The Blog Day will be on 14th Dec from 3 p.m Kenyan time.

Kindly send in your topics,we will then choose 5 most intresting ones

In the mean time, forward the link by e-mail to invite more people to the blog


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  1. faddie says:

    considering that our muslim bros worship on friday,our adventist bros on sat and others on sundays and since i do believe the chat will be a long one,i suggest on tuesday the 11th in the afternoon say from 3pm.coz wednesday will be a holyday and most people will be in the holiday mood by tuesday afternoon.ama?what do you guyz think?
    alternatively,we can have it on wednesday 12th since it will be a holiday and most people will be free.
    BADO MAPAMBANOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yego says:

    @FADDIE i thing we should put it on friday from 3pm.Saying this coz our muslim Bros have no problem with that and they can join us after friday swallah!!!!im flexible thou.

  3. faddie says:

    friday is fine with me but lets hear from any of our muslim bros before we decide.lets know from them if 3pm is fine with them.

  4. faddie says:

    by the way,agent4change,i think this is a very bright idea,an excellent thread indeed.

  5. faith says:

    i can only say bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. solomon says:

    I concur with the rest. But let our muslim brothers and sisters give their input.

  7. Stephen Were says:

    Friday from 3pm ok with me, but concur with Yego lets hear from muslims. Topics: VOTER MOBILISATION, ANTI-RIGGING,

  8. Yego says:

    By the way, i know most of us will be in kenya or nairobi so to speak as from next week part one.Why can we have a celebration bash somewhere betweeen the 20-24 dec.can someone suggest something to that effect.This should be a powereful club of bloggers even after the 27th dec, how president will need our advices and views to fuel up our countries development.Comments please…..we are already the winners

  9. paul says:

    yego thats a good idea we should have a bash so as to put the face to the bright ideas on this blog and may be to congragulate the web master face to face for giving us a forum to air our views blog admin kuna beer zangu mbili inakugonja munasema aje wasee wa ODM?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Ooooooooh! Nooooo! My dear brothers and sisters, this thing is keeping on the edge. A Blog Day on Friday from 3 pm is quite fine with me, its an excellent initiative. But lo….. why cant we have a celebration bash after Agwambo is sworn in. At this time itakuwa kitu ya kishua. A course that was well charted and fought for. I just wanna be sure! Just a thought!

  11. daddy says:

    What a wonderful Idea. Actually I have been thinking of if we could have a private chat room ( could be a good site and I can guide on it’s access even from phone) where members come and chat in real time. The chat room will have a password given to ODM supporters in this blog. I agree that Tuesday afternoon can be nice.

  12. lexx says:

    the idea is great bring it on

  13. Kanyeka says:

    Lol! No one can reach this stage. They are waiting to copy this idea so we better start it soon.
    On my side no complain am always online a part from 17th where my DOMO will be doing its kawaida job.
    I would suggest it be named DOMO chat room just a thought!!

  14. faddie says:

    guyz let’s go slow on the bash.i think it is best to have it on the meantime let’s focus on the war ahead.we’ve won the battle but we are yet to win the war.i suggest we give ourselves the challenge of recruiting other ODMers to this blog.alternatively,we can start tabulating lists of all ODMers each of us knows from today.if each of us can manage at least a total of 50 people whom you are sure will vote for ODM then we can entrust ourselves the duty of convincing at least 5 of PNU or undecideds to vote for us.
    let us be like foot soldiers the siafu(ants) in marketing,if you manage to talk sense to 10 people,you can be sure to win at least 2.
    otherwise guyz,let’s not get too excited to forget about the task ahead.if we start celebrations this early we might send the wrong message to some of our supporters who might develop reluctance and lethargy to go and vote if they start believing we’ve already they might not find it necessary to vote.
    secondly,i wanted to suggest that for the young ODMers,why can’t we organize with the secretariat to give us logistical support so that we organize road shows in major towns.i believe most of us will have closed our offices by the end of either next week or the week ending 21st.the duration between 21st and 27th can be enough to convince a number of people to join us if we stage colourful shows on big lorries in big towns coz it will attract alot of media coverage.
    i can assure you there are lots of tireless youth who are just waiting for this opportunity to show their passion for ODM.
    otherwise i swear i am and always will be “ODM mukuleldo”
    thanks guyz,but don’t pop the champagne bottle yet.
    BADO MAPAMBANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. paul says:

    must it be one day we can have 4 three days ama aje blog admin

  16. faddie says:

    i was thinking that we could form a bloggers club like somebody about “THE ORANGE BLOGGERS CLUB”(THE OBC)

  17. KOECH JOHN. says:

    ODM SUPPORTERS, or is it sisters and brothers of ODM in the republic of
    kenya ,i have nothing much to speak about but i urge you to keep the same spirit and
    let’s all REMEMBER 27/12/07and let’s forget anything else as we go to POLLING station and do the NECESSAY( VOTING)……….pliz….plz……DONT FORGET THIS!!! remind your friends as well. NICE VOTING guys !!
    a devoted agent for change,
    VOTE FOR RAILA for change ’07

  18. Akinyi says:

    I am ok with any day, great idea. Please can somebody update ODM schedule. Is somebody sleeping on the job?. We ODMers stand for change lets not take things for granted.

    Agwambo is the Man

  19. Poly says:

    Just bring it on anyday men Im ready. By the way Rift valley ODMers congrats for demanding listening allowance and telling Barngetuny and Moi that ODM is in our hearts so if they have to address you they must pay listening allowance. Next time let the amount be higher than the Kshs.2,000/= demanded. ” Acha ! Acha Mi ODM mukuleldo ( No! No! ODM is in our hearts) ODMers in Nandi North.

  20. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    wooooooooooooow its a good idea…… wow kUDOS to feddie and yego for at least remembering your fellow MUSLIMS thought FEddie my dear you only mentioned MUSLIM BROTHERS,what of your MUSLIMS SISTER ODM DAMU SUPPORTERS? anyways i know i know you have bad intention anyway am kidding.

    admin i agree with the rest FRIDAY 3pm is okey coz that will be after JUMMA PRAYERS.


  21. Otiff says:

    What a bright idea…any idea will be fantastic though am based in the west i’ll be checking the best agreed on time. Kip, Yego and the regular bloggers a bottle of your best drink on me on the 28th. But as Faddie suggests above we need to put up a serious fight ahead of us. The road show a brilliant idea…..For the name DOMO ni sawa

  22. faddie says:

    am requesting that we inform all our brothers and sisters in the diaspora who are ODMers and who can manage to travel back home to do so.we need ua votes the ODMers in the already contacing my ODMers in the USA ,EUROPE,ASIA and even elsewhere in Africa especially South africa and sudan.

