Election date has been set to 27th December,is it a tricky date? and what would you tell ODM supporters who may travel from their polling stations for festive season.


24 Responses to ELECTION DAY

  1. Eric B says:

    Its not necessarily a tricky date but it can present some problems. I suggest that all of us that employ others give them a one week break beginning on the 17th of December. I think we can do without our employees for a just and better cause.

    If you are able to please give your employees and extra boost in terms of their December package so that they can make it home even if transport prices go up. It will also motivate them enough to reach their voting destination. I am planning to do this myself and other well meaning Kenyans may want to follow suit.

    As the recent poll suggested voter turnout will be a key to this election. Let us contribute towards making the turnout what we expect in our own small way.

  2. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Kibaki and PNU is working very hard to rig this years elections. This old man does not care of Kenyans and the popular demands. He will not be ashamed to try every trick in the book to salvage his face. Let us all rise up and give him a year end surprise package to Othaya.

    All ODM supporters and agents should ensure they are at or near their registered polling stations from Decmeber 24th onwards.

    The x-mas festivities can wait till ODM is in power. We shall have more to celebrate once Kibaki and PNU goons are out of statehouse. Let us all unite, campaign vigourously, vote for the ODM team, win and liberate Kenya.

    Kenya is for all Kenyans not the selected few.

  3. shaqmaya says:

    Christmas is an annual festivity but elections is an event that comes every five years. If we dont eradicate PNU and Kibaki this year, then we will suffer from this epilepsy the next five years. This massage should be relayed to all to limit abstainers percentage.

  4. Walter says:

    Yeah fellow right thinking Kenyans ,for the sake of your children and children’s children,how many christmases have you celebrated ?I guess many.So for those voters registered outside Nairobi,please travel to your constituency for this important event that comes after 5years but for those Nairobian ODMs please stay put ,don’t gamble with this final opportunity to be part of liberation history writing.We need a resounding absolute triumph with absolute majority in Parliament ,if ODM is to push it’s programmes through.Your vote is crucial and critical this time round we do have a consistent ,principled,firm and visionary President in waiting.2002 was a different Ball Game hijacked by opportunities interested in consolidating the wealth stolen from hardworking Kenyans.
    We loose this opportunity we’re done till Jesus comes back.
    Christmas is just Christmas like any other ,but this election is like no other.STAY PUT THE VOTE IS IMPORTANT FOR A BETTER CHRISTMAS 2008!

  5. robert says:

    Amos Kimunya calls Raila a Shop Attendant and Anyang Nyong a fool


    In a meeting attended by the Kenyan ambassador to America, Mr. Ogego, the Kenyan first family’s daughter, Judy, the appointed MP M/s Njoki Ndungu and the Baltimore Kenyan community, the finance minister, Hon. Amos Kimunya, scathingly called Raila a shop Attendant, who started the Rainbow coalition as his Kiosk, while in Kibaki’s shop and kept on referring Kibaki’s customers to his kiosk. He confessed Raila is not only a clever thief, but a schemer who has caught the unwitted shop owner and his other shop attendants their rugged pants down and wet. The biblical Amos raised alarm and told Baltimoreans that the Kibaki government realized too late of Raila’s moves and it is up to Baltimoreans to help not only the PNU supporters but Kenyans as a whole by encouraging their relatives to vote for Kibaki to complete his second term. Kimunya told a euphoric Baltimorean Kikuyu community what they indeed wanted to hear: The Kenyan economy has steadily improved and right now it has improved by 7.1 %. He briefly tabulated figures to convince Kenyans that indeed the Kibaki government has done some good to the economy and this should be reason enough the president deserves a second term.

