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  1. Robby Oguta says:

    Let the nominations be free and fair, no aspirant should use the name of Pentagon members to intimidate the voters neither should the Pentagon members interfere. I’m glad that they leaders have promised not to favor anybody but to let the electorate decide.
    The ODM national Election board should use secret ballot as a way of picking the civic and parliamentary candidates all over the country. However the loser should not defect to other parties but remain steadfast in ODM.
    The nominations should be carried out early enough to enable the candidates start campaigning in time.
    There should be no acts of violence during nominations since this may paint the party supporters as violent and disorderly.

  2. Richard says:

    ODM is the most favourite party in the county. It has attracted thousands of aspirants both in Civic and parlimentary seats. I can only wish the best man or woman to win in the nominations.

    Meanwhile we can exchange message on who to support

    Lets create user groups and send one onother SMSs

    Thank you we move and change Kenya.

  3. George Ogutu says:

    Am surprised by the number of people seeking nomination on ODM ticket.How can we vet this people especially those who have been with Kibaki for so long?Let them defect but they should not be given any favours by the pentagon.

  4. Sue says:

    I was glad to hear that Pentagone leaders will not interfere in ODM nominations. So that Kenyans can get the leaders they want and not blame the Pentagone for favoring leader. I can imagine it will be a tough one given the number of those seeking nomination but I believe the secretariat will manage.

    Wish you and ODM Gods blessings.

  5. tnk says:

    I think ODM pentagon should look into creating some space for Kenyans notably John Githongo who are truly ODM damu by action but unfrotuantely are in exile and cannot hope to be back unless an ODM government is formed. He was truly the first casualty of the Kibaki era for.

  6. OPADO says:


  7. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    ODM is very popular among the majority of Kenyans as shown by the opinion polls and the number of high profile aspirants and supporters identifying with the party. We just pray the aspirations of the masses will not be dashed by the triumphant ODM come 2008 onwards since we believe we shall win and form the next government with Raila as the inspirational servant leader.

    ODM electoral board should carefully srutinise and vet all the aspirants to avoid taking into leadership people with questionable characters who may turn against the wishes of the masses, those who will cheat their way into parliament / civic seats should be not be allowed to get through.

    Our hope is ODM leadership and the changes we look forward to.

  8. McJairo says:

    This is a tricky issue. The most important thing is that the candidates need to be talked to and be in talking terms between themselves. It should be made clear to them that though they are competing, they are not enemies and are all in ODM family. So their respective supporters must accomodate each other. I hope you know the influence suppoters have.

    Secondly let the nominations have no interference from any quater. Let it be by secret ballot. But I have two issues I would request my dear fellow ODM fans to help me address
    – We have those ODM volunteers who are now at secretariat and are the engine behind the Opinion poll and organization we are seeing. Some are sitting MPs who will defend. others are seeking to be elected MPs. Given the number of those seeking ODM nominations it is true they need to campaign in their respective constituencies. Yet secretariat also needs them. Which way?
    – We have cheats sponsored to come in and be used to cause confusion. They will either cry foul no matter how fair the process is or will not just be cooperative in any agreement that the eldres will seek to thrush. They will win the nominations, but may fail to submit the nimination certificate on the nomination day. I had earlier suggested that the office submits the Cerificate on their behalf through some special arrangement or they be given the certificate in the ECK offices on the day of the Nominations. But cheats can withdraw anytime. I need assistance here how do we deal with this issue?
    Please talk to your neighbour and plead with him/her to give that vote to ODM and AGWAMBO. Mail the people in your mailing list with a simple request and plea Like this: AS A FRIEND WHOM I LOVE AND TRUST. I RESPECT AND ADORE. ALLOW ME TO REQUEST YOU FOR A VERY IMPORTANT THING. LET US HELP KENYA, OUR FUTURE BY VOTING ODM AND AGWAMBO!………………. BE BLESSED
    Please be polite even to those who rebuke you. Be persistent to those who reject your request.

