In a weeks time ODM will be nominating civic and paliamentary candidates.Is fallout anticipated?



  1. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    As things stand now, I get the feeling that gratefully, we will not have any serious fallout. The assurance and great effort that Kwach’s team has put in to organise fair nominations are for me inspiring confidence that the best men and women will win, and those who do not get nominated, will join the victors to campaign for the party.

    Today’s meeting at Bomas is crucial, and all the assurances and commitments made to aspirants must be kept to the letter. Further, I get the feeling that the pentagon are sincere in affirming their neutrality in the process – I hope they don’t disappoint.

    Finally, we are a party that wants victory, not for an individual or individuals, but for all of us Kenyans. Thus, the party should not adopt the attitude of winner takes all. The winners should have the magnanimity to incorporate the losers in their campaigns to scout for maximum votes for Raila and ODM. The party should also assure the losers that they will have a role – I mean with the devolved government you cannot have enough personnel. Just like the pentagon felt winners even after they failed the nomination, all aspirants must feel the same and we will be having a giant of a election team.

  2. Sam says:

    I believe those in ODM know why they are there.It is not for personal gains but for better future for the present and generations to come.We want a country where everybody has equal opportunity, not because one is from the right region.

    In this regard, those who will not make it should be ready to support the winners so that this dream is realized.The work being done by the Election Board is indeed very important.The issue on how complaints afer nominations will be addressed should be discussed in such forum.

    Otherwise we shall be there! Kenya shall be there!

  3. Abdullah says:

    Still there will be a fallout (small in magnitude however). In order to avoid them fleeing because some may have the nomination papers of other parties kept secretly, we need to appoint a Pentagon Membere, my choice is Ruto here, to be in charge of the losers. This means that he will collect their names, so that they are assured of ODM government jobs. Let the Pentagon get the losers’ names and assure them of plum jobs once Raila gets the Presidency. Also, they should be assured of leadership positions in the devolved system that ODM will create later. If we don’t have a Pentagon member who is not responsible for this, they may feel let out and opt for fringe parties. So take care of this point.

    That said, we need to make Luo, Kalenjin and Luhya Land (apart from Bukusu) a water tight ODM zone. So that those who get the ODM ticket are assured of virtual victory. Once they get nomination, they will move to other areas where ODM faces hostile reception and drum support for fellow ODM candidates in those areas. The ODM money shouldn’t be given to any ODM candidate hailing from ODM bedrok areas. If we do this, we will overwhelm PANUA which will be engaged in infights. For example, Prof. Nyongo gets ODM nomination, so he is assured of victory. So he needs to leave Kisumu for good and concentrate on North Eastern or Eastern or the Coast for example. Take ODM nomineeds in Central Rift, say Charles keter gets the ODM ticket, then he should move to Meru helping ODM candidates there. And etc. However, PANUA candidates can hardly come to ODM zones because they have no single candidate, so everyone will be too busy fighting village fights. For example, Paul Muite gets the Safina ticket in Kikuyu, then PANUA has its own again. Then another candidate on Sisi Kwa Sisi, another on Ford-P, etc, so how do you expect such people to gt time to campaign nationally for Kibaki? This helps ODM and ODM candidates from ODM bedrock zones should campaign for fellow ODMers from hostile areas.

