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  1. Mike says:

    The change we want is one that all Kenyans benefit whether in the opposition or in government. There is no need to lead delegations to state house and ask for institutions, cabinet posts or national holidays. These are things that people should not bargain or ask for. They should be granted accordingly.

    Secondly, I feel bad when you go to a place and the first question is where do you come from instead of what are you good at that can take us to a another level as a country.

    We want a sense of national pride instead of ethnic pride. A sense of belonging to a country with diverse cultural mix. In short we want a RESPONSIVE government, with strong institutions because poverty, crime, corruption and unemployment will always be there.

    Lastly, we need directional LEADERSHIP not management that is driven by annual GDP figures only without keen attention to social and political well being of the HUMAN capital. At least a leadership that makes simple promises that it can keep.

  2. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Allow me to add my voice to what Kenyans want. Kenya is a country with about 50% poverty level. One of the ways of alleviating this is found in education. In that regard education must not only be accessible , but also affordable. Developed countries, example Japan, have ensured this access by
    1) Making schooling totally day school: All the way from Elementary to University. 2) Separation of roles in service provision in education. Teachers- Professors and Other academics- concentrate on teaching and research, while a totally indipendent body provide all support services; Like Housing, Food, Stationery etc. This not only has elliminated strikes, Corruption and unrest, But has made it easy to concentrate on the core duties while reducing cost of materials as the market is liberalized. Look at our country where we tender and over-price. In a country like Kenya we have lots of waste. The highest parcentage of the cost of education goes towards boarding facilities. If given permission I want suggest that we explore ways of making secondary school education day. And in those instances that a school must be boarding, the boarding section be separated from the academic and managed by a totally indipendent body. This might be PTA, or the Local community. Afterall, if we take the case of National and Provincial schools, the community sacrificed a lot in providing the Land, Harambee etc. What would be a better way of pay them? The local community can establish “school villages” from which students rent houses. There can be options of eating in the Cafeterias established in the “Villages” or a student preparing own food- I can discuss this more if need be and is called on by blogAdmin.
    Why do we tie university admission to bed-space? Have we noted that the highest cost and part of university Land/Houses are occupied by halls of residence? A university is an institution that can easily open-up and develop an area: Search on the History of HIGASHI-HIROSHIMA city in Japan. I want to propose that all the university halls of residences be brought-down and converted into research Laboratories. The housing be freed to the neighbourhood. Let the students find own houses. This will see the sorounding population putting up rental houses and earning an income. Other services will follow. Take the case of what happened about 1996 when universities in Kenya stated charging rent and students went looking for cheap housing. Just walk around Egerton University. Again I can elaborate if called upon.
    Away of ensuring quality in university education is again found in Japan. Where professors are paid Basic salary to offer lectures to undergraduates and general courses, apart from conducting research. Then each student under a Professor has an allocated budget. This is the money to provide all that the professor needs to acquire facilities and in-part improves the the pay. You will note that each Professor is allocated research rooms to accommodate Her/His students and conduct research/Experiments and there is a ceilling on the number of students a professor can have. So “you want better pay, look for students”. Again each paper published by a professor earns Her/Him some grades and pay.
    I am saying let us kill Joint Admissions Board- (JAB) and have university entrance exams. Each university will strive to remain afloat and stop being non-productive eaters of taxpayers’ money.
    Thanks alot ladies and Gentlemen. If any would want more on these Ideas, I am more than ready to share. Ofcourse, some refining of these ideas must be done. I may therefore ask for input from other blogers.

  3. charles says:

    the two gentlemen above have virtually said all changes that kenyans.want and i have confidence our president(Raila) will leave the country with sound institution at the end of his term after 10 years.God bless ODM

  4. Eric B says:

    What change would I like to see? I would like to see Kenyans more proud of their country with if possible all people living above the poverty line. With unemployment standing below 15%, with a people that have dignity and are not ashamed to be driving on bad roads and with a leadership that respects all Kenyans views and opinions regardless of their status in society.

    I would like to see a Kenya free of tribal sentiment where all Kenyans are accorded respect irrespective of where they come from. I would really love to see the pastoralist and other disenfranchised communities in Kenya have their fair share of development and participate actively in development of this great country.

    I would rather a Kenya where all people with HIV/AIDs have access to quality health care and can access drugs either free or at an affordable price. I would definately like to see a Kenya devoid of the current big-man syndrome and one where corrupt people are punished regardless of who they are. Infrastructure-wise I would rather the roads the colonialists (no love for them) left because they were good and well maintained. I would like to see a Kenya where farmers can benefit from their produce and where the consumer can afford to buy this produce at an affordable price. Lastly I would like to see a Kenya where I can see real value for my taxes not tokenism.

    I still believe there are a lot of tax payers out there that are not happy about the way their money has been used. Let us ask them that question precisely. Are you happy with the way your tax has been used? If not – then you know where to vote. There may also be need to be innovative with ODMs adverts. Let ODM show the voter what can be achieved by prudent use of taxes – visually. Have adverts on good roads, water for everyone, proper sanitation, improved markets for products (oh my the list is endless). Keep up the momentum until poll day people and be innovative. Its not lost by the way. Far from it from what I know.

    Also target the rural voter much more. Looks like most of the urban population has made up their minds on who to vote. ODMs support is however not as strong in rural set ups yet. Reach out to the rural voters, know where we are strong and concentrate on the areas of weakness.

    On the same note, where is the official ODM merchandise? WE need to support the party by buying these from an official source. Of course at an affordabe price. Imagine if 100,000 people bought T-shirts worth 500 Kshs each? Thats 50 million chap chap. And we would be proud to support that by the way!

  5. Auki Ollows says:

    What change do I want? I want poverty levels specifically addressed. Poverty is our primary problem. The trickle down Kibakinomics can’t help. There must be affirmative action to resolve our poverty so as to create another market line for our commodities. right now, the 50% Kenyans struggling with absolute poverty are outside the operation of our economy and are living absolutely miserable lives.

    The other change I pray for is a Kenya where the various communities are much better bonded. Something is wrong with the scenario where all Kenyans live happily together then in the last year before elections, we are at each other’s neck. I suppose it has alot to do with access to national resources. Where the ethnic elite of those in power monoplize state resources leaving the rest of the country with about nothing (Agwambo please avoid this, when in govt, at ALL costs even though I come from very near the lake…).


