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  1. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Kenyans are yearning for real change. We are tired of more of the same same old story of kazi iendelee – to where and for what?? They will continue with their lies, corrupt ways of doing things – more of the same since independance.

    Real change will only be realised through Raila and his ODM team of great thinkers and leaders. KAZI IANZE SASA!

    VOTE RAILA and his ODM team of leaders. ODM CHUNGWA MOJA MAISHA BORA. Kazi ianze sasa!

  2. Otieno says:

    Kenyans are yearning for true change like never before. They have endured over 40 years of oppression by the minority. They have been patient but now, enough is enough! Kenyans stopped trusting in their institutions (read government) a long time ago. Government has been synonymous with oppression, corruption, theft, insecurity, inequality, and the list goes on and on.

    Majority of Kenyans now trust in people, not institutions. If leaders can bring change, are sincere and trustworthy, Kenyans will trust in them. If people trust their leaders it follows that they will trust their institutions. ODM has fine men and women, true sons and daughters of Kenya who will bring about this change. ODM leadership represents this change Kenyans are yearning for. Vote ODM and vote for real change!

  3. ken says:

    I came across a testament to the kind of change Kenyans yearn for, this video titled tumechoka should be a wake up call to those standing in the way of change,, which brings me to one issue i haven’t heard our esteemed party talk about. What is our stand on the ridiculous MP pay, we should take the high ground on this issue. I propose that ODM be strengthened for the sake of ensuring change even after this election. Let us take a page from the ANC and push for change that benefits the common man on the street. All the best to Raila and company, I am beginning to see some positive movement on your campaign, releasing the MOU was a great move which should have been done sooner, now lets keep hammering the message that we represent the wishes of a majority of Kenyans.

  4. Maru Kapkatet says:


    There is a rumor circulating in Nairobi currently to the effect that the Government Printer has produced hundreds of thousands of cartoon/graphic/pictorial flyers or posters depicting an image of Honourable Raila Odinga “shooting” or “strangling” an image of Mzee Moi apparently in reference to the 1982 coup attempt.

    The intention of the Kibaki campaign or at least the authors of the outrageous flyer is to distribute it all over Kalenjin land in order to provoke them to anger and turn them against Raila. If the rumour is true and the Kibaki campaign has produced such a graphic, then they should know that:

    1. They are degrading the dignity of Mzee Moi by presenting him as a mere campaign tool whose image can be defaced as and when needed
    2. They are degrading the dignity of the entire Kalenjin population by depicting them as foolish people who are not capable of thinking and analyzing things

    If Mzee Moi, who is held in high esteem despite political differences by many Kenyans, allows himself to be treated as a mere campaign object or tool, then he is letting down millions of Kenyans who still respect him.

    There was one Major General (the commander of the Kenya Air Force at that time) from Nyeri who was court-martialed and found guilty of either actively participating in the coup attempt or not attempting to put it down. He was the highest military officer associated with the 1982 coup attempt. Why is the Kibaki campaign not using his image on their cartoons?

    Some malicious lies will backfire and this one will backfire. You may refer to Kalenjins as “Wachinga” but do not fool yourself that they indeed are.

  5. kip says:

    Raila Odinga

    Sir, all your life you were told the things you cannot do. All your life they said you are not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they said you were the wrong tribe or the wrong character or the wrong type to be president or to be this or be that or achieve this.

    They told you NO a thousand times. NO, until all the NO’s become meaningless. All your life they Told NO, quite firmly and very quickly But Raila, know that the people are with you. Others have unashamedly written that in Kenya today, we have men like you Raila who are more suited to the role of a critic while men like Kibaki and his cabal of tribal lieutenants such as Michuki, Karume, Wanjuhi, Uhuru et al are men more suited to running governments

    read here..

  6. Otiff says:

    Good piece of article Kip…it really moves me as a person.

    I happened to be listening to classic 105 KIVUMBI Program last nite where listeners we calling to vote for a presidential candidate of their choice come 27th December and the reasons of their choice. What surprised me was the show ended unceremoniously unlike in the post where they have carried on this exercise and tallied the votes. That aint a big deal anyway but the message that ODM supporters were relaying was for CHANGE. Please we need to package this message well enough so that it can reach the people on the ground. Whereever you please PREACH CHANGE….

  7. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    A very good article, Kip. I would encourage the rest to read it.

    We must ensure that we lay bare the truth about our candidate. There are a number of Kenyans who do not support him purely due to misinformation and the propaganda that Moi and Kibaki regimes have manufactured over the years about him. I honestly believe that such people would be easy to convert once they know the real Raila Odinga.

    This is the man Kenya needs, I know it, I believe you know it; the task is to make everyone know it.

    The future is ours, let’s take charge of it.

    (Bwana moderator, I sent you mail yesterday on something very sensitive, have you received it?, can you follow it up with me so that I can provide the details)

  8. Limo Jnr. says:

    Dear odm’ers Have you read the printed version of nation and standard!!! There is the real MOU with and on the oposite page the response by ODM.
    I rather like the reminder on the commanment about loving thy neighbour and this two others
    Exodus (20:16) USISEME UONGO and
    Exodus (20:15) USIIBE.

    But I know the secretariat din’t want to over do stuff but let me add one more

    Exodus (20:13)
    But now that every one knows the truth then,we are left wondering why the other side wanted to lie about it. That is sinking so low no wonder our candidate never wanted to respond.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Kip…….I have finally got a glimpse on the MOU. Thank you; for the truth will surely set us free. The truth I believe which we are standing for. This MOU thing was putting me on edge, after reading the fake one I held my breath waiting for the real one just to make sure the contents are different.


  10. Yego says:

    Its time for real change and definate change.we want to come back to our country our beautiful mother land which is non comparable to any in the world.Last few days i was home and ma four year old son was telling me he misses me whenever im away from them, then i asked him what i should do to be with them and his answer was Vote for Agwambo then he ll give you a job.His answer moved me to tears coz i realised that even ma kid was feeling the oppression of the kibaki regime and he was yarning for change too.Comrades, lets bring change for the sake of all of us as kenyans, its now or never.

  11. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    kip…thanks u so much for the amazing article CHUGWA MOJA needs someone like u who is so positive and DIE HARD MAN….on the contrary the MOU between the muslims and OUR PRESIDENT was finally revealed and we us ODMers and muslim were shocked about the propaganda and the heat that has being generated about the false MoU that has been circulated in the internet by our opponents.

    am now relived about the truth and now that the PANUA guys will have a different story to tell coz now that kenyans know the the truth infact (THE WHOLE TRUTH) about the MoU and i say KUDOS to our PRESIDENT COME 2008 AGWANBO. our prayers is with you RAILA.

    KENYANs need total change and the change through HON RAILA AND THE ODM PENTAGONS and ODM SUPPORTERS.



  12. Philip (The visitor) says:

    Truth has won, is winning and will always win.

    In the past I didn’t request for “The real MOU” but I demanded for it to be given to us Kenyans. Luckily we now have true leaders, who are there to serve us, for they have given us the True MOU.

    Thanks also for all media for reporting it in newspapers – unity in Kenya is of utmost importance. I would also like to thank Nation Media for their refusal to air any propaganda adverts which incidentally came from one direction – PNU.

    I would also like all of us to take note of what Wangari Maathai, Paul Muite and Matere Keriri said. I’m sure they now know how evil PNU is. Matere Keriri mentioned about “Agenda 2012” formulated by PNU bigwigs. Can PNU clarify that. I think we have heard rumours about this “Agenda 2012”. Is it the one that is synonimous with the following names, Uhuru, Saitoti, Moi and now Kibaki has been added? if so then is Kombo lying to his tribesmen that he’s going to be the next president?

    I would also like to thank Were we the ones who were happy when Kibaki took powers from Moi and we knew corruption is a thing of the past? Were we so overjoyed that Moi was finally out, together with Biwott?

    I would also like to thank NAMLEF for exposing the real Raila, Kibaki and Kalonzo. Can we Christians look at these people again and see who is the right person. I’ll always say that the virtue of a person isn’t what he professes but what he does. Kibaki is busy going to catholic church and ensuring that this is recorded in TV channels but then he allows his people to spread lies about his competitors. Everytime I used to see these propagandas I was always crying out aloud, “CAN CHRISTIAN SEE THAT?” some clery were even pulled to this evil called PNU.

    Finally two lethal blows were thrown by ODM in a day. Before they could spread one of the propagandas ODM had warned our brothers in Rift Valley. Then they released the true MOU.

    Now ODM is winning to the extend that City Council is being forced to deny that PNU had booked all the venues. Fear has gripped NCC.


    A friend of mine who is a “Kikuyu makanga” believe Raila is the best, though I’m not sure who he is going to vote for, while another who is a “Kikuyu barber” wants Raila to win. PNU has a slighly high attendance in their rallies because people believe that is where there is money.

  13. Otieno says:


    See this post by Maru

    Maybe that’s the “Agenda 2012”?

  14. Otieno says:

    This is why Kenyans want change: While most of us are going hungry, others are eating Ksh 1million per plate dinners. Here’s a list of the usual suspects in who attended:

    1. Deepak Kamani – Owner of Anglo Leasing, wanted by Kenya Police but managed to dine without being arrested

    2. Paul Ndungu – Front man for Chris Murungaru looted billions

    3. Nat Kangethe – Looter of Kenya Meat Commission

    4. Kamlesh Pattni – Owner of Goldenberg, single largest scandal in East African history

    5. Nicholas Biwott – Kanu hawk and future VP if Kibaki wins, looter of Turkwell Gorge, murderer of Ouko

    6. Joe Wanjui – Owner of Steadman, allocated massive plots in Upperhill during Kenyatta times

    7. Fr Wamugunda – Pervert catholic priest, lover of Martha Karua

    8. Amos Kimunya – ex Finance Minister, allocated massive plots when Minister of Lands, involved in the illegal sale of Telkom

    9. Njenga Karume – failed businessman, allocated and sold huge land in Nakuru to Government, Mungiki godfather

    10. John Michuki – failed businessman, owner of Windsor, built on stolen land, Director of Triple A capital, connected to Kenya Pipeline scandal at beginning of Kibaki term, RATTLESNAKE

    11. Ephraim Maina – owner of Kirinyaga Construction, referred to as “cowboy contractor” as he never completes any job, recent loser of PNU nominations

    12. Naushad Merali – Looter of Moi era, severally mentioned in the Kroll Report

    13. Mukhisa Kituyi – broke Minister who suddenly purchased a chopper from proceeds of Sugar scam deals

    14. Peter Munga – Chairman, Equity Bank, involved in financing recent poll violence through his bank

    15. Jimnah Mbaru – Chairman, Dyer and Blair, man who caused a drop in the NSE due to loose talk

    16. Simeon Kirgotty – Registrar of Motor Vehicles, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    17. Prof Abdul-Aziz Shankat – Vice Chancellor Egerton University, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    18. Peter Mwangi, MD ICDCI, involved in the collapse of Ushumi, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    19. Cyrus Gituai – Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    20. Dr Roamno Kiome – Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    21. Duncan Wachira – Former Police Commissioner, presided over pathetic tribunal sham that cleared Arthur Brothers of any wrong

    22. Eddy Njoroge – Head of Kengen, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    23. Titus Mbathi – Chairman Kengen, Permanent Secretary, attended illegally as Kenyan law does not allow civil servants to campaign

    24. B. D. Shah – Chairman, Bidco Industries, partner of Nicholas Biwott,involved in stealing Uganda protected land

    25. And the list goes on…

  15. Philip (The visitor) says:

    Thanks Otieno for that. now i can see the pieces of that “jigsaw puzzle” fitting together.

