Hon Raila Amolo Odinga genuinely won the elections,Kibaki sworn himself into power,International community called for mediation,ODM soften their preconditions,Kibaki goes ahead and names a cabinet. Surely is this man really serious?



  1. Steven M says:

    This man is serious about ruining this country. This man is serious about creating a wedge between central and eastern province against the rest of the country. This man is serious about denying kenyans their right. This man is serious about denying kenyans their freedom. What this man does not know that we as kenyans are serious about getting what is rightfully ours back by whatever means. If he is ready to use whatever means then we are ready to get it back the same way. We want democracy back in this country. We want the rightfully elected people’s president Raila Amolo Odinga to lead us through a truthful, just and peaceful nation. WE WANT OUR RIGHT BACK!!!!

  2. faith says:

    Agent for change

    Kibaki has never been serious e.g Arturs, Anglolasing,Lucy beating up people, raid on media and now stealing from us we cant allow this am sick and tired of this man if the Kuffour negotiations doesn’t produce anything concrete let us play hard ball.

  3. lexx says:

    i do agree with you faith,kibaki aint serious and he will never be?but look at it this way kibaki is preparing for any eventuality i.e re-run because that is the sure way to go.most people are insisting on it so he knows that he must start before the ODM capitalize on that.He want to consolidate the central and eastern votes that will make it around 3million votes then he goes fishing in other places.this is my opinion and i thinks this is what is going through his sure and i know that we will go for a re-run and i hope that the ODM are aware of PNU’s game plan.
    do you know why am insisting on the re-run from the time kibaki was sworn in pnu were rejecting ODM’s statement but slowly and steadily they have been accepting them so re-run iko

  4. faddie says:

    of course he is not serious.but it was done for two naming the cabinet kibaki was trying to pre-empt the outcome of the mediation.this was supposedly to help him achieve either of two things depending on the outcome of the negotiations:
    1.if it is decided that they form a coalition government with ODM,then he will end up being the biggest beneficiary since he has already given out all the key ministries to his cronies.that is why he left the peripheral ministries for ODM in case they decide to join the government.or appointing Kalonzo vp,he is being strategic in case they settle for a presidential re-run.he believes that since he has made Kalonzo vp,if there is to be a re-run,then kalonzo can persuade his block(kambas)to vote for kibaki thus increasing his numbers.his assumption is that all kambas who voted for kalonzo will transfer their votes to him becoz he has made one of them vp.the arguement being that if they don’t vote for him they will lose everything coz honestly if ODM forms the government kalonzo cannot be they will be told they are better off with kalonzo as vp in kibaki’s government than being in opposition if they vote for ODM.honestly,kambas might buy this.
    so he calculates that with the central and eastern votes in tact and approximately 4 million,he will only need to seach for about 1,000,000 votes from other provinces in order to wrong.
    the only person i sympathise with is Kalonzo but at the same time i understand why he had to play second fiddle.
    i sympathise with him becoz by accepting the post of vp,he has just kissed his presidential ambitions goodbye.he has messed his credibility and it will be difficult for him to convince kenyans that he is a presidential material.for now most people see him as a traitor.
    i understand him becoz,he believes that the vp is a step away from the presidency and that it can easily catapult him to the presidency come 2012.he is also banking on the support of the greater GEMA when he stands for presidency in 2012 so by being a faithful deputy to kibaki,he believes they will offer him support since they have the numbers.
    this being the first time a kamba is made vp,it is a golden prize for kalonzo since he feels rejecting it would have amounted to missing a golden opportunity and maybe the kambas may have never forgiven him.
    finally,kalonzo having been a student of nyayo just like the nyachaes, njenga karumes and the saitoti’s of this part of the world are typical opportunists.they can smell an opportunity from far and can’t wait to capitalise on them.they like reaping where they haven’t it is only natural that he joins his group of vultures.this company includes”the best lawyer” in kenya,mutula kilonzo,uhuru kenyatta,harun mwau,jirongo,yusuf haji,and kibaki among others.these fellows have things in common.they have now regrouped into familiar territory to finish and dispose off the carcass.KALONZO HAS JUST JOINED HIS GROUP OF HYENAS,GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

  5. Andrew says:

    Hang in there Raila! Stick to your principles and keep the pressure on Kibaki. My heart goes out to the innocent victims of violence on all sides, but you must not be the first to blink!

  6. Tom says:

    Whatever tey do, I will never recognize Kibacki as my president. i voted for Kibaki in 2002 and he betrayed us come 2007 I voted for Raila ‘The Peoples President” and he stole the vote. Their is nothing to negotiate with a thief. Kibakui can not force his bad leadership on us.

  7. Omuto says:

    This is a survival game. Kibaki is up to no good for not only Raila and team, but also Kenya as a whole. We in ODM can only win this game if we learn his tricks and not only counter them, but move ahead of them and be on the offensive. Ruto, have we run short of ideas? The more we allow this sick thief to advance with his criminal activities, the more we sink. Diplomacy doesn’t seem to be offering us any tangible help. The best way to deal with a thief is to redeem your property from him (by hook or crook) then take him to court later.

    Time is running out as Kibaki moves on with his Kazi iendelee motto (and indeed inaendelea) as we still wait for the so called diplomatic and chief of African Public Relations, Mr. John Kufuor. I assure you, nothing tangible will come out of this so-called diplomatic visits. Come to think of it, Frazer herself is suffering from verbal diarrhea. I cant buy her sentiments an inch. What has Kibaki given this so-called peace envoys? They seem to be dancing to his tune every time any of them steps his/her feet in Kenya.

    Already the first year of the tenth parliament is eating into us, with half the cabinet now named and our guess having been justified; Kalonzo for VP. My concern is with the MPs. They have five years to be recycled and they have to play it smart, if the just rigged elections is anything to go by. Now the dangling of the carrot. The hanging cabinet positions are up for grabs, and I loath to think that someone somewhere in the ODM team is salivating for one of the positions. This will be betrayal of the highest order, dear honorable members. I know it calls for leader of the party to negotiate for such a move but I fear one might be carried away with the goodies and sell his birth right. For one thing I know, that Raila cant negotiate for power sharing with a well known thug (Kibaki). We depend on the MPs to support him in his quest.


  8. Phil says:


    This man is NOT serious.

    The sooner the pentagon does something drastic the better. By this I mean, something much more effective than mass protest rallies the better.

    I do not know what they are waiting for.

  9. Don Croce Malo says:

    Kenyans should not allow Kibaki to fool them like he is foolish himself. Kibaki knows that he is on the wrong, Kenyans are not stupid!!! Force this man to step down, why does he use the police and the mungikis to instil fear on innocent Kenyans, he can’t rule a nation when he is not wanted (people really do not like Kibaki). We want a government that will address the ills that have led to the suffering Kenyans are facing until now, and yet to face for 5 good years if Kibaki is not dealt with.
    ODM please stop wasting time listening to the clergy who know nothing about real survival, the foreigners who still take us to be children – ACT TO SALVAGE WHAT BELONGS TO KENYANS. Put pressure on this guy to resign or go for a rerun, then he’ll face the biggest shame he’s never faced when he robs people of their mightiest right. He is a thief, a known thief and conman.

  10. Maru Kapkatet says:

    It is time Raila announced his Cabinet. ODM should refuse to co-operate with Kibaki. If ODM is to attend parliament, they should do so only by making a “technical appearance” before proceeding to hold their own sessions elsewhere.

    If it has to come to this, ODM must insist that ODM ministers are paid their salaries and allowances fully and given appropriate offices. If the Treasury does not give the money, ODM must make arrangements with bilateral donors to fund them.

    ODM should call on Kenyans to consider the long-term interests of their country and not entertain short-term and cosmetic GEMA-made and GEMA-tailored prescriptions. It is not impossible for Kenyans to refuse in a peaceful manner to be governed by Kibaki.

    I fear for ODM supporters, especially from Rift Valley, Nyanza, Coast, Nairobi, and Western Kenya. Many of them have been massacred already by Kibaki’s ruthless security forces machine. They will face greater discrimination in the places of work and in business and many more of their own will die.

    Kibaki does not hide his contempt even for some of the people who have supported him. Take the case of Noah Wekesa. Kibaki is convinced that Wekesa is only good for the shallow Ministry of Science and Technology and not the Misnistry of Education, where he has already acted as Minister. Architect of PNU or not, Wekesa is seen as not good enough to lead a full ministry, not even the Ministry of Agriculture and yet he is a veterinary doctor and a farmer.

    As for Naomi Shabaan, the doctor dentist, Kibaki is not convinced about her credentials and sees her not fit to lead the Ministry of Health. As before, the Minstry of Finanace and Provincial Administration and Internal Security remain firmly in the hands of Gema to ensure that they continue with with their exclusive hold onto the economy and rigging machinery.

    Despite all the negativities, I am happy that Kenya is on an unstoppable march towards equality and unity. ODM has planted the seed and it is germinating and growing. Kibaki and Michuki are of the colonial mentality. It will not be too long now before Kenya is led by patriotic Kenyans.

  11. Otieno says:

    Kibaki, serious? ha! My take is that he’s just trying to save his own skin. The thief will resign or something and leave the mess in Kalonzo’s hands. He’ll retire to Othaya and hope Kenyans forget him – we won’t, of course. Being a hands off person, this will suit him just fine. Remember what Kalonzo (aka opportunist, aka mr. no principles, etc) said recently? If there is a re-election, it’ll be between him and Tinga coz Kibaki has technically done his second term.

