Kenya is the third most unequal country in the world,with the third greatest difference between rich and poor.This is according to world bank-and it is a very sad distinction to hold.This inequality is directly due to our centralised system of goverment. The reality on the ground is that the system has allowed the rich to grow richer,while the poor have grown even poorer. Kenyans have been crying bitter tears for a long time. We are going to bring in a system that will dry those tears forever.


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  1. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  2. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    For those of us who are converted, the message has always been very clear. It is those who are not aware that this message needs to get to very clearly.

    Thus far, the advert in the newspapers today was quite timely, and manay more are required. We should even go further and produce brochures showing the excerpts of the Bomas Draft and Wako Draft and how we intend to operationalise the idea. This brochures should be in both English and Swahili and distributed during our rallies. The people must know the truth

    Further, I get the feeling that our Candidate’s spin-doctors are not taking full advantage of available opportunities. Kibaki is playing dirty, very dirty. We have sufficient amount of dirt to throw his way that would make him and Moi go silent for a long while. Sample this:

    1. On ‘these people have nothing to show, they have no track record, ni domo tu’: We have not been given taxes by the Kenyan people. If we had Mr President, we certainly would not be giving it away to Anglo-Leasing, Lemma Ayanu, the cowboy contractors, the mamlukis etc. We would apply it in building infrastructure thereby creating employment for our youths and opening markets for producers and generally reducing the cost of living.

    2. On ‘majimbo is a bad system that was tried and failed, will divide Kenyans, can never be reintroduced’: Mr. President, you should realise that we have not yet forgotten your ‘cutting a mugumo tree with a razor blade’ comments and Moi’s threats about how multipartism would divide Kenyans. Kenyans have gone ahead and proved both of you wrong, and moreso, made you a beneficiary of the system. Why should we care now what you say, if history be our teacher, we should have even a greater impetus to implement majimbo. Further, when was majimbo tried? history has only recorded systematic effort by the centralists to stop the system in its tracks – it was never given a chance to fail. And the centralists, especially you, Moi and your mutual son, Uhuru have really benefited from the central government. Don’t you think it’s time to give a chance to Kenyans to also benefit? I guess you think not!!

    3. On ‘these people are giving empty promises, me I talk of things you can already see, and will continue to deliver’: Certainly Mr. President we grant you that. We can see. Broken promise on a new constitution, betrayal of the MoU that put you in power, trashing of the National Health Insurance Scheme (because your friends and by extension, you have significant interests in the HMOs), impassable roads, high inflation, unbearable cost of living, trashing of the IPPG agreement on appointing ECK commissioners, the list is endless. We trully can see. And Mr. President, with such a track record when you still intended to ask for votes, what kind of record should we expect when you will no longer be in need our votes in future? God help us!!

    My list is endless. I can go on and on. If anyone at the campaign secretariat is reading, we can have a chat on the side and share more.

  3. milele kenya says:

    I think we’ve hit them (PNU) below the belt. They are not going to soil ugatuzi like they did with majimbo. Let’s now put them back on the defensive by concentrating on real issues such as corruption, insecurity(mungiki, saboti, chinkororo, arturs), unemployment, selective appointments, MOU, IPPG, constittution etc…etc. do you remember the passion kenyans had around this time in 2002 and at uhuru park during the handing-over ceremony? It’s because they had seen a hope and a future in Kibaki.

    I thank the pentagon and all involved in the campaign for listening to their people through this forum. We can now get back our 3% plus more.


    1. Let the people at the grass roots know about the seven lies and thier respective truths. You can use vernacular fm stations.
    2. Urge ODM supporters no to sell their voters card.
    3. Urge ODM supporters to turn out and vote for change on December 27.
    4. Talk about our chungwa moja symbol as we might loose crucial votes to ODM-Kenya.
    5. Continue listening to the voice of the people eg through this forum.
    6. ABOVE ALL, concentrate on the above-mentioned broken promises as this is what these elections will be all about. you can even get a big screen or record audio clips of kibaki making these promises and when he is trashing them and play them back at your campaign rallies. This is what will move the electorate as they will be reminded of how they’ve been taken for granted. Also tell kenyans how you will correct these wrongs.

    Justice be our shield and defender,
    May we dwell in unity,
    Peace and liberty.
    Plenty be found within our borders.

    God bless Kenya.


    There hasn’t been anything more timely than the release of that statement in the papers! As mentioned by my fellow commentators, kindly have it done in kiswahili.

    secondly, let all taem members memorise those facts by heart…they should not emrge with another variety of Ugatuzi in the process of explaining!

    I live and work in Nairobi but was in Narok when the president landed there…he ha a rough time and pepole had to be brought in from elsewhere to attend the rally…the pentagon needs to criss-cross Ntimamas land to consolidate gains and Mzee Ntimama needs to lead the Maasais into another Suswa declaration soon,..he has done well on the ground.

    There remains alot to be done in Ukambani and Western…explaining majimbo…msichoke. The wazee in Butere, Khisero, Matungu need to know what this majimbo thig is.

    the die is cast.

  5. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Devolution of government is a must for Kenya. The introduction of a devolved system of government in Kenya is overdue. ODM appears to be letting a huge advantage to slip away by not aggressively educating Kenyans on the advantages of devolution and marketing the same. Use the radio, television, newspapers, flyers, word of mouth, guest speakers to explain how federalism has helped USA, Canada, Germany,and even Nigeria to grow economically.

