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  1. Agent4Change says:

    The PNU has come up with its long-awaited Manifesto. President Mwai Kibaki made numerous solemn promises of the kind that abound in this manifesto before his election in 2002. Virtually every one of them was broken – even though he knew that in the next election he would have to explain his failures.

    He is now making even more ambitious promises and pledges. He will have very few reasons to try to fulfill these promises because he will not be running for office again in 2012. And because the just-formed PNU is likely to fade away from the political scene than the NARC coalition he headed but destroyed, no one will be accountable for all the failed ‘ policies and promises.

    In any event, his manifesto completely contradicts the entire basis of the election campaign Kenyans have witnessed. President Kibaki has continually emphasized continuity, yet in his manifesto, he talks of all-compassing greater change. He should know that change and continuity are two different things. Has he now abandoned continuity upon which he has always pegged his re-election motto of Kazi Iendelee?

    The foregoing not withstanding, we wish to question President Kibaki about the new commitments he is making to create “a prosperous, secure and equitable future for all Kenyans”!

    The PNU Manifesto purports to build on PNUs “excellent record and firm foundation to create a prosperous, secure and equitable future for all Kenyans.” But PNU as a party is hardly two months old. Which partners are being credited for this so called success. Is it Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s KANU, the largest party in the PNU coalition? Or is it Kamlesh Pattni’s KENDA?

    On Prosperity

    A prosperous nation is one in which all citizens are assured of access to basic needs like food, shelter, Health services and security. The majority of Kenyans cannot afford even one meal a day since under the Kibaki administration the cost of living has gone beyond the reach of ordinary men and women. Since the President killed the initiative for creating a National Health Insurance Scheme, which would have provided universal access to Healthcare, how sincere is his commitment to uplift the lives of struggling Kenyans..
    Similarly, Kenyans have not forgotten how Mr. Kibaki frustrated his ministers’ efforts to provide affordable housing for Kenyans in pursuit of the pledge to build the 150,000 houses.

    On Security

    On this matter the facts speak for themselves. One only needs to look at what is happening in Mt. Elgon district, Kuresoi, or recall the Mungiki menace, frequent car jackings and bank robberies, and the recent killing of at least 500 Kenyan Youths whose bodies were recovered in Ngong Forest.

    On Equity

    Kenya is the third most inequitable nation in the world in terms of income and wealth distribution. Currently, 10% of the population control up to 70% of the country’s wealth while close to 60% live in abject poverty. Rather than closing the gap, it has deepened during President Kibaki’s five-year rule. Most Kenyans are asking who is benefiting from the much-heralded economic growth. It is clear that economic growth without equity does not translate into improved living standards for the majority.

    To continue living the above LIE, the PNU makes 10 pledges for Kenyans, which we are happy to expose as nothing but hot air.

    Pledge number 1: Education

    PNU pledges a free primary and secondary education yet we know that the minister for education, who is one of PNU’s most senior stalwarts, has clearly told Kenyans that free secondary education is wishful thinking. Kenyans are asking, who is fooling who on this matter?

    Pledge Number 2: Healthcare

    PNU promises Kenyans to restructure the National Hospital Insurance Fund and transform it into a health insurance fund. Kenyans know that none other than President Kibaki himself is the one who recently vetoed the National Social Health Insurance Scheme proposal.

    Pledge Number 3: Maternal Healthcare

    PNU proposes free antenatal clinics, free and safe delivery and free postnatal clinics yet the health infrastructure to make this possible hardly exists. President Kibaki has continued to under fund the Health Ministry. Again, who is fooling who?

    Pledge Number 4: Doubling the Size of the Economy

    Of course this is desirable. But it can never be achieved unless we mobilize the energies and resources of ALL Kenyans, especially the poor who are in the majority. The record shows that the President’s team will never engage all Kenyans on this issue, or on any other issue. Even if the economy grows, it will not benefit most of our people, since corruption and centralisation of wealth have become the hallmarks of the Kibaki administration.

    Pledge Number 5: Doubling our Investment in Infrastructure

    Again this is desirable, however if experience of the last five years is anything to go by, this infrastructure will be concentrated in selected regions of the country to the exclusion of others. If we may ask, what happened to the 2002 pledge to make the Mombasa – Malaba and Busia highways a dual carriageway?

    Pledge Number 6: Promoting enterprise

    PNU pledges to build a million stalls and sheds for juakali, and new business parks. We want to ask what he has done for these disadvantaged groups whom he promised the very same things five years ago. Who is fooling whom?

    Pledge Number 7: Equal Rights and Respect for Cultures

    The PNU Manifesto pledges not to discriminate or harass people based on their ethnicity, religion, race, gender or social class. If there had been no illegal rendition of Kenyans, perhaps we would have been fooled to believe this. If there were no discrimination in issuance of identity cards and passports to Kenyans of Somali origin again, we would have given Kibaki the benefit of doubt. If Kenyan women married to non-Kenyans had enjoyed equal rights of conferring citizenship to their spouses as enjoyed by their male counterparts, we would have had reason to believe president Kibaki on this. As matters stand we can only view this as another pledge made with the sole purpose of attracting votes and then quickly dishonoured.

    Pledge Number 8: More Representation for Women

    On this we need not say much. Let Kenyans undertake a gender audit of Mr. Kibaki’s appointments in the last five years. Kibaki has repeatedly told Kenyans to judge him by his past record.

    Pledge Number 9: Security

    On this matter the facts speak for themselves. One only needs to look at what is happening in Mt. Elgon district, Kuresoi, or recall the Mungiki menace, frequent carjackings and bank robberies. And then we have just learned that there are death squads operating in Kenya, which killed of at least 500 Kenyan Youths in cold blood and their bodies dumped in Ngong Forest and Kiserian.

