All the major opinion polls are indicating that our candidate is leading,is it a done deal ama bado mapambano?


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  1. charles says:

    We agreed as ODMers not to openly show our endorsement of the Opinion Polls.i know ODM is worth more than what these Chap’s ratings.this deal was done long time!!!!!!!!

  2. pabokenya says:

    no. we are going there with a big bang. we are gonna reach there, but we must surmount corrupt elements, mungiki millionares, moi and two projects uhuru and kibaki, after that we are home and dry

  3. Akinyi says:

    I believe ODM is winning, but we cant relax bado mapambano. PANUA people are very desparate and they are ready to do anything to win. Vigillance! Vigillance! and keep reminding people to turnout and vote, we cant afford to take a back seat that our man is leading. Where is the Pentagon this week?

    God bless kenya and ODM

  4. pabokenya says:

    kenyan voters have decided and i think mush to the dissapointment of corrupt guys, ua 20 days period is over.

  5. tnk says:

    my hurdles checklist

    1. unelectable? Oh YES DEFINITELY ELECTABLE
    2. Organisation? EXCELLENT (Pentagon, Secretariat, etc)
    3. Outreach/support? 8 PROVINCES @ GRASSROOTS
    3. Dirty Schemes, Propaganda? BACKFIRED
    5. Skewed/Manipulated Opinion Polls? IRRELEVANT
    6. Infiltration by moles in Organisation, Nominations etc? CLASSIC DISPLAY OF EXEMPLARY ALL INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP
    7. Rigging??? working on strategies to overcome
    8. Max voter turnout?? anticipated
    Post Dec 27
    8. Handover??? working on strategies to facilitate smooth transition

    most arduous and indeterminate hurdle is rigging in all its evil forms. Pay extra attention to each and every detail, do not assume, confirm and query every anomaly. Once all loopholes are identified and sealed to allow for trully free and fair elections, assurance that all ODM supporters and generally all Kenyans will be able to exercise their democratic right to vote THEN YES WE ARE THERE.

    Open to inputs

  6. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    No. We are not there yet. We need to campaign even more aggressivelly – only sure way of sensitizing Kenyans to come in their thousands to vote. Turn out is our greatest challenge. The incumbent won’t relent, won’t take defeat lying down,will consequently employ every desparate measure within his reach to spoil our party.
    Thats why we have to be even more vigilant than ever before.
    The battle is will be fought God but the VICTORY is ours!!!!!

    We have to get out and vote.

    For your info. AKINYI, Pentagon will be at OLOITOKITOK & MAGADI today 10/12/2007.

    One more thing, the Opponents seem to be to something with Langata. You saw the provocation that PNU man caused in the last 2 days? He wants to cause chaos which will result into çleansing’of some sort. He must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

  7. lexx says:

    Bloggers who said we are there yet? we have to hit the final lap like now one’s business infact this is where people do relax and we might lose out even if the opinion polls state that we are leading let’s take it kama a football game or sports the game aint over till its over until the ref blows the final whistle that is what we want.
    the opinion polls esp steadman is not giving us a clear picture i believe that ODM(R.O) is somewhere between 49% to 54% they are still doctoring those results infact my question to them is? when R.O drops a few points they go ahead and say why yet when EMK drops they cant even say a word that is clearly bias and they know that? Wolf and Waititu are just bosses they dont do the actual sampling the employees of the group are the ones who know the real opinion polls and they have come out clearly stating that.all in all we have to keep our heads up till the end i would like the Pentagon to reflect more on Ugatuzi and how well it will bring development to the grassroots.
    Thank you and God bless you ODMiers

  8. Yego says:

    Bado Mapampano!!!!!!!! please lets not relax and i agree with most of you that we emphasis on voter turn out than before.Lets also try to work extra hard and expose all the possible rigging methodologies PUNU may employ in the run up to the election day.Can someone re-assign the Kajwang team to accompany the first lady (i mean IDA)

  9. pabokenya says:

    to the ODMers, many kenyans in the diaspora have sacrificed their confort to come there and ensure that arab Mibei has the seat, we are coming home in droves, but we know what is expected of us, lets now target the panua ple, tell them this slums are not good, this slanders are not good, this tribalism arenot good, thats why we want to start working now coz the other work which ought to continue has failed.

    now is the time we counter them individually either in our offices,schools and our coffee places not to mention our favourite KBL joints!

    lets us not be driven by emotions but by reason, lets tell them if they are okay with 10 millionares and 28million ple living the poverty line.

    let them tell us where does this kazi can take us in the nxt two years!

    we haev managed to convince alot of them here on the diaspora except some very few emotional chauvinists!but lets not look at their adverts, if they play about what raila said on mudavadi, what about what kibaki said on moi?let me quote

    ‘this country has suufered from ineptitude and misrule. corruption will be a thing of the past’

    if ur in kenya, u know that those are the friends of kazi iendeleee, That kind of kazi will be stopped!

    , its not that ODM cant counter them, its their tribally controlled print and electro medias which has denied ODM equal footage to air our adverts.

    thats why lets tell these panua ple that they deserve much better under Change.

    we can ask them are they proud of only one tribe taking all over important institutions and ministries irrespective that we havre 42 tribes?

    are they proud that corruption continue to thrive in kenya? thse are the reasons why we need change, so that the future of my children are assured

  10. Tito Were says:

    We need not to be complacent! That our candidate is leading in opinion polls doesn’t mean we are home and dry. We should in fact encourage the Pentagon to release more damaging info on tribalism,corruption and all those vices Kibaki and his cronies have committed against Kenyans. By the way, why hasnt ODM published all the names of TOP PUBLIC servants at the Treasury, Education, Telcom, Immigration,Foreign Affairs etc… from Kibaki’s community appointed at the expense of other Kenyans?At this critical time, such a move will hit the PANUAS below the belt. As they say: USIBEMBELEZE NUGU AKIWA CHINI YA MITI, AKIPANDA JUU ATAANZA KUKUTUSI

  11. Linet says:

    Forget the Polls by Unsteady Man and other pollsters. ODM is on the right path but not there yet. We need to have the campaigns still on high gear, adverts- excellent job , for once people called Classic fm and complained the adverts were quite many.
    For the religious pple we do need prayers like never b4.
    The most important thing though is Dec 27th. Turn out and help mobilize people to turn out in large numbers inorder to make the lead a reality.

  12. Philip (The Visitor) says:

    The only time we’ll be there is when we have crossed the line even when we are some few metres away from our competitors. Paul Tergat, Haile Gebreselassie have never reduced their pace simply because they are way ahead of competitors.

    We should go on running and work hard as if we might be defeated if we make even a slight mistake. PNU at the moment does not have anything to use to attack ODM and that’s the reason they tried to use the death of that boy in Kibera. You all noticed the way they worked hard to draw attention t the extend of calling children to weep in front of the camera but the same government will never comment on the numerous deaths occuring as a result of accidents which could have been avoided by its doing their work, such BLATANT HYPOCRISY!

    You have noticed that now Kibaki, sensing defeat, has decided to use another strategy, to concentrate on Langata area so that Raila can be defeated as an MP.

    All in all let’s work hard until we have heard the election results.


  13. fox says:

    I have been following your RIS reports and so far I am very pleased. I am a supporter of Steve Mwanga and your revealation of his association with Lìvondo is worrying. Please do thorough investigations and if possible send me tangible report to I respect Mwanga and hope he is clean.