    The other thing is use elders. Because a candidate is busy and may not get time to campaign for Raila nationally. A good example is Mze Pkeshe of the Coast. Look for respected elders from every region, give them four wheel drives, and a microphone, they will do wonders. Take care of this point as well. Don’t give the ticket to a weak candidate even if he wins becaus PANUA may help him/her clinch the ticket. Always be fair, but also look for the strongest in every constituency and the loyal too. Use the youth, women and special groups all over the country. Concentrate on villages and don’t simply explain Majimbo every time. When Kibaki says Raila didn’t do a job so he can’t do anything now, Raila’s answer should be: Yes, Mr. President, Raila didn’t do a job because he didn’t dine with drug barons and marcenaries like the Arturs in State House and later employ them to terrorise Kenyans. Yes, Raila didn’t do a job because he didn’t steal like me (Kibaki) and work with Anglo-fleecing. Yes, Raila didn’t do a job because he didn’t fill the Roads and Works Ministry with Luos like other Kibaki ministers have done. Yes, Raila didn’t do a job because he didn’t work in cahorts with Mungiki like Kibaki Mt. Kenya ministers. Yes, Raila didn’t do a job because he didn’t fan tribalism like me (Kibaki), etc. The list goes on, so don’t concentrate on one issue, never give PANUA any lifeline. The other thing is Mt. Kenya MPs saying Majimbo/Ugatuzi/Devolution/Federalism is bad and traibalisation (as if they are not tribal today), pliz visit the past and show how they supported Majimbo when they were in the Opposition only to make a you turn when they usurped Raila’s 2002 victory. A link to that story in the Nation (2001) is here:

  4. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Is somebody responsible at the ODM campaign secretariat reading. Abdullah, the kind of research you’ve done is commendable – this must be continued and the campaign team should use these to answer the other side directly.

    With focus, and all our energy, we can make the counterfeits go quite for good!!!

  5. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Somebody in ODM campaign secretariat should now be throwing spanner into works. Mr. Abdullah’s comments should be put in action immediately. Some of us in the ground are spoiling for a real lifetime fight to ensure change comes at all cost.
    Every village should be awash with ODM banners. I don’t see Hon. Raila’s posters splashed everywhere the way PNU are spoiling our political appetite with theirs.
    Let us go to works now especially in areas where ODM is calling the shot in order to shut out all our competitors.

  6. Otiff says:

    Allow me to deviate from the subject a bit. Nomination fall out is expected but it should be minimal to have little effect on our grand match to the house on the hill. To echo Chepkwony’s feeling every house in Kenya should have atleast somethind popularising our candidate. To the campaign secretariat a good strategy will be getting space in town to sell the parties merchandise (shirts, calendars, banners, caps, car stickers, cups, khangas and lesos for the women and so many others) this way most of us who cannot afford the dinners will be able buy these items thereby boosting the campaign kitty of the party. We need to be ahead of the game.

  7. Omuto says:

    I concur and fully support Abdallah’s views above. I respect our PENTAGON and the secretariat at Orange Hse. I know, as another observer has noted, that, that somebody somewhere is putting every peg in its hole. Let’s utilize the views given on this blog and Kenya will be Orange come 28th December. Otherwise why should we have the blog, if we cant use the opinions submitted by the bloggers? I know we shall utilize this blog.

    About the fall-out, its kinda myth by now. With the ECK’s directive of handing in names of all nominees 5 days prior to the nomination day, the fall-out has been rendered toothless. We’re making headway, guys.

    Blogmaster, you seem to be silent on Jirongo’s exit. Can you get opinions trickling in about this good riddance?

  8. Abdullah (Wajir) says:


    I don’t think the blog administrator even needs to mention Jirongo. There was nothing he could add to our campaign. That’s why His Excellency Raila ignored him, and it was a good idea. The man wanted to ride on ODM popularity and make a come back, but he was “sorted out” accordingly. I hope he will get 1,000 votes in Lugari. Let him vomit outside and issue rants if he wants. OMDMers don’t give him a damn.