    Pledge Number 10: Devolution and Equity

    We welcome the president’s belated conversion to devolution. However we remind Kenyans that devolving money without giving people the authority to manage and control completely negates the purpose of devolution. The PNU approach had been tried before through the District Focus for Rural Development and failed; currently CDF is bogged down by the fact that the MP rather than the local community controls the fund. In any case, PNU’s so-called devolution is governed by a mere act of parliament and not the constitution. The sustainability of this pledge is therefore not guaranteed. Our friends in PNU cannot have their cake and eat it.

    Kibaki’s Broken Promises

    President Kibaki had five long years to deliver the urgent pledges that Kenyans anxiously waited to be honoured so the y could meet the daily necessities of life. He betrayed all of us:
    • Kibaki promised to deliver a new constitution within the first 100, but did not deliver.
    • Kibaki pledged that corruption would cease to be a way of life, but today corruption thrives at the centre of his administration
    Kibaki promised an end to roadside declarations, but today that has become his style.
    • Kibaki promised to create 500,000 jobs annually. He never created the environment for this nor the actual jobs. If his claim that he has created 1.8 million jobs in five years, then this translates into 360,000 jobs per year, a far cry from the 500,000 jobs promised and even below 400,000 that KAMI) government was creating annually as at 2002.
    • Kibaki pledged to serve only one five year term which ends on December 30th 2007, so why is he crisscrossing the country asking the people to re-elect him for another term.

    • Kibaki pledged a lean government, but now he has the most bloated government this country has ever had.

    • Kibaki pledged to kill tribalism yet his appointments have been so skewed in favour of a particular group at the exclusion of the rest of Kenya. No wonder they resist devolution.

    The Verdict

    President Kibaki has let Kenyans down during his last five years of rule.



  2. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I looked at the promises and I could feel pain for Kenya. If Kibaki wins I see us remaining in the same state that we are in if not worse in the next five years.

    I remember in 1989 when i was in class 7 and how I dreamt of a great Kenya- economically, politically and socially. I look back with nostalgia since economically my family is worse of though politically we are better since I have a choice to vote for Raila.

    All Kibaki promises have no design to improve the welfare of the country or the living conditions. I wonder where the world will be when we wake up after 5 years in case Kibaki won and kept his promises.

    I want radical change in the way Kenya is managed. I want devolution (ODM Way not Kibaki way), I want quality education, i want us to become industrialized, i want a new constitution and above all I want to enjoy being a Kenyan not because of my tribe but because of what I can do for Kenya.

  3. steve says:

    Bunch of empty,ambiguos promises jotted down in a hurry.He failed to deliver a constitution in 5 years,coupled with him reneging on the MOU issue,my trust went down with it.

  4. Auki Ollows says:

    SMS Received:

    PNU Manifiasco: Zero tolerance of Katiba Mpya, fair tolerance of Ufisadi, tolerance of Ukabila patronage… Enough fiascos! VOTE CHANGE! VOTE RAILA!

  5. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Ladies and gentlemen

    It is sad how low we can get as country when a few individuals determine to protect their ill gotten wealth at our expense!!! I really mourn for my country!!

    Has anyone gotten wind of this? : That on the evening of Saturday, 29th September (remember this was a day after the Steadman polls first showed Raila ahead of Kibaki), Moi was having tea with his friends including Barngetuny, Njiru among others and the old man got so worked up when analysing the import of Raila’s surging popularity and possible ascendency to the Presidency that he commented thus:

    ‘hata kama ningeua hii nugu siku zile, hangekuwa hapa kutusumbwa hivi, angekwish kabisa’

    That from a person who was supposed to be protecting the lives of his citizens, actually regretting not having extinguished one more so that he could have his peace now.

    I actually I’m worried. Our candidate must be very careful. The deep hate some of these guys have can easily plunge this country into total war.

    But we must also be valiant and vigilant, because these breed of people must not be allowed anywhere near the seat of power ever again. Let’s bury them with our votes.

  6. Phil says:

    In 2002, when Kibaki was declared NARC candidate – there was a 14 point pledge in which he promised to be personally called to account after 5 years.

    The unfortunate mandate is now coming to its end and the media is apparently not keen on calling President Kibaki to personal account.

    Perhaps blog admin, it would be useful if the ODM campaign secretariat would fish the NARC pledges from the archives and publish them together with independent ratings on what this government has achieved against those pledges. 5 years is a long time and many Kenyans may have forgotten what it cost to replace the KANU government that has found its way right back into power without going through the electoral process.

    Being called into personal account, I believe should come first before Kibaki comes to sweet-talk the electorate with another set of unrealistic pledges. My own overall ratings would be as follows:

    Education: 1
    Health: 1
    Corruption: -5
    Infrustructure: 0
    Affirmative Action: -3
    Economy: 1
    Governance & Democracy: 1
    Security: -3
    Lean Cabinet: -4
    Tribalism & Nepotism: -3
    Constitution Reforms: -5
    Environment: 0.5
    Agriculture: 0.5
    ICT: 0.5

    I believe if the ODM secretariat can compute these sort ratings then publish them in figures, words and images; it would show a clear FRAUD that has been the Kibaki regime. Even KANU was smarter!

  7. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    To say the least, Kibaki and by extension PNU Manifesto is nothing but a recycled piece of failed promises. If the creation of 500,000 jobs resulted in sacking of several people from their jobs in the name of restructuring, then it means that we should use an inverse formula on all the 10 pledges and get the actual meaning of each of them. Devolution should not even have featured in his pledges as he with the help of retired Moi have been fighting like wounded buffalo. There is no mention of Zero tolerance on corruption since it has been done away with if you use the above inverse formula and all corrupt persons have been extinquished.
    Let PNU stop playing with our intelligence, our eyes are wide open. All ODM supporters, agents of change that Kenya wants, let’s rise and stamp our authority by voting out even the PNU sympathizers holed up in ODM, By the way, I’m worried with those persons who were dining with Moi until recently when they jumped ship. Can the ODM Election Board ensure that we do not allow them wreck our party.

  8. Mike says:

    Where is the place of vision 2030 in this manifesto?. Kibaki would have done better if he produced vision 2030 blueprint on the table as his manifesto rather than giving us a copy of a 1960’s budget speech.

