Kenya’s Democratic gains seems to be eroding day by day. The electorate have lost faith in the institutions that they have entrusted to conduct elections and safeguard democracy. The courts are inclined to the executive. What do you think is a permanent solution to Kenya’s problems?



  1. Walter says:

    There can never be lasting solution because things change with the times ,however a lasting solution can be achieved through the following ways;
    1) Kibaki to resign pave way for the speaker as the acting president to constitute a transitional government;
    2) Parliament to review and create provisions in the constitution to provide for a re-run of the Presidential elections;have an internationally constituted Electoral body
    3)Once our Peoples President is re-confirmed ,fine tune the Bomas draft ,decongest power from the presidency to the PM and gradually implement devolution of power tothe grassroots;
    4) Reform all the Judiciary,and other state institutions that have been contaminated by the gluttons.

    Our President is reform minded ,selfless and will certainly not let Kenyans down ,instead Kenyans would be walking with their heads high up.

  2. Walter says:

    Sorry meant “Permanent solution”

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I know that RAO has plans A, B, C, D, E ,F G, H …………….. and all that. He has always surprised the way he pulls his strings, holding these cockroaches hostage with all their crooked ideas. I am standing my ground, RAO form a government.

    Better still give us your plan B. Straight away we will follow suit. The idea of talking Kibaki out of state house should be told to the birds in the sky, they might buy that! I still cannot understand how this mad man in the name of Kibaki could hand pick a team of some brainless beings to meet a man of your caliber. This man has never been serious.

    My patience is running out! Every time I think of Kibaki still sitting at State House, I pinch myself hard and force myself to stay put. I cannot wait for another go-ahead by RAO to hit the road and do whatever it is we should to push this man out of here and out of Kenya for good!

    I know it, you know it, and Kibaki knows it that if nothing comes out of this talks with Koffi Annan, then Kenya might just go the Rwanda way. They know this very well so they better play the only cards they are remaining with carefully. I have never seen a government so determined to let its people die as they convince us that things are getting back to normal.

    Like somebody once said, ‘If you are unhappy, quit walking on egg shells around people trying not to break what is already cracking. It hurts, so don’t ignore it. Let your friendship or job fall, hit rock bottom until there’s no more to do. Then amend the pieces if you must. Otherwise you act nice all the time, and you are perpetually on the receiving end of peoples garbage.’ Dear RAO this idea of mediation efforts has overstayed its welcome. Sometimes its necessary to give as good as you get PERIOD! I am tired of this Kibaki thing of Desmond Tutu coming and nothing happens……. Jenendayi Frazser and nothing happens…… East African peace mediators coming and nothing…….. President Kouffuor coming and nothing happens…….. and now Annan! BULLSHIT MEDIATION TALKS.

    Why are we walking around this ungrateful man afraid of what the outcome might be yet he stole our votes!!!!? Let us teach Kibaki and his men a lesson he will never forget. Wherever he is let him know that he is not going to have the five years in peace. Hehee I understand that he is scared of leaving Statehouse afraid of the police! He better be warned the police are soon joining us! You know these your obedient boys/girls are tired and hungry!

    Oooops Faith, you’ve tickled me I cant wait and ready to send these rats out and away from state house for good! through the kitchen doors, to the gates, through muranga road to thika road to othaya! Is this the routing?

  4. kip says:

    The dymanics of the political scene in Kenya have changed. Wht happened in the yester years will not be tolerated by the Kenyans anymore. This is why you are seeing dogged resistance put up the Kenya people, especially the poor people of this country who make up the majority. They want change, they voted for change and they all want it now! They will not let the elections to be stolen, and let a “thief” run this country. They have nothing to fear, and they will fight with whatever they have and no mattre how long it takes! This is not going to go away easily. Raila and his colleagues, cannot stop this anymore, the people of Kenya decided on the voting day they want change and they wanted it immeditaely. Kibaki and his cronies were leaving in a “illusioned” world thinking that yester years tactice will work. THEY WERE COMPLETELY MISTAKEN!!! If you think this is the worst, then you are highly mistaken. If Kibaki does not back down, he does not know what is coming to him and his cronies. It is going to be very scary, and it is going to be very bloody! The only loser in this game is going to be Kibaki and his cronies


  5. Duncan Ochieng says:

    The solution is to have justice at whatever cost. There is no way we can pretend to embrace democracy and let a Thief rob us our electoral victory and go with it. I urge all Kenyans and ODM supporters not to surrender in the fight for Justice. Raila, you won in 6 out of the 8 provinces in Kenya we can start governing those areas as we push for justice, the starting point should be in Mombasa as we head to Western province. There is no way talking to Kibaki can get him out of State house and this is the time when there is no reason to be nice to him. Majority of Kenyans are with you and ODM so please Raila lead from the front and lets control our 6 provinces first and fast. Remember how it emotional Kisumu town was when you visited , surely the presidency and the government is for ODM and noting at all should stop us from getting what is truly ours.
    We are all behind you

  6. Mike Okello says:

    The lasting solution is that the citizenry should detach themselves from politics. This is so that when things fall apart on the political platform, the people will not be hurt, the neighborhoods will remain intact. In this kind of arrangement, the kind of UTOPIA or fake imaginations in the name of CHANGE, so touted by those aspiring for power, to a point of exciting the poor citizens that a certain set of people will bring change into their lives, will come to an end.

    People will learn that change will begin with them and not the political figures. they will NOT necessarily loose faith in institutions but they will rationalize their expectations.
    Whenever livelihoods are so attached to politics, it is dangerous because if livelihoods experience the dynamism that is apparent in Politics, there will be suffering.

    Once again i dare say…. THE LASTING SOLUTION… is in weakening the bond between livelihoods and politics, and putting back influence in the hands of the citizenry and not the figure ‘President’.

  7. OT says:

    Mike Okello, you are making absolutely no sense. how can people setach themselves from politics yet it is precisely this bad politics that is ruining our lives. this forum is for intelligent talk only, not blithering and blathering.

    My suggestion is that the solution in Kenya lies in a new constitution. in my opinion, this is even more urgent than a re-run of the presidentioal elections.
    I suggest that we have a time-limited transition government headed by whoever, then parliament be reconvened to come up with a ne Constituion review bill which should lead to the setting up of a new constitution review conference like Bomas where the Bomas draft should be debated and fine-tuned without prejudice. I’m sure Kiraitu and co will have no choice but to negotiate in good faith because their power this time is limited and also Kenyans have shown them how angry they are.
    this should lead to a referendum by the end od this year.

    then under a newly constituted electoral comission as defined by the new constitution we can have a re-run of the presidential elections in another year. this election should also feature the new positions created in the draft. the MPs should keep their seats to serve their 5 year mandate. thus presidential and parliamentary elections will not be simultaneous.

  8. Maru Kapkatet says:

    If Kibaki cares for a safe, united, and democratic Kenya, he should meet with Raila under the mediation of Annan.

    Let the three of them meet, discuss what happened in the elections and agree on what needs to be done to bring justice, peace, and unity to Kenya.

    If only Kibaki and Raila can meet as two patriotic leaders, a lot can happen.

  9. Ismael says:

    Mike, you better shut up coz your are embarassing yourself. You are like the goverment spokesman(Mr Mutua), very good examples of people who have been brainwashed and lost touch with the reality.

    For PNU, the writting is on the wall, you better stop being lazy and read it quickly. We achieved a lot in the last 10 year in terms of democracy. Now we have a bunch of few people who want to take us back. You have you problems deal with them, if you stole money please return it with INTEREST and ask for forgiveness.

  10. John Mwenda says:

    I suspect that my comment will most likely be deleted..but if not…

    I must admit am not a ODM supporter but nevertheless am not passive to what is happening in kenya today. I have followed variuos comments here and have realised how deep the anger is. However I have noticed one Mike Okello whose approach to issues are sober and mature and devoid of sycophantic views. In my view this is the way we should go to start the healing process.+

  11. lexx says:

    Bloggers why are you wasting you time taking about so called mike who just want what i will call BLOG MILEAGE for he wants us to discuss him yet he is not part of what we are here for.Mike you are not in thye same LEAGUE as blogger here or with real ODMiers you so the news guys and as you can see the mass action is a success and above all guys are waiting for the next instruction and you know why.RAILA ODINGA and i say NDIO BABA

  12. Anne says:

    If you cannot join us in the streets for mass action we squarely understand. This is a struggle against INJUSTICE and you can contribute in many ways, however small it shall be.

    Thank you good Kenyans.Use your pocket to vote against thieves.

    Those who stole our votes and are now killing our people, finance the dictatorship using money from you and I.

    Can you believe you are giving money to somebody to kill you, your brother, sister, father, mother and friends? Do you want to continue helping him to kill you?

    We must stop them having their cake and eating it! If you stop buying their products and services they will realize we are important people.

    They now want to sell Safaricom, get ksh 30b and use it to stay in power for another 5 years. In 2012 they will use the money to buy the Kivuitus , Kalonzo’s, Kombo’s, Tuju’s and Poghisio’s etc of this world. Say NOT AGAIN.

    They are salivating for the profitability of Safaricom because of you and I. We must use our pockets to vote against injustice.

    Their injustice is hidden by the tribally inclined media led by the NATION MEDIA. Remember the police who shot down the unarmed man in Kisumu? Suprise! the Daily Nation and Nation TV did not mention the incident at all! What a cover up!

    Contribute to the freedom by doing the following:

    1. Forget Nation they hide the truth, buy STANDARD every day.

    2. Ignore Brookside buy TUZO

    3. Use Safaricom to receive, BUY CELTEL for calling

    4. Close you Equity Bank account today!

    5. Ignore Mololine, City Hoppa, Eldoret Express (they were used to carry Uganda army soldiers at night etc they are not safe. Select taxi, shoe shiner carefully.

    6. You would rather buy from an Asian (they didnt steal our votes)

    7. Don’t buy from a Nairobi hawker, they are all Mungiki at night

    8. Select where you take your lunch, chips, tea, beer, Nyama choma etc.

    9. Avoid mitumba sold by Mungiki

    10.Select the fundi who repairs your car, house, cooker, furniture etc

    11.Do NOT buy BIC PENS

    12. Do NOT shop at DEACONS, it belongs to him.(bald)


  13. "Otula" says:

    Kibaki things that we are begging him.Is these man really on his mind.I wish the prezzo,Raila Odinga was thinking the way I do.
    My position is ,because they have shown little interest in international mediation talks and nothing positive is to come,lets destroy these people.We can even make them vacate the whole of Nairobi.Coz, if we can’t get a solution then let it be bad.And let there be no peace anymore.

  14. Dillan says:

    Hello, I find Raila Odinga an amazing man with lots of ideas. Even looking at the ideas he has for fighting this injustice, what would happen if he were to run the country with renewed ideas. Kenya would see a significant change (for the better) where the benefits of economic growth would be shared by the wider population.

    The pressure has to be kept up on the Kibaki team. It was interesting to read about the hardliners who surround Kibaki and how they run the country through Kibaki. Their time is up and the idea of boycotting their businesses is a brilliant one. Civil disobedience has worked in the past and will work today as well, civil disobedience brings the moral fibre out. Kibaki gang and the police who fight it will be seen as people with low moral values.

    Raila, you have the support of the majority for the change that Kenya so much needs. Do not compromise and give in, justice has to prevail. the international support is for you in the main (with a few exceptions). But don’t get taken in by foreign powers as they will side with the group that promises benefits for them. Good Luck.

  15. Mwakima says:

    Here is a brilliant article by Adongo Ogony:

    Why ODM Has To Ignore The Kalonzo Team

    The Kibaki junta has come with what they think is a clever plan to turn the talks and mediation process to be spearheaded by Kofi Annan into a practical joke.

    As usual the little cowards at State House do not want to come out and talk to their opponents instead they are sending the spanner boys and girls to be led by the Kalonzo Musyoka who still hasn’t figured out how irrelevant he is to the process of political healing in the country.

    The idea is to turn the talks into a sideshow as Kibaki keeps busy consolidating his power base. Kibaki is desperate to give the impression that he is fully in charge and those who want to talk can talk for the next five years as he rules the country with bullets and teargas and dismantles the democratic gains Kenya has made.

    In fact I would suggest that instead of meeting this useless team may be Raila and his team should meet with Police Commissioner General Ali and the GSU Commandant and other military leaders to set out the terms of engagement in the battles a head. Since Kenya is now officially a police state where citizens are butchered at random merely for being in the areas where demonstrations are taking place, it might be prudent to talk to the real power and agree on rules to be followed that would help avoid unnecessary deaths.

    In reality the Kalonzo team was Kibaki’s idea of killing the talks even before they start. The whole world knows the talks are about Kibaki stealing the election. The whole world knows that the stealing of the vote by Kibaki has brought the country at the brink of an unfolding catastrophe as we speak. The whole world knows that to date only one country has recognized the Kibaki presidency. Everybody knows that time for a peaceful solution is running out and Kenyans may not accept to be killed daily without responding to the violence being meted to them. When kids in the slums start demanding guns instead of food we have a problem.

    We have the Rift Valley nightmare of ongoing ethnic cleansing. Kibaki has no solution to that problem. They never factored that angle into their rigging plan. Kibaki and Michuki had a simple plan. It is the same plan they have had since 2002. Every problem Kibaki has faced from the Bomas Constitutional process, to the phenomenon failure of Kibaki to impose a constitution in Kenya has been framed as a problem with Raila Odinga and his Luo supporters.

    The rigging plan was very simple. Steal the vote by all means even if it means doing it openly and clumsily like they did. Wait for Raila’s supporters in Kisumu and Kibera to come up and shoot the hell out of them and they will cower back to their homes and everything will be back to normal.

    Well as they say even the best laid plans sometimes never work. This one fell in its face and we are where we are. It is not pretty for anybody. I wouldn’t want to be in Kibaki’s shoes right now even if I was to wake up every morning at State House and even to go church on Sundays.

    My point here is that this problem started with Kibaki and nobody else but he can come with solutions. Sending some hard talking State House messengers will not do. Kibaki himself has to lead his team to the negotiation table. Nobody elected Kalonzo to be Kenya’s president. He got less than 1 million votes and has shown the whole country that he is ready to serve those who stole the elections as long as they offer him kitu kidogo. Kalonzo is free to be part of Kibaki’s team. I fact Kibaki can bring anybody along including some of those informal power brokers at State House who keep slapping people, but he has to lead his team.

    If Kibaki is not willing, ready or able to lead from the front let the ODM meet Kofi Annan and his team give them the evidence they have which we all know proves beyond a doubt that Kibaki blatantly robbed Kenyan voters and in power illegally and talk about the options they have for peace and then go on with their plans for the week.

    Kibaki is the master of fake negotiations. We saw it all during the Bomas talks when Kibaki would send Kiraitu Murungi, Moody Awori and others to meet in Naivasha, form this or that committee and then when these groups come with agreements State House would just change them and come up with their own plan.

    Finally Kibaki had to order his group to storm out of the Bomas Conference on its very final day. Little did any of those robots and their chief know that they were walking a way from what probably could have saved the country from the dilemma we face today.

    We also know that with Kibaki building a consensus and coming to an agreement means you say all you want but finally you have to agree with his original position. In this case Kibaki has insisted he is power legally and those who think otherwise should go to court. That is what Kalonzo and his team is coming to repeat. We have heard it and nobody is going to court so they should save their time and breath. Kibaki’s only offer is for the ODM to join another moribund GNU while Kibaki and his crew at State House call the shots. Kenyans will not accept that deal and the ODM knows it very well.

    So what are the real solutions?

    First let me start by answering the issue I have seen raised many times by Kibaki apologists and even some ODM well wishers. I have heard it said that Raila and the ODM are running out of options. Personally I think under the circumstances the ODM has limitless options including some that are unthinkable at the moment. Let us not forget that as things drag on, many groups are going to emerge with no allegiance to ODM who may opt for totally different modes of fighting against the stolen vote

    But the big issue is what options Kibaki has after all he is the one running the country not Raila and the ODM. How will Kibaki govern the country from here on. There is all this talk about Kibaki poaching one or two ODM M.P’s given that the anti-poaching law is not that airtight. All that may be possible but what impact would that have on the ground? What impact would that help solving the nightmare in Rift Valley? How will that solve the problems in places like Narok where communities are at war with each other? How will that help to stop Kibera from becoming the Soweto of the Kenyan struggle? Absolutely none! That is the sad reality for Kibaki.

    Kibaki has two options. One is to continue ruling with the bullets and teargas and curtailing the democratic rights of Kenyans as he has done since being illegally sworn into office. That is the first option. It is attractive. All Kibaki has to do is hide in State House send the police and the GSU to shoot people.

    I have heard people whining about the fact that Raila has not sent his immediate family to the streets, which is nonsense because political participation is an individual decision. But people forget Kibaki doesn’t have to send his sons or daughters to put on GSU uniform or be Robocop’s in the streets. Essentially Kibaki just has to give orders and sit back and watch the country disintegrate into total anarchy. So that is an attractive option for Kibaki, but is it attractive to the country, even to the Kibaki supporters? I doubt that.

    The only other option for Kibaki is to facilitate a process genuine power sharing with the ODM and help move the country out of the quagmire and into a new era with a new constitution that would address the underlying problems of land etc.

    In away the ODM has bent backwards to accommodate the second option because many ODM supporters feel the only sensible option is a vote recount and a possible presidential re-election.

    So what are the options for ODM

    1. Succumb to the coup plotters, give up the fight accept whatever crumbs Kibaki offers and abandon their supporters. Given the quality of leadership the ODM has and the conditions on the ground that is an option they will not accept.

    2. The ODM can go through the motions of resistance, give up their key demands like vote-recount, re-election etc and join the GNU may be with higher profile positions than the crumbs Kibaki had planned for them. That is possible.

    3. The ODM can also decide to stick with their supporters prepare for a long drawn war of attrition with mass action as a key component. My guess is that this could be the only option if Kibaki and his hardliners now joined by Kalonzo are not willing to come to the table with honest and genuine attempts to find a solution.

    4. The final option which the ODM hinted to earlier was they could give up all their demands in exchange for a situation where the government accepts to endorse the Bomas Constitution Draft and facilitate the process for a new a consitution.

    To me the final option of endorsing the Bomas Draft, making minimal amendments to it and both sides agreeing to facilitate a new constitution within the next six months is the most attractive and is the one that will address the real issues behind this crisis.

    I made the same suggestion before and was rightly criticized as looking for a quick fix while ignoring the bigger issue of simply nullifying a rigged election and holding new ones to re-affirm Kenya’s commitment to electoral integrity. I accept that criticism but I believe the conditions for re-election do not look good to me. It is not just that Kibaki will never accept that unless things just explode beyond his control.

    My thinking is that under the present conditions neither Kibaki nor Raila can effectively govern the country regardless of who is the legitimate holder of the presidency. As I have said many times the Kenya we had on Dec 27, 2007 is history. We have something different where ethnic cleansing for example is becoming the norm and nobody even seems to be alarmed. Ethnic cleansing in the slums in many parts of Rift Valley has almost been accepted in the national psyche as normal and sometimes even justifiable.

    We are in a situation where a bunch of Kikuyu thugs ganging up and cutting off the arms, heads and private parts of a bunch of Luo kids is seen as a normal act of revenge. It is even applauded in some quarters including from “law enforcement” agents. At the same time a bunch of Kalenjin thugs invading even refugee camp, killing people left right and centre and taking their land is seen as normal and is applauded in some circles.

    We are in a situation where police commit public executions even of kids that are recorded for posterity and then the police spokesman comes out and says the videos are just Rambo movies.

    We have a situation where close to 1 million people are living on handouts from the Red Cross.

    When we take all these matters into consideration I honestly do not see how a new election will help. I don’t see how either Raila or Kibaki regardless of how many votes they can get can actually move this country forward.

    I think we have a situation where both Raila with his team and Kibaki with his team have to work together at least for a period of time. In my mind the only project these two should work is to move the country to finally enact a new constitution that addresses the real issues that are tearing the country a part.

    The team will also of course come up with ideas for national construction that is fair to all communities since all Kenyans pay taxes. One the things we are likely to see with Kibaki are a deliberate attempt to even further marginalize the areas where he has no support. They are useless to him politically and we know by now that the Kibaki government is predominantly run by Kikuyu chauvinists who are even ready and willing to see the country destroyed as long as one of their own is in power. These guys are going to vandalize the state resources with abandon since they don’t know what is coming next.

    What I am saying here is that yes there are solutions to the Kenyan nightmare but it starts with honesty from Kibaki and his team and the realization that their options are very limited. Also they have to know that with each day that passes things keep shifting and nobody knows what tomorrow brings. The solutions we have today may not be viable tomorrow.

    One last thing, I would urge the ODM to move first and start consolidating their power bases in the regions. From the actions we have seen in places like Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu, Narok many parts of Western Kenya and in some areas of NEP. There are are those wh said the ODM should have declared their government chose their headquarters and simply take it from there. The time for that alternative may soon be coming. It is an option the ODM should be exploring fully and be ready to defend at all fronts.

    The simple fact is that the ECK Chairman Mr. Kivuiti says he does not know who won. The world has given its verdict that the elections were rigged and that Kibaki’s presidency is based on that rigging.

    I think at some time, if the ODM is fully confident that they won the elections they should simply announce their government and let’s take it from there. They cannot keep begging the losers who usurped power forever. It is understandable that they have chosen this option to save the country from falling apart but if the other side is not willing to deal with the reality then it is time to take the tough route. Kenyans have been waiting for that move from the ODM. They should consider it NOW.

  16. Anon says:

    Edward Pojim

    In the run-up to the 1988 general elections, President Daniel arap Moi shared with Kenyans his frustration with his vice-president Mwai Kibaki.

    Kenyans should have paid more attention to President Moi. In a speech at Tumu Tumu Girls’ High School in Mr Kibaki’s Othaya constituency, President Moi admonished the vice president for showing questionable loyalty.

    Drawing from a traumatising experience, the president narrated how, as vice president to Jomo Kenyatta, he sang Kenyatta’s praise so often that some people started to question his sanity. “Na unafikiria wewe ni naani?” (And who do you think you are?), President Moi roared in a rare display of anger, a few feet away from Mr Kibaki. He ended the dressing down with this warning: “Ukitaka serikali mngine, utangoooja…utangooja.” (If you want another government, you will wait and wait).

    Ten years later, the issue of trust and loyalty would surface again to cloud Mr Kibaki’s character. As political parties scrambled for coalitions and partnerships heading to the 1997 general elections, the influential Kikuyu politician, Mzee Njenga Karume called Mr Kibaki “the most untrustworthy person I’ve ever known”.

    This tongue lashing came after Mr Kibaki allegedly reneged on a partnership deal he and others had worked out with Mr Karume that lead to the formation of the Democratic Party.

    Though Mr Kibaki and his DP lost the elections to President Moi’s Kenya African National Union ( KANU), all parties agreed that the polls had been wrought with frauds. When asked if he would resign over such fraudulent elections, Mr Samuel Kiviutu, the chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), replied incredulously, “Resign?. This is Africa. Whoever resigns over such things?”

    Mr Kibaki’s questionable character and Mr Kiviutu’s attitude about taking responsibility for substandard performance help explain why each is still occupying his position.

    The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), led by Mr Raila Odinga, has rightly declined to a round-table conference with Mr. Kibaki and his minority Party of National Unity (PNU) government, without international mediation, to seek an end to the mayhem that has bedeviled Kenya following the fraudulent elections of December 27, 2007.

    The ODM position is validated by Mr Kibaki’s track record of dishonouring agreements with coalition partners, most notably the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that brought him to power in 2002.

    The deadly civil strife that has engulfed Kenya is not the work of tribalism as some lazy analysts would want us to think. Rather, it’s a deeply rooted desire by Kenyans of all tribal shades to finally have a respected say on who leads them. On December 27, 2007, the Kenyan voters said, and still say on the streets today, that they voted for Mr Odinga. That position is unlikely to change even under hail of police bullets.

    A man with his back to the wall has no choice but to fight back, so said Dr Martin Luther King Jr. ODM is in such a situation. Luckily, ODM is not alone here: the EU, US and major powers are in various phases of announcing a catalogue of punitive actions against the Kibaki regime. These will range from visa bans on regime officials to economic boycotts.

    While senior regime officials are too wealthy to suffer any long-term effects of these pending sanctions, Kenya will undoubtedly suffer long range damage to its economy and reputation. So, how does Kenya mitigate these painful eventualities? There are three main steps for Mr Kibaki to take toward resolving the leadership impasse.

    First, he should appreciate the precocious state Kenya is in and re-consider his egotistical stance that he can rule Kenyans wapende wazipende (whether they like it or not.) He might be able to rule this way for another month, but ultimately, the military, while admirably professional and non-partisan thus far, might feel duty-bound to protect unarmed street protestors against increasing police brutality.

    Secondly, Mr Kibaki should reign in on his motor-mouthed aides such as John Muichuki, Alfred Mutua and Martha Karua. These and others continuously utter unhelpful, confrontational statements against ODM and its leaders. The third step is for Mr Kibaki to appreciate the regional and international efforts to heal Kenya.

    This week, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, who doubles as chairman of the East African Federation and the Commonwealth, and Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general, will be in Nairobi.

    Dr Mutua, the government upgrade of George Orwell’s Squealer, needs to explain to Kenyans two key facts about Annan and Museveni: they are neither Kibaki’s age-mates nor are they coming for the famed Kenyan tea.

    The EU, US and other major powers should be ready with detailed punitive actions – visa bans, economic boycotts, bank accounts freeze – against the Kibaki regime should the next round of mediation efforts fail due to the government’s arrogance as has been the case with US Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer and other well-meaning mediators.

    For its part, ODM should continue with its public demonstrations. Civil disobedience is not inconsistent with the fight for freedom. The Kenyan people deserve no less.

  17. Maru Kapkatet says:


    1985 Nairobi Agreement

    Museveni and Okello sign the fated peace deal.Main article: Nairobi Agreement, 1985

    On 27 July 1985, subfactionalism within the UPC government led to a successful military coup against Obote by his former army commander, Lieutenant-General Tito Okello, an Acholi. Museveni and the NRM/A were angry that the revolution for which they had fought for four years had been “hijacked” by the UNLA, which they viewed as having been discredited by gross human rights violations during Obote II. Despite these reservations, however, the NRM/A eventually agreed to peace talks presided over by a Kenyan delegation headed by President Daniel Arap Moi.

    The talks, which lasted from 26 August to 17 December, were notoriously acrimonious and the resultant ceasefire broke down almost immediately. The final agreement, signed in Nairobi, called for a ceasefire, demilitarisation of Kampala, integration of the NRA and government forces, and absorption of the NRA leadership into the Military Council. These conditions were never met.

    The prospects of a lasting agreement were limited by several factors, including the Kenyan team’s lack of an in-depth knowledge of the situation in Uganda and the exclusion of relevant Ugandan and international actors from the talks, inter alia. In the end, Museveni and his allies refused to share power with generals they did not respect, not least while the NRA had the capacity to achieve an outright military victory.

    The push for Kampala:

    While supposedly involved in the peace negotiations, Museveni had courted General Mobutu of Zaire in an attempt to forestall the involvement of Zairean forces in support of Okello’s military junta. On 20 January 1986, however, several hundred troops loyal to Idi Amin were accompanied into Ugandan territory by the Zairean military. The forces intervened in the civil conflict following secret training in Zaire and an appeal from Okello ten days previously. Mobutu’s support for Okello was a score Museveni would settle years later, ordering Ugandan forces into the conflict which would finally topple the Zairean leader.

    Museveni was sworn in as president on 29 January, 1986.By this stage, however, the NRA had developed an unstoppable momentum. By 22 January, government troops in Kampala had begun to quit their posts en masse as the rebels gained ground from the south and south-west.[15] On the 25th, the Museveni-led faction finally overran the capital. The NRA toppled Okello’s government and declared victory the next day.

