Following the success of the BLOG DAY,could we now have an online rally. Kindly suggest the dates,Speakers and ideas about the day.

Thank you so much for the Blog Day


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  1. jackie says:

    Hi, Jackie from Karen, Nairobi – voting Westlands Constituency.

    On Voter mobilazation: Is it possible to hear from our “councillors to be” where there are people who need help getting to the polling stations? some of us may be mobilized to ferry people after we have made our votes.

  2. Sue says:

    Sue blogging from Nairobi.

  3. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    am blogging from kakamega, en- route to Budalangi where i’ll continue to monitor the events…my interests are to check the going-ons between polling clerks and PNU agents (read Prov. Admin).

  4. otieno says:

    Otieno, from diaspora blogging in Buru, Nairobi

  5. Agent4Change says:

    thanks jackie for including your constituency i think others should follow in that order

  6. faddie says:

    faddie,blogging from in starehe for wanjiru.

  7. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Blogging from Nairobi voting in Nakuru( no constiuency now for security reasons)

    PNU and NSIS are reading this blog now and I use my real names.

  8. Kanyeka says:

    Kennedy. blogging from along Mombasa road near GM recide in South C n voting for 3piece Langata!!

  9. Kanyeka says:

    Kennedy. blogging from along Mombasa road near GM recide in South C n voting for 3piece Langata!!

  10. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I have been reading the Book of 1 Samuel and the drama there between David and Saul is similar to what we are having.

    A King rejected by men and God ( Saul/Kibaki) Vs one annointed by God and a Leader of the poor and oppressed ( David/Raila).

    Finally David wins as it will happen on Dec 27.

  11. Majitu says:

    Majitu blogging from USA flying back next week and voting in westlands

  12. faith says:

    Blogging from nairobi city voting in thika

  13. benjamin says:

    blogging from industrial area voting ins tarehe nairobi

  14. Phil says:

    Phil blogging from Adams Arcade – Ngong Road Nairobi – voting Langata Constituency

    Please blog admin, I am enjoying reading these discussions.


  15. Elizabeth says:

    Blogging from City Centre, Nairobi Kenya, voting in Embakasi Consituency.

    Heheee Agent4Change, I cant mention the street here. These PUNU HEADS might just go bananas on me. Dont trust them.

    ODM Secretariat, do we have standby lights in every consituency in our strongholds?

    ODM Secretariat, are those foot soldiers preaching peace to ensure a that PUNU does not get a chance to create chaos?

    I hope you are watching out for these.

  16. teejay says:

    blogging from Hurlingham but voting in Kamukunji. That toothless one have got to go.

  17. pabokenya says:

    blogging from seycheles, am coming to vote for odm three piece suit in nairobi jetting in on sunday

  18. faddie says:

    agent4change,pliz let’s take this to 6pm.special request.

  19. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    I’m Nonkwe from kisumu [AAR Health Services]. Presently orientating s’one to relieve me as I go to vote with my family in Gwassi Constituency-SUBA.

  20. Linet says:

    blogging from westlands Nrb I had no idea it was so short I only just popped in was hopping to blog some more. Kudos ODM secretariat Westi we get to really see the people’s prezo everywhere- great….

  21. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    am voting in Budalangi

  22. Sue says:

    I will vote in Dagoretti, initially I wanted to vote in Langata took my voters card in 2002 when going to Toi market, I thought that was in Langata only to realise that is in Dagoretti on voting day. I wanted to change but knew I would get problems later of double registeration or my name missing like many people now. At least I still have a chance to vote for Agwambo.

  23. faddie says:

    agent4change am waiting for a it 6pm or 7pm?

  24. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    can we get campaign materials on the ground pls pls pls….especially T-Shirts??? ave just been distributing my own Vijana Tuishi while doing voter education!!!!

  25. Agent4Change says:

    @Faddie we can officially stop at 5 but you can continue independenly,we here at secretariate are taking notes untill 5

  26. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    deleted by admin kindly pls read instructions above

  27. Omuto says:


  28. Christine says:

    Christine, blogging from Nairobi, Westlands constituency.

    Let us all not forget to pray for peace.

    God bless Kenya
    God bless Kenyans.

    Chungwa moja, maisha freshi!

  29. Pablo says:

    Yeah arriving on sunday from SA voting in Kasarani 3piece please usiniambie Njenga anafikiria Army pia ni Mungiki ambia yeye tutaanza na yeye kabla hajatufikia I am enjoying the proceedings guyz Tempo keep it up up up….
    Chungwa ndio Dawa Yao

  30. J. Juma says:

    In the US. Will not be home to vote. But have the whole clan in Busia voting for Agwambo

  31. teejay says:

    Secretariat can you tell Agwambo that he needs to call Njue and His co. a bunch of latter day Pharisees. This ones would still kill Jesus even if he show up for a second redemption mission.