    I believe ODM have plan Bs and Cs. The next few coming days are crucial…watch and see

  12. daddy says:

    Hi all,

    Kibaki is serious and has always been serious. How do you explain the intensive campaigns? The endless bribes and corruption? He is very serious to implement the GEMA Association agreement he was a leader of. He is serious to ensure that power remains in the land of GEMA and very serious to ensure that the Kenyatta dream and vision for Kenya remains intact. The only way he can be dealt with is by a revolution and forceful change of regime.

  13. Maru Kapkatet says:

    To ODM Secretariat:

    Raila’s website is the best medium to get the latest developments to ODM supporters everywhere.

    Can the ODM secretariat release daily briefings on the latest developments through this website?

    Some sections of the Kenyan media are biased and use their columns to campaign and justify Kibaki’s illegal actions instead of informing. The Standard online at times has problems posting the latest in time.

    We should rely on Raila’s website for the latest.

  14. Otsiatso says:

    Maru – good luck..I have sung that song mpaka nowadays I just wonder perplexed. This is the best source to get out the news and then we disseminate it to our friends here and abroad. The main webpage is old and outdated, yet it does not take much to do so.
    Agreed! Kibaki is as serious as a heart attack. He would not have done all those things if he was not counting on staying in power. Instead of asking whether Kibaki is serious – Secretarite should be updating us as to where they are. They do not need to post what they need to do.

    But Kibaki is very serious. Anyone who would be willing to sacrifice his own community [he does not care for Kenya] and keeps quiet even as they are literraly cleansed out of places they have lived for decades and are slaughtered, is very serious!

  15. steve wagude says:

    Time is running.Since we ODM supporters have realised that Kibaki is not serious,let’s not laugh with him any more.Sometimes we have to keep things boiling.
    Let aguambo go ahead and name his cabinet and let us kenyan’s move with him.

  16. Kibaki has used the presence of President Kufuor in Kenya, to visit Eldoret in a cynical window dressing exercise to fool Kenyans and the rest of the world that he is concerned about the anarchy that only he perpetrated.

    This Dictator knew he could not dare set foot in all six provinces that he has so callously deprived of their democratic right to be lead by The President of their choice The man has shown contempt for all accepted standards of honesty and/or morality that any leader worth that name is expected to uphold.

    It is a waste of time and energy for us to keep lamenting and crying foul when we actually know this HYENA too well, in fact, by name. It is obvious that he does NOT plan to relinquish his hold on Office of the President, Power or State House.

    We should be operating and thinking ahead of him otherwise using the state machinery at his disposal he will continue to rule by the bullet until the end of five years.

    Here is my idea, and it may seem simplistic but could prove to be the solution for Kenya;

    •Let those who support Kibaki and Kalonzo be allowed to govern themselves and their territory. (eg Swaziland and Lesotho in South Africa). Central Province could become Athuri-Land and Eastern could conveniently be Kambaland.

    •Those that support the PENTAGON, namely Nyanza, Western, Rift-Valley, Coast, North-eastern and part of Nairobi should work calculatively towards forming a government of their own. We have experts in this field and it is time to consult them and give this option a serious thought.

    Why should we send our hard earned money from our regions all the way to this waiting hyena only for him and his kin to channel the same to their bank accounts? For how long will we do that?

    This hyena has spent billions of shillings in a sham election while all along he knew he would not step-down. I would have rather he spent that money to help the poor in Kenya and then use that as an excuse for postponing elections.

    The rest of the country could invest in a modern infra-structure network joining regions of like mind;

    A road from Mombasa by-passing Central and Eastern Provinces could easily be constructed traversing the lower Rift Valley through Maasai Land (Ntimama’s area) all the way to Western, Eldoret, Kitale, Pokot and Lodwar and Lokichogio. Another road from Mombasa through Lamu, Garissa could feed Wajir and Mandera in North Eastern Province. I have traversed all the existing earth roads through the said areas and I know what is possible for a road network. Many Kenyans for example do not actually realize how close Migori is to Maasai Mara which is Narok County Council.

    Skeptics will always be there but they just need to see pictures of Minnesota in 1890.


    •Kenyans MUST begin to give armed struggle a very serious thought. How will we remove a well entrenched dictatorial system that has its roots reinforced in the Kenyan constitution it-self?

    •Change the Constitution? – You have been there. The stale-mate will continue as long as the sitting president is jaded and/or motivated chiefly by selfish, corrupt and ethnic concerns.

    Brothers and sisters it is you and I who must make the choice as Kenyans. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress…..

    George Nyangweso

  17. Otsiatso says:

    Ndugu Nyangweso:
    Let us tread carefully. If we resort to violence then they will have won, at this time the rsst of the world is with us – only Uganda has recognized Kibaki regime. We can still take power without violence.
    We have history and the messes on our side.

  18. hekima naamini says:

    asalam aleykum brother and sisters in ODM. mine is a very simple way and a suggestion on how to deal with the problem. We should never relent in this fight against injustice. However the last solution i see is acceptable is to follow the rule of law. Many times the karuas and the government have urged the opposition to go to court.. We in ODM do not have faith in thejudiciary:) should of accept to go to court then we should have three condition meet. An independent east african or a common wealth court. Which sit un interrupted let’s say for three months. .Disband electoral commission and form another one constitued by inter party.

  19. Shaqmaya says:

    ODM should continue and form its own government, appoint its own police commissioner, cheif of general staff, GSU commander,provincial commissioners, DCs,form our own parliament in Eldoret and appoint our head of NISS in all provinces that we won. We are ready to pay our taxes to ODM and donors should be fetched to boost the budget. Lets break away from these thieves the way Eriteria broke away from Ethiopia. Nairobi should remain a divided city like Berlin was, during the west, east cold war.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Could’nt agree more. ODM should go ahead and form its own government. We are going to wait forever for Kibaki and his cronies to make up their minds and call for a re-run of the presedential polls. By the time we might be going for a re-run, these people would have finished their cooking and doctoring of the registers again! It is useless and a waste of time. Losing an election is painful enough, but being cheated out of your clean win is too sad I cannot stand it, with all that energy that were put in the campaigns…please.

    Raila, Pentagon and the secretariat, please I hope that you do have plan B and C so that if nothing comes out of this Kuffuor talks then we go ahead with our other plans. STRIKE THE ROD WHILE ITS STILL HOT! The whole country and the whole world is still behind you. Any move you make will have our backing. Lets not let this momentum die out. I am sick of watching this nauseating woman in the name of Karua talking to people as she does, and Kibaki my friends his days are numbered. You saw smoke encycling even in his own presence. Ha!

    I was very excited inside my heart that finally we have got a solution to the ills that Kenya is currently going through. With Kibaki in place and naming his cabinet, I can only see soo many potholes again to Kisumu, congestion and traffic jams in Nairobi, those structures in the name of houses that are built everywhere in the estates continuing to sprawl up and cramble with tenants inside them, and looting of state properties continuing!

    We have to act, and we must act now, a year later is too long for me. I only wonder how long Kibaki intends to put soldiers on the streets and estates!

  21. Steve says:

    I totally agree with Elizabeth! We might wait for long to see justice being done. The Pentagon should go ahead and form a government… we support true democracy and this can only be achieved by having a legitimately elected President RAO leading this country.
    We await to hear the outcome of the ongoing mediation process but the Pentagon should have that plan ready just in case things do not work to our right.

  22. faddie says:

    dear ODMers,
    remember jaramogi,matiba,rubia,njeru gathangu,raila,george anyona,orengo,mgangha and others?these are patriotic kenyans who stood up not only for their rights but for this country as well.most of them were in their youthful years.and they were not poor either so they could have chosen to lay back and let business go on as usual.but they stood up becoz they believed in their country.they were tortured and maimed just becoz they were fighting for democracy.they suffered irreparable damages to their healths and businesses and for what?just so that you and me can benefit.where were the kibakis,kalonzos,saitotis,poghisios,mutulas of this world?they were sleeping with the torturers,the enemies of democracy.
    while people were fighting for democracy,these same fellows dismissed it as futile.what happened recently happened in 1992.none of these fellows raised a they are all in familiar territory.they care less and to them the words democracy and justice are vocabularies.
    the freedoms you and i are enjoying didn’t come by themselves.some people stood up to the system and suffered for it.others even died for it.they are now living legends.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to be counted,there would still be apartheid in South Africa today.if they let it go hoping to change it at a later date,it would never have ended.they lay their lives on the line and now South Africa is the biggest economy in Africa.this freedom didn’t just come,they fought for it.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to fight for their rights,the Orange Revolution wouldn’t have happened in did happen becoz people said “enough was enough”.they couldn’t take it anymore.
    if the youth hadn’t risen up in the great United States Of America under Martin Luther King jnr.,there would still be racial segregation.but it reached a point of no return.they did it and now Americans are now abit more accomodating.
    these are just but a few examples.i believe we have reached our point of no return in Kenya.and this is a point where we have to throw caution to the wind if we want to have change.change is never given freely,it has to be fought is always resisted.the only person who easily embraces change is a baby whose nappies have been soiled.
    this is my messsage to the youth,make a difference while you still have the energy and strength.ask yourself what contribution you can make towards making Kenya the country you want it to be.i know all ODMers are yearning for change.but how do you hope to get it when you sit at home and do nothing.?
    this battle should not be left to the poor brothers and sisters living in the slums.let us come out and show our solidarity with our leaders.let us do something to change this country for the better.if not for ourselves then for posterity.
    for what will you tell your grandchildren?will you look them in the eye,and boldly tell them that you stood by and watched as kibaki and his cronies destroyed this country?will you convince them that you couldn’t do anything more just becoz you voted and he messed the results?if i were your grandchild i would never forgive you.
    this country has reached a turning point.sooner or later,Kibaki will follow the route Mugabe has taken.will you be willing to watch as he joins the league of african dictators.i won’t.he has already started and i won’t let him turn this country into another zimbabwe where everything the president says goes.
    i won’t let him add kenya into the list of failed states.i don’t want kenya to be a statistic.we changed this when we drove Moi out of town.i won’t let kibaki take us back there.
    therefore am standing to be counted.i suggest that ODM organizes peaceful mass demonstrations everyday if Kibaki declines a re-run.i will be there everyday until justice is done.this country doesn’t belong to kibaki and his cronies more than it belongs to you and me.if we don’t stand up to them,history will judge us harshly.becoz,if this goes on,we might just become another Rwanda.
    to my Kikuyu brothers and sisters,this is not an ethnic war.matiba and rubia were kikuyus during the struggle.raila and orengo were luos,njeru gathangu was embu,masinde muliro was luhya,george anyona was a kisii,mgangha was a taita but they all stood up against a dictatorial regime. and they triumphed not becoz they believed in their tribes but becoz of their belief in democracy and their country,a better Kenya.that’s why we have the little freedom we have today.
    so don’t be duped.a kibaki presidency won’t benefit you more than it will benefit people from other if you honestly believe that there was injustice in the elections,then stand up and be counted.join other kenyans in the struggle for change.