    I realized a protocol hitch in the whole event and could not help but mourn for his supporters who have been let down time after time. Guys we cannot accept 20th Century ideas to help us confront the challenges and threats of the 21st century.

    I believed and now confess that the first three presidents stumbled into presidency true or false. Raila God has been preparing you for close to thirty years, then now give the country a roadmap to success.

  9. edwin muttai says:

    kibaki’s manifesto did not give kenyans a clear commitment to give kenyans a constitution once he wins the general election.kenyans cannot afford again another five years without a new constitution.

    kibaki is hiding something by not naming his running mate.eighter he want s uhuru as his vice president soon after he is sworn in ,since he is not comfortable grooming saitoti or kombo to take over from him.

    all people including kibaki who do not want majimbo are people who do not want power given to the people and are people solely preoccupied with economic imperialism of the the privilleged view in our society.this are the y who have had acces to special credit privillegesc since independence and they are economically gaining control of our nation at the expense of the majority of kenyans who have bben denied this privilleges becouse of where they come from.this explains the reason why there are widening disparities between the rich and the poor in kenya

    we do not want neocolonialism,where the privilleged view own every aspect of our economy at the expense of the majority.

    we wnt aconstitution that gurantees every kenyan a privillege to succeeed and aprivillege to realize the kenyan dream

  10. Kabi says:

    1) Zero tolerance of Katiba Mpya. Never demand a constitution.
    2) Appointing Arturs as Police Commisioners; now they are deputy commissioners only.
    3) Fair tolerance of Ufisadi (corruption).
    4) Promotion of Patronage Na Ukabila (PNU)
    5) Promotion of skewed Majimbo (appoint GEMA only) but discredit devolution.
    6) Promotion of tribalism in the education ministry and scholarships to intelligent (tribe wise) Kenyans.
    7) Appointment of only energetic, dedicated and educated 80 year old Ministers. (Kila ndege huruka na mbawa zake).
    8) Recruitment of Mungiki into the Defence forces and thus increase security with Arturs as commissioners.
    9) Promotion of tribal ICT so that when the snakes bite, the world doesn’t get wind of it.
    10) Increasing (in) security so that divide and rule is maintained for a better Kenya. NB: Kenya is the most insecure African country toda.
    11) Creating a bloated government never seen in Africa in order to include all Kenyans in the government (Meaning give your people the mother ministries (arteries) and convert their departments to ministries and give it to others).
    12) Improving agriculture (but only in one region) so that Kenyans can live at the mercy of a government dedcated to equality and welfare of all Kenyans. (Aah! My ribs).
    13) Building better Infrustructure in Central which is the centre of the nation so that Kenyans can be proud of.
    14) Promotion of nepotism for a better Kenya where family love is recognised. (huh)
    15) Promotion of PNU= Porojo Na Uongo.

  11. Solomon says:

    Mine is about the rejoinder Martha gave to ODM over their criticism of the PNU weak manifesto.

    Is it not prudent for ODM pentagon members to keep reminding the PNU team that the former country CEO is a civil servant in GNU?

    Martha Karua accuses ODM of graft while the lords of Goldenberg, Ken Ren, Soya Bean scam and Anglo leasing are in PNU. In any case a govt blaming the opposition of ills without showing will to take any action is like a parent blaming a kid for poor upbringing.

    ODM need to tear into people like Karua and Kituyi. For instance call it corruption/ abuse of office Martha unfair allocation of resources as Water minister. Also pin her on management of CDF. In the CDF website, it shows Gichugu has not submitted projects for year 2006/2007.

    For Kituyi, bring the issue of Uchumi collapse and failure to take action against culprits as promised, East Africa Portland cement scams and I think there was a case regarding ADC land. Additionally, Ruto need to keep re-emphasing that his constituency was top last year for managing CDF well while Kituyu CDF management skills was wanting and that is why there is a scam in his constituency involving Ksh.25m. This will really deflate the two galurous sycophants..

    Sorry for digressing but PNU manifesto belongs to 19th century.

  12. Charles Inwani says:

    In 2002 I vote, along with other hopeful Kenyans for a change of governance. We voted out Moi’s project and voted in NARC as we believed Kenya would be a better place. NARC promised zero tolerance to corruption. Promised to fight tribalism. Promised a new constitution and a host of other issues.

    Today I am saddened that Kenya has taken many steps back. Kibaki rejected the leaders we gave him and instead opted to work with Moi and Nyachae and their ilk.

    For five years he had an opportunity to change the lives of Kenyans for the better but didn’t despite his desire for a secong term. Now that he doesn’t need re-election in 2012 why should he honour any promises??

    I urge my fellow country men and women to embrace real change in the name of Raila Amolo Odinga. A son of Kenya who has remained steadfast and dedicated in the quest of the majority!

  13. Maru Kapkatet says:

    What a shame! Kibaki has been using my ideas without crediting them to me. That is plagiarism. Kibaki did not have anything to write on his manisfesto so he had his aides plagiarize here and there to concoct what looks like a manifesto. I talked about Ramisi sugar factory a while ago and I was surprised to see the president of Kenya making a beeline to Ramisi to announce that the government will spend KSh. 10 billion to revive the sugar factory. Was this project voted for in the June 2007 Budget?

    This was a desperate move by a bankrupt leader. There are so many Kenyans who genuinely wanted his government to succeed in moving Kenya forward and uniting Kenyans but out of myopic and ethnocentric greed, Kibaki allowed himself to be held hostage by the Mount Kenya Mafia. How come his much-talked Economic and Social Council did not help him come up with an original and credible manifesto.

    When one is being driven by greed, one becomes blind to reality. Kibaki’s presidency has been a costly mistake that Kenyans made in 2003. One will be forgiven to wonder if Kibaki has ever really ruled Kenya. Henry Obwocha, an economist, was the natural choice, who had been even acting in that capacity, to replace Mwiraria as Finance Minister but Kibaki could not appoint him. Instead, he had to give the job to his homeboy, Kimunya, an accountant.