  14. Jamabinju says:

    16 days to go! We are near there but we still have to drum up support for everyone to come out and VOTE. Can we also ensure that ECK does not disenfranchise youths by recruiting them as clerks and posting them away from their polling stations. Happened to me in 1992.

  15. solomon says:

    Not yet time to uncork the champaign. We need to put more effort to thoroughly humiliate Camatose PANU.

    Yego has also made a great point. Let Kanjwang’ team be re-assigned to accompany Ida and Tessy.

    Then let ODM use the sheer firepower of Esther Passaris and Tony Gachoka in any forthcoming debate to shred the PANU brigade in pieces.

    Where is Billow Kerrow and Farah Maalim? Their services are need also in the debates.

  16. Kanyeka says:

    Solomon I asked my colleague whom we work with about Billow Kerow and he said that the man is busy campaigning up there and that is the reason the polls from unsteady man is rating as high in that region.

  17. Kanyeka says:

    Solomon I asked my colleague whom we work with about Billow Kerow and he said that the man is busy campaigning up there and that is the reason the polls from unsteady man is rating ODM high in that region.

  18. pabokenya says:

    we need roadshows mostly where we use open trucks, the work has just started!

    so all the ODMers, now is when we have to take the war to the steps of panua ple.

    lets convince then .

    lets tell them how the work we are gonna do if different from the failed work of yester years.

    lets us have a sound aurgument and make point.

    do we need a sleeping president? To me the kenyans will decide on the 27th emphatically and i dont wanna jugde but if ur with me, u KNOW ODM is the heart of each kenyans including Panua ple.

    even them they like the colourful njamba, they know he will bring them prosperity and we will be proved right when a large silent majority are in evr increasing the family of wana chungwa

  19. pabokenya says:

    i dont wanna a prezo who employs only from my village and excludes other kenyans, i want a prezo who stands up to corrupt elements and so be it,

    there is only one man who can do that, he is called Arap Mibei or simple the Hummer

  20. Kissinger says:

    We shall not rest until 28th December after ensuring that we have maximum voter turnout and that we have thwarted all attempts to rig the elections by our opponents. Reality of loosing has struck them and they are now out to use all crude means to corruppt the elections. We have to be vigillant like never before and ensure that we deliver victory for the betterment of the whole country. Alluta Continua….

  21. MORRIS OCHIENG says:

    There is no day or time between NOW and Dec 27 that we ODMers should stop working. Every supporter has a responsibility to do and that is;- WHEREVER YOU ARE, BE IT IN THE OFFICE, AT HOME, IN THE ESTATE, PUB, CHURCH or wherever else, PLEASE REMIND THAT PERSON NEXT TO YOU “GO AND VOTE, WATCH YA VOTE”. Let us all come out on that day and finish the good job that ODM started.
    Last but not the least, PLEASE ALL ODMers, when we urgue with PANUA’s, make sure u have the ODM’s MANIFESTO in your finger-tips. Read that Manifesto thoroughly before we start convincing them.
    Cheers, God bless ODM.

  22. wiliams says:

    BLOG MASTER, I DONT AGREE WITH THE TOPIC AND I WISH THAT YOU CHANGE IT SOONER THAN NOW. BRING A TOPIC THAT CAN MAKE US BRAINSTORM ON WAYS OF WINNING THIS ELECTION BIG TIME WITH MAJORITY IN PARLIAMENT. as you may have noticed here that odmers are interlectuals full of ideas. we cannot start on petty Boastfull topics like the panua does. so please blogger, GIVE MY BRAIN SOMETHING TO CHEW

  23. kip says:


  24. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    Pabokenya, I agree with you on the part ODM has taken in people’s hearts.

    i was almost moved to tears when i read in the Standard last week on what one grey haired mzee from Eldoret told Barngétuny who came to prepare the way for Nyayo’s political rally. When challenged by Barngetuny that they remain quiet and that something will be availed to them after the rally, ‘better than what was given to them by ODM to scuttle PNU rally’. He told him that ODM WAS IN THEIR HEARTS and that they needed not to be paid to defend and protect it to the last grain in their body. That they OWN ODM.

    Barngetuny had to leave and cancell the rally.

    If we can have this kind of resolve then we are headed for one indivissible nation Kenya. God bless Kenya.

  25. dennis k says:

    Are we there yet? not by a long shot we’re not. These surveys arent to be trusted. That these people (waititu and co) have been compromised is a foregone conclusion. They may infact be giving us the lead in order for us to be lulled into a false sense of security and therefore slow down thinking all is well. That would be a big big mistake! if anything, the time is now to intensify our efforts in all areas of our campaign. We cannot, i repeat cannot, afford the luxury of sitting on our laurels. Any efforts at slowing down would be a recipe for disaster for odm. STAND DULY WARNED.

  26. Odieno says:

    Agent4Change, All Bloggers,

    Would you please take off this topic right away. Honestly, WE WILL NOT BE THERE UNTIL 28TH DEC 07. Only then, and with 65% of the vote to our candidate, shall we say WE ARE THERE. There is still a lot to be done, and WE NEED NOT BE REMINDED ABOUT THE RIGGING PLOTS being formed. Let the ants carry-on.
    I’m very pleased though, to know that Mr. President is listening to the ideas we float here. Like Majimbo, the 100 days score card should be shelved until after 28th Dec. Then, and with an overwhelming win can the score card be unleashed. It would not matter cause nobody will use it for propaganda!!
    Margin of Victory – Conclusively and Decisively, without doubt @ + 65% . The Judiciary cannot be trusted to take certain decisions.

  27. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are yet to receive the reward of our toil; the journey is almost over, the battle dust is yet to settle. I’m only worried about some ODM candidates who after winning the nomination have relaxed their reigns and gone on celebratory mood forgeting that we have a final battle to duel. This has left our opponents with opportunity to confuse some voters; they tell them it is o.k. to Vote Raila for president but they can as well be chosen as MPs irrespective of they party they vie on. This may rob us of vital votes due to the confusing party symbols they are trying to educate the voters to use; especially they uniformed lot. ODM candidates should spend all hours day and night educating the voters that there is only one symbol that stand for change ONE FULL ORANGE and nothing else. We better have all in one basket and sort out the bad ones later; this way we can be assured that the pledges our president has been giving to us shall be implemented.
    Let the Kericho ODM candidates get some lessons from Hon. Franklin Bett of Bureti; He is doing a splendid job on the ground.

  28. ismail says:

    hi guys!

    I agree that Ida/Tessy got to accompany the western for raila team….just to pump support for the 3 piece. they are heading for trouble….and spilling the anger of the nomination fiasco again.. right now its getting into the papers…and it just keeps on confirming that the apology thing wasn’t well received….the earlier Ida accompanies them the better.

    and another thing..WHERE IS SHAKIL SHABEER? ….he is the one face that proves nationalism in nyanza, and of course ODM.

    My suggestion:

    We need to see his face alongside pentagon all the time….or maybe he gets incorporated in the wonderful Tv ads recently released. There is one about unemployment, another one is on poverty…..i suggest that Shabbir gets a space on a Tv ad that shall adress ODM’s solution against tribalism in this country…

    It can also include Ibrahim Ahmed, the incoming MP, Kamukunji, Nairobi…..though i find Shabbir’s candidature as HISTORIC, and proves beyoond reasonable doubt that ODM offers opprotunity to all.

    Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora!!

