Attached is the Wako draft or Kilifi draft constitution kindly take a look and compare then leave comment




  1. Duncan says:

    So the poll is out and the captain has lost three points.I think the competition has hammered us on the majimbo issue. The ODM needs to come out as clearly as possible on this issue before the election day,which Kivuitu has just told us as 27th December.If we do not do this,I fear the competition will continue to hammer us on the same thing until the margins are too close for comfort.

    Secondly,I see the bomas draft and the kilifi draft.I know nothing about them.Could someone please tell me what the current constitution says,what the kilifi draft says and what the bomas draft says,in Layman terms!
    It would be easier to explain it to others who may not have access to it,or even understand it.

    Lastly,the stage has been set now.the home stretch is here and victory is within our reach.Let us not let up now!!God bless Kenya,God bless ODM !

  2. Omuto says:

    It’s a sad day for us. One, Raila has moved 3 points down the graph, as Kibaki progresses, though slowly. Let me highlight a few issues that will see us messed up in the general elections, if we dont take care of our moves n tongues.

    One, after the last opinion poll that put our captain on a 53% lead, the team suddenly went numb. Kalonzo was left traversing the country, confusing people with the Majimbo thing and contradicting his own Secretary General Mutula Kilonzo, who was openly against the use of the word Majimbo. While addressing his rally in Mombasa, Kalonzo said that the word Majimbo is harmless, n he is fully supporting it. At Uhuru Park, he is on record saying that let me educate Raila a bit. Mine is economic federalism. MK on his side, during the debate 07 last week (KTN), said that the word itself (Majimbo) is a horror to the ears of Kenyans. And Kalonzo has been seen on several occasions campaigning vigorously (though the polls reflect no impact on his rating). what about our gys? They went for honeymoon. The “bruising campaign” Raila told us to expect is yet to click. I told some of my friends that Raila’s rating will plummet because of the backstage role he had assumed immediately after the 53% polls.

    Two, the Majimbo thing has been hijacked by its opponents. A word of advice here. Even if it means buying airtime in some of the prominent media houses to sell the ODM Majimbo thing, let us do it, dear Pentagon (now Hexagon). To the best of my knowledge, we’ve done nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to sell the Majimbo dream to Kenyans. Reason being, every time a media house invites the owner of the concept (ODM, though the government is also on record as having accepted Majimbo in the Wako Draft), an opponent is also invited, and an argument (not even debate) ensues. How can we debate on something we havent presented fully? Can media houses style up and allow the proponents to table their case, before inviting spolers to mess us up even before we defend our thesis. Comparing this Majimbo and the colonialist’s majimbo is the worst tragedy i’ve ever seen (that’s what the detractors are doing). I’ll talk about this later.

    Three, we’re frying ourselves with our own oil. Just the other day, two senior members of the ODM fraternity goofed big time. Balala, while addressing a rally in the coastal region on Tuesday or thereabouts said “Land in the coastal region is owned by outsiders, leaving the bona fide inhabitants landless.” As much as this was made in good faith, but the setting was wrong. At a time when our opponents are throwing stones at us that Majimbo is tribalism and such trash, we add fuel to fire by uttering what Balala uttered. Too bad, it’s been captured in the ears of many Kenyans, and they’re using it to hammer us. Kosgei, on the other side, goofs the more. If we’re in 2007, and he is talking about we people giving raila two terms (which might be true), then if this is not counterproductive to the opinion polls, I wonder what is. IT IS WRONG TO TELL KENYANS NOW THAT WE’RE GIVING RAILA TWO TERMS. NOT AT THIS STAGE, MR. KOSGEI. SPARE THAT FOR ANOTHER DAY! Not that we dont want Raila to go for two terms, but we’re very conscious of the prevailing mood and such utterances can strangle our very own, because our detractors will use them to spank Luhyas, Kalenjins, Merus and the Coastal guys (the Pentagon members). LET US GUARD OUR TONGUES, GENTLEMEN. IT’S TOO COSTLY TO SEE RAILA PLUNGING HEADLONG INTO POLITICAL OBLIVION COME THE ELECTION DAY, AFTER ALL THESE STRIDES WE’VE MADE.

  3. Zizi says:

    Omuto and the rest, I agree with points and especially Omuto’s.

    I am a Kenyan in diaspora and researcher too. Raila’s performance is still exceptional as long as he maintains an above 48%. The highest MK can go if there is a miracle it will be 42%. So the ODM team should work harder to maintain highest ratings as possible. If next time RAO is at 51% and favoured by the error margin, he might be at 53%.

    I propose that Pentagon and the campaign strategists should sit down every three days to set some rules on what should remain the agenda of the campaign and review its progess. Let them read from the same script. They should exercise self-control also-be sober. Strategists should be respected at all times!

    I like the Artur saga as campaign agenda. Recently, the sugar saga at the coast. I believe there must be some politicians connected. I hope ODM politician is not in it. If that is the case, hammer it out in the campaigns also. People will understand why sugar business is manipulated.

    Move own. Move on.

    Please update news items everytime. There is so much happening but we dont seem to catch up on it.