  16. Abok says:

    Four arrested with anti-ODM leaflets in Iten, Rift Valley_ is the breaking news form Nation web.

  17. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Abok the arrest are fake. The police is just saving the lives of the people from Wananchi. They will be released before sunset. Have they arrested Nyachae and Wanjala?
    Did you note the name of the person charged with purchasing Pangas from Nakumatt? By publishing the name of a suspect before trial is over, are we not infringing on that persons rights? Yes, but there is a message in publishing the name.

  18. Hk Wiliams says:


    i tend to agree with Raila’s father ‘NOT YET UHURU’. we only replaced white dictators with black ones.

    Kenya is headed for independence – 27TH DECEMBER 2007.

    This is the time that REAL CHANGE is going to roll down like high waters and DEVELOPMENTS like a mighty stream

    i need an orange.

    Haraambeeeeee !!!!!!! ODM!!!!!
    Haraambeeeeee !!!!!!! ODM!!!!!

    ODM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHUNGWAA!!!!!!!!!!
    ODM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHUNGWAA!!!!!!!!!!

    CHUNGWA MOJA!!!!!!!!

  19. Hk Wiliams says:

    CHUNGWA MOJA!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAISHA BORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CHUNGWA MOJA!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAISHA BORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yego says:

    What happened to Gumo????? CAN SOMEONE GLARIFY, check

  21. Auki Ollows says:

    You are right McJairo… Those people were saved from definite lynching. Why can’t someone tell PUNU that Rift Valley is long gone?

    I now feel positive energy in the blog!


  22. kip says:

    The record of the Kibaki administration is mixed – and judged wildly differently depending on where you are in the social strata and whether you live in the country’s parched semi-desert north, its lush central highlands or the muggy swampy coast. all the same the economy has grown which is good news for us. I Will give him a B+

    Kibaki has failed to deliver on key issues such as corruption and crime that has runaway especially with organized crime such as mungiki , the MT eLgon ” clashes” or rather intra-clan wars,… corruption remains endemic, sapping profits, preventing reform, and perverting the circulation of capital. Mr Kibaki was elected on an anti-graft ticket as much as an anti-Moi ticket, but has failed to rein in both petty and grand corruption.Here I will give him an C

    BUT for the RAILA bashing. That was uncalled for.A CLEAR sign of Desparation .Rather than outline a clear message of hope, they chose the fear-mongering route. for this he gets an F!

    -rather than demonstrate unity of purpose in PANU, they advocated contradictory positions (”we will field joint PANU candidates” vs “our constituent party will field its own candidates, but we will support Kibaki”). You will notice that nothing was resolved, and this issue was brushed under the carpet, waiting to explode. grade D-

    OVERALL GRADE = C and student cannot qualify for a second chance,

  23. Zizi says:

    Kenya is a great country. When I travel around I have always thought about Kenya. I wonder why our leaders have not turned Kenya’s potential into a real world super power! I do not understand why when glabal reports are released Kenya performs dismally especially on corruption and human development. We need a leader who sees Kenya in 100 yrs. Kenya as real powerhouse where poverty, corruption, unemployment….name them are histrory. That is the country I wanna live,. Please tell Raila Amollo Odinga, he is the only revolutiary.

    Why should someone like Uhuru Kenyatta think of being Kenya’s president. What is Uhuru?What is his vision? Who knows him? Who identifies with him other than Gideon Moi and the likes. We cannot afford to risk the country’s future in the hands of such people. I believe in real change. Only new ideas can bring about such change. Not mere ambition. Tell Uhuru.

    God bless Kenya.

  24. tnk says:


    excellent info. hope that gets widely distributed. have already sent to some 50 guys

  25. Otsiatso says:

    Can someone please update the news about the anti-ODM flyers found in Iten?
    Also where is the second team of Pentagon in RV?

  26. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kibaki sees the change Kenyas are yearning for in a different wa. His rallying call is: KAZI IENDELEE. Analyze this rallying call and put it in its proper context.
    When Kibaki says, “Kazi Iendelee”, what message is he trying to put across and to whom? In Kibaki’s rallying call, I observe the following:

    1. He is giving a command/instruction/advice from him to others
    2.He is implying that he is not joining them in the work

    So who could these others that he is giving the command be? Of course, it could be all Kenyans able to work. In the context of the circumstances under which the rallying call is made, there is no doubt, though, that Kibaki is making the call directly to Vice-President Uhuru Kenyatta. Why would Kibaki not be among the workers? The answer to this latter question is retirement.

    Kibaki sees himself winning the presidential vote on December 27, 2007. He also sees himself departing from the style of leadership that he has struggled with in the last five years. The next five years, Kibaki has decided, will see him take the role of a caretaker/mentor type of president who will leave the running of the country to Uhuru. With Uncle George (they have forgiven him for abandoning his sis and her son in 2002) on hand to guide and disperse obstacles, Uhuru will have no problem running the country. Mzee Kibaki has therefore planned to use the next five years semi-retired.

    He plans to spend most of his time in the next five years getting healthier and improving his golf game. He plans to lower his golf handicap to a level that will enable him to enter a seniors ‘golf tournament. For the next five years, each day will start with a brief (brief because he has a lot of confidence in the young man and so has Mzee Dan) briefing, then keep-fit exercises on the newly-installed exercising machines at State House, followed by some rounds of golf at Muthaiga Golf Club. He will close the day with a chat at State House with his Muthaiga buddies.

    He has convinced himself that he has to stick to this regime religiously in order to make up for the stressful last five years. The MOU fallout and the external pressure to sideline someone he knew had single-handedly helped him win the presidency, the referendum loss, and the humiliation he suffered when some of the ministerial appointees publicly turned down his appointments had taken a huge toll on him and he has to make up for it.

    Kenyans have to foot the bill by granting him a generous time-offor semi-retirement.
    Already, he has detailed Uhuru Kenyatta to draw up, with Uncle George’s help, the new Cabinet to be sworn in January 2008. Based on that Cabinet list, they will know where surges in campaign resources have to be applied.

    The Cabinet list Uhuru has been detailed to make could be adjusted, if necessary, in January 2008. Uhuru’s fingerprints will be all over the new Cabinet but this must be concealed from everyone else except Mzee Dan, Uncle George, and himself.

    He concurs with Mzee Dan that everything doable has to be done to show gratitude to Mzee and keep his flame burning both in the corridors of power as well as at the mausoleum. Mzee’s family has to get back to ruling Kenya. It is now or never that the next cycle of the ruling dynasty has to be launched.

    As he campaigns, Kibaki has to repeat the message to the young man to take care of business starting January 2008 as he (Kibaki) eases into retirement during the next five years which will see him retire in deed while remaining president only in spoken and written word.

    People are talking about a 2012 presidentail election? Forget it. It will not be competitive but a mere formality. The December 27, 2007 election will take care of the period 2007-2022 and even beyond by Kibaki and Mzee Dan’s elaborate plan.

  27. Otsiatso says:

    Agent4change ODM needs to keep emphasizing the Kibaki sin of rendition [call it what it is – deportation] of Kenyan Moslems to US and Ethiopia. Rendition is ODM’s trump card in the Coast and NEP.
    All the local aspirants and MP campaigners should remind the voters about rendition.

    Kibaki needs to explain:
    1. Why were kenyans deported to the US and Ethiopia?
    2. What is the govt. doing to get these Kenyans back?
    3. Were they deported because they were Muslims?
    4. Why are there no prominent Muslims in govt. positions?
    5. Why do Moslems have to show more iDs than other Kenyans to get a passport?

    As for the noise by the PNU churches….well, any sane Kenyans knows that for most non-Moslem Kenyans, once they are behind closed door, naked ethnicity emerges. It does not surprise one that even in Nairobi there are Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo fellowships. In other words most first identify with ethnicity, regardless of how one feels about that, and then they are Christians, teachers etc.. I have been around many evangelicals to whom this MOU propaganda was supposed to win over, who are virulent tribalists.

    Instead of wiping the egg off their face they are spreading it – poor Panuistas!

  28. new-edition says:


    Acts of hopelessness and desperation by PNU are in full display. Always unimaginative, always shooting themselves in the head. Commiting crime in the process. Abusing the provincial administration and state resources in the process.

    Always being caught red handed. Impunity, impunity, impunity. Mtafanya nini attitude. Arrested culprits are quickly released on orders from ABOVE. And PNU thinks it will get away with it. PNU thinks voters will fall in love with their dirty tricks, just a month into the elections.

    I knew this phase of desperation by PNU was coming. After they tried every trick in the book, after Kibaki distributed all goodies around Kenya, only to see his poll numbers still trailing Raila in every province of Kenya but his native Central & Meru neighbours.

    Then his positive campaign about the so called development agenda came crumbling down. Nobody was buying the development mantra when they realized they are being taken for a long ride in view of blatant inequalities, inequities and unfair distribution of resources. Many panicked at prospects of being sidelined for yet another five years courtesy of Mt Kenya Mafias trinity doctrine of; corruption, tribalism and skewed distribution of resources.

    No one outside Central Kenya is buying that crap. Thus PNU quickly unveils its lets-play-dirty manual. Problem is, the dirt will only backfire and stick on PNU. Check these reports to believe.

    ODM must continue exposing these shady scams and propaganda by the inept PNU operatives. The public will share in the amusement at the shoody and desperate attempts by Kibaki to hang on to power. They will laugh more in classic entertainment as he finally comes tumbling down on Dec 27th.

    The wrath from the vigilant Rift valley electorate is already palpable.

    I can detect a few things: Having given up hope in Western, Rift valley has been earmarked by PNU for serious anti-ODM propaganda which is unprecedentedly creating an unexpected paradox reaction of growing anti-Kibaki sentimentalism instead.

    Arap Mibei (Raila) seems to have teflon or asbestos clothing. These porojos just refuse to stick on him. The tactics have backfired badly. Why? The reasons are simple;

    1) that within the police force itself and even the NSIS churning out these hate pamphlets, there are some insiders strongly opposed to these dirty tactics.

    2) that these Rift valley native and ODM sympathizing policemen and secret agents are relaying these propaganda information directly to ODM’s secretariat in advance of the dirty operations.

    3) That the same officers are alerting an equally vigilant grassroots electorate who have become active agents repulsing these activities concentrated in Rift Valley.

    Reports about Matatus with an enthusiastic public following unmarked police vehicles distributing these propaganda materials should ring a bell. The dramatic report about the rogue Goebels agents – policemen engaging in surreptitious and supposedly covert propaganda operations being successfully intercepted at a roadblock by upright colleagues alongside an already alert media and public should ring a louder bell.

    4) That police bosses and provincial administration staff being ambushed to participate in these dirty and dangerous schemes are reluctantly abiding, facing undue pressure from their Nairobi based superiors, but simultaneously doing some serious damage in the process.

    Sample this……..excerpt about one such Policeman Inspector Chepkoiyo talking to his coercive bosses in Nairobi.

    “It is not possible sir, we must first take them to the police cells because members of the Press are already here,” the Iten Deputy OCPD, Mr David Chepkoiyo, was overheard responding to his seniors by telephone.

