Why our second liberation is yet to be completed

The article below was written by political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi 4 years ago, Sunday Nation December 2003,your comments?


14 Responses to Why our second liberation is yet to be completed

  1. Sunday Nation, Dec 2003
    Why our second liberation is yet to be completed

    This week I want to give a suggestion to President Mwai Kibaki: He should fire his speechwriter! If we lived in a ”banana republic,” these people would have actually been charged with sabotage.

    What they gave the President to read on Jamhuri Day was flat and shoddy.
    In fact, his speech on this day sounded like recycled material from the Madaraka Day and Kenyatta Day addresses. And what is worrying is that his speechwriters did not even seem to notice the repetitions. The question we should ask here is why?

    The answer to this is simple: Maybe they also slept through the speeches!
    The long and short of things is therefore that someone is being negligent.
    Let us now turn to the fact that the President has finally put his portrait on our currency. In my view, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, there would be nothing wrong if he put a family portrait on one of the currency notes.

    What we must understand here is that President Kibaki is a human being. He has urges and excesses. To deny him some things is therefore ridiculous. It is like placing a pot full of honey in front of a little boy and expecting him not to dip his finger into the stuff! In other words, our new President is cuddling in the warmth and comfort of the institutions that shaped former President Daniel arap Moi. And, if this is the case, why should we be surprised if he ”hatched” into a dictator?

    What we have witnessed in the last one year is the degeneration of President Kibaki from a reformer to a ”Toad King”. This process begins with the President becoming insensitive. At this point, he breaks one pledge after another without feeling a thing. And, as he does this, the question in his mind is: Where can you take me?

    In the case of the MoU for instance, we took him nowhere. The begrudged politicians yapped until the cows came home. Now the President has put his portrait on our currency and we will take him nowhere. The general attitude here is this: If you do not like it, you can sit on a pin!

    Numbing his sense to popular voices will definitely degenerate into a state of paranoia. At this point, the President will make one blunder after another. And instead of correcting his mistakes, he will increase his speed in the direction of the wrong. This is where former President Moi was when he introduced ”Project Uhuru” to the country. The crowds booed him, his loyal followers in Kanu abandoned him and even his own people questioned his wisdom. But the more we rejected his ”project”, the more determined he became.

    There is a lesson for President Kibaki here. He is increasingly becoming like Mr Moi during the 2002 elections. He is not yet paranoid, but his insensitivity could develop into ”political blindness”. Who knows how low he will have sunk by the 2007 elections? And this is what worries me.

    Consider a hypothetical situation here. What would happen if President Kibaki decided to run for re-election in 2007 and lost? Would he and his men have the grace to hand over power peacefully? From the way they have behaved in the last one year, I doubt it. And where would that leave the country? At the risk of sounding crazy, I want to suggest the following: If we thought that Mr. Moi would plunge the country into civil strife, he proved us wrong.
    Narc is the party to plunge the county into civil strife. You just have to listen to the FM stations and the call-in television programmes to see a pattern. From the name of the caller, you can almost predict what they will say and what side of the divide they will take. In a disputed election, such polarity would certainly take ugly proportions.

    But there are two possible ways out of this. The first one has to do with the agenda of the second liberation. This process was meant to achieve two things – to remove Mr. Moi from power and replace him with reform-minded leaders. This was done successfully. However, as we are beginning to realise, Mr. Moi was not the problem.
    The problem was the institutions he inherited from the Kenyatta. To change the leadership without changing the institutions is like treating cancer with Malaraquin. This is partly why the ”institutional cancer” in the presidency is beginning to affect President Kibaki.

    Putting his portrait on our currency and junking the pre-election MoU are just manifestations of this cancer. This is why the other agenda of the second liberation was institutional reforms. Until this is completed, the second liberation will not have happened. More specifically, this refers to the constitutional review process. And, at this point I would want to address the delegates preparing for Bomas III on January 12, 2004.

    It is my hope that you have had time to reflect on the issues at hand in Bomas III. We are also told that the politicians have spent this long break to bribe you. In my view you should take the bribes and use the money to enjoy your Christmas. You must realise at this point that you are involved in politics and that in this game there is no morality. As such, you should have fun on someone else’s account! However, when it comes to voting, you must reject the ”bribe givers” and vote for the country.