    I say like Isaiah that Agwambo brings peace and means well for this nation, but alas Christ says that Raila brings no peace but war. Why? The miasma of Untruthfulness and Darkness in which PNU wallows in, will do anything to ensure continuity of the athuri Diabolism than let sober governance commence. Oh! Kenya my heart bleeds for thee.

    All bloggers get the evil plot here and pray that God protect us from this triad (PNU, “Church” and Moism) of doom.

  32. Omuto says:

    AM BLOGGING FROM KAKAMEGA, CANNON AWORI STREET AT OW CONSULTS OPPOSITE LAWINO 2000 CAFE. Not afraid of the PNU pundits whether they know my blogging point or not. They have 13 days to misappropriate public funds.

  33. faddie says:


  34. otieno says:

    Bloggers, be blessed gotta run…remember the two most important issues now are voter turnout and thwarting rigging! See ya…

  35. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    Sue do not despair. You have both KJ and Agwambo in Dagoreti!

  36. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    deleted by admin kindly pls read instructions above

  37. Mwangi Zakayo Irungu says:

    deleted by admin kindly pls read instructions above

  38. teejay says:

    your comment has been deleted by admin kindly pls read instructions above

  39. Phil says:

    Sue, make sure you vote three piece in Dagoretti.

    I wish I knew you had that problem, i could have sorted it out for you.

    I personally changed polling stations for my aged parents from home squared to Langata. I shall personally drive them on 26th so they can vote for Raila on 27th. (Thats nearly 400kms one way). Raila’s success is something I am taking very personal, Mr. Livondo’s antics notwithstanding. Please remind Agwambo we shall watch him and his actions very very closely, and God forbid, should he follow the same path as his predecessors.

    I keep checking via the ECK website on the status of all the voter cards for my extended family and they are OK. We are not leaving anything to chance.

    Thank You.
    Blogging from Adams Arcade, Ngong Rd Nairobi, voting in Langata (Kibera Mashimoni)

  40. Kanyeka says:

    your comment has been deleted by admin kindly pls read instructions above

  41. Sue says:

    Thanks Phil for the offer, I should have thought about it earlier. May be next time.

  42. Sue says:

    Nonkwe yes at least I have KJ and Agwambo to vote for, I need to know the councillor for woodley ward, I think that is the right ward.

  43. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I have to leave.

    I feel that we are winning. Infact to me this is the day tribalism, corruption and all form of wickedness has been defeated in Kenya.

    On 27/12 we are all coming out to bury it in bottomless pit.

    Bye Bye all Odmers for now.

    Love you all!!!!!

  44. edduking says:

    See the Michuki voter turn out plans as reported in the standard news paper….

    Michuki’s plan for high voter turnout

    Published on December 14, 2007, 12:00 am

    By Boniface Gikandi

    Chiefs and their assistants have been asked to identify the aged, sick and the disabled so that they could be helped on polling day.

    On Thursday, Internal Security minister, Mr John Michuki, said transport arrangements would, thereafter, be made for these groups to ensure they voted.

    Speaking at Githiga market in Kangema, Michuki said this would ensure a high voter turnout in the constituency.

    He also said elders would be given with whistles to wake up the residents to troop to the polling stations on December 27.

    Michuki dismissed Government critics as people who, over the years, had thrived on peddling falsehoods against President Kibaki.

    Michuki is seeking re-election in Kangema and is pitted against a number of candidates.

    Meanwhile, several suppoters of one of Michuki’s rivals, Mr Paul Mugo were injured on Jamhuri Day eve in Kangema after gangsters waylaid them.

    Several people suffered injuries after a gang attacked them at Irima area as they concluded their campaign trail in Yego location.

  45. Sue says:

    Leaving office now, nice weekend ladies and gentlement.


  46. Evans Alando says:

    Evans blogging from Washington D.C my way to support Agwambo is by calling everybody i know to vote for Raila ,send money if need be,tuko machoo hapaa stato pia.

  47. Omuto says:

    Am voting in Lurambi (where our flag-bearer is doing us more harm than good. He’s already sleeping. By end of 2011, he’ll be dreaming. Secretariat, tell Atnas Manyala Keya to stop sleeping before getting the blanket! We cant cry more than the berieved, for goodness sake! The same applies to our Town Centre ODM flag-bearer, Mr. Peter Lutta! Their silence is sickening, secretariat. Should they wait for RAO to organize for a rally for them in their own Muliro Gardens? Surely, its a matter of serious business. I cant mince my words. I dont have 24 hours with me and that’s why am shooting straight!!)