  9. JC says:

    After all has been said and done we leave all to Almighty God and pray that we get good leaders and not depend on human to pick for us a leader.
    Nominations as said by a mwananchi should also involve the raia to choose for themselves. Am a PNU voter unless proved otherwise after next general election.

  10. Zedekiah Chitayi says:

    Nominations should be free abd fare. But any defections from other parties to ODM should be treated with maximum wisdom. Let Pentagon to be pentagon and should remain the executive organ untill after elections.That is when we can think of hexagon, octagon or whichever…….Keep away spy’s and other spoilers untill we win…Thanks

  11. eric says:

    I fear infiltration by govt agents to attempt to dethrone our strong candidates.What is ODM election board doing to counter such fears.

  12. Somebody says:

    Advice to ODM:
    Be cautious in the civic and parliamentary nominations. Remember PNU and ODM-K might send their moles to infiltrate the party and front for a weaker candidate.
    The nominations must also be seen as fair to avoid any fallout which may be beneficial to our opponents.
    Be wary of late defections! some are people who do not believe in change and might just come to ODM to secure parliamentary or civic seats then later work with our opponents; as evident in the current parliament.

  13. Ken Onyango - N/Jersey, USA says:

    The verdict is, let the people decide!

  14. james nowor says:

    i want to appeal to you pentagonist we have bestowed tremendous respect to you, i heard that MR.RAILA cannot leave Hon. peter odoyo,current mp for nyakach,that it him who he trust with money matters, i got shoked, because this a man who has misused cdf money and nyakach people will not accept arigged nomination.ple stick to your words no favouratism

  15. Omuto says:

    I’ve said this in another forum, and I repeat it. Let it be fair and hands-off, but let us be vigilant too. The reasons are well known. Infiltration by competitor parties, thus picking a weak candidate. Two, there is something cooking up in Shinyalu, Kakamega. A very promising candidate, an asset to ODM for that matter, is being fought by some ODM officials in that region just because he he has property in Kitale and therefore assumed that he wont be of any help to the locals in Shinyalu. Sadly, this cheap propaganda is being marketed by the incumbent MP who is a New Ford_K aspirant, and the ODM officials (not all) are buying it so whole-heartedly. I assure you guys, if the people’s choice is not elected here in Shinyalu, then ODM should forget of votes here, for whoever is being fronted for by the few so called elite and some ODM officials (this is an open wound, guys. No propaganda here) is the incumbent’s favourite, for he is weak and cant deliver for ODM, according to his (incumbent MP) agents. This could not be the only case, Im sure. There could be others in elsewhere. So please ladies and gentlemen, lets watch out!

  16. Chepkwony(Kericho) says:

    ODM is people’s party, let the people decide whom they want without interference from above. All ODM DAMUs should come forward during nomination to ensure that the real popular candidate wins. I fear for infiltration whereby the PNU sympathizers front for a poor candidate in the ODM nomination with the intention of defeating them during election proper. Beware of moles from PNU, they can do anything to sabotage our victory. Anybody defecting now must tell us where they were, what they were doing and why they stayed for so long in the opposing camp.

  17. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    its true democracy should prevail but there are some key leaders iwould exempt from nominations as the pentagon,eg Magara,Margret Wanjiru,olentimama,Nyong’o.otherwise we should be wary of infilitrators from pnu who will vote for unpopular candidates so that they can poach the loosers who are disatisfied.LAKINI MUNGU ASHA AMUA,REMEMBER ORANGE IS THE COLOUR OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND 07 IS THE YEAR OF THE LOAD……………………………………………………… ODM TOSHA

  18. Felix Aduol says:

    Well the nominations will go on well so far. My main fear is Langata interference by the government. I sincerely feel it is a risk for our presidential candidate and i hope something will be done to avert court deciding the next president of Kenya. For sure ODM as a party is going to win.

  19. Ambrose says:

    How are the nominations going to work, with the constant PNU attacks I would not be supprised if the had their supporters rally behind some unpopular ODM aspirants especially in towns. This could create a crisis for us

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