50 Responses to RAILA’S AGENDA

  1. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  2. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    I totally agree with you Phillip!!!

    That lady Catherine epitomises the best in our society that have not been given the chance to make a difference in our lives. You look at the potential, the sheer amount of knowledge (complete with FIGURES!!!!) and you are left wondering why she is not the PS or better still, a nominated MP and Minister for Health.

    I went to bed last night a very satisfied man. I am happy with team H.E Raila Odinga is putting in place.

  3. zizi says:

    Hi all,

    Where is the Utaguzi thing. Why is it not on the web? I cannot see it. Sambasa online please.

  4. Jagero says:

    Even more interesting was Prof Oduor’s lecture on Majimbo now Ugatuzi, for that is what it was a lecture not a debate as the PNU guys were left for words. The Devolution debate is begining to sink and the more it is explained the more people will come to our side, this is why you here NCCK and other Christian organizations on the other side urging for dropping the devolution debate from election agenda. We need to insist and continue marketing Ugatuzi since this election is actually about giving Kenyans a new system of Governament through a new constitution. If Agwambo gets the mandate as we prey to GOD to deliver then he can implement these policies without a fuss from any quarters.

    Second we need to think foward at all the possible rigging manuvers. mr Kivuitu has candidly confirmed there is or there may be rigging at the ECK by his statement that he personally can not be compromised, this means the other commissioners could be or at worst are already compromised. The Captain and the network are doing a splendid job but everybody need to feed them with avenues so that they act proactively or at the earliest to nip any rigging effort in the Bud. God Bless you all. God bless the people of Kenya. God bless Kenya

  5. Lexx says:

    Jagero i agree with you Mr Kivuitu has clearly stated as to who will observe our elections and that is clear coz it seems the Govt want to rig this elections.PNU have stated advertising in the electronic media i would like to ask the ODM personel incharge of avert’s to clearly display things like munguki menace,mamluki’s,anglo fleecing etc this is what we really want to change completely.kenyans desire real change .

  6. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Lexx, you are a genius!!! These are the things we need and every body needs to be reminded CLEARLY.

    From the Kibaki Tosha declaration, to constitution in 100 days, to helping him get a first class ticket for treatment abroad, to people calling Raila Njamba in central province and then…… to the down hill orchestra: Lemma Ayanu, Anglo Leasing, Arturs, killing of National Hospital Insurance scheme because of their interests in HMOs, paying cowboy contructors behind the scenes, mungiki, chinkororo, raid at the Standard Neswpapers, attack at the Nation by Lucy.

    We need the graphic pictorial details on these things on television before news and every popular programme. I tell you we will be having a totally different campaign.

  7. Nick says:

    why cant Giddy Giddy and Maji Maji do a song called Utaguzi.It may pass the message faster

  8. charles says:

    I think all of you guys are drunk with power or is it the imagination of getting it to the extent that you have started dishing out PS posts. If ODM was preaching facts in their campaigns especially to do with economic development coz its what we need at the end of the day then, i would be obliged but as is stands most of these things are unattainable with reduced tax, free secondary education and establishment of devolved administration stations. Please try to be more convincing.

  9. Maru Kapkatet says:

    During the 2002 general elections and the 2005 referendum, Raila Odinga showed the best of his campaign prowess that rightly earned him the title of “Raila: Kenya’s Political Enigma”. Unless the best is yet to come from ODM, Raila’s campaign so far, to be quite frank, has been lackluster and amateurish.

    Raila has very good ideas but unless those ideas are effectively communicated to the people, they will not help in the campaign. While campaigning in Meru recently, Raila told Tea farmers that his government will increase returns to Tea farmers by adding value to the product before it is sold as they do in Sri Lanka. What Raila talked about concerning adding value to Tea before exporting it is a soul-stirring remark that Tea farmers would like to hear again and again. Sadly, however, if Raila’s Meru audience was to be asked what Raila talked about concerning Tea, I would be surprised if anyone remembers anything about it.

    Raila must remember the saying that goes thus: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember.” Raila would have been more effective in communicating his message if he had gone to the meeting with a Tea twig. He would have started by asking the audience whether they recognized what he had on his hand. He would then have proceeded to tell the people that he carried the Tea twig because it is not only a major foreign exchange earner for Kenya but also because he is concerned about what farmers earn for the hard work they put into planting, caring, and harvesting their Tea.

    Raila talked about Sri Lanka Tea farmers earning more. This statement alone could make a difference in election results. On the other hand, a mere statement that Tea farmers earn more in Sri Lanka because of added value means nothing unless that statement is qualified with comparative figures. Tea framers must have been dying to know how much more their counterparts in Sri Lanka earn. Kenyan and Sri Lankan Tea are not too different in terms of quality. Most Tea importers overseas import Tea from Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries in bulk and then blend them together before packing and shipping.
    I am quite sure that Kenyan Tea farmers would like to know how much a Tea farmer in other countries earn for the same kilogram of Tea. Raila was a university teacher and should be well aware that illustrations help students to grasp concepts which would otherwise be abstract to them. There is the Chinese proverb that says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you are talking about Tea, carry along some Tea twigs. If you are talking about the sugar industry, carry a meter-long cane. People will remember better when they see.

