What are the key issues that ODM should include in its manifesto?


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  1. DUNCAN says:


  2. 1. How it would deal with nepotism, tribalism and other forms of discrimination
    2. Address infrastucture, human resources and stationery in free primary education
    3. Address tribal or sectarian armies/goons once and for all
    4. Address gender issues and involve women and minority groups actively within ODM structures
    5. New constitution and its immediate institutionalisation
    6. Advocate for the abolition of Capital punishment
    7. Employment for all om merit
    8. Social responsibility for the disabled and aged

  3. erick says:

    1. New constitution
    2. ICT
    3. Encouraging youths in invovlement in Sports, Profeessional training
    4. Increase education standards
    5.Infrastructure(especially road network)

  4. audi says:

    The issues to address should be:
    1. devolution of power , so that people at the grassroots have a say in planning and steering this country as well as discussing what affects them. Decentralise revenue collection i.e through the local authority, set local scrutiny teams at provincial level with the following services at the helm ;
    a. Education planning, implementation –at local authority level
    b. social care -to manage the breakdown in social structure especially where diseases have left most children orphans , care for elderly . Is it c.possible to set family centres, community resource centres for respite of elderly
    c.Environment planning and local transport
    d. Library and community service
    2. The local town council to be in charge of planning for housing , garbage collection, water and sanitation
    3. Primary health care should be planned that is robust to provide interventions at early stages for elderly, young children, mothers etc
    4.Equality amendment act to be pegged on treating people equally through provision of jobs, services and goods across the country. An act to be establish that becomes a law where if an employer is proved to have been discriminatory on gender, age, tribe, disability, health status and regional status should be liable and be made a serious offence. Employment opportunities and provision of services should be equitably distributed. Every organisation should have equal opportunity policy, child protection policy and Employers should have a bench mark on having Investor in People (iP) policy
    5. Disability amendment act should be amended and made robust to enable people with disabilities have equal footing in the society
    6. Establish an agency, Job centre plus to work with public and private sector to train and up skill people locally and regionally and sign post them to employment opportunities. Where possible have qualified staff to help vet potential candidates for employment.
    7. Establish Youth service to look into youth issues at local levels and help them in career matters access employment nationally locally.
    8. Establish a strong and organised education inspectorate department delinked from ministry of education with an act to manage quality frame work and standard of education in the country with cycles of inspections in schools. Funding should be based on achievement, improvement, attainment. Establish :-
    a. centres of excellence in specific schools in every region ie specialising in IT
    b. Arts and Media schools in every region to tap on talents
    c. Technology Centres in every region in specific schools
    d. Sports centre in every region to tap on the talents
    Every region should have one of the above
    9. Every region should have a procurement department through which tenders go through in 3 tiers , the first at departmental level, organisational level and regional level after which it goes through scrutiny by experts. Along the line declaration of interest should be made a rule, whereby if one has links or owns a company he/she is automatically knocked out.

    10. Establish an economic reconstruction at regional level(I would recommend an Economic Development Unit -EDU)to look into stimulating development through economic regeneration:
    a. macro/micro credit set up
    b. infrastructure development
    c. social enterprise, to help people start businesses based on local needs, small start up fund to jump start such initiatives
    d. informal sector infrastructure
    11. establish pilot Science parks through which the universities, public sector and private sector can work on patenting products through research and development-this is must, cement strong relationship between private sector and academia in the background private investors be encouraged to invest developing new technologies.
    12. Establish research department at regional level to help inform on how research can help in informing policies, planning etc-design systems to assess poverty index using health, educational achievement, access to services, income per household, literacy/numeracy, crime and disorder
    13.establish a political and reconciliatory body to enable all people of Kenya to participate in development of the nation
    14.Department of agriculture should be empowered and established at local levels to help farmers with inputs, farming techniques. An Agency should be establish to protect the agriculture sector from dumping, importing of agriculture products that would kill the local economy,. They should be given powers to control all imports and work with farmers to negotiate the prices of produce directly either locally or abroad, not set by the government. Cooperative movement should be given priority in this case

  5. Elijah says:

    Institute a proper civil service reform, not one that only creates positions for a certain tribe in the name of reforming the civil service.
    After a good reform, make the service worth working for…as competitive as the private sector so as to attract the best HR.

