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  1. Robby Oguta says:

    The dissolution of parliament is long overdue. Kibaki is buying time hoping that ODM will close its doors on Monday 15th and therefore those fellows who want to ditch his PNU for ODM may be time barred.
    The country is already in the mood for elections and the parliament should be dissolved immediately to enable the E.C.K set the election date.
    Once parliament is dissolved, Raila and the Pentagon should start a serious issue based campaign and ignore the insults and propaganda from the opponents. An ideal scenario would be where in each rally each member of the pentagon addresses specific issues like their blueprint on education, health, infrastructure, poverty eradication, security and so on. The ODM secretariat should also produce booklets and post the blueprint on the party’s website.
    ODM should also have documentaries and live debates both in TV and radio to pass the message to all Kenyans on what they intend to do and how it will be done.
    The nomination process should be carried out fairly and soberly so that the electorates are given chance to decide based on the capability of the leaders. Once nomination is complete, the losers and winners should join hands and work together as a team. Effort should be made to ensure that people come out in large numbers to vote, this can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.

  2. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:


  3. ojil says:

    The issues of nominations makes me anxious, not as an aspirant but as a supporter. ODM can easily lose the goodwill of the people if it is perceived that candidates are being imposed by the Pentagon/ODM headquarters. Free and fair nominations will make ODM resonate further with the grass root and elicit a feeling of “ownership” of ODM. As Raila said recently (in reference to the registration saga), ODM is among the people, it is not on a piece of paper held by someone. Let this remain the case at nominations.

    Further, not to contradict the point above, opponents will have employ all the dirty tricks on the book. ODM must thoroughly screen the candidates.

  4. Otsiaso says:

    My biggest hang up about Agwambo for the longest time was the impositions of sycophants, cronies and relatives on the electorate. This must NOT happen again!
    What is needed is free and fair nominations and elections without the interference of the Pentagon, regardless of who is going down in flames at the polls. ODM has a gilded chance to show the country that it can accomplish that. It also means NO screening – that is democracy, which we are being told is in the offing.

  5. cogil says:

    We are happy with the transpiring leadership towards change, Having just heard that in meru the people are asking – when is Raila coming, please be as before a man of the people and go around the grassroots, everyone wants that change that you are going to offer, however small. This is because the change was promised before but changed to the worse. Like the produce was sold for 28/= at the nyayo era and now they are paid 8/= they call it backward change. Their votes are ready and reserved for Raila with lots of hope.

  6. LINUS EGESA. says:

    Raila odinga remains the best candidate to harness the potential of kenyans in developing these country equaly.
    kenya as a country has a lot of resources which require a sober and a visionary leader who sees beyond the tribal prism,in this case raila happens to be the kenyans bet.
    Those tribal chauvinists have tried to paint Hon.Raila in a negative perspective but as young men we have tried to potray what Raila stands for.We believe in his resolve to equitably distribute resouces that are in the hands of a few,those who have no interest of other kenyans at heart.
    I personally have hope in your leadership because to me you have always been the best president kenyans have never had.

  7. tnk says:

    RAila and the pentatgon members are committed to a just governement and am pretty sure they will not impose any candidate, after all, come January any able leader not making it for nominations can be incorporated into regional governance. As always be wary of losers who will cry foul even if they are unable to garner adequate support, I mean look at Kalonzo, who despite numbers being provided again and again is still in denial. So lets all be sober and understand that even popular candidates may lose marginally during the nominations but the bigger picture is an ODM win for Kenya and every Kenyan will get his rightful place in society to contribute and prosper. THis would be in contrast to the current government where if you are not in the inner circle you can forget it, even the VP Awori is begging for space to be heard. I really pity the PNU defenders from other regions, i.e Noah Wekesa, Kombo, Kilimo etc who are in it on principle coz when the curtain comes down, reagardless of the polls outcome they will be sidelined, period. Only a few hard core survivors will be able to muscle their way into that circle (Kirwa, Nyachae, Biwwott etc)

  8. Baijo M.Lorowu says:

    After parliament dissolves, get as many high profile people as possible. However, do not interfere in the nominations process. Let the voters decide the kind of grass roots leadership they want. ODM should stand by the real change mantra and let democracy carry the day. At the end of it, winning the general elections now and in years to come will be an easy task when you you the people’s confidence that you respect their decisions.

    ODM needs a clear mandate and majority in parliament and in the civic seats to push through all the constitutional reforms and make all systems of running a government functional. In future, we shall not care who becomes the president as long as the system are working and everyone feels part and parcel of the government and proud to be a Kenyan

  9. Ngari Gichuki says:

    Dear Hon Raila,

    Please come to Central and Eastern Kenya. Many people have been influenced by media misconceptions to think that you have single digit support particularly in Central, it is totally wrong.