    Politicians in advanced countries such as the USA often like to hold a baby when they are talking about an issue such as education or health care. They do this in the knowledge that the audience will be captivated by the young and innocent beauty rather than by their wrinkled and stern-looking faces. It is a way of putting a message effectively across.

    ODM has talked about many important issues but voters can only remember Majimboism because the Wazees have been singing against it daily. Mwai Kibaki may be remembering his university-years’ economics and must be laughing at the ineffective simplicity with which ODM is presenting their ideas. Kenyans are a very sophisticated people and they need a detailed presentation if you are to convince them. It helps in putting a message effectively across on major issues if the talk is supported by figures and facts.

    Let Raila talk while his technocrats prepare detailed figures for him to memorize overnight before a campaign foray. Many Kenyans used to marvel at how then president, Daniel arap Moi, would quote many figures from memory. Raila will convince Kenyans that he knows what he is talking about if he could be quoting data that touch on Kenya. In the case of Tea, Raila could have told Kenyans what the country is currently earning from Tea, what percentage of it trickles back to the farmer’s pocket, and how much more the country and farmers will earn if value is added to Tea.

    Raila must repeat his message clearly and often for it to stick. On Tea, he should repeat the message everywhere he goes where Tea is grown. The same goes for other major crops. On education, health, poverty, tribalism, security, the same message must be repeated everywhere where campaigns are held. ODM stated not too long ago that 75% of top civil servants and heads of government agencies and bodies come from on ethnic group. The Kibaki countered by stating that he has appointed at least one senior government officer from each of the 42 tribes. ODM could not respond. Unless ODM give comprehensive data on their claims, the Kibaki side will always win battles and may then eventually win the war.

  10. Jagero says:

    Maru these are Good ideas but as we Know these Guys are busy on the trail doing three ralies in far flung areas a day, we need to give them these detals through these forums, together with the campaign managers. We know Raila and the rest of the campaign team are good campaigners but they need all of us to win these battles and finally win the war. We set the agenda, were we can get the details and let them feed it to the public. Where we are not able to get details we leave to the inteligence network and the spin doctors to provide the details.

    All the campaign group need minimum every other day review of the effect of the campaign and new agendas to add to the ones already being used, however the most important thing is to repeat the message until it sticks.

    The issue of skewed employment has not been newtralized as you say. The situation on the ground is very differenct. I think it had just been left to tackle the main issues like Ugatusi, what ODM intends to do for Kenya in all the different spheres.

    Everybody needs to pray for Kenya and the ODM leadership, THe LORD is listening.

  11. tnk says:

    on a side issue, the nominations being held on the very last day allowable by ECK, is a good move to curb political acrobats but the downside is that it leaves very little room for error. I think ODM should revise this date to at least occur very close to that of ODM-K and PNU. THis will allow for reasonable correction of any contention or other mishap that may affect the nominations exercise. Any of the following is a possibility and whereas I’m positive that Justice Kwach and his team are up to the task, we have to keep in mind other factors influencing this exercise that may or may not be under the boards control such as
    a) errors before during or after nomination requiring a repeat process
    b) logistic limitations
    c) most important sabotage by rival parties who will have already concluded their exercises and may want to cause mischief through infiltration of the process or placement of physical barriers to the process such as instigate violence or create transport hitches, or cut off essential services such as electricity or whatever might be required, etc.
    d) environmental and natural challenges such as flooding, earthquakes or other unforeseeable events.

    Also I don’t think its a good idea to catch all fallouts from PNU or ODM-K nominations and unless there is a really good reason to open doors for these people or there is some specific catches anticipated, it may be wise to close the doors as early as possible. Similarly anyone in the ODM camp now with one foot out of the door is not someone to be trusted in the first place and the earlier they leave the better for ODM. THis election is mostly about how Kibaki has lost the trust and confidence of a majority of Kenyans and its almost guaranteed that any MP who twists and turns will most certainly be left out by the electorate. We are tired of political conmen.

  12. Jagero says:

    Stephen I keep liking your ideas the more, Check this, Take Kazi iendelee and put it after the failed promises, corruption and downwright arrogance.

    Anglo fleecing?!! Kazi iendlee, Lema Ayanu?!! kazi iendlee, Artur mamluki?!!, Mungiki murders?!! kazi iendelee, Cowboy contractors?!! kazi iendlee, Chinkororo menace?!! kazi iendelee, Standard news paper raid?!! kazi iendelee, attempt to rig the polls in advance?!! kazi iendlee

    New constitution?!! kazi isiendelee, National Hospital Insurance scheme?!! kazi isiendelee, All MOU’s?!! kazi isiendelee, Poor infrastructure?!! kazi isiendelee

    I was impressed when Kibaki blattanly admitted that he was there with Kenyatta and I don’t who else when they killed Majimbo. He admits he will never allow for change even after 45 years of failed centralised system. I don’t know what wakina Mwakwere are now telling their shirikisho guys. This is a golden opportunity to go for the kill.

