Use this thread to suggest how best you can use this blog and other mediums to network fro success our candidate and party

Pls make your comments as short as possible



  1. Agent4Change says:

    hi all
    this is agent4change we are ready to go lets start pls make your comments as short as possible

  2. Kissinger says:

    There are people who are not aware of the importance of having an impressive voter turnout. For those of us who are in the know, let us make sure that we cast our votes very early in the morning and then mobilize people within our localities to go and vote. The idea of using whistles to round up people is brilliant and should be utilized effectively.

  3. OT says:

    after casting the vote very early, those of us in competitive regions eg nairobi should hang out not far from the polling station to intimidate anyone who might be up to dirty tricks. it worked very well during the 05 referendum.

  4. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    We should form groups of five in every village(this where voter apathy can set in) and spend the whole day of 26th moving from door to door encouraging them and getting assurance that they will turn out enmass to vote the next day. Then on 27th, let’s be the first to vote and go back to the village/estates and urge them to come out(of course leaving a battalion to watch out for PNU dirty tricks)

  5. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Hi everyone…

    the idea of buying flutes and whistles in rural areas to encourage pple to go out and vote seems good

  6. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    Yes, there is need to counter the expected high voters turn out in central province. If the turn out is high in Rift, Westren and Nyanza, then it will dilute the high voters turn out expected in central and we will be home and dry.
    Our leaders need to seriously ring the message home just like PUNU is doing

  7. Othams says:

    ANSIS latest polls leaked:

    With a 100%average turnout Raila 63% Kibaki 27%. With a 90% turnout Raila 58% Kibaki 33%. With 80% turnout Raila 53% Kibaki 39%. With 50% Turnout Raila 43% Kibaki 42%. Gema are 4.3m while the rest are 9.8m. To beat them our turnout has to be over 80%. If theirs is 90% and the rest 40% like referendum, they win. Please ODMers lets come out and vote on 27th.

  8. madi sheeyumbe says:

    Assalam aleykum

    ODMers kindly invoke the name of the Almighty Lord to guide us through this dialogue untill the end of swearing of the president of the people RAILA AMOLO ODINGA . the voice of the people is the voice of GOD.
    LAMU EAST always has a considerable votereturn out in all the election . THe secreat
    1. People are urged and encourage as aarly as possible.
    2.As people know each other whom they will vote for, we actually have a special group of people who go door to door to urge people to come out . we go to all our supporters and make sure they vote.

  9. Lamik Rotich says:

    I propose that in every polling station just like the party agent let us have head of mobilization. He/She must be having a car – to ferry the sick and the old to the polling station. He/She can mobilize other people with cars to assist but the whole job of mobilization will be his/her responsibility. Target 100% turnout. The area covered by a single polling station is small and ensuring that you know each and every voter is not a tall order.
    Guys we shall make it, Orgainize, Aim and vote.

  10. Mike says:

    I personally will tell my dad who is a village elder to ensure that everyone votes
    he told me that many registered as voters.

    The radio stations should also make jokes of those who intend not to vote

  11. Kanyeka says:

    People shoul wake up early in the morning and should carry food to the polling stations.

  12. Omuto says:

    It might sound funny but true. Its not an insult either, because I am personally a Luhya from western province. So what? You may ask. The only way to get my western guys sit down n listen to you is only if they are assured that end of day, they’ll feel good (tumbo). Is it possible to organize for simple meet-the -people dinners or lunches in various institutions especially in the rural areas? Once they realize that they’ll have something to chill their hunger after a long civic education on say Ugatuzi, need for change and why they should vote for Raila if they have to realize any of the above, then be rest assured that they’ll come in whole numbers to sit and listen. It can be a simple lunch (snacks n sodas) with an orange (everyone to get a full orange). HOW DO WE GET THEM TO VOTE? BY MAKING THEM KNOW WHY THEY SHOULD ALL VOTE. HOW DO THEY KNOW? THEY HAVE TO BE TOLD. HOW DO WE GET THEM SO AS TO INFORM THEM? MAKE THE MEETING / RALLY INTERESTING BY GETTING THEM SOMETHING TO EAT. Have voters from three or four voting centres come together in a hall or a field, do what I’ve told you (kitu ya tumbo) and the rest will be victory. I can expound on this later, if need be.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Apart from waking up early, we should watch out for PUNU little tricks like poll centres being opened late in ODM’s strongholds. Be there early to make sure that we finish early and no one is left out.