  6. Kenyans want a leadership that takes responsibility for what happens under its watch…the leadership must be decisive, tranparent, visionary, energetic and focused to take this great nation to the next level!

  7. Linet says:

    Though all seems to be said in my opinion , this is how I visualize the Kenya I want
    1) I should be able to have affordable and quality Education for my children from Primary school through College.
    2) Affordable and quality healthcare.
    3) A good transport system, right now we take two hours on any given side of town to reach our places of work in Nairobi. That is a total loss of 4 hours daily not to mention the stress and frustration resulting from this.An efficient public transport system bcoz right commuters can pay Sh20 in the morning but God Forbid it rains Sh100 in the evening?People with cars can only afford to use them for the first 10 days of the month then ground them coz its not affordable!
    The highways are no better over 10hrs by road to visit your rural home is no mean feat.
    4) A leadership that listens and respects the wishes of the people would be great.
    5)Affordable commodity prices, currently commodity prices fluctuate one day to the next with no explanation.
    6)An account of the use of our taxes- at least lets see devolution so all areas are moving at nearly same pace. Also it would reduce the feeling of being let down every time one looks at the PAYE on the pay slip or pays VAT for a service.
    7) A kenya where people do not form opinions about others based on the name or ethnic origin.
    8) A Kenya where everyone will be proud to belong to and we will not need someone to print fliers with our hard earned tax money to tell us how proud we are of our country.
    9) An end to the big man syndrome and our man is in the office- it is disgusting!
    10) A kenya where the president does not dish districts or hosptals during campaign time and knows it is his responsibility to ensure all people are taken care of irrespective they vote for him or not.
    11) A kenya which is secure for all, where mothers and Children do not suffer with their houses burning yet a government is in place?
    12) A Kenya where Govt officials do not make fun of slum dwellers and hand out afew pennies when it suits them.

  8. As we move towards the desired direction, the handlers of our Presidential candidate need to be alert. The PNU TEAM only responds to what he says…let him set the agenda and move at GOD’s speed so that the PNU constantly fashion their campaign in a reactive manner. The publicity aspects of the campaign outside Nairobi are wanting…need more focus.

    Get the ideas used for publicity during cuttings and clippings of Kibaki supporting Develution and turn it against him…There still remaina work to be done.

  9. Felix Aduol says:

    Many of us if not all have a victim of the animal called tribalism. We need a country where everyone sees his neighbor as his brother and sister. In short we need a small paradise on earth where you can walk from one town to another in the middle of the night without worrying about being attached by thugs. Maybe i am wrong but free education with prices of commodities shooting up every day is not helpful at all to the common citizen. Most of the things have been mentioned above but we are still not putting PNU on the defensive mode. They should be pushed to that mode by constantly mentioning Kibaki’s failure i.e He can not be trusted because of failing to honor MOU,Title deeds are just pieces of papers and he is dishing them like sweets,One term president and he is seeking second term, Failing to honor IPPG

  10. shaqmaya says:

    Most have been said above, but still I would like to see Kenyans by birth living abroad not losing their nationality simply because they have adopted a foreign nationality,secondly let election constituencies be created abroad. i.e Kenyans in the US can elect an MP for kenyans in the US, In Europe Kenyans can elect an MP for Kenyans in Europe and so on. We play a vital role in Kenyas economy by remitting foreign currencies back home, thus make us feel that we are a part of Kenya.

  11. shaqmaya says:

    I forgot one thing !!! re-implementation of the former education system 7- 4 – 2 – 3

  12. John Karanja says:

    A few ideas
    1). After nominations, the ODM team should recruit all it aspirants into the campaign logistics.
    2). ODM campaign should point out the fact that Kibaki can not be trusted:
    -He is a hands off leader who can not make decisions in a timely manner.
    – He literaly had no party until last minute showing what a poor planner he is.
    – He is fractically using tax payers money to socilit votes by promising projects that he may not honor considering his track record.
    – He did not deliver the constitution, did not honor MoU, does not honor the IPPG.
    – He is acusing oposition of not having contributed to development yet he is holding on to all tax payers money until the eleventh hour to bribe wananchi.
    3). Opposition leaders should poke his sores – obvious nepotism in goverment.

  13. Otsiatso says:

    Those are some great ideas. My concern at this time is that the ODM campaign is caught dealing with non issue issues? The blessing is that PNU is in a disarray. But, did Raila sign a pact with Moslems or not? If he did say so and move on, if not say so – but stop saying one thing today and another tomorrow – it gives mileage to the foes especially the Daily Nation which is in PNU corner carrying the message as the party disintergrates.

    Otherwise, I hope there is genuine interest in the presented ideas.

  14. Mike says:

    Dont worry folks these people are busy campaigning for us. Economically speaking I want to see a country whose economic policy is much more focussed on the demand side rather than supplyside.

    What do i mean here, Kibakiconomics has concentrated on supply side by bailing out government friendly producers and putting more money in their pockets ignoring the buyer. If the prices of sugarcane delivered to the factory rises and the same farmer can’t afford the end product then thats no growth at all. The farmers should be able to buy both the farm inputs(fertilizers etc) and the factory output (sugar)with no problem that is what we call demand side economics and is helping the Chinese and Indians because there is ready market for everything.

    Remember, the growth that we are now experiencing is as a result of increased activity in the finance, service sector and perhaps agriculture and tourism which are prone to seasonal price flactuations and international effects such as exchange rate differences and oil prices and even credit crisis. Kenya needs to develop a unique product that can be truly Kenyan, this can be developed through innovation and quality education. Investment in the manufacturing sector, infrastructure, infrastructure and infrastructure. This together with a well informed consumer and middle class population will spur a double digit growth. The courts here need to be effective to enforce consumer protection against substandard services and products provision.

    In most developed countries you will not find imported phones or vehicles taking the lead they have stressed on developing their own brands and people appreciate that but in Kenya the hawkers sell even powdered milk from Dubai where there are no cows. The change i want is to see at least a unique Kenyan product. Even if it is ethanol, biofuels or atheletics that we can export.

    Lastly, I want the national anthem words be stressed on every Kenyan heart and mind at all times. Where did the patriotic songs go to, its time they came back.