  29. mumias says:

    Let us not get complacent. It is a cliché but it is not over until the final whistle has been blown. Despite what we may think, we face the greatest hurdle posed by proponents of MK who do not and will not relinquish the power they have enjoyed in the past 5 yrs. These people as we speak are busy scheming and working out plans on how to derail our march to power. What is clear is that RO is incredibly popular, and the prevailing mood is incontestably one of change. However rigging still posses the greatest risk, remember these guys will not necessarily rig country wide, Rigging in central to ensure 90-95% turnout in a region which has always had low turnout is vital in their plans. Further, I believe they will try to create a constitutional mess by rigging RO out of his own constituency and whilst that is being tied up in court packed with MK friendly judges, Michuki and pro will then use force to quell any rebellion that may come about. I have painted a sombre picture, however very realistic given the stakes that are on the table and the very real possibility that these people are staring at the jaws of defeat.
    Let us remove this tread and concentrate energies on how to best counter rigging with clear strategies and how we can ensure high voter turnout as well as most importantly security against any form of intimidation that we will undoubtedly be facing as the count down begins.
    We need to close out the game first! Let us regain our focus and concentrate our energies on the prize.

  30. mumias says:

    Let us not get complacent. It is a cliché but it is not over until the final whistle has been blown. Despite what we may think, we face the greatest hurdle posed by proponents of MK who do not and will not relinquish the power they have enjoyed in the past 5 yrs. These people as we speak are busy scheming and working out plans on how to derail our march to power. What is clear is that RO is incredibly popular, and the prevailing mood is incontestably one of change. However rigging still posses the greatest risk, remember these guys will not necessarily rig country wide, Rigging in central to ensure 90-95% turnout in a region which has always had low turnout is vital in their plans. Further, I believe they will try to create a constitutional mess by rigging RO out of his own constituency and whilst that is being tied up in court packed with MK friendly judges, Michuki and pro will then use force to quell any rebellion that may come about. I have painted a sombre picture, however very realistic given the stakes that are on the table and the very real possibility that these people are staring at the jaws of defeat.
    Let us remove this tread and concentrate energies on how to best counter rigging with clear strategies and how we can ensure high voter turnout as well as most importantly security against any form of intimidation that we will undoubtedly be facing as the count down begins.
    We need to close out the game first! Let us regain our focus and concentrate our energies on the prize

  31. Stephen Were says:

    We are NOT THERE YET. However, confidence is important and we need to prepare the peolpe NEVER to accept being cheated out of our victory.

    We MUST mobilise our people to turn out and vote, and we must watch out on rigging. Many African regimes hang onto power through rigging, and all indications are that THIS administration is prepared to do just that.

  32. amosogal says:

    Although i am not Yego, i think it’s important that we support the party’s candidate. There are things that we, as party supporters may not know, but there is a wider picture that RAO see plus the Prof. from Ksm Rural. Remember the Prof was also on his way to political oblivion, thanks to PUNU maneuvers. Had the party allowed nomination to go on, we could have a situation like the one in Ugenya. I have attached to you what i able to gather about PNU dirty tricks. The problem in Ugenya is not Mwanga, the Problem is his source of Money!!!! This is what the secretariat can not understand, even myself. He has never attended any “NYANZA ASPIRANT” meeting, they held three of them before the nomination, the last one in Kusimu Tom Mboya College. This is what is raising the suspicion. As you are aware, there were a number of aspirants from Nyanza/RV who were suspected to be PNU sympathizers but ended up winning, e.g. Edwin Yinda, Ochieng Daima etc. These are very rich individuals and they have contributed a lot financially to the party, they have even gone and campaigned for Agwambo in Langata. There is a tape record of this, and i can direct you to where you can go and watch it. With all the money, Mwanga have not even used a cent to market Raila, instead, he breaks-up his rallies. Whose interest is he serving???

  33. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    hi guys ODERS DAMu. thought we still leading i say bado mapambano.
    imagine just a simple calculation check this out!!!!!!!!!!

    RAILA 46%(the total registered votes in this country is 14000000)

    so 14000000*46=6440000

    while kibaki has 14000000 *42%=5880000

    RAILA HAS A TOTAL VOTE OF 6440000 while kibaki has 5880000


    so we still remain the victors and victories.wana ODM mupo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    imagine out of 5880000 of kibakis vote 4000000 are kikuyus so just as simple as this 5880000-400000=1880000

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww am so happy that we still remain the top no matter what so WANA ODM DAMU COME OUT AND VOTE FOR RAILA ON 27th dec 2007


  34. McJairo says:

    TOO far from Canaan yet


    We need to add more fire so as top reach home and dry.

  35. OPADO says:


  36. ismail says:

    just read about Orengo’s chances in Ugenya from a blogger, and here we are: asking whether we are there yet?!!!!!!

    to confirm the blogger’s concerns, check out this link:

    PENTAGON: please seal nyanza proper. we definitely need the seats. even Rarieda is said to be in jeopardy.

    I don’t know what strategy can be used around here, but som thing got to be don about this.

    it aint over until it is totally over. we need all the seats that we can get

  37. ismail says:

    By Leo Odera Omolo

    API/APN in Kisumu, Kenya – 27/11/07

    James Aggrey Orengo (Nyatieng’) un-nominated ODM Parliamentary candidate for the Ugenya constituency in Siaya district chances of recapturing the seat, which he lost several years ago to his brother – in- law are said to be the remotest.

    Orengo who was beaten hands down by the youthful populist and resourceful Steve Okoth Mwanga who was undemocratically and unceremoniously robbed his election victory by the chairman of the ODM election board the retired Justice Richard Otieno Kwach and his team.

    The move has since sparked off discontent among the voters who have since vowed they would teach the ODM election board a lesson, which its member will live to regret by voting Mr. Mwanga on Dec 27 during the election proper..

    The electorate have vowed to vote for Mr. Mwanga en-mass despite him having crossed to the Cyrus Jirongo KADDU party.

    A group of people who fronted themselves as opinion leaders in Ugenya told this writer at Ugenya town this week that their allegiance to Raila Odinga, the ODM party presidential candidate remain unchanged. They will vote for Raila but for the parliamentary candidate. And they made it categorically clear that they would vote for the populist Mr. Mwanga.

    The reasons they floated is that despite having represented Ugenya in parliament previously for close to 22 years Orengo has done nothing to his own credit in term of economic and educational development in the area.

    ‘’We agree the lawyer is a high profile politician and our most illustrious son. But he is not development conscious person. He had no development agenda in his vocabulary. We rejected his bid to be nominated as the ODM torchbearer in Ugenya and as such the clearance certificate should have been issued to Mr. Mwanga who was the legitimate winner of the nomination.’’

    ‘’We feel betrayed and cheated but we want to make it plainly clear that we shall still vote for Mwanga. He is our darling because his election could change this most backward constituency in Luo – Nyanza to higher heights of development,’’ said Mr. Ogutu an ODM operative in Ugenya.

    In Ugenya, Orengo can only represent a classic society of certain elite, but not the move not simple poor rural folks because he is a very unproductive and mean leader, he added..

    Despite being seasoned politician Orengo credibility as a leader is dented by his lukewarm and lackluster performance when he represented the area previously. He is said to be a very mean and a selfish person who care for his own self. But with negative attitude toward the older poor rural folks.

    This class of people are the majority and Mwanga has fallen in love with them. It is also disgraceful to the DM as a party for having short-changed Mr. Mwanga and robbed him his victory. The party, the local political pundits say would pay dearly for its mistake.