  14. Sue says:

    This blog can is a medium of collecting information from the ground, from now to 27th and help sort out issues brought up by supporters. One problem that people may face on voting day can be transport around towns or to up country, ODM supporters with PSV should ensure they provide transport to those traveling up country and on the Dday.

  15. Jagero says:

    There is need to have mobilization committees in our poling areas, mobilise everybody and use the voter register to evaluate turn out on an hourly basis. Those who have voted expecially the youth can be used to mobilise others. however all the voters need to remain at the polling station untill the votes are counted, tallied and the results announced.

  16. Kanyeka says:

    how do we tackle the imported voters in langata? or should we just let them practice their right to vote?

  17. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    The only way PUNU can rig is by inhibiting a high voters turn out, and we must watch out. I like the idea of having mobilisers in each village. its good for those who can but for some of us who come from PUNU strongholds, we risk being lynched.

  18. daddy says:

    Kanyeka I here that there are special polling stations set in Lang’ata where imported voters will vote. Each is said to have about 5000 registered voters and one is in Lang’at a baracks

  19. otieno says:

    hi all,

    let’s not forget the sms idea mooted elsewhere on this blog. We need to send reminders and even get confirmation that guys have voted. if people are experiencing problems to vote we can use the same medium to get this info and see how to deal with it. it would be good to have point men on the ground to relay this info to..

  20. Mike says:

    ODM parliamentary and civic candidates need to be very aggressive those loudspeakers alone wont help, many undecided voters need to be reached for hiyo story ya dishi ni idea poa sana.

    Tafadhali usitoke kwa nyumba kabla ya ku pray

  21. faddie says:

    mwangi that’s a good can’t risk your life but i believe you can help in some other ways.
    we know the most rigging will happen in PNU strong holds especially central.the polling clerks in these areas will be compromised to even vote for absent voters just to realise a more than 90% voter turnout.
    mwangi,you can help us by being watchful of the activities that occur at intervals and informing others discreetly by phone or sms.
    i also know that rigging schemes are already underway and since you understand that language you can help by informing us of whatever you get 2 hear even b4 27th.

  22. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I hear you when you say we can be lynched -those of of us whoa re from punu zones.

    Just a thought:

    I suggest we align ourselves with some minor parliamentary candidates whereby we can even become their agents ( even if for free) to ensure votes are counted correctly, no importation of ballots and that there are no silly markings and misleading of elderly.

    I will actually seek to be an agent of one lady candidate in the name of weaker gender support.

    Major PUNU candidates are likely perpetrators of rigging.

  23. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Have you alerted the media of what is happening hear- useful publicity.

    You can say something like an online campaign rally is underway now!

  24. Agent4Change says:

    @njuguna Kariuki yes the media is aware and everyone here at the secretariate is monitoring the blog its excitement here at the office. We have made history

  25. Omuto says:

    I know the whole world is watching this forum now. Even our detractors, the PNU fellows. I suggest that whatever we discuss here should be acted upon immediately before them thugs come to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY it, or before they copy cat it as they’ve always done.

  26. OT says:

    i’ll be travelling from MUhoroni back to nairobi to vote, i’ll probably be alone in my car. anyone from around there who might need a ride back to nairobi can contact me. no charge. we should have many such arrangements because there is likely to be transport crisis. and don’t travel with your voters card if u are making a to and from trip, no point taking risks.

