Kalonzo was a presidential candidate who has since been named by Kibaki as his vice. Do you think he is the right person to spearhead a dialogue with ODM party.



  1. Mike Okello says:

    This is my Opinion,

    Since Hon Kalonzo is not spearheading the dialogue as a person, but rather as a team leader, It will advisable for the ODM team to also come up with a team of its own, without the Hon Raila Odinga. The two teams will then have sessions where they will be updating Raila and Kibaki on their progress respectively , but with a view to eventually bring the two persons together. it will however not be FAIR for the Kalonzo team to meet Hon. Raila, because Raila will feel snubbed and short-changed, as the person he actually needs to talk to directly is the President, and not through Proxy.

    Hon.Kalonzo is rightly placed in the team as he holds the highest portfolio in the team. But should not be placed on an equal footing with Hon. Raila.

    I suggest that the team leader for the other team be Mudavadi. He has a sense of moderation in his temperament. Yes, because this is a peace seeking plattform and not a crossfire.

  2. Suzette Opiyo says:

    I think it’s time that Raila Odinga just counted his losses and moves on to try and bring peace to this country. this is because if we start waiting for an ODM committee to meet up with “Kibaki’s troop” then we shall be wasting alot of time and by then more and more innocent Kenyans keep loosing their lives….

    If Raila Odinga is for peace and not personal gain, it should not matter who he speaks to he should just cut a deal for peace and let us respect him for the good deed he will have done for the country.

  3. ole wuantai says:

    The Peoples President should meet with the thief face to face and solve these issue onces and for all.

  4. lexx says:

    Hallo bloggers i believe we should not do what the mp for othaya is doing.R.O made it clear and its in the b\public domain the Kalonzo was paid money to wreck ODM and then agin give money to step down for the mp for othaya now all this adds up to the real reason why he is Judas and that is why he is not complaining about it.With all our cards on the table i believe and agree with R.O that he should meet with the mp for othaya Ana kwa Ana nothing less of that and for Kalozo team pliz go home.

  5. tnk says:

    i think Raila has said he is ready to meet with Kibaki in the presence of an international mediator. Kibaki in a meeting with EU stated that he will meet Raila in the presence of a mediator. everything else is a sideshow. if indeed kibaki will meet with raila with the team of emminent persons and wont name the rest of the cabinet the night before, or cary out some other incredible action,we can only wait and see.

  6. ole wuantai says:

    Kalonzo group is a waste of time if you ask me. we also know this is kibakis ploy to derail this plea from wananchi to solve the stalement. I dont know if Kibaki is feeling this from wherever he is?
    At least The peoples president has seen for himself and is seen calming the people and asking them not to attack each other when demostrating.
    I like the way wangari has put it in this article on the standard news todays newspaper
    “Maathai unhappy with kibaki team”

  7. pabokenya says:

    mike am so sorry but i think this aurgement will not achieve much.
    kalonzo is part and parcel of the problem. his creditial as a defender of status quo even when a police murder innocenct kenyans and as kenyans butcher themselves, he has never even raised a voice, he only got surprised when he gained the VP in the illegal goverment.

  8. edwin onyango says:

    To whom this may concern. MR kalonzo please stop a shame-yourself. I use to respect you before, but now what you can do is to tell your presindent to step down. Kibaki is not the man for kenyans.

  9. edduking says:

    ODMers, let Mike a.k.a Jane talk to himself for he deserves no notice. The first boycott in this blog would be to ignore all PNU friendly comments. Kibaki asking Raila to talk with Kalonzo is an insult. He is simply saying, “look, Kalonzo destroyed you, and now you will have to beg me [Kibaki] through him.” PNU is hell bent to ensure maximum humiliation of Raila’s intelligence. Agent4change, can
    you please delete this Mike-Jane guy from the blog?

  10. pabokenya says:

    anyway i think all ODMers sud be pessimistic of ANNAN effort. what if kibaki refused to agree to whatever they discuss?
    i believe ODM needs a plan B urgently coz this MR kifaki will continue to hold power whether we like it or Not!

    it will be pleasing to some of us here to go back to their lives but do u think kenya will be safe in the hands of thieves?
    if these ple can steal election in broad day like( MTA DO NINI), can u trust them with ua money?
    they now have empty heads and unprincipled ple like kalonzo in their team, we urgently need a plan B or change of strategy.

    i stand here to be corrected but i believe KOFFI ANNAN is coming for tea or lunch of githeri ot mukumo or muthokoi.

    kibaki stole this election and he knows why, he cant leave it unless heis driven away.
    there wont be a peacefull solution to this thing coz we are dealing with violent robbers, theives, murdeerers, secret agents like mike and many more millitants.

    parliement wont help us either coz these ple knows that they will be arrested immediately they leave their stollen presidency, and since they have only eastern and central to visit, they will be rulling on those regions and avoiding other regions.

    i can assure this mzee kibaki can never resign coz the blood from kenyans, the man doest even care.

  11. pabokenya says:

    what is the way forward

  12. amosogal says:

    Mike Okello, i think you dont belong to this group. Lets not pretend. Kalonzo betrayed ODM when he instructed Maanzo to hold on to cert. Again, he betrayed Kenyas by accepting to be VP in a “flawed” election after confessing several times that he elections were actually flawed. Do yoy expect a Camelion like that to lead a talk?? Kalonzo can not lead that talk and incase he ODM accept him to lead the talks, then Nyongo will definately deal with him and may be Namwamba too can deal with him. That team is totally nonesense. Kimunya, Karua!! in the team?

  13. faith says:


    It seems Mike is a govt apologist but the fact of the matter is that ODM should not at any cost talk to the Kalonzo team. Kalonzo is a traitor per excellence the guy spoilt for us our party by thinking that he is more electable than RAO, he came and told us about miracles only to find out he was a mere donkey riding against two horses. If Kibaki wants negotiations he should be there by himself and not the so called “miracle man” Kalonzo’s can talk to people like me and Omuto,Owiti and other bloggers he is not in the league of RAO, Mudavadi and Ruto.

  14. Walter says:

    Kalonzo dialogue with who on what ,about what?who’s Kalonzo anyway?

    This is yet another bottleneck deliberately introduced by PNU to deny kenyans justice.Is it necessary to have this committe when it is on record locally and internationally that Koffi and a team of eminent persons would mediate,( even though we know much would not come out of it ).
    It is still fresh in our minds Kibaki appointed a cabinet just when Kuffour was expected and after the Cobra Squad spokesman said “Kuffour was coming for tea”
    A week or so later Annan was on his way but when he got wind a minister had said “the illegimate goverment has not invited him”he caught a Diplomatic flu and Kibaki appointed Kalonzo to “spearhead’ this is actually to confirm that Koffi”s coming is not going to change anything.

    Kalonzo is a nobody just as the illegitimate government he’s serving and therefore the ODM leadership must not bring themselves to this level of ping pong ,Raila and ODM should wait for Annan to mediate .

    By the way Kalonzo is irrelevant and of no consequence in this political quagmire,the main thief has to face the people he stole from.

  15. Mike Okello says:

    Kalonzo Could be Judas, But at least Hon. Raila is not Jesus Christ. i think we need to have leaders who are above narcissistic tendencies. Such references in Public are quite unfair.

