Dear Supporters,

Sorry for being away for sometime as you all know our country is slowly going to the dogs just because of a few individuals who manipulated election results at ECK to protect a group of individuals not ready to relingiush power.

Its a sad state of affair and we will not allow this.We want our legitimately elected peoples President Hon Raila Amolo Odinga.

They tried to Hack our webblog we are closely working with wordpress to protect this.

Thank you




  1. Otieno says:

    Thanks agent4change for “resurfacing”

    Thanks to all you patriotic Kenyans who are reminding us that this theft of the presidency is not about Luos-Kikuyus-Kalenjins, etc. This is about an democratically elected president, the people’s choice being denied victory. This is about democracy. Those calling for ODM to relent are in essence telling us to forget about democracy. Do they remember saba saba? If the Kenyans pushing for change then had relented? Would we be here today? What makes them think Kibaki’s mafia won’t perpetuate the same behaviour come the next election?

    My plea to Kenyans is to stop killing one another! That person you are killing DID NOT RIG THE ELECTIONS! The elections were rigged by Kivuitu, ECK, Kibaki and his cronies. Let’s save that energy for peaceful demonstrations, go slows, mass action, until we dethrone this dictator Kibaki. He cannot pretend he doesn’t know what’s going on. Kivuiti has not even had the decency to apologize for the mess he has plunged the country into!

    To the Tujus and Kimunyas – the violence will die but the anger towards the fake government in place will not. Kenyans have come a long way – they wont allow you greedy lot to take them back.

    Power sharing: Forget that. How can we have a government of national unity? Who will be the opposition then? How can we share a table with thieves?

    A re-tallying of the votes is no longer possible. Michuki has made sure he’s destroyed the evidence at ECK offices.

    To all of you who participated, abated or otherwise promoted the rigging – May God have mercy on your souls as He punishes you for the innocent blood of Kenyans flowing all over the country!

  2. “Violence flared after Mwai Kibaki was officially re-elected president.”

    “Officially re-elected”


    What am I missing?

    The ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu admits that he doesn’t know who won the election.

    He admits to short-circuiting the tally because of pressure.

    And Kibaki says he officially won the election.

    I don’t get it.

    Oh! It’s that protocol trumps truth thingy every so popular in Kenya!

    They followed the letter of the law.

    And admit lying.

    Nevertheless, the letter of the law was followed.

    Am I getting it now?

  3. zizi says:

    Thanks for coming back. We hope that the ideas we share here will be taken as seriously as was during the campaign period.

    Now Amos Wako has ordered for an Inquiry. Who should be appointed in that inquiry?

    There was a promise that ODM was going to issue a full report on massive rigging and the final tally according to our agents and other sources. Is that report ready? we could also help in analysing.

    I am personally thinking like starting a campaign of NO MORE ELECTIONS IN KENYA! This is to put across the message to Kibakis and the likes that if we cannot trust an electoral process, then future elections should be hit by voter apathy-turn out of 25%! It doesnt make sense to participate in an election when the same could be rigged.

    The Government has also been outragious in terming the killings genocide and want RAO to be subjected to the ICC. What is the ODM position on this? We need to come out strongly and even in paid advert to denounce the weired allegations that are seeking to tarnish the name of RAO. The Govenment is seeking international sympathy.

    But all in all, we Need to Find a Way to Stop the violence. We need a non-violent movement.

  4. NShah says:

    There is no sympathy for Kibaki. It is he who should be subjected to the ICC for his crimes against the innocent victims of his police force!

  5. Leonard says:

    We need Peace, but peace without Justice is an empty call.

    We need Reconciliation, but there cannot be reconciliation without Truth.

  6. rafiq says:

    Thanks for coming back agent4change. The big picture here is if this is allowed now there is no hope for Kenya because it will always be done. RAO should also reassure the displaced people that once confirmed he will personally ensure they are restored to their homes and humanitarian aid continues to help them start again. Not to appear exclusive to ensure he works with at least a few clean safina guys to help articulate issues of central/eastern provinces.

  7. Baijo M. Lorowu says:


  8. Shaqmaya says:

    I hereby congragulate the 4th president of Kenya Hon Raila Amolo Odinga.

  9. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I urge the ODM supporters and voters to police the MPs-elect that they voted for and take appropriate action against any one of them who crosses ‘the picket line” to co-operate with the thief, Mwai Kibaki.

    I urge the ODM Pentagon to embrace the MPs-elect from the so-called fringe political parties such as UDM, Kenda, Ford Kenya, SDP, Ford People who feel that they do not have a home and are forced to seek to cohabit with Kibaki and PNU.

    Have the ballots not been tampered with already to make any vetting, as called for by the Attorney General, a meaningful exercise? Government agents must have been busy marking ballot papers and any vetting might lead to some form of double jeopardy.

    I also urge ODM to appoint a Cabinet, at least appoint a few key ministers – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and Provincial Administration and Internal Security and Defence soi that they can have proper spokespersons.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs will be dealing with key countries and oraganizations such as the USA, UK, EU, and AU to plead with them not to have any dealings with the Kibaki illegal government until elections are held again within the next three months. The USA is more concerned about its own interests and will not hesitate to look their other side and ignore the denial of democratic rights to the Kenyan people.

    Right now, there is no focal point within ODM to contact as far as foreign affairs are concerned. What business do the rejected Moody Awori and Raphael Tuju have in defending Kibaki and PNU? They should be holding their peace and cooling their heels waiting to hand over to ODM.

  10. ken says:

    I am with Maru Kaptet, Kibaki dissed the president of Ghana, Kuffor we need ODM to set an example for Kenya, it is good to see, the community of nations beginning to shun the usurper of Kenya’s mandate. Let us keep the pressure. I urge ODM to transform itself into what ANC is , the party of the people, let ODM meet and come out with a statement before Friday, Let us coordinate protest from Mombasa to Busia. This coming Tuesday let us get our neighbors friends colleagues to come out on Tuesday. Kenyans in the diaspora march onto your host nations capitals and march for Kibakis resignation. We are getting heard and we need to keep on piling the pressure. One last thing I still urge everyone here to call their relatives ans friends , former schoolmates those serving in the military to please stop killing their brothers and sisters, tell them to put down their arms and join fellow Kenyans in demanding Kibaki steps down for betraying the trust Kenya gave him in 2002!

  11. karanja kamau says:


    Thanks agent 4 change i thought you ate some ugali.

    We need to understand ODM came about because of constitution, why did we forget this, my suggestions

    1. We need govt of national unity without ARAP MIBEY or MK for about one
    year cool things down go to every corner of the country preach peace
    and resettle everybody.
    2. Enact the bomas draft, appoint civil servants approximately between all
    kenyan tribes and really encourage peace and tolerance.
    3. Then call fo free and fair elections.


  12. KBWOGA says:

    I am an American married to a Luo…we are avid supporters of Barack Obama and read that he had taped a message for the Kenyan people that was supposed to be aired on Voice of America…just wondering if anyone has heard it… The people of Kenya are in our thoughts and prayers… We too, want to see the rightful winner…Mr. Odinga recognized as the President of Kenya…

  13. kijogoo says:

    Thanks very much agent 4 change for making all effort to come back once again. We need this media to make strategy to bring down the elligitimate government. This is a very trying moment for the kenyans and the whole of Africa.
    We should not as ODM come to comprimise on this fundamental right. There is no sitting with the elligitimate government. How can we sit with these guys who are so arrogant.

  14. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    I entirely disagree with Karanja Kamau’s suggestion. It is tantamount to thinking that RAO is equally a problem here.! Our problem was borne of a weak ECK, manipulated by power-brokers in PNU and ‘WIPER’ parties. If we make a mistake of compromising now, the coming generations will never forgive us. WE MUST demand the truth so that our future leaders do not get tempted to cling to power hoping that Kenyans will break and name the so called ‘government of unity’ !

    In any case, ODM promised Real change and her programs are COMPLETELY different from PNU’s! Am so shocked to read some of the things being suggested here about ‘power-sharing’. We either have an ODM govt or PNU’s so that no one blames the other for any failures. Kibaki arrogantly dismissed our course and is spoiling for a fight. We must correct injustices NOW! If we only believed Githongo….

  15. Anon says:

    I beg Hon Raila to preach peace and more peace. Call all ODM supporters to stop violence but participate in peaceful demonstrations. You are the peoples president and must lead the way.

    It is time once again for Kenya to show the way. If we come out of this, then Africa will follow suit and never again accept a dictators “win”. If we fail then PNU will “win” the elections in 2012 and so will all other African dictators. Africa is watching us.

    Put pressure on the international community to act. Ensure that the truth is televised because the international media is getting it wrong. It is not tribal war but a fight for democracy. The Samuel Kivuitu video must be shown worldwide. If the government turns down Tutu and Kufor, then take the step and talk to these leaders

    There are rumours that Museveni’s army is terrorizing people in Western Kenya and that Mungiki are bracing themselves to attack Luos. These developments are not good and muct be stopped. Kenyans must stop killing each other

    I do not trust Kalonzo. He wants to come up as the alternative, hence the miracle. It is clear he was on Kibaki’s team from the beginning. The re run must be only between you and Kibaki. Otherwise why would ODM-K put pressure on Kivuitu to release the results.

    You have to point out that you do not control the violence. PNU started the hate way back during the campaigns with vicious emails and messages against you and ODM. They should not pass the buck.

    I stress that you must be the better man, have talks with Maina Kiai and human rights activists on the way forward to address the humanitarian situation. he seems to be level minded. Call ODM to collect donations and food for those affected. ODM members should contribute the most. Ask Bishop Wanjiru to conduct prayers for the nation and call Kenyans to pray and fast so that God may show us favour.

    It is important that you come across as the championof the poor and not an incitor. Do not fall into PNU’s trap.

    Please lead us out of this mess to tru democracy.Remember that we have to live together after all this.

  16. kijogoo says:

    The suggestion by The AG AMOS WAKO IS not at all acceptable at all. What ? commission of inquiry. How many commission of inqury have we had before, and nothing tangible came out untill to date . recommendation were made but were not followed. so much money has been wasted on commission of inquiry and the one Brother Amos is suggesting will noy be anything different .What legality will the commision of inquiry binding to.

  17. cribarworld says:

    Hey guys, its really a shame that Kibaki and his generals have to cling on power in such a disgusting manner. The atrocities our country is facing may be averted immediately if an independent body is appointed to verify the presidential poll results in the full view of the media and local/international observers.

    more pictures and comments on the situation at

  18. tnk says:

    welcome back agent4change. there are a lot of previous comments awaiting moderation. 2ndly we need a comprehensive high impact strategy to force this illegit govt out. the violence has been unfortunate and would hope we can move forward without violence.
    third – lets start with identifying conclusively the reasons we are in the current mess i.e list the polling centers and presiding officers of those centers where results were manipulated. ECK clerks who received this information and passed it on or doctored it. kenyans need to know who these people are.

  19. Phil says:

    AGENT4CHANGE, thanks but I am afraid your post tells us very little.

    For the last one week, we have had to rely on rumours, the press and hearsay.

    I am not asking you to publish ODM’s strategies here but I was expecting by now the presidential campaign secretariat would have already started provincial petitions to be signed by all Kenyan voters who do not agree with Mr. Kivuitu’s recent actions. I am aware that peaceful mass action is part of the plan, but I feel petitions, particularly signed by voters themselves and quoating their voters card numbers, can also carry some weight in the eyes of the nation and international community.

    Please remind the pentagon, we started this journety together. We are still out here and are itching to help our partty and our candidate in whatever small way. We shall attend rallies YES, but please encourage supporters on this forum to come up with ideas, just like you did before the elections

    Peoples power is not something the presidential campaign team should underate.

    Meanwhile, allow me to use this opportunity to congratulate our presidential candidate for proving to the world that he is indeed ‘electable’ and also congratulate the entire ODM fraternity for emerging with the majority seats in the national assembly. (Kindly provide us with a breakdown as I do not trust the many sources we keep reading from).

    Lastly, allow me to use this forum to congratulate Ho. Jame Orengo for proving, once again, that he is a gallant son of this country because wthout him, Kivuitu would have legitimized a stolen presidency at KICC press briefing room. As a man who comes from the neighbourhood of UGENYA, I was extremely proud of his actions and as a Kenyan, I shall forever be indebted to Hon. Orengo and will emulate his patriotism in every sense.

    Thank you ODMers and please dont give up the fight.

  20. Maru Kapkatet says:

    To Mr. Mwai Kibaki: Consider these carefully:


    Fact 1: Your stolen presidency is untenable. There is no way that it will last more than a few months. Your continued leadership will continue to divide and antagonize Kenyans. You are destroying not only Kenya but the entire East African region.

    Fact 2: Your health is not in the best of shapes and you have had a stroke before. You may rig out Raila for a time, but you will not be able to rig out a date with your Maker.

    Fact 3: You are thinking that if you leave now, Kenyans and the world will view you as a coward and you will feel asahmed. No, Kenyans will forgive you and give you all the respect due to you as an elder and former leader. If you leave now, Kenyans will see you as an unselfish leader who put his country and people before self.

    Fact 4: You are thinking that f you leave now, Kikuyus will be suffer persecution according to what Michuki and Kimunya are telling you. No, this is not true as Kenyans, unless driven otherwise, have lived side by side for decades. You actions of stealing Raila’s victory and unleashing police brutality on the people with Michuki’s shoot-to-kill order made people to turn against one another.

    Fact 5: You may be thinking that if you leave now, Uhuru Kenyatta will be at a disadvantage to compete for the presidency. I tell you that Uhuru Kenyatta has already lost the respect and support of many Kenyans. The best way for him to build it is for support even Kalonzo for the presidency.

    Fact 6: You may be wondering what you will be doing if you were to quit now and call presidentail elections in three months’ time. I tell you that you will be very busy within those three months as a caretaker president resettling displaced Kenyans, healing wounds, and reconciling Kenyans. It will be the most rewarding thing you will ever have done in your life.

    Fact 7: You may be wondering whether you need to seek a second opinion on what I have said. I encourage you to call Lt. Gen Njoroge (I still believe that he is a professional soldier), Mr. Maina Kiai, Prof. Wangari Mathai, Githongo by phone, Harun Ndubi, amongst many other objective leaders from the Mount Kenya region and ask them to advise you on the way forward.

    Fact 8: You have grwon to believe that President Raila Odinga will divide Kenyans and ruin the economy, which you care most about. I tell you that from my study of Mr. Raila Odinga, I am convinced as do millions of other Kenyans, that this man is the answer that Kenyans have been yearning for to unite them and change Kenya for the better.

  21. Wahu Oseso says:

    You need to talk to Kibaki. Save Kenya from destruction. Save our beloved country.

  22. I am renouncing my Kenya citizenship says:

    I am a luo living in the diaspora.
    I am hereby renouncing my Kenyan citizenship on this blog and getting my Us citizenship soon.Never will I feel obliged to support a country of savages and never will I call Kenya home.Home is where people respect you,care for your rights and value life.I don’t think Kenya fits that profile,the leaders are too greedy.
    I pray for the poor,the meek and the oppressed,but if anyone can,DON’T Waste your time in Kenya.Life is too short to die for politics.

    Respect yourselves and seek peace anywhere you can

  23. I am renouncing my Kenya citizenship says:

    why are my posts being deleted.the forum will be suspicious if all writings are only praises for raila.Lets have democracy on the forum

  24. Njoroge says:

    I have been a strong supporter of Hon. Kibaki for the last 4 years and I was always convinced that Hon. Raila was power hungry.

    I was made to understand that Hon. Raila wanted to be appointed to the prime minister’s position and share power with a duly elected president.

    I remember people in government telling Hon. Raila that he cant get power thru the back door and if he needed power he should go and convince the electorate across the country to vote for him. I supported that too.

    This came among allegations that Hon. Raila was an unpopular candidate more so because of his tribe.

    Hon. Raila has now proved us wrong and got the majority to support him apart from 2 regions, – Central , My home province, and Eastern province.

    Knowing that this was a democratic country, We in Central province knew, by Friday 28th Dec, that Hon. Raila has won the presidency and had started calling our luo freinds to congratulate them as we swallowed the humble pie.

    Suddenly there was delay in the anouncement by ECK and hell broke loose. I personnaly may not know what the actual presidential figures were, but I know the expectations of the Kenyan people by then, Including Central Kenya, were that Hon. Raila had won and with the majority in Parliament.

    Beacause the people of Kenya didnt get the result that they expected, the country is at war, and beacause they cant reach Hon. Kibaki, they are targeting me and my tribesmen wherever we may be in this country, little do they know that we also sympathise with Hon. Raila.

    Following this developments, I have gained tremendous respect for Hon. Raila and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate him for silencing his critics. I have come to respect him for the statesman he is and I have gone back to look at his Ideologies and have learnt to embrace them as workable.

    I know I stand to be criticised by some of my tribesmen but I am sure Hon. Raila has gained a lot of support currently in Central Kenya. Our president could have protected our lives by refusing to be sworn in untill the disputes are resolved, but he didn’t. We wonder why, while he knew the political temparatures were tribal and threats had already started to flow in from other communities.

    Beacuse of that action, our people are dying.

    Since our president does not seem ready to step down, we are disappointed by a few people who want to paint our tribe as arrogant and selfish, forgetting that we are the ones who are suffering across the country.

    I now call on Hon. Raila, to be the hero he is, call for peace among his people, walk into parliament with his Two-thirds majority and pass a vote of no confidence in the president and when the elections are called, I can assure him that Central Kenya will either vote for him, or boycott the polls to his favour.

    Thank you all.

  25. Shaqmaya says:

    I call upon all patriotic soldiers in the Kenya army to stage a coup and form a six month transition government and thereafter a new presidential elections. Kenya army now its your turn to take over the country and save it from more bloodshed.