    The fact is that you are greatly valued there as well, you influenced us to vote for Kibaki in 2002, we are now seeking your guidance to come again and tell us the way forward, bring your firm agenda and we will vote you in. Ignore the deterrent noises from our politicians, you know very well their noises do not represent our opinions or idea of true leadership.

    Look at the demographics in Central, we have many young people who thirst for change. Vibrant people who are equally disparaged by the current government full of retirees and with no tangible agenda for the youth. We are equally greatly let us down by a government that has failed to groom us into leadership positions but have instead re-cycled our Grandpa’s to rule us again . We have exposed and knowlegeable people with firm values that transcend beyond the tribal agenda being preached by politicians, these are the people to seek as change agents in Central.

    We need vision is Central not being cast aside as the “lost” province like being done. We also have a soul and have great love for our brothers and sisters in the other provinces, we have grown up with them, inter-married and share our daily joys and aspirations with them. We also appreciate true and balanced leadership, we want Kenya to grow in a wholesome way (economically and politically) and to be top on the governance scores world wide.

    Hon Raila, Welcome to Central.. lets get the myth about Luo and Kikuyu factor reversed, the myth existed within the 1900 – 1930’s age group. This is the generation is want out of Kenyan politics, we do not want divisive politics and policies.. Hon Raila, they say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer come and speak to the old and the new.. Ours is a new generation.. A generation of change and diversity..

    All the best success and blessings.


  10. JC says:

    No comment. All is at hand now. Take a case of the butterfly in your hand its only the person holding it who knows whether its dead or alive. Raila knows whether ODM nominations are dead or alive. PNU is doing agood job still. We look forward for a continued support from everyone till the end of time.
    One people, one country.

  11. Ambia says:

    I am so exicited about the Raila campaign, for the first time am going to vote because I believe that this time we have a leader who can bring real change. In 2002 Kenya had a revolution without a revolutionary. I opted not to cast my vote because I did not see what change Kibaki would bring having benefited from all political regimes in the past. I am just asking Raila not to dissappoint Kenyans once he gets the power he should first and foremost reduce the presidential powers and ensure there are proper and functional checks and balances. The executive should not be superior to other arms of goverment. With good governance Kenya will realise true growth that would be felt by all citizens.

  12. Eric B says:


    Now that the polls put ODM and its Presidential candidate Raila in the lead the challenge is to stick there. As they say staying at the top is always the difficult part. Let us face it, Majimbo if not well explained to Kenyans will alienate them from ODM. We need to explain to them in clear terms what we mean by Majimbo and how it will benefit them. The notion that certain communities will be expelled from certain areas should be dispensed with.

    In addition we now need to tell Kenyan what we have in store for them when we are in government. Serious issues should come to the fore e.g. what will be done to improve the infrastructure, social nets for HIV/AIDs infected people and those disadvantaged communities, what is in store for Upper Eastern and North Eastern communities (livestock markets, better infrastructure – Isiolo to Moyale Road, Garissa to Wajir Road etc) and we need to put a realistic timeframe to these so that people can hold us accountable. Talking about accountability ODM needs to state to the people clearly that they can hold them accountable and that if they do not like what they see after five years then they will decide if ODM continues.

    Lastly Raila needs balance his presidential campaign (so far so good) with some emphasis on teamwork within ODM which will provide internal checks and balances. I feel that the Pentagon is not being seen as much as it should be.

    Keep up the good work ODM. You still have my vote.

  13. Eric B says:

    One more thing. Tribalism is goin to be a factor in this election. All ODM candidates should distance themselves from this in all ways. However distancing oneself also means denouncing tribalism and ethnic hatred whenever you are given the opportunity. ODM we know is not a tribal party. Our opponents would however like to paint us in that picture. I for one am not a Luo but I will vote for Raila. We need to endear ourselves to others. Let us not forget that.


    When President Kibaki exudes confidence of winning another 5 year term as President of the Republic of Kenya during the forthcoming 2007 elections, one wonders where he is getting that false confidence when all indicators on the ground suggest that the Othaya MP and first wife and Lady Lucy, are in their last few weeks as tenants of Kenya’s State House. The following is an excerpt of the legal eviction notice “served” on the president and his subjects;

    The People of The Republic of Kenya hereinafter referred to as “The Landlords” HEREBY NOTIFY Emilio and Lucy Kibaki hereinafter referred to as “The Tenants”, that your tenancy of the following premises, to wit: The property at L.R No……….. along State House Road, Nairobi, hereinafter referred to as “State House”, together with all buildings, sheds, closets, out-buildings, garages and other structures used in connection with said premises, will terminate on 31st December, 2007 following the general elections, and you are now hereby required to surrender possession of said premises to the undersigned or Orange Democratic Movement hereinafter referred to as “The New Tenants” on that day.

