What should be our focus now that Parliament has been dissolved



  1. Beatrice Atieno mbai says:

    Please ensure that you use all the media channels at your disposal to educate the public on the type of Majibo ODM is avoccating to avoid confussion and lose of many votes meant for ODM.

  2. Aruwa Wilson says:


  3. Wanda says:

    The government is trying to convince wananchi that Majimbo is a recipe for chaos, that people will be told to stick to their regions, and they may be gaining on that platform. The major thing we have to focus on is educating the common man on what devolution structures we advocate for and drive away their fear of ethinic cleansing as so forth. In the same vein, givethem the difference between federalism, economic federalism, devolution, majimbo, social democracy and communisim. Kibaki and his men may capitalize on the ignorance of the masses and gain few vots which could have been ours.
    Let us show him that we are the one to decide what is good for us, Bomas was not a waste of time.

  4. bobodo says:

    pelase take note the majimbo debate is causing alot of confusion at grassroot level ,although being a noble idea the timing may cause alot of votes .the earlier PENTAGON comes up with proper explaination here in coast province it opinvokes grim memories of 1997 clashes and the PNU STRATEGISTS are working round the clock to prove the dark side of it

  5. shaqmaya says:

    Dont forget to educate the common mwanainchi the different of ODM and ODM-Kenya symbols. The symbols might end up confusing potential ODM voters.

  6. NyaKaksingiri says:

    Educate the public and the common mwananchi on Majimbo. Juz like William Ruto did on KTN with Kituyi. Try very hard for the information to reach the people at the grassroot level so that we all understand what Majimbo entails.

    Otherwise, ODM is unstoppable and it should remain that way.

  7. ODM is the party that we have many followers and serious leaders, Am only requesting that we do alot of rallies in Eastern, Nairobi,and some parts of western.
    Also please educate people to know the difference btw ODM and ODM-K let the people get to know our symbol ( ONE FULL ORANGE ) specifically Old people.
    May God bless ODM and its leaders.

  8. NyaKaksingiri says:

    Again the symbols should be clear even to the illiterate . Let there be no confusion and this can be done by educating the public on the symbol for ODM.

  9. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    Focus on rich voter areas neglected by Kibaki’s administration. Focus on his failures and how ODM will practically deal with issues to better peoples lives. Target the vibrant youth across the nation who want real change – I believe ODM and Raila can still win the hearts of the GEMA & Ukambani people. We want Raila to win with a landslide and get majority ODM MPs / civic leaders to be able to push the legislative and constiturtional changes that will put good systems and balance the power across the board.

    Supporters, voters should be well educated to different between the real ODM and the fake ODM-Kalonzo i.e., chungwa and the poisoned machungwa.

    Let us work hard and be on the look out for the opportunists and those who want to rig. Check, verify voters register to ensure our votes are in tact as we target new supporters and voters.

  10. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM should not allow PNU to push it to the defensive. The Majimbo thing is threatening to push ODM to the defensive and this is dangerous. ODM should never allow to be unperched from the Offensive. It is PNU that should be on the defensive considerin g the damage Kibaki and his government have visited on Kenyans in the last five years.

    ODM must speak loudly and often to her platform issues of:

    1. Devolution as the only means to empower and unlock the ingenuity of all Kenyans while maximizing benefits from local resources. ODM needs to amplify what Kalonzo said at Tononoka about the Coast remitting Ksh. 57 Billion to the exchequer while Central only remitted KSh. 1 Bilion.

    ODM needs to produce a complete chart of how much each province remit to the treasury and how much they get back in return including the CDF funds. The chart should also cover main cash crops including Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Pyrethrum. If possible, let Kenyans farmers know how much they generate for the country and how much of this money trickles back to their pockets.

    2. Security: This issue should not be minimized and should be at the forefront. Of what siginificance is economic growth when there is no security.

    3. Tribalism: Has it occured to anyone else that the Kibaki government has turned the once noble idea of creating disticts in order to bring government services closer to the people into an intrusive instrument of policing wananchi with an intent to stifle? Why is it that in every new district created one or more of the top administration officers – the DCs, DOs, OCPDs, District Intelligence Officers – never miss to include a member of the ruling tribe?

    ODM must bring to the forefront the promise of equal opportunities for all Kenyans irrespective of gender, race, or tribe by tabulating a table showing the percentage of the top administration and security officers in all districts of various tribes of Kenya.

  11. DEDAN says:


    The opponents don’t have any weapons against these five messages.

    The five also resonate well with the Ground.

    Avoid very complex debate issues such as Majimboism. Do not get into technical details as you may not be privy to the information the Government has as evidence.

    Do as much politics as possible with minimal details as possible.

    The more precise the messages the better. Long messages are dangerous

    Meanwhile connect with the grassroots and avoid the mirage of big rallies.

    At constituency levels, local issues must be attended to thoroughly.


    Kenyans love to hear things in their own fashions and can easily misconstrue the ODM.


    Emotions have more political weight than policy and fact.

  12. Ismail says:

    The biggest threat to our votes is this religious scam by the name Kalonzo, Party .this is due to fact that we are using the same symbol and in some parts of the country many voters are illetrate.ODM and its leader should educate many electorates mainly at the coast ,Riftvalley and North Eastern of the difference between the ODM Orange and the fake ODM-K orange.

  13. Ken Onyango - N/Jersey, USA says:

    Keep repeating now and again the failures of Kibaki i.e. corruption (Anglo-leasing, Artur saga,) arrogance of Mt. kenya, unequal national appointmenst, failure to change constitution, hands-off, high cost of unga, mafuta taa: rattling snakes et al.
    Kibaki is not honest and can not be trusted with his promises now, he has lied to the people in the past.
    Explain the benefits of majimbo as per Bomas vs. unitary state ;-
    Unitary State; wealth and resources is controlled by a few homeboys,
    has failed for the last 43 years; illitracy, disease and ignorance is still with us,
    Disparity in development which is at the mercy of imperial Presidency i,e dishing out goodies whenever convenient (referendum campaign and now) therefore we need to try majimbo for change!
    Majimbo is people managing there resources locally without big man syndrome etc, et al

    Simplify manifesto for easy assimilation by the grassroot.
    Pentagon, connect and identify with masses, let them know that those rejecting majimbo are denying them their rightful right to control their revenue and by extension to wealth distribution.
    As kenyans we all need to grow together and no community is to be left behind. Those for unitary state saying that majimbo will bring chaos are enemiies ofm the people. Keep hummering the same massage daily!!
    Above all be very aggressive. Kibaki looks more aggressive.
    Do not relent the pressure!!

  14. Murage says:

    Get on the campaign trail everyday. Be very visible and give people simple messages. I would avoid this majimbo debate. It’s messing your platform. Go back to talking about corruption, bad economy, governance, employment, tribalism and security. Things that Kenyans will easily understand without much debate.

    You’re doing a great job.

  15. Emali says:

    I think the campaign is on the right track except for the fact that some people who are just as important are being left out. I implore the ODM team to mind the deaf of the the society by having a sign trans letter at their campaigns so that even the deaf can share in the excitement and hear the promises from the ‘horse’s mouth’ instead of only reading it. Raila and his team should be the first to start this trend as it will adhere them to fans that they may be loosing out on

  16. Noah Chiuli says:

    The word majimbo is creating confusion to the common mwananchi. As proponents of the devolved system of goverment we should not allow PNU to put us on the defensive side. we to come out categoricallly and tell the common kenyan what majimbo is and Demystify the historical baggage that the word carries and expose chapter 14 of both the Kilifi and Bomas draft to Kenyans.
    The ODM coordinators should also identify youths and other supporters at the grass root level to educate and highlight the potentials a devolved government has. Keep on pressing ahead!!!!

  17. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    Call out all partriotic ODM members to begin door to door campaign. We need brochures/handbills detailing what ODM government will be doing that is different from the previous regimes. Let’s get people on the ground who can articulate these issues effectively to the people in a language they will understand, otherwise we shall shout ourselves hoarse and achive nothing in the end thus validating the claims by PNU that this is a political euphoria.

  18. Njeri Njenga says:

    The one machinery that has not been utilised effectively thus far and requires to be especially now that we have say, 2 months to go, is “door to door”. Long gone are the days when we would admire our candidates on newspaper and handout photographs and wait for the good Lord to see him/her through to statehouse. We have to get off our comfy cozies and sambaza our party’s policies and popularise its goodness.

    We need to shout our strategies from the mountain tops mpaka vigogo wa PNU watavisema usingizini. After placing advertisers in print and digital media on the Majimbo issue, ease off it. The “damage” will have been done. And get to the real work.

    As always, ODM sets the agenda for its opponents and not the other way around. Remind, replay, recollect…… All the errors that Kibaki’s government has made. As we say huko mashinani “toboa, toboa yote”. Let it be known that this was a government of opportunists who masqueraded as reformers only to take us back to 1942. Don’t forget Anglo-leasing, Standard Group raid, mamluki, other corruption, tribalism even after being voted by tribeless voters, cronysm, poverty, broken promises, increase in cost of basic necessities, inequitable distribution of resources, marginalisation, Kibaki’s record since 1963, etc. Mostly do not forget the son of Gikuyu and Mumbi, self-exiled in fear for his life..John Githongo.

    Sing about Raila’s reform record, no one in PNU can boast of anything close.

    Talk about serious comebacks, when they attack Raila on the “toilets” they should tell us which toilets Mandela built, which ones Gandhi built. Reform is not about construction. Raila has played watch-dog for wananchi: mamluki, safaricom privatisation, Wako draft constitution. Nani alieelimisha wananchi? Democratic space was not a reward that Kenyans were granted by good ol’ Kibaki, NO. It was fought for by Raila and co. These need to be said, loud and clear.

    Raila needs to be seen as good with the Central folk…. he campaigned for Kibaki graciously…. bila kuchoka. Nyaga, Gachoka, Bishop and other Kikuyu need to be seen, not as the lost sheep, but as those who have surpassed tribal affiliations for the love of Kenya.

    Where the Kibaki government cannot be seen to have erred, we need to sell these as achievements under the NARC promises. The authors being part of ODM.

    We are ready to volunteer and give the incumbent a hurried send-off. Tumekandamizwa ya kutosha, sasa tuegemee chungwa moja, maisha bora.

    All that said, Twende Kazi….. Hii lazima iendelee.

  19. Nick says:

    Majimbo is causing confusion but use it at the coast.It will earn you votes down here.In other areas it is causing confusion but here the locals are in love with it. Clear the air about Langata too once and for all.It is cause for concern

  20. bobodo says:

    once again majority of contributors its evident we avoid majimbo debate ,stay simple touch on issues which prtaining to day o day living eg rising prices of essential commodities
    above all itotally agree PENTAGON WITH IMMEDIATE effect flood the country with fliers on all ideas why we need change and our symbol chungwa moja approximately 10 million fliers for example all civic canditates approximately so far 16,000 giving out 3000 fliers that about 4.8 million all parliament asiprants approx 2000 each 10000 fliers thats approx 2.0 m and any others marketing avenues will make an impact
    lastly avoid alarmist announcement llke given by HON.MUDAVADI on civil servants while we know whatever there doing is wrong but rememeber the cluout,besides he who pays the piper plays the music .civil sevants at all times by code of conduct .such announcements borders on arrogance

  21. Horesia says:

    Organize mamoth rallies in North Eastern and Coast provinces South Rift and Bungoma to reach out to these constituencies. Let Pentagon articulate your campaign platform of:

    1) fighting corruption,
    2) ending ethnicity,
    3) new constitution dispensation,
    4) a devolved government,
    5) ensuring equity among Kenyans,
    6) empowerment of the youth, women and people with special needs.