    In the previous incident that in the year 2002 Mr. Paul Nyamodi had won the LDP nomination in Ugenya. But, he too, was robbed off victory when the clearance nomination certificate was handed to the immediate former MP Archbishop Stephen Ondiek.

    During the visit I discovered that many voters will vote for Raila Odinga in his presidential bid, but have settled on someone else’s to be their next MP decided to vote for the youthful Mwanga.

    It was also learnt that all the ODM’s civic leaders have deserted Orengo and joined Mwanga campaign team. Jirongo’s KADDU party can now be rest assured of harvesting one parliamentary seat in Luo-Nyanza and this is the Ugenya seat.

    Published by API/APN tel +47 932 99 739 or +47 6300 2525

  38. ismail says:

    last time I gathered that th secretariat has sealed at least 110 seats. meSays we are not yet there until we get 140 Seats.

    but with these worrying trends in nyanza, somthing got to be done. Orengo needs support. let him get it! and with the money card already on mwanga’s neck, it aint too hard to proceed from there….but let the concrn come from the very top….even if it is Ida, it would give Orengo some flesh to campaign with.

    just my 2 cents.

    but then it is Ugenya people who will ultimatly decide. if it is going to be mwanga….then shame on kwach. we just let it go for nothing!

  39. Mike says:

    When steadman was giving us shared points we were thinking really hard now we are ahead we seem to be relaxing the rope. Please dont try relaxing remember you are competing against an establishment and anything can happen anytime.

    As you are all aware our impact has not been felt the way it should. Am still not impressed even though we are headed for victory. Safaricom is coming on 24thDec and end on 25TH Jan please analyse it carefully and no loose talks here.

    There are many issues like the voter apathy on symbol that we havent addressed i dont see why Nyanza and Western should still be shared with Kibaki.

  40. Abdulrahman Sheriff says:

    I intended to stand for Mvita Parliamentary seat on a KADU Asili ticket after beating an opponent by over 1,300 votes (I got 1,684 and he secured 348). But a PNU candidate used all his “dirty tricks” to assure I dont get the ticket. Let me now declare my total support to an ODM Pentagon member, Najib Balala to retain the seat. I have already started vigorous campaign for Raila Odinga to win the Presidency and Balala to retain his Mvita parliamentary seat.

  41. faddie says:

    no,guys.this race is like a marathon.we’ve just turned the final Paul Tergat may tell you,you don’t relax just becoz you’ve looked behind and found your nearest opponent a few steps away.
    have you guyz seen the way the marathoners usually finish the race off?let’s not assume we are there.we aren’t there yet.
    this is the point where we need to make the final sprint ODMers. dont relax.we can do that as from 28th.

  42. faddie says:

    guyz,i need to share something with you.
    i happen to have a friend who is very close to the establishment.actually,he is a VERY VERY VERY close ralative of Francis Muthaura.and i mean very close.
    we were talking about this issue of kibaki smelling defeat and what he told me shocked me.
    this guy happens to be privy to the way the PNU guyz are organizing things and actually i tend to believe he could be in the thick of it.anyway,i was abit surprised by how confident he seemed to be regarding the results of these elections.
    first of all,he admitted to me that things are not going on that well at the PNU secretariat.
    they have already started the blame game like they did during the referendum.
    wakina muthaura he told me are blaming the PNU secretariat for letting kibaki down.the reason being that PNU aspirants have been given resources but instead of helping kibaki,they are using them for their own compaigns thus leaving the old mzee to do it alone.
    however,there is something else that he told me vaguely and i think he never realised i picked clues from it.
    he said that they have realised things are bad for them but they aren’t going to lose this election.
    he hinted that the stakes are so high that they can’t let kibaki lose and so,
    he again told me that they are not worried about kibaki.their only worry is that kibaki will win but he wouldn’t have enough numbers to help him run the government.
    guyz idon’t know if i’m overreacting but i just wanted to share this information so that we put our antennaes on overdrive.
    REMEMBER ODMers,WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. amosogal says:

    A friend of Mine is just from Ugenya right now. He tells me that the ground is so bad for Orengo that the pentagon team is urgently needed there. He was also Orengo supporter, but i managed to convince him, since we work with him in Siaya. The good news is that alot of people are really trying to convince people to vote for Orengo as long as we dont know the source of Mwanga funds. Rarienda is fine, people should not worry, Engeneer is going through alhough Tuju has engaged a new gear by “ENDORSING” Raila, he even tells to that as the PNU pointman in the region, he is not campaining for PNU. Although this may be his strategy, but it may earn him some vote following his development record. Anybody with connection to the secretariat, pls let them know of Ugenya situation. We need the seat, Orengo is one of the guys needed for us to give Kenyans a new constitution in Six months!!!!!

  44. Odieno says:

    I see this Ugenya/rarieda thing is sending jitters down ODMers spines. Hmmh, its becoming a big distraction. What if we do an evaluation, then formulate ideas on how to help those pple on the ground. With due respect, we need James….but Mwanga, what projects has he initiated in Ugenya that can outdo the old Bishop. Listen guys, flying down there in a choppa and ‘raining’ money on the village folk and youth, which they go consuming in chang’aa is no development. By the way, who is financing Mwanga? Isn’t he one of the moles, from Mandera to Siaya? A few matatus and a govt. clerical job doesn’t supply that much money!! The scheme is to lock out James by all means – who then is afraid of James? That should be the question, and why? Simple. He is a constitutional lawyer to boot, and if he makes ODM govt. then things are cooked for certain pples!!
    Rarieda – they have a voting pattern there. This is my consolation and it does play a role in each election. If I’m not wrong, they have unwritten rule on rotation of parliamentary represenation….btn Uyoma & Asembo. This is Tuju’s archilles heal! And he knows it despite his development record. On a lighter, I’d suggest he be nominated by ODM to parliament even if he fails, he is very resourceful!
    Nyando – suddenly Engineer Eric is alive on a Narc ticket. How is he doing it, if not by bribery. I mean he had nothing completely to show for his 5 yrs in Bunge, has no idea at all what goes on in his village. Nothing at all about various donor programmes in place for the floodings that take place in Nyando. Most importantly, nothing at all to offer ODM to warrant a re-election!! This one should go fuga kuku.
    Let’s not fret guys, keep the good contributions going through, it counts.

  45. Odieno says:

    I see this Ugenya/rarieda thing is sending jitters down ODMers spines. Hmmh, its becoming a big distraction. What if we do an evaluation, then formulate ideas on how to help those pple on the ground. With due respect, we need James….but Mwanga, what projects has he initiated in Ugenya that can outdo the old Bishop. Listen guys, flying down there in a choppa and ‘raining’ money on the village folk and youth, which they go consuming in chang’aa is no development. By the way, who is financing Mwanga? Isn’t he one of the moles, from Mandera to Siaya? A few matatus and a govt. clerical job doesn’t supply that much money!! The scheme is to lock out James by all means – who then is afraid of James? That should be the question, and why? Simple. He is a constitutional lawyer to boot, and if he makes ODM govt. then things are cooked for certain pples!!
    Rarieda – they have a voting pattern there. This is my consolation and it does play a role in each election. If I’m not wrong, they have unwritten rule on rotation of parliamentary represenation….btn Uyoma & Asembo. This is Tuju’s archilles heal! And he knows it despite his development record. On a lighter, I’d suggest he be nominated by ODM to parliament even if he fails, he is very resourceful!
    Nyando – suddenly Engineer Eric is alive on a Narc ticket. How is he doing it, if not by bribery. I mean he had nothing completely to show for his 5 yrs in Bunge, has no idea at all what goes on in his village. Nothing at all about various donor programmes in place for the floodings that take place in Nyando. Most importantly, nothing at all to offer ODM to warrant a re-election!! This one should go fuga kuku.
    Let’s not fret guys, keep the good contributions going through, it counts.

