Whats your suggestions on way forward




    odm supporters after the parliament is dissolved there is need to work overdrive in selling our party because of the following reasons
    1.after atetnding ODM-K rally yesterday in tononoka i have realized we are taking for granted KALOZO foray into our supporters the propanganda being portrayed there is having effect because we have decided to play hands off attitude lets counter this especislly in coast province which has been turning al ucrative hunting ground
    2.there is upsurge of logistical and massive funds in organisational ability of ODM-K,as we concentrate in countering PNU jagguernut lets not forget that there is a hidden hand in this party reoganizatioN
    3.Taking into consideration the party is popular there is a need for cordinated campaigns esepcially mobilization for the structures to effect this onerous task are still obscure

  2. Maru Kapkatet says:

    ODM campaign strategists and the ODM campaign machinery in general must tell Kenyans the truth about Mwai Kibaki.

    Mr. Kibaki should never be trusted because he deceives with abandon. The Bomas Draft that Kibaki’s Banana wanted to pass had devolution or majimboism as one of its key tenets. Kibaki, while in opposition, and during the referendum campaigned for federalism to be instituted in Kenya. Why is he turning around now to vehemently oppose it? When did he obtain his Damascus Road conversion regarding federalism?

    Now, Mr. Kibaki is saying that majimboism is dangerous. How can Kenyans trust such a leader. Mr. Kibaki lied that he will not seek re-election, he lied about the Memorandum of Understanding that he signed, he lied that he wil re-settle the Mau Forest evictees, and on so many other occassions and issues.

    How can any right-thinking Kenyan trust Kibaki now. How can you trust Kibaki when he says that he believes in the sanctity of Title Deeds when he has not come out forcefully against his Minister who said that Title Deeds are “worthless pieces of paper”.

    How can Kenyans trust Kibaki when he pretends not to know anything about the importation of the Artur mercenaries, about the Standard Newspapers raid, about the deportation of Muslims when it is clear that he was briefed beforehand. There are many hard-working policemen in Kenya who put their lives on the line daily to protect Kenyans. It is an insult to them and to all Kenyans when mercenaries are imported into Kenya and appointed Superintendent of Police.

    ODM has to stress at every campaign stop the facts that Mr. Kibaki is untrustworthy and weak allowing his Ministers to unleash terror on Kenyans while he pretends to be pursuing a hands-off approach.

  3. Phil says:

    With parliament dissolving today, and Justice (rtd) Kwach having earlier already committed ODM to closing re-submission of the party nomination forms within five days after dissolution of parliament, my view is that Justice Kwach spoke prematurely and without strategy.

    Firstly, the period of time Kwach allowed is too short for prospective defectors specifically former MP’s from the government side. It means unconvinced aspirants will look to move elsewhere as from this weekend when the ultimatum expires.

    Number two, principal opponents of ODM, that is ODM-K and PNU, have not closed their nomination and it is my considered opinion they are only waiting to reap benefits from the ODM fallout that is certain to follow its nomination exercise. This is a well known fact, that ODM-K strategist are very keen on taking advantage of ODM’s problems.

    Nevertheless, the party must move ahead pragmatically as no individual is greater than the institution. I believe the biggest hurdle for the party is to conduct a democratic and transparent nomination exercise and avoid a fallout of the aspirants at all costs. The party must find ways and means to retain nomination loosers and they must be persuaded to support the winners.

    After this, we shall expect to see the ODM change gears and start a sustained issue-based campaigns all over the country. Please remember, as with the other polls there will be plenty of propaganda fights in these elections.

    It would be useful for ODM to propose to the Kenyan media to organise a public debate of all the leading candidates – as I am 100% sure, Raila “Arap Mibei” Odinga will emerge tops. It will serve as an excellent forum for wananchi to distinguish the difference between their future president in comparison to other aspirants.

  4. Abdullah says:

    ODM shouldn’t sacrifice those who stood with for new comers. That said, ODM should settle for the strong, then convince the two runners up to support the winner. Agwambo shouldn’t interfere in Luo Nyanza lest it may cause voter apathy though they love him. Moreover, nationally, he will be evaluated how he handled Nyanza. As for North Eastern, ask what has Kibaki done yet he was there for 43 years. Tell them he belongs to those who NEP what it is today. Remind them that when the Wagalla Massacre occurred, he was the VP. So how comes he knows what’s good for them. I have already posted here 10 good points of focus in NEP, they were not published and I appreciate that meaning that whatever campaign strategy that wil help ODM shouldn’t be made public. Moreover, be pro-active, nationalist, well behaved, leave naked propaganda and direct personal attack, mchongwano is ok, but don’t behave like PNU.

  5. Otsiatso says:

    First, go ahead with the nominations process. I do not agree that current ex- MPS should be given more time to defect, they had a chance to like Ngilu, Koech etc. Moreover- chances are we are bound to to see some undesirables coming over to ODM whose only value is temporary publicity.

