PNU have resorted to propaganda and dirty schemes comment,for private contributions send mail to your concerns will be noted



  1. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, Steadman Polls are out! a 5% drop for Agwambo (45%), a 2% gain for Kibaki (41%) and a 3% gain for Kalonzo (11%)…

    Propaganda is part of Communication. Someone, or some people, must be EMPLOYED specifically to sort out negative propaganda! The PNU propaganda on the net and email is very well coordinated and appears that it is being done by professional propagandists, probably with a security intelligence background. And these propagandists are young guys well versed in IT. Kwa hivyo, there’s no shortcuts – Get guys highly trained in intelligence and communication, that are friendly to ODM. There are truckloads of them…

    I think the poll is a verdict related to complaints on this blog on the presidential campaign structure. Granted, the campaign has lately been centred around sparsely populated and remote areas. However, the communications and media campaign JUST ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH! There must also be a specific strategy for the big ODM vote baskets – When are we in Mombasa???? I heard someone wondering when they can get a piece of the action in Kisumu (there are turn out issues to be resolved in Nyanza); There is silence in Nairobi…

    The response to the structure of our campaign must be swift! We know Agwambo capacity and now want to see Rapid Response. Sometime back, someone suggested that there should be a Rapid Response Unit. And I have kept asking: What is the exact structure of the ODM presidential campaign. Who is in charge of what?

    I can’t emphasize enough – our COMMUNICATIONS, MEDIA, MARKETING PR STRATEGIES must become MORE FORCEFUL (where are our leaflets? how come our crowds suddenly are no longer orange? where are the orange t shirts? where are our posters? where are our clever ads with some catchy tunes? my kids nowadays sing ‘domo, domo’ when they used to sing to all visitors ‘Bado Mapambano’…).

    If we have to get the top professionals in Kenya, or the whole wide world, so be it! This is the big time… And it must be PROFESSIONALS, not talented amateurs who, inspite of their best intentions, this project is too big for them.


  2. Zack says:

    As above said, the propaganda that PNU has marshalled is just way too disheartening… I am even tempted to start my own propaganda and circulate it around the internet!

    We are hardly in the press for the right reasons and to sum the week up with a 5% drop makes me loose my appetite. We might not have the resources that PNU has but sure we need to counter the catchy adverts that they have come up with, that ‘domo’ thing and the other one that has ODM on a podium and questioning their ideas is just too much. Then again there is a mail going around with a purpoted attachment refering to the MOU with the muslims.

    Seriously we can do better, cant we find something to write propaganda about Kibaki? About Lucy and so on?

    Then print posters and issue Tshirts, I had to buy my own TShirt at some designer shop at Kenya Cinema… Flood the press with articles that communicate the good that ODM will give…

    Then again, utilize those regional radio stations, they are very useful in reaching those people in the mashinani…

    Dont have much but I just need to get rid of my stomach butterflies…

  3. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    1.We find it hard to post everything here because PNU people are reding this blog to ensure they get to know how we think.
    2. How can we send out feedback in private. You have our e-mails which are in private. I sent an email which I havent recieved response. Send the selected people on this blog with an email which we know it will go to the communication and strategy people.
    3. Even if it means inviting us to a meeting- we will come. We are not in the thick of campaigns and nominations so we may have a clear view of things on the ground.

  4. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Auki, I couldn’t agree with you more!!

    What is plaguing our campaign has been said in this forum and I must say I am disappointed that there is no rapid response to get things up. It’s quite falacious to imagine that the Pentagon holding rallies around the country is sufficient campaign – that’s just one ingredient.

    There are so many of us willing and able (infact have been involved in serious campaigns before) to volunteer our time and energy without asking for a cent just to make a difference. This proposal has been made here so many times by so many people, and in fact even in the streets, I hear people asking for the opportunity to participate.

    We must have a grassroots network of volunteers who would probably only need the campaign paraphenalia and they are on the road.

    The other sad thing is that the other side started hate and propaganda campaigns a while back yet for us we’ve stuck in explaining issues and finding agenda. The propaganda campaign is the only campaign that has been proven to work all over the world since the Athenean days of democracy – essentially, even when both sides are saiyng the same thing, to be a victor you must find an innovative way of making your opponent’s contribution look very bad.

    Kenyans normally have very short memory, and that’s why they must be reminded now of all the bad things Kibaki (remember not to dwell on his agents like Michuki, Kiraitu etc. Even when it is guys mistakes being harped, you must get a way to make it Kibaki’s problem) has done in the past. Sample these:

    – changing Kenya into a dejure one party state in 45 minutes flat when he was Vice President and Leader of Government business in parliament;

    – referring to multipaty activist as people attempting to cut mugumo tree with a razor blade;

    – resigning from government after repeal of section 2(a) and without butting an eyelid, stating that it is because the government is complicit in Dr Ouko’s murder (remember Dr Ouko had died nearly 2 years earlier, and he is one of those who were conspicuously silent);

    – promising us Our Constitution (having been summarised by Prof. Guy from all our contributions) and once in power, defrauding us of that document that has taken so many years, so much blood, so much money;

    – creating anglo-fleecing and proceeding to get the likes of Mwiraria and Kiraitu to cover up (remember the audio tapes??);

    – entertaining the Arturs at our expense and compromising our national security and business environment, and engaging his agents to deny and cover up;

    – sending his wife to terrorise journalists at Nation Media Group for doing there job – highlighting corruption and deceit (what kind of a man can deny his own family???);

    – sending Michuki and the Arturs to vandalise and torture journalists at Standard Newspapers because of doing their job (remember the rattle snake?);

    – bringing Lemma Ayanu at our expense to try and give the impression that only people from Central Province are heroes in this country;

    – killing the National Hospital Insurance Scheme (NHIS)that was clearly spelt out in the NARC manifesto. This he did to secure his interest – he has significant interest in HMOs, and he feared that NHIS would make the HMOs almost irrelevant (remember in the 90s when mobile telephony was delayed for several years because Biwott had stakes in Paging Services?);

    – fighting the idea of CDF (infact, threatening to veto the bill) until he’s forced by possible sabotage by parliamentarians, and then he later turns to take credit for it;

    – ordering that all affiliate parties in NARC are dead in 2004 (so as to vanguish the people who helped him get the presidency when he was on a wheel chair) and then turning now to revive them and creating even more ( TIP, Agano, etc) so that he can effectively divide Kenyans and get easy return to State House;

    …… the list is endless. Can we get these pictures in their graphic details and air before news in all the channels.

    Can the youth, women and men at the grassroots be facilitated to enrol into the ODM and Raila soldiers league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. Nicholas says:

    I fully agree with the guys above, PNU is in top of propaganda and we are losing it guys!!!!. The ODM presidential secretariat must with immediate effect get to the ground especially Rift valley and western, get to Kisumu and intensify the campaigns. Raila needs a strategy that will target mass voters, PNU is really using goodies to woo voters and we need to find a way of countering that. as the voting draws nearer a plan should be thought out to ensure there is public transport for the guys who travel upcountry and may not come back to vote due to the crisis, also we are willing to work on the ground even for free to get the change we want. Thank you

  6. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    This is a sample of propaganda we will be facing. How prepared are we to preempt the propaganda ?

    Kibaki supporters,
    this is the time to cash on to that Moslem MOU thingy,
    especially to christians..
    confront them with that Mou Pdf article, ressurect memories of the memorandum period, and the argument of islam taking over kenya.

    Foward the email to as many christians as you can, engage ODM christians in solid argument, talk about the islamic agenda for africa.

    Do not get sucked into tribal this, tribal that,…have statistics ready, such as the increase of civil servants salaries, today, free primary school education, self financing country, use empirical facts, facts that can be verified by the blind.

    Let these morons continue singing kikuyu this, kikuyu that, after a while people will get tired.

    Pwani university is going to be operational soon, ramisi sugar factory will be reopened,,World Bank has just praised the reforms in the kenyan sector,

    use easily discernible facts. Meanwhile dont get sucked into kikuyu this and that. Leave that for these retards.

    Copy and paste that steadman policy to everyone you know.

    But use the islam agenda more, the U.S are against these guys, there is no better wave to ride than that of making a pact ‘with the enemy’

    screw arguments about moslems being kenyan, we know they are, but thats not the point, the target is raila. he is a flip flopper, today he is in church being annointed by bishop wanjiru, tomorrow he is in a mosque saying allah is the God of Kenya, the next day he is in busia getting annointed by some traditional african church leader.. a spiritual mixture will work against him..

    Haya. Let these other morons continue saying mamluki, sijui gikuyu sijui what…development is there for all to see..!

  7. Henry says:

    Please get back to me on the above e-mails and i will post to you a 3 page MOU purported to be signed between Raila and Muslims. I would want to confirm if it is the truth.

    Have you also noted that at, Kalonzo met Waititu the steadman man. Can you use this today evening before 7pm news to discredit the polls : see below for the story;

    ODM-Kenya presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka this morning (08th Nov 2007) met with Steadman boss George Waititu in a private meeting at the Serena hotel.

    Sources disclosed that the two held the early morning chat for over three hours in an exclusive room within the hotel.

    Called for confirmations George Waititu confirmed that they held the meeting and argued that they had met on the request of Kalonzo who wanted to know more about his dismal performance in the polls.

    Interestingly, that comes only two days before yet another Bi-Weekly poll is released.

    Waititu also said they discussed other social issues such as history, politics and issues in the campaigns.

    Kalonzo could not be immediately reached for comment

  8. OT says:

    It is true, ODM’s PR team has been asleep lately. PNU are having a field day spewing filth and propaganda left right and centre. they have completely distorted the majimbo debate, libelous articles are flying everywhere about our candidate. surely, doesn’t ODM have a reply to this?

    the PR team needs to meet now, not tomorrow. one more week of this one-sided PNU propaganda blitz and we are done for.

  9. OT says:

    1. we need some creative TV ads. i have had enough of the domo garbage.
    to be honest the ODM ad currently on TV is not inspiring. put more work into it. and let them be many, not repeating the same one over and over like PNU is.
    2. Let us be visible in Nairobi. Kibaki has been literally trawling Nairobi lately while we are campaigning in remote regions. let’s always have at least one strong team in Nairobi for the media presence.
    3. stop depending on the pentagon to do all the rallies. why are there no rallies by aspirants, activists etc. let’s get more organised and visible.
    4.let’s dispense with the matter of nominations quickly so we can embark on real campaign.

  10. lexx says:

    We have lost 8% in four weeks that tells you something if nothing is done we will be down by dec and forget about this i hope ODM is not planning to pullout of the polls.who ever is in charge of this blog does he really take into account what we put across on this blog.alot has been said and its time that the ODM team wakes up.proganda is the key here to keep people busy.
    what about using ugly scenes in advert form about the kibaki admin alot has happened as in evil stuff.
    Raila you campaigned so hard for kibaki in 2002 as if he was your brother but so far yoy havent done the same to yourself??it’s time you hit the road running my brother and i mean hitting the road so hard as if there is no kesho.
    Tell us why you havent been campaigning at the coast province,Nairobi,kisumu and other dont need to organise a rally you can also use the meet the people tour and door to door campaign.
    Moi hates ODM what are you planning to do about it,he deserves a reply esp about his own admin when he was president and what are you doing about Livondo in you own back yard????.what i mean is it’s time that we dont underate anyone or else we will be in for a rude awekening.i hope this blog is of help to the ODM

  11. Maurice Oduor says:

    The new sampling method used by Steadman in the latest polls is true picture of the situation in the ground since it is based on the number of registered voters and not a just the population of a region. I suspect the polls of the past severals weeks would have been close had the new sampling method been used.It should be relief that Raila did not go down with this improvement in sampling method. The one most important thing that the campaign team must undertake with immediate effect is asking the voters to turn out in large numbers especially in Coast, Nyanza, Nairobi and Western Provinces. Some very suavy technocrats have done analysis on past voting patterns and extrapolated the outcome to December 27! At 45% you may still win, but the voter turn out must be on average above 65% to counter an expected 80-90% from Mount Kenya Region and their diaspora in the rest of the country. The lowest voter turn out in Mount Kenya region is on average aroung 66% which is quite remarkable.

    Finally, I agree fully with Njuguna Kariuki and Stephen’s views. Open your doors to technical volunteers, who are neither vying for any seat nor requesting payment. I know of so many technical volunteers who have done commendable grassroots work in small but important areas. Call them up now!

  12. Morara says:

    PNU have indeed stepped up their propaganda campaign. We need to find a way to counter the fake MOU that is now doing the rounds:

    See below a post from a respectable stocks website:

    The people daily has published,though intelligently to avoid being sued,the entire content of the said MOU. Page 3 Headlined “RAILA REVEALS MOU CONTENT”

    I hope a Newspaper with better circulation like the DN would get the guts to do it. Of course THE STANDARD will never be caught dead doing it. In the meantime the document is spreading like bushfire

  13. Robert Owuor says:

    While we worry about the polls we should also keep in mind that steadman has changed the method they calculate the polls. They are giving more weight to the places with higher registered voters. It is therefore not not possible so compare this poll with the previous poll.

    Yes the latest figures are worrying but i think we have a case of comparing apples and oranges. Since the method has changed we cannot compare this results with previous results.

  14. Phil says:

    I am thoroughly disappointed by the performance of that so called campaign secretariat. We are only about a 6 weeks to the D-day, yet the opposition is eclipsing ODM in every aspect!

    The secretariat knows very well that the incumbent will not take falling opinion poll ratings lightly. They have the benefit of state machinery which the ODM does not. Yet, so far I have not seen any worthwhile effort from our ODM side since the Thunder Rally. Even organising a series of roadshows each weekend or running glossy adverts in the papers or on TV appears to be a difficult task for the secretariat. We know the funds are available – so please tell us – What the hell is the problem? Replacing a government through elections is a momentous undertaking that requires high standards. Yet all we see in the daily press is adverts for numerous and very expensive dinners at five star hotels with the pentagon. How many voters, if I may ask, attend these dinners?

    Surely blog admin, why cant the secretariat first start with facts before going on to propaganda. Why cant it for example;

    – Get and publicize tape recordings from Githongo of Kibaki ministers preventing justice from taking its course?

    – Get details of the Artur Brothers, their mission into Kenya and connection to the standard raid, plus the explosive CD that contains a minister of government contracting them to eleminate one Gideon Moi?

    – Re-publish the colourful NARC campaign adverts that had Kibaki’s personal pledges on them and compare them with what has actually been achieved? eg. roads, land/tribal clashes, public health, corruption, etc?

    – The unimplemented MOU between NAK and LDP. This is a classic example of a president who cannot be trusted with mere

    – Get video recordings where we, the voters, were insulted as pumbavus, mavi ya kuku, jinga and shenzi’s! These can be found somewhere I am sure. Just replay the clips on national TV, and then provide positive campaign clip(s) for ODM!

    I cant just believe you guys have given away 8% ( 1.12 million votes) in less than a month! This blunder is surely unforgivable.

    PS.: When will you guys start campaigns in Luo Nyanza? Or is it assumed that those votes are in the bag already?

  15. Henry says:

    I have a feeling that the secretariat is suffering from something. While the campaigns are ongoing well i think we are yet to flex our muscle.

    One other thing that, as a professional i will encourage is the use of professionals who know what they are talking about in some of the televised talkshows. They can appear side by side with the politicians – an MP & PS kind of mentality.

    I would also propose that Hon. Raila’s family bge given a limited role to play. She should only come out in the company of the other women. We do not want to create another Lucy mentality.

    While I support the use of propaganda, let it be top class and not the kind of cheap stuff being peddled by the PNU people on the web. They are so cheap that they will definitely backfire. Kenyans are far much smarter.

    On the issue of Majimbo, please, please, please do not backpedal on this one. This is the election winner. It is a real issue and it should be sold even more.

    I Suggest that we buy half hour TV time and serialise the debate that was held at Ufungamano hall. It was rich and enticing. Air it just before or after news! Bring proposals by credible and confident guys.

    There is also another issue that we have not addressed – The Maina Kiai issue. Much as we do not support mungiki but everyone is presumed innocent till proven guilty (The rule of law). Convince one of the dailies to serialise the KNCHR report. I saw Maina KIai yesterday begging for support.

    Show where Tuju was caught on camera saying over 400 were killed, Capture where Michuki talked about there being mass funerals. These are real issues that i do not mind whether PNU people read here or not. They have no defence. Go for the Kill!!!

  16. Eric B says:

    I am not surprised by the slip in points. We had it coming. However we should use this to strengthen our cause. Take it in our stride and let us not complain.

    I think it is time to take off the gloves and fight bare knuckled. Have any of you seen the kind of hate that is posted on the PNU website let along the blog comment here? This campaign is about hate my friends. Let us face it! ODM are being called retards, morons etc and we continue to go about life like nothing has happened. No! I say enough is enough. We have tried to be civil, to be polite, to be civilized but dare I say this now, our firends are not in the same league. They have preached hate to the electorate saying ODM would like to divide Kenyans by bringing in Majimbo, slandering our Presidential candidate with all sorts of derogatory stuff and not to mention the stone-throwing.

