He is a democrat,a fighter for social justice and a nationalist,a liberator and a true Kenyan seeking to lead Kenyans into realisation of change. How best can you describe our presidential candidate who is facing a combined forces of the current president,former president and virtually all the richest families in kenya

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  1. faith says:

    It is said the voice of the people is the voice of God and that if God is for us who can be against us it doesn’t matter if the rich families have combined there wealth to support one of there own it is the poor people who will deliver victory to ODM because we young Kenyans have become enlightened on our rights Raila is th safest bet for Kenya and may God annoint his head with oil to lead us to the promised land if Raila wasn’t a true democract why did he leave a good job at KBS and being sent to nyayo basement and Kamiti so that me and you can today enjoy this freedom if Raila was like most of our opportunistic leaders then he would have been playing golf while we suffer but he is with us let me assure my fellow ODMinians that victory is ours and it is upon us to put Raila in state house come out in large numbers and vote people we need change we reallllllyyyyyyy do neeeeed ittt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Limo Jnr. says:

    Raila is more than a Muren or Moran.Thats what we call a worrior in Rift Valley.But this words do not simply translate to that.Its more like a cross bar or Bull bar of a vehicle.They are meant to take the impact on collussion.The results of such an event can be injury.But one feels proud to be the defender of the community…the last line of defence.
    Raila the man has demonstrated fearlesness at a time when many found it convinient to go underground only to re-emerge when the war is over.
    Many claim to be clean because they never commited any acts ,yet they are guilty of the sin of ommission,they chose to sit on the fence when people desperatly need leadership.Raila has never shied away from isues affecting Kenyans
    Thats why Kenyans will vote for him come 27th.The courage to confront Prejudice in an open manner has and will always earn hime Votes.
    He has won my vote.By the way I voted Moi in 1997, Uhuru in 2002 because of KANU was the party of choice this side of the country.I will Vote ODM president because this time I have a reason to do so as listed above.

  3. Phil says:


    I find this post intriguing and rather selfish. It gives me the feeling that Raila is already being ring-fenced by you-know-who even before he is elected president. Why? Because that post is about the individual rather than the party ideology and aspirations. Infact I dare say, this blog should be re-named ODM which Raila is part of, rather than vice versa!

    Please do not get me wrong. The ODM presidential campaign is based on the activities of the entire pentagon team and the efforts of the campaign secretariat. Those of us who regularly contribute to this blog and forward e-mails to our friends also deserve some credit. In other words – ODM and its all its members – are a dynamic mass movement for many people and any victory (or unlikely defeat) will be for every other ODM member. Personally, I feel as if Moi is an obstacle to my own freedom as well as that of my children and grand-children, which makes me a frontline soldier in this struggle.

    In as much as I do not want to take away the heroic achievements of our legendary presidential candidate – I think it does more harm and good when you portray him as an individual especially at this time when we know our opponents are looking for any excuse to paint him and his pentagon team in bad light. A man of the people never goes to battle alone, and Raila himself has on several ocassions said as such – he has many people around him to back down from the liberation struggle.

    Lets avod glorifying individuals. It might be taken to mean ethnicity or hero-worship. Please make a correction.

  4. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    in Deed a very good DEMOCRAT whether or not the so called rich family will support kibaki we ODMers already sensed vistory and that RAILA will be the man to watch in state house 28th dec07,he is someone who committed his time serving kenyans and their need someone who is understandable and most of all caring in nature . RAILA is someone who will die for his beloved nation and kenyans in grassroots coz i guess this innocent kenyas DONT know what is happening in there counrty regarding corruption and everything in that matter that is why RAILA stood up and told them about this unlawful corruption that currently going on in our beloved kenya i.e the artur saga,the agloleasing safaricon IPO and the telkom that the PANUA guys want to sell the shares so that they bribe the innocent kenyans so that they vote for kibaki i guess kenyans need someone like HON RAILA AMOLO ODINGA who will commit and do everything for this nations. he is a true KENYAN WE LOVE HIM MOST.

    as proverbs says MONEY CANT BUY HAPPINESS today you will get that money but tommorrow you be the one who will suffer coz those people are dam rich and they dont care about the ordinary man out there who is crying for hunger.that is why we CHOOSE HON RAIAL !!!!SO I URGE MY FELLOW KENYANS TO OPEN UP THERE EYES AND SEE THE LIGHT THROUGH HON RAILA AMOLO ODINGA.

    for the ODEMers dont fear about those RICH families neither will they get a vote nor win.

    please come out in large numbers and lets WIN RAILA !!!!RAILA FOR PRESIDENT.


  5. Kanyeka says:

    Phil I concur with you in fact to add on it, the web admin should also think of adding the pictures of all members of the pentagon on the site with their profile and they believe as ODM
    I believe most people will vote for Raila through other members so to put their profile on this web will give them hope and also participate by bringing more idea.

  6. PABLO says:


    Chungwa Moja Maisha BOra Nani Kama Agwambo, Pentagon, ODM, WanaODM the fight continues

  7. Hk Wiliams says:

    A knight in a shining armour, a God sent redeemer for our beloved country Kenya. He is a man you cannot describe in a few line but a man worth writing a book about. If I was pinned down to describe him in one word, this is it


    Go ODM the Panua are already panicking

  8. daddy says:

    It is true that ODM will win on a spirit of togetherness and team work. People working together shall stand whereas divided they fall. But the strength of any team is nurtured by its leadership and that’s why NARC disintegrated. This thread is meant to portray our candinate as one who will sustain the spirit of all, unity of ODM and posperity of Kenya. We have a team builder as compaired to PNU’s lethergic uncaring candidate. RAILA is the man.

  9. Nick says:

    It all boils to interpretation.I think with sober postings this may be a strong marketing tool for ODM especially for the neutrals who visit this blog.I remember there was once an opinion poll about what will influence voters most and personal traits was the most important and i think Raila led in that poll.This is not about glorifying and infact its an open discussion just like the others.Raila is the team captain so the focus is on him just like in the other camp.There has been a lot of mudslinging on Raila lately despite the fact that pentagon operates as a team.Let us look at this from a positive perspective

  10. faith says:


    i want to assure you that there is nothing wrong with people talking about an individual because comes 27/12/2007 on the ballot paper you will see Raila’s faceand symbol of ODM so kenyans will more likely see the face of the person they want to vote and if this website can make people be attracted to Raila so be it also my comrades kenyans will most likely look at the individual who they will install in state house so if we haveto comment on Raila’s merits and demerits as a person so be it it will help people understand him and stop politics of hate or ethnicity we dont have to hide Raila behind pentagon the way Kibaki was hidden under NARC summit only to turn out to be a somebody else we need to comment about the guy openly.

  11. Leonard says:

    I am sorry to digress, but has anyone noticed this?

    PNU Parliamentary Aspirants from Nairobi

    Dick Wathika
    Simon Mbugua
    Beth Mugo
    Maina Kamanda
    Lee Kamau
    Betty Njeri
    John Ndirangu

    and out of place Stanley Livondo.

  12. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kenyans have already anointed Raila Odinga as the fourth president of Kenya. They will elect him their president on December 27, 2007.

    Why does Kibaki call people “pumbavu”? Kibaki believes that Kenyans who do not support him are “pumbavu” and that like children , those pumbavu are easily enticed by new districts.

    Kibaki can change every division into a district but Kenyans are not that “pumbavu” to switch their support to him because of new districts. They have rejected him.

    The other day, Kibaki and Moi met for forty five minutes at Nakuru State House. What were they discussing? Why did they not release any information on what they had discussed? Why are they not transparent?

    I can only guess that they must have met to ratify Uhuru’s Cabinet list, decide on the day to release billions into the campaign arena, and agree on how to effectively fool the “pumbavu” Kalenjins. They must have reviewed whether to use hate flyers or continue creating districts.

  13. Leonard says:

    The propaganda game has cost ODM a large chunk of votes, apparently.
    Why can’t ODM swing a favour back at those fellows?

  14. solomon says:


    Note that the PNU real candidate for Lang’ata is Ndura Waruinge.

  15. Omuto says:


    Absolutely nothing wrong with this thread. We have three actors in this election drama. We are voting for one of them, and that is Raila. He is our captain. ODM will not be president come 28th December, but Raila will. Look at Kibaki’s blogs and sites. They’re all Kibaki Tena. PNU is absolutely nothing and we all know that. ODM is different, though, because its their philosophy we’re talking about. But Raila as president mtarajiwa, we mst talk about this, dear Phil. Si kwa ubaya. As we talk about ODM the party, let’s also talk about RAILA THE MAN.

  16. solomon says:

    Raila attract passionate debates on both extremes: ardent adoration and irrational hate. Needless to say, the ruling elite and their agents are constantly using Raila’s name at every forum to scare away voters over extraneous reasons which have no relevance to your ability to govern.

    But even his harshest critics will in their most honest moment concede that the man is full of energy, passion, conviction, revolutionary drive and reform credentials to liberate Kenya from indignity of poverty, corruption and tribal polarization that the three successive regimes have been thriving on.

