am so glad now that RAO and our leaders have acted o the insecurity threat against the people in Central Kenya. I visited them at Akamba Bus station and they are determined to reach their ancestral homes no matter the pain. They know its not their Kikuyu brothers who want them gone its Mungiki aka Michuki agents. I pray they improve on their security.

    @KK – Whatever gets Kibaki out of the picture will bring peace to our land. I promise you if Kibaki goes no gun will go off, it will be another criminal activity and investigations will have to be done. The mungiki will be silenced. there will be no revenge by the democrats and Kena will go the Rwanda way. We will take off and never look back unless some of our brothers are behind for which we shall extend a hand and bring them along.

    So brothers and sisters we are winning. I was initially infuriated with kibakis speech. But later listening to the BBC and reading Otienos link- my suspicion was confirmed. This guy reads the written speech, never checks it beforehand and never answers the press quiz. Could this guy be sick? Is there somebody calling the shots?

    I think we should send a few emissaries to Kigame, he may help us get rid of this guy without causing bloodshed.

  261. rafiq says:

    I meant kenya will not go the rwanda way before kagame came in. It will be the postgenocide rwanda.

  262. tnk says:



    I have been thinking this for sometime can somebody tell me the most practical ways to kick out MK without bloodshed. (war)

    under the current circumstances I see only three viable methods

    1) a repeated, very specialised and sustained economic boycott targetting “their” institutions – you’ve already seen DN changing tunes (trust me a newspaper will die without circulation). pick them out and boycott each and every product or service until an election is called i.e until 2012 if they do not call it sooner than that. select each industry and the target company, educate the masses on alternatives and reasons for the boycott till the next election is called. yes we will hurt some, a few more than others, but we should bring down each company one at a time. this is the most effective non-violent weapon and they cannot send GSU with guns after anyone. let brookeside milk remain on shelves till it rots. we’ll need information on the owners of these companies in order to know whom to target. Equity bank, and a few others were mentioned in an earlier posting, we need to know who is behind these companies and what else they own, then boycott. take a keen look at the list of 1m per plate lunch. also look at the many lobby groups that came out and identify the key players. these guys owns a lot and therefore have a lot to loose.

    2) cripple government operations – this is difficult and largely requires mobilization and support of an amorphous entity called middle-class who are employed in these institutions. middle is actually a chameleon by nature and plays well into PNU games because they sell out at the first sign of battle and prefer to hide under the terms of moderate and reasoning. to get active support from these guys you have to force them through mass action such as boycott and demonstrations. typically middle simply means “not like that other guy”, i.e at least they are not as poor, or at least they are not as grumpy, miserly, etc. i.e avoid being classified and then forced to react like the rest of them. my apologies to all of us here (me being one) who are “middle class”

    3) play games with the devil and reach out to some of the enemy – many PNU supporters including mungiki are aware of the injustices of the three regimes but are unable to openly come out in support since this would be seen to actively support ODM. a viable common ground that creates forum for some of them to “safely” engage such as actively engage in the discussion such as


    we have to reach out to all since our struggle is against injustice but that bunch of power brokers has managed to turn it into a tribal warfare.

    KK I commend you for overcoming the anger and look for solutions. if we can convince the masses to push away the tribal element away from their/our eyes and re-gain the focus on the real looters and thieves of kenyan resources i.e the fat cats, we can put them in their place and kibaki and his ilk will be forced to leave as fast as they can run. THats where we started before we got derailed and we need to get back to that position as fast as possible. Almost everyone agrees that once that bridge is crossed, most communities will be able to sit down and work towards long lasting solutions addressing the events that have taken place over the past 15 years or longer, resulting in internal displaced persons and deaths.

    In the meantime as Rafiq has pointed out that this may take some time so we have to make effort to move people living in hostile communities to safer places and then resume the fight against injustice.

  263. Josephn Jakenya says:

    Its emarging that the mps who were shot were assassinated byhiten from Museveni and still planning more to desabilise Kenya so that Western countries can work trough the tainted Museveni to bring peace in Kenya. This is argued that will improve the image of museveni to the internationalcommunity eye. Kibaki should be aware of this and prevent trouble for Kenya, Mp for othaya should just stepdown and allow the elected presidnt resume office. Read more here.


  264. faith says:

    What is this fallacy i hear!!!!!!! have bloggers read standard newspaper page 4 about Museveni’s troops in Kenya. How can Kibaki allow foreign force to guard him when Kenya as an independent country has its own forces it shows once more bloggers this guy is a thief and he should be lynched.

  265. rafiq says:

    This guy is in a fix, he cant trust kenyans anymore. Nevertheless we will win. Am glad RAO said he had a fall back position incase Annan fails.

    So there is hope. Keep the hope alive. We will win.

  266. rafiq says:

    This guy is in a fix, he cant trust kenyans anymore. Nevertheless we will win. Am glad RAO said he had a fall back position incase Annan fails.

    So there is hope. Keep the hope alive. We will win.

    Wonder what Kalonzo is doing in UK /USA which the ambassadors cant do. Is he upto something sinister.

  267. Mike Okello says:

    By the way, are you aware that most of the ODM supporters would have to open an account with Equity Bank and then close it as a practical proof of boycott.

    Find out their current portfolio, You will realize: Equity Bank + Boycott + Equity Bank.

    You do not open an account in a bank because of you know who owns it, You open with a very egocentric motive, because of what you can get from the bank!

    I am very optimistic that RAO will be himself, He has so far proved that. Otherwise if he took some of the posts seriously for a thought or for action, then well be less than the statesman i know him to be. Thank God this is just that! A BLOG.

  268. Mike Okello says:

    By the way, are you aware that most of the ODM supporters would have to open an account with Equity Bank and then close it as a practical proof of boycott.

    Find out their current portfolio, You will realize: Equity Bank + Boycott = Equity Bank.

    You do not open an account in a bank because of you know who owns it, You open with a very egocentric motive, because of what you can get from the bank!

    I am very optimistic that RAO will be himself, He has so far proved that. Otherwise if he took some of the posts seriously for a thought or for action, then well be less than the statesman i know him to be. Thank God this is just that! A BLOG.

  269. Obonyo says:


  270. crateturner says:

    but i thought PNU had already agree that Remaphosa will be the backup mediator if annan is not there and they signed a document saying so. then if PNU has rejected him i think kenya is heading the wrong direction because those are signs that talks will fail soon GOD help kenya

  271. Obonyo says:

    So Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara has open the can finally and ended the rumour mongering. He says he was assulted by Lucy Kibaki at State House who was saying State House is her home and he should never step there. Surely what next.

  272. Pablo says:

    But did we know about this. Ponder over it and give suggestions about how we can handle it.


    Disagreements reported in Museveni’s intelligence agencies
    Last updated : 03 Feb 2008, Kampala
    By Lt. Fox Matsiko, PGB

    Serious divisions are now emerging in the ultra secretive Counter Intelligence Unit (CIU) based in State House, on what is going in Kenya and how it will affect Museveni as a person, the Bahima sub-ethnic group in particular and Ugandans in general.

    For purposes of informing our fellow Ugandans, this super secretive Counter Intelligence Unit is made up currently of 12 to 15 very royal and top secret agents, the majority being former FRONASA agents who have worked with Museveni for the last 25 to 30 years. Front for National Salvation (FRONASA) was a group started in the early by Ugandan exilees in Tanzania who had fled Amins regime. Museveni later became the leader, and a few well placed people inside Uganda were recruited in the struggle to remove Amin from power.

    In addition a “new breed” of agents (about 10 in total, drawn mainly from Ruhama in Southern Uganda, where First lady Janet Museveni is the MP) are currently undergoing specialized training in countries like Israel, Cuba, North Korea, USA and Bulgaria.

    The primary purpose of these agents is to report directly to Museveni on what is happening in other security and spy agencies like ESO, ISO, PIN, PGB, CMI, and any other intelligence agencies, with special attention given to assessing their perceived loyalty to Museveni. Each of these super spies reports directly to president Museveni, not through any one else, not even the so called security coordinator General David Tinyefuza or Security Minister Amama Mbabazi.

    The split within the members of this unit has been in regard to the deployment of UPDF, ESO, ISO and FRONASA agents in Kenya.

    The information we have gathered so far is that most of these super spies, especially the Bahima are very concerned that Museveni’s continued sponsorship of assassins to kill prominent Kenyan opposition members and ferment violent protests in Kenya will not help his case in Uganda, but will instead be counter-productive. Many of them are reasoning that at this late stage, the Museveni regime cannot afford to create enemies outside Uganda, while at the same time things are boiling up in Uganda.

    This group’s latest report to Museveni contained a blunt warning, which was delievered during his final briefing before he left for the AU meeting in Addis Ababa, that Uganda in general risks the same fate (as Kenya), though chaos in Uganda will affect the people from western Uganda most.

    However, a few of these spies are of the opposite view, arguing that it is better to destabilise Kenya as much as possible, offer Kibaki all the support he needs, assasinate as many opposition leaders as possible and generally create maximum chaos in Kenya. Their reasoning is that the bigger the crisis, the stronger Museveni’s hand will become. Because the international community (especially Western powers like UK and USA) will have little choice but to support or work through Museveni, under the pretext of restoring peace and stability to the region.

    They are banking on the chance that just as a drowning man does not pick and choose between who is his rescuer, everyone will willingly forget the Museveni regimes history of bloody involvement in neighboring states, and welcome them as “peace makers”. These advisers claim this will help Museveni to run in 2011, as the man who helped bring Kenya back from the brink.

    They also argue that allowing Odinga to win is to hand over to Kizza Besigye the Presidency, and Buganda land activists will also see Kibakis “capitulation” as a precedence and be strengthened in the belief that Museveni can be kicked out of power by a popular, grassroots uprising.

    For now, Museveni appears bent on pretending to be a peace broker as he sends in his experienced assassins to help shoot down Kenyans. As Radio Katwe has reported before, since the 1970’s, Museveni has maintained a small group of assasins. Some of the murders of prominent people that took place under Amin’s regime right through to the chaotic early 80’s of Obote II to this very day, are the work of these deadly hit men.

    Meanwhile, our sources with Museveni in Ethiopia for the AU summit made us laugh last night.