  23. daddy says:

    Hi guys,
    Someone has started many chat rooms in mig33 on Raila and I was captured by raila07, sadly all are still empty. Anyone registered in mig already to join the room? The only technicality is that the messages won’t be available for future reference. Note that even now most bloggers are online and such a thread could start, running until after elections.

  24. faddie says:

    NURIA,pole sana.i meant well with the ‘brothers’.sorry 4 my being gender insensitive.we luv you all our muslim BROTHERS and SISTERS.
    by the way,it should be,
    CHUNGWA MOJA,MAISHA BORA NA RAILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. dennis k says:

    good idea.. anyday or time that is agreed upon is fine by me.. a chatroom would be even better. this leads me to another thing.. once our goal is accomplished and raila is sworn in as president, what happens to this place? there’s lots of good, intelligent and genuine folks in here.. i say admin would do well to hang on to the blog, better it even and ensure the wealth of knowledge and wisdom i see displayed here often doesnt go to waste. it will help keep our new government on its toes too. a raila win means the job will only just have begun. what say you?

  26. Sue says:

    It a good idea Friday from 3pm as suggested by others is a good time.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Dennis….I couldnt put it better! We will be able to keep the Raila Government in check through this blog. Who knows, we are the people on the ground and more, all the same we will be able to tell Agwambo just where they are slipping or better still even give them high 5ves where they have performed better. I love this one. oooooooops! Almost getting emotional. You know we will tell them where we are feeling the pinch.

  28. Yego says:

    Sudan Based ODMers are really a fantastic group, for the last one week they have been having Nile Cruise where they go and sing in praise of Agwambo in the middle of Tuti island (meeting point of white and blue nile) believed to be as holy as mt sinai.Guess what !! this guys have offered to finance the talked about bash in a venue to be disclosed to my fellow bloggers here……..


  29. faith says:

    I think keeping this blog even after Arap Mibey has been sworn is a great idea we can chat with him upfront and tell him where he needs to improve this will prevent some busy bodies trying to influence any decisions that can be detrimental to Raila and ODM popularity i think furahi day 3 pm ni poa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. dennis k says:

    exactly elizabeth.. can i call u liz.. lol. anyway, thats just it, by keeping open a forum for all of us here post-victory, it is a sure way for the odm government to accurately gauge its performace. we are on the ground and the anonymity ensures that we wont shy away from any issue.we have and can continue to offer postive critisism, commendations, fresh ideas e.t.c. we have shown the faith by being here now and will be here always for odm.

  31. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Give us a list of topics on areas of concern to ODM that we will be discussing each blogger contributing a one-liner comment.

    Is the big rally of December 22 in Uhuru Park confirmed? I was told that PNU is planning to book all major stadiums and Uhuru Park for all days after December 12 to deny ODM a chance to undo any damage Kibaki does on Jamhuri Day.

    When does Raila end his tour run before addressing at least three mothers-of-all rallies? Kenyans care about numbers.

  32. Agent4Change says:

    Hi all,
    we intend to maintain this blog even after elections,we also encourage you to recruit more people to the blog.
    Tentatively we have agreed the blog day to be next friday 14th Dec from 3pm let more people confirm before monday

  33. BJ says:

    Okeeeeeeeeeeyiiiiiiiiiii, I am for 12th people.

    Agenda. 1 . Roadshow Nairobi with trumotes sounds from 20th daily through 24th Rally climax.

    2. Mobilization team for Agwambo for Langata

    3. Kisumu Rally snail convoy Orange vehicles snaliling through Riftvalley to Kisumu.

    We dont need a bash now, we need to show case for Tinga. Nairobi dailly Parade and March showing might daily …………………….. Vijana msilale, lale lale vijana msilale, bado mapambano. I can solo when Kajwang is not there.

  34. Agent4Change says:

    We now have a dedicated page for reporting any events from the grounds so wherever you are and have latest info kindly post it on the page titled LATEST FROM THE GROUND

  35. dennis k says:

    agent4change thank you for that. its a positive development to keep the blog going post electon victory. friday the 14th it is .. with regard to blog day. i’ll be here and sncerely hope to meet all of you as well.

  36. wiliams says:

    Thats a good i dea and i think if we were to vote about the time, then i think friday 3pm has won by a land slide

    Faddie, your brothers and sisters in diaspora are comming home. we are intouch out here and the wind of change is blowing equally strongly out here.

    WE ARE COMING HOME WITH LOOOTTTTSSSS OF VOTES. right from the US, Uk, Japan, Singapore, Lots of guys from Dubai (i think they are exited about having a dubai in coast),Seychelles, madagasca, south Africa. Odmer are all over the globe.

    Supprisingly, PNU sympathizes even out here happen to have a common origin.

  37. Kanyeka says:

    Wazee ooops!! sory ODMers am for the 14th Dec next friday.
    Another sugestion If at all we will agree on the best name why cant the Admin organize for the T-shirts with the suggested name printed on it am ready to buy one for the show case on that D-day
    It should be a well designer T-shirt

  38. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    FEDDIE my dear its okey!!!!!!!! LUV YOU TOO ALL OUR CHRISTIAN BROTHER AND SISTERS. feddie good idea too let our fellow ODM support in abroad travel back so that we win this election.


  39. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    the victory is ours so all we need now is focus on D-DAY and come strongly in large numbers and VOTE FOR CHANGE VOTE FOR RAILA


  40. jackie says:

    Friday 14th!!! will be there.

    The party should be post victory…let us focus on mobilazation and recruitment. Our best weapon is information. I swayed a PNU supporter this morning who was hiding behind the rubbish about the MOU with Muslims. Fear is keeping sensible people in PNU away form ODM. As BJ says, lets organize road shows to put out our information that will counter their lies… The Harvest is ripe for the plucking… Chungwa Moja…Maisha Bora!!!

  41. Felix Aduol says:

    That’s a brilliant idea. Let’s focus on sending a letter to box othaya first

  42. Otsiatso says:

    Rotate it – this time it can be Friday – next time Sat. and Sun. or a week day..
    Please update the campaign schedule online
    Also: When Kisumu?
    When Mombasa?
    Kakamega? [again]
    Eldoret [again]
    Keep up the pressure- Road shows!!

    Instead of waiting for t-shirts to be doled out – this is a good time to do business – print and sell t-shirts, hats, visors, head bands, arm bands, head scarves, sunglasses – anything orange will sell it sounds like [I wish I was home – I would make a killing]

  43. Ismo says:

    No Problem,or as we say it in polish “nie ma problemu”with friday

  44. Henry says:


    This is agreed. I’ll be there too.

