Buying of Voters cards by PNU Agents,your comment


13 Responses to Buying of Voters cards by PNU Agents,your comment

  1. Ben Josiah says:

    Can the Orange take this matter seriously please!

    This matter needs be raised and condemed. It requires mobilization of the public to take charge and embark on stopping the act by all means.

    Kudos Agwambo! we are fully with you.

  2. Vince says:

    Hi All,
    Seems like PNu and government has sensed defeat…mapema sana though.
    Whichever trick they use,its game up..they will not only lose,but by an embarassing margin.Wait till parliament dissolves..chances are only Kibaki will remain in PNU..hahahaha

  3. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    What about keeping them busy too ? An eye for an eye. Send poeple to buy votes in their strong holds. They like money more than any tribe.

  4. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    Nobody but this imbecile Stanley Livondo is behind this idiotic act in Kibera and Westlands.He is taking advantage of poverty in Kibera with his looted money. ODM agents should be wary and trail him day and night. Any of his agents caught red handed buying votes should face mob justice. Simply because the police wont help us. If two of them are lynched the rest will scare off the area. ODM should also scrutinize some parliamentary canditates willing to stand on ODM ticket. Some are been sponsored with PNU puppets to pretend like they are on the race only to step down at the last hour in favour of a PNU canditate. Any candindate who is related, has a friend, worked or in any way connected to a PNU sympathiser should be barred.

  5. McJairo of Hiroshima Japan says:

    Yes they are buying the votes. This is the folly of unplanned regime. Why can’t it be possible for a voter to replace his/her voters’ card a day to election? Or can’t we work on a kind of mrchanism in which one need not physically have the voter’s card to Vote? After all we produce the National Identity Card to register as a voter. I imagine so long as you can correctly identify yourself and may be there are witnesses the polling clerk should alow one to vote. This will kill vote buying instantly. There will be no need to buy votes. After all if it has been marked that you have voted, one can’t vote a second time.

    As for sponsored Candidates, I beliveve the ODM office can handle that. Let the second candidate be on stand-by. A nomination certificate be handed over to the nominated candidate at the ECK office. After which time it would be too late for one to step down, if he/she steps down, then we have had instances wher dead candidates have won. So election will continue with the candidate’s name on ballot paper. We can have a by-election later. Tell me who is this not be willing to take up an MP’s seat?
    A party official can be specifically designated to hand over the certificate. Failure to avail oneself leads to runner-up getting the nomination certificate. The political parties be empowered that it is only the party that can withdraw a candidate, not the candate withdrawing. To withdraw from a race, the ECK must get a written communication from the party concerned.

    Apart from that there are other ways of going about the problem.
    It is only that we are out of the Country, we could volunteered our ideas and services to nip this
    Have a nice day

  6. Ojiambo says:

    ODM should find away to keep this Livondo guy in check, and Raila should ignore him completely. His agenda is to keep Raila busy in Kibera. Raila should NOT engage him in any rebuttal. I like what Gumo did the other day..

  7. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    The logic behind vote buying is not to vote with it, but to destroy ODM supporters votes as many as possible, come the election day only PNU voters will vote and our supporters who sold their votes will have to stay at home.

  8. Mwangi says:

    Why not lynch these vote buyers. If an example is set on just two of them during the act of vote buying, trust me, none will ever dare a repeat of the same

  9. Ken Onyango - N/Jersey, USA says:

    Vote buying in ODM zone is real on the ground. The youths, grassroot leaders and wanainchi in general needs to be mobilised to be on the look out for the vote buyers.
    This evil is being done door to door!! This has to stop immediately!
    The good thing is that river Nail is unstoppable….

  10. Robby Oguta says:

    It is quite shameful that our opponents in PNU are so afraid of a fair competition to an extent of buying votes from ODM strongholds! If indeed these people are not scared then why buy votes?
    They (PNU) are moving around talking of “Maendeleo” yet Kenyans are reeling in poverty to an extent of selling their votes for a mere 200 Shillings!
    Let all ODM supporters be on a watch out and desist from being lured to sell their vote to these agents of PNU.
    We should be ready to report these guys to ECK so that action can be taken urgently.
    Their dirty money will not scare us! Kenyans should be wary of the likes of Livondo whose source of wealth is not clear. Where did he get all the money he’s showing off to Kenyans? which business is he running? How long did it take him to realize that people living in Kibera do not have toilets? Is Kibera the only part of Langata Constituency where he can campaign?
    Let us all rise against these unorthodox means being used by the Kibaki team to cling to power. Every Kenyan should be on the watch out because these guys will do all they can to continue stealing from us.
    Vote buying is indeed just a smaller picture of what is going on in all sectors of the economy. Bad things are going on in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, banks and even the planned sale of Safaricom IPO has very sinister motive of “Pora na Uende”.
    Even Jesus Christ cursed a tree which was not bearing fruits, this government has no business being in power and Kenyans must curse it through casting their votes to ODM. Anybody who’s selling his/her voters card is therefore doing a great disservice to this country and its future generations.
    We will indeed continue to fight on the side of Angels till we get a just and transparent government -ODM.

  11. tnk says:

    i think the real shocker is gong to be inspite of all this nonsense PNU will still be defeated because the common mwananchi wants better governance and in this case it means we need change. do not be surprised when even central and eastern upright thinking brothers and sisters outnumber the few sychophants and vote for change. It will happen. encourage everyone you know to trully reflect on the real reasons why those who entrusted Kibaki with leadership adn support are so furious with him. he can shout all he wants but the truth is he has let them down, he has let the nation down and he has even let himself down. The only ones who have gained are the self same looters of the economy and those who trhoughout history have never protested about poor leadsership and therefore weasel into advantaged positions and reap while those who rise up to challenge the authorities engage in serious battle for Kenyans. These are the homeguards and administrators while freedom fighters lost their lives in the struggle, the sycophants of the Kenyatta and Moi regimes while reformists took the battle from the forests to the masses, and now the present age, the nay sayers who want to convince us that no other can do better yet we all know that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Sadly its the very same families and a few new looters but the majority of kenyans are still struggling. Away with these PNU goons

  12. David Abagi says:

    This matter is serious and real. Could the ODM officials,supporters take action as soon as possible to avert the situation. This is one of the tactics which were used by the KANU regime to rig elections during 1992 and 1997 general elections.

    ODM officials, supporters, promoters and even sponsors must be vigilant day and night to make sure that this uncivilised and undemocratic act stop once and for all. We need free and fair elections. ECK, we are watching you the you conduct your responsibilities. You have a role in updating the nation of what is going on in so far as the coming elections are concerned.

    David from Nairobi-Kenya.

  13. OPADO says:


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