  23. faith says:

    Hi people

    What if Raila declared a parallel cabinet and we have either Kisumu or Eldoret as our capital city and start paying our contributions(taxes) there will Kibaki be forced to send the Army out to maintain order then so be it but on a serious note the pentgon should try and put more pressure on the govt. Kibaki’s latest moves shows he doesn’t want to negotiate.


    Raila won the elections hands-down and he should not join any coalition of a loser,we the 6-provinces plus ukambani voted against kibaki,so he wont force himself onto us as our president..we know our prezy soo well..raila amollo odinga.
    Let the dictatorial kibaki and his cabal of arrogant tribal kinsmen and women just be president of central and eastern.
    If push comes to shove,let raila annd O.D.M remain in the opposition and let the world also rubbish this illegality…after raila has done a good job of exposing this gredy and power hungry lot.


  25. mcjairo says:

    The Man is more than serious my friends. He is playing a well calculated game plan, I want to call it “advanced queen’s gambit”: Kalonzo VP to secure Eastern Province, announce half cabinet to hoodwink and keep small parties lobbting for positions and in place. Have you noted that more of the talking and giving in is done by RAO (ODM)? Look at it this way “we shall not negotiate till violence stops” yet the person talking is the one presumed to have state power to handle volence! Why not the other way? Potray them as violent and causing all the mayhem.

    I am seeinga Kibaki is sending a small fish to court . This time the court will be unusually fast in nullifying the results and ordering repeat. With speed elections will be called by ECK when ODM will be least prepared. watch this space!

  26. Mike says:

    Guys you should be prepared for anything both short term and long term because what is happenning was planned last year when it was apparent that a fair win is impossible.

    Please lets stop anti Gema sentiments and be more reconciliatory. ODM should not be kept busy by negotiations that will at the end leave us at a disadvantaged position.

    Please lets not be on the defensive or be seen to be power hungry, violent or playing into their game plan. Did you see ECK print the illegal results on the papers?
    Questions to consider,

    1. If talks don’t yield much in terms of conceding defeat what next?
    2. Suppose a re-run is announced how prepared is ODM?
    3. What is the opinion on the ground concerning the coalition if you are coerced to?
    4. Are people prepared to go to the queue or to the streets or none of the above?

    The guy is serious ever since Dec 2007 am keenly watching every move he makes and takes it seriuosly. Dont dismiss him rather the Enigma of Kenyan politics should pull a suprise card.

  27. mgosi wa kaya says:

    The ODM regions are the ones that feed the GEMA people.They get fat and just hang around bar /restaurants and nyamachoma dens, every other single day.See the haste with which they have taken up Finance and Internal security-so that we will be slaves to them can also see they did not want the international community to know- especially one kalonzo and karua , that their is modern day slavery of a whole nation, and when people rise up against it, they came up with tribal clashes messages.For quite some time, their has been a slogan- Kenya ni yetu.Its them who are behind it.We should not look back.We are a different nation now.

  28. Otieno says:

    Talks in Nairobi have collapsed. Kibaki said yesterday that forget a re-count or re-run. Now they say Kofi Anan is coming in. I think ODM should not give up on the civic actions as they await Anan to come in though I feel nothing will come of this mediation too.

    Continue piling pressure – mass action everyday!

  29. celine says:


    kibaki is not my president and am serious about it. I woke up very early to vote for a man of the people forgeting that Mr. thief kibaki mungiki was on stand by. I hate him. Wacha kalonzo adanganywe na hiyo vp post. After some time kibaki will reorganise the cabinet again and you know what will happen? Uhuru will come in as the vp. I would like to ask the Pentago to stick together and make kibaki step down. Please give him headach. NO RAILA , NO PEASE. We dont want kibaki.

  30. Otieno says:

    Oh, pass the Keter bill then pass a vote of no confidence on this illegitimate government. I only hope we’ll easily manage the 111 required for such a move.

  31. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The mediation talks by President Kufuor have failed. ODM must not fail the people.

    There is every possibility that the ODM leadership faces arrest and detention. ODM supporters must rise up to defend their leaders.

    The people’s president must seriously consider naming a parallel government and boycotting the thief’s government completely.

  32. TURNCOAT says:

    Oh ye circumszied of the heart arise and defend thy country

  33. zizi says:

    ODM, as I said, needs to play its cards well. Kibaki has tried to put us on the defensive and the only first strategy is to accept to be on the opposition and strategise on how to bring down Kibaki in less than 2 years without any violence. It is going to work out. Watch this space. Give Kibaki what he wants now and let him lose all when that time comes.

  34. Nyaranga L says:

    Just want to inform all ODM supporters, have you signed the petion for Kibaki to step down? If not please do so as the commonwealth requires a million signatures, the website is Send it to as many peace loving Kenyans as possible. We must protect our young democracy at all costs, many kenyans died in the early 90’s while fighting for it, we should not let it be muzzled by some few greedy and selfish individuals.
    Is coalition government the best way out? what happens to the opposition then, please lets not kill muti party politics because of positions in the govt, the pentagon should remain steadfast in their quest for justice even if it means fighting for it while on the opposition side, remember majority of kenyans are on your side. Long live the ODM dream,ALUTA CONTINUA

  35. TURNCOAT says:

    Two years too long. We have waited 44 years for this moment. Hit the streets now. Non-violently. The govt must not again to collect tax from an unwilling payer. Should we featherbed tyranny.

  36. TURNCOAT says:

    No tax returns. Go slow on the tax returns. You can cite the recent problems

  37. Felo says:

    Raila should stop being Media Friendly. Lately he has been soo much on the media. ODM should not meet any so called peace negotiators from today henceforth. Instead we should strategize. Am at boiling point that Kibaki and his team are destroying and killing people in Kisumu. This issue of UPDF killing people in Kisumu need to be taken care of. Can’t Kibaki see that Museveni is only interested in more countries within East Africa get disorganized. For that reason Dr. Garang had to die in his hands. Hey ODM let us know we are ready to make another Rwanda if that is what it takes to make these people sober up.

  38. daddy says:

    Hello guys.

    I want the fastest means to remove Kibaki from State House be implemented. I could never aggrieved as I am today, for our Land Lady to lock us out in the cold simply because her fellow tribes mates are being killed in Rift Valley. I understand her anger, and I am not aportioning blame on her but on this man called Kibaki, who despite having visited the afflicted in Eldoret, could go ahead and ask those people who don’t know what to do to go speak to the chiefs or DOs. Reall, does Kibaki appreciate is it is his undoing that has made millions of Kenyans lose hope in life and in Kenya?

  39. Anon says:

    All I want to know is why Moi is so keen in Uhuru being president. He has tried twice and I know it will continiue. Did he have a pact with Jomo Kenyatta? It seems odd to me. Maybe if we know the reason behind it, we can be one step ahead of them.

    Cant we find any damaging video or info on Kibaki’s kitchen kabinet? Something like the Atur brothers saga? I am losing hope

  40. Amani says:

    Otieno, a vote of no confidence might be a bit difficult as ODM has about 106MPS (correct me if i am wrong) and for a vote of no confidence to pass the constitution stipulates that 2/3 of the MPS vote in favour = 2/3 of 222 = 148. The other small parties can be the only ones to look for but remember most of the small parties e.g Safina were affiliated to PNU.

    Unfortunaely, i have a difficult time TRUSTING our politicians based on the past experience.

    Let us pray for soberness and peace in our country.

  41. Esmond says:

    Kibaki is not serious. Listen to Martha Karua on BBC and you can understand what PNU believes and stands for. The worst mistake we have done is to give Kibaki and his agents a big room to breath and manufacture more propaganda. As much as mass action has negative impact even on our side, I know there is no other way out.
    We want justice.

  42. Kawere says:

    ODM has very little room to discuss with Kibaki anything. He is not serious. Actually he is senile. He is a sick man together with Lucy. I have said it before Kibaki needs a psychiatric attention. No sane man can do what he does. It is very unfortunate because some of his tribesmen and women are just wondering what happened to their son!

