The goverment is about to undertake the privatization of another major parastatal as part of its ongoing scheme to deprive Kenyans of tens of millions of dollars through the sale of publicly-owned companies. The parastatal now being privatized is Telkom Kenya,and the loss this time will come to a massive Kshs 420 billion



  1. tnk says:

    i believe most ODM supporters had foreseen this. This is the final strategy for the fat cats in PNU, looting and/or sabotage of public resources. It will be widespread but only the larger deals such as Telkom catching the public eye. Underhand deals will be plentiful to loot and/or render public resources unusable first to enrich and position themselves in strategic control positions and secondly to create the impression that ODM is incapable when ODM wins the elections and inherits a tattered and broken shell of a govt. I am sure however, that somewhere in there a different category of Kenyans will emerge. People with morals like John Githongo and Njuguna who contributes frequently to this forum. They may be precious few and even initially be staunch PNU supporters, but will see through these schemes and realise that ultimately it will hurt everyone, perhaps with the same magnitude or worse than Goldenberg, Angloleasing and others. Word should spread on the street that Kenyans cannot afford more fleecing and every Kenyan be a whistleblower. And irrespective of who wins this election Kenyans will no longer tolerate being driven into deeper poverty by the actions of a few individuals and after the elections corruption will be exposed and punished. Every Kenyan now knows that these corrupt deals only benefit a handful but the entire village or community will somehow get drawn in it. Lets encourage anyone that stumbles upon underhand deals whether verified or not to present as accurately as possible the information as is. We may not have capacity to investigate but we can have it in the open for another day when justice will finally be visited on all corrupt practices past and present.

    I’m also curious about the sudden revival and interest in collapsed industries, new districts, colleges, etc and whether these are vehicles for further sabotage and looting or are just decoys and political gimmicks. Be wary.

  2. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    mimi hujiuliza,haraka ni ya nini.hawa jamaa hawewezi kutulia hadi mwaka ujao?serikali yeyote ile hata kama ni ya Muiru itahitaji pesa nayo pia inaweza kubinafsisha mashirika ya serikali.serikali ya Kibaki imeuza mashirika yote bila kujali mahitaji ya kesho.hawajasoma ya kwamba akiba haiozi?
    hii pupa waliyonayo inatia shaka na nilazima wakomeshwe maramoja.Haya ni baadhi ya maswala kadinali Njue angalizungumzia kwani wizi ni dhambi katika amri kumi za Mungu ili hali Majimbo sio kati ya dhambi.
    huyu shetani wa ufisadi ASHINDWE KAMA HATAKI WACHENI ASHIDWE

  3. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I knew it was going to happen. But not so soon.





  4. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    piga nduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuruuuuuuuuuuuuu as they call us watu wa domo,let us use our domo to inform kenyans,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wuuuuuuuuuuwi wezi wezi,ukiona wao,waangushe kura

  5. Lexx says:

    They call us domo! domo! if domo domo will make us tell it all then be it they want us to shut up so that they can steal when we are sssssshhhhhhhhhhh wezi hoa pnu are a bunch of thieves and they know that and we have to change it all by voting for change.

  6. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    We not only say shame on them and thank the team for bringing works of darkness to light , we must stop this robbery. We should say no to this.

    Could some one who does have inner details and names of the people involved circulate them.

    They say we create this and run with it. I say we have found this corruption and we have to tell all Kenyans what these few characters are doing. Even the most loyal Kikuyu must say no to thieves. Which kawaida Kikuyu will benefit from this.

    Let us not allow them do it. Let us make sure they lose supporters because of this.

    A rare blessing- Matiba will win some votes especially from greater Muranga with minimal campaigning. What can we do to ensure he gets as many votes as possible. These are votes that could have gone to Kibaki.

  7. gladys says:

    The sale of Telkom is pure daylight looting and corruption plus, plus. Why on earth should the PNU wait for last minute when the govt to be taken over is when they start looting. This is to show that they have sensed diffeat a head and that they want to use the remaining opportunitty to make the next govt abit difficult to run by paying the debts that were incurred by them. ODM team we are supporting you to go a head, use your Domo to burry this hell of massive last minute cheap hell of bussiness. If they are brave enough and sure of winning then why shaken. The loss of 420 billion is no joke and can make any thinking ordinary Kenyan crazy and this kind of action is even good for us as it detroying hearts of many and adding more votes to ODM without realizing. Vote ODM for cleaning up the mess.