    How do Kenyans support the present government? He suggested they should invest in Kenya and send text messages to their parents, siblings, and relatives convincing them that President Kibaki is the “Tena man.” Kimunya appeared to keen listeners a minister in a wagon that is geared down towards defeatism and confessed that for him to protect his dock he must campaign for his “father,” the president. He reflected that the mischievous and unfaithful shop assistant and “the want to be president” is a live bomb and Kimunya’s job, together with his cronies Judy, Njoki, Ogego, and others traversing America are trying to solicit votes from a community of people who are denied dual citizenship and thus the right to vote. In bargaining for votes, they are essentially trying to detonate the bomb. Do they have the gadgets to detonate Raila’s Bombs made in some countries supporting him like Japan as Amos claims? His gadget is majimboism. He must tell Kenyans in the Diaspora that Majimbo is creating a Rwanda in Kenya and that it has failed the test of time since independence.

    Having wetted his pants Hon. Kimunya has technically been forced to hide his nudity in America, where ambassador Ogego humorous referred to: “a free nation and safe for people who feel they want to walk not half naked but nine tenth naked.” America is democratic and diasporans are exposed to freedom of speech and the right to exercise their rights. If Kimunya wants to design a dry dress free of pee for himself and his cronies, the Kenyan community abroad can not design it, they may borrow diapers for the pant wetters although American diapers are not lasting. It is True Diasporans can give views as patriotic citizens, which is truly a cry from a far, and until they have the rights to vote majority voices are ineffectual.

    Kimunya and Njoki contradicted themselves and failed to address a number of issues: First, he said the economy has improved much and I agree it has to some extent and he too should accept that the standard of living in Kenya right now have superceded that in America. An economy that improves should benefit my parents and relatives and, in extension, the mass which is back home so that at least it can afford a fare to a polling station. When Kimunya requests Kenyans abroad to send $10 dollars to relatives back home to enable them go and vote, he fails to realize that he is telling the diasporans that there is little that has been done to eradicate poverty among the masses. Second, his confession that the Kibaki government was caught pants down with the success of Raila’s scheming tactics is a clear indication that Kenya wants clever and focused people like Raila Odinga and the pentagon to lead our nation. Who wants to wake up sleeping dogs? Third, we, Kenyans abroad, do not want mere rhetoric. We love working hard and we are dreamers. When Kimunya calls Prof. Anyang Nyongo a fool who dreams of manufacturing kerosene, but does not know how, he fails to understand the learned professor’s ridicule that Kimunya is himself not informed of the developed countries technologies and their dream nature which has enabled them develop and that Kenyans can equally make it. I could rather be a dreamer like Anyang Nyon’go than a sycophant like Kimunya, who says he is campaigning to protect his ministerial position in the next five years. Kimunya should know from scientists that there are many ways Kenya can generate energy. The minister fails to understand how clever the professor is. Fourth, Hon. Kimunya thanks for praising Kenyans abroad and their hard work which has contributed to the improvement of the economy. Remember it is wrong to brand Kenyans back home as lazy. I quote what you said “our Kenyans back home can not work double shift not alone complete a single shift at work” You wanted to praise the Diaspora and create a diasporic euphoria, but ended up abusing the people of Kenya, some of who equally work hard and others can do it hard if they have opportunities open to them. It is up to Kenyans to decide who will make these opportunities available to them. Fifth, you capitalized on majimbo and said that federalism will lead to civil war. How many research sponsored projects on majimboism has the ministry of finance supported to convince Kenyans of its effects during your tenure? Kenyans need socially scientific findings to solve their problems. Let them vote freely and fairly to see there dreams come true. It is true American states come together to form a united nation, why are you convinced that if a Kenyan is given a fruit like a banana he must eat it from the peak and not from the stem? There are various ways to eat a fruit. Sixth, the daughter of the first family requested Kenyans to vote his father because he has been in parliament since she was born way back in 1962. Does not too long in service and too old deserve some fixing if the people really have taste? The diasporans in the meeting, who were basically majority PNU supporters, seemed to agree that however old in politics, “what is not broken do not fix it.” This crowd of elites and workaholics in a world of fantasy voted in kibaki and thus automatically Judy became again a first family’s daughter; Ogega, who the speakers often addressed as Bwana Ambassador and not “His Excellency the ambassador” and who condemned Raila Odinga to protect his “food on the table” was actually appointed in as the next ambassador again in America; and Njoki Ndungu who praised Kibaki and the government for passing a three month paid maternity and two week paternity leaves without looking at the economic implications of having an employee stay away from work for a whole three months, was appointed again to parliament.