  6. SAVAN says:

    Employment for all on merit

  7. ken says:

    The means of paying for free primary and secondary education. My own view is that this be tied with a devolved system of government. 3% of VAT collected should go to each town/city with a population of over 300,000. In areas smaller this amount should go to the district. These funds in addition to a portion of CDF should be used to pay for the local school board. the money is to be used to reduce student to teacher ratios and pay for labs and school buildings every year under a formula that determines where a new school is to be located.
    Secondly Raila should talk about the specifics of combating crime. Again this can be tied down to a devolved system of government where the police force is under the mayor who is elected. The District should also have a police force that patrols the roads linking towns within the district, as well as policing crimes that cross town limits. The CID should play the role of fighting organized crime like mungiki and personal militias as well as crime with a national outreach. Also the CID should be tasked with fighting terrorism hence doing away with the anti terror police.
    Finally he should promise Kenyans to make infrastructure a priority that will be tackled within the first two years of his administration so that economic growth can follow suit.

  8. Christine says:

    1. The plight of workers especially in the manufacturing industries where casual laborers work in inhuman conditions; and the infamous flower farms who rake in billions yet do not have the basic protective clothing for the workers; neither do they insure the same workers or offer treatment in case they are adversely affected by chemicals.
    2. Infrastructure: more tarmacked roads, rural electrification, water harvesting and conservation nationwide not just in the urban areas.

  9. kzone says:

    1. Allow dual citizenship

  10. Wamama says:

    Mr Raila and his Administration,

    I am a Kenyan who has being helping build Kenya from Abroad and watching it like someone watching the earth from the sky Lab above.

    You seem to be an Energetic Reformer with a Vision.

    Why don’t you make Kenya and High Technology Country? And of course make it ours and not let outsiders profit from our Rich grounds?

    We have all the resources there to make Renewable Energy Technology. Like the Sun and the ocean and lots of space to put up solar plants to produce enough Energy for us and Export the rest to the rest of Africa.

    I have a Plan laid out how we could do this.

    Finland was once an Agra country, look at them now. WE too could be where they are in 15 years

  11. V.M. Jakorende says:

    1. Stremline the NGO sector for better contribution to alleviating poverty and improving human health among the poor: The outgoing government has depended heavily on the NGO sector to promote the creation of wealth and improve human health among rural and urban poor communities. However, the same government has neglected the sector by not giving adequate guidelines and attention for proper and accountable operation of NGOs. As a result, NGOs have become personal properties of their founders; many of them are briefcase type only meant for stealing donor funds. ODM should develop a proper strategy to guide the NGO sector for greater benefit to the rural and urban poor communities.

    2. Manage the economy with a focus on minimising state indeptedness: State indeptedness is a major worry to the youth who would be the generation to pay such debts. Very longterm loans which are now being incurred by this ‘government by the aged’ is only helping to line the pockets of these old hogs at the expense of the youth. The ODM strategy must steer clear of this hunger for loans (whether domestic or external) by the state

  12. Robert Owuor says:

    The manifesto should have the following.

    1. Enactment of the bomas draft.
    a) a mention if the bill of rights that is in the bomas draft
    b)Devolution of power from the center.
    c)number of jumbos
    d) What will be the responsibility of the central government. and the jimbo governments. and the county councils
    2) Infrastructure – Highways the major highways that the central government will build. Eg connect all the jimbo headquarter, be specific. What roads jimbo
    goverments and counties will be responsible
    3)Health care. building national hospitals in every jimbo. the counties and jimbo government can be responsible for building health. Apart from making health care affordable the should be accessible from every part of Kenya. People will not have to come to Nairobi for complicated health problems.
    4. Build enough schools and employ teachers. Have a goal to have 50 students per class in every school. Build secondary schools so that education to secondary school is accessible to all. Polytechnics in every constituency so that thos that cannot make it to university can be tought a skill that will have them be useful in the country. The jimbos will build colleges for skills that will help the develop. the central government build universities for those inclined to higher education.
    5.Bring government services to the people. Title deed should easily available from the constituency
    6. Zero tolerance to corruption
    7. truth and reconciliation agencies. to get the money and land that was stolen in the previous government.
    8. Deal with the squatter problem
    9. make water and electricity available to all. Make attempt to find more sources for this resources.
    10. preserve forests
    11. focus on aris and semi arid areas – irrigation etc like israel or botswana
    12 rule of law that treats all as equal
    13. Measures that reduces the inequality in the country.

  13. Robert Owuor says:

    The promises in the manifesto should be things that are measurable. Not like what Kibaki has given us that is not quantifiable.

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