  46. Stephen Were says:

    There is a saying in my place which can go as follows; “a boat can capsize when its about to anchor”. And please someone update the campaign schedule.

    The finishing line may turn out to be hardest guys.

  47. amosogal says:

    Odieno you Are right. We need to formulate how to approach this Ugenya nd Rarienda thing. We need to act fast. Either came up with a msg in the form of SMS or email and send to targetted Ugenya voters. Since i work in SIaya, i can help in sending this to Ugenya people. Anyne out there who can came up with a text “Why Ugenya should vote ODM candidates”!! Rarieda am told is not that bad.

  48. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    I’m an ugenyan in the diaspora and as such this debacle between Orengo and Mwanga is v.important to me.I have to agree with leo odera in his comments.As much as Orengo is crucial for ODM in govt,which they will be,this guy has done NOTHING for my people in ugenya.His description as being a selfish, self-centered, aloff elite,is RIGHT ON.
    No one in my village is voting for him ,not even my mother!
    Mwanga’s source of funds or for that matter his true allegiance may indeed be questionable.But the truth is that he identifies with the common villagers & their struggles….hands on.He has professed his total support for Raila and is campaining for him.
    Why could’nt Raila just appoint Orengo to parliament?The people of ugenya have decided on Steve Mwanga,period.
    It would be democratic robery,gross unfairness to impose this individual down the throat of ugenya people who Love Raila to the core.We need to be careful , for this could lead to voter apathy!

  49. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Yes, the majority of Kenyans are with Raila, alright. The main thing that remains is to make sure that every Raila and ODM vote counts.

    Raila will win with a landslide but first all ODM and Raila supporters must cast their votes correctly so that thier votes could count. The thieves – PNU – are very busy scheming. They are cornered but they still pose a danger – massive rigging danger.

    ODM coordinators and youth on the ground should be called upon to go door-to-door to get people to go and vote. Their vote is the only weapon the people of Kenya have to stop Mungiki and all their heinous crimes (They are now poised to move to Kuresoi and then Kericho?), to stop Michuki and further deaths and importation of mercenaries, to stop a ruling dynasty in the offing in Kenya crafted by Moi and Kibaki, to bury the Wako draft once and for all (It can still be proclaimed), and to enure that all Kenyans have equal opportunities to government employment and business.

    Kibaki right now is as meek as a lamb and once he is elected (if he were ever to be elected again) will become ethnic-blind as usual – seeing very well all Kenyans when he wants their votes and only his Mount Kenya people when he is dishing out plum jobs and government business.

    Kibaki right now is as meek as a lamb and tomorrow if he were to be elected would call Kenyans “pumbavu” and will dare them to show him “where, in the laws of Kenya, it is written that a Kikuyu and another Kikuyu should never be President and Vice-President at the same time”.

    Michuki right now is as silent as a stone but tomorrow, if Kibaki were to be elected (if ever he was to be elcetd again), will be as busy as a bee dispatching mercenaries and his Mungiki militia to ODM strongholds to teach them a lesson.

    Wanjui and Muhoho have been as busy as bees doing everything they could, intelectually and materially, to fool Kenyans into thinking that Kibaki has a chance of beating Raila. They had some quack pollsters come up with fictitious percentage points and have them appear as plausible as possible to fool Kenyans while knowing that Kibaki will only get votes from his Mount Kenya people.

    They succeeded in fooling a number of Cabinet Ministers who would otherwise have moved to ODM into believing that Kibaki really had a chance. Moi may have done so many bad things but he is the most experienced politician alive in Kenya today. I use him as a barometer, which is more accurate than many polls, to gauge how things are going in Kenya.

    Moi is supporting Kibaki and when Moi is as silent as he has been after testing the waters and finding things going contrary to what he expected and wanted, then you know that things are very bad for Kibaki. Moi is as silent as he is worried. Moi, I believe, still gets intelligence from a remnant of his boys at the NSIS and they have given Moi the right picture.

    When things are going his way, Moi is the loudest. When he is quiet and incoherent, things are going in the opposite direction. When he sends Barng’etuny to first go and prepare a path for him (by dishing out some listening allowance), then you know that Moi is as good as given up hope.

  50. Kawere says:

    The true victory is going to come in the next 15 days. Jamhuri day is here with us and with the few days we have to keep up the fight. Every one who is still undecided has to be given real reasons why ODM is the party to vote this time. AS for those in Rarieda, i think we really need to make sure that Rarieda is grabbed from Tuju by all means. If he is endorsing Raila, then Raila the Kajwang team should do a campaign bltz in that constituency for at least 4 days. I have covered that area and I know 4- 5 days of campaigning in some undecided areas will outdo him. As for Ugenya, i think that most bloggers are right about James, ODM needs him for us to push the constitution issue. But I know Ugenya people will need to be reminded of the big picture.
    We are not there yet. Bado mapambano.
    Coast, Nairobi, RV and some parts of Eastern. There are votes in those places. Some information from Eastern shows that there are jitters within the Akamba vote. After several polls, Kalonzo is still behind and now wanainchi are having second thoughts about him going to State house. These last days ODM must capitalize on that.

  51. Kawere says:

    We must also realise that ODM is way ahead in real polls – Let’s not rely on the Steadman polls only. Standa now reports what RO has been saying all along. RO is always ahead of the game

  52. George Okoth says:

    In the parable of the talents, Jesus taught us that before He will entrust us with big things, He tests us to see if we’re faithful in small things. To the two faithful servants in the parable, the master said, Well, done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things (Matthew. 25:23).

    President Kibaki is on record as having said that Kenyans should be left to enjoy the festive season free of campaigns. How can Kenyans take seriously his big campaign pledges if he is not even serious with small ones who was not forced to pledge?

  53. ODM says:

    We should also be looking on how to mobolize ODMERS on the crucial date december 27th, and make sure that the popularity is maintained around the country.

  54. faddie says:

    hallo Agent4Change.
    look at it this way,do we really need to spend precious time now discussing this topic?i don’t think so.on the contrary we need to be discussing winning and anti-rigging,i want to request you to please remove this topic from the will end up confusing and distracting us.this could make us shift our eyes from the target.or what do you think?

  55. Yego says:

    Haya haya!!! ODMers and Pentagon Bado Mapambano!!!!Jamuhuri day is around the corner and thou uncomfirmed yet someone from one of the kenyas bordering countries will be in town and his agenda is one..praises praises praises.Lets not be party to that forum but i guess the pentagon and ODMers have their own agenda for the day.

  56. solomon says:

    Though we are not yet there let the Pentagon must make sure that the voters knows this is the winnning horse;


    ODM scoops 62 civic seats without a sweat

    Story by LUCAS BARASA
    Publication Date: 12/11/2007
    ODM has scooped 62 civic seats countrywide without a breaking a sweat.

    The Party of National Unity has also won six civic seats unopposed in ODM’s Nyanza stronghold after other parties candidates failed to beat
    Electoral Commission of Kenya deadline of submitting nomination papers.