    Let us examine Kibaki’s presidency. Immediately after he was sworn in, two strongmen from the Mount Kenya region emerged and ruled Kenya until 2005. During their tenure, there were mass sackings of civil servants from Rift Valley. Several judges were accused, “tried”, and convicted without ever appearing in a court of law. Loans owed by coffee farmers from the Mount Kenya region were written off while the same was denied sugarcane and other cash crop farmers from other parts of Kenya.

    When the two strongmen exited from the scene, two new rulers emerged and have been running Kenya until a few weeks ago. During the tenure of these two rulers, mercenaries were imported into Kenya and appointed senior police officers with the rank of Superintendent of Police. Also during this reign, some Kenyans had to bury beheaded relatives. Kibaki never uttered a word of disgust. Churches and several schools were burned down by the goverment.

    A government burning down places of worship. A government importing mercenaries to attack her own citizens. Cry my beloved country!

    Only recently, the two rulers (one a mum who is not even in government and the other supposedly the man in charge of security) have taken a back seat and as if to complete a full circle, Daniel arap Moi has re-emerged and is back as a ruler in Kenya. Only the other day, Moi directed a school to be named after him and this reminded Kenyans of the pre-2003 years which they thought they had put behind them.

    Is there no one to remind Kibaki that he is supposed to be the president and Moi should never be allowed to tell Kenyans anything. If Mzee Moi is too old to see the broken infrastructure that he left to Kenyans in 2002, if Mzee Moi is too rigid to face the reality that his family and past associates have been accused of stashing stolen KSh. 70 Billion abroad and there is no one to remind him, then may be there has also been no one to remind Kibaki that he was elected in 2002 to be the president of Kenya for five years until December 2007.

  14. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Maru, you hit the nail on head!

    Can you guys imagine: Kibaki deliberately failed to honour his 2002 election pledges even when he was still expecting to ask for our votes come 2007. Do real want to find out what he would do with another term at the end of which he does not need your votes?

    For starters, he has already shown the arrogance in his manifesto, by rudely ignoring the important matter of Constitutional Change and the other pertinent issue of fighting corruption. What do you want to do with such a guy – he doesn’t have the humility of begging for votes. Too much arrogance.

    Interestingly, I recently heard him say that ‘mlinipatia miaka kumi’. It confirmed my fears – the guy has no respect for what we think. He already imagines he’s continuing to be president whether we vote for him or not.

    Let’s spread the message and ensure Kenyans kick him out in the next 43 days.

  15. Zack says:

    Did Raila have to hire Dick Morris who has never managed a campaign in any tghird world country to manage the election!!! may be Raila has no idea but sometimes ODM has made decisions that they end up explaining as PNU damage them on the polls, can you picture how PNU are likely to swing “Mtarudishwa kwa wakoloni this time round and how people in the grass roots will react? It may have been in good faith but…

    Anyway, just my two cents opinion but me and my friends who blog a lot have been trumpeting Raila ideas until some Dick guy showed up. What new ideas will he bring that supporters on this blog cant?

    Just read this article…

  16. Zack says:

    Did Raila have to hire Dick Morris who has never managed a campaign in any tghird world country to manage the election!!! may be Raila has no idea but sometimes ODM has made decisions that they end up explaining as PNU damage them on the polls, can you picture how PNU are likely to swing “Mtarudishwa kwa wakoloni this time round and how people in the grass roots will react? It may have been in good faith but…

    Anyway, just my two cents opinion but me and my friends who blog a lot have been trumpeting Raila ideas until some Dick guy showed up. What new ideas will he bring that supporters on this blog cant and havent?

    Just read this article…

  17. paul says:

    why are forgeting about the 3rd mobile company we should use this as a tool for campainging promising 2 ensure that price of making calls will go down becoz of competion

  18. Linet says:

    Zack…..The truth is we have witnessed only 1 serious election- in 2002 despite 40 years of independence. In the other two the opposition was divided and it was a forgone conclusion Moi would win.
    In 2002 Moi was not vying so despite all tactics used it was not about the opposition vs the incumbent.
    In 2007 the stakes are higher we have an incumbent vying for re-election and if you have been watching yr TV and going around the city for instance he is using alot of resources to campaign. For weeks ODM seems to have been down , we have seen some life what with the new Domo reply whether credited to Dick Morris I have no idea. How come they did not reply sooner?I saw this morning a Bill board with Hon. Raila holding a baby(his grand daughter?) and the image is perfect. PNU has been having a field day and Kibaki’s campaign looked energised despite the infighting.
    Maybe this is just what i thought??
    I beleive ODM needs all the help it can get, this does not amount to belittling Kenyans, but in reality if this guy has handled a mother of all elections no less for Clinton in the US why not give it a try.
    There has been alot of propaganda doing rounds just this morning I came across some saying majimbo is a choice of death.If this guy is a spin doctor why not try him?
    Remember he will not work solo ODM can still incorporate his ideas along our political scientists who have knowledge of local politics.
    Just my thought.

  19. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    I agree with you Linet.

    Let’s take all the good counsel we can get from Dick Morris and infuse it into our strategy – I believe we can only be the better for it.

    Ladies and gentlemen, some two weeks ago I did mention to you that the Transcentury Group (which is basically Kibaki and his henchmen) were planning to acquire Telkom Kenya using some vehicle ‘France Telecom’ for a song. Indeed, they have raised some Shs2 billion which they want to use in the deal to acquire 60% of Telkom. Currently, Telkom is valued at about US$6.8 billion. Therefore, 60% will be roughly US$4 billion (KShs 270 billion). They want to take all that for a mere Shs2 billion only. Further, to make the deal even juicier, they want to use our money to pay off debts owed by Telkom amounting to Shs 60 billion – directly pocketing Shs 36 billion (i.e. 60% of 60 billion) from the consolidated fund as part of the sale.

    They want to rush the whole affair to ensure everything is concluded by latest 10 December 2007 so that even if ODM wins, they have already bagged the value.

