20 Responses to “THE THUNDER” UHURU PARK RALLY-6th October 2007

  1. Date: October 4, 2007.

    Attention: The Honorable Mr. Raila Odinga, Nairobi, Kenya.

    Nairobi, Kenya-Thursday, October 4, 2007.

    Dear Sir:

    You inspire me, to aspire! To me, you are-and still remain, one of `The Most Influential Persons` in my life.

    Raila, This is your shining moment! Rise up to the occasion! Hold high the banner! Keep the Flag Flying-Sky High! Keep the Flame Alive! Keep The Faith!


    God Loves You-And So, Do I!

    Thank You.

    With Deep Respects

    And Positive Thoughts Of You-And Your Life,

    P.O. BOX 2008,

  2. Peter Oula says:

    PLease pass this to the PENTAGON

    We as ODM should bring out facts on this day to show that this government has been for a priviledged few. This is what I

    wish to see and hear of this day.

    1. The Githongo tape on Kiraitu and Mwiraria played so that Kenyans hear for themselves the kind of leadership we have

    been having.

    2. It should be made clear that the justice system has failed. Examples Uchumi , Euro bank and Francis Thuo collapse.

    Arthur Saga, the building that collapsed at Ronald Ngala killing many people and the Feotues discovered on Mombasa Road.

    No one has been punished for this.

    3. Government buying land from Njenga Karume without open tendering. Tax waiver for Njeru Ndwiga ” the infamous nemekula

    mbuzi ya nani” while other kenyans are paying taxes.

    4. The failure of KACC to deliver its mandate while Ringera is the highest paid goverment employee at 2.5million per


    5. The high amounts of money the government has been paying private laywers who were partners with goverment ministers.

    6. The Eala Saga.

    7. The list of Governemnet employees that was published by Mutua conveniently left out certain names. Give examples.

    8. Why did the government frustrate Githongo and briefly transfered him. Karua said he was not an investigator to report

    on Anglo leasing. Can ordinary citizens step forward to report any scandals.

    9. The poor roads all over the country and the traffic jams.

    10. Goverment has been unable to arrest corruption in the police force which has caused the common man to suffer unlike

    when Narc took over.

    11. Michuki matatu rules have collapsed while the goverment has been unable to revive the Railway Transport.

    12. Keriri said he was the one who advised the president to ignore the M.O.U. Some of these guys were nowhere when

    Kenyans were fighting for liberation just to wait in the wings and create a kitchen cabinent.

    13. Even after securing an appointment with the president at Safari Park to discuss the NARC issues, this was scuttled

    by the same group.

    13. Serious lack planning in all urban centers.

    14. Kibaki promised to do away with the culture of roadside declaration but this is exactly what he is doing.

    We should talk about issues that people see and feel and what we shall do about them. Housing, education, insecurity,

    infrastructure, agriculture and provide examples. eg poor roads in Eastlands. Whether we like it or not MP salaries

    issue has left a bad taste. ODM should pledge to peg MP salaries to the GDP or even reduce it.

    Finally, with due respect to our pentagon leaders let us not make commitents that will be difficult to deliver.

    Especially giving ourselves unrealistic timeframes. We should also all read from the same script. Come 2012 some of the

    undelivered promises will be used against us.
    used against us.

  3. Ken says:

    Hung on. And bring Kenyans to be equal regardless where they come from hope you will not look onto us alone us Luos but you willkeep Kenyans together whether in Mandera or border to border. Give KENYANS AND DIFFERENT CHANGE

  4. kipkemei says:

    Raila is the best president Kenya can have in this generation. Let’s give him the chance. Better the angel you know not than the devil you do, uh!

  5. Janam Ndong says:

    Go! ODM Go! Go for IT now!
    Kenyans of all ages are out to show the whole Africa that we can change the way things are done and throw out a government that is driven by inertia and tribalism.
    ODM wave for change is a reality everywhere in Kenya and those doubting it should be in for a shock of a lifetime.
    We will make it brothers, lets come out as true patriots and prove it to this club of “few rich old thieves” that we are the real “owners” of this country. I believe we shall together confine this lot to an abyss of political oblivion.
    What we see now is a group of Zombies shouting “Meandeleo” while some morons are following them saying “Kazi iendereeee”. In real sense there is no Maendeleo neither are there jobs for our Youth – who are the majority of our population!
    ODM brings that life we all yearn for.