    According to them, Museveni requested for and was granted a meeting with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the Sheraton in Addis (we are told the owner of that Sheraton is the same one of our Kampala Sheraton but according to those who have been to the Addis one, it is better than the Kampala one by miles and years, and even far better than the supposedly high class Kampala Serena Hotel).

    Well, according to these sources who are familiar with what went on in the meeting, our wise man was talking all sorts of things in a very incoherent fashion. He would start on this topic, then go to another, then suddenly jump to a very different unrelated issue and all the while not addressing the issues of Kenya which was the main point of discussion. The conversation got so uncoordinated that at a certain point, the UN Chief seemed so confused and was forced to stretch diplomatic etiquete to the limit by firmly requesting our man to go slow and stick to Kenyan issues.

    Our one and only “revolutionary” having failed to convince the UN Chief to accompany him to Kenya (appearing with Ban Ki-Moon would have greatly boosted Museveni’s image and credentials as a “peace maker”), Museveni then tried to offer the UN chief a ride in his own presidential plane, claiming he was heading in that direction (southwards, Kenya), and that he was ready to offer “10,000 more troops to go to Somalia” (talk of cheap popularity and simple minds, “heading in that direction” not considering how the man will leave Kenya for New York!).

    The UN Chief was not sure whether to accept Museveni’s offer or not but we hear was advised by his staff present that with Museveni, what he says is not what he means, and that this is a man who still has charges to answer with the UN as per their reports (especially concerning Congo).

    One Nigeria chipped in “an old Hyena can not be asked to protect young chicks!”.

  273. Pablo says:

    Mr. blogg Admin Allow me to make a point of correction, are you related to this person calling himself Okello mike? You should stop broadcasting his contribution they are not of anyhelp to us but just provoking us to see what we are gonna say or react. But we are aware of all the schemes of the devil whatever ill they are planning against us let them expect the same plate they are using against us to be use to them. Mungu halali

  274. faddie says:

    we all knew about the free primary education,the road construction e.t.c before 27th december.yet we all came out,lined up and voted for our prefered candidates for a reason.so my question to you is,ACCORDING TO YOU,ARE ELECTIONS NECESSARY?

  275. Jane says:

    ODMers It is sad because most of the poor have absolutely nothing to do with the cause of the post-election upheavals, few of us even understand the machinations and chemistry behind all that happened. Within a few minutes of announcements, houses are burnt property and lives are destroyed first in Eldoret, which quickly spreads to Kericho, Kisumu and Kibera by seemingly organised gangs. All in the name of justice.

    The battle is being fought in the poor’s home ground. Why for example is there no fighting in Muthaiga,Karen or Runda. Why Mathare and Kibera. Is it probably because the poor are easy to manipulate, bribe and exploit. Exploit by promises of a ‘better’ future, entice through handouts and incite against the other tribe on basis of their economic status. All in the name of justice.

    But even as the political party barons continue to incite the poor against each other they sit together in hotels, with barons of the other tribe that is being slaughtered. Yet they do not slaughter each other, because they belong to the same crop of elites, but they use the poor to achieve their purpose. Their children wake up to a nutritious breakfast, are driven safely to a nutritious breakfast, are driven safely to school where they have an uninterrupted day of learning, go home safely and do their homework safely without interruption from gun shots and fires, and retire to a nice warm bed after a good dinner.

    The political chiefs make good their threat and there is chaos all over, the poor youth have been bulldozed from their humble dwelling into the streets. Stones and slings their chief weapon against armed anti-riot police. All in the name of justice.

    Do the masses have to continue to be bulldozed by politicians, driven into tribal cocoons, agree to accept hate, hate seed planted in their minds, body and soul. Hate for their neighbour because all over sudden they belong to another tribe. Have we all over sudden forgotten God and started worshipping the politicians. All in the name of justice.

    We talk about the dreadful Mungiki, but have we taken time to think about the hooligans, the warriors with bows, arrows and machetes that won’t let us go home to western Kenya as they block the roads and damage the railway, damage our transport,damage trucks taking fuel, food and other supplies to our people. They won’t let our parents in Eldoret, Nandi hills, Kipsigis, molo and Nakuru regions of RV take their produce to the market or let the kids go to school. They won’t let the kids in Luo Nyanza go to school either. All in the name of justice.

    Who is justice?.

  276. rafiq says:

    Allow me to educate you. In developed countries there is no extreme poverty because the cake is baked by all and eaten by all. It is selfish for one to live in the upmarket areas and not fight for the poor. If that was the case none would bother struggling for these people. Thats where the peoples president comes in. Some of us have been denied govt jobs due to our tribe. Yes I repeat due to our tribes. However I have no grudge against the kikuyu but the guy who denied me the job, coz he is a political appointee. I dont want RAO just to be the presso but I want systems that give opportunity to all.

    For freedom people die. Even MLK was assasinated. Even JC was crucified. Our family members and friends are gone. But their desire and spirit continues. Why should I serve a govt that discriminates on tribe, clan,age and friendship. Why should I serve a president who gives old retired men contracts and dismisses a young dr from service because of tribe.

    God forbid but should Kibaki get out of the picture, then ODM comes into power via the same constitution and abuses it I will protest bitterly. I dont want a kikuyu child to suffer the way I have.

    Remember RAO defended those boys innocently killed by Michuki just before elections yet they were not his tribesmen. Pray hard Jane that the Annan team despite PNU sabotage suceeds because if it doesnot please dont hold any of us responsible for the unpredicted spontaneous reaction that will arise. so dont intimidate the people here. Keep your Muthaiga or Runda to yourself. Lets see where your greed will take you.

    For us we continue and will continue to share with our poor pple our sorrow and joy. We feed them now when they have no strucutres. We will build industries to employ them just like the RAO negotiated sondu miriu or the dominion rice scheme which kibaki and his ilk fought deperately.

    We are not foolish, we care and love our country more than the opportunists, thieves and their men battering wives and concubines aka activists. Justice is coming, soon!!!.

  277. Sinaipei says:

    Rafiq anger will amount to nothing. You speak so responsibly and then you spoil everything by criticizing what Jane said- that is her opinion and she is entitled to it just like you are entitled to yours.

  278. faith says:


    Shame on you for belittling the intelligence of the people living in slums. Do you think because they live there they cant think or make informed choices these are people with children whom they have to fend for every day and how can you do that if you are not intelligent enough to know how to survive again i tell u shame on you Jane.

    Let me teach your low intelligence some history did you think the MAU MAU fighters were educated people NO!!!!!!! but we euologize them as the people who fought the colonialist making them to surrender a give us our freedom where were the learned they were the snr chiefs,homeguards who betrayed the cause of there fellow kin while dining with the enemy Kibaki being one of them.

    Fast forward to 1990 clamour for multi party politics do you think Moi would just have agreed to change the section 2A of the constitution to allow for multi party politics if the opposition then were not being streghthened by the multitutes of men and women from the Kiberas, Mathares and other slums to shed there blood for that purpose Again i tell u shame on you for bellittling these gallant warriors.

    Come to 1997 clamour for constitutional reforms who are the people who came out in large numbers to support the then NCEC if not the slum dwellers and thus forcing Moi to again cede ground but LO!!! yours truly EMILIO was just playing golf in muthaiga as Rev. Njoya was being beaten senseless at the parliament buildings again i tell u shame on you for bellittling these gallant warriors.

    Come to2007 do you think these people in slums are stupid enough that they dont know that demostrating will affect them more than the elite they know Raila stays in a good house but why do they out of there on will come out to protest because it is not about Raila or ODM it is about our right being robbed from our very own eyes and we watched it live on tv as the thief stole our victory hence the resolve by all of us so go tell Kibaki to give way or we will force our way through.

    And lastly dont forget the saying “let he minority have there say ( kibaki being a bad looser )and the majority to have there way (RAO the peoples prezzy) so shame on you for belittling the intelligence of the slum dwellers.

  279. crateturner says:

    Agent of change please give us another subject we can discus about

  280. Jane says:

    Martin Luther etc fought for democracy but without violence. Back home, in the early 1990 the politicians fought for political democracy, multipartism, without violence. Who says violence is the new found-way to achieve political ends.

    Children must go to school, roads must open up, all hooligans whipped, farmers must take their produce to the market, people displaced from their homes must return to continue with their normal lives and economic activities and violence must stop.

    Its ironical to ask for justice with one hand as the other hand commits injustice.

    Its ironical to participate in creating poverty, by preventing people, ourselves included from going about their economic activities,then start crying foul about poverty.

  281. Obonyo says:

    First i agree with Faith its slum people who have participated fully in matters of democracy in this country.In struggle to multiparty is slums residents which politicians banked on remembers that famous sabasaba,nane nane its these people who we filling Uhuru Pack I dint saw anybody from Runda,Karen or Muthaiga attending these rallies.Have asked here several times about these so called middle class they are no where to be seen when people are demostrating its only slum people who demostrates because they are oppressed they can’t buy bread and milk instead they eat left ugali with strong tea as breakfast so Jane if today in the morning u took milk tea with bread don’t think every body does.Do you think if thinks were moving smoothly Annan could be here chairing mediation talks?.Nothing comes easily and you should be hard on some issues and is gone be worst than what u are seen today

  282. Joakim says:

    Lets discuss solutions
    Lets be frank with ourseves
    Not Kivuitu
    Not Kibaki
    Not Raila
    Knows who won this election
    Convincing ourselves that we won is hiding our heads in the sand and now the truth will come out one way or the other thro’ Anan. Must we continue killing one another

  283. Obonyo says:

    Am saddened to read in the standard that 10,000 hectares of sugarcane was burnt by rioting gangs in Muhoroni why did these people do this?This is there economy I think some sense have to be use while demos we should nt kill Nyanza and western province economy

  284. crateturner says:

    i think those burning the sugercane are mungiki wearing police uniform thats what thay had planned after rigging the election is that they start the violence. so that people will forcase on the violence going on and forget about the stolen election, now ilemoto walinzisha wameshindwa kuzimisha and still the stealing of election is still fresh on the minds of kenyans thus there plan back fired on them.