    This is important because of the following reasons. If the second liberation had two phases, the first phase of replacing the leadership had to be carried out by 3.1 million voters. Replacing Mr Moi and his cronies was in my view the easy part. The second phase is the tough one. And this is where you come in. You are only 600 people, and the future of our country depends on you.
    I have two questions for you at this point. One, as you vote for issues, will you be thinking of your ”tribal chief” or your children? In my view, your tribe is your children. If you make a constitution for your children, you will have made a constitution for Kenya .

    Two, consider the question of the Prime Minister’s post. And the question to you is this: If this post had been created before the 2002 elections, do you think President Kibaki would have ”trashed” the MoU? Do you think he would have put his portrait on our currency and retained corrupt ministers in his Cabinet? If the answer to these questions is no, then the cure to the ”institutional cancer” in the presidency is the creation of this post. Do think about it!

    The second possible way out of civil strife has to do with the Kikuyu. Now that the presidency has returned to the ”House of Mumbi”, some people from the community are convinced that it is there to stay. In my view, this kind of thinking is retrogressive and could result in ethnic animosity.Kikuyus should come to terms with the possibility that they could lose the presidency in 2007. As such, they should do two things: One, ”bank” with the other communities. This is important because they cannot survive alone in future.

    Two, they should disown the Kikuyu ”sharks” in the Kibaki government.
    Unless they do so, the entire community will be blacklisted simply on account of a few people. In future, a Kikuyu presidential candidate would be rejected because of the misdeeds of isolated people. My submission therefore
    is: They should not support this regime blindly!

  2. Phil says:

    Much as I respect Mutahi Ngunyi’s views, I do not trust them. Too much theory in them.

    I vividly remember his nomadism through all the major media houses during the weekend that both ODM and ODM-K were conducting their presidential nominations. He predicted the two parties would come out of the nominations exercise wounded. The results of these nominations proved him wrong!

    That aside, Mr. Ngunyi was said at one point to be attached to State House as a political consultant. How sure can we not be that the confusion that is called GNU, Narc Kenya or even worse ‘PNU’ were not his brainchild?

    My take is that Kenyans are politically mature enough to distinguish reform minded leaders from those leaders who want to maintain the status quo. Whatever the choice of name, whether 2nd, 3rd or 4th liberation, the ODM has a great task of winning these elections and delivering a devolved constitution to us. This is NOT a request. History will judge you ODM leaders very harshly if you fail to fulfill your pre-election pledges.

  3. Mr Ngunyi has given us alot of theory,but the truth will remain the same since Mr Kibaki decided/choose to make the country to be his, The people of Kenya are no longer ready to be used by self seekers that is the likes of PNU.it seems most of the likes of Mr Ngungyi are so much limiting they thinking to tribe line.To say the truth the Kikuyus are so much tribe, they is no single time they will believe that this country belong to 42 tribes.Am requesting my brothers and sisters from central to widen they thinking.
    ODM is a party of all Kenyans.God bless ODM and its leaders.

  4. tnk says:

    this article was written long before the current polarization and banana/orange split, in fact it was written several months before Mutahi decided to sell his services to the Banana camp to counter the orange movement. At that point in time, I would suggest he was a lot more objective and more willing to entertain truth as a responsible journalist. He was able in this article to objectively highlight some of the many failings of the Kibaki government soon after Kibaki moved in and started by trashing the MoU. What happens after that when he decided to sell his services to the government is almost laughable and is 2nd only to the “joke” of Government Spokesman briefings.

    THis re-inforces the fact that, even though the Kibaki admin failures are there for all to see, by using clever people such as Mutahi and Mutua, the facts can be twisted completely and smokescreens created to create necessary confusion so as to hoodwink a gullible portion of the public. I recall an article by Mutahi, some months later, providing methods of countering Orange popularity in which he suggested several strategies adn smokescreens which have since been succesfully taken up by PNU and these include the demonising strategies currently in use.