    I shall definitely spare time off my busy schedule and blog till i fall.

    Bring it on!!

    I like it the way guys here have become to minority interests!!


  45. faith says:

    My fellow esteemed Kenyans all the ideas are great i will look forward to 14th dec. and i want to tell agent for change please alert the campaign team that maybe from 19th to 25th they can organise road shows in all major towns and to sensitise people to come out and vote numbers matters and remember in the bible Joshua was told by God to tell the Isralites to go around the city of Jericho for 7 days and make loud shouts and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down we can do ours for these 7 days from 19 – 25 dec. to show people that the obstacle that has made us not realise our true dream will be defeated after all i find it a miracle that all these people who have been putting problems on the path to Kenya achieving its real dream are all in PNU waiting to go home at the same time God bless Kenya God bless ODM.

  46. Henry says:

    I meant to say how guys have become sensitive to Minority interests. This is good.

    And let’s keep it up.

  47. kip says:

    I Wil be jetting in on the 14th night but i will hit the ground running in kericho to sensitiize people the need to GET OUT AND VOTE!

    Mi ODM mukuleldo….ODM is in the Heart.

  48. madi sheeyumbe says:

    Dear ODMer,

    Be resr assured that we muslims are raedy for anything for the Sake of Real change and our president elect , the people president Hon RAILA. we only need thirty minutes time for prayers. THEREAFTER WE CAN JOIN IN THE TRAIN OF REAL CHANGES.
    I M certain it is going to be a great occasion and opportune and many great ideas will come out on the great day iof the bloggers.

    THE admin should toss some of the topics we gonna discuss , or the rest of us should come with the sensitive topics.



  49. KOECH JOHN. says:

    Surely kip, if you are seriously committed to something to your inner heart then you are exactly for it ;that’s why our fellow ODMERS were demanding listening allowance in Nandi.Hence the latest Rift valley slogan of ”mi ODM MUKULELDO” YANI…..ODM IS REALLY IN THE HEART ….So don’t bother with any other campaign stories of PNU…..ODM-K……..and soforth.

  50. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I’m on for blogging. Nimeamua sitarudi nyuma.

  51. cheye collins says:

    tuko na nyinyi

  52. OT says:

    Yes, Friday 3pm is fine. Bring it On folks, get ready to rumble.

    I hope there are arrangements for ODMers travelling to Western Kenya to vote to travel in convoys. Yego, please update us on Karume’s plot to arrange ambushes along the Nairobi – Nakuru road. can’t take any chances.

  53. Sam says:

    I agree 3pm on Friday.The bash can wait for the victory.We lso need the campaign programme upadted.Roadshows are good in major towns and door to door compaign at the grassroot.

    Major /thunder rallys at all the provincial headquaters in the last week.All those contesting for MPs on ODM must have hit the road by now.They should intensify door to door compaign,the message should be the same,real change for all!.

    All ODMers,let us work on voter turn out.Convince everybody even in those Hospital to vote on 27th Dec.

    May God bless Kenya and give victory to ODM!!

  54. paul says:

    can somebody update us on the docterd steardman opinion polls

  55. Yego says:

    Steadman polls:Raila 46, Kibaki 42,kalonzo 10

  56. dennis k says:

    yego thanks for the upate lakini people, i think we have estabished that the steadman poll is a sham. whether they put us ahead or behind. its not to be trusted. like someone said, lets wait for the ‘kivuitu poll’ that will show once and for all who had the numbers all along ama vipi? we shall paint the town(s) orange! happy blogging and see you on the 14th.

  57. Yego says:

    Another rigging crude method as been hatched by PUNU supporters and its targetting mostly urban centresIn this case they are now using landlords, city council housing unit and it will go further to include some medics.The plan is this, the landlords and councils to evict tenants or to hike the rent to rocket levels in ODM strongholds especially nairobi estates so as to force pple to flee or move to smaller houses and in the process send back home their relatives who happen to eligeble voters in nairobi.The medics in the other hand are in a process of intoducing a some very dangerous generic bacterial infections in the slum areas so that pple can volunterily fall back to their shagz or then the government will declare emergency evacuation for the pple in the affected ares.The main target is kibera and kawangare .Livongo the idiot is financing the whole fiasco.ODM , PLEASE DO SOMETHING

  58. Yego says:

    @OT , yea about the karume’s ambushes, we are very much alert and keenly following on the unfolding scenes.My RIS team in the ground is very much awake and we ll be giving you an update soon.Remember that we using very sophisticated technology in moniroring mungiki coz to our advantage every mungiki member as a certain kind of ring in his wrist or leg which can be detected by our remote sensing machines so easily.At the moment the two assemly camps in Mt kenya forest and marmanet forest are deserted.For all of you, always take Karume’s utterences with alot of seriousness.Remember recently he talked of himself being the minister of defence, and why should he be interested in learning how to use a G3 Rifle at his age.???

  59. kip says:

    ODM please dont listen to steadman!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE DONT BE COMPLECENT..


  60. charles says:

    you are right dennis.we shud not comment on Steadman…….we know we are doing better than the figure they are giving kenyans……Raila is worth nore than 60% not 46…..DEBE ITAAMUA

  61. daddy says:

    Steadman must be the most intelligent campaign tool PNU has hired. Let ODM strongly believe that it has 43% and PNU has 42% according to the others. ODM please believe this because it is PNU’s strategy to make us relax these few days, and awaken their supporters to vigilence. ODM don’t rest but campaign as you have never done before. Please remember that the polls are too close to call and we have everything to lose. ODM go for gold and be alert

  62. daddy says:

    Steadman must be the most intelligent campaign tool PNU has hired. Let ODM strongly believe that it has 43% and PNU has 42% according to the others. ODM please believe this because it is PNU’s strategy to make us relax these few days, and awaken their supporters to vigilence. ODM don’t rest but campaign as you have never done before. Please remember that the polls are too close to call and we have everything to lose. ODM go for gold and be alert

  63. paul says:

    got this from the internet so i decided to share the plot to rig raila out

    To those who have been following the story regarding the printing of fake ballot papers for the 2007 general elections, here is the latest information.

    Aggrey Muiruri is in Brussels he was seen at Wetstraat near Lex building. He is booked in the Parc d’Evere hotel opposite Brussels main cemetery. Muiruri is an employee of FastPrint which printed Rift Valley leaflets depicting Raila hanging Mr Moi. Kihara Mutu ECK commissioner met Nigerian forger in Portmouth in UK. The Nigerian is a well known fake dollar and euro printer.INK removal substance a compound of methy has been procured by Mr Lennie (read 1m dinner plate guests).

