Dear Bloggers,

The time has come,We are rolling out our final campaigns and as you can see with the new design, even here at Raila Odinga’s blog we are set for the last lap.Our online campaign will go along with other campaign themes i.e REAL CHANGE FOR ALL KENYANS. We would like to encourage our online supporters to spread this message as widely as possible. Our candidates major concern is EQUITY. How can we share Kenyan resources equitably,Secondly is SECURITY others are outline on the manifesto available on our sister website




  1. Otieno says:

    Thanks admin for the new look blog. For a moment there I thought we’d been hacked 😉

    I hope Raila’s main site will be updated soon too. The Manifesto is still not available (unless I missed the link)

    In addition, we need news about our campain strategy, what’s going on etc, even on Raila’s website. I have noticed some of the news there is just copied and pasted from the media houses. Don’t we have our own writers?

    We also hope there will be regular feedback from you guys

    Good job! Machungwa peke yake!

  2. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    This is good work. Redesign fantastic. Content- needs to be worked on. Kibaki has started a personal blog. It is good to get ideas there as we understand his way of thinking.

    ODM tuendelee. We are destined for a win. It is ours to lose.

  3. Otieno says:

    Njuguna 😀 (MK’s blog)

  4. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Campaign Themes: Equal opportunities for all (No Kenyan shut out), Security, Openness/Transparency.

    The use of the term Equity may be misleading as some people may think that you are campaigning for Equity Bank.

    The Orange/Banana duel has to be factored into the campaign. You do not abandon what has brought you victory in the past. The current fight for State House has to be taged as the continuation of the Orange and Banana (now known as PNU) duels of the referendum.

    Kibaki has to be shown to be a huge liar. I have spoken to some votewrs and they told me that they will not vote for Kibaki because he cannot be trusted. This has to be one of the major campaign themes.

    Kenyans have to be also educated that it is not true that PNU is having 210 parliamentary candidates, that is a candidate in every constituency. The truth of the matter is that PNU has a lot fewer candidates than 210. PNU should not count Ford Kenya, Ford People, and Kanu as its candidates because they are not.

    Allowing PNU to cheat Kenyans is risky because some people might think that PNU is indeed the more national party than ODM.

    My heart and head tell me that Raila will win by a landslide so any current polls whether genuine or doctored will not give the accurate picture of what will happen on December 27, 2007.

    ODM must work on unhinging and dispersing PNU in non-Central Province regions.

    Cardinal Njue should also not be given an opportunity to influence voters. The late Pope John Paul II worked closely with Muslims. Why does Njue want Muslims to be sidelined in Kenya.

    Kibaki’s supporters (led by Wanjui) called themselves “The Twelve Apostles” thus implying that Kibaki is Jesus Christ. I have been waiting for Cardinal Njue to condemn this as heresy and blasphemy but he is quiet. Why?

  5. Achola Omolo says:

    I’m getting disturbing reports to the effect that Reuben Ndolo(Makadara) and Mwahima (Likoni) have been disqualified for having failed the proficiency tests. I’m not too sure if this is true but If it is indeed true then I’m beginning to have doubts on ECK’s ability to carryout a free and fair poll. There is no way we can have Kalembe Ndile, Njenga Karume, Maina Kamanda can pass and then we have Ndolo fail.

    This might just be the grand scheme of this sympathetic Kibaki ECK to rig this election. We might need to rise up and fight against this scheme.

  6. Auki Ollows says:

    Looks like someone is listening… I see that Salim Lone is now our spokesman…

    MK’s blog… Hahahahaha! I have shared before that this election is about ODM and Raila and our/his moves… They have realized that some of the most fantastic ideas and messages of support are being seen on the Raila07 blog so they now copy… They have realized that we are breaking the cycle of propaganda through the Raila blog… Hehehehehehe!

    Let’s continue to hear more about ODM and Raila than any other candidate, including from PNU…

    I am surprised that even in Steadman, that ODMists no longer pay attention to, Raila still leads, after 4 weeks of sustained dirty tricks propaganda from PNU aided by pro agencies, I think wananchi want Raila NO MATTER WHAT!


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Handling the issue of EQUITY, I suppose; evenhandedness, fairness, impartiality, justice, fair play, justness and finally to me nonalignment without discrimination has been an issue with the past governments.

    And truly speaking Kenya has got a lot of assets that are not utilised well, be it human or what. I might want to bring up devolution once again here, which I feel is a good start in equal distribution of what Kenya posseses as a nation.

    Many regions have been short-changed before and it will truly be a delicate affair trying to share equitably in all the provinces what we have in this country. Charity begins at home, naturally and I feel it will be better especially in the local areas to utilise the human resources that we have got on the ground at the local level.

    For instance, if a particular region produces fish ‘but do I say’, I do not see the reason why we should have a fish factory 400kilometres away, and even have workers from far much apart. Lets have the factory at the same place, employ people from the same place, have suppliers from the same place so that we make sure that what we have first benefits these people and is utilized well at that level ‘Just a thought’. It will benefit people from that place and even to some extent, rural to urban migration in search of jobs will be controlled. I know everybody in Niarobi is losing his/her head over congestion and jams everywhere anytime of day.

    This way, we will have at least some bit of development in each part of this country,

    Same to those provinces where we cattle in abundance, why not at least have a meat factory there, it will help market their livestock a lot.

    Secondly, the revenue collected can now be shared in all the provinces as per the needs of each province.

    Case rested for today.

  8. Philip (The visitor) says:

    Lets not be low by these polls but also let’s not underestimate them.

    Fact No 1: ODM and Raila are still popular
    Fact No 2: ODM, Raila and Pentagon have an advantage over Kibaki in terms of policies and integrity.
    Fact No 3: ODM isn’t campaigning vigorously
    Fact No 4: The best leader does not necessarily mean he’s the winner. A winner is normally a convincing leader.
    Fact No 5: PNU is rigging and will rig in General Election
    Fact No 6: ODM can loose if it doesn’t campaign vigorously.

    I stand to be corrected.

    I have read several coments on this blog and I’ll reiterate again that many of them are very convincing and can easily lure a “PNU damu” to ODM. There are several propagandas that PNU sent which affected ODM popularity. These propagandas have effectively been countered on this blog but not satisfactorily outside these blog in the internet world and have poorly been countered on the ground, which is the most important. The comments have also gone ahead to give scathing attacks of PNU.

    How I wish the administrator will start taking these comments and sending to the ground the way PNU sent propagandas concerning majimbo, MOU, witchcrafty, Presidential plane etc.

    PNU’s popularity has gained majorly because of propagandas. These propagandas have worked effectively in some areas. Areas around Moi and Kombo had a 50 – 50% support of Kibaki and Raila but these have been tilted in favour of Kibaki because of these propagandas. You may not believe but there are people who are convinced that the fake MOU is real! What is ODM doing to counter these and other propagandas spread by PNU?

    Telling people only good things that ODM will do and failing to remind them of atrocities perpetrated by PNU isn’t enough. ODM needs to combine both.

    ODM had one advantage: The attack came so early that they had all the time to recover but ODM isn’t recovering. Soon PNU will able to convince people about the authencity of the MOU by telling them that it was real and that’s why ODM isn’t willing to release what they purport to be the true one.

    When Dick Morris came we all saw the noise and mudslinging that went on. Some were racist remarks. Now PNU is selling Kenya’s property Telkom to “wazungu” as PNU normally refers to and there is nobody in ODM to make noise.


    We have an advantage and we should use it to the maximum. Let’s take some of the comments in this blog and tell/send to as many people as possible. Generally PNU propaganda is based on “what Raila will do” while ODM truth (or propaganda if you want to call it) is about “what PNU has done”. Something that ODMers can prove by showing people but PNU cannot prove any of their propaganda.

    Let’s attack and attack in a manner that PNU will never recover.

  9. Auki Ollows says:


    I think when the PNU torrent came, ODM took a strategic go slow, to see the full extent of PNU direction. Generally, people don’t listen to anyone when there’s alot of noise from everywhere. It’s now clear that PNU won’t bother with positive campaigns. They will put a high premium on propaganda. They will do double speak, try to paint Kibaki as clean and making all the right noises (‘avoid misuse of internet on the campaigns’, ‘avoid stereotypes’, ‘don’t make personal attacks’ etc etc) while his ‘dirty tricks’ guys will do precisely the same…. With all the info we have gained about their strategy, we WILL be OK!