  48. Aletheia ODMing (read blogging) at Mamlaka road – voting in Westlands – Nrb Primary.
    We need to mobilise ODM supporters to check out their voter status. Methinks, ODM should put up stations for this purpose. Better still, they can feed the info in a laptop and do a door to door campaign and verify the voter status. Its easy, just sub-dividing the constituencies into defined regions and assigning agents these regions. the agents work will be to counterchek the voters’ card info against the ECK voter list, identify the anormalies and take them to ECK constituency HQs for correction. This is a 2-3 days’ job. Go for it ODM.. someone mention this to the secretariat…It will save us surprises and a big loss. Indeed, the only way for Panua is to rigg …and we can stop them. Voting three peace, Watado? ODM Milele..Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora

  49. jackie says:

    This has been Exciting and motivating… Leaving for the day…have an Orange weekend ( i have purposed to wear something orange on me everyday until 24th to give obvious support to our incoming Leader.
    PS. Can we get posters for Westlands? we are being whitewashed by Blue!

    Chungwa Moja! Maisha Bora

  50. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    Nonkwe in Ksm voting in Gwassi- Suba.
    Omuto I’m happy you are there. I remember the tantrums you threw after nominations. I also threw a lot. Now we are here. This is our house. Make KK Orange!

  51. ernesto says:

    ernesto blogging from westi voting vipande tatu za suti huko embakasi

  52. Auki Ollows says:

    Auki Ollows, 3 Piece Chungwa Suit (and desperately looking for an Orange Shirt and Inner Clothes), Langata Constituency!


  53. Mudekhere Owiti Silas says:

    I have two personal camcoda video cameras and three digital (still) ones…how can I put them to good use on the polling day?

  54. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    I’m back. Blogging in Nairobi. Though i know how hard it is to remove Musikari Kombo I’ll make sure that even those who support him will vote for Raila. News from my home area says that everything that moves and can carry human beings will be used to transport voters. Thanks to Homourable Yinda, Alego.

  55. Omuto says:

    Hahahahahahahaha Nonnkwe Nyaima,
    I like your memory, boy. Am back.

  56. Auki Ollows says:

    Halaa! What’s this story of people sleeping on the job before they even get to parliament? Secretariat, please do an audit of activities at the 190 constituencies we have entered candidates in… Being a Langata man, where all the other candidates are in panic mode, what’s the situation in other Nairobi constituencies?

  57. Philip (The Visitor) says:


    I’ll cast my vote in Webuye, where Musikari kombo is. I’m being told that the place is sought of 50 – 50 to both Raila and Kibaki. But this people have hope that Kombo will take after Kibaki therefore the strategy will be to tell them its not Kombo but Uhuru who will take over. My parents are voting in Alego constituency where I was told some two hours ago that Honourable Yinda and others will make sure that anything that can move will be used to carry voters to voting station. Can anybody see the wave? The Tsunami wave is coming. Goodbye all I need to warn everyone. Let’s tell PNU supporters to join the winning team or not to vote at all and engrossed in their business, since there is no need for them to vote for a loosing candidate.


  58. Elizabeth says:

    STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Be counted for ODM. Let us vote for change. Lets us vote Mwai Kibaki out with all his cronies.

    Chungwa Moja! Maisha Bora!

  59. Guys you are just too good on this stuff, how I wish Kenya could be networked with cybers from Lokichoggio to Lotokitok, Kisumu to Kilifi and Moyale to Kuria. This can only come through RAO. cheers and good nyte GUYS oh……. sorry ODMers.

  60. Pablo says:

    Well done guyz am now off whope meet some of you guyz come 27th at statehose au sio
    God bless we uphold truth and justice that is our motto

  61. Andy says:

    I’m a voter in Langata though I don’t stay there. I have confirmed with all my friend (80% are Langata voters) that 27 we’ll be in our respective polling stations by 5.30 am.
    It’s good to know the level of mobilization in Alego.

  62. Kissinger says:

    Henry Ochieng, blogging from Nairobi, voting in Dagoretti constituency

  63. Sam Faulu says:

    Sam Faulu, blogging from Gigiri, voting in Westlands.

  64. Esther Wendow says:

    Freezing here but by the standards of Alaska minus -27 degrees isnt too bad. My family leaves in Otiende but will be voting in lang’ata 3pcs. Got to finish my assignment here by sunday and be home by wednesday.

    london group, too bad just could’nt make it on that flight. Its a pitty but wish I had joined up with you guys!!!!!!

    Please plse pse, the world this side are excited and the expect a clean operation.

    Hence extra emergency light in each nd every poling station. Maybe 2 of them. Preferably the re-chargeable ones. ………………….. And anti rigging staff as well.

    Ohh my God, bless your people against this regime.

  65. Odieno says:

    Guys, I’ve just checked in rather belatedly. I’m encouraged by your contributions here, thanks too to admin for extending this to 7pm. In a few days time, will be heading to shags to help drum support for James, in Ugenya. We must halt this Mwanga fellow!! A future and a generation cannot be bought by money. See, the reason why somebody doesn’t want Orengo real bad is because he is such a polished constitutional lawyer, and they terribly fear him! Poor old Moi! He will be in a real fix if Orengo gets into gava!! And who else should be Raila’s aide in matters corruption and constitutional, if not Orengo?

