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  1. The government of Kenya has always been profit at the ignorant Kenya majority. Both regimes ensured that the “nomadic” or rather the indigenous people of Kenya are kept away to be objectified by the tourist worl as objects for the sake of solid foreign income. Yester year, Kenya earned about 600 million dollars through toursm. Of all theindividual toursit who visited Kenya, 99% of the saw, photographed and in one way or another enjoyed the presence of the “Maasaiwarrior” as part of the big ones in Kenya- The big five and the Maasaiwarrior =the big six!
    I wonder how the ODM government going to approach thisissue when they reign power because the Maasai people among many other marginalized tourist department objects are now standing to protect themselves and the generation to come against any further exploitation by our own government. We are agoing to study the constitution of Kenya and use it against any expoliter. Furthermore, the indigenous people of Kenya wants to know why we are treated as second class citizens in Kenya!
    We must be respect in order for us to give respect back. We are demanding that all presidential candidates the issues of this marginalized societies together with the issues of first class citizens and end systematic discrimination to it’s own people. Before, that, while we are waiting to vote, if you want votes from the marginalized indigenous people, talk to us as if you are addressing each and every individual in the society of Kenya.

  2. Mark says:

    If Hon Kibaki is not ready to sit with ODM and he thinks he is too busy .Hon Raila is also to busy to meet Kalonzo . Kalonzo is not the voice for Kibaki then ODM should simply do the same by appointing a commitee led by Hon Ngilu,magret wanjiru or/and seven others to meet and dialogue with Kalonzo committee.What can Kalonzo solve without Kibaki’s own mandate and willingness to bring peace and justice.It is a waste of time for pentagon to meet Kalonzo but rather ODM to appoint another commitee and just have fun with musyoka

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