    Museveni was sworn in as president three days later on 29 January. “This is not a mere change of guard, it is a fundamental change,” said Museveni after a ceremony conducted by British-born chief justice Peter Allen. Speaking to crowds of thousands outside the Ugandan parliament, the new president promised a return to democracy and said: “The people of Africa, the people of Uganda, are entitled to a democratic government. It is not a favour from any regime. The sovereign people must be the public, not the government.

  18. tnk says:

    We as ODM know what needs to be done. It has been said here in this blog under different topics over and over by different contributors. Our obstacles are

    1) diametrically opposite interests of PNU and their supporters who also unfortunately have a stranglehold of state organs/resources.
    2) apathy, disillusions and some hesitation by some supporters who are on the other side either by way of duty (read forces) or fear victimization for open support. they come under many guises of peace, moderates, voice of reason, etc

    We have a tactical cat and mouse game going on with PNU copying or countering any genuine ODM effort and with the state organs at their disposal, its a tough fight.

    We need a timetable that details the steps and activities protesting against an illegitimate govt turned dictatorship to be taken until the elections are held. Each activity to increase in impact and scope. All the possible activities have been mentioned here and other blogs and we should not keep repeating ourselves.

    The events should only stop when the elections are held (and if it means applying the pressure every day, every week, every year till 2012 then so be it).

    We want some more visibility from ODM secretariat, where are they ??? Its time for action plans, we cannot sit waiting for some miracle wand from Kofi Annan.

    Whether real or imaginary gains are made in these talks, we have to implement a precise well defined plan of action otherwise we will continue to fall prey to Kibaki’s deceit and charade.

  19. rafiq says:

    Forgive me for answering Mike. But i think he heeds to be informed and educated, so taht his eyes can open up.
    First let me differ with Okello and his sympathisers. For his information civil servants now are being employed according to political patronage and ethnic origin. Even health workers are not spared. How do you explain the fact that two doctors leave the civil service one for ten years to go into private practice, the other one asks for unpaid study leave for 4 years. Both reapply for their jobs the former is given back his job and a 4 year scholarship while the latter is told to wait for vacancies: reason? presumed tribal origin and political orientation. Thats why RAO has always called for equity. Why does nation/citizen bring live football which are meant for the national broadcaster, Mike why?
    Listen to the names of the OCPDs where the massacre took place. Mike please tell me their names from Mbs, Ksm, Bungoma, KKmega. And ask yourself whether other kenyans cant be OCPDs in such areas. They are qualified yes but why were they deployed there. I am glad the legitimate president has submitted the case to the hague.
    Did you see any Mungiki demonstrating in town today shot at Mike. Ask yourself why? yet they went upto the city centre, with no notice to the police. No shots. Yet ODMers are being massacred in the estates down to the age of 3 yrs.
    So you cant depart politics from our way of life.
    Finally, do you know the free secondary education is meant to benefit who? Most of the schools cant maintain 40-50 students per class in most areas where we come from. This means the FSE is only for some politically right communities. How will NEP and other smaller communities benefit.
    Most of us here Mike have suffered because of our second name over the last 5 years and would not want status quo to be entrenched further.

  20. rafiq says:

    Way forward should invoke truth, honesty, reconciliation, specific strengthening of our institutions and reelection.
    First Kibaki should acknowledge theft. His sensible supporters agree this took place and they though since Nyayo survived presumed rigging, they would do the same without much complaint. Because it was done by the ECK, Kivuitu and his team should tell us what happened within 1-3 months, and suggest punishment for the offenders from RO, clerks and commissioners with ban on holding any public office forever.
    Secondly, Kibaki should understand that deep rooted prejuduces (as RAO puts it tribal apartheid) need urgent correction. This was the cause of the violence. So public appointments and resources should be allocated equitably. You dont need a new constitution for this. All you need is a data base of the jobs, qualifications and communities/regions/provinces. If you give districts give them across the board. Dont skip other areas like Luo Nyanza during his last campaign. Is it not Kenya? Even if he was uncofortable or fearfull he could have given equal number of districts.
    Disband the ECK, Police commissioner to go home. Reconstitute a new cabinet transitional one to address all those issues and pave way for new elections in a specific period of time.
    Only and only then do we hold national interdenominational prayers in all provincial headquarters, with prossessions involving all political leaders and ask peolple to live in peace, once again.
    Any agreement must be made public and read to the antion by Koffi Annan with summaries sambazad by sms and media.
    If Kibaki believes other Kenyans dont exist and have no rights then I am sorry to suggest that he gives them their territory to govern themselves-eritrea/ethiopia Or swaziland/lesotho and RSA.

  21. rafiq says:

    Karanja Kamau I understand your pain and agony. I dont believe people have to suffer because of tribes. Nobody aplied to be a Kyuk, Luo, Kalenjin etc. But we should hold our leaders accountable. I for instance a somali would not like to have a Somali presso, 10 ministers, 20 assisatant ministeres, PCs etc. It generally means you put my tribe first. I denie other Kenyans those jobs and all the thing that go with the offices including business opportunities ands scholarships-by the way do you know how many are allocated to other kenyans vs the politically correct. I would be the first one to say no to my president, because its unfair. It is nonviolent way of ethnic disunity.

    If you come into office and sack people over the phone like Sally Kosgey was, without benefits, how do you expect the family to eat, clothe, school etc. What of the unarmed breadwinners who were killed by the police. My friend its suffering across the board. Nobody is gaining here, all are loosing and the sooner we realize the better.

    Let me tell you, the onus is on Kibaki to give securty to all Kenyans as per ther mandate given to him at least in 2002. If he takes sides then we will have a mt elgon like crisis in most of Kenya. Its the ordinary kenyan who will suffer including his.
    Please ask Kibaki to listen to her Sis Wangari Maathai and we will get peace. Now sending Mungiki to counteract the demonstators like was in Molo ealier doesnt help. We want a united secure country.

    Had Kibaki allowed raila to rule as per the peoples mandate I promise you none of this would have happened.

  22. karanja kamau says:


    The core issues sorrounding these elections have been twisted right and left by politicians of both sides…….the truth has often been left ….
    I would like to explore the following facts…
    1.I’m peace loving kenyan who will never get any direct or indirect help from
    kibaki and his cronies, i’m also waking up everyday without knowing
    where my meal will come from….SECONDLY i’m kikuyu by birth.
    2.The issue i’m trying to address is the lives being lost be it LUO,kikuyus and
    other tribes should not be lost , because the biggest point alot of people are
    missing is that kibaki and his rich friends don’t have anything remotely to do
    with those people who are dying………..many of them are illetrate with politicsof
    the day they even don’t know who sally is………caz i’m sorry they don’t care

    Hence attacking just because their name is ALUOCH or WANJIRU….is
    completely missing the point……..

  23. Amani says:

    There are 3 Clear Battles i see here:
    1. The real fight that is those of us FIGHTING FOR DEMOCRACY and advocating for what is True and Just. Thse are PEOPLE, but very few, who genuinely have the interests of Kenya at Heart. UNFORTUNATELY, Not many of our politicians will pass this test.

    2. The Fight against the Police who killed innocent Kenyans who just needed space to express themselves. THIS WRONG by all standrads and the police must be brought to Justice.

    3.The Fight against those who killed innocent Kenyans who voted one way or another. I agree with Karanja that some of the Politicians hiding behind our CLEAN AGWAMBO whos agenda is Democracy have SERIOUS ULTERIOR motives.

    I am a strong believer that God has a great PLAN for Kenya. AND KENYANS WILL EMERGE VOCTORIOUS.

    We Must have Patience, Trust God and Do what we need to do Non-violently.

  24. Amani says:

    So the solution is to tackle all the 3 battles above. I think the greatest challenge is #3. But it cannot be achieved without winning #1-This is what will define.

  25. karanja kamau says:

    I truly agree with you……by the way your name stands for peace..

    I have great respect for AMOLLO cause even God knows he’s for real democracy and peace ……and God will give him what is truly his..

  26. rafiq says:

    My Brother Karanja , please dont misunderstand my point. I am not justifyng any criminal activity. I said I understand your pain and agony. Thats what I am going through too. Many innocent lives are being shattered aimlessly. It is what all rightful thinking kenyans are concerned about. Honestly I am not justifying any ills done and my personal feeling is that this must end.

    My brother I lived and worked in Central province for a while. I know that a well informed, professional Kikuyu will not carry a machette to kill another Kenyan. The same goes across all other communities. Are our brothers killing and maiming their neighbours well informed, like you and me. Did they ever get an equal if any opportunity to go to school/church/social places? Have they lost hope in life? If so why? Can we give them hope?

    In African/Kenyan history we had a way of resolving conflicts. Like now the Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin, Luhyia, Samburu etc elders would be meeting to tell their sons to stop violence and it would work very well. What happened to this, why cant we explore these options, Is it because the elders are giving their sons goodwill to go ahead and attack, I dont know. What I know is that some people have survived because the elders across the divide hid them when they knew their kinsmen were coming to attack. It means there is some sense still prevailing.

    The most important thing my brother is that the root cause of these problems must be addressed. I am against branding one community as evil. The ordinary kyk even voted for RAO and vice versa. They did not participate in the rigging.

    Our disadvantaged brothers and sisters who probably feel their suffering is due to a particular group must be told honestly why things are the way they are.

    Can you imagine what these children seeing their relatives burnt and properties destroyed will become. They probably will be more violent. How do we tame this?adrress or plan to at least tackle the core issues. Elections and historical so called injustices have merged together to give us this monster.

    Let people have a TJR commission so that those who have suffered injustice because of their ethnicity tell us when the offenders are still alive. If kibaki denied me a chance in life because of his decisions either as an individual or proxy I want to tell him now not later when he is gone.

    If there is any roadmap to peace in the next few days, I pray, that adresses some of so called injustices, believe you me the country will be quiet. I dont want to imagine the alternative.

    I agree with you lets condemn all evil activity and stop the violence esp in RV. Quickly let Kibaki and his men come from the Ivory tower and feel what you and me are feeling. Lets have a heart for our neighbour in the midst of all this.

  27. 25mmpayload says:


  28. jaugenya says:

    A GNu is only acceptable if it is transitional and the time frame for new polls should be part of the deal, we do not want to go back to one party rule.If Mr Kibaki thinks that he really won the elections then he should man up and be ready for another victory.

  29. Interested American says:

    The only real solutions are:

    1) Raila and Kibaki to come together and come to some agreement that works (although it needs all sides to put real effort at arriving to a real solution)

    2) Action to be taken against those who gave orders (and followed orders) to shoot protestors. Even if this means powerful people in the Government having to face prosecution so be it, because shooting into a crowd of protestors is simply not acceptable.

    3) Action to be taken against those who gave orders (and followed orders) to kill certain ethnic groups because they did not vote a certain way. Over here the word is that a man called Ruto is to some part responsible for instigating (or at least inspiring) a lot of the atrocities done, and if that is true then Raila needs to clip his wings as quickly as possible because such a callous individual is not someone one can be safe with.

    4) Political maturity from the grassroots level up, which is probably the 2nd hardest of the bunch. Why? Because it is important for the people to realize that Government is not the final solution …..they can improve their lives without Government. Gov is simply supposed to be a facilitator, but it appears as if people in Kenya see Government as a mother-figure who will give them milk and bread. That is stupid, and a path to poverty. You need to realize that you can only get ahead by your own efforts, not for waiting for government stipends (to the tune of only a few dollars).

    5) Finally, the hardest thing is for Kenyans to put themselves as Kenyans first. In the US we have many cultures, extremely diverse in nature and scope. However, at the end of the day we are American. You will not see an Irish-american go to Brookyn and start carding and killing Jewish-Americans! Yet in Kenya it is all about tribe …..for instance, a poster recommended that people make sure that they check who their shoe-shiner is, or who their taxi driver is, or who repairs their cooker. That is simply tribalism …..it would be like me checking to ensure that the elevator guy is not Arab American or my waiter is not African American. Stupid. An economic boycott is against the company, not against a tribe (and you have to be aware that the ‘other side’ is probably coming up with ways to fire workers who are ‘unlike them’). It is all stupid, and i think some leadership is needed on this.

    All in all, Kenya has great promise. The leaders are quite intelligent (Raila for example seems to be quite the educated type, although some people like that Ruto character are HIGHLY questionable). The people are generally quite warm (which is why seeing images of people hacking one another was quite shocking).

    Your country has promise.

    And for my part, I am sure that you will be alright as a country.

  30. faith says:


    We cant detach our selves from politics, it is the politians who make laws that govern us, it is the politians who vote for budget where you and me get services, it is the politians i.e president who appoints most govt. and parastatal heads and judiciary, police commisioner,Army chiefs e.t.c so as citizens we cant eliminate that.

    The way forward is simple Kibaki steps down allow for a re-run or retire to Othaya and let us go to the polls again or my second point is abit controversial he stays in power for a year or so which in the mean time the lawmakers change the constitution so that when Kibaki goes home the parliament is not dissolved but we can have a presidential election only with that Kenyans will have there justice(electing our dear RAO) AND Kibaki would have been deemed to have served two terms as provided by law.

    I was suprised to watch the ex-Mungiki man leading the protests of mainly people from one community to the effect that Kibaki won the election such theatrics shows that PNU lacks ideas because with this action it will galvanise the thought in peoples minds that the Kikuyus support the president even though me as one of them voted and supports ODM and also this will inflame the clashes going on in the country.

    The election of one Thuo as govt. chief whip is a non-starter, because it will be viewed in the eyes that he was chosen because he is a Kikuyu and the question that comes in is can he be able to galvanise support for the govt. in the house and also convince opposition to support govt. position that is i think an error of judgement again on the PNU side the only reason he was elected i believe is because he dished out monies to those MP’s and they were only 40 in attendance.

    Lastly Agent for change please tell us i had asked earlier can his excellency Hon. Eng. ECG. RAO appear one of this days to blog with us.

  31. rafiq says:

    please let us know more of these companies

  32. Mike Okello says:

    Please note that while detaching livelihoods from politics COMPLETELY is not possible ,it is possible to weaken the bond, limit the effect of politics on livelihoods on a day to day basis, So that whereas the favorable consequence of the political institutions on livelihoods will be embraced, the adverse effect will be resisted or rationalized by the citizenry.

    For example, if a certain political figure from my region says in public that Kikuyus are selfish, i will not hear that statement from my radio and run to my Kikuyu neighbor with a Machete to harm him or her, instead, i will rubbish that and live on harmoniously with my neighbor. That means i am not looking up to my MP for directions on how i should do this or that, at the same time, people will learn to respect alternative institutions as as possible role model of good living e.g The academicians, the professionals, the business communities, the Diplomats, Musicians, the Clergy etc. On the same note, the Media will Focus less on the politicians, you will note that for now, a dirty joke form an MP will be covered on TV, Prime time news and space on the print media, while a lot of business news are places on the back banner, Bulls eye for example, News shot, Kukuru Kakara za Kisiasa, etc, In as much as we want to make news entertaining, our prime time priorities depict a community that is too filled up with politics and the political dynamism translates into disturbed livelihoods. In other words, Two politically antagonistic figures lead to two politically antagonistic communities! Is this an African Curse that we have to live with?

    Event the current unfortunate state of the nation is a consequence of polarized political Inclinations by the political figures we look up to. This will be a lasting solution. It will thereafter generate the most honest and selfless quest for constitutional review, where those involved will be selfless and patriotic and more so like minded.

    Isn’t unfortunate that right now when people are dying, old and young all alike, dying every day and with thousands displaced and vulnerable… People are still busy heaping worship for Hon Kibaki and others Hon Raila as their candidates. Don’t you think this should have been overtaken by the concern for Innocent Human life that is being lost today.

    Honestly I do not care who is the president, all i want is to be sure that no other person will loose his/her life on account of this matter. This MUST end!

  33. OT says:

    Mike, you are missing the point completely. our problem is that the elections were rigged. if there was no rigging, none of this would have happened. if you are telling us to divorce ourselves from our rights, then you are deluding yourself inside your greasy head.

  34. Ismael says:

    Get lost Mike, you have missed the reality BUS.

    Being able to write here is part of your constitutional right. Voting is also of the same importance and should be respected.

    on the 26th Dec on my way to Kisumu, the WANANCHI intercepted 3 ballot boxes which were ferried by PNU sympathisers like you.

    During the elections, a Chopper from nowhere landed with 12 ballot boxes in North Eastern province. No ECK official accompanied the boxes.

    And for those who care to remember the clip in Live TV coverage that showed a policeman being exposed for trying to rig.

    If you are battling to see things in the right light, then you must be having big problems or you are moking us. I hope it’s not the latter.. coz we will beat the heall out of you.

  35. kanyeka says:


    Anne Says:
    January 22, 2008 at 4:57 pm
    If you cannot join us in the streets for mass action we squarely understand. This is a struggle against INJUSTICE and you can contribute in many ways, however small it shall be.
    Thank you good Kenyans.Use your pocket to vote against thieves.
    Those who stole our votes and are now killing our people, finance the dictatorship using money from you and I.
    Can you believe you are giving money to somebody to kill you, your brother, sister, father, mother and friends? Do you want to continue helping him to kill you?
    We must stop them having their cake and eating it! If you stop buying their products and services they will realize we are important people.
    They now want to sell Safaricom, get ksh 30b and use it to stay in power for another 5 years. In 2012 they will use the money to buy the Kivuitus , Kalonzo’s, Kombo’s, Tuju’s and Poghisio’s etc of this world. Say NOT AGAIN.
    They are salivating for the profitability of Safaricom because of you and I. We must use our pockets to vote against injustice.
    Their injustice is hidden by the tribally inclined media led by the NATION MEDIA. Remember the police who shot down the unarmed man in Kisumu? Suprise! the Daily Nation and Nation TV did not mention the incident at all! What a cover up!
    Contribute to the freedom by doing the following:
    1. Forget Nation they hide the truth, buy STANDARD every day.
    2. Ignore Brookside buy TUZO
    3. Use Safaricom to receive, BUY CELTEL for calling
    4. Close you Equity Bank account today!
    5. Ignore Mololine, City Hoppa, Eldoret Express (they were used to carry Uganda army soldiers at night etc they are not safe. Select taxi, shoe shiner carefully.
    6. You would rather buy from an Asian (they didnt steal our votes)
    7. Don’t buy from a Nairobi hawker, they are all Mungiki at night
    8. Select where you take your lunch, chips, tea, beer, Nyama choma etc.
    9. Avoid mitumba sold by Mungiki
    10.Select the fundi who repairs your car, house, cooker, furniture etc
    11.Do NOT buy BIC PENS
    12. Do NOT shop at DEACONS, it belongs to him.(bald)

  36. TURNCOAT says:

    thx Ann. You are mama ODM.

  37. Ogutu Pius says:

    I totally agree with Kanyeka. ODMers, you shall contribute to giving the thiefs more money by buying Safaricom and Brookeside milk and others as well outlined by Anne. But this business of mass action is hurting the poor more than the middle class and those in power illegally, so Peoples President, please ease up on that…am a jua kali trader whose income for january is nothing to write home about…i mean look around, only areas where ODMers dominate seem to have problems of joblessness, food deficits, lack of education and of course abject poverty…lets use our brains instead. As for the blood of innocent people being killed, thats a curse on ODM especially those in Rift Valley, casting a shadow on Ruttoh’s partnership with our President.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Turncoat…… I am pushing Anne for Mama ODM Bloggers. How is this Anne! You have opened my eyes and many others at least by specifying where these thieves are minting their cash and taking the loot! Tho long live Raila our president! We will not rest until justice is done.

    JUSTICE IS THE ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION! THERE IS NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE! We are going to fight until this government with Kibaki and his henchmen come down. This I PROMISE YOU! Michuki are you listening? They said that we can square this here as Kenyans and that we do not need international mediators? Yes we want to square it here with them! They know it so well that once we get hell-bent on doing it our way here, then there will be no winner in this. How about this Mr Kibaki sir?

  39. Walter says:

    The everlasting solution should Mr.Kibaki fail to accept stepping down ,the 6 provinces under ODM should demand autonomy!
    We have a capable team which can run the Orange Republic in a moral and ethical way .Let the Banana Republic continue thriving and wallowing in their primitive culture of accumulation,amassing of wealth in the disguised perception of being hard working people,yet in actual sense it is just greed and gluttony.

    Why would one be obssessed with Safaricom IPO at this time when the country need to attend to a matter of life and death i.e presidential vote theft?
    Simple all the key economic sectors namely;Power -KENGEN /KPLC,Telecommunications-Telkom we all know this one is gone who the real owners are,a deal rushed a few hours to the 07 elections-Transport -City hoppa nakadhalika,Financial Sector-Equity,NSE ,Service -Tourism sector,Hotel industry ,Real Estate .Print and Electronic media etc.
    How can a one NSE chairman ,whose Dyair and Blair investment bank supposedly won the tender to oversee the Safaricom IPO,is this not a conflict of interest?how ethical is it for one man to have over 400 proxy companies registered just to buy stocks thus denying an ordinary kenyan investor to own or be allocated maximum shares due to “over subscription”? it is the same people who want the Safaricom IPO to proceed so that they can buy all the shares,this is unacceptable if we want a just and moral society.
    This clique of 10% want to ensure the deal is sealed before 2012 for the rest of Kenyans to remain the consumers of their Goods & Services.
    When will an aspiring young Kenyan Man or woman get an opportunity for business in this sectors,our children and children’s children will have it rough they would be slaves working /toiling for those who will be lucky to be considered by this Grabbers grandchildren .

    Kenyans in their right minds must say no to this ,the capitalism in Kenya needs to be curtailed.Oh how I wish for a Hugo Chavez,Evo Morales kind of revolution.

    An Orange Republic is our only saviour,sorry saviour for our children and children’s children since most of us are approaching sell by date as per the current life expectancy in Kenya,we may not be there to enjoy the fruits of the peoples revolution.

  40. kanyeka says:

    If Koffi Anan will not bring permanet solution then there will be no PEACE and the best way is to call for mass action for those who are not in that position can follow the idea ANN gave.
    The worse might even come read this from AP



  41. Sam says:

    Dear Comrades in Struggle!

    I propose the following steps as the path to get permanent solution:

    1.We should Struggle until we get our right and true democracy.The true democracy or the struggle to get our right cannot be achieved within one month.It takes time,the thief may wish that things will just get away,hapana?.This is just the beginning of the struggle.I can tell you things may be out of hand for him very soon.

    2. Once we have achieved our right,the constitution must be changed to devolve power to the people.

    3.RAO should constitute his cabinet/government.Imagine our taxes are being used to buy guns to kill our brothers and sisters,

    4.Let us all prayer,we are like the children of Israel in Misri.God will one day answer our prayers.How can one province has more votes than six provinces.How can one compare a leader of 43 MPs with that of 99 MPs.There is no comparison whatsoever.

  42. Mike Okello says:

    I repeat that the priority of Kenya NOW, is Peace and stability, Not who is a thief and who is not a thief. Can i shock you, it is possible to have peace without Justice, it justs depends on the people among whom peace is being made.

    In the quest for Justice, you can live in war for a lifetime, yet in the same quest for justice you can still decide to pursue justice through institutions, unless institutions fail.

    Majority of posts in this web are PURE INCITEMENT. How do you make of the following statement by one Kenyan”HOW CAN ONE PROVINCE HAS MORE VOTES THAN SIX PROVINCES” Isn’t that just incitement in broad day light? To ensure that people get more offended, more disturbed, more charged, more antagonistic, there are more deaths, more mass burials, more tears….. Come on! We are Kenyans, let’s contribute towards the healing of a hurting Nation, Kenya.

    Everybody the world over knows that the election was close to call, bitterness was expected from losers and hearty celebrations from the winners. lets work to bring the two together, we are children of this Nation and we will reap what we will sow before long.

    Don’t combine incitement with prayer, Prayer is good, Incitement is EVIL!

  43. faddie says:

    i want to address you becoz i think for whatever reason you seem to hold a grudge against Raila.when people fight for change and whwn they believe in it they don’t do it for you or for raila.they want it becoz they believe it will make their lives better.at least i do.
    i respect your opinions but i hate it when you become emotional to the point that you start belittling people’s fight for change.remember you can decide to start change from within yourself but you also need to know that change doesn’t come in isolation.my question to you is(put aside your emotions about both raila and kibaki)do you believe that something wrong in the management of the affairs of this country?and if so,what do you think would be the best way to solve all the historical injustices that have occured in this country?how would you solve them if you were the president?if you don’t believe there is a problem then am sorry you are in the wrong company.
    honestly mike,don’t pretend that you can bring change to this country or any other on your own without changing the political leadership.and mike whatever feelings you have against raila,please just keep them to yourself.i believe most bloggers here don’t support ODM because of raila but because of the party’s policies.
    am yet to know why the government would be historically unfair in resource allocations to certain parts of this country like north eastern and kambaland yet these are also kenyans.they are not lesser kenyans.so why would you skew resources for water for example in favour of nyeri district which has better water distribution rather than develop the same for ukambani and north eastern where they need it dearly?
    so mike,if you changed yourself,how would that change the way resources are allocated if you don’t change the government?

  44. ken says:

    Mike Okello is wrong in saying everyone in the world expected the race to be close, sir everyone saw Kibaki steal the election and institute martial law plus infringe on press freedom as well as the rights of Kenyans to hold peaceful demonstration. In trying to justify the stealing of an election and thus causing a reversal in the gains made in Kenya, you and your ilk are guilty of what has befallen Kenya. I read the nation online and not a single paragraph was given to the memorial services held in Kisumu and Kakamega where hundreds were slain by police. This kind of passive support for a dictator belittles the lives that have been lost in Kenya’s quest for the second liberation. Once again mr. Mike okello if you cannot contribute anything to aid in the denunciation of a dictatorship, then spare us this space and take your hypocrisy somewhere else!!

  45. ken says:

    We need to transform the ODM into a strong movement with a strong youth wing and womens league. We also need to sell this idea of social democracy with devolution to the workers union because our cause is just. Finally we still need to keep the pressure, we are the custodians of our democracy, the status quo cannot and should not be maintained! At the negotition table ODM needs to push for a transitional government that will organize new elections under the supervision of an empowered electoral commission. Futhure when the house reopens in March ODM needs to push through the legislature, bills that will reduce the powers of the presidency and devolve power to the provinces. We are in this for the long haul so lets all get a little bit more involved. Finally agent for change where can we send our contributions to help the families of those that were killed given that Kibaki refuses to extend help?

  46. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    KIBAKI to apologise and resign. ECK to be reconsituted a fresh so Kenyans can have fresh presidential elections. New constitution with devolved to be top of the agenda and should be delivered. In case Kibaki does not want to aplogise and resign, RAILA should form a parallel independent government of the people’s republic of Kenya.

  47. "Otula" says:

    Dear odmera’s,what mike enjoys most is being discussed on the blog.He doesn’t have any agenda to discuss other than cheap publicity through our blog..Let’s ignore just as we have ignored kalonzo.

  48. joseph jakenya says:


  49. "Otula" says:

    The permanent sol, is either we swear in Raila as the president,or have another election in three months or kuharibike.

  50. Maru Kapkatet says:

    What ODM Should Go For:

    OPTION 1: Implement the BOMAS Draft and structure the government as per the draft while Kofi Annan presides until the process is completed.

    OPTION 2: Re-open the constitution and create the post of Executive Prime Minister, who will be in charge of public safety (policing), revenue, education, health, local government and provincial administration, correctional services

    The president will be in charge of defence, finance (fiscal policy and international finance only excluding revenue collection and budget) and national planning, foreign affairs, natural resources, and environmental protection.

    The Prime Minister will succeed the president if the latter vacates office or is incapacitated in some way.

    Agreed on, passed in parliament, and ministers appointed and sworn in and Kofi Annan ratifies.