    Yesterday – I watched Louis Otieno on the road. Man, didn’t I get impressed….these things guys that you say here really matter. The ODM think tank and youth were there! Phew, Prof Okoth Okombo placed them right where they belong! Wamugunda was speechless when the good Ol’Prof delivered his most ruthless closing remarks on preachers and GOD. I loved it, I loved it. Kimunya made a fool of himself trying to explain the appointments at treasury. My Oh My. Sec Gen Prof Nyong’o was spewing confidence. This thing has really crystallised and should be delivered with a PUNCH.

    The dailies – just glossed through the papers and bumped on some PNU fellow attempting to discredit ODM promises..eti where will the mny come from. These PUNU pple don’t get it, Mr. President ,says mny cometh from sealing corruption loopholes, yet this fellow sings Kimunya’s song eti where will the money come from. From our pockets, you know, but properly bedgeted and spent. Of course he can’t understand matters economic!! Then, there is the PNU ad……mregarega inviting jamaa’s for a dialogue. Immediately what comes to mind is where has he been all this time to be inviting Kenyans now for a discuss. Did we or did we not invite him for a live debate and he (aka regarega)declined us, with disrespect? On a closer look, I noticed the ad featured his own grandchildren and I figured perhaps these are the pple he invited for dialogue, not Kenyans. He can’t stand the common mwananchi! Kenyan children are starved, naked, malnourished and deprived. We need somebody who will implement policies that will take this country from the abject poverty and hunger! That man, One Decisive Man, is and can only be Raila Amolo Odinga.

    My goodness, I’m writing so fast cos I’m so excited. My!! Do I hear our president everywhere? I just like the radio ads, right into our bedrooms. That reminds me of a called fellow Makau Mutua, now Makau should know Raila is by and large electable.

    After Ugenya, I’ll be back to vote in Embakasi – 3 piece! We must give Raila the pple to work with. 4get not to reload your phones on 26th and txt as many pple as you can to remind them to rise and go vote!! Agent4Change – tell secretariat they do need to keep jamming the airwaves with ODM, like they are doing now till 27th. I’m taking leave from the office nxt week and headed for Ugenya!! Buy those firimbis, and distribute. Remember PNU suffer from copyosis- they’ve Michuki borrowed the firimbi idea from Youth4Raila.

    Au revoir!!

  66. ken says:

    Hey am blogging from the USA, wont be able to make it back to KSM on time for the elections, go Shakeel!, I would like to thank everyone taking part in this blog and urge you to tell your, parents, children colleagues at work, friends and neighbors to get out and vote for change, its time we take Kenya back from the destructive forces that have hindered our progress for 44 years. See you all at the finish line

  67. Joa says:

    keep up good work and Hope for a peaceful elections, and there after serious work! Kazi mzuri Ianze!au sio?

  68. Ogundipe says:

    Ogundipe, blogging from UK, jets back next week to vote ODM three piece in westlands. I have mobilized over 10 vijanas and several mamas to vote in Lurambi. Pls insist on voter turnout!!!! preach it. Don’t shy even if its only one person you are telling, you will have made a difference! Panua gap between us and PUNU!!!! Riswa, washindwe katika jina la Yesu kufuatiwa na ODM.

  69. zizi says:

    Hi guys,

    we need to add the internet infrastructure as one of the agenda of ODM. You discover how powerful it has become in this campaign. What would happen if we invested internet fully i our local economy? Revolution needed.

  70. Vikii says:

    Vikii here–Blogging from Kitui. Mutito constituency

  71. Ibraheem says:

    From Dubai and am coming to vote for RAILA and ODM……

    These are the setbacks in PNU campaigns……..PNU Panicking……Go for them in ODM campaigns UNTIL 27TH……..

    500,000 JOBS A YEAR

    This year’s election is a repeat of 2005 REFERENDUM ……………Make sure our PRESIDENT RAILA takes the seat…

    Christians/Muslims, Youth and Women……..and people of Oustanding reputation are with ODM …

    So imebaki nini………..Kuchunga Langata+Sabatia+Eldoret North+Kitui west+Mvita…

    NAJIB BALALA Anajaribu sana CAMPAIGNS on the internet…Keep it up……..

  72. Shaqmaya says:

    Iam blogging from Frankfurt/ Main Germany, Just after the bundesliga soccer match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Duisburg on sunday, I will take my flight on that night in Düsseldorf heading to Moi International Airport, and I will vote for Balala and Agwambo in Mvita. Taib na Kibaki watakula huu!!