    As i said earlier the ultimate obj is to have H.E The President Kibaki (MP) and Hon. Raila (MP) meet, Let the Kalonzo team therefore be Given a chance. Between Raila and Kibaki, none should equate themselves to a God there are indeed mere mortals like anyone of us, but with a little more political responsibility.

    In as much as it is possible to disguise identity as you thought, please note clearly that Mike and Jane are two independent minds, they are however quite outstanding as far as peacemaking in this site.

    It is not fair to request that comments are deleted just because we do not sound like you. i guess we differed with ODM immediately they employed the Dick Morris strategy that has ended us up in all this ugly sites and finally the historically ridiculous economic boycott!

  16. Otieno says:

    Kalonzo is just another distraction by Kibaki…a procrastination. Check out this video by a patriotic Kenyan gal…

    @pabs…..believe you me, ODM has a plan B and C and…..

  17. Pablo says:

    Who is this Mike Okello In the first place, Can he have some sense of direction. This man needs to know that Kenyans are not stupid mass and are politically aware. More so the bloggers in this forum are not school kids like some fellows we see in PNU. We are well informed and we know the dirty tricks of this people who are now calling themselves a “govt”. No one, Kalanzo is a gone History in politics He will never see the top elective seat of this Land Kenya by betraying Kenyans. I am very sorry when somebody like Poghisio thinks in a manner no like his caliber. He should know that we have something known as metaphars in English litrature or semi katika Lugha ya Kiswahili. When someone Uses commonly used words to form a sentence to mean something does not mean that he is the same thing or words mentioned. When Kalanzo is called Judas it is true, He betrayed the ODM spirit in the first place and that is why he is now trying to reemerge from the back door but we are very sorry for him. So if mike and Poghisio are thinking that Raila is deifying himself I am very sorry for both of you. Kalanzo in the first place should not even talk for he is the cause of all these troubles we have in Kenya today he is a problem. how do you use a problem to get a solution? can not workout. You can only pluck it out so can Kalonzo be Placked out no need of even meeting with anyone in ODM team let go and lead his mwingi pple if he thinks Kenya is only fo Kambas. You must get me right I am not tribalistic but both Kalanzo and Kibaki are traitors. Kibaki renegged MOU and now he is pretending that he wants to share power never these guyz are chameleons I am saying the only Negotiatin ODM can engage in is btween the AU led delegate and Kibaki himself not kalanzo we detest that with all our hearts. Even God is just perplexed with the level of hipocracy puported Kenyan leaders are. I think of all these people there is only one consistent leader who is a role model to go by. Please bloggers shun pple like mike and Samue poghisio.

  18. Phil says:

    Of course HE IS NOT!

    Agent4Change – You are forgetting the road we walked up to the point we find ourselves. Kalonzo himself is directly responsible for this mess. Are you giving up?

    Let the mass protests and economic boycotts proceed, unless the pentagon can come up with something more drastic.

  19. Steve says:

    Dear ODmers!!!
    It is suicidal to even think of Meeting Kalonzo and his team over this weighty issue. The Pentagon should not reduce themselves to dancing to Kibaki’s immoral gestures…
    I think it is high time the Pentagon come up with Plan B and C. we Give Annan achance but should it fail! His Excellency Raila we voted for you. We want the Peoples’s President and Nothing less.

    Soldier on and lead this country RAO.

  20. Lexx says:

    Pablo you are right poghisio seems not to know what is going on.pnu are currently using him hence destroying himself politically.when he say that we will be arrested for bocotting certain products, what is he saying i believe its my right to purchase what i want and from which company i like.Kalonzo is know as lukeworm he basically falls for anything he should now forget ever being the chief executive but just that.for R.O, kalonzo aint you equal and R.O has made that clear the mp for othaya is the one who you should go for coz he is sitting on the sit that is rightfully yours.

  21. Walter says:

    Horrible Kalonzo,kalongolongo aka Wiper,what does he stand for anyway?opportunism
    what can we Kenyans of right thinking mind identify kalonzo with ?
    Kalonzo is an accomplished fence sitter ,ass kissing expert and now graduated to a wiper of Kibaki’s ass.
    We know when Raila and others were fighting for democracy ,kalonzo and Kibaki were busy kissing Moi’s ass ,when finally section 2a was repealed Kibaki jumped ship to enjoy the fruits of Raila and others hardwork.We all know Kibaki was the chair of the National Security Council and it was during his chairmanship that the Nyayo torture chambers existed and many who went through the chambers ,lost their lives and health ,like Matiba.
    1992 Kbaki contested and lost,1997 lost and 2002 Raila won the elections for Kibaki,so Kibaki has never won a presidential election,that the truth bitter to swallow for his die hard backers.
    Kalonzo was the mole planted to wreck and undermine ODM ,and has now been appointed VP in the government of GEMA-Gikuyu,EMBU,MERU& AKAMBA .The Kibakis,Kalonzos having served loyally in the KANU regime ,perpetuated and entrenched Social Darwinism which they have now re-grouped to protect and consolidate.
    They do not know the price of democracy paid by the likes of Raila and others who have convictions ,that’s why they are quick to talk about “peace and reconciliation”and deliberately expunging Justice from their vocabulary.
    Moi,Kibaki and Kalonzo with others of the same class of thought have never fought for anything that we know of ,it is easier for such people to take this crisis lightly hoping that it will go away soon .
    They are mistaken,peaceful mass protests ,strikes,go-slows ,economic boycotts shall continue ,already the security forces are running out of supplies,soon the government will be unable to meet it’s recurrent expenditures due to lack of funds from the local economy.
    The struggle has to continue it is not for us but for the future of the children of Kenya.
    Judas Iscariot hana chake.

  22. mumias says:

    Let us not be sidetracked. Yes Kalonzo does not have the moral authority to lead the team in dialouge. Kibaki is trying to play a game here in my opinion, by forming a team he is saying look I’m doing my best to find a solution but ODM are the ones unwilling to reach out to us and talk.
    What is actuallyu happening is Kibaki is trying to bif for time to consolidate himself. This as Raila said is a side show. How can you form a eace commision with the likes of Karua and Kimunya, the hawks who are the ones pushing to keep Kibaki in office!!
    ODM should form a very low profile commitee to meet these people. These people are not the ones to deliver any meaningful solution, instead lets concentrate on the big prize, that is Koffi Annan and mediation, that is where any meaningful steps will come about.
    Thus let us not waste our time talking about this group led by Kalonzo, these guys are not the power brokers, it is the Muthaiga club buddies that are the ones running thiscountry, it is there that any deal can or will be done.

  23. concrned kenyan says:

    first of all i would like to congratulate hon raila odinga for being voted in by kenyan as the fourth president of kenya.we are strongly with you and our strength will not falter.keep on representing us no matter how badly they want to taint your name you are our hero.
    secondly my friends in uganda are urging me to warn odm to be very wary of museveni.he is a dangerous man who is not on kenya’s side, infact his vision is for the total destabilisation of kenya regardless of who is kenya’s next president.your excellency president raila, please do not even shake his hand if you have to meet him.he is known to have murdered people by poisoning them in that way.
    thirdly i agree with one reader that if the shamed mp for othaya is sending a team to bargain with you led by his VP then it is only fair that you send your team headed by your VP.indulge him in his side-shows while we wait for the real work to begin with the international mediators where mr kibaki and your excellency will be present.
    we are praying for you your excellency and for all the innocent kenyan who have lost their lives in this tragedy caused by kivuitu, the shameful mp for othaya and his greedy friends.