    We love your humour. Share more proverbs, they are entertaining and leave a lasting impression on the people.

    Above all don’t let DTM and KM side shows distruct you from your goal of dislodging MK.

  22. Zizi says:

    To Orange House Friends: You need to keep the spirit (some call it euphoria going). How do you sustain this? Always be on the offensive. Try to look good to the public by demonstrating to them that ODM cares. Sound democratic (a party with values) at all times to encourage aspirants and avoid fall outs after the nomination. Revisit the song of: the team captained by Raila-demontrate the strength of Raila (as aggresive and reform oriented) and Musalia (as thoughtful and strong compliment for Raila).

    On Majimbo, try to emphasise on devolution strategically (Kajwang’s statement last week was a bit overboard). People should start feeling roads, access to water, better education, economic growth as being closer…… give them the image of how governance will look like under ODM.

    Orange Young Democrats should be visible in the campaigns. This are the foot soldiers who should widely spread to the local places. Support them with all the logistics. The siafu style that Raila talked about. In cities, have ODM fliers being distributed on a daily basis at round abouts and traffic jams. Here avoid the forceful messengers but use those young well adorned sales promoters. Theirs is to distribute fliers with ODM’s agenda in a more courteous way. It will turn on many urbanites who don’t usually vote, I tell you. In the villages, foot soldiers are required too. Have strategic rallies but not only rallies.

    What about the Brown’s Band? Have more of those bands staging free concerts in the open…..Moi Avenue, Kenyatta Avenue, Jeevanjee…. Most people like style I discovered. Trumpets for Raila or Orange Trumpets, you may wish to call it…..with some sense of patriotism it will make a difference!

    Orange Women Democrats, should be given more visibility. The women convention this week was encouraging. Have Ngilu in the Pentagon (that was good) but also decentralise to the local places. My mother may just be willing to be on board if she knew. Women issues should be made stronger too!

    Have you started running the Newspaper, Radio and TV adds yet? If you have not, it is high time to roll out. I will volunteer ideas for one! Make it outstanding….. Do it better than what we had for Referendum Innovation. Let people feel the Orange colour, voice and song.

    For everything you do as you have always done, look prepared. Nothing should take you by suprise. Opinion polls took some by suprise and that could have made some of us relax while the enemy was preparing for battle. If there is something good on ODM (opinion polls, nominations success, defections to ODM,……), remind the media that you are foused on winning the general elections. If bad things happen, as they are also likely, put on a brave face and move on, there is no time to whine. Demonstrate leadership by handling crisis couragiously. Ready for leadership!

    We hope that you take our opinions seriously. On policy issues too, I volunteer myself too.

    Lastly, (but not final) update the website on a daily basis. The other side has none or it doesn’t just work. Look prepared for victory!

  23. Ahmed says:

    Muslims are angry. Tell them when in the Coast and NEP and Upper Eastern that Michuki calls them terrorists, harasses them yet he never called Chinkororo and Mungiki terrorists who pose danger. When Raila said how can the Govt seperate Kenyan Luo or Luhyas from Ugandan Luo or Luhyas, yet they are not disturbed when seeking IDs,etc, but Somalis are segregated against, Raila got 100,000 votes for that. Whether it is true or not and it is TRUE, that specific EXAMPLE should be overplayed and repeated by the PENTAGON when in North Eastern Province (NEP). I can assure you that it will bring an additional votes. Kenyan Somalis have a lot of relationship and trade with Somalia, tell NEP residents that Kibaki mishandled the Somali problem and unjustly closed the border to cripple Kenyan Somalis economy. This what they believe now, for the Pentagon to mention, it will be a big score. Don’t be on the defensive about Majimbo, say that those who are opposing Majimbo were the same Mois, Kibakis and Nyachaes who OPPOSED multi-party politics saying that it will destroy Kenya. Tell Kenyans that Kibaki has been part of the problem and not about 5 years only. This is what Kenyans want: corruption issues, tribalism, basic commodities hitting the sky. When Raila told Baringo people about mafutua taa, nauli yaa matatu, etc, he convinced not only Baringos but many Kenyans. Talk like that, simple things but stress them repeatedly. Arturs, repeat this. Make drawings about the Arturs. Please and please, when you are talking to Muslim majority areas, tell them that terrorists like Arturs terrorise Kenyans yet they are accorded VIP treatmet but Kenyan Muslims are mistreated and sold to other countries in the name of terror by home guards and colonial chiefs like Michuki. This will add a full basket of votes. Roaside decrees like dishing out districts as if they are tablets must be mentioned repeatedly. Every region has its own challenges, political leanings and cultural traditions, be aware of it and which language to use. Posters of the Pentagon should be used rather than Raila alone, it gives team work impression and convinces few tribalists that their son/daughter is there for them too. Always be in the news hitting hard but using simple things. Tell them that Kibaki says the economy has grown yet Per capita is $630 while that of wartorn Somalia is $3,000. Remind them that Kibaki is responsible for this failure bcoz he has been there for 43 years. About technology, the youth are interested in it, so raila should pose as the only technologically savvy candidate. Please remind them that Kenya’s internet consumption growth across the population was the least in the sub-saharan Africa, even worse than Ethiopia, and Somalia which topped Africa yet they are under wars. Tell the old voters that this is about their children, so they shouldn’t gamble with their future. PNU say Kibaki is about stablity, remind Kenyans that an effective President like Raila who is not weak, yet surrounded by a dedicated team is what stability needs not an 80 year old tired man surrounded by colonial chiefs and tired retirees. Don’t you remember Nyachae saying he doesn’t need a job bcoz he has retired? Paint Kibaki as untrustworthy. Say if he could break all the promises and betray his comrades yet he wanted to stand for re-election, how will he keep them when he has nothing to lose. Give a lot of time to Western, North Eastern Coast, Meru/Embu, Upper Eastern, and create many youth and professional village groups who educate the old and the un-informed on few issues using local taste and language. Employ Univsersity students and look for every region’s professionals. Finally, take CARE of the ODM nomination. Be fair unless it involves few people who have either rigged or are not that worthy, in this case cheat them out and give it to comrades. Raila should leave every Nyanza constituency to decide its MP. Please, Luo Council of Elders should spend sleepless nights preparing Nyanza to vote 110% and not even 99%. It is unacceptable and deadly. Take CARE here. In North Eastern, Billow Kerrow is an asset, have him near the pentagon. Somalis and Muslims love him more than any other, plus Balala who is in the Pentagon anyway. Demolish this bogus mentality of Kalooser (Kalonzo pretending that he is a good Christian. Tell Kenyans that a Christian (true ones) is not arrogant, lofty, cheap and al iar. Promise the ODM nomination losers plum jobs so that they remain within the ODM fold. Agwambo should personally talk to them, if not the Pentagon. We wish Agwambo and ODM a BIG Win.

  24. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  25. pattrick says:

    Please make it clear to Kenyans concerning the majimbo issue. let it if necessary come to apoint where the old can easily atticulate the majimbo issue for ODM to make it. There is a lot of smear on majimbo and it may cost ODM the vote. All the best

  26. Njuguna Kariuki says:

    1. Visibility – Be visible at all times.

    2. Tone down the majimbo debate as a national issue debate. Use it in the coastal region and Rift valley.

    3. Target the youth in all areas including central Kenya. Ask who has benefited from youth funds. talk of how hard it has been to access the funds.

    4. Corruption- What was the role of the president in Anglo leasing. Put his people on a one month defence of his involvement in anglo leasing.

    5. Tribalism – am a Kikuyu who has not benefited but there are thousands of tribal cronies controlling positions and business deals with the government. Communicate this.

    6. Put together Kibaki+Moi+ Kenyatta Vs the rest of Kenya. Dont talk much about it probably use pictures on fliers.

    7. Revisit the flier that Kibaki issued in the last elections and ask Kenyans how many promises have been fulfilled. Kibaki actually told us to keep the fliers.

    8. Get Kibaki supporters fear he is losing and get them to start considering voting for Kalonzo.

    9. Again no more talk about Majimbo you are on defense on offense on this one.

  27. James Otinda says:

    Please handle nominations with utmost care. True this is a life and death affair for the majority of the aspirants. The party must convene an urgent meeting after the deadline for submitting the forms and lay down the rules before all the aspirants. The PENTAGON should address all the contestants and ask them to emulate the example of the Kasarani delegates Conference where those who lost pledged to support the winner Hon Raila Odinga.

    On MAJIMBO the Party must place adverts on the Radio and in print media to educate the voters on ODM MAJIMBO version and put the record straight once and for all. PNU is scaring people that Majimbo shall lead to tribal clashes.

    During the campains the party Secretariat must give all the aspirants the Party’s Manifesto to read to Wanaichi during their individual compains for both parliamentry and civic primaries. this will improve awareness.

    Our Presidential Canditate must now Traverse the contituencies with all the aggressiveness that we admire him for. He should be very visible like happened during the Refurendum and the 2002 general election.

    On vote buying the youth must be vigilant and assist the party to arrest the calprits. The appeal should be sent out by the PENTAGON.

  28. bobodo says:

    it is my sincere hope all these noble ideas are taken seriously and please email back to all contributors to reassure them all is not in vain
    above all guys the negative campaign GOING on our presidetial asiprant is gently encroaching into odm supporters in MALINDI where i live especially
    1 IT INSUATEDTHAT RAILA IS MOVING TO BONDO as confirmed yesterday by HON MUDAVADI. THIS IN EFFECT SOME SUPPOTRES ARE disturbed by the way forward the earlier HON RAILA reassures US THE WAY FORWARD THE BETTER
    2.I QUITE AGREE WITH OTHER CONTRIBUTORS PENTAGON visibilty is waning , whether is campaign strategy then move with speed to let people start AS THE COCA COLA advert used to say THINK ODM


  29. Jack Abuya , Addis Ababa says:

    Please lets urgently demistify majimbo as simple devolution of power and resources to the people at local levels. Ruto is trying alot on that. harp more on previous inequality in distribution of national wealth as justification for devolution. remind kenyans thtas what was on baomas draft and the more reason why Mbai was murdered. Am coming home with my vote for ODM

  30. Dr. J. Were Onundu says:

    After watching the debate between Hon. Ruto and Hon. Kituyi on Devolution I am obliged to delve on this theme which can easily make or break the plans. Hon. Kituyi was basically scaremongering like before. Hon. Ruto with his eloquence was clear and straight in allaying the fear which is as old as the republic of Kenya. However, I would urge you all during this campaign time not to allow the opponent of this noble system to scare the ignorant Kenyans. Kituyi was vomiting his words as if federalism does not exist anywhere in the world. Hon. Ruto should have given and emphasize on very well established examples like India, Brazilien, Germany, Canada and USA that are prospering because of devolved government. Do not allow Hon. Kituyi to make points by revisiting the history which even he has not believed in. He is just opportunistic.
    Campaign in my opinion, should focus on:
    -Majimbo or federalism which ever you call it. Give Kenyans practical examples of countries than are successfully practising this noble system. Stick to your guns and thwart the scaremongers.
    – Security: MK government did very poorly on this, think of Mungiki menace, the Artur saga.
    – Constitution: 100 days promise by Kibaki
    – Corruption
    – Tribalism
    In fact worse so is how Kibaki goes around the nation spreading goodies in campaign time. Handle naminations with uttermost care.