    Mr Paul Muite’s Safina has also bagged two civic seats in Mandera unopposed while Kanu and Kenda secured two each in Nyanza and Eastern.

    Little known Reform Party of Kenya whose symbol is a football clinched the Kisumu East civic seat.

    In a Kenya Gazette notice released on November 30, ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu indicated ODM, which is rated as the most popular party in opinion polls, secured most of the seats.

    ODM candidates also took early victory in six wards in West Pokot, two each in Marsabit, Samburu, Keiyo and Nandi, four in Narok and one each in Bomet and Busia.

    The Orange party also clinched two seats in volatile Mt Elgon where it is fielding Mr Fred Kapondi who is in remand.

    Kanu secured its first civic seats in Migori and Mandera while Kenda won in Siaya and Nyando.

    This means the 76 civic seats in total will not be contested in the December 27 elections.

    ECK has also gazetted Chama Cha Utu symbol as a leaf, Dynamic Development Party (a smoking chimney), Green Social Democratic Party (Flask), National Integration Party of Kenya (guitar), National Republic Party (briefcase), Social Welfare Alliance Party of Kenya (hippo) and Muungano Development Movement (weighing balance).

    A traditional baton is the symbol of The Kenya Affiliated Democratic Unity, United Democratic Movement (milk can), Rainbow Orange Alliance Party (child swing) and Kenya Political Caucus Party of Kenya (wheat).

    Some of the candidates who sailed through include Onyango Aggrey in Boro East, Ojema Phanuel (Central Gem), Ombee Peter (Wagai South), Odhiambo Thomas (South Gem), Mango Benjamin (Nyawita), Ondeje Henry (Bondo Town), Haya Henry (Ajigo) and Okong’o Peter (Bar Kowino East).

    Mr Orongo John clinched the Bar Kowino West seat, Ombere John (Usigu East), Ogila Milicent (North Sakwa), Owuor Willie (South Sakwa), Sakwa James (Central Sakwa) and Odongo Yusuf (Kisumu Central).

  57. pabokenya says:

    i beleieve we want to hear our president message for nyanza coz some of us are worried we may loose some parliementary seats like ugenya. but am very sure the ones for rarieda is definately in the bag

  58. pabokenya says:

    therefore we are not there yet but on 28th dec, we will be their with your prayers ODMers

  59. ITALIANO says:

    Yeah ODMers
    I here you, I feel you.
    Having said all that, I somehow agree with Faddie. I was in the lift today going to my place of work and I met a Coasterian lady who works next to our company. I asked her if she’s voting and the answer she gave me really encouraged me. She told me ” I HAVE TO VOTE COZ I WANT CHANGE. I didn’t ask her who she’s voting for, but the answer was enough. I just told to spread that answer to more people and I’ll do the same. Let us mobilze our people to vote on that day. Starting NOW, get some airtime, key in the words ‘GET OUT AND VOTE FOR RAILA ON DEC 27 IF YOU WANT CHANGE, send the message to FIVE ODMers you know and encourage them to relay it to five people or more if they want CHANGE. Imagine how many people will receive the message if we all do that!! Believe
    me it will spread like bush fire.

  60. peter says:

    please up-date PENTAGON’S campaighn schedules

  61. M'c Agwanda says:

    This football match is far from over . I can say that Pentgon Team is 3 goals to the good but PUNU has pulled one back and so I am asking our defenders to be more alert than ever before because two goal margin is not a margin. Let us think that we are drawing and fight like there will be no other fight literally. Of course if Baba Jimmy wins God forbid then our destiny will be in the hands of a few people who think they can personalize the house on the hill. Our fight is to GO OUT THERE and cast our votes to the last man/woman. Meanwhile there are a few minutes remaining to end the game so to all Pentagon fans be watchful PUNU has used all there subs and so they dont have any option, they have run out of options and they are now playing our game but as you know you cannot beat someone in his own kitchen. I salute all the proffessional ideas here. Chungwa moja Maisha Bora forever.

  62. daddy says:


    Just a concern; I am not able to follow any discussions in the blog “Latest from the ground” due to the size of the blog. It has become so big that It can’t load in my phone. Is there anything that can be done about it? Could the blogs be limited to small sizes e.g. twice the sceen size vertically so that the others are put in different pages? Or just put them in RSS Feed (I noticed that the blog mentioned above is not in RSS Feed) for easy use by mobile phone.

    Thanks for the good work.

  63. Auki Ollows says:

    How many times can we say this??? IGNORE OPINION POLLS! Focus on the campaigns and other means to get out the vote! We are NOWHERE near there!


  64. Stephen Were says:

    Did you think up to date campaign schedule is nolonger important? well, I dont!!

  65. Otsiatso says:

    Agent4change – Thank you! Thank you for uploading the videos – I have been one of those shouting the loudest that we need this. For those of us in the diaspora – this is our news unfiltered
    I look forward to uppdates until D-Day.

  66. Esmond Onsomu says:

    We are not there yet. It is time for all systems go. Let all people pray that our greatest enemy, the devil does not deceive people to sell our country by accepting one day’s meal. There are many dirty tricks that we must encounter both in prayer and by going out full force to speak the truth.
    Christians in ODM, there is no silent faith, confess our victory all over. Life and death is in your tongue. Tell all people to come out and vote in the people’s president, Hon. Raila Odinga.
    Bado mapambano.

  67. solomon says:

    Infact, we are approaching the difficult part. We need to remain focused just like our fieldmarshal Raila A. Odinga. A friend told me yesterday that Raila might be the only politician in post-independence Kenya’s history who could match Tom Mboya when it comes to political strategy and brilliance. To him, he thought all was lost after the nomination fiasco. But What shocked him is the fact that Raila never panicked. He never at any moment appeared destabised by the turn of events and in a week time the house was put in order and from that day the Camatose PANU appear headed for an embarassing defeat. Regional manifestos have also caugt the Kibaki team flatfooted.

    Let us use churches, Mosques and other public foras to urge Kenyans to come out in their multitudes in this third and final phase of our liberation struggle.

    All ODM supporters must cast supporters vote accross the country. Anything short of 50% +1 VOTE for Tinga is unacceptable.

    Finally, I am hoping the final week is reserved for the ODM strongholds to ensure any attempt by steadman to manipulate their final opinion poll next week would be so clear for all to see. Western, Nyanza, Uasin Gichu district, Bomet, Kericho,Baringo Nairobi etc rallies must shake Kibaki campaign machine to the core.

  68. solomon says:

    Another thing, I have never heard anyone mention to me whether ODM adverts are aired on the tens of vernacular radio stations. This is a great opportunity to reach all Kenyans. .

    Is it possible for all the regional manifestos to be explained to the people using all the existing radio stations?

  69. jaugenya says:

    Do not for any reason put your guard down until the fat lady sings.Our detractors are on overtime and we should campaign even harder to debunk the propaganda machinery.

  70. pabokenya says:

    bado fika ODMers, but we are on track

  71. Baijo M.Lorowu says:


  72. tnk says:

    interesting speech by kibaki on jamhuri day, if he means what he says then he should step down in favour of Raila/ODM to demonstrate openly and reverse the tribalism, cronysm and increased corruption that his government is associated with (if he is man enough to admit) otherwise its all the same kind of smooth talk he gave 2002. convincing but yet another con-trick

  73. kip says:

    Wapi raila leo?