  73. dennis k says:

    dennis, posting from westlands but voting in makadara.. missed blog day jana so im reading the comments and catching up. great stuff. im proud to be an odmer. im certainly in very good company. keep the fire burning.

  74. solomon says:

    Blogging in Buruburu and voting in Kangema. My main mission is to ensure I atleast convince atleast 10 people to vote for Agwambo in my polling station.

    ODM must ensure that they don’t deal with Kimunya on corruption issues. Draw Kibaki into Anglo leasing scandal as the country CEO and also bombard him on Ken Ren fertilizer Scam.

  75. faith says:

    hi bloggers i liked the ODM’s advert on the young kikuyu men who have disappeared mysteriouly that is a powerful message to the central people why defend a given that kills your future.

  76. solomon says:

    Hi BLOGGERS! There is also a lie been peddled by PUNU ploliticians in Central that if Raila wins Kikuyu men will be wearing shorts.

    Clarify also that ODM has no proplem with the masses but the thieving and land-grabbing elite.

  77. SAM KING (MSA) says:

    The end of the matter is better than the beginning thereof.

    Let us not relax at all at all! I hope our compaign team lead by Agwambo is sketching the greatest & final assault against the already confused PNU/NARC??!!KANU/FORD?#??/SHIRIKISHO/???!!! alliance.

    Remember a kingdom divided never stands. Brothers n sisters, let us begin thanking God for we are indeed emerging victorious!

    Sam King bloging from Moi Avenue Msa, voting in Changamwe.

  78. lexx says:

    lexx in nakuru voting in molo.i believe that kimunya has been sent as a decor anglo leasing in mk govt is for the ceo to deal with lets not ans kimunya he is not worth dealing with infact i was happy to hear the E.U saying that they will give kenya aid as long as its a decmocratically elected govt

  79. faddie says:

    i concur.kimunya is a distraction.he wants to take some flak off go for the jugular.the response on kimunya’s accusations should target kibaki becoz the buck stops with him.i luv you make my day.

  80. charles says:

    wallapa.blogging from lavington,preparing to travel to matungu constituency to vote for 3-piece ODM. my contribution for voter turnout -ODMers who intend to travel on 26th to Kapsabet-Chavakali-Kakamega.i have 5 seats on offer only 600/=time of departure 7.00am call me 0720957456.amolo tinga needs all the votes

  81. faddie says:

    by the way i believe we’ve taken starehe for jesus(where am voting wanjiru),kamukunji,langata,westlands.but can somebody tell me the situation in kasarani,embakasi,makadara and dagoretti?

  82. sambili says:

    blogging in docks at coasto,voting in mvita const. balala ndani!,here all panu aspirants are singing agwambo not kibaki,i wish regarega knew that htey took campaign money only to campaign for agwambo!

  83. celine says:

    Blogging in from Nairobi City Centre, voting in Embakasi.
    There is one thing that I have noticed. This morning I visitd the ECK web site and decided to confirm whether am truly regestered. Of cores I am but as a male not a female. ODMERS, do this homework for me please. Make sure that you are well registered. If you are a man akikisha that kwa register ya ECK it is written, Gendre – M. Also tell everyperson that is surrounding you so as to avoid the issue of, “Since you are a man and my register is reading “F” you will not vote”. Lets all avoid that on the 27th.

  84. Ritch says:

    It is Ritch from Starehe Constituency. Raila is a forward-minded guy.

  85. faith says:

    By the way i heard that Lucy Makofi is at the coast to undo what the Pentagon wives are doing(campaigning for ODM) i pity her come 28th atabeba her belongings to Othaya.

  86. Ibraheem says:

    It is just toooooooooo absurd to beat a government employee simply by making a mistake…

    How will that Family feel…

    Lucy amepoteza 50,000 Kura…

    Kiraitu naye amepoteza 100,000

    Kina murungaru na kina mwiraria….@30,000

    There is this fellow from Ukambani who thot he will be a prezzy…Tell him..ama hata akikataa…..Most votes from eatsern province are for RAILA…

    Mustyoka atashangaaaaaa sana watu wakivote MPS ODM KENYA na prezzy RAILA….

    Raila make Kalonzo a PM…….He is In need for a post…

  87. mumias says:

    We have heard some really good ideas come out after the blog day. What I’m sure of is that the secretariat has taken note. However what is obvious is unlike our Panua competitors we have people willing to mobilise and promote the party at their own cost instead of demanding money, the secretariat should take up this generous Goodwill.
    Agent4change could the secretariat assimilate all the good ideas that were noted here and provide a short and sharp plan of action that can be made avialble to ODM offices for volunters to pick up and use. This would give us a coherent strategy in which we will ensure that everything is being done in a well planned and thought out manner.
    The document should offer advice on forming anti rigging squads, mobilising people on votting day, ensuring peace, what top look out for and ways of sounding the alarm in case of any irregularities.
    What is obvious is that langata is being targeted to ensure RO is rigged out, we must ensure we have a very well thought out plan of action in countering this threat and ensure that any volunteers are well armed in terms of information on how they can make a impact in reducing rigging possiblities

