Raila07 blog would like to thank all the ODM and Raila supporters for real change who regularly make contributions to this blog. I would like to assure you that your concerns are always noted and we appreciate them. If you have any private concern that you would like to be addressed by the presidential campaign team kindly send an e-mail directly to  Thank you for supporting the real change.




  1. Auki Ollows says:

    Perfect! We just wanted assurance that our concerns are noted… We are coming from what we consider to be an unresponsive govt (can you imagine the PNU Manifesto doesn’t have as aim ‘CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM’ or ‘ZERO TOLERANCE of CORRUPTION’?

    We can’t bear the thought that ODM will be as unresponsive… ODM has some of the most passionate supporters in the world. We are ready to give our FEEDBACK, IDEAS, SERVICES, and VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTES for FREE!


  2. tonui cheruiyot says:

    though they have resort to dirty propaganda let raila calm on that side, but when they talk about devolution of resources in their manifesto shuold we not get opportunity to say thats majimbo!! Sice majimbo issue is threatening raila’s votes on those with little or no litracy at all.

  3. Philip (The visitor) says:

    A friend of mine believes in the following: “PNU” supporters comprise of the following people; People whose intellects and wisdom has been blinded by tribalism; Opportunist who are gaining materially from “PNU” (read government); Illiterate people who are fed, stuffed and bathed with “PNU” propaganda – people who have been made to believe that Majimbo and tribalism are synonymous – people who have been made to believe that Raila is a devil worshipper etc.

    Otherwise any literate and sober person knows or should have known the following FACTS about Kibaki:

    That we will never get the constitution as long as Kibaki and his minions are in power.

    That the President’s power will remain and remain and anytime this will be changed will be the time more powers will be added. We all need to distinguish between duties and power.

    That the government fighting corruption will be confined to the dreams of Kenyans, never will it become a reality.

    I knew beforehand that Kibaki’s manifesto will not mention the above. By the way I’m at pain to mention “PNU” since I doubt if it’s lifespan will enable it to go beyond January 1 2008.

    How I wish all Kenyans could see all that I can see. At least I’ve made some to be aware. His archaic way of campaigning reeks of pure hypocrisy.

    I’m sorry to all PNU supporters for using these derogatory terms… It’s only that I’m so annoyed, for I’m now seeing the dragon we fought so hard to remove in 2002 coming back. I don’t mean an individual but a system.

    I have seen what has been happening this year. It’s a lot that has made me to wonder – is this a respite similar to Nyayo era that will also culminate to grand corruption, misappropriation of funds, “illegal possession of public entities – maybe this time through Nairobi Stock Exchange?

  4. Cedric says:

    We have reached a level we either need to move and develop uniformly or stop living. Our brothers who have been advantaged for far too long know this mjinga ikierevuka……and appreciate change

    And our brothers who a fond of acting emotionally it is time to grow up and work for a good course, stop whining and let build this nation

    The fore fathers please we are your sons and daughters telling you we have learned your ways and we can do better. We shall take this nation to the next generation in good shape. Because we are fair, we consult, we get satisfied, we are just and we can check greed and pride characters.

    So please redeem us from this proud fellows and make Kenya for all Kenyans but not for the Ascribed individuals. Let every Kenyan have the potential to show case the leadership skills and be given a chance – without tribial, finacial, race affiliations

    This is the last time we are giving a brother a chance to redeem the glory of Kenya. Make kenya devolved and Kenyans able to run their daily afairs – get justice in courts that are in good time, health, education and all this made by kenyans objectives in their CONSTITUTION

    Introduce s culture of handing over the mantle and solve issues through dialogue and society checks crime to manageable levels

    LONG LIVE KENYA, Raila save us from bad intensioned teams

  5. I agree with the Ollow and Phillip,it is true what we want is just assurance that corruption,and tribalism in ODM government will will be dealt with.Also distribution of resources will be taken seriously through Majimbo,I haven talking to my friends to for Raila if they want a serious change for this country and especially for young people.
    It is now open that Kibaki was never committed to give Kenyan’s constitution and fight corruption since in his manifesto the two has been left out, What does that tell us? Kenyan’s wake up and Vote for Raila

  6. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    I would also like to thank the Pentagon, ODM Secretariate and all ODM supporters for the work you guys are doing. It is pleasing to know we have someone listening.
    I would only urge that let our Manifesto be a manifesto, not what I have read from these guys. In fact it is a “manifestation” of the Senility. These people have no more ideas , the more reason they need to give way. Have you noted that within these few days, even the media has gone silent on it? Why? Lack of substance. It has not a single concrete ” We will do this, this way” principle. We have been accused of rhetorics but if this not rhetorical then I need to go back to language school.
    I can see my colleagues/friends have commented on constitution, yet even as we are talking now the LEADING killer of Kenyans is the ROAD. This “empty shell” is not talking of looking into this but “we will build more roads”, Meaning they will continue the Killing spree. What is the problem with our roads? Have you asked your self why all our bridges are on the valley sections, lower than the other parts of the road? Why is that all our Bridges are the narrowest sections of the roads? Why is it that most of our bridges happen at the curves of the road? Can’t we raise them? Can’t we straighten them? Can’t we widen them? Why? Because cowby contractors must do the work. Because we do not want to invest in the roads but use them as milkcows. Another reason why “everyone needs to go and misbehave in his own mother’s home/house” I believe apart from building new roads and rehabilitation of the existing ones, we need to specially modernize all the existing bridges so that no matter what rain, people can travel from one part of the country to another with ease and even if a vehicle is approaching, a pedestrian/cyclist doesn’t have to stop and give way.

    Finaly, I have jogged your minds, expound more.
    Meanwhile, let us not relent for the battle is far from starting. We are still in the rehearsals.

  7. Duncan Mikae says:

    Those fighting ODM are dreamers,this PNU grandfathers have tried to copy everything that ODM started,imagine in their manifesto they are even promising some people like those around national parks that 40% of the income from the packs will be given back to that community!what the hell do they think they are doing when the only thing they are doing is coppying ODM IDEOLOGIES AND TWISTING THEM TO GET FOLLOWING?they should be a little bit creative,nowonder they are demonising majimbo as their only campain strategy since they have run out of ideas.

    guys let as vote agwambo ju yeye ni tosha.

  8. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Back Ladies and Gentlemen, Hello!
    I wish to seek some clarifications from the secretariate on what I have landed on in the internet. You Know ODM is Popular and is with the people.
    Therefore, there are some unscrupulous people (Money minded) who have used it to cash in on wealth; Remeber the Brandy with AGWAMBO’s Photo.

    MAY I KNOW IF ODM is connected, in anyway to, THAT IS MY QUESTION. I was about to buy something from them as a way of contributing to the ODM campaign Kitty.
    Have a nice day?
    Waiting for official responce, ONLY ACCEPTED THROUGH THIS FORUM.

  9. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Do you have an ad with good jingles we can sing along with ? The current ads are appealing to intellect and memory we need some which make us feel orange and even dream orange.

    Have one rolling out soon. At least to counter that disgusting domo nonsense that our kids are starting to sing around.

    It is good for us all.

  10. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    This is great. We are happy to know you are listening and that our ideas are taken seriously.

    Lets keep all lines open and let bloggers here know what to post for public consumption and what are high value ideas which are good for hitting the opponent with a surprise.

  11. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Bwana Moderator

    You have my email address here. Can you please contact me – I have some serious stuff I need to relay to the presidential campaign. I do not trust that the email address you have given above has not been tapped by the panua brigade.

  12. Solomon says:

    I agree with Njuguna Kariuki. The Domo nonsense has really captured the imagination of children.

    ODM need to turn the tide.

  13. Philip (The visitor) says:

    In the previous topic of PROPAGANDAS AND LIES… I had mentioned about Christians in this blog joining hands to tell fellow christians the truth. To tell them about the lies that PNU is spreading that are likely to put the unity of major religious movements, that is Christianity and Islam, at stake. Both of these religious movements respect and adhere to truth. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD. THAT THE DEVIL WANTS TO APPEAR AS AN ANGEL BY POINTING FINGERS AT ODM, FALSELY ACCUSING IT TO BE THE DEVIL. At least Muslims have managed to know the truth that some Christians have not been told. Let those who know tell thier fellow Christians. PNU wants to flare up acrimony so that they can capitalise on christian votes. Both Christians and Muslims should not accept these.

    Our Muslim brothers have worked harmoniously and in Unity with Christians here in Kenya but some evil people in PNU wants to jeorpadize these unity that has existed. History tells us that Muslims set foot in Coast even before the tentacles of christianity had reached the coastal region, or is it even before they had arrived in Kenya? But would someone please tell me if the unity of christians, coastal people, muslims and Arabs has been affected? Only a visitor to Africa, live alone Kenya, will say it has been affected. Then why should few individuals within PNU, that is led by Kibaki, want to bring disunity by spreading lies. Even if one is hungry for power should one divide major religious movement in order to capitalise on Christians’ vote? Only evil minded person will do that.


    If you go to Mombasa you will know the unity that exist between Christians and Muslims. Did I hear it right that PNU is aware that it has lost the Muslims votes and so it doesn’t care if they bring disunity between them and Christians as long as they secure Christian votes, through creating fear in christianity towards Muslims? I need answer from a PNU supporter. It is so sad that after politicians have didived us to tribes they are now going to religious movements. WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!


    The economy improved by 7% but majority of Kenyans still remained poor. I had no word to explain this but at least UNDP released a report that explain partly. Its a very dangerous trend that is our improvement of economy, maybe one of this day I’ll have the right word to explain it. To put it simply one needs to understand the economic growth and poverty trend and level of Nigeria. It is so worrying.


  14. Lexx says:

    I dont like talking about this man called Moi.He says that he has moles in ODM that will wreck the party the way he wrecked Kenyan in his years as president.Question should his comments be taken seriously or is Moi acting out of desparation???

  15. Johnson Mutai says:

    We are now very sure that we have a listening ear. Yesterday, people were requesting some adverts to counter the enemy e.g. about the corruption monster. By evening we saw one. Kindly add some attrctive tunes to catch the ears of our young ones who are really influential i.e our kids. The DOMO idol is fading away. Kindly counter it. Also, re-edit the clips to look wore clear. They were dull and even the fonts were not all that captivating though the message was sweet. Look forward to see more

  16. Agent4Change says:

    Some of our ads have been put on hold by TV stations for various reasons including the long awaited response to DOMO,our billboards are also being brought down. So thats the challenge of the mainstream media.However some people have unofficialy posted the ads online

  17. Auki Ollows says:

    Its good we know, what’s going on… Now, my suggestion would be that they be posted online on this website. Get the webhost to open a page for ODM and Raila ads on the website. Through our emails, send us jpeg versions of the posters etc.


  18. Sue says:

    Thanks for assuring us our views are being noted. Let PNU continue with their propaganda and lies on email, sms even TV adverts (they are lucky theirs are being given coverage), but Kenyans have decided, all the negative campaigns only make them more unpopular with other Kenyans. They can stop ODM ads, bring down billboards and posters but they will not stop us from voting for ODM.

  19. Otieno says:

    Thanks for this site. ODM needs to seriously counter the Raila-Muslim MOU propaganda! It has cast serious doubts in people’s minds. Point v(b) in the fabricated MOU says that Raila will re-write the constitution with 6 months. Can one man re-write the constitution. Can one man pass a constitution? Doesn’t this require an act of parliament? Right thinking Kenyans should see right through this scaremongering but they need a reassurance.

    Swing low sweet chariot..coming forth to carry me to the third and final liberation

  20. Eric B says:

    Ho Ho Ho. Its Chritsmas time again. And what a Christmas it would be if ODM won the election. Talking about that how about adopting the slogan “REAL Change for ALL Kenyans” with emphasis on the words “Real” and “all”. I am not sure whether we can capitalize on the Xmas season but an advert with the words “We are giving Kenyans a Merry Xmas – Vote ODM” may just do the trick and let citizens enjoy the fewstive season while voting.

    The idea to have KJ, Kajairo and Baggy in the campaign teams is excellent. It will pay dividends. If none of them makes it to parliament make sure at least one of them is nominated. They are an inspiration to young Kenyans and good role models. I am really hapy that they are beginning to play a role.

