Our Captain hon Raila Odinga signed a power sharing deal with president Mwai Kibaki in a gesture aimed at saving our country from falling into an anachy.The proposed grand coalition involves creation of an office of the Prime minister. Whats your views on this new goverment structure and our intrests as a party.Should our priority be reforms or being in goverment untill the next elections< /p>

NB: Raila Blog welcomes diverse opinions from any blogger, however may i make it clear that the use of foul language especially to our Party leaders will not be accepted on this blog.We are closely monitoring bloggers who are not our supporters however, we have deliberately let their comments go through up to some limits. This blog is specifically for our supporters to interact and network with the party and other supporters and not a public opinion forum. Thanks for the support and Lets Preach Peace to all Kenyans.




  1. Otieno says:


    Thank you for telling us you are monitoring blogger

    Two things though.

    1) It would have been nice to get feedback from you regarding proposals to set up a forum

    2) Maybe I’m daft, but I don’t see much difference between this new thread and the one you recently started – ODM AFTER THE POWER SHARING DEAL

    I think we have by and large given our views on this new government structure and our interests as a party..

    Forgive me if am wrong….

  2. mumias says:

    Let me be clear, RAO was elected on a platform of reform and change. Although we were denied a full government we have managed to ensure we drive a reform agenda.

    I DONT WANT TO BE talking of a new constitution at the next election be it 2010 or 2012. I want the next election to be under a new constitution.

    I also expect key reforms to key institutions, Justice, Ringera’s anti corruption, as well as ECK as well as other bodies meant to be independent. I expect stronger institutions and I believe RAO should ensure this is the way forward.

    Lastly I also want to see ambitious projects undertaken for the development of this country. We are a very stategic country In Kenya and as such there are Projects which can be initiated to take advantage of this. I know RAO is being briefed on that!!

    We join this government for a reason. Change and Reform. We should not lose sight of this. Imagine any politician nxt election talking of constitutional change if we do not seize this chance now, WHo will believe them? That is a very serious question.

    However I reserve the right to consider that some PNU hardliners might try to undermine us and will reserve the right for leeway under those circumstances!

    We are not in government to enjoy state machinary, but to Lift Kenyans to the next level!

  3. Jogoo_shujaa says:


    As I had requested you earlier, I appreciate your current approach to Nation building and reconciliation. I say thanks and Kudos. Keep it up


    Well said, I cannot emphazise more; your points are what we need to see happen in the next 24months, not a life time.

    I will be around to whisper your positive opinions to the right people and soften the ground.
    We all need the same things, but how we package it is what matters to the leaders and the people.

  4. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    My utmost belief is that ODM and RAO takes the initiative to REFORM all systems that will lay the foundation. I still believe we took steps back but are on track so that when ODM is finally and wholly in power, we can realize our vision

  5. tnk says:


    i second that,

    i think we need to at least in the very least act on the suggestions listed by otieno and others, waiting for more input may not work because we believe we are mature and typically do not repeat a good suggestion when its been made by other bloggers just to sound important. take a look at the following so far and you realise we have enough to move on, and like i said, we are willing to assist, drop me an email or request pple to assist in a specific way.

    i think the ODM website is a larger undertaking and for now we can start with membership, then topical/subject forums, and develop or evolve from there. key thing is to remember that we must be able to migrate the information to another more advanced or robust platform/site

    so far a sample of the inputs are: (and we have a minimum number required for action, there are others but these sort of capture the general thinking)

    We need membership. We also need to have several links: health care, roads communities. I thought word press was pretty good but I am not an Info specialist. I think we need to have different areas that can directly impact on our course towards greater development.

    This is a key vehicle for tapping good ideas, sensing feelings of supporters on topical issues, raising funds for the cause, passing positive spin etc. It can be massive. Only request I have for now: Let us make sure that the Party takes note of ideas given here and also responds once in a while. Currently, people rant and rave…and sometimes there is evidence that the leadeship takes note but without being acknowledged, it sometimes does feel like a monoluge. For example: supporters have been asking many questions about the deal. THERE SHOULD BE OCCASSIONAL OFFICIAL ANSWERS FROM PENTAGON HOUSE posted here. Cheers

    Membership is a good idea for me.

    Otieno: (really well thought out)

    The best would be to go fully to a PARTY’s website and have a section of FORUM where members can continue to discuss matters of the party as we are still on the road. This I believe is the best tool for us to continue with the journey. The other parts of the web can contain aspects of the party, probably briefs, strategies, policies, profiles of members especially MP’s etc. Important breakthrough for the party etc. It will also be a great way of collecting information from all over the country not to menton from the diaspora

    Yes we have come of age and it is time the blog gets a life of its own away from the campaign material , i hope our leader occasionaly visits to share our thoughts it would be nice if he says jambo sometimes.I think the google blooger is better and more versatile but that is not the issue right now.

    Yes, we need a listserv and/or discussion forums takling different topics. I have no doubt most boggers here are professionals in all fields that can be of great value both to ODM and our beloved Kenya.

    I think it is high time we launch ODM official web-site where we will have all details and news concerning our party. This is the modern method of opening offices. That web-site must include all the names and pictures of our councilors,mps, ministers, party officials and pentagon members. It is necessary that daily new updates will be made through that web-site.

    i like forums agent4change they are more interactive

    guys i picked just a few but i think this sort of captures where we want to head to in phase 2, ama?

  6. rafiq says:

    Bloggers and agent 4 change,

    I have just visited a previously displaced couple in who have been recalled by the employer because “things are back to normal” ! I think all of us are happy that life can continue. We can invest and do business, yes jogoo! Its good for everyone. We have fianlly realized by and large we cant exist alone.

    As Kibaki said: crisis is an opportunity to emerge stronger. If the spirit behind the speech is anything to go buy then jogoo and other moderates we are on the right track. My strength and I believe for all of us is when we reach a level where we say NEVER AGAIN!!! Whatever brought us here must be stopped immediately and appropriate punishment instituted. I will be overjoyed when the independent commission finishes its work on the electoral issues.

    I think the next phase is to be vigilant. Thank God RAO remembered the Kibera votes and went to greet them today. The message I get is he is still RAO and he still believes in the people and that is good news. As the leader or sth of govt we need to have a govt representing the face of kenya.

  7. Otsiatso says:


    Once that has been passed by then country, then we have to ask: Given that we have just created a new constitution that would best serve us , what benefit is it running teh country as a coalition based on a necessary constitutional mongrel?
    If we can find the necessary answers to that – then we stay
    my suspicion is that with a new constitution this coalition should not last more than 2 years. It is a stop gap and should be one.

  8. tnk says:

    rafiq, thanks for breaking the ice on this one

    i’ve been reading jogoos contributions and it appears that he means well.

    so jogoo i take this opportunity to apologise if i previously misunderstood your intentions, i’ve just about had enough of arrogance and we’ve been dealing with that quite a bit, but this is a time of reconciliation and pushing forward.

    am curious about your statements above

    “I will be around to whisper your positive opinions to the right people and soften the ground.”

    “We all need the same things, but how we package it is what matters to the leaders and the people.”

    they are both positive and hopeful but before we go into the details i hope agent4change can re-construct this site so that we can engage more meaningfully. i agree there is a lot of potential all around.

  9. raphael says:

    some KANU mps are claiming that the vp post has been given to odm-k. are they really serious? our party odm, being the largest party deserves the pm, one deputy and the vp and people should stop arguing otherwise. i stand to be corrected by my fellow odmers if am wrong.

  10. mumias says:

    Why are you bothering yourselves about the VP position. I think if you ask any ODM MP they will rather have the DPM post. Under the current constitution VP has no real significance, besides unlike the DPM it is not protected under parliament, Kiabki can at any time dismiss you!!
    Kalonzo will seat tight where he is, the PNU will use him as an insuarance policy unless Ngilu begins to emerge as a powerful voice in Ukambani politics! Remember PNU are looking for Kibaki succession line and right now Kalonzo represents they best bet because they will know he will protect their interests!!
    Please ignore that post and however occupies it. The action will be in Parliament and in the PM and DPMs’!

  11. Otsiatso says:



    1. Ministry of Science & Technology
    2. Ministry of East African and Regional Cooperation [Collapse under Foreign Affairs]
    3. Ministry of Energy [Collapse under Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources]
    4. Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services [why do we need this, it trivializes gender and there is already a sports council]
    5 Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs [redundant, there is AG]
    6. Ministry of Information and Communication [The Media Council can do what this propaganda machine has not done]
    7. Ministry of Livestock [move that to Agriculture] and Fisheries Development [This is a dept. under Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources]
    8. * Ministry of Local Government [Collapse it under Ministry of Regional Development Authorities]
    9. * Ministry of Co-operative Development [collapse under agriculture] and Marketing – what does it market? [Collapse under trade and Industry?]

    Devolve OP
    Maintain: Defense
    Internal Security – although in the new constitution there should be regional police and NOT national police
    Get rid of:
    Immigration – can go under Foreign Affairs
    State & Public Service
    Special Programmes – Karume’s baby
    Immigration [can go under Foreign Affairs]


    * Ministry of Water
    * Ministry of Agriculture
    * Ministry of Education
    * Ministry of Finance
    * Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    * Ministry of Health
    * Ministry of Labor and Human Resource Development
    * Ministry of Lands and Housing
    * Ministry of Planning and National Development
    * Ministry of Roads and Public Works
    * Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife
    * Ministry of Trade and Industry
    * Ministry of Transport

  12. raphael says:

    we would like to see major reforms undertaken quickly before we can go for elections in 2years time.
    all odm officers who will be in public positions should never engage in anything that resembles corruption. i know some of these pnu guys will be looking for any opportunity to tarnish the names of our officers with an aim of making odm look corrupt like them. we dont want you to fall in their traps.
    again this will be an experimental gvt. we want our party to show the country and indeed the entire world that we can really perform. good performance, clean from any corruption will give us more mileage when we finally say that we want the whole gvt through fresh early elections.

  13. Simon says:

    Now Agwambo told a rally on friday in kibera that he will be sworn in at uhuru park. This is a man of the people, for the people and who trust the people of Kenya. Support him with all you can. Personally I pray for that God to bless him in this struggle. Bado mapambano!

  14. Railkamuodho says:

    The excitement and time you guys are spending thinking for RAO is good. But then, he does not have to follow your lead or advice. Each leader has what we call political, economic etc advisors. One does not have to follow you advice though well intentioned. Stop pouring your advice as though RAO is a blank slate (wrong word and view). If the two leaders were waiting for this forum to produce the results and hope for Kenya, then we would have taken maybe another 2 years of hate speech and warmongering. But thank God like I said before, it would take the two being locked alone in a room to come up with a solution. And that is what exactly happened.
    I am suprised that RV people are now pushing for Rutoh to take up the deputy premier position. If Raila betrays Mudavadi, then that will be the end of ODM.
    By the way, the coming of ODM to governement is the bigining of alignements and realignments before 2012. There are no permanent enemies in politics.

  15. jenny says:

    What a statesman and no teargas and no police? Every one well behaved and happy what a show. CLASSIC.!! RAO has the people behind him, I feel Kenyans need to listen to one who does not want the people to suffer ad gives them Hope and Peace and they listen. We have come a long way and that ODM anthem that is there ….priceless.

  16. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The Grand Coalition – is it real, is it really going to work? I doubt that it will last for more than two years. It is cumbersome and Raila will be crowded out within a short time. It would have worked if the executive stucture had been as laid out in the Bomas Draft.

    In the so-called grand coalition that they are talking about, there is president, vice-president, and two deputy PMs, one from ODM and the other from PNU-ODMK? In reality, there will be a president and two vice-presidents – a first vice-president (who is Kalonzo) and a second vice-president (lower in rank) and that is Raila. In case something happens to Kibaki, Kalonzo will take over.

    And now they are proposing to crowd Raila out with Uhuru being proposed as the second Deputy PM (in reality a deputy VP) and thus entrenching the domination of the top executive by one ethnic group.

    The Grand Coalition will turn out to be another hollow victory for Raila who will “supervise” some ministries for not more than six months when PNU-ODMK will have found a way to weaken and neutralize him.

    For the first time, I now fully agree with Mzee Moi. In 2002, if Kenyans had listened to Moi, Uhuru would have been elected president and Kenyans would not have died in their hundreds as they did in the last three months. In 2007, Mzee Moi asked Kalenjins to vote for Kibaki. If they had done so, Kenyans would not have been massacred in their hundreds.

    Kalenjins have borne the brunt of the sufferings. After the 2002 general elections, they were sacked en-masse from government jobs and removed from government contracts for not voting for Kibaki. After the 2007 general elections, Kalenjins have been massacred in their hundreds for supporting Raila. Of the over 1,200 deaths, I beileve that at least 60% are Kalenjins.

    Raila was shown similing broadly after being assigned a limousine and security details.
    After the 2002 general elections, Raila, as Minister for Public Works, was set up as one unleashes a dog to demolish buildings and he made sure that prominent Kalenjins’ houses were the first to be tragetted. After all thhe Kalenjins’ houses were demolished, the exercise was stopped.

    Was this mirage of power-sharing worth dying for – domination of the executive power by one ethnic group? Was it worth dying for – having a president who stole elections and massacred his people and then helping him retain his power and use the opportunity to sideline other ethnic groups for ever.

    I am seeing where this grand coalition thing is heading – it is a joke. Raila, you cannot see that your power-sharing thing is a mirage? Raila, you will be nothing more than a second Vice President. I noticed, from what you said in Kibera, that you are okay with it being the scond VP. You have already started justifying it by stating that it is only after a new constitition or Bomas Draft is enacted that a real power-sharing will be possible.

    The USA government, the Bristish government, and the EU called for a genuine power-sharing but Kenyas will not see genuine power-sharing thnaks to the greed of our leaders who, once their big stomachs are full, turn their backs on the people. I ask Raila why you have squandered the support and weight of the international community and come up with a genuine power-sharing arrangement.

    MZEE MOI, YOU WERE RIGHT. YOU FOLLOW RAILA ODINGA TO DOOM NOT TO A PROMISE LAND. The Bomas Draft was a comprehensive overhaul of the constitution. It can wait a few months. I am not a lawyer but I know that the current constitution can be amended with a two-thirds of MPs. The current constitution can be amended and especially so under the circumstances that Kenya has gone through so that the office of VP is abolished and so that it reads:


    If The Kofi Annan deal reads that ministerial posts will be shared between ODM and PNU, then it should be on a two-to-one basis. When they were discussing the accord, Raila must already have started fantazising about the trappings he was about to start enjoying and forgot to have things cleared out.

    With Kibaki as president, Kalonzo as first vice-president, and Uhuru as deputy vice-president, what power-sharing is Raila in for? It is a mirage. There is no power-sharing and Raila has failed the hundreds of Kenyas who made the ultimate sacrifice to support him.

    For a genuine power-sharing, and not a hollow one Mr. Raila Odinga, the VP office has to be abolishedd and Kalonzo and not Uhuru becomes a deputy PM. Otherwise, Raila will be retracing the steps he took from December 2002 until he had completed demolishing the properties of Kalenjins in Nairobi.

    I would have been okay if the arrangement had been: Raila as president (because you won the presidential elections), Kalonzo as VP (because he came third), Uhuru as Prime Minister. I will also accept as genuine power sharing an arrangement where we have Kibaki as president, Raila as Executive PM (taking over the presidency if Kibaki is incapacitated), and Kalonzo as Deputy PM. Ethnically both arrangements are balanced and shared.

    To have Kalonzo, who had about one quarter of the presidential votes being more senior than you, Raila is an insult, to those who have stood for democracy in Kenya.

    I hope, Raila, you are seeing the way things are shaping up. You had a meeting with Kibaki in Harambee House and then after you left, Kibaki stayed behind for further dicussions with the CGS, Saitoti, and others. They must have been discussing how to cut you to the size they will be comfortable with.

    Kenyans will forgive you for not being sworn in as president on December 31, 2007. You won but you could not defeat Chinese-supplied guns and bullets. But Kenyans will never forgive you for not using the best opportunity Kenyans have ever been accorded to bring about real power-sharing. Condoleezza Rice said there should be genuine power sharing. Raila, you did not explout such support to give Kenyans justice.

    When you are standing or sitting with Kibakji and Kalonzo – Kibaki is in the middle being the boss, Kalonzo on his right and Raila on his left. That is telling. kalonzo is the First VP and heir should Kibaki be incapacitated.

    In 2003, Raila claimed victory for defeating Moi. I said then that it was a hollow victory and it did not take long for me to be proved right. In 2006, Raila is saying I have struck a power-sharing deal and I am saying the way things are headed now, it will be another hollow victory.

    With Kalonzo as First VP and Uhuru starting to rear his head, Kalenjins will be in for more sackings and killings. I ask you for one thing, though, Mr. Raila. Protect Mr. William Ruto. Protect him against harm. He has doen a lot for you and the way he has rallied Kalenjins to support you, he is a prime target. Please, protect him at all costs.

    I wish Kenya well. I wish Kalenjins God’s protection because they will be victimized.

    As for me, I will push the Kenyan politics as far as East is from the West. I will not participate or even bother to read things in this blog again or even follow developments in newspapers. It is not worth it. It is a waste of time.


  17. Railkamuodho says:

    I would encourage the IDP to pour into the streets and proclaim “No justice, no peace”. Now the police have formed another squad to square it out with Mungiki. This reminds us of the ugly incidence last two years when hundreds of them were executed as documented by KNHRC. I think those killings should be investigated to know why these Kikuyu boys were murdered by the police. We are a country of law where one is presumed innocent untill proved guilty.
    Mungiki are not animals but human beings like Kalenjin worriors and the Taliban. I wish the police can form squads to deal with these groups too. They kill, destroy, steal cattles (one Kalenjin elite calls this a profession) and burn houses. Instead of focusing our attention to these groups, the society should put measures in place to ensure that as many young men and women gain some employement to keep them busy instead on loitering in the streets looking for handouts.