  285. Otieno says:


    We need to realise that in this volatile times, there are criminal gangs operating too alongside true democratic protesters. We need to remember too that some of the heinous acts we are seeing are perpetrated by the enemy so that the blame will fall on ODM. While am not saying that it is PNU that burned the cane in Muhoroni let it be known that their underhand methods have been seen in other acts that were later used to discredit ODM…

    BTW, they have now cloned a popular blog to divert attention from the true one but with fake stories.

  286. crateturner says:

    @ Otieno

    which blog is that?

  287. Yego says:

    Let me see your passport Sir………….from kenya aah, so are you kukuyu or Odinga’s tribe????tame im tired of these arkward questions.
    The funny part is when im asked why Mr Kibaki is a thief!

  288. Obonyo says:

    Hi guys ODM has announce fresh protest to prevent Kibaki from holding IGAD meeting here in Nairobi tomorrow so what is you take on this

  289. Otieno says:


  290. mrembowaodm says:

    i agree with the protests called, kenya has no business holding any international meetings at this stage let the crisis be resolved first-i think the mp for othaya is intoxicated with power so much he’s conducting himself irrationally. last week he left for the addis ababa meeting as though everything is hunky-dory in kenya, when people were still engaging in serious acts of violence. what he wants is for business to go on as usual and things to get back to normal as quickly as possible well it will not happen-let people protest and any president who shows up here should be deemed to be an enemy of kenya. i am very annoyed what is wrong with him?!!

  291. mrembowaodm says:

    LOL……@ yego tell them kibaki is ‘kukuyu’ and to them stealing is a great virtue.

  292. mrembowaodm says:

    @ Otieno what has happened to kumekucha is very disgusting!! PNU must be very desperate, u know they shut down mashada!! of course i didn’t agree with everything on mashada but it allowed people to vent their frustrations and all, am sure they are going to creep in here very soon if they haven’t already done so (talking about mike okello a.k.a jane). Let them do what they want a true odmer always stands out, they dont understand that the ODM is about change, we believe in it and to us it is not just lip service as they would wish it to be.

  293. Omuto says:

    Mrembo wa odm,
    We now have two Kumekuchas. The fake one is called kumekuchas and the genuine one is kumekucha. the difference is the s. Noticed that? The fake one has less than five articles while the genuine one has numerous. And that’s the work of the viruses known as Okellos, Patos, Janes and Sams.

  294. mrembowaodm says:

    actually omuto the kumekucha sites are three kumekucha the original, kumekuchas

    and kumekucha1-they have no shame!! kumekucha1 replicates contents of the

    original, i dont know what the motive is then the fake kumekuchas just bashes odm-i

    think they have realised that the international press is reading the blogs and they are

    hoping that someone will read their ridiculous posts and publish them!! they really

    need some prayers if this is what they have been reduced to. hehehe………… but i

    wonder why dont they go and spew their vitriol on kibakitena blogs?-their behaviour

    defies logic!!!

  295. Baijo says:

    Mungiki gangs are now operating under police and military personnel. They terorise and kill people. They destroy property, businesses, burn farms. Kibaki governmemt fully supporting them in order to spoil odm names. Gangs burning properties looting and killing others are not odm supporters. These are pnu mungiki militias and agents out to wreck kenya. Truth will expose them and they will not succed in destroying kenya

  296. Otieno says:

    @ mrembowaodm – the fact that they have been trying to hack into this blog and cloning other sites is a sign that these sites do have an impact, otherwise they wouldn’t be bothered. It’s so silly in this day and age to try and curtail freedom of information and freedom of speech.

  297. "Otula" says:

    Annan is just bitting around the bush.These guy is solving what we are not interested in now.Let him not pretend.

  298. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Mrembo wa ODM;

    Please withdraw the insinuation that Kikuyu’s are thieves… I have lots of honest kikuyu friends! we must not play into dirty politics of tribalistic steriootypes….

  299. Amani says:

    Stereotyping is the problem in Kenya. I am both Luo and Kikuyu and i am a believer in Democracy. If one member of your family is a thief… does that make you all thieves?

    If one member of your family is affiliated with Mungiki or Taliban or all other Militia groups, does that make you a mungiki, or a Taliban member….

    The anger and stereotyping we are practicing will not take us anywhere. Let us discuss issues constructively.

    At the end of the day, week, month, year, 2012, 2017, 2022….. we are ALL KENYANS.

  300. mrembowaodm says:

    i did not want to answer this mudekheres post by any means but now that you have rattled it out of me here goes……………….

    it is common knowledge to me that many ‘kukuyus’ have condoned the theft by mwai kibaki-not all of course, but many are okay with it. they honestly dont see anything that is wrong with it! its disgusting!!!

    mudekhere i also have many kikuyu friends who have told me they know kibaki stole the vote but he was the ‘better thief’ so to me this means theft is okay to them so long as the better thief comes out on top. let the record show that i in no way believe odm stole since they didnt have the machinery to do so(eck, stuffed ballot boxes) but that is a story for another day.

    i also have kikuyu friends who were of the view (before 27th december) that this election would be won by kibaki by hook or crook!!hata tufanye nini!! and they did!!! declare themselves president in the cover of darkness(something prefered by thieves huh?………..huh?)

    and lastly people it is common knowledge that our prisons are flooded with people from a certain tribe…….i forget the tribe’s name………..aah right!………..kikuyu!! and most of them are there for theft, robbery and such related crimes.

    i dont know about you people but i fear that the perceptions of many kenyan people are actually right on the mark here!! of course i know of kikuyus who condemned kibaki’s theft and that it is unfair to lump them with the rest of their kin-pole kwao but your people are giving you all a bad name.

    am sorry i will not be convinced to back off from my views-i have said the truth.

  301. Amani says:

    I think we should ask ourselves one simple question “What did i solve after what i wrote?”

    Felt better after venting? Led Kenya to democracy?

    You and I are a mirror of our politicians.

  302. hussein says:

    Raila should not trust kibaki in any condition.Word is that late tom mboya was good friend of kibaki.After his death kibaki carried as usual as if nothing has happened.Now the story about kibaki his father sound to me 100% correct.Cause after 1000 death and 500k of his people displaced all he cares about is that he is duly elected president of state house and central business district.These is why kofi annan peace talk would fail.Odm should simply declare themselve goverment of kenya with help of security forces loyal to odm.These is very simply would cut 6 provinces away from kibaki.kibaki has full backing of bush as both are members of free masonary.

  303. Mike Okello says:

    The Mrembowaodm, of course when genuine names are hidden, the its not a wonder that the posts can be unpalatable. For the respect of ones name, it follows that those who use their genuine names are likely to be cautious when posting, lest their names are dogged by being associated with their posts, Mrembowadm you have more guts to write more of your favourite Dick Morris Stuff, after all your name is hidden!

    Kikuyus are 20% of all kenyan population, the next largest tribe is only 12%, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It not a wonder that you are likely to find a little more Kikuyus on your way, if you take a walk on any Nairobi street, than you will find another tribe, Thats simple Probability and Statistics.

    And who complains that there are too many Kikuyus on the obituary pages than there are other tribes any day?

    Come on! If we have more Kikuyus than any other tribes in Prison does it mean there are more of evil/ criminal than others, If we have more Kikuyus Kenyatta National Hospital than other tribes, Dose it mean there are more vulnerable, If we have 20 in a list of 100 Kenyans invited for interview in civil service, Does it mean there are tribal? and the list is endless. I have so many Kikuyus and all that is said about them is just that, Stereotype!

    If you have been a student of Dick Moris, i dare you to dump the notes, so that you are able to think on your own, it may be the only way to feel and act Kenyan.

  304. rafiq says:

    The message is loud and clear unless you still have tunnel vision and drank with power. We are saying no more rigging. No more self appointment of ECK. Never again will Kenyans all pay for taxes and only a small sample of kenyans and relatives get employed. Never again will people take advantage of communities with a different culture. in other words all Kenyans are equal. its called anaysis my friend. Look at the reason beyond the words.

  305. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Yego on a light note did you mean ‘DAMN’ am tired…………

  306. Pato says:


    you are wasting your time. this men would see reason if this was about democacy. They would realize that demanding your rights has nothing to do with burning infants in a church.

    But htis is not about democracy. is about hate and inferiority complex, thats why the killings, the rapes and whatevere are part of this so called democratic mission.

    thats why odm is driven by people like ruto and kosgei, thieves and murderers of yester years.

    id RAO and his robots believe in half othe grand crap they wrote in their manifesto, he would have been on the fore front urging his supporters to stop slaying innocent people. but he is the demon king per excellence. blood and murder are his trademark.

  307. Ismael says:

    =====DID YOU KNOW=======
    A quiet rebellion and near-total collapse of the chain of command has exposed Kenya’s police force as incapable of dealing with the growing national crisis in the country, amid growing fears that it has also been infiltrated by the outlawed pro- government Mungiki sect.

    Speaking to the Mail & Guardian on condition of anonymity following the chilling murder on last Tuesday of an opposition MP, a senior police inspector and an officer in the criminal investigations department admitted that all was not right in the police force.

    “The police are angry that they are being used to solve a political problem. Our remit is maintenance of law and order, but we are being dragged into politics. It is known that the election outcome was manipulated; who does not know that?” asked the officer.

  308. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Why cant kenyans just look into tribalism and call a spade a spade.
    This is what i call positive tricalism.
    Recognising that the Kales are extremely competitive-They have performed well in athelitices- More should be done to build them sports facilites.
    Luhyas and Masais have proved to be good keepers. We can have more security training and facilities thrown their way.
    Stone throwing prowess of the Luos could be better put to use in sports such as criket and hockey. Their tradtional fishing skills could be appended with better facilities.
    Kambas could showcase us to the world in the hospitality industry.
    We could send Kiuks in neighbouring countries to help us acquire more land and improve the agricultural output.
    There are more examples
    For all this to happen we must recognise the tribalism in us.
    Lets face it
    When you hear of aSONARA ………ITS A……………….
    When you hear of shylock it is most probably a………….
    When you see a news headline four to hang for robbery with violence, three of them might be………….
    Boston Marathon………the winner most probably is a ……………….
    Chicken thief…………….
    Everybody loves a welder who is a ……………

    Recognising tribalism is saying that i cannot employ a Kiuk watchman. By way of affirmative action, Kambas will not bring the 3000 steeplechase Gold medal in the Beijing Olympics, Disaster is when you hire a masai cook .