    5) that such policemen and provincial administration staff are caught precariously between a rock and a hard place, akin to the Artur brothers debacle, and would wish to do the right thing to safeguard their skins from future probes and possible loss of jobs (Remember CID boss Kamau, Kibaki’s daughter Winnie and others lost their jobs after the Artur fiasco exploded-they are not completely out of the woods yet)

    6) That Moi, his son Gideon and Biwott are totally embarrased at the ineptitude and lack of tact by the Kibaki boys, in executing these dirty propaganda requiring total flawlessness.

    7) That a frustrated Kibaki, privy to intelligence reports about his dwindling popularity in Rift valley, is slowly resigning and retreating his campaigns in the vast province to PNU turf in Molo, Subukia, Naivasha, Nakuru and cosmopolitan Eldoret. As the apparently over-medicated and unfazzled Kibaki does so, neighbouring Kuresoi, a percieved ODM turf, is engulfed in an inferno of violence.

    Human blood is still being shed in another ODM turf, Mt. Elgon. But despite that, the ODM parliamentary candidate in remand prison, recorded an unprecedented 20,000 votes just in the nomination primaries. A fresh sign of things to come on Dec 27th.

    8) That the anti-Kibaki momentum continues to build in Rift Valley as he intensified these dirty tricks which only do harm to his campaign.

    9) That the PNU merchants of tribal hatred and incitement will ultimately succeed in one thing. In isolating themselves from mainstream peace-loving Kenya through such acts that tag the banners of hate, tribal bigotry and incitement of ethnic violence on their foreheads.

    It may ultimately take ages to correct these myths that may just be sinking deeply across the nation as we debate today. Carelessness by Kibaki may just prove too costly. The country is sliding dangerously into extreme proportions of ethnic division and hatred, under Kibaki’s watch.

  29. kube says:

    i can the panua ple, there hope is gonna go much lowre as all the areas except central will say a big NO to the cheap and fake propaganda.atleast moi used to be a bit smart about propaganda.these mt mafia, they know nothing about politics?

    i want ask all kenyans to attend the panua ple rallies and demand something small, we watched them raising money last week through a million per plate.thats our money that they stole.

    many kenyans are going hungry while prezo friends are dishing out millions.if we vot KIBAKI BACK, THESE GUYS ARE GONNA DEMAND THEIR MONEY BACK THRO SAFARICOM SHARES, CORRUPTION, TENDERS ETC.




  30. kube says:

    thats why we will vote out kibaki

  31. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    The piece by Maru above is quite incisive – Agent4Change, I propose that this be used by the Pentagon during campaigns to drive home the big issue of dynastic succession between the Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki families. It can be quite effective.

    I think what God has ordained, no power of man can stop – have you seen how the leaflets debacle is smearing mud all over their faces, including the complicity of the Police and the Office of the President – and they thought that the damage was meant for us, huh!

    I am not sure if everyone is having the same feeling, but I am emboldened to state that I get a feeling of high excitement with our campaigns now – the lines that our candidate took yesterday of Uhuru succession plan, untrustworthiness of Kibaki and team, their propaganda and lies and STEALING comes out quite simple and direct for the voters. That’s where we should sustain it!!.

    ECK statistics now show that 68% of voters are below the age of 35years. These guys need action and excitement. I propose the following:

    – roadshows be sustained in all major towns (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kakamega, Embu, Garissa etc) basically on a daily basis for the rest of the campaign period. These must not be rallies – just large trucks playing youthful orchestra and chanting ODM slogans and our candidates names;

    – we need some major (probably national) youth events (may be two or three) in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu where we showcase the youth talent and the youth talk to the party and the leadership, mixed with lots of entertainment (probably including inviting some popular musicians around the world to perform, and speakers could include respected youthful world leaders like the Leader of the ANC Youth Congress, etc)

    I believe it is not too late to do something fast. We must keep this agegroup excited about our campaign and remain glued to the finish line. I know ‘NU’ guys may also be reading this, so we must move with speed, and execute it with precision. Some of us are willing and ready to volunteer both time and resources to pull this off.

    ODM, Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora, Kazi Ianze Sasa!!

  32. Stephen (Nairobi) says:


    For the second time, did you receive my email on some sensitive matter. I really want that followed up ASAP. Let me know urgently. I have more details to provide.

  33. Sam Faulu says:


    Just my two cents on vigilance during the elections. I know we will have agents to monitor events at all polling stations, but I would like to advise not to ignore so called “PNU Strongholds”. These are areas we expect to lose heavily and so may not bother with monitoring them. However, this is where all the rigging will take place. Due to lax monitoring, ballot papers will be stuffed in these boxes and give the “99%” voter turnout they will claim was because the sick and the dying came out to vote!!

  34. Limo Jnr. says:

    Sahel CEO Says That Raila Is God’s Choice

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Odinga is God’s choice to lead Kenya.

    A race that started in the eighties is set to end on the 27th. The Hon. Odinga has given it all he had…and then more. If you took time to look at the way this race has been run, you’ll recall the moments when it looked tough. When it was downright dishertening. When giving up seemed like the easier, sensible thing to do. But the Hon. Odinga shouldered on. His love for the nation supereceded the pull of comfort and bliss. And so as we get ready for the elections, you need to have a rationale for doing so. Here is why you’ll vote for the Hon. Odinga.

    1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about a man who is an accomplished businessman, a wealthy individual who could afford to sit quietly in his Karen home and watch Kenya dwindle into total chaos. But he won’t. Instead, he’s been out there, through the Moi dictatorship and the Kibaki treachery, keeping Kenyans hoping for a better day. He led us to Kamukunji, to defeat the Uhuru Project, to defeat te referendum and brought us the concept of primaries. At last, that day is about to dawn on the land we all love.

    2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people. I’ve personally watched how Kenyans in the diaspora, even those who disagree with him, react after interacting with him. He won’t dazzle you with the oratorical skills of Dr. Martin Luther King or President bill Clinton, but he’ll leave you with the sense of a man who has a vision and a place he wants to take Kenya. For the Hon. Odinga, Kenya is not where she needs to be until our children won’t go to bed hungry, our workers will be employed gainfully and our communities will live in harmony one with another. The andearing names…Agwambo, Tinga, Hummer…din’t fall from te sky. They are people’s way of saying, “He’s our man.” So when someone asks why you’ll vote for this man, tell him/her that it’s because he cares about the people. Yes, he gives a damn.

    3. The Hon. Odinga is incorruptible. You’ve all heard about Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg and all the other corrupt dealings invloving people we’ve entusted with leadership. Needless to say, in the nearly three decades we’ve been blest to have the Hon. Odinga around, his name has never come up in any provable corruption. There have been attempts to smear him, but you and I know where that came from. So when you get into that booth to vote, remember that you’re voting for an untainted man.

    4. The Hon. Odinga is an internationalist. You’ve repeatedly heard insular leaders preach the virtues of keeping Kenya tied up within her borders. That’s a recipe for being left behind in a world that’s getting smaller and more interconnected. The Hon. Odinga has cultivated and nurtured working relations with leaders all over the world. Should any eventuality arise that requires sister nations around the globe to be with kenya in her time of need, these nations will act faster and with open arms because of Hon. Odinga’s friendship.

    5. The Hon. Odinga is trustworthy. Unlike his opponent, President Kibaki, the Hon. Odinga is a man of his word. The PNU has worked hard to give the MOUs a bad name. And why not? Wasn’t it President Kibaki who signed the original MOU and gladly walked away from it? And wasn’t it him who wanted to sign one with vijana and buckled at the last minute? Is this a man to trust? Here’s what I know. That when the Hon. Odinga gives you his word, you can take it to the bank. His memory is good. And his intentions are noble. He’ll deliver.

    6. The Hon. Odinga is a family man. You ask yourself why that matters? Here’s why. Did you know that President Moi had a wife? His children didn’t come from Nakumatt. They were born. But did we have a first lady? No. Because we were led by a broken family. Then came President Kibaki. The man has Lucy. And the man has Mary. The two women have put us through the kind of drama that I won’t talk about here. The point is, a man who can’t run a family can’t run a nation. So when the time comes to vote, vote for a man who has given us the graceful, the dignified, the motherly and the respectable Ida. With her watching over the big house everything will be just fine. So if you want Kenyans to eat well cooked Ugali, give the oludhkuon to Mama Ida.

    Fellow Kenyans, when you walk into that booth on the 27th, keep in mind these six points as you vote for the Hon. Odinga. We want you to feel good and proud about your vote. And remember, bring along everybody you know who has registered to vote to the booth. Let’s all participate in wrestling Kenya from the men who have presided over gloom and defeat.

    Kindest regards,

    Sam Okello
    President & CEO
    Sahel Books Inc.
    P.o. Box 6451
    South Bend IN, 46660-6451
    Phone: Toll Free: 1.877.297.2435

  35. Wayodi says:

    Steven you aptly put my sentiments. I am more than excited with our campaigns now. Look at those enthusiatic crowds. The people have made up their minds and this time not even well orchestrated propaganda of PUNU will change their minds.

    What amazes me most is the behavior of some of christian religious leaders who find it prudent to believe a propaganda circulating in the internet whose source no one knows, than the true MOU disclosed by NAMLEF earlier this week. Woe unto them- May God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Sooner or later we’ll find out whose interest they are serving.






  38. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    We are unstoppable. From the Indian Ocean to Lake Victoria.

    ODM Wave of change is blowing on Kenya. Call it euphoria or people it is a strong wind of change being fueled by people who love this nation and are determined to see it becoming better.

    Even Kikuyus are getting into it slowly. That is why Kibaki was campaigning in Kikuyu areas of Rift Valley.

  39. tnk says:

    HK Wiliams

    You raise a good point

    THe white mans rule is part of the problem. They arbitrarily appointed homeguards, chiefs and other leaders without merit, rhyme or reason as long as it served their interests and somehow this has lasted 45 years. THats why the true freedom fighters including the Mau Mau lost out on key positions, and had to literally beg to be incorporated into positions of leadership or influence since all those losers that could not stand up and do the right thing were given all the plum jobs. Do we not remember Kaggia, Ochieng Aneko and many others living and dying in absolute poverty. Is it lost on anybody that while the Michukis paid homeage to the colonial governer, Jaramogi would not entertain any such thing until Kenyatta was released.

    Kenyans are tired of fighting for change only for some non-reformer to suddenly emerge from nowhere at last minute and clinch the prize (Kibaki, Michuki, Nyachae Axis in 2002 and now Kalonzo is lurking somewhere in the shadows waiting for any spoils of war in 2007)

    Enough is enough, We fight for it and claim the prize, make no mistake about it. Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora. No relenting, no last minute joy riders.

    Go Tinga, Go ODM

    Philip, you are so right, attempting to find reason in what PNU does assumes some semblance of intelligence in their strategy. You run in circles for months.

  40. Yego says:

    Can someone tell the propagandaist targetting Kalenjin that the last load of our young boys are already in the bush this being the season and our guest name in our praise traditional songs this season was Arap Mibei Agwambo.The oath as been taken and not even the cursed can go against .when i called my father about the Uhuru fracas yesterday, this is what he had to tell me “My family is ok & things are ok here.The pple’s blood is orange juice only and the brewer did it well”. By the way those words may sound harmless to most of us but the if you encode it you will be suprised.