  18. Railkamuodho says:

    Maru Kapkatet,
    I hope this rejoider comes before you give up on this blogg. I understand your frustrations. Let me tell you what happened during the negotiations. William Rutoh and Martha Karua were the hardliners on the part of ODM and PNU respectively. They could not cede any grounds on the negotiations. Because of this and Karua’s outburst, then Anan had no alternative but to seek the intervention of the two principals. The problem with this arrangement was that there was no place for the above hardliners. As a result of this, what was negotiated was based on just the two and the mediators. Unfortunately for some of us who wanted to have our way.
    I do not think necessarily that kalenjin will be victimized. Infact they will be participant in the making of a new constitution. What they will not have though is that they will not succeed in evicting other tribes from RV. This was the most organized drive that was meant to throw presumed outsiders with finality. But as things stand today and in the view of the international community, this will never, never happen. The whole scenerio will even be complicated by the fact that Kalenjin are facing about four other tribes that occupy part of north Rift and south Rift.
    I think what will come out of the government will be a representation of the whole nation. It will no longer be Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Luo or Luhya dominated. All the 42 tribes will be represented.

  19. Railkamuodho says:

    Why do you doubt the power of the PM. Did you see how John Githongo did his job when he was in-charge of governance and ethics. In reality, Raila will be ruling Kenya and his word will be the final authority on matters of governance. Many people dont understand this man. He will do his job with gusto and purpose.
    Any attempt to sideline the Kalenjin from this political arrangement will fail because no one tribe will dominated Kenya politics any more. They man not get a premier or vp position but they will be in government in full swing.

  20. benjamin says:

    What is our expectations from this grand coalition
    – comprehensive reforms
    – Equitable distribution of wealth
    – Lean cabinet
    – Real judiciary reforms
    – Abolish some inconsequential offices e.g govt spokesman
    – Adress land issues comprehesively

    RAO am sure can deliver on the above.

  21. rafiq says:

    I think we should not be pesimistic, unless you know something we dont, brother Maru. We should just have a little patience. One thing is that having a half cabinet in itself is a good idea. All the decisions made there are subjected to the decision of at least 50% of our leaders. In 2002 Kibaki ensured he had a majority here.

    I think guys the two urgent issues will be constitutional change and elctoral reform after which fresh elections are called. RAO listens to his people. Unless by blatant robbery as it did happen in 2007 RAO has always an escape mechanism.

    The other thing is are we strategists enough? I know almost all communities were affected by the postelection violence, but are all registered? In central they registered and continue to register. AID is coming to help us start, will we complain that we are neglected or are we ready to register our people. Please advice your people to register immediately.

    Maru let thing be passed. Remember things are going to happen within a time frame. If you have any objections am sure Ruto has shared them with RAO and they are handling it at that level. RAO understands that his leadership is Kalenjin based and if he loses it he cant win a rerun.

    Maru by the way did Moi ever give the promise? Trust RAO to deliver the land after reforms are put in place. We dint want land handled the Zimbabwe style but SA way-slowly but surely. Lets have the foundation.

  22. rafiq says:

    I hope all of our leaders are aware of things like this and are on a path to correct some of these things. We can organize and compensate those with huge tracts of land then give it to the people who are landless in an organized way.

  23. rafiq says:

    Hi guys,

    What happens next as asked by Agent for change is overwhelmingly reforms, thats the only way we can sustain the belief we have for change. The only condition in which RAO and our party can stay in the govt is for reforms and good leadership. However if we notice that these guys want status quo then we should just pull out after the basic reforms are put in place.

    RAO talked of compensation for victims of violence. My only concern is that this alone is not the end. Its better to rat and bury victims if a viper venom but the ultimate thing is to destroy the viper. So if those who planned and killed Kale-Luo-Luhya with chinese delivered guns are free and roaming what makes you beleive that they wouldnt repeat the same.

    RAO should know the only thing victims or family members want is a legacy-that their family members were maimed or died for a worthy cause. We dont want the story of Solomon and Delilah. We dont want even in the interim period to discover that some communities are deliberately left out of govt, NO, esp the Kalenjins. I want to hear Ruto speak now. I also want to hear that Ali is soon getting another job and that those he is keeping in prison without charges are freed immediately to continue with school and work.

    We want to know who is mobilising Mungiki now. This should stop immediately RAO takes the mantle.

  24. rafiq says:

    meant= treat and bury victims of a viper venom

    The though of Uhuru being closer to RAO even as DPM nauseats me big time. Him who trivialised the deaths of Kenyans and even Passaris nomination. It sends bad signals. I am comfortable with Karua than Uhuru, at least she says what is in her mind rather than plot eveil things.

    For ODM supporters be careful, prayerful, alert and inqusitive.

  25. jenny says:

    The Giraffe ruled for 24 Years ….he had the power to change the shape of Rift Valley , so while you give him the kudos note that he is part of the problem hence the backache.( That is why the Kalenjin Community rejected all his sons…..)The Pentagon represents all Kenyans. Kalonzo guaranteed to be out( He was third in the race and Kibaki needed him and needs to figure what to do with him. , What is a VP position needed for? with 2 Deputy PMs, The Will of the people should be respected. Raila Won, and agreed to step down .( and not for the security and the limo….which is close to an insult) he gave up the position for the sake of the country. Ruto stated that now is not the time to scream about positions but for the country to heal and the new constitution to be put in place. Kalonzo running to stand by Kibakis right is of little meaning to most level headed Kenyans, coz all we need is a pushing march as to who is standing next to Kibaqki. Are you we are still aware that there was rigging , but you seem to be forgetting that we do no want to go back to that dark place. Let the process take place . ODM has some highly intellegent groupand nothing will go past them.

  26. rafiq says:

    Thanks for the insight and summary. That the ressuarance that we all need!

  27. jenny says:

    ur welcome Rafiq, it is dissapointing when we seem to forget that The Pentagon and all the ODMers have sacrificed so much and hence we need to make sure PNU is on the right track, I believe that The main players in ODM have the best interest for the country and we can only act as people who assist the cause, when we start downing the same people we are supporting then how do we move forward as a group. seeing the hope in the face of those in Kibera posted earlier puts everything in perspective. If they can understand the politics and may not have access to a computer who are we to doubt the intelligence of the group. By the time you see RAO and Shikuku dancing and making the people smile , u have to know that they know what they are doing .

  28. Yego says:

    Maru, i salute you bro,…For personal conscience tells me that something is no right somewhere.The sooner we pin point the source, the better for our pple.Ojode as just made it clear that the RV do not derserve a ministerial appointment leave alone the DPM.I guess we re in road to another shocking era of victimization.Lets watch but act swiftly.

  29. jenny says:

    So this is the way that a few of us want to run the new govt, i guess this has to be the other imposter as opposed to the real one because as research would show Ojode , being of sound mind could not have made that statement the way it has been put above, I think a true ODMer would not start fueling fire , but would bring out facts to educate us all. Truth be told…it is very different from the implication.

  30. Yego says:

    U ve no authority at all to prefect this blog.

  31. Auki Ollows says:

    And by the way, PLEASE, don’t make this a subscription service. We are VERY READY, WILLING & ABE to take on ODM detractors… We didn’t win the presidency, the majority parliament seats and the key mayorships in order to fear ANYONE!

  32. jenny says:

    Sorry did I hit a nerve? Well scratch it!! I have no authority to perfect this blog…ha ha ! as opposed to what …you have authority to destroy it. I beg your pardon ..when you come out stating that Ojode said something that he clearly did not say then I feel great when I check that info out just by a simple google and read the contrary. Now Now …..did you accidentaly forget to put your new name coz your real one may have popped out 2 minutes after that small tantrum. Stop fighting with your shadow…this is a Healing time seek therapy if need be . tcha!!

  33. Murogi wa Kagogo says:


    I thought our movement was suppose to do politics / governance differently,what I mean to say is that RAO though ceded ground and accepted the PM designate post must not be carried away to believe the PNU brigade love him.
    He has been a target for down sizing and that objective still exists in the mind of the PNUs,therefore people like Ruto who worked tirelessly during the campaigns and was steadfast in challenging the flawed tallying of the votes,deserves the DPM slot.
    We have to focus on the next dispensation ,this man Ruto has massive support in the RV and actually delivered more votes for our RAO.The ODM’s proposed government structure before the stolen vote was RAO PRESIDENT,Musalia VP and Ruto PM( upon constitutional amendment ),since RAO is destined to become PM ,Ruto should be considered for the DPM slot ,this will consolidate our support in the RV,Musalia should be considered for a powerful Ministerial position.
    I read with dissappointment comments attributed to the Ojodehs of this world,how would a ministerial position benefit the pple of Nyanza,marginalization of the region in terms of development has nothing to do with the number of ministerial positions dished to MPs elect,equitable distribution of resources should be the main focus of RAO’s government ,we need a lean and efficient government to ensure no marginalization in terms of development accross the country.
    The politics of stomachism should be condemned and must not be entertained,not all MPs can be Ministers.RAO should do the right thing propose Ruto for DPM,if RV support is to be consolidated and appoint the freshers more women( merit oriented appointments ) ,the Ojodehs should be backbenchers,in politics you do not have to do things right,you do the right thing as dictated by the prevailing atmosphere.

  34. Murogi wa Kagogo says:

    The statement in the nation news paper attributed to ojodeh ,could just be some of the strategy by PNU to divide the party ,by insinuating that RV is gonna be left out ,so that they can quickly woe the ODM RV suppporters to their side and down size RAO’s support.

  35. jenny says:

    In true power sharing since PNU did not have a running mate till after the fact….Just a thought if the MK has picked the VP then RAO should be able to pick his two Deputies and that can be Mudavadi and Ruto….and then the rest divided 50 50 ……!If Kalonzo has to stay then balancing would be another VP for the ODM side ….namely Mudavadi then a Deputy PM for each side .Not everyone can be a Minister and ODM will not settle for Asst Ministers only. In the end all areas should be covered somehow representing the New Kenya, but there has to be a balance. …I believe Pentagon will do a great job in making sure that the will of the people shows in the way they pick the Ministers.

  36. jenny says:

    Ok….. Later and Pole Yego and Auki if I rubbed you the wrong way lakini after what we have been through these past few months I think positive thinking for ODMers is necessary, as the testing moment comes nothing is normal in this whole scenario, all of a sudden you have half the seats and you cannot give to all MK is lucky because Kenya helped him by voting half his cabinet out , ODM on the other hand is yet to be tested again. I think there are Many positions, may not be Ministerial , but parastatal etc , with time and patience it will all be fine .,

  37. mumias says:

    Look this will not happen, the accords have been tabled and in parliament nxt wk so this discussion is rendered void.
    With regards to DPM slot in ODM, it is key in my opinion not to jeopardize the party hierarchy.

    Remember that the key thing to remember that Yes Ruto was indeed slated for the PM role under the new constitution once it was passed, and I think it is worth remembering that we will in all probability head to the polls in 2 years time and Ruto will get his post.
    Now some of you are making valid points that is Ruto delivered RV for RO, a solid point, but also remember that RO also had made inroads in the region himself and it is not just the case that Kalenjins only supported RO through Ruto.

    Further another point some are making is that we should consolidate RV now, well in my opinion is PNU fronts Kalonzo with Uhuru it will have a mamoth task of winning the RV over purely because they will always be tainted with the stolen elections of 2007. Secondly it will be in ODM’s interest to have Mudavadi in DPM slot in order to actually consolidate the luhya votes. As has been pointed out, it was Western which cost us the big margin we needed to ensure it became impossible to rig even with 100% turnout in GEMA.
    What most do not realise is western has never voted as a block before, they are probably the most democratic region in Kenya evident by looking at how they have voted in every single election. Now my point is that having Mudavadi as DPM and speaker Marende, ODM can make the case that Western has had a strong stake in ODM and consequently manage to achieve a consolidated vote in the next election. I believe you will see the region for the first time vote as a block.

    Remember if GEMA was to consolidate and group with the Kambas then they will still be a formidable opponent in the next election. RV neutralises Central, Western should Netralise Eastern( Remember some IDP likely to be resettled in these areas) and with Nyanza and coast we get our win! So on the strategic front Mudavadi is a better bet.

    However it will be vital for Ruto to tell RV that he respects the party hierarchy and they had an agreement before and they are sticking to it now. He should urge patience because he will be rewarded once the new constitution is passed and fresh elections held.

    Lastly for those who do not know, Mudavadi is one who PNU feel comfortable with in terms of happy to work with, if we need to pass reforms it will be to our advantage having him as DPM whilst remember PNU have it in their heads Ruto is a warlord and will likely spend their time frustrating him and opposing anything he does.

    Mudavadi is a win win for us I believe. Ruto’s time will come, we can not forget what he has done, it is a fact that he is now the second most senior man in ODM. But I would plead patience for 2 years, he is still young and I for one will be eager to wait to see him as PM, with Mudavadi as president in future!

  38. mumias says:

    For those still unsure how this whole thing works, here is a transcript from an interview RAO gave with the Financial Times. Think he explains quite clearly what is what

  39. Yego says:

    I will sammarise by just saying that we have lost the fight definately.This is what Raila had to say from his mouth and i quote:- Well, according to the agreement we’ve signed, policies are formulated by the cabinet. The cabinet is chaired by the president, but I am a member of the cabinet. I become responsible for the implementation of those policies and for ensuring that cabinet decisions are enforced by line ministries. That is part of the supervision work. Secondly, I also ensure that the government is working in harmony; that the ministries all work in tandem – that is the coordination work. Another role is to ensure there is efficiency in the running of government. And the other one is to deal with issues like corruption, so that there is no corruption in the workings of government, and there is also less bureaucracy, less of the red tape that scares away investment from the country. That will be my function, because what has happened in the past is a lot of good policies have been developed on paper, but you find they are not implemented. So there is a disconnect between rhetoric and practice.

    PNU guys are happy coz they ve cornered RAO proper.

  40. faith says:


    iam dismayed by some of the above sentiments tell me people why were we rooting for RAO and pentagon was it positions or was it the problems that ail us did i go to the polls YEGO and MARU for Ruto to be PM or was it because we wanted

    – devolution of power
    – Free quality secondary education
    – comprehesive reforms
    – corruption free country
    – reformed judiciary and police force

    What will positions help us if we dont get the above things iam ashamed of the comments above.

  41. Yego says:

    They have just blended one wing of Mutua’s job and a branch of Mutaura’s job and given it to Raila.Kibaki takes it all alone and we cant say we are in win win situation.Thats why Kikwete said what ODM were demanding was just but a drop in the ocean compared to the powers that are being enjoyed by the Tanzanian non-executive prime minister.

    Its only Raila and Kibaki who struck the deal, so spare the other ODM members from this.I can now echo Prof Mazruis sentiments (one is a genious and the other is a strategist, but remember that strategist cannot always cope with innovations)

  42. Yego says:

    We are not lobbying for whatever post you may call, but we are worried that kenyans have lost it again and they will not get what they suffered, died and yearned for.I was for the collision until i heard from Raila alone that Kibaki remains the head of state and government.

    Do you know who the 60% of the death are?? so ma dear sister, you should be feeling for us but not criticising us.

  43. Yego says:


  44. mumias says:

    @ Faith

    I’m with you all the way. I supported RAO and the whole orange movment because I believed in the very reforms you stated and more.

    What people do not realise is that this agreement was probably the minimum we wanted and more than PNU wanted to give! I say that having known reactions from very serious PNU players who played a key role in the strategy of Kibaki re-election.

    Frankly we need to first ask ourselves, is it that wrong for us to sacrifice what is rightly ours to have the very reforms we need as a country. I have seen the terms of reference for the TRC, election independent review commisions, I’m confident the longtruth will vindicate us.

    Lastly long term we will fill half of government, and I mean Min, ass Min, PS etc with ODM people, they will go forth and begin planning most ODM pledges! Policy papers take time. The type of policies we talk about take alot of planning and time.

    I recently read that Ghana is about to implement a Social welfare policy where they will give money transfers to the poorest people. Now the point is that although it was conceptualized two years ago, they have now been employing a pilot scheme in the last year which has proved effective in underlining key operational questions. Anyway it is now about to be launched nationwide soon. My point well it took time to plan it.
    So when we get these ministries expect us to begin setting up task forces to look at these issues and plan for them so that by 2010 when we win we will be far advanced in putting policies into action swiftly.
    As the article pointed out RAO said he will ensure policy co-ordination with line ministries!!

    Please please please think long term. These guys are no fools. Reforms first, we then get our policies in order then we implement come 2010.