  31. shaqmaya says:

    What Ahmed has mentioned above will deliver a 99 % muslims votes. Tell our muslim brothers that terrorists like the Arthurs were deported on a noble first class flight to a country of their own choice with tax payers money, yet kenyan muslims ( with no evidence of terrorisim ) are deported then detained away from their country in a pathetic situation. And now cos he (Kibaki) wants muslims votes, he has set up a fake commission the way Kiruki commission was set. Ask our muslim brothers if anyone of them saw the outcome of that Kiruki commission, thats the way the current commission will end.

  32. Murage says:

    Stop focusing on majimbo. It’s a divisive issue. Go back to talking about the economy, employment, healthcare, corruption, security etc. You must change the topic from Majimbo to something you have a clear advantage over. Just tell Kenyans you prefer majimbo but it’s them who will amua through a referendum once you come to power.

    For now ask Kenyans what happened to Kibaki’s promises. I saw Ruto and Raila doing a good job in this area. Keep a simple message. Where are the 500,000 jobs Kibaki promised to create every year? Why is the price of commodities so high if the economy as expanded? Those are the questions that’ll win, not majimbo.

    Don’t get me wrong, I favor majimbo, I just don’t think it’s ODM’s strongest point.

    Mudavadi should also step it up a notch. He did a good job hitting back on Kamunya, but he could have gone further and taken over the debate and putting Kimunya on the defensive. As former minister of finance, Mudavadi’s word would have been stronger if he said ODM is not a threat to the stock market and told Kenyans the truth about the current slump in the market, which is as a result of various market forces that include increase of oil prices and the general election anxiety among many others. We must hit back and make sure we set the records straight and Mudavadi has been a bit too polite.

    As a future president, Mudavadi should take this as practice for his future presidential campaign and do what he would like his running mate to do. I promise to support your campaign sir if ODM keeps the promises it’s making this year when it forms the government.

    ODM also needs a rapid response team. So far Prof. Anyang Nyongo and Fred Gumo have been doing a good job. I’d propose including James Orengo, Omingo Magara and Tony Gachoka in the team. Their job should be holding press conferences to respond to lies especially against Raila and set the agenda for the campaign. You don’t want Raila responding to people like Livondo, let Gumo do it and he did an excellent job the other day making me to laugh my head off with his comments about this guy.

    We have the best and the brightest in Kenya. Let’s get this job done. We want a Kenya where leaders serve the people and not vice versa. We want the government to go to the people, not the people to go to the government.

    We’re praying for you but remember good helps those who help themselves.

    Don’t sit and wait for miracles.

  33. Eric B says:

    What I have not heard yet during all the attempts to explain Majimbo is some sort of statement promoting unity among Kenyans. Perhaps our ODM leaders should take to asking the crowds “Do you think that I would be happy if my brother/ sister were thrown out of a certain region” and empasize that they are not leaders who are driven by spite and hate for others. I am certain this would put people somewhat at ease on the Majimbo thing.

    Hammer (pardon the pun) it into the heads of Kenyans that you are not divisive leaders and that you have our best interests at heart with the whole Majimbo thing. If we are for you, who can be against you?

  34. Nicholas Nickson says:

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Based on the latest opinion polls, Raila has dropped 3 point at the benefit of Kibaki. I guess it is now time to go full arsena. You need to talk about:






  35. Vitalis Mbanda says:


    For example, under centralized system we have PC-DC-DO-Chief-Subchief from the province level to the grassroot. under majimbo system WHAT?
    Under centralized system citizen movement and settlement is not limited. Under majimbo system WHAT?
    Under centralized system revenue collected by KRA. Under majimbo system WHAT.

    Please produce this as simple table highlighting what changes in structure and administration and the intended good. Let ODM not loose votes because of something good that majority don’t understand. It leaves voters up for grabs by anti-majimbo agents.

    You can publish on media’s front-pages. Please treat this with the urgency it deserves as the debate goes on and help remove all the fears people have.

  36. milele kenya says:

    I’m a strong ODM and raila supporter but I’m uncomfortable by one thing. MAJIMBO! Not because it’s a bad idea but because of its meaning in the Kenyan context and the way our opponents are using that meaning to derail the ODM dream. I don’t know about you but I think their efforts are bearing fruit.

    You can clearly see that the fire and enthusiasm that was there in people a few weeks back at the mere sound of ODM is diminishing and (sadly) very fast. What our ODM leaders are doing is selling the right product (devolution of power and resources) in a wrong packaging (majimbo). I know it will not be politically wise to retreat now on majimbo but (If they are to set foot in State House) they should avoid that poisonous word (MAJIMBO) at all costs. Let them keep advocating for devolution of power and resources (which i strongly support) only they should get another name for it.

    Hon. Musa Sirma put it very well at a local television talk show when he said that the ODM government will increase the CDF and reduce or do away with the MPs control over the fund. I think this is what ODM should sell to the people at the moment if it intends to keep the strong following it currently enjoys. A recent opinion poll showed that despite Mr. Odinga leading in polls many people were against majimbo in the same poll. Does that tell us something? I hope this message gets to the ‘PENTAGON’ as soon as possible and I hope they read the signs and act lest they see power slipping through their fingers.


  37. stan says:

    Kudos to Raila….. We all rally behind him to achieve the second liberation. All we want is all policies implemented to achieve this fight. We people at the coast we want clear formulation of policies that will make us realise our dreams and fight that will improve our standard of living.

  38. FESTUS ONG'ARE says:

    Iam getting concerned on the style of campain the ODM is currently having.
    Please pentagon you are going too soft to PNU,WHAT IS UP?You are relaxing too much and behaving as if you do not have answers on majimbo debate.
    Hit the ground and use bomas draft as the basic document you will use to govern Kenya.
    Talk of the push up of the basic commodities,corruption like angloleasing,tribalism in employment,arrogance,hatred and mercenaries,talk about harrasment of our muslim brothers.
    You PENTAGON members please be aggressive and progressive dont hold and receive delegation now,go ye to the people and tell them the bad things the government has done,where they have failed and the staff the common man can understand.
    Hold different rallies at atime.
    ODM have a big team why are you not making use of the team 24hrs the way PNU are doing use your resources.
    A kind advice to our candidate please be around you are the candidate; stop flying out of the country now,be here to tell kenyans what you tend to do for them,if there is anybody who wants to support ODM let him come to ODM office and support you,Please campain hard since it is alarming to lose 3 points in 2wks.Where has the energy gone hold even 5 rallies with the pentagon members a day.Go everywhere anywhere anytime.
    The aspirants should also hit the ground,the immediate former mps should campaign for Raila and ODM.
    We do not want to see a situation where PNU are saying bad things against our party and you behave as if you do not exist,We are not happy now with your campain strategy.
    Please ambush those thieves,be on the offencive,attack and counter attack
    Please Pentagon involve Orengo,MUSA Sirma,KONES,OKEMO,JOHO,OLENTIMAMA,NGALA,involve technocrats to deal with issues like majimbo so that we have good debators and good campainers,go a round kenya,kisumu has not hosted the Pentagon and ODM.PLEASE GO BACK TO COAST AS A TEAM,HOLD A RALLY AT TONONOKA.GO back to north and all towns andvillagese,astern,eldoret,kakamega,bungoma,mandera ,marsabit,taita taveta.
    Come to Nairobi and change it upside down,Imean let ODM be everywhere and each province be told what you feel and see most important for them.
    Let kenya be mad with ODM

  39. Otsiatso says:

    The results are in, after two weeks of majimbo – Kenyans are still voting the same way. It is not a winning issue but then again it is not a losing one, that means it is time for message number #3 [Ndung’u report was #1], Security & Artur, Anglo leasing, Constitution etc. have your pick. Good job on majimbo message by laying it on the table, but let us move on.

    By the way – Agwambo needs to be on the ground in Kenya. The foreign trips can wait after new year.

  40. Mkenyadamu says:

    Do not lose hope by the steadman result on majimbo, i think our detractors have succeeded just a little bit by mis educating Kenyans on this important issue.Keep simplifying the majimbo thing and aggressively market it like it was coca cola and soon the 17% undecided will turn our fortunes in to 51% and also some more from the skeptics who are mis or uninformed.

  41. Prof. J. Awange says:









  42. McJairo, Hiroshima says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to say hello. Today I writing a sad man. Why? The 3%. What wen wrong? Is this not worrying this early? Please, all out there let us turn in our beds and ask ourselves “What can I do for ODM? Why can’t I do it now?” The enemy earned while we lost! Oooh… noooo!!! Please friends, let us do something. Is it possible we have left the Pentagon to struggle alone without our involvement? You know the change is for us. The pentagon is just the face and agents. We are the force. We keep-off and all goes wrong. Please, please let us talk to our neighbours, Schoolmates, Workmates, Friends. Call, SMS, Email, Buy Beer, Choma Nyama, Visit Kenyatta Market, etc. Please do the little you can. It is not little. You just don’t know how big it is. If you have noticed of late, the opposition has invaded the internet. They are blogging and campaigning vigorouly on the internet.
    Let’s do something I repeat. GOD BLESS ODM, GOD BLESS KENYA, GOD BLESS TINGA

  43. Auki Ollows says:

    The focus must remain on the Kibaki Pledges – One has, without dispute been achieved – free primary education. Arguments can be raised about quality but these are there even in the developed world.
    The others were: 2. Delivery of a new Constitution 3. Economic Recovery (sufficient to generate 500,000 jobs) 4. Healthcare for All 5. Zero Tolerance of Corruption.

    The other focus must be the scuttling of the Narc Summit. It is upon sticking to campaign teams that we judge trustworthiness. The 2002 campaign gave us the impression that The Summit would be at the centre of national life. It is the team that we knew. To introduce ‘strangers’ to us as key holders of formal and informal power is something we have found very difficult to live with over the last 5 years. It is the same thing as Raila scuttling The Pentagon after getting into power January ’08.

    I disagree with those saying that the Majimbo debate should be put on the backburner. No chance! For the foreseeable future, the constitution will remain the Kenyans primary agenda. It has been this way for the last 44 years and this will not change. Kenyans long passed their verdict – we want devolved government. One can use whatever term they want but the core message must remain the same. You see, all Kenyans have seen since independence, is the use of centrally generated resources to favour particular regions – usually, in their interpretation, those proximate to power.

    Now, as far as Kenyans are concerned, that proximity to power is ethnically oriented. We just don’t want to wait for the presidency to ‘come home’ for a measure of equity to be experienced. We are aware that with a measure of self governance ‘nearer home’, we can sort ourselves without having to wait for Nairobi to solve many of our local issues.