  6. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    That is PNU
    1. People not understanding
    2. Party of no unity
    3. Paying not used
    4. Progress not used
    5. Pokonya na Unone
    5. Phoney, Naive, Unfit.

  7. ahmed shabir says:

    I have just come from Uhuru Park where I joined tens of thousands of Kenyans at the launch the ODM election campaign.
    Amongst the guests was Minister for Health, Charity Ngilu who has just been sacked by the government. Mrs Ngilu higly of Raila Odinga saying, “Raila Odinga is the second Mandela of Africa”. “He has fought for equality.”
    Many came by foot, wearing paper hats or T-shirts bearing Odinga’s portrait or chanting songs in praise of the veteran politician, now seeking to become what he called the “People’s President.”
    Today we are seeing off and burying a government of discrimination and oppression,” elder Pekesha Ndeje of the coastal Giriama tribe, one of the few tribes that still heed to traditional power structures, told the crowd.
    Second Liberation hero, James Orengo had this this to say, “Raila is a leader who says what he means and means what he says. Kenya needs a true reformer and there is no better reformer that him”.
    “Odinga understands the pains of Kenyans, he wants true reforms like me … but we know whoever we put in the top offices did not want change,” said Ngilu, herself a one-time presidential aspirant.
    Musalia Mudavadi, running mate of opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga, announced the shooting of three party supporters in a western district and called for calm, urging the throng of supporters not to not retaliate.
    “Sixty percent of Nairobi residents live in informal settlements not because they like it but because of government mismanagement which offers them no choice. We want to improve the economic power of the people. We want a social movement”, said Raila Odinga.

  8. J.M. OLELA says:

    Way back in 2002 we thought that we had got the best thing since sliced bread,no sooner had the tears of joy for the change we had yearned for dried,the head of the hydra we had slayed sprouted and has spread its tentacles even deeper.
    Surely if since 1963 we have been promised better life,roads,water etc by people who inherited power from the colonial regime upto now 2007?
    The time has come to consign the system which has a criminal lack of fresh ideas and lost touch with reallity to the sad dustbin of history we should never forget.
    Kenyan and proud,and thats why am voting ORANGE,there is a saying “GUNIA TUPU HALIWEZI KUSIMAMA” so come on come out all and vote,if we all sweep our doorsteps,the whole world will be clean,it starts with you.ALUTA CONTINUA!!

  9. I am only coming to kenya to cast my vote to none else other than Hon. Raila. I do agree with him, and his vision for our beloved country, Kenya.

    Raila, you are what we need to get what we’ve been denied for a long time. Also, thanks for all you have done for Kenya – none has suffered than you’ve – all because you wanted to give Kenyans a good life.

    Thank you,

    Mwangi Kimani

  10. Phil says:

    As a Kenyan who attended this historic event, I have to congratulate the ODM secretariat and the pentagon for organising such a successful event. I am still marveling at the images of the event and the crowds.

    However, this was no inauguration rally for Raila. It is just the beginning. I am looking forward to a campaign programme being released in good time so that I may have enough room to plan to attend them. I think there must always be a programme released early so that we can follow the activities of the party.

    My quick observations are that:

    – Too many irrelevant speakers were allowed to talk, resulting to fatigue from among the crowd. Although the pentagon arrived at the rally early afternoon, there are some people who spent the night at Uhuru Park and some arrived as early as 6am. So it is quite unfair to have these people sit in the sun, only for the main speakers to arrive at 3pm. I can tell you for a fact, a couple of thousands walked away to seek a meal, transport and comfortable sitting before William Ruto could read the all-important ODM memorandum.

    – The sound system was low, and those sitting at the far end on top of the hill had to rely on transistor radios and mobile phones to listen to a live broadcast on FM stations. Please improve on this.

    – What would it cost the party to print several rims of the ODM memorandum? This document should have been printed in glossy paper and distributed at the rally. I for one think I will frame mine and hang in on the wall of my living room.

