Its time to change guard and get beyond the myopia of an individuals tribe


20 Responses to Its time to change guard and get beyond the myopia of an individuals tribe

  1. Growing up as a Kikuyu, it was difficult to ignore the ugly face of tribalism. It was not uncommon to hear that Kikuyus do this and luos do that and Lughyas do that. However, when I attended school at Lenana, I was no longer a kikuyu but a “changerian” proud to be from Lenana School. Tribe to many of our classmates meant nothing. Just an ignorant facet of the older generation we thought. We all got along and the differences we had, were ideological and not tribal. As a reside in the United States, I look at it in contempt if anyone asks me what tribe I am from because it flat out does not matter, I am a Kenyan. That is the way the majority of my fellow Kenyans in the Diaspora perceive it. We are all Kenyans and defined by our character and individual achievements not tribe.

    Kenyans voted for Mwai Kibaki on December 27th 2002, not as a Kikuyu but as a symbol of institutional change. Kibaki as a candidate made promises not only to Kenyans but his fellow colleagues that he failed to deliver. The grave failures of Kibaki as a president are well documented and stem from his inept inability to tackle corruption to his alliance with individuals in his Cabinet that have been linked to various financial crimes against the Republic.

    Kibaki’s failures are endless, failure to implement constitutional reforms, failure in tackling tribalism within Government, failure in dealing with Violent crime that has held Kenyans hostage. Inability to effectually deal with Mungiki, a terror organization that has grown exponentially in the Kibaki regime. In office, President Kibaki has allowed the blatant attack on independent media. In what was termed as unprecedented in Kenyan History, Authorities raided the offices of ‘The Standard’, arrested three journalists, damaged and confiscated equipment, burned newspapers and shut down a broadcasting station, Kenya Television Network (KTN). Attack on journalists have included the arrest of senior Kenya Times editor Onyango Omollo and writer David Ochami in September of 2005.

    Ladies and Gentlemen I could go on but the list remains endless. This is not a kikuyu issue! This is a Kenyan issue. Accountability has to be in place wether the individual is a kikuyu, a luo or a pokot. Its time to change guard and get beyond the myopia of an individuals tribe. Lets get our country back and fire kibaki

    joseph karoki

  2. phillip ondako maina says:


  3. muchindo says:

    There are really only two tribes in Kenya: the HAVES on the one hand, and the HAVE NOTS on the other. The common mwananchi is hoodwinked by the negative tribalist and consertive forces, who by default really belong to the HAVES tribe, to think that those not belonging to their own ethinic group is the enemy. While all the time the majority of Kenyans belongs one “big tribe” – tribe of the HAVE NOTS. The challenge is to make the HAVE NOTS to wake up, to the view ethinicity positively, and I hope that the ODM will meet this challenge.

    When the cost of living rises, does it take your ethinicity into consideration?
    Are there particular petrol prices for Kikuyus, others for Luos, Kambas, Luhyas, Dorobos, etc? My dear Kenyans, please wake up and recognize the real enemy!

    Kenyans, wake up!

  4. james Raila says:

    THIS THING TRIBALISM, no one not even the tribalists are at home with tribalism! they know not that they are tribalists and most probably confuse tribalism for greed which in their opinion is rather normal and acceptable, yes who are they? no one really embraces tribalism openly since it is both an embarassing and ashaming practice born out of fear, for the time being let me rest by saying tribalism only has a place among cowards! Raila has never been a coward, is no coward and will never be a coward.

  5. Abok says:

    Tribalism is a monster deeply engraved in the minds of many Kenyans now. If the current government continues in place, tribalism will form a rut in Kenyans minds. However, there is hope to eradicate the vice and this will not come easy because those who benefit from it are ready to protect it to the bitter end. All CHANGE minded people must therefore rise up and protect Kenya from the perpetrators of Tribalism. Bring reason and persuation to many and come 2008, let all of us enjoy a Kenya free of tribalism.