    The cargo is destined for Eldoret international airport from Dubai aboard DAS cargo flight.The substance is part of the rigging material.

  64. dennis k says:

    @ charles.. thats the spirit, waititu and co at steadman and the like can go ahead and give kibaki even a 90% lead for all we care. they are aware that we are on to them and are desperately trying to save face. they should be ashamed of themselves and shall be, come polling day. you are spot on with the more than 60% figure raila support. they can keep their silly little surveys we dont need them. we are way better than they are.
    @ paul.. if what you say is true then well done! and i urge you to dig up more such dirt on these panua people so that we can expose them for what they really are. a bunch of power hungry, thieving losers. please forward this infromation along with any evidence you might have to the blog admin on the private mail.

  65. paul says:

    hi your comment was deleted by Agent4change kindly avoid redirecting bloggers to other sites

  66. Sue says:

    Yego, I agree with you on the issue of landlords hiking rent, Narc Dagoretti aspirant Pastor Mark Matunga talked to some media houses this week about ODM supporters in Dagoretti. I have also heard this stories those living in flats are getting inflated electricity bills, when they call electricians to check they find that landlords have connected other tenants electricity to their meters. This only happens to communities who are from ODM strongholds and mainly Luos. Some have already moved out because landlords ignore their protest. It is also true that rents are being hiked without notice, those who protest are told to move out. At least there are landlords from those areas who are sympathetic and accept tenants who have been evicted.

    The one for medics using bacterial infections is a news one and if its happening that is a very serious crime that should be investigated and those doing it changed.

  67. dennis k says:

    lol! paul i just checked it out… i guess thats 25 mill down the drain for p.n.u. they should have put the cash to better use.. like buying handkerchiefs to wipe away their tears once the truth that they lost sinks in. its actually laughable to see that they would actually pay some stooge nobodys to attempt to unseat a lion like the good proffessor. well, its allowed to dream i guess…. once they lose, p.n.u should consider going into comedy! they are a hoot!

  68. charles says:

    @Paul,i have also read the same article on that is true or false.its upto the secretariat to blow the whistle!!!!!!!!!!Cant wait for the blog Day

  69. Auki Ollows says:

    At this point, it is too late for the polls to tell us much. Early in the campaigns, they may show some trends. Right now, we have more reliable people on the ground in the form of nominated candidates. They will give more valuable intelligence than polls will ever give.

    Further, for the polls to be useful, the pollsters must give us a map of the areas they have gone to. It’s not enough to say that they have gone to all districts. It is said that pollsters end up at district HQs yet we know that most of Kenya is remote and inaccessible, thanks to bogus or non-existent infrastructure. Wacha campaign iongee. We know that our guys go very deep interior where media and even pollsters don’t reach.


    Right now, forget polls! Let us follow our campaigns closely and give feedback.

  70. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    News i have just recived.

    The aim of showing Raila gaining in the opinion polls is so as to scare Kikuyus so that they will turn out to vote enmasse which will make rigging easier.

    We should respond by proving we are winning to an extent that they will not see the need to vote.

    We should ignore all opinion polls- at least our Captain said his strategy is not depedent on Steadman Polls.

    Yego what are figures from NSIS ??

  71. Pablo says:


    Hey Guyz I know we are on homstretch and I would have liked to introduce something very important that would help to avoid spoiling our votes. Normally when voting we are allowed to use an X or a tick symbal. Now in reference to that and according to the electarol commissiones rules of voting one is only allowed to use one of the symbals to elect the person and party of his/her choice. In a situation where you use both symbals in your ballot paper that vote is regarded spoilt. HOW? for instance you give Agwanbo and ODM a tick symbal and then you mark an X symbal against the PNU and KIBAKi because you dont want him is wrong. You are only required to mark on AGWAMBO only with a tick or and X symbal and leave the others blank and your vote will count. So please bloggers this should be a topic on the bloggers day HOW TO MARK YOUR VOTE> And can secretariate do something regarding this. Let ODM supporters be enriched with this information so that we avoid loosing votes through spoiling them we want to show this panus dust. And each blogger to take an innitiative of sensitizing their friends and relatives . Do something Guyz we are on the road. Let us Keep the tempo up and up.. no sleeping until after 28 Dec 2007.


  72. faddie says:

    i have always heard this suggestion that kibaki has the power of the incumbency.but i be to differ and assure u guys that kenya is unique if not in africa then in the whole world.remember we beat moi and his project uhuru,yet he was the incumbent?remember we beat kibaki in the referendum yet he was the incumbent?and i believe those were just dress rehearsals.this time round we are going to break myths and chains of the incumbency.
    first of all,we will prove to all and sundry that
    1.everybody is electable in this country as long as u have good leadership qualities regardless of ua anatomy.
    2.that kenyans unlike other africans deplore corruption and all its networks,
    3.kenya belongs to all of us,and not only to children of priviledge and certain tribes
    4.and that,we need each other as kenyans.

  73. faddie says:

    we’ve raised suggestions regarding roadshows and logistical supports but we haven’t got a response.why?
    again could you please tell us why we can’t be accepted as volunteers for our beloved party.
    we just want to help.we don’t require please liase with the secretariat to find out if there are ways we can help in the campaigns of our president.
    finally,i’m requesting that the secretariat finds us somebody to print us bloggers ODM T-shirts with the Pentagon logo in the front and ‘THE ORANGE BLOGGERS CLUB’or any suitable title at the back with our least for me i’d be glad to don such a T-shirt with my name on it.we can then buy these T-shirts.
    i’m proud to be an ODMer and i’ll prodly walk around in one as i market the orange dream.what do you think guyz?im ODM mukuleldo
    back to you bwana Agent4change.