  26. NShah says:

    If the army was going to act, wouldn’t it have done so by now? Who are the Generals anyway? Kibaki henchmen?

  27. Grace Church says:

    I am very concerned with what’s happening in Kenya. What Kibaki did was unjust and he should be brought to justice, together with those involved in rigging the elections. We already know the role played by Kivuitu and the election commission. Kivuitu was pressured, forced and threatened with his life to participate in the rigging of the elections. Was the chief justice, who swore in the president, also threatened or was he a willing participant? And what would be his punishment if found guilty?

    Kibaki has committed a crime and should not be allowed to hide behind the law and constitution. For starters The constitution of Kenya Chapter II: The Executive, Part 1- Number 5 clearly gives guidelines on how the president is and should be elected to office. Rules were ignored by kibaki and the electoral commission during the election that resulted to death across the country

    The constitution States, “The President Shall be elected in accordance with this chapter(chapter 5) and, thereto, with any Act of Parliament regulating the election of a president.” It is through an act of Parliament alone that gives the high court permission to exist and resolves presidential election issues. Now granted we all know that the high court is under the control of Kibaki and will do anything to keep him in power, but remember parliament has the power to regulate the election of a president, hence has the power to remove Kibaki from power.

    If you look up the definition of regulate it means having the power, Authority, a rule or say or order telling how something is to be done or having the force of law. So there, the high court is not the only way to remove Kibaki from power as imagined by the likes of Uhuru Kenyatta and the constitution does not say it is the only way out, According to the constitution parliament has more power then the high court with regard to electing the president, because after all it is parliament that gives direction on how he should be elected, and therefore has the power to change the rules of election not Kibaki. He is a criminal hiding behind the law and the constitution but the Kenyan parliament should not let him get away with his crime.

    Parliament is made up of all elected Members of Parliament and they are the voices of the people. The people of Kenya rejected Kibaki but he thinks he can hang onto power. All MP’s can work together to remove Kibaki from power and this would only take probably one week and Raila would be declared the rightful winner by an act of Parliament.

    Ballot votes can not be relied on. The certificates have already disappeared in a effort to cover Kibaki’s crime. Has anyone thought about taking this route because it beats having people Killed on the streets by the Police, Army or mugiki sect. I also noted the constitution does not say the president is Above the law, it only states that “No criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the president while he holds office, No Civil proceedings in which relief is claimed in respect of anything done or omitted to be done shall be instituted or continued against him. It definitely does not give him permission to rig elections and then hide behind the law and constitution.

    Most people suggest that Raila should accept what happened and work with Kibaki but that is impossible given the circumstances. This can be repeated again in ten, twenty or forty years from now and then our children and children’s children would still be faced with the same issues and violence as is currently being experience all over the country.

    Some people are also being given many examples how other countries would handle this kind of a situation, like the US and South Africa but remember in both countries the governments had to eventually listen to what the people wanted. In America slavery was eradicated and the constitution changed to accommodate all the American people and in South Africa Apartheid was done away with after people fought for what they believed in. The French revolution gave the poor people power that had been denied them for centuries, and British had their own revolutions that gave a voice to the British people, “Kibaki must go for democracy to prevail.”

    If the Kenyan Law Society truly wants to help with the current situation they should use their knowledge and wisdom to remove Kibaki, fight for justice and democracy to save Kenya. The constitution and laws of Kenya are not there to protect Kibaki but the entire country from the likes of Kibaki.

  28. conso says:

    I tell you people, i thought it was only me who felt for Raila, i can see that most of Kenyans do the same! I love this site! I love the people who visit it as well. Raila, the struggle continues! even though Kibaki and his troop think they have won, in all Kenyan hearts, you rule Mr. Raila, you are the people’s president! We love you and we want to see you on that throne! this will bring peace and unity to Kenya, when the p.n.u/odm-k team quote the verse ‘may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty’ they forget the part that says ” JUSTICE BE OUR SHIELD AND DEFENDER” we want justice to prevail! Kibaki and Co. are an embarassment to Kenya!
    The struggle continues…..

  29. OPADO says:


  30. kiptoo arap sirorei DR. says:

    Kibaki has again listened to moi to deny the citizens their choice president.AGWAMBO won this election by a landslide.ODM will prevail.KIBAKI will leave state house at night like the time he was sworn in fradulently.Kenyans have lost their lives becouse a few kenyans chose to pervert justice.Kibaki’s decision to steal that which is not rightly his is the reason for the bloodsheds in the country.HE is mistaken in the believe that when it gets tougher people will give in and chaos subside.wait and see.

    ODM aluta continua.

    let the struggle continue to its fruitful end.if you the pentagon give in you are the ones who will die silently when they begin to assasinate you one by one.they will make sure you die through road accidents,through snipers bullets,some will end up in ngong,others through lethal injections.just to ensure the ODM machine does not live to see another election.


    the least worst that you can give is a transitional goverment -2years.

    no to damn goverment of national unity.!!!!

    if you must give in, this is the time to demand for the passage of the bomas draft into law and go into elections with this constitutions.this is a credible contition.

    THe third and final liberation will be watered down if you agree to die slowly.the future will still be bleak…and uncertain for kenyans.JUSTICE MUST WIN <JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL

    we must divorce permanently leadership of kenya from this capitalists,this ruling elite who want retention of status guo by all means,they are watching from the sides now ,ready to hire mecenaries,to defend this distorted notion,it is what is killing our beloved republic,

    people whose crimes are responsible for the decisions that kibaki made on 27/12/07.
    do defend them from being brought to justice.

    the likes of moi’s,saitoti-goldenberg associates,anglo-leasing associates.

    the pain should be felt once and for all and the kenyans be finally liberated


    nandi laibon in diaspora

  31. Anon says:

    ODM must lead the way to peace. Some of the people who voted for Raila may not vote for him in three months. ODM also needs the people to vote so the killing must stop. Please ODM leaders tell the people to stop fighting and call for peaceful protest. Raila MUSTemerge as the national leader.

    Agent for change are you reading this?????

  32. Felo says:

    Point of correction Anon. This violence can only be stopped when Kenyans are given their rights. Raila has no capacity to stop this because he did not start it. Why are people putting this crap in Raila’s head while the Illegal president Mwai Kibaki and his team remains free and arrogant.

  33. Anne says:

    Did the Kenya police influence the outcome of the Kenya general elections 2007?

    The chronology of events is critical to understanding the genesis of the current Kenyan political crisis. What we have here has all the ingredients of a civilian coup. Once Kivuitu walks into the plenary hall at 4.37 pm to announce the results, the stage is set for a dramatic showdown between ODM, “which had earlier presented compelling evidence of massive rigging in 48 constituencies and ECK chairman, Samuel Kivuitu.

    Rigging evidence is further supported by statements to the media by former Juja MP and aspirant, William Kabogo and Imenti Central candidate, Professor Julius Meme. These allegations are later corroborated by the report of the EU Observer Mission. Any meaningful resolution of the ODM-Kivuitu impasse was scuttled by the storming of the plenary hall by GSU troops. Opposition MPs, agents and the media were ejected from the hall. Outside, more GSU and Administration Police surrounded the building and cleared the compound.

    A lone Nation reporter (Robert Nagila, and may God bless him for his reluctance to be quickly moved away by the dreaded GSU) was still filming the unfolding drama. And he captures the arrival of the Police Commissioner’s car. However, the Police Commissioner was already inside the building, having walked from Vigilance House. He walks to his car past an armed GSU guard. Most of them seem unsure of what to do. Only a few salute. Brigadier Ali’s car follows behind that of Justice Minister, Martha Karua who had made a quick arrival and departure.

    Minutes later Kivuitu declares Mwai Kibaki the winner of the election. Only the state-owned KBC is allowed to broadcast the declaration. KBC swiftly transmits the material to all other media houses.

    About an hour later, Mwai Kibaki is sworn in at State House by the Chief Justice in the presence of the Attorney General, his key aides, supporters and military chiefs and Brigadier Ali Within minutes; ten people are killed in Kisii.

    Later that evening John Michuki, Minister of Internal Security through Bitange Ndemo, the PS Ministry of Information, issues a circular banning all live broadcasts in the interests of public security and good order. Two days later, Samuel Kivuitu admits that he does not know whether or not Mwai Kibaki won the general election.


  34. Anne says:

    Did the Kenya police influence the outcome of the Kenya general elections 2007?

    The chronology of events is critical to understanding the genesis of the current Kenyan political crisis. What we have here has all the ingredients of a civilian coup. Once Kivuitu walks into the plenary hall at 4.37 pm to announce the results, the stage is set for a dramatic showdown between ODM, “which had earlier presented compelling evidence of massive rigging in 48 constituencies and ECK chairman, Samuel Kivuitu.

    Rigging evidence is further supported by statements to the media by former Juja MP and aspirant, William Kabogo and Imenti Central candidate, Professor Julius Meme. These allegations are later corroborated by the report of the EU Observer Mission. Any meaningful resolution of the ODM-Kivuitu impasse was scuttled by the storming of the plenary hall by GSU troops. Opposition MPs, agents and the media were ejected from the hall. Outside, more GSU and Administration Police surrounded the building and cleared the compound.

    A lone Nation reporter (Robert Nagila) was still filming the unfolding drama. And he captures the arrival of the Police Commissioner’s car. However, the Police Commissioner was already inside the building, having walked from Vigilance House. He walks to his car past an armed GSU guard. Most of them seem unsure of what to do. Only a few salute. Brigadier Ali’s car follows behind that of Justice Minister, Martha Karua who had made a quick arrival and departure.

    Minutes later Kivuitu declares Mwai Kibaki the winner of the election. Only the state-owned KBC is allowed to broadcast the declaration. KBC swiftly transmits the material to all other media houses.

    About an hour later, Mwai Kibaki is sworn in at State House by the Chief Justice in the presence of the Attorney General, his key aides, supporters and military chiefs and Brigadier Ali Within minutes; ten people are killed in Kisii.

    Later that evening John Michuki, Minister of Internal Security through Bitange Ndemo, the PS Ministry of Information, issues a circular banning all live broadcasts in the interests of public security and good order. Two days later, Samuel Kivuitu admits that he does not know whether or not Mwai Kibaki won the general election.


  35. Rosie says:

    At this juncture, the international community, it’s media and those with a keen interest in Kenya must be made to understand that this is not at all tribal like the way it is being preached. Foreign video clips, tv, blogs and online news messages are that Kenya has an ethnic violence between the Luo and Kikuyu tribes after Kibaki was announced winner of the election. Although many international observers know the votes were rigged, that Kivuitu video should be sent to as many international journalists as possible to serve as a reminder that the votes were rigged and that is the truth.

    When something happens in America, it is broadcasted every day, every hour until no one wants to hear about it any more. Reason? THEY DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO FORGET. We Kenyans also do not want our community and the International community to forget that Kibaki stole and raped our democracy!!! Play the Kivuitu video at all times, at all costs – whoever gets tired of it will also get tired of perceiving this as a tribal war.

    Here’s an article from the genocide watch that you must read.

    Genocide Watch: Kenya

    1 January 2008
    Genocide Watch has called a Genocide Alert because of genocidal massacres that are increasing daily in Kenya in the wake of a disputed election between President Mwai Kibaki, who is a member of the Kikuyu ethnic group, and Mr. Raila Odinga, who is ethnically a Luo.

    Ethnic riots have broken out in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, and numerous other places in Kenya. People have been pulled from their cars and their identification cards checked for their names, which symbolize their ethnic identity, and then killed if they belong to groups being targeted. Hundreds of people have already been murdered. Today a church in Eldoret was locked and the people inside were burned to death by a mob.

    Ethnic massacres are an indicator that the risk of genocide in Kenya has risen to Stage 6, the Preparation stage. Kenya has not yet descended into actual genocide. However, the next stage in the process is actual genocide, and Kenya is close to that stage. Genocide can be bilateral, with perpetrators from two (or more) groups killing members of other groups because of their ethnic identity. Burundi had such bilateral genocide from 1993 – 1995.

    President Kabaki claimed victory and was sworn in for another term as President despite strong evidence of election fraud in Kikuyu districts, some of which reported more votes than the voters registered in the districts. The European Commission and African Union have called for independent inquiries into the vote counting process, which the Kenyan Election Commission said gave a narrow victory to Kibaki, despite his party’s loss of many seats in Parliament.

    Genocide Watch makes the following recommendations:
    1. No country should recognize or congratulate President Kibaki for his “re-election” until the results are confirmed by independent election inquiries.
    2. Mr. Odinga should publically denounce violence against Kikuyus, and President Kibaki should forbid violence against Luos and other ethnic groups.
    3. President Kibaki and Mr. Odinga should declare their willingness to abide by the decision of an independent election inquiry commission whose members are named by both men, including trusted leaders from other African countries.
    4. Both President Kibaki and Mr. Odinga should refrain from holding mass rallies, and should firmly forbid their supporters from joining criminal militias that are murdering and looting. Members of such militias should be arrested quickly and tried for their crimes.
    5. Religious and civil society groups in Kenya should vigorously oppose the violence and protect people who are targeted because of their ethnic identity.
    6. The African Union should begin immediate planning to send well equipped police forces to Kenya to quell the ethnic rioting there. The United Nations should condemn the violence and financially support African Union efforts to mediate the dispute and prevent further violence.


  36. Koome says:


    In What Really Happened #1: Genesis,I outlined what I thought was the kindling for the situation we are in today. Here is the conclusion.

    Between the knowledge that they were unpopular all over the country and had polarized other communities against their own,and the irresistible taste of the trappings of power and wealth that come with incumbency,a decision was probably taken that the State House was to be retained at all costs.

    It is here that I postulate something that might raise an eyebrow.

    I do not believe that Mwai Kibaki intended to run again.

    Yes,I don’t. Why? Because of the following

    Kibaki did not seem to take the elections seriously until 2 months to the event

    The decision to cobble together a new political party at the last hour,instead of using the already established NARC Kenya is unlikely to be grounded in wisdom

    Much,if not all,of the campaigning was done by lieutenants for most of the year

    Extremely strange liaisons developed at the 11th hour,which included

    Former President Moi


    The campaign was largely disjointed to the very end. Having affiliate parties field multiple candidates is an extremely poor strategic move

    However powerful forces around him convinced him that it was incumbent upon him to run again. And the more he thought about it the better it sounded. Which led to ludicrously absurd scenarios like

    A sitting president attending the delegates conference of the Official Opposition,singing the infamous KANU party slogan KANU yajenga nchi (KANU builds the nation)

    Said sitting president proudly and happily waving the finger salute of KANU

    Said sitting president appealing passionately to opposition delegates to give him their votes

    Sitting president breaking bread and proceeding to meet regulraly with his predecessor,Moi,the very man he humiliated in more ways than one,least of which was thinly veiled insults in his inauguration speech,sending his lieutenants to court and threatening to prosecute Moi himself

    However,as I have said,after all the rallies and politicking,the reality began to show itself and the bitter truth was that it was unlikely to win the elections.

    Contingencies were laid to improve the odds

    Campaign consultants were imported (Never mind that ado that was made of ODM’s Dick Morris. On that note even today I have always been suspicious of ODM’s move in parading Dick Morris. The quintessential red herring if ever there was one)

    Formidable state machinery was brought to bear. A cursory look at the movements of the campaign teams over the latter half of the year ought to make some interesting reading

    Significant amounts of funds were injected into the campaign. The strategic targeting was questionable,but the sheer quantity was there. Idle banter with individuals in the know have led to the floating of figures to the tune of a couple of million. Per constituency.

    And just to make sure another set of contingencies were put in place

    A good chunk of the sitting Electoral Commission’s commissioners were replaced with new ones. With the knowledge that one of the new commissioners is the President’s personal lawyer,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to divine the fact that they probably were loyal to the President.

    The knee jerk reaction to replace the chairman as well was overturned at the last minute to give the commission the perception of independence. Kivuitu was largely trusted by both sides. Then,at any rate. However I’m inclined to think some form of hold was gotten over Kivuitu.

    Days to the election the president swore in a new set of beaming judges

    That last point in particular is why I am deeply skeptical that election petitions will be of any value. Asking judges appointed not a fortnight ago to expel their benefactor is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It was not lost on many that a beaming Chief Justice and the ever smiling Attorney General were delighted guests at the inauguration. The old adage of a rooster appealing to the justice of a hungry crocodile comes to mind.

    The final contingency was the one that was to be a last resort. This happens to be the one that has put as where we are today. It was not executed as envisaged due to a number of factors

    Kenyans turned out to vote en masse. En masse

    Instead of going home like good little boys and girl,Kenyans remained at the polling stations and watched the ballot boxes like hawks

    The convenient inability of the ECK to procure ICT systems to have a live tally of results was overridden by the enthusiastic coverage and tallying of the TV,radio and press who kept the public fully appraised of the results

    An assumption was made the Kenyans were somewhat gullible and liable to agree with anythng that sounded official. Boy was that a null hypothesis!

    The strategy was simple.

    Stuff ballot boxes where possible. This largely proved impossible thanks to hawk eyed Kenyans at most polling stations. However it was executed at some constituencies where observers were denied access.

    Through willing proxies like Nyachae (Nyanza),Kombo (Western) and Mwakwere (Coast),secure at least 25% of the vote in the provinces Kibaki was not going to win on his own (besides the inevitable Central and Eastern)

    Move with speed to publish results of the opposition’s candidate’s presidential votes,while at the same time holding back the tally of the incumbent. It will not do to inflate the incumbent’s tally and turn up short. Or overshoot by several million.