    I have already said what I wanted to say on the raised (fallout) subject, but to digress, I must say I was very much happy when Raila debunked some bogus Churches concocting falsehood saying that Raila wants to turn Kenyan to an Islamic nation. It was a timely answet that shattered PANUA led churches which represent the system. All what I know is that Raila will get over 80% of the Muslim vote. Please use elders and don’t forget them. We are Africans and still, many people respect elders. Earlier, I suggested that Hon. Billow Kerrow of Mandera Central accompanying Pentagon members in their NEP visits and it seems it was done, he is popular in NEP so use him well, as he can convince many NEP people. The other thing is when campaign proper start, have different strategies for different regions. For example, if you come to Wajir, talk about Somalia debacle, Livestock problem, terrorism issue, roads, communication, Wagalla massacre, old guard (hated by NEP), IDs, Arturs etc. Because this what is dear to them at this moment. If you visit Kisii, talk about agriculture, factories for banana, roads, Nyanza building, etc. If you go the Coast, talk about Majimbo, negligence, terrorism, segregation, inequality, etc. If you go Central, talk about factories, useful majimbo/ugatuzi, nationhood (they are isolating themselves and not that ODM is isolating them), Mungiki menace, poor-rich divide, etc. I’m sure you know all these things, so pliz have your plans and be prepared. We the villagers will try our best to sell you. ODM should print 10 million Pentagon posters, not that of Raila alone. It gives the impression of teamwork, nationhood, group work, etc. The future is ODM

  9. Fall-outs iduring the nomination period in kenyan politics have always been there. The matter at hand should be how will the losers be handled to soothe their egos and swallow humble pie by remainning in the team. The ODM brigade currently is a winning outfit that needs not tinkering! The pentagon members need to get into an overdirve and talk to the aspirants. My suggestions are:

    MUSALIA MUDAVADI, handles western and south rift assisted by KOSGEY on the other hand RUTO handles North rift and North Eastern assisted by another elderly and respected individual from the area, BALALA handles Coast together with two or three other individuals seconded to him. RAILA will handle Nyanza, Nairobi,and trancends into all other groups.
    Eastern should be handled by NGILU and NYAGAH and lastly CENTRAL should be manned by Mumbi Ngaru and Nyagah.

    The secretariat should also second other personnel to these groups who have participated in the drawing up of the probable government structure to explain to them the nitty-gritties.

    The Mps who get ODM nomination from Luo Nyanza as mentioned by Abdalla above should also form a team to campaign for each other and occassionaly go outside their turf especially in Kissii and Kuria to hunt for those scattered votes. The nominnees and losers in all provinces need to form a campaign team anddd move together…declaring supprt for the winner the same way the pentagon has been doing.

    There is still some work to be done in western with regard to old Bungoma district, Teso, Lugari and malava. Tje ground is ready but the message needs to be drummed home.

    The pentagon needs to reach out to the fm stations and make some crucial statements…hakuna wakati!

  10. Duncan says:

    I agree with everyone of my brothers and sisters here.Where are the advertisements,the banners.!!Revive the DSTV aadvertisement locally.These PNU guys are all over the place.I also think we should hammer them on corruption.Somebody must have a few reports:Anglo leasing ,Kroll.etc.Put out adverts with excerpts or get them leaked!! The story here is damage and PNU is going for the jugular as we watch.Come on secretariat!where is the fight???

  11. Zizi says:

    The fall out will be inconsequential. I believe ODM should be the inhouse name so that those who rush to other parties will be given a resounding defeat. There are those who will fall out from other parties anyway … there is still a good balancing here. Notice that nominations are being held at the same time. Those who join the exodus out of the party will really have a tough time for a winning strategy. Fear not . Let us concentrate on the voters. Please ensure the Artur brothers saga comes out. I propose that a courageous person out there rushes to court to demand the release of the Artur report. Kenyans have a right to know. Artur is one of the saddest themes of Kibaki’s administration.

  12. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM should identify risky and shaky constituencies and candidates so that the day after nominations, the president and vice-president can personally talk to the losing candidates.

    I know that some candidates are in the race for parliament more out of personal wants rather than national needs. Some candidates may be in the race to go to parliament and make millions of shillings in salary and allowances. True patriotic candidates will continue to support and work for the party even if they lose in the nominations.

    I would like each parliamentary aspirant to ask themselevs these questions:

    1. Am I (the aspirant) in the race for my personal gratification or is it for national good?

    2. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for national good where I will help birth and entrench a new system of government in Kenya – a devolved system of government where all Kenyans are empowered to build their country by building their own regions in parallel and not in tandem as is the case now?