  27. Agent4Change says:

    @Omutu, i agree however you should understand that this is an open forum for networking with our online supporters if you have very private suggestions just mail

  28. faddie says:


  29. Jagero says:

    Njuguna and Mwangi,

    You will play the biggest role, align yourselves with some like minded colligues and just watch out for rogging. If there is no rigging then we are home and dry. Remember that people with parallel ballot pappers may fold more than one ballot to cast. If you are suspicious inform the returning officer, the media and the international observers. Make the DOMO thing useful, it will work wonders I assure you.


  30. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    Thanks agent4change for the email…am sending u an email shortly about what I gathered in Western Province’s polling clerks meeting with moody

  31. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    Njuguna and Faddie, I will not be cowed, I will be watchful and ready to blow the whistle anytime. I will ensure that I watch till all are counted just like during the referendum, am sure we cannot miss one or two ODM observers in each poll so, We wont be lonely.. never

  32. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    It is fun!

    ODM Juu

    Raila Juu

    Nii ndi wa Raila kuna. ( Kikuyu for I’m for Raila completely)

  33. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    Seen this…

    Opinion polls ratings released today by Nation Media Group by Strategic Research, Infotrak Harris and Consumer Insight:

    Raila [46%, 45.8%, 42.5%]
    Kibaki [36%, 35.9%, 40.8%]
    Kalonzo [17%, 16.4%, 15.1%]

    Unofficial opinion poll survey done by the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) and leaked to this blogger by an insider shows that;

    With 100% average turnout Raila 63% Kibaki 27%;
    With a 90% turnout Raila 58% Kibaki 33%;
    With a 80% turnout Raila 53% Kibaki 39%;
    With a 50% turnout Raila 43% Kibaki 42%.

  34. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:


    well done for the info…am sure the secretariat will analyze asap. And hey, this network must not die even after elections!

    Agent4change, can we set-up a listserve or mailing list to keep the fire burning?

    Secondly, is it possible to set-up a parallel communication channel for filtering in news from the grass-roots real-time that the secretariat can use? would this help in blowing whistles where parallel polling stations have been set-up? Director Yego, what do u think?

    Faith, Njuguna and the others in PUNU regions, we r praying for you.

    Elizabeth, keep the fire burning!!!!

    MI ODM MUKULELDO, my tatoo pains a little but I love it! Thanks Dennis K

  35. Christine says:

    A call center should be in place at the ODM secretariat for any supporter with helpful information to pass on regarding the activities taking place all over the country from 26th Dec onwards. A landline, cell phone and four number SMS line e.g. “2007”which should be made available to willing supporters.

  36. Jagero says:

    For those who were able to watch TV yesterday the PNU guys body language tells it all. The fact that even the 1st lady is not able contain herself speaks volumes. Kibakis rallies where there is such great fights between parliamentary candidates to the extent that nobody bothers about Kibaki and Nairobis city hoppers have removed Kibakis posters from their buses as it seems not to be good for bussiness. All these can only mean one thing. PANUA is loosing badly and they know it. However we need not be complecent. It’s not over untill Kivuitu announces that we have the 4th President of Kenya sometime on 28th Dec

  37. Mike says:

    That idea of hotline is really hot i think it should be taken up immediatelly and start operation as from like now if it doesnt exist.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    Very true. PUNU is a copy cat, that one is official and they always come for ideas from this blog. We must not let this blog idea die after 27th.
    Did you see MK giving his speech that was entirely ODM’s Manifesto, surely that is how much they lack originality.
    These men and women have never come across enthusiastic people like ODMers.

  39. Ngaruni says:

    We want to watch and guard zones which PUNU thinks we may not score well to guard againist rigging. Kissinger I agree totally with you. We vote and guard till they ar counted.
    Am Ngaruni, voting ODM in Kiambaa Constituency. You know what will happen to Mwananinchi.