    The time has come for us to stop pussy footing and to play hard ball. Hard ball is what people want to see from us now my friends, and this is real. I predicted earlier that we would drop points and we have. If we continue being amateurish with our campaigns we will drop more and people will despair. PNU is scared of an ODM win (now thats a fact). Capitalize on that fear. Exploit it (intelligence guys can give you tips on how to do this)

    To all ODM bloggers on this site. Let us make meaningful suggestions on how our campaign takes centre stage and stop with the broad comments and statements. Not that your opinions do not matter (they do) but it’s crunch time now.

    I suggest we begin by countering that stupid “domo” advert immediately for starters, begin to show (visibly and by that on the media- TV, Radio and all) what ODM can do for Kenya. Take a picture of Kenya as it is now – potholes, crime and all the filth and juxtapose it against one that an ODM government is for. Put that on TV and see what it does. Talk about Kazi indelee and show Kenyans the potholes we are driving on and the clashes etc. Show that on TV too! And gauge the reactions.

    As for the campaign language do not incite anyone please. However hit below the belt as hard as you can. Get the young musicians out on the campaign trail (most of our supporters are the youth) and for crying out loud again – where is the official ODM merchandise I ask? In all the campaign teams let us have the youth. Get cracking in Coast and Nairobi ODM! I suspect these are the swing areas and the ones that are causing all the headache. Forget about Central and Eastern kabisa. I don’t see us making any headway there. If anyone is listening wake up now!

  17. Sue says:

    I also agree with your comments and especially that of Auki Ollows. This is a wake up call for ODM campaign secretariat to pull up their socks. Just like Ollows kids, my kids even the small one who just turned one sings “domo domo”, they forgot about bado mapambano. When I reached home yesterday, I got a PNU poster stuck on my gate only to be told its my older son who got it from a class mate and decided to bring it home. This is all because PNU have stepped up their campaigns to attract more attention, its has not only caught kids eyes but you will be surprised some adults may also be taking note. Its not too late ODM still has a big following from all over Kenya except for one region we know. ODM secretariat should work hard to counter useless propaganda against ODM.

  18. Abok says:

    I received a copy of the fake MOU and it almost passed for a real one. The people who passed it on to me were already convinced that it was real and for sure that had changed their minds about ODM. ODM is loosing a great deal on this, time to act. I hope blog admin is listening to all the voices and propagating them to the necessary destination else, the future is doomed.

  19. Anyango says:

    Yes, we have not had enough of the Agwambo action. When are you coming to Mombasa? and please stop talking about the majimbo thing for now and MOUs. Concentrated on simple issues that the common mwamnci understands.

  20. Robert Owuor says:

    Guy, let me jog your memories a bit.
    If you remember keenly, alongside the previous Steadman release, Tom Wolf also released a parallel analysis based on registered voters. this had Raila at 45% and Kibaki at 44%.
    Logically it is plain to see that Kibaki has slipped 3 points while Raila has remained constant.

  21. Loui Ndi says:

    I fully concur with the sentiments of my fellow ODM followers.This campaign should be looked at as a do or die election,the better we can pre empt the steps of these PNU guys we will definitely be ahead especially on the opinion ratings and ultimately the election in general.

    Please assume that ODM is a brand and you want to win the hearts and minds of the swing voters i.e the undecided voters.
    The members of the secretariate I say to them posters,t shirts banners and a strong visible presence would do,this is no time for saving on any of these promo items.

    I would advice Mr Odinga and the pentagon to do another relentless campaign intenary in all populous major towns like Mombasa,Nairobi,Eldoret,Kisumu etc regularly.

    Please please we can surely capitalise on the opponents weeknesses as they have enough scandals and incompetencies to do a series of thriller novels,we can not even exhaust them.Put them on their toes,and let them be on the defensive at all times.Once we can manage to soil their credibility in the eye of the electorate,they will have an uphill task of convincing us otherwise.
    This is the reason I usually say the competion have very little to offer us in the next 5 years,they have exhausted all their ideas and this is what they call their best,Kenyans have big dreams we dont want to follow old gaurds who still reason like people in the midle ages and an era long forgotten. I even warn those parties in the PNU they will be swindled if god forbid he wins,hes just using them as a vehicle then dump them by the roadside once hes done with them and go back to sleep for another 5 years.Now that makes me feel sick!
    Lets pull up our socks! surely this is the easiest fellow or incumbent to beat,considering he woke up from a long sleep that started in 2002.
    Remember image and perception is everything in an election.
    Please I wish I had another forum to share ideas than this blog,coz iknow big brother is watching,I cant say more.

  22. shaqmaya says:

    When is ODM coming at the coast ???? ODMs popularity at the coast is dropping day by day and thats where Kibaki is gaining momentum. Rallies should be held in Tononoka, Mtwapa, Kilifi, Malindi, Likoni, Diani, Msambweni, Kwale, Wundanyi and Voi.

  23. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    These are trying times indeed. I think comments posted here today are all reactionary and its understandable. We have lots of faith and hope in ODM. As such we are so pained to see the big drop, however looked at- Methods of sampling or not- it is a drop and the grap is scaring.
    Anyway, personaly I have no problems with IT, Internet and Computers. In fact it is one thing that saw me get out of squalid life I lead in Kenya, to one of the Best Computer companies in the world. It is only sad that I had requested to be home on 23 December with a view to voting and travelling back on or about 30 December. This is a small matter that we could sort in a minute and the communication system of certain people is turned upside down. Even some sites might just crash, without them knowing what has happened.
    My prayer to those of us at home, is stop releasing your ideas through this blog. In fact I won’t even advice we use the email address appearing somewhere in these pages. These were long tapped and you can’t pass any confidencial information through them. Find your way to the Secretariate and talk to the staff face to face. You will be availed other channels of communications.
    As far as the alleged MOU doing round in the internet, I will advice the secretariate on what to do through other channels. I had earlier sent a copy of it to the secretariate and I am sure they had it even earlier.
    Guys ODM is ours. I know some may say I am part of the Brain drain, Yes I was forced by circumstances to get out. Which circumstance we are trying to correct through voting in ODM. I know someone like myself, may not have proper Job openning in Kenya, yet solution is in getting back home and developing the requisite structures. The question is, does the Kibaki regime allow for establishment of such? No for I am not from the right ethnic group. Many like or far much better than me are allover the World. Some just surviving under very stressful conditions, we need to bring them home. This is only possible through regime change, which ODM represents, let us sacrifice. Let us stop waiting for direction from the secretariate. Let us stop smacking the secretariate. You will demoralize them and they may start making mistakes. Too much pressure is not good. Let us just device ways of dealing with this python in our own small way. Someone said “stop asking what America has done to you, ask what you have done to America!” We have all seen what is happening, GET OUT AND ACT GUYS
    Reading through comment posted in this blog you might have noted that there are some suspect contributions. They come in with intentions of directing contributions towards a certain line. Meant to gauge ODM thoughts or planting seed of discord. I do not know if others have noted that We have been infiltrated. So we have to be more cautious. They are trying to ……….. Take care all

    Let us reflect and come up with clever ways.
    Meet you people tomorrow. When we shall have cooled down and can reason. It is still too Hot.

  24. Jagero says:

    This blog is no longer safe to be used as any point for delivering campaign strategies to the central command. The administarator must be reading even the infiltrations from the other side. An idea is more effective when used at the appropriate time. If too late the other side gets wind of it and finds ways ofcountering it. We want to have the opportunity to counter these propaganda but these ideas will only be delivered to the right persons to avoid these problems. Also please make use of all the recommendations so far provided in this blog otherwise it becomes a disappointment as shown obove.

    However the campaigns have just begun and we are not loosing you guys, Do not let perception eat in to you, we need to go into overdrive. The secretariat please make use of these guys as they realy have splendid ideas.


  25. Jagero says:

    It appears as if you have not been reading these blogs as alot of ideas have been given on how to counter propaganda. What may still be lacking is how to effectively block the dirty schemes.

  26. Linet says:

    In the past two weeks ODM seems to be on the defensive and Kibaki on the offensive and that’s not good for us.Majimbo or Ugatuzi we all know is a good thing, but this should not be the only agenda. At the end of the day being a constitutional matter it will have to be voted on a referendum. The wind of change was strong, but now everything looks dull even boring after the Thunder. Last week ODM/Raila was on the defensive against evangelical churches, as from yesterday with this fast spreading MOU, this will be the issue this week. ODM was at an advantage bcoz PNU which are not even sure whether they will hold joint nominations looked like a wounded Lion. Now Kibaki looks as if he has support despite PNU disorganization.This is not good, I suspect partly bcoz of the aggressive advertising he has done in terms of billboards in all corners and clips on Media showing people saying how much he is ”working”. ODM is relying on news clips, but bad news is the media now offers a max of 1-2 minutes for the presidential candidate and a minute for the running mate . There is no ODM visibility except when they want to run a clip where ODM leaders are being stoned.Also maybe the bad publicity could have caused some swings who knows? Avoid the ugly confronation areas for awhile, consolidate, consolidate and consolidate- Rift Valley, Nyanza( Kisii needs work), Western, N.E, Coast

  27. shaqmaya says:

    People of Rift Valley, Nyanza,Western, Central, Eastern and North Eastern provinces have already decided whom to vote to. The only hanging votes are at the Coast and Nairobi. Agwambo work hard on these areas. It is really an urgent matter.

  28. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I view myself as a Kenyan Patriot. I have scrutinise the behaviours of Kenyan Politicians and my conclusion has always been that most of them are evil. However my stand has always been that I vote for a better person rather than a good person. I have my own reason for voting for Raila. I’m voting for him not because of personal reasons but for reasons which are beneficial to all Kenyans, that is, if I know I’ll loose but majority of Kenyans will gain then I’ll still vote for him.

    My personal definition of propaganda is a lie told against another party, or an exaggeration of truth of something negative that the other party has done. I have received the pdf thing. Though I know very well that one can fabricate something like that, I still reserve any conclusion. In this case I would like, as a person who believe so much in truth, for Raila to tell us the truth about the contents of these MOU. If what I received is a lie then he need to tell me the truth and show me the real thing. That is the only way I’ll be able to defend him, otherwise at the moment if I’m asked to comment about it I’ll say “I don’t know.” If I’m asked whether what I saw is true I’ll say “I don’t know”.

    Raila needs to realise that if he does not counter this then his popularity is likely to tumble drastically. Someone needs to give me an idea of how these should be countered. An idea that is based on truth rather than another propaganda…………. coz I’ll not want to loose my integrity to the people I communicate with when they always view me as being honest. I don’t want what happened to Cardinal Njue to happen to me. In other words I’ll not want to make any conclusion for something I don’t know or understand.

  29. Linet says:

    I read the fake MOU and I thought that even someone who has not stepped in law school as they say cannot draft and I doubt anyone can sign that thing bcoz they involve matters that are constitutional and not for one idividual to give. That said as Philip says some people will have doubts cast due to this bcoz of last week’s complaint by the evangelical churches. We’d prefer a closure on the issue.

  30. Auki Ollows says:

    Loud and clear, we are coming right back! What we don’t want is people sleeping on serious work time (sampling mode change or not, propaganda or not)!


  31. ken says:

    it took Kibaki close to a month to creep up on the polls, with less than a month to the elections, its goin to be an uphill task to recover the lost ground. Momentum is always with the individual that can creep up on the polls after being behind. Its time to get serious. I only hope someone from the secretariat is reading the input off of this forum.

  32. Omuto says:


  33. Ahmed says:

    I have already posted a long article which is waiting moderation, pliz don’t publish it since it contains secrets that we may use to hit at PNU, so give it to the secreteriat and ODM Pentagon. Thanks

  34. kiprotich kipchumba says:

    Me am really getting the message, and this is what I suggest it seems propaganda does alot why cant we use the same “story ya mamluki niaje?,secondly we need joint rallies every weekeds in those big grounds I mean “tononoka, kisumu, kakamega,kapkatet, thika, kamunkunji and many more”
    Also dont forget road show especial in Nairobi, Mombasa,Thika,Kericho etc .We are very much willing to use our owen resouses.
    I could wish to ask if possiple why can you invite all of us whom we have email you throug the email that we have given you,such that we can sit down and plan for this things co it is very useful.
    Otherwise am praying for our campaings and lets have faith that we will make it ODM is figthing for the common mwanainchi (the poor man). May God lead us in everything. God bless ODM God bless Raila .

  35. tnk says:

    i agree with sentiments expressed above
    a) it is surprising and disappointing for the blog admin at this stage to state that he will forward to secretariat, does this mean all these previous blogs ideas have not been reaching the secretariat?
    b) it is not surprising that PNU supporters are reading this blog and generating counter moves, this is the problem of leading a rat-race. THere is a formidable method to counter this, but like others am not willing to publish unless we are assured of a secure and verified channel of communication with ODM secretariat.
    c) like others we have attempted to obtain secure channels to reach ODM secretariat but our emails are still unreplied. At this point ODM secretariat needs to investigate any new leads no matter how busy they are, they must.

    We all expected some kind of manipulation of the steadman polls, what is surprising is how easily we are won over by these gimmicks. Statistics can be made to look any which way depending on how the study is formulated and with sophisticated but subtle adjustments easily show whatever you want it to reflect.

    The intention of this statistic is three fold
    1) first is to create the impression that Kibaki has or is catching up,
    2) by narrowing the gap between Kibaki and Raila, and this is very important, it gives Kalonzo more leverage to enter a coalition with Kibaki, remeber at this point he has no intention of any coalition with Raila.
    3) Lay the framework by discouraging ODM supporters into believing that the polls are indicative of the ground and create apathy (the reactions above clearly demonstrate lost or losing hope) and hence set a stage for publishing further statistics showing either Kibaki leading or a coalition between Kibaki and Kalonzo leading.

    Do not allow your self to be deceived
    Do not give up or lose hope
    On election day it will not be about sample population but absolute numbers, those numbers are in the public domain, lets use absolutes.

    I monitored the poll on Capital FM website which aims to fix the poll at 52, 42, 8 and 2. And at one point the statistics were changing with Raila rapidly moving from 42 to 48 and then suddenly a 500 number was added to Kibakis tally and after that I have not seen any more voting.

    Its all a game of numbers and counter strategies for PNU but for ODM its our lives and future at stake. Lets remain committed all the way.

    We need ODM secretariat to provide us a secure and verifiable method to present our views and NOW please.

  36. Otsiatso says:

    No need to panic people. Just re-tool and get going . This battle is not for the faint hearted.
    It is inaccurate to compare a popular poll with that of registered voters. What would have been fair was to release both popular and registered voters poll, then you can tell whether there is slippage on both or not.
    Anyone out there has that tracking?

    Anyhow, having said that, what is weighing down the ODmovement now is perception of losing gorund. PNU is flat out out-spending ODM.
    Steadman has a very interesting chart that shows it.

    Keep faith – I am sure the Secretariat wants to win just as bad as we do.

  37. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Despite the dip, let us not loose hope. Let us campaign vogorously to sell our party and the candidates.

    Also not the PNU operatives own these companies and the media.

    Let us put our case to the people with practical simple messages that sink and win their hearts. Let us use all the available means to work our way into the hearts of the majority masses that identify with ODM. Avoid controversial campaign topics. Avoid situations where PNU puts us on the defensive all the time like MoU, majimbo, jobs promises, etc. Let’s be careful what we say lest the PNU propaganda operatives take advertage, forge and use against us.

    Let us deploy our inteligence and feedback on the ground and tailor our campaign messages as such. Let us connect with the people as much us we dont have any goodies to dish out. Kibaki changed his style and is gaining mileage. We shouldnt loose out the ground we have and those we are targeting.

    The ODM dream is still alive on the ground and unless something terribly happens, neither PNU nor ODM-Kalonzo will reach the stars.

  38. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Again we appeal and lead with all the ODM supporters wherever they are to come out in large numbers and vote for Raila and his ODM team.

    We need all the votes in the ODM bag to make a very important statement.

  39. Musa Idi Bin Juma says:

    Steal the thunder from other parties launching their manifestos in Nairobi. Launch the ODM manifesto in Mombasa, Kakamega or Eldoret instead, and emphasies that this is in the spirit of empowering Mashenanis when you take over.

    We have not seen you in Mombasa in quite a while. I would be lying if I told you that Kalonzo and Kibaki havent taken some of ODM followers. You need to come down here ASAP.

  40. Opete Opete says:

    If peope in your PR office are not performing, heads need to start rolling. Consider the changes that Kiboro has done with PNU in just a short spat since he was put in charge of communications and act fast.

    Recruit a Tom Mshindi. He single handedly transformed the EAstandard into Kenya’s leading daily during his short stint with the daily.