  10. Morara says:


    I will repeat what many have said before me. Let each of us make this a personal campaign. PNU a war chest of at least 5 billion shillings, 1 billion of which was raised one week ago at Safari Park. ODM depends on us – the foot soldiers. Raila needs our help if he is to win against these mighty forces of evil. Do ensure that you get your family and friends to vote – this war will be won mainly on turnout. Keep encouraring supporters who are feeling discouraged by the current short-term challenges.

  11. Kawere says:

    PR! PR! PR!
    ODM’s PR has a job cut out. The remaining time has to be spend on extremely good campaigning and PR. The Kenyan press is definately biased so ODM has to do whatever it can do to do a campaigning machine that is smarter but not necessarily expensive. There are alot of nominated candidates that should not spend too much time doing their own personal campaigning since they are already a slam dunk. Most of these are in Nyanza, Western, Coast and some parts of RV. They should be called upon to campaign for Raila daily in 50/50 zones and tilt the balance as the days draw near. Kibaki is going to spend a lot of money buying votes in those areas. That is the reason why ODM must do proper campaigning in those areas. Nairobi is one province where ODM stands to get many seats especially .

  12. Juma Moses says:

    Wana ODM, I have been observing this blog for sometime now, and i think there is something i need to share. Going by the just released polls, it may please you to know that Raila is not the underdog. We have 4 weeks to go, they’ll probably publish their last propaganda in 2 weeks, then what? If the figures vary by a plus or minus 4, then the die is cast. Dont forget whats going on at the enemies camp too because it bears greatly on our success. PNU is a fallen house, and right now they are closing in on Muite because he could easily call the shots to the chargrin of the big shots. My prediction is they are elevating Kibaki at the polls so as to distract people from the real headache, internal power struggles at PNU. With this in mind, ODM need not worry but embark on a serious final lap campaign.Victory is ours to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ken says:

    Maru, Philip and Kawere are all correct in their opinions, I have pointed out similar concerns both through this forum and through the gmail account, which by the way no feedback is forthcoming. If it is true Salim Lone is the spokesperson designate, then that is a great start. Now we need to know that there is a campaign manager to coordinate with the spokesperson on what the daily agenda will be. I still cannot locate the manifesto off of the main web page. We also need to come out aggressively on the offense to counter the negative press this campaign has be subjected to. I am in the diaspora so I cannot gauge how much damage is being done through both the print and broadcast media, but given the concerns of fellow bloggers on the ground, this seems to be ODMs undoing. Like Maru states, talk about equity, and please start talking about how you will pay for all the programs you promise to put out there. The polls whether we like them or not are indicative of the nations pulse, PNU has a formidable war chest to dispense of in the next month, this means they are in a position to blanket the whole country’s media thereby ensuring a media blackout on ODM. If the media market back home is the same as over here, then I assume that PNU has already bought spots on all the T.V and radio media, as well as the print, if not then thats a blunder on their part. ODM promises a campaign like no other, but that is nothing if it is not cost effective. Get your act together and lets get this thing rolling

  14. kip says:

    In today’s East African Standard, there was this article by one PNU sympathizer. The man who calls himself a writer was trying to advance a fallacy that has primarily become PNU’s campaign message.

    He unashamedly writes that in Kenya today, we have men like Hon. Raila who are more suited to the role of a critic while men like Kibaki and his cabal of tribal lieutenants such as Michuki, Karume, Wanjuhi, Uhuru et al are men more suited to running governments. For this reason he could not understand why Kenyans want to replace Kibaki with Hon. Raila. In his mind, Kenyans should be – by this time – under the spell! of Kibaki’s government. One wonders what possible motive he had for such thoughts. One also wonders what stopped him from replacing Hon Raila’s name with his tribe effectively accomplishing what he REALLY set out to say.

    I must admit that this piece – together with that other by Lawyer Gibson Kuria last week – shook me. A man can be forgiven for many things but such kind of talk in a country like Kenya is not just wickedness, but a repulsive kind of selfishness that should disgust both you and I. This is the evil of displaced energy at work!

    Well, this is no time for oratory since it seems not even the eloquence of Socrates will save these PNU tribalists. That doesn’t mean I am going to quibble but rather speak in plainly.

    Kenyans are now strangers to this juvenile line of thinking being advanced by such men. And it’s a good thing that they do – for this is precisely what should be defeated come December 27.

    This spectacle of defiance by the rest of the Kenyan voters is commendable and it’s now up to PNU to face up to the reality that Kenya is a more mature democracy.

    If PNU is to ever increase their chances of getting anywhere close to that seat of Power, then let them arm themselves with some little political knowledge of the Kenyan voter. And maybe their ratings will improve without having to arm-twist poor Waititu and his boss at Steadman. It’s such a pity that tribal bigotry has people to forget the most important lesson …..that those who invented statistics intended it to be neutral.

    Hon Raila in my opinion is the man suited to lead Kenya. The man has proved himself more outward looking i.e. willing to work the rest of Kenyans, as opposed to the narrow- minded tribal bigots in PNU.

    He has re-invented himself and made himself not only respected but loved by both Kenyan men and women. And this is what really tips the balance between him and his tribalist opponents. They not only respect him but love him too.

    It’s been said that every country needs rejuvenation. And the best way a nation does this is through the blood and tears of its own sons and daughters. We need not re-hash Hon Raila’s contribution towards rejuvenating Kenya to what it is today – Just as Mbeki, Obasanjo, Museveni and many others did for their countries.

    As Kenyans we have absurd compulsions to keep look forward to things. Reason why the idea of a Rainbow Coalition was mooted in 2002. As a country we need to be driven up that political and economic scale. For that we need someone pushing a pointed stick up our arses. And Raila is the best man to do that.

    I think of all this and ask myself …..What is the one good reason that should stop this man from leading Kenya? I have posed the same question to most of my Kenyan friends. And most of them agree that it’s about time the man got a chance to serve Kenyans.

    If we ever intend to make changes, then this is the time to do it.

    I take a look at ODM and all I see is a Party that looks like a war horse at the sound of a trumpet!

    This election was won in November 2005. we simply need to regroup our troops and go for the jalugar of the enemy .

  15. Hk Wiliams says:

    I have’nt slept ever since the crossing of rive nile left us battered and some of us swept by the strong currents. Even though now we are on the home stretch to Canaan, I felt weak. But last night, I slept a wink and had a dream
    It was some kind of a reconciliation and a thanks giving Sunday/Saturday. it involved prayers from all religions in Kenya followed by fun activities; face painting and the cutting of orange cake into eight, then into different equal parts for all of us, etc. We had time to have fun and make new friends from all tribes and religions. it was so wonderful because it looked exactly like the Kenya of my dreams; where you are not judged by your last name or by how many one million dinner/lunch you Can attend. Unfortunately it was done in six provinces each attended by one pentagon member; thanks god we are hexagon. I could not figure out why it was not done in central and eastern. Maybe because there were no much mayhem in these areas. But I would have loved it to happen across Kenya.(someone to help me dream about that part)

    The activities in coast were at the famous Tononoka grounds attended by Najid Balala

    The ones in western was attended by our one and only Vice president Musalia Mudavadi. I could not remember clearly the name of the venue for this one (Maybe Masinde muliro Grounds)

    The one for nyanza was at Kenyatta Sports ground kisumu and attended by our one and only Mama Rainbow; THE QUEEN OF ORANGE ,Mrs charity Ngilu

    In Nairobi it was of course In nyayo stadium but I preferred uhuru park coz we would have much fun ridding the boats and so on. This was attended by mr. Joe Nyaga

    Rift valley at Afraha Stadium attended by Our Prime Minister (Designate) Mr wiliam Ruto

    Of course the captain, one Raila Amolo Odinga ‘THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT’ decided to attend the one for North Eastern, I don’t know why? Maybe because these brothers have been marginalised for too long and needed more care and attention than the rest of us.

    I could not figure out the finner details on how these activities were organised or who was in charge(our, now on the ground nominated mps can take the lead). But I had a feeling that everything was voluntarily done by the people who love their country and recognise that, once upon a time, Kenya was an economic power house in Africa and want to take Kenya back to where it belongs.

    Guys I wish this dream could come true, that we organise such an activity simultaneously across the country because after the dream,i woke up with so much energy that if all of us could feel the same energy that I do, if we could feel the same Urgency that I do, If we could feel the same passion that I do, if we could feel the same hopefulness that I do, if each one of us would do what we must do, then I have no doubt that the people will rise up in December and RAILA AMOLO ODINGA will be sworn in as he FOURTH President of the republic of Kenya and this country will reclaim its rightful place in God’s world.