    Dated; this 18th day of October, 2007.

    I reliably learned before going to press, that the President has all intentions to contest this notice by any means necessary. This attitude, coupled by statements attributed to the previous tenant of the same property ex-president Moi to the effect that “the New Tenants” should be prepared to face harsh realities within the next two weeks because “Watakutana na maisha ya ukweli” (they will face real life), leaves a lot to be desired. If I was the new tenants, I would go back to the drawing board and scrutinize under the microscope the leasehold articles that could be tampered with by the incumbent to extend his stay.
    Although I speak from a distant land, my soul and spirit are right at Langata where I grew up and from where I went to the University of Nairobi and got an opportunity to learn and understand the workings of the treacherous Professor of Politics, Daniel now top advisor to “The Tenants”. Consequently, my advice is not as far fetched as distanced as I may be. Suffice it to say, I have all the confidence that “The New Tenants” know every inch of what I am alluding to. However, it is common knowledge that it is human to err and overlook even the most obvious of simple things and especially under circumstances such as the current excitement associated with the desire for change that Kenyans have yearned for forty plus years.

    My intelligence alerts me that Emilio’s confidence is not without reason and that it emanates from a plan he and his inner circle have hatched and are about to unleash on the Landlords and their new Tenants in the next few weeks. The script reads as follows;
    • As ODM goes into its own nominations, some fall-outs are expected to take place. These will be overplayed by all media in the hands of Emilio’s group.
    •Steadman Polls by design start showing some rise in Kibaki’s popularity with the explanation that PNU has embarked on serious campaigns and that the fall out after ODM nominations is hurting Raila/ODM.
    •Bi-weekly Steadman polls show a close race almost too close to call
    •Provincial Administration continues to campaign for Kibaki/PNU using government resources.
    •ECK completely overhauled, with Kibaki’s men at the helm starts preparation for an election “almost too close to call”, and the announcement of eventual winner.
    •In the meantime huge sums of money (tax-payers and stolen) are exchanging hands.
    •The Landlords, The New Tenants and foreign diplomats as witness, hold press conference to announce a rigging plot by The Tenants and The Landlords eviction intention should The Tenant refuse to vacate.
    •Election Day………………………………….

    Now this is the scenario I request my brothers in the Pentagon to prepare for. As for the Landlords, prepare for the eviction of this tenant come 31st December, 2007. They have not paid their dues for five years and have continued to engage in activities not in the Landlords’ interest and not contained in the lease agreement he swore on Oath to up-hold before his occupation of State House. Moreover, The Tenant now proposes to use funds he has ill-gotten from the same premises to service his arrears.

  15. the parl is already dissolved Kibaki is only scared he is not sure that he as already lose the sit,another thing is that he knows that his cabinet will leave him with only Mt Kenya cabinet.
    ODM let us do serious campaign with a sober mined,since we are already in state house.Keep off cheap campaign

  16. Once parliament is dissolved, the die will be cast and there will be major defections from PNU! The pentagon members need not do more than receiving these bunch of defectors…give balanced attention to all aspirants…anything skewed will mean Raila and his team are favouring some candidates…let the pentqagon worry about the national vote and not individual constituency wars.

    Even then, efforts have to be made that Raila has to specifically vist all the 210 constituencies including othaya! There are alot of loose votes that he can bring on board just by appearance and charismatic presence…Agwambo usilale….utalalia mbele!!!

    Raila’s handers also need to check the consistency of the message he carries…let all other people appear contradictory but not him at all costs…he is the face of ODM…he should tower above petty semantic confusions like majimbo and federalism…he should only come in after the leg work is done and a position is needed…he in turn offers the needed clarification.

    Bungoma is a wonderful hunting ground: Kimilili is a constituency for grabs! Visit Kwanza, Saboti…so many aspirants wairing to defect officially…kanduyi can also form a good battle ground because it is cosmopolitan and has educated voters….invade this area and destabilise PNU!

  17. After the dissolution of parliament, the ODM Pentagon needs to come up with a well researched and packaged sectoral data and message for the electorate…create a scenario by painting what the scenario was, what kibaki promised, what there is and what ODM will deliver…this has to be undertaken skillfully….carry over the voters with you…fact, fact, fact….nothing less…..this will help romp in on educated voters.

    As for the village vote, get the constituency teams simplify the economic growth issues and such complicated matters for this lot….let this package be simple, concise but loaded with meaning.

  18. KORIR says:

    I am happy that parliament has finally been dissolved. Personally i think its long over due. I wish the ODM fraternity all the best especially for the up hill task ahead of them. we are with you all the way. You can count on my Vote.

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