Do you agree that voter turnout will be vital in this years election.Our message here at Raila07 blog is to encourage everyone to get out and vote on 27th Dec.


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  1. charles says:

    thanks for this article..i must say it is timely………voter turnout will for sure be critical in this election.With the kind of all manner of obstacles put on Railas Road to State House(by church”leaders”.rigging plots,propaganda e.t.c)we in ODM are badly in need of each and every vote from our supporters we must tell all our supporters to turn out in large numbers and vote.the Get Out and Vote campaign need to be emphasized in our Strongholds.especially Nyanza and Western provinces where previous elections have shown poor voter turn out…Remember our main opponents are planning to carry even the most sick ones from hospitals to polling Stations.To me,that sounds like rigging…..
    so ,for all of us who want Real Changes,please encourage everyone who subscribes to ODM to go out and vote… that all the rigging efforts these PNU guys are putting in place will just help them reduce the votes MK will be trailing President Raila…….

  2. njuguna kariuki says:

    I sent some email but since I havent5 recieved any response I could as well assume it was not acted upon.

    The cellphone is crucial as a tool for getting people out to go out and vote. Can you set up a sophisticated system that will accomodate over 5 Million Cellphone numbers. You can get one in India or somewhere in Asia.

    Ask us to send our numbers ( You can charge Kshs 2.00 premium on SMS). Then on election date send out a reminder to all people to go and vote. Put it in Sawhili or whichever language that each individual understands. Encourage people to forward it to their friends and relatives.

    This is the time to make everyone want to out and vote. Every vote not cast is a vote to Kibaki= corruption+Tribalism+Poverty

  3. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    hello ADMin!!!!!!!!!!!!! we at the grassroot also do encourage our people and friends to turn out in large numbers and vote for change and the change through RAILA.

    admin please tell us where is JOE NYAGA? voluble speaker has of late vanished from the radar screen,it was reported that NYAGA held a secret meeting with kibaki. how far is that true???? while it remained unclear what was discussed in the secret meeting btw NYAGA AND KIBAKI sources say having realized that he has continued to be isolated from ODM and the matter arising from the MoU with muslims that born again NYAGA now appears to have interest in ODM…………… please we wonna know have far is that true?????anyone with information my fellow ODMers????????

    please tell us that this another propaganda from PANUA guys….


  4. charles says:

    Nuria,dont worry,the Ship left the port long time ago,and now it is in the high waters,it is meant to arrive at its destination on 27th Dec.Anyone one aboard who try to disembark..will drown and eaten by the vicious whales of the sea….continue with the good work of encouranging people to GET OUT AND VOTE…WE NEED EACH AND EVERY VOTE

  5. pabokenya says:

    wana chungwa, u know why kibaki is confident of winning, coz he assumes that ODM strong holds ple will not vote while their central, ple will come out and vote or wait to be ferried. thats the message out here.

    so watu wa ODM, it will be futile for us to complain if we dont wake up early and vote to the last man.



  6. BJ says:

    Halo Nuria, I am not in admin, But I wish to register a response to your worry over Hon Nyaga silence. If you come from Eastlands as you mention, then I expect you to have seen Nyagah live and talking tough warning PNU yesterday in the rallies across eastlands-with Raila. The rallies were big time and highly charged, ofcourse KTN as usual did not bring all that.

    Nyagah is in ODM to stay, the propaganda on a meeting with Kibaki is scheemed to scare the Embu voters, remember the Embu are increasingly showing some warmth towards ODM and forms the substantial support Engineer receives from Eastern.

    Please also note that ODM does not have a single tv channel to rely on, KTN is turning out to be the wors enemy of ODM, we all relied on KTN and the owners have since taken control of the news room and they dictate what to be aired and what not to air. Neither is sitizen supporting Raila nor Nation, so an average ODM member can only keep changing the channels to watch anything meaningful. Nation yesterday gave ODM excellent coverage but that will not be sustained, they will change depending on the moods of the owners. Later after the news Sitizen brough an hour long nonestop coverage of ODM rallies in the news extra, (I understsnd ODM pays for this) so again would advise our members to keep hoping from channel to channel.

    On voting, The ODM message yesterday was “we all go out and vote” and I want to add that, let us not do any work that day, ODM members must wake up as early as five and line up at the polling stations by six dot. after voting we are not leaving the polling stattions and must find a way of showing that we are not ready to accept rigging.
    God bless you all

  7. Auki Ollows says:


    This is a real good thread! Turnout is everything on Dec 27! We must network on AND before Dec 27 to ensure everyone’s out…

    Joe Nyaga is very much on the campaign trail. Yesterday he accompanied Raila on his hugely successful Nairobi blitz of all the constitencies. Remember too that, of all the Pentagon members, he faces the most fierce fight at his constituency level.

    Also, from now on, just IGNORE any “news” that doesn’t favour ODM. Chances are very high that it’s PUNU propaganda… As you can see, it talks of things like ‘born again’ christian and ‘isolation’ over MoU with Muslims. This a PUNU strategy to drive a wedge btn Christians and Muslims and create mistrust. Don’t fall it! PUNU strategies have always been divisive and you must see them for what they are – RUBBISH!

    So, get out and vote RAILA & CHUNGWA MOJA!

  8. pabokenya says:

    orange moja, maisha bora, lets urge our ple also to vote to the last man. its now or never

  9. Erick Agwanda JA NYAKACH NYABONDO says:

    Joe Nyagah was with raila the whole of yesterday telling us in kayole to vote out kibaki so we are going to do just that. The only way we majority of kenyans will get the change we so much need is to GET OUT VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING AND VOTE FOR RAILA because if you dont do that then we just might be writing our own life long misery sentence. I WILL GET OUT AND VOTE and to my fellow blogers please spread the message to like 100 or more people who should spread it other 100 or more so that it can reach as many as possible. We already know what mr. wolf and steadman are trying to do but infact it should help us to go out and vote even more. There is only ONE EDIBLE ORANGE and that is the RAILA’S ORANGE the others are Bitter lemons and viruses very dangerous ones please take great care.