  16. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I will keep on commenting until something happens.

    I watched on the spot and I really admired what Raila said. For the first time I was completely convinced that the man can easily solved the problems we face in Nairobi. What he said was completely viable. I could see that finally Kenya has a good leader. Anybody who watched that programme cannot argue that.

    But the problem is only those who watched the programme can say that. I’m sure majority of Kenyans did not watch it. There was a time that PNU filled all stations with clips of their developments, however it was coming after 9 ocklock news. ODM should do the same, always feed people with the policies of ODM and sins of PNU and I’m sure we’ll stop thinking of just winning but we’ll start contemplating of how we can win by over 60%.

    ODM is popular and people love it. PNU does not have such passionate supporters. Today I was talking to a Kikuyu “makanga”. He believes Raila is better than Kibaki. But he’s going to vote for Kibaki. It’s a strange phenomenon that ODM needs to find the motive behind it and change such people’s mind.

    Yes ODM is popular and it will be popular upto election but we need to note that PNU has rigged, is rigging and will rig such that our popularity needs to be improved to the extend that even rigging by PNU will not stop ODM from winning.

    The “makanga” later told me this, in sheng, “ODM ndio iko na wadhii wengi lakini hawawezi kuwin. Hao wadhii wenye walidie wote watavotia PNU na PNU itawin.” Translated is, “ODM has more people (read voters supporting it) but it can’t win. This is because all the dead will vote for PNU and it will win.” In other words the Kikuyu “makanga” knows very well that ODM is popular but that they won’t win since PNU is going to rig. We all know that the dead were not removed from registered voters and some people will vote using the names of the dead or their numbers will be counted in favour of PNU. We also know very well that in Central children who had not attained 18 years were given National ID card and registered as voters. We aslo know very well that PNU has been buying cards in poverty stricken areas especially in ODM strongholds and destroying them.

    ODM has advantage over PNU. Raila is a good leader and he has what it takes to win. He only needs to start going everywhere to convince people. As ODM supporters let us also support ODM in funds which can help them to campaign.

    ODM should make sure that one/two hours does not pass in any TV or Radio station, especially in the evening, before someone notice an advert that glorify ODM and demonise PNU. Similarly one does not travel over two kilometres in all major highways before one sees a board that does the same.

    And as ODM supporters in our topics, whether we are talking about Arsenal vs Wigan, we don’t forget to mention the good works that ODM will do to Kenyans and the evil that PNU has done and are likely to do.

    ….I’m assuming that the Kikuyu “makanga” does not hold an isolated opinion but this can be what many of them know in that route and other routes. What can ODM do to change their minds?

  17. kip says:

    to me The actual ODM brigade has to hit the road. do a road show in nairobi every 2 weeks . go to mombasa over and over. and strike interior RV not just the major towns. most voters are interior.. then ODM must advertize and advertize.. i dont know why that incident of weapons in a car of an asst. minister is not been played out …

    then where are they this weekend ? We Dont need stop gap measures we need constant attack like it was in september….

    whats on page 5 of the daily nation( guys posting in kenya ) did ngilu say anything like sijui vote kalonzo president I read somewhere( i thought its propaganda ati A small item in today’s nation page 5 reads and I quote “Narc chairperson Charity Ngilu now says the coalition is ready to form an alliance with the party that wins the next election. She alleged that Raila Odinga betrayed a plan with ODM-K’s Kalonzo Musyoka…………………..” she goes on to say “…………President Kibaki of PNU and Raila Odinga have equal chaces of winning the polls

    Someone tell me thats not true ……

  18. Auki Ollows says:

    Kip, I think that’s realpolitiki… Kenyans at the root only believe in ‘our own’. I don’t think there’s any real use of swimming against that tide. That probably belongs to political theory books. I am certain though, that the reporters exaggerated what was said. Remember, it was in the Nation. If that was the full import of statement, any sub-editor, leave alone the political editor, would have made it headlines…

    The Ptg is in Marakwet and Kakamega, over the wknd… I don’t think they are releasing much of the schedule ahead. They then take advantage of their large capacity to organize rallies at short notice

  19. Paul Omolo Akech says:

    Yeah Bwana Philip,
    What you said is true to the core, but can someone tell me what happened to the ECK website, I logged into it somewhere in October to check if the voter register had been updated. But as of today it is not up what went wrong, I have a strong feeling that there is an anomaly somewhere, Because at the time i checked whether they had changed my voting center (I changed from home constituency to Nairobi) but it was still reflecting Home which means i might be blocked from voting can someone help very quickly this is affecting many ODM supporters because am not the only one we are trying to avoid the rush our jam during the december traveling upcountry we actually want ODM to win but this ECK issue might cost us. Remember Moi appoited Kivuitu, Kibaki extended his term and both Moi and Kibaki have vowed to make sure that Raila and ODM does not win the coming Election I dont just know if am the only one seeing this. We might be caught unawares and we love peace we dont want to cry please help on this matter we need some clarifications.

  20. Jagero says:

    As the Captain we are at the home streach. The steadman polls could be doctered but the others also show that we have dipped marginally. This could be due to the nomination, relaxed campaigns over the last few weeks and the unleashing of the PNU arsenal however it could also be due to media blackout and problems created to our advertisers. PNU is playing dirty, if you saw the Advert on vice captain and Goldenberg. It is time for us to unleash all the arsenal we have at our disposal in a systematic manner leaving no recovery period. We should unearth Kibaki and Mois past and lay it bear for the Kenyans to decide. More important, Equitable distribution of resourses as the main theme as has been mentioned before.

    We all need to get out of our comfort zones and campaign especially if in the country and those who want to make change get a ticket if you can if not talk to people back at home. The main thing is voter turn out in the ODM strongholds. We know they will rig therefore the margin of difeat has to be so large that rigging won’t help. Don’t leave campaigning only to the politicians, as we are talking all PS offices are empty as these people have gone home with bags of cash to campaign for PNU. We need to make sure these campaigns do not cause any damage on the ground by countering whatever they are douing. Each and every person in his small can sway family, friends, a clan, or evern your workmates. all votes will count at the end of the day and this makes turn out the key to the presidency. They call us DOMO, lets show them that we can work as we have always done and remind them that some of us have payed for some of the things they today take for granted with their blood.

    The main pentagon teams now need to concentrate in areas like Nairobi, Coast, Rift valley, Western, Nyanza and North Eastern ie our strongholds and areas where we can tip the balance mpore on our side.

  21. Auki Ollows says:

    There’s a Raila07 blogger whose son has innovated as follows (as we were crying about this or that):

  22. Omuto says:

    Bwana Paul, yours must be a special case, and may be a few others too. I’ve just confirmed mine right now. I moved from the village to Kakamega Town and it’s reflecting exactly that. There is one thing I believe must be happening. The webmaster must be sleeping on job, for it’s still reading “as at May 2007.” The best I can assist you is to tell you to go to your nearest ECK offices, if the website thing doesn’t seem to work.

    Just a word for my fellow ODM suppoters; Yes, the polls show that Captain Raila is only 0.3 points ahead of Kibaki. But that’s just that. Ahead. As earlier stated by an ODM supporter on this blog, remaining number one is no easy task, especially after going through what we went through during the last two weeks. Beating a serpent like PNU at its own game, just as Captain Amollo Agwambo puts it, calls for an army of safari ants. They’re all over. The ants. Moi tried it in 2002 and he failed terribly. He tried again during the nominations last week and he failed successfully. Moi will not vote on behalf of Kenyans. He’s rebuilding his empire, through his sons and cronies like Uhuru and now Kibaki. Believe me, Moi is day dreaming. And let somebody remind him. This is a different generation. Moi doesn’t represent the change we want. Kenyans are hungry for change, believe me you guyz.

    Pple like Moi imagine that they can change Kenya into a monarchy, where their dynasty will rule forever and ever. Kibaki reads from the same script. Thank God for the two term policy. I assure you guys, with what we’re seeing now, Kibaki would have been like Mugabe. Age has done him more harm than good, otherwise, he would have sought the third, fourth and infinity terms until death do him part. He’s a worse dictator than Moi, this Kibaki fellow. Kazi ingeendelea milele. That’s why we have to send him packing come 27th December.