    PNU – well I think they shot themselves in the foot the other day. I mean what’s with the devolution thing in their manifesto? They are just being copy cats and sying they are not for majimbo. There is no difference with what ODM is preaching and the devolution PNU is talking about. Did they take soooo long to realize this. Our manifesto should include affirmative action not only for women but also for the youth and disadvantaged groups in parliament and in the pubic sector. I really wish we could also launch it visually so that people leave with a picture fresh in mind. Remember “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

    Well done and let us lead. Others will be playing “catch-up”

  21. Eric B says:

    How can you put in a whole manifesto that you will “build 1 million sheds for jua kali artrisans?” With all due respect to all the guys in the jua kali sector ODM is looking to pull you out of those sheds into meaninful and sustainable employment. That is the message I get. We will not be a nation of a few gainfully employed and 4 million in Jua Kali. Pleaaase PANUA should spare us the shame. I thought they had style (which perhaps they still do) but we are better. We have much more style and are light years away from them in terms of ideas.

    My younger siblings the other day asked what happened to the song “Twendelee ama Tusiendelee?” We can ask Deux Vultures (I hope I got the artist right) for the rights to use this (in a little bit of a distorted form) and ask whether Kibaki “Aendelee ama Asiendelee?” Perhaps we can shut doen the Domo thing with this?

  22. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    I do not know who this Njuguna Kariuki is. Reading his postings here makes my eyes a little wet- it really does! When I look all around me I see
    very prominent men and women from Mr Kariuki’s geographical [I hope so]
    region who have refused to accept that Kenya was created for ALL Kenyans.
    It makes me happy to see Kariuki think like Kenyans and not as a tribe. It reminds me of the other day in Nyeri when our Ngaru outshone a host of peolpe during the Louis Otieno show. I switched off when Mutahi Kagwe[!] gave his closing remark. You’d surely throw.
    I wisk Kibaki would think like Kariuki here instead of closing himself in a cubicle with either his tribesmen or people who have been rejected in there in there own regions like Kombo, Makwere etc.
    It’s going to be a big shame to Kibaki but surely some of us are going to rejoice. I wish Kibaki would throw in the towel now and avoid humiliation. You see him getting angrier by the day, a sign that things are elephant!
    Kenyans lets puul together this tiome round…and hope that the Pentagon will not do to us what the Summit did.
    NB. I’d wish to go personal with Kariuki at

  23. Alfred Oduor says:

    I totally agree with you guyz,am told and from very reliable sources that Tuju and Mutula Kilonzo went to the offices of Steadman on 8th Nov 2007 at Midnight and a meeting took place wher the two individuals pleaded that Steadman should alter the results which were as follows : Raila 55%,Kibaki 35%,Kalonzo 10%.Steadman then offered through Waititu the CEO tHAT tUJU should give him 10Million per point for every raila point.Tuju then bought 9points for 90million,and Mutula bought one point at 10Million.LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD mabadiliko ni sasa VOTE RAILA 2007.

  24. paulo ragen says:

    Eric B. The artists for that song was kepltomaniacs. Tuendelee ama tusiendelee. But i think these ideas you should email them to the blog admin to prevent them from being stolen by PNU agents. Keep up the good work guys!

  25. Stanley Kemboi says:

    Its time the old wazees went home,who have nothing to tell kenyans rather they calling them wapumbavu, the likes of Nyachae and snake rattlers who still believes in the barbaric ways of diplomacy. Its time we shun tribalism and vote for real change. I only regret for the majority of our brothers/sisters from Central and Mt. Kenya region who have decided to isolate themselves from the decision of the rest Kenyans who want the real good change. They are accusing us of being tribalists but who really are tribalist if it is only them who see evil in our beatiful future “orange”? Guys it is time! We have No other future other than orange. We dont want kazi ya anglo-leasing, arthurs, mungiki, chinkororo etc, iendelee!! On 27th dont be left behind, arm yourself with that small powerful voting card and know that the future holds the Orange. Raila for Real change,Restoration,Rejuvenation of our economy and infrastructutre(R4R)

  26. Otsiatso says:

    Some of you have seen this, I am sure but for those who have not, here is an ODM ad

    pass it on!!

  27. Auki Ollows says:

    Dick Morris is in town!

    On this very forum, we have been arguing that the professionalism in the presidential campaign has been wanting. We have argued that even though Raila is running the campaign of his life, it hasn’t been adequate. That, for instance, the communication strategy has been very near miniscule. In fact, we called for a search in the whole wide world, if Kenya wasn’t good enough! There has been a clear upscale on the structure of the campaign and the ads have climbed a different level. In fact, so much so that ODM ads are being vandalized. This was hot morning discussion in Kiss FM. for instance.

    We knew that once the pressure goes up, through the extremely sharp ODM creatives, they will start to CRACK. They will respond in the only way they know – crudely! In the meantime, this makes for hot discussion amongst Kenyans, as it exposes how this country has been run for 43 years…

    Raila is not short of passionate support. What we now want is that support structured professionlly to deliver the most sustainable result… Well done Raila team!


  28. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    I’m a Kikuyu married to a Kikuyu woman. My wife is a first niece to two PANUA immediate former MPS one of them the a senior Minister.

    My wife , a few friends of mine and myself have refused to be blinded by the robbery that this country is being taken through by a few characters from Central Kenya. I have known these relatives of my wife for a few years.

    I have watched them become overnight millionnares from thuggery.

    My wife and I hold normal jobs which are not paying well as such and we have been bitten by the rising prices. We made up our mind that we have to get what we deserve not through corruption as many of our relatives have. We never ask for favours.

    We have two young kids whom we really love. We want them to have quality life. As things stand Kibaki does not offer this now or foundation for the future. I believe, like many parents do, that my kids are brilliant and if they enjoy anything now because they are Kikuyus they will not have any right if they are denied the same because of their tribe. They are more than the names and language they speak.

    I have friends from all over Kenya and they have been valuable to me. They have proven wrong all theories that my parents gave me about Luos, Luhyas, Kalenjins etc. They have made me to to all Kenyans are capable of the greatest initiatives and of course the worst. I expect great leadership, business entreprise and management from anyone. Kibaki believes otherwise.

    That is why I support ODM. I believe it has the best for my country, family and myself today. tommorow and future.

    Nonkwe I will be getting in touch with you shortly.

  29. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    Young Kikuyus. are you listening to Njuguna Kariuki? Hide in your room for a moment and think. Assume you are in your own world. Do you think he makes sense? Are you sure your tribe can take you anywhere? Please think. This is our Kenya. The fact that the name is derived from Mt Kirinyaga means nothing. It could as well have been Kavirondo and things would be the same.
    Binyavanga Wainaina, Kanyenje Gakombe, Nyori Mbugua, Jacob Gatobu, Barago Rubiro etc where are you?
    Kanyenje used to lead us in the chorus: ‘The people of Mangu shall never be defeated’! I’m afraid Njuguna Kariuki has stolen the show here.
    These filthy rich, arrogant and corrupt old men do not belong here now. They only create hatred among Kenyans.
    Every tribe in Kenya has Wazee. How come it’s only Mt Kenya Wazee who are bent on confusing this country. Can you point out only one mzee from any other province who’s involved in this confusing act…unless, of course, it’s Nyachae!
    Martin Luther King Jr looked mad when he started his crusade toward a free America. ‘Is’ he still mad today? Forge on Kariuki, soon you’ll not be alone.

  30. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    One ODM pentagon leader (Joe Nyanga) is no longer visisble! I wonder where he is. We need all support from every corner of the country and credible leaders who do will not succumb to tribal backlash in their backyards.


  31. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    am a Muslim lady and totally agree with with MR PHILIP( THE VISITOR)

    these are just propagandas and that PNU already lost the 2.8million Muslim votes and that they want us divide in terms of religious. they are greed for power so they don’t care about who is who? so interms of voting for a president those vieing for the big sit non is a muslim but what we all need no matter what religion you are is a BIG CHANGE TO OUR BELOVED NATION? muslims have there rights too like any other. so i urge my cristian brothers and sisters that this PNU(porojo tupu na wongo)

  32. dfrey says:

    Bringing Dick Morris into the picture was a bright idea. It shows the quality of a good manager i.e. being proactive and acting on the signs rather than the results. The ratings were going down and it wasn’t wise to wait. It shows forward thinking. That is a plus to Raila.

  33. Johnson mutai says:

    Thanks for the impressive developments. The addition of Mr. Dick Morris is a show of good things to come. Surerly, the Panua propaganda will be effectively countered proffesionally. Gudos the campaign secretariat. Let them bring down as many ODM posters as they can (e.g. in Nairobi’s Uhuru highway, Mombasa etc)but they will definitely not bring down the trust kenyans have in the party. Why did they do it at night? It seems they are cowards and more like the devil worshippers. Let us do ours in broad daylight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. tnk says:

    I agree with Nonkwe

    Njuguna is a beacon of light and a true Kenyan. It takes courage to stand for what is right.

    In post independence Kenya, Jaramogi, Raila, Matiba, Shikuku, Keen, and many others stood up for human rights and paid for it. We do not want a repeat of this dark period of history.

    ODM is the only way to ensure that anyone who voices concerns for rights is not stifled or labeled tribalist, moron, pumbavu and the many other names used to hide greed and deceit.

    Keep up the good fight

  35. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    -papa shirandula any idea??

  36. Prof. J. Awange, Perth Australia says:

    Congratulations to the good work you have done. It will be helpful if:

    1. The adverts made in various Local FM stations are made in the native languages. I heard one such announcement made in Kiswahili on KASS FM. Since KASS FM uses Kalenjin, make your adverts in Kalenjin. Do the same for the other local stations. In your Billboards and other adverts, use both national and local languages depending on the areas and flood them everywhere.
    2. When the Pentagon/ODM attend rallies in various places, let them learn the basic greetings in local languages. These will endear people to them. This is very vital, especially when the presidential candidate is seen to do so.
    3. Please also include environmental issues in your campaign. This is very important not only to Kenya but also globally. Indicate that Kenya will play a vital role in Environmental Policies of the region, particularly that UNEP is situated in Nairobi.

  37. Auki Ollows says:

    Prof, good ideas… But remember to distinguish between high value ideas which you should send to

  38. Auki Ollows says:

    The ODM Manifesto launch was most EXPLOSIVE! Raila spared NOTHING, reeling of Kenyans facts from the back of his hands and demonstrating that he is one of last REAL WARRIORS of Kenyan politics – Re3minding Kenyans that the only real reason PNU is giving us soundbytes like domo is because they want us to go soft on corruption and recovery of assets… Quite something in an excellent setting!

    The delivery was so POWERFUL that it soberedup the usually frenzied Raila Crowd into complete silence, intermittent prolonged applause and a mighty unsolicited “Kibaki Must Go!”. Heee! Tuko campaign….


  39. Otieno says:

    Thx Auki for apprising us. Anyone know if we’ll get the Manifesto launch on youtube or something? Thanks

    Chunwa all the way!

  40. Otieno says:

    sorry for the typo 🙂

  41. Arap Kirwa says:

    Moi 2007-2012 and beyond! Folks who is seeing Moi’s strategy? He is keeping us busy in the Rift valley where we are already home and dry yet financing Kalonzo and other “Kachero” nationaly to penetrate and dilute the total votes available to ODM. Imagine PNU going back and enacting a constitution such as we have advocated for and having Uhuru and Kalonzo in PM and VP respectively, will we have the unity and financial clout to stage a strong comeback in 2012? Or will ODM be emasculated by this scheme? Are our leaders aware? People please spread the word to watch out for this snake that no one is seeing. Enlighten me! Arap Kirwa ORANGE FOREVER

  42. Tom Randiki says:

    I don’t think Raila’s advisory team is doing a good job. The recent fiasco on the Muslim MOU is a case in point where they did not anticipate the fallout. As if that was not enough, this week’s unveiling of Dick Morris as campaign strategist was, to say the least, ill advised.

    Raila has a strong run for the presidency. As things stand now, he is in the lead. However, such blunder could cost him him dearly. Its time to change this campaign advisory team.