  41. Sam Ochola says:

    Latest steadman poll real or imaginary is a wake up call for us. I think we’dve been too compalcent since the Thunder at Uhuru park. Now is full scale war. Great we’ve earned the support of muslim brothers plus marginal regions in the northern frontier, albeit at a price. It’s time we take the battle to our core regions of Western, R/Valley, Nyanza, Coast & wind up Nairobi.
    Take solace because PNU has a suicide rope & will not survive the nomination fiasco. Assume we pass this nomination bridge safely while PNU goes to the gallows, we shall spring back to >50% at the home stretch.

  42. Maru Kapkatet says:

    I am not surprised at the latest polls showing Raila’s decline in support. As an outside observer, I can clearly see that the ODM message is not being communicated effectively. ODM stands for change but Kenyans are not being given the message.

    ODM should present their message by asking reminding Kenyans of the disparity and poverty that has grown unabated since independence. If ODM can expound on these two issues and show Kenyans where the Kibaki government has failed, Kenyans will listen and like the message.

    1. Why are millions of Kenyans very poor even after forty four years of independence. The answer is the governments Kenyans have had have been myopic in vision, greedy, and corrupt. Give the many examples from the Kibaki administration on these descriptions and they are many.

    The answer is devolution – let the people themselves play a greater role in building their country. Talk about microfinanace, microcredit at the regional level. Let the regions compete. Let people take ownership.

    2. Education: Most Kenyans lack quality education facilities. Where are the best secondary schools located in Kenya today after 44 years of independence. How do all Kenyans in every part of the country be assured of quality education? The answer is devolution. Show how educational standards for all Kenyans would be improved by letting regions manage their education with the federal government building quality educational institutions and at laest one university in each region. Tell Kenyans how the Kibaki government has failed Kenyans by not reflecting the true face of Kenya in the top civil servanct and ministerial team appointed to run education in Kenya.


    Attack Kibaki where he is most vulnerable and then use the concept of devolution as the answer to correct those failures and injustices. With the amount of tribalism and greed that is so prevalent and obvious in the Kibaki administration, ODM cannot rally Kenyans to soundly reject the Kibaki administration? ODM’s failure to unseat Kibaki will be the joke of the century!

    Kibaki is very vulnerable. PNU is not nice and will go to any lengths to smear Raila and ODM. With the combined failures of Moi who is supporting Kibaki and Kibaki himself, ODM cannot be boasting a 60% support right now? This is a joke.

    ODM should adopt a three-tier system. Raila should be at the top tier telling Kenyans what he will do and why he will do it. He should give details together with figures. He should tell Kenyans fhow his travels around the world have shown him how others have succeeded where Kenya has failed. Raila should generally be nice.

    The second tier should be the rest of the Pentagon should be appealing to all Kenyans at the top level and talking the need to fight tribalism in Kenya on a blanket basis. They should give an analytical review of the Kibaki government failures in the sectors of Finanace, Agriculture, Education, Infrastructure, Unity, and Allocation of Resources and Jobs. The second tier should be nasty on the Kibaki government.

    The third tier of aspirants and later nominees together with constituency co-ordinators should be going into the specifics of tribalism that the Kibaki government has practised and how this has negatively impacted their communities. The third tier should be very nasty about tribalism.

    I know of some Kalenjin people who were told as soon as Kibaki took over to leave their jobs since “the government has changed”. It is heart-breaking that a change of government should render any Kenyan a second or even third-class citizen in his own country.

    This is the message that will resonate with all victimized Kenyans.

    Kibaki is very vulnerable yet ODM is letting him off the hook so easily. He is discriminative – there are a million and one examples to support this, he is a liar – there are a million and one examples to support this, he cares about his rich friends and rich Kenyans generally – there are a million and one examples to support this, he is a weak leader who will not guarantee the security of his people – there are a million and one examples to support this including the havoc caused by Mungiki, Artur mercenaries, and ethnic clashes, who he seems only concerned about when it affects certain sections of the Kenyan population

    . Let Kenyans see the dark side of Kibaki otherwise all Kenyans will remember is what Raila said about him – that he is a nice person that has been compromised by the Mount Kenya Mafia.

  43. Zizi, Passion for the Future says:

    Hello guys,

    Do not scamper. ODM is on the win if we understand the game. They have known most of our stuff because we moved first. We can change the strategy abit. Let the thunder ramble again by doing something extra ordinary….those ideas we said a few weeks ago.

    One thing I am not sure is whether Raila signed an MoU or not. Why can’t the story be made straight by the campaign secretariat. If he signed, is it the one we are seeing? Balala seems to suggest that an MoU was signed. Last week Raila denied such claims in a church. But he was reported to suggest otherwise while in NEP. I cannot really trust the reports by the media all the time but here is a matter of life and death. We need to clear the air. From now henceforth do some of the following:

    1. The fake MoU that appears on DOES looks fake indeed. I don’t think anyone in his sound mind will sign such an MoU. It is now our turn to put them to task to prove the source and authenticity. The MoU does not have an address of the lawyer while the language is very legalistic. HOW CAN WE PROVE IT TO BE HATE PROPAGANDA AND MISREPRESENTATION OF FACTS, let our TEAM and computer gigs FAKE ONE IN THE (name) SIGNATURE OF KIBAKI or NYACHAE or MICHUKI on whatever negative story. Have it pdfed and also published in the media…. and ask Kenyans to JUDGE for themselves. The idea here is simple….tell Kenyans that computers CAN DO TRICKS and KIBAKI TENA just did the trick to fake an MOU whose content is to divide Kenyans. This will put them on the defensive. I don’t care who reads this! I want someone to fake one right now. Put this guys on the defense!

    2. I liked Ngilu’s tact. She seems to have read this blog. Musalia should use his resume now to give details on economic policies…….Promise Kenyans the future not the past. STick to policy guys…stick to policy.

    3. There was another thing called African Institude of Development. Who are these guys? What is their address and contact person? If they were genuine, let the secretariat invite them for some brainstorming sessions. They sound an NGO, why dont they ask Kibaki or Kalonzio questions? They should come out and tell Kenyans what their agenda is. My point here is these guys are fake too. I googled out the name and there were more than 5 NGOS passing for the name in different countries and Kenya was not one of them. These guys should be fixed too.

    4. My favourite of the week was Ruto is Nakuru. That was marvavelous speech……..Yes Ruto is inspiring in the team. Those of us with the passion for the future:

    5. If Owour above is right, then we can capitalise on this:

    “Guy, let me jog your memories a bit.If you remember keenly, alongside the previous Steadman release, Tom Wolf also released a parallel analysis based on registered voters. this had Raila at 45% and Kibaki at 44%. Logically it is plain to see that Kibaki has slipped 3 points while Raila has remained constant.”

    Capitalise on this and get courage to move on.

    6. Lastly, DEMAND for release of ARTUR Report. What is it about Kibaki in the report that he does not want to tell Kenyans. They should explain.

    Passion for the Future

  44. Strategist says:

    As someone well versed in statistics, there is something called error in sampling. A 5% drop may or may not be significant, but the truth is something needs to be done and quick.

    Please take advantage of the drop. Go back to the drawing board and come back stronger. I shudder at the prospect of a PNU win rigged or not.

  45. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to come back to the forum. As I said earlier, this forum has been infiltrated. In this post alone I suspect two items, bearing different names, to becoming from a single individual. I MAY BE WRONG ON THIS. In that regard, I want to seek authority from other members in suggesting that
    1) We shall weed out contributions from suspect sources
    2) There are Posts that, though are of genuine concern by ODM Family, can easily spread fear and panic. Given that this is a public forum, we have some ihouse keeping matters that, though true, should be kept under carpet. The office can quietlly pick those Ideas and act on them.
    What is appearing here should not, in anyway, show our inner feelings or frustrations. You know that “among Africans, a man is SUPPOSED TO be phyically stronger than a woman – I do not in anyway intend to demean our sisters. Many times we have witnessed cases where a man is seriousely clobbered by the Lady. But when a neighbour intervenes the man pretends and vis versa. Many are times when the Lady will be working on you yet CRYING THE LOUDEST AS THOUGH YOU ARE KILLING HER”. Have tried to a witness in a case between a married pattners? You may live to regret it.
    What am I saying? There a certain in-house secrets that remain so. As the case of Wild cat and Hen goes. First send away the wild cat then later you can ask the Hen what it was doing in the Bushes.
    Lets first Campaign, Make sure we win this war, is when we shall sit down and reflect and point fingers. Any other corrective suggestions should be handled confidentially.


    PLEASE ADMIN My suggestion above should only be implimented upon MAJORITY SUPPORT.– Regulate what appears only if Majority feels like it should.
    Let us WAKE UP. All small and Big, we can do something.

  46. Horesia says:

    Most contributions are good but there is no need to panic folks. It was never going to be easy and it is time to counter PNU propaganda. First, all bloggers here need to write into the widely circulated Nation Website blog to counter all those PNU blog attacks, we are getting outnumbered there.

    Secondly, Steadman’s opinion polls are misleading. They are meant to show Raila’s popularity declining. If however the previous results are restated to conform to the “new” sampling methodology, it is actually Kibaki’s rating that has declined by nearly 3%. Steadman deliberately altered the sampling method midstream to distort the trend analysis. These manipulations notwithstanding, we are still ahead.

    Thirdly we need to include other prominent reformers to support the Pentagon in massive campaign rallies in Mombasa, Eldoret, and Bungoma. The message in these rallies should be well packaged as has been recommended elsewhere in this blog. Pitch tent in the vast Rift Valley province and do a lot of walk about in Nairobi, it is the center of public opinion.

    Fourthly, ODM has been, to use football terminology, playing defensive game. It is time to play attacking football and score some political goals. We have to turn the tables around and put PNU and Kibaki under intense pressure. Borrow some great ideas from Stephen, Phil, Henry, Eric and Maru Kaptatet etc contributors in this blog. No need to waste time answering to PNU’s false accusations. Kibaki never bothers to respond to any either. Turn the tables on them, they are in government and therefore should be the ones feeling the heat striving to defend their record.

    Finally, the voters love Raila most when he is in his hilarious self. Re-introduce humor in your rallies. You have been rather too serious lately. Like most other Kenyan voters we miss your inspirational football commentaries.

    This election will not be won on development record alone. It is about perception on the ground that:
     Kibaki cannot be trusted to honor any agreement,
     Lack of equitable distribution of resources,
     Ethnicity and lack of employment opportunity to all,
     Failure to implement a new constitution in 100 days
     Lopsided regional development and most important of all,
     The widening disparity between the Rich and Poor

    Use the key vernacular F.M radio stations to articulate these issues. You do not need to match MK’s spending ability. The voting blocks are decided, what we want most at this stage is a high ODM visibility in the major opinion shaping towns of Kenya i.e. Eldoret, Kericho, Nakuru, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Kakamega, Bungoma, Kisii, Garissa and Malindi to consolidate grass root support.

  47. charles says:

    horesia you are very right,we need to see big rallies in the towns mentioned above .you see what MK has done?he knows where to put his efforts to tilt the elections.we have seen him traversing nairobi 3 times in a month!why not us?he has gone to mombasa 3 times in a month.those are the kind of pressure we need to counter swiftly….am still insisting.take a major rally to kisumu..addresss the issue of low voter turnout in nyanza

  48. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I’m a Kenyan patriot, as I had mentioned earlier, and I’m not supporting ODM for my own personal reasons but for the reason of all Kenyans, be it Kikuyus, Luos, Kalenjins, Mijikendas etc or be it Muslims, Catholics, Protestants and other African religions.

    I watch KTN, Nation, Citizen and KBC. I listen to Classic, Citizen and KBC Radio stations. I read Kenya Times, Standard, People and Nation. I talk to Kikuyus, Luos, Kalenjins, Muslims and Indians.

    Because of my interaction with all these people and media at least I can guess what is happening on the ground. First of all I have realised that ODM, unlike PNU, has very passionate supporters. Supporters who are willing to take sacrifices at no single cent, to support ODM and go further to campaign for them. Even after the issue of “MOU with Muslims” that was sent to many people, these supporters are still hesitant and some have denied the authencity of the “pdf” thing.

    Supporters of ODM have hope and strong believe in ODM in addressing issues that are affecting majority of Kenyans e.g poverty. These hope and believe is still there, something that ODM leaders need to work hard to avoid its waning from these supporters.

    If we thought “majimbo” propaganda was the best arsenal PNU could use to fight ODM then you are absolutely wrong! “MOU” thing is far much worse. Its as if PNU has awoken from deep slumber. They are working day and night. They have started printing the “MOU” thing. I don’t know how far they will spread this.

    The implications of ODM has been that “MOU” thing is there but only related to ensuring that Muslims are given equal rights as other people and are not discrimated upon in cases of “Immigration” and “War on Terror”, hope you all understand what I mean. According to me I’ll prefer that ODM bring out the truth about this “MOU”, then organise a meeting with all religious leaders and tell them the truth. At least Kenyans have started distinguishing between truth and propaganda so that they haven’t believed in what PNU is saying about the “MOU”. However it will be better if ODM build a firm foundation to it’s supporters so that in the coming days anything that is likely to negatively impinge on ODM popularity will be viewed with disdain and eventually will not only make ODM supporters to strongly support it but will also work hard to pull PNU supporters to ODM.

    A grave mistake I’m seeing in ODM house is that we have started blingfolding ourselves in this fight. This is the mistake that Kibaki did in referendum. What I mean here is that we don’t want to see the blows our enemies is throwing to us. We aren’t aware of the thoughts of our enemies. By listening to TV station, Radio stations and reading Newspapers that support ODM only, we are likely not to know the strength of the enemy. Whenever I listen to the media that support ODM I’m normally sure that ODM is winning and whenever I listen to media that supports PNU I’m normally convinced that PNU is winning.

    Contrary to what McJairo comments lets allow comments that seems to be smearing mud at ODM and laying a red carpet to Kibaki and PNU, for that is the only way we can discern the strength of the enemy and check how to counter such blows. During referendum, Banana team was absolutely sure they will win. Lets avoid falling to the same trap because it tends to make someone relax or throw light blows that cannot harm the enemy.

    We all know that ODM is still more popular with the masses than PNU but lets also not underestimate the results of opinion poll. My Kikuyu friend told me that people in Kirinyaga had started giving up. Some had started making decisions not to vote because they cannot waste time to vote for a loser (Read Kibaki). Yesterday poll has revitalise their energy and now they have again made their mind that they will vote.

    We need to know that there are people in Central and Meru-Eastern who are living in abject poverty regardless of the government being led by their own. They support PNU because of what they have listen from the media in those places and their leaders but deep within their mind they know the step they are taking isn’t correct. But where is ODM to convince these people?

    We shouldn’t underestimate Kibaki and PNU. Lets stop whining and scoffing at opinion polls and our enemies’ contribution but instead work harder as if we are loosing even if we know we are winning.

  49. Nick says:

    It is easier to become no.1 than to remain no.1 because once on top you let your guard down.The beauty of this latest opinion poll is that it has got adrenalin pumping once more in all the ODM supporters.You can feel it in the comments submitted.This is what we needed.Forget about the fake MOU on the internet.I come from the coast and courtesy of that fake MOU they can kiss the muslim vote goodbye for good.Some of their propaganda will backfire seriously.If we have to do propaganda let it not be cheap propaganda like PNU.To counter the propaganda at the coast,let the pentagon come to the coast and camp here for one week like the did in North Eastern.By the time the leave the coast vote will be under lock and key just like i believe the North Eastern vote is.We are dealing with a swing vote which at present is pro ODM.3 MPs launch their vision this weekend and i wish you could see the excitement here.Next weekend there is an orange football tournament and a youth for Raila roadshow and excitement is building.We want Raila to walk along the streets of Mombasa so that he can bring back the confidence among his supporters.Before pentagon goes anywhere else come to the coast.Take heart the future is orange and it is bright

  50. Horesia says:

    As a follow up to my earlier contribution, I find Steadman Opinion Polls released today not credible enough. They failed to show how the sample is distributed provincewise obviously because it won’t corroborate the poll results they are trying to hoodwink Kenyans with. Further they deliberately did not acknowledge that more voters (58%) prefer devolution (read ugatuzi,) even when the polls said so. This is an improvement of over 20% since last opinion polls which had approximately over 30% supporting Majimbo.

    See extract from the Standard below (note: not in the Nation):

    “A higher percentage of Kenyans think there would be a more rapid development in their communities if Kenya were to adopt a system in which some of the powers of the Central Government were devolved.
    About 58 per cent of those interviewed feel there would be a more rapid development in their communities, while another 56 per cent say they would be more rapid development in Kenya as a whole.
    Another 56 per cent think all tribes would be guaranteed a more equal share on national resources.
    Some 43 per cent think they would be required to return to their “tribal homelands”, while 47 per cent say there would be more conflicts.”

    Folks Raila, like Hilary Clinton, as the frontrunner, is up against many odds, the likes of Njue, NCCK, Nation Media, PNU mudslinging propagandists and now Steadman! But he has the backing of a very formidable force – The ever present Peoples’ Power and nothing can change that.

  51. Martin says:

    Guyz, there is no reason to worry. These steadman dudes just changed there sampling methodology in line with the voters registered per province. They therefore just interviewed more people in central province than in other parts of the country.