    At ECK headquarters,have a series of “technical issues” that result in incorrect figures being published of the incumbent’s totals. Invariably,these would be larger,through means like judicious addition of zeroes to totals or surreptitious injection of the odd 20,000 votes. Inadvertent reduction of the opposition candidate’s totals would also not hurt. This would be courtesy of those ECK commissioners that so recently gained employment.

    The last plan hinged on the fact that there were no hawk eyed Kenyans watching the national tallying. Ergo if action were to be taken,it would be taken there. Much has been made of the fact that the various observers were at times denied access to the tally room.

    The looks in the eyes of the likes of William Ruto and Charity Ngilu when totals they know to be 35,000 in some constituency were announced as 100,000 were truly priceless.

    The problem with the master plan was that the average Kenyan is not as naive and as gullible as the political elite like to think. Kenyans put two and two together and got not the 22 that the elite was expecting,but a resounding 4.

    I knew what was coming the instant the paramilitary General Service Unit cleared the KICC of journalists and additional armed men arrived and sealed it off.

    The rest,as they say,is history. Kibaki was declared winner. Needless to say,the reaction came thick and fast

    Breaking It Down

    I was not the least bit surprised that things degenerated into violence.

    Think about it.

    Much ado has ben made over the right to vote,and the empowerment of the voter. Kenyans were told that they had the power to shape their destiny and choose their leadership. And so they turned out in colossal numbers and they voted. They were told that they had a voice and that it would be listened to.

    And when it came down to it their voice,the ballot was ignored. And so they had only one voice left — protest.

    Make no mistake. I have ZERO support for destruction of property and shedding of blood. As a matter of fact if you threw stones or raised arms against your brother you should be dealt with ruthlessly.

    It is extremely naive for PNU supporters to gloat over such a tainted victory. Because it is indeed a tainted victory. And if you support a tainted victory it would be the height of hypocrisy to object if for instance,Moi won in a similar manner.

    I am stunned that Kibaki conveniently forgets the election petitions revolving around the 1992 and 1997 elections. My how the memory is selective!

    Supporting this travesty because it favours someone you like is a dangerous and foolish precedent.

    What we have lost,my friends,is our voice. The power of the ballot. The right to determine our leadership and our destiny. The very thing our forefathers risked their lives fighting for.

    So if you are celebrating because Kibaki ‘won’ or you are bitter becauase Raila ‘lost’ my friends you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    You need to be better because your voice has been stolen from you.

    By M of thinker’s room

  37. ken says:

    From The Economist print edition

    THE mayhem that killed hundreds of people following Kenya’s election on December 27th completes a depressing cycle of democratic abuses in Africa’s biggest countries.

    Nigeria held its own mockery of an election last April. Scores were killed and observers pronounced it the most fraudulent poll they had ever witnessed.

    Congo held a more or less peaceful election in October 2006, since when the main opposition leader has been hounded into exile. And the year before that, flawed elections in Ethiopia resulted in the deaths of 199 protesters. Needless to say, the incumbents all won.

    So it is easy to be angry, as well as gloomy, about African leaders’ continual betrayal of the democratic values they say they hold so dear. And all the more so in the case of Kenya, which has a strong tradition of holding elections, a vibrant political culture, a relatively free press and a sophisticated economy. Given all these advantages, as we wrote before the election, Kenya had an opportunity to “set an example” to Africa and hold free and fair elections. But the country blew it.

    Or, more precisely, the political elite blew it. A small cabal of politicians almost certainly stole the result by fraud (see article). In the parliamentary vote, President Mwai Kibaki’s ruling party was routed. Yet in the presidential vote Mr Kibaki emerged victorious at the last moment and had himself sworn in only a few minutes later, forestalling pleas from all sides—even from the head of the election commission he himself had appointed—for a pause to investigate mounting claims of malpractice. The report of the European observers was unusually strong in its condemnation of the count.

    As in Nigeria, Kenyans queued quietly to exercise their right to vote, reflecting the enormous appetite for democracy that exists on a continent that was until recently dominated by dictators and “big men”. But for democracy to survive, it is not enough to hold elections. Politicians must accept that they may have to give up office, and thus all the opportunities for self-enrichment that come their way. It is no coincidence that the most corrupt politicians are also those who cling most desperately to power—as in Kenya and Nigeria.

    In stealing the election, Mr Kibaki has also invited a dangerous backlash against his Kikuyu tribe, the country’s largest. Tense tribal divisions have long threatened to widen as the minority groups, including opposition leader Raila Odinga’s Luo, have come to feel marginalised by the concentration of power in Kikuyu hands. If the current violence does evolve into something worse, perhaps even civil war, Mr Kibaki and his henchmen will bear much of the blame.

    No time to be nice

    Initially, America, which sees Kenya as a front-line ally in a war against Islamist militias in neighbouring Somalia, made the mistake of endorsing the president’s re-election. Now Britain, America and the African Union are urging Mr Odinga and Mr Kibaki to talk in an effort to stop the bloodletting. That lets Mr Kibaki off the hook far too easily.

    All the violence should certainly be condemned, but most of the diplomatic pressure should be exerted on Mr Kibaki’s supposed new government to annul the results and organise a recount—or a new vote.

    If Mr Kibaki will not do this, the rest of the world should suspend direct aid to his regime and impose a travel ban on his officials. That is the least the wretched people of Kenya have a right to expect from their friends abroad.


    This is why even though ODM should preach peace, we should not stop until Kibaki steps down, otherwise we should keep holding rallies to push for this. Let us have peace rallies from Mombasa to Busia . On Tuesday that should be our agenda, hold rallies from Mama Ngina park to the stadium in Busia. Lets get serious people, Kenyans entrusted you with leadership and we should give Kenyans just that!

  38. Joseph Jakenya says:

    Bravo Kenyans for the Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga victory.

    At this moment there are two things that have to be brought out clearly;

    1) Be a statesman and leave Kibaki on for another five years; the meaning is that the govt will do all that is possible (more than we saw the MOU of the past 5 years) to supress the ODM team to levels of threatening their lives, throwing them in and out of jail to press wrong charges to taint their images. The peoples voices will be betrayed by the ODM and the people will feel too sad for having voted cowards who can not stand to the pressure and push on. They will loose both ways and will not be elected again in future. This is going to be a stragedy for the generations to come. It means that the people are being raped of their democratic rights and their leaders whom they vote in accept it and allow it to go on, think deeply about this.

    2) The second option is to take it on to the bitter end. All free countries were liberated by persistence and endurance. There is a cost to everything and whoever takes this route has to agree to the terms. This will prevent any future greedy leaders from doing the same thing. A question so hard to answer is, would you choose to be a coward, live long in poverty, be alianated from all state resources and be muredered left, forth and right to be a statesman? or face the facts, take it on and fight to the bitter end to liberate the country from bondage of one community? Take into account that nothing ever comes on a silver plate.

    One advice I would ask of ODM is that if by any chance they back off, let them read the mood of the people or else they will be doomed for ever. We are Africans and cant refuse that fact. If to remove African dictators force has to be used, then who are we to desist? This will be the begining of second liberation from these abuses of power. My views are liberal, but a deep advice to whoever wants to choose their destiny. But for sure things will never be the same again whichever way you decide to go. DO WHAT THE MASSES WANT AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT OR WHAT INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WANTS. This is a monster in waiting and if accepted now, will be the in-thing for all the govts to come.

  39. Ayoo Tsunami says:

    I must salute the PENTAGON and the ODMers,We now know who the realmen are…

  40. Omuto says:


    Alot has been drummed about the just concluded and rigged general election. I want my dear bloggers and any sober and level-headed reader to get the following facts right
    1. That the violence which claimed over 300 lives and left over 100,000 homeless has nothing to do with “youths being used by politicians”, but a matter of national interest. Tell me where the Pentagon met their suppoters and incited them to “go, ODM suppoter go.” As a matter of fact, the whole country broke into spontanious mayhem immediately the citizens realized that their right was being snatched from them in broad daylight by the so called government.
    2. Re-tallying is impossible because any documentary evidence has either been tampared with or destroyed by the illegitimate PNU government.
    3. Government of national unity or coalition is out of question because NARC, which was set on the right foundation is an example of a fallen coalition, what about this messy thing?

  41. akoth says:

    I agree with you Ayoo. Kenyans, ODMERs, don’t lose heart!!! We need more pressure on Kibaki & his cronies to yield. My prayer for Tinga & champions is that they don’t acquiesce to a coalition gov’t at all!! Kenyans have spoken, there is no turning back. Theft of votes shouls neve be tolerated, as its a recipe for destruction. Yes, we call for peace, but Kibaki’s colluders must pay the price of plunging the country into unrest. Here’s another coverage by the Economist.

    Twilight robbery – Ethnic violence comes to Kenya
    The Economist 04-01-08

    THE decision to return Kenya’s 76-year-old incumbent president, Mwai Kibaki, to office was not made by the Kenyan people but by a group of hardline Kikuyu leaders. They made up their minds before the result was announced, perhaps even before the opposition candidate, Raila Odinga, had opened up a lead in early returns from the December 27th election. It was a civil coup.
    The planning was meticulous. All that was needed were the extra votes to squeak past Mr Odinga in what had been a closely and decently contested election. That was why returns from Central Province, Mr Kibaki’s fiercely loyal Kikuyu heartland, were inexplicably held back. And why, in some constituencies, a large number of voters mysteriously decided just to vote in the presidential race, ignoring the parliamentary ballot. Real damage was done in Nairobi, the capital, by inflating the number of votes for Mr Kibaki, even after results were publicly announced. Election monitors were turned away in Nairobi while the tallying went on. But European Union (EU) monitors verified tens of thousands of votes pinched in this way. Mr Odinga’s supporters were not innocent either. There were serious irregularities in his home province of Nyanza and probably ballot stuffing on his behalf elsewhere.

    The EU’s preliminary report on the presidential vote was scathing. After the result was announced security forces sealed off the centre of Nairboi against the angry poor, most of whom had voted for Mr Odinga. A few minutes later in State House, in the twilight, Mr Kibaki was sworn in as president, with almost nobody else there.
    The reaction to the swearing-in was immediate. Nairobi’s slums exploded in rage. The poor killed each other. The rest of the city was eerily empty, but for burning tyres. Across the country there was a swelling up of tribal violence, sometimes Kikuyu against Mr Odinga’s Luo tribe, more often Luo and other tribes against Kikuyu. Hundreds have been killed so far and 80,000 displaced. Gang rapes and mutilations are widespread. Police have orders to shoot to kill. There has been rampant looting in Kisumu, riots in Mombasa and pitched battles in Eldoret. Thousands of Kikuyu have taken refuge in Eldoret’s Catholic cathedral from roving gangs. Kikuyu hiding in another church outside Eldoret were burned alive by a mob. There will be reprisals. Some non-Kikuyus are already slipping away from Central Province.
    Taken together, it amounts to a pulling apart of Kenya’s rich national fabric. Some 98% of Kikuyu voted for Mr Kibaki. Everywhere else he was trounced. “We feel downgraded to second class status, harassed, profiled”, says Najib Balala, a senior Orange. The Kikuyu highlands encircling the diminishing glaciers of Mount Kenya feel like a state within a state.
    The instincts of the hardliners will be to use the security services to reverse the freedoms of Mr Kibaki’s first term; anything to avoid power slipping into Mr Odinga’s hands. It is not clear that Kenya will stand for it. The government pressured mobile phone operators to suspend text messages for “security reasons”, without success. Kenya’s media is still keen to report rather than incite. The army’s strong apolitical tradition, with staff officers drawn from several tribes, looks to be holding.
    Mr Odinga has called on Mr Kibaki to resign. His Oranges want a campaign of civil action, peaceable, but determined. Mr Odinga says that Kenyans today will not tolerate betrayal. They are better educated, more independent, than in the past. They may also be more frustrated, more violent, and harder to control.
    A week after voting, the immediate concern is to haul the country back from ethnic cleansing. A chastened Samuel Kivuitu, head of the electoral commission, now says he is not sure that Mr Kibaki won the election. The Americans and the British have been twisting arms. The head of the African Union, John Kufuor, is also trying to mediate. More importantly, well-connected Kikuyu business leaders have been trying to persuade Mr Kibaki to cave in and form a government of national unity. “If they don’t,” says a diplomat, “the country is heading for civil war.”

  42. Man says:


  43. osore wa maina says:

    hey orange people….the presidency is ours, we people of kenya….not for a few selfish people around kibaki like michuki….and surely justice shall prevail at the end of the day, even if it takes 5 years.

    Plea to Kenyans, please stop killing each other, we are one nation.

    Someting for the pentagon….please keep watch of the kamba vote as you push for a re-run because one thing for sure is that if one is called, kalonzo wont run and he will easily support kalonzo…so mama rainbow Ngilu, kazi kwako.

  44. Anne says:

    Why Kivuitu must be held accountable for poll chaos

    About 5.30pm on December 30, Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu and two other commissioners huddled in a tiny room and, exclusively through state-funded Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, announced President Kibaki re-elected. Within an hour, the President was sworn in at State House at a function in which the national anthem was not played and in the absence of the diplomatic corps. Then the country was thrown into chaos.

    In the fullness of time, history will apportion culpability over the current anarchy. At the moment, however, Mr Kivuitu should take full responsibility. But as he tries to run away from this responsibility to blame the chaos on pressure from PNU and ODM Kenya, I wish to offer the correct legal position over the whole saga and how the country can wriggle out of it.

    The Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) was created pursuant to Section 41 of the Constitution and thus has security of tenure and independence. Section 42A sets out its mandate to be mainly two-fold — the registration of voters and the maintenance of the voter register, as well as directing and supervising civic, parliamentary and presidential elections.

    The National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act, Cap 7, and its subsidiary, the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Regulations sets out the legal framework that enables the ECK to effectively and fully conduct elections. The election of political leaders is a key component of any nation state that claims to be a democracy. To be legitimate, the electoral process must not only be free and fair, but also be seen to be so.

    The regulations clearly set out the road-map for conducting elections, voting, votes counting and tallying, announcing results and challenging the process.

    Presidential, parliamentary and civic elections are conducted at the polling stations, which are so located that voters have access to them with the least inconvenience and such that the ECK and the Government provide the logistics, the materials and security. At the moment, there are nearly 27,000 polling stations.

    Each station is headed by a presiding officer, assisted by poll clerks. On the polling day, voters are given specific times within which they may cast their votes in person and not by proxy. All through the entire voting process, candidates’ agents, the media and accredited observers have free and unlimited access to the polling centre to witness the voting.

    At the close of voting, the presiding officer and his clerks, in the presence of the agents, the media and observers, proceed to count the votes. Once the counting begins, the law stipulates that it shall not stop until it is completed. The results are then announced at the polling stations. The presiding officer then makes three packets each separately holding valid, disputed and spoilt ballot papers.

    The officer makes another three packets holding spoilt papers, marked copy register and counterfoils of used ballot papers. He also prepares a statement that summarises the voting at the polling station, which he signs. It is countersigned by all the agents present. The packets are sealed and the agents are free to affix their own seal. The two sets of packets, the statement and the ballot boxes are transmitted to the returning officer at the constituency level.

    The returning officer, once he receives the packets and boxes from the polling stations, proceeds to tally the votes. This is done in the presence of the candidates’ agents and the media. Vote recounting is not gone into, except for those disputed, and the returning officer has discretion to confirm or vary the disputed ones only. He shall never change the valid or spoilt votes. He then proceeds to announce to all present the results of both the presidential and parliamentary votes.

    The returning officer is obliged in law to then fill Forms 16, 16A and 17A, which set out the results and the votes cast for each presidential and parliamentary candidates. The statutory forms are signed by the officer and the candidates’ agents. The agents, the media and observers are allowed to make and keep copies of the three forms, which are then physically delivered to the ECK headquarters in Nairobi.

    On receiving them the ECK gives all parliamentary and presidential candidates 24 hours to lodge complaints, if any, including demanding a recount or retallying. The ECK is obliged to, within 48 hours, allow the recount or retallying. All candidates and the ECK therefore have 72 hours to resolve any disputes. It is only after the period that the ECK can announce the winners of each of the 210 parliamentary seats and issue a certificate known as Form 17 to each elected MP and Form 18 to the elected president. The results are then gazetted.

    With due respect to Mr Kivuitu, it was irregular, unlawful and void in law to announce the results on December 30 and swear in the President on the same day. The ECK boss announced the results when he did not have the original Forms 16, 16A and 17A from each constituency, refused to allow the 24-hour period for candidates to lodge complaints and declined to allow retallying.

    He told the world that his returning officers had gone underground, and that he did not have powers to order retallying. On the day the results were being announced, Special Gazette Notice No. 12612 was issued declaring Mr Kibaki the president. Mr Kivuitu deliberately misled the world and subverted the law.

    Section 5 of the Constitution states that the president shall be elected in accordance with the Constitution and the National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act, Cap 7. Non-compliance with the mandatory provisions vitiates the process.

    In law, the fundamental principle is that a void process does not confer legitimacy. A public officer acting in compliance with the law must comply with the substantive, formal and procedural conditions laid down and at all times act in good faith and for the public good. As a repository of these constitutional and statutory powers and duties, Mr Kivuitu was obliged to be faithful to the process and not be influenced by external forces, as he has admitted.

    By his infidelity to the law, he has failed the country and must undo the mistakes. Section 5 of the Constitution states that a president duly elected is the one who has the highest votes cast.

    The ECK can invoke its powers under the Constitution to retally all valid Forms 16 and 16A and retract the results and announce the valid ones. The announcement of results on December 30 was a ministerial act that does not invalidate the ECK’s constitutional powers.

