THE 3rd AND FINAL LIBERATION-your comments


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  1. Hon. Raila A. Odinga,
    Out of those hurling insults at you and shouting at the top of their voices, none of them has ever lived in isolation the way you did for over eight years, for the sake of deliberating Kenyans from oppression.
    No current politician has ever been put in a room full of cold water for even one minute, the way you were put for several days. Save for a few guys you struggled with to bring democracy in Kenya.
    Some times I read with alot sorrow, to a near cry, the way officers from then Special Branch used to harass you and the entire family for petty suspicions.
    The way they used to ransack your rooms at Jerusalem, the day they brought mzee Jaramogi Odinga to Siaya law courts in pajyama suit, how they disturbed your family’s peace, make me angry when I hear some poeple claim that you are not fit for presidency. SHAME ON THEM!
    Kenyans voted overwhelming in 2002, not because Hon. Kibaki was best, but because they had liked you and you were part of that team.
    You cooperated with mzee Moi to help him counter the then opposition threat, he made you a minister and KANU secretary general, why is it now that he is seeing you as a dangerous man? SHAME ON HIM?
    Alot of poeple you helped get elected to parliament are now your fiercest critics. SHAME ON THEM.

    HON. RAILA ODINGA AMOLO, AS MUCH AS POEPLE COMPARE YOU TO NELSON R. M. MANDELA, YOU ARE A MAN ON HIS OWN. You soldier on, GOD is on your side and when you get there: Remember those who treated well when in detention, if still alive, thank them.


    Dennis Ondeng Awuor
    Umoja – Embakasi – Nairobi


    A liberator,comparable to none, a man who means what he says and says what he means.A Martin Luther of Africa only that in your case you fighting the reign of terror of a black master who is more worse than the white tyranny.
    Whith all my mind and soul i strongly beleive that you have what it takes to be the president of our loving country.Wish you well in all you endevours and victory is ours to take.Long live Kenya.

  3. africanasafaris says:

    Raila will win this years election with a landslide.

  4. Concerned Citizen. says:

    Given the mad rush by opportunists, it is imperative, given your obvious and rather apparent victory to ensure that a solid constitution is in place to check non-performers, eliminate discontent while demstrating a true and no-hands-barred tolerance for corruption. It is important to ensure that ODM remains a prgressive party and your party frameworks as it the ANC of South Africa ought to be non-partisan. How you archieve this is mindboggling and yet if and when you do, you legacy will be garanteed.

    Many Countries are increasingly becoming intollerant of Foreigners in the midst. Should Kenyan’s in the diaspora find this true, where do they run too? Secure our Country, for us, for posterity.

  5. C. Audi says:

    The hope that Kenyans want

    The hate campaign is hegemony of people with no direction and living in denial to further their microcosm of ego in a balancing their act and clinging to what they believe in. Truth frees, Kenyans never asked for what they were subjected to the last 4 years including social slavery that borders hopelessness by the bourgeoisie which they did not bargain for. We renegotiated and took a journey that would transform all Kenyans with equity at the base.

    After 2002 Kenyans had hope, yearned for a new era and ushered new beginning where they were to live happy and modest sustainable and thriving lives. Of importance was transparency and trust that they bestowed on the agents of change which was washed off with megalomaniac tendencies by reckless leaders raping the economy with impunity; anglo leasing, Mungiki menace but name a few.

    Social engineering experts see communities as interconnected web of social dynamics which constantly change and increase in complexity. The current regime failed to recognise the impact of trends of what the past offers the present. It failed to appreciate new capacities for transformation, in communities there were tendencies to try to improve existing ways to accommodate others in the space, whilst it is a common knowledge that one group occupied the space with complacency crushing others in the process; the end result is what is happening now all ganging against an assumed common enemy. It is therefore important to be aware that incremental change and the old ways of doing things no longer work as was seen during Moi days, Kenyans are crying for: –
    a. Space, to express themselves to be heard
    b. Level playing ground in the democratic process
    c. Detribalising of the volatile scenario created by retrogressive leaders
    d. Robust infrastructure open to all
    e. Affordable and competitive market economy to stimulate growth through informal sector, social enterprise and private sector
    f. Collaboration between private, public, voluntary sector and civil sector to empower and mobilise social economy towards structured entrepreneurial skills and vocational trades matched with local demands
    g. Devolution of industries from urban economy into rural economy to stimulate market economy and agricultural growth
    h. Interventions in primary health care for young, poor rich, old, women and children
    i. Interventions at early ages for young people to manage curb poverty at early ages redirected to responsible citizenship
    j. Affordable and competitive health as proposed by madam Ngilu

    Therefore, until we see the need for change, no true change can occur because of the struggle and commitment that is necessary. Unless the environment allows people to be open to new ideas, there is no safe haven for thinking differently. Finally, until local communities begin to see value in talking about ideas, there will be resistance to real change people surrounding the president perfected in this through maintaining the status quo.
    There is no longer a a fixed and rigid standardized rule or pattern of dynamic, changing connections, it requires a change in our human consciousness where the value for humanity is paramount.