  40. Majitu says:

    Always remind people that when Mungiki strike they don’t ask what tribe you are. When you are in a car accident on a bad road and no facilities to save your life, your tribe doesn’t matter…we ALL need a functioning Kenya

  41. Omuto says:


  42. Sam Ochola, Engineering Dept, University of Aberdeen, Scotland says:

    I presume very supporter of ODM has family members or kinsmen of some sort. Charity begin at Home. Let every argent of change actively involve their family members. Ensure your immediate legible family members GET OUT & VOTE ODM on 27th. My younger brother who was scheduled to depart Nbi for Norway on 28th Dec He’s registered voter in Nyakach; practically he couldn’t make it to JKIA if he’s to vote. I knew he would rather enjoy his maiden trip to Europe & RO looses one vote.
    I paid extra money to postpone his flight to latter date to ensure he cast that crucial presidential vote. This time am playing a conditional Santa; kinsmen asking for x-mas favors are obliged to vote on 27th Dec. I will chase any family visitor if s/he deserted his registered location around x-mas.
    We must be our brothers/sisters keepers on this. We must passionately usher our closest of kins towards Voting Rais on D-Day 27th Dec.

    Chungwa mmoja maisha Bora

  43. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    if media pple r here, I still feel ODM is not getting a fair share of airtime on ALL media houses…I MEAN ALL!….look at today’s news for example, so much prominence was given to Kimunya without any right of reply from ODM! Other news were about MK in Kiambu! RAO was just mentioned to be in Kisii minus pictutes

    I also noted a nice catoon advert on the EAStandard. My guess is it was rejected by the others! The Pentagon must remind the media to play fair!

  44. Auki Ollows says:

    I keep getting amazed about our media… They offer very little that’s new… They also seem to pick from a narrow agenda and report it over and over again… I also feel that they prefer reporting from really convenient campaign sites. If one campaigns in Nairobi, chances of big highlights are enhanced. I think media should make a bigger effort to go deeper mashinani to find out what’s going on… And since our candidate has based his whole plan going deep interior, media must respond…


  45. Taabu says:

    We have proved we can talk and type. Now we must walk the talk. Trivializing poll day ati ni siku moja is a clever ploy to deny us victory. Everybody blogging here must make it his/her obligation to mobilize everybody in their vicinity to VOTE. I am spending everything it save to land home and make that count. Another 5 year of misrule is just too long. Each one of us must make it a responsibility to be vigilant against any act that smells rigging

  46. Kissinger says:

    Guyz, I have thoroughly enjoyed this! Agent4change, great ideas have come out of this interraction and I hope you & your team will analyze them carefully and share them with odm strategists in all corners of this country. Evidently, we are all ready for 27th dec and I predict this will be an election with the highest voter turn out in the history of this country. We however must not leave anything to chance. Lets join hands and ensure a decisive and massive landslide win for our candidate – both parliamentary and presidential. Keep the fire burning.

  47. Odieno says:

    This is wonderful. Really gr8 ideas there. Agent4Change, please liaise with secretariat for a hotline and a txt line. Let us know asap. 27th I will be doing the Nrb roads, if you are in orange, you got a lift to your polling station. Fuel is on me!! That will be my small contribution.
    PNU – they know they’ve lost it. I saw it on Kimunya’s body language, face and everything yesterday. Njoki Ndung’u felt so cold she could have done with a leso!! Like I’ve said elsewhere, its CRYSTALLISED and NEEDS TO BE DELIVERED WITH A PUNCH!!

    Most importantly we must express gratitude and give thanks to the ALMIGHTY for this opportunity and moment in HISTORY to CHANGE the history of our nation once and for ALL! For those of us who pray, give thanks to God, and pray for Raila, pray before you leave the hse on 27th to go vote.

    By the way, How do guys feel about the plans secretariat is having in place for Jan 2, 08? Me thinks its the right thing to do, its confidence and will help on voting day. Ordinarily, we tend to idnetify with winners, therefore, some undecided voters will choose ODM on this particular score.

    Me also thinks this blog should be publicised a bit. Cheers ODMers.