  43. Ambrose says:

    I have not seen this being discussed so i hope its my paranoia but i do get the distinct feelin that the Nation Media Group is batting for Kibaki. They have shown open bias in their coverage not through denying ODM airtime but through the thrust of their stories.

    Their coverage of ODM issues are cleverly done to depict the glass as half empty instead of half full if you catch my drift.

    As for the newspaper, the editorials are not even bothering to hide it. An editor who wants to be seen as biased should not take sides yet most of their editorials have gone out of their way to demonise majimbo instead of giving a clear picture of what exactly it is and openly comparing it with the current system in place. I am yet to read any article in the nation critisizing the current system of governance yet look at where we are as a country.

    Any views.

  44. solomon says:

    Is anyone aware that former Nation Media Group CEO Wilfred Kiboro is the head of Communication in PNU?

    It is therefore not a coincidence that the media group is somewhat hostile to ODM.

    It is also important to note that we don’t have a pro-Raila Media in Kenya. So we need to work extra-hard to market Raila Odinga and ODM.

  45. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Guys all the major media houses are owned, dominated and run by the GEMA / PNU people.

    As ODM, Raila and his team supportes, we just need to side with the people. After all, it is the people who will decide the outcome of the elections-not the Nation Media Group.

    We just need to work hard, spread our consistent messages and agenda to to the masses, the larger voting block as we seek to win their hearts to side with us.

    No amount of evil, threats and hatred will prevent the river nile from reaching misri. God is with us and will liberate Kenya from the yoke of these tribalists who think and believe that Kenya does not belong to each and every kenyan citizen.

    We want a better Kenya hence CHUGWA MOJA ni MAISHA BORA.

  46. Auki Ollows says:


    I have variously disagreed with that view… That Morris guy’s one of the very best at what he does! We have to conquer our fear and stop walking on cowrie shells. So what if PNU make it a propaganda item? I have advised alot of my PNU friends that they better wake up and campaign otherwise, the Dec 27 groundswell will be too much for them to handle… Propaganda alone never won any election…

    In any case, Morris is already gone to Spain to do more political advisory work. And the interesting thing is that Mutua was announcing how they’d deport him when he was long gone. And nowadays we are basically ‘geographically irrelevant’ because of technology…

    The guy probably had only 2 assignments here – the domo remix that reminds us of mamluki and goldenberg, and the raila launch jana which packed SERIOUS PUNCH! In fact, Citizen TV called it: Raila’s FURNACE!
    I tell you one thing – Even govt knows the value of that man…

    In any case, I learnt on tv jana that kumbe PNU also have a battery of consultants they have sneaked in… Come on, what’s worse, anonymous guys walking in the darkness or a transparently presented pro?

    Let’s relax and not let fear rule our lives and let’s vote MAISHA BORA…

  47. Auki Ollows says:

    Yes, Nation is certainly pro-PNU! And it is through their (pretended) subtle focus on perceived ODM weaknesses. They think we can’t think. This deception is how the country has been led through the garden path for 43, soon to be 44, years!

    Personally, I stopped buying Nation when I detected the slant. Anyway, they did this even during the Referendum. I sacked them in my household and repleced them with the EA Standard. So also did I NTV News and now watch KTN and Citizen.

    Nation has also been responsible over the Muslim MoU issue to fit the PNU propaganda that Raila flipflops. They then later pretend to apologize 2 days later when the damage is expected to be done (after Raila takes them on…).

    Jamaa, Wakenya TUSILALE, LALE LALE, BADO MAPAMBANO… Kuwa macho na ODM…

  48. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    TO THE ADMINSTRATOR thank you so much for giving us a chnace and that our views are noted thanks for this wonderfull site too!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ambrose says:

    Why don’t we all stop buying the nation newspaper, i have also not bought one for awhile and i also strictly watch KTN for a better coverage. The Raila campaign team should compile data on this lopsided coverage and expose their evil plan numbers don’t lie, once kenyans see their biaseness they will be forced to straighten their act.

  50. Linet says:

    If they talk about hiring an expert yr reply is here i got this from a friend.

    ”In 2002 Elections: Kibaki hired Marcus Courage (foreigner) as strategist, see below link.Wacheni double stds au siyo? Even now he has a jungu advisor as soon as I have the name nita sambaza. Have a lovely weekend”

  51. Auki Ollows says:

    Good one Linet… I think he’s back. He must be the fellow Raila quoted jana in KTN…

  52. Steven M says:


    I am happy to see there is someone who sees my point on the Dick Morris issue. We need to see beyond the measly obstacles been presented by PNU on the guy. A clear look at the guys specialism is getting the swing vote and understanding the voter and the issues affecting them and he seems to have done a good job in the few days. Raila has always been a good strategist. A good strategist looks at the small possibility an opportunity can present to him/her and not the obstacles that are presented before him/her and Raila fits the bill. He has seen and knows the advantages Dick Morris can bring to this campaign and weighed his options carefully. Raila also has on his front Kenyan advisors who give the local front the campaign it deserves and we also hail this people. It is sad that the first thing people look at when they see Dick Morris is that he is white, are we not been racist by the way?

  53. Wonder says:

    The Nation Media Group thing is true! I have high profile friends and they are made to think PNU style by their bosses. Standard is OK and I have always been missing it on Sundays. By 7.00 am when it is brought to my estate, everybody grabs everything and leaves the ugly Nation with its Kibakism lying there the whole day. No one bothers to buy. ODM supporters, let us REFUSE TO BUY THE NATION PAPERS and stick with the Standard. They think they can save their dying man. They will be in for a rude shock. They should ask Citizen which has since reformed. Once again, kudos Citizen for your fairness! For Nation Media, SHAME ON YOU thoroughly.

  54. tnk says:

    All my blog contributions to DN have been censored or mutilated and so am sure there are many others. And its true more than 70% of media is controlled by PNU. Luckily this time they really do not have great strategies or truth. Not buying DN is not the answer. A more visible demonstration like making an effigy that is sculptured to show the open or subtle biases by the media, listing all known PNU associated managers and then burning it in a peaceful demo outside Nation center or at freedom corner or at the institute of Journalism to force more objective journalism will display the message more clearly and will be visible to both the local and international media public. It will seriously hurt their image in the international media circles and make them stop thinking small.

  55. tnk says:

    Raila is a great and visionary leader and is truly a 2nd Mandela in every right. He does not hide or camouflage his strategy and brings everything out in the open. Some of it may at first sound uncomfortable but its all well intentioned and for specific objectives. On the other hand, Moi and now Kibaki is elected along with other popular leaders but soon bring in faceless advisors who have no mandate from the public (the Murage, Nderitu and others, I’ve forgotten Mois behind the scenes advisors) who then render the presidency into a puppet with these behind the scenes guys manipulating and pulling the strings. THis is the reason we associate with ODM and Raila, they mean what they say and do what they promise but above all, listen very closely to the public and identify with the hurts and wrongs.

    We need a strategy to counter two upcoming events that favor the incumbent Dec 12 and Christmas Day. Lets flood all venues with orange on Dec 12, or if there obstacles, usual threats and intimidation attemtping to draw ODM into violence then give the event a total eclipse.

    ODM pentagon has duly attended these national events but the president in characteristic arrogance has turned these great days into a campaign platform so lets figure something out.

    Christmas day message by the president will also be laced with campaign messages and we need to counter this too.

  56. Johnson mutai says:

    As a result of yesterday’s nomination events countrywide, I am made to believe that we could be having moles within the elections board. Early in the week Mr. Kwach assured us that all arrangements had been finalised. Is what we saw the best they can do? Something needs to be done urgently. What if ECK could not have subjected to the extension of the dateline? Does it mean in some areas where ODM enjoys massive support we couldn’t have had our aspirants just because of one department’s mistake? Guys let’s wake up. Please do something to ensure our party regains its original national figure. Can anyone add on this please.
    Bye for now

  57. Hanif V says:

    Regarding the nominations the storm will blo. The storm has not just effected ODM it will effect PNU as well. Unfortunately there is a molotov cocktail out there that is a mix of hardened passion, poverty, use of power and money, human fallibility and tribe. Idealism and democracy does not mix well.

    For me if candidate Raila does not come through it will be a great loss for Kenya and Kenya would have lost the chance to be led by someone with true conviction. I am certain that had he been from a different tribe he would have been hailed as a hero. Hey there would be no contest. But prejudice blinds. I wonder when Kenyans will be ready to unveil these blind prejudices.

  58. tnk says:

    its disappointing that it appears the Kwach team was after all unprepared or otherwise caught up in this nightmare. lack of adequate rehearsals or planning. Still our focus is to beat PNU, which took the quick way out and basically muscled out any dissent. THe fact is they’ve already left the starting blocks popular or not, while we struggle to pacify and resolve. Lets not get sidetracked by the nightmare and prepare as quickly as possible. Remember although the fiasco has happened in all three major parties, PNU since they still control the media will make it appear as if ODM was worst hit. Remember also the ploy by Nation polls to show that Kibaki has caught up. All this is some kind of “clever boardroom strategy”. THey will reach out to ODM candidates and basically either buy them out or whatever else. Folks be on 24 hour vigil, ensure we’ve got strong and principled candidates. But we need to move on quickly.

  59. Ambrose says:

    I support you on this plea Johnson, the nominations was a disgrace, that it was equally bad in the other parties is not our concern. The biggest concern for me was that it was poorly planned and executed in ODM. Kwach did a horrible job and should be immediately relieved of his duties. I am taking this tough stance because alot is at stake and we cannot afford to accomodate incomptent officers.

  60. Otieno says:

    Am disappointed too. But whether Kwach should go or not, this late in the game am not so sure. But like you guyz have said, we need to regroup fast. All is not lost. Let’s not lose focus of the ultimate prize – the 27th Dec

  61. Solomon says:

    Is Baroness Linda Chalker a Kenyan? Imagine she is the chair of vision
    2030, the country economic strategy. Has anyone complained about this.
    I think ODM has not done enough to deal with PNU adherents when they raise issues concerning Dick Morris.

    Another question still; is it this not the very government that has deported Kenyan muslims to Guatanamo Bay and Ethiopia at the behest of Americans? Why then should we allow these miscreants tarnish Tinga’s name?

    We must roll up our sleeves and ruthlessly deal with the PNUIST.

    On the media, I was shocked by NTV this morning (7.00a.m news) when they reported that ‘ Kibaki consolidates lead in opinion polls’. I believe they were quoting Consumer Insight poll since Strategic and Infotrak had about ten percent margin in Raila’s favour. Imagine this lead in consumer insight is a 0.5percent diff.

    But what surprises me is how they had reported in the past when polls shows a 2-5 percentage Raila’s favour -they talk of ‘neck to neck’ or ‘a dead heat’.

  62. Michael says:

    Its true that the nominations were rather disappointing but we cant waste time crying over spiled milk..we need to double the campaign efforts to repair the damage done by the bad publicity of course from nation and its subsidiaries on the nominations fiasco…ODM is still ahead. last 100 meters to go so the all the ODM teams whether advisory or in charge of campaigns should now work overtime..burn the midnight oil if you have to..the future of kenya is at stake…a Kibaki (Panua) win brings nightmares to some of us and the dreams and hope we have for kenya so..kazi kwenu..we are doing our part campaigning and of course waiting eagerly for dec.27th to put an end to the Kibaki era…Keep the Ads coming

  63. Otieno says:

    Am disappointed, am ashamed, am not happy. The nomination furore just wont go away! People roughed up at Orange house, “winners” names replaced with losers’” What is happening Mr Justice Kwach!?!?!? Pentagon promised us a nomination unlike in the past. We were told there will be no use of excercise books; excercise books were used. We were told there would be no mlolongo; there was mlolongo. We were told there would be no favouritism, that the people would decide. If what is being reported in the papers is true, in some cases, the people did decide but Orange house sneaked in their own preferred candidates. Are we going to lose votes here due to apathy come the 27th since some supporters will feel short changed? This is a scandal and somebody better tell us what is happening. Being the most popular party, all eyes are on us and this is how we perform? Shame Mr Kwach!

    Am still a die-hard ODM supporter though.
    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora!