  24. Sies says:

    I think Kalonzo has the qualities to lead the team to meet OD*. Musalia from OD* has the qualities also. I think the two can act as a bridge between Raila & Kibaki. There is no point of accusing Stevo for what he did. He was heckled in Mombasa in a well organized way. Who was behind that?? Never provoke a man of GOD!!! That was the beginning of OD* problems and also what is happening. If Stevo was on either side, PN* or OD* atleast a clear winner will have been seen without the problems seen, Just add his 800K plus to Kibaki or Raila. Let Kalonzo & Mudavadi lead the two groups.

  25. Morara says:

    Agent for change. Please moderate and remove comments from PNU sympathisers. They are not helping our cause. (Mike, Jane, Sies).


  26. phillip ondako maina says:


  27. mumias says:

    There is no point moderating these sympathisers comments, let them have their say. Marende spelt it out very clearly, “let the minority have their say and the majority their way” these are the core values of democracy.
    Sies ODM won the election without Kalonzo Musyoka so I refute the claim that Kalonzo was the start of their problems, infact it removed a stumbling block to ODM unity. He felt RO was unelectable and he was more electable hence became a tribal King. It is also foolworthy to suggest that 2 provinces will beat 6. The neutral support Kalonzo got has been wiped out thus even his 800,000 will be alot less.
    Lastly is Kibaki feels he has the majority with Kalonzo on their side then lets call another election and see if 2 provinces can really beat 6!!

  28. Ismael says:

    First and foremost, I think Kalonzo has nothing to offer Kenyans. I think he was in KANU for too long and learnt how to KULA UGALI in state house. He has shown kenyans what he is worth i.e ZIM dollars.

    Secondly, Sies need urgent medical attention. Any kenyan in their write mind cannot write such a note. Non of the ODM members (Raila included) did not organize for Kalinzo to be heckled. The fact is that he did not read the writing which was clearly on the wall. There is no way he was going to be a presidential candidate without competion. And that had to start with ODM. If he could not win ODM’s mandate, why try sleezy ways like hiding the certificates. He has no concreate plans.

  29. Omuto says:

    Its not who is involved. Its the motive behind this stupid action. Dont even talk about Kalonzo being qualified. The question is, why is Kibaki taking Kenyans for a ride by handpicking a committee to help him cement himself on the stolen throne? Excuse me, dear sensible bloggers. After a long and successful struggle to steal from Kenyans their birthright, an unsuccessful attempt to bribe our MPs in parliament to vote for their own and later own the police-led massacre of innocent Kenyans, should a sane and level-headed Kenyan (let alone ODM MPs) go to bed with those hungry mongrels in the name of dialogue??????? Please ladies and gentlemen, lets get serious here. WHY IS KIBAKI TRIVIALISING SUCH A SERIOUS ISSUE AND WE TAKE IT LIGHTLY?

    This is not just a sideshow, but a very weighty insult not just to the ODM team, but to Kenyans and the world as a whole. The moment we see our right-minded ODM MPs ‘sitting to talk’ with the Kibaki-chosen rascals under the leadership of Kalonzo, then we shall call a psychiatric for them! My take here was and it will still be, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME SITTING WITH THOSE GLUTTONS IN THE NAME OF NEGOTIATING FOR PEACE. LET KIBAKI AND RAILA OR KIBAKI AND THE PANTAGON SIT AND CHAT THE WAY FORWARD. Whoever entertains that cursed team shall face the wrath of the patriots, and even if he dies before our wrath, we shall whip and cain his grave thoroughly. It’s that serious. So please dear citizens, Kalonzo’s group should be thrown to Gehena or the nearest sewer.

    About Koffi Annan, I agree with one Pabokenya. Pabo, you dont stand to be corrected. Koffi Annan is another good tea-taker. Infact, I doubt his credibility. Just two years before he ended his tenure, he was involved in a corruption scandal that saw him make international headlines negatively. Remember the contract he gave to a company that was supposedly owned by his son? What does this mean to us? That Koffi, just like Kuffuor, are fully aware that their coming will make no positive change but because their offices (and their hosts too) will give them allowances for the services they ‘render’ for the sake of ‘peace’, they have to come anyway. At least for them to go down in records as having tried to mediate for peace but in vain.

    You dont need to be a rocket scientist to know that Kibaki robbed Kenyans of their hard earned right ( their choice, Raila). But what emanates from the lips of these so called peace-mediators is totally unpalatable by any good-willed Kenyan. Talk of Freizer, Kuffuor, Tutu and worse still, US Ambassadour Mr. Ranebhager or whoever he is. If Koffi’s coming will be a repeat of the above people’s sentiments, then for once I agree with Kimunya; Let Kenyans solve their own problems. I know China is really eyeing this opportunity. Read me loud and clear, China Republic. If other nations will put sanctions to Kenya and you instead run for the rescue of this illegitimate government, then be sure to face Kenya’s wrath; We shall boycott your products too! Do not be opportunists.

    Which way forward, then? Let sanctions increase, let mass action go on indefinately and let us boycott Kibaki friendly companies, products and all that. Poghisio is in the 7th heaven so he can talk the way he wishes. He never dreamt of being a cabinet minister. That’s a miracle for him, no wonder the blind arrogance he elicits when he opens his mouth to talk. Dont tell me anything about Kalonzo because even Kalembe Ndile knows him better (ameenda kwakalonzo meaning he’s gone ‘the other side’. You know what I mean.)

    The struggle Continues…

  30. Ismael says:

    Kibaki is insulting our intelligence as kenyans…When Kuffour was holding his last meeting with PNU and ODM members, Kibaki was chilling in state house. Why didn’t he go for the meeting. He later claims that he had not been updated by his team so he could not sign the document. Not only a thief but a lazy one too.

  31. Ismael says:

    One more thing, if Annan will come and play the same tune his country man did. Then we won’t need any external help. We will sort it out internally as Kenyans. Normally when you have issues in the family .. you close the doors and sort it out. I think kenyans should also do the same. Spare the rod , spoil the kid.

  32. tnk says:

    pabokenya and omuto, i like the direction you are going. we should not be reacting to MK/PNU moves. we need a thread for the strategy for justice. these moves to stall for time and at the same time apppoint committes is exasperating.

    there was a commitee for goldenberg
    committee for artur saga
    committee for anglo leasing
    now theres a committee to probe GSU shootings
    and a committee to prepare dialog

    gimme a break

    if someone sneezes, there’ll be another committee formed

  33. hekima naamini says:

    RAILA AOMLO ODINGA SHOULD NEVER MEET ANYBODY APART FROM MWAI KIBAKI. KALONZO MUSYOKA ati nani , Huyu si binadamu in zimwi na fisi , anayengoja vya kuanguka au vya KUBAKI. Mwai kibaki is not not not not not serious with talks to solve the problem his tribemen are facing let alone the kenya populace, w

  34. Koffi Annan is expected in Kenya on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 to spearhead a negotiations between Kibaki and Raila.

    The country has already seen several high profile personalities including the chairman of African Union, President Kuffuor, come into the country with the hope that they might help resolve the impasse between the leaders, but in vain. The previous efforts have been a laughing stoke for all, as Kenya Government officials issue ridiculous statements in the presence of the guests to local and international media houses aimed at ridiculing the mediation efforts.