  15. Otiff says:

    To echo Otsiatso concerns, i think the campaign handlers and advisers are asleep on the job. The party needs more visibility this time round than never before. Suggestion have been made on how this can be done but nothing is forthcoming. Something is terribly wrong at the orange house and action need to taken urgently. The Raila 2007 website needs instant updates todate it still has things of the last 2 weeks. Please if there someone reading this URGENTLY ACT. To MOU with the Muslims, I think saying that there was an agreement is good enough. An agreement can be verbal on written so it is the onus of the interested to find out what it was. We are giving PANUA enough fodder to hit us back and we are not convincing the many undecided voters to our side. I repeat PLEASE ACT.

  16. Nick says:

    Do muslims need a MOU to be treated as kenyans?That is the question we should be asking those making noise.MOU or no MOU, muslims deserve same treatment as other kenyans.So just forget about those making noise.Lets take the example of the France president who personally went to secure the release of french citizens accused of child trafficking.We need to see the same in our country and muslims at the coast are using that as an example of how kenyans should be treated.

  17. Okwogo Mike says:

    I would like to hear a lot of what i have read Mr. John Karanja write here earlier on.We need to poke holes in all the rubbish Kibaki is peddling to kenyans.

    I would also like now to start hearing and seeing flurry of those well thought out radio and tv commercials graphically depicting what Kibaki and ‘PANUA KAZI IENDELEE’ stnads for! Nepotism,Regionalism,Tribalism,Corruption,Deceit,Status Quo,Incompetence,name them.We want all this to come out clearly.

    There is still a lot of ground to be covered but am happy with the way your campaign virus is spreading across the nation1 thoroughly infectious! but we can make it a little deadlier.

  18. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Orange House, Please wake-up and campaign. I am tempted to think someone was assigned a role s/he does not understand well at the secretariat . I dare repeat, we are in the middle of a war against a cunning opponent. You saw the questions they were trying to ask the captain, you saw the Demostration by the saw called widows of “Ex-82 KAF”. Yet we are not seeing a response. Have you guys left the Pentagon alone or there is a problem somewhere? You are aware “THE NATION” has come out fighting against us.
    We are repeating something needs to be done and urgently. The whistle has been blown.

  19. Eric B says:

    Let this be known and spread to Kenyans about ODMs agenda. Ugatuzi is not about passports to travel to from place to place. Where is this done anywhere in the world? Absolute and utter nonsense by our opponents. They should know better.

    Whose taxpayers money is being used to spread lies on TV. It is absurd for me to pay tax to a government that uses the same tax to spread hatred and malice. You can’t use my tax against me PNU! That is not right.

    ODM please let us put something on TV about our agenda and what we see Kenya looking like. Even KENDA has something on TV. Why not us? This is where we are really doing badly. Let us research our topics and have a serious advert about what we truely see Kenya looking like with an ODM government. I am sure even KBC can air this if the price is right. Come one guys/ ladies. Lets go into sixth gear. We are looking rather amatuerish with our current approach. Not like a government in waiting.

  20. Eric B says:

    Those in ODM need to know that whoever has made up their minds to vote for you are here to stay. However we must see our party take the fight to our opponents. More importantly we must keep those in our fold intact. This can only be done if we consistently pass on serious messages to the electorate and campaign with sytle and gusto!

    There are a few people who are not yet conviced. These are mainly voters in the rural areas. Target these zealuously and as vigorously as possible. In addition point out the flaws in the current government. They are serious ones out there. Mzee Kibaki is on the campaign trail in Nairobi today. He is driving over potholes and roads that have never seen an inch of tarmac since he took over. Is this the Kenya he thinks we want?

    The issues that resonate with voters are basic. Shelter, prices of basic commodities, infrastructure development, crime etc. Hit these right at the heart. Talk about the current government collecting 370 billion in taxes? Tell Kenyans how much an ODM government can collect and what you will use it for.

    You need to sustain the momentum. As I said before 6 weeks is not a overbearing price to pay for the eventual prize!

  21. Hanif V says:

    It’s all theory here unless we put our words into practice. The numerous people whose goodwill ODM have need to be harnessed so that something tangible can be done to assist with the campaign. As so many contributors have said in this blog ODM have been hit below the belt a few times. It’s time ODM threw a few puches as well. Billboards that characterize the failure’s of this government would be good strategy. Take the acute and horrendous traffic congestion in Nairobi. This should be depicted on a billboard and at the bottom the caption – “Kazi iendele” with a big question mark should be marked!! The “Kazi iendele” slogan should be taken to pieces because it does not depict at all what is required in Kenya. Kenya needs a total and complete make-over in body and in soul. That is a fact.

    I had a visitor here in Kenya who made the observation that from many of the African countries that he has visited he has noticed a steady deterioration in the infrastructure in Kenya in the last 4 years whilst other African countries he has visited have actually drastically improved their infrastructure.

    Come on guys!! We need to pull a few punches….

  22. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    its is really great to hear what we want for Kenya but,the rural folks do not care -unless we go out and tell them even by use of illustrations.ijust wonder how many of these great minds on the blog have been incoporated in the campaign teams to spread this message??ipersonally went to my rural constituency looking for young Kenyans for Raila and was disappointed coz ididnt meet any.
    so if we really care lets come up with our own lobby group.It pains me alot when ihear falsehood about ODM and ihave answers which icant utilise due to lack of arecognised forum.

  23. I want to share in the observation made by Phillip Ondako Maina on the oraganisation of a grassroots forum in the 210 constituencies to capmaign for Raila and ODM.

    The secretariat needs to move with speed to tap the vigour and youthfulness of students and other youth who are held in high esteem by many rural folk.

    the campaigns need to be moved from the tarmack to the homes, from cocktails to village barazas, churches, mosques, temples and any social gathering!

    there are so many youths out there who can do this work without pay…provided they are given posters, t-shirts and other publicity material!
    We are waiting for your command to move…any one listening?

