Please Support Raila for President as we move forward in this global economy


6 Responses to Please Support Raila for President as we move forward in this global economy

  1. McJairo of Hiroshima Japan says:

    Thanks Admin for this appeal. My advice or Suggestion, World over presidential campaigns do keep a mailing list. I wish I would share with you the mails i get daily from OBAMA campaign, Though they know I not an American. You see you need not restrict yourself to Kenyans, for even among the non-Kenyans we have supporters who can and do help convince voters. There was a day I travelled to Europe and a friend from Korea saw it fit to persuade me to vote for Raila. He was more than happy when I told him I need blood transfusion since all my Blood is orange- ODM! I fear I will soon start having medical poblems! Please think of that.

    Secondly I have started a small ODM comminity in Japan to see what we can do for change! We are sharing. I happy to inform you that in our ODM community we have people from Kenya’s 7 Tribes. Belive you me, we have Luos , Kamba and Kikuyus among others. When we started others were against ODM. In fact we nearly had a fight over those issues. Unitil a friend reminded us that we are fighting about a Kenyan affair in a foreign peaceful country. We all looked foolish at that challenge. Later on we engaged our brains and reached an agreement to compare notes. Now ODM is gaining ground, though about 13% are still with either ODM-K or PNU. I am talking on the benefits of engagement. One day just pop in and see us comb the Manifestoes, Media ( Nation and E. A. Standard online editions), Youtube, etc.
    Agwambo with support stands a chance. Now it is roughly 70% chance, but we wouls like to see it reach 90%. I urge my friends to vote AGWAMBO for change; Lots have been said about him but lots also need to be verified. Give him a chance, then we can stop speculating but will conrete fact

  2. written by Otieno d

    Before I continue with my thoughts, I must tell you that I do support Raila Odinga to be the next president of Kenya. That’s not to say that Kibaki has not done some good things within the last five years. In deed he has. We must all thank him for delivering us from the Nyayo era, an era of corruption and ineptitude. A very dark period for Kenyans but not the worst of times either. One good thing that came out of that era was “Maziwa ya Nyayo.” I loved it. I hope they bring the milk back for all the children to enjoy. However, you can never ask a man to give more than what he has. Nyayo gave us his best (or worst) and Kibaki has done what he could under the circumstances. The question now is who is the best person to move Kenya forward into that next level of prosperity for all? I just feel that given his relative youth, experience, energy, charm, charisma, education and his ability to bring people together, Raila is the most qualified candidate of all.
    I just wonder though whether Kenyans are prepared to participate meaningfully in this global economy.

    More than ever Africa is really poised to benefit greatly from the pending global turmoil as the US continues to wage a loosing battle in the middle east while it’s economy crumbles from within. The so called terrorists have forced Americans to come to grips with their hypocrisy and naivety about the rest of the world. They’ve been forced to come out of their shells. Several things are happening to the US economy right now. The manufacturing sector is crumbling very fast as the jobs move abroad due to the high cost of labor, health care and the unwillingness of the population to perform certain jobs. The next thing happening is that the whole country is in a lot of debt both internationally and domestically. The population itself is in a lot of debt. Everybody continues to live well beyond their means. They have been borrowing against the equity on their houses which they overpaid for to begin with and now the bill is due and they cannot pay. Further more the housing sector is now crumbling while the feds continue to flood the market with more currency created out of thin air in order to entice banks to loan more money. Their solution is we already ****ed up so we might as well just **** it all up and go down with the rest of the world. What they really need to do is to cut their losses in Iraq and run back home to fix the economy. They won’t do it though. It’s like someone with a bad gambling habit. They never learn Meanwhile Iran is looming in the background ready to commit suicide. The whole country is ready to commit suicide for the sake of their religion. I wonder if Pakistan would be next on that list. Meanwhile we forget that the people who finance terrorism also control significant sectors of the US economy not only through oil but they own significant property in the US and are major lenders to the government so all the US can do is to flex their muscles in their backyard in hopes of scaring them. So while the American people are busy obsessing with bling(anything you don’t need) their government is busy causing havoc throughout the world.

