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23 Responses to USAWA PROGRAM

  1. faith says:

    I believe USAWA programme is what this country needs to kick start the economy to be felt at the grassroots imagine the KRA collects 500 billion ksh yearly if you take 50% of that and devolve it to the 210 constituencies you have 250bio/210 constitu. you get 1.2 billion for each imagine what people in Mandera, Mwingi and Mbita can do with that much and still we will have another 250 plus billion to built highways, pay public servants and employ more. So Kenyans let us not joke with our future the future is Orange come out and vote in large numbers for true change.

  2. lexx says:

    Faith i concur with your comments that is what kenyans want.img we have been using 2.5% of what KRA collects in CDF so where will we be if all that is improved in the name of usawa i beleive that kenya will be a better place.Let tell our people how important ODM means well for this country.
    Vote ODM

  3. Ken says:

    Usawa is great for the nation and it makes a lot of economic cents.If you become president today and appoint 30 friends to ministries trust me the corrupt system will make you an instant millionaire.All importers of sugar and fertilizer will be the first in line with messages of goodwill. I wish we would all understand why some people want to cling to power.It gives them,their friends and relatives an undue advantage over everybody else.Its like taking part in a lottery in which some few people already have the winning tickets.This elction is more than winning or settling scores with your neigbour!! the way we do with Arsenal and Man U.Its about both of you getting that road to your house made smooth. By the way guys living in Donholm,Imara Daima,South C (Real Estate) if you hear me you know what am saying. Same to those from up country. I was once visiting clients in Nyeri and Meru Towns and do you know I used Matatu and made it back to the city by 11.00 P.M after spending many hours with them. This is the Kind of road network we want in every part of this country for business sake.

    And if Kenya is to be a great nation this must become true

  4. daddy says:

    Equity is the only way all Kenyans will be given a chance to be proud. Who will be a fool to wage war against another if they both have equal opportunities of wealth creation, ownership and a true sense of belonging? Equity is the answer to tribalism, ethnic conflicts, unemployment and people empowerment. Devolution of power and national resources will ensure no Kenyan lives below poverty line. Let us embrace ODM for real change.

  5. Phil says:

    Because Kenya is one of the most unequal countries in the world, the USAWA programme should be one of ODM’s strongest and prominent selling points.

    Kenya’s majority still wallow in poverty, disease and lack of proper education, health and sanitation. Equality will bring these issues closer to this silent and helpless majority.

    ODM should not forget that there are millions of Kenyans who will continue to support the PNU and will still vote for the PNU regardless of their own personal misfortune.

    I am challenging those technocrats at the ODM campaign secretariat to hatch a plan that will ensure the USAWA programme reaches the common man and that the common man understands its benefits fully. There’s only two weeks to do this.

    Provide us with a link to download and print/e-mail these important documents so we can also help the party to market its issue driven campaign policies – at no extra cost. Here, I have the party manifesto in mind as well as the regional development plans that the party’s presidential candidate has been unveiling at each rally of late. There is also the 10 point covenant ODM has with Kenyans that was read at the THUNDER by William Ruto. Can you please do something urgently as it is apparent ODM lacks the capacity to respond effectively to PNU propaganda?

  6. faith says:

    My esteemed fellow Kenyans and ODM foot soldiers do you know why it is easy for our young Kenyans to be given say 100 bob or changaa and then they are told to kill or flush out other people from there areas this is because of lack of opportunities that is why it is easy to buy these young men to cause havoc imagine if those young Kenyans were working or doing businesses earning proper living will they waste time taking pangas to kill there neighbours NO!!!!!!!! why because as like now take for example the middle class people can you tell a person living in say bururu estate,South B estate to go and kill his neighbour that is what we need to happen everywhere. Like a place in Gichugu constituency do you know a proper hospital is in the neighbouring Kerugoya Kutus we need devolution people vote wisely.

  7. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    USAWA will reditribute weath concentration to the periphery,restoring hope to our countrymen / women and children who cant afford one meal a day. At least they will be assured of monthly coupons to enable them earn a living. Let’s pursue it.

  8. Stephen Were says:

    But could we more importantly concentrate on the strategies of winning before we go discussing pros/ cons of Usawa?

    In all its an idea whose time has come. Kenyans will marvel at how the impossible can be possible.

  9. daddy says:

    I think this post is a show of faith by the agents of change that we have won. What must be done is just massive campaigns, ensuring over 90% voter turnout and safe guarding our polling stations against rigging. ADMIN, could you start another thread where members with latest happenings (breaking news) post their articles?

  10. mumias says:

    Yes I think a thread that will keep fellows upto speed with what is happening on the ground. Information is power!!
    Could ADMIN also look to update the main site with regards to campaing schedules so we know where every single ODM team is at any particular time

  11. faith says:

    Did you guys saw the way Kibaki had a hectic time in Kimilili yesterday and Moi having an awkawrd moment in Eldoret people have decided the die is cast we are going to win so people sharpen those voters cards. And i want to ask i heard somewhere that Steadman will release polls showing Kibaki leading is that true it seems this state house ugali is so sweet.

  12. Kanyeka says:

    “Acha! Acha! Mi ODM mukuleldo.!!!!

  13. Otieno says:

    An ODM flash video I found on the net….