  64. Johnson mutai says:

    Thanks for all opinions. It is not good at all for us to take blame just because the other parties also failed in the nominations. We should have shown them the better side of the coin but to the contrary, we are sailing with them in the same direction. That one done, I hereby wish to request all bloggers that the fight still continues. Let’s assemble our ideas fat enough to beat the enemy. Remember 27th is not far. I was very pleased with the way our presidential candidate opted to go passive during the nominations exercise. We can therefore confirm that he is not out to force some candidates on the electorate. GUDOS AGWAMBO!!!!!!!!. Can anyone now see we will sweep the city constituencies? This is just but the begining.
    Administrator kindly contact me using the email address provided. I think I have some info. that these PNU guys need not leak.

  65. The nominations were a sham in many parts! The problems were even compunded by the conflict information filtering in where some people are disqualified, they continue participatng in the nominations, while otheres are declared losers and still get certificates…what is happening?

    Where is the openess we have been preaching?

    But I am happy that Raila kept off Nyanza and the people’s voice was heared loud and clear….Mudavadi now needs to work on western in a more coordinated manner…there are chances in Bungoma and Trans-Nzoia that can be exploited!

  66. Auki Ollows says:

    Oh my goodness! What chaos! Here, Mr Justice Richard Otieno Kwach is on the spot! In ODM, we don’t want the culture of passing the buck. We had money, we had an enthusiastic electorate. Some even volunteered their personal vehicles and other resources, in addition to the resources generated by the nomination fees… I know there was chaos in PNU too and ODM-K, is now a party of defeated defectors (because they either don’t have capacity or don’t want to work). However, for ODM as the party whose future is very bright, can someone give a proper report?


  67. Auki Ollows says:

    BY THE WAY, just who has authorised the giving of nomination cert to those who have lost in Nyanza??? I know, for a fact that Jakoyo Midiwo lost but I have seen that he features in the final ODM nominations list. This is an example of a guy who offers the Gem electorate and the party NOTHING! Could someone clarify?

  68. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    This nomination issue should not be wished away. It appears to me there was no arrangement at all. Kwach had talked earlier about a 2M budget, was this to buy buckets and cartons for ballot boxes.
    I love ODM so much but what is this that has happened?
    My constituency, Gwassi, is yet to know who their councillors will be for results were announced with only a few stations’ results out. The Preciding officer declared a John Mbadi nominated with results from his village only. As I write now, results from the larger Gwassi North and Kaksingri are still in the village. Who is this John Mbadi going to represent?
    The same happened in Nyatike and it was corrected. Why not in Gwassi?
    I pray this will not cause lethargy to the extent that people will sleep with their votes!
    I for sure believe we’d do better than this!
    I’m so disappointed, had it not been for my sincere commitment to ODM I’d have asked my friends to think otherwise! Who is going to tell me about what is to happen in Gwassi?

  69. solomon says:

    I am really upset. What services will Jakoyo offer ODM to be included in the final list? Then, why was the name of Ballack Muluka ( Kwisero) name ommitted from the final list.

    I am sincerely dissapointed. Let us kindly correct this situation to avoid a backclash.

  70. Eric B says:

    Oh yes guys. This is excatly what I am talking about. I am still in the party because I have an overwhelming desire for change and completely lack in tribal appetite but how many others out there have shifted camp just because our party has been playing musical chairs with the nominations. Forget about ODM-K. Apart from perhaps the likes of Richard Momoima Onyonka (Kitutu Chache) the other defectors to that party were losing anyway.

    Now to the hard questions – Yes what happened to Barack Muluka, Dan Shikanda, Ambrose Rachier et al whose names are now not on the list? If we knock them out at this stage just because they are “sacred” hmmmm. And dare I mention North Eastern again? No I won’t bother.

    Let me add here we are playing with fire mark my words. And the only people that get burnt in this is ODM and by extension our President (I’m really sad for him because he had nothing to do with this). But I shall still vote for him because he is who he is – someone I can trust with my life. My MP vote may however have to go elsewhere given the circumstances.

    Let us have REAL Change for ALL Kenyans

  71. PaulPeter says:

    Fellows, also notice that besides all these, many of the programs in the Royal Media Industry have been tailored to campaign for kibaki and decampaign Raila. The worst being that Louis Otieno Live is just but a drama stage-manned by Otieno Loui; a puppet for PNU, acted by PNU friendly guys and facilited by the Kibaki’s campaign group & sympathisers. We must not fall in this trap!

  72. Eric B says:

    Just got it from the grapevine that Richard Onyonka was losing anyway. Good call ODM. Now ODM-K has all the losers who have pitched tent there.

  73. Omuto says:

    Hey dear bloggers.
    Its been good being with you. Got to introduce a bit of myself, now that am leaving. I come from Kakamega (Lurambi Constituency). I’ve been spending my own money surfing, for the sake of contributing one or two things to our ODM jamaaz. But as it has always been, constant togetherness is fine, but only for Siamese twins. Its time to quit our now rotten house. Having taken my time to be in the polling station up to as late as 2:00AM on Saturday morning and voted for whomever I voted to, I felt cheated, shortchanged and being taken for a ride by our honourable elections board chaired by Justice Kwach. A fellow who had never campaigned, majorly due to his unpopularity, was forced down our throat. That is a certain Opuya Litali. We’re grown ups, guys, and taking each other for a ride or making a fool of each other is one of man’s biggest tragedy. This morning, I saw Mr. Manyala Keya’s name in the paper and am yet to open my champagne. If in a weeks time he’ll still be the bona fide winner, then I’ll be a happy man. Though we’re not sure of who exactly is the genuine nominee, Atnas Manyala Keya is not a bad option. We can take that for now. I know the mess in the following constituencies will not be sorted out, because of time:-

    1. Ikolomani (Shinali won, Shitsama #3. Certificate? To Shitsama)
    2. Lugari (Musungu won, Kibunguchi #4. Certificate? Kibunguchy)
    3. Hamisi (Khaniri lost but got the certificate)
    4. Ugenya (Mwanga won, Orengo #2. Certificate? Orengo)
    and many others.

    If we need CHANGE AND REAL CHANGE, then this nomination exercise is one of the sloppiest sham in history, and I doubut if it reflects the change we want. Becuase I cant vote for neither PNU nor ODM-K, I’ll be watching thrillers n horrors the whole day (27th December), in preparation for real horror on 28th December, when Kibaki will be declared the winner of this years presidential elections. I dont mince my words, dear bloggers. Let’s not console each other. It’s either mend the mess, or forget the REAL CHANGE we’ve been fighting for. Shame on the Election Board!! You’ve failed us. Western province being what it has been, the Pentagon members should expect stone pelting when they come over. Not from me, but from the irate electorate. The opinion poll will put Kibaki at 47% or above, Kalonzo 20%, Muiru 5% and the rest will be Raila’s.

    Tuonane Jamaa. Hii ni Aibu kubwa sana.

    I’ll be back vitu zikitengezwa. But for now, till we meet again.

  74. Jagero says:

    You Guys are great, but need to remember Moi’s statement of infiltrating ODM everywhere. When a Clerical officer in a Government ministry starts to swim in Millions two years before polls, rains money on poor costituents and due that gets nominated ODM candidate, you need to ask questions. I think most of these issues can be adressed individually with no generalization. People like Nyongo, Orengo and many others have greatly contributed to what we are today, persuit of freedom and it is only fitting that they are given the opportunity to Lead this Great Nation as we know their commitment to development for all.

    I know the secretariat is sorting out the mess however we didn’t faire that badly givcen the sheer numbers. Our role is to contain the fall out, but more important the time for the non parliamentary aspirants to hit the campaign trail may have arrived. The gol is to maximize voter turn out in our constituencies.

  75. Auki Ollows says:

    Omuto, now tell us where you get the Kibaki 47% and Kalonzo 20% from? What do you want Raila to do? To nullify the process or let the party structures to arbitrate? Do you want us to return to Africa’s Big Man Era or do you want us to go to the Consultative Democracy Era?

    Allow the team to offer an explanation or alternatives. Let us not rush like we didn’t know this primaries will be an acid test. Natural justice indicates that you mustn’t condemn a man unheard. It’s totally crazy but, how many such elaborate primaries have we had in Kenya?

    We njoo tutengeneze hivi vitu… Or who will?

  76. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    To all ODM team voters, supporters, promoters and friends. Please give your total support to ODM team. ODM needs you. Raila needs you. The pentagon needs you. All the ‘nominated’ ODM parliamentary and civic candidates need you.

    If you really believe in ODM dream and you want ODM to succeed, please let us avoid playing into believing everything we read from the press. Some of these media houses have been very uncomfortable with ODM and specifically Raila and they will do everything to throw mud at him, paint with all sorts of propaganda and scandals. The media houses are dominated by GEMA and PNU guys and they will try find every little thing to discredit our ODM team. Please we should give them the chance – it will not work to our advantage if we continue behaving the way we do. How sure are we that the provisional list appearing all over in the media was authentic. Some of the reporters who are mainly PNU/Kibaki sympathisers will doctor anything and publish just to cause chaos in ODM. We should be very careful how we react in the public. Kwa nini hatuwezi kutatua siri yetu kwa amani. We should not work very hard to wash our dirty linen in the public while other oponent parties are watching wakicheka na kufurahia. Let us help our leaders resolve the nominations crisis by giving them the suppport they much need at this important phase.

    Unless someone was on on the ground (which I think most of the bloggers were not?!!?) let us give the ODM top leaders a chance to sort out the problems. ODM need strong team of leaders on the ground – both parliamentary and civics – those who are able and confident to articulate the ODM dream to the people. Let us give leaders the support and encourage them to press on. We have a bigger target – to win the Dec 27th elections and the nominations mess should not discourage us. Those who lost or those who feel they might have short changed should wait for bigger things to come. Five years is not a long time and we the voters will not hesitate to show those who might have robbed others the door.

    Let us be available for REAL CHANGE howoever painful it may be to give support to the ODM team who are nominated to carry the flag to victory. Those who lost genuinely should support the winners. Those who bribed their way to victory should be ready to serve and bring change. Otherwise, they will face the usual voter wrath in 5 years time.

    Those who feel they were ‘robbed’ of victory should take things easy – it is not the end of the world for them and all of us. Count the losses and move. be ready to support ODM in whatever capacity. There are only few slots in the parliament and civic auithorities. Loosers and winners will given a chance to serve in other various capacities. Let us go back to the grassroots and campaign for our ODM party and team.

    We know we should be there for ODM Raila and his team and should continue convincing the rest of the voters to vote ONE ORANGE president, MP and civic leaders. We need a clear majority to be able to push thro the much needed change in our country. Otherwise, Kenyans Kenyans will continue suffering under Kibaki, PNU and Moi’s scheme. We have to be very careful not to play in the hands of the enemies. I trust in the ODM team to deliver the much needed changes.

    I will continue supporting ODM winners and loosers who have stuck with the party. They need our voters and campaign to win more hearts to our ODM dream.

  77. Otieno says:

    Though our sentiments may seem harsh concerning the nominations, we are arguing from a point of limited information and misinformation. Limited information because Kwach and his colleagues are terribly silent! We need someone to come out and say something; some damage control is needed here since this is also reflecting badly on the pentagon. Secondly, we don’t know whether the election board had to weed out some of the moles who maybe had won. This is very speculative since like I say, we only have limited information. Finally, like someone here pointed out, the media could be propagating some untruths about the nomination excercise.

    My suggestion is that while we want to be patient and wait for this mess to clear up, it would be prudent for the election board to come out publicly and do the following: apologise for messing up and show us that they now have things under control.

    ps: Congrats to KJ for the Dago nomination – Vijana Wa ODM wamegutuka!

  78. Otsiatso says:

    The ODM nominations was as much a facade as PNU’s. How could the board give direct nominations to candidates when they had all along said there were to be only 5. What happened to the choices of the the people?
    I hope that those who were rigged out will find ways to run against the unpopular candidates like Midiwo. I am very disappointed and angry.
    This is not what I expected from ODM and it does not much matter how much damage control one can do – this process was flawed and Kwach’s board failed miserably!