    Our captain has been taunted for not having put a sinlge days work to show for development in this country?. We need to call the bluff, We want Kibaki to tell Kenyans what he has done for democratization and liberation of Kenyans. Some Kenyans have paid with their lives, other paid with significant part of their adult lives behind bars (detained), others were maimed and remain disabled. Kibaki should tell Kenyans what he ever did to improve democratization. Kibaki was the mover of one party state, the one whosaid you cant cut a mugumu tree with a razor blade, the blade finally falled the Mugumu tree, and Ugatuzi and the new constitution will finally come into being.

    Finally we need to ask Kibaki and PNU to tell Kenyans what Kibaki did for Kenya for 35 years when he was in cotroll of the finance ministry, vice president and minister for finance and again ministeer for finance since it is during these years that Kenya became a failed state. If the argument is that he was not the president then they should not accuse our captain for not having done anything in 3 years while he was not even controlling the country’s purse


  13. Auki Ollows says:

    Maru has a point… The campaign appeared to be flagging somewhat… But I think this has to do with the location of the campaigns. When The Pentagon go to very very deeply interior parts, the media don’t cover the events very well. Why? I suppose because the logistics are daunting for even them… They even report some of the stories days later…

    The Media is also an issue of its own. They are becoming boring in the manner they cover the campaigns. Our presidential media person must challenge them to be more creative. By the way, what is the presidential campaign structure? Who is in charge of what?

    Naturally, the whole campaign must must look sleek. As sleek as the presidential launch at KICC. I have this sneaking feeling that we would do much better with professional level PR and marketing to slide along with the hard campaign rhetoric. We need to up the logistics. And I think the PA system needs to be very high quality all the time. Wananchi are struggling to hear The Message.

    Incidentally, with KJ of the Redykyulass fame, and Kajairo now in ODM, can we make use of them to satirise the core messages in short skits of say 7-10 minutes? There is no better way to send a message than through humour… And these guys guys are VERY popular among the youth… Our ads could also feature them…

    Further, we must note that ODM is running these campaigns at, essentially, 2 levels – mashinani and at ODM Professionals level. Whereas in PNU everyone will want to be paid to offer their services, the ODM Professionals Network is a wholly volunteers group, selling the softer, more intellectual message. This Network is completely multi-ethnic with, in fact, the 19 member National Committee Vice Chair, Secretary & Asst Treasurer coming from Central Kenya. They probably have little patience with that fact, preferring to consider themselves top Kenyan pros, but no govt in the last 45 years has bonded Kenyans properly.

    I urge all of us to join this network by sending an email with basic contacts to network@odmprofessionals.co.ke and they will send you the Concept Paper. You will then be able to channel your campaign ideas even better.

    Finally, from the Nakuru campaign yesterday, I sense we are on the front foot again (and they, the 1960s Brigade, better have a good goalie – we have some very dangerous midfielders and a sharp striker…). I sense that we have worked out the devolution message properly. I could see it in the body language of the The Pentagon. And that Ruto man is a real political talent (a serious soccer #6 or rugby #9). It was most impressive that wananchi braved a big downpour to hear Raila speak. I also noticed yesterday that PNU pitched tent in Otiende to sell the Livondo candidature. Well, Langata is 70% Kibera and they know minds are made up there…

    We must keep the pressure huko juu! The Pentagon is full of young people and that Generational Change message is BIG! We can’t forever be listening to 1960s stories of how Kenyatta, Ngala and Kibaki met and talked. In any case, who can believe Kibaki about private conversations after he junked the NARC Summit, the MoU and even the IPPG deal that he so generously benefited from…

    Kazi iendelee? Someone must be crazy! What happens to the 40% unemployed?


  14. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Jagero, my hope is that somebody at the secretariat is reading the stuff you guys are providing here. My honest view is that we can totally change the pace and outlook of this campaign, and soldier on to 27th Dec to crown a landslide victory.

  15. musaot says:

    Hello all supporters of Change

    Thee is going to be a prayer for all presidentail candidates at NPC valey road tomorrow 6-Nov-2007. As a born again christian and a supporter of ODM I humbly request the Pentagon to attend this prayer session and help us demystify the mentality that our hero is “not God fearing”.

    Rememebr the thief on the cross he the one who felt wa so righteous mocked Christ while the other who accepted his fate requested Christ to remebr hi. Let us all call upon the name of our Lord and pray for Agwambo. Honestly without using many words.

    God help Raila to be the President of this nation. It is our prayer Lord, give him wisdom and strength as you gave to Solomon. This is our humble prayer, to us he is our Moses, leading us out of Egypt! We have just reached the Red Sea and we can actually see Canaan, but still we come to you grant us our prayer request Lord. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN

  16. dennis k says:

    jagero brilliant idea!!! we need to take it to them.. no holds barred. i hope the admin people are reading this.. they can borrow a leaf from you. p.n.u started it with their domo campaign so its only fair we return the ‘favour’ in kind.. kibaki’s blue eyed boys are doing him no favours too.. its laughable.. utterances from the likes of tuju are shocking. the arrogance of this bunch is appalling. did u hear the ‘sick people should come out of their ward beds and vote for kibaki then go and die’ statement? classic! .. unfeeling and insensitive ministers.. kazi iendelee…!!