  23. FRED OGALO says:

    i was in mtwapa the other day where i met a very passionate ODM supporter who was kind of disturbed.he was worried because he has a voters card but when he went to confirm whether his card was valid he was told by the ECK clerks that he had been shifted to another constituency.
    can we put pressure on the ECK to release the updated voter register?

  24. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    @Otieno…point of correction. Our ODM party slogan is CHUNGWA MOJA not MACHUNGWA. the latter is poisoned and belongs to ODM-Kalonzo.


  25. Collins Seroney says:

    This is to encourage my fellow like minded kenyans with the orange dream. RAILA has reasonably done more than an individual’s contribution to his country, it is our turn to show him our appreciation. Let us turnout in large numbers to vote him in peacefully on the 27th, as this will prove those who wrongly branded him tribal and violent with all maner of propagandas, wrong.
    In my poor village, hopes are rekindled at the mention of ODM, RAILA and the pentagon. As he says it is the kenyan dream and the villagers are not sleeping, not relenting untill we see him in. Not even the relationalized opinion pools can drop the spirits. To all the ODM brothers and sisters, lets keep it alike. Thank you and God bless you all.

  26. Thomas Nyongesa says:

    I am not sure this has been suggested yet, but I think Githongo’s tape should be a handy campaign tool to be played just before the key speakers get on the platforms. I think it will be useful to play it continuously just to drive home the message that Kibaki’s government in incorrigibly corrupt in spite of what they are promisiing.

  27. ken says:

    My bad the link i intended to post was on the same page but on the Majimbo debate with Anyang Nyongo, Mutula Kilonzo and Amos Kimunya, aired on the 17th October on KTNs Debate ’07segment.

  28. ken says:

    I came across the debate on a devolved government on this link given the closed minds out there from leadership to the ordinary citizens, we as ODM proponents have an uphill task in explaining the benefits of the devolved system. This is an example of the dangers I have been raising in this forum with regards to how this campaign is being run, our voice seems to be a lonely one with ODM-K and PNU taking the clear lead in confusing people. If you all wanted proof of how badly we are doing in this propaganda debate, then the above link should be proof enough!!

  29. kip says:

    whats with raila with this foreign trips???Why cant he just stay at home and campaign instead of hoping fom one country to another talking to investors. He only has less than a month. does he really want to win ?

    guys i dont understand who advices this man anymore!

  30. Otieno says:

    Thx Baijo my bad

    Chungwa Moja, Maisha Bora! 😀

  31. Otieno says:

    Have you read this about the steadman polls? This is from the standard, hhmmm


    The Steadman Group was on the defensive after politicians and readers took issue with the figures it released in its latest opinion poll.

    Curious readers called The Sunday Standard saying the figures from Friday’s poll did not add up.

    A casual addition of President Kibaki’s support per province as released on Friday then divided by eight (the number of provinces) showed that Kibaki had scored 39.5 per cent, Raila had 47.6 while Kalonzo had 8.5 per cent.

    But Steadman, while releasing the polls on Friday, said President Kibaki and Mr Raila Odinga got 43.3 per cent and 43.6 per cent, an indicator that Kibaki, who had trailed Raila by over nine per cent two months ago, had caught up with the ODM presidential candidate.

    There were also questions about figures that did not add up in the provincial vote. An addition of the figures from Nyanza Province showed that some 10 points were missing, making the figures not add up.

  32. Zizi says:

    Yes, about steadman polls. can someone provide some details on provincial standings so that we can also apply some research techniques. Here is the link.

    There must be a bigger story to the steadman guy. We need to know!

    Otherwise, I believe we are on the track. The message by Raila a few on the kind of campain we need to run is also inspiring.

    What about the Mutava Musyimi presidential ambition?

    Move on.

  33. Hk Wiliams says:


    Follow this link

  34. Solomon says:

    We need not worry about the clip on Goldenberg link to deputy captain as long as the ODM could act fast. I think they should flat foot PNU by taking over the advert the way it is- DOMO style. Then have Musalia respond to his brother Raila Odinga quoting the Bosire report which cleared him. He should then question the govt why it has not acted for five years.

    There should be a promise to put the scandal to rest once for all.

    Clip of Uhuru linking Kibaki to Artur brothers must be brought forth. You remember when he asserted that they had visited state house last year?

  35. Solomon says:

    ODM need to show the country quite clearly that they represent the face of Kenya. While all the eight candidates for Pnu in Nairobi come from the same community, ODM candidates represents diversity in a cosmopolitan constituency.

    They pride themselves as the only party that has Sharkeel Shabir winning a seat in a place concentrated by one ethnic community. Outgoing Migori Mayor Junnet Mohammed is another plus on the part of ODM. ODM must make sure the country is aware of these details.

    ODM seems to have virtually gone slow on putting the government on the spotlight in many areas which include:

    .Civil servants like Muhoho and Eddy Njoroge are part and parcel of Kibaki Tena campaign. No one is mentioning the fishy dealings in upgranding of the airport.

    .Kibaki encouraging lawlessness on our roads by rescinding the traffic rule that requires the drivers and touts wear uniforms ( a recipe for mushrooming of terror gangs and rise in road carnage).

    .Wanjala allocated GK veh caught carrying crude weapons ( Where were the other pangas distributed to since 200 was the number purchased from Nakumatt).

    .MOU between Uhuru and Kibaki ( The last time Uhuru and the family participated in government, KCC was brought down and they took over several KCC plants). This economic link very important.

    .Livondo possible link to criminal past, use of forged documents and the killing of the young man last month in Hamisi.

    .Assination of Mbai, Muge , Seroney, Pinto, J.M Kariuki, Tom Mboya, Ouko and the killing fields of Mt. Elgon. Oath taking episodes of 1969 and its link to Mungiki killings and the dramatic endorsement of Mwai Kibaki by ex-mungiki contraversial leader Ndura Waruinge.

    .Ken Ren , Soya bean, Goldenberg, Turkwell Gorge, Malaria Control programme, Anglo leasing and the recent contraverial Ksh.800m reburshing cost of old jets by defence ministry. Nyachae clip during the 2002 campaings linking Kibaki with the collapse of molasses plant in the late 70’s.

    .The injustices of landlessness and how certain families owns hundred of thousands of acres.

  36. Solomon says:

    I would wish we do not waste a lot of time on the Steadman polls. The ratio used for urban and rural is 35:65. It is estimated that among the 5 biggest communities Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya and Kambas have a bigger percentage of their populations in urban centres than their national prcentages. But for the Kalenjin it is estimated that only 2 % of the community live in urban areas. So a poll in Riftvalley may not necessarily capture the actual figure since it is biased against the biggest community in the province. So, if Kalenjins votes as a block they will no doubt prove the pollsters wrong.

    The ODM campaign team need to hit the gound running. The most important thing is for them to reassure the country that they are a party for change

  37. Kanyeka says:

    My idea is that the pentagon should start vigorous campaign by calling big rallies in all its strong holds especially RV, Western, Coast and NE. cutting across the country.
    ODM is lucky because the burden of transport is catered for by wanachugwa moja who don’t need to be transported to the venue.

  38. Solomon says:

    It is also very important that ODM leaders do not go on the defensive on issues as pertain corruption. Let them paint the current govt. as the one that has failed to tackle the vice nd also expose PNU as a party with no plan of action to tackle graft. Mention the president also as an archtect of one of the mindboggling Ken Ren scam and paint him as a partaker in grand corruption.

    Any rebuttal must be based on the commitment by ODM to deal with the past crimes head on and close the chapter unlike the PNU which is happy to live with it and use it against opponent at the opportune moment. It is also worth reminding the public that the ex-CEO who presided over all those ills Mr. Moi is a civil servant in Kibaki govt.

    The other point is for ODM leaders to ensure that any time they are confronted with a charge that the govt has done a lot they rebuff it. I would wish they pinpoint that a government that has failed to protect the sanctity of human life is not worth governning. Mungiki menace, Mt. Elgon killings must supercede any argument concerning the spurious economic growth.

    As a party of change they should emphasise that a new democratic constitutional dispensation is what could only address the fundamental problems afflicting the country. For that reason, Mwai Kibaki has done too little that it is not even worth commenting on.

  39. Otieno says:

    Thx Solomon for your insights. If the following excerpt from the standard is true…..

    “The President will be hitting the road in the company of the man he defeated in 2002, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and former President Moi who backed Uhuru against him.”