    The Constitution states that any other law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is void to the extent of inconsistency. Thus, Mr Kivuitu must take the high road, invoke the ECK’s constitutional mandate and review the forms and give Kenyans the president they elected, be it Mr Kibaki or ODM candidate Raila Odinga.

    The tough stands taken by ODM and President Kibaki’s PNU are theatrics which will not help the country. Neither party has any constitutional mandate that is the ECK’s monopoly. If he allows the status quo to stay, Mr Kivuitu will one day be held to account for the bloodshed and property destroyed.

    The country’s unity and future rest on his shoulders, and he cannot pass the buck.

  45. Faith says:


    Its so unfortunate that Wangari Maathai lost her parliamentary seat but i think its good for her since she can now speak without fear. I say this coz i heard her speak yeaterday at BBC and she made a very good comment that so many wrong things have happened in Kibakis leadership which seams to oppress other leaders;

    1. The MOU was dishounered, some MP’s sucked and we were told to forget.
    2. The Katiba wa discussed at the Bomas, taken to parliament for amendment and before it was taken for the referrendum the opposition (ODM) requested the govt to have a dialogue before letting it out to the people they refused and the pple refuced it as well, later we were told to forget.
    Hence this time round we should not forget instead we should deal with this issue till the end to stop this evil being done by KIBAKI.

    This time round votes have been stolen in broad daylight and Kibaki dares hold a Holy Bible and swears in the name of God without fearing the repercussion it may have on him, his cabinet and to the whole nation. ITS SUCH A BIG SHAME.
    I also suggest that the recounting of votes may not be useful as at now since the govt (michuki, martha,kimunya) might have alrdy interfeared with them.
    Raila plus ODM pentagon, we support you and we ask you not to give up till justice is found to everyone.

  46. r.m says:

    to hon. raila amolo odinga.we recogise you as our legitemate is well known in the local and international domain that the kenyans right of demoratic representation has been is for this reason that kenyans have come out in their numbers to express their disappointment of denial of this basic right.but i am getting worried by comments emanating from the international media that you would be willing to serve in a govt of national unity if the terms were right.our position as odm supporters is that the only way that you can join this illegitemate govt is in a transitional framework during which preparations for fresh elections must immediately commence.any other arrangement other than this would be a bitter pill to swallow and we therefore advise you not to accept anything less.keep the faith, fight the good fight and just know that YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE

  47. NShah says:

    Kenyan president must resign: opposition leader
    2 hours ago

    NAIROBI (AFP) — Defeated Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga on Saturday said President Mwai Kibaki was illegally in office and must resign, moments after the president proposed a unity government.

    Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), said he would only negotiate with the government if Kibaki steps down from his new mandate and talks under his previous mandate.

    “Our starting point is that Kibaki is there illegally, he should not come to the negotiating table as the president. We want to talk with him on the basis of his old mandate, then we find a settlement to this problem,” Odinga told a press conference.

  48. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I smell it in the air. Hon. Raila Odinga, the legitimate president of Kenya, will assume office soon. Mr. Mwai Kibaki is being held hostage by Michuki, Kimunya, Lucy, and the new Kiambu mafia who are, as I said before, trying to squueze water out of a stone. Who knows, Kibaki may have chosen to destroy Kenya and the entire East African region rather than risk a physical assault by Lucy.

    Do these Kibaki-centred mafia see the determination of the majority of Kenyans to have their chosen leader, Hon. Raila Odinga, lead them. I am seeing the possibility of Kenya being liberated in phases, with Central and some parts of Eastern provinces and Nairobi being the last to be liberated. The partition of Kenya has begun. I am seeing Kenya being partitioned in order to be united.

    I have said before that the arrogance of some Kenyan leaders and some communities combined with the economic marginalization and enslavement of sections of Kenyan population are the right catalystic ingredients to spark a revolution in Kenya. Sadly and frighteningly, this is beginning to take shape.

    My caution to ODM. Kibaki and his company are very brutal and crude. Their rigging is by brute force and lacks any semblance of intelligence. Their killing of democracy is brutal. Their methods would have been successful in the Kenya of yester years, in the Kenya of the Kenyatta era, but not now. I caution ODM to be on the lookout as these brutal mafia may “stage a mock military coup” in order to rid the military of officers and soldiers from other tribes especially from Rift Valley, Nyanza, and Western Kenya.

    I also caution the ODM Pentagon to be extremely wary of the danger of being poisoned. The Kenya we are seeing now is a combination of the Ukraine before the Orange revolution and the Yugoslavia in the last ten months of Slobodan Miroslevic.

  49. ken says:

    Now that normalcy is slowly returning I will keep emphasizing the need to keep up peaceful pressure on this illegitimate regime, ODM should be at the forefront of preaching peace among Kenyans. Let us not lose sight of the real culprits; kibaki and company. We should keep holding peaceful protests throughout the country and abroad, let us put on white as a symbol of our disgust at Kibaki! I signed up to be an agent of change and the least I expect is for agent 4 change to do the same. Do not make deals with the devil. When a thief breaks into your house and you catch him, you do not sit down at the table with him to negotiate what you can get back from his bag of loot! He has to surrender everything he stole before you talk about leniency of punishment!! its just common sense. Preach peace but pile on the pressure!

  50. Anne says:

    ECK boss Kivuitu’s attempt to absolve himself from blame over the election debacle that has led to the loss of innocent lives and wanton destruction of property around the country is simply disgusting.

    He took an oath to oversee free and fair elections and has failed. What he is talking about now won’t make any difference. Those excuses can only mean that he was not up to the task.

  51. Anne says:

    ECK boss Kivuitu’s attempt to absolve himself from blame over the election debacle that has led to the loss of innocent lives and wanton destruction of property around the country is simply disgusting.

    He took an oath to oversee free and fair elections and has failed. What he is talking about now won’t make any difference. Those excuses can only mean that he was not up to the task.”

  52. ken says:

    there are no updates on the main page and on this forum, have you guys given up the fight, this lack of leadership is doing us no good. Many of us have been writing here with no semblance of anywhere listening or even moderating. Give us updates or at least an idea of what your thinking is. have you given up already?

  53. Anne says:

    Hata afanye nini, lazima Kibaki ajue kwamba BABA WA KAMBO SIYO BABA MZAZI!!!

    He is in office by the will of Kenya Polic and NOT the sacred will of KENYAN PEOPLE. His therefor NOT the Father of the NATION.


  54. Anne says:

    Hata afanye nini, lazima Kibaki ajue kwamba BABA WA KAMBO SIYO BABA MZAZI!!!

    He is in office by the will of Kenya Police and NOT the sacred will of KENYAN PEOPLE.

    He is therefore NOT the Father of the NATION.


  55. Anne says:

    The biggest embarrassment in this whole election saga is the terribly wanting performance by Electoral Commission chairman Samuel Kivuitu. Honestly, how can he say that he knew that the results were irregular and go ahead to announce the presidential winner?

    The respect I once had for Mr Kivuitu has gone down the drain. More than 200 Kenyans have lost their lives as a result of this. What pressure is he now talking about. He should simply have stood for the truth.”

  56. Philip Roy says:

    You have only one week before the international Media looses interest in what they are doing.So you need to move in a direction to show the way for peace.

    You can start by going out and donating food and holding reconciliation meetings in the affected areas and bringing along international media and NGOs.

    This will help restore the image of ODM internationally.

    You need to also consider fighting it out in parliament and pushing for policies based on the ODM manifesto.

    Most importantly hold ODM together and start bracing for 2012, whatever happens.

    NOTE: ODM leaders should state clearly to the international media that a government of unity was put in place in 2002 and Kibaki never respected it.It is important to insist on this because PNU is using it in the international media to make ODM look like a party not ready to work together with Kibaki for the benefit of Kenya.

    I hope you can get this to someone responsible and make it happen.

  57. OPADO says:


  58. Railkamuodho says:

    May be people will be ready this time around
    Maybe William Rutoh does not understand the way genocide leaders are treated. God administers justice swiftly without delay. By the way, how come ODM is not talking about documented rigging in their strongholds.
    When Rutoh says that the government assertion about current peace is lying to itself, does he know something we do not know or is he planning another round of genocide? Well, maybe this time around he will meet his match and maybe he will be the one to start looking for peace. Those already displaced and their families will have nothing to lose this time around.

  59. Koome says:

    To get detailed news on the Kenyan Election fiasco do not bother with Nation and Standard, the two have been muffled. Use google news page to search for latest Kenyan news from leading international papers.

    You can search using Raila’s or Kibaki’s names.

  60. Dr. J. Were Onundu says:



  61. Hez says:

    Hello all. I cannot say any more than what has been mentioned above. We need to show the world that we have been robbed of our most basic right – the vote.

    Sign the “Kibaki Must Step Down Petition” on the internet @ Forward this message to all (THE COMMONWEALTH REQUIRES 1Million SIGNATURES). As of today, 8060 people have signed.

  62. Hez says:

    If you saw the Daily Nation today – pictures of a woman with shopping from Uchumi supermarket. She had barely alighted from the matatu when criminals pounced on her and took all what she had sweated to obtain during this time of uncertainty and turmoil.

    What was done to the lady is wrong and the perpetrators must be prosecuted. We cannot accept this injustice in Kenya.

    Similarly, what Kibaki, Kivuitu and his cronies at the ECK have done is no different from the thieves who robbed the lady as described above. Didn’t we all queue on the 27th? They ROBBED us violently at KICC on the 30th – Chasing away the media, GSU police at armed to the teeth, the rushed swearing in ceremony at StateHouse barely minutes “after” the results were announced?

    Such injustices cannot be tolerated and will never to be accepted in Kenya.

  63. steve biko says:

    The face of things have began to change. The fight for justice, democracy and peace does not end until the other side admits to what is true. My observation is that this battle has taken new dimensions.There is an attempt to blackout the Orange election victory by insinuations that Orangers are behind all the violence and destruction.

    We have to fight for our triumph and right from all possible angles.Rallies are a brilliant action taken, the Night Vigil at the Orange house is a brilliant action taken as well…we should have these Night Vigils all over as well. Maybe we should go a step further and present the human face of the Orange side which should complement all we stand for

    Where are the humanitarian champions within the Orange side. We stand for Peace and Justice all together. Why should we let others deface us and try to present a false image of who we are and what we stand for?

  64. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM, be alert. Michuki may be sending weapons in some of those containers, “carrying food”, from Mombasa to arm Mungiki. Containers filled with an assortment of weapons could be inserted somewhere between Mombasa and Nairobi destined for Eldoret and other parts of Rift Valley.

    ODM, should consider speeding up indicting Michuki, his PS, and Police Commissioner, Ali Hussein, at the International Court of Justice at the Hague for crimes against humanity for their shoot-to-kill orders that saw execution of hundreds of Kenyans in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, and Eldoret.

    ODM should also appoint international realtions people to highlight to the world ethnic cleansing that has gone on in Central and Eastern provinces and which have gone unreported.

  65. Louisa says:

    The pple’s president seems to be giving giving up the fight!
    What is this about talking to Kibaki as the president?
    As much as Kenyans want peace,we also expect our wishes to be respected!
    Raila should not let Kibaki get away with the rigging…he won the elections and he should put up a good diplomatic fight!
    May God grant him wisdom!

  66. Louisa says:

    Happy Birthday Mr.President, Raila Amolo Odinga!

  67. mo says:

    Dear Mr. Raila. I congragulate you on your victory sir! It is true that peace without justice is meaningless. As much as the whole world knows the elections were flawed, the world will blame you for not asking for peace. Use this opportunity sir to campaign to the Kikuyus and tell them it is Kibaki and his mafia that is the problem and not the whole community. You will even be recieve a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE! Sir your resume is well beyond excellence but you should ask all ODM suppoters to shun violence and resolve for peaceful elections use more of tact and intellect than street wise violence. Ask Patrick Lumumba to use his oratory gift in uniting the nation. This way Kikuyus not in Central province who are under siege will abandon the Kiambu Mafia winning you more support and the world will see you as a hero. Avoid statements about the presidency and say you are fighting for democracy to set a future for not only Kenya but the whole of Africa. Be the AGENT FOR PEACE AND CHANGE. Talk to them not at them. Show a caring side not by visiting a morgue but by sending food to Kikuyu’s in Kibera and Mathare and urging jolweny from wielding pangas in public but holding to green leaves even when tear gas flies past them. you will score highly on this. when you form your government in the next few days everybody including the Kikuyus will accept you. I hope i made reason.It will be triple win for you sir and people throughout the world will remember you. Your forces are getting tired of running everyday! I support you sir!

  68. Mohamed Omar says:

    I just want to add my two cents. I think it is very critical that ODM does not go into any agreement for power sharing or coalition government with PNU / Kibaki… We want ODM to fight for the Kenyans’ democratic right which has been robbed by Kibaki.. Accepting any agreement that will Keep Kibaki in Power will mean that Kenyans have been robbed their rights and there is no way of preventing this from happening again in the future.
    With only about 35 MPs, Kibaki can not govern so going into a coalition government will not only keep Kibaki in power but will enable him to govern the country.. I will rather see ODM in opposition then having them work with these criminals who have caused hundreds of Kenyans to die and thousands displaced.

    If ODM agrees to a power share deal then Kenyans and the whole world will see them as power hungry politicians and nothing more…. I hope ODM does not make that mistake of going into a power sharing deal. Mr. Odinga, when negotiating for a settlement, please remember the innocent Kenyans who have died due to Kibaki rigging the elections.

  69. PM Arap Maina says:

    Raila for PM and other issues
    I agree with Otieno Kajwang and Prof. Ali Mazrui that Hon. Raila Odinga should be an executive premier. I know Raila does not mean to harm the Kikuyus unlike William Rutoh and his kinsmen. The Kalenjin believe that Kikuyu took their land which is not the case- they formed cooperative societies and bought the land from the colonial masters. Only small areas were given to women dancers like the Nyakinyua women’s group.
    I know Luo and Kikuyu longstanding relationship will be restored very soon. The Rift valley chaos were well executed the Rwanda way and particularly in a devilish way with the burning of Churches, killing of children and the like. Soon the perpetrators of the crime against humanity will be exposed.
    What happened to Bishop Margaret Wanjiru that she cannot stand up for her people when they are butchered and thrown out of their land. Can’t she convince Rotoh to stop his people from butchering Kikuyus? Or can’t she send millions to the suffering in the refugee camps. I am sure even her vehicles had to be removed from the road due to the violence. Those who suffered most were those in slums and sparsely populated Kikuyus in North Rift.
    The current crisis will only come to an end if the following issues are addressed:
    1. The flawed elections both in the PNU and ODM strongholds.
    2. The question of land and boundaries- resettlement and compensation
    3. The issue of the vernacular radio stations (law should be enacted to make it criminal to air hate speeches).
    4. Compensation for violence related deaths and losses.
    5. A new constitution- with new positions and new independent electoral commission
    6. Unitary or tribal kingdoms or chieftancies with Raila for Luo, Mudavadi for Luhya, Rutoh for Kalenjin, Kalonzo for Kambas, Balala for waswahili, Mwakere for Miji Kenda, Kenyatta for Kikuyu, Nkaissery for Maa and Kamama for the small tribes
    7. Only four political parties with provision for independent candidates
    A referendum to determine whether we want a unitary or federal government

  70. Pea says:

    Please let Raila Odinga know that we in the diaspora are praying for him.

  71. jaugenya says:

    While we stand for the truth let us not attack our brothrs and sisters they are merely victims of these power elites like us.We can express our anger and disgust without killing any one , the truth will prevail for God almighty is with us let us not loose his favor by harming his children.For the police oscastrated genocide i hope they will one day pay for their crimes againist humanity if not here on earth then in the afterlife.

  72. The Pentagon,

    Before The Pentagon goes into any negotiations with the loser, it is important that all parties concerned agree on the following;

    1. That events on the ground since 27th December, 2007, are as the result of an irregular tallying of Presidential Election Results from some constituencies,
    2.The subsequent announcement by the ECK chairman of the incomplete and rigged Presidential results before all parties agreed to them drove the country into a state of chaos and anarchy.
    3.These events cannot therefore be divorced and addressed separately
    4.ODM cannot take blame or responsibility for the on-going chaos as it is clear where the blame lies.

    In the event that ODM ends up on a negotiation table with out-going President Kibaki and his cronies, here are some ideas that may be incorporated into the basis for the possible talks.

    •The results of the Presidential Polls held on 27th December, 2007, be declared either Incomplete or Null and Void.

    •The declaration of Kibaki as President for a second term must be declared Null and Void following revelations by ECK Chairman that he had acted under duress and that he did not know whether Kibaki won the elections.

    •Kibaki’s continued presidency can only be based on the 2002 mandate, whose official term has come to an end.

    •Depending on how satisfied the different teams are with the existing data especially that which was already tallied and found to be acceptable to all concerned parties, polls should be repeated at the 48 constituencies that were found to be highly irregular. If this is not agreeable, a Timetable for fresh Presidential Elections should be agreed on.

    •In either case, ECK be disbanded immediately and a committee to conduct the polls should be set-up immediately and should include international election experts. If the ECK must be reconstituted, let that be done as per the earlier IPPG recommendations. NOT Kibaki appointing all the members.

    If ODM takes this route, we must not let Kibaki hijack this process and he must as part of the negotiations, accept to take full responsibilities for the consequences.