  10. Vincent says:

    I support your idea MR. Njuguna!! the cellphone is one very powerful comm. tool we have at had. SECRETARIAT, Please take this idea seriously and update us .

    ODMers, Please make sure everydody you know wakes up and goes to vote. Mobilise every ODMer to be an ODM POLL AGENT on VOTING DAY!!

    We must all get out and vote. more importantly we must make sure our votes are properly counted, only genuine votes are counted!!

    Dont sleep ODMers! Victory is ours, we must make sure we are there on delivery otherwise PUNU may steal it .

    Admin, Can you update the website on the campaign timetabe! What is there is coast timetable.. We cant afford to lag behind… OR SOMEBODY IS SUBBOTAGING ODM!!!?


  11. Pablo says:

    Yeah, It is another week of politiki and men in action. I must say that it is imperative for every ODM subscriber to make sure that HIs/Her vote is cast as early as possible on the 27th Dec. We must make sure that we dont take anything to chance. I would suggest that we make sure that the weak amongst us are given chance to cast their votes first i.e our women, -mothers sisters, wives and the sickly then the strongones to cast their votes and remain vigilant in the stations to make sure that all is well and any plot to rig by the PNU guyz is averted at all costs. By doing this we shall see our MAN and The TEAM in statehouse come 28th DEC please we also need to put in place a reminder database so that from 25th all ODM supportes are reminded and to remind each other to get out and vote on the 27th without fear of anything.


  12. pabokenya says:

    panua strategies as explained by kiunjuri will all fail coz kenya belongs to one ORANGE,maisha bora

  13. Vigo says:


    please update the site with campaign calender. we cant do without following our campaign team. information is power.

    We can also advice and throw in caution on where the campaign teams should give priority.


  14. ODM Damu says:

    It is very critical that we encourage people to vote, encourage all our supportes to Vote. Thanks to Pentagon Member Musalia who has been very consistent with voter turnout. Civic leaders of Luo nyanza please be on the ground the province records poor voter turnout. The youth lets come out in large numbers and vote in the real change that we have been yearning for. Pentagon Members please plan to visit the lake side city we have the support but the voter turnout issue must be addressed.

  15. Stephen Were says:

    We need to have and brief/ train a team of mobilisers especially for the rural areas. They could be facilitated if need be. Armed with whistles (firimbi) they could wake up voters at dawn on the material day and ensure they vote.

  16. Stephen Were says:

    Please avoid booze on 26th. Hangovers can keep you on bed too the whole of 27th

  17. Yego says:

    On the 27th Dec at around mid day, i ll be treating my fellow constituents for a drink aftre voting.The qualification to this pricefull festivity will be shaking my hands in my voting centre and proudly displaying our inked fingers after voting and making sure that all our old folks have been ferried to vote and taken back home lakini sisi vijana tupagie pale pale ……..

  18. Voter Turn-Out is crucial this time round and all agents of change are advised to seek to recruit those who are currently luke warm and on the voting day cast their vote early then proceed to get the elderly and sick who may need assistance out there. Get your grandmother and grandfather to cast their votes correctly…we cannot take chances with these PANUA guys who are hell bent on rigging.

    However, the greates gain in the electoral process was the decision to tally and count the votes at the polling stations…lets guard against rigging by remaining vigilant.

    WE HAVE THE PRESIDENCY! It is ours to lose if we fail to tighten the lose ends.

  19. Otieno says:

    Timely post admin. I wish I had the biggest megaphone in the whole world to tell all ODMer’s to vote! Vote, vote, vote! The world over change is coming – incumbents are losing referendums and elections.

    Oh my goodness! Those were massive turnouts for ODM rallies in Nairobi!

    Alongside encouraging, reminding and cajoling ODMers to go and vote, we need to remind them to be watchful about rigging in all forms!

    Go Chungwa!

  20. DANIEL ODERO says:


  21. Jagero says:

    The voting unit will be voting station with about 500 registered voters, basically a village. There should be a mobilization committee at each unit and it’s leaders should have the voter register. The committee members should be the first ones to vote at 6am. Ones done they should make sure they mobilize each and everybody, marking all the people who have cast their ballot. Some of the committeee members will be sent to get the people who have not cast their ballots. The register and frequency of turn out should be re evaluated on hourly basis. If possible the phone numbers of all those in the unit should be available to the committeee to facilitate communication. The committeee should aim at above 75% turn out by 11 am and 90% by 3pm to achieve 95 to 100% by 5pm

    The committees should be run by people who understand the community very well and know almost everybody. They should be mobilizers per exellence. There should be mobilization committees at the sublocation and locatin levels who would understand which unit within thir juridiction are lagging behind and put up a mechanism to assist that unit to reach the targetted objective. The Locational committee should recieve hourly updates from the voting unit and act accordingly if the unit is lacking behind.

    All votes should be cast by 4pm if necessary and the committee leaders can be sure of that if they mark on the voter register


  22. faddie says:

    the catchword apart from GET OUT AND VOTE should be GO VOTE AND BE VIGILANT.
    we need to be vigilant even after voting to make sure that our votes are not stolen.these guyz of PNU are cunning and might only require a small lapse in concentration to rig.

  23. Nickiey says:

    The time for change is here, ODMers must not let this chance slip away, ave heard of a scheme to paralyse transport to and from upcountry especially buses from western Kenya, They have reportedly marked the various bus companies with big fleets(u know them) and intend to pay them whatever amount the bus companies expected to make that day, so as not to operate… ODMers beware if you have to travel book now and lets be at our polling stations by the 25th dec 2007. then the message to the people of Nyanza where i come from myself should be one thing GET OUT AND VOTE SHUN VOTER APATHY! then once you see the ballot papers advice the people on where the name of Our Candidate is i beleive its the second last then let the people know what marks to use otherwise Victory is ours, any info how we can join young Kenyans for Raila pliz and anti rigging squads!!!!!!!!!! pliz let me know, we are many of us

  24. Jagero says:

    Oh all the able voters need to remain in the polling station till after the votes are counted, tallied and official results announced. The same results have to be made public so that no rigging can take place

  25. katche says:

    HI ODMers,


    The Kibaki supportive Mt Kenya region has about 6 million voters, including
    >Nairobi. If the President can get a total of only TWO million votes, total,
    >from Rift Valley, Coast, North Eastern, and Western Kenya combined, he can
    >win the election with a landslide – BUT ONLY IF 90% of the Mt Kenya votes
    >get counted!
    >The challenge for us, therefore, is to mobilize our supporters to come out
    >and vote.