  74. Sam Ochola says:

    We’re ahead but he game is NOT over yet. At this stage two things are Crucial to our Victory; VOTER TURN-OUT + COUNTERING the Intended RIGGING Scheme of the opponent.
    It is True PANUA have lost the argument in the PEOPLE’S COURT, and their only surviving tool of confidence to defraud the voters by elements of incumbency. I mentioned here b4 that we face an uphill stuggle to contain rigging in Mt Kenya region where apparently the joe public are complicit to the plans. Am pretty sure this is PNU’s primary area of forcus coz the plot might not work in the rest of the country where we have overwhelming Manpower & presence. They bank on falsifying the returns in the region as 90-95%. this is the 3 million votes they keep bragging about as being in the basket. They don’t care about having zero MPs elsewhere, they’ve given up on that long ago. Kibaki’s fraudlent win is PNU’s target.
    Can ODM train a special Elite anti-rigging squard for specific deployment in all the 29 constituencies of Cental province, 13 constituencies of Embu/Meru & the Nakuru PNU constituencies.
    We’re far ahead in the polls, This must be translated in actual turn-outs. If referendum is any guide, am confident Rift-Valley will stand to be counted. Luo Nyanza was 60 something %, they must pull it above 70. Am concerned with apathy in Gusiiland, but perhaps the record breaking number of parliamentary contestants will spice the turn-out.
    Western Province must seriously be resurrected in turn-out. They were below 50% in ’05. Am worried most candidates in our strongholds having secured ODM certs are soo assured of parliament that they nolonger pationately campaign for Rais. Lots of these culprits in Western (Lurambi) & Luo Nyanza (Karachuonyo).
    I hope things are steady in the Northern frontier & coast; Thanks to Balala & Kerrow
    Let the bloogers day on 14th be about Counter rigging & Voter turn-out.

    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora

  75. tnk says:

    folks there are two major hurdles ahead and that is voter turnout and rigging. with voter turnout we need to start focusing on absolute numbers. this will give a clearer picture on what needs to be done and where. it will also provide pointers so that we can pinpoint the possible rigging ploys to be used if any. rigging is the most dangerous hurdle. and I had almost believed when it was siad that the elections would be free and fair, until i read the comment by soldier, the recent actions by lucy and the false confidence and arrogance demonstrated by kibaki. one good thing is kibaki acknowledged he has been bashed for non-performance in his 12/12/ speech and he does not deny the truth in the bashing which implies that he knows it to be true.

    “To those who refuse to recognize our achievements and continually focus on our weaknesses as a nation at home and abroad, I say to you today, you cannot move forward by continuously looking behind you”

    correction to kibaki is that its not that we do not “recognize the achievements”. its that kenyans set out issues to be resolved and assigned them priorities. he then got sporadic amnesia on 3/4 of the issues and is only harping about one. in the absence of the other issues, the system failed. its like fresh paint on a car that has no engine, good from far, but far from good. Also we need real change because when we look behind the only change we can see, is the faces in power, we can also see the change in some “reformists” kivuthi kibwana, kiraitu murungi and others, who changed once they got their fingers in the pot.

    So i say yes mr president, please

    (we need) Change (sir)!! We can all see (cant fool us no more)

  76. daddy says:

    Too little, too late. Where did MK come from? I guess he has been sleeping for five years and when he woke up, he remembered there exist words like ‘face of kenya cabinet’, ‘youthful and talented personnel’, ‘clean government’, etc. What makes him think he won’t go to bed again? That Ringera guy should remember it is MK following RO on corruption war and not vice versa. Lucy is on sweet drama again, I hear she did it on Uhuru this time round.

  77. Wana ODM bado mapambano! It is never over until Kivuitu says so and the handover will be taken care of wananchi!
    Keep the food boiling until the visitors arrive!
    Viva ODM na Pitia Nyeri Uone!

  78. pabokenya says:

    we are heading to homesteatch. we cant wait for IDA to purify for us the office of first family since LUCY has turned it to a FIST family

  79. lexx says:

    Lucy Wambui oops!! know clearly that her days as ‘fist’ lady are numbered that is why she has to deal with someone before she quits ako na stress and the only best way to deal with stress you guys rem when wambui mwai donated 10m to a hosipital in nyeri she had to react and that is why she went forward to slap Clifford Derrick the Ktn undercover camera man and stormed Nation Media house that is her nature its tell us how her family iko and that is why PNU guys dont want MK to attend the live debate coz MK is not his own man.
    When he tell us that he will appoint corrupt free ministers MK is tell us that he dealing with corrupt people he should taken the lead long time ago who cleared people like G.S,D.M,K.M infact they are ministers in his cabinet they have now taken a back seat waiting for an election victory that will never be then they resurface and re-loot.Its clear in the public domain that anglo leasing was in the EMK govt and what A.K was telling us the other day is a sign of a dieing horse.

  80. nyargombe says:

    Not there but almost there.
    Our presidential candidate to avoid commenting on contraversial issues and leave them to foot shoulders like Hon Ruto, Balala, Mudavadi Kosgey and others. In this way wannabe kikuyu heroes like Kimunya will not have reasons to attack him.
    Campaign should be more on voter turn out than on any other issues. Rab in the regional plans as well. Thats how to develop a poor country. Hongera.

  81. faddie says:

    pole guyz.i’ve got 2 scatter.i hope we can have a repeat of this.Agent4change when is the next blog day?see ya’ guyz.

  82. DAVID BIWOTT says:

    Guys we are not there yet but will surely get there. Let’s all emphasize on the turn out. A bigger turn out in areas where ODM has the biggest support is paramount. On voting day, we should give preference to the elderly and women. The youth can vote last.

  83. Otsiatso says:

    All along we have said that wananchi are fed up and Kibakinistas know it, regardless of how they try to stretch the truth. Even the NSIS knows it, is it any wonder Kimunya was already giving up and talking about “the next government”

  84. allan owino says:

    I think voter turn out in ODM zones is crucial. With a high voter turn in these areas, we’ll be able to check the expected high voter turnout in PNU areas

  85. OPADO says:


  86. tnk says:

    opado lets wait and see the turnout/results in central, eastern and nairobi. need to see when these hit 1.8m voters each. before that, stay on guard and vigilant

  87. Farah says:


  88. Rob Maiya says:

    Now that Raila is winning, I will be on the look out to see he does keeps his promises. I will certainly keep on writing against the establishment – especially if ODM does not repair the roads, fight corruption and ensure that national resources are distributed equitably. Although it is too early to speak of a second term for Raila, it will be easy for him to win it if he uses the first term that starts tomorrow to ensure that all the promises ODM has made to Kenyans are kep. Because at the end of the day, that is all that matters. The Kenyan voter is too intelligent to be taken forgranted, and as is being demonstrated at the moment, we Kenyans can no longer accept to be short-changed. We stand as one of the most educated electorate in Africa!

  89. beatrice siranga-gayle says:

    Hi Rob,
    Would you kindly high light some of Raila’s winning steak for me.Im in the diaspora and im dying to know a few of the happenings on the ground.
    Our online media stations have not disclosed much as yet and im jumbing from one website to the other.PLEASE.