    ….we should really hit this axis of evil with the amo Solomon has mentioned above. I believe the effects would be even more powerful if these 3 are seen together.

    Going what was reported in the papers attributed to Tinga – that there would be no holds barred in this final stretch – Githongo exposes, the Kroll report, etc, I think ODM is gonna do exactly what has been proposed above. I’m waiting for the Coast rally on Tuesday, or where were they headed again?

  40. Gerald says:

    It’s now clear to the whole world that steadman is no longer credible people complained that they wanted results per province and they did so!now we took our calculators and did the maths and what were the results
    Raila 47.6% Kibaki 39.5% kalonzo 8.5% then again 10 pointes were missing from nyanza.When they realeased on friday was different from that.its clear that PNU has bought steadman ‘cheaply’ and kenyans have gone to school and you cant lie.we know that the chief campaigner for kibaki is waititu and his brother the MD for steadman is Waititu.Please they should not fool kenyans who desire real change.

    just click the link the below:

  41. Dr Afullo Augustine says:

    This sensitivity analysis has attempted to use the most pessimistic opinion poll results of the last 8 weeks (Sept 29th to Nov 23rd) from Consumer insight, a company engaged by the Nation media group to conduct weekly presidential polls. It has consistently given ODM and Raila the worst results. It, however, offers the best opportunity for us to use its data to plan so as to get maximum gain. It is mean to help ODM move forward, by identifying the most productive areas to focus its campaign and strength on in the next few weeks. BECAUSE WE MUST WIN BY MAJORITY VOTES AND SEATS.
    This analysis has the following conclusions and way forward. It is supported by graphs from which the conclusions have been drawn.
    1. Out of any score for ODM, about 11 comes from R Valley, 1 from Eastern, 1 Central, 12 Nyanza, 8 Western, 4 from Nairobi, 4 from Coast and 1.3 from North Eastern. This gives us a stable 42% at any given time. We can pick another upto 15% from the zones where we oscillate most.
    2. Western, Nyanza, North Eastern and Rift Valley earn ODM a safe % above 50% of voters in the respective provinces. These should be maintained for the mandatory requirement of 25% score in at least 5 provinces. We should focus on encouraging our supporters to vote, and ensure voter turnout is 99%. People should be repeatedly told to spend Xmas vacation at their voting areas, to avoid traffic hitch experienced every year at and after Xmas. We should tell them to be ready to sacrifice and vote, and thereafter make traveling plans. It was observed that during the nominations, many didi not turn up to vote; this scenario should not be repeated in the final polls.
    3. The Nairobi % is the most inconsistent in %, sometimes exceeding 50% and sometimes coming below 50%.
    4. The points we get from each province is most stable in Western, Nyanza and Central; and relatively stable in North eastern. They are most unstable/ oscillate most in R Valley, Nairobi and Coast. The points we lose weekly or fortnightly are often picked by Kibaki and PNU
    5. We have the biggest chance to improve our performance and add extra marks from Rift valley, Eastern, Nairobi and Coast, where we can earn upto 5.8, 1.9, 2 and 0.8 respectively.


  42. fred says:

    This is fantastic chungwa moja, the design is so good. this last lap of campaign should be handled with alot of energy and care coz if any mistake is done in this round we may not get time to rectify it .
    As much as smear campaigh is not so good if our opponents use it and we realise they are gainig out of it then the option is the same, this will be in line with the majimbo debate where people believed lies than facts.

  43. jomundhe says:

    Last week Kenyans saw the beneficiaries of the Kibaki and Moi regime eating and feasting at a cost of Kshs.1000,000.00,while ordinary kenyans are going to bed with empty stomachs,and cannot afford to buy drugs for their sick.
    This arrogance matured to the level that they were recorded saying that they are the ones Bankrolling the Campaign of deception by the PNU and will continue to do so when called upon.
    Kenyans have matured and should not allow themselves to fall prey to these Political Conmen.
    Last month they spent money trying to demonise Majimboism,a policy which will bring relief and integrity into every household in Kenya.
    These people and even Kibaki knows all leading world economies like USA,Canada,Germany,Austria,Australia,Switzerland and otherslike Argentina,Brazil,Nigeria and South Africa etc. embraced Majimbo and it has never caused any tribal clashes or tension but development and growth beyond measure.
    As Kenyans we should see evil in our midst.
    How many Kenyans from other Communities has the Capacity to buy a plate of Sukuma wiki and Ugali at a cost of Kshs.1,000,000.00.
    PNU is a community thing and everything for themselves.They are on the business of buying their way back to power.
    They are now running to every part of the country for vote but when the time comes,to them Kenyans means GEMA.The evidence is clear with the current appointments in government,Parastatals and other sectors.
    Kenyans!! hold to your voting card and bring sanity back to the nation.
    Kenya is for all Kenyans and no one community is important than others.
    Vote for RAILA,an individual who knows that even an El-Molo is a Kenyan.
    All people in the PNU line up, including Moi, are self centered individuals,out to manipulate and Con kenyans of their God given rights.
    Moi should remember that his Presidency was a failure and it is Kenyans who sent him home.
    Let him not make himself a saint after only 5 years.His record is still clear in the mind of Kenyans.
    Moi is trying to come back to power through Kibaki.
    If the 1,000,000 plate tycoons were genuine,they could ask themselves in how many Hospitals are patients lying on floors because there are no beds and drugs,how many Kenyans are drinking contaminated water because of lack of water holes,how many pupils are sitting on dusty Classroom floors because there no desks.
    How many Kenyans are dying at home because they can’t afford to go to the hospital.
    There is hope.

  44. kip says:

    guys , the problem is ODM IS NOT ACTUALLY MAXIMIZING ON THIS VIA PRESS CONFRENCES AND RALLIES WITH THE ABOVE MESSAGES….! WE CAN SHOUT AL WE WANT ONLINE but… fact is 0.0003% of the votes access this info! so lets stop this opera online AND ask ODM to spin this out!!!!!

  45. Otieno says:

    Follow this link (in case you haven’t seen it) to check out ODM’s campaign strategy

    ODM won’t be bothering with a smear campaign against PNU.

    There’s other important stuff mentioned there, for instance, every ODM party nominee will be g iven an abridged version of the manifesto and campaign messages to take to the grassroots.

    Let’s go ODM!!

  46. kip says:

    an SOS guys.. could someone tell raila to remain in kenya for next 30 days and hit the road ? tafadhali …

  47. Otieno says:

    Kip, don’t worry. I believe he’ll be around. If he had to go to Dubai, it must have been a very important issue, funds?

    Anyone who missed these two commentaries should have a look at them:

    The first one is about the Bomas Draft and ODM being the true agents for change

    This second one is about how Kibaki would rig the elections

  48. shaqmaya says:

    Kip dont worry, what the guy was trying to avoid is a situation where incumbents might have taken advantage of his presidential campaign to their benefit to win the nominations. You know Kenya politicians will do all what they can to lock out a fellow orange candidate opposing him. Can you imagine a situation where Raila turns up for presidential campaign with the incumbent ODM MP in a constituency where the opposing candindate has more supporters? Now Raila knows who is the ODM flag bearer in every constituency and who to deal with if he visits a constituency. His trips abroad were meant to boost the campaign kitty. ODM is fighting a club of billionares and it wont be easy without financial assistance from well wishers abroad.

  49. Kawere says:

    Nairobi, RV, Coast and Eastern especially in Embu. These are the parts that ODM legwork has to make a difference. Even in few constituencies of N.E province where some nomination losers mayhave defected to ODM-K such as Garsen. After today, i think the message is already written on the wall for Kibaki and PNU. ODM is winning unless they rig the elections.

    PS: On another note, could someone tell me why Nyachae is still wishing to come back to parliament? His agemates are all retired and he has no new ideas.

  50. Anon says:

    Is it me or has Kalonzo turned his focus to hitting at Raila? ODM team should make sure that people in “mashinani” know the difference between our symbol and that of ODM-K.Maybe that is the “miracle” that Kalonzo is talking about.

  51. tnk says:

    i think Raila should start making statements to the effect that when he takes over presidency, people who have engaged in criminal acts, slander, sleaze, and other forms of lawlessness will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And professionals such as steadman who knowingly publish false and misleading articles will be deregistered. Unless these people are 100% sure of a Kibaki win (of which I’m sure they are not) they need to either start packing or maintain silence or speak the truth. THis should include people creating and spreading malicious lies and propaganda in a bid to discredit him.