    If ODM needs to remain a viable party, it cannot negotiate positions in a Kibaki government. Period. If they do so, it will loose authenticity and multiparty democracy will suffer a severe blow in Kenya. The same tactics Moi used is what Mk is using except he is not smarter.
    It is not about playing hard ball or anything. It is about values and principle. ODM can fight for it’s rightful place in parliament and defeat all government motions including the budget ad this means that we can legally ground the government.

    Raila should also put mass protests back to the table because Kibaki cannot think or leave State House when people protest against him

    And yes, I don’t want him in power for even a day. Now I understand why Palestinians use suicide bombs. We want peace but we don’t peace without principles.

    Bado mapambano!

  43. tnk says:

    I think ODM should stop wasting time on negotiations with Kibaki. THe whole purpose of the charade is for international public consumption but will either drag on without resolution, to take tire ODM supporters and disillusion reformists. In the meantime, Kibaki is consolidating his hold on parliament. Foreign dignatories by the Geneva convention can only hold serious discussion with the publicized or documented govt even if its undemocratically in power. Lets move on to whatever else is plan B.

    The real dilemna or predicament is sustained action without the ghastly violence directed at innocent wananchi who are as much victim of the status quo as are those of us desiring true change

    On the bright side, up to now we had only a handful of true champions for true democracy and agents for change. THis time we have a substantial number of ODM leaders who are prinicpled and although a few will be swayed, a majority will stand with the people. And there are lots of people that want change. Lets build on from there. THe goal is not about revenge or our time to eat but lets build Kenya and lets build it right.

    Lets also be among the first to break from the ethnic stereo typing legacy left behind by the British rule to divide and rule, subsequently modified and perfected by all governments to date and which has now become entrenched so deep in the subconscious and finally erupted in the aftermath witnessed after elections and the cause of the current anxiety and tension.

    Besides working towards effective resolution to current crisis ODM pentagon/secretariat should also embark immediately on large and widescale educational campaigns together with institutions that support greater public administration accountability and democracy. More and more citizens need to understand what needs to be changed for effective delivery of services. The power of change lies with/in the people.

  44. 25mmpayload says:

    It will be all about strategy for ODM. For now they need to let things calm down and all have had their show. Common guys this is Kenya what just happened with the elections tells it all. This man Kibaki is careless and arrogant and is least interested in peace. He embodies all prerequisits required before a fall.
    The games have just began. We shall have another presidential election within 2 years. It is a given. This is not the time for mass rallies and such drastic steps. Do not pick the fruits before they are ripe. You can all forget about the Kenya you knew for we are now entering a new level of political sophistication.

  45. Kawere says:

    I fully support the option of forming a government. I think that ODM has enough elected MP’s and our constitution says that the cabinet should be appointed by a duly elected president. RO is the duly elected president and therefore they should call a conference and announce the cabinet. I think that will put pressure on MK. They don’t have to be sworn in at dark like MK. Thy simply have to be announced. Swearing in will take place later.
    I hope Agent4change is reading.

  46. Anne says:

    I totally agree with Faith. We MUST play hard ball ndiyo hawa kibakilets wajue kwamba hawawezi iba kura na waongoze Kenya kimabavu. It must be mad e clear to them the gone are the days of the likes of Nicholai Causescu, Mobutu Seseseko, Charkes Taylor, Samuel Doe, Botha, Marcos, Bokassa and Slobodan Milosevik. This is the 21st Century!

    Kenya shall not be ruled by the power of batons, teargas, guns and paramilitary GSU. For sure they will crush our bones and bodies but KIBAKI will never crush our RESOLVE for genuine change. We shall RESIST him by peacefully marching and assembling all over the country, akitaka ameze wembe. We reject this BABA WA KAMBO GOVERNMENT and DEMAND for the TRUE FATHER OF THE NATION, duly elected by MAJORITY of Kenyan’s, His Exelllency President RAILA AMOLO ODINGA.

    We shall not settle for anything less. The kibalets said that President Kuffor was just coming for a cup of tea at State House. They made sure that the mediation efforts colapsed, let it be made clear to them that ODM is not going for their “cup of tea” with the religious leaders at StateHouse on Friday, 11th Jan 2008. We have more impotant things to do than taking tea with the CHAMELEON.

    Let all ODMers soldier on with the spirit of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Mahatma Gandi. Together we shall defeat this illegitimate, illegal, elitist & greedy regime.

  47. Anne says:

    I totally agree with Faith. We MUST play hard ball ndiyo hawa kibakilets wajue kwamba hawawezi iba kura na waongoze Kenya kimabavu. It must be mad e clear to them the gone are the days of the likes of Nicholai Causescu, Mobutu Seseseko, Charkes Taylor, Samuel Doe, Botha, Marcos, Bokassa and Slobodan Milosevik. This is the 21st Century!

    Kenya shall not be ruled by the power of batons, teargas, guns and paramilitary GSU. For sure they will crush our bones and bodies but KIBAKI will never crush our RESOLVE for genuine change. We shall RESIST him by peacefully marching and assembling all over the country, akitaka ameze wembe. We reject this BABA WA KAMBO GOVERNMENT and DEMAND for the TRUE FATHER OF THE NATION, duly elected by MAJORITY of Kenyan’s, His Exelllency President RAILA AMOLO ODINGA.

    We shall not settle for anything less. The kibakilets said that President Kuffor was just coming for a cup of tea at State House. They made sure that the mediation efforts colapsed, let it be made clear to them that ODM is not going for their “cup of tea” with the religious leaders at StateHouse on Friday, 11th Jan 2008. We have more impotant things to do than taking tea with the CHEMELEON.

    Let all ODMers soldier on with the spirit of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Mahatma Gandi. Together we shall defeat this illegitimate, illegal, elitist & greedy regime.

  48. Sam says:

    Is there a bias in posting these Blogs?
    I have written several but none have been posted. What do I need to do? If you choose please post this one.

    Mr. Odinga,
    ODM, is in a conner.
    Kenya is more important than any one Individual. What will the future generations think of us if we are unable to hand over a free Democracy, a Land where Justice and Peace is the order of the day.
    How will they even abide by the Laws of the Land if We have failed to demonstrate the same to them.


    Without the above, Democracy is nothing but wishful thinking.
    Mahathma Gandhi, showed the World how to Emancipate “A People” by Peaceful revolution. We should never forget that he was a True Son of AFRICA, born, raised ,and schooled in South Africa.

    Lets employ his tactics,
    For any revolution to succeed in Kenya the middle class and Business owners and Businesses will have to be involved. The poor and the Jobless have done the biddings so far, and that is what comforting Kibaki and his cohorts. They are Banking on reasonable peace and people retuning to work.

    Get all Kenyans Involved, request the ultimate sacrifce from all Kenyans, confide in them of the difficulty ahead, and the anticipated sufferings. REQUEST ALL KENYANS OF GOOD WILL TO LAY DOWN THEIR TOOLS OF TRADE , BUSINESSES, CAREERS, EDUCATION, and stay home. It may take a week or a month, or more but this Treason against the Electorate MUST NEVER BE ALLOWED TO STAND. Today its against ODM tomorrow it will be against PNU or KANU , Never should this be allowed to stand.

    There will be a lot of threats from this regime of mass firings but remind the masses that a few years back some other Kenyans paid for our freedom with the ultimate currency, “their LIVES” so that we could be FREE,. The same is now under threat from internal tyranny.

    There will be no one in the streets for Kibaki to shoot, no looters to soil ODM and no mayhem against our neighbours. Even the International Community will tow our line because for the first time our actions will affect their pockets—-watch the pressure on Kibaki.

    Challenge Every Kenyan Man, Woman, Business that the hour of reckoning is upon us . Any business or person not with us is against DEMOCRACY and a National Boycott of their Business or product shall be-fall them
    My fellow countrymen I am sure we can shut Down Kenya in 6 Provinces, Peacefully and the other 2 will have no alternative.

    Mayhem and lootings are all side shows, leave Kibaki with nowhere to Run.
    The time has come for every Kenyan to stand up and truly do something for our Country. The true issue here is not Raila or Kibaki but our DEMOCRACY.

  49. Anne says:

    I totally agree with Faith. We MUST play hard ball ndiyo hawa kibakilets wajue kwamba hawawezi iba kura na waongoze Kenya kimabavu. It must be mad e clear to them the gone are the days of the likes of Nicholai Causescu, Mobutu Seseseko, Charkes Taylor, Samuel Doe, Botha, Marcos, Bokassa and Slobodan Milosevik. This is the 21st Century!

    Kenya shall not be ruled by the power of batons, teargas, guns and paramilitary GSU. For sure they will crush our bones and bodies but KIBAKI will never crush our RESOLVE for genuine change. We shall RESIST him by peacefully marching and assembling all over the country, akitaka ameze wembe. We reject this BABA WA KAMBO GOVERNMENT and DEMAND for the TRUE FATHER OF THE NATION, duly elected by MAJORITY of Kenyan’s, His Exelllency President RAILA AMOLO ODINGA.

    We shall not settle for anything less. The kibakilets said that President Kuffor was just coming for a cup of tea at State House. They made sure that the mediation efforts colapsed, let it be made clear to them that ODM is not going for their “cup of tea” with the religious leaders at StateHouse on Friday, 11th Jan 2008. We have more impotant things to do than taking tea with the CHAMELEON.

    Let all ODMers soldier on with the spirit of Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko and Mahatma Gandi. Together we shall defeat this illegitimate, illegal, elitist & greedy regime.

  50. Kawere says:

    That is the way to go. Lets start now. make sure that MK and his henchmen bow down to pressure. But it has to be peaceful.
    let the police also stay at home.