    While I would not like to paint Raila as totally flawless, he is apparently the man who possesses the right qualities to take this country to the next level. He is a highly effective and dynamic strategist with a well-knit network with global leaders and he seems to have a clear road map and vision on where this country ought to be. More so, he is a man of strong character who could be depended upon to ruthlessly dismantle the networks of corruption, share power, combat insecurity and share resources equitably.

    Those who say Luo Nyanza and Kibera are getting poorer because of Raila Odinga happen to be supporters of the current government and they want us to vote it back. It confirms worst fears that allocation of resources is biased and we therefore need a leader to serve all Kenya irrespective of their tribal affiliation. I would also like to remind them that Mathare, Soweto and Korogocho and Ganze (poorest constituency in Kenya) are not in Langata constituency or Luo Nyanza but the living standards are horrible. Even if it is happening in Luo Nyanza alone due to non conformist stance of the electorate it should be enough to make us jettison Kibaki to the political obscurity. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

    If we could elevate the debate of presidential candidates beyond parochialism, there is no doubt we would pick the candidate who has the best qualities regardless of his/her tribal origins to steer this country to prosperity and social justice. That man is none other than Raila A. Odinga.



  18. lexx says:

    Bloggers have you checked the new domo pnu advert they say “mou na inzi”so are thes muslim inzi(insects) atleast we now know what the think of our brothers who are kenyans.
    whatever they say about R.O. we will vote for him i am in ODM to win and die for.

  19. kip says:

    is it true that new polls have kibaki leading raila in the consumer insight polls by0.8?

  20. Auki Ollows says:


    We talk about Raila The Man ALL the time. Stop being boring! Give us threads on:

    1) “What in the bloggers’ view are some of the Election Rigging tactics to beware of?”
    2) “What is the bloggers’ view on the current momentum of our presidential campaigns”
    3) ” What do bloggers think of Lucy getting a pay hike for ‘increased social duties’ ” (the new term for electioneering cash)
    4) “What do bloggers view as the current provincial presidential projection
    5) “What are the bloggers’ view on the disorder in the PNU house”
    6) “What are the biggest baggage that PNU carries?”
    7) “What are the bloggers’ view on the presidential campaign teams formed by popular people who lost nomination?”
    8) “How can wananchi assist further to aid the cause of ODM?”
    9) “If bloggers were to draw a presidential campaign schedule for the remaining time, what would it be?”
    10)”What are your ratings for the ODM ads being shown on tv?”
    11) Niendelee nisiendelee?


  21. raila07blog says:

    The thread about raila is for the contributors to send their feelings about the candidate we could also have threads on all pentagon members but as you may have observed our candidate hon raila is under constant and personal attacks so this thread is for you to be on the defensive of the man. hon Raila Amolo odinga ODM presidential candidate.

    hey Agent4change is in Germany e-mail raila07blog@gmail.com next stop is london

  22. Auki Ollows says:


    Yes but those polls, together with Infotrack & Strategic PR where Raila leads, were done last week, around the noms chaos, and have little relation with what has happened this week… And as you know, Consumer Insight has always given strange results.

    And like we said, forget polls for now. Feedback from the ground is everything…

  23. Felix Aduol says:

    Forget about the polls. We should not even react to it that much. As i said before let us get effective team in every constituency and at least twice a week have a vehicle with a loud speaker shouting ODM. This might not be too expensive but it will be effective. Soon they will give Kibaki 100% what will you do?. This values are bought but with proper education and message this can easily be a thing of the past. My main concern is the folks in rural areas and uneducated. We need to reach them. Then we need to bring in ladies and youth in these campaign teams. It should be well balanced.

  24. Felix Aduol says:

    Let’s focus on Campaign strategies. I agree with Auki to some extent. Who doesn’t know Raila?. Even Kibaki knows him that’s why he is in constant fear of him. Let’s know Raila better after he has won. Now we need strategies to reach locals that Kibaki and his team are targeting with Propaganda.

    Even my son of 3yrs knows him as Agwambo of ODM. But we can only do him good by helping him strategize and win this election. We need better threads Sir/Madam. Give us the campaign schedule so that we can be contributing on what Agwambo should be saying is those areas. This will not only boost his campaign but will lessen the team’s work and be acceptable to most because it will be encompassing wider view

  25. walter says:


    I think the blog admin’s idea is to gauge our understanding of the MAN RAILA,what he stands for .Why we are supporting Raila and ODM ;what are his ideas since the days of FORD the mother party of multi party.
    I would say that the MAN RAILA,unlike other politicians understands the roles and responsibilities of a LEADER from the village sub-chief to the president ,should not be that of perpetuating dependency syndrome through handouts,because an individual cannot honestly sustain an entire constituency from his / her own personal resources,unless you divert what is meant for public good ,for personal political strategies in the disguise ‘ya kuleta maendeleo wewe mwenyewe binafsi’.
    Most aspirants from councillors ,MPs have created in the minds of the electorate that ‘MIMI NI MTU WA MAENDELEO’I will bring development ,the mobile clinics,semi-permanent houses ,paying school fees for orphans etc is a smart way by selfish politicians to feel indispensable and MPs for life,this is oppressive,the role of a member of parliament is to advocate and come up with laws that will guarantee sustainable development to “my people”.
    Raila the man does not talk about “watu wangu’because he knows he does not own the people but the people own him ,in other words he is genuine,honest and ready to serve the people of Kenya .
    Only the opportunists talk about my people,sasa ni wakati wetu all sorts of crap,this calibre of politicians are out to continue with primitive accumulation of wealth and entrench social Darwinism,they own most factories and other businesses and therefore want to ensure the poor continue to live at their mercy,work in their factories for low wages,live in squalor and feel hopeless.
    Raila the CAPTAIN wants near total transformation of the country no slums,infrastrature development leading to real socio -economic development of the Country Kenya and prosperity for all.
    Therefore those inspired by the Captain’s way of doing political business ,need to look at ODM like a piece of land in Kenya the Country with 14M voters Raila is the seedling plucked from the ODM seedbed ,ODMers have a duty to cultivate and plant the seed ( RAILA ) in the mind of voters and ensure the ODM Party transforms itself into an institution with an ideology ,devoid of opportunists.

  26. walter says:


  27. Auki Ollows says:


    We have been saying those things over and over again… Raila’s Agenda has been on the blog and many of us privately have his “Raila Odinga: 2007 Leadership Themes”. Who Raila is, isn’t urgent. How he reaches the electorate is more urgent at the moment. The reaction of the electorate to those campaigns. The issues he should hammer etc. These are much more critical matters. We are in partnership with Raila now and when he will be president.

    Raila likes to be thought of as first among equals. So, no hero-worshiping for him, please. We are here to do Kenya’s business, with him leading. This is why we want to focus on The Issues. There have been many, many, many emails on Raila’s attributes. We just want to get on with the business of selling his candidature not just talking about him…

  28. Omuto says:

    Thank God this blog is not just a talk shop! Issues on this sight are being implemented. Lets keep up, guys. Yego, you’re God sent. Dr. Anangwe is fully operational now and we’re happy that information from this blog is coming in handy.

    Can somebody tell the Lurambi ODM flag bearer to hit the road? These fellows wait for Raila to create for them a platform in Muliro gardens for them to talk. I can assure you that not even the guy on the Narc ticket has ever held a rally in the blessed Muliro Gardens! Please, votes are not Manna to fall from heaven! Can they hit the campaign trail? Thta’s why we end up with 33,000 voter turnout out of 95,000 registered voters! This is a disgrace to the Secretariat! I hope the same is not happening in other places or else, we are doomed!!


  29. daddy says:

    If any ODM aspiring MP and councillor has not hit the road to spread the gospel of change then he/she is a disgrace. As Raila, all those on ODM ticket must display energy, tact, and ability to persuade the voters. My appeal is that let all get to work immediately. I have not seen much ODM activities in Njoro. And if possible, let the Pentagon divide into three to cover many places at the same time. ODM go for gold.

  30. daddy says:

    If any ODM aspiring MP or councillor has not hit the road to spread the gospel of change then he/she is a disgrace. As Raila, all those on ODM ticket must display energy, tact, and ability to persuade the voters. My appeal is that let all get to work immediately. I have not seen much ODM activities in Njoro. And if possible, let the Pentagon divide into three to cover many places at the same time. ODM go for gold.

  31. tnk says:

    About Balot papers

    ODM pentagon needs to get in touch with Belgium authorities so that they can arrest any individual found to be shippingout fraudulent election materials and for that matter all members of the EU member countries should be informed to be on the alert and only the known sources be allowed to ship after verification. We can at least trust EU inspection points although according to Kroll report the Mois have significant clout in Belgium.

    Further ODM pentagon must provide the printing authority an independent list showing ODM candidates for cross checking. Whereas not binding at least the printer will have the benefit of proofing before print and can alert ODM authorities of inconsistencies. We have to approach all possible partners and let those that do not want to get involved to shy away but we must try all.