    3. Am I in the race for my own good or for national good where I will help Raila, when he wins the presidential race, entrench a federal/devolved/majimboed/igatuzied/usambasaed system of government to ensure that all Kenyans get a fair share for their sweat?

    4. Am I in the race for my own good or for national good where I will help Kenya realize at last after 45 years of independence a country under a respected and adhered-to real rule of law? Do I want my country to be led by a president who respects the rule of law, a president who respects the civil service regulations and does not appoint his friends and kinsmen who are past 55 years or 60 years or even 70 years of age to the civil service or to head goverment bodies? Ask yourself, dear aspirant, why there is no other Kenyan from a different tribe who is enjoying the same privilege.

    5. Am I in the race for my own good or am I in the race for the good of my country where I will ensure that all Kenyans are treated equally and that the threat of GEMAism or its new form of MEGAism does not rear its ugly head again. By the way, dear aspirant, did you know what MEGA means apart from the usual meaning which though hidden comes from the shuffled letters of the abbreviation GEMA?

    Did you know, dear aspirant, that MEGA means HUGE. It implies huge projects, huge investments, huge buy-outs, huge exploitations, huge developments, huge trading at the Nairobi Stock Exchange, and all at the expense of the other tribes. It means locating huge agricultural processing, packaging, and shipping and manufacturing industries in or around Nairobi so that poor rural Tea/Coffee/Sugarcane/Pyrethrum/Horticultural farmers will toil and toil and never be able to advance an inch?

    If, dear aspirant, you think what I am talikng about is far-fetched, go talk to maize farmers in Kericho and how they have been exploited mercilessly by having them sell their maize while still unharvested, getting them to harvest, thrash, and dry it along the tarmac road and then charging them for doing all that work. It is not a dream. It is real. Only a devolved system of government will bring justice and fairness to those and many other suffering farmers throughout Kenya.

    5. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for the good of my country where I will ensure that someone who is elected president actually exercise their executive powers in order to serve and protect all Kenyans instead of ceding his powers to family and friends who, because they cannot be held accountable, will then import mercenaries to come and humiliate our own people and hard-working police force?

    6. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for the good of my country where I will ensure that the person elected president of Kenya will truly serve Kenyans for five years and not go to sleep only to show up at the eleventh hour with empty promises and imperative insults in the form of new districts. Do you know, dear aspirant, that all these are done out of conviction that the beneficiaries’ thinking ability is shallow and short? It is an insult to Wananchi.

    7. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for the good of my country where I will ensure that the president personally or through his agents does not undermine the welfare or integrity of certain sections of the Kenyan population or punish them for no fault of their own as has happened, dear aspirant, in the case of Kabarnet where the government has discreetly and systematicall choked the town to a sure death or in the case of Eldoret International Airport where deliberate diversion of air traffic threatens the survival of the airport?

    8. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for the good of my country by showing the world that in Kenya we have fearless and patriotic sons and daughters who will risk their lives to save that of the majority of Kenyans. Dear aspirant, do you agree that Raila Odinga is not a dangerous man as they claim but a saviour, a saviour who saved Kenyans from past oppresive regimes, a saviour who saved Kenyans from a looming deadly attack by mercenaries, a saviour who saved Kenyans from the Wako Draft and the hidden agenda that would have reduced the majority of Kenyans to landless beggars?

    Do you agree, dear aspirant, that the most dangerous people in Kenya today, apart from Mungiki, are their sponsors who sadly are also government officials? Do you now, dear aspirant, what their long-range plans are and how they intend to disable and cower other Kenyans so that they do not venture into seeking the leadership of Kenya again?

    8. Am I in the race for my own good or is it for the good of the my country where I will ensure that a system of government where all Ministries reflect the face of Kenya and not as is the case now where some Ministries – Finance, Education, Provincial Administration and Internal Security are virtual a no-go zone for other Kenyan tribes. Did you know, dear aspirant, that in every Ministry, if the Minister is from a different tribe, they make sure that there is a watching eye from home hovering around somewhere?