  52. Auki Ollows says:


    After looking at all the info related to the poll yesterday, the following is now clear in my mind:

    1. That Agwambo has campaigned as hard as he has ever done. Maybe harder. That North Eastern blitz, this week, for instance, wasn’t a joke

    2. The Pentagon has driven some really hard campaigns in, especially, the Rift Valley simultaneously.

    3. The above 2, inspite of being top dollar campaign effort, will require reinforcement.

    4. An important aspect of that reinforcement must be designed around media spend. A media spend ratio of PNU:ODM:ODM-K at 68%:20%:06% means that someone designing strategy doesn’t understand the criticality of a media campaign to reinforce messages.

    5. The media we produce MUST be catchy and trendy. We have all the talent (and more ready to be contacted, at absolutely no fee…)

    6. After doing a technical analysis, I have come to the conclusion that, there is ABSOLUTELY NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS to compare this poll Steadman has released and previous ones! Why?

    7. Steadman has changed their polling sample method. They have used district vote register proportion while previously they used district population propertion. If one uses different bases, there is no basis for subsequent comparision.

    8. Note also, HE COULDN’T OFFER EVIDENCE that any of the people he polled were registered voters. Ridiculous!

    8. If the basis of of the current poll is different from previous ones, why then does George Waititu begin his statement by saying: ” Raila dropped from 50% to 45%, Kibaki galloped from 39% to 41%…”? WHAT has he used to compare?

    9. Tom Wolfe promised us that the vote register basis after ECK gazetting the new voter numbers. WHO APPLIED PRESSURE that it be done straightaway before the vote registers are finalized?

    10. So, Steadman Polls’ views, even though they give SOME indication of what is going on in the grassroots, IT IS BY NO MEANS definitive. and far from conclusive… It only tells us one thing – “Na chungwa msi-lale, lale, lale! Na chungwa msi-lale, BADO MAPAMBANO, MAPAMBANO, MAPAMBANO, BADO MAPAMBANO!…”

  53. Auki Ollows says:

    And also, I was beginning to think that we need to up our secretariat game until I read I then realised that we have high expectations of our team. And that is as it should be!

  54. Aboka says:

    The best way to do it is to counter attack.. I guess the Raila secretariat knows so much dirty and bad thngs about ths people and they are just silent about it..

    They must be counter attacked..Show them part of ODM also..Distribute the same to them..No need to play clean if ur opponent is attacking u all th time…

    ODM is loosing hundreds of voters through this and it’s time we must gutuka and do th same to win voters if th same is working for them..

  55. Auki Ollows says:

    By the way, a blog is a blog is a blog! If an ODM supporter blogs a message then, (s)he is clear that they don’t mind the world seeing it.

    An email address has been provided for those with private contributions. If we feel that isn’t sufficiently safe, then Blog Administrator, could you provide us with a secure email address at the secretariat which we can use?

    What should be enforced is the blog message, even those that aren’t displayed, reaching the desired audience. There is no way of telling a guy who’s in the US, or Sweden to go contribute at the secretariat physically. Why then do we have technology to ease our lives?

  56. Philip (The visitor) says:

    It seems I’ve been sleeping lately that I could not see this article even though it was posted yesterday. Someone mentioned something called Rapid Response Unit. Let all Kenyans be made aware that “Muslims disowned the fake MOU”. As I said in my previous post lets look for a way that will henceforth make majority of Kenyans loose trust in anything that speaks against ODM and it’s leaders, so that whenever they are mentioned it should bring annoyance from ODM supporters and increase their agility to vote “en masse’ against the evil that is in PNU. Let the attitude be build to the extend that PNU will thus fear sending any propaganda lest they loose votes.


    Check this:

    Then also send to as many people as possible.

  57. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    I like the way the ODM family is debating the issue at hand. First let me acknowledge the academic response, to my post, by Philip (The visitor). You have given a truly academic reply. Why do I suggest vetting?
    You see we need to be aware that at the secretariate are human beings. We are many out here. Reading through comments posted here, the guys are under heavy pressure. This pressure is from us in this blog and , given the public access of these posts, the guys must also be under pressure from the friends and questions by our beloved leaders. SURELY SOMEONE CAN CRACK
    Secondly, while we need to know the thinking of our opponenets. They can easily, seemingly they are, deliberately add to the pressure. You know someone can decide to light fire on the LAKE! It would be worse if there had been oil spill on the lake water.

    As far as the alleged MOU is concerned. I want to say, having read through it, it does not desreve more sustained mention. The Pentagon has dealt with it. We may inadvertently help spread it, take care. Sometimes silence is better. We have said enough about it.
    In any case, it will take an academic dwarf to belive it. From the language and structure, it wont pass even the brain of any one who never went beyond primary education. MAYBE A TOTALLY ILLITRATE PERSON. Who wont read it anyway. SINCE when when did AGWAMBO have such a Signature?
    The way we write-Hand written, methods of running strokes, is controlled by a part of our brains. Subconciousely, an individual’s stroke will fallow a particular direction no matter which letter of the alphabet. Worse when signing. WE ARE ABLE to see the startpoint of a stroke and therefore see if any two writtings are from an individual or not. Looking at the signatures in this “MOU” I am sorry to FIND THAT
    1) It is a single individual’s hand writting: All the strokes start in same direction and look at the close similarity in the signatures. Poiting to a single BRAIN drive
    2) The pressure used to press the pen on paper is same- Confirming it is single individual. The amount of pressure we apply when writing is characteristic of an individual
    3) A single Pen was used to sign all the signatures. You Can’t tell me any of the alleged signatories walks into a meeting without a pen of his own
    4) The pen used to sign this document IS ABALLPOINT PEN with 0.6pt size ball. I wont believe if you tell me Hon Raila and Hon Balala are using BIC (That costs KSh10) pens, that not even my High school daughter hates.

    My friends, there lots of inadequacies in this “MOU”. WHERE IS THE SEAL? Which commissioner of oath was in charge? There are lots of questions to asked.

    On STEAMAN Poll! Have you noted the cut and paste work between the current report and previouse? Surely STEADMAN is not sincere this time.
    I will give in depth critique in my next post. I have the copy.


  58. HanifV says:

    It has been a excellent weekend for ODM. A very well attended rally in Eldoret and two simultaneous rallies in Western Kenya. And also a rejoinder to the PNU manifesto. It surprised me to see that according to Steadman ODM had dropped points in Western Kenya – there is no real credible reason why ODM should have dropped points in Western Kenya. It was an excellent response to have two rallies there. Support can be consolidated in Rift Valley and Western Kenya and the turf that needs to be tackled with urgency is Nairobi and the Coast Province. If there are votes still in balance in these areas the swing should favor ODM. But work needs to be done.

    The next two weeks are crucial and if Steadman is credible and ODM’s efforts are tireless then polls will swing in ODM’s favor. The polls that will be conducted nearer to voting day should not have much significance but next one has. As polls are conducted nearer the polling day the die has been cast and minds made up.

    Let’s have days of real concerted effort and significance in the next two weeks and commit funds to outdoor advertising, TV and radio. Coast will happen within this time. Mr Balala I am sure is well prepared. We must aim to be ahead at least by 7 percentage points come the next polls and such a gap will increase despondency in the PNU camp.

    Come on guys. Let’s move!!

  59. Auki Ollows says:

    I like how ODMists are cerebral! Well done McJairo! Tell them we don’t joke!

    Over the weekend, I received the following SMSes which I am sure ODM loving people wouldn’t mind sharing (share some of the ones you receive, on this blog…). Send to as many of your friends…

    SMS 1:
    As FALSE as Kibaki’s promise; As CERTAIN as change; As DEFINITE as PNU death; As GREY as Kibaki’s Think Tank; As BRIGHT as an Orange; As chaotic as PNU; As organized as ODM

    SMS 2:
    PNU Pledge #00: Zero Tolerance of CORRUPTION; PNU Pledge #000: CONSTITUTIONAL Reform. WHY??? Vote ORANGE! for ABSOLUTE ZERO tolerance of CORRUPTION! Vote Raila! for Constitutional CHANGE!

  60. Auki Ollows says:

    Agreed, Hanif! Excellent weekend!

  61. Nick says:

    Yes Hanif.Huyu nyoka ni mkubwa.Anataka siafu wengi.Hakuna kulala

  62. paul says:

    let KJ be part of the pentagon he can bring new life as youth who is bellow 35 to talk directly to the youths in there own language like what uhuru is trying to do but failing coz every body knows uhuru ni budaaa yeye si youth wa sheng, we need a person who can speake sheng 4 us guys who are under 36 years ama aje wasee

  63. cedo says:







    LONG LIVE KENYA – Ukabila, uchoyo na kiburi una tenganisha wakenya

  64. Auki Ollows says:


    Kick baki TENA? Je iendelee? PNU Manifesto ni MoU. Hatutaki MoU! Tunataka katiba mpya! KATIBA MPYA, RAILA SASA!

  65. David Kipkorir says:

    They think they are smart in propaganda eh!! Why not wallow in this one.
    Subject: Kibaki’s Govt of national Unity!!!!

    May God bless Kenya as we move closer to the election period! This Unbelievable. Even Moi saved seats for people from other tribes and
    Kibaki has the audacity to say that he is not a tribalist…I needen’t say anything more as this is a clear indication that we need to elect non tribalists.
    Kenya is for Kenyans of all tribes, colour and creed not just Kikuyus or people from Central or GEMA! Shame on Kibaki. Atoke kabisa! We have no
    more space for tribalists.

    FINANCE MINISTRY (Controls Finance, Banking, & Economy in general)
    Minister – Amos Kimunya – Kikuyu
    Asst. Minister- Peter Kenneth – Kikuyu
    Permanent Secretary – Joseph Kinyua – Kikuyu
    Economic Secretary – Kamau Thuge – Kikuyu
    Pensions secretary – Anne Mugo – Kikuyu
    Budgetary director -P.B Ngugi –kikuyu
    ERD director – Kenneth Mwangi –kikuyu
    D/Finance secretary – Mwirichia -Meru

    Governor- Prof. Ndungu – Kikuyu (curious appointment in election yr)
    Dep. Governor – John Gikonyo -Kikuyu !

    Chairman – Phillip Njuki – kikuyu
    Chief Executive Officer – David Wachira – kikuyu

    KENYA REVENUE COMMISSION **The most absurd**
    1. Commisssioner General: Michael Waweru – Kikuyu
    2. Board Secretary: Mrs Ngang’a – Kikuyu
    3. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Joseph
    Nduati -Kikuyu
    4. Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Namu Nguru
    5. Deputy Commissioner, Administration: Mr Karimi – Meru
    6. Deputy Commissioner Procurement: Ms Murichu. – Kikuyu
    7 Commissioner Customs: Mrs. Wambui Namu. – Kikuyu
    8. Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): Ms Githinji.-Kikuyu
    9. Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement (Customs): Mr Maina.-Kikuyu
    10. Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Ms Wachira.-kikuyu
    11. Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO) Mr Njiraini. -Kikuyu
    12. Deputy Commissioner: Mrs Mwangi. -kikuyu
    13. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Mrs King’ori.-Kikuyu
    14. Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: Major Kariuki.-kikuyu
    15. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: Wagachira.-kikuyu


    Board Chair- Chege Waruingi –Kikuyu
    CEO – Edward N’talami – Meru

    Chief Procurement Officers – 23 out of 36 first appointees are all from GEMA. Rest of Kenya = the remaining 13 (out of the 36).

    Chairman of Board – Nelius Kariuki. -kikuyu
    Chief Executive Officer – Johnson Githaka -kikuyu
    Financial controller – John Kinyua – kikuyu
    The latter two were just recently sacked for grand corruption.

    Minister – Prof George Saitoti – Kikuyu
    Asst. Minister(s) – Beth Mugo – Kikuyu
    Kilemi Mwiria – Meru
    Permanent Secretary – Karega Mutahi – kikuyu
    Director Basic Education – Mary Njoroge -kikuyu
    Director City Education – Margaret Thiongo- kikuyu
    Kenya Institute of Education (KIE)
    Director – Gabriel Muita -Kikuyu
    Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) – Chairman – H.M Kimura -Kikuyu
    Commission for Higher Education (CHE) Head of scholarships /credentialing Snr Asst. Commissioner- George Njine -Kikuyu
    Head of Administration (Asst. Comm) – Margaret Kobia -Meru

    Minister- John Michuki – Kikuyu
    Asst. Minister – Peter Munya – Meru
    Permanent secretary – Cyrus Gituai – kikuyu
    CID Director – Simon Gatiba Karanja- Kikuyu
    AP Commandant – K. Mbugua – kikuyu
    GSU Commandant – Mathew Iteere -Gema
    Deputy & Asst Commissioners of Police – majority -kikuyu
    Provincial Commissioners (PC’s) 3/8
    Nairobi J. Waweru – kikuyu
    Coast – Earnest Munyi-”
    NEP -Kiritu Wamae -”

    District commissioners.
    38/71 are GEMA with most concentrated in; Rift Valley (19), Eastern (8), Coast & Western (3 each)

    Minister – Njenga Karume – Kikuyu Asst. Minister – none: But who knows, he is waiting to appoint a relative Karume’s for sure just as he has done in all the other ministries!
    Permanent secretary – Zachary Mwaura -kikuyu
    Vice Chief of Armed Forces – Lt. Gen. Julius Karangi – kikuyu
    Army Commander – Lt. Gen. Augustine Njoroge ” -Kikuyu (note all the other Generals etc, were forced into retirement …especially those who are
    Navy Commander – Maj. Gen. Mwathethe “- Kikuyu
    Dep. Air Force Commander – Maj. Gen. Jackson Waweru ” -Kikuyu

    We ask God to save Kenya and more so in the coming elections!

  66. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    When I read these articles, I just sit and relax. For it means PANUA has a lot of work to do, especially among the schooled and about 95% of the Rural illiterate or semi-literate. So I will not comment. Here there are


    How I wish these would reach the Masses?
    Hellow AUKI OLLOWS!

  67. Lexx says:

    Hallo Blog.The so called PUNU manifesto is a complete sham,hogwash and doesnt speak clearly the desire of kenyans.Auki i agree with you we dont want an MOU that will be trashed if he wins(God forbid).I hope the ODM crew will fill the spaces left i mean how to deal with insecurity,tribalism,corruption and etc.
    the struggle continues

  68. Auki Ollows says:

    Fiti McJairo! TUKO MAPAMBANO!

    Our communications people should work out simple messages based on those articles… And, relax, noone will crack from the pressure we are exerting, if the secretariat works properly. If the pressure is very high, they employ more people to deal with it. If they still can’t, they interview VOLUNTEERS who, in any case will be happy to contribute to a worthy cause…

  69. Mike says:

    I never slept the whole of last weekend and even boycotted reading this site and the newspapers for reasons well known to all of us. I dont want to be tormented this week because the campaign engine is not burning in all cylinders.

    Let me just give you the chronology of events,mid this year there were tremors in various parts of the country, then the thunder at Uhuru Park, followed by a heavy downpour in Nakuru and Eldoret over the month. There are signs of lightining at Mombasa Tononoka as unceasing and unrelenting rains continue pounding parts of Western and Nyanza and North Eastern. Finally there is going to be a Tsunami in Nairobi come December and this will get many unawares.

    The propaganda is just a drywind trying to divert the course of the Tsunami but then it will not be able to withstand. Steadman like any other weatherman will tell you that the rains will always vary in intensity and magnitude. But as time goes by, and the floods will be raging then some will completely be swept never to be heard again.

    What we need to stress is a huge voter turnout in our strongholds esp Nyanza and Western and NEP even RVP and cultivate trust by avoiding double speak Raila here you are a culprit (in a light touch though). There is need for more presence in Nairobi with the likes of KJ and Jairos thanks they went to Thika and made their point known.

    Media adverts need to be more strong on voter awareness of our agenda. Was suprised that someone didnt know whether Ugatuzi is the catchphrase and doesn’t understand clearly what is MAjimbo and lives in Nairobi.

    All things work together for the good to those who are called according to God’s purpose. Imagine if ODM were to maintain the momentum and passion we had and PNU continued with their chaos mentality. I strongly believe there would have been killings in variuos parts of the country so it was a tactical retreat as we read their motives and now we know exactly what to do with them.

    The rains had subsided, but there is a renewed downpour that seems to be keen on pounding variuos parts of the country till the end of the year. Hope we can just meet face to face with you guys. Blog admin we will organise a bash for you dont worry as we bother you.

  70. Omamo Ogola says:

    Propaganda may not help PNU much. However we have to counter their dirty propaganda. Like the one on Majimbo, we have to put things strait. We have to explain to people that it is not for evicting anybody, but exactly the way it is in the Bomas draft, Devolution. Taking Government to the people, taking resources closer to the common man and involving ordinary Kenyans in decision making on how best they want their regions to develop. Let us not reciprocate by spreading dirty propaganda about our enemies, but telling Kenyans the truth and truth will set us free. We have to talk about unfair distribution of resource, appointment in public jobs, serious increase in cost of daily house hold commodities, insecurity (mungiki killings, land clashes and bank robberies only witnessed 1770s), outright tribalism and a new constitution. We are fighting for a just course and believe that God is on our side.