  309. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Kales are so competitive they refuse to accept doctered results of an election they know they won

  310. Mike Okello says:

    That an allegedly leaked info from police force is a comment worth a did DID YOU KNOW clause, is a strong indicator of how Gossip and Propaganda can be so valued as to be posted for reading by mature Kenyans.

    Could you save us the gossip, You think we think police know more about the elections than the rest of us, You think the police force can be dogged because of ‘HON’ who was killed in his happiest moments?

    Spare us the cheap police gossip, we are prioritizing peace for Kenya at the moment, and if anyone is somewhere feeling like shouting No RAILA, NO PEACE, Then lets have peace RAILA is around!

  311. mrembowaodm says:

    LOL………………..kenyaturncoat, your post on kales competitiveness is hilarious.

    about your other post i simply tried to explain to pnu before what kenyans think but i was labelled a tribalist though i think coastarians are more known for their hospitality i dont know about kamba hospitality.

    yes mike i understand the kikuyu community is quite populous but you cannot dispute the fact that they also steal a lot!!- oh and i didn’t get this information from my leader Raila or dick morris.

    kalenjins are runners, luhyas love chicken, coastarians cook marvelous dishes albeit their ‘laziness’ kikuyus are very entrepreneurial but they are also thieves-sue me!

  312. Ismael says:

    Hi Mike,

    It’s taken me about 3 hours to think decide whether to reply to your useless comment or not. It’s not worth the time, but given that I give donations at times I will take time to reply to you.

    1. This is not about gossip, Im sitting here with documents to support this claim. As you may be aware now ODM does not make statements they cannot support. We always do our research well. We have all the evidence even the 3 ballot BOXes PNU tried to send to NYANDO on the 26th December.

    2. A week a go, I asked you to highlight a 5 year plan of how we can get kenyans of this mess. Did you bother to do that.. LAZY thing…

    3. Tell me what you are doing to help resolve this problem you guys created. By you guys I mean ALL OF YOU WHO TRIED TO ROB US of our democratic right. Don’t just come here read blogs and reply. Shameless ANT.

  313. Mike Okello says:

    Complex isn’t it? 5 year Plan on how to get out of this mess, Which Mess? Lets define the mess first.

    1.KILLINGS: Thats done, those are lives gone unfortunately, Nothing can be done! just sympathies and heartfelt condolences, Vengeance belongs to the Lord.
    2.ROADBLOCKS: We kindly Grow Up, and Go to school.
    3.UPROOTING THE RAILWAY: We grow Up and continue schooling, if we’d started.
    4.BURNING BUILDINGS AND VEHICLES: There is Plenty of Health facilities Government Mental Hospitals. We make use of them.
    5.ASSAULTS AT STATEHOUSE – Refer to solution 4 above.
    6.MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Technical training on Media Reporting
    8.FAILURE OF THE COURTS: Judicial Reform.
    9.DENIAL ON JUDICIAL REFORM: Peaceful Mass Protests, International community, etc.

    This is not a 5 Year Plan, its so short term, It can take one Month!

  314. Ismael says:

    You are pretentious and you are now pissing me off. why do you avoid the root cause of the problem.

    1. Why do you start with killings. were there killings other than MUNGIKI ones and Kerusoi.

    2. You are mentioning problems and not solutions. Are you pretending to be stupid or it’s your nature?

    3. And don’t give me that NEED I say more attitude. It’s because of people like you who have no respect AT ALL, that has driven us to the wall.

    Assuming that you have gone to school, how come you do not have a clue of CROWD MENTALITY. Didn’t they teach you basic psychology. You need to understand people dynamics. This is the same problem , we have with HAND PICKED spokesmen who SPEAK without first understanding what they are saying. If you are smart enough, you must be knowing you MATE that i’m refering to here.


  315. faddie says:

    i believe you have the power and the capability to sieve hate comments on this blog.please be responsible enough and spare as the ethnic diatribes and war mongering being witnessed here.
    help us not lose focus by eliminating these distractions.we are all kenyans.equal in every sense of the word.and i believe most if not all of the bloggers support the ODM mission of a better kenya where there is equal opportunities for all regardless of your tribe,race,religion,creed or whatever background you may have.

  316. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Hehehehe…. Turncoat and Mrembo wa ODM; Uroma gi dholuo!

    Actually, been thinking too that we should cultivate some positive tribalism…yesterday I differed with you Mrembo wa ODM coz I thought u said what u said out of hatred; but am beginning to see that perhaps it was out of facts at hand…and surely if someone can STEAL votes that would change the destiny of millions of Kenyans in a flash; I worry for our coffers….Kuna Pesa kweli hapo CBK???? BTW, the only chic to have stolen from me was Wambo… Am sorryFaith but this chic. She wiped my house clean while I was on a trip…of course I forgave. Am sure Kibaki expects the same from me…..being a Lunje who speaks perfect Luo; we have the weakness of forgiving. If we only transferred our ‘Chumba cha Kulala’ agility in getting back what belongs to us…… And of course I penda chicken to death, but not Ugali…Chapo or rice anytime.

    Surprisingly, I’ve admired and succeeded in dressing and ‘loving’ like a Luo…if you know what I mean…but do I say? My brother agrees that kambas are generous but Meru women are ‘better’????? I’ll never know coz am happily married. One thing I know about Kale’s is that they when they HATE dishonest people. A Kale chic would have no problem dying than have a cheating husband! Maru, Yego, je ni kweli???? No wonder you guys can’t take a cheat for a president!

    What I hated most about ‘some’ Kyuks is the belief that they are better than other kenyans in anything and everything! One problem we have had in Kenya is that the Kikuyu elite are users…and the majority have NEVER voted for anyone else but their own in presidential polls!

    Picture this…

    in 1992 I voted for a Luo…

    In 1997 I voted for a Luhya…

    In 2002 I voted for a Kikuyu…

    In 2007 I voted for a Luo….

    I did this coz it never matters to me where one comes from; but I subscribe to certain ideals that are core to my heart! Question is, how many average kyuks voted anyone other than their own? If they did, Kenya would not be the same….but selfishness reigns…Democracy is not just democracy coz a kyuk is at the helm. We need to respect other people too! BTW, was Jaramogi wrong when he demanded for Kenyatta’s release first???? I keep wondering!

  317. Ismael says:

    @ Mudekhere

    Thanks for highlighting these issues.

    You are right in saying that the RESPECT is key.

    The problem here is that, we have been forgiving and some people have made it a habit thinking that the PEOPLE are weak.

    Someone somewhere underestimated the reaction of kenyans if things are not done right. I’m not supporting violence in any way but I will never stop cheering when a BULLY is given a taste of his own medicine. It’s just me, I’m ANTI_BULLIES.

    All in all I beleive , we are in the right path.
    – Most likely the next elections will be handled better.
    – The institutions will have better control and damage control mechanisms.
    – No one will ever take another for granted.

  318. Pato says:


    please go to the Eldoret mortuary, the maize plantations, the roadblocks and the burnt out church where even today corpes are still rotting.

    please go pick among any of those poor things anyone who bullied you.

    then come and tell us that justice was done.

    But atleast now you only need to look at yourself to understand the mentality of those butchers on thr streets of kigali in 1994. you do not have to wonder anymore. you are officialy one of the monsters

  319. Pato says:

    and BTW, cheer on. but remember someone somewhere will be cheering when they come for your throat somewhere down the line. thats the path we are on.

    If you zombies think the deaths of thousands and uprooting of hundred of thousands wil just pass, sorry.

    You have no idea what you have just set yourself and your kids for. if you have the option to change nationalities, this is agreat time to do that

  320. rafiq says:

    To all ODMERs
    Please just ignore this guys please. It will annoy you for nothing. And there is nothing you can do to change their thinking.

    May be agent4change should not block them because we can get their opinion and plans. Only God can deal with them. Even if they respond to my message I promise never to reply.

    God rest the souls of our democrats in peace.

  321. Jane says:

    Unless the media and people on ground were daydreaming and or lying, fightings, killing of children, killing of our grandpas,killings of our parents, burning of churches, destruction of property,destruction of our parents homesteads, obstruction of roads after general elections ALL began in Eldoret,Kibera, and Kisumu, very strong ODM strongholds. If this did not happen, all the mayhem of revenge that followed would not be there in the first place.

    ODMers, being honest with yourselves, who actually took that bow and arrow, machete, and all kinds of crude weapons and began the act of hacking innocent lives to death, light fires burning our parents houses, burning someones property on fire, burning churches and innocent children or stones destroying someones property.

    Can someone justify the destruction and abuse of human rights.

    “ This is a trustworthy saying, and I want you to insist on these teachings so that all who trust in God will devote themselves to doing good. These teachings are good and beneficial for everyone.
    9 Do not get involved in foolish discussions about spiritual genealogies or in quarrels and fights about obedience to the law. These things are useless and a waste of time. 10 If people are causing divisions among you, give a first and second warning. After that, have nothing more to do with them. 11 For people like that have turned away from the truth, and their own sins condemn them”

    The rule of law should take its course. We do not need anarchy in our motherland.

  322. tnk says:

    rewinding the “time dial” is an interesting concept

    why stop the dial at “if RAO had boarded a helicopter when….”. why not just a few hours before that and change that to “if Kibaki had not agreed to be sworn in unless/until ….”. why not even further back to 2005 ” ..had kibaki not fired pro-ODM … or even further back 2002 … had Raila not campaigned for and said Kibaki tosha…

    we can choose where to stop the time fly-back dial and then choose to justify our hurt and hate mongering or continuously scan the full scope of that time dial to identify and understand what really went wrong at each turn of the dial and then attempt to solve the problems. sure we would all like to re-write history but that cant happen but we can learn from it.

    turn the dial back to circa 1963 and focus on the massacre of freedom fighters by the british army and homeguards … why are their descendants not being threatened with dire consequences today in revenge. is it perhaps because the root cause of colonial subjugation was permanently addressed.

    to pick only those instances on the time dial that best resonate with our hate, hurt or other emotion and justify our prejudice and then create interesting debate from it will not get us anywhere.

    this fight is about upholding the dignity and respect for the voter and the integrity of the election process, a basic and important pillar stone in our democracy which has been savaged.