    OPTION 3: Under the current constitution, ODM goes for Vice President and Minister of Public Safety (all police services including administration police, regular police, criminal investigations, intelligence services), ministry of finance, ministry of devolved governments to be created by combining the provincial administration and local governments, ministry of skills and social development (to replace the ministry of labour and combine with some aspects of ministry of social services), ministry of health, ministry of education, and the ministry of national unity, justice, and constitutional affairs.

    PNU can take the presidency and the rest of the ministries including foreign affairs, national planning, defence, environmental services, special projects (Aids and Disasater Relief), Trade and Industry, and Tourism can be taken by PNU.

    To be agreed and signed, ministers appointed and sworn in as Kofi Annan presides and ratifies.

  51. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Walter, good article. This is the kind of quality and ammo that we need in this economic warfare. Elizabeth………work hard u may be sister ODM. Interested americans, we can see you you beneath the fake sheep skin. |its a a pity you took up so much space and in the end said nothing. Noel Mwakugu ( a taita – BBC reporter) made my day with his artlce. Thanks blogger for sending it our way.

    Thinking back, i notice that the same sombre mood now hangs just after TOM Mboya was killed………the massacre that followed in Kisumu afterwards. I shudder to think ………would they try it…..? With a clique that wants to hang on to power even with the skin of their teeth……..i would not ………..Let us reinforce out security for the pentagon members.


  52. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:


  53. zizi says:

    kenyaturncoat and the rest, some of us have repeatedly urged us to desist from castigating other ethnic groups or individuals. If that is what democracy is about then is it worth dying for? Liberation and reform comes with its own discipline which includes tolerance and the protection of minorities. Some of us joined this cause because we believed RAO was that agent4change, not because we liked his luoism or disliked kibaki’s kikuyuism. No at all! We must rise above otherwise we delude ourselves. I personally come from a minority community that may not champion for its own at the national table. We have to do that through proxies like proclaimed democrats such as RAO. If we look at the colour of our skin or the twist of toungues to determine whether we belong or not, kenyaturncoat, WE LIE to ourselves on this blog.

  54. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    Agent for change i have seen the advert. from eck on today’s standard news papers concerning the allegation about Kibaki stealing our votes can you tell ODM secretatiate to please clarify the matters raised urgently.

    Kenyaturncoat i dont know what you meant by looking for a kiuk mboch if it was meant to be a tribal slur against a community it is not allowed in this forum Agent for change clear some of this mails from finding there way to this forum. As from last year when this site was started we have stood as one ODM team championing the cause of ” chungwa moja maisha bora” let us not allow any individual separate us.

    One of the fundamental thing i want to tell all ODMers is that like an orange when you peel it you see compactments inside and the companents are covered with the orange skin that is what ODM represent different tribes coming together with sole purpose of building a brighter new Kenya for all.

  55. kanyeka says:

    I get your sentiment and let me apologize if I am one of them but remember that JUSTICE should be core to this struggle. But we should desist with that kind of act as RAO said bellow

    “Let us not fight each other. Our war is between a small clique of bloodthirsty politicians around Kibaki who want to maintain the status quo and the large mass who are agents of change. Do not burn a poor man’s property. He never stole the election at KICC,” Raila beseeched as he urged Kenyans to embrace peace.

  56. Otsiatso says:

    That is juvenile and insulting, you ought to apologize..You are undoing all the hard work that ODM is trying to get us together …


  57. Otsiatso says:

    Here is something from misterseed, the most influntial Kenyan in the UK on the web.


    About 500 Kenyans from GEMA community in the UK met on Wednesday 23rd January, 2008 in London and came up with one voice: “WE ARE AT WAR”. “How can we say we are not in war when one of brothers here has lost five members of his family in the last one week. You might say it is an incitement or whatever name you want to call it but what I know is that we at war.” one member explained. The meeting agreed in one voice “It is GEMA people who have been targeted and now we are launching “GEMA ABROAD”. They posed a big question to President Mwai Kibaki and they asked the media to communicate to the president: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN OUR PEOPLE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED LIKE CHICKEN. ARE YOU IN CONTROL? IS IT THE PENTAGON WHO ARE RULING?” the disappointed members asked. “We were beaten during Moi era and now we are beaten during Kibaki’s era. Our patient is over now and we have also declared war.” the group explained. “It is our property being destroyed, its our men, women and children who are being killed – our hearts are crying while abroad. We cannot hold any longer and we have to help our people back home.” the group agreed in one voice. “Some will say it is incitement, others might say its is GEMA which is coming back but the truth of the matters is that we have today launched “GEMA ABROAD” to help our people. “How can you say we are not in war when Raila Odinga has explained loud and clear that Kisii community should not be killed but GEMA community should be killed as they are the enemy. What is the Kenya government doing about this statement. Who is in control.” the group asked.

    They agreed that all GEMAs community in the UK and Ireland will count themselves and everyone will have to have a number. Every man or woman over the age of 18 years will register with at least £50 and above. A committee of 12 people were nominated to be the interim committee with an additional 10 members from other UK cities with one member from Oxford, Northampton, Reading, Bristol, Nottingham, Scotland, Manchester, Coventry and Luton to make a total of 22 members. Everyone on meeting registered themselves and they were all given membership number and the will start executing their work immediately. They agreed to community to the GEMA communities abroad in USA and other parts to join in so that we can help our community whom has become the target of the recent mass killings. Everyone should register as a member immediately because back home people are in serious problems. The UK committee is co-ordinating with the Kenyan committee to see that the funds will not be misused. The group explained that if you don’t join and register at this crucial time you are of no use to the community. The membership is to help to monitor the progress of the registration and to know who is who. To register you need to text or ring the following number where you will be advised what to do. When you text you will be texted back you membership number. You will use your membership as a reference when paying for your membership. The number is 07518891930. GEMA ABROAD is registered as a community organisation in the UK.

    Everyone entering the meeting had to communicate with the community language before being allowed into the meeting. The meeting went emotional when one of the members in the meeting from Molo area phone home and he put his mobile on loud speaker and you could hear the crying man back home explaining that large part of Molo was on flames. He explained that Mau Summit town has been burnt. Several members called their home area at the meeting and hundreds of houses has been burnt at Mau Summit, Molo, Njoro, Elburgon, Kipkerion, Londiani and Tomboroa which has become a no gone zone, Subukia, Narok, Nyahururu and Eldoret. As the meeting was going on a called from Kenya explained to his brother at the meeting that a school in a place called Karandi in Molo is on fire. The group went wild when one member explained that ODM group in Kenya are paying KShs. 200 for every GEMA member killed in the field. It was revealed at the meeting that this is the beginning of the war. It is something that has been arranged for a long time behind the scene. The war against those in the Rift Valley is planned in FIVE phases. Phase one was Eldoret, Phase 2 is Elburgon, Molo and Njoro area and three more phases to go. The team agreed in one voice that if the killing of innocent GEMA community does not stop immediately Kibera will be no more and all the fighting communities will have to leave Nairobi.

    A big demonstration in support of the President Kibaki and protesting against the Western Media has been arranged on Saturday 2nd January 2008. People who are expected in large numbers will be assembling outside Kenya Embassy, 45 Portland Place, W1B 1AS at 10.00 a.m. where the procession will proceed to 10 Down Street – the Prime Minister’s house to present their memorandum in support of Kibaki and explaining that we cannot allow some selfish people to destroy our country Kenya.

    Another urgent meeting was arranged for Saturday 26th January, 2008 in London at Memorial Baptist Hall, 395 Barking Road, London E13 opposite Plaistow Police Station as from 5.00 p.m. Those who will not be available on Saturday can join a similar meeting on Saturday at 185 Hermon Hill Road, London E18 1QQ on Sunday 27th January, 2008 as from 6.00 p.m. For information you can contact 07931106692.

  58. TURNCOAT says:


  59. karanja kamau says:

    I can’t wait when all things will be about kenyans,especially i have higher hopes with young kenyans because they are not tribal…….
    Be able to travel anywhere and enjoy the local cuisines/food…..be competitve in school and sports…….love and be proud to be kenyan…..
    by the way the faster the whole mess get settled,the better for OBAMA 08.

  60. Elizabeth says:

    A PERMANENT SOLUTION SERIOUSLY! Mwai Kibaki should step down for justice to prevail in Kenyans’ homes. Otherwise, KENYA WILL BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NONE OF US! If Kibaki and his cronies think that they own Nairobi…then sorry too. NAIROBI WILL BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NONE OF US! We will fight to the bitter end. Until the last one of us is dead. I promise Kibaki this. In this situation there will be no winner. I prefer it this way….. KAMA MBAYA MBAYA! Call me a sadist, by now its the only choice we have got!

  61. pabokenya says:

    is the mass action called off or its a just what nnation newspapers does best these days?
    i believe agent of change we need some form of censorship so that the slur such as the one by turn coat does not appear heer.

    ODMers are kenyans mainly young kenyans whose desire of change can only be realised by TInga and they belong to all ethnic origins in the country.

    back to the topic, we sud never accept any post in this illegal govt of Mwizi kibaki.
    we sud know that annan will achieve nothing since kibaki assumes that he is rulling tho he cant even attend church service in nairobi and he has over 100,000 ploice to his side.

  62. crateturner says:

    i think the only solution is for a re-run the guy that wins wins! then we go on from there

  63. crateturner says:

    if kibaki can not attend a church service then this shows one thing that God is not on is side. if 30million people are crying, going hungry, being killed, sleeping in the cold, then just know kibaki is cursed and he will one day be humiliated by the people of kenya. forget about how moi was humiliated by bing thrown on by mud his will be worse watch this space

  64. Mike Okello says:

    From Elizabeth….”We will fight to the bitter end. Until the last one of us is dead” Is it still wise to post contributions after a drinking spree? Lets post messages while sober.

    Elizabeth, If you must DRINK and POST, Drink Milk!

  65. BIG BROTHER says:


    I mean if Elizabeth can drink and still be able to type, what is the problem with that… The thing is, you are insulting her intelliegence. You know well that no drunk person can blog, i guess you are meant that she is STUPID but you are trying to be polite. Please drop that fake skin of yours.

    We are all entitled to our opinions. You MUST not dictate to people what they can write, when to write. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. I guess you are not a liberal.

    Please treat people with some respect.

    BIG BROTHER is watching…

  66. Jenny ...Dallas says:

    STOP PLEASE!?????!! Let Us all Try as Hard as this is …I believe that with enough Caring We can ALL pull through this rough time. It has been Hard but let us be the Adults that now start injecting pure positive energy. Let us try that for a week or so and emphathize with the real people who are out there displaced from their homes, and visit someone who has lost someone through the violence, stop idle loose talk from your friends and relatives and grieve for all Kenyans.

    Would it be so hard for us all to remember that we all know someone from another tribe?or are married to one? or related to one by birth, intermarriage , or our children have friends to one????….pause awhile my friend , my relative, my Kenyan…at the end of the day ..this Vision …was to build roads businesses schools and pure equity in every community in Kenya. The Way that I saw it , it was supposed to join people of every tribe in Kenya ,and trancend all barriers that tribal ignorances had. What have we done??????We have rejected the neighbours who had looked after our children when we went home squared or on vacation …and could not leave them with our blood relatives, we cannot look at our friends genuinely . We have spat on our best friends regardless of what tribe because all of a sudden it has become important, We have made our best friends our enemies( All tribes…. Look into yourselves and SLow Down…)?Slow Down Kenya ….Slow Down. …Seriously Slow Down!!!!!!Pause and think about all yourfriends who were important people in your lives and when the rhetoric is over remember……We are in this Together!!!We are many tribes and we are all suffering, Many people have lost their lives painfully , this is NOT a 3 tribal problem. Many many other tribes have died for the same cause. Let Us Rise from This …!!Let us treat each other with respect and pride, and make sure that we do not let the Dream of Kenyans being Kenyans,diminish from wars that are created by people who do not want Kenyans to be “SIMPLY KENYANS”. Breathe and embrace each other for this Dream will become a reality . As hard as it may be for you to look at the other tribe or see their point of view….put yourself in their shoes …and do unto others as you would like them to do unto you!! ….You will never go wrong, and the pain will subside.Remember God is on the side of those who want right for ALL. Let us use all this energy to soothe the pain of all the Kenyan families.Embrace your friend and neighbor and assist all that need help.Life is Too Short…!!!!We do not know what is in store for all of us kesho…but now while we are still here Let Us All live in Harmony.How You ask…..? All your energy in the letters you write if done positively …would go a long way. ……..please…my neighbor , my classmate, my friend ..my…my.

  67. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you MIKE OKELLO! Welcome to my world. This message was for you. I personally targeted you with this message, because you piss me off with your hollier than thou way of treating this grave situation. Why do you want me to pretend that all is well while the person who has put us through this is comfortable somewhere drinking life and our cries away?


    Was Kibaki sober when he lifted the bible at night and got sworn in? No, he wasnt! Was Michuki sober when he released the policemen on a shooting spree to kill innocent Kenyans? No he wasnt! Was Alfred Mutua sober when he told us that Kuffuor was coming for a cup of tea when Kenyans were busy butchering each other? No he wasnt!

    I have been sober for too long and my soberness has definitely gone to the dogs. I cannot take it anymore.

    Whoooolalala! Whoever coined the phrase AN EYE FOR AN EYE? Got you boy. Go ahead and yapyap. I sincerely cannot wait. See I knew that you were an agent for Kibaki sent here to quell the enthusiastic attitude towards ODM here!

    HAHAHAA and you are running scared! Hello? pissed off again? Ushindwe! Pepo mbaya. Pepo nyeusi!

    MIMI NDIYE DAWA YAKO HAPA? See I wrote this message to piss you off and you are! Ding dong da!

  68. faith says:


    Girl that was the bomb!!!!!!!!! maybe Mike can now go and hang himself. The decision is made ODM rules in parliament and major councils like Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Malindi, Uasin ngishu(where we get maize), Narok and many others so we cant accept anything less than our right and it is RAO for prezzy or nothing.

  69. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    I’m filtering some of the issues here, but I need some guidance here… how true is the alert below??? pls it’s urgent!………………………!!!!!!!
    Alert! Mungiki are hitting back and slaughtering our pple. Uhuru and chris kirubi have been tasked to bankroll them this week. Gitahi the Nation CEO has offered to ferry guns in nation vans! The first batch of guns destined for elburgon,molo,eldoret,bungoma,kakamega,mombasa and kisumu will be leaving tonight for these destination

  70. Obonyo says:

    Who is this Mike Okello? Mike if u have nothing to post in this site pls refrain from insulting our intelligence

  71. Elizabeth says:

    MIKE OKELLO am still with you! On your case! You are one of the many tactics that the government is using to ‘poesha’ the heat that they are getting from ODM!

    ODMers wake up Mike Okello is an agent sent here by Kibaki to come and calm people here. To moderate this charged crowd! To stop the heat that this blog is generating towards the government. If you think that you will make me backtrack poor boy…YOU ARE WRONG!

    Oh and before I forget…… SMIRNOFF ICE is my favourite… which one is yours? What’s your take? Or you are MR. HALLELUYIA? I WANT TO KNOW NOW, I DEMAND!


  72. Elizabeth says:


    I have hit this gentleman where it hurts most. I had so much stress today from this election fiasco and see? KABUMBU E KABUMBUU its all gone.

  73. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Bravo Elizabeth!!!!!

  74. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Bravo Elizabeth!!!!

  75. Omuto says:

    Got the stuff below from a friend just a few minutes ago. The information could be partially stale but I thought it wise to share it with you because on a closer look, it is indeed interesting.


    The pressure continues to pile on the illegitimate regime in Kenya .

    It is now emerging that the Ugandan army men are actually in Western
    Kenya (Western and Nyanza)and there are many more that have been
    sourced from that country (about 3,000) to prop up Kibaki, just

    You may be wondering why Michuki is now taking a hardline stance. At
    the rate things are going, we may be headed for a military solution.
    We are made to understand that Kibaki and his ilk had to seek the
    assistance of Museveni when the Kenya army defied orders to go out of
    the barracks to go and quell the civil unrest.

    The rumour that General Kianga, Chief of General Staff (CGS) had
    resigned is no rumour. He did resign following a disagreement on how
    things were being done at Department of Defence army headquarters. He
    could not take it any more, that his junior a Gen.Njoroge was giving
    orders to the army and bypassing him!

    However, on the other hand, the pro-ODM army units who are a majority
    were of the resolved opinion that should General Kianga quit and
    Gen.Njoroge take over as CGS then the army was bound to do something

    It left the Kibaki group with no option but to plead with Gen.Kianga
    to stay on for another two or three months while they sorted things
    out. Gen Kianga has never categorically denied this allegation that he
    had resigned. Something he should have done were it not true.

    If you did not know, Raila is most popular presidential material among
    the military ranks and police.

    Based on these facts and a myriad other complications relating to the
    armed units of the country, the Uganda army is the only option and
    Museveni is more than willing to assist Kibaki having played the same
    game himself.

    This development of inviting Uganda army into Kenya has irked the
    Kenya army so much and it may be one point for which they may never
    forgive Kibaki.

    Real statesmen in Africa are far in between. Museveni, Moi and Kibaki
    do not qualify one iota.

    The Michuki and Karua group were counting on the US support militarily
    and diplomatically, but with shifting of alliances and the firm
    position taken by the US government end of last week, they are feeling

    In the `mwoto mwoto;chini kwa chini’ news networks, it is also
    emerging that Kibaki was sworn in at 2.00pm. What happened at 4:45pm
    as televised by KBC was a recorded version.

    You doubt that? Watch that clip again and check out the shadows.

    The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission are so
    right in raising the issues relating to these illegality of Kibaki
    being in office.

    And for the Wananchi, they are arguing (and rightfully so) that since
    the national anthem was not played when Kibaki was sworn in, he is not
    president yet.

    I also read this observation in the press the other day that Kibaki
    did the wrong thing by not handing back the army sword that symbolizes
    state power before the winner of the election was announced. The army
    failed in its responsibility or was General Kianga frustrated?

    In essence, what should have happened is that starting from the first
    date of the election period, Kibaki is supposed to have handed over
    the instruments of power as CIC to General Kianga. Very much the same
    way it was done during the Moi – NARC transition. General Kibwana
    handled this very well, picture perfect.

    General Kianga would have then handed over the instruments of
    Commander in Chief of the army to the winner of the election upon
    announcement of the winner by ECK. Thus, the ECK alerts the army boss,
    the army boss gets the parade and band ready. The instruments are then
    transferred formally at a designated ceremony.

    But we are dealing with `wakora’ here.

    When Raila talks of a civilian coup de tat, many do not fathom the
    weightiness of that statement.

    Kibaki and his ilk should know he is in quicksand.

    Kenya is experiencing the biggest travesty of the law like no other
    ion the whole world!

    The law apart, procedure was not followed.

    Should the East Africa Court have been well in place, in power and
    structure; these are the kinds of issues that such an institution
    would handle.(Kenya Election Debacle)

    We have every reason to holler good people!

    Give up? Never; we won’t!

  76. Obonyo says:

    t is now emerging that the Ugandan army men are actually in Western Kenya (Western and Nyanza)and there are many more that have been sourced from that country (about 3,000) to prop up Kibaki, just incase.

    You may be wondering why Michuki is now taking a hardline stance. At the rate things are going, we may be headed for a military solution. We are made to understand that Kibaki and his ilk had to seek the assistance of Museveni when the Kenya army defied orders to go out of the barracks to go and quell the civil unrest.

    The rumour that General Kianga, Chief of General Staff (CGS) had resigned is no rumour. He did resign following a disagreement on how things were being done at Department of Defence army headquarters. He could not take it any more, that his junior a Gen.Njoroge was giving orders to the army and bypassing him!

    However, on the other hand, the pro-ODM army units who are a majority were of the resolved opinion that should General Kianga quit and Gen.Njoroge take over as CGS then the army was bound to do something nasty.

    It left the Kibaki group with no option but to plead with Gen.Kianga to stay on for another two or three months while they sorted things out. Gen Kianga has never categorically denied this allegation that he had resigned. Something he should have done were it not true.

    If you did not know, Raila is most popular presidential material among the military ranks and police.

    Based on these facts and a myriad other complications relating to the armed units of the country, the Uganda army is the only option and Museveni is more than willing to assist Kibaki having played the same game himself.

    This development of inviting Uganda army into Kenya has irked the Kenya army so much and it may be one point for which they may never forgive Kibaki.

    Real statesmen in Africa are far in between. Museveni, Moi and Kibaki do not qualify one iota.

    The Michuki and Karua group were counting on the US support militarily and diplomatically, but with shifting of alliances and the firm position taken by the US government end of last week, they are feeling lost.

    In the `mwoto mwoto;chini kwa chini’ news networks, it is also emerging that Kibaki was sworn in at 2.00pm. What happened at 4:45pm as televised by KBC was a recorded version.

    You doubt that? Watch that clip again and check out the shadows.

    The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission are so right in raising the issues relating to these illegality of Kibaki being in office.

    And for the Wananchi, they are arguing (and rightfully so) that since the national anthem was not played when Kibaki was sworn in, he is not president yet.

    I also read this observation in the press the other day that Kibaki did the wrong thing by not handing back the army sword that symbolizes state power before the winner of the election was announced. The army failed in its responsibility or was General Kianga frustrated?

    In essence, what should have happened is that starting from the first date of the election period, Kibaki is supposed to have handed over the instruments of power as CIC to General Kianga. Very much the same way it was done during the Moi – NARC transition. General Kibwana handled this very well, picture perfect.

    General Kianga would have then handed over the instruments of Commander in Chief of the army to the winner of the election upon announcement of the winner by ECK. Thus, the ECK alerts the army boss, the army boss gets the parade and band ready. The instruments are then transferred formally at a designated ceremony.

    But we are dealing with `wakora’ here.

    When Raila talks of a civilian coup de tat, many do not fathom the weightiness of that statement.

    Kibaki and his ilk should know he is in quicksand.

    Kenya is experiencing the biggest travesty of the law like no other ion the whole world!

    The law apart, procedure was not followed.

    Should the East Africa Court have been well in place, in power and structure; these are the kinds of issues that such an institution would handle.(Kenya Election Debacle)

    We have every reason to holler good people!

    Give up? Never; we won’t!


  77. charles says:

    bloggers ignore,this man called “mike okello”,for your information that guy is Dr.Alfred Mutua.he doesnt make sense in his contributions

  78. Elizabeth says:

    Kibaki and his government will run to the toilets 1000 plus times praying, but one fact that will never leave every mind in Kenya is that they stole the presidency from RAO. And we have made a solemn vow, that he has to step down, and Raila Amolo Odinga will rule this country and change all the rotten systems that they have put to enrich themselves at our cost.

    Wakenya wameauma, na lazima wataheshimu! Let him put the police around Uhuru Park for five years, we will be there with them. Let them come with guns, we will meet them with our souls ALONE!

    Judgement day has come for Kibaki and his cronies. My lecturer used to tell me ‘the day of reckoning has come!’ All the beautiful dreams that RAO and his team had for this country is not going down the drains, yet we the people have the power. I am repeating it again ‘KENYA WILL EITHER BELONG TO ALL OF US OR TO NONE OF US’. I rest my case!

  79. kanyeka says:


    Tell them that Chungwa Bora liliibiwa tunalitafuta kwavyovyote vile!!!!

  80. crateturner says:

    to charles

    thats true i think we taking to much space on this afred mutua aka okello guy. the good thing about us ODMers we are democrates so we rather let you blog on this site than muzzle you on this site unlike kibakis and lucy who have taken the freedom of press 20 yrs back in just two weeks. so Okello or Alfred you welcomed to say what you want just becoz we at ODM are DEMOCRATES thats why change will prival over status quo of kenyatta, moi and now the new HITLER of Africa MWAI KIBAKI

  81. Abok says:

    A permanent solution cannot be found when we get news such as the following and I quote,

    “On Wednesday night, a shot was fired at Mr Odinga’s car in central Nairobi, his spokesman said.”

    Read it all at http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7206658.stm

  82. Kithinji Helena says:

    We have started on the wrong foot right from the beginning; social injustice and over-centralized power in the presidency; political patronage; lack of vision; selfish politicians that serve themselves and the few wealthy Kenyans while the majority are languishing in poverty. The situation is grave today, yet it must be sorted out. It will be a difficult and painful process but we need to overcome our frustrations and start talking. Otherwise we are all losers; the ruling elite has most to lose as the world has become a small place and Third World dictators and thiefs have few places to hide. Tribalal tensions that we are seeing now are just sympthoms of a much deeper problem. Lets use our God’s given brains and save Kenya from becoming a failed state.

  83. Maru Kapkatet says:

    There is no doubt that Hon. Raila and Kibaki will reach an agreement and form a coalition government. There will be no meaningful presidential elections in the immediate future until reforms are carried out. The first order of business for the new coalition government should be:

    1. Form a new Electoral Commission with different individuals. They should enact into law a requirement that not more than one member of any community will be allowed to serve on the commission and that the commission will be chosen entirely by parliament. The president should not be allowed to appoint members of the commission and its chair and vice-chair.

    2. Enact into law a requirement that an automatic presidential run-off will be required if the top two candidates garner votes separated by less than 500,000 and after the Electoral Commission has investigated and thrashed out all anomalies.

    3. Enact into law a requirement to give the Electoral Commission up to one month to investigate and correct all anomalies during the elections and tallying of votes before announcing the presidential results. During that period, all ballot boxes will be kept in safe custody at the British or American Embassy. Kenyans have to agree that they have never grown up, and will never grow up any time soon, politically and that they still need help from former colonial masters.

    4. Enact into law the requirement that a presidential run-off will kick in automatically if the top presidential candidate has the majority of votes but failed to garner at least 25% of the votes in at least five provinces while the second placed presidential candidate garnered less total votes but met the 25% support requirement. if the run-off produces a smilar result, then the candidate who met the 25% requirement will be declared the president. Kenya has to be led by a national leader and not a tribal leader.

    5. Enact into law a requirement that it is illegal to have Minister, Assistant Minister, Permanent Secretary, and Governor of Central Bank come from one ethnic group. If the president appoints a Minister and Assistant Minister, he should be required by law to ask the opposition to name the Permanent Secretary and Governor of Central Bank. The same should go for all ministries.

    6. Enact into law a requirement that the president appoints half the judges of the high court and court of appeal while the oppoistion appoints the remaining half and that no two or more members of one ethnic group will be appointed to either court.

    7. Extend the mandate of the president until the end of March of the year following the general elections while that of members of parliament expire when parliament is dissolved. This will ensure that there is no leadership vacuum and that the country will have sufficient time to have thrash out any election anomalies so that the country will get a genuine president and not a thief.

    8. Allow the opposition party to seek legal redress from the East African Community and the Commonwealth in case of presidential elections dispute and that the ruling of any bench struck by East African and Commonwealth judges will be binding. Both the East African Community and the Commonwealth should be asked to form a standby court to hear and decide on presidential election disputes.

    9. Ask the East African Community to form the Electoral Commission of East Africa which will supervise along with the local country Electortal Commission all general elections held in the five East African Community countries.

    10. Allow the Chief of General Staff (CGS) to speak on all matters touching on security (against foreign aggression) of Kenya between the time parliament is dissolved and the time that a new Defence minister is appointed. It is not right to have an election loser who was minister of defence talking about the security of the country. Gen. Kianga, like Kivuithu and Kalonzo Musyoka failed in providing firm leadership when they were gfaced by a crisis and instead chose the easy way out.

    The Chief of General Staff must be sanctioned and fired for ducking under his bed and allowing Ugandans to take over duties from the Kenyan armed forces. He should have come out to assure and defend Kenyans against invading foreign armies or mercenaries.

    11. All appointments of permanent secretaries must be done in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Service Commission of Kenya, which should be re-constituted to reflect the face of Kenya. The Public Service Commission of Kenya act should be changed so that it is illegal to have more than one member from one ethnic group.