  79. Emmanuel Oyier says:

    Mr. Raila Odinga, we love you for what you stand for over the years. You were told that this elections is your to win. You were also told that you will lose this elections depending on what you say or do between now and December 27th. In the last two weeks you have done badly to your campaigns. You have allowed yourself to be on the receiving end of criticisms and propaganda about the MoU with Muslim leaders and the unveiling of Mr. Dick Morris as your campaign consultant.
    Mr. Odinga, do you know that people have invested heavily in your campaign to make you the president? Do you know that people have resigned their positions in their previous parties to make you the president? Do you know that people have been sacked from the cabinet because they want to make you the president? Do you know that Luos have been out of the government since they believe in you that one day you will bring change to this country?
    I dont sleep well when I see you make blunders in your campaigns and it seems you are headed to losing this elections. This is a do and die election and if your campaign team is lacking ideas then invite people like me to tell you what to say in public and how to conduct yourself as the president in waiting.

  80. Johnson Mutai says:

    Thanks to all bloggers. As pointed out by someone in this column, I can add my voice that in my ward, Kipchimchim Ward, Ainamoi Constituency, only the poll results of one centre was used to declare the winner when infact the three others were not included. This to me is a show of failure if no immediate remedy is not taken. How do the party expect us to vote them in whenthe winners are from selected places and to add fire to a wound were declared winners from only one centre? Guys, we shouldn’t be making humble requests to each other just to contain some. We should come out clear on the mess made and forge the way forward.
    The election board was a total failure and truly will cost our presidential candidate. I am starting to be involved if really one of our pentagon is reading this columns since I have not seen a word from them.
    Actually, I personally was ready to live with CHUNGWA MOJA but some people will not condone such shame. Imagine somebody like me who is working in the PNU bedrock of Central Kenya having the guts to declare Raila even if my vote will be cast in Kericho. Can Mr. Kwach come out openly and tell us the truth. Are there some sacred cows in the party? If so tell us by the names. Otherwise, I hope more good things will happen in the nearest future for us to win.

  81. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, guys! Time to MOVE ON… The Elections Board and the Secretariat under Nyong’o, who’s got a free ticket to parliament, must resolve outstanding issues as the dance goes on…

    Simple, we don’t want The Pentagon entangled in this murk. It is, in fact, very well that Raila stayed out of this. We must move on to the level where we build institutions and avoid Africa’s Big Man Syndrome – where we expect The Big Man to resolve EVERYTHING – It’s one of the things we disliked about Moi and we shouldn’t sneak back in, for whatever reasons. The only way institutions grow is if they are left to resolve crises… It turns out that 80% of the results we can live with. So, let’s get on with the business…


  82. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Most people are dissatisfied with the elections board. One due to the handling of the whole nomination process one cant be sure that the winners were worthy winners and the losers are worthy losers.

    One cant be sure that the winning candidate in the nomination will deliver the seat in the General elections.

    What am I saying it is very hard to say whether to take the loser or the winner. But given that the rules require that the one who has most votes is the winner let it be. But again what do you do when it is clear the winner rigged himself in during the nominations.

    We expect perfection in the Orange team in everything. From the way we nominate our candidates to the way campaign. PNU is not any better in handling nominations and I think Kalonzo is in the same class.

    What are my points to all of us ?

    1. I expect clear information on why some candidates are in and why some candidates are out. If the immediate former MP underperformed let it be said so. If the candidate who got a win has been kicked out for being a mole let it be said.

    2. I admire Nyongo. I cant imagine an ODM government without his input. What was the easier option. Put him into nominations, if he loses nominate him to parliament. Or give him outright nomination.

    But my friends how do you expect Nyongo to run the secretariat with all the demands we put on him, expect him to repond to all sorts of propaganda, work on the manifesto and have him go through the campaigns in his village for nomination ?

    3. Fallout was expected give the number of people who are vying in ODM. The only thing expected from the Pentagon is to regroup and forge forward. I have seen people with 10 votes decamping to other parties in the name of being rigged out. If these are people we are crying about lets move on.

    4. We should note that parties that didnt have supporters are the most effective in having candidates without much fight. Who would be fighting in Safina or Tip Tip. They have resembalance of sanity but they will manage at most 5 MPs.

    5. I hear people saying that Kalonzo is the winner in all the mess. It is true in the number of people who have defected to his party especially in R. Valley and Western but what are the implications on his presidential goal ? I guess he may gain a few votes but if we can separate Raila from the failure of the elections board. I think Kibaki has done well not to be caught up in the PNU sham nominations. He is on campaign trail. Let our candidate do the same.

    6. Finally in ODM House there are many rooms and if we win it will accomodate us in one way or another. What is the value of defecting to be trounced and general elections and being forgotten for good. You can lose now and convert that lose to a win. Just be strategic in your own way.

  83. Ambrose says:

    For those who have read Shin Tsu’s ‘Art of war’ there is a passage where the great general was facing rebelion from his ranks and to stop this he selected his best performing and most trusted luitenants and cut his head. The lesson is that there are no sacred cows that should stop the peoples course.

    ODM supporters are with Raila but they are demanding blood, Kwach has compromised his credibilty and the parties with poor organisation, laziness and outright incompetence. We don’t need to be on the ground, the way the list is being chopped and changed tells the whole story.

    I believe his head will go along way in saving ODM. We the change supporters want the change as badly as Raila does, and if he wants it any less, then we will force him to increase his level of desire. We must be as ruthless as it takes.

  84. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    We need a discussion on what next after the nominations. We need to vent out out our anger and also share ideas on how we can move on.

    Can the Pentagon meet the losers for assurance that their support to the party is not in vain.

    Can we get those who have moved to other parties be allowed to campaign for Raila without being demonized but know the best they can get is an elective seat.

  85. PaulPeter says:

    The move to quel fallout by the Pentagon team was bold and timely, in my view. If the losers (or the purpoted losers) realy believed in the ODM dream and percieved high possibility of winning the forthcoming general elections, then it would only be right for them to stay in the party and help in the country wide campains. This would help not just themselves, but all the Kenyans yearning for the Real Change. Besides, people are remembered more for what they did to mankind and not for what they did for themselves. Congrats for Musa Sirma.

    I also would like to know why Raila has relaxed from vigorous campains. Please, Raila, your opponents are never sleeping and ever on the run. Be more vibrant. Otherwise the ‘On the Spot’ this was just good enough.

  86. Nonkwe Nyaima Manyanki says:

    The administrator, all this meterial from very worthy ODMers cannot go without a feedback.
    Can’t somebody give a brief but all inclusive responce to all we’ve been saying here? In this way we’ll be able to move on. This mologue is not healthy. As you get our views, which you have asked for, tell us what you feel we should know.

  87. Otieno says:

    Have you guys seen this blog in the nation claiming Kenya could be headed for terrible post election violence that could warrant the use of the Army to restore peace and order?!! I think ODM and other right thinking Kenyans should ignore such irresponsible journalism. Here’s the link

  88. Sharon says:

    I applaud Our 4th President To be His Excellency Raila Odinga at his interview yesterday in NTV.I had actually declined to watch Nation TV coz of its biaseness but when i heard my president would be on the spot,i sacrificed my sleep to be proud of him and his Vision for us the wananchi.
    I am at peace in my heart coz at least KENYANS saw what being a president means (Considering all people…rich or poor unlike the Kibaki Government).I hope those suppoters of PNU were also watching…..waiting for the HAWK to fail its mission….WE ARE SO SORRY OUR FELLOW BROTHERS….we know very well what we have seen in Raila.

    Secondly,i would like to ask Raila wether he can consider or rather put in plan the MDG’s + its strategies in mind if he wants to solve the issue of poverty.His government’s efforts can bear greater fruits than he can think of thus more patnerships and collaborations will be fostered.

    Lastly,I want to support what Nonke Nyaima siad…….we need feedback and especially for cases where the comment is directly for Our dear Raila Odinga.This is because we need to know if it has been read by him or not and for purposes of motivation!Please consider this because am sure someone somewhere has been appointed to at least look into such issues.Communication matters.Thank you

    TO ALL ODM supporters and those who comment here…please keep it on untill we win the battle.United we stand Divided we fall. ALL OF YOU HAVE MADE ITPOSSIBLE FOR NEW PEOPLE LIKE ME + OTHERS TO VOICE OUT OUR CONCERNS + PRAISES.

  89. tnk says:


    Below was my response to the article by Obbo. I bet it will either never get posted or get trimmed


    this is a typical outsider view of events.

    Kenyans know and are willing to hack out democratic space issues, all other African countries around us, want to use armed forces, we prefer to argue rather loudly and many times emotionally which quickly leads to tempers flaring and a number of people lose control of themselves and resort to violence, but once tempers cool, we are able to see through it and resolve the issues.

    Your view is erroneous, shallow and unwarranted and attempts to entice massive bloodshed and mayhem where none was called for. I’m sure you will censor this contribution. But your article is irresponsible journalism, attempts to create news as opposed to reporting events, and falls under the category of sensational journalism for the sake of it.

  90. C. Audi says:

    I resisted responding to loose venoms from the likes of pro Kibaki,however my conscience will haunt me for a long time stooping this low. To add ‘flavour’ to them, they are often skewed shallow in reasoning not withstanding the language. Secondly, who tells them that whenever their opinion is opposed it automatically qualifies theirs?

    Has it ever occurred to the PNUs that the other side may hold some reason, it only needs some balance and some schooling to see it; this is not rocket sense. I know that majority are in denial spending hours lifting, plagiarising materials, concocting and peddling lies but the question I pose is whether this will make a difference to their person. If you are not making it now and bettering yourself, Raila’s or Kibaki’s presidency will not make you any better you will remain yourself. Hey Kenyans style up and be creative, possibly change the tact.

    I was left in awe when Kibaki peddles kazi iendelee, when the cost of living is skyrocketing by day. How else can people prove your worth unless you are given a chance? Kibaki was a Finance minister for over 10 years and what happened, the molasses complex along with some white elephant projects burdening us were in his docket. Secondly as a vice President what did he do? He was lucky that Kenyans gave him a blank cheques having been subjected to autocratic leadership by MOI; He had the goodwill. Nothing has changed much, is our economic growth higher than our neighbours? So what is Kibaki proud of, Individual of Economic Living Index(IEL), i.e the cost of essential commodities 5 years ago compared to today measured against income. 5 litres of paraffin for my mum was 115, now it costs 360 while my mum’s monthly income from farm produce was 2,000 now 2400. This translates to 3.1 times cost of goods against 1.2 times increase in income. Is that maendeleo?

    I would highly recommend, this is to all tribal chauvinistic pigs to read a book by Douglas Murray. It may help if they are serious readers ,it highlights provocative discussions deemed ‘psychotic’ by leftist floating discussions without objective evidence, in the absence of which offer things that are sweet to hear.

    In Circumstances like this loose canons rummaging the social networks and local blogs are led to rant posing incoherent rhetoric bordering paranoia amassed with delusionary approach short of objective evaluation.

    We and by we I mean conspiracy theory attested by your likes are steeped in exaggerated emotions compounded in denial failing to make distinction between reality and psychotic paranoia since it is what you want to listen to(see consiparacy du juor);simple love for blown emotions without serious thought.

    In our poor world, other opinions, assertions are simply infused with emotions guarded by self conceited thoughts, as long as they are good to them, Kenya does not matter. They are never good since they fail to meet their ‘test’ and may not adhere to the ‘truth’ and subscribe to higher reality which is often borne from their wishes, feelings and fantasy not others. Hey Kenya is larger brighter and subscribes to wider reasoning not impotent analogy floated all over. We all stand accused but fingers point at PNU.

    As a an observer standing from afar, sounding disinterested but with vested interested in Kenya, we look at both left and right to engage in discourse to avoid accusatory exchanges.

    The fundamental question to us all therefore is how we would asses what is good in the new beginning for Kenya when we are at crossroads? Put in a different context, how do we evaluate opinions and political dispensation in general without compromising general connectedness in toto to reality in the ground i.e Kibaki winning in the ground or Raila’s euphoria.

    Impotent political ideologies smeared with unfulfilled myriad promises are malignant and desperate iteration part of our interaction. This forms the basis maladaptive style of communication forming dysfunctional communities which Kibaki is leading us to. Talking of revenge reprisals, Kenyans will live to regret having a leader who will continue serving the elitist few who have nothing to loose. I know I will be accused for digressing but my worry is the political ideology Kibaki is working and leading us on.