  45. mumias says:

    PS Yego

    You should expect a major homecoming in RV as soon as swearing in, so do not worry! RO knows what RV did in the election (voting, just in case others imply otherwise) and he will come to say thank you for sure! So if that is what is eating you, do not worry, remember the bill has to first pass the house and you should know by now in Kenya you never know until the final whistle is blown take 27th Dec as an example

  46. Pablo says:

    @ yego
    Mr. yego patience pays and i call upon you to hold your horses it is too early to start pointing fingers even all of us who supported ODM and are still supporting have not gotten anything so please the first step was to get a breakthrough for the reforms we have been fighting for and we have just made afew steps, we know what dirty politics are in Kenya you can now hear even Uhuru of all the pple shouting and scrambling for the DPM but I want to assure all ODM supporters that our captain is now even smarter than he was. He with his team will outsmart the PUnus so we dont need to worry we have not crossed the valley yet we are just there about so there is no point of giving up. Let us all solder on and we will get the real change we wanted. I am appealing to all our ODM supporters to remain put and pray also it was hard to get the kind of breakthrough we have gotten but many are yet to come and mark my words today in the event of getting a new constitution we will have all it takes to capture the whole power. Just watch the space

    ODM go go and we are with you Pentagon, Ruto Balala, Ngilu Nyaga, Raila, Mudavadi I have no doubt in you guys don’t let us down we are watching you

  47. Jogoo_shujaa says:

    @agent4change, tnk, rafiq and True Odmer’s

    Please do not be destructed and lose focus, right now we(Kenyans) are heading in the right direction. RAO is proving to be a very sincer man in all his speaches and public comments. Even some ODM members of parliament are proving very mature for national unity and we embrace them whole heartedly.
    Remember there will alway be those who are not satisfied and others who cannot flourish in normalcy.
    Politics is a game of alignments and come 2012 or the next 24months; there will be new players joining hands with old foe’s. so lets move or steam along and demand for good governance not a DPM seat.

    I will tell you this, RAO’s security provided by his old foes before he is sworn in as PM was to ensure that no one will touch him. We wish to exclusively work with RAO and so we need him protected. He is a National figure, unlike some.
    Did I saw he is also an industrialist and understands the need for a good economical environment? Yes; thats the way we see him.
    We suggest to you that anyone clamouring for the DMP post should first show their track record, not just votes; for RAO to work and be successful he needs a good deputy who can achieve goals and still be able to cross that bridge Nationally.

    Also it should be someone who shows total respect for hierarchy in government, but at the same time can advice RAO without fear or favour.

    You should demand RAO to shed off excessive buggage, for his image and progress.

    We know who will be OUR new DPM from ODM

    Keep it up.

  48. Anon says:

    Please be patient. I think RAO has stated clearly several times that he will not let us down. He can speak with authority in Kibera and Kisumu but RV is a different ball game altogether, hence the need for land reforms. I also believe that he would not make any decisions without consulting the pentagon of which Ruto is a member. If Ruto becomes DPM he will also need his security stepped up.

    We have a 50/50 deal and it is God sent for ODM to prove that they are the best in preparation for the next elections. RAO has been a voice for the voiceless for over 20 years he knows what he is doing.

    I have to disagree with your argument of intellect vs strategy. In politics you are better off with strategy. Just compare Moi and Kibaki. Even in life it is not always the smartest kid in class who makes it big. We are lucky that RAO has both strategy and intelligence.

  49. Baijo says:

    Dear ODM supporters. My humble appeal. Let’s give the coalition peace accord a chance. Let us think Kenyan first and foremost. The fights, the struggles, the deaths were to Kenya a better country for everyone – all Kenyans regardless of our ethnic leanings or reasoning or thinking.

  50. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    What is the problem really? are we fighting over

  51. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    What is the problem really? are we fighting over the DPM’s post, cabinet positions or Reforms??? I urge all of u ODM’ERS to Re-read Faith’s comments….Actually I don’t care who is what…but reforms, reforms, reforms!!!!! Thatt’s what i’ve been voting for since 1992!!!! What are we fighting for? pls educate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. tnk says:

    the problem here is
    a) we do not have celar understanding of the full extent of the agreement and the true workings of the executive
    b) we still do not have a clue on the formation of cabinet, i.e reconstitution or add ons
    c) uncertainity on how or if at all the coalition will work for the good of all or will be just another vehicle for more deceit, and political juggling and acrobatism
    d) understand what exactly has been gained by ODM leadership but more importantly the voter

    in the absence of interaction with ODM secretariat, which we have called on endlessly, we are all groping in the dark, and even worse, get upset with each other, when we only have limited information.

    unfortunately, the way kenyan leadership has operated in the past, by the time we know the finer details, its too late to do anything about it.

    we need a link to or the text of the bill(s) to be passed/discussed in parliament
    we also need a statement from the secretariat regarding the cabinet composition so as to end this speculation

    and finally we need a clear roadmap with time frames about how/what this coalition govt will conduct business.

    it is unnecessary to hit out at each other with only scanty and disconnected pieces of information.

  53. rafiq says:

    Hi ODM supporters:

    I have spent time trying to hear from both sides of the divide and the so called common man. I have also managed to talk to those closer to the leadership. The issue here is time. I think we are not enemies just politically divergent. Unfortunately fate has put us in one country and we can either destroy it or leave it for our subsequent generations.

    PNU are largely still unhappy but they want to continue with their lives. ODM too wants to continue with life. However both are hopeful of a lasting solution.

    I urge us to be patient! We may actually gain more than we think we would loose. As for brother Yego and Maru and others with a different view point lets please give RAO a chance. If he were to let us down all these supporters will not keep quiet. As for Ojode, please ignore that, Remember nation even misquoted our own captain concerning the MOU with muslims and the trip to Nigeria and atrip-never made to SA. I still believe there are a few elements within the NMG who doesnt like ODM and RAO so I never take them seriously. If it came from std it would be different.

    Again RAO cant move out unless there is a justification. So he also owes it to the so called foreigners who asked kibaki and him to put pen to paper. By the way our victory will come in pieces. In 3-6 months we will know how who and where the elections were rigged. Shortly after that a referendum to give us the desired constitution.

    If I may ask, what is better? working with RAO to give justice to the land issue OR Kibaki to entrench the problem. RAO has never grabbed land. Guys on the other side have cases. One thing is for sure with RAO Ruto is not worried. With Kibaki alone I fear for Ruto too. So be patient my brothers.

    Jogoo, Thank you brother I think this country deserves more like you peole who can realize the dream of a united prosperous Kenya for all. I know if we all pull together no mountain will be insurmountable.

  54. mumias says:

    I have seen the documents. Although it does not elaborate but makes clear Executive powers to supervise and co-ordinate. All cabinet positions to be freshly constituted as per the 50-50 sharing in the accord. Problem is that not much can be done until the bill is passed through parliament.

    Once the bill is passed then the real negotiations will start over cabinet positions but the accord is clear on the need for portfolio balance, thus both sides will share powerful ministries, ie if one gets finance another will get transport and roads, etc.
    Anyway a team from both sides is working on a common government program comprising both PNU and ODM manifestos. From the FT interview it seems ODM will emphasis the need for infrastructure building and expect to see it in the common policy program. Also reforms will be under ODM docket I expect.

    So original accord is to join govt and get half its share, next stop is portfolio division of the ministerial posts. So expect this to follow once the bill passes.

    Tnk, give me your email again and il send you some of the documents involved in the accord!

  55. tnk says:


    much obliged

  56. rafiq says:

    ODM boggers,

    If Ruto was promised PM we all agree he should get it but when we have everything. Everything is halved now. So the powers, mnistries govt jobs etc. Can we bear for under 2yrs so we get the full cake. Would it be fair if Ruto got PM and RAO ministry-am sure not. The pentagon will handle evrything my brothers we have able leadership dont panic.

    Yego what of getting internal security? or reconstruction? or roads? that would be more important than 2nd DPM.

    Trust RAO to treat you well.

  57. raphael says:

    march 8, 2008 11:44 am
    these comments are superb. odmers please read again the above mentioned brother mumias comments. i agree with him entirely.

  58. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear Raila,

    Please see the trap you are getting ODM into. There is no real power-sharing in the proposed government structure of President, Vice President, and 36 Cabinet Ministers. Kibaki’s government, as currently constituted, will be in place and intact with this structure and the new PM, DPM, and 18 Cabinet Ministers will be an appendix.

    An appendix can be surgically-removed without harming somebody’s life. Even if ODM was to take Finance and Security, that means nothing because Kibaki will resort to using the Permanent Scretary and Assistant Ministers and by-pass the ODM ministers.

    Raila, if you are to have leverage as a genuine PM in the coalition government, the Cabinet has to be small. You can achieve more success dealing with ten hostile individauls than dealing with 18. Let some of the current powerful individuals be send to the backbench, where they will have little or no leverage with ODM majority.

    If you are sharing power with Kibaki, then you have to do so 50-50. As it is now, Kibaki is taking two thirds because he has Kalonzo as VP. The VP post has to be abolished if the PM is to have any significance otherwise the PM position will be an appendix that Kibaki can easily do without.

    The part/article in the current constitution that states that the VP will take over as acting president for 90 days if the president dies or is incapacitated has to be deleted and replaced with “The PM will take over as acting president for ninety days if the president dies or is incapacitated”.

    Mudavadi is the DPM. He would have been VP ahd Raila been sworn in. There should be no question as to who should be ODM’s DPM.

    ODM is blessed with top legal minds and analysts yet ODM is walking into a hoax of a so-called power-sharing coalition government. Forget about what ministries you will get, ODM, and focus on what real and tangible power ODM will have in the coalition government. Do not rsuh for cabinet portfolios but first calculate how much real power ODM will have in the structure to be formed. You can be ministers of finance and of security but only in thin air while the real power will be with others.

    In Kibaki’s last government, there were a number of individuals who were so-called ministers – immigration and registration of persons, special programmes, and housing – but they had absolutely no clue what was going on in their ministries.


    I am not against Uhuru becoming DPM but I am against domination by one ethnic group. There is no future for Kenya as long as one ethnic group dominates others in government and economy. Uhuru has to be patient. His time to lead will come. If KANU wants to have a DPM, then let Naomi Shabaan be the one to be appointed. Afterall, during the campaigns last year, Uhuru told the people of Taita Taveta that, “if Kibaki wins, KANU will have Marsden Madoka as VP. Madoka lost and naomi Shabaan can take his place and considerations.

  59. Joseph Jakenya says:

    In all fairness, everything is less than half as it was supposed to be. PANUA went with both the prezy and the vice prezy and still will take DPM. This is unfair, but what will we give Mudavadi if everybody is talking about Ruto? Its good to look at the numbers each contributed, but lets not forget that the image was important too. I Mudavadi did not bring enough figures, what about the national outlook they gave to ODM? Think about Nyaga and Ngilu too, we have to bring new politics to kenya, politics of national inclusion and democracy. Lets stop bickering amnd let the pentaG handle everything. Lets not push them too far than the limits allow, THIS WAS A GIVE AND TAKE OPTION AS THEY AGREED AND THEY HAVE TO SUCRIFICE. Thanks brothers. Lets keep it going.

  60. mrembowaodm says:

    what is ailing people today? am sorry i dont understand…… people are already in jitters? raila is being criticized for things he has not yet done? wait first and see whether he shortchanges anyone before you start crying foul!!

    agent for change today i dont like what you have asked!! what is the point of being in government for two years sleeping? we are not interested in that government led by the mp for othaya. what we voted for was change so please advise agwambo that we want reforms, reforms and then again more reforms!!

    seriously, are you asking whether we should we be in government for two years doing nothing and then come out of this coalition with nothing having been achieved?!! i better have misunderstood you!!

    if the pentagon is being misadvised to do this can they discard those ideas quickly and come back to reality!! they better start thinking of the ordinary wananchi.

    how does the ordinary mwananchi benefit from odm just ‘being’ in government!! enjoying the cabinet posts and the luxury? so people have died in this country so that we can just join the government sit back and relax for two years? are you serious?!!

    as someone has said earlier, i dont even care about that government structure and who would be included in it ! what i want to see is change!!

    i repeat agent4change we want reforms!!if they dont bring them-we shall not stand for it!! they will all go home!!

  61. mrembowaodm says:

    i have to state here that much as i dont care who gets what!! in the positions being dished out…there should be no question as to who will be the dpm in odm!!

    kalenjins voted for raila knowing very well mudavadi was raila’s number two!! i dont care how many votes they brought or how many mudavadi did not bring!!

    mudavadi must be given the dpm post…if we dont get the vp post on our side. otherwise odm will lose its credibility if we dont keep our word from the onset!!

  62. tnk says:

    clearly there’s going to be a lot of discontent both in ODM and PNU, and this will yoyo between leadership and supporters with different impact

    we need to differentiate between obtaining posts that will help ODM leadership institute the much needed reforms in the executive and public institutions and services vs posts that only help stoke our egos.

    we also need to ensure that we understand which posts will become a bottleneck in overall performance of the leadership and try to influence those posts i.e either get an ODM MP or negotiate with Kibaki/PNU to appoint someone who is willing to work for the good of the mwananchi.

    if we go the route of serving only our ego then surely there will be maximum discontent.

    for this transition phase it would be over-ambitious to assume that development agendas can also be squeezed in.

    We are just a handful compared to the population of Kenya and already we see some in-fighting, imagine what the rest are thinking or feeling.

    its ok to disagree and have divergent views but we must learn to rise above and overcome the squabble aspect and actively seek solutions. the regretable aspect however is the loud silence and lack of feedback from the ODM secretariat, and therefore at this point it appears that even if we come up with good suggestions, we have no way of taking them a step further.

    In fact increasingly I’m finding Jogoo more proactive in attempting to push forward suggestions to his own team.

    Anyway, unless the way our leaders change how they make appointments, we are going to have to wait and see.

  63. rafiq says:

    Hi guys. I think we have to leave in and with reality. We are in this government for at least two years and we cannot pull out especially before reforms. What’s the alternative? Forget about everything and go back to war? We will be named rebels and RAO will be a rebel leader. I will not support that.

    RAO is not stupid or selfish and won’t be contented with a flag. He has left that before. He protected Moi and will equally protect Ruto. Mudavadi gave a lot of votes. What Kibaki got form western were stolen and in a fair election Kibaki could’nt have won. Kombo is waiting for you to make a mistake and he reclaims the luhya leadership and give us a unnecessary headache. Let’s not change the equation. We will all share the 50% we have

    What I like is that we have a forum to express our fears and desires. it’s not in-fighting.

  64. Yego says:

    Everyone of these dudes brought votes, yes…..but who salvaged the huge loss that was starring openly at us???who exposed the monster of rigging,??? who spent sleepless nights????Yes nyaga did.

    He has been accussed of being an hardliner for he is principled and determined to take kenyans to the next step, his efforts have been twarted by the media happy and just the motocarde happy individuals.we have enough a vast area 5 times bigger than lessoto, its enough to constitute a country of its own.

  65. Yego says:

    Just becoz no one will be resettled in Kisumu OR Western that you guys have now come together to attack the kalenjins eeehh.You happy when you see our land being used as a battle ground that is.Do the resettlement now coz u are in the mere power but remember that the demands will always be made.

  66. kanyeka says:

    There is someone who is not happy with the progress the ODM supporters are doing and how they are united for real change. jus read the comment from this guy below. He calls himself yego???

    109. yego Says:
    March 6, 2008 at 9:31 pm
    Im certain that whatever as just happened in laikipia will be the order of the day in most parts of the country.I even forsee a situation where`the luo and the kalenjins will start clashing.

  67. kanyeka says:

    This is our real Yego

    Yego Says:
    March 7, 2008 at 10:54 am
    Hey!!Whats all about yego &Yego??By the way Yegoyego , and more so im not a FBI machinery nor a traibalist, so spare me on this pple.

    Read (TRIBALISTIC) here though misspelled

  68. Yego says:


    So hutadoo???
    We re not against RAO but we ve just decided to remain in the opposition, thats all.

  69. Yego says:

    “I WILL NEVER BE KIBAKI’S PM” are those ma own words?

  70. Yego says:

    My fellow bloggers, lemme apologise if i ve hurt anyone but my concern is wether Kibaki and his cronies will give RAO any space to breath or perform.Im a staunch supporter of ODM thou with spelling mistakes as pointed out by kanyeka.

  71. Yego says:

    I thought we agreed be4 not to be blind supporters but to try and challenge what we think its not right in our eyes thou perfect in other pples eyes and lips.

  72. Yego says:

    “Before i take up any government responsibilities, i will seek approval of my supporters” is it Yego who made that statement ? I guess kenyas forget easily if they listen carefully at all.

  73. Yego says:

    Manu or Arsenal funs, help me answer the following question, ‘if a player gets a red card, is it possible to allow him back in the same game?”

  74. Yego says:

    Yes we dont support dominance by some communities at the expense of others.We cant have one community taking the speaker post,AG, and DPM, Kwani how special are they??.Is that the change we were fighting for???

    If Raila was voted by the pple of kenya as the President and he decided to forthify Kibaki as he said, what makes Musalia the automatic DPM? I think we should be objective enough.I read many of your msgs with dismay.U talking of 50-50.If 50% of presidency=PM, 50% of PM automatically = DPM and therfore 50% of VP= Ass minister of ministry of Home affairs.Some were silent, now they are focal, some where helpless now they have power, what a change of trend?

  75. Jane says:

    What Is Politics?

    A little boy goes to his dad and asks, “What is politics?”

    Dad says, “Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I’m the breadwinner of the family, so let’s call me capitalism. Your Mom, she’s the administrator of the money, so we’ll call her the Government. We’re here to take care of your needs, so we’ll call you ‘ The people’. The nanny, we’ll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we’ll call him the Future.

    Now, think about that and see if that makes sense,”

    So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what dad had said.

    Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents’ room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

    The next morning, the little boy says to his father, “Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.”

    The father says, “Good son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.”

    The little boy replies, “Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, ‘The People’ are being ignored and the Future is in deep poo.”

  76. Yego says:

    We were praised when we were in the firing line defending democrazy, there was repeat of the same when two of our own were used to negotiate and even being branded as hardliners,now the half cake is almost ready for sharing and we are the subject of betrayal.Thanks to all of you.

  77. kanyeka says:

    Its not about utadoo mr yego its about pple giving reason a chance as youvabeen told before and this is being watched keenly if at allthey are going to betray the true cause we were anr are straggling for. I need to add that we must watch the process by giving it time/chance
    I also caution you and all others tha we should not see Raila or any other leader for that matter as demigod.