  32. tnk says:

    I find nothing wrong with expressing approval for the qualities in a man that continuously sacrifices his own well being and comfort for the just and good governance of all. We admired Mandela for his courage and perseverance, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Dedan Kimathi, and many others. Now we have our very own Raila A. Odinga. Admired by the young and old alike, men and women, christians and muslims, and dare I say 70% of Kenyans for his zeal and quest to right wrongs, and put govt affaiirs and leadership in the correct perspective. Will withstand oppression, intimidation, threat and ridicule to ensure not his own well being but that of all the people of Kenya. So then why does such a man elicit fear in a few PNU diehards and ODM-K? Why do they vilify him so? Simple, because he is so way out of their league. Determined, fearless, passionate, intelligent and at all times places the interest of mwanachi before his own. We saw it during Moi’s regime, in 2002 when he stepped aside and now we see it again when he realised that Kenyans were being taken for a ride. A true Knight. But above all a team player and prudent team leader. But do we say

  33. faith says:

    People have u seen the mature advrts by ODM in the news they are inspiring that is true leadership not making noises about domo domo through out

  34. faith says:

    can somebody tell me where Joe Nyagah is, he is so queit.

  35. Yego says:

    Im a very dissapointed man going by the new advert by PNU.imagine they are refering to coast as DOMO KIOSK and then to add more insult, they are calling our muslim brothers and sisters INZI.They are putting it like “MOU NA INZI” to mean MOU and hse flies.Inzi being the housefly in an insect that is always at a constant chase from the hse and you can kill it at will .Is this what we should be reffering our fellow kenyan s to?????????? Mweshimiwa Balala, Piga DOMO ndugu zetu waislamu wajue kuwa kibaki awaita INZI.

  36. Felix Aduol says:

    This blog inspires me to wake up and come to work. Thanks to all bloggers. My sincere wish is that this will continue even after 27th. These ideas can make Kenya easily overtake Singapore if well implemented. I trust Raila with his consultative skills. We have a team that the whole world envies and with it sky is the Limit.

    1. Now that we have a good team how do we employ them so as to benefit from their strength and wit?. The only stumbling block is PANUA rigging tricks. One relating what i read in an article by Odipo a week ago seems to be true. ECK sent Kibaki friendly to UK to supervise printing. How sure are we that the ballot papers that will be going to Nyanza,Parts of Rift Valley, Western and Coast are not as erroneous as PNU would like them to be. I suspect the Ballot materials that will be taken to these areas are still in Belgium with the director of PRINTFAST.

    Something has to be done urgently.

    2. Can someone tell me the reason why even standard which suffered under Kibaki administration is now boot licking and their cameras are all of a sudden shy of ODM gathering. What do they mean by feeding us with PNU pictures all the time and our crowd is always bigger then theirs. May someone warn them that government they are favouring is just but an employee of people they are ignoring.

    3. As i wrote yesterday, i need to see more of ODM loud speakers in all markets across the country.

    4. Campaign team should press further with PNU thorn of succession. No let up let them come out clean on this.

  37. Yego says:

    Fellow kenyans its yet again another blot to discredit our canditate but we in RIS are ahead of time no wonder Muturi is blaming Nyongo of being in possession of prior information at any one given time.As i told you, all this smear campaigns are being hatched in within and outside kenya.One thing kenyans have not known and cant understand why is that even some of our neighbouring countries and more so one of our community member state may be involved in this dirty tricks.

    Its come to our notice that during this years Jamuhuri day on the 12/12/07 one of our neighbouring countries president will be in attendance as a guest speaker at uhuru park.The preident in question will shower praises on Kibaki and Moi to be men respected in africa for making kenya a stable country.He will go along to praise kenyas tremendous development record and beautification of nairobi city and pause a question to kenyan to why they need and election at this time yet they were having someone admired by many in power.The intentions of these praises will be to make kenyans think that kibaki is the most liked president in africa and why not re-elect him……….take note of the trick.Someone will ask me “why should another countries president be interested with kenyas affairs???”the answer is simple, kenya is admired by many who envy it ,and focussing on the issue of EAC , someone somewhere would wish that the status quo is maintained so that he can dominate the community and gain is personal mileage internationally as undisputed president of east africa.The main reason why he is against our AGWAMBO bid for presidency is because he knows Raila is not a push offer and what he will do for kenyans will quarentee him popularity not only in EA or Africa alone but in the whole world.

    My fellow kenyans , watch this space and lets make sure that this doesnt happen and if it happens , lets always be ahead na sasa DOMO Ipigwe!!!!!ODMer’s Dr Anagwe, Prof Nyongo, Kazi kwenu weshimiwa

  38. daddy says:

    I have read that Tom Wolf of Steadman Press has quit. Is this true? If yes then can he be made to issue a press statement on why he had to quit? Could he offer any significant insight on any possible irregularities on the work of Steadman? And surely, I join Faith in asking, where is Joe Nyaga?

  39. David K M says:

    I am a Ugandan who is following your election with fascination.You really make us all forward thiking East Africans proud. Your campaign shows that it is possible to elect leaders in a competitive election. Maybe you take it for granted but i assure you it is not.

    Sharing with you the Ugandan experience, all of you need to read again the post written by Felix Aduol especcially no 3. The 2006 election in Uganda seemed destined to be won by the opposition and for most of the campaign President Museveni was not making any headway.

    All of a sudden he stopped moving with his ministers and started campigning alone, THE MONITOR newspaper that had hitherto been giving very positive coverage for the opposition stated presenting amore positive side of the incumbent someties completely ignoring the opposition.

    From a demoralized campaign President Museveni started gettig big and excited ccrowds, shockingly even from opposion strongholds like eastern Uganda. Many people thought those were just manufactured crowds but in the end the President retained the seat even as the election was imperfect.

    On the question of negative propaganda ,it actually works especially with the rural folks. The rigging and the worst leaflets are normally done when the capaign period is over so look out for the 25and 26 dec.

    I just wnted to lend you the Ugandan experience because am seeing a lot of similarities . Iwish you peaceful elections.

  40. We are excited with Agwambo,
    we can now see a wind of change coming to Africa through ODM,Raila is going to bring change in the Region. The Lord has answered our prayers, we urge all kenyans to wake up and vote him.

    Kenya has been long identified with ethnicity and corruption, but now the answer is about to come through ODM.

    From Tanzania

  41. Duncan says:

    Dear Odmers,
    The captain has truly come under attack in the past few weeks.That is definately part of the circuit at this stage
    Allow my two cents on a few issues.We need a counter to the propaganda done purely on the manifesto platform.Let us pick out those issues and how they affect the common mwananchi,for example development of infrastucture and the traffic nightmare that nairobi has become,or the lack of it elsewhere.Simple topics in leaflets will do it for us because it will be based on issues.that way we wet the electorates appetite on things to come and gets them thinking about that at the critical moment,which is now onwards.People are more receptive to what will affect them in the future and will choose that to mudslinging.
    The other is rigging in all its forms.Let us face facts.Othaya Express Mtarajiwa will employ cunning moves to ensure he robs us of what is rightfully ours.How do we counter this.
    I already mentioned in another forum that other than hit the road running,the secretariat through its branch connections and MPS need to let the people know that they need to check the voter register,especially in the strongholds.Otherwise on voters day the voters will be in for a rude shock.I have told the people in my area about it and they are concerned and taking it up seriously.
    I also think it is time to get more people on the campaign trail.Wamama wa ODM led by Ida Odinga should also start walking,visibly.we have seen the First Lady do it.Let us hound her.This should be the same for the youth for Raila people.They also should do the same.In my view this will be the ultimate blitzkrieg.that will sort the situation once and for all in this remaining days.
    The swahili say chema chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza.The Hon.Eng. has done his best to ensure that we too become like he is,brave soldiers and justice seekers.Otherwise we wouldnt be on this blog contributing our thoughts.he will fight on and we shall do just that and more.cheers guys!!!

  42. Pablo says:

    Hey guyz I overheard that about 3m voters might be locked out of voting. I guess this should include those who changed their voting recently due to fear of transport hitches during the dec rush hour for festive. I would like someone at the secretariate to assist on this line for many ODM suppoters will be affected in this regard and we want to show these morons of PUNU that we are the agents for real change in this nation. Please guyz up there do something we want to be assured that all our votes are home and dry without any interference


  43. daddy says:

    It is becoming more difficult for me to scroll down the lengthening blog since I use my phone. Any one who sends important and informative messages to emails? Please add me my email is waodipo@gmail.com. And is their an ODM discussion forum e.g. in yahoo groups I join? ODM MAISHA BORA.

  44. faddie says:

    hi guyz,we need to take the issue of voters seriously otherwise we will only blame ourselves come 28th if we lose.we need to pile pressure on the ECK to release the revised voters register as soon as possible.if necessary Raila and co. should threaten them with demonstrations if ECK doesn’t release it by end of next week.
    Otherwise it will be sad if we went for voting on 27th only to be told that your name is not there or that you are disqualified becoz, you registered twice.
    otherwise guys,in the home stretch we are still leading convincingly according to both strategic research and infotrack.4get about consumer insight.it belongs to ndirangu maina.this guy is a tribalist to the core.i know him coz i’ve worked for him once.imagine this guy locks his employees in the office @ night.it makes you wonder how different he is from a mhindi.
    he has offices at plaza 2000 along mombasa road.
    take heart guyz.did you see the opinion count results on NTV on the news bulletin yesterday(friday)?
    95% of the respondents said opinion polls won’t change their decision on which presidential candidate they will vote for?
    i bet you know what that means.
    by the way,what is this rumour about tom wolf RESIGNING FROM STEADMAN,IS IT TRUE?