    >Here, then, is how you can help:
    >We propose that YOU personally commit yourself as follows:

    >1. Assemble a group of five Kibaki-supportive people (especially those
    >that may for one reason or other be lax about voting) and agree between
    >yourselves that every one of them will go to vote, and that you will go
    >together, early in the morning.
    >2. Confirm that each of your names are on the voter register and
    >correctly listed in your constituency.
    >3. Each one of you will recruit one other person who will in turn form
    >groups such as yours and who will make similar commitments to each other.
    >By VOTING DAY our goal is to ensure that EVERY VOTER in our supportive
    >regions is in an accountability group. The greatest contribution you can
    >make to this campaign is to a) recruit and ensure voting by your GROUP OF
    >FIVE, and b) to get your members to each recruit a GROUP OF FIVE.
    >PS: pls remove the name of the person who sent this mail to you (to avoid
    >distributing names) and then send this mail to FIVE other people.

  26. Ken says:

    All guns on all sides are firing and would continue to do so untill 27th Dec. evening
    The success on our side will not depend on how much dirt we pour on our oponents
    Like Jagero rightly puts it,It will depend on the organisation of each side on the election date.But for now the army has been assembled it is ready for battle all that is needed are 210 generals and many more leutenants to command the war.People may love the party but we need to weep up enough passion to make them leave the comfort of their homes,que for hours just to cast one vote.
    In my personal experience I have heard many people ask ‘KURA YANGU MOJA ITABADILISHA NINI’. This is the myth that we need to dispel.Lets come up with a strategy to counter this kind of feelings its worth 100,000 votes
    Lakini Tutashinda.I want to thank all matatu drivers plying Iten-Eldoret route.This guys have the picture of H.E. Raila Odinga on their mats mbele na nyuma.That region is so ODM damu that the only PUNU guy daring to campaign there is the outgoing head of state and of course you know how much tax we pay for this to hapen. VOTE IN THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT HE IS CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN

  27. kip says:

    stephen were!

    i like the idea of a firimbi .. we really need to .. i will mobilize voters to go and vote in my area i will land from states and go use my dad’s pick up to ferry supporters to voting stations …!

  28. Barnabas says:

    i rside in Langata – President’s tuff. In my house hold we have three votes. They are safe for ODM. In the diaspora my close relatives are no less than 50. They have ODM votes i’m mobilising them! What about you? GET OUT AND VOTE!!! I like your spirit guyz. THREE PIECE AGWAMBO said yesterday. so be it. We need need a team that is easily identifiable in ORANGE Jersy. W e forget about madoa they won’t understand and articulate our popular policies.

  29. Otieno says:

    This is why we need to go out and vote….would you believe this new crap from PNU
    PNU is now accusing ODM of trying to impose regional ID cards and passports on Kenyans if they ascend to power.

    Addressing a press conference, KANU Chief whip Justin Muturi has argued that the introduction of these would deny Kenyans their right to economic and political well being.

    He has said that the ID cards and Passports would divide Kenyans ethnically along regional entities which would be violating a right that is provided for in the Kenyan Constitution.


    Hebu let’s go and vote out these Party of No Understanding!

  30. Maru Kapkatet says:

    No one should be left behind. This general elections is phase two of the referendum fight and as in the referendum, voters should be prevailed upon to vote without fail.

    Throughout ODM’s referendum Kenya, voters must be told to come and complete the house they started putting up in 2005. People have to come back and finish the roof and install doors and windows and do all the necessary painting.

    On December 30, 2007, they can then move into their new and beautiful house where all Kenyans, irrespective of ethnic origin, race, gender, creed, and station in life will have equal opportunities to the same kind of food, job opportunities, and business ventures.
    Kibaki does not get it. Could he be stuck with the belief that most of the Kenyan people are indeed “pumbavu”? Kibaki does not seem to realize that Kenyans know the difference between “Kibaki, the President of Kenya” and “Kibaki, the 2007 presidential candidate”.

    Wherever he goes outside North and South Gema regions, many people come to meet and listen to him as Kibaki, the president of Kenya, and not Kibaki, the presidential candidate. The number of people who come to see him cannot, therefore, be counted as votes for him on December 27, 2007.

    On Kass FM radio, Messrs Gaguthi and Murangaru told listeners that Kibaki “loves Kalenjins”. I said to myself when I heard this that what a blatant lie this is. How can you love a people and sack them from their jobs in their hundreds, if not thousands?

    How can you love a people and allow their source of drinking water to be poisoned? How can you love a people and not stop unnecessary deaths and destruction of property through stoppable ethnic clashes? How can you love a people and shut them out from some government positions?

    How can you love a people and yet lift ban on production and consumption of local brew with the intention that those people will drink themselves silly and not participate in the forthcoming general elections? How can you love a people and yet shut them out of some government departments?

    I do not want anyone to think that I am against any tribe in Kenya. I have been to many parts of Kenya and what a joy it is to visit a home anywhere in Kenya and not feel scared? What a joy it is to get stranded in any part of Kenya and have local people help you out as a brother/sister and fellow Kenyan and human being? For me, the evils of tribalism should be fought hard and often and ultimately defeated in Kenya.