  323. rafiq says:

    Mudekhwere and all democrats

    Please keep voting with your heart and passion not tribe. Serve all kenyans irrespective of tribal affiliation.

    I will vote for a kikuyu again as I did in 2002 if he understands and believes in democratic principles. What of Githongo, Wangari wa Maathai. Maina wa Kiai etc These guys are beleivers in democracy! They have a people like Karanja behind them and us too.

    However, if we dont stand for them now, they will be finished like JMK, Bildad Kaggia and the rest. If we stand up for all we would all see the rebirth of a new kenya.

    Am glad our leaders are moving people out of hostile areas by lorries even if the so called govt doesnt want to provide the means like they did elsewhere.

    God is on our side. Annan will deliver justice and truth. Do not be cowed. Keep the candle burning at least for our departed heroes, as they RIP

  324. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    Have you all notice something interesting with this blog, you have lost audience and support of your original members like zizi etc. why ? because most of this die-hard ODMers have come to the realization that ODM was a big lye and apparently they now know what they really did not know: THE AFTERMATH. The Killings, Slaughter, Maiming, IDP’s, Looting, Arson and all that followed the announcement of our president elect.
    The real ODM has finally be unmasked, am also sure most of this folks will never again participate in any form of politic in the near future OR probably they will vote wisely next time and avoid inciter and civilian killer parties even in any other colours.

    Now lets call for a re-run and witness, what most here don’t want to believe, Raila and ODM are cooked. they will only get votes in parts of RV and majority luo nyanza.

    Then we can declare President Mwai Kibaki president of the republic of kenya the WINNER again.

  325. Pato says:

    Its not that.

    let me say this. i was an ODM supporter. I had the manifesto with me and it promised great things. But talking about things and doing things are two different things.

    the innocemt lambs that died in so many parts of the country just needed someone like fred Gumo and Kenyatta who went and confronted the marauding thugs and firmly told them killing innocent people was unacceptable REGARDLESS OF THE REASON.

    Raila, the champion of the poor, the saint of equality and the slayer of tribalism was on BBC justifying the killing of little children and at some point many even his won supporters watched in utter amazement.

    We want justice for all. We want the election results cleared and verified beyonfd any reasonable doubt. But we also wantall murderers to be brought to book; whether they killed in Eldoret or in Naivasha. No murderer must be allowed to go free.

    ODMers like to mouth big words that ‘let justice be our shield and defender’ but the men who wrote that verse were not as shallow minded as you. They meant that justice must protect all kenyans not just Luos and kalenjins

  326. Pato says:


    please. Dont stand up for Kyuks like Kiai. Maathai or Bishop Wanjiru. they have money and big sponsors. They have passports and bodyguards. As githongo proved, they can walk away when their lives are threatened.

    Instead if you are so caring about human life and are non tribalistic, stand up for the poor kyuks. Those hapless sheep who have had thier husbands killed, have been raped and dispossesed of everyting they own.

    Stand up for them….but you cant….you wont because they are long dead while you kept silent.

  327. Mike Okello says:

    We must agree that at times parties live longer than the individuals, I personally have no problem with ODM, The Manifesto was indeed most attractive, Their campaign strategy was very brilliantly thought out, it was indeed the reason that they presented such a challenge to the incumbent, a government that was performing, to the extent that the election was declared quite close to call, for the opposition to come that far, it was really tremendous.

    I hope with time, personalities will change, and if ODM lives a little longer as a party we will have Better representatives to the parties to implement their Manifesto. But as at NOW, i honestly would hate to see Kenya in the Hands of Likes of Ruto and Hon. Odinga. I doubt whether the supporters of ODM know these two people well! I Highly doubt. Of course ODM has lost popularity for obvious reasons, I am sure they would struggle to get even 3M Votes(rigging excluded), if elections were called today, Things have changed, Who wants Terrorists for a president and cabinet!

    Isnt it Funny that when people were being slashed right left and center, RAO, Was on camera saying River Nile is so strong it must get to Mediterranean Sea, You all know what that means to the Killer, that a motivation statement for Murderers, It was the wrong time of course for a would be statesman at such a time as that, when everybody was praying that no other Killing takes place.

    Did you notice Ruto’s comments on BBC saying that the people In Kiambaa Church burnt from a STOVE that had blown off as they cooked in the church, That’s particularly stupid for a Bsc. Graduate. He would have been safer with an ‘I DONT KNOW’, Kivuitu has used such a statement to be honest about his believe that H.E. President Mwai Kibaki (EGH) (EBS), MP For Othaya had won his presidential elections fairly. And You still locate some Justice in ODM Leaders, If words like Justice and Truth had their mandate to choose who should use them and who should not, then ODM would by now have looked for a synonym!

    Didn’t you notice the height of Paradox that while people are demonstrating and destroying property in Kibera and other parts (read ODM Strongholds) BECAUSE ECK IS DELAYING RESULTS, while at KICC, ODM is busy preventing Kivuitu from releasing the Results. WHATS THAT ON EARTH?….WHO WAS CALLING SHOTS?

    I had NO problem with a Raila presidency, Indeed i had begun fantasizing RAO in statehouse, and how the change would be. Until i heard, WE SHALL NOT ACCEPT A KIBAKI WIN NO MATTER WHAT? and the fights began. If a rerun is taken up as the way forward, You will hear another shot, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT A KIBAKI WIN, and the fights will continue, As longs as all ODM supporters are warriors, something i did not know to be honest, They will not calm down.

    ODMers Don’t Just reply posts for the sake of it, No! Read then take a month or two before you reply, i will believe you. There is too much of my name on this site NOW, Enough! I am not writing for your Action, No! Its for your information.

    I condemn all the Killings whenever wherever, it was unfortunate from the beginning, May god take us back to a position where we highly regarded the sanctity of life. For it is God who gives life and only he should rightly take away life.

  328. Pato says:

    Ati the Eldoret people burnt from a stove? Goodness! is it not enought o kill children you ahev to be callous about it?

    So according to raila, the infants were mistaken for warriors. According to Ruto it was a stove

    So the murderous duo are arson investigators as well

  329. pabokenya says:


    read people banned from travelling

  330. nyako says:

    @Pato, Mike
    You guys are really brilliant. Its amazing to note that you can sit down and come up with such long and useless scripts. I wish to point out here and now that, I WILL FOREVER WANT AND SUPPORT RAILA AND HIS TEAM. I was an Odmer, is an odmer and will forever remain an odmer. I cant believe men with brains( I assume so coz u have access and can use a comp) can logic like un educated, uncivilized beings.
    RAO is a strong willed leader with massive support unlike Obako who sits in state house without saying a word unless Lucy authorizes. We NEED leaders who stand to their word(if they can utter them). To me and several odmers, our president is Raila Amolo Odinga, nobody else. We were not stupid to get up, line for years on end, in the hot sun, to vote for him. If ur baboon in state house and RAO were to be taken for a re-run, I need not say who the winner is, all those with logic and proper understanding of wot democracy means, know who will get a land slide win, especially now that Mungiki are in the forces and killing innocent Kenyans and leaders.
    May it also be noted, here and without shame, that I support ‘kazi iendelee’ meaning, kazi ya fighting for our democratic rights and spaces iendelee after which we shall state’kazi ianze’ of re-building the nation.

  331. Obonyo says:

    Please guys find out am told that PNU has walk out of Annans meeting can somebody find out

  332. Solomon says:


    I back your position. I was for RAO yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Frustrated guys like Mike and Pato only harden my resolve to remain steadfast.

  333. mumias says:

    Let us find out if PNU walked out or if it is just a rumor. What is obvious is that there is pressure building up on PNU because their defense based on legal technicalities is slowly been found wanting, plus the whole “bugginggate” of Annan and Visa bans are all twisting Kibaki’s hand

  334. rafiq says:

    Guys so far it seems they are still talking. However the evidence is overwhelming. I liked the analysis on todays EAstandard about annans mediation should find consensus. Their legal argument is actually the way to go assuming the elections were afirly conducted, with good ECK and Judiciary. What amazes me is they also agree on institutional reform, that means they also have no confidence in ECK. So why should all others honour the ECK.

    We will shortly find out what their side of compromise would be. I wouldnt mind if our leaders compromised on the duration to be slightly greater than six months. For the other side its hard because they have nothing other than legal cover.

    We can still trust that eventually the wil of the peole will prevail.

  335. Pato says:

    I like the the frank ODM admission.

    i will stick behind RAo even if we are wading chin high in the blood of innocent people, even if we are making a joke of the anti tribalism campaign we talked about so much.

    What it means is that such will follow raila to the gas chambers if he ever decides to send old kyuk men. I know such mindless following my pal. its what created the nazis, the interhamwe ans such butchers.

    timid little brains scared to think on their own and delegating all their thought to the all knowing ‘messiahs’

    and hence me call you robots and zombies.

  336. mumias says:


    Cheers for the information. We ODM are making a very clear and strong case. I believe that the least we should accept is disbanding ECK and reconstitute a new one.

  337. Joakim says:

    Jane, Pato and mike
    Keep talking to these fellows
    When they actually come to agree that they killed mercylessly, children and women (what men) and would have done so any way as instructed by trheir warlords then they might start looking up to God for forgiveness and who rules this country will come second
    KILLERS and murderers

  338. Ismael says:

    Petty minds discuss people
    great minds discuss issues and ideas

    Don’t attack people and start calling them names like ROBOT and ZOMBIES.

    Please stick to the issue.

    Was the election fair?
    Was the ECK independent?
    Was the ECK compromised in any way?
    Did ECK make mistakes by anouncing uncomfirmed results.
    Did some ECK personnel disappear and their chairman could not get hold of them?
    Did someone actually land a chopper in North Eastern with 12 ballot boxes and not ECK official nor the police.
    Why did ECK chairman not listen to his returning office, who stood and was ready to give him evidence?
    Were all the preliminary polls conducted wrong? They were consistent on the winner remember.

  339. Mike Okello says:

    List continued….Mr Ismael

    Was there Winner?
    Was there an aggrieved Looser?
    Were there courts?
    Were the Killings necessary?

  340. Pato says:


    I like it when ODMer talk about issues. At least it shows some thinking. Here is my take on the election.