  41. Eunice says:

    Hi can somebody update me on KJ’s Health? We need the guy on his feet to charge the crowds, i liked what he did in Kibera on Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Raila Kibaki. Any update.

    Raila the people’s president. That is my President

  42. kube says:

    from what i can see, wanachungwa are back with a bang and only the statehouse on the eve of 28th will slow as down.


    thanks alot kip and yego. its saddenning that the police could release ple with leaflets targetting our presidency. even tho they deny us airwaves, these things sell to our ple more than old fake theories.

  43. kip says:

    ‘If dont accept change, change will change you- Bishop Henry Okulu, 1991 (before the Repeal of Section 2A

    Yego I hear you loud and clear Sir.

  44. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Someone sent me the article below. While I may not support mentioning names in the article, I think he may be speaking for a large population out there. Such sentiments cannot be taken for granted. Secretariat, please address this. (I had some very arrogant statement coming from one of the so called johnny come lately ‘youth’ at the secretariat last week – the guy actually introduced himself to a mzungu friend of mine as ‘the incoming Comptroller of State House’. The mzungu was surprised and later asked me if there is truth in the statement, and I felt pretty awkward. The truth is, this is someone I had never seen or heard of until recently when we broke from ODM-K. The truth is, no one seems to have seen or heard of him in the struggle even as recent as during the referendum in 2005 at all. All of a sudden, he is now a big man. I may not be wrong to submit that such people are probably responsible for some of the lethargy at the secretariat. Just leeches!



    If the happenings of recent times are anything to go by, then the revolutionary youth of this nation will continue to be political activists without ever getting to positions of leadership. The class conspiracy element is rearing its ugly head once again in the political circles and those on the receiving end are the radical youth who have seen it through the struggles leading to the aborted second liberation of this nation and now into the imminent third liberation and a possible extension into the fourth liberation.
    The question in mind is: “At this rate, will we ever be able to achieve liberation?” or better still as the doyen of official opposition politics in Kenya did postulate, we are “Not yet Uhuru”.

    For all these years of struggle, the youth have sacrificed their time and energy fighting to ensure that we have an accountable government. This has been especially evident at the University level where student leaders have engaged the successive governments of the day in protracted struggles to ensure that the wishes and aspirations of the common man are addressed critically. This has always had its
    elements of sacrifice, because in most cases, the student leaders ended up being either suspended or expelled from the Universities midstream impacting negatively on them and their families. Some were tortured thoroughly in the infamous Nyayo House and Nyati House torture chambers, the likes of Paddy Onyango and Wafuka Buke.

    Yet some revolutionary student leaders have even had to pay dearly with their lives, the likes of Tito Adungosi. We should not let the blood of such martyrs flow in vain. As long as there are traits of the system that Adungosi challenged in our present
    administration, then we are letting down our martyrs. I say this bearing in mind that Adungosi challenged Nyayoism with its power excesses, but with the infiltration of Nyaoism into Kibakism and the imminent fight to maintain the status quo in Kenyan politics, we can authoritatively say that the bourgeoisie of this country represented by the three first families have ganged up against the rest of Kenyans to ensure that those who have, continue getting more while those who do not have, even the little they should have had is taken away from them. We must stand up and say no to this!

    What is happening this time round is that sons and daughters of the political bigwigs have hijacked the whole process that has been midwifed so far by the sons and daughters of peasants. The sons and daughters of peasants have sacrificed their opportunities for the betterment of the whole community, and it is painful that now that victory seems certain in some quarters, these revolutionary youths are being
    relegated to the periphery.

    This trend is particularly evident in the ODM that all the revolutionary youth that have stood with the party leader (read the Presidential flag-bearer) in the whole struggle since the aborted second liberation of this nation are now nowhere to be seen and those who have been enjoying the fruits of the previous regimes are now at the political forefront. My question is: If these revolutionary- minded youths are being relegated at this early time, even before the third liberation is achieved, what is the likely nature of the product of this exclusivist process? Let me not speculate that
    at this trend then, the radical youths will continue to be political activist in perpetuity. Why do I say this? Because, once the third liberation is achieved, those who were instrumental from the onset will feel short-changed, and as the people of Azania used to say…’Aluta Continua…’ the struggle will continue.

    I have in mind such revolutionary students’ leaders like Kabando Wa Kabando, Moses Oburu, Suba Churchill, Wafula Buke, Otieno Aluoka, Kamau Wa Mbugua, Otieno
    Mc’Weda, Kajwang’ Tom Joseph (TJ) and in recent times, Oulu GPO, Ngaruiya KJ and Okindo David. These are and were exemplary student leaders who braved the
    political temperatures of the day to ensure that they stood for what was right without fear of losing their studentships. I remember particularly how intellectual and international in orientation student leadership was during the short-lived SONU Chairmanship of Comrade Wafula Buke. It is a pity that at present, no serious student leader at the Universities can authoritatively stand up and address local issues
    leave alone national issues. In the face of all the injustices perpetrated by the regime that is in power, no student organization has come up openly to criticize this. In as much as I do not approve of reckless student leadership, we have to bear in mind
    that there is need for the student leadership to open up dialogue with the powers that be. Now that this has not been forthcoming, we are left to speculate.

    The student leaders at the Universities today have adopted the culture of politics of the stomach. The most important thing for a student leader is how much he or she is able to accumulate at the end of the term of office however crude the accumulation process might be. This has made them extremely vulnerable in that they can be easily manipulated by the Varsity administration to suit the ends of the administration.
    The politicians have also taken advantage of the situation and you will not be shocked to see political aspirants transporting university students to the rural areas to go and campaign for them. No wonder the rate of violence during elections continues to
    escalate given the violent and arrogant nature of the university students especially when they are in the rural areas where they perceive themselves as the very cream.

    About the neglected radical youth leaders who have seen the hard times of political activism, a few of them sought nominations through different parties, but as it were, they were disadvantaged from the very onset, given the uneven level playing ground in all the major parties. You will therefore not be surprised that the main opponent of Otieno Mc’Weda had to be given an automatic nomination in Kisumu Rural, Otieno
    Aluoka could not make it in Muhoroni because a friend of the Secretary-General was a candidate, Kabando Wa Kabando could not get the PNU nomination in Mukuruweini because there was one Mutahi Kagwe who had to be given an automatic nomination. With regard to those who were unable to seek elective positions, it would have only been in order that they were included actively in their respective party presidential
    campaign teams. However, it is disheartening to see that the likes of revolutionary minds like Suba Churchill, Oburu Moses and Wafula Buke are all in the periphery while they are the ones who have been clobbered senseless by successive regimes in their
    attempts to fight for a responsible and accountable government that respects the wishes and aspirations of the people.

    We have to give credit where it is due, and in this respect, it would be worth noting that with all the power excesses of the previous regimes, they have in one way or the other been able to incorporate the erstwhile radical and revolutionary student leaders at the universities in their party organs and mainstream decision-making processes. The Kenyatta regime can be credited for poaching Mwai Kibaki from the academia
    into active politics at a tender age. The Moi regime can be credited for mentoring the likes of Musalia Mudavadi, Mutula Kilonzo and William Ruto. The Kibaki regime did bring on board former radical student leaders like Mukhisa Kituyi, Kipruto arap Kirwa and Kiraitu Murungi. However, all of a sudden, the Kibaki administration has deemed it fit to reward moneyed-octogenaria ns at the expense of revolutionary ideals. In this category we have people like Njenga Karume, Simeon Nyachaye, Chirau Ali Makwere and John Michuki who have all run out of ideas and have practically reached their political menopause. It would have been better if these retired honourably from active politics to pave way for the youth.

    We must not be told now and again that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The tomorrow of yesterday has come, and the youth must be brought on full board in
    active politics. This is why we would wish to commend the likes of John Kiarie for getting actively involved in sensitizing the youth and for being bold enough to
    present his candidature for the Dagoretti Constituency seat. However, with the recent trend at Orange House, where the youth with ideas for positive change are given a blackout in preference for the bourgeoisie youth, one is left wondering what is going to happen to all the revolutionary ideas that have characterized the different epochs of struggles to liberate this country from neo-colonialism.

    History will judge the ODM harshly in that at the most crucial point in it campaign strategisation, it has decided to abandon all the forces behind its initial successes and has replaced these with a troupe of ‘joy-riders’ who are now in the mainstream, hijacking the whole process. I have in mind the role being played by the likes of Tedd Josiah in the ODM campaign team. Surely this is a pure comprador bourgeoisie who
    has been swimming in affluence all this long, as the sons and daughters of peasants fight for the liberation of this nation. It is not that I disapprove of accumulation. What I disapprove of is the belief that after being irrelevant to the struggle for all this long, it is now necessary to come into the main fold to sanitise our accumulation. It is not bad for Tedd Josiah to be in the ODM campaign team, but when the trend is suspect that only the sons and daughters of ‘who-is-who’ in Kenya are the ones who are calling
    the shots, then surely the future of our young democracy is at stake!

    It is worth noting that at least the ODM-K and PNU have done much in incorporating the youth, irrespective of ones economic and social background into the campaign activities. These have really given these two parties a head-start because as it was from the very beginning, it had been predicted that the youth vote is going to determine in one way or the other, the outcome of this year’s elections. Kalonzo
    Musyoka was ready to incorporate into his campaign team a former student leader regardless of his background to be in charge of organizing the youth activities. ‘Vijana na Kibaki’and ‘Warembo na Kibaki’ are also integrating the youth from all walks of life
    into their campaign activities. These are really being received well in the campaign trail, compared to the haphazard and bourgeoisie- oriented campaign strategies
    adopted by the moneyed-youth in ODM. For once, it can be certain that this time round, money may not be a deciding factor in the election outcome. So by ODM
    insisting that only those who have money need feature in its youth campaign activities, and neglecting those who’ve fought all along, it is driving itself into a
    labyrinth of political exclusivism and this may cost it dearly.

    *The writer is a Sasakawa Fellowship Scholar at the
    Institute for Development Studies of the University of
    Nairobi and a Development Policy Analyst.


  45. Philip (The visitor) says:

    This is a fascinating though pitiful conversation between the people of Kenya and the Christian clergy/pastors:

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! People are being killed in Mt Elgon. Do something!
    Clergy: (snoring) Zzzzzzzzz………

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! People are being killed in Kuresoi. Do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzzzzzz…………….

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! Did you hear about Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg? Kenyans are being robbed! Do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzzzzzz……………………..

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! What about Kroll report? We now know where our money is! Do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzzzzzzz…………………….

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! Some people are spreading outright lies about Raila, please do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzzzzz………………………….

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! Domestic violence and child rape is on the increase! Do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzzz………………

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! Child prostitution is on the increase! Do something!
    Clergy: Zzzzzzz…………………

    Kenyans: Pastor! Pastor! Have you heard it? Raila, eh…. Raila has signed an MOU with Muslims.
    Clergy: WHAT?!!!
    Kenyans: He has said it.

    Kenyan: (Sounding imploringly) But pastor, also women and children are receiving preferential treatment, but you don’t have………………
    Clergy: WHAT?!!!

    Kenyan: ……(A bit hesitant) I mean….. I mean you don’t have any problem with it.


    tutawaachia hayo makanisa if we can be suffering while they eat and flirt with the government



  48. paul says:

    Sahel CEO Says That Raila Is God’s Choice

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Odinga is God’s choice to lead Kenya.