    ODM must tell Kenyans to check for themselves who the foremost opponents of a devolved system of government in Kenya are. They are Mwai Kibaki, who is not grabbing onto anything that might help him get re-elected but is also one of the retrogressive grand old men holding Kenya hostage. The others are Daniel arap Moi, who seems to be having sleepless nights as he tries to shield his family and former associates from returning the stolen Kenya billions.

    Both old men, Mwai Kibaki who is approaching 80 years of age and Daniel arap Moi who is over 80 years old know very well how a devolved government will help Kenya as they attempted in the past to introduce a form of devolution in the name of District Focus for Rural Development. The other key figure in the implementation of that devolution policy is Simeon Nyachae, who, as Chief Secretary, was at the forefront of ensuring that the Provincial Administration was not only educated on that new policy but was also instructed on how to implement it.

    Daniel arap Moi seems to be worrying so much about the welfare of Gideon and will do anything to help his son. Someone needs to remind Daniel Moi that Gideon is grown-up adult who should be left to account for his actions. If he owes Kenyans as has been alleged in the media, Gideon has to pay up. On a positive note, someone needs to remind Daniel arap Moi about the biblical Gideon. He was young and shy but God promised him that he will be with him. Daniel arap Moi should trust God to take care of Gideon and leave Kenyans to chart a new way for their country.

    Today, Simeon Nyachae, who is approaching 80 years of age, is one of the fiercest critics of a devolved government as outlined in the Bomas Draft and as advocated by ODM. Simeon Nyachae clearly knows that devolution is good for Kenya but being very vindictive, he will deny Kenyans any good if in so doing he can stop Raila from becoming the president of Kenya.

    The other fierce opponent of devolution is Njenga Karume. He is about 80 years old and is the King of the defunct (it is defunct officially on paper but it is not defunct in the minds and hearts of its proponents) GEMA. About two years ago, while at a public rally in Meru, Njenga Karume reminded his audience about the good old days of GEMA and how he intended to bring back their association. As it turned out, Karume was told that he was venturing into dangerous ground.

    Although Njenga Karume has not talked about the GEMA issue again, there is no doubt that it is well and alive in his mind and dreams of bringing it back one day. Obviously, devolution does not augur well for GEMA whether in its original form or in the current form of MEGA, which only recently was being publicly promoted by Kibaki’s Mount Kenya associates. Older Kenyans will know that at the height of its power, GEMA was in the process of acquiring Tea plantations in Kericho, Kisii, and Sugar plantations in Western Kenya and Nyanza. They were so blinded by their greed that they had forgotten two things, namely that Kenya is made up of 42 tribes and not only 3 and that you cannot alter God’s timetable for his own plans. I am told that MEGA is quietly positioning itself at the Nairobi Stock Exchange to carry on where GEMA left.

    The other major fierce critics of devolution are Cardinal Njue and Bishop Ireri, both of whom seem to put the welfare of their kin before that of the general population. Cardinal Njue, in expressing his opposition to devolution of government stated that Kenya is not ripe for it yet. Surely, Cardinal Njue knows that Kenya has been independent for about forty five years now and the disparity in development amongst Kenyan regions is so pronounced that something needs to be done about it.

    Cardinal Njue also knows that when Kenya gained her independence, he was only a teenager. Today, John Njue is the Cardinal of Kenya and one of the candidates to become the Pope. He has come a long way and so has Kenya. It is time for Kenya to change direction under a new and dynamic leadership to solidify gains made, unite all the peoples of Kenya so that each and every Kenyan starts seeing themselves as one people, and move Kenya in a new direction in this fast-moving world.

    The other fierce opponent of devolution is Bishop Ireri. Sadly, though, bothe Cardinal Njue and Bishop Ireri have shown that, though they are men of the cloth, they will not hesitate to mis-inform if that will help their kin gain one extra mile in his quest for a second term. Cardinal Njue misled Kenyans by pretending to be speaking on a pastoral letter, which turned out to be non-existent, stating that the Catholic Church was against devolution. As Archbishop Okoth clarified, there was no pastoral letter and devolution had not even been on theirmeeting agenda.

    Bishop Ireri likewise is misleading Kenyans into thinking that the churches under the Ufungamano Initiative have met and agreed that devolution is not good. Both Cardinal Njue and Bishop Ireri come from the Mount Kenya region and both have clearly shown that they will not hesitate to manipulate the truth to serve the interest of their kin. If Cardinal Njue will do the will of God as he stated on the road to Nairobi, then he should read Luke 8:19-21. Kenya has a long way to be fully liberated from the yoke of tribalism, which has not spared even the clergy.
    The other minor opponents of devolution are Musikari Kombo of Ford Kenya, Shitanda of New Ford Kenya, and Chirau Makwere of Shirikisho. Their opposition is only token because they have not demonstrated in the past that they are principled leaders. According to Kombo, Kibaki is always right. Mr. Kombo is on record as saying that he has associated with Kibaki for so long in the past that he has grown to trust him fully. Whatever MEGA is plotting, Kombo does not seem to care. Whatever sugarcane farmers in Western province are paid, because the sugar market is flooded with cheap imported sugar, Mr. Kombo does not care.

    Mr. Kombo can only see as far as now. The future is too distant for him to even try to gaze at. Great leaders try to solve current as well as future puzzles and see where their country should be ten years from now, twenty, thirty, forty, and many years from now. Not Kombo. It is only five years at a time. Whatever he learned in the university about short and long-term planning has been forgotten.