    As far as I am concerned, the ODM stand must come clear. It is, in fact, better to lose the election, rather than have lack of clarity on this grave matter. Sooner rather than later, the Kenyans will catch up with you, if they are offered fundamental surprises. As the current president is coming to realise, we don’t want surprises.

    Further, and importantly, this devolution debate will keep ODM energized and sharp! It is the first real test that ODM is facing. It is the one debate that will bring out ODM mobilisation and campaign skills. It is the best opportunity for Raila Odinga to look presidential. It is the real opportunity to return passion to the ODM campaign trail. You saw how by being more convicted than Dr Mukhisa Kituyi, William Ruto blew him away in a television debate. The ODM top team is younger and more aggressive. This is the time to fully utilise the youth of The Pentagon.

    And remember to anchor the final verdict on the devolution debate on The People. That finally, even though ODM prefers devolution, the ULTIMATE decision is with THE PEOPLE and that it is above even the current presidential candidates…

  44. Ibraheem says:



    ODM campaign teams Must address the Issue of CHUNGWA SYMBOL.This will COST ODM so much to regret.

    First and foremost, I agree with Nicolas Nickson who previously talked about ODM CAMPAIGN.

    Based on the latest opinion polls, Raila has dropped 3 point at the benefit of Kibaki. I guess it is now time to go full arsena.

    The Campaign team must start talking about the following:

    Artur Brothers, The Mercenaries and Insecurity which have not been addressed.The Soverignity of KENYA.

    MUNGIKI and Insecurity again

    MEDIA HOUSE RAID and freedom of Speech

    KROLL REPORT and Anglo-Leasing.We forgave Goldenberg and thought everything will be OK.Now we had to contend to ANGLO-FLEECING.

    The Campaign team task will be to remind Kenyans of Tribalism that is being state-managed, Insecurity, and Mercenaries and state Nationhood in relation to addressing the Majimbo as Barrack Muluka stated today in his Column,


    Read and see comments of various people on NTV kenya at youtube.com

    North Eastern Province and Muslims are behind ODM and RAILA.We have to have a very Good president to MAKE kenyans proud of being KENYA.That is why you see a 77% Opinion Poll Votes from NEP.

  45. Esmond Mogaka Onsomu says:

    I support the Idea of Hon. Raila being on the ground to make the headlines. I suggest the following:
    1. The majimbo issue should be handled with a lot of care especially at a time like this when churches have come out to oppose it. Don’t retreat but try to give other issues more weight which PNU has leat defence on.

    2. More time should be given to areas where we have more support. It is easier for us to increas our percentages as opposed to getting any breakthrough in ares where we are least received.

    3. Most rallies should be attended by all the pentagon. it adds a lot of flavor.

    4. More resources should be used to convince people at household levels.

    5. After civic and parliamentary nominations are done, a seminar should be held, probably bringing all the candidates and those who have lost together inorder to use them as campaign agents.


  46. Stephen Yego,UN Sudan. says:

    Well i agree with all the respondents above on all the issues and i hope His Excellence Raila Amolo Odinga and the Pentagon takes this strategies seriously.To add to these excellenttips from my comrades, also consider the following.
    1.Pentagon group should liase with renown musicians to come up with more solemn ODM Hymns.Well done Agwambo for your song (fishers of men).
    2.Infrastructure-Talk of a standing- by contractor to construct roads and railway lines to southern sudan to open up business opportunities and petroleum products import.
    3.The pentagon spouces together with Ngilu and Bishop to run an independent women rallies, sport bonunsus and women forums throught the country(but consider the safer regions as such).Make inroads to hospitals to console.
    4.Agwambo and the pentagon, dont miss this opportunity, arrange leavers parties for the form four leavers especially in open air stadium graced by the kenyan star musucians and the entertainment should be all round to include dances and concerts mainly dwelling on ODM praises and rediculing PNU.Assign this duty to YKR07 the soonest.They may not have ID Cards but this guys will be the most idle after exams and with the excitement they will be singing our tune to the top of the roofs and even sway the undecided voters.Remember that they are also the role models of their parents.
    5.Its end year and end- year- parties are being held by different organizations and companies for their staff memebers.Still the shows and pass the msg across in the simplest way possible.This is actually a form of door to door campaign methodologies.You Can assign immeseries to get such sort of informations from the management of different famous social place, hey Agwambo knows this the way he did during a kalenjin night which really marked his popularity among the kalenjins (thats if he didnt know)
    6.Technology-talk of technological reforms like setting up GIS incase of ministry of land, escrow incase of revenue distribution,Satellite and remotesensing incases of security and information management units .
    Much of humour too can do inform of Proverbs,tales,quotes of prominent personalities.
    7.Avoid the use of the word majimbo even if promted but use the devolution, equity and distribution if need arises.
    8.Mrs fidel and her female friends and more so from across the devide to undertake loew profile appearance meet Mt kenya youth and try to talk of how Raila Odinga is Good father in-law who cares and loves all equally.
    9.Whenever you vissit a village or a market place, try to mention names of the most influential youths and professionals from the area who pple from there respect and percive to be role models.Use you intelligence for this course and always make suprises by mentioning them by names whenever you adress the crowrd, this will make the residents feel that you are in contact with them through their sons or daughters no matter where they are and anycase the Raila government will one day have them on board.
    10.Lastly but not least, try not to be seen with members of the 9th parliament especially the seasoned opportunists who will be defecting soon.In anycase, be neuatral until after nominations but always parade aspirants in different areas and let them take an oath that they ll be commited to ODM even if they loose.

    Come to Sudan too , many kenyans here and all are potential voters and potenial campaign sponsors.

  47. M. Gumo says:

    President Clinton’s mantra was always to keep things simple. After he lost his first election in Arkansas after only two years in office, his re-election slogan was, “my father never had to whip me twice”. He won the race, and has never lost an election since. His election campaign for the presidency was “it’s the economy stupid”. This slogan resonated with the masses and floored what many thought as the invincible George Bush Sr. fresh from the well executed Gulf war and experiencing unprecedented ratings in the polls. No one imagined that Bush Sr. would loose. Well he lost; the people were hurting at home as the locals in Kenya are right now. Clinton was a master of simplification. His advisor James Carville once stated that “explaining is a loosing strategy.”

    Explaining is the strategy that PNU has chosen to adopt, explaining to the masses that they have revitalized the economy. In my opinion it’s a loosing strategy as is reflected in the polls.

    I can’t emphasize it enough ODM, you are on the right track – Keep it simple IT’S INFLATION (high costs of basic commodities) STUPID!, IT’S NEPOTISM STUPID!, IT’S TRIBALISM STUPID!, IT’S ARROGANCE STUPID!, IT’S ANGLOLEASING STUPID!, IT’S DECEPTION TRUST (we trusted them and told our people to vote for as in 2002, can they vote for anyone other than their own) STUPID!,

    Hammer them with this message until you floor them.

    M. Gumo, New York

  48. OPADO says:


  49. Robert Owuor says:

    From Jukwa


    From the look of things, the ODM need to take the next week or two to carry out a multi pronged well coordinated strategic campaign to explain their majimbo agenda and the steps they intend to take to make it a reality in Kenya.

    The people are with the ODM on majimbo more than anything else. In all the three polls other than steadman the support for ODM is over 50% with one poll putting it at 62%. I may be biased but I think the 62% support is closer to the reality on the ground.

    Secondly in all the key battlegrounds, RV, Coast, Western all the polls even Steadman shows support for majimbo is over 50%.

    In political terms this majimbo issue has pretty much sunk the fortunes of PNU. When the PNU folks finish strangling one another, they may just realize they have none listening to them. Kibaki is running out of districts and university faculties to dish out.

    As I observed before Kibaki has staked his campaign on the majimbo issue by outrightly declaring it will never happen as long as he is the president of the republic. His people have gone out there trying to scare the daylight out of Kenyans to support Kibaki against majimbo lakini wapi.

    Kenyans are telling them they want majimbo as defined in the Bomas Draft. Kibaki has only one alternative and that is to change course and refrain from his aggressive campaign against majimbo and devolution in general and confess to Kenyans that he was wrong. It will be up to Kenyans to decide whether they believe him or not. But frankly I think it is the height of political foolishness for anybody who wants to lead the country to be pouring vitriol against majimbo at this point in time. It is what the majority of Kenyans want.

    That said, the ODM has its work cut out for them. First of, in all the polls there is somewhere between 10% to 47% of Kenyans who say they don’t know what majimbo is all about. The numbers vary per region. The ODM should take keen interest in areas like Nairobi and Central and Eastern Provinces.

    Even in an area like the Coast where the majority support majimbo, some polls indicate 20% do not know what it is. That should interest ODM. It is dangerous if people support something they don’t know. They may be supporting something else. We should all be on the same page with information and then make informed choices.

    Also the story on Standard (posted above) indicating people, even fairly well informed individuals, had some of the most bizarre ideas on what majimbo means is alarming and should be of concern to anybody including those preaching disinformation.

    The idea that people will need passports to move from Nairobi to Nakuru may sound funny but it is not. It shows the need to really get clear and unambiguous information to all Kenyans. That means doing the rounds on the Radio Talk show circuit. The ODM should have an army of supporters doing those rounds. Also let Kenyans hear from different folks from different regions.

    ODM needs to do paid ads as was earlier suggested by Gakungu on this very thread. Buy air time, buy newspaper spaces etc.

    I suggest the ODM do a one page “Myths & Facts” info sheet. I saw one here in Canada a long time ago when they had a very tense situation about immigrants. A group of social justice activists put together a small booklet on “Myths and Facts” about immigration and immigrants. It became one of the most sort after source of information.

    It was simple and straight to the point. It started with a myth and followed every myth with facts explaining how the myth was fictional and dangerous. We need something like that. Start with myths like “people will be evicted”, “people will need passports”, “majimbo will bring tribalism” etc and unmask them piece by piece. The fact that even some of our very learned friends even here on Jukwaa have been propagating the same myths tells us we need to take these things seriously.

    Secondly we need to expose the hypocrisy of Kibaki and his PNU politicians who preached to us how great Wako Draft, which has the same devolution clauses in it, and now tell us devolution will bring chaos and tribalism. The same goes to PNU church leaders. Expose their hypocrisy and we should ask them to remove the religious robes and put on the PNU baseball caps and colours and join the campaign trail instead of hiding behind the church. May be we can say it more politely, but it ought to be said loud and clear.

    Third we need Raila Odinga as the presidential candidate to personally buy time in the wavelengths and very clearly explain what devolution means in their platform and how they intend to implement it.

    All these coupled with rallies across the country to sell ODM and the new constitution complete with devolution/majimbo throughout the next two weeks should put ODM in the 60% range and put Kibaki out of business.

    The ODM has been challenged by the frightened establishment and the Kenyan public to come clean on the majimbo issue and lay all their cards on the table. They have no choice but to rise to the occasion and I know they will. The next two weeks may be the most crucial in the 2007 General Elections. Kibaki and his people are looking for any little opening to get back into the game. We have to close all possible points of entry. For the next two weeks it is the Katiba and majimbo issue. The ODM couldn’t have asked for anything better.