  71. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I’m a worried man. Why? Because I’ve started sensing the Tsunami. It seems the only thing I have to do is to prepare myself. As ODM supporters one thing we should not forget is to encourage all supporters of ODM to cast their votes and I know exactly what will happen.

    I’m an ODM supporter but lately, even though I make contributions here, I came to realise that I’m not a staunch supporter – NO! Someone told me that I’m a staunch supporter but others are followers…. I mentioned something earlier and it seems it’s taking effect. Propagandas perpetrated by PNU supporters against ODM has had the following impact to majority of ODM supporters – it has deepen their foundation in ODM, and so has it done to me. Some of these propagandas have started becoming a blessing in disguise, since they can easily be used to fight PNU effectively, by exposing to all and sundry the lies that PNU is spreading.

    Let all christians come together and prove to our fellow that Evil normally points others as evil to falsely espouse itself as Holy. Let christians know that PNU wants to divide major religious movements, that is Christians and Muslims, so as to capitalise on christian vote. They don’t care if Christians and Muslims fight, as it has happened several times in Nigeria. Muslims have assured Christians that what was sent was PURE LIE! A FABRICATION. Muslims have made it clear that they respect unity. But evil people within PNU want to divide the religious movements so they can get christian votes. Let christians be made aware of this.

    Let’s work hard so that, just like our Muslims brothers who have realised lies spread by PNU, so should also Christians realise the truth and collectively and completely disassociate with this evil in PNU. Frankly, how can someone sane think of spreading such propaganda…. This is someone who does not care of the unity of Kenyans.

    Going back again, why I’m I afraid of Tsunami? It is because I’ve had sentiments of my Muslim brothers and Coast people. I’ll simply say this: THEY NOW KNOW THE TRUTH.

    Again why am I afraid of Tsunami? It is because I have a friend who is Narc Kenya supporter, who also know the truth and he told me this, “This ‘man’ (Read Kibaki) must convince me why I should vote for him”. By the way I have avoided using the term he used – he didn’t refer to him as ‘man’.

    I’ll like to thank KJ for work done. I know that at least many youths have not been blinded by tribalism and I know KJ can convince many in Central, who will only pretend to be backing Kibaki but eventually will cast their votes in favour of Raila. Will KJ please tell us how we can assist in funding his campaign or are we to fund him through ODM secretariat?

    Whoever is a christian would you please tell other Christians that PNU is the devil here, who is trying to point fingers at ODM. It is so simple, all you need to tell fellow christians is the truth.

  72. Philip (The visitor) says:

    I’m a worried man. Why? Because I’ve started sensing the Tsunami. It seems the only thing I have to do is to prepare myself. As ODM supporters one thing we should not forget is to encourage all supporters of ODM to cast their votes and I know exactly what will happen.

    I’m an ODM supporter but lately, even though I make contributions here, I came to realise that I’m not a staunch supporter – NO! Someone told me that I’m a staunch supporter but others are followers…. I mentioned something earlier and it seems it’s taking effect. Propagandas perpetrated by PNU supporters against ODM has had the following impact to majority of ODM supporters – it has deepen their foundation in ODM, and so has it done to me. Some of these propagandas have started becoming a blessing in disguise, since they can easily be used to fight PNU effectively, by exposing to all and sundry the lies that PNU is spreading.

    Let all christians come together and prove to our fellow that Evil normally points others as evil to falsely espouse itself as Holy. Let christians know that PNU wants to divide major religious movements, that is Christians and Muslims, so as to capitalise on christian vote. They don’t care if Christians and Muslims fight, as it has happened several times in Nigeria. Muslims have assured Christians that what was sent was PURE LIE! A FABRICATION. Muslims have made it clear that they respect unity. But evil people within PNU want to divide the religious movements so they can get christian votes. Let christians be made aware of this.

    Let’s work hard so that, just like our Muslims brothers who have realised lies spread by PNU, so should also Christians realise the truth and collectively and completely disassociate with this evil in PNU. Frankly, how can someone sane think of spreading such propaganda…. This is someone who does not care of the unity of Kenyans.

    Going back again, why I’m I afraid of Tsunami? It is because I’ve had sentiments of my Muslim brothers and Coast people. I’ll simply say this: THEY NOW KNOW THE TRUTH.

    Again why am I afraid of Tsunami? It is because I have a friend who is Narc Kenya supporter, who also know the truth and he told me this, “This ‘man’ (Read Kibaki) must convince me why I should vote for him”. By the way I have avoided using the term he used – he didn’t refer to him as ‘man’.

    I’ll like to thank KJ for work done. I know that at least many youths have not been blinded by tribalism and I know KJ can convince many in Central, who will only pretend to be backing Kibaki but eventually will cast their votes in favour of Raila. Will KJ please tell us how we can assist in funding his campaign or are we to fund him through ODM secretariat?

    Whoever is a christian would you please tell other Christians that PNU is the devil here, who is trying to point fingers at ODM. It is so simple, all you need to tell fellow christians is the truth.

    I had given a link to the news that Muslims disown that fake MOU above in my previous post.

  73. Roble says:

    On the eve of PNU’s manifesto Kibaki said that do not fear or get worried coz we on course this is a clear indication that they want to do the biggest scandal in kenyans history to RIG the polls is what can be read from their lips so let ODM closely monitor there movement and the international monitors to work hard to encounter their ill motives.

  74. Alfred Osewe says:

    I posted my comment 3 days back but have never seen it, what happened?

  75. Auki Ollows says:


    PNU Manifiasco: Zero tolerance of Katiba Mpya, fair tolerance of Ufisadi, tolerance of Ukabila patronage… Enough fiascos! VOTE ORDER! VOTE RAILA!

  76. Stephen Were says:

    Kenyans need to know how low these PNU guys are.

    Great Minds discuss Ideas, Average Minds discuss Events, Small Minds discuss People! – Eleanor Roosevelt (former US First Lady)

    Raila Discusses Ideas (Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Quality Leadership, Development, Fairness, Freedom, Devolution Of Resources, Peace Etc).

    Kalonzo Discusses Events (Miracles, Of Course – And How Big His Recent Rallies Have Been!)

    Kibaki, his supporters And Moi Discuss People (Raila And The Pentagon And How Bad They Are for Telling Kenyans The Truth!)

  77. Alfred Osewe says:

    Whoever said that Odm secretariat were not reading these comment did not give them enough time as you can see we now have an email address where we can post our private comments, and just a reminder if you ever saw how they dismantled pnu manifesto both on their rallies and on media you will really like it keep it up guys with ur nice ideas. After yesterday the whole manifesto was white washed and hold no meaning to the common mwananchi.
    I beleive if you maintain this idea of counter attack then nothing will stop you from reaching 60% in opinion poll.
    Play rough when they go rough, get all propaganda you can get and dismantle this pnu. The mass is with you.

  78. Ayoo Tsunami says:

    ODMs army should not panic,they should trust Agwambo in any political battle cos he never fails,ask Moi,Kibaki and Kalonzo…

  79. Ayoo Tsunami says:

    when Moi thought that he was a prof,Agwambo demoted him to his class;when Kibaki thought that power is everything,Amolo gave him abig blackout and when Kalonzo thought that he was smart-Rais politically rained on him.

  80. Elizabeth says:

    ODM is winning, this is a reality! Just tell me one thing that will make me change my mind and vote something else at this point in time. Let the propaganda fly right, left and forth but my deal is sealed. I sealed the deal with myself the moment the 2002 MOU was thrown to the dogs. I am just surprised at how PNU is playing cheap politics, they have everything at their disposal, but still they are unable to convince Kenyans at just how much they can still do given another term. Forget about the referendum and the many chest thumping stuff they spoke of having a ‘machinery that will shake all corners of this country’ What happened? Why couldn’t they win even a simple referendum? My friends everytime I see these people trying to ‘explain’ to me the way things have changed, my heart drops? They have taken us for fools, and funnily enough, they are not even smart at these lies that they manufacture. They have realized when its too late to make promises that they should have made in 2003, and 2004. These guys act so rediculous and they are not even funny! People see through these lies. Just have your views and opinions through this blog, but dont tell the secretariat what to do. Why because PNU is here with us in this blog! Yes right here and you can read them. Just how desperate can these people get? They are losing it are’nt they?
    ‘BADO MAPAMBANO’ no matter how much that ‘DOMO’ thing rings into my head!

  81. Jagero says:

    It has been a great weekend, and things can only get better. I think we need to use the latest stedman poll as the benchmark for future polls though I fear they may not release many polls in future because I think they want to stop when there is a perception that Kibaki is remounting. That is as soon as they realise a widening gap they may be forced to stop. They really don’t want to get it wrong because then they close shop yet they may as well want to give mzee a hand.

    Tke key things are that votes from central have been high since 92 because Kibaki and Matiba in 92, Kibaki in 97 and Kibaki and Uhuru in 2002 contested. THe turn out in Nyanza must equal or be more than the turn out in central. Western and Rift valley are also going to post very high turn outs. As has been said in these forums Nairobi and Coast are the battle gruonds in terms of support and turn out however issue of turn out has to be preached everwhere, let no vote remain uncast. WE WILL WIN WITH A BIG MAJORITY. THE LORD IS WITH US!!

  82. Dr. Barack Abonyo says:

    Prpagandas not linked to the trueth do not last long. Normally newsmen are required to make sure their stories are true and they should be able to own up and apologize or resign if it turns out that their sources were untruethful. However, PNU mailers just like the president they support are alot that are never responsible for anything they do and are totally not asahamed of the lies after they are discovered. Indeed they prefer to lie to people and when they are discovered they match on and manufacture another one. As Mutahi Ngunyi put it, like Kibaki they lie to you bold face and when discovered they do not insist on defending their stand instead they tell you to go and sit on a pin if their behaviour hurt you. In other words these people do not care about the they are attempting to earn their vote or support. All they care about is that one of their own becomes a president. Well that could have been ok if the fray is not joined by the clergy that us as kenyans have believed are God’s messengers.

    I think it is probably time to know for sure that the clergy including the so called Rev. Karanja and Musyimi now be treated as the messenger of the devil. Because the bible says that the devil is the author of lies. That God is the trueth and if you know the trueth then it shall set you free. Why the PNU supporters who constantly portray themselves as christians think that they ought to do this is unclear. Why they think our discovery that they are leieing does not matter is amazing. Why they beliebve this wont hurt them is an arrogance of the highest order. But it seems tribal alliances to them is stronger than their bond with christ. What will they do when the election is over. Probalably confess their sins and lie that they are forgiven. They are inddeed lieing knowingly. The question is will we Kenyans continue to accept it? I doubt it. But if I speak for alot of Kenyans, I would say that Kenyans should “VOTE OUT THIS NONESENSE”. Like Moi this lot that Kenyans can still be constsantly be taken for a ride in the name of a simple dialect.

    The MOU between Raila and the Muslims propaganda is a cat out of the box that is going to scratch the faces of PNU liers and Rev. Musyimi in particular for along time. It is a lie that has taken us back to the other lies that has been peddled. That Raila is a dictator, that he is a frascist, that he is an atheist and that he is a dictator. How can they say this without blinking and owe us no apology after all these are discovered to be a simple propaganda to win the votes for their tribesman. It is time this lot tell us whether they are the desciples of christ or of the devil. Of course even the devil was once an angel.

    For Rev. Musyimi to have authored the MOU document (for further info see: and spread it to every part of Kenya is a thing that he should not shrug off his shoulder. He has to be responsible for the fake note. Such a document should make the church excommuniacte him. His dignity is in the gutter and should not be even contemplating being a member of parlierment. It is also time for the KACA members to discuss the behaviour of their officials because if they are lieing on these matters, they would not hesitate to lie on the KACA matters including its financial matters. KACA investigate them.

    Dr. Barack Abonyo

  83. Elizabeth says:

    ‘THE LORD TRULY IS WITH US!’ The era of dirty politics and propaganda is getting over with this regime. We should not hit back with propaganda but with facts and ideologies. This way, any reasonable voter will see the truth and what we stand for.

    Indulging and wasting time on trivial issues when we have bigger things at hand, should not be our point of concentration now.

    We know what we want and the boumderies have already been drawn anyway.


  84. muchindo says:

    Whenever, a person runs out of ideas to counter the opponent’s argument, the loser often resorts to violence. Look at the violence that is being vested on the ODM campeign posters on Uhuru Highway. Turn this into an issue and hammar it away at rallies. Get some articles into the National media on . Make them look stupid losers. The key is to put PNU on the defensive.

  85. Elizabeth says:

    Let propaganda continue guys! Just spoted some papers with ‘choose majimbo ya Raila, chagua kifo’ ooops! with a black shetani holding a spear! It is getting ugly guys by the day! Its serious. Just walk around Reinsurance Plaza and see all these! Let them do more damage so that we see their true colours!

  86. Roble says:

    Well its now clear that the PNU is frustrated lot coz what Martha Karua was saying yesterday was completely not democractic :-critising ur opponents publically even naming them wasnt what one expects from a leader and she is forgetting one thing that their camp is a den to supper corrupt individuals no wonder Bro. Paul Kamlesh is supporting ’em.
    Its tym they change their tactics and resort to dev’t driven and encouraging talks rather than DOMO’s

  87. Auki Ollows says:

    Martha ‘RAV 4’ Karua should stop trying to be the mouthpiece of PNU tranparency… When she was asked what vhe was doing with Father Dominic Wamugunda, in the small hours of night, when they were carjacked, she characteristically snapped: “…None of your business!”. So, her speaking about transparency is like Lucy Kibaki advocating for press freedoms…

  88. Auki Ollows says:

    Only ODMists can think like this:

    Raila billboard vandalism is similar to Kenya’s 43 year economic and political vandalism… END VANDALISM! VOTE RAILA!

  89. Auki Ollows says:

    Another one I saw:

    Wakenya wakinyanyaswa, domo tutapiga! Wakenya wakiibiwa, domo tutapiga! Domo, domo…

  90. OT says:

    I have noticed that some PNU hooligans keep vandalising our billboards along Uhuru Highway. Much as this is good for us in that it exposes PNU for the empty-heads they are, I am sure this is causing a lot of anguish to the advertising company.

    Why don’t we organise night vigils to keep the billboards secure all night. anyone aware of how this can be arranged should chip in with ideas. I am willing to volunteer 3 hours for at least two nights a week to be at Uhuru highway protecting our billboards. i propose that we all volunteer some time to be at Uhuru highway at night because this is when these thugs attack. we should also be a big crowd. even if we do not engage them in a fight we can be armed with cameras to catch their faces.

  91. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    We really need to be extra vigilant as the propaganda is not only confined to our presidential candidate, Agwambo, but is spread across the whole country especially areas that former self proclaimed professor of politics thinks he is popular. There are lots of propaganda to damage perceived popular ODM candidates in order to make us make wrong moves probably to nominate moles unleashed by them against us. Come Friday, we need extra vigil as they have resorted to using anything but their brains to wreck our nominations. Watch out!! the kick of a dying horse is close by.

  92. Felix Aduol says:

    Let’s get a better and more secure way of airing our views. We can send emails to the moderator with our views to be implemented. With this blog, all the eggs are exposed in a stormy rain.

  93. Felix Aduol says:

    Who is moderating this blog?. You better be smart. I wonder if you normally read these contribution. If i may ask where did this document called MOU come from. Is it true or a propaganda. From there we can get a solution for its effect. They are stirring christians against Raila and ODM. That being the aim, we can look at a smarter way of countering this crap.

  94. Agent4Change says:

    Hi Felix
    May i assure you that we do read each and every comment posted on this blog. We take your views seriously and it has helped us in our campaign approach especially here at the communications centre.
    The MOU is a propaganda tool being spread by our oponents it is FAKE and malicious kindly ignore it and tell everyone to do so.
    Thanks and lets keep our hopes high and work towards real change for all Kenyans

  95. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  96. Felix Aduol says:

    We need to come up with classic advertisement against PNU. Let’s dwell on Kibaki’s failures and let’s reach all the people of this great nation with it in whichever means.

  97. Felix Aduol says:

    Auki the SMS idea is an ideal one but we have one major problem. Some people fear spending. This change is not for Raila it is for all peace loving and democratic Kenyans we all have to contribute towards this. A times i comes up with a nice message discrediting Kibaki and his PNU but i have never received one back. Which means along the stream, someone is sleeping.

