Is it a goverment scheme to lock out  our presidential candidate?



  1. Esmond Mogaka Onsomu says:

    The buying of voters’ cards in Lang’ata is a scheme which should not be handled lightly. When the likes of Mwenje and Kamanda vowed to have our presidential candidate lose his parliamentary seat, then I realised they were out to achieve it at whatever cost.
    More machineries should be employed to establish the damage that has been caused so far in order to take necessary measures. Even if it calls for holding in door meetings to establish whether voters still own their cards, let’s do it please. Our opponents are swiftly running with panic.

  2. tnk says:

    assuming that its true, this needs to be broadcast and the real reasons behind it as well

    yes if sufficient number of voter cards are bought it will negatively impact Raila’s voter turnout not just as MP constituency but also for presidential. WHat needs to be determined is what constitutes sufficient number. Are we to assume that all these potential voters are willing to sacrifice their future? Are they not being educated enough.

    The persons responsible for vote buying should be found and paraded and made to state their reasons. And I mean the ring leaders not the foot soldiers like Livondo who are just mere vessels with absolutely no direction.

    THird steps need to be taken within the ECK or parliamentary laws to immediately punish the offender. Sadly even the pawns in the game (i.e the poverty stricken individuals selling their voter cards possibly to buy milk and bread) they too will have to face justice.

    THis however clearly demonstrates
    a) the absolute lack of vision/strategy in PNU campaign and they can only go about muddying the waters (buy voter cards, hurl insults at Raila and ODM, doomsday prophets with threats of disaster, and oh yes economy)
    b) they absolutely do not believe that they are offering the best leadership and also that the real truth behind the so called improved economy smokescreen is not necessarily due to a proactive Kibaki administration but rather largely due to the removal of Moi regime. Note also that ODM visionaries were in NARC Rainbow government for the first part of the period and therefore deserve credit for any economic recovery experienced in the first several months. Kibaki administration should be judged by the performance after the fallout, sadly this will only be evident much later after the elections. Anyone that understands economics knows only too well that we are experiencing now is due to the efforts and foundation laid by the true NARC Rainbow movement and long before the fallout.
    c) most importantly this demonstrates the true nature of PNU, deceit, ineptness, unwilling to allow true democratic space, arrogance, and without going further simply put, another Kanu/Moi. No wonder they find the ppartnership quite comfortable.

    I wonder what happened to Kilimo who once said while in ODM that she didn’t agree with corporate membership since she could not serve anywhere where Moi still called the shots. Wow! talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. and the same goes for Uhuru who did not want to kill Kanu in ODM, but by jumping ship to a moribund PNU outfit, Kanu is so totally swallowed up and cannot raise its head in any other province other than central and even then in central its totally shadowed by the regional tribal parties DP, Narc-K etc. What a horrifying miscalculation. I hope they can at least see sense in their folly.

  3. shaqmaya says:

    Raila is not homeless, let them buy votes !! Raila can as well move to any constituency in Nyanza. The best place would be constituencies in the urban Kisumu. In Kisumu no one will stop RO, he can even pass unopposed.

  4. shaqmaya says:

    Mzee Raila come to Gem, we will be proud to have you as our MP. Midiwo can be later nominated to parliament. Please come to Gem.

  5. tnk says:

    i agree Raila can get a home in a lot of places, the issue at hand is this current Poll and langata constituency where he is vying. Lets ensure that not just Raila but all other ODM luminaries are not hit with technicalities. Continue to show mature support for all ODM candidates.

    It is also imperative as someone suggested in another blog, that the face of worthy women candidates start to be noticeable in respectable task forces and of course not forgetting our precious youth. And just to make sure that ODM is all inclusive, still have the respectable Ntimama and other worthy “senior citizens”.

    Lets get Kenya on the international map as an emerging robust and vibrant economy.

    Chungwa moja, maisha bora.