    On the same vain, they recently revoked the award of a tender for some security surveillance system for the Kenya Civil Aviation that had been won by some Italian company worth Shs 4 billion. The reason? The Italians refused to part with a bribe of Shs 200 million that they demanded before signing the contract. Running parallel, they had pocketed some Shs 81 million from their friends from France (the same guys involved in the Telkom deal) to award them the same tender. The case may be coming up in court soon because the Italians are digging in and spoiling for a fight if they are not given the tender they had won competitively.

    My dear country(wo)men, our country is bleeding. We seriously need to remove these guys. A lot of noise also need to be made to stop the Telkom sale, the Safaricom IPO and any other major transaction they want to force through before the polls. Otherwise we will be in for a very long period of suffering.

  20. lexx says:

    Linet…i agree with you on your thought about Morris the stakes are high and if you want to win an election you have to have the best brains inorder to win.Matha Karua is already spreading propaganda about Morris yet the govt he serves in has not dealt with aglo whatever,mungiki,insecurity.They attacked Standard group and KTN now they are busy at night bringing down ODM billboards yet they say ‘kazi iendelee’ our question to them is “Je iendelee’ and that why i say Shetani ashidwe.
    God is with us and no amount of negativity will stop us we are going all out for’s an ODM govt in 2008.

  21. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currentli in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    the kibaki pledges are rubbish it won”t make any change coz during last year he did the same but fulfilled only the free primary education of which he is using to campaign now,last time he promised total eradication of corruption but guess WHAT HAPPENED AFTER 5YEAR IN STATE HOUSE? corruption become the order of the day especially in his cabinet (angloleasing) i can onlt term that those promises are only meant for the rich and not the ordinary kenyan, 2002 he also promise to tarmacked the GARISSA-MANDERA road but he has done nothing here is he now convincing the muslim community 2.8million vote that the IDDUL HAJJ is a public holiday. but you know what its already a public holiday for us muslims i dont know may be you are making it for our christian brothers/sisters. THE PRESIDENT OF KENYA COME 2008 HON RAILA AMOLO ODINGA? bravo and MAY GOD HELP YOU AND BLESS KENYA AT LARGE.

  22. Zack says:

    I get your wisdom guys… I usually arrive at office for some politicking and sinking some sense in some Die hard Kibaki and Kalonzo supports around and I for once lacked ammunition when they questioned me so much on Dick Morris, personally, I would take anything that will push ODM to greater heights.

    And true, that DOMO reply is the first thing I saw when I arrived home yesterday and for sure, someone who has been pained by the dropping polls, I was elated.

    I use Uhuru highway on my way home everyday and the last three mornings have the most sad, our billboards on Uhuru highway are just facing serious vandalization, I know we have little to do about that but guys shouldnt loose psyche, its just about 40days and we will be there…

    Then again, when I arrived in town, I ran into flyers that had been thrown all over the streets especially where our offices are based around National Bank building and around Agip house insiting Kenyans againist Raila on Majimbo. Word around office was that Maina Kamanda had sent the thugs to throw them all over at night, thank God the rains had watered then.

  23. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I have noted elsewhere that you will defect because of Dick. If what will make our campaigns better than they are will make you defect then I fear we may not be on the same page.

    If the response to DOMO thing is Dick’s work then he is far much ahead of PUNU.

    We will not say that if we do this they will twist it. They can twist anything they want. They have even twisted the names of Railas kids to pass their lies which appear too hard to sell.

    If you will leave us when we really need your vote we will be disappointed. But if you are pretending to be for us then pole you will are alone.

  24. Zack says:

    @Njuguna, I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay… I have fought hard to defend and stand for Raila and all my political articles on my blog root for Raila, at office people call my office Orange house and just on monday when I moved to a new office, it was to be repainted and the guys moving my stuff joked that I should ask for Orange…

    I am an ODM die hard and that statement on Kips blog was practically misguided, misinformed n perhaps emotional from that article. I had my my heart beat fast as I read it. I have been abused so many times on my blog for ‘my blind following’ of Raila, and believe me, Im not about to relent, infact, I will be taking leave from 07Th dec to go upcountry ton campaign for ODM. Most youth from my village in Sirisia constituency look up to me and I intend to convert all my relatives and peers to ODM.

    I will do all I can to ensure ODM victory Njuguna, my vote for ODM is already counted.

  25. Philip (The visitor) says:

    ………….and imagine those were just mild punches thrown by ODM that is sending these people to take these desperate measures, that are filled with blatant hooliganism, arrogance and impunity. Generally a fox does not feel comfortable in a sheep’s skin. We need to fight harder, show all who the real devil is and I’m sure soon the devil (PNU) will remove the sheep’s skin, because it cannot fight vigoruosly in that sheep’s skin.

    Those flyers littered along the street were a response to the flyers ODM had send to people explaining about majimbo, I got one written in Kiswahili. Luckily the response sent by PNU, including vandalisation of bill boards and banning of adverts, displays evil minds, panic, confusion and lack of coordination in PNU. Otherwise why should one respond in darkness when majority are asleep. If they were sincere should they have countered ODM in the open?

    ODM please make more attacks and counterattack which will throw PNU in disarray, at least I can bet on that, and expose the evil exposed in their counter attacks.

    Put more billboards, TV ad, Radio ad etc, that not only shows the merit of ODM but clearly exposes weakness of PNU (which is current Government). We know the characteristics of PNU – even after reading this post they won’t change. They will again do what they can do best: vandalise the billboards, banned the advert etc. Then let ODM encourage TV stations and Newspapers to put such atrocities meted out by PNU as headlines, and Radio station to put in their discussions.


  26. Otiff says:

    Zack..thanks for that assurance i was too disturbed when i read your link. But one thing for sure ODM is on the spot by this PANUA guys and am sorry its gonna get dirtier and dirtier. As I have always said we need to be ahead in terms of strategy and sensitization…if this Moris guy can do that then let it be. Am happy there has been some actions of late we need to keep on the heat…As for the vandalism at night…its only a weakling who hits you on the back. I have an idea of one advertisement but as someone said this is a public forum, i cannot share it.