    We already see the effects of the Bush policies affecting the value of the dollar. Right now as far as the US financial system is concerned, everybody is waiting for the bottom to fall off. We just don’t know when this will happen but it’s only a matter of time. However, if the current trend continues, it won’t be long at all before we see the whole US system crumble. There is just too much speculation in the stock market and no one really knows what any of the stocks in the NYSE or NASDAQ are really worth but people continue to invest anyway because they don’t have a choice. After all you have to put your money somewhere, unless you plan to stuff it under a mattress. The stock market just happens to be the safest right now. While everybody is being told that the economy is growing, it’s really in a recession. Take away the growth that came out of real estate which is about to be taken back and you are in a recession. Everything else is fueled by speculation and debt.

    The global economy is really all about natural resources and what each country has to offer to the rest of the world. Right now Africa has all the natural resources that the rest of the world needs. The only problem here is that we may be giving away all our natural resources to the west through these multinationals such as Shell and Exxon mobile who promise to do the exploration in return for very little. We can’t even feed our people or provide basic services without borrowing from the World Bank. Worse, brain drain is killing Africa. Anyway If you put together a system that will ensure safety, fairness and peace, all the beautiful minds such as mine are coming back to contribute to the prosperity of Kenya. After all we’ve been blessed with good education and experience in the west which we plan to put to good use. We didn’t come all this far to get all these college degrees only to find ourselves stuck in nursing homes wiping white people’s butts. We didn’t come all this way to get fat and depressed either. So to all my brothers and sisters abroad especially in the US, let’s support our fine country and for those who can go back let’s go back and rebuild the country. We didn’t come all this way just to be slaves again in a foreign land. See you all in Nairobi next year when Agwambo becomes the next president. Anyway you may call me a tribalist for supporting Raila but what’s wrong with giving all these Luos with PHDs a chance to show what they can do as well. Kenya belongs to all of us.

  3. “what’s wrong with giving all these Luos with PHDs a chance to show what they can do as well. Kenya belongs to all of us.”

    the problem is that you use tribal innuendo to garner support for Raila. I support Raila and it has nothing to do with his tribe.

  4. tnk says:

    i agree with karoki

    we simply must desist from sliding back into tribal reasons. what we need is change for the better overall governance. period. right now, every region and community in kenya has qualified (educated, skilled, able, etc) people for all senior jobs available. the problem is that the kenyatta, moi and now kibaki regimes have skewed appointments to these few positions to favor their communities and associates. on the other hand, establishing a quota system may not necessarily be the best choice so wide consultation is usually required in order to distribute these appointments. unfortunately thats not gonna happen with kibaki.

    but even more unfortunate is that when these appointees take to mismanaging and looting, and the president or his delegates do nothing or encourage the vice, then we are back to square one and it does not matter whether they have PhDs or are simply pigs wearing suits.

    but i digress, kibaki is unable to deliver good governance and this is what we voted him in for and the other guys out. economy and other service deliverables can be achieved through proper delegation and appropriate appointment of skilled manpower and technocrats and does not need or depend on kibaki. the Kenyan economy will grow with or without kibaki because of the due diligence of the Kenyan workforce.

  5. Raphael Tanui says:

    Amen…. let us put tribe aside and give Raila a chance. If he fails to fight corruption… I will be a very disappointed man. I will vote for him only because I hate corruption to the marrow! I don’t care if Raila may have benefited from some shady deals here and there…. nobody is perfect. I just expect him to fold his sleeves and say… IT IS ENOUGH. NO MORE CORRUPTION! Is this too much to ask of our next president?

  6. nicholas otieno says:

    my pleas to honourable Raila is to change his station so that he can avert the scheme the government is having against him.The government is buying voting card from his constituency so that he can loose an MP and thus loose his presidency as the law stupilate.It is not cowardice for him to change his station as we he is the people’s president he can stand in station and win.

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