  6. Sue says:

    This issue of vote buying in Langata and other constituencies which are ODM strongholds like Mvita should be dealt with seriously. The other issue I mentioned on previous post is missing records on ECK web it has also been mentioned by Morris. Hope ODM is looking into this issue as well.

  7. Solo says:

    Whatever this panicking government does, it will not redeem itself. It can promise the people of Kibera, and any other poverty-ridden slum area and village all over Kenya, an overnight heaven, but believe you me, this will not come to fruition. This government has institionalised poverty by the short-sighted programmes it has implemented. On the issue of who to vote, we as informed Kenyans, who care for the future of our country made our decisions long time ago and we will not be swayed by people who have ganged up, with porojo na uongo (PNU) to distract our focus to the Kenya we want. We are quite alert to counter any tricks that will be employed. Remain cool and let the PNU to self-distract as we already know their agenda which will loose its steam after show-casing their ill-gotten wealth to the suffering masses. We are confdent the country will jubilate upon counting the last vote.

  8. lexx says:

    I largely agree that Raila can get a home in kisumu but i would like to know what is happening on the ground as in what are the ODM people doing to stop vote buying in Langata are they trying to prevent it from happen i will be happy to know coz i dont want Raila to be loked out of the Precidency if the going gets tough then RO can switch base.All the best R.O and God be with you as you try and lead the country to the promised Land.

  9. Silus says:

    Raila should keep his head focused while leaving his people to investigate what is hapenning in Kibera. If these are what moi refered to as the time for the honeymoon is over, then lets get prepared for him.

    How about this issue of blacklisting all names starting with an “O”? Sad, really sad and kenyans should now see the kind of people they are dealing with.

    Raila should keep the cool and stay focused. Blacklisting all the names starting with an “O” is the tribalism we have all been talking about.

    PNU, good lack in your endeavous.

  10. Aboka says:

    Something needs to be done…And Raila needs to trade carefuly you never know wht is opponts are capable of doing…This is just one way of making sure that he loose the seat, and still they have several ways…Pour agents every where atleast in every ward…He shoud not mind about using money to pay this people to be watchful of the ploys set..

    And if all doesnt go well, then he should think of moving to any place where ODM still enjoys a massive support…I propose Kisumu Rural Nyongo can try it out in Langatta….

  11. Galfen Omuse says:

    Whatever this panicking government does, it will not redeem itself. It can promise the people of Kibera, and any other poverty-ridden slum area and village all over Kenya, an overnight heaven, but believe you me, this will not come to fruition. This government has institionalised poverty by the short-sighted programmes it has implemented. On the issue of who to vote, we as informed Kenyans, who care for the future of our country made our decisions long time ago and we will not be swayed by people who have ganged up, with porojo na uongo (PNU) to distract our focus to the Kenya we want. We are quite alert to counter any tricks that will be employed. Remain cool and let the PNU to self-distract as we already know their agenda which will loose its steam after show-casing their ill-gotten wealth to the suffering masses. We are confdent the country will jubilate upon counting the last vote.

  12. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    We have heard several incidence of vote buying and been shown the cards intercepted. A dying horse is capable of kicking hard since it does not want to die alone. What we need to do is to stop crying foul and get them in the very act. Why don’t we send our spies in the pretext that they are selling their votes in order to get the culprit?. Alternatively we should track the voters whose cards were intercepted to ask them exactly what happened(of course with a promise to protect them from public humiliation). We need to sort out this thing once and for all.

  13. I am a Voter in Langata, My response to this saga of voter cards buying should be stop immediatly,am also requesting the people of Langata not to be cheap since that is our tool.It seems the govt are scared since they have seen we in ODM we are much with the people.
    The likes of Livondo are nothing to us the man can’t even address himself in english he is just out there to talk of toilets,First let us ask ourselfs Livondo alikuwapi? since knowone knows about his history, this money he as where did he get it?
    Me I stand and say no to voters cards buying,I support our MP(RAILA) God be with him.