  24. ken says:

    Kenyans need a right to security and a chance at a better life. Let Local councils like Nairobi, Mombasa, kisumu, Nakuru Eldoret and all other councils run their own police force. Let the national government concentrate on crime that crosses city limits and with a national reach like mungiki and terrorism. Under the ministry of justice, let there be an internal auditors office that will investigate police brutality within the local police forces, and ensure that human rights are paramount in police training.
    Let us have an education system that emphasizes but liberal and arts as well as sciences and math. The two can not be separated. Let the mayor be in charge of education, and the budget for school infrastructure to be funded through bond issues voted for by the citizens of each district, teacher pay will be the responsibility of the national government. These bond issues can be in the form of a tax for say one year to go towards school infrastructure development.
    On overall physical infrastructure let the central government build roads that interconnect the provinces, funds should be given to the provinces to link roads to the districts within the provinces. The same should apply for rail network.
    Finally I wish that the cabinet be made up of people from outside parliament, thus getting the best qualified individuals to set policy while, parliament monitors the executive without conflict of interest. Also the term of the governor of the central bank should be increased from five to two ten year terms, second term being contingent of the performance during the first term. This will ensure that the governor is not beholden on one administration and that the economic cycle is not dictated on by politics.

  25. Robert Owuor says:

    This are the changes i would like to see in kenya

    1. The Bomas draft becoming the constitution of the country
    2. Better roads. The main government building highways connecting all the regional capitals and connections to our neighboring countries. The regional government building and maintaining all the roads connecting district headquarters and constituencies build feeding roads
    3.Better healthcare. the central government building a state of the art modern national hospital in all the regions. The regional governmet building a hospital in every district and every constituency build it own health center that can deal with their own local problems. The only time someone has to visit the district or regional hospital is if it is something major and requires specialized attention.
    4. Free education to secondary school. Class with no more than 50 students. Enough secondary schools to accommodate all primary school graduates. A technical college in every constituency. a college ( first degree) in every district and a university in every regions.
    5. Better security
    6. More and better jobs in the regions.
    7. access to water, electricity and communication should be available in every corner of the country.
    8.The squatter issue should be resolved. Squatter can be settled in some of the land that was grabbed.
    9. Money and land stolen from previous administration should be recovered.
    10. Slums problem should be resolved.
    11. Forests should be preserved
    12. Build more industries and get more foreign investment.
    13. Find a formula to make the civil service more representative of the tribes in Kenya.

  26. charles says:

    hi blog,allow me just to comment on something different…there is some article being send around in the net..purpoting to be the MOU between the muslims and our President in waiting…please take the earliest opportunity to forewarn our supporters to ignore such contents..because it might give ODM bad reputation…
    just imagine ,there is a line that says..that jimbo la pwani will be autonomous and will impose sharia laws,will have authority to supervise and regulate other religions and so on.
    whereas majority of us know that that is the work of our detractors…but i believe it will be of our benefit if thing are put in the right perspective

  27. Lexx says:

    It’s time for real change.i mean real change.

  28. Lexx says:

    look at what they mean by kazi iendele

  29. Okwogo Mike says:

    In the last 24hrs,the readers who have posted their comments herein seem to harp onto one very important aspect electioneering war,creative advertising!

    This is the area i talked about my previous comments and i tend to think someone is dissappointingly sleeping on the job at the Orange house! My little daughter Tuma who’s only 1 and half years is occassionally singing the DOMO line of the Party of Absolutely No Use! Where is Ted Josiah? the man we are told is charged with the responsibility of doing this.Is he overwhelmed? I am not a copywriter but rest assured i can still throw in quite a bit of tantalising stuff/ideas based on what the PNU has done.

    We would like also to get general responses to the pertinent comments and issues we raise herein.I am trully worried,we need to dig dipper as PNU disintergrate.The atmosphere is friendlier to us so why not raise the water mark before the campaign proper?

  30. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    One of the ways to win any political war is to win the battle of perception. I fear we are not doing so well especially in nairobi. I think also the TV ads are creating the image of us not having ideas.

    In advertising you should not let your competitor have all the say especially when the time is short. It is important to launch your ads even if to assure your supporters that you are still around.

    We understand we dont have unlimited resourses like our competitors who are using anglo leasing and kenren to finance their campaigns but I believe we can be creative through use of fliers and posters which can supplement electronic and print ads.

    Lets hit back at the Kazii Iendelee campaign. Lets make it sound like a joke. I think Kibaki is putting up a verstrong fight back campaign and he is winning even the media which was with us.

    What is Gumo, Ndolo and others targeting Nairobi doing. Kibaki is really focussing on consolidating his support here when we should be shredding him.

    Let also not be complacent because of the PNU fights. I think they will come out of them if we let them.

  31. lexx says:

    The lastest opinion polls clearly put ODM supporters worried and i hope the pentagon is watching and listening to what we supporters of ODM are saying. Are we losing it or what the ads on TV and Radio should come real hard on them(PNU) there are so many ills that this gava has done that should be brought to the fore using ads the person responsible should look for the materials that will strike PNU the hardest they include jblessness,mungiki menace,tribalism,insecurity etc.Am in nakuru but the pple who should be on the ground compagning for ODM as hard as PNU are not doin so.what i will suggest is that we shouldnt let PNU to make up gound on as for if they do?we will be doomed it’s had to take another kibaki gava with all the ills.
    Let the fight continue

  32. Omuto says:

    There is something wrong somewhere. The ODM train is stalling. Stalling to an extent that the opponent’s bus, though in pieces, is doing far much better in terms of publicity and campaign than our guys in the Pentagon. We’re soon giving up airing our ideas on this blog, because we keep on repeating the same things and none seems to be acted on. Let us know whether ODM is withdrawing from the race because our campaign machinery is honestly drooling. This is not the type of speed and approach a winning team can take, guys. Is this blog here as a formality or it’s benefiting our party? Can we act on these very crucial issues being raised here, dear Secretariat and Pentagon? How else can we assist if not by contributing these ideas here, which are so precious that someone somewhere will pay anything to get them? Before we talk of the changes we need in Kenya, let us address changes in our leaders as far as using this blog is concerned. PENTAGON AND SECRETARIAT, WE ARE TOOOO SLOW!!! LET’S WAKE UP AND IMPLEMENT THE GOLDEN IDEAS AIRED HERE AND ELSEWHERE IN FAVOUR OF ODM, OR ELSE WE FACE EXTINCTION EVEN BEFORE 27TH DECEMBER. I rest my case.