    Transformational change reflects a change in the very essence of the institution, concept, method or technique, Kibaki regime failed to focus on building a core group of community in the spirit that kicked Moi out. The mantra was provided but the opportunity was thrown out through selfish and their self-seeking approach. The potential for our communities with the current situation as in the current euphoria, ODM in particular is to evolve an overall framework of innovation through community led and centred approach to manage their destiny.

    Kenyans have led by example, though I should not count the eggs before they hatch but leadership in general will move from top-down direction, prediction, and control of outcomes, into the minis cure scales of facilitating and motivating diverse people in methods of adapting to changing circumstances.

    In the infamous media bill the enemy was the people not press which a manifestation of gagging of the press but the was a shift in context of information into new levels of political dispensation where people had a right to question what they were denied to adapt the new environment for their learning. In summary they became adept at adaptation where the idea of ‘mindset’ is discarded and replaced with the concept of ’mindflex’. They became comfortable with rethinking, reorganizing, and redesigning.

    Raila understands the changes in this context brought about by the transformation of change to bring vitality in a dynamic society. It encompasses openness to new ideas of any kind; case in point is the blog that Raila is leading in. Agents of change are able to filter those that do not resonate with an understanding of a new reality. The dangers with constantly changing society are the need for certainty, which ODM is providing Kenyans with.

    All the other communities with destiny will glue together to fight a common enemy; this brings them to consensus in order to inculcate tolerance, unity and inclusively for a common purpose. Monopoly of ideas, imprisonment of hope went away with awareness level in Kenya and sense of belonging amongst Kenyan community.

    In conclusion, collaboration as shown by the pentagon brings diverse people and ideas to combine in different ways to evolve into a systematic integration of core competencies in order to combine desperate ideas into continuous innovation

  6. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    The best time is always the third time.

  7. Ken Onyango - N/Jersey, USA says:

    Soldier on Raila.
    For that is what you are
    Your long CV/Resume of struggles stands out
    Your selfless convictions for a just Kenya
    Is unbowgable!
    Soldier on Raila

    Never relent, not even for a minute, due to polls
    But double and triple the efforts
    For the ultimate price
    Victory for the masses is best
    Announced “Landslide Victory!!”
    Soldier on Raila
    Soldier on ODM
    Soldier on Wanjiku.


  8. Robby Oguta says:

    The time to say goodbye to corruption, tribalism, poverty, illiteracy and insecurity is now! Kenya is in dire need for a third a final liberation and all men and women of goodwill must stand up to be counted during this noble and historic struggle. Everybody will agree with me that the current president has never been a believer in championing the course of common Kenyan citizens. He killed the Narc dream.
    Raila fits the description of a real liberator. The third liberation of our country is a reality and those nay sayers will soon realize that Kenya is not for the few rich but for all of us.
    All reformist must therefore come together under ODM and kick these people out of government. We need committed leaders, not people after their on stomachs as currently evident in this thing called GNU….or is it PNU!?# PANU#!?….whatever it is.
    ODM should however be wary of the anti-reform group that is crossing over to spy. They will come in droves after the dissolution of parliament…since they’re still eating. Such individuals cannot be trusted and they have to be treated with caution.
    The Kibaki group have realized that the time to handover Kenya to its real owners – the people of Kenya – is now! They are running scared and spreading rumors, fear and ruthless manipulatory propaganda with an aim of painting ODM as a tribal and untrustworthy party. This trick will not succeed since Kenyans are not gullible to continue gambling with their lives under the watch of mamluki.
    The PNU guys are moving around abusing ODM leaders and casting aspersions on their characters. They make statements that impugn the integrity of the ODM leaders. But all they are doing is to create controversies in order to cushion their fall.
    To Raila, Remember Nelson Mandela was once branded a terrorist – but he liberated South Africa. Remain steadfast. Kenyans are behind you in this struggle.