    Shitanda’s stance only reminds Kenyans of what must be going on below the surface of Kenyan politics. Millions of shillings must be exchanging hands to convince politicians to stay put and cast the future of their constituents to the birds. The mileage scandal which involved Shitanda shows how far the Shilling is compromising weak-kneed politicians. Who knows about what is happening in the Shirikisho world but for sure buying of loyalty is as fierce as the opposition to devolution by the four unwise old men – Moi, Kibaki, Nyachae, and Karume – and by the Mount Kenya church leaders – Cardinal Njue and Bishop Ireri.

  6. Philip (the visitor) says:

    The message on the newspaper was long overdue. Nevertheless I compliment the Pentagon for making such a move. Let the truth be told.

    However pentagon and all the people who love truth still have a tough way ahead. When I saw the message, I mentioned that not all people will want to read. Hate mails, political propagandas and lies have made the people on the side of PNU, especially Kikuyus to have extreme prejudice towards pentagon members. I tested that message and to be sincere they didn’t and will never want to read it, maybe apart from few who have decided to approach the whole matter of majimbo objectively. The prejudice is so extreme that they are not ready to embrace the truth.

    Though this is the reality of the matter I would still encourage pro-ugatuzi people to collectively take the responsibility to sensitise people on what this entails. Let us teach the people in “mashinani” about all these. Lets tell them that people who are preaching this concept that it will fuel ukabila are the people who want to hijack it and bring the ukabila. Let ODM go ahead and tell people the truth, let them distribute leaflets to all, be it in Western, Central, North Eastern or Coast. Let people understand that ukabila will not be brought by the concept but will be brought by the greedy politicians. Let the priests, Muslim clerics and all other Religious leader be told the truth and let them disseminate to the flock.

    This is a concept that we all know is good. We have fought for it. We know it will only appear ugly if the greedy politicians hijack it. It’s a concept that as patriotic citizens of Kenya we should push for it to be implemented regardless of who becomes the president. If it does not sail through, and the next President becomes a non-Kikuyu, I think the people who will make noise loudest are going to be Kikuyus. So let us all, as Kenyan patriots, embrace a system that is going to be beneficial to all of us regardless of ethnic background, class or religion. Let us not be selfish, for we are likely to suffer if the other party becomes selfish if our positions are swapped.

    Some people asked me how the president in the current system can misuse his powers, yet there is also CDF. My answer was, CDF only receives…. is it 2.5% of Goverment budget? While the Ministries combined receives…. is it more than 60%? Therefore since the president can hire and fire the Minister if he so wishes, he can easily armtwist them to allocate the budget of the ministries in projects in his area, simple!

  7. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, now we are in business…

    Now, use the awesome ODM logistical capacity to sing this equity message. And, I agree that the message must be TRANSLATED INTO KISWAHILI. The message must go MASHINANI.ODM must be having some willing Kiswahili Scholars…

    It will be most unfortunate for PNU that they reacted to this inequity message. All the debates I have watched, ODM supporters haven’t lost. In fact, it becomes comical as PNU supporters rubbish devolution and the whole audience turns against them. Yesterday, at Agenda Kenya, I took my hat off to Profs. Jacqueline Koduol and Amukowa Anangwe (seems we have so many Profs in ODM ranks). I also loved the way Mutakha Kangu, used Prof Henry Munene’s definition to put things in proper perspective. I loved his wildly cheered statement that Kembi Gitura, for PNU, walked out on The Kenyan People at Bomas. Proper governance, a la Prof Munene, has basically 2 aims:

    1. Ensure efficient and effective usage of resources
    2. Ensure equitable distribution of returns

    These are the 2 accounts on which centralism has failed. Prof Munene, who was in the show, was hard pressed to run away from this. These 2 failures of centralism must come out clearly in the camapigns together with how ODM will resolve.

    Go ODM GOOO!

  8. Lexx says:

    Ok Majimbo is tribal they say (PNU) but now let them try and “chafua” UGATUZI.My hope and prayer to the admin of this blog, please let what we are saying here as kenyans and ODM “live and die for” reach the leaders and above all,all kenyans.make Ugatuzi available in rural areas and the grassroots by use of text msgs,flyers and in vernacular radio stations.I read it and what i picked from there is pure hope and peace of mind am a young man and still shopping for a real job and if Ugatuzi will make kenya a better place so be it.i know that this is what God in heaven plan for kenyans we need to vote ODM so that kenyan can stop shedding tears “enough is enough people it time for real change for kenyan in kenya” God bless you all.

  9. Osumba JR says:

    Absoultely a masterstroke. Of course some clowns are already saying UGATUZI is actualy decentralisation. That devolution is actually usambazaji………REALLY!!!

    But ignore them! We now have a clean and unbastardised expression for the form of governance we all yearn for. I will agree with one up there that it is in our interest that all leaders who are the face of the party should take the philosyphy of UGARUZI as explained in today’s dailies to heart. This is really not the time for people to start putting their feet into OUR mouths!

    Keep up the good work

  10. bobodo says:

    bravo pentagon and all odm fraternity for ugatuzi ,the lies were well recieved with alot of cheers in MALINDI .THECHALLENGE SO FAR IS
    1 As said by most contributors translate into all languages and print booklets kwa usambazaji URGENTLY. all odm supporters lets come out in media to articulate and defend UGATUZI as noted one writter by name of peter wanyeki in saturdandard letter to the editot todays issue 2-10-2007 ,who is ridiculing UGATUZI
    3.TAKE NOTE OF MACHINATIONS BY ECK ON VOTERS REGISTERS AS WHISTLE BLOWED BY HON RAILA we have duty to mobilise our supporterers to confirm in the respective eck offices of ther voters validity THI IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY THING
    in conclusion thanks for the bol adminstrator for implenting one of our suggetion on majimbo ,Bravo robert owour,maru ,chepkwony abdullah,and many othres your true sons of kenya.


