Arrangements are in top gear, report from orange house indicates that the plan is on course for the grand rally to launch our presidential candidate this saturday.It will be a day for peace and reflection as we start the grand march to state house. Be there for this historic occasion



  1. The event will start at exactly 9 in the morning stay here for more updates

  2. Phil says:

    Blog Admin,

    If you guys want to host a successful event, and thereafter a sustained presidential campaign then ODM ought to have already started mass distribution of party/Raila merchandise. Last time I checked Raila’s official website, it was promising merchandise will come later. How overdue this is!

    My take is that the ODM should have by now already opened shops in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, etc to sell caps, t-shirts, etc. The shops should be in CBD not in Kilimani where the party headquarter is. What is going on? We only see the pentagon wearing these nice shirts but what about us voters?

    Another issue, since ODM is the first serious party to have been launched in recent days, how does the common mwananchi on the street register himself as a member of the party? Does this mwananchi have to come and camp at Orange House? Or be known to party officials. Please make it ieasy for the voter to register as am member of ODM by opening constituency membership recruitment desks.

    Too much NEC meetings and press conferences only achieves one aim. Media coverage.

    I am looking forward to a response.

  3. Leon says:

    How do i register to be a member of ODM

  4. The marginalized societies votes counts as well. How is ODM going to fetch their votes for example, votes from Mukogodo Distric in Laikipia ?

  5. Duncan says:

    Dear maasai warrior.My question to you is,what are you doing to ensure that ODM fetches those votes in Mukogodo district in laikipia?What are you doing to make it known to the people of Mukogodo in Laikipia that the future is orange and they should vote so come election time.I guess the statement is “Ask not what ODM can do for Mukogodo district but what Mukogodo district in Laikipia can do for ODM”.

    As you heard the captain say once,his team may not have the resources to be everywhere at once.They however will be relying on the people to marshall themselves into a formidable force.I make the assumption that you are an ODM follower and urge you as an agent of change to make things happen in Mukogodo.
    Life is change.You must want it for yourself and for the Laikipia people.In my view this is the spirit behind the movement.This spirit is in you and me and the rest of the people in the far flung areas of this country.
    It is the same reason why people will come out in large numbers in support of this cause,come Saturday.
    Let us take this challenge not in the pursuit of glory but in the pursuit of life’s fundamentals for the poorest of the poor to the most marginalised in our communities.Food for thought perhaps.

  6. Janam Ndong says:

    Please people let’s talk nicely and convince everybody to vote ODM in this election. Let’s not wait for the Pentagon to do all the campaign. In your work places, bars, streets, residential houses and everywhere we go, we should try and “seduce” more votes for ODM.
    All true agents of change should not hide but come out of their cocoons and spread the news of a brighter, vibrant Kenya under ODM leadership.
    The launch of ODM campaigns is just but the signal of greater battle ahead, let us keep our eyes focused on the real issues that affect Kenyans in their day-to-day lives. ODM will indeed ensure that “today” is worth living and “tomorrow” is worth awaiting for.
    It is my sincere hope and prayer that all ODMers will keep peace during this crucial time, for a society cannot progress without peace. I know our opponents will indeed look for any opportunity to trash and even provoke ODM, but then remember “a cockrel feels great on its dung-hill” so just let them shout loud over nothing.
    The ODM warriors of light are all ready for the challenges ahead, we must keep the faith – for nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

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