    That having been the case, what will the up-coming effort by Koffi Annan achieve? Kibaki and his cronies are not going to hand over the presidency to Raila and ODM. They know they are illegally in office and as we all know a thief will never accept he is a thief much less return property that he has stolen.

    So what can Kenyans expect from the coming negotiations? Kibaki and Kalonzo will be talking about “healing the nation” while Raila and The Pentagon will be talking about restoring democracy. Even a doctor cannot heal a disease by avoiding the root cause, in other words doctors first diagnose the disease before they start treating it. Kibaki talks of healing the nation without addressing the stolen elections. That would be a temporary measure that will potend disaster for Kenyans and their future generations.

    The whole world is watching, but even more critical, Kenyans are wary of the stupid games that Kibaki and the ruling clique have been playing. If Annan’s mission is declared a flop due to myopic antics by the Kibaki side, then Kenya is set for an EXPLOSION of proportions that will make the last one month seem like child’s play.

  35. rafiq says:

    By agreeing to meet Kibaki Raila has done more than is needed to initiate the dialogue arm of our struggle. I think for Kalonzos team, we give them Kosgey to chair the meeting, with Abuabu, Orengo, Balala and Ngilu amongst others. Though they want to give us a side show we should give them credible men who will not play around with their jokes. Lets keep the captain and his Vice out of this.
    These guys are shaking now, especially after hearing what the supporters are saying on the ground from both sides. They are wondering why guys arent even scared of the bullet. Kudos to KTN for helping stop this senseless killing.
    If Kibaki doesnt make a honest move RAO should name his cabinet and ask for parallel funding from supporters and donors to help with rebuilding of our cities and formation of inquiries into the election irregularities and police brutality.
    The thing is let the battle continue in all fronts. No retreat No surrender. Long live Raila, Pentagon and ODMers.

  36. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear Mr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka,

    You have prided yourself in the past as a diplomat and peace-maker. You have told many laeders in Africa that the gun cannot sustain brutality and illegitimacy. Many have listened to you and followed your advice.

    It is very sad indeed that you are a completely different man now partaking in the brutal massacre of innocent people. Many years from today, Kenyans will be looking back at the historical figures of their country and you will feature along with your boss, Mwai Kibaki, as the butchers of the early 21st century in Kenya.

    I know that, you, Stephen, have calculated your chances of winning the presidency in Kenya in a legitimate way and found them to be low. The predator PNU was watching you and did not waste time pouncing on you and recruited you into the killing machine.

    Today, the world celebrates MLK day. What an unslefish leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. He died young but the gift he gave to the world will live forever.

    In Kenya, we are fortunate to have a Nelson Mandela and a Martin Luther King Jr., both wrapped together in the person of Hon. Raila Odinga. Many years from today, Kenyans will be looking back at the childhood of their nation and separating the heroes from the butchers.

    For you, Kalonzo, you will belong in the list of butchers. Your short-term greed has enrolled you in that list. Many Kenyans have died and many more will die yet what Hon. Raila Odinga started several years ago will live on – the right of all Kenyans to live in a just country and exercise their democratic rights freely.

    Kenyans of the future will remember Kalonzo Musyoka not as a peace-maker and diplomat but a butcher, courtesy of the collective responsibility and acountability of the illegitimate and brutal “government” that tried to deny Kenyans their right.

    Years from today, Kenyatta Day will have been superceded by Heroes Day and will have been moved to January every year to commemorate the deaths of many brave Kenyans who defied bullets to fight for the rights of Kenyans to choose leaders of their choice.

    Some of these heroes died young. Some died poor. Yet they all believed in a just and democratic Kenya.

    Mr. Musyoka, today as we celebrate MLK Day, I assure you that tomorrow, we will be celebrating another important day in January, the ODMH Day. It will come. I knolw that Kibaki told you, Kalonzo, to join him as he plans to govern for a few more months before calling elections with you and Uhuru teaming up for president and vp.

    But, Kalonzo, whaetever Kibaki does or does not do is irrelevant now. Kenya is determined to fight until the last man or last breath to bring back justice and have their chosen leader, Hon. Raila Odinga, become their president. You are no longer the Kalonzo Musyoka, the darling of the referendum days.

    Leading any form of reconciliation talks by you, Kalonzo, is like adding salt to a fresh wound.

  37. rafiq says:

    To all those who want to support the notion being speculated by the Mr Phogishio, please leave him alone. He and the likes of Mike do not understand figurative speech. Its a shame if he has any children studying literature in school. RAO didnt say I am JC and Kalonzo is JI so worship me! Its all figurative speech Mike et al. Secondly if he named anybody else Jesus, there are many called Jesus in Spanish speaking countries including football players.
    I am a strong Christian. We need to be intellectuals and not interpret issues out of context. Actually as a self confessed Christian and not hypocrite Phogishio should have talked about thieves and their associates missing the Kingdom of God. So its a side show and ignore it.

  38. tnk says:

    we need to identify instituions that have been openly biased against ODM and immeditaely start boycott of their products, No.1 on that list is Nation Newspapers, do not burn it, just have it returned unsold, boycott NTV. Boycott as long as necessary until new elections are called. Lets encourage Standard Newspapers and KTN which have tried under difficult circumstances to provide balanced coverage.

    this is where we are headed maybe?

  39. karanja kamau says:


    I don’t support kalonzo team ,he was player hence he can’t change now to
    be a judge.

    The following issues should be addressed for the way forward.

    1.Form a transitional govt. from all eminent kenyans who are highly educated,
    people of good standings from each kenyan community excluding all politicians
    2.Let the whole govt. be completely and equally represented by all tribes.
    3.Only few issues remained on the original bomas draft,let prominent kenyans
    go through it without politicians and enact a new constitution.
    4.Church leaders ,eminent people from all communities should go throughout the
    country preach peace and let all displaced people back to their homes.
    5.Have a free and fair elections which all politicians can participate.

  40. Baijo M. Lorowu says:

    Snub kalonzo team. Who is kalonzo anyway? Traitor opportunist who does not care about plight of kenyans and families mercilessly killed by illigal goverment. If a must then give them very junior odm team to meet them. No point raila or senior odm team wasting time in meetings that will yield nothing. Kibaki snubbing kuffour still fresh. Kibaki will do all tricks to delay truth and justice. We should not fall into pnu demagouges tricks. More pressure and pressure from people will make this illegitimate kibaki rule end so people get their right. A thief should not be left free until and unless they return stolen people right

  41. 25mmpayload says:


  42. Otieno says:

    I support tnk, Omuto and pabs above; Maru, that was deep stuff…..enuff discussing Kalonzo already! He’s a non-starter two timing thief who doesn’t deserve much attention from this blog or anywhere else. The same goes for the PANUA moles in here….ignore them. We’ve been through these sideshow games during the Moi era – commission this, commission that….nothing ever comes of them.

    I support the call for another thread to seriously strategize the options available to us; give momentum to the ones already implemented and suggest new ones. We should probably divide these ideas into different threads of logical action plans

    Our strategies need to have limited lifespans. If Kibaki still doesn’t see sense we need to up the ante, move to the next one; even more radical than the first. What I mean is that we cannot continue mass action until 2012. That is foolhardy. We should seriously consider giving Kibaki deadlines. If he doesn’t budge we’ll continue to move closer to our “final” action/last resort. This may well be secession as has been proposed not only in this blog but elsewhere.