  17. Mike says:

    I have not anyone provide a direction on the hawker menace in Nairobi though its a thorny issue. Recently while walking along Tom Mboya Street a lady selling fruits threw vegetable peelings to pedestrian who had no way but to jump over her fruits amidst abuses, traffic jam has worsened and Nairobians are now living at the mercy of hawkers.

    To me it shows how the little gains Kenya has made can be eroded overnight when we give PNU a second chance in the elections. I suggest Bishop and the ODM team find some clean and creative way of promising this people better lives other than being on the streets for a while.

    When buying their wares, ask them whether they will be they for long and try convincing them that they will be abandoned once election period is over and the more reason why change is inevitable with an ODM govt. To me this is a good place to campaign and win only four out of ten without sweating.

  18. Juliet N says:

    My comment is not on anything already said but that which is not being said…
    Who is in all the politics and looking for votes is willing to look into the local music industry? There is so much corruption at our radio stations and everyone is just concentrating on the big thieves. Corruption in such a way that no up coming musician can listen to their music on radio, it is said that the already famous musicians (won’t say the name)requested that no other music should be played so they don’t be kicked out of their fame, in short they don’t want competition because they know there are better voices and talents out there. There are guys who did a very nice political song ‘Vijana Tugutuke’ not for the fame but for the money they could earn this election year so they can go to college next year, but who cares, their efforts and hopes are being flashed down the toilet or is it because someone has said college will be free….

  19. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    As has been pointed out by other bloggers, let us use use lots of adverts and campaign strategy to paint the Kazi iendelee mantra with all the bad things during the colonial, Kenyata, Moi, Kibaki regimes. We should associate all the bad things, disappoinments, etc that have happened in Kenya with this kazi iendelee hogwash.

  20. Bill D says:

    To (President -hopefully and fingers crossed) Raila Odinga,

    Dear Raila, i am a staunch supporter of your political party and believe that your work as president is what the country needs, to be restored as the true pride of africa as it once was when i was very young.

    I would like to pose a question to yourself and any of your followers on my concern on the following:

    I am a Kenyan, my siblings and I were born in Mombasa, my father, mother and grandfather were also born Kenyans, however my background is of indian decent.

    There are rumours flying around that should you take the presidential seat,
    your new government will usher indian-kenyans out of the country. is this true?

    you should know that there are many indian-kenyan supporters of your party, however if your agenda is indeed aligned with the rumours flying around, this may affect votes towards yourself.

    please clarify.

    concerned kenyan BillyD

  21. Auki Ollows says:

    Look Bill, ODM has said so very many times that no such thing will happen… It is unconstitutional in the current, Bomas, Wako and every other constitutional draft that has been in the Kenyan political landscape. What more assurance do you want? In fact, as an ODM supporter you should be quashing such rumours by indicating your confidence that such a thing wont happen…

  22. Poppy Onyi. says:

    hi, everyone mine is so sincere, i always sit back and ask myself one question?? are kenyans blind to see or deaf to hear?? is you look at all the things happening in kenya, Even God himself can not allow. we know what the kibaki government has done to this beautiful republic, all the corrupt acts, insecurity, My God!!! look at the Mungiki manace that took alot of life, and we still want “Kazi iendele”.
    this is not funny at all, we need a government which can really help all this poor kenyans ar do we have to go on srike to bring change.
    If you are with me, listen and listen well. the problem here is, all other tribes have decided except one which my humble request to all bloggers is, let us try and sell (ODM) agenda and policies that will being change to this people, they are being cheated by their leaders.
    Gud leadership is the way forward to be able to resque our beautiful country. i repeat gud leadership from we have seen in the ODM FAMILY. Good bless kenya.
    my email is 2mbili@gmail.com
    Who is with me, i have already convinced 50 people who were not with the gud leadership from ODM thank you??
    chungwa moja maisha bora

  23. Eric B says:

    Hey Billy D. Do not worry about being evicted from Mombasa or wherever you are staying in Kenya. Do you have any idea how many Kenyans of Indian descent (you are a Kenyan first and then an Indian – if you like) lie all over this country. Have you ever been to Kisumu and interacted with some of the Kenyan-Indians there? Some of them speak better Dholuo than the locals themselves. This is the situation everywhere.

    My point is however nobody in ODM is advocating for expulsion of communities from anywhere in Kenya. Our constitution discourages discrimination on the base of race among other things. Nobody will evict you is the message I get from ODM. If that changes then my support for them also changes.

    Billy D. You are a Kenyan. Be proud of that fact and go out and vote!

  24. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Hey guys. I hope you are Bloging properly. I have noted, of recent, that it is like PNU has taken to Blogging. If you read the NET you will see lots of hate and propaganda against ODM and Agwambo. Strangely, I do not see any seriouse replies from our side. Can anyone try looking at such blooging sites as http://www.mashada.com, http://www.kumekucha1.blogspot.com, etc? These sites are doing lots of damage to us and I WOULD URGE THAT WE VISIT THEM AND COUNTER THEIR MOVES.