  14. Yego says:

    @Kanyeka thats really the ODM slogan of rift valley at the moment “Mi ODM mukuleldo” translates to “MY HEART IS ODM”

  15. Omuto says:

    thanks for being there. Your suggestion is also an idea whose time has come. We aired it on this blog a few weeks ago. We need a CONSTITUENCY WATCH, where fellows will be reporting the latest happenings or breaking news.

    Kibaki should be firing his think tank and boot-licking advisers (they ADD VICES to his campaign.) He’s seen the true face of Kenya. About Steadman, its a predetermined issue. They’re giving Kibaki 44.8%, Rila 42.5%, Kalonzo 11.7% even without conducting the research. The National Intelligence Service has Raila at 52%, Kibaki at 36% and miracle man Kalonzo at 11%. Now that the Steadman results have leaked beofre time, I know they’r changing the figures but maintaining the positions. But Kenyans are smarter. That’s the problem of dealing with a population of 3/4 learned individuals, whom you promise 500,000 jobs a year, just to “lend them 1 billion shillings.” We know what you’re brewing even before canning or labeling it, Mr. Steadman sir! You conned us into believing that it works, especially when you gave our captain 53%. On learning that it is a morale booster, you turned it against us in favour of our retiring president Mr. EMK. We’ve now discovered your schemes. You are in trouble for your days are numbered, Mr. Unsteadyman!

    Kibaki and his cronies are such a daft! They give us Kivuitu and imagine that we’re not aware of his Plan B or secret under the table cards. On showing them our prowess in discerning flawed and malicious operations, they stupidly shoot themselves in the foot by telling Kenyans in not so many words that, “The ODMers wanted Kivuitu and we re-appointed him. Why are they again purporting a rigging plot?” In other words, “So you’ve discovered our Plan B rigging plot of printing fake ballot papers and short changing the genuine ones en-route to the respective constituencies? You people are intelligently sturbbon. You know our plans before we even implement them. How come?” My answer is, ODM and Raila is an idea whose time has come.

  16. pabokenya says:

    this forum should have been discussed as from 28th, we should be discussing strategies.however all kenyans need wealth redistribution except few millionaires like patni or biwott who got theirs thro corrupt means

  17. Eric B says:

    I think the Usawa strategy is exactlly what we need in this country because we are indeed all equal in the eyes of God. Kikuyu, Luo or Luhya, we are one. Rich, middle-class or poor we are one. Black, brown or white, we are one. We should therefore benefit from our common resources as Kenyans and not as ethnic blocks or people from a certain tribe. I beleive the Usawa programme if implemented will guarantee us true development and not as I said before tokenism.

    I look forward to the day our infrastructure will be comparable to that in South Africa and Malaysia (for starters), when we will not have to trade horses to get our brothers and sisters into jobs and positions, when we will have a healthy country with people able to access drugs at an affordable fee, where our police and teachers are well paid and able to do their jobs ever more diligently etc. I know ODM can deliver this.

    My caveat however to our President (RAO) and all the ODM brigade. Yes you are winning. Go our and say so to the electorate. We will however be watching you over the next five years-very closely. My vote is to you on trust and performance. If you fail me on these, five years will be a long time for me but don’t bother asking for my vote after that.

    TUKO PAMOJA and KJ go and kick some a…. in Dagoretti.

  18. faith says:

    We need Usawa programme badly did u know guys that if as Raila said ODM govt. employs 60,000 teachers and we pay them 30,000 every month it comes only to 1.8 billion yet our children are suffering from overcrowded classrooms and understaffed teachers we really need change now not tomorrow. I heard that some bishops and our Cardinal are secretly meeting to find a passage in the bible to potray Kibaki as annointed one and Raila as devil washindwe!!!!! God bless Kenya God bless Raila arap Mibey.

  19. Mike says:

    I saw in the business daily, Institute of Economic Affairs fault our devolved system of government on the cost issue and also the Usawa programme. Where are the think tanks to talk of the benefits. Can somebody please tell the world that its time for ugatuzi and its not an event but a process that has just began.

    Somebody please update the latest results and the schedule of events someone is sleeping on the job is that true?

    You know this is how what we want the ODM government to be efficient.

  20. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Are ODM candidates and campaigners explaining to the people what usawa means? Are they telling the people that Kibaki was elected by 3.8 million Kenyans only to turm his back on them and appoint people to top positions (entire Ministry of Finance), Education, and Provincial Administration and internal Security from his ethnic group?

    People should be told all the evils and discrimination Kibaki has meted out to Kenyans from outside South and North Gema and how usawa will correct this.

  21. dennis k says:

    usawa is a step in the right direction. it is a rallying call that should be used to unite kenyans behind odm. id like to see odm brass preaching usawa at every opportuniy. please remember to explain it in lay-man’s terms. it will give hope to the marginalized and allay the fears of the communities percieved to have been favoured in past regimes.

  22. Agent4Change says:

    The Blog Day will be on 14th Dec from 3 p.m Kenyan time.

    Kindly send in your topics,we will then choose 5 most intresting ones

    In the mean time, forward the link by e-mail to invite more people to the blog


    Blog Admin

  23. faddie says:

    pliz my dear ODMers,don’t walk around with your ID AND VOTERS CARDS in your wallets.
    i’ve got information that muggers these days don’t necessarily ask for money.they ngeta(mug)you but instead of asking for money,they search for your ID AND VOTERS’ guys,be warned.
    KEEP THE VOTERS’ CARDS AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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