    Confirmation about the divisions in the police:;_ylt=AhyuuFE0P2uCHH_NN6a.nnAV6w8F

    Stop the killings though. We know who the real culprits are.

  43. Anon says:

    Any of you who thinks economic sanctions will not work …think again. At least the poor kenyans trying to get bussiness will be rewarded.

  44. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    I will not spend time talking about the Kalonzo team as i said before ODM is above these non-starters infact to mock Kalonzo even more i propose these nine eminent Kenyans to meet his team:

    1. Agent for change(team leader)
    2. Faith(me to deal with Martha)
    3. Omuto
    4. Owiti
    5. Elizabeth
    6. tnk
    7. Maru kapkatet
    8.Philip Ondako
    9. Rafik

    I think bloggers the above eminent men and women of this country are enough to deal with “wiper”

    Agent of change i want to request you talk to RAO about appearing in this forum atleast for an hour so that his supporters can have a one on one with him i know he has a busy schedule but i think it would be wonderful or what do you think bloggers.

  45. benjamin says:


    ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!! that line up is amazing and may be me i can be a joint secretary you made my day. I also agree with you that RAO can appear and blog with us one of this days.

  46. ken says:

    faith that is an excellent idea, Having RAO here will serve him well and serve as a morale booster to Kenyans who might be wavering in their enthusiasm. Thank God bada Mapambano, I had thought for a minute that we were giving up. Once again God is on the side of justice and justice is us.

  47. tnk says:


    economic sanctions will work. we are not going there yet. we will in a few days if MP for Othaya wants us to go there. for now we are still being very understanding and giving dialogue a chance. we have some emminent guests in the country. I want to refer to Otieno’s comment above, every opportunity is time constrained, but we will give each a fair chance after all we are ODM, the best brains and most democratic form of government that Kenya can ever have. if no results are evident in the eminent team of Kofi Annan or if it turns out to be another Kibaki/PNU hoax we will know in a few hours and we continue with our action plan.

    In the meantime I request ODM fraternity and friends of democracy to consider a boycott of Daily Nation. They have been partisan and not representative of whats going on and in the runup to elections were extermely biased. KTN/standard are still below par but under the circumstances are better than DN. Do not buy DN for at least two to three months irrespective of what they produce. DN, East African, Coast Weekly and related media are one and the same. We want a responsible press or no press. What they are now is a mouthpiece for PNU.

  48. tnk says:


    just seen your note above. i understand the spirit of the comment and know you mean well, but would also like to add that we dont have time for role play and am sure you don’t either. More than 600 lives have been lost although unoffical toll has it at over 1000. Tha means if you live in an estate like Harambee, Buru Buru, Ngumo or whereever that, all the heads of households have been wiped out and all those neighbourhoods completely evacuated. Its no joke.

    for every child, woman and man, displaced or killed, i feel a lot of pain and loss. the loss feels more terrible when some of us here and elsewhere, sub-consciously or deliberately try to ethnically or geographically the ethnic origin of the victims and then enhance or dull the impact of the loss or displacement.

    we need to press on and make people paced in positions of authority to be more responsible for their actions. We simply cannot make light of it. Those pretenders/do good/”role models” or whatever in committees have their own dreams and ambitions, I have only my conscience to deal with and hope for a better country governed by true citizens.

    that’s why I’m ODM and am priviledged to associate with you all. Lets not make light of this, we are dealing with a real monster of a battle and a lot of precious lives have been lost while others displaced because of the mistakes of a few people in positions of authority colluding with corrupt entities.

  49. tjegagal says:

    hi all,
    anyone with the list of those companies we need to boycott from, From practise i know boycotting works atleast if you see what happened to delamere milk. Before Tom Chomosomething killed those two beloved kenyans, it was the most expensive but sasa angalia bei, and although it has picked up slightly in the last few months our message was clear, dont hurt kenyans if you want to enjoy year in profits….

    ODM team has swallowed alot of pride by agreeing for a reelection, the call by PNU wannabees like Kalonzo for a court solution is unwaranted. I wonder with all that knowledge Kalonzo cannot realize that he is being used big time. Why he and Poghisio the only ones in the forefront, Kenyans are beyond this picturesque as tumechanuka vibaya mbofu. As put in yesterdays standard, he has grown from a respected kenyan leader, to a possible president to someone who doesnot deserve any sort of respect. If he things being a VP is a political milestone, i hope his famous miracle comes on a horse…

  50. edduking says:


    Who said that Mass Action will not yield? Ask yourself why the government is spending millions of shillings on advertisements against it.

    Who said that Economic Sanctions will not yield? Ask yourself why the government is so much worried about the International relations.

    Who said that Economic Boycotts will not yield? Ask yourself why the likes of Mike Okello are so much worried about it until they masquerade with multiple identities to fuel it down.

    Who said that the government will win in a re-run? Ask yourself why they are so much opposed to it.

    Who said that Raila lost the elections? Ask yourself why they can’t allow forensic audit to be carried out on the votes.

    Who said that ODM will get justice in our courts? Ask yourself why the government is pushing for it.

    Hey ODMers, for all the options that the government is against, such are the options that we must opt for.

    We don’t need to be friendly, for PNU is hell bent to tarnish the good cause of ODM.

    Kalonzo deserves no mentions in ODM strategies, for ever in the beginning he has always been a stumbling block.

  51. lexx says:

    Faith i have seen you line up that is cool infact the kalonzo lead team is just there to buy time and we are not in this to waste more time.wiper shoud be change to keep the faith.ODMier for ever.

  52. Obonyo says:


  53. kanyeka says:

    I beseech you the ODMers to heed the call by EDDUKING to ignore that fellow the way I also stated earlier.
    Please DO NOT engage yourself with this guy i repeat do not because we know where he is coming from and who he is.
    I like the way TPP ignored him (Kalonzo) during the campaign period the guy was focusing his campaign energy on TPP rather than the person whose seat he was aiming.
    Thanks RAO, TPP, AGWAMBO you did me proud by ignoring that finger sucker.

    Regarding the post, my comment is well explained by Prof Wangari Maathai in today’s standard newspaper

  54. kanyeka says:

    Maathai unhappy with Kibaki team
    Published on January 21, 2008, 12:00 am

    By Evelyn Ogutu

    Nobel Peace Laureate, Prof Wangari Maathai, has dismissed the mediation team led by Vice-President, Mr Kalonzo Musyoka, saying it will not solve the political impasse.

    Maathai said unless President Kibaki and the ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga, came together and dialogued, the current political turmoil would continue to rock the nation.

    “Kalonzo was a competitor with Raila. I do not think the ODM leader will listen to him. What will Kalonzo tell Raila or his lieutenants when they perceive him as the person who undermined their journey to leadership?” asked Maathai.

    The former Tetu MP said Kibaki should take the negotiations seriously.

    “It is important for the President to come out and meet Raila. Kenya is bleeding and people are suffering,” said Maathai.

    Maathai also asked Kibaki to embrace the mediators so as to end the current political crisis, which has led to the deaths of hundreds and displacement of thousands.

    President Kibaki last week moved to quell the political turmoil by forming a 10-member team to spearhead national political dialogue and reconciliation.