  90. tnk says:

    orengo takes ugenya by storm wooo hooooo

  91. tnk says:


    check out

  92. eric says:

    beatrice: has live tv you can watch, or if you can afford $6 subscribe to africast tv and get KTN broadcast for one day on your PC


  93. inspiredbyairbus says:

    Kenya should vote for a leader who knows no race, tribe, gender, or social status and a person who can represent the many voices who currently have no one to hear them. It is one thing to create a thriving economy, but if its people are hungry and the majority live in poverty, then the power of the nation is lost. We need a leader who can create an efficient system backed by the rule of sane law, a leader who can decentralize resources, work with and for the people, not because they speak one tribe or they eat one meal together but first and foremost because they are Kenyans. For example, the rule of law should be upheld, kenya should have a new constitution which protects Kenyans not abuses them. Kenya should have a leader who understands that if a nation has no accountable government system which supports a firm foundation for democratic principles, where the law of the land is king, everyones strong promises to do this and that only becomes a huge dream, and a dream that never comes to fruition.

    Kenya needs a leader who can improve the overall lives and living conditions of its citizens. A cup of clean water, food to eat, good education to count on, hospitals with resources to cater for the numerous needs of the Kenyan people, a dedicated health care system, responsibility of all citizens to themselves and the government, honoring the rule of law, a decent and dedicated law enforcement system for all people, investing in renewable sources of energy, efficient nationwide infrastructure to support a growing economy among many other things.

    Let us remember the many thousands who are sick and cannot afford to go to hospital, or the many thousands who still live in slums. let us remember those whose incomes can barely support them, and those who find it hard to get a simple cup of clean water to drink. These are the voices the new leader needs to address.

    Let us remember the condition of those Kenyans who have been put in jails and have been abused. Kenya should have a ministry of human rights and a constitutional court.

    The Constitutional court will not listen to cases, or appeal from lower courts, but uphold the constitution of Kenya. That way we can end all groups of people who wake up one morning and decide to rampage peoples businesses just because someone in power paid for the rampage. So that when a leader decides to abuse the law, this court can declare the move unconstitutional. Think of it as the eyes of the law. A supreme court should also be created, and would be the final word on any judicial matters and the highest court in the land. Every province should have a high court. Kenyans should be able to vote for their provincial commissioners who would answer to the people who elect them to office. The power of any government should rest in its people, under a unifying constitution. This is the voice and the many voices which for years have been put to silence by leaders who have abused the law of the nation.

  94. onyi says:

    Thank You Ugenya!!!!!

  95. Rob Maiya says:

    Am in the Diaspora too. Just instinct. Would be nice to see Central Province votes on the chart then we will know the actual tally. From the numbers of people who voted, I have no doubt that Raila will take the day. Does anyone know if the ODM Command Centre is actually operational and on-line?

  96. Otsiatso says:

    The best update is on KTN Africast – you have to buy it

  97. tnk says:

    why are we still having PNU “think tanks” on KBC live

  98. Omuto says:

    Western Province is swimming in oranges. Lurambi is in three suits in all the wards, with Agwambo carrying the day and three quarters of MPs in orange regalia.

  99. Kawere says:

    Agwambo has already taken Langata. My brother is at Nyayo stadium and they have been keeping vigil there for the last 24 hrs. He is telling me that they are waiting for RO to verify the results before it is official but so far it is landslide in Langata. RO has more than 54 K votes and Livondo has about 14K!Counting still going on in some parts.

    By the looks of it, the people have spoken VERY CLEARLY! I watched as Saitoti is roughed up trying to steal votes. How desperate and pathetic way to end your long political career…

    I had tailored an Orange shirt to wear and I wore it for the first time yesterday. I am proud to be Kenyan as our citizens have proven to the world that we have what it takes democratically. As Kivuiti said, Kenyans have done a commendable job. The writing is on the wall – YOU snooze, YOU loose!!


  100. Tom says:

    Please we need some help to get the news from home… just wished ODM had an interactive website. Initially, I relied on which was giving us figures as they came and another one, but now they have now stopped. When I left the office briefly around 2pm (Kenyan Time) it was showing Agwambo leading with 2.09m votes, now Nation website is showing 1.7m which I believe is misleading, could someone provide us with realtime (or near realtime) results?

  101. Ismail says:

    IT is over My ODM comrades,we have taken the lead and we are headed for victory,long live Kenya long live Raila.

  102. Kawere says:


    Raila retains Langata seat

    Raila Odinga 59,416

    Stanley Livondo 23,919


  103. dennis k says:

    we did it! we beat them good and proper! kivuitu should call it for raila now!! its a great day for kenya. they said we are all about domo right? we have shown them that we walk the talk. i hope the cleaners at statehouse are working on overdrive… we need the place sparkling clean. the house on the hill has a new resident… and none has ever been as suitable. happy orange new year!!!!

  104. Abass says:

    Could someone please give me a stable and reliable which is updated regularly so that I will be able to know results as they come in? So far seems not to be loading, possibly the server is overloaded. The Standard, I don’t seem to have their update and KTN doesn’t even play anything.

  105. alfyinkiambu says:

    Its over . We did it thanks to everyone who participated in one way or another. I am in Kiambu its cold here in weather and mood but overall they have accepted defeat! Amen

  106. Otsiatso says: – is streaming KTN live.

    As it looks now it is an uphill task for Obako. We are almost there wananchi.

  107. Abass says:

    Hey, can I know do stream KTN Live for free or I need to buy?

  108. Wanjeri says:


    Please see if ODM command center can create a detailed spreadsheet of the following information and post it and distribute it to Kenyans:

    * constituency and number of registered voters
    * actual voters that showed up and voted
    * actual results tallied at the polling stations by agents and media for the 3 presidential candidates (ie. front runners only)
    * results read by ECK (show discrepancy in doctored votes and show those accurately recorded
    *keep a running tally of totals for each candidate
    *show percentage of voter turnout/or percentage of voter spoilage
    *accurately mark what specific problems were encountered at the polling stations

    While the command center may know this information and is operating out of this knowledge, the majority of Kenyans do not have this information broken down so as to ofset the impression that ODM is “making a mountain out of a mole hill”. Take your case to Kenyans, even let the international community see where the anomalies are so that no one can say, “We didn’t know!. Now is not the time to keep information to yourselves! Show the rest of the world what a number of individuals have been doing in the dark to circumvent true equality. The work may be tedious, and require collaboration between agents, observers and the media, but you didn’t get into this race thinking that it was going to be easy your win. Take your case to the people, and if all fails, YOU WILL HAVE DONE YOUR VERY BEST AND LET KENYANS KNOW what truly went wrong in this election.

    Just some advice from a Kenyan who likes to dot her i’s and cross her t’s especially when the implications of what is being done carrys so much weight.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  109. OPADO says:


  110. Tet says:

    Can someone tell me, did the police commissioner resign? we are dieing for information in the diaspora while we shed tears for our brothers and sisters. We must nonetheless be ready to die for democracy so our children may live honourably. Can someone on the ground pass updated info as they unfold?

  111. Hashim Radhi says:

    It is important that Kenyans not give in to fraudulent results as announced by corruption laden administration of Kibaki. The people have spoken and if the civic and parliamentary elections are to be gone by, the evidence against Kibaki is beyond all forms of skepticism. I would like to argue that since the planning for elections began, and even prior, “The People’s President – Raila Amollo Odinga” never was proven wrong in his claims against the ills propagated by Mr. Emilio Mwai Kibaki, MP of Othaya and his right hand man, whose name in Swahili means “hatred” – Mr. Michuki. I urge Kenyans of all tribes and regions, especially central province and eastern, to join the rest of the country in denouncing undemocratic practices. These two provinces would be saving themselves of the public and the Republic’s judgement against them. Kenya is for us all.

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