    Dear aspirant, ask youself these questions and if you are in the race for the good of Kenya then continue to actively and intensively support ODM even if you lose in the nominations.

  13. michael oticha says:

    I do believe all the aspirants who will fail in the nominations on Friday next week will support the winners . Let them stick together for the sake of ODM victory and the beter future of the country 2moro .

  14. Stephen (Nairobi) says:

    Did you guys have a chance to watch ‘Race to State House’ last night on KTN?

    My friend Pius Ababu Namwamba did a splendid job there. He shredded the chauvinist untrustworthy conniving lot represented there by one Paul Mwangi. When I see the young energetic and vibrant brains teaming in ODM, my excitement about the future just skyrockets.

    Last week we had Catherine Mumma, Winnie Mitula and Prof. Jackline Oduol tackling a number of policy issues in a manner that impressed the opposing side (they just cannot admit it) and now Ababu dealt with the issue of leadership and trust that it can only remain unclear to the very damn and retarded.

    Kudos team ODM !!!!

  15. paulo ragen says:

    Immediately after the nominations the aspirants should organize a rally in their respective constituencies where all of them public declare that they have accepted the results and will support and work with the winner to deliver the constituency to ODM and give Raila maximum votes. Imagine the impact of this if this image is repeated in every constituency countrywide. The losing aspirants should then be drafted into the campaign teams and assigned resources to make sure everyone comes out to vote and also to be vigilant against planned electoral malpractices by PNU!

    This will be a big impact and will boost ODM countrywide!

  16. Linet says:

    I watched the race to state house and was very impressed by Ababu Namwamba, he did a great job, even Beatrice Marshall could only end with a smile. We need more strong ODM debators on whatever shows are presented, and please about the TV adverts, anyone at orange house?

  17. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Let me know if ECK is clean! Wht did I read in the papers today? That ECK has reached some agreement with “Briefcase parties”. Why on earth, if these parties have ideologies, can’t they conduct nominations before 16 November? What is wrong in submitting names 5 days early? How many more other concessions is ECK going to grant?
    Ladies and gentlemen I am smelling a rat. Remember PNU has not settled.
    I wont be supprised if ECK extends the date from 16 November to 19 November. This they are likely to do on Thursday 15 late in the day.
    Just watch the media

  18. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    Those who leave were not with us right from the beginning and in any case they have a right to. Some are hoping to gain from popularity of our party and candidate. Some could be moles while others have no firm belief in our course.

    What is important is not look for anyone who might just be throwing tantrums for losing in a fair contest.

    I believe there are those even if they lost -like Prof. Nyongo – we should go a step further to keep them. They are very crucial to the team. I also believe no one is indespensable in the cause that us Kenyans are aiming for. We shall not rest even if all politicians left us.

    My point is let us be careful to know who it is worthy to have Mutongoria Jamba leave the campaign trail and go to appease, who to give a call and who to just let go.

    I’m worried that some people may plan to rig the elections especially in PNU stronholds by having 98% voter turnout even if only 10% showed up in person to vote. What is the plan to have strong party agents even in Othaya.

    How can those of us who are held up in the city by our jobs be involved in the Rural Areas to ensure free and fair elections ?

    We like the campaigns you are carrying out. For now the message should be to consolidate our support and to fire up everybody to turn to vote for CHANGE.

  19. Dr. Barack Abonyo says:

    Please avoid signing MOUs as much as possible. Just offer what can be offerable now. The one signed bewteen the pentagon members is enough to win the election. Be careful a bout this Muslim thing. Package it under the new constitution. Do not offer any special treatment here. It is not going to add anything. However, reconsider the issue of ODM challenging Ngilu in her constituency. It is important that she is given the same respect as the pentagon members because she commands the votes from a region. I would not put an ODM candidate in her constituency. Reason being that her supporters may feel that she is being belittled. Her opponents in the region will have a sermon to preach. Ngilu is a very important asset. She is going to be the neutralizer of the Kalonzo factor. Do not assume that she is already bagged. Handle her with the maximum importance.