  74. Yego says:

    @Njuguna Kariuki Sir , i dont really understand what methodology in statistics or even in numerical methods Steadman is using coz the figures they are giving us are not only rubbish but ridiculus too.My team colleuge pumped into one of steadman data collection technician in kapsaret , eldoret on the 30th Nov and asked him what he was doing.The answer he gave is that he worked in a special projects NGO in Nairobi and he was looking for deaf individuals to be enrolled in their programme to benefit from a global aid that was being channelled their organisation.The information he was to get from these deaf persons from this area was their name, id number,and tribe of the parents.Guess what this guy was actually sampling data for steadman and for the two days he was there, everyone he interviewed told him “Mi ODM Mukuleldo” and this made thhe poor guy worried coz out of the 17 slots allocated for interviewees from this region by steadman project manager, 14 already were for Raila and such results unacceptable in steadman analysis division.The young man being clever enough initiated his trick to obtain the id numbers and names of the deaf person to fill the remaining 3 slots and incase waititu could decide to use the register of persons list to conduct quality control of the pple interviewed , he would actually be convinced coz the persons enlisted would be an id holder.What im trying to put across is that steaddman results are a sham and we in the RIS keep our own opinion polls that helps us to identify areas which needs more efforts.As by you request@njuguna , our opinion polls as by this week are-

    Baba Judy-26pc
    Weiber- 6pc
    Correction @Njuguna – We are RIS not NSIS and our observation desk is based in Beirut Lebanon.

  75. Yego says:

    For whoever wanna unscientifically proof our polls, just read Nyachae’s mood.He is nolonger a chingororo of ooyeeeeeeeeee ..oyeeeeeeeeeee…… he has now toned down and he his decribing Raila as a friend and that he has only criticised his development record.Do you believe in what nyachae says……From next week you will see more of drama guys trying to strike recincilatory tones.Yesterday Michuki The Sake scare almost accompanied Agwambo to kuresoi.


  76. Yego says:

    A friend of mine wanna know why im using Baba judy and not Baba jimmy, the answer is that in our african set up a man controlled by his wife is normally named after the daughters and not the boys.This is not iin anyway against gender descrimination but a tale we all agree on as africans, Ama vipi @Elizabeth?

  77. Odieno says:


    Hope you have narrowed down on the topics 14th.
    Voter Turn Out
    Voter Education
    Vigilance & Rigging
    Order – we must keep the peace even if provoked. Avoid chaos, so PUNU does not have the opportunity to introduce pre-marked votes. We should not give them any excuses.
    On the ground – what is happening
    Issues – those 10 POINT Plans Mr. President is doing are working
    Insecurity & Rigging
    How about propaganda
    The CHANGE Message – Lets market this thing
    Free SECONDARY Education – I’m so confident we are WINNING we should begin to PLAN.

    By the way, Steadman polls are cooked. Raila is at 60 and they know it. If their intention is to scare PUNUs to go vote, then they are working against numerical methods. It won’t work. My hunch Steadman rescinded their previous reasoning of letting mregarega go ahead of Mr. President (Raila) to retain the professor (Wolf) on the job. Otherwise, they’d loose all semblance of credibility and clientele base.

    I can’t stop guys, but this is what I think.

  78. Yego says:

    FEELING !!

    I knew that on 7/12/2007 17:35:16 hours you will open this e-mail.

    I bet you just looked at the time now !


    Imagine i can bet my life that on 27th December 2007 you will vote Raila for President!!!!



  79. Soldier says:

    Has anyone come accross the rumours that PNU is planning a power black out on the 27th to allow vote rigging? Bebeni tochi !!! Is it true that fake ballot papers are on their way to Eldoret Airport ? patriotic kenyans working at the Eldoret Airport should be informed and stay alert and urgently call the press.

  80. Yego says:

    Song of the week inthe rift valley-Cheplemindet by Mica Maritim and was dedicated to Kenya First lady come 28th dec 07 …Mrs Aida Mibey

  81. zizi says:

    I agree that we need to move faster in getting to the strategic grassroots levels. We also need to devise different strategies in the remaining days of the campaign. Roadshows can do say North South and East West Orange Star………..Marathon or Mwenge wa Chungwa!

    Hey guys, I suggest that we try to limit the manner in which we use ethnic branding….It appears that some language tend to cast aspersions such that instead of making the campaign an Orange vs others we tend to suggest that it is an ethnic bias campaign. This is not a war between Luo vs Kikiyu , kalenjin against kibaki. In Raila’s govt, he says all the time, everyone has a chance. Let us demonstrate the Orange spirit.

    MOVE ON>

  82. faddie says:

    i concur with you zizi.let’s make our discussions issue based.
    i would advice that we stop discussing or naming tribes or for that matter refering to tribes.coz i believe in ODM we are kenyans.

  83. Otsiatso says:

    Five topics
    1. Mobilizing voters
    2. The last 10days
    3. Guarding Violence
    4. Steps against rigging
    5. How to use volunteers

    We are almost there wanachungwa
    One chungwa! One Kenya! One people! Let us take back our country!
    One Amolo Tinga, Arap Mibey, Hummer, Nyundo, Agwambo!!

  84. OPADO says:


  85. daddy says:

    While walking in Egerton University Njoro, a lad was asking his mate why the mate forwarded to his email pro ODM articles, knowing very well that he is a Meru. I propose that we also articulate on well founded policies that will see an end to tribal inclination to political matters. We should give ideas on how ODM guys will once and for all end ethnicity and the forms it takes. Is a Kenyan nation where we are first Kenyans then Meru possible?

  86. tnk says:

    reports by nyamweya of PNU secretariat indicate, the PNU presidential campaign teams have collapsed so that the candidates take time to campaign for themselves. Interesting, what were they been doing before that? Like another blogger said, Nyachae and a few other “hard heads” have finally opened their eyes to the truth, “.. and the blind shall see …” and now adopting more reconciliatory approach. And so Kibaki now has on his side Lucy, Uhuru, Jimmy, Judy and Moi. The Mungatanas. Tujus and others are now fighting for survival. Because if Kibaki loses, he will not have a majority of MPs so he cannot even make official Opposition which will most likely go to Safina or ODM-K. So form prezzo to backbencher. Yikes.

    Now I wonder who the treasurer for that PNU campaign kitty is, and how the balance of the funds is going to be utilized. Are the fat cats going to get reimbursed or is someone already guzzling the funds while poor Kombo goes door to door. Wonder if he was given a helicopter to go round. This is a classic example of the colonial concept of a master and errand boy. We really have to break this yoke of neo-colonism perpetuated by the super rich.

    Looking forward to blog day

  87. tnk says:


    How exactly will blog day work. I think daddy’s idea of a chat experience will enrich the blog day otherwise we may end up with 2000+ items but with only subtle differences.

    I however do not advocate to subscribe to any service (yahoo, MSN, AOL, mig33 etc) for a one day event if you are not already a member. if bloggers are agreeable we can set up a chat room with a no obligation free service to be used for that day and discarded. That way we can thrash out ideas on line and then blog the substance of discussions as they evolve. To ensure we limit the number of moles we can use a password, but as we approach election day, there is increasingly getting really very little room for more damage from PNU so we can afford to go full throttle if you may.