    Ishmael, the poll was a fraud, a farce, a joke. No knows who won it and the only decent thing woud be a repeat poll.

    Ishmael, if RV had not happened, trust me, i would be there with you demanding a repeat.

    But it happened and Until ODM purges itself of mass murderers and PNU purges itself of election thieves, we are just running around in circles.

    if you purge youself of the kyuk hate, you will see a sea on PNu moderates who want little to do with a fraudulent election.

    But the hate blinds you so you see only the elction and refuse to see the rising tide of blood. You foolishly imagine that when rao steps into power everything will be ok again, that thousands who have lost their relatives, livlehoods will just smile and bear it.

    Justice belongs to all people, not just odmers

  341. rafiq says:

    The latest from BBC is that Annan diesnt favor repeat electio. alt least for one year and until there is enough institutional reform and security. I think it would be fair to compromise for that year.

    Is it possible to try and reach to the moderates on the other side so that we push for these. I hope this works out. Everybody is suffering though some more than others.

    What about the US/Canada ban guys will it affect the 1 million a plate businessmen largely or even the small businesmen too. I pray its real not just a threat because those guys who have caused this suffering should pay for it.

    Can ODM form interethnic reconciliation and confidence building blog site to allow our angry brothers and sisters to vent their anger and live together again with their neighbours.

    Kenya is moving on. Lets move together and reach for one another. Thats what ODM is for. Together we stand, divided we fall.

    Long live Kenya, democracy, peace and justice. No hate for one another, love unconditionally. Vengenace belongs to the Lord.

  342. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    Maybe you were not here when we agreed under the able chairmanship of Omuto…BUT, you have the free will to engage or argue with small minds…It’s absolutely upto you; it’s your call my brother.

  343. mumias says:

    Rafiq what was your BBC source? please provide a link

    For the others who are attacking us, could you please do us a big favour and direct your attacks on the relevant forum such as Kibaki tena etc.
    It is obvious we will not change because you call us zombies and fools! We as ODM should continue to address and contribute ideas on the way forward and lasting solutions.
    Let us respect each other, jane Mike, pato, and our political differences, this is an ODM blog for ODM’s to express our political views thus find other avenues to advance your views and political persuasions.

    I apologise for giving these guys mileage by replying to them, it is the last time I will respond but felt I should just politely ask them to take thier sometimes unhelpful rhetoric against our leaders elsewhere and let us get back to addressing the real issues.

  344. rafiq says:


    Heard this on bbc radio but check 2nd -3rd paragraph.

  345. rafiq says:

    Can somebody actually plan this. Can somebody pass this to the leadership and the speaker urgently. If this what people can do, God help Kenya


  346. mumias says:

    Have we got any idea who the odm persons affected by the ban?
    I commend the international community for applying this sort of pressure, the truth is most of these people are always quick to assert how Kenya is an independent state and should not be dictated to but ironically enough have vast business interests in US, UK as well as having their kids and relatives living there!!
    I want more pressure to be exerted so that we can force these guys into a compromise.

  347. mumias says:

    This is alarming, but I guess we should soon find out. If PNU actually makes this argument then we shall know it was planned as it will be beyond cynicism but will no put it beyond them. However we have to be careful in this climate filled with tension not to blow things which we are unsure of. I still believe that the pentagon has a very competent intelligence brief so unless they make a comment on it we can take it to be a rumour.

  348. Otsiatso says:

    Lighting a fire in their butt!!
    Waliiba lakini wameshindwa waende wapi

    Calling for a peaceful resolution to the current electoral crisis in Kenya. (Introduced in House)

    HCON 283 IH

    110th CONGRESS

    2d Session

    H. CON. RES. 283

    Calling for a peaceful resolution to the current electoral crisis in Kenya.


    January 23, 2008

    Mr. PAYNE submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs


    Calling for a peaceful resolution to the current electoral crisis in Kenya.

    Whereas in 1991, President Daniel arap Moi agreed to move to multi-party politics, eight years after his government had amended the constitution to legalize one-party rule. The move to a multi-party state came after two years of an anti-government political campaign by opposition groups and persistent pressure by donor governments;

    Whereas in 1992, Kenyans voted in record numbers in the country’s first multi-party election in almost 26 years. President Moi defeated opposition candidates by a small margin. His party, the Kenya African National Union (KANU), won a majority in the 210-seat parliament, despite the defeat of several senior KANU officials by opposition candidates;

    Whereas in 1997, Kenya held its second multi-party elections, at the height of tensions between the opposition and the ruling party. President Moi was re-elected with 40 percent of the votes cast, while his nearest rival, Mwai Kibaki, won 31 percent;

    Whereas in 2002, the opposition succeeded in forming and holding together a coalition, known as NARC (National Rainbow Coalition), that ousted KANU from power by wide margins. NARC won 132 seats in parliament, compared with KANU’s 67, while Kibaki defeated Uhuru Kenyatta, son of Jomo Kenyatta, for the presidency with a 62 percent majority;

    Whereas the 2002 had a positive impact in Kenya as well as in Africa generally. The smooth transfer of power and the transparency in the conduct of the elections indicated that democracy can flourish in Africa. The power of incumbency and the entrenched clout of a ruling party did not stop an opposition victory in Kenya;

    Whereas Kenya has been a valuable U.S. ally since independence, providing the United States with access to its military facilities and political support in the United Nations. Washington once considered Kenya a model developing country with shared democratic values in a continent where civil wars raged and military and authoritarian governments reigned;

    Whereas Kenya has been an important ally in the war against terrorism, especially since the U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Kenya has been one of the major recipients of U.S. foreign assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa for decades, and is an important trading partner with the United States;

    Whereas on December 27, 2007, the citizens of Kenya went peacefully to the polls to elect a new parliament and a new President and signaled their commitment to democracy by turning out in large numbers and, in some instances, waiting in long lines to vote;

    Whereas on December 29, 2007, the opposition presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, was reportedly over 300,000 votes ahead of the incumbent with 90 percent of the precincts reporting;

    Whereas on December 30, 2007, the head of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) declared that Mwai Kibaki won the presidential election by 197,000 votes;

    Whereas Mr. Kibaki was sworn in as President within an hour of the announcement of the election results, despite serious concerns raised about the legitimacy of the election results by domestic and international observers;

    Whereas the lack of transparency in vote tallying, serious irregularities reported by election observers, the implausibility of the margin of victory, and the swearing in of the Party of National Unity presidential candidate with undue haste, all serve to undermine the credibility of the presidential election results;

    Whereas the Government of Kenya imposed a ban on live media that day, and shortly after the election results were announced, in contravention of Kenyan law, the Government also announced a blanket ban on public assembly and gave police the authority to use lethal force;

    Whereas on January 1, 2008, four commissioners on the ECK issued a statement which called into question the election results announced by the Commission and for a judicial review;

    Whereas the head of the European Union Election Observation Mission stated that `Lack of transparency as well as a number of verified irregularities … cast doubt on the accuracy of the results of the presidential election as announced by the ECK’ and called for an international audit of the results;

    Whereas observers from the East African Community have called for an investigation into irregularities during the tallying process and for those responsible for such irregularities to be held accountable;

    Whereas more than 700 people have died and an estimated 250,000 have been displaced as a result of the violence;

    Whereas the instability in Kenya is not rooted in tribal violence but in a struggle for democracy and concerns that the gains of the past decade may be lost;

    Whereas the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs has stated that `serious flaws in the vote tallying process damaged the credibility of the process’ and that the United States should not `conduct business as usual’ in Kenya; and

    Whereas the political instability in Kenya could have serious political, economic, and security implications for the entire region: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress–

    (1) commends the Kenyan people for their commitment to democracy and respect for the democratic process as evidenced by the high voter turnout and peaceful voting on election day;

    (2) strongly condemns the ongoing violence in Kenya and urges all parties concerned to immediately end use of violence as a means to achieve their political objectives;

    (3) calls for a peaceful, negotiated settlement of the conflict in Kenya;

    (4) calls on the two leading presidential candidates to accept offers of external and internal assistance to help find a solution to the current crisis which has the support of the people of Kenya;

    (5) calls on Kenyan security forces to refrain from use of excessive force and respect the human rights of Kenyan citizens;

    (6) calls for those who are found guilty of committing human rights violations to be held accountable for their actions;

    (7) calls for an immediate end to the restrictions on the media, and on the rights of peaceful assembly and association;

    (8) condemns threats to civil society groups, journalists, religious leaders, human rights activists, who are making every effort towards a peaceful, just, and equitable political solution to the current electoral crisis;

    (9) calls on the international community, United Nations aid organizations, and all neighboring countries to provide assistance to those affected by violence and encourages to use all the diplomatic means at their disposal to persuade relevant political actors to commit to a peaceful resolution to the current crisis; and

    (10) urges the President of the United States to–

    (A) support diplomatic efforts to facilitate a dialogue between leaders of the Party of National Unity, the Orange Democratic Movement, and other relevant actors;

    (B) consider the imposition of targeted sanctions, including a travel ban and asset freeze, on leaders in the Party of National Unity, the Orange Democratic Movement, and other relevant actors who refuse to engage in meaningful dialogue to end the current crisis; and

    (C) conduct a review of current U.S. aid to Kenya for the purposes of restricting all non-humanitarian assistance to Kenya unless the parties are able to establish a peaceful political resolution to the current crisis which is credible to the Kenyan people.

  349. Pato says:


    I have no wish to join a blog full of PNU die hards who think kibaki is an angel. If ou scan all my posts carefully, you will notice that at no instance have i offrered any form of praise to mr kibaki. He is not my president.

    But am a kyuk and at the moment, that man, Kibaki, is what stands between me and genocide. because the party that offered so much salvation to our nation has allowed itself to be hijacked by mass murderers.

    My anger is at ODM for betraying the values it preached so much. I did not expect much from Kibaki, but I expected more from raila than having him on BBC justifying killing little children just because they are kikuyu. he has in my opinion, lowered himself from a stateman to a mere tribal warlord.

    Am dissapointed by ODmers who feel that the needless loss of life is incosequential. That men can sit and plot the setruction of thousands of lives and get away with impunity. I am dissapointed that am besieged by calls for justice in regards to the stolen election but deafening silence to the murders.