  14. Patrick .b. says:

    This is a very serious issue though siku za mwizi ni arobaini.Can you imagine a whole Government with machineries contradicting themselves.If Raila is unpopular they should leave him alone.If Raila’s poll opinion results are cooked,then they shouldnt worry about him anyway.
    The other day i heard the Bible carrying MOI say that ODM should be prepared for a shock.MOI in BOLD should know that winning a war does not need threats but people.He has lost control of Rift Valley has now been reduced to a liar. Moi should take hold of his voters card on election day the after voting pray to his God to blind his already decided mates not to vote Raila.God will blind them and they’ll end up buying their own votes,just tghe way they did during the referendum.

  15. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    there is some talk of sabotaging the PEOPLES’ PRESIDENT BY;
    1.Having kambas vote against him in protest
    2.All kikuyus in panic gang up for Limondo
    3.Then all Luhyas vote for their own(Libondo)
    4.Buy all Nubian voters cards.



  16. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    They will not stop Raila from winning in Lang’ata and eventually getting into statehouse. Moi’ KANU tried every little trick in the book to rig Raila out of Lang’ata but failed. Kibaki’s PNU / PANU will not succeed in their evil schemes.

    Meanwhile, every patriotic voter in this country who desire real change must be made to understand that their future lies in the voters card they poses. Letting go the voters card in exchange of a few shillings will not solve their problems for a better life. They will have themselves to blame if they let the tribal corrupt PNU / KANU / PANU people continue trampling on their rights.

  17. Leonard says:

    We are getting reports that PNU is planning to import 47,000 voters into Langata. Please please Raila, please look into this, we really want you to win this year’s poll.

  18. Opapa says:

    Why as the obvious? Not a very intelligent prose

  19. Comafu says:

    But what are the PENTAGON members themselves doing and saying? It would be useless for people to drum up support for Raila and then he ends up being locked out of the race due to a silly technicality like “voter inportation”.
    If it is very clear (and I beleive that RAILA and his team have good sources of intelligence) that the Langata seat is under siege, then let him switch to some place lese in Nyanza, where he will still have a sweeping vote and then have some other ODM aspirant replace him in Langata, and hopefully, if the aspirant does not make it, to have him nominated or something like that.
    As a voter, I am very concerend that my presidential vote could go to waste and see PNU (and Kibaki, God forbid) getting into power.
    By the way, I can’t imagine a Kenya under Kibaki for another 5 years.
    The economy has grown (or so it may be) but this growth needs to trickle down to many Kenyans – this arrogance that to get money one must work is silly and hopeless. How come when the cost os goods go up, they never come down even after whatever that had caused the rise in prices passes? Look at petrol, every time crude oil prices go up, the prices shoot up but they do not come down as fast when the international cride oil prices come down – I think this is a benefit that should be passed to the Kenyan consumer!
    This year, we vote for change once again. I look forward to the year 2030, by which time we should be having our 8th if not 9th president. I think the idea is to demystify presidency such that in a couple of years, no one will care much where the president comes from, and it won’t be a position for a select few!


  20. Blak says:

    The games in Langata while not to be taken lightly should be put in the following context. Let those who are trying these tricks beware of the following consequences:

    If Raila loses Langata and wins the Presidency, the rest of the Kenyans who elected him will instal him in State House. It is Kenyans who elect their President and to try and defeat the people’s will through the back door is a dangerous recipe for disaster.

    Raila can be nominated and then we’ll argue in courts the meaning of “elections”.

    We will begin the long overdue constitutional reform as we wait for the 90 days to lapse before a by election.

    The bottom line is: Raila wins the Presidency and (unlikely) loses Langata, Kenyans will instal him as President and let PNU deal with its mess.