  45. Otsiatso says:

    I really like Raila a lot, BUT to me it is the idea of a people’s movement in the form of ODM that I find more attractive. I appreciate Tinga’s role in the second and now third liberation, and when one reads his biography you get a fuller picture of what that has involved. I think he is a “can – do” person, he is driven and has a sense of what is needed and is a master political negotiator. At times he outdoes himself and it comes back to bite him ex. “Kibaki Tosha”.
    On the minus side, i have to point out that his democratic credential are fairly questioned. For example , his hold on Luo – Nyanza politics, and the imposition of sycophants & relatives on the constituencies is his major drawback. I am glad this time around people warned him ahead of time they would not go along.
    Overall, at this time in its history Kenya needs Raila because he can and will DO what it takes to set the country on the right path from the current morass of ukabila, ufisadi na ulafi.

  46. Maru Kapkatet says:


    I have beeen mulling over how the stained Kamlesh Pattni aka Brother Paul could attract so many parliamentary candidates that it is second only to ODM.

    ODM has 190 candidates while Kenda has 170. I can now see clearly that it is Goldenburg revisited. Kibaki cannot win anything on his own. In 2002, Kibaki was elected president because of the efforts of one man – Mr. Raila Odinga.

    This time around, Kibaki turned to Moi and Moi turned to Biwott and both agreed that they needed to siphon off votes from the greatly popular ODM. To do so, they had to have a strictly non-tangible political party which will dispernse billions of shillings to buy voters.

    To Moi and Biwott, Kamlesh Pattni has an outstanding resume. Kamlesh Pattni is an expert on the deployment of of decoys in a thieving war. He successfully fooled Kenyans that Kenya does indeed produce Gold and which he was mining, processing, and exporting. By the time Kenyans, started saying “wait a minute …”, Pattni and his partners had siphoned off billions of shillings and shipped it abroad.

    Furthermore, having been practically a walking central bank, billions of shillings will not mesmerize Kamlesh one bit. He has a lot of experience keeping and dispensing huge sums of money from his house or at the client’s premises.

    So Moi and Biwott approached Kamlesh Pattni to discuss their idea. They promised Pattni that if they could deliver for Kibaki, their billions of shillings abroad will not only be safe but any mention of Goldenburg will be expunged from all records (paper, hard drive, cds, dvds, and even people’s memories). Kamlesh liked what he heard and responded with, “I am in” remark.

    The next thing was to choose a name for their party. Kamlesh had the name ready. Their new party will be called “KENDA”, which is a Kiswahili word for nine to signify that Kamlesh Pattni and indeed all his colleagues (Moi and Biwott included) have nine lives. They survived the Justice Bosire inquiry, John Githongo’s investigations, and the Kroll report. Like a cat, they have nine lives – KENDA.

    To achieve good results siphoning votes away from ODM, their party has to have as many candidates as possible and preferably marginal candidates who can bring a good bunch of votes without actually making it to parliament.

    They do not want the party to be mentioned ever again after the coming general elections. Unlike other parties where candidates were requied to pay a certain amount of money as processing fee to participate in primaries or to be issued with a nomination certificate, Kenda was actually paying candidates to come to Kenda to be issued with a nomination certificate.

    Kenda also agreed to pay each candidate a stipend and generous campaign funds and the money will be drawn from the bank interest which has already accrued on the invested billions sitting in different banks in Europe. Initially, Kamlesh Pattni wanted to be very visible in his support for Kibaki but they told him to stay on the periphery.

    As for Kibaki, Moi and Biwott told him to stay away from them as much as possible and only arrange infrequent breakfast-cum-briefing meetings. They needed to concentrate on drawing up and carrying out the war plan. They advised Kibaki to go round the country giving out “candy” like one gives to children who are whining and the “candy” will be in the form of new districts, divisions, locations, and villages.

    The Goldenburg superstars save for one are re-united under Kenda, the party of Kamlesh Pattni as the visible owner and Moi and Biwott as the invisible co-owners.

    KENDA – NINE LIVES, how clever.

  47. Otieno says:


    Totally unrelated to this thread but I had a strange dream last night….that Kalonzo will throw in the towel and support Kibaki. Remember the “Kalonzo is just a Moi project for Kibaki theory”? Well in my dream Kalonzo is going to make this announcement soon – before the 12th of Dec, or shortly thereafter….we’ll wait and see..

    Chungw Moja Maisha Bora!

  48. shaqmaya says:

    Sorry for taking a time out of the topic. Now that the MoU with muslims has been made public, Kibaki should be pressed to release the Kiruki report on Arthurs and the Mou he signed with Uhuru.

  49. kip says:

    i blogged awhile ago about the people president…..most of you prolly have read it…


  50. tamasha says:

    dear brothers and sisters,
    I need to know how to help attain my dream for change in kenya other than talking to my neighbours and friends about the need and reasons for change. we need to be foot soldiers and we need to be told how and where we can be given our instructions in all provinces. can someone please get back to us on this, lets make this a fight by the people for the people and realise the change kenyans need.

  51. tnk says:

    one issue that comes up when asked to give the good qualities of Raila as a leader, you will often hear PNU talk about him not Kibera being a large slum

    having worked with UNCHS habitat i find the reasoning extremely shallow but I posted some preliminary comment in the blog referenced by Kip above


    note also that Beth Mugo also has a slum in her constituency, Maina Kamanda, Mwenje and many others but hey go for Raila.

    this is typical PNU, make noise on symptoms, obfuscate the real issues, and hope that noone will attempt to find the real reasons.

    I have known people who as heads of households did not provide sufficient nutritional diet to their children and when the children are taken to hospital by concerned neighbors, they will turn up at the hospital with hirelings to mock the malnourished children and neighbors and cite witchcraft, laziness, promiscuity and everything else and in some cases violently oppose any action taken on the victims. This is precisely the view I have of PNU, they gorge themselves of the fat of the land, and mock impoverished people who badly need, leaders of integrity, vision and determination to pluck us out of hopelessness and into prosperity for all and not just the top One percent.

    Incidentally, if its true Kibaki’s as good in Economics as they claim he is, surely knows that Kenya’s economic growth at 8% cannot turn the tables for the millions living in poverty. He also knows that the economic growth is more a result of Mois removal from power, the original NARC economic recovery strategy reforms headed by Prof P. A. O, ability of technocrats to once again perform without interference and hindrance from the executive and these have been in civil service all along, plus the resumption of donor funds no matter how little which were suspended for more than 5 years during the last period of Mois rule, and of course the good will of the ever forgiving Kenyan public. To attain growth higher than 10% requires completely different policies and paradigm shifts to some of the economic strategy to favor the masses, if he does not know this and continues to dish out goodies by the roadside, just like Moi did, then I now understand why he calls others pumbavu. Its because a smart ass calls the other person a smart ass first so that the other person (or casual observers) cannot find out who really is the smart ass.

    Raila, we need Real change for Kenyans.

  52. faith says:

    Good citizens have you seen that bishops at the coast have endorsed Raila and today in the paper bishops from Nyanza were asking there counterparts who were mouthing about the MOU Raila signed with muslims to explain theres that they signed with Kibaki, and also the MOU between Kibaki and Uhuru well well well who is having the last laugh now and have u guys seen that Archbishop Nzimbi is queit and Raila is an Anglican like him well well well it i getting interesting.

  53. daddy says:

    My friend has confirmed from ECK website that he is registered in Kasarani yet his voters card reads Dagoreti. Is this a rigging scheme and how many are afffected? What can be done about it? All the ODM supporters to come out and comfirm their registration status.

  54. Otieno says:


    One wonders whether they entered the wrong data in the ECK web database by mistake or knowingly. Someone I know who was born in 1972 has his details entered in the ECK website as born in 1922!

    We need the black book!

  55. lexx says:

    Now that R.O realesed the MOU that they signed with the muslims its now time that EMK displays the MOU that he signed with Uhuru and Moi!This is not propaganda its clear coz one of the affiliate parties in PNU complained about a pact that will lead them to 2012 so its clear that kuna story hapo and we want to know.my guess is as good as yours i believe that if EMK wins the 2007 elections(God forbid) then UK goes for it in 2012.Let me ask what are they planning? is as if other regions and tribes can lead this great Nation?this is wrong and we are not ready for a kingdom.DTM,EMK and UK should know that kenya is made of over 30m people and if they want to be kings they should do so in there houses or they should wait till the year 5000.
    ODMiers let go out there and explain to the people around as that there is need to vote in numbers.
    Read between the lines this is a popular saying when watching the news supporters in iten decided to walk out on Jebii K and when EMK was leaving they decided to stone the tail end of his motocade it’s clear that they dont want him there?but i should tell people that we should be calm and just use the voters card to do the damage.Pliz go out and vote for R.O.

  56. Omuto says:

    You are right Lexx.