    Don’t know what others think about this

  88. daddy says:

    If a chat room can be used, the better. But that room should be able to run on a non java or flash supported browser to allow all to access. We should also first know how many have already signed to yahoo, msn, skype etc and maybe could connect most IM’s. My ID waodipo can be added to yahoo, Gtalk, msn, and skype. Others could give their IDs but those without any IM may either prefer a chat room or subscription.

  89. sam juma says:

    Hey Daddy
    Its easy to end, tribalism and corruption. As a matter of fact this can be done overnite. The big IF, is, does KENYA have a nationalist with the backbone to lead us out of these two vices.
    Mr. Odinga you will get the mandate to tackle these two BUGGERS on Dec. 27 , here are some suggestions; and by the way , bloggers I get paid by govts to to come up with some of these solutions so they cant be all bad.
    The petty ones can be eliminated overnite by legalizing them.
    For example; It costs between 8k-12k to get a passport at Nyayo
    in a day to one week plus the official Kshs 2040=
    To close this corruption, all we have to do is come up with a standard list of requirements needed before you can get a passport.
    This must be gazzeted and a simple way of verifying the authenticity of the required documents is put in place. Then, officially at nyayo 3 windows are opened
    1. Passport in 24 Hrs——Kshs 5000
    2. Passport in 7 days——Kshs 3000
    3. Passport in 30 days—–Kshs 2040
    To light a fire underneath civil servants who sometimes assume they are there to do us favours. A money back stipulation must be added if they fail to deliver as promised.
    Of course this can be emulated at all post offices nation wide. One does not have to travel to Nairobi for such services anymore.
    This can be spread to all Govt offices that serve Wanainchi.
    i.e. Birth Certificates, Drivers Licences, Company registrations, Lands e.t.c.

    Mega Corruptions;
    Time & space does not allow me to articulate how to deal with this but I will give you an example;
    The kenya Govt loses Billions on Road construction tenders. And since this is very difficult to police I convinced a certain Govt to open all their tenders, from there they got a pretty good average on what it would cost to consruct a certain road. I sold the Govt an Idea to force any tender winner to purchase a Performance Bond from an A+ Insurance Co.
    The Bond would be cashed by the Govt if the said road does not last
    the stipulated 10 yrs without repairs. Literally the Govt gets back all its money. It also took the worry from the Govt engineers on the day to day supervision of the construction quality and placed it squarely with the Insurance Co. Such Bonds also include Start and End dates so a bridge like the Jogoo Rd/Outering Rd that took yrs
    to construct and Billions over budget would have never occured
    We have ways that have been tested worldwide and proven to eliminate almost 95% of all Corruptions. As for the 5% Gods intervention is required

    How to Neutralize Tribalism——————–Tomorrow.

  90. Mike says:

    The most important issues that needs to be addressed is integrety in leadership and national healing because the matter on the ground is that people are overexpecting from Raila hope we will come up with something as ODM to that effect.

  91. Kanyeka says:

    My question is that is smbody working on the issue raised by my blog mate Mr. faddie about the ODM Merchadise?
    (posted by faddie on December 07 2007 @ 2:12pm)
    If not can somebody else voluteer before 27th to print them we need them badly.

  92. Elizabeth says:

    The issue of this Blog Day has to be sorted out soon and how it will work. Can Agent4change clear the air? Hope PUNU will not poke its nose here..hehee. Tiz ODM only…got an ODM VISA?

    Aha! And Yego just tickled me with ‘Michuki the rattlesnake almost accompanying Raila to Kuresoi’ these PUNU heads they could just do the impossible!

  93. daddy says:

    Hi, your coment was deleted by Agent4Change,kindly note that all official machandise can only be authorised by us. We have the Online bloggers t-shirts ready get in touch to get one

  94. Maru Kapkatet says:




  95. Kanyeka says:

    @ faddie and the rest what do you think about daddys suggestion? We should start to coordinate and agree on the following-

    1) How the t-shirts should be designed.

    2) Come up with one agreeable name for the bloggers.

    3) Time frame for it to reach each one of as.

    3) Where to collect the T-Shirts.

  96. Yego says:

    Mr Kihara Mutu Sir, now you are back from portsmouth.Well can u tell kenyans who Seldon Ayambe Onebune is???Did you visit spinnaker tower 2 with him? what about spending a night in his flat in southsea (07 Norman Court).So you even had time to catch one in the Opera and bar opposite the Roast Bar after leaving portsmouth Guildhall?If you dont remember that,just trace where Fratton railway station is and start you statement from there.Onebune is now in brussels, Mr Mutu, dont forget to remind us of his iternery ETD & ETA from portsmouth via Ashford to Brussels.
    KAZI KWENU WANNA CHUNGWA.If Mutu fails to explain this , then the credibility of the elections will be questionable.Now that Onebunes colleague smith Arnold has not been paid his dues, he wont release the dollars he printed for you Mr Lennie.Meaning no money to finance your PNU campaignS.

  97. edduking says:

    Your article to daddy looks superb, workable and timely for Kenyans. I can’t wait to read on how to end the tribalism menace.

    Thìs is nice work you are doing and I read on our dailys how Nyong’o followed on the issue of ballot papers being marked at Harambee House.

    Vigilence vigilence until ECK formerly announces Arap Mibei the country’s forth president.

  98. faddie says:

    hi,kanyeka.i think daddy’s idea is a matter of fact,i’ve decided to contact only problem is that we haven’t decided on the name.
    i had suggested “THE ORANGE BLOGGERS CLUB or THE OBC in short.can someone suggest another or do we adopt my suggestion?
    otherwise i think since daddy is willing to do this,the only thing remaining is the name and the design.
    for me i think having either agwambo’s or the pentagon’s picture at the front and our preferred title with an individual bloggers name at the back is fine with me.
    it needs to be a cute design.
    any suggestions?

  99. Yego says:

    @faddie pliz!!!!make sure mine is ready by the 15th .Ma test is jersy type .Cheers guys.

  100. faddie says:

    i wanted to suggest that we urge the PENTAGON to put on hold announcing their agenda for the first 100 days in power until after we have taken them to state house.this is because,just as the issue of the majimbo and MoU with muslims created an unnecessary propaganda that made us drop,i think the PNU guys might just pick out issues from that announcement and capitalise on it as propaganda.this announcement,i believe should be the first item after naming the cabinet next year and i think that’s when it will be best to announce it.because then,we will be best placed to chart the way 4ward.
    or what do you guys think?