    1. Kikuyu, Meru, Embu should be defined as one ethnic group
    2. Kalenjins (Kipsigis, Nandi, Tugen, Keiyo, Marakwet. etc.) as one ethnic group
    3. Luo as on ethnic group
    4. Kisii as one ethnic group
    5. Kamba as one ethnic group
    6. Somali as one ethnic group

  84. jane says:

    Lets Pray for a Just Solution in the Mediation Talks.Kenya for Everyone!!

  85. mumias says:

    Please refer to the Bomas draft constitution, it has all workable provisions of checks and balances that addresses all the issues you have noted very clearly and in a workable way.

    It seems we are very far off any form of meaningful dialouge to reach a solution. Kibaki fans the flame by insisting he won the elections, and RO made it clear he did not recognize him by referring as “honorable” Mwai Kibaki.

    It could take a while. I believe the handshake was more PR than real show of unity and commitment to resolve this by giving and taking from Both sides

  86. Jamo Otieno says:

    Am strugling to be a proudly kenyan , am heart broken. If we can exchange insults and worse slaughter each other out of, sometimes, misunderstading our leaders idea of struggle for justice. I believe Raila believes in a trully equitable and peaceful kenya but of late i don’t read that from his eyes. The kenyan tribal reality has hijacked his mission to change Kenya and converted his image to be tribal king. kibaki on the other hand is dissapointing in that he’s turned puppet to tribal manipulation some how naturally coz he received no support apart from his tribe. They won’t admit but they know all too well as leaders the’ve just become more sensitive and aware of the tribal element. I wonder if any of those two leaders can trascend and overcome the temptation to do some tribal engineering when he gets to power, Favouritsm.

    We are fighting for justice which we might get soon, but equally the opposite want the same thing as they watch us with mistrust. how can we offer real leadership that will be envied by our opposers. We got to be convincing to a kikiyu mother in rift valley that when we get to power she will be able to go back and farm in peace, that we won’t burn the remainder and take her farm away. our perfomance so far is horror at best. Fellow ODMers let RAO fight his battle with Kibaki and spare our neighbours the horror. Just as Raila won admiration of many kenyans during the referendum, we can let him do the same by being civil and disciplined. We are RAO engine. We can guide him when he’s astray or overwhelmed.

    Do you think it’s wise to boycott a busline while it’s the only way to go home to see mama? cancel my account with a bank while i’ve worked 3 hard years to build a profile in order to get a business loan. protest while i’ve seen dead people on the streets shot? change my cell and loose my essential connections. RAO, not all advice is good advice please sift it carefully. your voice is like earth quake. we feel it. We feel when you are warm to us, right now am very cold and worried.

    Last but not least, I wanna say for my part i love all regardless of tribe. Be it Kikuyu or whatever. my mentor at work happens to be kikuyu businessman. but kikuyu is just a label and so is luo, kalenjin and so on. RAO please convince me to vote for you again. win my confidence without shedding my blood.

  87. tnk says:

    kibaki cannot be trusted. the sense emerging from reading other blogs is that PNU is preparing for a major onslaught and it appears to be taking shape in the form of an attack on the person of Ruto. I hope RAO and ODM secretariat will not allow any ODM member be victimised for the turmoil we have witnessed. I do not condone violence, but I would like to caution against a state sponsored mob justice.

    i still maintain that kibaki/PNU are buying time and nothing meaningfull will come out of these talks, but I however remain hopeful. There must be some time constraints injected into the dialogue.

  88. Karau says:

    RAILA : please do not forsake all those whom have died and suffered in the cause of freedom. The people of Kenya have voted. Their wishes must be observed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!

  89. arap sirorei says:

    WE want the speaker to be in CHARGE of affairs in kenya.the national assemly should make legislation to allow this to happen,so that the parties concerned could enter into dialogue as equals and reach consensus on issues without none having an upper hand

    secondly a re-run of presidendial elections is a must if we are to permanently adress this issue .

    disband the electoral commission of kenya and follow the IPPG in constituting a credible body to oversee by elections,rerun,etc.









    we all have plan B’S


  90. Walter says:

    Nothing will come out of Koffi’s “mediation”why do I say so;

    1) Koffi’s statement after the so called ‘ice-breaking’face to face,omitted the Truth and Justice instead ,he taliked about peace and reconciliation same thing Kibaki and team have been yaping all along,

    2) Kibaki’s interest is to continue taunting ODM by insisting re was “duly elected”instead of admitting he was duly rejected by the people of Kenya,

    3) Kibaki will not disband the illegal government ,but instead will continue with efforts are being made to lure ODM MPs with the “leftover positions”in the cabinet,
    to weaken ODM,
    4) PNU propaganda are trying to weaken ODM support especially in RV,by claiming Ruto is behind the killings,this is beacause they’ve realised Ruto’s popularity in RV is stronger and therefore a threat to PNU’s 2012 succession plan.By getting Ruto out of the way ,they think ODM will be weakened since majority ODM MPs are from RV .

    We all know Koffi Anan as the Secretary General of the UN ,was too careful to confront the truth so as to protect his job,he only started talking against the war in IRAQ when he knew he had served his term.
    He is now glossing over the issue of vote theft,he ought to have hit the nail on the head that yes ,the presidential vote was flawed / stolen and mediation begins from that position.
    ODM leadership we hope you have plan B,mediation thing is just another window dressing.

  91. Mathee says:

    Mwakima attempted not only to make a dynamic and integrated analysis of the political situation prevailing in Kenya today, but as well a sensible inventory of the options available to the majority side of the political dispute.

    He rightly painted the prospect of a civil strife far worse the the current one as a reality in which the country inches by the day, and yet our sycophants are sadly not in the pictiure. Ofcourse they are blinded by the illussions of their questionable recent politcal mileages. The moment the country will slip out of their hands beyond the present state, it will be all hell drawn out. Perhaps many of them need to know what it means to be out of ones country of birth. What some once dignified Ungandans, Sudanese, and Siera Leonian elites and professionals have undergone through in foreign countries and what even people like the late Ngumba went through in Sweden should be expected in the least to be an eye opener to our political leaders.

    Very soon, some of them will regret the opportunities they will have waisted in failing to take timely action and responsibility in addressing the root causes of the current political turmoil.

  92. Lilian says:

    As we wait for the negotiation which to me seems elusive not that i am a pessimistic fellow but watching Karua on Tuesday, i am not really sure that the MP for Othaya is ready for a compromise……Let us continue with the economic boycot which i believe is working just fine after hearing Nation advertising on a vernacular radio station. Celtel followed th cue and have drastically reduced calling charges…..Their aim in stealing the presidency was to control all sectors of this country thus forcing us to lick their hands and beg them…Kenyans rise up and spread the gospel of boycot….12 of my buddies have already moved from Safaricom, 3 guys have closed equity bank accounts and i know of two families who have stopped reading the nation….Let us use alternative products as we wait with bated breath……But my paryer is that ODM will not betray us this time…Our struggle is not abt positions that will benefit a few individual, it is about our democratic right to choose and elect leaders and that right has been trampled upon.

  93. hi all
    it was a good day for me yesterday..i was overwhelmed with joy how our president RAO delivered his speech..well articulated and full of pasion for this country.it is the kind of speech one would want to hear several times over and over…it makes one have a feeling and that proud to be led by RAO. it brought back to me the emotional feelings that i had wen Kivuitu decided to block our president from assuming the office..but again iknow thre is hope…RAO shall lead us to the promised land….God bless kenya

  94. Haggai says:

    I find it naïve for Kenyans to be celebrating the mere fact that Kibaki and Raila have shaken hands, something they were clearly forced to do for the cameras. Kibaki’s speech should tell anyone that there can be no reconciliation here!

    Kibaki has NO intentions whatsoever to resolve the crisis from its roots. Truth and justice are not words that you will be hearing from him at the moment. His priority no. 1 is for the displaced people from Central to be allowed to return to their homes. Secondly, investigations must be conducted by “his government” into the violence with a view to establishing ODM’s role – not to establish the root causes!

    After a government-driven investigation pinpoints ODM for blame, it will be easy for Kibaki to stand his ground and refuse to share power with “murderers”. He will also be able to energize his obnoxious propaganda against ODM which is being spearheaded by Alfred Mutua, financed by the tax-payer. By all means, ODM must think of other options to deal with Kibaki even as mass protests continue around the country.

  95. Mike Okello says:


    The day you said these words and I quote ”We will fight to the bitter end. Until the last one of us is dead” was the saddest day for DR. G. AMAYO (phD) – UON, That you ever sat in his class!

    I am not Dr. Mutua. I have NOT been to Statehouse more than three times. I am an agent for peace.

    Let me discourage from writing such War-like statements, People are living in fear, in so many places, Others are in Mental Hospitals because of being traimatized by the skirmishes, and they are not KIKUYUS, They are Human beings Like us.

    Let us embrace peace, even if it means loosing what we hoped to have. I hope the deaths and the displacements were the NOT the most touted REAL CHANGE. And you all agree.


  96. Obonyo says:

    Yes Walter i agree with u in total RAO should not go for anything expect presidency thats is what majority of kenyans voted for him to be.People are taking about PM I dont agree with them when we wanted to change the constitution to creat this post mount kenya mafias refused and even bribe MPs not to air this in Bomas so let me remind RAO that if he accept anything for the sake of him personal ambitions then he will be like Kalonzo look the way he was piping through the window of Harambee House when talk was in progress.Imagine he stood up with kenyans we kenyans were crying am sure he would have been one of the people on mediation table

  97. charles says:

    okello,stop missing the point bevery tyme and now.i would advice you to read again the theme of this post.and contribute accordingly.if you have nothing to contribute.dont contribute it here….

    otherwise.the way forward..
    Kibaki MUST step down.
    Marende take over and form transitional govt that include all members across the political divide.
    parliament to convene and pass minor constituitional amendments on land rights and governance.
    all IDPs to be resettled in wateva areas they want and given relevant documents that they may have lost i.e.IDs and passports
    ECK to be overhauled and new conmmissioner to be appointed by political parties.on equal basis.
    then we go back to elections in August….

    i fear,on the basis of the speech Kibaki was given to read yesterday by his hardliners,The Annan Team will not achieve anything…..i rest my case

  98. Elizabeth says:

    Dont mince my words here, like MK yesterday decided to tell Kenyans once again that he was duly elected by Kenyans as the president. Even in the thick of things when dicussions that are very sensitive are going on, this Mzee cannot appreciate anything! He is a leader and he should exercise restraint, no matter how eager he is to lead Kenyans. When did leaders stop leading by example?

    Kibaki should get out before its too late.

    No regrets and no apologoies for my sentiments anyway this is the sad truth-KENYA & NAIROBI WILL BELONG TO ALL OF US OR NON OF US! Mike, this is my stand, you can make yours and preach it here – AREN’T WE AFTER DEMOCRACY?

  99. ARTHUR says:


    i believe that kibaki and his cronies are wasting the time of everyone else in kenya,the mediation team and the international community and teh world at large.

    Bearing in mind what kibaki said yesterday after the talks infront of koffi annan,raila and the entire world via the journalists,we are headed nowhere..kibaki and the characters surrounding him are hell-bent on consolidating the illegally acquired power and their illegitimacy..as we watch and the entire world watches.








  100. awour says:

    Please Give RAO’s space to think as a leader he means well for Kenya . Please pray and wait as there are no quick fixes to the magnitude of what our country is facing and every thought counts . His thoughts are now very important , what he comes up with needs to be respected eventually, and needs not to be miss-understood .Patience fellow Kenyans

  101. Hekima NAAMINI says:

    Kibaki t seems not ready for any meaningful justifiable and peace soluton. I stayed the whole day waitingb for the outcome of the meeting but what came out of the meeting is rather pertubing on the side of emilio mwai. If he goes on pretending that nothing is happening then im not afrid to put it down here that we are in for a long struggle, BITTER FEUDING THAT SHALL shape the future of THE COUNTRY for the next 100 years to come.
    Raila put it very simple and sraight , HE IS RAEDY TO WALK AN EXTRA MILE to achieve peace and justice. K EMILIO – HE is the duly elected president of kenya. WHERE ARE WE HEADING. IF TALK SHALL NOT HELP WHAT NEXT..?

    TIME WILL TELL, The supremacy of any nation lies in the hand of the common mwananchi. it belongs to all of us. the 42 tribes of kenya.


  102. celine says:

    When I starte reading Mikes blogs, I first thought that he was Martha Karua, then came to think that it was Mr. rattle a snake. Kumbe ni Mr. “Kuffur is coming for a cup of tea with Kibaki?” Ohhhhh my God!!!!. Shame on you Alfred.

    Mr. Kuffur

  103. celine says:

    poa sana. You are a real Kenyan. Thank you so much for making my day. Tell Mike that if Koffi fails, we will lock our children in houses to go and fight this baba ya wezi. Othaya man must go.

  104. celine says:

    To Raila
    Usijaribu kudanganywa na hao wezi. Stick to your word. After all every Kenyan is supporting you apart from Mike like blinds. If you dare step down Raila, we will hunt for you. Tell all the pentagon. They should stand with you to the end. Remember, we are watching and listening.

  105. Martin says:


    I found these email interesting….


    The pressure continues to pile on the illegitimate regime in Kenya.

    It is now emerging that the Ugandan army men are actually in Western Kenya (Western and Nyanza)and there are many more that have been sourced from that country (about 3,000) to prop up Kibaki, just incase.

    You may be wondering why Michuki is now taking a hardline stance. At the rate things are going, we may be headed for a military solution. We are made to understand that Kibaki and his ilk had to seek the assistance of Museveni when the Kenya army defied orders to go out of the barracks to go and quell the civil unrest.

    The rumour that General Kianga, Chief of General Staff (CGS) had resigned is no rumour. He did resign following a disagreement on how things were being done at Department of Defence army headquarters. He could not take it any more, that his junior a Gen.Njoroge was giving orders to the army and bypassing him!

    However, on the other hand, the pro-ODM army units who are a majority were of the resolved opinion that should General Kianga quit and Gen.Njoroge take over as CGS then the army was bound to do something nasty.

    It left the Kibaki group with no option but to plead with Gen.Kianga to stay on for another two or three months while they sorted things out. Gen Kianga has never categorically denied this allegation that he had resigned. Something he should have done were it not true.

    If you did not know, Raila is most popular presidential material among the military ranks and police.

    Based on these facts and a myriad other complications relating to the armed units of the country, the Uganda army is the only option and Museveni is more than willing to assist Kibaki having played the same game himself.

    This development of inviting Uganda army into Kenya has irked the Kenya army so much and it may be one point for which they may never forgive Kibaki.

    Real statesmen in Africa are far in between. Museveni, Moi and Kibaki do not qualify one iota.

    The Michuki and Karua group were counting on the US support militarily and diplomatically, but with shifting of alliances and the firm position taken by the US government end of last week, they are feeling lost.

    In the `mwoto mwoto;chini kwa chini’ news networks, it is also emerging that Kibaki was sworn in at 2.00pm. What happened at 4:45pm as televised by KBC was a recorded version.

    You doubt that? Watch that clip again and check out the shadows.

    The Law Society of Kenya and the Kenya Human Rights Commission are so right in raising the issues relating to these illegality of Kibaki being in office.

    And for the Wananchi, they are arguing (and rightfully so) that since the national anthem was not played when Kibaki was sworn in, he is not president yet.

    I also read this observation in the press the other day that Kibaki did the wrong thing by not handing back the army sword that symbolizes state power before the winner of the election was announced. The army failed in its responsibility or was General Kianga frustrated?

    In essence, what should have happened is that starting from the first date of the election period, Kibaki is supposed to have handed over the instruments of power as CIC to General Kianga. Very much the same way it was done during the Moi – NARC transition. General Kibwana handled this very well, picture perfect.

    General Kianga would have then handed over the instruments of Commander in Chief of the army to the winner of the election upon announcement of the winner by ECK. Thus, the ECK alerts the army boss, the army boss gets the parade and band ready. The instruments are then transferred formally at a designated ceremony.

    But we are dealing with `wakora’ here.

    When Raila talks of a civilian coup de tat, many do not fathom the weightiness of that statement.

    Kibaki and his ilk should know he is in quicksand.

    Kenya is experiencing the biggest travesty of the law like no other ion the whole world!

    The law apart, procedure was not followed.

    Should the East Africa Court have been well in place, in power and structure; these are the kinds of issues that such an institution would handle.(Kenya Election Debacle)

    We have every reason to holler good people!

    Give up? Never; we won’t!

  106. crateturner says:

    to celine

    you are very right if we kenyans dont want to be short changed, by the illigal goverment. so if raila and pentagon give in to this thieves then just know you guys will be on your own we will not support any arrangement which will short change our right coz they stole from us the wanainchi. kibaki raped us and we will not accept him to rape us again and again for the next 5 years.

  107. Yego says:

    Its not as easy as they think but to set the record straight….The only solution to the aquamire in our country is Raila Amollo Odinga being given back his democratic right.Desperate times calls for desperate measures.Its now going to be a gun for a gun,a drop of blood for a pool of blood,Nandi resistance squad for mungiki.Watch this space.

    Mr ODINGA SIR!!,I know your smile yesterday was directed to our esteemed brothers who were gathered along Harambee avenue but not for the endangered gimpanzee.we are ready to die for our rights, we wil spent all we have to see that our army is well armed and not to minced my words, kibaki will never!! never !! rule the SIX-BLOCK Region of coast, NE,RV, Western,Nyanza and Nairobi.

  108. Yego says:

    How many of our 41 tribe block live or do business or own property in central kenya or even eastern??????We are not fools or wapumbavu either????Who started the violence in eldoret???

  109. Obonyo says:

    Yes Yego i agree with you but do you know that kyuks in Nairobi are revenging on luos.Like some people are saying in BBC that the violence in Eldoret was plannned also the violence in Nairobi Huruma Eastate was planned by former MP for Starehe.The youths who were hacking luos and luhyas to death told us that we cant fight with them coz them they are paid.Am Huruma resident those whom lost theire lives in Hurama are luos not even a single kikuyu have been killed in Huruama so kikuyus should not start pointing fingers to Eldoret residents or those over 10 luos killed in Huruma are not people?

  110. Irene Musyoki says:

    The only solution is for Mr. Mwai Kibaki to form an interim govenment and call for a Re-run. If the powers that be are confident that they won the election woludnt they want to prove to the world that they actually won fare and square they wouldnt be afraid of a re-run. The Karua’s of this world busy thumping thier chests that the election can only be contested in courts which are PNU polarised and would not help to bring justice. Re-RUn thus is the best option. Alternatively a power sharing government where the Head of State is reduced to a ceremonial position whilst there is the formation of a PM post with executive powers given to Hon Raila odinga.

  111. Elizabeth says:

    Weeellloocome back Yego! I thought these people did some unprintables to you. Karibu sana.


  112. Otieno says:

    Hey Yego, welcome back bwana! Was worried about ya! Elizabeth, Faith and the rest…when am feeling so low about this situation, you always lift my spirits up…thank you..

    Aluta Continua!

  113. kariuki wa njuguna says:

    I live in Kinoo. Yesterday on my way home I was warned against employing outsiders since our househelp is not a Kyuk. I have learnt that am target for being moderate.

    Entire of my family has been kicked out of Rift valley just like many others from all tribes in Kenya who are being beaten, killed or robbed across the country.

    Not only are other tribes not allowed to buy land or operate business in central kenya but myself cant.

    I’m living in fear in Kinoo because I dont align myself to Kikuyus and I cant get elsewhere safely because am a Kikuyu. I voted and support Raila not because he is a luo.

    I stand to be counted that my biggest enemy is tribalism in whatever form. So I dont support any tribal killings by whoever and whatever their position.

    I am a poor Kenyan like most Kenyans.I have brought up my kids as a struggler why do you want to kill me and leave them fatherless.

    Justice yes. No peace unless there is justice. But it is not just to kill innocent people. That is injustice. We kick Kibaki and his crooks who stole and entrench themselves but there is a young kid who could be the next Raila but killed in cold blood.

    Mungiki has killed innocent peple in Nakuru today. Lets kill the killers.

  114. Anon says:

    Are schools in Nyanza open? Can ODM please ensure that they do, education is key.

  115. Omuto says:

    As Raila gets down to have a cup of tea with Kofi Anan (because Kofi is here to create employment for himself), the Pentagon should not just stand there and watch as Kibaki’s cronies dig deep in us. Right now, Hon. Ruto is being targeted. The mediation thing has given the kibaki led group an upper hand in manouvering their way to ODM’s destruction. Now that the demonstrations and prayers are ‘banned’, Raila has told his army (wananchi) to stop any mass action, the ground is now level for the PNU fellows to mess us even more.

    1. Why would Kibaki spend a whole day with Yoweri Museveni and almost snub Kofi Anan? Simple logic. Museveni was coaching his new found student on how to rig effectively. That in case of a re-run, this is what you’ll do, unnoticed. You should ask yourself why Museveni jetted in almost the same time as (or was it earlier than) Koffi Anan. Museveni must have told Kibaki togo in for a coalition government or if push comes to shove, then let him accept the re-run thing but this time round, the rigging has to be done on the ground and not at KICC. I’m very sure he gave him ‘better’ tips on how to be a good rigger. This had to happen because Museveni knew that that’s what Koffi was gonna propose, so he had to prepare Kibaki in advance.

    2. The US based Human Rights Watch “has credible evidence” on ODM leaders working with Kalenjin elders to finish some tribes in Eldoret. Reading their statement on their site gives me a smell of a PNU under-hand in their report,just as Gallup gave me me a statement that made me realize that their point man here is Waititu. All these are coming up just as Kofi came in. Somebody is pressing buttons somewhere.

    3. Kivuitu says that the ECK did nothing wrong to warrant their disbandment. Why change of tune all of a sudden? Soon hot, soon cold. This is a clear indication that the illegitimate government has ‘seen him aside”.

    Any time we reduce our pressure on this government, they take advantage of the calm and dive deep into us and complicate things. They are fully aware that its not business as usual, no right thinking Kenyan is on their side and thats why just like Eneke the bird, they too are learning to fly without perching. My appeal to us is that as the talks are underway, let’s move on with our plans too. Dont be cheated with “give peace a chance”. This kind of message is meant for ODMers, to slow us down so that our adversary can get his way and before we know what hit us, we shall be down and out.

    I call upon the RIS, thanks for Yego’s return, to move swiftly and keep us posted on the latest tricks and dirty schemes our illegitimate government is swimming in. Otherwise, we shall be messed up forever and this cancer will eat our justice and nationhood out of us.

  116. TURNCOAT says:


  117. TURNCOAT says:



  118. TURNCOAT says:



  119. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Fall, he will. Kibaki, that is. He has used a combined force of the administration police, the regular police, GSU, and Ugandan mercenaries to try and defeat the determination of the people to wrest justice but he failed.

    Now, he is using his Lt. Gen. Njoroge and the army to fight the people. In the history of Kenya, the use of the army to fight unarmed Kenyans fighting for their democratic rights and justice has never happened.

    I wonder how much Kibaki is bribing the army people with to fight and kill for him. He has been paying the police KSh. 10,000 for a police constable and KSh. 20,000 for a sergeant to fight. The amount paid when they shoot and kill was not disclosed.

    The going price for the army officers must be double, may be KSh. 20,000 to a gunner to fight and up to KSh. 40,000 to a sergeant, and may be KSh. 50,000 to a WO to fight. The amounts could be double when they kill.

    Kibaki is rapidly transforming Kenya from a police state to an army and an occupied (by Ugandan mercenaries) country and at 76 years of age, he is determined to massacre all the way to his own grave.

    Who said there were no more Hitlers and Amins in this world!

  120. Hekima NAAMINI says:


    BADO MAPAMBANO MAPAMBANO, I would like to quote BOB MARLEY LINE ,,,,,, you can fool some people some time but you cannot fooll all the people all the time, JIBAKI AND HIS BRIGADE …/ please be kind to take this serious we are prepaired for the worst scenerio. ITS NIOT RAILA AGAIST KIBAKI , its the peolpe in KENYA OUT SIDE UKIKUYUNI NA PANDE FULANI ZA UKAMBANI AGAINST injustice . we shallnever accept DECEIPT ANY MORE.



  121. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    I just had a conversation with my niece NEEMA, a standard TWO pupil a few minutes ago over the question we are asking here….Permanent Solution for the situation we have now. She asked that I simplify so that she can answer effectively. Then I asked her; if she had an opportunity to meet Raila and Kibaki, what would she tell them?

    She begun with Kibaki; she’d tell him…”KIBAKI STEP DOWN!!!”

    ….and Raila?

    I was shocked that a little girl of barely 7 yearx could be so focused!

    I gave it another try…I informed her tthat while she was in school, MOI was meeting ANNAN…She gave me a nasty look and posed; “why MOI?” (she understands Kofi is here to ‘unite’ RAO n Kibaki) I didn’t have an answer right away but asked her to consider a few options; what she thought MOI told Kofi.

    Did MOI tell Kofi…

    a) Wacha Wakae hivyo, hivyo
    b) Warudie Uchaguzi
    c) Sijui

    She gave me A as her answer coz its only KIVUITU who can go for C!

    Hmmmmh! Brothers and Sisters, I was left in stiches…….

  122. Otieno says:

    For those who were worried RAO was going soft…not to worry. He’s said he’s not interested in some PM job in Kibaki’s illegitimate gov.


    Meanwhile, as unearthed earlier, Mungiki is causing mayhem in Nakuru…violence has erupted badly and the army has been sent there. Wait a minute, the army? Why the army? Don’t we have the police? The police are tired and divided….but guess what…the army are divided too.

    At this rate Kibaki is not going to last more than 3 months. I doubt if he’ll step down or aside. He will be removed one way or another. O Kibaki, how thou hast fallen, fallen, fallen. You had your chance to redeem yourself, you didn’t grab the chance. Soon you’ll be eating grass like Nebuchadnezzar and wish you’d never been born. Meanwhile, a new Kenya will emerge where hard work is rewarded, people are free and rights upheld.

    Forget the Anan talks…ODM and PNU are reading from different scripts. Kibaki’s never been sincere and never will be sincere, for crying out loud…this is someone who disowned his own wife and kids, pliz! The only way he can convince himself that he’s the president of kenya is by reading it on paper again and again that he’s the duly elected president of Kenya. Does this fool understand the term duly elected? Goodness, RAO, you have a strong heart man. If it was me on the red carpet with Kibaki I would have been like “dude, you steppin on ma carpet man!”

    Next week we up the ante. Kibaki has been given three options which he wont, of course, choose or even fathom.

    1. step down
    2. agree to a re-run
    3. agree to a transitional gov that will enact constitutional reforms and prepare for elections.

    So Kibaki, which part of the above 3 don’t you understand? Prepare yourself, you are going down!

  123. OPADO says:


  124. 25mmpayload says:

    Ouch!!! that hurt man! Elizabeth, that was too hard on DR. Okello oops! Mutua, eeeeh.. mike? Anyway there we go again Kibaki is talking from both side of his mouth. I am beginning to think Obako has lost all his marbles. Nimeanza kufikiri sio kupenda kwake the Mt.kenya Mob has turned him into a Zombie ati do this , say this , go here… kind ‘o thing. We see a flicker of hope although that Mungiki thing mentioned above is sickening.

  125. Mrembo wa ODM says:

    Iam not going to beat around the bush, the ‘permanent solution to this crisis’ is so simple-everyone knows it, the mp for othaya has to step down. there is no debate or compromise about that. when he does, peace will come back to kenya.