  27. PABLO says:

    Hey Guyz,
    We need to sensitize our brothers and sisters from the epitom of this country. What did they drink or what did they eat? You know when you hear people Like Bishop Gitonga, Bishop Githii and Cardinal Njue you just want to believe they are God sent but it is high time Kenyans Learnt and get to know that even satan just changed one thing in thing in the Holy Bible to put the whole human race in trouble. God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and if they ate it they would surely die. But you know the satan said ” you shall not surely die but you will become like God himself”… look at that and compare it with the Bishops I have just aforementioned. During Refurendum they new very well that the Kilifi draft would cost Kenyans and they adviced the mass to vote against it How comes now they have changed the tunes?? On the same similar note These group of calibres are very well nourished with matters pertaining to GOD why are they misleading the congregation ?? I think something has gone wrong somewhere let the ODM trops be well equiped and fight this devil before it takes all the country to hell. Please Bishops from Mount Kenya repent and come to terms with the truth and your God you are bound to loose the good fight you fought before and now just in fourty days time you might loose it if youare not very careful. Christians on this blog please lets not be misled leta follow Gods direction faithfully without depending on this titles after all they are Human beings like you and me so put the interest of the contry first by championong for ODM and Devolved System of governance
    Thanks Guyz

  28. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Kibaki, as often, has been lying that Kenya’s economic growth stands at 6%. According to the current World Bank figures, Kenya’s GDP is 2.90, and is one of a few African countries with an economic growth of less than 4%.

    Uganda’s 6.1, Tanzania 5.3, Rwanda 7.6, Mozambique 8.3, Sudan 6.3, Chad 9.0, Ethiopia 5.2, Angola 8.5, Nigeria 4.3.

    Kibaki is massaging growth figures to confuse Kenyans. See details of Africa’s economic growth from the World Bank. You can also see them at

  29. Auki Ollows says:

    Zack, I see it differently (as I have argued on the Presidential Campaign thread)… On this very forum, we have been arguing that the professionalism in the presidential campaign has been wanting. We have argued that even though Raila is running the campaign of his life, it hasn’t been adequate. That, for instance, the communication strategy has been very near miniscule. In fact, we called for a search in the whole wide world, if Kenya wasn’t good enough!

    There was need to revitalize the campaigns. If you are in Kenya, you will have got tired of the sameness of all the campaigns. You could even sense that the Agwambo supporters at the rallies want more. Passion alone isn’t sufficient to sustain an energy-sapping event like a tense presidential campaign. Can you believe that Ruto was even hoarse in Kakamega?

    If the opposition make Dick Morris’ colour an issue, they expose, in addition to the very many ‘ism’ baggage that they carry – racism. We now live in a global village where transference of skill knows no geographical boundaries. We have thousands of top Kenyan professionals working in Washington, New York and other key world capitals. What is wrong with “reverse transfer”?

    Raila is a businessman. High risks, high returns. There is no doubt that Dick Morris is one of the best in the whole wide world in what he does. There is the risk that he could live. But what the heck? There is the chance that he could deliver the highest returns. We can’t just sit and do nothing because of the risk! We called for it, we got it. Now let’s live with it.

    Raila is not short of passionate support. What we now want is that support structured professionlly to deliver the most sustainable support…


  30. Auki Ollows says:

    “Raila is not short of passionate support. What we now want is that support structured professionally to deliver the most sustainable RESULT…”

    You must remember something else: Raila blazes the trail… Leaves EVERYONE talking… Everyone debating… High value airtime…

  31. shaqmaya says:

    Zack !! forget about the so called Kip who wrote the article. The guy is xenophobic and a racist, just the way PNU are tribalist.

  32. tnk says:

    all great points above. I think Zack is right to express anxiety, denial does not achieve much. We must confront our fears, reason with it, then from the experience develop winning strategies as suggested by Linet and others. A lot more good will come from this association than negative. In fact all negatives will be the typical noise creation by PNU. Lets face it

    PNU campaign strategy is characterised by = deceit, cunning, lies, propaganda, semi-truths, lopsidedness, abuses, arrogance, corruption, destruction, treachery, smokescreens, unscrupulousness, fear, intimidation and just plain rotten. THere are only three impetus driving this vehicle, incumbency, greed and self induced tribal segregation

    ODM-K strategy is characterised by = aloofness, tag along, lurk in the shadows to immitate/copy ODM and try to better, denial, predatory, inability for team effort, miracles, mr clean image, and when all that fails – switch to some PNU strategies. Driven by self induced tribal segregation, denial (failure to concede facts), aloofness and oh yes the one man or big man syndrome. Cross Kalonzo and in ukambani you can forget it. Give him the presidency and DTM will be an angel in comparison.

    ODM campaign = issues, dreams and aspirations of Kenyans, address inequalities, good governance, real change for Kenyans, team work and effort, all inclusive and consultative approach, no-one left behind, blind to tribe, race or religion, all good ideas included, special interest groups (youth, women, religious, physically challenged) accounted for.

    Let PNU continue to deface posters, block the truth, spread malice, and we continue to counter with just plain intelligence, maturity, honesty and integrity. They will keep drawing us into mud-battles, but lets keep one step ahead, all the way.