  11. Jagero says:

    Great Job All of you guys, More so to steven. This is wonderful, I can asure you the spin doctors are hearing you very loudly. I know they will act on your message, the most important thing is the timming. God bless you all.

  12. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    The Ugatuzi thing is great. I have some Mt. Kenya guys who are being won by Mutakha Kangu explanation of what the spirit of Bomas is.

    I also believe this is in good time. Central Rift has many people from outside R. Valley especially Kikuyus who were being scared that they will be kicked out of Nakuru. Tomorrow take the Ugatuzi message there. Remember the youth including Kikuyus are more attracted to ODM than PNU. So target them more than the conservative Kikuyus.

    I have watched some dirty ads running on TV. I think the power of PR is greater than advertising so for the time being go for PR, dont hit back with Advertising. Use advertising to cement the message coming out from the PR – I’m a marketer.

    The propaganda tool am using on Kikuyus is target the areas of weekness that they agree their candidate has such too slow in decision, his aloofness, his cronies. Tell them he is scared of loosing. This really eats at their confidence and lowers their campaigning fire. That is good for them and very good for us.

    I make fun to youth asking them how well they are doing with the youth funds and most of them ask me where is the money. I show them that for sure things have been bad in Kibakis time. And slowly but surely I have converted some pro- Kibaki youths to be his doubters. They are warming up to ODM message which I belive will sink with time.

    Lets use soft campaigning among Kibaki supporters and they are not so much attached to him. They will run away from him. Lets hold on to those of our converted people and dont let them think we might be scared of loosing.

    Raila I love you.


  13. Philip (the visitor) says:

    Sorry for going off the topic. but today I was thinking, since not everybody is going to confirm the validity of his/her elector’s card through the internet or mobile phone, then should ECK release all names of registered voters in each constituency, post them in those constituency and in each station so that the people can confirm if their names are in the register?

  14. andrew says:

    what i read in the papers is fantastic. it has however been clear to us that it really does not matter the semantics. the principle is the same.
    Ugatuzi is our only hope. this is what must be done. we must campaign in our small cells and convince as many as possible. i am doing the same and spreading the message wherever i go. i urge all of us to do the same. remember each convert is a seed that will sprout and spread the message like a bush fire. so lets soldier on guys. we are all campaigners. we do not have to be in rallies to make this beautiful message sink.
    maisha bora!!!

  15. What we’re trying explain to PANU is that UGATUZI is the only way resources can be devolved down to the people who needs it most. This is the level of regionalism we are talking about. Look at how this system is beautiful, let’s take PCs as an examlpe in this case. Instead of having a P.C. appointed by the president as a reward, they’ll be elected and head the provincial or regional government. The name might change to maybe governor. So the P.C. of say Western will be the “president” of the region. He will have under him a group of representatives from every district in the province an equivalent of D.C. and they will sit in a regional senate, or provincial senate to plan development for the province or region.

    The location and sub location levels will be represented by councilors, I really don’t see a need to have chiefs and sub chiefs in modern Kenya. Those was colonial positions used to oppress the locals and we need to get away from it.

    So the regional senate will work closely with the municipalities to come up with developmental projects. They will get approved at the regional level instead of Nairobi and funding will be provided from the budget allocation.

    There is nothing extra Kenyan tax-payer will have to pay extra for, they’ll just make PC and DC seek election and make them serve at the pleasure of the people and not the mercy of the president. So in essence, all PC headquarters will be turned to Regional offices with all its services funded from regional budget allocation. Matters like land issues, immigration, etc will be dealt with at these levels and you’ll not have to go line up with thousand others to get your passport in Nairobi.

    In simple words-PNU, what the common man down here are saying is that they want to feel economy grow, they want to be a party to it and eqully be prepared for any eventualities therein (not blaming any indidual). What they are saying is that they want to enjoy the “UGATUZI effect” of the economic growth. You see what is currently goin on in this country is the opposite of UGATUZI-called “economic APATHEID”, where a few individuals are very rich/getting richer while others are wallowing in poverty. That’s what ODM wants to correct so that “Wanjiku can afford unga, but at the same time we build our roads and educate our children indiscriminatelly.

  16. Auki Ollows says:

    I agree with Njuguna. The Kikuyu must be calmed down. There is alot of hate, fear and scare messages that they are receiving internally from the older, more conservative Kikuyus. Obviously those older Kikuyus know some of the atrocities several members of the 1960s Kikuyu elite committed. The younger Kikuyus don’t know about those 1960s issues and couldn’t care less. They want maisha iboreke right now, just like the rest of Kenyans…

    That many young Kikuyus support ODM is factual. The ODM Professionals Network National Coordinating Committee (19 members) has as a Vice Chair, Veronica Ng’ang’a, and Secretary, Janet Wacuka, and Asst Treasurer, Paul Kaguru. Of course, they probably don’t see themselves only as Kikuyu but more importantly as Kenyans but, unfortunately successive regimes have failed to bond the Kenyan people properly. In fact, I suggest that those interested in the ODM Professionals Network, send an email to with their basic contact to enable the rpo network to take the ODM agenda to the next purely pro and technical level.