    “Why is Kibaki not ready to meet Raila? After all Raila campaigned for him in 2002 and I believe they can still sit down and talk. What is too difficult for the two to talk about?” posed Wangari.

    In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Standard, Maathai said the chaos and misunderstandings that Kenya was witnessing started in 2003 over the broken Memorandum of Understanding.

    “In 2003, I warned the leaders, that their misunderstandings would lead to something bigger, but they did not listen. I was a lone ranger and now this is the result,” said Maathai.

    “I am now urging the international community to put pressure on President Kibaki and his Government, without which innocent Kenyans will continue to suffer,” she said.

  55. Mike Okello says:

    The Electoral injustice in Kenya, on whichever side be it ODM or PNU, was done by less than 40 People at the highest. Take it or leave it. out of those less than40 persons, None of them can even imagine or visualize the experience some innocent kenyans have gone through in the hands of tribal goons, police, thugs etc, other to the point of death…. Can you, yourself imagine that a house where you are hiding in on blazing fire, and outside the house are predators in sharp pangas and baying for your blood… and that you have to choose between death by panga or death by fire, and you have 3 minutes to decide on how to DIE. Before you even think, you suffocate in the heat and breath your last, your children all lying around you….a whole family gives up the ghost and joins the ancestors…. As they die, they are not sure why they have died!


    I Kindly rest my case.

  56. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    hi ODMers i think talk without kibaki won’t achieve much if kibaki is unwilling to sit with the pple president HON RAILA AMOLO ODINGA for talks but appoint a committee. HON RAILA should also appoint his lead by charity ngilu and magret wanjiro and more others? i dont think that kalonzo can solve without kibakis mandate and willigness to bring peace and justice? i think its a waste of time for the PENTAGONS to meet with kalonzo …….

    mike i think you dont feel what we us ODMers feel? ok so please shup up and hell with ur opinion i guess you dont belong to this forum ok……..

    mike hypocrite….

  57. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    kibaki should be brave enough and initiate direct talks with the pples president HON RAILA AMOLO ODIGA……kalonzo was a competitor to both kibaki and raila he will not be transparent coz he has personal interest to safeguard… very much disappointed to see kenyans being killed like antelopes HOWEVER am hopefull that an amicable solution will be reached for the sake of our counrty can we give ANNAn adelegation a chance???

  58. ilayesa says:

    For real Kalonzo has come clear that he was a kibaki project. Hiding in the skin of a goat. He pretended to be Godly only to turn out in public to show support for destruction of Gods
    creatures( human life). By siding pnu he graduated to the class of robber. By robbing our victory , they have gone ahead to kill inocent pple who gave out the verdict that they stole. This is roberry with violence. Who on earth would like to sit down with someone who has stollen and hurt him on a table to debate on how to share the stolen property? There is no point RAO sending his group for discusion with PANUA pple b4 returning our victory.
    kalonzo should apologise to God for mis-susing his name and being part and percel of those who have butchered others. Kalonzo has no respect for human life which is a gift from God. I wonder how this man is going to lead and engage a group that he is happy of frustrating and killing its followers(ODM). Let him go and lead his wife and kid in rependance.

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I know that RAO has plans A, B, C, D, E ,F G, H …………….. and all that. He has always surprised the way he pulls his strings, holding these cockroaches hostage with all their crooked ideas. I am standing my ground, RAO form a government.
    Better still give us your plab B. Straight away we will follow suit. The idea of talking Kibaki out of state house should be told to the birds in the sky, they might buy that! I still cannot understand how this mad man in the name of Kibaki could hand pick a team of some brainless beings to meet a man of your caliber. This man has never been serious.

    My patience is running out! Every time I think of Kibaki still sitting at State House, I pinch myself hard and force myself to stay put. I cannot wait for another go-ahead by RAO to hit the road and do whatever it is we should to push this man out of here and out of Kenya for good!

    I know it, you know it, and Kibaki knows it that if nothing comes out of this talks with Koffi Annan, then Kenya might just go the Rwanda way. They know this very well so they better play the only cards they are remaining with carefully. I have never seen a government so determined to let its people die as they convince us that things are getting back to normal.

    Like somebody once said, ‘If you are unhappy, quit walking on egg shells around people trying not to break what is already cracking. It hurts, so don’t ignore it. Let your friendship or job fall, hit rock bottom until there’s no more to do. Then amend the pieces if you must. Otherwise you act nice all the time, and you are perpetually on the receiving end of peoples garbage.’ Dear RAO this idea of mediation efforts has overstayed its welcome. Sometimes its necessary to give as good as you get PERIOD! I am tired of this Kibaki thing of Desmond Tutu coming and nothing happens……. Jenendayi Frazser and nothing happens…… East African peace mediators coming and nothing…….. President Kouffuor coming and nothing happens…….. and now Annan! BULLSHIT MEDIATION TALKS.

    Why are we walking around this ungrateful man afraid of what the outcome might be yet he stole our votes!!!!? Let us teach Kibaki and his men a lesson he will never forget. Wherever he is let him know that he is not going to have the five years in peace. Hehee I understand that he is scared of leaving Statehouse afraid of the police! He better be warned the police are soon joining us! You know these your obedient boys/girls are tired and hungry!

    Oooops Faith, you’ve tickled me I cant wait and ready to send these rats out and away from state house for good! through the kitchen doors, to the gates, through muranga road to thika road to othaya! Is this the routing?

  60. Duncan Ochieng says:

    You really make me laugh if you mention Kalonzo’s name in this blog as he does not even merit mentioning. First the election was rigged in favour of PNU and for Kibaki in particular, therefore the issue is a PNU-ODM affair not Kalonzo or ODM-K so it is worse than a side show to purport that Kalonzo can be a member not even a leader of the team to talk to ODM. Raila and his team should not even waste their time talking to the traitor as he is not a member of PNU, Kalonzo being a VP in an illegitimate govt doesnt raise his status at all and make him a team leader in any negotiation. We have seen the constitution of the Kalonzo-led team for what it is, a time buying tactic. So please never mention Kalonzo’s name in this negotiation at the very least he can negotiate with Kibaki to be given some more ministers in their illegitimate govt before ODM and the people of Kenya reclaim what is righfully theirs the way we voted

  61. Haggai says:

    Kalonzo’s team should be ignored. Or, like others have suggested, Raila should form a committee of radical ODM MPs led by Otieno Kajwang to meet them. Meanwhile, Raila should go on demanding a face-to-face meeting with Kibaki where he must make his demands for a presidential re-run.

    ODM must be awake to the tricks that Kibaki is playing. He knows that Raila/ODM and Kalonzo/ODM-K are bitter enemies following their pre-election fall-out. So now that he doesn’t want to deal with Raila, he is using Kalonzo/ODM-K as his shield. He hopes to keep Raila/ODM pre-occupied with Kalonzo/ODM-K. In so doing, he hopes to be spared direct “blows” from Raila/ODM. For this, Kalonzo is rewarded with the VPs position while a few of his men are given some prominent cabinet posts.

    That is the reason why Samuel Poghisio has become very vocal. Mutula Kilonzo has also become a key defender of the government. The best thing for ODM to do is to appoint a team of radicals (who are not very high-profile) to keep Kalonzo’s team busy while Raila seeks to lock horns directly with the man illegally occupying State House. There must be a re-run or a power-sharing formula that makes it difficult for Kibaki to call the shots in the country. Nothing less than that!