    I am a gynandrist but it is not tenable for my wife to stay out three months without working especially in Kenya where nannies will obvious be denied a job to do. Lastly and most importantly, if Kibaki has to win and Kenyans love him, people like Kimunya, Njoki, and Judy should stay away from the campaigning dais. What do they bring to the diaspora when, first, Njoki tells diasporans that she was a good friend and schoolmate of the presidents’daughter, Judy. Then, Judy says she was born in 1962 just like Kimunya who was born in 1962, and therefore shares something in common. As age mates, indeed, Judy welcomed Kimunya to the meeting while addressing him: “Bwana Kimunya karibu” just like someone can welcome an intimate friend. Honorable Kimunya said Kibaki appointed him while they where looking for elites who could learn the government in a closed family meeting. What? Yester night, I discovered our beloved nation is run by a family and friends. No wonder, The Honorable Kimunya beat his chest saying, “The children in schools benefiting from free primary education are the sons and the daughters of the youths not our grandmothers. The youths have been confused by the ODM euphoria.” It is the taxpayer’s money that is going to the education of primary and secondary students. Furthermore, The Hon. Kimunya’s expression “We are educating the youths sons and daughters” is enough prove of a sense of dynasty looming large, albeit subconsciously, in the minds of some of our leaders. Kimunya feels the government belongs to a particular “few,” the “We” thus exonerating the youths from being part of the government.

    I pity the leaders and the clergy at the Baltimore meeting who prayed and believed that God’s number one chosen leader is Kibaki and even attested to the working of God’s power in a repeat of an imaginary 2002 England prophet who saw Kibaki take over power in a wheel chair as being 100 % worthy the next president without realizing that God has the power to chose his own leader who can guide his people to the promised land. Moses guided the Israelites but he never got to see Canaan. Joshua took over on the way and eventually landed them in the Promised Land. What as a nation we need to do is ask God to give us a leader and guide us towards a peaceful and economically stable country free of tribalism, free of pretence among the clergy and free of arrogance.

  6. dennis k says:

    truth be told.. it is a tricky date. stratergic even perhaps for p.n.u. my advice to my fellow odm supporters is this.. im willing to make the sacrifice to ensure that im at the polling station to effect the change that we all so crave. in a sense, trade one christmas for a lifetime of good ‘christmases’. how? by making sure that we turn out in our masses and vote raila, we begin our journey for a better today and crucially and more importantly a better tomorrow.the future can only be orange if we use the most powerful elective means known to man.. our votes.

  7. Concerned says:

    Raila and ODM should get back to campaign trail and stop all these side shows. We’re relaxing and giving PNU and ODM-K space to gain ground.

    They should hit the ground and convince their supporters to stay in their polling areas and travel after the elections. This is very important.

    Also let’s go back to our issues. Corruption, Insecurity, Tribalism, unemployment and broken promises. Stop this majimbo debate. We’ll discuss that next year when the time for constituion review comes.

  8. tnk says:

    i sincerely hope ODM wins this election and then does away with this ad-hoc bag of tricks and sets a permanent election date so that its all in the public domain and events leading to it are planned accordingly including dissolution of parliament etc. This culture of ad-hoc management of public affairs must come to an end so that Kenyans can take their rightful place and compete with the emerging markets and industrialised world where time and resources are well planned and managed.

    All Kenyans must make sacrifices to remain within reach of their voting stations and avoid indulgence that may limit their capacity to vote. Remember every trick will be used to deter ODM supporters so remain alert at all times.

  9. Blak says:

    27TH is tricky especially when we consider that over 1 million votes of ODM reside in NAIROBI and other urban areas and NEED to travel upcountry to vote. This travelling is a key factor in returning low voter turn outs in ODM strongholds.

    SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE, SACRIFICE!!! is the key word we must use and remember as we navigate this treacherous election. The ODM family must be willing to endure a little pain of an inconveniencing date to vote in a progressive government. For us to WIN we need a voter turnout of over 85% in Western Alliance (Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley)

    Picture this: The Kibaki vote basket is within 2 hours of Nairobi and they can go and vote, partake of Nyama choma and be back to work on 28th.

    For the vote basket of ODM we have to navigate the most frightening road of Nakuru-Eld-Malaba, or Nkr-Kericho-Kisii/Kisumu-Busia taking 18 hrs to vote.

    Sacrifice means the following:
    Employers who support ODM sacrifice 3 days to allow employees to vote.
    Car owners who are travelling upcountry. durig x-mass, carry 1 0r 2 people to go and vote (The Kikuyu elite who own public transport might pull first ones on us)
    Bus, matatu, shuttle owners from Western Kenya please DO NOT HIKE fares so that our brothers and sisters to go and vote.
    Also please ensure that your vehicles can do double trips to Nairobi to ferry as many you can to deliver votes.

    We need to SACRIFICE and be INNOVATIVE to deliver this vote on 27th.

  10. Hanif V says:

    The logistics involved in getting people to their respective consituencies is critical in ensuring that there is a high voter turn out. I for one would consider volunteering my services to ensure a maximum of 5 people get to their consituencies- that’s how many people could fit in my car. I could as well do the Nairobi-Kisumu route with stop overs. If we could garner up 1000’s of volunteers imagine what impact it would have and just imagine the message it would send out!!

    There needs to be serious brainstorming as to how logistics involved can be effected. One should at least attempt to put the wheels in motion.

  11. oluoch mike says:

    election date should be pushed as near as possible as we long for 28 dec 2007 when you will have been president and only waiting to be crowned.GOD BLESS

  12. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Dear ODM mates;
    The date is very tricky. Let’s sacrifice, save some coins to travel to our polling stations wherever they are. Know that the trick Banana team last time was to withdraw their matatus from the road to scuttle our travelling. I ask all Orangers who have matatus & buses to prepare their vehicles to be in very good condition to shuttle across the country.
    Begin to miss some lunches(fast) to save some money for this noble undertaking.
    REMEMBER it shall be very EXPENSIVE for all of us if you fail to vote that day.

  13. Maru Kapkatet says:

    While ODM seems to exude confidence that it is prepared for the general elections even if they were to be held next week, I, as an outside observer, am of the opinion that they do not have as much time as PNU.

    I am of the view that December 27th is too near for ODM to get its act together. PNU is campaigning on a platform of continuing the unitary and on anti-majimbo system of government. The people of Kenya know the status quo system of governance very well and need to be educated on devolved form of government.

    Devolution will be a very popular system that voters will opt for but they need to be educated first. It is easy for PNU to convince people that ODM is planning to introduce a divisive Majimboism that failed in the 1960s.

    To effectively educate people, ODM must educate Kenyans so that they are well-informed on how a devolved government will benefit them. The needs, aspirations, and benefits under a devolved government are different for the different provinces of Kenya.

    The Coast Province, for example, will be able to manage and reap more from their resources, mainly the port facilities, fishing, mining, tourism, and agriculture.

    The North Eastern province will be able to benefit from an expanded livestock and beef industry in the short term. ODM should promise the North Eastern province an international airport from where they can export Halal beef to the middle-eastern countries. North Eastern province could also benefit from exported labour to the rich and oil-producing middle-eastern countries.

    North Eastern province could gain more through self-designed, implemented, and managed collaborative programs with the Muslim countries. With support from the rich Arab countries, the North Eastern province can venture into more intensive and extensive irrigated agriculture.

    In the long-term, the North Eastern province will benefit a lot more when the drilling of oil starts in the province. In the agricultural provinces of Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western, and Central, and most parts of Eastern, a devolved system of government is not only a natural one of choice but it is also the most comprehensive system that will ensure farmers reap the most for their produce.