  126. tnk says:


    2 weeks back I suggested secession of the six provinces to avoid this path to bloodshed. we do not have to wait for a fully fledged civil war with tens of thousands of fatalities.

    fact: central and parts of eastern are not going to be convinced to vote RAO
    fact: all the reset of us are now tired of central domination of politics and institutions

    in between the two groups are a handful going against the grain and can be accommodated as minorities or for their own safety and well being need to cross over geographically to safer zones.

    there is increasing militancy and guns, machetes, etc will not silence or end the resolve of these two opposing sides.

    in the meantime we need to immediately start engaging the ecnonomic boycotts. We do not need to wait for word from Pentagon, they are mandated by international convention to be civil in approach but PNU is twisting this to their advantage.

    Select each institution and boycott en-masse. The boycott should last till a new election is called, or the six provinces obtain autonomy, self rule or other acceptable option.

    I repeat boycott Daily Nation and all its sister papers from now till a new election is called. And if the standard newspapers appears to do the same then give it the same treatment. Newspapers rely heavily on circulation, teh DN should not sell in any of the six provinces, let them pile up high unsold. We need and demand responsible and objective media services. if they choose to remain partisan, then they must be distributed only on those partisan strongholds

    if you have not seen the article titled

    ” Kibaki Rigging Plan May Have Been Hatched in 2005″

    i may not agree with all the deductions and inferences made by the writer, but the facts speak for themselves.


  127. RIS says:

    Raila Intelligence Service Is Back

    Thank you all for your prayers and the warm welcome you have accorded me.Just wanna tell you that my absentia was coz of my great mission that saw ODM sweep the all of rift valley.

    Hey President Raila and all my esteemed ODM brigade, can someone ask why the deputy Army commander was aboard flight KQ 320 TO SUDAN ON Wednesday .He was received by DA to Sudan at khartoum international Airport at 8.07 pm.Mr watitu or Matitu sir, the deputy army commander, your mission is suspicious and for a few reasons i give u a benefit of doubt that you are visiting the kenya army battallion based in wau but why did you have to Nadapal a few kilometres to lokichogcho the next day???
    Mr Poghisho!!! watch this space, im keenly watching your footsteps and soon or later you will be telling kenyans where the guns you bought on the 21/01/08 are to be used.

  128. RIS says:

    On the faithful day of 30th Dec 2007, i was pensively watching all that was unfolding from the giant screen at Grand Prix eldoret.Everyone was anxious to know wat the outcome was.At around 3pm a flash that kibaki had been declared the winner appeared on the footnote of the screen.Suddenly i heard ululations and cheers from outside the restraunt.I worked into my car a tired and confused man.As i headed towards langas , i could see the central maroon comandos cheering and uttering the words following sentiments”wapumbavu ninyi!!, wakale wajinga sana! mulifikiri hata mukipigia kura jaluo mutatushinda?ngojeni muone,mutahama mpaka kisumu mukunywe maji ya samaki” …….i was so moved and i just drove pensively towards kapsabet.The next day i drove back to eldoret at around 8am in the morning and as i reached kapsaret, i met women and children from the luo, kalenjin, luyha and kisii dilect walking towards the opposite direction wailing and crying dearly and saying their husbands and sons were hacked to dead the whole night by the kikuyus.They infact told me not to reach corner mbaya langas coz the kikuyus could kill me.
    What followed was a mission to save lives.The kikuyus used the machetes and other crude weapons like swords to hack their fellow kenyans.The kalenjins responded with bows and arrows only to be intercepted by armed ugandan troops who had arrived in the town.Can we have the real number of pple who died of arrow injuries and those who were hacked to death.Can kenyans be told the truth and the truth only.

    Who killed lukas Sang!!!!!Who killed my brothers!!!who who who………….

    We swear by our mothers milk …..we ll drain their tits and once again we swear that we have paid the price of democracy and without Raila we wont relent.

  129. jenny says:

    I agree with the ALL or Nothing Approach!RAO was running for president….looking at how Kalonzo looks like an idiot following Father Christmas must really be annoying the other Kenyans who voted for him.Also what has he done with his running mate???

  130. faith says:

    Yego karibu sana

    Bloggers have u guys read the paper the ECK are trying to now justify Kibaki’s win i thought not long ago the OLD retiree by the name of Kivuitu told Kenyans he cant be certain who won elections until they get authorisation from courts to scrutinise the results i haven’t seen any court permission and they are paying adverts to convince us that Kibaki won shame on them. Agent for change note this concern.
    Kibaki has gotten scared badly he is now removingthe military from the barracks to help him cement his rule but we dont care we will fight for our rights and no amount of intimidation will stop us.
    About Mundgiki i will be surprised if today any person especially from my home province of Central can support these thugs i personally lost a chilhood friend who had his head chopped off because of the Mungiki menace that reigned in Central province how can they be now our defenders so that they can tomorrow come and kill us again WASHINDWE!!!!!!!
    Like i said before the solution to the tribal clashes lies in going back to where it all began Kenyatta govt, dishing out land without any consideration in Rift valley and even at the Coast and if we will not deal with this historic problems the clashes will always erupt and that is why Kenya needs a strong, focused,dedicated leader to deal with this and that leader is RAO.

  131. steve"Otula" says:

    Wakenya twangojea tuu.Mingiki kwetu siyo tisho.We are going to deal with them till the end.Don’t forget that we have Nandi resistance squad,Bagdad boys and Taliban.
    Watch out.
    Agwambo you have made my day by not accepting PM post.If it were kalonzo or kombo they could have been sworn in by now.Kombo says.”hangalia huyu shama pwana, anawacha tu kasi kubwa hifyo pane.”These is we” ODM.”Not thirsty for our PERSONAL good.That’s why even kalonzo is not settled WITH VP THING.
    Prof .Nyong’o ndiye dawa ya kalonzo na mutula kilonzo.If I had ababu namwamba then it’s a done deal. .Nyong’o to kalonzo.”How do you send somebody who has more problems even with himself to lead a negotiation team.”I like that.
    Na bado.

  132. "Otula" says:


  133. "Otula" says:

    “Aka chama kana wacha kasi ya PM pwana.”That’s kombo and those like kalonzo.These is we “ODM.”We are not interested in posts just to benefit afew.That’s why RAO said no to that.If it were kombo or musioka,they could have been sworn in.
    The only way that Raila can join PNU IS after joining parties like shirikisho,agano party,ile ingine ya kamlesh patni which is nearly impossible ,then PNU.
    Mungiki kwetu sio kitu.Tukiamua they won’t like it.Remember we have Nandi resistance squad,we have Bagdad boys and Taliban.

  134. Elizabeth says:

    Kibaki and his government is down and out. I didn’t know they be down before us! Do you know what they are up to? Why the army are out of their barracks? Yes they want to scare away and intimidate Koffi Annan into leaving so that we sort it out here as Kenyans, they are trying to bring confusion into these talks – Poor Mr. Annan that man is so soft and humble he talks like some god. Matthew 5:9 ‘blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God’! I hope he does.

    My tough stand aside… Koffi came with some bascket of hope though, he had been briefed on every happening from the day Kenyans voted, so this guy came with orders, he simply wants the talks to lead to what he has, which is to make Kibaki step down for truth and justice to prevail. This is what the government sensed from the first day of talks and that’s why they are creating some mayhem. But lo Koffi said he is here to stay until things are sorted out. Kibaki you are on your own? Run back to the drawing board! WE WILL LAUGH LAST AND THE LOUDEST! Heheheeee got a big mouth myself.

    The points though that Kibaki should note is that we are not going to relent until justice is done. Either way, let Mr. Annan do his part, as we also get busy doing ours. Or better still let him go back without doing any sensible thing… WE WILL SQUARE IT HERE WITH THEM! Who the hell do they think they are, ati Mungiki, these are just some crooks who knows how to chop peoples head without reasoning, we will deal with them too, hata sisi hatulali!

    They have left me wondering why we should be singing lullabies to them about some stolen election, while they are busy killing and frustrating our efforts to bring peace into this country! We are also people with feelings.

    I am wondering how a nation like Kenya cannot have some honourable wazees who can offer some wisdom in tough times like these. Moi should have been number one, but look at him the guy is so messed up he himself is looking for a place to hide, and that Cardinal, my friend Njue he took sides with PUNU and cannot even have RAO listen to him, and now Kibaki this mzee is going down memory lane as a tyrant Kenya ever had. I hope RAO will become a statesman! Why cant they give this man a chance.

  135. charles says:

    dont be worried about the purpoted ECK response to ODM…..that report had no signature or even the name of any commissioner to support its publication.am totally convinced that report may have come from Dr.Alfred Mutua.how com the following day he posted an advert in the papers to tell kenyans to respect ECK verdict?shame on mutua.

  136. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Kivuitu is only trying to cover his stinking A**, though he could better do with washing or rather wiping it!!! Which fool wouldn’t see that kind of bull! The guy told us that he can only open the files with a court order! which court directed him to do so; and after three weeks? Yeye kama amelewa na hongo, avile lakini vitamtokea puani! The guy didn’t even hide his arroance by stating that ECK has not killed anyone so can’t be disbanded….my God; am reminded by a verse in the Bible to the effect that; “How I wish they kept mum, for in silence, they may be confused/thought to be wise!

    On Annan, I still have an optimistic view that we may get a solution not necessarily because of him but because of another member in his panel, Graca Macel. I have the privilege to have encountered her in other for a and can confidently state, she is no push-over. She is one person that is stingingly honest! If you have ever met Prof. Maathai, then you know what am talking about.

    Secondly, the Bush factor. Bush sent Annan to Sadam Hussein ‘persuade’ him to relinguish power. Sadam never listened. Although the UN didn’t sanction the War, Annan gave bush a node to ‘fix’ the situation. Now, Bush is on his way to Africa and conventional wisdom tells me, he’s not amused by the Kibaki regime ‘hurting’ the American interests. The difference between Sadam and Kibaki are that one was a popular strongman among his people, and the other is a cowered who fears his own people, going to church or even stepping out in public to address wananchi! The man can’t even go to his office! Am certain, Annan did him a great favor by enabling him address the nation in public. Si mnaona amejificha tena??? Hey by the way was it only me? RAO was applauded trhoughout his speech on Thursday!

  137. Dr. J. Were Onundu says:

    Mya I first of all convey my heartfelt condolences to all those who lost their beloved once due to this senceless orgy of killings.

    Kibaki has been rejected by the international community for his deeds. He knew he could not have won the election having got only 2 provinces. One cannot win in the Rift Valley with over 70% and lead in 6 provinces and loose the election. Impossible!

    The way forward is to push for :
    – a re-run
    -a new constitutional dispensation for Kenya (we have Boma´s Draft. ony fine tune)
    – in the constitution include, an upperhouse (senate), an executive prime minister, devolution with 4-5 tear government as for example in Germany.
    – Limited cabinet of not more than 16-18 ministers.
    – independent institutions only answerable to parliament.

  138. zizi says:

    A re-run is just another risky affair. I can assure ODM that we cannot win with a re-run. There is a definite swing of votes with Kalonzo on Kibaki side. There are also many other factors that will not favour us not to mention that voter turnout will be very low. Again if RAO does not win in a re-run, people will be dissappointed the dissafection will increase leading to more criminal activities. On the other hand, if RAO wins, Mungiki will now be on a revenge mission for a long time.

    So, what i think is that a powershairng formular be achieved for a transitional government. Ensure a new constitution is in place in the next 6 months or so. Forget about a re-tally because things may backfire and complicate the constitution review process. After a a new constitution, then institutional set up be completeted in readiness for another election in 2 yrs. There will be no referendum but the Court of Appeal can review the document and declare it constitutional. That is the way forward. I think we should cool down our passions and start coming up with viable solution.

    We need each other for Kenya to move forawrd.

  139. Solomon says:

    I agree to some extent with you Zizi.

    Let ODM concentrate on two issues:

    -Kibaki step down and a Transitional Government is established- At least for 2 years.

    -New Constitution upon which a a re-run will be conducted.

    3 months re-run will not solve the problem.

  140. mumias says:

    I also add my voice to the above sentiments. Kenya is now too divided, ODM should push for Bomas draft as a priority, let us ensure equity of resources for all first, We can’t let this led to complete alienation of our people by Kibaki as revenge.

    That was the main fight, new constitution and it is one that needs to be at the forefront of this by ODM. We can deal with Kibaki after once we have reduced presidential powers and created a fairer society for all.
    Urgency is the key though, our people are killing each other and hatred is boiling over vengeance is ruling over rationale

  141. Walter says:


    Well said ,transitional government ,I think we all agree and ODM has proposed this but is the other side willing to accept that arrangement?so far no.
    RAO has tried and is still trying ,as far as we are all concerned there are no “hard-liners” in ODM ,their stand for TRUTH AND JUSTICE ,RESPECT FOR DEMOCRACY ,is being deliberated twisted by those allergic to truth and justice wallowing in the PNU waters.
    The onus is with Kibaki and Co.,if transitional government is to be consitituted it means Kibaki has to vacate statehouse and either retire in Othaya or remain an MP,but he is not ready to take that bold step,do you know why?
    Because of the following;
    1) Kibaki as one of benefactor of Land grabbing initiated by Kenyatta Jomo ,they’re afraid of the proposal by ODM government to address the land issue through a National Land Commission,that means forfeiting thousands of acres of arable land .By the way do you that 80% of land in kenya is arid and semi arid,the remaining 20% arable land is owned by the Kibakis,Kenyattas,Moi’s ,Karumes etc they own the country,

    2)Economic Crimes committed e.g privatisation of Safaricom,Telkom,Anglo Leasing all this grand corruption ,
    3) He was not sworn in properly ,power has not been officially handed over to him as required by the constitution,the CGS still has the instrument of power ,you know what that means-TREASON!CIVILIAN COUP DE….

    4)A transitional government is a reasonable arrangement ,it would mean the Speaker takes over as the President and we know we sponsored the candidature of the current speaker,that means ?
    I remain pessimistic ,the only option would be mass protest,economic boycotts,strikes,go-slow etc

    let’s not bask in deceit that Kibaki will step down voluntarily ,in Africa ,RULERS DO NOT RESIGN ,ONLY LEADERS DO RESIGN BUT ,ONLY IN THE DEVELOPED CIVILISED WORLD.
    BY THE WAY YOU REMEMBER ,A DR,WATSON ,NOBEL LAUREAT,said something about the interllectual capacity of a black man ,but then people made so much noise on his comments,don’t you think his comments have been vindicated and earned some credibility?how does one explain WINNER DECLARED LOSER AND LOSER WINNER ,AND THERE ARE PEOPLE DEFENDING AN OBVIOUS VOTE THEFT TALKING ABOUT THE LEGAL PROCESS TO ADDRESS AN OBVIOUSITY .THE EXCUSE OF ‘GO TO COURT,FOLLOW THE LAW”

    aluta continua !

  142. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    zizi, a re-run only. even if kibaki get the majority then he should be allowed to rule.

    What sickens me is how the kenyans are used to the normal.
    During slave trade the slaves were fed, and had peace, was there justice. During the colonial time, my great grandfather even laid down his life for the queen (todate nobody knows where he was buried – Somewhere in Burma). Peace followed, but no justice. During Moi’s time- LOVE, PEACE, AND UNITY echoed through the Radios. Yet Kenyans died at Nyayo house, many more died in hospitals, many dreams were killed in schools, unemployment, and yes there was peace.

    You know what bothers me with the “KENYAN PEACE”
    – When its peaceful, the Kenyan police stand at Roadblocks to hustle for a supplement for their salaries. Police stations are empty and justice is denied.
    -It is normally peaceful when, Kenyan nurses and doctors, teachers, and indeed a majority of civil servants forsake their duties, and kenyan lives and dreams are lost.
    – There is peace in our courtrooms, when judges recieve bribes and robbery, rape suspects released. Justice is denied.
    – Peaceful tunes from the radios, sexy editions, lucrative advertisement deals, but the voiceless denied justice and airtime.
    – Normalcy when city council askaris, play a cat and mouse with hawkers. justice takes a back seat.
    – peaceful traffic jams,
    – Non violent robberies (Kamlesh Pattni)
    – Serene killings(Mungiki, killings in kisumu)

    Am tired of this PEACE. I want a militant stance. THE GENERAL HAS SOUNDED THE TRUMPET. RAILA HAS RALLIED THE FORCES. MANY WILLING TO LAY DONE THEIR LIVES IN A WORTHY WAR. even if it means being buried in a un-marked grave – like Mr. Great grandfather – Sergeant Ogwal.

  143. Maru Kapkatet says:


    I pray that you will be able to solve the political crisis created by greed and ethnocentrism.

    To help you resolve the crisis, your starting point should be based on resolving this issue.

    1. Gema (which groups together Kikuyus, Meru, and Embu) have sworn that a Luo person WILL NEVER LEAD KENYA. Kibaki himself swore during the campaigns last year that “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN”. Michuki, one of the hard-liner colleagues of Kibaki and a Kikuyu was in his arrogant state when he told his fellow Kikuyus, when he was handing over to George Saitoti, that “I will never let you down” after not letting them down in rigging and killing all the way to get Kibaki to the presidency.

    2. The rest of Kenyan tribes elected Hon. Raila Odinga as their president but Kibaki stole the presidency using the police, armed forces, and Ugandan mercenaries. Mwai Kibaki discriminated against other tribes and especially Kalenjins whom he sacked en-masse from government jobs when he took over the presidency in 2003. Kibaki said, “IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN”, The majority of Kenyans are saying, “IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN”.

    3. There is no quarrel amongst Kenyan tribes – between Kikuyus and Kalenjins, between Kikuyus and Luos, between Kalenjins and Kisiis if only they could be left alone to eke out their living side by side. But this has not been possible because of greed and ethnocentrism from Kibaki and his stinkingly-rich associates (they number less than 10) who want to take complete control of the Kenyan economy using their tribes for leverage.

    4. Mr. Annan, the implications of a stalemate and denial of justice to the Kenyan people who elected Hon. Raila Odinga as their president will be very grave indeed. That is the truth. I am a nobody but I see, I hear, and I analyze. In Kericho, for example, there has been a population explosion and land cannot support the younger people any more because it is no longer there. The Kalenjins rely on land to eke out a living. There are many unemployed youth with absolutely no means to earn a living.

    When Kibaki talks about a 6% economic growth and populates the entire ministry with only his tribesmen, the youth find it to be an insult added to injury. They were seeing hope in a Raila presidency and will not go for anything less. If Raila had lost fairly, there would be no problem but he won.

    5. Kibaki would have been a good leader had he not allowed himself to be driven by greed and the evils of tribalism. Throughout his presidency, Kibaki wanted people to support him and give him all while he, Kibaki, sidelined them in favour of his Gema people.

    There are a number of Kenyans, including myself, who have been warning Kibaki since 2003 that he was taking the country on a very dangerous course and he is seeing it now, hopefully.

    Unfortunately, in Kenya, today even the church people have no regard to the lives of Kenyans who are not from their tribe. Can you believe, Mr. Annan, that the Catholic Church Cardinal has never condemned the execution of Kenyan even when the video of it was shown?

    It reminds me of Pope Pius XI support of Mussolini during the second world war. Pope Pius had even called Mussolini “the man whom Providence has given us”. What we are seeiong in Kenya is similar, a Cardinal supporting his tribesman even when cases of execution are abounding.

    As you can see Mr. Anna, you are the only hope for Kenya now. DO YOUR BEST TO HELP.

    Bye and may God bles your work.

  144. karanja kamau says:


    Each kenyan has a right to own and live anywhere in this country.Can anybody dispute this fact?
    I need some help because i’ve been having sleepless nights when i think about the young people who lost their lives in kibera and kisumu…..
    I also see women and children dying in that church which was set ablaze….in my sleepless in nights…….

  145. ken says:

    it was about the election Karanja, and remember that ODM stood for a devolved system that guaranteed the right of every Kenyan to live and own property anywhere in the republic, while at the same time ensuring that community rights were also adhered to to prevent a situation where both the individual and the community were at a disadvantage. Kibaki and his posse rubbished this because it would spread the cookie jar to all Kenyans rather that to his coterie of friends in Nairobi! So yes it was all about the election, what happened next is an unfortunate eruption of violence that has brought to the fore all the anger that has been bubbling under the surface, which would have been addressed by the Bomas constitution.
    Finally, the government is solely responsible for the mayhem in Kenya today; If yu control the armed forces, and cannot stop the violence, then two things can be deduced from this; the government is not in charge, or the government is complicit in the killings taking place. Passing the buck won’t cut it, its time for KIbaki to step down and let Kenya heal!!

  146. opande olwal says:

    The way foward for kenya as a country lies greatly in our history and the current state of affairs in our beloved country.Without mincing words Kenya has been gravely mismanaged since we became a republic. None of the three Goverments has put Kenya into their Agenda but rather friends and family,there is more to gevernment than economic growth. All three governments have never respected the rule of law,fundermental human rights. The current constitution has been amended several times for selfish and self serving ends.Government policies are drawn deliberately with holes in them to avert public scrutiny and anyone who preaches and practices good governance is an enemy of the state and labelled a traitor. What we in the general public know as right is what is viewed as wrong in the leading circles. Are kenyan children taught their rights? Are the policemen/women taught the sanctity of human life?Kenyans are forced to beg for services which they duly pay for,most public hospitals operate in inhuman conditions,a condition which gives no hope to the sick and the arrogance of the hospital staff mirrors not only that of government but also that of kenyans themselves against their own.The talk about kenyans having always loved each other is such a big lie,we have been at peace with each other.Those of us who are lucky enough to travel overseas observe that tourists and foreigners are served faster at Nairobi int. airport when coming into the country than kenyan citizens and they even get served with a smile.Do we love each other?Then there is customs that humuliate us by having our baggages opened and checked only to find nothing to be declared,sir i told you there was nothing to declare,we suspect each other we lie to each other,is this love?Then there is the matatu menace where fares are unpredictable and the conductors harrass their clientelle,an old woman is harassed to quickly get out of the matatu,can we not understand the limitations of age?We just dont like each other,do we really?Why cant the government regulate fares?is it because the tranport sector is controlled by a certain tribe?When was the last time you got satisfactory service without being made to wait for atleast half a day if not months?how many man hours do we loose waiting in line at safaricom customer care centers?how much time do we loose waiting in line at ATMs?how much time do we waste in traffic jams?Let us start by loving each other and sincerely caring for one another’s plight! Let us allow ourselves to fly high the kenyan flag without seeking permission,lets raise them in our homes,offices,jua kali garages,bus station,public toilets,markets,kiosks,matatus,buses,cars,let us raise them everywhere and make kenya a government of the people.In the coming weeks let us raise the kenyan flag and remind ourselves what the colours symbolize.

  147. Jane says:

    Permanent solution?. None. The world is dynamic. Reading some issues raised here leaves one with questions such as:

    1. No Raila no school – An education officer from Luo Nyanza, while pleading with parents to take their children back to school, clearly mentioned, those calling for boycott of schooling are those who have no value for education, never went to school,rebels who dropped out of school, seriously jealous or simply want to take us back to stone age. But have you investigated whether RAO, Ruto, Kosgey have pulled their children from their prestigious schools?

    2. Boycott several companies- Are you also telling us those ODMers employed by these companies should also quit?. Quit their livelihoods while RAO, Ruto, Kosgey and Co.awaits their fat payslips. Why did they take the oath of office and sign those contracts.They should have led by example, boycott parliament.

    3.The level of hatred here is so high and intense that people wonder whether ODMers have turned atheists.

    Sorry, but the politicians have duped the electorate.Any Kenyan who accepts to be controlled by politicians to cause havoc and destruction of their very livelihood is ignorant. The rule of law should prevail.

    We need more of level-headed persons like Mike. Preaching hatred and animosity in the name of democracy will take us nowhere.

  148. tnk says:

    Jane, mike, pato and other PNU supporters,

    am curious, why do you find yourself attracted to an ODM blog, whereas you can blog your hearts out on PNU blogs with “like minded” people?

  149. "Otula" says:

    I liked a comment from one of grangmothers in kisumu,who is doing a small business in town when she was approached to pay tax.”Wewe kichwa yako ni mzuri kweli?nikupatie pesa yangu uwapeleke wanunue nayo bunduki waje wanipige nayo”.

  150. Baijo M. Lorowu says:

    Kibaki and his advisrs including selfish partisan church leaders who have turned away from speaking truth and condeming sin should acknowledge there was a problem and apologise to all Kenyans. Only then should our leaders sit down with them to discuss solution. Raila got popular votes and is the peoples president. Kibaki used eck to steal victory from kenyans who will not let them go free. Majority of kenyans have suffrered under injustices commited by kenyatta moi kibaki tribal misrule.

  151. zizi says:

    Dear all,

    I want to appreciate those who took a cue from my initial suggestions. Whenever I read this blog, I hear noises. Noises becuase some of the suggestions being given here cannot be said without a bang on the table or an uped shout. But the point is that as long as we keep making noise without reasoning together for a solution we are headed no where. I appreciate very much those who are committed to rationally sort out the mess. The purpose of Kofi Annan coming over should not be taken lightly. Kenya is on the brink of collapse, although some of us have this hope that burn within our heart that we shall stand.

    Karanja, I know you ve been a very staunch supporter of this movement. I am happy that you are still standing. The motivation you heard before should keep you going just like it does for me. In matters of conflict it is not always easy to tell the causes. We agree that the election mess was a cause of the trouble on the fateful Dec 30. However, with time you realise that the election mess was just a trigger of the conflict becuase there were other fundamental issues that Kenyans have been harbouring but not addressed. I dont agree of the ethnic cleansing as the main agenda if conflict. Someone said the since independence things the country has been mismanaged. We have postponed the problems and now they explode in our face. Had we sorted them out before, aha, kenya would be different today. I hope that day will come.

    I go back on the issue of transitional governemnt. I know there are challenges on how it should look like. It wishywashy to want Kibaki to resign so that we form a coalition government. Difficult choices have to be made by ODM. Take the premiership position with executive powers and facilitate the enactment of the Bomas draft. It appears to be that many people seem to support the Bomas draft as the best option, even those who had opposed it. Dont you think that is the right way?

    You know, the greatest service RAO can ever do for this country is to bring about constitutional reform. This is the time and we cannot let it go. If he says that he foregoes his presidential ambitions for the sake of a new constitution which he will midwife, Kenya will remember him as the greatest and not Kibaki.

    So let us calm down and look into these hard choices.

    The tribal war taking place forgets some of the intrigues. What happens to the children born out of interethnic marriages? By the way, there are so many. Yesterday when we were trying to count, I discovered that 75% of my friends have all these hybrids. How do we explain to the children? We can do better.

  152. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    We will make it unworkable for the govt to collect tax. We will make it umpossible for Museveni to get supplies by road water or rail. Soon we will target his boats on Lake vitoria. We will target the lines that send electricity from Jinja to other countries. In short, for normalcy to continue, popular vote must rule.

  153. "Otula" says:

    kenya is more important than othaya mp.The way he is behaving clealy depicts that he wasn’t interested in international mediation just from the word go.Having noted that,ODM has to come up with a clear strategy.As time goes by,mp for othaya is adjustiNG and carefully calculating his moves.Let’s bring something more than what we have had.Nrb hasn’t shaked yet.You cannot rule without the people and we are the people.Where is kajwang’ to turn the heat on.i want to see parliament on fire.I told ODM to go my way.Can somebody think about what ectic times and support Raila had ,just to be taken away like that.A mean are they serious?.
    what we need is these.
    1.a re-run.
    2.if they don’t want that,lets go the somali way.We are ready for that.
    I don’t wanna here anything to do with peace and reconciliation before the root cause is established.
    first is justice,then,law,peace,reconciliation and lastly reconstruction.What they are talking is what the former president said after being sworn in illegally.’Now the election is over,it is now time for peace and reconciliation”kibaki.We don’t wanna here that no more.WE CANNOT BE UNDER KIBAKI 4 ANOTHER 5 YEARS.NEVER.HE HAS TO KILL US.WHERE ARE THE TALIBAN AND BAGDAD BOYS.
    We said before,kibaki has to kill us first,before he rules.