    Otherwise I am pleased with the work the Pentagon, other ODM members and volunteers are doing. Keep it up. May GOD Bless you all
    I want to believe the slight reduction in steam was tactical given that the opposition had started aping us and there is still time. If you release all your arsenals now, what will you have for the home stretch?

    I only have a small request to Brother William Rutto- PENTAGON MIDFIELDER. Please reduce the vocabulary in your speech. You know we are talking to the forlks. Majority who have no proper grasp of the language and terminologies. Try to adapt colloquial language to pass your message to the masses. During TALK SHOWS we can use the heavy vocabularies. I hope you are getting my idea. I do not in anyway intend to criticize. I highly LOVE You and PENTAGON. Otherwise I like the way you are playing the role assigned. Keep it up

    To WINGER BALALA- Please add punch. Your moves are lacking in punch and push. To LIBERO Kosgey, I like the way you have moved up. In fact you have upped the stakes that I do not know what to say. I am just praying that the providence gives you more energy to keep the tempo
    MAMA RAINBOW is doing a sterling JOB, I will comment on her soon.
    The technocrats are a wonderful lot. Look at Prof. Nyongo reducing people to shreds. I am sure if TV channels calls for debate now then the opposition just prays that certain people not show up from ODM side. You saw what happened in DEBATE07? Have you seen what response Mwale got in the NATION? They will soon stop appearing for those debates and neither will they be contributing articles. For they are not sure who will reply from THE ODM side.
    Finally, we might conduct very strong campaigns, but fail the final test. GETTING THE VOTES CAST. Are we ensuring the all will vote and vote for THE ODM? Did you read what Munyao said? That THEY ALREADT HAVE 4 MILLION VOTES EVEN BEFORE VOTES ARE CAST- Surelly stolen. Ensure all your friends and people close to you go to the polling station on the voting day. Ensure they Vote for CHUNGUA MOJA. THE ODM

  25. paul says:

    My say on this election is simple, on 2002 raila single handedly campaigned for kibaki and he become president but the problem know is that I don’t see the aggressiveness , posters, TV ads it is like we losing steam they should bring unique ideas on there campaigns and bring out passion to the people as there was in 2002. My take is that they should change there campaign style I my self I am a die hard supporter of ODM but I am starting to get worried, we should win with a land slide or pnu will rig the election an win. And all this new ideas are all found in this blog keep on blogging my ODM brothers and sisters I hope the ODM secretariats are reading

  26. Eric B says:

    I agree with the fact that we should begin to use the media more effectively. I don’t think however that we have any erason to be extremely worried about the prospects of rigging the election. We will be on the watch out especially at polling station level.

    I still believe there are a lot of tax payers out there that are not happy about the way their money has been used. Let us ask them that question precisely. Are you happy with the way your tax has been used? If not – then you know where to vote. There may also be need to be innovative with ODMs adverts. Let ODM show the voter what can be achieved by prudent use of taxes – visually. Have adverts on good roads, water for everyone, proper sanitation, improved markets for products (oh my the list is endless). Keep up the momentum until poll day people and be innovative. Its not lost by the way. Far from it from what I know.

    Also target the rural voter much more. Looks like most of the urban population has made up their minds on who to vote. ODMs support is however not as strong in rural set ups yet. Reach out to the rural voters, know where we are strong and concentrate on the areas of weakness.

    On the same note, where is the official ODM merchandise? WE need to support the party by buying these from an official source. Of course at an affordabe price. Imagine if 100,000 people bought T-shirts worth 500 Kshs each? Thats 50 million chap chap. And we would be proud to support that by the way!

  27. mkenya damu says:

    With all due respect , i think Raila should stop double speak at this crucial time the days of being misquoted are long gone for Kenyans are now very vigilante.My contention is the infamous muslim MOU , if any media houses misquoted him with the malicious intention of mis characterizing him then iam sure he hasa legal team who know what to do.Majority of Kenyans are Christians and we are following this secret MOU very seriously we all know the bad memory we have with MOU’s.

  28. Billy D says:

    Eric B and Auki Ollows,

    Thank you for the re-assurance. I have always considered myself a Kenyan first before anything, which is why the issue concerned me, I guess one can be influenced with rumours and its human.

    my family and I will definitely vote for Raila as the work he’s done in the ministry of roads, speaks for itself. I do not have faith in the Kibaki government as he doesn’t have the drive and the energy to improve the country! – which Raila does!

    Thanks guys, may the force be with ODM!

    Billy D

  29. Eric B says:

    Let this be known and spread to Kenyans about ODMs agenda. Ugatuzi is not about passports to travel to from place to place. Where is this done anywhere in the world? Absolute and utter nonsense by our opponents. They should know better.

    Whose taxpayers money is being used to spread lies on TV. It is absurd for me to pay tax to a government that uses the same tax to spread hatred and malice. You can’t use my tax against me PNU! That is not right.