  98. pabokenya says:

    i have been following party of no understanding unleashing propaganda one after the a kenyan in the diaspora and i believe that now is the time to start hitting these people harder. am a kenya and i work outside the country, i draw alot of respect from community even though am black, so why sud we get scared of propaganda on morris dick?
    even if we hired john githogo, they will say something even tho we know he was the only one who was clean in that statehouse?
    i can tell u that on the 28th dec, raila will be prezo designate.
    why cant we start going on kibaki?we can draw a poster of sleeping prezo for 4years, then he wakes up and start dishing districts and universities left to right?
    we can also give out all the pledges they have failed to honour?
    we can also print out the list of all tribal appointments and dish them in all provinces except central?
    we can also draw old men leading whreas we come with youth?
    look at panua,kibaki nyachae,awori, njenga,michuki,moi,biwwot?
    take the age of their pentagon and add age of our pentagon

  99. pabokenya says:

    i believe we are here to help pentagon with strategy.i have seen division of work and its working.
    but really panu lacks ideas,they only critises what we offer kenyans, what r they offering?
    its these tribal appointments that drove us out of kenya to look for greener pastures but we are coming back mzee kibaki!

    u promised us jobs but he gave them his peers.
    u need to put posters to qualify for a job under kibaki, u must be above seventy. if they doubt, ask awori, nyachae and chuki.
    can karua tell us what they were doing with wamugunda at night before thugs stopped them?
    we can also see why the catholics are siding with kibaki,u can see from pple like njue and wamugunda in one room.

  100. Jagero says:

    Great job the secretariat, You have hit PNU tena where it hurts most and that is why they keep vandalising our bill boards. I propose you make some megabillboards with the same message the size of Nyayo stadium billboards and put them in strategic places. These are worth guarding for two weeks untill the message sinks. At the same time these billboards should be distributed to all parts of the country. The same messagwe can come out in the Radio, print and electronic media so that it can not be stopped with whatever criteria. Finally you can distribute fliers with the message in all the campaigns Presidentrial, Parliamentary and Civic. Make sure the message reache the masses. GOD BLESS RAILA, GOD BLESS THE PENTAGON, GOD BLESS ODM, GOD BLESS KENYA

  101. pabokenya says:

    we need to start sending fliers all over with pnu dirty propanganda. we dont need only the secretariat to all everything for us. let all the odm supporteers who have access to computer make some propanda.for panua, we dont need even to look far.i was reading kumekucha nad we have lucy slaping journalists.why can we say is this the kazi we want to endeleza,this type of kazi must be stopped.
    we just need some1 to give us the list of dc’s in the country and is this the kazi we need.
    what we need now to pray so that our nomination is smooth, then after that we will hit panua where its hard most.we are realising part of kroll report kesho in the internet, is this the kazi which should continue.
    thanks to the secretariat for giving us we have our manifesto to sell.if a panu man reminds of the past,reming him of the new kenya under raila,where there wont be cowboy contractors like maina,no mungiki,where every kenya will be proud to be kenyans.
    thats when other africans will also be proud to be kenyans and all wazungu will be coming to visit and invest in kenya.the kenya we want

  102. Mike says:

    On the MOU, my Pastor told me that, The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and not the fear of a particular group of people. The PNU agenda has failed time after time and the Lord has always seen ODM through the fires.

    Remember Maanzo, presidential nomination, violence in various parts of the country, name calling and then they wanted to spark a religious violence and even hatred between Muslims and Americans. One thing I have noticed is that the lies come as fiery darts but dont last long because the devil is the father of all lies.

    Moi himself confesses to be believer but spreads hatred and cant forgive. Most Christians are lost in their tribes and can no longer hear the voice of God. Some want to settle old scores and bar others from expressing themselves by revenging. If you’ve noticed when discussing with the PNU guys they harbour bitterness and are closed in thinking and this will take them nowhere.

    To all ODM members we will not be voting out of Euphoria but soundness of mind coz we’ve been tested and found to be passionate of every aspect of our weaknesses and strengths.

    Any person who comes with a propaganda refer them the parable of the sower even if you dont profess the faith of Christianity. Our Muslim brothers and sisters we love you dont fear posting your comments.

  103. Elizabeth says:

    People I woke up with a stomach ache this morning! Not because of the campaign but because of this PANU Party! These people are so desperate! Why on earth would they vandalise our posters that we have paid for? Yet they are using state resources to campaign. And these state resources are the tax payers money; my money that I wake up everyday at 4 to work for. I cannot believe that the same money I contribute in form of taxes are again being used against me! The beautiful bill boards that used to put some smile on my face every morning while stuck on the jam truly are nolonger there! When am I going to be set free from all these nonsense? I live in some estate that I wouldnt reveal here, in that place, I cannot dare open my mouth and say ODM! Sometimes something just itches me to the extent that I want to do a little jig infront of my house with my boys shouting President Raila! AMolo go! Agwambo forever! But I cant! I look forward to a future when I will be free to shout my voice hoarse, dance myself lame and do my little thing for a just course I truly believe in, and a course that will set me free. I know many people live in this fear too, and I hate it. I dont want to wake up one day and get my windscreen all shatterred because I believe in something my neigbour does not believe in. Its rediculous how I claim to be a Kenyan yet I cannot freely express myself! And co-exist with the others freely.
    These people think that they are experts in this propaganda war? We can do better than that and they know it, but we dont want to and I hope we dont get ourselves sucked into all that. We have tonnes of promises that were never filled! Tonnes of them, we can capitalise on all those to shame them, such that before they even think of another crooked idea like them, they have to think again.
    Of late I have spoted some truly ‘orange’ chick, running this advert on tv, and it makes me go wild with laughter! We should just counter those nonsense. They shouldnt have a field day trashing every beautiful thing that we have. These people dont even have a serious think tank. Why do they go preaching ODM and Raila in all their functions?
    Its so obvious they have nothing to offer Kenyans ooops!

    My case rested.

  104. Ambrose says:

    I am also not impressed with the ODM campaign, our leader is being targeted by cheap propaganda and his luitenants are not covering him, I am mostly uncomfortable with the likes of Joe Nyaga. as he is currently just sitting and doing absolutely nothing, yet being from central Kenya he is best placed to lead the onslaught against the region, he can simply say he is an insider and knows the way they think.

    I was watching Loise Otieno yesterday on Citizen where he had visited coast province and the ODM course got thoruoghly slaughtered by TAIB and his cheap propaganda, PNU obviously stage managed the whole thing by filling the audience with her supporters who sang their cause to the end, where was Najib.

    The ODM rep was weak and ineffective, he could not even explain what Majimbo is, he could not even point out to the audience that the reason Kenya is where it is is because of the current system which has perpetrated inequality. If we continue like this we will lose alot of ground to PANUA.


  105. pabokenya says:

    ambose dont loose hope.we are doing everything at the grassroot.u need to know that only propaganda doesnt win election.i aggree with you that the pentagon need to insulate our prezo by making sure that the hit very hard the panua pple leaving tinga with the job of moderation.
    they sud start also target moi with scathing attacks then by the time they answer to this we throw more mad, when they re throw with that one pentagon man ruto open another can of worm.we need even intelligence on whats going on in the party of no understanding so THAT THIS KAZI BE STOPPED.I TELL U KIBAKI IS PLUNDERING RESOURCES THAT IF THEY WIN PLE WILL REGRET TILL OUR GRAND CHILDREN

  106. Auki Ollows says:


    You have got it ever SO RIGHT! Anyone with butterflies, get rid of them, TUKO MAPAMBANO! Otherwise, of what use is having a FEARLESS field marshall? FEAR NOONE, least of all PNU! Did you see how ruthlessly Raila tore into the regimes in this country from 43 years ago? That’s an ODM MAN for me…

    Raila has said, they are in the trenches. Our work is to send supplies – morale, professional support etc. If you have any fears, channel them to or There are pros ready and willing to offer counselling support, if you find the PNU propaganda too irritating or distracting you too much…

  107. Auki Ollows says:

    I listened to Joe Nyaga say, two days ago, that he was deep in the Turkana heartland. He hadn’t seen a newspaper for 4 days! ODMists, this battle is right down to the ground. These guys are very deeply in the trenches… Send your salaams and use provided avenues to cry about your fears…


  108. Wonder says:

    Hold Major rallies in Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi. Remember the style man, you know what I mean, like you did with the orange bus. What is all the fuse with th MoU wioth Muslims? Why should

  109. Wonder says:

    Why should PNU be publicizing a fake doc which I have seen even with the illiterate? Don’t you think a moron may believe them and cost us a vote? Why don’t we make the official document public and have the Muslim Group dismiss the PNU thing? It will have painted them as the real fools!

  110. Otieno says:

    Just how low can Propaganda Na Uongo (PNU) get? Have you guys seen the sickening fake Raila website they’ve created? I don’t want to paste the link here…..gosh! What goes round comes round. Their blatant lies will only rebound in their faces. Time for change has come and it is now!

  111. Horesia says:

    I appreciate everyones contribution here but I urge you to also give your views in the “Nation” blogs where PNU is waging a propaganda war against ODM. The few of us who are contributing there feel overwhelmed by there sheer numbers. Contributing in this blog is good but often we are talking to ourselves. While in the Nation you win the neutral votes. On another note I am rather disappointed with what am reading on the nominations front. The exercise has been sloppy to say the least. People appear not to have paid attention to detail while preparing for this exercise. Candidates have invested their time and money, some have resigned their jobs to run for office and chaos is what we are subjecting them to. This is totally unacceptable and very disappointing indeed. The candidates and voters will feel cheated. We must do damage control immediately otherwise we may end up tarnishing our rather good image. It is difficult to differentiate us from PNU the way we have conducted ourselves. Imagine the points we would have scored if our nomination exercise was smooth.

  112. Horesia says:

    Heads must roll, the foot soldiers must execute their share of the job well. This is not the time to leave anything to chance. The Pentagon cannot do everything. Who is overseeing this election anyway? Why is Ndolo and Gumo demanding queuing method instead of secret ballot? What are the ballot papers for? It is our organization. service delivery, discipline, and execution that is the true reflection of how well we are schooled not the qualifications. Nothing should be left to chance in the next 40 days if we seriously want to win with a landslide.

  113. PABLO says:

    Well guyz I think all that have been said above we need to take them seriously and give it a big thought. This guyz are out to wreck ODM with even the former president arap Moi alledging that he has spys within ODM. I think we need to change tact abit to way lay our opponents they are guyz full of hatred, malice and hooliganism. What the ODM secretariate should Know is that every other tom harry and dick except from Central Kenya are pissed off with the Inccumbent gevernment so they should take all the advantage at their disposal to exploit this golden opportunity to strike hard without sympathy, Sometimes the pentagon team strike sympathetically, They should let the mass know what this PNU thing is what they did, Kibaki is a well known scandal schemer so I dont think a well coined propaganda can defeat you guyz from puting onboard but it should be tactical not to plce ODM on the reactionery stage. In politics the important stage to be in is the proaction stage. We need not to worry alot about the dirty propaganda if anything we can Play it better than them we have what it takes to outsmirt this PNU conglomerate forever. Let us think of the Kenya Meat Commision who brought it down, There is also an alledged story about the PNU flag bearer having killed his Father to save His life during when he was the VP of Moi Please let the foot solders leave not the whole work for the secretariate and we should avoid those little mistakes. This are things we also need to use against them. The Michukis, Mwirarias, Murungarus are back who can
    these crooks for a second time hey ODM guyz wake up or else we are doomed

  114. tnk says:


    all my contributions to the nation blog are either unpublished or grossly edited in the name of moderation and any criticism of PNU Kibaki usually dissappears. It does not happen on all blogs but at least 40%. I’ve writtern a lengthy note on the economy that still is unpublished

  115. Horesia says:

    Tnk what you have said is true, several of my publications are also not published or edited. The nation blog is definitely screening many ODM comments and this is the overall strategy to neutralize us. But don’t give up just keep fighting,any message that goes through is victory on our side.

  116. mkenyadamu says:

    From now on until dec 28 whenever we talk of Raila detention we should refer to it as ” when kibaki and Moi detained Raila” ,this will show that Kibaki like Kalonzo has been part of the problem all along and must now go so we can usher in a new political dispensation. Raila Tosha! Kibaki nenda nyumbani!

  117. charles says:

    guys propaganda is growing….there is a fake website for our beloved candidate.kindly advice those who dont know to ignore it/its called PNU.guys are now behaving like children.we should ignore there propaganda(infact they have resorted to muchongoano..we should sell our vision to this country

    you should also counter their anti majimbo advert in tVs by bringing the pictures of kenyans who are supporting ugatuzi

  118. Even as the sampling frames are changed, more needs to be done on visibility….ODM haionekani outside Nrb….in Nakuru, it is PNU ALL OVER!!! Let publicity material be taken to the villages! Raila needs to be consistent in his message to Kenyans..there are times when he blunders! Let his handlers put pressure on him…he must only say what he has to say…his presence alone speaks…he does not need to do the heckling himself!

  119. Nick says:

    I live in the coast and yesterday after the church service the pastor had an announcement to make.He wanted to read to us th MOU that Raila had signed with the muslims.I could not believe that our pastor would stoop this low and bring partisan and propaganda politics to the pulpit.You would also not believe the reaction of the church goers.Everyone walked before he would start reading the MOU beginning with Mr.Brown Ondego former MD of KPA.He was left to read the MOU to the choir.That MOU is so fake that it does not scare me at all and neither would it make us loose votes.I rarely hear anything about it nowadays down here.The problem with PNUs propaganda machine is that it believes kenyans are so stupid that they would believe anything said about Raila.This people are not attacking Raila because he is bad but because he is ahead.They forget that what kenyan people are looking for are straight answer to tough questions like corruption and tribalism.To be relevant their only strategy is propaganda. Raila is ahead so let us continue playing the winning card not cheap propaganda or revenge card

  120. Ambrose says:

    Agreed, Raila must let others ruble raise so that he is not pinned by dirty propaganda. Many Kenyans want change and PNU is offering non. This election is his to lose.

  121. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    If it propaganda we have dirtier things to say which are true anyway. Why dont we say them ?

    The coming ads should focus on the promises made on the manifesto. I think they are very powerful as a means of solidifying our support against any propaganda.

    I stopped posting on Nation Blog since non of my posts appear.

    Have you noticed how much our nominations have been given negative publicity by Nation as compared to PUNU ones which were no better ? I think Nation is playing the same game they played during the referendum.

    I think now that we have nominees they have the mandate to hit the grassroots with propaganda and our agenda in a way that should shock PUNU.

    Can we target to win 5 out of the 6 seats in Nairobi. I believe it is doable. The only seat that might be beyond us is Dagoretti.

    I think Punu is at its weakest point now that it has individual parties competing. This should help us win 95 % seats in Coast, Nyanza, R. Valley and Western. I dont think we have any serious fallout so far.

  122. Abok says:

    The ODM adversaries will not wait for anytime before they strike, here is a website which looks like the real ODM campaign website albeit it has very funny entries, where is the secretariat to counter this lest the cyber family be cheated of their votes. Check this out


  123. Auki Ollows says:

    The powder keg, strangely, is Nyanza – with the likes of Jakoyo Midiwo, and Western with the likes of Kibunguchy being nomination certs after they lost in clean ball… This one must be addressed…

  124. Horesia says:

    The nomination exercise was a disaster that we would like to quickly leave behind us. The Pentagon should let the ODM election board resolve the remaining disputes while they hit the road to resume campaigning from where they left it last week. I think Raila did a good job campaigning last week which culminated in the unraveling of the ODM manifesto. But now the nomination debacle is distracting us from the final prize. The best way to go is to hold a massive campaign rally at the Coast. I think we have given the coastal region a major blackout. ODM has not held a major rally there since Raila got the nomination.

  125. Horesia says:

    Is anybody out there? The silence is worrying are we a party under seige? I am tired of seeing violence clips only on TV. We need the Pentagon in Mombasa to reignite our supporters enthusiasm there. PNU are back on the road looking for votes. Uhuru today was in Kipkelion and Kericho while MK was in Nairobi- Dagoreti, Kikuyu and Westlands. I think their plan is to comouflage the bad publicity the nominations is generating by touring Kibaki friendly constituencies. Some of the people stoning ODM offices in Nairobi could very well be hired by PNU goons. Until this nominations fiasco we were holding our peace very well. Let us move to the next chapter we have been on this nomination page for too long.

  126. Ambrose says:

    Kibaki is off to UG this friday for a week, i think this is a good time for ODM to take advantage of his absence to cement the lead we created. Let Raila apologise for the poor primaries then hit the road with some serious campaigns.

    I suspect the Nation will use the nominations debacle to Doctor its opinion polls in favour of PANUA

  127. Auki Ollows says:

    Ahem! I agree we MOVE ON! Let the Elections Board resolve pending issues and Anyang’ Nyongo justify his free ticket to parliament by resolving whatever admin issues are pending…


  128. Baijo M.Lorowu says:










  129. solomon says:


    I wish Raila humbly go live on all major radio station with a well-packaged message and apologise to the country for the not so attractive primaries.
    He should also not forget to offer an olive branch to the losers and appeal to them to support the winners. He should use the opportunity to make public the MOU with muslims.

    This will earn him considerable marks.

  130. Ambrose says:

    Yes Raila should definitely apologise to kenyans for the bad show, acknowledging that an error has been done and that the people understand.