  4. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    ODM, step up the campaign gear and PNU will not catch no matter how hard they try. Let the campaigners avoid loose talk that will scare away potential voters. Package the message well to drive the point home so that voters are left only to think Raila and ODM. use those stories, proverbs, imageries, etc to capture the attention of every listener and win their hearts. Even the sceptical ones will change. Again I emphasise that potential voters (our marginalised brothers and sisters from GEMA and Ukambani community) should not be left behind in our vote hunting behemoth. Target them with practical solutions to thier current problems. Central masses are no diffrent from the rest of Kenyans – we face the same suffering, cost of living, price hikes, etc despite the fact they among them are the wealthiest people in Kenya. They should not listen to the lies of ‘kazi iendelee’. Wapi??? to abject poverty, death and extinction?? These PNU competitors are simply interested in safeguarding their wealth and trampling on other people’s rights.

    ODM and Raila will triumph – let them keep up the momentum. Hit the road with well packed messages like never before. Set the agenda, put them in the defensive all the time so that they do not have time to think ofd new ideas or rest thinking everything is OK simply because of statistcs. Let the PNU parties keep disagreeing and fighting about nominations etc. Vita vya panzi (PNU chameleon, confusion) ni furaha za kunguru (ODM, Raila and his team of leaders and the rest of Kenyans who will benefit from the devolved goverrnance) Economics? Stupid! Majority of Kenyans are suffering like never before.

    Kibaki had it easy 5 years ago. Raila (Njamba) did his thing, laid down his life and his little money to ensure NARC & Kibaki was in the state house. 2007 is a different ball game altogether and I now feel sorry for Kibaki dishing out all sorts of goodies, misusing public resources and dancing himself lame to entice and bribe potential voters. Nay! it wont be easy, Emilio and rest of kombo kombo PANU/KANU joint venture.

    ODM Raila should also ensure the electorate know them and dont get confused during the polling day. An ORANGE (CHUNGUA MOJA, MAISHA BORA) should be distinctly selectable from the fake poisoned ODM-Kalonzo’s machungwa hogwash. He is a sell out, Moi/Kibaki project and he made the greatest mistake of his life.

  5. Beryl says:

    Thanks all, it is indeed sad that we lost 3 points, probably because it was a major campaign strategy for PNU to demonise it and make it look like horror recurring. My view is that the Pentagon (Hexagon) should now tackle failures by the past government, send home the message of tolareted corruptions, mungiki sagas etc, what makes the opponents emotional. By the time they will be sobing over these issues and trying to explain and recover their image, the ODM will be slightly ahead. Try to avoid using the word Majimbo if it is the cause of the problem, maybe send the message home by simply saying, we want to bring you maendeleo, all the money will be equally distributed to all provinces in kenya. This way we might recover from what we lost. I also realise that emilio gets very emotional and he barely talks clearely when under pressure. Touching the weakness of his admin will render him speechless, go people and touch on these weaknesses. They ( PNU) do not spare us anyway. You are our mouth piece.

    Victory is ours

  6. Eric B says:

    Can the ODM team now begin to use the exact terms on majimbo as are contained in the Bomas draft namely “devolution and decentralization” call them D&D. Are there proper Kiswahili terms for this? If so use them and unpack them a little for the voters to hear. Also get the electorate to know (and have it on record) through the media and other means that nobody will be thrown out of their land or evicted from their premises. Not on ODMs watch, never on ODMs watch.

    The slide in the captains’ points was occassioned by some levels of laxity on the part of ODM. Let us not be complacent. Two months is not a long time to be on the road for the ultimate sacrifice is it? Let us continue to respect the President and spare him very personal attacks (it cheapens the ODM cause but can be used later if really necessary). Instead talk about the governments failures and the fact the the same chaps are now in PNU burning taxpayers money like never before. Talk about what Kenya has been and what you see it becoming. Hello, is anyone out there listening? If so I ask that you please concentrate hard on the work ahead. Do a few more rounds in Kisii, Coast and Nairobi. Our support there seems to have dwindled a little.

    Concentrate on mopping up North Estern, Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley as well. We need all the votes we can get from those regions and for crying out loud put some emphasis on voter turn out. Those who can vote must. I have a strong feeling this election is ours to lose ( I mean that in the opposite). Let us not lose it by sitting pretty. The hard work is just beginning.


    Thanks all ,let us adjust some points by counting on the govt.letdowns in our rallies.One,insecurity:-MAMLUKI AND MUNGIKI.
    Two,corruption:-anglo,s.import,kamles,taxs payers.3,d&d[devolved&decentralisation.Finally let our KINGS&QUEENS watch their words.

  8. Ochieng says:

    ODM needs to work hard especially on the issue of the type of government its proposing. PNU is placing full page adverts while all we are doing is advocate for Majimbo in rallies. We need to counter this adverts sooner rather than later. I can volunteer my services towards this end absolutely free.

  9. paul says:

    for god’s sake ODM pentagon start preaching the good of devolution of resource becoz the voters are confussed and PNU is taking every oppotunity to make shure they get more confussed. now we have lost three points WHY! is becoz of majimbo or is becoz this days the pentagon are not cordinated in what they are saying. i will not be surprised if we losed another 3 point in 2 weeks time, start educating people on majimbo or kiss the election good bye

  10. tim says:

    i think the best way to counter PNU’S blubber about majimbo is to lay out in some newspaper an advert on both the WAKO and BOMAS drafts respective clauses on devolution.
    i.e ,PNU are opposing devolution just because ODM beat them to support it

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