  62. mkomboz1 says:

    Well……………we all know that Kalonzo was a Kibaki (GEMA)Project going on long before the election.
    The strategy was to split ODM vote buy running on ODM-K ticket. The next metamorphosis of his unholy alliance with PNU is an insult to Kenyan peoples intelligence.
    There is no way one would negotiate with crooks. Period!!!!
    We will never back from our position.The only viable solution is Independent outside mediation leading towards relinquishing the seat to its rightful owner…………His Exellency Raila Amolo Odinga.President of the Republic of Kenya.Commander -in-Chief of the Armed forces

  63. ilayesa Stephen of nairobi south B says:

    It’s hard to trust when you saw how easily trust could be broken. TO MR. KIBAKI; a great man is always willing to be little, whilst he sits on the cushions of advantages he goes to sleep. When he is pushed, tormented, defeated, he has a chance to learn something; he has been put on his wits and manhood; he has gained facts; learns his ignorance; is cured insanity of conceit. As the late Dr. Griffin once said , “For evil to triumph, it is enough that good men do nothing.” Can’t see a way out of the current crisis Mr. president? Take time to see things differently. See the two white swans instead of the one black one. See the slice of a pie instead the pie with the slice missing. To work together as allies with Raila, it’s important that any unresolved tensions be addressed through a free and open exchange with both of you face to face.
    We see the suffering of people victimized by the incompetence and greed of our leaders in PNU. Yet we cannot reshape our policies; our politics. Our rules and regulations, our by laws and systems of oversight- they hamstring us into irrelevance.
    It isn’t so much that you followed rules as that you’d figure out how to make the rules follow you. Again to quote the late director of Starehe boys center, “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Dear kibaki and co, why would you want to go to heaven with the lives of 33 million Kenyans haunting you? Why don’t you emulate Mandela? Isn’t Mandela African?

    Kibaki, do you think if the hunt goes on long enough, the fox starts to imagine its chasing the hounds? We are talking about long term interests of this geopolitical entity. “Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape”, Griffin would tell you.
    Kalonzo is not fit to lead any meaningful discusions. he is a traitor. Judas iscariot. God save kenya from the hands of greedy PANUA leaders and BLESS RAILA AND ODM MEMBERS.LONG LIVE KENYA.

  64. Otsiatso says:

    I disagree, where am I!!? I will appeal to Imanyara. I can be a really good bouncer, every time Karua opens that twisted mouth of hers and you do not want her in the room. I can do some but kicking – believe me, I am that good.
    So am I in? Bouncer?

  65. Otsiatso says:

    The Evolution of Our Very Own JUDAS ISCARIOT (2007-08)


    Raila Odinga asked: “I am sure even Jesus Christ and his disciples would not have sat in a committee chaired by Judas Iscariot.”

    Former Law Society of Kenya chairman Ahmednasir Abdulahi on Kalonzo Musyoka’s candidacy: “It (presidential bid) is not driven by any belief or principle. It is the most naked attempt to catapult an average individual to the political elite of the presidential candidacy based on nothing other than the token numbers of his ethnic group.”

    Now read and listen to the man himself: Kenyan Vice President, brother-in-Christ, aka miracle, aka wiper, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka……

    “In London, we will sit and compare notes because all of us have campaigned far and wide. We will identify our weak points and improve on them.” March 2007 before the abortive ODM-K London trip. Kalonzo did not travel to London.

    “What has happened today demonstrates leadership. By shifting to this alliance, we have shown the resolve to strengthen ODM Kenya. Remember that at the formation of ODM, I said the future is Orange. I want to repeat today that the future is Orange. Those who have been going around saying that Kalonzo has plan ‘A’ or Plan ‘B’ have been proven wrong. As you can see, it is Orange and ODM Kenya.” 15 July 2007, after ‘defecting’ from LDP to LPK within ODM-K.

    “Our destiny was linked together following the 2002 road accident after the campaign in my constituency, and that is why I stood by you through the election despite pressure from your predecessor (former President Moi)”. Hata kama utaendelea kwa kipindi kingine, nakuomba uhakikishe usawa. (If you are given another chance, I urge you to ensure equity prevails).” 17 July 2007, during a rally attended by President Kibaki in Mwingi District.

    “This is the dawn of the miracle! President Kibaki and ODM candidate Raila Odinga should know that we are roaring to State House. We need inspirational leadership and not politics of hate.”15 October 2007 Daily Nation

    “Kibaki is not a man of his words. He promised to serve only one term and requested that we should not put it down because he was a man of his word. Kibaki should hand over power to a younger generation and join Moi in retirement”. At the launch of his manifesto last year (2007)

    “I am the only presidential candidate who can fight corruption if elected. Presidential candidates who refuse to declare their wealth are saying that they are ashamed of what they own and know it is immoral. I therefore urge Kenyans to reject candidates who have not publicly declared their wealth as they could have obtained this wealth by corrupt means.” November 2007 while on the campaign trail in Makutano (North Rift).

    “Kenyans will not accept a rigged poll. It can be terrible as the world is watching Kenyans to set an example.” 3 December 2007, after attending church service.

    “Fighting corruption must start from the top and the top is you. That is why I challenge Kibaki and Raila to declare their wealth and how they acquired it. If they are unable, they should not get any votes.” 24 December 2007 Nairobi

    “The presidential votes tallying is not conclusive yet, nothing is done until the figures are finally done by the ECK, but I am not discouraged in any way and will respect the wishes of the people.” 29 December 2007, on being asked if he was discouraged by initial presidential results showing him trailing a distant third behind Kibaki and Raila.

    “My focus at the moment is to see the country remain united, with no further incidences of the anarchy threatening to tear our nation apart. It is meaningless for me to accept the (VP’s) slot when the country was in chaos. If I have to negotiate with President Kibaki over the position, I will make it open (sic). We must face the reality that the nation first needs healing and not pursuit of positions.” 5 January 2008 in an interview with the Standard Newspaper.

    “I am greatly honoured (sic) by the (VP’s) appointment and I thank the President on behalf of ODM-K. I am intensely aware that the appointment comes at a very difficult time when the country is going through very painful moments.” 9 January 2008, on being appointed as Kenya’s VP.

    “I not surprised by the appointment, we have been consulting with PNU before the announcement was made.” 9 January 2008, responding to journalists who wanted to know if he was surprised by the appointment as Kenya’s VP

  66. Dillan says:

    When these talks take place, they have to take place between people who can make decisions and stand by them. Kalonzo is but a puppet in the hands of the hardliners, he also does not have the experience and tact to handle these sort of situations. Kibaki will have to sit with Raila and negotiate in front of Kofi Anan. The international mediator has to be there otherwise the memories of the MoU are not far.

    The foreign press is clearly implying that Kibaki is under pressure and the only way they can react is by calling in representatives of UK & USA to tell them off. The past “Honourable” man of politics Kibaki, has spoilt his clean image by the underhanded actions in this election. He is forever tarnished and will be rememberd in history as the inactive president who stole the elections from the very people who had put him in power in 2002.