    One thing all Kenyans should watch out for is hate propaganda and outright inciting of communities. It is already out there big time. Both sides in the debate owe it to the dignity of the nation to steer clear of hate propaganda. And remember there is no worse form of hate propaganda than telling outright lies about “people facing evictions, people’s property being targeted etc.” We are seeing politicians shamelessly spreading this nonsense. Same with some religious leaders and some newspaper editors. They have to be told they are a danger to the health of the republic which is more important than ODM and PNU.

    Also whoever wins the 2007 elections will have to govern the whole country, not just their supporters. Leaders have to keep that in mind and so should the public.


  50. Enock Nurwintara says:

    1. The only time you should mention Moi is when you are praising him. Attacking him for any reason whatsoever is slippery ground with grave consequences.

    2. ODM has spent the last one and a half weeks defending, they should be attacking.

    3. When you were supporting Kibaki they called you a friend but now they are busy demonising you. This is a good point to tell Wananchi. A gain what did they call you

    4. Your messages are too many.

    5. Kibaki does not keep his promises. Tell Wananchi of the instances he has done this. If he can not keep promises to Wazee he is not going to keep them to wananchi.

    6. Please keep reminding Kenyans that if Kibaki could act the way he did when he still need votes what will happen when he does not.

  51. Morara says:

    Following the violence on ODM in Meru by PNU supporters, ODM supporters country-wide should show restraint when PNU comes to campaign in ODM strongholds. ODM supporters should be coached if necessary. We can boo or ignore PNU rallies altogether, but let us restrain from violence to show Kenyans that ODM is a peaceful party.

  52. eugene says:

    I think the ODM campaign should keep on setting the agenda.. and let the rest follow! This is what i think will excite people. Let ODM take the successes of this government to higher levels. for example, they have provided free primary education, ODM can add the teacher to student ratio they plan to achieve (eg 1 teacher for every 30 students). free education is useless without the required number of teachers.
    ODM should come up with a transport sector blue print. How are you going to change the way matatus and PSV’s operate? this is an issue that is critical to those who commute to work every day.
    the other issues that are important include access to clean, piped, water. access to health facilities. access to electricity. In as much as devolution is important in achieving this, putting too much emphasis on devolution (majimbo) without giving the people more information on what you intend to achieve by this devolution does add much points.
    last but not least, ODM needs to tell kenyans what it will do about the security situation. and by this i dont mean just giving a statement that ODM stands for a secure country.. i mean telling people how many more police officers you will hire, and what kind of training will they be given.. and what kind of facilities will they have.. etc

  53. bobodo says:

    take this seriously

  54. opado says:

    Raila Odinga has all the names to make us have have the true victory and the kenya will always yearned for. When majestic people of kenya call him
    Owadgi Akinyi they know that Jaramogi died of malaria and kenyan including
    Ologa oywo are aids victim but in hope we stand a victorious son of the land
    who shall eradicate this mojar couses of poverty and we shall breath air of importence once and for life.When they call him hummer they needs him quicker and in every corner of nation.When they call him Nyundo they want him to construct in full swing.When they call him Tinga Tinga they asked for
    food stuff in plenty.While Agwambo means afriend of the majorities.Good over

  55. solomon says:

    I wish you could let the following handle the Majimbi issue:

    Farah Maalim.
    Martin Shikuku.
    PLO Lumumba.
    Ann Njogu.

    Let Prof. Nyong’o handle other important matters of the party like fine-tuning the manifesto.

    Also get the clip on Karume and Kirautu clamouring for Majimbo in 2001.

    See the story below:

    Suspicion On MPs’ Majimbo Position

    The Nation (Nairobi)
    November 18, 2001
    Posted to the web November 18, 2001

    Sunday Nation

    The change of heart by some Central Kenya MPs to
    support majimbo (federalism) yesterday drew mixed
    reactions from a cross-section of political and
    religious leaders.

    Politicians and representatives of religious groups
    from the Coast, who have all along advocated the
    system, saw a sinister motive in the decision by the
    MPs who met at Naivasha and supported majimbo.

    The Leader of the Official Opposition party,
    Democratic Party boss Mwai Kibaki, remained
    non-committal on the subject, saying only that majimbo
    needed to be properly defined before its viability as
    an alternative to the unitary system is debated.

    He could not, however, say categorically whether the
    DP, which produced majority of the MPs at the Naivasha
    meeting, would support federalism.

    He said: “Majimbo as a word does not mean anything. It
    must first be defined so we can know what it entails,
    then Kenyans can debate its benefits.”

    Mr Kibaki was answering questions from journalists
    after presiding over a fundraising meeting to raise
    funds for his party’s Othaya branch.

    Those calling for majimbo should be precise, he said,
    adding they should say what criteria should be used to
    divide the country administratively.

    Mr Kibaki, however, said some politicians had misled
    Kenyans to believe that majimbo would be a panacea for
    all their economic problems. He declined to say
    whether the DP supported majimbo, but said everyone
    had a right to air their views on the constitutional

    The National Development Party spoke out in support of
    the move as Manyatta MP Njeru Ndwiga, who sat through
    the Thursday meeting, said majimbo was never

    The head of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Archbishop
    David Gitari, said the Central Kenya MPs who met in
    Naivasha to chart a political strategy were acting
    within their rights.

    Dr Gitari said: “As I’ve said before, politicians from
    all tribes, be Kikuyu, Luo or Kalenjin, have a right
    to meet and address their own issues.”

    Dr Gitari was speaking to reporters shortly after he
    presided over a graduation ceremony for 16 prelates at
    the ACK Berea Bible College at Bahati, Nakuru

    Two weeks ago, the issue of majimbo was raised by four
    DP MPs during a fund raising meeting in Laikipia

    Mr Mwangi Kiunjuri (Laikipia East), Dr Chris Murungaru
    (Kieni), Mr Kamau Thirikwa (Ndaragwa) and Mr Muhika
    Mutahi (Mukurwe-ini) had said they would start
    campaigning for the federal system of government, as
    it would benefit people in Central Province and
    productive areas of the Rift Valley.

    Astute majimbo proponent Shariff Nassir told the
    Sunday Nation by telephone that he was happy to see
    that the Central MPs “have seen the sense in my fight
    for majimbo.”

    Sources from the Naivasha meeting had said: “We have
    now decided to go for majimbo but we still stand by
    our position that we should have a government of
    national unity.”

    However, they have set one condition for majimbo –
    that the provincial boundaries are reworked and people
    allowed to register in the jimbo (federal state) of
    their choice.

    They plan to present their detailed proposals to the
    Constitution of Kenya Review Commission.

    Yesterday, Mr Ndwiga said in Embu: “We did not talk
    about majimbo, if anything the DP, which has the
    majority of members in Central Kenya Parliamentary
    Group, is totally opposed to federalism.”

    An official statement on deliberations at the Naivasha
    meeting is to be communicated by chairman Njenga
    Karume next week.

    NDP Secretary-General Mr Sospeter Ojaamong said:
    “We’re very delighted that the group has accepted a
    federal system of government. Our party had worked out
    proposals which were circulated to all parties.

    “We had put into account the issue of the costs of
    running a federal government and found out that it was
    affordable,” he said.

    He supported the Central MPs’ stand that wananchi
    would be allowed to register in the jimbo of their

    Mr Nassir said: “At first they saw me as an enemy and
    vehemently opposed my clarion call of Majimboism but
    now they have seen the sense and they are backing me.”

    Education Assistant Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode
    described the decision as a pleasant surprise.

    Mr Ojode, the National Development Party MP for
    Ndhiwa, said his party had conducted wide ranging
    political and economic research before proposing the
    federal system.

    “Many people had misconstrued a federal government to
    mean eviction of some tribes from particular areas yet
    the main objective is maximize resources at regional
    level”, said Mr Ojode.

    Former Law Society of Kenya chairman Gibson Kamau
    Kuria welcomed the idea, but said it was only prudent
    to address the problems caused by tribal clashes in
    1992 and 1997, before adopting it.

    In Mombasa, a Muslim for Human Rights official said
    the decision to back a federal system of government is
    only aimed at garnering support from the Rift Valley
    and Coast regions.

    Speaking by telephone yesterday, Mr Munir Mazrui,
    questioned the change of attitude towards majimboism.

    “I don’t trust these people because they are trying to
    use majimbo system as a way to bring power to their
    community,” he claimed.

    The chairman of the unregistered Islamic Party of
    Kenya, Sheikh Mohamed Khalifa, said: “Unless we know
    what type of majimbo they are backing, we cannot feel
    free to support them because there are many different
    federal systems,” he said.

    Reports by Mugumo Munene, Muchemi Wachira, Silas
    Nthiga, Mark Agutu, John Oywa and Mwakera Mwajefa.
    Patrick Mathangani and Carol Kinyua

  56. Dr. Barack Abonyo says:

    Key to the compaign
    1. Tribalism.
    a. Pull out the list of MDs, Ministers, ambasadors. Show it in every Ralley
    b. Pull out the list of Government expenditure in every province and show it in public
    d. Show all the development projects, where they are being undertaken and why
    e. Financial institutions show who heads them
    show pictures in videos to emphasize your point

    2. Patritism: Artur Brothers. Do not leave this behind. Kenyans believe this is a very seriouse issue
    Show Michuki’s defence on videos. Show the Artur’s abusing Michuki. Show their video at the airport and the raid at the East African standard

    3. Mungiki:- Put a phase to it. Link it with a minister in the government. Make sure it can stick

    4. Constitution: Link it with colonization. It is a whitemens constituency still used in Kenya.

    5. Corruption: Dont leave Githongo behind. Play the tapes in radios and videos at Ralleys. There are videos of Githongo in Utube etc. Give a moment for these videos during Ralleys. Let evidence talk for you.

    6. Industrialization: State how you will make Kenya a first world, attract investments. State that you have already talked to other countries who are ready to do it.

    7. Everything you proporse make sure it is deliverable and it is properly expalined.

    8. Avoid explaining devolution of power in isolation. It is in the new constitution. Use devolution of power and state that this will implemented as it is in the constitution.

  57. Ochieng says:

    Guys what are you doing to counter the hate mail that is circulating……people are out demonising our candidate….I have had to send lots of copies of the Bomas and Kilifi draft with a view of countering the anti majimbo crusade……am also looking for the voting records of PNU’s lieutenant in Parliament including since he was first elected as an MP for Bahati constituency. If the ODM campaign team is listening i can give a lot of munition to counter our competitors in PNU and ODM K.

  58. dennis k says:

    the majimbo issue needs to be explained and expounded upon.. in lay-man terms.. the government will twist the truth to have it work in their favour. secondly, without seeming to allienate any specific group, reach out to the youth.we are key to odm’s success.we have been routinely neglected over the years but finally, hopefully, we have found a friend in odm hence the solid support.this fact however, should not be seen to be taken for granted. my suggestion.. speak to them and not at them like has been the case with previous regimes.also, speak to them in a language they understand.. it may seem trivial but blueprints for their (youth) development and involvement in national issues delivered with sprinklings of sheng will go a long way in endearing odm to the youth. sheng is and will be the language of the youth.. an identity that cuts across tribal barriers.odm brass will do themselves a great deal of good to employ this simple method to identify with the youth and make them feel like comrades.