    I hate to see the Ministry of Finance have Minister, Assistant Minister, Permanent Secretary, Governor of Central Bank, Financial Secretary all come from one ethnic group. Why shut out other Kenyans? They could be very qualified but this is not the way to build a country. I hate to see people over the retirement age of 55 years and all from Kibaki’s ethnic group be allowed to serve in the government. Why is somebody over 55 years from Turkana or Miji Kenda not allowed to serve?

    I hate to see the Provincial Administration and Internal Security and Defence have both Ministers, their Assistants, Permanent Secretaries, majority of District Commissioners, majority of OCPDs come from one ethnic group – Kibaki’s ethnic group. This should not be the kind of Kenya that we are building for posterity.

    How can Kimura be more qualified than Obwocha? Kibaki is a very interesting leader. He fools you that he likes you while quietly he is propagating the aspirations of the defunct GEMA. I did not invent GEMA. “South Gema” and “North Gema” are not terms I invented. It is their terms. I did not come up with the term MEGA.

    Kibaki boasts that he has brought development. For sure, he has improved the economy. However, what is there to be proud of when you have ensured that your own ethnic group are enabled and funded secretly to control the economy? Kibaki should be asking his friend, Mzee Dan, why he allowed his power-stupefied associates and family to rob their country empty.

    Kenyans must come out in large numbers and prove Kivuitu wrong by registering over 90% turn-out and put a stop to Kibaki’s tribalism and hidden agenda where they have secretly put in place a fifteen year long-term plan that will see Uhuru virtually run Kenya for the same number of years that his Dad ruled Kenya.



  31. Otiff says:

    It has become my duty to atleast talk to 5 pple every day just to gauge on their choice. We are not doing badly. The last hurdle is turning these into actual votes. I have booked transport for my grannies who cannot walk far just to go n cast those precious vote.

    Finally I hear there is something cookin at STEADMAN….Can someone find out tuanze kupiga DOMO….

  32. Omuto says:

    The best thread ever. Bravo Blog Admin!!

    Now. You are all aware that MK is in Western. Am in Lurambi right now (western). I can assure you guyz, its pure nightmare for mzee over these ends. Am monitoring every single happening and I will be updating you on daily basis. I havent seen any stone yet but the atmosphere is genuinely hostile for our outgoing president. He has just flown back to Nrb and we’re expecting him back tomorrow (that is if he comes back). He is dishing out districts. More on this later. WESTERN FOR KIBAKI???? ITS LIKE SELLING MILK TO A COW.!@#!

  33. STEVE says:

    Raila looked good in Embakasi dressed in a leather jacket. Rather than the orange Uniform he has been wearing lately, he should dress in Jackets occasionally.

  34. Otieno says:

    Nice one Omuto, haha! Can’t wait for the updates 🙂

  35. Anon says:

    Make sure that you do not go to vote alone. Check if your friends and relatives are off to the polling station and most important…men please accompany the women so that they do not shy away from voting because of threats of violence(especially in Western Kenya)

  36. Otsiatso says:

    To ensure maximum turn out – it is time to devolve the secretriat…if utaguzi is good for the country , it is good also for the secretariat. There should be provincial seceretariats that oversee districts level secretariats that oversee location and sublocational organizations.

    Most important link are the sub-locations – they should have identified people who oversee teams of mobilizers and they coordinate the level above them. Each village should have a team of people whose jobs is to identify voters who need transport and other logistics.

    If you leave it to people and its is not systematically organized it will not work as well.
    Also, enrol the boda bodas to take the old ex. . enrol their services and pay them each time they bring someone.

  37. faith says:

    I was shocked to see Rev. Wilfred Lai of Reedeemed Gospel Church yesterday say that we dont need MOU’s because all rights of citizens are protected by the constitution i want the ODM campaign team not to take this lying down but to ask pertinent questions of this men of the cloth because it seems they are doing the Govt. bidding i want to ask them some questions:
    a.) Where was the constitution when the wagalla massacre occured in 1984.
    b.) Where was the constitution when people like Ogwen, Nyongo, Wanyiri Kihoro,Mghanga,Raila, Matiba,Rubia were arrested and tortured at the nyayo basement.
    c.) Where was the constitution when Alexander Muge and Ouko were murdered senselessly.
    d.) Where was the constitution when industries were being looted bringing abject poverty to Kenyans and white elephant projects which took alot of our taxes away and didn’t help Kenyans.
    e.) Where was the constitution when Golgenberg siphoned our money leaving us in poverty.
    f.) Where was the constitution when tr5ibal clashes caused havoc in our motherland in Molo. Kuresoi, Mt. elgon, Burnt forest and Kaya Bombo at the coast.
    g.) Where was the constitution when we had to be beaten senseless in the streets of Kenya while championing for repeal of section 2A(1992) and reforms(1997).
    h.) Where was the constitution when Angloleasing ate away my money.
    i.) Where was the constitution when Standard Group and KTN were raided.
    j.) Where was the constitution when the first lady beat up a reporter and when he went to seek redress at the court the attorney general enters a nulli proseque.
    k.) Where was the constitution when Mamluki entered in our country and they were given passes to all the security zones and even ranked as Deputy commissioners of police.
    l.) Where was the constitution when Mungiki are running all facilities in slum dwellings and some estates in the capital like providing security, power and water.
    m.) Where was the constitution when the M.P’s and now first lady increased there perks.
    n.) Where was the constitution when there was skewed allocation of public money for development other areas gaining while others not.
    o.) Where was the constitution when our Muslims brothers were being sent to be tortured in foreign countries.

    Dear Kenyans we dont want to be divided using religious, tribal or racial conotations we want a constitution that works not that pretends to work. All the ills that have visited this country is not because of the bad leaders no it is because the constitution which is supposed to protect us and put checks and balances on the executive is inadeqaute. It is laughable that these religious leaders behave as if they haven’t been living in Kenya. What is going on is a well coordinated plan to discredit Raila and ODM we need to understand as kenyans the reason why Muslims and now Ogiek and Hindu council want to sign MOU that they can hold a canditate to account for not fulfilling pledges because our constitution as it stands now is inadequate to be trusted so my plea to Kenyans in evangelical churches and also religious leaders who support change we should be vocal in voicing our concerns. AND DONT FORGET COME OUT AND VOTE IN LARGE NUMBERS IF WE NEED REAL CHANGES WE DONT WANT CONMEN TO RULE US AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Kanyeka says:

    deleted by admin

  39. Yego says:

    If you thought the counterfeit ballot papers issue was just but a DOMO, now my collegue as just got up with a Mr Aggrey Muiruri at Wetstraat near Lex building in Brussels.The guy is booked at Parc d’Evere hotel opposite Brussels cemetery.The guy is an employee of out this page.