  8. Felix Aduol says:

    We need to capitalize on this to brand Kibaki and his PNU as very corrupt and cannot be trusted with this great nation’s leadership. This is absurd,now i hope Kenyans are learning of what metal Kibaki is made of and how much he was not committed to change. Actually Kibaki is a masquerader who is as dangerous as a green snake in the grass. Why do i blame Kibaki in all these?. He cannot tell us that all these happenings are new to him, it takes a well coordinated plan for such an action to be executed. No wonder they are boasting of collecting billions of taxes and they are reluctant on telling us how it is being spent. We need a devolved government. We need this gospel truth to reach as many people as possible even a grandma in all corners of Kenya. We need to come up with an effective way of doing it

  9. Nanjekho says:

    I have been wondering why the sudden and rush to get into telecommunication – what is the stake here? Could there be something else of interest apart from the money that we do not know? First it was Safaricom, we pigaad ‘DOMO’, now they are onto Telkom – why this industry? Lets keep vigil.

  10. Philip (The visitor) says:

    ……..just an off the cuff comment. A moment ago I mentioned to a “PNU damu supporter” about Matiba entering the race. This is what she told me, “By the way Matiba is a very good person only that he got sick. He was a very hardworking person. I know people in Muranga will vote for him. You know….. really he is the best. I wish he had come early.”

    Mmmmmmhhhh….. I don’t have further comment but sorry for going away from the topic.

  11. AfrikanPostman says:

    The whole thing is a big charade. Why should they sale our companies in such a hurry. Safaricom is company which is just but a part of the whole monolith that is Telkom. Imagine if we as Kenyans ran TKL efficiently withou interference from treasury as the case now?Telkom is a sleeping GIANT. As an engineer in the industry, the potential of the company is so huge that if properly managed, Kenyans will have a company that they will be proud of.

  12. AfrikanPostman says:

    The whole thing is a big charade. Why should they sale our companies in such a hurry. Safaricom is company which is just but a part of the whole monolith that is Telkom. Imagine if we as Kenyans ran TKL efficiently withou interference from treasury as the case now?Telkom is a sleeping GIANT. As an engineer in the industry, I know that the potential of the company is so huge that if properly managed, Kenyans will have a company that they will be proud of.

  13. Auki Ollows says:


  14. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Which wise investor will buy Telkom Kenya, a mostly-outdated outfit boasting of massive legacy equipment and huge debts, from a desperate government which is on its way out.

    Any wise investor or investors, whether local or foreign, cannot take the risk of buying Telkom at this time. They will be rsking their money. Local investors should wait until after elections before committing their money.

  15. solomon says:

    PORA NA UTOROKE (PNU) seems to be motivation of these guys. But ODM must of necessity ensure that this issue remains a pet subject.

    I have seen the ODM team lose momentum on very key issues.

    KEN REN,Aglo leasing, KENYA RAILWAYS, SAFARICOM, MT ELGON KILLINGS AND TELKOM SCAM need to feature at every fora to save Kenyans from the PNU bucaneers.

    We don’t need to use propagandas to counter PNU dirty tricks. As they tell lies about Raila, let us tell them the truth about Kibaki and his corrupt henchmen!

  16. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    PNU guys are stealing and want to leave Kenya without any cash.

    Last days and kicks of a dying horse or chameleon!!

  17. shaqmaya says:

    Siku za mwizi ni arubaini na Mbio za sakafuni,huishia ukingoni. Its only a few days to 27th dec. Kibaki was planted by Moi in 1992 to deny Matiba the presidency by dividing Kikuyu votes. Sasa Unyama !! Unyama. PNU and Moi will have to go to the drawing board. hahaha!!

  18. tnk says:

    this statement attributed to Mutua Katuku in the DN refuting claims about Telkmom privatisation, captures the mentality of PNU fat cats

    “ …. If we wanted to steal State funds to use in the elections, we have the keys to the Central Bank and the Treasury where we can go and pick money….. ” he said.

    We have the keys to Central Bank and Treasury where we can go and pick up money, sums it all up very nicely. Its not about safeguarding the interest of the Kenyan or even attemtping to put controls to prevent looting.