  6. J.M. OLELA says:

    Growing up in NAIROBI i was brought up and schooled with various people or tribes if i could use that description,and what i came to learn is that the sun shines on all of us,the rain falls on all of us,and if an accident happens all of us happen,what am i saying? am trying to put across a point that deep down we as Kenyan’s should prove to ourselves that tribe is just but a glue which should be holding us together as one nation and we should not allow the old guard to sow seeds of division amongst us to me am a Kenyan first, and voting for real change all people were created equal, NO To destructive TRIBALISM.

  7. Robby Oguta says:

    Let the truth be told, ODM is a party with national outlook and at no time will it be a tribal party.
    Tribalism is real in this thing called PNU (or is it PANU) – just look at their strategy of forming small tribal parties in every part of the country and appointing their tribal chiefs to positions of “party leader” then coming out to form an amorphous “campaign team” and telling Kenyans “kazi iendelee”. Kenyans are not gullible and will not allow the “Pora Na Uende” party to continue with their dirty politics and stealing of resources in disguise of “maendeleo”.
    This government has promoted tribalism to a level that if we are not carefull then in the next few years we might be forced to change our national language from Kiswahili to another “regional” language.
    We need one cohesive nation; and that we can only achieve through ODM.
    So let’s come out people and vote out this government in large numbers.

  8. I would like to compare our nation to a nucleus family. Just like in a family of a father, mother and children. No parent uses the weaknesses of one child to antagonise him/her against another. Parents have always recognised the strengths and weaknesse of their offsprings yet they have never used these weaknesses to their own personal advantage. Parents have brought up their children in peace, love, unity and harmony. The different tribes that make up Kenya are the children in one family. The leaders of the day are the parents. The only difference here is that these leaders have used the tribes tribally for their own personal gains. Tribalis has never been a bother to me. Carrying with a litany of cromosomes from my geneology, Suba, Kuria, luo, Maasai, and Kisii being the dominant one at the moment; my wife comes from Murang’a and her geneology could be long too. Our son could be carrying enough chromosomes. Surely should we talk about any tribe in my family, it one called Kenya!
    Have a tribal free week!

  9. tnk says:


    you nailed it.

    The failures, stealing and corruption are based on individual ineptness of the authority in charge and like Raila and a few other outstanding leaders have said before, individuals steal and plunder and feast on their own but when confronted they then claim their communities are being targetted. Regretably a few communities still cannot discern this great lie. Kenyans should rise above these rhetoric and see (no matter how difficult) beyond these shallow minded politicians and their smoke-screens. And I also urge bloggers not to generalise and wholesale condemn communities for the lack of direction of a few.

  10. OPADO says:

    Dr R, Kalonzo is your best friend. You need one another! Send him sms!But
    even if Stephen refused to respond remember him in your kingdom don’t go
    greedy like The mungiki regimes! Thomas remeined jesus follower unto death!Kamba are the fathers of jesus christ! Raila Amolo Odinga is popular
    than jesus christ in kenya*Its the happiness of the generation and the generation to come for the peoples president is committed to his responsibilities A à Z.All tribes shall share the Orange,the looters shall cry,the
    kenyans dreams shall be real,kenyans shall stand their own rights, the calprits
    shall stand a case to answer.There shall be no fear or favour to looters, black
    works at coastal hotel shall come to un end, slavery in kenya shall come to un
    end for the first times.Both men &wemen shall earn from their own labour!
    Exploition for hotel workers at the coast by ASC& Dictator moi-Uhuru- kenyatta are but A snow of yesterday when MAKOMBO YA SIASA MBAYA
    is ruling supported by mungiki regime& mt kenya mafia;.