  59. R. Osumba says:


    You have a very able team of strategist not based at any of your secretariats in this blog group. I do hope these views are sent to the strategy team regularly.
    Since much has been said, i will have only 2:
    1. Use the “Siafu Strategy” to its optimum potential. Perhaps this is what others would call door-to-door campaign. Is it possible to have an “ODM REACH OUT DAY”, where supporters from all over the country shall be required to reach out door-to-door to speak to at least 5 people they know are not yet in our camp?

    2. Our vote is very youth heavy, if the opinion polls are anything to go by. That means voter turnout for us must be at peak with this category of voters. We need a Get The Vote Out campaign to ensure that every single vote counts. This should also address voter complacency under the perception that we have already won.

    Otherwise you are all doing a fantastic job at keeping PNU and GNU and all other sorts of NUs on the defensive. Like some people have said before me, lets remain on the offensive even on the dicy matter of Majimbo!

  60. Blak says:

    Hongera to ODM family. The numerous contributions show a focussed and determined people. The next election are about change of destiny. Like Bob Kennedy said. The future is what we make it not what we inherit. Ours is a growth path not a retrogressive path of fear and war mongering.

    The FM stations especially the regional ones can be a great boost to our campaigns. We need to reach people on the medium the access most.

    We need to calm the nation on the majimbo debate through putting it out there how we expect to roll it out and we AMPLIFY its benefits. We need to do this in a blitzkrieg on all possible media and then move way from it.

    PNU has started the slander on media i.e. there is a taarabu type song calling our candidate dom kaya and that their is a working one. I think ee need to start DROPPING SOME BOMBS they run for cover.

    For all over, understand what ODM stands for and lets go on a massive convert and secure mission. Get to know at least 5 people each week who will DEFINITELY VOTE ODM and RAILA. By election time lets each count at least 50 votes and I’m sure we’ll prevail. ULTIMATELY IT IS THE NUMBERS THAT WILL COUNT.


  61. Ibraheem says:

    Advise the Campaign teams to tell Kenyans, That This election will be similar to the Referendum of 2005.

    Everyone knows they fell on Referendum….Now they will surely fall.

    All ODM supporters MUST VOTE………………..

  62. Nick says:

    So far so good.We have seen the truth and lie advert in the papers like was suggested by one of us.We also saw Raila in campaign in North eastern yesterday with Billow Kerrow and in their traditional wear like Ahmed suggested.This shows something is being done about our suggestions.Could the administrator also make available Raila and the Pentagon screensavers in the website.I will go downloading this in every cyber cafe i come across and any computer i lay my hands on down here at the coast.Someone could do the same elsewhere.All ODM members who use the net should ensure they leave Raila07 website as the home page.The next person who uses it may take a keen interest in the site and we may convert a few votes.The more hits we get the better.The majimbo issue is cooling off but consistency here is key,not chickening out.Hopefully this will pay off

  63. Mike says:

    So far we should set the standard by not allowing the PNU guys dirty games of hate and violence. Raila should try using TV and radio call in sessions and show how accessible he is as the peoples president in all media houses including Kameme and Kilunda FM.
    Secondly organise one big rally in Uhuru park dubbed “The lightining” before or after presenting the nomination papers to silence the critics and reassure the diehards that at least we were corking our guns. This will carry the second phase of the wave to around Dec 20 meanwhile door to door in areas where we have weak support especially at the coast.
    Lastly we need to see the passion of the youths from the Kibera and Eastlands running around the CBD at least to create a tension packed atmosphere. YKFR07 should organise something for the youths.
    On tribalism use the slogan “Forever we must learn to live as brothers or perish together as fools”.
    Kudos on the myths and facts story now run a television advert for that in Swahili and radio to demistify the divisiveness nature of our political thinking. Ugatuzi should now be the catchphrase in town and should be popularized like a bushfire.

  64. Felix Aduol says:

    I like the way things are progressing but we need to shun the word Majimbo. It should never be mentioned in public by any ODM member. Let’s stick to Bomas draft constitution. In last week poll Raila lost 3 clean points and it is because of Majimbo debate. Kibaki and his cohorts are you using this as the only campaign tool they have against Raila but we should deny them this goodie.
    When it comes to devolution debate, I prefer Mr Ruto to my mentor Anyang Nyong’o. I wish you well Mr. People’s president.

  65. Mike says:

    Keep the Govt side busy by questioning the purpose of the soveriegn bond to be floated in the international markets yet it is not provided for in the budget guys lets raise the flag in a campaign rally and in the media to portray Kibaki and Kimunya as taking advantage of the period to burden Kenyans by a debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren.
    Is there no enough liqudity in the country to warrant the government seek funds abroad?
    Every one should vote first then an Holiday will be given by the ODM government there is no excuse here. We are getting worried when we here that people will not be in their area of voting on 27 Dec. That should be the message. Pentagon should make avisit to Kuresoi and Mt Elgon and ensure security under ODM

  66. Agwenge says:

    Bothers and sisters, I would like RAILA campaing team use simple strategies that the ordinary folk can easily understand. Thanks for the advert in todays (01 Nov 07) dailes explaining the seven lies. Now take this a notch higher by having one of the lies presented in all the medias daily ie on Mondays the first lie will be published on TV and print where Raila presents it, then on Tuesday Lie no. 2 will be presented by Musalia, Wednesday Ngilu, etc. This advert should come before news bulletin – This strategy also presents a TEAM unlike PNU’s candidate who is running around alone.

    Use IMAGERY. It sticks. Now that PNU has decided to use a dark colour and two torches as party symbol lets use it to the maximum! Lets have adverts listing the failed promises in white over a dark blue background with the caption at the end “The Future Is Dark! The future is Blue! – YOU WILL NEED TWO TORCHES TO SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING!”. Have a comparative ad for ODM in Orange background with the caption “The future is bright! The Future is Orange! – A NEW DAWN HAS COME!” This will stick.

    In the same dark background list evils like Anglo Leasing, Artur Brothers, Tribalism, etc.

    We also need more visibility. This is the time to be in Mosques on Fridays and Churches on Sunday- different church and mosque all the time. I will post more ideas.

  67. Stephen Were says:

    The Seven Lies was a bomb!!

  68. Stephen Were says:

    If you’ve noticed, the symbols aside, Kalonzo Musyoka (ODM-K) has of late started portraying himself as no different from ODM, I think to cause confusion because it has dawned on him hes heading nowhere. Hes mentioning also everthing mentioned in ODM ralies, he’ll probably also copy our manifesto (remember their ‘economic federalism’ which later changed to devolution?!!).

    Please find a way of countering this possible mixup, Mr Mudavadi is already doing a good job, we should move further.

  69. lui says:

    Raila amechukua! Agwambo and ODM hexagon for life.Raila am voting in Langata and am winning more votes for you.You should come to my school i.e catholic university or something.we saw PNU tshirts being given out and we were not pleased at all.If I am not voting for you i am not voting at all.me and my whole family…God bless you Mr. President

  70. Diana says:

    I think it will ge great if Mrs Ida Odings takes the platform more and spell out exactly what she will do for Kenyan women and chilren. I would like to hear her thoughts on how she will deal with the issue of rising sexual offenses and the provision of sanitary towels for school girls. The votes you will get from women rests squarely on her shoulders.

    Your team should also explain how they will invove Kenyans in the diaspora in development. Will your government work on a system where kenyans abroad can repay their HELB loans online?

  71. Charles Rumba says:

    The PNU are in a fight of their life but the ODM are taking the fight abit too lightly. ODM should list instances why Kibaki is worse than Moi. This will have the effect of praising Moi without saying so and demonising Kibaki.

    Lets also repeat our messages. See how Kibaki repeats the economic success and free secondary education. This might just persuade the undecided come election.

    ODM strategists should think out of the box and throw the Kitchen sink at the PNU. The PNU are busy fighting but we dont highlight these.

    Where are the instances of tribalism, corruption and violence. Talking about this in isolation does not properly convey the message. He does not keep his word strategy to take care of Shirikisho and New Ford Kenya – again instances please.

    Device a strategy to campaign in Meru. Because PNU is busy trying to penetrate Rift Valley, why not send Ruto. If they refuse to listen to him then ODM can say that they are busy asking for votes in Rift but will not back anybody let alone listen.


  72. Ibraheem says:

    This points need to be addressed very “URGENTLY”

    Address Anglo-leasing in public.We ain’t interested in Grand Corruptions.


    Artur Brothers. Do not leave this behind. Kenyans believe this is a very seriouse issue.Show Michuki’s defence on videos. Show the Artur’s abusing Michuki. Show their video at the airport and the raid at the East African standard

    Mungiki:- Put a phase to it. Link it with a minister in the government. Make sure it can stick so that they know how it affects KENYA.

    Pledge to make constitution in 100 days which has not been done: Link it with colonization. It is a whitemens constituency still used in Kenya.

    Failed to fight Corruption: Dont leave Githongo behind. Play the tapes in radios and videos at Rally. There are videos of Githongo in Utube etc. Give a moment for these videos during Rally. Let evidence talk for you.

    Address Referendum as being “evidence” of things to come…

  73. Kolibri, Munich Germany says:

    Dear Fellow Kenyans,

    Tribalism is no joking matter

    All Kenyans belong to one tribe or another. Majority Kenyans speak minimum the mother tongue language and Kiswahili; majority also speaks English. A good percentage speak 4th and 5th other foreign languages. Majority of Kenyans have a “Home” identity with an indigenous name and personality and also an “Official” identity with an English Name. This is the identity that went to school as a child and goes to work as an adult. Majority of Kenyans also have a religious identity, totally different from the “Home” identity and the “official” identity. This “person” goes to church/mosque/temple or whatever and identifies with various religious convictions, to different degrees at different times of one life time. All these identities are literally different people with different names and personalities living in the same body.

    How about the American, British, French, German, Australian, Italian etc counterparts……….
    Majority of these human beings only speak ONE language, Many have a “Religious” personality, but the Naming system is only from one (Mother) culture system i.e. 1 identity.

    What’s my point?

    I only want to bring up a topic that I believe has not been explored by my beloved fellow Kenyans as we seek to analyze our selves seeking solutions for our Kenyan problems as we seek a better world for all Kenyans.

    Belonging to a tribe is nothing we chose for ourselves, it is the African destiny decided upon by Almighty God. I believe however, that is our task to “Self-help” or “Self-destruct”. When you read the definitions I have cut- pasted below, you will see that many Kenyans need to address own personality disorders.

    I believe the first way towards healing of this “Tribalism” mental brainwashing is to initiate “Detribalization of the Kenyan people” in order to pave way for a UNITED Kenyan PSYCHE on the same lofty plateaus as our Caucasian counterparts. How and to what extent this “Detribalization” should be implemented is open to debate, I welcome your views on this. That Detribalization is an option that would work for the good of all Kenyans is for me very clear. Tribalism, apart from causing the indicated mental problems is in extreme forms similar to the Nazi Dogma. The German word “Entnazifizierung” means “De-Nazification” and was introduced by the allied forces after the downfall of the Nazi Regime which brought WWII to an end in 1945. Through the Treaty of Potsdam (1945) it was decided that introduction of a truly democratic system in Germany is impossible until mental bleeding of poisonous Nazi doctrine was carried out at the social, cultural, press, economic and political levels. Kenya urgently needs this radical change in way of thinking if reforms and economic growth will remain sustainable even for future generations.