    I’d like to know whom “we” and what “keys” and “money” refers to. If these are the people who have been responsible for our economy after the fallout in 2005 then God have mercy.

  19. tnk says:

    on side issues, those of us in diaspora as we are called rely on electronic media

    here is an extract from the DN when Kivuitu met with President Kibaki

    ….He thanked the President for reappointing him although “I have not seen any letter” to that effect.

    And he would believe the President 55 per cent since he had not denied the reports when they appeared in the media. This remark left those in the hall in stitches. …..

    Guys, its not over till its over.

  20. muchindo says:

    Here is another one manufactured by PANUA propagandists doing the rounds via email. Anyone seen it?
    Humphrey did you know this about “Saint Raila” the savior of the masses, destroyer of poverty?

    After 40 years of “independence” Kibaki started getting us out from under our neo-colonisers (UK,US) but I guess we can sacrifice that to get “the African Democrat” to state house. What is Kenya’s freedom, anyway, as compared to one man’s ambition?

    It is official now that Mr. Dick Morris is the ODM chief campaign consultant and as he said, he will not be receiving any payment from ODM.

    The question is, is it really for free

    Of course the answer is a big No unless you are very naive. It is however true that Mr. Raila Odinga will not be paying a single cent for this; the bill is being footed by an American investment group that is sponsoring Raila’s election bid. But what does the investment group expect from Raila in return? Safaricom.

    Just to remind you, recently after Raila’s trip to the USA , immediately he came back, his first statement was that he wanted the Safaricom IPO halted until a later date. He then sent his team to go to court to ensure that the IPO was delayed. Many Kenyans thought that even though the IPO was being done transparently, Raila was just doing what the opposition is supposed to be doing – opposing the government even when there is no need to do so.

    The truth of the matter is when Raila was in the US , he met a number of investors who are very interested in investing in Africa and had been looking for investment opportunities in Africa . Safaricom being East and Central Africa ’s most profitable company had definitely caught their attention. They knew that it is not possible to get a significant stake in the company if this is done the IPO way because the number of shares would have to be shared proportionately and hence they would only get a small proportion of the shares.

    Raila being the power hungry individual he is and with the promise of getting campaign sponsorship, he promptly agreed – as you all know Raila can betray even his own blood brother just to get to power. That is where all this noise about Safaricom is coming from. Remember when the budget was read, nobody uttered a word about this IPO. The emergence of Mr. Morris at this stage comes only after the Americans discovered that Mr. Odinga’s ratings have taken a nose dive and they are willing to pay anything to see this guy come to power.

    Talk about betrayal. This fellow is willing to sacrifice major development projects that will be affected should the IPO be delayed just to get to power. Furthermore he is to sell our most valued asset to foreigners at the expense of Kenyans. It is true that Raila has heavily mortgaged Kenyans just to get to power. And as we talk right now ODM has moved to court requesting that their appeal against the Safaricom IPO case they lost earlier be treated with urgency.

    Remember that this is what he did with the molasses, when the then government transferred 240 acres of land on which the Kisumu Molasses Plant is built to Spectre International on January 11, 2001 at a price of Kshs 3.6 million at a time when Odinga started working closely with Moi. By June of the same year, Raila was appointed to the cabinet and made Energy Minister. Soon after taking over the plant from the government, Raila struck a lucrative deal with Energem whereby the Canadian firm bought 55 per cent of the Kisumu Molasses plant. Sources say that the Odinga family was paid over US$ 5 million (about Kshs 420 million) to relinquish the control of the molasses plant. The rest is history.

    Now with things going this way for Safaricom, we are set to see the biggest scandal ever in Kenyan history and it is set to make Goldenberg and Anglo leasing look like childs play.

    What will you do about this?????


  21. Steven M says:

    Has anyone read the DN today and seen the advert by the government on the Telkom Kenya sale. From the advert their seems to have been a structured process followed. Has ODM faltered this time round? I am apprehensive at the speed in which the bids were analysed but am also not convinced that there were ill intentions in the sale. Unless ODM is able to prove most of the issues they raise I think the party needs to its homework well otherwise it will come to bite them. This might happen on the Telkom kenya issue. Can anyone share somelight on the process?