  78. Yego says:

    2012:Kibaki’s government is corrupt,insensitive,tribal,controlled by a few,phew i cant wait to hear that.Thats y someone is already saying Kibaki is head of state and government in order to start formulating a campaign speech.

  79. kanyeka says:

    If you watch or read some of my comments, though not good in grammar & spelling, about Hon Ruto, this leader has been my hero since parting ways with Uhuru and the worst thing in my life by any chance to happen is that if there is any beef within the pentagon leaders or even Ruto differs with Raila. Lets not play in the hands of the detractors and prophet of dooms especially the panua.

  80. kanyeka says:

    So let it be their mistake if at all they want to achieve something from the ODM. I can tell you i work with some of them and i know they are bitter with my Hero and in this office they have branded him names and for that matter it is the same all over.
    This morning while on my way to work, i heard a newspaper vendor a panua supporter saying the same sentiment as yours and thats the reason i am sceptical if at all you are the real yego.

  81. Yego says:

    I take your advice but i wanna be abit cautious and not to sing a chorus tune.Let have a piano which can consitute a full band.

    I give it time but i dont trust Kibaki at all.

  82. kanyeka says:

    I mean let’s take this opportunity to entrench the changes we’ve been yarning for within.

  83. Yego says:

    If there is a structure really, why should Ngilu and Khaniri root for Mudavadi?Why does it become a Kale affair when we root for Ruto??

  84. Yego says:

    We dont need homecomings, we need pple to work and thats the change we looking for.If you dreaming of ugali na inkoko then im sorry for you.Always remember tha a friend in need is a friend indeed.

  85. kanyeka says:

    The PM should be wise in choosing his deputy from ODM and in that case he should consult the pentagon before taking that action or else the party will be a laughing-stock judging from the way bloggers are posting their comments. I believe these guys can pass this situation because they have been together in hard times this should not be something big and can be sorted out amicably.
    Anyway am leaving for the day to go to church cheers ODMer and take care.

  86. mumias says:

    Well I guess there’s alot of dissapointment and resentment already, Let me address things that stood out for me
    1.Yego, did you not just quote RAO saying that he will seek the support of people before he joins government under the accord? well if you read he has begun in Kibera and Bungoma and expect him to do so in other strongholds of ODM
    2.The pentagon will meet and resolve the nominations of DPM and it will follow the structure that was agreed on before elections. Ruto is being a gentleman by not saying anything and I would not be surprised if he were to clarify that Mudavadi as Deputy captain will be Number 2
    3.What I’m yet to understand is this Yego, is it of your opinion that we should not have agreed this deal? Is it of your opinion that we should have continued to hold firm and get our way? Well you mentioned a great point where you pointed out RV as a battle ground earlier, now explain to me who was going to lose out the most
    Frankly if you remembered I was against a situation where our children would be scared for generations, where our country will collapse on its knees and where we would be surrounded by rabble and smoke everywhere we look.
    RAO and Kibaki would have been personally responsible for that and frankly I think their conscious was very loud that they did not want more blood on their hands. I for one Commend both of them.

    Your worry is very well documented that you feel PNU will subvert RAO, well I say wait until you look at the composition of cabinet posts. Further remember that unlike in 2002 where Murungaru made Kibaki inaccessible, this time RAO has direct access. What most do not realize is exactly how hands off Kibaki really is, he doesn’t even take phone calls!! Acess to him ensures he is in the picture in case others are engaging in sole ranger tactics (cue Stanley Muragi) without his knowledge to undermine the coalition.

    Lastly for others who do not understand the coalition. 50:50 means all the way down the government. Ie if we get ministry of transport, we will have ODM minister, ODM assistant, ODM PS etc, so NO undermining would not be possible in that sense.
    The only possible avenue I see would be if Finance frustrated us as they did in 02, but lets wait to see how we share the ministries.

  87. Yego says:

    I ll be patient then, Thanks for you clarification.

  88. Otiff says:

    It is very sad that we have started to fight for who gets what. I thought we had come out of this. The Pentagon has the capability of solving this and agreeing amongst thhemselves who gets what. This kind public and reckless declarations of people is what will tear the party right in the middle. If power struggle has destoyed other vibrant and promising political movements ODM is not an exception. Watch carefully how our opponents have handed us knives to cut ourselves into pieces that is when we will find ourselves in a box of which gettin out will be at their mercy. So please care is needed when handling these matters. I strongly believe that RAO believes in consultation rather a 1 man show.

    My main worry is what happens to the pentagon once they are incorporated in the cabinet? Will it self defuse like the NARC Summit….You all know what happened.
    After all these fiasco it will be time for the ODM to have genuine structures and membership on the ground to prove to us that it wasnt just another election vehicle.

  89. Yego says:

    For those who claim to know better especially in interpretation, i echo you but im sorry coz u re confusing yourself.”for those who dont understand coalition”.What about undrstanding “half of the cake”? Work as you study problems makes pple be rigid i.e i was using 50% in a different version but not in relation to coalition.No matter Kibaki knows who to appoint as an illegal foreign affairs minister in time of crisis.

  90. rafiq says:


    Yego represents a constituency and community. I would not dismiss him. Remember the regional manifestos that we believed we will fight for and implement after the elections. So passionate is the support for ODM in RVP that any thought of betrayal is not welcome.

    As I said earlier us guys have a forum, what of our bros and sis with no forum but NMG and its lies. There is the damger of taking such news as truth with severe consquences. I wouldnt be surprised if its the grassroot support pressurising our brother here to give explanantions! So we ought to support and calrify things.

    Above all we MUST share all that we have in our fears or blessings.

    Yego, I think for now RAO has to do what he is doing so that we can win the initial phase and get presidential accent. If he plays hard to get a lot of suspicion and scrutiny will be played on him and causing unnecessary furuore. I have talked to an AU negotiator who says they are testing RAO to see whether he can run a govt within these two yrs. This has been disclosed to him and thats why he is going the extra mile.

    Again bro, I promise here that none of us will accept betrayal and misuse of the RV. I know the consequences are too gig to contemplate. So I will help you fight on until justice is restored. As for settlement of the IDPs my suggestion is we give Ruto that ministry and let him steer it to his level best.

    Finally we can learn from Kikwete he was a potential leader for long. Each time he was asked to wait just a little longer. And now he rules. I think Ruto is young enough to wait and take the premier from RAO.

  91. rafiq says:

    The party structures must stay with incooperation of other major palyers as was done for ngilu. So pentagon stays and the other structures. However I think we need better organizatio to help the party progress.

  92. Yego says:

    Come 2012, we ll be told Musalia should be the PM coz he as experience of DPM.Anyway for the sake of many kenyans, we from the RV have withdrawn our candidacy for DPM.We endorse the following team.

    President-Mwai Kibaki
    V.P -Kalonzo Musyoka
    P.M -Raila Odinga
    DPM -Musalia Mudavadi
    DPM -Matha Karua.

    We are also not interested in sharing positions but we look forward to reforms , esp constitutional reforms.

  93. Yego says:

    Ngilu is now doing the Kamba jig… Betrayal..

  94. Yego says:

    If i was sitting in the pentagon forums i wouldnt be doing the Ngilu type of declaration in burials.What will those outside the respected decision organ(pentagon) think?

  95. mumias says:

    DPM Karua!
    Do not be too sure, I will not be surprised if Kibaki names someone from the outside who is not being touted. Possibly one from Coast.
    My analysis is as follows
    Kibaki will be under pressure if he appoints Karua, one she is a divisive figure and two she brings no political mileage. Kibaki is a bruised man, very bruised, he has seen nationwide support dwindle, he will look to create some goodwill.
    Further being a Kikuyu, the Embu, Meru group Will not tolerate the fact that Kibaki being president appoints another Kikuyu to DPM, they will argue if it is a person from Central, it must be from them, but they concede they will be happy with anyone from outside. This is because they will feel that GEMA is only ever brought up every 5 yrs whilst in actual fact they are constantly ignored!
    Secondly, PNU strategists will be looking ahead at next polls and thus much better to front somebody outside the scope of central to somehow activate some goodwill amongst some communities where ODM has made inroads!

    In my opinion, I really do not think Karua will get it, I will not be surprised if Naomi is given the seat, it kills several birds with one stone. Coastal, a woman and I believe a Muslim! Watch out… Anyway just some thoughts of mine

  96. Yego says:

    You guys are really exploring a smooth landing for Mudavadi, i know u fear challenges esp eminating from the iron lady.She delivered the stolen crown to kibaki anyway, so dont be suprised if she gets it.
    I can see you trying to consider regional balancing, then why are you sceptical and more so defensive when we talk of RV getting the DPM? I guess the speakers post is equally an executive post and we voted for Marende with one heart.Anyway we are out of it, afterall we are just but war mongers.

  97. mumias says:

    Truth be told Yego, I admire Ruto greatly and he is one of the people I feel played a very key role in pushing and standing up at the most critical hour in KICC and beyond.
    I became very impressed with the way he handled himself, I watched many a interviews with him and he always outperformed the PNU guy ALWAYS.
    Frankly us talking about it changes little as the decision rests with Pentagon, they will have a talk and agree on the issue and by the time they announce they will be firmly united.
    It is true We have Marende and that is the 3rd most powerful position in the land under the current constitution, no doubt.
    However my point and the point that is coming out of pentagon is that they had an agreement before the elections and it is only fair and right if they stick to it now. However circumstances change and I’m sure they will have a frank discussion now as to whether it merits altering the agreement or sticking by the original.

    Put it this way, had Ruto been Deputy Captain and been in agreement before that he will get the 2 position in ODM government, how would you look at a situation where people make the case for Mudavadi to take that position.

    My opinion is of the fact that if they agreed in principle then that should stand, but they reserve the right to change their minds so long as they are all in agreement!!
    I will be ODM regardless because much work remains to be started and done..

  98. Yego says:

    Dear ODMERS!!
    Now that we withdrew our bid for DPM, I wanna challenge you from a different angle.
    From mumias lecturers have learned that 50:50 means alot.Now that i belong to this blog, i would rather wish to ask you all to rally behind me and lobby for one of us to ne appointed to the coalition government.I dont know what speciality you have but i would wish to offer myself for the post of undersecretary ministry of land and housing.I promise to initiate google kenya within 3 months of my appointment and a land information system technology to enhance land tax and land rate collection.We will refer to our estates or residential vicinities by coded addresses and delivery of mails or so will be the easiest thing ever to happen.
    What do u think??

  99. Yego says:

    The problem started when Ngilu started campaigning for Mudavadi yet we thought pentagon is a highly respected Decision making organ.

    By the way when i lobby for the post i ve mentioned, it doesnt mean im being too low to myself, but coz i dont wanna make a fuss now , otherwise i really wanna be a permanent secretary ministry of lands and make history as the youngest PS and more qualified in the field ever.By the way will these posts be advertised??Can someone say so.

  100. Yego says:

    What about launching our own spy satellite and GPS control base, i guess we ll be an economic tiger in Africa and more so malitia like mungiki,SDF and the rest will have nowhere to hide.

  101. rafiq says:

    I dont think guys if we take positions without a cause it will benefit anyone. It will be a flag thats all. What we need is substance. If Ruto argues the same way brother Yego does i think the pentagon will listen and give him what is best. However the issue of trust comes into the picture. We dont want to behave like our predecessors just fighting for positions.

    I think a ministerial portfolio in the coslition is going to be very powerful. Nobody can dare sack an ODM minister! So if I were Yego I would request the leadership to take the vacant Lands reconstuction and resettlement and give it to Hon Ruto ASAP so that he restores justice. Initially I thought with the passion Ruto had for infrastructure he should get sth like Roads.

    Unless my memory fails – me quite unusual, I dont remember RAO failing anyone coz of the flag and motorcade. He rather does the opposite.

    Also there are pple who probably would nevr vote for RAO, but RVP would. So my guess is RVP is RAOs home, he will not let them down.

    Just incase we are wrong, can somebody give us an alternative????? Yego please alternative and consequences?

  102. Yego says:

    Kibaki can let all go but he wont let ministry of lands to slip from his hands.And by the way, giving Rutto ministry of land will be like making Waruinge or njenga the army commander.U know what the mungiki will demand from him.

  103. rafiq says:

    May be not. But if ODM really wants it then they can bargain it with something else-say security. Thats what negotiation and power is all about.

  104. rafiq says:

    May be not. But if ODM really wants it then they can bargain it with something else-say security. Thats what negotiation and power is all about.

    Good suggestion. I wish ODM advertised for positions available to them and asked for qualified applicants. For what is available may be we should see what ODM leadership could have done.

  105. mumias says:

    @ Yego,
    There are various key strategic ministries and in the coalition of this nature powerful ones are split equally. It will boil down to priorities and bargaining powers.

    Agent 4 Change:
    I think it will be a good idea to consider the possibility of having a mechanism that allows ODM supporters here to send in their CV’s and have them Vetted! One never knows peharps they are people here who have had distinguished resume and can serve the country very effectively.

    I for one I’m no where near any such level, So I’m not lobbying as Im fresh out of uni and about to start a career! haha However in 10 years who knows! ha

  106. mumias says:

    Ps @ Yego
    I saw the clip of Ngilu and Hamisi you refered too! Yes that was unwise, not very diplomatic and poorly handled. They should avoid issuing such statements, resolve it internally and all then talk about it once they are all in agreement! I back your earlier sentiments fully

  107. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM, do not be the ones seeking to dilute the office of PM. PM Raila cannot serve as Minister of Re-Construction or as any other minister as well. Kibaki is not serving as a minister as well. The PM is the boss of all ministers. It is the deputy PMs, who have to serve as ministers as well otherwise they will be getting a raw deal as they will have less or almost nothing to do compared to ministers.

    Mwai Kibaki has two foremost individuals to thank for enabling him to occupy State House in 2008. The two are:

    1. John Michuki
    2. Kalonzo Musyoka

    Mwai Kibaki may owe so much to these two individuals but he has to put the national good ahead of them. He can borrow a leaf from Mzee Moi who never hesitated to dispose of an individual for the sake of national good.

    John Michuki massacred. Yes, he did. On his instructions, the route to Naivasha and Nakuru was cleared (in a way nowhere near the way they do for a presidential motorcade) for an armed Mungiki to get to Naivasha and Nakuru fast to hack and burn people alive.

    There has never been a time (not even during the emergency in the 1950s) when a big city such as Nakuru was cleared of people to give a killing squad time and space to hunt and kill and the person who made this possible is going to serve as a minister.

    All the horror committed on Kenyans by the police and provincial administration are the work of John Michuki. John Michuki should not be a member of the Cabinet. If Kibaki wants to show his gratitude to Michuki, he can use him as an unofficial personal assistant at State House. Raila must refuse to have John Michuki in the Cabinet. It is like having Adolf Hitler in the Knesset as a minister or Idi Amin as one of Museveni’s ministers.

    The combination of police and provincial administration has been a deadly dynamite for Kenyans and the two should be separated. I proposed that the police (regular, administration, GSU, criminal investigations, and national intelligence) have to be placed in the office of one of the deputy PMs who will also take care of immigration and citizenship to ensure that Artur brothers and their likes never step in Kenya again.

    The provincial administration should be added to local governments under a ministry of local administrations. Currently DCs also serve as councillors so the move of taking provincial administration to local administrations will be rational.

    Kibaki should agree to abolish the office of VP so that there is a clear power and succession structure in Kenya, the hierarchy being President, Prime Minister, Speaker of the National Assembly, and Deputy PMs, who should serve jointly as acting president in the event that the president, prime minister, and speaker of the national assembly all die at once.

    Mr. Kofi Annan mediated, negotiated, and signed a power-sharing deal between Kibaki and Raila. Kalonzo did not feature in the that accord. Why is ODM now allowing the accord to be illegally modified by having another powerful office of equal or superior standing to that of PM?

    The clause in the constitution talking about the office of VP should be deleted and replaced by that of office of PM. Kenya, do things right now so that tomorrow will be devoid of confusion and wrangling. Have a clear and simple power structure in place now so that you will have enough time to unite and build the country.

    In my earlier proposed Cabinet of 24 ministries, with two in the president’s office, the two DPMs, and twenty other ministries, the current ministry of Lands should be split so that land use is taken care of by the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources, Forestry, and Land Use (including ownership on behalf of the government of state land) while surveying and Title Deeds should go to the Ministry of Local Administrations. Of course, ministries do not have to have long names. A name such as Ministry of Environment is enough but all duties must be specified.

    Hon. Raila Odinga, you have been a very patient leader and champion of democracy and justice in Kenya. It is better to do things right even if it means inviting Kofi Annan back rather than rush and create confusion and fuel wrangling. If the Office of VP eluded your attention when Kofi Annan was in Kenya, invite him back if you cannot reach an agreement with Kibaki.

    I agree with LSK that one option Kalonzo should look at is to become the opposition party in parliament. Otherwise, Kalonzo should accept to serve as a deputy PM.

    The Head of the Civil Service should be the only permanent secretary in the office of the Prime Minister. John Githongo should be appointed the Head of the Civil Service and secretary to the Cabinet as a neutral (non-ODM and non-PNU/ODMK) candidate.

    With John Githongo in place, the remaining 24 (according to my proposal) slots of permanent secretaries should then be shared out between ODM and PNU/ODMK. Having the Head of Civil Service in the PM’s office adds more weight and clout to that office and gives it more share of power. This is healthy for the smooth functioning of government.

    The Police Commissioner, his Deputy, Administration Police Commandant, GSU Commandant should not continue to serve beyond next week and should be suspended, in the interest of the public, pending investigations.