    So, soft messages for Njuguna’s constituency. I also know for a fact that despite some noises in Meru, the youth there are listening…

  17. shaqmaya says:

    Kudos to you (Andrew and Njuguna), the message is clear!!! all ODM supporters are campaigners.Dont leave the burden on pentagon alone. Go out tell your friends, relatives and workmates. Out of 10 people you will talk to, you might win 6 Raila and ODM votes.I have been sending short text massage to all my friends, class mates, relatives or any Kenyan number I come accross that the future is ODM.In Germany we have the Ugatuzi system.Though former west and East Germans do not adore each other the system does not restrict Germans to move, live or work in any region.Germany was bombed into ashes during the second world war, a country with no natural resources, beautiful beaches,sunshine and animals like Kenya. But 62 years later, Germany is a super power again!!! The question is, what did they do right ? the answer is simple, UGATUZI !!! people were let to manage and invest their resources, these motivated the common man to work harder and harder. Today you will find processing, manufacturing and installation firms,schools,Universities and well equiped health facilities even in small village townships with 1000 residents.All villages are equiped with a play ground for kids, sports arena and a social hall. The cities are not crowded as it is in Kenya because any academic category can be acquired and later land a job in the villages.While the state builds and maintains the highways, village infrastructure is on the hands of the people.The Jobless get a monthly financial help from the state, parents (working or jobless ) with Kids are paid 154 euros per kid every month for the upkeep of the kids, school is free and compulsory,the Ngilu medical scheme, shot down by Kibaki government is tremendously functioning in Germany. We Kenyans in diaspora are not only dreaming of the day we will vote leaders for our mother land but also when will our country be a paradise to live in. That can be a reality if ODM and Raila wins.

  18. shaqmaya says:

    Check on this article by Barrack Muluka in the standard paper of 3rd Nov.

  19. shaqmaya says:

    It will be great if someone translates it in Kiswahili for the common mwanainchi.

  20. Auki Ollows says:

    I got this message in an ongoing debate about UGATUZI:

    “(For those who are) curious as to why “poor monitoring and impunity won’t reign at a regional level if there are no systems to guard against them”…

    The systems to guard against poor monitoring and impunity are implicit and inherent in devolved government – and are strengthened the more devolved the government gets.

    I’ll illustrate with an extreme example of devolvement (an example used in a satirical ad that has been airing on TV):

    Let’s assume that government was devolved to the family level such that each family in Kenya received a percentage of the country’s revenue to do with as they pleased. I think the vast majority of parents (the family’s government) will put the money to the best use in the interests of their family. This is natural because parents have a direct and tangible stake in the well-being of their children (those they govern).

    The same principle holds, even though to a lesser degree, for devolved government at the regional, sub-regional and locational level: the motivation for leaders to act in the best interests of those they govern stems from the social bond that ties them to the community.

    It is much harder for the location chief to mismanage funds meant for upgrading Mutomo Dispensary because someone related to him is probably hospitalised there, his wife probably delivered their child there; his next-door neighbour (who shares “kaluvu” with him in the evenings) probably has a relative who is employed at that very dispensary, etc, etc. The people to whom he is accountable are not just physically close to him, they are also socially close to him.

    Historically, chiefs have been a vilified and reviled group despite their physical and social ties to the communities they govern; this is because they have been appointed by a central authority, far removed, physically and socially, from their communities. A chief appointed by the Office of the President is no more devolved than the Office of the President itself. How can we hold to account some amorphous entity like the central government? Devolved government has a lot to do with the “lynchability” of the governors by the governed – figuratively, of course.

    “Utaguzi”, “usambazaji wa mamlaka na rasilmali” involves the direct election of locational, sub-regional and regional leaders to ensure that they have the necessary motivation to work in the interests of those they govern. “

  21. Jagero says:

    The Muluka article is great, however the Ugatuzi debate is begining to bear fruit, I saw Kibakis propaganda comment on the same is only on the change of name he didn’t find any fault and he has never told Kenyans anything better he is proposing. We need to drive home the fact that the substance remains the same. It has not changed one inch. The basis is the Bomas draft devolution topic as determined by the Kenyan people no more no less. I was watching Joe Nyaga in NTV this morning and it was splendid as he was asking Kibaki to tell Kenyans his swahili term for devolution as captured in the Bomas draft. I know he will not answer to that but we need to explain it to Kenyans tell them to give it whatever name even in their mother toungues as long as they understand that we are taking to them the countries resourses, the power to determine how to use it and decide their destiny at the grass roots. Alot of PNU christian supporters have joined the bandwagon of people calling for shelving the Devolution debate, it seems they are in a catch 22, they support PNU position and lose the ”flock” or go with the flock against their ethnic beliefs.

    The time to call the Kibaki bluff on the purpoted developments may also have arrived. In this context we all understand the different regions of the country. we need to lay bare the poor infrastructure of this country. Mention all the districts with no single kilometer of tarmac road, No electricity, no clean water distribution to the people, well equiped health facility, this will also have the advantage of showing the skewed distribution of the resousces. Detail all the road networks that have been built for 5 years and the contractors are still on the same roads and the billions already paid out to show the inefficiency and misuse acrued from a centralised system and the difference that would be experienced if the whole thing was decetralised each region will tendor at the local level hence distributing opportunities nationally, more people involved in building the nation.