  88. faith says:

    Hi bloggers

    I like ODM’s advert. on with the reggae tune ” get up stand up” it is marvelous may be Agent for change can you tell the secretariate to use Bob Marley’s tune ” chase those crazy bald heads out of town” on there next advert it has a powerful message on corruption. Coming to Kimunya this guy short himself on the foot the other day he told kenyans that ODM has the angloleasing culprits and then he had to do what PANU knows best he realised that it is not washing with Kenyans he started attacking the”WIPER” man about his 50mio he has, that is where he made the mistake because he came out as a desperate PUNU campaigner.

  89. Ibraheem says:

    I am seeing something sinister here…

    Read below……

    The election materials will be distributed countrywide by Electoral Commission of Kenya hired vehicles or 11 planes on stand-by for use by the commission.

    Airlift ballot boxes

    Five Kenya Airforce planes will be used to distribute ballots and ballot boxes to the vast Turkana, Marsabit, Moyale, Mandera and Wajir districts.

    Four Kenya Police Airwing planes will be used to airlift ballot boxes and papers from Nairobi to Lagdera, Fafi, Ijara, Garissa, Bura, Dujis, Lamu, Garsen and Galole.

    A Kenya Pipeline Corporation plane will transport election materials to Laikipia and Samburu while a Kenya Power and Lighting plane will deliver election materials to Narok and its environs.

    Check also if the Government had given military Land Rovers to the outlawed Mungiki gang in the run-up to the 2007 General Election.

    This MUST be checked by ODM election observers as it may contain some other stuff…

  90. mumias says:

    Githongo has hammered in another nail in the MK presidency bid. Excellent timing and bound to shake PNU to the core

  91. HanifV says:

    Hello Bloggers:

    Thought of a SMS that could help if circulated. Goes as follows IN SMS format:


    I feel that in this format we are reaching out to our Kikuyu friends (which we all have) and extending an olive branch which really they should accept. Otherwise parochial interests will not help anyone.

    Be positive. We have thousands of individuals campaigning for Raila and it is we who can persuade and for certain cannot be persuaded. If there is anyone who will change their minds it will be in our basket. So work on the people you know…

    P.S Have you noticed that the only persons really campaigning for Mr Kibaki is him and his wife!!

  92. Qollo says:

    I am really concerned about the situation in western Kenya and in particular about Sabatia constituency. In Sabatia the Vice captain should be aware that the KADDU aspirant is really gaining ground. Mr. Cyrus Jirongo has a hand is this so you can imagine the extent of voter bribery that is going on. As I write voters are being paid as high as Ksh.1,000 to vote for the KADDU Candidate. The truth of the matter is that they are falling into the trap en mass. I don’t believe in vote buying but I would urge Hon. Musalia to visit Sabatia and do a thorough campaign otherwise he stands to be humiliated again and this will be so bad for him and ODM as a party – remember PNU would also like him to fail so we can over right their in this.

  93. cratetuner says:

    paul aka cratetuner blogging from baba dogo i am voting in makadra consituancy 3 piece no compromise GOd bless ODM

  94. Kissinger says:

    Online rally – Another brilliant idea! If we can afford to have one of the pentagon members as speakers that is good enough. But I know they are busy consolidating those votes so lets get some of the key strategists like say Prof. Anyang Nyongo. Given that 27th is just a few days to come, we can discuss about specific areas where we think we have some real threats in terms of rigging or uncertainity of garnering most votes. The idea is to agree on how to ensure fair play and even turn tables on our opponents in these areas. Friday proved to be a good day so 21st from 3pm may do.

  95. pabokenya says:

    i would like us to discuss voter moblisation and how all ODMers must vote so that the empty rhetorics of nation newspaper of re run can be casted aside

  96. pabokenya says:

    i would like us to discuss voter moblisation and how all ODMers must vote so that the empty rhetorics of nation newspaper of re run can be casted aside.

    we need to show the worrld with determinination that we dont want kibaki to have any votes near us, we must be far far ahead so that he even concedes defeat in the early hours of 28th dec coz.lets lecture our ple against spoilt vote, lets teach ple, we dont want any spoilt votes, all ODMers must only have valid votes to stretch this war beyond contest.

  97. Elizabeth says:

    PUNU be warned! I liked Kivuitu’s idea of nullifying all votes from those stations where somebody might attempt to rigg. Poor you, think of rigging and you have all your votes washed down the drain by ECK. What a timely idea. WASTED EFFORTS IF YOU TRY.

  98. Mike says:

    Friday from 3 pm Speakers Prof and Miguna, Mumbi Ngaru, topic vigilance during election day, final touches and what next after election day.