    A race that started in the eighties is set to end on the 27th. The Hon. Odinga has given it all he had…and then more. If you took time to look at the way this race has been run, you’ll recall the moments when it looked tough. When it was downright dishertening. When giving up seemed like the easier, sensible thing to do. But the Hon. Odinga shouldered on. His love for the nation supereceded the pull of comfort and bliss. And so as we get ready for the elections, you need to have a rationale for doing so. Here is why you’ll vote for the Hon. Odinga.

    1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about a man who is an accomplished businessman, a wealthy individual who could afford to sit quietly in his Karen home and watch Kenya dwindle into total chaos. But he won’t. Instead, he’s been out there, through the Moi dictatorship and the Kibaki treachery, keeping Kenyans hoping for a better day. He led us to Kamukunji, to defeat the Uhuru Project, to defeat te referendum and brought us the concept of primaries. At last, that day is about to dawn on the land we all love.

    2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people. I’ve personally watched how Kenyans in the diaspora, even those who disagree with him, react after interacting with him. He won’t dazzle you with the oratorical skills of Dr. Martin Luther King or President bill Clinton, but he’ll leave you with the sense of a man who has a vision and a place he wants to take Kenya. For the Hon. Odinga, Kenya is not where she needs to be until our children won’t go to bed hungry, our workers will be employed gainfully and our communities will live in harmony one with another. The andearing names…Agwambo, Tinga, Hummer…din’t fall from te sky. They are people’s way of saying, “He’s our man.” So when someone asks why you’ll vote for this man, tell him/her that it’s because he cares about the people. Yes, he gives a damn.

    3. The Hon. Odinga is incorruptible. You’ve all heard about Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg and all the other corrupt dealings invloving people we’ve entusted with leadership. Needless to say, in the nearly three decades we’ve been blest to have the Hon. Odinga around, his name has never come up in any provable corruption. There have been attempts to smear him, but you and I know where that came from. So when you get into that booth to vote, remember that you’re voting for an untainted man.

    4. The Hon. Odinga is an internationalist. You’ve repeatedly heard insular leaders preach the virtues of keeping Kenya tied up within her borders. That’s a recipe for being left behind in a world that’s getting smaller and more interconnected. The Hon. Odinga has cultivated and nurtured working relations with leaders all over the world. Should any eventuality arise that requires sister nations around the globe to be with kenya in her time of need, these nations will act faster and with open arms because of Hon. Odinga’s friendship.

    5. The Hon. Odinga is trustworthy. Unlike his opponent, President Kibaki, the Hon. Odinga is a man of his word. The PNU has worked hard to give the MOUs a bad name. And why not? Wasn’t it President Kibaki who signed the original MOU and gladly walked away from it? And wasn’t it him who wanted to sign one with vijana and buckled at the last minute? Is this a man to trust? Here’s what I know. That when the Hon. Odinga gives you his word, you can take it to the bank. His memory is good. And his intentions are noble. He’ll deliver.

    6. The Hon. Odinga is a family man. You ask yourself why that matters? Here’s why. Did you know that President Moi had a wife? His children didn’t come from Nakumatt. They were born. But did we have a first lady? No. Because we were led by a broken family. Then came President Kibaki. The man has Lucy. And the man has Mary. The two women have put us through the kind of drama that I won’t talk about here. The point is, a man who can’t run a family can’t run a nation. So when the time comes to vote, vote for a man who has given us the graceful, the dignified, the motherly and the respectable Ida. With her watching over the big house everything will be just fine. So if you want Kenyans to eat well cooked Ugali, give the oludhkuon to Mama Ida.

    Fellow Kenyans, when you walk into that booth on the 27th, keep in mind these six points as you vote for the Hon. Odinga. We want you to feel good and proud about your vote. And remember, bring along everybody you know who has registered to vote to the booth. Let’s all participate in wrestling Kenya from the men who have presided over gloom and defeat.

  49. paul says:

    by the way the above comment i found in the internet and i decided to share it with u my odm brothers and sisters

  50. faith says:

    Alas the kibaki campaign is falling apart without ODM lifting a fingure sample this:

    1.) they tried to circulate leaflates showing raila as a devil worshipper it collapsed
    2.) they tried to say that majimbo will bring chaos they have gone silent now
    3.) they convinced wanjala to carry weapons to use them to cause chaos it collapsed
    4.) they beat up women in Kibera to try and potray Raila as dictator it collapsed.
    5.) they tried to spread lies that Gumo isdead so that chaos can erupt in Westlands it collapsed.
    6.) They tried to spread leaf lets that Raila will hang Moi when he becomes prezy it collapsed.
    7.) they tried to chase Uhuru in rift valley so that they can claim ODM is intolerant it failed.
    8.) They tried to rubbish the MOU with muslims by saying that what Raila said is not the real one the question then is why should there’s be the right one again it collapsed.

    My ODM brothers and sisters again sharpen your voter’s card and prepare to go and not really vote but confirm what God has ordained a new dawn for kenya come out in large numbers and participate VOTE ODM three piece.

  51. Omuto says:

    The long awaited MOU between Raila and NAMLEF has eventually been made public. As I have always said, truth is like oil. Regardless how hard you mix it with water, it will always float, in the long run. Now the truth has been known, and the truth has given birth to another truth. The first truth is, the agreement was indeed harmless (for who, in his sane mind, can involve himself into harmful agreements). We expected it to be what it is. Harmless. I don’t know whether any patriotic Kenyan is watching the truth as it unfolds. Raila, as a man who has never reneged on any promise he has made with any known party, goes ahead and signs a gentleman’s agreement with the most marginalized cadre of citizens in the “independent” Kenya. Honestly speaking, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that Muslims have undergone a contemptible treatment in Kenya as long as we can remember. They’ve been branded terrorists and this, I believe, is due to their radical stand on issues. Muslims are not angels. Neither are they demons to be given such a treatment they’ve received from a government they’ve been electing into power during every electioneering year. But one thing remains clear. That Kenyan Muslims and Kenyan Christians are ALL KENYANS. How about treatment? Your guess is as good as mine. Any time you profess the Islamic faith, then you become an outright ogbanje. This has made any professing Muslim to suffer humiliation and social bruise in his own country. A blessed balanced Kenyan called Raila notices this disparity and he swiftly steps in to create some balance. He does this by entering into a written gentleman’s agreement with the disadvantaged group.

    Because it has now come to everyone’s realization that however negative any Kenyan is perceived, as long as he is a registered voter, then he / she is very instrumental in the winning of any candidate. Fences have to be mended, but how? Permanently or temporarily. So daggers are drawn. As usual, one Emilio goes temporary and one Amolo goes permanent. How temporary?

    Emilio:- Because hii watu ni pumbavu tu, let me clad myself in a mosque friendly regalia, give them some goodies and promise them an Idd-il-Hajj holiday. After all, I need them on 27th December only and being as pumbavu as they’ve always been, they’ll give me their votes. Come to think of it, no other president has gone this far, putting on these people’s robe and headgear. After clinching my second term in office, I’ll go on with my usual work, rubbishing any complain from them (Muslims). Deal sealed. Muslim votes in my basket.

    How permanent?
    Amolo, on the other hand:- I’ve been closely watching some Kenyans undergo baptism by fire. These Muslim brothers. They’re flesh and blood purely Kenyans. But because of their radical stand on a number of issues, they’ve been branded terrorists and baptized al-qaeda. It’s true al-qaeda is a nightmare not just to the Americans but also to me and any other human being. But does one automatically graduate into an al-qaeda just by professing this Islamic faith? NO. As a true nationalist and a representative of the oppressed and unfairly marginalized, I must do something about this, once and for all. Liberation is inevitable, even to this misunderstood minority called Muslims. Being a Christian, I’m reminded by the Bible to love my neighbour. I must enter a written gentleman’s agreement (because I’m a gentleman) with this group. I promise to treat them as Kenyans, nothing else, no victimization, no segregation of any sort. I want them to feel at home, just as other Kenyans feel. A copy of the MOU is theirs for the keeping, to be produced if I renege on what we’ve agreed upon. In other words, it’s a binding, permanent gentleman’s agreement. I know these will stir some kind of jealousy from their brothers the Christians, but I have to remind them before hand that God created Muslims and Christians and gave us one big commandment. LOVE GOD, LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. When the Father ordered his servant to slaughter a fat one for the prodigal son, the elder son complained of “special treatment” to a once wayward brother. The Father responded thus:- “Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours. It was right that we should make merry and be glad, for your brother was dead and is alive again, and was lost and is found.”_ NKJV Luke 15:31-32.

    Amolo’s decision got a node from three quarters of the Muslims (save for the ones in PONO). This gesture dealt a cataclysmic blow to the temporary scheme above (Emilio’s). Anything between Emilio and anybody (read Moi, Uhuru, Pattni, Total man and Mungiki) is holy (sic). Anything between Raila and angels, saint or any holy creature is diabolic. So the real problem with the MOU between Raila and NAMLEF has nothing to do with the contents, but the parties involved. Not all parties, but one. Raila. The Gospel according to PUNU states that “anything involving Raila Amollo Odinga, however good it may seem, is surely unpalatable. Anything involving Baba Jimmy and any hellish character is made holy immediately Papa steps in.” Mohammed Kuti insists that the fake document circulating in the country is indeed the genuine one. Why? Because it has very damaging connotations, pitting Muslims against other faiths. According to Kuti, we don’t need the genuine document. Because it is Raila who signed it, however good it might have been, let’s shelve it, produce a bizarre one, circulate it and make Kenyans hate this man Raila. Mohammed Kuti’s school of thought? Counterfeit is genuine and genuine is counterfeit, but only if Amolo is involved.

    Another fishy group is the so called Evangelical Alliance of Kenya. I’m an evangelical. I’ve never seen you in Western Province, my dear Dr. Mutiso. My question is, whose interest does this amorphous body represent and by whose mandate? Dr Wellington Mutiso, how many times have you ever visited Western Kenya evangelical churches and which churches fall under your so called alliance? My pastor, an ardent evangelical to the book, has never asked me or any other member in our church to giveour contributions as pertains the NAMLEF and Raila MOU. This alliance comes alive only when there is Mokimo in Silver Spring Hotel, sponsored by State House moles, I presume. Dr. Mutiso, were you in Kenya when your sponsors hired mercenaries to raid a media house? Where were you when they dined with Anglo-leasing and now with the Goldenberg architects? When Moi and his cronies engineered and sponsored the 1997 tribal clashes and now the government sponsored Mt. Elgon skirmishes, I guess you were not yet born. When Moi and his sons robbed Kenya in broad daylight during his regime, building his own family empire (which he is now trying to protect) with money stolen from the public coffers, you might have been asleep, sir. If the issue of faith is the big deal here, you’re in a better position to know how to approach it. Approaching spiritual things physically and politically makes me know exactly whom you’re representing. Spiritual things are not handled in three-star hotels, my dear. They’re well handled on your knees. I thought you knew better, Dr. Mutisho. As for the AIC man, Dr or Prof. Yego, who doesn’t know whose protégé you are? Rtd. President Moi said no one knows Kenya’s politics more than he does. Moi knows that he can steal from the poor Kenyan and still talk about being a Christian by going to church every Sunday with cameras all around him, especially now that he’s pocketed his Bishop. Bishop Yego and your group, this is a new generation, and I assure you we shall not allow hedonism to eat into the church of Christ through leaders who have forgotten their responsibility to pursue fleshly, individual glory. Money has become sweeter than the Gospel of love and truth that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ commanded us to preach. May God forgive us.
    By claiming that the genuine MOU is worse than the fake one, you’re not being honest with yourself, Dr. Mutiso. I advice you to keep off this matter because it’s bringing out the real Mutiso no one knew about. You’re exposing your interest and whose messenger you are, Dr. Wellingtone Mutiso. I have no respect for Judas Iscariots of this days, Dr., and they’re not better than the one Judas Iscariot in the Bible. You’re slowly proving to be a neo-Judas Iscariot. This message is intended for you and your PANU friendly church leaders, Dr. Mutiso.