  67. Ogutu Pius says:

    Hello ODM comrades. I wish to contribute a few words to the dicussion as a devils advocate. No matter how many mass action rallies, economic sactions and other activist activities we propose, The Peoples President must at the end of the day sit with Mwai, tupende tusipende. Yes we like dynamic leadership but destruction like we did to our beloved Kisumu is immature and does nothing to endear ODM to all and sundry including the kikuyus we so much despise.
    And maybe, given the stake at hand, peoples lives, the fact that we daily entertain the West with our road runner and house burning not to mention the hacked bodies of innocent people, the Peoples President will be more admirable if he just called it a day. I see no hope in him sitting on that chair in State House as Ida prepares sacculent dish in the kitchen. He knows it, We all know it! The price we are all paying is too high for me…am perturbed that most people of Central and Eastern are so peaceful, their life is normal as our youth waste time demonstrating…Shouldnt we try to compete with them by making parliament hell, horning our business skills and rebuilding our beloved city of Kisumu?

  68. jaugenya says:

    To borrow from Hon Rutu “kalonzo is the least qualified person” to chair any reconciliatory committee.Good news is that even Kibaki saw his error and in todays nation Kalonzo’s committee will not participate in the Anan led talks.God is great!

  69. cleo says:

    All Kenyans and the rest of the world have been preaching the gospel of mediation between Raila and Kibaki, the kind of mediation is advanced that wiper cannot manage. He had all that time just here in Kenya and why wait for Kibaki to use him like a clan elder relaying errand from the sub chief? If he is an errand boy for Kibaki in this mediation then let me know from him or anybody if Mr Anan is to meet Kalonzo’s team separately then to Odingas respectively? Kibaki and Raila should share the same table, not wiper or the likes of Karua, but should they insist then odm team should have their committee excluding pentagon members.

  70. Lijoodi says:

    I think ODM should approach maybe Nazlin Umar and ask her to be part of the negotiating team that will meet Kalonzo….Kalonzo shouldn’t be taken serious whats the difference of Kalonzo and Nazlin umar, Pius Muiru…They both didn’t win in any Province so let Kalonzo go to hell

  71. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    I’m must say that am really humbled to be on your list…I just saw it and been laughing all the more! You made my day! BUT, Otsiatso must be included…maybe his name was a bit hard to spell hahahaha. Hey, and Elizabeth!! Omuto knows how we can fry that Kalonzo man with some pentecoastal kicks

    Now, pple with small mind like Mike-Jane have a tendency of screaming for attention; so the best they can do is annoy fellow bloggers! I still warn them to keep off this space if agent4change can’t delete their comments. His paymasters are now tapping into my wife’s calls to me from VA. Am told my former MP Wanjala has given out my number. I need to warn them that i’m a trsined Software Engineer and can smoke them in a second. Wanjala you killed my Cousin in cold blood and am sure he died for a course that I can’t just abandon; i’d have failed him!

    Kalonzo is a finished man, he’s really trying and dying to be relevant…unfortunately, too late. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o dealt with him and he knows he’s finished. How then can we negotiate with someone who isn’t at peace even with himself?????

  72. Hekima NAAMINI says:


    no mention this KA GUY

  73. says:


  74. ilayesa Stephen of nairobi south B says:

    Kalonzo or kalongo can not lead anything good. He can lead ONLY a group of Mutula kilonzo and other ODM-K pple with there slogan “wiper” to wipe Kibaki’s ass and that of PNU leaders.Period. I believe they have those credentials.

  75. Sen T. says:

    Mike and the like: do you live in this world or have you just landed from Mars?!

    By the way any serious discussion need not make any reference whatsoever to irrelevancies in the name of Kalonzo and the like.

    Now to my point, Hon Raila has done more than he really should, to meet the thief in wuantai’s words.

    Kibaki and Kalonzo should decide whether they want this counry to be one or split into two; it is as simple as that because nobody is ready to be treated with this magnithude of impunity!! SUBVERT PEOLLE’S SOVEREIGN WILL BY RIGGING, THEN EXECUTE CITIZENS GENUINELY DEMANDING THEIR RIGHT!

    Besides, we need to keep in mind that Kibaki cannot rule this country through fraud, and impunity. One of us asked for the solution: KIBAKI STEPS ASIDE! afterall he did not win the presidential vote and if he won he should have readly accepted a re-run.

  76. Sen T. says:

    by the way does the guy ‘wiver’ have an email adres so that some of these blogs can be sent to him; or has he wiped it besides wiping what ilayesa alluded to? gd day

  77. Sen T. says:

    and if the othaya mp keeps purpoting to be president, the country gets enraged and pushed more to the edge; the ball lies squarely in the mp desisting from pretending to be the president; thee are no two ways about it; I do not want to imagine what is going to happen if he continues hanging on

  78. C. Oduor Achollah says:

    I have come to hate these words: TALK, NEGOTIATION, DIALOGUE and MEDIATION, I hate them with passion I dont think I will ever use them again. This is due to these words becoming monotonous in Kenya. In kenya right now if we want peace, we dont even need to mention the word Peace for the PEACE to come, it can come automatically without mentioning it.

    If we want peace we need to ask ourself, “why is it that there is no Peace?” And the answer is , “Because of stolen election(they use irregularity in vote count)” Another question,” what can we do to bring peace?” And the answer is prove who won by going into another election. As simple as that , not mediation, dialogue, talk or negotiation. Annan is wasting our time Kibaki should be asked, ” Do you want a re-run or to resign?” If he say like a fool, “There is nothing to negotiate about” then Annan should go back to Ghana, Jendayi Frazer back to USA and then ODM put into place its sequence of action until Kibaki leaves the office running.

    ODM has plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z they can however skip all and go to plan Z which can be too dangerous, this fool wil not listen.

  79. dawayamoto says:

    The only sound the panu will listen to is that of an Ak47, only this time it will not be from mungiki n GSU, we as a people have a universal God given right to protect ourselves if the mungiki have weapons why cant we , we can not protect our families with machetes while they spray 100s of rounds of bullets per second.Gadafi help your brothers here in Kenya.

  80. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  81. pabokenya says:

    am running out of patience, i thought our intelligence are more superior.
    where are the pentagon?
    we knew these all along but why is that our MPs’ are still walking un armed with no body guard in the current situations like these.

    even me i cant risk going out with escort.

    what action are we taking as our numbers are being reduced daily?

    are we going to react only when ruto or raila is shot dead?

    can we act or we shut up for the thief to rule?
    if i had agun, i will be in the streets looking for these mungiki thugs.

    these lies from police must be stopped/

    what are we doing besides press conference to address security of our brothers.

    Agwambo, arap Mibei, u have only one option in this thing.

    gather some military men and be sworn in as OUR PREZO to save our ple from deaths.
    today, saitoti will make sure 20 of ua constituents of kibera are dead, 10 in kisumu and 15 in kericho are DEAD when we go out to protest peacefully about our dead bro and comrade?

    is that what u want to see PENTAGON?

  82. jenny says:

    Military should Take over It is getting too late…..

  83. says:

    kalonzo is back in the lime light. Huyu mtu ni kama bala bala. Yuko kila mahali, kanisani, bungeni, chooni, hata na wafalme kazi yake- Kula NZI, MOSQUITO, hasumbui wala hasaidii. Yuko tuu kama harufuu mbaya. YUKO TUU.

  84. Okuro Ollonde says:

    ‘Mike Okello’ should stop wasting our valuable time. I have put his name in quotes because I don’t think he is a Mike Okello. This is PNU from Central Kenya. I don’t think this person deserves any more comments from patriotic Kenyans.

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