    It is not difficult to see how a devolved system of government will benefit local residents of each province by ensuring that the point of produce will serve as the centre also of processing, packing, shipping, and payment processing and disbursement. Many Kenyans and especially politicians are not seeing a very oppressive and exploitative trend that is taking root in Kenya.

    The authors of this trend are fully aware of what they are doing but the majority of Kenyans do not know what is going on. Under Jomo kenyatta rule and now under Kibaki rule, they is an ugly scheme that is developing where farmers – Tea, Coffee, Pyrethrum, Fish, Sugar, Cereals, Horticultural – will be squeezed into primary production of goods.

    The transportation, processing, packaging, sale and shipping of the goods will then be done elsewhere. A number of processing, packaging, and shipping to local and overseas markets industries have been moved to Thika. It defies logic why this has been done other than selfish and narrow exploitation of tribes other than their own by those who have authored this relocation of industries.

    If processing, packaging, and shipping of goods is not done at the point of production, then the farmer will be denied a large portion of the payment for produce. Take Tea, for example. A small-scale farmer in Kericho, Meru, Embu, Kisii, or Nandi has a one-acre piece under Tea. If that farmer’s Tea is to be processed by a centrally-located factory in Thika, then it means that farmer will have to pay for their Tea to be transported to Thika, to be processed in Thika, and to be shipped from Thika.

    More sadly, it also means that the farmer relinquishes any control over determining payment for their produce. Somebody else will be determining how much the farmer will be paid on a monthly basis and how much Bonus they will be paid annually. Raila recently told farmers in Meru that his government will ensure that Tea farmers earn more for their produce by adding value to Tea before being exported.

    I would like Raila to also emphasize that his government will always be a friend of the farmer and primary producer and will ensure that they reap maximum return for their produce by empowering them to produce, process, package, ship, and collect payment for their produce. I would also like to see Raila take along with him on his campaign trails various experts whom he will call upon to give their expert view.

    While some Kenyan leaders are shouting support for Kibaki at the top of their voices, they are too naive to see an active ongoing plot perpetrated by smart, merciless, and deadly squad allied to the government to reduce Kenyan farmers to poverty by denying them a large portion of payment due the farmers.

    I will not be surprised to learn that these plotters have also targeted the sugar industry. I will not be surprised to se a huge sugar cane factory being built in Thika with the aim of starving Chemelil, Muhoroni, Mumias, and other sugarcane factories currently located in Western and Nyanza provinces to death by denying them a product to process.

    Under ODM goverment, let farmers and all primary producers take pride in packaking their products and labeling them Produce of Meru, Produce of Kisii before shipping them to local markets or Produce of Kenya at Meru, Produce of Kenya at Kisii before shipping them to international markets.

    Let the Kenyan get rid of pests on their farms as well as pests on the way between the time they load their produce to take for processing and the time they get payment for their produce.

  14. shaqmaya says:

    Mr Raila Odinga you promised a campaign of your life time,when will it begin? when will rallies be held in Kamukunji, Tononoka, Malindi, Kakamega, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kericho, Diani Ukunda, Lodwar, Wajir, Garissa,Narok,Voi,Mariakani,Kilifi,Bungoma,Kitale, Isiolo, Busia, Msambweni and so on? time is running out Mr peoples president. Going to Meru is just a waste of time and resources.

  15. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Our supporters should be encouraged to make sacrifices. The main sacrifice here should be that every person should ensure that he/she is within walking distance of his/her polling centre by the 25th. If for some reason that is not the preferred location for celebrating Christmas, then sacrifice this Christmas – it is just one in a lifetime.

    We should also offer an incentive – H.E Raila Odinga should announce by around the 15th of December that he will declare 28th and 31st December public holidays so that those who would have made sacrifices can have sufficient time to enjoy with their loved ones – more so with victory in hand!!!