  52. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Actually, the change we need should permeate the polictical and socio-economic circles and the CHURCH in equal measure. As a catholic, I have been particularly dismayed by the bandwagonry of our new Cardinal, John Njue. He enters into the majimbo debate with bare tribal and political propaganda. He even disowned the very document that he was diligently party to drafting throughout the process, THE BOMAS DRAFT. What treachery from a church leader. Simply to find a modicum of pedestal to stand on in support of his tribal candidate. Phew! God help us all.

  53. J.OLELA says:

    Its an open secret that P.N.U clowns suffer from a very criminal lack of ideas,i have really tried my best to get anything positive from their campaigns/charades,but what comes out is them always trying to paint other leaders in bad light.
    but the saddest of all is the way some religious leaders are openly showing their lack of touch with the masses,no amount of depicting ODM and muslims for that matter as dangerous will stop the current rot in our country instead they should stand up and be counted like the late Muge,Okullu,Tutu,Martin Luther and speak up against about bad governance.
    However,come DEC 27,God willing,Inshallah,all Kenyans should be celebrating by giving our future a chance. CHUNGWA MOJA,MAISHA BORA. KAZI INAANZA SASA!

  54. faith says:

    My good kenyan citizens have all of you wondered about this:
    Kibaki has never ever commentend when pio gama pinto was killed in 1965, he didn’t say anything when people in kisumu were killed in 1969 yet he was a cabinet minister, he didn’t say anything when Tom Mboya was killed in 1969 he was a cabinet minister, he didn’t say anything when Jaramogi was placed under house arrest in 1970 he was a cabinet minister, he didn’t say anything when people of north eastern were slaughtered in the guise of dealing with shifta was he was a cabinet minister, he didn’t say anything when JM Kariuki was killed in 1975, he said nothing when Martin Shikuku and Jean Marie Seroney suffered in the 1970’s he was in cabinet, he said nothing when kenya became a one party dictatorship he was the VP, he said nothing when people were tortured in the infamous Wagalla massacre in 1984 he was the VP, he said nothing nothing when MWAKENYA crack down occured where people were placed in nyayo basement he was the VP, he said nothing when people started clamouring for multi party democracy n the 1990 he was in the cabinet, he said nothing when Matiba(stroke), Rubia(lost vocals) and Raila were sent to kamiti and tortured 1991 he was DP leader when we gave him the benefit of the doubt in 2002 to reedeem himself again he kept silent when angloleasing killed us he was the president, he kept silent when people died in mt.elgon, Kuresoi he is the president, he kept queit when our muslims coleagues were shipped to other countries to be tortured he is the president, he kept queit when Arturs misused and degraded our sovereighnity he is the president, he kept queit when Mbai was killed he is the president, he kept queit when Mungiki took control of our streets and estates he is the president, and when he finally spoke he said with amusement” nyinyi ni pumbavu tuu!!! mavi ya kuku wote” he is the president. Kenyans let us not give such a man time to rule us again for 5 years we need change we need ODM come out and vote or you will be ‘”pumbavu tu ” from 2008 – 2012 be careful Kenyans.

  55. Otieno says:

    Brilliant Omuto! I wish every Kenyan could read this. Stephen, well done!

  56. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    You are wrong – He said a few things:
    When Kenya became a single party state he moved the contitutional amendment.
    When we clamoured for multi-partysm he said we cant cut a mugomo tree with a razor blade.

    So give him the credit. He deserves.

  57. Odek Fred says:

    We all must understand that Kibaki and his team are not interested in any progress for the country but are working on a succession plan between now and 2012 so that power rotates in the hands of Mount Kenya Mafia , Uhuru is the next in line and Moi is pretty happy with this as his interests are protected within this game plan .

    Ask youself this simple question as a Kenyan , does this kind of planning have any interest of the country , the simple answer is no . So we must stop Moi , Kibaki and Uhuru now and plan for a better Kenya . Vote ODM – CHUNGWA MOJA , MAISHA BORA – Kaazi ianze sasa.

  58. Otieno says:

    Friends, I had an amusing week. Before I tell you why, let me digress a bit and tell you that Kibaki is being booed in Rift Valley. Of course am not surprised. Am also not surprised the the media is editing the clips to drown out people’s voices. Why doesn’t he just give up now instead of being humiliated on the 27th?!

    Back to what amused me. Lucy made my day yesterday. Very amusing lady this one. She told people in western not to be mislead or listen to propaganda. Hallo? Lucy, you are preaching to the choir. It is PNU that has been concocting all sorts of propaganda. Are you telling people not to listen to PNU’s messages, ha? I don’t know whether this was a case of shooting herself in the foot because in the same breath she told ODM to stop altering their DOMO adverts? Their DOMO adverts were nothing but irritating propaganda! Anyway, that’s Lucy for you. She even dished out a couple of districts and told people to let the Kazi Iendelee – the kazi of robbing Kenyans and enriching a few well connected individuals and storming media houses, slapping kenyans left right and center. This kazi iendelee reminds me of Moi’s “Na mukae hivyo hivyo”. Lucy, kazi haitaendelea. We’ll stop your kazi dead on it’s tracks on the 27th and start a new one – kazi ianze sasa.

    The most amusing joke I’ve heard this week though is from Emilio. The guy told PANUA MPs that he’s very confident of winning the elections. That really cracked me up. Baba Jimmy, are you daydreaming in cuckooland? Unless you think the cooked up Steadman opinion polls translates into what’s actually on the ground you must be out of your mind. Perhaps your confidence lies in the fact that you somehow want to rig this elections? Don’t even think about it. Kenyans are voting you out. My advice to you Mzee, though you haven’t asked for it, is to go home and enjoy your sunset years. We’ll quickly forget you and only remember that you are the most disgraced president Kenya had (or is it never had? – because we never saw you)

  59. Otieno says:


    Have you seen this?


  60. tnk says:

    just a reminder that the list of 1M lunches should be sent to schools so that PTAs can approach those individuals one on one for a say 100,000 lunch and have them pay for the school arrears instead of sponsoring electoral misconduct

    This blame game is going nowhere, money is owed to institutions, parents have no money, gover says get certificates, headys refuse and now will get fired, students cant get certificates and move on to other ventures and the merry go round or circus continues.

  61. kip says:

    We should ensure that even people in hospital beds are carried to the polling centres during the elections since we cannot afford to joke with leadership,” -Hon. Mwiraria (PNU

  62. kip says:

    kumbuka how PNU are desparate… yes thats a minister in our GOVT.

    “We should ensure that even people in hospital beds are carried to the polling centres during the elections since we cannot afford to joke with leadership,” -Hon. Mwiraria (PNU)’

  63. Maru Kapkatet says:


    Kalenjins are very interesting people. They are often polite and respectful. Some arrogant non-Kalenjins take these attributes to be a manifestation of stupidity. They even call Kalenjins “wapumbavu” or “wachinga”. When Kibaki was in Molo the other day, he told his people “not to let them threaten you that this is their land”. Who was “them” that Kibaki was referring to?

    The only other main ethnic group living in Molo are Kalenjins.
    Today, while campaigning in Kipkelion, Kedowa, and Londiani, Kibaki was using a completely different language. It is as if Kibaki believes that Kalenjins are wapumbavu and that they did not understand at all the divisive language that he had used in Molo. As we recently learned from Mr. Kivuitu, Kibaki’s favourite word for people that he despises is “wapumbavu”.

    He has used the offensive word several times to describe “outsiders” who dared disagree with him. He used it in Eldoret. He has used it in Nairobi. Even if he did not say it aloud, I am convinced that he must have told his people in Molo “not to let wale wapumbavu” threaten you. The word “wapumbavu” must have been on his lips at the Molo campaign.

    It is amazing that he has continued to use the word “pumbavu” for over half a century since his days as a lecturer at Makerere University in the 1960s to date. Kibaki may try to use uncharacteristically civil and seductive language as he campaigns in Kalenjin land but all I can tell him is “nothing doing”. Kalenjins do not anoint twice.

    Like Isaac in the Bible, Kalenjins do not give their blessing twice.After Isaac blessed Jacob, he could not and did not bless Esau again when he asked to be blessed. I am bringing this biblical episode up because there is a connection with the Kalenjins’ tradition not to give a blessing twice.

    When one lights a large fire in Kalenjin land, his neighbor will remark thus: “You have lit a fire the size of the one Cheruse lit to feast on his child”. Ask any wise Kalenjin elder about this saying and they should be able to explain to you what it means.

    My take is that “Cheruse” refers to Father Abraham of the Bible. At Mount Moriah, Abraham lit a huge fire to sacrifice his son, Isaac. It would appear to me that the Kalenjins’ tradition of not giving a blessing twice can be traced to Isaac then. Whether this is correct or not is neither here nor there. The fact remains that KALENJINS DO NOT ANOINT TWICE.

    In May of this year, Kibaki came to Kipkelion and elevated it to a district. Thank you very much. The talk of the day in Kipkelion on that day, however, was not the new district but the fact that Kibaki’s helicopter had landed on the spot where “the Kipsigis sacrificed a dog during their stuggle with the white settlers”. Remember the name of Kipkelion used to be Lumbwa because of the dog thing. To Kalenjin elders, the landing of Kibaki’s helicopter on the spot where the dog had been sacrificed signified that Kibaki had handed over the presidency.

    As if to consummate the assertion and thinking of of the Kipkelion elders, Mr. Raila Odinga (now known lovingly to Kalenjins as “Arap Mibey” because he hails from the lake) was anointed a few months later in Kericho town as the next President of Kenya. He was bestowed with the leadership gear of a spear and a shield to defend the people of Kenya. Raila was anointed along with his deputy, Mr. Musalia Mudavadi.

    The anointing of the next president of Kenya is therefore a done deal and I do not understand why Kibaki is going around Kalenjin land creating districts. He thinks Kalenjins are “wapumbavu” that are easily hoodwinked with new districts.

    As far as Kalenjins are concerned, Kibaki can create as many districts for them as he wants. He can create Sotik District, Kapkatet District, Kedowa District etc. It does not matter. As far as leadership is concerned, the Kalenjins have already anointed and like Isaac of the Bible, there is no more blessing for Esau. It is Arap Mibey kityo.

  64. faith says:

    Iam shocked person as a Kikuyu who supports ODM to the core have noticed that the Michukis, Kiraitus, Mwirarias, Karuas,Kimunyas,Mungatanas,Soita shitandas have all disappeared back to there home areas and cant campaign for Kibaki beyond there constituencies where are the 8 campaign teams that were established all i see nowadays is the first lady running around campaigning for his husband she ca even sing nowadays did u guys see her yesterday singing domo song it was hilarious may be that is why her allowance has been increased to 500,000 Kibaki doesn’t stand a chance he wasted alot of time appointing cronies in his Govt. who cant campaign for him beyond there home constituencies it is a shame. By the way have Kenyans wondered why when we talked of people who fought for the 2nd liberation the name of Matiba, Charles Rubia, Raila, Anyang Nyongo,James Orengo, comes up but not Emilio Kibaki i wonder people where was the guy during this time playing golf.