  33. charles says:


  34. paul says:

    men we guys are at 45% kibaki 41% wat the hell is going on ODM are this people campaing, are this people reading this blog. i give up on this blog

  35. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, Steadman Polls are out! a 5% drop for Agwambo (45%), a 2% gain for Kibaki (41%) and a 3% gain for Kalonzo (11%)…

    We now want change in the presidential campaign momentum, FOR THE BETTER!

    I think the poll is a verdict related to complaints on this blog on the presidential campaign structure. Granted, the campaign has been centred around sparsely populated and remote areas. However, the communications and media campaign just ISN’T good enough. There must also be a specific strategy for the big ODM vote baskets – When are we in Mombasa???? I heard someone wondering when they can get a piece of the action in Kisumu (there are turn out issues to be resolved in Nyanza); There is silence in Nairobi…

    The response to the structure of our campaign must be swift! We know Agwambo capacity and now want to see Rapid Response. Sometime back, someone suggested that there should be a Rapid Response Unit. And I have kept asking: What is the exact structure of the ODM presidential campaign. Who is in charge of what?

    I can’t emphasize enough – our communications, media, marketing & PR strategy must become more forceful. If we have to get the top professionals in Kenya, or the whole wide world, so be it! This is the big time… And it must be PROFESSIONALS, not talented amateurs who, inspite of their best intentions, this project is too big for them.


  36. Nick says:

    We let our guard down after 53% and went on a celebratory and bragging spree.No need to panic because its a wake up call.Lets us consolidate on our strong areas like coast and Rift valley.The reception you get this sides will give the ODM team a big boost.Why cant we ask ourselves why the president is camping at the coast.He could be viewing this as a swing vote.Romour has it that he will soon be coming down a third time in one month while ODM is yet to announce their campign date down here.

  37. paul says:

    we should work extra hard becoz we are at this moment in a very tight race we should not relax and start chest thumping that we are ahead, coz now we see the race is so close to call. starting from the grassroot us ODM brother and sisters to the aspirants and most important the secretariat and who i dout if they read this blogs and our leaders the pentagon we should work extra hard like what kibaki is doing right now, campaign hard or we kiss good by maisha bora for the next 10 years becoz we all know uhuru will run cum 2012. so raila if i am not wrong if you do not get the presidency this year i dont see any hope in the near or distant future of you or any of the pentagon leaders assending to power.
    so good luck coz we trying to bring fresh ideas but people in your secretariat are hiding the truth from you, we are the guys on the ground not every person has an access to computers and not many people have access to the secretariat so what we tell you on this blog reflect the ideas huko mashinani, so you guys should take it as very important information and stop acting like the kibaki cronies, hear no evil see no eveil attitude i guarantee you will fail if you guys go that path. if you guys havent noticed kibaki is campaigning so hard he is on the ground, meet the people tour even more than raila, he has shed the kikuyu figures who we love to hate he is campagning as kibaki the man and he has taken uhuru under his wing that should tell us somthing that only one cpmmunity can rule this country and that he has a clear strategy on how to win this election. the other issue is majimbo or what we call it this days ugatuzi please use the media, posters, ads, radios especialy the vernaculer one like kass fm to get the message of ugatuzi across. and all ODM pentagon memebers should read on the same script. just use clear, easy and down to earth strategist and we will win this election or take the route of see no evil hear no evil we will definatly loss this election
    work hard, campaing hard start hitting pnu bellow the belt saa imefika we get our hands dirty ama aje we remove the gloves.

  38. Maru Kapkatet says:

    An ODM government will herald a new and results-driven direction for maisha bora for all Kenyans. An ODM government will empower all Kenyans and every part of Kenya so that they can build their country as one united people. An ODM government will entrench a genuine rule of law that treats all Kenyans irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, and race, and nationality.

    The justice system in Kenya right now and for the 44 years of independence is nothing but a farce. If the executive controls the judiciary as is the case now, if the president appoints judges to tilt their numerical superiority in his ethnic group’s favour, then the entire judiciary system is no longer a justice system but an injustice system.

    International investors are afraid of investing in Kenya because they know that, under the current so-called justice system, if there is business dispute between them and the locals especially if they are from the president’s tribe, then the foreigners have no hope of just resolutions.

    If one has been following Raila’s speeches closely for the past two years or so, one is impressed by the excellent ideas that he has for building Kenya. I, for one, am a great fan of Musalia Mudavadi, and am convinced that he has the know-how and personality to move the Kenyan economy forward in greater strides than has even been envisioned. Raila is a risk-taker while Mudavadi is a cautious and more conservative in venture.

    The combined qualities of these two leaders together with support from other Pentagon members will bring great advantage to Kenya. Raila has talked great ideas but he has not repeated them so the people of Kenya cannot be convinced that ODM will indeed bring change to Kenya.

    I want a radical change in the economic development of Kenya. Many Kenyans, who think objectively and fairly, will know that the modest 6% growth that Kibaki has been boasting of is really nothing. Kenya is becoming poorer and poorer everyday. The problems of disease and desertification are increasing daily. If one drives around Nairobi, one sees not only beautiful office complexes and apartment buildings but also squalid and inhuman living conditions in the peripheral areas of the city.

    This scenario is repeated in every major town in Kenya and in the not-too-distant future in every market place in Kenya. The population is growing and land is becoming an extinct resource. The divide between the poor and the rich is widening so fast and so pervasively that one is forgiven for predicting a revolution in Kenya with the poor and down-trodden rising up against the greedy few.

    When Kibaki talks about an economic growth, he seems to be aiming his speeches at the rich few. Who speaks for the poor masses then? Raila has touched on great ideas but he needs to put them into a document and to repeat them for people to get to jointly own and be part of those ideas.

    Raila has been to South Korea on several occasions. He has talked about how South Korea has developed so fast in as many years as Kenya has been independent. What has spurred South Korean growth. It is quality education. Today, South Korea is the top country in the world in Mathematics. South Korea will grow faster and faster in the future.

    Bill Gates, a year or two ago, was boasting that his best computer programmer right now is an Indian based in India. Despite pressures of a huge population, India is also growing fast and so is China and many South East Asian countries. Raila, the engineer, is best placed to talk about giving Kenyans quality education where students are supported to excel in their disciplines whether in science or arts.

    Kenya can easily become one of the top countries in Africa as far as expertise in Information Technology is concerned. It is not a pipe dream to foresee Microsoft Corporation employing Kenyans residing in Kenya to write computer programs. The Kibaki government is boasting that it has given Kenyans free primary education and is planning to introduce free secondary education in future if he gets a second term.