    Am scared that i am merely trading one set of tribalists for another……

  350. Pato says:

    And for those who find meaning in such things, the idiot who shot two unarmed protesters in Kisumu has been arrested and will face charges. According to the BBC, constable Edward Kirui has been arrested and transfered to naiobi to face murder charges.

    Over to you ODM. Rid yourself of your murderers too.

  351. Pato says:

    you know, very soon the names of the people banned from travelling to the US will be made public. If it includes any top pentagon official. it will be deeply embarrasing for ODM.

    The party needs to take the initiative and censure whoever is on that list before the court of public opinion does it. If Kibaki is not on that list, any other PNU dude is expendable.

    But ODM, with its intricate ethnic balance cannot afford to lose any of the 5 pentagon dudes excpet perharps Ngilu, and Nyagah and I suspect its not their names on that list

  352. tnk says:

    pato is on a roll

  353. Amolllo says:


    I cant keep quiet any longer. Dude u got issues!!
    U see, the problem with u is that u lie on opinions, not facts.

    Hey is it true that Annan’s room was bagged?

  354. kube says:


    i really agree with u on the needless loss of life, bnobody can justify the burning of people in churches or their homes whether they are kiuks or not.
    noboby and i can assure our Pentagon are not happy with the kenyans turning against each other.
    they are so mad about it and thats why u see today the people’s president even agreed to soften their stance because they love kenya more than u can imagine.

    but their is one person who just one things to continue the way it is, that man is the pretender to statehouse hon. mwai kibaki.
    he cant accept anything and thats why they walked out of Annan jana and at the same time bugged annan’s room.

    pato kenya has been going from bad to worst and the only man i blame for all these is Mzee Kibaki

  355. kube says:


    its worth reading brothers, i believ all of us wants solutions, i wud encourage to be more honest and argue our points out with our kikuyu brothers instead of gagging them thro tibal sentiments.

    this will encourage them that they belong to this big big ODM family.

  356. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    The insinuation and sustained propanda against ODM top brass by PANUA die hards sympathisers and demagogues as persons responsible for the killings of the innocent citizens,is a “PNU domo tactic”.
    Kibaki controls the instruments of power ,National Security Intelligence Services gathers intelligence and shares the info.with the CID ,for investigation of any criminal activities intended and the perpetrators handed over to the police for prosecution in the court of law.Therefore the buck stops on kibaki’s or Mamakofi’s ass( since she calls the shots).
    Unless kibaki and his invalid government is admitting it’s indequacy to the task ( he has never been anyway ).
    Innocent adults and children have died from both sides of political orientation,however the PANUAs as usual due immense selective amnesia and lack of objectivity in bigger picture analysis ,are making a big deal over Eldoret.People were killed in Kibera,Kisumu,Naivasha etc .In times of war,civil skirmishes innocent people will always die.
    We need to ask ourselves why are pple dying,why should they die,what is the problem,the moment we are able to truthfully answer this questions and administer solutions ,innocent people will not die of acts of man but natural causes.
    Only the truth shall set the country free.
    The guilty are afraid of a truthful leader and that’s why they stole the elections and instigated violence in opposition strong holds with the help of their own security forces with top up from M7.

  357. BJ says:

    Agent for change, You seem not to manage the blogg as u used to. could we have some of these people posting things that undermine ODM and the ongoing talks fished out of the house please. I know two fellows here and I can tell you for sure one of them is Kibaki Tena agent. You can even see by the number of threads he posts in a day. I thought Kibaki tena site still works!

  358. BJ says:

    ODMers dont give up. We will fight this to bitter end. And if anyone dreamt that RAO meant Kibaki getting away with this then u will be shocked. Kibaki will be forced to re-election apende asipende.

    PNU has tried to make things look normal but noway. Word has it that Judas has sensed hard times in the US. He could not manage official recognition. You all saw Martha, Wtangula and Kilonzo hit at the foreign envoys yesterday- And Judas in the States pleaded with US not to be too hard on “Kenyan people.” You can see the calm and the composure that His Execellency RAO and ODM in mediation are displayin when the other side looks rattled and in war. I tell you for sure it might take long but ODM and Kenyans will get their way out of this.
    God Bless Kenya, God bless ODM and Raila Odinga- He means well for Kenya and Kenyans Know that.

  359. Obonyo says:

    The Bandit government has done its good work again. But poorly, we can reveal. After dismissing the televised shooting of two innocent youths in Kisumu as a “Rambo movie style” piece of theatrics, the police have now framed the wrong suspect. Police Constable Edward Kirui, who was reported in yesterday’s briefing to be the face behind the murder of Mr George William Onyango and Mr Ishmael Chacha on Jan 16 is not responsible. In a carefully crafted script, Kirui’s framing is designed to achieve two objectives while the real culprit, a Mr Njeru walks scot free having secured a promotion transfer to a safe police unit. The officer seen in the video killing the two unarmed demonstrators and champions of the third liberation, is Police Constable Njeru formerly of Kondele Police Station in Kisumu.

    We can now reveal that Kirui was to have been charged for the real crime he committed, that of shooting and critically injuring a rogue police officer who was on a shoot to kill spree in the Kibuye area of Kisumu. The officer that Kirui pursued and fell in rage was earlier reported to have shot and killed a kid who was playing football outside their home. The story was reported in the papers.

    It can now be reported that linking Kirui to the death of the youth in the Rambo-like shooting, to borrow the words of police spokesman Mr Eric Denial Kiraithe, is a part of a desperate PNU scheme at divide and defeat and is meant to drive a wage between the Kalenjin and the Luo and Kisii. The two youth were Luo and Kisii, respectively. Raila Odinga got a resounding endorsement from the Kalenjin of William Ruto and anything that can dent this relationship is being worked on by the PNU strategists. This is why Edward Kirui will be charged in an unending court battle that will end with a dismissal. In the long run Njeru will have escaped justice while the PNU strategists will be able to plant a seed of suspicion and bitterness between the Kalenjin and the Luo together with the Kisii. But they won’t because they have been discovered dead on their tracks.

  360. Obonyo says:

    It can now be revealed that some PNU operatives are arguing that ODM’s six places to nominate MPs be reduced to 5 after a drop in their parliamentary strength by three seats. This blog can now report that pnu is recalculating the seats which gives 5.48 based on the working formula of (seats obtained, 96) multiplied by twelve and divided by 207. Before the assassination of Mugabe Were (Embakasi) and David Too (Ainamoi), and the elevation of Speaker Marende, ODM had a strength of 99 plus another three from Narc. This gave it 5.74 seats estimated to six. Pnu with 43 were to get 2.49 (3) and odm-k with 16 = 0.93 (1) Kanu with 0.81 =1. The fact that Safina’s (5 seats) share was less than 0.5 (0.23) meant that one arbitrary slot was allocated to odm-k by kalonzo’s Kamba cousin kivuitu.

    These figures may change dramatically if the argument by the pnu boys works out. Their problem lies in the arithmetics where although the seats for the party are counted to have dropped, the denominator of 207 seats is cheekily retained. The result is that ODM loses one seat because of the drop (96*12)/207 = 5.48 or estimated as 5! Somebody has thought that the ODm numbers will eventually drop from the house to 106 from the projected 108 seats! It is not clear whos benefits from the stolen slot but the grapevine has it that Safina may be rewarded for Njoki Ndungu’s unsolicited support in the damaging Senate hearing in Washington where she has pitched tent to present half-truths on Kenya’s post election violence.

    To save face, some people are telling the ODM command to ask the speaker not to rush to declare his and the other two seats vacant until the nominated MPs are gazetted.

  361. Mike Okello says:

    You will remember these words.

    The plague that will kill the ODM’s Middle class discussions is Gossip. The bloggers are too burning to post Gossip, so much so that, Facts stand small in front of Gossip.

    You expect the entire media to be treated to a different face in the Kondele shootings, even when the entire event was accurately captured on Camera, Now you have a new name Njeru, to tribalise it altogether.

    Then go back to the GEMA names dictionary, get another name for MOACHE, The one who killed Hon David Kimtai. You can’t Miss a male name for this gentleman.

    I am glad the mentality of ODM Leaders has of late become much more moderated than that of its followers, When the leaders are ready to back down for the sake of Kenya and its people, Its supporters are still burning looting from their shopping centres, and others stuffing blogs with GOSSIP what a paradox!

    Once again, the Final Plague to the ODM middle class sycophants will be INTERNET GOSSIP.

  362. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    PNU Tinkers may work, PNU quacks may prescribe, and PNU demagogues may deceive, but there is no remedy for all of us…but in adhering to the democratic principles and addressing the root cause of the current crisis.

    Justice for all.

  363. mumias says:

    I agree with BJ, recently I have watched RAO lately and I can say that this man looks very calm and it is as if he knows something which many do not know. I’m convinced that ODM will get something out of this talks, they know Kibaki will never step down or agree to a re-run, but there are still some big prizes to be won apart from that. I said long ago that the real battle will be in parliament.
    With regards to the visa ban, those PNU people here insinuating that ODM top brass have been implicated will have a big surprise in store. You saw the government reaction yesterday, that is the reaction of people who have been hit on the raw nerve, US ambassador said so himself.

    PNU should realise something, the only reason US is taking a very active role in this crisis is simple, SOMALIA, to let Kenya collapse will threaten they war on Terror in Somalia, and given US sentiments on this critical national issue, they will continue to flex their muscles.

    Further those who argue like Karua that US is “not Heaven” well they miss the point, Karua is single so has no kids husband etc, however most other high ranking politicians will have family, business relations in these countries, they will HURT them, remember they include family and relatives.

    Pato, if what you say is true then the truth shall soon set us all free. If you are one of us before who believed in the orange dream but have succumbed to doubt and anger then I fill your pain, however like many of us here who have not wavered we are confident that the truth will restore your belief in our leaders especially our captain and peharps you will fight with us again in the next liberation which I believe will be sooner than you think, without violence and hatred directed at one community.

  364. faddie says:


  365. Obonyo says:

    Its like we gona adopt BOMAS constitution RAO for PM Kibaki for ceremonial prezo or Interim gova then re-run

  366. Obonyo says:

    Let wait for the Press conference its Do or Die

  367. mumias says:

    I still await the conference from Annan announcing the breakthrough but I believe that the key term is that it is for a interim period. However if this is true, let us embrace it, heal the wonds, bring some of the changes that will seek to correct the injustices and a new constitution.