  154. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Asking raila to make the hard choices for peace is foolhardy. Why should raila be the good one every time even wheb PNU is hitting below the belt. Ask him to abandon his presidential ambitions is not even correct. Remember that RAILA is the president. The only one time i have agreed with Moi is when he said that the constitution writing should have been left to the experts. Pass of the constitution would be also impossible with the colors of the parliament we have right now. MASS ACTION AND OPEN FORUMS FOR THE TIME BEING.

  155. Otieno says:

    A confirmation of what we’ve been saying here…that Kibaki was never sincere about the Anan talks


    Growing up, I remember being told we are the leaders of tomorrow. Well, tomorrow came and left, years passed and nothing’s happened. The octogenarians still have a strangle hold of this country. That’s why we said enough is enough and we want change. Moi told us be peaceful, love one another and remain united but tukae hivyo hivyo. Kibaki made sure we were worse than hivyo hivyo…and now you tell me RAO should step down coz we want peace? What peace are we talking about? Let’s define peace. If your definition of peace is that the killings should stop immediately – both inter-tribal and by the police then I totally agree with you. If your version of peace is that mass action should stop then am sorry I don’t agree with that. Hard times call for hard measures. It has been mentioned here and elsewhere that the poor masses now fighting this struggle have very limited choices. To tell them to go back to their “normal” lives but just cherish peace is tantamount to kicking them in the teeth. For some, death is sweet relief compared to the hell-hole their life is. They want peace too, badly, but it needs to go hand in hand with justice and truth. So far, we know the latter, or at least some of it. The truth is, the election was stolen. period. The other two are the elusive ones peace and justice.

    When RAO says he won’t serve as PM in Kibaki’s statement let’s not take that statement lightly. Let’s not think ODM is just being hard -headed and aloof. No. They have read the signs and they know Kibaki is not sincere. Read the story on the above link. Kibaki was talking peace and resettlement while ODM was talking about dealing with the root causes of the problem. A PM position would require a constitutional change. That requires parliament to reconvene and the 2/3 requisite vote. You think Kibaki is gonna let that happen? He’s just stalling for time.

    We aren’t going to legitimize this gov by participating in it. A transitional gov tasked with the mandate to change the constitution, prepare us for a second election and to allow time for healing is welcome. But like ODM said…everything needs to be on paper in black and white with international witnesses and a time frame within which to enact any deals.

    While RAO may have his ambitions, remember this thing is bigger than him. Whether he steps down or not Kenyans will demand change. We have chosen him to be our leader not for the sake of it but because we need him to bring about the change we want.

  156. Kim says:

    Hi, visitor in this blog but pissed off by Okelo’s comments, this man but be a senior idler or has nothing between his hears, forget about such useless charcters and we keep on fighting.

  157. "Otula" says:

    if kibaki is not careful,he is gonna start operating from uganda. The somali way.

  158. "Otula" says:

    Fuck you mike.

  159. 25mmpayload says:


  160. jenny says:

    First, all of us should pray nothing happens to Kibaki because should his blood pressure rise and he should kick then the idiot who was last in class get the seat of the so -called duly elected. I agree with Wangaari Maathai and the ICJ that the Bomas Draft needs to be adopted ..this may be the first best solution that I have heard so far that gives hope to the mess that is going on.
    A reminder of those who have been celebrating the Mungiki….remember that this was the group that turned and killed very many of its own people about 4 months ago , namely matatu drivers etc, everyone from every tribe was disgusted. 500 of them were killed by the govt? Now these other ones were they kept in the store?
    Third, The Land Issue between Kalenjins and Kikuyus has nothing to do with Raila….does he own land in the Rift Valley area? Is there truth that lots of land belonging to the Kalenjins were taken from them in Nakuru and Molo Naivasha etc? That the govt was part of chasing citizens out of their homes and giving the Kikuyus this land illegally? Is this correct or is there more reason why the fighting in Eldoret and Nakuru. Why then is this same group glorified on some other blogs eg nationmedia…
    Kalonzo said yesterday he is also wanting to know who won the elections …?Huh?? I guess he realized that the VP position is not as good as it was made out to be . The Kibaki group is not allowing him into their meetings and seeing that their inner circle even Murage is now out , guess what…..lameduck VP…..u have lost respect of your people for taking that carrot too quickly and you really are not a recognized VP.

  161. zizi says:

    As the blog turns violent, some of us will have to seek refuge elsewhere!!!!!!!! Sound discussions were the intention of this blog or so I thought. calm down and let us give out solutions.

    What always suprises me is the way people from Mt kenya except karanja are ready to die for kibaki and some people from nyanza seem to be under oath for RAO. I there is some article here http://policyhousekenya.wordpress.com/ – an analysis from the two ends.

  162. tnk says:


    kenyaturncoat describes the situation a little more clearly. everytime RAO gives concession he is it below the belt. consider the concession something like bell ringing for the end of a boxing round or referee calling stoppage, then your opponent sneaks round the ref and lands kicks and blows. our opponent simply doesnt uderstand fair play nor does he intend to follow fair play. if you have seen any fair play, please enlighten me. that in my opinion is whats enraging the masses.

  163. Yego says:

    Thank you all for your prayers and warm welcome………..
    Imagine passengers being dubed to board two nissan matatus in nakuru then instead of departure it it turned out to be hacking and butchering….I lack words but i pray for my country kenya and all kenyans living in fear in all corners of the country.

    May the lord rest their souls in peace.Remember one day one time, kibaki and his cronies will be there to answer.Blood is ticker than water and stronger than state machinery

  164. rafiq says:

    I think where we have reached there is no turning back. The earlier we all realize the better. I have been a Kenyan first. That is why I have selflesly served all commun ities in this country as were my bother and sister.

    However the events of the last 3 days make me wonder whether we have a country or two countries in one. My friends children 7 and 5 now know their tribe and will probably hate other tribes for ever should Kenya continue to exist. They have been chased away from central province , given an ultimatum of 24 hrs! Reason? they are non locals. Their mother a civil servan too with my friend a physician who has even donated blood at night and operated on the same people has been chase away! in a supposedly christian hospital.

    Let everybody go back to his province and lets split Kenya if this regime doesnt accept the peoples verdict. Even some of the counties in Europe are smaller and more prosperous.

    What Yego says above is equally true. Guys are being attacked in refugee camps in Naivasha, Nakuru. We cant live with these atrocities. If Kibaki and his ilk dont agree to surrender to the will of the people then I beg let Kenya officialy exist into two.
    Its radical and painful but is the only way out.

  165. Otieno says:

    Oh my goodness! Yego, when did that happen? God help us.

  166. KALONZO is the main Culprit.

    He is the one who put US in these scenario.

    Why was he refusing to become RAILA’s VP when he accepted Kibakis.

    Where was his “miracle” and “WIPER” stories?

    Had he joined RAILA, we would be now very far indeed.

  167. Kalonzo is an idiot who doesn’t know anything.He thinks his Kamba people will EVER taste prsidency. That is the last time a Kamba will ever be near pressy.They have lost their “touch”.I remember my neighbour who used to say, Kambas are “slaves” of others.

    What Kenyans wanted was someone like Raila who will streamline:

    Insecurity (Artur mercenaries)
    USA policies and Terrorism issues
    Constitution ( We need one badly)
    Mungiki and Terror gangs
    Immigration and Border Controls
    Police and Army
    Kenya Railways
    Courts and judiciary
    Airports and Tourism
    Schools, colleges and Universities
    Roads, Transport sector
    ID cards, passports and Voter Cards

    Kenyans wanted Change.Total change and Kalonzo knew Raila will take presidency by all means as he just did.He just wanted to make Raila’s bid painful.Kalonzo is the looser if new elections are called and RAILA become Kenya’s president.

    Raila has overcome MOI by RUTO and even 3 MOI’
    sons did not get any parliamentary seats against ODM’s Raila.

    Raila has overcome Uhuru “schemes” and Kibakis by trouncing them in elections, supported by all kenyan tribes.Who is remaining…..Gikuyus and you see what is happening in Rift and Western Kenya.Their days are numbered.

    Kenya sio yao pekee!!!

  168. policyhousekenya says:

    Tis is unfortunate what Yego just described.

  169. Yego says:

    9 kenyans have just been killed in a road block in naivasha..oooooh God forgive us!!!!!!! (3 samburu men,3 kipsigis,2 luos and 1 pokot) is it coz they come from the ODM zones ama nini??Kibaki, can u tell us the job description of a President coz u seem to be out of touch.This idiot is occupying an office he can handle and purporting to be a duly elected!!!

  170. Yego says:


    Najivunia kuwa mkenya – this is because Kenya is a
    very special and unique country.
    Many things that happen in Kenya have
    never been witnessed anywhere else in the world.

    Sample this:

    * Kenya is probably the
    only country which insists
    on being called a democracy while it definitely
    Government kills its citizens and sues the same for the act

    * Kenya is probably the
    only country in the world
    whose Electoral Commission boss declares that he
    doesn’t know who won in the
    presidential race – yet statehouse continues to be

    * It must only be in Kenya
    where he that wins in
    two provinces defeats he that wins in six provinces
    – isn’t this

    * Kenya is surely a
    country with a transport
    network that is simply unpredictable and just can’t
    be explained. Sample
    this – results from Wajir, Funyula, Budalangi,
    Isiolo, and Lodwar take a
    just day to reach KICC Nairobi, yet results from
    Kiambaa (just past
    Muthaiga-Kiambu) take more than three consecutive
    days being transported to

    * Am sure Kenya must be
    the only country in the
    world where 95,000 votes are realized in
    constituencies with only 70,000
    > registered voters – truly Kenyan ama?

    * Kenya must be the only
    country in which a
    presidential candidates name goes missing in the
    Voters register in his own
    constituency on polling day.

    * It must only be in Kenya
    where the winning party
    has its deputy captain (vice president) and 20
    ministers swept away by the
    opposition’s tsunami. The most “popular” party then
    gets only 35 MPs while
    the “unpopular” one scoops 100 parliamentary seats.

    * Kenya must be the only
    country whose citizens
    don’t learn from the mistakes of others. The
    KANU-LDP MOU was dishonoure by
    Moi, the NAK-LDP MOU was trashed by Kibaki
    now ODM-KENYA trusts
    PNU to honour their recently signed MOU – how naive.

    * Kenyans are a very interesting lot.
    The words GRAND COALITION or
    PARTY CHAIRMAN means absolutely
    nothing to the Kenyan
    voters. Sample this – all the party chairmen in PNUs
    Grand Coalition lost
    their seats to the opposition.

    FORD KENYA – Chairman Musikari Kombi – OUT

    FORD PEOPLE- Chairman Simeon Nyachae – OUT

    NARC KENYA- Chairman Raphael Tuju – OUT

    TIP- Chairman Kalembe Ndile – OUT

    NEW FORD KENYA- Chairman Mukhisa Kituyi – OUT

    SAFINA- Chairman Paul Muite – OUT

    AGANO- its Chairman – OUT

    MAZINGIRA- Chairman Wangari Maathai – OUT

    FORD ASILI- Its Chairman stood no chance

    CHAMA CHA MASIKINI -Chairman Assitant Minister Koigi
    Wamwerw- OUT

    * Lastly, Kenya must be
    the only country which
    insists that it has a free press, yet if media
    houses are not being raided
    then they are being BANNED from live broadcasting.

    You see why I love my unique country?

    Yours proudly Kenyan

  171. Yego says:

    Ruto is being betrayed as a warlord for no defined reasons.We know that all the PNU hate him symphatizers coz he is not a push over cabbage as many expected.My PNU friends tell me openly that if it were not for Ruto, RAO would be home and dry with the leader of official opposition post.Im sorry to say that the root coz of the violence is the equality (economic) in this country.If a come from the same constituency with a kik and we really face the same problems of resource sarbotage, why should he then vote for kibaki yet we share same problems???wachene kutudanganya.Lets all have nairobi as our cosmopolitant town and every bird to know his nest.

  172. Amani says:

    I have been underground and i had to move my kids to a safer place with my mother.

    The last couple of days have been another great turning point in our lives. Our very own RAO and KBK met but RENEWED fighting is on the rise.

    People, why are we killing each other? Why are the youths so bold in their fighting? Are there people involved?

    Let us take a hard look at ourselves with an open eye.

  173. Amani says:

    PLEASE READ THIS WITH AN OPEN MIND………..LET ME MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR AS I HAVE ALWAYS SAID. I will never support VIOLENCE as a means to Democracy. That Said, if any of our politicians ODM or PNU are caught to have been behind the killings we MUST NOT support their cause in bringing the country down.

    The country is for all Kenyans NOT for any specific group/region/religion or Political party or Political leader.


    I was to Kenya twice last year. The first visit was in June – I hadn’t been there for a while and was returning with the intention of registering as a voter. One of the first things I noticed, returning to the country of my birth was that the country was more polarised along ethnic lines than ever before.

    It must be said that both sides were going at it, the one side blaming the other for the hogging of public wealth and resources, and the other alleging subversion, sloth and a hate campaign inspired by the other. Since I’ve had some experience of (and written against) anti-black racism, I had absolutely no desire to even remotely cooperate with either side. I decided not to vote, and so didn’t register.

    I returned in December, as a sort of one-man observation team. I’m familiar with the conduct of the campaign in parts of the Rift Valley (both North and South). It was clear that preparations for serious violence were in place: the hate speech now flowed freely (especially, and surprisingly, in the South Rift); it was clear that substantial numbers of children were no longer at school (especially in the North Rift); and people were beginning to get serious and detailed warnings – a friend of mine in an interethnic marriage moved his immediate family out and warned some of the others (he’s now in very serious trouble for not warning all of them). I’m in an interethnic relationship; friends of mine arranged for me to talk to a woman who was also in one. She was extremely perceptive about the nature and likely sources of the violence; talking to her convinced me that there was going to be serious fighting, even in Nairobi, whatever the outcome of the election. Quite simply, neither side would accept defeat. For these reasons, I, like perhaps many other Kenyans, expected the post-violence.

    What has surprised me has been the intensity of the violence, the clear evidence of long planning, and the fact that nominally progressive people have been willing to excuse it. Especially in parts of Kisumu, parts of Kibera, and in the North Rift, the intensity of the violence is unprecedented in our history. It is now clear that quite a lot of the violence was planned in advance and that some ethnic groups were selected at the planning stage (see below). Before the election, I was alarmed by the rhetoric of the politicians, and even more so by that of the activists. I too received the vile texts. But I was very sympathetic with the ODM’s case for redistribution, and discounted at least some of the anti-GEMA rhetoric as the price of getting progressive politics a niche, however small in Kenya.

    I was stupid. But I’m surprised that progressive or leftish people, who – now that the deliberately ethnic nature of much of the violence is clear – should know better, are quite willing to continue to excuse, ignore, minimise, or downplay just what is going on; that this is not at all about the liberation of the poor or an effort at bridging the welath gap, that something insidious and malevolent has taken over this political campaign.

    It is true that violent thought and action this time extend far beyond the usual bounds of the extremely poor, or the rural. However, we must be careful not to draw the wrong conclusion from this, viz. that it is a spontaneous consequence of a flawed election. There was recently a good interview with some of the Kibera militia leaders on the BBC. They were well-dressed and spoke reasonably good English, not your average enraged, easily manipulable slum-dweller. The BBC reporter asked them why they were targeting Kikuyus; they responded that they couldn’t get Kibaki, and confessed that it was a deliberate strategy to cause a crisis serious enough to get international attention. (In that, they have definitely succeeded – the BBC interview is proof.) I have to admit I found it quite surprising that they didn’t bother to deny that they were targeting Kikuyus. It was also obvious that the Kibera militias had good logistical support: they were able to identify patrolling plain-clothes police officers.

    Two conclusions ought to be drawn: the violence, even in Kibera, has been planned for some time; and that even at the planning and strategy stage, Kikuyus – and, as subsequent experience has shown, other ethnicities suspected of voting PNU – were deliberately selected for violence on the basis of their ethnicity.

    In the North Rift, as I’ve written elsewhere , there is no room for doubt about the organised nature of the violence. Bishop Cornelius Korir has confirmed that the attacks were well coordinated and planned, and Human Rights Watch has issued a report that corroborates the distinguished bishop’s opinion. Interviews with the refugees make it clear that the militias that destroyed their lives have clear and precise information about the homes and property of the target groups: the destruction of property, especially in and about Eldoret, has been so carefully targeted that the attackers must have possessed information about ownership – so, for example, houses owned by Kisiis or Kikuyus but rented by Kalenjins have been torched, but several houses owned by Kalenjins and rented by Kikuyus or Kisiis remain undisturbed. The UK Telegraph reported that at least one of the militias that besieged Baraton had lists of Kikuyu students. That report has been confirmed to me by a non-Kikuyu relative of one of the besieged; they also mentioned that the militia seemed to have partial lists of students and staff from other communities. At least some of the militias received training before the elections: training camps – at least one of which is known to the KNHRC (see here, and note too the evidence that the militias are being paid for the killing and arson) – were opened some time ago; they have obvious knowledge of basic military stuff, such as marching in formation (remember the Nziwa group?), and attacking strategic points (power and water supplies); they also have clear chains of command, information, and supply. Interviews with victims and refugees confirm that some of the militias include quite young teenagers: it requires time and a clear structure of authority to train children to wield pangas and to overcome their natural reluctance – especially in Kenya – to attack their elders.

    It’s interesting to note some contrasts with 1992. According to the Akiwumi report (Rift Valley Section, Chapter One, p. 2 and following), the attacks were relatively indiscriminate, targeting any resident non-Kalenjins; this time, reports indicate that the assailants include Luos and Luhyas. In 1992, the attacks were often carried out by what appeared to be government forces, often backed by militia auxiliaries; this time, the communal militias have led the attacks. In 1992, there was very little violence in and around Eldoret, and relatively little in Uasin Gishu district; this time, Eldoret has been one of the foci of the fighting.

    None of this is to overlook the situation in Central, especially before the election, where there was genuine hate speech, as well as leafleting, but quite clearly the level of organisation and intent in the Rift Valley is far beyond the usual tribal electioneering in Kenya.

    No doubt it is a matter for careful judgement whether spontaneous, ethnically-directed violence after the announcement is justified. But all the evidence now shows that a great part of the violence after the announcement of the election results was deliberately planned, and that it was ethnically-directed at the planning and strategy stage. I can’t see that deliberately procuring the murder and ethnic cleansing of your neighbours is an appropriate response to election rigging.

  174. Amani says:

    Off to my hiding now. I will cathc up with you mid of the week. We must continue fighting for Justice and Truth. But remember we do not need the Machetes.

    Let’s go people.

  175. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    Well stated….I wish to remind my agemates of Francis Imbuga’s play-Betrayal in The City- where Jusper Wendo declares:”When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind, it’s not enough to say the man is mad!!!!”

    I went to church today and addressed God! I told him that I have a feeling Annan may not achieve much and so I want Him (God) sort-out some people if indeed they are an impediment to us reaching amn amicable solution. I have in mind people like Kimunya, Karua, Michuki, Uhuru, Njenga Karume and Maina Kamanda. Kalonzo and Saitoti are already dead so no asking much there. Why do I say so? Kibaki is surely not in charge! Did you see how he was pulled from using the Microphone RAO and ANNAN used? Did u realised they changed his written speech from the one approved by ANNAN?

    I AM ASKING GOD to DEAL with these people NOW!!!!

  176. Jane says:

    Totally agree with the likes of Amani, Mike and all kenyans who have graduated beyond tribal divisions, selfish and narrow minded politicians.

    May healing take place in all our lives. May God give courage to those who have lost their loved ones, to those whose homes and belongings have been destroyed, to the pastors whose worship centres have been destroyed by fellow human beings. NO amount of words can console these dear ones.

    “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come…….. Give us this day our daily bread. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen”

    As one of us put it in this forum earlier, part of the longterm solution is to detach our lives from politicians.By not making them our idols. How many have misappropriated the CDF funds given for constituency developments, then they start crying foul and blaming everyone else left and right.

    A good number in the forum are writing mails from the comfort of their seats possibly in Nairobi. But how many have visited their rural homes in Luo Nyanza and parts of Rift Valley in the last few weeks. These areas have little going on. Worst of it,no schooling. Vandalising a university like it happened in Moi University , burning learning institutions, chasing away teachers, in the name of democracy and search for justice is misplaced advise. Worst of it, burning churches, total disrespect for God.

    At times like these chances of emotions overcoming us are very high. Demanding that the president steps down won’t work, mass action will meet the wrath of the law enforcers, boycotts will hurt upto those supporting this weird idea. Im not sure the Kosgeys and Rutos will provide financial support let alone a cup of tea to those supporting the idea if they lost their jobs in the process; economic sanctions won’t work as China may fill the gap. Further, other countries need us badly as we need them as a source of raw materials and they too need to export to us. So they won’t agree to this demand by selfish politicians as it will hurt their businesses.

    May all of us Kenyans return to reason.

    Amani, have you shared your comments with ODM and the many human rights groups including the Kenya national Human rights Commission. RAO may not be aware of what some of his men are doing behind his back.

  177. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    It is the arrogance of people like JANE-AMANI-MIKE-PATO characteristic to their godfathers from GEMA that make Kenyans sick. For the record, I currently live and work in Kisumu with a choice of living abroad with my wife and kids….but unlike AMANI, I chose to be part of this change and that explains why am here! For one to claim That Kibaki will RULE coz China will fill-in the economic void is completely HOLLOW! How I wish they remained mum, for in silence, they maybe confused to be wise!

    Call a spade a spade…I just wonder, does anyone know of a non-Kikuyu who’s settled and done successful business in Central??? Answer me….JANE-AMANI-MIKE-PATO!

    And how about the reports on the slaughter in Naivasha as reported a few hrs ago JANE-AMANI-MIKE-PATO? Are they lesser beings than our Kikuyu brothers? Your comments JANE-AMANI-MIKE-PATO? Would you kindly share the same with your GEMA godfathers JANE-AMANI-MIKE-PATO?

    For Amani, keep hiding…but do you remember my cousin shot by my former MP and PNU’s western Kenya coordinator Raphael Wanjala? Am sure the case is still fresh in your mind….

  178. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    There is also a perception that our brothers the Kikuyu have never voted for anyone else other than their own…In 2002, Kenyans of ALL voted overwhelmingly for Kibaki, a kikuyu! what might have gone wrong? I want to submit to My brothers from
    Central, that you hold the key to Kenya’s healing! I am so distubed to believe that most of you think you are better than the rest of us in anything and everything; a friend from Kiambu just emailed me and told me that we have acquired a name called ‘The Beasts from the West’. Friends, we need to comfront these things, look each other in the eye and speak the truth! I refuse to believe that a GEMA is better than me just by virtue of their background. That kind of arrogance is their greatest undoing!

  179. tnk says:

    we have weighty choices

    split the country into two units, one GEMA provinces with their leader and the other non GEMA provinces then herd all those militia into their respective new countries to form army or labor force. even if solution was found now, the bitterness, hate and revenge will not go away but will be characterized by constant deaths within communities due to sporadic raids.

    I urge all PNU supporters in this forum to impress on their leaders to push for a split and all ODM supporters do the same.

  180. 25mmpayload says:

    I believe most of these inter tribal problems can be addressed by dialog long before people set on each other with machetes. The affected areas need to setup respectable elders led dialog committees to quell the major greaviances. These leaders have to be peace seeking pillars in their communities. Failure to do so allows for tensions to build over time and it doesn’t take much to lead to what we are experiencing now. We all have to be willing to give up something to get something. The previous gov. has failed in ensuring security for its citizens by neglecting the key area of crime prevention. Our Poorly trained and ill equipped police force can not address a problem of such magnitude. This is the time for ODM to hammer home their plans to improve our Nation. While Mr. Kibaki hides in state house, the ODMers should continue to reach the Wananchi with their message of a better Kenya for everyone.

  181. Otieno says:

    Was just thinking the same tnk….whatever happens the split between GEMA and NON-GEMA is now so wide it’s hard to see them living side by side in peace (except in some areas of Nairobi). What pains me most is that tribalism in itself is a product of inequality. No one wakes up and dislikes people from other tribes just for the heck of it. In our case it is inequality. Kenya is the leading world exporter of tea….is that reflected in Kericho, Kisii? Kenya is a leading tourist destination, is that reflected at the Coast, Maasai land? I could go on and on but we all know the truth about distribution of wealth in our country.

  182. tnk says:


    Agreed, and primarily because a number of unscrupulous and now “wealthy” individuals actually grabbed or stole properties and resources while the administration conveniently looked the other way or colluded with them. no kenyan begrudges another for hard work, we all admire “true hard work”. but unfair advantage and then rub it “in your face” so to speak is what has brought us to where we are now.

    all the suggestions of truth and reconciliation, equal ditribution of resources are great sounding on paper, but Kibaki/PNU have said there is no problem in Kenya so, those grand plans will not help anyhting in the current status quo environment.

    e.g a committee/commission formed to investigate or ascertain the video clip of a protestor gunned down in Kisumu and yet the man has been buried. where there was a conscience at all, a few officers would have resigned. but why should they when they know very well the guy at the top has set the best example ever yet.

    we need our children future generations be able to sleep through the night and wake up the following morning without fear of militia revenge attack or reprisal. split the country please. in the meantime please boycott Daily Nation until a permanent resolution acceptable to all is found and implemented.

  183. OPADO says:


  184. jenny says:

    Where is Moi and Biwott in all this?

  185. Kim says:

    ODM has real think tanks, let us approach issues as they come, exhaust all avenues ie all game plans, try and exploit the possibility of motion of impeaching MK since he his holding the office unduly, ODM should also stop making statements that will be misinterpreted by Mutuas, Munyas, PNU, These guys are now targeting Ruto and some of ODM leaders, I know God is for us and however long it takes victory is on our side.

  186. tnk says:

    whats the point of peace initiatives when ODM pentagon and supporters are now being railroaded by the state. why should ODM preach peace and reconciliation while the state turns a blind eye when there are so called revenge attacks.

    there is no seriousness by the state to bring about peace. a state that does not protect its citizens has no mandate to rule. selective justice is also unacceptable. Kibaki/PNU are not going to honor any peace effort, ODM should ante up the resistance.

  187. faith says:

    I have read the comments by the bloggers and i have o comment on the issues:

    this is the more important historic time in our country we went to cast our votes the votes were counted and the tallying process was rigged those are facts a thief was declared winner and now you are telling us to accept a lower returns on our investment NO way we must ensure that justice is done or such acts will dominate our political scene ever. Dont you think Jaramogi,Bildad Kaggia,Ochieng Oneko, JM kariuki would just have kept queit and eaten with Kenyatta but why were they risking it all? Why did people like Raila have to spend 9 years in detension when they could have joined the govt. of Moi and eaten,what about Mamlukis would we have known about this if some courageous Kenyans would not have spoken SHAME on those who think that you can just always play the Kalonzo’s game we dont want such for our beloved RAO so let him continue fighting for what is ours.

    Kaa na amani huko nje where you were clashes didn’t start with the hate speeches during the last general election we have been subjected to this for a long time to trhink ethnically by colonial govt. and now by the successive independence govt. Dont come to this forum and try and say that anti-GEMA sentiments werte being said in R.V by the politians i come from JUJA in central and we have said it in the site long before even in central RAO was being seen as a boy(uncircumcised) who cant rule over GEMA so tribalism there on all Kenyans. Solution Amani is what our dear RAO said he wanted to do to Kenyans devolution imagine if 500b collected annually half of it is spread in the 210 constituencies you have 1.2b per constituency for devt. purpose we would not be fighting for scarce resources so if ytou want real change support RAO to the end.