    ODM please let us put something on TV about our agenda and what we see Kenya looking like. Even KENDA has something on TV. Why not us? This is where we are really doing badly. Let us research our topics and have a serious advert about what we truely see Kenya looking like with an ODM government. I am sure even KBC can air this if the price is right. Come one guys/ ladies. Lets go into sixth gear. We are looking rather amatuerish with our current approach. Not like a government in waiting.

  30. Auki Ollows says:


    One thing you can be sure of – I will be forcefully in the opposition if any minority group is harassed. We want a new Kenya where the only defining criteria for self determination is how hard one works, on a fair platform.

    We have seen from independence, people punished for belonging to particular groups while, others were rewarded simply for belonging to particular groups. Enough! Time for a new Kenya!

    Billy, vote ODM and get whoever else you can get close to you to do so, as well…

    MAISHA BORA kwa kila MKenya…

  31. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to share with you this. One thing we are sure of is that History repeats itself and it does so without fail. When the Kibaki team were settling for the name Party of National Unity (PANU), did they known that in Fiji we have such a party? Do they know the party’s history? Are they not likely to follow that path?

    Let me not talk much but read the following link


    I hope this reaches them so they diarrhea. After all with all this confussion, Remember Njoki Ndungu Has just turned down position on the Elections Board, Rimita refused, Parties not agreeing to dessolve etc
    We are waiting for ODM to lead us to Cannan next year. Out this Egypt of confussions

  32. Poppy Onyi. says:

    I agree with Eric B, Ugatuzi is sharing in a laymans language, so all kenyans should no and not be cheated by our greedy leaders who want to split the country apart. i remeber once a minister in the kibaki government told the press that he doesn’t care if war erupts in kenya coz his children are abroad and he can easily board his private helicopter and leave the country. this goes to wanjiku who doesnt have an helicopter where will you go??? so to all kenyans vote wisely for better kenya and the way to go is ODM.
    can some one just tell me what become of Uhuru kenyatta, professor of politics MOI, just to name but a few, to decide to support kibaki at the last minute and become they were the strongest opposers to kibaki. the answer is it is about the status quo and to be able to consolidate the stolen property that they have. we need a government that can be able to promote equity and accesability of resources all over and to all kenyan.
    think and vote wisely. ODM IS THE WAY TO GO

  33. Jagero says:

    Great thinking Mc Jairo, these guys need to realise that PANU was doomed even before it was conseptualised. It took the hard work of some people to put it up only for Kibaki and his close allies to sideline them and introduce people who do not have any idea, typical concept of plagiarism. You can not let people who have no idea where they want to take you lead you. Kenyans have had an education and know what is good for them.

    As long as these people know they are loosing they will not agree on joint nominations coz each pary is prepairing to jump ship after the polls and may be strike a deal with us. We need to work very hard and make it un necessary for such an eventuality

    Billy, With ODM you will never go wrong. Remember Shabir, he is standing for a Kisumu town, there are many others who are well inside the ODM campaign so feel at home as this is trully home

  34. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Politics is truly a funny game. Ati EMK has confidence in winning this battle? How and when? We know they are boasting of having stollen 4 Million votes, We shall see. If anybody try that where I will be casting my vote! Only over my dead body. People might lose limbs if they try.

    A party that, a week to the nominations day, has not settled even on the issue of their own refs wants to run a country? “Kawho mitimoe that, Jodalawa?” This Mzee can not even manage his house – Look at Lucy and Wambui, Can not manage a party – Upto now has to party, Is an established tribalist- Look at who is calling shots in PNU, Still lives in the 1960s- Trying to replay the Mboya- Oginga issue by using Tuju against Agwambo!! OOooohhh…. Nooooo No No No something is wrong. It can never happen in this era of dotcom.
    My prayer to all out there, let us try, in our small ways, to each bring 5 people on our side and to the polling booth to vote for us. Otherwise this party of confussion will take power by all means possible. It would be sad if they get “anywhere close to power”. The man is not honouring any agreement or promises. That is the time ” Mother Karua waWamugunda” will remeber the “Plesident has the power and is empowered by the constitution” That is when Kiraitu will twist his mouth in funny things. That is when Kilemi Mwiria– By the way where is he?– will start saying “Agwambo! Kuli Kuli”. A scene of charade. Meanwhile they will be fleecing the country. Our only way of stopping this is to vote in ODM and VOte in Agwambo.

  35. Mike says:

    On the raging Muslim debate, Raila should make the contents of the pact known, becoz if the propaganda that is flying around is true, then, there is nowhere we are going. The spindoctors where are you. Lastly prayers lazima its not yet time to celebrate.

  36. Auki Ollows says:


    I have looked at that MoU. We have presented it to a couple of sheikhs, privy to the MoU, out of concern. They are shocked! Look, you have to take heart and accept that Raila’s judgement can’t be so poor. And let me put it this way, as far as propaganda is concerned, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You also can’t expect our candidate to answer to every propaganda red herring that the opposition throws at him. When will he sell ODM Programmes?


  37. Auki Ollows says:

    The MoU I refer to is the one flying through the net that came out jana… Quite a bogus piece of PNU propaganda… Any sane person, let alone a beginner in politics, wouldn’t sign it.