  22. Mike says:

    Walking within our estate in eastlands I here people supporting Raila and ODM but are still not sure on how to explain the devolution effectively I know it is happening everywhere. Therefore can we invest a lot on civic education so as to separate the chaff from the wheat and win the election with genuine supporters. We cannot run away from the people now that they need us most.

    Secondly, in relation to that, I saw an advert in the nation on Friday responding to the Utaguzi and the guy from the US was simply evading issues don’t we have enough arsenals to educate this fellow who managed to cultivate fear on some people

  23. Nathaniel J M W says:

    Dear Mr. Raila Odinga,
    You are a good man and I will vote for you. This is not because you have fought the hardest for the liberation of this country nor for the many other things you say. No, my good man, I will vote for you because I think you will provide avenues for me to find a job. This is all that matters to me. The issues to address in your campaigns are all good but they mean nothing if I remain jobless. In 2002 I trusted you Mr. Odinga, but I think my current status is not of your making. Had Mr. Kibaki been a man of his work maybe I would be gainfully employed now. And so Mr. Odinga, I will vote for you as president come december 27. But I need your assurance on this matter. I am an addent follower of your campaigns and I listen to everything you say. Please Mr. Odinga let me hear you say that your government will actually give me a job come january 2007. That I will be able to afford 3 meals a day. Mr. Odinga, even if you don’t provide a job for me and my fellow youths I will still vote for you. And why will I do this. I will vote for you because I cannot go on living like this. I cannot have another 5 years of Kibakiu, no way. I may die before they are over. So Mr. Odinga, when I vote for you, please creat some kind of employment for us, let this not be a country of begging youths. I hope to hear from you about this matter Mr. Odinga and I hope I can still trust you like I always have. Take me out of this dungeon of joblessness Mr. Odinga.

  24. solomon says:

    I wish the ODM could now take the battle of ‘Ugatuzi’ to FM stations preferably in Swahili.

    The pentagon has pulled a fast one on PNU.

    For those behind the hate emails, we need to politely urge them to control their anger and frustrations. ODM will serve them better than the PNU they are defending with insults.

    Finally, let us try to widen our margin of win.

  25. zizi says:

    hello people, i found this: the story of devolution elsewhere. drum up.

  26. Stephen Yego,UN Sudan. says:

    Bravo ODM.Im glad that the ODM bridage is taking our advices in this forum seriously as potrayed by Young Professionals for Raila(YPR) who organised for the brainstorming session on UGATUZI or MAHALIYA (mahaliya as used in arab countries)at ufungamano.One recipe that the pentagon should include in this menu of Ugatuzi is the fact that all kenyans below the age of 20yrs will be paid a monthly subsistence allowance (msa) of about ksh 3000 for their up-keep which will be payable to the beneficiaries account every month or to the beneficiaries parents accounts for the case of young children or the handicapped.This can be reviewed to be based on households as the economic technorats would advice , but i would wish this point should be put forward.The other thing that should accompany this recipe of MSA is the setting up of management strucures in the form of government structures at the grass root level to oversee respective departments.Secondly, and as said before by one of my colleagues, its high time now that all the pentagon members converge to atleast one rally by week as a group to show unity and even go further to cut a cake together in every province and share pieces together to symbolise sharing of national case.This is very important and so should be done.Thirdly, the YKR07 should start running road shows all over the country accompanied by musians for Raila.Likes of KJ should now start taking the bulls by their horns by embarking on Nairobi with spirited campaigns and keeping bussy the likes of bETT mugo.Otherwise we are in the right track and im urging you my brothers and sisters in thie forum to keep up the same spirit and continue advising our government in waiting .

    Agwambo Tosha!!!!

  27. Auki Ollows says:

    I second Stephen on the use of KJ. In fact, even Kajairo is ODM. There is no better way to spread messages than using humour… I suggest that they develop short skits, 7-10 minutes, that would contain the core messages of ODM and the presidential candidate. These guys are VERY popular amongst the youth, our core constituency.


  28. Lexx says:

    ‘Kibaki Tena’ no match for the idea we need change
    By Dominic Odipo.
    I agree with you full 100

  29. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    The ODM UTAGUZI has knocked the wind out of PANU/PNU/KANU campaign propaganda machine. They have been left speechless and have nothing to say except insulting Raila and ODM and dishing out bribe goodies in terms development. The voters should receive these goodies with open arms but ask themselves where Kibaki and his corrupt status quo yelling sycophants have been for the last 5 years.

    We should vote Raila and his 3 piece-ODM team of leaders to take kenya to the next level.

    It is only through new thinking and ideas that Kenya will lift itself from the current quagmire to the developed nation. We have the potential but we have been let down by 3 regimes we have had. Now the Kenyattas, the Mois and the Kibakis have all ganged up against the people.

    Let us come out in large numbers, campaign vigorously to win more supporters and humuliate these PNU/KANU/PANU gang.

    Let us take the GOD given opportunity to make use their parties confusion to score political goals.

    ODM shall win when we come out in large numbers to show our people’s power and vote out this corrupt Kibaki/Moi/Kenyatta gang.