  40. Stephen Were says:


    You are just great! Could you send to/ or ODM secretariat get the Parc d’Evere contacts phone / e-mail and make enquiries? Its important the hotel is informed they’ve booked in a dangerous character, in Belgium on suspicious mission that can dent their very image. Poll theft could rank equal to human rights abuse.

    The hotel with ODM contacts could then alert international press and corner this guy.

  41. Stephen Were says:

    I concur with Otsiatso

    Lets spread the tentacles of the secretariat to the grassroots, to mobilise voters and sentisize on anti-rigging tactics

  42. Yego says:

    You can now confirm voter registration on the ECK website by entering your ID or voter card number. Click on the following link:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1

  43. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    Yego ,Were.
    Kivuitu said he needed hard evidence. Liaise with ODM Secretariat fast. This goon must be nipped in the bud.
    Voter turn out is the in thing. Am in Nairobi, but will remit some money to boda boda operators up country to tranport my elderly relatives to vote. You know their attittude, they will say Raila has many supporters country wide they dont have to go. Let’s facilitate them. The Boda Boda idea is great i was not thinking about it.


  44. Odieno says:

    I like the idea of texting fellows. I’m for vigilance, quisitive and observative. Don’t go away form the polling stations after voting. Stay put till tallying is finished. Can Ishare something? Once a friend of mine was cleared to contest the Kasarani seat, he got nominated by Kanu party. JJ was the Sec G and the late Kathurima the NEC Officer. JJ wanted his nephew, Lee Muchiri in…..but how to do it. They didn’t go to sleep on the eve of returning nomination papers, they gathered in the basement of KICC form where Lee emerged to present his papers, at 6am sharp!! Done and finished. What am I saying? Lets go to the polling stations first thing, and be the last to leave. Let’s spread the word, ODM is for REAL CHANGE…….ODM is CHANGE,THE BEST CHANGE, we must get every vote that we can get.
    I have seen some numerical analysis here, but it won’t matter on the 27th if we all go out to vote. Remember, they’ll want to cause violence, so that they introduce stuffed ballot boxes but let’s desist. We must beat them COOL, NICE and SWEETLY, to savout the sweet feeling of victory.

  45. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Yego. ECK’s ( website voters register has not been updated. I registered when I was in Nairobi Starehe constituency in last July. I dont know what Kivuitu is waiting for. The voters register and the electoral process should be very transparent.

  46. tamasha says:

    I really like the idea of staying put until the votes are tallied and sealed. we have to desist from violence though no matter how much we are provoked. we should all be sober and vigilant, this way the we can savour our victory on the 28th as wwe finally get the change we have all been yearning for! CHUNGWA MOJA, MAISHA BORA YA HESHO!!!!!

  47. Edwards says:


  48. Kanyeka says:

    @ Baijo and others who are checking for the validity of the voter’s card i hope and would advice you to also check your siblings and friends who are not privileged as in are not able to browse the net.
    Just call them ask for their ID no. or Voters no now and chek it you can also copy paste on word doc and print for them the result they stay with it until 27th.

  49. pabokenya says:

    kanyeka i have checked for a friend and panau friendly ple have trasfered him to tetu tho he is out of the country for the last two years, what can we do about these agent for change?we can feed u with the information in confidence if there is something that can be done

  50. pabokenya says:

    now is the time to get each one of us to vote

  51. Mike says:

    To all Safari ants,

    We were given the mandate to ensure that the snake is out of the nest. The calling is simple but ODM (siafu) needs to be reminded again that the lines towards the nest had started forming long ago and no amount of trampling on by steadman, consumer insight or propaganda will hinder us from delivering the victory.

    Safari ants are small in size but big in commitment so we are ready for the last round of the fierce battle to help the bird find the eggs back. I have confirmed, my weapons are safe, position of battle Kamukunji.

  52. Othams says:

    Here some interesting I thought I should with rest of you and it goes;


    One question that has refused to go away is why the leader of the official opposition party would abandon his constitutional role to support the re-election of a sitting head of state. Historians tell us that this unprecedented action has already Uhuru a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

    What historians forget to add that is that Uhuru’s move took months of negotiations with the current regime. In a series of meetings brokered by Central Province old guard, John Michuki, Njenga Karume and Kibaki’s Muthaiga golf club friends, Uhuru was prevailed upon not only to abandon his plans of running for the top post in 2007 but also to reunite KANU by making peace with Nicholas Biwott’s New KANU. Further, he was asked to keep a decent distance from Raila’s Odinga’s ODM. These discussions culminated in the signing of a secret MoU between Kibaki and Uhuru. So what was Uhuru promised in return?

    By agreeing to support Kibaki’s PNU, KANU was allowed the privilege of preserving its identity within the umbrella party. While other parties were being pressurized to accept joint nomination under PNU, KANU was exempted.
    The second part of the MoU dealt with campaign funds. The president agreed to underwrite KANU’s campaign costs in this year’s elections (the party received 50m shillings just to participate in PNU’s launch). The third and most important aspect of the MoU dealt with Kibaki succession plan. In this regard, Kibaki promised to use all state resources at his disposal to ensure Uhuru’s victory in 2012 elections. For a while, Central Province leaders and strategists have focused their attention on a succession plan that would ensure retention of power in the region. Although names like George Saitoti, Martha Karua, Kiraitu Murungi have been bandied on and off, Uhuru is increasingly seen as the region’s crème de la crème. Not only is he young, savvy and untainted by pervasive corruption, Uhuru comes from the well known Kenyatta family that has immense wealth. Kibaki’s current and rather spirited campaign is therefore more than a just fight for a second five-year term. It is a battle to ensure that power is retained in Central Province until 2022, at least! This was, in essence, the MoU between Uhuru and Kibaki. Indeed, Uhuru has publicly admitted this strategy (without divulging its essential details) when he met with angry KANU supporters to try and assuage their anger over his unilateral decision to offer KANU’s support to Kibaki.