  51. IHEANYI UDE says:


  52. Anne says:


    All the ODM-Elect MPs should NOT be tempted by the 15 ministerial posts that the CHAMELEON has left vacant to serve as a BAIT.



  53. Anne says:


    All the ODM-Elect MPs should NOT be tempted by the 15 ministerial posts that the CHAMELEON has left vacant to serve as a BAIT.



  54. Anne says:


    All the ODM-Elect MPs should NOT be tempted by the 15 ministerial posts that the CHAMELEON has left vacant to serve as BAITS.



  55. tnk says:

    I think ODM does not need to have the “powers” of the executive to conduct development programs. I suggest ODM focus on serious fund raising activities to intitiate and carry out reforms and development projects in all areas with massive ODM support fully funded by ODM and completely ignore and overshadow the efforts of the illegit govt. If by any chance they decide to compete and pour resources where ODM is targeting, then its all good because the mwanachi will still have gained. We do not need to drop the struggle. ODM can constitute the team of leaders and structures to carry out the development agenda complete with all technocrats required. ODM does not have a shortage of skills, brains and manpower. Educate the masses on true democracy and the agenda for change as well as put in place programs to uplift the standards of mwananchi through cooperation and resource mobilisation from partners local and international. THere are a lot of donors who would prefer to channel funds through private and trusted organisations rather than through the sleaze of govt machinery. Start engaging now. Lets expand the battle front to not just agitate for democracy but accompany it with development. Its a tough undertaking but it can be done. Setup strong community bodies that will enhance delivery of programs and demand for accountability, transparency and equitable share of resources. ODM can organise and empower communities to have a larger say adn reject ill-conceived moves by the executive. Stop the roadside stuff by creating institutions that need not wait for “executive handouts”. We are tired of being treated like beggars. Basically let them keep their corrupt institutions and lets develop our own efficient programs and institutions.

  56. tnkay says:

    lets make this a resounding social, economic and political movement, with or without the government organs we can make this work. let ODM start building, developing or stenghtening pirvate clinics and other businesses, provide auxilliary services especially to rural areas. We cannot keep waiting for rural electrification, dams, water, etc. Even public schools and obtain external funding. The govt is clearly not interested in some areas so let ODM take the lead. We also have the advantage that we can start from scratch and not inherit the deeply entrenched corruption cartels. Lets start with a few projects but keep building on them.

  57. Baijo M. Lorowu says:

    Not serious at all and will never be serious come what may. Lets continue pursuing all means to shame devil kibaki. Raila should form government now. We need to act until they painfully dicover truth

  58. Kawere says:
    Kivuitu disowns the ECK pulished results. I pity this man. can someone please make sure that he does not commit suicide? We need him for historical purposes. He is the one single guy that MK may order detained. lets keep watching this sick man. May God help him

  59. steve wagude says:

    Hey! jamaa.
    Kibaki had decided that there will be no elections and vote tallying.So he’s made up his mind that kama ni mbaya ni mbaya.To him it’s better than the shame he could undergone at uhuru park to hand over power.So let’s make these guy cry from monday.Total war for two months.Walikua washa ogopa.Nothing will come without violence.These will disrupt learning,jobs, ,medication and that is when these hooligan can know that somebody is crying somewhere.What kofuor was unable to do,Annan won’t .So these is a waste of time.The more we give him time,the more he settles down.If ODM pentagon is not able to use force and chaos,then then let them pick those stupid positions.Nothing will come easily.If justice fails,like it has done, what follows.Let’s that be our first priority ,peace will come laiter.

  60. J.O says:

    I wrote this earlier and am repeating it. US does not want Raila to be the president due to his clean records. Two, UN are behind Kibaki for the rigged results and are so calm on this issue, and all know that Koffi Annan is still allied to the UN. The only person who could have been fair to the peoples president (Raila) is Kufuor. Now all the remaining forces will want to tell Raila to accept so that there be peace since they dont want Raila to be theKENYAN president. He is our president not their president and they cant dictate to us who to lead us, we CHOSE Raila, period! and this is the message they need to be told point blank, we dont need them.

  61. Kawere says:

    Only an insane person can refuse to sign such an agreement. Only someone who believes that they STOLE elections can trash such a well crafted document. I cannot even weep. This is pathetic. Mwai Kibaki, please save Kenyans and do the right thing at least ONCE!

    Principles of agreement

    “His Excellency Hon Mwai Kibaki and Hon Raila Amolo Odinga, being committed to the maintenance of the rule of law and to sustenance of democratic governance in the Republic of Kenya,

    AND BEING CONCERNED with the violence, the loss of lives and property following the pronouncement of the presidential election results, commit ourselves to a speedy resolution of the unfolding events to ensure that our great Nation returns to stability.

    Numerous issues have arisen in connection with the conduct of the Electoral Commission of Kenya including the tallying, compilation and declaration of the presidential election result. Voters on both sides feel aggrieved and concerned.

    We confirm our commitment to address all the issues arising from or connected to the presidential elections through a process which:-

    1. (i) shall be credible, independent and impartial,

    (ii) shall not be subject to control by either party, and

    (iii) whose findings and recommendations we agree to be bound by.

    2. The issues to be determined through the process shall include:

    (i) To inquire into the conduct of the ECK and the role of the observers in the conduct of the presidential elections including the declaration of results.

    (ii) The composition of ECK and remedial action which may be undertaken to ensure its independence, impartiality, capacity and effectiveness in discharge of its constitutional and statutory mandate.

    (iii) To identify measures that will help to restore and sustain voter confidence in Kenya’s electoral process.

    (iv) To look into the circumstances leading to the declaration of presidential election results and determine whether it is necessary to carry out a rerun of the presidential elections, and if so, provide the time-frame and modalities of carrying out such elections

    (v) To make recommendation on the structure of government pending the conduct of the presidential re-run or otherwise.

    (vi) We agree that a credible process acceptable to all Kenyans will be carried out by a panel of eminent African persons.

    The panel will make such recommendations as are necessary to resolve the issues and concerns arising from or connected to all the referred matters.

    The panel shall make their findings and recommendations within 30 days of the date of execution of this agreement, which findings and recommendations shall be binding on both parties.

    Pending resolution of the outstanding problems, all Kenyans should refrain from acts of violence and maintain law and order and all internal security agencies will be required to act in accordance with the law.

    In the interim, there shall be a coalition government whose composition shall be agreed upon on the basis of equal representation both in numbers and portfolio with the prior approval and endorsement by the perspective sides. The strategies and programmes of such government shall be subject to agreement of both sides.

    We, the undersigned, solemnly undertake to procure Members of Parliament supporting our respective parties to enact such legislation, whether statutory or constitutional, as may be necessary to facilitate the implementation of the recommendations and of above matters if and where required

  62. 25mmpayload says:


  63. mawili says:

    President Kibaki’s Cabinet is not legal because the appointees are not yet Members of Parliament.

    When former President Moi wanted to appoint Uhuru Kenyatta as a minister and groom him to be his successor, he ensured that Uhuru joined Parliament first, according to the law.

    Moi did this by getting then nominated MP, Mr Mark Too, to resign from Parliament, creating room for Uhuru. After nominating Uhuru to Parliament, he made him Minister for Local Government.

    Now we don’t have MPs because the House has not been convened.

    These MPs-elect have to be duly sworn-in in Parliament after taking an oath, paving the way thereafter for the President to appoint any of them as ministers.

  64. Elizabeth says:

    Kibaki is not going to wake up one day and knock on Raila’s door saying…’Raila Amolo Odinga, it is with my great pleasure that I appoint you the president and the head of state today because the elections were rigged… I am therefore stepping down for you for the good of this nation!’ FORGET IT! NEVER! NEVER! If he does I know he will collapse there on Raila’s door and die! We have to fight for this nation, we have to fight for our rights. The bogus options Kibaki is giving us have left us with nothing but FIGHT! This thief cannot get away with what he stole in broad day light witnessed by the whole world!

    ODMers wake up, nothing worth its salt comes on a silver platter. There is no successful course in the whole world that have ever come smoothly! What is that they call collateral damage? I accept to be one of those who will die for a just course so that the future generation of this beautiful nation can be saved from these greedy fellows. You know what they are up to by now. The whole world knows! We have to start these mass protests now.

    You have seen his ministers happily taking office and that his heartles VP smiling feeling nothing? We have to send a message to them. Singing gospel lullabies and humming some soft music by the road side will not make them listen and notice us. The message has to be loud and clear, to make them feel that we are unhappy and tired with our suffering. I am still bitter people and I just have to say it as it is.

    I have come to a bitter and painful understanding too why we have those …………………….. in the Arab countries! God Forbid.

  65. celine says:

    Hi, I dont want to believe that the Bible is just like any other book.
    Did Kibaki realy use the Bible on the swearing day or did he use a dictionery? I need an answer becauce I cant imagine him a big master of thieves holding the holy Bible of God high saying “eh Mungu nisaidie” and he knows very well that he stole the election.

    Am even begining to suspect those church leaders who are supporting Kibaki. Then there is no need of taking our children to sunday schools to be tought that “DO NOT STEAL” while the same leaders are backing Kibaki who stole.

    Kalonzo, a real christian, God fearing, a common man. He knows that Kibaki stole the election, his party participated in pressuring Kivuitu to announce the results then he is the vp. He should be ashamed of himself because the Bible that I celine reads do not characterise such a man to be God fearing. He should know that Bibilically we are cursing him and very soon………….God knows.