    The problem is not those of us enlightened enough to read the articles with a pinch of salt. In fact Mutahi and Mutua do not even consider us as the target audience. The problem is providing these methods or “loaded gun” to unscrupulous MPs and wannabes, who have capacity to mobilize government and other resources such as witnessed by the truck loads of Kamandas supporters and the voters being ferried to Langata and other areas, and enabling these dunderheads to create sufficient confusion in the public, thereyby denying a worthy cause such as ODM, the much needed widespread support. Truth be told whether PNU or ODM wins Mutahi will still enjoy his egg and toast for breakfast, drive his BMW and chase the next article. But the real loser is the gullible mwananchi who must be punished first for being gullible and allowing him/her self to be deceived, second for allowing a great opportunity on hand to fly away, third for making sacrifices to educate their children and turn them into professionals such as Mutahi but only to get deceived, fourth suffer the agony of another 5 years of mismanagement, being called pumbavu, chicken droppings and other and cannot do anything about it and just cling on the desperate hope that s/he lives long enough through hunger, inflation, bad infrastructure, soaring crime and all other resultant ills of inept governance.

    Mutahi gets a major barb for knowingly supporting a government that he knew was getting more unpopular by the day by writing articles intended to disenfranchise true reform minded leaders and the public.

  5. shaqmaya says:

    Time has come that ODM should be wary of all potential Kibaki sympathizers. They are out to use all kind of tricks in book to desvastate the dream of an ODM government. Mtahi Ngunyi was an ally before Raila was nominated ODM’s torch bearer and Iam sure if he reads the article now, he will regret why he wrote it.Even Kalonzo’s record, crowd pulling rallies both in Nairobi’s Uhuru park and Tononoka Mombasa was a government hoax meant to equally divide orange parties votes and give kibaki an easy win over both presidential candindates. The game here is, market Kalonzo to the folk by transporting PNU supporters to all his rallies , this will give an impression that his popularity has enormously risen after launching his presidential race. This may and can lead to a situation where some potential ODM voters and parliamentary aspirants switch camps to ODM-Kenya. Orange parties votes will thus be devided into two. Mathematically the target is to raise Kalonzo’s 8 % (from Railas 53 %) to 28 % and reduce Railas from 53 % to 33 % and Kibaki romps home with his 37 %. Balala was right when he said in Kaloleni Giriama that Kalonzo is a government project . If Kalonzo is aware of the project or not, the best thing is Pentagon and ODM sympathizers should warn Kenyans not to fall into this ploy.

  6. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    We need a new constitution to check on the excesses of these likes. As long as we have a constitution that makes “kings” instead of giving us “servants”, we shall never move out of this quackmire. Hon Raila, we bank on you to give Kenya a TOTAL LIBERATION by all means

  7. Rose Andaro says:

    The Kibakis administration promised kenya a new goverment in the fast 100 days of rule which did not materialise only to go to kilifi and come with their own draft,They promised to fight corruption,We all know that the chief executives of key sectors in the country favour one tribe and the rest of us are left wondering if we are kenyans.We have decided to back honourable Raila Odinga for TOTAL LIBERATION and equality for all.we need meanful change go on Honourable Raila we are behind you.You have been a kingmaker for a long time it is about time that they all say RAILA TOSHA.

  8. NOOR MEIGAG says:

    A golden opportunity has presented itself to Kenya. ODM & Raila. We must grab them with both hands. Kenya may never have an opportunity such as these one for a long time. Time will also prove if Raila and his Penatgon will be the change Kenyans are yearning for.

    Kenyans must free themselves from black elite colonialism who replaced the British settler colonialists. We must also free ourselves from one big tribe chauvinistic tyrany. This tribe is only a big tribe, but not a majority tribe. We can check them like the Ibos were checked in Nigeria.

    Kenya has a bright future.

  9. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mutahi Ngunyi is a very insightful, objective, and accurate political analyst. Reading his articles, one can only thank his former teacher, Prof. Anyang Nyongo for producing good students.

    In the initial stages of his presidency, Mr. Kibaki had shown some inclination to departing from Moi’s style of oppresive rule. As age continues to take its toll, Mr. Kibaki is increasingly dependent on Moi for survival and for planning.

    I am quite sure that Kibaki and Moi have agreed to jointly sponsor, promote, and manage Moi’s initial project – getting Uhuru Kenyatta to become the next President of Kenyatta. There is urgency in the way Uhuru is now campaigning. It is like he knows that Kibaki’s win in 2007 means Uhuru’s win in 2012.