  38. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, Steadman Polls are out! a 5% drop for Agwambo (45%), a 2% gain for Kibaki (41%) and a 3% gain for Kalonzo (11%)…

    I think this is a verdict related to complaints on this blog on the presidential campaign structure. Granted, the campaign has been centred around sparsely populated and remote areas. However, the communications and media campaign just ISN’T good enough. There must also be a specific strategy for the big ODM vote baskets – When are we in Mombasa???? I heard someone wondering when they can get a piece of the action in Kisumu (there are turn out issues to be resolved in Nyanza); There is silence in Nairobi…

    The response to the structure of our campaign must be swift! We know Agwambo capacity and now want to see Rapid Response. Sometime back, someone suggested that there should be a Rapid Response Unit. And I have kept asking: What is the exact structure of the ODM presidential campaign. Who is in charge of what?

    I can’t emphasize enough – our communications, media, marketing & PR strategy must become more forceful. If we have to get the top professionals in Kenya, or the whole wide world, so be it! This is the big time… And it must be PROFESSIONALS, not talented amateurs who, inspite of their best intentions, this project is too big for them.


  39. Steven M says:

    I remember someone clearly stating that Steadman would steadily drop the ratings for Raila as they start showing that Kibaki is gaining. Looks like the saga is been played according to the script. I must agree though that the ODM team needs to up their game a notch higher. The polls can actually have some effect on the undecided voters and we should not take this for granted otherwise ODM will have a tough battle come election day.

    I have seen that MOU and have never seen such nonsense. The person who presented the MOU to me was a PNU supporter and you would not imagine how they believe that Raila is so stupid he can actually sign such rubbish. PNU are panicking and have no agenda or ideology to sell. We need to take this opportunity and crash their campaign.

  40. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Let us not loose focus. Let us up our campaigns in all corners of the country. In my opinion, the drop in opinion polls could be a result of PNU scaremongering, propaganda and lies about majimbo, our promises, muslim’s MoU – sadly PNU operatives are gleefully circulating all over to scare Christians. I know we in ODM have the capacity to outperform the PNU in these propaganda machinery if we choose to.

    Without dismissing what the results, the opinion poll results are meant to dampen our spirit that PNU is catching up and ODM-Kalonzo is getting a piece of our voters block (looks funny Raila’s 5% drop equals Kibaki’s 2% gain + Kalonzo’s 3% rise) Suprisingly, ODM remains popular on the ground and tbe stakes are very high.

    The ODM campaign team and strategist must do every thing to ensure we are ahead of the pack. I also appeal to our captain to be careful what he says during this campaign time. People and especially the PNU operatives listen to every word from his mouth and uses his utterances to twist the facts on what Raila allegedly said. Look at the way they twisted devolution/ugatuzi debate to scare people, look at the way they are using muslims’ MoU to twist the facts. Look at the way they took Raila’s recent address to aspirants on jobs.

    Let ODM take the challenge to up the campaign stakes and win hearts of the masses and potential voters.

    GOD BLESS KENYA., GOD BLESS ODM fraternity as they prepare to win despite obstackes placed by PNU and Kibaki’0

  41. Musa says:

    Raila should launch his party manifesto in Mashenani. Mombasa, Kakamega, Eldoret

  42. Auki Ollows says:


    One thing that has failed to receive media is the fact that, of the people Steadman polled, 58% SUPPORT Ugatuzi, up from the only 44% who supported majimbo, according to the pollster some 2 weeks ago. Please, please, let us not drop this message. Leadership is about staying the course, in the face of challenges…


  43. Poppy Onyi. says:

    Let us not panick like the PNU guys, what we need to do is to go out and campaign for ODM, and i always insist please convince people to know what the ODM policies are and there bnefits and for the PENTAGON please you need to do alot more and let kenyans know if they want MUNGIKI iendelee, MAMLUKI iendelee, ANGLOFLECING iendelee and all those wrong things the kibaki government has done.
    By the was Kibaki has been campaining where steadman is (nairobi) for the last 2 weeks and Raila has been where steadman is not not (wajir, Garrissa). so wana chungwa dont be worried we are on the right track.

  44. opado says:

    Raila QUASI!
    The Star is at it’s best! the odm ants are bodho ng’wen but with the final date in mind. Qu’est-ce J’etais serais mons con? Will be mungiki’s last and
    final word so shadow boxing shouldn’t confuse the ants!But pentagons shuold stop asking question to ob kibaki but should act.What does it cost
    for the muslim not to have christmas with the detainees?Tell the ants that

  45. Dr. Barack Abonyo says:

    Please note that you have introduced another compaign issue by accepting the services of Dick Morris. Be prepared to counter the criticism of him being white. It is going to bite a little bit. I am wondering why this had to be given the publicity it was given. He could have just slipped in liuke they get in hear in the USA without that much publicity. His work in ODM should have spoken for itself. His public appointment will not add votes his work will. So why did it have to be done this way. Also know that if Morris changes his mind when he is exposed to more details it might become a thorn in the flesh. This are very hard times for ODM. Introducing new compaign issues serves no good. All that need to be added are new discoveries of the evils that the opponent has done. Please be careful about this new introductions. They are becomming real distractions for the major agenda. Morrison is a good strategist but he could have been given a Kenyan face or done this with little publicity. The publicity with which he comes in may be the very publicity he gets out but if this so happens, it will be devastating. Remember volunteers and outsiders have no attachment and no passion or conviction for the cause and may walk to away or to the opposite side anytime of the day especially if you dislike or fail to implement their idea. Dick has done that before.
    I am just speaking from my gut feelings.