  33. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Thanks Jack for you worry. Of course if you read such article as the link you are providing, you are bound to get heart attack. There are worse out there in the internet about nearly everyone. Do not forget this is politics. It has with it certain qualities: Chief among them is deceit and propaganda. By properganda, you sometimes engage your opponent in unnecessaries as you gain groung: Look at how PANUA has resorted to buying all the media and destroyong the posters. If anything when a report comes that a poster was destroyed, it will have succeeded in two ways 1) Creating curiosity among electorates. Who will do everything to reach the contents on the poster 2) Paint the opponent as negative and therefore win sympathy votes. The same applies to news media. When a report reaches supporters of a political party that a given media house has refused to air thier materials or is campaigning against them, then News consumers do vote with their feet. At that time it becomes very sad indeed for it is expenssive to win them back. The victim always wins

    Coming to the subject of Morris, If he can do the Job and be a distractor, the better. Maybe they will from now concentrate on him and leave Agwambo alone. He is therefore the punching bag. Yet he will be doing some seriouse Job, Study his CV
    PNU will always come-up with prpopaganda. That is thair stock in trade as they have no agenda nor strategy. What they say or do is immaterial being our competitors. Now they are busy milking the country dry in the name of IPOs. Do not fight them on that. It is like wrestling a Pig in Mud.
    What is happening on the campaign front from now on is very vital. We are soon approaching the home stretch. We need all the impetus since every obstacle is on our side: 3- Presidential families, The richest and the Most powerfu people in Kenyal, Media Houses etc. For that, I want to thank Agwambo for genius moves
    1) Kibaki visits an Old Lady during his Western Kenya campaigns to gain mileage, Agwambo replies in style; Visits two families in the same regeion as Kibaki and those that count. The late (Kibaki’s) V.P’s mother– Showing how he neglects those who helped him and The Masinde Family. You know how the Community reveres the Family. What a blow, Have you had any talk about that from the PNU side?
    2) Have you noted that Blue has become colour anto-darkness and Orange the color of life. Look at the depiction in the ads coming from ODM. This is why the ads can not be aired nor allowed in the posters.

    To the secretariate, Kudos for the response, but
    BADO MAPAMBANO. It is just a begining. Let the tempo pick up

    MAYBE YOU CAN CONSIDER PUTTING AN ADVERT IN THE YAHOO AND GMAIL HOMEPAGES. This is a place with international reach and has thousands in Kenya reading their mails everyday. Just a suggestion

  34. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Very good ideas McJairo!!

  35. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  36. Zack says:

    Regards All,

    I got some interesting vibe from Kip (my now controversial pal) and I thought I should share… He says this:

    zack … can i tel you something…. in the years elections m There are about 30% very pro Kibaki and 30% very pro Raila supporters and probably 10% (I may be wrong on this one) pro Kalonzo supporters leaving about 30% in the middle. These are the guys who aren’t swayed by majimbo, anti Kikuyuism, insurance for cattle, Kibaki’s economic agenda, Kazi iendelee, Kalonzo’s miracles e.t.c., e.t.c. ama railas hummer sujui raila what.. this 30 percent are the guys who hold this elections …These are the guys who could even switch within the week of Christmas and alter the political landscape.


    For that 30%, htat is where the battle is. It now depends on who presents the best case and doesn’t come out as one who makes too many mistakes and this is Raila’s problem.

    Raila was on the up a month ago. I doubt that that is the case now. Granted, that 30% could still stay home if they found oout that all these guys are the same. sides of the Coin One last thing; Raila needs to sit down with his advisors. It is in his best interests as well as those of his party. As for Kibaki, he’s had his share of bad publicity as well; some of his own making, some not.

    so zack …those guys in Raila2007 represent the 30 % that are totally pro -raila But do they think of the other 30% ( me included) who can easily move from pro – raila to pro -kibaki or even pro- kibaki to pro-raila i,e if Say raila executes his presentation well ..

    but the thing is the moderator will not allow my comments to be posted… becuase they go against the wave..

  37. tnk says:

    Pledge No. 11 . (also known as off the cuff remarks following a presidential speech)

    Na hata kama siwezi kutimiza hizo ahadi kumi, nyinyi pumbavu mtakao nipigia kura, mtafanya ninii?

  38. tnk says:

    Zack, Kip is lying, lets meet him at the ballot box, we call his bluff

  39. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    can the moderator make sure that the bloggers are given atleast 100copies of the ODM manifesto,Tshirts and posters to distribute to their strongholds.can you guys imagine that in my rural sublocation of over 5000 voters has only two of Raila’s posters?this is afact and someone has just said that aschool boy can bring home a PNU poster.hey, do something. presence is power.ineed to stick aRaila poster on my ‘baiskol’ mudguard

  40. Eric B says:

    Hey bloggers. I am beginning to see some suspect comments posted on this blog. Perhaps we need to be a little more careful. Not that it matters that PNU may be monitoring the contents. We have won this thing already. Mark my words!

  41. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    smole out the suspects.bado mapambano

  42. Eric B says:

    Have any of you listened to the speeches today at Nyayo? Some of the leaders there can really spread hate. The problem with some of their speeches is that they alienate Kenyans further. Wanjala says that with majimbo teachers will not be paid. Total nonsense. I am appalled to say the least.

    ODM secretariat, please sort out the issues around nominations. Walji is crying foul already in Westlands. This is not good at all and just won’t do. Let us not repeat this anywhere else otherwise we are on the receiving end.

  43. Zack says:

    As an ODM supporter only interested in ODM winning the Elections, I would advise my fellow supporters to open up to divergent views, especially those that can give us an insight on what our opponents are doing and that may help us understand on developments and events that may deny us a chance to change the country for good. The PNU candidate and our candidate Hon. Raila are the only contenders fighting a real war, kibaki has the resources and with the media and the money, he is possible to do anything that can work to our disadvantage.

    whether there are moles or not, I believe any opinio from whoever that can give us a different view from what we already know is valuable. If someone gives me a view that I do not really identify with but I consider it a vital issue then it is important that w develop ways and establish moves that will help our party realize the majority of the vote.

    Perception is important and it affects that oter who easily changes theri mind on some certain issues. I believe it is important as supporters, hard core ODMers, whoever supports ODM to ensure that we do not talk to attitudes, hearts and personalities but we talk and articulate our position and ideas to the heart. It is in the heart that someone feels and makes their decision, the consience is felt there and if we can learn to persuade the shaky supporters and those who are still skeptical, hen we will have a sure way to being the next government.