    Mike/Jane/govt spokesman/Mutua
    you have always been writing to this blog to bring divisions but let me assure you loser that our resolve to see kenya prosper as a viable democratic entity is strong and you cant stop what the good Lord has ordained for this country ypu are the people who think voting is a pass time event it is a serious matter and we took it seriously so dont play with our intelligence.Kenyans ask yourselves people living in slums know very well that if trouble happens they are the biggest losers because they are the people who live with less than a dollar a day yet they are the first people ready to die for there right or you think they are “pumbavus” who cant reason so we should all come together and make sure that we see this to the bitter end for them and for our children.

    Alut continua!!!!. Iam also dismayed by the senseless killings and what iam afraid of guys is that whoever sent Mungiki to also revenge the attacks have not helped the situation infact what they have done is to give the other protagonist the go ahead to continue chasing the GEMA community from R.valley because now it will look like a war between two factions and not one community being chased away. Kibaki is able to stop this because he has the machinery but his silence shows he condones the war. But more importantly we said justice has to prevail and we cant remove our foot from the peddle so let the struggle continue.

  188. wole says:

    This thing is not coming to an end soon because as much as ODM is honest to have a peaceful settlement.PNU are still inflaming passions ,figure this out Livondo serving Raila with a petition through the police what message are they trying to drive across,is it a sincere move .
    They are deluded themselves that now that they have managed to disenfranchise ODM supporters in langata ,they would carry the day in a by-election since they have those imported mungikis who were registered in kibera,as voters.
    Orange republic would be a solution ,let the Banana Republic continue thriving and wallowing in greed and gluttony,indecency and ignorance.
    I envisage a UN mission in Kenya .

  189. Otsiatso says:

    All I know is that Kenya will never be the same…The country [people] is re-arranging itself..I predict that you will not see a GEMAN West of Nakuru, Coast will be a challenge, non-GEMANS will abandon what they consider GEMA territory. We will have defacto segreagation…woe to the next leader. As for RV, there is no way anyone who has been kicked out is going back – there is no government. The attacks in Nakuru and Naivasha has now made that impossible and what is worse there are thousands of Kikuyus trapped in the RV in remote villages – how will they get out and where to?
    What have turned our country into?

    The most frightening thing to me is to see all these young men on both sides who are not afraid to die, that means more bloodshed
    The problem has not been Kikuyus – but failed leadership under Kenyatta through Kibaki.

  190. Orange + says:

    Thanks to u all bloggers for keeping this site burning…………and special thanks to Elizabeth…..I wud like to know u personally. and this son of a Bitch by the name of mike, U r one big a**hole. F*ck ur A** nigger!!

    And to u odmers, just incase this Annan thing bears no babies, God knows wat will follow..
    No RAO, No peace, No Education, No nothing, no everything.
    Otherwise guys, cheerz. Wish we cud meet one day & drink beer with RAO..

  191. Orange damu says:

    Kalonzo must pay the prize of betrayal…… Next time we hit Ukambani

  192. Sam says:

    A little History to bring clarity to whats going on in Kenya right now.

    At Independence the un-official Government position was that Kenya had only two tribes. As a matter of fact they were the only ones to be issued with IDs and Title Deeds if they owned or bought land. They were allowed to live or buy land any where in Kenya.

    Central quickly ran out of Land and since the Luos had most of the Rift Valley Land, the Kenyatta Govt first raided the Coast ( and to-date they own most of the land at the Coast) but they quickly realised most of that land was not arable.

    The Luos had to leave the Rift valley and since most of them had not bothered to pay the token fee to aquire Title Deeds removing them was easy.

    Take note that the lands in question really belonged to the Kalenjin but without IDs or Title Deeds they could not Vote at least most of them anyway-Achieng Oneko a Luo was the MP for Nakuru

    Once the Luos were sent Packing the Kikuyu domination was entrenched and Nakuru immediately got a Kikuyu MP

    The British didnt help matters either when they left. They had set up a Trust Fund to buy most of the Wazungu Farms for disribution to locals but left the Kenyatta Govt in charge of the buying and distribution. Remember without an ID you are not Kenyan.

    KADDU of Moi and Ngala cried foul, but somehow they were consumed by KANU

    At the Coast matters were not any better, as a matter of fact most of the locals were advised to take their complains to the sultan of Zanzibar, for some crazy reason the British left the Mijikenda as the Sultans Subjects but their Lands to Kenya-How sweet.
    Now you know why some of the choicest properties at the Coast ni Za Watu wa Bara. They were not to be issued with IDs or Title Deeds .

    The MAA community I pity these people. We didnt Know whether they were Kenyans or Tanzanians, sometimes they were in Kenya and the next minute they were gone, their Land was easy target. They were never to be issued with IDs or title Deeds

    North Eastern, Oh My God Forgive us. For them the struggle continues even as we speak. They cannot get IDs or Passports unless they produce their Grandparents IDs and a Letter from a Chief. After the shifta war they were relegated to third class Citizens. Meaning no ID, Passport, Title Deed or Free Education.
    Kenyatta was the First to introduce Free Education, school Lunches and Milk.

    So when I see the People from the Rift Killing for their Land I pray to GOD to forgive us . I also thank him because he gave us enough time to Correct the Injustices but no one did anything.

    Is there any one Old enough to remember the Vangrancy Laws. If you were found without any money in your pocket you were trasported back to your rural area on the Spot. It targeted the Maasai Nandis Kipsigis since their clothes never had any pockets they couldnt carry any money.

    So many Kenyans have suffered untold injustices, the Kalenjin have seen people Grab their Land , use the same as collateral to get Loans and Buy more of their Land.and they could only WATCH

    The Luos started out well but you guys know the rest. Nyanza can Water and Feed the whole of East and Central Africa. Dam the Rivers before they hit Lake Victoria, to avoid going to war with Egypt. Then just manage the rest, Sugar, Cotton, Fish, Maize, Beens, Rice, Barley, Tobbaco ( Elecricity from the Dams) then Pipe the Water all the way to Mandera Nairobi and Mombasa. Its a lot Cheaper to pipe water than Oil yet we have an oil pipeline from MSA to KSM. JUST LOOK AT WHAT THE DOMINION PROJECT HAS ACHIEVED WITH THE YALA SWAMP. Kenyatta, Moi and now Kibaki none of them wants a thriving Nyanza. Yet they block all the Local Initiatives. The Dominion project took 12 years to be approved and it was privately financed.

    If you pay your House maid 500shs per month to look after your household and kids. Be careful she will poison your Children one day. You will damn her and tell of how bad a person she is even after you have been so good to her.

    Its time for us to pay for all the injustices. For my part I AM SORRY.

  193. Elizabeth says:

    I TOTALLY agree, as I had posted earlier this year. Let us split this country into two AS A SECOND OPTION. The hatred and suspicion has gone TOO DEEP. Even if something workable came out of the Anna talks, the wounds are not going to heal any sooner. I even doubt if Kenyans will vote freely the way they voted.

    Once and for all, let us rule the six provinces where we won and leave Kibaki alone with his tough. Let him go and collect taxes from Central to build Central and also loot Central. It is so simple, we cannot be ruled by somebody we do not want and trust. He does not even respect us, how then do we respect him?

    Zizi you are very right, going for a re-run is not going to help our course! Why do you think Museveni is now proposing for Kibaki to agree to a re-run? There is something cooking here people! My vote was stolen, and now you can emagine if they defeat us again with Kalonzo on their side to justify their win…I will go bananas personally!

    WE CANNOT ACCEPT A RU-RUN! Kibaki has to step down for a transitional government to take over, implement the Bomas draft that will also help us sort out the land issue once and for all, and once again we will be co-existing happily as Kenyans. RAO are you listening? Tell that Koffi Annan this! The destiny of this country is resting with him right now.

  194. faddie says:

    it seems that almost evrybody seems to think that it is only the kikuyus who are victims here. a case of all animals being equal but some being more equal than others for those who remember the animal farm.whereas there was a chorus of condemnation when people were burnt alive by kalenjin youth in a church at kiambaa(which was regretable and very sad),there seems to be very lukewarm reaction to what happened in naivasha the other day.every life is important.it seems that when kikuyu is killed it amounts to pre-planning and incitement while when mungiki kill,then it is termed self defence or reaction.
    first of all i don’t buy this idea that the politicians incited people to kill.a crime is a crime and it is individual.look at it this way,if a politician tells you to kill someone would you do it?secondly,politicians claim this was pre planned.it begs the question,was it pre planned countrywide and if not,why are people being killed everywhere including in mathare,huruma and kibera.the other day i was going home at midnight from town and i was surprised to find a roadblock manned by youths carrying all sorts of crude weapons and this is in nairobi.how could this have happened when we have the police?i think the police is complascent.otherwise those who claimthis was planned should have recorded statements with the police coz it seems they know alot more than the rest of us and this should apply to anybody who says this violence was planned including those of human rights.
    can somebody also tell us who has sponsored the killings now taking place in nakuru and naivasha.
    amani,let’s not be partial when condemning the killings.right now there are leaflets warning people who are not kikuyus or kambas to leave the entire juja,how comes the police cannot act on these?we also have a very sophisticated and well funded intelligence service. in fact it is billed by CIA as one of the best in africa if not the world.with all the money and resources given to NSIS,how comes it isunable to gather information on impending attacks?if the kind of mayhem taking place now in kenya and specifically in the rift valley was preplanned then definately,someone did’n do his job and should have been fired by now.
    i don’t buy that idea that this was all planned.look at it this way:with the kind of security network that we have,do you think it is possible to organise meetings to strategize to cause such mayhem even at the village level without even the local assistant chief or village headman knowing?apart from this,our intelligence network has feelers even at the village level.so you can’t organize all these without somebody knowing.it can never escape them.so ask yourself,is it possible that they didn’t know and why?or if they knew(which i believe they should have)then why didn’t they act and why aren’t they acting now?complicity?
    so for me i think this claim of preplanning is all politics and it is very unfortunate and careless for somebody to make such allegations especially at this time without corroborating.let them give us the evidence to prove otherwise.
    lastly life is sacred and every life is as important.let’s not make some lives more special than others and for heavens sake MIKE if we are to detach ourselves from politicians,thenlet’s not believe everything they say.and if that is so,then even their claims that there was organized ethnic cleansing should not be believed.it distracts us from the main objective which is JUSTICE PREVAILING COZ I BELIEVE WE WOULD BE LYING TO OURSELVES TO THINK THERE COULD BE PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE.

  195. crateturner says:

    to faith

    i think kibaki is not condoning the violence or as u put it but its just simple kibaki has no power to order people around coz every body knows he is not the president the police are divided to the core the army 2 are divided. if u can not control the internal state marchinary and the people of kenya then are a useless leader

  196. Yego says:

    Liz, i totally agree with you that a re-run is not worthy at all.What we should advocate for now is a transitional government to forsee a new constitution.What kenya needs is a parliamentary system of government.Believe you me,this will be a permanent solution to the quaqmire we are faced with.
    If that fails, i offer myself for free to do the boundary demarcation for the facilitate the division of kenya into two(Republic of Central kenya and the United Republic of Kenya SIX-BLOCK).I also propasal that we extend our love for our sisters and brothers in the coast and give them an autonomous decree to govern themselves like zanzibar.

  197. pabokenya says:

    its so sad when one who calls himself the ‘dully’ elected and sworn prezo is sleeping in statehouse as kenya burns.
    he doesnt know that i have lost 4 relatives.
    i promise if i could get hold of a gun even with my education i wud have matched to naivasha.
    but no, i want to wait for koffi annan. for how long will koffi take coffee at statehouse as kenya burns?
    why is this ple not telling kibaki he stole this election and no amount of fence sitting will ensure peace in kenya.
    we want agovt that has legitimacy to rule us not the govt where kibaki just only pride as being called MR president!

    thats why the middle class in this blog has to start thinking.
    how long will we be sitting in our porse offices and watching our flat screens to watch how our brothers are butchered or maimed to act?

    its us who have not shown kibaki the way out.
    where are the civil society?
    do we need ODM to call mass action for us to act?
    thats wheer the problem lies.
    kibaki only equates ple who are in the streets as jobless coz us who are jobfull are pretty confortable.

    we better act or else mungiki will start with ua cars and homes when they start.
    by then, they wont be any kenya

  198. Mike Okello says:

    It’s unfortunate that there is still a lot of Kibaki and Raila talk, terma like Mass action, Re-run, Threats, Obscenity, Aluta Continua, Mapambano, Power Sharing, Mwizi, our people etc……etc…Kalonzo, Betrayal, Haki Yetu, Justice…etc…etc…

    Its Unfortunate that we are still discussing our preferred candidates when people are wiping their tears day and night, in the IDP camps, and others dying innocently, in places!

    No single person in the IDP’s NOW is able to answer BEYOND the third question to an interviewer before breaking into loud weeping, all because of emotional pains….Pains and endless pains, and we are busy inciting each other to cause more Pains

    All this talk about candidates was OVERTAKEN, when the very first innocent person died on account of this matter.

    Lets not loose our heads in sycophancy with candidates, we might need them tomorrow!

    I can not rule out an evil spiritual involvement. Its all Clear in the posts.

    We need Help. Only God (Our only savior) can help us!

  199. Yego says:






  200. Obonyo says:

    I agree the Pabokenya where are the middle class kenyans?.Guest what in offices they are the vocal people saying no Raila no peace but its only the youths who are dying and guest what if we get justice they will be the ones to benfit right now they just watch in theire flat screens how the youths are being butchered,stone and shot we have never head that there were protests at Karen,Mithaiga,Runda e.tc yet these middle people keeps on argueing the youths to keep on with presssure.

  201. Obonyo says:

    I agree the Pabokenya where are the middle class kenyans?.Guest what in offices they are the vocal people saying no Raila no peace but its only the youths who are dying and guest what if we get justice they will be the ones to benefit right now they just watch in theire flat screens how the youths are being butchered,stone and shot we have never heard that there were protests at Karen,Mithaiga,Runda e.tc yet these middle people keeps on argueing the youths to keep on with presssure.

  202. Achola Omolo says:

    1st lot of Mungiki tera ganga to Western & Nyanza to revenge has arrived in Ksm Vehicles Regs. KAC 258E, KAY658D, KAE126A, KAV847L, KAJ194K, KBA 209N. PLAN TO MASS MASACRE BY NIGHT RAIDS IN SOCIAL PLACES, BOARDING SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND SLUMS

    Kindly sambaza.

  203. Obonyo says:

    Achola Omolo
    Whare are you?

  204. Pablo says:

    To Mike Okello,

    Try to be abit realistic, are you aware that Maina Kamanda and the company are the perpetrators of all these violence we are seeing in Kenya, be informed that we have all it takes to know what is happening on the background, Kindly tell you people ofcourse you know what am talking about, (you are a goverment agent) that we are prepared for any eventuallity let them strike anywhere anytime we will deal with them accordingly, The said Kamanda is already planning to terrorize residents of Kasarani costituency especilly Kariobangi, Mathare and the environs, Please know that we are aware and God forbid we just dont want to think or immagine what will happen. We cannot be intimidated by just a mere Mungiki Let them come we are waiting for them. It is High time Kikuyu Elders realised that Kenyan Belongs to the 42 tribes in the Country. It is a fact there is no incitement here it is only amatter of truth. We saw them terrorzing people travelling western we have just held our horse but when we shall releaze them They know what it will be like. Take care this govt Jambazi is here to provoke us and we have known him

  205. Otieno says:


    Protests in Kisumu…anyone confirm this?

  206. Obonyo says:

    Yah Protest in Kisumu one person shot dead by the police u can see the injustices we are taliking a bout kisumu police must use live bullet Naivasha were people were being hack to death they shoot in the air

  207. Steve says:

    It is so sad that any Demonstration in Kisumu and Nyanza returns bullet wounds. This is not acceptable. I am wondering what plans we have as a country to bring this issue to an end! We saw disturbing scenes in Naivasha highway and No live bullets were used. what double standard is the police using here. am SIC of this Gema stuff… God bless Kenya.


  208. Obonyo says:

    Yes Steve they are saying that RV violence was planed?the Naivasha attacked was also planed we saw it on teli people were being butchered as police watch even the military was there.Why its that shooting must take place in Kisumu even if there is peacefull demos.

  209. Obonyo says:

    Achola Omolo
    I think on this it a grave vine news in Kisumu i dont think Mungiki can come there.Achola u should be armed to the teeth to protect people of Kisumu.How comes here in Nai there ar Estates they cant set theire foot on.Mathere North they cant go there residents are armed to the teeth 24/7.I salute Mathere north resident for this so the issue a bout Mungki atacking Nyanza people is fallacy unless there ar no men in luo nyanza

  210. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    You still owe me some thoughts over the posts I did yesterday! We are still waiting!

    Can u comment about Naivasha? Could u draw parallels with what is happening in Kisumu; where protesters are being shot dead while the Mungiki in Naivasha are being escorted to butcher people?

    Let me assure u MIKE-JANE-AMANI–PATO, no man hah makende ya chuma; we are all flesh. The earlier you realised this the better…..

  211. Dave says:

    Do u see what am seeing? Mungiki has declared war against the rest of Kenya. They have unleashed terror on Kenyans under the watchful eyes of the “police”. Note that the “police” shot none of them dead. Yet hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Kisumu,Kakamega,Kisii,Bungoma and Eldoret were shot dead.

    To Annan,we are running out of patience.We need to know whether we Kenyans are going to the ballot or to war.Those are the only options.Mr. Annan pliz be careful lest you be rendered irrelevant.


  212. I am wondering with the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka who kept preaching to us that “Miracle” will HAPPEN.He refused to be RAILA’s running mate for the VP’s post only to accept from Kibaki after his “miracle” got outlived.

    Now he is the “one” who is preaching to us about peace when by joining RAILA, he would prevented all these bloodshed.

    I will NEVER vote for someone like KALONZO.

  213. pabokenya says:

    so wheer are we the bloggers?
    what can we do?

    agent of change, i suggest u give us another topic like what can middle class bloggers do?

    i can tell u with 100% certainity and am a trained mathematician that koffi will fail, ccheck the attitude at statehouse.

    if u doubt me, have u seen the advertisemnet in the news media and the comments in nation media, the official statehouse broadcasters?

    sud we allow our brothers, cousins to be butchered as we watch.

    i was reading a book that says they came for my neighbour, i said nothing coz it wast me, they came for my best friend and i said nothing but when they came for me, i had nobody to stand up for me, is that what we are waiting for?

    pliz agent of change, i wud like to know what can we do?

    to think that thief kibaki will see blood and leave statehouse is like asking a horse to enter thro the eye of a needle.
    so what options do we have?
    a thief has stollen period, a thief is our president residing and sleeping in statehouse period, so where are we?

    can u rule us by force?
    yes thats what they are doing and now uta do nini?
    if u dont want to be rulled by force wait till mungiki lands in dohnowms, south c, langata, buruburu, umoha, kariobangi south tonight etc?

    i dont wantto be ruled by force and i know annan cant do anything then lets go back to mass action where all of us from all walks of life assembly in the nearest place form our conforts and say NO to stealing government.

    with the way the situation is going, we dont need prayer, God left kenya long time ago, if u doubt ask njue,nzimbi,musyimi,gitonga et all.

    all these gettlement had only dislike for moi but nothing moral in thier heart.
    their tribe comes first b4 anything.

    i lost faith in born again xtians long time ago. the likes of miracle boy wants us to believe that stealing is good as long us we benefit.

    we can only complain when we are far from seat of power.

    Let all of us arise and we will set KENYA free?


  214. Otieno says:

    I think this people think we were born yesterday. When the police stand aside and watch people being butchered in Naivasha what does that tell you? It tells me that either those police have been carefully picked (pro-PNU) or they themselves may be Mungiki in uniform. There’s no other explanation. Whoever is calling the shots in this planned massacre must be pretty daft. He is just making life harder for the “genuine” GEMA residents of Nakuru/Naivasha. This is cause the Mungiki will come and go while the residents will remain and face the wrath of the other tribes. I wish though that people, in defending themselves, will be able to tell the difference between the Mungiki and the guys who’ve been their neighbours for many years.

  215. Otieno says:

    An interesting article about PNU plans to arrest RAO and Ruto…after fast tracking Livondo’s election petion again RAO’s win in Langata


  216. rafiq says:

    Its time to walk the talk. A nurse was pulled out of a PSV in Naivasha and slashed. A mother too. No police protection, no stray bullets killing those causing mayhem.

    If Annan cant then let the poor people from ODM zone start protecting themselves now. Why do they attack a schoolgoing primary kid and hack them to death, as police watch.

    Please prepare for any eventuality. Our people should not watch as they die. If kIbaki cant, let them protect themselves against Mungiki police officers and their ilk. It seems this guy isnt giving up on his illegality.

    Please pray for the children caught in the midst of all these and innocent Kenyans.

  217. Dave says:

    Am still wondering.If Kibaki really won by a margin of 230,00 and now he has Kalonzo with over 800,000 votes on his side,simple arithmetic will tell u that they will “beat” Raila by over 1,000,000 votes. why not call for a rerun and run over Agwambo instead of letting innocent Kenyans continue lossing their lives and property.

    Don’t be fooled Kalonzo and Kibaki know the truth the every Kenyan knows.They rigged!

  218. Obonyo says:

    Let Mungiki strike on those middle class estates coz they pretend to be wiser than people living in mathare and Kibera.During the massacre on 29th a lot of able people frm Huruma migrated to Umoja leaving there poor brothers behind

  219. mumias says:

    beautifully Put! Surely he know has the numbers so let us go again.
    Kibaki lacks legitimacy, and in the morden world where we are a global village, legitimacy is important, thus we go back to the people and say Central and Eastern will beat the others and if so, then I’l be prepared to shut up swallow the bitter pill and wait another 5 yrs.
    Is’nt it cheaper to hold another poll than to rebuild a war torn divided nation?

  220. Yego says:

    does it mean its only in kisumu that the gun works?????????????????why all this mayhem for the pple of kisumu.By the way i think our brothers and sisters in the police force and the Army combined should consider who to serve.

  221. pabokenya says:

    yego thanks for hearing from u.
    what are our brothers in military doing when our ple are butchered and then when they demonontrate they are shot at?

    do u know that kaindi ( former nyanza PPO) was promoted to director at Police headq for job well of killing luos like dogs?
    we need our men in military to say enough is enough.

  222. Yego says:

    Interesting question from my 6yrs old daughter……..”how did kalembe know that there was going to be fighting in kenya??? does it mean he is so clever that he formed a party and coiled the slogan Amani kenya????

    A right thinking kenyan can forthright tell you that kalembe was passing a message to the pple of kenya that his colleagues in PNU had planned something which i did not support and wanted to be independent of them.

    Always be worry and more so concern of what kalembe utters or does.

  223. Baijo says:

    It is time for people of western alliance, including rift valley to rise up and defend their defenselees brothers and sisters who are being targeted for harrassment and murder. We cannot just sit watch mungiki being used to kill our people. Even if it means storming statehouse, let us go there and eject kibaki. Kibaki lost legitimacy on Dec 27th to rule kenya and should give way to the peoples leader. Kibaki and his illegitimate members of cabinet are just enjoying kenyans slaughtering one another. We the majestic people of kenya cannot and should not accept this kind of injustice meted on our people. We shall not give us. Truch must faced. Ills must be tackled head on if we are to see peace return to our motherland. We need to rise up and defend our people in whatever way it is possible.

  224. pabokenya says:

    now there are plans to arrest ODM pentagon.

    the best solution is to swear in the ple’s president and we now negotiate from two vintage points or else it will be easy for these panua ple will to arrest.why cant pentagon organise the swearing of Raila and we move under prtection of our pentagon.
    these guys are organising mungiki chaos so that koffi can leave the country and tghen they crack down on our leaders.
    do u know yesterday they were asking about where about of raila?

    they have put them under watch and i tell u kibaki is planning abloodshed of high magnitude.
    lets all come out for a permanet solution b4 the whole nairobi catches fire

  225. Yego says:

    Pabokenya!! i think your thought and propasal is the best for this country coz pple from the six-block state dont recognize kibaki at all.

  226. rafiq says:

    Tell ODMers and other Kenyans we need to defend our people. How can a teacher be murdered because his name is wafula, otieno or kiptoo. Enough is enough. Lets ask friendly countries to take care of women and children, including hosting them. Let the men stay and fight for their rights against Mungiki.

    I know middle class who were travelling and are already gone. Is it that other peoples blood is cheaper. We cant accept this people.

    The current talk is that actually the massacre in eldoret was engineered in part by Mungiki to initiate revenge attacks so that the country would end like this.

    Enough is enough. How comes Annan believes the hypothesis he was given for RV killings yet he cant comment on what is happenning now in his own eyes.

    From all over Kenya lets rise up for our rights.

  227. Toni D says:

    The violence has got to stop!

    All leaders in the country (opposition or otherwise) should be focusing on restoring peace and letting people go on with their lives.

  228. crateturner says:

    why are this mungiki in police uniform killing people in kisumu and living those who wa slashng innocent kenya in naivasha? who trained the mungikis to use guns like AK47, why are they replacing geniune police men and women with mungiki? does this mean that only mungiki kibaki and lucy can command na Ali yuko wapi, we have not seen the police commisinor 4 three weeks, he is the one to address the nation about the on going insecurity in the country. not the naive police spokesman who is more stupid than afred mutua. let me tell all those people in the illigal goverment that what goes around comes around. no raila no peace no justice no peace.

  229. wole says:


    Things are not looking up for us and the country.The involvement of Museveni as the advisor to Kibaki should ring a bell to Raila and team on their security.
    After Musevenis recent visit you have the police now looking for Raila in the pretext that they want to serve him with a petition.I think Museveni having succeeded in dealing with his opposition nemesis inUG Kizza Bisigye ,he museveni has probably sold the same idea to Kibaki and Co.
    Petition Raila’s election as MP,lock him and Ruto up,torture to the extent that by the time they are released they are half dead,Matiba’s case is still fresh in our minds.

    Peace up the events culminating to Livondo’s petition,police tracking Raila down ,something sinister is in the making.
    I hope ODM security and intelligence is alert to protect our leaders..that man M7 is dangerous have you heard of KIZZA anymore,he is a gone case sickling and weak.

  230. faddie says:

    guyz there is this rumour about lucy shooting her son jimmy, is it true?it is being said that jimmy went to ask his dad to step down because he lost the elections and to protect their names in future but his mom lucy got annoyed and shot him.it is rumoured that jimmy is now hospitalised in london as a result of the shooting.does anybody know more?please update me.

  231. Akinyi says:

    Just listened to news, Kajwang and Kosgei have challanged Annan to stick to issues they appearing to be concentrating on humanitarian crisis. Annan will definately fail we need another plan/Strategy.

  232. TURNCOAT says:

    Like i always maintained foreign solutions for home made problems ? Never has worked.
    Wole you have a point. Museveni may have offered the “Magaryan option” but wooi unto him for Uganda will never know of fuel again. We all know where the pipeline passes. We have not exhausted our options. We can deny them the sunrays.

  233. jenny says:

    Was it not just a few months ago Kenya was in shock as Mungiki was killing people of other tribes and the goverment was conducting business as usual say absolutely nothing as Luhyas and Luos were killed daily in the slum areas.Well Guess what happened…..The Matatu Drivers and touts who were of the kikuyu tribe started being killed every day …they turned on their owm.All of Kenya mourned with them..Muchuki and his group were quick to react and all of a sudden the killings stopped and we heard of about 500 of them were killed…..but were they really ? or were they just moved elsewhere to wait for the elections.? Does anyone remember this…everynight there were limbs or a head being found of Matatu drivers. For those I have seen vomiting praise for this group eg on nation media blog…be careful because the same people who come to protect you have no loyalty and may turn on their own.They are not tamed.

    Meanwhile why is Moi mouth which could not stop talking before the elections …so quiet now…is it true that he has something to do with it?

    Also why is Grace Kaindi still heading the Kisumu Branch after she admitted that she gave the orders in kisumu of shoot to kill….are the rules different in kisumu? Why? What tribe is she this is very bothersome, because in other areas tear gas and blank bullets are being used . Between the police and the mungiki …there have been too many deaths.