    Do you see yourself being described by the following definitions? If so, then it’s time to ACT for your own good sake and for the country at large.

    Definition of Split personality
    Split personality: Multiple personality disorder, a neurosis in which the personality becomes dissociated into two or more distinct parts each of which becomes dominant and controls behavior from time to time to the exclusion of the other parts.

    Multiple personality (American Heritage Dictionary)
    A highly disputed psychological disorder in which a person exhibits two or more disassociated personalities. Each functioning as a distinct entity. Also called ‘dissociative disorder’.

    Dissociative identity disorder (Britannica Concise Encyclopedia)
    Rare condition indicated by the absence of a clear and comprehensive identity. In most cases two or more independent and distinct personality systems develop in the same individual. Each personality may alternately inhabit the person’s conscious awareness to the exclusion of the others, but one is usually dominant. The various personalities typically differ from one another in outlook, temperament, and body language and might assume different first names. The condition is generally viewed as resulting from dissociative mental processes — that is, the splitting off from conscious awareness and control of thoughts, feelings, memories, and other mental components in response to situations that are painful, disturbing, or somehow unacceptable to the person experiencing them. Treatment is aimed at integrating the disparate personalities back into a single and unified personality.

    Multiple personality (Columbia Encyclopedia)
    Multiple personality is a very rare psychological disorder in which a person has two or more distinct personalities, each with its own thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior. The personalities often are direct opposites and dominate at different times, with abrupt transitions triggered by distressful events or memories. Each may be entirely unaware of the other but aware of unexplained gaps in remembered time. In psychiatry the condition is known as dissociative identity disorder. The term “split personality,” denoting schizophrenia, refers to an unrelated disorder in which the split (separation) is between thought and feeling.

    Interesting Article: Reason Magazine – Hit & Run > Is Nobelist James Watson, Co-Discoverer of the Structure of DNA, a Racist?

    “Africa’s problems, of course, are not caused by Western aid. I think most of the problems are, frankly cultural, and are rooted in the endemic barbaric tribalism coupled with institutions brought in by colonial Europeans that were designed to facilitate exploiting the people and natural resources of the continent”.

    Kolibri, Munich – Nov. 2nd, 2007

  74. Kawere says:

    Guys, wherever you are on the ground. Make sure that you check you are registered. The ECK website has an option whereby you can confirm that you are registered for elections so that you don’t end up manipulated by John Chege. We know that Raila usually speaks when he has good evidence (remember the Arturs!). This election is going to be fought by Kibaki’s henchmen in the manner that Moi used to fight elections. Kibaki does not have any new tricks.
    So get on the ECK website and confirm you are registered! All you need is your voter’s card # or your ID number

  75. Mike says:

    Guys am a born again Christian and the way we carry out our nomination above the rest will win more votes than any other thing there i place my bet. It worked for us in the presidential process at Kasarani and Kenya has never been the same again since that day.

    Why cant we pass the message to Kenyans of how a divided PNU will take us back to 2003 instead of 2030 moreover the economy will sink coz there will be infighting around the succession issue. Raila, bwana we cant wait for five more years being taken around circles. You told us that you will campaign like never before, we havent seen that yet. Where are the vitendawilis?. Thanks Jirongo left for he was a spy.

    Lastly, I suggest you launch the ODM manifesto the Agwambo style and that’s what Kenyans are waiting for. Let “Mr Peoples President manifesto” be above the way the vision launch was done and the undecided voters will have no choice but to oblige. Remember prayers lazima .

  76. Stephen Yego,UN Sudan. says:

    Bravo ODM.Im glad that the ODM bridage is taking our advices in this forum seriously as potrayed by Young Professionals for Raila(YPR) who organised for the brainstorming session on UGATUZI or MAHALIYA (mahaliya as used in arab countries)at ufungamano.One recipe that the pentagon should include in this menu of Ugatuzi is the fact that all kenyans below the age of 20yrs will be paid a monthly subsistence allowance (msa) of about ksh 3000 for their up-keep which will be payable to the beneficiaries account every month or to the beneficiaries parents accounts for the case of young children or the handicapped.This can be reviewed to be based on households as the economic technorats would advice , but i would wish this point should be put forward.The other thing that should accompany this recipe of MSA is the setting up of management strucures in the form of government structures at the grass root level to oversee respective departments.Secondly, and as said before by one of my colleagues, its high time now that all the pentagon members converge to atleast one rally by week as a group to show unity and even go further to cut a cake together in every province and share pieces together to symbolise sharing of national case.This is very important and so should be done.Thirdly, the YKR07 should start running road shows all over the country accompanied by musians for Raila.Likes of KJ should now start taking the bulls by their horns by embarking on Nairobi with spirited campaigns and keeping bussy the likes of bETT mugo.Otherwise we are in the right track and im urging you my brothers and sisters in thie forum to keep up the same spirit and continue advising our government in waiting .


    Agwambo Tosha!!!!

  77. Morara says:

    ODM should bring up on all fora the fact that Central Kenya MPs once backed Majimbo when it appeared convenient for them, i.e. in 2001

    See link: http://www.nationaudio.com/News/DailyNation/17112001/News/News6.html.gz

    Full story:

    Saturday, November 17, 2001

    Central Kenya MPs now back Majimbo

    Central Kenya MPs have agreed for the first time to back Majimbo – a federal system of government.

    The policy switch came during a marathon meeting of the Central Kenya Parliamentary Group which ended at 2am yesterday.

    Previously the MPs, mainly from the Gikuyu, Embu and Meru Association (Gema), had insisted Majimbo would be too expensive for Kenya.

    Discussions at the meeting – at La belle Inn in Naivasha – centred on the MPs’ political survival and their representation in the next government after President Moi retires.

    Key to that aim, one MP said, was the need to mobilise Central Kenya communities to join a single political party to ensure they have strong bargaining power in the formation of the next government.

    The group believes that if they support a single political party along with “some selected friendly communities” they could comfortably win at least 70 to 80 Parliamentary seats.

    The MPs also discussed strategies for the economic revival of Central Kenya and ways of ensuring that the region was fully represented in a future goverrnment.

    Within that context four of the MPs said they would not be opposed to supporting a Kanu candidate at the next General Election, although a clear majority of the 35 MPs present later claimed the four had been giving only their personal views and did not speak either for the Parliamentary group or for Gema.

    The marathon meeting started on Thursday at 8 pm.

    The MPs were mainly from the Democratic Party, Ford-People, the Social Democratic Party and Safina, while Gatundu South MP Moses Muihia and Dagoretti MP Beth Mugo attended the group’s meeting for the first time.

    DP chairman Mwai Kibaki skipped the talks, which were chaired by group chairman and DP patron Njenga Karume (Kiambaa). Kieni’s Chris Murungaru was secretary.

    Speaking to the Nation later, Mr Karume said that the group was planning another meeting in Nairobi next week.

    “We discussed the development of Central Kenya but we shall tell you more then,” Mr Karume said.

    Kanu’s President Moi and NDP leader Raila Odinga have now been mandated by their parties to work out a merger.

    On the other hand, Mr Kibaki, who is believed to support the Central Kenya group, has been in talks with Ford Kenya’s Kijana Wamalwa and NPK leader Charity Ngilu in search of alignment.

    Sources at the Naivasha meeting told the Nation that members had in a radical departure resolved to support majimbo; the federal system of government.

    “We have now decided to go for majimbo but we still stand by our position that we should have a government of national unity,” a source told the Nation yesterday.

    However, they have set one condition for majimbo – that the provincial boundaries are reworked and people allowed to register in the jimbo (federal state) of their choice.

    They plan to present their detailed proposals on this to the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission when it begins collecting views.

    The meeting discussed the coffee industry and resolved to demand the release of the remaining Stabex cash.

    “We have to fight for the political and economic empowerment of our people and find ways of tackling the elections. That is why we met. We are particularly angered by the Government’s refusal to release the Stabex funds in toto. We are tired of waiting,” another MP said.

    The MPs also complained that the Government was dragging its feet over implementation of the Donde Act to regulate interest rates and the Coffee Bill which is yet to be tabled .

    MPs Matu Wamae, Chris Murungaru and Muhika Mutahi, said the meeting discussed which leaders could reach out to other Kenyan communities.

    Dr Murungaru said: “Nevertheless this was a special meeting and that is why we decided to meet at night when there is not much distraction.”

    Dr Murungaru gave the Nation a list of MPs who attended the meeting. They included; Joseph Kuria Mukira (Subukia), Paul Kihara (Naivasha), Martha Karua (Gichugu), Mwangi Kiunjuri (Laikipia East), Kamande Mwangi (Maragwa), Maina Njakwe (Mathioya), Joshua Toro (Kandara), Chege Mbitiru (Laikipia West), Muriuki Karue (Ol Kalao), James Kibicho (Ndia), David Manyara (Nakuru Town), Mwangi Githiomi (Kipipiri), Philip Gitonga (Lari), Beth Mugo (Dagoretti), Norman Nyaga (Kamukunji), Njehu Gatabaki (Githunguri), Patrick Muiruri (Gatundu North), David Mwenje (Embakasi), Stephen Ndichu (Juja), David Murathe (Gatanga), Njeru Ndwiga (Manyatta), Thirikwa Kamau (Ndaragwa), Ngenye Kariuki (Kiharu), Adolf Muchiri (Kasarani), Alfred Nderitu (Mwea), Moses Muihia (Gatundu South), John Michuki (Kangema), Matere Keriri (Kerugoya Kutus), Kihara Mwangi (Kigumo), David Mwiraria (Imenti North) and Kiraitu Murungi (Imenti South).

    This dishonesty should be told to all Kenyans during ODMs campaigns.

  78. NURIA ABDI says:

    i know that ODM will win INSHALLAH but my greatest fear is that our ODM oentagons should educate the people from grassroot about our symbol coz now that ODM kenya are confusing our people almost we are using the same symbol i.e the ODM are using FULL ORANGE,our pentagons poster wrote CHUGWA MOJA MAISHA BORA as ODM kenya maisha bora zaidi. please our ODM leaders do something on this issues before its too late.

    DON’T use vague languages in the rally like insulting ur revels i know ODM pentagons and all supporters are principled unlike other presendial aspirants ,PENTAGON MEMBERS WE ARE PROUD OF YOU !


  79. Mike says:

    Hi guys, i usually feel very sad when the domo domo advert runs in the tubes, i also feel sick when i here Livondo, and the Langata constituency issues in fact i never had a sound sleep the previous night when i watched the news. I dont want us to be on the defensive but lets come up with something to raise the bar.

    Lastly, i wish to thank Raila for answering the Muslim MOU and silencing those who wanted to make noise out of it.

  80. Susan Murila says:

    ODM we are proud of you.If God is on our side,who can be against us?
    God bless.