  16. charles says:

    our supporters should just sacrifice this festive season and contribute to the change ahead.

    that aside,i would like to see our party putting up stands in various towns to tell people about ugatuzi!

    lastly,where are ODM membership cards?they should by now be on sell.we need in the ODM family need them badly!infact the cards(together with IDs)could be the best thing to use for party nomination.Strong guys the victory is already ours.but let all of us turn on in huge numbers to endorse it on 27th Dec.merry xmas

  17. Kent Maya says:

    Friends in struggle. The transport owners have planned to ferry those rushing to western/Nyanza part of Kenya on low fares in order to attract people to travel. But they will be paid off by PNU not to put their buses on the road after X-mass. the idea is to make most of those who have gone home and are registered in Nairobi never to vote. TELL ALL YOUR PEOPLE REGISTERED HERE NEVER TO TRAVEL BUT THOSE TO VOTE AT HOME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LOW FARES! The Mo8unt kenya Mafia controls transport industry in Kenya and so be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. marie says:

    My word of advice to my fellow kenyans would be, please dont travel from your polling stations because as we all know,at this time,usually there’s difficulty getting means of transport. We need to bring change,so for the love of our country,let us ensure to vote and vote for change!

  19. bobodo says:

    toeke shagmaya sentiments we in MALINDI ARE BURNING TO SEE AMAJOR RALLY OF pentagon luminaries notice mk avoided malindi in his recent itenary ,meeting people in EDN ROC HOTEL DOES TRANSLATE TO VOTES,CONCENTRATE ALSO IN COAST AS YOU MAY REALIZE PNU IS PUTTING ALOT OF ENERGY IN THIS PROVINCE

  20. Alfred Osewe says:

    Am i die hard supporter of odm here in malindi and the situation on the ground is that majority of the locals wants change but to make matters worse the odm pentagon team are taking too long before they come down here, and then another advice i would like to give the team is that lets not waste a lot of time talking a bout majimbo time will come next year and we will disscuss after winning the election ,there are other issues like inflation, tribalism, constitution,eck official nomination and distribution of resources a mong others will make a big blow to pnu.
    Long live Odm our only hope to the promised land.

  21. gladys says:

    my fellow ODM’s,

    Even young as 7 -8 yrs old in Mombasa – Kisauni bakarani -mwandoni have formed a song for Raila -raise up. They says would ” not sing for Kibaki as they wll bakia nyuma. If God could allow them to vote then they would vote for Raila and odm for raise and change – so that they can be bought a packet of milk and unga for chapati as they have missed them for ages since their mothers stopped supplying them. Please we need capaingn teams here in the whole of Coast/Mombasa district to dance to the songs and paint mombasa for change. Time is running up.

  22. Philip says:

    Hii Kenyans,
    Real time has come for us to scare away the serpent from the bird’s nest. If we buy time all the eggs will be consumed even the bird itself will be no more. My humble plea is that let us come out in large numbers and ensure that we get the change we want. Vote for real change vote for ODM- RAILA AMOLO ODINGA. So far we are leading let’s keep pressing on till the end of the war.

  23. Rose Andaro says:

    My fellow country men,The date has been set deliberately to make most of us not to vote.If we are determined to have the second liberation that we are ready for then we should be ready to sacrifice our desire to be with our relatives who live in the rural areas.After all we have been promised that once Raila becomes president then the 2nd and 3rd of January 2008 will be a public holiday.

    Our P.N.U die hard supporters are working around the clock to ensure that there is going to be a low turn out on the very day they are so desperate that they are willing to transport us to our rural areas free of charge during the festive season.When the deal is to good let us think twice

    Let us turn in large numbers and change the system.

    Good luck Agwambo

  24. Paul Omolo Akech says:

    Yeah Andaro,
    We are ready our captain promised us some two days holiday after winning so any body should not be in a hurry to travel during the Dec festives a festives is a festive after all you will have saved the 300 or so shillings and spend it somewhere else please Awamba tosha na ni Lazima achukue ushukani wapende wasipende tumeamua kama wapiga kura hata waje na ukora wa aina gani Moi twamjua, Kibaki twamjua please kanani i karibu tusichoke tufunge mkanda kisawasawa na tupige moyo konde ODM CHUNGWA MOJA MAISHA BORA nanikama RAILA

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