  66. Nick says:

    Just before the elections a friend of mine a Kibaki supporter used to brag to me that they will steal the elections and i told him that you may rig any election but not one which Raila is winning.I still stand by my word and he now believes me.All is not lost coz this is just the beginning.I have seen many suggestion on the way forward some even suggesting civil war while they are based in America.When you propose something do it with your heart knowing that you will actively take part.I have absolute faith in the pentagon like i do in the bible.They have never let us down even when we people on the ground were loosing hope.Someone called faddie said that its time for us ODM supporters to stand up to be counted and its the message we should be putting accross.Our leader need us now more than ever.We also need them more now than ever.This is not the time to question their decisions.If they say we go left we should left, if they say peace then its peace, if war then then it will be war according to how they want it.But the message is simple its time to stand up to be counted.

  67. celine says:

    Pentago, this is for you. Do you all remember 2002 elections? you all supported this man, he worn and everybody was happy. What happened after sometime? he kicked all of you out of the government because you had given him what he wanted. Please please please, do not accept any post from the government. He will pretend to appoint you then kick you out again. KAA NGUMU.

    I know that his good for nothing wife Lusy is busy telling him, “ukikubari kumwashia huyo jaruo utaniabia Mary wabui ni nani na urimtoa wapi. Nitakifudisha adabu. Noraigwa wee Kifaki!!!!!!!!!

  68. Haggai says:

    Let the ODM leadership move quickly to call us to mass protests across the country. Kibaki was rejected by a majority of voters as everyone knows, including his own family. They are fully aware that their daddy committed a fraud and is ruling Kenya against the popular will. It is also obvious that even those who voted for Kibaki in good faith were shocked by, and cannot condone, such a flagrant affront to democracy. I don’t think they still support him if they are really concerned about Kenya’s future!

    That is the reason why ODM should not be duped by Kibaki’s tactics of pretending to engage in peace initiatives. If he rejected Kufuor’s solution, there is no reason to believe that he will take Annan’s proposals seriously. We don’t even know when he’s coming! What we know for sure is that by the time he comes, Kibaki will have done a couple of things to strengthen himself. The more ODM delays, the more we run out of options.

    Mass protests across the country, led by all ODM MPs and councillors (and friendly parties) in their respective areas will pile pressure on Kibaki. The security forces can’t arrest everyone especially if the protests are sustained daily with no end – until Kibaki steps down. After all, most police and GSU personnel are sympathetic to ODMs cause.

    That is my suggestion: protest marches be organised simulataneously across the country by every MP and councillor starting on a particular date. Civil societies can lead the Nairobi protests. Only one demand to be made: KIBAKI MUST STEP DOWN AND FRESH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS BE HELD UNDER THE AUSPICES OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS.

  69. faddie says:

    i still ask all of you to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.and i would ask Agent4Change to create a thread to this effect so that we get contributions from ODMers who are willing to stand up with the rest for ODM’s cause.we used this blog before the elections to rally support for our is the time to use it once again to highlight to our people the need and the importance to come out and campaign peacefully for justice to be our shield and defender.let’s use it the same way we did to inform our people especially those in the rural areas not to engage in violence but to fight for their rights peacefully.we got very good ideas on how to counter electoral fraud thro’ this blog.let’s use it again to come up with ideas on how to solve this empasse.
    very soon we will be called upon to rise up and defend justice and very often it is the lower class especially from the slums who come out in response to such i said ealier,this is not a battle for the poor and neither is it for the faint hearted.
    sit down and ask yourself what you stand to gain or lose by responding to our leaders’ calls for justice.we have a judicial system that is compromised from the you want to bring changes to it or would you rather watch?
    when the rallying call for mass actions is made,i ask that we all come out regardless of our status in the just don’t know what the power of the people can doesn’t necessarily need to be violent.we do not need to destroy properties.however am sure when we launch spontaneous mass protests countrywide,there will be a knee jerk reaction from Kibaki.he will deploy the GSU in town as he did not so long ago.
    the effect will be that no business will operate for as long as we protest and am not sure if the government can sustain this for long.
    as for me am prepared to go the long pepared to stay on as long as it takes.
    during the Nazi regime when hitler was on the rampage there were people who never lifted a finger.somebody said then that:
    “when they came for the gypsies,i never raised a finger coz i was not a gypsy,
    and when they came for the jews i never raised a finger coz i was not a jew.they took everybody and each time i never raised a finger because i was never one of them.eventually when they came for me,there was no one to defend me coz they had all been killed”
    so please,don’t feel comfortable today coz the monster you are breeding today will come back to devour you when there will be nobody to protect you.

  70. Otieno says:

    We are back to mass protests! This will surely work. I have been on the ground and believe me the police and GSU are also tired of this government. With time they’ll express their displeasure by letting us protest freely. I hope to God they’ll join the masses in our struggle. We don’t have enough police to stop the decentralised protests.

    I totally agree with the person above who says the tribal killings should stop! It’s Kivuitu and Co who rigged the elections. Stop the killings. Police, stop the killings too!

    Kibaki has bitten more than he can chew. He’ll be disgracefully disbanded from office. May he live a long life to be hounded by the evil he has meted on our country. This thief won’t last long in office.

    God help our country; save us from this tyranny.

    B ado mapambano!

  71. Elizabeth says:


    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Save this nation

    In reference to the recently concluded election of which sir you were declared the winner, I would like to comment as a helpless, ordinary Kenyan who went and voted without knowing the motive somebody had behind my vote. Sir if I knew this I would’nt have voted! I am that Kenyan on the street, that one who wakes up religiously at 5 am everyday to go to work and retires into my humble aboard at 6 pm everyday. Sir it is from this my hard work that you are able to plan how you want to run this nation because of the revenue you collect.

    Sir I am a peace loving citizen of this nation, I have never viewed my neigbour by asking her where she comes from but as a Kenyan.

    My dear president, I do not want Kenya to go the Rwanda way, neither do I want us to go the Uganda way, or worse still Sierre Leone, Ivory Coast, and those many other countries who have witnessed what war is like and what it can do to a country and to humanity. Sir, Kenya was rocked by just one week’s fighting in some areas, and my dear president you have seen the extent of our suffering. If this country were to go to war, I wonder where we will all be in one or two months. I know that you can just jet out and run away with your family at a blink of an eye! But sir what will happen to the millions of Kenyans who will be remaining? Have you ever pondered about this? I have never even held a gun in my hand and I am pretty sure that I will be one of your first casualites as a president of this nation neglecting his county’s cries. You are choosing a very dangerous way as a president.

    Word on the street, my dear president will send cold chills down your spine, but you are a lucky man, you move around in a bullet proof limousine sorrounded with body guards, I wonder who will guard those millions of little angels of this nation when they watch their neighbours who they have dined with for decades butchering their parents like chiken.

    Sir I know that you are a human being, a parent and I know that you have a heart, I mean a soft heart that feels like I do. Mr. President do you watch the television or you are just waiting for briefings everyday? Sir please open your eyes, I do not sleep as a person, I am exposed as a person wherever I walk, so is that ordinary Kenyan.

    My dear president I am on my bended knees, crying my heart out, begging you to please do the honourable thing, a gentleman’s act and step aside not down as Kenya looks for a solution. If you insist that we can do this internerly, sir let us do it. We are held hostage as a country by you.

    Sir, even if you do not want to hear me out. I am telling the whole world, and whoever can listen to our pleas.




  72. TURNCOAT says:

    Notice how people inkenya are comfortable with the normal. The hounded and muzzled press- Calls for peace though many die for want of information. While making a killing from advertisements and endorsements. The business men – Safaricom selling airtime at rates that are exhobitantly high, Nakumatt and other super markets making killing in the pretence of food aid. Church leaders and proffesional peace makers – Sumbeiwyo – Hollering gibberish – NO ONE IS ABLE TO TELL THE EMPEROR IS NAKED. He lost the elections. Maina Kiai goes for the electoral commision and not the Culprit Kibaki. Kenyans just want the normal peace. Well it will elude them. After the new dawning. The police will respect the people. This is a police coup. It will not be normal again

  73. TURNCOAT says:

    Can the press stop refering to Kibaki as preseident. Kivuitu has said that he doesnt know. Put him on live TV and you could be shocked what Kivuitu will say. The Observers said that the elections were flawed. We should refer to Kibaki as the ‘Wanna be, falsifying swearing president- holed up in state house.

  74. TURNCOAT says:

    Can Kibaki now go round the country and thank his voters ?
    He did not do it in 2002, he will not do it now. Kibaki, you had supporters in Kisumu who were hurt…………can u now visit them as a businessman and fellow kenyan as we wait for u to step down

  75. 25mmpayload says:


    The unregenerate man fears not, nor does he understand the things of God for they are spiritually discerned. Yes it is clearly visible that he, Kibaki took an oath with the Holy Bible in his hand with plenty of witnesses.

  76. Aletheia says:

    “I’d rather die like Daddy than live like you” Sarafina said to her mother. “Our time will come” said Sarafina to Inspector issabella. Not too long from now, it will surely come. David prayed Impreccatory prayers aganst his enemies. its time to make imprecations…that He might die even now. That is a biblical solution and is not ethically debatable. Ask what you want and i’ll give it to you…Of course God will respond according to his will.
    UB40 sang and said “If it happens again, am leaving, if it stays the same am compromises the sacrifices… Wasn’t that prophetic and doesn’t call us to fight for the restoration of the painful democratic gains we have accrued in a long time?
    ODmes do not go whee the path may lead but go out there and leave a trail so that others may follow. I strongly suggest seccession. Let us leave central for this fool and build our nation from scratch..they’ll needs us later on, and they’ll come begging.. we shall then have the last laugh..Joy comes in the morning! Peace to all ODMers! Na Bado Mapambano!!