    To a naive observer, talk of free primary education looks great and a step forward for Kenya. If one, however, examines the so-called free primary education critically one will conclude that, like the justice system, it is turning to be another farce promoted more for publicity than for tangible results. Why has the government not instituted a monitoring system to evaluate whether the so-called free primary education has helped Kenyans or drained resources and lowered quality.

    Raila should be talking about quality education and giving every Kenyan a chance to further their education on a long-term basis. I oppose unplanned upgrading of Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nairobi polytechnics to universities for the sake of it. I would prefer to see these polytechnics offer degrees to a sector of the population that is denied university education by other routes. Have these polytechnics offer degree programs to graduates of youth polytechnics, institutes of technologies, and the polytechnics themselves. Let the students take their time and work progressively towards their degree while being active in the workforce.

    Raila must have gotten good ideas from his worldwide travels. He should sit down with his technical assistants and share his ideas and have them produce a technical document out of those ideas.

    I noticed that Kibaki likes driving (or more appropriately being driven) around the city of Nairobi. As he rides around the city, he sees huge and beautiful new office complexes in Upper Hill, along Uhuru Highway, and beautiful new apartment complexes in Kileleshwa and the president must be smiling at the “progress” his government has brought to Kenya.

    In the villages, sons and daughters are sub-dividing their parents’ pieces of land. They are no longer talking about a child getting some acres but zero point something of an acre and that piece is their only source of livelihood. On that piece, they have to drill a water borehole and a pit latrine and build houses for their family members. This is the Kenya that Kibaki is not addressing and which the young, vibrant, and dynamic ODM leadership must address.

    Kenya is facing a bleak future and this cannot only be addressed by leaders who are free of the greed disease which has inflicted the Kibaki government. It is a greed whether they only see Thika as the industrial hub of Kenya to which poor fishermen on Lake Victoria have to ferry their fish, at their cost, for processing, packaging, and shipment. They see Thika as the industrial hub where Tea farmers in Kericho have to toil on their farms and ferry their raw Tea, at their cost, for processing, packaging, and shipment.

    IT IS GREED – PURE AND SIMPLE. You cannot build a country by promoting unchecked greed. Kenya is beautiful country. Any Kenyan I have met genuinely loves Kenya. To build a peaceful and prosperous country for posterity, Kenyan leaders have to put aside greed. Sadly, greed is not only afflicting Kibaki’s associates who are busy dreaming of replacing GEMA with MEGA but it is also afflicting others.

    If you care for Kenya pray for Kenya. I pray that leaders – present and past – of Kenya will care about Kenyans to be able to share with all Kenyans. Greed does not pay in the end. I pray always that God will move the heart of our former president, Daniel Moi, so that he can donate the huge land that the Maasai people gave to him in Narok when he became president. I would like to see a unique university and international research centre build on that land.

    I have been thinking how wonderful it would be to build a university-cum-research centre-cum-resort centre on that land. Because of its proximity to the great Maasai Mara Game Reserve, the best international minds could be enticed to come and do research or supervise Kenyan students for a few months (one or more months) and in return are given free passage to sight-seeing in Maasai Mara. Research will be in the medical, agricultural, social, and technological fields.

    The university could be called Moi Maasai International University. It will be a unique university that uses tourism to attract free services. The university could also be used to host AMREF. Doctors Without Borders, and other such international bodies.

    ODM is capable of pursuing new ideas that will not only put Kenya on the world map but that will also make Kenya the destination of choice for traditional tourists as well as the academia.

    The Kibaki government has failed to pursue new ideas to build Kenya. The 6% economic growth does not impress me unless I am convinced about new economic policies that the government put in place to realize that growth. The growth of 6% was realized only through improvement in tax collection and infusion of donor funds that had been withheld during Moi’s time. The Moi government, had it not allowed four or five close associates of Moi, to rob the country and bleed it to negative economic growth, would have realized the same amount of growth.

    Kenya will only realize sustainable growth by providing quality education, skilled training, and growing an enviable service industry. Tea and Coffee, the main cash crops of Kenya are not future-safe. With advances in bio-technology and the greater use of genetically-modified foods, the future of Tea and Coffee is not guaranteed. Already, there are allegations that Tea and Coffee cause colon and rectal cancer. They also claim that the caffeine in Tea and Coffee destroy minerals and vitamins one gets from fruits and vegetables.

    In future, it may be hard to get buyers for Tea and Coffee. The ODM government must embrace technology as the driving force for Kenya. It is better to have good quality education rather than diluted and bloated education. The training of skilled labour should also be pursued by the ODM government which should make it possible for Kenyans to pursue life-long education.

    Raila talked about the rapid development of South Korea. What can Kenya borrow from the South Korean experience? A lot, I believe, can be borrowed from this country that now ranks tops in Math in the world.

  39. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Latest opinion poll results are worrying indeed. We went to a lull at some point. As much as the dinners are good for fundraising, we should go to the people, mingle with them and ask for votes. Of course, we do not have goodies to dish out but we should go out and passionately seek votes. Look at the way Kibaki has rolled up his sleeves and ready on the campaign trail spreading lies, scaring people about Raila and majimbo, government jobs, MoU, etc. Let us not sit back and wait for miracles like ODM-Kalonzo.

    Raila, his ODM team and we thye supporters work hard to dispel all the lies spreading all over. One problem is that almost all the major media houses are in the hands of and are being controlled by PNU operatives. Let’s do our best in adverts, radio talk shows, meet the people tours in major towns and in the votes rich villages. The campaign strategists should come out and counter any PNU and ODM-K lies. We need to be tops all the time, otherwise supporters’ hearts will continue being dampened.

    Let us aim high, improve and up the stakes. ODM has been on the winning trend and should keep up the pace. Controversial campaign messages should slowly die as we listen to and tell voters why they should only vote the ODM team of leaders right from the top.

  40. Maru Kapkatet says:

    No amount of propaganda or dirty tricks will deny ODM victory.

  41. Poppy Onyi. says:

    Let me differenciate between a “”Leader and a Politician”.
    a leader is a person who helps his subjects (citizens) in this case reach their goals by making life easy and barrable to them while a politicians is a person who uses his subject to achieve his own goals by making life difficult and unbarrable to them.
    what kenyans need with all due respect is good leaders and not good politicians that we have.
    have a nice day and good leadership is in the orange!!!!