    Raila needs to start thundering on corruption and how it increases poverty, and that he will stamp it out completely with no mercy and not the lipservice of Kibaki. Notice in Kibakis campaigns there is no mention of corruption and bomas constitution draft

    Also ODM needs to prepare for Jamhuri Day celebrations and put in place a process to be highly visible in all constituencies and ensure that PNU and Kibaki does not turn this national day into a campaign platform and not sit passively by in the event that they do. Stage peaceful but mass protests in stadiums if govt officers will not allow ODM speakers and/or force boycotts. Do not be drawn into violence but Orange must be seen all over.

    As ODM hits campaigns this final stretch and I appreciate that ODM pentagon has acknowledged nomination shortcomings and will meet with losers and winners alike before hitting the campaign programme. As they reach out to the constituencies, they will no doubt work hand in hand with the local candidate but must ensure the candidate(s) are capable of delivering the three piece. In areas where we have NARC or KADDU candidates who are willing to work with Raila for Presidency then hard as it may be, ODM pentagon must come up with a strategy that acknowledges these candidates but not at the expense of the ODM candidate since it will ensure a Raila win. Its a tricky balance but thats politics and right now a Raila win is of primary importance

  52. haniv says:

    Hi Guys. Hope all is well. Have not been around for a few days and will be on and off. Have a suggestion. When ODM does its rally in Kisumu let us garner a huge convoy of cars- the most one has ever witnessed in Kenya to escort the Orange Bus on its way to Kisumu. Passing through the towns of Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret and then to Kisumu. This will send a strong message to people residing in Nairobi, Central, Rift and Nyanza of ODM popularity. In rural areas if people are convinced that ODM has strong following in Nairobi it will influence voters. Remember people want to be on the winning side!! Our potential MP’s in Nairobi must camapign hard. ODM has to bag more that 60% of seats in Nairobi. What are your predictions for Nairobi and which seats do you think are safe seats and which do you think are seats that could swing either way?

  53. Philip (The visitor) says:

    Jana Kibaki alimeet ma youth. Mi nilikuwa nawatch everything kwa screen. Vile nilikuwa na watch niliwish ma youth waone vile naona. Kusema ukweli the whole baraza ilikuwa ya kuenjoy ma youth. Hao wazee wanatuona si ni mafala. Hakuna hata youth alikuwa allowed kubonga huko mbele unless wanatuambia akina Uhuru ni ma youth. Kibaki anadai anasupport ma youth yet anaendelea kuandika wazee job. Watu wenye wako na yeye karibu wote ni wa old. Hata wahi appreciate ma youth unless anataka kura zao. Infact iko kama ashuguliki na young turks wenye wako PNU. Jana niliona mbona beste wangu wa PNU alinishow hata kama anacampaignia PNU hawezi wapigia kura since hawezi pigia criminals. Ana campaign coz anatafuta pesa.

    Kibaki mwenyewe hata awezi kupretend eti ana support youth. Jana hakubonga anything important. Huyu mzee ni mzee na ukweli ni kwamba hawezi kusupport youth. Wanadai eti walianzisha “youth fund” but hizo pesa zinaenda wapi. Niko na mabeste wengi na hakuna mmoja amenishow eti group yao iliget hizo pesa yet wali apply. Inafaa warelease list kutushow hizo pesa zote wamezipeleka wapi.

    Saa vile ODM wameanza ku campaign ningependa wa organise rally ya ma youth na apart from “Pentagon” wa allow ma youth kama KJ, Kajairo, Mdomo Bagi, Mongolo… wa bonge na wenzao, kwani hao ndio ma real youth. Si kuanza kutuletea akina Kuti, Uhuru na Mbarire wenye hata wajui shida ya ma youth kubonga mbele ya ya ma youth na kuwadanganya. Hatutakubali ku treatiwa ka si ni mafala. Election ifike na tuwaprove kuwa tumeerevuka.

    Ni wakati wa kuvote ODM yenye itatuhelp.

  54. Tarei says:

    I watched the youth baraza at Uhuru Park too. I thought it was not as parked as ODM’s rally held at the same scene earlier.
    Whenever such meetings are held,to address issues of such as poverty and the hopelesness affecting the youth,it would be expected that speaker after speaker would move the crowd to tears with resounding messages of hope.
    But no!!!! they try to speak sense to the youth,tried so hard to make them believe that all is fine,that the only solution is bidii.
    Is it not obviuos that we work so hard?How else can you explain profit in huge caponies.The owners of capital enjoy the benefits of our labour!
    Remember fellow Kenyans that PNU or was it GNU’s earlier call for a working nation completely legalized the sidelining of the youth because we work for them. In their hospitals,schools,companies,parastatals and government.
    They control this institutions,give business to their friends no wonder they can raise 1 B in minutes.We should seek to change this.I want to say that the newly mandated ODM leaders should drum the message home so hard till the likes of Moi go hiding.
    Just before last elections KIbaki used to call Kanu Guys Wezi in fact he said calling them corrupt was such a mild term and that we should call them by their real name ‘WEZI’ CAN SOME ONE GET THAT CLIP FROM THE MEDIA and play it for all to understand that the guy does not mean what he says and never says what he means
    How kenyans work in shops you cant afford to shop in?
    How kenyans work in hospitals you cant afford to get sick in?
    How kenyans work so hard and at the end of the month they have enough
    money just to be broke
    That cant be Right

  55. tnk says:

    tarei and philip you are so right. then ask yourself, how is it that a few hundred people even call it 1000 people can meet at Safari Park for lunch one afternoon and raise 1B just like that. ANd if you called all your buddies and their buddies and all their families and friends and we all filled Uhuru Park with about 6 million ordinary Kenyans (about 50% will be below 35) and we tried to raise 200 million, its just not possible.

    That can’t be right

    The answer is that Kenya is ranked among the most unequal countries in the world. Those old goats in PNU and the “youth” Uhuru, Lee Karuri and others were born into riches we cannot dare imagine. THats why Kibaki is so arrogant and can call us pumbavu when he is in his element but when they need votes or want to talk to us they condescend to our levels by dishing out 200s, THats how cheap it is. No tangible jobs, no tangible long term plan, just 200 for a drink and maybe choma, then thats it. What do they get for 200, large crowds and perpetrators of violence. At the end of that day, everyone goes back to their hungry homes but the fat cats meet at the clubs over three or four roast goats and congratulate each other on their successful campaign strategies and somehwere in there another Telkom or ANglo leasing deal is brokered.

    No its not right, and as much as he would like to make us believe it Kibaki does not create jobs, a functioning govt system, devoid of corruption, nepotism, cronysm and inefficiency, a country providing good security for the citizens, filled with parliamentarians who are there for the common good of all wananchi creating enabling environment and development policies for each region, harnessing the diversity of resources (capital, human, natural etc). THats what creates jobs. Protecting the few resources we have and enhancing them, not signing them away like Telkom to foreign investors or even the few rich fat cats local private investors.

    Everybody including the youth should SEND THESE PNU guys home for good.

  56. Ben Josiah says:

    Halo All.

    We wana share ideas in this blog but is not structured well enough. Can we have the administrator reformart the blog space so that we can respond to each other. A few great ideas are coming up here, I just wish we could have a system that could enable us implement them.

    1. Haniv comments up there is great… we make one big cars snail from Nairobi through Kisumu when ODM hit Kisumu city. True, Nairobi sets the pace!!! I for sure will come with my car if this is arranged and announced.

    2.Philip up there has said a great idea. of who should be the organisers of Youth for Raila campaign Rally in Nairobi. KJ…. et al. We need one day of just dancing it out in Uhurupark with live music bands of ODM. Real music and commedy from kina KJ. Raila can come late in the evening and or can as well send his son Fidel married to the Kiuk both to come and just say aword and speak against tribalism.

    Thanks guys is fun checkin this site. Long Live Agwambo! Long live Pentagon! Long live ODM!.