    Kenya, do not turn a blind eye to killers. The graves are still fresh. Kenyans who fallen silent, thanks to governement guns and bullets, must not be forgotten. It is the right thing to observe a minute of silence in parliament for the fallen but this should be followed by removing from power those who did their work maliciously or carelessly.

  108. Jane says:

    Yes, Kenya do not turn a blind eye to killers, inciters to kill, and financiers of killers. The graves are still fresh and those who managed to escape to ‘safety’ are still holed up in camps, living in Tents with minimal basics. A people whose houses/ homes and businesses have been burnt by some malicious fellows. Any justification for the damages?

    Action should be started with the 1st person who took that bow and arrow and killed that Kenyan , and the 1st fellow who took that petrol bomb/ matchstick and petrol and burnt that kiosk/house/shop/ vandalised them and killed the poor villager. The fellows who started the destruction of property and lives.

  109. rafiq says:

    For me if Ali, Bitange Ndemo, Mutuas continue serving in the new govt in the same capacities then all is lost. These guys should be dismissed in for the sake of public safety pending investigations.

    Secondly what did we expect politicians to say in a funeral? they will say what befits the scene. I didnt expect Ngilu to come and say Mudavadi you will be a minister and not DPM, even if the opposite was true. And Kenyan journalists are only known to report on what tickles the ears not details. They dont even interview people. Most of the time they lie esp about ODM and esp NMG.

    As for killers- , Ali , Ndemo should tell us what they planned. By the way no personal issues but these guys reflect the face of the violence. Once RAO gets into power I pray they take off. It would be hard to get michuki out of the way for he knows he will die if he is out of power. So dont even imagine kibaki sacrificng him. He will still be in cabinet-unless you trade him with somebody else if they demand that!

    As for CVs its agood idea for those who can be considered after the president signs the bill into law.

  110. Joseph Jakenya says:

    PNU needs Mudavadi for the next general elections and this is the chance they have been waiting for. They might even fund guys to campaign for Ruto as rhe DPM so that Mudavadi does not get, but just takes a ministerial position. Then they will later consult Mudavadi and tell him that RAO and RUTO have conspired against him and that they will soon do away with him and the only side that needed him is PNU. He will then go to PNU being promised the PM after the next general election as the running mate for Kalonzo and Uhuru as the VP. We have said tinme and time again that the positions these people are given are not enough, they should take whatever they get. This is a perfect time to know those who were after materials and not dvevelopment and vote them out come the next general elections. This is about democracy and not positions. We have to watch out for these schemers. Everybody is busy thinking about the PM and DPM, while there are people already scheming for the next general election. Wise ODM leadership needs to take this into consideration and consolidate all its members plus other loyal partners for the next general elections. Thanks guys.

  111. Kinga says:

    I’d second Otsiatso’s lean cabinet. However, I’d throw in afew more ministries which would permeate the nation’s well to the mwananchi; an example would be a Ministry of Welfare and Occupation. Directorates/Inspectorates and Councils with technocrats as employees should streamline ministerial directives; for instance a Consumer Council and the like…

    Constitutional reform, a reform of the Judiciary and the Police forces is an obvious. Land reforms should be taken expeditiously and with tact. Then ethics should be seen to be understood by sitting ministers to the effect that a major blunder (let alone swindling our coffers) should lead to resignation.

    Let’s build our own democracy that the rest of Africa can emulate. Like I’ve said here before… we have the resilience, capacity and brains (Africa’s highest functional literacy level). I mean, western democracy has taken the West over a century to develop…

    My shilingi mbili for now. I’ll be back after a brain storm.

    Tuko pamoja.

  112. OPADO says:


  113. Anon says:

    Yego, I think Ruto should get internal security if he does not get DPM. He is the man to watch,I told the same thing to my family and friends way back when he wasn’t a pentagon member. He just had the X factor you cannot place your finger on. He will have my vote whenever he choses to run for office.

    I do not know about you people but the idea of hugging each other and forgiving and forgetting does not work for me. We must address historical injustices and ensure equitable distribution.

    It is a fact that some of the Kikuyus who lived in other parts of the country had a superiority complex and never showed respect for other peoples cultures. Unless that changes it does not matter how much RAO and Kibaki play golf.

    Kenya is for all of us!!!!

  114. Anon says:

    I hear you. I also want to be the youngest female PS and someday Minister for Planning. Kibaki is not the only econiomist. I am working on an economic model that will work for Kenya/Africa. It is time we stop being variables to economic models that do not work. Trickle down theory is crap.

  115. Railkamuodho says:

    I can see Kikuyu phobia at work right on this blogg. To be honest, most of the people who write here may be foreigners who also may own businesses in other countries. I have never heard Americans or Britons chase away Indians who own gas stations and other businesses simply because they do not play their tune. In a capitalistic society and one that is civilized, the law of demand and supply is key not tribal respect and loyalty. What other tribes refer here as respect to them simply means laziness and colonialism. Kenyan tribes should learn the art of business and farming competation rather than be jelousy over those who sleep few hours, walk long distances, open bank accounts (rather than bury their money), practice modern methods of cattle grazing and farming (reaping maximum benefits) and trying all kinds of businesses (from Mitumba, recycling used bags, bones and other recyclible products to other planting nappier grass on the roadsides). These are the people you call proud simply because you envy their hard work.

  116. Railkamuodho says:

    I am tired of these people who pretend that ODM is there because of their intelligence. I said a while ago that some people thought John Macain would not clinch the US GOP nomination because of his age. Yet he overcame all odds to beat younger and charismatic candidates and is now a serious contender for the most powerful seat in the world.
    Most bloggers have underated the ability of Mwai Kibaki to wether the political storm in Kenya. Yet right now, he is just about to write history as a reformer president who not only allowed dissent to thrive in his first first term but almost toppled him. He will also together with Tinga midwife a new democracy of its kind in Africa. At the the same time they have written a political orbituary for Kalonzo Musyoka, but I have said it before and I repeat it here, politics is a game of survival and numbers. You can be so sure that whoever will survive future political contest in not one who will rally one hostile tribe against others, but one who will rally Kenya tribes towards a common agenda. Never will a nation again allow itself to be rallied and driven along by tribal chiefs. Infact as the present agenda will prove, only a united Kenya will survive in the current economic blocks and political federation. Any tribe that tries to assume one region as their own to the exclusion of others will become backward and least developed. Those who embrace nationalism and intergration will reap maximum benefits that goes with the ideal.

  117. jenny says:

    How about that ….guess who needs to be first in line….

  118. rafiq says:

    Guys we dont want to go back where we came from. Ethnic chauvinism and hatred will not help. What we need now is how to leran to accomdate one another with respect. God decided that we share this country amongst the different the 42+ tribes.

    Every tribe has strength and weakness. My friends from US tell me a vietnamese is smart brain but a chinese is a businessman-however crafty? So you cant swop their functions or roles.

    When equity is performing whats the equivalent in ODM zone. Infact some jangos will tell you they dont help but fight themselves when in positions to help their people. You cant help such people easily I hope the generational change will change their approach. A good example am told is Omolo Okero who dismissed PhD holders in aeronautical engineering as unlearned! So you cant blame Kimunya when he gives his pple jobs while Okero denies his people. In ither words performance than ethnicity should be the guiding principle.

  119. Mike Okello says:

    Now the ODM blog is clearly divided between ‘Kalejins’ and ‘Others’, You were initially too embarrassed to admit that this could happen but as at now you do not need to admit, It in black and white DIVIDED,

    A lot of self denial, Yego is not Yego and so on, and Yego himself is putting a serious fact forward for all of you to see, instead of reporting you are arguing it can not be our Yego! Sorry, i called them Infightings, and thats is exactly what is happening in the entire party,

    When the common enemy is not there anymore, Divisions become the next most automatic thing.

    The blog is now reduded to a discussion between One Ruto and One Mudavadi, and before the Deal, it was Justice and Reforms, Don’t You care that you are becoming openly simplistic and irrelevant?

  120. kanyeka says:

    @ mumia
    Was it George Khaniri or Hamisi? if it was Ngilu and George then it wasn’t the right thing for them to do. They especially Ngilu being one of the member of the pentagon should consult each other by holding a meeting to come up with the agreeable person.

    To add on, we should not act as Mr. Yes all the time where things are not going on our way this is the right place to put your view if necessary can seconded or corrected.

    We call this CHANGA MOTO from our friend Yego

  121. Chirchir says:

    Some comments seek to devide communities behind ODM.It is my wish that we create a party based on ideology that would stand the test of modern Kenya.I like CCM in TZ it is the uniting factor of the people.So should ODM.It does not matter which of our hon. MPs get what positions.We want to push for reforms that guarantees Individual Liberties and freedom to pursue hapiness within our boders.The party did not agree to reward MP’s by perfomance therefore my brothers from rift valley should not jump the party hierarchy que.Its is however ok to lobby for positions but this should be done on a respectfull tone that does not divide surpoters of the party.I trust the party leadership would discuss these issues at an appropriate time,and when they do each persons veiws should be heard and compromise achieved.Lastly there is a move to blame entire communities for violence.Thats easy to do but It would have been easier to roll out the truth,justice and recon. so that all issues are addressed comprehensively and thats as diplomatic as I can get!

  122. Yego says:

    P.M incharge of ministry of reconstruction….mmh, so who will supervise who??? i think PANUA guys are really trying to outsmart us here.They know if Raila becomes a PM incharge of a ministry, then they will be equal and he would be in a position of supervising others coz he ll be told to mind about his ministry and more so Kibaki will be the overall Boss.Raila should know that adding him a ministry on top of PM post will be oreless like reducing his powers.
    Hey Bw PM wish i was your direct advisor.

  123. Yego says:

    To seasonal contributors who are tribeless!!
    Take note that we agree to disagree .

  124. Yego says:

    Elizabeth and the real ODMERS, where you??

  125. Yego says:

    Even some lawyers are now doubting the real substance that the PM post is made up of.Orengo ps what all about the PM post role??Now Raila is calling Kibaki His Excellency and in Return Kibaki replies “PM-Designate”.If its real power sharing, why cant they just refer to each other as mate.Thank God i have no Boss but i have my workmates no matter the rank someone may be holding.Na bado, just waiting for the day Raila will be saying”Her Excellence First lady, mama lucy Kibaki” tutadoo?

    Raila should withdrew the sentiments he made about fortifying Kibaki’s Presidency, otherwise ……..

  126. Yego says:

    If you decide to be Radical, then let it be… i can say Martha Karua is herself and ironing culprits proper for that matter.

  127. kanyeka says:

    Yes Yego we agree to diagree but what’s your comment about MO above?

  128. Yego says:

    If you thought its me alone, then you re wrong!
    Check it out…..

  129. Yego says:

    I respect individual contributions and MO as a right to say whatever he feels like.

  130. crateturner says:

    there was was a very important new ministry to be created and the person who will run that ministry will be one of the powerfull person on this country, and that ministry was something like social affaire which will be dealing directly with poeple to forsee equity among kenayans escpecialy the poor i guess the person who will run that ministry effectivly will always be on the good books with the people…and thus have a good chance to run for presidency.

  131. Yego says:

    I second your sentiments coz that ministry is close to something like Ugatuzi alias mashinani.EHEHEHE, i know what you driving at anyway

  132. crateturner says:

    Yego bana!!! cool down, why are so against this powershairing thing, give it time things happens for a reason, do you know how many people would have died on both divide if the power shairing was not formulated??? i trust u are not GOD.

    yugo u might be talking like that and maybe you and your family are not in kenya…. we are the ones who heard the screams and the gunshoots for three straight weeks, thats when i learned to appreciate peace thats when all of us including kibaki and raila come to appreciate peace so lets give it a chance and if it fails we have you…yugo to go to the streets and probably our captain nows more than u and i and even those PNU guyz, so lets trust our leader he knows what he is doing..

  133. Mike Okello says:

    I told you that all this struggle (that has even cost innocent deaths) will culminate into some little but conspicuous benefits for one man, His family and his friends, and I promised that this would be a question and see!

    You have seen the directions your posts have taken, are you still speaking justice and reforms, now or you are discussing who will be who and why whom should not be who? Have you noted that the vocabulary ‘MWIZI’ which formerly referred to his Exellency Hon Mwai Kibaki has gone missing, NOT because there has been a re-run, but because he has gone to watch GOLF with your captain Hon Raila Odinga, So you were insulting Hon Kibaki On behalf of Raila, Now you have been left in the middle, fighting for RUTO and MUDAVADI, soon you will fighting with yourselves once the two guys get their share and they go missing from the battle field, and life will continue, then you will see the party throwing its last kicks, UNTIL THE NEXT COMMON ENEMY IS CREATED in the run-up to 2012 general elections, so that all of you can jam the blog all over again as you sacrifice your jobs and whatever else looking for votes for the resurrected new look (read new propaganda) ODM, by that time all those politican celebs of yours who benefited personally from the deal will be resigning one by one so that you can LIONIZE them as heros for reforms, and the song will repeat itself until you loose the eyesight and the energy to blog due to old age!

    Otherwise aren’t you feeling cheated, Between His Excellency the President, Hon Raila Odinga (The sole owner of less than Half the Cake), and you bloggers, In your very honest opinion….. Who is smarter now?

  134. Yego says:

    Pple like you who have self phopia and beleive that other pple knows better than them should be thrown to the indian ocean and be forgotten.We co-exist yes, but we have to have confidence in ourselves.The era of sycophancy is long gone.We have to challenge Raila to come up with a better deal and fortifying him only to realise tha we are driving the hammer to the ditch.
    Im not against the deal at all but the approach towards full implementation should be approached with caution and consideration.After all i wanted nothing less than the presidency anyway.

    By the way crateturner, just imagine that lady who was murdered infront of his infant in naivasha and tell me what kind of freedom or happiness you got out of that.U can led such magnitude of violations and killings to happen then you go to a golf course somewhere to smile and toss happily, shame on our so called leaders.

  135. Yego says:

    Mike Okello
    I see alot of sense in you.

  136. Yego says:

    If the IDP camps were closed and all are save, then we can enjoy watching Golf.Does it make sense telling the majority to start playing golf when they cannot even have a grain to swallow.Some leaders are missing in action not coz they are not golf players but becoz they have noticed the mood of kenyans.

  137. crateturner says:

    Okello i think u are very ignorant, thats whats blogs are for, is to disagree and to agree even the pentagon some times disagree even kibakis kitchen kabinet disagree but you dont see them going there diffrent ways. so i think your observation is stupid and should be deleted by agent of change, kama hauna kitu ya maana ya kusema hapa there is always mashada ama aje my brothers and sisters of ODM

    so okello let us disagree on this blog…if to disagree is moving forward then sisi tuko sawa pili haujala inakuwashia nini?

  138. Yego says:

    I recomend that you see someone to assist you to learn how to carry out critical analysis and observation formulaes.Incase you never stepped a class of fundamentals and philosophy ps spare some shillings and cross over to a class.

    Otherwise MO seems to be taking the rules of the game seriously if not perfectly.

  139. Yego says:

    Phrases i really hate:-
    1.ODM is joining the governement, then i ask myself is it joining or forming? yes its joining coz PNU government is already in place.

    2.Raila and Kibaki to officiate in a a function-then i ask myself why not to visit the IDPS together or go to church together?

    By the way, can Raila visit uhuru park without notifying the police? i guess know coz he would have already requested Magret wanjiru to hold a prayers section there.

  140. OT says:

    Yego, relax. I think you are losing your head now. no point getting worked up over a deal that hasn’r even gone trhough parliament yet. it makes absolutely no sense.

    let’s have the bills taken to parliament and debated then make sure what is passed is good for all Kenyans. everything else is just idle talk.

    I don’t see anything wrong with taking a day off to watch golf. whatever man, if I was in Kenya now I would have taken Saturday to go watch the rugby super series.

    And Mike Okello is nothing short of a fool. anybody supporting him is close to that.

  141. kanyeka says:

    I think guys we are now able to draw the line here let’s do our usual and divert our energy on the GRAND COALITION AND REFORM agenda.

    True ODMer know what I mean and they one day stand to be counted by bring the reforms in this country and do away with the first formost Tribalism.

  142. Yego says:

    Relax!!! then?I would rather support the genious and self-styled than obey the proud but shallow minded.

  143. crateturner says:

    i guess somebody had to say something mimi ni ODM damu if i am a sychophant so be it, atleast i have balls to admit it. and now wacha kazi ianze sasa we shall see change lets give RAO a chance. and those who are pessmistic there is always mashada blog

  144. Philip (The Visitor) says:




    All along we have been engaging in politics of reform, however after reading the above comments in this thread I have started seeing divisions among the members because we have started engaging in politics of power/position of power.

    This is the politics that has destroyed us and never taken us where we want to be.

    This is the politics that we should try very hard to avoid. The most important thing first and foremost is reform then can we see who can bring the reform. Our attitude is valuable to the healing of the nation. Power sharing deal is another opportunity to be used to heal the nation.

    We supported Raila not because we wanted him to be the president of Kenya but because we felt he’ll bring reform by occupying that seat. In other words we first thought of reform before we thought of who can bring that reform.

    Let’s stop fighting about who takes what position but let’s argue on the basis of reform. It’s time we need to act as watchdog and make sure that they bring the change we wanted. In 2002 I did not vote for Kibaki because I thought if he wins then Raila will be made a Prime Minister, but I voted for him because I knew he’ll bring change/reform. It’s only when he started failing on some issues that I turned against him. Otherwise if he could have brought change even with Raila out of his cabinet then I could have supported him in 2007! I’m not ‘here’ for neither Kibaki nor Raila nor Ruto nor Mudavadi, but they are there for us, thereofore I’ll support any leader regardless of his ethnicity and location, as long as he/she serves us.