    We therefore need to be left or offered a new direction for each one of us to be able to determine, rationally and without prejudice or self-delusion when and where we are heading through for our maladaptive psychological defences.

    It goes without saying that “…whether a defense is normal or abnormal depends on the eyes of the beholder. We always regard our own vigilance toward our enemies as adaptive, but we view their mistrust of us as an unwarranted projection of their own shortcomings”

    Even with all the training; and even if one possesses self-awareness and a keen insight into one’s own motivations and interpersonal dynamics, when it comes to implicitly trusting one’s feelings above and beyond all other data; one has to be very cautious. All too often, mistakes are made; feelings can simply be wishes that have nothing whatsoever to do with the reality. If we are lucky, we discover this before too much damage is done.

    The key to gaining control over behavior that is motivated by maladaptive, unconscious psychological processes is to make them conscious. This requires that a person be able to reflect on his or her behavior or feelings and on the contents of one’s mind; and with honesty and forthrightness develop some insight into why one feels, thinks, or acts a certain way. This is particularly important if the way one is thinking, feeling or acting is causing serious problems to one’s self or to others.

    Returning to the acrimonious political debate mentioned earlier, how can a reasonable person decide if someone is “projecting” or in “denial” versus accurately responding to and interpreting objective reality? In other words, how do you tell if the use of a defense is a symptom of some underlying psychological problem versus whether it is adaptive and healthy?

    In order to be adaptive, a psychological defense:

    • should regulate, rather than remove affect – that is, instead of totally anesthetizing a person, the defense would just reduce the pain (and therefore make it easier to cope; rather than to avoid coping altogether); or, instead of facilitating emotional hysteria or emotionalism, it should keep emotional responses real and not exaggerated–i.e., either too little emotion or too much.

    • should channel feelings instead of blocking them – i.e., allow a healthy expression of those feelings in a way that can discharge them in socially acceptable ways rather than keep them hidden and yet motivating behavior.

    • should be oriented to the long-term; and not simply short-term comfort or avoidance. That is, feeling good in the short term is maladaptive if it prevents you from recognizing the long-term dangers or consequences for your behavior; and in a political context, doing what is expedient to win an election or score political points without acknowledging the negative consequences or impact one’s behavior will have on the nation as a whole is clearly maladaptive (and literally deranged).

    • should be oriented toward present and future pain relief; and not focused past distress.

    • should be as specific as possible – that is, as a key is to a lock; not as a sledgehammer applied to a door.

    • the use of the defense should attract people and not repel themi.e., humor, altruism, sublimation etc.– is perceived by others as attractive and even virtuous; while the immature defenses are generally perceived as irritating, repellant, and even evil). Raila excels at this but he needs to watch out whether we need figurative language or humour; do we neede to play the game of realities?. The second question is whether our political leaders in their respective either parties are comfortable making fun of themselves. It is a sign of psychological health when a person can take his or her foibles and appropriately mock them in a pleasurable manner.

    For the purposes of answering the key question about which side of the political spectrum today is primarily behaving in a paranoid and delusional manner (remember, everyone uses maladaptive and dysfunctional psychological defenses at one time or another. The difference is a pervasive and persistent pattern of use that suggests a desperate attempt to escape reality) ; and which side is in denial and projecting their own unacceptable feelings onto the other side– to the detriment of both?

    Consider Raila talking about Tumbili, Kibaki making a mockery of blind people, kumbavu, mavi ya kuku.

    The use of immature, miscalculated ,repellent strategies , coupled with court jester strateties as seen in Kalembe Ndile makes mockery of modern democracy.
    That is because if you believe that reality and truth are both relative; and that one person’s reality and truth is as good as anyone else’s, then when you impute delusion, denial or paranoia etc. to others–you have effectively demonstrated the invalidity of your own philosophical premises.

    If everyone’s point of view is equally valid and good, then why is so much hatred and animosity directed toward “neocons”, ODM,ODM Kenya, etc..

    In conclusion the assertion that our position is always the correct one is not relevant to the truth. Objective and independent view may be useful in some circumstances in order to understand realities. In accepting that feelings may be useful in piecing data together, they may be extremely unreliable in assessing what is true and what is not. Hence overdependence on them exclusively may deprive our mindset of reasoning and critical thought as a strategy. We will be accused of practising and offering hollow, fractured ideas bordering self-deception and delusion. Therefore, worship of feelings may not be a long term survival strategy. Nevertheless, with that said, sometimes feelings are all

  91. Omuto says:



    I would like to air my views.
    I suport njuguna kariuki. i am also a kikuyu, born in Nyeri 42 years ago(after independence). i support ODM and Raila. There are kikuyus who do the same but cannot dare say so in public.
    I work for a leading commercial bank, and i have gonre through hell from my tribes mate who accuse me of being a sell out. They tell me i should be like the Moses in the bible who killed an egytian.I have refused to listen to them. majority of them,and they claim to converted christians, are fasting for Forty days and every friday they meet for overnight prayers asking God that Raila should not win.
    I support Raila as i believe he is the only person who can bring meangful change in this country. Change that will be felt in every corner of this country.
    Brothers and sisters we have a lot of work. we should never give up.I believe Raila will be our President come DEC.2007

  93. PaulPeter says:

    Todays Steadman poll puts Kibaki at par with Raila. Mutilated or not, I firmly believe this is the lowest Raila can go. But the truth bihind it is quite questionable based on the fact that mails have been going round about the intention of Kibaki friendly people trying to sway the outcome. Yesterday in the evening, the poll in the Classic FM Radio station ended with Raila leading at 55% , Kibaki 35% and Kalonzo 10%. I want to believe this should reflect the real picture on the ground. I stand to be corrected or given a concrete reason why Raila should lose to Kibaki.

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Let The Steadman do its phony polls. Why are they scared of just saying that Kibaki is leading? These guys are playing with our intelligence? We are not fooled either. ODM IS THE REAL WINNER. They are afraid that Raila is winning and at the same time Kibaki is still the president! These guys might lose their job! They are torn between two camps. ODM is winning, if this is the last poll, then phew, let it be. We are still ahead thats a fact.

  95. Linet says:

    All the polls are strange, something must have happened to steadman too. The Nation Polls are no better, last week Consumer insight showed Raila had gained 1 point yet Kibaki was leading?Other pollsters showed hime leading by a huge margin.
    I doubt if someone can use any of these polls as a predictive tool anymore.
    For instance Steadman changed their sampling method hence from 50% RAO moved to 45% yet the NMG and other media do not point this out. Infact they claim he has dropped 5%??Do you not see a pattern.
    Interestingly where is the b/down by province from Steadman for the past two polls. All we can tell them is tutakana kwa debe and ODMers should ensure 101% turn out in all ODM strongholds.

  96. Otieno says:


    Totally agree with you. There’s no way the different pollsters would have such disparities in their results. Btw, DN said that strategic research has all along been using the sampling method that Steadman is now employing. (See my post on the new thread about alleged doctoring of the previous Steadman poll.)

    Anyway, massive campaigns are our weapon. If we up the ante there and maintain pressure we’ll win by an even bigger margin. I believe this starts next week when we hit the final lap.

    Tusichoke – soon we’ll be home and dry, tukijienjoy na ma orange 🙂

  97. andrew says:




  98. chirchir ben says:

    Raila has always stood for reforms even when his opponents are out to destroy him and hissupporters, if this country is to be relinguished from overmhelming tribalism, nepotism, looters,political patronage and other vices then Raila will do it so perfectly like was not done by jomo kenyatta, moi , and kibaki

  99. Baijo M.Lorowu says:




  100. Fantome says:

    i agree that the opinion polls should not be wished better to hope for the best but plan always plan for the worst. currently the campaigns for ODM have slowed down..dnt know if its because of the slug we have been hit by from the PNU side. but i think Raila should Up his game give the message of hope, talk about issues that concerns mwanainchi (day to day issues),health housing, educations( here it should be about quality and subsidies wherever needed but i think issue of free secondary education should be discarded..may be “affordable education”) the mess that is free primary education should be tackled. we all know that if this chaos in basic education continue we will be having illiterates who have gone to school.
    RAILA the last of his kind… his failure will be terrible for the reform movement in this country.
    why do you think Moi is supporting kibaki now. simple in 2002 moi saw in uhru a novice who could not implement any political and social changes ..he he feared kibaki(despite the fact that he is always a non reformer and doesnt believe in reforms it was those who sorrounded kibki that moi was afraid of i.e Wamalwa, raial, ngilu , martha karua..generally all the reformist). but now he has discovered that kibaki is even better than uhuru in perpetuating STATUS QUO.
    another 5 years of kibaki will kill any prospect of social-economic change, the lower and middle classes will suffer more as the inequalities will rise… with no clear social programmes the pure capitalistic drives will ensure higher economic growth for the super rich…
    lets avid the word MAJIMBO instead just use the english word DEVOLUTION…they are not the same..

  101. George Okoth says:

    Tools for Raila’s campaign

    – Use MoU between Moi, Uhuru and Kibaki for 2012 presidential elections.
    -Is there any MoU between Moi and ODM(K) when Kilonzo met with Moi.
    -Catch the attention of the youth by promising free high speed internet all over the country.

  102. Stephen Were says:

    The opinion polls may have been doctored, but its also true that the ODM campaign has slowed down.

    There are rumours that the govt have been blocking our print/ TV adverts, its not easy to believe such if the secretariat has not come out and told the people that this is whats happening. Or else we will take the rumours as excuses for incompetence/ eneffectiveness.

    We want visibility guys!!!!!!and lets not repeat this

  103. PaulPeter says:

    Fellows, I also think we should shelve the MAJIMBO (devolution)issue since it’s a constitutional thing and it’s time will come (for I believe ODM is winning) so that the people will choose in the refurendum form. I liked (I repeat) the way Raila presented the ODM manifesto in the ‘ON THE SPOT’ thing. They should, on this their last leg of campains, concentrate on the manifesto and more-so poverty alleviation. We should stop being nagged (also )by this idea of the muslim MOU with Raila. He either stops responding or talking about it or (if it’s harmless and may course no much propaganda) make it public. I believe ODM members will never shift camps because of illicit propaganda, but some undecided voters (whom we really need) may be swayed.

    I also suggest that some of these good facts we have could be sent to some of our email contact addresses(address books) to keep the fire burning, like what Andrew and Fantome say up there.

  104. Vincent says:

    We the ODM supporters are not going to change our minds due to propaganda. But we need to see the enemy silenced with pro-active facts and propaganda that has truth in it. For example the ADVERT of Raila talking abt Musalia, Our campaign team should come up with a documentary kind of advert on Hon Kibaki.

    He has more contradictions in political career than any politician i know of. You look for his reactions/statements about Moi,Kanu, Uhuru,Saitoti who incidentally are all in his CAMP and are his chief campaigners. Put it out so hard and so consistently that they will regret ever starting the war! When they talk of devolution, prove to kenyans they are talking about Equity which we are also saying. Show kenyans they are the confused lot!!

    About TV/Radio/Paper adverts, you dont expect us to understand why we are not seeing much happening! Can you do something about this? We need to white-wash want our opponents have achieved so far. If there is any interference, can you please SHOUT about it.

    Let the presidential campaign move away from Majimbo debate. LET THEM CONCENTRATE on poverty alleviation, Inclusivity, Infrastructure, and specific action plans for specific regions.





  105. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Now that nomination dust has settled, can the ODM HQ begin identifying genuine ODM volunteers to act as Election Agents for ODM Party in all polling stations. The people so identified should be given a detailed briefing on what to look out for just in case they want to play dirty tricks during the voting and vote counting session.
    Let us also not forget to provide emergency power supply(generators complete with lighting system) on that day especially during counting of votes. I witnessed incidence here in Kericho where a KPLC staff intentionally switched off the lights during ODM nomination vote counting time to schuttle our efforts after they noticed we had a firm fighting spirit.

    Gentlemen be prepared, the battle is great but victory is ours.