  77. BJ says:

    Raila & Pentagon.

    Announce your government. we want your government. Kibaki can rule his two provinces. Kama mbaya mbaya. Negotiate this approach with international community, We will deliver the taxes once structutres are in place. Raila! Raila! Raila. we love you. we will die with you. Dont look back, there will never be elections in Gema Government. There will only be elections in Kenya under your leadership.

    We have the agricultural sphere in western/Riftvallet block. we have the port in Mombasa.. and you have us.. the brains -good brains to work and build Kanya.

  78. TURNCOAT says:


  79. steve wagude says:

    Can somebody tell me where rafiki yangu osmani bin ladeeeeen is.He can easily work it out,and we shall all laugh.

  80. TURNCOAT says:

    Foreign solutions never solve domestic squabbles. Its time that our own ODERA MAC OUMA or KIPLAGAT ARAP TOO or even SULIEMAN BIN TAIB be known to the world. This is the opportune time. sambaza the kichwa ngumuness

  81. TURNCOAT says:

    Further more KIBAKI should be allowed to see what a better kenya can look like

  82. tito says:

    “Amani haiji ili incha ya upanga” the saying goes. The colonialists were not removed until some people said ‘NO’ and RESISTED them, makaburu Africa Kusini did not budge until some people said ‘NO’ to them, multipartyism did not come until gallants sons of Kenya like Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro, Charles Rubia, Martin Shikuku, Raila Odinga, James Orengo and many others chose to say ‘NO’ Moi.

    I submit to all ODMers and Kenyans of good will that JUSTICE will not be granted by the Mr. Bald until the COME OUT and ACTIVELY RESIST HIM. Huu sio wakati wa UOGA na KUOGOPA GSU. They will break our BONES but they CANNOT break our RESOLVE.

    My message is to the so called “middle class” Kenyan’s. What price are you going to pay for the THIRD and final liberation of Kenya? Have you left it for us from the slums to pay for your liberation and democracy by our blood? History will judge you harshly if you continue in your silence when this country is being raped and ravaged by a few greedy elites.

    Thank You Pentagon for showing us the way. It does not matter what this Military Police Commissioner (with a militant-type of brain and thinking) says. We soon send him back to the army barracks where he was trained to fight the enemies of Kenya. We are CITIZENS of Kenya, not enemies of Kenya.

  83. odoyo oriri says:

    I do not understand why at this critical hour our leaders are calling for peace with no mention of the word- JUSTICE. No matter how the violence is shocking and distasteful, our call to stop the destruction must also include paying to the injustice especially presidential vote rigging claims. We must remind ourselves that justice is the best defender and sustainer of PEACE in a democratic system as we are reminded constantly singing our national anthem. Why are we Kenyans not dealing with reality that peace minus justice is a truce for warring parties to retool? Why can’t we stand and be counted in our demand for peace and justice to protect our nationhood now?

    Why leave the fight to ODM, poor, Maina Kai and the rest when you know well it is your fight as those anointed to stand for truth, peace and righteousness. Where are spiritual leaders to lead the match of all Kenya races, tribes, and languages; rich and poor? Believe me if we all come out and make a stand for truth, peace & justice then talks will succeed? As a clergy, we cannot be like ostriches and keep our face from the problem or leave it to politicians alone. I am afraid time is not on our side if we do not show the way. Now is time to be counted before we loose this nation and it will be on the watchmen’s head. There is not a time to hide in the closet and pray passively. We must act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit to stand against the forces of evil. This may require a stands against wishes of families, tribes, class or profession but we must stand on the Lord’s side.

    Prayers must lead to a holy and noble action on the part of the faithful. I hope my fellow clergy will strengthened and not fail the nation at this hour of temptation. We can help channel anger of our brothers and sisters in more constructive ways and save Kenya. Let us be clear in our stand to show Mr. Kofi Annan what we demand and want as wanainchi. Our number in peaceful demonstration will tell the world what the 42 ethnic groups demand. We are one nation and that democracy through ballot is the way forward. We will not allow stealing or violence on our midst and we want to live together anywhere in Kenya the way we have lived.

    We know countries where the spiritual leaders took the lead against vote rigging; they won and changed their nation without any death. And to my leaders especially the clergy, what moral right do we have when we ask for peace without demanding justice given to little one who’s property destroyed, family killed or wounded, their vote rigged and future stolen not to demand their rights yet we are afraid to face the truth by standing up and face the giant. Peace and justice go hand in hand.
    My fellow Kenyans we are just brewing more violence in the name of peace minus justice. Mass action should be led by the spiritual leaders if they truly believe and live by those convictions we hear in places of worship.

    The hour calls for David against goliath; men and women of faith to lead in the name of God of Israel. All my life I have head this scripture recited during prayers for the nation of Kenya and I quote: ‘by righteousness (-just principles and actions) a nation is lifted up (raises to honor) but sin is a cause of shame to the peoples (proverbs 14:34). Kenya election is a spiritual test for all us clergy weather I will serve the god of Luo or Kikuyu or the almighty God will in the court of clergy. They cannot sleep on the wheels or else they are simply a bunch of hypocrites in its original meaning ‘actor playing roles’ we must take a stand against sin wherever it is found.

    I believe we can only ask for peace if we demand justice or else our message is irrelevant and dangerous. We must ask Kibaki to allow justice to defend us or else no one will hear the message of peace. Why do we ask the demonstrators to stop and not ask the illegitimate leader to step down? The truth is known by even by little children from Nyeri to Siaya. I trust the Cardinal and clergy will be brave like John the Baptist and take their stand. We should never follow the crowd as men and women of God.
    My congregation represents faces of Kenya and we have tried to be one family. We have families of Lous (my family), Kalenjins, Kikuyu (majority), Luhyas, Kisiis and Kambas. During this we have been holding hand together praying for our motherland. We do not want to be separated; all want peace (no fights) and justice (correct the rigging of election and start addressing some historical issues)

    May God bless Kenya

    Rev. Abel Oriri, Pastor
    Heights Fellowship Church
    Cleveland Ohio

  84. 25mmpayload says:

    Rev. Abel, thank you very much we need more members of the clergy to come out and voice their concerns. We all in Kenya sing “HAKI IWE NGAO NA MLINZI” Can we honestly sing our national anthem today knowing very well that “Haki” haikudumishwa? Should we edit our national anthem then? Good will always prevail over evil. Kwa hivyo tujitokeze wote tupambane na haya mashetani wanao jaribu kuiba haki zetu pia kuiangamiza nchi . Let us not leave it to Hon. Raila and his close allies. As it is they have spent countless sleepless nights. Let us seek Justice for this will breed peace. And Justice then shall we seek. Kibaki is living in a past dark era. We shall wake him up to the realization that the days of dictatorship were numbered and are over. He will not prevail.

  85. Anne says:

    We sing (and it is a Prayer):


    EE Mungu Nguvu yetu,
    Ilete baraka kwetu,
    Na tukae na undugu amani na uhuru,
    Raha tupate na ustawi.


    Oh God of all creation,
    Bless this Our land and nation,
    May we dwell i unity peace and liberty
    Plenty be found withi our borders.

    It is clear that before we dwell in UNITY, PEACE and LIBERTY, there is a prerequistite that JUSTICE be our SHIELD and DEFENDER. It is heartening to see “men of God” in Kenya asking for PEACE, when very few of them are pointing out the INJUSTICE that this illegal, illegitamate regime has done to millons of Kenyan’s voters by rigging and stealing the Presidential poll.

    This is a true test for the “men of God” in Kenya. When King David sinned, he was confronted by a Prophet of God and the Prophet did nit hide King Davis’s sin. Where are the Prophets of God in Kenya today. The true test for our religious leaders as the one who will stand up to the “Kenyan King” currently occupying State House and declare to him that HE IS THERE ILLEGALLY. Is it any wonder, that the NATIONAL ANTHEM (which is a Prayer) was not played during his hurried inauguaration at 6:45pm in the company of his few friends at State House.


  86. ken says:

    why was GEMA revived as MEGA? in answering this question will be able to counter the propaganda being peddled by the media in Kenya as well. and his cronies. The answer my friends lies in the land buying companies of the early 1960s and the move to change the constitution in 1975-77.

  87. Baijo M. Lorowu says:

    The defeated former kenyan president kibaki still want to hang on power despite the fact that he was resoundingly rejected by the people. He and his cronies should not be allowed to continue mistreating fellow kenyans. Raila should move with speed and form the people’s government that has our goodwill. With parallel government in place ODM and all supporters should exert more pressure to ensure justice is done and achieved. We are ready to sacrifice to ensure we get the peoples’ government.

  88. Ohalla says:

    Mhh..we didnt expect this as we knew from day one that ODM was the only way foreward.Kibaki is a big fool to be used as un umbrella by his dirty big group that has showed us that they will use all powers availed to them to keep him there so that they remain untouchables for another season but woe unto yu the Michukis…the Karuas…the many thieves that are forcing this senile old man to cling to what he cant handle. where will yu hide your stupid heads when Kibaki is nomore? we shall get you …we shall skin you and may God curse you into enternal mischief and sufferation….

  89. jaugenya says:

    Iam still baffled at how it is mathmaticaly possible for some one to beat you in six out of eight provinces and you still end up the winner , kenyan media is partisan to this rigging why cant they give us their tally.