  101. Yego says:

    @Faddie, concur with you 100% .PLIZ Pentagon, dont water down our efforts by making another last minute prime annoncement which may work against us,pleeeeeeeeeeaase, listen to the voices of the pple.Infact the regional manifestos are almost brewing another fiasco, but anyway coz you have opened the valve, go on but pliz plis pliz, we dont wanna hurt our healing wounds at this juncture, hence dont release the so called first 100 days agenda at this 11hr.

  102. faddie says:

    pliz my dear ODMers,don’t walk around with your ID AND VOTERS CARDS in your wallets.
    i’ve got information that muggers these days don’t necessarily ask for money.they ngeta(mug)you but instead of asking for money,they search for your ID AND VOTERS’ guys,be warned.
    KEEP THE VOTERS’ CARDS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. tnk says:

    the information by Yego on suspect ballot papers (brussels, harambee house etc) is very serious and worrying. I hope ODM has assigned a full equiped team to urgently and comprehensively deal with it. More on rigging on blog day, but suffice to say that using the nominations fiasco (in all the leading parties) as a benchmark, if unchecked, Dec 27 can be very much worse even 10X or more worse. ODM has to do all in its power to ensure that events leading to, during and after Dec 27 will not be hijacked by status quo hirelings. By now I hope all bloggers have emailed rigging/anti-rigging methods to blog admin and the same has been passed to the secretariat for action. There is an urgent need to inform all ODM supporters of these methods at least 14 days to election so that action plans are in place to counter these moves. In this case it is imperative to follow the adage “prevention is better than cure”. Preferably stop/deter any opportunity to rig elections before Dec 27, and put in place elaborate plans to rapidly deal with each and every anomaly that may occur on Dec 27 in and around each and every polling center. Whatever the actions or plans, these have to be tabled and discussed with Kivuitu to ensure they are actionable, acceptable and valid.

    Kibaki has said repeatedly elections is a one day affair and business as usual the day after. That is way too casual a statement.

    If blog admin can confirm that all suggestions presented have been acted on, we need to very soon open the discussion on rigging to make sure we are all on the same page. Over to you bloggers/admin.

  104. Yego says:

    Hope everyone could read the WARNING! issued by Faddie, its true that mugging thing as intensified for the last one week and those who have been targetted mostly are university students especially those of Moi university town campus.The same for nairobi university around uhuru highway roundabout and stella awinja road.Our statistics shows that eldoret is currently leading followed by Nakuru and Busia in that order.Thanx @faddie.

    Can we have someone from Orange hse calling a press conference to that effect.

  105. edduking says:

    The t-shirsts, I suggest, should have ODM emblem at the back and well designed bloggers name and identity infront. If Agwambo’s pic will be used then it should not be too big. The t-shirt quality should be very good.

  106. solomon says:


    I concur with your cautious optimism on the 100days agenda.

    ODM need to weigh whether this may hand the camatose PNU a lifeline.


    Could your team investigate who are behind the violence that has rocked the ODM campaigns in Ugenya and Bondo? State agents? Most likely.

    ODM Pentagon need to move fast to deal with this worrisome situation.

  107. sam juma says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen
    I concur with you on announcing the Agenda for the First 100 days, but I reason that something safe must be given to Kenyans, especially to counter Kibaki s giving everything but Statehouse.
    It also has to be something that no politician can oppose.
    What if Hon Raila can call a Press Conference and announce to Kenyans and the World, That in his First 100 days in office his administration with the cooperation of the Kenyan Parliament, Lenders, Donors and all Stake Holders He will be starting a marshall Plan to make sure that every Constituency in Kenya has the following;
    1. Water
    2. Clinics and or Dispensaries
    3. Enough Classrooms (For the Free Education)
    4. Farm to Market Roads
    5. Electrcity
    6. Subsidised Seeds, Firtilizers and Animal Feeds
    7. Light To Medium Cottage Industries

    A Good start will require about 420 Billion Shs. —- Each Constituency will get 2 Billion Shs and for the First time in Kenyas History the People of each Constituency will take part directly in implementing the above. We will need our Friends, Donors and Lenders to assist us at that hour of Need.

    Actually, Raila has been saying this at every whistle stop, but with all the Myriad of promises this has been drowned as just another political promise.
    Given prominence, the above could be the knockout punch we have been waiting for.

    Even without help from Donors the 420 Billion is 60% of our annual budget that Hon. Raila has promised will go to CONSTITUENCIES.
    but am sure if our elections are free and fair donors will line up with the Funds.

  108. tnk says:

    sam juma

    whereas I agree there are a lot that has to be done by an ODM government. Do not lose sight of the fact that the current govt, is busy crippling or selling of all revenue resources. It is quite possible that the next govt is going to be handed over a tattered and broken shell and possibly with little hope for a quick recovery. Remember that all Kibakis appointees in Finance, KRA, etc are still very much in control of resources. There may be need for some extreme shock therapy to revive the revenue process. What would be nice is a fiscal inventory of resources in 2002, mid-2005 and 2008 so that we can properly assess the recovery process. Luckily we have none other than Prof PAN but still …

  109. tnk says:

    just when you think we are overcoming chauvinism and other types of patronizing behavior, we get another from an “educated man”

    what yardstick does he use to come up with this ludicrous suggestion that Kibaki is an intellectual and Raila is not.

    I’m not surprised however. These are the old guards we have to engage cautiously. Still propagating their colonial mentality hangover of judging a book by its cover (which schools you went to, poise, social club membership, etc).

    Some of these guys simply cant overcome their prejudices to be relevant to todays diverse society, with different skill sets, depth and applications and they prefer to fit people into all sorts of boxes depending on how they fit in their own perspectives. Why is it so hard to just say, Raila is an astute planner, visionary and exemplary leader etc without having to somehow try and tip the scale in kibakis favor.

  110. Yego says:

    You right in did and we are really in the verge of gathering information as concern the chaos in ugenya and bondo.Just to hint you on the outcome is that Livondo and steve Mwanga are business colleagues in one way or another and we wanna establish wether this as any connection with the chaos.