  106. Am a ODM die hard n i would like to ask all kenyan is NORTH EASTEN really in kenya?If yes why are they treated as if there not part of kenya.We need to have a goverment that treats ever person with respect n equality and i belive ODM AND RAILA are the best for kenya and i would like to challenge kenyans do we need leaders like PNU?All the pple in PNU have corrupt cases to ans, Example kiraitu,mwiraria,saitoti just to name afew.In what state have you see the opposition n gover form a collution?OPEN your eyes the truth is UHURU could not stand own his own in central and had to support kibaki which shows OPEN tribalism which we should STOP.

  107. Mutai Kipyegon says:

    I am back after a long silence. I had retreated to find out what is going on at the grassroot. The good news is that we are in the positive path to redeeming our captured country back to its rightful status.
    I would like to know where we can get the uploads of list of parliamentary candidates, Civic and also the fake leaflets if someone has scanned it. I hope then administrator is listening.

  108. Kanyeka says:

    I am greatly concerned by the sms i received on my cell phone below.
    can smeone clarify or its just to make as (ODM)parnic.

    Michael Kairu a director of a printing firm PRINTFAST is in the UK to collect sample of ballot papers from an ECK comm and deliver the same to a security printer in BELGIUM for production of parallel ballot papers to be used in rigging the forthcoming general elections. This is under the supervision of Michuki, Cyrus Gituai PS Prov admin, J makumi Director of admin oop, govt friendly officers at govt press and Gideon Moi.

  109. katche says:

    Hi ODMers,

    With all this thing of rigging, am so worried. yaani gava now ina behave like its dealing with kids and not adults. with all the cheap, dirty, and childish propaganda hata my kid of class five has noted these PNU things and laughs at them.
    But it hurts me most to see that even the govnt spokesman can lie!!!!! God, please help us ODMERS. its really sad to see police comm not taking any action kuhusu all the hate fliers . guys am burning inside………

    plz secretariats do something coz if am going to go with the info on the ground haki sisi ODM AND RAILA tumeshashinda.

    can someone assure me that all is going to be well on 27th. ie atleast something to cool me down that ODM will do something to conrol this rigging . jana i slept hafly coz of the message i received. why does PNU accept defeat?? and let kenyans practice their democracy without any interferance?

  110. Otieno says:


    I feel you. Lakini, usichoke, don’t lose hope yet. Read other posts like this one

    and you’ll realise ODM is aware of what’s going on. No amount of evil PNU plots will succeed. God wont let his people perish.

  111. Odieno says:


    PNU is on panic mode….why else would they circulate those pamphlets. It only means they are scared, and for good measure. How else would you say it, if not to whip ethnic emotions. The good thing is, its working against them – Kenyans are mature people!!This is the time for ODM to up the game, get in a blitz mode. Stuff like those should be handled by the secretariat, let the presidential team campaign.
    What I request my fellow party-men is be very vigilant…..this government is out to rig the elections, especially, as we cross over to Dec, look out for any sinister move form them. Their plan is now an open secret, Muhoho pushing for his nephew… do utilise this to our advantage? We need an equitable scoiety where everyone and all ethnic groups has an equal opportunity to transcend to the preseidency. A society where wealth is distributed evenly, whether NE, E or Coast. We need REAL CHANGE now, more than ever……if the scheme to hoist Uhuru to State Hse in 2012 is antyhting to go by. I encourage my fellow ODMers to encourage everyone to go to the ballot box and vote. Don’t forget to spread the ODM message….equity and fairness. Pentagon 1 said it, we must win this election convincingly.

  112. Omuto says:

    Is something wrong with my eyes or what am I not seeing? Is CCK involved in the KTN News Bulletin mess? How come that every news bulletin on KBC is technically interrupted? Secretariat, what is the fate of the paid adverts then? (ODM adverts. We can leave them the rest of the news)

  113. PaulPeter says:

    I had actually suspected the same. At news time, KTN signal tends to fade and full of more interruptions than any other time. The CCK, in my humble view, may be involved.

    I only encourage the secretariat to put more adverts in as many as possible channels including NTV and Citizen. The owners (or propriators) may be PNU cronies but not all the presenters (employees) are. Otherwise I think the week ending was good enough. We must raise the temperatures and keep making news. The truth will be home.

  114. BJ says:

    Youth for Raila?

    This group, is something going on ama hampo? Raila youth for Raila please touch the ground. Execellent ODM campaigns.. From coast to Nairobi yesterday. PUNU can take up the space in Nairobi but we are going to the estates and the turn up is fabulous!

    People 24th Dec is our day at Uhurupark. Come out in trumpets, in wigs, songs, dance and allulations. PUNU will have no time to organise their people to match our standard! Even if they threaten us not to come, please let us all come out in numbers. All offices will have closed, and all exams done. Our last moments with Engineer Amollo.

    Long live Pentagon!!!!

  115. Kanyeka says:

    Hi! Guys this morning while we were going for tea, my friends who are proponents of kibaki tena and are my work mate from the obvious area were saying that there is no where in the world especially Africa the incumbent has lost the election.
    They told me that the Government will use all means possible to protect the seat. I was dumbfounded when I heard that from them.
    I brought this issue to inform you that things are not good and the threat ppl post are real so if you are able to heed the advice of coming out in large number and even get to know if your Parents, wife/husband, bro/sis, your children who are eligible to vote plus your friends who are ODMers their cards are ok from the eck.,com_votersearch/

    (Please remind them that the symbol is strictly one orange to avoid the miracle man)

  116. L.M. says:

    am encouraged to see that you guys are still fightig for what we believe in.
    this is a do or die battle and we must win it.
    let us all meet on december 24th at uhuru park to remind ourselves of how far we have come and the victory awaiting us on 27th december.
    the 2008 homecomings will be the best ever!

  117. PaulPeter says:

    Yes, Kanyaka. We know they are trying by all means but still be rest assured things are under control in the ODM camp. Read this link.

  118. tnk says:


    then we are going to be proud to be the first to do it

  119. Kanyeka says:

    Very nice indeed i just got this mail landing on my inbox just now i had to shere with you.

    With the 2007 Inter-generation cup finals coming up in a couple of weeks, the two teams slated for the finals without a doubt, are Kibaki’s PANUA TENA team of septuagenarians and octagenarians; and Raila’s youthful ODM team.

    On a lighter note, ….having seen prospects of the third team led by Ndeteleka – that is Kalonzo Musyoka, as his adoring fans call him -dwindle significantly, the Osa Vinya Mukamba outfit (translated -take courage Kaos) aka ODM-K (HOOOO NDIIII EMMMM) , is competing alone for the third place without doubt.

    Team Line-up.


    1. Mwai Kibaki born 1931 age 76 will be 81 by 2012 (Asst Captain)

    2. Moody Awori born 1927 age 80 will be 85 by 2012

    3. Daniel Arap Moi born 1924 age 83 will be 88 by 2012 (Captain)

    4. Simeon Nyachae born 1931 age 76 will be 81 by 2012

    5. Karume Njenga born 1929 age 78 will be 83 by 2012

    6. John Michuki born 1931 age 76 will be 81 by 2012

    7. David Mwiraria born 1938 age 69 will be 74 by 2012

    8. George Saitoti born 1941 age 66 will be 71 by 2012

    9. Nicholas Biwott born 1940 age 67 will be 72 by 2012

    10. Dr. Noah Wekesa born 1938 age 69 will be 74 in 2012

    11. Joseph Munyao born 1934 age 73 will be 78 by 2012


    1. Ezekiel Barngetuny born 1924 age 83 will be 88 by 2012

    2. G. G. Kariuki born 1937 age 70 will be 75 in 2012

    3. Martha Karua 1952 age 55 will be 60 by 2012

    4. Bifwoli Wakoli born 1936 age 71 will be 76 in 2012

    5. Joseph J. J. Kamotho born 1939 age 68 will be 73 by 2012

    Coach : Artur Margaryan

    Asst Coach(es): Artur Sargasyan, Ndura Waruinge, James Kabogo, Stanley Livondo

    Therapist : Mary Bling Bling Wambui.




    1. Raila Odinga born 1945 age 62 will be 67 by 2012 (Captain)

    2. Musalia Mudavadi born 1962 age 45 will be 50 by 2012 (Asst. Captain)

    3. William Ruto born 1966 age 41 will be 46 by 2012

    4. Joseph Nyagah born 1954 age 53 will be 58 by 2012

    5. Najib Balala born 1968 age 39 will be 44 by 2012

    6. Omingo Magara born 1961 age 48 will be 53 by 2012

    7. Tony Gachoka born 1961 age 48 will be 53 by 2012

    8. Billow Kerrow born 1958 age 49 will be 54 by 2012

    9. Anyang Nyongo born 1945 age 62 will be 67 by 2012

    10. Charity Ngilu born 1952 age 55 will be 60 by 2012

    11. Henry Kosgey born 1947 age 60 will be 65 by 2012


    1. Chris Okemo born 1951 age 56 will be 61 by 2012

    2. Gen. Nkaisserry born 1945 age 62 will be 67 by 2012

    3. Seif Kajembe born 1944 age 63 will be 68 by 2012

    4. Mohammed Khalif born 1976 age 31 will be 36 by 2012

    5. James Orengo born 1952 age 55 will be 60 by 2012

    Coach: vacant

    Asst. Coach(es) : John Githongo, Gladwell Otieno, & Mwalimu Mati

    SPONSORS : The people of Kenya .

    I volunteer my time as COACH!! For whatever its worth!!

  120. Philip says:

    Lets press on, the panic in the other camp is a sure sign of victory for us. Be on the look out in your constituencies for any signs of rigging. Let us be each others’ eyes and ears……….go…..go mighty ODM

  121. musaot says:

    Hello forum members,

    I have an idea of another kazii iendele / domo counter advert. How about depicting a fat man who is eating and at the same time supervising a team of construction workers who are thin and hungry , then the guy, coughing and spitting some peaces of food ordering the construction workers “stop asking questions, domo domo saa yote, kazi iendelee”?

    Just a school for thought!

  122. zizi says:


    I think that is a wonderful idea. some IT guys can generate one like that. I also like the idea of the team. I dont see an offence if we just pulled a newspaper advert and let the kenyan people know that the more we use the same old ideas by the same old people the more we stagnate. None of those guys are IT literate unlike RAO who gives speeches right from his laptop! move on.

  123. PaulPeter says:

    The Secretariat is so responsive and I think that musaot’s creative idea should be implemented before late.

  124. leonard oguda says:


    Dear Sir.
    Hon Raila Amolo Odinga


    I am very proud of you, Kenyans consider you a beacon of hope. Africa considers you a Pan-Africanist and the world sees a revolutionary, probably the last in the world.

    We the electorate feel disappointed. Whatever became of the nominations has affected and grieved the hearts of many who are since undecided. A significant number say they won’t cast their vote. Many still contemplate crossing over and vote in your competition. Indeed we need to see you come out and address this sensitive issue and rekindle our confidence Mr. President. Allow me to address you as Mr. President.

    Kenyans who love and cherish you like I do will vote you in no matter what. Hey, I’m not a fanatic. In any case isn’t it better still. I’ve been following the American Democratic Primaries. It is amazing how hard they get at each other. I term two of Democrats Obama & Hillary “nasty”. Maybe Mrs. Clinton is ruthless. Obama is, according to Clinton’s synonym, Osama, the man Americans consider to be the devil himself. During ODM manifesto launch you told us what they call you. What then do we call Mungiki? Have they not infiltrated “White House” through the back door? Don’t they have their representatives in parliament and government? Is it not right to say that Mungiki is Devil’s own.

    Play hard Mr. President. Play Hard. Don’t be Mr. nice any more. You need to be on the offensive Sir. Quit this Island of defense, this is where they want you to be & take refuge while they invade every part of the country planting seeds of hate & fear. This is the time to hit the mattresses. Hard facts, truth & simplistic candid approach, all as a package is what can resonate with the people. Majority of Kenyans are the poor. They need someone to give them hope someone they can bank on. We need to feel that you are still in the game to win and in control. Is the Championship as yours ODM team? If so Kenya has true liberation and the world is yet to see the greatest reception ever. Let go of the constitutional issues, more so Majimbo. Those who bought into it will see it through 08 referendums. Bomas Draft sounds sweeter we are sure of this

    Tell people what they want to hear; relevant credible stuff. Excite Nairobi. Pull at least two large crowds in the city. Pull in the likes of Hon James Orengo, Hon. Najib Balala & your electrifying approach to mention but a few. Make peace with the People of North Eastern, Wajir to be precise.