    If we start fighting for position then I tell you all that we are going back to where we were and it will be a terrible cycle that we will never come out of. If Raila and Kibaki decides not to appoint either Ruto/Mudavadi/Karua/Uhuru and decides to appoint me ( Philip the Visitor ) and Jenny to bring gender and maybe ethnic balance, and later we start bringing good reform as people wanted then I don’t see why we shouldn’t be supported. We did not vote so our leaders can get to power but we voted so we can get reform we wanted. Let’s be concerned more with leaders who can perform and not with leaders from our region or tribe. Reform is brought by good and equitable performance of leadership and not tribe or region.

    Maybe Ruto can uplift Coast province more than Balala, maybe Balala can uplift Western more than Mudavadi, maybe Mudavadi can uplift Rift valley more than Ruto, maybe Nyaga can uplift Nyanza more than Raila e.t.c. Therefore if Kamau can uplift Nyanza more than Onyango then I don’t see why I shouldn’t support Kamau in Nyanza, or if Onyango can uplift Central more than Kamau I don’t see why I shouldn’t support Onyango in Central.

    It’s pitiful if we start seeing leaders based on purely tribe and region and we stop looking at them in terms of performance. This is what has led to the fall of good MPs like Kalembe and Tuju.

    If the attitude I’ve seen from some comments above is the attitude that has started then I can say that we are far from healing – infact the healing process can be made almost impossible unless we change our constitution such so that “each tribe and region will have a member to present them in senate that will be chaired by a foreigner since if it’s chaired by a Kenyan we will still continue fighting if our tribesmen are not put as chairman. We need to realise that there are no positions for everybody and therefore some will not get. What we need to push for is for the right and good leaders to be given these positions.

    Thank you all.

  145. OT says:

    Yes, Yego. relax. I can deduce from your posts lately that you have lost the ODM spirit and are now of a tangent to nobody-knows-where. one thing for sure is that where you are headed is exactly where PNU want you to go. why grant them there biggest wish purely of you own accord?

    Mike Okello is no genius. he is a big fool and government propagandist. if you are going to fall for his tricks then what does that tell you about the depth of your judgement? wisen up brother!

    the peace deal was only signed a few days ago. it is yet to be made into law. it has not even been opened for debate in parliament. yet here you are shouting yourself hoarse for everyone to hear about how kibaki is lying to us and how Raila is a fool. believe me if there is any sign of fmischief we will all be on the streets like we were a month ago. we are watching things closely and applying the right presure to make sure things go the right way. but starting to fight each other now will only divert our efforts and distract us from our ultimate goal which is an overhaul of the constitution and a setting up of majimbo governance in Kenya. believe me, if ODM insists on being in the opposition, there will be no new constitution because the justice minister will just dilly-dally and shilly-shally for 5 years till another election. then what, deja vu? ODM must be in the government and must get the constitutional affairs ministry in order that we may guide the review process to its desired end.

  146. kanyeka says:

    Mimi ni ODM damu and the visitor has made it loud and clear.

  147. Yego says:

    Life and relation structure as a tree branch model and i guess all of us here are units not unless nature varience in silenced.Well lets build a nation and a nation thats truely representative.I wonder wether some of you are really we then in the RV stop voting for our representatives coz we have NE representatives who are kenyan??Wacheni vitina na chuki

  148. Yego says:

    Im not a tangent to any sort of political geometry but im just raising my concerns and fears to be taken into considerations.If any, im i well not ODM extremist and so perception is reality.If i dont challenge myself(my party in that case) then we ll be in for a real shock.

  149. OT says:

    I believe the best approach is for Rift VAlley MPs and stakeholders to voice their concerns through the relevant party organs. and I believe Rift Valley is very well represented at all levels of the ODM party right up to the Party secretariat and the Pentagon. even in the National Dialogue and Reconcialiation team chaired by Oluyemi Adeniji, Rift Valley is very well represented. I do not foresee a situation whereby RIft Valley will be shortchanged in spite of this capable representation it has at all levels of ODM. Support for ODM was very strong in the Rift Valley and it would be foolhardy, even silly for ODM to take the people of RIft Vallet for granted. actually it would be equally silly for ODM to take any section of their support base for granted. personally, I feel like the support ODM received in Coast Province (especially Taita District) is not well reciprocated yet. I hope there will be an improvement here.

    But picking fights and arguments with fellow ODMers in this blog is not the way to go, never will be. we are just giving propaganda ideas to our opponents.

  150. Yego says:

    ODM is well known to preach majimbo activism yet the very followers and supporters cannot support a very fundamental pillar of majimboism i.e regional balancing in the Coalition government.If we articulate for this, we are called tribalist or pessimist, what a crop of selfish supporters.

  151. kube says:

    anyway i tend to agree with Yego but not on the same wavelength.
    i know we cudnt do without the grand coalliation but there is one thing that still bothers me, assumning we form the 50-50% govt as we delude, then whose policies are we implementing since we are in govt of curruption iendelee, mungiki iendelee, mafia iendellee?

    Odmers, i trust our president R Amolo but kibaki will remain a mwizi and one day he must pay for his sins.

    it might take three years or even more but he has to pay.

    we need peace but mungiki is still killing ple in elburgon, so thats what i can tell u, i cant understand whether we fought so that our leaders get jobs or wanainchi gets ugatuzi?

    therefore we need our leaders to know that we are watching but i will remain an ODM coz i trust Ruto and Raila and any direction they take will lead to prosperity

  152. Yego says:

    Yes we are well represented and more so actively onvolved in the pathfinding mission towards the success of obtaining the cake, but when it come to sharing, we are then branded kalenjins or tribalist for that matter.

    Rememeber that after the rigging, all the so called party heirachy collapsed and it was time for the brave to salvage the boat and so nothing stands in the line like automatically party heirachy.Some swallowed tear gas smoke while others were no where until when the share was brought to the door step.

  153. Baijo says:

    One united. peaceful and prosperous Kenya is much more important than our individual regional tribal enclaves.

    I doubt whether Raila made a decision to sign into the peace and coalition agreement on his without due consultations with all key ODM leaders – pentagon, party leaders and advisers. Let ODM leadership guide the party, its supporters and followers to another level of greater cooperation, tolerance and coexistance with our fellow countrymen from all region, majority of common people whom have not benefitted and have suffered just like the rest since indipendence.

  154. Yego says:

    Annan but it clear…we may not love each other but we can tolerate and work with each other….so why are some of you trying to cultivate love that will never withstand the test of times?

    Well said at Kube , try to open these dudes eyes coz my brothrs and sisters seem to be dubed and blind.we shouldnt be trying to create inferiority or superiority but equality for that matter.As i know Raila as never or otherwise been seen in public going to a golf club a proffession well dominated by PUNU financiers, so this like visiting PNU offices, when will we see Kibaki then visiting Orange hse?

  155. OT says:

    Yego, I believe ODM is well balanced regionally.

    the coalition government hasn’t been formed yet. so speculation on whether the regional balancing has been broken or not is premature.

    Kenneth Marende as speaker of the National Assembly is head of the legislature and should not be mentioned when talking about the coalition government which is an executive affair.

    Now, the running of Parliamentary systems world over is that the leader of the majority party becomes Prime Minister and the Deputy leader of the party becomes deputy PM. until we engineer a coup in ODM to depose Mudavadi as Vice Captain of ODM, i believe he remains deputy PM for the time being.

    the priority though is to implement the Bomas Katiba so that in 2010 we shall have new elections so that Raila can be President and Mudavadi or Ruto be Prime Minister. The VP is a waste of space and should be abolished. let the PM also be Deputy President. the ministry of local government should also be abolished so that our local authorities will be independent os executive interference.

    new elections should be in 2010, I cannot tolerate another five years of Kibaki.

  156. OT says:

    Yego, I believe ODM is well balanced regionally.

    the coalition government hasn’t been formed yet. so speculation on whether the regional balancing has been broken or not is premature.

    Kenneth Marende as speaker of the National Assembly is head of the legislature and should not be mentioned when talking about the coalition government which is an executive affair.

    Now, the running of Parliamentary systems world over is that the leader of the majority party becomes Prime Minister and the Deputy leader of the party becomes deputy PM. until we engineer a coup in ODM to depose Mudavadi as Vice Captain of ODM, i believe he remains deputy PM for the time being.

    the priority though is to implement the Bomas Katiba so that in 2010 we shall have new elections so that Raila can be President and Mudavadi or Ruto be Prime Minister. The VP is a waste of space and should be abolished. let the PM also be Deputy President. the ministry of local government should also be abolished so that our local authorities will be independent os executive interference.

    new elections should be in 2010, I cannot tolerate another five years of Kibaki.

  157. Yego says:

    Im just putting challenges and expectation that our party leaders should be considering before they do some things.I might be the only one who sees it the way im putting, but when i emmit to ma loyalist who are in masses then the wave might be swayed.

  158. kube says:

    for the posts of DPM, lets leave that to the able leadership of PM, he will never fail us and we know that Ruto deserves the post but our leaders sud recodnise seniority and thats wheer Mudavadi comes in.these are my personal opnion but whatever Pm will say, it will be the satisfaction of every1.

    Long live maisha bora,

    for doomsayers like mike okelo aka martha karua, bitterness is killing them.

    if u read his post, he seems to be so bitter.
    i wonder whether he sleeps and we want to promise mike dont loose sleep, the Pentagon have an exit strategy.
    who is smarter now?
    i think ur coz ur have no idea how the boat mwizi kibaki will sink anytime he want to exit the scene.

    but lets forgive ua bitterness, they said we have to follow te constitution, Pm is being entrenched kesho, they said they cant share power, ODM will get 50-50%,

    so pliz who is smarter now? ple who organised mungiki at state house are Mr wamugunda

  159. Yego says:

    OT! my brother, we are not talking of arms of arms of government but we trying to emulate the spirit of equal participation in national building.I mean why would you make someone an artillary commander in a battle where he can be killed(banned from travelling overseas for being and hardliner) the abandon him after the ceasefire?

  160. OT says:

    Yego, you need to substantiate here. Now that you have mentioned it, lets discuss it. How exactly have Kalenjins been excluded from sharing the cake which hasn’t even been cut yet.

    I do not think party heirarchy collapsed after the elctions. that is purely your imagination. and resistance to Kibaki’s rigging and its impostion was not restricted to Rift Valley. I saw demonstrations and Street fights all over the country. you may not know it because the media did not report it, but some of the fiercest resistance was in places like Wundanyi, Malindi, Taveta, Narok, alongside of course Eldoret, Kapsabet and Kisumu.

    everyone deserves recognition and nobody deserves it more the others as you are trying to propose.

    Golf is a sport like any other. i see nothing wrong with going to a golf tournament. and you are wrong to suggest that Golf is dominated by PNU financiers. obviously you have never had a look at the top golfers in Kenya.

  161. OT says:

    Yego, who has been abandoned? please explain for we do not see clearly who you are referring to.

  162. Yego says:


    ODM is not a government and so RV is not represented in government .

  163. OT says:

    I agree, RV is not represented in government yet. neither is Nyanza. at least not yet. but they both will be shortly, unless something drastic happens by the end of this week.

  164. Yego says:

    Do you want to tell me wundanyi or Taveta as you keep on reffering are new provinces? i didnt know that coz when i talk of RV, i guess the areas you ve mentioned above like Eld, kaps or Narok are inclusive.secondly , lets avoid mentioning individual names coz may be im reffering to myself, but ofcourse im rooting for Rutto.

  165. Yego says:

    I think you are not intouch with reality my friend, the cake as already been tasted and more so PNU wing is already eating theirs while waiting for ODM to go to the dinning table.Again you talk of Nyanza…….Obama is American but …..Anyway lets leave that at that.

  166. Baijo says:

    ??Rift Valley & parts of Nyanza already represted in the current Kibaki PNU goverment / cabinet i.e., 1. Samuel Poghiso, 2. Abongotum Asman Kamama, 3. Prof. Saitoti, 4. Prof. Ongeri, 5. Dr. Machage, etc

  167. OT says:

    OK, i get your drift. If your worry all along is that Ruto will be sidelined then I guess you are in for a pleasant surprise in a short while. the last thing any ODMer would want to do now is to sideline Ruto. not after all he has done for our party, NEVER.
    If Ruto ever runs for president I will vote for him. it’s just that we had set up this heirarchy in ODM and should stick to it unless there is a compelling reason not to. so far i see no reason for bypassing Mudavadi. but Ruto is a real hero. He will not be shortchanged and if Raila ever shortchanged Ruto, he will count my support as lost too.
    I too am rooting for Ruto just not for PM now but definitely for big things now and in future. Ruto is a guy I can trust. That’s for sure.

  168. Yego says:

    We in RV respect culture and tradition and so we respect our nomadic friends and we can force them to settle in one place and call the ours.We dont know wether they belong to the ugandan side or kenyan side.For Saitoti, eeh thank God is pocket is fat enough otherwise he would have been among the starnge visitors in camps.That leaves RV without representation.

    The second approach is that we in RV dont recognize Kibaki and his government.

  169. OT says:

    and what is this cake you are talking about. it is not some meal to be dished to regions to feast on at the expense of other kenyans. if PNU are having a feast now then their feast is headed for an abrupt stop because a party pooper named ODM has just happened on the scene.

    and how does Obama come in 🙂

  170. Yego says:


  171. Yego says:

    If united states of africa is born today and kenya is denied the governors post will you just sit back?

  172. Yego says:

    Maanzo and Julie waited innocently only to be gou unaware?The same forces may take tall and who knows???

  173. OT says:

    If i lose my job i’ll will blame you, Yego. just kidding. anyway, gotta go for lunch now. see you later. lakini usiwache ODM, you were one of our best intelligence collectors, now you want to leave us. Yego bwana, think about this.

  174. Yego says:

    OT & The rest!!
    This is hw to capture intelligence information.Its a user friendly methodology reffered to us plural contention approach where you trigger the culprits or subject to use reflex coordinated action and respond willingly.From my 48 hr section, i can now tell you who belongs where.In approach requires vast of experience, tolerance and patience.Thanks to all of you who contributed and i wanna assure you that im a ODM life member.

  175. kanyeka says:

    Phew! i nearly told you to go slow on this matter do you remember that term?
    Anyway i think you have your count on those who responded willingly and please do try this at home my wife though doesnt come from RV, might loose faith on Ruto She has a picture of that leader in her kibeti but am carefull Yego

  176. kanyeka says:

    I mean dont try this @ home

  177. crateturner says:

    lets wait this talk about posts this is not the time, lets wait and see lets not jump the gun yet, next week or the other week we will be in good position to discuss this maybe the admin can put a thread of the same. so i dont see how we can debate on things we havent seen or heard so lets wait and see its only a matter of days.

  178. Yego says:

    By the way the intention of my exercise was purely personal and was not meant to victimise, judge or characterise anyone.Rest assured that my findings bear no brand of star importance but i was just putting into practise a certain module of my work and especially on a topic that i really predict to be a hot one to our party in the near future.

  179. OT says:

    What!? Yaani all this time you were playing games with our heads! you are lucky you are very far from me now otherwise blood would be everywhere by now.

    anyway, glad to know you are still part of our team and seeking solutions. keep up the work.

    one point you have managed to bring out clearly though is that as ODMers we need to watch out and assess our leaders with open eyes. we should say no to sycophancy because that is what brought Narc down and nearly killed our democracy. If there’s anyone willing to stand up and shout if Raila shortchanges his colleagues, count me in. let’s wait for next week.

  180. Jamabinju says:

    Guys, anybody seen Muthaura’s statement released today ‘clarifying’ that the President will contiunue appointing ministers, ambassadors and parastatal heads!! I think this deal may not work after all! See kumekucha

  181. Yego says:

    Breaking News: Kenya Government ‘Clarifies’ Peace Accord
    The following is a statement read by Francis Muthaura (Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet) a few moments ago. ODM are said to be in a crisis meeting and are expect to respond shortly.

    “There have been various media reports that have created concern as to the roles of the position of the Prime Minister, Government appointments and structure of the Government following the national Accord. In that regard the Government wishes to clarify as follows:

    • The President remains the Head of State and Head of Government.

    • The Vice-President is the Principal Assistant or the President and the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

    • The Prime Minister will coordinate and supervise the Government functions under the authority of the President.

    • The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Ministers will also have ministerial portfolios.

    • The President will appoint the Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers subject to the terms of the Accord. The Vice-President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and all Ministers are directly responsible to the President. The President will continue to Chair the Cabinet.

    • The Accord does not include sharing of jobs in the Public Service.

    • Therefore, it should be clear that appointments in the Public Service are governed by the Constitution or Acts of Parliament.

    To this end:

    • Holders of Constitutional offices, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors, Judges of the High Court, Chairpersons of boards and a few chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the President.

    • All other civil servants in Central Government and Local Authorities are appointed by the Public Service Commission or through its delegated authority.

    • Judicial Officers including Magistrates, etc are appointed by the Judicial Service Commission.

    • Teachers are appointed by the Teachers Service Commission.

    • Almost all Members of the Boards of Parastatals, Except the Chairmen, are appointed by their respective Ministers.

    • Chief Executives of Parastatals are appointed by the ministers on recommendation of the respective Boards.

    • Other staff or Parastatals are appointed by their respective boards.

    I wish to assure public servants that there is nothing to worry about the safety of their jobs or the politicization of the Public Service. I urge public servants to embrace the implementation of the Accord. It is extremely important that professionalism in the Public Service is maintained and free from partisan politics.”