    George Nyangweso

  73. Omuto says:

    There is a very high shoot-to-kill rate in Kakamega Town and its environs perpetuated by the police officers “maintaining law and order” here in Kakamega. Over 30 people have been shot dead since the skirmishes picked up and most of them are from two ethnic communities, namely Luos and Luhyas. The police executioners carrying out these inhuman activities are from one tribe which I fear mentioning because of victimization. There is a white double cabin pick-up registration number GK A 157M making rounds in town with uniformed “law enforcer” snipers on it, from one community, of course.
    On Saturday mid morning, a building was razed by a Mr. Njoroge Wakaba who had rented it for business for the last 15 years. Police officers were in the vicinity during that act of felony and its like they were “guarding” this gentleman as he empties his room and eventually torched the entire building right in their presence. they were seen escorting him back to the Police station where his family and friends are now hosted.
    Whoever thinks this is propaganda should come over to Kakamega and see & hear for himself (Major Gen. Hussein Ali, are you reading me?)
    We’ve lived in harmony with each other for quite some time and these acts of hooliganism are tearing as apart, leaving a permanent psychological scar in us and our fellows. Worsening the whole scenario is the executions being carried out by Ali’s boys. My late cousin Pati (RIP) in Maraba met had a fatal encounter with the combat boys while leaving his house on 31st December 2007. A very humble, harmless and peace loving young man. We buried him on Wednesday. Maina Kiai, please send over your team before the morgue is emptied by the uniformed guys who might take the remaining bodies to a place rendezvous for mass burial to interfere with any evidence on crime against humanity.

  74. jaugenya says:

    A agree George for as long as results from even one constituency is found to be fradulent then that should be enough reason to nullify the whole process, i suspect that this rigging started much earlier than we think even in bungoma and parts of rift valley Kibaki had suspicious numbers.

  75. Abok says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    The anger you are seing being expressed in different manner are just many years of suppressed injustices. if the suppression continues I am afraid there will be no end to this. We had a chance of opening a new slate at the end of 2002 when there was a call for a truth, Justice and reconcilliation commission, as you well know this did not happen and people swept their anger below the carpet. I am afraid the suppressed anger bursted when provided with an escape route through the alleged flawed elections. Now we are seing more attrocities being done and these too are being surpressed and as time go on the accummulation of all these will provide recipy for even worse things in the future. Dont cheat yourself that Kenya is 80% Christian, that wouldnt help. The only solution is to allow people to talk about what is hurting them then address such issues appropriately. Even the shoot to kill that is being perpetrated in kakamega and Kisumu will not end the problem but will rather fuel it for another day.

    If ODM is listening, let the channels for reconcilliation be opened and let people talk and the real issues be addressed.

    God Bless Kenya.

  76. faith says:


    Iam also abit disheartened by what has taken place being robbed of our victory and the anger being unleashed now. We really need truth and reconciliation as a lasting solution to what is afflicting Kenya today looking at the kind of anger being directed to the people mainly from central province it shows that there are alot of suppressed anger within people and unfortunately Kivuitu gave the aggrieved parties the opportunity to pour it out and as a person from central Kenya iam afraid if this anger is not dealt with head on it will still in future rear its ugly head.Now to ODM matters i want to tell the Pentagon that because we have the majority MP’s we should use that to the max. first and foremost the speaker and and he assistant should be ODM sympathisers secondly the Keter’s bill should be rethinked seriously IT IS PAYBACK TIME AS THEY SAY REVENGE IS BEST SERVED COLD.

  77. Akinyi says:

    I am kinda dissappointed by the people’s president, he has cancelled the rally again. The pressure needs to be there on a daily basis, just listened to Kimunya talking badly on BBC. Please Raila dont give up we are behind you. We advocate for peaceful demonstrations it is the police that make it chaotic. Justice has to be done then peace will come.

  78. Maru Kapkatet says:

    It is almost becoming certain that another presidential election will be held within three months. ODM must move fast to secure the voters list used in the last general elections of December 27, 2007.

    ODM’s position should be that only the registered voters of the last general elections will be allowed to vote and that ECK should not register any new voters.

    The corrupt ECK may be very busy registering real and fake voters even now as we speak.

    ODM should find a way of securing last year’s list of voters either through Mr. Jack Tumwa, one of the few ECK commissioners who has demonstrated that he can think clearly and fairly.

  79. daddy says:

    The illegitimate president has called for the openning of the tenth parliament on Jan the 15th. If all MPs were patriotic, they could have bouycotted this day to show their dissatisfaction with the electoral process, and insist on following the decrees of a legitimately elected president only. And maybe, PNU is set to win the war since pressure seems to be subsiding from the ODM camp. WE NEED THEM RALLIES!!

  80. Steven M says:


    I think the rally was cancelled to allow for mediation and am sure if you have been looking at the unfolding events the unholy and illegetimate government is trying to make ODM look violent and make a case that ODM is retrogressive. The cancellations in my view are not cowardly but strategic and well thought out retreats which are actually been welcomed by even the opposition supporters. ODM as government has to show that they can listen and talk to its people. If the mediation does not work then we have a genuine case for mass peaceful protests against this thieves!!! Lets be patient as Hon Ruto has been pleading. We have been patient for a long time and am sure we will get there. These thieves 40 days have come! The mediation might even put more pressure on the government if especially the mediators can clearly see that ODM has a good case to prosecute these thieves. the jury is out and a guilty verdict on Kibaki is emminent.

  81. Omuto says:

    Whoever imagines that canceling tomorrow’s rally is a sign of retreat is in every way wrong. How can you in your normal sense go on with your program when on the other hand a very important visitor is on his way to your house? Honestly bloggers, we cant afford rallies in the presence of His excellency John Kofuor. For heavens sake, this is the AU chairperson and his coming is indeed timely. The Pentagon is not omnipresent so as to meet John Kufuor and address the rallies at the same time. We can still hold the rallies even on Thursday or thereafter. After all, this is our country and we can schedule for a meeting anywhere, any time. But still, if the meeting between the Pentagon, Kufuor and Kibaki will yield positive fruits, then we can as well cancel the rallies. Meanwhile, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  82. Annie says:

    Hey Kenyans,
    Let continue standing up for our rights and hold peaceful demos to make kibaki step down. The solution is an interim government with an election date fixed. Dialogue without justice will never work. It only creates suspect and bad faith. Lets go back to the ballot box and vote in view of the whole world. Kibaki is none other than a common thief as he has stolen votes. Kivuitu and Kibaki are responsible for the loss of lives which could never have happened if the did the right thing. Sheme on you kibaki for rushing into oathing in full knowlegde of the fact that there were complaints of rigging. You can’t even take take control of your own house with “ugly Lucy” slapping people around how will you take control of a nation poor old guard?

  83. Man says:

    One very urgent business is to get a suitable ODM leaning candidate to the Speaker’s job. THIS MUST HAPPEN. We have to sponsor our candidate to this very important job. Call me a tribalist all you want but the candidate should be rom the rit Valley

  84. Ishara says:


    Watch out for PNU supporters couching partisan arguments with the appearance of being fair or even handed. This will neither fool nor endear these people to Kenyans who have just about seen and heard it all by now.

    I make no bones about who I support and why I do so and those like me are hence more credible than individuals who prefer subterfuge and misrepresentation. One only needs to glance at what our detractors say to know their obvious PNU agenda-if I can see where you’re coming from and what your angle is when the focus of your message is on what ODM and Raila can do for the country with no reference to what the illegitimate statehouse occupant and his supporters can do, you may be sure that other Kenyans are equally discerning.

    Individuals in PNU are so predictable, so worried about the Forms 16 and 16A and now they seek to besmirch the results on the basis that these forms were interfered with on the ground. The Forms 16 and 16A are the documents on which the votes from each poll station were recorded then the total figure then endorsed by all party agents plus the returning officer….I’ll say that again for your benefit, votes were counted and recorded then the figures on the Form 16A endorsed by all party agents and the returning officer. All party agents had opportunity to witness the entire counting exercise and if there were any anomalies such as PNU agents being denied access-all an agent had to do was refuse to endorse the vote count and have a vote re-count then and there for the results to be authenticated. Why would any agent agree to be signatory to a flawed process?

    Even worse is that PNU claims are refuted by the EU observation report on our elections in addition to the damning testimony of individual EU observers who expressed utter shock at hearing and recording one set of figures on the ground and getting to KICC and hearing an altogether different set of (inflated) figures! This was not limited to Molo and it got to the point that these EU observers began doubting their own eyes and ears!

    But never mind, knowing their vehement partisan support for their party of choice; PNU will no doubt conclude that these EU observers were infact deaf, blind, mendacious and in the pocket of ODM….there, I cast all aspersions on the credibility on the EU for you, feel free to come up with other reasons the EU should be discredited, why don’t you?

    The ODM party had in place a nerve center comprisins of an office staffed with employees and volunteers whose sole duty it was to gather and collate the results on the Form 16 and 16A from all over the country, so for the day and night that results came streaming in, the Orange officers and officials kept abreast with the numbers announced publicly on the ground.

    This was a safety mechanism to ensure that the numbers announced at the polling station where votes were counted did not differ exponentially from the numbers announced by the ECK at KICC as having come from the ground. In the face of rumours and confirmation of rigging in form of boxes of pre-marked ballots confiscated by the CID in Nyanza and the Rift, having an office ascertain figures from the ground makes absolute sense to me…..PNU however denounced ODM for arrogance and distrust at running what they considered was a “parallel ECK”. Needless to say ODM denied this and said it was simply a verification mechanism.

    And, what do you know! The unthinkable scenario that the ODM party dreaded came to pass, as the results were read at KICC there were increasing differences between results announced on the ground and those at KICC. ODM feeling bolstered by the figures from the ground were knocked for six by the blatant attempts to rig the election at the ECK headquarters. I have to say that the looks on the faces of some of the ODM aspirants as these irregular results were read out was comical to say the least because they really could not believe that the CHEATING COULD BE SO BLATANT!

    Despite protests from ODM, domestic and international observers, ECK Chair Kivuitu and his fellow commissioners maintained that the results they were reading were only provisional and by no means final so nobody should worry. If there were problems then those will be figured out before final results were announced.

    Of course they will.

    Of course they will.

    Long story short, after undignified scuffles, shouting matches, party huddling, press statements galore and even an ECK official turned whistler blower Live on KTN things came to a head on the 29th Dec 2007 when after citing 48 irregular results at constituency level, ODM made plaintive requests for an audit of all 210 constituencies. Kivuitu agreed and the ECK was locked down for the remainder of the day supposedly until 10am on the 30th Dec 2007 when official results would be announced.

    This is where I think many Kenyans lost confidence in PNU and ODM-K because these parties insisted even in the faces of irregularities that the ECK should go ahead and announce the results regardless, they said delays were unnecessary and an audit would serve no purpose. I have to say that ODM calling for a nationwide audit increased my confidence in the party because no matter who did the rigging, or where they did it-I believed it will all come out in the open and I would be the first to utterly denounce either or both parties for engaging in such actions.

    How naïve of me.

    I got no opportunity to denounce anyone, the 210 constituency audit was merely lip service and late afternoon on the 30th Dec 2007, ECK Chair Kivuitu refused to be drawn into disputes about the numbers announced on the ground differing from those at KICC saying that the figures announced by ECK at KICC were the figures he was given and he had no reason to doubt them because they were endorsed by ECK retuning officers.

    Where are we now? I argue that we do not have a legitimate presidency because of the severely compromised ECK and the complicit actions of the AG and CJ at Kibaki‘s installation. The ECK Chair has come out to openly say he does not know who won the presidential election and was coerced into declaring a winner(coercion is illegal). In addition, 4 commissioners have since stated that the election irregularities were as serious as to require an independent international auditor….why does an already independent body need an independent audit?

    As for Kenyans, how can we condemn an illegal action (coercion) then turn around and legitimize that which sprung from an illegality?

    Way forward: There can be no re-count or tallying since as we know, controversial documents have been stolen from the ECK, new pristine forms have made a miraculous appearance and the potential for ballot tampering between then and now is, if anything, astronomical.

    This is why the only option I see is for a transitional government for up to 6 months followed by a fresh election….Kibaki and his outgoing cabinet’s insistence that Kenya had a “free and fair” election, notwithstanding. And were the EU observers in attendance at this “free and fair” election? Because I could have sworn they begged to differ.

    If Kibaki and PNU are unwilling to consider a re-run then they deserve to have their hat handed to them in Parliament….a vote of no confidence is not the only option available to ODM. They can paralyse the finance bill authorizing tax collection in Kenya, they can reject the Budget drawing the entire country to a standstill, when I say ODM has options, I mean they have options.

    I cannot endorse the current occupant at statehouse for the abovementioned and many other reasons. One being, at the time Kibaki chose to proceed with the hurried cloak and dagger installation knowing that a re-count could be requested in 72hrs of results being announced-is this a lesson for Kenyans in contravening the letter/spirit of the law?

    Kibaki remained silent at a time he should have voiced his own concerns over the integrity of the counting/tallying process. Why choose to do nothing instead of supporting transparency and fairness by endorsing an actual 210 constituency audit?

    Until present time, no one from the PNU camp has come forward or been outted for pressuring Kivuitu, are Kenyans to understand this instance of coercion was for the “good of the country”? Were those “who should never have been born” involved?

    I therefore join KHRC and many other non-governmental and civil organizations and societies in Kenya when they say calls for peace/calm are paramount yet they should go hand in hand with ensuring an end to the culture of impunity.

  85. Otsiatso says:

    ODMers – patience, people, patience…we have come along way and we will get there. We have the pressure card – rallies, they have their pressure – card – making “presidential sounding” announcements. This is gamesmanship before mediation. Expect ODM to respond to the coup plotters move of “opening” parliament. Just last week Kibaki was not willing to have international mediation because as “goebbels” Mutua puts it – Kenya is not Somalia and does not need it. Now he is willing to accept it. They are feeling the heat or there would be no movement.

    We will win this war against evil – however long it takes!!!

  86. zizi says:

    My take so far: Kenya has come along way. Whatever happens, the Orange revolution was real. It sent a message across the country that politics will never be the same again-good or bad. The next leaders won’t use the same old tactics.

    It also exposed our inept and hidden tribal veins. Everyone condemns tribalism but seems to practice it anyway. I believe as we heal the wounds, we cannot afford not to recognise the role of ethnicty in our governance-either ban it via law or recognise it as long as Kenyans can afford to live without fear or suspicion.

    It also exposed our weakness as governments that we have overlooked the most fundamental paradigms of nation building: redistribuion of wealth and opporunities and reduction of poverty. Had majority of Kenyans been afforded an education, a job, a business opportunity,… regardless of where they come from, politics would like a pass time hobby. No ethnic animosity. So next leaders should think about this fundamental problem. Ethnicity is just to simplify things.

    I support the cancellation of the rallies and mediation. But justice must also be done. Why so? This time 2 years ago, ODM and Raila was a non-issue to Kibaki, business people and the international community. But things have changed. Everyone now agrees that ODM is a movement and we cannot move without them. This will go along way. Having the numbers as we do and going at the table is important. It is a strategy. One thing I know is that supporters of ODM want justice and it doesnt matter how long. So it is a good strategy. You must realise that somehow, the ODM revolution also means new way of thinking about strategies. In a shortwhile we may realise that violent protest may not be the best.

    What may come out of the negotiating table? Finally, we may just have a new constitution! Parliamentary system the Bomas way. I will be the happiest at the dawn of this idea. So ODM, let us think broadly on how we can make the country better because we have the greatest opportunity. That is revolution.

    I also realised how presidential RAO had become. He has metamorphosised. He talks differently nowdays. He has nice hair cuts. He looks hot in the new suits. I think he is very presidential.

    There are many things to be said about the Orange revolution. It is not just about the presidency, but Kenya turning pages despite blood.

    Kenya arise. Let the movement live on.

  87. ALEX says:

    Hello ODM’ers,
    I wish to thank you for ur contributions to this web blog.

    I have a message for president Raila b4 he goes to those talks…. We dont want any GNU. That is with all due respect nonsense… How do u win an election and then the loser welcomes for power sharing talks?? NO WAY… If Kibaki does not want to resign honoroubly, then we will take the law into our own hands!! Have 1 million people match to state house. And after all, Mr, Raila, even if Kalonzo teamed up with PNU, We still have the numbers to vote out Pumbavu through a vote of no confidence as early as next week when Parliament resumes….. And a warning to ODM MP’s elect: Owe to you if decide to join Kibaki just coz of cabinet positions…..

    Dear agents for change, I cant even imagine how Kibaki can rule us even for one month… Maybe I will hang myself…. KIBAKI MUST GO!!!! By all means…. even if it means organizing a coup!Atleast We have some experience, ama?

  88. Mike says:

    So far so good but let us not get into the trap of a MOU that is unlikely to be honored on this am worried.

    Please dont forget the voter who queued the whole day without launch or breakkfast.The civil society should also have been invited. Am worried that no one now will defend the common man

    Remember the saying that” these people have been in the govt what did they do?”. Dont get into this trap

    The roadmap to peace is Truth – justice – reconciliation – restitution – forgiveness – forget – peace will then come naturally. Not vice versa

    ODM please this is the time to build internal democracy and grassroot structures and a strong and independent Election Board,remember the nomination fiasco was a pointer to this situation that we are currently in.

    Please Raila or Ida visit Jamuhuri Park which is in Langata constituency remenber you are the peoples president who should not be far removed from reality on the ground.

  89. faddie says:

    am totally against ODM being incorporated into a PNU government.remember these two parties have policies that are world’s apart.take UGATUZI and the USAWA PROGRAMS for do you implement them if you are in a government that advocates absolute centralization?
    NO guyz,let us not bend our backs too much,we’ll end up offering them to be sat on.
    it’s either kibaki resigns or we go for a re-run in march latest.
    what do you think?

  90. daddy says:

    faddie I could not agree with you more. GNU or Coalition? No way. ODM won and has the full mandate to form the government. The PNU is best at opposition benches and I know ODM has the numbers and talent to make a competent government. A re-run, or forensic investigations over the last polls are both welcomed.