  30. Otsiatso says:

    Here is an article I came across. This is exactly what ODM needs to make political fodder of all these hypocrites who are woefully trying to stop the utaguzi train. DailyNation/ 17112001/ News/News6. html.gz

  31. Otsiatso says:

    On the other hand here is the article, the link is not posting well:

    From: The Daily Nation
    Saturday, November 17, 2001


    Central Kenya MPs now back Majimbo
    Central Kenya MPs have agreed for the first time to back Majimbo – a federal system of government.
    The policy switch came during a marathon meeting of the Central Kenya Parliamentary Group which ended at 2am yesterday.
    Previously the MPs, mainly from the Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Association (Gema), had insisted Majimbo would be too expensive for Kenya.
    Discussions at the meeting – at La belle Inn in Naivasha – centred on the MPs’ political survival and their representation in the next government after President Moi retires.
    Key to that aim, one MP said, was the need to mobilise Central Kenya communities to join a single political party to ensure they have strong bargaining power in the formation of the next government.
    The group believes that if they support a single political party along with “some selected friendly communities” they could comfortably win at least 70 to 80 Parliamentary seats.
    The MPs also discussed strategies for the economic revival of Central Kenya and ways of ensuring that the region was fully represented in a future goverrnment.
    Within that context four of the MPs said they would not be opposed to supporting a Kanu candidate at the next General Election, although a clear majority of the 35 MPs present later claimed the four had been giving only their personal views and did not speak either for the Parliamentary group or for Gema.
    The marathon meeting started on Thursday at 8 pm.
    The MPs were mainly from the Democratic Party, Ford-People, the Social Democratic Party and Safina, while Gatundu South MP Moses Muihia and Dagoretti MP Beth Mugo attended the group’s meeting for the first time.
    DP chairman Mwai Kibaki skipped the talks, which were chaired by group chairman and DP patron Njenga Karume (Kiambaa). Kieni’s Chris Murungaru was secretary.
    Speaking to the Nation later, Mr Karume said that the group was planning another meeting in Nairobi next week.
    “We discussed the development of Central Kenya but we shall tell you more then,” Mr Karume said.
    Kanu’s President Moi and NDP leader Raila Odinga have now been mandated by their parties to work out a merger.
    On the other hand, Mr Kibaki, who is believed to support the Central Kenya group, has been in talks with Ford Kenya’s Kijana Wamalwa and NPK leader Charity Ngilu in search of alignment.
    Sources at the Naivasha meeting told the Nation that members had in a radical departure resolved to support majimbo; the federal system of government.
    “We have now decided to go for majimbo but we still stand by our position that we should have a government of national unity,” a source told the Nation yesterday.
    However, they have set one condition for majimbo – that the provincial boundaries are reworked and people allowed to register in the jimbo (federal state) of their choice.
    They plan to present their detailed proposals on this to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission when it begins collecting views.
    The meeting discussed the coffee industry and resolved to demand the release of the remaining Stabex cash.
    “We have to fight for the political and economic empowerment of our people and find ways of tackling the elections. That is why we met. We are particularly angered by the Government’s refusal to release the Stabex funds in toto. We are tired of waiting,” another MP said.
    The MPs also complained that the Government was dragging its feet over implementation of the Donde Act to regulate interest rates and the Coffee Bill which is yet to be tabled .
    MPs Matu Wamae, Chris Murungaru and Muhika Mutahi, said the meeting discussed which leaders could reach out to other Kenyan communities.
    Dr Murungaru said: “Nevertheless this was a special meeting and that is why we decided to meet at night when there is not much distraction. ”
    Dr Murungaru gave the Nation a list of MPs who attended the meeting. They included; Joseph Kuria Mukira (Subukia), Paul Kihara (Naivasha), Martha Karua (Gichugu), Mwangi Kiunjuri (Laikipia East), Kamande Mwangi (Maragwa), Maina Njakwe (Mathioya), Joshua Toro (Kandara), Chege Mbitiru (Laikipia West), Muriuki Karue (Ol Kalao), James Kibicho (Ndia), David Manyara (Nakuru Town), Mwangi Githiomi (Kipipiri), Philip Gitonga (Lari), Beth Mugo (Dagoretti), Norman Nyaga (Kamukunji), Njehu Gatabaki (Githunguri) , Patrick Muiruri (Gatundu North), David Mwenje (Embakasi), Stephen Ndichu (Juja), David Murathe (Gatanga), Njeru Ndwiga (Manyatta), Thirikwa Kamau (Ndaragwa), Ngenye Kariuki (Kiharu), Adolf Muchiri (Kasarani), Alfred Nderitu (Mwea), Moses Muihia (Gatundu South), John Michuki (Kangema), Matere Keriri (Kerugoya Kutus), Kihara Mwangi (Kigumo), David Mwiraria (Imenti North) and Kiraitu Murungi (Imenti South).

  32. Odhuno Kawere says:

    I like the comment made by on his commentary in The Standard

    “The problem is not in our diversities but the denial of those differences and the politics of exclusion required for enforcing those regime of denials.”

    This is perhaps the crust of one of the probles we face as a nation. We must look at ourselves again and realise that the rain started beating us when we denied who we are and embraced a false sense of nationhood. We are a nation because we belong somewhere. We cannot deny our families, our tribes, our nationhood, our God given colours. With this in mind, we must uphold respect and dignity for others who may not be our blood relation, tribesmen etc – since others indeed build us for goodness sake.

