The Return of Moi

What are your views on the return of Moi into active politics and its implications with ODM Campaigns in riftvalley


6 Responses to The Return of Moi

  1. Shaq Omaya- Frankfurt Germany says:

    Moi still remains a key figure in RV politics, Just a slight slip and we might find ourselves on the loosing edge. Mr. Ruto, Ntimama and Kosgey should be given the responsibility of winning RV votes. Hon Raila should rotate strenuously from province to province, while the pentagon team concentrates zealously on their provinces. We should keep on reminding our brothers and sisters in RV how their own sons and daughters were brazenly sent packing from executive government positions immediatly Kibaki came to power. Hon Raila should convince the people in Rift valley that he still respects the retired president despite of his immorality and remind them to shun dead wood politics where people are been told whom to vote for . It is their democratic right to elect whom they want and this is their chance if they are out for real change, what ODM is fighting for. They should be asked if they want a regime where the prezo appoints and sacks at his own will in favour of his tribesmen or a prezo who consults the people they elected before making such a decision. Supporting and promoting young talented athletes must be in the ODM campaign agenda in RV since RV is the home of our world champions in athletics. It is also a psychological notch when the ODM RV group replicates Moi’s campaign movements. For instance if Moi was in Kericho this sunday, ODM should pitch its rostrum there the following weekend.Germans say ” Der läste hat immer das vorteil “( Agwambo as a fluent German speaker knows what I mean.) and thats why most of champion league clubs like to play their first game away and the last one at home.

  2. Moi’s return is a stinker-a very tricky and dangerous one. Nonetheless, I am happy that Kenyas are now questioning his support for Kibaki. Indeed looking at Kibaki’s pointmen, the common denominator is their massive stolen wealth!!! This plus Moi’s resources could be a threat to ODM and especially in the Rift Valley. Money or no money our people everywhere know that this cash was stolen from us. Take what is offered to you but vote with your conscience for change; change from beggars to owners!
    Fellow brethren from the rift valley you know better where it hurts. The agenda for Moi now is self preservation and has nothing to do with you and us wananchi.
    Mzee MO1 we ejected you and your project Uhuru, through the back door you have come with project number two. We will summarily ruthlessly deal with it. Bring it on!
    We need to wok more in Rift Valley-remember the leaflets in Kericho blackmailing the ODM fraternity yet emanating from PNU and their accomplices!

  3. James Okero says:

    The return of Moi in Rift Valley politics though not a welcome move for ODM, We need not panic about it.It is easier to sell Hon. Raila in the RV than Kibaki. What the team needs to concetrate on is tell the people that we need one Kenya for us all and not for a few friends of President Kibaki who in just four years have become billionares investing in Multi-billion housing projects in Nairobi and wondering why the rest of Kenyans are not wise enough to be rich. With good campains and caution on the ODM guys from unneccesarily attacking Moi, victory is coming soon.The best way to deal with Moi is to ignore his utterrances in public

  4. OPADO says:

    The return of Moi is not true ,Moi served Kibakis greedy interest for more than
    24 yrs. And Baba knows how dengerous Kibaki is he is only protecting his sons not to be eliminated by mugumo ya siasa mbaya! Its loughable to see
    the head of mungiki putting on like muslim who have fasted pambana na ukimi!

  5. Maru Kapkatet says:

    Mzee Moi is putting himself and his son, Gideon, on a collision course with the majority of Kalenjin people. Mzee Moi has had his time and should now take a back seat and let Gideon come to the forefront of Kenyan politics on ODM ticket. Gideon naturally belongs to ODM.

    Mzee Moi should be reminded that President Bush and the Nyagah sons and many other sons of political leaders only flourished because their Dads took a back seat.
    Mzee Moi will naturally take prominence over his son Gideon whenever he, Mzee, comments on anything. Mzee Moi must agree to wane politically so that Gideon can wax.

    I suspect that Mzee Moi has four major concerns regarding ODM. One of these concerns is that when ODM takes over, Kanu will be phased out of existence. It is not too late to work out something with Mzee Moi on Kanu.