  57. Omuto says:

    Just a thought. Come to think of it, am no longer worried of this Vijana Tugutuke na Kibaki thing. In fact, you follow these youth to the polling booths come Dec 27th. You’ll be surprised. I wish Kibaki knew this. After promising them over 500,000 jobs annually when he took over power in 2002, these young men, under Captain Kioko, have decided to Gutusha mzee. He (Kibaki) thought he would be smarter, calling us pumbavu. Our fellow youth are such creative that they’re now minting money from Kibaki under the guise of campaigning for him. Surely, only a fool would genuinely campain for a big let down and pathological liar like Kibaki. These young crafty men have decided to amsha mzee for not living up to his own word. Weirdly enough, Kibaki is basking into this false glory of vijana for Kibaki. Mjinga akierevuka… Bwana Kioko, please go ahead. Teach this fellow a lesson. Come 2012, you’ll be the Jirongo of that time. We know this is the opportunity you were waiting for – you and your cronnies. Acha mzee atoboke. That’s PNU – Pata Nauli Uondoke – and vote for real change come 27th December.

  58. ODM needs positive vissibility and the generos and personal touch of Agwambo himself from now till 27th Dec.

    The secretariat should liase with NTV to release the interview done recently by our presidential candidate for circulation. It was the clearest, most focused Raila has given since the Refferendum days! The interview in wor and voice can be circulated on mail.

  59. One major thing that is giving ODM the lead is the leadership it is promising to offer on the quest for a new constitution! Let the campaign revolve arounf the realisation of a new constitution.Matters od equity, security are elements/sub-sets of the quest for a new constitution. The message should be tailored towards the realisation of a new constitution to ensure EQUITY, SECURITY etc!

  60. tnk says:

    By the way on the pledges that Kibaki makes

    his website has published the inauguration speech

    i think thats a big mistake

    everything he promised then is there for public display. Below are highlights of the greatest con game of all time

    I am greatly honoured for the confidence you have extended to me and I promise not to let you down. (WE HAVE BEEN LET DOWN BADLY)

    The National Rainbow Coalition represents the future of Kenya politics. Narc is the hope of this country. Our phenomenal success in so short a time is proof that working together in unity, we can move Kenya forward. (NO COMMENT)

    We chose to let go our individual differences and personal ambitions in order to save this nation. (PLEASE KIBAKI LET GO OF YOUR PERSONAL AMBITION AND SAVE THIS NATION)

    Some prophets of doom have predicted a vicious in-fighting in following this victory. I want to assure you that they will be disappointed. (HA HA HA)

    When a group of people come together over an idea or because of a shared vision, such a group can never fail or disintegrate. NARC will never die as long as the original vision endures (????)

    I shall offer a responsive, transparent and innovative leadership (YEAH, RIGHT!!)

    One would have preferred to overlook some of the all too obvious human errors and forge ahead, but it would be unfair to Kenyans not to raise questions about certain deliberate actions or policies of the past that continue to have grave consequences on the present (WELL WELL)

    We want to bring back the culture of due process, accountability and transparency in public office. The era of “anything goes” is gone forever. Government will no longer be run on the whims of individuals. (WHAT HOGWASH)

    The era of roadside policy declarations is gone. (UNTIL THE CAMPAIGNS)

    Corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya (FOR A FEW DAYS AT LEAST)

    There is deepening poverty in the country. Millions of our people have no jobs. (BUT A FEW CAN HAVE LUNCH FOR 1B)

    Millions of our people do not have access to basic and affordable health services. (DITTO)

    Our roads and other infrastructures are dilapidated

    There is growing insecurity in our cities and towns. The list is endless.

    AT THIS POINT I DO NOT HAVE THE HEART TO GO THROUGH WITH THE REST OF THE DECEIT. LETS TURN OUR ATTENTION TO THE NEW SET OF KIBAKIS LIES. IN fact Kibaki has not fulfilled any of those pledges except free primary education and this was already in the works.

  61. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    iam told the NTV debate was super,ineed acopy and please sent the message to the villages




  63. Now that RAILA our captain is officially starting the final of the final leg, I would like to advice the following so that we have a WIN…..WIN…..WIN and nothing else but WIN……….. because our team is composed of winners.

    The final whistle is just about to be blown as the last lap elapses, some tips that can help us make a wider gap between us our opponents and win with majority of MPs and civic seats to make our party even stronger at Parliament and Local Authorities respectively. As you know our team is running against three successive presidents of Kenya either in person (or) and their families. The financial resources that they have the muscle to raise could be great but the people are with RAILA, THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT and The entire ODM TEAM. So the people who are reluctant to follow Raila or ODM have to be reminded the following. Because Raila is capable of squarely achieving this and thus even raise our stakes of support by an additional 30% to 50% depending on the approach.

    First of all, Kenyans should be reminded of the struggles Raila has gone through even before the 1990s to date, with the urge of bringing viable and real reforms and equitability to Kenyans especially to the poor.

    Secondly, the time for gentleman approach is over and we still have a vivid memory of the dark pasts of corruption and inefficiency that have bedevelled the country, the last ones being some of the worst being within the past 4 to 5 years. All the skeletons need to be unearthed so that people who forget so fast can be reminded of risks of going back to the same if not the worst. How can we forget so fast, this is what always leave me to wonder.

    Third, of late ODM team has concentrated more on the interiors of Kenya of which they have done very well. This I believe was because we have massive and huge support within the cities and towns, our opponents have on the other hand taken advantage and gone for the opposite thus gaining some minor points. As you know a good number/percentage of Kenyans vote by euphoria just to ensure that they do not waste their vote. This means that as at now, we have done quite well within the rural interior, we should now resort to concentrating more within the cities and other bigger towns. Perhaps the best way to go about this is that its high time the Pentagon divided themselves into 6 groups one lead by Raila, Mudavadi, Ruto, Balala Nyagah and Ngilu respectively as all of them have prooved their capabilities of effectively managing campaigns and Kenyans have trust in them. Any of the latter five groups could otherwise accompany Raila when he has to visit the important cities, towns or even regions which they represent or have a major following eg. Ruto to accompany Raila if THE CAPTAIN has a rally in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kericho etc. Remember we still have good defenders within the first division of our team, guys like Henry Kosgey, Omingo Magara, Prof. Anyang Nyongó, Geoffrey Nkaissery, Dr. Sally Kosgey, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru etcetera have the capacity and capability of providing a good back up and reinforcement needed in the presidential campaign team.

    Fourth, Raila and ODM must try to win at least 10% of GEMA votes of which there are possibilities as; Did I one day hear Raila promising to make Mombasa a freeport like Dubai? If YES! then why has neither he nor other ODM team members used this tool effectively on several ocassions in their campaign trail? We know that the elevation of Mombasa to a freeport as Dubai is will make Kenyas economy grow by at least three fold and the people who stand to benefit the most from this are the Kikuyus and their other GEMA cousins. This is because they have both the money (capital) and the blessing that is the will power (talent) of doing business and enterprenuership. These guys need to be reminded of how they stand to benefit from this and their minds openned so that they have a picture of what is to come when Raila wins.

    And finally we have to oil more our campaigns by ensuring a successful publicity massive press coverage, advertisements have to be used everywhere be it print or electronic, let our message reach to that old mama in a manyatta in Turkana by telling her how we will change her life and teach her how to diffrentiate our ONE ORANGE from that ONE and A HALF of ODM K a door to door will perhaps do better in the latter case. Its time to go full throttle, a lot has been done but there is still a lot more remaining to be done. Remember, “you never stop casting your net till it gets torn that even a crocodile can escape through”

    With all these for sure a success is bound to be greater so go for it.

  64. Otieno says:


    Thx for your thoughts. ODM campaign is now composed of 10 groups to cover the 8 provinces (R.V and Eastern 2 teams each)

  65. kip says:


    IN THEIR first referendum since 1963, Kenyans took to the polling booth in November to vote on a new constitution. The result was a resounding ‘no’ vote that was both stinging rebuke to incumbent president Mwai Kibaki and a sign of intensifying political conflict.

    When Kibaki swept to power in 2002 at the head of a reform-minded coalition, the event was heralded as an African velvet revolution. Forty years of cronyism, graft and autocratic rule ended with promises to deliver effective free public services, fight the cancer of corruption and limit presidential powers through a new constitution.

    Yet the fairy-tale triumph of good over greed has stubbornly eluded Kenyans. Kibaki started well, delivering on promises of free education and healthcare and sacking much of the judiciary and all of the government’s procurement officers for corruption. In the euphoria of those early days taxi passengers – believing the era of corruption would end – leapt from vehicles and beat policemen seeking bribes. However, reformist zeal soon encountered a tenacious return of the ethnic cronyism of old. When corruption began to taint his own government, Kibaki did little in the face of vehement warnings from donors and the public. His own anti-corruption czar quit and went into hiding.