  9. mutinda adam says:

    Bravo Agwambo take it easy i can see your suffering was not in vain.It will bring the UHURU back Kenyans lost.As an important observation kindly take note of:-(1)Justice needs radical changes such that convictions should be arrived at after exhaustive investigations are done.Not just to secure a conviction,reason as to why many people are in while innocent.You are such a victim.Many too are I included.A case in point is the KAF ’82 cases.Justice is still not in sight and many more others. The truth and reconcilliation you talked of i believe will come in handy to sort past mess and usher a new begining,hence a new front with the past sorted out and a promising future.(2)On the issue of Majimbo,i feel there is danger here.Why not devolve power gradually.Believe me few Kenyans understand this VERY VERY good idea that can end exploitation.Many understand majimbo as chasing others away courtesy of past/present leadership exploits,hence first can you work on a model revolving around constituency funding to entrench distribution of resources under CDFs present configuration to ensure the wanainchi get a feel of the taxes they pay and thereafter move to a better form of Majimbo.I have a lot of confidence this model of CDF is representing a financial devolution of a high order needing to be embraced and advanced.All what is yearned for is development and that is possible by use of such a model which is effective.Consider it.(3)All citizens need to be treated eqally.The learned,the poor,the rich etc create a hierachy that can fit all.Let not a graduate from say university displace a sweeper.By doing so there occurs a displacement that may cause anarchy.Jobs should be created at all levels in the hierachy.Lastly on liberation what does Hon.Raila say ON distribution of personal wealth.Do you think the money some Kenyans own is their sweat?How will you normalise this if no?Liberation is a monster if not handled well because some people in Kenya seem more equal than others since justice here is all about money.At the moment it seems AGWAMBO is the only crusader for the downtroden, live up to the expectation of Kenyans.You need all our support but also you need the almighty God Jehova on your side,otherwise you will not provide for all of us but he will shower rain to all of us both good and bad.Thank you God bless.

  10. tnk says:

    I think the word that should hit the ground is Nyayo or fuata Nyayo

    We were badly mismanaged by Moi for 24 years because alikuwa aki “fuata Nyayo”

    And now the “fuata nyayo” clan has embeded itself in PNU

    on the other hand

    ODM is the pace setter and is strategizin gon how to deliver a just and good governance to Kenyans in partnership with the the mwananchi.

    And ODM-K is lurking in the shadows, waki fuata nyayo tuu (copying, duplicating and imitating all strategies) and then moronically adding 1. everything is an absolute copy and then pretending to “add more value”

    Its important as ODM launches more campaigns that they do not soften the “enemy” only for the final blow to be delivered by the opportunist. Where possible leave no room for turning back, appeal to the electorate and reason with them that they need to be firmly behind ODM and not be swayed by the fuata nyayoists (original) in PNU and the johnny come latelys in ODM-K.

    Any great thinker knows that the real challenge is in formulating and creating or charting paths to new and greater horizons, but any fool can immitate, dismiss and destroy even the best designed building. THe ODM-K and PNu bandwagons are demonstrating their ability to copy and destroy whereas ODM can only be classified as the pace setters. Go Agwambo, go Pentagon, Go the wonderful people of Kenya, lets vote ODM, chungwa moja maisha bora.

    Tuwache hii chungwa moja na a ‘alf

  11. Maru Kapkatet says:

    The third and final liberation, as Raila puts it, should not only dismantle once and for all the “big man” rule in Kenya but also dismantle the tribe-driven and tgribe-benefitting mode of governance in Kenya.

    It is a shame that Mr. Kibaki has instituted two sets of civil service regulations where civil servants from one part of the country are allowed to serve beyond 55 years of age while those from other parts of the country are retired without fail at 55 years of age.

    It is like telling Kenyans that if a civil servant comes from outside a certain region, he or she becomes completely useless when they reach 55 years of age while those coming from the Mt. Kenya region are in a long-haul prime well past 55 years of age. It is an insult to the rest of Kenyans. If the retirement age for civil servants is 55 years, it has to be 55 years for all Kenyans.

    There are many Kenyans today who support Mr. Kibaki not because he is a good leader (which he has not been after abandoning his duties to be taken over by the Michukis and Wambuis of Kenya) but because he is their tribesman.

    The third and final liberation should free Kenyans from this see-saw type of governance where Kenyans from a certain tribe swing to the top of the world and are treated like royalty and with kid gloves when they err when the president comes from their tribe.