  111. pabokenya says:

    i totally agree with the blog day and time. is it true that the update of our campaign rallies is done to stop panua from going there b4 hand?
    if thats the case, then i agree with it. this panua ple are lacking vene ideas even tho i hear that some mainstream nwpapers says they have intelletual capability.
    i think if u see agwambo with its blueprint for each region, thats what u call intellectual capability,
    anyway i havre the following topics that i want us to discuss on the bloggers day
    1. education, i think its high time we think of going back to 7-4 -2-3 since agwambo will give us free secondary education. i will expound on this on friday

    2. security- we need nbi under 24hour security and businees to be open all the night, this will not only increase jobs but also profitability to our hardworking kenyans

    3. ugatuzi – i have been thinking on how best to implement our system so that it benefits the common man

    4.empowering women

  112. pabokenya says:

    lets also discuss how we are gonna kill this cancer of tribalism once and for all.

    i dont want us to discuss corruption coz under Awambo’s presidency, he will apply laser suggery and chemotherapy on this dreaded disease-CORRUPTION

  113. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I agree with everyone avoid the 100days thing now to ensure this bankrupt do have new straws to hold to.

    I think development points for all regions is a winning strategy. Are these blueprints being worked on and distributed as fliers.

    I would suggest they be done in Swahili/ Enlish and translate in the dominant language of an area eg. Kisii Land into Kisii, Turkana, Maasai to ensure people who have been disadvantaged by 40 Years of Marginalization fully appreciate what ODM has for them.

    I like the targeted adverts for Coast running on TV. Could we have more for other regions such as Rift Valley and Nairobi.

    Central Kenya also needs a plan in particular targeting the youth. But ikiwa pesa ni shida target Embus and other smaller tribes of central Kenya. Avoid wasting time by have our president RO campaign in Central province personally. Media adverts could do.

  114. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Thank you for the figures from RIS. I actually meant NSIS to see if MK is getting any different figures from his people other than steadman. NSIS figures could inform any other silly action from these PANU characters.

    My mother yesterday called me and said he would vote for RO but being in RV she is scared since her Kikuyu neighbours may harm her when they know her political standing and her Kalenjin neighbours may not trust her when she says she supports ODM.

    How can ODM make Kikuyus who support ODM feel secure. My wife warned me over the weekend over wearing a beautiful Orange Shirt I got made since I live in a predominantly Kikuyu area while my other friends whom I tell I back RO suspect I’m just trying to please them.

    Those who know me for more years knows I have no time for Kibaki. Once I told some kikuyu friends of mine that RO is my model. Then he had not said he is going for presidency. Since then they treat me with suspicion.

    Kenya is too ethnicised and Kibaki and Moi are fully responsible – though Kenyatta sowed the seeds. I believe RO will get us out oof this evil.

  115. McJairo says:

    What a good idea? Very creative indeed. I will in fact log in, though that time it will be 2100Hrs here in japan. This time to make the debate lively and enriching, I will be in opposition to what other are giving. I know by being in opposition to arguments put forth by others we stand to expound more and generate more ideas. Please do not misunderstand me, I will be poking holes onto your arguement “sio kwa ubaya, ila tuelewane”. At the end of it all we still remain in ODM

    I am calling for others to Joint on the positive opposition benches.

    Who is joining me?

  116. solomon says:

    Njuguna Kariuki,

    ODM must really assuage the moderate Kikuyu’s fears. I tell you if this matter is to be handled propery many youths will vote for Raila.

    The killing of 16-years-old Githaiga is been misused by PANU diehards to spread fear and despondency among Kikuyus.

    I wish Tinga could call the killing a criminal act and urge the police to bring the culprits to book who perpetrated that murder. He should also take police to task for failing in their duties to provide security to all Kenyans. He should also personally visit the bereaved family.

  117. faddie says:

    guyz,i need to share something with you.
    i happen to have a friend who is very close to the establishment.actually,he is a VERY VERY VERY close ralative of Francis Muthaura.and i mean very close.
    we were talking about this issue of kibaki smelling defeat and what he told me shocked me.
    this guy happens to be privy to the way the PNU guyz are organizing things and actually i tend to believe he could be in the thick of it.anyway,i was abit surprised by how confident he seemed to be regarding the results of these elections.
    first of all,he admitted to me that things are not going on that well at the PNU secretariat.
    they have already started the blame game like they did during the referendum.
    wakina muthaura he told me are blaming the PNU secretariat for letting kibaki down.the reason being that PNU aspirants have been given resources but instead of helping kibaki,they are using them for their own compaigns thus leaving the old mzee to do it alone.
    however,there is something else that he told me vaguely and i think he never realised i picked clues from it.
    he said that they have realised things are bad for them but they aren’t going to lose this election.
    he hinted that the stakes are so high that they can’t let kibaki lose and so,
    he again told me that they are not worried about kibaki.their only worry is that kibaki will win but he wouldn’t have enough numbers to help him run the government.
    guyz idon’t know if i’m overreacting but i just wanted to share this information so that we put our antennaes on overdrive.
    REMEMBER ODMers,WE ARE NOT THERE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. daddy says:

    pls kindly do not post your personal details on the blog

  119. amani says:

    Wanjui to Sell Steadman shares …guyz we have to stop this!!!


    After a major confrontation between the management of steadman and Joe Wanjui, who has a controlling interest in Steadman’s Kenyan operation, the latter is under pressure to offload his shares in the now discredited company. The management was shocked to realize that Wanjui, who is a close friend of outgoing president Moi Kibaki, has been manipulating poll results by ‘remote control’. This has included bribing staff of his own company, including polling and data entry clerks, to manipulate data. Sources say Wanjui was confronted with results from NSIS, the national intelligence agency that is responsible for protecting the presidency, which show Raila Odinga having a comfortable 55% lead to Kibaki’s 39%. He was further shown evidence of staff confessing that he had approached them.

    The management of Steadman is concerned that whereas they have an international reputation to safeguard, Wanjui is willing to sacrifice the reputation of the Kenyan Franchise to achieve short term political ends, as he did with Transparency International. Wanjui retorted that as a billionaire, he has hundreds of other companies he controls and Steadman is now ‘worth nothing’. But he has vowed to hold on until the company releases the last in a series of poll results that have become the talk of the country for their inconsistency and violation of basic sampling procedures. Tha last poll will be in two weeks time.

    Watch this space

  120. Otsiatso says:

    What is your source?
    Last week there was unfounded rumor that was floating around about Wolf too. I know they are under pressure but let us not get ourselves excited over rumors.

  121. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    If fellow ODMers say Friday, who am I to say otherwise. I hope it reaches now!

  122. Horesia says:

    One thing that did not go well with the ninth parliament was their penchant for reviewing their salaries and perks upwards. It will be a good stategy for ODM if Raila can in his last campaign rally in Uhuru Park commit to freeze future MPs salary reviews for five years and promise to use his powers to veto the bill if brought forward by the our greedy MPs. He can also accuse MK as an accomplice who had the power to veto the bills but never did so. On the other hand he can promise to look into the welfare of our miserable Policemen, underpaid teachers and civil servants.

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