  20. James Mikenye says:

    May I say that fallouts have always been there and will never seize to be there.The most important thing however is that even if they go to the other parties,they will still not win and will therefore be wasting there time and resources.What we as supporters should do is to nominate the strongest and qualified candidates and once the candidate has been nominated in a given constituency then let him/her be elected to the next parliament come general elections.What we want is a majority of ODM Mps in the house.Let those who want to defect after nominations go for the fact is that we cannot stop all of them from defecting.Provided we have the right people then we are safe.Let me urge the supporters to make sure that they vote.Kudos to the ODM supporters and please,lets also give the women a chance.

  21. sambili says:

    Fallouts are inevitable,but will be minimal,to counter the PNU media bomb we should also have our own arsenal its not enough to talk but kenyans need to be reminded of the evils of this regime especially the rural who have no TVs so all artur,angloleasing,rattle a snake,eat rats,refugees (karua)cut sugercane and plant guavas stint and pumbavu clips,should be made into a short movie of 15 mins and on every campaign trail these clips should be shown to kenyans.Every rally should have a big screen and we dedicate 15 mins to psyke up the crowd before the main rally.This is a do or die duel,if they win we will be pushed back decades.and who knows we might never have the likes of kina Raila for generations on end.vigana tu-strive for our future.

  22. Jagero says:

    Paulo this is a great idea. The most important issue is winning the presidency and with majority MPs’ so that we can implimen’t our ideas. Better still if we could bag the two thirds majority to facilitate constitutional review. The winning paliamentary candidate and the losers have to hold a joint rally not only to conceed defeat but also to work as a team to deliver as much presidential vote as posible. Each constituency in the ODM strongholds should aim at 85 to 100% vote since we know this is the weapon PNU wants to use in their strongholds to get close to us and rig the rest to win. This will increase the margin such that even rigging will be of no use. In the other constituencies working together will still inrease the presidential vote and nip the rigging in the bud.

    About Ngilu, this is supprising as according to the standard she was not being opposed by any other ODM candidate while the Nation mentioned that there was a candidate. The secretariat needs to let maddam Ngilu campaign nationally by not bogging her down in her Kitiu central constituency. Again she should be working with JOe and Agwambo to increase the yield from Eastern but the main battle ground should be the coast as you can see the number of times Kibaki goes to the coast and Kalonzo’s crowds. This is where serious campaign needs to be done.

    Finally it is high timr we started airing our own adverts. The secretariat already has alot to choose from here and we can still give other ideas if they need more, all they should do is to set the theme.

  23. Dr. Elijah Khakame says:

    ODM must handle primaries in Webuye Constituency with due care to avoid any fall-out that would give PNU a chance. There are strong candidates who have built ODM in the Constituency from the beginning. They are Dr. Wanjala, Mr Kakai and Ms Rose Linda among others. The party should be aware and careful not give unfair advantage to some aspirants who have recently shifted alliances from other parties (read-New NARC Kenya – PNU).

    Note that the Webuye Constituency vote is actually The Critical Point in deciding the overall Bungoma and Kitale Districts voting patterns.

  24. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Concerns raised earlier are being noted now on the ground. The nomination exercise is being conducted in a very hapharzard manner. How comes the ODM Elction Board took too long to set in motion the nomination process, ending up with a jumbled up exercise with missing ballot papers, very small ballot boxes. The size of the ballot boxes is enough for a village community election and not a very important nomination like this of ours.
    I suggest ODM include an experienced person in the Election Board who knows that logistics need to be arranged at least a week before the nomination day and not a few hours of running helter skelter as we witnessed in Kericho, especially the Ainamoi nominations.
    Let’s not make the self proclaimed Professor of Politics make a laughing stock out of our actions.
    By the way, could the PNU moles be involved in these acts of confusion. Please check the KANU moles and weed them out.