  22. pabokenya says:

    from what i can see tnk, kivuitu was wishing kibaki earlier retirement since it seems even maybe he forgot to write kivuitu a note. u know he so used to let there be a district that he forgot there are some posts where u need official lettter to confirm u. i wnat to aggree with others that we just need to remind kibaki daily about his failures and false promises.
    kibaki need to be reminded that as his fellows were stealing, he was busy sleeping,when his wife hired mamlukis,he did not say a thing coz the mamluki is his son in law.if kibaki can deny the child that he fathered with narc or ……. sorry panua activist, then how can he honour 10 pledges he made to kenya?
    now is the time to hit him harder.let me assure contribuiters here that when u see lack of ideas from pnu, u just know they are going the way,have just read they are planning to deport dick morrison,what contigency plan do the secretariat have?
    i think they are pained so much after we hit them sud this kazi continue, NO IT MUST BE STOPPED

  23. Auki Ollows says:


    The answer is very simple – Tell PANUA guys to wake up and campaign. That they can’t expect that propaganda ALONE will win them an election, without showing us anything new, without articulating any real issues and giving us an unambitious MANIFIASCO (because those at the helm are really tired after working in Kenya, some for colonialists, from before independence).

    And also that, just reacting to ODM and Raila shows who sets the pace and who we should elect president. Give them examples – Raila WC ad, biography launch, website launch, indefatigable campaigning (eg who ever saw anyone campaigning in all constituencies of NEn in just 4 days, in some of nthe most inhospitable terrains…). Tell them: “Your guys must bring something to the table or just stay at home Dec 27 (coz you will be in shock when you see the groundswell on Dec 28)…”

    And, when you get totally fed up, send them this ad, that I saw on this weblog, that is based on fact, and that appears on youtube:

    You know, these guys have both scanad and ogilvy working full time churning out propaganda… Their idea on how to run a govt

  24. Steven M says:

    On what Muchindo has sent:

    I must say that havent we all had enough of this rubbish been sent round by PNU? Do this people think we are fools? ODM has clearly spelt out the reason they want the safaricom sale halted and it is to do with the privatisation act and nothing else. I must commend them for their imaginative stories and hope that the person selling this propaganda is a journalist/writer of some sort otherwise he/she is in the wrong profession. What prove do they have of Raila meeting this so called investors and discussing the sale of safaricom to them? Who is the investment group in the first place? The molasses plant issue was investigated by this government and the report released by the inspector of state corporations indicated that the land was allocated legally and within the confines of the law. Can someone please tell them that the government does not sell land but allocates land on application and one is required to is pay the rates and rent and stamp duty for the land. Did spectre expect to do business on land that they had no legal title to? This nonsense needs to be stopped. ODM should find a way of stopping it.

  25. Auki Ollows says:

    And keep sending these propaganda items so that they are exposed… And if there is need to, there are lots of smarts associated with ODM. At the same time, send the FYI mail with a cover note to as well as


  26. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooow……..BRAVO!!! to our leaders( HON RAILA, THE PENTAGOS AND ODM DAMU SUPPORTERS AT LARGE…. am so excited that finally before even we get into power our leaders have shown us the best having being told the PUBLIC ABOUT THIS MASSIVE TELKOM BEING ACCELERATED FOR PRE_ELECTION SALE. the POROJO TUPU NA UWONGO (PNU)team SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess this will even add us bonus us we lead in the next opinion steadman poll.

    i was watching KTN last night when OUR PRESIDENT HON RAILA was hosted in the news cast i was so proud of him HON RAILA is my role model i like the way he answers the question directed to him like the one about DICK MOURIS. RAILA KEEP THE SPIRIT AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU….. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

    for muchindo!!!!!!!!

    man you are day dreaming ODM are people with vision and want to trasform this country from corruption to corruption free and for your information raila never meet with american investers okey!!! and raila is not hungry for power least he is a democrat and knows what is best for kenyan BE INFORMED MAN!!!!!!!!!


  27. Eric B says:

    Dear bloggers. I was under the impression that Muchindo was just circulating information that he/ she had come across for the benefit of the rest of us to read. He/she may therefore be on our side. Keep up the spirit ODM team. Today will be a hectic day for our party with all the nominations issues but we shall emerge stronger dare I say. And when we do shift up a gear. I hear from the grapevine that Coast is waiting for you and so is Nyanza (guys want to see you there too you know?). Make a serious pitch there.