    – How come the same memo, is an abridged version of the party’s manifesto, has not been posted on this web log or Raila’s website? This, in my opinion, is critical and it is the document the masses will rely on to persuade undecided voters and market the party. Everyone at the rally was full of praise of William Ruto, on the mistaken belief that he was the brainchild of this memorandum. Few people realised it was an ODM document read on behalf of the party by Hon Ruto. Please post the full version of that memo on this web log so we may debate it and possibly so we can e-mail it to other Kenyans and friends of the party within and without.

    – Next time the ODM has a major rally, please begin and end the function with the national anthem. At Uhuru Park, there was no national anthem at the end of the function. Sound system was poor. Therefore, Choir Master, Hon Otieno Kajwang should have been left to lead the chorus so mwananchi can sing and feel the patriotism within ODM.

    Those are my humble observations for now.

  11. john mainah says:

    Am grand that competition is rising amongst the presidential candidates in Kenya. Kenyans should not be fooled by the many promises the politicians are giving us. How many times have we been promised good infrastructures, electricity, and so forth.
    Just take your time as Kenyans to fight for the right candidate, i don mean with fists but with with your votes.
    More over, peace is the essentill aspect of our choosing a suitable leader.
    Kenyans,I urge you by the view of God’s mercies consider peace when choosing your leader.

  12. I wish to thank all the ODM fraternity (Leaders& Supporters). for demonstrating utmost political maturity during Raila’s presidential campaign Launch.

    We are the trendsetters. We taught them:
    i. How to create coalitions
    ii. How to launch presidential visions
    iii. How to carry out Nominations they are still struck with accalamation
    iv. How to launch presidential campaigns but they are wont learn
    And thanks so much to everyone that made this day a great success. Together we will deliver Kenya. Have you ever noticed Kibaki says “My Gov’t” while Raila always “Our gov’t”. Get the personal and communial (inclusive) context from the two and tell me where you belong.

    God bless Raila and the people of Kenya.

  13. Phillipo Ondako Maina says:

    Olela wakenya wamekusikia.
    the launch was spectacular.cheers ODM secretariet,nyinyi ni wakali.

  14. tnk says:

    I absolutely concur with Peter Oula. The list is endless. But above all, let it be clear that PNU is trying to brainwash and mis-inform our brothers/sisters in Central that this is a Kikuyu affair. It is not, remember the saying ” if you find yourself in a situation where all the traffic is coming your way (read opposed by everyone else) then you are heading in the wrong direction”. I believe there are people in Central who cannot really voice their true feeling for fear of being victimised but I do hope that they will be brave enough to come out and vote fro true and meaningful change so that every Kenyan can be better served and not just a few rich fellows. It is not right to put back the Pattnis, Biwotts, Gideon Mois and others. The reason they are siding with Kibaki is because he is their only hope of survival, an ODM govt will investigate corruption and make those guilty pay for it.

  15. KEN KAHIGA says:

    we are with you because
    you stand for/in what you believe in

  16. Jack Owiti says:

    It was a great pleasure sharing the podium with you at Panari hotel during the launch of this website, then again at Uhuru park. I was overwhelemed as I interpreted your speeches to the thousands of Deaf Kenyans. It was indeed a mile stone for the Deaf Kenyans to have a simultanous interpretation of your vision for Kenya.

    You have mentioned including the people with disabilities in your agenda for change. We embrace this change and would like to articulate the key priorities in this area and forge forard giving the disability movemnt in Kenya a strong voice and improving their live!

    ODM – Maisha Bora!

  17. just curious to know what RAILA is going to do for kenyans abroadß

  18. lexx says:

    Raila you’ve said Tosha for a long time now you have to tosha yourself it’s your time now to save kenya where certain people think they are mini gods.Kenya is for Kenyan not them
    God be with you all the way

  19. joanes otieno says:

    I am asking the pentagon team to visit turkana , kaloleni constituency in coast,Likoni,and keiyo south. Raila should revisit N.EASTERN.

  20. TURNCOAT says:

    Dear Raila,

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