    ODM should face the electorate with confidence that the idea of Ugatuzi – devolution is one whose time has arrived and should not be shunned by well meaning Kenyans. An idea so strong as that will be like the 1990’s clamour for Multipartysm- Moi had to give in. keep hammering the point home – Wakenya wanasikiliza

  33. Odhuno Kawere says:

    Shaqmaya, Thanks for posting the Muluka article. That is genuine African writing from the core of a villager like myself

  34. Lexx says:

    it’s time for real change kenyans

  35. Edwards says:


  36. Auki Ollows says:


    One thing that has failed to receive media is the fact that, of the people Steadman polled, 58% SUPPORT Ugatuzi, up from the ony 44% who supported majimbo according to the pollster some 2 weeks ago. Please, please, let us not drop this message. Leadership is about staying the course, in the face of challenges…


  37. C. Audi says:

    ODM will be the only bus to devolution/ugatuzi if well planned and pegged upon local authority structures i.e services within county council boundaries

    Making our communities safer
    • Working with the Police and others to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and anti-social behaviour
    • Reducing drug and alcohol misuse
    • Reducing accidents in homes/houses in the roads
    • Improving our ability to respond to any new emergencies like floods, strife, drought to minimise the consequences.

    Supporting communities and
    vulnerable people
    • Promoting independence for all
    • Enabling more people to own buy affordable homes and stay in safe environment;provide affordable housing for all
    • Strengthening communities and enabling people to live safe and satisfying lives
    • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
    • Developing strong and positive relationships between people from different backgrounds and circumstances.

    Ensuring every child thrives
    and reaches their potential
    • Improving outcomes for all children and young people ;provide interventions and trac king of poverty,disabilities, learning difficulties at early age
    • Reducing the gap between good outcomes for most and poor outcomes for some
    • Re-shaping services to ensure the right mix of high-quality universal, targeted and specialist provision.

    Making transport work
    • Improving the condition of roads and infrastructure at local level i.e district
    • Better traffic management to make the best use of the existing transport infrastructure
    • Reducing the harmful impact of transport (especially lorries) on the environment
    • Integrating our transport systems to better support regeneration and growth
    • Giving people more choice where there are viable alternatives to transport i.e public transport that is reliable and safe to use.

    Managing our environment
    and economy
    • Protecting and enhancing our built and natural environment
    • Supporting business development and attracting investment , through regeneration schemes and encouraging investment in social economy by allowing locals to start up SMEs-food industry, carpentry, construction.
    Support training and skills enterprise to support the above through setting up Business Skills Centres
    • Improving skills and helping people back to work
    • Working for regeneration in partnership with other organisations
    • Managing waste in a sustainable way
    • Developing strategies to tackle the local effects of climate change.
    Invest on training schemes for locals in construction, housing management , response repairs preparing them for take up by new initiatives i.e construction in the area(local recruitment should be encouraged)

    How we will drive excellence
    • Tracking of tax collection in transparent way which is invested back into the community
    • Becoming more efficient, so that resources can be spent on the most important things
    • Improving the ways that customers(communities) can contact the local authorities can be contacted, and giving them choices in how they access services
    • Use knowledge of, and engaging with, people and communities to best meet their
    diverse needs
    • Being well run, open, and accountable with strong independent , accountable scrutiny teams at local level
    • Making real improvements through working in partnership with others
    • Enabling staff to deliver the local authority ambitions through robust , clear corporate strategic plan.

  38. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    am a damu supporter of RAILA and ODM and i dont see anything wrong with UTAGUSI although porojo tupu na uwongo PNU misinterpreted the system to kenyans,last weekend i was with my mum (an illeterate)and us we were chatting she asked me about the MAJIMBO system of governers she told that mum i heard that RAILA will divide the country is that true coz i have decided to vote for real change before but now am in dilemma? i told her mum that is porajo tupu na uwongo scheme that pro-kibaki are misleading kenyans she asked me to explain about the system and then i did then mum said but why is kibaki misleading kenyan i told her that mum if you go to ushago( our home town please tell them and explain to then that majimbo is best for this nation and let them vote for RAILA? mum promised me that ,so here is my opinion ODM should educate the grass root people about what the pro kibaki are telling them.

  39. beatrice says:

    In a nation the rich people creats laws and they are followed.The UTAGUZi is a great entry tool for ODM n i really think its a good thing if all ignorant KIBAKI regime die hards understood the concept.Kenyans rich people are mean n they want the poor to remain poor,its a wrong attitude n thats what the Kibaki n moi regime was all about.I am Kikuyu and scared of Railas earnesty for power but if he is elected and follows the pledges as they are ALL KENYANS SHALL BENEFIT.For the first time in Kenyans history there will be equality like Countries like Ghana..please it unfair for us to elect someone on tribal lines its about performance here,kenyans its for ut sake that we see what Raila can do,as long as he wont be a dictator like most people are scared of his thirst for power.Theyare ineterpretingi it like its all for the wrong course but i wholesomely agree that he is the best leader.Kibaki isnt bad but RAILA IS THE BEST FOR INTEREST OF ALL KENYANS.ALL THE BEST ODM.I LOVE U

  40. stanley nyachae prince says:

    I am 100% behind the next president Agwambo and our entire ODM fraternity of ODM in advocating for UGATUZI. it is an idea whose time has come and no amount of mudslinging, intimadation and political gerrimandering can dissuade the people of Kenya otherwise. It is time I can access essential services from my Hometown of Mombasa, and likwise for every other Kenyan. This is not ethnic balkanization as some politically retarded remnants of colonial mindsets would want us to believe. UGATUZI is about bringing the government to the people. God bless Raila, God bless Kenya. We are in for a new dispensation of economic prosperity, good governance, charismatic leadership, well structured institutions of government and lots more come January 1st 2008.

    Stanley Nyachae Prince
    law student- Moi University, Eldoret

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