  48. zizi says:

    we continue as though we are not yet there yet. It is not just about winning but to win by a majority and support of goodwill from everyone. Let us preach hope with ODM to demystify the fears that are rife somewhere in Kapenguria, Kwanza and Saboti.

    Some interesting caption from statehouse and diplomat.

    Is there a way we can increase positive media coverage? Dreamers of Dreamers should show his statesmanship by continuing with his positive picture of Raila before he took a diff course. He stands a better chance of being one greatest voice for change.

    Move on.

  49. edduking says:

    It is said that Kibaki moved to court to stop Moi from creating more districts. It is also said that he has created 88 districts in the last 6 months. Could we have these facts verified and put on advert? Could we also vividly put the district budgetary allocations, esp compairing Nyeri and Turkana? What about obtaining and putting in adverts Kibaki’s inaugaral plus 9th parliament opening speeches of 2003 esp promises to NEP, job and security?

  50. Kawere says:

    Wazee, The youth. lets us get the youth who registered but may be uninvolved to get out and vote. i wonder whether the Secretariat can do something about Youth publicity. We have more registered youth voters this time than any other time in history. Please let us make sure every vote is cast on the 27th if we are winning, let us win big time so that PNU does not even get a hint of what hit them!

    Odieno, asante kwa kujitolea… i am sure that many people are going to follow your example.

  51. Its a fact that Raila is the ONLY candidate who will take this nation to great strides since he is both patriotic and visionary and at this point and time such are the leaders who are ready to embrace the 21st century challenges. Lets rise beyond tribal biases and build this nation together as Kenyans. Agwambo move on bwana.

  52. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    RAILA is the only man who can make change and development,RAILA is the peoples president and not one community.RAILA is visionary and patriotic i guess am RAILA AMOLO ODINGA POSITIVE???????? i need a medicine.anyone who can help???????????????????????????????????????

    please am crying for your help my fellow kenyans………

    so please if you want to help me i need one day to save my life and kenyas all.


    am here by making my contibution and urging my fellow ODMers to do the same please if you have a private please dont leave an ODM support give him or her a ride till to the polling station.

    ODMers volunteer yourself its one one day that we need change and RAILA needs us in this day and in our prayers too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  53. faddie says:

    these candidates we are complaining about conned people of the nominations knowing very well that they were not serious about being elected becoz that is what they were sent by PNU to do.this would ensure that:
    1.people don’t vote for raila in those constituencies
    2.that ODM doesn’t get majority of the legislators
    3.that WHEN raila wins,he won’t have enough numbers to help him in running the government.this way it would be easy to frustrate his efforts to govern and bring the much needed change.
    i think this is basically sabotage.otherwise,can the secretariat investigate what is going on and let us know?

  54. Kenneth Ateng' says:

    Kenya now needs a visionary leader and this is none other Raila Amollo Odinga Tinga.
    Please lets all wake up as early as possible and assist the old and the disable to cast their votes.
    Kenya is now destined for the engineer president that it has longed for for many years.
    My fellow Kenyans lets have the change and the change is Raila Tinga.

    Youths, lets m,ake sure we get the president who will be concerned of of our needs.

    Am sure we have won and only waiting for the margin that will be announced on the 28th December 2008.

  55. raphael says:

    the following were the causes of spoilt votes for orange during the referendum, (voting centre-mathare 4A pri. school):
    1) some voters were putting 2 marks i.e crossing banana and ticking orange
    2) putting a signature in the box
    3) marking on the party symbol instead of the box
    For these and probably others, orange lost more votes due to spoilage than banana. i would like to urge my fellow agents for change to start a thorough voter education to minimize vote spoilage this time round. remember there will be two orange symbols: the “CHUNGWA MOJA” and the other one and a half. people should be sensitized to be very keen while voting.

  56. Nelson says:

    Hey, I am a voter in Langata and i want to support Raila to the last minute. I offer my vehicle to drive around all stations immediately after voting in Madaraka. Get intouch with me organizers. I dont need any pay.

  57. Truth Hurts says:


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