  182. mumias says:

    It could be over before we have even begun
    As condolezza rice said, he must be REAL power sharing!
    I await ODM response and subsequent Kibaki input
    Not good though. I see Martha Karua’s hand behind this again, Cue her speech in Nyeri over weekend in the papers!
    The hardliners are re-emerging already plotting next moves!

  183. kanyeka says:

    ODM are said to be in a crisis meeting and are expected to respond shortly

    This is where the litmus test is for the ODM

  184. OT says:

    the last kicks of a dying horse, i think. the bill will be introduced in parliament tomorrow. If Muthaura is serious the we will see the results tomorrow.

    this was a planned thing which involved nation media. check the sequence of events:
    1- Nation media publishes untrue stories about what ministries ODM intends to take and what Public Service jobs ODM is targetting.

    2- then Martha Karua in rally in Nyeri ‘reacts’ to te news.

    3- then a ‘clarification’ from Muthaura, obviously in cahoots with Martha Karua.

    Lets wait and see how determined they.

  185. Yego says:

    Better it not Yego who released it.Definately i said and i will repeat, i will never trust Kibaki.

  186. Jamabinju says:

    OT, I agree. You could just tell from the headline ‘Great Expectations’. Like the 6 provinces in Kenya are not entitled to a mere 50% of Govt jobs!!!

  187. Yego says:

    We also established that the recce squad assigned to Raila are ment to monitor him and may be harm him after whole.Do you now see what i told you be4.Always be warry of things which are rushed .

  188. Yego says:

    Raila is to personally blame coz he uttered the words that Kibaki remains the head of state and government.Report we have is that ODM will be used to pass the bill but they will never get the share……..genious men in action.Please Raila pay attention to what RIS tells you, we mean good for you but when you start smiling at golf tourney then we sometimes feel sorry.

  189. OT says:

    Yego, you were probably right after all. let’s wait for parliament tomorrow and see. this is just sickening. it seems there are some people who enjoy these intrigues and outrages that have been Kenyan politics for the past 5 years. maybe it’s time for Kenyans to say enough is enough. I wish I was in Nairobi now, I would be heading for Uhuru Park.

    One thing for sure, you can’t trust PNU ever.

  190. OT says:

    If this is true then I agree, Raila is to blame. He needs to be more careful. and if a useless bill is passed tomorrow then me and William Ruto are forming a new party to continue reforms

  191. Yego says:

    These joint official meeting were suspicious to me and they were actually meant to divert Raila mind as PNU

  192. Yego says:

    Wanna tell me Wako is smarter than ORENGO & CAROLI??

  193. OT says:

    look at how Nation media are reporting it: “New GOvernment Structure Released”. Is Muthaura the new government spokesman now? and on what authority is he speaking about things which are yet to be passed by parliament. I think Mwai Kibaki is probably behind this. usual games. we ain’t out of the woods yet. this week in parliament may be acrimoniuos.

  194. Yego says:

    Hint; PNU Using most experienced and young strategist ever seen in kenya.I was really uncomfortable coz i work with most of them and they ve just been laughing at how Raila could just fall into a trap like a blind mouse.

  195. OT says:

    I believe the strategy by Karua is to introduce ammendments on the floor of the house. this is where the battle will be. the bill Wako is going to introduce is probably good because it’s been done with Orengo’s input. no way of predicting what will come out of parliament though. but i suspect it might be someting like the Kilifi draft.

  196. Yego says:

    Kibaki as ben in office and its from harambee hse that the statement was faxed from.

  197. Yego says:

    Lets see if the two Principals will be able to tackle this, haya kasi kwako Agwambo.Rutto should now keep off, are you now seeing pple being harrassed in RV??lISTEN TO WHAT I TELL YOU AS U DID BE4.

  198. OT says:

    craziness. yesterday they were watching golf like identical twins and today kibaki is pulling new tricks. i bet kibaki’s phone has suddenly gone off and is unreachable.

  199. Yego says:

    Crateturner,OT,Kanyeka and the rest, lets respect information mates.Dont ever dismiss anyone on the ground of pessimism.

  200. OT says:

    with all due respect, Yego. you did not give any information. you just voiced suspicion and grumbled about how you think Ruto deserved a deputy PM slot. that is not information, sire. just grumbling.

  201. OT says:

    In any case, i treat that muthaura missive with the contempt it deserves. I will monitor the debate in parliament. rest assured a faulty or adulterated bill will not pass through parliament.

  202. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM – AN APPENDAGE in the “coalition government”. When things have cooled down, Kibaki will peel off ODM from his government. ODM is like a bandage you apply on a fresh wound and when that wound heals, you peel off the bandage.

    RAILA HAS FAILED TO LEAD. It has taken us many months to see the wisdom of Mzee Moi but we should see it clearly now. The Kalenjins are going to suffer. They should have heeded Mzee’s call to vote for Kibaki. Uhuru, Kalenjins are with you. Do not be far from them.

    The suspects in the Eldoret arson have been arrested and the police are in hot pursuit of other suspects. This is justice. It is okay. But why have the police not arrested the Naivasha arsonists who also roasted people alive? Why have the police not arrested the accomplices who gave mungiki free passage to Naivasha and Nakuru to hack people to death?

    Raila keeps saying, “we are going to do this”. There is nothing he is going to do. Quote me on this. He has no power. It is back to early 2003. He had power, as minister for public works, briefly before he was starved of all power and control of money in one swoop, and he lost control of his ministry. He was no longer the one to decide what roads to build or repair.

    For a genuine power-sharing, you tear down existing structures and put on new ones on a 50-50 basis. As long as the VP office exists, as long as the Head of Civil Service is controlled by Kibaki, there is no true sharing of power. What they are doing now is what Kibaki would have done (and he had started doing so) poaching MPs from ODM and appointing them ministers.

    Kalenjins, you supported Uhuru in 2002, you were removed from government jobs in your hundreds. In 2007, you supported Raila and you were massacred. You are also going to fill Kenyan jails.

    Kalenjins, send some wise men and women to Mzee Moi to ask for his forgiveness and seek his wisdom on what to do next. It may be time to seek to make peace with Kibaki outside of Raila. Gideon, play a key role here.

    Kibaki is indeed the horse and Raila the chameleon (as far as his supporters are concerned)

  203. Anon says:

    I hope RAO has plan B and C. PNU is like a tiger and it will never change its spots.

    you are still talking about jealousy??????? It is called systematic alienation. Kikuyuphobia? How many non Kikuyu’s own land or businesses in Central and do not say there is scarcity of land. I grew up in a kikuyu zone so I know what I am talking about. We have to go back in order to move forward. Otherwise good luck with the peace deal or is it power sharing deal!

  204. Anon says:

    @Maru Kiplagat
    With all due respect to Moi, did he resolve the land issue in his 24 years in power?

  205. Anon says:

    True in 2002 you were kicked out of govt because you voted for Uhuru. Now you want to make peace with Kibaki, the same man who kicked you out? He is still the same man, never forget that . As of Moi he is the professor of politics, do you believe that he is willing to go down without a fight?. Please enlighten me as to what he will do different? By all means set things right with him but do not forget the reasons why the Kalenjins decided to “punish” him through their vote.

    When Moi was president other commmunities went through untold suffering but he was forgiven because he handed over power with dignity. Remember that he was against Ruto from day one because he stole the limelight from his sons. At the end of the day the call is yours.

  206. OT says:

    So some people are frustrated at the slow pace at which things are moving. well, welcome to the opposition, brothers. some of us have been in the opposition all our lives and know that things don’t happen overninght and don’t come without a fight. while others are considering defecting we the true democrats will keep up the fight.

    as for those democratic Johnny-come-latelies, you are at liberty to go back to supporting dictatorships if you want. what we know is that the common man on the ground is with us.

  207. rafiq says:

    FACT: As things are now Kibaki is the president, head of govt and state.

    FACT: RAO is the ODM party leader MP for langata and not ye PM. He has Zero powers.. He cant be blamed for the current happennings. He requested for release of youth held in jails.

    FACT: There are people who fear for their jobs and have to protect them, Muthaura is doing exactly that. What he says may be wrong but he has to do it at least for others.

    FACT: NMG i.e. nation has been anti ODM in the past now and in the future. They fabricate things against ODM for their masters! I dont buy whatever they say. If you beleive it you will get high blood pressure and ulcers. Read it as PNU propaganda machines latest hypothesis.

    FACT: RAO is healthy, he never had an accident or sickness lately. Trust him to deliver 50% for 2 yrs then 100% for the next period of time.

    FACT: IDPs are moving back at their own risk, if things continue the way they are being proposed by PNU then another wave of trouble believe me.

    Finally Yego, its good you did what you did I have seen how people can react. But overall am postive about ODM.

    ODMers-this is the week that will make or destroy kenya, remember what we said before CAUTIOUS OPTIMISM

  208. tnk says:

    i hope the bill presented by Wako is different from the document I’ve seen, but if its the same or perhaps even worse, then the truth is ODM has been duped. lets not sugarcoat the truth. the lavish PM security detail is mere smokescreens aimed at appeasing the ego. We will know the complete truth when the final cabinet is unveiled but again I wont be surprised at all at the distribution of posts. Remember PNU is trying its best to show mastery of politics and the constitution and so far they are winning.

    we need to differentiate fact from hope and from believing in what should be done against what is going to be done. Lets keep it real folks, this is a raw deal.

    we hope(d) to have a larger say in govt but the facts in the document only guarantees inclusion of ODM in cabinet. So essentially Kibaki still gets his way becoz he had left out half the cabinet to be filled by ODM, so again I ask why did we have to get Annan to fulfill this. The PM and DPMs on paper appear to be overglorified cabinet ministers and not the dilution or distribution of executive authority we had asked for but we are yet to see that in practice.

    clearly there’s a lot amiss.

    We need a second wave of ODM (leadership in waiting) who pay a little more attention to detail. ODM has consistently made some goofs that shouldn’t have been allowed to happen starting with the registration fiasco (Maanzo and co), then the nominations fiasco, then in submission of nominated MPs (registration issue still a problem with officials). Fortunately at every stage of the game, goodwill and maturity has prevailed but that is no excuse for poor planning. We need a little more thoroughness, level headed and efficient running of ODM affairs.

    Again as I said before lets not get caught up in ego wars and instead focus on democracy, truth and justice.

  209. tnk says:


    my post must have crossed with yours, that is exactly right lets list out the facts only and remove all hopes and optimism from the current state of events and we find ourselves holding one really rotten egg, and then we are reduced to fight over how to share it.

    the well orchestrated events in the last several hours attests to this as has been pointed out, NMG article, Karua’s statement and Muthaura’s. These are the guarded “leaks” from the PNU machinery. It can possibly get worse.

  210. Murogi wa Kagogo says:


    When a deal is too good think twice,both parties in this deal are suspicious of each other .According to the deal in the making ,PANUA and ODM is to have a grand coalition otherwise known as a political alliance.A political alliance is entered into for the purpose of forming a government after elections.In the Kenyan scenario PNU hurriedly formed a government which is currently in place,ODM is literally in opposition .When Kibaki talks alongside RAO,he authoritatively preaches “my government”this ought to ring a loud bell to ODM leadership,I suppose a honest statement expected from kibaki ought to be “when we re-constitute the government”
    A reconstituted government in compliance with the 50/50 deal once ( if ) implemented requires the position of VP to be part of the deal,in plain language ,Kalonzo is supposed to be shown the door,however this has not happened and might not happen ,why because PANUA want to galvanise the Akamba votes by retaining kalooser,otherwise why would they want to retain kalonzo,if the ball game has changed.
    PNU/ODM Grand coalition government is supposed to be on an interim basis for atleast 2 years to facilitate the neccesary reforms,thereafter fresh elections can be held,the two parties have the numbers to see through crucial bills in parliament including 2/3 required for constitutional amendment ( PNU-45 ODM 107 )that makes kalooser support inconsequential,but ask yourself PNU still retains kalooser for what?some monkey business.
    Over the weekend we have read reports ( propaganda ) from NMG on ODM MPs discussing dishing out of positions,claims of our region deserves more positions than other regions etc all this is a scheme to create divisions among ODM supporters and weaken the movements strength so that in the event the coalition collapses and election is held ,PNU wins.
    I think RAO will be done if he accepts to work “under”Kibaki ,the objective of PANUA was and still is to have kibaki do “miaka ingine tano tu “with undiluted executive powers.
    RAO is about to be isolated ,look up todays NMG a picture of Kalooser and Ruto ,interpret the body language exibihited by their posture ( intimate discussion ).

  211. tnk says:

    I also think its time to give the electorate more control or access over their leaders

    set a term limit for MPs (4 terms or 3 consecutive terms)
    cabinet (can only be a cabinet minister for max of two parliamentary terms and assistant minister for 3 parliamentary terms), but they can all vie for presidency if they wish.

    to have someone as an MP for 9 terms like MK i.e 45 years, automatically denies any other potential leader or much needed diversity in leadership. In the modern world if you cannot deliver in two terms you become irrelevant. I mean sycophants in Mois regime and mafia from kenyattas are still trying to reinvent themselves and make comebacks.

  212. rafiq says:

    Whatever it is it will come out very soon. Lets hear the dabate tommorrow. lets get the implications. RAO said he has to tell the people what he is signing and seek their mandate. I hope he does that before he is ushered into the PM office.

    Secondly, RAO has advisers he is neither sick nor stupid. Thats why my good prof is there. They have already reponded with Anangwe. By the way AU is still here and they are still negotiating. So if things fall apart RAO is not to blame. He has given his good will and the people have trusted him.

    I know people are still ready to go to the streets if somebody plays with their power. All we need is for RAO to say there has been a betrayal and our people should wait for the next course of action and it will be disaster.

    So If PNU think they are smart I believe ODM is smatter. I wouldnt panick about Ruto and Kalonzo. I also saw Michuki and Oburu in a tea tete it doesnt mean much. NMG wants RAO and ODM downfall bcoz they are beneficiaries of this govt. Please read and ignore them, they are distracting us from the goal with their fabrications.

    Lets watch what happens this week. I am not surprisd by PNU strategies.

  213. Jane says:

    Politicians should sort out their politics and hunger for power in parliament. They should stop politicising everything. They did their shouting last year and are already on very huge salaries. The MPs do not need to be Pres.,minister, PM, DPM to initiate that development project they promised to start in their constituency. BUT they have forgotten all those lies they said. They have actualised and settled. Confront one and ask them what they promised to do and if they have started now that they’ve been in office for the last 2 months +.

    The electorate should now start DEMANDING a fulfilment of the development projects promised by mps. Otherwise these mps will ensure they stay in Nairobi fighting pnu only to appear after 4 years in your constituency.

    We ask what is more important, development of that health facility in your village, development of that water project, school, road etc in your constituency or having that MP (Most Important Person), that you ‘elected’ driven in a convoy of limos with a flag while you have to walk miles to fetch water, villagers fall sick and no health facility which the MP had promised to put in place IMMEDIATELY he/she got to that parliament?.

    Anybody mixing politics and public service is daydreaming. What parties do eg. the PSs belong to. Do the serving PSs get sacked and what reason would you give them? What of current heads of parastatals? Would you have to start guessing, he/she is luo so ODM, etc. What of the trend these days where fellows swap parties depending on their vested interests.

  214. tnk says:

    i think we ignored a lot of signs before but we must now wake up to the reality and welcome or at least appreciate the new prof of politics, the MP for Othaya who has outwitted, outsmarted and outmaneuvered ODM (previously LDP) strategists all the way from 2002. Those 40+ years in parliament must amount to something.

    We should totally ignore the apparent new bonding and remember the truth lies in the written word or bill, and how it affects the presidency, i.e all cabinet ministers including the PM and DPM are appointed by the president. Remember Wako has a history of ammending documents to favor status quo so there will be no surprises there

    this agreement is beginning to stink worse everyday, and I disagree about a plan b and c.

    we needed a clear plan of action with specific time frames and goals to be achieved and specific paths to be followed when terms were agreed on, a compromise reached or breached and so on. what we have right now is a very lame donkey after trading in our championship horse. over to you ODM secretariat.

  215. jaugenya says:

    Francis matharau has starated pouring water on a deal that has not even been passed into law yet.Isnt it his job to wait untill the bill has been passed . Befor that he like other kenyans should wait for the duly elected mps to do their job.

  216. tnk says:

    yego, otsiatso, rafiq, jaugenya, otieno,mumias, elizabeth, mrembo, jenny and other true odmers. put on your thinking caps for a second. the game plan has been quite clear but we allowed optimism to cloud sound judgement and reasoning. the isolation of Ruto and portray him as warmonger so that effectively RV appears to be overly eager or spoiling for bloodbath. then pamper or warm up to RAO to win the Nyanza crowd. not sure about the western and coast crowds. crafting of the document along PNU’s own mode of thinking, but making it look like an ODM led initiative. but a closer look at the document reveals what Kibaki/PNU have been saying since his claim of being “duly elected”.

    we’ve basically been dancing around the options that kibaki outlined and so there really is nothing gained.

    keep your eyes opened if the bill that wako presents reads the same as that document or has been diluted even further ostensibly for clarity to explicitly state or imply the hierarchy Press, VP, then PM, and I’m sure that is how it will read, we can all forget power sharing and assume a few ODM MPs have been included in a PNU government of national unity but under an elaborate and glorified AU led, high sounding terminology. Unless I see something on paper that reads different, then as much as the truth hurts, we have been outplayed by Kibaki/PNU

    those hopes and waiting for some miraculous comeback are mirages. lets get back to planning ahead.

  217. Anon says:

    Koffi Anan said that he would only be a phone call away.

    I agree with you on the issue of Wako. He has always been the same. Just read about his role in the resolution of conflict in Liberia.