  234. Baijo says:

    Guys our people are being murdered senselessly by mungiki dressed in police and military uniforms. We need to mobilise and act fast since they have been planted all over kenya to engineer and cause chaos for meadiation to fail. They were even in court today trying to stop mediation.

    Elsewhere, our people are being victimised all over kenya. In most residential areas, our people are being thrown out or given notice to vacate. They are beaten if they try to negotiate for time to organise themselves to look for alternative places.

    These people cannot overrun the mighty peoples army. We shall not simply stand by and let undermine the peoples will.

  235. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Grace Kaindi is a PANUA tribe just as Caroline Mutoko

  236. jenny says:

    I Came across this document while desperately trying to find info on whether Lucy K shot her son Jimmy K …..Sounds serious but I am still recovering from the Imanyara slap .Who let this “Lady” out? Anyway between her and Martha and Johns mouth ……I rest my case.

    The info her actually shows why the rich may be sending the poor out to fight in areas where there is major land grabbing .I am amazazed how much land can one oerson possibly need. I think a maximum of 1000 acres per person …..some of these are riduculous….all those displaced people should immediately be placed on these lands while the govt figures out what to do and how to solve the election crisis.


  237. jenny says:

    sorry about the typos

  238. jenny says:

    Thanks Was watching BBC and they were interviewing her …and went on to say she now has a desk job.sounds like a demotion of sorts .

    Just read about an Opposition MP being shot.


  239. Otieno says:

    Mugabe Were killed! Oh my God!

  240. kanyeka says:

    We have just learnt of the sudden death of Embakasi Member of Paliament Mr. Mellitus Mugabe Were who was shot dead.
    On behalf of the ODM Bloggers, I would like to offer our sincere condolences and deepest sympathy.

    The loss of any ODM MP is a devastating occurrence at this crucial moment of need. Our thoughts are with the family and all those in the ODM, Pentagone, the area he represented and all who were close to Him.

    We are so sorry for the killing!!!

  241. pabokenya says:


  242. jenny says:


    more than interesting reading….though old news …..

  243. Obonyo says:

    This is pure assasination let Pentagon tells us for how long this is going to happen.I said it here yesterday why are we not getting surpport from middle class kenyans.They killed us now they have turn to our leaders.They are preaching peace in the day but at night they are killing us.Uncofirmed reports say Mungiki raided Kibera last night any body with information?

  244. pabokenya says:

    i asked jana, am no prophet but when start they wont stop coz they have the intelligence that can tell them where our leaders are at all times

  245. TURNCOAT says:

    Zimbabweans were celebrating until they heard that this was a Mugabe in Kenya. Rest in peace Brother Mugabe. You have not died in vain.

  246. pabokenya says:

    where are we

  247. concernedcitizen says:

    After listening to most of our leaders glossing over the real issues our relious leaders not daring to stick out their necks for the truth i feel its time somebody came out and called this whole madness by its name. Kibaki and his croonies were not merely rigging elections they were imposing” kikuyu imperialism “down kenyan’s throats.Even after stupidly and tactlessly rigging elections they still arrogantly want to justify their stand. Even the so called born again christians like kalonzo and i hear the CJ masquarades as a born again have turned around and are hiding behind civic duty to rob people of their right the right to the leaders they want.whatever happened to the clerymen who used to come out and condemn moi so vehemently.
    If Kenya is to be a better country socio-economic disparities must be addressed along side Ethnocentrism. No one is more superior to the other and those who think they are should just wait and see how the rest of kenya will handle them.the reason the kikuyu are having it rough in rift valley is because they settled there and instead of doing what rome does when they are in rome they still want to flaunt their superiority complex on people . its time all kenyans learn we are all equals

  248. mumias says:

    Came across this, it could well be sensationalist journalism but it does make one wonder, and given what is happening in Kenya, one can not rule out anything.


    Read the ” Is There Any Link Between MP Mugabe Were’s Killing and the Recent Reshuffle in the Kenya Police?” story

  249. jenny says:

    Kenyan attire though it seems ridiculous that people are actually carrying weapons and waving them all over the place. No one is heading to the shamba at the moment so we should be aware that they are purely weapons.

    Also, why can the govt if it was really interested in peace give the army a crush course on dealing with citizens and send , for now, the Central born Kenyans to pick their people and guard them in one of those huge empty lying land mentioned in this piece.Also Nyanza born Army should go to central and even Nairobi and pick families that may want to go to Kisumu, Kisii Rift Valley etc, then let the army stay with them guarding them until the situation is calm. This way the people who are hitting this places to cause mayhem may be dealt with appropriately. Govt should start placing rogues police on hard duty especially those who have shown that they have other intentions than guarding the people.the army should guard the roads …the country is at war….!! The only way the tribal situation can be controlled is by having the public trust the army that has been sent and knowing that they will not shoot you.

    Let the elders of the Kikuyu Kalenjin and Maasai who are seeking answers about their stolen land ..join together and start dialogue…this will be at least an indication that something other than nothing is being done. Let us also place a new judicial system with some judges that have not be tainted that can work overtime and get the country back on its feet in two months. Anyone who has killed or attacked their neighbor is legally a murderer…charge accordingly, those who have stolen …I guess starting from the top , will be given two months to return otherwise they will be charged with robbery…even of the govt. everyone has to come out clean.

    Let those listed in the List below who coincidentally own so much land in the areas that the trouble seem to be taking place, explain to the public how without an actual job, or a pay stub they have been able to aquire all this land and wealth and the agreements from those who use to live in those areas. This is the true root of the problem , now because of poverty we have tribal clashes when in reality it is really a cover up not to address why some have so much and why others have none. my two cents ..someone may find something in it that makes more sense than the stalemate we have now.

    Weapons must be illegal , otherwise a neighbor may be attacked by neighbor. I hated the days when every corner you were asked for kitambulisho and where you work .,..if you are jobless …lets head back home squared we may be of better use there. Figuring most of the hooligans are jobless and we can have them report to their chief and newly appointed Govt Assist chief , .and feed them for two months. We may be able to come up with solutions knowing that everyday a group of mungikiis are not going to cause mayhem somewhere. At this time we are desparate Kofi Annan may not know much about why the people are really fighting.

    Well if the Army is not busy…lets get to work . You are well rested since you have not done much since what ..? 82′ Go and take care of your people .

  250. jenny says:


    It is a long article but around page 3 when you see people who own land in other peoples areas ….this is the ROOT of the problem,I think that if a newspaper can validate this info …since I had seen it last year also…it is public info, the general public who are busy killing each other would see the irony in fighting each other when you have absolutely nothing and then realizing that the fights are in the areas .Is this a coincidence?? Im Memory of those who have died …let us seek justice for them.

    I believe as educated as most of the people on this blog sound a difference may be made by trying to find alternatives before it gets worse. Let do our research if you smell a rat there is a rat. What is being hidden that it is so important to cause this much mayhem???While we mourn Hon. Were’s brutal death …..let us think harder and educate the grassroots so they are also aware that they are being used to fight other peoples wars. Lets do our homework,Something is not making sense.

  251. tnk says:

    jenny in you’re right that the masses could be fighting someone else’s battle, but if you look a little deeper, you find that status quo gets its way by snuffing out any solo potential threat using any or all of the following methods and others even more devious.

    threats, detention, physical or character assassination, demonization, bribery, ostracizing, isolation, misrepresentation, assimilation, hijacking/commandeering reform process, humiliation, co-opting (see how the valiant efforts are being made on Marende) and so many other methods. Think of all the freedom and democracy fighters in Kenya and the world over.

    Anything and everything goes to maintain status quo, and everytime one social justice fighter is eliminated either removed physically or co-opted, the masses slide further back into the abyss of hopelessness. the institutions meant to correct the anomalies are skewed towards status quo. as you see this argument is cyclic and sooner or later we are back to where we started or joined the struggle. ODM provided the best “escape velocity” route out of this mess. I’m hesitant to say this statement but luckily, Kenyans are largely unable to accept this on moral grounds. THere is disbelief that we have to consciously live day by day with “plastic smiles”, see your neighbor and call out a cheery good morning while inside you think “lazy”, “thief”, “murderer” or whatever your fancy. We do not want to perpetually be on the lookout for behind the scenes deceitful, treacherous and murderous machinations of state, neighbors or public institutions. unfortunately the spill over from tribal stereotyping used by the pre-independence colonialism has been entrenched with the three regimes practicing post-independence colonization and these labels do not apply to individuals as they should but to the entire community. the examples are astonishing, one community is labeled thief, scoundrel, yet has some of the most endearing true church leadership. another is labeled murderous, yet we are so proud of their athletic prowess, another is crowned stone thrower but produces the most brilliant and world renowned minds, I can go on, but you get the picture. back to square one, lets correct the injustice.

  252. Amani says:

    Here is an artcicle in the Nation.

    The truth about violence is in the bigger picture

    Publication Date: 1/30/2008
    Nearly all my first lessons to my students at whatever level begin with the famous story of the elephant and the six blind men.

    The story is so simple that my postgraduate students often wonder at my simple thinking. But for me, the story best prepares the student, very much like a soldier prepares himself for war, not just for the academic life, but also for real life.

    The story goes: Some six blind men had an encounter with an elephant. The first man felt the tail of the animal, the second one the leg, the third the sides, the fourth the ear, the fifth touched the tusks and the last one touched the ?..Then the blind men began a discussion on how the elephant looks like.

    THE FIRST MAN SAID THAT THE Elephant is like a branch of a tree but the second one said it is not like a branch of tree but actually like a tree trunk. The third man laughed at the first and the second and said that the elephant is neither like a branch of a tree nor like trunk for it is like a flat rough wall. But the fourth man interjected dismissing all others as wrong, saying that the elephant is like a winnowing basket.

    Then the fifth man laughed out loudly saying that his colleagues had not properly felt the elephant as the animal is like two big carved horns, but even before he finished describing, the sixth man interrupted to disagree with everyone else and say that the elephant is like a long trumpet.

    The moral of the story is that there are many perspectives to reality. It all depends on where you are standing. All the blind men were right in their perspectives because each was accurately describing the elephant from what he felt. However, all of them were wrong because the elephant has all these perspectives. To get to the truth, it is necessary to get as many perspectives as possible in order to see the whole picture. Nothing could be truer than this in explaining the current situation of violence in Kenya.

    Many would want to argue that the suspected rigging of presidential vote is the cause of the violence. But this is only one aspect of reality. The presidential vote only sparked off the violence. The truth is that there are deep seated issues related to historical injustices such as of land distribution. But these issues of historical injustices are not the only issues. There are also issues of selfish political leaders, who seek to get or retain power at all costs, even at the cost of their supporters’ lives.

    One wonders how they succeed to throw a whole country into such chaos and the answer lies in another perspective: there are many unemployed, poor, hopeless, and frustrated youths for whom an opportunity of violence is a win situation for them because they have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. They can loot, they can release their frustrations even when it is misdirected at their fellow poor youth, or to the police, and they can entertain themselves by harassing the rich, who they are jealous of and sometimes attribute their situation to their riches.

    But of course there is also a good number of youth who are not necessarily frustrated or hopeless, but are simply ignorant and therefore easily misused by political leaders.

    And we cannot leave out the question of tribalism. The dichotomy between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is clear in Kenya today though the lines are not so clear as they naturally keep expanding.

    THE TRUTH IS THAT ONCE WE START discriminating against people on the basis of identity, there is no end to it. We can go down to discriminating on the basis of clans and deeper into families and eventually into individuals.

    In short, the reason the truth seems blurred in Kenya today and everyone is blaming everyone else, is that we have six blind men: Kibaki (and all around him), Raila (and all around him), the media, the international community, the religious leaders, and therefore the led (the people), are describing the situation from where they stand.

    The truth is that we are all part of the problem and therefore part of the solution. For as long as we remain imprisoned by our selfish interests, egoistic ethnic, political and religious identities, we will never see the truth and we will never be free. For the truth is in the whole picture!

    Eunice Kamaara is a professor of Religious Studies at Moi University, Eldoret.

  253. jenny says:


    thanks …I agree and in my very small way I think that as much as I used to read the mail that came, it almost seems that when I read it now things make sense. Why do the kenyattas own over 500,000 acres??? How may children did Mama Ngina have …?ODMs Vision is still the best. Any system that joins all tribes and rewards you on merit and not tribe and wants to build roads all over Kenya and not in one area, and wants development for all, definetely is a good option for everyone. Even the Kikuyus in Numbers the ones who live in poverty are way way more than those who are wealthy. My take is that if we can get the reporters and TV revisiting on this issue of, the grassroots being used to fight the rich mans battle and when the heat turns on they are able to fly out of the country while the poor man comes out dead. Their lives are just as important if not more important as the life of that child in kibera or huruma or those children sleeping in the open air next to people they do not know. Why dont these people go and spend the night with these lives they have ruined. The grassroots have to know they are being used, Mps have to be able to address their constituency …with approved govt security. As you said we may have tried everything but we can be civil when we can make people believe that we mean what we say, the problem with the govt at this ti me is they cannot be trusted. Kenya cannot go down to save these people who are trying to hide their wealth and meanwhile singing tribalism , that should explain why causing chaos in a places where they know ODM support was evident , then they would say well we told you those people not peaceful. There will be a time when major therapy will be needed …children who have friends , what about intermarriages ?Moi is sick with back pain …no thats called guilt and stress. Get some journalists and tv, radio staff to revisit this . I think people are so angry making them see that their anger is misplaced may make some calm down . Do you think Annan knows he is sitting next to a Multi Billionare with lots and lots of land?

  254. jenny says:

    There was also this story my grandma used to tell us when she wanted us to learn to share.

    There was once a family that has six children all of them were born two years apart, the father passed away when the last born was able to walk and talk …….you will know why soon…..Anyway every evening when the mum made dinner she would put it on the table and tell the children to share the food while she went to attend to other chores in the house. When she was gone the oldest child would tell everyone to take a spoonful of food and then would gobble up all their food . This happened for about five years and the mother being very busy did not notice until later that her other five children were thin as bones and yet the oldest was as big as an elephant.He has made the other five take an oath that they would neve tell that he ate all the food , he said he needed to be strong so that if other people cane to bully them he would beat them up . The following year the five chilren one girl and four boys came up with a plan, what if we refuse to give our food we may be weak tomorrow but with eonough help from our friends we can beat him and the rest of the bullies….

  255. jenny says:

    My Goodness….This is the Kenya we want…

    MRS LUCY KIBAKI……TERROR IN THE STATE HOUSE and this is what we are being forced as Kenyans to deal with , wait till The Press abroad gets a hold of this , Our Great country is becoming a big joke, !!


    So the Imanyara Rumor is true …now lets find Jimmy …..must be in the cellar somewhere. This is scary to say the least, quiet a joke though since it is long since we found humour in anything.

  256. jenny says:

    This may be the reason why Kenya is where it is today. Happy watching before they are all pulled off came across this one also


    Things fall apart the centre cannot hold………..!!! Everything That is done with bad intentions no good can come out of it.

  257. Mike Okello says:

    How much more valuable space will be wasted by normal people discussing abnormal people. God forbid that i should ever sit to write any post that points to the first lady. I’d have to be very idle. Lets learn to separate issues from non issues. I have a lot of respect for Lucy’s psychiatrist, I think his patient is Improving, though quite slowly. But there is some hope.

  258. Kenyans need to start sowing seeds of servant leadership in our children, our heritage, reward and prosperity. Kenya and indeed the world is today looking for servant leadership which is in short supply. At this time of great need in Kenya, any wisdom whether from any religion or philosophers which can help shed some light to the whole Kenyan dilemma must be brought forward.It will be very frustrating and irritating when everything has finally settled, for books upon books to be written on how the problem could have been solved.Most of the great people of all ages had been credited for exhibiting elements of servant leadership. Jesus Christ for example we are taught, “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But made himself of no reputation&took upon himself the form of a servant,being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man,he humbled himself &became obedient to death— even death on a cross!
    Therefore God exalted him to the highest place&gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed—not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence—continue to work out your salvation with fear&trembling, for it is God who works in you to will&to act according to his good purpose.Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless&pure, children of God without fault in a crooked&depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe” Philippians 2:7-15.
    Servant leadership is being considered as one of the best form of leadership for the 21 st century and beyond. Kenyan stand to greatly benefit if we start cultivating servant leadership in our sons&daughters at an early age. The forms of leadership includes Autocratic leadership,Bureaucratic leadership,Charismatic leadership,Democratic leadership or Participative leadership,Laissez-faire leadership,People-oriented leadership or Relations-Oriented leadership,Servant leadership,Task-oriented leadership,Transactional leadership&Transformational leadership
    The elements of servant leadership includes love, devotion, sacrifice, listening,determination, empathy,respect,knowledge (lack of ignorance) healing, faith,awareness,hope, persuasion,forgiveness, selflessness, conceptualization, hard work, foresight,planning, accountability, stewardship,vision, fear of God, commitment to the growth of others,unity, promotion of peace, humility, building community, serving others&community.Even as we seek to promote truth peace , justice&a fair society, let us not use all energy on past.Focus on present & future. Shalom

  259. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    The question that Kenyans are facing today is whether to accept JUSTICE or Peace. Depending on which side you are, you will be inclined to one of these beatitudes.

    I would like to illustrate this. Fast forward to the day that you die…….on the day of judgement would you rather be confronted with Justice or Peace. Say for example you have sinned in the past and you faced between choosing between justice and peace. Of course it would be be peace. Peace from the fires of tribalism, hunger, insecurity, and sickness.

    Mshale kwa nguruwe, uchungu kwa mwanadamu

    There then has to be a messiah, (maybe after 45 years) who will come along and say that im willing to pay the price. A person or a people who is willing to pay the ultimate price for the atonement. Have we not lost enough blood. Ama ni sawa damu ya nguruwe imwagike. Raila has said that he is ready to give and take. TAKE BACK FROM KIBAKI AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE KENYANS.

    Meybe then Kenyans will realize that it is better to live with chaos in heaven than PEACE in hell.

  260. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    illustration number two. (DATE RAPE)
    A well nutured girl, brought up in good principles agrees to go on a date (27th) with a well to do man. She even suggested that she has a chaperone (kivitu) , she starts early for the date (6.00pm) and realises by 10.00 am the suitor has not even prepared. But gets word that the suitor is operating in other areas. Annoyed, but composed she waits for her turn. The suitor calls says not to worry there will be more time.time lost in the morning will be added in the evening. She smells something FISHY but maintains an open mind.
    Well he arrives and starts to give her the usual crap, he will give her free education, water for their homestead and build a road to her doorstep,………Bored and now ready to go home, the guy jumps on her tears her clothes and RAPES HER. Just then the chaperone arrives with the police, and says that the suitor has done a good job. The babe he says was of questionable character. The police throw tear gas at her and ask he r to go to court………The girls family protest and are met with the same brutal force. One month later she ralises that she is pregnant………SHOULD SHE ABORT……….certainly say her brothers ………..the suitor says keep the baby, otherwise see you in court……..

  261. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Surely kenyans is this how you wan to midwfe democracy. By a date rape

  262. kip says:

    am yet to see Kenya’s middle class acting as if they are part of the ongoing in Kenya. Historically known for being the engine behind political change and regulating the government, today Kenya’s Middle Class acts more like an Expatriate Club. They watch things from afar as if they are not part of the problem and it will never affect them. The political problem seems to be a poor man’s problem and wanasiasa acting crazy.

    read it here …


  263. katche says:

    hi odmers,

    am a little bit disturbed, is raila going to share power with PNU after all this??? plz someone to confirm to me this coz if its so then am doomed for the rest of my life coz i will never ever vote again neither will i trust any of the odm leaders. thank u

  264. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Cant believe that last year Dec. on a date KIBAKI was just a virus in my comp. Now he is a virus to the country. You and i know how we should deal with a virus that refused to move…

  265. kenyaturncoat@gmail.com says:

    Cant believe that last year Dec. on a date like this KIBAKI was just a virus in my comp. Now he is a virus to the country. You and i know how we should deal with a virus that refused to move…

  266. Sam Ochola, of Nairobi west (back in Scotland) says:

    To all ODM’ers, I think we should move on but with an Eagle eye.
    Let’s take advantage of the West Cajoling PNU thieves to accept a fast track minimum reforms. Our minimum forcus should be the Overhauling of ECK, Judiciary, Police & independent of parliament (to control its calender). Let us push them to towards ammending section 59(3).
    Once we know parliament is safe from dissolution; Then Orengo or Abu Namwamba must strike at earliest with a 7 day Notice of No confidence. It doesn’t matter wether we are sharing power, have PM and ministers. We should make it a priority to expose PNU to another election as soon as there is an independent electoral commission.

  267. tnk says:

    rev john kamau

    the servant leadership qualities you describe above are evident in the charcter and person of our very own RAO. this is what we have been saying all along that we need so this may be news to you but not to us. and because good servant leadership promotes excellent deputies we also see these same excellent qualities in Musalia, Ngilu, Ruto, Balala, Nyagah, Magara otherwise known as ODM pentagon. there are many others but I also want to specifically mention Bishop Margaret Wanjiru who under great odds and tremendous rigging machinery was still able to prevail against a seasoned gangster.

    Yes Rev Karanja, they are not in short supply, the supply of these leaders to the Kenyan has been short circuited.

  268. Omuto says:

    How can we overcome this crises that we are having(people fighting,houses burnt,removing IDPs at the camp) how

  269. Maru Kapkatet says:


    The PM is cementing his position as one of severla Kenyan leaders who missed the presidency by inches rather than miles.

    1. Mzee Jaramogi – He was set to become the Prime Minister of Kenya but he refused insiting that Jomo Kenyatta be released from prison to become indipendent Kenya’s first Prime Minister.

    In 2002, Jaramogi missed the presidency by a whisker when the opposition party, Ford, disintegrated.

    2. Raila Odinga – Kenyans elected him to be their president in 2007 but the thieves stole the presidency from him. Today, he is the PM of Kenya and singing praises in honour of the thieves. The PM is fighting the people who elected him to be their president in 2007. The PM is now on the side of the thieves and the thieves in their daily night meetings are elated. “Keep frying yourself in your own fat, pumbavu”, they are saying.

    Raila peaked in 2007. He will never peak again.

    2. Uhuru, son of Jomo – In 1997, President Moi had already lost his confidence in Saitoti and had decided that Uhuru will become Kenya’s next president. If only the people of Gatundu had elected Uhuru their MP in 1997, Moi would have appointed him VP and Uhuru would have gone to become Kenya’s next president in 2002. Uhuru peaked in 1997. He will never peak again.

    The next presidential elections in Kenya will be very fragmented. There will be no real ODM and no real PNU. The leaders of Kenya have seen that they can attain high office through coalition and if you have the numbers.

    They will obtain the numbers by appealing to their own people. The theme of the next presidential elections will be “Go Ye Therefore to the Land of Your People and Vote for the Presidential Candidate From Your Own People”

    This approach will favour Uhuru (because they have the bigger numbers) and he will come out on tops in the next presidential elections but this will alarm the other people of Kenya and they will come together in a repeat poll to elect their new president. The beneficiary will be the VP as his much-publicized “miracle” is fulfilled.

    The VP has never peaked bu continues to grow. As the PM wages a spirited fight against the people of Kenya over reforms thinking that they are too foolish to see what is going on, he moves nearer to joining the growing list of leaders who peaked once and were never able to achieve their dream.

    Yes, reforms start with putting structures in place but which follish man will agree that the leadership is indeed serious about reforms when he has shut out other Kenyans from positions of leadership in the security and economic sectors?

    Yes, there are millions of Kenyans who are not schooled to the same level of their leaders but you cannot convince these ordinary and humble folks that a thief is a reformer and especially when they are watching the thief digging in and stockpiling arms.

  270. Maru Kapkatet says:


    The new Kalenjin Council of Elders is chaired by Maj (rtd) John Seii and includes former Chief of General Staff General Daudi Tonje and retired Army commander, Lt General Lazurus Sumbeywo.

    Why military men? Why not academics? There is a plot here to mislead the people by installing Uhuru’s men. These are the Land-Rover Generals, the architects of giving away military Land-Rover vehicles in 2002 to be used to campaign for Uhuru Kenyatta.

    General Tonje is a respected former Chief of General Staff. If he wades into divisive politics, he will tanish his otherwise good standing in the eyes of the public.

    General Sumbeiywo is also a decorated (even if only in the minds of Kenyans) peace keeper and peace maker. Let us not diminish his great standing by using him to campaign for Uhuru.

    It is true that the PM has failed and even insulted the people of Kenya. How can he claim that a thief who has not reformed is a reformer. The lives of hundreds of Kenyans lost needlessly no longer mean anything to the PM?

    But whatever failures we see in the PM’s leadership, he is still the best because he is not arrogant. He listens to people and is always willing to correct where he has erred.

    Uhuru represents the worst of tribalism and greed iun Kenya. He has been watching his godfather lords it over the other tribes and he says nothing/

    Why can’t Uhuru tell his boss that the face of Kenya must be reflected everywhere and everyday.

    I support Mr. Ruto in his dreams and plans but not where he is being used as a tool for Uhuru. And Hon. Ruto should understand that ODM is a movement and that the PM thrives not on party manifestos but in the politics of movements or the politics of “tsunamis” as he calls them.

    At the right time, a tsunami will be triggered somewhere in western Kenya and by the time it reaches Kericho and Nandi the politics of Mau and the Hague will have been forgotten and people will be riding the tsunami wave.

    Only a foolish politician will write off and try to oppose the PM. If my feelings are typical of those of the general population (and I am almost 100% sure that they are), I can only say we the people of Kenya aree hooked to the PM.

    He may insult us, he may disappoint us, but at the end of the day, we are with him and we want him to be our president.

    I hope that the PM will use his own skills and the brain power at his disposal to plan to reclaim the presidency that was stolen from him. I hoipe that the PM will work overtime to stay close to the people.

    What the PM says or does matters and he should not be saying rubbish publicly and carelessly.

    From my own observations, I have determined that Hon. Raila Odinga can make the greatest president of Kenya if he follows the right script. It is also true, from the leadership that we have seen from him in the last two years, that the Pm can make the worst president of Kenya.

    Like the tsunami that he often talks about, the Pm can sweep good people and good ideas and good projects along witrh the bad guys and their corruption to the sea.

    There is a pet project that the PM has not talked about very much in public. It is Lamu Port. It is a great project but however noble this project could be, the PM has failed miserably to get the best brains in Kenya to carry out a feasibility study and to study the different options in implementing this project.

    Building a rail link or highway to Ethiopia and Sudan from Lamu and building a port in Lamu may sound great but waht about security. How much will it cost Kenya to secure the route for daily use.

    And the PM looks to building these infrastructures by leasing Kenya`s fertile land to Qatar in exchange for their dollars. I have often wondered whether or not it would make better economic sense to lease the land wheere the port is envisaged to be built to our neighbouring landlocked brothers – Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi – for 99 years and ask them to use their petro dollars (they are only months away from being awash with petro dollars) to build and operate a port in Lamu for their exclusive use.

    Why go to Qatar when our neighbours next door could be having the money to complete the project.

    In the meantime we are watching Hon. Ruto and hoping that at the right time he will bail out of Uhuru`s bandwagon and come aboard the ODM one lest he sinks.

    ODM is the only way to a better and prosperous Kenya, Let us make it strong and not wreck it.

  271. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear Amos,

    This is definitely you, the person described in this:

    “Without revealing names, he described the politician as a “senior government official of influence”.

    He said the individual had “obstructed the reform process, failed to end the cycle of impunity and has been an obstacle in the fight against corruption”. ”

    The best thing you can do now is to negotiate to be unbanned and in return you retire.

    Sincerely yours,


    Master of Self Preservation Observer

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