  11. Ramadhan Indiya says:

    Some of the reasons that led to the recent down fall of the former ruling party, SLPP in the polls in Sierra Leone (Maybe ODM can borrow leaf from the experience, God bless ODM and let’s have a meaningful change in our Country) 

    1. The youth crisis – this was not adequately addresed by the SLPP and in fact they never saw it as
    important. The elections in 2002 were about peace but in 2007 it was about the fight against corruption,service provision and adressing the youth factor and SLPP failed woefully to address all of them. And remember, over 60% of the population is under 25 yrs of age and they have no recollection of the APC misrule lilke you and I do.

    2. The SLPP fielded candidates, both presidentail and vice presidential candidates, that were very unpopular within the ranks of the party and nationwide. Both were more of liabilities than assets and they were chosen and forced down the throats of the party faithfuls and the nation as a whole by Tejan Kabbah and Gadafi. Their personalities could not attract votes.

    3. There are more registered voters in the Western Area and the North than in other regions of the
    country and the SLPP was most unpopular in the Western Area. Their unpopularity in the Western Area was largely because of their dismal failure to provide basic services especially water supply and
    electricity. Additionally, the governement deliberately sabotaged the fight against corruption,
    especially the VP when he was atorney general; few scandals like the Okera Adams of fisheries, Drugs
    store burnt down by civil servants to destroy evidence of corruption and the government did nothing, massive corruption within the national aids secretariat – this was so bad the World bank had to threaten withdrawal of funding before the president asked the head, Sidi Alighanli to resign. He was not prosecueted and the Koidu Holdings scandal – Kono was mortgageed by the
    Kabbah government to provide him arms and amunitions to bring him back to power, so the mining is not benefiting the people and many many more.

    Most importantly, the Audit general’s reports, twice in a role, into the activities of the goverment were never published. The reports were so damaging that the government refused to endorse and publish it much to the annoyance of the donor community.

    4. Active civilc society and free press – All of this was happening at a time when we have a freer press and a more active civil society that were informing the masses about the activities of the government.

    5. The Hinga Norman factor: The man is seen as a hero my many S/Leoneans, especially in the south east and his supporters blamed the SLPP for his death; so many supported the PMDC of charles margai instead of the SLPP. So while the north and the Western Area were united for the APC, the South East was split between the SLPP and the PMDC. And the final straw was when Margai asked all his supporters to vote for the APC in the run off.

    6. Before the 2007 elections, there were signs which should have served as a wake up call to the SLPP, but the SLPP felt so comfortable in power that they never took any of them seriously. SLPP lost the local elections in Freetown in 2004, this was a sign that they were loosing support and needed to take action, instead they were joking about it saying that Freetown is not Sierra Leone. This was a mistake because if you are a governement and you loose in the capital city, that is an indictment in itself as the city is where the elite, more educated and politically conscious
    people reside hence the city serves as barometer for the political temperature nationwide. Freetown has the largest number of registered voters and in a democracy it is votes that count. The very vibrant music scene after the war was also a signal that something was wrong and action needed to be taken……all the calls of the musicians fell on deaf ears – the bobor beles, corruption corruption and two foot aratas were signs enough to warrant action.

    7. The SLPP also never saw the PMDC as any formidable challenge to their stronghold in the South East. Up to the very end they were mocking the PMDC saying it is a pikin party and while the PMDC and APC were busy campaining and winning hearts and minds, the SLPP just relaxed in Freetown confident in themselves that they were going to win. In an interview on the eve of the elections, Berewa in a BBC said he was going to win massively – a clear sign that the man had lost touch
    with the counrty he was trying to rule. The SLPP truely underestimated the APC, the PMDC and how
    unpopular they were.

    8. The SLPP leadership was not politically astute and their lack of understanding of the changing political landscape was also responsible for thier failure. Up to the very end, they were not convienced that they were unpopular and that APC and PMDC were formidable forces which meant that they should have done more in terms of getting thier acts together. Small things like a robust campaign and fixing NPA and Guma Valley in Freetown would have made a huge differences to the
    fortunes of SLPP. Few days before the elections there was almost 24 hours ectricity supply in F/town – a bad sign for the SLPP. It meant to the voters that 24 hours power supply in F/town is achievable but the SPLL never saw it as something important and proving it few days before elections was an insult to the voters who are now more politically aware.