  42. Dr. J. Were Onundu says:

    The other day I met unexpected German friend who is for no particular reason likes to read about the Kenyan political events. He particularly arrogantly cheided me by asking me since when did Kenya have the best raods, that every woman has now running-tapwater and electricity in every home!
    In the campaigns the coming weeks please hammer the following points to the people to know that what Kibaki is telling us on his development track record is a real lie. Since when did a political system expect an individual to develop a country. With whose money? Taxpayers´money? Or his own? From where?
    In 2002 the NARC manifesto whose captain was Kibaki promised the following:
    – A new constitution in 100 days with 2 chambers – he didn´t, why?
    – 500 000 Jobs every year- he didn´t
    – Zero tolerance on corruption- you know what happened
    – Freeprimary education which was have backed delivered
    – Zero tribalism in wealth distribution
    – He was a one-term president
    – He accused his predecesser for ineptitude- Is he not?
    – Security which is paramount for peace
    I am generally disguisted that we are still going to the polls with the old constitution, where the prosident is a imperial presidency. Sorry for us. We cannot through a better system like devolution or call it federalism to the dogs because of the egoistic interest of a few, no way. Nobody shall be thrown away from his property, it is pure propaganda.

  43. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM’s manifesto should be almost complete by now. I would have liked ODM to address the issue of providing quality education to all regions of Kenya in the manifesto.

    ODM should tabulate the actual numbers of students and per capita statistics of students that have been admitted into engineering and medicine from all the 42 tribes. Using these stats, ODM must undertake to improve the quality of Mathematics and Science (physics, Chemistry, and Biology) teaching in those regions of Kenya that have not been able to send many of their students to engineering and medical programs in the local universities.

    ODM must undertake to pay the cost of tools, and there are many franchise tools on the market right now that can significantly improve performance and liking for Mathematics in the poorest regions and especially in pastoral regions of Kenya.

    ODM should not be talking about providing equal access to education for all Kenyan children and youth but should also undertake to ensure that all schools in Kenya enjoy the same standards of education and facilities. It is their right. It is a right and not a privilege that ONLY DEVOLUTION can make it possible to be done.

    I would also like ODM to consider the pastoral communities of Kenya and should undertake to build a Livestock Development Institute in each pastoral region. The institute will teach and carry out research on livestock development. Australia, right now, is the world’s largest exporter of livestock in the world and has all types of livestock including cattle, sheep, goats, and camel.

    ODM should undertake to seek Australia’s help in building a viable livestock industry amongst the pastoral communities of Kenya.

  44. Dave says:

    The Agenda for change has been touching on broad based factors considered to be understood only by elites. It is my wish to shift attention to the nitty gritties, that is, what the average man and woman would wish to hear. For example, on Transport Industry reforms, I would wish to hear that the ODM Government shall constitute a legitimate body to standardise and regulate bus fares.

    Creating a reform is one thing; implementing the reform another one, but the monitoring and long-term sustenance the other headache. The ODM government it it’s vision should address the headache. For example, the Matatu menace resumed due to lack of vigilant law enforcement. The smoking ban within the City Centre was immediately defaulted, and the hawkers crisis.

  45. Adam Hussein Adam says:

    My dear Change followers. I love every comment on change in the lives of Kenya. We need change form poverty stricken to prosperous people. From a nation gripped by corruption to a nation of hourable people. From a nation defined by dishonesty to nation with values amd honour. Kibaki is considered a person who can not be believed and trusted and therefore ODM should not fall for that.

    When ODM forms the next government it should not try to kill political parties. Kibaki and his people tried that today the sanctity of party is no more. People we want change that expand participations plat form.

  46. Jagero says:

    Now we are in the final strech and having seen KIbaki vision launch, Mody Awori trembling not able to put on his cap, Kombo realeasing his grand doughters baloon but instead of going up the baloon fell at his feet I belieave the God we worship is with us and has delivered the victory.

    There is need now to concentrate in Coastal region, Rift valley, Nairobi, Westeren and Nyanza. Message is to get out the vote. Turn out is the Key as we are being told. If any of us has a friend from another community then we can handle them at the personal level but the vote is decided and weneed to consolidate our strong holds and maximise the voter turn out in these areas.

    Steadman polls need not wory as I can predict that the voter turn out in Nyanza, Western and Rift valley will be higher than 2002 and 1997. The stakes are so high this time round that people will be suprised at the turnout even in Nairobi and Coast.

    I am happy that finally we are having some adverts. However these people are playing dirtier by the day. I saw the advert of flash back what Agwambo said about involvment of Ruto and Mudavadi in Goldenberg and realised that they are using our strategy. THe secretariat needs to be even more aggressive. I amhappy the campaign is using the material in this forum on the ground though some of them are not aired by the media. Please let us air them as advert which they canot tamper with.

    What do I want for Kenya? A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY!!!
    Developed in all its corners, with Kenyans comming back from the diaspora to help increase the economic development. In shortthe promised land.

  47. Dr Afullo Augustine says:

    Keep up the good work. Kenyans will pay you for it.

  48. Dr Afullo Augustine says:

    Some suggestions for policy: 2008-2012 ODM Government

    Given the imbalances in education opportunities and education facilities in Kenya, ODM should decide on an educational marshal plan where every year, a national school is established in every Kenyan province without-e.g. 3 in North Eastern, 2 in Eastern, 2 in Nyanza, 2 in Western, 2 in Coast, and 2 in Rift valley drylands which Moi neglected all the years. Central and Nairobi already have around 8 each. These should be fully furnished and equipped to national- in fact model level, complete with ICT labs.

    Come up with value addition policy so that cottage industries can be established in local villages where kewy produce are from. This should focus on the dryland areas, since the agricultural policy adopted by this country since independence has always favoured cold areas. Thus cashewnut, sorghum, millet, pigeon peas etc can be processed to enable the local farmer add value.

    The reason Kenyans crowd in cities is due to poor living conditions in the rural areas. Opportunities in the rural areas should be expanded through intensive rural electrification. All villages in Kenya should be targeted, with a focus on the neglected areas such as Coast, Western, Nyanza, North eastern. This will enable young Kenyans to create jobs in rural environment, which is the engine of development in this country. This will reduce the influx of people to towns, and relieve the stress on the limited resources in the cities, and reduce traffic jam.