    My suggestion is to convince Mzee that Kanu will be inducted by an ODM government into a national heritage along with the roles played by Mzee Kenyatta and Mzee Moi in ushering in independence and guiding Kenya through its first forty years of independence until the country came of age.

    It is not too late to convince Mzee Moi that Kanu will never again take power in Kenya as a single party and instead of being humiliated with losses in elections, it is better to have Kanu declared by parliament as a National Heritage with the name Kanu copyrighted and protected.

    ODM should promise Mzee Moi that he will be given the honour by the ODM government to officially commemorate Kanu as a national heritage. If Mzee agrees to this, then Kanu will live as long as Kenya.

    The second concern that Mzee Moi has is that Gideon Moi will be over-shadowed by William Rutto and hence will not have a chance of becoming the Kalenjin leader that Moi was hoping for. Again, Mzee Moi needs to be convinced that
    during the referendum campaigns many Kenyans were cheering Gideon and already he had something substantial to build his political career on under ODM.

    If Gideon is to remain on the other side of the river as ODM, then the political base he had already established will be wiped out and even Kalenjins will turn against him. Gideon Moi is a young politician and should not be antagonistic towards the Kalenjins.

    The third concern that Mzee Moi has seems to stem from mistrust of Raila. In his old age, Mzee Moi may be fearing that Raila will avenge the detention spell he suffered under Moi. Raila has to take it upon himself personally and through elders to convince Mzee Moi that he is not a vindictive person and he has no intention of treating Gideon any different from all his other friends. Raila has to remind Mzee Moi that they have worked perfectly together in the past and the respect that he, Raila, as a Minister under Moi will not diminish when he, Raila, becomes the president of Kenya.

    Furthermore, Raila must convince the aging octagenerian that he, Raila, will not betray the many Kalenjins who have put their trust in him. Raila has been fully accepted into the Kalenjin community as an elder as evidenced by the Kalenjin name that he has been given, namely “Arap Mibey”, which means the son from the water area or the lake. This is a big honour and full acceptance of Raila by the Kalenjins and this was further exemplified by the bestowing of leadership gear – a spear and a shield – in Kericho recently on Raila.

    Mzee Moi has absolutely nothing to fear from Raila as many of Mzee’s former confidantes are now firmly in ODM and supporting Raila. The former Head of Civil Service, the former Escort Commander, and all former leaders will never allow any form of slighting of Mzee Moi under an ODM government.

    The fourth and final concern that Mzee Moi has is to do with the KSh. 70 Billion stashed abroad. Mzee Moi since leaving power and after going round the country and seeing the state of roads in Kenya and the lack of medicine in hospitals and an economy threatening to grow in the negative direction must admit that he made a mistake by allowing those around him, notably his former personal assistant and his own family, to rob Kenyans.

    Prof. Anyang Nyongo, if he is to become the next Minister of Finance, should start working out options and present them directly or through intermediaries to Mzee Moi of bringing back to Kenya the KSh. 70 Billion stashed abroad. Raila has already stated that those who bring back the money will be given amnesty.

    There is no hiding the fact that personalities close to Mzee Moi stole mercilessly from Kenyans and this is one thing that Mzee should feel obligated to (obligated to his God and to the Kenyans who put their trust in him for 24 years) to correct it. Mzee Moi should not let the opportunity to right a major wrong pass before he departs.

    Mr. Kibaki can today boast of a modest 6% economic growth not because he has put in place major reforms but because he has improved tax collection, reduced the amount of Kenyan money stolen, and because the funds that had been withheld by donors have now been released.

    The Kalenjins like many other Kenyans see in Raila, in ODM, in the Pentagon a perfect team to lead them to justice, prosperity, and peace. They see in Rail a personable and friendly leader, a leader who cares, a leader who is respected in many parts of the world, a leader that can bring the world to Kenya and sell Kenya to the world.