  91. Makokha says:

    Agent 4 Change

    I would like to congratulate my President Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga.

    Please Raila or Ida visit Jamuhuri Park which is in Langata constituency remember you are the peoples president who should not be far removed from reality on the ground.

  92. Omuto says:

    I totally agree with you. Its not Raila on the warpath with Kibaki and his cronies. It’s the Kenyan people, the voters who braved the scorching sun on 27th December 2007 to voice their feelings and intentions.
    Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga, when you sit down on that negotiating table with the well-known thief Emilio Mwai wa Kibaki, please remember the following:-
    1. Bribery of any sort (be it appointments, money or anything less than Kibaki stepping
    down) wont be taken lightly with us voters. As you sit onthat table sir, remember
    that you are carrying a wooping 4.2 million voters with you and any decision you
    make should not be looked at as a Raila decision but as the 4.2 million voters
    decision. DO NOT BETRAY US PLEASE.
    2. The rigging of the presidential elections is just a tip of the ice-berg as per what the
    Kibaki team want to do TO you and Kenyans as a whole. The Bible says that a thief
    comes to KILL, STEAL & DESTROY. That’s their mission so be careful when
    dealing with those thugs. The only reason why a thief would want you close to him is
    A hyena doesnt become a hen just because she’s sleeping on eggs. A hyena is a
    hyena, regardless of which angle you’re looking it from.
    3. It’s not war on Kibaki as a person; it’s war on Kibaki’s principles. This is to say
    that Kenyans would still have revolted even if say Kalonzo or Kibaki would have
    genuinely worn the elections and the ECK tilted it in your favour. We would still
    have demanded for justice; that let the GENUINE winner be given his due. By the
    way, that’s why Kenya is what it is now; that if people can be robbed by the father of
    the nation, then what safety or security do we have against the conventional robbers
    and thugs? Wont they commit crime and say that “tunafwata nyayo ya mzee. Hata
    yeye aliiba kura.”
    4. Over 480 people have so far lost their life. Them that died were not lesser
    Kenyans, and we that are still leaving are not very special. That they died because
    of democracy being raped in broad daylight is nothing to hide. Their blood will haunt
    us forever if we negotiate selfishly with the cause of this mess, a one Emilio Mwai
    Kibaki. Organize your troop in such a manner that even the departed souls will smile
    in paradise wherever they are. Tell the Pentagon to remember who elected them
    and subsequently died for the course of this third liberation; that we shall not accept
    ugali-oriented MPs to spoil our quest for justice.
    5. Hussein Ali’s boys have wreaked major havoc in this country, especially in Kisumu
    and Kakamega and some parts of Nairobi. The number of them that bit police
    bullets far much outnumber them that died from civilian-to-civilian attack. Hospital
    beds are also full of the bullet wounded patients. Let Hussein Al explain to the
    nation why he cant be charged for crime against humanity and why Michuki doesnt
    deserve the gallons. What kind of danger does a seven year old pose to a well
    armed mature, right thinking Kenya Police Officer, to warrant a bullet in his poor
    head? Our children’s blood is red. Maybe Michuki and Genaral Hussein Ali have
    green or golden blood. That’s why. May be. The wound shall heal, the scar shall
    remain, and history will judge the Kenya Police, Aps and GSU harshly. Nature will
    discipline them. Please, Raila and the Pentagon and the entire Orange fraternity, I
    implore you, let not Kibaki’s crafty goodies enter your head to such an extent that
    you forget your mission, lest the innocent blood speaketh against both you and the
    thief (Kibaki) team.
    6. Kenyans will be forever uneasy with a government that stole from them and imposed
    itself to them. They’ll always have a reason to shudder any time the illegitimate
    government opens its mouth to speak. They’ll know that if they lied and stole on
    30th Dec, 2007 at about 4PM, then whatever they utter at any given time will steal
    be a lie meant to steal from them. The worst bit being that they know the letter of
    the law, but refuse the spirit behind the law. That they steal and hurriedly patent a
    stolen experiment, because the law states that once sworn in, then only the election
    court can stop it, knowing very well that a court serving stolen government will still
    steal from the complainant.
    7. You’re in an exam room and Kenyans are examining you, dear Pentagon and the
    MPs elect. We’re awarding marks already, especially now that you’re facing a true
    patriotic test. Kenyans gave you the mandate to fight with those poli-beasts and
    you are our Moses. They want to see Pharaoh release the children of Israel by
    whichever means, and only a true Moses can do it. Kudos to Ruto, Musalia, Balala
    and more so, Nyaga Joe (you risked your life my dear, you went against the tide in
    your locality). Under the Captain Raila’s leadership, we’ve seen you rise above
    egocentricity and shown real patriotism. Jimmy and Magara, Bravo! Prof. Anyang’
    Nyong’o, you’re worthy your salt. Henry Kosgei, you’re a true chairman. The list is
    endless. We’re praying for you. For Real!!

    Can’t say more. Just remember those few points and from all bloggers on this site.


  93. zizi says:

    Coalition government:

    If perchance a coalition governmnet is formed, then there must be clear seperation of mandate. A good example is this: Since ODM is majority in parliament, it goes homw with the biggest share. From day one, we know that in the interim government, ODM will be the party responsible for Ministry of Justice and constitutional affairs, Finance, Defence, Internal security, Roads and Transport, Economic Development and planning….. PNU will be in charge of Sports, Regional development, Local development……. So that parties are accountable to the public on their specific mandate. Such coalition works in other parts of the world. Forget about GNU.

  94. Shaqmaya says:

    One wonders what kind of change Kalonzo was preaching now that he has accepted the vice presidency. Kalonzo is just a tribal leader.

  95. Otsiatso says:

    I have said it before and i will say it again..ODM NEEDS TO GET ITS MESSAGE OUT INTERNATIONALLY, UNFILTERED, USING THIS BLOG!! Right now it is pathetic. Take a look at OBama’s web-blog for example.
    ODM needs to rally it supporters more effectively using this medium.

  96. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The third and final liberation of Kenya has begun in earnest now that the thief has shown that he does not care to find an acceptable solution to the political crisis in Kenya.

    Kibaki is showing contempt for the international efforts to help Kenya and has modified Mr. Kufuor’s mission from “mediation on the political crisis” to “peace-making effort”. Mr. Kufuor’s visit to Kenya is now meaningless.

    The UK, USA, and other world governments must be called upon by the Kenyan people to reject Kibaki and his Cabinet in order to help forestall Kenya’s rapid descend to the club of failed countries.

    The international community must stand up with Kenyans to help them enjoy the sweetness of democracy. The international community must stand shoulder to shoulder with Kenyans as they seek for jusitice and a fair share of their country’s resources. If the international community does not actively support Kenyans in their quest for justice, then Kenyans have to fight for it using the only means available to them.

    Kibaki is showing desperation and has appointed a Cabinet with Kalonzo as VP so that if he, Kibaki, is cornered and has to call new presidential elections, then Kalonzo will stand for president with Uhuru as his VP. Kibaki is trying to give Kalonzo and Uhuru an edge. If Kalonzo accepts the vice presidency, then he will be removing himself from the list of leaders acceptable to all Kenyans to become a surrogate and parochial president for GEMA.

    By moving Michuki from Internal Security, Kibaki hopes to save the skin of his ruthless killer and and mastermind of the rigging of the presidentail elections. Wahtever Kibaki does for Michuki, the latter has a date with the Hague International Court of Justice to answer for his crimes against humanity in the massacre of hundreds of Kenyans in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, and Eldoret.

  97. tnk says:

    of what use is the mediation or negotiation when kibaki has already named his cabinet? I hope the international community has seen for itself having experienced first hand

  98. Kawere says:

    It is very sad for our country right now. I thought that MK will see that ODM put the country’s interests first and cancelled the rallies. i think that from now on ODM should keep to their demands and not back down. If Kibaki can shamelessly name the cabinet including the tribalist, traitor selfish Kalonzo Musyoka whose only interest is the presidency at any cost, then ODM is left with little option but to force Kibaki into a corner.
    If the international community cannot force him to follow the wills of the Kenyan people, he should be ready for whatever it takes to bring back Kenya to where it should be democratically.
    1. We want peaceful demonstrations and the police should not be used by the MK government
    2. We need mass protests and mass action including strikes, and sit downs
    3. We shall continue to lobby the international community to force a rerun of the presidential elections under UN supervision.
    Otherwise kenya is going to the dogs. I am just getting information that in Kisumu, riots have began again following the announcement of the cabinet. ..God help us. I feel for my brothers and sisters in Kisumu who may have to be shot by the police again. If this continues, I don’t rule out some people who are frustrated by the situation going fo AK 47’s. This is not what we want. We really need peace at this time and not provocation by the senile president. I have sais it before, I seriously think that MK is not mentally 100% and some psychiatric check up would help us.

  99. Yelena says:

    I thought I’d share this with you. I have reliable sources from one of the people that were overseeing the tallying of the votes. Plans were to count the opposition votes first and then count PNUs’. If ODM was on the lead then they would know the amount they needed to close the gap between ODM and PNU votes. Once they established ODM was winning they proceeded to plan B which was: Get the ECK to transfer those registered voters that did not actually show up to vote to PNU. My understanding is that Martha Karua would never have come close to winning were it not for their Plan B. If all of you remember clearly there was a long silence from ECK right after ODM’s huge lead. My sources tried to interfere but was told “just do as you are told” by the ECK chairman. My sources also said the power behind MK is Michuki, Martha Karua, Wetangula and Mungatana. If you look at the figures presented for the entire elections, there are no statistics of the registered votersvs. those that actually voted.

  100. Joseph Jakenya says:

    Any good advicer, please advice ODM time is running out. The people are the best voices to use not negotiations.

  101. Joseph Jakenya says:

    We are worried about the country that was the first to congratulate Kibaki ! I strongly suspect that they are using dialogue to settle things(violence) down, but at the same time advicing Kibaki to ascertain himself, we all know they have done worse things for several nations. RAILA, you don’t have to be the good one, use violence as the only option. This thing will continue time in time out. Kikuyus will be presidents always. Are there any more good advicers near Raila? Or let the people loose faith in You(Raila) and the electral process. Time is now, next week will be too far, I bet you on this. Things have to break odd to come back to shape. For how long are you going to be Mr. nice guy to be stepped on, I wish Ruto was in that position, things would be very good for ODM.

  102. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    Kalonzo’s miracle has come he has the V.P post HOW PATHETIC for the so called” iam speaking prophetically”. I want to ask you bloggers does someone knows the break down of MPs per party pls share with me and another thing is Kenneth Marende an MP or was he defeated in the nominations.

  103. faddie says:

    @ daddy,
    what a sad new year my brothers and sisters.we lost the fight but the war has just advise to all of you ‘DON’T GIVE UP’.to raila and the pentagon,my advice is ‘DON’T RELENT’.
    it was gratifying to hear that ODMers all over the country still don’t consider kibaki as the president.
    i beleive the pentagon should not go for anything less than a re-run.
    last night i watched Ruto on telly and i was impressed by how he captured the whole issue.he said and i quote”we had planned ourselves to govern this country.we believe our mandate has just been delayed but we will govern this country shortly”
    if anybody thinks that we should play second fiddle to PNU then they are mistaken.the ultimate price in these negotiations should be the presidency.nothing more and nothing less.
    or else ODMers we should be prepared for spontaneous massive demonstrations all over the country.
    there have been suggestions that when parliament reconvenes next week,that the constitution be changed to create the post of Prime Minister for Raila.i strongly reject that.
    if kibaki and his people believe they are popular like they do,then let them agree to a presidential that we separate boys from men.

  104. Anne says:

    Hi Faith,

    Hon. Ken Marende won the Emuhaya seat through the ODM ticket. Should he become “Mr. Speaker” then we shall have a by-eletion in Emuhaya, which definitely ODM will carry the day, unless they try another “Kivuitu sham”.

  105. Elizabeth says:

    Back after the shock. Greatful I did not go down with it. My brothers and sisters, Kibaki has taken us back to 40 years ago.

    RAILA USILALE! ODMERS MSILALE! Nature has a way of paying back. . Moi ruled this country for 24 years with an iron hand but you saw what happened to him and his sons in the elections. My dear ‘Mr. President’ treat yourself…go ahead and have a field day, acting the plays that you have scripted, as Kenyans watch with their tears trickling like in a movie theatre.

    I have been following the events unfolding everyday with my mouth wide open. I am cursing each day as I watch all these rubbish. I never knew that I will miss MOI. What a useless person we have in the name of Mwai Kibaki. This man is in office illegally! Kibaki has thrown this country to the dogs. It is going to take us another 20 plus years to rebuild what has been lost… the hatred that is still boiling is shocking if you listen to the conversation on the streets. It sends chills down my spine! I dont want to rumble about it here.

    To president Kibaki, he is going down memory lane as a tyrant, with all his cronies. I wonder who advices this man. They stole the elction and the whole world witnessed this. At least they have seen the reasons why we never wanted him back in power. There seems to be so much at stake for Kibaki and his people. My only prayer is that they are not back to STEAL to milk this country dry and leave only water coming out by the time they leave office in 2012, if at all they reach there.

    And to RAILA you are a presiendential material, we will not accept anything short of this. Kibaki cannot make changes now to accommodate you. We cannot let this happen, otherwise, we will be setting a very bad trend for this nation. That one can go ahead and rig the elections and then call the shorts. NO!

    Oh! Let me not forget to thank all the Rift Valley voters. They made my day. This people made a statement that sent Kibaki and his team back to the drawing board to start topping up. They thought there was a swing vote there, girl, how mistaken. The message was sent to them loud and clear…WE DO NOT WANT YOU! ha..ha..haaa.

    Kalonzo is one bizzare creature. I am still looking for words to describe this being. Kalonzo said that Kibaki is corrupt, now where is his legacy? What does he stand for? We now know as everybody else where he has been eating all along. Mr 2% treat yourself as well, but history will surely judge this lot very harshly.

  106. Anne says:

    At times like these, we are lost for words. The events of the last week — the announcement of a winner of the presidential contest despite credible evidence of rigging, the hurried swearing in ceremony, the brutal suppression of public protest, the continuing unrest — leave me completely speechless.

    Searching for suitable words to describe these events, and finding none in my shocked and dazed mind, I turned to the Merriam-Webster English dictionary.

    Here is what I found. To thumb one’s nose. This is to express scorn or ridicule by placing the thumb on the nose and wiggling the fingers. That comes very close to describing what the powers that be are doing to Kenyans. At its most basic, it says I am going to lord it over you and there is nothing you can do.

    But where does such an attitude come from?

    To find an answer I searched under letter H and came across the word Hubris whose meaning is “excessive pride to the point that a mortal challenges the superiority of the gods; hubris is a fatal flaw, which is inevitably punished.”

    The last part of this sentence is little comfort to those who have lost loved ones.

    Hubris comes much closer to the word I was looking for. Where does hubris derive its motive force? What is its taproot?

    William Shakespeare in Measure for Measure nails it on the head with devastating poetic force: “But man, proud man, dressed in a little brief authority, most ignorant of what he’s most assured; his glassy essence, like an angry ape, plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep.” There you have your culprit — a little brief authority.

    Excessive pride is, therefore, driven by a little brief authority or power. And there is no worse narcotic than power. Power is sweet, power and privilege even sweeter. It plays tricks on our minds. We start thinking we are superior to the gods. We become most assured of what we are most ignorant. We begin to believe we can get away with anything. We begin the grand march to methodical madness.

    But hubris does not quite capture what we see displayed by our leaders. Delusion, a persistent false psychotic belief that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary, is the word I was really looking for; a total loss of contact with reality.

    Much has been made of the claim that even the United States rigged its presidential elections in 2000; what is wrong with Kenya doing a little bit of rigging of its own? Unbelievable. Should we judge ourselves by the worst in others? If we must do so, let us remember the actual facts about that controversial election.

    In the American system of presidential elections, the electoral vote system determines the winner, and Bush won this count, although Gore received more popular votes. Let us also remember that Gore demanded a manual recount of votes and that this was granted. Unfortunately, because of the lack of clarity in recount rules regarding the ballots considered validly cast, the actual recount was time barred. Florida law required all counties to certify their election returns to the Florida Secretary of State within seven days of the election.

    As we recall, this time requirement was disputed all the way to the Supreme Court and decided in George Bush’s favour — all within four weeks.

    In our own tallying controversy, would it have been too much to allow a re-tallying of presidential votes in all 210 constituencies, even if it took two more days of waiting? Why insist on the court system when we all know it can take more than five years to resolve?

    The intoxicating mix of power, hubris and delusion was simply too overpowering to allow for humility and clarity of thought. Now see what we have reaped.

  107. Anne says:

    MR Samuel Kivuitu, chairman of the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK), was once respected. He has now turned against the very nation that held him in such high esteem.

    Kivuitu was one of my heroes and I always referred to him as an accomplished individual, who I thought exhibited a character of high independence, high intelligence, high integrity and courage. But his recent behaviour and character has shaken my belief in human beings to the core.

    What is more shocking is that the institution he works for, ECK, is a constitutional office created pursuant to Section 41 of the Constitution and thus has security of tenure and independence.

    Over time, Kivuitu won the admiration of the international community for coming across as having guided the ECK through political transition.

    Kenya is now bleeding and thrown back to more than 20 years of political struggle because of his careless and reckless handling of the General Election results process.

    He must therefore be held accountable for every loss of life, loss of property and any political and other crimes being committed.

    In the absence of a credible election result, they are killing their Kenyan brothers and sisters, some in the belief that they are protecting the presidency. Others believe their rights have been denied and they want to be heard.

    The power of the ballot is the most peaceful and powerful expression of a people in a democracy and overtime it strengthens a country’s democratic pillars.