    A friend asked if Kibs looses will he still qualify for the retirement scheme and what are the provisions for that law since one has to retire or serve a certain number of years and if one has served 5 years will he be on the same plane with one who has served 24 year or 10. Need an answer from legal experts here.

  99. daddy says:

    Online rally is a nice Idea. I wish our President could join us. We are also important voters just like the ones at the ground. Our president, or at least one pentagon member, could come and share in our ideas and hope for a better and bigger country.

  100. faddie says:

    online rally?brilliant.count me in on whatever day.friday could be fine but i was just wondering,since i believe most people will be closing their offices that day,don’t you think it might inconvenience those who may want to take part but already have plans to travel that day?

  101. faddie says:

    these candidates we are complaining about conned people of the nominations knowing very well that they were not serious about being elected becoz that is what they were sent by PNU to do.this would ensure that:
    1.people don’t vote for raila in those constituencies
    2.that ODM doesn’t get majority of the legislators
    3.that WHEN raila wins,he won’t have enough numbers to help him in running the government.this way it would be easy to frustrate his efforts to govern and bring the much needed change.
    i think this is basically sabotage.otherwise,can the secretariat investigate what is going on and let us know?

  102. mzee says:

    How can one tell the degree of blindness? Why are GEMAs not seeing the seeable.
    They still believe power is theres yet the rest of kenyans have taken the lead thru Jakom

  103. Felix Aduol says:

    We need to pray about Langata. We are going to loose life’s there if alleged plan by PNU is true

  104. kip says:

    We hope and pray that Agwambo takes the day. He is my hero.

  105. lizzy says:

    Lizzy blogging from Switzerland and will vote in westlands contituency…. Coming home on Sato,22nd Dec

  106. Otsiatso says:

    Given the abuse disguised as editorial that ODM has bee subjected to by the Nation and the manipulated reporting about its leaders [remember the Meru headlines] and fake polls. I am suggesting that we organize “Daily Nation free days on Sunday and Monday.” I know there is an informal boycott now but let put some umph into it.
    What are your thoughts?

  107. Rono says:

    it is diabolic for Gideon Moi, to ask kibaki to take water and electricity to baringo in one week that kibakin has in power and yet his father, senior moi could not deliver in 24 years. This really shows how disjointed and incoherent the moi’s are as far as the people are concern. It is a pity that he thinks people have forgotten that his father was president coming from the same region.

  108. raphael says:

    am voting odm 3-piece in kasarani. let all odm members embrace the 3-piece for a strong odm representation in both parliament and local authorities.

  109. odhiambo says:

    i am not worried about the rigging, Raila Odinga is all over it. we in the ODM will prevail. Pongezi Wakenya

  110. says:

    1. You won the elections. Six provinces, 99 constitutuencies.
    2. Anyone who despises his birthright is despised and judged harshly. 9 million Kenyans voted. Kikuyus, Luos, grandmothers, their children, the disabled, the sick, the rich, the poor, all used the common denominator – their vote. A birth right. They said that Amollo should be the president.
    3. You have the following of the majority. Remember God uses the will of the majority. The devil uses the rejects. A democratically chosen president should be sworn in the light of the public.
    4. For the purposes of continuity. The future generations need to believe in the only democratic process that is best for change. Last year we chose the ballot over the bullet. Right now we know who has the bullets. We voted with ink. They were craving for our blood. In a democracy, ink is thicker than blood. In DEMON CRAZY, it’s the other way round.
    5. The rest of Africa is watching. Rigging may have occurred in America, in Zambia, it may even have occurred in Kenya in the past. Come 2012,they will impose to us their choice. We will be THE example that proves that this should never be allowed to continue. You have a chance to lead the first ORANGE REVOLUTION in Africa.
    6. The large population in Kenya did not only vote for you. They voted for a change they believed in. They voted out the old regime to break away from the yolk of oppression. You are rich, yet most of the ones who voted are poor. You are a Luo, yet many asked who can vote for a Luo.
    7. Many of us, children, mothers, grandfathers, widows, handicaps, bank managers, army personnel, engineers, prostitutes, hawkers, CEO’s have nothing to lose. We are at loss everyday to the vampires who masquerade as leaders. We are the most heavily taxed state in Africa. We are the most vulnerable in a due to nepotism, we are insecure even in our own homes. We die in hospital. In December last year, we did not vote for peace. We voted for change. After all we have been suffering peacefully.
    8. Government or no government, what counts is the semblance of truth. This is what makes The “United States of America and Somali” stand out. This is what gives sanity to a nation – a free and fair election.
    9. Your defeat of the incumbent is clear and without a doubt. General Kagwea as he is called continues to lock himself in state house, waiting for speeches written out by his compatriots. Stop relying on foreign solutions for Kenya. Our solutions should be homegrown. Call out the women to join your peaceful matches and demonstrations. WE promise you WE will come. List the business that these DISHONORABLE men and women control and WE promise you we will stop buying, call for vigils and fasting and prayers – WE WILL STAY AWAKE WITH YOU. Ask men and women to walk to work and contribute what they have to your cause, WE SHALL DONATE. Ask us to come bear the brunt of the police rungus, WE SHALL BLEED FOR THIS CAUSE. THIS WAY, WE SHALL FIGHT PEACEFULLY.
    10. The sure thing is that in the course of five years millions Kenyans will be born. Many will die. Many will have the right to vote. Few will want to control that vote. With our “VOTE” they will control our lakes, our fish, our minerals, our wildlife, our savings, indeed they will control our dreams or nightmares. Is this what the founding fathers died for. Is this what your Father fought for ? If you give up then God will give us another leader
    11. Refer to point number one above

