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  1. Dennis says:

    Is that or I think you missed a letter which will mean no emails will reach.

  2. Dr. Rage says:

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    I’m a Kyuk in everything but one– how I see other Kenyans, unlike my brethren, I believe all Kenyans, no matter how rich or poor, no matter their culture or beliefs, are equal and we must always look for the best among us and award merit. I don’t subscribe to the idea that someone should just be written off because he comes from a certain group. It’s such discriminatory ideologies that advised our colonial masters and led them to wreck havoc on our lands and deal with us like slaves.

    But there is one thing my kikuyu people understand, you have to fight for everything. The weakest will always be defeated. The truth is Kikuyus fear Luos and their actions toward Luos have always been instructed with this inherent fear. To keep Luos at bay, Kikuyus have perfected the art of demonizing them and creating an image in the mind of other ethnic groups that Luos are not worthy of any kind of respect. For more than forty years they have succeeded but it’s fast coming to an end thanks to the Odingas.

    The art of demonizing Luos has mostly been applied on the Luhyias who have been taught to shun their close neighbors the Luos. You see, Kyuks understand that if Luos and Luhyias unite, they would form an unstoppable political force that no GEMA machinery can stop. So to ensure this unity doesn’t happen, they have always sown the seed of suspicion by playing the circumcision card. Telling Luhyias they’re better than Luos, yet inferior to them. You’d expect then that Luhyias fare well in kyuk ranks but as history would testify the truth is quite the opposite. Kyuks say they’ll rather have anybody but people from Western Kenya lead.

    Just to digress a little, Moi’s leadership was a major fluke that caught Kyuks off-guard. If people like Mbiu Koinange would have guessed that Kenyatta was about to die, I can tell you right now Moi would not have lived to walk around in State House for 24 years. There were times when Kyuks would ask Kenyatta why he kept Moi as his VP, and Kenyatta would chastise them saying you don’t show a cow the knife if you want to slaughter it.

    Were it not for Njonjo, Moi would not have lasted that long. They gave him three months but within those three months, Moi, a master strategist way underrated by the Kyuks around Kenyatta formed a crew of hardcore loyalists led by the then powerful AG Charles Njonjo. He also earned the goodwill of the Kenyatta family, which slowed down some of his detractors who included G.G. Kariuki, Mwai Kibaki, Kihiki Kimani among others.

    The circumcision card played against Raila and Luos in general has been effective among the older generation but it has faded significantly among younger people who see themselves as one. That’s why Raila is the favorite candidate amog young people who think it’s time for the old generation to pass leadership to younger Kenyans with a dotcom mindset.

    The time has, however, come when most Luhyias are beginning to realize that Kyuks will never stand with them. The relationship between Kyuks and Luhyias has been Kyuks play the power role and Luhyia follow. You see that when Kombo is campaigning for Kibaki. There’s just this thing that he’s an outsider looking in. It’s also evident with the manner that Kibaki ignored the effort put by Dr. Noah Wekesa in getting him a party to run on. Kibaki even sidelined Wekesa after the party was formed. And the guy still goes back. I suspect the reason Kibaki didn’t embrace NARC-Kenya is he didn’t trust Tuju’s, Mukhisa’s and Wekesa’s leadership. Please note how Kyuks stayed in the background in NARC-Kenya, they let Tuju, Mukhisa and Wekesa do all the talking. It seems now that the closest person to Kibaki is actually Uhuru–he naturally belongs and there’s nothing Kombo, Tuju or Wekesa can do to fit like Uhuru. I can tell you right now that Kibaki is not a member of PANUA or PNU, he’s a member of the most dominant party in the amorphous coalition. Kibaki is a member of KANU, PANUA is just a front.

    Contrast that with ODM.

    If a person from Mars landed in the ODM launch and saw the Pentagon and he was asked to identify the leader in ODM, it probably would take a while before zeroing on Raila. The Pentagon has forged such a close relationship with each other because none of them hold prejudices over the other person. It’s a union of purpose and of equals and one of them just happens to be the leader, not because he’s superior in ethnicity, education and wealth but because he’s the more popular among popular people. It is a union that promises easy growth and continuity. We must note the ease with which Raila named Musalia Mudavadi his running mate, such ease can never be seen when the Kibaki type of Kyuks are involved. To them, such positions are bargaining chips to be used as carrots or sticks. There’s a lot of underground calls from Kyuks calling for Kibaki to get rid of Awori and offer the position to Kirwa. There’s no reported movement from Kibaki on that front, but word is the idea has been given favorable consideration by insiders like Njenga Karume.

    This year is different.

    Luhyias are beginning to realize that their similarities with Luos are greater than with any other group and together they can dominate the Kenyan political landscape. The trend has sent shivers down the spines of many Kyuk divide-and-conquer strategists and they are now targeting the architect, Raila Odinga.

    Take it from me guys, I’m a Kikuyu, born and raised, the campaign against Raila will be vicious, unfair and dangerous. If there is one man who Kyuks are scared of it’s this guy called Raila. They’ll throw everything at him, if they could, they’d accuse him of causing the Rwanda genocide. They say he doesn’t have a vision or policy for Kenya despite the thousands of conferences he has held in the national media and speeches he has given on the subject. They adamantly argue that he called Kyuks adui, yet all their actions toward him are actions of people you should declare a vicious aduis. Anything Raila tries to appease them will be twisted and made sour, stupid or ridiculous. What we’re seeing here on mashada with people like Mogi posting ridiculous stuff is just the beginning. By the time these guys are done with Raila, his privacy will be shot, his family will be violated in the most disrespectful of ways, his dignity will have been stripped from him and his supporters will feel like shiet.

    The Kibaki friendly media, like the Nation will do everything it can to give Kibaki an advantage and dish Raila and ODM a total blackout. It’s already happening. If you check the Nation’s video site, you’ll find Kibaki’s PANUA launch fiasco of a speech but none of Raila’s and ODM. On the day of ODM launch, The Nation gave priority to Kibaki’s Nakuru tour where he met less than 20,000 people and ignored the ODM rally, which attracted more than 400,000 people who converged in their backyard. As a media person myself, the ODM rally was the leading story of the day and Kibaki’s death, God Forbid, is probably the only story that would have topped that.

    So what do you do to counter these dirty tricks? Well, what do you think? This is a pig fight so you have to get down and respond in kind. Reasoning with a pig can never work, you have to beat the pig into submission and that’s what must be done here. Raila’s supporters must be ready to play dirtier. You must be ready to throw worse stuff at the opponent. You must respond to every attack with equal or worse magnitude. if they attack Raila’s credibility attack kibaki’s, his wifes’ children and even pets if he has any. Don’t play nice. Nice is considered weak in the Kyuk culture.

    Politics is dirty and it’s a contact sport, so please go out there and dish it. We’ll reconcile after the elections.

  3. Jonathan Soki says:

    Dr. Rage……i need say….i admire your passion and am proud to share in it.

    ODM supporters….the support isn’t enough…..VOTE

  4. tnk says:

    I had not read Dr Rages input till now. Very solid indeed. We need to break away from these misconceptions. They are the typical divide and rule tactics previously used by colonialists and it appears some older generation Kyuks inherited these traits without questioning why and went on ahead to pass them on. Kalonzo was caught up in it many breakfasts ago, when asked to clarify why Raila could not lead he fumbled for words. Ha. Luckily society evolves rapidly and sheds irrelevancies with every younger generation.

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