  65. Nyambane says:

    Dear ODM members,

    It has come to our knowledge that Mr. Michael Kairu, a director of a printing firm PRINTFAST is in the UK to collect samples of ballot papers from an ECK commisioner and deliver the same to a security printer in Belgium for production of parallel ballot papers to be used for rigging the forthcoming elections. This is under the supervsion of Hon. Michuki, Cyrus Maina, PS provincial administration, J. Makumi, the director of administration in the OP, a Mr. Kirubi, DSF, OOP, government friendly officer at the government press and Gideon Moi. Is anybody watching out on this?

  66. Odhiambo Jakadwet says:

    It’s time for change, yes we all agreed to that, but it’s time to learn also. If you follow the proceedings carefully on the media, you realize one thing: they all support Emilio because all the media owners/stakeholders support him. They print a headline or news item about Agwambo or ODM but they flash Emilio’s photos right next to it! It’s time Agwambo and anybody harbouring future ambitions for political office to think about investing in the media industry. This is something that might make a difference in a tight race like the one we are having now. No amount of advertising money will make you feature prominently in the headlines if the media owners are against your candidature.
    Can your propaganda machine dig out which referendum era plegdges were not fulfilled and bring them to light at this final homestretch. It might be the right armour that is needed right now that rungu is out to water down your progress in Rift Valley. If they hit under the belt find something to hit back with too. I believe they did not fulfil all their promises after the banana loss. What happened to the Kroll reports or Githongo dossiers? Can somebody secure copies of those reports?

  67. Thinker 1 says:

    Hurdles that could hinder smooth polls

    The above is the heading of an article in today’s standard. Having read this, am relating this to poll rigging issue. The voting time has been reduced by one hour and Kivuitu only give an excuse of increased polling stations. I think we should vote and remain there to safeguard our future till they are counted. No one should leave the polling station without voting no matter what. Government is not special and it is high time they realize that they are our servants and not vice versa.

  68. Felix Aduol says:

    Raila should be posing these questions during his Compaign:

    1. Who is Lucy Kibaki to promise districts?. How many presidents do we have?
    2. Why would the government meet Njue?. So that he can help them in their religion propaganda

  69. Felix Aduol says:

    Given that PNU have given up on North Eastern and Cost. They are now targeting Rift valley and Western. We need to form teams being spear headed by aspirants to educate people in the grass roots on the good will of ODM governance and negate PNU and Kibaki. With this, we can capitalize on the propaganda being spread by PNU and tell the Locals that now they can see how bad PNU government will be. We need to remind Kenyans that districts, Universities,Health Program and so on are not a favour from the government, it is their right which is long overdue.

  70. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    I also received the the SMS Otieno has referred to above about rigging the vote using parallel voting papers. Please note that Printfast is the firm that along with the Government Printer, printed the leaflets intercepted in Rift Valley.

    This information should not be taken lightly. The secretariat should blow it up and enforce extra vigilance among our supporters. ECK must come clear on this one.

  71. pabokenya says:

    its only lucy who has no constituency. where is mungatina, kombo etc. a friend form webuye just phoned me that kombo et all might not see inside bunge.


  72. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    I have from another Blog site an information as below

    Mr. Michael Kairu – Director Of Printfast (pnu Propaganda Printing Firm) – Is In Uk To Collect Samples Of Ballot Papers From an Eck Commissioner and deliver the same To A Security Printer In Belgium for production Of Parallel Ballot Papers to be used In Rigging the forthcoming general Elections. This Is Under The Supervision Of Hon Michuki (min Internal Security), Cyrus Gituai – Ps Provi Admin, J Makumi – Director Of Admin Op, A Mr Kirubi Dsf Op, Pnu Friendly Friendly Officers At The Govt Press And Gideon Moi Watch Out

    May someone at orange house or ODM fraternity confirm the the truth behind that and help us spread the word.
    So that precautions can be taken

  73. Abok says:

    Printfast Kenya Ltd
    Lusaka Cls Off Lusaka Rd
    P. O. Box 48416 – 00200 City Square Nairobi.
    Tel: (20) – 557051 Fax: (20) – 553392

  74. Yego says:

    Maru Kapkatet,
    Your letter above concludes the all Drama!!!!can everyone read Maru’s article please…..those are the kalenjins of yesterday ,today and the future.Im really happy of your article Maru.Thats our 2007 declaration

  75. pabokenya says:

    we are coming, panua ple has to take COVER

  76. Philip (The visitor) says:


    Thanks for the Martin Luther King Jnr quote. I decided to add to that so everyone can understand what is happening. PNU realised that it cannot sail through if it does not send hate mails. Check out:

    My favorite Quote is by Martin Luther King Jnr

    “-Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true-”

    That’s exactly what has been done to many people now, even intelligent ones. Is it time we should start viewing everything objectively?

    It is through hate that I know some people will not read the whole of this mail.

    It is sad that hate has made some people to believe that the leaflets that were strewn all over Nairobi CBD and distributed in Rift Valley were made by ODM.

    It is through hate that some people will only feel comfortable by believing that the previous MOU was the real one.

    It is through hate that some people still argue that Raila cannot lead Kenya since he has failed in Kibera. As if Kibera is the only slum in Kenya. Mention any urban place without a slum. This is a national problem. We even know Mandela could not sought the problem of Soweto easily, even during presidency in a second world country. But I know it is through hate that some people will not buy this arguement.

    It is through hate that even after all parties had released manifestos where they adopted nearly the same kind of devolution some people still believe that the devolution of ODM will bring ethnic animosity.

    It is through hate that some people who participated in ousting Moi in 2002 now praise him. They don’t see anything wrong with him.

    It is through hate that some people believe Raila is a devil worshipper even when he has been shown several times going to Anglican Church. Do we judge by what someone profess or do we judge one by deeds. Are we not the ones who used to see 7 ocklock KBC news on every Sunday Moi shown attending church service even during the time he was plundering the economy of Kenya? I know it is through hate that some people will not buy this arguement either.

    It is through hate that some people can now justify why Kibaki could not fight corruption yet in 2002 they were so optimistic that he was going to fight it.

    It is through hate that some people do not see anything wrong when Kibaki wines and dines with individuals implicated in corruption like Saitoti, Biwott and Moi in Goldenberg and Kiraitu, Awori and Mwiraria in Anglo Leasing.

    It is through hate that some people see nothing wrong when Kibaki wears Muslim attires but they see it very wrong when Raila does the same and they eventually call him a hypocrite.

    It is through hate that some people believe that when Raila wins he might enslave a whole tribe comprising of over 5 million people.

    It is through hate that some people still believe distributing government resourses to marginalised areas isn’t a noble idea.

    It is through hate that some people believe Muslims, especially the ones in Coast province have never been marginalised.

    It is becoming so frustrating, specifically arguing with stubbornly-intelligent people who have been nurtured and fed very well with this hatred for one individual.

    I know few who will read this will delete it immediately simply because hate cannot allow them to withstand it.
    It is pitiful that this hatred has corrupted even the most intelligent minds.

  77. faith says:

    MY ESTEEMED ORANGE coleagues have u guys wondered why Kibaki has given a not bothered to campaign in Luo Nyanza and NE province or he is still stuck in the 1960’s hangovrs where other tribes are perceived as being anti establishment hence there areas are neglected such old politics should be buried i have seen Raila go to Karatina even if he is chased out of an hotel(by kibaki;s relative) and even in Meru but Kibaki hasn’t bothered about Luo nyanza and somalis in NE province.Dear Kenyans let us watch and see who can really unite the country and those old stereotypes who want to divide us ethnically.

  78. Otiff says:

    Secretariat or whoever is concerned, there is an issue being raised above of printing ballot papers/boxes. I have read it somewhere else again and am getting abit concerned. With your own intelligence network please find out whats happening. We dont want to be robbed of our right. Tuanze kupiga DOMO it has saved us in the past and it will in the future….

  79. charles says:

    we shud piga domo.. kabisa mpaka all their plans zisambaratike…..i that where is need to call youths tomorrow we demonstrate tukienda at the prinfast kenya ltd.lets not take chances…..thes PNU guys are out to rig this elections

  80. tnk says:

    Raila could have shifted base due to threats of massive rigging in Nairobi and langata but he has not and will never fail the people of Kibera and Langata. Raila has stood up with the people and for the people of Kibera, and will continue to stand for the people of Kibera and Langata. Yes they say its a slum, but there are very solid citizens living there. It was an easy choice to run to Kisumu rural or any other Nyanza constituency that would guarantee a parliamentary seat just like Kibaki left Bahati in Nairobi for Nyeri, but then who would represent the peoples voice.

    Just like Mandela was offered and tempted with many alternatives to escape imprisonments, brutality and segregation but only true liberation of the oppressed and real change was the option he would accept.

    No ! not our Raila, not the peoples president, He means what he says. He willl not run to another constituency just to make sure he is elected to parliament. We have a true leader who stands for what he believes and stands for the rights of all Kenyans whether marginalised or favored. People of Kibera/Langata, stand firm, Kenyans of goodwill stand firm. Raila and ODM is the real change for Kenyans

  81. Otieno says:

    Guys asking about printfast, etc. Yego has responded here:

  82. Otieno says:


    I got this from another site. I checked it out, it’s true.

    Either the “Nation” did not upload the right data on its website or the ECK list for parliamentary candidates is fundamentally flawed. I suspect the latter.

    A few observations:

    In Bahari constituency, Joe Hamisi`s name ( ODM-K) is missing.

    In Nyatike constituency, there is no ODM candidate.

    Joseph Oyugi Magwanga, who is ODM`s candidate for Kasipul Kabondo,
    has his name under Nyakach constituency.

    Shakeel Shabir`s name appears as ODM`s candidate in Rarieda, yet he
    is in actuality, ODM`s candidate for Kisumu Town East.

    In Gem constituency, the name of Washington Jakoyo Midiwo is missing,
    and instead appears in Alego Usonga.

    Nauliza: Are we seeing plans to rig the polls to deliver victory to

    Here’s the link to the nation list:

  83. Otieno says:


    I think we need a thread for “ELECTION RIGGING” or something to that effect

    Everything needs to be investigated no matter how trivial.


  84. Yego says:

    Then kabando wa kabando in othaya and the ODM canditate missing

  85. Otieno says:

    Yego, We need an explanation from ECK. And How can the D. Nation post such erroneous info – without counter checking? Who’s playing games here? One would expect that if one wanted to rig one would be more intelligent and not make such obvious mistakes as the ones we have seen from the opinion polls to now these.

    Like someone mentioned here, the enemy is so confused now everything seems to be going wrong for them. They are now blaming ODM for distributing the RV leaflets and claim the people caught were not policemen!!

    Am told, by the way, the opinion polls tomorrow will have Kibaki leading in one poll and trailing by less than 5% in the other two (Nation commissioned polls). Msiogope. We know the real opinion on the ground.

    Chungwa Bora, Kazi ianze sasa!