    The tribe of the president of Kenya should be transparent and immaterial to every Kenyan looking for governemt service. How many Kenyans today under the current regime have supply or service contracts with the government?

    I have no doubt that Mr. Kibaki is a good man as an individual but he is a very weak leader. He seeks to be elected and once elected absconds from his duties leaving those around him to unleash all forms of terror and discrimination against Kenyans who are not from their tribe.

    If Mr. Kibaki, in his early and mid seventies has proven to be weak leader, how will Kibaki in his late seventies and probably eraly eighties lead Kenyans. If Kibaki was to be elected for another five years, Kenyans who are not from Kibaki’s tribe may as well forget that they are in their own country.

    The third liberation must ensure that Kenyans will never again face discrimination and persecution from elected and masquerading leaders simply because they are not from the ruling tribe.

  12. tom isaacs says:

    Raila amollo congratutions first for your nomination as odm flag bearer. two kenyans want a change for the better and you are the person with original ideas and i respect you for that! now having said that i urge you to come up with real policy issues about your government and its relation to international community something that is lacking in all other aspirants. we as kenyans vowed to support you in your efforts to take the highest office in the land. we are so much concern about the problems facing the country ‘try and see that the farmers of this country get subsidy in prices of fertilisers encourage themto produce enough food for the hungry so that our brothers in the semi arid regions dont be beggars or depend on food donations. think of putting policies in place for the government to sink well using the available means such as our engineering platoon of the miltary since we are not at war.

  13. Dr. J. Were Onundu says:

    Dear Hon. Raila
    Congratulations albeit late ( I had no email from you earlier) for the nomination, contribution to the nations liberation as a whole. I am very much interested in the debate on “majimbo” and constitutional making I have abundant experience in the subject, here is my first:

    Both ODM and ODM-Kenya have proposed to the people of Kenya a federal system of governance should they get elected. Kibaki´s side has rejected it. Federal system of governance is a political order, the final authority is divided between sub-units and the centre. The idea of federalism is not new to Kenya. Historically, Kenya should have emerged a strong, cohesive country with a good federal system of governance. This was cut short apparently for sake of personal aggrandisement and overdriven with selfish gluttony by our elites in the apex political establishment. The system which we already had in the original constitution was hurriedly scrapped and then became demonised in the name of “Majimbo”. In fact the word majimbo was so negated to suit the personal interest of these individuals whose main aim was to loot the economy of Kenya. They created a slogan full of emptiness: National Unity.
    The first republic led by Jomo Kenyatta became so quixotic about this slogan that they moved the nation to accept only his rule. It was used to strengthen this system lopsidedly for the agenda of a click domination and this is still haunting our nation. The unitary system bred corruption in social, political and economic sector to the detriment of the majority as well.

    Now, is federal system the panacea to the malaise bogging the today Kenya? The answer is a clear NO with a big BUT.
    Federal system or majimbo in Kiswahili in terms governance is the most successful particularly in a multi-ethnic setup like we have. There are very few successful unitary systems and even then they embrace some kind of devolution and they are monarch’s examples being UK, Norway and Sweden. These are also fairly homogenous entities with parliamentary systems and with either Queen or King as their head of state.

    The human nature is very complicated and for this reasons we have rules, constitutions and laws to deter the excesses of the same human nature. There are no angels on earth. Kenya as a nation of 42 or so ethnic groups must embrace a system that care for all ethnic groups. This can only be found as for now in federalism. Unitary system has failed in Kenya terribly and we keep on pretending to protect the interest of a few greedy fellows.
    Kenya will no doubt be better with a federal system and we should simply emulate the successful ones like Canada, USA, Germany, S. Africa, and India. Many newly emerging countries after turmoil, are embracing federalism because there is no better alternative to cement fairness. The system aids fair distribution of the resources and aid the quickest economic growth. Foster peace and increase the opportunities in public decision making. Unitary system in Kenya has failed and perpetuates poverty because the constitution is skewed and is tilted towards an individual who left to distribute the resources of a nation at will and cannot be checked!
    On earth once more gentlemen we have no angels. Period.

    John Were Onundu
    Weigl Str. 15a

    80636 Munich, Germany email:

    xperience ón the subject:

  14. OPADO says:

    ODM-Raila -Pentagon is a colective responsebity with thousands of answers to
    a problem that needs people with kenya at heart to understand.It will be a government with colorfull idears to all raped kenya dreams A-Z.

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