    You know what, though? Such acts as perpetrated by the Itenians (on MK motorcade) are justifiable when diplomacy has reached a cul-de-sac of its wits. The deaf can hear your message and the blind can see your point, when you resort to stone-language. Some things are auto-responsive. the direction MK is leading Kenya, especially during the last twoo weeks, leaves no other option but to shout like that. But just as you said, the best stone to be hurled to this Kibaki fellow is the voters card on 27th Dec.

    Now tell me. Why did I vote for Kibaki in 2002, if the best he can do is to bring on board the two fellows we chased from Kakamega town (Moi and project)? Kibaki must be nuts. Oh no. I must be nuts to vote for Kibaki again, because the mesage he’s passing across is, “why did you go all the way to vote for me yet my favorite was Uhuru? Dont you see I want him back? That’s why I call you Pumbavu.”

    That’s why I have to vote for THIS MAN RAILA. He represents change.

    By the way, a good citizen bothered to find out why KTN bulletin is impossible of late? Someone with a relative or friend those ends could tell us. I have sent them several e-mails on the automated bad signals just before their news bulletin, but no response yet. Thta’s why am saying that we might be compelled to use a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE for the government to get our message home. They cant go on muzzling the media and they unashamedly shout Kazi iendelee.

  57. Maru Kapkatet says:


    Dear Cyrus,

    You are a forthright leader and I trust you and your good intentions. IK believe that you are transparent in all your dealings. In 1992, you campaigned along with other young Kenyans for Moi and he was re-elected.

    A few months ago, you met with Moi and agreed on some strategy. You later indicated that Moi had not honoured the agreement. You did not explain what that agreement was.

    I have a question for you. What did you discuss and agree on with Moi?

    It appears to me that after Moi failed to get what he wanted from you, he immediately turned to Kamlesh Pattni.

    My take is that Moi’s mission was about control and disbursement of large sums of campaign funds and he wanted you to do the job for him and Kibaki using your 1992 experience. Is this right?

    I have come to the conclusion that realizing that you were independent-minded and would not do his bidding, then Moi immediately abandoned contacts with you and turned to Kamlesh Pattni who did an excellent job for him in the Goldenburg saga.

    Moi trusts Kamlesh Pattni to handle, disburse, and maximize the use of money – large quantities of it – to buy friendship and support.

    As you examine the purpose of Moi’s mission in meeting with you, in hindsight, do you conclude that Pattni’s Kenda could be a refined form of YK ’92, a Kenda-PNU ’07 type of thing? Do you agree that Kenda is not really meant to give candidates who did not get nomination in other parties a second chance but it is really a siphoning of votes vehicle?

  58. Kasyoki says:

    Rumours doing rounds indicate that there is also a commercial interest in Uhuru/Kibaki deal. If Kibaki is re-elected ( God forbid) the government will have to cede control of several KCC milk plant running to Brookside-a company owned by the Kenyatta family.

    This is not unprecedented since it had happened under Moi era when brookside took control of Kiganjo Milk plant.

    Also said to be incorporated in the MOU is a deliberate policy to stifle land reform in Kenya to protect, the Moi, Kibaki and Kenyatta irregularly acquired swathes of land.

  59. Kasyoki says:

    The issue of Mary Wambui must also be brought back on the limelight. Let the ODM politicians in the second tier handle this matter. Raise question on security details and chase cars she uses.

    Ida Odinga must also come out and denounce first lady allowance and to pledge to turn it down once the husband is elected.

  60. Omuto says:

    Jirongo has already recieved his 6 Billion from Kibaki. Remember his Sololo case? He won, if you can remember. The government delayed and almost shelved the rapayment. That’s why Jirongo ‘defected’ to ODM for two months. He had to go down to his knees and beg the government to salvage him from the then imminent bankrupcy (remember his contract in Sudan was also being sabotaged, now that Moi is the entry and exit of any deal in Sudan). The government had to dangle a carrot (his own 6 billion) but for a price: Pull out of THIS MAN RAILA’s camp. This, he did swiftly. Talking to one aspiring councillor on KADDU ticket a week ago, he divulged to me that he (the aspiring councillor) is a man to watch in his ward (here in Kakamega) because he is Ksh. 700,000 richer, and all his colleagues who made it on the same ticket are ‘eating as good as him’.


  61. tnk says:

    and on the other hand we present kibaki


    plus excerpts from interview with Agnes Ndetei who was in DP for a while

    interviewer: You were once President Kibaki’s deputy in the Democratic Party before defecting to Kanu. Had you stuck with him, perhaps today you would be in Parliament and in his government. Any regrets?

    I don’t live a life of regrets. What I did in 1995 (defecting to Kanu) was the right thing. I wanted to build the DP to greater heights, alongside Mr Kibaki. But we had a problem. He could not make decisions. He didn’t seem to respond to our proposals on recruitment. I was accused of having ambitions to topple him and so I was frustrated.

    The same thing I was fighting in 1995 is still alive. I had told Mr Kibaki that the people around him were making his operations very difficult. Ten years down the line, Kenyans are saying the same thing. I was right in what I did. I did it as a matter of principle.


    COnclusion, Kibaki is a puppet of some master puppeteers who manufacture propaganda to keep him enclosed in a cocoon effectively shielding him from reality.

    So who is better, a man whose associations with other leaders are out in the open, and all his associates are also out there actively seeking support and endorsement from Kenyans


    A figure head who apparently responds to shadowy and unknown entities responsible for all the decisions and blunders we see daily. And what of Kombo, Kituyi, Wekesa, Tuju, Mungatana, Mwakombo, Madoka and others. Do they really think those who have gone before them were such idiots and that they will fare better? Awori is hanging on by the skin of his teeth b’coz he’s VP and western vote still looks “promising”. Once the sugar is squeezed from the cane, your guess as good as mine. These shadow operatives have no respect for anyone. if you don’t beleive, check out what happened in the PNU nominations (or is what didn’t happen). They only have allegiance to themselves and central is just a convenient umbrella group but Kibaki presents a much larger scope. If Kibaki loses, he and almost all other PNU hang-ons will be dropped like bait literally to be fed on by the new government while they re-align their objectives. A majority of PNU baggage will be dropped regardless because their purpose becomes obsolete on Dec 27th. Otherwise if PNU was such a perfect vehicle, why would Muite opt out of it long before it started and even for a while Narc-K (Karua, Mungatana), check out Kanu strategy of 1 toe in and the rest of the body out. ITs an excellent strategy manufactured by only the most cunning of generals. I.e even if Kibaki somehow wins the election, he basically cannot count on any single party for support and will permanently be at the mercy of the puppeteers that is when not presiding over PNU affiliate party feuds. And only option would be to go back to sleep while all hell breaks loose. There is going to be such bickering in PNU post elections that will shame even the most ardent of their supporters, because like it or not, the only thread holding them together right now is Raila the Man.

    If anybody thinks Kibaki is the PNU unifying factor please retrace recent baby steps in history to how Kibaki held NARC Rainbow together.

    So I urge all ODM supporters and the few undecided that visit this blog lets all do Kibaki one last favor and cut him off the strings of the puppetteers by sending him home Dec 27th, so that he can retire peacefully.

  62. tnk says:

    According to PNU secretariat, PNU is not engaged in Propaganda and their strategy is for Kibaki and PNU to go door to door sensitizing voters on what Kibaki has done for them and what more he can do.

    my question is this, if he has done something would it not be other way round, like in yesteryears when delegations would troop to state house ostensibly to thank the president for this or other project and also present a laundry list of other projects.

    Reason for the sensitization is because its virtually non-existent and therefore you need to be given some super microscope (sensitized) to see it. Ha

    And no pumbavu would dare present at state house, a laundry list of issues to be resolved since it became out of bounds for many. Can someone tell Nyamweya to tone it down a little.

  63. eric madung says:

    Personaly i fear going to jail more than anything else , i dont think i would take any risk (even for my personal gain) that would put me in jail.And to think this man went to jail fighting for you and me is just special that iam short of words to express my apreciation.Tinga is a selfless person and knows what true leadrship is, that is “showing the way” , Jesus did not have money but he continues to show the way up to this day, Martin luther king did not bribe one million men to match to washington , i can quote a handfull of such heroes but you feel my drift. I strongly do believe that Raila , Amollo , mibie , hummer . Tinga , belongs to this category.

  64. jaugenya says:

    Swahili saying that capture Nyamyes incompetent stament is” kizuri chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza”

  65. jaugenya says:

    If these people have really “fanyad kazi” , why cant they let the kazi speak for it self do they have to hawk their achievements like mali kwa mali?If say i buy my uncle in ugenya a bycle i dont have to remind him that i bought him a bycle evertime i travel upcountry because he sees it and even rides it , most of all he knows where it came from and it will be disrespectful if i keep reminding him of the obvious.

  66. Yego says:

    Thanx to KTN Election 07 Programme yesterday.now kenyan know the kind of first lady we ll have from 28/12/07.She really humbled me especially those pics showing her when Agwambo was in detention.