    But on the MOU Raila signed with Muslims, disclosing it will not help his cause, this document if publicised will be looked at with religious emotions and it will cause rifts. If (NAMLEF) chooses to disclose it then thats upto them but Raila should consider the matter closed.

    This document was signed before the fake one started doing the rounds, why didn’t people ask to see it then.

    ODM must stress that an MOU is a non-binding agreement equivalent to a handshake. Its what you refer to in contract terms as “An Invitation to treat”.

    PANUA have managed to gain mileage on it but we must counter them by returning to the basics, that this elections is about the past 5 years of Kibaki misrule. We must point out the evil axis that is Moi-Kenyatta-Kibaki, we must remind the masses that we are poor because of the 40+ years and a centralised government system.

    We should not shy from attacking the system because all the wrong things they have done are in the public domain, kenyans must not forget.

    We also need to point out to the kanyans the arrogance of main decision makers of the kibaki government (Michuki, Karume, Karua, Kimunya, Murage, Muhoho) are currently not even bothered to campaign yet we all know that once Kibaki returns they will take over the reigns of power and walk all over us the way they have always done over the past 5 years.


  131. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    The ODM team lead by pentagon has already addressed a press conference after meeting with the agrieved and appealed to all supporters to remain with the party. Some of the nominations problems were beyond their (board’s and leaders) control.

    We should also note that whereas there were and still are problems in all parties, the media deliberately decided to focus on ODM trying to drag the top leadership names in the mess. It is good the leaders chose to ignore and stay away to avoid confrontation with every tom dick and harry who wanted to be nominated. Mistakes have been addressed, those who choose to defect have gone and they will sqaure it out with the ODM flag bearers come dec 27th. We should forget everything behind us and move on with the remaining part of aggressive popular campaigns to win the general elections and get a clear majority to be able to push through meaningful legislative changes Kenyans badly desire.

  132. Nick says:

    Forget about disclosing the MOU and please close the chapter.Why cant Kibakis goverrnment disclose who returned the anglo leasing money or who were involved.Dont we need to know who these rapists of our economy are?If not disclosing the MOU will earn them votes let it be.They already shot themselves by bringing a fake document and even trying to circulate it in churches.Let us focus on what we will do for kenyans,muslims included.Kibaki always took muslims for granted.He never imagined they could change the course of an election.If Kibaki was ahead in the opinion polls then this MOU would have been a non issue.Their battle is about Raila being ahead and not because he is bad.I live with muslims and even work with them and they will vote for Raila whether they call him a devil just to quote one or whether he signed a MOU,OAU or IOU whatever they call it to quote another.

  133. C. Audi says:

    Watch this innovation by my son

  134. charles says:

    hi guys propaganda is getting too much day by day.and the media is not doing us any good.yesterday.our opponents put an advert on TV..those day in 2002 where Raila said Mudavadi was involved in Goldenberg..i think the media is also unfair.they should have refused to put such a propaganda on air the same way they refused to put our advert on Mungiki,Artur and lucy atrocities…

    we have sat back too much.we need to counter them seriously……come up with scandals for many of those aspirants who are supoorting kibaki.tell kenyans the reasons why all those people are in PNU..for example..the one Lenny Kivuti owns too much Grabbed Lands…he supports kibaki because he want to reposses the kitisuru land that is on the by-pass(the one Raila brought the house),his multistorey building,Geomap centre in upperhill is on the city council sewerline corridor and it was meant to be demolished..other people like Moi,Kamotho,Saitoti,Njenga Karume(recently on army recruitment).Lucy kibaki(on army recruitment),

    i mean,we have all sort of true stories to pin these PNU guys.get in touch blogmaster will tell you more

  135. Auki Ollows says:

    Bw Audi, that’s EXCELLENT STUFF from your son… As people are wrangling, he’s coming up with new ideas on how he can SERVE chungwa… Good lesson… Can he kleep doing these innovations that we can share with the whole cyber world known to us?

  136. FRED OGALO says:

    Hi it true that the major media houses are refusing to air ODM adverts?coz there is some rumour going round to that effect?looks like the guyz incharge of propaganda at the secretariat are lucklustre in their job.
    we are supposed to be the best at propaganda.come on guyz,don’t let us down.
    i also need to advice people on one factor we seem to overlook.this election will basically be won on voter turnout.
    i was doing some statistics and i’ve realised why PANUA guys spend most of their time campaigning in central and upper eastern.they know if they can convince these guys to come out in large numbers on election day then they are home and dry.that’s why wakina kiraitu were stressing that GEMA guys should come out to vote more than 90% or forget the presidency.we may be leading in 6 out of the 8 provinces but remember it is numbers that matter.both upper eastern and central provinces’ votes combined will cancel out nyanza and western provinces i.e assuming there is an average voter turnout.but suppose we have voter apathy in our strong holds then i can assure you guyz that we will need to find somewhere to hide our heads.i can assure you that this time round there will be a very high voter turnout in central and eastern such that if we sit back and assume that we have won then we will be in for a rude request to everyone is that we need to put alot of effort in rift valley mainley coz the swing vote will come from there.finally please everybody should make sure that everybody you know who supports ODM goes out to vote on dec. 27.if possible please after voting call your relas,friends and everybody close to you and make sure that they vote even if it means walking throughout the villages.and by the way why isn’t ECK releasing the final voter register?we need to know if it has been doctored.bye guys.between now and dec 27th THE GOSPEL SHOULD BE “GO OUT AND VOTE”

  137. patriot says:

    Steadman Cooking up Numbers.

    A casual addition of President Kibaki’s support per province as released on Friday then divided by eight (the number of provinces) showed that Kibaki had scored 39.5 per cent, Raila had 47.6 while Kalonzo had 8.5 per cent.

    Presidential voting by province
    Province Kibaki Raila kalonzo
    Nairobi 46.3 39.3 12.1
    Central 92.8 5.0 2.0
    Coast 34.7 51.5 9.7
    Eastern 48.9 6.1 43.8
    Nyanza 11.9 85.3 1.8
    Rift Valley 39.3 55.8 3.9
    Western 20.7 72.8 1.4
    North Eastern32.2 64.4 3.4
    Total 43.2 43.6 11.4

    Kibaki average: 46.3+92.8+34.7+48.9+11.9+39.3+20.7+32.2=326.8/8 = 40.85

    Raila averages: 39.3+5.0+51.5+6.1+85.3+55.8+72.8+64.4=380.0/8 =47.525

    The weighting has already been taken care of by using a representative sample size based on registered voters per province. The larger the registered population in a province the larger the sample size!

    That means that the results can be deduced by simple addition and division in two ways:

    1. Because the sample sizes have been weighted you can add the total number of votes of each presidential candidate and divide by the total votes to get the percentage of the candidate!
    2. Because the sampling has been weighted you can add the percentage provincial totals of each candidate and divide by the number of provinces.

  138. Kanyeka says:

    Hi! All I agree that propaganda is too much definitely we are fairing badly on this part. Take a case like the fake website for raila that have been set by Pitia Nyeri Unyongwe .
    How can we counter that?
    The other thing is that we should not wait until they bash ODM so that we react. Lets be creative and get ideas from this blog.

  139. C. Audi says:

    Folks this is Kibaki and his cronies in the eyes of my 12 year old son living in the UK who loves Kenya so much

  140. Otieno says:

    Brilliant Audi’s son!, right on the spot. Man, this is what should be on our adverts back at home…on posters, telly, etc! I hope ODM is watching this!

  141. C. Audi says:

    Watch the edited version of the video, which is the work of a child

  142. kip says:


    we need visiblity… kwani how the hell did ODM get where it is….

    last week we has 2 major weapons

    – weapons in a government Car

    wapi response ya ODM? instead of Going Abroad Raila should have held press confrences to ATTACK THOSE TWO THINGS AS HE TALKS ABOUT equality and vitu kama hizo .. and do a road show in NAIROBI ATLEAST!!!! BUT WAPI the guy goes hoping from kinshasa to DUBAI kwani VOTERS WAKO HUKO ????????????

  143. Otieno says:

    Kip, don’t worry. I believe he’ll be around. If he had to go to Dubai, it must have been a very important issue, funds?

  144. Murungi says:

    Analysis shows that steaman has dished part of the millions that kibaki collected on the one million plate dinner a while ago. we have no complain for that. however we just can work out the figures on each province and get the mean which is contray to the ones he doctored. infact the figures clearly shows a 12% gap between the two. ODM has one advantage on this, 80% of the voters are ignorant of the concept of oppinion poll neither do they hear a bout it, just like most kambas are ignorant of what is going on elsewhere in kenya. vote for change, vote ODM

  145. tnk says:


    I have the same opinion that you have that Raila knows he need to be on the groud but he has been abroad a number of times and this is what confounds all of us and hence Kips comment is justified. My feeling is that he has enough able people to go resource hunting and so I doubt that is the sole purpose of this mission. I think there is a much deeper issue and personally I think it has more to do with his well being. PNU is going all out to destroy ODM and Raila and will stop at nothing. This man has to be highly mobile and on high alert security 24/7 until after power is handed over. Only then and after installing trustworthy security detail can he heave a sigh of relief. These few guys raised 1B in one afternoon at a time that if you called in 20 million ordinary kenyans (not the PNU fatcats) from all walks of life and asked them to constribute whatever they can, you will be lucky to get 500 mill. I agree with Kip this is one major campaign weapon, Visit all provinces in Kenya including Central and ask them where that money came from and if they have ever benefited from it, and where has it been all this time?

  146. nyargombe says:

    I believe there is laxity on the part of the Pentagon. How comes they have never gone to campaign in Siaya and Bondo? Dont assume these votes. Thay need to assure their major supporters that they are important and their votes count. Alego constituency is poor in infrastructure with only 5km of tarmac. they have over 40000 votes. Why cant some pentagon members go there to console them?
    The Luo nyanza vote is crucial not in percentage but how many each and everyone will turn out to vote on 27th.
    So the pentagon or their think tank need to send a major operation to siaya, bondo and other districts other than kisumu to woo voters to vote. The way kibaki has been doing in central kenya,

  147. Odieno says:

    While I agree that the ODM PR team are not doing much, my take is the media houses are not passing many of the ODM ads on the pretext of media content scrutiny. Well, we all know who sits in the media council and MOA. Over the weekend we saw Ktv being allowed to piggyride on KBC, but how? I highly suspect something is not right with that arrangement just like with the sale of Telkom
    Back to the topic! Because PNU will not pass ODM ads at the media houses, how about the rallies? Live coverage would do, so use this more. Remember, this leg of elections will be won more by propaganda that anything else. Nyong’o and Ruto, should rise to their element and do their thing right.
    I was impressed by Dick Morris’ one day performance – I suggest we find away of utilising his skills and talent even when he is outside the country.
    How about getting to Murang’a, and posing – where the men in the villages have gone!! Weren’t they told they’ll do funerals? I believe what is needed here are the votes, period.
    Jakom (Pentagon 1) should know there is enough artillery. Anglo Fleecing, Mamluki, etc….how about the RV land issues. Isn’t Moi mortgaging the Kalenjins to Emilio. Old Ntimama should hightlight to the Maa, especially those residing in Mau Narok.
    As I said issues will be damn irrelevant this point onwards except for proganda.
    Another thing, we have not seen pentagon 1 and his team in their true element. Hope they didn’t go to sleep. Guys, you need to come out, jolt and electrify this country. That should rather happen like yesterday.
    This election is for ODM to win or loose. A loss it must not be,we will not forgive it, not when its this close.
    Another thing, if Morris can’t come back then get somebody else quickly. to spin more for pentagon 1. Send Ruto and Nyong’o to every talk show they can find.
    We need to live this mesages, hear it right in our bedrooms!! It has to be done.
    Remember, elections are won more on propaganda——unleash in loads, use the road shows, the campaign rallies etc, forget the ads to media houses.

  148. Auki Ollows says:

    I see that NAMLEF has released the MoU signed with Raila:
    http://politics. nationmedia. com/inner. asp?pcat= NEWS&cat=TOP&sid=937

    As we expected, this thing was always harmless. Now we expect Christians to read it in every Church function just like they read the fake one…


  149. Farah says:

    The proaganda about Majimboism is outrageous.I ama student n was doing assignment on federalism n unitarism when I came across gutter press magazine titled” THE TRUTH ABOUT MAJIMBOISM”I was glad my work is simplified thinking it is explaining about federalism I was shocked to find it did not even explain federalism it was purely propaganda and its content was blasphemous and i was utterly digusted.

  150. Kanyeka says:

    I would like to tell these who are able to browse that they should also disseminate the information to these who are not privileged to get the internet.
    In that case I have taken the opportunity to print some of the adverts that are posted on the net and circulated to the masses who cannot afford the web. I have done this using the authority’s printer (where i work from) since I don’t have my own a printer.
    I do this because I feel really frustrated when Pita Nyeri Unyogwe uses gova resources to do their campaign and also destroys ODM adverts.
    This is one of the ways you can volunteer in helping for the campaign.


  151. Vincent says:

    Am still not impressed with our publicity agenda! We are letting PUNU bog us down as if they are saints.

    Can we have adverts on tv & radio on the mamukukis, anglo-fleecing, the return of the money by ghosts to our treasury, the admission by the michuki’s that the bomas draft was a ploy to have their on in power, etc.

    Cant you prove to kenyans including those from central that this govt is like a private members club!

    I cant believe we are letting kibaki go scot-free like this. merely on propaganda! We have more damaging material but of course factual that we should use to silence this guys with.

    Run the clips on the ‘standard raid’ and remind the media fraternity that that is the government we want to vote out! if they support such a government(citizen, nation meda) then they have themselves to blame. Run the protests on the media bill, work up the media thouroughly.


    We cant afford to look like we are always defending ODM, it has not been in government men!!!!!

    As supporters we are getting tired of this INACTION from your side.


    More road shows please, some good ORANGE RHYTHEMS please. We need some serious anthems please. its time to colour the country ORANGE!!!

    Some form of feedback wont hurt.

  152. Vincent says:

    Can our team at Orange House get something done about the Fake website about Raila?

    It is misleading so many suppoters of ODM! Can somebody, tell us if it is a legal or regulatory issue!

    Whichever the case, we need to see the WEBSITE dismantled With immediate effect

    Please this is urgent! We cant go on like this

  153. Otieno says:


    I am not claiming to speak on behalf of the secretariat. However, ODM may not have in their possession the clips you’ve mentioned. Or, they may have them but like someone said, media houses are rejecting their adverts. Or, it could all be part of the strategy – let PANUA behave the way the normally do while ODM counters with the truth…

  154. Ben Josiah says:

    Guys calm down!

    All these working for Raila. The biggest threat is Media giving negative publicity but even that will come to pass. Breaking news on Classic 1pm news, Police has intercepted a van in Rift valley area- Bomet carrying leaflets with Raila pointing a gun on Moi. I think I saw it posted here that someone would do that, Is nice to confirm that this is now in public. And am glad this blog is turning out to be a center for exchanging all the ideas and knowing things before hand.People dont you worry. Real indications from all corners is that Kibaki camp is in full panic mode.

    Word has it that Coast + N.E is foregone case, and Kibaki camp knows they have lost this region especially with ODM playing them in the MOU thing. People are bitter with Kibaki and this basket of votes is officially out. NAMLEF has stamped their authority as the legitimate voice for Muslims. Expect more calculated strategies from the ODM, and keep the fire burning. Long Live ODM.

  155. Elizabeth says:

    Phew! Ben Josiah…you have calmed me down, sweet news, but am still holding my breath fighting hard to spread the gospel of ODM. I want us to play hard, furiously like never before up until 27th. Thereafter, we can sit down and start counting our blessings. Kenyans are not stupid and cowardice like we were before, when we had to whisper in low voices on who we want to elect. I am surprised PUNU is still using the same tacticts to win the elections where democracy has prevailed.

    I am happy that I am here present at this point in time, that I can openly and shamelessy say that RAILA AMOLO ODINGA is my choice! And ODM MY PARTY.


  156. njuguna kariuki says:

    The MOU release was timely, strategic and well executed. I think PNU have been completely thrown into confusion.

    They worked so hard to aleniate 2Million voters through a fake MOU then a real one comes out that has too little to build propaganda on.

    PNU has no agenda for Kenya but empty and bure kabisa propaganda.

    Kazi Ianze Sasa

  157. Otieno says:

    Right on the ball Njuguna. It knocked the wind off their sails and now they are clutching at straws. Now everyone is seeing them for who they really are; and coupled with the botched distribution of hate leaflets in Rift Valley – the truth is plain for all to see who’s been trying to fool who.

    Kenyans have made up their minds. We’ll mop up the few remaining neutrals in the next coming 2 weeks. Voter turnout is the key now….

    Chungwa Moja!

  158. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    I think the PUNU propaganda machine is running out of fuel. Now they are enticing voters with cash handouts(The “Kapkatet II delegates”) were each given 1000/= for attending and forming a crowd as they declare their lies. No Kenyan, Kalenjins included, in his sound mind can ever support Kibaki for president. Moi is wasting our money that he looted and should be made to return the balance after the election(Remember the KROLL figure of 130Billion!!!!). No truth & reconcilliation; we need just to walk to Kabarak after 27th and ask him to give us all that he ever looted from us; so they should spend sparingly for we shall be with them come January 2008.