    Its time to begin the mop up segment of the campaign. PNU is going nowhere. If PNU are reading this my message to them – your time is up! Start packing. And for that man called Livondo – you will get the votes of most of the people you imported to Langata but you will still lose. Badly my brother really badly!!!!

    Remember we are about REAL Change for ALL Kenyans.

  28. Auki Ollows says:

    Yes, Muchindo is only exposing some of propaganda messages flying around… We will PAMBANA with them bi ignoring them and doing more serious work… Like VOTING CHUNGWA MOJA…

  29. Phil says:

    Blog Admin, wapi link ya Manifesto? We need to read it ourselves and circulate it in soft copy. Please post a link or e-mail a copy to me. Thanks

  30. tnk says:

    Reports of nominations fiasco is not encouraging. Rapid response team must identify and immediately move into trouble areas to restore voter confidence. Round up clerks and get assistance from areas with successful nominations and take them to trouble spots for speedy resolution. Spare no expense, this is crucial. I also believe the media is overhyping the events to generate confusion within ODM support, but we have no excuse for allowing it to happen.

  31. Otieno says:

    Totally agree with u tnk. Not good, not good at all. And the Media (esp DN) is mostly highlighting the negative bits. Wasn’t there any peaceful & successful exercise? This is a disgrace. No excuse for papers arriving late at polling stations – we’re disenfranchising voters.

  32. tnk says:

    looks like PNU strong armed their nominations exercise as well, and ODM-K had its troubles too. At least its across the board. Resolve and heal the ODM process as fast as possible then take advantage of the fallouts from PNU and ODM-K, they’ll probably do the same with ODM candidates who obviously are not on the same page with Pentagon.

    We all know whats at stake here, the 3M pay package

  33. Maru Kapkatet says:

    1. Kenya’s former and longest-serving president
    2. Kenya’s former vice-president
    3. “Kenya’s number one farmer”
    4. “Kenya’s number one teacher”
    5. Number one Kenyan with the most number of public institutions (schools, universities), stadiums, roads, streets, buildings named for him
    6. “Kenya’s number one professor of politics”
    7. Kenya’s number one believer in the power of money to buy friendship, loyalty, cheer boys, cheer girls, and political support
    8. Kenya’s number one T***F as per

  34. Omuto says:

    There’s something else that might have escaped your ears n eyes, dear bloggers. EQUITY BANK SELLS OUT 25% OF ITS SHARES TO A FOREIGN INVESTOR. A while ago (three months, to be precise) somebody circulated a letter purportedly written by an Equity Bank employee. It sounded like pure propaganda and am sure three quarters of us dismissed it as yet another desperate attempt to mudsling a banki ya mwananchi (ya common man). I saw the bait in these Equity Jamaaz. Free bla bla, free everything, no minimum balance, no opening balance, no ledger book fee and all that we all now know. The Trick:- Because Kenyans love free things, they’ll buy this stuff (Equity Membership) wholesale. The turn-over will be overwhelming and of course no sound minded human being will open an account and go sleep at home. He’ll definitely do something about it. For the hard nuts to crack, let’s introduce the loan thing and make it look like a maendeleo ya wanawake (the UNDP initiative) or maendeleo ya vijana project (Youth Entrepreneurship Fund). See, they too are aware that women and youth make a majority of the Kenyan population and voters too. Remember, you get a loan after giving them some good money too. The Result:- Everybody is happy now. Kenyans are happy, women lead the way and because they’re good evangelists (kusambaza story), the whole world is now aware that there’s a bank in Kenya that knows the balancing act. What next? Euromoney award of the year and the other one (cant remember). The foreign investor is so happy that he decides to take the 25% deal. Whose money is that? Thank goodness I have no account with them,guys. Nani anakarangwa hapo? Kwa hivyo kazi iendelee?@#$ Whether this money (Kshs.11 billion) is for campaigning or damage control in the bank, it adds up to one thing:- a wanjiku is being looted bad.

    So u now know. Add Equity Bank on your list of institutions created for “mwananchi”, just to be raped in broad daylight. I mean, the victim of financial rape is the poor Kenyan, the perpetrator are the PANUAs and the conduits for this mega malpractice are:-

    Keep your eyes wide shut. More is yet to come!!!! Tumepatikana, guyz. Goldenberg took three years and this one (over 70 Billion) has taken only two months only!!!!!!!!