  81. Linet says:

    I’m growing tired of watching & listening to too many Pnu adverts on Radio and Tv. I’m beginning to worry abt ODM plans for Tv and Radio adverts. During the referendum we witnessed very clever adverts which floored the Banana side. Advertising is important as continous repetition sometimes lures the mind to try the product being displayed, I know this works for well advertised commodities.A friend says ODM strategy is to wait for Pnu to rush and then come with a thunder? I do hope something is in the works to convince the undecided vote or those who still have doubts and might want to change.

  82. charles says:

    hey there kudos our ODM leaders,it was a show of mighty in nakuru.where ODMers braved the rain to listen to the people who shall emancipate kenyans from poverty,bad governance,and selective regional growth.keep up with the tempo.put these PNU guys on toes,Raila should exposed all their misdeeds.
    secondly,we want you guys to take atleast one ODM rally to kisumu town.our guys there are missing the joy and excitement evoked by our well coordinated rallies that other kenyans enjoy.
    the victory is ours…..hata wakiiba langata!!!

    thirdly,can someone confirm that there is a new method of rigging taking place whereby people in ODM stronghold are mugged and there voters card taken away?

  83. charles says:

    we should not worry abou domo domo advert.infact its meant for the them(PNU).they spent alot of their energy in rallies waki piga domo…oohh raila this….ooohh raila that instead of selling their manifesto!

    otherwise best prescription….switch of ua tv/radio when domo domo starts…it has work out better for me…CHUNGWA MOJA…MAISHA BORA ZAIDI

  84. charles says:


  85. Mike says:

    I think those dinners should be planned in such a way that they cause some effect to the undecided voters rather than the decided ones like us or else we shall soon be baptized orange dinner movement. I know it takes time to organize but they should not target the same group of voters and the ripple effect should be felt in the mashinani.

  86. Nick says:

    Raila is winning the elections.Even if he doesnt campaign the best PNU will get is a draw.All you people who are worried are those who spend most of their time on TV or radio and expect wonders.You also have to campaign and work hard.Not only the pentagon.Remember the enemy is also strong so it wont be an easy ride.But also take heart coz the final outcome will be in our favour.Am in Mombasa and just from Malindi.There you talk ill of Raila,they beat you.Yet they are not Luos.People in Malindi firmly believe that once Raila is in power the price of maize and wheat flour will come down.We are concerned about food and something has to be done about this.So the strategy in the coast should be about food security.Honestly people are suffering when it comes to food.People here believe that the government is deliberately refusing to import food if at all there is a shortage so that they can sell theirs produce expensively.The president can come and camp for one month and even promise to open a company for making ships, but we wont vote for him.Dont worry about the big crowds in his campaign coz people get paid to attend and school children are usually given off from school to attend.

  87. bobodo says:

    congratulations PENTAGON for at least taking the war to PNU door steps but whatever the strstegy the lull in our rallies is matter of concern rememmber the more visibility the more our supporters are motivated ,just note SAFARICOM ,COCA COLA FOR eg are leading bussiness entities but in the media evry 10 mins you see their adverts ,why are they not sleeping on their laurels.
    i totally agree we need am ega rally in KISUMU LETS NOT ASSUME TOO MUCH that we dont need to campaign there people are dying to be exited`.above all let start strategies of GOTV- GET OUT TO VOTE ,THAT ISPOSTIVELY IDENTFYING OUR SUPPORTES BY COLLECT THER telephone numbers durin our rallies so as to maintain contact come 2 days before the elections ..after one rally in KANGEMI OF PATTINI KENDA PARTY ,ALL ATTENDANTS WERE GIVING cellphone numbers to appointed stewards IT IS NOT HOW HARD YOU WORK ,BUT HOW SMART YOU DO THE earlier we take advantage of technology the better WE IN MALINDI WE STARTED NETWORKING AND IT IS BEARING FRUIT AFTER WE REALIZE MOST OF THE ASIPRANTS ARE NOT AGGRESSIVE ,PLEASE NOTE YOUR CONNTRIBUTION IS NECCESARY ,INSTEAD OF RELYING ON PENTAGON


  88. charles says:

    waze bobodo…ua point is very valid.infact we need to have one round of major marathon rallies in kisumu,uhuru park and tononoka ,all within 3 days dubbed “fagilia na machungwa” before nomination so as to send ripples to our competitors!!!!

  89. Ibraheem says:

    I have not seen PENTAGON addressing us on this KEY issues

    This points need to be addressed very “URGENTLY”

    Address Anglo-leasing in public.We ain’t interested in Grand Corruptions.


    Artur Brothers. Do not leave this behind. Kenyans believe this is a very seriouse issue.Show Michuki’s defence on videos. Show the Artur’s abusing Michuki. Show their video at the airport and the raid at the East African standard

    Mungiki:- Put a phase to it. Link it with a minister in the government. Make sure it can stick so that they know how it affects KENYA.

    Pledge to make constitution in 100 days which has not been done: Link it with colonization. It is a whitemens constituency still used in Kenya.

    Failed to fight Corruption: Dont leave Githongo behind. Play the tapes in radios and videos at Rally. There are videos of Githongo in Utube etc. Give a moment for these videos during Rally. Let evidence talk for you.

    Address Referendum as being “evidence” of things to come…

  90. Auki Ollows says:

    Nice one Bobodo, nice one – KAZI ITENDEKEE! Na wazi tena! This campaign CANNOT be left to Raila and The Pentagon only. We have to own it and we have to go encourage everyone around us to vote ODM. This is a Movement and in Movements you don’t wait for someone else to do the work…

    Fiti Bobodo! Tuko job na kazi itendeke!

  91. Auki Ollows says:

    When are we going to Tononoka Grounds, Mombasa?

  92. Auki Ollows says:

    Ok, Steadman Polls are out! a 5% drop for Agwambo (45%), a 2% gain for Kibaki (41%) and a 3% gain for Kalonzo (11%)…

    I think this is a verdict related to complaints on this blog on the presidential campaign structure. Granted, the campaign has been centred around sparsely populated and remote areas. However, the communications and media campaign just ISN’T good enough. There must also be a specific strategy for the big ODM vote baskets – When are we in Mombasa???? I heard someone wondering when they can get a piece of the action in Kisumu (there are turn out issues to be resolved in Nyanza); There is silence in Nairobi…

    The response to the structure of our campaign must be swift! We know Agwambo capacity and now want to see Rapid Response. Sometime back, someone suggested that there should be a Rapid Response Unit. And I have kept asking: What is the exact structure of the ODM presidential campaign. Who is in charge of what?

    I can’t emphasize enough – our communications, media, marketing & PR strategy must become more forceful. If we have to get the top professionals in Kenya, or the whole wide world, so be it! This is the big time… And it must be PROFESSIONALS, not talented amateurs who, inspite of their best intentions, this project is too big for them.


  93. Christine says:

    We appreciate the effort you are making to show Kibaki administration the door. Charity’s message in Narok was a fantstic strategy. It is time you talk simple capitalise on what Kibaki has not done as well as his negatives. The pumbavu talk, Kibaki’s age 81 in 2012, Kibaki has been mum for five years he has woken up to giving out goodies, where has he been? Walking 3 kilometers if woodwinking. Why should he now limp 3kms when at the beginning he was sleeping in sate house. ODM should tell people that you will not issue goodies for the sake of getting back to state house. The roads in Kenya are in pathetic state. We need a working governent which is active for the whole term. Kenya is for Kenyans not Kibaki, Moi and Kenyatta families. Kenya is also not for one tribe only we have 42 tribes and more abled people.Kibaki should not boast the economy. He had a salary paid to him it was not for free he did his job and was paid for his job. We need fresh brains. Countries at war eg Congo and Sudan registered more economic growth last year. Kenya is trailling with 6% or so ODM tell them off do not be grounded with the majimbo issue. Hospitals, schools, roads, comodities, salaries, clean water etc

  94. Auki Ollows says:


    One thing that has failed to receive media is the fact that, of the people Steadman polled, 58% now SUPPORT Ugatuzi, up from the only 44% who supported majimbo, according to the pollster some 2 weeks ago. Please, please, let us not drop this message. Leadership is about staying the course, even in the face of challenges…


  95. Auki Ollows says:

    Excellent weekend in Eldoret and Western Kenya!

    Pressure must continue to be exerted on the fact that PNU Manifesto ignores Katiba, Ufisadi and Ukabila in its 10 pledges. These issues proved very exciting in Western Kenya. They will prove the same in the rest of the country…

    PNU Manifesto is ANOTHER MoU! We want a proper agreement with the Kenyan people. One that’s entrenched in constitution. The drive for Katiba Mpya has been around for ever. Time to conclude it! We want ABSOLUTE ZERO TOLERANCE of CORRUPTION! (We don’t want the issue in small print…). Considering the way Ukabila is such a strong issue in Kenya’s socio-political fabric, we want a CLEAR ROAD MAP!

    Raila, OMWAMI WEFWE!

  96. John Kamau & Rosana Mariechena says:

    Ten issues

    1. Create time to meet Wazee wa Vijiji in Groups of 100 wazees and above…can’t be reached easily by other media, yet they can sambaza your Ujumbe

    2. Focus more in Rift Valley, Gusii Nyanza, Coast and Bungoma

    3. Work to achieve over 90% voter turnout in ODM strongholds

    4. We need more roadshows

    5. Lets remain honest

    6. Door to door campaigners need to be trained. Humility will earn us all the votes we need. Arrogance and dishonest has no place

    7. All Raila supporters MUST, as a matter of priority, equip themselves with 10 REASONS why they feel Raila is the person to vote for and 10 reasons why Kibaki is not the people’s man

    8. Let Pentagon create time and visit with at least 20 well selected disadvantaged families in 50 selected Constituencies…..create 3 days for this activity. For each such a family visited, I guarantee that we shall have 1000 new votes…..at least a Million NEW VOTES !!!!

    9. Modern technology must be embraced …. sms, email etc

    10. Put GOD first in all meetings. Always end your meetings with a kind message and a word of prayer. All things are possible with GOD.

    Raila, Ochie Kare omwabo

  97. Tom Ogaro says:

    I would like to see more powerful adverts like the reply to Domo. They are effective and can not be destroyed by city council.
    Do not wait for there abuses and lies, go ahead in a firm and smooth way to give wananchi real information about the truth and stupid lies given about odm.

  98. Now we have caught PNU. With their propaganda on majimbo & MoU with Muslims it is time we make a lot of noise on their MoU & let this voice conmtinue as much as possible. Many Kenyans will come to understand who these people are. This country for all kenyans & not to a certain tribe.

  99. Tito Were says:

    Talking about MOUs, who has a copy of the one between Kibaki and Muslims made in 2002? How about the one between Kibaki and Mungiki which led to the discarding of Michuki rules?Can we get the copies online so that we do the Sambazaring across the globe? Come on ODMers mbona sisi hatuwezi kujidefend?

  100. Adam Ali says:

    We need to have a 100% votes from the North-Eastern,Coast and Nyanza provinces.

    Mheshimiwa Raila.You will win make sure you deliver your promises .

    please nominate amember of parliament from North-eastern .some young and energetic person who can work with you closely.

    Kazi ianzee ! Raila Tosha ! Ufisadi uangamizwe !

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