  368. jenny says:

    I think and know that the pentagon team is extremely intelligent and genuinely have concern for the country. RAO , a true statesman backs down when he has to and works on a different strategy to get the same result.This is a transitional govt, so before people start talking defeat remember that the whole of Kenya will never look at kibaki the same way again, even the youngest child knows that term rigging and thief, with that in mind let us hope that for the next year or so changes will be made where one tribe that is 20 percent of the population does not dominate 90 percent of the govt jobs and wealth. As long as we believe in equality for all hardworking Kenyans we have no problem.The Rift valley Problem can be discussed in a enviroment that does not include machetes and pangas and settled justly. President Moi can get up from the hole he has been hiding from and tell us why he gave away so much of other peoples land. A special Court should be formed for the lands issue. New Judges placed in all courts ……RAO knows what he is doing, remember the peace rallies have been agreed upon, Same results different ways of getting there. There is no need for the public to suffer , I admire the fact that RAO has placed Kenyans interests before his own,Lucy, Statehouse is a house….think of the thousands who have no homes or comfort of their belongings around them. Truly selfish, and if your husband and his cronies want that position so badly that is derived from greed stealing and no respect then keep it . ODM principles will not be compromised because PNU decided to cheat. I would rather be poor and hardworking than rich and be branded a rigger. So with that let us let Pentagon do its work , glad to see Nyagah back , This truly is the face of Kenya….remember God is on our side.

  369. jenny says:

    Okay since we seem to be heading somewhere, now on a lighter note I got this email from a friend thought it was rather interesting….such is life…..and it is short , lets live!!

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Kindergarten teacher – To get to the other side

    Plato – For the greater good

    Aristotle – It’s the nature of chickens to cross roads

    Karl Marx – It was a historical inevitability

    Martin Luther King – ……….I envision a world where all chickens will be free to cross roads without having their motives being called into question

    Machiavelli – The point is that the chicken crossed the road. Who cares why? The end of crossing the road justifies whatever motive there was.

    Freud – The fact that you are at all concerned that the chicken crossed the road reveals your underlying sexual insecurity

    Saddam – This was unprovoked act of rebellion and we were justified in dropping 50 tons of nerve gas on it

    G.W. Bush – we dont really care why the chicken crossed the road. We just want to know if the chicken is on our side of the road or not. The chicken is either with us or against us. There’s no middle ground

    Budha – Asking this question denies your own chicken nature

    Isaac Newton – Any chicken in the universe shall always cross a road perpendicularly and in an infinitely long straight line at uniform speed unless it stops due to unbalanced reactive force in the opposite direction of the chicken’s motion

    Charles Darwin – Chickens, over periods of time, have been naturally selected in such a way that they’re now genetically disposed to cross roads

    Nelson Mandela – Never again will the chicken be questioned for crossing the road. This is an ideal for which I am prepared to die

    Thabo Mbeki – We need to establish if really there’s a connection between the chicken and the road

    Robert Mugabe – For all the years the road has been owned by white farmers, the poor underprivileged chicken has waited for too long for that road to be given to him and now he is crossing it in force with fellow war veteran chickens. We shall take over the road and give it the roadless chickens, so that they can cross it without fear of retribution from Britain. We will not stop untill all roadless chickens have roads and the freedom to cross them,even if hunger and 10,000% inflation bites them.

    Kenneth Matiba – Let the people decide. No short cut….

    Samuel Kivuitu – I am not sure if the chicken crossed the road.The chicken keeper has disappeared with Form 16A. Dont ask me again. You can shoot me if you want…

    Martha Karua – This is a legal matter that must be taken to the High court of the animal farm where the eagle is the judge. Thats the tradition.

    James Orengo – It’s vital we first establish if the chicken crossed alone or if it was accompanied with anyone, whom we’ve overlooked in our haste to observe the chicken crossing

    Mutula Kilonzo – It depends upon your frame of reference to see if indeed the chicken crossed or the road moved beneath it. You should read all relevant chapters and not just conclude after reading only one chapter.

    Anyang’ Nyong’o – It was looking for equity and social justice

    Mutua Alfred – The chicken never crossed the road. This is a complete fabrication. We don’t even have chicken.

    Loosy – Mimi kama Rais…. najua jibu

    Eric Kiraithe (Police spokesman) – The scene must have been video edited to show the chicken crossing the road yet it was standing

    William Ruto – Haki yetu!!

    Kalonzo Musyoka – It was expecting a miracle across the road

    Mzee Moi – Kuku gitu kani? Siasa mbaya,maisha mbaya

    Raila Odinga- had the chicken signed an MOU not to cross the road?Crossing the road is a two- horse affair. Anything else is a donkey!! Besides no one can stop the R. Nile…..But if we cross the road as we did on 27th Dec,then we can invite the chicken back to the original side of the road. Raila na mpira……. gooooooaaal

    Emilio Mwai Kibaki – Kuku ilivuka palepale,ikienda huko huko…….. na hilo ndilo jambo la muhimu…… .hakuna mambo ingine…… .na hatuwezi kataa,tutakataa namna gani? Hakunaaaa!!! Na hao wanaendelea kuongea mambo ya kuku…….ni wapumbavu… …mavi ya kuku!!!

  370. jenny says:

    I thought that there are some people whose have made some interesting comments and since they was call to not stoop ……er….just thought that they may get their answer in this link they have been very accurate on many things …by ignoring a few people on this blog because of their constant negativeness…i just assume they are passing air, or treat them the same way RAO and Muda did when the so called duly elected walked into parliament…er did a fly just pass by…treat them in a similar way so u do not raise your blood pressure for nothing.


  371. nyako says:

    @Jane, Mike,Pato, Joakim
    All I feel for you is pity. May it be noted here and now that we SHALL FIGHT TILL THE END.We arent scared od dying or being killed, nothing good comes easy and really, guess thats Y u guys are peddling petty rumours and killing our democrats. Ni sawa, we shall win in the long run, as you kill us, we also kill you. Am not ashamed to say that yes, I would fight and kill for a course I believe in, that is ,a return of our democracy and presidency.
    Let ur little brains lay to rest knowing that we aint about to give it up my dears!

  372. Pato says:


    yes, there will be a lot of killing in the ner future. Your blood thirst will not be disappointed, I promise you that. very few people in central are intereted is a power sharing thing with murderers.

  373. sakong' says:

    My heartfelt condelences to the familym, pentagon,Odm, Pple of Embakasi and kenya at large, for losing a young leader at a time when the country is going though tomoil. I pray that God will revenge, for the rest of us lets no be cowed by these enemies of the poeple who want to kill our democracy by killing our leaders,

  374. Pato says:

    I never chose to be a kikuyu, I was born into it.

    I refuse to apologize for being one. MAny days ago, I believed ODm’s message of non tribalism. Today, the only thing that keeps me alive is Kibaki, the man they had convinced me was a tribalist.

    Today, that tribalist is what stands between me and genocide. Between me and mobs who hate me and want to kill me for no other reason other than that I am kikuyu.

    I refuse to consent to these murderers being given any form of power. They belong in jail or at the hague not in statehouse.

    I guess that makes me a hardline PNU but is thats what will keep my childern alive, then so be it.

    Those people in RV were innocent.

  375. nyako says:

    Blood thisrty or not, I want JUSTICE. Like it hate it, nothing comes easy. Even before we got the first liberation, there was bloodshed. Its unfortunate that Kenyans are dying but for the future, monuments will be built for them, for now, the fight for JUSTICE is on. If I get caught up in it and die, so be it.
    I cant imagine a Kenyan with brains like urs, u trully is a disappointing one. Point to note, am Kikuyu and I believe Obako stole the presidency from our very own president, RAO.
    Good day and please, do have your head checked.

  376. Pato says:


    Go tell your stupid cause for justice to the corpses. to the woman in Timboroa who was dragged out of a matatu and her womb ripped open with a machete and then left to bleed to death on the hot tarmac.

    You mistake our silence. Thousands have been killed and because we are not running around ripping railway lines you think we have forgotten. Murderers are to be rewarded with gov’t posts?

    You and RAO will find you are sadly mistaken

  377. Pato says:

    And by the way, keep your stupid monuments to yourself. you think you will replace the parents, the kids you killed with stone statues?

    just make monuments of your messiah where you can worship and adore him

  378. Sherri King says:

    It has been painful to read and hear of the strife in Kenya. Friends of mine are there and I pray for their safety, as the work they sought to do was for those who had little or nothing to survive on.
    They are from the village of Kwoyo-Kochio and bear the last name of Ogwel. Is there anyone who can attest to their safety?
    My prayers go out to all who have suffered since the election. What seems evident to me – and I am half a world away – is that the suffering existed long before the elections occurred and revolt does not occur where there is an equitable distribution of goods, services, education and opportunity.
    Please if you know of my good friends, post a note regarding their safety.

  379. Dominic Otieno Omolo says:

    Resta in pace, caro Melitus!
    I knew Were when I when to Rome to study and we lived in the same student hostel. We bonded and always met when I came to Kenya. I remeber to moments we shared together during the recent campaigns when I returned to Kenya to campaign for ODM. I remember warning him to be careful of Mungiki now that he has dethroned one of their benefactors.

    Were, as you go ahead of us, may your death strengthen the resolve of genuine Kenyans for peace and justice from the recent flawed elections. Those of us who knew you closely and lived with you will live to remember your hardwork and dedication to everything you set out to do.

  380. Anne says:

    I was very saddened by the murder of our 2 ODM MPs. But they didn’t die in vain. They lay thier lives down for a country to be delivered from an oppressive leadership. Freedom has a price…a very high price but we now have all the hope that Hon Raila Odinga and his team will lead us through the doors that seem to have opened.
    God Bless our country.


  381. Turncoat says:

    You and Mwenje now face the almighty. Where there is no PNU or ODM. Your killers brother Were will be brought to justice. Only that this time they will not be beside you with Jesus. They will be stoking the fire for Kivuitu and the 20 commisioners

  382. Turncoat says:

    i meant the ALMIGHTY

  383. Turncoat says:

    I pray for Justice for ALL IN EMBAKASI

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