  67. KIBIWOT says:

    RIVT VALLEY DON BUY KIBAKIS LIES!!!!!!!!!!KAZI IENDELEA is his slogan that means more ppl will be sucked so don be lied to

  68. pabokenya says:


  69. pabokenya says:

    we must come out and sell our man. he is the oly candidate thats is able to turn kenya around

  70. Erick Agwanda JA NYAKACH NYABONDO says:

    Kenya has seen leaders but none like Raila Odinga. This man has suffered for us when some of those who now want leadership or are in leadership were crawling in statehouse corridors and others enjoying ministerial positions. Please we have had enough rhetoric and come 27th we have to show these hypocrites the door. The hour of reckoning is here with us let us make it as resounding as it could ever be taking into account that the enemy is also fighting tooth and nail to save his retirement benefits. We have the power let us use it . Raila has shown that he has what it takes to lead kenya. God is with us I CAN ASSURE YOU. JUST DO YOUR PART BY VOTING RAILA AND THE PENTAGON AND CHUNGWA AT LARGE TO SHAME THE DEVIL.

  71. pabokenya says:

    all ODMers must convince atleast two ple to vote

  72. pabokenya says:

    on 27th we must wake to change the way work or sleep is going on in statehouse

  73. Mike says:

    Did someone read the standard Prof Henry Mwanzi’s article on DEVOLUTION.
    It was very insightful especially with what Kenyans are now enjoying. Democracy, multipartism which were rejected then as divisive but now people claim that Kibaki has opened the democratic space.

    I asked a friend of mine PNU supporter which Bible character she finds more captivating in leadership the answer was King David. And gave me reasons for her liking. So my next question was, Do you see those leadership qualities in KIBAKI the answer was NO. Then why do you go against what you define as the standard measure? I asked myself.

    I told her to go back and analyse what she defines as leadership because with me they are closer to Raila of all the Presidential candidates.

  74. Paul Gesimba says:

    Well what can I say Hon Raila is a true Kenyan hero a legend a man who can walk with kings and not llose the common touch as for Livondo or is it Livongo the least said about him the better since very little or anything is known about him But he is surely no match for Agwambo and cannot play in the same league

  75. pabokenya says:

    secretariat wake up, employ as many agents as posible, others sud just keep security outside the polling stations

  76. pabokenya says:

    who can rid kenya of tribalism? who can kill this cancer once and for all? who can unite all kenyans and makes us jivunie kuwa wakenya?

    who can make u proud of ua work? is it sleeping prezo who wakes up after 5 years and start realising that there is no district or universities in each region?

    who will make sure that kenyans are treated equally be it kikuyu,luo,mkamba, muslim,meru, somali,kale,luyha, omogusi?

    who will make sure that we have 30 million ple leaving above a dollar a day as opposed to 10 rich friends?

    who will not sleep on his job?

    who will make sure that even the guilty are protected till they are heard and justice done? who can make sure that our billions of shillings in offshore accounts are brought back home?

    who will give kenyans equal employmeny oportunities even whether ua name starts with a kamau,onyango, ngilu, osman, mohamed, kipkerui, ole ndiema?




  77. Yego says:

    Now that we have a new team which was actually proposed by bloggers in this page, i guess the country will be feeling ODM to the tip of their those.My advice to Hon Kajawang is that , dont take much time talking to the gathering but unleash the MAPAMBANO SONG as much as you can.
    Bravo the secretariat for listen to the voice of the pple.I guess this is wat most ODMers were longing for..Otieno kajwang Aka MAPAMBANO.

  78. pabokenya says:

    its our time to bring change to kenya

  79. pabokenya says:

    the only one who can bring this change is agwambo, all kenyans know this.therefore its incumbent upon us to make sure that we go out there and vote to the last man for this domo domo ple can dissappear.they are just hanging around kibaki coz of the thought they will be funded.

    as long as money continue to flow, they will be singing, so our ple must wake up and vote.

    support only is not enough, zoning odm zones is not enough, we have to wake up and vote to the last man

  80. pabokenya says:

    there is a wide rigging plot by trasfering voters from one costituency to another

  81. pabokenya says:

    my friend has just been trasfered to tetu in central province from siaya.these ple will stop at nothing to retain power but kenyans will never allow a rigged govt, we need change and we will get it emphatically on 28th dec. all u guys check ua details online at eck website pliz

  82. RAILA ODINGA: An enigma in Kenyan politics

    Badejo writes with the ease of an academic and the verve of an African minstrel versed in traditional storytelling.

    Conventional wisdom has it that an apple never falls too far for its tree. So, too, is the fate of those who enjoy great renowned and historical pedigrees by virtue of their lineage and heritage. Raila Amolo Odinga, the veritable subject of Babafemi Babdejo’s book, Raila Odinga: An enigma in Kenyan politics is no less the proverbial apple.

    Raila is the son of Honorable Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, a Kenyan nationalist, political icon, and its first Vice president on attaining independence. Like father like son, it is hardly surprising that Raila followed his father’s footsteps by immersing himself fully into the rabble-rousing and sometimes, raucous Kenyan partisan politics.

    In this biography of a modern Kenyan politician, Badejo has illuminated vagaries that drive partisan politics in Africa by tying together, the unique life of one man, that of the Kenyan nation and the diverse lives of his varied interlocutors and compatriots. Raila is compulsively human, but in the context of his political undertakings and career, of which we may not have seen the denouement, his adjectival qualification as an enigma has intense and unquestionable merit and validity. Indeed, an insight into his persona and politics, qualifies anyone to cast him in those immortal words of Sir Winston Churchill: “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Another confirmation of Raila’s enigmatic bona fides can be drawn from those enlightening words of Franz Kafka, that “there are two cardinal sins from which all the others spring: impatience and laziness.” In this autobiography, one fact that comes across clearly, is that Raila Odinga is in every sense of the word an impatient man. On the converse, he is extremely far from being lazy.

    Beyond the subject’s persona, Raila Odinga: An enigma in Kenyan politics is a book of introspection into critical facets of Kenyan politics and therefore, an introductory verse and great psychological insight to Kenyan ethnic groups, lore and traditional idiosyncrasies, all of which Raila personifies in different ways.

    In order to present Raila Odinga creditably to his readers, Babafemi Badejo goes to his roots, x-raying and dissecting not just his persona and political credentials, but how these juxtapose with his tribal antecedents and heritage. As a scion of a key, but not politically dominant Luo tribe, the author presents in Raila Odinga, a picture of how tribalism drives partisan politics in Kenya – a phenomenon that is commonplace in Africa. What the book also reveals is that political dichotomy is not so often ethnicity driven as it is personality driven. The subjugation of one’s tribe, as was the case with Odinga’s Luo tribe, was more often than not meant to stymie the probable challenge to the ruling political elite as well as their control of national resources and power. Invariably, imported ideology had its place too in the orchestration of such differences.

    Badejo offers us a broad portrait with intense minutia of Odinga as a man defined by his history, ethnicity, and politics. His life was in many ways an epilogue to Kenya and Africa’s decolonization struggle into which he was born and for which, his father was a well-known pan-Africanist. He grew up in a nation that mirrored other African countries in several ways. Kenyan politics offered a clear symmetry to those of other African countries. Just as Nigeria had its Lord Luggard, Kenya had his Lord Delamare. Just as many countries of Africa fought political wars to gain independence, Kenya had its maquis –the Mau Mau movement, which clashed with the aims of colonial masters. And like many African nations, Kenya and its people were not spared from the East-West ideological divide and their respective demands for unfettered loyalty.

    Badejo also highlights the ethnic imperative of partisan politics in Kenya, using various individuals as reference points. Similarities and differences among key pro-dependence politicians like Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Mboyo and Oginga Odinga, Raila’s father, seemed to have shaped, if not destined, the enigmatic persona that Raila assumed from childhood. The Catch-22 nature of Kenyan politics, the cross-carpeting, the making and unmaking of alliances and near absence of political loyalty were clearly fleshed out and captured in a nutshell by the observation that. “the assertion of ideological difference and personal leadership ambitions, accentuated the struggle between Tom Mboya and Oginga Odinga”

    Whilst ethnicity did not always play itself out as tribalism, the undertones were always there and in many instances were made manifest. Raila, it seemed, was from the outset committed to setting such negative values aside. Nevertheless, he was a Luo, and “being a Luo was and still is, to have an identity”. As a person with pedigree and as a Luo, Raila’s personality “was an identity shaped by shared values born of a rich range of cultural practices and activities”. These salutary values also made him a markedly different and resilient politician – someone who “protested without fear”.

    As one traverses this book, it becomes intensely obvious that the personality of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, especially his leadership traits and stubborn doggedness had impacted on the son. True to his Luo heritage, Raila mimicked his father in many respects. But he was also savvy in politics, inclined more towards what Nigeria’s elder statesman and politician Waziri Ibrahim, referred to as “politics without bitterness”. This trait was typically uncommon in African politics with its zero-sum-game tendencies. But it is even more revealing of the Raila enigma, when one considers that for all his father did towards Kenyan independence, which led to his becoming President Jomo Kenyatta‘s deputy, he was in the end sidelined, never to become President. This reality presents another symmetry albeit, one not presented in the book. Oginga Odinga’s nationalist role and eventually missing out on the big post closely resembles the fate that befell Chief Obafemi Awolowo of Nigeria. So far, the same fate seems to have befallen Raila.