    You know the way a family can be enclosed and doing their things on their own, telling their children not to talk to so and so’s kids and so on… Well, the kids usually end up missing a certain point in growing up, accepting divergent opinion, we should also learn to focus on constructive developments and accept views that can make us grow better in terms of ideas… I hope someone understands my point…

  44. rono ray says:

    I think the ODM wave is wavering. Guys u have to do something. My pals in sotik are massively defecting to Kanu.
    I think we need a complete overhaul of our campaign strategy which i hope morris will provide.
    The battle is not won yet

  45. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I hear you and am happy to know tuko pamoja. Well there are so many blogs all over with all sorts of strange talks but this one unites us. We dont want it to edited because we share unpalatable truths.

    But as we have discussed elsewhre it will be worthy to send some of our ideas and concerns via email rather than open ourselves to ridicule right at this sight.

  46. tnk says:

    Typical of PNU. When confronted with any challenge, the counteraction is intimidation and threats abound. According to Mutua, Dick Morris may be deported, is anybody surprised? Nope.


    If Artur and his accomplices enter the country with a false passport, raids the media houses, threatens security, is engaged to one Miss K, no problem, just provide him with Assistant Commissioner of Police portfolio, assign him security escort, house him in Runda, provide him with cars with fake number plates, allow him to abuse Kenyans, assist him to “setup” business and when it gets too hot, finally escort him out real quick through the back door all expenses paid. And then issue some tough sounding statement.

    Enter Dick Morris, professional CV, known background, worldwide known credentials, ready to work with leaders intent on change for Kenyans, has duly paid all his dues and is in Kenya legally. No No, throw mud at him, if its not working, stone him, if not, deport him. From what I’ve read Morris has volunteered his services to ODM brigade. Anyway forget trying to justify anything with PNU govt, they are a sham.

    For PNU to fairly compete with any challenger in any sport or event (i.e so that PNU can have a “fair” chance to compete, no not win, just to at least turn up for the event), the playing ground has to be landscaped/releveled to their low level. This means the challenger has to be all of mentally, physically, emotionally and morally handicapped and in complete vegetative state. Anyone with even the slightest amount of intelligence is a big threat, even a 6 year old can outmaneuver PNU strategists and they have no option but to either cripple, destroy, blockout or slander all forms of challenges. Its the only way to stop the truth from hitting their home support bases, because if/when the truth hits their home bases they are in deep trouble. That’s why they have to stop at all costs anyone trying to take common sense to their turfs (we’ve seen the rowdy crowds). But despite that, we are seing the electorate is aware and causing trouble in PNU nominations for the Mwiraria’s, Murungaru’s and other Kibaki cronies. Although these supporters may not necessarily support ODM but they certainly want no part of the deceit and thuggery characterised by Kibaki’s cronys. Lets keep at ‘em.

  47. Auki Ollows says:

    Kip is churning the usually uninvolved clap trap of most ‘intellectual posers’… How does he arrive at that 30% of neutral voters? What is the basis of his argument? He builds too big an argument around Steadman polls. Remember, this is the FIRST time the current format has been used. The answer is debe for such guys. They will not distract us with pseudo-intellectual thoughts…

    Yes, Raila07 is pro-Raila. There is no question about that and that is as it should be. What we now know, though, is that there are PNU strategists who sit and just read and effect Raila weblog ideas. This is why we are saying, if you have a burning idea you don’t want Porojo Na Uwongo guys to see it, you send it to or It will receive attention. We also have to be patient because the guys are receiving thousands of emails…


  48. tnk says:

    Matiba’s entry is interesting. His reason, the govt and economy is not benefiting the poor. Exactly ODM’s message. Now I wonder if the PNU supporters who are fond of calling anyone a moron who does not “see” the developments, is there anyone of them ready to call Matiba a moron? Can Kibaki call Matiba Pumbavu? Would he dare? Same message by ODM-K same Message by Pius Muiru. Who really is the moron or pumbavu?

    extract below from the standard

    “…The former Kiharu MP accused President Kibaki of leaving Kenyans to languish in poverty.

    “The most important thing in this country is what people have to spend on themselves and not what the ones in high offices have. Wealth should filter down to the ordinary people,” he said.

    Matiba said his strategy of governance would be to go to the people and not sit in high office receiving delegations, adding that he was the original crusader for democracy and would stop at nothing to redeem wananchi from poverty….”

    hello, PNU listening or not

  49. PABLO says:

    I surely think that Hon. Kibaki is trying to take Kenyans for a ride. We are tired of his lies. We need to be aware of these wolfs and let God help them change or they are doomed. We change and nothing short of it these guyz they are even now confused and they are campaigning for us when they talk of change. The kind of change Kenyans need is structural first the infrustructural will follow then econimic develpement. But when you hear PNU talk of roads yet the structures within the government are chaotic full of corruption and public funds being missused the it is only God who can save this country. Let us pray for ODM irrespective of all the hurdles during the nominations and then we also need to know that opponents might also have taken advantage of the circumstance to cause confusion to make people believe that our Party is chaotic but I want to be assured that there s peace and tranquility in ODM upto and after the General Elections when then it will be the government in place with new structures and devolved system in place.

    Let ODM prevail

  50. i dont like the way the think tanks of raila are handling the propaganda on t.v. why cant they use the artur maragryans saga,the angloleasing saga and the fact that mwiraria and kiraitu have been cleared as pnu candidates and they are the ones responsible for the saga itself.yet they want kazi iendelee.kazi ya ufisadi iendelee.a good propaganda would be kibaki reappointing these two back to cabinet he boasts of have done a good work,sandwitched with githogos tape recordings of kiraitu which was broadcasted on tv,and the two campaining for kibaki yet again,call it a case of conlict of ideas.would someone pliz use this propaganda coz im dying to see it on tv. they can also use the fact that kibaki reapointedthe two back to power.a show that he condones graft or grand corruption.

  51. Peter O Ahenda says:

    Please help me to know local directors of Ramisi sugar factory. It might be another project to steal from the goverment.

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