    In Mudavadi, Kalenjins like other Kenyans, see an experienced former Vice President, the best Finance Minister Kenya has ever had, a team player, a team builder, and a person that is capable of moderating his teamates. In Mudavadi, Kalenjins like other Kenyans see youth, vigour, drive, and resourcefulness.

    In William Rutto. the Kalenjins like other Kenyans see a young leader with unsurpassed wisdom. The greatest leaders of the past – leaders like Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jnr., Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela – to name but a few – left a wealth of quotables to the world.

    If one listens to William Rutto speaking, one can only say that the UK had Winston Churchill, the USA had Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, South Africa has Nelson Mandela and Kenya has William Rutto. He is so young yet he has left an impact all over Kenya as a born leader. Kenyans have already benefitted from his leadership and patriotism.

    In Nyagah, Kenyans have a moderating diplomat and a true Kenyan leader from the Mount Kenya region, a leader who is not grounded on tribal politics and one who will show all Kenyans that we are one and can work together and live together as brothers and sisters anywhere in our country, a true nationalist, a leader far-removed from the petty and bankrupt leadership that we are witnessing aplenty from the Mount Kenya region.

    In Nyagah, Kenyans have an experienced hand in unifying them, an experienced hand in international relations, and a perfect match to help Raila bring international investments into Kenya.

    In Balala, Kenyans know that their Muslim brothers and sisters are not left out of the mainstream and are treated with respect and love as all other Kenyans. Although now domiciled in the Coast Province, Balala grew up in the Western Province and therefore in Balala Kenyans have someone well-trained to unify people fgrom Pwani and those from upcountry. Balala is a cool-headed, respectful, and patient leader. He is a perfect link in the pentagon and in the future leadership of Kenya.

    In Ngilu, Kenyans have a woman leader like no other, a caring leader, a visionary leader, a brave leader, a mother, and a wife. Can Kenyans doubt the future of their health care when you have Charity Ngilu in the top echelons of government. What a perfect addition she is to ODM and ODM leadership. She completes the once missing link in ODM Pentagon.

    Mzee Moi must be convinced that Kalenjins like other Kenyans see a winning team in the Pentagon, a bright future under ODM rule, fair treatment under ODM government, and a respect for the rule of law and fair play.

    Mzee Moi must be asked whether as a long-serving leader of Kenya, he is comfortable seeing the President of Kenya, the Minister of Finance, the Permanent Secretary for Finance, the Governor of Central Bank, the rapidly-expanding and Equity Bank which is growing to be the only disbursement outlet for the government, all coming from all coming from one ethnic group.

    Mzee Moi must be convinced to make a visit to Kabarnet and see for himself whether the Kabarnet he left hardly five years ago is the same Kabarnet he is now seeing. How could poverty take over so fast. Mzee Moi must be convinced to visit Kericho and see where KETEPA used to be and whether the Kalenjins’ Kenya he left five years ago is the same Kenya he is seeing today. No harsh, intense, and open vengeance has ever been visited on a section of the Kenyan population as has happened to the Kalenjins in the last five years under Mwai Kibaki.

    Even Mzee Jomo Kenyatta did not take vengeance on the white settlers when he assumed power the way the Kibaki government has decided to reduce Kalenjins to abject poverty.

    Mzee Moi should be given a copy of a past issue of the Standard newspaper and asked how he feels seeing in the picture a young person driving a donkey and on the back of the donkey were a few possessions that he could slavage from the destruction of their farms and property at their Mau Forest settlement.

    Mzee Moi, as a Christian, should be asked what he thinks about so-called leaders who burn down places of worship. Mzee Moi, let Gideon, if you expect him to be a Kalenjin leader in future, join ODM. By being with PNU, Gideon can be likened to those soldiers who cross over to the enemy side to fight their own brethren.

  6. Truth Hurts says:

    What an embarrasement for all of Mois sons to be defeated.Triple defeat.This should be alesson to Moi and those around him to advise him positevely not to waste his brains on politics.
    Hez days in active politics are over.
    He should go and herd cattle in Kabarak
    Rutto is the new King of the Rift Valley.
    Saisere Mzee Moi,enjoy your suset years.

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