    There should be s deliberate effort to use research findings to improve the slums. This is through improved lighting, water supply and sanitation.

    Rural development:
    Provide water to all areas, with a target of a water point being not mo\re than 500 m from the farthest household. This should improve to 250m. Then, burden on women to fetch water will be reduced, and they will be able to use their time to do business and other productive activities.

    The traffic jam in Nairobi is single factor that reduces by half the economic growth and development in this country. Alternative routes should be opened up for traffic, as well as encouragi8ng a reliable public transport system to reduce the number of private vehicles coming to the city. The latter can be enforced through policies.


    Records indicate the government departments and ministries do not obey the environmental management EMCA (1999). This is a bias, since the private proponents must go through the same- especially EIA and environmental audits. To encourage public acceptability of beneficial policies, the government must lead from the front by being the first to obey the laws it lays. Therefore the new government must treat all its departments to the mandatory EIA and EA.

    List numbers of positions in various job groups available in the government, and share them equitable among the 42 Kenyan nations. Each nation (tribe) MUST get a post in each stage, and no next person of the same tribe will get before all the other 42 tribes get. These posts and their availability overtime should be gazetted, so that all kenyans become aware they have a role to paly in this country. As At now, all the 42 Kenyan tribes have highly qualified people to take up such posts. Any government worker seen to be practising tribalism should be sacked foprthwith- without consultation.

    The only reason presidency is too valuable now in Kenya is because of the abuse the position has been associated with since Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki regimes. This power has been too abused that it has compromised the ability of Kenyans to eke a decent, if any, living from their country. This is why Kenyans politic, because they have survived without rights, as one monster decided their fate daily, and on everything. This is why devolution of power and resources will be useful, to ensure that the myths and mysteries associated with presidency disappears. With time, presidency will be like any other job, and there will be no crowding for it. This is why for now, we need a reformist- RAILA to spearhead that change. Thereafter, the seed will grow, and SKY will be the limit for Kenya and Kenyans.

    Kenya cannot be if others eat stones and soak with water, while others eat the sweat of everybody else.

    Dr Afullo Augustine (0720640692) 11.11.07
    Victim of the centralized Government (Man-eat man society)
    Kenya- 1963-2007)
    ODM supporter and voter

    NB: Kenyans want a Kenya that belongs to them, and would wish to coexist in diversity, so that together, all communities in the country feel they are part of a country.

  49. Poppy Onyi. says:

    DR. Afullo Augustine, You are the kind of people we need in this society to help us achive our dream, i hope the ODM secretariat is reading i agree with you !01% times. keep the spirit one.

  50. Mike says:

    The sky will not be the limit for ODM but the starting point. We should not even compare ourselves with any country in Africa. Raila please if there are three things Kenyans want most to be delivered without delay are

    1. New Constitution
    2. Basic infrastructure fixing (roads and a new railwayline)
    3. Affordable housing and food on the table for all deserving Kenyans

    We cannot be talking of these things forever.

  51. Auki Ollows says:

    Devolution, devolution, devolution! We don’t want to be beneficiaries of anyone’s patronage. We want to work for ourselves!


  52. Christine says:

    Isn’t it a wonder that some tertiary institutions start operating without getting approval from anybody? The ministry of education should be charged with ensuring that these educational facilities to which ordinary Kenyans are doomed to go through, given that universities and colleges are out of reach for them, are certified , accredited and constantly monitored so that we don’t have worthless paper peddlers taking advantage of students who want to learn.

  53. Odhuno Kawere says:


    Any sensible society always starts with infrastructure. Let us start with roads to begin with. Then we can tackle railway. We cannot get anywhere unless there are good roads to connect us. And I mean GOOD roads – not some shoddy workpiece that resembles a village path. A road that can last at least 20 years before a major renovation. It is possible.

  54. Mike says:

    After watching Raila yesternight on KTN Prime I slept a satisfied man and am sure that added some votes on our basket or reassured the Orangers that the we have a clear strategy for the future. More of this should be done to silence the critics in all the FM stations and TV Stations especially on the devolution issue. Imagine Raila is the only presidential candidate who talked of tackling TRIBALISM.

  55. NURIA ABDI(from mandera) currently in eastlands NAIROBI says:

    wow here we are today after our wonderfull launch of ODM manifesto all what kenyan people want is already in the priority of our ODM goverment i wish and pray that RAILA be the president of this nation. kenyans need real change and the answer is HON RAILA AMOLO ODINGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. nyaranga L says:

    I am a happy lady and quite satisfied one after watching the captivating ODM manifesto being launched on KTN. Our president to be touched on issues that matter most in our current country ie tribalism and corruption.
    Raila our hope is on you to salvage our tattered country please dont renege on the promises.
    I am from chavakali and rigth now we are worried because we are not seeind a strong ODM presence in terms of adverts etc, PLEASE CAN YOU ERECT A LARGER THAN LIFE BILLBOARDS OF RAILA in mbale, chavakali, kakamega, bungoma, we want to SEE RAILA everywhere we turn.

  57. Mohamed Abdalla says:

    I’ve had a feeling that the Steadman polls are going to portray Kibaki as leading few days before election, and that is what is happening. They have started to portay Raila as leading as part of the strategy ( as in Marathon) & then the final lap will be Kibaki heading the polls.

    Please ODM leaders should start making noise on steadman otherwise they will caught unawres at the last moment & poor, uneducated kenyans may be influenced by this final outcome.

    Start making noise now. Without Raila Kenya will be lost for the next 5 years.

  58. jaugenya says:

    If these people have realy “fanyad kazi” , do the really have to hawk their achievements like “mali kwa mali”?If they have worked why cant they let the “kazi” speak for it self.If say i bought my uncle in ugenya a bycle , i do not have to remind him of that every time i travel upcountry because he sees and even rides the bycle , it will be considered rude in the African culture were i to remind him of what i have done and this is exactly what PNU is doing , even if they built a road here annd there is it not their work ? or why are we paying them? , i dont recall any roads finaced by kibakis personal fortune.This are issues that he should not use to campaign but then, the more blunders he makes the better for us so i say “kazi iendelee”.

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