  90. Fred Nzivo says:

    Raila Odinga is the bofide President of kenya. Shame on Kibaki for rigging himself back to power and for lack of courage to accept defeat; he will go on record as the man who plunged kenya into chaos for selfish ends; shame on Kivuitu for announcing fraudulent election results only to turn around and say he was not sure whether Kibaki won the elections; shame on kalonzo Musyoka (a self-proclaimed born again christian) for taking up the VP post in an illegal government for selfish ends. Shame on Uhuru Kenyatta, the heir without principle. How long shall our country be manipulated by a few political elite who want to protect their ill acquired wealth? The time has come and Raila is leading the way like no other. Let us all call on our people to reject the illegal gorverment; and when the time curtain falls, the Kibakis, the Kalonzos and their arrogant government spokesman will be gone. I am a Kamba and I will do everything within my means to rally the Akamba people to join the rest of the Kenyans who are ready for real change.

  91. odoyo oriri says:

    I wonder what the late Rev. Kipsang Muge,& Bishop Okullu, would think of current chritian leaders such as Rev. Mutava Musyimi& Kalonzo Musyoka positions on rigged election whether is sin or not? Do you still profess your faith in Christ or not?The two of you have taken faith for a ride and it is important to declare your position on the stolen presidential election.
    Brother Kalonzo, I think it is wrong to take someone else thing without their permission. Hon Kalonzo legally & morally that seat beling to Mudavadi. He worked for it and won it. What you have done is highway robbery. There is no differnce between you and the looters you condemn. How can you tell a thief not to steal while you and President Kibaki have stolen an election in the day light. Can you imagine the present and future implication of your act Mr. ‘Vice President”?

    Rev. Odoyo Oriri

  92. odoyo oriri says:

    I wonder what the late Rev. Kipsang Muge,& Bishop Okullu, would think of current stand of chritian leaders such as Rev. Mutava Musyimi& Kalonzo Musyoka on the rigged presidential election. To both Chriatian ( born agian) brothers; are you still professing your faith in Christ or not? What do you tell some of us who ones trusted and believed in your christian conviction, are we mistaken to think that you have taken faith for a ride? Please clear the air and tell us your position on the stolen presidential election. Do you sincerly believe that Kibaki won?

    Brother Kalonzo, I think it is just wrong but sin to take someone else thing or property without their permission. Hon Kalonzo, legally & morally that seat belong to Hon. Mudavadi. He worked for it and won it. What you have done is highway robbery. There is no difference between you and the looters you condemn. How can you tell a thief not to steal while you and President Kibaki have stolen an election in the day light. Can you imagine the present and future implication of your act Mr. ‘Vice President”?

    Rev. Odoyo Oriri

  93. Dahlia Brown says:

    To the site moderator.

    It is interesting that I cannot find my comment on this site. Is it because it criticised both Kibaki and Odinga. Is this not a site for Kenyans to do what our politions are unwilling to do, discuss openly the views of Kenyans. This is the problem with Kenya today. Freedom of speech only exists as long as you agree with the other persons view. Democracy is a facade. It does not exist in a country where self styled censors decide what should and should not be published.

  94. Mike Okello says:


    I later came to discover that we lost in Nairobi, North Eastern, Central and North Eastern. We only won in Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western and Coast. 4 by 4 Provinces.

    I think we were too focused on winning, but at least after aiming the sun, we have reached the moon, we have the Leader of official opposition Leader, we also have a slim majority in Parliament.

    I also think we are loosing out on the Mass Action.. things are turning black. I am discouraged… I will never vote again!

  95. tnk says:


    the results announced by ECK were flawed. i.e cannot be trusted.

  96. jaugenya says:


  97. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    Mike you have turned these blog to a jocking site.Retreat.
    Replaying your comment will be a waste of time and resources to me.

  98. Lijoodi says:

    We should be prepared for a very hard way out of this impasse cuz Kofi will come and go without any relevant outcome and lets not pretend Kibaki is willing to cal a re-election which he knows he will lose. ODM should tell us where we can pay our Taxes to the rightfull government

  99. Solution says:

    My brothers and sisters in Kenya,

    Am Zambian but of course feel bad that a beloved country,Kenya has to go through all this for the sake of selfishness of Kibaki and his clowns.

    I support Odinga and urge him to continue the fight for liberisation.

  100. says:

    Rev odoyo,
    What would father Kaiser think of Caridinal Njue ?

  101. KINGA says:

    Fellow Wananchi,

    Condolences to those who have lost dear ones. It hurts just as bad as the usurption of orderly electoral rights as exercised by Kenayns at home this elections. You really give me reason to be Kenyan damu.
    To the topic: do not even for a minute think Kalonzo has a Kamba base to fall back to if. Kaos are pious people and will reject him … he has no no ideology (in that a miracle is not a political ideology) and is a hypocrite…. so one should look elsewhere for this Eastern bloc. Remember Ngei or Munyao Kisoi – those are Kamba leaders. Trust me Charity will easily outsit Kalonzo in Ukambani.

    To the solution. Do as Raila has always done and help him when he is too weighed down by the mental pressure he must deal with. Meet him in facebook or youtube and give him courage. This man has an ideology… a plan for a welfare state.. he’s lived abroad when Germany was struggling to establish itself so he knows. I’m saying give Raila courage !!

    Of Kibaki .. I do not care about him and his council of arrogant crooks and I really hope the lot here do not either…. (mungiki is not Kyuks but what one calls disgruntled deliquents and they exist in every part of the world). Let them go on this way and in effect instigate more people to an utter and complete take over. In the same vein, let us not preach anti-anyone (for instance, Kyuks are very industrious and alot of Kyuks are rich because they worked hard….POINT). Dividing the country: no can do – we depend on each other. Forming a parrallel govt – will be short sighted, we need the world to see our struggle. Mind you most of the nations that have voiced concern need Kenya more than Kenya does…e.g., ca. 700,000 tourists in KE when things went bananas, were British. Problematic: they’ve never considered Kenyans and would rather show animals in EU TV channels. ALBEIT: they forgot the reselience of the same people who “chased them out of Kenya”. So, the West will come to Kenyans, but the solutions lies with we the youth of Kenya.. who are able to call each other by names like: Onyash, Kamu, Mukash, Akish, Ng’ech, Rush, Laish, Awosh but still no that TRIBE is roots but not a political measure.

    I’m not bitter but our peace can wait a while for JUSTICE will do us more good in the future. A total overhaul initiated by the likes or Raila is eminent. Forget democracy by western standards (cos it has not created much stability in Africa) but WELFARE by Kenyan customary standards….. it sounds vague but it will be our salvation.


    Natukae kwa uhuru, amani na umoja
    Raha tupate na ustawi..

  102. odoyo oriri says:

    To Hon. Kalonzo

    Re: Leadership & Credibily

    As a Pastor, serving many of your past admires here in Cleveland USA, they are still confused, angry and demand explanation in regards to your pre & post election positions, Mr. Vice President Musyoka. Please explain to them why you think they should accept your moral leadership. You are telling Kenyans to stop demonstrations, looting or any other criminal activities when in their perception they are strongly convinced at you were involved in the same criminal activity for accepting and using “stolen good” belonging to Hon. Mudavadi. They believe that you accepted illigally the Vice Presidency post, when you had a very clear knowledge that Kenyans gave it to Hon. Musalia Mudavadi the running mate of Odinga.

    Many doubt your credibility as Christian and a leader and wondering if your pre-election stand was simply ploy to cheat Kenyans when when you knew all along you were PNU number two . They believe that unless you come clean and speak the truth by giving credit where is due, you will continued to be perceived as part and parcel of the problem therefore you vioce will instead continue to invoke anger and not help in peace buliding for our people. The demonstrators are exercising their rights as Kenyans therefore must be treated with dignity to avoid this senseless deaths of innocent Kenyans initiated by rigged presidential election which people are still if this was was the miracle you mention during the campaign .

    All criminals must be separated from peaceful Kenyans protesting their denied rights. You thought Kibaki government was corrupt when did they become saints? We believe blood cleansed which blood has cleansed the administration. I can see you smiling on TV camera and newspaper standing next to Kibaki.

    Your professional police force killed two of my cousins. Both shot from the back. I am sure you or government spokesman Dr. Mutua must have celebrated at the news because two criminals were eliminated from the streets of Homa Bay. I just want to tell you that Christians will pray and truth will come out.

    Rev. Odoyo Oriri
    Cleveland Ohio .

  103. Felix Omondi Odundo says:

    May be what is happening right now is enough to show kibaki that kenyans dont need him anymore.And a lesson to other GEMAs , nothing will ever come 2 u in a silver plate again. U r never to be trusted with power.

    Otherwise I now like the Kalenjins so much .


  104. Susan says:

    I shudder with anger when I see that most names in this blog read o…… Most of them spoiling for a fight.They are not mentioning the enemy. Can you fight a govt violently without targeting it’s weakest spot ? i.e. it’s unarmed supporters ? Violence breeds violence for no one will be attacked and fail to hit back. Are we calling for a civil war aka enthnic cleansing aka tribal clases ? If we are even the “perceived winner” of the flawed 2007 elections will have no country to govern. Let us tread carefully to me we need to find peaceful means of venting our anger. I mean lets face it do you destroy your TV set because your favorite team has lost ? This is what we are doing to our country. Elections come and go,bad leaders come and go…even Moi left. So why not wait for Kibaki to leave while doing reforms on the constitution and institutions. In the next elections Kibaki will not be vying but I can bet RAO will, if he puts up a good “political fight” not “Armed Fight”, he will have won many more supporters and will obtain a landslide Victory.

  105. Turncoat says:

    Mara 7th wonder of the world.
    The president rode on the open roof land rover
    and waved at the animals.
    Now this is going to bring tourists to our country.
    Hongera Najib.

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