    People need to feel personal attachment to you. This will have a long-term effect to the electorates. One way to attain this is by printing ODM calendars. Calendars are long term and no bearer of such will fail to vote an opponent. Consider this before PNU Does. Candidates who want to personalize their respective calendars should bear the cost I suggest six (6) sheets or four (4) sheets of high quality printing, have the pentagon portraits on them, and names of various party candidates and respective constituencies. If the printing is done in India or china, the cost will be lower and quality, high.

    If you are the sitting president, faced with such a strong contender, would you allow yourself to be pushed to the seat of the leader of official opposition from The Excellency? Kibaki won’t. Isn’t it safe to assume he’d rather “die” than loose to Hon Raila. You – need to “die” twice Sir. Once is not enough.

    Can the media give Kenya and the World what this people are worth, overseas investments and local assets at the stock exchange & other companies? The Githongo dossier, the Arthur Brothers and such like. Play hard and gain yourself unfair advantage. Where is Felicien Kabuga? WHAT DOES THE GOVERNMENT KNOW?

    Mt. Kenya say a loss will take them into another “world“ where the corrupt will pay through their nose. But a win for them will mean forever theirs. If you don’t win, Kenyans lose and forever it is. ODM should take nothing for granted. We need to see Hon. Tuju my home MP. as the leader official opposition and not you. Shouldn’t you be the head of a United African States? Make Kenya proud.

    There comes a time when the jewel loses it’s spackle.

    Thank you Sir.

    Yours Faithfully

    Oguda Obonyo
    Tel: 0203587703

    N/B this were my views and observations then.

  125. Odieno says:


    I can’t agree more. Our candidate, must and certainly has no choice but to play hardball. He must set the PACE……..I noted before that whatever propaganda they spew, secretariat can deal with. That is why people like Miguna are there! Our candidate MUST set the tempo, fast and furious, to keep them on the offensive. The regional plans is working very well, it resonates with the locals. The succession project got them into a box. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if the incumbent were to die, he’ll die once to keep his seat. JAKOM, you must die TWO TIMES MORE. A well calculated move will keep them forever busy, by which time you’d be covering NEP.
    This game is getitng murkier and dirty, YOU MUST NOLONGER HOLD BACK!!
    May the Almighty GOD answer out prayer, we pray for you. GOD Bless You, GOD Bless KENYA.

  126. PaulPeter says:

    Couldn’t the ODM also start promising some ministries (Ministerial posts) to women like Health, Environment, Water etc as guaranteed for women who win ODM parliamentary seats while also sharing equal chances with men in the rest? I think this would provide us some milage besides the fact that women would be better placed for some ministries (because of their natural status) like health.

  127. Linet says:

    Why not women in Finance and Internal security?? Equal opportunities would mean we wait until after 27th Dec??

  128. PaulPeter says:

    I just got this and much more in the below site and deemed it fit to share here:
    Sahel CEO Says That Raila Is God’s Choice
    As I publish the views of this Kenyan CEO of Sahel books, let me emphasize that I will also publish any similar sentiments from PNU, ODM-K etc. This blog is not an ODM blog as some of our detractors would gleefully like to proclaim at the slightest excuse. -Kumekucha-

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Hon. Odinga is God’s choice to lead Kenya.

    A race that started in the eighties is set to end on the 27th. The Hon. Odinga has given it all he had…and then more. If you took time to look at the way this race has been run, you’ll recall the moments when it looked tough. When it was downright dishertening. When giving up seemed like the easier, sensible thing to do. But the Hon. Odinga shouldered on. His love for the nation supereceded the pull of comfort and bliss. And so as we get ready for the elections, you need to have a rationale for doing so. Here is why you’ll vote for the Hon. Odinga.

    1. First and foremost, the Hon. Odinga loves Kenya. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about a man who is an accomplished businessman, a wealthy individual who could afford to sit quietly in his Karen home and watch Kenya dwindle into total chaos. But he won’t. Instead, he’s been out there, through the Moi dictatorship and the Kibaki treachery, keeping Kenyans hoping for a better day. He led us to Kamukunji, to defeat the Uhuru Project, to defeat te referendum and brought us the concept of primaries. At last, that day is about to dawn on the land we all love.

    2. The Hon. Odinga is a man of the people. I’ve personally watched how Kenyans in the diaspora, even those who disagree with him, react after interacting with him. He won’t dazzle you with the oratorical skills of Dr. Martin Luther King or President bill Clinton, but he’ll leave you with the sense of a man who has a vision and a place he wants to take Kenya. For the Hon. Odinga, Kenya is not where she needs to be until our children won’t go to bed hungry, our workers will be employed gainfully and our communities will live in harmony one with another. The andearing names…Agwambo, Tinga, Hummer…din’t fall from te sky. They are people’s way of saying, “He’s our man.” So when someone asks why you’ll vote for this man, tell him/her that it’s because he cares about the people. Yes, he gives a damn.

    3. The Hon. Odinga is incorruptible. You’ve all heard about Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg and all the other corrupt dealings invloving people we’ve entusted with leadership. Needless to say, in the nearly three decades we’ve been blest to have the Hon. Odinga around, his name has never come up in any provable corruption. There have been attempts to smear him, but you and I know where that came from. So when you get into that booth to vote, remember that you’re voting for an untainted man.

    4. The Hon. Odinga is an internationalist. You’ve repeatedly heard insular leaders preach the virtues of keeping Kenya tied up within her borders. That’s a recipe for being left behind in a world that’s getting smaller and more interconnected. The Hon. Odinga has cultivated and nurtured working relations with leaders all over the world. Should any eventuality arise that requires sister nations around the globe to be with kenya in her time of need, these nations will act faster and with open arms because of Hon. Odinga’s friendship.

    5. The Hon. Odinga is trustworthy. Unlike his opponent, President Kibaki, the Hon. Odinga is a man of his word. The PNU has worked hard to give the MOUs a bad name. And why not? Wasn’t it President Kibaki who signed the original MOU and gladly walked away from it? And wasn’t it him who wanted to sign one with vijana and buckled at the last minute? Is this a man to trust? Here’s what I know. That when the Hon. Odinga gives you his word, you can take it to the bank. His memory is good. And his intentions are noble. He’ll deliver.

    6. The Hon. Odinga is a family man. You ask yourself why that matters? Here’s why. Did you know that President Moi had a wife? His children didn’t come from Nakumatt. They were born. But did we have a first lady? No. Because we were led by a broken family. Then came President Kibaki. The man has Lucy. And the man has Mary. The two women have put us through the kind of drama that I won’t talk about here. The point is, a man who can’t run a family can’t run a nation. So when the time comes to vote, vote for a man who has given us the graceful, the dignified, the motherly and the respectable Ida. With her watching over the big house everything will be just fine. So if you want Kenyans to eat well cooked Ugali, give the oludhkuon to Mama Ida.

    Fellow Kenyans, when you walk into that booth on the 27th, keep in mind these six points as you vote for the Hon. Odinga. We want you to feel good and proud about your vote. And remember, bring along everybody you know who has registered to vote to the booth. Let’s all participate in wrestling Kenya from the men who have presided over gloom and defeat.

    Kindest regards,

    Sam Okello
    President & CEO
    Sahel Books Inc.
    P.o. Box 6451
    South Bend IN, 46660-6451
    Phone: Toll Free: 1.877.297.2435

    posted by chris at 4:56 PM

  129. tnk says:

    for those suggesting reserving women for special interest groups. I think the idea is noble and I fully agree on ensruing all groups are catered for. but lets not put the cart before the horse. we are going for an all out win for ODM, but we do not know for sure the final makeup. suppose we bind ODM for 10 women seats and only 1 makes it from ODM and the rest are from PNU/ODM-K and others then what?

    I suggest we look at our candidates and evaluate which ministries they fit best, or even better, if the candidates can let the public know which ministries or portfolio they can contribute best in. We can then offer our collective suggestions. We hope that ODM will continue to listen to our forum as long as we operate and offer meaningful suggestions.

    Lets also bear in mind our agenda for change and the priorities and understand the areas and resources including leaadership required to achieve these. We also need the complete blueprint of the regional agenda. And finally, the hate machine started by PNU will not necessarily end DEc 27 so we should realise that some appointtess will need to muscle or skillfully manouver their way to make changes, and all this must be done in 4 years.

    Lets continue to display the same maturity and level headedness all through.
    We are on the verge of a historic win. When we do win, after the celebrations lets usher in the best and most accountable, responsive, qualified, dedicated and commited leadership. If natural balance does not favor special interest groups then we make adjustments, but in this day and age, most groups are equally represented in society, its only inept governance like Kibakis that ignored and prefered to propel cronys and tribesmen.

  130. PaulPeter says:

    That’s quite good an idea, TNK! I wish to still request the management to Keep up this blog alive irrespective of the outcome. This is one sure way of listening to views of wananchi and hence a more participatory system. The one, I believe, we want.

  131. Willo says:

    Musaot… thats a brilliant idea for the advert… get a job at Scanad as a creative

  132. Sande Olocho says:

    To the UnAfrican SCIENCE of Gallup polls and social research:

    Evidence is now rife for the the last ten years that the social research methodology being used in Africa that were designed in the West never depict situations accurately.

    Let’s start with the notorious IQ Tests. Experts have come to realise these IQ Test tools were a myth and are totally meaningless.

    For example: Would you consider the Akamba wood carver intelligent? Having seen how he is able to get you a Masai Moran from a block of discarded wood.(Michelangelo?)
    What of the Luhya potter, Kisii soap stone carver, the Masai blacksmith, The coastal fisherman, the Kalenjin athletee etc etc.

    In essence the experts have come to agree that there are as many intelligences as there are a people and communities.

    Now, focusing on the issue:

    The tools used by Steadman and the Gallup groups as well as the others are western oriented and can never reflect the true situation of events in Africa.

    Ask Kadenge of NY, the ‘experts’ told them that Kenya could not computerise her banking sector till the year 2020!! Look at Kenya today, we have Mobile phone banking and money transfer, one of the world’s first well ahead the US!!

    Two, the surveys conducted just before the launch of the Mobile phones in Kenya indicated that Kenya would have a slow intake of this new technology and we would have about 2 Million customers by 2010.

    Wrong again.

    Kenya had 3 Million customers during the first year of introducing mobile phones and is now boasting a customer base of over 10 Million in 2007!!

    What is accurate then?

    Using grassroots tools that imbibe an epistemological dimension. This is a methodology that fully embraces the unique aspects of the African culture and how we respond to issues.

    The methodology is yet to be formalised (approved by the western institutions!!) but is being worked on for a doctoral research by a Ugandan academic.

    I hope tis clarifies why we have little faith in the Steadman and Gallup Polls. However, they are a good thing for starters but there is need to contextualise.

    HR Activist

  133. kipruto says:

    Going by what we saw on president kibaki’s campaigns in Baringo district ,where he was with former president moi,son gedion and press secretary mr john lokorio amongst other kanu regime leadership ,it’s evident that kibaki’s administration has been one of continuation of an “error after the the end of moi’s, hence (KAZI YA MOI IENDELEE) campaign story of PNU.Thanks for God’s sake people even in these former moi’s strongholds are now ODM supporters only humiliting moi in shopping centres with shout of odm when he passesby.

  134. Mule, Martin says:

    I believe the 2007 elections represent the true change, if only we can enssure that the change is for the benefit of all. I disagree with most of the comments her because they seem partisan. Raila fits the bill, but sychopancy may make him worse than any other leader we have ever had. Please, ODMERS criticising does not mean hate it means concern and care. For the first time in Kenya, I feel change, and I think finally Moi is learning his lesson once and forever. Several ODM results dissapoint me, but are compesated by by rift valley, Kibwana, Katuku, Biwot, Kirwa, Kutuyi, Kombo, Karume,(SAITOTI), Koigi, Mwiraria, Murungaru, Ndile,Nyachae, the list is endless…. Please guys, lets not spoil Agwambo, we need not be soft neither hard on him. He can DELIVER if we allow him to.

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