    Beyond elucidating how ethnicity compelled or impeded individuals that were politically inclined, this book also shed light on the negative influence of ethnicity by illustrating its insidious nature when employed as a tool of intimidation and subjugation. Invariably, those who are in the minority politically or demographically bear the brunt. But more than anything else, the book laid bare the divisiveness of ethnicity in African politics where the concept of being in the opposition is tantamount to enmity. But there is also a salutary side to this: it was a combination of Kenyan political, cultural and ethnic realities that molded Raila into the enigma that he has become. But his family upbringing played a part too.

    His tutelage under his father and others, meant that he was schooled early in life on the “tremendous organizing and mobilizing capacity of an astute politician.” He grew up to be assertive and courageous and particularly “impatient” like his father. From his mother, Mary Odinga, he drew certain strengths including his strong personality and gravitas. But what set him out as an enigma was that he seemed to be a bunch of contradictions given that he was very accommodating, but also an avowed non-conformist. This would explain why he would be very respectful and kind at home, but took exception to thanking his teachers for doing a job they were paid for.

    Like most African countries, Kenya’s post-colonial and post-independence political environment was at best perfidious. Navigating it safely required deft abilities and adroitness. Raila has proven his mettles in this regard. Raila Odinga, for instance, is cast as being fixated on being a different brand of politician. This may be attributed to his having been sent off at the tender age of 16 to study in socialist East Germany, while in reality, having among his role models, the likes of Sir Winston Church, to whom he frequently compared himself, in a bid to validate some of his confounding and non-conformist political actions. Another fact that comes across clearly, is that as a child, Raila was positioned to learn from the successes and failings of older Kenyan politicians, his father included.

    Hence, though Raila may not have set out to attain the personal objective of being an enigma, his claim to that distinction (which some see as dubious) has arisen from his political nimbleness and ability to dine with the proverbial devil and proactively engage his adversaries, even to the extent of forming alliances with them. Whether he did this for Raila or in the Luo or national interest remains open to study.

    Raila Odinga’s critics readily contend that every one of his political acts is premised on Machiavellianism – and the end justifying the means doctrine. Many have noted how in 1992 he won a seat in parliament for the Lang’ata Constituency in Nairobi, as a candidate for FORD, only to abandon FORD in 1994 after his father’s death to assume a prominent leadership role in the National Development Party. Despite the political shift, he retained the Lang’ata Constituency seat and in the 1997 election, came in third in the presidential race. His critics find such deft political shiftiness rankling.

    However, his critics fail to clarify, for instance, why Raila, who was instrumental to the ousting of President Arap Moi and the election of President Kibaki in 2002 and had supported a military coup against Moi’s government in 1982, would stay back in Kenya rather than go safely into exile. In making the latter hard choice, he languished in jail for a decade. Such a choice, surely is not expedient, nor an act of a coward politician averse to self-deprivation or inclined to self-preservation. They fail to acknowledge the courage it took and the fact that it showed commitment to Kenya’s wellbeing. Similarly, they refuse to contemplate the possibility that Raila may indeed be unique enough to rise above the fray of partisan politics, his Luo heritage notwithstanding.

    If Badejo had set out to discover Raila Odinga, whom did he find? And what is it that makes Raila Odinga a certified enigma? In the book’s epilogue titled, “Who is Raila?” the various commentaries about him by his family and interlocutors affirm his bona fides as an enigma. Let’s contemplate these comments on Odinga:

    He is not a thinker but makes friends around the world importing what has been done in other places without justification for Kenya … other than it had been done in Nigeria and South Africa.. ;

    [Raila is] at once a personification of his family and community.. a psychosis and psychology forged by the Luo conviction that they are outsiders in the Kenyan State..;

    [He] is a misunderstood individual.. a patriot and nationalist.

    Paradoxically, it is the latter categorization that places Raila Odinga on the same pedestal with many of the world’s great thinkers and leaders as well as some great politicians of our times, from Albert Einstein to Bertrand Russell and from Kwame Nkrumah to Bill Clinton. In summary, as Davinda Lamba noted, “Raila is not unusual in Kenya”, nor indeed, in Africa and our globalized world.

    Although self-preservation is the strongest human instinct, Raila has without doubt engaged in measures that may suggest that he threw caution to the winds. But some of these have been strategic political moves, which to some makes him suspect. Raila remains cognizant of these criticisms, and indeed responds to them. Conscious of the criticisms about being an opportunist and a carpet-crossing carpetbagger, he rebuts the view thus: “Although I have been criticized for changing political parties, I have maintained that at no time have we compromised our principles”. His use of the royal we is hardly incidental. Also in making this point, he draws a parallel between himself and Churchill, who once said: “I am what I have always been – A Tory Democrat. Force of circumstances has compelled me to serve with another party.”

    As if to affirm his place and stand in history, Raila also validate his modus operandi with the Churchillian escapism, that: “Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; other change their principles for the sake of their party.” As Badejo documents for posterity, all of Raila’s political savvy has not made him immune to the vagaries of African and indeed Kenyan politics. Like his father, he too was stumped, when after helping President Kibaki come to office he was not rewarded commensurately, but dumped when Kibaki reneged on the quiet compact between them to assign him the Prime Minister portfolio. This reality was a harsh replay of what Jomo Kenyatta had done to Raila’s father, Oginga Odinga.

    Badejo writes with the ease of an academic and the verve of an African minstrel versed in traditional storytelling. He captures with incisive precision, compassion and brutal candor, Raila’s whims, his near schizophrenic political persona and his human strengths, weaknesses and imperfections. In so doing he also unmasks character traits of the Kenyan political maquis. What Badejo also brings to the fore is that the bare-knuckle politics, in which Raila has been immersed and has managed to survive, were by no means a measure of Kenya’s democratic credentials or its robustness. After all, former President Arap Moi had successfully reduced Kenya to a one-party state and as some would readily suggest, to being only a democracy in name.

    This book is personal, historical, political — and if I dare say – sociological and anthropological. It is an eye-opening account and a visage into the hidden world of Kenyan politics, ethnicity, and public personalities. Also, it offers an insight and a riveting account of a man that has been dubbed an “intrepid politician.” Raila Odinga”s life and politics is still very much a work in progress. For now, he bestrides Kenyan politics like a bridge over troubled waters. Well anchored, his payday at the political helm in Kenya may yet come? No….it has come!

    Does that help you understand the man? Pass this to friends who seek to understand the enigma.

  83. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    As we guard our ODM votes, let us all go out and campaign for Raila and his ODM team of leaders. ODM policies are in the best interest ofd all Kenyans

  84. kip says:

    Watching kibaki campaign lately one cannot help but notice that The man looks disoriented. He could not piece together a coherent sentence. I could hear the crowd laughing at him, but he thought they were laughing with him. Someone close to him should have done him a favor asked him to retire instead of walking to the inevitable defeat like a cow to the slaughterhouse

    when did kibaki loose you?


  85. Paul Gesimba says:

    Recently a fake MOU has been going round and also a fake biography of Agwambo these is all part of the hate campaign but as the old saying goes frogs croacking in the pond have not stopped the cows from drinking water and the Mou also made the current adminstration realise that they probably need the Muslims vote more than the Muslim need them and it is now time to recognise their voting power .

  86. kirwa muttai edwin dr. says:

    It is clearly evident on the ground that agwambo’s chances for glinching the top post of our nation is almost a foregone conclusion.after leading for five consecutive times in the opinion poll nothing couldn’t be right or obvious as this show of success.the opinion poll cant go wrong five times!!!!!

    This is given credence by the fact that hardliners like HON.Somion nyachae has for once in alife time admitted that after all he has no grudge against the HUMMER,i should think that it is about time people should start mending fences.becouse agwambo is unstoppable.I expect others to follow siut and let agwambo go ,just like Pharaoh let the children of israel go.Agwambo has the people of kenya with him and at heart , he should be let to take kenyans to their destiny.Our destiny is not in corruption ,not in manipulation by the executive,but in just governance,equitable distribution of national resources,justice to all,just as we are all equal before GOD.The privilleges of our nation is not the preserve of the chosen few but every legible citizen.
    I was suprise to hear the other day the cow dung theory by ngunyi about kalenjins.we the kalenjins are no longer stupid to listen to this doomsday manipulators.He should there seek audince elsewhere,outside of the continent.

    RAILA will bring about the desired change,that which we all have been yearning to see since independence.44 years have gone while we have been waiting for society where all have equal opportunities in a just goverment.

    DURING the times of kenyatta,they had said the leadership will not cross river chania,today kibaki is our president.DURING the same period they had said they will not allow the leadership to leave the house of mumbi ,MOI ruled for 24years,he could still be ruling.they had said that he was a passing cloud…the cloud persisted for a quarter of a century, hanging in the air.moi talked of a bandwagon hurtling to destruction….!

    THEY have once and again repeatedly said that luos cannot lead ,this is the year that this false prophecy will die a natural death.i expect people to be honest with themselves like nyachae and simply admit that this is the election that they will lose if they are in opposssing sides with agwambo.

    I admire Hon kalonzo musyoka who admits that by all standards numbers are not in his favor going by things on the ground,he futher goes on to invoke the fact that ,it is only a miracle that can change things differently.i want to led him know that election winners are dtermined by the numbers of followers one has.

    congratulation raila for dealing satisfactorily with the thorny MOU with the muslims.you put this to rest.