    And Kibaki reneged on his most prominent promise: to adopt a new constitution within 100 days of taking office. His predecessor, Daniel Arap Moi, had concentrated power almost exclusively in the presidency. While in opposition, Kibaki argued that ‘the immense powers [granted to Moi] had transformed the Kenyan president into an authoritarian imperial monarch, exercising feudal powers’. In Moi’s final years, a constitutional convention had drafted a new constitution to balance a largely ceremonial presidency with an executive prime minister. Once in office, Kibaki rejected the draft and pushed a new version that kept power in the presidency.

    Although Kibaki marshalled the full powers of the state behind the referendum, Kenyans rejected the constitution by a significant margin: 3.5 million voted no while 2.5 million voted yes. Kibaki lost in seven of eight provinces, winning only in his home province. In retaliation, he sacked the entire cabinet shortly after the votes were counted.

    The president’s close associates, led by Vice-President Moody Awori, added to the humiliation by declaring on voting day that the outcome of the referendum would amount to a vote of confidence or no-confidence in Kibaki’s government, with a strong bearing on the next elections set for 2007.

    Kibaki’s difficulties are compounded by the complexity of the 15-party coalition that brought him to power. To keep the peace among participating parties, Kibaki’s National Alliance Party of Kenya (Nak) signed a pre-election Memorandum of Understanding with his main rival, Raila Odinga’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Odinga was to be prime minister and Nak and LDP were to share cabinet positions and senior public service and diplomatic posts on an equal basis, in addition to consulting on major national issues. But when Kibaki made his first appointments in January 2003, he openly favoured Nak, especially old men from his Mt Kenya region. LDP felt shortchanged.

    In June 2004, Kibaki surprised both friend and foe by appointing to the cabinet members from the Kanu party that had been overwhelmingly rejected by voters. In a swift reaction, former Foreign Affairs minister Kalonzo Musyoka, said: ‘Kibaki has let down the whole continent by having a movement kind of government, abandoning the coalition which we had worked hard for. It is obviously a retrogression.’ But the move did not come as a surprise. In June 1982, Kibaki had been instrumental in amending the constitution to make Kenya a de jure one-party state.

    Kibaki’s attempt to hang on to power mirrors a similar scenario in neighbouring Uganda where, President Yoweri Museveni, initially seen to have saved Uganda from several years of civil war, is now emerging as an autocrat intent on clinging to power.

    Following Kibaki’s defeat at the referendum, his chances of recapturing the top seat in 2007 appear slim. Constitutional lawyer Ababu Namwamba argues that Kibaki’s presidency is badly wounded.

    ‘The Kibaki presidency is damaged goods. It may be patched up. But it will never be whole. Not even a new cabinet will take away the indelible stain, the permanent limp in his regime’, observed Namwamba. ‘Kibaki has resurrected the demons of tribalism and nepotism we buried in 2002, and allowed the impression to pervade that corruption thrives as he watches. He stalled the reform train whose momentum propelled him to State House after two failed bids. He has demonstrated inability to honour agreements bearing his very signature,’ he said.

    As long as the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) – that combines LDP and the official opposition Kanu – remains united, chances are that voting patterns reflected at the referendum will be repeated in the 2007 general elections.

  66. Eric B says:

    Hey guys. All these are excellent ideas. We should however also concentrate on the voter turnout. Please let the ODM campaign team take this into account seriously. We need everyone who can vote to actually go out and vote on the D-Day. This is one of the messages we should be telling people out there.

    I also like the idea floated aerlier of oranizing an ODM fun day for wananchi especially in Nairobi. An occassion where even the common man can come and meet the Pentagon and all others. Charge a nominal fee for entrance and provide some entertainment with the PENTAGOn doing the rounds and meeting people one-on-one at the venue. I am certain it will be a big success.

  67. Yeah Eric,

    This is such an excellent idea. I think many Kenyans are eager to meet the PENTAGON face to face. ODM should therefore organise a face to face encounter with the common mwananchi at a nominal entrance fee unlike the dinners at Panari hotel which only capable guys can afford to attend. This is a brilliant way of raising funds from the common supporters who stand at nothing less than 10,000,000 of Kenyan registered voters.

    Kuddos Guys.

  68. solomon says:

    I today came across the so-called abridged biography of Raila Odnga.

    I am sincerely appalled by the satanic tactics been employed by the PANU brigade. It clearly shows this is a party bankcrupt of any constructive ideas.

    For this reason, I am convinced that we need to pull up our socks in all spheres of our campaigns.

    I am hoping the Secretariate is actually aware of the magnitude of the work ahead of us.

    But we shall no doubt triumph against this evil axis.

  69. Yego says:

    Im now instructing ma footsoldiers to make sure no billboard on PUNU exist by tommorrow, lets now get dirty coz nature requires so.Where are our billboards in Uhuru highway?

  70. Auki Ollows says:

    No, let your footsoldiers be on the alert for more propaganda production and distribution. We don’t want to be known to encourage any hooliganism. Otherwise, voters will stay at home, not wanting to be involved with either PUNU or ODM. Or worse still, they may think Kalonzo is their salvation from both marauders…

  71. Auki Ollows says:

    No, let your footsoldiers be on the alert for more propaganda production and distribution. We don’t want to be known to encourage any hooliganism. Otherwise, voters will stay at home, not wanting to be involved with either PUNU or ODM. Or worse still, they may think Kalonzo is their salvation from both marauders…

  72. Auki Ollows says:

    I see that NAMLEF has released the MoU signed with Raila:
    http://politics. nationmedia. com/inner. asp?pcat= NEWS&cat=TOP&sid=937

    As we expected, this thing was always harmless. Now we expect Christians to read it in every Church function just like they read the fake one…


  73. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    We counter every lie and propaganda from status quo with truth all the time. All Kenyans want is real change not the more of the same ways of handling things and managing our country. The truth will always set us free. Hatutaki uongo bila kufikiria.


  74. Auki Ollows says:

    I agree TOTALLY Baijo! Today I read mail from an ODM supporter who insisted that ODM be judged by EXCELLENT standards only!

  75. tnk says:

    provide a list of PNU strategists with pictures and let wanachi know and recognize the faces of peddlers of untruths. Some of these people are usually assumed to be gentlemen of repute, Publish their pictures alongside the lies and deceit they are endorsing. Do not allow them to wait for the election period to end and then come out clean. Expose them now. Like the info of Gideon and the leaflets. How can a son misuse his fathers name, is this respect? Even Raila who has every reason to vilify Moi, approaches the issue with due dignity and respect for an elder. Thats what too much ill gotten money does, it takes away basic morals. Expose them

  76. miuhla says:

    I have tried looking for how to post a new thread, but cant. Anyway I have three issues I would like addressed.
    1. This PNU propaganda on the Moslem MOU is just sickenning. Please We have a re known preacher in our camp, let her come out strongly and re assure the christians. People trust Margaret Wanjiru, if she came out strongly to re-assure christians that she understands nobody is threatened by the MOU, it will do us some good.

    2. Amos Kimunya keeps saying that Farmers are now earning more money than before, yet he knows its not about the ammount of money the farmers earn, but the cost of living that matters. If somebody was earning KES 50 in the fifties, and somebody is earning 20K now, it does not follow that the 20K guy is better off. I think ODM should do an advert about this, or tell this to people when campaigning. PNU is misrepresenting facts!

    3. Raila’s ratings were highest when he was talking tough on corruption. Kemyans are tired of corruption. If Raila can talk tough on corruption, we will sure improve our ratings.

    Otherwise Go ODM go. When you see people running scared spreading leaflets on propaganda, you know they have sensed defeat.

  77. Amos K'Ogal says:

    Steve Mwanga was in Siaya yesterday. It was our understanding that a group of ODM team was in campaign trail in Budalangi and some parts of Nyanza, and they were accompanied with a host of parliamentary losers. Can you tell us whether he is with US or with the enemy. We need to start hitting hard.

  78. Peter says:

    As we know, ODM and ODM -K, will be using an orange and oranges respectivelly as their symbolys in the forthcoming election.
    I hereby beg Raila and his footsoldiers to make sure the common Wanjiku knows what to choose come the elections or else Kalonzo gonna scoup from our backet.

    2 . TO Raila, why not make the most of it concerning our Harambee stars? You know most of our youth are fed up with what is happening with KFF team, just a hint on how you will help the soccer side of Kenya will bring more votes to ODM

    Best of luck AGWAMBO

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