    No one government, or Kivuitu, should take this away from Kenyans, because then you leave them to seek other ways to express themselves, which can only harm our nation as it has.

    Because of Kivuitu’s actions or inaction, we can safely conclude that our election is incomplete and Kibaki is therefore in power illegally and illegitimately.

  108. Mike says:

    Am almost having my tears flowing when I see the way things are happenning.

    Our Kikuyu brothers being torched and evicted, people being shot at in Kisumu and etc there is a lot of confusion that one is not even proud to be a kenyan.

    Talking to people they dont even seem to have a clue on the way forward. All efforts now seem to be directed against ODM. What can we do to save the situation?

    Am personnally calling for humility and restraint on our side to stop further bloodshed

  109. says:

    Surely i hope that this website has not been turned to one that is similar to kibaki’s kitchen cabinet. You refuse to post my comments even though i feel others would want to read it. Suffer peacefully.

  110. Steven M says:

    Kalonzo VP?!! What the hell?!!! A cabinet of nobodies!! An illegitimate government!!! An angry Kenyan people!!! that is what Kenya has become. Raila has to order for the mass protests and I urge my fellow kenyans to appear. We need to destroy this demon!!! ASHINDWE!!!

  111. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    We are watching the continuing acts of robbery by Kibaki and his men. He has all the weapons to kill the body but has not a single weapon to kill our determination for better leadership.

    His belief that he can do as much as he wants in the name of presidency are acts of self deception that after being in statehouse illegitimately for along time we will get used to him and accept him- never.

    My ODM brothers lets know it doesnt matter how long it will take Kibaki will be hounded out of State House. He knows nothing but bribery and roberry which he believes he will use on weak willed MPS lakini even that has limits.

  112. Samuel says:

    As supporters of ODM and the Peoples President Honorary Raila Odinga we need to show our peaceful solidarity and support for our rightfully chosen leader with any decision that he makes. When Raila says jump we should all ask how high! By proving our support for the true president of Kenya we are not only rejecting the government of Mwai Kibaki but also showing the world that Raila has support from millions of peace-loving Kenyans! Let us not follow the police in instigating violence, this only supports the governments claims that Raila has a following of holligans and tribalists. We know the truth. Let us share that truth and support Raila through thick and thin. As ODM supporters we should disregard any statements made by the government for they are crooks. The ODM-Pentagon is the only government we should listen to, so never mind Kibaki’s declaring a new cabinet, his theivery gives him no right to do so and thus the act in itself is illegal. ODM-Pentagon, Honorary Raila Odinga, Najib Balala! We salute you all! Please guide us on what we should do and how we should continue to move forward as your supporters!

  113. faddie says:

    of course he is not serious.but it was done for two naming the cabinet kibaki was trying to pre-empt the outcome of the mediation.this was supposedly to help him achieve either of two things depending on the outcome of the negotiations:
    1.if it is decided that they form a coalition government with ODM,then he will end up being the biggest beneficiary since he has already given out all the key ministries to his cronies.that is why he left the peripheral ministries for ODM in case they decide to join the government.or appointing Kalonzo vp,he is being strategic in case they settle for a presidential re-run.he believes that since he has made Kalonzo vp,if there is to be a re-run,then kalonzo can persuade his block(kambas)to vote for kibaki thus increasing his numbers.his assumption is that all kambas who voted for kalonzo will transfer their votes to him becoz he has made one of them vp.the arguement being that if they don’t vote for him they will lose everything coz honestly if ODM forms the government kalonzo cannot be they will be told they are better off with kalonzo as vp in kibaki’s government than being in opposition if they vote for ODM.honestly,kambas might buy this.
    so he calculates that with the central and eastern votes in tact and approximately 4 million,he will only need to seach for about 1,000,000 votes from other provinces in order to wrong.
    the only person i sympathise with is Kalonzo but at the same time i understand why he had to play second fiddle.
    i sympathise with him becoz by accepting the post of vp,he has just kissed his presidential ambitions goodbye.he has messed his credibility and it will be difficult for him to convince kenyans that he is a presidential material.for now most people see him as a traitor.
    i understand him becoz,he believes that the vp is a step away from the presidency and that it can easily catapult him to the presidency come 2012.he is also banking on the support of the greater GEMA when he stands for presidency in 2012 so by being a faithful deputy to kibaki,he believes they will offer him support since they have the numbers.
    this being the first time a kamba is made vp,it is a golden prize for kalonzo since he feels rejecting it would have amounted to missing a golden opportunity and maybe the kambas may have never forgiven him.
    finally,kalonzo having been a student of nyayo just like the nyachaes, njenga karumes and the saitoti’s of this part of the world are typical opportunists.they can smell an opportunity from far and can’t wait to capitalise on them.they like reaping where they haven’t it is only natural that he joins his group of vultures.this company includes”the best lawyer” in kenya,mutula kilonzo,uhuru kenyatta,harun mwau,jirongo,yusuf haji,and kibaki among others.these fellows have things in common.they have now regrouped into familiar territory to finish and dispose off the carcass.KALONZO HAS JUST JOINED HIS GROUP OF HYENAS,GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

  114. karanja kamau says:



    One thing i know mk is going to break very soon as you guys know i’m for good governance and democracy.BIG BLUNDER NAMING CABINET WHEN AMOLLO IS TALKING MEDIATION….
    Somebody talk to RUTO and NTIMAMA to tell their people to stop displacing innnocent kenyans from their homes…
    Amollo please alot of kikuyus (kenyans) are waiting for you to be OUR EXCELLENCY have been at all stops in the democratization of our country……. QUICK REMINDER

    1.You single handedly enabled mk to be president in 2002…. only to be
    shortchanged…. TRUE DEMOCRAT.


    Talk to your people lets not displace people or destroy their businesses…
    lets do protest in good and humane way (MAHTMA GADHI) .Alot of kikuyus
    are ready to join this movement but they feel insecure……due to the above..

  115. TURNCOAT says:

    1. You won the elections. Six provinces, 99 constitutuencies.
    2. Anyone who despises his birthright is despised and judged harshly. 9 million Kenyans voted. Kikuyus, Luos, grandmothers, their children, the disabled, the sick, the rich, the poor, all used the common denominator – their vote. A birth right. They said that Amollo should be the president.
    3. You have the following of the majority. Remember God uses the will of the majority. The devil uses the rejects. A democratically chosen president should be sworn in the light of the public.

  116. TURNCOAT says:

    4. For the purposes of continuity. The future generations need to believe in the only democratic process that is best for change. Last year we chose the ballot over the bullet. Right now we know who has the bullets. We voted with ink. They were craving for our blood. In a democracy, ink is thicker than blood. In DEMON CRAZY, it’s the other way round.
    5. The rest of Africa is watching. Rigging may have occurred in America, in Zambia, it may even have occurred in Kenya in the past. Come 2012,they will impose to us their choice. We will be THE example that proves that this should never be allowed to continue. You have a chance to lead the first ORANGE REVOLUTION in Africa.
    6. The large population in Kenya did not only vote for you. They voted for a change they believed in. They voted out the old regime to break away from the yolk of oppression. You are rich, yet most of the ones who voted are poor. You are a Luo, yet many asked who can vote for a Luo.

  117. TURNCOAT says:

    7. Many of us, children, mothers, grandfathers, widows, handicaps, bank managers, army personnel, engineers, prostitutes, hawkers, CEO’s have nothing to lose. We are at loss everyday to the vampires who masquerade as leaders. We are the most heavily taxed state in Africa. We are the most vulnerable in a due to nepotism, we are insecure even in our own homes. We die in hospital. In December last year, we did not vote for peace. We voted for change. After all we have been suffering peacefully.
    8. Government or no government, what counts is the semblance of truth. This is what makes The “United States of America and Somali” stand out. This is what gives sanity to a nation – a free and fair election.
    9. Your defeat of the incumbent is clear and without a doubt. General Kagwea as he is called continues to lock himself in state house, waiting for speeches written out by his compatriots. Stop relying on foreign solutions for Kenya. Our solutions should be homegrown. Call out the women to join your peaceful matches and demonstrations. WE promise you WE will come. List the business that these DISHONORABLE men and women control and WE promise you we will stop buying, call for vigils and fasting and prayers – WE WILL STAY AWAKE WITH YOU. Ask men and women to walk to work and contribute what they have to your cause, WE SHALL DONATE. Ask us to come bear the brunt of the police rungus, WE SHALL BLEED FOR THIS CAUSE. THIS WAY, WE SHALL FIGHT PEACEFULLY.
    10. The sure thing is that in the course of five years millions Kenyans will be born. Many will die. Many will have the right to vote. Few will want to control that vote. With our “VOTE” they will control our lakes, our fish, our minerals, our wildlife, our savings, indeed they will control our dreams or nightmares. Is this what the founding fathers died for. Is this what your Father fought for ? If you give up then God will give us another leader
    11. Refer to point number one above

  118. Otsiatso says:

    Let us keep our eyes on the prize – the liberation of Kenya. We must have all the options open – talk, mass action, boycotts, strikes, disruption of Kibaki and his cronies’ businesses etc.
    Most importantly ODM must not only preach but practice peace, tour the violence areas and insist that Kikuyus are not punished for exercising their democratic rights. This between a band of thieves in the state house and Kenyans.

    “It is darkest just before dawn”

  119. karanja kamau says:


    On the same breath lots of kikuyu are for AMOLLO (change).Alot of them
    are very poor due to mk ineptitude (corruption), many don’t care about outdated customs either. WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN THE EYES OF OUR CREATOR……..

  120. zizi says:

    I now strongly believe that the Orange Revolution will live own despite what happens. However, my preferences as the next step are as follows, having taken into consideration the context of our political situation and the power of hope and virtue:

    1. ODM should not join Kibaki’s government. No coalition because it will be legitimising Kibaki.

    2. We assume presidential elections were never held and try to capitalise on our new majority MPs.

    3. Kibaki, as observed by others, has used his preemptive tactic – half cabinet and netted Kalonzo. This means our re-run is likely to nipped in the bud. Kibaki will have a majority with all Kamba vote following him. Do not forget that there will be voter apathy especially from ODM camp. Kibaki’s camp will be working hard to prove that he won.

    4. Image-who is the bad guy? That is what this game is all about at present. Whoever comes out during this crisis as the one who sacrified for the country, that will be good guy. Kibaki can be the good guy by resigning. but since he is not going to do that, RAO should grab the opportuntity before Kibaki calls for a re-run.

    5. I have this strong feeling that we are likely to have another election before the illegitimate 5yr term are over. Kibaki will be unable to govern and his cabinet will be largely inept and without taste. It will be of loser – Kibaki lost and joined kalonzo who aslo lost. You can imagine the kind of political flavor here. RAO is better placed to capitalise on this fateful moment.

    6. What I my suggesting? ODM supporters, dont get me wrong, as long as we live, justice will be done. Truth has a way of vindicating itself. Ask retired Moi. It does not matter how long we wait, Orange revolution must deliver on its promises. You know, Kibaki cannot see, and God says he made them blind so that they cannot see. While still blind, just will dawn on the opharned and the victimised. In that spirit, aluta continua, but with a change of strategy.

    7. What are the first and best strategy? RAO and ODM MPs (102) should assume the opposition role. Never in history have we had such opposition numbers. While in the opposition, there are many things that could be accomplished while waiting to form a government in the next 2 or 3 years. We can complete the constitution review process through our majority. If a referendum would be called, ODM will prevail like thunder! In the 2 years, ODM will have stuck a deal with some fringe parties especially those that will be dissappinted by Kibaki. So we will have at least 140 MPs who may not be happy with government. These numbers will push the ODM agenda of reform to the smile of the public. During the 2 years, Raila will have found new alliances with young Mt. Kenya faces who are progressive-those interested in healing wounds and making a new Kenya. This will suprise the old guard but the country will be holding again.

    8. Hope and patience are now our virtues. Martha Karuas want to paint ODM as genocidal. But the truth of the matter is the opposite. ODM opposition will bring such people to book through unprecedented parliamentary committees.

    9. With ODM in the opposition for the 2 years, government will be unable to govern becuase it will not have numbers. So all promises Kibaki made will fail in his own eyes.

    10. With RAO in the opposition, Kalonzo will be tamed and Kenyans will always remembers his misguided ambition. RAO will be president easily.

    11. We are faced with hard choices. But the best choice is one that will reward us and our nation the best opportunities and happy life. ODM is the one to deliver that. Based on my few perspectives, I believe that ODM is better in the oppostion as opposed to being in Kibaki’s government.

    12. By the way, notice that other than ODM, there is no other stable national political party with a philosophy. ODM ideals must remain. They can only remain if we stay in the opposition for two years and take over power in a very honorable way. Justice must come.

    13. I also forgot to mention that violence will cease as we preach hope and justice on one new morning.

    I know some of u guys will kill me. But I think it is better to be vindicated by these small things and continue being relevant other than clamouring for war to leave us desolate and blamesworth.

    What do you think?


  121. Otsiatso says:

    Great ideas but for one – ODM as an opposition party? No way!! I would rather power sharing with ODM having a Premier position in a reconstituted govt. PM with executive powers and the parliament removed from the Executive hold having its own calender and setting its own agend and controlling the purse strings.
    In you system zizi the govt. still sets the agenda for the parliamnet to follow and it has no control of its calendar.
    Once in parliament the first act is amending the constituion and pushing for the BOMAS draft. There will be no business until there is BOMAS.

    I do not like re-run just because I think the country is psychologically tired and there will be more violence. However, in case there was ODM will win it. Kalonzo’s move does not necessarily add winning votes to Kibaki, what is more Kibaki stole heavily from Ukambani and still had to steal another .5 million to catch up with RO.

  122. faddie says:

    i still insist ODM should not join PNU in forming government.they should not even think of it otherwise i would never forgive them if they did.remember justice delayed is justice for the re-run,i say BRING IT ON.that is the only way we will settle this fiasco once and for all.if kibaki wins fairly,well and good.but remember not all kambas will vote for kibaki and in fact you may be surprised.
    but judging from the way kibaki talks,he isn’t going to accept a zizi,please be ready to hit the road as from next week coz am sure the kind of mass action we will be having in this country will be like no any case this is not a raila vs kibaki battle but a battle for justice.i can assure you once the demonstrations start all over the country,kibaki won’t be able to contain the kind of pressure that will come from the international please brace for hard times ahead.

  123. Bilali says:

    I fully agree with Zizi. A GNU just wont work and Kenyans and the international stake holders should just stop dreaming. I feel that instead of ODM resorting to protest and other antagonistic measures they should instead take up their place in the opposition in parliament. Now before ODMers skin me alive let me explain myself:

    1. ODM has the best interest of Kenyans at heart and they should show this by helping constitutionally to seal all loopholes that were used by the Kibaki regime to rig the elections.

    2. They will be best placed to do the above because an existing regime will not bother to seal loopholes that they can use to this to their benefit whenever needed e.g. in 2012.

    This will be a long-term plan with long-term benefits for the country as it will be a fallacy to even try after 3 months to run the elections again under the same constitutional and institutional status. Some of the areas that ODM can use their might (albeit slim) in the parliament to help make things right are:

    1. Pass the IPPG “rules” and entrench them in the constitution to strengthen the institutions that have a direct bearing on the running of elections i.e. ECK, Judiciary etc to make them TRULY independent and well respresentative. This will include passing bills that abolish the powers of the president to directly nominate Comissioners and pass this on to an independent body subject to ratification by the parliament (Chapter III Sec 41 of the constitution)

    2. Make laws under the Electoral Commision act that will ensure the electoral votes are declared at polling stations and the final votes for each constituency declared publicly and copies given to the party agents PLUS accredited observers and the media. Failure to do so by any Returning Officer would be punishable by law.

    3. Pass bills allocating funds from the treasury to develop the ICT infrastructure of the ECK (instead of paying shady contractors!) This will avoid cases of lame excuses like “The Returning Officers have switched off their phones’!! OMG Kivuitu! In this day and age when CNN, BBC et al can report ‘LIVE’ from Burnt Forest to Atlanta???

    4. Pass laws barring the ECK Chairman from announcing Presidential poll results as long as one contesting party has raised in writing to the commission (not courts!) credible issues that will put doubt to the announcement of results that will be seen to be free and fair.

    5. Pass appropriate laws giving a reasonable timeline to conclusion of election petitions (6 months?)

    6. Pass laws preventing legislators jumping from one party to another and keeping their seats as long as they have not written to the Speaker to declare this. The party leader should be given the powers in law to declare in writing to the Speaker that a legislator in his party has defected as long as he can prove this e.g. by associations, pronouncements, joining the cabinet without the Party Leaders approval etc. He will then be required to seek re-election afresh!
    This will prevent the president poaching on ODM legislators to build a majority in parliament or frustrate passing of bills that are of constitutional nature.

    All these may take long but for the sake of the country’s peace and survival it might be a sacrifice worth taking for the benefit of our beloved Kenya. It will cut out ODM high above ODM-K and PNU! It’s time for all the elected leaders that Kenyans are looking up to to stand up and be counted. I’m tired of seeing the heart-rending scenes coming out of Kenya! Who will explain to those poor kids why they are refugees sleeping in the cold in their own country? How will we teach the young orphans to trust humanity and love one another when they saw their parents brutally murdered or even burnt alive. You just need to watch the movie Hannibal Rising and the thought of what we have done to these children will send a cold chill up your spine!

  124. Anne says:

    Kenyans came out in droves to vote in their new leadership and made a clear statement: If you mess with the leadership they have endowed on you, they shall surely deal with you in five years time.