    In the meantime and even as Kenyans sing and dance their hearts out in support of their favourite political parties, Kibaki and his Central Province friends are busy selling off public assets to themselves at throw away prices. Hiding behind persistent calls for privatization by Bretton Woods institutions, they are wasting no time at all in disposing of ALL public assets. By the time power passes into the hands of others in 2022 (but preferably later), nothing but ‘bare bones’ will be left. This is why the thought of this well thought plan being disrupted by Raila and his ODM party evokes so much anger and panic in Central Kenya . The ‘good work’ that Kibaki started in 2002 is not done yet, you know. Another 5 (but preferably
    15) years are needed to complete the work! What you may not know is that this good work is consolidation of both political and economic power in one region.

    The concept of devolution of political and economic power away from the Centre (another name for Central Province ), is clearly inimical to the grand plan referred to above. The idea is that once the plan is implemented, everybody else (mainly from Western, Coast, Rift Valley and NE provinces) could only be employees (not owners) of former public (but now private) companies owned by the new super rich elite. Millions of others would be tenants in Nairobi offices and houses owned by the same group. However, this plan would come a cropper if new economic centers (in Kakamega, Kwale, Busia, Garissa or Narok) were to spring up through the devolution or ugatuzi arrangement. Suddenly, property value in Nairobi might come tumbling down.
    Cheap labour, mainly from Western Kenya and parts of Eastern, that keeps Nairobi ‘s economy running would vanish overnight. Why would someone from Sabatia take up an askari job and live in a mabati shack in Nairobi for just 200 shillings a day? It is also easy to imagine what might happen if devolved regional administrations decided to build or upgrade airports in Kisumu, Busia or build cold storage centers in North Eastern. Suddenly, horticultural and livestock produce from these regions would find their way into the same external markets that are currently dominated by Central Kenya farmers. To these folks, ugatuzi is clearly an idea whose time has not come.

    This year’s election is perhaps the most important election in Kenya ‘s history. The outcome will determine whether or not the Grand Power Plan outlined above succeeds. By re-electing Kibaki, Kenyans can forget about any meaningful change for another 15-20 years.


  53. Barnabas ( Nairobi - Langata) says:

    I’m elated ladies n gentlemen over the outcome of today’s meeting btw Kivuitu and Political party reps. Our own ‘Chipukizi’ William Samoei Arap Ruto, pumped sense into the heads of all participants who unanimously agreed THAT THE BLACK BOOK BE USED as part of Electoral register on 27 Dec 2007!! Kudos for the one week campaign mounted by the Pentagon over this issue. We are on the lead. All we need to do is to keep on our vigilance as you have always done.

    My weapons for change are accurate and safe ready for the D Day.

    THREE PIECE FOR all ODM CANDIDATES, symbol is CHUNGWA MOJA, PRESIDENT RAILA’S photo will appear on the ballot paper. I’m told he is serial No. 8 on the ballot paper. Let’s remind our folk of these details.
    PHOTO: RAIS mwenyewe
    BOX ( where to Tick/ X)

    In the mean time let,s work towards acheiving 90% VOTER TURN OUT.

  54. mwarabu says:

    hey guys!

    Been reading your stuff! and oh my! am i elated?!!! keep up the spirit…..!

    Now on matters from the grass roots:

    Recently, i was in Mombasa visiting relatives. The ‘shock’ i got was what one Odipo of the standard newspaper got when he landed in western a few weeks back.

    Perhaps just to sum it up : even my mum, she of the kanu era even during the rainbow revoultion, is campaigning for raila! and she tells me stories of how they booed kibaki when he came to coast… much that she felt sorry for the old man…

    and i asked her about the recent punu rallies, and she tells me:kula kwa kibaki, kura kwa raila.

    and what of taib (they call him kokoriko)?!….she tells me he won’t even be 2nd. another guy by the name of nyundo will probably beat him to the 2nd position….but balala sealed the seat long time ago….

    hearing my mum talk like this, and i know she has never been the one to bother about politics, made me realise there is something in the air. is that the famed ODM wave?

    and true to her words, the rest of the village boys tell me almost similar stuff….so cheer up, guys, its all orange down there, and people can’t wait for 27th.

    chungwa moja! maisha bora!

  55. faddie says:

    guyz,please i suggest you spare at least 100 bob for texting ua fellows on a cost of 5 bob u can send text to 20 people to confirm if they have voted or to remind them to get out and vote.this would ensure that we mobilise as many voters as possible to vote.for those who can spare more credit ,the for me ,i’ll use even more to call ODMers whose numbers i have in my phonebook to go and vote.otherwise kudos for your determination guyz.i love you all and hope you will join me for celebrations in the streets of Nairobi on 28th for celebrations i.e. for those who will be around.
    BADO MAPAMBANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Otsiatso says:

    I like the idea of sms BUT wanachungwa wezangu the challenge is rural areas – how do we go about mobilzing people and getting them out?
    That is why i am suggesting electorate secretariat at the location and district levels. For example, just like the sub-chief knows what goes on in his or her area , there should be sub-location mobilizer who has a team that has a list of all the registered voters in the villages he is responsible for [after all it is public info]. Their job is to knock on doors, get boda bodas, wheelbarrows, donkeys etc. or whatever it takes to get the vote out, especailly for the old..

    Second, use KASS, Ramogi, Victoria, Mlembe etc. and get the radio ads out. Place them strategically especially after the funeral announcements.