  35. tnk says:

    if its true that Kwach did not submit the names of candidates for 56 constituencies, then he should resign. He is a judge and knows the implications of the law and guidelines set out by ECK and he has been siting pretty before these nominations and assured us that his team was ready. To lose so many parliamentray seats because of internal goofing is the highest level of internal sabotage. It is inexcusable and unacceptable and a crushing blow to true democracy. If indeed what we read is the situation on the ground then it is sloppines and ineptness beyond imagination. Thye have litelrally removed two wheels from the ODM vehicle of democracy and now once again it up to Raila and Pentagon to clean up this mess and set us back on track.

    Dear ODM supporters help pull this through any way you can.

  36. Eric B says:

    Like Hanif V says the storm over the nominations will indeed blow over.

    However I am a dispirited man because I thought we were better than the other parties. To sail in the same boat with them on this crucial issue of nominations is a shame to our party. My advice – “do some damage control” and quick please (what did you do in Kisii? You muscled out two very good candidates – R. Onyonka and Dr. Monda). Word in Kisii is you have effectively kissed the Abagusii vote goodbye!

    I am not sure how things will go and still have some confidence in the party but watch the next polls (if they indeed come). Perhaps a further 3 point slip? I hate to say that but I can feel it.

    ODM Elections Board – Shame on You for putting us on the same footing as other parties. WE are better than that.

    I will still vote ODM though even if we go to 1%

  37. Hanif V says:

    It’s very difficult to expect a perfect system in such circumstances and in such an environment. Nominations should really have taken place a while back and if it had there would have been time for repeat nominations, appeals etc.. Having so many candidates on the ballot was good for the coffers but was bound to leave many bitter aspirants.

    The past is the past. People can say things in the heat of the moment and I sure that once tempers have cooled it needs to be admitted that the process was not perfect and needs to be improved. I am sure ODM’s adversaries are already planning forward so it’s time for damage control and also to move forward. 30 days is still a long time to have some serious impact. And ODM is not going down to 1%. Think positive

  38. Felix Aduol says:

    The nomination issue has taken away ODM chances. It might go well with most funs but the truth is that if we don’t mend fences in places losers became winners and winners became losers, we can either forget ODM forming the next government or ODM having a strong government.
    The election board messed ODM up in a big way. I have heard people complaining of arrogance and bad mouthing. Kindly hand over the winning certificates to the right owners. More so Makadara,Khwisero. It might have a lot of repercussions in other Nairobi constituencies and this will affect our presidential candidate too.

  39. Felix Aduol says:

    Hey that link to Manifesto is quickly needed.

  40. Eric B says:

    I think what has happened in Makadara, Kwhisero and Lugari is outrageous to name but a few. North Eastern – wow! Party support there must be at its lowest right now.

    Anyway we are together still. Please sort out these mess.

  41. skanetto says:

    Well this issue of nominations has really let us down . The election board should have actually done proper survey on popularity of candidates instead of favoring some who are very unpopular just because they are their buddies. Please somebody needs to rectify the problem fast.

    There is this issue of ODM not putting up enough bill boards to match those of Panua :Who is responsible ? please match bill board for bill board or even go further and put up more. They said chopper for chopper , Hummer for Hummer , so we do Bill board for Bill Board. Radio and TV adverts are quite few and do not run several times like the ones of of Kazi iishie , please run the adverts several times in all radios/ tv stations during prime time and between all pro grammes being shown .

    Today some guys where handing out free newsletters ( they call them so )tittled RAILA AND DICK MORRIS {-you are known by the company you keep} at the university way road and other roads. Please whoever is our spin doctor then you are sleeping on job . Do something very fast and make sure your information is accurate and can fell this elephant.( Let us not allow them the luxury of responding like they did on sunday newspaper -18/11/2007 ) make it a killer blow. Please you can also start using some dirty trick they are employing but more tactful .

    To prevent the rating going down can the Pentagon members be seen every now and then in Tv doing some social activities and on some road shows ( and tv/ radio talk shows ) , just a suggestion . Politics is a game of perceptions , let us create it.

  42. Auki Ollows says:

    I feel aggrieved! There is no way, no matter how hard I try, that I can live with the fact that the party gave nomination certs to guys who lost. You can argue for the case of direct nomination a la Prof Nyongo on account of diligence to the party (I have strong issue with the timing, though. You can’t let people campaign for 3 years then tell them last minute that the cert goes directly to someone else…).