  87. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mzee Nyachae says that Kibaki is the best president that Kenya has ever had. Oh, Mzee Nyachae, your comment shows that you are overdue for retirement. Kibaki is the worst leader Kenya has ever had. Let us examine them.

    Mzee Kenyatta: Pros: Orator, Thundering voice that one never tires of listening to, Non-vindictive, Would never allow mercenraries in Kenya; Cons: Corruption/Grabbing, Tribalism, Too much Kiambuism in him, Killings of prominent Kenyans like Mboya, JM

    Mzee Moi: Pros: In touch with the common man, Would never allow mercenaries in Kenya, While not an orator he has a great sense of humour, Kind; Cons: Vindictive, Grand corruption, Intrusive, Selfish, Killing of Robert Ouko

    Mzee Kibaki: Pros: Generally a gentleman and amiable, Allowed growth of more democratic space in Kenya, Non-intrusive; Cons: Weak leader giving room to others to assume his powers, Corruption, Allowed mercenaries to come to Kenya and attack Kenyans, Doubtful whether he is healthy enough to know what is going on at all times

    Arap Mibey, incoming Rais: Pros: The answer to Kenya’s prosperity, integrity, and unity, the answer to Kenya’s bright future; Cons: Hope he will give himself a two-weeks’ time-off after every Jamhuri Day to be with his entire family, From what we have seen so far, need to remember to take time off

  88. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear Genuine President of Kenya, Hon. Raila Odinga,

    You are a very resilient man and you care for justice otherwise you would not have taken the path that landed you in detention under Moi.

    As I write this missive, Mr. President, there are three facts that are very disturbing to me and, I am sure, to millions of other Kenyans.

    1. Fact Number One: Kibaki stole the presidency and denied Kenyans justice and their democratic rights. Will this brutal attack on Kenyans be allowed to pass by?

    2. Fact Number Two: Kibaki and his brutal administration and security forces have killed hundreds of Kenyans. Will this massacre of innocent Kenyans, who were crying out for justice and a respect of their democratic rights be allowed to pass by as if nothing happened?

    3. Fact Number Three: Kibaki is talking not about injustice but cooling the violence for which he is the chief author. Is this not an insult to the intelligence of Kenyans who need, first and foremost, justice to be carried out and seen to be carried out in the just concluded presidential elections?

    Hon. Raila, I urge you to stand for nothing but the truth and justice for all Kenyans.

    The starting point is: FOR KIBAKI TO STEP DOWN AND CONCEDE. If he does not agree to this, then new presidential elections need to be held in Kenya within the next three months.

    Kibaki’s tossing of an idea to form a Truth and Reconcilliation Commission is just to add insult to injury and demean the people of Kenya. There is no meaningful reconciliation in Kenya unless and until Kibaki, who stole the presidency and in so doing committed a monstrous crime that has killed hundreds of Kenyans, steps down.

    Kenya has no future if the so-called leaders that Kenya has are the likes of Kibaki and Michuki, who are fuelling hatred amongst the Kenyan people for their own selfish ends.

  89. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Dear Cardinal Njue,

    cc: Pope Benedict VI (benedictxvi@vatican.va )

    I beseech you, as head of the Catholic Church in Kenya, to issue a statement on the current massacre of Kenyans by the brutal and illegitimate Kibaki government.

    Such a statement would go a long way in giving Kenyans a ray of hope and encouragement at this darkest moment in the history of their country. If you, Cardinal Njue, issue a pastoral letter assuring Kenyans that you are in touch with Mwai Kibaki and Hon. Raila Odinga to hammer out an acceptable and just solution to the current crisis, Kenyans will see some hope.

    As it is becoming very clear now to all, Kibaki is like a stone. He does not feel. He does not see. He does not hear. As Kenyans are being massacred on his orders, Kibaki is talking about a “bright outlook” for the economy.

    The majority of Kenyans, who are concerned for the future of their country, have to be fearful about what lies ahead for Kenya. I am an individual who reads, hears, and sees, and analyze for myself. I am not a cynic. I love Kenya and would like to see a united and loving country. I would like to see a country where everyone is free and save to live and do business anywhere in the country.

    I would like to see a country where all Kenyans have equal opportunities to education, health care, and business opportunities. I appreciate that, in Kenya like elsewhere in the world, some people have an acumen for doing business, others for farming, and yet others for fishing, etc.

    That is okay. God created diversity which should be cherished by individuals and government alike. The government is not to categorize people or discriminate against any group of people for any reason whatsoever.

    In the last few weeks, Mwai Kibaki, has undone all good deeds that he has done for Kenya since independence. He has massacred Kenyans in their hundreds. He is the ultimate responsible party for all atrocities committed on Kenyans by the security forces.

    To an independent observer, Mwai Kibaki is acting like a machine or a robot that is being driven hither and thither at the whim of his close associates. There is nothing that Kibaki can do now to restore peace, stability, and justice in Kenya. Kibaki, under the direction of some of his selfish associates, is the author of the injustice of robbing Kenyans of their presidency, which they had given to Hon. Raila Odinga.

    I beseech you, Cardinal Njue, to talk to Mwai Kibaki and convince him to step down for his own sake and that of his country. Cardinal Njue, when you look at millions of youth and the anger they have, then you know, for sure, that there is no future for Kenya.

    Kibaki can save Kenya by stepping down and apologizing to Kenyans that his government made mistakes that have plunged the country into such sad circumstances.

    For Kibaki to exit, with honour, I propose, Cardinal Njue, that you and other clerics together with East African, the EU, British, and the USA diplomats, hammer out an exit plan for Kibaki that would see him endorse Hon. Raila Odinga for the presidency while the latter absolves Kibaki from blame for what the country has gone through since December 27, 2007.

    If need be, Hon. Raila Odinga could also be called upon to declare amnesty for the Goldenburg and Anglo-Leasing culprits if such an action will help assure Kibaki’s associates.

    The legal implications of Kibaki endorsing Raila at this moment may be worked out and, if need be, could be set aside under the current extraordinary circumstances.

    Cardinal Njue, the only way out for Kibaki and Kenya to avoid utter ruin is for Kibaki to step down. The Moi era officials may be advising Kibaki to stay put as things will calm down after sometime. Kenya calming down again will never happen. Too many people have been cut down and their deaths will not be in vain.

    As you can see, Cardinal Njue, until justice is done and seen to be done, there will be no let up in protests against the illegitimate government of Mwai Kibaki and these protests will soon graduate into sabotage and guerilla warfare. Kenya will never be the same again unless courageous and unselfish leaders, and I believe that you are one of them, step forward and give firm guidance.

    When you are fighting against the youth, then you are the loser. They have the determination and the grit to fight on and passionately so. Kenya will lose heavily if Kibaki stayed on as the illegitimate president of Kenya.

    I have seen it firsthand and I have written before that Kenya is a time bomb that will explode anytime unless all forms of injustices are redressed in Kenya. Mwai Kibaki had the opportunity to build a united Kenya after being elected by over 3.8 million Kenyans from all parts of Kenya in 2002.
    Instead, Kibaki went on to discriminate against Kenyans from ethnic groups other than his own.

    There is nothing Kibaki can do in the immediate and long-range future to correct the wrongs he has committed against Kenyans. There is nothing Kibaki can do to bring back to life the hundreds of Kenyans his government has cut down. There is no gun lethal enough to kill the determination of Kenyans to have their democratic rights respected and to see their chosen leader, Hon. Raila Odinga, lead them.

    Kibaki may feel safe, for now, with the help of Ugandan mercenaries but this is a mirage. Uganda depends on Kenya for survival and it will not be impossible to bring Uganda to its senses in the shortest period.

    The Kenyan military may be confused right now but they will also soon realize that they have failed to protect Kenyans and the integrity of their country by allowing a foreign army to invade their country.

    Cardinal Njue, this is the moment for you to play a leading role to save our country. Kibaki is not leading and needs to be led and guided.

    If you, Cardinal Njue, accepts to do something for Kenya, i pray to God to richly equip you with the knowledge and the right words and body language to stand firm and justly for the people of Kenya before Kibaki and to remind him that like King Saul, Kibaki’s time is up and he should just leave and retire.

    If he leaves now, Kibaki will have salvaged something valuable for his retirement and will call and hug his grandchildren without feeling guilty that he has ended the lives of other people’s grandchildren and they would not be running to their grandpas for hugs.

  90. Steve wagude "Otula" says:

    Is MP for othaya in his mind really.How can you form truth and recnciliation commette and you already aware of the truth.This man is jocking with us.He even goes appointing people he knows very well are drunk with power to spear head talks.People who can even tell you that since dec 27 only 12 people have died in the clashes.Somebody like kalonzo shouldn’t even be talked to.If possible ODM should even send some concillors from lodwar to go and here what he has for the so called reconciliation.Does kalonzo really recall how kibaki was and everything he said about kibaki.He is here talking an advantage of the situation thinking that incase of anything he may take the office.I can never forgive kalonzo,nyachae ,kombo,karua,michuki,and the school boy alfred mutua.
    Cardinal njue,you have nothing to tell us.You have decieved kenyans from the word go.

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