    Organize keshas in the villages – music, food etc. the eve of the vote – let all in teh area know that election is tomorrow. Hire music systems and play “Bado Mapambano” at the market places etc during teh eve and that day. Saturate the villages ad nauseum just teh eve and for that day so they know they need to get out.

    I know for every sad or good idea we have the Secretariat has better…I am not worried, if we think this is a challenge they must know that too and are working on it.

  57. kip says:

    i am going home dec huko kericho .. i will spend my own money to hire 2 or 3 picks upsto ferrry voters to polling stations …and vote and then rudisha them home the catch is you MUST vote .. hakuna board gari kama hakuna voters card….

  58. Kanyeka says:

    Am voting in Nai but am going to shugs on 17th and i will leave sme money for hiring bodaboda to ferry old wazes and women to polling station.

  59. Odero G says:

    I am confident that Raila will carry the day. Please urge all our supporters to get out and vote. Rift Valley, Nyanza and Western hold the key for Raila But we need a very high voter turnout. The gap between Raila and Kibaki should be atleast 1M. Also Coast and N. Eastern need to come out in large numbers. Remember Central and Eastern will have a turnout of 95%.

    Vote and keep vigil to ensure no ballot stuffing. Have observers in all polling stations espcially Central and Eastern.

    God bless Kenya

  60. Omuto says:

    This blog is one of the best asset ODM can boast of, even PNU, I believe. There’s no doubt that having run out of ideas, the PNU fellows find this blog handy in their spirit of corruptive propaganda. We’re however upset with our administrator at times, especially when he insists we send our private comments to the given address and no response is forthcoming. That prompts us to unleash our all on this public forum, which is accessible to all and sundry. Suffice to say that.

    Great thoughts indeed, especially by KANYEKA, KIP, OTSIATSO, FADDIE, BARNABAS, OTHAMS, MIKE, PABOKENYA, LEXX, TNK, AUKO OLLOWS, mabinti FAITH, ELIZABETH, the list is endless. YEGO and the entire RIS, we the ODMers, indeed appreciate your exemplary efforts to keep us posted with the latest information.

    Kibaki has just concluded his Western Province tour, and I hope, in the spirit of patriotism, he’ll scrap off Steadman from his strategy team. I cant go into the nitty-gritty of his harrowing experience here, but one thing remains. HE NOW KNOWS THAT HE HAS NO BUSINESS WITH WESTERN PROVINCE. At least he’s now aware that Steadmaniacs are simply boot-licking sycophants, out to drain his pocket. That is, if he is not behind the doctoring of opinion poll figures by the said steadman fellows (of which we know are under his beck and call). Ask yourself why he didn’t address a rally in Bukhungu Stadium or Muliro Gardens or anywhere in Kakamega Town. And this KTN. Is their memory that short? I thought they were the grand beneficiaries in Raila’s exposure of the Mamluki? Of late their coverage has become 80% Kibaki and PNU while giving ODM a mere 5%. Kalonzo is now enjoying about 15% of airtime on this KTN thing. The good thing is the few who own TV sets in their homes are already aware of this plot of eclipsing ODM rallies by the KTN station that they now depend on the cell phones for the true picture of things from friends on site.

    I agree with one blogger on the issue of dissemination of the ODM goodwill information to the rural folk. I come from Mumias but am a registered voter in Lurambi, for this is where I spend most of my time because of my work. I managed to convince three Boda Boda PNU guys why Raila is the right candidate and ODM is the party of the day, in just 30 minutes. That was on my way to the village. I now know that unless we deduce a method of selling our manifesto to the villager, we shall lose a good number of votes in the rural areas. What they found most interesting was my equating the Majimbo system of government with the cell groups in our pentecostal churches, or Jumuiyas in the Catholic church. I asked them whether this kind of church administration has divided the church on tribal or ethnic grounds and they said instead of dividing, the church was infact stronger than before and everybody was a participant. They confessed that without the cell groups and jumuiyas or home-based meetings, their participation would be almost nil and they would be avoiding church for after all, no body knows them close enough to monitor them.

    That’s was Majimbo system symplified. I didn’t refer to it as Ugatuzi. I addressed it by its real name, Majimbo system of government. I went ahead to warn them to be wary of counterfeit Majimbo system. The original one being owned by Raila and the ODM team, and the counterfeit one being propagated by a one Koigi wa Wamwere. So we ended by “Majombo ya Koigi ni mbaya, lakini ile ya Raila ni nzuri. Kwa hivyo, tupigie Majimbo ya Raila kura, pamoja na serikali yake.” three fellows, with their voting paraphernalia checked and in good position, crossed the floor as simple as that. So now, what can we do to reach more of the lost sheep of the house of ODM, especially in the remote Kenya, for HIGHER VOTER TURNOUT?????

  61. Stephen Were says:

    Good man Otsiatso, the Secretariat could also consider nominating speakers to FM stations to urge our supporters to turn out, senoir people within ODM ranks. I think Deputy Captain Mudavadi and Chairman Kosgey will fit the bill.

  62. Eric B says:

    I think Raila’s ratings are quite good as we speak. The interesting thing about ODM is that they have stuck to issues and it is these issues that are selling now. I also believe that one of the strong points that we have is the fact that we chose not to ignore the opinion polls totally and work on our weak points. This is beginning to bear fruit.

    My suggestion is to keep up the spirit and the ODM juggernut rolling. Someone posted some rather worrying statistics here (to the effect that Kibaki leads in Western). This cannot be at all! Western is by far one of the safest provinces for ODM right now (of course Bukusu land is likely to give a small problem but its expected).

    I am also reliably informed that many candidates from opposing parties in some areas are selling themselves and asking that Raila be voted for as President. I know this is counter-productive because we need all the MPs we can get in order to legislate and make policy but that should tell you how popular the man is. Does anyone have any such incidences that they have heard of?

    To all aspiring candidates and ODM supporters out there ephasize hard on 90% voter turnout in our strongholds. Believe me, the rest will be history.