    For instance, compare Jakoyo Midiwo and Ambrose Rachier in Gem. There is absolutely no comparison! Rachier is much much more popular. He offers many of the attributes we want in our MPs including a large intellectual base (and note that I don’t come from there). And he WON inspite of a myriad of irregularities including ballots from his strongholds disappearing! To give Midiwo the cert is a serious insult of Gem intelligence. Someone tell me how to conscion this?

    There’s only one way out – Find a way to GIVE the winners their rights! Find a way to GIVE them their nomination certs! MAISHA must be BORA for even them…

  43. Eric B says:

    Hey Auki. You may be surprised that the certificate eventually went to James Orengo. This is prepostorous. And let them give Dan Shikanda his certificate too. Ruben Ndolo will lose the Makadara seat. This I know for sure too.

    Suddenly the sweet Chungwa I used to know is becoming really tasteless. MAISHA BORA? Pleaaase give us a break. All I am saying is let justice be done. We cannot set precedents as an undemocratic party that does not listen to the wishes of the people. Of course where there were obvious moles you know what to do.


  44. Felix Aduol says:

    If the argument is that some people were moles. Why didn’t they disqualify them earlier on? I think ODM has been sabotaged by its own election Board. They are more moles than the people they think are moles. I hope the Pentagon is seeing that. Whatever you will do, you have a lot of damage control to do.

  45. Linet says:

    After the chaos of party nominations across the board I promised myself I would not look at any blog for about 1 week. I realised Kenya still needs alot to learn of the democratic process. At the same time in some instances I felt democracy might not give us the best leaders.
    Everyone is coming so hard on Kwach and his team- i u/stand the buck stops with the team.However i sympathise with them bcoz they had to deal with all sorts of things:
    -The Kenyan politician and his lack of commitment to party ideology- sorry but most of these people are in this bcoz of the money.They therefore had to wait until the last minute to hold the nominations, as we all know this has not helped.
    -I doubt if the staff was well prepared for the task as most have never handled any elections.
    -I also doubt if the Money was in abundance as we think. Remember they have to split this with advertising which i hear costs an arm and a leg.
    I know the job was shoddy especially the fact that in most areas ballot papers had not reached by the PM.Did you however realise PNU had a similar problem despite being managed by ECK.

    My suggestion is the political parties Bill is quite important there is an urgency to fund parties if possible ECK should carry all nominations as well.
    Also the defection law should be in place at the nomination level so that if someone participates in primaries of one party they cannot defect and participate in other primaries.
    All in all is there a way to re-overturn some of the overturned nominations??

  46. Othams says:

    The ODM secretariat is not doing us any good. Why is it that upto now they have not sambazaad the ODM manifesto which we could have forwarded to every. Please take advantage of the IT.

  47. Linet says:

    Just to add … is anyone looking at this from the Elections board point of view? I saw a very pained Kwach on NTV last Friday announcing disqualification of some candidates. They tried, they just underestimated the depths politicians can go to win. Did anyone see the burning of ballot papers abductions etc? Maybe its better to know the applicants well ???

  48. tnk says:

    i think what ODM elections board did has cuased a lot of harm, however we have to differentiate between the election boards failure form the dream and purpose of ODM and the ODM leadership. ODM pentagon indeed did not interfere withthe nomination exercise as per their word and this is remarkable. The nominations fiasco is poor planning and execution of the exercise plus some very questionable conduct by some candidates. Contrary to our expectations some are not in on principal but are perhaps better off in the PNU team where deceitfulness and unscrupulous activity are the order of the day. Still we have to accept the list presented since there is no way to turn back this without denting ODMs chances. I also think giving PNU the opportunity to ride on is not a solution.

    THis was a reality check, and reminds us that we cannot be all the same but we have to fight for a common objective. Lets move back to winning the elections. Yes some really good people have erroneusly been left out but first lets get the prize and then come back and rid our lot of some bad eggs. Justice may take a little more time but it will be done. A Kibaki govt will only push us further back.

    Lets also learn from this fiasco the “dirty tricks” used in elections to ensure that these do not repeat Dec 27th.