    Secondly, I would like to see the currect pressure of forcing the issue continuing. Each two weeks drive the agenda of what new item is to discussed, and no letting up; now it is majimbo next should be the mistreatment of Muslims under terrorism “act”., then security, ufisadi, BOMAS draft and broken promises.

    Before major forays into these provinces – read the mood and tailor the message [Coast & NEP – Terrorsim, majimbo], Western, Nyanza [Majimbo and Security]

    Third, go to Coast and NEP. I think it is between KM and R in the coast, I also think KM’s upswing is from Kibaki’s packers changing. Otherwise I am not worried about him, he has no foot soldiers [councillors and MPS].

  6. Otsiatso says:

    Two more things:
    1. Fund raise among diaspora. PNU has the treasury but you have the people. Yes there is a website but I would like to hear the pentagon promoting it and asking people to contribute as the candidates do here in the States. Next time eg. Raila is on Kass fm or NTV etc. promote the website, we are listening!

    2. Go full out and market ODM by using this technology. It can not be that expensive to update this website with digital photos and even home videos of rallies and speech. It makes one want to give. At least use You-tube

  7. Hanif V says:

    Funds become a very important facet in the campaign. Thus far means of attracting funds have been conforming the norm. I would suggest mobilizing funds through collection of Ksh 100.00 from each person and targeting 1,000,000 people. Such a campaign can be enhanced through using the media and a billboard campaigns. I would suggest as well that billboards must “speak”- so as to say. They should communicate a message. There are plenty of good images that could be used on billboards. Money unfortunately will count.

  8. Nick Mayison says:

    PENTAGON and all ODM supporters, this is the time we should all be ‘fishers of men’. As you know, the PNU team is out planning everything possible, from dirty to evil, to enable them rig the next elections.
    ODM needs to set up a very strong intelligence team that will help in uncovering the dirty plans of PNU. Dont worry alot about Kalonzo, I think his heart is in ODM. Moi’s efforts wont take him to Kibaki.
    Please avoid too much ‘mchongoano’, as this is the way those who have panicked always campaign. Be calm, concentrate on issues that will attract voters. Preach peaceful elections in every platform.
    Let Kibaki take a dose of his own medicines:
    – He need to tell us why he disowned the MOU
    – We need to know why he allowed the raid on standard/KTN
    – We need to ask him why his own daughter was the custodian of the Arturs mercenaries
    Emilio should explain why he refused to implement the BOMAS constitution, which he played an important role in drafting.
    – He should tell us why his ministers attempted to impose an Ethiopian on Kenyans, the fake freedom fighter
    – His government declared to us that the title deeds are ‘worthless piece of paper’. Does he intend to grab our lands?
    – He should tell us why he allowed Kenyans to be taken for trials in other countries, under the pretense of fighting terrorism.
    It was laughable to hear Kibaki promising Kenyans a new constitution if re-elected. He is not even ashamed, he made the same promise in the last elections and did not keep the promise.
    His failures needs to he highlighted for the public to know that he is untrustworthy.
    Send him to Othaya.

  9. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    The hard work now begins with parliamentary and civic seats vacant. ODM supporters, friends, leaders in any capacity should clearly sell the party, what ODM stands for – visions, policies, etc to the electorate who are now free to choose between real change and status quo. Raila and his able strategist have worked overboard to win acceptance across all corners of Kenya. We need to target the sceptical corners – focus on the GEMA youths and the marginalised poor masses who need change not only for themselves but also for their future. The future is truly ORANGE. Just one Orange.

    For those competing now, let us remain united in this journey not only make sure Raila and his pentagon wins but to ensure we have a very strong party for the future generations. As we sell our party, we should desist from lies and come up with practical solutions geared towards making their lives better.

  10. Nick Mayison says:

    At this point, all ODM campaigners should remember to educate the voters also. One ORANGE, and one and a half ORANGES may confuse our supporters during the voting time. Please inform all the PENTAGON, aspiring MPs and Councilors to educate the voters that ODM’s symbol is ONE ORANGE, not one and a half orange.

    NICCO – ODM Juba, South Sudan

  11. Dick Oyaro says:

    Luo Nyanza must turn out to vote this time. Their voter turn out has been appalling and with so much at stake i think Raila should have an extensive tour of the region and insist on one thing…GO OUT THERE AND VOTE! I have done some statistics and if central province turn out to vote as they always have and Luo nyanza spectate as they always done then Agwambo’s lead is only a mere 100,000 votes with margins for errors and omission. Let’s not forget that central province registered more voters than Nyanza after 2002. VOTER TURN OUT SHOULD BE A KEY CAMPAIGN PRIORITY.

  12. Dick Makanji says:

    Its time for Raila.
    Even in Japan we are paraying for him and hsi team.
    ODM Please give us a smile next year.

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