  63. Kanyeka says:

    To admin
    Please explain to me terms and conditions of posting any remark on this blog coz i can see you deleted my comment that i submited on 4th Dec 2007 5:10 AM your local time.
    Am not bitter but i just needed to be enlighten on the reasons for that action.

  64. Kanyeka says:

    Blog Admin
    Still waiting for responce from you please!!!

  65. Agent4Change says:

    Hi Kanyeka i only delete messages that are abusive and those that do not represents our intrests.

  66. Kanyeka says:

    Am happy for the reply!!
    It is true we need to be directed when we go overboard but I think there should also be some terms and conditions spelled out clearly for the blogger to follow.
    Thanks a lot for we are not supposed to be like our opponent.

  67. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    near 100% voter turnout in all ODM strongholds will be very crucial to Raila and his ODM team of leaders victory.

    We need all votes from all corners of the country. Let’s step up the campaign effort by winning more hearts and mop up other votes from competitors areas. Let’s also ensure we capture all the 8 nairobi constituencies – it is possible we can do it. We did it during referendum and there is hope we shall scoop the majority.

  68. daddy says:

    On 27th Dec 2007, I’ll wake up at 5 and go to cast my vote for ODM, top to bottom. On that note, I’d like to remind Raila and ODM that between Jan and April 2003, the hope level of Kenyans was the highest the world over. ODM’s Regional manifestos will do just that again, and if ODM shamelessly misuse my trust in it, I’ll immediately join the opposition, thanks for the promised every 3 months achievement audits. We the people will watch ODM.

  69. Pablo says:

    On the get out and vote issue am pesonally making sure that my people-friends, relatives, and who ever is close to me know the importance of voting on the 27th dec. I am doing a constant reminder by use of mouth, emails, sms and what ever media at my disposal. I would also like to apeeal to the ODM supporters everywhere be it in the diospora or locally let us sensitize our supporters on how to vote and its importance and to make sure that we vote on the 27th. What I will do on that day is to wake up very early in the mogan together with my wife and neighbors we will the allow our women and the weeak to vote upfront as we vote after them then maintain vigilance at the stations just to make sure that votes irregularities are shunned and prevented at all costs. That is my message to all ODM brigade

    Please Let us make sure that our chungwa is Brought home and dry for us to realise Maisha bora.

  70. Elizabeth says:

    The last one week has been our week. It was truly Orange and ODMers, it is going to end on an orange note. We all watched some very beautiful campaigns by our president in waiting, plus some realy spectacular campaigns by other Pentagon members. We should keep this tempo for the coming two weeks up util Dec. 27th.

    Voter turn-out definitely must be addressed, even if it means walking from door to door in ODM strongholds, then the Secretariat and Pentagon MUST do it. Those Nominated MPs MUST do it. Those Counsellors MUST do it. We as individuals are doing this and we have figured out ways of making sure that all the ODM voters in our places of resident and in particular our constituencies, get out and vote. In my home village, plans are already in place to make sure that all the registered voters there vote.

    As Erick B. has put before, I am also happy that ODM has stuck to issues which has worked for us this far. PUNU chose to dwell on propaganda instead of selling to Kenyans what they’ve got. It has worked against their campaign. Even after tansversing the country right, left , top and bottom dishing out goodies, and peddling chilling propagandas about ODM AND RAILA, Kibaki has had to sit down and eat his humble pie, a disappointed man, as the opinion polls came calling yesterday.

    We have to keep up with this good work!

    The secretariat has to assure us that in our backyard in Nyanza, voter turn-out will be 99%. We can only do so much from Nairobi, for those who are in and will be voting in Nairobi like me. I want to get the assurance that everybody in Nyanza with a voters card, gets out and vote.

    You know PUNU will be carrying their sick and even ressurrecting their dead to vote. That’s why you hear them boasting of a voter turn-out in Central. This is a high stakes poll and we cannot leave anything to chance. We have to go full swing, and make sure that it happens.

    We have made it this far and can only go further! And to the Finish Line!

    Long Live ODMers! Long Live Raila! Long Live ODM!


  71. Otieno says:

    Bloggers, am off to Kenya now! PNU, Obako here I come….to vote you out!….you can’t miss me…am the guy with the ORANGE hair….

    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora kwa wakenya wote!

  72. faddie says:

    welcome home bwana otieno.i hope you’ve brought other ODMers along.
    once again welcome home my brother.

  73. faddie says:

    pliz my dear ODMers,don’t walk around with your ID AND VOTERS CARDS in your wallets.
    i’ve got information that muggers these days don’t necessarily ask for money.they ngeta(mug)you but instead of asking for money,they search for your ID AND VOTERS’ guys,be warned.
    KEEP THE VOTERS’ CARDS AT HOME UNTIL THE 27TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. tnk says:


    interesting revelation. so even thugs are PNU or is it PNU are thugs or both

  75. OPADO says:


  76. Kawere says:

    Protect you ID card and your voter’s card people. That is the weapon you have now to slay the Leviathan monster called corruption, tribalism, insecurity and hopelessness.

  77. KOPEL says:

    Iam very impressed with the way PENTAGON are carrying out the campaigns,they need to go to luo nyanza and tell them to vote ODM three piece so that Kibaki can have no breathing space ,because Iam aware he is dishing out money to cause problems there.
    On voter turnout,it is very important to mobilise our supporters to vote 100 percent,since our opponents know that our people only go fishing that day instead of voting.
    Iam transporting with my money people who are in Nairobi but have voters cards in rural areas.Iam ferring 10 voters here in Kasarani,who are voters in BONDO.
    Since people really want to vote in ODM I appeal to our people with ability to either facilitate some voters that cannot vote due to them being far from voting points or just go out in road shows and campaigns for mobilising our supporters to vote.
    Our people should sacrifice even their jobs if they are denied permission to go and vote,Imagine RAILA sacrificed his family and his life for the sake of Kenya.
    Iam appealing to all our people to come out in large numbers to vote to the peoples President.
    Iam going to mobilise people with my resources though little it may appear but iknow
    we shall all be proud our stugle all of us.

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