    9. SLPP was also let down woefully by the Northerners who were within the top ranks of the party namely Tejan Kabba, Kadi Sesay, Alpha Wurie, Sani Sesay, Dr Fofana, Bobson Sesay. Momodu Koroma etc etc. These people did nothing to campaign in the North in order to split the APC votes there. In the end APC carried all the votes in the North. I am told Kabba only started campainging in the North for the SLPP after they lost in the first rounds, it was already too late – voters had made up their minds and they could already see victory within their grasps. And sadly enough, the people who let the party down are they ones who benefited from it the most.

    10. Poor public relations – while the APC had a radio station dedicated to campaigning and a well crafted campaign strategy, the SLPP had none and yet they were the rulling party in power. While the APC had a well educated and eloquent Alpha Kanu as spokes person for the APC, the SLPP had victor Reider, a half baked man of questionalbe character who could hardly express himself properly let alone sell the paty. Campaign Slogans: The APC campaign slogan was positive change and the SLPP’s was continuity. Frankly, everyone in the country including even the SLPP supporters would agree that no one wanted to continue with the Tejan Kabbah style of leadership in the country. Small as this may sound, but it did a lot of damage to the SLPP. I am no fan of the APC, neither the SLPP – they are all one and the same people. for example, JB Dauda and Filllie Faboe, Sanie Sesay and Abas Bundu who are now senior members of te SLPP were all one time members of the APC and the ekutay cabal. However, there is hope, hope is in the free press, the youth and the active civil society who will vote out any government who does not deliver and they have just sent a clear message to the SLPP. the free press and civil society will continue to publisize the ills of any government either SLPP or the APC. There maybe hope also for Kono, the VP is a kono man, and the
    first lady also a kono- so maybe more attention will be paid to kono this time round. Finally, this is also a victory for SL and Africa – a peaceful change of government from a rullling party to
    the oposition, a rarity in Africa and a sure sign that
    peace and demoracy is slowly taking roots in S/Leone.

  12. tnk says:

    at this point in time when raila is leading opinion polls, there is a tenseness associated with fear of slipping back. PNU is hoping and will magnify and blow out of proportion any slip or mistake, real or imagined that the Pentagon or Raila will make and by extension all ODM supporters either looking for leadership positions or just being good foot-soldiers.

    Case in point is the interview to be aired by Kiss 100 FM and the comments by hawker association official.

    Lets be real and not pretend to have the silver bullet or solution to every problem and adopt the ODM vision which is that we have a lot of good solutions but on others we may need diverse input but all in all we will consult adequately to implement reforms as needed and provide just governance.

  13. harrisons oneito says:

    Hon Raila Odinga has proved to be a man enough,we seen that no matter what it takes he’s fighting hard to ensure that all Kenyans comes together in the name of equitable division of resources,poverty eradication,provide standard education,people to be employed on merit and above all to have a government of people by people,also we would wish His Excellency to address publicly the improvement of sports especially football,we are 100% sure this will attract more votes from the youths who loves this game.GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA

  14. Nyadenge says:

    Ithink the irony of tribalism is that it is quite often the perpetrators who accuse others. Even though i grew up not thinking of tribes in a negative way, i have to admit that i have in the past been a victim of tribalistic discrimination. Without pointing fingers i think that Kenyans in general and central people in particular must evaluate their views about other tribes. And to think that the rest of Kenya is tribal just because they support the ‘unelectable’ is absurd to say the least. Isnt that not the epitome of tribalism?Didnt Kenyans vote a kikUYU in 2002?
    The media should not underestimate their role in keeping peace and encouraging tolerance. Writing hateful stuff against the suppossed enemy only encourages intolerance. Those who visit message boards like Mashada now understand how hateful people from Central can be. The question is,do they realize how much damage they do their cause? Do they realize that all right thinking Kenyans are now more scared of them than the supposed ‘dangerous man’? The threat in some quartes that it is either them or a civil war is something that should worry all right thinking Kenyans.ODM should do everything to show that Kenya belongs to 42 tribes.