  86. Yego says:

    Sikiliza, can u please leave this site for the honours and go to PUNU street!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. philo says:

    Hi guys of the orange family,i salute you comrades ODM!!!!MIASHA BORA !!!!ODM!!!! KAZI IANZE!!! Thank you for giving your all in this worthy crusade. I wish to register my verdict on the failed system that was designed to cater for the gluttonous appetite of our colonial masters. this is why myself being one who currently is enduring the agony of working under a failed system in the name of a government dept wish to say the following words, oh our liberator the man who has endured a lot,HIS EXCELLENCY THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA WHEN YOU STEP INTO YOUR OFFICE IN STATE HOUSE after you are sworn in come to our rescue by changing the norm here where looters rule and the system broke down decades ago start with the police, the judiciary, FOREST DEPARTMENT READ THE KENYA FOREST SERVICE and the rest.MAKE SURE THEY DONT HAVE THE LAST LAUGH.

  88. Hello Beloved Raila.

    First, I want to thank you most sincerely for visiting us in Denver Colorado just to declare your quest for change in our beloved country Kenya. We give you our whole heartedly supports. You will win come the general election.

    I would like you to challenge Hon. Kalonzo for me that we do not need 24hrs of working in Kenya to have a better economy. We are struggling here in America doing this kind of things and it is kills us. In fact WHO has issued a concern for prostate & breast cancer due to working nights (graveyard) shifts. I know you have great people to form a great government that can straighten things in the government and not just struggling to survive.

    We look forward for your victory beloved RAILA.


  89. pabokenya says:

    ple have to wake up and vote amollo to take this power.

    we need to show all that we also vote.lets not shout loudest but let our votes speak for us

  90. pabokenya says:

    its only amolloh that will bring the real change, lets us all check our voters cards daily so that there will be no surprises on 27th when we vote kibaki out

  91. pabokenya says:

    ODM Nairobi Parliamentary Aspirants FROM http

    Reuben Ndolo – Makadara – (Luo)
    Fred Gumo – Westlands – (Luhya)
    John Kiarie – Dagoretti – (Kikuyu)
    Raila Odinga – Langata – (Luo)
    Margaret Wanjiru – Starehe – (Kikuyu)
    Mugabe Were – Embakasi -(Luhya)
    Elizabeth Ogolla – Kasarani – (Luo)

    PNU Nairobi Parliamentary Aspirants

    Dick Wathika – Makadara – (Kikuyu)
    Simon Mbugua – Kamukunji – (Kikuyu)
    Beth Mugo – Dagoretti – (Kikuyu)

    DP Nairobi Parliamentary Aspirants
    Paul Mugeke – Makadara – (Kikuyu)
    Duncan Mwangi – Kamukunji – (Kikuyu)
    Francis Ngokonyo – Dagoretti – (Kikuyu)
    Jimna Mbaru – Starehe – (Kikuyu)
    Adolf Muchiri – Kasarani – (Kikuyu)
    Rebecca Mwicigi – Westlands – (Kikuyu)
    Ferdinand Waititu – Embakasi – (Kikuyu)
    Langata – No DP candidate but two candidates Ndura Waruinge (Kikuyu) on UDP and Nduta Mageri (Kikuyu) on KENDA are both supporting PNU and President Kibaki’s second term.


    Maina Kamanda – Starehe – (Kikuyu)
    Lee Kamau – Kasarani – (Kikuyu)
    Betty Njeri Tett – Westlands – (Kikuyu)
    John Ndirangu – Embakassi – (Kikuyu)
    Stanley Livondo – Langata – (Luhya?)

    Yusuf Ibrahim – Kamukunji – (Somali)


  92. daddy says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    I am writing with concern about the economic development you have boasted about over the past few years of your leadership. It is remarkable that you have been able to bring the economy from negative figures to the current said over 7% of GDP.

    My concerns, however, are according to the following points:

    Sir do you actually remember that it was under your leadership that Kenyans were promised a new constitution within a 100 days of NARC being in power? You may never had had the will at heart, and as the famous saying has it, ‘a promise is a debt’. You may say that the contentious issue were a set back, but Sir, if you never changed your mind against the wishes of Kenyas as contained in the Bomus Draft, Kenyans could have realized a new constitutional dispensation within a 100 days as promised. You too agreed that the Bomas Draft was almost done, and even its realization before 2002 elections could have been achieved if Moi never interfered.

    Secondly, do you agree that most of the Free things you boast of were actually NDP manifesto, namely the free primary education? Do you also agree that most of the good things done under the ninth parliament were at first under your opposition? Do you remember that you were against the CDF?

    Sir, do you actually know that you are misusing the public resources to woo voters?…………….

    Let me tell you a personal story…..

    In 2002, I used to work as a casual laborer at Genetic Technologies Limited located at Lower Kabete Road near Farasi Lane Primary School. My basic and only pay was shs. 120 per day. The commodity prices those days in terms of sugar, milk, bus fare, etc were at 40% less than today.

    Today, my friends still work at the same GTL and the basic and only pay remains the same. This applies to all casaul jobs that I know of around Lower Kabete ranging from working in KIA Kitchen (basic pay for casual laborers has remained at shs. 200), construction sites, watchman salaries etc.

    From the casual laborers point of view, of which form more than 54% of the population in the country, how can you convince us that the economy has grown? Or is it not that since these days we pay more for our living, you are able to save by robbing from us thereby increasing the amount you save in the treasury?

    In reality, sir, you ought to have been more considerate about the plight of the poor in you first term. Did you know that you are very lethergic and you don’t care about corruption? You acknowledged that the war against corruption has not been won and you need another 5 years to do the job. How do you intend to win this war when those who have robbed this country such as Moi, Biwott, etc are in your camp?

    What happened to Goldeburg report, the Artur brother’s report, Ndung’u land report, etc?

    Do you really want to get this country to a better place when you know very well that you lack the will power to root out the vice of non-performance?

  93. pabokenya says:

    its time to stop this tribalistic kazi and put one kazi that has just started.

    thats ugatuzi and poverty reduction to eachand every kenyan not few rich friends

  94. PHILO says:

    Pabokenya, thank you for your letter, i wish emmilio gets the letter and quits the race with effect from today ODM Ohyee

  95. pabokenya says:

    our secretariat sud make sure that they employ the most sosphiscated anti rigging measures at the grassroot.kibaki CAN NOT win these election unless he RIGS

  96. Kanyeka says:

    Hi! Guys this morning while we were going for tea, my friends who are proponents of kibaki tena from the obvious area were saying that there is no where in the world especially Africa the incumbent has lost the election.
    They told me that the Government will use all means possible to protect the seat. I was dumbfounded when I heard that from them.
    I brought this issue to inform you that things are not good and the threat are real so if you are able to heed the advice from the pple above of coming out in large number and even get to know if your Parents, wife/husband, bro/sis, your children who are eligible to vote plus your friends from the eck, we are able to counter that notion of rigging. Call the ask for their id no. and check for them start like yesterday!!!!! if their records are right from this site:,com_votersearch/


  97. pabokenya says:

    all ODMers must guard our polling stations like never before. Dont wait for the pentagon to give u direction

  98. pabokenya says:

    we have to be aware pnu ple are changing voters registers by trasfering others to central n vice versa, kenyans we have to be alert

  99. soit naibor says:

    Dear Ladies?Gentlemen.
    Please be warned that PANUA guys are succeeding in propaganda war.Where are the ? let someone coin something…Kibaki has done too many blunders..Karua calling kenyans( somalis) refugees.., mama lucy slapping a reporter, raiding the nation, Snake rattlers…..Contadiction of govt about the arturs bros…. you can get quotes and quotes which spice up he campaign the time of playing clean is long gone. gloves are off ….wake up.the war is now not tomorrow..dont forget you can wait and PANUA guys insigate a national black out.They desparate.

  100. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    IEA cites policy loopholes in PNU manifesto
    Written by Emmanuel Were

    PNU’s Presidential candidate, President Kibaki December 4, 2007: President Kibaki’s Party of National Unity manifesto has been criticised for key issues leaving huge financing and policy gaps, a critique by a Nairobi-based think tank says.

    In a paper presented at a public forum in Nairobi, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) points out lack of a clear roadmap to the projected level of economic growth as an example of the many gaps in the manifesto.

    IEA says the growth rate, which the manifesto claims stood at 0.6 per cent in 2002 and had hit the 6 per cent mark in 2006, lacks firm grounding because it “simply tables a comparative figure between one year and the next.”

    “The more conclusive figure would be to look at the actual size of the economy which is an absolute number,” IEA said in a bulletin that was distributed to participants at the public forum.

    Besides lacking a clear plan of action, IEA says the manifesto — which is tied to the government’s “Vision 2030” development plan has not stated whether the 10 per cent sustainable growth that PNU promises to deliver if elected in the December 27 poll would enable Kenya to attain the desired middle income nation status by 2030.

    According to the bulletin, “middle income status is a comparative measure and there is no guarantee that growing at the stated rate will get us there”.
    The criticism is based on the fact that as emerging economies speed up their rate of growth, the definition and groupings of the countries based on the size of their economies also changes.

    Countries such as Brazil and India, which a few years back were considered as “third world countries” are a few years from expected to join the league of developed countries because rapid expansion of their economies.

    Placing the Vision 2030 between a rock and a hard place, IEA say a rapidly expanding economy though a good thing “may become unacceptable as a new coal power plant”.

    “Rapid and unstructured economic growth has bred fears of a possible depletion of the worlds natural resources with grave consequences for the environment and the climate,” the report says of the manifesto’s failure to address the possible unintended outcomes of a rapidly growing economy.

    IEA also points to a gap in the manifesto’s tourism sector promise saying the desired level of growth in the industry does not address the possible dangers of having large number of people visiting the traditional beach and bush safaris sites.

    The report says PNU has failed to learn and aim for best practices such as tourism product diversification that has helped countries such as South Africa to grow with less harm to the environment.

    South Africa has recently diversified its tourism product range to include shopping experience, sports and business tourism.

    The manifesto also comes under heavy censureship for lacking “an answer” to the threat that increased competition from countries such as Vietnam (in coffee) and Ethiopia (horticulture) pose to Kenya’s share of the global agricultural commodities market.

  101. solomon says:


    I agree with you.

    I wish the propagandas that the ODM team might have ready could be sent to our mails.

    I am sure I will reach atleast rach 50 people by evening.

    I am telling you that PNU adherents are still having an upper hand in the propaganda war.

  102. Otsiatso says:

    Just because sms are doing the rounds as propaganda does not mean they are effective.
    The propblem with lies as propaganda is that after sometime people start asking questions and they are disregarded and become part of the backgoriund noize. Also they can backfire – just ask PANU

    Concentrate on what is working – which is the message -CHANGE!!” intersperse it with high decibel pressure quetioning of PANU’s record:
    What of Mamluki? Anglo leasing? Katiba? Ukabila? and then raise tough Qs,” Did Uhuru not run so as to succeed Kibaki?” That is more effective, it makes people question and think as opposed to the many outrageous claims form PANU and us ODM’ers.
    Also at this time the issues need to be more streamlined
    Nyanza, Western, R.Valley – utaguzi & fight against ukabila, security
    Coast – Majimbo / Utaguzi, rendition of Muslims, inclusion of Moslems
    NEP – utaguzi, rendition, security, inclusion of Moslems
    Nairobi – Jobs! Katiba! – summary of all
    Eastern and Central – assurance of an inclusive govt.

  103. Turncoat says:


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