    I’m also curious about the flood alert for Garissa and Tana, was this genuine or a ruse?

    Lets not condemn wholesale the ODM movement and Raila’s bid for presidency because of the mistakes and of the election board and a few selfish candidates. We can still teach these few a lesson after we win the elections, and please do not side with the PNU candidates, let not our pride overtake our sense of reasoning, remember this is exactly what Kalonzo did and could not reconcile. Our vision is and must be greater than this. Raila, Ngilu, the late Wamalwa were faced with this dilemna in 2002 and chose the greater path for the sake of all Kenyans. Let us do the same and move on, we can and should come back to clean up after the elections. As we have seen, Raila keeps his promises, his govt will ensure justice is done.

  49. lexx says:

    Hi blog i know most of you are not happy with what happened during the nominations if you been following DTM comments that he had planted moles/spies in ODM you are in a positon to unredstand why some winners never received their nomination certificates and they are not complaining coz it was clear that they were being sponsored by DTM then after they were cleared by the ECK then they step down in favour of PNU in our stronghold.Am happy that the pentagon didnt interfere with the exercise at all infact they only came in when they were called to do so.those who are blaming RO and the pentagon are not being fair they never favoured any candidate.we’ve crossed the bridge now it’s time to move forward let capitalize on areas where PNU affiliates have fielded more than one candidate so as to be victorious.

  50. dennisk says:

    these are exactly the sort of issues i was talking about on another thread elsewhere.. if we need to score credible points with the electorate, exposing the level of corruption in the current regime is a sure fire way to go. my humble advice, get all the facts on this and the numerous other ‘deals’ and enlighten the so constantly until the truth sinks in.another heads up.. put a person percieved to be squeeky clean and untainted in the eyes of the public on the job. he or she should be able to drive the point home with devastating accuracy.

  51. tnk says:

    here is whats wrong with Telkom sale for those not aware

    in 2001 Moi would not sell to outsiders 49% at $300M inclusive of debts

    In 2007 Kimunya/Kibaki axis have not only committed the govt to pay off Kshs90B Telkom debt but are also selling 51% Telkom stake for US$60M, including all the reforms undertaken.

    These are thieves. ODM has to form the next gover, and punish all those who have taken part in this massive govt looting

  52. Mark oppollo says:

    The corrupt deals that has always haunted the telecommunication sector has always gone unnoticed to the public because of the massive profits in the sector .
    CCK which is the arm of the government was established in February 1999 by the Kenya Communications Act, 1998, to license and regulate telecommunications, radio communication and postal services in Kenya. Since then, except for the division of Postal and Telkom all the telecommunication entities have been questionable, unclear, having corrupt deals and mismanaged due to politicians who try to poke in their nose and have shares.The same politicians have all along used CCK just to fullfill their own selfish greed on behlaf of a whole nation.
    Examples are
    1. 10 per cent of Telkom Kenya Ltd’s shares in Safaricom were irregularly transferred to Mobitelea Ventures without the consent of the Treasury.
    2. It is alleged that Telkom Kenya was not paid anything for the 10 per cent of Safaricom that was irregularly ceded to Mobitelea.
    3. The third shareholder of Safaricom in the name of Mobitelea Ventures Ltd is a firm registered in Guernsey Island and whose directors are obscure and vague through other nominees.
    4. Econet Kenya is perplexing. First it won a bid by offering 10 percent of the total amount while a local organization KNFC offered 90 percent of what they are inexperienced to operate and could not even pay
    5. CCK awarded a second national telecommunications (SNO) license to a consortium led by Dubai-based VTEL. First the existence of VTEL is not clear in Dubai. VTEL business and existence in Dubai is full of doubt .It might have only been registered by local politicians in Kenya just to be used to win the SNO. The circumstance under which VTEL was validated by CCK to participate in the SNO was dogged with corruption and politics in order to win well known profitable and stable organization like China Network Corporation ,Etisalat etc after all Dubai Government can never loose such a good chance for any private company in Dubai just because of license fee.

    Therefore Telkom Kenya should not be sold now secondly any govermennt cannot dare to sell a whole telecommunication firm due to communication issues and government privacy demands.

  53. OPADO says:

    The Majestic people of kenya knows Kibaki ,and his false promise and his liars to Godof
    catholic of his second mariage to mary.To Gema he is agood man but to kenya RAILA

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