  25. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM cannot be blamed for trying to make the best out of the most difficult situation where they are disadvantaged to conduct their business in a normal way because of Kibaki’s and Moi’s machinery.

    Now that nominations are over, ODM hopefully, as per VP Mudavadi’s assurance, has gotten the right candidates in all 210 constituencies.

    The two foremost orders of business that ODM should trasact are:

    1. Educate each candidate on what he/she should emphasize in their campaigns. Each candidate should have a contituency-tailored agenda, the manifesto for the national arena, and the third agenda should be the unmasking of the ethnocentric Kibakiism.

    2. Publish the Kroll report for all to see. It is already on the public domain on the internet. ODM as the incoming ruling party should get a copy and so should her supporters.

  26. tnk says:

    whatever the logistics problems expereinced. after all the fore-warnings it still turns out to be less than perfect with fiasco reported in many stations. THis sloppiness is unacceptable. But we also see that not all candidates are in this on priciples rather itst for the paycheck that why they are even rigging their way through. Lets not allow monsters to shift from PNU to ODM. Pentagon should conduct an audit of these nominations and the conduct of particpants to ratify the integrity of the candidates.

  27. Otieno says:

    Am disappointed, am ashamed, am not happy. The nomination furore just wont go away! People roughed up at Orange house, “winners” names replaced with losers'” What is happening Mr Justice Kwach!?!?!? Pentagon promised us a nomination unlike in the past. We were told there will be no use of excercise books; excercise books were used. We were told there would be no mlolongo; there was mlolongo. We were told there would be no favouritism, that the people would decide. If what is being reported in the papers is true, in some cases, the people did decide but Orange house sneaked in their own preferred candidates. Are we going to lose votes here due to apathy come the 27th since some supporters will feel short changed? This is a scandal and somebody better tell us what is happening. Being the most popular party, all eyes are on us and this is how we perform? Shame Mr Kwach!

    Am still a die-hard ODM supporter though.
    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora!

  28. Auki Ollows says:

    Oh my goodness! What chaos! Here, Mr Justice Richard Otieno Kwach is on the spot! In ODM, we don’t want the culture of passing the buck. We had money, we had an enthusiastic electorate. Some even volunteered their personal vehicles and other resources, in addition to the resources generated by the nomination fees… I know there was chaos in PNU too and ODM-K, is now a party of defeated defectors (because they either don’t have capacity or don’t want to work). However, ODM as the party whose future is very bright, can someone give a proper report?


  29. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    ODM leaders, campaign strategists and those who were fortunate to carry th ODM flag should re-group and embark on selling the party to all corners. Time is running out and

    However, the show was very far from good at all. Winners declared loosers and vice versa without any proper explanations. What a sham! Other parties also had their own problems but those were their problems not ours. We should deal with our problems and find better ways of avoid such mistakes in future.

    With all the goodwill and money, we looked more organised before nominations hell broke loose. I thought the ODM electoral board could have done better.

    Of course, some kind of fall out was expected – mainly from those ‘genuine’ loosers who cannot accept defeat. These crop predictably defect as usual (Koech, Anangwe, etc) With the large number of aspirants there was no way ODM could satisfy everyone. However, the electoral ought to have done a better job by preparing well and giving all serious aspirants opportunities to justify why they should carry the coveted ODM flag.

    ‘Geniune’ loosers from ODM strong holds who have defected to other parties should be prepared to face the same wrath of the voters come Dec 27th. Those who lost fairly should accept defeat and work with others towards popularising the party. All ODM pentagon leaders and more specifically, thye ODM electoral board should be brave enough to apologise to all those who were robbed of victory e.g., Sikanda or those who disenfranchised in one way or another – not given opportunity to compete and loose/win honorably. They should be assured of places to serve the party and the ODM government.


    Let the big journey begin and end in victory come Dec 27th.