    Like Moi, Kibaki has allowed the rise of oppresive sidekicks in the names of Michuki, Kimunya, Murungi, and Wambui who have in the past shown lack of respect for the rule of law.

    It is sad that the new Kenyan Cardinal, Cardinal Njue, is starting to take a tribalistic approach to Kenyan issues. We are starting to see the beginning of the death of the Catholic Church in Kenya as a universal church for all Kenyan tribes. In the future, the Catholic Church will become the church of Mount Kenya.

    Cardinal Njue should quote to Kenyans where he got the idea that ODM plans to introduce Majimboism. ODM have clearly stated that they will implement Devolution as outlined in the Bomas Draft. Cardinal Njue should tell Kenyans that he does not agree with the Bomas Draft instead of dwelling on rumours and promoting tribalism.

    Kenyan catholics should start wrtting to the Pope to urge His Holiness to reign in Cardinal Njue so that he does not turn the Catholic Church in Kenya into a vehicle for furthering tribalism.

    Cardinal Njue should dwell on the Bomas Draft and tell Kenyans why he has never, in the past, spoken againts the draft until now that Kenyans are determined to vote out Kibaki. Where was Njue during the referendum. Kenyans are no longer uninformrd and cannot be misled by those purporting to be God’s sheperds into mortgaging their future.

    Cardinal Njue should tell Kenyans whether he agrees with the thriving of economic enslavement in Kenya. Does Cardinal Njue agree with that Tea farmers continue to recive a paltry yearly Bonus while men in suits in Thika reap richly where they have not sown. Does Cardinal Njue agree that the Lake Victoria fishers continue to be economically-enslaved when they fish nights missing sleep only for their fish to be taken to Thika for processing while they getting peanuts in return.

    Devolution which ODM has promised to implement is about removing economic enslavement in Kenya. It is about empowering Kenyans to play a greater role in building their regions. It is about fairness. A true man of God will promote devolution in Kenya.

    The future of the catholic church in Kenya is bleak if Cardinal Njue is going to be seeing issues with an ethnically-poisoned eye. The future of Kenya is bleak unless discrimination and economic enslavement are removed. The future of Kenya is bleak when a leader is elected to be the president only for that leader to take a back seat and allow ethnically-charged sidekicks to run the country.

  10. Anne says:

    Can the Sunday Nation reprint Mr. or can I call him Prophet Ngunyi’s article in the next edition of their paper? All that he said about the “IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY” has come to pass. When Kibaki took over, he was painted as a “good” president, a gentleman.

    It can now be seen that if one wants to see what a man is made of, just give him power. (It’s not about the outward appearance, it the heart) Kenyan’s can now see what their “supposedly good” president has done and can judge him by that.

    Even the ” supposedly evil” Moi had the grace to consult the then opposition leaders on the appointment of new ECK commissioners, (abeit after street protests in Nairobi and pressure from the donor community) under the IPPG agreement.

    Kibaki then was “championing” for this, as Leader of Official Opposition. His foot soldiers NOW have the nerve to tell Kenyans that he (Kibaki) has the powers under the constitution. That is true, but didn’t the “suppossedly evil” Moi have the same powers? Why was Kibaki then asking Moi to consult the opposition? Was it not for the people of Kenya to have a free and fair election?

    Kenyan’s must vote for a DEVOLVED government that will remove power from this “god” we call the PRESIDENCY and return it to where it belongs, THE PEOPLE OF KENYA.

    Long Live Kenya, Long Live The People of KENYA. YOU have the power, make good use of your VOTE to liberate Kenya.

  11. ron says:

    we are firmly behind you.

    good luck and success

  12. Ndegwa says:

    I notice there is a strange quietness here. Are we all processing the outcome or what?
    Its ok to discuss what went wrong, and why.

  13. SKY says:

    Mutahi hits the nail on the head HE CALLS A SPADE A SPADE IN SUCH AN AMAZING STYLE.bravo.his analysis beats the test of most political analysts.

  14. nyabeta says:

    Mutahi’s talk on KTN is just what Kenyans need to do at this time. he’s really been discussing what needs to be done to help end the crisis we are in. keep it up brother you are a real and true patriot

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