  111. Chriss Omondi says:


    There is a Deadly sms going roundand in part
    “Got this from a Kikuyu Friend at 3.00PM : House of Mumbi, They killed hundreds of our people, we didnt retaliate – we knew they were very angry.But there new acll of Mass action means kill more Kikuyus in Rift Valley and Nyanza. If Kibaki stole votes he was not with us so why are we being killed ? We say, no more innocent Kikuyu blood will be shed . We will slaughter them right here in the Capital City.For justice,compile alist of all Luo’s and Kaleos you know at work, your estate, anywhere in Nairobi, plus where and how their Children go to school. We will give you numbers this info.If they don’t kill our people anymore there will be peace but anymore kikuyu blood will be avenged, drop for drop, in the name of Dedan Kimathi . Please Zambasa this to right People .Agent

  112. Prisca Akeyo says:

    My Fellow Kenyans,


    I support Justice and Human Rights and Peace. The present situation in Kenya is not about the two personalities (Raila and Kibaki), but about the plight of all Kenyans. It would be honourable for Mr. Kibaki to reciprocate what Mr. Raila’s effort that brought him to power. Mr. Kibaki should remember that he was lying in his hospital bed when Raila campaigned in his absence and he won the election. He came home from UK and found everything already arranged for him only to be sworn in. It will be honourable of him Mr. Kibaki to reciprocate and let his colleagues who fought for him during the previous elections to take over. Mr. Kibaki has been in Politics for 45 years and he had quite a good record. At 70 he should spoil his image by clinging to power even when the people need a change.

    Kenyans abroad watched with dissapointment when Mr. Kibaki’s daughter brought her boyfriend and his brother from Armenia to beat Kenyans. Armenia is one of the poorest countries in Europe (par of former Russia). They known for genocide and ethnic clashes — not easily allowed into the EU. But Kenyan allow such people into the country.

    Kenyans have had much humiliation through a leader they chose themselves. If a leader is chosen by the people and he cannot perform then he should resign honourably and let some one else take it up.

    History repeated itself as Mr. Raila’s father did the same to Jomo Kenyatta. Independence was achieved when Mzee Kenyatta was in Prison, but the late Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya insisted that Kenyatta must be released from Prison first to take over leadership even though the Colonial Government gave them the power. Kenyatta later, pressurized by his tribesmen fired Odinga from his Cabinet. Mr Kibaki did the same to Mr. Raila.

    In 2002 we in Europe saw Raila’s photo published in the News Papers as the President elect of Kenya with the name Mwai Kibaki inscribed beneath. Kibaki was not in Kenya during the elections therefore the Media could not take his photo. Yet Kenyans led by Raila waited for him to come out of the hospital and be sworn in.


    1. Mr. Mwai Kibaki rigged the elections.
    2. Mr. Mwai Kibaki has failed as a leader because he is not aware of what is going on in the country right now. He relies on his Informers who do not tell him the truth.
    3. He is too sick to travel all over the country to see for himself.
    4. Mr. Kibaki is a selfish man and does not care what happens to other Kenyans.
    5. Mr. Kibaki is buying time hopping that things will cool down.
    6 Mr. Kibaki has failed to solve the problem of the displaced people.
    7 Mr. Kibaki is a man who cannot reciprocate the good guestures accorded to him in the past but in return given back “Asante ya Punda”


    Show the People of Kenya that you are the right leader by taking action because nothing is happening to solve the situation. Take temporary measures to help the people especailly the displaced as follows:

    1. Visit the displaced people and assess their requirements.
    2. Acquire tents and pitch them on safe locations for each family to have privacy.
    3. Appeal to Kenyans all over the world regardless of whom they are supporting to send funds to supplement what the International Donors are giving right now.
    4. Ask Kenyans through the Media stop violence but to continue peaceful demonstration.
    5. Assure all Kenyans that you stand to protect them, defend them and support them regardless of their ethnicity.





    Prisca Akeyo

    Märsta, Sweden

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