    Long Live Agwambo! Long Live ODM

  159. Elizabeth says:

    PUNU had a field day building propaganda that went flying right, left and centre on the fake MOU, now we are demanding that the churches that decided to read to their congregation the fake MOU, swallow their humble pie and do the same with the Original MOU. Washindwe! Pepo Mbaya.

    No wonder Agwambo was quiet letting them empty all their absurdities and running around with empty debes framing stories based on nothing. These peolpe spent a fortune on this one alone hahahaha…….

    No more MOU propaganda, can PUNU spin another one? Or build another propaganda based on the real MOU? Hapa tumewachapa 10 nil! Now I can see the Agwambo that I know at work.

    Chungwa Moja! Maisha Bora!

  160. kip says:

    what we need is sustained pressure from ODM .. not a one week blitzgen then silent and dead next week… the momentum we have should be maitained atleast till 12th december break for jamhuri day and WASH THE country orange on the 13 th december till the finish line on the 27th….

  161. Stephen Were says:

    To the so called churches that have turned the pulpit to platforms of pursuing narrow tribal/ sectarian interests. They better watch out. They went about confusing Kenyans with a fake MoU in the name of God, and belittling the very God they pupport to serve.

    Their hypocricy has been exposed. If they continue dreaming people will blindly look up to them for spiritual direction, they are grossly mistaken. At least now we know who the true messengers of Jesus AREN’T.

  162. Auki Ollows says:

    Vincent, are you in Kenya?

    We have been eating PUNU alive since this week started! They even appeared on tv yesterday crying about how ODM is intending to wash the country with propaganda generated in South Africa and Dubai… Their guys are being caught with Weapons of Human Destruction and their vehicles are being caught with vile propaganda material in Rift Valley… At the same time, Centre for Multi Party Democracy is hosting the whiners in the PUNU camp who lost out in the nominations, for their sob session, where they demand PUNU campaign cash, a meeting with the president and an assurance that the prez won’t campaign for the 3-piece voting style… Mambo bado…

    Meanwhile, The Ptg is combing every blade in Coast Province and Western Province is crying that instead of the president going there, he’s sending Lucy… Be easy, we ARE ON!

    Forget that story of PR and Media. The media houses aren’t running our ads. So, let’s just campaign mashinani, where The People are as Prof Nyongo tries to work out that angle… Right now, TWENDE KAZI!


  163. kube says:


  164. Vincent says:

    Can somebody confirm to us the Livondo documents fiasco. Is it indeed true the id is not he’s! We need to be clear on this or is another piece of propaganda?

  165. tnk says:

    i fully agree with upping the ante. it is not enough to expose the propaganda. Our kenya police force was one of the very best until politicians and moneyed people started messing them up. Events from recent days indicate that there are still some honest to God police officers working at great risk to their careers. Many more need to be encouraged to step up and do the right thing without fear of “higher authority”. their mandate is to protect the citizen and maintain law and order. Slander and spreading malicious content to genrate fear is an offense. we are fully behind any police officer that will stand up and do the right thing. Arrest these rumour mongers and peddlars of lies. Start setting the trend right. It is not right that the world believes that Kenyan Police are the most corrupt, it is not a true reflection of what they deal with on daily basis.

    ODM pentagon must up the pressure on police commissioner to investigate and provide ECK with evidence materials and force the ever dozing AG to act. That info in Livondo should already be a priority for investigation. We do not want fraudsters in the candidate line up.

  166. Stephen Were says:

    The Coast/ Rift Valley tours are a bomb!!!! going by the feedback from the ground.

  167. Otsiatso says:

    I have not seen the RV ODM team on the news. Anyone with news about them please keep us posted. Where are they in RV?

  168. Kanyeka says:

    Can somebody confirm the sms below?

  169. Kanyeka says:

    Michael Kairu a director of a printing firm PRINTFAST is in the UK to collect sample of ballot papers from an ECK comm and deliver the same to a security printer in BELGIUM for production of parallel ballot papers to be used in rigging the forthcoming general elections. This is under the supervision of Michuki, Cyrus Gituai PS Prov admin, J makumi Director of admin oop, govt friendly officers at govt press and Gideon Moi.

  170. Vincent says:

    I have the same information Mr. Kanyeka.

    Can our team at Orange house or any other good kenyan confirm if this is true?
    This is very scaring and such schemes should be exposed before they see the light of day!

    We cant afford to allow this guys to have their way.

    WINNING IS IN SIGHT ODMers! we must be vigilant and pro-active.

    Let the Pentagon not respond to any further noise on the MOU. Let it be their problem, they will shout themselves hoarse!

    We are on the right track, let’s keep the game hard on them.


  171. Radido says:

    The political scene is changing very fast. Last time it was PNU which was lagging behind in terms of campaign and preparations, today (ironically) it stands out to be us!
    As the secretariet sits down to solve these emerging problems I hope they will remember what Moi once claimed; that he has ‘mercenaries’ in ODM.
    I have a strong feeling that people have been hired just to make sure we have conflict among ourselves. I hope that the ODM leadership will counter this problem skillfully.
    Secondly, the PNU guys are dishing out money as if they own ‘De larue’. We as the ODM sympathizers don’t expect to receive money from ODM, but what we demand and badly need are T- shirts, posters and the leaders themselves. I am from westlands constituency and from the way I see things then I think ODM is joking. Just imagine, the area former MP has not bothered to campaign since nominations. I have been trying hard to convince changed minds to vote for him come 27th DEC. Believe it or not, it works! Guess what? Getting T-shirts or campaign posters of ODM is well recieved by most ODM supporters than giving them cash. If such materials can get down to the grassroots level I think we would have made a step.
    Do you know that almost everyone wants to have an ODM T-shirt or poster? Aaaah……. but getting these resources is more like getting the GREEN CARD!
    Is any one at Orange house listening?

  172. Vincent says:

    i agree with Radido 100%!

    Please secretariat, make these materials available to all and sundry.

    But make sure that from 12th we must have the country painted ORANGE and I mean ORANGE!!!

  173. Audi says:

    I think what people should be zoning on is mobilising people through existing networks, word of mouth is usually powerful. As may be the case people should be made aware of the timing of election, stay close to the polling stationavoid TRAVELING AWAY from your polling station. Transport network is the monopoly of PNUs

    Secondly, ratification of electoral roll by individuals should be the game, where possible people should TURN OUT TO VOTE EARLY. The polling station maybe closed early.

    Last but not least , awareness raising concerning the power of the voting card should be paramount, if lost ,sold or misplaced support system should be in place

    Set bench marks with atleast each ODMER targeting 20 people , word of mouth and trust as useful as it sis should enable 10 people reach 20 othersl (2000 people) and the multiples of this will be huge.

    In conclusion , social network is the not the fora for grass campaigns, though it has significant adherents but these are the already converted, switch the tact towards the socially excluded. less engaged and disaffected. The pentagon have no capacity to deliver and reach across the country but the onous is on us .

    Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country/community-Richard Nixon

  174. Kanyeka says:


    Below is the request about the merchandise i requested earlier but i have not got any feedback am glad you highlighted my plea.

    ODM MERCHANDISEStandard Header|Full Message View Kennedy Ochieng AddSunday, November 25, 2007 11:52:22


    Please can somebody help me on how and where to get original ODM T-shirts. I need 2no. before the mojor campaign we are expecting.

    Change agent

    “Vote for RAILA vote for CHANGE”

    Be a better sports nut! Let your teams follow you with Yahoo Mobile. Try it

  175. VKimuya says:

    Dear All,

    It is becoming day by day that we Kenyans are being taken for a ride by a few clique of people who in their hearts, the lives of Kenyan civilians is supposed to be ruled and controlled by the rich. Kibaki and his guys, as we understand are not sleeping. They are not sleeping because Kenyans are stupid enough to cast their votes on kingships….

    ODMers’!!!!! paste the skies orange. Let kila Mkenya agutuke!! Its time for the wolves to go home if not to the prisons… Its time that the landless enjoy their Kenya….Its time that Kenyans across the country are valued… its time that we have Peoples’ people in the leadership…. its time we identify ourselves with our country…There is nothing wrong with Raila….its all mud pasting! RAILA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. TRY AND GET AS MOST AS POSSIBLE TIME IN THE MEDIA..ESPECIALLY LIVE TV SHOWS AND SPEAK TO US. GIVE US ONLY THE FACTS AND YOUR VISION FOR US…ME, MY WIFE, MY KIDS, MY PARENTS, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND FOR OUR DEAR KENYA. God bless you all and Pray for peace to prevail upon Kenya at this period.

  176. abraham k. rotich says:

    why moi is on mission impossible …….. he came to nandi, there was silence. he went to kericho they politely declined. went to baringo,things were ugly. forced his sons to run. they were reluctant. his pa lokorio. fish out of water. confused and cannot make it.
    the so called leaf lets were poorly done. theylooked like cartoons from sunday standard. aimed at standard four chiidren. big mistake !.
    it is raila. raila. raila.
    the kalenjin are more than intelligent. decision on leadership of the country is not done through leaflets. it is too solemn. too serious to be left to standard seven aps.
    they think, we the kalenjin, can change our minds on basis of cartoons dropped by the roadside in the middle of the night ?. oh no. we are politically sophisticated than that.
    but it serves to show how moi kibaki tena campaign has totally failed . try something else!!. we made up our minds long time ago. at mau forest. at the caves of mt elgon. at kuresoi timber yards. at the thickets of kipkurere forest. when dr sally kosgei left harambee house. when sumbeiywo was towed out . when gen koech became a brewer. when major gen mutai left in hurry to the unknown etc etc.when rutto shared a cell with petty offenders . when timboroa road became a catlle track. when the maasai cowed from an helicopter gun ship. when ole kaparo cried. when the morans were teargassed.
    we are orange. full orange. the future is orange.

  177. Noah Otieno says:

    Dirty shemes indeed. Worst still, and with due respect to our distractors, totally lacking in consistency and obviously not intelleigently laid out. PNU or is it the Government through Dr Alfred Mutua alleging that it is our candidate and his campaign team that are spreading the leaflets in the Rift Valley to discredit the very candidate. Then it turns out that these odd agents of PNU are freed by the government. I know our candidate to be brave but no one can be brave to the extent that you lay out an antiself campaign using the the opponent’s agents.

    It is in order to refer to the a significant religious community as INZI? (latest PNU’s DOMO version in the TV prime news on 30/11/2007,); that watu wa DOMO signed an MoU with INZI. As the press put it earlier in the week, it was an MoU between the future ODM government and the Muslims (not INZI). Let us desire common sense as we seek to undermine the opponent.

    Consistent use of dirty and not so intelligent tricks may be a pointer and the dividing line between winners and losers in the 2007 presidential polls. My appeal is that the ODM intelligence, secretariat and support groups put on an even higher gear and win with a significant margin well over 50%.

    Meanwhile, let all our campaigns remain tactful, focussed and not meaninglessly aimed at undermining the opponent.

    May God enable ODM to achieve a decisive victory.

  178. Vigo says:


    I have not had a chance to look at the development pull-out our PRESIDENT unveiled yesterday.

    I have some facts i want you to check, about the toilets, i know a corporate member that partnered with UNICEF to put up a number of toilets, schools, lighting etc.

    I have information that this information has been relayed to PUNU propagandists to ‘shame’ our MAN.

    Please check the facts and make sure nothing that Raila didnt participate in is included in His Document.

    In case he participated or faciliatated in the negotiating corporate participation, that truely is his achievent and is ok to be included.

    As we ODMers have indicated we dont want to allow our opponent to earn makes at our expense.



  179. DANIEL ODERO says:


  180. Lijoodi says:

    i fully agree with the posts above what we luck in my case is a good slogan that will ring in evryones mind…In 2002 we had unbwogable but this time we have nothing yet PNU have Kazi iendelee but we are yet coin something that people will be drunk with…I think you can include young guys like Kj and the young turk to campaign in Nairobi.

  181. OMONDI ANTONE says:

    What is happening in this country now is enough to show us what will continue if we by any chance vote in this govrnment.Recently the state denied through their spokesman Dr. Mutua that those who were involved in the transport of those malice campaign papers that were spotted in R.Valley, were not real policemen yet they had registration numbers that were valid….thank God Kenyans are awake. When the gvt vehicle assigned to Hon. Wanjala was involved in a scandal-ferrying of crude weapons and while the police were waiting for the asst. minister to answer some questions, he was quoted saying the following in a PNU function,”why do the policemen keep on searching for me dont they know that am a very important person in this gvt?”…so what? but not above the law, ironically he was released. The same thing happened to Hon.Wakoli but nothing happened.We want a gvt that will treat people equally. that will not accommodate such kinds of leaders and that gvt will bring REAL CHANGE that gvt is an ODM gvt.

  182. Odieno says:

    Few things I have to share. First, PNU, must have infiltrated this blog. Nonetheless, we still must contribute. The goings on indicate that PNU is out to rig these elections, but it us voters to stop them. When we go to the polls, we must be vigilant, quisitive and observant if we are to win. Two, we must win convincingly!! Nothing like neck-and-neck……we can’t afford to head right into PNU arms in the name of CJ. It imperative, therefore, that we not only vote, but also ensure that every vote that we can count on goes to our candidate. Convince your neighbour, everyone you know and encourage them to head staright to the polling station on 27th Dec. We must wake up early to be present there ahead of the presiding officers and the polling clerks, and leave only when the final tally is taken. Only this way we deter PNU! We must also learn the voting tricks these people shall employ, including eruption of violence but our co-supporters should be encouraged to desist form all forms of violence, however, extreme the provocation may be.
    Three – let’s ask ourselves what we can do for the party. If you can spare some cash, invest it in the party. It will not be for nothing. Purchase any ODM merchandise you can lay your hands on and distribute…….it will be worth the cause come 28th Dec. Pls I encourage all to buy t-shirts and dish out to your neighbour, whomever, to popularise this party. The secretariat, reading this, should tell us hw we can get this material for our own purchase, but if they can’t then buy plain t-shirts dye and print!! Even for kids – they make a huge difference.
    Fourth, if there is element of internal sabotage, which feeling I have, then the secretariat need to move very fats to nip their schemes in the bud.
    Lastly, please lets go otu there and vote. Remember we must win this election by a margin a huge margin.
    NB: I need 30 t-shirts, immediately.

  183. Odieno says:

    Even if he Ng’ang’a (Knut sec gen.), Kibaki lazima abaki!! We must see to it that we get REAL CHANGE by sending him home!!Aendee afuge kuku. They are so arrogant they call us chicken shit and lazy bones! Don’t we contribute to this economy, sometimes much more than Mt. Kenya. Did anyone see that – eti coastals are lazy and gossipy yet they expect development, and Kaos only need a packet of Unga. Luos can disappear in the lake! This is outrageous – a slight to our intelligence, effort and enterprise. Guys, we must treat each other as co-equals even if we are minority. That muslims are INZI? This is the height of slight, we need to bring these PNU people down to size!!

  184. madi sheeyumbe says:

    The name RAI, RAIA, AND RAILA sounds similar. and almost the same. I have for along time think how to come up with a catch phrase that can be used for our campaigns. This is very important. we must come with a slogan to keep our campaign alive whuich will bite the rest of the country like a virulent virus.
    one time i thought it should go like this


    Try it with the tune we used during the last election ., YOTE YA WEZEKANA BILA…….


  185. Ali says:

    Stubmbled upon you’re blog while surfing for ODM content online. great work guys. i’m from the Diaspora and filled with kenyan pride from reading you’re blog.
    Of note i think, did anyone realise that ODM-K has a letter from ODINGA on their website.
    Seems to want to confuse the populace on which of the ODM’s he is running for.

  186. des says:

    Keep the O.D.M dream alive to the end. Am reading all these stories for the fast time today and am impressed with the energy and the vigour you have all shown in supporting the party of the moment.
    Long live O.D.M. long live AGWAMBO.



  188. natasha ali says:

    Democracy is not simple reform. It really is a revolution. Sex ,tribe and race because they are easy and visible differences have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior and inferior groups and into diferent classes cheap verses expensive labour in which this system is made to depend.The perfect society should have no roles other than those chosen or those earned. We are really talking about humanism, lack of sexism tribalism or racism.When we talking about equal pay for equal work, women blacks kikuyus luos all working for the same rate all treated the same.without The deception with which we are ever deceiving ourselves that we are more than others But deep down below the surface of the average, if they have any inteligence at all their conscience in still small voice reminds us ……WE ARE ALL HUMAn

  189. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


    EVEN GOD CAN ATEST TO THIS————WHY?????????????

  190. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    iam not yet finished

    BELOW 40=0
    ABOVE 40=18


  191. mrembowaodm says:

    Phillipo dont bother with those people it is too disheartening!! Yet they still think we are propagandists!!! What a pity- when we said we wanted change we knew what we were talking about!!

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