  46. Auki Ollows says:

    Barack, I see it differently… On this very forum, we have been arguing that the professionalism in the presidential campaign has been wanting. We have argued that even though Raila is running the campaign of his life, it hasn’t been adequate. That, for instance, the communication strategy has been very near miniscule. In fact, we called for a search in the whole wide world, if Kenya wasn’t good enough!

    There was need to revitalize the campaigns. If you are in Kenya, you will have got tired of the sameness of all the campaigns. You could even sense that the Agwambo supporters at the rallies want more. Passion alone isn’t sufficient to sustain an energy-sapping event like a tense presidential campaign. Can you believe that Ruto was even hoarse in Kakamega?

    If the opposition make Dick Morris’ colour an issue, they expose, in addition to the very many ‘ism’ baggage that they carry – racism. We now live in a global village where transference of skill knows no geographical boundaries. We have thousands of top Kenyan professionals working in Washington, New York and other key world capitals. What is wrong with “reverse transfer”?

    Publicity? My own view is this – Raila is a presidential candidate. He can’t sneak in expatriates into the campaign without letting us Kenyans know! That will totally smirk of lack of transparency. remember too that Raila is a publicity magnet. Even if he whispered it in the backstreets of Kibera, it would still be headline news.

    Raila is a businessman. High risks, high returns. There is no doubt that Dick Morris is one of the best in the whole wide world in what he does. There is the risk that he could live. But what the heck? There is the chance that he could deliver the highest returns. We can’t just sit and do nothing because of the risk! We called for it, we got it. Now let’s live with it.

    Raila is not short of passionate support. What we now want is that support structured professionlly to deliver the most sustainable support…


  47. Dr. Barack Abonyo says:

    The question is whether this adds or substracts. I am despeartely hopping that I am wrong. And I am desperately hoping that he will deliver more than he takes away. However, ODM better prepare all the counters on earth. They are talking about circulatrions in venucular in all parts of Kenya about Dick, Raila’s reintroduction of colonialism into Kenya and his possible belief that the white man is better than an African and for that matter Kenyan. A counter for these possibilities should be in the pipeline because ODM cannot afford to loose the rural vote because of the whiteman’s perception in the rural areas especially when it comes to self governonce. Believe me there are strong feelings about this perception in the rural areas. I hope the issue will dissipate as fast as it came.

  48. Nick says:

    Seems you believe that rural folks are so backward that they will believe everything that is said about this white man.The Mamlukis were also white and they caused more harm or didnt they?Wasnt that colonisation.Enough counter or isnt it.ODM had the decency to introduce our white man which means we have no malice.Were the Mamlikis ever introduced or didnt we have to piga Domo to sensitise people of the harm they were going to bring and which they did bring.We have no need to panic about PNU because they act and think later.ODM thinks before they act.I wish they would try the things you are saying coz they would be frying themselves.Even people at the coast are excited Mr Dick because we have a common enemy

  49. Linet says:

    I do not understand what the real issue is with Dick Morris entry into ODM campaign? If it is purely bcoz he is not Kenyan/African and we have political scientists here then I think this is not right.
    Look the guy will be at the campaign secretariat not grazing rallies in Kipkelion or Uhuru park. He is a behind the scenes help which should be a boost.
    My personal beleif is that smart people are willing to learn in areas where they have less experience. Is it not better to accept you identify you have a deficiency which needs correction and try to sort it out rather than burying your head in the sand that all is well?
    I also beleive the introduction was appropriate and the best thing given the way Kenyans love thriving on gossip(sorry pple). If he had sneaked in and settled at the secretariat without a word within a week we’d have heard whispers and even a press conference from watu wa Panua” Nasikia wameandika muamerika huko ODM”.
    I do not u/stand the obsession with the matter, after all Kenya employs gazzillion experts and if we are truly honest since our elections are taking on a sophistication which even Kenyans are just starting to learn- well we need help from people who have been there and done that.
    Despite Kenyanization of our politics other aspects like propaganda and opion polling are relatively new. I do not recall all the phone/ e-mail propaganda in 2002 and there were no published polls then ama i was asleep in class?

  50. Auki Ollows says:

    Barack, look PNU think they can win an election on the basis of propaganda… It WON’T work! They have to bring some campaign and issue articulation skills to the table… What we now have in Kenya is propaganda fatigue. Kenyans right now won’t believe anything except from the guys they support…

    Don’t be desperate… Be easy… I’dbe sad, if PNU propaganda is creeping up on you… The solution is CHUNGWA!

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