    The voters gave a resounding ‘No’ to imposed, unpopular and arrogant ministers in the Dec. 27th General Election. This was the message to the new leadership that it is no longer possible to underperform, lie to the people and still get back to power.

    This resounding loss by majority of the ‘President’s Men’ in President Kibaki’s Government was a clear message that the people of Kenya do not like to have leadership imposed on them. It was also a message the voters are conscious of the deeds and every day performance of those in power. It is also a statement that the President Kibaki’s Cabinet was unpopular to the core, especially around issues of corruption and although the people raised these issues, they were continuously ignored. Their day has finally come and the voters have passed the verdict.

    There are leaders who carried the human rights and reform agenda torches as they campaigned in the 2002 General Election. But they soon forgot this and joined the gravy train which was characteristic of the Ninth Parliament. The voters’ day has come and they have been shown the door.

    The Constitution, corruption and insecurity have continued to determine the election story and will set the pace for the new government.

    Kenyans, having witnessed an era of failed promises, will be alert and vigilant as they have proved during the elections. Kenyans are also saying the time when bribery and lies were the determining factors to winning an election is over. The voters are saying they are more interested in leaders who offer hope and can keep the democratic fire burning.

    On democracy and multiparty politics, Kenyans have proved that they shall not easily be taken for a ride and have been decisive during the General Election. They have freely exercised their right to vote and the right to make decisions that are not influenced by power or money.

    Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) has still not lived up to expectations and is yet to take the challenge in the manner Kenyans would have expected.

    This is the 21st Century, the century of technology coupled with the rule made in 1997 that all results will be counted at the polling stations and indeed these results were counted and majority of them finalised by the morning of December 28, yet the ECK was unable to tally and announce them in time, causing unnecessary anxiety.

    The fact that indeed results for civic, parliamentary and presidential results were all counted simultaneously in all the constituencies, yet the ECK was only able to announce and declare the civic and parliamentary results leaving behind the presidential, caused anxiety and suspicions that the results were being ‘cooked’.

    Unfortunately for the ECK, party agents and the media were vigilant and had their own vote count straight from the polling and tallying centres. This would of course prove difficult to mess with the figures yet the delays continued.

    Although ballot boxes are supposed to be accompanied by security personnel, even if they are empty, many constituencies reported boxes appearing from nowhere without security accompaniment and with no explanation.

    These are unnecessary lapses that only cause anxiety and instill mistrust towards both the ECK and the security personnel. Over the years, it is expected the ECK continues to improve its services and levels of efficiency, yet this was not clearly visible.

    Kenya has continued to prove its greatness among the democratic nations in Africa. May democracy, peace and justice prevail in our great nation!

  125. faddie says:

    dear ODMers,
    remember jaramogi,matiba,rubia,njeru gathangu,raila,george anyona,orengo,mgangha and others?these are patriotic kenyans who stood up not only for their rights but for this country as well.most of them were in their youthful years.and they were not poor either so they could have chosen to lay back and let business go on as usual.but they stood up becoz they believed in their country.they were tortured and maimed just becoz they were fighting for democracy.they suffered irreparable damages to their healths and businesses and for what?just so that you and me can benefit.where were the kibakis,kalonzos,saitotis,poghisios,mutulas of this world?they were sleeping with the torturers,the enemies of democracy.
    while people were fighting for democracy,these same fellows dismissed it as futile.what happened recently happened in 1992.none of these fellows raised a they are all in familiar territory.they care less and to them the words democracy and justice are vocabularies.
    the freedoms you and i are enjoying didn’t come by themselves.some people stood up to the system and suffered for it.others even died for it.they are now living legends.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to be counted,there would still be apartheid in South Africa today.if they let it go hoping to change it at a later date,it would never have ended.they lay their lives on the line and now South Africa is the biggest economy in Africa.this freedom didn’t just come,they fought for it.
    if the youth didn’t stand up to fight for their rights,the Orange Revolution wouldn’t have happened in did happen becoz people said “enough was enough”.they couldn’t take it anymore.
    if the youth hadn’t risen up in the great United States Of America under Martin Luther King jnr.,there would still be racial segregation.but it reached a point of no return.they did it and now Americans are now abit more accomodating.
    these are just but a few examples.i believe we have reached our point of no return in Kenya.and this is a point where we have to throw caution to the wind if we want to have change.change is never given freely,it has to be fought is always resisted.the only person who easily embraces change is a baby whose nappies have been soiled.
    this is my messsage to the youth,make a difference while you still have the energy and strength.ask yourself what contribution you can make towards making Kenya the country you want it to be.i know all ODMers are yearning for change.but how do you hope to get it when you sit at home and do nothing.?
    this battle should not be left to the poor brothers and sisters living in the slums.let us come out and show our solidarity with our leaders.let us do something to change this country for the better.if not for ourselves then for posterity.
    for what will you tell your grandchildren?will you look them in the eye,and boldly tell them that you stood by and watched as kibaki and his cronies destroyed this country?will you convince them that you couldn’t do anything more just becoz you voted and he messed the results?if i were your grandchild i would never forgive you.
    this country has reached a turning point.sooner or later,Kibaki will follow the route Mugabe has taken.will you be willing to watch as he joins the league of african dictators.i won’t.he has already started and i won’t let him turn this country into another zimbabwe where everything the president says goes.
    i won’t let him add kenya into the list of failed states.i don’t want kenya to be a statistic.we changed this when we drove Moi out of town.i won’t let kibaki take us back there.
    therefore am standing to be counted.i suggest that ODM organizes peaceful mass demonstrations everyday if Kibaki declines a re-run.i will be there everyday until justice is done.this country doesn’t belong to kibaki and his cronies more than it belongs to you and me.if we don’t stand up to them,history will judge us harshly.becoz,if this goes on,we might just become another Rwanda.
    to my Kikuyu brothers and sisters,this is not an ethnic war.matiba and rubia were kikuyus during the struggle.raila and orengo were luos,njeru gathangu was embu,masinde muliro was luhya,george anyona was a kisii,mgangha was a taita but they all stood up against a dictatorial regime. and they triumphed not becoz they believed in their tribes but becoz of their belief in democracy and their country,a better Kenya.that’s why we have the little freedom we have today.
    so don’t be duped.a kibaki presidency won’t benefit you more than it will benefit people from other if you honestly believe that there was injustice in the elections,then stand up and be counted.join other kenyans in the struggle for change.

  126. Mike says:

    ODMers will only be led by a President or an Opposition leader however long it takes.
    I dont want to hear the phrase of “These people have been in govt what did they do”
    Take the war to parliament and initiate serious legal, electoral and institutional reforms.

    In the meantime this is the time to conduct a wide grassroot drive to stop moles who will want to join us in the last minute. Create proper party structures that will screen people who seek to wreck havoc because they have money in the party or because of their tribe. Revive the youth wing, professional network, orange women democrats etc

    Lastly please set up the party website where the party ideals will be posted, party officials and pentagon members biographies can be read to avoid one man show, registration can be done and upcoming events discussed performance of MPs and their views etc. Guys delay does not mean denial lets think long term

  127. madism says:

    We are just too anxious waiting for the outcome of the mediation talks under his exellency john kuffor the president of ghana and the chairman of AU. kindly agent for change please post updates on the outcome of the mediation .we want to move on we are ready late . time is not on our side. COME ON GUYS .

  128. madism says:


  129. TURNCOAT says:

    Let the circumsized of the heart stand up for this country. This includes the women and Children. Remember – “THE EMPEROR’S CLOTHES.” Kibaki is naked. Maybe some children will drive sense in him. Im a middle class fired up to go into Mass Action even today. Say Ngwe Raila.

  130. Edwin kirwa muttai says:

    IT is unfortunate that kalonzo musyoka has endorsed an illegitimate goverment by accepting the appointment as vice president.these are the people who want us to believe that the only option out of the impasee was to get into the goverment.this is not true and sets a precedence where justice is not the norm in our society.

    i however will excuse him for this,becouse after being a loser twice he had no options left for him .He did what all hopeless losers do.

    i categorically believe this is not about change that he talked about,not about the third and final liberation of our people from neocolonilism from the elite few.its all a selfish arrangement of convinience to deny kenyans their rights,their justice and freedom

    Again i want to tell kenyans and ODM in particular that freedom is not free.there is no freedom that has been won by doing what kalonzo did.this is a sure way of retaining the status quo that we fought against in the just concluded elections.

    My fellow agents for change and pentagon in particular do not join the illegitimate goverment.By so doing you will have killed the aspirations of many kenyans,you will have killed the third and final movement of the liberation of kenya.

    i still believe in orange movement.justice will prevail .there is no absolute control of events by KIbaki.he is a fallible man who has deafened his hear to that which is right and that which is reasonably just.He has denied the majority justice and opened the floodgates of destruction to our beloved nation.

    The blood of the innocent kenyans cry from their graves asking why?what did we do to deserve this,the poor and the lame cry,the children cry,the old and the weak cry.

    will not somebody listen somewhrere….

    unless kenya is surely forgoten

    do not sell justice at the streets of nairobi .justice is the attribute of GOD and men must freely be given justice by its leaders.

    I am against the stereotypes who have made it their responsibility to deny other the chance to rule


  131. faddie says:

    i still ask all of you to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.and i would ask Agent4Change to create a thread to this effect so that we get contributions from ODMers who are willing to stand up with the rest for ODM’s cause.we used this blog before the elections to rally support for our is the time to use it once again to highlight to our people the need and the importance to come out and campaign peacefully for justice to be our shield and defender.let’s use it the same way we did to inform our people especially those in the rural areas not to engage in violence but to fight for their rights peacefully.we got very good ideas on how to counter electoral fraud thro’ this blog.let’s use it again to come up with ideas on how to solve this empasse.
    very soon we will be called upon to rise up and defend justice and very often it is the lower class especially from the slums who come out in response to such i said ealier,this is not a battle for the poor and neither is it for the faint hearted.
    sit down and ask yourself what you stand to gain or lose by responding to our leaders’ calls for justice.we have a judicial system that is compromised from the you want to bring changes to it or would you rather watch?
    when the rallying call for mass actions is made,i ask that we all come out regardless of our status in the just don’t know what the power of the people can doesn’t necessarily need to be violent.we do not need to destroy properties.however am sure when we launch spontaneous mass protests countrywide,there will be a knee jerk reaction from Kibaki.he will deploy the GSU in town as he did not so long ago.
    the effect will be that no business will operate for as long as we protest and am not sure if the government can sustain this for long.
    as for me am prepared to go the long pepared to stay on as long as it takes.
    during the Nazi regime when hitler was on the rampage there were people who never lifted a finger.somebody said then that:
    “when they came for the gypsies,i never raised a finger coz i was not a gypsy,
    and when they came for the jews i never raised a finger coz i was not a jew.they took everybody and each time i never raised a finger because i was never one of them.eventually when they came for me,there was no one to defend me coz they had all been killed”
    so please,don’t feel comfortable today coz the monster you are breeding today will come back to devour you when there will be nobody to protect you.

  132. Samuel says:

    Faddie! I applaud you, what a wonderful, truthful and inspiring message you wrote! My fellow ODMers it is time we all organise and follow what the PP Raila Odinga has told us to do. Peaceful protests will begin across Kenya during the coming week. Unfortunetly I am in Ulaya saa hisi, if anyone has any suggestions for those of us abroad for what we can do please post it here.

    We must continue to support ODM through peaceful protests and peaceful campaigns to oust the current illegal regime. All ODM supporters should wear the white arm-bands Raila has requested us to wear, and we should prove to the dictators that they cant simply get away with such attrocities. But at the same time we should continue to promote peace, especially between kabila zote za Kenya. For if we dont then that will surely be our demise.


  133. Ogwel says:

    No JUSTICE No PEACE. This sums up all the comments I’ve just gone through in this blog. As I’ve said somewhere else on this site, this is a war between the forces of status quo and forces for change; in the first category is KANU/PNU/ODM-K and on the other hand is the PEOPLES VOICE; ODM- nothing tribal!! Do you notice the common factor in the first group? It is KANU at its best, nothing different except the alphabets. Watu ni wale wale, mambo ni yale yale, mtindo ni ule ule. It is a monotonous comedy of same character- different role same role- different character. This is because very few can afford to play the game. We refuse to be recruited in this.

    So patriotic Kenyans, we have to stand up against INJUSTICE irrespective of our tribe. Where diplomacy fails, MASS ACTION/PEACEFUL PROTESTS is the answer- not ETHNIC CLEANSING- for this is a tool they employ to protect themselves when we don’t actually benefit from the loot as tribes.

    We have one common enemy in a bad constitution leading to oppressive governments and bogus institutions such the Judiciary, ECK, etc. They have the police and the military paid by our hard earned money to protect us, but are in stead maiming torturing and killing us for the simple fact that we are demanding our right!! If this is the price, we are ready to sacrifice even more, as long as our children will remain in the Kenya that is for Kenyans; a land that respects the rule of law and the voice of the majority, a land that doesn’t go to war with herself for the few to dine and wine, but protects herself and people, for everyone to enjoy the fruits of our independence and hard work. YOU CAN NEVER STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME. NOT EVEN THE MILITARY AND THE POLICE. By the way, are they ROBOTS, or just ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS, whose FAMILIES and/or RELATIVES MAY be affected in one way or the other by these INJUSTICES???


  134. Teresa Barasa says:

    agent 4 change
    You are our voice. You speak for the voiceless.
    We need justice- our legitimately elected president. For peace to be there, justice must, must prevail.
    Lets not set precedence for injustice. If we permit this today, we shall have sold ourselves, our country and our children to similar or worse injustices.
    With the election of our speaker today, its a sign of good things to come.
    We the foot soldiers are steadfastly behind you- agent 4 change………
    Chungwa moja maisha bora. God bless kenya

  135. Mike Okello says:

    Its obvious time is running, its no longer on our side.

    Lets fight it through parliament, we have the opposition leader and a slim majority (we can not have two thirds- its clearly 111 vs 109).

    Lets begin campaigning for 2012, by creating a good name in Nairobi, North Eastern, Central and Eastern, where we lost to Kibaki, Lets not concentrate any more effort on Nyanza, Western, Riftvalley and Coast we won those areas, they are ODM, Lets protect them closely. they will be ours forever!

    Lets discourage Ruto from ru nning in 2012, so that RAO, Can have it again, then it will easier to dislodge Kibaki’s next project which will most likely be Kalonzo.

    I have started believing that we lost, only that the margin was to small for us to believe. Lets stop Mass Action and continue strategizing, we still have the brains, This time round no Dick Morris, he honestly messed us!

    ODMers lets not give up, lets gather the courage for one more time…. we will make it, we will make it… 2012 is just a few days away, we are ruling Kenya…. ODM live foreve, Raila live forever!

    Lets encourage the Pentagon to fight on, they are retreating to Hotels, and leaving the youths to be killed by police, Pentagon, Lets match together, we are with you to the end…. Long Live ODM, your time is coming.

  136. pabokenya says:

    i think mike u talk like a fool.

    its not the pentagon or raila who are advocating the mass action, its trhe ple who voted for them who will NEVER RELENT till they get what they want.

    by the way why do u do all the copy and past in each and every topic of discussion?

    if u think ua miopic reasoning can discourage us, am sorry to tell u UR very WRONG!
    i even doubt ua identity?
    maybe ur a mwangi something who want us to keep queit to ruled by thieves?

    u can keep quite if u like, but kenyans wont and they will fight till all of them are dead if that is whta UA ILLIGITIMATE preso kibaki want.

    we will spill our blood, b4 he rules us.

    we will remain un armed and be on the streeets each and everyday.

    u think the crowds are few, then ur wrong, the crowds arre growing much bigger everyday.

    if u want to know, tell ua father thief kibaki to just give us one day without police and we will raise no less than 5million kenyans peacefully acrooss kenya

  137. Mike Okello says:

    Lets not get personal on opinions. lets support pentagon in their efforts. Raila needs our support much more at this time when he feels cheated, whether it’s a genuine feeling or not. lets fight for justice diplomatically, lets be patient and peacemakers. lets not be tribal as we have been accused before. Lets live like children of one family called Kenya. Even if I voted ODM, i have discovered i need my colleagues in the office who voted PNU.

    Lets manage this condition. Nobody likes defeat, so we are justified to react, but not forever. lets manage this feeling of loss responsibly. we need a Kenya to live in after all.

    This is not life and death, lets not exaggerate it. its manageable and we have a chance in 5 years time. I am not discouraged, I’m set with my vote, i am ready to support ODM again and again and again…

  138. phillip ondako maina says:



  139. Pablo says:

    Mike Okello

    I think you are not being realistic if you r tired of fighting for Justice and democracy you just relax let those who r for it go. I mean you cant tell me that ODM supporters are tribalistic. Look at PNU and tell me what you make out of it Killers, Looters name them I mean The situation is manageable only when and where justice will prevail. We need equality. Look at what Kenyatta did in his company sacking all non gema communities from the brokside company look who is right between the two pple let us face reality and forge ahead but if we keep on lying to ourselves then am sorry this problem is not just about to end

  140. Ronno C. N. says:

    History will judge Mr. Kibaki harshly. In the meantime the ODM team should mark the illegitimate PNU self proclaimed government using its parliamentary majority. Let the ODM also give us an audit of the extrajudical killings carried out by the Mungiki, Chinkororo and other PNU sponsored militia masquerading as legitimate security agents. A case file should also be opened with the view to taking the PNU mass murderers to the International Court at the Hague

  141. murithi benard says:

    many suggestion and advices have been put accross. I totaly agree with some and disagree with others. Want kenya want currently is peace and truth and recocilliation and the big finaciers of militants group arrested and persecuterd.My observation currentry the issue is not polictics but cleansing exercise.Some comments leaders make are very disturbing and alarming

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