  15. Ngari G says:

    I fully agree with the blog administrator. I also come from Central (Nyeri to be specific) and I am an ardent supporter of Hon Raila. My firm belief it that Hon Raila represents true change.

    In my opinion Hon Raila’s challenges begun in his child hood, he closely observed his beloved father’s (May the Lord grant him peace) footsteps and experienced his political itrigues in his formative years.

    I believe this along with the KANU era political experience has given Hon Raila a firm foundation of deeply entrenched values, beliefs and expectations that he cannot sacrifice for self gain. Hon Raila is also a results oriented person who will naturally push agenda to conclusion, it will be interesting to see his vibrant cabinet perform next year.

    What I know is that the fire will keep burning in Hon Raila until the day he gets a chance to serve and get the status quo corrected for the benefit of the common Kenyan. He has suffered for Kenyans not Nyanza alone.
    Lets be real and rational fellow Kenyans, Let us not start segmenting people from which province in Kenya they come from like observed in some posts on this forum. This stereotype behaviour is best left to the old generation who preach tribal superiority,hatred and add no value to our lives nor do they have a vision for this country.

    Let us firmly say we have found the true leader to steer Kenya into the dream country we want and strive to shed light to (convince) those who see it differently before the election .


  16. Philip Yogo says:

    Please don’t offer the old generation defectors a chance in your goverment they are going to put you in the same spot as Kibaki is in now.
    Remember you owe the luhya voters a chance in 2012.will you be able to sell your running mate then?
    we look forward to supporting your government

    Yours Truly

  17. Tony Njoroge says:

    Kenyans from where i come from keep talking about maendeleo ,and changes that have occured in the past five years ,lakini i insist we need a new ceo just like jose murinho was fired at a time when the club was at its peak,with various cups to glorify all this but the thing is Abramovich the investor/employer wants 100% not 60%,so kibaki aende nyumbani Agwambo aendelee…

  18. owuor says:

    What we need in Kenya and in developing countries as a whole,is to define who we are and where do we really want go,every five years or so we end up back to square one mired with unfulfilled promises and a disillusioned populace as a result of an imported concept of democracy that does not relate to the reality on the ground this being bourgeoisie democracy whereby the electorate vote but their condition does not improve.No wonder all our ‘elected representative’ tend to be rich men who do not reflect the reality of majority of the population who more than often are of limited resources and education and by education i not only refer to formal education but exposure to different societies and systems of government that have come and gone.Lack of this is what leads to rulers using divisive means be it racism in the West,tribalism in Africa,caste system in Asia

  19. james Raila says:


    yes they need their place but they should respect those who have walked with Raila this far! a walk that is built on sacrifice but should those who have been walking this far with Raila be elbowed out or feel sidelined let them take that as essentials to the walk Raila hismself has gone through that again and again,but there is still hope in the sense that Raila himself is not looking for any rewards so i say keep on the struggle within and without.

  20. dennis k says:

    karoki as a fellow youth (and changeririan incidentally) i agree with you and your sentiments are mine as well. however we must also acknowledge the fact that tribalism in kenya is an issue that cannot simply be wished away.thankfuly it rears its ugly head less with each generation. we as the youth have our work cut out for us to ensure that the generation that will come after us inherits a country united it the knowledge that we are, regardless of where one comes from, kenyan. tribes mean absolutelynothing at the end of the day. that having been said, what we need now is a leader who is aware of the ‘tribe cancer’ that is eating away at our society as a whole and is ready to fight it head on. im not suggesting that he works a miracle but rather point the general population in the right direction.. we as the youth will take it from there when our time comes and further the cause. that man is raila odinga.

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