    I thought you were banned from this site or assumed to suffer from psychosis. Pilipili usioila yakuashiani? Why dont you do us all a favour and just worry about your MP and PNU?

  218. Railkamuodho says:

    Neither Kibaki or Raila had the audicity to reject the peace accord. The survival of ODM depended solely on the goodwill of the international community. Raila cannot renege on the signed document. The Wako draft must be accepted in entirety or be rejected alltogether and ODM assume their opposition benches. But then Raila would become irrelevant. Right now the best option is for him to take up his position and work as hard as he can to deliver services to all parts of Kenya. He will be the one running the government of Kenya as the true COO while Kibaki is the CEO. Amos Kimunya will be the chief financial officer. The three gentlemen will be running the show. Any other assumption is off the tracks.
    Can you imagine the formation of the ministries will be done by the 10 men team who will come up with a method to institute the coalition. Muthaura is not part of this and will simply be taking orders from Hon. Raila. I do not see the reason for the ODM fraternity to panic for nothing. The grand coalition is unstopable but you should not pretend as though nobody else exist apart from ODM. You may have 4 million voters and so do your opponent. Be humble and accept other people’s view- think outside the box.

  219. Yego says:

    My question remains unanswered…..Is ODM joining Kibaki’s government or is it that the two parties are forming a coalition government.if COALITION, why havent the government been disolved to provide a level ground???Im saying this coz what Muthaura is doing is actually part of his job as it stands now because they is a government in place…

    In the accord, who is suppose to appoint the PM?? was it mentioned somewhere??From my understanding i thought it was an automatic post for whoever as the majority in government and not the president to decide.

    Are you pple aware that there alot of killings and arrest in RV, everyone is silent on this, why??????????????????????????????????????????

  220. Yego says:

    Majority in parliament and not government

  221. Yego says:

    We the kalenjins are now swimming in same the waters with the israelis.A word going round is that the kalenjins should be exterminated by the year 2020 to allow the kikuyus rule forever.You can now see whats happening in some parts of RV.the military have been deployed in numbers and the media given a black out of what is happening.

  222. tnk says:


    that government is proving to be an elusive topic and it appears that either one or both Muthaura, karua and ODM secretariat are not privy to the fine details otherwise why would they issue contradictory statements. at this point unless someone publishes the wako bill, we will be speculating

    can you publish more information on the happenings in RV, these need to come out in the open immediately. this is a deliberate attempt to muzzle and oppress or suppress the largest ODM support base and should not be allowed to happen. Where are the RV MPs can they speak up and the rest of ODM MPs need to stand firm in solidarity with RV

  223. crateturner says:

    l think muthaura’s statement is the last kick of a dying horse, they just want to show that they in control so please my fellow ODM lets wait and see

  224. OT says:

    My take right now is Raila needs to watch his behinds very carefully. If I were him I would be drawing very close to my ODM comrades and keeping very far from the PNU Mafioso.

    Let him make public appearances with Ruto, Mudavadi, Balala, Kibor etc. forget about Kibaki and co. they are a bunch of tribalist pigs.

  225. OT says:

    I gather there is already an operation in Rift Valley and they are harrasing the locals there. ODM need to make a statement about this NOW!

  226. rafiq says:

    Guys am told Elburgon is impassible to ODMers. Why are the Mps quite. Guys can you provoke your MPs to think for a while about what is happening to their support base. How do you keep quiet when people are being massacred? How comes they are not doing the same in Naivasha. I know they are busy to pass the bill but they can also issue warnings like Kapondi did and probably more serious ones.

    As for power shring I think waht PNU has shown is lack of goodwill. I know ODM and esp RAO has shown goodwill and if things deteroriate then he is NOT to blame.

    Can somebody ask the standard to highlight the happenings in RVP? NMG will not.

  227. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    Yego,do i feel panic from your side?if you panic,what should we do?Iam disappointed by Muthaura and the vangeful operations in RV but please dont point fingers at RAO,lets try to keep ODM togethar,PNU might be planning to trap RAO and ODM but wait until the hunter becomes the hunted.

  228. crateturner says:

    guys check this out


    Breaking News: Has Raila’s Security Detail Been Withdrawn?
    Although recent developments indicate that Prime Minister designate Raila Odinga’s state security detail may have been withdrawn there is still no confirmation of this from Police headquarters as the police spokesman has refused to comment on the matter.

    Raila’s wife Ida Odinga complained this morning that the security personnel have been changed too many times in the few days that the odinga’s have been accorded state security. This has meant that she has to show around total strangers in their Karen house every two days or so.

    As I was writing this security personnel withdrawn early today had still not been replaced by a new batch, hence the suspicion that this time the security personnel may have been withdrawn for good.

    Even if the state security is indeed still in place the behaviour described by Ida is very strange. Overhauling the entire security staff every few days is in itself a huge security risk to those being protected by it. Indeed the Odingas previously had their own fairly adequate security and the terrifying ordeal of having one’s minders playing musical chairs on the job is very unfortunate.

    Some political analysts could not help commenting on the sheer joy and glee Raila supporters have received his new “motorcade and state security status” with. Others have felt that coming so soon, it may have been an attempt to soften the ODM leader’s stance on some difficult fine details in the Anan peace deal that are still being negotiated.

    Indeed Kenyans are waiting with baited breath for news on what has been discussed in parliament today after the bombshell “government clarification” statement by head of the civil service and secretary to the cabinet Ambassador Francis Muthaura, yesterday.

    We will keep you posted on developments

  229. BJ says:

    Halo ODMRS, I have the following isights.

    1.RAO has never lost any war or contest with Kibaki or Moi, He made Kibaki president and ended Moi dynasty of 24. Kenya changed and will never be the same. The change was good for the counry.

    2. Raila gathered a solid team and managed to beat Kibaki banana team when they tried to force a bad constitution in Kenyans thoughts. If Banana won, you know ehere we would be. And the RV land would be gone by now.

    3. RAO overcame all the odds and strategies put on his way by PANU, He gatheered a strong team of leaders and together managed to win elections in 2007. Raila did not need a strategy to counter changing of figures from 70% to 108% that was a thief stealing in broad day light. still he made strategic moves at the time which has left Kenya intact eventhough we lost our brothers and sisters. Kibaki is solely to blame. Who won?

    4. No Gov can be in place and work without support of the int community. at a time when we have been tested the most. RAO has managed an arrangement that will see the ODM team remain united and re-group to send the thief home once and for good.

    5. I neither come from R.V nor Western. But I assure you inside my heart and in many people’s mind. Hon Ruto is a hero in all these. Watch this space. The next Raila in Kenya is Ruto, Raila knows that and all his supporters knows that. Raila will NEVER EVER FAIL TO STAND FOR RIFT VALLEY.

    Guys wait for the bill to pass, and Engineer gain some legilstaive recognition. All ODM agenda will be implemented.

    6. The running mate for Raila must be Mdavadi. Let sanity prevail guys. It is temporary. ODM did not get what they wanted but they are working with what they have to bring change. Raila is undergoing the biggest test. so far so good his team has done extremely well at 100%. One thing for sure is that Raila DO NOT WANT TO SEE THE BLOOD OF INNOCENT KENYANS SPILT WHEN HE HAS TOOLS TO MANAGE THE CRISIS.

    So I say and I repeat, that Kibaki never won any single fight he started with RAO and he knows that. He is not winning this one either.

    7. About the ongoing operations in Mt Elgon. I say it is painful and I smell something fishy going on. ODM must rally behind the civil society and together condemn the strategy being used. I do not support the militia, but the innocent Kenyans must not face any smallest sort of atack by the military. The force was too much and I think it is more than meet the eye. RAO AND RUTO. Please come out on this!!!!!!!! MUST MUST STOP!!!!!!! THE STRATEGY MUST BE JUST AND FREE FROM SUSPICION.

  230. Railkamuodho says:

    Maybe those crying about Mt. Elgon should tell us what they know about SDF and what it has to do with peace and ODM. Is there a connection that we we were never told. How come when wananchi are killed you do not write detailed bloggs. All militias in Kenya must be disarmed at whatever cost. It has nothing to do with tribe but cattle rustling and agency of death. Cattle rustling is a multi-million dollar black market which must be wiped with finality.

  231. Anon says:

    The only thing we learn from histroy is that we do not learn from history

  232. rafiq says:

    Railakamuodho let me ask you for once please answer, why are the same ammunition not being used onMungiki, who have the odacity to demo in Nairobi-the capital city of Kenya. Killing Kenyans by police, army, sabaot sth or Mungiki is wrong? They have to be arrested and tried in a court of law.

    What if the international community decided to bomb kenya indiscriminately coz of terrorists would you support it?

  233. kube says:


    Author Anonymous: for his safety

    Kenyans should thank God for what they never knew or don’t know.I have been introduced into this site by a colleague who blogs here often and I have a story to share. I’m an officer with the administration police based at the coast now but was in rift valley until few weeks ago and will not divulge my rank here for anonymity purposes. I have anonymously written to various international and local organizations about what i saw but many have been either skeptical or afraid to act. Anonymously, because in my line of duty, the reality of dying by a dirty colleague’s riffle is closer than that of natural death. I am from one of the GEMA sub-tribes

    I have a lot of information i’d like to share but for now, i will only use such forums to say what i know. Yes it’s true that mungiki were called in to revenge and the plan was to consequently use it as a tactic to maim or kill Ruto, Nyong’o and Sirma. The plan was met with a lot of resistance and squabbles between vigilance and state house almost got ugly until some rouge senior officers in nairobi decided to let the mungiki out for a field day at naivasha and nakuru.

    It became apparent that when members of the kalenjin and some moderate maasai heard that the mungiki were on a revenge attack, the kalenjin, who are way superior and tactful in bush combat, decided to meet them at rongai and molo and that is when the mungiki lords called muranga for reinforcements.

    The police were told to sit back and come in when the objective was complete. The infighting that pitted the organisers saw some hasty decision to send a lorry full of mungiki youths to Burnt forest with GK escort to meet the raiders but the whole lot of them, 43 in number, were met with heavy resistance and the last one of them died two hours later.It was devastating.The lorry was burnt and the two riffles the gang had were stolen by the attackers.

    This was never reported in the press. I remember we were dispatched to the scene three hours later yet we were in a post nine kilometers away. three local press members took pictures and interviewed witnesses who accounted every thing they saw, we never heard of in in any news. When Nairobi heard that the mungiki strategy could not work in riftvalley and parts of nyanza that is when state house decided to recall them by pretending to carry out arrests.

    I know, we were there. Ladies and gentlemen, some of us uphold the oath we took to protect the sanctity of life and maintain law and order.I love my job and actually it has enabled me propel my family’s financial status, but some thing that go on within the corridors of power have impacted negatively on the spirit of the force. Unnecessary civilian interference threaten to kill the force entirely as we are already witnessing rifts between the regular police and the administration.

    A fact that many do not wish to admit is that, more than 2,000 people died and 65% were in the hands of police. More than 34 police officers lost there lives to fellow officers who found them a stumbling block to the executive order to kill rebels within the citizenry.15 officers were killed by civilian attackers.In a place like kericho and eldoret, we were given shoot to kill orders and those officers who defied or reluctantly obeyed were shot in the back by colleagues in the line of duty, to stem rebellion within the force.

    MOREOVER, many mungiki were killed, but instruction prevented the police and media from auditing the death tolls. Something the minders under estimated was the fact that not everyone fear the mungiki.Some tribes, especially the Nilotic ones are hardened war mongers who rustle cattle on a daily basis.

    These kalenjins and samburus do not fear the mungiki, and are adapted to rugged terrain and are very tactical.the mungiki are only relevant in towns and small communities, but outside their territories, they need police escort, as the only thing they use are pangas and guns.It never scares away the morans of kipsigis , nandi, samburu and maasai. A full scale war was about to break and since the casualties were the unprepared kikuyus, then Kibaki would have tried to use the police who were already squabbling .It was really bad.

    A friend told me sometime in January that mungiki old guard had made a deal with state house to release maina njenga ,the son of the founder of the sect on condition of cooperation. But there is a section of Kibaki’s old guard who feel that the mungiki are bad for there business and have been against the sect for years now, and these are the ones organizing a total wipe out of the sect.

    Now with the peace pact, many mungiki die hards are not pleased with kibaki as it now seems that the section against mungiki have won the round.With aRaila as prime minister. Many fear that the deal with mungiki over maina njenga will not be honoured.

    The sec t was meant to kill some MPs, journalists, Human rights activists, and various personalities from the Agikuyu who refused to ride with them. I am one of them, but like Githgongo and Kiai, I have refused to let evil be.I may not be brave or rich enough to hold press conferences from London, but I believe that through such forums and avenues, I can share my bit.

    There are many other officers willing to share their insight, and what you will find out will really confirm that our president had become desperate and resorted to taking advice from criminals. When he was left to decide on his own, he chose to work with raila.
    Kibaki should not worry about ODM, he should worry about his friends. GOD BLESS KENYA

  234. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    jambo wana ODM,these are my preffered nominees ODM should forward for appointment to the cabinet:




  235. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  236. INGOLO says:

    dont you think Ojaamong should be in,na Joho pia?

  237. Sam says:


    Your choices are good but ODM should go for whats fair.

    Since we have 8 Provinces, how about 2 minsters from each province and 3 from the Rift.

    This will show that “ODM is Kenya” and “Kenya is ODM”

    This will even baffle our friends from Central and Eastern.

    After all Politics is about winning the NEXT ELECTIONS and ODM is the future of KENYA.

  238. Sam says:

    And to Cement the trust of all Regions we should use the same Math for picking Assistant Ministers.

    ODM should Look National.

  239. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    thanks guys,but we dont have MPs from central,and by the way Eastern/Western are partly catered for in Central have everything.
    one more thing,is there a law that can enable me sue muthaura for over staying in the civil service?

  240. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kibaki is at it again – creating a plethora of unnecessary government bodies. The way Kibaki operates, he lists all his top friends and their number determines how many ministries there will be and how many new government corporations he will create.

    The newly-created Brand Kenya Board is meant for Mukhisa Kituyi or for Jimmy? Instead of creating Brand Kenya Board, how about revamping Kenya Investments Authority and making it Kenya Investments & Marketing Authority. Promoting investments in Kenya and marketing Kenya and Kenyan products go hand-in-glove, don’t they?

  241. rafiq says:


    Good trial but I will take Dalmas Otieno for Ojode based on performance not sycophancy and rhetoric. As for central none, eastern-nyaga should be added. All others are excellent choices.

  242. Raphael says:

    My hero-Ruto has done us proud once again. He has shown us that he really value the unity of our party. i think he has given us a good example that should be followed by all of us including the mps who have been giving unwarranted demands over cabinet appointments. we are not yet where we wanted to be and all of us need to sacrifice at least something for the sake of the unity of the party. the battle that lies ahead of us needs a united team and through God’s guidance we shall overcome. its time all of us should vigorously start marketing the party to win more support so that come the next election, our party should command a clear majority that will enable it to take over both gvt & state. MAY GOD BLESS ODM, MAY GOD BLESS PENTAGON MAY GOD BLESS KENYA.

  243. Sam says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Ruto may turn out to be one of the best political minds in Kenya.
    Associating with Raila does that to People, it happened to Awori to an extent, Kalonzo, Saitoti, even though they reverted to sychophancy.

    I still maintain that ODM should fly Ministerial Flags in all the 8 Provinces. The future of Pentagon is to grow to an Octagon.

    If you guys thought the 2007 elections were Competitive, the next elections will be a boogah and ODM must be in all the Provinces.

    Each Province should have 2 ODM ministers, 2 ODM asst. ministers, 2 ODM PSs and since the Rift Valley is so expance it should get 3 of each.

    Now, thats a political strategy. Plus it will not Personalize the positions.

    The above should be Constitutionalized in the New Doc.
    It will stop all this fighting for positions no matter which party is in power.

  244. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Some Kenyan politicians are interesting, really interesting. Take for example, these politicians from Rift Valley and they are Gideon Moi, Nick Salatt, and Paul Sang. They are talking about KANU. In Rift Valley, KANU is dead and buried.

    Instead of calling press conferences to talk about KANU, they should be going to John Michuki to ask him how they can rob KANU violently from Uhuru Kenyatta. John Michuki is the master of robbery with violence of political offices.

    There is one thing I will miss though – Mzee Moi’s laughter. I used to enjoy it but with KANU’s death in Rift Valley, Moi’s laughter has been replaced by sadness. In 2002, many of us pleaded with Moi to allow free elections to pick the presidential candidate for KANU. He refused to heed the pleas. He imposed Uhuru Kenyatta on the people.

    In 2007, we begged Moi to support Kibaki quietly and let Gideon pursue his political career through ODM. Moi refused to heed the pleas. He detached his son from the people. People have been with Moi and tried everything on earth to continue being with Moi but he did not want to be with the people.

    I am no longer pleading with Mzee Moi, who remains an esteemed elder to me, for anything but I am now pleading with Gideon, Nick, and Paul. I am urging them to revive their political careers by moving to ODM. Leave KANU to Uhuru Kenyatta. He now owns it. He is the spokesman for KANU.

  245. rafiq says:

    Let ODM not associate itself with KANU as a party directly or indirectly except through PNU i the grand coalition. Let them not divide KANU to give part to ODM. I sense opprtunists who either want to make a kill from Kibaki-doubt they will succeed OR warm up towards ODM.

    I dont want them near us period! Their constituents should do the same. These guys should shut up! They cheated Kibaki and Kenyans then took off when Kenya was burning. Washindwe Kabisa.

  246. ARTHUR says:





  247. ARTHUR says:









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