  30. Auki Ollows says:

    Baijo, good offer of the way forward…

    However, I still feel aggrieved! There is no way, no matter how hard I try, that I can live with the fact that the party gave nomination certs to guys who lost. You can argue for the case of direct nomination a la Prof Nyongo on account of diligence to the party (I have strong issue with the timing, though. You can’t let people campaign for 3 years then tell them last minute that the cert goes directly to someone else…).

    For instance, compare Jakoyo Midiwo and Ambrose Rachier in Gem. There is absolutely no comparison! Rachier is much much more popular. He offers many of the attributes we want in our MPs including a large intellectual base. And he WON inspite of a myriad of irregularities including ballots from his strongholds disappearing! Someone tell me how to conscion this?

    There’s only one way out – Find a way to GIVE the winners their rights! Find a way to GIVE them their nomination certs! MAISHA must be BORA for even them…

  31. Mike says:

    The nomination has cost us a lot and shows that we are still far from real democracy. However this tells me how fast we should move to enact a new constitution to accommodate more leaders in the local govts.

    A meeting should be convened soon to chart the way forward because am steadily losing hope on the team Raila is going to work with when he wins and I need reassurance from not only the Elections Board but also the Pentagon, the winners and the losers that there is some control of our grassroot support in key areas where we are ahead.

    Lastly let winners be rewarded accordingly already there are rumuors in my constituency that the Presidency is orange but MP and civic they are still debating NOW HOW ARE WE GOING TO PASS CRUCIAL BILLS IN PARLIAMENT WITH MINORITY members?. You made us believe that everything is okay yet there is nothing to show for it. Why are you promoting sychophancy?

  32. Otieno says:

    Though our sentiments may seem harsh concerning the nominations, we are arguing from a point of limited information and misinformation. Limited information because Kwach and his colleagues are terribly silent! We need someone to come out and say something; some damage control is needed here since this is also reflecting badly on the pentagon. Secondly, we don’t know whether the election board had to weed out some of the moles who maybe had won. This is very speculative since like I say, we only have limited information. Finally, like someone here pointed out, the media could be propagating some untruths about the nomination excercise.

    My suggestion is that while we want to be patient and wait for this mess to clear up, it would be prudent for the election board to come out publicly and do the following: apologise for messing up and show us that they now have things under control.

    ps: Congrats to KJ for the Dago nomination – Vijana Wa ODM wamegutuka!

  33. pabokenya says:

    i think some1 reading this blog need to assure us that all is well.i am even afraid to read newspaper coz i just think another rioting targeting odm will take place.anyway i expected this.we, as supporters need to come out and encourage the pentagon, they dealt with a very diffcult situation.
    landing odm certificate means an open door to bumge, thats why we must understand the magnitude of complaints.however, i want to ask,how do we know all these making noise of winning actually won?
    i think pentagon has done a goood thing by reversing nomination of odoyo and okundi, i think kwach erred there.but i want to promise u guys we will come out much stronger.
    we need to understand that its very difficult to monitor election without even assistance of police and lets also appreciate that many winnders were handed certificate.lets see sungu,paddy,ogur,ochilo all very close friends of our president and they lost n they were not favoured, thats what i expecetd the pentagon to do to all aspirants who lost.look at rift valley, all winners were given cerrtificate.we also have to see the aspect where we succeeded,lets also understand.

  34. Amos Onim says:

    I think the comments are quite positive to build and drum up more support for the party ODM. As a matter of facts not all can be winners but genuine winners should be presented with the certificate and not lossers, except lossers shoulld now support the winners to build further the party and not disintergrate it. It is important that stay in the party and not defect to other parties. LONG LIVE ODM, GOD BLESS

  35. pablo says:

    I think guyz we need to accept that democracy is yet to take its strong roots in Kenya as a whole. I want to ask the losers in ODM nominations to just take it and we shall square the issues after the general electins . Am sure that the pentagon is not going to let us down and every tom hurry and dick is going to get his share of cake. Always in a competition there must be a loser and a winner. We want to form the next gov. Let us observe our steps carefuly lest we trip
    Pentagon solders it is not done until it is done keep on strong
    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora

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