  21. Owino says:

    We have to watch out if what has been reported by the Citizen newspaper is true. The paper has clearly indicated that PNU and the president has the only last resort – block our man from retaining the Lang’ata parliamentary seat. My fellow colleagues, I really concur with your pieces of advice that Hon. Raila Odinga shifts his political base to Luo Nyanza as it will be absurd to win the presidency and loose the Lang’ata Parliamentary seat. I’m also bringing to light that Kenyatta was an MP for Gatundu, Moi for Baringo and now Kibaki for Othaya – their home turfs. Hon. Raila shifting to Luo Nyanza does not mean that he is a coward politician but this will see him reach Kenyans’ target. Kenyans have been yearning for change hence We cannot afford to loose the change we have been looking for. We have to watch out to overcome the obstacles

  22. jagero says:

    No need to panic, ODM is in control of their captains consitituency, He will win with a landslide in langata even if he stood against Kibaki or Moi

  23. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  24. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    Raila will win the presidency(FACT),but incase he looses out in Langata,we shall definately know it was agovernment ploy.the solution will be INSTALLATION TO THE THRONE BY THE PEOPLE, IF YOU IMAGINE WHAT WAS IN UKRAINE(ORANGE REVOLUTION) OR INDONESIA(SUHARTO) WAS MASSIVE, THEN YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET(COUNT ME IN)

  25. Daktari says:

    Educate people in Langata not to sell their votes. Have some MPs patrol Langata consistently to educate and plead with voters not to sell their cards. You Should also visit Langata atleast one in a month and tell them what your presidency will mean for their lives. More security, hospital, quality life, good roads, lighting etc. Assign some agents to patrol your constituency day and nights. The movement of Livondo into the constituency should be monitored under radar. Every step he makes while in the constituency should be monitored. Assume, they have already messed up with 5000 votes, try to contain the rest. It is all yours BROTHER!!
    Travel in Langata with over 20 MPs one day to just educate them the importance of Langata. They will know how you value them and has heart for them. Caution them that is against the law to sell your vote. Each person whould be a watchman of the other. MOST importantly, DONT assume that everything is OK in your constituency. The rest of Nyanza is OK, not Langata, hence make visits into Langata.

  26. Caleb Okeyo says:

    The way forward on the polling day;
    1. A silent massage like the one Kinjeketile used during Maji maji struggle should be sent to the people of Kibera and the whole of Langata constituency who have Raila at heart to be more vigilant on the very day.
    2. Be at the polling stations before they open up and make sure you vote within the first two hours.
    3. Let women and children clear up the area and menfork to stay.
    4. Most of the so alleged people to be ferried to the place do not know the area well and so they will come in small groups watch out.
    5. Ukiwaona wao ……….. and it will serve as a clear notice to the others planning the same .
    6. Polling stations must open at 7.00am and close 5.00pm any extension should be resisted.

  27. Lexx says:

    I do agree with all those who support that R.O should shift political base to his home turf then he concentrates on the national campaign not local and those claiming that we need not to worry should think twice pnu i.e mutua katuku have already said that they are ready to lose all the places but win in langata we dont know the extend of the damage they have caused in the voters register when people are being transported to LGT to come and register that should ring a bell politics is dirty and they will do anyting.R.O shift your base and God be with you all

  28. michael oticha says:

    I would like to share with you regarding vote buying and Kibaki – Moi affairs and nominations . Urge all Kibera and langata constituency residents to investigate into this matter of vote buying by Livondo – this should be treated urgent .
    Convene a meeting with all civic and paliamentary aspirants under ODM before and after nominations to avoid fallouts . this will make ODM have a strong candidates to beat Kibaki and Moi .

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  30. Njoroge wa Ndung'u says:

    Hi Guys

    Politics is dirty game. The Mwenjes and Kamandas are doing everything possible to make sure Raila loose the Langata seat.

    You remember what happened to Jimma Mbaru. You cannnot underestimate these two guys. They joined politis as youth wingers, then councillors. ALOT OF EXPERIENCE!

    Raila should swift to Kisumu. But this can only happen if he is a registered voter in Kisumu.

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